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Gracie didn’t notice John’s withdrawal as they made their way to the top floor of the Hyatt Regency, where John’s bank was wining and dining all their biggest clients and a few others they hoped to recruit very soon. Gracie was more occupied by the Dallas skyline, the room full of people that she had no interest in schmoozing and the soreness between her legs—Not necessarily in that order.

She’d dressed in a very sedate cocktail suit that came just below her knees. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a loose chignon and her grandmother’s pearl earrings were at her ears. She looked like a successful attorney, not a woman who less than two hours before had brought her lover to orgasm by telling him about her domination fantasy. And she definitely didn’t look like a woman who wasn’t wearing any underwear.

John seemed nervous, more so than usual for a function like this, so she casually put her arm around his waist as a way to offer support. She hadn’t realized how important this evening was to him, and she probably should have been a little more sensitive earlier. What she wasn’t expecting was John to show revulsion at her touch. The look on his face would have been comical if it hadn’t been directed at her and in front of a group of people.

“I’m sorry, Gracie,” he stammered out. “You took me by surprise.”

The excuse must have even sounded lame to him, because he wouldn’t meet her eyes after he’d told the lie. He took a step away from her and Gracie flushed in embarrassment.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Gracie McGuire. She’s a partner at Decker, Deets and McGuire and one of SureTrust Bank’s most valued clients.”

Gracie stood rooted to the floor, her stomach in knots and sweat puddling at the base of her spine. Something was wrong. She and John had been dating for three months, and he’d always taken every opportunity to show her off as his own private possession, but now for some reason she was just his client. There was only one thing that could have happened to make John’s feelings change in such a short amount of time. He’d liked the idea of her fantasy in the heat of passion, but now when he had to look at her over canapés he couldn’t stand the sight of her. He was ashamed.

Gracie gave John a look of boredom, as if he were no more than dirt under her shoe, and felt satisfaction at his flinch. She’d just learn to keep her mouth shut from now on. Bedroom secrets were meant to stay secrets. Lesson learned.

Gracie’s pale skin showed polite indifference as she made the round of introductions.

“This is Peter Sterling, the CEO at the Nightingale Corporation,” John droned. “SureTrust is hoping to get his business very soon.”

“We’ll see, John, old buddy,” Peter said with a conspirator’s laugh and a wink at Gracie.

Gracie had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The good old boys’ club never changed. Peter was a middle-aged executive with silver at his temples and capped teeth. He probably cheated on his wife with anything in a skirt and smoked Cuban cigars at his expensive country club. Peter was boring. John could have Peter with her blessing. Gracie was through with men like them.

She was much more interested in the tall, dark man that stood to Peter’s left. His hair was as black as midnight and his eyes as blue as sapphire. He didn’t have the face of a pampered businessman or the body of someone who’d spent too many hours behind a desk. His suit was expensive and his cologne a seduction. He made the other men in the room pale in comparison, and the other women in the room overflow with envy that he wasn’t theirs.

This strange man had witnessed Gracie’s humiliation at John’s words, but he hadn’t looked on in speculation and titillation as the other guests had. He’d looked furious on her behalf.

Gracie looked down at her watch and wondered how much longer she needed to stay at this thing now that she’d decided John was a horse’s ass. She had briefs to read, a pair of comfortable slippers to put on and a nice bottle of wine waiting at her apartment. She didn’t have any personal possessions at John’s, so she wouldn’t have to go through any awkward scenes when she told him she was through.

She sighed in defeat. It wasn’t even nine o’clock. She needed to stay at least another hour for her own business purposes. The least she could do was enjoy the free food and the endless champagne.

The stranger caught Gracie’s sigh of impatience, and his eyes laughed at her predicament. Gracie and the stranger both remained silent as Peter and John postured back and forth, their gazes never leaving each other. There was something very different about this silent man. Something dangerous. Something secretive. And she was drawn to him. She shivered as his eyes seemed to undress her and thoughts of what he could do to her with those sensuously full lips invaded her mind.

John interrupted her thoughts when he remembered that she and the others standing around were still important clients. “I beg you pardon, Gracie, gentlemen. Peter and I go back a ways. I think you know everyone else, Gracie, except for Peter’s friend there. And I hate to admit that I haven’t caught his name yet. Peter didn’t tell me he was bringing a guest,” John said. The admonition was there at Peter’s oversight, but it was skillfully done.

“He’s not my guest, John,” Peter said. “We had just started talking when you and Gracie came up. I haven’t caught his name either.”

John’s smile was saccharine as he extended his hand to the stranger, everyone’s attention focused on the man who had intruded John’s special event. “John Johnson,” he said. “President of SureTrust National Bank.”

The stranger looked at John’s outstretched hand with disinterest but took it in his grip anyway. “Mitchell Caldwell,” the stranger said.

Mitchell Caldwell didn’t have to tell anyone his position of importance. Everyone already knew who Mitchell Caldwell was, including Gracie. The murmurs that surrounded them assured that the word had traveled fast. Gracie thought John might pass out with the glorious news. It was a coup in his corner to be sure. The majority stockholder of the Caldwell Corporation, a billion dollar financial institution, was standing in the midst of peons.

“Mr. Caldwell,” John stuttered. “I had no idea you planned on attending tonight. Your secretary never confirmed your invitation.”

“Let’s just say it was a whim. I didn’t have anything better to do tonight.”

Gracie coughed to cover her laughter. John didn’t know whether to be insulted or kiss the man’s feet, and the uncomfortable silence from the other guests showed they weren’t quite sure what to do with a man like Mitchell Caldwell either.

The laughter lit Gracie’s eyes and she stuck out her hand, determined to see if the spark that had ignited before she’d learned his name was still there.

“Gracie McGuire,” she said.

Mitchell took her hand in his gently and brought it to his lips. The heat from his touch sent a sizzle to Gracie’s most intimate places, and her breath caught in her throat. “The pleasure is all mine, Ms. McGuire. I hope I’m able to do business with your firm very soon,” he said.

Gracie felt the dampness pool between her legs and wished that she’d not been so foolish to go without panties. She’d have to make a trip to the ladies room and wipe away the moisture that was sliding down her inner thighs.

“Stop by my office any time,” Gracie said before excusing herself and heading to the ladies room. She could feel the heat of his gaze follow her down the hallway to the bathroom door, and when she was safely inside she hurriedly checked the stalls for other occupants and then locked the door to keep everyone out.

Gracie unzipped her skirt slowly and lowered it to the floor, watching herself in the large mirror over the sinks. She was naked from the waist down and her buttocks were toned and firm. She laid the skirt carefully over one end of a settee that was positioned against the wall. She didn’t want to cause any more talk tonight by reappearing at the party in rumpled clothes.

Just a seductive glance from the stranger had made her hotter than she’d ever been. She had no choice but to relieve the pressure that was building inside of her.

Gracie unbuttoned her suit jacket and slipped it off her shoulders, placing it on top of her skirt. Her breasts were full and aching with need. Her nipples erect. All because of a man she’d just met. She stared at herself in the mirror, her breasts high and proud and her pussy shaved, the lips glistening with moisture.

She skimmed her hands up her body until they held the weight of her breasts. She moaned at the touch and closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of one of her most sensitive areas. She plucked at her nipples until they were hard and aching and the juice was flowing freely down her legs. She squeezed her nipples until she felt a jolt go through her clitoris and she experienced a small orgasm that brought her to her knees on the settee.

She lie back on the cushioned seat and spread her legs wide. Her reflection shone back in the mirror and her petals glistened with her desire. Her fingers thrummed against her clit with speed and precision, inciting a moan that she was sure could be heard outside.

Gracie closed her eyes as she felt the sensations rioting through her body. She thought of her dark haired stranger and what his cock would feel like as it stretched her body. She pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy, wishing it was her stranger hitting the special spot deep inside. She was writhing in exquisite torture on the settee, the pins fallen from her hair and a light film of sweat covering her body.

“Mmm, oh yeah,” she panted, strumming her clit as she pistoned her fingers faster in and out of her dripping hole. “Fuck me harder, Mitchell. Harder,” she screamed. The sound of her voice reverberated off the tile wall as she came in a gush of liquid heat that soaked the settee beneath her. Her body heaved in exhilaration and she moaned as she cupped her sex, holding in the sensations as long as possible. She wished it really could have been Mitchell that had given her such an exquisite feeling. It had been a long time since she’d come that long and that hard.

She was going to have to do some major damage control before she went back in to the party. Gracie washed off quickly with a damp towel and tried to erase the musty scent of sex from her body. She put her clothes back on quickly, shoved the pins back into her hair and dug through her evening bag for the emergency makeup kit she always carried. She took a final glimpse in the mirror and decided she looked fantastic. Radiant even.

She flipped the lock on the door and slipped out, glancing at her watch to see what time it was as she made her way back to the party. She’d had no idea that she’d spent so long in the bathroom. It was almost ten o’clock. Hopefully, no one would suspect that she’d been giving herself the orgasm of a lifetime for the last forty-five minutes.

Gracie made her way over to the bartender with a bounce in her step, ignoring the crowds of people talking about business and gossip in little groups all over the room. “Champagne, please,” she said with a smile.

“Absolutely,” the bartender said with a wink and a leer that would have been frightening if he hadn’t been so young. He held the glass just out of her reach, and Gracie shot him a look that had been known to make grown men tuck their tails between their legs and run away.

“Is there a problem?” Gracie asked.

“I know all about you, Gracie McGuire. I know how much you’d like me to pour this champagne over your naked body and lick it from your pussy. And I know how much you’d like me to restrain you and fuck you while you scream,” he whispered.

Gracie felt the pleasure from her earlier experience disappear only to be replaced with the long, icy fingers of fear. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. “How dare you speak to me that way.”

“You can’t deny your desires,” he said. “We all know what your guilty pleasures are. And for the record, I don’t think there’s anything sick about your fantasies. I got so hot thinking about all the things I wanted to do to you that I had to go jack off in the bathroom. There was another guy in there doing the same thing. You’re going to be the object of many men’s dreams tonight. I don’t know what you ever saw in that prick, John.”

“Me neither,” Gracie whispered and turned away, her champagne forgotten.

Has John really told my secrets to a room full of strangers? God, he must have for the bartender to know my most intimate desires.

Gracie stumbled through the room in a daze, ignoring the stares filled with lust and the occasional hand that grabbed her ass or her tits. A gentleman blocked her path, and she felt another close in behind her so she was sandwiched in between the two. Her eyes were filled with anger as she stared down the man in front of her.

“Get out of my way,” she spat.

“Ooh, you’re fiery. I like that,” he said. There was alcohol on his breath and his eyes were glazed. “Why don’t you come along with me and my friend to our room? I bet the two of us can put that feistiness to good use.”

Gracie felt the second man move up closer behind her until he was pressing his erection into the small of her back. The man in front of her slipped his hand inside her jacket and pinched her nipple hard enough to make her gasp.

“Let me make myself very clear, gentleman,” Gracie said, speaking loudly so the other curious onlookers could hear what she had to say. “John Johnson is a liar. This is his feeble attempt at revenge because I told all the people at my office that he’s impotent. Which he really is, by the way. I tried and tried and tried to get that little thing to work, but it didn’t help. What’s a girl to do but to move on to a man that has working parts? Not to mention that you’re all probably going to want to find a different bank, because when I’m through suing John Johnson, I’m going to own SureTrust National Bank. So I am going to ask you one more time to get out of my way before things gets ugly.”

The man behind her moved away quickly and the crowd mumbled their displeasure at the lack of excitement, but the man in front of her wasn’t sure if she was bluffing. He finally decided she was speaking the truth and backed out of her way. “Fuck it,” he said on his way back to the bar. “I can get pussy anywhere.”

“I’m sure you can,” Gracie said to no one in particular. She noticed Mitchell Caldwell standing next to the wall by himself. He gave her a nod of approval and a quick smile, but Gracie was too mortified to keep up eye contact. She’d just been imagining it was him fucking her to a mind-blowing orgasm and somehow she’d turned into the laughing stock of the whole party.

Gracie McGuire had one goal: To find John Johnson and get an explanation. If what the bartender and her other admirers had said was true, than murder was much too good for the man. She found him a few feet in front of Mitchell, drinking whiskey like it was water and holding court over a group of fascinated people. It wasn’t the burning of her ears that notified her that she was the topic of conversation. She could hear her name coming from John’s lips as clearly as if he was holding a microphone to his mouth.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea as Gracie approached him. He was glassy-eyed and red faced from too much alcohol, and the ramifications of what he was doing were slow to take hold. “Gracie, my girl, we were jusss talkin’ bout ya,” he slurred. “You damned near fucked me to death thissss afternoooon.” He laughed at himself and nearly toppled over, catching himself on the arm of one of his cronies.

A few of the people around them snickered into their drinks and a few others gave Gracie pitying looks.

“Gosh, that’s not how I remember it John. You might be careful with the drink, I’ve learned from experience that too much can make your dick go limp. Permanently. I honestly didn’t mean to fuck you to near death this afternoon. I was just trying to get it to do something other than lie there. Honest,” she said with a guileless smile.

