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I watched Dean out the corner of my eye as I collected the secure waste from the bins. As the copier finished Dean collected the papers and put them in a vanilla envelope, putting the originals back in a folder.

I left the room, rushed downstairs and turned the shredder on. This was my last job of the day. Every evening I picked up the secure waste and shredded it. Just one of the many menial tasks I performed. I had a long day starting at eight in the morning and finishing around six in the evening. Delivering the internal post, making coffee, doing the sandwich trolley twice a day and shredding the waste, plus of course anything else that I was asked. Office Assistant they called it. I called it general dogs body. The money wasn’t that good but it was a job and not particularly hard. After my past I couldn’t really complain.

I finished the shredding and locked up. Signed out at security and waited outside for my lift to arrive. Dave turned up almost immediately. I got in the car and we waited. Not long after Dean came out, got into his car and drove off. We followed him discretely. We knew where he was going as we had done this several times before. Once a month in fact for the last 6 months.

As usual Dean met up with his twin brother Donald, as they were not identical it was fairly easy to tell the two apart. Dean pulled up alongside Donald’s car and handed the envelope through the window. Donald handed Dean an envelope in return, bulkier than Deans. That envelope we knew was filled with cash. They chatted for a couple of minutes and then with a final joke went their separate ways. Throughout the exchange I had been clicking away with my digital camera. I had reams of pictures of these transactions between the brothers all digitally dated.

Dave and I had been planning this for sometime. The four of us had all gone to the same school, even been in the same class. That’s where any similarity ended however as the twins had married well and been introduced to there jobs by there new in-laws. The twins had married twin sisters from a middle class very Catholic family. Church every Sunday and all that stuff which made Dave and I laugh as we knew that the boys had almost as bad a background as we had. Only difference was they didn’t get caught. Nothing serious, just boys being boys really but the girls involved were a world apart from the twins they had married.

Dean was well up in the business but was having to work his way up the ladder. He had given me a job out of sympathy more than any old friends loyalty. He turned Dave down flat when another vacancy turned up. This whole thing had started one evening as I was doing the security waste. I had seen Dean copying some papers. When I commented on the fact that the file was a security file he turned quite nasty.

“If you want to keep your job you will keep your nose out of other peoples business.”

I didn’t need telling twice, but after that I kept a close eye on him. That night I told Dave what I had seen “That’s strange, maybe we should keep an eye on him. Let me know if it happens again and we can find out what he does with the stuff.”

I kept an eye on him but nothing happened for weeks. Then I caught him again. This time I just ignored him. I called Dave and told him to be outside the office ready to give me a lift when I came out. I kept an eye on Dean from a distance. As everyone else had gone most of the office lights were out so I hid in one of the cubicles and watched hoping my breathing wasn’t as loud as it sounded to me.

Once he had finished Dean put the envelope into his briefcase and then locked the original in a filing cabinet. I knew he would go to his own office before leaving so as soon as he was out of site. I signed out at security and rushed down to the underground car park that served the office block. I hid behind a pillar until I saw him heading for his car and then I jumped over the wall. Running to the road I called Dave on my mobile and waited for him to turn up.

He took so long we almost missed Dean as he left but luckily he got caught at the traffic lights. That was six months ago and we had followed him every month since. Always on the same day of the month. Once the copier ran out of paper so while he went to get some from the stationary cupboard I took a quick look at what it was he was copying. It was the monthly financial report, all gobbledee gook to me but the heading was plain enough. ‘Financial Report. April 2006′ and below that in red was ‘Security Level 5 and Above Only.”

Now that Dave and I decided to act on the information we had we couldn’t make our minds up what to do with it. We could demand money, or even promotion for me and a job for Dave but it all seemed small to what they were doing. We knew they were selling the information to a rival company because that’s where Donald worked. It was decided after the twin weddings it would look bad if they both got jobs together because of the marriage so an old friend of ‘daddy’ gave Donald a job. The friend had subsequently died and his son was brought back from the USA to run the business. He of course knew nothing of the brothers so just treated Donald like any other employee.

Deans company was well known in the area for it’s fundraising for local charities. Every May they held a ball. All the local dignitaries were invited and the employees were allowed to buy tickets so they could mix with the hoy palloy, the local rich and famous. I got tickets for myself and Dave and it was at this event that we suddenly decided what we were going to do with our information.

Dean attended with his wife of course and as he walked in Dave and I stared goggle eyed. She was stunning, really gorgeous, great figure and about ten years younger than Dean, and us come to that. Long blond hair and legs that reached the sky. She mixed with the dignitaries like she knew them personally, which in a lot of cases she did.

Dave and I worked our way over to Dean and I said “Hi Dean going to introduce us to your wife.”

Well the look she gave us could have killed an elephant and before he could reply she said, “I don’t think so.” She took his elbow and lead him away. He didn’t even look back.

“Snotty bitch.” I said

“Fucking right.” Dave agreed “Mind you I wouldn’t say no to a night in bed with it would you?”

And that’s how it started. We made jokes about her all night, what she would be like, how we would make her beg for more and how she would just keep begging us to fuck her brains out. All the usual stuff guys say when they talk about a horny looking woman they know they will never get.

The following day while we discussed the night out we got back on the subject. I don’t know which one of us suggested it but before long we were making plans on how to get her knickers off. The first thing we had to sort out was how we were going to approach Dean. We had enough stuff to put him away for years and the effect it would have on the credibility of his in-laws would be devastating so in a way we had them both. But we needed to get them together somehow and not in a public place In the end it was just luck that gave us the opportunity that we needed.

Dave and I were out having our usual Friday night on the town when we were walking down the high street and who should come out of the posh restaurant across the road but Dean and his wife. The owner showing them to a limousine that was waiting for them.

“It was so nice to see you both again. We do look forward to your anniversary each year and thank you for your continued custom.” he said as he opened the door of the vehicle for Deans wife to get in. Dean crossed his palm as you would expect after posh nosh and then the car pulled away.

“Come on.” I said grabbing Dave’s arm. Not sure what I was up to he followed me back to our car. We knew where they lived so I headed in that direction. “If they are headed home this could be our opportunity.”

“Shit! I never even thought of it.” Dave said

Limo’s don’t go too fast up country lanes so we soon caught them up. While they went into the house and switched on some lights I grabbed some photos from the bag in the back of the car. We headed for the door set in this ancient stone building and I knocked as assertively as I could. A moment later Dean appeared.

He was not pleased to see us. “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?”

“Yes Dean we do but we have something to show you that we think is important.”

“Well if it’s work show me on Monday. I’m busy.” and with that he closed the door.

“Not quite as planned.” I said angrily and knocked again, this time louder and much harder.

The door flew open, “What!” I had taken out one of the eight by ten photo’s of Dean and his brother and just held it at eye level. As soon as he saw it he grabbed it and said “What the hell is this?”

“I think you know what it is. Maybe we should discuss it inside.” I said confidently. The blood had drained from his face and involuntarily he stepped aside. Dave and I brushed passed him and waited for him to shut the door. He was still staring at the photo.

“Just give me a minute. I will tell my wife I have some business to attend to.” Dean said and walked off. He didn’t realise we followed. As he stepped into the large lounge his wife turned around. “I just have something to sort out dear a I wont be long.

“That’s ok it concerns your wife as well.” I said and just walked over to her and held out my hand. “Hi I’m Mike.”

She looked bewildered and a little disgusted at the way I had just brushed passed Dean and introduced myself. “Err, Cathy.” she said barely able to bring herself to even touch my hand let alone shake it. Dave had followed me in but stayed by the door. I assume to stop Dean from leaving. I took in this beautiful woman with eyes that hid nothing of the lust I was now feeling. Dressed in a low cut cocktail dress that did little to hide her ample cleavage she squirmed under my gaze.

“I suggest you go and sit with your lovely wife.” Dave said. Still lost for something to say Dean complied. He was never the confident type at school, always following never the followed.

“So Deany boy. Been a bad boy eh.” I said

“I don’t know what you mean.” he replied without very much conviction.

“What is this? What are you talking about? Dean, send them away.” Cathy said.

“I don’t think so Cathy. You don’t mind if I call you Cathy do you?” I said and added before she could reply, “Good.”

“I don’t know what you think you have there but it’s not what you think.”

“What we have Deany boy is you selling secrets to a rival company. To your brother in fact.”

“Dean?” Cathy said still bemused

“No you fool what you have is part of a security test. Nothing more. An exercise to see how good our security is.”

“Well security sucks because you’ve been doing this for at least six months and probably a lot longer.”

“Wha….” Dean gasped, “You mean….?”

“Yes Deany boy, we have been keeping tabs on you and your brother for ages. We have hundreds of photos. Times and dates the whole lot. Even Donald giving you money.”

“Oh my god.” Dean looked shocked

“What is this? Dean, what is going on?” Cathy was totally confused.

“Your husband has been selling secrets to his brother. I am sure you know Donald works for a rival company. Dean has been selling him the monthly financial report for ages. I am sure your aware that he could go to prison for a very long time as well as face a lawsuit for any financial loss to the company. Not to mention the stigma it could attach to your family as well Cathy. All those hoy palloy finding out that your husband is a thief, an industrial spy.”

“Dean? Please say it isn’t true and throw them out.” Cathy said quietly “Please.”

When he didn’t reply she cried “Oh my god what have you done? Why?”

“It would seem that Deany boy here has got a gambling habit. He owes, some not very nice people, quite a lot of money.” I answered for him as he just sat with his head bowed.

“Dean!” Cathy shouted, “Tell me it isn’t true. Say something for Gods sake”

Her raised voice shook him from his daze. “I’m afraid what he says is true Cathy. Donald and I had the idea so that I could get the money and he could curry favour with his new boss. It has been going on for over a year. But I don’t owe any money, I managed to pay it off.”

I turned to Dave who till now had said nothing, just stood next to me. “Get that Dave?”

Dave pulled his phone to his ear and after a couple of clicks the last bit of conversation reverberated round the room. With a smile he said, “Wonderful things mobile phones, and it’s on video by the way.”

Cathy started to sob. Mumbling “Stupid stupid man.” over and over.

Dean took a deep breath. “How much do you want?”

“Oh we don’t want money, we could have got that months ago. No we want something else, something special.” I said

“Whatever it is Dean you give it to them. This will break daddies heart and poor mummy.” another sob left her mouth.

“Pull yourself together Cathy don’t let these morons get to you. Remember who you are.” Dean said. It must have hit a note as she took a deep breath and seemed to pull herself together. “Now! What is it you want?” Dean asked.

In unison Dave and I looked at Cathy. “Well it may go someway to keeping us happy if Cathy was to take that dress off.” I said

Cathy was stunned, her mouth dropped open and her hands automatically lifted to her chin. Her arms covering the ample cleavage she was showing in her posh frock. “No! Never. You go to hell” she said, shocked.

“You can’t….” Dean started, “Can she leave the room while we discuss this. I need to say something….personal.”

“No!” I replied, “But we can move over there if you like.” I nodded across the large room.

Dean got up and Dave and I followed him. The distance allowed us to lower our voices and not be overheard. “You can’t do this. She’s innocent. She had no part in this. She was educated in a convent for Christ’s sake. She knows nothing of men apart from me and believe me you wouldn’t want our sex life. Why do you think I gamble?”

“Maybe we should let her decide?” Dave said

“What do you want from her. Is it just to ogle at her you perverts.” Dean said realising he had raised his voice.

I put my face into his. “No. She can start by getting her kit off. I don’t know about Dave but I fancy a nice slow blow job. The last time we met she used that mouth to sneer at us. Now we will see who is in charge.”

“She wont do it.” Dean said stubbornly.

“What? Never given you a blow job Deano?” Dave asked.

“It’s not that….

“So she has then.” I interjected.

“She’s not very good at it and only does it to please me. I told you she was educated in a convent. She knows nothing about sex. We only do it once a week to keep me quiet. Her marital duty as she puts it.”

“Well if it’s a choice between you going to prison along with the ensuing social castration. Or doing what we ask she should have the choice at least.” I said. Then I headed back across the room .All this time she had been staring at us, agitated. Now she shrank into the settee.

As we approached Dean whispered, “At east let me be the one to tell her what you want.”

“That’s ok with me.” Dave said

“Ok Cathy. This is the situation.” I said, “We have enough information on Dean to send him to prison for a very long time. Not only that but the social stigma attached, not only to the crime but him being in prison, will be with you for the rest of your life. You and your family, including of course your sister. As it was Deans brother Donald who received the goods will also go to prison. Do you understand the situation you are in?”

I had to give her credit. She took a deep breath and visibly pulled herself together. Sitting upright she said, “I understand. What do you want from us?”

“I will let Dean tell you that and you can make your own mind up”

Dave and I went across the room so they could be ‘alone’. Her face reddened and I could see her shaking her head. After a few minutes serious discussion, in which it seemed Dean was the most agitated they looked over and beckoned us.

Dean sat silently. “I will do as you ask.” Cathy said. “But Dean has told you that I….am not….”

“Not much good at sucking cock. Yeah he said.” I interrupted, “But are you willing to do it, and are you willing to be guided by us so that we can enjoy it more.”

She hesitated and looked up at Dean. “I don’t have much choice do I if that’s what it takes to get Dean out of this predicament then I will do it.”

“It will certainly go some way to ease your position.” I said

“What do you mean? Some way?” Dean asked

“Well a quick blow job isn’t going to make up for 30 years in prison let alone the rest of it.” Dave said

“Dean!” Cathy said, “Please leave us.”

“No! I think he should stay. We don’t want him calling the police while he is out of the room do we?”

“You don’t expect me to stand here and watch as you do….whatever to my wife do you?” he said angrily.

“Dean be quiet,” Cathy said again, “If you hadn’t been stupid enough to get us in this mess these men wouldn’t even be here.”

With that she stood up and lifted the halter neck over her head, she took a deep breath and with her eyes closed she dropped the posh frock to the floor. I could see she was shaking. Her bra was not what you would term a turn on, although half cup it was made of thick material

“Now the bra.” I said. She did well, reaching back and unclipping it, letting it drop to the floor. Those tits hardly moved, a slight drop but no more. They stood out in front of her proudly. She stood for a second and then her upbringing clicked in and her arms came up, pushing those wonderful mammeries together in an attempt to cover her embarrassment. I walked up to her and lightly touched her arms. “Put your arms down, your hiding nothing.” I said gently

Pulling herself to her full height, which was about five foot seven, she let her arms drop to her side. Staring straight ahead. As I ran a hand over her arms and then across her shoulders she closed her eyes. Screwing up her face as I moved down to her breasts, a shudder as I brushed her nipple. Dave had joined me by now and we took a tit each, playing with it gently, running a hand down her back to the waist band of her not so sexy briefs. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and felt her tense as my tongue brushed it, then tense again with a sharp intake of breath as I took it into my mouth. Dave never was very imaginative or inventive and just followed what I did, when I did it.

Cathy was shaking like a leaf and I could see tears in her eyes as she stared ahead, her eyes flickering. “Now I need you to go to your knees” I said. She complied without a word. I guided her through undoing my zip and lowering my jeans and boxers and told her to do the same to Dave. I told her to take each cock into her hands and talked her through how to manipulate them to the best advantage, using her thumb to increase pressure to the bell end as and when needed. Then I told her to focus on Dave and to use her spare hand on his balls. All this I did with a degree of tenderness in my voice and she didn’t put up any objection, though she did try to turn her head to one side.

“Now I need you to open your mouth and put his cock in.” She hesitated but slowly her mouth opened and moving forward she took him past her lips but no further. “That’s it. Now slowly close your mouth and then move your lips from the top down to the bottom, all the time playing with his balls, and then back again.”

She did as I told her and nearly choked as Dave’s cock hit her throat. She took a minute to gather herself and then continued. Slowly I talked her through the refineries of cock sucking and I could tell by Dave’s face that her technique was improving. All the while I played with her tits and ran my hand up and down her back down to her bum. I motioned for Dave to move back a little so that Cathy would have to lean forward, raising her bottom off her knees. This allowed me to run my hand over her bottom and between her bum cheeks to her inner thighs, I deliberately avoided her pussy at this time. As I brushed her inner thighs she gave a sharp intake of breath. She went to pull away but Dave held her head to his cock and I had a hand on her back, holding her still. Dean went to get up but I glared at him leaving him in no doubt that he only had one chance

As I ran my finger over her bum crack she again took a sudden intake of breath, but no comment. I ran my hand up her legs and when I reached her knees I applied enough pressure so that Cathy lifted her weight and spread her legs slightly allowing me to slide my hand smoothly over the thin material covering her pussy. Now I had access to both her tits and her love hole and I made the most of that opportunity. While remaining soft in my touch I explored a little deeper with each move until the material had slipped first into her pussy and then slightly to one side, then all the way over. They were not dry, a slight wet patch showing which told me she was enjoying this more than she appeared to be. Or in fact more than she should be if Deans assessment was right

“Sit on the settee Dave, right on the edge so Cathy can bend over you.” He did as I asked and while Cathy was standing I lowered her panties to the floor. She stepped out of them as she went back to her knees. I pulled her up so she remained on her knees with her legs spread but reaching forward. Now I had the access I wanted. As she got back to work on Dave I went back to my ministrations on her pussy. She gave a slight moan as I slipped a finger into her wet hole. Still no objection so I used my hands to full effect, again playing with her nipples and running a hand over her bottom, sliding it under and into her pussy, which by now was sopping wet. I slid a finger in and she almost bit into Dave’s cock but he was so far gone he must have thought she was just taking a firmer grip. By the time I had slipped two fingers in, her body was shaking slightly and her pussy was pulsing on the inserted fingers.

I wasted no more time, I ripped my clothes off and slowly tapped my cock at the entry to her hole. She threw herself to one side sitting on the floor, “No! No I cant….not that. I just cant, please not yet.”

“Fuck off bitch if I wanna fuck you I’m gonna fuck you. If not then the old mans going to fucking prison bitch.” Dave said moving to grab her.

“Shut up Dave.” He hadn’t noted what she said. The ‘not yet’ part of her statement had clearly caught my ears and it said that she expected it to happen sooner or later.

Dean jumped up “You cant do that, you said a blow job not a fu…” he stopped remembering his wife was present, “Not sex, you said a blow job.”

“You’re a bloody fool Dean.” Cathy said, “You honestly believe that they were going to make me do….suck, and then go away and forget everything. Well, did you?”

He didn’t reply, just lowered his head again.

“So what are you saying Cathy?” I asked gently

“I maybe naïve, but I am not as stupid as my husband. It was obvious this was just a start. But….I cant, not yet. Not like this.”

“But how do we know if we settle for the blow job today you will be as compliant tomorrow. Or how long did you expect us to wait?” I asked.

“I know you wont wait. I also know your information against that fool will still be here tomorrow, or next week or next year and that you will make the most use of it that you can.” She said stubbornly.

“So what would you suggest and what do you offer.”

“I will do whatever you want, if you will give me time to adjust to this situation. I cannot say that I will be any good at it, but I have no doubt you will want me to do things that disgust me. You cannot expect me to just do them willy nilly. I need time to prepare myself, to adjust.”

“Cathy you cant. You have no idea what they will get you to do.” Dean said.

“I know they will send you to prison, and that would serve you right. The attached effects of that on my family are the only reason I am naked, in my own living room, bargaining with two men with my body on my wedding anniversary. So this really has nothing to do with you.”

“So if I understand you Cathy. It’s not what we want you to do that you need to adjust to. But the fact that your in this situation at all. Once you have adjusted then you will comply with all of our wishes. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I will do this for you now, but the rest I cannot do, my….body, wont do it. Not just like that. I would have to deny my beliefs, albeit temporarily to do as you ask and that cannot be done in an instant. I am sure you understand that you are asking me to go against everything I have ever been taught.”

“Yes I understand. Shall we continue then?”

Dave and I moved in front of her and she slowly got to her knees and started playing with our cocks. Once hard she took first me then Dave in to her mouth. She was a quick learner and was having the desired effect. I stepped to one side and continued playing with her tits. I let my hand move down to her pussy and while she did jerk, she did not pull away. It wasn’t long before Dave shot his load with a look of triumph on his face as she tried to pull away, his hand on her head preventing such a move and his come hit the back of her throat. She did pull away now and spat some of his juice out onto the carpet. Before she could throw up I lifted her head to my own rigid cock and slipped it in to her mouth. After a second to recover she again went into motion.

I don’t know if it was because I treated her with some degree of respect or what but she seemed to work harder on me even coming up with some moves that I hadn’t mentioned. If I moaned she did it again, and I moaned a lot. I deliberately moaned louder as my orgasm rose. I put my hand to her head and said, “I’m coming, any second.”

Her eyes looked up at me but she made no move to pull away. As my come hit her throat she gagged slightly but didn’t stop until I stepped back. She sat on her knees for a moment, gasping for air, gagging and almost throwing up, but she managed to keep it all in and slowly recovered.

“Get her a drink Dean.” I said. “For a novice you suck cock very well.” She raised her head and looked at me but showed no emotion, just a slight twist to the corner of her mouth. Dean handed her the drink and she emptied the glass, giving it back to Dean obviously wanting more.

Dave and I had been getting dressed as she drank, “I take it when we return tomorrow you will be….adjusted?” I said

She nodded and curled up in a ball sitting on the floor. Dave and I left them to sort themselves out.

As we got outside Dave was on a real high, “Fuck me she fuckin loved it. We can have them titties anytime we want em and he ain’t gonna be able to do a thing about it. We should of fucked her as well then she would really know what a man is. Why the fuck did you stop at the bj?”

“Sometimes Dave you’re a bloody fool. Try thinking with your head and not your balls. When we go back tomorrow we will be able to do anything we want. In time she will become an incredible fuck. If we had gone further tonight she would probably have just lay there in the future. It would have been like shagging dead meat. Now, she will take part and if we handle it well she will come to enjoy it a bit more than I think even she suspects.”

“She fucking better. If she backs out tomorrow you will be to blame and I will be well pissed off.”

When Dave dropped me off I said “I want to be there about ten am. Early enough for them to be up but not to have gone out so pick me up at nine.” I spent the next couple of hours thinking of what we had done. I had to admit she was a real turn on, and them tits were to die for. I was almost certain that she would keep her word. How long it would take for us to get her fucking like a whore I didn’t know but I wondered if what they said about convent girls was true.

Dave picked me up as arranged and we made our way over to Deans. I knocked on the door and when Dean saw it was us he tried to slam the door closed. I barged against it and said, “If you ever try that again I will hand you over to the police and while your in prison I will use your wife like a whore Do you understand?” when he didn’t answer I repeated, loudly “Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes I understand.” he said defeated

“Where’s Cathy?”

“Still asleep, she was crying pretty much all night. Even when she was asleep she was whimpering. I was just going to take her breakfast up.”

“Make some coffee. I will take her breakfast.” he was about to say something but the look I gave him stopped him cold.

I grabbed the tray of food and went upstairs. After two wrong rooms I found her laying in bed sound asleep. I placed her breakfast on the drawer unit and after looking at her laying there in a far from sexy nightdress I touched her shoulder. “Cathy. Cathy. I have got breakfast for you.”

To begin with she wasn’t sure who it was but as recognition fell in she almost screamed, pulling the bedclothes up to her chin and squeezing herself so far up the bed she was squashing herself against the wall.

“Calm down. I have breakfast for you. All I want to do is talk. Come on settle down and let me put it on your lap.”

The euro breakfast was set out on a knee tray so once she had put her legs down I set it in place. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room, well away from her and allowed her to eat in peace. Once she had eaten and had started to sip her coffee I said, “Would you prefer to talk up here or downstairs with Dean listening.”

“Up here I think.” she mumbled. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I think you know. You did very well for a religiously educated woman. Was it a boarding school by any chance?” I asked.

“I don’t see that it matters. It has nothing to do with this does it.”

“Considering it was your first time cock sucking you did very well, not perfect but well.”

“I would like to get dressed please. I will be down momentarily.” she said dismissing me.

“Let me say this first, so you have something to think about as you dress. And so you have some idea of what you agreed to last night.” I said. “I will be the one to say when you get dressed and when you get undressed. If I say suck cock then you will suck cock if I say fuck you will fuck. Think of that as you dress and when you come down we can discuss it further”

Her pleading of the previous night must have come flooding back as she fell back again to the wall and said, “Yes I will. I am under no illusions as to your wants. I haven’t had time to think of anything else really have I?”

“I suppose not. But I thought you should know, as opposed to think what I may want.”

“Yes I understand.”

“I will be downstairs, don’t be long, and don’t get too heavily dressed either a thin dress will do fine.”

I went downstairs and Dean and Dave were sitting on the sofas opposite each other in silence. I walked into the kitchen and helped myself to a coffee. Five silent minutes later Cathy slipped into the room wearing a button down dress, cut low but not low enough to show too much tit. But it had buttons all the way up the front. I could see her battle dress underneath, thick knickers and bra.

She sat next to Dean who tried to slip his arm around her. She pushed him away which made him angry. “You didn’t do much of that last night did you.” He said viciously

“Dean shut up. If it wasn’t for you none of last night would have happened. You are to blame for last night and for anything that may happen from here on. You. No one else.” Cathy said just as vicious

Dean looked at me, “What does she mean? Surely you can’t continue with this. She did as you asked. You said it would pay the debt.” He didn’t say it with very much conviction

“No Dean what I said was if you let us have her it would go someway towards repaying us for our silence. But you don’t honestly think that one quick blow job is going to go anywhere near paying what you owe us do you?”

“No! I wont have it. Your not doing it again. I wont let you.” Dean said springing out of his seat.

I pushed him back and Dave held him down till he had calmed. I smiled at Dean and said “What makes you think the choice is yours? Cathy and I made an agreement last night. I think we should discuss it. Don’t you Cathy? Have you thought about what I said upstairs?”

Cathy looked at Dean, anger written all over her face. “Dean stay out of this. I told you last night it is no longer any of your concern.” She turned her attention to me. “Yes I have thought of what you said, and if that is what you want then I will agree but I have some provisos.”

“Fuck off bitch your gonna fuck like it or not.” Dave said.

“Dave shut up and listen.” I interrupted . “Cathy please continue.”

“I don’t ask much. I will comply with all your wishes as best I can and hope you will both have a degree of patients. You have to understand my background will fight it all the way but I will comply. However I, how shall we put it, want Sundays off. I always meet my parents on Sundays and go to church. I need to know that this will continue and that I will be able to go to confession. I must be able to confess, I must.” she started to whimper slightly

“I agree Cathy. I would not put you through the personal torture that you would be open to if I denied you that right. Now as to the rest I take it I have your total support?”

She sat erect. Took a deep breath and said. “You have my total and complete submission.”

“Cathy I ….I am so sorry.” Dean whispered

“Don’t be. You will suffer as much as I will believe me. I have no doubt that these two will be only too glad to make you watch my humiliation and usage whenever they can. It will serve you right. I do have one other request though. He must suffer every bit as much as I do. I don’t care what you do or how you do it he must suffer for what he has done to me.”

“Agreed” I said, amazed at the anger she was so openly showing her husband. If I had to make a judgement I would say that she hated him right now.

She stood up and slowly undid the buttons on her dress, dropping it to the floor. Then her bra came off and then, very slowly her knickers. She was naked, gorgeously naked and she was firm from head to foot. One of the rooms I had entered earlier was a gym and I had no doubt she used it regularly.

“I think Cathy wants to suck my cock.” I said standing up. Dave moved next to me.

She looked at me, a smile on her face but a kind of hate in her eyes. She moved over to where I was standing and got to her knees. She did all the things I showed her last night, and yes, she was getting much better at it. Dean muttered something but nobody took any notice. He must have realised that his wife was not being forced to suck this hard cock. She did it all by herself. As I shot my load into her mouth I again held her head, pulling her close and I felt my bell end go down her throat. She gagged once but seemed to get used to it and then she just kept sucking and sliding me further and further down her throat till I was cleaned out.

As I pulled my cock out of her mouth I said, “I think Dave is in need of your services my dear.”

She didn’t even blink. She looked at him and as he undid his belt she went over to him and worked on him as well as she had me. “You see Dean. Your pretty wife knows what will happen if you don’t behave. She loves you enough to do whatever and whoever I say, whenever I say.”

Dave was not as patient as me. He started ramming into her throat long before he had come, but even this she handled well, though gagging quite badly at one point till I made eye contact with Dave. Who slowed down a little so she could settle her self. All this time I had been playing with her tits and again slipping my fingers into her pussy. She was wet and in any other woman I would have said eager for a fucking but that didn’t really apply here as Cathy wouldn’t know what it meant.

I pushed Dave back a little while holding my hand under her pussy. As she followed Dave she bent over. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against the doors of heaven, ready for entry.

She tensed and stopped sucking Dave’s cock, though she did not take it out of her mouth and continued to work it with her hand. Slowly I pushed into her, as her hole tightened, I stopped and pulled out slightly. She was breathing heavily now and gone back to sucking cock. Each time I pushed my hardness in, it went a little further, and while I am not that big I got the feeling it was more than she was used to. Once all the way in I set up a rhythm, I fucked her slowly to begin with, allowing her to suck Dave in and out at the same speed. As my passion rose I got faster, as I got faster her breathing got heavier and so did Dave’s.

