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(If possible read with Dubstep music – it will add to the experience)

Introducing, the third in the series of Clifftop College entries. Who ever said boarding school would be boring?

Evelyn had always been a rather sexual girl. Since losing her virginity at thirteen, she’d had countless amounts of sexual partners. As a student of the prestigious mixed boarding school, Clifftop College, Evelyn had plenty of men to choose from. However, since finding one man that fitted her perfectly in every way, Evelyn had been happy in her quiet, sexually pleasing relationship with Doni. Though, you can take the girl out of the adventure, but never the adventure out of the girl.

After a very satisfying three-way with her ex-boyfriend and Doni’s best friend, Smyth, Evelyn thought that her craving for sexual adventure had been fed. Not so likely. Evelyn yearned for more.

So, one night, whilst Doni and Evelyn lay in bed together — the dorm room empty aside from themselves — she turned to him with a beaming grin.

“I want an orgasm,” she said eagerly, taking the book from Doni’s hands to get his attention.

“Didn’t I give you one already? — like five minutes ago?” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist and gazing into her feline green eyes that sparkled with excitement.

“Yes,” she giggled “But I want more — multiple!” she exclaimed.

Doni raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend, trying to read her thoughts. He was a proud boyfriend and relished in her enthusiasm and wildness when it came to sex. Though a quiet, mysterious, artistic girl to most, he knew a different side to her. Evelyn was like an animal that could never truly be tamed. With hair the colour of raven feathers that trailed down the length of her petite torso, skin as pale as the moon and lips as red as blood, Evelyn was by far the most enchantingly beautiful young woman he’d ever met. Also, the sexiest. Even as she lay in only a pair of knee length school socks, his pair of boxers and his blue sports vest, she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Roll over then,” he winked cheekily.

He turned her quickly onto her back and leant down to kiss her when he stopped, her hands cupping his stubbly chin. He exhaled heavily, watching her pout. It was unlike her.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, his hands that were resting either side of her head, tangling themselves in her loose hair.

“I was thinking of accomplishing it more daringly,” her pout grew into a grin.

Doni shifted his body until his legs were between hers, thinking through her last sentence.

“How?” he questioned, also rather daringly. Evelyn never stopped surprising him.

“Well say like I want ten orgasms,” she paused, watching Doni’s eyes intently “Then I’d want ten different men to give them to me,” she left the sentence open, somewhat anxious to hear her boyfriend’s reply. He always embraced even her craziest sexual fantasies, but would he do the same with this one?

“I’ll see what I can do,” he winked again, burying his face into her sweet neck.

Evelyn grinned madly, excitement consuming her.

It was settled. On Friday night, Evelyn would meet Doni in his dorm room. He had been able to gather eight of his closest friends to help fulfil Evelyn’s fantasy. Those eight were also friends with Evelyn and five of them were Doni’s dorm friends. No one would walk in as the majority of the sixth formers at CTC were out on Friday nights. The plan was perfect. Now, all Evelyn had to do was allow the excitement to fuel her. She couldn’t believe that one, she was finally doing it, and two, that Doni was okay with it.

More than okay, he was incredibly excited. His cuckholding fetish had really taken hold of him. Though, protective over Evelyn in every other sense, when it came to the bedroom — watching her have sex with another man or woman, turned Doni on very much. He liked nothing more than to see the love of his life having a good time, whether it was him that was giving it to her or someone else. He wasn’t a jealous man and would feel greedy if he kept such a beautiful girl all to himself. And anyway, his favourite part of any threesome was the moment he got to take Evelyn back into his arms, for she was his at the end of the day, and he was hers.

Evelyn walked across the dark campus field wearing a thick coat. She carried a bag full of things she may need for that evening. Her stomach was doing summersaults she was so excited. Doni hadn’t told her which eight guys he’d found, though she’d assumed their closest male friends. She hated to admit it, but she was looking forward to having sex with Smyth again. He may have eyes for her best friend now and their love was long gone, but she knew there would always be a burning flame between them. She quickened her pace, trying to contain her enthusiasm.

She didn’t knock, she didn’t need to. Evelyn stepped inside the large dorm room to feel the heating on, see the bedside lights bright and only Doni stood in the room. She smiled at the sight of him, her heart racing; even now, after five years of being in love with him, he still gave her butterflies.

“Where is everyone?” she asked, closing the door behind her.