This caused a chorus of raucous laughter that would be ringing in John Johnson’s ears for a long time. He wasn’t the type of man who liked to be laughed at. He liked to call the shots, and he liked to be the one to give the insults. His already flushed face turned crimson with anger and his fists bunched at his sides.

“You bitch!” he screamed.

“Careful what you say, John. You’ve done a lot of damage tonight. For someone who’s so worried about his career, you seemed pretty comfortable pissing it away tonight. You’re a drunk, but that’s no excuse for what you did to me tonight. What was done or said in the privacy of our bedroom should have stayed there.”

Gracie had gotten his attention when she’d mentioned him pissing his career away. “What are you going to do?” he asked. “I’ve worked a long time to make my bank one of the best in the state.”

“I’m going to handle this like an adult. I’m sure that’s pretty foreign to you,” she said. “And just for the record, John, a normal man wouldn’t be sickened by my fantasies. A normal man would treat me like a queen and be rewarded with the most amazing sex of his life until we both grew too old to care. No wonder our sex life was so boring.”

Gracie turned to walk away, prepared to make an exit while having the last word, but it didn’t work out that way.

“We had a boring sex life because I’ve been fucking my secretary across my desk every day. I didn’t have a lot left in me when I got home to you. I’ll do anything for the business, even screw every female client I have if it brings in more money.”

Gracie, along with every other person in the room, was speechless. She walked up to John with a determined stride and a don’t mess with me chip on her shoulder, pulled back her fist and punched him in the nose. Her hand hurt like hell, but seeing the spurt of blood across his white shirt was well worth the pain.

Standing there naked, nothing upon you but your guilt.

You knew you had done wrong but you couldn’t acknowledge it; you will acknowledge it now!

I take your hands and bind them tightly to the top of the four poster above your head. You moan as the cord bites into the softness of your wrists; those moans will soon turn to screams.

I spread your legs and tie your ankles to the corners of the bed, I feel between your legs, your cunt is wet and swollen; why? This is a punishment, not a pleasure.

I grab your hair and pull back hard, you open your mouth to scream but before a sound can come out I force a large handkerchief into your mouth, packing it fully; your words will not be heard today.

I take your red bandana and pull it hard between your teeth, forcing that gag deeper into your mouth. I lift your hair and pull that bandana tight, muffled moans escape your packed mouth as the cloth bites into the corners of those soft and vulnerable lips.

I walk towards the dresser and lift the cane; long, slim, almost flimsy looking but with a bite that can break the strongest of wills.

I stroke your buttocks; smooth, firm, soft, almost peach like, not a mark on them…for the moment.

I pull back my arm left arm, the cane bites deep into your right cheek, you scream through your packed mouth as that slim devil performs it’s righteous task on your soft and yielding flesh!

I step to the left and it bites into your other cheek with equal delight!

Left, right! Struggle, scream! Left, right! Struggle, scream! Poetry in motion!

I stop for breath and look at my endeavours; soft, pretty, welts already decorate your guilty behind. That red bandana is now soaked with your sweet saliva, that makes my cock hard but you must feel more from the bite of the cane before you can feel the thrust of my shaft.

I draw back, both cheeks simultaneously now, feel that disciplinary bite!

Again! Again! Again! You struggle wildly against your bonds, that cruelly, tightly, gagged mouth crying out your pain and your pleasure. Yes, pleasure, for I feel your recalcitrance may have been a means to an end!


I bring back the cane for one more stroke, feel it slice into you; watching you almost collapse into your bonds as the final bite ends your punishment and begins my pleasure.

I grab your hair once again and force you to look into my dark, angry eyes. Tears stream from your face but they don’t move me…much.

I touch your buttocks, swollen and red, an ugly kind of beauty.

That vision excites me! My cock is so hard it aches!

I free it from it’s prison and slide it slowly into your ass hole, that tight, warm, pleasure channel!

You groan as my full length fills you. I move, slowly at first; in, out, up, down!

Then faster, harder! You moan through that packed and painfully fettered mouth as my stiff rod slams into that soft and vulnerable hole.

Faster! Harder! Deeper! Until I explode inside you, filling you with that part of me!



I take a large butt plug from the dresser and push it deep inside your hole, trapping my cum inside you, leaving my essence there to remind you that I was a part of you and that you were all of mine!

You have been punished enough, I will leave you bound, gagged and plugged for a while.

When I come back, we will talk.

Dedicated to the one that continues to haunt me.


I get out of my car and walk up to you, smirking the whole way for I have this day planned and I am going to enjoy it. Holding out my arms, you step in and give me a hug as I place a soft kiss on your cheek and give you a squeeze. You tighten your arms around me, hugging me back not sure what I have planned but this is a nice start. Letting you go, I take out a blindfold and step back. I stare into your eyes as I slip it over your head, covering those beautiful brown eyes of yours. My arms go around you again and I kiss your neck, my breath tickling it as I hold you.

“You ready for today, Lindsey?” I whisper in your ear.

“Yes, sir,” you say with no hesitation.

“That’s my good girl,” I respond,” Hold out your hands.”

You hold out your hands so trustingly and you feel and hear the metal clicks of handcuffs binding your wrists together. I know you are surprised it very rare that I pull out the restraints in the open like this and their is another surprise in store. I pull your hair back as and something jingles in your ear as you feel the touch of leather slide around your neck; quivering a little and you feel yourself getting wet knowing that people could be watching this right now. I tighten it around your neck, almost choking you as I put it on and that gives you even more excitement. Our lips touch as I run my fingers through your hair, I kiss your cheek then your neck.

“You look so good baby doll, all collared and restrained. I can’t wait to get you alone.” I tell you.

“Of course, sir, anything you want,” you respond.

“You are being so good today, I am going to have to reward you.”

I tug on the collar as you feel the leash get attached to it and I give it a little pull, using it to guide you to the car. You are nervous as you walk, knowing that it is only my guidance keeping you from falling. I lead you slowly and you feel the leash go slack and you stop. I open the car door and I take your hand, helping you into the car. It takes you a little effort to find the seat and I keep helping to make sure you are all in the car. The car door shuts and you are left alone for a moment or two and you hear your heart beating and feel yourself breath in and out. The noise from the street is just background to you as you wait for me to get into the car. The sound of the other car door opening startles you a bit as I climb into the car. I pick up the leash again and wrap it around my hand before starting the car. I pull away from curb and we take the long drive up into the mountains. For the most part the drive is quiet as we wind our way through the pass though I do tease you with my fingers running along your skin. I play with your hair and rub my thumb across your lips which you take a playful nibble at it. You hear me chuckle as I move my thumb away.

“Naughty naughty,” I say, playfully as I grab your hair and pull on it lightly.

You make a light, low moan in your throat because of the pain but it feels so good. The long drive has given you plenty of time to imagine what I have planned. Is he going to tie me to a tree and take me or will it be bent over the hood of his car and he fucks me on the side of the road. He could also take me in the back of the car, hanging from the “oh shit” handles. You squirm a little in the seat as these thoughts roll around in your head; you hear him chuckle, a wicked deep sound. My hand touches your leg, brushing the skirt up; getting access to your soft skin. The leather of the leash slides along your skin still wrapped in my hand causing you to shiver. He told you not to wear panties and you wanted to obey but the skirt was so short, you couldn’t obey for the fear got the best of you. So, when his hand reached your panties you hear his sigh and his fingers dig into your inner thigh. After a moment, I stop squeezing your thigh and my finger gently touch your panties.

“What did I tell you today?” I ask.

“Um…,” You hesitate to respond.

“What did I tell you?” I ask more firmly.

“Not to wear panties, sir.”

“And what are these?” I ask, pulling on them with a finger.

“My little black and white boy shorts.”

“And those are?”

“Panties, sir, but I … was scared to go out without them,” You stammer out.

“I’m very disappointed in you, I gave you a simple command and you failed me. You do understand I am going to have to punish you for this,” I tell you, in a firm tone.

“Yes sir,” You say softly.

My hand tangles in your hair and I pull sharply on it, forcing your head back.

“What as that little one? I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes Sir,” you say distinctly.

I let go of your hair, hearing you gasp as the pain recedes. You sit quietly as the drive continues and the isolation of blindfold works its way into your mind. You go back to the thoughts of where you are going and what he is going to do to you, with the added punishment for disobeying him. Your mind adds the leather of his belt slapping again and again into your ass. You squirm in the seat at the thoughts flowing through your head. You like the way he controls you and the way he punishes you for misbehaving.

I watch you, glancing at you as we drive. I can tell you are lost in thought because you are being quiet and your fingers are playing with the hem of your skirt. You are adorable, the way your dark hair frames your face; it always makes my fingers itch to brush it away from your neck and kiss it. I drive a little faster; I am just as excited to get start my plan. We drive in silence for another fifteen minutes up into the mountains. I pull up in front of the house and I turn off the car. I climb out of the car and make my around. Holding open the door for you, I help you out; taking the leash into my hand again.

“Come along, baby doll, we are here,” I command you.

I tug on the leash, leading you down the path to the front door. This is the place for my plans, I open up the door. Escorting you into the house, I guide you to the table. It is a solid oak table, six feet in length and four feet wide, built a long time ago. It is sturdy and has had many meals eaten on it but this is a different kind of serving that will be done tonight. I push you against the table, trapping you against it as I kiss you. My desire is apparent to you as I press our bodies together.

You feel my hands push you onto the cool wood of the table. Your skirt rides up as you slide across the top of the table. It takes you a minute to realize what he is doing as he pushes you down on the table top. His hands keep a hold of the cuffs on your wrists and you feel them get taken off. His lips on yours as he kisses you hard and passionately. He pushes your body down onto the table, holding your arms above your head. His teeth sink into your neck as he keeps you trapped to the table. You feel the strap go over one wrist, it gets cinched down tight against your skin. The other strap goes around just as tight as he finishes strapping your arms to the table.

Once I am done with your arms, I slide my hands down your body roughly feeling every inch of you. I get to your skirt and lift it up. I shake my head sadly at the sight of your boy shorts, as much as I love them I am still angry at you for wearing them. I pull them off of you, none to gently and hold them in my hand. Once that is done, I reach and hold down your ankle, I pull the loop over your foot and push it tight. My fingers stroke your other ankle then sliding them up and down your calf I tease you. We both know I am going to finish tying you to this table but I love the feel of your skin and feeling the anticipation going through your body. Sliding my hand up you leg, I go along your thigh getting my hand closer and closer to your pussy. The tips of my fingers brush it for a moment then move back down your leg and that causes me to smile at your squirming. I dig my fingers into your flesh on the way back down to your ankle. Holding onto it tight I slip the strap over it and pull it tight.

You feel me leave you but only for a moment. Hands grab your face and you mouth is forced open and your own panties are forced into your mouth. You try to talk but it is muffled by the cloth in your mouth. You can taste yourself on them from the teasing, the hair pulling, the blindfold, all of that got you wet on the ride up and now you taste that in your mouth. The straps get tightened, pulling your arms over the edge of table. His footsteps sound on the hardwood floor as he walks to the end of the table. The bindings pull hard on your legs as they get spread wide, opening your pussy up. Your skirt rides all the way up and you swear you can feel his gaze on your pussy as he tightens those straps.

I notice that she was wet before but now she is dripping. I see the first strand hit the table top and makes me long to lick it up but that is not part of the plan. I reach into the bag of goodies for tonight, I pull out a paddle for later and the remote vibrator for right now. I tease your pussy with the end, getting it coated in your pussy juices as I rub it against your clit. I slide it inside you, pushing it deep inside your pussy and I leave it there. I kiss your neck softly as I turn it on for the moment. I hear you gasp as it vibrates inside you and I smile as I turn it up another notch. I pull up a chair and watch as I play with the power.

Moaning and gasping into the gag, you just want to yell but you can’t. He is killing you as he messes with power of the vibrator. You feel the tension building inside you as he turns it back down; the combination of being tied up, the hard wood, the blindfold, tasting yourself on your panties and his control over the toy in your pussy. You fight against the rising tide of your orgasm because you know he will punish you more. The wetness drips out of your pussy down along your ass and onto the table. His breath is on your ear as he licks your ear.

“No cumming little one,” I command.

That almost makes you cum but you manage to throttle it down and keep your orgasm in check. It hurts but you manage it and you squirm on the table top. You feel the cool metal of nipple clamps pinch your nipples as he puts them on then you feel the chain of the third clamp go down across your stomach. He clips it to your clit, making you yelp into the gag and writhe against your restraints. Pure torture, his teasing and tempting you to disobey him and cum but keep it under control for him, you do really want to be good for him.

I smile down at you, watching you squirm on the table. This is going better than I had planned, you look so beautiful sprawled and stretched onto the table. I lean down and kiss your stomach, enjoying the feeling of your soft skin on my lips. I push the tip of my tongue out and I lick your skin; I growl because you taste so good to me. I sit back down watching you writhe on the table. I push the vibrator remote up a notch to hear you squeal. I let this go on for about 10 minutes before turning it off and standing back up, I move to the table. I take off the blindfold and pull the panties from your mouth. You whimper a little as you look into my eyes and I see the pleas to cum that you haven’t been able to voice reflected in them. I kiss you softly.

