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Author’s note

This is a story based on BtVS and takes place during Season 7 when Faith and Willow are over 18.


Faith’s POV

Here’s the thing… I’ve been in a lot of fucked up an awkward situations before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it worse than this. Sure, I can think of plenty times I’ve felt just as shitty, but nothing shitter. I mean, the last few years has been all about the self-loathing, but there’s a difference between bein’ locked up with a couple of hundred strangers ya ain’t done nothin’ too and being trapped in a car for a couple of hours with a chick ya held at knifepoint, beat on and tried to kill. Her and her friends. Friends which were sort of mine too, I guess, but… point is, it’s not exactly surprising we haven’t talked.

Probably should have stuck with Angel. He’s the only one who’s ever really been there for me, and yeah, I just helped him get back his soul and all, but that doesn’t begin to say thanks, or sorry, and from the looks of things he could use my help just as much if not more than B. But sounds like what’s going down on the Hellmouth is Slayer business, what with that town’s latest Big Bad trying to wipe out our line and shit, so I really should deal with that before I get any more nut jobs coming at me with a knife. Besides, if I’m going to try for redemption I should find a way to make it up to B and co.

So here I am, sweating like a fuckin’ pig in a cheap ass car with a busted air-conditioner driving through a desert without a fuckin’ cloud in the sky, sitting next to B’s best buddy Willow Rosenberg, a chick I’ve never really gotten on with and who’s now powerful enough to end me with a thought. Not that she looks like much, or like anythings really changed, but whatever. I heard something else about her which, the more I think about it, could be an interesting way to make amends with her and be a cure for the painful boredom I’ve been feelin’. And scratch a special low down itch I’ve had for a while.

Maybe in some other life I keep my trap shut, but in this one I casually murmured, “So Will, yer a dyke now.”

Red glanced at me, but said nothin’.

“Ya know, I’d have probably lost it in the joint if it wasn’t for the pussy.” I continued, “And I had plenty of it. I mean, look at me. When word spread I liked pussy I had em linin’ up. Cunt after cunt, day after day, til I barely missed dick anymore. ‘Cos, it helped there was the rubber kind available… and I always did prefer bein’ ass fucked by a chick.”

Willow, who had been lookin’ predictably embarrassed and more than a little turned on, got a almost comical look of shock on her face and finally looked at me, “You’re a bottom.”

“Hell yeah.” I confirmed, smiling in amusement, “Haven’t ya heard me raving about how much I love gettin’ fucked?”

“Well yeah, but you never mentioned girls… not that we’ve ever exactly hung out much.” Will pointed out.

“Fair point.” I shrugged, itchin’ for a smoke as I let the words hang for a sec before asking, “How ’bout ya?”

“Huh?” Red mumbled, having turned back to the road and become lost in thought ages ago.

“Top or bottom?” I asked.

She blushed, then surprised me, “Oh, I’m… I’m a top.”

“Really?” I questioned, unable to resist a laugh which made her cringe. I kind of felt bad about that so I added somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, I just… don’t see it.”

“Neither did Kennedy.” Will grumbled, again mentioning the girl apparently she’d recently dated for a couple of weeks. I didn’t exactly want to get into that breakup, but I was going to try and say somethin’ encouraging until she murmured, “You know, I always wondered what it would be like to, you know… do a girl in the butt.”

Her expression was more casual dreamer than saucy temptress so I’m guessing she hadn’t figured out I was hittin’ on her yet. Means I need to be a little more in-her-face with my intentions, which normally wasn’t my problem, but I guess there really is a first time for everythin’.

So in my best suggestive tone I offered, “Ya wanna find out?”

Surprisin’ me again Red didn’t immediately freak out, which might mean she was more clued into my intentions then I realised. Further proving this she eventually mumbled almost casually, “We need to get back to Sunnydale.”

As there was very little conviction in her tone I pushed, “Come on Will, help me out here. I’ve gone from a pussy paradise to cold turkey, and I really need somethin’ to take the edge off. Otherwise I’m going to be hittin’ on all those teens fillin’ up Casa de Summers, just lookin’ for my next fix.”

Bitin’ her lip to let me know I had her on the hook Will eventually said, “There’s no where we could really stop.”

I shrugged, “Backseat looks roomie. And it’s not like there’s a lot of people around to bother us.”

Will scoffed, “So what, you want me to just pull over?”

Smiling seductively at her I purred, “Come on Will, live a little. I ain’t askin’ for a long-term thing, just some quick no strings fun. What’da ya say?”

There’s a long silence, then I smile wide enough to light up a football pitch as Red begins slowin’ down, pulls the car to the side of the road and parks in the middle of nowhere. The urge to tease her is almost overwhelmin’ but I keep my trap shut as I don’t want to lose the chance to fuck, even if it is only Willow Rosenberg. That said, even though I’ve never given her a second look, she is kind of cute. And when she stops the car, fuck, she gives me this stern look which is actually really hot.

“You don’t mention this to anyone.” She practically snapped.

“Sure.” I shrugged.

“No not, ‘sure’. Yes or no.” She said firmly.

Stern Willow. Huh, I kind of liked it.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied with a smile.

“And you do whatever I say, when I say it.” Red ordered, and then when I gave her a look she added, “No offence, but I don’t exactly trust you yet.”

“I get that.” I said, and then when she gave me a look I added, “Oh, yeah. Yes. I’ll do whatever you want.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then opened her door and ordered, “Get out of the car.”

Doin’ what I was told I opened my door, stepped out and closed it behind me. Then I walked around to Willow’s side, unable to keep the grin off my face or the cocky swagger from my steps. I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but Will had left plenty of room between us and the road and I was hoping to get in a little kissin’ before we retired to the backseat, and this way we might make some lonely trucker’s day if he was lucky enough to pass by when two smokin’ hotties were tongue wrestlin’ by the roadside.

Will didn’t look too amused though, “I didn’t tell you to come around here.”

Frowning I murmured, “What’s the big deal?”

For a moment Red looked unsure of herself, then she looked kind of angry, “Fine, have it your way… turn around!”

Again I frowned but obliged, giving her a little spin so she could check out the goods.

“No, no, no… I meant…” Willow whined, before seemingly catching how unsexy she was soundin’ and changing her tone to one of unflustered firmness, “I want you to turn so your back is facing me.”

“Ohhhh.” I grinned, quickly turning and lifting up my jacket before giving my denim clad ass a shake, “I get it now… you wanna see the money maker.”

“Money maker?” Willow repeated with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah.” I grinned, “Never got cash for it, but you’d be surprised what a slutty ass will get ya in prison.”

“I bet.” Will said casually, slowly walking forward.

“Seriously.” I bragged, “Toilet roll, candy bars, magazines and all the smokes I could ever want. If there had been better food, and regular TV, it would have been paradise.”

“Sounds like you really suffered.” Willow said dryly.

“Yeah, well… it wasn’t exactly a picnic…” I murmured, feelin’ a little guilty that I hadn’t had it worse. Then I let out an embarrassingly girly gasp as Will grabbed my ass, a smile crossin’ my face as she began groping my butt, “Could have been worse though.”

Willow wasn’t quick to reply as she was clearly enjoyin’ herself, but eventually she asked, “Did you charge for pussy lickings?”

“Of course.” I said, finding the idea absurd, then knowing how that sounded quickly added, “But not much. Nothing in prison was free. Well, nothing good anyways, and my ass was the best thing in there.”

I could practically feel Red smile, “Was there a poll?”

“Na, but it was popular opinion.” I grinned, “My tongue was a close second, followed by my pussy, and then my tits.”

“What will they do without you?” Red scoffed.

“That’s what I’ve AAAAAAHHHHH!” I cried out, more out of shock than pain.

As if wary of my reaction Will immediately went back to caressing the cheek she just hit, quickly massaging away the pain in my ass she casually asked, “Did you ever charge for a spanking?”

Fuck me, I thought as I looked over my shoulder, wanting to confirm it was still really nerdy little Willow behind me. It was, and she didn’t look possessed or nothin’, given she looked nervous as all hell but was trying and failing to hide it.

It was kind of endearin’, so much so I relaxed and grinned, “Yar blonde Witch or Wolf boy into some hard-core BDSM shit Will?”

She blushed, “No, I never… I haven’t done anything like this before. But I’ve always wanted too.”

I nodded, “And I was a bitch to ya.”

Will was nice enough to open her mouth as if she was going to argue, but clearly she wasn’t about to lie so she closed it again, which led me to a decision I may regret. Namely slowly walking to the car, taking off my jacket and wigglin’ my ass as I went, then I opened the door, tossed the jacket inside and then lay across the back seat so my ass was hangin’ out.

“Ok Red, come punish me for being a bad girl.” I challenged, unable to resist the urge to laugh as I shook my ass.

I mean, the idea of mousy little Willow Rosenberg as a top was funny, the idea of her being a Dom was downright hilarious, but fuck it, I wanna be fucked and I’m willing to do whatever to get it.

While Will wasn’t exactly quick off the mark she did eventually kneel behind me and then murmured, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Confused I frowned, “Huh?”

“About whether you charge for a spanking?” She reminded me.

“Oh.” I murmured in recollection, “No, I’ve never been spanked before.”

“Really?” Willow murmured, soundin’ surprised.

I shrugged, “A couple asked, mostly guys, but I was never into it so it never happened. So… I guess you’ll be takin’ my cherry.”

“I guess.” Will mumbled.

“You guess? Damn Will, it’s a fucking honour.” I teased, again wigglin’ my ass, “Come on Red, pop my cherry. I’ve been so, so bad. I’ve AAAAAHHHHH SHIT! AAAAAHHHHH FUCK! AAAAAHHHHH MOTHER FUCKER!”

Quickly proving that earlier smack wasn’t a one-off Willow gave me a couple of hard strikes in a row which made me forget all about teasing and had me quickly shutting my mouth. Mostly because I didn’t like how easy the redhead made me cry out considering I’m a fuckin’ Slayer and this really is nothing compared to most of the shit I’ve gone through. And really, I was just taken offguard is all, wasn’t expecting mousy little Willow to have such a stiff right hand.

Then again maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought, Will soon toning things down so it barely hurt. So much so I questioned my own memory, and was on the verge of callin’ it a fuckin’ liar until she hit me hard again, the sound of the spank and my surprised cry echoing throughout the wide empty space. That pissed me off, especially as I could practically taste her grin, the vision of me turning the tables flashing quickly in my head. Then I figured fuck it, it wasn’t like I didn’t deserve this shit, and it was actually pretty cool to submit to someone weaker than you.

‘Cos, that was always the case for me, but this was different to anything I’d ever done before, which was kind of thrillin’ now I was actually taking it. I just had to be a little less… pathetic is all. I mean, I have a reputation to uphold, and while I’m sure Will won’t be in a hurry to tell anyone about this, especially not prissy little Buffy Summers, but it’s the principle of the thin’ or some shit.

Not that I was aimin’ for total silence, although I could do that if I really wanted, but that would probably put Willow off. Maybe. The girl was having a hell of a time squeezing little cries, grunts and grimaces from me. I didn’t even have to look back to tell, although when I did it only confirmed what had practically been in the air, that the redhead was like a kid in a candy store.

Then a car drove past and she got cold feet, “Maybe we should, you know, swap over to the other side? Or find somewhere more private?”

I smirked, “I thought ya wanted to get back to B nice and quick like?”

“I do, but…” She trailed off, sounding like she wanted to be talked into it. Or at least that’s how I chose to take it.

“Come on, live a little.” I pushed, before teasing her, “Or you could quit pretending to be a top and just let me eat ya out. I mean, who are you foolin’?”

“I am a top.” Will said indignantly.

“Then quit with all the namby-pamby bull-shit and spank me.” I challenged cockily, trying to sound as arrogant as possible as I added, “Come on Will, give me all ya got.”

There was a long pause during which I almost added somethin’, then Willow gripped onto the waistband of my jeans and thong, squeezing her thumbs in between my flesh and the fabric in the process, then the redhead practically growled, “In that case, I think this should be a bare bottom spanking.”

She then pulled my jeans and thong down to my knees in one swift motion, my body tensing as some kind of reflex or some shit, thus leading her to add, “Don’t you agree? You have been really naughty after all. Doing things without permission. Being cheeky. Seducing me. And… the rest.”

She sounded unsure at first, but then more and more confident. And angry. It almost made me think twice about nonchalantly replying, “Go for it Red. I can take anythin’ ya can give.”

It was my normal sexy bravado, mostly. Not that I gave a shit about havin’ my naked ass hangin’ out of a car in a public place. Hell, I’d screwed in way more public places than this. But I remembered those first couple of spanks, and I was slightly worried that meek little mouse Willow Rosenberg was goin’ to give me more than I bargained for. Maybe even embarrass me.

When it comes to sex I don’t get embarrassed. I’m a shameless slut and proud of it. But I’m a Slayer, that means however much a bottom I am doesn’t change the fact that I’m the toughest bitch ya’ll ever meet, and nothin’ fuckin’ gets the better of me. And when it does, it’s embarrassing, and fuck me if Willow hasn’t got the best of me right now.

Turns out I was right to be worried because after a brief adjustment period in which Will’s playful-ish stinging strikes start pickin’ up steam the redhead starts beatin’ my butt with a vengeance and just when I think she’s using all her strength the spanks get harder. And harder, and harder, and harder, my firm yet well rounded cheeks jiggling with every blow and ya can probably hear the sound of her hand smackin’ off my ass all the way in fuckin’ Sunnydale. And LA.

Ya’d probably hear my squeals of pain too if I wasn’t grippin’ onto the leather seats so hard I almost ripped them and grindin’ my teeth so tied together I’m surprised any sound gets out. But it does… grunts, squeals, cries and even screams, all making me feel somethin’ I so rarely feel. No, not embarrassment, this is downright humiliation. And I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it. I don’t know why exactly, some combination of being put in this position by Willow Rosenberg, of havin’ her of all people publicly spanking me, of havin’ a fuckin’ nerdy pipsqueak I never gave a second look beat my ass till I feel like my cheeks are being attacked with a hot-poker is causing every strike to make my horny fuck hole juice.

Then suddenly it’s over and I’m left there panting in the desert air, Will just staring at my ass which feels like it’s redder than her hair it aches so much. Then I’m dully aware of her moving around, my entire system taken the back from what I’ve just gone through. All I know is Will must’ve had her own strap-on as when I eventually looked up I saw her removing her own jeans and then pulling a harness up her thighs, and my own newly acquired strap-on was still lying in my bag with a few other essentials.

I grinned at this new information, then try to move… but thought better of it when that made my ass ache worse. Not that I had much of a chance as Willow appeared behind me rubbin’ some lube into her dildo before sharply ordering, “Don’t move Faith!”

Shootin’ her a look over my shoulder I offered playfully, “What? Don’t ya want a pussy lickin’ first? Or a blow job?”

“Maybe later.” Willow said noncommittally.

I was about to remind her I don’t do ‘laters’ or ‘next times’ when she pulled apart my ass cheeks and stuck her tongue in my ass. Like, literally tried to fuckin’ get it in there, a couple of licks the only prelude I got to her tryin’ to ram her tongue up my ass. Not that I was complaining. Fuck no, this was exactly the kind of action I’d been itchin’ for. And, in another surprising turn of events, it was a pretty good rimming. Not the best I’d had, Will was kind of a messy eater, but not bad.

I’d had worse, mostly from beginners, which after awhile I decided was exactly what Willow was. She was just a little too eager, buried her face deep in between my cheeks, but not deep enough, and her tongue was just a little too sloppy to be an expert’s touch. But after awhile that didn’t matter. Then, whether she got better or I just got more desperate for some real action, I couldn’t tell the difference. Not when that skilled fuckin’ tongue had been rimmin’ me for what feels like hours, turning me into a fuckin’ bitch in heat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rim job, and this was the type of skilled rimmin’ which could even make my knees go weak. But even though it feels like I’m pretty close right now I ain’t ever cum from just an ass lickin’. For a moment I thought maybe this would be a first when I briefly felt a finger being shoved up my ass, and then again when it was replaced by that skilled tongue which got deeper into my tight Slayer ass then any time before it, but still I was denied.

Grittin’ my teeth in frustration I grounded against the edge of the car seat, the soft fabric against my clit promising me the climax I’d been desperate for. But I couldn’t do it. Not when I’ve been waitin’ all this time to get my Slayer ass filled with a big strap-on dick, my horny shitter practically beggin’ for it.

Making that a reality I finally grown through gritted teeth, “Please Will, fuck me.”

Slowly I felt that tongue leave my ass and then heard Red ask me, “Fuck you where Faith?”

“In my ass! Fuck me in my ass!” I growled in frustration, not caring what I had to say to get what I wanted, “Fuck me in the ass with that big fuckin’ dildo! Come on Red, shove that big fuckin’ thing in my fuckin’ ass! Give it to me hard and deep!”

“Then do me a favour, and spread your cheeks for me.” Willow ordered, lettin’ go of my cheeks so I could do as asked.

Which I did without hesitation, my hands brushing against hers I moved so fast to pull apart my own ass cheeks and expose the little hole I so desperately wanted fucked. ‘Cos below it was a hole beggin’ to be fucked just as much if not more than my ass hole, but while a pussy fuckin’ would get me off nothin’ makes me cum like a nice hard butt poundin’.

That’s why when I finally feel the big head of the dick entering my tight little ass I let out a cry of joy, quickly followed by a scream as Will followed that up with a hard slam forwards, sending the first few inches of the dildo deep into my shit locker.

I had seen one of Premier Inn’s periodic giveaway offers and booked three of four up a few months ago. I booked two Thursday evenings after your work, one Thursday during the day and a Monday night. The 3rd October was the first Thursday and wow was it a good one!!!

We weren’t going to have that much time as you’d probably be getting there about 7.45 and we’d have to go about 9.15, but we did cram a lot in…..

So I check in and wait for you to get there – I go back downstairs and as always I pin you to the wall of the lift as we go up to our room. We come together like North and South poles of a magnet kissing deeply immediately, clothes coming off very quickly and I sit or rather sprawl in the armchair. You take a little lube onto your hand and start to wank me in that leisurely, hugely sexual way you always do – I tell you to suck me but you make me wait a little, enjoying the feel of my big hard cock in your palm. It is almost hypnotic the way you do it, then you do sink to your knees and take me into your warm, wet, sucking mouth and you start to suck me as you pump my shaft up and down in that deliciously leisurely way again.

You sit right back on your heels as you suck so you can look up and I can see your beautiful face as you do so. You push my foreskin all the way down with your lips as you suck me in deep. You build up a wonderful sucking rhythm using your hand as well – you pull my cock back toward you a little, and look up at me as you suck – your eyes are fixed on mine, your mouth full of my hard curved cock – but actually it’s not mine but yours now and as you suck me you know that deep in your heart. You are sucking me the way you do when you want me to fill your mouth with my seed but I want to fuck you very hard.

I tell you to lie on the bed and as I put a couple of pillows under your beautiful bottom you know what I am about to do. I place a pillow on the floor and start to lick your pussy – I push my tongue into your pussy, lick your clitoris a little and reach for the lube. You shiver cos you know what I am about to do. I take some lube onto my finger and rub it gently onto your arsehole, just getting it nice and lubricated but without applying any inward pressure. I start to lick your arsehole in long flat strokes, while at the same time my hands are very busy – one is fingering your clitty, the other squeezing your beautiful plump belly. I increase the pressure on your arsehole and start to press inwards with my tongue. You start to moan as my tongue presses in deeper, up to a good centimetre – I move my fingers from your clit and push one finger quite deep inside your arse. I move it round and round in little circles – you grip me tightly but I feel you relax a little – I resume tongue-fucking your arsehole again, this time deeper and more insistent.

My cock is like an iron bar by now and I stand up. You move your luscious plump bottom nearer to the edge of the bed and spread your thighs wide wide open. I pour lube on my cockhead and shaft and get it good and covered.

I nudge my cock to the entrance to your arse and nudge in just a half a centimetre or so – I rock back and forth pushing gently – I nudge the head in and pause – you catch your breath and I just hold it steady a few moments – I feel your arse relax some more and I press a little further in – you moan loudly – not in pain but as I start to fill your back passage with my hot thick manhood. Are you ready I whisper – you moan a quiet yes and I gently press all the way in. Your arse is now full of my hard curved cock.

You gasp as I take hold of your thighs and start to arse-fuck you gently. My knees are on the edge if the mattress and I start to build up a rhythm – I am slipping on the carpet though and adjust my position. I keep slipping so tell you to move further onto the bed and turn onto all 4s. I grasp the head of my cock and push right into your arse in one deep hard movement. You gasp and I start to pound you hard, really hard. I take hold of your hair in one hand and pull your head back firmly. I slap your fat bottom hard as I pull your hair and start to fuck you really hard.

I know I am going to cum in your arse – can feel the tingling and tightening in my balls and along my shaft-. I pick up speed till I am slamming into you just as hard as I when I fuck your pussy. You can sense I am getting near and as I start to moan so do you – I feel my seed boil and I explode inside your beautiful fat bottom – massive shudders as I fill you very deeply. After I cum you lie prone and I stay inside you, my cock still hard, your arse full of cock and cum. It takes me ages to calm down and I lie in you and envelop you – I learn later my cum stayed inside your arse till the small hours.

It was seeing Tony that really made me feel embarrassed. To be honest I had hardly met some of the others before. Gavin had been to the same school as the rest of us but he was several years older. Clive had actually been in my class but was generally seen as a bit of a swot, a sort of ‘teachers pet’ if you like. He wasn’t as physically handsome as the others. It was like he had more brains than brawn.

As for Jason though, well, he was a just a rough biker in his late twenties. He may have been at our school but he would have been too many years ahead of me to remember. I now know he had lots of burley biker friends too but that is another story. Remind me and I’ll recount it another time.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see the first part of this story [Moon Probed at Hen Party] the rest in the room were all hen party girls, mostly ex-classmates. The one exception to that was Brenda, of course. She was, so far as outward appearances go, just another girl. She had got this last-minute invite rather hurriedly owing certain developments. To get the fine details please read that story. I think all I need say here is that both of us were in the nude as the guys walked in and Brenda was on top.

