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Summer Wayne, a high school English teacher, has fallen under the direction of a high school student after he has discovered her recent postings at a public website. The poor English teacher has just finished a weekend where she has received piercings in her ear, nipples and pussy lips. She has been forced to buy a complete new wardrobe that is both sexy and tight fitting, which is not what she would ever wear to school. Summer’s best friend has discovered her submissiveness and has planned to take complete control of her mind and body. Summer’s Master, has plans for his new slave beginning with school on Monday.


Summer, still feeling the effects of the beer, tequila and the sex with Lisa and Steve stumbled to her bedroom. She could not believe that her Sunday afternoon had seen her be subjected to domination by her best friend and her husband. To make matters worse, Summer was sure that her next door neighbor, Sam Johnson had seen the whole episode as Lisa forced her deeper into submission. Summer was confused by how her body reacted to the insults, degradation and forced sex. As she lay her head down onto her Egyptian cotton pillow case, Summer’s hands began to roan over her body, first stopping to tweak her erect and pierced nipples. As she became more aroused, her right hand found her hardening clit that continued to be stimulated by the events of the day.

Summer’s hands were working their magic on her body and it did not take much effort to have her on the brink of yet another orgasm. Just as she reached the edge, Summer’s cell phone buzzed. “Damn, who the hell can that be at this time of the night,” she quietly said to herself.

Summer looked at the phone and saw Master T’s name pop up on her phone id. Summer hesitated for a few more rings as she pondered whether or not to answer the phone. Just then the buzzing stopped and Summer smiled to herself believing that she had avoided a late night confrontation from her young Master.

Summer was jolted from her deep sleep by the morning alarm clock and its aggravating buzz at her customary 5:30 AM wake up. She hit the snooze for ten more minutes of rest before she started her day. When the alarm sounded its aggravating tone again, Summer hit the off button and crawled out of bed. As she walked into the bathroom to empty her bladder, Summer looked into the mirror and she was stunned by the size of her nipples and how the piercings made them look so much more profound. After relieving herself, Summer walked up to the mirror and gave each nipple a tweak and examined the reaction each had to her touch. She paid particular attention to the piercings hoping to find a way to remove them. But, the size of the bars on each end was too large and she remembered the soldering job performed by Marcos in his shop.

Summer slipped on her white silk robe, her house slippers with the one inch heels and headed for the kitchen for her first cup of coffee. On her way to the kitchen, Summer went out onto her porch to retrieve the morning newspaper. Because hers and James’ house sat so far from the street, they paid the paper boy a little extra to place it on their porch each morning. Summer thought it was strange that the paper was propped against the door, but she thought nothing more about it.

As Summer reached the kitchen, the aroma from her dark South American coffee beans pleasantly filled her nostrils. She added half and half creamer, took the paper from its plastic wrap and opened it to read. That is when she found the manila envelop. On the outside of the envelop were the chilling words, “SLUT, YOU DID NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE LAST NIGHT. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS ENVELOP.”

“Oh my god,” was all Summer could say.

Without taking a sip of her coffee, Summer headed for the bedroom to retrieve her cell phone. She saw the missed call reflected on the touch screen of the phone and her whole body shuddered with fear of what may happen to her. As her fingers pressed the speed dial number for Master T, tears welled up in Summer’s eyes as the reality of her situation once again thrust upon her.

Master T simply answered, “What took you so long to call me slut?”

Summer did not know what to say other than, “Master T, I only just now found your note. I went to sleep last night and did not hear your call.”

“Because of your non-compliance and refusal to take my call, I have taken the liberty of posting several pictures to an email and have sent it to you. Go to your home computer, take the envelope with you and call me when you have opened my email. Do not open the envelope,” and Master T hung up.

Summer stumbled down the hall way to the office that was just off her the master bedroom. The office consisted of the desk that she shared with her husband James, two wing back chairs, a credenza and pictures of her family from various trips they had taken together. She logged onto the computer and opened her email. Summer called Master T as she had been directed.

Master T, answered in a harsh tone, “Slut have you opened your email from me?” Summer quickly replied that she had. Master T then instructed her to read the email and then call him after she had complied with the emailed instructions.

The email read:

“Slut, you have disobeyed me for the last time. You knew that you were to talk to me before you went to bed last night to get your instructions for today. But because you are a worthless cunt, I have had to send you this email and driven across town to give you instructions for your fist day in school as my slut. Your first day was going to be a little easier, but now things are different. Your non-compliance has forced me to alter my plans for you and your servitude at school. You may now open the envelope and read its contents for further instructions.” The email was signed Master T

Before she could open the envelope, Summer had to compose herself. She had woken up with a better feeling about herself and the he that Master T would not interfere with her morning routine. She was not naïve enough to think that he was done with her, but she had been hopeful to drink her morning coffee and prepare for her day.

Summer opened the envelope and she poured its contents onto the desk in the office. The manila envelope contained two smaller envelopes. She looked at both of the envelopes and as she expected, they were to be opened in order. She opened the envelope marked “Open First”. The envelope contained several folded sheets of paper. As she opened them she realized that they were pictures downloaded from a camera and printed on regular stock paper. The pictures were of her and Sarah from Saturday at Marcos’ piercing salon. One of the pictures plainly reflected Summer’s face buried in Sarah’s pussy, the second showed her lying on the table playing with her pussy with the gold lip rings clearly visible and the third picture showed her with a cock jammed down her throat with her eyes wide open.

Summer opened the second envelope and was almost relieved to find only a one page letter written by Master T. It began, “Slut, you have seen some obvious proof that you are a slut, that you enjoy being made to please and that you have no will of your own. Unfortunately, you do not fully grasp the depth of your submission. So, today we will begin re-enforcing your position of a complete submissive slut and my position as your Master. You are to get dressed in the black skirt and white blouse that you purchased on Saturday. You are to wear the yellow see through bra and thong panties along with the black garter belt and back seamed hose. You are to wear the four inch black pumps. You are to apply a heavy amount of make-up so as to highlight your eyes and cheeks. Your lips must be covered by your reddest lipstick. Finally, you will make sure that your hair is wildly styled making sure that your new left ear piercing is visible all day. You will meet me in your class room at 6:30 AM. Do not be late.”

Summer raised her hand to her mouth when she realized that it was now 5:45 AM and the drive to the school took her fifteen minutes. She quickly shut the computer down, took the pictures and tore them up. Summer ran down the hall to the bedroom and quickly took a shower to wash the cum stains from the day before. The water caused her nipples to become even more erect. After her shower, Summer quickly applied her make-up the way Master T had demanded by paying particular attention to her eyelids and giving them a dark blue tint to highlight her eyes. Ordinarily, Summer would take a great deal of time in transforming her hair from a weekend style that was free and flowing to the conservative bun she usually wore at school. But today, she used lots of hair spray and mousse to force her hair to hold its place and allow her gold loop earring with the three red beads to be clearly seen.

When Summer was satisfied that she had met Master T’s requirements, she quickly slipped on her garter belt, adjusted the clasp and attached the black back seamed hose first to her right leg and then to her left leg. Once she was satisfied that the seams were straight, she pulled on her yellow string thong. Summer noticed that the thong seemed to touch her clit and spread her pussy lips. She looked down and the new lip rings were clearly visible. Summer adjusted the thin material of the thong and was able to slide the gold rings inside the material. Next Summer slipped on the matching yellow bra. Immediately Summer noticed that the material of the bra made it quite obvious that her nipples had piercings and that her nipples were very prominent as they stood very erect, which she was sure is why Todd had ordered her to wear the yellow lingerie. Summer told herself to not worry about that right now and get dressed.

Summer quickly slid the white blouse on and believed that it was almost see through. As she stood before the bathroom mirror, Summer began buttoning the blouse and it was quite possible that anyone paying just the slightest attention to her would be able to make out the details of her nipples and would almost certainly be able to see the gold rod piercings. Summer quickly grabbed the black skirt and slipped it on. Immediately Summer knew why Master T had requested this particular skirt. The slits on the sides stopped at just below the lace tops of her hose and would not be noticeable when she stood, but when she was seated, Summer was sure that anyone would be able to see the very tops of the lace of the hose. The skirt was very tight and would cause her all kinds of trouble walking the halls of the school.

Summer gathered her make up into her daily bag, grabbed her wooden brush, checked her hair one more time and rand down the hall. As she started the engine in her BMW, she saw that she only had 10 minutes to make it to the school by 6:30 so she knew that she would have to exceed the speed limit to make it on time, hoping all the while that she would not encounter a police patrol.

Summer pulled into the school parking lot at 6:35 thankfully having successfully dodged any traffic mishaps or police cruisers as she roared down the back streets to her school. Summer grabbed her pocket book and school bag and made a mad dash to the school. She was able to get into her classroom in less than 5 minutes, but Master T was not in her room. She looked at the school clock and noticed that the time was actually 6:40 and wondered where Todd, err… Master T was.

Summer was startled when she heard the door to her classroom slammed shut. She turned from her desk and saw that her Master had entered the room. She stared him directly in the eyes and could feel his anger at her being tardy. Summer then heard his first words, “Slut, what took you so long to get here?”

“Todd, I drove as fast as I could to get here. I only now noticed that my watch is 10 minutes slow. I thought that I was on time’, Summer replied.

“How dare you refer to me as Todd? What is my name slut?”

Summer began to cower just a bit and quickly responded, “Your name is Master T, sir.”

Todd walked up to his submissive high school teacher, grabbed her by each nipple and screamed into her face, “Slut when I tell you to be some where be there on time, no matter how long it takes to get there or what obstacles you have to avoid, DO NOT BE LATE, EVER!”

Summer could only muster a “Yes Sir” as Todd continued to pull and twist her nipples through her blouse and bra. He was being careful not to rip the nipple piercings out of her flesh, but Todd was driving home the point that she would do as he demanded.

Todd released the poor teacher’s nipples and directed her to the middle of the classroom, where she was told to take her blouse and skirt off. When Summer hesitated, Todd uttered only, “NOW”!

Summer lifted her hands and began unbuttoning the top button and worked her way down the blouse until all of the buttons had been opened and the blouse had been pulled from the skirt. Without waiting for further instructions, Summer shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall away from her body. She placed the blouse on the nearest student’s desk and then reached around behind her and unzipped the black skirt and began pulling it down over her hips until it lay on the floor at her feet. She reached down to retrieve, it, but Master T said, “Leave it there slut.”

Then Summer’s Master ordered her to bend over her desk. Without objection, Summer moved to her desk, leaned over and placed her palms on the top of the desk. She was ordered by her Master to lay flat on top of the desk. Summer was wearing her black garter belt and hose, the yellow lingerie and her four inch black pumps. Summer looked up and pleaded, “But Master someone might come in and find me in this position. Please do not make me do this.” Todd’s silence told Summer everything she needed to know. As she placed her chest onto her desk, she felt frightened about the possibility of being discovered by a colleague, the janitorial staff or an early arriving student. She closed her eyes and listened to her Master.

“Slut, you have displeased me and that is an unfortunate event for you. I have told you that you are to be punctual and do what I say when I say to do it. Last night you did not answer my call. Today you were 10 minutes late reporting to me. For each offense you will receive ten strokes with your wooden hair brush. Where is your brush slut?” Todd demanded.

“But Master, someone will hear the noise from the strokes and my screams. Please, please I beg you. I will do anything you tell me to and I promise to never be late,” pleaded the poor English teacher.

Todd looking down at his conquest replied, “I know you will do all those things and more for me slut. But right now, you are going to be punished for your non-compliance to ensure that the next time you think about not complying, you will remember my lesson to you. Now where is your brush slut?”

Summer told Todd that her brush was in her pocket book. As he retrieved it, he gazed down on the outstretched teacher with her ass exposed for anyone to see. As he moved behind his slut, Todd looked down between Summer’s legs and he could see the pussy lip rings peaking out from the thin material of her yellow thong. He put his feet between Summer’s legs and forced her legs even further apart. Todd then stepped to the left side of Summer and using his right hand he brought down the brush harshly onto her left ass cheek.

Summer screamed, but it was a low, barely audible scream. Todd did not dare risk being discovered so he reached into his back pack and brought out the black egg that he purchased for Summer over the weekend. It was a remote control version that was roughly two inches in diameter. Todd walked to the side of the desk where Summer’s head was and he told her to open her mouth. As she did, Todd forced the black egg into her mouth. Then Todd said, “Hold that in your mouth so that your screams cannot be hear slut.”

Todd checked his watch and it was getting pretty close to the time that the other teachers on his slut’s hall began arriving for the day. He rushed through the twenty strokes with the hair brush making sure to mark the ass in the same place. When he finished he ordered Summer to stand before him.

Todd then instructed Summer to take the egg out of her mouth and to insert it into her pussy. When Summer hesitated, all Todd did was begin to pick up his back pack and while looking straight into Summer’s eyes said, “Okay slut. If that is what you want it, I will be more than happy to send the emails that are already in my personal and private email folders to everyone in your address book as well as Principal Harding. I am sure that Mr. Harding will be quite surprised to find out that the head of his English Department was having sex with one of her students as well as seeing her actively enjoying sucking another woman’s pussy. And let’s not forget your poor husband James, who is working so hard for my father’s company in Asia. I wonder what he will think when he sees pictures of you with the shoe salesman.”

Summer realizing her fate was tied to her submission to her student quickly replied, “No Master, please don’t leave. I promise to do as you tell me.”

With that, Summer lowered the egg to her pussy, pulled aside the small patch of material between her legs and pushed the black egg inside. She noticed that coming out of one end of the egg was a black wire. She reasoned that it would be used to pull the egg back out should it go to high up inside her.

When she had full inserted the egg into her pussy, she pleaded again, “Master please do not go. I promise to do anything and everything you tell me to whenever you tell me to do it.”

Todd turned around at the door to the classroom and said, “Ok slut. We will see. Now get dressed and enjoy your day.”

Todd opened the door to the class room and walked away without closing it back. Summer quickly realized her predicament and ran to close the door. As she turned to walk back to her desk, the egg in her pussy began vibrating. The egg’s vibrating jolted Summer so much that she had to grasp the side of her desk to steady herself. Just as quickly, the vibrating stopped and Summer realized that the black cord was not for retrieving the egg, but it served as a receiver wire for the hand held transmitter that Master T would have with him today. Summer thought to herself, “Oh my god. What will he do to me today?”

Summer hurriedly pulled on her skirt and slipped her arms into the sleeves of the white blouse. The skirt of course was slightly wrinkled because she had been ordered to leave it in a pile on the floor. As she completed buttoning the last button, the morning announcements for staff came blaring over the intercom system. Summer looked at the school clock and saw that it was now 7:00 AM.

Summer went about her morning routine in her room. At about 7:20, someone from the office called over the intercom and requested that Summer report to the office. All Summer could think about was that Todd had sent the information anyway and that her life as she knew it would be over. Summer quickly adjusted her blouse and tried to pull her skirt down so that the tops of her hose would not show as she walked. The tightness of the skirt across her ass and her four inch pumps made walking a new adventure for Summer. She had to learn how to put one foot in front of the other like the models she had seen on television late at night. Summer got the hang of it by over exaggerating the swaying of her hips, which made walking somewhat easier. She noticed the looks she was receiving from the other teachers, men mostly, in the hall as well as some of the early arriving students. Those glares and stares unnerved, but somewhat turned Summer on as she continued her walk down the hall.

Once she reached the administrative office, Summer was surprised by the number of students in the office as well as the number of adults, some parents and other teachers. Summer felt all of the eyes in the office on her. She walked up to the front desk and asked who had requested that she come to the office. Shirley, from back in the office blurted out, “Ms. Wayne we have a package that was delivered this morning and that it was marked urgent.”

Everyone in the office turned to look at Summer as Shirley slowly walked across the office floor to reach her. As she handed the package to Summer, Shirley was able to look directly at Summer’s blouse and she thought she could see the outlines of piercings. Shirley held the envelope a little too long and Summer had to pull it from Shirley’s fingers.

As Summer turned to walk away, she heard Shirley say, “Ms. Wayne I love the new piercing that you have. When did you get your ear pierced?”

Summer was both embarrassed and relieved to be able to answer, “Shirley, I got the new earring this past weekend as sort of a surprise to my husband James. He will be home in about a month, and I wanted it to be something that he would love.”

As Summer continued on her way out of the office, she felt the eyes of every person there on her. The hallway was now over crowded with students and she could hear whispers and caught the boys gawking at her while the girls all seemed to view her with disgust.

As Summer reached the door to her classroom, the bell rang for the first period to begin. As she walked to her desk, she glanced around the classroom and for the first time in several days, she seemed to have everyone’s full attention. Summer sat behind her desk because she did not want to dare give the students too much of a view of her legs and the opportunity to see the tops of her stockings. She began the period by instructing the students to turn to page 210 of the novel they were currently reading as a class project.

As Summer followed along silently at her desk, she suddenly felt the egg in her pussy begin to vibrate. The strength of the vibration caused her to gasp out loud. One of the students in the first row heard the gasp and asked if she was ok. Summer could only nod and tell the student she was fine. As the egg’s vibration continued to work its magic on her pussy, Summer felt her body begin to react to the stimulation and she was fast approaching an orgasm. She tried to squeeze off the approaching orgasm, but it was too no avail as her body paid no attention to her brain and erupted in orgasm. Summer grasped the edge of her desk and pushed her pelvic region down into her office chair to try and suppress the urge to scream out loud. She felt sweat beginning to form on her forehead as the intensity of her orgasm began to subside, but the vibrations of the egg only intensified. As she began to approach a second orgasm, Summer stared intently at the book on her desk paying no attention to her class with every eye now firmly affixed on their English teacher.

Summer was startled when the vibration in her pussy stopped just before her body succumbed to the second orgasm. Summer could not see, but Todd was standing just outside of her classroom and his remote control’s range was just perfect to affect her from outside of the room. Summer looked up from her book and found the eyes of her students all fixed on her. She cleared her throat, stood up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She instructed the class to continue reading and keep the room noise down to a dull roar.

After their teacher left the room, Cindy, the head cheerleader was the first to ask, “What in the heck is wrong with Ms. Wayne?” The girls to her left and right all shook their heads and said they had no idea. The boys in the back of the room were only able to speak about the outline of her nipples that they could see directly through Ms. Wayne’s blouse. One of the boys whispered that he swore that he saw Ms. Wayne’s nipples with piercing. The other boys just pooh pawed that comment saying that she was to uptight to have something like that done to her. About that time, the bell indicating that it was time to change classes began to ring. All of the students in Summer’s room packed their things and headed out of the door.

Summer was leaning against the stall door of the faculty bathroom when Shirley, from the front office came in. She was clearly concerned with the way Summer looked and asked, “Ms. Wayne are you ok? You look like you have been put through the ringer.”

Summer was brought out of her stupor by Shirley’s interruption in the bathroom. Summer looked at Shirley and said, “No, nothing is wrong really. I just felt a little faint and rushed in here from my class.”

Summer caught Shirley giving her the once over taking in the clothes that she had on. Shirley then asked, “Summer, I have never seen you dressed the way you are today. What has come over you dear?”

Summer looked down and she could see that her nipples were poking through her bra and it was very evident that her nipples were pierced as the balls on each end of the bars were pressed against the material of the yellow bra and sheer blouse. Summer also noticed that her run to the bathroom and her pose against the stall had caused her skirt to hike up above the tops of her stockings and it was very evident that she was wearing a garter belt.

Summer lied and said that she was going to a cocktail party for James’ company after work and did not think that she would have time to go home and change. Summer walked over to the lavatory and began washing her hands. After drying her hands, Summer ran her hands through her hair making sure that the earring was still clearly visible. As she steadied herself to head back to her classroom, she pulled at the hem of her skirt, but before she could get out of the door, Shirley asked, “Ms. Wayne I am not sure if you are aware, but your yellow bra is quite visible through your blouse. And, if I am not mistaken, I can make out the outline of your nipples. Have you had your nipples pierced also?”

Summer stopped in her tracks and tried to pose a reasonable response to Shirley’s probing questions. Summer knew that she was Mr. Harding’s pet and if you ever got on her wrong side, life at the school would be awful. Summer spun around and looked at Shirley, who had a smug look on her face.

“Well Shirley, you are right. I did get them pierced this weekend because James asked me to. I am having to be careful with what I have pressed against the piercings as my nipples are still a little sensitive, so that is why I am wearing the yellow bra. I did not realize that I had worn this particular blouse until I got here this morning. I just did not have time to change,” replied Summer.

Shirley, looking incredulously at Summer said, “Ms. Wayne I would have never thought that you would be the type of woman who would desecrate her body with piercings. I think that you are like those women who hang around bars and look for men. I do not believe that that is the type of person who should be teaching at this school. I am afraid I am going to have to tell Mr. Harding about this Ms. Wayne.”

Summer quickly replied, “Now wait a minute Shirley. I have only done something for my husband and it has nothing to do with how I teach or work. I am sorry that you find the idea of piercings offensive, but that really is none of your business.”

Summer could tell she was walking on thin ice with Shirley because even if Mr. Harding did not really care whether or not she had piercings, Shirley would not let up. Summer had to do something to keep Shirley from going to Mr. Harding. As she moved away from the lavatory towards the door, she looked at Shirley and asked, “Shirley, why can’t we just leave this between us. I can appreciate your issues with my piercings and you can appreciate my desire to please my husband.”

“I do not see how I can agree to that Ms. Wayne as I just find it too disgusting to allow it to go unreported,” replied Shirley.

“Please Shirley, can’t we work this out together and not get Mr. Harding involved?” pleaded Summer.

Shirley quickly answered, “I just do not know how that would be possible.”

Summer then asked, “What about the piercings do you find offensive, Shirley?”

Shirley told Summer that just the fact that she would do that was disgusting and she could not see how the piercings could be anything more than disgusting body desecration. Trying to find a way to avoid Shirley going to Mr. Harding, Summer thought she saw an opening and said, “Shirley how about I let you see the piercings so that you can see that they are meant to be erotic and for my husband’s private pleasure?”

“No, I do not want to see them Ms. Wayne,” replied Shirley.

“But, Shirley, won’t you at least let me prove to you that they are beautiful and will bring him pleasure,” Summer questioned.

Shirley’s body language began to give her real feelings away as her eyes were going from Summer’s breasts to her eyes. Summer could see a few drops of sweat developing on Shirley’s brow so she pushed the envelope with Shirley. “So, Shirley, I am going to unbutton my blouse for you to be able to get a clearer view of the piercings” Summer said as her fingers immediately went to the top button on her blouse. Summer watched Shirley’s eyes follow her hands as they moved down her blouse unbuttoning each button. When Summer completed unbuttoning her white blouse, she pulled it open and pressed her chest forward so that her nipples would strain against the sheer fabric of her yellow bra. Summer noticed that Shirley was now just looking from nipple to nipple without even glancing up at her eyes.

Summer looked down and she could see her nipples were erect and she knew that Shirley could see the full outline of her nipples as well as being able to clearly make-out the gold posts of her nipple piercings. She paused for several minutes gauging Shirley’s reaction and then she pressed further feeling like she was control of events around her for the first time in several days. Summer says to Shirley, “Why don’t you just reach out and touch the gold bars. Touching them will not hurt me.”

Shirley seemed to be in a trance. In all of her fifty years she had never been so close to such beautiful breasts. She had always admired Ms. Wayne whenever they were close and she was envious of the way she had been able to keep her body in such fine shape. Shirley, was not an old prude or dumpy in anyway, but she represented Mr. Harding and so she had to be careful about her desires and needs, especially after her husband died prematurely of cancer three years ago.

Summer said again to Shirley, “It is alright. Go ahead and touch each one. I promise not to bite.” With that Summer edged closer to Shirley and deftly took Shirley’s right hand and moved it up to her breast. Summer then moved Shirley’s index finger and lightly touched the outline of the piercing of her right breast and then she moved Shirley’s hand across her chest to her left breast where she again touched the outline of the piercing as well as the her nipple with Shirley’s index finger.

Summer could see Shirley’s chest moving and her eyes darting from one breast to the other. Summer released Shirley’s hand, but she did not move it away from her breast. Shirley slowly circled the pierced nipple which made Summer’s erect nipple harden even more. Without evening offering any encouragement, Summer felt Shirley’s left hand cup her right breast and she began to lightly squeeze the breast. Meanwhile, Shirley continued to touch the nipple piercing in Summer’s left breast.

Summer seizing the moment instructed Shirley to pull on both nipple piercings so that she could see that they were permanently fixed in place and that she could see how the nipples would be stimulated by James’ touch. Almost on cue, Shirley began to lightly tug at the English teacher’s nipples. Summer took Shirley’s left hand and slid it to the flesh of her cleavage and then helped Shirley slip inside the sheer bra to Summer’s nipple. Summer grabbed the back of Shirley’s left elbow and pulled it towards her chest. Shirley’s breathing continued to get deeper and Summer could hear slight moans emanating from Shirley’s mouth.

“Shirley, take my breast out of the bra so that you can gain better access to it,” Summer instructed. Shirley did as she was told using both hands to free one and then the other of Summer’s breasts. Now Shirley was lost in Summer’s breasts and because of their height proximity, Shirley was slightly bending over to be able to look more closely at the piercings.

“Shirley, go ahead and touch my nipples with your tongue,” Summer whispered. At the same time she placed her hand on the back of Shirley’s head and moved her towards her breasts. Shirley offered not resistance and quickly took Summer’s right nipple into her mouth. Shirley began tonguing the piercing first and then started to rotate her tongue around the large areola of Summer’s breast. Summer then instructed Shirley to take the other breast into her mouth so that she paid appropriate attention to both nipples. Shirley did as directed without any resistance. Summer quietly enjoyed this new found dominance and quite liked having power over a helpless person.

As Shirley continued to worship the breasts, Summer began to feel her pussy moistening more than when it was first stimulated by the egg that was stuck up into the far reaches of her pussy.

Summer continued pressing Shirley by instructing her, “Shirley I want you to pull on one nipple while you suck the other. While you are doing that, I want to hear you breathe so that I know you are enjoying pleasing me.”

Shirley pulled her lips away from Summer’s breast, looking up into Summer’s eyes said, “Ms. Wayne, I have never ever tasted another woman’s breast before, but yours are wonderful.”

Just then the bell rang signaling the end of second period, which was the shortened period for a high school homeroom. “Shit”, Summer exclaimed as she pulled Shirley away from her breasts. She then said to Shirley, “I do not think we will have a problem with you knowing about my piercings. If you do, I will give you another opportunity to touch and suck my breasts. Are you willing to do that for me Shirley?”

Shirley quickly responded, “Yes Ms. Wayne, it will be our little secret.”

The two women smiled at one another and Summer quickly buttoned her blouse, tucked it into her tight black , checked her make-up to make sure it had not be smeared by her bathroom encounter, checked her hair to make sure the earring was still visible and then gave Shirley a hug as she headed out of the bathroom. Summer smiled to herself and thought that she might have some fun at Shirley’s expense some time in the near future. It was nice to be able to force someone to do something for her pleasure for a change.

Just as she entered the class room, the egg in Summer’s pussy went off. She grabbed the door frame and was thankful that the students had already left for their third period classes. Summer had a planning period right now so she would not be disturbed by any students. But, Summer’s tormentor entered the classroom right behind her as the egg was continuing to work its magic on her pussy.

Todd placed his hand on Summer’s back and moved her towards her desk. Once she reached the edge of the desk, Todd applied pressure to force Summer onto her belly flat down on the desk. As Summer’s breasts touched the desk, she could feel Todd between her legs placing his feet against the insides of her feet as he applied pressure to force her legs open. Because of the tightness of the skirt, Todd had to set the controller down onto Summer’s desk so that he could use both hands to pull the skirt up over her hips.

Once Todd was satisfied that he had complete access to his slut teacher’s ass, he turned off the vibrating egg buried deep in his teacher’s pussy. When she realized that the egg was no longer vibrating, Summer let out a soft moan and quickly said, “Master please turn it back on as I am so close to coming.”

Todd said nothing as he stepped away from the very tempting ass displayed before him. He reached into his back pack and pulled out a red Sharpie medium point pen and he quickly wrote in block print letters, “I am” on Summer’s left ass cheek and “A Slut” on her right ass cheek. He then pulled his handy digital camera out of the back pack and began taking pictures of his outstretched teacher.

Summer, realizing that she was once again being subjected to degrading pictures said to her tormenter, “Master, please don’t take anymore pictures. Don’t you have enough already?”

All Todd did was to walk around to the end of the desk where his English teacher slut’s head was, unzipped his pants, pulled out his now fully erect cock and instructed his slut to raise her head up off the desk and suck his cock. With his camera, Todd was able to catch Summer’s opened mouth just as his cock slide forward. He glanced at the view finder on the back of the camera and he was quite pleased with the image of his cock resting on his slut’s lips.

Todd began fucking his cock in and out of his slut’s mouth and as he grew nearer to orgasm, he reached down and picked up the remote controller for the egg in Summer’s pussy. He flicked the switch on to level 10 on the controller and he immediately saw Summer’s hips press down hard against her desk. He could feel her moaning around his cock that was now deep down his slut teacher’s mouth.

Summer began sucking on her Master’s cock in rhythm with the vibration in her pussy and her hips as she fucked down against her desk. The vibration in her pussy was drawing her ever closer to orgasm, but she remembered that she was not allowed to cum unless she was given permission by her Master. The vibrations were getting her ever closer to the point where she would not be able to control her orgasm.

Todd saw that Summer’s hips were pressing hard down against her desk and he guessed that she was very close to orgasm because of the deep moans emanating from around his cock in his slut teacher’s mouth.

Todd pulled his cock out of his teacher’s mouth with some difficulty as Summer did not want to let it go. He heard her moan a quietly as he pulled away. Summer lay her head back down onto the desk and concentrated on the vibrations in her pussy. But, she knew she could not cum so she begged, “Master please let me cum.”

Todd replied, “Not yet slut. I am not through getting my pleasure and we still have 15 minutes before your next class starts.”

“Oh Master, please let me cum. I am so close,” pleaded Summer.

Todd did not pay any attention to his still outstretched slut. What a picture this was: his teacher laying face down on her desk, her skirt pulled up over her hips, yellow thong stretched tightly against her pussy lips, the gold ring pussy lip piercings quite visible and the hand drawn tattoo on her ass cheeks.

“No slut, I am not through with you yet. Do not cum or you will be very sorry,” said Todd as he slid back between Summer’s spread legs.