Suddenly Dave said “Change places, before she sucks me dry.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth so quickly that Cathy almost fell forward, it was only me pulling her hips, therefore her, on to me that held her up. The sudden thrust of my cock deep into her made her moan loudly, then she put her hands on the seat in front of her and I pulled out and sat in front of her. Once we restarted I soon found out why Dave had been so close. For a woman who had only just started to suck cock she had picked it up pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm rising. I knew Dave was close by the grunts he gave out but I wasn’t sure what was happening to Cathy. She was moaning as loudly as my cock allowed her to and moving all by herself now. Pushing back Dave as I thrust into her mouth.

Dave was really pumping now and let out a loud sigh as he shot his spunk into this gorgeous woman, my load followed almost straight away and I held Cathy’s head so that she would take it all, pumping well after I had shot all my juice into her mouth. Cathy was shaking violently and when I released her she tumbled to the floor rolled in a ball shaking and moaning loudly tears running down her face.

Dean rushed over to her, “You bastards, what have you done to her?” and then to Cathy, “It’s over now my love, it’s all over.” he pulled her to him and put his arms around her shoulders.

Violently she pushed him away, “Why did you let them do that to me? Why? Why them?” she was still shaking and her hands went between her legs as she lay back down on the floor.

I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was happening here. I pushed Dean toward the settee, “Stay there or else.” As Cathy was laying on a deep pile rug I put my arm under her head and pulled her towards me, pointing for Dave to go the other side. Again he followed my moves as I started on her nipples and then ran my hand over her belly to her quim. She opened her legs and as my lips touched hers she responded, after a second of kissing, her arm came up and around my neck and pulled me to her passionately. I pulled away and Dave took over with her lips while I moved on over her breasts and then her belly. I kept going till I was between her legs and then slowly, very slowly I kissed her inner thighs. Closer and closer I moved until I was kissing her pussy lips and then her pussy and then slipping my tongue inside. Then I hit her clit a sudden jerk upward, she pulled Dave tighter to her mouth and I knew I was right. Our little Cathy was in the throws of a prolonged orgasm. I immediately got to work with my tongue and it took only seconds for her to start thrashing about like a whirlwind. So hard was she thrusting about she nearly knocked my teeth out. I know she bit Dave’s lip but he couldn’t get away as she held him so tight. Then suddenly she let him go, her arms went wide and she screamed, “Noooooo, you cant, you cant do this nooooo not you not you.” and then pushing me away with her legs she curled up again. Her hands working between her legs like pistons until she came to a juddering stop. Exhausted, she just lay there. Eyes open and glazed with her hands stuck between her legs.

I sat on the settee and said, “Get us a drink, make hers a double.”

“What have you done to her?”

I laughed, “At a guess I would say she has just had her first orgasm. With a man at any rate. Now get the drinks.”

Dean looked shocked, but did as he was told. First he tried to pull Cathy to a sitting position but she just pushed him away, seemingly preferring me to do it. I dripped whisky into her mouth and slowly she came around. She sat with her back to the settee and her knees to her chest. Slowly tears started running down her face. Not crying as such, there was no sobbing just the tears.

“Please Cathy tell me what to do.” Dean pleaded

“I suggest you run her a bath. Then while she soaks you can order a limo and book a Table for six at a restaurant. Make it the Elmore Hotel. We will be back around seven this evening. Book the table for eight.”

“Why six, who will be there. More of your cronies to use my wife.” Dean said bitterly.

“I wont tell you again Dean. One more remark like that or even in that vein and I will go straight to the police is that understood?” I said into his face.

“Yes, sorry.” he whimpered. “I will run Cathy a bath as you suggest.”

Dave and I left and as we went to the car he said, “Why did we leave we just got her fucking.”

“Because now we are going for her sister. Think about it Dave tonight you could have twins sucking your cock.” I laughed

“Oh fuck me man your wicked. Wow.”

Dave drove us to Donald’s house. As he didn’t know us I just said, “We have just come from your brothers house as we had something to show him. He suggested that we show it to you as well. Would it be possible to come in for a moment?”

“Er yeah ok if Dean sent you.” Donald said.

He lead us into the lounge. The whole house was smaller than Deans and not half as up market. He pointed me to a seat and as we settled I pulled the photo out of my pocket and handed it to him. To begin with he didn’t seem to know what it was. Then recognition replaced confusion.

“What is this.?” Donald asked.

“That is a picture of you handing money over to Dean for the company financial report. One of many that we have taken over the last few months.”

“What does Dean say about it?”

Dave played the message of Dean admitting everything.

“Hi Babe…Oh sorry I didn’t know you were busy. I’ll come back later.”

“No please.” I said holding out my hand. “Clair isn’t it? Please take a seat as this involves you as well as Donald.”

Clair was totally different to Cathy. She oozed confidence and sensuality. She still had a great figure even though she was a few pounds overweight A little confused she sat next to Donald. “What is it Donald?” she said noticing his concerned look.

“I’m not too sure yet.” he said to her and then gazing at me, “Maybe you should tell her.”

So once again I explained the situation that Donald and Dean had got themselves into. What the consequences could be and the damage to the family name.

“So let me get this straight Donald. You and Dean have been spying for your company against daddies company. Is that right?”

“Well it isn’t ‘daddies’ company is it he is just a share holder.”

“A major share holder. With money to lose if the company goes’ broke. Or gets taken over.” She shrieked. “And that would kill him. He would die of shame being broke let alone having you in prison and all his friends ignoring him. How could you be so stupid.”

“I was fed up of being second best. Dean always gets it easy. This time I was going to get up the ladder, and at his expense. I didn’t mean any harm by it. It was for us.” He said confidently.

“No it wasn’t Donald.” she said. “It was for you”

“Never mind all that. now” He said and turning to me, “What do you want. How much is this going to cost me?”

“Money. Well let me see.” I said sarcastically, “Thirty years in jail. Millions of pounds of value lost in the share price. Heaven knows how much compensation you would have to pay. Mummy and Daddy devastated and spurned by society for the rest of their lives. What price would you put on that Donald?”

“Well if it isn’t money, what do you want? Clair asked. Dave and I looked at her openly leering. Making no pretence as to what we wanted. “You have to be joking.” She said, obviously horrified

Donald said “What? What do they want” He had obviously missed the looks we gave Clair.

“Me you bloody idiot. They want me.” She snarled “They can creep in a corner and die. No way am I doing anything with you two.”

“That’s a shame Clair. I know how devastated your parents will be. Can I use your phone to call the police.” I said quite calmly.

“No wait a minute.” Donald said jumping up, “Let me talk to Clair alone for a moment.”

“Of course we will wait outside, but the door will be open so don’t use the phone.” I said calmly

Dave and I left the room but left the door open so that we could watch the two of them discussing their predicament.

At one point the conversation got a bit agitated and loud. “I cant do it. I wont do it.” She said

“But you don’t even know what they want.”

“I don’t care”

“Then I will go to prison.”

“No. There must be another way around this.”

“Then tell me what it is and I will do it.” Donald was shouting now. He realised we could hear and calmed down.

After a while they beckoned us back. As we sat down Donald said, “What do you want her to do.”

“I would rather discuss that with Clair as it is down to her to keep you out of prison.” I said.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.” she said angrily

“Well an hour in bed would be a good start. A bit of cock sucking and a fuck would go down very nicely right now.” I said calmly

She went bright red. Donald was so angry he jumped off the settee, his fist raised. “Sit down you idiot.” Clair said sternly. “That won’t help at all will it and anyway this is for me to decide.”

“Both of you in bed with me. One hour to do as you want. And that’s it.” she said plainly

“That will do for a start.” I said

“What do you mean for a start. It’s that or nothing.” she said

“Ok!” I said getting up. “No doubt I will see you in court. It has been a pleasure to meet you.” I turned to the door and Dave, as ever, followed. As we reached the front door I thought we had blown it.

“Wait!” footsteps hurried into the hallway. “Wait. Please. One minute.” Clair said.

I nodded and she went back into the lounge A moment later she appeared, looked at us and disappeared up the stairs. I followed, Dave close behind. She took us into a bedroom which was obviously hers and stood next to the bed, waiting.

“Strip.” I said. Slowly she stripped off her clothing, revealing tits every bit as good as her sisters and when the bra dropped every bit as firm. The bra was much more feminine, as was the thong that appeared under her jeans. Once naked she stood, sort of hiding her tits with her elbows but not really trying very hard.

“Please.” she said, “I have only ever been with Donald. I am not a prude but am not sure what you expect of me. Be patient and please don’t hurt me.”

I nudged Dave and then said, “Before we do anything Clair I need to know that you are going to do this of your own free will and I need to hear you say exactly that. Ok? Just so there are no misunderstandings”

She stood there naked. “Yes I am doing this of my own free will. You and you friend can have sex with me.” She was shaking as she said it.

“And what can we do Clair, anything, everything or what.” I urged

“Yes anything, everything whatever.”

“So whenever we see you we can do whatever we want with you and it is because you want us to. Is that correct?”

“Yes can we please get on with it.”

It was more a plea than a statement. I walked up to her and ran my hands over her body. She made no move to get away, or sign that she was enjoying it. She just stood with her eyes closed while Dave and I first played with and then sucked on her nipples. My hand ran over her belly to her bush and still she didn’t try to get away. I signalled for Dave to strip, which he did and then I led her hand to his erection. She handled it delicately at first but then like she had done it before. When I applied pressure to her shoulder she went down to her knees. She opened her eyes slightly, looked up at me and then slowly slipped Dave’s cock into her mouth. She had certainly done this before. I stripped my clothes off and placed her hand on my cock. She moved from Dave to me, taking me in her mouth and then back to Dave.

After a while and as Dave’s breathing got more rapid I lifted her onto the bed. Dave lay waiting for her to mount him but I positioned her in a sixty nine and then lowered her head to his cock. Dave started on her pussy which again it seemed she had done before. I worked on her nipples again, pinching them a little as well as squeezing her tit’s a little harder than I had before. My other hand roaming over her back and down her buttocks, slipping between the cheeks and sliding into her pussy as Dave licked at it. I don’t know if it was Dave’s spit or her own juices that I wet my fingers on but I had a feeling it was a good mixture of each.

As I slid my fingers to her pussy I brushed the crack of her bum hole and the wetter my fingers got the more I penetrated till my finger was well in, as I slipped another finger in she moaned slightly. Now with two fingers in her bum hole and a tongue working at her pussy she started to move, rocking slightly in time to my fingers in her butt hole. I had heard that in some religions it was accepted to butt fuck a woman so that she wouldn’t get pregnant and wondered if this was something that she did with Donald. I decided there was only one way to find out.

I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my hard cock against her pussy, running it up to her bum hole. I did this a few times until I could see the glistening juices spread from cunt to arse, then I slowly at first slid my cock into her bum hole. She stopped sucking, whimpered, but didn’t pull away. I pulled back a little and then slowly back in. I did this a few times until I was all the way in and then still whimpering she carried on sucking Dave’s cock.

To my surprise after I had got into a rhythm she started pushing back on me and the whimpering changed to moans. Moans of pleasure. I pulled her back to me and rolled on my back, pulling her off Dave who jumped up to complain. As soon as he saw my finger to my lip he knew what I was doing. Clair was rocking on my erection in her arse, her legs were wide open and Dave made the most of the opportunity. He got on his knees and Clair rocked forward she rocked herself onto his cock. She gave out an audible gasp but didn’t stop rocking. In fact she started rocking further and a little faster. She didn’t need to be held, she was doing the work, moaning and groaning as she did so. After a while she speeded up, whispering to herself, the faster she went the louder she whispered until it was plain what she was saying. With every rotation she whispered, “God forgive me. God forgive me.” over and over. When her orgasm hit her she was shouting it, frantically fucking us both to orgasm and beyond.

As Dave and I pulled out of her it seemed to send her into an even stronger spasm of pleasure. It seemed ages before she burst into tears and curled up in a ball, something she did have in common with her sister. Unlike the sex which was far more advanced than anything I believed her sister had been capable of until now.

As she calmed down I said, “Well that was interesting.”

“Fuck off you bastard.”

“That as well. So does he know you like your arse fucked, let alone a double fucking.”

“No!” she gasped, “And neither did I. I don’t, hell I’ve never done it before not up my….bottom. And never with two men. I told you I have only ever been with Donald. I don’t know what happened ok. It just did.”

“You telling me that Donald doesn’t know you’re a hot sexy cock lover?” Dave said.

“I’m not, you cant tell him what happened here. Please you mustn’t tell him he will hate me. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t understand it.”

“Well it’s not my place to tell him how great a fuck you are, or can be. If he doesn’t know after five years then tough. You do suck his cock though right?”

“We have a varied sex life. But nothing like…. That.”

“You dress differently to your sister as well. Nice sexy undies I noticed, even though you both have great tits and a great body.”

“What has this to do with Cathy?”

“Well you didn’t think that only Donald was going to suffer did you.”

“No not Cathy. She must be horrified. She wont be able to cope with anything like this.”

“Well she did. Last night and this morning. We came straight from fucking her to fucking you.”

“I have to call her. She will be in bits I know her. She will fall apart.”

“Well I need you to get in touch with her anyway. You need to do something about her dress sense. I like sexy undies, the sexier the better. Sometimes none at all. So you can take her shopping this afternoon for some clothes ready for tonight. We are all going out for dinner. Get dressed we had better go and see Donald. In fact don’t get dressed just come as you are. Then he will know this is for real.”

She didn’t protest like I expected her to, in fact she lead the way. As we entered the lounge Donald was pacing the floor. “What was all that shouting. You better not have hurt her you bastards.”

“Shut up Donald.” I am not hurt. They did what they wanted. And they did it to Cathy last night and this morning. So it is not only me you have disgraced but my sister and your brother.”

“Cover yourself Clair. Don’t let them gawk at you.” Donald said trying to change the subject

“Donald there is probably no part of me that they haven’t seen already so shut up and if you don’t like it go away. Oh and we are out to dinner tonight it seems with your two new friends my sister and your stupid brother.”

Once dressed I said, “We will collect you about seven fifteen. Be ready, and Clair, sort your sister out. If she is wearing those battle pants tonight I will rip them off and she can go out bare arsed.” With that I turned and Dave and I left the house.

“I cant believe what we just did. A double fucking penetration and she took it. What’s even better she fucking loved it.” Dave said.

We talked all the way to my place about what had happened and what we wanted to happen. Then he dropped me off and I chilled out for the rest of the day. Constantly thinking of double fucking her again, and her sister.”

Dave picked me up at six thirty and I had to say he had done a job on himself. Hair cut shaved and even suited and booted. I actually felt a bit shabby next to him as it was all new clothes and I was wearing old stuff. Tidy and smart but old. “Where did you get that lot?” I asked.

“Well I thought about what you said and you were right. We can do really well out of this so I reckon it was worth investing some dosh. Cost a bloody packet mind but not bad eh.”

“No you look totally different, I hope you polished your manners while your at it.” I laughed. We arrived just before seven and the door was open before we reached it. Dean showed us in and said, “Cathy will be down in a moment. Why did you have to do that to Donald.”

“Because I could. Don’t ever question me again Dean, or you will regret it.”

A moment later Cathy came downstairs. She looked absolutely stunning. Dressed in what, for her, was a very short dress with a really plunging neckline, her hair swept to one side and an air about her that oozed confidence in the fact that she knew she looked good. “You look stunning.” I said. “My compliments.”

“Thank my sister. She gave me your message and we went shopping.” she said taking the arm I and Dave had offered, “I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even if I was, and am embarrassed at how I look.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about you look stunningly classy.” Dave said. I think Cathy was as shocked as I was. “Ok so I can be a gentleman at times, but you do look fucking great.”

Cathy laughed and so did I. Dave poor thing didn’t get the joke and Dean was relegated to footman walking behind us. The chauffeur opened the door and we all got in. Cathy Dave and I on the rear bench seat and Dean by the door. “Tell the driver to collect Clair and Donald.” I said

We travelled in comparative silence. I was unsure as to the outcome of the evening though I knew what I was going to do , this was in a public place and the two husbands were going to be humiliated. Not that I was going to fuck the girls in public, but they would be spending there time between Dave and I and the men would be paying the bill.

As Clair and Donald got into the car it was surprising just how much the two girls looked alike, ok they were twins, not identical but twins. They had dressed the same. Down to Clair I thought. Clair was the more confident but Cathy was the better looking. But you would have to see there faces to know the difference between them. Donald came to join us on the bench seat but I sent him to sit with Dean. So now I had Cathy on one side and Clair on the other.

My hands rested on a knee either side of me and I said, “You done a great job Clair, you both look stunning.”

“Yes well when I told her what you said she almost feinted. She did feint when I told her what she would be wearing. Have you seen them, her undies I mean. “

“No I didn’t want to put her through that embarrassment. Not just yet anyway.”

“Your kidding, right.” Clair said, “You fuck her silly in her own bed but you don’t want to embarrass her by looking at her knickers.”

I smiled. “I could see she was nervous, despite her attempts at confidence and I didn’t want to knock her newly gained confidence out of her right from the start.”

“Oh how thoughtful of you. Your still going to fuck her though aren’t you.”

“You seem a little agitated this evening,” I said “may I ask why?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be sharp. I will explain later if I may, away from those two.”

“As you wish.” I said

The car pulled up and the chauffeur opened the door. The boys got out first and held out hands to assist the girls. Dave and I pushed them aside and did the job instead. Dave escorted Cathy and Clair was with me, again the two husbands were relegated to footmen.

Dean went to the front as we approached the door and opened it for us to step through. He had a smirk on his face till he realised how silly he looked opening the door for his wife and the man who was going to fuck her. Dean gave his name at the counter and we were led to a table at the back of the restaurant, not private but not in the open either. We ordered a drink and our meal and then Dean said. “We need to know when this is going to stop. We cannot, will not, allow our wives to be used in this manner.”

“We will discuss these matters after dinner if you don’t mind. I think the ladies would like to enjoy their meal.”

Dean went to say something else but my glare told him of the danger of that. Donald sat meekly allowing his brother to hang himself. The meal went without any further problems, in fact it was quite relaxed all things considered. While Dave and I were not in the same class as Cathy, Clair was a different matter and enjoyed a lot of things that I would class as normal. Music tv films and such. She did have her snooty side but it seems that being married to Donald, ‘in the lowlands’ as she put it had brought her down to earth a little. As the brandy was brought out I said, “Would you ladies like to go to the lounge while we discuss these matters or would you rather stay and hear what has to be said.”

I’m not having that fool talk for me, I will say my piece for myself.” Cathy said, surprising angry.

“Me too.” Clair said

“So Dean, Donald, what do you wish to say, speak freely as it will be the last opportunity you will have.” Dave seemed to automatically leave these discussions to me, and anyway he was too busy playing with Cathy’s leg to be too interested. Though I knew him well enough to know he would miss nothing of the conversation.

“You know what I have to say. This evening has been very nice for some, but for others it is torture. It will not happen again. Tonight is the last time.”

Nobody said a word, Clair shuffled her feet and Cathy looked at Clair. Donald just sat looking into his Brandy glass. I took my mobile and made a call. “Can you come in now please.”

Bridget was at my Lowe’s when I got to work on Friday morning, cementing the fact that I was going to be blackmailed into fucking her after. At least she made it easy to deal with, wearing a sheer tank top that barely hid her bra and a pair of bleached-out jean shorts that left very little to the imagination with the curve of her ass hanging out the bottom of each side. She had her long sun-bleached hair in twin braids on either side of her head, making her appear a bit younger than she actually was until she smiled and showed the laugh lines around her mouth and eyes. She had also doused herself in some sweet smelling perfume that wouldn’t have been out of place in a bakery during Christmas.

Having her ‘accidentally’ rub against me whenever she had the chance was making any actual work difficult, and looking forward to getting some relief from the aching in my pants was making the day drag on for what seemed like forever. At four, Bridget grabbed me by the belt and nearly dragged me to the parking lot. “Time to go.” She laughed as we made it out the front gates of the garden center. “I already punched us out, just follow me okay?” she told me when we made it to our vehicles and I reminded her that we were still on the clock.

I start laughing to myself, happy Bridget was in front of me in her truck, when I followed her to the same Comfort Inn where Mary and I had spent most of Wednesday night. Bridget looked confused when the desk clerk asked me “Will any room do again?” and I suppressed a giggle. I wondered if it was a coincidence that he gave me the room across the hall from the one I had two nights before, but most thoughts were forced to the background when Bridget forced me against the door to slam it closed and pressed her lips to mine.

When I didn’t immediately open my mouth to allow her tongue access, she grabbed my hair and pulled until my teeth parted so out tongues could wrestle. “So you want it rough, huh?” I asked when the kiss ended and I reached to sharply spank her ass. She moaned slightly and smiled at me. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I said and spanked her again, making her jump and grit her teeth. She started kissing me again and I lifted her by two handfuls of toned tan ass. I carried her nearly blind and fell onto the bed on top of her, where we ground against each other until she needed to breath. Bridget pushed me back up and followed to a sitting position. She laughed at me and ran her hands up under my shirt, clawing me lightly before ripping my shirt over my head, popping a few threads in the process, and starting on my belt as she kissed my stomach. “You bitch!” I laughed and grabbed her by the hair. “I like that shirt!” I told her and threw her back on the bed.

I crawled onto the bed, kissing up her long muscular legs as I went. I lifted her legs and jerked her tiny shorts off along with her panties and went to kissing and licking all around the tan line that outlined her waxed smooth pubic mound. She smacked me on the back of the head and barked “Stop teasing me!” I couldn’t help but to drag my tongue up from her taint, across her hole and through the of her slit like a dog lapping at water before diving for her hole and driving my tongue as deep into her as I could. She moaned and grabbed my hands from her hips while I sucked and licked at her sweet juices, and placed them firmly on her bared breasts. I quickly found her hardened nipples with my fingers as I sought out her clit with my lips and pressed down on it while I started to twist her nipples, pulling more moans from her. Her hands had left mine on her tits, and were already knotting themselves up in my hair, pushing my mouth where felt it would be most useful.

I kicked my shoes off and worked my pants down thanks to Bridget undoing my belt earlier, and sucked her clit through her first body shaking orgasm. I worked my way up her body, kissing, biting, and sucking on every other inch of her. One hand knotted in my hair again as I stopped to suck and nibble on her small and firm breasts. The other was raking across my back until I went up to let her lick her juices from my chin and mouth, then it circled around and grabbed the base of my dick and yanked it towards her waiting pussy.

The head popped into her with a gasp both of us. I was reminded how tight Bridget was as I sunk inches into her drippy cunt. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, then dug her heels into my ass, pulling me all the way into her with a loud moan and then held me there. “That feels really good,” she moaned, “when I let go, you better pound the fuck out of me.”

I smiled down at her, feeling her inner walls rhythmically gripping me, and had to say, “Only if you promise to give me copies of those videos.” She rolled her eyes and let some pressure off my ass, and I just twisted my hips and my dick inside her. Bridget arched her back and moaned through clenched teeth, digging her fingernails into my back. I laughed and pulled my cock from her twat, slammed it back inside her to make her tiny tits bounce, and froze there with my dick pushed up against her back wall. “I wasn’t kidding,” I whispered to her, and repeated the process, “I want those vids.”

I yanked away once more, and as I was thrusting back into her, she yelled, “Fine!” and as I pulled out of her sopping wet hole only to plow back in again, she went on screaming, “I promise! Just Fuck Me! I’ll give you copies!” and bucking her hips up at me, trying to work my dick deeper into her greasy tunnel as I plowed away between her thighs. “Harder, Dammit!” she barked at me, and craned her neck to bite me on the chest.

I growled at her and reached up to grab the top of the fake-wooden head board, and pulled my body with my arms while pushing with my legs. I couldn’t help but smile at the half-drunk expression on her face as it rolled around on the bed as I assaulted her bald box. I felt more like I was trying to fuck her into the mattress rather than deeper and harder into her. Bridget started groaning through her teeth as the bed started seriously creaking, and the head board was already beating against the wall. I was afraid something was going to break, when she wailed to me “Don’t stop, Jeremy! I’m cumming!” I watched her face contort into something lust driven and hungry as we bucked and rocked and screamed and roared our way through her pussy quaking orgasm.

When she started breathing again, I jerked away from her and smacked her on the side of the leg hard enough to make her wince. “Roll over.” I ordered. She scowled and didn’t move. So, I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to her knees, and twisted her around so she had to grab the headboard to keep from getting her face pushed against the wall. She whimpered softly as I climbed back onto the bed behind her. Still holding her by the hair, I rammed my dick back inside her quivering box. I leaned in close to her and asked, “What’s wrong, Bridget? I thought you wanted it rough?” then bit her neck just behind her jaw.

She moaned and tried to drop her head, but I held her up firmly as I started railing her again. As I attempted to give her a hickey, I started getting the rhythm and speed back that I needed to make her cum again, and then I felt her pushing back at me. Bridget was slapping her ass against my stomach as my balls were tapping her clit when she started panting and whining, “I’m gonna… Ooo… Keep going!”

I dropped her head to grab her by the waist with both hands, steadying her rhythm with mine and driving my deeper and harder inside her cunt. Bridget’s whining ended as she froze up except for shuddering. After a minute of me pounding away at her slimy pit and her trying to catch her breath, Bridget screeched out, “I’m Cumming!” which was followed by a stream of profanity that I’m not comfortable repeating.

When she started moving again, she was still in the middle of her orgasm, and her hips were rocking back on me harder than I could keep up with. Her pussy pulsed, writhed and gripped on my dick as I kept myself pressed to her, grinding against her ass and her insides. I let go of her waist and leaned back to spank her ass sharply and announced, “I’m gonna cum!”

Bridget reached under herself and popped my dick from her slick snatch and pressed it into her slit, still rocking her hips to grind her clit across my shaft. I pumped my hips, rubbing her gash and her fingers along my cock, panting as my cum boiled up. I twitched and it shot out all over her arm and belly, dripping in long streams down to the bed. She wrapped her long hard fingers around the shaft and pumped, squeezing every drop I had out before releasing me and letting me fall back on the bed.

Bridget left before I even got dressed, saying she was satisfied and she’d see me on Monday. I took a long hot shower in the room before I left, figuring I could go and pick up Linzy to show her the present I’d gotten her and then bring her back to the hotel since the room had already been paid for. When I got to Linzy’s is when things started to fall apart.

My uncle Gerald answered the door, and before I could ask if Linzy was home he punched me. He wasn’t a very big guy, but as angry as he was it still sent me sprawling across his front porch. “Just get out of here you goddamn pervert!” he yelled and threw something at me hard enough to knock himself off balance. I tried to block it, but just felt a wad of paper hit my chest. He turned and saw my aunt crying on the phone and then snarled over his shoulder. “I wouldn’t bother going home if I were you. We already told your parents what you did.”

I scrambled to my feet, and started to ask what the hell was going on, but he raised his fist and I decided to leave. A few blocks later I pulled over and attempted to call Linzy, but a robotic voice informed me that her number was out of service. I rubbed my bruised jaw and wondered what had happened, then noticed I had taken the wad of paper Gerald had thrown at me. I uncurled it as gently as I could and realized it was an envelope with my name on it, but it had already been opened. I took the letter out and recognized Linzy’s handwriting.

Linzy had left for Europe a month early after an online friend offered to board her until school started. Her letter said it was an opportunity to learn the culture before school and she couldn’t pass it up. She didn’t tell anyone in case they would try to talk her out of it. She told me she loved me enough for anyone to tell it was deeper than family even before she wrote that she was happy she saved her virginity for me and wished that we could make love again before she left, but was scared that if she felt me inside of her again before getting on the airplane that she’d end up staying in America.

I managed to hold the worst of the tears until I got back to the hotel. It was hours later when I realized I had no place to go once check-out time came the next morning. I also had no clean clothes to change into or any way to charge my phone because I couldn’t go home without facing more family wrath. I decided to try to rest, and then maybe sneak home to grab what I could in the middle of the night.

Luckily I had gotten good at sneaking out while I was dating Dixie in high school, and I managed to load down my Jeep with a good portion of my belongings. I left a short apology note on my bed, mostly for ignoring the multitude of phone calls that were placed while I was asleep. Back at the hotel, I emailed Linzy twice, once cursing her for being so careless and getting us caught, and the second time apologizing and telling her I loved her and to contact me the second she had a chance. At least Bridget had honored her promise and sent copies of those security videos of me having sex at Lowe’s.

The next morning I started calling every friend I had to try and find somewhere to stay. Most said they didn’t have the room, a few said I spend a night or two on their couch but that was it, and one guy actually laughed at me and said I was getting what I deserved for fucking my little cousin. I didn’t bother calling Mary, knowing her mother would flip her shit. Joan said she was sorry but couldn’t risk getting expelled if they found a guy living in her dorm. Finally, desperate, I called Iris, my regional manager’s secretary that I had hooked up with earlier that week, figuring she had to have extra room in the two story house she lived in by herself.

