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Laney had been in Montclair all week prepping for their trip to France, so Max decided to surprise her by taking her to the shindig her company was having for the Russians. It was being held at some exclusive supper club in Manhattan, so they gave her department a half day to get ready. Laney met Max at Penn Station and they hit the salon and spa. All their fine dresses were left at the apartment and they did not want to buy any replacements, so they decided to take their chances and go. When they got there, Mark, the other concierge was on duty. He gave Max a letter, which they had been holding for days. The letter had no postmark which told her it was hand delivered. She knew who it was from before opening it and it confirmed her worst thoughts, he knew where she lived. Hmm, a new tactic, non aggressive, non invasive. Just what was Leo playing at?

Max sat in her living room and read the letter. She could not believe those words were from the same man that had terrorized her dreams and fantasies. Was this for real? In the letter, Leo expounded on how he felt about her, and how sorry he was he terrified her. It broke his heart to know she felt compelled to run from him, and he hoped that one day she would forgive him. The last line simply stated, “I’ve finally seen reason.” Max didn’t know why, but she felt sad and empty, her emotions were running amuck, this is want I wanted, right? If she was going to be honest with herself she could admit she felt drawn to him. He was more than his job and his looks. He was a man, and he had bared his soul to her in words. She tucked the letter away in a drawer in her bedroom and got ready for the soiree.

When Max and Laney walked into the ballroom, everything stilled for a moment. The girls looked jaw dropping divine. Laney wore a lilac taffeta strapless fitted gown with silver accessories. She pinned her hair in an up do style with a diamond butterfly pin. Max’s daffodil yellow, one shouldered chiffon floor length gown, made her look like a cocoa Greek goddess. The gold accessories were the icing on the cake.

Max plastered a smile on her face and got ready to work. She told Laney to circulate and make friends, while she joined the Russian contingent. The Russians were a chatty and flirtatious bunch, all marveling at her grasp on their language.

After two hours of questions and smiles she needed a break. She poked around the hall until she found an empty room. It was hard doing business with thoughts of Leo circulating in her head. She lay down on the lounge chair to rest her eyes a bit. Not realizing how tired she was, she fell asleep. She did not hear the door open, but she did feel a hand sliding up her dress, which made her bolt up. Mr. McCleary was smiling down at her in the most lecherous way.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“About to teach a little teasing bitch some manners,” he slurred, clearly drunk.

Max did not care, drunk or not. This man was not getting away with what he just did. “You are not fucking serious.”

“I see I’ll have to tame that mouth too, huh.” He leapt forward trying to grab her head. He was determined that she would be bobbing on his cock before the night was out.

All Max’s training kicked in. She released a chop to McCleary’s throat, his head snapped back, leaving him gasping and stumbling. Still he would not go down. In fact, he came after her with more ferocity. Max upper cut him, dropping him on his back, then kicked him in the groin before making her escape. She left him twisting on the floor in agony.

Max’s adrenaline was pumping; she could feel and hear every pulse racing. She needed to steady herself before returning to the party so she ducked into the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face. Still, she felt shaky. The only place she wanted to be was in the Leo’s arms. Her thoughts did not make sense to her. Why Leo?

Max returned the party, and found Laney having a cheerful time with one of the young Russian businessmen. She slipped Laney, a note “Gone to see Leo.” Laney knew it was coming. Since the letter Max had been quiet and now her face looked flush like she had been running a marathon. Laney nodded and mouthed, “Good luck.” Having had her fair share of heartbreak and relationships, she got that tug of war between the heart and mind. Max could physically defend herself, but had no real defenses for her heart, and whatever Leo wrote in that letter got to her.

Joe. B saw Max get out of the cab and was dumbfounded. Those other broads on line had nothing on this girl. She looked liked she had just stepped off a runway. He could definitely see why Leo was so taken with her. He let her in with a nod.

Max made her way across the crowded dance floor to Leo’s office. She was about to knock when the door swung open. Leo had gotten the call she was here. He thought for a second they were punking him, but they knew better than to mess with him. Leo spotted her moving so gracefully across the dance floor and got butterflies in his stomach; a feeling he had never felt before with such intensity.

Being this close to her left him speechless. She looked different, like an angel, fragile and ethereal.

“Hey, baby,” was all he could get out before she crumbled into tears before him. He wrapped her in his arms and held her tight until her sobbing died down. “Wanna tell me what this is all about?” he asked leading her to the couch. He was concerned because this was not his tough as nails Max, something was definitely up.

“I don’t know where to begin. I got your letter today. You really laid it all on the line, and it made me feel foolish.”

“That was not my intention.” Leo’s voice was a whisper.

“I know. I have been dodging my feelings for you all this time so I came to tell you face to face, where I stand. Leo Carbone, I am not in love with you, but I like you more than I want to. I think about you all the time, you are in my dreams, my nightmares, I smell you on my skin, hear you in my head, and I don’t want any of it. I look at you and I lose all reason. This is not good for me. I like my solitude, but you have taken that from me. Tell me how to get over you. Tonight at this work thing my boss tried to force himself on me, but I got away and the only place I wanted to disappear to was your arms. With you, I fear that you would make me love you and I will lose control of my life. But he terrified me, and it all became clear. So please, tell me you hate me, and the letter was all a lie, please.” She was so wracked with emotion her voice broke.

“I won’t lie to you Max.”

“Please Leo.” There was so much pain and conflict in her eyes he had to look away.

“You are what I have been missing in my life. I love you, I know I don’t know you, but I know the very essence of you. That may not make sense to you, but it does to me.”

The vulnerability and rawness in her eyes were killing him. He bent down gently and kissed her. Max responded to his kisses and pulled him closer to her.

“Let’s get out of here.” He wanted to make love to her, but not in his office where he took her two glorious times before. They got into his car and drove across the bridge into Park Slope. All the while Max played in his hair gently running her fingernails against his scalp. Leo’s whole body shivered as Max’s finger play turned him on. They stopped outside a beautiful white three story brownstone. “Welcome to my home.”

Max got out of the car pleasantly surprised. She thought he would live somewhere more fortressed or flashy. There are many sides to this man. He led her through the lower level into a playroom and bar area; it was definitely a masculine space.

“Do you like what you see?”

Max nodded, concerned that her mind was imagining her living there.

“Let me give you the grand tour.” He took her through the entire house ending with the master suite on the third floor. “Max, I want to make love to you. Would you allow me to do that for you?” He hoped she’d say yes for both their sakes, he was dying to be inside her again. “I want to make it up to you for all the times I hurt you or scared you.” He felt vulnerable before her, but could not let the night pass without letting her know how he was feeling. “Princess, have you even given thought to what I am going through? I don’t want to feel open like this. It’s uncomfortable and scary. Most days I feel like an ass. You were right, being in love is distracting, and that is dangerous, but I’m willing to risk it. So risk it with me baby.”

Max was in awe at his honesty, hearing him say those things were better than reading it. She put her hands up and began unpinning her hair. He stilled her hand and did it for her. As her hair cascaded down her back, he placed gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders. He raised her hands and pulled her dress off, leaving her standing there in her heels and underwear. His breath caught in his throat. Her sheer black strapless bra was accompanied by a matching tong. He was committed to taking his time, but it would take all his control not to throw her on the bed and fuck her like a madman. His normally brazen Max looked so timid in front of him, he chuckled to himself. It was like his love was taming her.

Max could not breathe. He was moving so achingly slow, building her want. He left her to turn the stereo on some slow rhythms, she recognized as Afro-Cuban Jazz. This man would never stop surprising me. As she rocked slowly to the melody, he put his arm around her waist and moved with her, their bodies melding into one. This is perfect, they both thought in unison. When the third song came on she turned around so they were face to face, so she could look into his eyes. He locked eyes with her and gave her a long passionate kiss that melted her, but she was hungry for more. She broke from his mouth and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Slow down, baby, we have all night.” He pulled away from her, knowing that if she continued all his resolve would be shattered.

“I want you, Leo. Give yourself to me. Don’t hold back anymore. I trust you.”

With her final statement he threw restraint away and attacked her. Tugging off her bra, he devoured her breasts, the dark chocolate peaks were so sensitive Max whimpered.

“Don’t stop,” she rasped tugging on his hair.

He backed her up until her the back of her knees hit the bed. Max allowed herself to freefall onto the mattress. Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched as Leo undressed. He took his time and, although Max was getting impatient, she was enjoying the show. When he was naked she whistled at him in the same way he did to her. His response surprised her. He blushed.

“Oh sweetie you’re blushing,” she teased.

“You would blush too if you had a sexy thong clad female whistling at you.”

“I believe I would, so let’s remedy that.” Max put her legs straight up and removed her underwear and slingshot it to him. Leo caught it and inhaled the crotch.

“I see my baby is ready for me.”

“Never stopped,” Max responded opening her legs slightly.

He growled, and walked away to nightstand to get a condom.

“Turn around I want to see you put it on.”

“What?” Leo was always a little shy about being watched putting on a condom. He usually did it with his back turned.

“I think it is sexy to watch you put it on.”

“You are weird, but I like you so watch away.” Leo turned his penis toward her and watched her face. Max was wide eyed and licking her lips and his dick got even harder.

Leo could not wait anymore yanked her legs to him, bringing her ass to the edge of the bed. Looking straight into her eyes, her plunged into her.

Max loved the way Leo was beating into her body, she grabbed her nipples and twisted them bringing her to a quick orgasm, but she had so much more to give to him tonight. Leo felt Max’s quick orgasm, and threw her legs on his shoulders to get deeper into her. She knew she was short circuiting before him, as she felt jolts of lightening fly through straight to her pussy. Her body shook and bucked as her eyes rolled behind her head. Seeing her lose control and feeling her spasms around his cock, brought Leo to his own blinding climax. He pumped until every drop was out of him.

When he had regained some sense he collapsed on the bed next to her, rolling her into his arm. Kissing her on her forehead he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Fine baby, just fine,” she murmured and dozed off to sleep.

An hour into their sleep Max’s phone went off; it was a text message from Laney. It stated, “Russian. Millennium Hilton, Rm. 613.” Max sighed. I guess Lanes getting her freak on tonight too. Max sat up, Leo was still asleep, his breathing steady and deep. She studied him, getting turned on more and more with the rise and fall of his chest. She decided to wake him up in a most wicked way, a jaw breaking cock sucking. Max crept over to Leo’s, nearly drooling on his penis as she hovered. She opened her mouth and licked it liked a popsicle, going slowly up and down, until it started to stiffen. At the first sign of the beast awaking, Max engulfed the whole head, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and moan from Leo. He was now awake too and loving the sight before him. Hmm this girl has all sort of repressed freakiness in her. He had had many blow jobs before, but this one was off the charts.

Leo raised his hips off the bed to get deeper down her throat, but Max just pushed him back down. She was in control and she was not going to let him forget it. She pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and blew on his shaft, causing him to beg for the warmth of her mouth. She went back to sucking on his cock like her life depended on it. He felt himself cumming and tried to pull away, but she held on, vibrating her jaw on the sensitive tip until he erupted in her mouth. She swallowed all of it, leaving him drained. Leo felt like she took the life right out of him. Max got off the bed smiling at her handiwork. She sauntered off proudly to the bathroom for a shower.

She stepped into the glass enclosure and turned on the hot water. Max had turned herself on something terrible with the blow job she had just given Leo, but she wanted that moment to be just about his satisfaction. With the hot water cascading over her she masturbated herself in the shower. Her eyes were shut so tightly as she gratified herself that she did not notice Leo had opened the door and was watching her.

Leo thought he was mistaken when he heard moaning coming from the shower, but after the third sweet sound he had to see what was going on. The sight before him instantly reenergized him. This little vixen is trying to get off without me; there will be none of that. Leo watched the show Max was putting on. Getting jealous of her fingers he slapped her hand away and pinned her too the wall. “Don’t you dare! That pussy is mine and I don’t share, not even with you. What do you want, Max?”

“I want to cum.” His fierceness moistened her even more.

“Stop that.”

She was rubbing her thighs together, creating friction against her clit. “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” He watched her use her thighs to bring herself to an orgasm, he had never seen anything like that before. She was trembling while pressed against the shower wall, her breasts shaking, as each tremor took her. His cock was like steel. When she was done, he dragged her wet body to the bed and threw her face down. He was horny and pissed she came without, him. I’m going to give her a lesson in obedience. That ass is mine.

“Get on your knees dirty girl. You know you’re gonna get punished, right?” <Smack> “I asked you a question.” Leo loved the feel of her ass cheek bouncing his palm back.

“Yes, Leo.”

“Head down, ass up. You are going to count each smack. If you lose count, we are starting again.” <Smack> “Did you hear me.”

This submissive position was intensely sexually frustration for Max. “Yes, Leo.”

<Smack> “One.” <Smack> “Two.” <Smack> “Three.” By the fifth smack Max was crying and shaking from an impending orgasm. At ten Leo pumped his fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, bringing her to the brink, and then he took his hands away. He leaned in and ran his tongue up and down her spine, making her beg for release, but he withheld it. He put the tip of his penis at her entrance taking shallow pokes. When she thought she could not take any more he spit into her asshole. He thrust his penis into her pussy while he forced his finger into her ass. She had never had anyone put anything in her butt before, but that did not slow her down.

Max could not take anymore and gave into the orgasm that had been building for awhile. While she screamed and creamed all over her his cock, he pulled out and sank it into her open ass, she arched back, allowing him to wrap his hand around her hair as he rode her. Her butt was so tight; Leo did not think he could last long. She was moaning and calling his name to give it to her harder.

“Don’t stop, my lion, don’t stop. Ride me harder, Leo harder.”

Each push and pull motion was taking them to new heights. Max had never experience that much pleasure in her life, and just to add another level he twisted her head back and kissed her while they both came. Her three holes were radiating. Leo fell on her back, never dislodging himself from her tight butt. When he mustered up the strength, he rolled off her and pulled a sheet over them. Max was out for the rest of the night.


Leo looked in smiling awe at the naked body that lay curled up under him. He had had some wild nights in his life, but not in his bedroom. He never brought girls back here. They christened his space perfectly. He knew she was a hot one, but only in his wildest dreams did her ever think she would put it down on him like that. He was getting hard just thinking about the blow job, hmm now that is something a man could get used to.

Max stirred below him as all thoughts of last night began to fill her groggy brain. She jumped up in a panic, almost knocking him in the chin.

“Whoa, girl what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” she replied laying back down.

“Max, I know that face. All kind of shit is wrong. Were you gonna bolt if I was not here?”

“Yeah, I woke up feeling like I was somewhere where I shouldn’t be.”

“Ok, but that is bullshit. You belong here with me. Capice?”

“Capice.” She stifled a yawn. Leo saw it, knowing the working he put on her body last night still had her tired and sore.


While in the shower, Max realized that she could not put on her ball gown from last night, but was pleasantly surprised to find a t-shirt and boxer for her on the bed. She dressed and went downstairs. Leo almost burned his hand when she entered the room. She look incredibility sexy in his clothes, her nipples were hard as pebbles, and calling to him. He looked away, willing himself to show some restraint, and went back to tending the bacon. Max was a little perplexed by his behavior until she looked down and saw what he was looking at. She quietly removed the clothing beginning her seduction.

“I’m sorry you didn’t liking seeing me in your clothes,” she said faking teariness in her voice. He could not believe she was so emotional this morning. He turned around to apologize and explain but instead dropped the plate. Max was standing there, with her hands on her head buck naked. This is a very wicked woman, and she is all mine. Max realized she must have gone too far when his eyes went from open and warm to black slits. She turned to run, but he grabbed her and lifted her up. He placed her on the dining room table. If she wanted to play, he could play.

“Lie back. Knees up.” His voice was edged with anger. She had really pulled on his heart with her fake voice and he didn’t take kindly to being fooled.

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“For a homosexual to even have the gall to say that they experience the same type of discrimination as a black person is ridiculous! You can even walk in a room and no one can fucking know you are gay. But let my black ass walk into a room and what do you think someone sees. They see a black girl and all the misconceptions they have start whirling around in their head. And, they make judgments. They do it whether I want them to or not. I can’t take black off Adam, not even if I tried!”

“Not even,” Adam announced, rolling his eyes. He let out a deep sigh.

Not this shit again.

Kanisha was on her soap box once more. Every thing with her was about race or sexual preference. Normally he did not mind, but tonight had been set aside for a little celebration, supposedly in his honor. Kanisha could at least pretend and kiss up to him a little, maybe buy him a drink. Adam had to laugh at that thought because it was so far fetched. Kanisha did not do things like that. Tonight he wanted to laugh and dance. He wanted Gabriel and he wanted Cara. Neither of whom were there yet. The rest of the world and all its complications could just drift away, namely Kanisha.