Todd reached down and pulled the thin material of the thong and rubbed his fingers against his slut’s pussy lips. The juices from her pussy had soaked the small crotch of the thong and he was able to soak the middle finger of his right hand. He moved the finger to the poor slut’s anal passageway and slowly began to insert his finger. He pulled the finger back out and once again soaked it with the teacher’s pussy juices. When he was fully satisfied, Todd inserted the middle finger back into Summer’s ass and began to slide the finger in and out of the puckered ass hole. Summer realized that the anal stimulation was bringing her ever closer to orgasm began pumping her ass against Todd’s finger and hand.

Todd withdrew his finger and pressed the tip of his cock against the puckered lips of his teacher’s ass hole. Summer pleaded for him to stop, but Todd continued to press against the poor teacher’s ass hole. His cock head suddenly slipped inside and in a matter of seconds Todd was able to slide his cock all the way into his slut’s ass.

Combined with the increasing sensation from the vibrating egg and Todd’s cock now fully imbedded into her ass, Summer pleaded again, “Master, please let me cum.”

Rest assured no Diva’s were harmed in the making of this audio – Quite the contrary ;)

This was written by SplendidSpunk as a representation of my audiodiva persona. People may respond strongly to the content as it includes blackmail and non-consent. If you dislike that type of content please do not listen, as it is not our desire to offend anyone.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (12 min/mp3)

* * * * *

“My name is Dina and this is my confession. Before I tell you who I am, that is an important part of this confession, I must tell you where I am. I am in my Master’s home and secured naked to His punishment couch. He had required me to make this aural confession and is here as I do it, He will assure that I do not stray and do not lie. I have no choice but to tell you the complete truth about me, to confess. I’ve read other stories here about sluts writing their stories at their Master’s command, but this is live audio, and so I can’t be sure how easy this will be for you to follow. Master has told me that he will use me during this recording and I may lose my place.”

I am thirty-five years old and in some ways happily married to a wonderful man. I am also a slut who finds submitting herself to Her Master an addiction I cannot and will not abandon. I used to submit to a variety of older men, yes, I find older dominant men very attractive. I did this quietly, or so I thought, never allowing this side of me to be seen in what I call my everyday life. That woman, the professional I am, is very straight laced, very prim and proper. She is always dressed conservatively in either her work clothes or when running errands or visiting friends. She or I stand five foot nine inches tall, sport a D cup chest, have brown eyes and hair. If you met me at work or a party you’d think I was aloof at first, but after getting to know me you’d find out how non-judgemental I am and start opening up to me with things you might find hard to say to others. I’ve been told that I’m good at finding answers for others but as I lay here naked under my Master’s control I realize that I’ve no answers for myself. Only the truth, I am a submissive slut and crave having my body used to serve and pleasure others.

My current and now only Master, learned of my inner slut by watching me when I thought no one was. He saw me being forced into sleezy motel rooms by older men and then listened to me beg and scream as they used and abused me for their pleasure. Master was no fool and he worked hard at trailing me, using a digital video camera to record what he could; assembling a montage of images that left no doubt about the real me. When he’d asked if this was something my husband would enjoy, or perhaps my boss, I fell to my knees and hung my head. Master is like my others but so much more. He’s older maybe the oldest man I’ve attached myself to and He is smart, smart enough to make me drop all the other men and focus all my free time on serving His needs. He’s shown me levels of my own debauchery that I myself didn’t see inside me.

(Oh my god, please Master no, no please not my ass — aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn it Sir its too bigggggggg oooooooohhhhhhhh pplllleeeaaaaseeeeeeeee)

I…. I mean….OH god my ass is full, its so hard to concentrate Master. Nooooo please

(Slap Slap Slap)

Yessss Master I can control myself, I will explain, please I’ll finish. I am trying to recall where I was, I don’t have the aaaaahhhh ability to go back and read as this is all audio and Master will not edit or replay for me. I neeeeddd tooo telll you that He has forced a large plug into my assss. Oh it feels so good but so fucking big. Sorry Master I will continue my confession. Yes Sir I’ll tell them. The slaps you hear are Master spanking me when I lose my place, as I did when he forced that plug into my ass. He says that I must learn control and that as I relate to you my confession, He will spank me, play with my tits, my pussy my ass, everything but my mouth. I am to take all this and continue, my confession and if I lose control he will punish me again. The plug in my ass vibrates and shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt itttttttt now onnnnnn damn (Slap slap slap slap ) Owwwwww

Yes Master, yes, sorry Sir.

Master uncovered my secrets and with the videos and photos he’d assembled allowed me to sever my ties to the other men and to devote myself to Him. My inner slut has developed under His training, my submissive desires have grown. Now He demands this confession while He is using me, while I am naked and exposed to His every wish, only my mouth remains free to continue to confess.

Master insisted I tell all the other men I was now devoting myself to Him and to suck each of their cocks, swallowing their cum as a final gesture of my submissive life to them. Master filmed every one of those episodes and uses that along with everything else as my chains to Him.

OHHHHHHHHH (slap slap ) Sorry Master, yes I’ll explain. Master has removed the plug from my ass and intends a larger one but promises if I cannnnn talk wwwiiiithhhhouuuutt interrruppptiioooon thattttt hhhheee”ll usssse llluuuubbbee


UGHHH, UGHHHHHH so fucking full, damn my ass is so fucking fullll. I can’t adjust to it, OH Master its so fucking wide (Slap slap slap slap ) Master this slut is so sorry, please Master have mercy on my ass. (Slap Slap Slap Slap) I’llll trrrryyyyy Siiiirrrrrr

Masterrrr haasss uused hiisss laarggeest plluugg iinn mmyy asssssss. I nneeddd jjjstttt sssomme ttiimmee to accepptttt iittt. He’s spanking meeee toooo (Slap Slap, Slap) trying…ttooo…get….mee….to … focus..on…my con….fesssion. (Slap Slap Slap) I….am…Master…

My first day…with…my true Master was one I can not forget. When I arrived at His home, He took all of my clothes on the step, exposing my naked body to whoever might be looking, then gabbing my by my hair he pulled me into his house. He took me to the kitchen and attached a serving tray to me, using a leather strap with clamps on it to secure the tray to my nipples, then after loading the tray with drinks and food he made me lift the tray with my nipples stretching them severely and led me to a room full of His friends. I was made to serve all of them, and if I used my hands to fend off a hand feeling up my cunt, the weight of the tray pulled harder on my tits. So I was helpless to defend my body and all the men grabbed and penetrated me as I served the food and drink. Later I was made to service their cocks, in my mouth, my cunt and my ass. Many of them came on me, spraying their hot cum all over me, coating my body and filling my three holes. One by one they left when their cocks were spent and left alone with my new Master, I took his cock in all of my well used and cum filled holes.

That day he let me go naked, forced me to hurry to dress on the front porch as he closed the door saying only.

“You will come to me when I call slut.”

My clothes stuck to the drying cum that coated me and my pussy and ass leaked cum as I walked back to my car. I cried in my shower realizing that my life, once so controlled and secret was now in the hands of this Master. I would go t him often after that and each time he peeled away another layer of my public persona. Today as I tell you of all of this, I admit that I will never hesitate to serve Him, to serve His friends, to serve without hesitation without question.

He made me come to him one morning after I admitted having fucked my husband the night before and extracted my husbands cum from my cunt and had my husbands DNA identified then told me he would do the same to any cum he found in me, and if it did not belong to my husband he would expose me for who I am to my parents, my bosses, my husband. In this way he controls my cunt, my ass and my life in every way and only he can allow a cock other then my husbands to fill me.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Slap Slap Slap ) Ohhhhhh yessssssss Master….I….will…..explain……..

Master…has..decided to fuck me now and His hard cock is pumping in my cunt now….I…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (slap slap slap) Yes Sir. I…am…sorry… yes oh god please Sir…;(slap Slap slap) Yes…..Master’s cock is filling me as I speak and.. I aamm trying,, to finish this story. (slap slap slap) Master, yes I am telling my confession not a story, yes Sir I, will not make that error again Sir.

I’ve been with my true Master now for two years and he has used me in everyway, he has taught me to service his friends both male and female and I’ve taken men in me and women who strap on a cock have also used my holes for their pleasure.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes Sir I’ll explain. Master is slapping my tits now and not my ass. The plug is still deep inside my ass as His cock fucks my pussy, I can feel my juices running down my legs and I can not cum, no I am forbidden to cum without his permission and He will not give me that until my confession is complete.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Yes Sir, I was just getting to that Sir. Master’s cock is not fat but it is very long and when he takes me from behind like He is now His hard cock pounds against my cervix, I’ve come to love that discomfort as I’ve come to need and love serving Him. When he uses my mouth He fills my throat and He has taught me to ignore the gagging reflex that I feel. Yes Sir, I am almost finished Sir.

I now spend all my time when not working or home with my husband here with Master. He only uses a whip on me when my husband is gone for days so the welts have time to dissipate before he comes home. I love the times when Master can use his whip on me and the exquisite pain that I endure for Him. When Master allows me to cum, that pain makes my orgasm so intense, so wonderful I kiss the whip and thank Master for His generosity. Yes, the prim housewife you see, the professional who cares for you, the woman who entertains you with her husband is in reality nothing more then a slut, a submissive cum slut. Dina exists somewhere inside me but a much larger part of me is Dora the submissive cum slut who never says No to her Master and whose cunt and ass have taken cock after cock at Her Master’s whim.

I confess to all of this and to the fact that I am happy to be this slut.

Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I am now allowed to tell you what Master is doing to me. He is fucking me vigorously and working the plug in my ass — oh shit it feel so fucking good, His hard cock is plowing my pussy, yessssssssssssssssssssssss I love it yesssssssssssssssssssohhhhhhh Master fuck your slut, yes Master fuck this useless slut, fill her with your cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh thank you Sir thank you, yes this slut will cum for you — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssssssssssssssssssss, yes yes yes oh god yes I’m cuming Sir ohhhhhhhhht thank you sirrrrrrrrrrr, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Diva Exposed was written by SplendidSpunk specifically for Audiodiva to record and I thank him kindly for it.

I awoke the next morning in a panic. What had I done last night? I had molested my little sister, is what I’d done; the fact that she had seduced me into it, made little difference to my guilt. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was just after 6. Good, Lisa hasn’t left for school yet.

It took me a second to get out of bed, my arms being useless in their casts, and I tramped down the stairs to her room. There was light coming from under her door, so I used my knee to knock softly. I heard rustling noises, and the door opened shortly afterwards.

Lisa stood before me, her hair a half rustled mess of auburn tangles, no makeup, and in the same clothing she left my room in, which is to say, next to nothing. I could easily make out her slightly largish nipples through the worn fabric. She caught her breath at the sight of me.

“Listen Lisa, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for things to happen like that, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.” I said, before she had a chance to speak.

She looked at me for a few moments considering, before finally speaking. “No. I don’t think I will. Last night you gave me the best orgasm of my life, and if you think I am going to forget something like that, you’re wrong. I meant what I said. I expect you to take my virginity. Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to get ready for school.” She spoke so matter-of-factly, and with such determination that I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she turned around and shut the door in my face.

Bemused, but feeling a little better, I plodded upstairs and back to my room. I somehow managed to get myself under the blankets, and was soon back to sleep.

* * *

“Wake up, young man. I need to talk to you.”

My eyes popped open as I heard mom say these words. Somehow she had found out about Lisa and me. Did Lisa tell?

I struggled upright, and waited for her to continue. “I have to go run some errands this afternoon, and I am afraid I can’t take you with me. It will only be for a couple hours, do you think you can manage that long?”

I quickly hid a sigh of relief. What was she doing that she couldn’t take me? Maybe she had a boyfriend or something. Somehow that thought made me jealous, and I quickly had to tamp down the feeling. “Yeah, I should be fine that long.”

“Good. Now, I did the math, and you haven’t bathed since you’ve been home. You haven’t started to stink yet, but why start?” She laughed softly at her own little joke. “Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes, and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I had to groan. Not only would I have to be naked in front of my mom again, but she was going to have to wash me all over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my erection down.

Resigned to my fate (There was no way I was going to stink for the next few months!), I got up and waited for mom in the bathroom. Her auburn hair was tied back, and she wore somewhat tight fitting clothing that showed her figure off to great effect. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

She started the bathtub filling, and then turned to me. “Better go pee first. You don’t want to have to go, halfway through,” she said, the smile never leaving her lips. I waited while she pulled down my shorts, and when I tried to turn around she stopped me. “Don’t men prefer to pee standing up?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t hold it myself.” I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“I’ll take care of that. Just face the toilet, and I’ll aim.” Knowing there was no arguing with her, I turned, and did as I was told. She placed her left hand on my hip, and brought her right arm around my body, grasping my penis right below the head, and aimed it for my feet.

“That’s too low, mom. Aim a little higher.”

“Okay, but you better not hit the back of the toilet. I don’t want to have to clean that up.” She lifted a little, and I slowly let my stream flow. Sure enough, it landed just inside the toilet, and Mom readjusted her aim. “No wonder you men always pee all over the place. This is harder than it looks.”

I wished my mom had chosen a different word than ‘harder’, as I could already feel my cock slowly start to grow in her grip. Luckily I was done before I was fully grown. She shook me a couple times, which felt nice, before I remembered who was doing it. Her hand seemed to linger just a moment longer, before she ordered me into the tub.

With her help, I slowly sat down in the almost too hot water. I couldn’t help hide a sigh of relief as the water began to envelop me. I usually shower, and had forgotten what a nice hot bath could feel like.

“Are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to give me your feet, so I can wash them?”

I opened my eyes, remembering my mom, and handed her my right foot. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts sat on the edge of the tub, as she sat on the floor and leaned in to grab my foot. Her hands were already soapy, and she began to slowly wash my foot. The washing soon turned into a foot massage, which I wasn’t going to complain about. Her fingers and thumbs dug into my feet, and a feeling of relaxation came over me. When she was done with that foot, she did the same with my left foot. She then moved up to my calves, doing the same for them as she had for my feet. My thighs soon followed, and I heard a moan, that I was embarrassed to realize had come from me. Mom’s hands felt like magic as she worked, and I was like putty in her hands.

“Hello. Looks like you really are enjoying this.” I look down, only to realize I had a raging boner, bobbing above the surface of the water.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” I pleaded, and realized I had been doing a lot of apologizing lately. “I didn’t mean to, it was just so relaxing, I didn’t even know it was happening, I swear!”

“Relax, hunny. The same thing used to happen to your dad, before he died. I would give him a good massage after a hard day of work, and afterwards we’d… Well, anyway, it’s alright. Let’s just get the rest of you clean, and then if you need me to, I can take care of that, too.” She winked at me, still wearing that beautiful smile, and I could feel my face turning beet red.

Mom moved behind me, and washed my hair, continuing the pattern of washing, followed by massage. She moved to my ears, and I never knew before how good an ear rub could feel. By the time she was done with my back I was once again lost in the feel of her fingers on my body. She had me lay back a little, and had to lean way in to get around my arms, to reach my chest. Her hands played across my pecks, and seemed to spend a little extra time on my nipples, which felt good, but again, I had never had this happen before. She finished with my abs, and ordered me to stand up, so she could get the final parts.

She had to help me stand, my muscles felt like Jell-O. I was once again forcefully reminded of my erection as it now proudly proclaimed itself in the air.

“Turn around,” Mom ordered, and I did as told, turning my back to her. Her hands began to roam my buttocks, and even slid between the cheeks as she massaged them. Finally her hands moved around to my front, but she didn’t have me turn around. Instead, her arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel her body pressed against me from behind, as her hands slowly began to wash my most private of areas. She started slowly, softly cupping my balls, somehow rolling them around in her right hand. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, and began to twist as she slowly moved up my turgid pole. It felt so good there was no way I was going to stop her, even though it WAS my mom. Her left hand finally reached the head of my penis, and she continued her twisting movement on it. I moaned loudly, unwilling and unwanting to hold it in. “That feels gooood!” I crooned. I heard a giggle behind me, and I smiled. Mom removed her left hand, but only for a second, as I felt it slip between my legs for better access. She really began to play with the underside of my crotch, and another loud moan escaped my lips.

I became aware of the feeling of her body sliding up and down my back, and her left hand started to move faster on my cock. I could feel her breasts, squeezed tightly between our bodies, and with the feeling of everything else, it amounted to too much. “I’m cumming, mom. Oh, Gawd, am I cumming!” I started shooting all over the back of the tub, and mom had to support my weight to keep me from collapsing.

As soon as I was recovered enough to support myself, mom let go, and started draining the tub. She turned on the faucet, and pulled the knob to start the sprayer. She used it to rinse off the remaining soap, and the back of the tub.

I turned to look at her, and noticed that I could clearly see her nipples through her wet shirt. They were hard! I had never noticed before, but they stuck out pretty far from the rest of her areola.

“All better, now?” I heard her ask, and looked up to realize I had been busted looking at her tits. The twinkle in her eyes told me I wasn’t in any trouble.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks mom. That was great!” Without thinking, I added. “I wish there were something I could do for you in return.”

“No, hunny. That would be wrong. I only do this to help you out. Besides, you already paid me with that wonderful date, yesterday!” Her smile brightened, and I couldn’t help but catch it at the memory of our ‘date’.

Mom dried me off, and when she was done drying my hair, I surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She stood frozen for a second, and I feared I had screwed up, as her hand rose to touch where our lips met. Shock was in her eyes for only a moment, before the twinkle returned, and nothing was said as she finished drying me off. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, and I couldn’t pin it on any one thing. All I knew was that I was extremely grateful to have her for a mother.

Mom made brunch, and I was surprised to find how hungry I was. I devoured the food as quickly as she could feed it to me. Afterwards, I went back to my room, and painstakingly checked my email, while mom did chores around the house.

There was another one from Jenny, telling me how sorry she was for what happened, and please not to kick her out of the apartment. She was willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me. I deleted it without replying.

I spent the next few hours just browsing the internet, mainly going where a mouse click could take me, so I could avoid trying to type, when mom entered to let me know she was getting ready to leave, and if there was anything I needed. I decided I had better go to the bathroom one last time, so I wouldn’t have to hold it while she was gone.

I found that I was no longer embarrassed to do this, and didn’t mind as mom held me and aimed. After she pulled my pants up, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and told me she would be back as soon as possible, but if not, Lisa would be back in a few hours anyway, and she had left our neighbor, John’s, number on the fridge. I bid her adieu, and went back to the computer.

I was only on for a couple minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. As I got to the door, I began to curse. I could see her through the glass on the door, standing there, her curly red hair draped around her shoulder, a miniskirt that was just a couple inches short of decent, and green eyes sparkling as she saw me too.

I had to bend my body at an awkward angle to open the door lever, and I stood glaring at her. I didn’t say a word, as she looked at my naked chest, and arm casts.

She was the one to finally break the silence. “Oh, baby! I am so sorry this happened to you! I tried to see you in the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t kin.” I knew she lied by the way she blinked as she spoke. “Can we please talk? I am truly sorry for what I did, and just want you to forgive me.” Without waiting for me to answer, she ducked under my arms, and entered the front room.

Sighing, I closed the door, and turned to face her, still not saying anything. Walking up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, and looked deep into my eyes. I am a bit taller than her, and as I looked down, I could see the massive cleavage of her 38DD tits. The green in her eyes glinted as she whispered, “I will do ANYthing, to make it up to you.”

I arched an eyebrow at this statement, and then nearly jumped as her hands slid from my chest, to my shorts. I just stood there, as she bent over to pull them down, releasing my cock. Despite my anger at seeing her, the forwardness of her actions was having an effect on me, and I knew I was getting hard. That was one of the best things about Jenny; she was always horny, and always willing to please.

I looked down as I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock, and begin to bring it the rest of the way back to life.

She was truly talented when it came to sucking cock, and soon had me at full mast. She stood up, and bent over in front of me, pulling up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. This minx knew all my turn-ons! She backed up to me slowly, until my cock sat between her small butt cheeks. She wiggled her ass, groaning, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to reach down and put it in, but that was something I simply wasn’t capable of doing. After a few moments of this, she finally looked back to see what was taking so long, and I almost had to laugh at the look of embarrassment that crossed her face.

She reached between her legs, grasped my cock at the base, and aimed for her glory. She slid back slowly, and I felt every delicious inch of this redhead’s pussy as it sucked and milked my cock deeper into its folds. I moaned, unable to hold back, and started moving my hips. This slut was so wet already, that I sank all 7 inches into her without a problem. Ahh, yes! Good ‘ole Jenny. The thought occurred to me that if she were taking care of me, I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassments of my sister and mom helping me do everything.

Then the image of Jenny on top of old Jones flashed through my mind, followed quickly by the look my sister had after her orgasm last night, and the pleasure my mom had during our date, and I quickly dismissed going back home with Jenny. In fact, the whole thing made me angry, and I stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, baby? I was just about to cum.” Jenny asked in a whiny voice, that I usually found cute, but this time it annoyed me. I looked down at where I was buried in her pussy, and nearly pulled out and told her to get the hell out, but something else occurred to me instead. Right above my cock was her tiny brown asshole. The one thing she never let me do was go back there.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” It was the first words I’d spoken to her since she had arrived, and I smiled as she looked at me with defiance.

“What? No! You know I won’t do that! Never.”

I started to slowly pull out. “Oh. Okay then. I just could have sworn I heard you say that you would do ANYthing to make it up to me, but if you’re sure.” I was now about a quarter of the way out.

“Anything but that, baby. You know I think it is disgusting. Please, I will do anything but that!” I could see the pleading in her eyes, and a small part of me (a VERY small part) almost pitied her.

As I talked, I continued to extricate myself. “No. I asked only one thing of you, and you won’t do it. I see what ‘anything’ means to you.” My tone was condescending, and I smiled as I saw the look of disbelief on her face. I have never treated her (much less any woman) like this, but she deserved it. This and so much more. I was now about halfway out of her.

“Baby, I love you! I know I screwed up, but please don’t ask that of me. Anything but THAT.”

“I either fuck you in the ass, or you get out, and I never see you again.” My tone was firm. I wasn’t budging… Well, except for my cock, which only had the head still in her warm wet pussy.

“Fine!” She squealed, and I could see that all resistance had left her. I slammed my cock home, and was greeted by her cumming on my cock. She loved to be rammed like that, and I knew all of HER turn-ons.

“I’ll even be nice about it. I’ll lie on the floor, and you can put it in at your own pace,” I told her, the condescending tone returning.

She just meekly nodded, and waited for me to lie down. I felt almost foolish, lying on my back, my arms stiffly raised in the air, but quickly forgot about that as Jenny removed her shirt and bra, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were large and hard as she squatted over me.

“Okay, baby. I will do this for you. Only for you, baby, because I love you so much.” She refused to look at me as she spoke, but I felt her hand grasp me penis, and aim for her ass. She slowly started to lower herself, and I was surprised to find that I went in so easily. It only took me a moment to realize what was happening.

“I said your ass, Jenny.” I was not letting her out of this one.

“I know. I promise I will, but I want to make sure you are lubed up enough, so that it doesn’t hurt too much.” She began to rock her hips, and I could feel myself buried deep inside her. She grabbed her left breast and began pinching her nipple with one hand, while reaching down to her clit with the other hand. Once again I saw through her ruse. She was doing everything she could to get me off, in the hopes that I would change my mind, and who could blame her if I came while she was trying to get me ‘lubed up’ enough?

Knowing her game I could defeat it. Anytime I thought I might start getting close, I just pictured her riding Jones like this, and the feeling went away immediately.

It didn’t take her long before she started cumming herself, shaking and shuddering on top of me. When she finished, she looked down at me, a small apologetic smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cum too. I promise you can do me back there next time.” I couldn’t believe it. The woman actually thought I had cum!. Granted, I have never lasted through one of her orgasms like this before, but still…

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I didn’t cum yet. By the feel of things, I am definitely ‘lubed up’ enough. Now either stick it in your ass, or get out. I’m not playing around.” I emphasized this with a thrust of my hips, like I was trying to throw her off me.

Fear entered her eyes, and I could tell that she understood I meant business.

“Okay, baby. I will.” I had never heard anyone so broken before. I reveled in it. She lifted up, and my cock slapped my belly with a wet splosh, as soon as it was free from her pussy. Oh, yes. I was definitely lubed up. She aimed me again, and this time as she lowered herself, there was no doubt which hole I was hitting. The resistance told me the truth.

Suddenly there was a pop, and her eyes were scrunched closed as she mouthed the word “owe”, over and over again. She had stopped as soon as the head had passed her sphincter, but I gave a slight lift to my hips to tell her to continue. She opened her eyes, and finally looked at me. I could see anger and maybe even hatred in their green depths, but I no longer cared. She was way too manipulative for me to ever stay with her. I wondered why I had never seen it before.

She started to lower herself, and I could see that there was still pain. I remained motionless as she moved, relishing the feel of her extremely tight asshole as it slid down my cum soaked cock. Finally, her ass rested on my crotch, and she stopped, trying to adjust to the feeling of me deep within her bowels.

I counted to ten, before ordering her to move. The look of anger in her eyes flashed again, but she did as she was told.

“Do you forgive me, baby? Now that you are finally fucking my ass?” Her meek tone jarred with the look in her eyes. Instead of answering, I just close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her.

I lay there for a few moments, eyes closed, as she rocked back and forth on me, until I started to notice a change. I opened my eyes, and saw that she had started to gyrate her hips, and was even biting her lower lip, eyes closed. An expression that told me she was starting to enjoy this. I started to rotate my hips in counterpoint to her, and her eyes flew open and locked on mine.

This story contains elements of gerontophilia, BDSM, incest, blackmail and reluctance. If you are offended by any of these issues, please read no further. Everyone in this story is aged over 18.

I should also like to thank Hatsuda for his support and editorial expertise.

“I really don’t know why we agreed to take this monstrosity from your grandmother, Drew. It’s an eyesore and just clutters up the house.” My mother was voicing an old frustration over a pseudo-antique desk inherited, indirectly from her father, my now deceased grandfather.

I had tended to keep out of this issue, but realised that I might be able to use it. “Mum, if you really don’t want it around, I’ll take it to house my PC and other assorted junk.”

“Done”, said my mother enthusiastically, and after we’d dismantled it as far as possible, we both manoeuvred it into a convenient corner of my room.

I sat looking at the collection of drawers, desk-tops and other paraphernalia and was puzzled by an apparent inconsistency in the sizes. There seemed to be a part of the desk that hadn’t been dismantled but I couldn’t account for its dimensions. So I rolled around on the floor under the desk and saw what appeared to be a hidden drawer. Feeling around its edges, there was a recessed lever which, when pushed, opened the drawer with a click. To start with, this was just an amusement but reaching in, I discovered a large brown envelope addressed to my grandmother. This, in turn contained a packet of papers that looked potentially very interesting indeed. I closed the drawer and opened up the large brown envelope.

As I scanned the documents, to say that I was amazed would be the understatement of the century. There were a dozen or so letters between my grandmother, Olivia Delahunty and Rev John Prendergast. I soon discovered that these were not just ordinary letters but extremely passionate and very graphic love letters in both directions. A quick calculation told me that they would have been written within two years of my grandparents’ marriage. In addition, there were two or three photographs of Olivia in what could only be called slutty poses, hot enough today but unbelievably scandalous thirty years ago.

This was very heavy stuff, the more so when I suddenly remembered that Rev John Prendergast had recently been appointed suffragan bishop of the central province.

“Well, well, well, grandmother,” I mused to myself, “you have been a very naughty girl. The question is, what am I going to do about it?”

A few words about our family might not go amiss here. My maternal grandfather, Alex Delahunty, made a great deal of money in the late 1960s and early 1970s, mainly, I gathered from speculation on the stock exchange. My maternal grandmother, Olivia came from “old money”, based on wool growing. She was a quite remarkable woman, strong but arrogant, certain of her own views and never afraid to voice them. Olivia never suffered fools gladly and could be quite caustic if challenged. Among other things, she hated country life and quickly sank her claws into Alex when he was invited to her parents’ place at Upson Downs for a visit. They were married when she was only nineteen, and I understood later that her parents breathed a sigh of relief when she left.

My mother, Beth, was the oldest child; the oldest daughter, who got herself pregnant by my father when she was only seventeen. I understood that this caused near catastrophic family conflict, with Olivia demanding that the pregnancy be terminated. I was remarkably grateful that that didn’t happen because I was the result.

My father was a hard man. Hard living, demanding of his family and ultimately, hard dying. He ran his car into a tree on a country road, travelling far too fast, with way too much booze in his system. I suspected that it might have been suicide as his business was not travelling too well, but it could never be proved, and substantial insurance policies were paid out to mum. Mum was something of an enigma to me. Very much the obedient little wife and homemaker, I nevertheless wondered how much real love there was between my parents. After my father’s death, mum seemed to be increasingly uncertain about herself and regularly turned to me for advice, sometimes about what I thought were quite insignificant things. Without dad’s forceful direction, she seemed lost.

I am Drew, my parents’ only child, twenty years old, and taking a year out of university after a serious illness earlier in the year. I have been studying IT, and did well in the first year. Now I’m spending a lot of time just bumming around and working on assorted computer projects. As part of my rehabilitation, I keep myself fit in regular gym sessions and cross-country running. I’ve got a pretty good opinion of myself, although in retrospect, I’m not at all sure that it was justified.

After my amazing discovery, I thought for a long time about the implications of the letters, and then a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning. The dates on the letters bracketed a date exactly nine months before my mother’s date of birth. Was it possible, I thought, that I was actually the grandson of the Reverend John Prendergast? It would certainly solve a few family riddles; why the man I had always believed to be my grandfather had been so hard on my mother and generally quite distant from her? Why was my mother so physically unlike her father, and her mother for that matter? I hurriedly sought out a photo of the reverend gentleman, taken at the time of his elevation to the bishopric, and I could detect something of a family likeness to my mother. Not compelling evidence, perhaps, but maybe a place to start.

My thoughts became increasingly salacious and ruthless. It wasn’t that my grandmother was the sort of woman portrayed in the usual slutty magazines, far from it. She was now aged 57, tall with a statuesque bearing, elegant and graceful with quite square shoulders that emphasized well-developed breasts. She had thick silver hair that fell down in waves below her shoulders and brilliant blue eyes, which were usually as hard as stone. She tended to camouflage her generous mouth with limiting lipstick, but she was always immaculately groomed, made up and dressed. A superficially highly attractive package, but with a heart as cold as a witches kiss.

To my amazement, I started growing an erection just thinking about my grandmother in the sorts of positions shown in the photos, and the potential for me to recreate some of these scenarios. I had always tended to avoid her wherever possible as we grated on each other, and I almost always came off worst. Now, though, the tables were turning, and I knew I had the leverage to make her do my bidding. The thought of that bidding kept me hard and gave me opportunities for highly satisfying masturbation.