Actually they were mostly boyfriends who had come to drive the girls home. It was my first job from school. I had been told by the hotel manager the party had to end at might-night but with what had just happened that wasn’t exactly on anyone else’s mind. The older guys, with a bit more worldly experience of these things, were soon well up for it. Yea, I mean that kind of literally too but poor Tony looked even more embarrassed than I was.

It had been far too late but I had managed to cover myself a bit with my jeans which had been lying on the floor nearby. I was torn between emotions really about what might happen next. You see I was now surrounded by big guys and the girls who were all half drunk and half (or more than half) naked were giggling together like crazy.

“Come on you two.” said Sally to tease Gavin and Jason. ” Don’t be bashful now. It’s ‘kit off’ time in here, can’t you see?”

“Yea. Best way to end a hen party. Let’s have a male beauty contest for a change and let’s see them all nice and nude.”

“Hey hang on Sheila, Gavin’s my boy and he does as I say don’t you” Suzy said then, staggering a bit, added. “Oh go on then let’s all have a good fuck up.”

“I vote we let our boys get on with it, eh girls?” It was obvious that Sally’s motion was immediately carried by all the others. There was a huge roar of “Yea!” They were clapping and cheering. “Come on get em off guys.”

The guys were already displaying big bulges in their jeans. Their girlfriends soon had most of them down to their underpants. Now the bulges were truly massive and I was getting to feel hellishly horny.

Tony had come to stand beside me. I felt comforted by him; he had been a good friend at school; we had larked about together, got into trouble many times but there was a great sense of loyalty between us. So while excitement was mounting among the others he suddenly turned to me. I thought he was going to whisper something in my ear but instead he simply pulled away the jeans that had been covering my bare bum. Of course he had not only seen me before when they took the pics but I knew he’d seen the she-male Brenda pull out of me just as they all walked in.

As he surveyed my bare bottom he looked a bit guilty, as if he was sneaking a peep before anyone else. But when he tenderly patted my bum cheeks I just got this huge feeling for him. He had always been the leader between the two of us, but this a bit the same but somehow different.

“Hey guys, I think we know this bum here don’t we? Yea this is the one that’s been doing the rounds. Oh yea look. Oh fuck this is it!” Gavin shouted out on recognising my bare bottom from the pics. He had been wearing a tight T-shirt which kind of showed this guy was no small man. This he suddenly and furiously ripped off, screwed it up in his big right hand and flung it aggressively on the floor. Then in a more measured and deliberate way he began to undo his belt but aware that all the girls were watching he hesitated just enough to loose the initiative.

“No Carl, I’m going to do you first, right? There’s no way your losing your virginity to that lot. Not if I’m around. No way!” Tony emphasised as he quickly stripped off his T-shirt and pulled his pants down.

“OK Tony but I’m fucking doing him next right is that clearly understood, right?” in giving way to Tony Gavin had also to give vent to his testosterone fuelled temper.

“Look here mate; you’re in no fucking position to give orders to anyone now are you, eh?” growled Jason, towering his broad shoulders over Gavin. The depth and power of his voice as well as his physique was enough to make his point. At the same moment Sheila, who was Tony’s girl was trying to persuade him to put on one of Brenda’s rubbers.

“They’re no fucking use to us, far too small, we can’t be wearing chicks rubbers. Here this is good man sized one, it’ll do for all of us. And you can listen up Gavin yea? If I do decide to let you fuck him before me it’ll be just because I need to go last to show you all how it’s fucking done properly; right get it?”

“Did you hear that? Them all trying to use one condom: that’s fucking ridiculous. Men; I ask you” Sheila protested ringing her hands hopelessly. “And anyway what about Clive, he is still around isn’t he”. Some of the other girls pushed him forward from somewhere where I guess he may have been trying to hide himself.

“Tony do you really want to? You don’t have to you know.” I asked him urgently as he came down near me. I was completely naked and lying on my side. Tony was grabbing my knees and pushing them forwards.

“You are joking aren’t you.” he replied smiling as he knelt beside me and went about positioning me as he wanted. I felt so exposed like that, knowing all the other guys and girls would be looking at my ass cunt. “Carl listen I’m telling you; ever since I saw your fabulous bum that day I’ve been dreaming about fucking you. Do I want to? Yes you bet I fucking do.”.

“Come on get on with it. Can’t you see that ass-hole needs a fucking good stuffing.” shouted Jason who was standing just in his underpants with arms folded over his muscle bound chest. His huge erection had pushed forward the elastic so much some of the girls were peering down and getting a view of the real thing.

It had all happened so suddenly in such a short time. All my attention was fixed on Tony. I had never seen him in the nude before or even with his shirt off. He was still so youthful with his big bare shoulders, bulging biceps and perfect fit looking pectorals; I could only gaze at him with utter admiration. He had been my best friend for all these years and I never realised his young body was so fabulous. But his cock! I was hypnotised by the sight of it; I was swooning for him. The most intimate, precious and sexy part of his body was there right in front of my face. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as his beautiful pink knob drew closer. I got this feeling of wanting him inside me

Tony gently put his hand on my head and guided me forwards. I took his cock in my mouth. I was beyond thinking about what I was doing. I was oblivious to being the centre of attraction. All the girls were watching us excitedly. Tony was luscious; he was so hard and rigid. I never imagined a guy’s dick could get that stiff. But as I sucked and worked my tongue around his perfect knob I became aware of the effect it was having on him. He started groaning then gasping and I began to taste his precum; at least that is now what I realise it must have been.

Suddenly Tony pulled away from me as if trying to keep control. He quickly put on the Jason’s rubber and threw himself down behind me. Several of the girls were around my bum now as he positioned himself to penetrate me. We were both on our sides to begin with and I think Sheila was trying to dribble her saliva down into my ass crack. First I felt her finger but it was then Tony’s dick. Oh man! there was something so definite, so determined about the way he probed my ass hole. Compared with Brenda’s petulance Tony was in full control of affairs. Immediately I felt my sphincter being challenged. It was in such a way that I could do absolutely nothing but yield to his manhood. I wanted the whole length of his lovely strong dick right up my bum-hole.

Sheila was assisting her boyfriend and of all the girls had the best view of the moment Tony really penetrated my cherry, forced open my rim and drove his fabulous rigid fuck-pole straight down into the depths of my bottom. Oh the joy as I realised again it was Tony. He was right up inside me now. I wished there was no rubber. I wanted feel the skin of his raw cock forcing itself in and up against the inside of my anal canal. But this stage of things was soon cut short.

“Come on let’s get him on his back”. Tony’s voice had a sense of urgency. Until now he had been thrusting into me from behind. Perhaps it was out of some shyness that he couldn’t quite confront me when he began to fuck my ass. But now I was on my back with Suzy and Sally holding my legs up. I had no say in any of this, I was quite helpless now. The other guys were all looking on. It was a very special moment for me when Tony looked me straight in the eyes. My school friend whose body was a perfection of fitness and masculinity smiled gently as he positioned his knob teasingly on my cherry.

“Oh look Tony he’s gaping. He really does want it doesn’t he?” said Sheila turning to the others. I must have been wide open as all I felt this time was a fullness and warmth swelling inside my innermost sphincter. It had been good enough feeling him come up me from behind but now to be taking in his huge cock as he gazed into my eyes, I just wanted every bit of his sexy nude body. I began kissing Tony’s arms and any part of his body in reach. I didn’t care what anyone thought or would say I just wanted to love him for what he was doing to me.

All the same, for me this was a new sort of Tony. He was not only right up inside me, he had penetrated the most private parts of my body. These were places no other person ever saw. OK I may have flouted my bum a bit and even fantasised things but this was the real thing. This strong guy Tony had always taken the decisions, decided what we would do and lead the way. The most intimate part of his body was now physically deep in amongst my innermost genitals. His cock felt so firm in my bottom, it was like all his firm muscles and strength of character were far up my bottom. Tony was dominating me sexually and all I wanted then was for him to fuck me more and more.

He had started working his cock in and out of my bum hole and as he gradually increasing the pace, I felt overpowered and in awe of his sheer bodily strength. Each time he drove down into me I got this huge thrill tingling deep inside. My excitement was going sort of ‘off the scale’.

All the time Sally and Sheila were teasing my nipples. My whole chest area around them got super-sensitive. It was like I felt I had breasts and it was making me mad for Tony to fuck me. I wanted his cum; I really wanted it like hell. His rigid ram-rod was reaching every recess of my rectum. He had total control of me now, it was like he was feminising me utterly.

“Oh cum into me Tony please.” I pleaded as he quickened the pace of his shafting. “Fuck me, Fuck me!” I shouted as some huge internal orgasm seized me. All I could do was throw my head from side to side. Suddenly Tony put his head down on my chest. His brown hair fell forwards onto my neck. As he began to suck on one of my nipples, he seemed to go completely wild. I felt his dick flicking inside me as he was overtaken by some massive climax. Oh how I wished he would shoot his cum up me. I wanted him, the real virile Tony so much. I wished I could feel his spunk spurting into my bum.

Tony kissed me really nicely as he withdrew. All the girls were clapping but then they gasped as Gavin removed the rubber from Tony’s dick. I took my chance to suck the last few drops of cum raw from his sagging ‘hose’. He was so sexy I could have gone on sucking this lovely guy and fondling his beautiful balls and bum for ever but there were others to consider.

“He’s no virgin any more now then.” said Jason in a very deep manly voice that suddenly grabbed all my attention. I should have been ashamed of myself to be seen as such a cum slut. But I hadn’t actually had any real cum pumped up me yet.

“He wasn’t a virgin anyway, didn’t you see?” piped up Brenda. She had been strangely silent in the face of all this masculinity.

“I’m sorry Brenda but that doesn’t really count. It’s men he needs and that’s was he’s fucking going to get.” It was Gavin now who spoke. He was preparing himself to do me next.

The other guys including Jason were all naked now and the girls lost no time in surveying at each other’s boyfriend’s genitals. It was indeed a sort of a male beauty show and believe me that, with the possible exception of Clive, they were a hulky bunch that few could refuse.

Gavin had just quietly slipped on Tony’s used rubber and dismissed comments from the girls; “Don’t listen to them they’re always fussing about something.”

I was standing by them being quite resigned to getting shafted by all the guys. I felt a bit ashamed of my cock as it was so much smaller than the others. Gavin was also well in the nude, sitting on an arm of the sofa. His cock stood up like some phallic flagpole and his ample pink scrotum dangled against the dark background of the sofa. These were the balls of a mature man. It was like; there was this ‘reservoir’ below and a powerful ‘cum-pump’ above all primed and ready to deliver.

Suddenly he grabbed hold of my naked body and pulled me down on him. Now Gavin was quite big so I felt a sharp pain as pushed my bum very firmly over his, shall we say, ‘injector-pump’. His hairy forearms were around my hips. He just felt so overwhelmingly strong.

I know what you’re thinking. This was all so soon after my fucking from Tony. How could I give myself to another man so easily? I suppose it was just that he had taken control. I think it was psychological as well as physical. Being about four years older than me I kind did what he said and anyway I was physically too feeble to resist. To be honest I don’t think there was ever a point when I even wanted to. Did I even try to clench my buttocks? I couldn’t as he had me in a sitting position and with my legs well forward so my cunt would have been well stretched. I was just loving the feeling of his big cock filling me inside. This older man had his ‘flagpole’ well up my bottom now. Basically it seemed like I belonged to him; he sort of seemed to own me.

I didn’t’ even know Gavin that well; I had heard the girls talk about him but to be in such intimate contact with some one who was almost a stranger; what was happening to me?

At once he started teasing me: “Ever ridden a horse? Eh? Well now’s your chance. Let’s try a jog-trot shall we?”. The girls giggled hysterically as they watched him bob me up and down like a baby. For me, I was loving the sensation of his mighty invading cock working my asshole. Then suddenly he rolled me back so I was on my back on the sofa; then he really started drilling me hard. Gavin was a rough strong man. He had been a rugby forward and when he fucked, he fucked really very hard. It noticed he was sweating profusely so I guess he wasn’t as fit and youthful as Tony but he wanted to show off. He wanted to impress the girls.

“Go on give it him. Let’s see you fuck his ass right up. Come on Gavin stuff his bum.” shouted Sheila. Two of the other girls had come forward and were licking and sucking my nipples. It seemed to affect Gavin as much as me as he went totally berserk letting great yells of ecstasy. Then I felt him orgasming strongly deep inside my rectum. I’m sorry to have to admit it but I wanted his cum too but alas the rubber held and eventually Gavin withdrew his sagging meat pole from my now swollen cherry.

Then came Jason or perhaps I should say ‘then cummed Jason’. Now he was not like the others. He was the typical biker. Covered in tattoos, there was oil still on his right arm from where he had been fixing an engine, just before coming. He hadn’t tried too hard to remove it nor had he shaved for a couple of days so his face was really rough and stubbly.

Judith, his big girlfriend, tried to point to the absurdity of putting on a condom half full of cum but he waived her aside as he gave me a big wink. His body language and the way he went about things was just as if he was about to fit a new piston or some thing like that. Actually when you saw the size of his cock it was a pretty fair comparison.

But Jason was big all round. To say he was strong would be too obvious a thing you wouldn’t even question it. Compared with any of the others he was about half as big again and that wasn’t fat. His thighs alone were huge and hairy and extremely powerful looking. You could call him the ‘Dominant Male’.

He got me on my hands and knees and made as if to do me ‘doggie-style’. But there was no way he could push straight into me like the others had done. But like other men I met later, his huge physical strength that of his character meant that Jason had no need to be impatient. He was man enough to be in full control, at least then and he knew I would need a bit of time. I could feel myself wanting him but I needed to dilate. Judith, his girl friend took control of matters. I mean she took charge of all things concerning my cherry. Other girls were helping her and working on me with their fingers, using lots of cream they were gradually stretching open my boy cunt. It took several minutes; they would work on me a bit then Jason would have another go. Each time I felt him getting further in. Then at a certain point, I knew he was about to enter but he didn’t seem to realise as he was going to back off again and let the girls have another go. But I began pleading with him to keep up the pressure on my cunt. I could feel myself yielding and it made me desperate for him to keep on pushing harder.

It was strange at first as the girls were all like hands on hips as much as to say it was hopeless but I could feel what was happening. His hood had penetrated my outer sphincter and I was consciously willing my cunt to take him in. And then suddenly it became obvious to all as Jason’s huge cock, it was far thicker than any of the others, slowly but very definitely sunk between my buns and my stretched cherry was seen to take in the whole length of his mighty ‘piston’.

It was hard to keep my balance as Jason picked up the pace. He was pounding my boy bum from behind. It was some sight I saw after. (the girls were getting video on the action). There I was, a smooth femmy-boy being ravaged by this rough unshaven muscle man. You could see all the rough hairs over his mighty thighs against the soft smooth skin of my legs.

But as if that wasn’t enough, the girls had got hold of Clive who had been trying to stay out of things. Maybe he realised he didn’t have it in him to fuck me in front of all them all. Actually he didn’t look so bad in the nude. His body was well filled, perhaps not entirely with muscle but he was so smooth everywhere. He had even less pubic hairs than me and you could see how much his puffy facial cheeks were akin to those of his voluptuous bum. In a word and when in the nude, he was quite sexy. But poor Clive hadn’t managed much of a hard-on as yet. His cock was hardly swollen and remained quite limp.

Don’t imagine I had anywhere near the time it took you to read that last paragraph to take in the situation (let alone Clive’s cock) as my bum was being pumped very powerfully and very deliberately. It was as if Jason was hurriedly pumping a deflated bike tyre while wanting to catch up with the others. Or you could say that having just fitted me with his new piston he was sort of ‘revving me up’. Anyway Clive’s genitals were also in need of some ‘servicing’. I found that I could take all of his cock and balls in my mouth at once. That was only until Jason gave me such a lunge up my bottom that I couldn’t keep hold of Clive any more.

Now here’s the scene; Doug was the driver and me a young student fresh from college. I had been chosen to go with him to oversee loading of this big milling machine we were supposed to be collecting.

It was the boss who gave the order but Doug had done the choosing. There had been knowing smiles when we left the yard. Perhaps the sight of a big muscular guy and me, a handsome shapely youth, were reason enough.

Anyway you can read what happened that day and the following night in ‘A Trucker Drives it Home’ and ‘Truckers get full on in oil’. For legal reasons I must make the point that I was over twenty and that I had consented to everything that happened to me.

In brief I had been playing up to him. I admired his physique so I took my shirt off to show off my smooth chest and enlarged nipples. He nearly came off the road a couple of times looking at me so we stopped and went for a swim at a local beauty spot. We really had no idea some other truckers had sneaked up behind some trees and the price of them keeping quiet about it was obvious.

Doug however took it badly and got particularly annoyed at the way I just ‘lay back and let it happen’, as he said. I am afraid I have to confess that I loved every moment of it despite the danger of the situation. Those guys fairly filled me up and I just felt so good after.

As for the events the following night they will become clear from the arguments later related in this story. Anyway when we got to this truck haven place, where there was a hostel, Doug made himself scarce and started arranging things behind my back. Whatever he thought he was trying to do, it backfired badly and I was literally left to fuck my way out of a difficult situation. And then yea, I ended up getting ganged. But let’s leave that for now and move on to the next morning.

“OK now for the real job; let’s hope you’re up for it.” Doug was trying to reassert his authority now. He saw himself as the older man with experience like he had a proper job; he was a trucker while there I was, at best just an inexperienced student and at worst; then Doug sort of completed the sentence out loud. “Because yesterday the way you behaved was more like a fucking Cum-slut. Anyway” he said shaking with anger then added “Enough said on that; now let’s get this fucking job done properly, right?”

We got to the place late morning; I remember Doug parked near a weighbridge and got told to move on somewhere else which seemed to annoy him. “Doesn’t anyone in this place know we’re coming?” he muttered. “Hey excuse me.” he shouted to one guy. “We’ve come to collect the mill.” All he got was a shrug. The guy pointed vaguely in the direction of an office.

Doug strode over commandingly with me trailing obediently behind. “Yea right who’s dealing with this? We’ve come for the mill right.” he said to a guy at the desk.

“Yea well er..” the guy looked at his watch. “I don’t know who’s around, we’re on a very critical run right now you know. You’d better take a seat over there.”

On our way over I had noticed a rather smart looking office surrounded by flower beds with a sign ‘Director’ outside. I excused myself from where we were sitting and went over.

“Oh yes come in. You must be Carl then yes. Greg said you were on your way. My name is Angus by the way and you are most welcome”. he said smiling and looking me up and down. “Right now you’ll be wanting to get that mill loaded because you’ve quite a long way to go haven’t you. Let’s go to the office”

Angus quickly took command. Everyone stood up and immediate arrangements were put in hand. In less than two minutes several guys arrived, I introduced them to Doug and made as if to accompany them to the truck.

“Oh no need for you to along, my guys all know what they’re doing. Hey come with me we can snatch a bite to eat while they’re at it”. Angus ushered me into his spanking new 4by4 and drove me the short distance up to his house. It was a big spacious bungalow set on a low hill overlooking the plant. It was pleasantly cool inside with air-con and lots of indoor plants.

“This is my wife Cindy” he said as she too seemed to look me up and down admiringly.

“So you must be Carl then.” she commented

“Oh yes I’m very sorry I should have introduced you properly” said Angus hastily apologising.

We sat down to an excellent cold buffet during which Angus quizzed me about my work, my experience, my hobbies, my ambitions and everything. Although it was interrupted by pleasantries about passing the salad etc., it almost seemed like a job interview.

“I must apologise for Angus, he can be so boring when he goes on about work all the time. Why don’t you two go for a quick dip?” Cindy suggested then going over to the window added. “They won’t be ready for a while so why not just relax for a bit?”

Taking it as a cue Angus leapt up from the table and beckoned me to accompany him. I mean there wasn’t any ‘would you like to?’ about it. Also he was supremely fit and athletic so not to accede would have looked bad. After he had stripped naked and dived in, I did the same.

We played this insane ball game in the pool for a while. I’m not sure what the rules were but we had a lot of fun. I hardly knew this guy but there we were laughing together each time we made physical contact. Then at one point, as if correcting himself, he suddenly stopped looked me in the eyes and ran his hand down my side.

“Do you know what? You’re the kind of guy we need here. You’d fit in just perfectly”. It wasn’t just the words he used but as he said it he definitely touched my bum very briefly. Then was it imagination or did I feel a finger slip into my slit? Anyway what would be instilled into my thoughts for days after was what happened next.

He suddenly sprung up out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool facing me. His thighs looked even bigger as they took the weight of his body. His chest sported a few long hairs and his pectorals looked like those of an Olympic athlete. But that vision I would have for days was of his fabulous erection. His cock was easily the most impressive and exciting I had ever seen. There was no doubt this time it was for me; I was just about to go down and suck him when suddenly he jumped up as Cindy came in to tell us they were nearly finished loading. She lingered a bit while Angus walked over for his towel still and very obviously sporting his ‘flagpole’ erection.

“I see you’ve had a good time. Here Carl; there’s a towel for you” She said admiring my naked body. “Men never think of these things do they?” She remarked to me but with an eye to Angus. She had spoken in a way almost as if to another woman or was it my imagination again?

When I got back to the truck Doug was doing his best to ignore me completely. So I got chatting to some of the guys who had been helping him load while he revved the engine impatiently. “Are we to be off then or this going to take all day.” he shouted. The guys all laughed heartily as Doug was forced out of his obvious sulk.

Just a short way down and the near the entrance there was this security gate and we were held there for a few minutes for no apparent reason. Doug was getting really annoyed so he got down from his cab to ask what it was all about. Unfortunately for him at the very same moment a guy came running carrying a brown envelope which he handed to me directly while nodding to the security guys. They then opened the gate immediately before Doug even had time to get back in the cab.