Adam was not normally an impatient person, but damn them for leaving him alone for so long with Kanisha. She was not ‘his’ friend. Kanisha was something he suffered through just to be with his friend…’his’ Cara. Lately, besides Gabriel, she was the only other person he thought about. Tonight, with a whole lot of luck, Cara would play a more important role in his life. His mind was made up.

Kanisha continued harping.

He turned around and faced the room, leaning against the bar. Where is she, he thought. He was eager to see her smiling, cherubic face.

“Maybe we can find a booth in the back?” He attempted to change the subject.

“My God,” Kanisha growled, “even you should be able to see that!?!”

“Even,” he laughed, lifting his bottle up in the air in a mock salute before tacking a much needed gulp. He had almost forgotten what the hell she was talking about.

“Fuck you Adam,” she growled, slamming her glass down on the counter. “I’m out.”

Adam barely looked in her direction when she turned to leave. But, then she turned back around and faced him. He braced himself.

For the life of him, he could not figure out why she was so angry–not just now but all the time. Kanisha was beautiful in a Naomi Campbell kind of way. She was tall with dark, even chocolaty smooth skin, large bright eyes and full heart shaped lips. Accept, as always, her face was twisted into a deadly dark scowl. Fury rolled off her in waves. In the dim light of the bar, her bared white teeth made her look almost animalistic.

“You are an elitist piece of shit. They like you because you are just like them.”

Adam considered Kanisha for a moment. Cara had Kanisha’s smooth silky skin, but just a little creamier. Where Kanisha kept her hair in a short pixie cut, Cara had long thick jet black hair. Now that he thought about it, Kanisha and Cara could not be more different. Kanisha was as tall as he was and Cara rather short. Not midget like, but shorter than the girls he use to date when he dated girls. Kanisha growled and debated everything. Cara was always playfully laughing everything off. It was her weakness. Kanisha was pinched and narrow. Cara was by no means fat, but well-formed. Her ass was round and full, her waist small and her breast perfectly evened her out.

Adam snapped back into the moment when Kanisha dramatically smacked her lips.

She was waiting for a response, ready to pounce on Adam.

Adam calmly prepared to do what ever needed to be done to neutralize this situation and salvage the evening. He had been planning tonight in his head for quite sometime and was not about to let Kanisha ruin it. Besides, she was not even invited to begin with.

He was about to speak when over Kanisha’s shoulder he caught site of Cara. She had taken her hair down from the single braid she usually wore down the back of her neck. And, she had on make up–which made him smile. Her make up was lightly applied, just the way he liked it. Her lips were a delicious soft berry color. So, she had changed clothes. That’s why she was late assumed. He hadn’t expected that. Beautiful, he thought to himself, looking over her lush curves–which were now more apparent to him then ever. His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

That was it. Kanisha turned around with her hands on her hips, glaring at Cara as she approached.

“I’m out.”

Cara raised one eyebrow and watched her best friend march past her. She knew that it was no use in trying to stop Kay when she was in one of her moods. So, she just let her go.

“Have fun with your fag,” Kanisha threw over her shoulder.

Cara’s beautiful dark brown eyes spread in mock horror and she tried to suppress a laugh as she looked at Adam. “What did you do this time?”

“Not a damn thing,” Adam declared, turning back to the bar and motioning for the bartender. “I asked you not to invite her.”

“I didn’t want to be third wheel to you and Mr. Too Fine, watching you two paw each other.”

“Hey, we don’t paw. We’re like an old married couple. There is absolutely no PDA.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Cara smiled, moving into his extended arm and placing a light kiss on his cheek. “How could he possibly keep his hands off of you?”

Adam returned the kiss, and then moved his lips across her cheek, closer to her ear. “Please don’t make a mistake and call him Mr. Too Fine. He’ll know it came from me and assume that we have been talking about him.”

“But, we have,” Cara teased, pulling back just a little to look into Adam’s pleading eyes.

How anyone could resist such a beautiful man, she thought. Without thinking she ran her hand over his clean shaven head. She had no idea why he had suddenly decided to shave all his blond hair off. It had been gorgeous. But, she had to admit that the bald head gave him a sexy edge and made his blue eyes seem brighter. The women were definitely checking him out. And, why not? At 6’2, he had the athletic build of a swimmer. Something Cara knew he did faithfully everyday. In the vintage tee-shirt he wore and the stylish jeans that sat low on his waist, Adam looked like he had just stepped off an advertisement for both items. Who would not buy them if they thought they could look as good as he did in them.

If only he wasn’t gay, Cara thought.

She had such a crush on him. Adam was the perfect guy in every way. Not only was he fine as hell with that dimpled chin, but he was actually a nice guy. He was the last of his kind, as far as Cara was concerned.

She pulled her hand back, embarrassed. Once again Cara had forgotten herself. She had held her self in his arm too long and felt the curve of his scalp just a little too long for it to be considered just friendly.

Adam smiled and smoothly handed her a drink. “Cherry vodka sour, extra sweet and four cherries.” He liked the feel of her hand on his body. Anywhere she chose to put it. “Let’s get a booth before it really starts getting crowded in here.”

Cara always felt so feminine next to Adam. The top of her head barely made it pass his broad shoulders. Adam placed his strong hand at the small of her back and half shielded her with his long body, so that they made their way through the crowd without anyone touching her. Cara liked that about him. He was such a gentleman–a man. She wondered what would happen if his hand slid down further and rested on her behind. She’d die she thought.

Once he found a booth, toward the back and not so near all the traffic, he let her slide in and slid in beside her. Cara was surprised but not much. She had grown use to Adam invading her personal space. She liked the fact that even though they were expecting his man, Adam didn’t change the way he treated her. At work and the few times they went out, Adam was always attentive and affectionate. Sometimes, they would tease and hold hands. Kanisha told her that she better be careful. Adam never stepped out of line though. There were moments when she thought about stepping out of line herself, but why ruin a good friendship. It was obvious to Cara that Adam was committed to his man. After all, the 30 something year old lawyer had pretty much swept Adam off his feet. Cara liked to call him Adam’s sugar daddy. After only dating for a couple of weeks they had moved in together. They’d spent almost a year planning and building their new dream house, together. Now they were living in it, the perfect couple.

The music was starting to pump up a bit more and soon the dance floor would full. Cara was happy that they would have a perfect, uninterrupted view of the floor.

“Are you going to dance with me tonight?”

Adam laughed. “Why did you think I invited you? Mr. Too Fine won’t come near the floor.”

“Oh,” she drew out dramatically, “that’s why I’m here.”

“That and you know how much I adore you.”

Cara hit him playfully in the shoulder.

“You think I should call Kanisha?”

“Naw,” he told her, lifting up his shoulders nonchalantly and taking a swig of a fresh beer. He had barely sat the old empty one down before the waitress replaced it, with her boobs all in Adam’s face. Cara had pretended like she had not noticed. Adam certainly did not. He just thanked her and ordered another drink for Cara with a smile.

Of course, the waitress took his smile to mean more than what it actually was–Adam’s natural state.

“You know why she’s upset don’t you?”

“Who Kanisha?”

“Yeah,” Cara answered. “Kanisha feels like they chose you over her because she’s black and you’re white.”

Adam shook his head. “That’s crazy. I’ve been waiting for that promotion forever. I should have gotten it a long time ago. That ass hole Monty was such a phobe. I knew once he left and someone new had a look at me, I’d get what I deserved. I was there long before she was. I have more under my belt. I won’t feel guilty either because I deserve it.”

“You don’t have to convince me Adam.” Cara placed her hand on his. She knew that deep inside he was sympathizing with Kanisha. That was why he tolerated her. “She’s never getting off the phones. It’s all about customer service and she hates people. I’m surprised she doesn’t get fired for the way she talks to the customers sometimes. Call centers really aren’t for everyone.”

“I think she was hoping that this would be her ticket off the floor though. She’s not going to survive much longer on the floor if she keeps going like she’s going,” he added.

“I know,” Cara trailed off.

And, Cara did know it. Kanisha hated their job. Listening to people complain all day long was not an easy thing to do. Cara did not know what she was going to do now that Adam would be on another floor, teaching people how to do his old job. He would be traveling to different offices, training people all over the region. They were not going to get to tease each other and laugh over customers anymore. She wondered if she would survive.

Adam flipped his hand playfully and Cara let her hand slip into his. She liked the way he rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand. For a moment they looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to get you out alone?”

That surprised her.

“What do you mean? We go out every Friday after work.”

“Yeah, we go out with the crowd from work. I mean just you and me. I like spending time alone with you Cara.”

Cara blushed. Suddenly, this felt like more of a date than a last minute thing. She was not opposed to that idea at all. But, in the back of her mind, she knew that Adam was just being Adam. What he meant and how he was sounding was obviously two different things.

“We are good friends,” she assured him. “I’m going to miss being with you everyday.”

She finished off her drink.

Adam immediately threw his other hand up and caught the attention of the scantly clad waitress, who never really took her eyes off of him. He held up Cara’s glass and gave the blond girl one of his infamous smiles. The girl shook her head eagerly.

“Just because I’m not going to be up in your face everyday at work, doesn’t mean that we have to limit our time together.”

The waitress bought Cara’s drink and a fresh beer for Adam.

Adam faltered a little, as if trying to remember what he was saying.

“You know,” he began, “the last time I invited you out to the house, you accepted but then you didn’t show up.”

Cara was embarrassed. She knew that had hurt his feelings, even though he had said it was alright.

“Every time I try to arrange something, you blow me off. I just want you to get to know Gabriel a little better and get used to being at the house.”

“I,” she paused, trying to figure out how to put this, “just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable with his friends. I mean, you didn’t invite anyone else from work.”

“Because I wanted you,” he said, lifting her chin with curve of his forefinger. “I wanted you to come to my home.”

Cara sucked in a deep breath. This was really starting to feel like a date.

They hadn’t even noticed the tall dark figure standing over them until he cleared his throat.

“Gabriel,” Adam said surprised. He slid out of the booth and rubbed the man on the back.

Gabriel stared coldly at Cara for a second. Then, he glanced at Adam and smiled weakly before directing his attention back to Cara. There was no kindness in his dark eyes. Cara had noticed him first. She had also noticed that the man had been staring at their hands before Adam had looked up and realized that he was there. Cara had seen him before, at the Christmas party last year and at office events. He had barely spoken to her then and it looked like he would barely speak to her tonight. Gabriel was the reason she did not come when invited over.

“Gabriel,” Adam began, excitedly looking between the two of them, “you remember Cara right?”

“Of course I do,” Gabriel said curtly and slid in to the booth facing his boyfriend and his boyfriend’s ‘friend’. He looked a little out of place in his dark suit and tie. This was hardly that type of club. The theme at this club was obviously skin.

Cara could see what Adam saw in Gabriel. Like Adam he was tall, if not slightly taller. Gabriel was handsome in a finely tuned, polished kind of way. Where Adam was a fun, beautiful California beach boy type. Gabriel was a calculating, Italian business man cool. His black wavy hair was combed back from his face. He sported a light beard, just past the point of being considered a five o’clock shadow–perfectly tapered, edged and groomed. His skin had a natural deep tan to it. His lips were full, sultry. However, his jaw line was harsh and set.

Gabriel was stubborn.

Adam looked apologetically at Cara and slid back in beside her. He placed his arm across the back of the seat, encouraging her to stay close. It was an action that Gabriel did not miss.

“So,” Cara asked, leaning into the table and smiling (having decided that she would make the best of things for Adam’s sake), “do people call you Gabe sometimes?”

Adam started to cough, as if his beer had went down the wrong pipe.

Gabriel gave his lover a half smile. Then he leaned in. His eyes became so focused that Cara was suddenly pinned and her smile slipped away. Those dark eyes looked right through her and Cara felt suddenly ill-equipped for any exchange with this man. He took in every aspect of her features, slowly scrutinizing her face. His countenance surrendered nothing–no interest or satisfaction. His eyes moved over her full, shoulder length curls, slid to the inviting cleavage of her little black dress and up the column of her neck to her parted lips.

Suddenly Cara felt stripped. Her chest tightened just a little when an invisible screen was suddenly removed and those dark pools of light and raw, unapologetic lust accosted her like a physical threat.

“No Cara,” he finally said over the rising music, “they don’t if they expect me to answer them.” The volume of his voice did not loose its deliberate silky caress.

Cara’s cheeks flushed with heat. When his eyes finally released her, she slowly sat back in the booth, back into Adam’s open arm. What the fuck was that about, she thought. Adam’s gentle fingers played through the hair, at the back of her neck, and she reminded herself that she was there for Adam.

Adam through up his free hand again and the blond headed girl was immediately at the table. This time, she must have assumed that Adam and Cara were a couple. She fully focused her breasts on Gabriel and he considered her with the same coldness he extended to Cara. For Cara there was a slight sense of satisfaction in that. Some gay guys just really did not care for women, especially when they threw themselves at them. It was possible that Cara was not the cause of Gabriel’s irritation. Not all of them were every girl’s best friend.

Cara winced. That thought did not explain the last look he gave her.

When his drink came Gabriel raised up his glass to present a toast. “Congratulations baby,” he said to Adam and smiled, taking Cara completely by surprise. When Gabriel smiled, he was more stunning. His even white teeth shone and laugh lines around his eyes and mouth gentled him.

“I love you.”

Cara watched a look exchange between the two of them that pulled at her heart. She had never seen the two of them actually do anything that could be construed in the slightest way as sexual. Both men exuded pure maleness; so much so that it made it hard to envision the two of them in the acts of lovers. In that moment, however, there was such an explicit exchange of pure unadulterated emotion and sexual tension that Cara felt like a perverted voyeur. Their connection rolled off of their strong bodies and charged the air.

It caused a shift in Gabriel too because he hung on to his smile, as he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Take off the jacket too,” Adam commanded, laughing.

Gabriel smirked and did as he was told.

The two men exchanged some events of the day. Adam had both Gabriel and Cara laughing at some of the antics of management at the call center. Cara had always suspected that a few of them were retarded; now, she was certain. The entire time, Adam gently stroked her back. He tried the best he could to include her in on the conversation. Cara did not mind that Gabriel purposefully excluded her. She enjoyed watching them speak to one another. This was a unique side of Adam. Endearments dropped from his lips with ease. Something hummed between them and she liked being witness to that closeness.

When Cara excused herself to go to the lady’s room, Gabriel lifted his glass to Adam once more.

“I do love you,” he repeated, “but are you sure you want to do this.”

“I do Gabriel,” Adam returned with a boyish grin. “I want this for us.”

“It just seems complicated.”

“Why? This is better than picking up someone at random. You just hate having to surrender some control. Look at her,” Adam gushed, “she is absolutely perfect.”

“Perfect?” Gabriel raised one dark eyebrow. “For whom?”

“For us.”

“Are you sure that it isn’t just for you?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Adam’s brow creased in irritation.

“You talk about her all the time Adam. You speak to each other on the phone.–fucking texting all the time. I’ll step back and watch you fuck her just to make sure you get her out of your system.”

“You can’t tell me that you don’t feel attracted to her Gabriel!”

“She’s cute, nice tits and ass. That can be said about half the women in this club. Fucking them would mean less drama.”

“There is no drama. And, you probably already have fucked half the women in this room.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” Gabriel demanded angrily.

“You know what it means. You owe me this.”

“I owe you this? You more than just like her Adam. That much is obvious. That, my love, is the definition of complicated. Don’t play me for a fucking fool. You have been trying to make this happen for months. As soon as she was free, you pounced.”

Adam shook his head. Sometime Gabriel pissed him off. Everything always had to be about him. If he spotted someone across the room and wanted to bring them home, then they did. Adam understood his needs and his limits. He loved him completely, strengths and weaknesses. The one rule was that they did it together and their relationship was top priority–not diminished by their little excursions, but strengthened.

“We talked about this, man. I’m not like you. I have to feel something,” Adam explained, exasperated with Gabriel’s sudden desire for abstinence.

“There is a possibility that she may want nothing to do with either of us. You obviously haven’t asked her. Or, maybe she may just want you. Then there is the most obvious outcome, regardless of what she decides.”

“You’re loving this aren’t you?”

“No. I don’t want to see you hurt. She’s your friend. But you need to face the fact that she may not ever speak to you again.”

“I know her. I know what she needs.”