She spotted his bed was without a duvet and lying on it was a single black satin blindfold. She shivered with anticipation. Her eyes returned to Doni, who had stepped closer. He was only wearing a pair of white tight boxers, his bare firm chest on show. She bit her lip, already turned on. All day, whilst pampering, she hadn’t stopped thinking about the night ahead. Her friends had badgered her to find out what she was up to, but Evelyn was good at keeping secrets.

“They’ll be here soon,” he took hold of her hands, inspecting her up and down.

She was wearing her school uniform; her white blouse was tight across her large ample breasts; her blue school skirt was short and pulled up to her middle, only just covering her small perky bum. She wore her thigh high navy socks, a tie hung loosely around her neck and her hair was up in a messy bun on the top of her head. Doni always thought she looked beautiful, but she looked especially stunning tonight. With only a hint of make-up and her school girl outfit she was erotic perfection in his eyes.

“You look fantastic,” he smirked, taking the bag from her shoulder.

“Thanks. Ebony was a bit curious as to why I was wearing this tonight but luckily Ava stepped forward, assuming I was coming over here to play out a school girl fantasy with you,” Evelyn giggled, perching on the end of the bed.

“An extremely twisted, dirty school girl fantasy,” he laughed “You should’ve told me — I could’ve got us all to wear them,” he winked, sitting down beside her.

Evelyn raised a single neatly plucked eyebrow, mulling over the thought.

That would be very interesting

She glanced over at his bedside table where his phone sat.

“I think you should give them a text — you’re right, it’ll make for a very good fantasy,” she giggled, twisting around until she was on her hands and knees.

She crawled into the middle of the bed and flipped onto her back, opening her legs and grinning down at Doni. He beamed back at her, grabbing his phone quickly.

This night was going to be one to remember.

Evelyn observed as Doni strolled across the dorm room in his school shirt, trousers and tie. She bit her lip, the butterflies beating harder and lower in her stomach. She had to catch her breath. His black fringe tousled onto his forehead and the shaved sides were neat, revealing his two stretched ears. He gave her a wink and rolled up his sleeves.

“This means business,” he chuckled.

Evelyn watched intently as with each roll he exposed more and more of his tattoos and the muscles of his upper arms. Her breathing was quickening with every second, her heart drumming in her chest. Her eyes were fixated on him, waiting for his next move.

He gestured to the end of the bed, where she shuffled quickly and sat patiently. He lifted the blindfold to her eyes and began to tie it at the back. Now her view was gone, she relied on her other senses. The feel of the satin under her fingertips. The sound of Doni’s deep breathing. The smell of his cologne. The taste of his lips. She shivered.

“Now I want you to sit still and don’t remove the blindfold, understand?” Doni’s voice was stern, the playfulness gone.

She straightened her back and subdued a grin. It had begun.

She pressed her wrists together on her lap, staring forward into the darkness of the blindfold. She felt cold now Doni had moved away. Suddenly, she felt headphone slipping on over her head and onto her ears. Deep rumbling dubstep music pounded into her ears. Slowly, he was taking away her senses. Her heart galloped with apprehension and anticipation. She was now deaf and blind.

Evelyn was unable to hear the dorm room door opening and Doni greeting the eight boys who had agreed to join them. They fist pumped, patted each other’s backs and exchanged curious glances with Doni.

They stood in an awkward semi-circle around the bed where Evelyn sat, none the wiser as to what was going on around her. Doni joined them, turning the music up a little louder just to be sure his girlfriend wouldn’t be able to hear them.

“Why are we dressed like this?” Smyth laughed, gesturing to their attire.

“Evelyn’s idea, not mine,” Doni replied, crossing his arms, his eyes still focused on Evelyn who was tossing her tongue around her mouth anxiously. He enjoyed making her wait. It was all one big tease. He could imagine just how wet she was getting, her mind consumed with what they were about to do. Doni grinned to himself then turned to his friends.

“Looks as if this was entirely Evelyn’s idea,” Ted raised his eyebrows, looking to where Smyth was restraining a grin.

“I’m just gonna say this, before we get started. If any of you are unsure, leave now. And, there are rules to this game,” Doni’s voice turned firm, catching all of theirs attention.

They listened intently, afraid to get on the wrong side of Doni under any circumstances — let alone when it came to Evelyn.