“So what the fuck’s all this about? That guy offered you a job, I bet.” He meant it as a sarcastic joke of course. But when I opened the envelope I found it was true. I must have been staring at it with my mouth open with amazement for some minutes. I knew Doug was desperate to know what was in it so he tried a different tack.

“What kept you so long anyway? All I got off those guys was that you’d probably gone for a dip with their boss.” Then he lost his cool completely. “Do we fucking go anywhere without you taking your fucking pants off. I mean; shit! Am I supposed to put with this? You’re supposed to be helping me load but instead you go off to get yourself fucked by the boss, or something.”

“I did not get fucked by the boss.” I replied calmly, we only went for some food and yes we did take a dip in the pool and this” I said waving the envelope triumphantly “and yes this is a job offer.”.

“A dip in the pool. Huh, more like a dip in your ass I guess.” But I was feeling really confident about things by then, the job offer and the vision of Angus’ cock was ever before my eyes. Funny how the one you don’t get is the one you really want. Doug was sulking again so I went on the attack.

“OK Doug you’ve got this thing loaded quickly and safely because I spoke to the right people in the right way because otherwise you would still be sitting in that office. And on the subject of being there when needed, where the hell did you disappear to when we got to that hostel place last night? You just abandoned me in a crowd of truckers and folks I’d never seen before. I got whisked off with that Hank, he’s a real gay bottom guy you know. He was boring me to death with stories about his house decoration. I mean what the hell were you doing?!”

“What was I doing? What were you fucking doing? Apart from getting fucked by every guy in the place. Look that was exactly the reason why I arranged for you to be with him. I mean shit! How could I know he was a ‘gay bottom’ and what the hell does that matter anyway? All I know is they said he was safe. Yea and I knew only too well what would happen if you stayed the night in that hostel, once word had got out that you were an easy lay. I mean come on! They’d be queuing up at your door.”

“No Doug. I am really pissed off with being palmed off onto that guy and bored out of my mind when frankly I was hoping to spend the night with you. Looks like you weren’t man enough to defend me from a few randy truckers. What sort of a guy are you? With all your macho and bravado you’re no different from Hank when it come to it are you?”

“What defend you! When you fucking bare you’re bum for them and egg them on? Don’t make me laugh!” he quipped.

“Doug you know as well as I do that I had to let those other guys do me yesterday. But last night I really wanted you Doug; you’re a fucking sexy guy” I said this running my hand over his bare arm as he was in a sleeveless shirt. It wasn’t difficult to arouse him as I had discovered.

“So what went wrong then?” he asked simply.

“OK I was bored so I went exploring and found this room full of erotic oil paintings he’d done. I recognised in them some of the guys from yesterday. Neil for example; so when I complimented him on his artistic talent, he wanted to know how I knew him and flew into a rage and hit me on the face.”

“Hang on you’re not telling me the whole story now are you? Why would he do that? You must have told him more than that” Doug insisted.

“OK look I had to. Anyway it seems Neil is a particular boyfriend of his. You see this guy Hank, he’s not a trucker, he just paints them in oil full frontal with cocks erect in return for getting them to fuck him. I mean I know it sounds bizarre but the guy is a bit pathetic really and the quality of the paintings is very good and worthy of an art gallery. No I’m serious Doug I mean it.” he had a sort of disbelieving look on his face.

“You still haven’t told me what happened”

“After he slapped me he went all apologetic and started sobbing. The problem is Hank looks as muscular as any of you truckers. Physically he’s like the rest of you but he’s a bottom at heart. He kept telling me he wished he was all smooth and effeminate looking”

“Like you then.” Doug commented.

“OK but J had to do something about it. I took him by the arm” I said this touching on Doug’s bare arm “and took him to his room. Now very fortunately he had a packet of condoms, Anyway he hardly tried to resist after I stripped naked and pulled his pants down. You know Doug I’ve always wanted to fuck a muscular hairy ass.” I had my hand firmly on Doug’s jeans as I said this. “At that point I just felt I had to give him a really good fucking. And you know Doug while I was up his ass I was imagining it was you” I said squeezing his biceps slightly.

“Don’t you get any ideas” Doug tried to say but I knew I was having an effect on him. “Are you ever going to tell me how you came to get fucked by all those guys or are you trying to say it didn’t happen?”

“Oh yes you want to know all about me being fucked don’t you. I nearly forgot; It’s a really nice feeling you know.” I teased him as I sensed he was getting excited. “You see one of them phoned Hank. It was at an awkward moment for him you see as I was up him and poor Hank was trying to talk normally.” I giggled a bit as Doug tried to maintain a look of composure. “You see Doug I’m quite slim and long. I can slip up a tight ass really easily you see and I have enough experience to know exactly where to go and what to do to a guy up his bottom. Like I can be in complete control when I get up into your internal genitals, you see.” Doug was trying to look normal but he wasn’t making a very good job of it.

“Anyway” I went on “he was attempting to speak normally but I was probing his sex gland. He was all over the place” I said giggling slightly. “So it soon got obvious to them on the other end something was up, a bit literally yea? So they hung up and I knew they would come straight over.”

“Once they saw what was happening, well… I mean I was there in the nude on top of him with my bum very exposed so they just took full advantage didn’t they. Honestly Doug they were big guys like yourself. I mean any one of them would be twice my strength, so I never got a chance to resist them.”

“You never even wanted to did you? You just lay there and let it happen all over again. Did they use any condoms?”

“I think some did perhaps but then I did feel spunk coming up me so I suppose maybe they didn’t. You see I was mainly concerned because they were all ignoring Hank. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings; I had started feeling really sorry for him by then. In the end Neil stayed behind with Hank for the night.”

“Oh and so where did you go then?” Doug asked as if surprised.

“Well they basically actually er.. well they just took me to the um.. Rugby club you see. I mean they said there was better accommodation there and that we could leave Hank and Neil undisturbed.”

“I see so I’m supposed to believe that was that the end of it, am I?” Doug said disbelievingly.

I was a bit hesitant about answering as I knew Doug would be upset by what happened next. “Almost all” I began “except you see I sort of got caught up in this wild stag party they were having. I mean there were more than twenty team members there, over twenty of those big guys you see. I’m sorry Doug; I’m really sorry. But you see the guy who took me over there; well he tried to make me look a bit normal. I suppose but I wasn’t even properly dressed really. I just had this T-shirt on and no pants. It just looked like I had a miniskirt on I suppose. Anyway I really couldn’t stop them feeling up my legs could I?”

“Like you tried to. It sounds like you were fucking asking for it.”

“All I know Doug is that I got raw fucked by over twenty of their team members” I couldn’t begin to describe to Doug the effect these guys had on me. Their huge strong thighs, their amazing fit bodies and their gorgeous cocks, they were like Greek gods and the way they fucked me. They had me propelled me into these massive internal orgasms, right up my rectum. I could never tell Doug all that. The poor guy had endured enough. I couldn’t even tell him that we had managed to write off their guest mattress with all the cum that oozed out of my bum. “Look Doug” I said “I appreciate you were trying to protect me but you can’t protect me from myself. Those guys were unimaginably sexy and manly. I just loved every moment of what I got from them and everything they did to me. Doug if you’ve never experienced that feeling you don’t know what it’s like”

“It seems that everywhere you go you have sex with everyone. I just don’t know what to make of you.” Doug said rather pathetically and while doing so we turned into a large rest area where he had we had to stop for the tacho.

He had so many reasons to be angry with me but I sensed he was changing. He was getting titillated by hearing what I had experienced. I reckoned I had got him where I wanted him. In fact I was so fucking determined to screw his asshole for all it was worth, I just went straight into action. I wanted to rip his pants down: I felt some inner strength coming over me. I would get on top of him and get right up his fucking rectum and then he’d know who was boss. By the time he stopped the engine I was shaking with excitement.

“Come on Doug, this is coming off first” I said pulling his shirt up over his head, then I went straight for his belt. I had never tackled a real man before. His stubbly chin, thick many neck and sturdy shoulders had never been challenged like this before. I knew he wanted it. He was going to get it and he fucking needed it.

“Hey get off me!” he was shouting but he seemed all confused. He tried struggling like mad but with all his writhing around it was totally ineffectual and I was getting more excited. A sort of submissive look had come on his face. I soon had his jeans down to his knees and all he did was toss and turn and make a lot of noise.

“For peach sake pull over the curtains, every one can see us!” He protested. I was not stopping for anything and anyway didn’t mind if other truckers saw us. I was proud to be jumping this muscle man.

I soon got his pants down; it was such a cinch. His bum was all white compared with the rest of his body. He must have been sunbathing somewhere. Doug’s bottom was so masculine; his firm buttocks deeply separated by a tight hairy slit that was sending me wild. His upper thighs too were really white but fabulously meaty and hairy whilst lower down I could see the beginnings of a tan.

I bought time to get my pants down by sucking his cock and balls. Poor Doug was so taken by surprise he hadn’t even managed to get an erection. I had gone at him so suddenly I think it may have upset his manliness. Perhaps his masculinity was already compromised even before I got up him. I sucked at his flaccid dick. It was like a soft rubber tube but when I began to feel his balls I knew I was beginning to loose control

He had gone quiet and seemed to have given up trying to resist me. He was lying on his side across the front seat in the cab with his legs forward and his bum nicely accessible. I dribbled some saliva into his cleft and worked it in with my finger. His asshole felt really tight. I don’t think he’d ever been done before but he wasn’t even trying to stop me. My cock was throbbing hard now and without even thinking of condoms or anything I just had to thrust it into his bum slit.

This was like ‘Sissy prick challenges manly bum’. He tried to tighten his buttocks against my knob, but as I slipped between them it was a huge thrill. He was so tight> I loved the feeling of his strong bum muscles squeezing against my raging coc.. I thrust hard into his cleft and began kissing around his muscular neck and shoulders. It was that physical contact of my tongue and his masculinity that sent me over the edge. I could feel the spasm coming in my cock as I thrust deeper into his bum slit.

“Oh shit I’m going to fuck you!” I shouted. I started orgasming like mad. My long slim cock had found his ass cunt at last and the first few spurts provided the necessary lubrication. I felt him yield to my knob, then suddenly I was inside his bottom at the very moment of my climax. He was groaning loudly now and I couldn’t stop yelling out as I pumped my cum up this muscle man. It felt so good to feel my sperm spurting into his tight bum hole. I was spunking him, I knew I was shooting my sperm right up his rectum. I’d finally done Doug.. Now every time he tried to be man over me I’d know his big masculine frame has been forced to accept my boy cum. Oh Wow I’d fucked him!

Bucky Collins downed the last of his whiskey and collected his chips to cash in. His cousin, Don Lee, who served as his driver and bodyguard escorted the Black Mafia attorney-slash-lieutenant to front door. His leisure trip to the Big Apple had been fruitful. Tonight, his winnings totaled $2,300.00. Don Lee was especially happy as his younger, much smarter relative had promised him 25% plus $100 of any profits earned this evening. Bucky considered it a small price to pay for Don Lee’s muscle and quick shot skills earned from a brief stint in the army.

As they approached the shiny 1973 Lincoln Continental, Bucky informed his cousin that they should pick up some girls – his treat. Don Lee agreed and jumped into the driver’s seat. Bucky tossed his cash-filled briefcase on the rear seat next to him and rubbed his crotch. The radio was blasting Smokey Robinson’s recent hit “Baby That’s Backatcha”. Don Lee rocked his head to the beat as he took a left out of the alley.

The cousins were a year and a half apart, but Don Lee had been held back in school so they graduated together. They were a force to be reckoned with on their small South Carolina town’s football team. With the older Collins boy on the offensive line and the other at wide receiver, they won the state championship their senior year. While Don Lee went off to the Army, Bucky enrolled at Delaware State College. He played football for the Hornets while earning his undergraduate degree. Not happy with being just the first college grad in the family, he then went to law school at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Hey man, go down to 53rd. I saw some chicks out there that looked like they get down. Ya dig?”

“Alright cuz.”

The luxury sedan made its way onto the appropriate street and drove slowly to examine the merchandise.

“Pull over here,” commanded Bucky. He rolled down his window and called out to group of four ladies standing on the sidewalk together. The women approached and Bucky started, “What it is, ladies? My associate and I are looking for a couple of foxes to spoil tonight?”

“So, is this a group thing? Cause that’s gonna cost extra, big daddy,” one of them stated.

“No sweetheart. We’re both going solo.”

“Pick me,” the shortest one begged.

“Yeah! You and Miss Minnie Mouse jump in,” he said referring to a taller girl wearing the Disney character t-shirt.

“That’s gonna be twenty-five a piece.”


“Up front, sir.”

Bucky peeled out fifty bucks and handed each girl her share. “Short stack, you’re back here with me. Minnie Mouse you’re up front.”

The ladies hopped in the car and Don Lee headed off to Hotel Theresa.

Bucky’s friend spoke first, “I’m Champagne. And this is Candy.”

“I’m Bucky.”

“And I’m Don Lee.”

“Where are you gentlemen from,” inquired Candy.


“How old are you,” Bucky asked his new friend.

“I’m twenty-four. And you?”

“Thirty. You ladies do a li’l snow?”

“Yes,” beamed Candy. “It makes sex so much better,” she added.

They came to a stop in the parking lot and each couple retired to their appointed room.

Don Lee stood at an impressive six-feet-four-inches and weighed just a touch under two hundred and sixty pounds. He escorted Candy to the door and gave her a slap on her round bottom. She purred. “I love redbones, baby!”

“Well, you’re in luck. My dad was Puerto Rican.”

“Oh, I got a mamacita.”

“Si papi,” she laughed.

“You’re tall for a woman.”

“I’m five ten. Is that okay?”

“Shole is,” Don Lee nodded.

Don Lee opened the door and undressed down to his t-shirt and boxers.

“Where’s the goods?”

“Right here,” pointed Don Lee.

“Well, let’s get high, papi.”

In the other room, Bucky and Champagne sat on the bed and each snorted a line of cocaine. “Damn, you sexy,” he commented.

“Thanks handsome! How’d you end up in my neck of the woods?”

“Overheard some people saying there were hot girls down that way”

“Well, were they right?”

“Yes ma’am,” he winked

“How tall are you,” she asked placing her hand on his left leg.

“Five eleven. And you?”

“I’m five six.”

“This is some good shit. It’s starting to kick in. Get naked.”

Champagne pranced around the room. Her perky boobs poked out as her blouse was removed. Bucky stood and moved close to her. He bent down to suck on her chocolate tits. As he licked them, his hands began to explore her body. Her skin was soft and smooth. He caressed her curves and moved his hand to her butt cheeks. He squeezed them firmly. Champagne cooed.

She dropped to her knees and unbuckled his belt. She massaged his stiff member as she took off his pants. The dark brown dick stood at attention. Champagne opened her mouth and began to swallow all eight thick inches. Bucky put his hands on her head and thrust himself all the way down her throat. Champagne sucked his tool without issue. It was apparent she had no gag reflex.

“Suck it good,” he commanded.

“Yes sir,” she mumbled.

“You suck dick better than anyone I know.”

“Wait till you fuck me.”

“I wanna fuck you bad,” he breathed

“You will, big daddy.”

Champagne pulled down her shorts and slid off her panties. Bucky helped her up and kissed her passionately then stepped back to admire all of her. Champagne stood proudly and confidently. Bucky loved how sure of herself she was. He scanned the length of her. His eyes locked in on something not quite right. His brain, working slightly slower, finally registered that Champagne had a dick.

“What the hell baby?”

“Oh, you didn’t know, big daddy?”

“Hell no. Never seen no shit like this before.”

“Well, you can still fuck me. It’s way better than pussy.”

“How do you figure?”

“Cause it’s true.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Here’s the skinny. Fucking me doesn’t make you gay,” she informed him. “You picked me up cause you thought I was a chick, right?”

“Yeah.,” Bucky confirmed.

“So, you’re a man and I’m a lady. What’s gay about that?”

By this time Champagne was again stroking his cock. And, Bucky felt himself getting harder. She had a point. She looked just like woman except for that small dangling thing between her legs. He was horny and his reasoning skills were slightly hampered from the snorting earlier. He slapped her ass and said, “Bend over!”

Champagne jumped onto the bed landing on all fours. She wiggled her onion shaped booty to entice the six-foot caramel skinned man. Bucky stepped apprehensively and placed his eight-inch cock at her waiting hole. “Spit on it, daddy,” she pleaded. Bucky slurped and sent a big stream of saliva down to the place where his throbbing member met her waiting hole. He pushed while Champagne spread her ass cheeks apart. As his tool entered her, the warmth and tightness sent chills through his body.

“Goddamn, girl! This shit feels good.”

“Told you so,” she remarked.

Bucky began humping rhythmically. Champagne cooed and begged for more. Her asspussy was getting wetter.

“Oh fuck,” Bucky yelled as he placed his right foot on the bed to gain leverage.

“Give it to me, daddy,” she pleaded.

Next door, Don Lee and Candy could hear the commotion. She looked up from the amazing blow job she was delivering and said, “Looks like your friend is working Miss Champagne’s ass.”

“Yeah, he’s beating that pussy up.”

Candy laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Miss Champagne ain’t got no pussy.”


“Miss Champagne is really Mr. Phillip.”

“Stop playing.”

“I’m serious,” she said before going back down on him.

“Shit, that feels good! You got a pussy, right?”

She shook her head no.

“For real? You a man?”

Candy stopped sucking and offered, “Kinda.”

“I can’t believe this shit. My momma said there wasn’t nothing good in New York.”

“Well, your momma never met me.”

Don Lee stood and laughed. “I was ready to fuck you good. But, I can’t fuck no dude.”

“I’m not a dude,” Candy countered removing her Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Her 36C titties plopped out. “Do you know any dudes with hooters like this?”

“No,” Don Lee thought aloud. “You do suck a mean dick. Get up here and let me titty-fuck you.”

Candy complied and Don Lee straddled his feminine friend. He pressed her large knockers together around his seven and a half inch dick. As he slid his member back and forth, Candy flicked the tip with her tongue.

Don Lee could hear the bed knocking against the wall in his cousin’s room.

Bucky now had Champagne square in the middle of the bed on her back. Her legs were placed over his shoulders. He arched his back as he pounded his cock in and out of her extremely wet hole. “You like that boipussy, Bucky?”

The question registered as odd in his mind. “Hell yeah,” was his answer. Even though he wasn’t quite sure what he was saying.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck me harder.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I love that big South Carolina dick.”

“Oh you do.”

“Hell yes. Give it to me.”

Bucky settled into his stride giving her long, full, deep strokes with his gorging prick.

Meanwhile, Candy was blowing kisses at Don Lee in hopes that he would pummel her pussy hole with his fat cock. “Let’s get another snort,” she suggested.

After this hit, Candy removed the rest of her clothing and lay on the bed so that her ass was fully exposed and her knees were on the floor. Don Lee studied the round siren calling out to him. Somewhere, his mind told him it was okay to fuck this lady or whatever it was before him. He figured that it must be normal since his cousin next door was doing the same thing.

He eased behind her and worked the head in small circles at the opening of her anus. Candy took him in her hand to guide his missile into her. Don Lee was pleasantly surprised at the snug fit around his cock. He pulled it out partially and thrust it quickly back into her. Candy yelped, “Owww!”

“Too big for you?”

“I’m okay,” she postured. “Just gotta get used to it.”

“Cool,” he remarked working himself in smooth strokes.

The bed creaked under Bucky and Champagne. He felt his body tensing. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Shoot it, big daddy!”

Bucky continued pounding and Champagne began to squirm.

“Oh, daddy! I’m cumming.”

Bucky felt a gush of wetness on his dick. His dick swelled inside of her. “Damn you’re fucking wet!”

“Yeah. You just made my ass cum.”

“Shit, you can cum out your ass?”

“Yes sir!”

“That’s hot! Roll that ass over.”

Champagne flipped onto her stomach and tooted her bottom in the air. Bucky got behind her and pushed inside. He slammed in and out of her with amazing speed.

“Oh shit,” yelled Champagne.

Candy was now thoroughly enjoying the pile driver working her rectum. Don Lee dug his hands in her thighs and pulled her into him.

“That ass feels good!”

“That dick feels good, papi!”

“Take that dick!”

“Oh, I love it!”

Don Lee pulled out and stood up. He lifted Candy and turned her towards him. He hefted her up with her long legs hooked over each of his elbows. She placed his dick at her now open hole and slid back down on it. He started curling as he walked towards the wall. He pressed her against it and continued feeding her asspussy his cock. His balls ached each time they collided into her. He leapt, with her still in his arms, onto the bed. Pumping harder, she screamed, “Oh papi!”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Ooh yes. Give it to me,” she begged.

Don Lee let forth a loud roar as his love muscle released a flood of baby batter. He collapsed on top of her. His sweaty mass of a body drenched and covered her. She licked his ear and whispered, “That was amazing!”

Bucky had gained a second wind it seemed with Champagne’s ass now fully open. She wiggled around to get out from under her, but he pinned her tiny one hundred and twenty pound body to the bed. He was now fully hammering her ass with long strokes.

“I’m about to blow, girl!”

“Ooh yes!”

Bucky’s body tensed. His legs stretched. His butt flexed and his cock shot several large streams of cum deep into the depths of Champagne’s butt-pussy. She sighed with great satisfaction and ran her fingers through his closely cropped afro.

Champagne rushed into the bathroom and when she exited, she announced she needed to get going. She asked for Bucky’s friend’s room number so she could call Candy.

“Hello,” the gruff voice answered.

“Is Candy there?”

“Yeah, hold on.”

“Hey girl!”

“Are you two finished in there?”

“Yeah. Just a few minutes ago.”

“Well, meet me in the lobby in five minutes so we can split a cab.”

“Okay! Bye!”

Champagne collected her clothes that were strewn about the floor. Dressed and walking to the door, Bucky called out, “Write your number down.” She scribbled out the digits on the small pad sitting on the desk.

The next morning, the cousins checked out of the hotel. Ten minutes into the drive back to Philadelphia, Bucky decided to raise the subject. “Was yours a good fuck?”