Talk like that concerned Gabriel. This is supposed to just be a fuck. “You know what you and your dick want,” he blurted out coldly.

“I know what you need too. Trust me,” Adam told him, lifting his head and smiling at the approaching topic of discussion.

“Are you guys arguing,” Cara teased, punching Adam as he slid out of the booth for her.

Adam stood at full height and took both of Cara’s shoulders in his hands. “Dance with me,” he sighed.

Cara laughed. His request seemed a little awkward and she could not understand why. She looked between the two of them.

“Come and join us,” she extended to Gabriel. “We can have a threesome.”

The look he gave her sent a chill through her body. She quickly refocused on Adam.

“Let’s see if my favorite white boy can still do it on the dance floor.”

Cara was moving her hips before they hit the edge of the dancing crowd. Adam did his rendition of the Dougie swag as they made their way through the dancers. Cara laughed at him, but damn–the man looked good. Adam was an excellent dancer, none of that flailing “I’m trying to do what I saw on BET” stuff. He was a natural. He could really move and he was sexy with it. Often times, other girls would dance up on him. Sometimes he would bite and let them booty grind him. Cara hoped he would ignore them tonight. She wanted his undivided attention. She felt charged. The dress, hair and make-up had all been done with Adam’s preferences in mind. He was definitely opinionated when it came to critiquing fashion. She had gone straight from work and spent way too much money on the short black number. In spite of that, she was uncertain of how well she looked. That is until, she saw Adam standing at the bar. He had checked her out, from head to toe, with satisfaction in his bright blue eyes.

Now, dancing with Adam, Cara felt beautiful. She let go of all her usual insecurities. The steady flow of alcohol had her nicely lit, but she was far from drunk. With Adam dancing so close, the music being just right too, Cara felt good.

In the back of her mind she was aware that Gabriel was watching, but she dismissed it with a “fuck him”.

As she spun around in a slow circle, gyrating her hips while easing down to the floor and back up, Cara put on her “sexy face”. This had Adam dying from laughter. He knew she was teasing and he loved it. They had coined that look, the sexy face, when she had her eye on a particular guy at work. It was right after her last major break-up. Adam had advised Cara to throw the poor looser, a sexy look next time she caught him looking at her. Cara had done it and obviously scared the guy to death. After that, he treated her like she had a sexually transmitted disease. The look and the title became an inside joke. This was yet another example of Cara’s ineptness at finding a man. Every time she did it, Adam could not suppress a laugh.

But, Adam had to be honest with himself.

When she made that face, all he could think about was how she would look with him buried deep inside her and her coming all over his cock. Laughing was just a cover, something to change his line of thought. When she raised her hands in the air and moved her head to the side, feeling the music, Cara revealed the deliciously chocolate column of her neck. Adam followed it down to her lovely breasts. He wanted to feel the weight of them in the palms of his hands. He knew they would fill his large palms well. It took everything he had not to reach out for her.

Cara fully enjoyed the look in Adam’s eyes. His eyes glistened and danced all over her body. The feelings that welled up inside her, knowing that he obviously was enjoying watching her, made Cara’s movements more elicit. She turned her back to him and moved in close. Her ass had a mind of its own. She felt that she may lack the social graces that drew men in, but put on some music, let her body move, and no one was immune to her magnetic pull. She raised her hands up once more and found the curve at the back of his bald head.

“You like that don’t you,” he drawled seductively.

“I love bald heads,” she said, grinding her ass against him. “You know that.”

Then she purred seductively. “Every time I see one, I think of how it would look between my legs.”

The minute those words left her mouth, Cara missed the beat. The realization of what she had just revealed to him and the way she said it scared her. She quickly turned back around and searched Adam’s face. Her heart was thumping in her chest.

Adam laughed, catching her hands and swirling her back around. He wrapped Cara’s arms across her midriff and curved his body into hers. In spite of herself, she laid against his chest. Their bodies moved perfectly together.

“Work that ass girl,” he teased.

And, she did.

What the hell was she doing? Why the hell couldn’t she stop? The questions were there, but she ignored them.

After a while, Cara could feel him–enormous and hard against her lower back.

“You know,” he began, positioning his lips at the top of her ear, “I knew that you liked a bald head. One time you told me that you thought it was sexy.”

Cara snuggled her face into the curve of his neck like a stretching kitten. Her body felt long and feline like. She slipped her hands from beneath his and stretched her hands above her head. Cupping the sides of his scalp, she let her hands smooth down to the base of his neck.

Adam was suddenly everywhere. When his strong hands moved up her body, pausing at the under swell of her breast and then making there way back down again, Cara’s body moaned.

“Why do you think I cut it all off?” He nibbled on the curve of her ear.

Adam’s hands slid down over her firm abdomen, stopping just above her now weeping v. Her ass was still moving against him. Their joint movements gave his dick excellent friction. They danced like that for a while, just feeling one another. Adam’s hands traveled the same path over and over. It was causing Cara’s nipples to ache, longing for his touch. She let her hands continue to play with his head.

“Adam,” she questioned him, passion in her voice.

He kissed her temple.

“Remember,” she pleaded. “You’re gay.”

“Not all the time.”

“What? You pick it up and put it down at will. You’ve been gay for quite some time.”

“Does it feel like I’ll have trouble remembering how to satisfy you Cara?”

He was still playing with her ear and laying gentle kiss against her hairline and temple. Cara had her head cocked so that access was easy. This was not making any sense to her. She was certain about what she was feeling, but uncertain about what Adam was saying. He was her crush, not the other way around.

“Do you want to fuck me Adam?”

There, the words were out there.

His cock jumped.

“I want to make love to you Cara.” He kissed the curve of her jaw, beneath her ear. The tip of his tongue tasted her. “I want to run my hands down your thighs.”

His hands moved down the curve of her hips and forward to the front of her upper thighs. He gave a little squeeze, loving the meaty feel of them. If his hands had continued to slide over, he would have been cupping her mound. If he moved any further down, he would be touching flesh and not the satiny cloth of her dress.

Spreading her legs just a little more, Cara swung her hips and took a slight dip. Her thighs flexed beneath his hands.

Adam did not miss a beat; he dipped right along with her.

They had danced together before, but never like this–never so close.

“What if I slipped my hands under the skirt of your dress,” he continued. “I want to press my hand between your thighs.”

“Adam.” She moaned a warning.

“Would you get wet for me Cara?”

The music was loud, but nothing compared to the sound of Cara’s heart pounding as they moved together.

“If I drive my finger into you right now, slick your wetness across your clit, would you cum for me Cara?”

Cara placed her hands on top of his. For a moment she was not sure whether she wanted his hands to slide over or down. Or maybe, back up and cup her aching breasts. She was undeniably dripping in contemplation.

“This is crazy Adam.” It was a more of a reminder to her then for the benefit of Adam. “You have him. You are his.”

“I’m yours too. I’ve been yours for so long. Tonight, I want to make you mine. I want to take you home.”

“Adam, what about him?”

“Him,” Adam repeated. “Say his name Cara.”


“He’ll like the way you say his name. He wants you too.”

Adam slid one of his hands over her firm breast and then back down again.

“Adam,” she pleaded. Her voice was half shocked and half filled with need. “Don’t.”

They were surrounded by other bodies groping and moving to the pulsating beat now much faster than the two of them. But still, Cara was not a slut. She was not wanton. She was not going to get finger fucked on the dance floor.

She opened her eyes looking up and off to the side, her forehead buried in the crook of his neck and the side of her face on his chest. No one was paying any attention to them. What was happening to her seemed to be her whole world; and yet, no one was looking. Her body was separating into pieces. Each piece was a cluster of nerves. Adam’s strong body was against her back, leading her in movement as she melted against him. The feel of Adam’s engorged organ, hot at her lower back made her very aware that he was a man. He would dip and rub it down the crack of her round ass as she gyrated. Adam expertly maneuvered his hands so that it all seemed part of the dance. When his hands cupped the side of her breasts, his thumbs briefly tweaked her hard nipples. Then once more they were gone.

Cara turned her head and Gabriel’s broad chest was in front of her. Panic started to take over as she raised her eyes to meet his.

“Shhh,” Adam soothed. “Feel the music baby. Dance with me.” He threw a stern look a Gabriel.

She wanted to close her eyes and just let Adam take over. Her body felt so good in his hands. She had fantasized about this a thousand times. Who would blame her? No one would. Adam was every woman’s fantasy. Cara knew she wanted him and now she knew he wanted her too.

Gabriel’s strong hands slid around her hips, grabbed her ass and jerked her body into his.

Cara thought to protest. Who in the hell did he think he was! The only thing that fell from her parted lips was a sudden gasp for air as she felt Gabriel’s hardness against her. He slid into the dance as if he were always a part of what they had been doing all along.

Sandwiched in between the two of them so tightly that they could fuck her and no one would be able to make out the details of what was happening, their bump and grind dance simulated the act just as well as the surrounding dancers.

Cara craned her neck to look up at Gabriel, refusing to close her eyes and let go. His black eyes shimmered as if they were laced with silver. Everything was both happening fast and slow all at once. The music, two virile men so close and her own burning need intoxicated her more than any form of alcohol ever could. When Gabriel’s fleshy lips pressed against hers, soft and demanding, Cara’s eyes rolled back into her head. Gabriel withdrew all the air from her body as his tongue discovered the cavern of her mouth. Cara went limp between them. They danced no more.

She knew what this meant, without a shadow of a doubt.

On the drive to the house, Cara road in the back seat of Gabriel’s car wrapped in the warmth of Adam’s strong arms. As soon as they were out of the car, Adam picked her up and Cara wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried Cara through the beautiful home that he and his lover shared, and Gabriel seemed to just fade away.

In the half lit bedroom, Adam sat on the bed with her stradling his lap. He placed his hands on the side of her face and simply looked at her. He did not know how many times he had looked at this lovely face and memorized every expression. From the plane of her forehead to the rounded high cheek bones and that button nose, he had considered her somewhat from afar. But, tonight he was close. Adam could feel the warmth of her breath on his face. He fixated on her full lips, perfect to him–neither too large nor too thin. Once again he could think of no other word to describe her. To him she was just right. He pressed his lips against hers and moaned from relief. It was happening–finally.

His hands slipped slowly down her body, careful not to miss a thing as he deepened his kiss. He drew her out with practiced precision as their tongues intertwined. The kiss started with sweetness but quickly moved to need. Now, they kissed in desperation. All the while, his hands pressed against her body. They moved down the smoothness of her neck to cup her breast. Adam enjoyed the weight of them in his hands just like he had imagined. Her breasts were full and lush, a key part of her incredibly curvy body. From the sides of her breasts, he followed the inward curve of her waist to the rounded curve of her hips. When he slid his hands across her voluptuous ass, he spread out his hands and gripped it firmly.

Adam was hard as stone. His cock expanded to the point of pain as it pressed against the confinement of his pants. He jerked her into him so that she could feel his desire, and whispered in her lips. “I want you Cara.”

Cara pulled away from him and withdrew her legs to stand up.

Adam immediately searched her eyes in fear. “What?” he asked humbly.

Cara smiled, her dark eyes dancing. She looked like a teasing nymph, ready for devilish play.

Adam was game. He removed his shirt and sat back with both of his arms behind him. His elbows locked. His hands firmly placed behind him on the mattress. His blue eyes were gleaming. A half smile played across his face. He used each foot to slip off the shoe of the other. It was the same with his socks.

He was ready.

First, she let the straps of the black dress that sheathed her body fall down her smooth chocolate shoulders. With some effort she slid the dress down slowly. Cara had chosen not to wear a bra. So when the dress no longer supported her full breasts, they seemed to angrily spring forth. It was as if the dress had forced them into submission. The nubs of her nipples were so hard and erect, considerable in size. Adam had to force himself not to move forward and cover her entire areoles with his open mouth. He distracted himself by focusing on how the dress smoothed down her hips and the way the piece of jewelry at her navel caught the light.

When the dress passed her thick shapely thighs, Adam sucked in a swoosh of air which filled his chest. Cara reminded him of those fantastically well endowed black queens of the porn his roommate in college would ogle. At that time Adam had already shared experiences with men. Although feeling forced to watch in order to not draw any attention to what he described as his weakness, Adam still admired the rises and falls of a lush body. And, Cara’s body was sinful, made to be fucked and fucked well.

He slid off his pants and his thick cock sprung upward. Then he resumed his position, admiring the woman that stood before him in the black strappy high heels.

Cara moved to remove her shoes.

“No,” Adam instructed. “Keep them on.”

Cara move forward and Adam closed his legs. She spread her legs and eased herself closer. Placing her hands on his broad shoulders for support, she lifted one knee onto the bed. Her soft thigh glided across the top his. While spread so wide, Adam looked down and slipped one hand between those thighs.

Cara moaned when his fingers ran across her slit, touching the slight tip of her clit (now firm and peeking out). With his middle finger he slipped between her folds following the path that led to her opening.

“You are so wet for me,” he whispered in amazement.

Cara laughed softly. She was nervous, excited and hungry for him all at the same time.

Her pussy gripped his finger as it slid in. He gently moved his finger in and out–two, three times. On the fourth time, he slipped in another finger. She was tight and he felt his excitement growing. Being within her was going to be as marvelous as he had dreamed.

Adam helped her as Cara slid her other knee up on the bed, straddling him again..

Adam spread his legs wide to open her up for him. He liked the way her pussy wept, soaking his fingers. He let the fleshy pad of his finger curl into that spongy spot hee thought to be her g-spot. The reaction she had let him know that he was correct. He pumped, driving his fingers as deep as they would go and also dragging them across that spot.

Cara moaned deeply, letting her head fall to his shoulder. She felt weak.

Adam’s eyes held hers as he spread his legs even wider, bringing her closer into him. Reaching between them, he positioned himself. His swollen head approached her opening. Adam’s cock was thick and a nice length. This would stretch her wider than his fingers. He worried that he would hurt her. For all her talk, her experience with men was limited. Still, although he eased his head within her, he did not falter in his progress.

“Oh,” Cara cried, wrapping her arms more around him.

A growl seemed to well up within him and release itself at the feel of his head finally tasting the inside of her. Adam positioned himself so that his length rubbed between her unfurled lips. Each time he entered her, he went just a little deeper–moving against her pulsating clit… He coaxed her contracting pussy to accept him.

The wave that seemed to ease through her body made her pant for breath and cling to him. As he finally impaled her, she let out the loudest cry yet. His lips pressed down on her demandingly, stifling the sound. There was pain and the most exquisite sense of pleasure. Yes, she thought. She liked this. She needed it. She needed Adam.

Breaking their passionate kiss, Adam moved to whisper in her ear. “You feel so good to me Cara.”

The sound of his soothing voice calmed her. So when he repositioned and seemed to go deeper, she was ready.

Adam’s stiff rod twitched within her. He was ready and eager. He watched her face, reading those familiar expressions. When her emotions showed that she too was ready and willing, he shoved himself farther up on the bed. His hands supported her perfectly so that they loss no contact. When her entire legs were solidly on the bed and he could go no further with his feet still on the floor, Adam laid back. And, he pulled her down on top of him. Her legs were still bent at his sides. He grabbed her hips, sliding his hands around her behind. Firmly he secured her to him and began work his hips. He stroked slowly, teaching her body how to equally please each other. It worked.

She stood over him, highly annoyed. She hadn’t expected him to be totally useless afterwards!

“Stupid fucking bill collectors.” She kicked his leg hard. “Wake up. Wake up!”

He groaned as he came to, his leg aching. “Wha…what…happened? Why am I on the floor?”

She studied him for a minute as she mentally patted herself on the back. He was sexy, even if he was dull. Dark hair, hazel eyes, and a cleft chin that she wanted to dip her tongue into.

She frowned. “You passed out. Do you have a condition? You should get that checked out.”

He stood unsteadily, his head swimming. “I…I came to talk about your bill——”

“Look, jackass!” Her hands were on her hips now. “You did a good job, so my check is in the mail.” She turned and went over to the front door. “Now get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops.”

He left, but the nagging feeling that something big had happened wouldn’t leave him alone.

Why couldn’t he remember anything past knocking on her door?

What did she mean about him doing a good job?

And why did his entire body feel so drained?

He shook his head and drove back to the office.


She watched through the blinds as he drove off.

What a delicious day!

She walked over to the bookshelf and plucked Catch-22 from its spot. There was a video recorder mounted on the spine. She extracted the memory card, went to her computer, and loaded the video.

Pressing play, she sank comfortably into her plush desk chair and relived the incidents from earlier…

An hour ago:

“Hello asshole. You awake?”