“Now baby doll, I am going to have to punish you for being such a naughty girl and wearing panties. So stay put and I will release the straps,” I tell you.

I take the straps off your arms, then your ankles. I watch you as you straighten your clothes, pulling your skirt and shirt back down. It is so cute when you are shy about your body, even though you know I get so hard for you. I wish you understood how much I treasure all of you, that smile, those eyes, your heart and your mind but you have a hard time seeing yourself clearly, so I will keep working on it. I pull you upright as kiss you softly. My hands reach down and slide your shirt up and off. You look away from me ass I grab your skirt, I strip it off of you. Gently, I grab you and roll you over onto your stomach. I, again, strap you down to the table pulling all the straps tight so you can’t get away. Patting your ass, I pick up the paddle and I show it to you.

“Time for your spankings, ten is the count for disobeying me,” I inform you.

“Yes, sir,” You respond.

The paddle cracks down on your ass, sending ripples through your flesh.


The paddle rubs across your little ass and then it leaves and slams down on your ass again.


It hits your ass again, causing you to gasp.



“Four,” you yelp out, quivering a little. You feel your pussy dripping as he rubs the paddle along your pussy.

He waits and holds it, making you shiver in anticipation of the next crack of it on your ass. You wait for what seems like an eternity but when it comes it is just a gentle pat but still makes you jump a little.


The paddle slaps into your ass.



“Seven,” you say as you moan a little.

It cracks against your ass causing you to shudder.


He slams it into your ass, sending shiver all through your body.


He rubs the paddle along your traumatized flesh, making you groan and squirm. Then the paddle is gone and you wait for the final spank, the tenth and it doesn’t come. You wait and you feel his other hand stroking your arm but the blow doesn’t come. You raise your ass off the table, tempting him, showing him you are ready for it and that you want it but still it doesn’t come. Breathing heavily and waiting, trying to not tense up but failing as you wiggle in anticipation of the blow.

I watch you squirm while you wait, seeing that beautiful ass of yours moving and tensing as you think I am going to spank you. The tenderness of my other hand stroking your skin is confusing your brain and you love to be spanked. I give nothing away as I bring it down hard on your ass, it startles you as the sound echoes through the house. I watch you spasm and I see you squirt all over of the table top as you orgasm.

“TTTTeeennnnnn,” you moan out as you pull against the restraints, cumming so hard.

It is so hot to watch you cum from the spanking but I sigh and shake my head. You weren’t supposed to cum without my permission. I set the paddle down next to your head and push my fingers inside your wet pussy. It makes you moan a little as I play with you and I pull them out and taste you. You taste good and I love the way you feel on my fingers.

“You came, little one,” I say to you.

“I know sir, I’m soooo sorry,” you say in chagrinned tone of voice.

“I know baby doll and I hate to punish you but you need to learn,” I tell you.

Kissing you softly right between your shoulder blades, I take the vibrator and push it back into your pussy. Turning it on to high and I sit down in front of you, I stare into your eyes, a very stern look on my face.

“You aren’t going to cum, baby doll, no matter what I do from now on,” I command you as I brush some of your dark hair from your face. You just nod and bite your lower lip as the vibrator works your already sensitive pussy.

You stare at me, trying to keep from moaning like a slut as he raises and lowers the speed of the vibrator. He stands up and moves around you, you turn your head and watch him reach into his bag and pulls out your little anal toy. He spreads some lube on it and shows it to you. A wicked smile on his face as he slowly pushes it inside your ass. You still aren’t used to it as it stretches your anus and causes you to gasp as it goes in. You can feel it in your ass and the vibrations from your pussy bounces off of it causing you to shudder. He is the only one to have taken your ass and it still feels so dirty to you and wrong but so good as well. You moan into your hair as you try to keep your orgasm in check. He smiles at you as you control yourself.

I enjoy watching you squirm and I love to hear you moan as I turn the vibrator down. I watch you fight against the restraints, unconsciously trying to touch your pussy or take it the toys out to give you relief. You look at me with pleading eyes as stroke your hair and lightly tug on it. As I force your head back, I kiss you softly on the lips feeling you moan into my mouth as my tongue licks your lower lip. My hand tightens on your hair pulling on it harder.

“Please sir, Please stop, I don’t want to cum. I want to be a good girl for you. Please sir.” You moan and beg.

“Are you going to listen to me? About panties and about cumming?” I ask you.

“Yes sir, I won’t disobey again, please sir.”

“I don’t believe you, little one.”

I turn up the vibrator again and grab a hold of the anal toy. I slowly start to fuck your ass with it. You let out a growl as you work at keeping your body under your control. I love seeing the frustration in your eyes as you look over your shoulder at me. I see your gaze shift as you try to see the toy go in and out of your ass. You shudder and bow your head back down.

“Please sir, I will be good… I will always be good for you,” You beg, “I will never cum without your permission again but please let me cum for you now. I want to cum for you please sir please please….”

“You will cum after I cum baby doll.”

Standing in front of you, he pulls out his cock and teases you with it. He glides it along your lips letting you taste his precum. You stretch yourself trying to get more of him into your mouth. You love the way his cock tastes and feels in your mouth. He lets a little more of the head slide in between your lips. A little bit of his precum hits your tongue and you moan on his cock as you try harder and harder to get more it into your mouth. You want to make him cum, to feel him spew it into your mouth but he pulls it away from you.

“Does my little girl want this?” I ask you, moving it towards you and then away.

“Yes sir, please give me your cock. I want it in my mouth, sir.”

I grab your hair and pull on it. Pushing my cock forward into you waiting mouth I start fucking your face. You gag a little as I push it in and out of your mouth and you look up at me as you take my cock. I feel every inch of your mouth on my cock as it slides in and out. I let go of your hair and you take over being a great little cocksucker. I watch your head bob up and down on my cock. I stroke your hair as you suck my cock.

He feels so good in your mouth and you love the way he tastes. You only wish you could make him cum. His iron control always makes you frustrated. You just want his cum to fill your mouth but he never lets it go. You keep sucking and sliding your tongue along his cock. You struggle to cup his balls but the restraints prevent you. It is all too soon for you when he pulls his cock away from your mouth. You whine a little and pout staring up at him. His hand strokes your hair and your cheek but he keeps his cock away from your mouth.

I walk around the table my fingers trailing down your back. Your skin feels so good and I love watching you shiver they glide down along your spine. I climb up onto the table behind you, I pull out the anal toy and I feel you shudder as it comes out. Taking a little lube, I rub it onto the head of my cock as I prepare to enter your ass for the first time. I turn down the vibrator as I rub my cock along your ass and you quiver, knowing I am going to take you. Pushing my cock slowly into your ass, taking my time, letting you get used to this invasion; you are so tight around it. I slowly rock my cock in and out of you, slowly and deliberately fucking your ass.

You moan into the table as he fucks your ass. You have always wanted someone to take you in every way and now he is doing it. You feel the vibrator get turned up as he fucks you. His cock filling your ass and you feel it vibrating as well. You moan louder and squirm against the restraints. He bites the back of your neck and that almost sends you over, you love him behind you pinning you and slowly fucking you. Makes you feel like his little bitch, his little fuck toy and it makes you quiver in total lust for him, you rock your hips, driving him deeper and deeper inside you. He pulls on your hair making you head come back.

My team W ON!! Not only did they win, they won BIG. We had the typical marital bet, the same bet we have every year. My wife was ready to pay up with the typical blowjob, but given the severity of the win I thought something more exotic might be in order. (She still gave me a blowjob, it just did not count toward paying off the debt.:) ) She has been asking what exotic form of payment she can expect, and I am having difficulty deciding between a couple of options, hopefully some readers can help assist with a decision.

We have a weekend trip planned in a couple weeks to watch our son compete, so she knows when she will be paying her debt. Some options that that appeal to me include:


After returning from the competition we take a bath, lights low, enjoying the company. We soak in the warm water; making sure each others bodies are squeaky clean. I shampoo her hair, both the lovely locks on her head and the soon-to-be denuded pussy hair. After applying conditioner to her head and crotch, and rinsing she replies the favor. She lovingly washes my slightly graying locks, and then washes my recently shaved balls and shortly trimmed groin. She even makes sure the area is kissably clean. After we clean each other, we slide together, face to face. We gently kiss; she even offers her neck to my advances — which is a welcome and unusual event. As I’m nibbling my way down her neck to her shoulders she inquires about what exotic form of payment I had dreamt up.

I slide my hand between her legs and start fingering her moist pussy, telling her to be patient. I think she starts to suspect what is coming when I remove my fingers from her pussy and start running them through her pussy hair. Her moans tell me it is alright to proceed. She nibbles my ears, informing me she is I eager to pay up. Our lips lock together, and when we separate I tell her to stay put, I need to get some toys. Her smile tells me she is curious about what is next.

When I return with my toiletry bag she playfully asks if I am going to brush her teeth or comb her hair? Neither, daily grooming entails more than brushing was my response. Her expression started to show a little concern when I explained that shaving was also involved. Since I already shave my balls, and trim my crotch — a grooming practice I have encouraged her to try for several years — she reiterated her long standing policy of no sharp objects near her pussy. I told her to relax, that she was in experienced, loving hands. I set the grooming guide on my trimmer to long, and ran it through my crotch, giving an even trim. She examines the results, I convince her the results are not itchy and she reluctantly scoots up to the side of the tub.

I can tell she is apprehensive, she wants to pay up, she wants to make me happy, she is nervous. I slide the humming trimmer down her stomach, she opens her legs ever so slightly. I am able to slide a finger from my off hand into her pussy, she is obviously as horny as she is nervous. As I slide the trimmer over her stomach and legs, using it more like a vibrator than a shaver. I start nibbling her snatch. She opens up more, her muscles tense as I maneuver the trimmer closer to her groin. She lets out a soft groan when the outer strands of her pubic hair encounter the trimmer. I remove my fingers and mouth from her pussy and start to straighten her curlies, which will make trimming easier. As the trimmer slowly moves toward her slit she tenses, and becomes extremely still. I work my way around her clit and pussy, removing as much hair as the guard will allow. After several minutes I have trimmed most of her hair. I slide the guide to short, and do some final touches around the panty line. She balks when I try this setting closer to her clit — this time I respect her resistance.

With the hair trimmings littering the tub, we switch to the shower. Again we wash each other, making sure to remove the stubble from our bodies. After our shower we dry each other and take our party to the bed. We snuggle together, warming the sheets and each other. I slide a hand across her back, over her hips and request access to her privates. She maneuvers and gives me easy access and I start kissing my way down her neck, breasts, stomach and finally to a neatly trimmed bush. I take her clit into my mouth, it feels slightly different without the hair that I am so familiar with…. I like different. I’m eagerly fingering her pussy as I suck her clit, she responds with a shudder and an orgasm.

I repositioned for entry and easily slid inside. It did not take long for my climax to match my wife’s. We quickly fell asleep in each others arms after a long and exhausting day — debt paid in full.


Similar start to the evening, contest, hotel, shared bath. The difference is this time my wife knows what is about to come, and who , and where. Before our bath I had laid out some gloves and lube along with shaving cream and a razor. I kiss her and tell her the toys are for her — to use on me. We bathe each other and when we are clean I offer her my backside where she proceeds to shave my cheeks. After smoothing out the spots I miss when grooming my crack she deems her grooming work complete, now fun begins.

She reaches for a glove and the lube. My heart is pounding as hard as hers. She is nervous about poking around my bum, I’m nervous that the experience won’t live up to my expectations. She slides the glove on, finishing with a pop. She gently leans me over the side of the tub, splashing the warm water on my back and butt and rubbing my crack with her gloved hand. I’m jittery with excitement as she hands me the lube. I open the lube and squeeze some over her glove. She returns to caressing my crack this time with a lubed, gloved hand. The difference is exhilarating. The cold lube touches my button, mixing with the warm water, I reach back and spread my cheeks, giving my wife implicit instructions to carry on.

She gently works the lube inside with her index finger. Her index finger slides easily up my ass and I work my butt back to accept more. She reaches forward with her free hand and asks for some lube. I squirt some lube into her bare palm, knowing this lube was destined for my cock. With one finger fucking my ass, she reaches under me and start stroking engorged cock.

I beg for another finger as she massages my slickened balls. She releases my balls and takes the lube from my hand and squeezes a generous amount around her finger that is still up my ass. The lube allows her to work her middle finger in beside the index finger. The only sounds I am capable of making are some low guttural moans. She starts gently rubbing my prostrate between the two fingers in my ass, and her gloved thumb. With her other hand she splashes the warm water on my cock, balls and ass, making the lube even slicker.

I have to move her hand off my cock, my orgasm is just too close and I am not ready. She asks how I am doing, I ask for a third finger. Another shot of lube and a splash of water later I lean over and relax to accept the next invasion. I’m rocking my hips as she stretches my ass with the third digit. After a few minutes of a three fingered ass assault I was ready to move to the bedroom. She removed and disposed of the glove. I felt empty as she washed my backside… I loved the attention. We dried each other off… she loved the attention.

