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It had been a moment of weakness, but one that pursued him like a plague. He stared into the shard of mirrored glass he kept in his tattered sleeve. Unable to move about freely, to access his encrypted savings account, he’d lost a good deal of weight, most of it in his cheeks. The face that stared back at him was almost unrecognizable. Certainly, it had something to do with the way his skin seemed to cling a little too tightly, but more so because he could see in his eyes the result of one frayed nerve too many.


It had been sixteen years since the world ground to a sudden, deafening halt. The planet’s hulking economic apparatus lay in disrepair, abandoned and withering ever since human male fertility fell below one thousand. Its rapid plunge had been foreseen and foretold, but largely ignored until critical. People around the world always seemed to fall back on vague self-assurances: We’ll fix it. We’ll invent a solution. We put a man on the moon…we can do this, too.

It used to be you only heard about someone who’d had it happen. Then it was someone you knew, a neighbor, a couple guys from work with whom you weren’t well acquainted. Later, it rattled then rocked then decimated entire towns. The 24-hour news cycle focused on the counter that had been erected in London when world male fertility fell below one million. It seemed as though one could hardly turn on the television without seeing its precipitous tumble—the numbers shedding like leaves from a maple tree after winter’s first hard freeze. On the day it reached one thousand, the world of man came to a standstill. A dull reality began to set in like a hangover we couldn’t shake. The human race wasn’t going to win this one.

It was only then that the matriarchal power structure acted as swiftly as any bureaucracy can. Where ongoing scientific sequestration had so far been voluntary in order to control as many variables as possible while searching for clues as to why this was happening, suddenly mandates rolled out giving authorities permission to seize fertile men off the street, tear them away from families and friends, and quarantine them without notice. Forced laboratory procreation became the norm.

Simply harvesting sperm from a healthy male did not stop whatever was causing the pestilence. Entire refrigerators full of specimen could turn up useless. Whatever it was, it was deeper than researchers’ penetrating gaze via microscope.

An elaborate draconian system grew up like a bitter weed almost overnight, pairing fertile men with as many women as the new police-state could wrest control of. Of course pregnancy wasn’t simply going to solve the problem. The hope, however short-sighted, was that a large enough baby boom might buy us some time to stumble upon a miracle. But even that was of little avail. Nine out of ten boys were infertile by puberty. And by the time they were even old enough that researchers became privy to this fact, it was too late. There were fewer than fifty known fertile men left.


He eyed the old wound on his wrist. He may as well have left the barcode unblemished, for all the good it did. The bumpy off-color scar tissue was just another way of saying, I am tagged. Volunteering those fourteen years earlier had seemed one’s patriotic duty. It was only now, years removed, that he could finally see how the propaganda machine had spun its noose so effectively. Everyone had been in sheer frenzy at the possibility that the human race would simply age itself out within the next eighty to ninety years. That rushing out to be tagged was supposed to be a noble thing, responsible and self-sacrificing. Gazing down at the blemish he cursed himself for the umpteen thousandth time. Here he was, squatting in an old furniture store, forced to lay low because his tag—genetically programmed to fade when a subject became infertile—had never lost its freshly inked sheen.


It wasn’t as though people stopped having sex. The world’s urge hadn’t subsided to any real extent. Sure, there was the initial shock over learning that the final generation was now in diapers, and for some time, volumes of people were simply too stunned to do anything worthwhile. Sex was the least of what suffered because of it. Who’d have imagined that losing the impetus for working toward a better tomorrow would cause people to suddenly realize that their jobs were of little meaning, and so to stop going to work? What no one understood until it was too late was that without the promise of tomorrow’s generation, motivation was dying.

The government encouraged those willing and able not to give up on sex for the purpose of procreation. Something could change. Heck, they said, the body might just figure things out on its own. So the infertile masses went about their business, some of them returning to work, while many more simply turned their back on the great big economic mouse wheel altogether.

For the fifty known men left on the planet who had not yet succumbed to a similar fate, they would come to know the ultimate sacrifice. Most were rounded up and secreted away to top secret research installations. The story told to the masses was that these men were doing their utmost to contribute to our scientific salvation. And indeed, the public saw numerous photographs and videos of these famous fellows posing and working with doctors and researchers. After a while, however, details emerged of a frightening reality for those remaining men. Tales of living dissections, erectile injections and forced procreation for eighteen-hour periods leaked to the public by unknown whistleblowers.Suddenly, people got a very uneasy feeling that the matriarchal government had become desperate.


He’d done so well at laying low, blending in. The trick was to act so completely nonchalant that nobody suspected a thing. There were two distinct types of people left in the rapidly dwindling world populous. Either you were living each moment as though it truly was your last, or you moved about like a drone. Since he couldn’t afford to draw too much attention to himself, he chose the latter. It had worked for half a decade; ever since the infamous footage surfaced depicting the gruesome endings suffered by the Last Men at the hands of the Authority.

She was a waitress at a dark, smoky night crawl at the edge of town. He’d gone a few times to sit in a dark corner, drink and listen to the old blues band poke holes in his heart. She was something to look at, this waitress, as dark and mysterious as the space she occupied, long-legged and always wearing dark fishnets and a very short mini. Sure, it was part of the motif, a uniform meant to quicken the pulse and pad the check. A girl like her, when she asked to freshen up your drink, it was hard to say no.

He should have known it was a bad idea to make eyes at her. He’d done better than most at not taking risks. Until recently, it had been enough to go to that smoky joint, listen to music and harvest the odd mental picture of those long legs, smooth skin, and pretty face that always seemed half-hidden behind her hairstyle of the week. Later, he’d retire to his apartment and call up those images on the lids of his closed eyes, worry his junk awhile with his good hand. That was, until one incident made his well-worn custom grow tired in a hurry.

It was a late evening, slow as pitch with only a few patrons making the pilgrimage away from the inner city to get their fix of heartbreak and soul music. He’d just lit a cigarette and was taking a satisfying drag when she approached. The way she walked gave him chills, and this time it seemed that those long legs carried her with a sense of purpose. It said, I’m up to no good. Even before she was all the way to his dark corner, he was swallowing cotton.

She stood there at the edge of his tiny table. The hem line of her skirt was eye level. Fishnets framed her legs, turning that pale skin into a thousand white diamonds. She didn’t say anything at first, just reached for the cigarette in his mouth, placed it between her full lips and took a deep drag. The cherry grew bright, illuminating her face for but an instant, and he heard the shutter on his mental camera open and close, capturing her beauty for later recall.

She untied her apron and rolled it up, dropped it on the table and sat next to him. Her shift was up and she was bored, wanted to know if he felt up to a little fun.

The memory shattered into a million pieces and he woke up sweaty and scared. Why had he gone through with it? No woman that hot walked up to a strange man in a dark corner and asked him if he wanted to have a little fun. She wasn’t really off the clock.

He made his second mistake when they somehow ended up at his place, his apartment in downtown. Power came and went, causing his single overhead bulb to twitch and fall prey mostly to cold darkness, but it didn’t make any difference. It was his sanctuary, the place where he escaped from the drones and the revelers, or the Infertile Dead as he silently called them. They were on his bed, kissing, touching, her beneath him feeling warm and impossibly alive. When he’d first encountered her at the night crawl, he categorized her immediately. She was a drone, one of the ones who moved about the world, doing just what was expected of them as though nothing had changed, as though the species wasn’t really rafting toward a waterfall at the edge of the universe.

But having her in his apartment after no more than a dozen words—mostly bitten back or swallowed by hungry kissing—he thought he’d have to put her in the other category. She was clearly out to make a fiery splash before her time was up, before the end of the world.