One problem was that I somehow had to find an excuse to visit grandmother; mum was unlikely to be convinced if I just turned round and said, “Hey, mum, I’m off to visit grandmother.” Her suspicions would be aroused immediately.

Fate intervened a week or so later when mum caught me playing games on my PC, saying, “Drew, if you haven’t got anything better to do, your grandmother needs a hand to move some furniture.”

My heart leapt, but I didn’t want to appear too enthusiastic. “God, mum, do I have to visit the ice maiden? I know she doesn’t like me and we always niggle at each other.”

“Look, Drew, she doesn’t ask too often, and if it keeps her from nagging me, you will be doing me a favour, too.”

“Okay, mum; look, just out of interest, is it my imagination, or is grandmother getting worse; getting more severe, more aloof, more—I don’t know, more bloody difficult?”

Mum sighed. “I don’t think it’s your imagination, Drew. She’s become more withdrawn and more selfish over the last few years; it seems to have been a gradual process.”

“I see. Oh well mum, let her know I can go over on Saturday afternoon around 1.00, and I’ll do whatever needs doing,” I consented, “Plus some,” I thought to myself.

It was now Thursday and I had some arrangements to make. First and foremost, I visited a highly specialised store in one of the seedier parts of the city. It catered to less than conventional physical appetites and I was able to purchase a range of items with very specific purposes. These I packed in a sports bag and kept it in the boot of my car.

At 1.00 precisely on Saturday afternoon, I presented myself at grandmother’s house, a rather gloomy old Victorian place in the inner suburbs, surrounded by trees and probably worth a fortune in the current real estate market. Grandmother opened the door, looking her usual frigid self and reluctantly admitted me.

“Oh, it’s you. Well, come in and let’s get this business finished as soon as possible.” I brought in my sports bag, saying there were one or two things there that might be useful. She sniffed and led me to a room at the back of the house looking out onto the service area. “All the furniture in here needs to go into the large shed on the other side of the area,” she stated and turned to go.

“Some of this stuff is quite heavy, grandmother, I don’t know whether I can move it all by myself,” I queried.

“Well don’t expect me to get myself dirty; that’s why I asked your mother to send you over. I think there are trucks and trolleys and such in one of the sheds,” and so saying, she left.

I swore under my breath, but there was enough moving gear to assist; the job wasn’t as heavy as I originally thought and I was finished in less than two hours.

I went back into the house and cleaned up, then found grandmother in the lounge. She looked up as I entered, then said, “Thank you” rather dismissively.

“Oh, don’t I even get a cup of tea for my efforts?” I enquired, and she sighed and said, ungraciously, “Yes, I suppose so,” and went off to boil the kettle.

I settled myself in an armchair and when she returned, I said, “I’m glad I’ve got this opportunity to have a chat, grandmother.”

“Oh really,” she said, icicles forming round the words, “and just what do we have to talk about?”

“Well, for a start, I’d be interested to hear about your relationship with the Reverend John Prendergast, and how much your husband knew about this.”

“You impudent young puppy,” she screamed. “How dare you make such an insinuation? Get out of this house now and don’t ever show your face here again.”

“Very well, grandmother, if you insist, but before I go, you might be interested in these letters and photos that have come into my possession.” I spread out a complete copy of all the letters and photos on the table in front of her.

Grandmother turned pale and her face became set as she clamped down on a torrent of emotions seething through her. “Where did you get these?” she demanded in a low hoarse growl.

“Hmm—I thought you might have remembered. They were in an envelope addressed to you, presumably from the Reverend John and hidden in a secret drawer in that monstrosity of a desk that you insisted on giving to mum.”

Grandmother gasped and gave a deep groan. “I would have sworn they had been destroyed, burned in the backyard incinerator years ago. Now it seems as if Alex found them and held onto them, keeping his discovery a secret.” Now grandmother almost physically drew herself together to face the threat I had made. “Very well, young man, name your price!”

I smiled. “Just out of interest, grandmother, how much do you think they’re worth?”

“Oh, I suppose $500 might cover your attempt at blackmail,” she said condescendingly.

Now my smile turned to open laughter. “You just don’t get it, do you grandmother? You could offer me a thousand times that amount and I still wouldn’t sell. In fact, I’m not interested in your money.”

“So what do you want, then?” she asked with seemingly genuine curiosity.

“I want what John Prendergast was getting. I want full access to your body, when, where and how I decide.”

Grandmother seemed to go through a series of convulsions, her face first flushing a bright red, then turning deathly pale. She made some very odd noises before predictably asking, “What did you say?”

“You heard, grandmother. You are going to be available for sex at any time of my choosing, doing anything I feel like doing.”

“You must have gone completely insane.” she choked. “Under no circumstances would I contemplate for one moment anything even remotely similar to what you are saying. Now get out of this house before I call the police.”

“Grandmother, you still don’t understand the position you’re in. These documents are dynamite, and I’m quite prepared to use them for my own purposes. Just think for one moment how the Reverend John would react if—or when—I send him a copy. To say nothing of his wife and family. Then there is the archbishop; I’m sure he would find this material quite revealing. Of course, Mrs Potter, your arch-enemy on the state women’s committee would find much to use in these documents, and there are another six or seven people who would use this against you. In addition, the gutter press would have a field day; ‘Society matron in lust affair with church leader’; can’t you just see it? Are you prepared to take that risk?”

My grandmother’s previously steely resolve collapsed. “You wouldn’t,” she sobbed.

“Oh yes I would, grandmother. I’ve always fancied the idea of having a sex slave and you will fill the bill very nicely. Now, let’s start as we mean to continue—get undressed.”

“No, Drew, please, I beg you, don’t do this to me. You know this is incest and we could both be in serious legal trouble. Besides which, it is totally wrong, morally.”

“I don’t give a damn about your phoney morality and as to the law, well, I’m not going to say anything, and if you do, you know the consequences. Besides, I can always claim that you seduced me, an innocent 18 year old when I came to help you move some furniture,” I replied with a meaningful smirk.

My grandmother’s demeanour changed again. “You foul pig,” she spat at me. “Do your worst; see if I care.”

“Easy on the abuse,” I replied, “or I shall be forced to demonstrate just who IS in charge here. On the other hand, if you are really determined to face me down, I’ll leave now, stop off at the nearest post box and drop off this batch of letters. Oh yes, and I’ve got a nice little on-line compilation that I can release onto the ‘net any time. That would spread the message far and wide. Okay, grandmother, see you around.” And I headed for the door.

“Stop,” she croaked. “You can’t do that.”

“I think I can, grandmother—who’s going to stop me? Now if you really don’t want me to post these interesting documents, do what I tell you and strip. Now.”

If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead on the spot. “You rotten, rotten bastard. You foul pig,” she screamed.

I wasn’t going to let this pass and jumping out of my chair I reached across and grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling her back towards the chair. Then she screamed her hate and defiance, cursing me as I pulled her sharply forward so that she fell across my knees. She was wearing a tight tailored skirt in a soft, light blue material, and as she squirmed on my lap, her arse wiggled invitingly. Too good to resist, I started spanking her across the beautiful curves of her bottom, landing hard blows on each cheek. I kept this up for some time, enjoying the sweet sensations of my hand bouncing on her tight, firm arse and her squeals and screams of pain. Eventually her curses changed to sobs and I finished, shoving her roughly to the floor where she sprawled in an uncharacteristically inelegant manner.

She eventually picked herself up, her hair in a mess, her makeup streaked and her face red with evidence of tears. Even so, she faced me with some of her old spirit. “How dare you strike a lady?” she demanded. “What sort of a beast are you to hit your own grandmother?”

“Haven’t you realised yet, Olivia, that I am the sort of beast that gives beasts a bad name? I’ve also decided that I’m going to drop the grandmother crap and call you by your given name. Now get your clothes off or I will cut them off—and it would be such a shame to damage your fashionable clothes.”

She sneered at me but realised that I was serious and undid the buttons on the front of her blouse, shrugging it off and folding it onto a nearby chair. Her high set breasts looked to be perfectly shaped with little evidence of any sagging but were hidden in a pale lilac bra edged with embroidered flowers.

“Very nice, Olivia, you’re already making me drool. Now lose the skirt.”

She again favoured me with a look of pure hate seasoned with a generous helping of disdain, but unzipped the skirt and dropped it and a half-slip to the floor, stepping out of them and turning sideways to minimize the view.

She was wearing pantyhose as well as 3″ patent pumps. “Oh dear, Olivia, I definitely do not approve of pantyhose. In future, you will wear either stockings and a garter belt or possibly stay-ups, but never pantyhose.”

“In future?” she screamed, “What the hell do you mean by that. There is no ‘in future’. As soon as I am finished with this whole degradation, I never want to see you or hear from or of you again, you piece of shit.”

“Dear me, Olivia, your language is starting to get the better of you. It must be clouding your vision of the future, because you are destined to be my sex slave for as long as I want you. The letters and photos are a guarantee that you will be obedient because you can’t face the possibility of exposure and the wholesale public humiliation you will face. Let’s put it this way—you can face exposure and ongoing public humiliation from any number of sources, or you can experience private humiliation at my hands with no exposure. Your choice, only make your decision quickly because my patience is starting to run out.”

“There must be another way out; there must.” By now she was starting to move from enraged to desperate.

“No, Olivia, but I will say this. My interest in you has to do with sex and domination. If you accept the private option, you will submit to me as your master and do everything I demand of you. I have no intention of jeopardising your fashionable status or your business activities. So far as that’s concerned, you can continue to be the queen bee and so long as you satisfy my lusts I shall not interfere in your daily life. On the other hand, if you want to take the public humiliation option, you can have no hope of any future social standing. Your previous life will seem like a dream with your present life a never-ending nightmare.”

“Doesn’t sound as if I have much choice does it?” she asked resignedly.

“Of course you do, but I would’ve thought the choice was obvious. If it is what I think it will be, take off your bra and let me get a good look at your tits.”

Olivia gave me another withering look, and I realised that I was going to have to do something about this. I needed to break her will so that she would do just as I wanted, even to the extent of begging me to spank, whip or flog her; to reveal her truly submissive nature. I was starting to get an erection just thinking about this, and it grew more pronounced when she unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

Her breasts were superb, pale cones of firm flesh with wide pink areolas and long tubular nipples that already appeared to be hard. This interested me; the room was quite warm so there had to be some other source of stimulation.

“Such beautiful tits, Olivia, just waiting for a man to play with them.” So saying, I walked over to her and pinched each nipple hard, pulling them forward so that her tits stood out to almost their full extent.

“Aargh, stop, you brute, you’re hurting me,” she squealed. At the same time, Olivia started to lash out with her hands in a futile attempt to make me stop but I continued to pinch and twist her firm nubs, her screams causing my erection to grow even greater.

“Mmm, too good to let go, Olivia,” I claimed and bent to lick around each breast in turn, spiralling upwards from her chest and flicking across her now swollen nipples.

She moaned and whimpered as I did so, turning to screams as I bit into each hard nubbin.

“I think I’ve given you a lot of latitude, Olivia, but you’re still trying your hardest to piss me off. Beware, slut, my patience isn’t unlimited, but this will obviously take a little time. I produced a set of handcuffs and a ball gag from my bag, then pushed her to the ground and cuffed her to the table leg. I forced the ball gag into her protesting mouth, then made a phone call.

“Hi mum,” I tried to sound deliberately calm and composed. “Look, grandmother has invited me to stay for the night; there was more to do than I thought and, believe it or not, we’ve had quite a pleasant little chat. No, it’s not really convenient to talk to her right now, she’s a bit, how shall I say, ‘tied up’ at the moment. Yes, okay, I’ll see you some time tomorrow.”

I removed the ball gag and was greeted by derision and loathing. “Damn you, you’re not staying here, you can go to hell” she spat out.

I slapped her hard across each tit, bringing tears to her eyes. “I’ll do what I bloody well please, and you’re in no position to stop me.

I un-cuffed her and dragged her to her feet. “Now, where were we, my dear Olivia? Oh yes, take off those stupid pantyhose and let me get a good look at your pussy. Are you going to do what you’re told or am I going to have to cut them off and risk nicking your sweet little kitty?”

Realising that she had no alternative, Olivia slowly slid the pantyhose down her still slim, smooth legs and stood boldly naked in front of me. Her pussy lips were still closed and there was no sign of any moisture, and her love tunnel was guarded by a light covering of blond to gray fur. I stroked my hand over her mound, easing a finger gently through the outer lips, but she was still too dry for any penetration, unless I decided to be completely brutal; “not right now,” I thought.

“Mmm, delicious—mouth watering, in fact, although I think we might move to somewhere more appropriate for what I have in mind. Your bedroom; let’s go.”

“No, you’ll have to carry me, kicking and screaming before I do that,” she yelled.

“I could do that, too,” I countered, “but I don’t think that will be necessary, and I pulled a long riding crop from my bag. Now move,” I shouted, and whipped her across her butt, leaving a bright red line across one alabaster cheek.

Olivia screamed again, this time with pain, but moved towards the stairs, and I followed, watching fascinated as the bright red line swayed with the roll of her hips.

We reached her bedroom, and I was delighted to see an antique brass bed providing lots of useful anchor points for handcuffs.

I moved across to her bed and sat down facing her. “Okay, slut, down on your hands and knees, crawl over to me, open up my jeans, take out my cock and give me a hot, wet blowjob.”

Olivia growled at me in anger and defiance. “Never, you rotten bastard. I don’t do that sort of thing, and you can’t make me. If you try, I’ll bite your goddam cock off!”

“Now you’ve gone too far, Olivia and you need to be taught a lesson.” I grabbed her by the arm, and again jerked her towards me, although this time she knew what was about to happen and struggled to avoid it. I was a good deal stronger than her, and she was soon draped across my knees with her smooth, soft bottom just waiting for the attention of my hand.

I spanked her hard, alternating between each cheek, and varying the time between each strike to prevent her predicting when the next blow would fall. After five strikes on each cheek, she started to gasp, then shriek as the pain increased, my spanking compounding the pain from the stroke of the crop. She struggled to try to escape, but that simply resulted in the spanking getting harder, and she stopped. By ten strikes I could hear her sobbing but I kept up the spanking, although, unexpectedly her cries grew less as I approached twenty, and her struggles took on a different quality.

Her bottom was now cherry red and hot to the touch as I stroked my hand across her radiant bum causing her to whimper gently. My suspicions were soon confirmed as I twisted her body so that she was facing me, and ran a finger across her slit. It was running with her juices.

Olivia gave a cry of pain as I dumped her unceremoniously on the floor. “So, you slut; you’re getting off on being spanked. You’re obviously a pain slut, so we can both enjoy me punishing you in other, more inventive ways.”

“No, no, it’s not like that—my body is betraying me,” she gasped in horror.

“What a very nice body it is too and how sweetly it betrays you,” I replied cheerfully. “Now you know what to do, unless you want more punishment. Down on your hands and knees, open my jeans get hold of my cock and blow me.”

“Please, Drew, please—I’ve never done anything like that,” she cried, with tears running down her face, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, now’s your chance to learn, and if you’ve truly never given head before, you’ll need lots and lots of practice. Get to it,” I growled and grabbing her shoulders, twisted her towards me.

Olivia fumbled with my belt and eventually got my jeans open. She worked her soft warm hand into my boxers and, with difficulty, extracted my stiff, throbbing cock.

“Oh god, it’s much too big, I can’t get that thing in my mouth,” Olivia whimpered.

“That is not a ‘thing’, slut, it’s my sacred cock and you will worship it. Start by licking all over and around it and concentrate on the soft part just below the head.”

Olivia tentatively licked around the head of my cock, so unexpectedly gently that it made me gasp and pant. “Ooh yes, very nice, now lick down and stroke your tongue around my balls, using plenty of saliva.”

Olivia’s ministrations were having exactly the desired effect, and I could feel the outliers of a delicious orgasm starting to build. “Okay, slut, now take as much of my cock into your mouth as you can manage and suck on it as if it was an ice block. But I warn you, if I so much as get a hint of you using your teeth inappropriately, I’ll thrash you to within an inch of your life.”

She moaned lightly, but slid my cock into her now sucking mouth and continued to use her tongue around the sensitive underside as she did so.

“Oh yes, you cocksucking bitch, you learn fast. Just keep the pressure up and keep using that talented tongue until I cum in your mouth.”

Olivia started to withdraw saying, “Nngh, no, you can’t …” but I held her head against my crotch and pumped my cock into her mouth.

My orgasm was building quickly and I could feel the electric excitement in my lower abdomen reaching into my balls. With a choked roar, my cum flooded through my cock and into Olivia’s reluctant mouth. “Now swallow, bitch,” I demanded, still holding her head in place as the spasms of my cock continued and gradually lessened.

She swallowed some, but then started to gag and choke, and I allowed her to cough and retch, spitting the surplus cum onto the floor.

“Tut, tut, Olivia, what a waste of good semen. You will need to have more practice at swallowing my seed, but that wasn’t bad for a first effort,” I concluded grudgingly. “Now, clean my cock up with your tongue, then go into your bathroom and clean yourself up.”

She did as I told her, without further objection, although her hatred was obvious from her expression and the way she moved.

Olivia returned, looking tidier, but still with an expression of disgust on her face. “Now, seeing as you were somewhat reluctant to give me a blowjob, we will go in the other direction. Get up on the bed and lean against the bed-head, spread your legs and masturbate to orgasm.”

Olivia looked at me with revulsion, but before she could comment, I continued, “Do it, or your punishment will make the spanking you recently had seem like a tickle. MOVE—NOW.”

My harsh shout caused her to climb onto the bed and move gingerly into the position I specified. She wet her index finger and slid it slowly up her pussy towards her clitoris, with a blank, disconnected expression on her face.

“Good girl,” I condescended, “Now speed it up a bit—oh, and in case I didn’t tell you, you are not allowed to cum unless I tell you that you may. In addition, you must keep your eyes open and not take them away from mine. Do you understand?”

Olivia made no comment, and I roared at her, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

She still looked blank, but nodded in acknowledgement, continuing to stroke her pussy, now with two fingers, and she continued to stare into my eyes. As her orgasm started to grow, she hummed, then drove two fingers deep into her cunt and alternated that with stroking and pinching her clit. The pressure was rising and her hums changed to moans. Her body shook with the tension, writhing and squirming as her sexual excitement increased.

Olivia was losing the battle to keep herself distant from the sexual activity that I was imposing on her. She was right; her body had betrayed her and was continuing to do so, as she gradually slipped under my control. We weren’t there yet, but the advantage was now very much in my court. I seized this opportunity to take some photos of Olivia in this lewd and obscene position but she didn’t seem to notice, being totally obsessed by bringing herself to climax. She continued to look into my eyes, but her gaze was glassy and seemed wholly inward focussed.

Her moans turned to a scream as the ecstasy built and her climax came ever nearer and I warned her, “You do not cum until I allow you to or you suffer unpleasant consequences.”

Olivia gasped and sobbed as her body shuddered—her tits quivered in a most entrancing way and her legs trembled and shook. “Oh god, master, please, please, I need the release—I’ll come apart if I can’t let my orgasm happen.”

“No, slut, the decision is mine, not yours. You do what I want, not what you want, and I want to see you in the throes of self-generated sexual excess.”

She gave an animal howl, her hand still working hard on her soaking and inflamed pussy with her inhibited orgasm seeming to take control of her whole body. The shuddering increased, her head thrashed from side to side, causing her hair to fly in a white cloud. “P…please, ma…mast …master, p… please, I b … beg y … you, please release me. I wi … will d … do any … anything you w … want, just please, l … let me go,” she seemed to pray to me.

I realised that she might be damaged if I held her in stasis for too long, and said, “Very well, slut, when I count to three, you may cum. One …”

Olivia screamed, a harsh, hard noise, cutting through the sex-laden atmosphere of the bedroom.


Her scream rose higher in a crescendo while her body, limbs and head flailed on the brink of a climax as powerful as any volcano.


“Aargh … aieee … aieee …oh god, oh god, oh god, … master!” Olivia went rigid before the tension broke and her orgasm washed from her tortured and now flooding cunt throughout her whole body.

This performance, including her reference to me as “master”, had caused me to generate a record erection and I needed to relieve it—urgently. “Excellent, slut,” I said, “now get onto all fours so that I can fuck you doggy style.”

She moved slowly into position with her arse in the air; I shucked off my clothes and positioned myself behind her. I first ran my right hand over her pussy and saw that it was still dripping with her juices. Then I moved up to her with my rigid cock against the moist entrance to her love tunnel, and without any preliminaries, entered her with one long hard thrust.

Olivia screamed at the sudden intrusion of my cock into her pussy. For a woman of her age, she was remarkably tight, probably from lack of use. That made it all the more enjoyable for me, and I reamed into her sucking cunt, showing her no mercy. Her screams lessened a little as she gradually became accustomed to my thick cock ploughing into her, and, rather to my surprise, she started to move backwards to meet my thrusts and generate some excitement for herself. As she did so, I slapped her arse, causing her to gasp, but not to stop her backward thrusts.

Her breathing became harsh and she panted as another orgasm started to overtake her, and mine was growing more insistent as her cunt muscles gripped my throbbing cock, trying to pull me even further into her heat and not allow me to withdraw. Olivia mewled and whimpered with the force of the sensations building inside her and I moaned with the thrill of an imminent explosion.

By some serendipitous chance, we came together. I howled in triumph as a flood of cum blasted through my cock into the depths of her cunt. Olivia screamed and thrashed as her orgasm broke free, flooding my cock with her juices and causing her body to ripple and shudder in synch with my jerks and spasms.

Olivia collapsed forwards and I rolled onto my back with my sticky cock now starting to droop. “Well done, bitch, now finish the job. Come down here and clean my cock with your tongue.”

She moved slowly and gave a tired sigh, but made no comment before her warm, wet tongue worked its way up and down and over and around my cock, cleaning away the last traces of our mingled spend.

“Oh god, I’m so exhausted,” she whispered, “I just want to fall into bed.”

“Oh no, bitch, you have entirely the wrong idea. You will sleep on a blanket on the floor at the end of the bed, with one wrist cuffed to the leg of the bed to prevent any funny business. I will grant you the benevolence of a pillow, a bowl of water that you can lap like a dog and a bucket in case you need to relieve yourself during the night. Now go and clean yourself up and we will both retire.”

“How can you do this to me, you rotten swine. I’m your grandmother, for god’s sake. You can’t treat me like an animal ….”

I broke in quickly. “I think you will find that I can, Olivia, and if you keep on bad mouthing me, I’ll tan your arse so hard that it will keep you warm all night. You performed well for me, so I’ll cut you some slack, but you’ve gone as far as I’m prepared to tolerate.” With that, she went to the en suite to tidy herself up, and I placed the blanket, pillow etc. on the floor and cuffed her wrist to the bed. “Good night, grandmother,” I called cheerily, but was not surprised when I didn’t get a reply.

I slept well and was up early the following morning. Olivia was sleeping fitfully when I nudged her with my foot. “Wake up, sleeping beauty”, I carolled, “time for breakfast; I’m hungry.”

I bent and unfastened the cuff around her wrist, noticing a quite different expression on her face. It seemed feral, fierce, almost as if she was possessed, and I was immediately on my guard. Just as well that I was; we went downstairs to the kitchen and I seated myself, waiting for coffee and toast at least.

I was barely seated when Olivia rushed at me, swinging a long, serrated kitchen knife and snarling like a wild animal. Fortunately, I was not taken by surprise. I jumped up and threw my heavy coffee mug at her, catching her on the right shoulder with enough force to cause her to drop the knife.

I was immediately on to her, grabbing both arms and twisting them up behind her back so that she screamed in pain. “You stupid, stupid, STUPID bitch. What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?” I shouted at her. She mumbled something that I didn’t catch.

“I’ve got no hesitation in killing you after what you’ve just done, and I would claim self-defence.” By this time I was icy cold and spat out my words with force and with venom.

Olivia screamed, gasped and sobbed, “Oh god, no, you can’t, don’t talk like that, you can’t kill me, you just can’t.”

I let go her arms, then spun her around, ripping off the tie from her dressing gown and binding her wrists firmly with it. “Well, who’s going to stop me?” I demanded. “Give me just one good reason why I shouldn’t butcher you right here and now.” I looked into her eyes; the demonic expression was gone, replaced by one of total abject terror.

She continued to sob. “P…p…please, d…don’t d…do this. Y…you…you’ll…go…to…ga…gaol.”

“Maybe,” I replied callously, “but even if they find me guilty and let’s say I get 20 years, I’ll only be 40 when I get out, and you’ll be just as dead.”

She tried again, “I’m your grandmother; doesn’t that mean anything?”

I gave an evil laugh. “That’s just a biological accident and it also means that this is the second time you’ve tried to kill me.”

“The second time?” her curiosity got the better of her pain and her fear.

“Yeah, the second—after you tried to have me aborted a bit over twenty years ago. Try again, granny, you’re not doing too well at the moment; your prospects don’t look too good,” and I put my hands round her throat, squeezing just hard enough to let her know that I wasn’t joking.

“Oh please, I beg you, please let me live, I don’t want to die,” she gasped, then she again burst into tears, shaking and trembling with fear. Her terror had become palpable as she lost control of her bladder and urine trickled down her legs.

I removed my hands. “Hmm, let’s suppose, purely hypothetically, you understand, that I do decide to let you live. What’s in it for me?” I demanded.

“Oh god, oh god, please, please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything, give you anything just let me stay alive.”

“Anything?” I queried.

“Oh yes, you can have all my money, use my body any way that pleases you, just …” at which words failed her and she shuddered and cried bitterly.

“Very well, you stupid whore. As I’ve already told you, money means nothing to me, but I will use your body in such a way that you may wish you were dead. Now first of all, clean up that mess on the floor.”

Olivia scurried to find cleaning materials and removed most of the evidence of her incontinence.

Then I dragged Olivia back up to her bedroom and flung her onto the bed, face down, cuffing her hands and feet spreadeagled to the head and foot of the bed. Then I pushed a pillow under her midriff, forcing her bottom into the air and picked up the riding crop that I’d used once on her when we first came to her bedroom. I turned her head to show her, slashing it into the pillow beside her head.

“To start the punishment, you will get thirty strokes with the crop over your lily-white arse. You will count each stroke, and then say, ‘thank you, master’ after you receive it. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Very well, let us begin this part of the amusement,” and I struck her upraised bottom hard with the crop. A red welt appeared immediately, she squealed but managed a gasping, “One. Thank you, master.”

We went through two, three, four, five to fifteen. By now she screamed at each stroke but managed to sob out the count and her thanks.

Her bottom was criss-crossed with a network of scarlet welts and she wriggled and thrashed to try to minimise the pain, but without success. “We’ve reached the half way mark, slut,” I confirmed, and we will take a minute’s break before the final stage.”

Olivia moaned, but said nothing.

I soon resumed the punishment and she was now screaming in agony as each blow landed. As if by some programmed response, she managed the count and thanks but it was as if the noise came from a robot.

“Thirty, thank you master,” a hoarse whisper that I could barely hear before she burst into tears. “Oh thank god that’s over,” she whimpered.

“Oh no, Olivia, this is far from over. Now I’m going to fuck you up the arse.

She screamed in anticipated agony. “Oh master, please don’t be so cruel.”

“Cruelty doesn’t come into this, slut. Correct me if I’m wrong, but just now you offered me the use of your body in any way that pleases me. This pleases me! Now, I am going to release you, and I want you on all fours in the middle of the bed with your legs spread. If you try any funny business, I’ll give you a sound thrashing with the crop across your sweet tits. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” She sobbed, trembling and whimpering.

My cock was now throbbing and steel hard and I removed my clothes in double quick time. I climbed onto the bed behind Olivia and squirted a liberal amount of anal lub onto her puckered arsehole as well as working a generous quantity onto my cock. I lined up my cock and rested the head on her tight pucker then leaned over and whispered to her, “This will hurt a tiny bit less if you consciously relax your anal muscle as I push in.” She nodded but said nothing, then took a deep breath, trying to relax.

I slowly increased the pressure of my cock on her arsehole and she relaxed the sphincter muscle, allowing the head to pop inside. I stopped and waited for her anus to adjust itself to this intrusion, then again pushed slowly forward. Olivia screamed with the pain of this thrust; “Oh god, you’re too big, you’re going to tear me apart.”

“Be quiet or I’ll gag you. This is part of your punishment and I’m going to take my pleasure however I please,” I growled remorselessly. I continued to push in but gently and slowly, allowing her some time to adjust, and although the screams stopped, Olivia moaned and gasped, sobbing as the invasion continued.

I slid my cock steadily into her anus and filled her without hurrying. This allowed me to feel Olivia surrender her arse to me. I greatly enjoyed this sense of domination and let out a pent-up breath as the base of my cock pressed up against her bottom. She whimpered as my curly forest rubbed against her tortured cheeks, but made no attempt to prevent this pain. Once I was all the way inside her, I began by fucking her slowly, with initially gentle thrusts. As her muscles relaxed a little I was able to speed up and thrust harder into her hot, smooth arse.

Olivia responded with squeals of mixed pain and excitement which turned to screams as the pressure from my expanding cock grew. I bent over her back and whispered to her again, “Play with your clit, slut and let me hear you getting closer to your climax.”

I could feel the rhythmic movement of her hand in her pussy and heard the squeals and moans growing louder and more frequent. Her breathing changed to ragged gasps and she bucked under me.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god. I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she shrieked, but I stopped my thrusting and slapped her butt hard, causing her to scream with pain, which stopped the approaching train wreck.

“Aaargh, that is so unfair,” she whined, but I was not going to be drawn into this.

“You will cum when I do and not before, and I’m not there yet,” I snarled. “Now let’s get back to the action; keep playing with yourself and I’ll tell you when to cum.”

Olivia whined again, but continued the action on her clit while I drove into her arse with increased speed and force. Her eager cries started to rise again, and this time, so did mine. I could feel my orgasm gathering pace, bubbling in my balls and demanding release through my cock until I howled my elation and delight as I shot a goodly load of spunk deep into her bowels. At the same time, Olivia screamed in a keening wail as she climaxed with great force—more than I had seen with her and possibly more than she had ever experienced before.

My wilting cock left her arse with a soft “pop” and I rolled onto my back while Olivia slumped forward onto her front. Then she propped onto one elbow and looked at me with pain and tiredness in her eyes. “Master is this all, or do I need to do further penance for my sins?”

“No, slut, there is still more to come, although this will be different.” With that I told her to lie on her back and I again cuffed her arms and legs to the bed, leaving her stretched with her legs wide apart. “I need to go out for a couple of hours, so I am going to leave you here, but I don’t want you to get bored.”

Olivia looked puzzled.