“She wasn’t quite what I was expecting.”

“Yeah neither was mine.”

“I’m not sure I’d do that again though.”

“Me neither,” replied Bucky as he rubbed the pocket that contained the phone number left for him the night before.

It was fall and I was starting my freshmen year in college, which was three hours from home and absolutely no one from my hometown was at the university. I thought that was the best part of the university but after my first day of orientation I started to think I made a big mistake going to a school where I didn’t know anyone. After going to a few mixers thrown by the school I even felt even more out of place and my roommate wasn’t much help either considering he was in the school band and had practice during his free time. As the second day progress and nothing change from first day, I decided to sneak down to the cafeteria and grab a bit to eat before the dinner crowd rushed in.

As usual I was at a table all by myself eating a slicing of pizza when I was approached by black male student with a shirt that had Greek letters on the front that I assume was of the fraternity that he was in. As the guy ask if the chair in front me was taken by anyone I started to notice how handsome the guy was. As I nodded my head no and offered the seat to him, I noticed he stood about 6’3″ and was very physically fit with his biceps pushing the fabrics of his shirt to the limit. He had cute smile with brown eyes with short black hair. As he introduced himself to me I started to realize I might have physical attraction for a guy for the first time in my life. His named was Jacob and I quickly replied that my name was James.

As he talked I tried hard not stare at his body too much and tried to keep my attention at eye level while at the some time worrying about how my body was presented to him. Even though I never had the physical attributes that Jacob I had, I still had descent body on my 5’7″ and 150 pound frame. I worked out constantly even though I was no longer playing sports and had decent six-pack abs and nice tan especially for a white guy that never went to a tanning bed. The two features that girls in high school always told me were my best feature were my nice butt and my green eyes which went great with my curly brown hair which when dry curl up on the top of my head like afro.

After talking for awhile and me half paying attention to the conversation due to the incredible looks of Jacob, he mention that there was party at his fraternity house tomorrow night and was wondering if I would be interested in attending. I promptly nodded my head with high pitch “Yeah!?” that sounded like it came from a teenage girl, which got Jacob to laugh a little. As he handed me a ticket to get me in the house he mention that the party started 8:00 and the doors would be lock at 8:30 to avoid anyone coming in later then that so make sure I got there before 8:30.

The next day was blur to me, as all I could keep on thinking about was Jacob and about going to my first college party. Also, I was thinking since Jacob was so attractive that the party would have a lot of attractive females. As 8 o’clock approached I went down to the showers in the middle of hallway in the dorm and started washing myself before realizing I was the only one in the shower room I started to jerk off in the hopes of easing my sexual tension before the party. This didn’t help much considering all my thoughts return to how big and strapping Jacob was yesterday. As I came like I never came in my life I quickly finish showering before anyone could walk in. I dried myself off and handed back to dorm room as quickly as I could. I quickly threw on some jeans and t-shirt as I blow-dried my hair. I slipped on some socks and a pair shoes as I headed out the door.

I arrived at the door at the fraternity house, with the same Greek letters as on Jacob shirt yesterday, at 8:15. As I knocked on the door it was quickly open by another black male asking me if I had a ticket. I quickly reached into my pocket and pulled out the ticket that Jacob had given me yesterday and handed it to the guy. The guy motion me to come inside but once I was two steps inside the door the guy instructed to empty all personnel items into locked zip bag, which was similar to bank deposit bag. The guy explained to me that it was to prevent people at the party from getting items lost or stolen and only I would have the key to the bag. After sighing my name to the top of the bag I was given necklace that had the key to the bag and was told to have a good time.

As I walked through the house trying to find where to get some alcohol, I started to notice that there was not single girl in any of the rooms that I walked through and most where filled with a bunch of white and black guys. As I started to think I walked into a sausage fest, Jacob appeared out of nowhere with two cold beers in his hand. As he crack up the top on both bottles he offered to give me the tour of the downstairs since the upstairs contained bedrooms of the guys that lived at the house. As he grab my hand and started leading me through the different rooms I started to get really turned on being lead around by Jacob.

As the night progress and I was on my fourth beer trying to hang on every word of Jacob one of his friends named Kevin came up and asked if we would interesting going up stairs to smoke a joint. Since I was the type of person that never gave up an opportunity to smoke a joint I eagerly nodded my head. Jacob grabbed my hand quickly leading me up the stairs. As we were going up the stairs I quickly notice that Kevin, who was black, was also leading a white male up the stairs.

As we enter one of the bedrooms upstairs the door was quickly closed and towel was placed between crack between the door and floor to keep smoke inside the room. As Kevin started to roll the joint I could tell he was rolling it in cigar paper and that the joint was going be a pretty big blunt. After Kevin was finished rolling the joint, he lit it up while we settle in square formation with me and other white guy setting across from each other while Jacob was to my right shoulder. After a couple puffs from the joint I started notice Jacob and Kevin weren’t really smoking the joint and were allowing me and other guy to take most of the puffs.

After finishing the joint, Kevin started pulling the other guy closer to him gently kissing him. As the other two men started to get a little more intimate I was about to leave before Jacob pulled me closer to him. Before I could react Jacob’s hand grab my crotch area and he started gently planting kisses on my right cheek. As he started to message my crotch with his hand I started to get extremely hard and soft moans started to escape my lips. Then Jacob leaned into my ear and asked if ever been with a guy before and I nodded no; he then proceeded to ask if I wanted to sleep with him. I slowly nodded yes during my soft moans from the message that Jacob was giving me. As Jacob stood up and pull me to the bed behind us, I started to get butterfly in my stomach realizing that he would be my first guy. As he laid me on the bed, Jacob removed his shirt and I was able to see the muscular body underneath that included a really solid set of abs. After removing his shirt Jacob proceeded to remove my shirt and then my shoes and socks. After removing my shoes and socks, Jacob then gently pushed me back on the bed started kissing my chest area. He was getting me beyond turn on at this point and my penis was pushing to be release from my pants. Jacob must have sense this since he stopped kissing and unbutton my pants started to pull them and my underwear off. As I lay there in bed naked I started to feel very vulnerable and turn on as I watched Jacob unbutton and unzip his pants.

As his pants slowly came off I saw for the first time Jacob’s dick. He was about 8 inches long and two inches thick. I was even more worry and vulnerable since my dick was only six inches long and about 1 ½ inches thick. As I laid there in shock Jacob grab my neck started slowly moving my head towards his dick. As I open my mouth to take his dick inside, he pushed my head further down and told me to start licking his balls. As I complied with his request, Jacob slapped me twice in the face with his massive member as he told me to start getting ready for a night that I will never forget. After the second slap from his member Jacob reached into the night stand and grab a white object out. Then he positioned my ass to be closer to head and told me to give him some head while he prepared my ass for the night. As I wrapped my hand around his dick and started to fit my lips around his dick the first pictures of this huge dick going into my ass came into my mind. I started to lower my head inch by inch on his big black dick excited and horrified at every inch.

While I was attempting to give Jacob head he poured some lube in my ass crack and slowly started working his finger into my asshole. If I stopped even for a second on going down on him I got a swift slap across the ass and told to “put some hair on my chin!” After a couple of attempts to go all the way down on Jacob and only getting 6 ½ inches I decided to give him the best head I knew how and hope that I get no more slaps across the ass. I kept on going down on him as far as I could go and wrapped my hand around his bottom shaft and continue to go up and down on him as fast as I could.

After a few minutes Jacob was able to get my ass lube up enough to fit two fingers up it. He then instructed me to get on my hands and knees facing the headboard. As I did as I was told Jacob then position the two pillows by the headboard underneath my torso. While I waited for Jacob to put the lube on top of nightstand and get a black package condom from drawer, I looked over at the bed across the room and saw Kevin pounding the other white guy ass doggystyle. I realized in a couple minutes that would be me bent over getting a dick up my ass and moaning in enjoyment.

Jacob gave me a quick slap on the ass to wake my up from dream state and told me to relax my ass muscles because this was going to hurt for a little while before I can start to take it like a good “bitch”. This was a first time I ever been called a bitch by another man and I was a little turn on by the prospect of being called a bitch. As Jacob slowly starting sticking his dick up my ass I leaped forward but Jacob strong hands around my waist stopped any forward progress and started to bring my ass back while also bringing his torso forward. I started to moan in pain and joy over every inch of his dick that entering my body. After awhile I started to fell the pubic hair from Jacob tickle my ass and realized I didn’t have that much to go until Jacob was all the way inside me.

Within a couple seconds I could feel Jacob all way inside me with his pubic hair pressed up against my ass. As Jacob paused he leaned over onto my back and whisper into my ear that I “had a great ass and he was going to have so much fun with me tonight.” This instantly got dick hard hearing the words come from his mouth. As Jacob started to straighten back up he started slowly removing his cock from my ass before slamming it back in. This started with an inch or less being removed before ramming it back up my ass. Each time that Jacob slammed his cock back into my ass a light moan escaped my lips.

As Jacob continues ramming my ass, I heard the door open with a group of voices coming up behind me. One of the voices said ” Jacob is just starting with this one so lets film this other little bitch getting fuck for now.”

Jacob continued to slide his dick further and further from my ass before slamming it back it. This made me oblivious to my surroundings and started making me moan in pure joy. As I felt Jacob pull his dick to the tip of asshole before he slam it back in and I screamed out in pleasure. As he did this for second time, Jacob leans in and whispers in to my ear ” Get ready for you close up beautiful.” As he moves away from my ear he grabs a handful of my hair starts to pull backwards while at the same time he thrusts he cock deep into my ass. This causes my head to be tilted upward. As the words register in my mind a bright light is shoved in my face and the guys that came in earlier are asking me if I love getting my ass fuck. Other guys are adding comments like “this bitch likes getting fuck”, “he is moaning like a bitch in heat”, and “get picture of erect dick and tell me he doesn’t like getting fuck.” Jacob slowly releases his grip on my hair and head is allowed to go back to a normal position but he continues to give my ass a good slap every now and then between thrusts. All I can do is moan while he continues to fuck my ass. After a couple more minutes I hear one of the guys say, “Okay we got enough footage in this room. Let’s go see how the other guys are doing.”

As the door closed again all the sounds I can hear are the rhythmic slapping of skin and moans from me and the other white guy. Periodically between thrusts Jacob makes a point of slapping my ass with his hand as asks me how I like his dick in my ass. After each slap my ass wraps tight around his dick, which causes loud moans to come out of my mouth. The only response I can muster most times is “Yeah I love your dick!” as he continues to pound my ass.

After a couple of minutes Jacob abruptly stop pounding my ass and pulled his cock completely out. As I looked over my shoulder to see if I did anything wrong Jacob motions for me to roll over on to my back. As complied, Jacob starting tossing the pillows that were underneath me and were propping my ass up the air to the front of the bed towards the headboard. As I looked across the room I saw the other guys legs on Kevin’s shoulder while he ass got pounded in a missionary style position.

As Jacob started positioning my legs on his shoulders, he muttered “To get initiated all bitches have to go missionary.” He stated to lean forward and push my legs towards my head causing my ass to be lifted off the ground. He then guided his dick back into my ass. I started moaning immediately as Jacob continue to tell me I was all his for now on. As his dick pushes inside me I have to close my eyes for minute due the amount pleasure and pain going through my body. As Jacob got his pubic hairs to touch my ass again, I realized he was going be rougher in this position than he was first time. He pulled his cock further out before slamming it back into my ass. This caused loud moans to escape my lips.

Jacob continued to thrust in and out at a high pace and kept on telling me I was his bitch for now on. This continued until with one final thrust up my ass, Jacob let out a loud moan and collapsed on top my legs. This was painful on my legs holding Jacob up while he caught his breath. After catching his breath Jacob pulled his cock out of ass. As he was taking off his condom my legs slowly got to slip off his shoulders and back onto the bed. As Jacob started to crawl to the front of the bed, he grab me and pull me close his body and whisper in my ear that I was now “his little sister”. As he rolled me over on to my side so that he could snuggle with me with my ass facing him, I could tell I was still extremely horny and that I didn’t get my release from the sexual experience even though I enjoyed it as much as he did. As much as I wanted to jack off I waited until Jacob fell asleep before stroking my dick thinking of the events that just occurred. After cumming, I press my body as tight as I could to Jacob in hopes that this night wouldn’t end.

I was wakening up in the morning, as the door to bedroom was busted open and two guys yelling “Here are the bitches clothes for today. Make sure they are downstairs in ten minutes to watch the movie from last night.” As the guys turn to leave, Jacob and Kevin pushed me and other white guy off the beds and on to the floor. Jacob looks at me and says, “You heard the guy put on those clothes and go downstairs.” In the dark I try to figure out what they wanted us wear. Also, I checked to make sure I still had the key around my neck for my personal items bag. After feeling the necklace and key around my neck, I turned my turned my attention to the clothes that were left for me. The first item of clothing was a short purple shirt with the greek letters of fraternity on the front and Jacob’s little sister written on the back of the shirt. After putting on the shirt that went down to my belly button, I noticed the other item left for me was purple string laced panties. As I looked over to see if the other guy was going to wear his panties, Jacob had gotten out bed had put on some shorts and a t-shirt by this time. As saw me looking puzzle at the panties, Jacob walk over by me and started standing over me. In a very loud and forceful voice Jacob ordered me “To put on the panties or I would be drag downstairs with or without panties on!” This quickly changed my mind and I quickly put on the panties. Almost immediately Jacob grab my hand started leading me outside the bedroom. Out in the hallway I started to notice all the white guys from the party last night were all wearing the purple shirt and purple panties and being lead by a black male downstairs. As we enter the main room and had taken our seats by our black male counter parts a big projection was lowered in front of the room.

As the room got dark and the video started the first white male popped on the screen moaning with taunts that I have heard last night from when the guys had entered our room. While I didn’t recognized the guy at first it was obvious who the guy was on the screen when the first guy started weeping. The other black audience members started cheering at the show of the white male enjoying getting fuck in the ass. As image of image of guys getting fucked were being shown on the screen the audience erupted in commotion. White guys would start crying and black guys would start cheering when new guy was shown on the screen I knew it was only a matter of time before I was shown on the screen. I started getting butterflies in stomach trying to figure out what was the point of the video and how many people they plan show the video.

As the screen turn to the guy that Kevin was fucking last night came up I knew I would be next be shown getting fuck. As the crowd erupted in taunts and cheers over the guy getting fuck, I lean in to Jacob to started to ask him how many people the video will be shown to which responded angrily “That depends on you now so shut up and let me watch the video!”

As the picture of the guy left the screen, a new picture of my face was shown on the screen. As the crowd erupted and guys gave Jacob high five, Jacob turned my face to watch the whole video. As I set there watching all the moans coming from my mouth and my erect dick slapping my belly with each thrust from Jacob, I realized that I would never be able to convince anyone that seen the video that I didn’t like getting fuck by a man. It seemed like my face was up the screen longest of all the other videos and I started to cry realizing that every guy in the room saw me getting fuck. As the screen faded to black went to the next guy I kept on crying thinking of my humiliation. As the video finally turned black for the final time, one of the black males on the front stood up in front of the projector and lights came back on. As he congratulated all the guys for their great pieces of ass that they got their first week, he then offered all us white guys an ultimatum we could back next week in our new outfits and the video of us getting fuck will never be shown to anyone outside the fraternity but if we failed to come back by 8:30 next week our potion of the video would be uploaded on the internet. Then he instructed us to follow our instructions from our new “boyfriends” on what to do next.

As I lowered my head and turned it towards Jacob, he instructed to lay my torso across his lap, which I obediently complied. While lying across his lap I started to feel pen scribble on my ass cheek something. Before I could check, Jacob set me back up and told me to get my personal items and that he had written his number on my ass cheek. He instructed me call him later tonight to exchange any other items I might forgot at the house. As I approached the front of the room to get my personal items I felt very nervous. Also, I notice that the guys after claiming their personal items were being lead straight out the front door. After approaching the front of the room and giving the guy my name for personal bag another guy came along grabbed my arm. As I was handed my bag the guy started leading me towards the front door and instructed me to call the number on my ass for any other personal items that I might have left at the fraternity house and to not knock or try to re-enter the house right now or that they would post the video online. The front door was open and I was quickly pushed out onto the front porch.

I am your typical sissy bottom guy who loves mature men. My proportions being large, club me into the BBW category so only the daring types can enslave me. Mature men in the age group 35-60 attract me. Only young guys with very huge dicks are an exception.

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WOW, was there reaction on seeing me dressed up. They never expected a sexy fat whore in front of them. The ample proportions of my breasts and my huge ass cheeks sliding to and fro made their eye balls pop out.

I was made to serve them drinks. As they sipped on their chilled whiskies I slowly started unzipping them. These men were long and thick with manly bushes around the pelvic region. I started giving long licks to their balls. The man smell coming out of their cocks made them groan in pleasure. They started to get wild and rough. My head was held in firm grip and they started face fucking me very roughly. Their huge dicks were choking me. Tears came out of my eyes. I did not like being humiliated like that. I resisted and told them that I am leaving since they did not know how to behave with a lady. I called them names which further enraged them. That proved to be my undoing.

The owner of the place called his servant inside. Two of them grabbed my each of my legs and the other two my arms. I was thrown onto the bed. My hands were then tied with ropes to the bed poles. How helpless I felt at that time. I really was scared.

Then they roughly tore of my panties and my top. I was there naked and tied up. They started to undress themselves completely. I was surprised to see even the servant disrobing himself. It now occurred to me that I might be raped by 4 men.

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The 4 bastards fucked my ass and mouth one after another. They all fucked me twice. In total I was ass fucked 8 times that night. My hole was like a slippery wet tunnel. My whole body was drenched in semen.

Now they took me to the toilet where I was made to sit on the floor. I was confused but soon my confusion was eradicated. They all started pissing on my face, in my mouth and on my body. I tried to close my mouth but was immediately slapped and forced to drink their urine. When they finished, I was made to clean their dirty dicks. I could taste my own ass on their dicks.

They all laughed, called me a randi and left the bathroom. I lay there on the floor humiliated and ravaged. I wondered what will happen next. I felt my small dick; it was like a rubber band hanging down. Exhaustion overtook my senses and I drifted into semi-sleep.

What happened after that is something I am too ashamed to write. Next time maybe.


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This is a continuation from Ch.4 and I try to make each chapter stand alone so enjoy and if you like this one; all the background is in the previous chapters.

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The Travelling Man


Fay pointed the eager small Renault down the sliproad catching Jack by surprise as he gripped the door side handle.

“Fay!” remonstrated Jack.

Looking across to the passenger seat, Fay blew Jack a kiss with her full painted lips, Jack’s eyes met hers and she smiled back.

“Fay!” laughed Jack, “you know how I don’t like you throwing the car around like that.”

Fay was laughing now too and pushing her smooth tanned leg down on the clutch, she put the small yet potent car into top gear. The motive force of the engine caught them both by surprise as the car hurtled down the sliproad keeping pace and then outrunning the traffic as she merged the car onto the tarmac of the Autoroute.

Fay chuckled at Jack’s concentration as she buried the accelerator into the carpet making the engine snarl into life and sending the car belting into the fastest lane of traffic without a single flash of any indicator or signal of her intent. Only a whiny decline in revs showed any indication that Fay had completed her maneuvere as she lifted off the throttle and the car settled into a fast, yet constant speed.

“The gendarmarie would have you for breakfast if they caught you doing that!” exclaimed Jack.

Fay laughed.

“Yeah, and I’m sure after I’d sucked them and fucked them both, they might forget the fine!” replied Fay laughing.

They both laughed now.

“Oh shit!” gasped Fay as she applied the brakes, the traffic slowing considerably, Jack surveyed a line of traffic building up ahead.

The nose of the card dipped to the force of the braking and slowed to nothing more than a gentle crawl.

“Oh well, looks like we won’t find out this time.” said Jack with a hint of resignation to more delay at the oncoming traffic jam.

Jack snatched a quick glance to Fay as she absently nodded at his question. Jack took time to admire her brunette hair, tousled and cut short and her sun bleached highlights, her skin under the thin strapped summer dress he knew was a continuous shade of sun-kissed light mocha brown. It had been glorious weather for early June and focusing back on the Autoroute, Jack surveyed the tall cedar trees that lined the road and the rolling greenery of the hill slopes, it could almost be home and his thoughts were of how Southern France had provided the perfect alternative to the despair of leaving England.

“Isn’t it nice of Tanya to let us use her villa?” asked Fay.

“I guess that was the least she could do.” replied Jack muttering in a lowered tone.

“And I never knew you liked mild bondage either, ” added Fay.

Jack shrugged smiling in mock indignation.

“Well, it’s not as if I had much choice,” added Jack, “just because I wanted to go out for a round of Golf. You two ganged up on me.”.

Fay giggled.

“As if you put up a fight! Still it was very nice of her to offer, ” said Fay in between giggles, “I guess you must have put her in a good mood.”

As Fay looked to her lover, Jack returning to the view of the scenery out of his window let his mind wander.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it Jack?” asked Fay.

Jack nodded, “Uh huh.”

“It suits us here.” added Fay.

Jack nodded his head absently and listening to the CD, Fay tapped the steering wheel in time as Jack focused his eyes back onto the rolling verdant landscape and blue early summer sky, the sun casting its watery morning light as long shadows on the ground. Tourists were flocking to the South of France for their summer holidays and whilst that would explain the traffic, Jack and Fay had taken it for granted that the roads were always clear and it was easy to move around; it would be their first summer in France. The English weather and England itself seemed a place, far, far away as Jack’s mind wandered again.

“Come to Beziers, come and work for me.” Tanya said via their regular webcam chats.

Jack smiled remembering the sense of excitement that Tanya’s offer immediately created. In his recollection, it was not a difficult decision for either of them to make and neither Jack or Fay needed much encouragement to take her up on her offer. With a couple of phone calls, Jack and Fay had eagerly arranged their flight, resigned from their respective jobs and handed the keys to their properties to a Lettings Agent arranged by Tanya. Remembering that moment, he was reminded by Tanya’s later admission and motivation to have Jack and Fay as two very loyal recipients of her sexual munificence and as she had shared her plans for them both and in return, they were both more than eager to experience more time with Fay’s sexually voracious aunt.