Watching her hike up that skirt was almost too much for him. He felt flushed and over-stimulated. If she wanted him to be rough, would he get carried away? How long had it been since a woman flipped the ignition switch and said, ‘Let’s go’?

He kissed her upper thighs and spied as her hemline shimmied up and revealed the dark strip framed like a goddamned work of modern art beneath her fishnets. She pulled his shirt over his head and ran her hands over his back, growing seemingly wilder with every kiss he plied dangerously close to her pussy. He made a motion to hook his fingers over her stockings and pull them down but she pushed his hands away. Confused, he looked up into the dark green eyes that caught soft alley light oozing through his bedroom window. She looked at him passion-drunk, her bottom lip pooched out revealing her gleaming white teeth.

Leaning forward she kissed him deeply before taking his hands and guiding them beneath her top. He ran his hands up her tight stomach and found that she wore no bra before his fingertips brushed the tall eraser points that were her nipples. Energy surged through him and he lifted her top over her head. In the dim light, her tits were silhouetted full and firm.

When his head fell between them, he let the skin caress his cheek, lost in a moment he wished desperately to make last. She rolled her hips then and he climbed onto the bed between her legs. He could now see why she’d stopped him from pulling her lacy stockings down. In view was the entire glory of her pouty-lipped vagina, and woven into the stockings, a slender slit intended to provide him unfettered access to her quivering sanctum.

She was already rubbing at the hard spot fully formed behind his trousers. And in another moment, she’d helped him unzip, pulling his boxers down and allowing the heavy thing to fall out against her thigh. He exhaled slowly at the sensation of heat emanating from her skin. She stuck a pair of fingers in her mouth, coated them with sticky spit, and dropped her hand between her legs where she spread the moisture over her tight little jewel. Cleaving the lips, she revealed to him a deep pink hue that gave way to a hole no bigger around than her pinkie. His balls lunged and his cock tapped her leg in anticipation, causing her to giggle and reach for it hungrily.

His head swam with lust as he stared down at the head of his cock which she used to smear the juices that formed at its tip up and down her swollen, blushing quim. Her tight abdominal muscles glistened with sweat in the soft light, carving her body an almost majestic silver-lined aura. Her dark hair fell in a pool against his bed, and her legs were drawn back so that her knees were bent. She lay there like that, completely and utterly open.

When he pushed forward, the two of them watched as his cock sank with deliberate slowness into her hot, wet fleshy channel. Jaw unhinged, her eyes rolled back revealing the whites, spectacularly framed against her dark black eye shadow. Her bottom lip quivered and her brow furrowed as though his cock’s every fibrous inch was raking each and every nerve, from clit inward.

“So fucking good,” she cooed.

He wanted so badly to fill her, to feel his balls pressed against her, to be rooted in her and know that she was nowhere else, in no other world but his. And after savoring that agonizingly slow push into her pussy, it became reality. For a moment, they held. He stared down at her, wondering how in fuck he’d gotten cock-deep inside her. She grinned and a gracious moan escaped her gently parted lips.

“Do you like how I feel?” she asked.

To which he nodded drunkenly. She reached around to grasp his balls, which were pushed tightly against her newly planted fuck hole, stroking and massaging them while the muscles inside her seemed to roll over his cock, squeezing and milking him. She flashed him a lusty smile, told him to fuck her. No need for a second invitation. As he withdrew she clutched his balls still, as though afraid he’d escape. He didn’t mind, retracting enough that he could see the head of his cock appear, wet and glistening with her pussy juice, before issuing a firm thrust that buried his piston once again.

Catching a gear, he ground and thrust, fucking her cunt until a wet slap rose between them. Once or twice, she ordered him to pull out so she could suck his cock, encouraging him to cradle the back of her head and gently fuck her warm, wet mouth. He watched as those full lips mashed against the base of his shaft, felt her tongue rolling along the underside of his glans. He would pull out only her have her resume a position flat on her back with her legs up so he could quickly ensnare himself in her rapturously hot haven.

They’d been at it for ten minutes or so when she flipped over onto her stomach, lifted her ass into the air and reached back to smear their collective lubricants over her puckered nether region. He closed his eyes and saw the star of her anus emblazoned on his eyelids as though he’d just been caught staring at the sun. When he opened them, he saw that she’d planted a pair of greasy fingers in her pussy.

“Sorry, this one’s taken,” she cooed. Was she really urging him to make a similar arrangement between his cock and her tight little asshole?

As the head popped through he felt a dizziness overwhelm him, her tightness almost demanding he blow his load right there. Shaking it off, he felt his control loosen. This strange waitress with long legs, tight body, gorgeous little tits and firm ass was begging him to fuck her naughtiest hole, the least he could do was give it to her proper.

He slid in slowly, letting her become accustomed the invasion. Feeling her fingers working feverishly in her pussy, he pulled back and began drilling her. He leaned forward, gathering her tits and lifting her up from the bed. She leaned against him and he fucked her as deeply and as hard as he dared, savoring the curve of her ass as she pressed it into his pelvis. She moaned and threatened repeatedly that she would come … or some variation of “fucking-fuck-fuckity-fuck …” soon thereafter making good on those threats and squealing with over-sensitive lust as she climaxed down one valley and up the other. Without warning, she pulled away so quickly his cock slipped out of her ass with a glorious pickle jar pop.

Sticking her tongue out at him and spreading her legs, she flashed her reddened pussy at him in a daring, playful way. He slunk slowly up the bed, grabbed her foot and pulled her to him. In a flash, he was balls deep in her cunny, thrusting for all he was worth as his balls clapped her anus in time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed long and hard, never for a moment slowing.

He asked her if it was all right, and her eyes snapped open. She stared directly into his, and said inside. But he knew she knew. After all, why would anyone ask? When was the last time someone needed to request to dump a load. You took a chance on an STD, not a baby. He could see the sudden change, the fear-laced wonder that crept into the corners of her smile, threatening to rupture the fantasy for both of them. But it was too late for him. This woman had been the subject of long-building lust. She’d taken him home and fucked him, against all likelihood. He was going to finish.

The raw, mind-numbing sensation crept up all at once, swelling his cock inside her so that his groan temporarily drowned out hers. He thrust deeply, feeling the lips of her pussy flatten as she was shoved against his headboard and could go no farther. She cried out and held her breath, clutching him as tightly as he clung to her. What felt like a flood suddenly erupted from his cock and he shook as he injected her snug little body with his spunk. Again and again, through wave after wave, he jerked and lurched until finally the thick clouds that covered his vision slowly began to recede.

Her perfume smelled sweet and innocent, and he felt the trickle of sweat between their panting bodies. Her spectacular tits were still pressed against him, the sharp jut of her nipples ever-present. He pulled back slowly, and they watched in a sort of reverent awe as his cock revealed itself, sliding past her pretty little lips until at last, the head departed before a torrent of sticky white seed flowed out of her—this dark, mysterious waitress he scarcely knew.


He should have known something was wrong when she wouldn’t meet his eyes afterward. She stepped into the bathroom with her purse, ostensibly to clean up. To his credit, he heard the scanner beep through the bathroom door and even the towel she’d wrapped around it to muffle its warning. And despite his meticulous planning for the day that might come, having performed drills a hundred times, it still took him precious, eternal seconds to fully comprehend what was happening. He’d fucked and fucked up.

