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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

“Ugh. I hate group jobs. I swore after the last one, never again.” Molly groaned, pulling a pillow over her face. She and Shayla were lying in a queen-sized bed, taking full advantage of the five hours left on Molly’s last trick’s luxury suite.

“These guys are different.” Shayla sighed dreamily, twirling her long, blonde extensions. She had been acting strange since she got back from last week’s group gig. “They’re not frat boys–to them, its like, spiritual or something.”

Molly raised a suspicious eyebrow. She loved Shayla, but they were in the business for different reasons altogether–Molly started working as an “escort” to pay for school, Shayla because she was had dropped out of high school and found herself with no other skills. She got fucked often enough, she reasoned, why not get paid for it? Molly, alternately, didn’t date at all through school–too busy with research and writing. She didn’t mind sex with clients, it wasn’t much worse than waitressing, and paid much better, at least. She thought she’d fall right into a good, straight job as soon as she graduated–two years ago. The economy was, she joked bitterly and often, literally fucking her.

“You do remember my last, and only, private party?” Molly asked Shayla. It had been a sad little frat affair–five or ten fat, loud, drunk guys who attempted to gang-bang her, but only two or three managed to keep a hard dick. She’d had to suck limp cocks that dripped with early ejaculate, while sticky, soft hands searched her body, groping her breasts and sloppily slapped her pussy. Molly had slept with old men, with very old men, with men whose disabilities caused her to manually erect their penises with pumps or fingers in their asses, and she’d taken it all in stride. Men like that usually treated her with respect. They were happy just to have a pretty girl treating their cocks nicely in their bed–happy to have her lithe, firm body next to them, to watch her dark, curly hair bob in their laps. She didn’t even mind the occasional face fuck from these guys, or the odd “bitch” and “whore” thrown out at the height of passion (so long as the apologized before their load had gone cold inside her). But those entitled assholes groping her, without the decency to even stay hard in front of her beautiful, pert tits? No thank you.

“I swear these guys are different.” Shayla giggled, rolling over. “God, just thinking about it makes me wet. Wanna feel?”

“Nice try, lady.” Molly pushed her away.

“Oh, come on.” Shayla said, licking her lips enticingly, her hand creeping to Molly’s breast.

“What’s so different about them?” Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla’s hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Shayla answered, beginning to suck Molly’s nipple. She moved an expert hand to Moll’s cunt and started to massage. This, Molly had decided long ago, was a perk of the job. She liked sex–when her partners were good at it–and Shayla as good at it. Gender didn’t matter as much, these days. “Part of their deal. But its a thousand a guy.”

“Fuck!” Molly exclaimed, as Shayla’s finger slipped inside of her, in response to both the sensation and the price.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Molly said. “After I do you!.” The girls laughed and pulled off one another’s robes, as Molly buried her face in Shayla’s shaven cunt.

The address was not what Molly had been expecting. Usually, group jobs were in back of a bar, or at some sad little frat house or ranch style in a cheap suburb. This place was nice– an older, somewhat Victorian house. She hadn’t even been instructed to go in a back door. She had quite a list of instructions. Not to bathe, to show up dressed modestly, with complex undergarments. The man, who called himself Brother Heavener, had specified complex, he didn’t seem to care about sexy.

She rang the doorbell, and was happy when it was answered by a handsome man in his mid thirties, with clear blue eyes, a broad chest and shaggy hair that fell to his broad jaw line. He smiled, and in a strange way, Molly trusted him immediately.

“Brother Heavener?” She reached her hand out to meet his.

“Yes, beautiful girl. And your name is not Starla.” He kissed her on the cheek. Starla was the name Molly used for tricks, and only seldom was it questioned.

She smiled, and allowed herself to be led inside. The house was lavishly decorated, and she wondered what kind of person would fill their house with gorgeous antiques and gang-bangs.

“No, you’re right about that.” she said.

“For this to work, we’ll need to know your real name.” Brother Heavener said.

“Like Heavener is your real name.” She teased.

“It is now.” He looked into her eyes intensely, and to her great surprise, Molly found herself getting wet.

“For what to work?” Molly changed the subject.

“We’re a group that specifies in…well, transcendent experiences for women. May I kiss you?”

Molly was flustered. She had never been asked this before. “Sure.” Heavener kissed her deeply on the mouth, sucking her lower lip, looping her arms around her and pulling her in close. She expected to feel a raging hard on, but there was nothing. As if sensing her misgiving, Heavener said :

“We all have excellent self control. Until you’re ready, I’m not ready. Thank you for the kiss. You’re a very sensual woman. Are you ready to meet the group?”

Brother Heavener placed a strong hand in the small of Molly’s back and led her to the next room, where five other men waited. Molly blanched a little, realizing with a group this small, each would expect a turn, probably in all of her holes. At least with awful frat jobs there were a lot of spectators–nothing wore her out quite like too many customers in one day. Sensing her distress, Heavener leaned and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We can give you time.”

Time for what? Molly wondered.

Heavener led her to an old fashioned chaise–upholstered in leather, lying on it arced her back, and, she knew, would offer easy access when the men began straddling her.

The other men stayed quiet, and instead of rubbing themselves as she was so used to men doing when they saw her laid out, could not take their eyes off her.

“Goddess Shayla was right about you.” One finally spoke. He was smaller, with dark hair and eyes, and broad hands. Goddess? Molly thought.

“She said you were gorgeous.”

The other men nodded in assent.

“Did she say anything else about me?” Molly asked, teasingly. It helped her to take on a persona of playful sexuality in these situations, despite her usual reluctance.

“She said you’d try to joke your way around this.” Another man answered. He was dark-skinned, with wide shoulders and a sly smile.

“You need to be yourself, Goddess. Be honest.” One of the remaining men, identical to the one sitting next to him twins?! thought Molly said, and the brothers nodded their close-cut blonde heads together.

“Enough talk.” Heavener said. “Let’s get started. ” James, ready our Goddess.”

The dark-skinned man nodded, and removed Molly’s outer coat. He brushed his lips across her neck and she shivered.

“Not ready yet?” Heavener asked. “That’s fine. Let me tell you what we do here.”

Molly felt James’s big, strong hands slide down her sides, feeling the taught shape made by her corset. His fingers started on the laces, loosening them, but he did not yet expose her breasts.

“We show women how far they can go. Tim, get the oil.” Heavener gestured to the small man, who produced a bottle of a sweet-smelling oil he began to rub between his hands.

“We make them come.” Heavener continued, as James’ hands eased Molly’s stockings off, as she lifted each leg obediently. He was nuzzling his nose against her neck again, and now she acquiesced. Somehow, she felt more comfortable already. ” It’s almost a…spiritual experience for us.” Heavener said, as the man he’d called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly’s legs. She let out a little moan, and allowed herself to be lifted by James’ strong arms and laid her down on the chaise. Tim massaged in wider and wider strokes, nearer and nearer Molly’s shaven pussy. Involuntarily, she arced her back toward the sensation.

“Does that feel good?” Heavener asked.

Molly nodded. It was rare that a trick actually made her feel good–but she could feel herself getting wet. She wanted a hand on her cunt.

“Ask.” Heavener demanded.

“Rub my cunt.” She gasped, feeling Tim’s hand immediately move to her mound, holding her whole pussy. He kneaded it firmly, and she felt herself slipping.

“Goddess Molly, do you give us permission to make you feel good?”

Molly nodded desperately, grinding her hips against Tim’s eager hand.

“You won’t be able to respond later. You need to be sure.”

James slipped her corset off, flicking her nipples. Molly moaned and instinctively started pushing her tits up toward him.

“Yes, yes. Make me feel good, make me cum!” She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins moved to her tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and sucking deep. Molly gasped and looked to Tim desperately. As if reading her mind, he moved his head between her legs and began to lick. He was merciless, and talented. She had never been eaten so well. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses–and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. She gasped.

Heavener laughed. “First one of the night. Do her, boys.” Molly’s body flushed, and she writhed beneath the men–only to feel them pull away.

“What? Please, please! Finish me!” She pleaded. Heavener himself smiled, and gestured to the men. She looked around and saw all their erect cocks, and knew what they were asking.

“You!” She said to Tim “In my pussy! And you!” She looked up at James “Get that cock in my mouth.” Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick. As if they had practiced a thousand times before, she felt both holes filled up at once–Tim slid in and James pulled her head back, shoving his giant cock inside. Molly had never felt so filled up–the men moved in perfect rhythm, as the twins moved their hands all over her body.

“Faster! Harder!” She shouted frantically, before pulling James’ cock back inside her mouth. Tim pounded harder, faster, as one of the twins rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Tim shouted, grunting. With one final thrust, he let lose a huge, hot load of cum into Molly’s pussy. Feeling the stick sperm inside her pushed Molly over the edge, and she came again, her contracting cunt pushing some of the load out.

She lay panting. She couldn’t move any more–she paralyzed with pleasure.

James grabbed her head, and roughly shoved his cock in over and over. Molly didn’t care, it felt so good to be wanted so badly.

“Shoot it.” She muttered, unsure if he could understand. “I want to eat your cum.” She sucked as hard as she could muster, and feeling James’ balls jerk, swallowed the hot spurt of cum from his thick black dick.

“Goddess has a sweet mouth.” He said, and kissed her, even as his own cum dripped from her lips. Molly felt so satisfied, sucking on his lips with savor. She was limp with pleasure, exhausted with the force of her pleasure, as she felt herself lifted from the chaise.

“We always share.” One of the twins whispered, his breath warm on her neck. She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, and used what little strength she had left to reach back and stroke his brother’s hair. She’d heard Shayla talk about this kind of experience before, being passed back and forth between two cocks–Shayla, of course, loved it. It wasn’t until she felt a hard cock pushed against her asshole that she realized what the men intended to do to her.

“No…” she gasped “No DP.”

The twin to her back began to massage her ass, stroking her hole.

“We only want to make you feel good.”

The men had proved themselves at this, Molly thought. She felt him push again at her anus with his thick cock tip. She was so wet from her cunt, dripping with both her juices and Tim’s cum she felt it slide in easily, and out again just as easily.

“Do it. Pound my ass and pussy together.” She moaned, as the twins worked together, bouncing her on their identical dicks. She’d expected a sawing motion, being pushed back and forth between the men, but they worked in perfect rhythm, thrusting as one. They grunted, she could tell they were feeling their cocks rub together as they stretched her holes–she’d never been part of something so dirty. She began to thrust on her own, finding her second wind, winning another orgasm that gushed her own fluids and the cum inside her. The brothers, for their part, reached around Molly, pressing her close between them as they simultaneously unloaded into her raw cunt and her virgin asshole, kissing either side of her neck, their tongues occasionally finding one another. They kissed her gently on her cheek and forehead as they withdrew they cocks and lay her back on the chaise, where she sprawled, her holes oozing with cum, red, swollen. On her breasts and ass were small, thumbprint bruises of passion that matched a few she’d laid on the men too.

Brother Heavener approached her.


Molly shook her head.

“I can’t, I can’t come anymore, I can barely move!”

He shushed her.

“You don’t have to. Nothing I love like a spent Goddess.” He stroked his penis, as Molly watched it get thicker even than it had been as he watched her. She was too exhausted to demur, to say it was bad form for an escort to just lie back and take it.

Brother Heavener slid into Molly’s newly-widened pussy, sluicing through his associate’s cum. Molly lay panting as Heavener picked up speed. Strangely, she felt her clit stirring again–there was no way she could come one more time.

“Ah, you like that, right?” Heavener asked, and she nodded weakly. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed with his rhythmic motions. “You’ve been beautiful, you know that?” He asked her, leaning down to lick her nipples of the sweat and cum that soaked them. “One of the best.” He said, a final thrust, and she felt his cock pulse, twitch, hot, thick jets inside her –

But more than that, she felt a tingling that started in her toes, a warmth that spread up her legs, through her chest, getting hotter at her cunt, and she felt herself squirting–something Molly never believed possible–as her body shook with the force of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt.

Molly fainted.

“Wake up, sleepy-slut.” Molly heard Shayla call in a sing song voice.

“What happened?” Molly asked “Where are the boys?”

Shayla shrugged.

“They’ve gone. That’s how they do their thing–but they called me to pick you up.” Molly thought to be embarrassed, as covered in cum and sweat as she was, but found herself quite clean. Someone had obviously bathed her carefully, gently even–the soreness she felt after a group job had been assuaged by a salve one of the kind men had massaged into her over-worked pussy.

Molly tried to stand, but Shayla stopped her.

“Don’t try, lady. Or should I say Goddess.” she laughed.

“They called you that too?”

Shayla nodded.

“They aren’t a cult, I don’t think. just, hangers on. Worshippers of the Goddess.”

“Temple Goddesses are hard to come by, these days, I guess.” Molly laughed, letting Shayla lead her toward the door.

“Oh, no. I think they make us come pretty easy.” Shayla smiled, as the two women hobbled back to their car, both aglow with sex and vitality.

Jill slipped into her damp leather skirt, and then her wet bra and blouse. She shivered almost uncontrollably. The sweatshirt, though, was still reasonably dry and clean.

Jill pulled the sweatshirt over her wet clothes. The sweatpants, having acted as a seat cushion and sponge for the last two hours, were completely soaked and reeked of sex. She rolled up the sweatpants and placed them in the bag with the dildos.

Jill’s feet were slick as she put her high-heeled sandals on. Her calves and thighs were on fire as she stepped out the door of the video booth. She worked out regularly, but had never worked out those muscles in quite that way.

When Jill entered the store from the video booth area, the ceiling lights seemed to be at their fullest intensity. Jill bumped into a magazine rack and then a lubricant display stand, sending bottles of Astrolube rolling around the floor.

“Well, well, Red.” Officer Friendly smiled. “Do I get to add Public Intoxication to the list, too?”

“I’m not drunk,” Jill answered.

“Well, we’ll see.” Friendly pulled the bag from Jill’s hand. “What have we here? What’s your fascination with dildos again? Oh, wait… they’re for a bachelorette party, right?”

Jill stood and stared, shivering slightly.

“Red, you look the crack whore if I ever saw one. What else you got in this bag? One form of ID – probably fake – and $1200 cash?” Friendly put the ID and money in his pocket and handed the bag back to Jill. “You been turnin’ tricks, Red?”

Iris came from the back room. Dee followed.

“Here’s the tape. We didn’t mean nothing by it.” Iris said, handing a security tape to the police officer.

“Only copy?” Friendly asked, knowing that T.J. recorded everything digitally these days.

“Mmmm hmmm.” Iris answered in the affirmative.

Friendly turned to Jill. “I don’t want to have to cuff you, but I will.”

Jill’s eyes widened.

“You’re arresting me? For what!” Jill said sternly as a new trail of come formed down her inner thigh.

“Well, let’s see… Public Indecency, Prostitution, Public Intoxication, Falsifying Identification, to name a few,” Friendly smiled, reaching for his handcuffs.

“I’ll take you down to the station, let you make your phone call, and we’ll run your prints to see what other trouble you might be into.”

“No. Please don’t. I’m telling you the truth. This is all a big misunderstanding.” Jill pleaded.

“We’ll see.” Friendly turned Jill around and put her hands behind her back. He held her bag under his arm while he locked the handcuffs in place.

Jill had never been arrested in her life. The cold steel on her wrists was heavy.

Friendly’s grip on her upper arm was firm, but not painful, as he led her into the pouring rain.

“You all have a fine morning,” Friendly nodded back to Iris and Dee. They just looked back at him shaking their heads disapprovingly.

She waited until the door closed, and then Iris looked at her brother. “Was tapping that 38 year-old white woman worth getting mixed up with Friendly?”

“I ain’t had nothin’ like it,” Dee said. “I’m gonna have to get her outa this, though.”

“Awe, shit.” Iris said. “You best play it cool, Romeo.”

“Yeah. No shit.” Dee said.

“As fucked up as T.J. is, he sure called this one, didn’t he?” Iris asked.