She peered down at him as he stirred, groaning.

He blinked. His head was on fire. It felt like someone had hit him with a brick! Out of the corner of his eye, he could make out the shards of ceramic on the floor. His eyes widened. The bitch had hit him with a vase!

She smirked. “You should never just walk into someone’s house. Even if the door is unlocked. Never know what sort of trouble you could get into.”

He slowly looked up. A caramel-toned woman wearing a short silk robe was leaning over him.

He could see her nipples through the silk material, and from the looks of it, she was completely naked underneath. Totally transfixed by her big breasts, he wanted nothing more than to bury his face between them. He reached up for her…and was stopped short. It took a few moments for him to realize that his hands were bound together.

“Look at you. Can’t really move, can you? You shouldn’t have come to my house.”

She looked at him indignantly. “Trying to collect money from me!”

He began to struggle with the rope.

She smirked. “Oh, I see you have a little fight in you! Let me fix that for you.”

As she tightened the rope around his wrists, he studied her face. She was a beauty, with eyes as dark as coal and lusciously full lips. Right now though, those lips were turned up into a snarl as she continued to rant.

“You know,” she began, as she checked the ropes from every angle, “the funny thing about giving people credit is that some people aren’t motivated to pay it back. I just happen to be one of those people. And you picked the wrong day to come harassing me.”

She poked him in the face with the handle of a black whip that he hadn’t noticed her holding.

“Put your head back.” She straddled his face, her short robe lifting up. He noticed immediately that she had on no panties underneath.

“Smell my pussy.”

She rubbed her clit forcefully. Her pussy was clean-shaven except for a small patch of hair right above her clit. Saliva began to build up in his mouth as he watched her fingers alternate between squeezing and flicking the pink nub. There was a green captive ring through her hood, and he wondered what she would do if he tugged it with his teeth.

She squatted down further, almost suffocating him. She didn’t like how silent he was being.

“What’s it smell like, huh?”

She spread the lips apart so he could see and smell her pussy in all its glory. Inside was her deep pink hole. She sat directly on the tip of his nose and he could feel her pussy contracting. He pressed his nose into her warmth. He inhaled and exhaled deeply, and felt warm liquid dribbling down his lips. She smelled faintly of soap.

Suddenly, she stood and rotated so that her ass was in his face. She resisted the urge to turn and look at what had to be an incredulous look on his face.

She bent over and the robe glided with her, exposing her round ass. His breath hitched as she lowered it into his face. His heavy breathing tickled her pussy lips.

Ignoring the sensation, she growled. “Sniff my ass hole.”

She grabbed his thighs for support as she lifted up and down on his face. He moaned, almost in pain, at her words. She was so erotic. So nasty. And his dick liked it. It swelled in his pants, and he wanted nothing more than to reach down and stroke it while she bounced on his face.

Fucking rope!

Watching his growing erection, she laughed. She held her ass cheeks apart and sat back on his face. “Smells good, doesn’t it? Smells like sweet fucking chocolate.”

At her words, his tongue darted out and flicked her swollen pussy. She reached back and popped him in the mouth. “I didn’t say you could lick it!”

She sat back on his face and he licked her again. She smacked him again. “You don’t listen well.”

She began to bounce her ass on his face, and the pungent smell of pussy filled his nostrils. He broke his silence for the first time, drawing in ragged breaths.


Standing back up, she grabbed the whip and leaned casually against the wall. He strained his neck, trying to see what she was doing. When his eyes could focus without him feeling dizzy, he almost blew his load.

She had taken the handle of the whip and was rubbing it up and down her clit. With her free hand, she was squeezing her pussy lips together. She moaned as the cool leather scraped against her sensitive clit.

Noticing that she had an audience, she hiked her leg up against the wall, and inserted the handle into her pussy. The handle was textured and rough, and she could feel herself getting wetter as she shoved it in and out. Pulling it back out, she admired her handiwork. He could see the leather glistening with her clear juices.

She walked back over to him and bent down. “I really liked that vase, too. Guess you’re gonna have to make it up to me. I’m gonna get exactly what I want from you today.”

She pushed the handle up against his lips. “Open your mouth.”

He refused, wondering what she would do.


When his lips remained sealed, she ground her foot into his crotch. Moaning in pain, he obeyed. She gripped the whip at the end, pushing the handle deep into his mouth. “Yeah, suck it baby. Suck it.”

He sucked on the handle enthusiastically. It was covered in her sticky cum and tasted so sweet.

She pushed it deeper until he began to gag around it. Somehow, though, his dick was still as hard as before.

She squealed in pleasure. “Oh, you’re a fucking whore! Who knew a guy could suck it so well?”

Reclaiming the whip, she untied her robe and her breasts popped out. “I got something for that hard dick.”

He watched as she massaged each one. The brown globes were the size of melons. She teased him, smashing them together.

His dick was straining through his pants, forming an outline. She ran her fingers down his crotch and squeezed it.

Pointedly looking at his erection, she straddled him again and slowly lowered herself onto his dick, massaging just the tip with her glistening pussy lips.

He involuntarily moaned as she teased him for several minutes. Finally, she lowered herself all the way, rubbing her clit as she tried to adjust to his size.

He moaned again. “Oh…it feels so goddamn good.”

She laughed maliciously and suddenly lifted herself off him. He cursed at the loss.

She grinned. “Relax, sexy. I’m almost ready for you.”

In a snap decision, she unraveled the ropes binding his hands.

He immediately sat up and caressed her breasts. Gently holding one in each hand, he took turns kissing and sucking them. She gasped as pleasure and heat shot through her.

Slightly shocked, she stuck her tongue out at him. He surprised her by grabbing her face and kissing her lustfully.

His tongue swirled around hers, searching. She moaned a little and then pushed him back into a sitting position, ending the kiss.

She smirked. “You’re gonna fuck me, and fuck me good.”

He grinned and nodded. Who the fuck was this woman and why weren’t there more like her?

Before he could think anything else, she straddled him and began to ride him. Electricity shot through him as she arched her body up and down.

Every time she slammed down on his dick, her breasts bounced into his face. He put one in his mouth and sucked it, grinning when she made a primal sound.

Recovering, she let go of his shoulders to reach behind her. He frowned, trying to figure out what she was doing, then gasped as she spread her ass cheeks and continued to ride him. He squeezed his eyes shut as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through him. She was clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles, and it was driving him crazy.

Gripping his neck, she suddenly leaned forward and bit his lip.

“It’s so good I’ma have to let you fuck my ass.”

Hell yeah!

Flipping her over, he palmed both cheeks of her plump, round ass and jiggled them hard.

She looked back impatiently. “C’mon, baby. Give it to me!” She slapped her ass, hard. “You’re not afraid, are you?”

He arched an eyebrow and thrust all the way into her ass. She squealed as he rammed into her.

Damn, her ass was so tight, even tighter than her pussy, and he could feel that familiar tension building in his ball. So, he slowed down, pumping deeper. He concentrated on the small of her back as he thrust.

His concentration went to shit when she suddenly squeezed around his dick and begin to slam back, matching him pump for pump.

That intense ache in his balls came back, and he suddenly wondered if she was as affected by this as he was.

He grabbed her by the chin and forced her to turn as he fucked her, watching the expression on her face move between pleasure and pain. Her eyes were closed, but the intensity on her face made him drive even deeper into him.

She opened her eyes and locked them on his, licking her lips naughtily. That little move sent him over the edge.

She smirked when he exploded inside, and fell over, breathing heavily.

With a grunt, she pushed him off her and turned around. Her eyebrows raised in annoyance.

sThe fucker was passed out!

Shaking her head, she got up. She found the discarded jeans and tank that she had initially greeted him in, and scooped them up.

Glancing back over at him, she verified that he was completely dead to the world, and then walked over to the bookcase.

She ran her finger along the spines of several until she found the one she was looking for. Her fingers ran up the spine, and she felt around until she found the stop button.


Summary: A white teacher succumbs to her long resisted black submission fantasy.

Note 1: This story was written in response to a fan request for Pam and John…hope you enjoy!

Note 2: Thank you to Sydney and Julia for a role-play that inspired much of the action in the hotel room.

Note 3: A special thank you goes to Estragon for editing my work.

Note 4: Another thank you to Goamz86 for his early read of this lengthy story.

Note 5: This is a 2012 Earth Day contest story so please vote and enjoy. (If only we could solve world hunger the way these protagonists suggest)



I have been told many times by many people that I am an enigma. I am forty-five, a brunette, with brown-green eyes, long legs, a pretty firm butt and small 32a breasts, but very, very sensitive nipples. Although I have had four kids, I have stayed in pretty good shape through yoga and lately Zumba class, and still get a lot of turned male heads when I am dressed up. I have heard the term MILF more than once directed at me, which only enhanced my determination to keep my body hot.

In other words I look like a sweet librarian on the outside (which isn’t that far from the truth as I teach the third grade), but underneath I have a ferocious sexual appetite that has worn out many men…albeit usually only when my inhibitions were loosened up with some liquid moral eraser. Also, I must admit, I am rather submissive in the bedroom…usually. I mean I wasn’t into whips and chains or any extreme BDSM, but I was usually a very willing and obedient partner.

I love sucking cock. I mean I love it like most women love chocolate. I crave it. The feeling of a growing member in my mouth has always been a major turn-on, knowing I’m getting him all excited. A rush of power slithers down my body and sends a spark to my pussy every time I get a cock in my mouth. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to cum per se, but if I go more than a few days without swallowing the delicious seed I do go through withdrawal and begin to crave it (ok, in retrospect I probably am addicted to cum). When a cock is in my mouth, I enter an alternate universe. I shed my prudish, business-like teacher persona and become a cock-hungry porn-star whose only goal is to get the money shot, although in my case the money shot is the back of my throat.

My husband and I have had many marathon suck and fuck sessions, and we have role-played many scenarios including: nurse reviving a patient with no vital signs, a college co-ed who needs to pass class, a door-to-door saleswoman who sells vacuums by a very hands-on Hoover demonstration, a girl who finds a way out of her speeding ticket and some I won’t even get in to.

My husband has a thing for silk stockings, as do I, especially the old-fashioned stockings with seams down the back of the legs (way too sexy for the classroom, but über sexy for the bedroom). I have them in a variety of colours: black, coffee, white, red, burgundy, navy and beige. I also have a variety of two-tone: black-copper, pink-black, grey-black and red-black. I have stockings in a variety of colours for a variety of occasions. I love having my stocking-feet played with by my husband’s hands or mouth and he loves having my stocking-clad legs wrapped around him as he buries his cock inside my pussy. He also loves a stocking foot-job and he has many times come on my feet.

Although I am 5’7″, I still like to wear heels that make me even taller, and I always have my fingernails and toenails painted. Again, while I look all innocent and sweet on the outside, I am always ready to go on the inside.

After years of role-playing mostly his fantasies, we began playing one of mine. This fantasy I have had since high school; I’ve waken up sweaty and wet a ton of times from this one. I am a cheerleader who is forced to please a big black athlete, a football player or a basketball player (hard to call a baseball player a real athlete). John ordered some black condoms off the Internet, and watching a black cock slide into my pink pussy lips was a major turn-on and I had multiple orgasms, the thought of a big black cock fucking me triggering a naughty taboo pleasure.

My husband, like every guy I have ever dated, always loved the idea of seeing his wife with another woman. I wasn’t totally against it; the thought of being with another woman was a curious secret fantasy I had from time to time, although nowhere close to my obsessive black cock fantasy.

Luckily, for both of us, our fantasies came crashing together in a buy-one, get-one-free deal. Like most things, it started slow and innocent, but built to a life-altering, earth shattering climax.

The day I met Alicia was like so many others. It was the first day of yet another school year and I was already pissed off after our Director announced funding had been cut by ten percent and that to make up for it our prep time had been cut in half. There would also be cuts in supplies and resources, but we were expected to improve achievement by the same percent. I mean I love my job….the teaching part…but the political part and the beaten down economy were pushing out great teachers and slowly the bureaucracy and bullshit were wearing me down.

I was paged to the office, so I turned off my frustration mode and turned on happy face mode and headed to the office.

Sitting in the office was a ridiculously beautiful young black woman…my intern for the semester. We had talked on the phone a couple of times and sent dozens of e-mails back and forth but not once did it come up that she was black, not that there is anything wrong with that. Actually, having talked to her on the phone, I envisioned someone like me, but younger. I walked over and greeted her. “Well, it is great to finally meet you, Alicia.”

She stood up and shook my hand. “Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Smith.”

I replied, “Oh Alicia, please call me Pam.”

“Ok, Pam. I am really excited for the opportunity to work with you,” she replied, confidence brimming in her demeanour.

I joked, “Well, don’t get to excited until you get to know me.”

Our mid-thirties, black secretary Rose quipped, “Yeah, Pam is a real pain in the ass.”

I retorted with a smile, “There goes your sweet Secretary Day present I was planning.” Turning back to my young intern, I suggested, “Let’s give you a tour of the school. So you can see just exactly what you are getting yourself into.”

“Nice to meet you, Rose,” Alicia said, before adding with a promise, “And don’t worry, I will get you a really good Secretary Day present.” Little did I know then that the special present would be me.

We spent the rest of the day together and I tried to ignore Alicia’s stunning beauty. She was a glorious mixture of Beyoncé, Halle Berry and Tyra Banks. She had a smile that teased with sweetness, a voice that dripped with sexuality, eyes that pulled you in and long straight black hair that somehow perfectly crowned her beauty. At the same time, she was a mixture of shyness and confidence, as she presented herself very well; she constantly was asking my opinion on her ideas.

Although she was dressed very appropriately for school, she was unable to hide her voluptuous curves. Her breasts begged to be paid attention to, even though she was wearing a sweater that hid any signs of cleavage. Her skirt also was unable to hide her delicious backside, the epitome of black bubble butts. Balancing all this perfection were long, luscious legs. Unlike most young women these days who go bare legged, she was wearing coffee coloured pantyhose that gave her long legs that sexy shine that enhanced her perfection. While I admired her beauty, it never occurred to me that I would one day very soon be on my knees servicing her.

That night, while in bed, the kids finally asleep, I told John about how beautiful my intern was, and soon I was bobbing up and down on his cock as he talked dirty to me. “Maybe she is the one, baby. The one you have been looking for. Would you like that?”

I moaned on his cock, the naughty thought exciting me even if it was not realistic.

He continued, “What would you do, baby, if she demanded you eat her pretty black pussy under her desk at school? Would you obey?”

I again moaned, and began playing with myself while I eagerly devoured his cock.

John continued the naughty visual. “You would be her personal pussy pleaser, wouldn’t you, baby?”

I frantically pleased him, the thought of being a submissive lesbian to this black Goddess a devilishly delicious thought.

It was his turn to moan, my magical mouth doing wonders on his erect pole. “I give you permission, baby, permission to be a cunt-licking dyke, a submissive white girl, an obedient pet.”

It was too much and I came on the thought, never slowing down my cocksucking. A few seconds after my orgasm hit, my husband quenched my thirst for cum as he filled my mouth with his juice, my juice flooding out of me. Once I finished swallowing his load, I stood up and straddled his face and he brought me to a second and third orgasm.

Cuddling a few minutes later, my husband of seventeen years whispered in my ear, “I’m serious baby. You have my permission to play if the opportunity arises.”

I replied, “It’s a hot fantasy, but pretty unrealistic.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Where do I begin? It’s unprofessional, I’m her cooperating teacher, I am almost twice her age and I doubt she is a dyke.”

“Neither are you, baby,” he pointed out, his again erect cock doing some of its pen pointing.

“Not to mention,” I added, “even if she does play, she is in a whole other league than me.”

My husband’s cock slipped into my inferno as he said, “Baby, you are as fucking sexy and hot today as you were the day I met you.”

I moaned, his eight-inch thick cock always filling me so perfectly. “I bet you say that to all your wives you want to see dyke out.”

He laughed, picking up the pace of his deep drilling, before his tone shifted from amused to dominant. “I want you to allow yourself to open up with her, baby.”

His cock doing wonders to my brain, I moaned, “Kkkkkk, but I don’t want to just throw myself at her.”

“Of course not,” he grunted, my pussy walls being coated by his cum. Feeling his warm seed fill me, triggered yet another orgasm as well and I shivered as my orgasm pulsed through me.

Both of us spent, my husband repeated his offer. “But seriously baby, I want you to slowly give hints of your interest when or if the opportunity comes up.”

“I’ll try,” I agreed, completely unsure how I would even begin such a plan.