So, she was working after all. But not for herself. The government recruited particularly attractive women all the time, arranging private exchanges in all the most likely places a Fertile might appear. Even if she wasn’t lucky, a girl could make a few extra bucks by scanning a few random hook-ups during a fluid exchange. Coming across an actual bonafide Fertile, on the other hand, could set up a girl for life. She could ride out the remainder of humanity in the lap of luxury.

He’d made the cardinal error: thinking he was special. Five years later and he still hadn’t had a moment when he felt completely safe. Rumor had it there were no more than a handful of Fertiles left. The government had gotten militaristic, almost surgical in their precision when it came to hunting them down. That’s what the world had come to, and here he was, hiding out in an old furniture outlet.

To Be Continued…

“You awake?” Andy asked as he pushed his hard cock against my mouth. Reflexively I parted my lips and engulfed the spongy head.

“I don’t think so” I answered as best I could with a cock in my mouth.

“I tried to wake Pam up” he said easing his shaft a bit further in, “but she just mumbled something and rolled over and went back to sleep.”

I removed the hardon from my mouth and said “And that stopped you?”

Andy stroked his saliva moistened cock. “Well” he started, “she might have been mumbling something about separating me from my balls.”

“What makes you think I won’t just bite them off, you horny bastard?” I said, rolling over.

“C’mon Tommy, I’m so hard it’ll just take a minute.” Andy was starting to beg now.

“Andy I’ve already made you cum three times today. Go back to bed.” He was starting to tick me off.

“That was yesterday,” he said “technically it’s a new day.”

“Is that true? Three times?” Tully appeared, also naked, also erect. You are a horny bastard.” He said to his son-in-law.

“No hornier than you, Tully.” Andy said. “You did your fair share of cumming in the last 24 hours.”

“Yeah, but I’m not harassing the neighbors at 2 in the AM. I jerk off like a normal person when I get horny in the middle of the night” Tully said, demonstrating his late night masturbatory technique for us.

“Argh” I said, realizing that I wasn’t gonna get back to sleep any time soon. I rolled back over on the sofa facing them both. I hadn’t noticed, but I was also experiencing some swelling in the johnson department, a fact that did not go unnoticed by either of the gents.

“You see?” Andy exclaimed, pointing at my growing shaft with his own hardon. “Tommy’s getting horny too.” I joined in on the festivities and wrapped my fist around my cock, stroking lightly.

“How about if you sucked my cock” I said to Andy, “and see what happens after that.”

“That would be the hospitable thing to do, Andy.” Tully said.

“You promise to get me off afterwards?” Andy asked.

I sat up on the sofa and spread my thighs apart. “We’ll see.” I answered.

“OK, fine” Andy agreed and dropped to his knees between my legs. I released my shaft and let Andy take over. He did just that, cupping my smoothly shaved balls and lowering his warm wet mouth onto my cock head.

“Mmm, Andy, that’s good” I said as I leaned back to savor the experience. Andy was licking up and down my shaft, jerking it slowly, nipping and sucking the swollen circumcised tip. He took my left leg and repositioned it a bit and proceeded to press his own hardon against my shin. I could feel the precum dripping out of his cock, moistening my leg as he thrust against it. With my shaft thoroughly slick, Andy began jerking me with his right hand while seriously sucking me. His tongue danced and teased my bloated head, swirled around the super sensitive ridge, his fist and lips working in rhythm to leave no part of my hard shaft unstimulated. “Fuck that feels good” I groaned as I started to thrust my hips to meet Andy’s ministration.

Tully put one knee up on the sofa next to me and leaned in to get a better view of what Andy was doing to me. “That does look good” he observed, pumping his fist up and down his hard cock. Andy was slurping his way along my shaft, leaving it glistening wet for his tight fist to glide up and down. His mouth found my balls, and as I moaned with pleasure his tongue bathed and caressed each smooth orb while he maintained a steady stroke with his hand. Without missing a beat he re-inserted my cock into his mouth.

“Ohhh fuck yes, Andy” I gasped, “Suck my cock…” Andy gobbled the head of my cock while jerking me with long strokes, causing my hips to thrust up off the couch, fucking his mouth as I neared my orgasm. Tully was kneeling on the sofa next to me, pumping his own bloated meat just inches from my face. As I felt the jizz boiling in my balls I grabbed Andy’s head and shoved his mouth down onto my cock. “Aahhh yes” I groaned as my first stream of cum erupted into my friend’s throat. My body arched up off of the sofa as the orgasm hit, my pulsating cock buried deep in Andy’s mouth.

“Mmrph” said Andy as my load continued to spew from my spasming cock.

“Aahhh” I groaned with each spurt. Jet after jet of my thick load filled Andy’s mouth, his cheeks ballooning with each stream of jizz that he sucked out of me. I relented a bit on the pressure I was applying to the back of his head, and held him so his mouth was in place right on the tip. I reached down and proceeded to stroke my shaft as Andy’s mouth and tongue slurped and swirled. Together we extracted every last drop of my load from my balls and deposited it in his hot wet mouth. Finally spent, I dropped my cock and leaned back. Rivulets of my cum leaked from the sides of Andy’s mouth as he continued to nurse and lap my hyper sensitive cockhead until I had to push him away. “Give me a few minutes Andy” I gasped, “and I’ll let you suck my cock again.”

“OK” Andy answered. I had only been half teasing him, but I sure wasn’t gonna tell him that.

Tully, in the meantime, had taken advantage of my nearly defenseless state and pressed his own cock against my lips and I opened my mouth and accepted the short fat shaft. Tully’s cock was soo hard that it was actually throbbing, vibrating like a tuning fork against my tongue. His hot salty pre-cum drooled freely into my mouth. “Yeah Tommy” he groaned, “mmmm just like that.” I was swirling my tongue around the smooth ridge of his cock head and caressing his huge, smooth hanging balls with my left hand. I felt Andy repositioning himself between my spread thighs and looked down to see him kneeling in front of me with his long thin cock pressed against mine. My shaft glistened with a slick mixture of saliva and streamers of my own cum. Andy reached up to his chin, wiped off a glob of my jizz and anointed both of out erections with more of the slippery white spunk. He then proceeded to wrap his fist around the two cocks and jerk us both.

“Mmmm” I moaned onto the hard cock in my mouth. Andy was fucking his fist and the sensation of his cock and hand slipping along my shaft was exquisite. “MMM” was all I could manage again. Tully twisted his torso away from me to watch the proceedings as well, positioning himself as to keep his hardon in my mouth. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt his cock stiffen just a bit more as I slurped.

“Oh, fuck that looks good.” He exclaimed.

‘Oh fuck that feels good’ was what I tried to say, but all that I was able to say with a thick cock pulsing in my mouth was “Mmrff.” Andy was fucking his fist and my shaft intensely, with a look of sheer arousal in his eyes. Tully turned back to face me and put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself while pistoning his shaft slowly onto my mouth. I cupped my tongue and drew it up and down the underside, occasionally swirling around the thick head. His heavy hanging balls swayed beneath my chin, and as I released his cock to lap his smooth oversized sack, Tully wrapped his beefy fist around his slick shaft. He stroked himself for a moment as I suckled his balls, then pulled back a bit and re-inserted his hardon into my mouth, feeding it to me inch by throbbing inch.

“Aahhh Tommy suck my cock… that feels so fucking good” he groaned. “Make me cum…just like that….mmmm I’m gonna cum…” Without warning he pulled his cock out of my mouth, turned and started jerking off over Andy’s and my cocks. “Mmff mmff mmff” Tully moaned, his fist flying up and down his slippery meat. Andy was jacking his cock hard as well, and as he rose up to meet Tully’s cock with his own, his balls slid along the length of my shaft. With a deep groan Tully began spewing his load all over Andy’s cock which caused Andy to erupt. Both men came all over each other, with streamers of jizz flying between them and onto me like some lust crazed water pistol fight. With their naked bodies straining, each jerked every last drop of cum from their drained balls, moaning and groaning as their tight fists brought spasms of pleasure from their throbbing cocks.