I went to my sports bag and took out a combined vibrator and clit stimulator. “Do you know what this is, slut?” I asked.

“I think so, master,” she gasped, “it’s a vibrator.”

“Yes, indeed,” I replied and worked it carefully into her soaking pussy with the stimulator snugly against her clit. She screamed when I turned it on, and I told her, “You will now have two hours of intense orgasmic stimulation until I return. And to add to your enjoyment, I am going to blindfold you and insert and ear plugs so that the only sensations you will get will be through your cunt.” I matched my actions to my words and taped the vibrator in place. As I left the bedroom, Olivia was already squirming and squealing with the intense sensations playing in and around her pussy.

I picked up Olivia’s house keys and drove home for a brief conversation with mum. “I know this will sound very odd, mum, but grandmother has asked me to stay over with her for a few days. It means I can get out of your hair and I’ve agreed to help her with some of the bigger stuff around the house. Now I’ve really got to know her a lot better, she’s not so formidable as I used to think, and I can help her out a bit.”

“That’s so good of you, Drew,” mum replied, “perhaps I should ring her and thank her?”

“No, probably not right now, mum—grandmother’s taking a nap at the moment, that’s why I left her for a while. I’ll be sure to let her know you asked after her, though.”

“Thank you, honey, you’re such a good son—perhaps I should say such a good grandson,” mum complimented me but I was very aware of the heavy irony.

I packed some clean clothes, had a casual coffee with mum, then left around 1.00 pm and headed back to grandmother’s house, stopping off briefly on the way. I had been away for almost exactly two hours. I went upstairs to Olivia’s bedroom; the vibrator was still humming merrily, but Olivia had passed out in the middle of the bed in a pool of mixed urine and pussy juice. I turned off the vibrator and removed it as gently as possible together with the earplugs, the blindfold and the cuffs. Semi consciously, Olivia rolled into a foetal position while I sat on the bed and waited.

Olivia opened her eyes and gazed at me looking exhausted and totally shattered. “Oh god, master,” she whispered in a voice so low I could hardly hear her, “Please, I beg you, let me sleep. After that last experience, I am totally wiped out.”

“Hmm, well, I suppose I can be merciful this time, although once again, you appear to have had bladder problems. Clean up the bed and yourself, then sleep if you need to.”

Olivia dragged herself out of bed and masked the extensive damp patch, then fell into a dead sleep. I sat in a chair next to the bed and watched my sleeping grandmother with her curtain of silver hair spread across the pillow, and her face surprisingly composed after the turbulence of the morning.

This caused me to reflect on what had happened, and as I did so, I started to feel a storm of guilt drawing in around me. “How could I have been so brutal towards my own flesh and blood?” I thought to myself, and once I allowed my conscience to come into play, the whole ugly scenario played itself out in my mind, and I wept for my own cruelty and viciousness. This had to stop, and I resolved to go no further.

Olivia slept for over four hours, and I was still sitting watching her as she woke, stretching luxuriously like a newly awoken cat.

“Master?” she asked enquiringly.

“First, Olivia, I want you to do something that sounds simple but will be almost impossible for you to do.”

She looked at me enquiringly but said nothing.

“Olivia, I want you to trust me, to trust that I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes, of course I will, master; what would you have me do?”

“Just turn and lie on your stomach,” I ordered, but as gently as I knew how. “I may actually have misled you, as this may sting a bit at first,” and I poured a liberal quantity of soothing lotion onto her butt. She squeaked briefly as it stung, but then began to hum as I rubbed the lotion into her tortured skin, where it had a comforting effect.

“Ooh thank you, master, that helps my poor, sore bottom so much. Now what would you have me do next?”

“No, Olivia, I’m going to put an end to this charade. If it was possible to make anything like an apology to you, I would do so immediately and without hesitation. Nothing I can say can make up for the way I have treated you, and if you want to take legal action against me, I will understand and I won’t fight it. I will return all the letters and photos to you as soon as possible. I’m going to leave now, and you need never see …”

At that point, she looked at me with an expression that, in other circumstances I could only interpret as love, and said, “Master, please, may this unworthy slut beg you to allow me some time to shower and dress because I really do want to have a conversation with you. This is so very important to me, and I beg you not to leave before we’ve had a chance to talk, although it will probably take me a couple of hours to do what I need to do. Will you do that for me, please, and if after that you need to leave, I won’t stand in your way?”

I was absolutely astonished, and could only nod my agreement.

“Thank you so much, master; why don’t you go make yourself some coffee—and why not order some Chinese for us both; I’m starving,” she finished almost inconsequentially.

I disappeared to the lounge, made coffee, ordered a decent sized meal and sat and read the paper in a half-hearted way. After almost two hours, I heard the click of heels approaching the door and Olivia walked in. To be more accurate, she glided in, and I was totally gobsmacked at the sight. I stood as she walked in and stared open mouthed at this stunning vision.

She had obviously washed her hair and brushed it until it gleamed with highlights all through her luxurious silver mane. Her makeup was applied as if by a professional, but with some differences from normal. Her lipstick clearly outlined her generous mouth, rather than trying to hide it, her fingers were tipped with bright red polish and she wore a tight skirt in a soft pink material with a white silk blouse cut in such a way that it emphasized her generous breasts. These were embraced by a clever bra that supported her mouth-watering assets without hiding their obvious attractions. She was wearing 3″ black patent heels, but no stockings.

My stare continued, and Olivia laughed. “Oh master, you’d better close your mouth or you’ll start catching flies.”

As she said that, she came close to me and took both my hands in hers and unexpectedly, lifted them to her lips and kissed them gently, her eyes shining with something I could only describe as devotion.

“Olivia, what has happened?” I gasped. “I expected you to at least throw me out, possibly with a police escort.”

She put her finger to my lips, saying, “Please master, I need to talk with you and explain what has happened from my perspective.”

“Okay, if you say so,” I replied, “but until further notice, perhaps I should call you Olivia and you call me Drew. That way, we can put this master/slave business to one side for a while.”

We sat together on the sofa with our knees at right angles, almost touching, and she started her extraordinary story.

“Drew, you need to understand the sort of person I really am. From at least my late teens, I realised that I was a natural submissive; I needed someone to control me in my personal life, but someone who I could trust. That part was supremely important to me, so that I could feel safe and secure, be able to relax and let myself go and thoroughly enjoy the experience. So I needed someone who would be able to control and regulate my experience of being dominated, but in ways where I knew I would ultimately be safe.”

This was obviously very important to Olivia, but as she talked, she seemingly idly stroked my forearm very gently with her soft, warm hand. This caused goose bumps to rise on my arm, and also a distinct arising of another part of my anatomy. I looked from her hand to her eyes, and Olivia stopped, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, Drew, I hardly realised what I was doing. I hope it isn’t disturbing you?”

I laughed. “Yes, it is disturbing me very much, but if you stop I shall be even more disturbed!”

Olivia also laughed in response and continued her gentle stroking as well as her story.

“I had so hoped that Alex would be the answer to my needs; he was handsome, positive and with an air of control about him. Unfortunately, I soon found that this didn’t extend to the bedroom. He really had little interest in me sexually; more what you might call today a ‘trophy wife’. I couldn’t get my needs met, and sublimated them into a drive towards my own form of business success, in a sense, competing with Alex. I developed a chain of beauty salons and hairdressers and branched out into jewellery design, where I discovered that I had some talent. I became quite hard nosed in these areas, and that turned me into a hard, driven person, able to completely suppress all my sensual desires under a ruthless drive for success—and, to be perfectly honest, for money.”

“I see—I think,” I commented, “so how does John Prendergast fit into all this?”

“Oh, poor John; he was so sweet. One night after I’d had a little too much to drink at a party we both attended, I confessed some of my feelings to John. He tried to save me, and I seduced him; he wasn’t married at the time. As you know,” Olivia grinned at me, “we exchanged some highly explicit letters, mainly at my instigation. When I discovered I was pregnant, he broke off the relationship and returned all the letters to me. I seem to remember there was one last letter in which I begged him not to leave me, but I think he must have destroyed that. Yes, Drew, your mother is John Prendergast’s daughter, of that I have absolutely no doubt.” Olivia paused for a moment, reflecting on what had happened almost forty years ago.

“I thought I had destroyed the letters, but evidently, Alex found them and kept them hidden for his own purposes. Actually this answers a question I’ve had about Alex’s behaviour about 18 months after your mother was born. One evening, he stormed into our bedroom in a towering rage and raped me. Oddly, it was the most passionate that he’d ever been, he just went right over the top. Your twin aunts were the result, but I regret that I never really bonded well with them, and the result is that we hardly ever have anything to do with each other.”

Now Olivia’s face broke into a broad smile. “Then yesterday, you arrived on the doorstep to move some furniture, and completely turned my world upside down.”

“I’m so sorry, grandmother. I’ve always been in awe of you and when I found the incriminating letters, I decided to take advantage of your apparent weakness and blackmail you into having sex with me. After I managed to bully you into doing as I wished, it didn’t take me long to realise that, underneath that stern exterior you are totally gorgeous and totally sexy. .”

“What I don’t understand,” Olivia continued with a smile in her voice, “is why someone as young and good looking as you should prefer a woman nearly forty years older than you?”

“Just take a good, honest look in the mirror, you beautiful creature,” I laughed.

“Drew, I don’t know whether you realise it or not, but in a sense you have killed someone.”

I was shocked. “What the hell do you mean?” I demanded.

“Well, as a result of my obsessive drive for business success, I sort of developed a second personality and attempted to bury the submissive Olivia. I think it’s called a dissociative personality disorder today, although I think in my case, it’s not a full blown example. What I called the ‘bad’ Olivia, the heartless, driven person attempted to imprison the ‘good’ Olivia, who just wanted to submit sexually to someone she trusted. What you’ve done in the past couple of days is to dominate me to such an extent that the ‘bad’ Olivia has disappeared; you’ve killed her.”

“Okay,” I responded, “and I guess the knife attack was the last attempt by the ‘bad’ Olivia to reassert herself?”

“Spot on, stud,” she grinned.

“Olivia,” I queried, “I’m curious about one other thing. If the driven, hard Olivia is gone, how will the submissive Olivia cope with her business commitments?”

“Even better, I think. If I can allow my submissiveness free rein, it will allow me to focus on my business activities in the knowledge that I can release all the stress through a loving, caring master that I can completely trust, and I so hope that is you. Now the ‘bad’ Olivia is gone and you’re left with a submissive who is longing to be dominated by you, what are you going to do about it?” Olivia grinned again.

“Olivia, that is such a tempting offer, but what on earth makes you think you can trust me?”

“Drew, I think you’ve already proven yourself. You could have killed me, but you didn’t, you didn’t distribute the letters, even after I’d abused you, you soothed my butt when it was still sore, and you offered to return the letters to me. That’s just a few examples.”

“Okay, Olivia,” I replied, “I’ll take your conviction that I am to be trusted at face value, but I should say that I don’t have any experience at being a dom.”

“All evidence to the contrary,” she laughed. “You’ve recently given a pretty good demonstration of dominance, and there’s not much I would change—except, perhaps, go a little bit easier with the crop and don’t try to kill me!”

“Hmm. Well, I guess I can learn. First, I suggest we have something to eat, then I’m going to take you up to your bedroom, you’re going to do a slow, seductive strip for me, then I’m going to fuck you until you scream, either for mercy or for more.”

“Ooh, thank you, master, that sounds really good,” and she stood, moving towards the kitchen.

“First things first, you horny slut, one thing we haven’t done yet.”

Olivia looked at me quizzically.

“Come here and stand in front of me. Now, put your arms round me and kiss me as if the only thing you wanted to do in the world was to get me into bed.”

“Easy,” she growled deep in her throat, then snaked her arms around me, one around my waist and the other holding my head. Then I felt her mouth gently touching mine. Her tongue ran across my lips and as I opened my mouth, she slipped her tongue in playing with mine, then exploring my mouth, under my tongue and along between my teeth and top lip. Our mouths were open now, with our bodies writhing against each other in an urgency and excitement that needed to find release very soon.

We broke, panting and she looked at me with hooded, smoky eyes. “I’m not sure how well I can control myself, master,” she whispered. But if I was going to play the dom role, I had to stamp my authority on her early.

“Yes you will, slut, and if you step out of line, I’ll spank that beautiful bottom until it’s so hot I could fry eggs on it.”

“Yes, master,” she said demurely, but with a hint of excitement in her voice.

First we ate the Chinese food that had been delivered earlier, exchanging obscene and improbable suggestions about what we’d like to do to each other then we moved back to the bedroom. I insisted that she should climb the stairs first so that I could get a good view of her backside as it wiggled and swayed up the stairs.

We reached the bedroom, and while I sat on the bed, she turned to me with an expression of total lust on her face, looking like a tiger that’s about to eat a lamb. “Pity I haven’t got any ‘stripper’ music,” she growled, “but I’ll do the best I can.”

With that, she put on a show that would put any professional stripper to shame. She unbuttoned her blouse and eased it slowly down her arms, making a series of moues at me, her eyes half closed and her breathing fast and eager. She flicked the blouse away and slowly lowered the zip on the side of her skirt, shimmying it down to the ground while wiggling her bra encased tits in a way that could only be called an incitement to riot.

I watched Dean out the corner of my eye as I collected the secure waste from the bins. As the copier finished Dean collected the papers and put them in a vanilla envelope, putting the originals back in a folder.

I left the room, rushed downstairs and turned the shredder on. This was my last job of the day. Every evening I picked up the secure waste and shredded it. Just one of the many menial tasks I performed. I had a long day starting at eight in the morning and finishing around six in the evening. Delivering the internal post, making coffee, doing the sandwich trolley twice a day and shredding the waste, plus of course anything else that I was asked. Office Assistant they called it. I called it general dogs body. The money wasn’t that good but it was a job and not particularly hard. After my past I couldn’t really complain.

I finished the shredding and locked up. Signed out at security and waited outside for my lift to arrive. Dave turned up almost immediately. I got in the car and we waited. Not long after Dean came out, got into his car and drove off. We followed him discretely. We knew where he was going as we had done this several times before. Once a month in fact for the last 6 months.

As usual Dean met up with his twin brother Donald, as they were not identical it was fairly easy to tell the two apart. Dean pulled up alongside Donald’s car and handed the envelope through the window. Donald handed Dean an envelope in return, bulkier than Deans. That envelope we knew was filled with cash. They chatted for a couple of minutes and then with a final joke went their separate ways. Throughout the exchange I had been clicking away with my digital camera. I had reams of pictures of these transactions between the brothers all digitally dated.

Dave and I had been planning this for sometime. The four of us had all gone to the same school, even been in the same class. That’s where any similarity ended however as the twins had married well and been introduced to there jobs by there new in-laws. The twins had married twin sisters from a middle class very Catholic family. Church every Sunday and all that stuff which made Dave and I laugh as we knew that the boys had almost as bad a background as we had. Only difference was they didn’t get caught. Nothing serious, just boys being boys really but the girls involved were a world apart from the twins they had married.

Dean was well up in the business but was having to work his way up the ladder. He had given me a job out of sympathy more than any old friends loyalty. He turned Dave down flat when another vacancy turned up. This whole thing had started one evening as I was doing the security waste. I had seen Dean copying some papers. When I commented on the fact that the file was a security file he turned quite nasty.

“If you want to keep your job you will keep your nose out of other peoples business.”

I didn’t need telling twice, but after that I kept a close eye on him. That night I told Dave what I had seen “That’s strange, maybe we should keep an eye on him. Let me know if it happens again and we can find out what he does with the stuff.”

I kept an eye on him but nothing happened for weeks. Then I caught him again. This time I just ignored him. I called Dave and told him to be outside the office ready to give me a lift when I came out. I kept an eye on Dean from a distance. As everyone else had gone most of the office lights were out so I hid in one of the cubicles and watched hoping my breathing wasn’t as loud as it sounded to me.

Once he had finished Dean put the envelope into his briefcase and then locked the original in a filing cabinet. I knew he would go to his own office before leaving so as soon as he was out of site. I signed out at security and rushed down to the underground car park that served the office block. I hid behind a pillar until I saw him heading for his car and then I jumped over the wall. Running to the road I called Dave on my mobile and waited for him to turn up.

He took so long we almost missed Dean as he left but luckily he got caught at the traffic lights. That was six months ago and we had followed him every month since. Always on the same day of the month. Once the copier ran out of paper so while he went to get some from the stationary cupboard I took a quick look at what it was he was copying. It was the monthly financial report, all gobbledee gook to me but the heading was plain enough. ‘Financial Report. April 2006′ and below that in red was ‘Security Level 5 and Above Only.”

Now that Dave and I decided to act on the information we had we couldn’t make our minds up what to do with it. We could demand money, or even promotion for me and a job for Dave but it all seemed small to what they were doing. We knew they were selling the information to a rival company because that’s where Donald worked. It was decided after the twin weddings it would look bad if they both got jobs together because of the marriage so an old friend of ‘daddy’ gave Donald a job. The friend had subsequently died and his son was brought back from the USA to run the business. He of course knew nothing of the brothers so just treated Donald like any other employee.

Deans company was well known in the area for it’s fundraising for local charities. Every May they held a ball. All the local dignitaries were invited and the employees were allowed to buy tickets so they could mix with the hoy palloy, the local rich and famous. I got tickets for myself and Dave and it was at this event that we suddenly decided what we were going to do with our information.

Dean attended with his wife of course and as he walked in Dave and I stared goggle eyed. She was stunning, really gorgeous, great figure and about ten years younger than Dean, and us come to that. Long blond hair and legs that reached the sky. She mixed with the dignitaries like she knew them personally, which in a lot of cases she did.

Dave and I worked our way over to Dean and I said “Hi Dean going to introduce us to your wife.”

Well the look she gave us could have killed an elephant and before he could reply she said, “I don’t think so.” She took his elbow and lead him away. He didn’t even look back.

“Snotty bitch.” I said

“Fucking right.” Dave agreed “Mind you I wouldn’t say no to a night in bed with it would you?”

And that’s how it started. We made jokes about her all night, what she would be like, how we would make her beg for more and how she would just keep begging us to fuck her brains out. All the usual stuff guys say when they talk about a horny looking woman they know they will never get.

The following day while we discussed the night out we got back on the subject. I don’t know which one of us suggested it but before long we were making plans on how to get her knickers off. The first thing we had to sort out was how we were going to approach Dean. We had enough stuff to put him away for years and the effect it would have on the credibility of his in-laws would be devastating so in a way we had them both. But we needed to get them together somehow and not in a public place In the end it was just luck that gave us the opportunity that we needed.

Dave and I were out having our usual Friday night on the town when we were walking down the high street and who should come out of the posh restaurant across the road but Dean and his wife. The owner showing them to a limousine that was waiting for them.

“It was so nice to see you both again. We do look forward to your anniversary each year and thank you for your continued custom.” he said as he opened the door of the vehicle for Deans wife to get in. Dean crossed his palm as you would expect after posh nosh and then the car pulled away.

“Come on.” I said grabbing Dave’s arm. Not sure what I was up to he followed me back to our car. We knew where they lived so I headed in that direction. “If they are headed home this could be our opportunity.”

“Shit! I never even thought of it.” Dave said

Limo’s don’t go too fast up country lanes so we soon caught them up. While they went into the house and switched on some lights I grabbed some photos from the bag in the back of the car. We headed for the door set in this ancient stone building and I knocked as assertively as I could. A moment later Dean appeared.

He was not pleased to see us. “What do you want? Do you know what time it is?”

“Yes Dean we do but we have something to show you that we think is important.”

“Well if it’s work show me on Monday. I’m busy.” and with that he closed the door.

“Not quite as planned.” I said angrily and knocked again, this time louder and much harder.

The door flew open, “What!” I had taken out one of the eight by ten photo’s of Dean and his brother and just held it at eye level. As soon as he saw it he grabbed it and said “What the hell is this?”

“I think you know what it is. Maybe we should discuss it inside.” I said confidently. The blood had drained from his face and involuntarily he stepped aside. Dave and I brushed passed him and waited for him to shut the door. He was still staring at the photo.

“Just give me a minute. I will tell my wife I have some business to attend to.” Dean said and walked off. He didn’t realise we followed. As he stepped into the large lounge his wife turned around. “I just have something to sort out dear a I wont be long.

“That’s ok it concerns your wife as well.” I said and just walked over to her and held out my hand. “Hi I’m Mike.”

She looked bewildered and a little disgusted at the way I had just brushed passed Dean and introduced myself. “Err, Cathy.” she said barely able to bring herself to even touch my hand let alone shake it. Dave had followed me in but stayed by the door. I assume to stop Dean from leaving. I took in this beautiful woman with eyes that hid nothing of the lust I was now feeling. Dressed in a low cut cocktail dress that did little to hide her ample cleavage she squirmed under my gaze.

“I suggest you go and sit with your lovely wife.” Dave said. Still lost for something to say Dean complied. He was never the confident type at school, always following never the followed.

“So Deany boy. Been a bad boy eh.” I said

“I don’t know what you mean.” he replied without very much conviction.

“What is this? What are you talking about? Dean, send them away.” Cathy said.

“I don’t think so Cathy. You don’t mind if I call you Cathy do you?” I said and added before she could reply, “Good.”

“I don’t know what you think you have there but it’s not what you think.”

“What we have Deany boy is you selling secrets to a rival company. To your brother in fact.”

“Dean?” Cathy said still bemused

“No you fool what you have is part of a security test. Nothing more. An exercise to see how good our security is.”

“Well security sucks because you’ve been doing this for at least six months and probably a lot longer.”

“Wha….” Dean gasped, “You mean….?”

“Yes Deany boy, we have been keeping tabs on you and your brother for ages. We have hundreds of photos. Times and dates the whole lot. Even Donald giving you money.”

“Oh my god.” Dean looked shocked

“What is this? Dean, what is going on?” Cathy was totally confused.

“Your husband has been selling secrets to his brother. I am sure you know Donald works for a rival company. Dean has been selling him the monthly financial report for ages. I am sure your aware that he could go to prison for a very long time as well as face a lawsuit for any financial loss to the company. Not to mention the stigma it could attach to your family as well Cathy. All those hoy palloy finding out that your husband is a thief, an industrial spy.”

“Dean? Please say it isn’t true and throw them out.” Cathy said quietly “Please.”

When he didn’t reply she cried “Oh my god what have you done? Why?”

“It would seem that Deany boy here has got a gambling habit. He owes, some not very nice people, quite a lot of money.” I answered for him as he just sat with his head bowed.

“Dean!” Cathy shouted, “Tell me it isn’t true. Say something for Gods sake”

Her raised voice shook him from his daze. “I’m afraid what he says is true Cathy. Donald and I had the idea so that I could get the money and he could curry favour with his new boss. It has been going on for over a year. But I don’t owe any money, I managed to pay it off.”

I turned to Dave who till now had said nothing, just stood next to me. “Get that Dave?”

Dave pulled his phone to his ear and after a couple of clicks the last bit of conversation reverberated round the room. With a smile he said, “Wonderful things mobile phones, and it’s on video by the way.”

Cathy started to sob. Mumbling “Stupid stupid man.” over and over.

Dean took a deep breath. “How much do you want?”

“Oh we don’t want money, we could have got that months ago. No we want something else, something special.” I said

“Whatever it is Dean you give it to them. This will break daddies heart and poor mummy.” another sob left her mouth.

“Pull yourself together Cathy don’t let these morons get to you. Remember who you are.” Dean said. It must have hit a note as she took a deep breath and seemed to pull herself together. “Now! What is it you want?” Dean asked.

In unison Dave and I looked at Cathy. “Well it may go someway to keeping us happy if Cathy was to take that dress off.” I said

Cathy was stunned, her mouth dropped open and her hands automatically lifted to her chin. Her arms covering the ample cleavage she was showing in her posh frock. “No! Never. You go to hell” she said, shocked.

“You can’t….” Dean started, “Can she leave the room while we discuss this. I need to say something….personal.”

“No!” I replied, “But we can move over there if you like.” I nodded across the large room.

Dean got up and Dave and I followed him. The distance allowed us to lower our voices and not be overheard. “You can’t do this. She’s innocent. She had no part in this. She was educated in a convent for Christ’s sake. She knows nothing of men apart from me and believe me you wouldn’t want our sex life. Why do you think I gamble?”

“Maybe we should let her decide?” Dave said

“What do you want from her. Is it just to ogle at her you perverts.” Dean said realising he had raised his voice.

I put my face into his. “No. She can start by getting her kit off. I don’t know about Dave but I fancy a nice slow blow job. The last time we met she used that mouth to sneer at us. Now we will see who is in charge.”

“She wont do it.” Dean said stubbornly.

“What? Never given you a blow job Deano?” Dave asked.

“It’s not that….

“So she has then.” I interjected.

“She’s not very good at it and only does it to please me. I told you she was educated in a convent. She knows nothing about sex. We only do it once a week to keep me quiet. Her marital duty as she puts it.”

“Well if it’s a choice between you going to prison along with the ensuing social castration. Or doing what we ask she should have the choice at least.” I said. Then I headed back across the room .All this time she had been staring at us, agitated. Now she shrank into the settee.

As we approached Dean whispered, “At east let me be the one to tell her what you want.”

“That’s ok with me.” Dave said

“Ok Cathy. This is the situation.” I said, “We have enough information on Dean to send him to prison for a very long time. Not only that but the social stigma attached, not only to the crime but him being in prison, will be with you for the rest of your life. You and your family, including of course your sister. As it was Deans brother Donald who received the goods will also go to prison. Do you understand the situation you are in?”

I had to give her credit. She took a deep breath and visibly pulled herself together. Sitting upright she said, “I understand. What do you want from us?”

“I will let Dean tell you that and you can make your own mind up”

Dave and I went across the room so they could be ‘alone’. Her face reddened and I could see her shaking her head. After a few minutes serious discussion, in which it seemed Dean was the most agitated they looked over and beckoned us.

Dean sat silently. “I will do as you ask.” Cathy said. “But Dean has told you that I….am not….”

“Not much good at sucking cock. Yeah he said.” I interrupted, “But are you willing to do it, and are you willing to be guided by us so that we can enjoy it more.”

She hesitated and looked up at Dean. “I don’t have much choice do I if that’s what it takes to get Dean out of this predicament then I will do it.”

“It will certainly go some way to ease your position.” I said

“What do you mean? Some way?” Dean asked

“Well a quick blow job isn’t going to make up for 30 years in prison let alone the rest of it.” Dave said

“Dean!” Cathy said, “Please leave us.”

“No! I think he should stay. We don’t want him calling the police while he is out of the room do we?”

“You don’t expect me to stand here and watch as you do….whatever to my wife do you?” he said angrily.

“Dean be quiet,” Cathy said again, “If you hadn’t been stupid enough to get us in this mess these men wouldn’t even be here.”

With that she stood up and lifted the halter neck over her head, she took a deep breath and with her eyes closed she dropped the posh frock to the floor. I could see she was shaking. Her bra was not what you would term a turn on, although half cup it was made of thick material

“Now the bra.” I said. She did well, reaching back and unclipping it, letting it drop to the floor. Those tits hardly moved, a slight drop but no more. They stood out in front of her proudly. She stood for a second and then her upbringing clicked in and her arms came up, pushing those wonderful mammeries together in an attempt to cover her embarrassment. I walked up to her and lightly touched her arms. “Put your arms down, your hiding nothing.” I said gently

Pulling herself to her full height, which was about five foot seven, she let her arms drop to her side. Staring straight ahead. As I ran a hand over her arms and then across her shoulders she closed her eyes. Screwing up her face as I moved down to her breasts, a shudder as I brushed her nipple. Dave had joined me by now and we took a tit each, playing with it gently, running a hand down her back to the waist band of her not so sexy briefs. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and felt her tense as my tongue brushed it, then tense again with a sharp intake of breath as I took it into my mouth. Dave never was very imaginative or inventive and just followed what I did, when I did it.

Cathy was shaking like a leaf and I could see tears in her eyes as she stared ahead, her eyes flickering. “Now I need you to go to your knees” I said. She complied without a word. I guided her through undoing my zip and lowering my jeans and boxers and told her to do the same to Dave. I told her to take each cock into her hands and talked her through how to manipulate them to the best advantage, using her thumb to increase pressure to the bell end as and when needed. Then I told her to focus on Dave and to use her spare hand on his balls. All this I did with a degree of tenderness in my voice and she didn’t put up any objection, though she did try to turn her head to one side.

“Now I need you to open your mouth and put his cock in.” She hesitated but slowly her mouth opened and moving forward she took him past her lips but no further. “That’s it. Now slowly close your mouth and then move your lips from the top down to the bottom, all the time playing with his balls, and then back again.”

She did as I told her and nearly choked as Dave’s cock hit her throat. She took a minute to gather herself and then continued. Slowly I talked her through the refineries of cock sucking and I could tell by Dave’s face that her technique was improving. All the while I played with her tits and ran my hand up and down her back down to her bum. I motioned for Dave to move back a little so that Cathy would have to lean forward, raising her bottom off her knees. This allowed me to run my hand over her bottom and between her bum cheeks to her inner thighs, I deliberately avoided her pussy at this time. As I brushed her inner thighs she gave a sharp intake of breath. She went to pull away but Dave held her head to his cock and I had a hand on her back, holding her still. Dean went to get up but I glared at him leaving him in no doubt that he only had one chance

As I ran my finger over her bum crack she again took a sudden intake of breath, but no comment. I ran my hand up her legs and when I reached her knees I applied enough pressure so that Cathy lifted her weight and spread her legs slightly allowing me to slide my hand smoothly over the thin material covering her pussy. Now I had access to both her tits and her love hole and I made the most of that opportunity. While remaining soft in my touch I explored a little deeper with each move until the material had slipped first into her pussy and then slightly to one side, then all the way over. They were not dry, a slight wet patch showing which told me she was enjoying this more than she appeared to be. Or in fact more than she should be if Deans assessment was right

“Sit on the settee Dave, right on the edge so Cathy can bend over you.” He did as I asked and while Cathy was standing I lowered her panties to the floor. She stepped out of them as she went back to her knees. I pulled her up so she remained on her knees with her legs spread but reaching forward. Now I had the access I wanted. As she got back to work on Dave I went back to my ministrations on her pussy. She gave a slight moan as I slipped a finger into her wet hole. Still no objection so I used my hands to full effect, again playing with her nipples and running a hand over her bottom, sliding it under and into her pussy, which by now was sopping wet. I slid a finger in and she almost bit into Dave’s cock but he was so far gone he must have thought she was just taking a firmer grip. By the time I had slipped two fingers in, her body was shaking slightly and her pussy was pulsing on the inserted fingers.

