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“Its not much further.” Amber said as she ran past the end of the dirt path. The trees that surrounded them opened up to a hidden farm.

“Where the hell are we?” Danny asked as he looked around. His sister had dragged him off on yet another random adventure. “Whoa, where did this place come from? Who would build a farm all the way the hell out here?”

“I found them last week!” Amber shouted as she ran up to a large green painted barn. Its size was intimidating.

“Found what? These barns?” Danny had to ask. “What were you doing this far in the woods.” His older sister worried him with her exploration. He knew so many things could go wrong with her constantly running about all the time; she could get lost in the woods, kidnapped, or worse.

“I met some people here! They’re so amazing, you have to meet them!” Amber’s excitement was overflowing. She was practically jumping with joy. “Wait here! I don’t want you to scare them!”

“Who?” Danny tried to ask, but his sister ran off to a house past the barn. “Damn it!” He figured his sister had probably found some hermits, who wouldn’t be too happy to have visitors. Looking around he thought he heard something move inside the barn. For a moment he thought he should wait for his sister, but his curiosity got the best of him and he went back around to the other side of the barn.

A large wooden door hung open with rays of light illuminating the dim barn through cracks in the roof. Stacks of hey were gathered on one side and stalls lined the other. A head was poking out over one of the stalls and looking toward him with a surprised expression. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Danny quickly began to back out before he heard an elegant voice call out.

“Wait,” her voice was sweet and stopped him in his tracks. “I wont bite.” Danny was lured back in by her elegant voice and cute smile. “You must be Amber’s brother. I’m Natalie.”

“How do you know my sister?” Danny asked as he stepped up to the end stall. There was a single stack of hay so he stood on it to get up to her height. As he rose up to meet her face to face he could see a bull’s head poking up from another stall further away.

“She was here some time ago. She’s quite a talker.” Natalie’s smile was hypnotic. She had long bronze brown hair that flowed smoothly down her face. She gently brought her hand up and pushed it from the side of her face and over her ear.

“Yea, that’s Amber. I hope she hasn’t been bothering you too much.” Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her. She pulled her self up a little higher and could see her petite frame pull up slightly over the stall wall. The question of what she was standing on only passed through his mind for a moment but was lost in her eyes. Or the brief blink of an eye he took to check out her chest.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mind visitors and your sister sure knows how to make friends.” Natalie said to reassure him, she noticed Danny checking her out so she puffed out her chest a little. Her tight fitting short sleeve shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination, but her vest was covering up the goods. With her hands below the wall and out of his sight range, she gently tugged at the sides to allow him a better view.

“I asked her if she knew any boys and she promised to bring you.” Her smile grew as his face turned red.

“Uh, so… you don’t see a lot of guys around here?” Danny asked nervously. He tried to keep eye contact but was momentarily too embarrassed. His eyes flicked down to her chest again and noticed her vest completely open; breast proudly held in display. ‘She’s doing that on purpose’ he thought to himself. It only made him more nervous. He had never had much luck with girls, and the longer he stood there the more he could feel her hunger.

“Only you.” Natalie raised an eyebrow. Danny could barely breath. It was almost too easy. He was such a pathetic little shit but that just guaranteed a catch. His nervousness made her horny as hell and thoughts were already filling her head.

“Damn its hot in here.” Natalie said aloud and took her vest off seductively.

“Wow, you’re funny.” Danny laughed at the obvious gesture. “So are we going to do it in the hay over there.” He considered that there was no way this girl was that desperate. She was obviously joking with him, or didn’t know the first thing about being subtle.

“Sure, if that’s where you want it.” Natalie responded with a smirk. Her eyes were dead focused and her mind was made up. This was the first boy she’d seen in a year. He was getting fucked one way or another.

“Ha, okay. I need to go check on my sister.” Danny started before Natalie’s arms went to her side. His eyes widened and his heart pounded in his chest. She pulled her shirt off and dropped it casually on his side of the wall, fully exposing her breasts.

“That’s better.” Natalie said with almost a chuckle. “Your sister’s probably with one of mine. But she brought you here to entertain me.”

Danny’s pants tightened and worry shown on his face. “I uh… I really don’t know you. Um…”

“Maybe you should take off your cloths too.” Natalie said a little impatiently. “So I don’t feel so embarrassed.”