I couldn’t resist the rivers of cum that poured onto my hardon. Just as Tully and Andy’s cocks quieted down, I grabbed my rod and began stroking the sodden shaft like a man possessed. What I really wanted was for Andy, or Tully for that matter, to suck my cock, but I thought that all that co-mingled jizz might be a little above and beyond, so I proceeded to jerk off. The hot slippery lube had my fist flying up and down my erection, and within a few moments I felt my load about to erupt.

“Yeah, Tommy, stroke your hard cock” Tully encouraged, “pump that cum out.”

“Mmm, yes.” I said. “I’m gonna cum…” As I stroked Andy reached down and fondled my smoothly shaven balls, while Tully wrapped a few thick fingers around the base of my cock, pumping in rhythm with my own tempo. My hand squished loudly with everyone’s load lubing my masturbation, and soon I was adding to the mixture. My body strained upward to fuck my cock into my fist. “Here it cums guys…aahhh yesss…” I groaned as my spew began to fly.

“Here, let me finish you off” Tully said as his hand slid up my cock, displacing mine. My cum leapt from my cockhead as Tully’s expert fist stroked me.

“Yeah, Tully, yeah” I groaned, “jerk me off…” Andy was working overtime on my balls, kneading and caressing them as I came. “Ahh fuck that’s good” was all I could say as Tully milked and pumped my cock dry. Just as I thought he had gotten every drop, Tully swirled his fingers right below the head of my cock eliciting another cum producing spasm to course through me. He then offered my cock to Andy, who dutifully engulfed the head in his mouth and licked, sucked and lapped me clean. “Mmmm, fuck yeah Andy….” I sighed as Tully continued to stroke my cock lightly.

After a moment Tully got up off the couch, stretched, groaned and declared himself done. “That’s it for me, boys” he said. “Thanks for the midnight interlude.” Andy continued to bathe the head of my cock with his mouth and I leaned back, eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensation of his warm wet tongue lapping and swirling. I was pretty much done as well, cumming wise, so reluctantly I disengaged my shaft from my friend’s attentions.

“I’m gonna call it a night too” I said. Andy gave my meat one last long wet slurp and laid my half hard cock on my thigh.

“Okay, I guess” he said, getting to his feet. It became apparent when he stood up that he was not quite ready to retire. His thin cock was also standing, jutting straight out from below his abdomen, beet red and veins engorged. I reached out and grabbed his swollen root and tugged him toward me.

“I believe I owe you a blow job” I said.

“Well, not I you’re too tired, Tommy “he started, “I already came once…”

“Yeah, you jerked off. When you woke me up you wanted your cock in my mouth.”

“Well, um, actually, I really just needed to cum.” he stammered

I looked up at my friend. “Do you want your cock sucked or not?” I asked.

“Yes please” he answered.

“Then shut up Andy.” I said, drawing the erection towards my lips.

“Okay” he repeated. He took a half step closer to me, his naked body between my open thighs. I slipped his familiar hardon into my mouth and caressed the hard spongy head with my tongue. I could taste the various loads of cum that had been deposited on his shaft. Tully’s thick salty jizz was the dominant flavor, followed by my own slightly sweeter contribution. Andy had mainly cum on Tully and me, so I could only detect a hint of his smooth creamy spew. I slid my mouth sideways up and down each side of my friend’s cock, nibbling the tumescent flesh with my lips, tracing each bulging vein with my tongue. Andy groaned deeply as I bathed his erection with my tongue. I popped the head back into my mouth, working the beet red tip with my lips and tongue, licking and swirling, sucking, as I took him in slowly and deeper.

“Aahhh, Tommy that feels good” he moaned. “You know just what I like…” I put my left hand on the bare skin of his hip and wrapped my right hand around his shaft and began stroking him into my mouth. “Ohhh fuck yes” Andy moaned as I lapped the underside of his cock head with my cupped tongue. He hunched a bit and placed his hands on my shoulders, slowly fucking my fist and mouth. “Mmmm, Tommy suck my cock….” He groaned, his breath coming in gasps. “Don’t stop…I’m gonna cum in your mouth…” I jerked him a little faster, sucked him a little harder and felt his balls tighten. Suddenly his knees buckled a bit and he fell forward, catching himself on the back of the sofa. I could feel his cock throb in my fist as he began to erupt. Stroking his shaft, I swirled my tongue round and round his spewing cock head. Bursts of creamy hot cum gushed into my tongue as Andy’s balls erupted. I managed to swallow the first few blasts but couldn’t keep up with the torrent that my friend was spewing into my mouth and as a result, most of his cum seeped out between my lips and his cock and trickled down my chin. “Oohhh Tommy, that feels so fuckin good…” Andy moaned as he came.

I wiped some of the hot thick jizz from my face, popped his erection out of my mouth and greased the entire throbbing length of his shaft with it, wrapped my fingers around the sloppy mess and started jacking him hard. “Think you have any more left in your balls?” I asked looking up at him. Andy was still bracing himself against the back of the sofa, staring down at me, mouth open and panting, his naked body trembling and straining.

“Ohhh fuck I hope so” Andy gasped “don’t stop jerking me off….your hand feels soo good on my cock…” I thought that it was pretty hot that I was jacking him off with his own jizz, and I could feel my own cock stiffening again with the thought. It has been my experience that when cum is used as lube on my cock, it originated in someone else’s balls. Unless, of course, I’m engaged in a marathon masturbation session, which happens a lot more than you’d think. I continued jerking my friend off with my right hand as I caressed his smooth soft inner thigh with my left, bringing a gasp of pleasure from my very aroused friend. When I cupped and fondled his smoothly shaven balls he about lost it. “Ohhh Tommy I’m gonna cum again…please suck my cock…I want to cum in your mouth…”

I slowed my pace on his cock and looked up again at my friend. Andy’s face was bright red and tensed with lust. “Please Tommy’ he begged, ‘please don’t tease me…I need to cum soo bad…”

“OK” I said and once again slid the head of his cock into my mouth. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his hardon, Andy began to cum again. Naked body tense and rigid, his cock erupted a nice big gusher of jizz onto my tongue. I simply slid my lips along his shaft, caressing it with my tongue as I went, letting him cum at his leisure. Andy was moaning softly as he pumped his spew into my mouth. There wasn’t the urgent need that defined the first session of his orgasm. There was no urging me on, he wasn’t frantically thrusting or trying to fuck my mouth, but rather seemed to be experiencing a total body release of tension. His streams of spew, while still ample, seemed to be cumming at a more relaxed pace, and I was easily able to accept them into my mouth and enjoyed all the creamy offerings of my friend as they slid down my throat. I continued to suck Andy’s cock as his orgasm eventually slowed, milking his erect penis with my fist to create as much sensation for him as I could, knowing how good that would feel to him. I kneaded his shaft just below the swollen head, and sure enough, one last rivulet of cum seeped out which I lapped up and swallowed.

With a full body shudder and a deep groan, Andy dropped his hands back to my shoulders and slowly fucked my jizz slickened lips. “Mmm, that was good “Andy said after his breathing returned to normal. “I can’t believe you made me cum twice.”