“Yeah, he’s a fuckin’ psychic, all right.” Dee almost believed. “He’s just been doin’ this shit so long, he’s gotten good at it. Between him and Friendly, I can’t figure out why they haven’t made enough money off this shit to retire, already.”

“Well, if you gonna do somethin’, you can start by cleaning up those booths.” Iris smiled.

She knew Dee was heading out the door to help Jill. Iris could see it in his eyes. Usually, T.J. was the icebreaker, and Dee didn’t get involved. The fact that Dee was actually fancy on this older redheaded woman worried her.

Iris had helped make at least a dozen movies the same way, and it never ended well for the girl.

They’d come in, usually out of the rain, drunk or high, and lost.

The next thing they knew, they’re sucking dicks in the video booth for taxi fare. Friendly “busts” them, but ends up working something out so he doesn’t have to take them to jail.

Soon, they’re making more movies, or the center of attention at private parties. Their families and friends never hear from them again – not always because they died an early death from drugs or suicide, but because they’re too ashamed to go home after everything they’ve done.

Dee knew there was something different about Jill, though. The most she was doing for money was putting on a show; masturbating, just so she could keep the video going. She invited him in that booth because she really wanted to get fucked. She had no idea that he had come close to orgasm several times simply by the way she kissed him. Only one other girl had ever kissed him like that.

He knew she had a life, a husband, a daughter, and a job. He liked to think his momma raised him better than this.

Yet, for some reason, he would like nothing more than to fuck that redhead again.

But not on Friendly’s terms.

She was older, and probably wouldn’t last more than one or two trains before Friendly broke her for good. He wondered how many thugs Friendly had already called tonight, that were shaving their balls in preparation for another movie.

“Please don’t take me to jail, officer.” Jill pleaded. “This is going to ruin my family.”

“You should have thought about that before you put that big black dick inside you.” Friendly said to the rearview mirror.

“Surely, there’s got to be another way,” Jill asked. “Can’t I just pay a fine or something? I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!”

“Well, now that you mention it, you’ll probably only get community service.” Friendly smiled. “That ain’t too bad. You know, maybe cleaning a park, helping the homeless… or sucking my dick when I tell you.”

Jill’s eyes widened. Friendly looked at her closely in the rearview mirror, and then pulled over.

“You think you can suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly asked. Jill remained silent.

Friendly threw the gearshift in park, stepped out of the patrol car, and swung open Jill’s door. His hand found her throat and squeezed tightly. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed as the rain blew into the back seat.

“I asked you a fuckin’ question, Red! Can you suck my dick when I tell you?” Friendly screamed into her ear.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me!” Jill cried.

Friendly relaxed his grip on her throat.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Red. We’s just needed to come to an understanding. I think we got’s one now, right?” Friendly slid his hand between her legs. Jill instinctively pressed them together.

“Open your fuckin’ legs, bitch!” Friendly yelled. “You beginin’ to piss me off.”

Jill spread her legs wide. Friendly pushed three fingers into her wet pussy.

“Hmmm. Dee sho’ did on number on you, huh? Boy’s got da biggest dick in town. Wonder he don’t pass out every time he gets a hard-on, huh?”

Without realizing what she was doing, Jill began to slowly gyrate her hips, easing Friendly’s fingers in and out of her.

“Awe, hell yeah. Dat’s better, Red.” Friendly pushed a fourth finger inside and Jill let out a grunt.

He pulled his hand from her pussy and put it up to her mouth. Jill licked his fingers as if he had dangled four cocks in front of her face and was taking turns between them.

She wasn’t surprised to taste Dee’s come mixed with her juices. She wished he were there now.

Officer Friendly drove to a motel that looked like it had been closed for years. Half the rooms had their numbers removed from the doors. There were no lights on outside the building, yet several cars filled the parking lot.

“Red, I’m going to give you a chance to fulfill your community service tonight, if you’d like. You do okay, here, and I’ll take you home before sunrise. What you say to that?” Friendly asked as he helped Jill out of the patrol car.

“It doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice.” Jill said, shaken and on the verge of tears.

“Now don’t be like that, Red.” Friendly guided her up the stairs. The rain soaked her hair and her make-up streaked down her cheeks. “We all have choices. Sometimes, you got to pay for your actions. Sometimes your actions are how you get paid.”

Jill wasn’t sure what he meant, but knew at a minimum, she’d have Friendly’s dick in her mouth, if not everywhere else.

Friendly unlocked one of the motel room doors and held it open for Jill. She stepped inside and was surprised to see it reasonably well kept. The bedding looked clean, the room didn’t smell of smoke, and the furniture didn’t reflect the building’s 1970′s exterior.

Community service may end up being bearable after all, Jill thought.

Jill was about to sit on the bed when Friendly grabbed her by the handcuffs behind her back. The jerking motion threw her off balance and she stumbled to the floor.

“Don’t even think about sitting on that bed until you’ve cleaned up, Red.” Friendly said as he started to undress. Jill glanced at his service pistol as he placed it on the dresser. She had hoped he hadn’t noticed.

When Friendly had taken off all of his clothes, he turned toward Jill, proudly displaying his tight, muscular body. His dick wasn’t nearly the size of Dee’s, but it was respectable – perhaps even attractive. It was only the second black dick Jill had ever seen in person, and she began to wonder how she would ever be able to please her husband if she continued to be fucked by these larger dicks. Would he notice that she wasn’t as tight as she used to be?

Friendly walked up to Jill and held the back of her head as he guided his dick into her mouth. Unlike giving head to Dee, she was able to get Friendly’s cock head and four inches of the shaft into her mouth and down her throat without gagging. Friendly eased his length in and out of Jill’s mouth, pushing a little more down her throat each time until she eventually did gag.

“Oh, that’s good Red. That’s real good.” Friendly smiled as he allowed Jill to catch her breath. “You got eight of my nine down your throat. What do you say you take it all now?”

Jill opened her mouth, waiting. Friendly grabbed a handful or Jill’s wet hair and pumped steadily into her mouth. Each time, he’d let his long dick sink down her throat a little deeper until her tongue was pressed against his balls and her nose was pressed against his sparse, curly pubic hair. He held her tight against him for several seconds, and then slowly pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. Jill maintained a tight seal with her lips around his shaft as he filled her mouth with come. She instinctively swallowed, and then began bobbing her head up and down on Friendly’s shaft.

“That’s the spirit, Red.” Friendly smiled as she coaxed his cock back to erection.

He pulled his tool from her lips and walked over to the dresser. He returned with the handcuff keys and reached behind Jill to remove her bindings.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” Jill asked as she subconsciously rubbed her clit.

“Not yet, Red. Not yet.” Friendly helped Jill to her feet. “Take off those dirty clothes and get in the shower. Clean yourself up, inside and out. When you get out, I’ll have something for you to wear.”

Jill unceremoniously stripped in front of Officer Friendly.

As she bent over to unbuckle her thin high-heeled sandals, Friendly caught a glimpse of her pink asshole.

“You know how to use an enema, right?” He asked.

When Jill finished with her shower, she was as clean inside and out as she could have possibly been. The enema was an unusual experience, but she hadn’t had much to eat, so there wasn’t much to “cleanse” out of her system.

Friendly handed her a soft, white terry cloth robe and opened a toolbox full of make-up supplies. It looked as if someone had stolen a facial kit from a department store.

“We got about twenty minutes before we get started. Make yourself look nice, okay?” Friendly said in a businesslike manner.

Jill wasn’t sure why Friendly wanted to wait to have sex with her. She wasn’t being reluctant. He was attractive in his own way, and although she would never have looked twice at him crossing the street, now that he was naked, he was very easy on the eyes.

She almost felt disappointed when he wrapped a towel around his waist.

Jill found her same shade and brand of nail polish and touched up her fingernails and toenails. Friendly stepped into the bathroom to see her progress and Jill knew she had done well by the dick pushing his towel up.

Jill began to feel as if she had gotten off easy – as far as her unnecessary punishment was concerned.

That feeling ended when the door blew open and T.J. stepped into the room.

“What we got, here?” T.J. blurted loudly. “Oh fuck! You? This is gonna be the shit, here.”

Four college boys stepped into the room behind T.J. Two of them looked just like the young, skinny black men in the first video booth movie she had watched. The other two were white and looked like boys her daughter was friends with in high school. One of them – Mark, she believed – may have dated her daughter at some point.

None of the young men looked a day over nineteen.

A middle-aged white man walked in seconds later, carrying a tripod and camera case. Behind him, two girls, one black and one white, and neither barely over nineteen.

“What’s going on?” Jill asked sheepishly. As soon as she spoke, she could tell one of the white boys recognized her. He looked at her as if to tell her to be quiet.

“We’re going to see how you do with a professional photographer, Red.” Officer Friendly waved his hand at the young men, motioning them to undress. “We got the spy camera footage bullshit, but this is gonna be the good stuff.”

For the moment, Jill was relieved to see T.J. leaving his clothes on.

As the young men undressed, they took turns in the bathroom, shaving, relieving themselves, showering quickly, and then standing before one of the girls. The girls remained clothed, but kneeled in front of two of the young men and used their mouths to bring the young, hairless cocks to erection.

“Red, you ready to pay your debt to society?” Friendly asked.

Jill remained silent. She stood up, walked in front of the bed, faced the cameraman, and let her robe slip off her shoulders.

The white girl deepthroating one of the black boys stopped and turned to look at Jill. Jill suddenly recognized her as April, one of Andi’s friends from freshman year of high school that had to change schools because of rezoning. She had seen April at the mall from time to time, always wearing nice clothes – nicer than her parents could afford – and usually on the arm of a black boyfriend. It made sense to Jill, now.

“All right. What do you want me to do?” Jill asked.

That was the last thing she said for three hours.

The black boys were first to lick, suck, and fuck Jill. Their cocks were long, but not very thick. Their tongues on her pussy made Jill cry out in pleasure more than their tools inside her.

The white boys were even better at going down on her.

T.J. directed Jill through scene after scene, in various combinations with the four young men. They fucked her repeatedly, but never climaxed. Jill, however, came at least a dozen times. She couldn’t help herself. The boys were half her age and full of energy.

Each time one of the young men was about to climax, he was told to pull out or pull back. It appeared that come shots were not the highlight of this movie, at least not the men’s come shots. Jill, however, had soaked half the bed.

The larger white boy, Wayne was underneath her, filling her pussy as Mark knelt behind her, easing the head of his bulbous dick into her asshole.

The black boys had each fucked her anus twice, but their cocks weren’t nearly as wide as Mark’s.

“Fuck, Ms. Jill,” Mark panted, “You’re asshole is tighter than Andi’s!”

Jill’s body shook with waves of orgasm and Mark used the opportunity to push his full length inside her.

Jill bucked hard, her pussy spasming on Wayne’s fat shaft as her sphincter held tight around Mark’s cock. She shuddered again moments later as she felt Mark fill her bowels with semen.

A stream of come oozed from her asshole and down Wayne’s shaft as Mark stepped off the bed.

“Awe man, why’d you have to go and do that?” Wayne complained.

April had a warm washcloth ready and wiped off Mark’s tool before sucking him back to rigidity.

The black girl took another washcloth and wiped off Wayne’s dick and the crack of Jill’s ass. She gave Jill a quick kiss on the ass cheek as she stepped out of frame.

“That’s alright, Mark.” Friendly said. He had been sitting in the background, not saying a word the entire time T.J. was directing Jill. “We’re almost done for tonight. You did good, hoss. You deserved a nut.”

Mark resumed his position and the two continued fucking Jill for another fifteen minutes.

The two black boys were climaxing in the mouths of the two girls as Mark stepped off the bed.

Jill collapsed on Wayne, and he politely rolled her off of him, laying her on her side.

As Wayne stepped off the bed, Friendly stepped on.

“I think that’s a wrap, T.J.” Friendly said without argument.

“Shit, we got enough for a double-feature. If she sells well, we might have to offer her a regular position.” T.J. smiled as he helped pack up the camera equipment.

The young men showered and dressed, and then escorted the girls out of the room, followed by the cameraman and T.J.

“Red, it’s just you and me, now.” Friendly smiled as he lifted one of Jill’s legs.

His cock was every bit as big as Mark’s now, as he rubbed it against Jill’s asshole.

Jill reached back and lifted an ass cheek invitingly.

Friendly may have been a bastard toward Jill since the beginning, but now, he was fucking her with finesse. He sucked on her toes as he rhythmically slid more of his thick tool inside her. He reached down to her sopping wet, and loose pussy and pressed firmly against her swollen clit.

Wetness gushed between his fingers as Jill orgasmed, but Friendly maintained his rhythm.

He turned Jill in several positions, each new one allowing more of his long cock inside her than the previous, until finally all of his full nine inches was inside her.

“That’s a good white girl.” Friendly said as he began to fuck Jill’s ass faster.

The motel room door swung open, and Jill feared T.J. had returned to feed her his unwanted tool.

Instead, Jill’s eyes were both relieved and shocked when she recognized Dee.

“I think that’s enough, Friendly.” Dee said.

“Boy, have you lost your mind?” Friendly said without losing pace. “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out! Besides, your dick-sucking girlfriend has already left.”

Friendly continued to slide in and out of Jill’s ass as he waited for Dee to say or do something. April was actually Dee’s ex-girlfriend, and Friendly knew it.

Dee stood frozen, watching his father expertly fuck Jill’s bottom. Friendly then positioned himself under Jill so she was sitting on his cock with her full weight. He leaned back, and Jill leaned back against him. She raised her knees and placed her beautiful white feet on Friendly’s black upper thighs.

“Put your goddamned meat in her cunt and finish her off, proper like!” Friendly said from behind Jill.

Dee was hesitant, but Jill raised her head enough to let him know it was okay. She was doing all the work on his father’s manhood, allowing several inches of his shaft to be exposed before impaling herself until it disappeared back inside her.

Dee’s cock was full and firm within seconds of taking down his pants.

Jill’s clitoris throbbed as he twisted his cockhead and pushed it inside her.

Until a couple of years ago my wife, Amy, and I both worked for the police. More specifically, she was with the vice squad and I worked in fraud. So each day we would go in together, team up with our respective partners and do our days work until it was time to go home – same as most jobs, just not your usual employer.

From time to time, if a big bust was going down, we both understood that the other would have to go incognito and may be away for sometimes days and other times weeks until the job was done, so it wasn’t unusual when Amy told me that the Chief had asked her to go undercover to infiltrate an organised crime syndicate and gather enough evidence to bring a prosecution into place.

I knew better than to ask her any details of the investigation, but wasn’t surprised that she’d been selected having proved on many previous jobs that she was the best in the department at this kind of work. One of the reasons for this was that Amy looked stunning and guys that should know better kept falling for her. At 37, she looked ten years younger and had a figure – 35C 26 36 -that should have graced the pages of a glossy magazine rather than being covered in police issue uniform.

After 15 years of marriage she had kept better than I had at 39 and despite the fact that I was still blown away with her looks, we had settled into a fairly mundane routine of work and weekends and were guilty as other married couples of taking each other for granted.

Anyway, Amy went off undercover and I got on with my job, but you know how it is when you get the feeling that things aint right, but can’t put your finger on it. Usually, she’d be able to give me some idea about what she was expected to do, but this time she seemed particularly close lipped about it. I put it down to me misreading the situation, but something kept gnawing away at me – like she was going to have to do something that she knew I wouldn’t like.

I was on a day off when, after eight days, Amy came home – briefly – “Look honey, I can’t stop. I’m right in the middle of this thing and it’s big, but I gotta get me some more clothes seeing as it’s likely that I’ll be gone longer than I thought”.

She looked animated and excited like I hadn’t seen for a long time – and I didn’t get the feeling it was anything to do with seeing me. I watched her as she ran up the stairs and within 5 minutes she was back again, suitcase in hand making for the door.