My hardon was pressed between us when we pressed our lips together, tongues dancing together. She asked if I enjoyed my anal experience, my hardon was plenty of evidence for the affirmative. I again reached down and felt her pussy, her moisture confirmed that she was aroused by the experience as well. We retire to the bed, lights on low. I rolled on top of her, teased her by inserting my tip into her pussy. She wanted more, I was not quite ready to oblige. I slide my lubed cock from her pussy, and started kissing my way down her neck over her breasts and stomach. I turned around to a 69 position, giving her access to play with my privates as I ate her pussy. I slid two fingers into her snatch, and the pinky flirting with her rosebud — the shocker position. She seems not to mind the pinky playing with her back door because she quickly reaches a powerful orgasm.

Somehow in all this attention I have been able to hold back my own orgasm, but enough is enough. I slide on top of her and enter her soaking, relaxed pussy. The heat and moisture are too much for me to hold on long and I unload a weeks’ worth of jism into her waiting pussy.


This time before we share our bath, we prepare the bed. We do this by removing the spread and using some rope to create some convenient tie down points. As we add or modifications to the bed I show her some tips about knots, making sure she knows a couple basics like a figure 8 and alpine butterfly, giving her the impression that she will be the one on the tying end of the knots. With the bed prepared, and tie down ropes laid out we let my hardon lead the way to the bath. In the tub I demonstrate some effective knots for binding wrists, and then let her practice on me. With my wrists bound behind my back I stand, spread my cheeks, and in a dominant voice tell her to wash my ass. She obliges, sliding a soapy hand up and down my backside while massaging the taint. She releases the binding, letting me return the warm water and rinse. She then stands, her pussy in my face, and with a regained sense of authority says she is ready to subdue me. I nuzzle my face into her snatch and moan an affirmative. We dry off and she leads the way back to the bed.

When we reach the bed she grabs me and pushes me onto the bed, and straddles my stomach. She grabs the tie down ropes as she roughly kisses me — I still give the impression that she is in control. When she reaches for my wrist thinking I am going to willingly let her bind me I make my move. In a single move I turn our bodies 180 degrees so I am on top, her legs wrapped around my waist. I pluck one of the tie downs from her hand and quickly secure her right wrist to the bed. With one hand securely out of commission I am easily able to tie the left hand to the other side of the bed. With her bound to the bed I go to my suitcase, she seems puzzled by my departure. I pull a spreader bar from my bag, she is unfamiliar with this toy. She starts to understand what is meant by spreader bar when I tie a rope to each knee, and then to the ends of the bar. When I pull the rope through the loops at the end of the bar, her legs are spread leaving her fully exposed. I secure the rope to the bar, insuring her legs remain spread wide. Then I lift her legs enough to slide a couple pillows under her lower back. I use the spare rope to secure the bar to her wrists, insuring I have access to both her pussy and ass.

Normally someone who is tied to a bed, ass in the air would not be in a position to give orders, but somehow this position seems to put my wife in charge. She says ‘Now that you opened me you have to eat me’. I dive into the wide open pussy, roughly push a finger into her snatch. As I am licking her clit she tells me to insert another finger. I do. She then tells me to use more tongue. I readily comply. I’m pumping two fingers into her cunt and she is still giving orders until she screams out an orgasm.

I remove my face from her pussy and admire the soaked, swollen results of my efforts. While she is still high from her orgasm I run a finger up her crack. Not only does she not object to this, she actually seems to be enjoying it. I use both hands to gently spread her ass, exposing rosebud. Her response was the same as when I bound her legs … ‘Now that you opened me you have to eat me’. Since we just bathed I knew the back door was as clean as it ever would be. It still seemed unexpected to be the one receiving commands, and I was tentative in my response.

She forcefully said ‘Eat my asshole, asshole’. Both the language and the tone were new to our relationship, and I liked it.

I spread her cheeks further apart and plunged my mouth to her hole. She told me to treat her right as I sucked with a fervor normally reserved for her pussy. She started pushing her ass into my face as far as her limited mobility would allow, I was loving the combination of being in control, yet following orders. When she had proven who was in charge she said she needed to be fucked. I positioned at the entrance to her pussy and slowly slid inside. She called me an asshole and said she needed someone to fuck her, not make love.

I leaned forward on the bar and pushed in hard, retracting slowly and pushing forward. It only took a few minutes of hard thrusting before I gave an extra push and shot my load. With my erection fading I reached to start untying her. She asked what the fuck I was doing and told me I was not done yet. When I asked what she meant she informed me that since she was unable to clean up our mess that I was going to have to do it.

Before I asked what she meant she told me I needed to eat her out. I withdrew and looked at cum starting to seep from her cunt. She started squeezing and when another glob appeared she kicked her ankle toward my head and told me to lick it up. My desire to eat my cum usually diminishes greatly — after I cum, and this was no exception. But again she insists, so again I dive in. I eat her to another orgasm as I fingered her used cunt, making sure to clean her to the best of my ability.

When she reached her second climax she let me untie her we held each other close, pulled up the covers and fell asleep in each other arms.


Well good readers, what do you think. Which option should I present?

Marissa walked into the Saints and Sinners party in the exclusive club in the basement of the hotel her brother Kyle’s friend owned. Marissa was 19, five foot five, with caramel skin from being both Puerto Rican and black. Her long black hair went to the small of her back, her hazel eyes always shined, and she had C-cup breast.

She walked gracefully in the club wearing a white slip with three inch heels, and a white mask covering the top half of her face. She felt men and woman eye’s on her, as she walked over to Charles the owner of the hotel. She tapped his shoulder and he turned around to see his best friend’s baby sister, the girl he’d fuck in a minute if his friend would be okay with it.

He wouldn’t.

“Marissa, I’m glad you made it.” Charles said over the loud music and hugged her, his hands moved to the small of her back. It took all he had to not caress her plump ass.

Charles was six feet tall, white and in his mid thirties. He had bright green eyes, thick chocolate brown hair, and muscular built. He had inherited the hotel and a few others when his father passed away a few years ago. He could have everything he wanted, he wanted Marissa. He knew having her could possibly cause an end to the friendship he had with Kyle, so he left the teenager alone.

“Hey Charlie. I love this party.” Marissa said looking at everybody who was socializing, dancing, kissing, and where a few people engaging in sexual acts? She wasn’t sure but didn’t want to look in case they were.

Marissa was a virgin, and secretly bisexual. She realized her sexuality when she spent one night surfing the web for porn, and masturbating to videos of woman giving head and being dominated by men. Then she clicked on a website that was for lesbian’s with a PVC fetish. She watched an hour’s worth of videos, of woman dominating other woman, fucking each other with strap-on dildos, and other kinky acts. That night was the first time she brought herself to an orgasm too.

Since then Marissa had dreams and fantasies of woman in PVC outfits making her masturbate in front of them, making her show them her virgin pussy. The thought of another woman make her lick her pussy and fuck her asshole. Sometimes she had dreams of being in a room with woman wearing PVC outfits, lingerie, or just naked, tying her down to a bed and forcing themselves on her. With fantasies of domination, lesbianism, and wanting to be taken by force she felt ashamed, she was a socialite. Even though she lived in New York where people are more accepting she feared what people and her family would think.

Marissa had a boyfriend to hide her secrets. His name was Aaron he was a student at NYU to become a film director, his grandfather being a Hollywood legend greatly helped his chances at success. Aaron was too busy with classes, family, and his internship working under his grandfather to spend quality time with his girlfriend. So Marissa spent her nights with her six inch dildo and her fantasies, wanting so badly for a cock real or fake to pound her pussy.

After being with Charles at the bar for an hour, Marissa was between tipsy and drunk. She could still make conscious decisions, but she stumbled and her words were starting to get slurred a little. Charles cut her off sat her on a couch.

“Sit here for a while. I see a blonde whose calling my name.” Charles said and walked off to a blonde in four inch red heels wearing silk nightclothes consisting of red boy shorts with a frilly hem, and a red see-through tank top, her breast showing in the dimly lit room.

Marissa sat on the couch for half an hour drinking sparkling apple juice a waiter had given her. She was relaxed and happy, with her buzz going down a little.

“What’s your name?” I sultry voice whispered into Marissa’s ear from behind her.

“Marissa Santiago.” She said feeling her pussy get wet. She looked behind her and saw a woman, she was beautiful. The woman was in her mid twenties standing at five foot ten, while wearing five in heels. Her ivory skin contrasted with the black mask covering half of her face. Marissa looked into the woman’s beautiful grey eyes, as the woman looked into hers. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Cassandra Adams. May I sit with you?” The woman asked.

“Please.” Marissa said.

Cassandra sat next to Marissa on the two-seater couch and the two woman got into a conversation about the party, the drunken idiots, what their interests and hobbies were. Marissa wanted to get to know this woman, she had always gravitated towards the pretty girls to become friends during school and this woman took her breath away. When Cassandra took her mask off, and took Marissa’s off to see her face, Marissa just wanted to kiss her full lips.

After a little while Marissa couldn’t help look at Cassandra’s breast which were seen through her sheer black bra slip. Cassandra’s slip was completely see-through, everyone could see her C-cup breast, and round ass, they just couldn’t see her pussy which was covered by a thong.

“Looking at my tits?” Cassandra asked running her index fingers on Marissa’s thigh.

“What-no. I was just admiring your slip.” Marissa lied she knew Cassandra could see right through her. She knew she would be exposed.

“It’s okay, Marissa. I’m a lesbian, I love woman. I’m flattered that you want to look at my breast. You can feel them.” Cassandra said.

“I couldn’t.” Marissa said.

“Feel my breast now.” Cassandra said in a dominate tone. Marissa felt her pussy get wet, she really wanted to rub her pussy. She listened to the dominate woman and started to caress Cassandra’s breast. She didn’t feel shamed since people were against the wall by then masturbating each other and some of the woman dressed up in all white (the saints) were being bent over by men dressed in red and or black (the sinners) and being fucked. “You little slut. You like being told what to do. Here I was thinking you were a good girl, when you probably want to touch your pussy. Come on, you’re my whore now.”

Cassandra stood up and picked her and Marissa’s mask up. Marissa stood up too and followed the woman into a stairwell. The light in it was red, Cassandra and Marissa walked upstairs onto a floor where each door had a sign on it. The signs either said ‘Private’, ‘Show’, ‘People are invited to join’, or ‘Empty’. Almost every room was taken except for one that had the sign saying ‘Reserved for Cassandra Adams-Private’.

Cassandra walked into the room and Marissa followed. The room was cream, with a king sized bed, shackles on the wall, sex toys on shelves, disciplinary instruments like floggers, whips, canes, paddles, and other instruments. There was a table on the right side of the room with shackles attached.

Cassandra went over to the phone and made two calls, then walked over to Marissa. Cassandra slapped the teenager hard and said “Listen you whore I am your mistress. You are going to call me Mistress Cassandra, you will do what I say when I tell you to. Got it?”

“Yes.” Marissa said. She would do whatever she needed to do to get fucked so her pussy would stop throbbing.

There was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Cassandra asked rudely.

“Us, bitch.” A voice said from the other side of the door.

Cassandra opened the door and two woman walked in. One with raven hair like Cassandra, her eyes were a deep blue, her skin was naturally tanned, and she had plumb rosebud lips. She was wearing high heels, a thong, and a black bra. The other had chestnut colored hair, her eyes were green, she had a more voluptuous figure than the other two. She had ivory skin like Cassandra. They were both beautiful and model like just like Cassandra.

“Ladies this is our new whore, Marissa.” Cassandra said.

The one with blue eyes walked over to Marissa and pulled her hair hard forcing her head back. “Bitch I’m Mistress Lucille.”

Then the one with chestnut colored hair slapped Marissa and said “I’m Mistress Raquel.”

“Hello Mistresses.” Marissa said ecstatic that one of many fantasies was being born.

“Tell us Marissa, are you a virgin?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes Mistress Cassandra. Please take my virginity.” Marissa said.

“I love virgins. Tonight you’re going to experience great pleasure and pain. Lots of pain.” Raquel said.

Lucille let go of Marissa’s hair and rips Marissa’s slip off. Marissa stands in front of the three woman wearing a strapless bra and panties. Lucille and Raquel rip off her underwear having her standing naked except for her heels. During Marissa’s stripping Cassandra got clothespins, she put the pins on Marissa hard nipples.

“Her panties are soaked.” Lucile said.

“Little slut must really want to be fucked.” Raquel said.

“But she’ll have to wait.” Cassandra said. “Go to that desk whore and bend over.”

Marissa went to a desk that was bolted down to the floor. Lucille shackled her wrist down. Raquel got a bullet vibrator and put it on Marissa’s swollen clit. Marissa let out a moan as the vibrations took her. Lucille got a set of anal beads and pushed them all the way into Marissa’s virgin ass. Marissa gasped feeling pain but when Lucille pressed the remote causing the beads to vibrate in her ass she went back to moaning soon.