I wasted no more time, I ripped my clothes off and slowly tapped my cock at the entry to her hole. She threw herself to one side sitting on the floor, “No! No I cant….not that. I just cant, please not yet.”

“Fuck off bitch if I wanna fuck you I’m gonna fuck you. If not then the old mans going to fucking prison bitch.” Dave said moving to grab her.

“Shut up Dave.” He hadn’t noted what she said. The ‘not yet’ part of her statement had clearly caught my ears and it said that she expected it to happen sooner or later.

Dean jumped up “You cant do that, you said a blow job not a fu…” he stopped remembering his wife was present, “Not sex, you said a blow job.”

“You’re a bloody fool Dean.” Cathy said, “You honestly believe that they were going to make me do….suck, and then go away and forget everything. Well, did you?”

He didn’t reply, just lowered his head again.

“So what are you saying Cathy?” I asked gently

“I maybe naïve, but I am not as stupid as my husband. It was obvious this was just a start. But….I cant, not yet. Not like this.”

“But how do we know if we settle for the blow job today you will be as compliant tomorrow. Or how long did you expect us to wait?” I asked.

“I know you wont wait. I also know your information against that fool will still be here tomorrow, or next week or next year and that you will make the most use of it that you can.” She said stubbornly.

“So what would you suggest and what do you offer.”

“I will do whatever you want, if you will give me time to adjust to this situation. I cannot say that I will be any good at it, but I have no doubt you will want me to do things that disgust me. You cannot expect me to just do them willy nilly. I need time to prepare myself, to adjust.”

“Cathy you cant. You have no idea what they will get you to do.” Dean said.

“I know they will send you to prison, and that would serve you right. The attached effects of that on my family are the only reason I am naked, in my own living room, bargaining with two men with my body on my wedding anniversary. So this really has nothing to do with you.”

“So if I understand you Cathy. It’s not what we want you to do that you need to adjust to. But the fact that your in this situation at all. Once you have adjusted then you will comply with all of our wishes. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I will do this for you now, but the rest I cannot do, my….body, wont do it. Not just like that. I would have to deny my beliefs, albeit temporarily to do as you ask and that cannot be done in an instant. I am sure you understand that you are asking me to go against everything I have ever been taught.”

“Yes I understand. Shall we continue then?”

Dave and I moved in front of her and she slowly got to her knees and started playing with our cocks. Once hard she took first me then Dave in to her mouth. She was a quick learner and was having the desired effect. I stepped to one side and continued playing with her tits. I let my hand move down to her pussy and while she did jerk, she did not pull away. It wasn’t long before Dave shot his load with a look of triumph on his face as she tried to pull away, his hand on her head preventing such a move and his come hit the back of her throat. She did pull away now and spat some of his juice out onto the carpet. Before she could throw up I lifted her head to my own rigid cock and slipped it in to her mouth. After a second to recover she again went into motion.

I don’t know if it was because I treated her with some degree of respect or what but she seemed to work harder on me even coming up with some moves that I hadn’t mentioned. If I moaned she did it again, and I moaned a lot. I deliberately moaned louder as my orgasm rose. I put my hand to her head and said, “I’m coming, any second.”

Her eyes looked up at me but she made no move to pull away. As my come hit her throat she gagged slightly but didn’t stop until I stepped back. She sat on her knees for a moment, gasping for air, gagging and almost throwing up, but she managed to keep it all in and slowly recovered.

“Get her a drink Dean.” I said. “For a novice you suck cock very well.” She raised her head and looked at me but showed no emotion, just a slight twist to the corner of her mouth. Dean handed her the drink and she emptied the glass, giving it back to Dean obviously wanting more.

Dave and I had been getting dressed as she drank, “I take it when we return tomorrow you will be….adjusted?” I said

She nodded and curled up in a ball sitting on the floor. Dave and I left them to sort themselves out.

As we got outside Dave was on a real high, “Fuck me she fuckin loved it. We can have them titties anytime we want em and he ain’t gonna be able to do a thing about it. We should of fucked her as well then she would really know what a man is. Why the fuck did you stop at the bj?”

“Sometimes Dave you’re a bloody fool. Try thinking with your head and not your balls. When we go back tomorrow we will be able to do anything we want. In time she will become an incredible fuck. If we had gone further tonight she would probably have just lay there in the future. It would have been like shagging dead meat. Now, she will take part and if we handle it well she will come to enjoy it a bit more than I think even she suspects.”

“She fucking better. If she backs out tomorrow you will be to blame and I will be well pissed off.”

When Dave dropped me off I said “I want to be there about ten am. Early enough for them to be up but not to have gone out so pick me up at nine.” I spent the next couple of hours thinking of what we had done. I had to admit she was a real turn on, and them tits were to die for. I was almost certain that she would keep her word. How long it would take for us to get her fucking like a whore I didn’t know but I wondered if what they said about convent girls was true.

Dave picked me up as arranged and we made our way over to Deans. I knocked on the door and when Dean saw it was us he tried to slam the door closed. I barged against it and said, “If you ever try that again I will hand you over to the police and while your in prison I will use your wife like a whore Do you understand?” when he didn’t answer I repeated, loudly “Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes I understand.” he said defeated

“Where’s Cathy?”

“Still asleep, she was crying pretty much all night. Even when she was asleep she was whimpering. I was just going to take her breakfast up.”

“Make some coffee. I will take her breakfast.” he was about to say something but the look I gave him stopped him cold.

I grabbed the tray of food and went upstairs. After two wrong rooms I found her laying in bed sound asleep. I placed her breakfast on the drawer unit and after looking at her laying there in a far from sexy nightdress I touched her shoulder. “Cathy. Cathy. I have got breakfast for you.”

To begin with she wasn’t sure who it was but as recognition fell in she almost screamed, pulling the bedclothes up to her chin and squeezing herself so far up the bed she was squashing herself against the wall.

“Calm down. I have breakfast for you. All I want to do is talk. Come on settle down and let me put it on your lap.”

The euro breakfast was set out on a knee tray so once she had put her legs down I set it in place. I sat on a chair in the corner of the room, well away from her and allowed her to eat in peace. Once she had eaten and had started to sip her coffee I said, “Would you prefer to talk up here or downstairs with Dean listening.”

“Up here I think.” she mumbled. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I think you know. You did very well for a religiously educated woman. Was it a boarding school by any chance?” I asked.

“I don’t see that it matters. It has nothing to do with this does it.”

“Considering it was your first time cock sucking you did very well, not perfect but well.”

“I would like to get dressed please. I will be down momentarily.” she said dismissing me.

“Let me say this first, so you have something to think about as you dress. And so you have some idea of what you agreed to last night.” I said. “I will be the one to say when you get dressed and when you get undressed. If I say suck cock then you will suck cock if I say fuck you will fuck. Think of that as you dress and when you come down we can discuss it further”

Her pleading of the previous night must have come flooding back as she fell back again to the wall and said, “Yes I will. I am under no illusions as to your wants. I haven’t had time to think of anything else really have I?”

“I suppose not. But I thought you should know, as opposed to think what I may want.”

“Yes I understand.”

“I will be downstairs, don’t be long, and don’t get too heavily dressed either a thin dress will do fine.”

I went downstairs and Dean and Dave were sitting on the sofas opposite each other in silence. I walked into the kitchen and helped myself to a coffee. Five silent minutes later Cathy slipped into the room wearing a button down dress, cut low but not low enough to show too much tit. But it had buttons all the way up the front. I could see her battle dress underneath, thick knickers and bra.

She sat next to Dean who tried to slip his arm around her. She pushed him away which made him angry. “You didn’t do much of that last night did you.” He said viciously

“Dean shut up. If it wasn’t for you none of last night would have happened. You are to blame for last night and for anything that may happen from here on. You. No one else.” Cathy said just as vicious

Dean looked at me, “What does she mean? Surely you can’t continue with this. She did as you asked. You said it would pay the debt.” He didn’t say it with very much conviction

“No Dean what I said was if you let us have her it would go someway towards repaying us for our silence. But you don’t honestly think that one quick blow job is going to go anywhere near paying what you owe us do you?”

“No! I wont have it. Your not doing it again. I wont let you.” Dean said springing out of his seat.

I pushed him back and Dave held him down till he had calmed. I smiled at Dean and said “What makes you think the choice is yours? Cathy and I made an agreement last night. I think we should discuss it. Don’t you Cathy? Have you thought about what I said upstairs?”

Cathy looked at Dean, anger written all over her face. “Dean stay out of this. I told you last night it is no longer any of your concern.” She turned her attention to me. “Yes I have thought of what you said, and if that is what you want then I will agree but I have some provisos.”

“Fuck off bitch your gonna fuck like it or not.” Dave said.

“Dave shut up and listen.” I interrupted . “Cathy please continue.”

“I don’t ask much. I will comply with all your wishes as best I can and hope you will both have a degree of patients. You have to understand my background will fight it all the way but I will comply. However I, how shall we put it, want Sundays off. I always meet my parents on Sundays and go to church. I need to know that this will continue and that I will be able to go to confession. I must be able to confess, I must.” she started to whimper slightly

“I agree Cathy. I would not put you through the personal torture that you would be open to if I denied you that right. Now as to the rest I take it I have your total support?”

She sat erect. Took a deep breath and said. “You have my total and complete submission.”

“Cathy I ….I am so sorry.” Dean whispered

“Don’t be. You will suffer as much as I will believe me. I have no doubt that these two will be only too glad to make you watch my humiliation and usage whenever they can. It will serve you right. I do have one other request though. He must suffer every bit as much as I do. I don’t care what you do or how you do it he must suffer for what he has done to me.”

“Agreed” I said, amazed at the anger she was so openly showing her husband. If I had to make a judgement I would say that she hated him right now.

She stood up and slowly undid the buttons on her dress, dropping it to the floor. Then her bra came off and then, very slowly her knickers. She was naked, gorgeously naked and she was firm from head to foot. One of the rooms I had entered earlier was a gym and I had no doubt she used it regularly.

“I think Cathy wants to suck my cock.” I said standing up. Dave moved next to me.

She looked at me, a smile on her face but a kind of hate in her eyes. She moved over to where I was standing and got to her knees. She did all the things I showed her last night, and yes, she was getting much better at it. Dean muttered something but nobody took any notice. He must have realised that his wife was not being forced to suck this hard cock. She did it all by herself. As I shot my load into her mouth I again held her head, pulling her close and I felt my bell end go down her throat. She gagged once but seemed to get used to it and then she just kept sucking and sliding me further and further down her throat till I was cleaned out.

As I pulled my cock out of her mouth I said, “I think Dave is in need of your services my dear.”

She didn’t even blink. She looked at him and as he undid his belt she went over to him and worked on him as well as she had me. “You see Dean. Your pretty wife knows what will happen if you don’t behave. She loves you enough to do whatever and whoever I say, whenever I say.”

Dave was not as patient as me. He started ramming into her throat long before he had come, but even this she handled well, though gagging quite badly at one point till I made eye contact with Dave. Who slowed down a little so she could settle her self. All this time I had been playing with her tits and again slipping my fingers into her pussy. She was wet and in any other woman I would have said eager for a fucking but that didn’t really apply here as Cathy wouldn’t know what it meant.

I pushed Dave back a little while holding my hand under her pussy. As she followed Dave she bent over. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock against the doors of heaven, ready for entry.

She tensed and stopped sucking Dave’s cock, though she did not take it out of her mouth and continued to work it with her hand. Slowly I pushed into her, as her hole tightened, I stopped and pulled out slightly. She was breathing heavily now and gone back to sucking cock. Each time I pushed my hardness in, it went a little further, and while I am not that big I got the feeling it was more than she was used to. Once all the way in I set up a rhythm, I fucked her slowly to begin with, allowing her to suck Dave in and out at the same speed. As my passion rose I got faster, as I got faster her breathing got heavier and so did Dave’s.

Suddenly Dave said “Change places, before she sucks me dry.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth so quickly that Cathy almost fell forward, it was only me pulling her hips, therefore her, on to me that held her up. The sudden thrust of my cock deep into her made her moan loudly, then she put her hands on the seat in front of her and I pulled out and sat in front of her. Once we restarted I soon found out why Dave had been so close. For a woman who had only just started to suck cock she had picked it up pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm rising. I knew Dave was close by the grunts he gave out but I wasn’t sure what was happening to Cathy. She was moaning as loudly as my cock allowed her to and moving all by herself now. Pushing back Dave as I thrust into her mouth.

Dave was really pumping now and let out a loud sigh as he shot his spunk into this gorgeous woman, my load followed almost straight away and I held Cathy’s head so that she would take it all, pumping well after I had shot all my juice into her mouth. Cathy was shaking violently and when I released her she tumbled to the floor rolled in a ball shaking and moaning loudly tears running down her face.

Dean rushed over to her, “You bastards, what have you done to her?” and then to Cathy, “It’s over now my love, it’s all over.” he pulled her to him and put his arms around her shoulders.

Violently she pushed him away, “Why did you let them do that to me? Why? Why them?” she was still shaking and her hands went between her legs as she lay back down on the floor.

I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was happening here. I pushed Dean toward the settee, “Stay there or else.” As Cathy was laying on a deep pile rug I put my arm under her head and pulled her towards me, pointing for Dave to go the other side. Again he followed my moves as I started on her nipples and then ran my hand over her belly to her quim. She opened her legs and as my lips touched hers she responded, after a second of kissing, her arm came up and around my neck and pulled me to her passionately. I pulled away and Dave took over with her lips while I moved on over her breasts and then her belly. I kept going till I was between her legs and then slowly, very slowly I kissed her inner thighs. Closer and closer I moved until I was kissing her pussy lips and then her pussy and then slipping my tongue inside. Then I hit her clit a sudden jerk upward, she pulled Dave tighter to her mouth and I knew I was right. Our little Cathy was in the throws of a prolonged orgasm. I immediately got to work with my tongue and it took only seconds for her to start thrashing about like a whirlwind. So hard was she thrusting about she nearly knocked my teeth out. I know she bit Dave’s lip but he couldn’t get away as she held him so tight. Then suddenly she let him go, her arms went wide and she screamed, “Noooooo, you cant, you cant do this nooooo not you not you.” and then pushing me away with her legs she curled up again. Her hands working between her legs like pistons until she came to a juddering stop. Exhausted, she just lay there. Eyes open and glazed with her hands stuck between her legs.

I sat on the settee and said, “Get us a drink, make hers a double.”

“What have you done to her?”

I laughed, “At a guess I would say she has just had her first orgasm. With a man at any rate. Now get the drinks.”

Dean looked shocked, but did as he was told. First he tried to pull Cathy to a sitting position but she just pushed him away, seemingly preferring me to do it. I dripped whisky into her mouth and slowly she came around. She sat with her back to the settee and her knees to her chest. Slowly tears started running down her face. Not crying as such, there was no sobbing just the tears.

“Please Cathy tell me what to do.” Dean pleaded

“I suggest you run her a bath. Then while she soaks you can order a limo and book a Table for six at a restaurant. Make it the Elmore Hotel. We will be back around seven this evening. Book the table for eight.”

“Why six, who will be there. More of your cronies to use my wife.” Dean said bitterly.

“I wont tell you again Dean. One more remark like that or even in that vein and I will go straight to the police is that understood?” I said into his face.

“Yes, sorry.” he whimpered. “I will run Cathy a bath as you suggest.”

Dave and I left and as we went to the car he said, “Why did we leave we just got her fucking.”

“Because now we are going for her sister. Think about it Dave tonight you could have twins sucking your cock.” I laughed

“Oh fuck me man your wicked. Wow.”

Dave drove us to Donald’s house. As he didn’t know us I just said, “We have just come from your brothers house as we had something to show him. He suggested that we show it to you as well. Would it be possible to come in for a moment?”

“Er yeah ok if Dean sent you.” Donald said.

He lead us into the lounge. The whole house was smaller than Deans and not half as up market. He pointed me to a seat and as we settled I pulled the photo out of my pocket and handed it to him. To begin with he didn’t seem to know what it was. Then recognition replaced confusion.

“What is this.?” Donald asked.

“That is a picture of you handing money over to Dean for the company financial report. One of many that we have taken over the last few months.”

“What does Dean say about it?”

Dave played the message of Dean admitting everything.

“Hi Babe…Oh sorry I didn’t know you were busy. I’ll come back later.”

“No please.” I said holding out my hand. “Clair isn’t it? Please take a seat as this involves you as well as Donald.”

Clair was totally different to Cathy. She oozed confidence and sensuality. She still had a great figure even though she was a few pounds overweight A little confused she sat next to Donald. “What is it Donald?” she said noticing his concerned look.

“I’m not too sure yet.” he said to her and then gazing at me, “Maybe you should tell her.”

So once again I explained the situation that Donald and Dean had got themselves into. What the consequences could be and the damage to the family name.

“So let me get this straight Donald. You and Dean have been spying for your company against daddies company. Is that right?”

“Well it isn’t ‘daddies’ company is it he is just a share holder.”

“A major share holder. With money to lose if the company goes’ broke. Or gets taken over.” She shrieked. “And that would kill him. He would die of shame being broke let alone having you in prison and all his friends ignoring him. How could you be so stupid.”

“I was fed up of being second best. Dean always gets it easy. This time I was going to get up the ladder, and at his expense. I didn’t mean any harm by it. It was for us.” He said confidently.

“No it wasn’t Donald.” she said. “It was for you”

“Never mind all that. now” He said and turning to me, “What do you want. How much is this going to cost me?”

“Money. Well let me see.” I said sarcastically, “Thirty years in jail. Millions of pounds of value lost in the share price. Heaven knows how much compensation you would have to pay. Mummy and Daddy devastated and spurned by society for the rest of their lives. What price would you put on that Donald?”

“Well if it isn’t money, what do you want? Clair asked. Dave and I looked at her openly leering. Making no pretence as to what we wanted. “You have to be joking.” She said, obviously horrified

Donald said “What? What do they want” He had obviously missed the looks we gave Clair.

“Me you bloody idiot. They want me.” She snarled “They can creep in a corner and die. No way am I doing anything with you two.”

“That’s a shame Clair. I know how devastated your parents will be. Can I use your phone to call the police.” I said quite calmly.

“No wait a minute.” Donald said jumping up, “Let me talk to Clair alone for a moment.”

“Of course we will wait outside, but the door will be open so don’t use the phone.” I said calmly

Dave and I left the room but left the door open so that we could watch the two of them discussing their predicament.

At one point the conversation got a bit agitated and loud. “I cant do it. I wont do it.” She said

“But you don’t even know what they want.”

“I don’t care”

“Then I will go to prison.”

“No. There must be another way around this.”

“Then tell me what it is and I will do it.” Donald was shouting now. He realised we could hear and calmed down.

After a while they beckoned us back. As we sat down Donald said, “What do you want her to do.”

“I would rather discuss that with Clair as it is down to her to keep you out of prison.” I said.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.” she said angrily

“Well an hour in bed would be a good start. A bit of cock sucking and a fuck would go down very nicely right now.” I said calmly

She went bright red. Donald was so angry he jumped off the settee, his fist raised. “Sit down you idiot.” Clair said sternly. “That won’t help at all will it and anyway this is for me to decide.”

“Both of you in bed with me. One hour to do as you want. And that’s it.” she said plainly

“That will do for a start.” I said

“What do you mean for a start. It’s that or nothing.” she said

“Ok!” I said getting up. “No doubt I will see you in court. It has been a pleasure to meet you.” I turned to the door and Dave, as ever, followed. As we reached the front door I thought we had blown it.

“Wait!” footsteps hurried into the hallway. “Wait. Please. One minute.” Clair said.

I nodded and she went back into the lounge A moment later she appeared, looked at us and disappeared up the stairs. I followed, Dave close behind. She took us into a bedroom which was obviously hers and stood next to the bed, waiting.

“Strip.” I said. Slowly she stripped off her clothing, revealing tits every bit as good as her sisters and when the bra dropped every bit as firm. The bra was much more feminine, as was the thong that appeared under her jeans. Once naked she stood, sort of hiding her tits with her elbows but not really trying very hard.

“Please.” she said, “I have only ever been with Donald. I am not a prude but am not sure what you expect of me. Be patient and please don’t hurt me.”

I nudged Dave and then said, “Before we do anything Clair I need to know that you are going to do this of your own free will and I need to hear you say exactly that. Ok? Just so there are no misunderstandings”

She stood there naked. “Yes I am doing this of my own free will. You and you friend can have sex with me.” She was shaking as she said it.

“And what can we do Clair, anything, everything or what.” I urged

“Yes anything, everything whatever.”

“So whenever we see you we can do whatever we want with you and it is because you want us to. Is that correct?”

“Yes can we please get on with it.”

It was more a plea than a statement. I walked up to her and ran my hands over her body. She made no move to get away, or sign that she was enjoying it. She just stood with her eyes closed while Dave and I first played with and then sucked on her nipples. My hand ran over her belly to her bush and still she didn’t try to get away. I signalled for Dave to strip, which he did and then I led her hand to his erection. She handled it delicately at first but then like she had done it before. When I applied pressure to her shoulder she went down to her knees. She opened her eyes slightly, looked up at me and then slowly slipped Dave’s cock into her mouth. She had certainly done this before. I stripped my clothes off and placed her hand on my cock. She moved from Dave to me, taking me in her mouth and then back to Dave.

After a while and as Dave’s breathing got more rapid I lifted her onto the bed. Dave lay waiting for her to mount him but I positioned her in a sixty nine and then lowered her head to his cock. Dave started on her pussy which again it seemed she had done before. I worked on her nipples again, pinching them a little as well as squeezing her tit’s a little harder than I had before. My other hand roaming over her back and down her buttocks, slipping between the cheeks and sliding into her pussy as Dave licked at it. I don’t know if it was Dave’s spit or her own juices that I wet my fingers on but I had a feeling it was a good mixture of each.

As I slid my fingers to her pussy I brushed the crack of her bum hole and the wetter my fingers got the more I penetrated till my finger was well in, as I slipped another finger in she moaned slightly. Now with two fingers in her bum hole and a tongue working at her pussy she started to move, rocking slightly in time to my fingers in her butt hole. I had heard that in some religions it was accepted to butt fuck a woman so that she wouldn’t get pregnant and wondered if this was something that she did with Donald. I decided there was only one way to find out.

I positioned myself behind her and rubbed my hard cock against her pussy, running it up to her bum hole. I did this a few times until I could see the glistening juices spread from cunt to arse, then I slowly at first slid my cock into her bum hole. She stopped sucking, whimpered, but didn’t pull away. I pulled back a little and then slowly back in. I did this a few times until I was all the way in and then still whimpering she carried on sucking Dave’s cock.

To my surprise after I had got into a rhythm she started pushing back on me and the whimpering changed to moans. Moans of pleasure. I pulled her back to me and rolled on my back, pulling her off Dave who jumped up to complain. As soon as he saw my finger to my lip he knew what I was doing. Clair was rocking on my erection in her arse, her legs were wide open and Dave made the most of the opportunity. He got on his knees and Clair rocked forward she rocked herself onto his cock. She gave out an audible gasp but didn’t stop rocking. In fact she started rocking further and a little faster. She didn’t need to be held, she was doing the work, moaning and groaning as she did so. After a while she speeded up, whispering to herself, the faster she went the louder she whispered until it was plain what she was saying. With every rotation she whispered, “God forgive me. God forgive me.” over and over. When her orgasm hit her she was shouting it, frantically fucking us both to orgasm and beyond.

As Dave and I pulled out of her it seemed to send her into an even stronger spasm of pleasure. It seemed ages before she burst into tears and curled up in a ball, something she did have in common with her sister. Unlike the sex which was far more advanced than anything I believed her sister had been capable of until now.

As she calmed down I said, “Well that was interesting.”

“Fuck off you bastard.”

“That as well. So does he know you like your arse fucked, let alone a double fucking.”

“No!” she gasped, “And neither did I. I don’t, hell I’ve never done it before not up my….bottom. And never with two men. I told you I have only ever been with Donald. I don’t know what happened ok. It just did.”

“You telling me that Donald doesn’t know you’re a hot sexy cock lover?” Dave said.

“I’m not, you cant tell him what happened here. Please you mustn’t tell him he will hate me. I really don’t know what happened. I don’t understand it.”

“Well it’s not my place to tell him how great a fuck you are, or can be. If he doesn’t know after five years then tough. You do suck his cock though right?”

“We have a varied sex life. But nothing like…. That.”

“You dress differently to your sister as well. Nice sexy undies I noticed, even though you both have great tits and a great body.”

“What has this to do with Cathy?”

“Well you didn’t think that only Donald was going to suffer did you.”

“No not Cathy. She must be horrified. She wont be able to cope with anything like this.”

“Well she did. Last night and this morning. We came straight from fucking her to fucking you.”

“I have to call her. She will be in bits I know her. She will fall apart.”

“Well I need you to get in touch with her anyway. You need to do something about her dress sense. I like sexy undies, the sexier the better. Sometimes none at all. So you can take her shopping this afternoon for some clothes ready for tonight. We are all going out for dinner. Get dressed we had better go and see Donald. In fact don’t get dressed just come as you are. Then he will know this is for real.”

She didn’t protest like I expected her to, in fact she lead the way. As we entered the lounge Donald was pacing the floor. “What was all that shouting. You better not have hurt her you bastards.”

“Shut up Donald.” I am not hurt. They did what they wanted. And they did it to Cathy last night and this morning. So it is not only me you have disgraced but my sister and your brother.”

“Cover yourself Clair. Don’t let them gawk at you.” Donald said trying to change the subject

“Donald there is probably no part of me that they haven’t seen already so shut up and if you don’t like it go away. Oh and we are out to dinner tonight it seems with your two new friends my sister and your stupid brother.”

Once dressed I said, “We will collect you about seven fifteen. Be ready, and Clair, sort your sister out. If she is wearing those battle pants tonight I will rip them off and she can go out bare arsed.” With that I turned and Dave and I left the house.

“I cant believe what we just did. A double fucking penetration and she took it. What’s even better she fucking loved it.” Dave said.

We talked all the way to my place about what had happened and what we wanted to happen. Then he dropped me off and I chilled out for the rest of the day. Constantly thinking of double fucking her again, and her sister.”

Dave picked me up at six thirty and I had to say he had done a job on himself. Hair cut shaved and even suited and booted. I actually felt a bit shabby next to him as it was all new clothes and I was wearing old stuff. Tidy and smart but old. “Where did you get that lot?” I asked.

“Well I thought about what you said and you were right. We can do really well out of this so I reckon it was worth investing some dosh. Cost a bloody packet mind but not bad eh.”

“No you look totally different, I hope you polished your manners while your at it.” I laughed. We arrived just before seven and the door was open before we reached it. Dean showed us in and said, “Cathy will be down in a moment. Why did you have to do that to Donald.”

“Because I could. Don’t ever question me again Dean, or you will regret it.”

A moment later Cathy came downstairs. She looked absolutely stunning. Dressed in what, for her, was a very short dress with a really plunging neckline, her hair swept to one side and an air about her that oozed confidence in the fact that she knew she looked good. “You look stunning.” I said. “My compliments.”

“Thank my sister. She gave me your message and we went shopping.” she said taking the arm I and Dave had offered, “I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even if I was, and am embarrassed at how I look.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about you look stunningly classy.” Dave said. I think Cathy was as shocked as I was. “Ok so I can be a gentleman at times, but you do look fucking great.”

Cathy laughed and so did I. Dave poor thing didn’t get the joke and Dean was relegated to footman walking behind us. The chauffeur opened the door and we all got in. Cathy Dave and I on the rear bench seat and Dean by the door. “Tell the driver to collect Clair and Donald.” I said

We travelled in comparative silence. I was unsure as to the outcome of the evening though I knew what I was going to do , this was in a public place and the two husbands were going to be humiliated. Not that I was going to fuck the girls in public, but they would be spending there time between Dave and I and the men would be paying the bill.

As Clair and Donald got into the car it was surprising just how much the two girls looked alike, ok they were twins, not identical but twins. They had dressed the same. Down to Clair I thought. Clair was the more confident but Cathy was the better looking. But you would have to see there faces to know the difference between them. Donald came to join us on the bench seat but I sent him to sit with Dean. So now I had Cathy on one side and Clair on the other.

My hands rested on a knee either side of me and I said, “You done a great job Clair, you both look stunning.”

“Yes well when I told her what you said she almost feinted. She did feint when I told her what she would be wearing. Have you seen them, her undies I mean. “

“No I didn’t want to put her through that embarrassment. Not just yet anyway.”

“Your kidding, right.” Clair said, “You fuck her silly in her own bed but you don’t want to embarrass her by looking at her knickers.”

I smiled. “I could see she was nervous, despite her attempts at confidence and I didn’t want to knock her newly gained confidence out of her right from the start.”

“Oh how thoughtful of you. Your still going to fuck her though aren’t you.”

“You seem a little agitated this evening,” I said “may I ask why?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be sharp. I will explain later if I may, away from those two.”

“As you wish.” I said

The car pulled up and the chauffeur opened the door. The boys got out first and held out hands to assist the girls. Dave and I pushed them aside and did the job instead. Dave escorted Cathy and Clair was with me, again the two husbands were relegated to footmen.

Dean went to the front as we approached the door and opened it for us to step through. He had a smirk on his face till he realised how silly he looked opening the door for his wife and the man who was going to fuck her. Dean gave his name at the counter and we were led to a table at the back of the restaurant, not private but not in the open either. We ordered a drink and our meal and then Dean said. “We need to know when this is going to stop. We cannot, will not, allow our wives to be used in this manner.”

“We will discuss these matters after dinner if you don’t mind. I think the ladies would like to enjoy their meal.”

Dean went to say something else but my glare told him of the danger of that. Donald sat meekly allowing his brother to hang himself. The meal went without any further problems, in fact it was quite relaxed all things considered. While Dave and I were not in the same class as Cathy, Clair was a different matter and enjoyed a lot of things that I would class as normal. Music tv films and such. She did have her snooty side but it seems that being married to Donald, ‘in the lowlands’ as she put it had brought her down to earth a little. As the brandy was brought out I said, “Would you ladies like to go to the lounge while we discuss these matters or would you rather stay and hear what has to be said.”

I’m not having that fool talk for me, I will say my piece for myself.” Cathy said, surprising angry.

“Me too.” Clair said

“So Dean, Donald, what do you wish to say, speak freely as it will be the last opportunity you will have.” Dave seemed to automatically leave these discussions to me, and anyway he was too busy playing with Cathy’s leg to be too interested. Though I knew him well enough to know he would miss nothing of the conversation.

“You know what I have to say. This evening has been very nice for some, but for others it is torture. It will not happen again. Tonight is the last time.”