“Okay.” Danny yanked his shirt off as fast as he could and unzipped his pants. He hesitated for a moment, thinking it might be a trick. He half expected his sister to jump out and laugh, but they were the only ones there. Feeling violated, he finished pulling the last of his cloths off and stepped off the hay stack he was standing on. He wasn’t ready for this. He wanted it sure, but he didn’t know Natalie and this was not the way he wanted to lose his virginity. Another girl’s face appeared in his mind; a friend he had had feelings for. He was in love with someone else, a girl named Ashley. He had known her his entire life and always dreamed of her being his first and last.

But that bitch broke his heart when she turned him down and he was about to get laid. Just like that, Danny’s mind was in the right place. He wanted to nail Natalie right there in the barn. Who cared if he knew her or not, they both wanted the same thing.

Danny walked around the stall, cock standing at attention, completely unprepared for what he was about to see. Natalie wasn’t standing on hay, she wasn’t standing on anything. She was a fucking centaur!

“Holy shit!” Danny jumped back and landed on the stacks of hay behind him.

“Oops, sorry.” Natalie had a look of innocence on her face as she gently strode out. “I guess you couldn’t see all of me from behind there.” Her face had a quirked smile, as if asking him for forgiveness.

His eyes dropped to a long pinkish object hanging below her legs. Natalie’s cock flapped from side to side until it stiffened with excitement.

“Wait,” Amber cried. Strapped down into a special chair that inclined her forward. Her legs were spread to two separate bars and the centaur’s cock was pushing against her entrance. “I don’t think I’m ready.”

“You’re ready.” The centaur had long flowing red hair and the body of a light brown mustang with white blotches. Her cock gently slid, telling the Centaur that the girl had been loosening herself like she was instructed last week. It was still a bit much for her as Amber whined from the internal pressure.

“Damn it wait! I changed my mind!” Amber tried, but it was already too late.

“Don’t you want your pony?” Trish mocked as she got as much of her meat into Amber as she could. Which turned out not to be much. The warm Centaur seed lubricated her pussy a little, but Trish already knew she couldn’t get much further without killing the poor girl. She was happy enough impregnating the idiot, but was looking forward to a good pounding.

“This can’t be happening, I’m going to kill Amber!” Danny tugged at the large wooden door, but someone had chained it from the outside while he was talking to Natalie. She stood behind him glowing with satisfaction. Her perfect breasts demanded his attention, but she had the body of a shire horse where her legs should be.

“I’m getting lonely over here. And I cant reach Mr. Cuddles by myself.” Natalie cried.

“Who the hell is Mr. Cuddles?” Danny asked. Natalie responded with a creepy smile that sent a shiver through his body.

“No… no way in hell is that that thing coming near me!” Danny yelled.

“Well, I can slap you with Mr. Cuddles or I can kick you in the dick. Have you ever been kicked by a horse?” Natalie asked and prepared to give a demonstration. Danny hesitated so she turned her body around and slammed her hooves into the wooden wall next to Danny. The bang caused Danny to cover his head instinctively and drop to the ground.

“Wait don’t!” Danny shouted.

“I don’t want to hurt you Danny.” Natalie retreated back into her stall and carried a bucket back out. “I want to love you. What’s wrong with that? Here, get some of this on your hands.”

“What… what is that?” Danny asked. “Guh, it smells awful.”

“If you want to use your tongue, Id appreciate it.” Natalie told him and dropped the bucked next to Danny with a splash. “But something tells me you’re going to want to do it this way. Just get a handful and rub it on me.”

“Oh no, you mean your thing?” Danny almost choked the question out.

“Yes,” laughed Natalie. “On my thing. Its time someone taught you the birds and the bees… er, horses. Or something.”

Danny stuck a hand into the slick transparent goo. The smell was unbearable, but no where near as strong as the smell of ‘Mr. Cuddles’. Natalie angled herself to the side to allow Danny to have full access. He really didn’t want to, but his only option was dangling in front of him. Gently reaching up, he turned his head away as he felt at the air. Something thick and snake like filled his hand while Natalie gave a sigh of relief and pleasure as his grip tightened. It was the best sound he had ever heard. Sliding his hand down the shaft, lubricating as he went, she gave out more light sounds of pleasure. Slowly, Danny turned back and got a good look at his new friend. It certainly wasn’t a regular horse dick, not that he was an expert. It was some kind of hybrid with a human dick. Like a horses but with human skin.