We had just gotten back to my house and sat down on the couch. We, of course refers to me and my girlfriend, Ally. We were two kids halfway into our senior year of high school; I had turned 18 at the beginning of the year and she had just recently turned 18. I’m about average height, 5’8″, with blond hair and a 6 inch circumcised dick, and she’s about 5’6″ with brown hair, glasses, fleshy C-cup boobs, and a plump ass. We had promptly returned home after my gig; I was the lead guitar player in my band that had just played at a local bar.

There were a few bands left to play after us, but nothing good, so I had brought her to my house in the hope of having some fun. We had been dating for over four months now, and I thought things might finally start to get serious. After a make-out/dry hump phase that seemed to last forever, (though in actuality it was about three months) I had finally gotten my first hand job a few weeks ago.

We had been parked at 1 o’clock on a Saturday night in our high school parking lot, making out in the back seat of my car, when it finally happened. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, along with my boxers, past my thighs.

Ally loosely grasped my cock and started to slide her hand up and down my shaft. Neither one of us had done anything like it before, so after some awkward feedback and some clumsy tips, she grasped it a little tighter and started to pump a little harder. Anyway, long story short, it took her forever to get me off and I cummed thick white goo all over her hand. She complained about her arm hurting afterward, and then commented that if we continued to do this, we should probably get some napkins for the car.

I felt bad, so I let her wipe the juice on my stomach, and I proceeded to pay her back, unzipping her jeans, leaving her panties on. I slid the jeans down past her knees, then I slid my hand up her thigh, under her underwear, and towards her cunt. This was the first time I had ever touched a vagina. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy, which was wet and sticky by now, and started moving it in and out. Her pussy was hairy, but I fucking loved it, and it turned me on more. She told me to use two fingers, so I inserted my ring finger too.

After a few minutes she began to quiver and moan. Her fleshy butt shivered every few seconds. I slid my thumb under her cotton panties and started to massage her hairy clit. She started moaning and whimpering pretty hard. In a few more minutes she pulled my hand out of her pussy and out of her panties and pulled up her jeans. To this day I’m still not sure if she cummed, but either way she loved it.

So anyway, back to the couch, after my gig. We had sat down to watch tv and there appeared to be nothing good on. I couldn’t find the remote, so I got up to change the channel on the tv. As I went to sit back down on the couch, Ally broke the silence.

“You have a really great ass,” she said.

“Yours is better,” I flirted back with her.

“Ha, prove it,” she told me. So we both unzipped our jeans and pulled them down in the back, her showing off her butt under her tight cotton panties, and mine under my boxers.

“Still not sure,” I said. She pulled down the back of her panties showing off her two big, plump cheeks. Her ass was pale but I loved that about her; she didn’t tan like all the fake girls at our school. I pulled down the back of my boxers, revealing my butt.

“Hmmm,” Ally said as she inspected our two asses. “I like yours better.” I happened to strongly disagree.

We laughed, zipped our jeans back up, and she slid her tongue into my mouth as we began to make out on the couch. After a few minutes she asked me, “Is your mom gonna be home soon?”

“No,” I replied, “She’s out of town.”

“Then I’ve got something special for you,” Ally said. “Since your band played was so great tonight.”

I was lying down on the couch, she was kneeling over top of me. She started to slide her t-shirt off over her head. I lay there, stunned, as I had yet to see her topless. Her boobs jiggled in her bra as she pulled the shirt off. She then proceeded to unhook her white bra and throw it to the ground.

I laid my eyes for the first time on her big c-cup tits. They bobbed up and down as she cast her bra to the floor. I just lay there speechless, her tits staring me in the face; it wasn’t like in a porno where the guy always knows what to do. Her nipples were big and light pinkish colored, almost the same color as her tits. They were hard and erect. I finally regained control and sat up, her still straddling me on the couch, and started to suck on her nipples and lick her breasts.

After a bit of this, Ally put her hand on my chest and pushed me back down, so I was lying under her again. “Take off your shirt,” she commanded. As I did this, she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. She then took my boxers off. Needless to say, my cock was by now fully erect, stiff, and throbbing, and I was horny as fuck.

She grabbed my dick in her right hand, still straddling me on the couch as I lay flat, and just when I thought she was gonna start jacking me off, the unexpected happened. She lowered her head over my member and put her lips over the tip of my penis. Her long brown hair fell to both sides of her head, nearly covering her face, and she moved slowly down until my entire erect cock was in her mouth.

She started pumping away, and even though she had never sucked anyone before, it felt great, much better than our first encounter with the hand job. It felt amazing, her lips sliding up and down my cock, her warm saliva acting as lube.

As she moved her head up and down, her boobs bounced with her. As she shifted on the couch a bit, the tips of her breasts and her nipples began to smack against my balls as she bobbed up and down. Her tits felt great rubbing against my sack. It was so fucking hot and I was so horny. It was the greatest euphoria I had ever experienced. I don’t even remember some of it halfway through.

After a few minutes of this I began to quiver, and my ass started to shiver. I started to moan and take quick, short breaths. She sensed I was about to cum and sucked up and down my shaft faster. Her tits rubbed against my balls even more.

I was experiencing so much pleasure, I forgot to utter the common courtesy, “I’m cummmmming!!!!!”

A few seconds away from climax, I let out almost a yell of pleasure as my cock pulsated and throbbed. Ally kept sucking away as I blew my white hot load into the back of her throat (I hadn’t jacked off or gotten a hand job in awhile, so it was quite a load!). As my dick squeezed its last few drops of cum into her mouth, she stopped sucking and gargled my load down her throat. She stroked my cock for a few more seconds til I was cooled down.

She lay back down by me on the couch, and we made out, her bare tits pressed against my chest, my half erect penis flat against her jeans. We ended up spooning. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. And we just lied there, watching tv, me completely naked, her topless with only underwear on. My flaccid penis rubbed up against her plump ass, shielded by her cotton panties.

I slid my hand down Ally’s back, under her panties, over her cheeks, brushed against her butt hole, and slid two fingers into her tight, wet, hairy snatch. I pulled her panties down and used my other hand to work her clit. As she let out a soft moan of pleasure, my cock began to slowly rise again, its head brushing against her butt crack as my dick became erect.

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Omar. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel INN, Omar, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 33 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera. It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when this really gorgeous African man came over and introduced himself to me. He told me his name which I couldn’t pronounce but it sounded a bit like George, so that’s what I called him. We talked and danced for a couple of hours and as I’d had a few drinks, I didn’t object when his hands started to roam, squeezing my bottom and playing with my breasts. I was actually enjoying it as Omar had been neglecting me a bit. Being on Honeymoon, I thought that we would be having sex night and day but maybe because Omar is so much older than I am, we had only done it 3 times in 9 days.

Then George asked me to go outside for some air. I was going to tell my husband that I’d be right back but he was so engrossed in talking that he hadn’t even noticed me dancing never mind notice me going outside with a tall black African. The store, the church and the hotel were the only solid wooden structures there. The only other buildings were grass huts. That is except for a small wooden barn that we found when he took me around to the back of the hotel. He was kissing me and I was really drunk and just having an awesome time kissing him back as I was being groped by this very handsome and exotic, black man. We went into the barn and lay down on the straw. I slipped my bikini top down and let him suck and squeeze my breasts. My legs were spread and he was between them. I knew what was happening when I felt his hard cock brushing along my inner thigh; and I loved it. I was longing to feel his cock start to penetrate me. I remember it felt really good as it slipped inside. He was kissing me and pumping his lovely cock into me. I was just moaning and holding on. It was very warm and steamy in the small barn and we both were sweating and breathing heavy as we kissed and rubbed and fucked. I was very close to having an orgasm when I opened my eyes and looked over his shoulder to see three tribesmen watching us.