Nobody said a word, Clair shuffled her feet and Cathy looked at Clair. Donald just sat looking into his Brandy glass. I took my mobile and made a call. “Can you come in now please.”

Cindy was looking at me with that snobbish look on her face again. Little did she know…

It started about three months ago when I had to hire a new secretary. My wife and I own a company that installs air-conditioners and we frequently handle multi-million dollar contracts. Since we are both open minded about sex we decided to go for the hottest girl in the book and see if we can coerce her into thinking our way.

During the interview this girl was hot. Cindy came into the room with that self assured look that only comes with time, plenty of complements and knowing how hot you look. I should have known. She sat there in that short little number, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’10″, 140lbs, 36-24-34 and the nicest pair of tits I’ve ever seen. Sexy as hell, it was all I could do not to jump up and grab her right there during the interview. Linda (my wife) wasn’t much better off either. She was flirting the whole time, crossing and uncrossing her legs, light accidental touches, the whole works. Man she was hot!!!

But things changed pretty quickly. The day Cindy started I could see things weren’t going to go our way easily. This girl knew she didn’t have to do the boss any favours to ensure that she would live comfortably. Within a week she was cold and threatening with sexual abuse lawsuits if we even flirted with her.

But that was going to change…

I knew I had to get to her somehow, but how? Then Linda came up with this plan, I must say I’m glad I married her, bright, sexy and with just the right amount of lust. When she explained what she had in mind I just knew it was going to work. It started off fairly easily, letting Cindy handle confidential documents and leaving them lying around the office where she could openly see it. Cindy thinks she is so smart. But we had her covered the whole way.

Poor little Cindy… But it is time for the fun to begin. I pressed the intercom and said, “Cindy, come in here for a minute please?”

She took a seat in front of me and I said, “Wow you’re looking exceptionally hot today! Did you dress up for me?”

Obviously irritated with my little compliment, she frowned and snidely said, “As if the way I dress has anything to do with you. This is the last time I warn you, I will sue you for sexual harassment if you don’t stop this shit!”

Unfazed by her little tirade I stood up, taking a rather thick file of papers and handed it to her. She was obviously unsure of what I wanted her to do.

“Go ahead, take a look.”

She opened the file.

Oh, if I could describe the look of shock on her face. Yes… I knew we had her. Her hands started to tremble as she paged through the file, we had every detail of every dirty little criminal thing she did the past two weeks. The first tear started to form in the corner of her eye.

My cock started to stir.

“Now, what do you suppose we do about your little indiscretion, Cindy?”

She looked at me with a tear running down her cheek.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you.” I was enjoying the situation. She winced slightly.

“What, what are you going to do?” she sobbed.

“I simply can’t see how we cannot report this to the police, Cindy,” I said. “You know that industrial espionage is a criminal offence and that you have cost us two contracts already. Big ones I should add at that!”

Man this was fun. She just sat there crying…

Little bitch.

“We were so impressed with your work Cindy, why did you have to do this?” switching to the good guy again.

“I didn’t think I’d get caught, I was extremely careful not to try anything while anyone else was in the office,” she sobbed. “And they offered me so much money.”

Ah yes, the money, she would never know we actually arranged that.

“How much?” I asked (my cock was steadily growing harder through all of this). She just sat there.

I asked how much, Cindy!” I said sternly.

“Ten thousand for the first set, and five for the next.”

“Was it worth losing everything?” She started sobbing again, poor little bitch.

“Is there anything I can do to repair the damage, or change your mind? Please?” she pleaded.

I expected that, in fact that was exactly what I wanted to hear.

I sat down on my desk right in front of her, appearing to be in deep thought. “You can start off by sucking my cock,” I said. Dropping all pretence. Oh the look on her poor little snobby face. I guess she wasn’t going to sue me for sexual harassment now…

“What?” she said. I could see this was not what she had in mind.

“You heard me, get off your skinny little ass, come over here, and give me a blowjob!” I said sternly. She still hesitated. “Do I have to call the police Cindy?”

Still sobbing, she reluctantly got up and kneeled before me. “Come on girl, hurry up, I have other things,” or holes I thought, “to still do today…” She hesitatingly unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my zipper.

“I really don’t want to do this, please don’t make me!” she said, showing me her best little please feel sorry for me face.

I got up and pulled down my pants freeing my rock hard cock.

“Just think about the police, jail and jail rape, Cindy.”

Just thinking about that sexy little mouth sucking on my cock have given me a semi permanent erection for the past week, since I knew she took the bait. Broken, Cindy lightly started to lick the underside of my cock, the feeling of her tongue on my glans almost sent me over the edge, but I controlled it. I didn’t want her to get of this easily the first time, I had plans…

She moved to take the head of my cock into her mouth, but I wasn’t interested in doing things slowly. I grabbed her by the hair and shoved all eight inches into her mouth and throat. She started to gag (sending wonderful feelings through my cock) but I just kept on going.

“Oh that feels so good my little cocksucker,” I said.

This first time she was not to experience pleasure. That was reserved for me. I continued stroking into her mouth, with her trying to compensate for my size so suddenly violating her, but each time she thought she had a rhythm going I would change mine and continue feeling those delectable choking movements in her throat.

“You just love sucking me don’t you?” I asked, but of course she couldn’t answer.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I sped up my pace.

“Do you want me to come all over your pretty little face?” I looked down and saw her looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes and angelic face, which was just enough to push me over the edge.

I started coming down her throat but pulled out to give her face a nice cum coating. I just love cumming onto beautiful girls’ faces. I spurted cum into her hair, onto her face and I got one great shot straight to the eye. Have I told you that I like cumming onto girls’ faces?

Cindy looked at me with something, if I didn’t know better I would say lust, in her face (apart from the cum that is).

She started to wipe my cum of her face but I stopped her, “No, you will wear my cum on your face proudly, or you can go to jail. It’s your choice.” By this time the poor girl’s resolve was broken down and she just left it there with a sigh.

“By the way, if I’m not ready for a fuck within ten minutes you should pack your bags for jail,” I said as I pulled my pants back up. “And no, you cannot touch me.” She sat there looking dumb for a second before the realization hit. I wanted to fuck her too!

“No! I won’t fuck you!” came the cry.

“Have it your way,” I said. “I’m not going to go through this each time you know, and time is running out, nine minutes.”

Another minute passed before she started to undo her shirt, slowly taking it off as seductively as she could. I feigned ignorance, but my dick was already getting harder just thinking about fucking her tight pussy. As she unbuttoned her shirt I could see that she had no bra on and that her gorgeous breasts would be on open display soon. This definitely got my attention and I openly started to ogle her breasts, which came into view one button at a time.

They were delectable; it was all I could do not to get up fuck her senseless. But I wanted to humiliate her even further. Her shoes were next, but it obviously wasn’t her first time seducing a man. Knowing now that she had my attention she let her legs fall open, flashing her panty to me.

She winked at me and puckered her lips, to which I said, “Seven minutes, and I’m not even close to hard enough to fuck that pussy of yours.”

She blushed deeply, but determined not to go to jail she started to take off her skirt but I stopped her, “Keep it on, I like it better that way, for now any case.”

I just love the slutty look of a girl frigging herself with her skirt hiked up around her. This left her with only her panty and her skirt and I could see that she was struggling to take off her panty.

“Six minutes and I’m still soft.”

Her face took on a look of desperation, she was not going to make it. Cindy took a few seconds and blushed an even deeper red.

“Yes Cindy, I want you to masturbate for me. That is the only way you are going to succeed.” I could see this news hit hard. Very few women like displaying themselves while masturbating and Cindy was not one of them.

“Please don’t make me do this, I will much rather suck you again!” she begged me.

“No, I want to see you get yourself off, five minutes and I’m getting softer.” I said plainly.

The nineteen year old girl realized she had to rush against time and she just gave in. Blushing a deep red all the way to those juicy melons of her she started to stroke herself through her skirt. Slowly she wiggled her skirt upward to show more and more of her panty, all the time rubbing her slit through it. I could see the outline of her mound through the white cotton panties she had on. Imagine a girl walking around without a bra and wearing cotton panties! Man I did look forward to fucking this little bitch.

Her efforts was having an effect on me though, my cock was stirring again. After about a minute of rubbing herself through her panties she slipped a finger under it, moaning lewdly.

“Tell me how much you are going to like me fucking you.”

“Ooh no, I couldn’t enjoy having sex against my will,” she said, now rubbing her clit vigorously but still blushing deeply.

I said, “You might not know it yet, but I am going to give you the best fuck you ever had.” Her eyes flashed with a mixture of hate/lust. “Now shut up and make me get hard, you have two minutes left.”

I didn’t tell her but the way she was getting herself off had my cock fully erect again almost a minute ago. I was simply enjoying this too much to let her know. Cindy slipped off her panties and spread her legs wide, giving me the prime spot in this lewd show. I could see her clit poking through its hood as she held her lips apart with the one hand while frigging herself with the other. By this time she was so hot she started licking my semi-dried cum off her face. I could see she was getting ready to come.

I didn’t want that to happen.

“Stop Cindy!” I said. She either ignored me or was too engrossed in her own fun to stop, but I stepped closer and took away her hand.

Cindy groaned, “Please, please I need to cum.”

“No, you will stop right now. Or must I discipline you?” I threatened. This was the first time I threatened her and it had the desired effect. I took a small vibrating egg out of my drawer and told her get up and bend over. She reluctantly obeyed, suspiciously looking at the egg. Whatever she was thinking, she was right. I lubed the egg up with a generous amount of KY-jelly and pressed it against her anus.

“Please…” she said. Might as well start working on the other hole too, we are going to have so much fun. “Please don’t do that,” she begged in vain.

“I’ll do whatever I want and you’ll listen.” I said. “We can consider it our own correctional services for a criminal such as you.” I increased the pressure and the egg suddenly went in, her face wincing in pain. I turned on the vibrating action of the egg and told her to sit down. The egg would keep her excited but the slight discomfort will keep her from cumming.

“Now we should discuss your new contract,” I said.

Now I don’t know if you have ever tried to discuss a contract with your boss after he came all over your face, made you masturbate in front of him while having a vibrating egg in your ass, but I can assure you Cindy did not care about that fucking contract I had in front of me. She didn’t read it, didn’t even think, she just signed. Ten pages, of which eight gives me total control over her and the other two is a detailed admission of guilt. Not that she’d have any choice in the matter really. I’ll have to invite the lawyer who wrote the contract over to ensure that he gets a proper thank you from me (well he’ll probably get it from her).

The vibrating egg was doing a good job of keeping her horny. In fact I’m sure it made her hornier by the minute. She looked as if she wanted to jump onto my lap and fuck me, not the other way around.

“You want me to fuck your pussy yet Cindy?” I asked.


“Speak up, I didn’t hear you.”

“I said no!” she yelled at me, but she wasn’t very convincing.

“Let’s see if we can change that,” I said. “You will sit still and look in front of you, any movement and I will spank you! Do you understand?”

Cindy nodded her head, too afraid to speak.

She jumped when I turned up the vibrating egg to its maximum setting, her eyes growing big with the added stimulation in her ass. I walked behind her and groped her breasts. Her nipples were painfully stiff and I played with one, tracing slow circles around it.

Licking it.

Biting it.

My fingers rubbing small circles over her clit had her moaning softly. When she started to shudder under my fingers I asked her again, “Is your cunt ready for my cock?”

She looked at me with a mixture of lust, discomfort and frustration, “Please, I need to cum.”

“I didn’t hear you, did you ask nicely?”

“Please fuck me,” she gave in, “please take out your big cock and fuck my pussy until I scream, I don’t care that I am being forced, don’t care if the world is watching me just fuck me… Please?”

I was rock hard once more. To hear this young snobbish little bitch in heat begging me to fuck her had me so horny I was on top of her in no time. I pulled her from the chair and threw her on top of my desk. While I ripped open my pants she spread her legs and pulled her knees into her breasts lewdly displaying the entrance of her cunt.

“Fuck me now!!!”

I put the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and took her in a single stoke. Man she had a tight pussy. My balls hit her ass giving her all eight inches and started pumping.

“Oh your cock feels so good, give it to me,” she screamed. Nothing remained of the snobbish little bitch that she was an hour ago.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She was now a whimpering sex slut wanting no more than a good fuck.

“Oh, it feels so good.” The feel of the egg vibrating away in her ass added to the overwhelming feelings she was experiencing and it was just too much for her.

“Aghh, ohh, aghh I… I’m cumming!” she screamed.

I pulled out and immediately turned her over. She was like a doll in my arms and I spread her ass cheeks to get to her anus. Her third hole was going to experience my cock today.

“Oh no! Please don’t…” she whimpered. I took out the egg and spread some more KY on her sphincter. She started squirming.

“Please I’ve never had a cock in my ass.”

I held her down, “You will do whatever I said remember. You can still go to jail you know.” Cindy knew she was beaten and tried to relax, she knew she didn’t have any choice.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now Cindy, try to relax and it won’t hurt too badly.”

I put my well lubed cock to her anus and pushed. It held tight for a moment, but then Cindy managed to relax and the head slid in.

“I’m fucking your virgin ass, why don’t you thank me, Cindy?” I started riding her roughly, not caring if she was in pain, she was mine now.

“Unghh, Th.. Thank y… yoouu.” she managed. Her face contorted with pain but it ebbed away with each stroke, slowly turning into pleasure. She moaned. I was in heaven.

“Oh please don’t stop, oh fuck my ass please, it hurts so good!” she yelled, obviously starting to enjoy my sodomizing efforts.

Her ass was tight, I don’t think I would have fit if I didn’t prepare her with the egg.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to cum again! Fuck me, fuck my ass!” this was too good, the little bitch enjoyed an assfucking!

I kept pumping her ass and was soon lost in my own pleasure. “Yes, yess, yessss!” she yelled. I didn’t even hear the door open. “Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming!” Cindy screamed.

I was so close when I heard, “Well I see you have her broken in already.”

The surprise nearly stopped me from cumming, but when I saw Linda standing in the door smiling at me with her skirt hiked up and her hand in her panties it was simply too much. I started pumping my cum into Cindy’s ass in big spurts. I pulled out and continued cumming all over her butt. Cindy just laid there exhausted with my cum all over her.

Yes, you could say I did break her in.

This story has sexual content. If you are not over 18 then do not read. The names in the story has be changed to protect the real people who have been mention. The story is real.

The truth is stranger than fiction. I am 58 year married white guy dressed in the standard dress for a crossdresser. You know black thigh high fishnet stockings with black suspenders; red silk panties with ruffles; matching red underwear and Bra designed to hold silicone breasts of 40-B, red PVC knee high 5″ heel boots, short blue skirt, and white pull over knit top with matching jewelry around my neck and wrist. I looked like a cheap streetwalker. I was in a dank, drafty room illuminated by a light bulb hanging from the ceiling with a single dangling cord to turn the light off or on.

I was chained to the bed bolted to the floor. There was enough length to reach the sink, but not the only door into the room. I had been taken by force, dressed in a burka, ball gagged and driven to an unknown location. I was told to be a good girl, as I had agreed to be a whore. I was in no danger but was reminded not to try to escape. I was in a brothel and will be staying for seven days making my pimp money. You might ask how I ended up in such a place, used as a sex slave.

My story begins three months ago when I joined a free web site called CD Guys Who Like to Dress. I have been bisexual for ten years and have met many guys for some hot guy action. One guy asked me to put on panty hose and it excited me. Sex with him was one of my hottest experiences. Over the next few years I wore woman cloths and met guys who were admirers of panty clad guys. It was last year that I fully developed as a cross dresser. I met guys and played the part of a woman. Usually I am dressed as a woman looking like a slut or whore. I dress up for the pleasure of other persons. When I please them I feel satisfied in return.

I liked the CD web site because it has a chat room, a forum for posting messages, allows a profile to be posted and provides email services. I had posted a few messages on the forum and was able to set up meeting with horny admires. I was online one evening looking for someone to meet and I got an email.

“I like your profile, meet me in the chat room I want to meet you”.

There seemed nothing wrong with the email and I checked out the poster that had a profile name Niceguyray. I sent an email reply inviting Ray to chat.

I went to the chat room and found niceguyray and the chat went like this.

Niceguyray: “I liked your profile and your pictures are hot”.

Cindy: “I am glad you like my photographs, I love to hear guys say they like them. It makes me horny thinking that guys are getting hard looking at my pictures”.

Telling a guy on line that you get horny makes them horny.

Niceguyray: “yes for sure I am hard looking at your pictures. You are so hot dressed up that way”.

His reply tells me he is horny too.

Cindy: “I am mature 58, and I like to dress up to hide things like my gray hair and my spare tire”.

I did not want to waste my time chatting with someone till they realize I am mature and not trim and fit, and they just quit chatting.

Niceguyray: “To see you dressed and hiding things just makes you sexier baby”.

Cindy: “Oh! You say that to all the girls”.

Niceguyray: “No, only to the ones those turn me on. I like your profile. Honest”.

Cindy: “I do not want to mislead anyone, I am not passable but with makeup on and in a dark room, on my knees in front of you, who cares?”

I say these things to turn a guy on; he can picture me giving him a blowjob.

Niceguyray: “your profile says you are a total bottom”.

My profile says 58 Bi married white total bottom, submissive and sometimes CD. I guess that covers it. I want guys to know that I am married so they can know that I like to play safe, do not want to bring home anything that I cannot explain to my wife. Total bottom means I do not top. While I have topped in the past, I just do not get hard on demand and do not want to disappoint someone who wants to be topped and I cannot get it up. I am very submissive and in any meeting between two people, one has to take the lead to dominate and the other has to follow. Being submissive does not mean I am a slave. I like to be lead when I am with someone for sex. I say I am a CD, because some guys do not like CD and, I do not want to pass a chance of meeting a guy who thinks I must dress to meet.

Cindy: “Yes, I like to do things the wife or girlfriends do not do”. This statement really turns guys on.

Niceguyray: “What is that?”

As if he did not know. He thinks he knows but just wants to hear someone say ‘I like to suck and get fucked’.

Cindy: “I have a hot mouth and a warm cunt. I let guys cum in my mouth and ram their cock in my anus, churning my feces with cum like pulp”.

Niceguyray: “BB”

Cindy: “Sometimes, it depends on the guy; have to play safe you know”.

Niceguyray: “I understand about being safe. I am turned on by our conversation and you know what I have in my hands right now”.

Cindy: “oh baby, I wish I were there to help you, my clit is hard too”.

I refer to my cock as a clitty and when I talk to a guy saying words like ‘my clit, my cunt’ are a turn on for the guy.

Niceguyray: “Your profile says you are submissive?”

Cindy: “I am very submissive and do what the other guy likes. I do not do real pain or SCAT. I am always open to suggestions. I am not a slave and not looking for a master. Just a guy who likes to play dressed up and having some fun”.

The master/slave thing is not a turn on. I did it once and it took three hours of licking boots, saying no master a thousand times, getting spanked until my arse was red and hot and then I did not get to suck his cock. I am all for a little spanking but want to get laid.

Niceguyray: “Have you ever been tied up?”

Cindy: “Once. It was very exciting. I was blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back and hobbled with a brace between my legs keeping them apart and my clitty and cunt exposed. I was put in several positions and he used different toys, from vibrators to dildo before he deep fucked my rectum. I was tied up for hours”. Actually it was only for 30 min and when the guy screwed my anus, he came very quickly, but no need to tell Ron that.

Niceguyray: “Well you have me going and, oh! So horny. Can we meet”?

This is a very direct question, and based on his questions so far I was not sure what Ray’s interests were.

Cindy: “What do you have in mind, sweetie”?

Niceguyray: “I am a dominant guy and I like to meet CD. You dress like a whore or slut and I want you to be my cock sucking, cum slut, cock bitch. When we meet I will be in charge and you will do what I say when I say. Do you get that Cindy my bitch”?

Cindy: “Yes sir, I understand, as long as there is no real pain or SCAT and that I am not doing the slave stuff”.

Niceguyray: “OK I will respect your limits Cindy my whore, but expect you to dress like a cheap slut and act as a whore.”

The rest of the conversation was about him and his cock and what he wanted to do. All seemed normal and was like conservations I have had with other guys. I agreed to meet on a Friday night at seven in the evening. This would allow me to get off work and grab my things, to shave, shower, put on my makeup and dress.

I rented the hotel room, texting Ray the name and location. He texted back and asked if I was alone.

I responded “sure” and did not think why he asked.

Ron instructed me to be fully dressed when he knocked on the door. He told me as soon as we were inside, to get on my knees and he would tell me what to do. It was Seven o’clock, and there was a knock on the door. I open the door and a tall good looking man walked in, carrying a gym bag. The door closed and I got on my knees. Ray stood in front of me and unzipped his jeans. He slapped my face with his limp cock and rubbed his balls on my lips, nose and eyes.

I looked up at Ray. Ray was late 30′s to early 40′s, six feet and under 200 lbs. He wore blue jeans and a pull over shirt with a leather jacket. Ray had tan complexion, green eyes, short brown hair and was good looking. I could see his cock was cut and had a mushroom head that was twice the diameter of his cock shaft. I was delighted at the prospect of getting buggered by such an impressive penis probing my intestine and pumping sperm upward into my stomach.

As Ray entered the room he took charge. I was on my knees without being told. Ray told me that I was a good girl. He started off cock slapping my face telling me I looked like a slut and he was going to treat me like a slut. He told me to sit on the bed and put my hands behind my back. He walked around me, took out a pair of handcuffs slapped them on my wrists snug and tight. He walked around, my face looking at his belt buckle. He let his hands run over my face, neck, breast, and then to my nylon clad legs, telling me I was dressed like a whore and asked if I like to be treated like a whore. I replied that I was a good girl and asked him not to do anything naughty with me. This usually turns a guy on but Ray laughed and slapped my face with his cock saying “shut up, you stinking horny bitch”.

Ray reached into his gym bag and pulled a digital camera. The new model that takes hi resolution pictures and videos; He took a few pictures of m posing for him, to stick out my breast, spreading my legs.

With each direction he said “bitch or slut”.

I am turned on with the verbal demeaning abusive words. He told me to open my mouth and close my eyes. At this point I was thinking that I was going to get a nice cock in my mouth. I was surprised when he forced a ball gag in my mouth. The ball was red and about the size of a hand ball. I had to open my mouth wide when he forced the gag in. He took more pictures. He had his cock in front of my face and took several pictures with me staring at his swollen dick. It was still not fully hard yet; but was thick and above average in size.

My hands handcuffed behind my back, and ball gag stuffed in my mouth, I was helpless and wondered what he would do next. He dragged me to the center of the bed forcing me to lie down and rolled me on my stomach. He lifted my short skirt to expose my red panties. He told me only a whore would wear such red panties. With that he slapped my arse hard and I jumped with the unexpected smack. He told me not to move and smacked me again. I moved and his voice changed and warned me to lay still. He pulled my panties down to my knees exposing my arse. He reached into his gym bag and pulled out a small paddle. He showed me the paddle and told me if I was bad he would spank me.

With the ball gag in my mouth all I could do was nod my head and make a sound “unhuna”. He took a few more pictures, some with the self timer, so he could be in the picture. He kissed my neck, my ear lobe, while his hand was between my legs. Click, Click went the camera. I wondered if he would give me copies of the pictures.

He told me that he liked to fuck a red ass, and told me that a slut like me would love that. “Unhuna” was all I could say. He paddled my arse cheeks alternately, calling me a bitch or slut or whore with each stinging delivery. The force increased until my ass was red and my eyes were tearing. My makeup was now running down my face.

Ray called me “Cindy slut” and “whore bitch”. This was getting painful and I was just about to say stop when he stopped. My arse was cherry red and I knew it would be black and blue the next day.

Ray now removed some nylon rope from his gym bag. He removed my panties, moved my legs wide and tied to bed posts. He tied two ropes to the headboard and quickly removed the handcuffs and now my hands were restrained in front of me. Click, Click more pictures were taken and more words of humiliation. He removed my ball gag and replaced it with some sort of dental device used to hold the mouth open for dental surgery. He took some close up pictures of my face, with makeup running down from my eyes, and mouth wide open. Ray’s cock was now semi hard and he was now able to put his cock in my mouth holding my head in such a way that his cock had full access to my mouth. Ron held my head sliding his cock in and out of my open mouth. Each time going in deeper and each time I could feel his club getting harder and bigger. I have sucked a lot of cock but never had I been forced like this. Click, Click more pictures.

“You fucking cunt, eat my cock you fucking whore. You like sucking cock don’t you Cindy slut”?

I could only reply with each push is his cock in my restrained mouth, “unhuna” gag, cough, “unhuna”.

This mouth abuse lasted for five minutes or more. I was losing track of time because each time his cock was forced to the back of my throat I would gag, and puke. With his cock plugging my throat my stomach would heave and nothing would come out! With Ron’s cock blocking my throat I was not able to breath and had to time my breathing to his motion of his cock pumping into my gob. His cock out was breath and cock in was gag. If he let his cock all the way in I got no air, and began to fell light headed losing conscious and falling into a dream like state. I was thinking as to how good things like a hard cock make me suffocate. As Ray was sliding his cock in my mouth he would hold a bottle under my nose forcing me to breath in the fumes of the poppers. I became light headed, my body was floating, and feeling heightened sexual excitement.

At this point I wanted to get buggered rough and hard till I ejaculated in euphoria, and did not care about anything else. Ray removed his cloths, was now fully naked, and had a fully erect cock of over eight inches. Ray said I was a good “cock sucker” and now he will have to see how good of a “cock bitch whore” I would be.

Ray took out of his gym back a vibrating dildo about the same size of his cock. He lubed my anus and slid the dildo in, a little at a time teasing me saying, “you like that Cindy bitch, take it like a whore you are feel it reach into your intestines and churn the feces pulpy enough to lube my plunger”.

I still had the dental restraint in my mouth but was able to say, “Uck ee, uck ee Reese”. When the dildo was all the way in, Ron turned on the vibrator. Wow, I got an immediate hard on. The urge to cum happened quickly and without any jacking of my clit I came; and I came hard. I could feel my sphincter contract one, two, three times with cum squirting out of my fully erect clitty. Wow! That was most exciting. I just wanted to roll over and sleep. I did not want sex any more. I wanted Ray to stop and go away. But that would not to be. Ray took my cum from the sheets and rubbed it on my anus, telling me that I was a good slut.

Ray asked “Does Cindy slut like coming like a fucking whore”? He kept the dildo in my anus, still vibrating. He turned it up a notch or two. Ray reached under my body and grabbed my now limp dick. He used my cum as lube and was jacking my cock. After cumming as hard as I did I was oh so sensitive. Each slide of his hand was sending sensations up my body that I was wincing in pain and pleasure.

I said “ease top, oh, oh”. Ray said I was a dirty little bitch Cumming like I did, and that he would have to teach me a lesson as he continued stroking my cock. To my surprise I got hard in his hands and the urge to cum happened suddenly and I had another massive climax. The dildo vibrating against my prostate, caused loads of spunk discharge, into his hands.

Ray removed the dental restraint, rubbed my scum fluid on my face and allowed some to drip into my mouth as he held my head up. “Yea you fucking cum bitch, drink your cum”.

He reached down again and jacked my limp cock and continued to fuck the dildo in my arse. I have never climaxed three times in a row and did not know how long Ray would continue his tickling my prostrate. I was so sensitive that each movement on my gland sent shock waves throughout my body and I shivered at his touch.

“Oh yes Cindy my dear, you are such a slut, you like cumming don’t you?”

I was beyond my senses, the popper, the lack of air, the constant vibrating against me prostate kept my high.

After I came the third time Ray removed the vibrating dildo and told me to relax. I was still quaking from the orgasm when Ray knelt between my wide open legs, bent over and pushed his hard cock into cum lubed anal cunt.

He seemed to take pleasure in pushing all of his cock into my cunt and pausing long enough to say “Take that you whore, Cindy is a good whore, you fucking slut”.

I did not take offence to his words. They seemed more like words of endearment. Ray’s cock was pushing past my prostate and deep into my intestines and I had another hard on in a few minutes. I was so lubed up that his cock would slide in and out without and friction, my hole was relaxed. I know I felt just like a woman’s pussy to him. Every time his mushroom head passed up and down my rectal curve, I saw stars of pleasure twinkle in my brain.

I wanted to let him know that I liked the feeling of his cock in me so each time Ray would pull his cock out I would tighten up my cunt giving a little resistance to his push. Each push in I could feel a little pop as Ray’s cock head would enter my now tight cunt. I would then relax allowing him full access to my warm wet cunt. He would moan when I tighten up and would tell me “That is a good whore” as he started pounding me harder. The clap of his balls slapping my arse; the bed bouncing against the wall; a little moan on each thrust of his large cock; I had to let it out in a little whisper.

“Fuck me Ray. Make me cum Ray. I want you to cum in my cunt Ray”.

He must have like what I said because he arched his back, pushed one last time, and squirted one, two, three times and flooded my rectal cavity, slushy and warm. I could feel his thick viscous man juice flowing deep inside me. Ray collapsed on top of me with his cock buried to the hilt in my poop chute. He whispered in my ear,

“You are a very good bitch Cindy. You are going to be my whore. I want to fuck your shit hole till it is worn out of all skin”.

I was out of my senses losing control. Ray was saying something to me and I was nodding yes, yes. He was saying something about me being his whore to be used and that he would find guys to fuck me and he would make a lot of money having guys use my body as they pleased. He asked if I would like that and in my condition I replied, “Yes, yes”.

He said “Good” as his cock slid out of my abused cunt. I was lying there till it tided down but was able to catch my breath. I rested my head on the pillow and was vaguely aware of what happened next.

Ray asked me where my cell phone was, and I nodded it was in my hand bag on the dresser. He took out my cell phone and started to write down names and phone numbers. When he finished, he returned to the bed. He took the camera, set it to play the pictures he has taken. It showed digital pictures of me tied up, dressed as a woman, sucking his cock. Ray’s face was not shown but my face was clearly visible.

Ray whispered in my ear, “You are going to be my whore for the next week, and if you do not agree I will post these pictures on the net for all your friends to see. Do you understand”?

“What are you talking about”? I replied.

Ray took out a sheet of paper. He said this was a contract for my services as an escort. He filled in my name which he got from my driver license from my wallet. He told me to sign it. I asked if he was serious and he said, “Cindy my dear, you are going to be whore for a week. During that week you will be well treated but you cannot try to leave. You will work from 2 pm to 2 am with breaks to clean and lube up your man hole and to eat, but every hour you will make yourself available for sodomy and felatio. You will remain dressed as a CD slut and you will work as a bitch whore. The Brothel will do all the bookings for you and collect the money from the Johns. The brothel will get 25%, I will get 25% and you would make 50% minus any costs for food and supplies. Is that clear Cindy my cunt whore”?