“Jeremy?” she asked, sounding groggy. “Oh right, Bridget’s big toy.” Something rattled around on the phone for a second and I heard her groan “Hun, do you realize it’s ten AM on a Saturday? Ugh, anyway, what’s up?” I explained as little as I could, mostly just staying on point that I got kicked out of my house and needed a place to stay until I could scrape money together. “Sure thing, there’s a whole room here I don’t even use, but you gotta buy your own food.”

I thanked her profusely until she hung up on me to go back to sleep. I drove slowly and cautiously to her place, knowing the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket on top of all the shit that was going wrong. I parked in front of her house and carried an arm load of essential items up to her door, where I rang the doorbell and waited. A minute later, Iris – wearing a sheer tank top and an old pair of boxers – invited me in, politely waited until I dropped my stuff on the kitchen table, and slapped me across the face. “That’s for waking me up.” she said waving a finger in my face. The she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me down to kiss her, running her soft pink tongue across my lips while she rubbed her big pale tits against my chest. “And this is because I didn’t get laid last night.” She murmured to me before making her hands busy with undoing my pants.

She dropped to a squat in front of me and fished out my not-quite-hard-on. Iris frowned up at me and waved the floppy dick around in her fist. “Sorry,” I sighed “It was a rough night. I might need a little more encouragement.” She rolled her eyes, but opened her mouth and sucked in most of my length, rolling her tongue around the head and gently pulsing her lips to make short bursts of suction on my cock. I felt a nimble group of fingers make their way around my balls and I groaned, leaning back on her kitchen counter to hold myself up in case my knees decided to go weak as Iris sucked any trace of limp out of my dick. She massaged my balls with one hand while her head gently bobbed on my dick and her other hand was helping remove my shoes and pulling my pants the rest of the way off.

She pulled her head back, slurping a line of drool along my gently throbbing shaft as she did. “Much better.” She cooed and stroked me gently, grinning at her own handiwork. She stood, still holding me by the dick, and led me to an adjoining living room furnished in plainly shaped modern furniture covered in bright red and blue fabric. Iris pushed me down on a nearly glowing red love seat, which was firmer than it appeared, and quickly stripped her shorts and top off before climbing onto the seat, placing her feet on either side of my legs and squatting down to look me in the eye.

“Do you have something against foreplay?” I joked as I roughly rubbed her fleshy gash with my hand, smearing her natural lube around and making her jump a little. She humped my hand for a few seconds, rubbing her tits on my chest and gasping when I popped a finger into her hidden hole or grazed her hardening clit. When she decided she’d had enough she slapped my hand away and grabbed my rod just beneath the head and squeezed it between her pale pink lips with a small moan.

Iris shook her head a little and breathed out “I just really like dick.” Before sinking slowly down on mine, stretching her opening further with each inch her hungry cunt consumed. “I like yours a lot.” She added, gyrating her hips and twisting her tunnel around my cock. She held onto the back of the couch for balance and worked her pelvis, fucking me hard and fast, bending my dick in and out of her greasy pussy and working herself into a frenzy. Iris moaned as she ground herself towards an orgasm and my hands found her big bouncing tits and squeezed louder moans out of them. I laid my head back and she started sucking my lips and bearing down more on my dick, pressing it harder against her cervix. She bit my lip and groaned as the tip started to open the door to her womb, but she released the pressure to go back to thrusting her hips at mine before I pierced that piece of her.

I could feel her pussy squeezing more and more each time it engulfed my cock, and her moans were evolving into cries of pleasure. I mauled her pale pink nipples and leaned forward to suck on her side of her neck, urging her over the edge any way I could. “Ooh, yes!” she growled and I felt a spasm inside her followed by a gush of nectar that ran down my shaft and my twitching balls. “Fucking hell! YES!” she screeched and drove her hot tunnel down harder on me. Iris’s legs shook and her arms quaked and her pussy spasmed as she rode my cock through a screaming orgasm.

I hated to tell her I was going to cum, but feared her reaction if I didn’t warn her. “Oh god damn it, Iris,” I groaned into her shoulder as her screams began to quiet, “If you keep this up I’m gonna blow.” Her hips slowed and she smiled sweetly at me before she kissed me long and hard, swirling her tongue into my mouth and sucking mine into hers. Then she nimbly climbed off the love seat and got down between my knees and inhaled my cock. Iris’s throat opened up and took several inches down while her lips massaged the base of my dick and her tongue rolled along the bottom of my shaft. Fingers gently rubbed my balls and muscles in her neck squeezed and throbbed around the head of my dick. I reflexively grabbed either side of her head and tried to thrust deeper as my cock jumped and spurted jets of cum directly into Iris’s stomach.

I released her head and she released my cock with a loud slurp. She smacked her lips a few times before smiling up at me. “I think I’m going to like you staying here.” Iris told me as she stood shakily, and then led me to my feet and upstairs to show me my new room.

Later that day Linzy emailed me and we sat in front of webcams to talk. She’d been crying, but brushed it off. She apologized profusely and told me she loved me several more times. Then she told me she had already launched the website with the videos she had permission to use and mailed out a bunch of forms to get the okay for more. She didn’t put our full names on the site, but if anyone that knew us saw any of the videos they would be able to tell who was starring. I let her know I had some more to give her, plus a going away present and got the address of her Parisian friend to send her camera along. We talked until she started to fall asleep, and just as I disconnected my phone started ringing.

I answered it, since it was neither of my parents and immediately regretted it. Maria, my boss, wanted to know why Bridget and I had stayed clocked in until nine pm the previous night when the store cameras show us leaving together at four. I sighed and asked “Does it even matter if what I say is a good excuse, or am I fired either way.” Maria almost laughed when she told me it didn’t matter, so I took great pleasure in letting her know how and why Bridget was blackmailing me and that she had claimed to have punched us out before dragging me to a hotel to fuck.

After getting fired, I decided to take a drive to try to clear my head and maybe just find a train to lie down in front of. I eventually found myself in front of Mary’s house and decided if anyone could take my mind off my troubles it was her. I rang the doorbell and was met with a sharp smack across my face. Again I was called a pervert, this time also a liar and a cheater. One of Mary’s friends had stumbled onto Linzy’s website, and recognizing me from seeing us together on our first date, had sent Mary a link. “I actually liked you!” she shrieked and slapped me again. She screamed at me all the way to my Jeep, and attempted to dent it up as I drove off amidst a hail of insults.


Amy, her eyes cartoon blue, devil in a blue jogging suit blue, West palm white sky beach blue, a father who loved Churchill and George W., blue. Amy in her knee length skirt, adjusting herself in the mirror, while I squirmed in the moist bed, still sweaty from stank breath morning sex. Amy in her blue jogging shorts, stretching in front of the mirror, while I tumbled back to sleep and missed another class. Her hands squeezing my ass, urging me deeper, harder, while I clamped my eyes and thrust and imagined I was fucking someone else, a little prettier with perkier tits and not such a flat wisp of a Wasp ass. Flat as a pancake, a fly smashed against a white wall. Splat. Flat ass the bottom of my father’s flat feet, fifteenth century fall of the end of the earth flat.

I woke in my room between four walls, off white. Me, ashy brown. Face mottled with pimples, nappy beard sprouting on my neck. Three days without showering, three days of caked sweat inside my shirt, in between my thighs. Three days of barely throwing water on my stoned face. I crawled out of bed, dug the grime out my eyes, and slipped on my glasses. Out the second story window car lights speared the dark in route for the highway. I plodded down two flights of stairs into the living room. The living room floor, sticky and strewn with ash. I shuffled into the narrow kitchen. Four day’s stacked dishes in the sink –plates, forks, knives, spaghetti strands, and two sodden cigarette butts. While the coffee machine dripped, dropped, and spit steam, I sat on the couch rolling a cigarette. Fingers jittery, teeth clattering.

Adam on his bed smoking, and I am next to him. His arms, turrets, loaded and cocked, jutting out a white tank top. One bicep barbed with wire, the other winged by a medieval dragon. And next to his bed the protein packed ammunition that he mixed and gulped down after his workouts. Adam who had a literary childhood. Sick beds, failing limbs, coughing fits. Who still had the stick figure legs that wobbled under his squared and bulked upper torso. A ball of fire flaming on his calf. Chestnut eyes flickering behind rectangular lenses. Adam whose stubbly face and fear of women I admired. Who still stank of two years’ worth of vegan dishes. Tofu, soy burgers, since renounced, scraped from the palate into the trash. Adam the apostate, half caste, mongrel Jew from a Lilt white Long Island Township.

Every night between three and four AM, we sat on the edge of his bed. Sat and passed a joint, pointed and laughed at the screen. The show, BET Uncut. An hour long reel of twenty first century blackploitation flics. Hip hop videos too raw to be shown during normal business hours. We sat on the edge of bed laughing and pointing. At the dollars crumpled and tosses at the jiggling black asses’ at the black men with gilded teeth and chains fighting for face time; at the spinning rims; the faces contorted for the camera;

fists full of cash; and at the pimp in the green suit, drinking from a diamond studded cup. The show ended, we smoked another one. And I headed out to Dupont Circle.

Five AM bleary sky looming over groggy streets, and I turned right at Twenty First into Dupont Circle. Delivery trucks honked, stopped short. Swarthy men in hoodies pedaled bikes. And I walked up a hill into Dupont’s main arteries. Entered a bagel shop, the one with the clenched face Korean manning the counter. On guard, I saluted tip toed through the DMZ, placed my order, then sat down. I reeked of Turkish tobacco. I frowned at my yellow stained fingertips, ground my teeth, bit into one of my jagged nails, chewed on a fragment. Swallowed it. The wall clock read, 5:45. Three hours left before I went to sleep. Six more rolled cigarettes, two more cups of black coffee, another twenty pages of reading, before I went back to bed. And ground and turned and tossed though the morning into the afternoon.

I placed the bubbling cup on the table. Unwrapped the bagel, stared with steamed open eyes at its assortment of seeds. Poppy, sesame, fragments of onion and salt. The wax paper wrapping crinkled. The buttery heat warmed my fingers. Chomp, chomp. I sloshed it down with bitter swigs. Grease stains and poppy seeds on the wax. Dregs swirling in the cup.

While I sipped black coffee in D.C.’s white triangle, a hundred and fifty miles north in southern New York, my mother staggered down stairs. One arthritic hand on the banister, her long black robe sweeping the steps, her eyes circled by rings as deep as sand dunes. Her face, half caste Creole syntax. Punctuated by pulpy lips, a wide nose, and Caribbean Sea green eyes. My mother with spent arsenal of Australian Chardonnay bottles assembled in her closet. The bottles she placed in a discrete black garbage bag and smuggled to the end of the driveway. Instead of putting them with the other recyclables. My father in the driveway limbering up, stretching his quads. Yale alumni cap on his bald head, Harvard Law Degree folded and tucked in his socks. Just in case he was stopped and frisked on his morning jog.

My parents. Yes, they’d made it. Pulled themselves up from the Bottom of the Well, scaled the Bell Curve, bridged the Achievement Gap, and slipped onto the Affirmative Action Express, chooo choooo!

They rode the express north out of Brooklyn, along the Hudson River, and got off in Larchmont, NY where I was raised. Where I was the only black kid in the fourth grade class. So the teacher sent me packing, sent my pimply forehead and seven inch afro out the door and down the hall. Down to where the other two black kids in the school, alongside a poor white boy and stuttering Mexican, huddled over remedial texts. The other two black kids in the school who snickered and called me nigger when I passed them on the playground. Four days of testing. Math, reading comprehension, logic. Four days until the Special Ed teacher realized that I didn’t belong in the classroom. Four days until I walked back down the hallway, handed a note to my bemused fourth grade teacher, and reclaimed my seat by the window.

I never told my parents about that four day experiment. Never told them because we were the others. The other black people. The good, upstanding, well spoken black people. We prayed Episcopalian, not Baptist or Methodist. We integrated a country club. Voted Republican. Ate sushi. Skinned our chicken. Tolerated lactose. And nibbled funky ass French cheese.

College was the way out. Out of monochromatic Larchmont. And Howard University, the Mecca of black gals with mocha skin and Jack and Jill memberships, was my first choice.

“No child of mine is going to any all black school,” my father answered. And then my sister, all berets, “Mom, what’s an all black school?”

I ended up across town. Far from the smell of Ben’s Chili Bowl and the break beats of D.C. go go, in the middle of the white triangle on the campus of George Washington University.

I spent the first two years rollicking in rickety dorm beds with Laura, Lisa, Janet, Nine the bronzed Israeli chick, and Deborah with the tongue ring. Because at overpriced, private universities it wasn’t just the fat chicks who dated black, the one who smuggled extra muffins out the cafeteria. Nope. It was possible to get a white girl like Laura or Lisa or Nina or Deborah. Or Amy. My Amy.

Amy. Precocious lines around her eyes, freckles dotting her soft white cheeks. Wrapping her still wet skin in a white satin robe, sitting down on the couch next to me. She crossed her legs towards me, reached for a pack of Camel Lights on the table. “Clark, why don’t we ever go out?” And I winced, twisted away from her, the question. Because it’s a fraud, the whole thing. This pretending as if we were mature enough to be rid of all that funky historical shit stuck between our toes and behind our ears. Pretending as if we didn’t sniff that whiff of piebald bullshit choking the air. And me pretending as if I weren’t playing out my played out Mr. Jive Ass Nigga fantasy.

The Life and Loves of Mr. Jive Ass Nigga, written by Cecil Brown, chronicles the adventures of Ivy-League-Black-Negro-Afro-American expats in Copenhagen during the seventies. Café dwellers, talking Camus and Castro, and wagging their dicks at the six foot, cream filled Danish pastries. I found the novel while digging through my father’s abandoned books. Under the dusty editions, two years’ worth, of the Black Scholar. And under the framed charcoal drawing of Malcolm X that used to hang proudly in the living room.

Maybe it was because we were broke. Because we watched BET Uncut every night, the tired stream of semiotics. Because the only we cared about was making money. Because we grew up in the suburbs in the nineties listening to gritty street tales, black boy memoirs put to hip hop beats. Like Mobb Deep spitting, Criminal minds thirsty for recognition/I’m sippin’ E&J/Got my mind trippin’/. Or Jay-Z, Whoever said illegal was the easy way out/ Couldn’t understand the mechanics and workings of the underworld/. But the because probably doesn’t matter. Because one night while watching Uncut, we decided to start our own escort service.

“We just need some start up money,” Adam said. “Couple hundred bucks.” The next day I snatched a five hundred dollar emergency loan from Student Financial Services. Then we bought phones, Nextels with the walkie-talkie feature. We choose a name, Bacchus Entertainment. And placed an ad in the back of D.C’s Free City Paper.

Bacchus Entertainment. New Escort Service. Female escorts wanted. All races, body types. 18-35. Big earning potential. Call 750-687-7889.

Within a week we booked three interviews.

A goateed Jew from Jersey conducted the first two. He had a penchant for saying the word nigger, and he was the only person we knew who had a suit and a matching portfolio. The interview was a two for one. Two black girls, sisters. Both of them strippers from downtown Maryland. They wanted to branch out, make a little money off the stage. We hired them. The goateed Jew wore the same suit to the second interview. When he came back he said, “She’s fucking hot. Half Irish, half Chinese. Really big tits. And blue eyes.” Hired!

The goateed Jew had a Bio midterm or an Econ study session. Or just didn’t feel like doing another interview. So I ironed a pair of dirty khakis, grabbed a t-shirt off the floor, and headed out.

In a park, a couple blocks away from my house. Lunch time crowd sweeping through, steaming bags in hand. Cotton Dockers, clicking heels, tucked in button down shirts. A stone faced mountain dribbling saliva down its chin. The girl, one part Turkish, several parts Japanese. Short spiky hair dyed orange and brown.

“I go out eat with man. Maybe give massage, right?”

She might not have said it like that. I can’t remember. But I do remember her tits. Big, pushing against her white V-neck t-shirt. And I remember feeling anxious. Scanning the park, hoping that no one I knew saw me here with this chick who smelled like cigarettes. Parliament Lights. Strange. Easier for me to remember smells than words. Or maybe the smells are harder to forget. They just stick with you, carve some kind of sensory memory that doesn’t go away easily.

“Yeah, you go out to dinner,” I said.

She crossed her jeaned legs, slipped one hand between her thighs. “Oh, ok. I think will help my English.

I didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about. Dinner, massages. I nodded, squinted. Scratched my face, bit my nails. Calm down, just calm down.

“Yes, you go out to dinner. Give massage.” Yep, that’s it. Imitate her syntax. Win her trust. Then get the fuck out of here.

She smiled, bobbed her head. “But what going to happen-” She garbled the next few words. I couldn’t understand them. “My friend want/won’t know-” Want know? What now? Won’t know? Fuck. I stared at her. She blinked a few times. And then I might have panicked. Started considering all that shit that we hadn’t given much thought. Getting busted, cuffed, hauled away. She might have been an undercover. A great fucking actor, working for D.C. vice squad. The broken syntax, something she’d practiced for months. One big elaborate ruse, the tits, the cigarettes, the exotic ethnicity. Gyoza and Baklava. Or she might have just been clueless. No idea what she was getting herself into.

“Thanks for coming to the interview, Nagami. Someone will give you a call in a few days.”

“I got job?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Then I explained that this probably wasn’t the best gig for her. That there were better ways for her to work on her English.

“Oh, ok. I understand.” I wasn’t sure whether she did or not. Seemed like she was searching my face for answers. Some small talk ensued. Head nods and smiles. Then we said goodbye.

Before I left the park, I turned around. just to make sure she wasn’t following me, keeping tabs on where I was going. She was still on the bench, legs crossed, smoking.

(Everyone in this story of legal age 18+)

(This Story Is Purely Fictional. The characters in this story are not real. This story is made up and in no way a re-telling of events. Because they never took place.

Thank you and enjoy.)

“What do you mean I can’t check in to my room? Its’ my room, I paid for it!”

There Lizzy was, bags lying on the floor in front of the front desk counter of a hotel in Vegas and she couldn’t get into her room on a technicality, some one’s mistake.

The clerk behind the desk cleared his throat his long fingers slammed on the keyboard working quickly double checking all the facts. Looking at all the small details making sure he had not missed anything that was no mistakes were made.

“Ma’am, the room and credit card is registered under a Tanya-”

The young lady who was now furious at the counter interrupted the clerk; a friend and co-worker of hers stood in line waiting for his turn.

“-Yes it is, because she is staying with me in the room, she is my colleague and is not coming till tomorrow night. I need the room to get our preparation set for this week when she gets in.”

The clerk sighed

“Ma’am can you call her and get her to add you into the room as part of your reservation so we can check you in?”

The young lady sighed, her anger quickly faded and depression finally hit her. She sighed as her head tilted down. She replied in a soft tone, “I don’t think that will be possible, She traveling in tonight from over sea’s. I can try, but I don’t think it’s possible

She was a beautiful girl, dark brown hair, and a great body. Her chest was nearly bursting out of the tank top she wore. The clerk who was trying to get her a room couldn’t help but sneak a peak from time to time, he was probably star struck by this “very gifted” lady.

The friend in line walked up to the counter.

“Lizzy, take my room…. Can I add her to my room reservation and just get two beds until Tanya gets here tom?”

The clerk snapped back into work mode as he went back to his computer.

“Name sir?” The clerk asked looking down at his work station.

The man replied back” First name L like love, last name is J, like July.”

The clerk typed away as Lizzy looked up at L.J. He was a tall guy, very well built and extremely handsome with jet black hair. Lizzy was the girl who got him the job at her advertising company she worked for. Best referral she ever made. L.J. was a smooth talker and could sell anything to anyone and mostly was the face of their little group of misfit co-workers.

She had to admit being with him would have been great; he was always sweet and was always that knight in shining armor quality whenever things go wrong. She was worried though; any hint of romantic involvement and it would be both of them out of a job. No tolerance for inner dept. romance especially since she was his gateway into the business.

L.J. looked down at Lizzy, she was stunned, he guesses from being left out in the cold by her roommate. He tried to snap her out of the trance with a nudge of his elbow. “So yeah you take my room. I’ll be on the table’s anyways. It’s my home town, how can I not drop a couple grand here?”

Lizzy collected herself as she protested” No L.J. I couldn’t take your room, it’s unfair when you had nothing to do with this stupid mistake.”

The clerk behind the counter who had been checking in L.J.took his credit card and I.D.

“Lizzy, I’m not twelve, were both grownups. Send me a text before you fall asleep and I will just sleep in my clothes for the night. When you leave for the conference setup tom I’ll shower up and get ready. You’ll owe me, again” he laughed a little as the clerk passed back an envelope. L.J. extracted two room keys.

“L.J. you know this is going to look bad for both of us.” Lizzy had an undertone of fear in her voice.

L.J. turned to her now. He stared directly into her eyes and will all seriousness said to her. “Fuck um, and what they may think. You need help, that’s all that matters to me.”

Lizzy blushed lightly as her tan olive skin covered most of it. L.J. turned as he grabbed his large military style sack and Lizzy grabbed her bag. They both walked up to the room. The walk there was long and very awkward as L.J. and Lizzy never even turned to each other the entire walk. Just more awkward moments of the fact that they would be sharing a room; this feeling that was in the air was thick and they both knew what it was. It was the sexual tension between the two it was always around between them but this time it was in the front of their thoughts. But after roaming the halls a bit they finally found the room. L.J. popped in the electronic key card and popped the door open. To their surprise the room was a single king.

L.J. walked in completely to the room, “Dam idiot at the desk still gave me a king.” He said almost happy that it was just the one king but trying to sound annoyed. He sat down on the edge of the bed grabbing the house phone and dialing the operator. “Yes can I get the front desk please” Lizzy took the chance to relax. She put her bag down on the floor and laid down across the huge bed her arm brushing past L.J. She felt a little dirty doing it, but she had to seem like business as usual, and flirting was apart of their daily rituals.

L.J. was too involved with front desk to return the gesture or even give a witty comeback. He smiled as he leaned into the bed frame and laid back. “No I don’t believe you understand me, I asked for two beds. I know I requested a king when I made the reservation, but I need two beds. You’re sold out. Not possible it’s……” L.J. paused. The discussion continued for a few minutes back and forth. Finally L.J. wrapped it up “Please, if you can, I will be coming down stairs in a short while. The person sharing my room will be in here though. She will be in the room until we can get the change. Thank you.” L.J. turned to face Lizzy as he scratched his head in frustration.

“Lizzy front desk is going to call back when a room opens up in an hour, they will send a bag boy for our inconvenience, and he’ll take our bags to the new room with new keys. I’m going to head down stairs though going to play some Blackjack.” L.J. stood up as he walked in to the bathroom briefly to splash himself with cold water.

Lizzy stretched out across the bed. She had a lot of work to do, but she would do it quickly. The boss and all the rest of the group were flying in tom and Lizzy was the queen of getting work done early and relaxing afterward. “L.J. I might take a long bath in a while after I get everything done, so please knock if you need to get back in.” The sink in the bathroom shut off as L.J. emerged his hair moist from splashing it.

“Of course, you need the rest though, enjoy the room as long as we have got it for now…” This calm mentality sickened them both. There were both dieing inside for each other. L.J. walked over and searched through his bag on the bed for his wallet and put it in his back pocket. He leaned back up and looked down at Lizzy for a moment the idea of just taking her right then and there came into his head. He was getting excited at just the thought. He shook the feeling and walked for the door.

Lizzy’s heart started to race though, she didn’t want him to leave. She just watched him walk to the door almost in slow motion. L.J. himself felt like he walked away a little slower, his mind was obsessed with turning around and just filling his desire, and just being with Lizzy. He was longing for her touch, but he still continued on. His hand slowly reached out for the door. The cold door knob sent a large shock to his body. Time slowed down to a slow crawl for the two. Lizzy was dying of heat though her body yearned for his touch she was literally melting in her own skin; she gripped the bed sheets tightly with all her strength her body tensed up. L.J. felt frozen by time. Almost turning back every single moment to give in to his animal instinct, his hand turned the door knob. Lizzy took a deep breath; her body was ready as she shivered. She started to breath heavily….”please”.

Her body shouted “Please!”; “Please take me!” she remained silent though. L.J. took a deep breath as he walked out of the room. His body felt in pain, his mind raced now rather than seconds, he felt the world pass by in minute intervals. He slowly trekked down the hall his feet felt heavy, he walked and his body felt even heavier, if he wasn’t too careful he would faint. This continued till he got Lizzy’s naked image from his head and finally went down to the main casino floor.

Lizzy heard his footsteps, she felt very alone for a moment, and her mind wandered, and everything went through her mind. The thought of L.J stayed with her. She slowly released her grip as she sat up. She just stared blankly. The house phone suddenly rang and Lizzy snapped out of her trance. She leaned over and grabbed the phone.

“Hello this is Lizzy:”

The phone sounded very static as a feminine voice emerged over the line” Hey Liz, it’s me Tanya.”

Lizzy surprised answers back “Hey babe, how did you know I was in here?”

“L.J. called the embassy here and relayed that they have them relay a non emergency…um… urgent response relay message thing.” That was Tanya for you, always that scatter brain Lizzy thought. Never details only the general warped picture from her.

“Well whatever they got a hold of me and I am calling on a S.A.T. phone which some how stands for satellite phone.” Tanya was a very tall red head with very long legs. She was in the country Brazil at the moment. She was researching a product they were going to be advertising very soon. Her business there was talking to the company that had hired their firms services. She was the other pretty face that got the products into our hands to work with.

Tanya continued “So I heard you’re shacking up with L.J. for the moment.”

Lizzy was silent on the phone. She gripped the bed sheet again out of pure embarrassment. She closed her legs as tightly as possible she didn’t really know how to respond to that. Maybe it was because of what she had felt just a few moments ago, she didn’t want to seem odd so she played it off as best as she could.

“Oh, no L.J. has been that gentleman he usually is. I can’t say that I didn’t think about it, but he and I are way too professional to get something like that going between us…regardless of how much I want too.”

There was a pause over the line followed by a long moan of pleasure from Tanya. Tanya also at that moment happened to be lying in her hotel room bed as well. Tanya always had a knack for finding her own little piece of heaven in places, she enjoyed everything, especially the people, she loved them the most, and they loved her too. Tanya giggled over the phone. “Oh Liz, I’m sorry,” She said very happily “One of the natives and I are getting really friendly, and showing me how they treat business women down here.” Tanya had a large bed sheet covering her bottom half that had a lot movement underneath that suggested more than was going on. Tanya had one hand on the phone and the other over a figure of a head rubbing it gently. Tanya had smaller breasts that fit her muscular stature. She had a very desirable beautiful face. Full lips, good facial structure, and a small beauty mark on the right side of her neck that had a heart shape familiarity to it.

Lizzy sighed on her side of the line “So you’re getting some while I am stuck here in the no fly zone. Just perfect.” She answered in a depressed tone trying to still play off her situation. Last thing she needed was problems at work

Tanya moaned lightly again. “Well hey you’re on our reservation now, if you want you can get into our room, and not ruin L.J’s hospitality, but…”

The line went quiet. Lizzy’s heart started to beat at a faster pace she was still feeling embarrassed by the whole situation. Tanya continued “I say you stay… treat the man right. Nobody else is going to be there at least until tomorrow afternoon. Give it a chance girl. Go wild.” The phone clicked off. Tanya smiled as she put the phone at her side and removed the covers from her lower half to reveal a dark haired young girl eating her sweet nectar filled pussy with much enthusiasm. The young girl slowly stopped and looked up and smiled her mouth dripping in cum.

“So Tanya, you think that she will do it?” She went down and slurped a few more times before stopping again to take her breather.

Tanya smiled back at her. “If she does then things can only get better around the office for me and you. Now who the fuck told you to stop?” The young girl only smiled back as Tanya continued.” And be ready, were leaving for the airport in a half hour. You and I are going to drop in on Lizzy and her new bed buddy when we get to Vegas later tonight.” The young girl only nodded gently now utilizing her fingers one at a time and inserting them one after the other into Tanya’s pussy.

Tanya moaned as the young girl started to ram the one finger deep into her. The young girl was such a hungry little girl, Tanya could barely contain her self as the young girl worked her pussy feverishly. Tanya could barely contain herself as she grabbed the young girls’ long dark hair, which gave that gave the girl a burst of energy making her dive deep with her penetrating finger and tongue. Diving her young face deep into Tanya pussy, and in a state of ecstasy spit into Tanya’s pussy giving it a rough rub, and then back to eating her without hesitation, Tanya yanked more as the girl dived deep running out of breath and making her way back up to work Tanya’s sweet spot.

Tanya cried out gleefully as she was approaching the climax. “Don’t you fucking stop, your going to let me finish.” The young girl more than gladly obliged as she pulled out her finger and patted and rubbed Tanya roughly again, taking the time to take a deep breath, and then continuing on. Tanya grabbed the sheets as she felt her body tensed up, her face became red as she finally climaxed, and a flow of juices drained out, and to the one girls hungry mouth. The young girl sealed her mouth around the flow of juices and did not let anything go to waste of the very tasteful nectar. The young girl sat up on the bed as she licked her lips several times over. Tanya laid flat on the bed in a climaxed daze. The young girl scooted over and leaned down as the two embraced in a sloppy kiss. The young girl pulled back to catch her breath.