“You know why we’re here. She wants to have ten orgasms, each with a different guy. As I could only gather nine of us, I’ll give her two,” Doni smirked, making the boys roll their eyes “So, after you’ve made her orgasm, your time is up.”

The boys nodded understandingly, switching their gazes back and forth between Doni and Evelyn, who was bobbing her head to the music.

“How you make her orgasm is entirely up to you,” Doni hinted to the bag sat beside his bed.

Smyth picked it up tentatively and glanced inside. He grinned and allowed the other boys to have a look too.

“You all must use condoms and keep it clean,” he stared them all down “And I can step in whenever I like. Plus, Evelyn can stop the whole thing whenever she wants.”

“Is there a safe word?” Wade questioned, looking more nervous than any of them.

Having spent the past two years dating the same girl — one of Evelyn’s friends, Ebony — Wade was inexperienced compared to the others, especially as Ted and Smyth had already slept with Evelyn. The others were looking forward to the opportunity to do so.

“Pineapples,” Doni nodded, watching as they repeated it under their breaths.

“So we can do anything we want?” Declan smirked, looking to Ted and Smyth who matched his excitement.

“Within reason,” Doni answered, taking a step closer “However, if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you,” he scowled, then softened, scaring Declan into silence.

“Who will go first?” Theo chirped up, having been quiet since he’d arrived.

Doni gave his ex-boyfriend a quick once over; he looked gorgeous in his uniform.

“You’ll pick a number out of this hat. While you wait, you can play Xbox or hit bongs on the sofas, cool?” Doni handed them the hat and walked over to Dexter first.

He pulled out a number 6. Soon, all of the boys had picked a number out of the hat and the night was about to begin. All they needed now was Evelyn.

Once the others had seated themselves, Doni pulled the desk chair up to the end of the bed. He sat down, his knees brushing Evelyn’s. She bit her lip at the slightest touch.

He reached forward, running a fingertip around in circles on her bare knees. Slowly, he slipped down one of her socks, taking her leg and placing it on his shoulder. Unaware of his audience watching curiously from the sofa, Doni began to plant tender kisses up the inside of Evelyn’s leg. She shivered, resting back on her hands. She rolled back her head, the headphones and blindfold still securely on.

“Oh Doni-,” she whispered; she knew his touch well. His hands were as familiar as her own.

He grinned smugly to himself, shifting closer. He took her other leg and copied his actions, his fingers running up and down the outside while his lips set to work. Soon, Evelyn was lying on her back, both of her legs up on his broad shoulders.

He pulled her socks back up to their original place and slipped his hands down further until they reached the hem of her small knickers. Biting playfully at her legs, making her giggle and squeal, he pulled down her blue frilly French knickers and chucked them to the side. With one hand, he grasped her bum and moved himself on top of her.

His lips met hers, passionately kissing her. She went to raise her arms to his cheeks when he grabbed hold of them and placed them above her head. He felt her gasp for air between kisses, their tongues dancing in each other’s moves; tongue bars knocking and tickling. Evelyn yearned to feel the ball of his bar rubbing against her.

He squeezed and released her bum cheek continuously, his lips grazing the skin on her collar bone. He popped open the buttons on her blouse with his teeth, his tongue working its way into her bra where he found her erect nipple. All the while, Evelyn moaned loudly, tugging at his hair and wrapping her legs around his back, grasping him tighter to her heated body.

“Save some for us, Doni!” Smyth called over, chuckling with the other boys.

He pulled his lips away for a moment, realising he was getting carried away. He shifted further down the bed and bunched up her skirt, revealing her beautiful pussy. He pressed back her thighs, opening her legs further. Doni licked his lips hungrily. He had been right; all that teasing had made Evelyn extremely wet.

Tentatively, he ran a finger from her small hard clit to her juicy pussy. He watched as she tensed, her hands clutching the bed sheet in anticipation. He liked to make her wait. He pushed her thighs back further, stroking the tip of his tongue across her clit. At the taste of her, Doni was sent into ecstasy. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

He dived in face first, moving her body up and down over his mouth as it ate hungrily. He nibbled at her clit, switching back to his tongue where he lapped and pressed in circles. All the while, Evelyn’s breaths became shorter and her screaming louder. Doni lost control. He was consumed by her, skilfully using his mouth to make her quiver and shake, her body convulsing under his fingertips.

Evelyn couldn’t think straight. All she could do was gasp for breaths between moans and hang on tightly to Doni’s hair as he sent her into a state of sheer pleasure.