“Craig?” called Maggie as the younger man walked past her office. He frowned and let out a sigh before putting on a brave face and stepping back into her doorway.

“Did you need me?” he asked demurely. So keen to please the CIO despite the shared view that she was an almighty cunt.

Now that he was at her doorway she looked back at her desk, not even maintaining eye contact as she spoke. She was offhand, as usual, as if her whims and wishes were clearly the most important thing in Craig’s day. She rattled off some request: she hadn’t seen the signed-off copy of the capability transfer report Craig had been working on. It was overdue.

He stared at her with undisguised disdain as she spoke, his anger at the pointless request boiling inside him. She was overweight, with a pudgy face and outdated hair. Her skin was smooth and her cheeks had the rosy tint of someone who overindulged. But behind that harmless looking exterior was one mean bitch. Craig had finished the report weeks ago and gotten the nod from all the relevant team leads but he hadn’t gotten around to completing the final step mandated by the auditors: all financial documents must include a cover sheet with all the required signatures. It was a pointless step in the process, pure bureaucracy, but Maggie insisted her hands were tied in this by the auditors and Craig needed to get those signatures before she could mark the deliverable as complete.

She glanced up at him as she finished speaking and his expression flashed back to keen obsequiousness.

“Absolutely, Maggie,” he said, giving her a nod, “I’m sorry about that being late. I’ll get those signatures to you immediately.”

He hesitated, waiting to see if there was more but Maggie simply went back to what she was doing and after a moment he turned to walk away. Fucking bitch, he thought, sucking a deep breath to master his anger. This is ridiculous. Craig stormed back to his desk and pulled out the sheaf of blank sign-off sheets that he had in a file there, filling out the top of one with the report’s details and the date before heading off to find the various team leads’ offices. Five minutes later he was standing at the elevator band, leaving his desk and the actual work he had to do behind to chase pointless signatures from a series of disinterested executives.

- – -

When six-thirty rolled around Craig was leaning back in his chair, stretching after a particularly back breaking stint over a beast of a project plan. He had managed to get five of seven signatures but two of the executives he sought had been MIA. He glanced at his watch, shaking his head. No point going looking for them now, they were not the hardest working execs and by now they would be long gone. Fuck, thought Craig, he had a status meeting with Maggie in the morning and he knew it would come up.

He stood up. This is fucking ridiculous, he thought, and stomped over to the filing cabinet outside Maggie’s office where she kept the signed off documents. There was no way he was going to get into shit because of something as arbitrary as a project sign-off sheet. He would find the signatures of the people he needed on other sheets and photocopy them onto his.

Locked. Shit.

He knew where the key was: in Maggie’s desk drawer, but sure enough her office was locked too, as it always was. But in a perfect example of office moronity the key to her office was in her assistant’s desk. So a minute later Craig was opening Maggie’s door and retrieving the key, all the while rehearsing excuses in case he was caught. After a brief rifle through her desk and a slightly longer one through the cabinet he was back at his own desk, a whole bunch of sign-off sheets in hand ready to copy and paste, literally.

It was not until he had finished copying a couple of previous sheets and cutting out signatures that he noticed it. Dave Wright’s signature was where it was supposed to be. And it was clearly Dave Wright’s signature, but the date was all wrong. Dave Wright was Craig’s old boss, and he spent July, every year, in Nantucket. But here was his signature on July 15th. Craig glanced at the title of the document Dave had apparently flown back from Nantucket to sign: Project Costing and Risk Report.

Wait a minute. Craig looked again. Comparing Dave’s signatures on several documents. They were all his. No fakes here. But wait. They were all the same. Exactly the same. In all the costing reports they were completely identical, down to a tiny mark above the W that was not a part of the signature, but a pen mis-stroke, yet it had still found its way onto all of the reviewed documents.

Maggie was faking signatures on her risk reports. He was going to talk to Dave in the morning and get this bitch fired. CIO or not, faking your costing reports was a fireable offense. Heck, as an officer of the company it may be worse than if a lowly SVP had done it. Either way Maggie’s time was up.

Craig smiled and went back to the filing cabinet.

- – -

Craig’s night was restless. It was all very well to talk about getting executives fired but the truth was Maggie was a very dangerous woman. It came down to whether Craig really had the balls to call her on her hypocrisy. And so it was a very nervous and unsure Craig that arrived at his status meeting with Maggie. He was on time, having been keenly aware of his coming meeting with the woman he had discovered was perpetrating fraud against the firm, and he sat down in silence. His work was in good shape. He actually had a couple of things he needed her to help him with: chasing down answers from the steering committee, that kind of thing, but before he could get into the actual value-added side of the meeting she came back to the signatures.

He flinched. In all the excitement of the night before he had not actually finished faking up his sign-off sheets, but had focused on amassing his board of evidence instead. He blanked. Errr.

“Sorry, Maggie, I got five of the seven but . . .”

She cut him off, “Craig, I don’t understand what the problem is here.” she said with an undertone of contempt, “It’s a simple task. Get the signatures. Why do you have so much trouble doing it?”

Craig seethed. He struggled with his anger, not trusting himself to reply but instead waiting for her to move on to the next agenda item.

But she did not desist, pushing onward with her mean black eyes shining out from her pudgy cheeks as she badgered, “Well, Craig? Is there some valid reason why you can’t get this done?”

He did not reply.

A moment passed.

“I’m waiting.”

Ordinarily Craig would have been mortified. It was not the first time he had seen this kind of childish behavior on the part of an executive, nor the first time he had been on the receiving end of it, and usually the moral superiority and rank of the executive would have made him meek and pliant. But now it was not bureaucracy it was hypocrisy, and Craig felt his patience snap like an overstretched elastic band.

“Well, Maggie,” he said with cold venom, “maybe I should just have faked the fucking signatures.”

They both froze, equally surprised by what had just come out of his mouth. Craig was flabbergasted, a part of his mind seeking some way to cram his own words back into his mouth. But a part of Craig also registered a look he did not recognize on Maggie’s face. Something unfamiliar on that haughty visage.

In an instant it was gone again, masked by a veneer of superiority, and she postured with masterfully feigned indignation, “What did you just say to me?” her face the picture of righteousness.

And then Craig recognized that emotion he had seen in her. It was fear. Something she never felt around such peons as himself. But he had made her feel it and he intended to push onwards.

“I said, Maggie, that maybe I should just fake the signatures, like you do on the project costing and risk reports.”

Her eyes opened wide. Her mask was shattered. She struggled to restore her cool but it was a poor imitation of her previous posture. An imitation which fooled no-one. She was mute, and Craig went on.

“That’s right, Maggie. I saw the signatures, last night I went looking for an old sign-off sheet. Ironically I was looking to copy some old signatures myself so I could avoid your wrath. But then I found a few little forgeries already in the file.”

He saw her shoulders tense, registered a bead of sweat on her neck as it began its path down between her breasts to be lost in her blouse.

“I wonder, Maggie, What Dave Wright would think if I showed him his signatures on those reports.”

“No!” her voice was meek, broken. A squeal almost, and Craig saw her for what she really was: a coward just like every petty bully from kindergarten to college. A feeling of power came over Craig and he felt a serene sense of calm. But then he saw another drop of sweat slide down between her breasts and his calm began to morph into something darker.

“No, Maggie? What do you mean? I shouldn’t show Dave those reports? But what about the auditors, Maggie?” Craig said with ladled facetiousness, “Tell me, Maggie, it is such a simple task, getting the signatures, why did you have so much trouble doing it?” He mocked her tone of earlier in their conversation and she nodded, clearly looking to talk her way out of it.

“You’re right, Craig. I was a bitch.” she said with forced humility, “I shouldn’t have pushed on that. Tell you what, why don’t we take a look at your project plan? I’m sure there is some way we can alleviate some of your workload, maybe give you a Friday or two off, you know, off the books. Huh?”

He chuckled, “A Friday or two off?” he laughed again, “No no, Maggie. I know how important the rules are to you. I think I will go and get my two outstanding signatures and pop into Dave’s office while I am at it. You know I used to work for him, right?”

She implored him with her eyes, “All right, Craig, what do you want?” She was desperate, but there was a hint of anger in her voice and Craig found it annoying. She still thought she was better than him. No. No fucking way. He was going to get even with her. And he was going to get something out of it, too. Not just a couple of days off but a raise, maybe even a promotion. But he was going to put her in her place as well. Not in public. That would cash in his bargaining chip and he intended to hold on to that for as long as possible. Another drop of sweat slid down between those large, heavy breasts. He watched it go and he knew what he wanted.

“You know, Maggie, it’s interesting. At first I thought maybe you had just wanted to cut corners. Maybe you just wanted to shave a little off the process, just like I did last night. I have to tell you that if you hadn’t have pushed me this morning I would probably have ended up just letting it go.” he chuckled softly to himself but she was not registering. She was only listening for the punch line so he decided to give it to her.

“But you did push it, didn’t you, and now you are really squirming. Not just like someone who doesn’t want to be called out, but like someone who knows that something far more serious will be discovered if a certain Mr. Wright takes a close look at those reports. And now you are going to pay for my silence. Certainly with a raise, probably with a promotion, but first and foremost with a fuck.”

Now she was staggered. The raise and promotion she had clearly been half expecting. But had he just said fuck?

“You can’t be serious.”

“Maggie Reid, if you don’t do everything and anything I say for the next half an hour I am going to take all the sign off sheets and their corresponding documents to Dave Wright and I am going to drop you right in the shit. End of career. End of reputation. Your paycheck: Gone. Your retirement: Gone. Your stock options: Gone.”

She was sweating hard now. There was a long pause while Craig waited for his previous statement to hit home. It seemed like an age, but after a while of staring at him, stunned, she shifted a little in her seat, and without a word she nodded.

Now it was Craig’s turn to look like a deer in the headlights. What to do now? This was it. Holy shit he was about to fuck his boss. His bitch boss.

He stood and went to the door, locking it and wedging a chair under it. When he turned back to her she was staring at him in disbelief but he pressed on. Walking over to her he towered over her. She sat there, fat in her chair. Late forties. About forty pounds overweight, and as she stared he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.

She did not move, she just sat there, transfixed by this stunning turn in her day and he reached out and grasped the back of her head and pulled it to him. His cock was hardening by the second and it stuck out, seven straight inches, the big purple head throbbing. Almost involuntarily her mouth opened and he pushed his cock in.

Holy Crap! He smiled broadly in quiet astonishment. His dick was in her mouth. He could feel her tongue sliding over it. Her eyes were open wide, staring at the base of his shaft as it sprang from his pants and he felt the need to do more. To show her how far he was going to go. Still fucking her face, the first four inches or so of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, he unbuckled his belt and undid the buttons, pushing his pants down.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles, then lifted his cock with his right hand and pulled her head in with his left, saying, “Lick my balls, you fucking bitch.”

She flinched at his cruel words and he saw a tear on her cheek but she went in hard, licking them, her fat cheeks rubbing against his thighs as she arched her head back to take his balls in her mouth.

As her tongue flicked over his perineum a thought flashed across his mind and he smiled. “Lie down, Maggie. Lie down on the floor.”

As she clumsily clambered to the floor he kicked off his shoes, pants and underwear and stood over her in his socks and shirt, his feet either side of her head.

He was facing down her body, looking at her lying prone on the floor. She was wearing a black shirt. It was long, like most of her skirts. Fabulous. He was going to get under that skirt today. And he was going to fuck what he found under there. His gaze wandered back to her face between his feet, staring up at his balls from underneath him. She looked afraid. Did she know what he was going to have her do? Only one way to find out.

He lowered himself on to her, squatting on her face. He wasn’t going to poop on her or anything like that but he was certainly going to have her rim him. Long and deep. Maggie the bitch CIO was going to lick his ass clean and then he was going to fuck her.

“Lick it, Maggie. Lick my asshole.”

He plopped his ass on her face, looking between his legs to make sure his balls were on her chin and his hole was right on her face and then he felt her mouth and nose between his cheeks.

Like all bullies she was all talk in the end, and when she was beaten she was really beaten. Her fat tongue came out from her fat lips and pushed straight up his asshole, no fucking around.

He sighed. It felt wonderful. The soft wet tongue fucking his ass with abandon. he had never had this power. A couple of girlfriends had done this to him, always slightly begrudgingly. Once he had dated a real goer who had been willing to go to town, but not on demand, only when the mood grabbed her. This was different. He could get this woman to do whatever he wanted. It would have been cruel but for the fact that she was such an almighty bitch and had ruined so many peoples’ lives for so long. No, Maggie Reid had it coming, and Craig was going to give it to her.

Craig rested one hand on Maggie’s fat stomach and reached out with the other to pull up her skirt. The woman’s legs instinctively pulled together as she tongue fucked his ass but no matter. It was a warm day and she wasn’t wearing stockings. Her milky white legs were exposed under her skirt.

Thick thighs, not flabby so much as full looking, overstuffed. Firm and large. It was a lovely sight, and though Craig was loving having his ass licked he decided he wanted more and stood up.

Stepping over to the seat Maggie had sat in only moments before he sat his bare ass down in it, savoring the feeling of her saliva between his cheeks.

“Get up. I want to have a look at you.”

She did, standing in front of him and glancing at the door as he reached over and lifted her skirt.

Sliding his chair back from the desk he pointed at the bare wooden surface saying, “Bend over the desk.”

She glanced at the door again and then complied, bending away from him and resting her elbows on the desk with large ass presented to him. He reached down and took hold of the hem of her skirt again, this time lifting the whole thing up and over her waist and exposing beige silk drawers beneath. Fuck yeah. Leaving her skirt on her back above her waist Craig pulled her panties down in one swift movement, impatient now, leaving them bunched on the floor around her ankles. Oh my, he thought as he stared at her fat white ass.

He grabbed roughly at the orbs. This was awesome. He pulled them apart, staring at the pussy and asshole between. Her labia was swollen, her body preparing for the coming fucking in spite of her. She was hairy. Not excessively, but black hairs covered her mound where it hid between her hefty thighs and tiny wisps surrounded her asshole which was clearly clean but slightly brown with a pink, puckered center. It was a little sweaty from being squeezed by her fat cheeks. He brushed it with his thumb. It tightened, as if it was squirming away from him. The sight inflamed him. Fuck it, he said, and he buried his face between her cheeks and thrust his tongue up her sweaty ass.

He violently tongue fucked her ass, making her bottom wobble. Occasionally he dipped down and licked the entrance to her cunt. He could not quite reach her clit from this angle but he still slipped his tongue in her pussy too, savoring the contrasting flavors of her tight, tangy anus and her wet, meaty vagina.

Her anal sphincter was tight around his tongue and he fought the urge to thrust his thick cock up there. Compliant she may be, and considering how she had eaten his ass without complaint he could probably get away with it. But if she cried out in pain they would both be left with some explaining to do and he wanted to savor this.

He was loving licking her ass. It was sweaty and fabulous, her fat cheeks wobbling as he held them apart, violating his boss’s shit hole with his tongue. But it was too much. He needed to fuck her and he needed to fuck her now, and if he was going to fuck his boss he wanted to see her face when he did it.

“Roll over on your back, now.”

She did, standing to turn and rest her bum on the desk and then leaning back. She held onto his shoulders as she leant back and then lifted her legs in the air as her back fell to the table. He grabbed her ankles as they came up either side of him and spread them apart, staring down at her hairy cunt, a wet, pink gash gaping at its center and calling to him.

Oh fuck that looked good and some other time he knew he was going to spend hours eating that pussy properly, but for now he held on to her ankles and shifted his hips to position his cock at the entrance to her. He glanced at her face as he did this. Pure, unadulterated hate tinged with the aftermath of her surprise burned in her eyes. But smoldering there too was lust. She hated him for the fact that she was going to enjoy being fucked by him as much as the fact that she had lost all her power in an instant.

But her hatred only goaded him on. He smiled sardonically, locking eyes with hers and pushed his cock in.

Fuck yes. His cock thrust into her with meaty force and filled her cunt. She grunted as it filled her. A nice big cock right up her. Her eyes closed as he started to fuck her. Long deep strokes. He was staring at his cock as it disappeared in and out of her cunt, savoring the sight, but she was biting her lower lip, her face scrunched up as he pounded her.

Chapter 1

The checkout beeps were still ringing in May-Leigh’s ears as she sat in the security office starring at the wall. She had been caught with her hand in the till. She had to admit this wasn’t her first time at trying to get some extra money from work to pay her bills but the new security guard was so astute she had no chance of getting out of this one.

“You seemed like such a nice girl May-Leigh, I don’t understand why you would do such a thing. What will I tell Max?” He leaned in to her, his nose inches away from hers. She had to admit, Toby was an extraordinary looking man, he was tall and toned with the most gorgeous soft black skin. It was obvious that he worked out as his shirt clung to his muscles.

“You don’t understand Toby, I was just trying to pay my bills.” May-Leigh uttered shamefully.

Shaking his head he moved towards the phone and picked it up, her eyes were all over his body as he stood tall over the other side of the room. Dropping her eyes to his groin she had to double take, not only his shirt clung to him it seemed. Realising she had been caught staring at him she began to blush as he spoke on the phone to their boss Max.

“May-Leigh, what on earth were you thinking?” Max said as he pushed open the security room door.

“I was going to pay it back, honest, I just needed to pay the bill before they cut me off.” She uttered as her face flushed with shame.

“I will take it from here Toby, please continue your duties.” Max said ushering Toby out of the door, closing it and locking the door before pulling the blind down at the window.

“You know what I told you before about this May, you really need to ask for help from me.” Max pointed out as he turned to face her, his face stern as he looked around the now fully enclosed room. Walking to her chair he gripped her shoulders and pulled her to her feet in front of him, she was only 5ft and standing against him she felt so small.

“You know what this means now don’t you?” Max said softly pushing May to her knees in front of him.

Seeing her vulnerable face really turned him on, sliding his hand down to his pants he slowly unzipped them and reached in to pull out his hardening cock. Running the head of his cock over her lips he grinning with anticipation.

“Open your mouth you little bitch and suck my cock like a good girl. You know I can make this all go away if you are good today!” He gushed with excitement as he felt her lips over his throbbing meat.

“Oh yes!” He exclaimed, his hands on her head as he pushed himself in and out of her mouth, hearing her gag as he thrust himself as deep as he could go. His balls bashing against her chin as he thrust harder.

“You know, I might actually take a little more today. This is the third time now and I have to say, you owe me at this stage.” He groaned as he pulled his cock out of May’s mouth. His hard cock was glistening in the light from her saliva, his hands reached under her arms and lifted her from her knees.

“What do you mean Max? I always give you what you want!” May said with her head facing the floor.

“No May, you give me what you allow. I want to fuck you this time.” He grinned with his hand on his cock, rubbing himself as he looked at her.

“Oh Max no, I can’t do that. I don’t want to!” She exclaimed, trying to back away from him.

“So you would rather I call the police and tell them I have caught you stealing money three times?”

May shook her head as Max lifted her shirt, pulling her bra down to reveal her pert little breasts.

“Good girl! Such nice tits too, I love these little things.” His voice echoed before his lips enveloped her nipples, slurping sucking noises filling the air again but from his sucking mouth this time.

“MMMMMMM they taste good May, but bend over and place your hands flat on the desk there… NOW!” Max ordered her and she obeyed him, she really didn’t want him to call the police and she was certain it would all be over soon.

Soon May found her skirt pulled up above her waist and her thong pulled to one side as his cock was rubbing against her soft shaved pussy.

“Such a nice pussy May, you really should show it off a little more. I will show you how I can look after it for you.” He moaned before sliding the head of his throbbing cock inside her. She was so tight around him that he had to stop and concentrate on something else for a moment, he didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to savour this moment for as long as he could.

“Oh yes, your pussy loves this cock May. Can you feel how much you want it?” His gasping words filling the room as his hands grabbed her breasts, playing with them roughly as his hips once again began to thrust. With one more hard thrust he had his whole cock inside her and his fingertips now dug into her shoulders for extra leverage for his thrusting.

“You good little slut, you love this don’t you? Tell me how much you love it? TELL ME!!”

“I love it!” These words from her was enough, he built up the thrusts, hard and fast now. Making the desk bang against the wall, it was noisy and she wanted them to be quiet but it was no good there was no stopping him now.

“Oh fuck, this pussy is so good.” He pushed in hard with each word, making May squeal softly.

She could feel every movement as his thick hard cock kept thrusting into her tight pussy, her hands gripping the desk he was fucking her so hard.

“Ohhh…. May…..” Max continued as he began to shake, his thighs pounding against hers making her ass shake. He was leaning over her now, hands on hers almost holding her down.

“I am gonna cum!” He groaned in her ear as she shook her head. His groans filling the room now as she felt his cock twitch and empty his hot load inside her, his cum deep in her pussy filling her up.

“Oh god, that was so good.” Max muttered as he pulled his cock out and put it back in his pants. She lay over the desk, the feel of his cum dripping out of her and down her thigh.

“Clean yourself up May, before I leave.” He said throwing a tissue box over to her.

Chapter 2

Sliding her coat over her uniform she was delighted to be going home, it had been a long day and she wanted to shower after the incident with her boss Max earlier on.

“May-Leigh, WAIT!!” She heard someone calling for her, oh god what now, she thought to herself as she stopped and turned to face Toby.

“Hey Toby, what’s up?” She asked as she began rooting through her bag for her security pass to open the door.

“Hold it May, would you come with me again please. I found something on the security camera’s that you definitely won’t be getting out of.” He growled as he strode towards her, grabbing her roughly and marching her back to the office.

“Ouch, get off you’re hurting me! I haven’t done anything.” May chorused before being thrown into the same chair as earlier.

“Oh haven’t you? Then what do you call this?” His hand pointing to a monitor over the other side of the room, she couldn’t quite make it out but it looked like this room. She began to shake and realised suddenly that what he was showing her was her boss violating her to let her off on the charge of theft.

“Oh my god, what? Where? I mean how did you get that?” She asked not able to make eye contact.

“So that’s how you get away with things, you filthy little whore.” He said softer than she was expecting, as he walked towards her.

“It, I, we… I didn’t want to do it but I had to.” She uttered full of shame.

“You’re coming with me!” He grabbed her arm as he spoke and pulled her up, marching her out the door and to Max’s office.

“Come in Toby, what has she done this time?” Max said looking up from a conversation on the phone he was currently taking.

“Mr Washington, I am extremely unhappy about something I seen whilst watching the security monitors this afternoon.” Toby uttered whilst looking at Max and May rotationally.

“What do you mean Toby?” Max answered as he hung up his phone call after completing the conversation.

“I mean you and her in my security office this afternoon.” Toby added

“Oh that..” Max smiled, suddenly laughing louder. May looked at them both wondering why Max was laughing, she could see Toby was unhappy and wouldn’t like to be Max right now but instead Toby just broke out into a huge smile. Backing up towards the office door she heard a click as she realised he was locking them in the office. He then began to close each of the blinds in the office and switch the light on.

“You see May, I noticed this earlier and brought it to the attention of Mr Washington. He rightly informed me that it was your punishment for trying to steal so I wanted to know what I had to do to get a piece of your fine ass and he said the security tape was enough evidence to tell the police you were trying to bribe him. So we come up with a new deal, this time you will take both of us on film or we call the police and report 3 thefts and a case of blackmail.” Toby laughed as he began to undo his pants right in front of her.

“No, please. I can’t do that, I can’t” She repeated as he continued to move closer.

“Well that is a shame May, isn’t it Max? We didn’t want to call the police for this but I guess you give us no choice.” Toby said whilst motioning for Max to call the police.

“No please, don’t call them.” May uttered sadly.

Toby smiled as he began to slide his hand in his pants, opening them up and taking out his cock. Looking at his huge cock, May felt her eyes water she didn’t know how she would cope with it.

Toby was playing with his cock looking at her, smiling.

“I don’t think I can wait for this one Max, maybe we should just fuck her hard now!” Toby said, eagerly.

“Your choice Toby but tell her to get naked first.” Max said, who had by now also taken his cock out and was rubbing it as he watched May do as Toby told her to and undress for them.

Standing there with no clothes to cover her decency, May shivered as she looked at the two men who wanted to ravage her.

“Bend over the desk, May.” Toby ordered before pushing her towards it. Max threw him something but she couldn’t quite make out what it was until she felt it, he was rubbing something onto her, it was cold and he was applying it to her ass hole. Panic set in and she continued to question what they were doing without getting any answers.

“All ready for you Max.” Toby smiled as May watched her boss sit down on the sofa that was under the window in the office. At this point Toby grabbed May roughly by the arm and pulled her towards the sofa.

“Wait.. I gotta start it running.” Tobby added as he went to the desk and pressed something which made a beeping sound, even without looking May knew it was a camera.

“Now climb on Mr Washington, May.” Toby ordered from the desk as he set up the item he was playing with.

May felt Max grab her hips and pull her backwards, she held herself up in a reverse cowgirl kind of position before feeling his cock on her skin again, he felt very slippery on her skin this time and it suddenly clicked what they were going to do to her.

“Please don’t, please.” She uttered as they both laughed.

“You can either relax and maybe enjoy it May or tense up and get hurt, either way its happening.” Max growled from underneath her.

Max grabbed her hips tight as Toby pushed her down, Max was rubbing his cock head over her ass. She felt panic rise, even though she was trying to relax she was scared.

He was pushing his head slowly into her untouched ass, she knew now that they had put lubricant on her ass earlier, it was working for Max helping his slide into her ass with less resistance. May gripped Toby’s thighs as she felt Max’s cock push further into her ass, she let out a yelp as it felt so uncomfortable. Slowly his whole cock was inside her ass, she was sitting on his lap now with her nipple in Toby’s mouth as he made her caress his long, hard, thick cock it was so big she could hardly fit her petite hand around it.

Max grabbed her hips and began to slowly bounce her ass over his cock, his sounds proving the immense pleasure he was getting from it.

He pulled her back and lifted her legs to either side of him, he was holding most of her weight on his thighs but she wasn’t heavy and his cock being buried ball deep in her ass was giving him such a thrill, he didn’t seem bothered.

“Want to join the party Toby?” Max groaned as he held her legs apart, her pussy now on show to Toby.

As Toby dropped down slightly to the right height she felt Max throb inside her. Toby angled his cock against her pussy, gliding his head over her clit and teasing her before leaning forward and slipping slowly into her cunt. His cock was going in slowly, really opening her up and making her scream softly as he pushed what felt like ten inches into her. Both of them still now as they penetrated her deeply, Max thrusting his hips softly to fuck her ass as Toby went a bit harder and faster fucking her pussy whilst leaning down to suck her hard nipples. She felt full as the two cocks used her small body.

Toby pulled out and walked over to the desk as he picked up the camera and appeared to zoom in on Max and May, Max noticed and got faster making May screech with pain.

“I wanna do her standing.” Max ushered to Toby as he began to rise and lift May with him, holding her by the legs.

“Stop!” Toby said placing the camera back.

Max still had his cock inside her ass, standing with her legs wide open and in the air, Toby walked towards them, taking some of May’s weight before sliding his cock back into her pussy.

“Great idea Toby, turn sideways.” Max urged as both cocks thrust in and out of each hole. Her body being elevated into the air so they could fuck her the way they wanted. Suddenly Max gasped and got faster as May felt him twitch in her ass.

“FUCK!” He shouted as she felt him cum deep in her ass, his cock pumping out more hot sticky fluid into her. Pulling out he pushed her weight onto Toby.

“That’s me done, she is all yours.” Max uttered.

Toby smiled and sat her on the desk before pulling out and flipping her over. Pushing his legs between hers he pushed them further apart with his foot, her tits squashing against the desk under her. Grabbing her firm ass he pushed her cheeks apart and guided his cock back into her pussy. His thrusts were hard and fast almost desperate. He pushed her thighs hard against the edge of the table making her yelp a couple of times. The squelching from her pussy over his cock was undeniable and Max began recording.

“Cum inside her Toby!” Max uttered as he smiled at May.

“Is she on the pill?” Toby groaned questioningly.

“Who gives a fuck, just creampie the bitch.” He laughed whilst asking May to smile for the camera.

Toby lifted one of her legs up onto the desk and got more depth, she was convinced he had eleven inches inside her, it felt like nothing she had ever experienced and before she knew it she was groaning hard. Her pussy muscles contracting over his cock.

“You know Mr W, I think this little whore just cum over my cock.” Toby laughed as his thrusts got harder.

She felt his twitch and throb with two more thrusts he slowed as his cock emptied his cum inside her tight hole. It was more than Max, she could feel his cum fill her deeply as he groaned and the waves of sticky cum halted. He pulled out after grabbing the camera and told her to keep in the position, she knew he was filming this creampie.

“Push it out May, let us get it on film.” Toby ordered as he slipped a finger inside her, obviously unhappy with her efforts. She felt the rush of cum empty her pussy and run down her thigh.

“That is some good stuff boss, this should keep us going for a while.” Toby echoed as he threw clothes at May, unlocked the door and pushed her, naked, out into the cold corridor of her work office.

Ted watched his wife Melissa intently as she toyed with the margarita glass. It was still half full, most of the ice had melted, the outside streaked with beads of sweat. When she finished it, they would go, the check having already been paid, with a substantial tip for their waitress. And why not? He was feeling extravagant. He’d be getting laid tonight, be having crazy jungle sex that lasted for hours, and why shouldn’t everybody share in his good fortune? Monetarily, at least.

His wife’s face had begun to flush deeply, color spreading down her thin neck and across her chest, deepening the already dark shadows in the cleft between her breasts. Her long blond hair framed the reddening area, as if channeling the heat from her face along the length of her body. Her dark blue eyes regarded him with a hint of amusement. She knew what he was thinking, and was probably considering how long to make him wait.

He knew, and knew that she knew, that the point was already moot. The circumstances of this dinner, of the entire weekend, had already been defined. The clock had already been set in motion. And the flush of heat spreading throughout her body ensured that the next step would inevitably follow the first. And that she could no more stop it than he could hurry it along.

The hard nuggets of her nipples pressing through the thin fabric of her halter top stood as proof that her body would betray her, no matter what delays she had in mind. Beneath her short skirt, trapped inside silken panties, her pussy would be slowly preparing, the lips engorging, the inner walls moist and slippery. Uncomfortable, yes, but nothing compared to the lust and desire that was sure to be emanating from that hidden spot, racing along the pathways to her limbs, her mouth, her anus and every pore of her skin. It was an order she could not long ignore.