Tanya grabbed the girl by her left breast and massaged it roughly. The young girl was very much stacked. She back was very much well rounded as well and she petite so these good features all wrapped into one small package made her Tanya’s favorite pet. She was nineteen year old intern, now turned lesbian sex slave. The girls name was Juana; it was lust at first sight for these two. Juana on her day of the job was grabbed by Tanya dragged back to her office as was striped bare. They went at it for hours, and would continue there daily meetings at each other homes, work days, work trips, company parties, meetings, conventions, or anytime Tanya deemed it her “pleasure time”

The two broke their lust filled pleasures and started to pack their things and ready themselves for the long flight back.

Lizzy sat there in the room alone her suitcase cracked open. She had already almost finished her preparation for the conference. She had nothing to distract her, and she wanted to focus as much as she could on other things that didn’t include the chance of her losing her job. She allocated files, inserted promotional fliers, and finally signing all the thank you cards to their partners and business owners and affiliates. She smiled at the job well done as she packed up and the thought of L.J. retuning to her mind. She shook her head gently trying to block the thoughts. She sighed as the house phone finally rang. Lizzy leaned over and picked it from a sitting down position. “Hello, this is Lizzy.”

The young mans voice from the front desk emerged on the phone. “Hello ma’am this is the front desk calling for a one L period J period”

Lizzy laughed a little. She never heard it pronounced like that. “Yes I am, the other guest sharing his room. Is the other room ready?”

“Yes ma’am it is,” The young man proclaimed.

Lizzy bit her lower lip. She took a chance, If it was there she would take it, if It wasn’t she would see it as a sign, that now wasn’t the time.

“Well we don’t need it anymore, I was wondering though. If we could, upgrade to something nicer and bigger. I don’t mind paying the difference.” She held her breath for a moment, the anxiety returned as she continued. “And that one, if it could be one king, would be great,”

She heard as the agent typed away on his console as small ding noise was heard as the young man returned to the phone call. “Actually……” The young man paused in his sentence. “I do…but only for tonight.”

Lizzy exhaled happily. “We’ll take it.” She couldn’t believe it; she bounced on the bed gently as the agent worked momentarily. She smiled widely as she started to plan the night out in her head. “Oh and the reservation for my room I need to check that one for Tanya in is as well.”

The young man was quick, he worked very precisely as he returned within a brief moment “Ma’am you are all set… I will have the bell hop come up to your room to get your bags and transfer them to your room with Tanya and have room keys for your new room.”

Lizzy bit her tongue lightly as this would be the deciding factor here.

“Oh and can I have a key to L.J.’s suite as well. I want to setup something special for him in there if possible chance to do that.” The line went quiet.

“Yeah that’s fine ma’am, I will setup a key for you as well.” The man said calmly

Lizzy bounced out of the bed as she packed her things quickly her mind started to race again. “Ok well then I will wait for the bell hop. Thank you so much!!” she said as she heard the front desk agent give the details and prices’ and protocols for the suite. It mainly seemed like a blur to her filled with details she obviously didn’t care about almost like old rerun the peanuts gang with Charlie Brown. The last thing she remembered him say was the thanks for choosing this hotel closing statement and she slammed the phone down.

Lizzy had a large grin across her face. She was going to do it, she was going to take a chance and put her self out there for someone she really did care about. This was a love story to her, and it was finally coming to its climax in more ways then one for her. She wanted her happy ever after for so long and she hoped that this would be that moment. She was overly hopeful, but she didn’t care and maybe a little quick to plan out her future may be like, she was on cloud nine and nothing could hold back her anticipation.

Before she knew it the bell hop knocked on the door and grabbed her bags along with L.J.’s. The rest of those last few hours were filled with preparations for the big surprise. She bought candles, rubbers, and set the suite up so that when he would walk in would be completely normal, but the room would be a total different experience. She didn’t decide to dress up though. What she did instead was grabbed a shirt L.J. had once told her was his favorite lucky shirt of his. A royal blue work shirt that he considered was the reason why he got his job, the reason why he was such a good sales man, why he was a hit with the ladies, and so and so forth. She slipped into the shirt while slipping out of everything else. She then waited in his bedroom cracking open a romance novel she had waiting patiently for L.J.

L.J. was sitting down; he was up a couple hundred on the blackjack tables and a couple of young ladies playing beside him had pulled him into their conversation. Both of these girls were pretty, but nothing about them stood out from others he knew.

Chapter 1

Shortly after graduating college at 23 years old I came into a reasonable inheritance. I used the money to pay down my student loans and buy a rundown house in the suburbs. The neighborhood was one of those where most of the houses had families with kids or older couples whose kids had moved away. You know the place; I live on a cul-de-sac across the street from Leave-it-to-Beaver who lived next door to Mary Tyler Moore.

To the relief of my neighbors, I had enough money left over to refurbish the beat up house top to bottom and bring it up to the standards of the houses on the rest of the street, if not nicer. It took about two years to complete the project; I did most of the labor myself. My original plan was to flip the house and make enough profit to buy a house in town, but with the housing market down I decided to sit and wait for the prices to recover somewhat.

Now I was 25 years old with my first job out of college, I lived rent and mortgage free. This was a huge advantage. While most of my friends were struggling a bit, I was comparatively well off. I could afford a decent car and apparently 20something girls found home ownership to be a big turn on. Not to mention the construction work did my body well and I got a good tan. But I have to face it, I am a nerd and not good at managing the attention of attractive ladies. But this was a welcome change.

One of my neighbors had a daughter who was little miss popular high school girl. Paige. She was a 5 foot tall, hot blond, with a size zero body and perky tits.

I watched her over the past couple years tormenting boys in her aloof ways. She made me think of those bitches that had used me to do her homework and projects when I was a nerd in high school. Teasing me along but never putting out. Acting like they were friends, when in truth, they wouldn’t be caught dead being seen with me. I should have lulled them into a sense of false security by doing their homework well enough and then given them shoddy work for their final projects so that they would have failed their classes. But then I probably would have had my legs broken by the football team.

Paige was always flirty and friendly with me. I tried to figure out what she wanted from me, I wasn’t into doing homework anymore. Perhaps comparing her to the popular girls who had used me may not have been fair. It finally occurred to me that for her I wasn’t a nerd to be used, I was that older, but not too much older guy that she wanted to find her attractive. Well, I didn’t actually figure it out by myself. I overheard her and her friends while they were tanning in her backyard.

I was out front in the driveway, wearing only a pair of board shorts and no shirt while washing my car when a car load of her friends stopped in front of her house, they tumbled into the street and shattered the suburban peace. They openly gawked at me as they approached the house in their short shorts and microscopic bikini tops. They were all 18 year old seniors in high school about to graduate. I tried to steal a few glances without being too obvious.

I finished washing the car and went to the backyard. I suddenly wanted to go for a swim, really I mostly wanted to try and catch a glimpse of the girls in the backyard next door. They were hot even if they were a little young for me.

While still on the patio heading for the pool I heard one of the girls say loudly, “Paige you told us you thought he was cute, but you didn’t say he was hot.” I stopped to listen.

Another girl, “What’s his name?”

Paige answered, “Paul.”

What?! My name is PAUL. They’re talking about me?

Another girl, “Does Paul have a girlfriend?”

Paige answered, “I don’t think so. He has girls over sometimes, but no one steady.”

Paige was keeping track?

Another girl, “You should totally do him then.”

And another, (or maybe the same girl, I couldn’t really tell. They all sounded the alike), “Let’s go over there now. We could take turns on him.”

The conversation devolved from there and got kind of raunchy.

After a few minutes the conversation became trite and repetitive and downright boring to listen to, so I decided to make a splash.

Quite literally.

I cannon balled into my pool. When I came up to the surface the yard next door was as quiet as a tomb. I hoped that they were mortified that I had overheard their crass conversation.

I looked over and saw the top of someone’s head peeking over the fence. It dropped out of sight the second I looked over. “Yep, I scared them”, I thought. I delighted in my breaking up their tea party until I heard an excited scream, “He has a pool!”

I was disappointed that I apparently didn’t scare them.

“Ask if we can come over and use it.”

No, not scared at all.

I could hear some hushed murmurs. Followed by, “No, ask now.”

A short time later Paige’s head popped up clear into view and addressed me very sweetly, “Mr. D, My friends and I would like to know if it’s alright if we can use your pool. Please.” She smiled brightly. That’s an understatement. It was a million megawatt smile. Very bedazzling. Probably the smile she used on her dad to get that new car.

Damn. She found a way to use me after all.

“I don’t think that it’s a good idea.” I didn’t want to be that pushover nerd from high school anymore.

“We will be really quiet and I promise we won’t make a mess. Please.”

“The gate’s unlocked.” What the hell did I just say? Fucking A! She did it, damn her.

I stayed in the pool and next thing I knew the rear of the house was flooded with six hot coeds. The popular ones I would have given any to have been with in high school. Apparently all I needed was my own house with a pool to catch their attention. If I’d only known. Yeah right, like it would have made any difference and it wouldn’t today either. I would have blue balls just the same as the old days.

They laid on deck chairs and on towels on the concrete. I swam a little without paying any mind to them and their hot bodies, shiny with lotion or their impossibly small bikinis that proved that they shaved everywhere. I didn’t look one bit. Yeah. Who am I kidding?

As I got out of the pool and toweled myself dry, ignoring the six sets of eyes trained on my every move, I pretended that they did not interest me. I went into the house. Once inside, I dropped my head in shame.

I opened the door a fraction and sternly called outside, “Paige, can you come here a minute.”

“Ooh, he wants you.” Someone said.

“Shut up Lauren.” Paige retorted.

She came inside the backdoor, put on her best contrite face, and said, “I’m sorry Mr. D, if you want us to go…”

I tried to continue to sound stern, “It’s okay. For a bit. But you need to make sure they don’t do anything… ah… anything stupid.”

“Okay.” She said meekly.

“No boys, no drinking, and close the gate when you go.”

“Okay Mr. D.” She said meekly again. The truth is she was playing me perfectly. She definitely knew what to say, when to say it, and how to say it to get what she wanted. The worst part of all, I knew exactly what she was doing and it was still working.

“I’m serious. No one else comes over. Okay?”

“Yes Mr. D” I dismissed her and she went back out to her friends.

“What did he want? Did you have to give him a little som’thin’-som’thin’.” Lauren teased.

“He said it was okay for us to use the pool for a while.” What? Did she hear anything I said? I was a little irritated that she had manipulated me so skillfully.

After changed into some dry shorts I sat down to watch TV and try to ignore them. A while later, when I looked back to make sure they were following my rules, I noticed none of them had tops on. Shit. Occasionally they would slip into the pool half naked. This was too much.

The windows are darkly tinted to keep the house from getting hot from the sun; it was not likely they could see me, so I watched them. Although I had a yard filled with gorgeous topless girls, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Paige. Her perky, orange sized tits were perfect. I imagined using her in differently ways. If she bent over I imagined her boobs hanging over my face while she rode me or grabbing them from behind as I drove into her doggy style. When she laid back I thought about being between her thighs or cumming all over her tits and face. In my mind I debauched her every way I could conceive of.

A while later they were packing their things and putting their tops back on. After they were gone I went back to watching TV. Thirty minutes later Paige was back and knocking on my patio door. I let her in. She was still in her bikini top with a towel wrapped around her waist. I could swear she had fixed her hair and put on some lip stick though. I was still shirtless in my shorts.

“Mr. D, I’m really sorry about today. I know you didn’t want us here. But I hope the show made up for it.” She seemed to be distracted by my lack of shirt. Her eyes kept straying downward. I wondered if this is what it was like to be a chick with guys always staring at your rack.

“The show?” I asked.

“You know the booby show we put on. You did notice, didn’t you?” She was checking out my chest a little more openly now.

“Yes, it was nice.” I couldn’t keep from checking her out now. She blushed a little, with a little coy smile on her face. “Let’s not do this again. Okay? I don’t really want this to be a hangout for your friends.”

She smiled. She seemed unsure of something. I wondered what. “Can I come by if I don’t bring my friends?”

“Okay.” I’m an idiot. I am letting a high school girl use me.

“Cool Mr. D.” The way she smiled nervously at me like she needed my approval sparked something in me.

It was then I realized that I wasn’t a nerd to her like I had been to the girls in school. I was more. I was a mature guy who she thought might be out of her league. I realized that this was my chance to take out my frustration from the popular coeds that traumatized me and punish her for… for what? For being a hot girl I guess. I realized the revenge idea was only a cover. I was looking for a way to rationalize ravaging the barely legal girl from next door. I decided to go with it anyway.

Then I got bold. “Do I get more ‘Booby Shows’ in payment?” I audaciously reached out and caressed the side of one of her boobs with my finger tips where her skin was exposed next to the triangle of fabric. She trembled and was breathing erratically. Her normally confident face looked unsettled, but she didn’t move away or resist in any way.

I nonchalantly took my hand away and pretended like nothing important just happened. “Jeff mows the lawn on Saturdays. Don’t let him see you here.” I instructed. “I’m headed out so I’ll see you later.” She was still frozen to the floor just inside the backdoor staring at me wide eyed.

I stepped up close to her and placed one hand behind her waist. I opened the door with my free hand and slid the other one on her back down to her ass and squeezed her firm cheek and little ushering her to the door. She moved obediently. As we reached the patio I squeezed one more time for good measure then patted her firm ass and said, “Don’t be a stranger.” The pat seemed to trigger her back to earth.

She turned to me with the first genuine smile I ever saw from her, “Thanks Mr. D. I’ll see you later, B-Bye.”

“Bye little Miss P.” She happily sashayed away. There was a little extra motion in her hips as she walked, making a sexy show with her ass. She looked back making sure I was watching then waved.


I went out with a friend that night, but my mind was occupied with how I would seduce Paige and turn her into my personal sex slave. My buddy Brad was trying to hook up with a girl we both knew named Heidi. Bleach blond big boobs, not dumb, but a little light on the intellectual side. Unfortunately, when he asked her out she wanted to double date with her roommate Reba. Reba asked for me by name, so I was Reba’s date. What are friends for? I was okay with wingman duty though.

Reba was a 22 year old 5 foot 6, her brunette hair pulled into a ponytail. She had a small rack, a flat stomach, nice long legs and a killer ass. Not bad to look at, really. I flirted but she had no wit to flirt back. She would dive for cover by giggling if I tried bait her into an exchange of words. Or she would try to make up have nothing to say by sticking her tongue down my throat. Usually, I did not date a girl like this; I like them with some brains, but after a frustrating day of half naked youths in my yard she made a good target for my pent up energy.

Brad was trying too hard as usual and it was chasing Heidi away a bit. I kept the drinks coming hoping it would soften her up for him. When the girls staggered off to the restroom arm in arm, I asked “How’s it going?”

He just gave me a sideways smile. I thought of a plan to help both of us.

“I’m going to run off with Reba. Why don’t you tell Heidi she can spend the night at your place?” I told him.

“You’re drunk Paul. Or High. Sounds like I’ll get slapped.”

“She’s about to be in a bind for a place to stay.” I smiled.

He just looked at me with a confused expression.

I let him know, “They are coming back. You owe me.” He didn’t really. I was going to be a big beneficiary for what I was about to do, but that’s the kind of thing friends say.

When Reba sat hip to hip with me she smiled broadly. I leaned into Reba, “Let’s go back to your place. We need some privacy.” Heidi brooded at me.

Reba suggested, “You could take me to see your place. Paul.”

“No, my place is in the sticks; miles away. I’m too drunk to drive. Isn’t your place around the corner?”

“Yeah, but what about Heidi?” She asked me. I looked across the table and Heidi scowled at me. Reba gave her a very desperate pleading look. It was Heidi’s turn to be a good wing-woman. I ordered another round of drinks and let Heidi stew.

A few more rounds of drinks later we were all rather drunk, I grabbed Reba’s hand and dragged her away. We walked two blocks to her apartment. It was a one bedroom place. The living room had a sofa, TV, and tiny kitchen. The small bedroom had two twin beds. The girls shared the room.

Once back to her place we kissed like high schoolers at an after-prom party while we tore each other’s clothes off. Once down to our underwear we kissed each other and I lowered her onto her back on the sofa. I slipped down onto the floor kissed her neck, shoulders, her stomach, belly button. I unhooked her front loading bra and went after her breasts. She was becoming vocal with lots of mmm’s and oh’s.

I moved down to work on her wonderful long legs. I kissed her ankles, shins, knees, back of her knees. She went wild. I stayed to play at the back of her knees since she seemed to really like it. She was writhing and moaning as though I was licking her clit. While she was losing her senses I pulled her underwear off her long legs. I doubt she noticed. When she seemed to start losing sensitivity behind her knees I worked my way down the inside of her thighs, alternating kisses and nibbles on either side. She was plenty wet when I got to the trimmed thatch of hair where her legs met. I licked the whole slit a few times but she kept repositioning trying to concentrate my contact on her clit. I complied with her wishes.

I flicked at her clit quickly. After a few minutes she bucked wildly and came hard. While she lay comatose I took off my boxers and sat on the sofa next to her. She was sagging down with her hips at the edge legs spread. Her head was near my waist.

I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back. I sat up and gently nudged her head toward my dick. She got the idea right away and climbed off of the sofa. She kneeled in front of me me and leaned her face into my lap. She lowered her face until my dick filled her mouth. She had about half my length in. She bobbed her head and sucked. It was immediately clear she was really good at this. After a few minutes of wonderful sucking she sat up and kissed me. I thought the ride was ending but she pulled back from the kiss and winked at me. Odd time to wink I thought.

She fell face first back on my dick. She took half of it in again and stopped but then made a funny gurgling noise as she forced the rest of my dick into her mouth. She didn’t stop until she had her lips down to the base. She held me there with her throat doing strange gymnastics around me. She bobbed up and down a bit then pulled back gasping heavily. I noticed she was crying.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, choking on cock makes my eyes water. You’ve got my eyes really going big boy.” She smiled proudly, mascara running down to her chin.

She went back down. I let her work watching her ponytail bob around on the back of her head. I felt tears dripping onto my crotch. She stopped to gasp for air frequently, but dove right back in. She was an artist, not to be disturbed in her craft. I leaned my head to the side so I could watch this fantastic show. I wanted this to last until morning so I held out as long as I could.

I felt successful when five of the most amazing minutes of my life later I began to cum. I warned her but placed a light hand on the back of her head. I was going to let her head up without any struggle, but want to let her know I would prefer her to stay down. She pumped her face up and down my entire length, fucking me with her mouth. When I started to spurt she went all the way down and just swallowed with my cock in her throat.

After I was spent Reba backed off my dick and teased and licked my shrinking member until it started to harden again.

After she sat up, I went for the condom in my wallet. She bit her lip uncertainly.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Would it be okay if we just… you know… used our mouths.” She paused looking worried, “I like that better.” She said a little embarrassed.

“Sure, sounds good to me. Do you want to 69?” I offered.

She jumped up like she won the lottery. Honestly, I felt the same way. She was by far the best oral artist I had met so far and she liked to give head. Jackpot!

We got off the sofa and went to her bed. I laid down, she moved over me and lowered her pussy onto my face then bent to my dick. I had a fantastic few of her marvelous ass and my dick had a great view of her tonsils.

I lasted much longer this time. But she didn’t. She was pretty worked up so she kept cumming every few minutes. She would stop sucking and give me a break every time she came, so that helped me last the better part of an hour. It was perfect for both of us. We both recovered and started again.

Early in the morning after we both had nothing left to give. I put my clothes on and went home. We kissed good bye and she told me to give her a call some time. As I drove home I started to feel bad about using Reba. I knew there was no chance of ever dating her seriously.

I briefly wondered how Brad and Heidi got on. I didn’t worry too much though she was his nut to crack.

I got home and hit the sack just before the sun started to rise and slept most of Sunday away. As I fell asleep I thought back to last night. I dreamed about what I did with Reba but it was with Paige instead.


On Monday I met up with Brad for lunch. “Dude, I owe you big time.” was the first thing out of his mouth.

“It went well, I take it?”

“We left for my place right after you took Reba home.” He told the story like a prospector spinning a yarn about a ghost haunting the old mine. “I told her she could have my bed. I would take the sofa…”

I almost started to laugh at his style. He pressed on away in his ridiculous manner.

“She insisted I keep the bed. But I said NO!” he dramatically emphasized. I was laughing now. He continued, “I kissed her to let her know it was fine. She kissed me BACK!”

“You don’t say!” I cheered.

“Yes, I do say!”

“What happened next?” I asked

But he dropped his act. I was disappointed. I was enjoying the recital.

He looked around like he was suddenly afraid someone may overhear, and whispered, “I ah… we did it. Then we slept together in my bed. When we woke up in the morning she wanted to do it again.” He was grinning like it was Christmas.

I was happy for him. He’s been trying to get Heidi out on a date for months. I had written it off as a lost cause.

“I’m glad it worked out. Have you talked to her?” I asked

“I called Sunday afternoon to make sure she got home okay.”

“Well played.”

“She wants to go out again tomorrow.” Brad was so giddy he was bouncing.

“Do I need to be available as ‘wingman’?” I checked.

“No, she wants to see me ‘one on one’. Sorry bro, you’re on your own. How was Reba?”

“Fine.” I answered. He looked disappointed I didn’t share more.

“You two looked like you might screw on the table before you left. Did you guys make back to her place before you banged each other’s brains out?” he sniggered.

“We didn’t go all the way, just fooled around a bit.” I lied, without really lying.

“Really? Too bad. I guess I owe you then.” he commiserated.

“Just invite me to the wedding.”

“Deal. You can be my best man.”


When I got home from work Monday, I felt compelled to call Reba. She was happy to hear from me. I was worried she would want a relationship and I didn’t want to have to let her down. We talked for five droll minutes before she broke the news on me, “Look Paul, it was fun, really fun, and we have to do it again, but I know you don’t want anything serious and that’s fine.”

“No, I don’t want anything serious.” I was relieved, but still a little guilty.

We wrapped up the phone conversation but not before she made me agree we could be ‘friends with benefits’. And her oral skills could be a huge benefit. Believe me.

Just as I hung up the phone, I saw Paige shaking out a towel on a lounge chair on the patio. So, I went out to say hello.

“Isn’t it a bit late to lay out Paige?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I just got home. And there’s still sun.”

“I’m going to eat dinner. Do you mind if I sit out here so that we can talk?”

“No. That would be cool Mr. D.”

I retorted, “Okay little miss P.”

She smiled at me.

I sat eating and watching her lay out. She really was hot. There was no way around it. Her body was perfect. Perfect highlighted shoulder length blond hair, perky tits, athletically trim waist, firm ass, slender arms, slender legs. Her only fault may have been her height. She was a short 5 foot zero. She was proportionate tiny, probably 90 pounds or less. I imagined the acrobatics I could do with her tiny body in the bedroom.

We talk about trivial things, but the conversation flowed very naturally and was enjoyable. Paige was very witty and smart. She stayed past sunset. She left when she got cold and I was sad to see her leave.

The next day she came over and we repeated the performance except this time I had a plate of food for her and she joined me for dinner.

After her first bite, “This is good.” She seemed surprised and took another bite. “Really good.”

“Can you cook?” I asked.

“Not like this.”

“Pop tarts?” I inquired.

“That and jelly beans.” She goofed.

“Sounds delicious. You cook next time. I’ll bring some juice boxes.”

Again, being together felt right. I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed someone’s company this much. This became our daily routine when I got home from work.


Wednesday came and Brad came by to visit after work. He was overflowing with news of Heidi, his new ‘girlfriend’. They went out, had fun, had sex. Based on what I could gather she was a big fan of receiving fellatio but not giving. Brad was happy though he loved to go down.

“We should have a party here.” Brad suggested.

It seemed like I was always trying to not have parties at my house. “Yeah, like the last sausage festival.”

“But now I have Heidi to invite her friends.”

“Okay, this is pathetic.” I was not convinced.

“Why have this house if you aren’t going to entertain.”

“That’s your best argument yet, even if it only so that you can find another way to get laid. Now that was a good excuse in itself really. You should have led with it instead. Okay, when is our party?” I conceded.

“How about Friday?”

I briefly wondered how it would go over if I invited Paige as my date. Right on queue Paige appear on the patio she started to lay out in the sun.

“Who the hell is that?” Brad asked with his tongue wagging.

“Hey, stop ogling my future wife.” I kidded.

“What is she, like twelve?” Brad stabbed at me.

“Yeah, but I’m saving myself for her.” Brad’s eyes were like saucers. “No, no, she’s eighteen, she has the new car she got from her daddy for her birthday to prove it.”

Brad just stared at me, then her, then me, then her, then me. He was giving me motion sickness.

“Let’s go out and say hi.” I suggested. Mostly to let her know she had a larger viewing audience than normal. Shit, I didn’t think about her being here when Brad had invited himself over. I wondered if she would still stay for dinner.

We went out and I made introductions. Paige was extremely cold and biting with him. She obviously didn’t like the intrusion on our ‘together’ time.

“So, you come over often?” Brad asked.

“Sometimes.” She offered. “We don’t have a pool at my house.” It didn’t help her case that she was reading a book.

“Right, the pool.” Brad answered he was definitely checking her out.

She leveled a burning glare at him. My sweet little angel was trying to destroy my best friend with her laser vision, it seemed.

“Brad and I are going into town after we eat. You can have dinner with us if you like.”

The second she shifted her attention to me her face and voice be warm and welcoming. “Okay Mr. D.” I don’t know why I said the next thing. I cooly said, “You know, I’ve been forgetting to collect the pool use fee, we need to settle up later.”

She smiled. “Of course.” She pulled a shirt down over her bikini to provide some protection front Brads wandering eyes and came inside the house.

The three of us ate dinner together. It mostly consisted of her giving Brad the evil eye and him discussing Friday party plans. I ignored him best I could and trying to hold a conversation with Paige, but it wasn’t working. Brad was commanding too much of my attention.

Paige went home and Brad and I went and met some friends at a billiard bar. Between stories about how wonderful Heidi was he would rib me about my high school goddess.


Later that night Reba called to see if she could come to the party. It was obvious she hoping for some time with me.

“Brad said he is throwing a party at your place Friday. Can I come over?”

“Okay, if you’d like to.” God this was awkward.

“Yes, I’d like to.” She was short with me, waiting for me to say more.

“Okay I’ll see here then.”

We finished the conversation. She was so shallow it was a turnoff, even with the prospect of a repeat performance of her sword swallowing routine.

After I hung up, I wished I could talk to Paige. She held up her end of a conversation much more effectively.


Thursday Paige stopped by and wanted assurance that Brad wasn’t coming over before coming in. We ate and had a good time. She was much better to be around than Reba.

After dinner she saw that I had been playing a first person shooter on the gaming console. “Oh, I love that one. Do you want to try and take me one on one? I’m pretty good.” She winked at me.

I had no doubt I would enjoy taking her one on one. “I’m game. I just hope I’m not too much for you to handle.”

“Bring it.”

We played the game and she wasn’t kidding, she was good. I held back at first and got my clock cleaned. I found out that I had to try damn hard just to keep up. It turned out we both had a competitive streak a mile wide when it came to games. In short order we were both playing like our lives depended on it cursing at each other and talking smack. She ended up with a few more kills than me mostly due to my slow start.

Well after it was dark out we said our goodbyes and she left promising me a rematch and that she would go easier on me next time.


Friday came and there were lots of people in my house. We barbequed, drank, swam, had bad, meaningless conversations. It was worse than the sausage festival last time I had a party, at least that night we had a video game tournament on the big screen. These were Heidi’s friends so them being shallow and pretentious people went without saying, at least my dorky nerd buddies knew who they were.

Reba kept draping herself on me. Just after sunset, Reba asked “How about we find a private place so I can have you to myself.” I was tempted by the offer, getting head is a hard thing to turn away, but I didn’t want her, there was someone else on my mind. It was almost like I was cheating. Cheating on a high school girl I wasn’t in a relationship with.

I declined, went to my room and locked the door. I should have invited Paige to the party.

Saturday morning I emerged for my bedroom to find Brad and Heidi cleaning my house. They told me that pretty much the minute I had gone to bed so had they. Apparently Brad and Heidi fucked the night away. Did they really need my house to do that? Brad and Heidi thought it was great. I guess there was something to humping under someone else’s roof I didn’t understand.

Everyone else, whom I didn’t really know, had already left. We cleaned the house and ate lunch. Then Brad and Heidi took off.


Later I made dinner and sat at the patio table to eat, hoping Paige would show up. She was nowhere to be seen. Emotionally, I felt like shit. Reba was willing but I wanted more than just a willing partner.

When I was finished eating Paige finally showed up. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and light green turtleneck sweater. She was looking sexy as hell even though she wasn’t showing much skin. Maybe more sexy.

My spirits lifted when I saw her, but she looked a little blue.

“Some party you had.” She feigned a smile.

“It sucked.” She looked at me curiously, I continued, “I’m not having a party like that again.”

After a long pause, Paige went straight to the point. “So what, is she like your girlfriend now?” it seemed like Paige wasn’t just asking, she needed to know. Was she jealous?