The next month, we got to know each other really well both professionally and personally.

I learned that she had a steady boyfriend named Markus and they had been dating for almost a year. He was still in college, and wanted to be a lawyer. If I was in awe of Alicia’s beauty, I was breathtakingly captivated by Markus. He was 6″6′, built like a linebacker and he bubbled over with confidence. His bald head was also a turn-on I couldn’t even begin to explain.

I also began to notice she was very touchy-feely with me, nothing overtly sexual but her touch was always just a tad longer than normal social standards; her morning hello and after school goodbye hugs lingered just a tad longer than a normal hug. Obeying my husband’s suggestions, I allowed myself to melt in her dark chocolate arms.

It was in our second week that I noticed she started wearing more revealing tops that showcased her tantalizing cleavage. I imagined burying my head between her black mounds of perfection and was often distracted by her beauty. She also always wore pantyhose and heels, and while sitting at the back watching me teach she would often dangle her heel and allow it to sway on her toes. I would get distracted and watch it sway like a hypnotist’s watch. When I looked up she would be smiling and watching me intently, as if knowing the effect she was having on me. I felt that she could she through my facade of propriety and see the real me: a horny, white woman eager to submit to her.

She started with teaching one class and I watched as she commanded a presence with the students that few veteran teachers ever achieve. She instantly was in control and it only made her fascinating personality more intriguing.

It was our third Friday when I suggested that we go out for drinks after work.

Once a downed a few cocktails, Alicia got even more touchy-feely and like often happens when women and booze collide, the conversation drifted to sex, although it came out of the blue after over an hour of talking about our students and bland teacher politics.

I had never heard her swear until she shifted our conversation from academia to sex. “Fuck, I am so horny tonight.”

I coughed a little of my drink out of my mouth at the ‘out of the blue’ announcement. Regaining my composure quickly, I joked, “Aren’t we all.”

Putting her soft dark hands on mine, she complained, “No, seriously. Markus has some big paper he is researching and I haven’t been fucked in almost a week.”

“You poor girl,” I mocked.

Catching my tone, she said, “You don’t understand. We usually fuck at least twice a day, sometimes more, even during my period.”

“You have sex on your period?” I asked, stunned.

“Fuck yes, it may be messy, but it feels fucking amazing. You have got to try it,” she said with a glow in her eye.

“I don’t know, I am no prude and we fuck three times or more a week, but that seems extreme.”

Her hand squeezed mine and her tone shifted just slightly as she seemed to give me a command. “Do it, Pam. Tell me you will try it.”

My submissive personality coming through, the alcohol making me willing to agree to almost anything, “Ok, I’ll get John to fuck me on my rag.”

“You are such a good girl,” she purred, squeezing my hand that triggered an instant leak down below. “When are you on your rag?”

“As we speak,” I admitted.

“Delicious. So you will fuck John for me tonight?” she asked, her warm hand still burning through me.

“For you?” I blushed like a school-girl.

Before she could answer, her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Markus. As soon as she hung up she smiled, clearly excited. “Markus is home and says he has a big surprise for me. It better be his eleven-inch cock or I may burst.”

“El-l-leven-inches?” I stammered, in utter shock.

“And a half,” she added with a smile. “He hates when I forget the half.”

“Holy shit,” I said to no one, imagining eleven and a half inches of black cock sliding in my wet pussy. “How does that even fit in you?”

She smiled deviously, “The first time I actually passed out at one point from the pleasure, but now I can’t imagine anything smaller in me getting me off.” After a pause as I tried to comprehend this new piece of riveting information, Alicia asked, “Pam, I have to ask. Have you ever had sex with a black man?”

“Why would you ask that?” I asked, feigning shock.

“Just curious.”She shrugged, before adding, “Markus loves to be a white woman’s first.”

She left it there, a teasing, dangling carrot in the air. My pussy salivated over such a possibility, while my poker face pretended to hide my growing desire.

She stood up while I stared mouth wide open. Just before she left to get fucked, she winked, leaned in for a hug and whispered, “You should try it sometime.”

Before I could respond, she was gone and my panties were soaked. I paid the bill, rushed home and followed through with a promise made to Alicia.

My husband was accustomed to the fact that during my periods, which came like clockwork, I was almost never horny. He may get a blow job or two if he was good, but that was it. So when I came home and whispered in his ear, “Bedroom now,” his eyes went big with surprise.

He followed me into the bedroom where I demanded, “Get naked, baby.”

He began undressing like a teenage boy would the first time he is guaranteed a sure thing. He asked, as I walked to the linen closet just outside our room, “Is your period late?”

Grabbing a black towel, I called back, “No, it is definitely visiting.”

I returned with the towel and laid it on the bed. A now naked John watched confused, trying to put two and two together.

I smiled and said, “Alicia gave me an order.”

He smiled back. “Aaaaaaahhh. Well, that is a start.”

I retold our entire conversation to John who showed his excitement by the stiffness of his member. When I told him the size of Markus, who he had met once, he responded, like any man would, “Fuck off.”

I shrugged and smiled, adding the part about how she suggested I should try it sometime. My husband was quiet briefly before asking, “Do you want to fuck him?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly answered, the idea both exciting and scary, both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

“Do you think she was serious?”

I again answered, “I don’t know; I doubt it, but it is a fun fantasy to think about.” I got undressed myself and positioned myself on the towel. “Now get over here and help me obey Alicia’s order.”

John cautiously got onto the bed and looked at me questioningly.

Before he could ask, I said, “Yes, I’m sure.”

He got between my legs and easily entered my pussy. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the pleasure was very similar to non-period sex, yet I was turned on even more; maybe because I was obeying a suggestion made by my sexy intern, or maybe because period fucking was so taboo, but I was bursting at the seams only a couple of minutes into it.

I looked at my husband who had a surreal look on his face. I asked, “How does it feel, baby?”

“Amazing,” he grunted.

“Different?” I asked.

“I can’t even begin to explain it, but it is fucking hot,” he approved.

I came three times from the period fucking. Although I was so wet, a mixture of my own juice and blood, I must admit I didn’t feel John’s cum fill me. Only his trademark grunt told me he was exploding inside me.

Once done and showered, we cuddled in bed and watched one of our favourite movies, ‘When Harry, Met Sally’. We watched in silence for a long time before John asked, “Do you think she is serious?”

I really didn’t know. We had both been drinking and she was apparently going through withdrawal. I shrugged, “I doubt it. I imagine it was just girl talk.”

Not giving up yet, my husband asked, “But she was a bit bossy with you?”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“Well, my offer still stands. If you and Alicia get the chance to play, you have my permission.”

I don’t know why I said it, but I asked, “But not about Markus?”

He looked at me seriously. “What? My eight inches isn’t enough for you? You need some big black cock?”

I stammered, both excited by the idea but afraid to admit it to my husband, who I had apparently offended, “Um-no-I….”

His serious look broke into a big smile. “I am just messing with you Pam.”

I hit him playfully.

“But seriously, if the opportunity comes up for you to fuck Markus, you have my permission as well.”

“I do?” I said, unable to hold back my excitement.

“Of course,” John smiled, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of Alicia if the opportunity presented itself either.”

We had talked about swinging many times, both of us intrigued to explore our sex lives to the fullest, but our jobs were too high profile in our community, me being a teacher and John the town’s fire chief. We had even scheduled a cruise holiday for the first week of January, a swinger’s cruise, where we would be an anonymous couple exploring our secret kinky desires (but that was still months away).

I kissed him gently, my body tingling with the wide open opportunities that lie ahead.


On Monday, the first words out of Alicia’s mouth were, “Did you do it?”

I replied shyly, attempting to hint at my submissiveness, “Yes.”

“And?” she questioned, wanting the details.

“You changed my husband’s life,” I joked.

She grabbed my hand, showing a mixture of girlish giddiness and dominant diva, “You loved it too, didn’t you?”

I felt a warm tingle below instantly at her touch and blushed, “It was different.”

Alicia squeezed my hand and moved to her desk.

Not wanting the conversation to end so quickly, I asked, “And how was your weekend with Markus?”

Sitting down at her desk, her generous cleavage on display, she answered, “It was a marathon.”

I attempted to control the conversation, “He isn’t really eleven inches, is he?”

She looked into my eyes and into my stirring soul. “Eleven and a half and he can go all night like the Energizer Bunny.”

Attempting to show I was intrigued, I said, “You are so lucky.”

Alicia started to speak, but stopped when our Principal showed up to tell me she was sending me to a conference next week a couple of hours away, on how to promote protecting the environment in schools. My Principal explained that it’s a new school division initiative and since I had created our recycling program I was the logical choice. Being sort of a recycling Nazi, I agreed enthusiastically, having lost many opportunities to improve the ecological footprint in our school many times, and insisted Alicia come too, which was approved, as long as we traveled together and shared the same hotel room. The thought brought another tingle down below, realizing the golden opportunity that existed.

The day flew by, as did the rest of the week before we were back at the bar having cocktails. Markus was out of town for the day.

Both of us three cocktails in, the conversation again veered to sex. Alicia said, “Fuck, is she hot.”

I was surprised to hear such words out of Alicia’s mouth. I looked over and saw three women together at the bar. “Which one?” I asked.

“The redhead,” she acknowledged, before adding with a smile, “I would devour her whole.”

I instantly wondered if she was doing this to test the waters with me or she was just being herself. “You are a lesbian?” I asked, again feigning shock.

“No,” she shook her head, before adding, “I play both sides. I love the taste of a sweet pussy and they often make good little submissive play-things.”

“What?” I asked, incredibly turned on.

She looked directly into my eyes. “I have found that older women, usually white woman but not exclusively, are generally submissive to me and eager to submit to me sexually.”

It was obvious she was no longer talking about the redhead, but was talking directly to me. I stammered, “Is-is-is that so?”

Her foot grazed my leg and a shiver went up my spine. She asked, “You have never been with a woman have you, Pam?”

“No,” I answered, distracted by her foot that again grazed my leg.

A naughty smile crossed her luscious lips as she said, “Watch this.”

Alicia got up and sauntered confidently over to the redhead who was now by herself, her two friends having gone to powder their noses or whatever.

I watched as Alicia flirted with the redhead by touching her gently and clearly flattering the girl whose face eventually matched her hair. I was instantly jealous of the redhead; I wanted to be the one Alicia flirted with, yet I was beginning to become aware that she was not going to cross the line with me, her advising teacher; even though it was obvious she knew she could. My frustration was building as I finished my third cocktail and ordered a fourth. The liquid lubrication was playing with my mind and pussy.

I saw the redhead give Alicia a card and Alicia leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Alicia returned with a devilish grin and sat back down. “It is that easy.”

“What is?”

“Seducing a straight woman,” she said, bluntly.

“How do you know she is straight?”

“I don’t know. I have just always been able to sense when a straight woman is curious.”


“Indeed,” she agreed, her foot again grazing my leg, this time stopping as our legs touched. It was harmless, yet had my mind spinning a mile a minute.

My face went flush and she continued, “Truthfully, just like Markus loves to be a white woman’s first black cock, I love to be a white woman’s first as well.”

The declaration was clear; she was implying she wanted to be my first. I was paralyzed with excitement and fear, but before I could respond she quickly texted someone. She looked over to the redhead who looked at her phone, blushed and walked towards us.

Alicia explained, “I told her I would text her when I was ready to leave.”

I was about to at least hint that I was indeed curious, although unsure how to make such a revealing and risky revelation when the redhead arrived at our table.

Alicia smiled, “Pam, this is Samantha.”

We awkwardly greeted each other, Samantha clearly nervous.

Alicia said standing up, “We will see you on Monday, Pam.”

I looked up at her, disappointed at not being the one going home with her.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She wrapped her dark arms around me and I allowed myself to melt into her. She whispered into my ear, her hot breathe only enhancing her complete overwhelming of me. “Go home and make John eat your sweet cunt and when he does, close your eyes and imagine it is me between your legs, my pet.”

My knees weakened as I whimpered involuntarily. Before I could respond, she turned, grabbed the redhead’s hand and disappeared in the crowd. I sat back down a horny mess of desire and finished my drink. I phoned John to come get me, as I was too intoxicated to drive, and ordered another drink while I waited.

Completely drunk, as soon as we got home, the kids at their grandparents for the weekend, I fulfilled the second request from my beautiful black intern demanding, as I pulled off my skirt, pantyhose and panties, “Eat me, now!”

Never one to resist the offer to snack on my buffet of sweetness, he buried himself between my legs. I closed my eyes and easily pictured Alicia between my legs licking my pussy. The fantasy enthralled me and I became one with the fantasy. It was no longer my husband between my legs, it was Alicia. Each tongue stoke on my sensitive pussy lips had juice escaping me and my moans echoed throughout the room. “Oh god, yes Alicia, lick my white pussy,” I moaned. The licking pace increased and after only a couple of minutes of dedicated licking I was on the verge of orgasmic bliss and when my clit was swallowed whole I screamed, “Oh yeeeeeees, Alicia, get your white slut off, oh fuck, oh god, yes, shit yes, oh my god, yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.” My orgasm was the most intense in recent memory as the waves of pleasure continued to ripple through me.

The only sound for a long time was my heavy breathing as I recovered from my intense orgasm.

When I finally opened my eyes and returned to reality, my husband was staring at me with a huge grin plastered on his face. “Sooooooo, do you have something to tell me?”

I retold the conversation, the redhead seduction, and her words in my ear and the fact that we would be sharing a hotel room in a few days.

“Oh my,” he moaned, his head clearly playing a million different scenarios.

“Oh my indeed,” I agreed, as I took his fully ready-for-pleasure cock in my mouth.

I was stunned when he stopped me and said, “Wait a second, I got something special for you.”

I minute later he returned and threw a DVD into the DVD player and he smiled, “I bought this to enhance our role-playing, but apparently you started without me.”

Jon turned on the TV and he patted the couch for me to join him. Curious and excited, I did and soon the film titles started. The movie was called ‘Black and White Lesbian Lawyers’.

I looked at John and smirked, “Nice choice.”

“I thought you would like it.”

Silence lingered, except for the TV screen as we watched the interracial lesbian action. It was wild with a white intern learning how to climb the ladder in the firm through sexual submission. It was sensual, with lots of kissing and caressing. The younger girl pleased her older boss, licked and tongued her pussy and asshole, which was a taboo surprise. As the younger white girl fingered the black woman’s pussy and ass simultaneously, she licked her to the point her boss climaxed and squirted in the young girl’s mouth and face. The white girl was not shocked at all, but welcomed getting squirted on. The black boss returned the pleasure by strapping on a big black rubber dick and explaining that complete submission included unlimited access to all holes and, after generously lubing the big toy, slid it into the white girl’s butt and pounded her really good.

I had tried anal with John a couple of times, and although I didn’t hate it, I didn’t really enjoy it and John understood my discomfort. Yet, watching these two women so intimate and yet so kinky suddenly had me reconsidering my no anal play rule. I didn’t mention it to John at the time, as I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth.

He let out a moan and talked as I devoured him whole. “You are dying to dyke out with Alicia aren’t you, baby?”

I moaned on his cock, still quite feverish, my hand going to my still wet cunt.

“You want to be her little white lesbian slut, don’t you?”

Another moan escaped my lips as I furiously bobbed on his cock and just as furiously began rubbing myself.

“You will obey her, won’t you?”

I let his cock slip out of my mouth as I pushed him onto the floor. Straddling him, I said, as I engulfed his cock in my sauna of love, “Yes, baby. I will do whatever she asks. I will kiss her sweet lips, suck on her big tits, and lap at her black cunt.” I was now bouncing up and down, all eight inches of my husband’s cock completely filling me with each downward bounce. “Is that what you want to hear?”

“Oh God yes,” he answered, my tight pussy grip milking his cock expertly.

“You want me to dyke out with Alicia, don’t you?” I teased.

“Hell, yeah,” he moaned, while I quickly rode his pogo stick.

We stared into each other’s eyes for the next couple of minutes until I saw him make his ‘I’m coming’ face and felt his hot seed coat my vagina walls. I milked every last drop from him before my orgasm hit, although a lot smaller than my earlier one.

The rest of the weekend we talked about all the potential possibilities that could occur this Tuesday, each a wet, tantalizing fantasy.


Monday morning I was called into a department meeting in the morning and Alicia had a lunch meeting with her college supervisor, so it wasn’t until after school that we had a chance to talk.

I was so eager to talk to her, like I was when I was a teenager and couldn’t wait for my boyfriend to call, the plethora of possibilities ricocheting around like a pinball in my brain.