Their excitement of new opportunities and appetite for new experiences, especially Jack, had changed Tanya’s outlook on her own situation and getting Jack to help lighten her workload made Tanya seem more frivolous, more engaged in pleasure and she put her newly found leisure time to good use. In the winter months that followed, Jack took up his new job as Tanya’s financial officer keeping her business finances in order, it was nothing too complex and it kept him busy without overly stressing him. For Tanya, he was her new courtesan, bringing his skill and diplomacy, his charisma and bonhomie to her court of friends. If Jack’s skill brought value to her business, bringing Fay to France after spurning so many of Tanya’s invites to join her was merely the icing on the cake.

To Tanya’s friends, Jack and Fay were welcome youthful curiosities and they brought much needed levity to their gatherings. Her friends had a new audience for their stories and a fresh pair of minds receptive to their observations as well as two youthful bodies that were full of exciting new potential for seduction and gratification. It pleased Tanya to have such a youthful distraction and her delight was clear to Fay and Jack, she found Jack’s energy for her own body so invigorating and Fay was only too happy to share him and further Jack’s sexual education.

As Jack could work and was paid handsomely for it, Fay refrained from rejoining the rat race and preferred to keep their flat in order and run the errands to immerse herself in France. For Jack, he often worked abroad but for Fay she worried about homesickness and worked hard to integrate into the French way of life. As Jack called her his lady of leisure, Fay described herself as his sex mad live-in mistress and Jack never really knew what to expect when he got home; secretly that was just how he liked it.

Surveying the stationary queues of traffic, Jack looked to Fay, her painted lips pursed as she drew heavily on a cigarette, blowing the smoke out of the window and diverting his eyes down her pert frame he smiled as he spied her bare thighs visible from the delicate floral fabric of her dress. He lost himself remembering the briefest of lacy white underwear hugging her tight curves this morning after she admonished him to hurry up in the shower.

Fay looked over, Jack loved it when she smoked wearing full painted lips, it made her look like a whore.

“Penny for them?” asked Fay.

“Antibes.” replied Jack vacantly.

Fay’s facial expression changed from quizzical indifference to that coquettish look of arousal Jack loved.

“Mmmm, Jack, don’t, I’ll have to mount you here and now,” remarked Fay huskily.

“Really? I need to cum so badly too” murmured Jack.

“Mmm, I know, it’s such torture isn’t it?” asked Fay.

“Too long for me baby, you know that?” replied Jack, his voice pleading a little.

“Well, we were too rough with each other last time, you broke my box baby.” giggled Fay.

Jack smiled.

“Soon, be patient stud, ” addd Fay in consolation, “as soon as we are there, grrr… fucking tourists!”

Fay hit the steering wheel with the palms of her hands as Jack let his head loll to the side, his mind galloping off as he looked out along the side of the road and off into the horizon.

“Yes, we have been invited to stay with the Kessels for the weekend.” stated Tanya coolly.

“The Kessels?” squealed Fay, “Wow, they are like super sexy. Jack it’s going to be such fun!”

Jack recalled how much Fay had beamed and he could understand why, they had watched one of their ‘souvenirs’ given to Tanya from one of their ‘dinners’. Jack remembered how they had tied Jack to the bed, taunting and teasing him as they watched Rainer and Brigitte entertain Tanya and her male guest combined with their household ‘staff’.

Jack shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat as he felt his loins tighten a little.

“Hello, we have been expecting you,” said Brigitte smiling, greeting Jack with a typical continental peck on both cheeks.

As Jack watched Brigitte greet Fay in the same way, she was as beautiful as he remembered her image, her soulful azure blue eyes and straw blond hair was scraped back into a bun. Her figure was tightly held in riding jodphurs and a short tight t-shirt displaying her womanly body beautifully. Her breasts jutted perkily in the tight cotton t-shirt pressing against her bust as a rapture of perfectly fed and exercise honed curves.

Brigitte was more dominant than both Fay and Tanya. Brigitte was a woman in her mid-thirties that fucked her older husband mercilessly and he desperately tried to keep up with her at the zenith of her sexual libido.

Rainer had a decade at least on Brigitte and he looked after himself, lean and toned in appearance, his body had all the hallmarks of being kept in shape all his life. His reward for his efforts was a maturity combined with a sexual charisma that Jack and Fay found hard to resist. Rainer was well-built, muscular with a masculine square jaw, green eyes and short, tousled brown hair. Tanya admitted to them both that if anything was to happen to Brigitte; she would pounce on Rainer in a heartbeat.

Jack found it hard not to stare at the V-shape cut the Jodphurs made in Brigitte crotch and as she turned, looking at the way the fabric cut into her peach shaped arse it was impossible not to remember the sight of Rainer’s hard cock buried deep inside it fucking her hard.

“I’m Rainer.” came a voice from Jack’s left hand side.

Lost in the fog of his daydream, Jack absently turned and shook firmly the extended hand of the man whose cock Jack had only just momentarily visualised violating his wife’s pert arse.

“Hello, I’m Jack.” as Rainer’s firm handshake shook Jack from his line of thought.

Rainer smiled, “Please excuse my wife, she has been out riding with Tanya. Pleased to meet you Jack, welcome to my home.”

“Thank you, it is such a stunning place, such a beautiful location,” replied Jack, “I already feel like I am starting to relax.”

“Excellent, it always has that effect on us too, ” added Rainer smiling, “Please, take a glass of champagne from Antoinette.”

With his faculties returned, Jack and Rainer released their handshake. His kindly eyes and smile combined lustrous brown hair greying at the temples added an air of sophistication. The way Rainer carried himself gave him a distinguished air, oddly aloof to a stranger but to those that knew him; a gravity that commanded respect. To Jack, Rainer’s demeanour was not one of aloofness but of respect. Seeing Antoinette holding a silver tray and perched on them, Jack took two very cold glasses of frothy Champagne handing one to Fay.

“Tanya? Is she here already?” asked Fay quizzically.

“Yes. She flew in early this morning complaining that she never uses her company helicopter rental so she put it to good use to make the most of the day.” replied Brigitte with a short chuckle.

Fay smiled knowingly, so they were the last to arrive and Fay was in no doubt, the atmosphere crackled a little as Brigitte overtly gazed at Fay’s tight summer dress, her athletic bosom pressed tightly against the bodice of the tailored fabric.

Jack and Fay took the opportunity to sip from their respective Champagne glasses.

“Remy will take your bags. Once the ladies are freshened up, you will find us enjoying our pool.” informed Rainer, “Call for Remy when you want to join us, I hope your brought your swimwear?”

“Yes, we have!” replied Fay excitedly.

With that thought, Brigitte smiled at Jack shifting her position slightly, pushing her breasts upwards a little and smiling again as Jack’s gaze averted from her eyes to her chest subconsciously . Brigitte was quintessentially Austrian, blonde long hair and blue eyes that were set to a delectable soft face that Jack could lose himself in easily. As Jack admired Brigitte again, her tall and sleek frame was the product of her equestrian pursuits and Jack wondered that it must have been the long hours in the pool that honed her curves further. Sensing Jack’s admiration, unknown to Jack, she flashed a casual, yet rapid glance to her husband and from the corner of his eye, turned to give her a small smile; an acknowledgment they both understood well.

“Excellent, we will have a little light lunch by the pool, Remy will bring us some seafood to enjoy.” added Rainer.

“Mmm, sounds delicious, ” added Fay.

“Tanya is already enjoying a massage, Remy has masterful hands, she will join us of course” declared Brigitte smiling provocatively at Jack.

As he looked out of the car window, Jack smiled as he recalled Rainer and Brigitte were both very attractive. Indeed, after watching both of them fucking when Tanya showed them her ‘souvenir’, he remembered that they looked even more alluring in the flesh. Jack smiled wryily that they were even more seductive in person.

Remembering how nervous he was walking towards the pool, he remembered seeing Brigitte swimming slowly in the pool, remembering that black bikini for the first time, remembering what she looked like in the flesh naked. Her honey coloured skin, peach arse and shaved puffy mons with the finest pink labial lips. Jack shuffled in his car seat as he remembered her full breasts tight across her chest, each capped with a stubby hard nipple.

Jack smiled when he recollected Rainer’s jokey remark, “Not bad for 36!”

Casting his mind to after lunch, it was Antoinette that brought fruit juice and more Champagne, the light seafood lunch and headiness of the beautifully weighted body of the Champagne had made both Jack and Fay a little giddy. Tanya reclined in a lounger, her own swimsuit encased her taut, curvaceous frame as she chatted animatedly with Fay in her two-piece reclined on her side and smiling. The sight of female curves in their tight fitting swimsuits pleased Jack as he sat at the edge of the pool kicking his legs through the water idly. A little tipsy and feeling the tension melting from his own body thanks to the delicately intoxicating fine Champagne, Jack’s body easing the tautness from his laps of the large pool.

As they sat at the edge of the pool with their legs dipped in the water, Jack and Rainer shared their interests of staying in shape, playing golf, wine and good company; each remarking at how lucky they were to be surrounded by beautiful women taking time to pause and admire each them in turn.

Looking first to Antoinette, Jack then scanned the pool area as Remy responded to Tanya’s waving hand. It occurred to Jack that they were also attractive, both a little younger than himself and Fay. Both Remy and Antoinette were both dressed for the humid warmth of the glass encased swimming pool in loose fitting t-shirts and shorts as the winter sunlight had enough strength to elevate the temperature by several degrees. The warmth of the air bathed their bodies only serving to relax them further and easily dried the drops of water from their bodies after swimming in the pool. As Fay smiled at Jack, disarming Jack’s reverie of alcohol, warmth and soft relaxation, he reciprocated with a happy smile of his own.

As Rainer regaled to Jack of how Remy and Antoinette came to be working in their household, Remy worked for a local equerry and Antoinette was in her first bloom of youth, her elfin looks and pert petite body reminded Jack of Fay as soon as he clapped eyes on her. As Rainer explained with something of a sparkle in his eye, Brigitte made Remy an offer he couldn’t refuse and they both found Antoinette in one of the bars in Antibes celebrating having completed her baccalaureate. Jack felt that Rainer’s tone of voice was teasing him but Jack allowed him the benefit of the doubt, maybe any implied innuendo was too subtle or Rainer was far too discrete to elaborate any more than that.

Over more Champagne, Rainer’s guard dropped a little more and Jack was happy to go along with his stories. As Antoinette walked past, Rainer shot a knowing smirk to Jack, repeating the innuendo that he implied earlier. Catching Jack unprepared, he nodded his head in an attempt to act knowingly but he could only relate to the arrangement that he and Fay had with Tanya. It was clear to Jack now that the Kessels had a similar arrangement with Remy and Antoinette as they had with their previous ‘staff’. Affording himself a few moments, Jack chided himself for not understanding the innuendo but looking upon Antoinette and he simply couldn’t imagine such a demure, delicate, curiously aloof creature being remotely involved in anything like that. Jack’s body thought otherwise and despite the tight fitting trunks, they had to stretch to accommodate his half aroused cock and whilst Jack thought he had got away with it; it wasn’t lost on Rainer nor Brigitte.

Rainer watched Jack as he observed Remy walking toward Tanya again, Remy’s athletic body stretched each limb in a mix of his louche gait and elegant fluid movement as Jack absently forgot to reply to Rainer’s last question.

“Ah. Remy and Antionette, ” sighed Rainer regaining Jack’s attention, “as I said, the idea of help was Brigitte’s idea, finding two such willing young people is always difficult but we got there in the end, you do know Brigitte places demands on me that I find difficult sometimes?”

As Jack’s attention snapped back in focus on their conversation, he fought the urge to recoil in surprise at Rainer’s remarks and Jack fought hard not to blush at Rainer’s overt statement. Naively, Jack had not considered that after only a few hours at the Kessel’s home that thoughts were already turning toward more carnal activities. The words still raced through Jack’s mind, so Antoinette was only too happy to please any request made of her that Rainer and Brigitte were only too happy to make; so now Jack knew what the inference was in terms of Antoinette’s submissiveness and could not hold it back anymore as he blushed violently.

Remy laughed at Jack’s more ruddy complexion.

“Now, now Jack, surely you know?” asked Remy.

Jack’s flushed countenance didn’t ease, Remy’s blaise statement only made it worse.

“Of course, ” stuttered Jack, “it, erm, just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

With Jack’s realisation of Rainer’s assertion, Antoinette’s demeanour fitted perfectly and in Jack’s mind, it begged another question, what was Remy role?

Rainer laughed again, “And of course, Jack, myself and Brigitte have admired Fay and Tanya’s demands upon you.”

Jack’s reddened visage did not ease now, he felt he was burning up all over his face. In terms of their audience on that infamous night and Tanya’s awakening of Jack’s needs; Rainer had revealed they were two of the mysterious audience.

Jack laughed nervously nodding his head.

“Figures,” muttered Jack still chasten.

Rainer’s laughter had attracted the attention of all the guests around the pool, Fay watched intently knowing that Jack was discovering more about the trap carefully laid with Tanya’s help.

“Jack, look upon myself, Brigitte and my household staff as helping you with those demands, ” added Rainer, ” we are all friends now, for sure?”

In that moment, it was also clear to Jack that Remy and Antoinette were also there to help fulfill the Kessel’s sexual appetite and anyone else’s that the Kessels saw fit; they were playthings and just pawns in their sexual games to direct and enjoy.

As his reddened face finally began to ease, the bluntness of Rainer’s statements and the mixture of Rainer’s and Brigitte’s imposition on his ‘staff’ brought a deep arousal up from his inside Jack and made his stomach swim with nerves tempered by eager anticipation. As ever, Jack looked to Fay and it was clear as she smiled first Jack and then at Remy that she felt very comfortable here. The supposition running through Jack’s mind was that Fay and Tanya would help him through this, take his hand and guide him through this experience that he so eagerly wanted and yet she was not here nudging him, facilitating this situation to realise the next stage of their shared fantasy.

The wariness Jack felt troubled him and he felt exposed and vulnerable to the Kessel’s whims; the power of fight or flight was welling up inside him.

Jack swallowed, his mouth dry a little and taking another sip from his glass, gasped a little.

“Friends? Yes, Rainer, yes, of course. Friends.” replied Jack with hint of dry gruffness to his voice.

“With benefits for all, obviously?” added Rainer.

Jack looked to the pool and to Brigitte, with her graceful technique she had silently swam to the edge of the pool spurred by Jack’s blushes to stand in the pool next to Rainer, she was smiling directly at Jack with her hand on Rainer’s knee.

Jack smiled nervously, part in shock, part in confusion as he questioned himself that Rainer really was hitting on him; the first man to ever attempt to hit on him. Jack was a little angry with himself to miss it if he did, was he the quarry he asked himself and he furthered that with another question of were the swimsuit clad women a mere trifling distraction.

Looking to Fay and Tanya again, Jack’s eyes widen considerably as they were no longer swimsuit clad. In a mixture of giggles, they had shed their swimsuits and were pulling at Remy’s clothes, his toned, athletic body was soon exposed to the warm breezy air inside the pool annexe. Jack admired his broad shoulders, Remy had a swimmer’s body, tauter around the waist than his own body, leaner and without a single tan line on his sun-hued skin. His semi-flaccid cock swung between his legs, generous in proportion and his body was either covered in fine colourless hair or he was shaved. Brigitte looked to cast her own eyes on where Jack’s own gaze was directed and a soft, feminine giggle forced Jack to swing his eyes to her location.

Brigitte’s looking upon Jack’s own face could sense his confusion and residual fear combined with the excitement she had surveyed in his swimming trunks. Her eyes displaying a quality of curiousity and lust, sparkling as she smiled at Jack. Jack unconsciously returned her smile with one of his own, faking his amusement as his nerves gnawed inside him. Jack’s mind swam, he was nervous, the Kessels had been such fine hosts already yet he did not feel ready for this. Rainer was imposing himself on him yet the Champagne, the conversation and the sight of four beautiful women were making it impossible to refuse. Jack felt attracted to him, his good looks and his mercurial personality, the idea of Rainer and Brigitte using his body only made his cock stiffen involuntarily harder; Jack wanted it but wanted Fay’s approval too.

“Jack?” asked Rainer, “A toast?”

“Yes. of course.” whispered Jack submissively still distracted.

Rainer held his half-full Champagne glass up.

“To friends with benefits?” asked Rainer.

Jack smiled fighting to regain some of his composure.

“Indeed, ” Jack replied with a faux confidence as his voice faltered a little, ” To Friends with benefits.”

With a clink of their lead crystal glasses, Rainer finished his Champagne and following his lead, Jack drained his almost full glass. Jack gulped with nervous anticipation as the Champagne kicked in making his head swim almost instantaneously, it pushed his inhibitions to one side this time as he felt his loins tighten looking at how Fay and Tanya were taking it in turns to kiss and arouse Remy by caressing and stroking his stiffened cock. Looking to Brigitte, she rose from the water to sit next to her husband taking a glass of Champagne from Antoinette.

The heady feeling of the Champagne washed over Jack and he relaxed to Rainer’s advances, he knew they were all watching Fay and Tanya working on Remy’s cock and Jack knew that a man’s hard cock held as much sexual fascination for him as a wet aroused cunt. In all their fun and games, Fay and Tanya had developed this fascination in him to one of urgent sexual want, only now, at the moment of actual realisation it was not welling up in him as quickly as he thought.

As Jack’s nerves subsided again on his roller-coaster of sexual want and fear, he told himself that all Rainer had done was tell him that they wanted it too. Chiding himself a little, Jack assured himself this was a mere entree for them leading to a sexual feast, Jack told him that this was how sexually open people conducted themselves. Jack’s nerves were only there to be conquered for more deliberate sexual mores to follow later in that weekend; Rainer and Brigitte being the more experienced operators were simply removing Jack’s nerves; dealing this obstacle as early as possible.

As Jack gently placed his glass onto a tray held by Antoinette, he afforded himself a smile and Jack looked across to see Brigitte whispering into Rainer’s ear. They smiled together and then as Rainer kissed Brigitte’s forehead as she then slid back into the water.

“Now Jack, why don’t Rainer, me and you join the party?” added Brigitte confidently.

His only recently gained composure shattered into a million tiny pieces as Jack looked at Brigitte vacantly at first and then in fear as the realisation of her words hit him. The look on Brigitte face was one of clear enjoyment at shocking Jack and also placing him precisely in the palm of her hand, her next gesture to Jack only confirmed that as he followed her eyes the side of the pool.

Looking up, Jack could see Antoinette watching dispassionately from the side of the pool and as Jack looked to Tanya using a pool recliner for support she was bent over letting her considerable full breasts hang down as Fay and Remy shared eating her pussy from behind.

Jack gasped audibly and as his pupils dilated wide open in arousal as he looked back at Brigitte, his cock was almost perfectly stiff; Brigitte returned a wider smile at Jack’s shocked realisation. She realised that if he was going to put up a fight, it was now, yet it was a fait d’accompli they had carefully engineered with Tanya’s help . Brigitte knew as they were the two older, more sexually accomplished lovers that they preferred their new playthings shocked a little because in an effort to belie their nerves; they were more energetic and suggestable. Jack was no exception, his heart pounded, his upper torso, lean and muscular was flushed red and his cock was approaching full hardness traced a lumpy line in his tight trunks.

The Kessels had achieved their aim and Jack’s seduction was almost complete, Jack’s churned insides were sending a clear signal for him to just surrender and has his body had completely betrayed him, inside he ran up a white flag to surrender himself. Jack wanted this but knew not of how to contribute himself to the others in his presence, nothing to assert, nothing to offer except his desire to submit to his bisexuality and submit to them. Jack felt as if his body was not his own, he felt compliant ready to do whatever they asked of him and he knew enough to know that they would take full advantage.

“Sorry?” replied Jack dazed unable to comprehend the myriad of emotions running through his mind.

The only reply was two delicate female hands gripping his trunks to pull them his body, using his arms to lift his body unconsciously, his trunks travelled rapidly down his legs and they were gone. He was naked and vulnerable to both Rainer and Brigitte inspection of his hard, veiny meat.

“Mmm, my, my, ” tutted Brigitte, “you do not disappoint, does he Rainer?”

Rainer shook his head smiling staring at Jack’s hard cock.

Resigned to their desire, Jack flashed a look to the side of the pool again, a look that pleaded for help and as Fay matched Jack’s gaze, she nudged her face in the direction of Brigitte in encouragement. Seeing Fay’s hand gripping Remy’s girthy and erect cock through his trunks made Jack feel an incredible surge through his own meat. Jack returned to look upon Brigitte’s quizzical expression mixed with a look of mischief.

As Fay smiled watching the beginning of his seduction, Jack looked back at her to witness her silent acknowledgment of Jack’s predicament and Fay’s eyes widened clearly happy in approval as she watched her lover’s progress.

As a naked and aroused spectator to the unfolding sexual tension on display, Jack watched as Rainer’s legs shifted apart with Brigitte stood in the pool between them, he lifted his hips and Brigitte wasting no time pulling at the band of his trunks, removing them too. Jack absently, part intoxicated, part aroused watched as Rainer’s semi-flaccid cock rested on his tanned thigh filling with blood as Rainer admired Jack’s own youthful stiff cock. Not wanting to stare but unable to avert his eyes, Jack noticed he was shaved smooth which matched his hairless upper body and Jack watched absentmindedly as Rainer’s cock began to harden.

“Good Jack, Rainer clearly approves and Rainer has such a gorgeous cock doesn’t he?” stated Brigitte huskily.

Jack simply nodded, his ears ringing as his heart beat tightly in his chest rapidly in excitement now, his nerves were a fleeting memory.

“Mmm, Jack, you are hard so easily, Rainer you are hard now too, you must like his cock?” whispered Brigitte as she grasped Jack’s girth in her hand firmly.