“No, just a friend.” Was Reba even a friend? Sadly, I didn’t think so.

“You two looked like more than friends.”

I was mortified. “You saw us?”

“So what, you’re like friends with benefits.”

“She offered, but I declined.”

“She just offered to do you. Like, out of nowhere?”

“There is a little history. We went out once before, but it didn’t work out. I don’t want see her again, I wish she could take a hint.”

Paige’s icy mood shifted into something a little more agitated.

“That tramp isn’t good enough for you anyway.” Paige blurted. She was definitely jealous. “You could do so much better. She was so brainless and plain looking.” Paige must have been spying on us. “What did you ever see in that stupid whore anyway? Does she like give good head or something?” She stopped and looked at me. She was waiting for me to say something.

I just sat there looking like a dolt, that question was rhetorical wasn’t it?

Quietly Paige answered for herself. “That’s it, huh. I hit the nail on the head. Pun intended.” But her venom came back, “Well you could still do a whole lot better than that cock sucking windbag. That tart. Bitch…” Definitely jealous.

I had a feeling that the string of insults would continue as long as I would sit and listen. As entertaining as that would have been to hear, I preferred to move the discussion along.

I leaned forward across the table, looked deep into her eyes and reach out to her hands with mine. “Well, I’d like to do better. Any suggestions?” I was imploring her to help me.

Paige leaned forward, leveled her eyes and met my gaze. She spoke a little breathlessly. “You should find yourself a little hotty that will be so good to you that she will make you forget that other girl exists.” It was clear who she thought that hotty should be.

“I would want to make sure my little miss perfect would have such a good time she would never want to leave.”

“She wants that too.” Paige’s eyes got a little bigger and she grinned like an idiot. “Any girl would” she tried to cover.

I realized Paige, my high schooler, was the only girl I wanted to talk to, even given this screwed up conversation.

“I’m about to have dessert. Would you like to join me inside?” I asked.

“I’d love to ‘join with you’ inside.” But then her parents called out her named “Shit. Rain check. I’ll see you later.”


Sunday morning I staggered toward the kitchen. Paige was already in the backyard. What time was it? Couldn’t be much past 9.

I switched directions and joined her on the patio and we regarded each other. She was wearing the briefest bathing suit I could imagine. I had yet to see the same bikini twice. How many did she have?

“For payments past due.” She said. She shed her top. She didn’t look at me while she sat there. She looked scared. It occurred to me that I was not there in person before.

I stood and stared for a few minutes.

“I’m going to bring my coffee out here and sit with you.” She looked a little troubled but just laid down topless. “I’ll be right back.” I promised “Don’t you dare move a stitch.”

I was inside pouring coffee when Paige shot inside the backdoor closed it and she was leaning against the wall with her bare chest heaving breathlessly. “What the hell is Marty doing here?” She asked.

“Marty, who the hell is Marty?” I looked out and saw the pool boy skimming leaves. “Oh yeah, the Stevens kid. He cleans my pool on Sundays.” I said nonchalantly. “He used to do it Fridays but the lawn trimming on Saturday kept getting in the pool spoiling his work. I switched him to Sundays. Sorry, I forgot. Did he see you?”

“No, I heard him coming. How long until he leaves?”

“Ten minutes or so. Oh! I need to pay him today.”

I grabbed a few bills from my wallet. Paige was blocking the back door still dressed for her ‘booby tribute show’. I noticed she had on a G-string thong. The material in the front was so small it scarcely covered her lips. Not a hair to be seen.

I watched my hand move as if it was controlled by someone else. She stood frozen from when I walked up. I reached out and placed the back of my fingers just below her belly button. My hand moved down and went inside her very brief swim suit bottoms. I pulled it out a little looking inside. I could see the top of her slit. Smooth. She must have just shaved. I slid the money into her G-string and took my hands away. “Why don’t you go pay him for me, like this.”

“I don’t think so.” She was trembling.

“You could probably convince him to split the money with you.” She just looked coldly at me. I pulled the G-sting open again, looked inside again, and withdrew my deposit. I could smell her musty scent. I kept my hand inside and gripped the material. I used her bikini bottoms as a leash of sorts. I led her away from the door and into the house. She followed very obediently.

“Where are you taking me?” She sounded very optimistic.

“Away from the door. Unless you want him to see you.”

“No, this is better.” She sounded disappointed.

I went out and Martin had something in his hands. It was Paige’s bikini top. Ah shit.

“What-cha got there?” I asked.

He held it up for me to see. I took it from him. “Probably one of Paige’s friends. I let them use the pool while I was out last weekend.” I sort of lied. “I’ll give it to her.”

Marty seemed awestruck. That’s right kid just get a house with a pool and you too could live the dream. Not really though. Marty was a geeky freshman. He really had no chance with the girls, especially Paige’s friends. I paid Marty and watched him leave. Poor kid.

On my way back in I saw Paige’s bag. I stuffed the bikini top in it and noticed her phone. I went inside with the bag and did not see her. I quickly took out her phone and called my cell. I hung up immediately and put the phone away. “Paige?” I called out.

She stepped from the hall, “This place is awesome! I can’t believe it’s the same house. You did a great job.” She gushed. I notice what she was wearing. Her tour route apparently had a stop in my closet and she had taken a t-shirt as a souvenir, it went down to her mid thighs. ‘Big Tuna Adventure’ the shirt promised. I got it during a fishing vacation in Baja. It worked for her much better than me. I landed a 130 pounder on that trip. I smiled at the 90 pounder was working on landing right now.

I walked very close to her, toe to toe, and she looked straight up into my eyes expectantly. I lifted her bag up to her between our bodies purposely brushing the valley between her tits with my hand.

“I rescued your dignity from Marty.” I showed her the bikini top and told her about the conversation that had occurred between him and me, letting her in on the cover story. I patted her ass and told her, “Your secret remains safe with me.”

She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and mashed her globes against my sternum. My hand was wonderfully trapped in her cleavage. I dropped the bag and kicked it to the side. I wiggled my hand around to cop a feel of one tit while my other hand gripped her firm ass.

“My savior”, she said into my chest.

My dick started to prod her stomach. She tilted her head back closed her eyes and pursed her lips. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.

At the moment this encounter was about to turn that corner I wanted to reach, inopportunity knocked at the front door. I awkwardly walk her over to the front door her arms still around me, mine hands still groping her, and through the peep hole I saw Martin Stevens.

I told her “I think I should answer.” Paige gave me a quick peck on the lips, turned grabbed her bag and ran out the back of the house for safety before I could suggest the bedroom would make an excellent hiding place. Under the covers of the bed, even better. The monsters can’t get you there if I remember correctly.

It turned out I had grossly overpaid Marty. And bless his honest heart he brought back the fifty dollar bill that had slipped in with his pay. It was hard to be too mad at him for breaking up my conquest but I would rather he had just pocketed the money in this case. I thanked him while inwardly cursing him.

I went back and cooked breakfast. While I was eating I kept an eye on the patio but the little vixen did not return. I picked up my cell and transferred the missed call I had made from her phone to my contacts list. I named it Big Tuna. That put a smile on my face.

Paige never showed back up, so later that night, when I was settling in for bed, I texted her, “Why did you steal my shirt?”

“???”, was the reply.

“This morning. My big tuna shirt.” I reminded her.

“Mr D?”

I wondered, “Who else could it be? Did you go on a shirt stealing spree after you left or something?”

“omg howd u gt my *” She replied almost instantly.

Crap, what did it mean? I was no good at text lingo. 45 seconds later I figure out she wanted to know ‘How did I get her number?’

I typed out in long hand, “You left your phone in the yard with that excuse of a bikini top this morning.” Maybe she would take the hint and use English when she typed back.

There was three microsecond pause. “Ive ur * 2″

I sighed and dialed her number and she answered.

“So, why?” I asked her at once.

“Why what?”

“Why did you take the shirt.”

“It was weird being your house naked.”

The flight was a long one all the way from Europe. It was late and it was dark as I took a cab and went to my pre booked serviced apartment for the first week or two. I was returning home after having worked in Europe as a Marketing Consultant for the last 3 years. Life was good and my career had progressed well.

I had known a few women over the last 6 years since I graduated but none were casual flings. A few of them were great in bed but they had other career aspirations and we went our separate ways. I was single for the last 6 months and I decided to come back home.

In my last consulting assignment, I had met the client’s associates from the US and we had talked about them looking for a Marketing Consultant for a 6 month project in the US. I used that opportunity to sign up the deal and get a head start while I looked for something more long term. It was Thursday night and the company had left all information, office security electronic key etc. in the apartment for me & I knew that I could go into the office over the weekend to get set up and start work at full speed on Monday. That is the reality of consulting – you are expected to start at full speed on a new assignment.

The night and most of Friday was a wash out as I recovered from jetlag. Strangely I was feeling horny and wished Kim by former Korean girlfriend was with me. We were awesome in bed together. She was small and petite but very passionate.

I remembered the last weekend that we spent together before she went back to Korea. We had stayed at home the whole weekend fucking like rabbits. She was very passionate but very gentle and feminine. We kissed for long periods enjoying the very subtle changes in her lip movements and the way she searched for my tongue with hers.

She loved the fact that I could kiss here very gently and respond to her sensitivity and also kiss more assertively and challenge her passions and leave her breathless.

Her body was an amazing texture of mixed cream, butter and firm fresh melon. Her neck was slim and her ears were very sensitive to kissing. Her small perky breasts were very sensitive and I just loved kissing them and spending a long time gently kissing and licking her nipples.

I realised very early in the relationship that she was ultra-sensitive and so I never used my teeth on her nipples. I could feel my cock come to full erection just at the thought of kissing and licking Kim’s nipples and making her whimper and mew softly.

Her tits were small and upright but firm. Her belly was very flat and the belly button was so sexy that I always fucked it with my cock. What I mean is that I pushed my cock head against her sweet belly button and smeared all my pre-cum on it while she shyly watched me and smiled.

Her lips were pink and firm and full and she loved to kiss and lick my cock for a long time. She was too small to take my thick hard cock fully into her mouth but she would take just the head and a couple of inches and bob on it slowly for a while but she just spent a long time kissing and licking my cock.

I just loved looking at the way she pleased my cock with her lips and occasionally she would keep at it until I spurt my cum all over her small tits.

The last time she did this to me, I warned her but she kept licking and kissing my sensitive cock head until I splattered a big load into her mouth. She was surprised by the number of squirts and the quantity of thick cum and she started blushing and giggling.

We laughed and cuddled at the hot and messy sight and I suddenly realised that I was rock hard again just looking at her cum stained lips, cheeks and chin.

In no time I was on top of her and thrusting my cock into her amazing tight pussy. The small and petite Kim just loved the way I fucked her. I always took my time and eased my cock into her tight and petite pussy and enjoyed the way her pussy muscles clung to my cock and slowly relaxed and opened up to let more of me in. It was an incredible feeling to fuck such a tight pussy of an adult 24 year old woman.

I could barely get my cock fully into her before she started shuddering and bucking and squealing with a wild orgasm.

Wow! What a sight it was to see this tiny gorgeous Korean woman clinging on to my shoulders and digging her fingers in while she bucked her hips on to my hard cock which was buried into her very tight wet and pulsing pussy.

She whimpered and moaned and opened her eyes and smiled as she slowly came down from the heights of her orgasm. Her face was flushed and her lips parted & glazed with cum still on the sides and her eyes had that smouldering far away look.

I just loved the look of lust and gratitude mixed in her gaze. She thanked me for the amazing orgasm and smiled. I thanked her for the awesome blowjob and the great pleasure that her wonderfully tight pussy was giving me as it still throbbed and convulsed around my hard cock.

Kim moaned and sighed as she thrust her groin up at me and encouraged me to enjoy myself. She said she really liked watching my face as I fucked her and that it was a great thrill to her that I really enjoyed fucking her so much.

I in turn loved watching her face as it changed expressions as I withdrew my cock until just the head was in the folds of her pussy and then I thrust forward slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy clutch my cock eagerly.

I kept this slow and steady pace and felt my balls bumping against her small bum and her small tits jiggling to the rhythm. She started to pant a bit and soon she was lubricating copiously as she was enjoying the fuck again after the initial orgasm.

She started to respond with more energetic thrusts to meet mine and this encouraged me to increase the tempo. Her soft buttery and firm arms and thighs were clinging on to me and they were covered by a thin coat of sweat which smelled of her feminine smell.

All this added to the lustful experience and heightened it. As I pulled my cock almost out and thrust it in I could now feel the strengthening clasp of Kim’s pussy muscles again and she was thrusting back with considerable energy.

For such a gentle, petite and feminine woman, Kim was surprisingly strong and energetic. Fucking her was an incredible mixture of enjoying her dainty gentle feminine personality, the creamy sexy complexion, the tight, wet, hot and horny pussy muscles and the inner most passions and lusts of this amazing woman.

We continued to fuck for another 10 minutes and I knew that I was now approaching my orgasm. Kim also realised the urgency of my thrusts and I noticed a change in her facial expression, her thighs clamping around my side and her heels on my ass as she moaned and squealed and spoke in a disoriented voice encouraging me to fuck her.

I suddenly noticed that she was starting to climb to an orgasm and that sent me over the edge as I started erupting and pump my load deep into her pussy. Kim was bucking and squealing and clasping on to me as she shuddered to an amazing climax.

I gently leaned on my elbows with my cock still buried into her tight pussy which was pulsing and squeezing around my cock and trying to milk the last drop of cum into her already wet and sloshing pussy. I leaned forward and kisser her face which was still splattered with my first ejaculation after the blow job.

I used my right hand to hold her bum and lift her up off the bed as I lowered my left shoulder on the bed and quickly rolled over on my back, with Kim still impaled on my cock. Now I had her adjusting her body weight on me and pressing her tits on my chest and cuddling her face to my face as she kissed me in her gentle manner.


Now …. It was 2 weeks since I had started this assignment and it was the first party with my client and their clients. There were over 60 people in the hotel hall with a terrace on one side and a flight of stairs down to pool on the other. It was good to be back and hear the familiar accents after 3 years of listening to so many different languages from around the world.

I had met all the key people at the party – basically 4 men and 4 women from my client’s company and their VIP clients. We had had a few drinks and the formality of making speeches and business announcements were about to start. I was seated on the stage with the 8 key people when this absolutely stunning super model blond young woman walked up the stage with some brochures and gave one to each of us. She then offered us all a round of refills of our drinks and left the stage.

I could not help but drool at her tall athletic body, firm and well presented cleavage that showed through her long flowing purple dress with one bare shoulder and the amazing ass that seemed to have a life of its own as she walked down the steps with the split in her dress showing her super model legs.

She was about 5 foot 8 inches tall and had heels which made her taller. When she had come to me with drinks I could not help appreciate her beautiful face with amazing green eyes which contrasted stunningly with her natural blond hair falling down her slim neck that was adorned by a choker of pearls and her purple dress.

Her skin was a smooth creamy texture with fine fuzz of minute golden hair and her fingers were very elegant and feminine and yet looked strong and stream lined. Her lips were full and luscious with just the right amount of lipstick and gloss to make them very desirable and classy.

She caught my eye and I saw a startled and slightly alarmed expression as she served me my drink. Was I imagining that she was flushing at my gaze? I could feel my cock stir in my pants at the sight of this amazing beauty and at the expression in her eyes. I also recognized her as the snooty arrogant bitch who had been so abrupt with me the first weekend when I had gone to set up my office.


After landing at the airport, I had slept in on Friday and recovered from jet lag. On Saturday I had driven in the rented car to the office to set up my office. The keys and all the security clearance and instructions had been left at my apartment. Being the weekend, I wore shorts and a T-shirt with sunglasses and sandals while I carried a couple of boxes into the office. I had a 3 days stubble as I had not shaved. As I walked into the lobby of the office I realised that someone else was also in the office as only a few lights were on. 

As I walked down the corridor towards the Northern wing (as per the instruction), this amazing blond woman came out of an office and surprised me. I could not help notice that she was a knock out stunning woman. I could not help but gape at this stunning blond who was dressed in a light yellow sleeveless top that showed her midriff and tight fitting denim skirt that finished just above her knees.

I probably drooled and ogled at her as I was caught by surprise. She was equally surprised and flustered. She caught my eye and started turning a bit red. Then very abruptly she said “Do you have security clearance? There is no one here. You can leave those at the front desk.” I had the electronic key card in my fingers while I was carrying the boxes and she notice them and said “Oh….” With a sort of frown and went back into her office.

I thought that was a bit rude – why the snooty arrogance? Could she not have smiled and asked me what I wanted? I was also really impressed by how gorgeous she was and thought she would be a great fuck indeed. “She needs to have that snooty arrogance really fucked out of her. She needs a cock shoved into her mouth for a good while and then pushed over the desk and fucked from the back until she screamed. That would make her smile.” I thought.

I spent the next 2 hours setting up my office, my computer and the network connections etc. As I was in shorts and T-shirt and I had not shaved for 3 days I probably looked scruffy and could have passed off for a delivery man I suppose. As I got into the lift to leave I saw another lift just leave. When I reached the basement car park

I saw this same blond girl walk out of the lift a few steps ahead of me and walk to a white Honda. I was really impressed by the sexy curvy figure and amazing ass as she walked in front. Her long legs looked well toned and athletic – she really did work out or played a lot of sport.

As she reached her car she caught my eye briefly but there was no smile and she looked flustered and seemed to dismiss me. “You really need a cock in your face, baby” I thought. I was still jet lagged but I could feel my cock stir in my shorts. She had such hot and full lips that would look great on my cock head …… and those amazing green eyes ….


The speeches started and then I was introduced to the group. It was the first time that I was being introduced to all the Marketing team of my client. Though I had been there for 2 weeks I had got straight into the core of my assignment with the senior managers and their clients.

As I got up to address the group and say the usual pleasantries I noticed the stunning blond in the purple dress look at me with amazement and turn red. She looked so hot and sexy in that dress and with her natural figure but the flushed face made her ever more desirable. “You need a really good fuck, baby”, I thought. My cock was stirring in my pants as I gazed at the incredibly firm and shapely tits.

We moved to the informal part of the party. It was Friday evening and we were all booked in for the night and many of the people got into the wines and cocktails. As I was still new to the group I was taking it easy with the alcohol.

I got to meet the others and then I met the stunning blond at the bar as I went to refill my tomato juice with tobacco sauce, sometimes called a “Virgin Mary”. I heard her ask for the same drink. So I walked up right behind her and in my deep bass voice I said “Please make that two”. She turned around with a startled look and almost bumped into me. She was all flushed and flustered as she looked me in the eye with those absolutely fabulous green eyes.

She then blushed with a smile and introduced herself “Hi, I am Susan Mackilroy and I am the Marketing Assistant on the Freezogg account”. I replied “Hi I am Matt Branders and I am the local delivery boy”. She again blushed and laughed nervously and said “I am sorry about that meeting in the office, I had no idea…..” and she faded off as she searched for an excuse. I replied with a genuine smile as I gazed into those liquid dazzling green eyes “I am not going to let you get away that easily. You are going to have to make amends for being so rude to a new office colleague who is new to the city.”

I stretched out my hand to shake hands and as she clasped me with a firm but feminine hand shake we locked eyes and time seemed to freeze and some sort of electric energy seemed to bind our hands and eyes. I had a wide variety of mixed images running through my mind – of kissing Susan’s luscious lips, of my cock head placed between those parted glazed lips, those eyes searching deep into my sexual depths, her skin touching mine and starting a glowing warm fire that seemed to quickly engulf me from toe to hair and …… I realised that I had a full erection straining my pants.

We quietly stepped aside and her face was flushed and her eyes shone with a strange energy as she looked me in the eye and we talked. I do not remember what we talked but it was a strange and exciting moment. There was incredible energy – a bit of hesitation but a lot of chemistry.

These images still kept swirling around my head. The sensationally seductive wide hips with slim waist and the super model legs as they swayed in rhythm as she walked … the creamy smooth skin with the firm and upright cleavage accentuated by one bare shoulder …. The blond hair the small curls around her ears and nape of her neck as she held her gorgeous face up erect, the luxurious blond hair flowing over her shoulders ….. her green eyes seeming to search deep into my innermost being and finding my lustful, lecherous feelings as I drooled at her…….


The party went on till late at night. We circulated among the clients and VIPs. Every half an hour or so, I would catch up with Susan and we talked. I would still gaze into her green eyes while drooling over her sexy cleavage, shoulder, hips and ass. She had been with this company for a year. It was her second marketing job since she graduated from Boston College. She was very smart and had a wide variety of interest ranging from classical dance, Mayan history, French cuisine and New Zealand wines to trout fishing, African tribal art and authentic ancient Indian yoga!

I could relate to half of those interests very easily and our conversations were amazingly stimulating. I learned that she was single for the last 6 months like me and that her parents had both died over the last few years and she was an only child. I found out that she was in a room down the corridor from me. We went back to looking after the clients and got ready to leave.

I managed to get a moment with her in private and leaned forward and kissed her cheeks and was struck by her perfume and her feminine smells. I distinctly heard her pull her breath in sharply as she kissed me on the cheek. As we said good night I could not help letch at her deep green and the sexy cleavage as she smiled with a bit of a blush and waved.

As her tongue nervously licked her pink firm lips, I could not help having this image of my cock between them and that her tongue was licking my cock head very slowly. My last thought was that she had a flushed look to her face and eyes as she smiled and half blushed.

We had the next two days of informal activities and a workshop with the banquet and party in the evening. So we were both busy and had little free time. We still managed to have breakfast together and catch up for a quick chat. I found it easy to talk to her about my career and my single status over the last 6 months.

I noticed a distinct change in expression in her eyes and my cock stirred in my pants. Saturday night’s party was a bit more relaxed and many of the VIPs had left early. So we relaxed a bit and had a couple of glasses of New Zealand Chardonnay and exchanged our views on the fine wine.

When bidding good night I held her around her slim hip and gently kissed her lower lip. She seemed to jump in my arms and then kissed me back gently but firmly with a subtle movement of her lips that communicated intense but restrained passion as I could also feel her firm C cup breasts crush against my chest through her dress. We held that amazing first kiss for a second and broke off as there were people still around. I was a bit breathless and noticed her face had turned red while her eyes were sparkling and shining with passion while she blushed and gasped.

Sunday was the wind down day before we all left after a late breakfast. Some of the VIPs were going for a game of golf while others were going to the airport and I excused myself from all these engagements. I managed to isolate Susan and ask her what she was doing for the rest of the day. She said that she had planned to go to China Town for Dim Sim and if I was keen. I jumped at the invitation as I was really enjoying her company and I also loved Dim Sim.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon as we talked over the lunch. We joked about the subtle flavours of the various dumplings and sauces and I wondered if those flavours affected our own body smells and tastes. She blushed and said that they definitely did. So I joked that if one had Sushi for dinner, one might end up with Sushi for desert as well! I could not help think about licking this amazingly gorgeous woman’s pussy with wisps of

blond hair and wondering what it tasted like. She blushed and smiled and parted her lips while licking them slowly and this sight had serious electric charges passing through my cock. I just had to fuck her. But first I had to fuck that beautiful face and lips and make sure that the snooty arrogance of day one was atoned. We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of 2 hours over Dim Sim and then looking at the Chinese market before heading back to town.

Susan had to go home as her flat mates were expecting her for dinner. I said that I really enjoyed her company and that I would love to take her out to dinner again. She smiled that gorgeous smile and hesitated a bit with that look she gave me when I first saw her in the office. “Snooty arrogant bitch…???” I wondered. Then she smiled her sweet stunning smile that lighted up her green eyes and said that we could do it next Saturday. That started our dinner dates over the next 3 months. It was 9 months since I had sex and here I was dating the most beautiful single woman in town!

Our common interests and the differences that seemed to pique each other’s interests kept us engage. She told me about her relative inexperience with men and that she was just recovering from a humiliating experience with Rod Tucker, the Senator’s son. We would finish off each date with a sweet kiss that was getting more and more passionate.

I could feel how passionate a person she was and how much she was also holding back. I was also compelled to restrain myself and just enjoy what she was prepared to give and just gently push the boundaries with my hands on her ass, tongue searching her mouth and my hands cupping her amazing tits and I would rub her hard nipples though her clothes and make her squirm.

It was approaching Susan’s 24th birthday and I really wanted it to be special for her. I knew she had no immediate family and so I took it upon myself to arrange a surprise party with the help of her good friends. I thought it would be best if we had the party in her friend Katie’s place as Kate was living in her parents’ place while they were on a long vacation. The party was simple but very elegant. Susan’s lovely nature and genuine character made her very popular.

A lot of men were wooing her and tripping over one another. Susan was pleasantly surprised that there was such a turn out. No immediate family except an older uncle who was visiting from the UK. It turns out that Susan’s great grandfather was someone important in the UK but the details were unclear.

We had some great New Zealand wines and plenty of lively old jazz music and some amazing seafood. I got Susan a greenstone pendant from New Zealand that would go with her green eyes. My heart was in my mouth and pounding away as I leaned forward and hung the pendent around her neck.

She thanked me and gave me a sweet passionate kiss. Her eyes were sparkling and she looked so gorgeous in a dark forest green silk top and pearl choker – the same one she wore at the office party a few months ago. My stomach was churning and my cock stirred as she turned and walked away swaying her sexy curvy ass.

We danced to the music and all the other guys wanted to dance with Susan. She would catch my eye often across the room and come back for a quick chat. Occasionally she would give me a sweet kiss and thank me for organising such a nice party.

My heart continued to skip and jump and my cock kept stirring the whole evening. By mid night it was slowing down and after wishing Susan, all the guests started leaving. Her uncle from the UK also said his byes and informed her that he was flying out the next morning promising to visit next time he was in the US. There was something subtle here that I could not put a finger on but Susan seemed to be genuinely affectionate towards him and sent her love to all the cousins and other relatives in the old country.

Once the guests had left, I asked Susan if she wanted me to take her to her flat or if she planned to stay the night with Kate. She definitely wanted a lift and so we walked to my car. As I held the door open for her I could not help notice her amazing boobs as they strained firmly against her lovely green silk top.

Her slim athletic legs showed down her thighs through the split skirt as she sat and shut the door. She looked at me and gave me a stunning smile with sparkling tired eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her and she responded eagerly.

Susan was all bubbly and chirpy during the drive and teasing me a bit as we enjoyed a relaxed moment together. As we were driving past my suburb where I had a really nice apartment, I said that I wished I could take her to my apartment. She gasped and put her hand on my thigh and said, “Oh Matt, I was just hoping desperately that you would ask! What a birthday present that would be, you sweet man”.

I was dumb struck at the frank and eager response from Susan and at the same time I was so excited by the prospects of making love to this amazingly sexy woman. I took the next turn and went to my apartment and parked the car in the basement. As we took the lift to the 7th floor we started kissing in the lift and I started feeling under Susan’s skirt. She lifted a knee and leaned into me so that I could slide my fingers into her panty and touch her soaking wet pussy. I was thrilled to know that Susan had been having the hots for me all evening.

Her kisses were so soft and yet so strong and feminine and horny and bursting stars in my head. The lift suddenly stopped and we walked into my apartment which was around the corner. The lights came on and so did the lively Spanish music. I quickly went to the fridge and got some fruit juice as we had enough wine for the evening.

I took Susan into my arms and gently touched her face as I kissed her and wished her a happy birthday. I told her that I wanted to make love to her from the first time I saw her (I wasn’t being entirely honest as I had actually wanted to fuck her mouth and then fuck her over a desk.) But over the last 3 months we had become such good friends that I could never think of being rude or sleazy towards Susan.

As I kissed her and nibbled her ears and told her how horny she made me, she said that she knew. I asked her how she knew and she said that she creamed in her panties the moment she saw me on day one in the office with a stubble and shorts and T-shirt. I kept kissing her and reaching for her tit with one hand and said that she was actually dismissing me and being snooty and arrogant.

“Well, that is the defensive shell I hide under when a strange man makes me cream in my pants! What can a girl do? Just open her legs and say – fuck me?”

I replied, “Well, you could have at least smiled and introduced yourself”.

“No way, I could barely stand on my wobbly legs. You do not understand what a shocking effect you had on me. You had the same effect again at the first work party when I realised you were this new consultant from Paris”!

We sat on the couch and I firmly seated her onto my lap with her legs hanging over the arm of the sofa. I started kissing her lips, neck, ears, throat and massaging her tits.

I slowly unbuttoned her top and got access to the beautifully elegant lace bra as I cupped the firm tits and kissed them. I gripped the nipple in my lips and sucked them and licked them wet through the fabric.

She sighed and whimpered and she twirled her fingers in my hair and kissed my neck, whispering my name “Oh…Matt..” I reached back and unhooked her bras as she started to take my clothes off. We were both naked waist up as I stared in amazement at her gorgeous and perfect tits. They were almost round, just slightly pear shaped and firm. The bottom parts were full and rounded in that seductive manner as the nipples pointed slightly to the sides and upwards. They were now hard as pebbles and begging to be kissed.

I groaned with uncontrollable lust as I started kissing her bare breasts and flicking my tongue over her sensitive nipples. It did not take me long to find her really sensitive nerve ends on her nipples and paid attention to them every now and then.