All he needed to know was that the more he rubbed, the more Natalie made those great sounds. He grabbed more of the slime and began really lathering her up. Pulling back and forth, the faster he went the more she enjoyed it. And the more she enjoyed, the more his own dick grew with those sounds.

The smell was over powering. Danny watched as the cock thickened and grew. The musk filled his lungs and the slight shaking was hypnotizing. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. It was actually sort of fun. Looking passed Mr. Cuddles he saw the two baseball sized testicles swaying back and forth. ‘What the hell’ he thought.

“Oh you are so ready.” Natalie whispered as she felt one of his hands on her package.

“Alright, now go lay on that hay stack over there.”

Danny’s eyes widened with the tip of her dick. A small drop of sperm dripped out of the hole. His feelings were confusing. He wanted to put his mouth against the head, but it was just too disgusting. Then as he removed his hand and tried to clear his mind, the musk making him dizzy, he realized what the slop in the bucket was for. His brain still cloudy, he stood up and stumbled toward the hay. Putting his chest on the stack and lifting his rear as if waiting for her, all in all though he was just experimenting.

Then that massive hoof landed in front of him and he tensed up with fear. The other one landed and he was ready to make a run for it. “Wait!” He cried.

“Wait? I’ve been waiting too long for this buddy.” Natalie said as she pressed the head against his butt. It had been so long, especially since she could hardly pleasure herself with Mr. Cuddles being so far away from her hands. There was a slight pop and Danny screamed in shock and pain.

“Fuck it hurts get it out fuck!” Danny ripped into the hay, tears rolled down his face.

But as much as she hated his screams, Natalie pushed on. The boy widened and stretched to deal with her mass. It was too much force to reject, but still too much cock to handle. The lubricant barely helped as inch after painful inch dragged on forever. Only five inches in and Danny was already begging for mercy.

“Shh, its okay.” Natalie tried to calm him down, but was more focused on pulling at her own nipples. “Ill go slower.”

He had a sickened look on his face as she continued her infiltration. Six, seven, eight; the inches demanded all his attention so that the rest of the world faded away. “Oh god.” Danny gurgled and grind his teeth. Nine, ten, eleven. “Please!” He demanded with the only word he could push through his lips. He didn’t have the energy to cry anymore. She just kept going and he knew this was it. His organs would be crushed soon enough. Then the best feeling in the world made his skin tingle as she began to pull out. His stomach felt warm as Natalie unleashed her pre-cum into his lower abdomen. She stopped half way out and once again made her voyage into him. Danny once again gripped the hay in pain but the monster slid in with more ease this time.

Worried about how tight he was, probably a virgin too, she started making short quick thrusts back and forth to ease the friction. “Mmm…. uhhhh….” Danny cried with delight and came with a powerful orgasm. His body shook and convulsed with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Moaning like a whore Natalie pushed in as much as she could before Danny let out a loud yelp of ecstasy. Danny felt like he was melting, sweat trickling down his face, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t think. He just wanted what he knew was coming.

Natalie brought herself back out and rammed it home. The hay stacks smashed against the wooden barn with a powerful thud. Again and again as she turned Danny’s ass inside out. The boy was certainly never going to walk straight again.

Trish envied her sister for getting such a capable mare. She could hear Natalie really giving it to Amber’s brother with her great senses. Meanwhile she was stuck getting a blow job. She had already knocked her up, but was still forcing the poor girl to lick at her phallus. It was the least Amber could do for not being able to fit her. Then an idea popped into her head.

Amber fell against the hay next to Danny. He didn’t even hear the door open over the slapping sounds of Natalie’s cock punching into him again and again. It was getting gurgled and sloppy as she let out a little more cum. He turned his head toward his sister whose hands were covered in some kind of goo. She couldn’t bare to look him in the face as Trish found her rectum.

“Wow this stuff is great Nat.” A woman’s voice came from somewhere behind Amber.

“Not my sister.” Danny cried. “Not like this.” His voice was weak and strained. His dick pulsing but he couldn’t release anymore.

“Don’t look Danny.” Amber cried.

“Look Danny!” Trish said as she pushed into Amber’s depths. “Look at your sister take my cock. She loves me so much she dragged you here to keep Nat company. She even let me breed her.”

“You lucky bitch!” Natalie said to Trish. “I get to breed the next wuuhhhhh!” She pumped into Danny and Amber could only watch as her brother got what she had dragged him there for. Sperm flowed over his back and his stomach roared with the surge of Natalie’s release.

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