“Hey, hey!”, I called ” What about a kiss for your old man?” and she darted over, pecked me on the cheek and ran out to the unmarked car parked out front. The speed of her visit and her indifference towards me got me thinking and while I tried to put it down to the pressure of the op they were on, something kept niggling……………………

I went upstairs and started to look around. What had Amy taken with her? I felt guilty as I began checking through her wardrobe, but I’m a cop and know when things aren’t how they should be. As I searched I made a mental inventory of what I knew she had taken and that was when I started to get concerned. Amy didn’t have a lot in the way of sexy lingerie, but every piece of what I would call her better items were missing – lacy panties, low cut bras, hold-up stockings….all gone! I checked her hanging rails and her high heels, cropped shorts, mini skirts, vest tops and sheer, see-through tops were all missing.

My heart was pounding and I could feel the blood pumping through my neck and head fuelled by the suspicion of exactly what sort of mission she was on. Reluctantly, I went over to the wash basket and, having moved all the clothes she had put on top, I found what I had feared – several pairs of Amy’s panties were screwed up and pushed to the bottom.

I picked up the first pair and unscrewed them and saw on the gusset the recognisable stain of dried semen. As I worked my way through her underwear every pair showed the same until I finally got to the last item which was Amy’s favorite g-string. The sides showed evidence of having been ripped off and the gusset was still damp – in fact it was wet and as I put it to my nose I could smell the unmistakeable scent of male spunk in my wife’s underclothes.

I sat down heavily on the edge of the bed and tried to gather my thoughts. What the hell was going on? Now in a normal marriage the husband would challenge the wife on something like this, but in our case Amy was on special ops and I had no idea of knowing when she’d be back. I also knew that I couldn’t go asking around at the department or do anything which could compromise the safety of Amy or any other colleagues involved.

I spent a restless night tossing and turning in our bed and though I tried to push them away I had images of Amy being fucked running through my head. I felt jealous that another man was taking pleasure from my wife’s body and the thoughts of her doing it with someone else and cumming on them, made me hard as I pictured her naked, riding another mans cock.

When I woke up I had formulated a plan to find out what was going on. I knew her log-on ID for the department computer and it didn’t take me long to discover her password written on a slip of paper and tucked behind her police badge which was always left at home on uncover ops.

I went into work as normal and, on the pretext of wanting to do some additional work at home, I signed out a laptop which was set to sign on to the police network when it was fired up.

That evening I set about discovering my wife’s secret. I logged in and checked the schedule which detailed the assignment of each officer in the precinct. Amy was on something called Operation Showdown and what hit me first was the small number of officers assigned. This normally only happened when there was a suspicion that one of our own might be a ‘risk’ through some involvement with the suspect or whatever. Given the nature of the op I would have to be very careful indeed.

I clicked on the Operation Showdown tab and was prompted for Amy’s log-on ID and password – all standard police stuff and the face screen changed to tabs with headings such as Background, Suspects, Evidence, Known Links and so on. As I read the background it became apparent that the principal suspects were four black Americans known to have left LA and relocated to southern Alabama. The IRS had flagged up a suspected huge money laundering operation, believed to be earnings from a prostitution racket with these four guys living the high life, but with no apparent income being recorded.

Having got the drift of the problem I checked the guys out. All four were known to LAPD, but nobody had ever been able to prove that they were living off the proceeds of crime. Potential witnesses had retracted their statements and, in short, the police had never been smart enough to get the evidence required to send them down. I looked at their pics and for all intents and purposes they could have been lawyers or something. Tall, well built, dressed in suits, they looked as respectable as the next man.

When I opened the evidence folder I took a sharp intake of breath. A bank of thumbnail pictures came up, taken from a long distance with a telephoto lens and all showing Amy with these guys. What shocked though, was what she was wearing; Amy had on a tight vest and was obviously braless underneath. Even from a distance her nipples clearly stood out in what I guess was early morning coolness. High heels made her 5’9″ body look even more slender and her legs seemed impossibly long in a short mini skirt.

Amy looked like a slut as she stood holding the arm of one of the men I recognised from his profile as Jerome Jackson. It looked like the surveillance snaps had been taken at 10 second intervals and I watched Amy and the men walk from the front door of a big house to a waiting car. Jerome then held Amy close as she kissed him and I could see his right hand holding her breast as she flattened her body against him.

The next two shots were where I got my lucky break. The photo panned out to take in more of the scene, including the front of the house and the second followed the car down the road ….and I recognised where it was!

More photos captured Amy out at clubs and other private houses, mostly hanging onto the arm of the same guy, but a sequence of five, taken at night through an uncurtained window of the house showed Amy standing, clearly naked, legs apart with her back arched and hips forward and sandwiched between two of the black guys in the other pictures. These had been taken at a closer range and I could see Jerome, the larger of the two men with his hips positioned between my wife’s legs and there was no doubt that Amy was being penetrated by him. The second man stood behind her with his cock nestled between her ass cheeks and her breasts held in his large hands.

The first four shots were all similar, but the fifth showed Jerome standing with his big hands on her ass cheeks as my wife wrapped her legs around his back and her arms round his neck as they kissed. I stared for a long time at this image of my wife fucking a guy with another man, or even men, in the same room. Amy was very prudish when it came to sex and had been angry when I once suggested we visit a naturist beach on vacation…………..

“There’s no way I’m gonna have a load of men I don’t know looking me over. I think it’s disgusting that you’d want other men to see me naked – you’re turning into some kind of pervert!”

I never mentioned it again! She obviously didn’t feel like that now!

I sat there stunned. I mean, I knew that sometimes in Vice the female cops had to dress up as hookers and parade themselves on the streets to lure punters who were then arrested. I knew that playing a role to infiltrate an organisation often included female cops who would have to flirt with suspects and even get into light petting with them, but surely full blown fucking was not expected. Besides, Amy had always said that the idea of fucking a black guy was something she could never do, but what I’d just seen, said otherwise!

That night I dreamt of Amy being fucked. I dreamt of Amy with her legs apart as a thick black cock slid backwards and forwards, in and out of her cunt. I dreamt of Amy cumming as Jerome fucked her standing up in the middle of his living room……….and I was their audience! As I slowly awoke these images remained clear in my mind and I was unable to stop myself from stroking my own hardness to orgasm as the endless tape of Amy fucking Jerome played in my head.

I had to know what was going on or else I’d go mad. I’d recognised the road from a job I’d been on a couple of years before and I could sure find the big house I’d seen in the photo. So that night, as it got dark, I parked about a mile away and started to walk. I soon spotted the police cruiser where the surveillance officer was armed with a camera and positioned myself where I could see both them and the house.

After an hour in the shadows, cars began to arrive at the house and I could see the place getting busy inside through the window where the shots of my wife had been taken. Then, Jerome moved around closing the drapes and the view was shut off – both to me and the cruiser.

I walked across the road and straight through the gateway of the house next door – just as if I lived there, made my way round the back and hopped over the dividing fence, hoping to hell that no lights, or worse, dogs appeared. The back yard remained dark and silent except for the dull beat of music coming from inside the house. I let my eyes get accustomed to the dark and then took a look about. No dogs, no lights, no security system, but there was a low sloping roof leading to an open bedroom window.

I was soon into the house and checked the room out. It didn’t show any sign of being in current use and no light showed around the door. I opened it quietly onto a darkened landing. Music, light and talk came from one end where it appeared to open up into a large galleried area – too risky if someone came upstairs. No. There had to be another way, so I climbed back out onto the sloping roof and crept along to the end and got lucky. There were two, high ventilation windows with a perfect view of the gallery and the room below and no chance of being seen.

The window was slightly open and as I took in the scene the sound drifted up to me.

Amy was easy to spot. She had a long dress on I’d never seen before, made of a white, almost transparent fabric, which scooped down at the back to just above her butt crack and plunged deeply at the front to her navel. She had no bra on and as she walked about I could see her breasts move beneath the thin layer covering them. I guessed she was wearing a string because I couldn’t see the dark triangle of pubic hair at the front.

The was one other girl in the room and she looked about 25, a little shorter than Amy, dark skinned and black hair. She wore the same style dress and it did nothing to disguise the fact that she too was naked, or nearly, underneath.

Every other person in the room was male and black. I counted 42 of them. All smartly dressed and talking politely to the two women.

Amy was more animated than I had seen her in years and at first I thought she was drunk until I realised she didn’t have a glass in her hand. Then it hit me – she was high! I would guess that she’d been given a cocktail of drugs because she looked alert and spaced out at the same time. And she definitely hitting on the men in the room; leaning forwards so her dress fell away and her tits hung free, and standing so close that her pussy would press against a thigh as she talked.

As I watched with a mixture of shock and amazement, the lights were dimmed and the place went quiet.

“Gentlemen. Will you please move away from the centre of the room.” and the crowd parted, revealing a thick, white circular rug, maybe 20feet across.

A low, slow beat began and the centre of the rug was illuminated by 2 spot lights, one of which was directly below my window making it impossible to be seen from the room. I stood up a bit to get a better view as Amy and the girl moved to face each other below me. They swayed and moved in time to the beat and approached each other until they were, hip to hip, breast to breast and their lips locked in a deep kiss.

The men applauded as each girl took hold of the other’s straps and slowly slid their dress off until it fell to the floor at their feet. I had been wrong about my wife wearing a string and I could see how I’d been mistaken. Neither she, nor the girl, had any pubic hair and as they broke their kiss, they took it in turns to lead the other around the room to be admired by the crowd. Then they walked to the edge of the room where Jerome stood and bit by bit they stripped him naked and on their knees, one on each side, began to kiss and lick his cock to erection. It looked about 8 inches long, so not much bigger than mine, but it was half as thick again and solid, jet black. He then lay on the floor with it pointing upwards.

He crooked a finger at Amy, beckoning her until she stood astride his hips with her back to him and lowered herself until the tip of his thick cock was just touching the area between her legs. I watched as she closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and very, very slowly sank onto Jerome’s black rod. His hands moved up her slim body and grasped her breasts, pulling her back onto him so they lay back facing the ceiling.

I caught my breath at what I saw. Jerome’s cock was buried, full length, in Amy’s ass and he had used his feet against the inside of her ankles to push her legs wide apart so that her shaved cunt was displayed to the watching group. Everything I was seeing was a further shock as my wife had never let me anywhere near her ass and on the couple of times I’d tried she’d left me in no doubt that there was no way that was going to happen. Yet he she was, willingly impaled on Jerome and what’s more, enjoying it.

I heard Jerome say, “Which one of you black studs wants to be the first to fuck this beautiful white cunt?” and then to Amy, he said “You got something’ to tell them Babe?.”

Amy seemed to be looking straight at me as she said,

“I’m a dirty white slut and I want to be fucked by your big, black cocks!”

The men encircling the rug removed their clothes and once they were naked, Jerome slid Amy off his cock and she lay on her back, with her knees drawn up and legs apart as a guy of about 25 knelt between them and drove his cock into her and I heard some very familiar words……

“Mmmmm……that feels sooo good!”, the same words she always used when we made love, but then she added words I hadn’t heard before, “Your cock feels so big…’s filling me up,” and I watched as this young stud clenched his buttocks and drove himself into my wife who responded by raising her hips to take him fully into her.

He didn’t last long and with a few rapid thrusts, he emptied his balls into my wife’s willing vagina and moved away. I saw lips of her cunt hang open and cum begin to leak out just before an older, heavier man took his turn with my wife who by now had her head turned to the side sucking and stroking a big black cock.

I realised that this man was bigger than the first as I saw Amy’s eyes widen and she moaned “Oh! OH!”, around the cock in her mouth. This guy was probably mid forties and was taking his time with her, using much longer strokes before burying himself deep inside her cunt, eliciting a grunt from her every time.

By now, Amy had another cock in her free hand and some of the guys were taking their pleasure with the other girl. The man fucking her quickened his pace until he yelled and stabbed his cock deep in and spunked up her. As he got up and moved away, I got a glimpse of his softening cock and realised why my wife had sworn. I’d guess he was at least 9 inches long and that must have reached to her cervix as he pushed right into her.

One by one these black men took their turn being sucked by, or fucking Amy, and as they did I looked at the men who were standing about, waiting for their opportunity and I spotted three with what can only be described as mutant cocks. Now, I know that it isn’t just a myth that black guys have bigger cocks than whites, but these three were truly alpha males when it came to sexuality. All were well over 6feet tall and all were incredible physical specimens – well built, without being over muscled and without an ounce of surplus fat on their bodies. But, what focussed my attention, was their massive cocks. Not one of them was less than 12 inches long, as thick as Amy’s ankle and had a heavy ball sack that hung between their legs. I’d heard of men who’d been described as ‘black bulls’ and now I saw that they really did exist.

They watched as, one after another, more than twenty men fucked my wife and, as each delivered his spunk into her by now red and swollen vagina, the pool of white cum she was lying in, spread.

As if they had been waiting for the right moment, the three of them moved in as a team and pushed aside a man who had been just about to take his turn. Amy looked up and her eyes widened in horror at what she saw. “Oh God! No! I can’t take that. You’ll kill me!”

She closed her legs together, drew her knees up and started to raise herself on her elbows. One of the team quickly dropped onto the rug at her head and grasping a nipple with each hand, pulled her sharply backwards so she was lying back.

“Open your legs, slut!” he commanded, but my wife drew them closer to her body. “I said, open your legs now!” he repeated. Still she ignored him and then he spoke to the other two “Open the slut up for me.”

The two studs each took hold of one of Amy’s ankles and swung her legs back until her feet were either side of her shoulders and her already well fucked cunt, leaking the cum of 23 men, was lewdly displayed to the crowd. Pinned like this she had no way of resisting and the first stud moved around and placed the head of his foot long cock between her labia and slowly began to open her up.

Transit Guy For You: The journals of a transit career

Chapter 1 Entry 1 Beverly & Pamela

Year 1

Entry 1: Introduction

This is the first entry of what I hope to be many during my career in transportation. I decided to keep this journal to document my career. I am keeping this journal because of the stories I have heard from my elders. I found them interesting. Although some seemed unbelievable, others the truth exaggerated and even twisted because memories get clouded, they were all interesting. So I thought the sooner its on paper the closer to the truth the story will be. Besides one day I may want to share the experiences with others.

Tomorrow morning I have my final interview with The Regional Transportation Authority. This a big deal for me. I am pyshed. Its a big deal for my parents who have worked for the RTA for more than twenty years. There are other family members employed there also, including my brothers. My family members are almost everywhere; from bus drivers to train engineers to supervisors to law enforcement. They are somewhere in the RTA. So I’m expected to excel and why shouldn’t I grew up around the system, I drove a bus before I drove a car. Not to mention the opportunities all I need is three months on the job to qualify to take any promotion exam that I feel I’m qualified to take.

The RTA is a tri-state agency created by politicians to provide the public with reliable transportation when many private companies were going bankrupt or actually went bankrupt. They maintain transit facilities in the region including six regional international airports, a combination of twenty smaller airports and heliports, the major seaports, bus terminals, rail terminals, buses, subways, commuter trains, light rails, mono rails and two interstate subways. In addition have their police and fire departments.

Its February, the news says its bitter cold outside but I don’t care. I turned 18 a few days ago, I got an interview for a good job right out high school; well I’ve sat around since June waiting for this opportunity; but life is good. Mrs. Beverly Jackson is the personnel representative at the RTA interviewing me today.

She’s also my neighbor, mother of my best friend and a long friend of my parents. Her daughter, Pamela and I grew up together. We went to school together, were each others dates for junior and senior prom got our first jobs together, we’ve spent most of lives with one another even birthdays which are two days apart. Pam and I took our relationship to another level some years back when we lost our virginity to each other. So I’m feeling pretty confident.

Entry 1a: Beverly (& Pamela)

My interview went very well; as expected. Maybe too well.

I was on time for my interview which is rare for me I’m rarely on time for anything. In school home room for me started at 10 am if I went to school at all that day. When I arrived at personnel office I was greeted by the receptionist who had a beautiful warm smile.

I’d seen her before at company gatherings but didn’t know her personally until now when she introduced herself.

Her name was Janice, she handed me a stack of papers I needed to complete. I sat in the waiting room filling in the blanks and sneaking peeks at this beautiful white girl.

When I finally finished the filling out the documents, I returned the papers to Janice and took a seat that allowed me to admire all the women including Janice that passed through the office.