I was taking care to heighten her pleasure without making her ultra sensitive tits uncomfortable. I slowly took off Susan’s skirt and panties as she worked on my belt, trousers and boxer shorts. We were now totally naked in the large couch as we clung together in a passionate embrace, grinding our bare bodies to a slow and firm rhythm.

I could feel her rubbing her tits against my chest and wrapping her thighs around me while my fully erect cock was pressed firmly against her stomach.

“Susan, I have not had sex for over 9 months, not since I was in Paris.”

“Oh! You poor man! We will sort that our soon. I have not been with a man for 9 months too, and I could not ask for a sweeter sexier man to be with”.

I looked into her green eyes and took in the amazing sensual beauty and these old flashes went across my mind of me fucking her pink hot lips and I felt a bit guilty.

I knew that Susan was not really a snooty arrogant bitch but that image of my cock between the lips of a snooty arrogant blond beauty kept flashing in my mind. I now focusses on her tits again and started enjoying their firm soft texture on my face as I nuzzled them and rubbed my whole face all over them, feeling the hard nipples in my closed eyes, my nose, my cheeks and then my lips.

I reached one hand towards her bum and stroked her firm ass and felt the athletic muscles respond to my firm caresses. My fingers moved slowly along the crack of her ass and brushed across her swollen wet dripping pussy. Susan moaned and ground her hips into my thigh as one finger entered her wet pussy.

I was amazed to feel the pussy muscles grab my finger and suck it in and clasp around it. “Oh! Mat, it has been so long and that feels amazing.

I lifted my face off her tits and kissed her lips as I looked into her eyes as they had that pleading look wanting her need fulfilled urgently. I was so tempted to just fuck her then and there. But this was a very special woman and it was her birthday.

I wanted to really make this a special night for both of us. I kissed her and said in my deep bass voice “Gorgeous birthday girl, you are about to receive your next of many birthday presents”. I felt her shudder as she crooned “What a sexy voice you have!” I started to kiss down her body until I reached her belly button.

I was now kneeling on the carpet while Susan was sitting on the sofa, leaning back on a big cushion and her bum on the edge of the seat. I kissed her firm stomach and really enjoyed the athletic muscles under the creamy delicate feminine skin.

I dipped my tongue into the exquisite belly button and again talked in a deep voice into her button. I continued to kiss down to her thighs as my finger still continued to gently explore her pulsing pussy. I was now hit by the musky feminine smell of her sex which had been drifting up slowly. I kissed her slim, soft thighs and felt the strong muscles under the skin and I licked the skin and kissed my way to the other thigh.

Susan had her fingers twirled around the back of my head as she relaxed and sighed. I again used my deep voice on her soft thighs as I kissed and licked my way to her plump swollen pussy. The pubic area was mostly shaved with small patch of golden blond hair at the top and I kissed and moaned all around and licked the swollen lips as my minger continued to slowly work her cunt. I had deliberately kept my finger away from her clit as I know she would erupt quickly.

I now started to really kiss Susan’s wet pussy as I spread the lips to expose the pink inside tunnel. I used my lips and my tongue to reach as deep as I could and flicked my tongue at the swollen bud at the top.

She whimpered “O! Matt, yes baby”. I then growled into her pussy with my deep voice and felt her buck her ass up at my face and shriek. I now started to focus on the clit as my finger dug deeper to find her G-spot. I wrapped my lips and my tongue around her swollen clit and again moaned with my bass voice and I could feel the vibrations from my voice all around her groin. She started shrieking and bucking and I knew she was very close to an orgasm.

I kept up this frim attack on her pussy – kissing, licking, growling, vibrating it and I suddenly felt a rush of pussy juice as Susan’s thighs tensed and her groin humped my face as she grabbed my head and thrust her pussy firmly into my mouth as she kept repeating my name “Matt, oh, Matt, yes.” Her whole body was convulsing and trembling in this powerful orgasm as I kept lapping up her juices and feeling her pussy muscles really squeeze my finger.

Slowly she relaxed her grip on my head and her thighs relaxed as they trembled with nervous spasms. I realised that her clit would be super sensitive and took my tongue away from it as I pulled my finger out of her tight pussy and kissed the outer lips softly as I enjoyed the feminine beauty of this amazing woman.

I looked up at Susan’s face and saw this smile on her flushed face as she was still panting for breath. Her green eyes were shining with warmth and a far away look that spoke of her deep feminine sensuality and that I had touched it.

I leaned forward and kissed her passionately and she reciprocated with gentle, firm deep kisses as her tongue darted into my mouth exploring me and demanding my tongue as she panted her breath into my mouth and clung on to my shoulders. “Oh, Matt, that was the most amazing pussy licking I have ever had. Your bass voice sent magical electric shocks right through my body as I exploded. You incredible, sweet man, now it is my turn to please you.”

She reached down and gripped my steel hard cock and exclaimed “You are so hard! Poor man, you must be bursting for release. Let me kiss it better”. I stood up and she leaned forward and gave my swollen cock head a wonderful slow kiss with her lips parted and her tongue rolling gently over the knob.

She picked up the leaking pre-cum and swirled it around my swollen cock head as she smiled into my eyes with an impish flirty smile. Her eyes glinted with an intense emotion that was spell binding. The old images of my cock between her lips flashed through my mind and I realised that the present sight was much hotter and sensual.

My cock throbbed with a big spasm of involuntary reaction and popped out of her gentle grasp and bumped her nose, spearing it with a wet streak of her saliva and my pre-cum. She blushed and giggled as she said “Your cock is amazingly hard and big, and so sexy and masculine”.

She spent some time tenderly kissing and licking my cock head before she stated moving down kissing and licking her way under the shaft and back up again. Then she took the cock into her amazing lips and slowly started to take it in as she very gently sucked on it with a bit of pressure. Her hand came up and gently gripped my balls and she smiled into my eyes.

“Baby, from the day I set eyes on you I want you to do this to me!” I blurted as the thought of “Snooty arrogant bitch, you need a cock between your lips…” came to my mind. But I realised that Susan was showing deep emotions that were very different. She really wanted to please me by sucking my cock!

There was a constant smile and a deep shining intensity in her green eyes as she moved her mouth slowly back to the head and gave it a wet kiss with a gentle flick of her tongue as she again went down the shaft.

This time she reached my balls and started licking and kissing them as she continued to fondle them with her very elegant and sexy feminine fingers. She again kissed her way up my turgid pulsing cock and took more of it into her fascinating mouth.

The subtle feelings were driving me mad and she knew it. I could see her relax her jaws and take my thick hard phallus deeper into her sweet mouth. She moved back to the tip of my cock glands and again softly kissed them with her lips as she rolled her tongue around the head and flicked her tongue along the slit.

My whole body shook with a jolt of pleasure as she hit the really sensitive nerves and my thighs started to tremble as my cock pulsed and again popped out of her mouth and bumped her nostril firmly. It was an incredibly hot and lusty sight as Susan blushed and giggled while she hurriedly tried to get her mouth on my cock again.

In my eagerness to assist I thrust my hips forward and managed to bump my cock on her cheek all the way to her eyes and smeared her face with her spit and my pre-come. She squealed with delight and laughed as she took hold of the base of my cock and wrapped her beautiful pink lips around my cock.

She started to again gently suck on it as she took the whole length of my manhood into her sweet mouth. She had relaxed her throat muscles and now my thick hard cock was buried up to her throat. Her eyes were again showing that intense emotion and smile as she slowly pulled back.

She then said “You sweet, poor man. I can feel the 9 month desire in your amazing manhood. I am so happy that you like what I am doing”. She again kissed the head, licked it and then deep throated it. Her technique was so hot and lusty and yet it was so beautifully feminine. I was now dizzy with pleasure and lust as Susan continued to suck and swallow my cock in a slow steady gentle rhythm.

I had not even seen the best porn stars look so genuinely feminine and sweet while being so blatantly lusty and horny. Susan was also getting turned on and her tits were gently wobbling to her slow movement and her nipples were hard and proud as they pointed out and up. She was panting from the fact that my cock was nestled in her throat but also because her passion, desire and lust were now surging.

She was giving me the best blow job I had ever had as her firm lips continued to move up and down my cock pole and kissed the head, licked the cleft and her fingers squeezed my scrotum. She took my balls and gently pulled on them so that there was bit of pressure at the base of my cock and then she deep throated me and some how got her tongue to lick the very base. The sensation took me into orbit as I bucked my hips in reaction.

She quickly had her lips on my cock head and was firmly licking, kissing and sucking on it as I moaned and said “Baby I am about to cum.” She blushed and smile into my eyes with a bit of flirty mischief as she continued to use her lips and tongue on my really sensitive cock head and particularly the bottom of the cleft where it joined the foreskin. One hand had a gentle grip of the base of my phallus while the other was now gently massaging my balls.

Susan now tilted my cock up a bit and started to really go to work on the area where the foreskin meat my cock head and this started to explode bombs in my head as a huge rush hit my groin. I grabbed Susan’s shoulder and head as my hips shuddered and my cock exploded with a thick stream that hit Susan’s lips, tongue, nose and cheek.

She squealed with delight and giggled as she continued to lick my cock and kiss it and gently suck on it. I continued to spurt my cum copiously in thick streams and the next one hit Susan on her eye, forehead and her hair. She continued to moan and softly mew and she kept licking and kissing my cock as another spurt hit her nose and mouth.

I was still shuddering with uncontrollable release and I took in this incredible sight of Susan continuing to make love to my cock with that sweet feminine expression and smile while her face was splattered with steaks of my thick cum.

As I was slowly coming down from the incredible climax, Susan was finishing off her oral lovemaking by sucking and licking the cock head clean. She gave it one last lingering kiss as it was beginning to get soft and she said “I am so glad that you really enjoyed that, you wonderful man”.

Eva woke after a few hours and to her surprise, she found she was in his lap with her head against his shoulder, His arms were around her and as she realized where she was, she also realized how protected and cherished she felt. At that moment, it hit her how no matter how rough they might get in bed, he would never allow anything to hurt her and would always take care of her. She knew that her comfort, her pleasure, her safety, and her submission were all so very important to him.

“Are you hungry, Little One?” he asked and without waiting for an answer, said, “I think we should get ice cream,”

Thirty minutes later, she was showered and made up, ready to get dressed. On her bed, she found her clothing laid out. The same spike heel shoes she’d worn before were there–of course–but there was also a frilly pink top and a black miniskirt. She knew that he loved watching her walk in those heels and even more, loved the way her bottom and legs looked in the skirt and heels. She knew he was not done with her yet.

In the car, they talked and laughed. She always thought it was so funny how dominant and almost domineering he’d be in private…in bed…but how polite he’d be to her elsewhere. Being treated like a perfect lady in public but an even more perfect slut in private was something she’d always wanted.

It was late, almost ten o’clock when they arrived at the ice cream stand and according to the sign, it was almost closing time.

He handed her a twenty and said, “I’d like vanilla,” and laughed at the joke.

Ahhh, Daddy, there’s nothing vanilla about you,” she joked back and got out of the car.

At the window, a pretty twenty something blond girl smiled to herself at the sexy outfit that Eva wore. “May I take your order?” she asked. After telling the young girl what they wanted, she wondered if he was watching her at the window. “Of course he is,” she thought to herself, “He’s always watching me.”

She tried to be sly and pose for him, knowing that her backside was being watched. She stood hipshot and accentuating her curves, moved from side to side to let him see her shift her weight, and more than once reached down to pretend to adjust something on a heel which made the curves of her bottom stretch the mini skirt and ride up showing more leg. The girl inside the well lit ice cream parlor went about her business and tried not to notice the show that the beautiful lady outside was putting on for the pervert in the car.

As Eva straightened up from her latest pose, she suddenly felt him behind her. She hadn’t heard the car door, no footsteps, nor even his movements as he’d come to claim what he considered his.

“Someone’s being a very good little girl,” he whispered in her ear as both hands gently, but firmly, took hold of her upper arms. His body was behind hers and she was held looking straight ahead into the shop. Eva felt him press against her and realized she’d been successful; his hard cock was pressed against her from behind. “Does ice cream make you horny, Baby Girl?”

“Daddy…no…I just wanted to turn you on,” she answered in mock surprise at the question.

“I know you did, and you’ve done a nice job.” He was rubbing his crotch against her, probably making himself even harder. A hand traced her spine as she stood still for him, slightly nervous that the girl in the shop might look at them and disapprove. “Move your feet…that’s it; shoulder width,” he whispered as her body moved to comply. “Such a good girl…”

The blond scooped ice cream and set one finished cone into a specially designed holder. Moving down the long row of freezers, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. The pervert had gotten out of the car and was behind the pretty woman. “Better stay out of that,” she thought to herself. “But, man, I wish the boss would put more lights in the parking lot so people wouldn’t be able to mess around out there…”

Eva felt his hand move slowly across the globe of her right cheek and knew he was savoring that feeling. At the hem of the skirt, his finger teased and played with her upper thigh. There hadn’t been panties set out with the outfit, so naturally, she wasn’t wearing any. If he’d wanted that, he’d have set them out for her to wear. So when his finger dipped down and under, he found that her slit was bare and wet. Freshly shaved, she was even smoother than before and his finger found her hole, and pushed in all the way. She shuddered to be touched so intimately in public and truth be told, she was still a little sore from the hard use she’d received a few hours ago.

Inside, the blue eyed girl realized after opening the fogged over freezer that the vanilla ice cream was nearly empty. She bent down and ran her scoop around the bottom wondering if there could possibly be enough for a full scoop–but knowing full well that there wasn’t. She simply wanted to be able to take a peek at what was happening at the window through the fogged over freezer lid in hopes that she wouldn’t be caught spying.

Outside, his wet finger was withdrawn from Eva’s flowing pussy and brought to her mouth. “Suck,” he’d ordered and Eva’s lovely mouth was opened to accept his finger. She slowly sucked her own pussy off of his finger, making sure to put on a show with her lips as she tasted herself and mimicked the cock sucking that she’d done earlier. “Mmmm,” she moaned in the back of her throat as he pushed in and out of her mouth while he ground his cock into her bottom.

Again the finger was inserted into her pussy and again it was offered to her mouth. Lost in the moment, Eva licked and sucked her own flavor off of his surrogate cock. The finger was thrust deep in her mouth and she knew that he’d far rather be thrusting his cock into her face as she knelt before him. Maybe later…

The blond woman watched this and was surprised at her body’s reaction. The cold inside the shop had long ago made her nipples insensitive to extremes of cold, but they did perk up at the sight of the man’s finger going into the woman’s mouth and more so, the look on the woman’s face was enough to make anyone–man or woman–get aroused. Her face was a mask of happiness, contentment, and complete joy while she acted like a wonton slut in public. It was disconcerting to the blond girl who had been raised to be a lady and didn’t understand her own cravings to be taken in hand by a strong man like she was seeing now. She realized that they might soon wonder where their ice cream was, but for now, they seemed busy and unable to notice the slow service. Squatting down behind the cooler, she blushed and wondered if someday she too might be wanted that badly that she would be touched so intimately in public.

“Eva, you’re such a good girl,” he’d whispered from next to her ear. His head was so close to hers that most of his face was blocked by her voluminous curls; in fact, the blond girl inside the store couldn’t tell that he was watching her while he played with his woman. Eva didn’t answer his comment, because again, her mouth was full of his finger and again, she was tasting her own pussy on it. He watched the blond sneaking her glances from behind the far freezer and knew that they were putting on a show but didn’t care. This was about Eva and him. The blond could do what she wanted with the visual stimulation; she wouldn’t be asked to join them…not this day.

Inside, the young woman moaned softly as she realized that her own pussy had begun to moisten from the sight she was witnessing. It actually shocked her out of her reverie at wanting to be in the other woman’s position. Slowly, so as not to break the trance, she stood up and went in the back to get a new tub of vanilla ice cream. Once out of sight of the front of the store, she considered briefly, made a hasty decision, and thrust her own hand down the front of her work uniform’s shorts. Long fingers found the waistband of her thong panties. Into the space between them and her abdomen, down into her crotch, and through her slit, she started stroking her pussy furiously as she knew that she may not have much time. This wasn’t the first time she’d masturbated in the cold store room, but it was the first time she’d played with her pussy while being able to watch someone else’s playtime at the window. Moaning incessantly, she worked to bring herself off as quickly as possible as the woman outside was felt up and made to taste herself. Two fingers were thrust into her cunny–as she always called it–and she stretched herself, dreaming of a thick, warm cock being pushed into her.

Outside, Eva had become noisy. She was moaning as he played with her pussy and fed her the liquid that he collected. He was up to two fingers and with each push into her, was playing with her g-spot. Eva by this time had forgotten where she was; all of her was concentrating on the build up going on below, tasting herself when his demanding fingers reached her lips, and allowing him to use her body for his pleasure. She was a sight…if anyone else could have seen. The only light was on her face from inside the shop and this late at night, there were no customers and not much traffic going by on the road.

But to those who could see–if they’d been able to–they would have seen Eva standing with her back to a man, bent forward at the waist, legs straight and feet encased in what men call “come fuck me heels”, and her black skirt flipped up and lying on her lower back. Her bare ass was in the position that he’d once pronounced “her natural stance”, that place where not only did she look the sexiest, but where she was ready and able to be licked, touched, or fucked in the manner of his choosing.

In the back, the blond now had two fingers thrust deep into her cunt and she’d added her other hand which played with her clit. Pinching and rubbing the slippery nub, she’d felt it grow beneath her fingertips and chased it around the upper folds of her pussy. She was close…so close. She moaned aloud again as she saw two fingers being thrust into the other woman’s mouth again and stroked in and out like a cock. She didn’t understand all the feelings that she felt watching this; only that they turned her on. She was not going to last much longer.

Neither was Eva. Her pussy was so wet that she could feel her liquids running down the insides of her bare thighs. Her knees were in danger of failing her and as she staggered a little, she felt his hand come down hard on her bare ass cheek. “Stand up!” he’d commanded. “Legs straight,” he hissed as his hand spanked her again. “Do you understand?”

Before she could answer, his fingers were thrust into her pussy again, taking her breath away. She couldn’t possibly last much longer; she was in danger of cumming right here in public.

The hand, wet with her liquids came down again, harder, on her right ass cheek. The wet slap that it made due to the pussy on his hand was a distinct sound in the dark area around the ice cream shop. Eva fought to remain upright while she was spanked in public and touched so intimately. She didn’t have a chance; any more stimuli and she was going to collapse into a wet puddle of orgasmic girl.

Inside, the young woman watched and fucked herself. Her hands were busy in her shorts, her long pony tail swung back and forth with her movements, and her mouth hung open in a slack “O” as her ragged breathing became labored.

“Oh…oh….oh….Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned loudly as her orgasm hit her. The spanking that she was witnessing was what did it. She longed to be spanked and told what a fucking slut she was, and to see it happening here in front of her like her own personal porn movie was too much. Her pussy clutched at her fingers and her entire body tensed up. The girl came in a rush of sensations emanating from her center. She stroked harder as it started, knowing what would come from such an intense orgasm. She looked down just in time to see the first squirt as her cum shot out of her pussy and down her leg, across the cooler top that she was sitting on, and onto the floor. Several clear streams of liquid shot from her cunt as she continued to cum from her own hand. She bit her lip to keep from making so much noise that the couple outside might hear. As she bit down hard enough to feel the pain of her teeth crushing the soft flesh of the back of her hand, she realized that the woman outside was looking right at her.

Outside, Eva’s face was full of his fingers and her own pussy had been rubbed all over her lips and around her mouth. His fingers thrust in and out of her sucking mouth like a small cock and she pursed her lips and flicked her tongue at them, catching every nuance of her scent and flavor. His hand came down repeatedly on her ass cheek, the flesh there was hot and stinging and it was making it impossible for her to hold still. She couldn’t believe that she was acting like this in public; at this point, she didn’t care. He knew best…and as he’d said earlier, “Mine,” she knew he meant it. She was his to be used as he saw fit.

She felt it coming, there was no denying it, she was going to be made to cum right here at the ice cream stand. His insistent fingers in her pussy were driving her, in fact, going to force her to cum. He knew how to press her buttons and exactly where those buttons were. His other hand was now reaching around the front of her and manipulating her clit. She wouldn’t last much longer.

“Who’s?” he asked as his fingers touched her clit.

“Yours, Daddy,” she’d whispered and another smack landed on her beleaguered ass cheek. “I couldn’t hear you, Little Girl,” he said without raising his voice.

“Yours. It’s yours. It’s all yours.”

“Mmmmmm, ‘all,’ huh? That gives me an idea…”

She wondered what he meant, but found she could not concentrate; his fingers at her clit were a blur and she didn’t have a chance of lasting much longer. If he penetrated her pussy again and stroked her g-spot, she would need to be held up or allowed to collapse from the orgasm, she didn’t care which.

His fingers traced the crack of her ass and gently pushed. With a start, she opened her eyes fully, realizing that he was about to touch her anus. Her big, beautiful eyes noticed movement–funny what one sees in the strangest times–and she looked further back into the store to see the blond girl, reclining on a freezer, shorts around her thighs, and both hands in her crotch. Streams of liquid spurted out of her pussy as she masturbated. Their eyes locked and a knowing glance was exchanged.

A gentle finger probed Eva’s crevice and found her asshole. It circled and played at her most sensitive spot as her mind began to reel at the sensation and the idea that he would violate her anally in public.

Both women watched the other while they came. The blond continued to play and squirted her orgasms in the back of the ice cream store and Eva finally succumbed to the fingers on her clit, the finger pushing and teasing her butthole, and the sensations of being stimulated in public. Her knees bent again and she slumped backwards against him as her climax ripped her apart, caused contractions up and down her body, and dimmed her vision. But never did she lose sight of the other woman who was looking with secret longing at what the Eva was being given so freely.

This is a complete work of fiction. There is more to this story, but this is all I’m posting for now. If there is enough interest I may put more on here.

Chapter Three – First Conquest

Early that afternoon, we decided to go out for a light lunch to let me work my powers some more. A walk in the park proved fun and exciting as there were many people which to try out things on. A couple of guys were throwing a Frisbee and I targeted them to not catch it every time. They would be close, but just inches away. It was fun to watch the comedy unfold.

Lisa excused herself to go get some sandwiches and drinks and allowed Andie and I to try and make some more progress. I watched Lisa walk away and smiled.

“Damn you’re ass is amazing in those tight pants!” I said to her mentally. She turned around and smiled. I waved to her and she waved back, continuing on her mission.

“What was that all about?” Andie asked.

“Nothing, working on my power. I can project words into peoples minds like I was talking to them vocally.” I said. She smiled.

“See, you’re getting the hang of it. Now, lets try implanting suggestions. See that jogger?” She asked. I followed her pointing finger to a female jogger that was making her way around to us but was still far enough away.

“Yeah.” I said as I watched her, her breasts bouncing in the tight confines of her sports bra.

“I want you to try and read her. It might help when she’s closer, but try anyway.” Andie said as she herself was reading the jogger.

I didn’t have any problem with the distance. I picked her up right away. I could hear the music in her head playing through her headphones. Good tune. She was thinking about a guy she knew, her boyfriend. He was acting like a jerk. She was thinking about calling it quits with him. She didn’t really love him anyway. She thought about his attitude and his manners and his ability to not make her cum. I like that part. Andie smiled when she read the same thing.

“Make her cum.” She said to me. I looked at her.

“How?” I asked. Andie smiled at me.

“Project the sensation of feeling instantly horny. Her thighs rubbing together, her tits bouncing in her bra, make her nipples hard.” She said. I was struggling with figuring out how to do it.

“I can’t. I’m not sure how to.” I said. Andie grabbed my hand. Instantly, I was inside Andie’s head and she was guiding me.

“You place yourself in her head. You find her pleasure center and stimulate it. It will do the rest, sending the blood to the right areas. Plant images in her mind. Like this one.” She said and projected out and image of her and I kissing even though we weren’t. Instantly the jogger spotted us and saw us in her mind kissing, this aroused her.

“Nice job!” I said, admiring her work.

“Now, you try. See what she sees and then, change the vision to something else, more erotic.” She said. She winked at me and held my hand firmly in hers, linking us together.

I closed my eyes and projected out, looking into her thoughts, seeing the images that Andie planted. The jogger stopped by a tree not to far away, but close enough she could watch us kissing. I used Andie’s vision and added to it, my hand sliding down to cup Andie’s ass and then up to squeeze her breast.

The joggers face started to flush as the scene before her, in her mind, started to turn her on. Andie sighed next to me. I looked at her.

“What?” I asked.

“The images you’re projecting aren’t just images. I can actually feel my ass and tits being caressed.” She looked up into my eyes and I peered slightly into her mind. She was right, in her mind, it was happening.

“Try this one on for size!” I said as I projected another image of my hand sliding inside her waistline and down the front of her pants to her pussy. Andie moaned out.

“Oh God! That’s so nice!” She said. I looked down at Andie and her eyes were closed. She was actually feeling it.

I was learning to not only project images and thoughts, but projecting feelings as well. I focused more on the jogger. I stimulated her pleasure center into sending more blood into her pussy, puffing up her lips and making her clit hard.

“Oh SHIT!” The jogger said out loud as her pussy lips puffed up and her juices started to flow. Her nipples became hard as glass and her clit pushed through its hood inside her tight spandex shorts.

I sent another projection out, causing her to almost double over in excitement as her hands shot to her cunt. In her mind, Andie and I were still kissing as I fondled her pussy. The jogger felt her own pussy becoming excited.

“Tell her to touch her tits.” Andie said, starting to get off on the scene before us. I smiled and planted the suggestion to touch her nipples, rub them beneath the bra.

The blond haired jogger looked around and once she was satisfied no one could see her, her hands came up to her chest. She leaned against the tree and grabbed her tits, pulling on the nipples and pushing them to her chest. As she triggered an orgasm, she placed her legs together and tightly rubbed her thighs together, creating friction for her pussy.

“See what you’re doing to her? The power of the mind can be very useful when you’re horny and can’t get a date, when you don’t want to pay for something, when you want to strategically maneuver something to work in you’re favor. The possibilities are unlimited, especially with you.” She said as she eyed me with love and desire.

“So, what do we do with her?” I asked, eyeing the pretty blond.

“What ever you like. Make her cum right there, even take her right there, no one will notice if you cast a net out.” She said as she watched the blond furtively glance in all directions to see if anyone was watching.

“A net? What do you mean?” I asked.

“A net is exactly what it means. It’s a control net. You cover more than just one person, like fishing, you catch more with a net than a single hook. If you put out a blanket, or a net for no one to notice anything unusual, or to not even see you at all, then that’s exactly what it will be.” She said as she looked up at me. I pondered the idea.

Two male joggers were quickly approaching and would definitely notice her in her awkward position and I didn’t want that. So, I closed my eyes and thought out, visualizing a net about a mile wide and sent the instructions to notice nothing unusual in this specific spot. When I opened my eyes, the male joggers jogged right by and didn’t even notice she was sweating and her crotch was soaked with her female lubricant

She however, noticed them. And when they didn’t even look in her direction, she breathed a sigh of relief and pushed her hand down her tight shorts to finger herself. I smiled.

“See? It worked! Now, all you have to do, well… is anything you want!” She said with a chipper smile. I smiled back and started walking to the jogger.

“Hi!” I said as I got close to her. She looked up with fear in her eyes.

“Uh, hi.” She said, standing up straight and pulling her hand from her pants. “I, uh, sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I’m so freaking horny all of a sudden!” She said as she pressed her thighs together.

“I see that. You’re all wet down there.” I said, letting her know that I noticed.

“Shit! I can’t believe this!” She said as she looked down.

“I can help you with that if you like?” I asked. Pointing to her crotch.

“Uh, no thanks. I’m just gonna go home. Thanks anyway.” She said and started to move away. I reached out and grabbed her wrist gently. Just my touch made her a suggestible subject.

“Really, I’d like to help. I promise, nothing weird, I just want to help you with that.” I said as I stepped closer, close enough I could feel her chest rise and fall with her excitement.

“I don’t know, I don’t know you. You could be a rapist or something.” She said, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Do I look like a rapist?” I asked. I smiled warmly and sweetly to her. She looked up at me and into my eyes. They grew intense with the bright spark.

“No. No you don’t. I actually find you attractive!” She said. She looked to the ground, blushing at her forwardness.

“Well, thank you!” I said with a deep appreciative smile. “So, would you like for me to help you out with that? I promise, I wont do anything but touch you with my fingers if that’s all you want.” I said, holding my hands up and wiggling my fingers.

“Promise?” She asked, looking at the possibilities. I smiled, I was gonna have her anyway.

“Promise!” I assured her. She smiled, blushing again.

“Okay. Where?” She asked. I smiled and pointed to the picnic table, hidden slightly by some bushes. She looked up at me with need in her eyes. “Hurry! I can’t take it anymore, I need to cum!” She said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the table. Andie followed, keeping her distance.

At the table, she was getting ready to sit on it when I stopped her. She looked at me as I pulled her close. I wrapped my arm around her waist and bent my head down. Even though I only said hands, I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to taste her lips. She was very receptive and a great kisser. Her tongue darted in and out, teasing my own. Her hands slid up my arms to my neck and eventually my face as she caressed my cheeks. Her breathing was becoming quick, almost panting.