Ted sat back, content to wait it out. After all, he had all the time in the world. This was more than a simple date night, a quick dinner followed by a hurried hour of sex, trying to get it all in before the relatives returned the kids home. No, this time they’d done it right. Gotten her parents to watch the kids for the whole weekend. Reserved a room at a hotel across the state in a romantic vacation spot. Arrived early on Friday evening without stressing out about how long it would take to make the drive.

She took another couple of gulps of her drink. She was suddenly in too much of a hurry to take elegant sips. She cocked her head and smiled. “Ready?” she asked, as if there could be any other answer than yes. He allowed his gaze to drift up from her stiletto heels, along her stocking clad legs, past the promising folds of her skirt, skimming her flat midriff, settling for a moment on her prominent breasts, before traveling up to meet her eyes.

“What do you think?” he said smiling, having just undressed her visually.

“Ready,” she answered simply, tossing back the rest of the drink and rising from her seat.

The hotel room was perfect for what they had planned. Located at the end of a corridor, it shared only one wall with the rest of the hotel. The headboard was against an outside wall. And opposite were large windows with a view of the beach and water, now covered with heavy drapes. Nobody in another room to hear them. And nobody to disturb them.

The door had just clicked shut when Melissa literally pulled him onto the king-size bed, her hand reaching for his crotch and the manhood within. Much as he wanted to follow her lead, he forced himself to be the responsible one and restrain her. They still had to call the kids and tell them goodnight. Then, and only then, would they be ready to throw aside all inhibitions and get to the main event.

She wasn’t usually the eager beaver. In fact, she was usually pretty shy and unadventurous in bed. Early in their marriage, her inhibitions had even led to a bit of contentiousness between them. All his efforts to get her to be more adventurous and spontaneous had failed miserably. And then they had discovered The Mix.

They’d found it quite by accident. Melissa had been sick with allergies. Her doctor had given her a prescription for medication. The medicine had led to a bout of coughing, for which she’d taken an over-the-counter cough medicine. And then, in a desperate attempt to get some sleep, she’d downed a couple of shots of whiskey.

The results were not what they’d been expecting, which was a calming of the cough and a quick transition into a drunken stupor. Instead, she attacked him, quite literally attacked him, ripping off his clothes and demanding to be fucked right… that… very… minute! Completely uninhibited, she’d stripped off all her clothes, spread open her pussy lips so he could “see what he was getting into,” and dropping to her hands and knees so he could “fuck her like an animal.” Her nipples had been hard, her cunt dripping wet, her eyes wild with desire.

With the door closed and the kids playing just a few feet away in the living room, they’d had to be vey quiet. Not that easy with Melissa wanting nothing more than to slap their bodies together, joined only by his fat dick in her slippery pussy. He’d fucked her missionary and then doggy, leaving his load in her mouth, which she only let him do on special occasions. When it turned out that she was still not sated, he’d eaten her out while she screamed her orgasm into a pillow. And even that wasn’t enough for her.

After giving her a vibrator to keep her attention, he’d quickly dressed and put the kids down to bed. Fortunately, thery were of an age where the book reading and endless trips to the bathroom for drinks of water were at a minimum. Still, he carefully followed all the rituals to ensure that he and Melissa would be uninterrupted for the rest of the night. Nothing was more of a kill-joy than a visit from a child in the middle of a lovemaking session. Though he was beginning to think even that wouldn’t stop his wife on this night.

He returned to the room to find Melissa on her hands and knees on the bed, completely naked, her ass canted up at him and her hands stretching her ass cheeks apart.

“Take whatever you want,” came the muffled offer from his wife, her face shoved into a pillow. God she was horny! It didn’t take long for his cock to stiffen, and even less time for him to strip off all his clothes. If a facial cumshot was a rarity for his wife, anal sex was even more infrequent. But he wasn’t about to question her motives. His cock stood out dangerously in the dusky light of the bedroom, and her ass was smooth, round and soft, in direct contrast to his dick. It felt inevitable that one should penetrate the other.

He sighed in pleasure as his cock found its way inside her tight anus. She’d put a few drops of oil there to help his penetration, and it helped. He slid in smoothly, pressing down, down, down, until his balls were squeezed against her ass cheeks and his cock was deep inside her void. He mounted her like a dog, and using his hands on her butt for balance, he stroked in and out of her strongly and effortlessly. Her anus, always very tight, provided a heavenly sheath for his manhood, and as always he wished they could do it like this every night.

So gone was she in the throes of lust that she didn’t even protest about germs when he decided to move his cock down to her throbbing cunt hole. Thus freed, he spent a long time moving from one hole to the other, alternately wetting his tool with her cunt juices and then squeegeeing it off with her tight anal ring. He’d never fucked her ass long enough to see it gape, but when he saw it like that for the first time, it made him even more eager to fuck the living daylights out of her.

They’d fucked like animals for much of the night, each coming up with an idea to top the previous one, as if competing to see who could be the most decadent and carnal. When he’d finally spewed a ribbon of jizz across her quivering tits, he’d thought they were done. But even after all that, after the countless orgasms large and small, she was still driven for more sex. She finally fell asleep with his cock in her mouth, absently tonguing him in the hope that she could inspire one more erection to assuage her sexual desires.

The next morning, she hadn’t been embarrassed in the least. She described the feeling she’d had as being urgently euphoric, like an itch that couldn’t be scratched sufficiently, and a compulsion that made her try harder and harder no matter what happened. The euphoria combined with urgency had been one of the most enjoyable, blissful feelings she’d ever felt.

“If that’s what people on hard drugs feel, then I feel sorry for them,” she’d commented. “The compulsions are way too strong to ignore. And the feeling of joy that you get when you’re feeding that compulsion really is very addictive. I never wanted to stop.”

Over the next few months, their experiments to duplicate the effect had been both exciting and comical. Melissa wanted to feel that way again, but only under controlled conditions. It was OK to shed her inhibitions with her husband. Not so OK to do so in a bar filled with drunk cheating husbands.

They quickly discovered that the allergy medicine on its own did nothing but, obviously, control her allergies. The cough medicine alone controlled her cough, and often put her to sleep. Not very conducive to wild sex. And the two together put her to sleep faster, creating more than a bit of frustration for Ted, who always went into each experiment expecting a good, long fuck. Jacking off while looking at his nude, sleeping wife hadn’t been an ideal alternative.

Adding alcohol to the mix was definitely the detonator. But even that had to be done in a certain order, in a certain amount, at a certain time. More times than not, Melissa simply fell asleep, many times accompanied by a loud snoring that literally drove Ted to another room in order to find enough quiet to sleep.

Sometimes, they got the desired effect, but it would last only an hour, leaving Melissa exhausted and Ted unsatisfied. Finally, about six months after their accidental discovery, they replicated the results. That night, they fucked in a dozen positions, like actors in a porn movie, and Melissa had orgasmed during almost every one of them. She didn’t neglect his needs either. In her urgent desire to be violently penetrated, she’d brought him off three times, worshipping the creamy hot cum as it covered her face, filled her cunt and erupted inside her bowels. Leaking jizz from every hole, exhausted and mostly satisfied, she’d finally dozed off with his cock grasped in her fingers.

Unfortunately, with the kids always around, it was tough to plan another overnight sex romp. Under those conditions, Melissa had a tendency to get loud and wouldn’t be shushed, and that might lead to questions from the kids that were best left unanswered. Or unasked, for that matter. And so he had planned this trip. And gotten very lucky to receive this large, mostly soundproof hotel room.

Even as he reached for the phone to call the kids, Melissa loosened his belt and pulled his pants and shorts down, revealing his cock to be more than halfway erect. She pulled at him insistently and, knowing that she wouldn’t stop, he knelt on the bed so she could take his hardening dick into her mouth. This was going to be a difficult phone call.

His mother-in-law picked it up after a few rings. “Helen, it’s Ted. Just wanted to let you know we arrived safe. The kids haven’t driven you crazy, have they?”

A short laugh. “No, I’m just busy spoiling them to death. You don’t even want to know what they had for dinner. Did you want to talk to them?” Helen wasn’t one for small talk, at least with him. And it didn’t take a detective to figure out why they’d gone away for the weekend. Though he doubted that she suspected that her darling daughter was giving him a blowjob even as they spoke. Or would she? Ugh. It was just too perverted to contemplate.

“Yeah, Helen. Put them on. Just wanted to say goodnight. The first night can always be a little iffy, even if they’re staying with the Grandma who spoils them too much.”

The next few minutes were some of the most excruciating he’d ever experienced. It was extraordinarily hard to concentrate on what his daughters were saying when his wife kept trying to get at his cock, even though he’d forcefully pushed her away so he wouldn’t be getting a blowjob while talking to his daughters. He’d even moved across the room, but to no avail. She’d followed him and even though he faced the wall, her lips and tongue were busy kissing and licking his bare ass. The distraction was hard to shut out.

Finally his eldest asked the question he dreaded: Could she talk to Mommy? Completely unbidden, the thought crossed his mind to tell her that Mommy’s mouth was full and she couldn’t talk. Then he mentally whacked himself for thinking such a thing. Then he promised himself that he would punish his wife for making him have to think such a thing and have to whack himself. Then he told his daughter, “Mommy’s at the pool and she might not be back until after you go to bed. So we’ll see if she can talk to you tomorrow.”

They said their goodbyes. Even as he was pressing the handset button to end the call, his wife had captured his cock in her hot, wet mouth again, sucking it back to its full stiffness. His legs wobbled and he had to lean against the wall to maintain his balance, so acutely did the waves of pleasure shoot through his body. Finally, light-headed and extremely horny, he pulled away and gestured for her to return to the bed.

Somewhere along the line she’d removed all her clothes and it took only a second for him to finish stripping out of his. His erection stood out like a predatory animal, ready to strike in less than a blink of an eye. Even in the air conditioned room he could feel the heat emanating from her body, coming off it in waves of lust and desire. It permeated the whole room, changing what had been a playful mood into something more urgent and primal.

She lay on the bed and he tried to lay beside her, planning to suckle on her sensitive nipples for a while, drawing out the tension a bit more. But she was having none of that. With surprising strength, she rolled him atop her and thrust her groin upwards, capturing his erection between her legs, until the rough, engorged head of his cock lay just inside her swollen pussy lips. Another thrust by her and he found himself inside the wet tube of her cunt, her hole as steamy as the inside of a sauna.

He luxuriated in the sensation, the wetness of her, the strong grip her cunt had on his dick. He slid back and forth in her slowly, her groans and gasps competing in his ears with the throbbing of his blood. Twice he pulled himself completely from her, delicately balanced above her, teasing her pussy lips with the head of his cock, before letting gravity pull his full weight down, to plunge his fuck spear deep into her hole.

He was close to cumming. Close enough to be thinking about the best place to cum. Deep inside her hungry cunt? All over the outside of her smooth pussy? Across her trembling tits? Or splashed on her lips and face? Thinking of her face covered in his jizz reminded him of something. He still owed her for how she’d teased him during that phone call! He had to get his revenge.

He pulled himself from her, his cock leaving her cunt with an audible pop, her juices gleaming in the bright lights. He’d left all the lights on for a reason. Not only was this going to be an all-out fuck-a-thon, but he planned on doing a few things that Melissa just wasn’t fond of during normal situations. Such as using a camera to photograph her. And doing some experimenting in the soft bondage realm. Of course, he respected her enough to ask for permission before they’d left. But after she’d said Yes, he’d decided he would definitely take full advantage of the situation.

She whimpered and reached for him as he rolled off the bed, the Mix having stripped away all of her inhibitions. Watching her seductively rub her pussy, it was hard not to give into temptation and fuck the living shit out of her. His fantasies could wait a few minutes, couldn’t they?

No. He was determined to play things his way. Reaching into their goodie bag, he pulled out four lengths of rope. Working quickly, he tied her wrists and ankles to the bed frame, leaving her spread-eagle naked on the bed.

“Now what are you going to do with me, sailor?” she purred, wriggling her body in a most pleasurable way.

In answer, he pulled the camera from the bag and started snapping pictures of her helpless body. Looking at her through the camera lens, he began to focus on the details of her body in a way he hadn’t in a long time. The way her breasts remained full and plump atop her chest, even though her arms and body were stretched flat against the bed. The brown contrast of her nipples against the soft flesh of her boobs, visually beckoning him to suckle on the hard nuggets. The strong cords of muscle in her neck, twisting as she occasionally fought against the bonds. Her flat, taut stomach, leading to a shapely waist and sexy hips. The way her spread legs formed a directional V, pointing up towards the swollen lips of her pussy, while the V of her pussy patch pointed down to the same seductive target. Her long legs. Her muscled calves. Her dainty ankles. The way her painted toenails stood out bright against the white sheets.

He recorded it all, discovering her anew even after all their years of marriage. With each picture he wanted her more, his erection getting so hard it was almost painful. Yet even then he stopped himself. If he was to be in control of her, then he would most certainly remain in control over himself. And there was so much more he wanted to try before rewarding himself with a long, hard fuck.

“I hope you’re going to give me copies of those,” she said throatily, writhing upon the bed once more.

“Ah, that’s not what you said last time I wanted to take pictures of you,” he reminded her, kneeling on the bed so he could shoot down at her.

“Hmmmm,” she murmured, “that was before. Now I’m starting to enjoy you watching me. It gets me hot. And the thought of you jacking off to those pictures gets me hot, too,” she added, suggestively running her pink tongue along her lips. “Is that all you’re gonna do? Take pictures?”

He’d actually been planning to put the camera down and penetrate her hot pussy, if only for a little bit, just to quench the burning longing in his groin. But her last statement sounded like a challenge, and damned if he was going to be manipulated like that.

“Actually, I might have something else you might like,” he said, reaching back into the goodie bag. Keeping his surprise hidden until he’d crawled between her legs, he pulled it out dramatically, watching appreciatively as the sight caused her to gasp, getting her attention even through the chemically-induced haze clouding her mind. It was a new toy he’d bought online, just for this weekend. Nine inches of big, black, fat, veined, plastic cock, with a gargantuan head and a thick, nasty shaft. It was so wide, he could just barely get his fingers around it. And now he really had her attention as he waved it slowly back and forth in front of her, a cobra getting ready to strike. He’d read that such dildos were often cast from the dicks of porn stars. If that was the case with this one, the original owner was probably very popular with the ladies. Very, very popular.

“It’s gonna be too big,” Melissa warned, her eyes never leaving the big dildo.

“Not if it’s well-lubricated,” Ted replied, a wicked grin on his face. “I wonder how we can do that? You have any ideas, babe?” he teased. “After all, it’s in your best interest to get it done.” He crawled over her and held the tip of the black cock just above her mouth, close enough that all she had to do was lift her head in order to get her lips on it. She moaned, her imagination igniting her lust, fueled by the knowledge that he would soon be forcing that behemoth inside her cunt.

She strained upward against the ropes, rapidly covering every inch of the black cock with spit, as eagerly as if she was worshipping the original real cock. After teasing her pussy for a few seconds and making her beg for it, he began to push it inside. He literally had to screw it into her, so tightly did it fit. Each twist of the dildo elicited a delighted squeal from her, and it was so long, and so tight, it took quite a while to work it all the way in. When he was done, her pussy lips were seemingly stretched to the limit, the skin painfully tight, her clit taut against the veined black surface. Anytime he touched or moved it would cause her to moan loudly in pleasure, a discovery he tested again and again.

Grabbing the camera, he moved in close to photograph the shaft now splitting his wife wide open. Occasionally she would complain about the time he was taking. In response, a simple twist or flick of the dildo would send her into paroxysms of pleasure, distracting her for a few minutes each time. Finally, after recording all he could, he moved back to the head of the bed and rewarded her with his cock in her mouth.

The phone rang. Ted’s first thought was to ignore it. Probably just a wrong number. The only person who had this number was… shit, his mother-in-law. Which meant something about the kids. Which meant that if he didn’t answer, and it was something wrong with the kids, then he’d feel guilty for life, and Melissa would rightly blame him for thinking with his dick instead of his head.

“Hello?” he said, bringing the phone to his ear while trying to keep his balance and his cock in his wife’s soft, hot mouth.

“That big black dildo looks so hot in your wife, um, Melissa’s cunt,” a stranger’s voice said to him.

What. The. Fuck?? He quickly disconnected the call and stared at the phone in his hand. It immediately rang again.

This time the voice started speaking without waiting for him to say anything. “Now, Ted, that was very rude of you. Though I guess I can cut you some slack, since all you were expecting was an evening of stuffing that black dildo that you bought last week from, um, Adam and Eve, into your wife’s hot pussy, and then later replacing it, I would guess, with your own cock. And now you’re faced with this.”

Ted looked wildly around the room. Clearly someone was watching them, but he couldn’t see how. The drapes were pulled shut. A camera behind the mirror maybe? The voice, clearly a man, though it was hard to tell how old, continued to speak and he had to force himself to concentrate.

“Yes, clearly we’re watching you,” the voice said as if in reply to Ted’s unasked question. “I’m especially impressed with the fact that you’re making your wife continue to suck your cock while all this is happening. That kind of focus is going to be important later on.”

Ted looked down. It was true. Melissa was still ardently attending to his stiff rod, coating it in kisses and sucking on any patch of skin she could get her lips on. She paused for a moment, her eyes sharpening a bit. “Who is it, hun? Is it the kids?”

“No, not the kids,” he assured her. He watched as her eyes lost their focus and became dreamy again as she went back to the important task of gobbling up as much of his dick as she could.

“Is this blackmail?” he said sharply into the phone.

“No, not blackmail. More like an even exchange of goods and services. You’ll do what we ask you to, and in exchange you’ll get free use of the room for the weekend and a video record of a weekend you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Now,” the man’s voice got much sharper, “If I was in your shoes, I’d be wondering just how fast I could pack up my wife and luggage and get the hell out of this hotel. And just how far away the nearest police station is.”

Ted nodded unconsciously at the phone. Those had been his thoughts.

“But we’ve already put in place some incentives to help keep you around for the weekend. It’s clear we already know your name, and your wife’s, and those of your children, and where you bought that huge dildo. But our incentives are much more compelling than that. In fact, they’re arriving right… about… now.”

There was a loud knock on the door, startling Ted so much he turned away from the bed, pulling his dick from his wife’s protesting mouth.

The voice continued to sound from the phone, “Don’t worry. You don’t need to answer the door in the nude. You’ll find there’s a manila envelope on the floor by the door. I’ll wait on the line while you go get it. Then bring it back to the bed and we’ll go through it together.”

Still dazed, Ted struggled to control his rapidly racing mind. A camera. It had to be. Sound too? But why the phone? Maybe they could listen, but wanted to keep conversations private? He had to will himself to walk to the door. He didn’t want to leave his wife there, trussed to the bed, her legs open where anyone could see her pussy straining to hold that black dildo. The voice had said “we” and it had said “I.” Which was it? Were there more of them? How many? How trustful? How dangerous?

He forced himself to walk to the door, pick up the envelope and return to the bed. He was tempted to look through the contents on his own, without that voice. But if he hung up, they’d just call again. If he let the phone sit, they’d hang up and he’d get that annoying buzzer thing. He realized that in order to figure all that out, his mind must be working better. He was no longer in shock. He could listen to what they had to say.

“Thanks for not hanging up,” the voice said. “That gets so annoyingly tiresome. So, open the envelope and listen to my pitch. We try to make it as equal as possible, but of course it’s not, because in the end you’re being forced to perform for us. That first picture pretty much cuts to the heart of it.”

Ted stared down in renewed shock. It was a picture of his wife, from not more than a few minutes ago, naked and tied spread-eagled on the bed, the black dildo clearly visible bulging from her pussy, her face distorted by rapture but clearly recognizable, his cock poised like a snake, ready to pierce her lips and be devoured by her mouth. If it would’ve been a picture of any other woman, his response would’ve been a quick hardening of his dick. Instead, he felt a cold shiver go through him. The next pictures were smaller in size but even more damning. Melissa, skin glistening with a sheen of sweat, adroitly licking his balls as if they were the last meal she’d ever consume. Ted, taking intimate pictures of the inside of her cunt, his face clearly visible, leering at her helpless nakedness. A close-up — how’d they get that? — of his throbbing cock entering her swollen cunt. And her face, lost in the throes of orgasm, as he screwed the dildo into her tight hole. There was no doubt that she enjoyed, welcomed, being treated like a wanton slut.

“Clearly we have cameras everywhere to catch you in the act. I’m so glad you aren’t trying to secretly record our conversation with your cellphone, like one of the last couples. There’s not a part of the room that you can be in that we can’t see. Though we have provisions for use of the toilet, if that bothers you too much. In any case, the next few pages show just a fraction of how much we know about you and Melissa. Your kids’ school, their teachers, your church — which seems to take a decidedly negative view on the things you’re doing this weekend — your place of employ, Melissa’s volunteer activities, friends, family, acquaintances, credit card purchase history… Oh, I hope you brought along that other toy you bought at the same time as the dildo still sticking out of your wife’s slit.

“Of special importance are the email and snail mail addresses of all these people. Which brings us to our incentive. The carrot and stick combined, I guess. Either you and Melissa follow the direction that we give you on the phone for the next two evenings, or we send these pictures, and more like them, out to every family member, friend, church congregation, school teacher, acquaintance, work colleague, volunteer and company we can find an address for. Every one. All at once. And there’d be no way to stop it.”

“But you’d expose yourself and your little operation,” Ted ventured, seeing a possible way out.

“We could. That’s the risk we take. But, we’d be well clear of our operation before anything could happen to us. We’d pack up and go. Find another location. But along the way, we’d also deploy our failsafe, which unfortunately, is more like a club than a mere stick. Because, if you decide to take your chances, and think you can spin her exposure to the point where everyone sees you as a victim and not a pervert, then we’ll do this: We’ll add your wife’s name, address and phone number to the dirtiest pictures we can find in our archive, and distribute them to the kinds of sites where men don’t often know the difference between fantasy and reality. And we’ll add the caption: ‘Come see me. I love to be dominated.’ And no matter where you move — and you’ll have to move, because these perverts are relentless — we’ll change the address to your new one. You can see the enormity of that, I’m sure.”

“But how can I trust you?” Ted asked, trying to reason out the whole scheme. “What’s going to stop you from destroying our lives anyway? Unless you’ve been doing this awhile…”

“I knew that you were smart when we first started talking,” the man said, a note of triumph in his tone. “Yes, we’ve been doing this awhile. More than five years. With a different cast of characters than now, except for me, but all completely trusted to keep their mouths shut. Incentivized to do so, in fact. And the fact that we’re still here shows that we know how to keep our word. Because if we broke our word, what would stop our guests from getting word to the police? Nothing.”

Ted paused for a moment when his wife moaned. “I neeeeeed it,” she pleaded, writhing against the ropes. There was still an out here, but he needed to think a moment without being interrupted. Sitting on the side of the bed, he grabbed the bottle of baby oil they’d brought along and dribbled it over Melissa’s bare breasts, drawing a long sigh of pleasure from her. With his free hand, he massaged the oil over her breasts, absently paying extra attention to the hard nuggets of her nipples.

“Nice,” the voice on the phone said, apparently in response to his ministrations.

“Well,” Ted said, gathering his thoughts for his last argument, “All that adds up. Except for one thing. if you’re lying about this being your fifth year, and this is just the first time you’re trying this scam, then we’re at an impasse. Because there’s no way I know that I can trust you. And I’ll have to take my chances and split, putting all the risk on you, because you’ll be the one going to jail for a long, long time.”

He waited for an answer, barely daring to draw a breath. This had to work. Because if it didn’t…

Unexpectedly, a laugh barked from the phone handset. “I like you Ted. You’re one of only a few with the smarts to figure this out to that point. Without my prodding them, of course. But I do have proof for you. First, take a look around you. Does this room look like the typical room in this hotel chain? And make sure you take a close look at the bed spread.”

Ted looked around more closely. He hadn’t paid much attention before, but the décor definitely didn’t have that sameness common to all hotel rooms. The wall lamps were different. The pictures looked like original art. And the bedspread was definitely not from any hotel room he’d ever stayed in.

“The bed spread was sewn specifically for this room, for this purpose. And, for the record, there are five of us on this project now. Three guys and two girls. You’ll get to know the women soon. They’re very creative. Back to the point, I notice you’ve got some very nasty porn on the TV. But I have something better to show you. Turn to channel 183. The remote is right next to the phone. Got it? Now, all these pictures were taken in that very same room, on that very same bed. And you’ll notice that we’ve blurred out all the faces. Another sign that we’ll never reveal your identity to anyone. This is some of the best action from the last five years.”

Ted watched, mesmerized, as photo after photo flickered onto the screen, cross-dissolving to the next and the next and the next. A blond woman with huge tits and a baseball bat stuck in her pussy. A woman getting anal mounted by a gleeful, hairy backed man. A shapely woman with long, long brunette hair taking a cumshot all over her head. A woman with a strapon assfucking her husband. A woman with clothespins attached all over her tits. The images went on and on. And all were apparently shot in this room, evidenced by the photos on the walls, the bedspread, and even the kind of phone being used.

“Why us?” Ted had to ask, watching all those people on screen with nothing in common except a seeming love of fucking.

“Ah, that would be giving away trade secrets,” the voice chuckled. “I can say that it wasn’t entirely random. And that some weekends, that room does stay disappointingly empty.”

Ted continued to knead Melissa’s oil-covered breasts, his mind occupied not so much by the thought of being watched, but rather by calculating the odds of the various options at his disposal. Unfortunately, the option that had the highest probability of doing the least damage was the worst one: going along and trusting the voice on the phone. He grimaced, took a deep breath, and put the phone back to his ear.

“So, how exactly does this work?”

“I knew that you’d see reason,” the voice replied. “And thank you for not threatening to find and kill us, and for not offering a bribe. That gets so tedious. Anyway, it’s pretty easy. There’s a wireless headset with a mike built into it that we can use to communicate, so you don’t have to hold the phone the whole time. We’ll make suggestions, you’ll do them, we’ll film the action. Then, tomorrow morning you’ll get a list of ‘items’ to buy during the afternoon. We’ll get back to it tomorrow night. And you checkout on Sunday, with your room comped and a DVD of the highlights of your weekend adventure.”

Ted could see no way out. On the TV, the images of the past victims had been replaced with a video of four men gangbanging a helpless girl, desperately trying to keep them all satisfied. He could only hope that this weekend wouldn’t end up like that.

“OK,” he replied, resigned to his new status as porn actor.

“Good. First, put on the headset. It’s in the second drawer of the bed table, pushed to the back.”

Once Ted had the headset on, it was a simple matter of clicking over to a new line. He wondered if the signal was very strong and protected in some way, or if anyone could hack into it. That, he decided, might give him an opportunity to record these conversations without the spy camera catching him. Cameras, he corrected himself. Those images had revealed more than the variety of victims. They also showed that the room was covered by a variety of cameras, covering the bed, sofa, desk, closet, bathroom and shower from a number of angles. If he was going to try and record the conversation, he would have to hide the recorder in a piece of luggage. Or put it outside in the car.

“We have a couple of ways to explain this to your wife…” the voice started to say, but Ted shook his head and turned to his wife.

“Honey, I have some bad news for you,” he whispered dramatically, holding his hand over the mike. “There’s some blackmailers on the phone. And if we don’t do every perverted, depraved, nasty thing they order us to do, things are going to get very bad for us. So even though we were just going to watch TV, now we have to get really, really dirty.”

Her eyes went bright. “Blackmailers forcing us to do all kinds of nasty things? You’re right, we have to do whatever they say. I hope they don’t make you spank my ass and then fuck it. That would be awful.” She looked up at him with a seductive smile and inviting eyes. She liked this game.

“Nice,” the voice said again. It was evidently his favorite word. “So, let’s get started. There’s a little digital camera taped to the back of that same drawer. I’m gonna need you to take a lot of the same pictures you took before. Especially the ones with that dildo stuck in her cunt. And don’t be afraid to get artistic. We’ll let you know if you miss anything.”

As Ted once again photographed his wife’s nude body, he was acutely aware that this time he was doing it on the orders of someone else. Someone who would be studying the pictures in full HD color. And jacking off to them. And maybe even cumming all over them. Melissa, however, didn’t seem to be at all concerned that he was taking another set of pictures. She even suggested a few new ways for him to take pictures of her nude body. To keep the blackmailers happy, she said.

“Take that dildo out of her,” the voice in his ear ordered.

Ted did as he was told, this time having to slowly unscrew it from his wife’s stretched pussy, making her squeal and pant in a combination of pain and pleasure. It left her pussy hole wide open, and he took the opportunity to photograph the deep recesses with both cameras. Despite his best efforts to think about how he was being forced into this situation, the graphic raunchiness of it was turning him on.

“Untie her and put her on her hands and knees,” the voice said tonelessly. He followed those orders, then, with new directions, moved behind her to pull open her pussy lips, stretch her ass cheeks apart, and have her push her ass up, so the watchers could get better views of her most intimate areas. It was all stuff he would’ve had her do himself, but being ordered to do it made him feel angry and impotent, and worse, unable to protect his wife.

“She needs to be fucked,” the voice commented.

She did. Ted could see it, just by the way she waited so submissively. Fucked like a dog. Like a bitch. Fucked hard and reminded of how hard he was working to at least try and protect her. He didn’t need to ask for permission from her or the watchers. The sight of her round rump stuck up in the air brought his cock back to its full erectness, filling and thickening and lengthening it, making the mushroom cap head almost as big as the balls behind it. He clambered up onto the bed, knelt behind her and drove his cock deep into her, past her swollen pussy lips, past her stretched cunt hole, until he felt her hot, wet cunt walls contract against the hard exterior of his rigid shaft.

He fucked her firmly, with a vengeance, slamming into her hard enough to redden her ass as if she was being hand-spanked. She yelped and panted with every stroke, her head sinking lower and lower so he could get deeper and deeper into her fuck hole. Now the thought that other eyes were watching them became a welcome turn on. This is how you fuck a woman, he sent their way telepathically. This is how you take her and use her and make her serve you. This is how you pleasure her and control her and possess her. He fucked her with all the anger of being controlled. He rammed her and reamed her. And took her. He took her hard.

Finally, after several minutes of raping the body below him, he pulled his throbbing cock out of her pussy, her cunt again gaping open, the muscles stretched and unresponsive. She remained there, moaning, her ass swaying slightly, the round cheeks stretched taut, her holes fully exposed. In the kind of book that would document the sexual habits of humans, this picture of his wife from behind would be used to demonstrate the posture that female humans take when showing complete submission to their male partner. The sight of her pussy and ass fully exposed under the room lights ignited his passion again. After letting a couple of drops of oil drip onto her pinched anus, he stood above her and viciously crammed his cock into her anus, penetrating to the hilt in one solid stroke. Her scream, a mixture of pleasure, lust and pain, echoed through the room. The voice in his ear was thankfully silent.

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