Unfortunately our conversation was brief, yet the tone was set. Alicia explained, while packing up, “Pam, I have to head out, I am getting a Brazilian done.”

“What is a Brazilian?” I asked, clueless.

“Where they get rid of all your pussy hair,” she informed me.

“Oh,” I said, wondering if she was doing that for me.

“Is your pussy shaven?” she asked, finishing packing up.

“No.” I answered, realizing this was very strange classroom conversation. Wanting to defend myself, I added, “But I do keep it trimmed.”

She considered my answer and looked like she might give me an order, but instead she finished packing up, and said, “I’ll drive tomorrow, ok.”

“Sure,” I agreed, happily, as I had always hated night driving.

“So be packed and bring something sexy, we will be going out on the town after we get there.”

“Ok,” I quickly agreed.

She gave me a quick wink and added, “I mean dress-for-sex hot.”

I blushed and said, “What do you have in mind?”

She smiled a smile that could only be taken as devilishly sexy and teased, “Oh trust me, it will be a night you will never forget.”

Before I could respond she was gone and I was again left a wet mess, which was becoming a more common occurrence.

I went home, swallowed a load of my husband’s cum for an appetizer before supper just before the kids got home and then at bedtime we had another sex marathon where I came over and over thinking it was her tongue on me and Markus’s big black cock fucking me.

That night, while cuddling with my hubby, still horny after a few orgasms, John again gave me permission to play.

This time I pointed out, “It very well may happen, baby.”

“I know,” he whispered in my ear.

I fell asleep excited about the unknown and just as nervous. If I did succumb to my growing desire, there was no turning back.


I was a mess all day. Every time she looked at me, I felt as if she was seeing through my conservative teacher outfit and into my dirty mind. Underneath my long black skirt was a matching black garterbelt and stockings and on a crazy whim I had decided to not wear any panties, something I had never done at work before.

I considered going without a bra as well, my tiny breasts are easy to conceal, but my sensitive hard nipples were impossible to hide if I got excited, which I was all fucking day.

Yet she showed not even the slightest hint of what she had in store for me. There was no innuendo, no long looks, and no anything, I even began to think it was all in my head.

The day ended, my pussy on fire with nervous anticipation. Her sweet, innocent, yet seductive smile asked, “You ready for an adventure?”

I quickly gave away any pretence that I wasn’t a willing and eager participant when I responded, “I am ready for whatever you have in mind.”

Her smile shifted only slightly as she teased, “You should be careful what you promise.”

Returning her volley, I countered, “These next two days I’m throwing caution to the wind.”

She gave me a look and decided to test me, her tone the most dominant I had heard. “Give me your panties.”

“I can’t,” I answered, sheepishly.

“Why?” she asked, her tone implying a lack of tolerance.

I blushed. “I am not wearing any.”

Her tone instantly softened. “Well aren’t you a naughty girl.”

I blushed even more, excited at the odd flattery.

“How about your bra then?”

Suddenly feeling self-conscious in my own classroom, I replied, “Not here.”

Her tone sweet, yet with authority, demanded, as she closed the door, “Now, my kitty.”

Having her give me a pet name only enhanced my eagerness to submit and I obeyed silently. Getting the bra off without taking off my blouse was a bit awkward, especially when she was watching me, but I got it off and handed it to her.

She took it and complimented me, “Good Kitty. Time to go, my pet.”

I followed her to her car and we were off to the great unknown.

Silence lingered until we were out of the city and Alicia finally broke the obvious tension. “So Pam, does hubby know about your desire to be my kitty?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“And he approves?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, adding, “He gave me permission to play with you and even….” I stopped suddenly, realizing I might have said too much.

“Even what, my kitty? You and I will have no secrets.”

“He even gave me permission to be with Markus,” I revealed.

“Well, aren’t you ambitious,” she said with a smile.

I didn’t say anything, unsure what to say.

Silence lingered for a few more minutes until she finally asked, “So you want to fuck my boyfriend?”

Her tone was deceiving. I couldn’t tell if she was offended or impressed. I contemplated my answer for a moment until she repeated, her tone showing impatience, “Just answer the question. Do you want to fuck my big-cocked boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I admitted, adding, “desperately.”

“He would rip you apart,” she said with a smile, before adding, “but fuck, it would be hot to see.”

Silence again lingered before she explained her expectations to me. “I am very submissive to my man, but just as dominant to my kitties. I expect complete obedience. I expect undying loyalty. I expect you to be a perfect little sub.”

She allowed her words to sink in as I processed her expectations, which turned me on even more. I finally answered, accepting the extreme terms, “Ok.”

“You don’t sound too convincing,” she questioned.

Desperate to show my complete and utter eagerness to submit to her, I confirmed my commitment. “These next two days Alicia, I am no longer married, no longer your cooperating teacher, and no longer the conservative prude people see me as. “

“Then what are you?” she questioned.

“Your submissive,” I replied.

“My pet?”

“Your pet kitty,” I agreed.

“Open my glove department.”

I did and saw a little bag.

“Take the bag.”

I did.

“Grab the ball and shove it in your cunt,” she ordered.

I looked at it cautiously, unsure what it was. The prude side of me wondered if it was sanitary.

“Now!” she demanded, her tone shifting dramatically.

Startled, I quickly slid the ball inside my very wet pussy.

“Good kitty,” she purred, instantly returning to her syrupy sweet self.

Silence again remained, giving me lots of time to wonder what she had in store for me. The ball just sat inside me until suddenly I felt a buzz. I let out a surprised yelp and glanced at Alicia who was smiling. The buzzing sensation was just a light tease, a constant reminder that she had the power.

Alicia turned the radio up and somehow the speed of the toy in me at the same time and I let out a moan. Her only words for the next half hour was, “Don’t you dare come, my kitty.”

The buzzing was impossible to ignore, a constant tease, and I attempted to think of anything but sex…which was fucking impossible.

Out of the blue she said, “We are pulling into the next town for gas. If you have not come by then you will be punished.”

The word punished shocked me, as I never thought of this being a BDSM relationship.

She suggested, “I would get to work. We just passed the two mile sign.”

Fearful of what a punishment may be, I quickly put my hand under my skirt and began rubbing my clit furiously desperate to fulfill the order and my desire to come. My moans increased with my excitement and I closed my eyes, forgetting that I was in a car with my young black intern. Getting close, I begged, “Turn it on full blast, please.”

She obliged and the enhanced pulses inside my cunt was the final trigger to a glorious orgasm as my legs stiffened and my juice began to flood out of me.

I felt the car slow down and I opened my eyes a moment later to see we were pulling into a gas station. Alicia smiled, “You did very well, my kitty.”

I replied, still trying to catch my breath, “Thank you.”

“Fill up my tank, my kitty,” she instructed, getting out of the car. I followed her with my eyes and stared at her as she stretched, her perfect body curving at all the right places. I watched her like a horny boy as she went into the gas station. I got out and began pumping gas like a servant. I could feel my juice creeping down my leg, the aftermath evidence of a good orgasm, the toy still buzzing at full speed. I finished pumping the gas and went inside to clean up and hopefully get the toy out of me.

She came out of the washroom as I was going in. She smiled and I asked, with a slight whimper, “Can I take the toy out of me?”

“Is that what you want?” she asked.

The good vibrations stimulating me back to my happy place I suddenly realized I wanted nothing more than to keep the toy in me. “Ooooh, on second thought, I think I will keep it in.”

“Good kitty,” she smiled. “When you are done, pay for the gas.”

“Yes, Miss,” I replied, unsure what to call her under these strange circumstances.

As if reading my mind, she explained, “Except at the conference, you will refer to me as Mistress, is that clear?”

“Crystal,” I replied, happy to have a clear distinction between us.

She left and I went pee and paid for the gas, as well as buying some snacks.

I returned to the car and saw she was in the passenger seat. Assuming the obvious, I got into the driver’s seat and started the vehicle.

Once on the road again, my black intern, my black Mistress, pulled up her skirt and took off her pink panties. She handed them to me and said, “A gift for my kitty.”

I took them and without even thinking moved them to my nose. Her scent was powerful and intoxicating, just as I had envisioned it would be.

“Oh my,” she teased, “you are one naughty little dyke wannabe, aren’t you?”

Embarrassed by what I had just done, I put the panties onto my lap.

“I’d better shut off the toy, my Kitty, hate for you to not be able to focus on the road.”

She shut it off and I suddenly felt kind of empty.

I looked over a couple of minutes later and Alicia was asleep. I let out a soft sigh and drove in silence, my mind spinning with the many different scenarios she could have in store for me.


Alicia didn’t wake up until we were pulling up to the hotel. She yawned and asked, “Are you ready, my pet?”

The nickname had my pussy instantly tingling. “Yes.”

She purred, “Oh that is exactly what I wanted to hear.” A second later, I felt the buzz return to my loins. Instantly taking control, she said, “Let the adventure begin.”

She got out of the car and I quickly followed. She ordered, “Grab the bags and follow me.”

I obeyed, like the servant she was treating me as, the vibrating in my pussy still a major distraction. She was checking in when I arrived in the hotel. She pointed me to wait, like she would a child, and my face burned red with shame. It was one thing to submit to her sexually, it was another to be humiliated in public. Once she was done checking in, she instructed, “Bring the bags.”

I wanted to stand up for myself, to say this is not how you treat someone, yet instead I followed along like a well-trained puppy.

As soon as the elevator door closed, Alicia demanded, in front of an elderly couple also in the elevator, “On your knees.”

I looked at her pleading with my eyes, but instead of giving me a break she raised her voice and demanded, “Now!!!”

I lowered my eyes and dropped to my knees, humiliation burning inside me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. Yet, at the same time, my pussy was so wet I could feel my juices leaking out.

She patted my head, clearly putting on a sick show for the older couple, and said, “Good pet.”

Thankfully, she didn’t make me do anything sexual, as I just sat on my knees like a good dog.

We reached our floor and she ordered, “Crawl, my pet.”

I obeyed, as she grabbed our bags and followed behind me.

Once the elevator door was closed, her tone showed her power as she threatened, “Don’t you ever hesitate when I give you an order, is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” I instantly replied, both intimidated by her and also not wanting to not get the opportunity to pleasure her.

Once in the hotel room, she ordered, “Get undressed and take out the egg. Leave only your stockings on.”

She watched as I nervously got undressed in front of her and slipped out the still vibrating egg. My hand shook noticeably. Finally only in stockings, she said, “You have such small breasts, and yet such stiff nipples.”

I blushed as she assessed my body. I admitted, “Yes, they are extremely sensitive, especially when I am excited.”

“You are excited,” she teased, as she poured us both a glass of wine. Handing me mine, I took it and trying to calm my nerves, I shot the half the drink. “Are you getting some liquid courage?”

I nodded. “A couple of drinks and my inhibitions go away.”

“Well, drink away then, my pet. I plan to use you all night,” she promised, as she slid her finger between my breasts.

I shivered at her touch, a chill going up my spine.

She asked, “Do you want to see my tits?”

“Yes,” I whispered shyly.

She unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside, her large breasts begging to be released from their fabric prison. “Take off my bra,” my intern demanded.

I felt the slightest of leakage down below as I, still shaking, partly because I was nervous and partly because I was cold, unhooked the clasp and let her bra drop to the floor.

She offered, “Go ahead. Touch them. I know you want to.”

Of course, she was right. I cupped them in my hands, in awe of how big and heavy they were. Suddenly I saw streams rolling down between her breasts and Alicia demanded, “Drink up, my kitty.” I didn’t hesitate as I buried my face between her big luscious breasts and savoured the sweet mixture of her dark skin and wine. At first it was just the small thin stream, but as I lapped it up, the stream became wider and quicker and I had to work hard to catch all the wine. A couple of minutes later, a buzz starting, I heard Alicia demand, “Finish your wine.”

I shot the last half of my glass. Alicia refilled it and took it before pushing me onto the bed. She asked, “Are you ready to be with a woman, my kitty?”

I looked up and admitted, wanting nothing more, “God, yes.”

She climbed onto the bed and her dark legs straddled my head. Her scent instantly encompassed me and I instantly wanted to taste her. She instructed me, “Look at my cunt, my pet. What do you want to do to it?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “I want to lick you.”

She lowered her pussy so it was millimetres from my lips; her flexibility was very impressive. Without instruction, I leaned the last inch and licked her pussy.

I was instantly scolded, “Did I give you permission to lick me, slut?”

The tone shift and being called a slut was like a slap in the face after all the sweet nicknames of the day. I stammered, suddenly out of my realm of comfort, “N-n-no.”

She lowered herself onto my chin. Although my instinct was to extend my tongue, her bouquet of sin overwhelming my senses, I waited for further instructions from the suddenly domineering younger woman.

Finally she ordered, “Pam, I expect utter obedience, is that clear?”

“Yes,” I quickly replied, not wanting to disappoint her.

“Good,” she replied, suddenly grinding her pussy on my chin and I could feel her juices coating my chin. She continued to explain, “You see, Pam, as you promised in your classroom, you are throwing caution to the wind. That means I own you now. You are my lez slut. Is that understood?”

Partly tipsy, partly horny, but mostly curious to taste her intoxicating nectar, I answered, “Yes, Miss.”

“Mistress,” she corrected, continuing to fuck herself on my chin.

“Yes, Alicia. You are my Mistress, please train me to be a good pet,” I begged.

She suddenly shifted her legs, her weight on my arms, trapping me, making me completely helpless and at the whim of my beautiful black intern. I should have been scared, yet I was completely turned on and ready to obey any order given. She grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her oasis of juice. She asked, although I could barely hear her in my subservient boxed in position, “Do you like what you see…slut?”

I moaned weakly, “I love it.”

“Of course you do, sluts love looking at cunt.” She pulled my face in, using my hair to guide and ordered, “Take a good whiff, slut.” She rubbed her pussy on my face, her excessive wetness showering my face; her scent impossible to not inhale. Grabbing my hair and yanking surprisingly hard, my face was shoved inside her pussy, my nose actually parting her pussy lips.

Finally I get the instruction I am dying to hear. “Lick my cunt, slut. Get off your new Mistress.” I eagerly extend my tongue again and begin licking. Every fantasy and anticipation of her taste was correct, she was perfection. Her pussy was like the champagne of the gods and I instantly knew I had made the right decision.

I was tentative at first, exploring her pussy as best I coukd from my awkward position. Alicia’s dominant voice gets me focused. “Don’t you be shy now, my fucking white whore, make me explode on your prima donna face.”

Such verbal abuse had never been thrown my way and I was stunned by how much it got me off. I felt my pussy leaking without being touched, being treated like a slut a major turn-on. I began licking faster, nibbling longer and sucking with purpose. I swallowed her clit in my mouth and heard a loud moan, which made a chill flow up my spine. She purred, her voice implying she had a big smirk on her face, “It’s what all lesbian slut slaves crave, cum all over their whore faces, their make-up a muddled mess like a cheap fucking slut. Isn’t that what you are, Pam?”

I let go off her clit and answered, mesmerized by the current predicament I was in, “Oh god yes, Mistress, I am a cheap fucking slut whore whose face is yours to use for your pleasure.” I instantly went back to savouring her cunt, determined to make her orgasm and taste her orgasmic champagne. I felt her hips moving in a slow rhythm my tongue clearly getting her aroused.

She again grabbed my hair and pressed my face against her, forcing me to breathe her in, the only air I had coming from her wet cunt. She began moving her hips faster, harder, grinding my face with her pussy as she moaned with authority, “Keep that fucking tongue working slut, or else.”

I felt like I was drowning in her pussy perfection and I never wanted to leave my newfound position, my newfound submission.

Alicia used her fingers to spread her pussy open for me, spreading her cunt lips wider, her cunt fully exposed to me. I attempt to fuck her cunt with my tongue, using my tongue like a small cock. Her moans became grunts and she began thrusting harder.

Her screams and moans oddly encouraged me. “Yeeeeeeees, harder slut. My little fuck-toy bitch! My fucking teacher slave. Harder!”

Sensing she was close, I sucked her clit back into my mouth, allowing my tongue to swirl around the hard nub.

Alicia let out a surprised gasp at my sudden aggressive approach and she rose up and then crashed back down onto my face. Although awkward, she was soon bouncing up and down on my face, literally fucking my face.

I became just a vessel for her pleasure, a personal fuck-toy for my new Mistress and I loved it. I desperately tried to lick her pussy and breathe as she rode my face.

Her sounds of arousal only enhanced my eagerness. “Mmmmmmmmmm, I’m gonna cooooooooome, yeeeeees. Suck my clit mooooooore, slut. Swallow it for fucks sake.”