Before I knew it an hour had passed. I sized up many other candidates, spoke to some but kept my attention on the beautiful women that there or coming in to start a career with the RTA. Ninety minutes had passed when Janice gave me an update on my interview status.

Janice summoned me to her desk. She informed me I needed to sign one more document. She placed to sheets of paper in front of me. The top sheet read; Janice and her phone number. Can I have yours? The second sheet was blank. I played along smiling so hard my face hurt. Where do I sign? I asked. Here she said pointing at the blank sheet. You keep this one she continued handing me the paper with her hand written note.

So that’s the reason for the personalized service I thought to myself.

Janice is a white girl, from the way she spoke and her mannerisms, I’d say she’s about five years older than me but her youthful features make me think she’s my age.

She is average height and very cute. She has a nice rack, a DD cup I’d say, and flat stomach, which make her breasts appear larger and ample hips. Maybe 38DD-28-38. Her pink skin, hazel eyes and long curly reddish blonde hair have had me hooked since the first time I saw her.

As I returned to my seat, I couldn’t stop smiling. My brothers had told me she was untouchable. But I had her telephone number.

I returned to the waiting room to find some dick head sitting in the seat I was in. That seat allowed me to see all the women that walked in and out of the reception area. But it especially allowed me to see Janice. I wanted to kick his ass out of it, but, I couldn’t. So I didn’t. Fucking asshole.

I searched for another and found one near a young spanish lady. Or that’s what I thought when entered the waiting room earlier.

I took a sit across from her. She looked familiar when she came in, but at the time, I was busy trying to look at Janice and every other chick that walked through the room.

She was red boned about my height, maybe a little shorter. I noticed her navy blue pant suit fit her like a glove. The blazer went down to her hips. It hugged and accented the curves of her ample softball sized tits, tiny waist, flat stomach and then hung over sweet desirable hips.

Her pants covered her perfectly round ass that wasn’t too big or too small. Unfortunately, she wore a pair of navy blue sexy heels and stockings that covered her feet.

Her face was gorgeous her long light brown hair surrounded her face and was shoulder length. Her eyes light brown, lips thin and covered with red lipstick.

I had to ask her if we knew one another. She smiled and said yes we went to school together. Although she was smiling I got the impression she may have hoped I didn’t recognize her.

But, it was Sherri Vega. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated. We weren’t that close in school. Even though I was popular for sports I was also a bit silly in my youth.

Sherri and I had home room together and a few other classes, but at that time we ran in different circles. Sherri was much prettier than I remembered.

However, I did remember jerking off a few times thinking about fucking the latina. But back then she dated only within her race. I briefly wondered if she still did.

We talked more today than I think we ever did in school. We reminisced about school and classmates. We laughed about the time I was accused of cheating on a test I actually failed then was thrown out of class for defending myself.

The accusation made no sense especially when no one sat anywhere near me because I was banished to the back of the classroom for a number of reasons.

Sherri thought I was a pain in the ass. Asshole is how she described me. I wanted to be a pain in her ass with my dick. Sherri eventually told me she was interviewing for a job in Operations Planning.

That department handles surveys and analyzes passenger usage for the entire system. Its an entry level job like the one I’m interviewing for. Not long after Sherri got comfortable and the conversation was going well when she was called to her interview.

But before she left she gave me her number and told me to keep in touch.

Finally it was my turn. Beverly called my name and I followed her to her office. It was around noon. She was curt and appeared agitated. This confused me because she was usually very friendly, quite loving in fact.

I know she was angry with me a few years back, but I thought she had gotten over it. Well, maybe not I thought.

Angry at me or not, it didn’t stop me from staring at her beautiful round ass packed into her pin stripped pants as she strutted in those fucking sexy ass heels she always wore as I followed her down the hall.

I secretly lusted after Beverly. She was my teenage fantasy. For as long as I can remember she was one of my motivation when I masturbated. Occasionally, when I fucked her daughter, Pam I would imagine I was fucking her mother.

Beverly was every male’s wet dream. She stands 5′- 11″ tall. If I had to put her measurements into numbers, 40E-30-38 is my guess.

She has a cocoa complexion and her light brown hair complements her skin tone. On this day her hair was relaxed and cut short. It accented her beautiful youthful face.

Beatrice is in her forties, but she could easily pass for her daughter’s sister. I’ve witnessed that mistake take place quite often over the years.

We arrived at her office, as I entered I noticed her secretary was not present. “Close the door behind you and have a seat” she said bluntly.

Beatrice sat in her chair, facing away from me to file some papers. I wondered why she was so curt. Even though she caught Pam and I fucking some years back in the basement of their house. I thought she was passed that and all was forgiven.

I can remember, she was so angry. But I also remember her appearing to stare at my eight inch hard on; that actually wasn’t staying very hard.

She screamed holy hell at the two of us. I wasn’t allowed in their house for a long time after that. My parents were furious at me. It was somewhat embarrassing. Everyone associated with us knew about it in no time.

I found out sometime later Pam, told her mom everything. When we lost our virginity, nearly every time we had intercourse.

To think, her parents were worried about Pam’s boyfriends and actually I was the one doing the dirty deed. Ha! Ha! I thought to myself at the time.

I looked around the office, it was much more attractive than I expected. It was decorated with wood paneling on the walls, a dark colored wood desk that matched the paneling. She even had a leather sofa. That’s when I noticed the name plate on her desk. “Executive Director of Personnel” is what was proudly displayed. “Wow” I thought to myself.

Beverly turned her chair to face me and I saw her beautiful cleavage. She wore a tight white button down blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to expose the tops her full brown breast. When I say full I mean they are behemoth. Beverly is the true definition of an amazon.

I struggle to concentrate throughout the interview. My dick got hard. My damn raging hard on was a major distraction and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Beverly’s enormous breasts either.

I hoped she wouldn’t notice because of our families’ history. But, thank goodness as lengthy as the interview seemed, it wasn’t at all. When I looked at the grandfather style clock on the windowsill barely been ten minutes had pasted.

Beverly had sped through the interview process and now appeared more relaxed. She apologized for her earlier behavior, explaining she didn’t want to appear to play favorites as she stood and walked towards her office door.

I thought I waited two hours, for a ten minute interview this is bullshit I could’ve slept a lot longer. As I began to stand preparing to leave I realized she was locking her office door after which she made her way across room towards me.

Beverly has a slow graceful, alluring walk. Her strides were long, yet delicate. As she approached I couldn’t help but stare at her hips swaying in her navy and white pin striped pants.

The way they hugged her curvaceous body was hypnotic. Beverly took me by the hand and escorted me to the long black leather sofa. I was confused.

She sat next to me smiling as she justified why I waited so long for my interview. “I made you wait because I wanted to see you alone” she said.” Huh!” I replied perplexed.

Beverly began to remind me of the time she caught Pam and I in her basement. “You don’t know it but the night I caught you and Pam, I listened for a while”.

“At first I was in shock my daughter having sex in my house. But then I realized I was actually getting a little turn on; listening to you…fuck my daughter. That made me angrier than I would have been when I caught the two of you.” she expressed to me.

I was in shock. I didn’t know how to respond. “Relax!” Beverly said with a smile. Placing her right hand on my left leg, squeezing her french manicured fingers around my thigh.

“Today I’m gonna give you something most men dream of getting from me” she continued.

Her hand quickly moved up my leg and into my lap. She began rubbing my already rock hard dick. “You’re 18 now! You’re not a virgin, you’re cute and I want you to give me what my daughter’s been getting all these years.” she said.

Then she gently pushed me back on the couch. I quietly complied. Before I knew it my pants were open and her hand was stroking my shaft. I moaned with delight. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

As Beverly rubbed my throbbing prick, I could see her licking her lips. She was giggling, as she used her other hand to open her white blouse, unhook her bra and free those enormous tits of hers.

Beverly went on to tell me, she knew Pam had sneaked me into the house a few days later while she was out, as I closed my eyes, taking in everything I was experiencing. .

Beverly moved on with her tale still stroking my rod, as if she was trying to force me to reflect on that night.

I knew the story, only what I didn’t know; what Pam and I didn’t know was Beverly had come home sometime after we got into Pam’s room.

Beverly’s soft hands and long fingers were still caressing my hefty penis. Stroking me to ecstasy as I reminisced on that night.

Eventually, Beverly stopped talking, the room got quiet, except for the sounds of the leather sofa as Beverly got comfortable, or so I thought.

Then I felt the warm, wet sensation of Beverly’s mouth around hard dick. She had begun to suck my cock. I briefly opened my eyes, god it felt good. So this is what Mr. Jackson was getting all these years, I thought.

I must say it was the best blow job of my young sex life. Her tongue and lips worked in unison. A harmony of sucking, slurping and licking. As she blew me I continued to reflect on the night Beverly spoke of.

Pam was seeing a guy at the time and although she was having sex she wasn’t having sex with him or any other guy for that matter. She was having sex with me.

Believe it or not, at that time she was exclusive to me in that regard. We agreed we could go out on dates, but she said she wouldn’t sleep with anyone else but me.

However, she would allow me to have sex with other women because it kind of turned her on.

Strange right, well she caught me banging another girl in the neighborhood when we first started dating. She was furious, but she said the sounds the girl was making that afternoon made her excited.

So as not to risk our relationship she would allow me to fuck another girl, but only with her approval. Which didn’t come very often.

So I was as was as faithful as a dog in heat, but I cared who I slept with. I was as careful as I could be.

The deal on her end was she could go on dates, kiss, fondle but nothing more. This was her idea.

So after her dates, she would call me to satisfy her carnal urges. This happened often. Pamela was beautiful.

She is 5′ 9″ tall, 36DD-26-36, with lovely light skin, and a solid build like her mother. Pam played sports, ran track and did some gymnastics when we were in school.

I remember she had to wrap her full breasts before every competition. She has broad shoulders and carries herself very well, very proud. There was no mistaking this was an incredibly beautiful young lady.

Pam’s figure is accented by her thick, muscular, shapely thighs, that lead to her curvy calves and soft well maintained feet.

Her ass spreads perfectly between her hips and under her small waist. She has not a blemish nor scar on her body. Even though she was a tom boy.

Her gorgeous athletic build is a gift from her mother genes. She often wears her light brown hair pulled in a pony tail giving her a younger look.

I loved it when she went out on dates. She would let those boys get her hot and bothered, then come home and give the pussy to me they desperately desired.

That night, like most others, I waited anxiously for her call. I was wearing a dark sweat suit, with nothing underneath, anticipating the climax forthcoming.

That night, when she call; Pam wanted to play. She lied, telling me she wasn’t feeling well, the date was a disaster and she was getting ready for bed. She sounded pissed, which disappointed me.

However, she kept me on the phone, telling me she was taking off her tight pink dress, unhooked her bra and wiggling out of her black lace panties.

“I’m getting into my bed, naked” she said. My dick was hard as a rock. I gripped it like a vice. Pam began to moan.

“Why are you making those noises? I asked. What noises?” she replied adding a loud moan at the end of her question.

“Take out your dick she said before I could respond. “I want to hear you cum” she said, sounding like a 900 operator.

I did as commanded. “I wish you were here so I could suck it, while I finger myself” she went on to say. I was stroking my dick at a rapid pace. “Please let me come over” I pleaded.

“Doctor take my temperate please, I think I’m running a fever!” She said even sexier ignoring my plea.

All I could do was breath deeply as I stroked my cock frantically. “That’s not a thermometer doctor! It too big to be a thermometer” she continued. “But I’ll let you use it anyway” she said.

“Damn I want you to suck my dick. Can I please cum over?” I begged again. “You want to cum over and put your dick in my mouth?” She asked cunningly. “Yes! Yes!” I replied stroking myself as if I were trying to start a camp fire with twigs.

“Come on over you fucking horny pervert” she said laughing. I said nothing. I just hung up the phone, ran down the stairs, out the back door through the yards and into her patio door. Pam was still laughing.

Remember we thought no one was home. Her mom was supposed to out and her dad at work.

We climbed the stairs. I was winded as I followed her to the top of the staircase, watching her round yellow ass move up and down with each step, her tiny black panties were in between her butt cheeks and her hips swayed from side to side.

We entered Pam’s bedroom and walked straight to her bed. Pam immediately tugged my sweats down to my ankles. Got on her knees and sucked me hard and fast.

Her hands wrapped around my dick as she sucked as much as she could of my young manhood into her mouth.

Pam loved to tease me. She’d make me wait and wait for an orgasm. One time she made me masturbate and cum in a specific spot on her thigh before we could make love. She knew I loved that shit.

Each time I was about to cum Pam would stop, change the pace or her reposition her mouth to prolong the torment.

Pam never allowed me to cum in her mouth. Although, she would suck me until I came, allowing my jism to flow over her breast, neck or belly. She even let me cum on her beautiful face once but never in her mouth.

Tonight Pam must have needed to feel me inside of her badly. She suddenly stopped and laid on the bed spreading her legs.

I attempted to kneel before her so I could dine at the “Y” but she wouldn’t allow it. “No you have to fuck me first, lover” she instructed.

She stood me up reached out and took hold of my dick leading me to paradise. As I entered her I felt the sensation of her tight pussy spreading to accept my thick penis. Her moans coupled with the movement of her hips told a story of desire, passion and a longing to orgasm.

I think it is time for me to tell about my conquest of a white woman. I have had many married white females, single white females, and divorced white females. I must say I prefer the MWF’s.

This MWF’s name was Marlee. She was a petite, blue-eyed blonde. We worked for the same company. I am not going to reveal the name of the company or her or my names for security reasons.

I wasn’t her boss. I was her boss’ boss. I had time to watch her and fantasize about what I would want to do to her.

I saw her standing in the break room. Her legs were trim and slim. Her skirt was as short as the company would allow at that time. Her hemline was about four inches above her knees. She caught me giving her those elevator eyes. As my eyes got to her tits — which I estimate to be 34DD’s — she looked at me. I didn’t care. I smiled big. She smiled back. At that moment I knew was going to fuck her with my uncut, 10-inch black cock.

I hacked the company HR files and looked her up in the company records. I found out she was a 37-year-old mom. She had a husband and a daughter, who was almost 18.

Two days later, I was walking down a hallway. She stuck her head out of a doorway and look up and down the hall. Then she stepped out, walking just in front of me

I started humming, “Shake! Shake! Shake that bootie!” She looked back and smiled real big.

“Hi my name is Marlee,” she said.

“Yes! I know your name. My name is C.C. Glad to finally meet you!” I said. I stood real close to her almost pinning her against the wall. I could smell her fragrance, her body and another fainter scent, too. Yes! It was wet pussy! I know that smell anywhere.

We chatted for about 10 minutes.

“Why don’t we finish this off tonight after work?” I asked.

“Over drinks?” she asked.

“Sure. I know a secluded place,” I said.

“OK,” she said. It was that simple.

At 5 p.m., I picked her up in the parking garage. I quickly drove her to “my” side of town to a club frequented by black men and hot white women, looking to be blacked. We drank a few drinks. I offered her a blunt. She took a deep drag. I watched her hold it in and then slowly release the smoke.

Her eyes were deep blue, wide and wild. She giggled often. I took her hand and walked her to my car. Once inside she leaned over and unfastened my pants. My cock popped out.

I drove to my apartment as she sucked my cock. I thought she would need a lot more training as a cock sucker … and I was willing to train.

Once in my loft apartment, we undressed and paused while I got her a drink and put on a porn video of a hot blue-eyed blonde fucking a black man with a big, long black cock.

We started kissing. I tried to cover her mouth with my thick lips. She willingly opened her mouth and let my tongue snake inside. Our juices mingled in her mouth.

“Oh!” She moaned.

My mouth went down her neck to her chest and to her tits. My hands went around her left breast as my mouth concentrated on her right breast.

She started trembling when my mouth touched her nipple.

“Oh! CC! That feels so good!” she cooed.

I stated to gently circle her nipple with my tongue. Then I put my lips around her nipple and started sucking gently.

“Oh, baby! That feels so good! Keep it up,” she said.