Cassandra grabbed a flogger and hit Marissa’s ass for a good fifteen minutes. Marissa moaned and cried out in pain, as her ass was turning red. She felt her pussy throbbing even harder, she wanted to touch herself so badly to help the vibrations get her off. During the last few lashes Marissa felt an orgasm crash down on her, she screamed in ecstasy. Her body convulsed as Raquel presses the vibrator on her clit more and Lucille turns the vibrations up in her ass.

“The little whore likes that.” Cassandra said. “Unshackle her.” Raquel and Lucille unshackled Marissa. Lucille took her to a wall with shackles. She shackled Marissa’s ankles apart from each other having her legs spread eagle, then her wrist having her body in the shape of an X.

Raquel removed the anal beads and held them up to Marissa’s lips. “Suck them.” Raquel said and Marissa opened her mouth and sucked on each bead tasting her ass for the first time.

Lucille got two silk scarves and tied each one to the base of Marissa’s breast causing them to stick out unnaturally. After a few minutes her breast started to swell. “I have an obsession with breast. You have such nice breast, I’m going to have so much fun with you, slave.” Lucile said and kissed Marissa. Lucille took the scarves and clothespins off of Marissa’s breast and Marissa yelled once the blood rushed back into them. Lucille sucked each nipple and bit them. Lucille felt her pussy juices leaking down her leg, so she sat on the bed and spread her legs showing her shaved pussy. She started to rub her clit, and fingered her pussy.

“I want to fuck her pussy first.” Raquel said to Cassandra.

“Go ahead I want her ass.” Cassandra said and got a strap-on that was an inch in diameter. She walked over to Marissa and slapped her breast. “Before tonight have you ever had anything in your ass?”

“No, Mistress Cassandra.” Marissa said.

“Well you see my cock is going up your ass. I’m going to fuck it until I want to stop not when you want me to stop. Tonight since you’re a virgin in every way I’m using a small cock but in the future I’ll use my bigger dicks in your ass and pussy.” Cassandra said and got lube.

Cassandra lubricated Marissa’s ass, then her rubber phallus. Cassandra kissed Marissa deeply while she slid her cock into Marissa’s ass to distract her. Marissa slowly moved her cock deeper into Marissa’s ass stretching her. Cassandra slid every single inch of her cock into Marissa’s ass, and Marissa started to let out moans. Cassandra fucked Marissa’s ass, going harder and faster by the stroke.

Cassandra fucked Marissa’s ass roughly wanting to see if Marissa would cum by anal only. After an hour she did, yelling her words in gibberish, her body thrashing around as far as it would go, since she was bound. Cassandra fucked Marissa through her orgasm, then let her recover. Cassandra slowly slid her cock out of Marissa’s ass and took the strap-off. “Clean my dick.” Cassandra said and made Marissa suck on the cock. “You’re such a good little whore.”

Raquel put on a strap-on that was nine inches long, and an inch and a half in diameter. She slipped two fingers into Marissa’s dripping pussy. She finger fucked Marissa’s pussy for a couple of minutes then took them out. Raquel slipped her pussy juice coated fingers and put them in her mouth and sucked on them. Raquel slid her cock into Marissa’s pussy, and didn’t care about it being the teenagers first time she just wanted to fuck.

Raquel roughly fucked Marissa, and Marissa loved it. The feeling of having the cock fill and stretch her walls, sent Marissa over the edge. Marissa was moaning loudly fucking the cock back to the best of her novice abilities. “Fucking whore, cum on my cock!” Raquel yelled fucking Marissa harder.

Marissa looked over at Lucille and Cassandra who were masturbating each other. After an hour and a half Marissa had cum twice and was on her way to her third orgasm but Raquel stopped and unshackled her.

“Mistress may I take my heels off?” Marissa asked.

“No.” Raquel said and pushed Marissa on the bed. Cassandra shackled her wrist to the bedpost and Lucille did her ankles.

“Do I have to be bound again?” Marissa asked.

Raquel slapped Marissa four times giving each cheek two hard slaps. Lucille slapped Marissa’s breast for a few minutes. Cassandra slapped Marissa’s pussy only to have her hand covered in lubricant, that she wiped off on Marissa’s erect nipples.

“Does that answer your question whore?” Raquel asked.

“Yes.” Marissa answered.

Cassandra put clove clamps onto Marissa’s nipples. “Should I put one on her clit?” Cassandra asked.

“Lets wait a little while, she just lost her virginity tonight. We should let her ease into this.” Lucille said.

Cassandra sat on Marissa’s face and said “We’ve been pleasuring you all night. Eat my pussy and eat it well. Or you’ll get whipped again.”

Marissa had always wanted to eat pussy, she had hers eaten a couple of times by her boyfriend Aaron so she knew what felt good. Marissa started to lick Cassandra’s swollen clit then sucked on it. Cassandra started to hump Marissa’s face so Marissa stuck her tongue into Cassandra’s pussy and fount her g-spot and went between tongue fucking Cassandra and playing with her G-spot. Marissa finished Cassandra off by licking her clit for a minute and Cassandra grabbed onto the bedpost and screamed in ecstasy. Cassandra got off of Marissa’s face to let someone else have a turn.

Lucille got on Marissa’s face next and Marissa went straight inside of Lucille’s pussy. She played with Lucille’s G-spot and played with it for five minutes driving Lucille crazy, then she licked Lucille’s clit. Lucille was easy to please so after ten minutes of having her pussy lapped she came. Lucille was a squirter so Marissa spent a minute drinking Lucille’s cum. Lucille got off of Marissa’s face and got a double headed dildo. She slid one head into her pussy and Cassandra slid the other head into hers. Both woman let the fake cock fill their pussies and began to fuck it going in a sensual rhythm wanting to get off again.

Raquel got onto Marissa’s face and Marissa licked Raquel’s puffy pussy lips. Marissa started to lick Raquel’s stubby clit and sucked on it. Raquel played with her nipples while Marissa ate her pussy. “Tongue fuck me you dirty whore. I want you to taste my pussy.” Raquel said and Marissa obeyed. Marissa tongue fucked Raquel for twenty minutes then, played with her G-spot causing Raquel to cum hard. After a two minute orgasm Raquel. Raquel got off of Marissa and said “Do you want to cum now?”

“Please Mistress Raquel.” Marissa begged.

Raquel got a vibrator that was the same length and width as the strap-on she had used on Marissa earlier that evening. Raquel put it into Marissa’s leaking pussy and turn it onto high. Lucille sucked on Marissa’s nipple, and rubbed her own pussy. Cassandra hovered over Marissa’s face, this time her body was facing the foot of the bed.

“Lick my anus. Tongue it, lick it, worship it.” Cassandra said. Marissa had never had fantasies of licking another woman’s anus. She had seen a video of it once online but never thought anything of it.

Marissa licked Cassandra’s puckered asshole, for five minutes then slid her tongue inside. She tongued Cassandra’s anus while Cassandra fingered her own pussy.

“Dig deeper you whore.” Cassandra said getting close to an orgasm. Marissa stuck most of her tongue into Cassandra’s ass tasting the other woman’s anus and loving it. Marissa tongue fucked Cassandra’s ass a few more minutes then Cassandra came.

After that Marissa felt herself cum too onto the vibrator. Raquel removed the vibrator and had Marissa suck on it.

“Goodnight slave.” Lucille said and kissed Marissa then put her clothes back on.

“Nighty night whore.” Raquel said and kissed Marissa and got dressed.

Lucille and Raquel walk out of the room leaving Cassandra and Marissa alone for the rest of the evening that was ending soon, since it was three thirty am.

“You have one more person to fuck, then you can go to bed.” Cassandra said.

After ten minutes there was a knock at the door. Cassandra got the door and Charles walked in. Cassandra was Charles step-sister, their parents married when they were both already adults.

“Where’s the girl?” Charles asked not knowing who was the girl Cassandra had gotten.

“Right here.” Cassandra said walking out of the semi hallways. Charles followed her to find Marissa handcuffed to the bed.

“Marissa?” He asked in disbelief.

“Charles?” She asked embarrassed knowing very well it was him.

“You know this whore?” Cassandra asked.

“She’s Kyle’s little sister.” Charles said.

“This is the Marissa you’ve been wanting to fuck for so long? Go ahead she’s right here tied up and her pussy is wet.” Cassandra said.

“No she’s my best friend’s sister.” Charles said.

“Please don’t tell him.” Marissa begged.

“I wont if you don’t want me to. I know how your father is and he would completely disapprove of this.” Charles said and walked out.

“What a bore.” Cassandra said and started taking the shackles off of Marissa. Cassandra climbed into the bed and got under the bedspread. “You sleep at the foot of the bed.”

Marissa got at the foot of the bed having one of her fantasies fulfilled.

The next morning Charles sat in his living room in the hotel’s top floor penthouse. His housekeeper Lillian walked in with a DVD case in hand. “Mr. Waldorf a tape for you.” She said in her French accent. He looked at her in her uniform consisting of a black pleated miniskirt, black pushup bra containing her D-cup breast, a navy blue blouse too sizes too small showing a lot of cleavage and one inch wedge heel shoes. He fount her on a website where you could get hired help, that would willingly sleep with you in exchange for room in board.

“Thank you Lillian.” Charles said as she gave him the tape. He watched her ass as she walked away. Charles lifted his lap top from atop his coffee table and put the DVD in. Then he saw Marissa being pulled into the room by Cassandra and he sits there for four hours watching the barely edited tape. When it’s over his cock is aching, he slips down his sweatpants to take care of his erection but then the doorbell rings.

Soon he hears footsteps coming, he slips his pants up and puts a pillow over his groin. Then he sees Marissa walking in wearing jeans and a t-shirt looking beautiful. “Marissa lets forget about last night. I wont tell Kyle.” Charles tells her.

“Don’t mention my brother right now. I don’t want to forget about last night. Today I signed a legally binding document saying that I will spend a year being Mistress Raquel’s, Mistress Lucille’s, and Mistress Cassandra’s sex toy. I also signed a gag order. Mistress Cassandra sent me up here and told me that I could do whatever for the next three hours. So for the next three hours fuck me, and fuck me hard. Please I want a real cock. I know you want me.” Marissa said and started taking off her clothes before he could speak.

Tonight is our date night, but this is unlike any date you have ever had. You see, today has been full of truly using you as my sub.

I am taking advantage of this, but with the perfect balance of pleasing myself, and pleasing you.

The day started off with me sending you to the grocery store to get the items necessary for me to make the special breakfast for you. However, there is more than meets the eye for your trip. I am making you grab what I need while having a dildo and butt plug in you to keep you constantly aware of the sensations in your filled holes with every step that you take. And only you are aware of the penetration you are receiving with all the other people shopping around you.

When you return home, I will be making you a special breakfast, so that you won’t get hungry during the next part of your day.

We will be heading off to get relaxed. You will be getting a pedicure, manicure, massage, and facial.

After that you are coming right back to me. First I will have you put on your yoga pants, then I will make you stretch in front of me, topless and with nothing but the tight material hugging the ass that I will be playing with later in the day. As I watch your curves enhance with every bend, I use this opportunity to stand behind you and feel you grind against the rise in my pants. My cock gets even harder as I watch the pants squeezed tightly in front between the lips of your pussy.

Even though I am feeling the need to be relieved, it is your job to get yourself off in front of me.

The catch is, you have to wait on my word of allowance for you to actually make yourself orgasm. I keep letting you get close to the edge of spilling, but won’t let you burst just yet. After about 3 rounds of this and with seeing the look of frustration and ecstasy on your face, I let you cum after your final desperate plea to be allowed to orgasm.

I immediately order you over to me to suck on my throbbing cock. You kiss frantically around my penis and balls just like I love, and run your delicious tongue up, down, and around my shaft. I watch as you look up at me with your beautiful eyes and shake as you wrap your soft pink lips around my cock. Your head begins bobbing as I grab your hair and force you to take me deeper, releasing after you have taken me as deep as you could and letting you kiss me all over some more.

This continues as the head of my shaft throbs, waiting to burst my juices onto your face. (I love seeing my cum on your pretty face. Something about it is so beautifully erotic to me. The white of my cum mixed with your beautiful white skin and seeing it run down your face with the contrast of the mascara on your eyes drives me wild. The willingness of you to accept my sexual release onto yourself and to taste it, swallow it, and receive it is so erotic. The thought of it almost gets me off without touch when I am fantasizing about you, and the dirty talk you give about wanting my cum pushes me over the edge to orgasm). I soon come back to reality and see my cum dripping down your cheek, lips and chin and catches on your breasts and stomach,

while you look up at me with a look of love and sexual desire.

Now that we are both temporarily spent, we go to our bed to cuddle and enjoy being in each others arms. We continue kissing in each others embrace, because tied with our sexual desires for one another is true love; we fall asleep.

When we wake up, we both shower and get ready for our dinner out. I tell you to wear the new black dress that I got for you, and no underwear; I want to have plenty of opportunities to use my hands throughout the night, and to be able to take as many peaks at your luscious pink pussy, and your soft thighs and incredible ass.

The dinner is great. We enjoy some wine, and a delicious meal and time together. Even though I’m paying attention, my mind is on what comes later at the hotel room that I got us.