She couldn’t hear or see, only feel as Doni’s tongue delved deeper into her tight wet pussy, then slipping up and flicking her clit; again and again, it was a sensual assault. She barely had a chance to understand what was going on before her hips were rising with her pulse and she met her first orgasm on Cloud Nine. Like a drug, it flooded her veins, pumping all the way to head. The music became distant, her limbs tingling as she came down. Her head was fuzzy, almost as if she was about to pass out.

With her legs still hanging over Doni’s shoulders, he straightened up watching as Evelyn’s body twitched, listening to her raspy breaths. He smirked to himself, glancing to the side of him to see Declan beside them. He raised an eyebrow to Doni who grinned, wiping his lips.

“I’ll tag you in, shall I?” he laughed, gently laying Evelyn’s legs down.

They dangled off the end of the bed. She hadn’t regained her strength yet and lay still breathing deeply. Doni fist pumped Declan and stood up to allow the first of the boys to begin.

He glanced over his shoulder to see Declan take off his shirt and gently lay down upon Evelyn, who took him with opens arms — and legs.

Doni smirked to himself again, wondering if he wanted to miss this. Unaware that the other boys were watching him, he stood with his arms folded as Declan set to work.

Declan knew that as the first of the eight he had to set a standard. He couldn’t repeat Doni’s actions but he was determined to make her scream louder and orgasm faster. He knew he shouldn’t be allowing himself to get swept up into the fight for Alpha dog, but he could at least beat his own target.

Though before now, Declan had never looked at Evelyn as being a potential sex partner, it didn’t mean he didn’t find her attractive. As he lay on top of her, he planted deep kisses on her plump red lips. He felt her legs wrap around him, grinding her groin against his ever hardening crotch. He could hardly contain himself. He’d tried not to watch previously when Doni had had his face buried in her delicious looking pussy, but it was hard not to. As her body lay open and ready for him, Declan felt a rush of primeval hunger.

He ripped open her blouse, revealing her ample bosom cupped in a black lase bra. He smothered her chest and breasts in kisses, sucking and nibbling, hearing her heart thumping away. Her nails were beginning to dig into his shoulders, urging him on further. With his face still pressed between her soft warm breasts, he ran a hand down her stomach and in between her legs. His school trousers grew tighter as he withdrew his dripping fingers. Carefully, he placed them against her parted lips. She licked blissfully, sucking his fingers free of her juices with a little grin.

Declan wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer if he didn’t get on with his original plan.

Evelyn ran her hands along his shoulders, still enjoying the taste of herself. She grinned happily, feeling her way up to his hair; shaved at the sides, fine on the top. She slipped back to his neck to feel only a small tunnel in his ear. She knew instantly this was Declan, even if she couldn’t see or hear him.

She lay at his mercy, trusting him completely. Out of the all the guys Doni could’ve gathered, he would be the gentlest and most good natured. She felt as he kneeled over her, obviously taking off his trousers and boxers. She waited excitedly; she had always wondered what he’d be like in bed.

Soon, his lips were returning to hers and she felt the hardness of his cock against her groin. She allowed him to take full control as he placed her legs back and onto his shoulders, pushing deeply into her wet hole. She threw back her head with surprise.

His long hard shaft moved slowly at first, back and forth, arching at just the right angle so the tip of his cock knocked and rubbed against her g-spot. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer and curling her body towards him as they rocked to a gentle rhythm, his cock drumming into her g-spot with each thrust. She gasped, scratching her nails down his hot back in long red strips, his steady rhythm teasing her beyond belief. She allowed her head to fall back and hang as he quickened his pace.

Doni sat down in the desk chair now adjacent to the bed. He watched as Declan pounded Evelyn until her head was knocking against the headboard. Her body was limp like a ragdoll as she moaned, taking the full force of Declan’s hips and cock as he pumped at a startling pace in and out of her pussy. He bit at his finger, completely focused on the scene before him. Seeing Evelyn being fucked by someone other than himself was an even bigger turn on than he’d imagined. It had been different in their threesome. Now, he couldn’t get involved. He could only sit and watch as the love of his life was pounded out of the stratosphere. It was a type of torture, he was sure; one that would push him to the end of his tether until finally he would be able to get his hands on her. He bit down harder, the sight of Declan’s dick pummelling his girlfriend’s dripping wet snatch, rocketing him into an alien frenzy.