I pushed her back to give me room to lie back. My cock was sticking straight up.

“Suck it!” I demanded. I fully expected that she would obey… and she did.

She was a complete novice, but her full lips showed promise. I let her suck until I could take it no longer. Then I pushed her back.

I climbed into her saddle. I noticed her smooth skin inside of her thighs. Her thighs fit around me perfectly. She was not a very skilled lover, but she showed potential.

I reached down to take my cock. I pointed it at her cunt. I let my cock head rub up and down her clit. I felt her clit get harder. I pushed and felt her cunt lips release. I slowly eased it inside of her.

“Wait!” she said. “I’m not on the pill! Do you have a condom?”

“No! Baby! I never use them. They interfere with my pleasure,” I said matter of fact. I pulled back a few inches and rocked my cock back and forth, feeling her cunt quiver


“OK! I think I will be safe,” she said.

I continued fucking her I released a huge wad of black baby batter.

“Oh! No!” she gasped. “I thought you would pull out!” I that was a lie!

“I always cum in a hot momma,” I whispered.

She giggled.

“Am I a hot momma?” she cooed.

“Baby you are as hot as they come!” I said. I knew she was hot, but she needed a lot of training.

That was my first time out with Marlee.

I had to take her home. She was in no shape to drive. I took a cab home.


The next day I got a text message from Marlee.

“Last night was wonderful, CC!” she texted.

“Glad you liked it! I loved that tight smooth cunny!”

“You are my first black man”

“I’m sure I won’t be your last now,” I replied smugly.



We met at the same club two nights later. We danced and had a few drinks. I offered her a blunt and she took it gladly. She took in a deep toke and held it. She looked at me and smiled while letting the smoke slowly exhale through her slightly parted lips.

“That’s sexy,” I said.

“That feels so good, CC”

“Nothing feels better than your hot tight cunny.”

“Oh! CC! I loved it. Let’s do it again,” she cooed.

I drove her to my apartment. We started kissing in the elevator. I had her top off and tits exposed before we got to my floor.

As soon as the door closed, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Before climbing on top of her, I put on a porn video of two black men fucking a hot white blonde.

She helped me remove her clothes. I spread her legs and went straight to her cunt with my lips and tongue. Her body writhed, and she pushed up her hips to meet my long, wet tongue. She was super wet. Her cunt had a sexy scent. She came right away.

I kissed up her hot body to her tits. Again I held one and concentrated on the other. She had another orgasm.

My lips went up to her shoulder and neck. I was on top of her. I reached down and guided my cock against her cunny and rubbed her hot wet slit. I felt her clit getting harder. I switched my attention to her clit. Marlee came again.

I guided my cock to her love tunnel and pushed. Her cunt easily released. I pushed balls deep in one thrust. I looked up to see the blonde on the TV screen screaming in delight. The two men were giving her double penetration. She looked like the creamy center of an Oreo.

My rhythm grew faster and faster. Her hips were meeting my thrusts and her cunt walls were contracting, almost as if she wanted me to go deeper.

I felt it rising from deep inside my nut. Then it rushed up my pipes. I heard myself moan and scream as my white hot sperm shot inside her cunt. I was releasing millions of wigglers which would seek out her momma egg.

“Oh dear! I forgot to ask you to use a condom,” she giggled.

“Don’t you think it is better this way, momma?” I asked.

“Yes! Daddy!” she replied.

I lay on top of Marlee, letting her feel my weight. I kissed her, covering her full lips with my mouth. Our juices mingled.

I got up and stood by the bed.

“Clean me up!” It was a command. She readily obeyed. She sat on the bed and sucked me. I reached down on the night stand and lit up a blunt and smoked it while she sucked. When she finally cleaned me up, I stood her up and kissed her. Again our juices mingled.

I broke the kiss and offered her a blunt without saying a word. She took it. I lit it while she looked into my eyes. We heard a scream and turned our heads to see the blonde in the porn video being double penetrated again.

She took my hand as we watched the blonde writhe in pleasure s the two big black men pumped her cunt and ass in alternating strokes.

“I want to do that,” Marlee whispered.

“I can arrange that,” I answered as the stud in the blonde’s ass rammed in and shot his load.

“When?” Marlee asked. She took a deep drag from her blunt and exhaled slowly while watching the action.

“I can arrange that tonight,” I said and took a deep drag. I dialed my cell phone.

“Come on over. Uh huh! She’s ready!” I put the cell phone down.

I led her to the living room. I put on another porn video and mixed a drink. We sat on the couch and smoked some more.

Her tits were full and chest was heaving. I layed back, and she took my pleasure rod and started sucking.

“Oh Baby! Take it deep! That’s the way, momma. Suck on your daddy. Suck me hard,” I was urging her on while teaching her how to pleasure a man. She needed a lot of training.

She rose up to take a drag from her blunt. She was frantic now. Her lips and tongue were working like never before. I had to strain to keep from dumping a load in her mouth.

“That’s right momma. Use your tongue like you have a stud in it. Suck that head, momma. Let it go deep and suck up the shaft, momma.” I moaned. She followed instructions to the letter.

“Get on your knees!” I commanded. She obeyed and got on her knees. I stood up and let her go down on my cock again.

“Look up at me! Suck my cock like a whore. Come on, momma! Make me cum in your mouth. Suck me!”

She obeyed. She frantically sucked while looking up into my eyes.

I felt the cum rising from my nut. Up through my tubes as the pleasure began to rise higher and higher.

“Open your mouth wide. Look up at me. I pulled out of her mouth about an inch and released my load. Four squirts filled her mouth.

“Hold it in. Don’t swallow, yet, momma!” I commanded her. When I had dumped my load in her mouth, I pulled my cock away.

“Now swallow!” It was a command.

Marlee swallowed. She was smiling as the huge load of cum went down.

“Good momma.”

“Thank you, daddy,” Marlee said when she as finished swallowing the last drop of cum.

Knock. Knock


I opened the door. It was no surprise. Tyrone and a mother I would love to fuck named, Candy, were standing at the door.

Tyrone was about 230 pounds, six-foot, one tall. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that show tattoos up his arms and on his shoulders. His hair was in long dreads.

Candy was petite. She was 34DD-22-35 and wore a very short mini skirt with a loose cowl top that showed ample tit. Her eyes were blue and her lips were large, red, and full.

I explained to Marlee that she was going to see Candy, Tyrone, and me do an Oreo on a white girl.

“I wanted to try it!” Marlee said pouting.

“I can’t put a 10-inch big black cock up your ass without some training,” I said. I lit her another blunt.

Candy and Tyrone undressed. I pushed Marlee over on the doggie position. Then I greased her ass. I slipped a rather small butt plug up her ass.

“Now watch this,” I said.

Marlee watched as Tyrone first put Candy in a doggy position and entered her ass. After 10 minutes of pumping, Tyrone got on his back and Candee got on top and positioned her cunt above Tyrone’s fuck monster cock. She settled down and started humping up and down.

I put my hands on Candy’s ass and positioned my cock on her asshole. I pushed and watched my cock head disappear. My balls rested against her cunt. I looked at Marlee. She was stroking her clit.

Soon we got into a rhythm with me going in as Tyrone was pulling out.

First I shot my load in Candy’s ass then Tyrone followed with a huge load in her cunt. I pulled out and watched Candy’s ass gaping wide with my creampie cum dripping out. Then Tyrone screamed and shot up her cunt.

“Oh daddy! I love your cum,” Candy cooed.

I pulled the plug out of Marlee’s ass and inserted a slightly larger one.

“Get dressed!” I said.

She got dressed. I looked at Tyrone and Candy and winked. They knew what was up.

“I want you to let that butt plug ride. We are going out,” I said


Candy dressed and we all got into my car and drove to a club. We danced some, drank some, and smoked some and talked dirty about double penetration sex.

I had to help Marlee out to the car. On the way home, I stopped at a tattoo parlor. I picked out a sexy tramp stamp for her.

She started giggling when the artist turned on the needle, but began to moan when the applied the needle and ink.

Marlee was in no shape to drive home. I drove her and Tyrone picked me up.


“Last night was so wonderful!” Marlee sent me a text message the next day at the office.

“Glad you liked it. How is your tramp stamp?”

“I haven’t looked yet.”


“I managed to hide if from my hubby, but …”

“… my daughter saw it. LOL.”

“LOL what did she say?”

“Thought it was cool.”

“Decided to wear something sexy to the office today.”

“Can’t wait to see it.”

“I’ll be by later.”

I worked all morning, only occasionally thinking about what Marlee had said about her dress. I expected something really quite conservative by my standards.

Just before noon she came strutting her stuff by wearing a short body hugging mini dress. She walked into my office and closed the door behind her. She threw her arms around me and we kissed passionately. My cock was beginning to rise.

“Look at this!” Marlee turned around, hiked her dress, and bent over. She was wearing no panties. The plug was still in her ass!

“I’m going to leave it in until we meet again.”

“I’m pleased. You are turning into a real slut, momma,” I said.

“I want to please you, daddy.”

I went to my brief case. I just happen to carry an array of butt plugs. All but one was previously used. I found the next size up from the one Marlee was wearing.

“Bend over.”

She obeyed. I removed her plug and pushed in one that was about 30% bigger. There was some strain to get it beyond her sphincter; but once seated, it had a narrow neck and would not easily pull out.

“How’s that?”

“A little tight.”

“You will get used to it. I have one surprise for you.” I pulled out a remote control and pressed a button.

“Oh!” Marlee screeched. She was surprised by the vibrations in her butt. I increased the speed and intensity. Marlee moaned.

“I have a meeting. I must go.” I said lying. I wanted her to walk away with my toy in her butt.

Later she texted me again.

“Are we going to meet tonight?”

“Not tonight. But I have a request.”


“I want you to get a Brazilian.”

“OK! I have been wanting that.”

“One more request.”

“What’s that?”

“See if UR old man wants to be a cuckold.”

“have already.”

“What did he say?”

“Yes! but I didn’t tell him about U.”

“Set him up for us going out on a date over the weekend.”

“Make that a trial balloon…”

“…if he says no, then try all nighter”

“OK I’ll ask him.”


“Bye, daddy.”


When I got home that night, I put a disk in the player and sat back. Up popped two days of video of Marlee sucking, fucking, and smoking. After finishing, I smiled and put the DVD away.

I did not hear from Marlee for a week. I keep ignoring her calls. I let her know through a bro that I would be in meetings all week and out of town part of the week.

A week later, I sent her a text that I was back.

“Welcome back!”

“Missed you, momma!” I lied.

“I missed you desperately,” Marlee sent in her text.

I did not want to bring up her conversation with her husband. I wanted her to bring it up.

“It was a hectic week for your daddy.”


“That’s OK. Puts food on the table and pays for my Mercedes.”

“Do you want to know about my talk with my husband?”

I paused and then texted:


“He’s excited about being a cuckold!”


I knew he would. What white boy wouldn’t want this hot momma to be black fucked?

“He OK’d me going out and stay overnight.”



I paused again. I wanted her to be excited.

“Friday night”

“That’s five days from now! I can’t wait.”

I paused again.

“Sorry. My apartment is a mess. I need to clean it up.”

“Oh! OK”

“Did you do the other things?” I sent.

“I got a Brazilian?”

“Yeah! That’s a good momma.”

“He saw my tramp stamp. LOL”

“LOL what did he say?”

“He liked it. We were in bed. I showed it to him and he started jerking off!”


“Yes! LOL.”


“Bye, daddy.”

We stayed in touch by text messages all week. I saw her briefly in the hallway on Wednesday. She was wearing a very short, short mini skirt. She had done something to her hair to lighten it. She was wearing redder lipstick and more eye color and make up. She looked hot.

I sent her a list of things I wanted to see her wear and not to wear. I wanted her to show her hubby she was turning into a slut.

On Friday, I could hardly get any work done for her texting. We agreed to have her husband to drive her to “our” club where he would escort her inside. I wanted it to be a shock treatment for the white “boy”. We would order some drinks and chat. Then Fred would exit. I would take her home Saturday.

Actually, I had my own agenda.

At 5 p.m. I left the office and saw Marlee standing by my car in the parking garage. When I got to her, we embraced and started kissing passionately. I really got out of control. I reached my hand in her loose top and squeezed one of her breasts. Then I rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb.

“Oh! That feels so good,” she sighed. We kissed for 10 minutes and broke it off.

She was looking hot! I watched her walk to her car and get in exposing her legs and panties to me. My cock began to grow.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked her up at 7 sharp. I knew her husband would be there and that’s all.

I knocked and Marlee’s husband, Fred, opened the door. He was a balding, dumpy white dude of 45. He had a squeaky voice and a pot belly. He was smiling. I took that as a good sign.

“Hi! I’m Fred,” he said.

“Hi Fred, I’m C.C. Just call me CC,” I replied, then laughed. I couldn’t help it. He extended his hand, and we shook like we had just made a trade for a prized thoroughbred filly. I fully intended to breed her thoroughly, too!

We walked into the living room. I brought Fred a hot video on DVD. I handed it to him.

“I brought you a hot video. Hope you enjoy this,” I said. I expected him to put it away, but he dropped it directly into his player. Up popped a compilation of Marlee fucking, sucking, having an orgasm, swallowing cum, and kissing black men.

The door bell chimed and Fred walked away to see who it was. In a moment he came back with a friend of mine. It was James! I was surprised!

“Hi James!” I said and we slapped hands.

“I have a date with Sindi tonight,” James said. Sindi was Marlee’s daughter.

“Oh! That’s nice,” I replied.

“Sindi just turned 18 yesterday. James is going to take her out to a club,” Fred said.

Then in walked a gorgeous blonde about 5-foot tall. She had big blue eyes, slender body and long legs. She had sexy two-tone eye shadow and dark liner. She had on the shortest mini skirt one could possibly wear. As she approached, I could see her low riding skirt revealed a large tattoo with the words, “Hot Momma”.

“This is my daughter, Sindi,” Fred said. Sindi glanced at the video of her mom getting fucked.

“Hi! Mom told me about you,” Sindi said. She kissed me with her full mouth and bright red with lipstick. I copped a quick feel of her tits and body. Her tits were firm and her body was hot. We kissed for a while, letting our juices mingle. I broke off.

“You’re hot!” I whispered. I was developing a boner!

“You are too,” she whispered.

“I hope it was not all bad,” I said laughing.

“I can see she did not exaggerate one bit,” Sindi said smiling at the TV and back at me. The scene was a big black cock sliding balls deep in to Marlee’s juicy cunt.

Sindi walked over to James and kissed him full on the mouth. His hands went to the loose top and inside to feel her tits as he pulled one free of her blouse. They continued to kiss passionately as James rolled her nipple with his finger and thumb.

It was 8′o clock at night, and I had worked a long ass day, my brain felt as if it was about to explode, I needed to relax myself, and clear my head. I had a date with this girl I met last week at a Convention in Atlantic City, but I just couldn’t bare it tonight, I needed a drink badly. I made my way to my favorite bar, one I frequent 2-3 times a week. You know that kind of bar, where everyone knows your name. Well, for me it is the most relaxing place, where I can be myself, get a little drunk, watch the game, and relax.

I sat at my usual spot, made a few pleasantries with the bartender, and began to sip on my drink. The bar was fairly crowded, which was good, kept the bartender busy, and left me alone to enjoy my drink and watch the Yankee game. Midway through my second drink, this man takes a seat next to me. He was I’d say in his early 30′s, like me, about 6’3″, skinny, yet built, and his skin color was as black as charcoal. He sported a very neat goatee, and dressed in a preppy type of sweater, with fitted jeans.

He ordered a beer, and began to make small talk with me about the game. I didn’t mind, it was nice to talk to a stranger for awhile, and help keep my mind off the long workday I had. He told me his name is Edward, he moved to the area only a few months ago, got a nice ranch house with a built in pool, is dating but nothing serious, like me just got out of a serious relationship with a woman a few months ago. He actually was a pretty cool guy, he told me about a gym he just joined. I laughed, as I’ve been attempting to start going to the gym again, after gaining some weight. He told me I look good, just need a little toning. It was kind of odd they way he commented on my body, but we drank a lot, so I kind of shrugged it off.