We make our way back to the room and make ourselves comfortable. You suggest that we go to the pool, but I have much different plans. I sit you in a chair and tie your hands behind you, put a gag in your mouth and spread your legs. I pull the top of your dress down and hike the bottom part up. I kiss up your calves while running my hands down your thighs. The kisses turn to licks as I move my head to your inner thigh, licking upward to your pink like licking a drip of ice cream that ran down the cone. My tongue reaches your pussy lips, and I give them one kiss before sliding my tongue in between them, reaching your clit. I keep licking as your arousal grows, but this is only the beginning.

I stand up, and press your breasts together as I slide my cock between them, in and out over and over,closer and closer to your mouth with every penetration of your wonderful tits. Soon after, I stand up and grab your hair once again, forcing you to suck my dick, but with no plan to cum from that this time around.

You look confused as I untie you earlier than you expected, but that expression changes as I bend you over the bed and spank you. I spank you until your butt turns a pinkish-red; leaving my mark on you as a sign of how bad you have been today.

After taking the time to relax your ass for penetration, I lube up some fingers and get you ready for what I want. What I want is the ass that has driven me wild for years. I have had my hand on it, grinded on it, and fantasized about it, but never until this moment have I been in it. The thought of penetrating every hole that I can is also very erotic to me.

I hand you your dildo and watch as you carefully position it into your dripping wet pussy. You scoot back on the bed, slowly accepting the head of my shaft into your opening. You grind around to get used to the sensation and decide that you want more. I feel your soft warmth firmly grasping more and more of my shaft that is currently at full attention. Your movements are slow and safe, but as you pick up speed I can tell how much you are liking the sensations. I watch as your perfectly-sized ass claps against my waist, and your hand slides your dildo in and out of your pussy. I feel like I am going to burst, seeing you double-penetrated like this.

You move faster and faster at penetrating both holes, and I soon feel a shake shoot through your body as I feel an eruption fire through my cock into your ass. We fall to the bed together, absolutely pleased and happily-worn out.

I can’t wait for your next day of service and pleasure.

I care about my sub.

I love my wife.

I picture you staying in a nice mid level hotel here locally, maybe just stopping here on the way through to another destination. I am so excited as I get ready to see you, knowing that we will have the whole day together. My black skirt is long and lightweight, floating around my legs. I decided to skip the panties and the only other thing I am wearing is a tightly laced black satin corset with bright red cherries printed down the front. I clip a large red silk rose into my hair and slip into a pair of black leather peep toe stilettos.

The drive to your hotel is short and uneventful and the key card is waiting at the front desk when I arrive. I have added a black cropped jacket that makes the outfit a little more modest but I still get a little thrill wondering what the staff is thinking. Your room is on the third floor and When I step off the elevator I realize that it at the far end of the hall by the fire stairs.

You told me to use the key and just come on in so I do and the sound of the shower running tells me where you are. I debate for a moment whether to interrupt you but decide that I want you to come out and find me waiting. I shrug out of my jacket and quietly place it and my purse on a chair before curling my legs under me in the center of the big king bed. I take a moment to fluff my skirt and hair. The sound of the water stops and I can hear you moving the curtain back. Instantly wet, I lean forward a little to better display my big creamy breasts, already threatening to pop out of the tightly laced corset.

The door opens and you don’t see me at first because you are drying your face with the towel. I bite my lip to silence a delighted gasp when I see that you didn’t bother to put on any clothes before leaving the bathroom. You are even more impressive in person and I can’t wait to touch and lick every thick inch of you. You drop the towel and your eyes sparkle to discover me curled up on your bed.

“Well, hi there.” Your words are quiet and your normal jovial personality seems tempered by something dark and smouldering. “Come here.” I shiver but obey instantly, thrilled at the commanding tone in your voice. My sexy heels bring my eyes in line with the bottom of your chin and when I tilt my face up expectantly, you chuckle and brush your lips across mine. One of your big hands tangles in my hair and the other wraps around my back, drawing me up against your strong body. I can feel the hard heat of you through the thin cotton of my skirt and a trickle of helpless moisture slicks my already dripping pussy.

Your lips crush down on mine harder now and a gentle stroke of your tongue parts my lips on a soft moan. You are an incredible kisser, never sloppy and leaving me wanting more. I pant faster as you kiss and nip down the column of my throat and across the plump tops of my breasts. Your tongue delves into the deep crease between them and makes me shiver. I feel your hands working behind my back and soon the corset is loosened and shoved down below my aching hard nipples. I am surprised when you tug it tight again.

“Put your hands behind your back.” You growl as you lap one hard, rosy peak after the other. It feels so good I don’t even question you and a delicious tendril of fear curls in my belly when you tie my wrists securely against my back with my corset laces. “Now down on your knees.” You help me to kneel in front of you and stroke my cheek and hair, letting me take my time.

I lean forward eagerly, swirling my tongue around the broad head, tasting the pre-cum collecting there. The taste of you only seems to excite me even more so on a soft moan I lean forward farther sinking your cock deep into my eager mouth. You are so thick that I don’t know how much I will be able to take but I relax my throat and let the head slip into my throat. I fight the gag reflex and pull back for a breath, my tongue swirling crazily against the underside of you, sweeping across all of your most sensitive places. Your hand on the back of my head pulls me forward again so you can sink deep into the heated wetness of my willing throat. I struggle a little to take you all in but a few strokes later, I feel my nose brush against the curls on your groin.

You groan quietly and tremble a little fighting for control. I suck harder and tighten my lips around your girth, trying to make your resolve crumble. I want to taste you and feel you spilling your cum down my throat. My eager little moans and whimpers vibrate around your shaft and I feel your cock jump and thicken even more just a moment before my mouth and throat is flooded with jet after jet of your hot seed. I can feel dampness trickle down my leg. It is such a turn on to make you lose control. Your still hard cock slips from my lips and I kiss and lick gently, swallowing your load and making sure you watch me lick up the little trickle still escaping you.

After a moment, you pull me to my feet and clutch me tight against you. Kissing my bare shoulders and the top of my exposed breasts. You are very calm now and your touch is gentle but you don’t seem inclined to untie me. I feel my legs bump into the side of the mattress and one of your big calloused hands slips under the edge of my skirt, dragging it up until you cup the bare skin of my ass.

“Mmmmmm. No panties? Very naughty.” Your whisper brushes across my ear and you slip your other hand under my skirt to knead and massage my plump ass cheeks. You lean forward, softly biting my neck until I am tipped off balance and tumble backward onto the bed. My big boobs jiggle invitingly and I giggle when you shove my thighs apart and flip my skirt out of your way. Giggles turn quickly to moans as you nip and lick my inner thighs. You avoid the one place I want you to touch most but drive me wild by getting closer and closer only to move away again.

I spread my thighs wide for you whimpering, needing you so badly, moving my hips restlessly. With my arms bound I can’t guide your sweeping tongue to my weeping center and I moan helplessly. I am so close. All I need is your tongue on my clit to make me cum. Finally you lick hard from my asshole all the way to my throbbing clit and I squeal with the intense waves of my climax.

You move up my body and suck hard at my exposed nipples, slowly sinking your cock deep into my still clenching pussy. You are so thick I can hardly take you inside and I am so wet. Your lips find mine and you pinch and pluck at my tight, tingling nipples. You rock your hips forward to give me that last fraction of an inch and I know you are going to make me cum again. You bend me over nearly double and rest my stiletto clad feet on your broad shoulders. Your slow pace is intensely pleasurable and maddening at the same time.

One of your big hands strokes down my body and you increase the speed and force of your thrusts, finally giving me the hard fucking I am craving. You wet your fingers in the slick juices pouring from my desperately aroused pussy, sliding first one and then two thick fingers into my tight asshole. My back arches as you thrust your fingers and your big cock faster and harder. Suddenly my orgasm crashes over me in violent waves, almost painful in its intensity. My pussy clenches tightly and I can feel you throb inside me as you flood my insides with hot cum.

After a moment, our shuddering calms and you lower my legs to the bed with gentle hands. you collapse next to me and cuddle me close while you reach around me and untie my hands. I smile when you kiss the slight red marks on the pale skin of my wrists…

Charlie Singer sat in the waiting room glancing at a magazine and watching the lady in the corner knitting a stocking. Ironically, he had always wanted to learn how to knit ever since Ashleigh Samson had made him a scarf their freshman year of college.

The door swung open and a young blonde nurse dressed in mint green scrubs came out with a clipboard “Lydia,” She said. The lady stuffed the stocking into the bag and hobbled after her. Charlie Singer looked back down at the title of the magazine article on the page in front of him. “Ten Keys to the Female Orgasm.” He turned the page. He had been mad about Ashleigh Samson since she sat by him on the first day of Anatomy Class. After that, they had gotten drinks together and spent plenty of time studying and doing anatomy research, just not the type Charlie Singer had hoped.

The door swung open again and a male voice called out this time, “Charles?” Charlie Singer set down the magazine and followed after him.

Charlie Singer checked the name tag. The tall, dark and decent looking young man’s name was Saad and he was an intern.

Charlie Singer hung up his coat and hat, had a seat and rolled up his sleeve. Saad the Intern ran his hand slowly up Charlie Singer’s arm tied it off, winked and checked to see if he was alive. He then placed his hand gently on Charlie Singer’s chest as he listened to his heartbeat, smiled, nodded and headed for the door. “The Doctor will be with you in a moment,” Saad the intern said in a sing song voice. Charlie Singer blushed.

Charlie Singer dug the rubber strap, which Saad the Intern had taken off his arm, from the garbage can and stood reading a pamphlet about the dangers of smoking. He had almost finished the pamphlet when the door opened.

The doctor walked in, took a seat at the desk and examined his chart. “It looks like we are checking to see if you are healthy enough for sexual activity.” She said. “I’m gonna need you to pull down your pants and undergarments.”

Charlie Singer undid his pants and slid them down. “Ah! So far so good.” She said as she cupped her hand around his scrotum. Charlie Singer coughed twice.

“Now I’m going to need you to get up on the table, Doctor Samson.” Charlie Singer said as he pulled out the rubber strap.

Doctor Samson climbed up on her hands and knees, but Charlie Singer bound her wrists behind her back and pushed her face into the crinkly white paper. He hiked up her skirt and found himself staring into the gorgeous backside he had fantasied about on so many drunken nights, studying the female under carriage, but so far had been denied access.

“Naughty Ashleigh!” He said. “Isn’t going commando in a sterile environment a bit unsanitary?” She started to answer but since she wasn’t wearing panties he stuffed her mouth full of cotton balls.

Doctor Samson shivered as he ran two fingers across the back of her calves, up the side of her thighs and finally into the dripping slit between her legs. Her back stiffened, her foot trembled and one of her heels fell off as he pulled them out and shoved them back in recklessly.

Doctor Samson tried to scream but choked as Charlie Singer left a handprint on her backside. He thought about giving her a matching one on the right side but instead took the stethoscope from her neck and smacked her with the cold metal part leaving the first of many bright red circles on the otherwise white surface.

He stepped up on the little stool with black rubber grippies, mounted her and grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked it back straining her neck. He was fully erect and she turned her head, as he pushed himself into her, so he could see the agony and passion bulging from her eyes. He let go of her hair and grabbed her throat with his hand pressing up into her jawline as he slammed into her, wetting the tip of the middle finger of his free hand and running it around the circle of her puckered anus.

She squirmed as he continued rocking back and forth and her whole body jerked as his finger slid deep inside her. The whole table started to shake as he throttled her with his hips, then ripped the finger from inside her and gave her another hand print.

Her body convulsed and he thought he felt sobs rattling in her throat as he entered her anally stretching her like an opening umbrella as he buried himself in her. She flailed twisting her arms and begging with her eyes for him to stop. Charlie Singer obliged but only after he had exploded inside her. He then fell forward, loosening his grip on her throat and kissed her gently on the cheek.

He was still wondering what side of the plate Saad the Intern batted from as he grabbed his coat and hat. He may never know, but he was sure, Doctor Samson was about to find out.

Chapter 1 – Erin

My name is Erin, I’m 22 years old, with C cup breasts and light brown hair, plus a pretty good body, if I do say so myself. I’d just decided to call in sick to work today and head down to my local adult bookstore, I was just in that kind of mood and nothing at work was going to help me out, so I had to do something.

I walked in and the shop keeper smiled at me, like he always does when I come in. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m a woman, or just a customer, to be honest. I browsed for a while, picking out some toys that I could use in the back. The shop-keeper walked out the back to put the toys in a bag for me. Though they wouldn’t stay in the bag for long, the shop-keeper didn’t need to know that. While purchasing the toys, I got some tokens for the movies in the back stalls and headed there, toys and all. I could just imagine what the shop keeper was thinking I was doing right now, and it helped get me… excited, shall we say. Little did I know what the shop-keeper was really up to at that moment. Just like usual, I walked to the second-last stall in the hallway. The usual smell of sex permeated the air. It was mostly the smell of men’s cum, but that was fine since it was the kind of smell I liked.