All I wanted to do was make her come, taste her nectar, and her sin. I could feel her tremor, her shudder and her fingers dug into my hair as her body went rigid and I was rewarded with my black intern’s heavenly perfection. I lapped up every drop of her juice, knowing instantly that I was addicted and I would eagerly taste from her pussy the millisecond she snapped her fingers.

Alicia began moving her hips again furiously, again fucking my face, riding her orgasm to completion, using my face for nothing more than a fuck-toy. Just when I thought her orgasm was done, a second explosion coated my face, as she shook uncontrollably as she screamed, “Sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, fuuuuuuuuuuck.”

My jaw was sore, my neck was burning and my arms were numb as my Mistress continued to use me for her pleasure. Thankfully, she fell to her side, her knees slipping off my arms, finally releasing me from my captive submission.

Her soft black hands grabbed my face. She looked into my eyes, staring at my cum-coated face. I stared back with trepidation, feeling cum dripping down my chin. I wanted, I needed, her approval. I was on pins and needles waiting for her first words after my complete submission to her. She smiled, gave me a playful slap on my cheek, “Mmmmmmm, you were a good little white bitch for me.”

“Thank you,” I blushed, oddly flattered by the strange compliment. I am sure I would have wagged my tail if I had one.

Alicia reached down and ran her fingers through her cunt before returning them and smearing her cum on my cheeks and lips.

I attempt to lick her fingers, again absurdly thanking her. “Oh thank you, Mistress.”

She puts her cum-scented fingers to my nose and just let them linger there. Silence echoed in the room loudly before she asked, “What are you, Pam?”

I answered without hesitation. “Your pet. Your slut. Your cunt.”

She laughed softly but with intent. “Yes, you are such a slut, a dirty little slut.” She leaned in and kissed me hard, her tongue dancing inside my mouth. Her hands cupped my cheeks and after all the hardcore humiliation, the gently kiss was an absurd yet hot contrast. I eagerly kissed back, the most passionate kiss I could ever recall experiencing.

She finally broke the kiss after a few minutes of intimate passion and smiled, her voice soft, “You were such a good girl, such a good kitty.”

Her approval warmed me all over. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“For part of your training, you are not allowed to come tonight,” she revealed, my heart crashing hard.

I whispered, unable to hide my disappointment, “Yes, Mistress.”

Her finger slid between my tiny breasts as she promised. “But don’t worry Pam. Tomorrow I promise you orgasm after orgasm like you have never experienced.” She kissed me one last time and said, “I am going to have a shower. Call your husband and feel free to share your submission to your new Mistress if you wish.”

I watched her leave and lay there, trying to calm down my burning desire to touch myself. I considered calling John, but knew retelling my adventure with Alicia would only rekindle my slowly simmering flame and I would be unable to resist the urge to pleasure myself. Instead, I closed my eyes, suddenly exhausted, and drifted into bliss.


I had the most peaceful sleep in recent memory, not waking up once, which was strange considering I hadn’t been allowed to orgasm. I heard the shower running and slowly stretched. I took off the stockings I slept in all night and rubbed the imprint of the top of the stocking. The shower shut off and I was again nervous, unsure how to act normally after what had taken place.

I made a pot of coffee and it was almost brewed when Alicia finally came out of the shower in just a towel. She smiled when she saw me and asked, “Did you have a good sleep?”

“I slept like a baby,” I admitted. “How about you?”

“Very good. Any regrets?” she asked, walking towards me.

I stammered, “N-n-no.”

“Good, because I think going to this conference now is the perfect metaphor for your transformation.”

“How so?” I asked, confused and excited, as she stood directly in front of me.

“Well, I am recycling you. Getting rid of the old, prude persona you personified and creating a new much better version, a sexy, submissive, slut.”

I blushed, my face burning with shame as such a declaration and yet my cunt burning with desire because of the exact same declaration.

She could see through my trepidation to my real desires and ordered, “Go shower. We have a very busy day, my kitty.”

I obeyed, again trying to squelch the burning heat growing below. In the shower I turned the water on colder than I usually did, desperate to calm my desire down, not wanting to be a horny mess while at the conference. I had to turn off my growing slut personality and return to my professional teacher one.

Out of the shower, I returned to the room and saw that Alicia was gone. On the bed was an outfit and a note. The outfit included the red blouse I had brought, but the black leather skirt was not mine. I grabbed the piece of paper and read the brief note.

Pam MY Slut,

My kitty. I am downstairs having breakfast. You are welcome to join me when you are dressed and ready. I have laid out your outfit for today…do not make any alterations or changes to your attire. You will notice that it is sexy, not slutty. Of course, you may also notice that there is no underwear of any kind. A SLUT doesn’t wear undergarments. A slut’s pleasure holes are ALWAYS available at ALL times.

In public you may refer to me as Alicia, but the instant we are alone I am MISTRESS and you are SLUT. That said, you are still expected to obey any command I give you, no matter where we are.

Now finish getting dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast.

Your Mistress


I could feel my pussy getting wetter as she read the note and her expectations. Even though I was a teacher, a lady, the thought of being a possession, just letting go unconditionally was…irresistible.

I grabbed the pantyhose, surprised they were not thigh highs until I pulled them up and learned they were crotchless. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I put on the leather skirt and realized why she had me wear pantyhose instead of stockings, the skirt, although just barely professional, was too short for stockings. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and were almost impossible to hide in the thin fabric blouse. Once dressed, I finished my hair and had to admit I looked pretty damn good.

I went downstairs for breakfast and joined Alicia. She smiled when she saw me and asked, “Do you like your outfit?”

“Yes,” I admitted, slightly self-conscious at how others may judge me, but more excited at obeying my new black Mistress.

“You look delicious,” she complimented. “If I hadn’t already ordered breakfast, I’d have had you instead.”

I blushed, my pussy already tingling from the thought of being pleasured by her.

I ordered breakfast and we sat in awkward silence. Where before our sexual encounter we had lots to talk about, suddenly I had nothing to say.

After what was only a couple of minutes, but felt like an eternity, Alicia began conversation, talking about the conference and sessions she planned to attend. After a couple more minutes, it was as if last night didn’t happen and we were colleagues again. It wasn’t until breakfast was almost done that I was reminded of our new relationship. She took a strawberry, moved it under the table and stared at me the whole time. A minute later the strawberry returned into view and she leaned forward and put it on my plate. Understanding her expectation, I grabbed the strawberry that was glistening just enough to know without a doubt it had been inside her pussy and popped it in my mouth. The sweet mixture of the fruit and her juice was indescribable, but it was an assault to the senses.

Alicia smiled and purred, “Good pet,” just before our waitress arrived with the bill.

Once the bill was paid, by me of course, we went to the ballroom for the opening keynote. The speaker, a passionate man, focused on how the world was like a village and we in North America took for granted our many luxuries. It was a powerful opening and he closed by highlighting that each of us could play a role in changing the world. As usual, I get giddy with youthful enthusiasm when a speaker is so optimistic because I am definitely a the-glass-is-half-full kind of girl. Alicia smiled and said, “You are already well on your way to contributing to helping many others.”

I was confused at the comment at first until I caught on to the sexual implications that were implied. I worried about what her devious mind could have in store for me, even as another part of me tingled with anticipation. What was becoming of me?

Alicia handed me a note and said, “I will see you back in the hotel after the last session.”

I watched her leave before opening the note, my already usual mixture of trepidation and excitement crashing together.

My White Little Slut,

There is an adult store a block and a half from our hotel. Before you return to our room, I want you to go there and pick up a strap-on you want me to fuck you with. There will also be a small package for you to pick up that I have pre-ordered for you.

Have a good day and don’t you dare come!!!

Mistress Alicia

I stared at the letter even as my pussy leaked. I looked at the clock and realized I had less than five minutes before my next session on ‘Recycling Art’. I sighed; I was really looking forward to this session. I was an art major and was intrigued by new ideas to bring back to my class that tied recycling and art. Now all I could think about was the fact that Alicia planned to fuck me later tonight and instead of being aghast at the thought, I couldn’t wait.

Although distracted, I went to the session and once it got underway, my pussy simmered and I was able to concentrate on the real reason I was here. Once the session was over, I decided to head for lunch to fulfill the order Alicia gave me when I heard my name being called out. I stopped in my tracks, the voice vaguely familiar. I turned around to see it was my first intern from a few years ago, Joan.

“I thought that was you,” Joan greeted with a big smile.

“Hi, Joan,” I smiled, “it is great to see you.”

She asked, “Going for lunch?”

“I was,” I admitted. We went for lunch and caught up. Although not overly professional, we chatted so long we missed the afternoon keynote as we went for a mini-shopping spree instead. It wasn’t until three hours later before Joan asked, “I have to ask, Pam. Are you not wearing a bra?”

I blushed, but covered, having briefly forgot about my current situation, “Believe it or not, I forgot to pack one.”

“Really?” she asked, surprised. “You are the most organized person I have ever met.”

I joked, “Early menopause.”

Joan laughed and quipped, “Well, you are definitely perky.”

My stiff nipples agreed as I recalled my task I had yet to complete. “If you only knew the half of it,” I threw out there before realizing what I just said. I quickly added, “Well it was great seeing you, but I need to get back to the hotel, I am suppose to meet my new intern for supper.”

“Oh, I would love to meet her, maybe share war stories,” Joan quipped sarcastically.

Before I knew what was happening, I had supper plans at 6 with Joan and Alicia. We hugged goodbye and I rushed to the adult store. Once in the store I was instantly overwhelmed by wall-to-wall toys and kinky sex paraphernalia. I walked around casually until I found the strap-on cocks and gasped at the variety. Although my mind was overwhelmed, my neglected pussy was instantly wet again. I noticed there was a variety of lengths and widths and although I knew I should be conservative with my choice, as soon as I noticed a long, thick black one, my mind was made.

I grabbed the box with the eight inch black strap-on and my pussy instantly got damp with anticipation. The long wait to come, plus the thought of Markus’s eleven and a half inch cock had me greatly distracted and I was becoming obsessed with black cock.

Heading to the till I saw a black vibrator and grabbed it, thinking she could play black fantasy on my own as well.

At the till I remembered I was supposed to ask for a package. Although embarrassing to ask, so was buying a strap-on cock that implied the obvious. At the till, the cashier was an older woman who gave no reaction at all to my purchases or my request for a package for me. She handed me a sealed box and I learned my purchase was over two hundred dollars. I was surprised, but acted casually as I paid for my toys and whatever else was in the box and rushed out like I was making a getaway. I returned to my hotel room and Alicia was in the shower. I put my purchases on the bed and waited nervously for whatever might lie ahead.


A few agonizing minutes ticked by with snail like speed. I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, the anticipation was killing me. My pussy on fire, I suddenly remembered my dinner plans.

Alicia came out in a towel, her wet hair making her somehow even hotter. She smiled, “You finally made it. I thought you might have decided to not return.”

I blushed but admitted, “That thought never crossed my mind.”

“Good,” she purred, promising, “because I have plans for you tonight.”

“About that,” I began.

A perplexed look crossed her face.

“I bumped into my last intern and somehow the three of us are going out for dinner,” I explained.

“Reeeeeally,” she smiled, her brain clearly bouncing around with ideas that both worried and excited me.

“Supposed to meet at six,” I revealed.

“Delicious,” she smiled.

I begged, “Please don’t let Joan know about our relationship.”

“Our relationship,” she repeated, “is that what this is?”

I didn’t say anything and she promised, “I will try to behave myself.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“I suggest you go shower and get ready. One of my later ideas will have to be moved up. You will probably want time to get used to it.”

I couldn’t fathom what I would have to get used to, although as was becoming the norm, the idea both excited and scared me. Allowing myself to be completely at the whim of someone else was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. “Ok,” I replied, giving no sign of my inner turmoil.

I went to the washroom and had a long cleansing shower, my mind reeling with possibility. For the second time today, Alicia was gone and clothes and a note were left for me, as was the box, now opened.

I grabbed the note and read it.

My lez slut I am not sure how to read the dinner plans you have arranged. On the one hand, it looks like your attempt to avoid submitting to me again. On the other hand, it could be your subtle way to have you submit to two interns in one day. On yet another hand, it could just be the circumstance of how events shaped. On yet another, another hand it could be fates way of stirring the sexual pot.

I have again left you clothes to wear. YOU WILL WEAR THEM! Also, I will be back in fifteen minutes to insert in you a special toy for the evening, a constant reminder of who owns you tonight.

I expect you dressed, on the bed on all fours, and ready for me.

Your Black Goddess

Still in just a towel, curiosity got the better of me and I peaked in the box. I pulled out the toy and after a couple of seconds it dawned on me it was a butt plug. She wasn’t expecting me to wear a butt plug, was she?

Anxiety suddenly overruled excitement. I had allowed John to fuck my ass a few times and although I got used to the pain that accompanied it, I can’t say I ever really enjoyed it. It was just one of those things I did to please my man. I couldn’t even remotely recall the last time we had done that…a couple of years at least.

I put on the fire truck red dress I packed as instructed by Alicia…easily the sexiest dress I owned. The dress was just long enough to cover up the black thigh high stockings Alicia had left for me to put on, but would definitely not hide the stocking tops when I was sitting. As this morning, there was no underwear. I slid the nylons onto my legs, slithered into the dress and went and got ready. Thankfully, the dress was thick enough to conceal my stiff nipples. I had just finished my hair and last second lipstick touch-ups when I heard a key in the lock. Quickly, I rushed to the bed, awkwardly pulled my dress up just as the door opened.

Alicia entered, and a couple of seconds later said, “Now that is the way to be greeted, a nice, ripe, white ass up in the air.”

My face I imagine went the same color of my dress, but I remained silent, waiting.

I heard her shuffle through her suitcase before joining me on the bed, directly behind me. She asked, “Did you like the present?”

I avoided a direct answer. “It was not what I expected.”

“What did you expect?”

“I don’t know actually. A lot of things popped into my head,” I admitted.

“Like?” she asked, her hands on my ass.

I listed the long list of taboo items I hypothesized may be in the mystery box. “Handcuffs, vibrators, lotions, lubes, blindfolds, outfits and so forth.”

“You are a naughty minx. Three of the things you listed were in that box, as well as the butt plug you already know about, and there is one other surprise for later,” my young black intern informed.

I felt my ass cheeks spread apart as she asked, “You have not come yet, have you?”

“No, Miss,” I answered, hoping my obedience would pay off in the form of the long awaited orgasm she hinted was coming.

“You really are a submissive little slut, aren’t you?”

I admitted, “With John I can be, but I often am in control as well. Yet, somehow with you it is completely different.”

Her finger teased my puckered back door. “An interesting choice of strap-on cock, my slut.”

I whimpered a bit as her finger probed my rarely used ass. “It is?”

“Big and black, and if I didn’t know any better, I would assume you are trying to prepare yourself for my boyfriend’s big, thick, eleven inch plus super cock.”

“I-um-well-I have always fantasized of having a black cock. John has even bought black condoms so that I can somewhat live the fantasy,” I stammered in explanation.

“I see,” she teased, her finger just barely penetrating me. “Well, be a good little slut and maybe I will make that fantasy become more than just a reflection.”

The thought of fucking Markus sent a pulse of pleasure directly to my cunt.

My black Goddess, as she called herself, asked, “I assume you have had your back end plundered?”

“Yes,” I admitted, but hoping to change her plans for me added, “although I can’t say I have ever really enjoyed it.”

“Part of the pleasure for me is the utter submission, and once I give into it, I find the pleasure enhances immensely,” she explained.

Her logic made sense and I wondered if in utter submission came ultimate pleasure. Her finger teased my entrance and I replied, still cautious, “Kkkk.”

She surprised me next when she pulled her finger out and I suddenly felt her tongue running my asshole. The feeling was a surprisingly numbing sensation that sent pulses of pleasure directly to my needy cunt. She spent only a couple of minutes between my ass cheeks, before moving away. A moment later I felt the cold liquid lube coating my ass as she prepared, I assumed, to fill my ass with the butt plug.

“Relax,” she instructed, “I am going to prep your ass for your new toy.”

I tried to obey, but it is like not looking at a car crash, you can’t resist. Slowly, but surely, she slid her finder inside my tight ass. Because it was only her finger, it only pained slightly. Oddly, maybe because I had not been allowed to orgasm or maybe because of the submissive act, the finger violation of my ass was getting me horny. She wiggled her finger in my ass, which was again only a slight discomfort.