Before we knew it, the bar was about to close, and Edward invited me back to his place, for a few more beer’s. Why, not, I thought. We made it back to his place, and in the living room, we each cranked up a bottle, and drank. Edward suggested we make our way into the pool. Reminding Edward I had no bathing suit, he shrugged me off, and suggested since we are both men, let’s go in naked. Honestly, I was kind of uncomfortable, I was extremely horny, and though I am predominately straight, I do enjoy an occasional DL experience with a man, especially a black man, so I feared I’d get an embarrassing hard-on. However I still followed Ed to the back yard, and watched him strip out of his clothes. His sweater and shirt came off and I saw the most unbelievable chiseled sculpted chest and abs, not a strand of hair on his torso. His pants came off, then his boxers, and then I saw the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. Flaccid yet huge, hanging 7-8 inches, and sported a thickness reminiscent of Castro Supreme. He was uncircumcised, and his foreskin covered his head with extra skin to spare. Ok, I stared longer than I should, did Ed notice? I certainly hoped not. I stripped out of my clothes, and made my way into the pool, hoping my hardening cock wasn’t noticeable. We swam a little and made our way to the stairs, where we sat and talked some more. The conversation turned to our best sexual experiences. Ed told me how he liked thick woman, as I did also. He told me of this one woman who would fuck him for hours and hours, and never leave his side. Not very surprising after looking at that monster cock of his!

“Damn man, this talk is getting me so horny,” Ed said.

Flabbergasted as I was by his statement, I was just as horny. Ed sat up on the ledge above the stairs, giving me full view of his mahogany rod. It clearly was beginning to harden. He then said how much he would love a blow job right now. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was an invitation or not, and frankly, I didn’t care, he was sitting on the edge, cock in clear view, I needed it, I wanted it. I risked everything at this moment. I could have misread this whole situation, and risked outing myself to everyone, after all it was the bar I frequented where I met him. However, in the end, I said fuck it; I swam myself between his legs, grabbed his thick rod, pulled the foreskin back and stuffed his black cock down my throat. Immediately he moaned in ecstasy. I smiled, as I knew I was giving him what he wanted, and he was giving me what I desired. His cock grew until it reached full mast, I’d say 10″, and a thickness beyond my wildest imagination. Fully hard it looked like a hairspray can. The skin of his cock was so soft in my mouth, and though my jaw began to ache, I never wanted to stop sucking. Ed just moaned, calling me an amazing cocksucker. I loved sucking him, licking up and down his shaft, and sucking on his magnificently huge balls. Those balls held his cum, and I wanted it all.

After a while Ed motioned me off his cock and asked me to sit next to him. I did as asked, and Ed gave me the most passionate kiss. Ed laid down on the ground, and I went on top of him, our chests rubbing against each other, our lips and tongues locked, my cock rubbing against his abs, as his cock rubbed against my asshole.

“I love your ass,” Ed said, “It’s nice a thick.”

“Ed, my ass is virgin; I’d never be able to take you.”

“Virgin? Oh my, I want it more now. It’ll take awhile, but I’ll go real slowly, I’ll make it so you can take me.”

“You can try.”

We kept kissing, it was so damn erotic. I’ve never had an encounter with a man like this before. Usually it’s just I suck, he sucks, we fuck, and see you later. This was so much more though, we weren’t having just sex, we are getting into each other, having a passionate intense session.

Ed moved his hand to my cock, and commented at how he liked it. Not nearly as big as him, I was a thick 9″, so I wasn’t at all embarrassed by my cock, just knew it never could compare to his freakish tool. He jerked me as we kissed, his cock moving up and down my ass crack. Eventually we made it into his bedroom, our wet bodies still rubbing against each other. I ended up straddled on his face, his tongue on my asshole, and his cock in my mouth. He rimmed my ass so good, it felt unbelievable. He devoured my hole with his tongue, protruding in and out of my tight sphincter. His cock throbbed in my mouth, as I suck him as best as I could, trying to attempt to get him as far down my throat as I could. Eventually Ed had my cock in his mouth, and I was fucking his mouth in thrusts, continuing sucking his cock. It was almost simultaneous when we both came, and OMG he came gallons. My mouth couldn’t contain it all, it was a milky white, very thick, and globby, and tasted so damn good. Ed took my cum in his mouth, and as I got up, our mouths locked, and together we shared our cum with each other with one more final passionate kiss. We both collapsed in each other’s arms, falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up the following morning, left alone in Ed’s king size bed. I remember last night, and was still astonished at what had happened. On the pillow next to me was a note from Ed.

“I have coffee in the Kitchen, I had to get a few things, I’ll be back soon.”

At the edge of the bed was a rob, which I put on. I walked my way into the kitchen, walking by a mirror in the hallway; I looked at myself, and nearly fainted. I had white cum stains on my face and chest, I looked like a complete skank. What a night I had, I can’t believe this, I thought to myself. I washed my face, and made my way to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of coffee. Ed made his way back a few moments later.

“Sleep well,” he asked.

“Real well,” I answered back.

Ed just laughed, he came up to me and kissed me on the forehead.

“Look,” Ed said, “I think we are on the same page. I haven’t been with a man in a long time, and had a great night with you, but I prefer girls, just would like to have you on the side. Know what I mean?

I agreed with Ed completely, and we came to an understanding that what he and I will share is a discreet relationship, friends with benefits type of thing. Where alone we can let out all our inhibitions, but outside we are just friends.

It didn’t take long for Ed to have the Rob off me, caressing my ass. He wanted it so badly, and I wanted to give it to him, but I was so fearful. Ed told me he went to get a few things for us, but first we had to shower. But his only condition was we shower together. How could I argue with that.

The hot water sprayed on us, as we kissed one another, rubbing soap over each other’s bodies, both our cocks at full attention. There was such an electrifying attraction between us, it seemed neither one of us could take our hands off the other. Finally we ended up back in the bed. Ed asked me to bend over. I obliged, but was clearly nervous, as Ed told me to relax. He rubbed shaving cream on my ass and around my ass hole. He told me he wanted me to be smooth, and he was going to shave me clean. After he was done, I felt his tongue on my asshole. It felt so damn good, I can’t believe how much I love to be rimmed. I was fortunate to have a few girlfriends who enjoyed to eat my ass, but not could compare to the way Ed did. His tongue was exceptionally long, and he was able to penetrate my hole, which was unbelievable.. After some time, Ed rubbed lotion over my ass, complimenting on how much he loved a thick ass like mine. Next, Ed placed a finger inside me. At first I felt pain, but Ed asked me to relax again, and he slowly re-entered me. Ed took his time, and I appreciated it. Eventually he had 2 fingers in, then 3. He went gently and slow. Eventually he started to finger me a little faster, asking me if I was ok, which I was, the feeling was out of this world.

Ed next brought to my eyes a butt plug. Ed told me, then once this goes in my ass, there is a pump that pumps air into it, to make it bigger, it will help to stretch me. Ed lubricated the toy, and slowly placed it in my ass. I resisted a couple times, when Ed came up to me and passionately kissed me, without knowing, the plug was fully in my ass. Ed had me sit up, and placed his huge cock in my mouth. As I sucked him, Ed began to pump the plug, and I felt my rectum expand. When I felt pain, he released and started up pumping again a few seconds later. I was not sure what to feel, my cock wasn’t hard, my ass felt as if it was going to explode. But just having Ed’s cock in my mouth, seem to make me feel better, and I felt my cock beginning to grow.

Finally Ed took the plug out of my ass, bent me over, and said I was ready. He lubed up his huge cock, and slowly entered me. At first, even after all the stretching, the pain was unbearable. But Ed, took his time. Slowly he let the head of his cock enter me, and would thrust in and out with just the head. Eventually, he made it an inch further inside me, then another inch. Ed then said to me in his low masculine voice, words, that changed my entire feeling at this moment.

“You have the most beautiful ass, I want to feel myself deep inside you, and I want to make love to you, and cum deep inside you.”

I don’t know what happened, but his words made my cock harden, and I wanted him inside me more now than ever. “Make love to me Ed, make me feel your cum, I want you now.”

Ed finally made it as far inside me as he could go, and he thrusted in and out of me, slowly but forcefully. My body felt so full as he cock penetrated me, rubbing against my prostrate, I swear I was having multiple orgasms without cumming. I told him I loved him, he told me he loved me. I was in another dimension, giving myself up totally to this man. I wanted to see him, I asked for him to turn me over. He literally picked me up and turned me over, without his cock ever exiting my ass. Ed looked into my eyes, and said again he loved me, I told him I loved him, and he put his lips against mine, we kissed again, his tongue in my mouth, and he continued to thrust in and out of me. We made love for over an hour, until Ed came deep inside my once virgin ass. I felt his cock throb, and felt a hot warm feeling deep in my ass, I knew that was Ed’s love seed filling me up. Ed slowly took his softening cock out of my ass, and moved his mouth down to my stretched hole. He was sucking his cum out of my ass, I jerked off, and finally came inside Ed’s mouth. Again Ed met up with me, and we had our last final kiss.

What an unbelievable session, but what about what we were saying to each other. Ok, sex is over, so what the fuck were we talking about? For awhile, I think we both felt uncomfortable, until we both laughed and just caulked it up to great sex. During sex, say what you feel is right, we both agreed, past that; we are nothing more than good friends. We got caught up in the moment, and it was a great moment. We hung out the rest of the day, went out for dinner, and ended back at Ed’s home, with his cock again in my mouth. My ass will be off limits a few more days. What a good friend I have just found.

I know there is a time to stop… a time when your brain has to overrule with a “no” whatever part of you that is saying “yes” when it shouldn’t be. I knew tonight was one of those times, but I promise you if you had been with my wife for the last 6 years… seeing what I saw so fucking often it would make your head explode… you’d understand why I just… let things keep going.

See, my wife is a beautiful mixed black woman. She’s got the tits and ass you could expect from a “sista” but with her Asian eyes and lighter skin… Lips that say “stick a dick in me” and an ass that says “bend me over a table, because that’s how God drew me up.”

My wife knew she had a nice body… she loved to show it off. She would wear the tightest tops, the shortest skirts… the thinnest thongs. She was ok with nudity… she had flashed some of our friends at our pool on several occasions… she would wear see-through tops when we’d go out, or only bras and jackets, with the jacket coming off quickly when she got too hot from dancing… and she would let guys look. She wanted them to look. She’d even kiss a guy a little bit when she got drunk.

But that’s where it stopped. I could want her to bend over and drop her panties and just take one of these horny fuckers, but it never happened. Never. Maybe they were scared of me (12 years US Marine Corps. You’d be scared of me too), or maybe they were scared of her… she’s fine, and confident… but tonight, I was sure she was WELL drunk. Drunker than usual… drunker than speaking, and thinking, and saying “yes” and “no” required.

We were in a club we had been to many times before… we knew the owners a little and as we had become somewhat regular there, they began sending us back to one of the back “coves” of the club—kind of a private room, but not really… just back where the VIPs were. Separate bar… separate clients. My wife was in a see-through tight mesh top, and though she came with a bra underneath when we arrived, she had taken it off in the ladies room so that a guy from her office could see her tits. I’m not guessing this part, she told me exactly why she was doing it… she wanted to let that guy see the goods, and to see if he would help her any at work.

They danced together… a lot… after she lost her bra, and I enjoyed watching from a table on the other side of the cove as he stared constantly at her tits for like… an hour. They danced and drank, and danced some more… but then some other customers took interest and things began to get crowded around her. Of course she loved the attention, and with every extra shot she did, she became amazingly less inhibited. When one of the guys suggested to her coworker that he remove her mesh top for her—he looked around for approval, and when she didn’t say anything, he put his hands on her and did it.

Her top button… her second button… then her tits were out… completely… and he finished the last two and just let her dance with her top open. She put her arms behind her head and really stuck her beautiful big boobs out so all of the guys in the cove could see them. All of the guys who knew she was my wife were sitting in my booth with me… which left everyone else thinking she was some hot to trot half Asian / half black sex bomb looking to get fucked. Honestly, it was never me who saved her from herself… she always managed to pull through it… but I could tell the amount of alcohol in her had her on the ropes. My fantasy might happen tonight and all I had to do was… nothing.

My wife’s coworker started to get a little miffed when some of the other guys began buying her drinks and touching her and stuff, so he gathered her in his arm and took her to a two person booth across from where I was sitting, but in relative seclusion. At the other two-seat table next to them, a guy and his date were busy making out, and he had her top up, so it was clear certain activities were tolerated at this club, so he ordered another round of drinks and began whispering into my wife’s ear.

Before I knew it, my wife was being kissed by this guy—albeit nervously—and after a few more minutes, he had my wife’s see-through mesh top completely open as they kissed. While he started off very tentative… something she had said, or some hints she was giving him with her mannerisms told him, he could go farther… and soon they guy was openly fondling my wife’s titties in their dark, recessed love-seat. Soon his mouth was on them… then I could tell he was after something.

My buddies were telling me, “Dude, you gotta do something… he’s making a move, man… he’s gonna fuck her right here!”

A couple in the far left corner of the room was very obviously, very noisily fucking—it was clear that was ok… And one chick on the dance floor wasn’t dancing anymore—she was on her knees in front of her date, and he was doing the horizontal shuffle in and out of her mouth—but I still didn’t think my wife would do it. I had seen her in worse situations giving up nothing at all. But I did think my buddy was right—this guy was going to go for it… and tonight he might actually get it.

But as quickly as things looked up for my man there… things came crashing down as they usually do. He had gone through the process of laying her head in his lap and no doubt opening his fly—I could see he was trying to make my wife suck his dick—but she still “had her dance on” and wasn’t ready for it. While I’m sure he actually got his dick in my wife’s mouth—he had both hands clinched in her hair—her head was going up and down in his lap—his head was cocked back in that look of ecstasy you get when you’re getting awesome head… but she only sucked him for maybe five minutes—and then my wife was up, out of his lap, and dancing “drunkly” on the dance floor.

The club owner came over and told me I should get her out of there or else a riot might break out—or a gang bang—but I told him I’d pay for any damage from a riot, and a gang bang would be up to my wife. He just laughed and walked away—but my wife was quickly surrounded by two other guys and her office colleague and they wasted no time trying to get more out of her. She made out with one of the guys at a time while another would grab or play with her tits, while the other was rubbing his hands underneath her skirt. They would take turns switching off, and finally they had more or less maneuvered her into a corner of the cove by themselves and had gotten her to her knees.

I was sure this time it was for real—and the look on her coworker’s face let me know it for sure. His pants her down at his ankles, and another guy was directly behind my wife holding her by the back of her head—literally pushing her forward on her coworker’s cock. He was pumping his dick into her mouth and was loving every second of it—as was I. I couldn’t believe my fantasy of watching my wife go too far was finally coming true, but as surely as I sat there in the shadows, Brianna had another guy’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

“These dudes with her aren’t going to settle for the BJ” my friend told me… Brianna and I didn’t spend a lot of time at this club—we had been there, but it’s not like we knew all the regulars—and things were definitely more wide open in the cove than in the main club, but I didn’t feel worried. My friend was much more familiar with goings on, though, and he leaned in and told me, “I’m serious dude… after they get their dicks sucked, they’re going for her ass… and they’ll try to get her fucked by as many guys as they can to keep her engaged. That’s how they do it. The chick thinks she’s entertaining the crowd… putting on a show—and one of these guys moves to her ass. She won’t stop them, and even if she tries, they’ll just keep going and ask her if she wants to ruin the party or not. I’m telling you she’s gonna get it up her ass—a lot—if you don’t stop this soon.”

“Don’t worry…” I told my friend, “she’ll put an end to it if they try to stick it up her ass. She almost never does it for me, and she’d never let those guys have their fun that way.” I replied.

“You don’t get it dude… they’ll let her say no if she tries… then they’ll bring her a drink. Your wife is minutes away from getting fucked in her ass—willingly… or not.”