“Yes, Bridge, he looks delicious,” replied Rainer.

“Mmm, good. Now Jack, you look anxious and we know this is your first time,” whispered Brigitte reassuringly, “It is such an honour for us to enjoy your first time so just relax and we will do the rest, ok?”

Jack nodded again, and Brigitte’s words washed his remaining nerves from his body, almost dumbstruck as he felt her hand stroking his cock, he looked at Rainer’s cock and Brigitte was slowly stroking his cock too, a cock in each of her hands.

“Mmm, nice and hard boys, very good.” said Brigitte perfunctorily.

Looking across to see Rainer’s arousal again, a large vein traced the full length of his shaft and it looked fat and long and easily a match for Jack’s own meat. It looked purposeful and Jack already knew that it would be Rainer doing what he wanted; Jack had been forewarned by Tanya and his nerves jangled again but even Jack knew it was too late; he reminded himself that they had done this many times before. Feeling trapped by their designs for him, Jack was rooted to the spot, malleable to their suggestions, trapped like a fly in a spider’s web. Jack already knew that he was ensnared by them both and as a simple participant under their control, he was simply there for the ride, that was what Tanya and Fay had fucked him for and Jack knew that was what they had educated him for. Jack knew that he should accept Brigitte’s words and follow their lead, he resolved to do the best he could and that they would guide him through whatever they had in mind for him.

Jack resigned himself that it was time to go along with it, to submit, place himself in the hands of a couple who’s proclivities proceeded them and it surprised Jack that it deeply aroused him. Jack’s face betrayed his thoughts with a doleful look of submission and it creased with a smile to acknowledge he was ready. Looking to Fay and Tanya, Remy own hard cock was now sawing in and out of Tanya’s cunt, Fay’s lithe body stood behind Remy and her hand between his legs either cupping his heavy balls, fingering his arse or rubbing on Tanya’s clit. It mattered not to Jack, Tanya looked lost as Remy swollen meat filled her continually.

“You like to watch Jack?” asked Rainer.

“Of course, ” gasped Jack feeling his cock wetten.

“Remy has incredible stamina, just like you.” added Rainer.

Jack looked down to his loins and Brigitte looked up to meet his eyes as his cock disappeared into her mouth, gasping at the skillfulness of her touch, Rainer took Jack’s hand and almost instinctively Jack knew what to do. Grasping his meat, Brigitte stopped a moment to gasp her approval as Jack’s hand tightened around Rainer’s cock, shuffling his grip up and down his shaft.

“Oh yes Jack, ” moaned Rainer, “feel how hard it is for you both.”

Aware that all he had to do was reciprocate, Jack knew that it would be Brigitte giving the instructions. Tanya had told both Fay and Jack at great length how the Kessels liked to enjoy their carnal pleasures, Rainer was an exquisite fuck and Jack knew that he was soon going to find out what Rainer would be doing to him at Brigitte’s behest. Slowly stroking Rainer’s cock was Jack’s tribute to them both, an indication that he was ready and his own throbbing hardness in Brigitte’s mouth told her that he was relaxed and accepting of his fate. Jack’s mind wandered as the pleasure unlocked a stream of sexual consciousness, Rainer and Brigitte had at least a decade or two in terms of sexual experience on him and that comforted him; they had done this before and Remy stood in the room as testament to that.

Jack watched as Brigitte removed his hand from Rainer’s cock and she attended to sucking on Rainer’s hard cock, she looked from the corner of her eye using them to smile at Jack as she took Rainer’s cock deeper.

Without warning, Jack gasped and looked down to see it was now Rainer’s hand gripping his shaft and as Jack groaned a little as he watched him slowly wank on his hard cock, he flexed it in encouragement. Momentarily, Jack looked to where Fay was, she was naked, her legs spread wide apart and Antoinette was kneeling between them, naked and her puffy pussy framed by her pert arse pushed upwards made Jack’s cock surge and judging how her head was slowly nodding, Antoinette was softly eating at Fay’s pussy. Jack scanned the room to see Tanya, she was riding on Remy’s cock. Fay half-open eyes met his own as she reciprocated a smile to him and watched avidly as Rainer and Brigitte took Jack’s bisexuality for the first time.

“Fuck!” gasped Jack as Rainer held his cock firmly, stroking it.

Brigitte had eased off the flimsy bikini top and as her bikini briefs were tied at the side, they were undone and gone too. She was beautiful, her round breasts pressed tightly against her compact curves, her flat stomach revealed a pierced navel and the tone of her skin matched Remy’s in its honey coloured hue. Her blue eyes looked to Jack again, smiling with them as Jack watched her sucking slowly on Rainer’s cock. She alternated again, replacing Rainer’s hand on Jack’s cock for her mouth, looked up to him again with a glare of wickedness and power over him.

“Touch my cock again Jack, feel how wet Brigitte made it” whispered Rainer.

Reaching over to touch it, Jack felt two soft hands on his shoulders, looking behind him, he tried hard not to exhale in relief at the face that smiled at him; it was Fay.

“You didn’t think I would miss this did you?” whispered Fay rhetorically and added with an amused air, “I just wanted to see if you could break the ice alone.”

Placing herself behind Jack, she spread her legs and slid behind Jack to support his weight a little, each hand teased each nipple as Jack complied with Rainer assertiveness; his heart beating hard with arousal, his breathing slowing in relaxation that Fay’s presence afforded him. Part mesmerised, part aroused to his situation, Jack took Rainer’s shaft in his hand again softly stroking Rainer’s cock making him gasp in pleasure.

“Yes, yes, good.” gasped Rainer.

Jack involuntarily let out a moan as Brigitte impaled her mouth with his cock again, sucking harder.

“Yes, Bridge, his balls are starting to tighten.” whispered Rainer.

Jack scanned across to where Tanya and Remy were and Antoinette was positioned underneath Remy teasing his perineum and arse as Tanya sucked on his cock. Looking down, lost a little as Rainer groaned to Jack’s grasp on his cock and he was enjoying the fascination and curiousity of holding Rainer’s stiff meat. Fay’s teasing was making Jack hornier and new thoughts entered into Jack’s mind, he wanted to suck it and feel it in his mouth as Fay watched him. He wasn’t sure if he could take it inside him but the thought didn’t alarm him; it aroused him.

Rainer shifted his position and rose to his feet, his cock jutted from his body, stiff and fully erect. Jack could hear a slurping noise and it was clear that Fay couldn’t resist Rainer’s hard cock and feeling the breezy air around his cock, Brigitte was lifting herself out of the water. She sat next to Jack, stroking his cock and Jack could see that Fay was holding Rainer’s stiff shaft at its base.

“Suck it for me Jack, put it in your mouth.” whispered Fay.

Closing his eyes, Jack opened his mouth and felt the weight of his cock slide onto his tongue, instinctively he closed his mouth around it and his only thought was one of surprise when his jaw did not move far to close his lips around it. Rainer’s cock felt hot and wet in his mouth as he slowly moved his neck to slide as much of his cock into his mouth as he could.

Hearing the gasps of Fay and Brigitte, Rainer moaned a little as Jack played back in his mind how he had sucked Fay’s strap on cock.

“Good, that’s it, you are doing that so well, ” gasped Fay with encouragement, “keep going.”

Another moan from Rainer only confirmed Fay’s word of encouragement and as he felt Rainer’s hands holding his head, a moan involuntarily vibrated on his cock as he felt Brigitte’s mouth on his own shaft. Unknown to Jack, Antoinette felt Tanya’s folds wetten as she watched Jack take his first cock in his mouth, Tanya’s groan was the only hint of the self-congratulation she felt for teaching her young charge well and as she felt Antoinette’s mouth pressed closer to her greasy cunt she looked to see Remy’s hard cock slide in and out of Antoinette’s wet cunt with more force.

Fay’s mouth sucked on Jack’s hard nipple as Brigitte’s hand cupped and stroked Jack’s tightening balls, her middle digit sliding up and down his perineum. Mindful of Rainer’s cock in his mouth, he eased his legs apart letting Brigitte explore as Rainer pushed his swollen meat deeper into his mouth. For a moment Jack felt he would gag but Rainer then slid his cock out a little and Jack’s tongue explored the sensitive head of Rainer’s cock; Jack’s nerves had evaporated and now it was Rainer’s own pleasure foremost in his mind.

Gasping slightly, Fay was stood next to Rainer parting her legs slightly to show that Rainer had wedged his fingers into her shaved wet sex, the sight of that and the sensation of Brigitte violating his ass with her finger made him suck Rainer’s cock a little harder still, moving his mouth over his shaft with more urgency.

“Fuck! Yes!” exclaimed Rainer, “You are a good cocksucker.”

Responding to Brigitte’s own sucking of his cock and her finger in his ass, Jack moaned again on Rainer’s cock forcing another gasp from him. Rainer groaned again and pushed his fingers harder into Fay’s cunt wettening further on his fingers as Fay intently watched her lover sucking a man’s cock for the first time. Jack’s moans only aroused Rainer further as another finger joined the first in his arse, Brigitte was pushing them deeper into him using her saliva as a temporary salve for her to gain entry to his hole. Jack knew her purpose, it was not to massage his prostate, more to stretch him, to sense his eagerness and acceptance for more than mere fingers. It was only a fleeting penetration to gauge his sexual boundary and she smiled at Jack as her mouth has left his cock swollen and hard. Feeling the air on his cock, a hand gripped his shoulder as he felt her softly kiss the side of his face and then her lips nuzzling his ear.

“Keep sucking his cock, he loves it.” whispered Brigitte.

It was Brigitte now standing next to Rainer, the sound of lips smacking together was a sign of her arousal as Jack felt Fay’s presence alongside him, her hand first gripping his shaft and then the familiar velvety feel of her slight mouth around the head of his cock.

“Mmm, Fay, such a good slut, keep him hard for us.” moaned Rainer.

Continuing his education, Jack maintained the pace of his mouth and tongue on Rainer’s shaft, Brigitte gasped as she surveyed Rainer’s cock slide in and out of Jack’s mouth watching it locked around his veiny hard shaft. For Jack, time had melted away and this felt so effortless and the reality of sucking on Rainer’s cock and the shared fantasy that Jack shared with Fay melted into one; this felt as if this was always how it was. Hearing Brigitte’s moans were Jack’s rewards, Fay’s encouragement on his own cock was starting to raise the temperature and severity of his libido, it was sexually charging Jack’s body for more. His concentration was broken as Rainer’s removed his cock from Jack’s mouth and Fay leaning up from his own, placed a tender kiss onto Jack’s mouth. Fay’s approval and arousal were the only confirmation Jack needed to follow the Kessel’s in their plans for him.

“Come, let’s wash the chlorine off ourselves. You are ready for more I think.” stated Brigitte cheerily.

As Brigitte used her strong toned body and an out-stretched hand, she helped Jack to his feet. Fay kissed Jack softly to communicate her approval, Rainer placed his arm around him as they walked towards the sound of splashing water; pulling Jack close to him in a conciliatory act of reassurance. Rainer laughed as soon as he saw that Tanya and Antoinette were already under the pan sized chrome shower head sprinking plenty of water all over their bodies. Tanya and Antoinette, both ensconced against each other as Tanya rubbed her shaved pussy against Antoinette taut, slim thigh kissing each other passionately. Remy, in a delicate pose of nudity, stood watchful next to the shower his athletic lean frame on display as Brigitte and Fay walked to him bringing them all under the inverted tree of sprinkling shower heads.

“Come Jack, I want to suck your cock now.” said Rainer nonchalantly.

Jack acknowledged Rainer with a gasp and as the warm water cascaded over his shoulders and torso, Rainer span Jack around and knelt in front of his body, his cock level with his mouth. For a single moment, there was no opportunity to resist, as a rabbit stuck in car headlights, the masculine face of Rainer looked up and then as his mouth opened, his hand held Jack’s cock and he pulled it into his mouth.

Gasps rustled through the sound of water splashing on the tiled floor, echoing off the glass as Fay and Tanya saw the culmination of their fantasies for Jack. Brigitte, Antoinette and Remy watching as Rainer sucked eagerly on Jack’s cock sliding his closed mouth up and down his shaft. Throwing his head back, Jack felt hands on his hips, they felt firm and they held Jack tightly in place and as Jack let out a moan, the sensation of Rainer’s warm mouth on his cock overcame any last remnants of resistance. The heady sensation of another man sucking on his stiff, girthy cock was the fulfillment of the many times that Fay and Tanya had teased Jack into a sexual frenzy.

“Fuck!” gasped Fay.

Jack looked around him, Tanya and Fay were leading Remy to stand next to Jack and were on their knees taking in turn to suck on Remy’s hardening cock. Remarking on when Tanya held his cock for Fay to admire it, Jack thought that Remy was blessed with a long and thick rod that slightly bested the dimensions of his own cock. Spying Jack’s admiration of Remy’s meat, Brigitte standing next to Jack used her fingers to rub at Jack’s puckered arse again.

“You do know that Rainer can only fuck when he has a young man to play with?” whispered Brigitte in Jack’s ear.

Jack blinked as Rainer licked on his aching stiff shaft.

“It’s Remy’s cock that fucks me to my satisfaction and Rainer would agree too, it gives us both such great satisfaction.” added Brigitte.

Jack groaned as Brigitte’s fingers penetrated Jack’s arse again with a cool slippery fluid coated on her fingers.

“Mmm, good. Of course, you will be no exception. Your own orgasm will fill me with your sperm as Rainer fucks you in the ass.” gasped Brigitte.

“Oh fuck!” groaned Jack.

Gasping at the revelations, his cock surged in Rainer’s mouth and as Rainer moaned his approval at Jack’s confession, it communicated to Brigitte that her words had found their target. Brigitte moved into kiss Jack who reciprocated passionately, his seduction was complete she thought as her tongue slipped softly into his eager mouth. Fay and Tanya both watched Jack’s reaction easily within earshot as Jack’s arse was violated as Remy took care of their wet pussies. As Jack’s cock stiffened harder and as Rainer’s mouth skillfully made it swell fully hard, the ladies all watched Jack enjoy his cock sucking as Brigitte made him wince with an another finger in his arse. They all knew he was being readied for a fucking, their surprise was now much Jack was eager for it on his first time. Tanya’s soft squeal was a crescendo of her first orgasm as the visual spectacle under the soft cascade of water drops took her over the edge.

Rainer only wanted Jack to feel how good he could suck cock, Jack would not be experiencing any release until his wife instructed him to deliver it and was mindful only to keep Jack on a plateau of full arousal now. Jack’s cock felt so hard and vibrant in his mouth, he knew that as he cupped Jack’s shaved heavy balls that Brigitte’s interest in his hard cock would be explained to Jack just before it was too late and Rainer couldn’t wait for that moment when Jack would tense enough for Rainer to obtain his own release.

Fay reached to the gearstick and Jack’s reached to her hand, he took hers and gripped it softly, Fay looked to Jack.

“Still in Antibes?” asked Fay her eyes as wide as saucers.

Jack smiled and Fay smiled back.

“You were such a dirty bastard,” giggled Fay, “Won’t be long now, at least the traffic is moving.”

As his mind wandered again, it was the sensation of Rainer stood in front of him and his hands on his shoulders pushing Jack down that jarred his memory. It was a mix of trepidation and excitement, as Jack recollected that Fay knelt down with him and slowly wanked Rainer’s cock in his hand. With her holding and wanking Rainer’s cock, Jack knew he had to open his mouth again as he heard the moans of approval from Brigitte, Fay and Tanya. Replaying every memory from every momentous cock sucking he had ever received, Jack tried to apply everything he could remember that made it feel so good.

Rainer groaned too in approval, “Mmm, yes, good, suck my cock again, you are a fast learner.”

“Mmm, Jack, suck it good.” purred Fay.

Jack closed his mouth around Rainer’s hard, thickening shaft, Jack already understood some of the things Rainer liked and Jack had no lingering doubts that he definitely enjoyed it, it tasted good, it felt so hot and yet despite its hardness, the skin was velvety soft. As Jack’s tongue licked along Rainer’s length, Jack winced as he felt Brigitte violate his arse again, this time it was something more than just fingers, it pushed and stung more and more until it stung no longer, he felt filled.

“Yes, good, good, take it. That will keep you ready for later.” purred Brigitte.

Brigitte was now knelt down too holding Rainer’s shaft and took it from Jack’s mouth, she kissed Jack hungrily clearly aroused that another lean, athletic young body would be enjoying their games. As Jack looked to Fay knelt beside him, Remy’s thick shaft slid in and out of her delicate mouth, it’s girth was almost too much to fit. As she withdrew it, she looked to Jack, offering his thick meat to his lips and Jack did not need to be asked.

“Yes, yes, suck it for me. I want his meat in me Jack, suck him and get him hard for me.” gasped Fay haughtily.

Remy clearly heard Fay and in his delight at the prospect made his cock swell in Jack’s mouth. Licking Remy’s cock and then sliding as much of it into his mouth again, Jack took it eagerly to give Fay as much satisfaction as she could take from it. Shuffling his hips to and fro, Remy’s cock slid with the friction of Jack’s sucking on his stiffening meat, fucking Jack’s mouth with only half of its generous length. As Tanya watched, she afforded herself a moment of satisfaction that her two young students were now enjoying her friends with free abandon, her own fingers idly rubbing on her hard clit as she admired Jack’s cock-sucking skills, first with Rainer and now with Remy. As Brigitte rose, finished with sucking on Rainer’s cock for now, they both lifted Fay to her feet pausing to see Remy with his eyes closed clearly lost in the moment of Jack sucking on his hard cock.

“Remy, Antoinette, show our guests to our playroom.” instructed Brigitte.

And that instruction and tone of it, instructed Remy and Jack to stop. Jack got to his feet without assistance and Remy afforded Jack the merest silent gesture of gratitude as they both looked to see that Antoinette was holding a pile of soft towels to dry themselves with.

The tall, imposing, deep stained oak doors were pushed open as Antoinette was the first to enter, Fay was the last to throw her towel into the pile on the floor as Jack surveyed the room in wonderment. The room was softly lit from all angles by soft pearlescent uplighting and in the middle of the room, a sunken area surrounded by a large crescent of cushioned cream leather sectional settees were placed on a cream deep pile carpet. The sunken quadrangle was padded as a giant cream leather rectangle bed, the leather was studded and scattered amongst it were cream leather cylindrical cushions. Admiring the surroundings, Jack noticed camera tripods placed strategically at corners of the sunken quadrangle and in the middle of the quadrangle were a selection of sex toys clearly signaling the room’s purpose.

“Take his Jack, we know who you are and we feel it adds a little frisson to our games.” said Brigitte.

A black leather face-mask, kidney shaped to cover across his eyes with eye-holes and a section cut for the bridge of his nose was placed in his hand, looking around Jack could see that everyone was placing them onto their face.

“If you want a memento for posterity, you can relax in the knowledge that what happens here between us cannot be identified back to you!” laughed Brigitte.

Laughter followed from the others.

The ripple of laughter didn’t bounce off the glass windows of the pool area, in here it was well suppressed by the wall coverings of fabric tapestries displaying orgiastic scenes stated the room’s purpose as he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

“The cameras are triggered by movement in the room, so you might want to hurry with the mask!” giggled Brigitte.

More laughter followed from the others.

The distraction of the shower, towelling dry and the awe in the size and nature of the room had distracted Remy, Rainer and Jack, the cocks were only half erect. Jack was minded by the obstruction placed into his arse as his sphincter bit into it. Jack was led by Brigitte and Rainer to the quadrangle, as Fay and Remy followed. It was clear that Antoinette’s passive sexual attentiveness had aroused Tanya who took a position on a spectator sofa, her long, porcelain skinned legs spread for her pussy to receive more attention from Antoinette’s mouth.

Jack looked up on Tanya feeling his cock start to swell again, looking to see that her mask wasn’t enough to hide her eyes, the windows to her intent. Tanya looked to Jack avidly, her pussy flooding again in response to Antoinette’s skills and at the prospect of seeing Jack buggered by Rainer’s hard cock. Jack felt the edge of the soft rectangular padded bed against his upper shin, turning to Brigitte holding his hand looking to her.

“Lie on the bed, face up, you will be getting Rainer hard,” asked Brigitte.

Jack watched to see that Fay had wasted no time in receiving Remy’s semi-hard cock into her pussy, he smiled as she gingerly lowered her tight wet sex onto his rapidly stiffening meat stroking it as she held it to guide into her. Her pert breasts rose and fell with her sharp intakes of breath as she slowly took each of Remy’s fat inches inside her. Looking to Jack’s gaze, her face, part awestruck by Remy’s hard cock, part aroused that her lover was watching her being a complete slut, hungry for another man’s cock.

“I see that Fay is wasting no time, ” laughed Rainer, “now, suck my cock.”

Whilst Fay could watch Jack receive Rainer’s cock, Jack had to focus on Rainer’s hardening meat sliding into his mouth and from Rainer’s moans, Jack’s eagerness to caress and squeeze Rainer’s heavy balls made both Tanya and Fay gasp. Remy’s pleasure was feeling Fay’s tight cunt slicken on his hard meat, Brigitte’s instruction was clear, Remy was to give his cum to her anywhere she wished it. Brigitte was resolute, Fay would be fucked hard by Remy and used so that they could have Jack to themselves. Their plan was working, Jack was prostrate, Brigitte’s hand worked Jack’s cock hard as Rainer’s cock had stiffened considerably again in Jack’s mouth.

The stiffness of Jack’s cock had returned and Brigitte knew he was ready, Rainer was fully hard too, it hadn’t taken long. Breaking from wanking and sucking Jack’s cock, Brigitte slid next to Jack to lie next to him and took Rainer’s cock.

“It’s time Jack, get on all fours.” demanded Brigitte.