Using her index and middle finger, she pinched her clit between the two, rubbing it vigorously whilst Declan stuffed her full. Soon, the pleasure was peaking. She stroked faster, her pussy tightening with each thrust. Three more pumps from his hips and Evelyn’s orgasm exploded, as did Declan.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get to fill his hot load inside of her as he’d stuck to the rules. However, as her orgasm rippled throughout her, she felt Declan slip between her legs to drink up the remaining juices that were slowly making their way down between her bum cheeks. He didn’t hesitate there either.

She giggled, stroking his head, lying in the blissful pleasure of post-orgasm. He kissed her inner thigh one last time before leaving the bed completely. She felt cold straight away until a new presence appeared beside her.

Doni sat back in his seat, ignoring as Declan redressed and fist pumped Ted. He was focused on Wade who had one knee on the bed, running his finger up Evelyn’s legs, across her stomach and to her breasts. She shivered under his touch, raising her hands to his ribbed firm torso. Wade tentatively placed the other knee onto the bed, the other side of her legs. Carefully, he sat her up and took off her blouse. He carelessly chucked it to the side and leant down to kiss her, softly at first, then firmer, running his tongue across her lips.

Doni viewed as Evelyn ran her nails down over each muscle of his stomach, grinning wildly to herself. Wade’s strong arms then gathered her up until she was wrapped around him. In one swift move, he was on his feet with Evelyn pressed against the wall. She gasped at the thump, hastily using her feet to push down his trousers and boxers.

Wade forgot about his nerves and threw Evelyn’s hands above her head, biting and sucking at the skin on her neck. She let out small squeaks and squeals, tightening her hold around his back.

With his garments now at his ankles, Wade moved back slightly to see Evelyn’s breasts sitting perkily in the bra. He briskly unclipped it at the back, leaving the tie to hang around her neck and dangling between her breasts.

He grasped one eagerly with one of his large strong palms and lapped at her hard nipple, his teeth teasingly tugging. Evelyn was lost, out of control. She leant back and enjoyed every second, her pulse rocketing, the adrenaline pumping through her.

Wade, with one arm around her waist, slipped on the condom and lowered her petite body until her pussy was hovering over his large rock hard cock. She bit her lip, drawing a small amount of blood as she did. She ached to feel him inside of her.

The music was blasting continuously into her ears, her other senses on overdrive. She drank in the smell of his cologne, the feel of his hot firm skin and taste of his lips. She savoured the sweet cider on his tongue and was hungry for more. She knew who this was; Wade was the only one of the boys with a body like this.

He stroked a hand up between her legs, feeling her hot soaked pussy against his palm. He dug his teeth deeper into her nipple, soon switching to the next one. With her hands still above her head, Wade pumped his hips upwards.

Evelyn wasn’t surprised by his largeness. She’d seen him in his boxing shorts on many occasions and had already assumed Wade’s cock would give many men a run for their money. She was overjoyed by the chance to finally see what he could do with it.

His strong hips propelled against her thighs, pummelling her higher and higher up the wall and closer to a climax. The feel of his lengthy stiff shaft stuffed inside of her was a fulfilling and carnal pleasure. She could feel her pussy stretching to cater for his girth but it was worth it. For each thrust he gave her, he brought her nearer to her third and maybe the best, orgasm of the night.

He felt her hot nectar dripping down his leg and the taste of her sweet tits inside his mouth. With the other hand, he grasped her bum. He had lost control over his loins. He had unleashed the animal inside and allowed his hunger to take over. He threw his entire strength into each pump of his hips, sending his cock deeper and harder into Evelyn’s snug pussy. She clenched and released, rubbing the walls of her vagina against his shaft. Wade, although not religious, was sure he was in heaven.

Doni opened his mouth wide, his eyes fixated on the scene in front of him. The sight of Evelyn squirming and moaning, her face full of ecstasy, was enough to tighten Doni’s trousers further.

Seeing her cum around another man’s cock was all one big tease. He wanted slurp up every last bit of her; taste her sweet cum on his lips and tongue. With his legs spread and arms folded, he observed the way Wade rested Evelyn back down onto the bed, leaving her with a sweet kiss to the lips.

He was itching to take Evelyn in his arms and show them all how it was done. But he had promised his darling girl he would be patient. So, patient was what he was.