The brain part of me said to trust my friend and go pull my wife away… but some fucked up part of me said to let it go a little farther… that she’d be pissed if I ruined her thing with her coworker…

“I hope you get a piece of her ass, then.” I told my buddy. “It’s not often used.”

He just smiled at me and said, “I will. And I warned you. Let’s go get a closer look.”

We walked over to a table about two tables away from where they had my wife on her knees and I have to admit… I was so turned on by watching her sucking this guy she worked with that I had a huge, raging erection. I started thinking about what these guys could possibly do to get my wife to agree to anal sex and I prayed it would really happen. One thing my wife could do was suck cock, and she was leaving it all out there in her quest to blow her coworker’s mind. He held out for a long time, considering, no doubt aided by the amount of alcohol he had consumed, but eventually he began groaning and jerking and holding her head smashed against his pelvis—which let me know he was shooting off deeply—and hard—into my wife’s mouth and throat.

“He wants to fuck you.” One of the guys said to my wife.

My wife smiled and said, “of course he does! But he just came, so I don’t see that happening!”

The guy who had been holding her down on her coworker’s cock turned her to face him and tapped her mouth with his semi-hard cock.

“Time for me, baby. Open up.” He said to her.

My wife reluctantly complied—I could see that she didn’t really want to suck this guy as much as she did want to suck her coworker, but she opened her mouth to him anyway. His friend came up to her and rubbed her pussy and ass through her tiny thong, exposing her ass to her spent coworker who sat on the couch in front of the table next to them catching his breath and watching the show.

He lifted my wife from her knees to a standing, bent at the hips position, while the guy in her mouth held her on his cock and then as she got tired he said, “here, lean over this—it will support you easily and make this a lot more enjoyable for us all.”

At that point I understood the plan… my wife was now bent over a small round table—her ass sticking up in the air on one side, and her head bent over the other, being facefucked while her feet were being tied together in front of the table so she could not move. But my wife only knew she was a bit more comfortable sucking the guy in front of her because she could put her weight on the table.

“It’s coming soon.” My buddy told me, and like clockwork the other guy moved in front of my wife and asked her to suck him off too.

My wife took turns on the two men until one of them went behind her and slipped her skirt and panties to her ankles saying, “Your boyfriend is ready to fuck you now.”

I saw her looking over at her coworker, who was sporting an impressive rejuvenated erection and she just said in a bit of a confused voice–”Oh… uh… cool.”

Cool? My wife was going to let someone fuck her? After all the flirting and teasing and cock-blocking of her past, she was just going to roll with it with a “Cool?”

That’s when one guy kneeled close in to whisper something in her ear while the other guy shoved his huge cock deeply into her throat so she couldn’t answer.

“You told me you wanted to fuck her in the ass… friend, she’s ready for you.” The guy said to my wife’s coworker as he fingered a bit of sex lube into my wife’s anus.

“Your ass looks so so tight, Brianna!” the guy said as he stepped up behind her. My wife looked questioningly up at the guy fucking her mouth and her eyes bulged when her coworker began pushing against her tight back door.

“That’s right baby… this is what you came for isn’t it? You and your boyfriend wanted to get hot and have a party, right? He told me you brought him here as a favor… don’t spoil the party, baby… let’s keep it going ok?”

My wife just steadied her breathing as the guy slid in and out of her mouth and the guy she worked with began pushing his slippery hard cock into her asshole.

“I can’t fucking believe it.” I said.

“I told you man, these guys are pros… You do realize I’m going to fuck your wife in her tight black ass don’t you?” my buddy asked me.

I looked at him and realized there was no stopping it and that I’d better be on board. Fuck it. I was on board. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My wife might not even realize she’s tied up yet—and that she’s willingly letting a guy from her office push his dick up her seldom-used ass!

He started fairly gently… but as he got comfortable inside my wife’s ass, he picked up the pace steadily, until after a few minutes he was pounding her from behind just as if he was inside her pussy. The big dicked dude in her mouth held her down as he began shooting off inside her throat and I heard her moaning her way through an obvious flood of semen she was forced to swallow.

“Oh… fuck… Robert—I…. I never—I don’t do anal!” she managed to say to her coworker while he fucked her and the first guy withdrew.

“You do tonight!” he said to her as he held her big boobs while bent over her back buttfucking her.

“Oh Goddddddd… noooooooo.” She moaned to him.

“I know you want it, slut… and you need me, so keep taking it like a good whore.” he said to her with frightening confidence.

She wasn’t offered a rebuttal as the first guy’s friend stepped in front of her and fed his equally impressive cock to her and began face-fucking her while her coworker, Robert, fucked her in the ass from behind.

Several other guys had gathered near my wife’s table—noticed that she was tied to it and was being DP’d in her mouth and ass, and knew they would be getting turns soon. True to form, my buddy who tried to get me to cut things off was the very next in line—taking turns with the guy in her mouth as she began sucking him to hardness.

“Oh God… you’re such a hot little butt slut!” her coworker, Robert said as he obviously neared his second orgasm of the day.

“Bring it around here and cum in her mouth when you’re ready dude.” my friend said to Robert.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck… oh Brianna take it… take it baby… take me up your tight fucking ass! You fucking ass slut… Fucking take my cock you bitch!” Robert said as he finally pulled out of my wife’s overstretched asshole and moved quickly in front of her. By luck only, he managed to shoot his first thick rope of cum straight into my wife’s gaping mouth as my buddy had just pulled out when he saw Robert getting ready. He slammed his spasming cock into her mouth for the rest of his cumshots, gagging her several times with violent throat-stabbing, while my buddy greased his cock up to stick in her back door.

It all worked like clockwork… One guy would come out of her mouth and quickly be replaced by another… one guy would pull out of her ass, and someone would quickly slide in there too. She was never allowed to say much, or protest, or do anything at all-except get fucked, suck dicks, and swallow cum. Two guys after my buddy I finally got up behind her and took my own turn in her ass. I don’t know if she ever knew or cared that it was me—she just lay there and took it like a whore. An immobilized, oversexed fuckslut.

Mind you, she was not having a good time. Rather, she was resigned to her fate—and as predicted—wanted to keep up appearances for “the party” as the rest of the guys clearly were having a great time. So she just stood there, bent over and tied to the table, taking it in the ass and mouth until about 6 guys had been served—a couple twice—and my friend, the club owner came over to break things up.

But not before taking his turn.

“Hey Brianna—what a night! You were some hot slut tonight!” he said to my wife as he untied her and laid her on the couch next to himself.

“You can say that again…”my wife said with a sigh of relief.

“Up for one more? I’ve been watching you all night and really want you right now if you’re still up for it.”

“Sure, Rey, but can we just fuck? My mouth is so sore I don’t think I could suck a coke through a straw right now, much less somebody’s cock.” my wife replied.

“Why don’t you turn around and face the wall—I need a piece of that ass everyone’s been getting.” Reynaldo said as he moved up behind my exhausted wife.

My wife moaned as Rey pushed her against the mirrored wall and slid his cock deep into her asshole. He didn’t use any lube at all—because my wife’s ass was well lubed by now from all the others—and it made her ass perfect and tight but very usable. He kissed the back of her neck and played with her tits as he buttfucked her from behind—and he kept a tight grip on her by a fistful of her hair while he whispered dirty thoughts into her ears.

“I’m fucking you in the ass, you slut… you like it? You know your husband is right there watching me nail you up your ass? Do you think he likes watching me buttfuck you? You know he does… I know it… He sat right over there and watched as those guys tied you down and had their way with you… you didn’t even have a choice… they tied you to this table and lubed you up and used you like a fuckdoll. You slut… You can come get fucked in the ass all you want here, baby… I’ll reserve this table just for you if you want… just call me… I’ll get guys to treat you like the fucking whore you are.”

The whole time he buttfucked her he said shit like that to her directly into her ear—death-grip in her hair—body pressing hers against the wall. Finally, unlike the other dudes, he simply released himself inside her asshole. He came and filled her butt with so much cum—he had to be pent up for hours watching all the horny sluts in his “cove” tonight—that it poured straight out of her overused ass and down her legs when he withdrew.

Her coworker Robert asked to take her home but she waved him off saying that she had a ride and that she’d see him in the office tomorrow. She showered in Rey’s employee showers where I’m pretty sure one of the cooks and a busboy fucked her quickly while I waited outside, and we went home.

My wife passed out on the way home that night, and had only bits of broken memories the next day when she awoke with one of the worst hangovers of her life. After a few hours of worshipping the porcelain god, she tried to apologize to me for whatever happened, but wasn’t real sure what that actually was.

When I showed her the pictures and video clips I’d snapped with my camera phone—especially of her sucking off her coworker and swallowing his load (nice video, btw) and of her getting it in the ass from him while a complete stranger fucked her mouth, she began apologizing like crazy to me.

I did my best to let her know that I wasn’t upset—but couldn’t act like I just played along with it too easily or else that could turn things slightly bad for me too. So I let her apologize and then I showed her all the evidence of the night before, and how she had become a total fuckdoll for the guys in the cove.

“How am I going to face him?!” She asked me.

“Your coworker?” I asked.

“Duh!! of course Robert! Those other guys I’ll never see again… but Shit—I gotta go to work soon!” she lamented.

“Well I thought the whole thing was to get him to do something for you?–that’s what you told me to ‘watch’ for.” I replied.

“Well it was only supposed to be a tease… shit… I wanted him to see my titties and think he had a chance at something else if he helped me. But he’s fucking done everything to me already! FUCK! If you’ve got camera-phone pics of it all… SHIT! He might too!” my wife worried.

One day over a year later, Christy calls me.

I asked her why she had not called me until now. She explained after having sex with all those black men she was pissed at me. I remarked that I did pay her well though. She agreed.

She said another reason she did not call was that she had became pregnant after sex with all those black men. But, how could she not have gotten pregnant after receiving multiple inseminations? I asked her what did she do. She stated she had an abortion of course. Her family would have scorned her had she delivered a black baby. I told her I wish I had known and that I would have helped her deal with the pregnancy. I asked her if she was okay.

“You mean am I okay physically?”

“Yea.” I exclaimed.

“Well, yea, I am fine, after I did that gangbang and had the abortion, I visited a plastic surgeon.”

“You did, why?” I asked.

“Well, after all that fucking I did, I was very loose. So I found out there is a procedure that is done to tighten the vagina. So, I did it”

“Wow! Really? I never knew that”

“Yep, and its nice to have a tight pussy again.”

“The reason Im calling, Christy explained, is I need money again.”

“Oh really, how much?” I asked her.

“Well, I guess five thousand again.”

“Okay.” I calmly said.

“So what do I have to do?” she asked.

“You know that white sun dress you have?”

“Um, yea, why?” she asked.

“Put that on, and that only.”

“No pantys?” she asked.

“No pantys. Do it now, Im coming to get you.”

“What do I have to do?” she asked again.

“Don’t worry about it, you gon earn the five thousand though.”

“Oh, okay.” She stated nervously.

Around 7:30 p.m. I arrived at Christy’s house. When she walked out, I could see the nervousness in her face. She was wearing the white sun dress and sandals. I could see through the white dress noticing she had no bra or pantys on.

As the sun began its descent, I drove Christy to the less fortunate side of town. Her face tightened and grimaced as I turned down a street parading black men everywhere.

“I knew it!” Christy exclaimed.

“What?” I asked.

“I got to fuck black men again!”

“Well five grand is a lot of money, so yea, I gon get my money’s worth.”

I pulled up next to a group of black men and announced I had some fine white pussy in the car. Immediately the black men surrounded the car. As they gazed into the car and viewed Christy sitting there nervously in her see through dress, I heard different remarks like “SHIT!” “OH FUCK!” “DAM!” “MOTHERFUCKA!”

I gripped Christy’s hand and led her out my car. I walked her into the back yard of some old wooded house with a pit bull chained to a tree and old cars everywhere. A group of about eight black guys followed us. I had Christy rest her arms on one of the old cars with her back to the black men and I.

An older chubby black man arpproached Christy and instructed her to remove her sun dress.

Christy looked bewildered and asked, “out here in public? Cant we go inside a house?”

“Don’t worry bout shit white girl, jus do wut I had said.”

I watched Christy slowly pull her white dress over her head and off exposing her slender white body to anyone nearby in the neighborhood.

The black man instructed her to lean over the car. “Put yo white ass up for me ho?

The old black man approached Christy from behind and pushed down his dirty worn pants, his big penis curving outward and growing. He gripped Christy’s waist with one hand and pushed his cockhead between her buttcheeks with the other hand trying to find the entrance to her tight pussy.

“Spread yo legs ho!” he exclaimed as his cock pushed against her vaginal opening. Her cunt resisted and his cock bent each time he tried penetrating her.

“OUUUCCHH!” Christy yelped as she felt the heavy dick begin to part her tight lips.

“Shit dis ho is tight!”


Christy’s eyes bulged, her mouth agape as the big penis moved forward and in reintroducing her to another black cock.

Christy’s small white body stood still, on her toes, her face squinting and grimacing from the forceful fuck her pussy was now enduring. She made no sound and appeared to be in shock. The black man gripping her small waist, holding her in place, working his stank cock inside her.

As I videoed Christy getting fucked, I looked around and saw other black men their eyes bulging, mouth salivating, and their cocks already out in their hand. Some were getting their cocks sucked by black women.

“Im bout to bust in you ho!” The older black man’s lips tightened, his old ass tightened as he felt his swell begin moving, his cock pulsating, and now spewing dank sperm inside Christy’s once bred womb. The old man jerked and gripped Christy hard bruising her waist emptying his full nuts. His eyes rolled up into his head, “Aww fuck ho, dat was fuckin good!” He released his grip on her waist, backed up allowing his wet dick to fall out of Christy. Her pussy immediately farting streams of sperm on to the ground.

Immediately another black man (skinny and hung) laid Christy’s dress on the ground and had her lay on her back on the dress. “Hurry up ho an spred dem fuckin legs!” Christy did. The skinny man quickly found her fucked pussy and pushed in. As he penetrated her, his cock now opening her cervix, he began kissing her, deep tongue. Christy’s eyes watered from the stench of his stank wet mouth over her mouth, his tongue filling her mouth making her gag. His cock working like a machine in and out Christy. He stopped kissing her and she noticed a black man stretched out his cock pointing at her mouth. She now smelled his piss stained unwashed hard cock. He instructed Christy to open her fuckin mouth, and she did. I continued videoing as she was now getting her pussy and mouth fucked. Soon the skinny man began jerking, his ass tightening, “IM CUMMIN HO! IM CUMMING IN YOU HO!”

He pushed all his dick in her, getting more sperm in her womb. The other black man continued fucking Christy’s sore mouth. “Im bout to bust in yo mouth ho, an you bet not spit dat shit out! You hear me ho?” Christy mumbled yes. “AWWWW SHIT, HERE IT CUMS HO!” Soon her mouth filled with sperm, she swallowed as each spurt shot in her mouth. “OOOOO Shit, dis a good white ho hern!”

Another black man helped Christy stand. Her pussy still vomiting sperm. He led her back to the car and entered her full pussy from the rear. After fucking her pussy a few minutes, he pulled his hard wet cock out and quickly pushed his slippery dick into her ass! Her eyes bulged again, her arms slammed onto the car, her mouth wide open soundless. She couldn’t move though, she was pinned into place feeling her butt getting violated hard. She collapsed onto the hood of the old car, her asshole opened up like never before, and her pussy still leaking cum.

Note to the reader: As with most of my stories, this was written at the request of two real people, Mike and Melanie. This is their fantasy. Please leave a comment. I love to hear from readers and they would love to hear what you think. Thank you.

Follow up notes – This story received more comments than any story I have ever written. First, I have made a couple of editorial corrections (thanks to those that pointed them out). Second, as suggested, I have moved the story to the BDSM section, the second option was fetish. Third, Mike and Melanie are a happily married and very real couple. This is there fantasy as requested.

Mike walked in and placed the black shopping bag on the kitchen table.

“What’s this?” Melanie asked.

“Open it.” was all that Mike said, acting very nonchalant.