Jack’s heart raced, this was it, he wanted this now and he was certain and this morning felt like a different era of his life, now he was bisexual. The deliberate destruction of his bisexual virginity beckoned with a sweet malice that he gladly wanted so much, the churning in his stomach now was not nerves but excitement. Affording himself a moment of contemplation, Fay and Tanya had teased, provoked and aroused Jack at the prospect of another cock in his mouth and fucking his arse and this was it; this was his time. His cock throbbed at the prospect as Brigitte cupped his heavy balls, squeezing them in consolation, her hand pulling to release the plug wedged in his arse. Brigitte smiled as Jack snuzzled on her hard nipple, the sensation was pleasant enough but it was her satisfaction that her plan was being executed so willingly that filled her with delight. His potential for them both had shown early promise and now as she eased a finger into her soft, wet pussy folds, it was their time to take Jack, to further education and expand on his sexual boundaries to new limits.

Stealing herself another thought, Brigitte’s mind toyed with the idea that Jack should fuck Remy too and experience the power that Rainer clearly enjoyed so much. Whilst Rainer would never consent to Jack fucking him, Remy would do as he was told, especially if Jack’s slut was to tempt Remy with her wet cunt at the moment of Jack penetrating him. Brigitte watched her hung young stud being ridden by Fay, she was certainly experienced enough and took clear delight in showing Brigitte how well she had adapted to Remy’s cock. In Brigitte’s desire to wear down Jack by arousing his slut lover, she had inadvertently cuckolded Jack into the bargain making her cunt drip with pleasure at how easily Jack had accepted that. Looking to Tanya, it was not lost on her either and as Brigitte watched Tanya tense and release to another satisfying orgasm; Antoinette’s strap-on cock driving into Tanya had fucked their sole invited audience member to another climax sourced from deep from inside her. Brigitte had shared their plans with Tanya and as their sole voyeur, Tanya took great delight in seeing it being played out with such precision.

Jack took to his elbows and knees, providing Fay a perfect view of his slickened stretched arse and give her the perfect vista to watch Jack take a hard cock inside him. Brigitte was sucking Rainer again, kneeling beside Jack, her hand idly stroking Jack’s hard meat with enough force to make his tight heavy balls swing between his legs as he gasped and moaned at the pleasure she was giving him.

“Do it Rainer, ” ordered Brigitte, “but wait for me to get underneath him first.”

Brigitte slid underneath Jack as they jostled together to adapt to Brigitte head sliding close to Jack’s loins making him moan deeply as the sensation of Brigitte’s lips fixing around Jack’s hard cock made him push his arse into the air and his cock into Brigitte’s attendant mouth. With Brigitte’s shaved wet cunt only inches from his mouth, Jack reciprocated without hesitation, lapping and sucking on her hard swollen clit. Unaware, Remy had bucked Fay from her mount and Fay rolled from his cock to lie beside Jack eager to watch his reaction to being penetrated by another man for the first time.

“Mmm, Jack, I’m so fucking wet.” purred Fay, “I fucked him good, now it’s your turn.”

Jack rose to smile, Fay pressed her mouth to his with a brief but passionate kiss to taste Brigitte’s juices smeared on his lips as Jack moaned, Brigitte’s mouth forcibly sucking harder on his meat.

“Take his cock Jack.” pleaded Fay.

Fay looked upon her lover and could see he was aroused, very aroused and she knew that made him so suggestable as if suggestion were now needed. She knew that his mind was focussed only on one thing, sexual gratification and with that her hand absently travelled to her own pussy and as she slid her fingers into her wet folds, her mind raced to the impending moment and the realisation of her biggest fantasy; to see a man fucked by another man.

“Mmm, ” responded Jack to Brigitte’s mouth on his own cock, “please, fuck me, please fuck me now.”

Watching Rainer kneel on one knee and using his other leg to crouch, knee bent with his foot on the leather bed, Fay could see that Rainer could lean over Brigitte, giving her the room to suck Jack’s cock and show Tanya his cock fucking Jack’s arse. As Fay watched Rainer pushing his hard cock downwards she watched him stroke his hard meat gauging the steel in his shaft to press it into Jack’s arse.

Remy’s hard cock, sheened with Fay’s cunt juices jarred Jack’s peripheral vision as he turned his head to see her, Fay willingly took it into her mouth as Jack avidly watched the impressive head of his cock slid back into Fay’s mouth. Her own fingers wrapped around his thick length guiding it into her mouth, the lack of finesse and copious amounts of saliva served to aid its travel in and out of her mouth. Remy knew what he had to do as Jack and Fay’s eyes met, an overwhelming feeling shot a harsh electrical signal from his arse into his body as he felt a soft, cushioning blunt object pushing to penetrate him.

Fay’s incredulous look matched Jack’s as she watched her lover impaled on Rainer’s cock, the fat head of his meat violating him. Feeling it’s heat start to travel inside him was tempered with a cool slickness that lubricated his arse as Rainer’s cock pushed and then eased from his entrance. Jack’s face looked wracked in concentration at first as he took Rainer in his ass then gave way to the look of sexual pleasure, his features softened as he felt his arse fill with hard, willing cock sliding in and then out of him.

Jack looked to see Fay’s astonishment and delight on her face as she wanked Remy’s cock with vigour and determination, not stopping as she surveyed Jack’s obvious gratification etched on his face.

“Fuck him!” squealed Fay rapt in Jack’s blissful expression.

“Fuck, he is tight,” groaned Rainer, “but so fuckable.”

Fay’s moment had come and overwhelmed by it, took Remy’s cock into their mouth again for Jack to watch for a while until Jack’s head went down, squeezing his eyes tight shut, the familiar burning sensation of his arse being filled and the need to expel it passed quickly. As Rainer pushed more of his length into him, Remy’s own body entered more of Jack’s line of sight. Watching Remy’s cock and admiring how erect and fierce it looked, Remy knelt before Brigitte pulling her legs over his hips and only inches from Jack’s face, sliding his length into her willing cunt. The moans on Jack’s cock felt sublime as Rainer, now that Jack’s arse had adapted more to his length began sliding his cock in and out of Jack’s arse with more tempo.

“Oh yes, yes. Fuck my arse.” moaned Jack in encouragement.

“You fucking dirty bastard! I fucking love it!” squealed Fay with delight.

Remy’s cock slid deeper into Brigitte’s pussy, her fine pussy lips parting to take his meat as Jack pushed his body up with his arms to allow his eyes to focus on the sight of Brigitte cunt being fucked. Looking to Fay, he could see Antoinette freed from her strap-on cock straddled over Fay’s leg and in scissors they were rubbing and mashing each other’s pussies together.

“Yes! Fucking bitch!” gasped Fay as Antoinette pushed her thigh harder against her undulating pubic bone.

“Uh, uh, uh, fuck!” groaned Fay as her body creased and lurched to Antoinette ministrations.

Looking to his right, Antoinette’s body was slanted above Fay and using her weight to press Fay’s body downwards, Antoinette was using her hands to press against her breasts holding Fay firmly in place. Fay’s cunt was rising and falling, grazing hard against Antoinette’s thigh, looking towards Jack, Fay’s eyes were half-open in a haze of sexual ecstasy watching the foursome in front of her. Rainer, squat over Jack’s hips, pushed on his shoulders and forcing Jack’s focus to attend to the cock pressed into his arse, he drove harder into Jack with more force. With a grunt with each push into Jack’s arse made Jack gasp and shoved his face against Brigitte pussy as he opted to suck and lick on her clit. With Jack’s cock released from Brigitte’s mouth, her body started to quiver to attention of Jack on her clit and Remy in her cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” squealed Brigitte, her voice quivering.

It was clear to all of them that Fay and Brigitte were in the throes of their orgasm as Rainer pressed his cock hard into Jack filling him to the hilt of his cock. Fay’s squeals were all the more amplified with the knowledge that Jack was fully impaled on Rainer’s cock, moaning at the look of sheer sexual pleasure on her lover’s face. Looking to Remy too, he was fucking Brigitte with more deliberate and deeper strokes as she convulsed underneath Jack. Letting out a surprised gasp, Jack felt a firmer hand grasp his cock, Rainer was taking his shaft in his hand and stroking him as he fucked his arse.

“Yes, f.. f.. fuck me, fuck me!” groaned Brigitte between snatches of air.

As her convulsions eased, Brigitte’s mons undulated softly conveying her enjoyment of the post-orgasmic sensations tingling over her body. Jack pitched himself back up, locking his elbows, the sensations of Rainer’s mouth, Brigitte’s mouth, their hands and now Rainer cock fucking him were taking their toll on Jack’s resolve and as Remy’s own cock slid from Brigitte’s pussy. The heady sensations of Brigitte’s mouth coupled onto his hard cock again and the sensation of her husband now pounding his arse were mixed with the wistful curiousity of the sight of Remy’s swollen cock only inches from Jack’s mouth.

“Put it in his mouth!” gasped Fay as Antoinette merciless attention to her cunt was driving her on to another orgasm.

His wistfulness became willing consent as Fay’s hand reached out to Remy’s pussy slicked cock as Jack lent forward only a couple of inches and Remy’s hips lurched forward to penetrate Jack’s mouth.

“Holy fuck! Yes! yes!” gasped Tanya at the apex of her own self-gratification.

Fay groaned again, deeply from her diaphragm, more gutteral this time as Jack was impaled in his mouth and in his arse; her face contorted by another engrossing orgasm. Amidst the gasps, moans of sexual gratification, Rainer gasped as he looked over to see Jack filled now at both ends. Slowing his tempo, he stole himself moments to savour the sight and sensations of participating in spitroasting Jack watching their submissive cock contribute something new to both Brigitte and himself.

As Jack’s cock throbbed involuntarily, Brigitte knew that Jack’s time was approaching too, licking and sucking on his throbbing shaft, she felt that steely swelling in his cock at the apex of a man’s arousal. In a flailing of legs and arms, she moved herself from underneath Jack’s body and whilst it necessitated Remy removing his cock from Jack’s mouth, Brigitte wanted Jack to achieve the culmination of her plan. Enjoying his cock fucking Jack’s mouth, Brigitte watched avidly as her husband and her cocktoy using Jack’s holes for their pleasure stuffing her fingers into her soaking wet cunt and using her other hand to keep Jack hard as she watched the display.

Losing all sense of time, Jack had lost any sense of concentration, the obligation of earlier felt nothing of the sort now and it was just sexual pleasure. The mechanics, the genders, the description of the act was lost to him as it slipped into an unconscious effort that felt perfectly normal. Lost in the pleasure being received and being given, the sounds of Brigitte, Fay and Tanya in sexual lust were their own ample reward. It was Brigitte’s word that interupted Jack’s acceptance of this newly discovered sexual pleasure.

“Jack, let me join you.” purred Brigitte.

Jack stopped momentarily allowing Remy to remove his well sucked cock from Jack’s mouth and provide the space for Brigitte to slide her body underneath him again, with her legs spread wide pressing the inside of her thighs against his own; her hand reached to his swollen meat guiding him into her well fucked pussy.

“That’s it baby, let me slide it into me, ” said Brigitte with a soft consolation, “you are doing great and that cock needs some pussy.”

Jack groaned as the tip of his cock slid into Brigitte hot enveloping hole, Rainer’s fucking of his arse was doing the rest and Brigitte shuffled under him a little, just enough for Jack to be fully buried into her tight cunt, as it filled her, Brigitte let a whispered gasp leave her mouth.

“Oh, I could get used to your cock in there, so thick” whispered Brigitte into Jack’s ear.

As Rainer pumped his cock into Jack again, it pushed Jack into Brigitte’s pussy, feeling the lack of give in Jack’s body as Brigitte clasped him close to her felt new to Rainer. As Brigitte braced Jack’s body against Rainer, it only renewed his vigour to fuck Jack’s arse, his groans as he recieved his cock deep inside him only confirmed to them both that Jack’s was approaching the edge of his own impending climax.

“I.. I… can’t last much longer,” pleaded Jack, “I can’t”.

Brigitte moaned in approval.

“Then you need to release, do it, do it into my fertile pussy,” whispered Brigitte, “fill me with spunk.”

The words didn’t connect until Brigitte’s laughter snapped his realisation into focus, unable to move and wedged tight between them, his alarm was broken by wet, slim fingers pressed to his mouth. Opening to accept them, it was Fay’s musky pussy juice on her fingers that distracted him for only moments as Brigitte attacked Jack’s achilles heel, his nipples, pulling them with the firm pinch of her fingers. Jack relented at once, his last remnants of resistence breached the last strands of resolve and Jack accepted it was too late to remonstrate; he submitted to her fully knowing his seed would be released in her pussy. Fay’s hand holding Remy’s cock pressed it against Jack’s lips and Remy resumed fucking Jack’s mouth as he reciprocated, sucking on it weakly. Moaning at the relentless assault on his body, Rainer’s slow, pumping fucking movements were driving Jack closer and close to the edge. With each push of Rainer’s cock, Brigitte wet, velvety pussy would tense and squeeze on his shaft.

“Fuck! yes, yes!” moaned Brigitte.

His education was almost complete, her plan had been executed perfectly, Jack was penetrated by her husband and her submissive toy cock again, she felt her pussy wetten again at the sight and sounds of Jack’s body being used and of Jack becoming another toy for their desires. Brigitte’s cunt spasmed again at the thought, Jack, the sexual animal being tamed, being given his bisexual fucking and shown how he could be brought to heel.

Rainer lent over him, crouched on his legs levering his own cock into Jack’s arse and on hearing Rainer’s laboured breathing and feeling drops of his sweat dripping to splash on his back; Jack’s deep moan travelled along Remy’s stiff cock.

“Yes, yes, feel her cunt on your cock, she will milk you when she cums,” Rainer hissed, “I can tell she is close….”

With that, Rainer banged his cock into Jack’s arse hard making him reel in a mix of pain and sheer sexual delight. Groaning loudly, Remy’s cock jerked violently in Jack’s mouth and unawares it was Antoinette’s strap-on cock violating Remy’s arse as Fay focused her attention on Brigitte’s nipples. Each of Fay’s fingers were encouraging Brigitte’s pussy as she rubbed in her hard clit when she could as her pubic bone undulated to meet Jack’s forced penetration of her smooth cunt.

“Oh fuck!” wailed Brigitte as her body began to convulse.

“Fucking cum on him! Milk his cock!” whispered Fay with a staccato pitch.

Amidst the gasp and moans of pleasure, Jack felt Brigitte’s cunt contract around his shaft and his perineum reciprocated gripping on Rainer’s cock.

“Fuck! He’s ready.” gasped Rainer

Brigitte’s body convulsed and started to shake, the tightness of her pussy muscles rippled over Jack’s swollen cock, making him desperate to release, Rainer’s cock in his arse was holding him back and it was torturing his need to cum. It was a delay more than Jack was ever aware of and it pushed him further than he thought he could pushed before he could release. As a tiny, fearful doubt that he would not be able to release his load entered his mind as Rainer’s fucking pushed Jack cock deep into Brigitte clenching tight cunt.

Remy’s cock withdrew from Jack’s mouth affording him the chance to gasp for air, as his perineal muscles being to spasm with more and more vigour, his body was fighting to expel his cum and it was not going to relent, instead his muscles grasping and spasming in ever harder amplitudes and in turn, massaging and gripping Rainer’s cock with more and more violence.

Fay had seen Jack cum many times and almost paralysed to watch the scene of this beautiful fucking she watched her lover and his pending release, looking upon her, her smile, her flushed pink naked body and the times they had spent fantastising about his very moment was enough. Brigitte’s pussy was convulsing in long hard waves over his full length, squeezing, massaging him to his orgasm, her fingers pulling on his overly sensitive nipples. Feeling his own tipping point reached, Jack groaned heavily, in climax and relief.

“I. I.. cumming.” Jack moaned lowily as he felt the first leak of his release.

“Yes… give me your spunk… cum in me, good boy, good boy….” hissed Brigitte.

With another spasm from her cunt, Jack complied and groaned more loudly this time feeling his balls release his load, spilling his pearly-white emulsion deep into her wet, creamy folds as Rainer pushed his cock deep into Jack; making him push his spurting cock deep into his wife’s accepting cunt. Each heavy throb of Jack’s cock bit down firmly on Rainer’s own tempered hard meat and each of those early spasms was longer than the last. Jack was massaging Rainer’s cock with increasing force and the sudden additional friction on his cock made Rainer’s groan as he passed his own point of no return stabbing his own spasming cock fully into Jack’s arse.

Feeling the warmth of Jack’s cum deep inside her own body made Jack recoil in shock and to counter Brigitte pulled Jack into a passionate kiss enveloping him with her arms as Jack felt a deep warmth inside his own body.

“Yes, yes, yes! Take my cum.” growled Rainer.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! You filthy cunt Jack, take it!” screamed Fay fucking her own cunt to another orgasm.

The realisation and then horror of the sensation inside him jarred Jack’s own coital gratification, the weight of Rainer’s body leaning over him and the helplessness of his confinement between them overwhelmed him, Jack’s cock bucked hard inside Brigitte still releasing his cum, the loss of friction in his own arse filled with Rainer’s spunk meant that Jack could then push back on him easily. In realisation of the incredible sensations it afforded Jack, he lost himself again to the coital satisfaction of his release and for a brief moment as they enjoyed their orgasm, the heady sensations that Jack felt totally overwhelmed him again. For only several short strokes before his cock was totally spent, Jack fucked them both, milking Rainer’s seed and his own into Brigitte and the sexual power of it made his cock give out one last hard throb inside Brigitte making her gasp again.

Amidst the sounds of stolen, snatched deep breathing, gasps of release, the stillness of Rainer’s cock inside Jack and the greasy sensations of Jack softly throbbing cock in Brigitte’s now cum-filled pussy had left him spent, to ease his weight upon her, he leant up on his arms once he felt Rainer’s own weight ease from his back; Jack looked to see Brigitte smiling upon their new flushed and spent sexual charge with a mix of gratification and admiration.

“Our gift to you,” Brigitte sighed smiling.

“Your ass felt so good, you were such a good fuck!” added Rainer.

“Thank you.” Jack bumbled overawed by their three-way congress.

Jack’s cock throbbed inside her with one last hard throb to turn her expression to one of sexual contentment and draw one last gasp from Rainer as he slowly withdrew his cock from Jack’s arse. The sensation of emptiness and the sensation of Rainer’s semen in his arse jarred at Jack’s inner core again; he wanted to move and spring himself from them after the force they both used to trap his body between them. Assertively, Brigitte reached to firmly grip Jack’s biceps to hold him in place, with a look of bewilderment and confusion, his mind raced that Remy’s cock had not split its load and wondered with a little alarm where that might be.

“No. Stay here. Let your cock swim in your cum inside me for a while longer. Rainer will want to see his sperm leaking from your ass.” instructed Brigitte firmly.

“Stay there Jack, ” ordered Tanya, “and let me get this on camera.”

Tanya’s absence to their fucking was immediately explained, she was the eyes behind a camera, using one to capture the closer detail.

“Jack, you dirty cunt, your ass is leaking spunk,” hissed Fay “now you are my sexy bi fucktoy.”

Jack smiled wearily toward Fay as they turned to watch Antoinette’s attention on Remy’s cock watching him gasp and moan.

“Oui, oui…” trawled Remy weakily under his laboured breathing.

The sight of Rainer spunking into Jack’s arse and Brigitte milking Jack had taken Remy’s purposeful cock and balls over the edge and he was finally reaching his own climax as he took his fucking slightly adjacent to them alongside Brigitte’s prone position. As Antoinette’s delicate hand fought to contain Remy’s spasming cock and her strap-on fucking his ass deeply; Antoinette’s servitude to pleasure was drawing to a close. Jack and Fay watched Remy’s cock strain and Jack’s look of encouragement needed no further words to direct Fay’s attention to Remy’s plight. Antoinette pulled on his shoulders and Remy knelt upright a little, sliding under him and locking her mouth around his cock, her tongue flicking at the engorged head only added more urgency to his need to cum. Remy was powerless and groaned loudly as he relented his load into her mouth, he looked down to see Fay’s elfin body receiving his spunky load, licking and sucking on his cockhead and letting the copious flow of gooey liquid splash into her mouth, down her chin and between her breasts and Antoinette wanked his cock over her body.

“That’s it baby, take his cock, ” encouraged Brigitte, “he cums so heavily.”

Remy was still not finished but as the volume of each spurt began to ebb, he slid his cock back into Fay’s mouth almost choking her by the length he pushed into her mouth. Moaning, Fay dutifully felt the last spurts of his seed splash into her mouth and in admiration of his fucking and his load, swallowed it. Feeling the heat of his spilled seed slide down her torso and abdomen, she collected it as it ran to her cunt with her hand rubbing it into her well-fucked vulva. Jack still locked into position by Brigitte’s legs locked around his waist now, watched the proceedings and watched as Remy nonchalantly unburdened himself; mindful it was a heavy load of spunk and his whore dealt with it all.

“You filthy whore!” exclaimed Jack laughing.

As Brigitte released her hands from Jack’s biceps and her legs from his waist, he felt a dampness press against his arse and reaching to feel it, it was a towel was pressed against him. Withdrawing from Brigitte, her pussy made a soft dribbling sound as Jack’s own load leaked from her cunt. Pressing the towel to himself, Jack felt Rainer’s seed leak from him as he was rapt in the sight of Brigitte scarlet cunt giving up his load. Feeling a push on his chest took Jack by surprise and he fell flat on his back, untwisting his legs and with his eyes regaining focus, seeing the sight of Fay straddle him, squatting down over his face.

“Eat my cunt!” Fay demanded, “taste Remy’s spunk on me!”

With no time to resist and his mind numbed by the need to comply, his arms fell upwards over his head, pressing her slicked pussy to his face. It was only a token resistance but Jack’s tongue soon slid into her slippery folds. Whilst he could barely make a distinction it was tinged with Remy’s essence and Jack weakened further as Fay took control and ground her wet cunt onto Jack’s face. Fay’s gasps could only mean that Jack’s familiarity with her cunt had found the right spot, their guests watched as Fay emboldened, tutored Jack in another aspect of his education.

“Fuck, you guys are seriously fucking dirty!” gasped Brigitte.

“Eat me, you fucker!” moaned Fay as Jack’s attention to her cunt washed over her.