“I thought you said only you’re hands?” She said with a smile as she broke the lusty kiss.

“Sorry. You’re so beautiful, I couldn’t help it.” I said. My cock was hard and straining in my jeans and she felt it.

“Well, well! I see I’m not the only one excited!” She said as she stepped back and saw the large tent my ten inch cock was making. “God you’re huge!” She said. She got down on her knees in the grass and traced the outline seductively with her fingers before looking up at me and unsnapping my jeans. I smiled at her.

“I guess the hands rule is gonna be broken!” I said with a giggle. She smiled up at me and then her eyes got wide as my cock came into view.

“Fuck me!” She said, barely a whisper. I smiled.

“I’d like to.” I responded. She looked up at me and cocked her head to one side.

“I want you, you’re cock inside me. But I want to taste it first, while you suck my pussy.” She said, her dirty talk was turning me on more, making my cock jump in her hands.

“Well then, I think you should stand up so I can undress you.” I smiled.

She stood and before I slid her tight top off, I looked into her eyes.

“I don’t even know you’re name.” I said. She smiled.

“Do we have to know? I mean, if you want to know, it’s Mandy.” She said, her excitement forcing her to do anything it would take to get my cock and mouth on her.

“I’m Tom.” I said and slid her top up, pulling her sports bra off at the same time. The sight before me was utter beauty. Perfect tits with tiny little areola and nipples. “Fuck!” I said as I admired them Then grabbed them, squeezed them together, showing me the cleavage they made and then pinched the nipples.

“I guess you like them huh?” She said coyly. It was a stupid question but I answered it anyway. “Like is an understatement!” I said as I bent down and sucked her left nipple in between my lips. While I sucked her nipples, she pushed my pants down around my ankles and stroked my cock. With my mouth on her tits, alternating between them, I pushed her tight shorts and tiny underwear over her glorious ass cheeks and down her succulent thighs. Lisa had competition in this girl!

Mandy kicked her shorts off her feet, inadvertently kicking them over to Andie who picked them up and held the crotch to her nose. She inhaled sharply, making her head spin with dizziness at the delicious aroma Mandy’s pussy left in the soft cloth panties. I had straightened now and was kissing Mandy. Her lips were so tender and supple, just like her body. My hands slid down her back and found her ass cheeks. They were round, very round with a deep crack splitting them apart. I reached down, to the underside of her cheeks and squeezed, lifting her off the ground. She squealed in my mouth as she felt my cock head slide against her pussy. The heat and sex fluid coming from it was intensely hot. I wanted to just bury my cock deep within her but that would come momentarily.

“How about I lay you on the table, with you’re head hanging over the edge. I can lick your cunt until you cum all over my face and you can suck my cock.” I said. Mandy pulled her face back and smiled. “It’s like you knew what I was thinking!” She said and slid her legs down, out of my grasp. I did know, wasn’t hard to read her thoughts when she occupied them with wanting to get off, it made her easier to mentally invade when her defenses were down.

Mandy climbed on the table. I took off my shirt and laid it down for her. She lay down, her head hanging over the edge and her legs up and parted. She wasn’t tall to begin with so her body was compact. I wouldn’t have a problem reaching her pussy and she would definitely be able to suck my cock.

I moved forward until my cock was touching her lips. She opened them slowly, letting the precum coat her lips. She slid her tongue out and licked at the salty fluid. Her body shuddered as she tasted me. Little did she know, tasting my cum was gonna make her my slave forever.

I bent down over her and slid my fingers up and down the length of her tight small pussy. She moaned around my cock as my hips drove it into her mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lisa return with a bag of sandwiches and three bottles of water. I had forgotten that when I cast out my “net” she was inside it and didn’t realize what was going on until Andie said something to me and I lifted it on just her.

Lisa’s eyes went wide as she saw me burying my cock in the hot little jogger. Both her and Andie came over to the table and sat down at the other end. They watched in silence as I slid my tongue into Mandy’s slit, tasting her sex lube. She tasted amazing! I couldn’t get enough as I buried my face between her thighs, licking and sucking and nibbling on her lips and clit. She was moaning loudly around my cock as I brought her to her first orgasm.

I had done my part in her attaining her orgasm, but her thirst for cock was insatiable. She sucked me greedily, running her tongue all around the head, covering it with spit before she hollowed her cheeks and pulled me in by mere suction alone. The feeling was intense as she not only tried to pull the cum from my balls, but pulled the blood circulating through my body in as well, making it bigger and longer.

I squeezed her tits, pinching the nipples, playing with them as she gobbled on my cock. I looked at both my maidens as they watched in awe, their sandwiches forgotten. I slid my hands up to Mandy’s throat and massaged it, felling her muscles contract. It was my turn to exercise my power. I held on to her head as I pushed, putting my cock farther into her mouth to the back of her throat.

Mandy gagged at the first bump. I pulled back slightly to let her adjust her head a little and take in a deep breath. Then I pushed again. She gagged once more.

“I can’t! It’s too big!” She said as I pulled it out, her saliva coating it and dripping back onto her face..

“You can, and you will. Relax your throat, take a few deep breaths, fill your lungs and then open wide.” I said. I placed my cock back inside her warm inviting mouth and let her take her breaths.

Slowly, I pushed. Inch by inch I sank into her mouth and to the back of her throat. When I reached the tighter confines, I found that she had indeed relaxed and my head, though with some resistance, managed to push through. I held it there for just a moment and pulled back out.

Mandy exhaled and inhaled repeatedly for a minute before smiling up at me.

“I can’t believe I had it in my throat! It’s so fucking big!” She said with an astonished smile.

“Yes, and you can take it all if you work hard at it.” I said. Mentally, I broke back into her mind and searched for her gag reflex. I disabled it and sent relaxing messages to her throat muscles via her spinal cortex. “Again?” I asked. She smiled.

“YES! I wont be satisfied with myself until I have you stuffed deep inside my throat!” She said. I smiled down at her and with as much gentle care as I could muster, I slid my cock back inside her waiting mouth and into her throat.

Mandy, with my help, was able to suck in three inches into her throat before I stopped to allow it to adjust to my size. Slowly, I pulled out, not wanting to irritate the tender and fragile membranes. This time though, I didn’t pull all the way out. I let the head of my cock rest on the roof of her mouth as her tongue licked it and sucked it, heightening her own pleasure.

Slowly again, I pushed. This time, I would feel my cock pressed deep into the tightness of her velvety throat. I pushed and pushed slowly. I reached down and played with Mandy’s clit, bringing her excitement to a new level as she swallowed my flesh. With each gentle thrust, I felt her throat tighten and release my shaft, allowing me advancement deeper. Soon, my balls were resting on her nose and my cock was deeper inside her mouth than it had ever been in any mouth.

“Holy shit!” Andie gasped aloud. Her eyes were as big as saucers. Lisa was impressed too. I returned my attention back to Mandy, I didn’t want her suffocating around my cock!

Slowly, I pulled back out. When I popped my head free of her throat, she inhaled air quickly to replace what was depleted. I pulled all the way out and watched as her tits bobbed in time to her breathing.

“I told you that you would do it!” I said as I bent down and kissed her gently. Her lips were strained white from being around the wide base of my cock.

“Fuck! Oh God! That was so fucking AWESOME!” She said. She rolled onto her belly and up to her knees.

Mandy crawled to the edge and wrapped her arms around my neck and plastered kisses all over my face until I trapped her head in my hands and looked into her eyes.

“You’re throat was so tight, but I want to be back inside you. I don’t care if its you’re ass or you’re cunt, I want inside you!” I said to her. Her eyes took an intense glaze as she leaned forward. Her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out to lick my lips. I darted my tongue out and battled with hers before We came together, our lips a cover for the battle our tongues engaged in. My hands slid down to Mandy’s breasts and cupped them, squeezing them gently. She moaned into my mouth, moaned her excitement as I caressed her, feeling the weight of her ample “chesticles”.

My excitement was growing again though I never went soft. The soft gentle touches she gave me and I her were enough to keep my arousal up but my urgent orgasm at bay.

Mandy started a slow hunching of her hips towards me, rubbing my cock against her sex, against her engorged clit. She was inadvertently teasing my cock, making it jump.

“I need you inside me. Please, please love me!” She said as our lips parted.

“As you wish!” I said as I lifted her onto the table, her ass at the edge to give me access to her dripping pussy.

There was no need to wet my dickhead or her pussy. We were both wet and dripping our own fluids. Mandy reached down between her thighs and opened her pussy for me. She was so tiny, I wondered if I would be able to get it in. Compared to her small tight looking pussy, my cock looked like it belonged on a horse.

I placed the head of my cock at her cunt opening and pushed the head in. FUCK! She was tight! Her breath caught in her throat as the head popped in and rested there. She looked at me in disbelief.

“You’re not a virgin are you?” I asked. I wanted to laugh at my own question, but her tight passage allowed me to think that her maidenhood was still intact.

“No lover, not since high school!” She said with a gleeful smile.

“I wouldn’t have asked if you weren’t so tight!” I said with a smile and a grunt as I pushed a couple inches inside her. She grunted as my cock slid in, farther into her tight channel.

Chapter Six – Telling the Truth

“Mandy, how would you like to go upstairs where we can be alone and talk?” I asked. I could see the excitement in her eyes at the thought of being alone with me.

“Yes!” She said quickly. “I mean, yeah. I would like that.” She corrected, but the cat was already out of the bag. I knew what she wanted, and I would give it to her and then some.

“Well, if you all will excuse us, I need to do some explaining!” I said as I got up from the table. I held out my hand and Mandy took it. Together we walked up to the Master Bedroom. I closed the doors and turned to her.

Mandy flung herself into my arms and kissed me as passionately as she possibly could. I could feel the hard bumps of her nipples poking into my chest as she breathed in. I kissed her back as enthusiastically and moved towards the bed. I pushed her away and she moaned as our kiss broke.

“Before we get to involved, there are a few things I need to tell you.” I said as I sat on the bed next to her. She started to take her shirt off, not wanting to talk. I stopped her.

“What is it Tommy?” She asked, curious what it was that would stop me from ravaging her amazing body.

“Truth. Like, what is it about me that you’re attracted to?” I asked her. She had been under my spell since the park.

“I don’t know. You’re beautiful, sexy, I just feel the need to be with you, to make love to you.” She said as she again tried to take off her shirt. I stopped her yet again.

“Seriously. What is it about me?” I asked then removed my hold on her. Like a light switch, she saw me in a different light.

“What just happened?” She asked. Looking around the room.

“Do you remember what happened in the park today?” I asked her.

“Yes! It was so amazing!” She said.

“Don’t you see that as being odd? Very unlike you wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Well yes. But, you were so nice and I felt very comfortable.” She said. She looked at me funny. “What’s going on?” She asked.

“Mandy, I’m a Telepathic. I can read minds and implant thoughts and feelings. You were my very first test this morning.” I said. She looked at me as if she didn’t understand. “Think of something that I couldn’t possibly know about you. When you have it, just nod you head.” I said. A few moments went by then she nodded. I looked into her brain to see what she was thinking.

“When you were twelve, you and your best friend Cindy were kissing and touching each other. You were so afraid and excited. You were okay with it until she touched your pussy. You got scared and dressed in a hurry and ran home. You never talked to her again.” I said.

“I never told a soul that! How did you…” She started then stopped when I smiled. “You really are?” She asked. I smiled. “So, the park, what was that?” She asked.

“That was the first test of my powers. You see, in the telepath world, I’m what they call their Mishanna. Loosely translated, I’m their version of God.” I said.

“So, what does that mean?” She asked, not phased at all.

“It means, that I had to practice my powers. And when you came jogging by, I was enticed and you happened to be the first person I really tried using my powers on.” I said. She looked at me.

“Like what happened to Teresa, you did that?” She asked. I lowered my head and nodded. “That was so cool!” She said. I looked at her and she was smiling.

“Up until now, you have been under my power, a spell if you will.” I said.

“You mean, you had control over me?” She asked. “I didn’t do anything weird did I?” She asked. I smiled and giggled a little.

“You mean the park wasn’t weird?”

“Well, it was, but I so needed that!” She said. I could tell she did.

“Yeah, so basically, my job as their Mishanna, I control people. They will treat me like a King, a God. I will live the best life possible, one most people dream of. Rich doesn’t even come close to describing how I will live.” I said, painting a picture for her.

“So, what does that mean for me?” She asked. I could tell she was curious.

“Well, I can continue to control you, make you my slave for my personal pleasure, or I can let you go back to your life. There will always be other women I can have, do what ever I want with.” I said. I didn’t want to lie to her, I just wasn’t at that stage where I just took what I wanted because I could yet. Even though I had already done that with her.

“So, let me get this right. You have these powers, and you can do literally anything you want. And I was just a fuck to see if you could manipulate me. Right?” She asked. I didn’t hear any hurt or anger in her question.

“Yeah. That about sums it up.” I said. She looked at me, her eyebrow raising.

“And you can do that to me anytime? Make me feel so good, give me orgasms like that always, make me do things I never would think about?” She asked. “You can completely control me, make me a slut or just use me when you’re like walking down the hall or something?” She was getting the idea.

“Pretty much. If you’re under my control, I can make it so that you’re only goal is to serve me, no matter what the purpose, if it’s my personal maid, or just a bitch in my harem.” I said. She looked at me when I said bitch.

“Is that how you see me? You’re bitch?” She asked, I could see a hint of excitement in her eye.

“Well, no. Not really. You’re… how do I put this. You are my first actual conquest.” I said. “That makes you special to me.” I said, trying to put into words how I felt on the inside.

“And Andie and Lisa? And Teresa?” She asked. I couldn’t divulge their actual relationship yet, but I gave her a little info.

“Andie and Lisa, they prevented me from killing myself. I was gonna blow my head off in the park the other day before they came along. Andie is a telepath as well. Lisa was her slave. Teresa, she’s like a coach for telepaths, like normal people have a life coach or a career coach. A counselor, she’s my counselor.” I said. Making things clearer for her.

“And you’re better than they are? You have more powers than they do?” She asked. “And could they control me like you do?” She added.

“They can’t control you if I do, I am stronger than they are. That’s why I’m the Mishanna.” I said. “So, have I freaked you out?” I asked. I looked into her eyes, wanting to read her, but choosing not to to see what she would say.

“Yes, and no. I mean, I’m intrigued, even excited. I just don’t know where I would fit in.” She said. I smiled.

“You’d be my bitch.” I said with a shit eating grin. She punched me in the arm.

“Seriously. I have a job, would I have to give that up?” She asked.

“You don’t have to, but if you did, you’d have anything you want.”

“And do you have to control me?

“To a point I guess. I kinda get off on the controlling part.”

“You wouldn’t have to. I’d give you my body, mind, soul and heart.” She said as she looked me in the eyes.

“I wouldn’t ask for it unless you really wanted to give it to me.” I said.

“I think, I think I’m ready for that. I hate my job and I already told you I want something else. I think that you may be it.” She said as she took my hand and held it. “All my life, I’ve felt I was destined for something. I just never knew what. What you talk about, it actually makes sense to me, even using me in the park. You can do that any time you want. I want you to.” She said.

“Actually, when you swallowed my cum, that linked you to me. No one else can control you. They can try, but they wont be able to. I don’t know if it was just the act of swallowing my seed, or if it was the actual seed inside you, getting into your very core, but you are mine, now and forever more if I chose it so.” I said. Informing her of what has already been done.

“Then why ask me?” She inquired.

“To give you the choice. I don’t have to and I think that’s the one thing that Teresa is trying to get me to understand. As Telepaths, were are superior to regular Humans. We can take what we want all by implanting in the person that it’s right, that they want to give us their car, their money.”

“Their body?” She asked, that twinkle returning to her eyes.


“Can I help you? Pick out the women that you intend to use in your Harem?” She asked. I found that odd, but I answered anyway.

“Yes. You could be my Slave handler. You would lay with me when I slept, along with Lisa and Andie and whatever slave you chose for me.” I said.

“Lisa and Andie?”

“Yes. It is them that saved me from certain death. It is also them that made me realize that I was a telepath. I can control them as well, but like you, they are special to me.” I said, defining their role in my life.

“Aren’t they lesbian?” Mandy asked.

“Sort of. Both had been abused by men. They chose, rather Andie chose for the both of them to be lesbian so they wouldn’t get hurt again. But, they really are Bi more than anything else, like you, they loved my cock when they first had it.”

“And would I have to share you with them?” Mandy asked, a little jealousy creeping up.

“First, you must understand. YOU don’t share ME. I am the Master. I cannot be shared. If you take what I offer, then you must also understand that with so many women that can please me, it may be days, months or even a year before I touch you again.” I said, being honest with her.

“Well that doesn’t sound promising.” She said with a depressed smile.

“I know. That’s my problem. I can make you my slave, or I can give you the option. Or, you can just go back to your life. I wont give this chance to very many women. Probably none after today.” I said as I looked at her. She looked at the floor.

“Do I have to decide right now? I mean, can’t we be together tonight, just you and I? Make love, hold each other like lovers and let me decide in the morning or something?” She asked, her eyes betraying her hopes.

“Mandy, I can read your mind. I already know what you want. I think your delaying so you can reason with yourself the decision your going to make.” I said. I didn’t smile this time and she knew I was serious, I really could read her mind and I already knew she would chose to stay with me.

“Okay. I’ll be your bitch. Just don’t ever call me that. Its too derogative.” She said. I smiled.

“Okay bitch! Take your fucking clothes off and suck my cock!” I said, teasing her with the dirty words.

“Fuck that’s so hot!” She said as she stood before me and started stripping.

“I also must warn you. I’m a tit and ass man. You will get fucked in the ass. A lot!” I said as she turned and bent at the waist to pull her panties down her thighs.

“That’s okay. A bitch will do what she has to do to get her man to do what she wants.” She said, using an old cryptic adage.

“And what is it you want?” I asked as she stepped up to me. I took her breasts in my hands and held them, massaging them.

“I want you Tommy. I want you all the time. You’re big hard fucking cock inside me. I don’t care what hole you use, use me, abuse me, make me you’re whore. I want you and you already know it.” She said.

“Yeah, I do. So make your Master happy. Suck my cock before I fuck you in the ass!” I said as I stood so she could remove my clothing. I was naked faster than I had ever been before and Mandy was on her knees sucking my cock with gusto.

Mandy sucked me with vigor, taking me deep into her throat. She had remembered my lessons from our first meeting about relaxing her throat. I held her head in my hands, loving the feeling of her tight velvety throat around my cock as her tongue licked the underside of my shaft on each in and out stroke.

Mandy was good, very good. I was getting close to cumming down her throat and thought I’d be able to hold off until she pulled me deep, her lips around the base of my root and her tongue slid out and licked my ball sack. I felt it at that moment, my cum rising, surging up through the length of my shaft and out the head of my cock.

Amanda felt the hot boiling cum sear her throat and she started to pull her lips off my dick. After the second shot, she held her lips around the crown of my dickhead with her tongue caressing the underside of my head. Each spurt of cum landed on her tongue and she savored every ounce of it.

When my body stopped convulsing, she let the head of my cock go from between her lips and she looked up and smiled, a small bit of cum on her lips. Her tongue snaked out and licked it up all the while looked me in the eye.

“You like that don’t you? You like me sucking your cock, eating your cum, You like that don’t you?” She asked as she slinked her body up mine.

“It’s very erotic. Watching a woman suck a man’s cock. The only true time a man can be brought to his knees is when his cock is being sucked.” I said as I pulled her to me, pressing her tits into my chest.

“Yes, I think so too. So, what else can I do for you Master?” She asked. I smiled and lay back, her on top of me.

“To be honest, I would just love for you to lay here with me, let me run my hands all over your body feeling your soft sexy skin.” She smiled and lowered her lips to mine, kissing me as I ran my hands up and down her back. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers traveled lightly up her spine.

“That feels so good.” She said, her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly. I smiled inwardly as I looked at the expression on her face, a look of excitement, of building rapture.

I rolled over, taking Mandy with me until I was on top of her. She looked up at me now, her eyes hazy with lust and need. I wanted to give her what she craved. I started kissing down her lips and over her chin to her soft smooth neck. Her hands rubbed my head, her fingers through my hair as she encouraged me to move lower.

Slowly, I left a trail of kisses to each breast. First her left, then her right. Kissing all over the breast, its soft milky white skin attracting my lips like a magnet. Her nipples didn’t miss my lips or my hot breath long. I made sure that her nipples were taut and sticking out from atop her breast in salute of my efforts. She moaned as I sucked each nipple in, licking it and playing with it between my lips and teeth as I nipped at it gently.

“That’s so nice!” She said as she ran her fingers through my hair, urging me ever so gently to move down farther. I moaned as I started my trail of kisses down her abdomen, kissing the soft skin, gently nipping at it and making her giggle and swoon.

Slowly, down to her belly button and farther, down over her pubic bush to the joining of her sexy muscled legs. I pushed them apart and settled in to lick and suck her cunt until she came in my mouth or until she stopped me.

“No Master. Tonight is all about you. Let me pleasure you tonight. I want you to know how I feel about you and my role in your life. This is how I want you to remember me and how I pleasured you.” She said as she pulled herself up and made me lay down. She crawled between my legs and lifted my cock, it wasn’t hard but she aimed to change that.

Mandy took my cock in her mouth, pressing her lips tightly around it and sucked, pulling the blood into my already once spent member. Slowly, she managed to get my cock semi erect with just this move alone. I looked down and watched as she started to stroke me and slide her lips up and down my growing pole.

“Damn Mandy! That feels fucking amazing!” I said as she sucked me down into her throat. She didn’t want me to cum again so soon, so she took it easy. Nice long lazy strokes as she slowly moved her hand up and down my pole between caresses of my balls.

“I will do anything for you Master!” She said as she pulled her mouth of my cock, it shining in the light from the spit she left covering it.

“You will Mandy, and right now, you know what I want.” I said as I looked into her eyes, my own excitement betraying my lust for her.

“Yes Master! Yes I do!” She said as she lifted herself up off the bed and crawled up over my hips. She hovered her tight snatch over my cock and then moved forward slightly until the head of my cock was resting at her tight back door. “And you shall have everything I have to offer!” She said as she sat down, driving four inches into her asshole.

“FUCK! UNGH!” She said as I entered her. She was tight and hot, but not very well lubricated. I would take care of that as I could feel my precum oozing out the head of my cock, helping to take care of that matter.

“Take it slowly Mandy, I don’t want you to hurt that sexy asshole baby!” I said as she lifted up and pushed back down, driving six inches in.

“GOD! It’s so big!” She said as she inhaled sharply. She held herself for a moment, allowing her ass to stretch to accommodate the large invader. Slowly, she lifted off and then back down, driving more inside her tight passage.

Her moans were getting louder and deeper, deep from the recesses of her throat and her gut. She cried out over and over how big and nice it felt until she had me secured deep within her ass, my root stretching her wide as she sat completely down on my cock.

I reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging them and twisting and pinching the nipples before pulling her down to kiss her. She rotated her hips, grinding down on my cock as I slipped my tongue between her lips, fucking her mouth with my own.

Mandy moaned into my mouth as my hands slid to her backside and massaged her ass cheeks, pulling her up off my cock to let her slam back down. She was so tight, each time I bottomed out inside her asshole, her cunt ground into my pubic hair. Her clit was exposed and once it came into contact with my hair, the hair rubbed it coarsely, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

I pulled her tight to me and then sat up. She looked at me and wondered until I stood and turned back towards the bed. She thought I was just gonna lay her down until I slid to the right side of the bed and pushed her knees up to her chest. I pulled out and then slammed in, forcing the start of her first orgasm.

She moaned out as I rolled her to her side and pounded into her faster. I was building her up to an explosive climax. A few more thrusts and I rolled her yet again onto her knees. All the while cork-screwing my cock into her.

Mandy moaned out her lust as I pounded into her in her new position. With a hip in each hand, I pulled her back and slammed her forward. Mandy’s orgasm was starting to swing into high gear as I bottomed out, my balls slapping against her clit and pussy lips.

I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, making her rise off the bed. She moaned as I fucked her, her moans turning into grunts and growls as my hips slammed into her ass over and over again. Her head flew back, throwing her hair across her back, almost long enough to touch her ass.

“YES! HARDER!” She hissed out as I slammed into her as hard as I could, driving my cock deep inside her. She dropped down to her chest and her hands slid underneath her to her wet pussy.

“Fuck! You’re my bitch aren’t you?” I grunted as I slammed into her. She didn’t reply, her hand was going a mile a minute on her clit. I slapped her ass, that got her attention. “You’re my fucking bitch aren’t you?” I asked again. Each word accented by the slamming of my hips into her taut buttocks.

“YES!” She said, her orgasm starting to form from deep within her.

“Tell me you fucking whore! Tell me!” I said, slapping her ass again and again.

“I’m you’re bitch!” She cried out as her orgasm reached it’s peak.

I was getting to the point I was ready to cum as well. Her orgasm peaked just as mine was starting to build. Mandy’s whole body stiffened and went completely rigid, every muscle tense as her orgasm ripped through her body. I slammed in hard and fast, feeling my own orgasm rising fast.

Just as Mandy’s body started to relax, mine started to stiffen. With a few more thrusts, I slammed into her and then pulled her off my dick. She knew what to do. She slid her body to the floor and grabbed my cock.

At 21 years of age, Dana Hydricks life pretty much sucked. Her live in boyfriend, Matt, was a total drunk and a loser in life. Matt had been Dana’s first when she was 15, and they have been together ever since. They have lived together for the past two years, and if not for Dana’s job, they both would be homeless.

Matt was not only just a drunk, he was a violent one at that. Matt would go out with the boys, come home, then force Dana to suck his dirty five inches of cut cock. He’d yank her hair hair while literally face fucking her, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth while calling her all kinds of vile names. Dana would have tears rolling down her face as her mouth was bloated with Matt’s cock.

When Matt felt like he was getting ready to cum, he’d slam his cock all the way into Dana’s mouth and make her swallow every last drop. If Dana was lucky, Matt would fall into bed and go to sleep. However, many times he would slap her around while calling her all kinds of foul names for swallowing his cum.

For Dana, this was her life. Dana and Matt’s sex life wasn’t any better. When they did have sex, it was always in the missionary position and it never lasted beyond more than a couple of minutes at best. To say the least, Dana had not yet experienced an orgasm.

None of Dana’s family members or friends could understand why she put up with Matt’s crap. Dana was simply speaking, utterly gorgeous. Standing a good 5’5″ and not weighing no more than 115 pounds, Dana was angelically gorgeous. Her long wavy dirty blond hair flowed about two inches above her butt crack. Her crystal, ocean blue, eyes could hold you within a deep trance. Her breasts were an even 36B and her slender waist nestled in at around 20 inches. She was petite by every sense of the word, but she was defiantly shapely in the truest of all forms.

With her feet resting against one another, Dana was blessed with a one inch gap between her legs. Her butt, well it can only be described as edible and voluptuous. Shaped like two perfect tear drops, she truly was blessed with the ass of death. Men and women alike, all took notice of her mouth watering butt. (Not to sound overly gross, but Dana had the kind of beauty and shapely butt that most would lay odds on that she was incapable of taking a dump, and if she did, it certainly could never smell.)

There wasn’t a doubt in the world that Dana could easily win, hands down, ANY beauty pageant if she so desired to participate in. She was all that and then a hell of a lot more. Not only did she possess exterior beauty, but her heart warming personality could warm the coldest of hearts.

Matt, on the other hand, had let himself go. When they first met, he was a high school football star. Now, present day, his stomach is bloated from all the alcohol and his personal hygiene is rather horrible. Dana was more afraid of Matt than anything else, and we all kind of figured that’s why she tolerates all the abuse Matt gives her.

They live in an apartment complex, on the bottom floor. One night, Matt came staggering through the door, sloppy drunk, accompanied by two of his drinking buddies. Dana was sitting on the sofa wearing a nightgown. Seeing Matt bring home two friends, Dana wanted to go into the bedroom and put something on, especially something less revealing.

Matt grabbed her and shoved her back onto the sofa, yelling, “Sit your ass down bitch!”

Dana was frightened to say the least, however she sat there making sure both of her knees were locked together. The nightgown she was wearing was short, very short, and she had no under garments on to further add to her dilemma.

The three men walked into the kitchen and each grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator. Once they obtained their beer, they walked back into the living room where Matt sat down right next to Dana, on her left side. One guy sat in the recliner while the other took a seat on the love seat.

At first, the only sound that could be heard was the men slurping on their beer, but then Matt slapped his legs, belted out a forced chuckle, then blurted out, “These guys here got the hots for you. Be a nice little bitch and show them that pussy of yours!”

Dana was now crying as she looked into Matt’s eyes with a look of plea, then with a cracking voice whispered, “Please Matt, no. I don’t want to do this, please no.”

Matt quickly changed the look on his face with one of sheer anger as he grabbed Dana’s chin with his right hand, then sharply yelled, “You fucking little bitch, you’ll do as I fucking tell you. Now bitch, show these guys your fuck box!”