After entering, careful to lock the door after myself, I double-checked that the barriers for the glory holes were still in place. Wouldn’t do to have anyone peeking in on me while I got down to business, much less anyone I know, which in a town this size was possible. While I did that, I noticed for the first time what looked like hooks next to the glory hole. Perhaps they were new? I didn’t stop to think about it anymore, I cracked open the packaging for the new toys I’d bought, a butt plug, some lube for it and a large dildo (with strap). I got started right away, not being able to wait a second longer. I lubed up the butt plug and slowly forced it in, moaning as its largest point slipped past my sphincter. It locked into place, not going anywhere anytime soon. As I put a token in the video player and it started playing some hardcore porn shot with a girl being ass fucked by some 10 inch fake porn star, I prepared my brand new dildo. I stopped for a second as my head started spinning out of control, putting a hand on the wall to steady myself. What was wrong with me? I tried to keep going, but every movement I made just made me more dizzy. As the two in the video climaxed, I feel to the ground. Just before I passed out, I saw the door open and a man I couldn’t identify walk in. I held my hand up for help, but he just stood there. In another second, all I saw was black.

Chapter 2 – Fred

Finally, I’d gotten it to work. The new drug that could knock people out just by touching a sensitive part of their body. Of course, that was difficult to do without them noticing, but I’d worked out the perfect solution, put it on something that they would put in a sensitive part. In this case, I’d put it on Erin’s butt plug and dildo, since I wasn’t sure which she’d use first. As it turns out, the butt plug, seeing it in her naked ass.

This had all gone perfectly to plan. She had come in, picked out the toys she wanted. She handed them to me, I went out the back to put them in a bag, but at the same time applied some of the drug to both toys. I would have done it before she came in, but I had no idea which ones she would buy, if she even bought any. Fortunately, she did, and I was able to get the drug on the toys without her noticing. As soon as she headed out to the booths, I closed the store and went into the office, watching the security cameras until I was sure she was going to be knocked out by the drug, namely once she’d put the butt plug in. I even managed to get a little pleasure out of that, but the best was yet to come, so I waited. I grabbed the master key for the booths and went out the back to… prepare her.

As I walked in, she held her hand out to me, before completely passing out. I knocked the dildo away, didn’t want to get any of the drug on me. I knew that she’d stay passed out for as long as I left the butt plug in her, so I wasn’t rushing. I took all her clothes off, standing back for a second to admire her and rub myself through the fabric of my pants. Now for the preparation. First, I grabbed the table I’d made for this very reason and put her on it, inside the booth. The booth was the perfect length, she fit in it with her ass pressing against one wall and her mouth against the other. Now I got the straps from my office. One went around her ass and pussy area and attached it right up against the double glory hole on one side of the booth. The other attached her mouth to the glory hole on the other side of the booth. As an extra measure, I put a ring on the inside of her teeth to stop her closing her mouth. Just for fun, I put some nipple clamps on her. Finally, I got two leather belts from the office and attached her body to the table, so she really couldn’t move anywhere.

I walked out and locked the door. I went into the other two booths to remove the glory hole covers and check that her ass, pussy and mouth all lined up, which they did perfectly. I decided to give her a taste of cum for when she woke up, to get her a bit excited. I went into the booth with her mouth at the glory hole, and not hesitating, I grabbed my cock out and stuck it through the hole, straight into her mouth. Face-fucking her, I knew that even once she was awake, there would be nothing she could do to escape it, from either side. I felt my climax growing, building up deep inside me before I exploded into her mouth. I made sure not to go straight down her throat but to leave some in her mouth, so she would taste it when she woke up. Then I went home, knowing she wouldn’t be doing anything overnight with the plug still in her.

The next morning, I came in an hour early to remove the butt plug, so she’d wake up in time for the customers to arrive. I checked on her, giving her tits a quick squeeze before I pulled the butt plug out from her ass. While I was there and had nothing to do, I decided to refresh the taste of cum in her mouth, since the one from last night might have dribbled out of her mouth or something. You can’t be too sure, right?

Chapter 3 — Erin

As I started waking up, I dreamed that there was a faceless cock face-fucking me. I couldn’t see anything, just blank, but there was a cock fucking my mouth. It exploded in my mouth, giving me a taste of fresh cum. As I drifted completely out of my dream state, I realised two things. 1, I could still taste that cum. That meant it wasn’t a dream. Ok, that’s fine, I probably just got drunk last night or something. The second thing was that I couldn’t move. At all. I was completely trapped. My hands were bound, my body was strapped to some kind of table, my head was attached to a wall, my mouth was being held open by some kind of ring and my butt was attached to… something. It seemed like a wall too, but I couldn’t be sure. Panic started to set in. I started thrashing about, trying my hardest to break free, but it was no good. I realised that I shouldn’t knock the table away, as I’d be hanging by my ass and head, attached to two walls, and while I’m no expert, I’m pretty sure that isn’t good for your body.

More things started coming back, some related, some not. I remembered coming into the adult store, then remembered walking back to the booths; putting the dildo in, then… nothing. I couldn’t remember anything past that. I calmed down, realising that there was no point panicking at this point. Because of the ring holding my mouth open, I couldn’t really talk properly, just gargle and moan. Out of curiosity, I stuck my tongue out to see if there was wall there, and there wasn’t. My forehead was resting against a wall, but it disappeared at my mouth. Suddenly I remembered the rest of last night. Passing out, and watching a man walk in, and not help me. It fell together slowly, like a jigsaw puzzle, until finally I worked out what was happening. I was still in the same room, just tied up, with my pussy and mouth pressed up against glory holes! I shuddered at the thought of what was going to happen later.

I woke up with a start. I must have dozed off, I’m not sure. Then I realised why I woke up. There was a cock sliding into my pussy! It fucked me with reckless abandon, until it blew inside me. I realised how few men would use condoms in this place, and how likely I was to get pregnant. I couldn’t handle that at the moment. My thoughts, however, were interrupted by a cock rudely shoving into my mouth. I would have screamed in protest, but it had already stopped me talking. It started face-fucking me slowly, in contrast to its entry. It wasn’t quite long enough to reach my throat, fortunately, but it still did a pretty good job. It shot off in my mouth, streams of hot, sticky cum going everywhere. For such a small cock, it was surprising what it could create. I tried to swallow it all, but I couldn’t do it. I admit, I’ve always somewhat loved giving blowjobs, but I wasn’t at all happy about my pussy being open too, that was something I wanted to keep somewhat special.

I lay there for about 10 minutes with the taste of the small guy’s cum in my mouth, before anything happened. I heard the door open to the booth with my mouth at its glory hole, then the door for the booth at my ass. I moaned inwardly, knowing what was about to happen. A cock went into my mouth, and a cock went into my pussy. They both stayed surprisingly in sync, thrusting in and out at the same speed and timing. Even at the end, they both exploded at nearly the same time, filling me with hot cum from both ends. Then they both pulled out and left. I heard another man enter the mouth booth. This guy didn’t last long at all, but at the end he pulled out of my mouth and shot all over my face. Unfortunately, from the angle he was at, that meant a couple of shots went straight up my nose, as well as into my eyes. I would have wiped it off, but then I couldn’t. You know, since my hands were tied up.

Soon after, another man entered into my pussy booth, and thrust straight in, building up speed and strength. Something I didn’t expect to happen suddenly occurred. I came. It was long, and strong, and it felt so good. As much as I didn’t want my pussy violated, I got caught in a moment of pure bliss and orgasm. The guy just kept fucking me, leading my orgasm on longer and longer until he finally blew inside me. I felt the sticky liquid fill me up, making the last bit of the orgasm that much more intense. I lay there, exhausted, feeling as though I’d done all I could possibly do today. The men visiting the store, however, had other ideas. I was fucked three more times, and gave four more blowjobs before the owner closed the store for his lunch break. I wondered who had tied me up in here. Was it a customer, and the owner had forgotten to check the booths before he left last night? Perhaps it was the owner himself? I vowed to myself that I would find out later. For the moment, however, I started to feel just how sore I was getting, then realised I’d still have to deal with the afternoon rush. Yet another groan there, just thinking about that. I lay there and waited for over an hour, until the store opened again.

Once the store opened again, a guy walked in and face-fucked me, hard. He was long too, so he went into my throat, making me gag and start choking before he pulled out again. When he came, he did it in long, thick streams straight down my throat, I didn’t even get a chance to taste it. I was again surprised that I was disappointed by that. I began to wonder how much I really wanted out of here. I decided that I still wanted to leave, since my pussy was free for use by anyone. Not just my pussy and mouth were available for use, as I soon discovered.

As I lay there, I estimated that it was nearing 4 PM, so almost everyone would be going home by now. It started to quieten down, thank god. Less blowjobs and fucking, so I started relaxing. Soon, someone entered my pussy booth, but he didn’t want my pussy. I felt a finger pushing lube in and around my ass. I gasped, realising my anal virginity was about to be broken. I’d used butt plugs and everything before, but never a real person. This guy pushed slowly at my ass. His cock felt like an unstoppable force to me, relentlessly pushing, harder and harder until he slid into my ass, assisted by the lube he’d put there. I thought he’d stop pushing in, but he just kept going, and going. This guy’s cock had to be at least 10 inches! I guess there are real people with cocks that big after all. It started to hurt, but I had no way of telling the guy, he just kept going until he literally couldn’t anymore. Then he started fucking.

Slowly and painfully, he pulled out and pushed back in again. I moaned every time, but he probably just thought that was because I liked it. I was in pain from how far he was going in, but I couldn’t do anything about it. My mouth was forced open, my ass pushed against the wall. There was nowhere I could go, so I just had to wait it out. I’d never had anything so long, or so big in my ass. I soon felt his dick pulsing, so I knew he was close. When he came, it was just like him pushing in at the start; it just kept coming. More and more cum filled me up. This guy was giving me a cum enema, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. As he finished cumming, I started. But he was pulling out, and without more stimulation my orgasm just died in its tracks. I was so disappointed, I couldn’t wait for that orgasm, they’re what got me through the day. When it wasn’t able to complete, I was so shattered. I wanted, for the first time that day, a guy to come and fuck me as hard as he could, just so I could cum. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened, soon after.

I guess the store closed, because everything went instantly calm. I heard some clanking behind me, then whirring, then felt two cocks pushing relentlessly into my pussy and ass. I realised they were not cocks, but machines with dildos attached. What the hell? I’d spent the whole day being fucked by guys and now machines? Suddenly a real cock shoved its way into my mouth. It was wide, really wide, and pretty long too. With the relentless machine fucking, plus the guy fucking my mouth, my orgasms were almost non-stop. The machines and the guy were triple penetrating me, something I never thought would happen. The guy sped up his pushing into my mouth, until he blew his load in me, coating the inside of my mouth with cum, shooting some down my throat and on my face. He withdrew, and I soon felt the machines gone too. My ass and pussy were gaping open, and I’m sure he was admiring his work. I felt a butt plug being pushed into me, the same one as last night. Again, I went woozy, then everything went black.

I woke up out the back of the store at 2AM. The dildo I had bought right at the start of this was strapped into me, and the butt plug was lying next to me, with a note on it, “If you ever want to do this again, come back to the same booth and put this butt plug in. I’ll know it’s you ;)

Stanley Montrieth III rushed into my office, “Oh my God, I did it. I actually did it. I shagged all these beauties in a pool on my own desert island!”

His curly, ginger hair was more unruly than usual and his face was flushed with excitement and exhilaration.

I knew, he’d been working on something exciting and it looked like he was ready to tell me at long last.

We’d been friends forever. Stanley was … well Stanley, an eccentric, mad scientist type. He had more money than was wise, and, was able to indulge some of his outlandish but brilliant ideas.

I couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm, even though, I had no idea what he was spouting on about.

“Ok. Explain.” I put my pen down, grinning back at him. Sex always grabbed my attention!

Stanley began his excited chatter and told me about his special wrist watch, “…and it has amazing dials, and, it transports you in time to other worlds, other dimensions, and, to places where your own erotic fantasies can come to life, to indulge and be indulged.”

He showed me this watch and fiddled with a few dials and slapped it on my wrist and suddenly, he was gone, his voice a distant echo!

I seemed to be floating and rushing somewhere fast. I heard whisperings of what sounded like, “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock” whooshing in my ears.

I could breathe and feel but things were rushing passed my eyes too quickly to make any sense and there were amazing colours of blue and white and red and yellow and pink and green and, then there was blackness …

I felt as if I had been in a deep sleep for a while. I opened my eyes and found I was kneeling on a wooden floor against a large, luxurious four poster bed.

My wrists were bound tight in front of me, anchored to a post by the headrest. I tested the bindings but was unable to undo them. The rope was fairly long and I sat on the bed taking in my surroundings, trying to make sense of it all.

It seemed to be a luxurious cabin, oak paneled with small leaded arch windows, an oak desk with a lamp, a log book of some kind, open, with an ink pot and quill. There was a wooden carved chair by the desk & another matching one that has a long black felt coat thrown on to it. It had shiny gold buttons and striped gold and black epaulettes on the shoulders.

I looked down at myself, my dress had changed too. I was now in a black short lacy negligee of sheer, light material with spaghetti straps on the shoulder, the front dipped down in a slight v, covering the matching little panties I was wearing. It certainly didn’t seem to leave much to the imagination!