Jack felt elated, relieved that the one thing that his mind made such a monumental ordeal proved to be so enjoyable, so corrupting and pleasurable. As his tongue pushed into Fay’s well fucked folds, her hands gripped on his taut thighs as her moans and gasps filled the room. Her juices leaked from her again as a gentle, slow orgasm shook from her body, Fay bit at her lower lips in the sweet delight of her lover proving to be as good a whore as her. Their journey was complete and her fantasy, her desire to meet a creature as corrupt as her was fulfilled, a tempest between the sheets with her when she wanted, a compliant submissive toy when she needed it too.

As she lifted her body from Jack, shimmying down alongside him, her soft cushion lips placed one gentle kiss and another softer, longer, more lingering kiss on Jack’s lips with the true tenderness of two lovers understanding each of their desires were as compatible as the other.

“I love you Jack.” whispered Fay.

“Love you too.” murmured Jack with a wry smile.

Brigitte knelt to Jack’s side, looking to them both with her sparkling eyes and a congratulatory beaming smiles, she slid her fingers slicked with his own cum into his mouth to complete the deed and seal his bisexual first experience.

“Come Jack, Fay, let Antoinette clean you both up, follow her, she will attend to your needs.” said Brigitte smiling.

Rainer helped Jack to his feet, a little unstable at first, Rainer braced him by holding his shoulders.

“Woah, easy, easy, ” added Rainer laughing, “take your time.”

“Thanks.” replied Jack gratefully as the strength returned to his legs.

“You’re a great fuck, hope I wasn’t too tough on you?” asked Rainer in a mix of delight and concern.

“It was… great… loved it.” replied Jack reciprocating a wide smile.

“This way.” said Antoinette coolly.

“Jack, Fay.” asked Brigitte firmly, “Antoinette has earned her reward.”

Despite Janet’s general air of bonhomie, the luncheon was not characterized by free and easy give-and-take among the women present. The three judges were clearly still embarrassed, realizing that the others had seen these august personages bend over a humiliating punishment block better suited to a Victorian workhouse, lift their skirts and display their panties, and then lower those to receive several strokes of the cane from a uniformed Senior Correctional Officer.

If those steps were not enough to embarrass the three lady jurists extraordinarily, the final imposition certainly accomplished that goal. Each one was ordered to lift her torso off the block, reach between her legs and hold her labia open, and receive two scorching “Mistress’s Strokes” from the small strap which struck each on her open vulva.

These thoughts did register on Eleanor’s mind as she contemplated the scene she had been privileged to witness. The entire imposition had been agreed to by the judges after it became known that technically, the shameful punishment they had visited upon Eleanor for her alleged adultery had been improper. The marriage Eleanor had been accused of violating did not exist and thus her punishment had been legally in error.

Eleanor knew she could embarrass the court by disclosing these facts publicly but also understood that to the women of the Women’s Republic, she still would be regarded as an adulteress since she had not known at the time that her co-respondent was not actually married. So with her new job going well and having only just been admitted to the exclusive Victoria Club in her new city, she happily went along with the way her superior at the company and a woman who apparently had quite a great deal of authority and respect beyond the company and the city, Janet, had orchestrated the denouement of this situation.

The judges seemed a trifle embarrassed both to be lunching with the women who had witnessed their shame and to be present with the woman they had wrongfully sentenced to be punished so severely, and as a matter of law, erroneously.

Nevertheless, Judge Lesley, the outgoing blonde who had earned extra punishment for ignominiously losing control of her bladder during the caning, tried to carry on for the three.

“Janet, it’s been quite some time since I for one had the pleasure of dining here,” she said pleasantly, “and I must say that we don’t have any place as charming as the Vic back in our capital city.”

“Well, you know, Your Honor,” Janet answered, deigning to use the honorific especially because she had just a few minutes earlier been presiding over the session during which the judge and her colleagues had been exposing their most private parts most humiliatingly to her gaze, “we feel we have managed to retain quite a bit of the best traditions here, even if in the old days, we as women were as subservient as elsewhere.”

Janet was referring to the time before the proclamation of the Women’s Republic, when men in effect controlled the country. Men were now truly second-class citizens in the state and even Eleanor, so harshly shamed just over a year previously, now was married and exercised the authority every married woman possessed now, as symbolized by the small marital cane she carried in her handbag.

Eleanor had not made great use of the cane as of yet, because she still felt not only love and affection for Jackson, her husband, who had married her despite her ignominious status and who moved with her to this city to start a new life, but because she had vowed to herself not to use the cane to dominate her husband merely because she could.

As the lunch party, which included the judges, Janet, Eleanor, Senior Correctional Officer Annette, and Janet’s colleagues at Goose Cookers Company, CEO Deb and Chair Toni, wound down, each of the three judges made sure to stop by and quietly chat with Eleanor to convey their personal feelings of regret for what they had imposed on her but now had been punished for themselves.

“Dear Eleanor,” Lesley said in a very quiet tone, “I do hope that we can put this behind us after a time, as I understand how you must feel. My feelings are in no way comparable”—and here the blonde judge blushed—”but I began to grasp merely the slightest bit of what you endured when I had to decide just now between two more cane strokes to my bare ass near my thighs or another stroke on my open pussy.

“And for me, dear,” she went on, in a tone so quiet that it was not heard by the others, “you were hurt and I feel for you, but if it’s shame, peeing like I did in that position gave me at least a tiny inkling of your torture. Please accept my very very sincere apology.”

Eleanor realized that this was not standard behavior by a judge at any level and she quietly, as quietly as the apology had been rendered, responded to Judge Lesley that she truly appreciated her saying what she did.

“I know I was not without fault, either,” she said openly to the blonde judge, “but now I do feel that you three have realized what going through even a few minutes of that kind of embarrassment means. Thank you again,” and she smiled a wide smile that Lesley emulated in return.

Later that day, after the judges had left to return to the capital with Annette, Janet summoned Eleanor back to her office. She told Eleanor how proud she was of how Eleanor had behaved during this necessarily ticklish occasion.

“I’m very very pleased at how that went, Ellie,” she began with a grin. “And I do hope you enjoyed seeing those three get whacked on their judicial wazoos,” she added, almost laughing at her remark.

“Oh, I did, Janet, I did,” Eleanor responded, “but I also appreciated their personally apologizing to me, especially what Lesley said. They are decent ladies, and maybe this experience has broadened their grasp of how they should behave in future.”

“No question about that,” Janet replied, “and where shall we head now that that’s over?”

Eleanor understood that Janet was bringing things back to the company, and she remarked that the ad campaign for the new Silly Goose lingerie for ladies had been producing surging sales. Women apparently possessed enough confidence now to let down their hair and buy underwear that was juvenile—that even had the famous Silly Goose logo on the bras and panties—to wear themselves and consequently assume a lighter outlook.

“I do have yet another thought about extending this product line,” Eleanor said brightly to her boss.

Janet looked up with expectant thoughts appearing across her usually impervious visage.

“I’m delighted that you haven’t let yourself rest on your…should I say laurels or goose down?” she chuckled.

“I kept thinking about how we could use the ‘What’s Good for the Goose’ line,” Eleanor began. “Then I found myself thinking, ‘Let’s give women something fun they can use to exert their authority’ and so I’m coming round to proposing that we produce some underwear for women to give the men in their lives.”

“Oh?” said Janet, not entirely clear yet as to what her imaginative new colleague had in mind.

“Yes,” Eleanor said, “we make underpants for men that look almost the same as panties and put the Silly Goose logo on them, so women will buy them and have the men wear them to show who’s in charge and the line, ‘What’s Good for the Goose Now is Perfect for the Gander, Too’ is a start for the campaign. We don’t have to dwell on women getting these for any special reason, like punishment or embarrassment. It can be fun for them like the undies we’re bringing out for women, but also the whole thing carries an undertone of the female dominance that the Women’s Republic indeed supports if it doesn’t always say so in so many words.”

Janet grinned and chuckled, “I have a feeling a certain husband of yours may be one of the first to find himself in these new undies.”

Eleanor blushed but retained her sense of buoyancy and laughed, “Yes, I might just try them out with him. Do you think this is a keeper?”

Janet let her thoughts emerge. “Yes,” she responded with care, “we will need to be very quiet about getting things ready and there will need to be a lot more effort than usual in deciding just how we bring this to market, but,” she paused for effect, “yes, I like it!”

Eleanor left for the day on a high. She returned home where Jackson was waiting for her to hear how the momentous meeting with the judges had gone.

She grinned as she related how the three were embarrassed and how she reveled very very quietly in her glee as she watched them lift their skirts, lower their panties, and take what was coming to them on their bare bottoms and open pussies.

Jackson let out a low whistle and managed to say that he would’ve loved to have seen it.

“Not half so much as I did, darling,” Eleanor let out with some vehemence, “and you know that no man will ever be allowed to see something like that happen.”

Jackson reacted uncharacteristically by sulking for a moment at the clear put-down from his wife, even if underneath he knew it was the truth about the man’s role in the Women’s Republic.

Eleanor went on to tell him, somewhat excitedly and not noticing his less-than-enthralled demeanor, about her latest idea for Goose Cookers.

“You don’t expect me to wear those,” he snapped, definitely without thinking about how she would react.

“I damned well do,” she quickly shot back, and showed her annoyance at his condescension.

Jackson still did not realize how much he had provoked the woman whom he loved and who loved him, but who was definitely the one in charge of the household.

“I’m disappointed in you,” she said, still also bearing just the vestiges of her resentment against the judges, who after all, had been humiliated, but for a few minutes, not a whole year, she thought.

Unfortunately for him, Jackson was very slow on the pickup today, and he didn’t see how deep her disappointment was, so he merely shrugged.

Eleanor now was fuming, and without thinking more, she said sternly, “You’re in need of some real correction and I’m going to see that you get it.”

The heavy tone in her voice finally awakened him to what he now realized, too late, was real danger and he looked at her pleadingly, “I’m sorry, dear.”

“Not good enough,” she said, “and neither is the little cane. I’m sending you to the Men’s Camp.”

Jackson blanched and began to sob while he pleaded with his still angry wife for mercy, or at least, mitigation.

But Eleanor was in no mood for compromise. She took out her computer-phone and filled out a form that she had been given access to when she had been married, as were all women now, and it was a request for discipline. On it, she wrote, “My husband needs a few weeks of re-training at the Men’s Camp.”

She received back an instant response from the Women’s League office and read it with notable lack of emotion to her now very apologetic but resigned husband: “Please present your husband at the League office during business hours and he will be sent to the Men’s Camp for an initial re-training. Be aware that this will be for a three-week period barring further misbehavior on his part. Signed, Roberta, Disciplinary Officer, Women’s League, District 17.”

“OK, Jackson,” Eleanor said firmly. “You’re coming with me and I hope you behave so I see you in three weeks. Don’t bother to pack because they won’t let you bring anything with you anyway.”

Jackson was still stupefied that his remark had engendered such horrible consequences for him. But he thought about what Eleanor had gone through and that she had obviously been needy today even with her revenge of sorts, and probably because it was exciting but taxing, and of course did not come close to erasing her own suffering.

“I’m sorry, dear,” he said, with deference, “and I will learn my lesson and hope to be better to you when I get back. Please put in a word for me when you can if you so can bring yourself.”

Eleanor was already slightly sorry that she had reacted so strongly, but underneath, she was similar to many women in the Republic in harboring resentments still unallayed, and in her case, especially because she had to face the fact that Graham was still unpunished and Gail had really done her ill.

They did not speak in the car on the way to the League office, but when there, Eleanor filled out the required forms and did mark where there was a place to request level of discipline that he should get “light” which was the lowest level there was. Jackson kept silent which he knew was the best course, and the uniformed woman soon ordered him to enter the well-known door behind her which would lead to where he would be transported to a Men’s Re-Orientation Camp.

He walked through the door, the uniformed officer smiled at Eleanor, and said to her after he was gone, “Don’t worry, honey, you did the right thing—they all need some of this, I can tell you from what I’ve read and seen.”

Eleanor somewhat regretted her hastiness to effectively sentencing her loving husband to three weeks of humiliating treatment for one moment of annoyance but she went back to her office and managed to summon up courage to confide in Janet, her boss and new friend.

“You did act a bit quickly and roughly, sweetie,” Janet said, still smiling, “but I’m pleased to see that you have some nice backbone. He’ll survive and be nicer, just wait.”

Jackson joined six other men who were waiting until the uniformed officer appeared and ordered them to stand and get on the transport. They were forced to stand, although there were seats on the airport bus-like conveyance. All the men knew that they could not sit without being told to do so and none dared request permission.

When they reached the camp, which was located outside the city and behind a large stockade wall, the woman driver ordered them to get off the conveyance and line up next to the bus.

Soon, a tall redhaired female in khaki uniform appeared and stood in front of them and started speaking very harshly to them.

“I am Sergeant Denise,” she began. “You will never address me as anything but ‘Sergeant’ or ‘Sergeant Denise’ and I don’t need to see you smile, either. You are here for three weeks if you behave yourselves. If you don’t, you will find the consequences unpleasant and you will also be re-cycled for a further three more intensive weeks. I suggest you do what you are told, get re-oriented, and you will be on your way. Some of you do not believe me. You will be very sorry. I will control everything you do for these three weeks. When and if you sleep. Or eat. Or use the toilet. So get with it and don’t bust my chops. Now march and we’ll show you to your quarters.”

Sergeant Denise was very attractive, Jackson thought, but he certainly made sure he didn’t say anything about that to her or anyone else. He still had trouble not staring at women’s boobs and looking to see up a skirt that may have ridden up or flipped up in the wind.

It was only six p.m., but when they reached the barracks, they were made to make their beds, given their uniforms, which were plain and highly unflattering, and told to wash their faces, brush their teeth using the kit they had been given, and to relieve themselves.

When Sergeant Denise returned a half hour later, all were standing in the barracks, she whistled them to attention, and told them that for their first night, they would be put to bed early, right then. No one dared to complain about both the humiliation and their not getting any supper.

She left and re-appeared at five a.m. She carried a large box and passed out plain white panties to each man.

“You will wear these today to indicate that you are new trainees,” she said, without emotion. “If you behave for a few days, you will get male underwear back. If you don’t you will get ruffled punishment panties and other punishment devices. Don’t push me or try to resist or you will be very unhappy. You can wear your uniform shirts and then just these panties. No trousers and no shorts. Every man in this camp has gone through this so no one will dare laugh at you.”

Jackson listened, accepted a pair of white shiny panties as did the other men, and put them on. He felt ridiculous but understood that this was the purpose of the treatment. He looked round at the other men. They looked non-descript and pretty well cowed so that no one seemed prone to test the clearly highly dominant Sergeant Denise. She was wearing a well-tailored khaki uniform, with her sergeant’s stripes on the short sleeve and a few medals on her chest, which itself was formidable.

Jackson figured she was at least 36C but tried to think instead about his wife, whom he loved even though she had sent him to this awful place for three whole weeks. He then recalled that she had had her snatch sewn up for a year, so he let himself feel some empathy for her.

Denise noticed him musing and said, “You there. Your mind is wandering. You’re not trying to imagine me without clothes, are you?”

“No, no, Sergeant Denise,” he remembered to say, but she had seen what he was thinking.

“Get up here!” she barked.

He quickly walked to stand before her and she ordered him to bend over.

He did so, and her thumbs went in the waistband of his white panties and pulled them down to his knees. Then she retrieved her whippy thin cane from her handbag which had the other men all take in a deep breath just seeing what they knew was an implement likely to sting all of their bottoms during their re-training.

Jackson realized he looked ridiculous bent over with a military uniform shirt and white panties at his knees with plain black shoes and socks. But he forgot any embarrassment about that when he felt Sergeant Denise apply her cane thrice to his posterior.

“You will thank me for correcting you,” she intoned. “Say it like this, and all of you remember this, ‘Thank you for correcting me, Sergeant Denise.’”

Jackson repeated the required thank you and she motioned to him to return to the line. He looked down now as did most of the others.

“All of you,” she said loudly. “You will not look down, you will look straight ahead as a sign of respect for the superior woman. You will not stare at my chest or my skirt or my legs.”

She then marched them down the road to a large enclosure. Other men similarly dressed, some with pink panties and others with yellow ones, all humiliating, were standing in lines with similarly-uniformed and almost uniformly gorgeous sergeants.

Soon a slightly older but very fine-looking woman appeared on a platform in front of them wearing a fancier uniform with braid and crests and many medals. Her lustrous auburn hair was mostly concealed under her military hat and she also wore a full uniform jacket and tie.

“I am Commandant Elizabeth,” she announced. “You are all here to be re-trained. You will keep your noses and your crotches clean and you will go home in three weeks with new respect for the female of the species. You will do exactly what your sergeants tell you to do and nothing else.

“Any problems and you will be very sorry,” she went on. “I require a man to serve me and my staff in the toilet. You will not enjoy this duty. Get on my wrong side or that of one of my sergeants and it will be you who serves us. You will get three square meals, very healthy ones in all meanings of that word. Your sergeants will give you breaks in training for your personal needs. Use them. They are allotted on the basis of need not your convenience. Don’t come crying that you didn’t take care of your needs then or you will be asking for trouble.”

Jackson listened carefully and looked straight at Commandant Elizabeth. He was willing to play the game and do what he was told to get through this. He was beginning to understand a little of what Eleanor had gone through, despite the vast difference in what each had been subjected to by way of punishment.

I was being fucked in my ass and mouth. ‘Airtight’ one of the men called it. 8 men were trying to penetrate me at Paul’s house, my new master, and I was loving it.

The short but thick cock in my ass first I knew was Vick’s from earlier. The long black cock tickling the back of my throat was a man’s I had only just met.

When I had a brief moment away from being face fucked I could see the six other men staring at me like I was a Thanksgiving turkey as they stood naked, slowly jerking their cocks.

All of a sudden I felt Vick slam into my ass really hard and start to moan. The other men started to cheer him on. He was cuming in my ass. I could feel the warm goo start to coat the walls of my ass as he finished pumping with a few more strokes.

“Time to clean this dick off.” Vick exclaimed as he pulled out of my ass.

I thought he meant he was heading to the bathroom but just then the black cock was popped out of my mouth and Vick’s, sticky and limp cock was pushed in.

I sucked off his cum and my anal juices happily. I liked the feeling of sucking a soft cock, almost more than a hard one. While I cleaned off Vick’s cock I felt a new one enter my asshole.

“Thank’s for lubin’ this kid up for me Vick.” The black man said as his pushed every inch of his massive cock into my ass.

The black cock was the biggest I’ve ever had so far. He fucked me hard and without much care other than blowing his load. During that Vick excused himself and another average looking cock slipped into my mouth.

“Hey Ray, come hold this kid’s pussy open for me.” The black man asked one of the other men waiting their turn.

Ray came behind me and spread my ass open as the black man pulled his cock all the way out and I could hear him start to jerk is cock rapidly.

“Damn, you already turned his kid into a gaper you guys.” Ray commented on the size my hole had been stretched to.

“He’s about to get it filled up again…” The black man moaned as he sprayed his thick and creamy cum into my ass.

I felt some of the cum go right into my asshole and some miss, drip down my ass and to my balls. The men cheered again. Two down and six to go.

One of the more younger looking men, probably in his early 30′s moved the foot rest aside and laid on the floor. I looked at him a bit puzzled for a moment.

“What are you waiting for kid, sit on this cock.” The younger man demanded, as he waved his cock at me from it’s base.

I looked over at Paul, still not sure exactly how to go about sitting on his cock. Which direction should I face? Should I squat down or get on my knees? I was afraid of making the wrong move.

Paul looked almost embarrassed as he came over, as if I was dog that behaved badly.

“Here!” He grunted. Grabbing me by the shoulders and standing me over the man on the floor. I was looking down, his legs stretched out in front of me and his throbbing cock down below. “Get down on that fucking thing, slut!” He pushed in the back of my knees, making me squat down over the cock.

Paul pushed down on the top of my head to get the entire cock inside of me.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Paul looked down at me, “Now give daddy some love.”

Paul pushed his cock between my lips as the man below me started to thrust his hips up, fucking my dripping ass.

The man below me continued to fuck me and then I realized I was really the one in control here. I could bounce on this cock however I wanted. So far I have only been used as a sex toy without much influence over the situation.

I started to gyrate my hips as he fucked me and then went down so he was balls deep and rubbed my ass on him. All while Paul had my face full of his glorious cock.

“Hey, look at the little bitch go!” One of the other men pointed out as I continued to work my ass and hips on the man’s cock below me.

“You’re really starting to like this aren’t you?” Paul whispered to me.

Moments later he pumped my mouth full of his salty sweet cum which I happily swallowed.

I finished off the other men back on the foot rest in doggy style. The black man, the younger man and three of the others left when they were done with me. Vick, Paul and two others were left to finish me off.

Vick had snuck in to get another blowjob before he left and before I knew it I was left with only Paul. And surprisingly I was still horny.

I was still on all fours when Paul came back in the room after showing the last man out.

“Still waiting for more huh?” Paul offered as he walked closer.

I thought I was about to feel his long thick cock enter my gaping, leaking ass once again but instead he grabbed me by the back of the neck and led me back down the hall to the room I was locked in earlier.

“Time to give that asshole a rest. I have a nice surprise for you tomorrow morning.” Paul was making me walk on all fours back the room.

Once inside he pushed me over to the bed and threw me a bottle of water. Without a word he left the room and closed the door behind him. I could hear him lock it from the outside.

Sitting on the bed I could feel some of the cum still in my ass leaking out. I scooped up most of it and licked it up. Realizing I was completely dehydrated I drank the entire bottle of water in what felt like one gulp.

The bed had no sheets or blankets but I didn’t care. I passed out as soon as I put my head down. I was still covered in cum and sweat but I couldn’t fix that until tomorrow morning.


Thank you again to everyone who has liked this story. It has been a long time since the previous chapter but if I get some good feedback I’ll get hard at work on the rest. Thank you :)

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