Evelyn lay in waiting, still catching her breath and allowing the previous orgasm to wash over her. She wiggled her toes and fingers to make sure they were still there. She pushed a hand between her legs, her wetness fading. She was still extremely turned on but was becoming fearful of her next partner. What if they didn’t realise?

She turned her head to the side, music still pounding into her ears and the blindfold securely on. She tried to speak but her throat was dry too. Luckily, she felt two hands cradle her head and the cool rim of a glass to her lips.

Tentatively, she opened her mouth and allowed the refreshing ice cold water to pour down her throat. She gulped thirstily, clasping the glass but allowing the person to sit her upright. Whilst she drunk, one hand reached down her torso and slipped between her legs. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Someone else took the glass away when she hinted she’d finished and the person who had come to her rescue set to work. He started by getting rid of her skirt.

He sat behind her, his legs enclosing hers as she lay back against his chest. In his hold, she spread and allowed his fingers to wander. He caressed her neck and collar bone, keeping her attention up top until she felt a vibration against her groin. Her eyes shot open behind her blindfold and her grin grew. She was wondering when one of the boys would take advantage of her stash of toys.

“The boy’s being rather giving,” Smyth said to Doni as he handed him a beer.

He only nodded in reply, his focus entirely on Jake as he tickled Evelyn’s spread pussy and clit with a small vibrator.

“I think he’s worried what his girlfriend would say if she found out he’s had sex with her friend,” Doni chuckled, taking a swig of his beer. He could sit and watch Evelyn touch herself all day; seeing someone else do it to her was even better.

“Sofia didn’t seem too bothered about her boyfriend when she was sucking Ted’s cock in the summer,” Smyth laughed, his eyes also staying fixated on Evelyn, who was now laying limp against Jake as he added another vibrator into the equation. A bigger one that was he slowly probing the outside of her pussy with.

The two boys observed as Jake smothered the toys and Evelyn in lube, before pushing the silky vibrator into her glossier cunt. Her head rolled back to rest onto his shoulder, nibbling at his ear and digging her nails into his bent knees, urging him on further.

They couldn’t drag their eyes away from the sight of Evelyn’s large breasts rising and falling with each heave for air. Their attention slipped down in between legs, where Jake was skilfully using one hand to massage her clit with the smaller vibrator, whilst the other pumped the larger one into her pussy. It was a magnificent sight and one neither of the boys would ever forget. Silently, they fist pumped. Smyth was even more excited for his chance. He already had something planned that was fool proof.

For the fourth time that night, Evelyn’s pleasure had almost hit its peak. She ground her hips into every thrust from the dildo, the vibration sending her pussy into a frenzy. She wished she knew who’s name she should be calling out, though from his tender touch and the lack of intercourse, she could assume it was Jake. He was slim, his ribs prominent but that didn’t stop him from having excellent sexual prowess when it came to the female anatomy. He removed the larger vibrator and returned that hand to her breast, cupping and massaging tenderly as his other hand worked busily with the smaller vibrator, tickling and teasing her clit in circles.

Evelyn panted and moaned, her body quaking as she reached the climax she’d yearned for. She convulsed in his arms, pure bliss rushing through her. She collapsed into Jake’s firm grip. Her clit continued to quake when he didn’t stop, his teeth finding a hold on the skin of her neck. She wasn’t complaining. She would let him do it to her all over again. She giggled with delight and drew in a lungful of air.

“Time’s up, Jake,” Doni said firmly, placing his bottle of beer on the floor in case he had to get up.

Jake looked up with sad eyes and reluctantly withdrew the vibrator. Carefully, he lay Evelyn back on the bed and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She reached out for him tiredly, but Jake was already busy cleaning the toys and returning to his seat with the boys, who had just lit up a bong.

As Scott made his way over to the bed confidently, Doni stood up. He hushed them into silence.

He then quickly leant over the bed and paused the music in Evelyn’s ears.

“My sweet?” he said, though her hearing was still muffled.

“Uhuh,” she replied.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, stroking her hot flushed cheeks, the sweat gathering on her forehead. She looked glorious, sprawled on the bed with her legs spread wearing only a school tie and thigh high socks. Doni grinned wildly, his heart thumping his chest with excitement. Wouldn’t be long now.

“Uhuh,” she answered between drags of air.

Doni kissed her moist forehead and returned to his seat. Scott took that as his cue.