The guy in the recliner slid his body closer to the edge, almost with his tongue dangling out like a starving dog, then bellowed, “Yeah, show us that sweet pussy of yours!”

The grip around Dana’s chin tightened, and Matt screamed, “Go on you cum drinking bitch, show em your pussy. NOW!”

The tears flowing down Dana’s eyes flowed heavily as she nervously parted her legs. As her legs parted, the short nightgown rode up her smooth thighs. All three men stared intently as Dana’s pussy lips made its appearance. The neatly trimmed Mohawk shaped black pubic curls was the last thing to make its appearance.

The man sitting on the love seat took in a deep breath, then stated, “Holy shit Matt, that sure is one pretty pussy you got there.”

The guy in the recliner cleared his throat, then blurted in, “Yeah Matt, if I were you, I’d be eating that pretty pussy all the time, not to mention, fucking the living shit out of it too!”

Before Dana could say or do anything, Matt snatched onto her nightgown and cleanly tore it from her body, leaving her sitting there totally in the nude. Matt was laughing as he took another swig of his beer, then yelled out, “Yeah boys, look at these tits. They’re all real, no fake ones here!”

More comments were being made as Dana was forced to sit there with her hands by her side, crying profusely. The next thing she knew, Matt slapped her on her right side of her face with his open right hand, screaming, “You fucking whore, you done got these boys sporting boners. Go ahead bitch, show these boys how much you love to suck cock!”

The slap to her face was stinging something awful as Matt delivered three more sharp slaps to her face. Matt yanked Dana by the top of her hair, then screamed, “You heard me you fucking bitch, get to sucking these boys off, and I mean right fucking now!”

Blood was trickling from her nose, and she just sat there, sobbing and petrified. Matt staggered to his feet and began whaling away with both fists, striking her head repeatedly, screaming, “Bitch, you’ll do as I fucking tell you!”

Matt, using Dana’s hair, slung her across the coffee table, landing at the feet of the guy sitting on the recliner. He had already pushed his pants and underwear down, fully displaying his erect 7 uncut inches. Dana was stunned from all the massive punches Matt had delivered.

The guy sitting on the love seat blurted out, “Holy shit, even her asshole is fucking pretty! Damn, you can’t call that pretty thing a brown eye!”

Matt sat back down on the sofa, looked at his friend in the recliner, then yelled, “Go on, grab the bitch by the hair and force her mouth on your cock. Believe me, the cum drinking bitch loves this!”

Dana cried out as the man in the recliner got two handfuls of her hair, and began forcing her towards his cock. Dana was begging for this to end, but her pleads fell upon deaf ears. All three men were laughing, calling her names as her lips became inches from the man’s hard cock.

The guy in the recliner yelled, “Your gonna suck this fucking cock bitch, and swallow my load!”

Just as her lips were within a fraction of an inch of touching the man’s hooded cock, their front door burst open. Dana thought she was witnessing three angels rush into the room, but in all reality, they were. There stood three police officers, one of which ushered Dana to the bedroom and placed a robe around her.

The two officers standing in the living room, each holding their firearm, pointing at the three drunk men, when a fourth officer arrived. This new officer wasn’t just a regular cop, he was well know for being one bad mother fucker who certainly didn’t take any mercy on criminals.

The drunken men quickly became sober as their eyes fell upon the cop everyone knew as Big John. Standing before them, stood 6’7″ of pure meat and muscle, weighing in at somewhere close to 300 or so pounds. There seemed to not be an ounce of fat on the hulking police officer. Even Matt knew of the man’s reputation for beating the living shit out of criminals who fought the law.

There was an eerie silence throughout the apartment, even after the one police officer had escorted Dana back into the living room. Dana couldn’t help not to notice the hulk like figure standing in her living room. To Dana, John was more than a life saving angel, he was more like an Adonis she had read about in one of her many novels. John, who wasn’t wearing a hat, had short, military type brown hair and the most amazing green eyes she had ever witnessed. His thick, yet neatly trimmed mustache, also stood out like a sore thumb. Dana saw John’s biceps bulge as the giant crossed his arms, and just intensely stared at the three men.

Matt broke the silence, blurting out, “We haven’t done nothing wrong. She’s my girlfriend!”

Dana was still crying as Big John walked over and retrieved the torn nightgown. He held it in his left hand as he spun around and saw the bruises forming upon Dana’s face and the blood still dripping from her nose. John extended his right hand and tenderly touched the bottom of Dana’s chin, gently raising her face up to meet his.

John inspected Dana’s face, inwardly admiring her intoxicating and overwhelming beauty. With a soft and almost gentle like manner, Dana’s ears captured the following words, “Which one of these scum bags assaulted you?”

For the first time in many years, Dana actually felt safe. Feeling the gentle giant’s soft touch upon her chin, Dana seemed to have forgotten all worries. Almost in a trance like state, she raised her right arm and pointed at Matt.

Matt screamed, “The fucking bitch is lying I tell you. She tripped and fell. That’s how come she’s got a bloody nose.”

Big John turned towards Matt, cleared his throat, then stated, “Yeah, it looks it. She must have tripped and fell down several times. That’s why her nightgown is torn and she has bumps and bruises all over her face, and let us not forget the bloody nose. I guess she smacked her nose on the floor too. Yeah guys, this makes sense to me too!”

The guy who was sitting on the love seat spoke, “I’ve done nothing wrong, so I’m gonna get on out of here.”

The look upon John’s face told the story as he quickly, and with a steel like voice, countered, “If you so much as get out of that chair, I’ll personally take that as an act of aggression and retaliate! Now, do you understand that? Move and I’ll move, and I will promise you that you will not like it when I move!”

The man just sat there, shaking like a falling leaf not knowing what was going to happen next. In fact, all three men shook ever so nervously, questioning themselves as if an actual crime had been committed.

Big John looked at his fellow officers, then stated, “Alright guys, watch these maggots until I come back!”

John had Dana walk with him to the bedroom. With each of her little footsteps, Dana’s heart pounded while admiring the hulking backside of John. Her face and head ached something awful, but just by being in this cop’s mere presence, her pain seemed to be quickly diminishing.

Dana found out that one of her friend’s was at the bar and overheard Matt telling his buddies that he could get Dana to suck their cocks. Hearing that, her friend phoned the police, and the rest, you now already are aware of.

Listening to Dana, John could easily ascertain she was scared to death of Matt. Just by listening to her speak, John figured that this wasn’t the first time the man had beaten her, nor would it be the last, but it would be if Big John had any say in the matter. John did come to the gut wrenching conclusion that Matt’s violence was becoming progressively worse. Tonight, he was literally forcing his girlfriend to perform oral sex on other men. Listening to Dana speak, hearing her voice as her heart reeked with pain, only angered John to no end.

John returned back to the living room leaving Dana alone in the bedroom. John took his time looking at all three men. Once again, the room was filled with an eerie silence, and that was, until Big John spoke, “A bunch of tough guys huh? Picking on a defenseless woman, and you, (pointing at Matt) you sick son-of-a-bitch was trying to make her perform oral sex on your buddies. (Still pointing a finger at Matt) You like beating a woman! Well, just so you all know, that kind of shit makes my fucking blood boil! Here’s the deal, you are all under arrest for Criminal Sexual Conduct. That’s a felony in this state and you will get some time for your actions here tonight. (John read the three men their Miranda Rights) You, (pointing at Matt) well your gonna have some more additional charges on top of that. Each of you will also be charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Felony.”

All three men began crying and as the other police officers were maneuvering to handcuff them, John spoke once again, “Hold up fellers. We got three tough hombres who take great pride in scaring a young lady. Okay boys, this is your one shot at freedom. These police officers are going to go outside, and if you walk out, you have earned your freedom. However, the downside to that happy ending for you is that you tough pieces of dog shit has got to go through me in order to do it. Believe me, that’s a hell of a lot easier said than done!”

By his last sentence, Big John removed his gun belt and shirt and handed them to one of his fellow officers. Now, he was standing there wearing just his pants and a white t-shirt.

Just as the last officer was walking out the door, he turned to look at the three seated men, smiled, then sarcastically said, “Go on boys, you can whip Big John’s ass!”

Then, the door was closed, leaving Big John alone with the three men. Dana had inched the bedroom door open and was now listening to everything. A slight smirk crossed her face knowing that her boyfriend was now being confronted by a man who could not be intimidated.

Big John stepped into the center of the small living room, and sternly whispered, “Time to earn your freedom boys!”

None of the men dare move out of their seat, all looking down to the carpeted floor, their bodies now trembling out of pure fear.

Big John spoke once more, “What’s the matter punks? There’s three against one. You were a bunch of bad asses before, you know, pushing around Ms. Hydricks. I want to see you guys get that same spunk and push me around.”

When John realized the men wouldn’t move, he decided to make something happen. He walked right up in front of Matt and delivered a hammering back hand that sent blood flying through the air. Matt quickly grabbed his face, realizing his nose was now bleeding profusely. John looked at each of the other two men, showing his overall disgust, then slapped Matt five more times in the face.

John looked down at Matt and angrily said, “What’s the matter punk? Oh yeah, your only tough beating up on a woman. I’ll tell you what, pretend I’m a woman and make me your bitch tough guy!”

Matt was crying while holding both hands over his face. John reached down and grabbed the front of Matt’s shirt and slung him across the room, landing face first into the wall. As he approached the guy sitting in the love seat, John’s fiery anger sent a pile driving right uppercut to the side of the man’s left forehead, knocking him completely over the top of the love seat, and onto the floor, completely unconscious.

Matt did take a wild swing at John, but missed, leaving his entire face open for a bone crushing right hook which sent Matt into a fast sleep. The third man, the one sitting in the recliner, hopped on John’s back, using both arms to try and strangle John. Using just his strength, John pried the man’s arm from around his throat. In one quick move, John tossed the man onto the floor. The man, laying on his side, could only look up to the hulking figure lurking over him.

John smiled, folded his arms, then softly whispered, “Come on fuck face, surely you can do better than that, after all, your freedom depends on it!”

The man stood on his feet, squaring off at John. John didn’t flinch a muscle as the man slammed his left fist onto the side of John’s jaw, followed by a whopping right haymaker that landed square on John’s left side of his chin.

With two hard blows, as hard as he possibly could throw, the man stared at John who was just standing there, smiling. John actually winked at the guy, making the guy ferocious with anger. The man began throwing punches, all of which struck John about the face area. After about the seventh strike to the face, John snagged the man’s punch with his left hand, and profoundly jerked on the man’s wrist, drawing him straight to his knees in severe pain.

Still smiling, John looked down at the man, and said, “Your a fucking rapist! You don’t deserve freedom mother fucker! Take this bitch!”

John began profusely pounding the man’s face with his iron fists, knocking the man into a state of total darkness. Then and only then, John opened the door inviting his police buddies back in, and redressed.

As each man was now handcuffed, and just as Matt was being escorted outside, John pushed him up against the door frame, looking into Matt’s watery eyes, then angrily whispered, “You listen to me, and you listen real good. If by some odd chance you get out on bail, you stay far away from her. If I so much as hear a rumor that you tried to contact her in any way, I’ll come looking for you, and not as a fucking cop either. You see mother fucker, when I’m wearing this uniform, the law says I can only beat your ass to certain point, but when I’m not wearing this, that fucking law doesn’t apply! In other words, if you fuck with her, I will kill you!”

The three men were taken to the station where formal charges were brought against them. The two friends of Matt’s were each charged with three felonies, where as Matt was charged with six felonies. All corresponding charges stemmed from their own actions against Dana.

For the next four months, Big John made it a special point to stop in and check on Dana. It got to the point that Dana would already have a meal prepared, and the two of them sat down at the kitchen table and enjoyed conversation, as well as the meal. In short, John finally mustered up enough courage to ask Dana out on a date. Ever since he first laid eyes on her, she was his only thought. That went for Dana as well. When John was around, she never felt safer. It was as though the man was a guardian angel of sorts, and a rather good-looking one at that too.

John and Dana dated for two steady months before they graduated with a goodnight kiss. It never failed, but after their goodnight kiss, Dana would find herself sprawled out onto her bed, using her fingers to stimulate her sopping wet pussy. Her only thought was that of John, and wondered just how big Big John’s Little John would be. With that being her sole thought, Dana brought herself to a mind boggling climax.

Dana wasn’t the only one satisfying her sexual needs, John too, would be all sprawled out onto his bed, using his right hand to pump the living hell out of his thick beast like cock. His only thought was that of Dana.

As each day progressed, so did their passion for one another. For the first time in her young life, Dana was being treated as a lady, and to tell the truth, she rather enjoyed it. Even her family members and friends saw an energy within her that they have never witnessed before, and they liked what they were now seeing. Matt had been the only man she had ever been with, so she never knew how a lady should have been treated. Being with someone older, John who is 32 years old, has made her see the light.

Then, one night, after having walked down the beach, and now back at Dana’s, the two were lost in one another’s clutches while their tongues frolicked and roamed freely in the other’s fiery hot mouth. Dana could feel John’s big hands as they gingerly slid up and down her back, sending shivers racing up and down her spine. Dana could also feel the huge steel like object pressing sharply against her lower stomach, knowing all too well that it was John’s cock.

Without thinking, Dana’s left hand slid down John’s muscular chest and stomach, and was now resting peacefully on the massive object of her burning desires. When John felt Dana’s hand slide onto his erection, a soft rippling moan departed his mouth, spewing softly down, and into, Dana’s throat.

John’s big right hand slid down Dana’s back, and now cupped Dana’s voluptuous butt cheeks. John’s legs buckled as the sensation shattering through him from the muscularity of Dana’s butt triggered some wild explosion within his lust filled mind. Her butt felt like solid muscle as John began forcing his hand to squeeze as much of the delightful cheeks as humanly possible while slithering his tongue all around inside Dana’s minty sweet tasting mouth.

Almost in total unison, the two, still passionately embraced in their over heated kiss, made their way into Dana’s bedroom. Their hands fumbled with the others clothes as they began the necessary task of undressing. Dana could feel the moistness in her bikini style panties as her pussy felt like it was literally pouring out her juices by the gallons.

John had managed to pull Dana’s shirt over her head and unfasten her bra. Standing there, lost in time, he could not move due to the fact that his eyes had become entranced at Dana’s perfect breasts. If he had not known any better, he would have swore that those two perfectly shaped beauties would have been store bought. There was no sagging whatsoever as each lovely breath taking mound jutted out from her body in sheer elegant perfection. Dana’s erect nipples appeared to have been a good inch in length and offered mouth watering signs of fascinating pinkness.

While John was entranced over Dana’s breasts, Dana herself was in somewhat of a trance. She had managed to pull down John’s pants and underwear and was now peering at the largest cock she had ever seen, in person that is. Matt’s cock had been her only cock, and at best, it was a solid five inches, and not all that thick. However, the cock her eyes now feasted upon had to have been 10 inches, if not more, long, and was at least four times thicker than Matt’s. To Dana, John’s cock was a mixture of impressive as well as intimidating. The large bulbous pink head was considerably thicker than the already thick shaft, and the gaping piss slit seemed to be steadily oozing wads of pre-cum.

Dana’s eyes also noticed John’s large, mildly hairy, balls. Matt’s balls looked like peanuts compared to John’s dangling nuggets. They looked like they were evenly sized and shaped like two very large chicken eggs. With her eyes peering onto John’s throbbing cock, Dana’s left hand instinctively reached out and cupped both dangling balls. She gasped immediately when she felt the large baby makers as a surge of electrifying current shot through her body in a sudden flash.

When Dana’s hand graced his balls, John shook his head out of his trance. Leaning down, and forward, John’s lips found Dana’s left rosebud looking nipple. His lips sealed around her nipple while his tongue flickered its way all over and his vacuum like suction grew stronger. Dana’s only instinct was to arch her back as the mouth sucking her nipple caused both of her legs to rapidly buckle.

While John was taking turns sucking each of Dana’s tasty nipples, his hands were even busier struggling to pull down Dana’s pants and panties. After a short relentless struggle, John managed to yank them down, and when Dana felt her pants and underwear fall to her feet, she unconsciously stepped out of them. Somewhere during this, Dana had kicked off her shoes, and now, now she was standing there naked, with the only exception that her socks were still on.

Dana cried out as John’s big right hand cupped her soaking wet pussy, sliding a long thick finger into her fiery hot oven. Dana’s mind went spinning wildly as her nipples were being loved upon, and her pussy being manipulated by the man she had had so many dreams about. Dana’s body shivered as if caught in a never before experienced seizure like episode. Her soft moans and John’s nipple sucking slurps were the only sounds prevalent in the room.

John’s pussy exploring finger sent vibrant shock waves trickling throughout his entire hulking body. The longer he felt the interior of her pussy, the more he craved. Using his strength, John eased Dana onto the bed, resting this gorgeous angel upon her back. In doing so, John eased each white sock off of Dana’s foot, taking the time to lick and manipulate each tiny foot.

***Once again, the only man Dana had ever been with had been Matt. Matt had never taken the time to perform oral sex on Dana, so Dana had no clue what being eaten out would feel like. All Matt ever wanted to do was for Dana to suck his cock, then he would fuck her until he blows his load, which never was long enough, and that was it. That had been her sexual limitations, or at least, up to now.***

Dana’s head was resting upon a pillow as her eyes widened when she saw John stand up and begin ripping his clothes from his muscular body. Dana’s eyes were struggling with watching John strip, and keeping both eyes on the man’s enormous pre-cum spewing cock.

When John was completely naked, Dana couldn’t help not to notice the man’s sculptured chest and rippling stomach. She had been right in all of her dreams, John was built like some perfectly sculptured Adonis. From his chest, all the way down to his feet, the man was rippling with bulging muscles, including his monstrous cock.

Dana watched as John eased himself onto the bed, slowly crawling on his knees towards her dripping pussy. Out of sheer instinct, her legs spread widely as her eyes widened even more. John inched his face forwards, the sweet aromatic fragrance of Dana’s pussy magnetically was drawing him closer and closer.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dana cried out as John’s tongue began lapping at her soaking wet pussy lips.

John was no stranger at eating pussy, but the pussy he was now dining on was far superior than all of the others. The taste of Dana’s pussy juice instantly drove him insane. John was grunting and groaning as his tongue lapped at each puffy lips, doing his utmost best to lap up all the freed juice.

Dana arched her hips upwards, driving her pussy harder into John’s face while slinging her head from side to side. Using his left hand, John slid the tiny skin covering Dana’s clit, and quickly began licking it while covering it with his suctioning lips. Dana was almost screaming at the top of her lungs as wild sensations crashed throughout every part of her body like a tsunami created tidal wave.

Sucking on Dana’s delicious clit, John eased in the middle finger of his right hand. Adding this to the already sexually heightened sensation caused Dana to scream. Her mind was racing and her breathing was rapid as John was performing some form of magical act upon her near virgin pussy.

It didn’t take long before a very explosive orgasm rocked Dana’s world. Her body was out of control as it bucked and gyrated as her orgasm made her go blind. And just when her first orgasm seemed to be subsiding, another one quickly caught Dana off guard. The words shooting out of her mouth seemed to be on auto pilot, not once taking the time to think things through.

After her third orgasm, one in which sent her body into a violent thrashing, Dana cried out, “John, oh John, let me suck your cock!”

John heard Dana, but he wasn’t even close to being finished eating her pussy. John lay on the bed, flat on his back while Dana straddled him, coming face to face with John’s enormous cock. While Dana was glaring at the intimidating chunk of beef, John wasted no time in returning to dining on Dana’s addicting pussy.

Dana cupped John’s large balls with her left hand while her right hand latched onto the base of his cock. Raising his cock upwards, Dana slid her tongue along the piss slit, capturing huge wads of thick beads of pre-cum. It was kind of salty, but not anywhere close to overbearing. The more pre-cum she tasted, the more she inwardly craved. Dana began licking up and down the thick shaft, lapping up all the dripping pre-cum her tongue could find.

While Dana was busy with John’s cock, John was busy using his tongue to dwell deep within Dana’s interior. His large hands caressed her unblemished butt cheeks while allowing several fingers to slide into the tiny crack, spreading them outwards. When John’s eyes saw Dana’s asshole, something strange overtook him. He had been in this position numerous times, and had seen plenty of women’s assholes, but never had he seen one as pretty as the one his eyes now were trained upon. There was no brown tint whatsoever, just a tiny speck protected by creamy flesh.

With his nose already just an inch or so away from Dana’s asshole, John maneuvered his nose so that it was almost right on top of her most hidden treasure. Inhaling ever so deeply, John breathed in some unexplainable form of aroma. The aroma was nearly overpowering, but not so much in the mannerism of being referred to as foul. It was simply a fresh scent, almost as if John’s nose was sniffing the air, lost in a field of roses.

Dana was too focussed on John’s cock to even notice the man sniffing her exposed asshole. Stretching her mouth as wide as she could, she managed to stuff the large mushroom head and about two thick inches inside her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, using her tongue to slither around the large cock as best she could.

The thought of dipping his tongue into a woman’s asshole had never once crossed John’s mind, but now, it seemed that dining on Dana’s asshole was his only thought. With that being said, John slid his tongue upwards, tracing Dana’s taint area, landing squarely on her tiny speck of a bung hole.

The tongue wallowing around on her asshole was definitely something Dana had never experienced before. Initially, it sort of tickled, but within a very few short lived seconds, something extremely pleasurable raced through her body. Up until now, Dana had only heard about anal sex, but never ever thought she would be experiencing anything like this. As John’s skilled tongue lavished upon her asshole, Dana began whimpering like crazy, increasing her cock milking bobbing.

Nearly, in almost a simultaneous togetherness, the mouth on his cock and the hand caressing his balls were too much. Just as John’s tongue entered Dana’s virgin anal canal, Dana’s muffled cry bellowed out, and John’s cock began shooting thick wads of gooey cum straight into Dana’s overly stuffed mouth. Being no stranger at swallowing cum, Dana began swallowing large portions at a time, cooing in time at the vast difference in taste compared with Matt’s cum. Unlike Matt’s gooey seed, John’s cum had very little taste. The more of John’s creamy cum she swallowed, the more she demanded.

As John’s orgasm tore through his body, his tongue savagely explored Dana’s anal canal, bringing Dana to yet another body quaking orgasm. Dana’s body went into immediate convulsions as she found it somewhat difficult to keep milking John’s cock, but she wasn’t about to spill a single drop either, so she mustered the strength to keep her mouth locked onto the thick bulbous cum shooting head.

In short, their orgasms diminished, and the two still remained in a 69 position. After a few lengthy breaths, Dana slid off of John and managed to wiggle her tiny body up against John’s right side. Both were glaring up at the ceiling, and both were breathing very heavily. John’s cock was totally flaccid as it dangled itself through his pubic bush and onto his lower stomach. Even soft, Dana couldn’t get over the fact how large it truly was.

Dana was the first to speak, “My God John, that was incredible!”

John replied, “No hun, your incredible!”

Their bodies rolled towards one another and their tongues slid inside the others mouth while their hands freely roamed the others panting bodies. Once again, John’s fingers of his left hand found their way inside Dana’s butt cheeks. Using his middle finger, John began tracing circles over Dana’s asshole. Never before had he been so passionate about a girls butt hole, but for some odd unexplainable reason, John had become passionate about Dana’s.

John also noticed, unlike many of the women he had been with, Dana’s hands always fondled his cock. Many of the women he had encountered, he had to put their hands on his cock. Dana, however, seemed to enjoy caressing his meaty organ, not to mention, caress his low hanging balls.

It didn’t take long at all before John’s cock grew back into its rigid hardness, and this too didn’t go unnoticed by Dana. With John on his back, Dana, facing John’s face, straddled the hulking man, using her right hand to guide the monstrous beast up to her pussy. As if this was her first time, Dana took in a deep breath, and guided the enormous bulbous head between her pussy lips. Sitting on her knees, Dana began impaling her pussy with John’s thick cock.

John’s fingers began tweaking Dana’s nipples, nearly sending her mind straight into orbit. As she lowered herself, she could feel her pussy walls expand to accommodate the overly thick girth of the one eyed giant beast. Up to now, she had only had five, somewhat slender inches, invade her pussy. Now, now she was feeling a cock that was more than twice the length and a hell of a lot thicker than she had ever experienced before.

Taking her time, Dana managed to sink her pussy all the way down on John’s cock. John didn’t try to push it in either, for he didn’t want to cause Dana any form of pain whatsoever. He knew he had a big cock, but then again, he was born with it, and had no control of his cock’s size.

Dana sat perfectly still, making all sorts of facial expressions, allowing her pussy to adjust to such length and thickness. It felt as though John’s cock went past her pussy and was now lodged deeply, somewhere, inside her stomach walls. Gasping madly for breath, Dana began easing herself upwards, and forwards, then slowly sank her pussy all the way down. With each upwards and downwards motion, Dana could feel every throbbing inch of John’s massive cock.

A short while later, something inside Dana snapped, and she began pounding her pussy on John’s cock like a world class bull rider. The fingers tweaking her nipples only added to her already soaring sexual frenzy. Dana slung her head to and fro, whipping her long dirty blond hair against the stillness of the room’s air.

Even now, John still couldn’t get over the fact at just how heavenly gorgeous Dana truly is. John could feel her pussy muscles converge around his cock with each and every thrust. With each downwards thrust, Dana’s solid ass cheeks pounded his balls with simple and pure lustful pleasure.

Dana rode John’s cock for quite some time before their sexual position changed. John had Dana get into a doggy style position, and now he was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy while Dana was screaming for all she was worth. John’s hands were on her hips, driving her tiny body backwards to greet his mighty thrusts. Dana’s sudden volcanic like orgasm ripped through her bouncing body, forcing her to slam her face into the soft mattress as hard as she possibly could.

Knowing Dana was experiencing another orgasm, John began slamming his meat into her pussy as hard as he could while yanking her backwards. Dana was yelling and cursing like never before as the giant cock pounded the living hell out of her pussy. Dana’s fingers latched onto the bedding, drawing it closer to her face as her teeth clamped down on the bed cover. Between her yelling and cursing, Dana was grunting and whimpering as the intense orgasm shattered her sexual world like never before.

As John was royally plowing her pussy, a simple thought crossed his mind. Using Dana’s own pussy juice as a form of lubrication, John greased up his right thumb. Still, with both hands firmly spreading her ass cheeks, John pressed his lubricated thumb directly on Dana’s tiny butt hole.

Dana felt the finger press against her asshole, but she was too far gone to care. All she cared about at this very second was the orgasm rocking her world. As her body was being yanked backwards, Dana was doing her best to assist by using her own hands to force her body backwards onto John’s meaty cock.

In the blink of an eye, with just a little added pressure, Dana’s asshole opened up and John’s thumb snuck right in. Immediately, John felt the fiery heat as well as the strangling pressure surrounding his thumb. Dana, on the other hand, felt a surge of mild pain shooting up her ass.

John continued his pussy pounding assault while using his thumb to explore Dana’s most virgin territory. Within a few seconds, Dana’s ass began accepting the intruder, and now she was welcoming this newfound form of pleasure. With a really long and thick cock hammering away at her pussy, and now a thick thumb dipping in and out of her asshole, Dana’s sexual world had opened wide up.

When the last orgasm subsided, it was now being replaced with yet another one, one in which was more powerful than the last. As her orgasm took over, John felt her anal muscles attack his thumb with anaconda like bone crushing power. John, now covered with his own sweat, not only used his cock like a battering ram against Dana’s pussy, but his anal plowing thumb began to fuck her asshole with mind boggling speed as well.

The bedding directly over Dana’s pussy was literally soaked from all of her dripping pussy juice. Never had she enjoyed sex so much as she was now relishing in. With the truth being told, Dana didn’t want this night to ever end, and speaking for John, he certainly didn’t want it to end either.

Feeling all the constrictions taking place on his cock and thumb, John cried out as his cock exploded, shooting his love seed deeper and deeper up Dana’s pussy. Dana screamed as she felt the thick wads of sperm bullets shoot sharply up her pussy mixed with her own body convulsing orgasm.

John pumped every ounce of sperm he had inside Dana’s mystifying pussy while never stopping from pounding her asshole with his thumb. John’s hulking body powerfully fucked the last morsel of his life giving seed before he literally collapsed onto the bed, falling flat on his back.

Once John’s cock departed her pussy, and his thumb vacated her asshole, Dana was left with a wild feeling of emptiness. She inched her shaking knees towards John’s body, maneuvering her quivering body next to John’s. Resting her head on John’s left arm, Dana could only stare in amazement at the cock that had given her so much never before experienced pleasure.

Dana’s left hand eased across John’s body, coming in contact with the semi flaccid love pole that had given her so much unexpected pleasure. John sighed as her hand began to slowly, and lovingly, jerk his member back to rigid life. The soothing electricity escaping Dana’s hand sent charges rushing through John’s hard cock, by passing everything, and going straight to his brain.

Seeing, and feeling, John’s enormous cock come back to life only made Dana that much more happier. She slid her face towards the object of her attention and began using her mouth to seduce the one eyed monstrous beast. Feeling her hot mouth ravish his cock sent chills through John’s body, causing his body to react in such a way as if caught in a mild convulsion.

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