My first thought was panic, but just then George really started to fuck me hard. He was groaning and slamming into me. I knew he was cumming. Then I could feel his hot cum flood my pussy as he squirted it deep inside me. I was lost in passion and I just closed my eyes and thrust my pelvis into his. I was still very close to cumming, when he started to slow down and he whispered some things in my ear that I didn’t quite hear as he finally stopped. He kissed me and smiled as he pulled his cock out. God I felt so empty as I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy. He got up and pulled his pants up. I was still lying in the straw. I sat up a little and closed my legs and covered my breasts with my hands. As I opened my eyes, I could see that there were now six tribesmen, who were wearing only loincloths; looking at me and smiling and discussing me in their own language. I knew I was really drunk, but I must have been completely insane too, because instead of screaming for my husband, I exposed my naked breasts to the tall black natives and, as I looked down at my breasts, I let my leg fall open slightly; I knew they could all easily see my pussy.

I looked up and all I really remember is the necklace of ‘lion’s teeth’ that the 1st big tribesman had around his neck, as he was pushing in between my legs. I laid back and closed my eyes as I felt his cock find my pussy. He rubbed it up and down in my pussylips before he finally slipped it inside of my grateful pussy. I must have been the first white girl he had ever been with because he fucked me hard for about one minute before he was groaning and shooting his spunk inside my cunt to mingle with George’s spunk. I loved it. All I remember is that the men were older; much older than George. They all seemed like wild tribesmen, so they must have loved getting between the legs of such a young, white girl. A couple of them were brown and a couple were jet black, but they all loved fucking me and everyone of them pumped a load of spunk deep inside my pussy. As the last man fucked me hard and finally shot his load inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted. The man was still on top of me breathing hard and I could still feel his pulsing cock inside me as his cum spurted out around it and down over my arse. I never really had an orgasm during sex before. But that night, after the second man fucked me, I swear I never stopped cumming. With each new cock, my orgasms grew stronger and stronger.

I was moaning and kissing and letting these savages fuck me and suck on my nipples. God, I was in cock heaven! When the last one had finished fucking me, I noticed that George and his friends were still looking at me and smiling. Somebody said something and George nodded. Then George pulled me to my feet. I pulled my top back on and straightened my cum soaked skirt. George walked me a little further through the village huts and away from the hotel. I could feel all the men’s spunk pouring down my legs, running down my inner thighs and calves, and down onto my ankles and bare feet. I had lost my shoes in the barn. I was still very drunk and shaky from that unbelievable sexual experience. The tribesmen followed along behind us. We entered a long hut. It was quite dark inside and I could barely see. There was a slightly raised platform in the centre of the hut and I could see a couple more tribesmen in the shadows. George walked me to raised platform. I looked back towards the entrance of the long hut and I saw the men there. I guessed that there must have been at least 10 or maybe even more. I felt George kiss me and reach down and squeeze my cum smeared arse cheeks.

I felt hands from behind and mouths kissing my neck, hands on my tits and groping my pussy. I don’t know, I guess I just lost control because the next thing I knew I was on my knees on the platform, sucking black cock like a complete slut. I loved tasting those sweaty cocks. Some were pretty big and others average. A couple of the men came in my mouth before they lined up to fuck my sloppy, cum dripping pussy. I was completely lost. Men were fucking me and I was sucking cock after cock, men sucked and rubbed and pinched my nipples and I just started to cum again. I swallowed a couple more hot sticky loads and I felt a couple more men cum deep inside my cunt. I had a thick cock all the way down my throat, I could feel his cum pumping right down and I barely had to swallow his thick wads, when I felt someone trying to slip his cock into my arse. I’d had anal sex a few times before, but I wasn’t too sure about this but they weren’t asking my permission, they just used me any way they wanted to and the next thing I knew he was fucking me in the arse as some other man gave me his cock to suck. I must admit, it felt really good. A cock in my mouth and one deep in my arse. I was just a complete slut at that point. I felt so full. So full of lovely big black cocks.

My pussy was still tingling from all the cock and cum I’d had earlier, I was just delirious. I was sucking and moaning, I could feel the big cock slipping in and out of my tight little arse, his cock felt so big that it hurt a little at first, but he fucked me real slow and easy before he let out a groan and shot hot cum deep in my arse. The next man fucked my pussy and got his cock nice and slippery, then he fucked me in the arse too; and the next man and the next man and the next man. I don’t even know how many of them thrust and pumped my arsehole full of their cum, it must have been at least 7 or 8 of them. I just sucked cock after cock and swallowed load after load as the tribesmen banged my arse until it was pretty loose and sloppy too. After about the fourth or fifth man, my arsehole felt kind of like my pussy but just a little tighter, so as each new man fucked my arse, his initial penetration wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact, it felt good. I could have easily satisfied 20 men with my arse. I don’t know where it ended or how long I was gone, but at some point, the last man moaned and squirted his load into my mouth and I swallowed it down. I never even saw the black tribesmen leave, but when I finally caught my breath and looked up, it was just George and I.

I don’t even know how many men I gang-banged that night. I certainly didn’t ask. I just wondered if they ever got to fuck any other white girls. I was a cum covered mess, my legs and face and stomach were smeared with dirt and cum, my hair was destroyed. God I looked awful. But luckily the toilet was right by the door to the bar and George took me to it. I cleaned my face and body and put my hair up and let the cum seep out of my arse and pussy into the toilet bowl. After a couple of minutes, I didn’t look too bad so I rejoined my husband and George back at the bar. My pussy and arse were sore for a couple of days after that night. And, of course, every black man I saw, I wondered if he’d been there, if he’d had my pussy, arse, or mouth. Later that night, I confessed to my husband Omar what had happened. I almost fell over with shock; when he told me that not only did he know all about it but he had arranged with George to set the gang bang up and he had watched the whole proceedings. He has arranged gang bangs for me in other parts of the world but nothing was ever as good as that first time in Africa.

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 ‘parts’ that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read in succession.

PART VIII (day 11)

I awoke the next morning with a ‘morning woody’ that, from what I’ve read, happens frequently to most men. Tiffany was still sleeping next to me, laying on her side with her back to me. I rolled onto my side, spooned my hard-on into her warm butt crack and put my arm around her, feeling for her tits. As she began to stir, I started nuzzling her shoulder and neck, placing soft kisses and gentle nibbles on them.

“Mmmmm…” came the sound from her before she stretched her right arm high into the air above us.

“Good Morning,” I said, continuing to snuggle and fondle her teenage body.

“Mmm…Morning,” she sleepily replied as she lowered her arm, placing her hand on top of the one I had on her breast. “What time is it?” she wanted to know.

“I don’t know, but I think I smell bacon,” I told her.

After playing around with each other for a brief period we decided that breakfast was in order, so we started to gather ourselves to make our morning appearance. Tiffany pulled my T-shirt on and I threw on the shorts from the night before, and we exited my room. We headed downstairs, stopping of at the john on the way. As we descended the staircase, it was obvious that I had indeed smelled bacon frying, it’s unmistakable aroma filling the air. We could hear voices and laughter coming from the kitchen and, from the sound, it seemed that we were the last to arise. But, in self defense, we were the last to turn in as well.