He grazed the skin of her ankles with the tips of his fingers. She squealed making him grin. He drew soft circles watching her expression change from a pout to a giggle. He observed the way her chest rose and fell faster. Scott couldn’t help but gaze at her wet slit, open, soaked and ready to take him. He had to control himself before he lost all restraint. Quickly, he unzipped and tugged down his trousers and boxers, revealing his hard dick. Unfortunately, she was still blindfolded. Though, at least she would get a chance to feel it pummelling inside of her.

Suddenly, he wrapped his large hands around her ankles and tugged her all the way to the end of the bed. Her giggles and squeals made the other boys turn and watch as Scott dropped to his knees. He gathered the lower half of Evelyn’s body, now dangling off the end of the bed. With her legs draped over his shoulders and her wet snatch brushing against his cock, he slipped on the condom and gave her one last pull until the tip of his dick was teasing the entrance to her tight hole.

Evelyn knew fully well this was Scott. His strength. His dominance. His soft hands. His hairy chest and broad body. She grinned madly, overly eager to finally have the opportunity to fuck the brute.

She gripped the bed sheet at her sides and relaxed, allowing Scott to push his entire shaft inside. Every inch was pure agony and ecstasy, his width stretching and pushing her pussy to its limits. Evelyn licked her lips hungrily, glad Jake had doused her with lube beforehand, otherwise she would never able to handle the beast in Scott’s pants.

He moved his hips in circles, his shaft rubbing against her g-spot while the tip of his cock was buried deep inside her cunt. Soon, he was picking up the pace. He clutched her legs to his chest, staring down at the sight before him. Evelyn’s moans were gorgeous, her bouncing tits were magnificent but the view between her legs was delicious. He bit his lip, watching as his cock delved deeply into her beautiful slit. He spread her clit with his fingers, rubbing vigorously with his thumb. He’d noticed it was the only way Evelyn could orgasm and he didn’t want to disappoint. So, as he pounded with all of his strength, his thumb stimulated her little hard clit whilst Evelyn cried with delight. He grinned smugly, thrusting non-stop until he felt himself coming. That wasn’t the plan.

He glanced over at Doni, whose eyes were entirely focused upon Evelyn.

“Doni,” he called, trying to catch his attention.

“Hmm?” he replied vacantly.

“I’m gonna cum soon and she’s not that close. What do I do?” Scott said between breaths, his eyes switching from Doni in the desk chair to where Evelyn was sprawled before him, taking the entire length and girth of his cock inside of her. He bit onto his lip to restrain himself.

Doni reached into the bag and retrieve the same small vibrator Jake had used. He handed it to Scott and gestured to Evelyn’s bum cheeks.

“Don’t be shy,” he winked and returned to his seat.

Awkward at first, with so many peering eyes watching him, Scott slowed his pace — much to Evelyn’s dislike — and ran the vibrator over the outside of her hole. After soaking it in her juices, he reached beneath her and spread her bum cheeks, cautiously turning on the vibrator and pressing it to the outside of her anus. She gasped, giggled then moaned, turning Scott’s nervous frown into a grin.

With his left hand, he used the vibrator to circle her sensitive rim. With his right, he returned to her clit. All the while, her legs dangled over his broad shoulders as he continued to pound her senseless.

Evelyn wasn’t sure where to concentrate. All she knew was that as the orgasm rippled from her asshole to her pussy through to her clit then shot up throughout the rest of her body, she was no longer there physically. Instead, she was floating on an extreme high that was threatening to take hold completely. She heard her own screams of sheer joy over the dubstep music, shocking herself back to reality. She rejoiced in the feeling of Scott’s large cock convulsing inside of her sensitive tightening pussy as he came and collapsed onto the bed. She was weak and still very distant, but there was no way she was stopping now.

The change over between Scott and Dexter was quick, whilst Evelyn was still on her high. Doni didn’t object. She would cum quicker this way and more intensely.

Straight away, a new pair of hands was taking hold of her. They were less strong but gentler as he turned her weak body. Soon, she was lying on top of him with her lips brushing against his cock. She grinned, gladly licking the tip where she tasted the saltiness of pre-cum. The show must be really turning on all of the guys. If only she could see them all.

Evelyn didn’t have much time to think before a tongue was stroking the length of her pussy and clit. She felt him bury his face deep, tingling all of her senses. She had always been a fan of the 69.

Finally, she would get to taste some cock.