I stood and tested the rope and was able to stretch its length a little. I moved out from the bed and peaked out of one of the nearby arch windows. The view was beautiful and hinted of a different world, a different time.

The sky was orange and yellow as the sun was setting, with the biggest moon reflecting over still calm waters and a smaller baby moon in front of it.

In the distance I saw lands and islands but they were just too far away to make out what they were.

It appeared the ship, if indeed a ship I was on, was anchored and stationary, possibly in a harbour or basin of some sort.

“Where is this place?” I wondered and looked at my bound wrists, “and what had I gotten myself into?”

A thought suddenly sprung to mind, “Had I quantum leaped here through time and space somehow?”

I moved back and lay on the bed trying to make sense of it all and eventually my eyes started to droop.

I must have fallen asleep again, for next, I was suddenly aware of being lifted and my arms being stretched out before me.

I opened my eyes to find I was knelt in the middle of the bed. The rope that bound both my wrists together had stretched my arms up at a 45 degree angle in front of a large mirror. Behind me was the most stunning and handsome man I had ever seen.

He was dark haired and tanned with an air of authority. His chest was naked and toned, with trained, hard muscles and a sprinkling of hair. He was wearing black tight trousers with a silver buckle and boots. “A handsome pirate, maybe,” were my first thoughts.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I saw fire and lust and a rawness that caught my breath before he tied a gag to my mouth, preventing me from voicing my burning questions.

My heart was racing and I watched him like a hawk trying to gauge what he had in mind and the mood he was in.

He spoke into my ear, his voice deep and soft. He nuzzled me, teased my senses, playing on the unknown quantity of my situation. His gentle breath was purposefully sensuous. It worked. My body responded and he knew it.

My breasts became swollen and my nipples pebbled into points. A warm flush invaded my sex causing my panties to dampen as my juices seeped into the material. My breath quickened and my heart raced.

“You seem to be an unexpected guest on my ship. Luckily my crew saw your potential for their Captain and bought you here for me. I have work to do first but, I can admire you from my desk”

He stared at me in the mirror locking on to my eyes and then he moved his hands to my breasts, cupping and kneading them.

“I can see you like that,” he whispered, and moved one hand between my kneeling legs spreading my thighs apart. He brushed at my panties before sliding a finger inside, testing my excitement and finger fucked gently. I groaned as my body ignited and gushed with appreciation.

He removed his finger, took it to his nostrils, breathed in deeply of my scent before licking and tasting his finger, smiling.

He looked at me bound there and looked pleased at how I displayed on the bed.

Then, he looked again, taking a moment to ponder and moved his hands to my neckline at the front and tugged down hard, ripping my negligee so it hung in tatters by my shoulder and waist. My breasts spilled out to his gaze.

“Better,” he murmured as he moved to his desk to work.

I pulled on the wrist rope but I was bound fast.

I thought of the Captain’s words, “…his crew found me…”

It must have been in my blackness after all those colours, and they must have bought me here and bound my wrists.

I looked at the Captain, through the mirror, working at his desk, busily writing in his log book. He had a stubborn curl in the middle of his forehead that seemed to refuse to be trained back. He was very handsome, with his rugged, chiselled features and green knowledgeable eyes.

Every now and then, he looked at me, lifting his finger with my scent on, to his nose, breathed in deeply, and tasted a little with his tongue. The flicking, licking action mesmerised me, teased my mind to erotic thoughts.

He finished what he was doing and leaned back in his chair eyeing me slowly, drinking in my slim, toned frame, my rounded breasts, free and loose to his gaze, my slim waist and womanly hips. My secrets barely covered by my sheer, see through attire, torn to my waist.

I blushed a little at his intense inspection and for the obvious excitement that built in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this man, I found him attractive and he knew it.

He smiled and moved to the bed, kneeling behind me. He forced my knees and feet further apart so his groin was against my bottom. My senses were on high alert. His hands began to explore my body. He kneaded my waist, my stomach, and he kissed my neck to my ear.

“Watch me,” he demanded, “Watch me enjoy you in the mirror”

His breath and tongue teased me, igniting my needs as a woman. He stroked my arms suggestively in front of me. He trailed his fingers from my bound, uplifted wrists, down to my shoulders, then down my sides to my outer thighs.

He slowly inched upwards, teasing and assessing my reaction. My body was on fire, a warm glow of sexual attraction flushed my skin. His actions caused the negligee to tease and graze sexily against my skin.

He cupped my breasts and a groan escaped my lips behind the gag. He pulled me into him tight, my back against his chest. His chest hairs brushed my soft skin and he kneaded and fondled more, slightly harder, slightly more urgent.

He enjoyed the reaction he was causing. Then his body bent forward a little and he placed his hands at my knees on the bed and began to drag them up my inner thighs, until he fanned either side my pussy, causing my negligee to rise with him. The material teased my sensitive skin again and revealed more of my body to his gaze.

His outer thumbs reached the crease of my thighs and he rested there a moment before massaging a little. The movements caused my panties to move tantalizingly over my inflamed womanhood. I ached and throbbed now for his attention.

I groaned in need and want. My eyes begged him for more in the mirror. He continued to kiss, nibble and lick my neck, my shoulders and my ears. He was driving me wild and feeding that need, a strong powerful need that intensified with each and every kiss and with each, and every fondle.

My panties were wet, soaked with feminine desire.

He produced some scissors and cut one side of the thin lacy string of the panties on my hip, causing it to fall and hang on the opposite leg. My red trimmed tuft revealed, my intimate lips were wet and oozed my interest in him. I was swollen, aching and throbbing with want.

He cut the remaining string and used the panties to wipe the juices from my pussy. I moaned and gyrated my hips at his touch. He indulged me for a moment and let me grind into his hand and my panties. My juices flowed freely, generously covering all of his hand and wetting my panties.

Using the same coated hand, he untied my gag, only to rub his thumb along my lips. I could smell and taste my arousal on him. He caressed and fondled the outside of my mouth with his thumb. He watched intently. He used his glazed thumb to slowly spread the juices , like lipstick, across my lips. He slid it inside my mouth, then out again and back in and on my tongue. It was the most sensual thing and I found myself holding my breath.

Then he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth and tasting me there, and I remembered to breathe again in little pants.

As he pulled away from the kiss, he slowly pushed my panties into my mouth so half were inside, resting on my tongue, the other half hanging on my lower lip and chin.

He moved away to put the scissors on his desk, and then inspected his work, walking around the bed.

He saw a sexually aroused female tied kneeling to his bed; arms out stretched in her binding; her breasts and hardened nipples hanging free; slightly reddened by his kneading and squeezing; her negligee hanging torn from her trim waist; nude from the waist down; her naked pussy, wet and hot from his expert teasing and her sodden panties hanging from her mouth. He smiled, pleased with the image before him.

He moved to the bed and took some pillows. He positioned them, just in front of my knees. Then he tunneled between them, his head, face up. His hair teased my inner thighs as he passed through, slowly, purposefully building my sexual tension. His journey ended next to my pussy.

His head rested on the pillows to ensure his comfort. He lay on his back looking up at me intimately and his breath teased my heated core.

He grabbed and kneaded my butt cheeks and then pulled my ass and my pussy towards his lips and tongue. He nuzzled and breathed in deeply, taking in my womanly scent of arousal.

He stilled and blew a little, to heighten my anticipation of what he was about to do. His breath rippled across my sex, ruffling and parting my short pubic curls.

I groaned and flooded with raw desire, lusting after him, as surely was, his very intention.

Then he licked me, and fed off me. He sucked in my labia, exploring my furrows with his tongue, kissing me in the most intimate of ways.

I gave myself to him, groaning, losing my control, and greedily wanting him.

I watched him in the mirror as he lapped me, turning me on even more, hardly recognizing the wanton creature that reflected back. The erotic sight of him between my legs was a powerful aphrodisiac.

He explored every crevice and every crease. He tasted, licked, sucked and softly nibbled at my sex. I circled my hips and ground into his face. He growled in satisfaction as my body openly responded to him.

I pushed harder as I felt his tongue on me, tasting my pleasure. His hands moved to open my lips to look inside me and he licked at the pink inner flesh. Then, he pressed his face into my vagina and began to tongue fuck. The feel of his hot tongue inside drove me to distraction and I began to whimper and grind my teeth on the panties in my mouth.

His thumb teased and circled my clitoris and I felt my orgasm building. His lips moved to my swollen bud and he flicked and circled it with his tongue.

He inserted two fingers into my pussy and fucked me slowly at first, then faster.

His other hand, fingers coated in my juices, teased my bottom and he probed, then penetrated into that special place.

He finger fucked my pussy, my bottom and sucked and licked my clitoris as I continued to watch him in the mirror, mesmerised. The sight of him there, between my legs was breath taking and exciting. The sensations on my body drove me crazy, building that primitive lust.

It was all too much to resist. My breath quickened, my body tensed and my release was sudden and powerful.

I shuddered throughout my body, groaned loudly, muffled by my panties still in my mouth.

I shook and trembled as wave after wave of ultimate pleasure enveloped me. My juices flooded and he drank the essence from my heated and sensitive core. He demanded, wanted, every last drop of my excitement.

My body jerked and spasmed over him, lost in the moment of ultimate pleasure. It drained me of strength, filled me with the wonder and glow of it all. And then eventually it subsided and I was left trembling and breathing deeply.

He kissed me there one last time, still feeling my tremors, and he moved from underneath me.

He lowered my arms, still bound and out stretched, on to the bed. My face lay sideways on the soft sheet, my bottom was in the air, presented to him.

He walked round behind me and massaged my bottom cheeks. He spread them to view my secrets. I felt him drizzle a little oil as he played with my inner valley and pussy. He pushed his fingers into both channels, filling me, feeling my walls, preparing me for his needs.

He moved to my head, and unbuckled his belt as I watched. He pushed his trousers down, releasing his impressive erection. It was big, hard and as beautiful as him.

He lifted my head by the hair. I rose up, eager to taste him and he pulled the panties out of my mouth slowly.

He placed my panties in to his own mouth and prodded them in place with his finger. He tasted me on them and my scent wafted up to his nostrils.

Then, he pushed his cock in my mouth and began fucking my head slowly.

We both groaned in pleasure as my tongue licked and tasted his hardness and the seeping precum on his crown.

He stilled my head and then ground and rolled round my mouth, exploring me with his shaft.

My tongue traced the ridges of his crown and I caved in my cheeks as I sucked on him. He fucked a little more, his fingers still gripping my hair, before pulling my head away, and lowering me back to the bed as before.

He moved behind me and I felt, his ardour as he pushed into my pussy in one thrust. He gripped my hips and guided the rhythm to his liking. This was his turn now, for his pleasure and not mine. He drove hard, fast and furious.

My tight walls spread along his shaft as he pushed to my cervix, making me gasp and moan in ecstasy at his possession.

He pushed in. He pulled out, and faster he fucked, growling and animalistic in his actions.

My panties still hung from his mouth, and then, just as suddenly, he stopped, breathing hard as he fought for control.

He reveled in the feel of my pussy on him, tightly fitting him, like a glove.

He withdrew, and then began again, this time claiming my bottom.

He pushed in and stretched me till his full length was buried in my body. He enjoyed the moment and then, let the raw need take him.

He fucked hard and fast again, his fingers gripped my hips, biting in to my flesh as his rhythm became more frantic.

He reached over me, gripped my hair with one hand, pulling me up to gain a deeper depth. The other gripped my shoulder and pulled me back. He fucked harder. Primal lust filled his mind and body.

My body rejoiced and was wanton at his claiming of me. Then as he started to reach his peak, he bent over me and palmed my breasts, groping and squeezing me.

My panties fell from his mouth and rested on my shoulder.

His teeth found my neck and clamped down, biting and marking me in his animal rawness.

My panties shifted and fell from my shoulder to the bed. In my excited state, the pain of the bite was dulled at my neck. I felt him stiffen in his release.

His seed rushed my anal channel. The breath from his nostrils was exhilarating and empowering on my neck. He growled and shuddered and trembled as his powerful orgasm rocked his body.

He eventually released my neck still growling, his marking and claiming complete.

We stilled in the moment and enjoyed the wild raw moments that had passed between us. We enjoyed the satisfied afterglow that surrounded and clouded us.

Our harsh breathing and racing hearts started to slow down and return to normal. Our bodies hummed and calmed after such fulfillment.

He withdrew from me and moved to his desk, picking something up before returning to me.

He untied my wrists and placed the dialed watch on me.

He turned some dials and whispered in my ear, “Come back to me soon”

And then I was in the tunnel of colours and the whooshing “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock”… sound.

In next to no time, or so it seemed, Stanley was stood in front of me grinning. My clothes were back to normal and I was sat at my desk as before..

“Well,” He asked, “Did you meet him? He came to find me you know, at the pool, he told me to get you for him.”

I look at him confused, “What?” I leaned forward, placing my arms on the desk top.

My eyes were suddenly diverted by the red bind marks on my wrists and then as my gaze returned to Stanley, they passed over a mirrored photo frame on my desk, and I saw the bite mark on my neck.

“The Captain, He’s been looking for you!”…


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