We rounded the corner into the kitchen and were greeted by the group. Saying our ‘Good mornings’ to everyone, I couldn’t help being caught a little off guard. To my surprise, and Tiffany’s too I think, Kelly and Cheryl were nude, except for Cheryl’s full length apron that she wore to keep the bacon from splattering her with hot grease. Glancing around again, I found that Paul and Tom were also in the buff, with Dave wearing only a towel around his waist. Mark was leaning against the far wall sporting only a very tight pair of Speedo style swim trunks that barely could contain his huge pecker. To say the least, I felt overdressed.

Tiffany, undaunted, made her rounds again that morning, greeting everyone in a very physical manner. She was even more brazen than she had been the day before, and openly groped each of the men as she kissed them. When she got around to Cheryl, she hugged her, chirping, “Morning Mom,” while her hands dropped down to massage the bare ass of the older woman. Kelly turned around and Tiffany moved to embrace her, the two of them locking in a deep french kiss that lasted several seconds.

When the kiss ended, they remained together, arms around each other’s waists. Kelly playfully pulled the back of the oversized T-shirt up, exposing Tiffany’s toned bottom to everyone. “Hey! Stop that. Some of us have a little modesty,” the teen chided with, you guessed it, a giggle. We all laughed and then settled around the table to enjoy the meal.

After we were finished eating and the dishes had been cleared and washed, we sat around having another cup of coffee and some conversation. At one point there was a period of silence, broken as Kelly began to speak.

“I have to tell you all that I really enjoyed yesterday afternoon,” she began. “I’ve had a lot of sexual adventures, but that was the best,” she said, and then continued. “I have had a fantasy to do that for a long time and haven’t had a chance to live it out,” she told us, confirming what Paul had conveyed the day before. “It seems like the timing or the people have never been right and I haven’t felt comfortable until now,” she explained.

Going on, almost in tears, she said, “You guys are great and I’m going to miss you all when this vacation is over.” After regaining her composure, she finished by grinning and saying, “But I have to tell you that my ass is pretty tender this morning,” referring to the sound spanking she had received.

Her last remark brought chuckles and comments from everyone with Paul mocking her; “Keep complaining and you might get it again,” he said.

You might have thought that it would have been a sexual free-for-all from that point on, but the happenings around the cabin went on with a good deal of normalcy. Albeit, the general rule was ‘clothing optional’ and most of the time the option was for very little, or none at all. I have to admit, it seemed a little strange at times, with people walking around and going about their business without a concern that they were totally naked.

And it remained that way the rest of the time we were there. I don’t think Cheryl ever put an article of clothing on the rest of the time. If I’m not mistaken, some of us were still nude when the two Hummers pulled up in front of the cabin to take us down the mountain. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself because, even though it wasn’t a continual fuck-fest, there was still plenty of action. For instance, later that same day I found myself sitting with Tiffany on the dock while she caught some sun. By now, of course, the T-shirt was long gone and her unclad form was stretched out on a long beach towel, face down. We were talking about various mundane topics when I remembered her comments to Kelly as she was fisting her, and I decided to question her about them.

“When you were fisting Kelly,” I breeched the topic, “You sounded like you knew what you were talking about,” I said. “Have you ever been on the receiving end?” I questioned bluntly.

“Uh-HUH!” she answered.

“Do it often?” I asked.

“No. Just a couple of times,” she said.

“Tell me about it,” I posed, wanting to enrich the visions that had filled my head the night before.

“Well…” she started, “The first time, I was with a friend of mine and her boyfriend.”

Proceeding she said, “He had cum twice and was out of it, but neither of us had gotten off.”

“Quick shooter, huh?” I chuckled, referring to the guy.

“Yeah he was,” she flatly replied before moving on with her story. “Anyway, she asked me if I was willing to try something she had seen done and wanted to try. I was game so she lubed up her hand and stuffed it inside of me.”

I was listening intently now and prodded, “And?”

“Not knowing what she was doing, she was a little too rough, but when I asked her to take her hand out, I had the most powerful orgasm,” she admitted with a chirp. “Then she asked me to do her. I was a little scared, but she really wanted me to do it. And after the way I had cum…I couldn’t keep that from her.”

As the conversation continued, she told me in great detail how she had fisted her friend to a mind blowing orgasm. Then she rolled onto her side and propped herself on one elbow to continue, “A couple of months later I tried it on Mom and she loved it too.”

“Has she done you?…Your mom, that is,” I questioned.

“Not really. She tried, but her hands are too big,” the girl returned with a bit of lament in her voice. “But we keep working at it and pretty soon I’ll be able to take her,” she grinned.

Again my mind filled with visions of the full-bodied Cheryl with her hand stuffed up the small framed blonde’s pussy. At the same time my dick began to fill with blood, pushing out the front of my shorts. “That’s something I’d love to see,” I confessed.

“How long have you and your mom been….” I was sort of at a loss for words, not wanting to seem crude.

“…fucking together?” the teen completed my question. “For a while now,” she vaguely answered.

Glancing around, she whispered, “You can’t tell anyone else; Okay?” I nodded my agreement and she went on. “Actually, since just before I turned seventeen,” she confided, and I could see why she didn’t want me to tell anyone else.

“Mom caught me with my boyfriend,” she started. “We were humping away like rabbits on our couch when she came home early from work,” she said. “She made him leave and I was grounded for two months. I think it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” she asserted with a confident sigh.

I gave her a puzzled look and she set about explaining her statement. “During the first month, I barely spoke to Mom. But during the second month, we slowly drew back together and had some long conversations about sex.”

Running her fingers through her hair, she continued, “I learned that my ideas about sex were all wrong and what a wonderful thing it could be…beyond the physical satisfaction, I mean.” Her intellect was showing in her speech, making her that much more attractive. “But I wasn’t very smart and went right back to humping my boyfriend when the two months were over. And, of course I got caught again,” she conceded. “Mom was furious, as you can imagine, and I was banned from ever seeing Kirk again.”

She went on, “After a few days and several heated arguments, Mom realized that she wasn’t going to be able to prevent me from having sex. When I got home from school one Friday afternoon, she was all dressed up in lingerie. She said ‘If you have to have sex, you will have to settle for doing it with me’.”

At this point I was hanging on every word and was almost expecting a punch line to come at any moment. If I hadn’t been a party to the activities of the last several days I would have thought her tale was, shall we say, imaginary. But somehow, I knew that she was telling me the truth. “So she taught you all about the finer points, huh?” I interjected.

“Yep. And a whole lot more!” the girl chuckled, then moved on with her story. “After about six or seven months, Mom knew that I needed more than female companionship and let me bring a guy home, but with one condition…” She paused and stared out across the lake, as if reflecting on the moment. “You should have seen the look on his face when he found out Mom was going to be present when he screwed me,” she laughed. “The next time I brought him home, Mom joined in and he got to do both of us.”

“Lucky boy!” I stated with a grin, speaking from experience.

“For the last year or so, Mom and I have shared several guys, and a few girls,” she concluded.

Wanting more sordid tales of her youthful escapades, I pressed her further, asking, “So what’s the craziest, wildest thing you two have been involved in?”

“This vacation!” she said with a chortle. “But there was one time; I had just turned 18,” she began. “We were at this party and the later it got, the drunker and bolder the men got. They kept feeling up all of the women as we danced,” she told me. “To be honest, their groping had me really horny and I was ready for a good fuck,” she stated brusquely. “One thing led to another, and before long, Mom and me were in the middle of them, stark naked, dancing with each other,” she said. “It wasn’t long before we were both sucking and fucking a long string of guys. I must have screwed fifteen guys that night. There were guys of all shapes, sizes and colors having their way with us, and at times we were having at each other too.” she related, as my excitement grew.