Mike and Melanie had plans to go to a Halloween party that night. Mike had been saying for a couple of weeks that he would take care of the costumes for both of them, but he would never tell Melanie what they were going as. She was very excited to finally see what she was going to wear, but also a little nervous. She felt like she was opening an official letter – this could be bad, or it could good.

The first thing that her hand grabbed down in the bag was a black leather collar. On it was the word, “slave”, written with rhinestones. The collar felt cold and smooth. It had a silver “D” ring, that was attached to a silver chain.

“Oh shit.” thought Melanie.

She continued to dig in the bag. She pulled out a black leather skirt. It was small enough that it seemed more likely to fit a teenager. Digging deeper she found a black leather vest, black stockings and black leather boots that had a 3-inch platform under the toe and a long, thin, tall heel.

Mike explained, “Halloween is the one night of the year when coy women can dress like a slut and no one gives them shit about it. I figured we would go as a Master & slave couple.”

Melanie held the collar in her hand and thought about it. Normally she would be a little stressed over this, but he was right about Halloween. “Ok. That sounds fun I guess.”

Mike could hardly contain his excitement. “Great, now go get dressed. I want to take some pictures of you in your outfit before we leave. I have a couple of ideas for tonight.”

Melanie did as her husband asked, and then came out of the bathroom. She felt almost nude in her outfit. There was no shirt to her costume. The only thing covering her breasts was the leather vest. She has firm tits, perfectly proportioned for her athletic body at a 34B. She was also wearing a thin, pink thong, almost visible underneath her skirt. She could feel a slight breeze against her pussy as she walked, through her sheer, thin panties. It made her feel very sensual.

Melanie is tall at 5’9″. She is in good shape, at about 135lbs. To Mike, she looked amazing, and his dick was growing hard just thinking about what he hoped would be a great night for both of them.

Mike smiled at how hot she looked. “Ok, lets take a few pics,” he said.

They spent the next 20 minutes taking pictures of Melanie in various sexual poses. Melanie was a good sport about it, and did whatever Mike wanted. After they were done, she put her panties back on and got ready to leave for the party.

While Melanie was touching up her make up in the bathroom, Mike hooked up his camera to his laptop and began the process of uploading the pics of Melanie. He then logged on to a porn website where amateur wives and couples post pictures of themselves. Mike selected and posted four pictures of her. The first was just a shot of her face, with her head turned looking up from her kneeling below the camera, with her mouth wide open and her tongue out as far as it could go. He tongue stretched like a hand reaching for something. Melanie has long, straight and blonde. Her face is heart shaped and pretty. She has blue eyes. But the sexiest thing about her is her lips. She has full, red lips that look like they were made to be wrapped around a man’s hard cock.

The second was a pic taken from behind, with her bending over a chair with her legs spread. This showed off her long, sexy legs and high heels. She took off her panties for this one, so you could see up her skirt, to her smooth pussy lips. The third was of Melanie laying on her back on their bed, with her legs spread and her knees pulled up. The last one was a close-up shot of her snatch. Her shaven cunt looked like an 18 year old’s. He then included a caption for the pictures, to go on the website.

“Whore loves to be cummed on. Use me. Please, Sir. Print out my pics and cum on me. Take a pic after you cum on my face and body and send back. Would also love to see your cock hanging in my face when you send me your tribute. Can’t wait to see what you send me!”

He looked at Melanie. She watched over his shoulder the whole time, in a slight state of shock. She looked him in the eye as he held his finger over the “enter” key. She nodded her approval and Mike pressed the button.

With that, he got up, he clipped the leash to the collar around Melanie’s neck, his slave-for-the-night, and led her to the car.

Mike and Melanie walked into the party as their friends stood there and stared. Mike had on a black pants and a black shirt, long sleeve and untucked, with a high collar. He wore black leather boots, but the most interesting part of his costume was what he held in his hand. He held a silver leash that connected to a collar around Melanie’s neck. He walked into the house, leading his possession by her chain. All of their friends just stared. The men looked at Melanie. Their eyes hungered for her body likes dogs watching a piece of meat fall from the table.

The expression on their faces asked the question, “What the hell are you two?”

“We are a Master and slave,” Mike explained.

“Yeah right,” Doug said. “That is a costume ONLY.”

Mike felt a little challenged by Doug’s statement. “No, Melanie agreed to be my slave for tonight. She will to do whatever I say.”

Doug looked right back at the two of them and called their bluff, “prove it”.

They had not been at the party even 60 seconds and yet someone wanted to test their boundaries. This is what Mike was hoping for. Mike thought for a moment. He was turned on by the idea of Melanie being his little sex slave for the night, and was hoping he would have fun later in the evening when they got back home. But he knew that Melanie could be shy sometimes so he didn’t want to push her too much. Then he had a compromising idea.

“Melanie, give your underwear to Doug.” He said in an even, strong tone.

Melanie looked at Mike. She hesitated. Without saying a word she began to walk toward the bathroom. Before she could take two steps, Mike jerked the chain around his pet’s neck. Her body snapped back. Melanie’s long legs kept walking away from underneath her and she almost fell.

Mike never moved. “Here,” he said. “Give your underwear to Doug, here.”

Melanie’s pulse raced. She was nervous, but submitted. She reached down to remove her panties. She kept her knees together as she inched her panties down her legs, trying not to bend over or show her twat. Slowly she was able to inch her panties down past her knees. They were finally around her ankles. She freed her panties from around her high heels, squatted down to pick them up and then handed them to Doug. When the rest of their friends saw Melanie’s pink thong, they hollowed and laughed and high-fived each other. The night was just getting started.

The party went on for a while. Melanie did a few jello shots, getting more and more relaxed as the night got later. They played some music and before too long, Melanie was dancing with several of the guys, and with her friend Amy. Then a slower, erotic song came on and Melanie found herself dancing with Lionel. Lionel is a sexy black man that Melanie has always been attracted. He is about 5’11″, think and muscular. Mike watched from across the living room as the two of them were grinding away. She looked so sexy and he could tell that Melanie was turned on by dancing with Lionel. Mike decided it was time to plays his cards and set in motion his plan for the evening. He downed his drink like it was a tequila shot, got up his courage, and crossed the room to confront them.

“Melanie, you are my slave tonight. I want to watch you get fucked Lionel”.

Mike almost laughed as he looked at the reaction on their faces. He couldn’t tell who was more excited, Lionel or Melanie. He also couldn’t tell who was more shocked.

Mike looked at Lionel and said, “Follow us and come fuck my wife.

Mike pulled Melanie by her chain and led her to a bedroom in the back. His brain was dizzy and swirling and not sure what to make of the whole situation. They went into the back bedroom. Mike turned on the light.

“Lay down on your back,” Mike said.

Melanie just stood there, looking at him. She was not sure if he was serious, if this was what he really wanted.

“Get on the bed you fucking whore,” Mike commanded. He was starting to enjoy the Master’s role.

Melanie obeyed and crawled the bed, like a cat in heat.

“That’s better. Now, lay on you back, hike your skirt up, spread your legs like the little whore you are, and let this man use your fuck hole to dump his cum.”

Melanie did as her husband and Master ordered. Melanie crawled onto the bed. She lie on her back and spread her legs, with her feet wide and up in the air. Melanie’s pussy was smooth and swollen. From the crease in her slit, creamy wetness could be seen seeping out of her. She was wet and ready. She lay there on her back, ready to be taken by Lionel. “Taken” may not be the right word. Certainly “fucked” would be a good description. But when you add in what Lionel’s cocks might do to her, ‘used’ would be a proper word as well.

Lionel quickly took off his clothes. His hard cock popped out, ready to go. He knelt on the bed between Melanie’s legs. He put the head of his dick at the opening of her cunt and rubbed it around a bit. Melanie closed her eyes, tilted her head back and to the side, and let out a sigh.

With a strong push, Lionel squeezed his cock inside Melanie’s pussy. He kept pushing into her, until his balls rested on her ass. Kneeling between her legs, he wrapped his big hands around her ankles, spreading her legs open wider and wider. His big black dick began fucking Melanie in a rhythm. Mike took a seat in a chair in the corner, to sit back and enjoy the show. He was watching his wife get fucked and it made his cock rock hard.

As Mike watched, Lionel began to give his wife the fucking that a good little slut needs. His body slapped against hers. His long fingers gripped her slutty ankles, just above her ‘come fuck me’ pumps. His body working into her fair skin was quite a contrast. He fucked Melanie hard. Her cunt stretched to accommodate his thick meat. He squeezed her ankles and fucked the shit out of her.

As Lionel drilled her, Mike taunted her. “Do you like that Melanie? Do you like getting fucked like the whore you are?”

“Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock! Make me cum,” she begged.

Lionel stopped fucking her just long enough to pull his dick out. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto the bed. He was fucking her so hard she was moving. He was so strong, and she so light, that he threw her around like a rag doll. He spun her around so that her head hung off of the edge of the bed. Still laying on her back, Lionel stood over her and put his dick in her mouth. He began to fuck her face, while reaching down and fingering her wet pussy. She could taste her own juices on his dick and balls. She felt so nasty and so needed all at the same time. Melanie wanted to be used. She wanted to make this man cum. She wanted to put on a good show for Mike. It made her so horny to know that her husband was watching her.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock bitch,” Lionel said as he moved his dick in and out her mouth like a piston.

Melanie licked and sucked and choked and gagged. His fingers played with her clit and brought her so close to climax.

Lionel pulled his long, stiff cock out of Melanie’s throat and climbed back on the bed. He forced her legs open wide and dipped his spit-covered cock back in to her pink, hot hole.

Melanie clawed at the sheet on the bed, desperately trying to find something to hold on to. Her head banged against the headboard, as Lionel plowed deeper into her cunt. Her wet pussy stretched and clinched, all at the same time. She could feel him expanding inside her, approaching his climax. The sensation pushed her over the edge.

“Oh fuck me. Please fuck me! Fuck me harder!” she yelled. “Dump your load in me.”

“You fucking cunt, milk my balls dry with your tight little pussy!!” Lionel yelled.

Lionel began to cum inside of Mike’s wife. He pumped and pumped, thrusting his body between her legs and slapping against her. His cum shot deeper inside of her than she had ever felt. Hot cum filled her tight pussy, gushing out of her as he continued to fuck her and use her. His cock pumped cum and he emptied his balls deep inside of Melanie, Mike’s slave.

Lionel finally pulled his limp dick out of Melanie. Cum ran out of her crease and down her little ass. A wet spot of sperm and pussy juice showed on the sheet below her ass crack. Melanie lay there sweating and panting – and hungry for more.

Melanie looked at Mike. She had a lust in her eyes and simply said, “more”.

As Lionel got dressed and went back to join the party, Mike followed him out, leaving Melanie on the bed. He was incredibly turned on.

Mike walked out and saw Doug talking with some friends at the kitchen table. “Doug, come here please”.

Doug had noticed when Lionel, Mike and Melanie went in the back. He was curious and was more than willing to see what was going on. When they walked in the room, Doug was shocked. There lay Melanie, on her back, with her legs spread and cum running out of her fresh-fucked pussy. He could tell that the horny little wench had just been used.

Mike spoke to his wife in a commanding voice, “Melanie, you fucking slut. A big black dick just used you. Now I am going to give Doug here a fresh hole to fuck.”

With that Mike rolled Melanie over onto her stomach. Melanie did not struggle. She lay face down, with her sexy, firm ass facing up. Mike spread her legs just a little. At first she tried to resist him, so he smacked her on the ass a couple of times. She flinched at his correction, then understood and did not move. He reached over and pulled out a tube of lube he had brought with him for this specific purpose. He squirted some on his fingers and then rubbed it on her asshole. Melanie did not react, she just sighed at his touch. Doug could not believe this as he watched.

After he has lubed her up, he looked at Doug, “She is ready for you. Fuck this little whore up the ass.”

“Uh, are you sure, Mike?” Doug was a little nervous and wanted to be cool about it.

“Yup. She is my slave tonight. She will fuck and suck whoever and whenever I tell her.”

Doug could not believe his luck. Here was Melanie, laying face down on the bed. Her ass was prepped and ready, both Melanie and Mike were telling him to stick his dick in her tight bum. He had always thought that she was hot and had fantasized many times about fucking her. He didn’t waste any time. He quickly stripped, releasing his already hard cock.

Doug climbed onto the bed and knelt over Melanie. She till had her black vest on, and her skirt up around her waist. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to check her out. Her ass was as tight and closed as he has ever seen. Her asshole was glistening with lube. He stuck his finger in her pussy, and felt the hot cum in her. The thought of what a nasty fuck-whore she was gave him intense excitement. He then took his finger and rubbed the outside of her asshole. Melanie let out a moan at his touch.

As Mike watched Doug preparing his wife to get butt-fucked, he saw someone peeking through the door. He looked and saw Amy. Amy was Doug’s girlfriend. Mike had always thought that Amy was very sexy.

Melanie could not see Mike in the corner as she was faced down. Mike motioned to Amy to come into the room. She had been watching the whole time. She was completely turned on by what she saw. Her pussy was getting wet just watching what her boyfriend was about to do to her best friend. Doug’s was about to use Melanie’s ass for a cum dumpster.

Amy walked in and looked down at Mike. He took her hand and led her to kneel before him. The two to them were going to watch the show together.

Doug rubbed his finger around Melanie’s ass, preparing her for what was about to happen. He took his time with her, pushing a little more each time. Soon Doug’s finger was rimming the inside of her ass. Amy kept her eyes on Doug’s body, as he knelt by Mike. She knew what he was about to do to her best friend and she was incredibly turned on. Doug had fucked her in the as many times and she knew how great it was.

Once Doug felt that Melanie was ready for him, he leaned over her and rubbed the tip of his cock against her tight pink hole. He pushed. Melanie let out a gasp as if he were pushing the air out of her. His dick felt tight inside her butt, no doubt about that. She had always been afraid of get fucked the ass — afraid that it would hurt. Although it was tight, it was also the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. Through the fog of her pleasure, she found herself getting angry; frustrated that she had not submitted to this before and how she had deprived herself of such pleasure.

Thicker and thicker Doug’s cock went into Melanie’s ass, sliding farther down into her. He grabbed her ass check with one hand, holding his hard dick with the other, guiding himself into her. Soon she was impaled with his meat stuffed inside of her ass. She loved it. Melanie loved anal sex. She instantly knew that she loved getting fucked up the ass, and she knew this would happen again very soon.

Amy could not contain herself any more. She unzipped Mike’s pants and let his cock free. She kept her eyes on Doug and Melanie, as she took Mike’s cock in her hand. Amy licked the head of his penis. He was so turned on from what he had already seen his wife do that night, that pre-cum was oozing from the head of his cock. Amy licked it and pulled away, making a string of cum stretch from his dick to her tongue, like a spider spinning a web.

Mike looked down at Amy. “Suck it,” he commanded. “I am going to cum in your mouth,” Mike sort of breathed when he said it, like he could barely contain himself.

“Promise?” Amy asked, as she slobbered her spit up and down his shaft.

Mike could not take it anymore. He was so horny that he grew impatient. He grabbed a handful of Amy’s hair and forced her head down on his cock.

“Suck it!” he demanded.

Amy gladly and did as she was told. She took Doug’s cock all the way into her mouth, and down her throat. She pulled on him, going up, only to slide her lips back down his monster cock again. Down her throat he went as she worked her tongue and lips around his manhood. She gagged and choked a little on his meat. Her tongue licked the side of his cock, licking his veins, as she held him in her mouth. Meanwhile her fingers worked his balls, as they rose up and tightened at her touch.

Mike’s was so turned on and so conflicted. He wanted to watch Melanie getting fucked by Doug, but he also wanted to watch Amy sucking his dick. He looked over at the bed.

“Oh yes, please fuck me. Fuck me!” Melanie begged to Doug.

Melanie was laying flat on her stomach. Doug’s big dick in her ass made her pussy want to cum. It was an intense combination of pleasure and pain. He lay down on her, pinning her between him and the bed. She could not flinch or pull back from him. She was forced to take every inch of him in her ass.

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