With her forefinger and thumb, she made a loop around the tip and pushed it down the full length of his rock hard shaft until she hit the base. She squeezed and followed her fingers down with her lips, sucking, tonguing and caressing this new dick. All the while, his tongue explored further into her pussy. No wonder it was called eating out.

Dexter sucked at her clit, digging his teeth in ever so slightly and feeling her body squirm with excitement. He closed his eyes, his attention drawn to where Evelyn was assaulting his cock with her mouth. Her grasp was firm; tugging and stroking every inch of his dick. The ball of her tongue bar brushed the tip, making him quake; that was something he’d never experienced before. Infact, he couldn’t recall ever receiving such a good blow job. He busied himself in her pussy, slurping and lapping up her juices, his nose probing her pussy hole while his tongue tickled her clit, which he’d spread with her legs. He also couldn’t recall ever finding a cunt as delicious as Evelyn’s.

Doni grinned with delight as Dexter’s face was flooded with her cum. He relished watching his friend drink up every last bit of it, while Evelyn finished what she started. Soon, Dexter was exploding and moaning her name loudly.

Doni bit at the rim of his beer bottle, hardly able to contain himself. He grinned wildly, one hand resting on his thigh right beside his hard on. He was all about self-restraint. He was putting it to the test tonight. Especially as he caught another glimpse of Evelyn’s wet gorge when Dexter rolled her onto her back. He couldn’t wait to bury his erection deep inside of her taut moist cunt.

Theo grinned knowing it was his turn. Ever since the camp out in the summer where he’d come very close to fucking Evelyn, he had wanted the chance to do so. As Doni’s ex-boyfriend, he needed to know what all the fuss was about. Almost every guy at CTC fancied her and for a little while, Theo couldn’t understand why. However, since his experiences with Eliza had changed his sexual preference, he was ready to step into the deep end and explore the unknown that was Evelyn.

When he got to the bed however, Doni was taking off her headphones. He gave him a questioning look but Doni just winked in reply.

Evelyn looked relieved, gulping down more water from the glass Doni held to her lips. But when he took it away, he chucked Theo a pair of handcuffs. He smirked, grasping them in his hands.

Doni returned to his seat and gestured to where Evelyn was sat cross legged on the bed, wrists pressed together as if expecting the bonds that were to come.

Theo bit his lip keenly at the sight of her. The thigh highs socks were enough to make his heart race, but the single tie hanging down between her perfect breasts, her nipples hard and pink from where previous partners had tugged and played, was what pushed Theo forward onto the bed.

He knelt before her, the handcuffs jingling. He stroked her hot cheek gently; smug he had Evelyn at his mercy.

“Hold out your hands,” he demanded.

Evelyn did as he asked, holding up her wrists to him. He locked each into the handcuffs and allowed them to drop to her lap. He cupped her chin and stared at the blindfold that obscured her eyes.

“Lay back,” he commanded.

She lay back and spread her legs instantly. Theo grinned, reaching down to part her pussy lip. Upon inspection, Theo squeezed on more lube wanting her to enjoy every second of what he was about to do to her.

He took one of the pillows from the head of the bed. Theo then lifted Evelyn’s pelvis and slipped the pillow beneath, raising her hips. Her breathing quickened, her arms stretching above her head as she lay in his control.

Theo glanced to Doni who was already staring back at him.

“Did you ever think we would be here?” he questioned, slipping the condom down onto his cock, his eyes staying on Doni.

He shook his head, a grin still plastered on his lips.

“With your girlfriend, sprawled before me?” Theo grasped hold of Evelyn’s hips, clutching and tugging at her skin making her moan. He brought her legs up and spread them, her toes pointing up at the ceiling.

“Whilst you sit and watch as I fuck her?” he licked his lip and winked at Doni whose hand had crept across to rest on the bulge bursting out of his trousers.

“Because I’m gonna take great pleasure destroying her little pussy,” he winked again and shoved his cock deep into Doni’s girlfriend’s snug wet hole.

Doni slouched further in his seat, consumed by the entire scene. Evelyn’s tits bounced violently on her chest, while her legs quivered and threatened to collapse as Theo thrust vigorously into her. Each pound harder than the last. Each pummel deeper and swifter. Evelyn’s screams were not only loud, but carnal. From her lips she projected the intense pleasure Theo was giving her. Although rough and not at all affectionate, Evelyn could feel the next climax just around the corner.

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