Tiffany went on with her story, “By the time it was all over with, both of us were covered in their cum.” Then, with a bit of a laugh, she admitted, “Boy, was my pussy sore the next day!” Looking down and picking at the towel she expounded further, saying, “But the down side was that almost every guy I sucked wanted to cum in my mouth. And some of them literally held my head to keep me from moving while they did. That’s why I don’t let just anyone do it now.” She explained, “It’s not that I mind doing that; It’s just that I want to be in control of it, I guess,” finishing with a shrug.

“Well, I know I sure enjoyed it that day on the trail,” I told her, genuinely appreciative, but in hopes of getting the treatment again before we left.

“Thanks,” she said with a contented smile, and then shyly acknowledged, “Well, just so you know, of all the lovers I’ve had, you are probably my favorite,” before smirking, “…so far.”

Then she sat up, crossing her legs ‘Indian style’, and looked at me with a serious look. “That brings up something I wanted to ask you,” she said before tipping her head downward, looking into her lap.

“What’s that?” I queried nonchalantly.

“There is something that I’ve never done, but always wanted to try,” she confessed quietly.

I sat there silently, waiting to find out what the ‘something’ was. Finally she said, “I’m a little embarrassed to ask,” and I was stunned. I didn’t think anything could embarrass this little nymph, at least not when it came to sex.

But, I encouraged her to tell me, saying, “It’s okay, you can ask me anything.”

Without looking up, she said, “What you did to Kelly yesterday. I want you to do it to me.”

Now I was really taken back and stammered, “You mean anal sex?” I figured, with her experience, she would have tried that long before now.

“Uh-huh,” came her meek reply.

My mildly hard penis came to full attention as I sat there dumbfounded. I certainly wanted to do the deed, but I didn’t want her to know just how eager I was to aid her in adding butt-fucking to her sexual repertoire. So, with an air of indifference, I assured her that I would be happy to help. She looked up with a wide smile and lurched forward to give me a big hug. You would have thought I’d just rescued her puppy from a burning building or something. Then she noticed my tented shorts and slipped her hand inside.

“Looks like you’re ready to get started,” she croaked as she pulled on my pecker. Most people would have wanted a little privacy, but if she didn’t mind doing it right here, neither did I.

I pushed her back onto the towel and then stood to remove my shorts. I had no more than dropped them on the dock before she pulled my dick into her mouth. Her lips moved effortlessly up and down my shaft for a few minutes and then I pulled free and started to crouch, guiding her back as I lowered myself between her legs. I slid back so that my face was positioned in her crotch and started licking up and down her bare slit. She sighed deeply and let out a low “Mmmm….”. I wanted to take my time and make sure that she was really hot before attempting an anal entry, so I munched her hairless pussy until she was grunting and groaning, her juices flowing freely.

When I felt she was sufficiently turned on, I decided to turn up the heat a notch, just to be sure. I slid up her body and inserted the tip of my cock into her wet hole, just teasing her with the first few inches for a short time, then slowly built up the length of my strokes until I was nearly fully inserted. Knowing that her tits were a hot spot, I lowered my head to her chest and started biting and sucking on them. It didn’t take much of this before she was moaning and twisting beneath me and I knew that she was climbing toward release. I didn’t want her to cum yet, though, so I stopped what I was doing and just laid there, kissing her, with my dick deep in her vagina.

“Are you ready?” I asked, knowing that she was.

“Uh-huh,” she replied, but still sounded a tad uncertain to me.

So I kissed her again, our tongues wrestling back and forth, letting her settle down just a touch. Then I went back to her tits with my teeth and started to slide my pole in and out of her hot little box. Again, it wasn’t long before she was climbing steadily toward orgasm and, again, I stopped and questioned her; “Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah!…I’m ready….Do it now, Mike,” she moaned. I was a little more satisfied with her exuberance this time, but continued to tease her for the next few minutes. I kept her right on the edge of climaxing until she wailed, “Fuck my ass….please, Mike, fuck my ass!”

Now I felt she was truly ready and replied simply, “Turn over.”

After I withdrew my cock, she pulled her legs up and quickly rolled her body, assuming a doggie-style pose. I raised to my knees and, at that moment, had a disheartening thought; We had no lube. I knew there was no way that I would be able to get in her virgin asshole without any lubrication, and was about to break the bad news to her when I remembered the tanning oil she had been using. I glanced around and found the bottle and picked it up. I flipped open the top, turned back to Tiffany’s delectable backside and squirted a small amount into the cleft of her ass. Still holding the bottle in one hand, I rubbed the oil between her butt cheeks with the other, and she wiggled her hind-end with an “Oooo!”

I dribbled a little more of the oil into her crevice and rubbed it liberally into the rosebud of her anus. She drew in a quick breath and then let it out, “Mmmm….” she mewed. After I had the opening well covered, I pressed my finger into it gently, with surprisingly little resistance. Slowly, I worked more and more of the digit into her until I could go no further. I stopped to let her anus adjust to me and then began a slow movement, pulling out and sliding back in, adding oil as I did.

I wanted to be sure this was an enjoyable experience and applied the oil generously, working it into her until it squished audibly with each insertion. Tiffany had been relatively silent during this ‘loosening up’ cycle and I wondered if she was having second thoughts. My concern was removed when she looked over her shoulder and lustily said, “Put your cock in me.”

I extracted my finger and squirted a fair amount of the fluid into my palm, which I rapidly slathered on my rigid dick. I snapped the bottle closed and tossed it aside before positioning myself to enter the teenager’s rectum. As I moved my dick head between her cheeks, she lowered her upper torso onto the towel, leaving her lean little ass hiked up in the air and wide open. I smeared the oil over her anus one last time and pressed the glistening head of my pecker against her wrinkled hole. I exerted a little pressure and the tip began to slip inside of her. She gasped as the head popped into her virgin opening, and I paused to let her relax.

After several seconds, I could feel her anal muscles begin to loosen their grip on the end of my penis, and she confirmed, “Okay.” I once more applied the pressure and, ever so slowly, began filling her ass with my shaft.

“Oh godduhhh…” she grunted as I neared halfway home. I stopped again, thinking she needed to adjust to my increased diameter, but the blonde insisted, “Keep going…. Oh God, keep going.”

I wasn’t going to argue and pushed more of my pole into her backside. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her face contorted as I pushed more and more of my oily cock into her rectal depths. As I completed my invasion, she arched her back with a loud, long, “Unnnnggghhh…..” She was panting like crazy, puffing the air from her lungs, and I was again concerned that she had gotten more than she had bargained for.

I held myself still for a moment and then started a slow mini-fucking, pulling out only an inch or so and pushing back in. As I did this, I could tell that Tiffany was becoming more and more accustomed to having my member in her nether region. The twisted expression on her face turned to one of bliss and her body became less tense beneath mine. Still, the grasp of her sphincter around my cock was tremendous and I’m sure that it must’ve felt like she had a log shoved up her ass. But, at the same time, it appeared that she was really starting to get into it, and I decided it was time for me to get serious.

I pulled my dick out until just the head was still inserted and paused, then slid about halfway in again. “Ohhhhh…” she moaned. I repeated this process three or four times and then began increasing the depth of each stroke until I was pushing nearly all of my meat into her with each thrust. As I found my rhythm, Tiffany was becoming more and more vocal, wailing, “Oh…Oh…Oh,” over and over, punctuating my drives into her tight asshole. At one point she broke the cycle, calling out loudly, “Oh god, Mike….Fuck my ass….Fuck my ass good!”

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