Alicia explained, “I am opening your ass slowly, preparing it for the plug you will wear all evening when we are out with your friend.”

I couldn’t fathom how I could walk or sit with something that big in my ass, it was completely incomprehensible.

A few seconds later my black intern explained, “I am going to add a second finger, Pam. I suggest you relax and enjoy it like a good slut.”

Being called a slut was both insulting and a turn-on and I did my best to obey and relax. As the second finger squeezed its way inside, I could feel my ass muscles protest the widening.

Alicia’s other hand went to my pussy and she lightly tapped my clit, distracting me from the pain with pleasure. I moaned softly with each tap, as she played me like a bass drum.

Alicia replicated the slow penetration and wiggling inside my ass. After a minute or two, the discomfort dissipated.

Alicia said, “So while we are out you will keep the toy in your ass. You will obey any suggestion I make. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, petrified by the potential humiliation and excited by the utter submission.

Her fingers left my now gaped ass that suddenly felt empty and I watched her over my shoulder generously lube the black butt plug. I still couldn’t imagine it fitting in my ass. Content it was well-lubed, Alicia returned behind me and again directed, “Relax Pam.”

I closed my eyes and waited. A few seconds later I felt the plug slowly penetrate my ass. A searing pain burned briefly, but quickly faded and a slight uncomfortable, but tolerable, numbing lingered.

“In,” she announced, surprising me. I couldn’t believe the toy could fit in my ass with such ease. “Lay on your back, my pet.”

I slowly obeyed, focusing on not positioning myself where the plug would go deeper in me. Once on my back, Alicia smiled and took a picture with her phone. I instantly pleaded, “Alicia, please no,”

She snapped a second picture and said in a no-nonsense tone, “Don’t you ever question your Mistress, is that understood?”

I stammered, “S-s-sorry Mistress,” my humiliation burning.

She disappeared and returned with a thong. As she slid it on up my nylon legs she explained, “You can wear these to assist in keeping the plug in your ass.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, actually thankful for the dental floss piece of underwear assisting me fulfilling my seemingly impossible task.

Her sweet tone instantly back, she praised, “Good girl.” She grabbed my heels and put them on for me and if anyone was watching it would look like I was a white rich bitch with a black servant, which, of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Once my heels were on, she suggested, “We should get going.”

I slowly got off the bed and stood up. I wobbled briefly as I attempted to get accustomed to the toy in my ass.

Alicia smiling, clearly amused by my discomfort and struggle, suggested, “You should probably practice walking a bit first.”

As she disappeared into the washroom, I walked back and forth attempting to walk like I didn’t have something stuck up my ass. It was awkward at first, but like most things, you get used to it eventually. When Alicia returned from the washroom she instructed, “Time to go slut. Be a good girl and I won’t make you beg to eat out your friend.”

I gasped softly, but replied, “I will be good, Mistress.”


A ten minute walk while I finally perfected walking like a lady and not a whore, and we arrived at the restaurant where Joan was already seated.

I introduced Joan to Alicia, and I could see the wheels spinning in my Mistress’ head as she assessed my pretty ex-intern. It was then I realized my new predicament. How the hell was I to sit with this thing in my ass? Alicia looked over at me, clearly knowing my dilemma. She slightly nodded, implying I was to sit down.

Acting as casually as possible, desperate to hide my submissive predicament to Joan, I lowered myself into the chair while looking away to hide the grimace I was sure I was going to have on my face. As my ass hit the chair, I could feel the plug push up inside me creating a new pain as the toy reached deeper into new uncharted depths.

Joan. noticing my wince asked, “Are you, ok?”

I lied, “Oh, yes. I just slept in a weird position last night. I never sleep well the first night in a new bed. My back is killing me.”

The waiter showed up and we ordered drinks. I decided the best way to ignore and tolerate the plug in my ass was to get totally inebriated, and I ordered a bottle instead of a glass of wine.

Joan joked, “I know you love your wine, but what are trying to numb? “

The irony of her question had Alicia giggle a little and me blush. I shrugged, “I don’t get to let loose too often. So when I am out of town I let go of all my inhibitions and let my hair down.”

“Well in that case, I think I will make mine a double,” Joan said to the waiter.

Alicia intervening said, “Make it a triple, stud.”

Joan laughed, “I will be shitfaced before supper is done.”

Alicia spinning another web added, “Well, maybe we all need to let our inhibitions down.”

By the end of supper, three hours later, Joan had finished three drinks, the last two being doubles, and I had only one glass of wine left. As we ate our cheesecake, the perfect dessert to a perfect meal, the conversation led its way towards sex, as usual happens when women and booze mix. Joan explained, “I can’t even remember the last time I was fucked.”

I quipped, ignoring my sexual encounter with Alicia, “John fucked me before I came on this trip.”

Joan sighed, “I am jealous. I just can’t find the right man.”

Alicia asked, “And what does the right man entail?”

Joan reflected a minute as she finished the last of her third drink. “Well, he would be financially stable, attractive, want kids, have a sense of humour, and be able to have a conversation without staring at my tits.”

“A reasonable checklist,” Alicia assessed, before adding, “You do have a beautiful set of tits.”

Joan blushed; I probably did too, as I wondered if Alicia was going to attempt to seduce Joan. “Thanks, yours are pretty fucking magnificent too.”

I acted insulted as I cupped my tits and said, “Um, excuse me?”

Joan laughed, “Your tits are awesome too, Pam.” She shook her head as she added, “I can’t believe I am talking about tits with my ex-supervising teacher.”

Alicia said, “So it is agreed. We all have great tits. Now let’s check out the rest of our perfect packages. Pam, stand up.”

I obeyed the order in a heartbeat, a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Alicia splattered me with compliments. “Pam has amazing legs, especially in those old-fashioned seamed tan stockings and heels. Don’t you think, Joan?”

Joan stood up to get a look at all of me and said, “Turn around Pam, let me see the seamed stockings.”

I obeyed, making a sexy half-spin to showcase my assets.

“Oh yes, those are sexy. Wait those aren’t pantyhose, I can see the top of your stockings,” Joan noticed.

Alicia explained, “They are thigh high stockings. Perfect to tease and please and give easy access to her special spot, isn’t it Pam?”

Attempting to hide my submission to Alicia and answer the question, I agreed, “Yes, John loves me in such sexy silk and loves to fuck me in public when he can.”

Joan gasped, “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe what?” Alicia asked.

“That Pam is so, so, um, well, sexual. Pam, you seemed so reserved when we were in the classroom.”

Alicia explained, “Many women are ladies in the office and tigresses in the bedroom. Or others are completely in control in the classroom, but when intimate need to let go off all the power and submit sexually to all their hidden sexual desires. Isn’t that right, Pam?”

I am sure my face was redder than my dress as I agreed, “I suppose so.”

“You suppose so?” Alicia questioned.

I added, still desperate to hide my submission to Alicia, “Yes. Well, at home I love to just allow John to treat me like a slut, to treat me like his personal fuck-toy.”

“Oh my God,” Joan said, adding, “wow, that gets me surprisingly hot.”

Alicia asked, “What does, imagining being a submissive slut like Pam, or Pam being a submissive slut?”

“Both, I guess,” Joan replied, her face flushed with excitement.

Alicia asked, “What about Pam’s ass, Joan? Do you like her ass?”

Joan looked me over like I was a piece of meat to be devoured.

Before Joan answered the question, Alicia ordered, “Bend over Pam, let Joan really see those curves.”

Kind of embarrassed and incredibly thankful we were in the corner of a relatively empty restaurant, I again obeyed my black Mistress.

Joan stared and Alicia asked, “So, what do you think Joan?”

Joan in a trance of sorts answered, “Pam, your ass is amazing. I wish mine was that luscious.”

OK this is another one my love stories. I put a lot more sex into this one. There is also a lot of interracial action but it is not the “Suck your shit off my cock you dirty nigger whore” type of action, so if that is what you want, not gonna find it here. Ok, well maybe a little as part of fantasy. It is another love story, as quirky as I always am.

The first e-mail I got simply said “Listen white boy, you are a racist woman hating pig and I will make it my mission in life to own you’re ass!”

Wow that was kind of harsh I thought I will put that with my others. I get a lot of that shit.

A few days later there was another one. “White boy I have been reading your stories and don’t you know any black women who are true and faithful?”

Ok that was not too harsh, but how the hell do I answer a question without a return address? Ok, it is an e-mail but when it comes through “Literotica” there is no return. I publish on a lot of sites and I was not sure where she was seeing them all.

Well here is another, “Are all the black women you know whores? I bet all the women you know are just that, whores. Stupid white boy.”

Another question with no way to reply, this was nuts.

There were more and more then I got a really scary one. The next one really got to me because it was my social security number. No message, just the number.

Then I got one with my address and another with a picture of me at a concert with a date.

By now they were coming from a web site some place in Eastern Europe.

So now I could reply. I gave it considerable thought, I wanted all my education and writing skills to show, I wanted to crush her with words. “Are you out of your fucking mind?” Ok it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

“Well, well, it looks like the white boy has quite a way with words. Why don’t you cut that one out and give it to your mommy and she will tape it to the front door of the refrigerator and everyone can see why she is so proud of her racist woman hating son!” Ok she is doing better than I am.

“Look lady and I will stretch the definition of the word to encompass whatever you are, why give me shit? Yes I use lots of races, and no one seems to bitch when it is a white woman that is the evil person. No one bitches when the title is “White wife fucked by five feet of black cock at one time while white husband loves it” and then you learn that she has a 12 inch black cock up her ass, pussy and down her throat as she jacks off two more 12 inch black cocks; making five feet of cock at one time; or some story equally full of shit. So just give me a break.” Well at least I thought that one out a little.

Well it did not do anything to slow her down. “What is the matter white boy some real man, a black man, take your white woman away from you? Maybe some sister told you she wanted a black man because she needed a real dick instead of a pinky size weenie that you think is a cock.”

Damn this bitch wants to play the dozens, I hope she can cope. For those of you who don’t know, the dozens was a slave game, where children were subjected to insults by other children and parents, to harden them to insults and to not show emotion. It was a way to shield them from punishment when the slave owner insulted them and if they showed emotion, especially anger, they would be punished. The dozens helped them not show emotion.

“Let me guess, old, black, at least 3 kids, and no fucking husband and all you have are saggy tits, stretch marks, fat belly, a big fat ass, and no man but a dildo and a year’s supply of batteries. Why don’t you pretend you are a woman in the local welfare office, or food stamp redemption point, aka, your local fucking crack house? Now leave me the fuck alone.” I hope that would end it. Wrong.

So this is one I got back. “Why are you being so mean to me? My husband is dead and I am all alone. I was just having some fun and you are being really mean. I think you are a very mean white boy.”

Women! Now I am positive it is a woman, and is probably older rather than younger.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, none of this happened quickly, it took a long time and there were hundreds of these flying back and forth. Then things started moving even quicker.

There were still insults but we started talking to each other, rather than at each other. I knew she was married at 15 to a man who was 40. That he died 5 years ago and she had been living with her daughters since then. She was now 40 and he died when he was 60 and she was only 35.

She knew that I wrote trash and that my wife died of cancer after we had been married 20 years and that we had 1 daughter and one son. We had been married since we were both 18 and now I was 40.

She still called me white boy and a racist and I still played the dozens with her, but I seemed to stay away from the more personal insults. Inside of the e-mails were even more personal and mundane things. With all that was going on she told me about her favorite china patterns, cookware, that wonderful bedroom set she would never have living with her daughter. This was really boring shit, but I had nothing else to do at times, so it passed for companionship. I know, I need a fucking life. Favorite songs, dances, all of those things people end up talking about when that is all they have to talk about.

There were a lot more e-mails and they were more banter than racist bluster; but you got the point of what was happening.

But there it was again, more emails and more of that white boy shit.

“What is it with you and this white boy shit? Damn woman, you are a woman aren’t you, give me a fucking break and let’s see if we can get this behind us, or at least on the other side of your big black fat ass.”

Ok I could not just let it go, I had to show I had a set.

“My ass is not fat.” Her next e-mail started. I had to laugh at that one. You tell a woman she is a low class cheating slut, a lying cum drinking fat whore and the first thing she will deny is being fat.

We went on for over a year. Not everything was angry. I told her about my stories all being love stories, even if they were weird. I admitted I was not a good writer, I was barely a writer, but I enjoyed it. Not one of my stories ever left out love. “I kill monsters” was a love story about two people broken by hate after confronting evil, finally finding love with each other but still confronting evil in the world.

“Tell that lie to someone else white boy I don’t need to hear it” she wrote back.

“Well in An Extended Caribbean Vacation the black women are ladies. An older black woman falls in love with a white man but soon learns she is dying of cancer so she devises a way to make him love her younger sister, who has issues and a fear of men. I use the line ‘kiss Karen’ as the vehicle for getting them together. I admit I am not a good writer but it was a love story and the black women are ladies, like you are.”

“So you actually wrote something nice about a black woman but it does not make you anymore understanding than any other white racist. Listen white boy, we have been playing this for one year now, I know everything about you and you don’t know anything. So here is how it is going to go down. I will tell you a place and a time and you will have your lily white boy butt there! No debate, no excuses. I have a lot more information about you than you think.”

“Listen I have never dated a black woman so I don’t think I am up for the rest of this game.” I wrote her back.

“Up for it or not white boy you will be there and you are going to be there on time and if you don’t, well I know a lot more about you than you may want people to know. So it’s the Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Roswell Road Northeast, in Atlanta. Be there at 7:00 pm and dress nice. You are going to be out with a lady not a black tramp or whore so dress appropriately.”

“Now tell me again why you want to date me. I am a little confused about this. You call me boy, you have spent the last year playing the dozens with me and now you want a date. So what the hell is going on?”

“The answer is simple white boy, because I can.” The only thing she agreed to was our date being on a Wednesday night.

Even though I had seen pictures of him and knew what he looked like, and I had read his stories and understood his mind, I was not prepared for him. He was not very tall, maybe five foot nine or ten, but he was slender, probably from all that running and he had nice shoulders. He was wearing a midnight blue suit, a color that looks black in the night rather than dirty grey like a black suit looks at night. He was wearing a light grey shirt with a hand painted red silk tie, nothing ostentatious, but quality. He was also wearing black cowboy boots.

He looked right at me and walked over, something was in his hand but I could not make it out at first. He had an air about him that made my eyes follow him. He walked to me and set what he had on the table. It was a silver flower vase, with entwined vines, and a small side pocket. The main part of the vase had one white, pink, red, and Black rose. The black rose was in the center and slightly higher than the rest.

But the pocket was most intriguing. It had the same mix of miniature baby roses, almost the size of baby’s breath, but it had three instead one black baby rose and three white ones too.

As I was looking at the vase on the table I felt his finger on my jaw, he raised my face by slight pressure on my jaw, and as I raised my eyes to his I first saw and then felt his lips meet mine. It was soft and moist and his lips were slightly parted. Mine parted in response and then I felt his tongue lightly touch my parted lips.

It was not an electric shock but it was an emotional one. I wanted him. I flushed, and yes even a black woman can flush with emotion.

I saw her immediately when I walked in. I was nervous, would this night go as well as I had planned? I had played the scenario over and over, but still I was nervous. I had a new suit, new everything. I had picked up the vase after months of looking; I knew this day would happen and had long determined how it would go.

She was sitting in a rear booth all by herself. She did not rise to meet me but had a smirk on her face. Susan that is what she told me her name was. She was busty as hell, but the sisters probably had to be held up with a 5 clip industrial strength strapless purple or black bra. She was five toot four, about 140 pounds, a little on the heavy side, but certainly not fat. She was wearing an off shoulder purple dress, and her skin was beautiful, not a blemish. Her face was beautiful. Slightly oval but with large full lips that women pay thousands to fake, her eyes were black and deep and were slightly almond shaped. She had that east African nose that was not as flat or wide as those from the central areas. Her hair fell in natural rings around her face. I could see it was soft and I so very much wanted to touch it. She wore a complementing small stylish hat, with a black mesh one quarter veil that just barely covered her forehead.

I tried not to fall over I was so nervous so I had to walk slowly. I reached the table and put the vase on it. I moved her face up from looking at the vase and as I looked into her eyes I kissed her, her lips were moist and hot and parted slightly so I snaked my tongue briefly between her lips and withdrew.

I sat down to her left and she started to say ‘white boy’ and I put two fingers over those wonderful lips and picked up her hand with my other. I shhhed her with my breath and said, as I kissed her hand, ‘no dozens tonight my love; tonight will be different for both of us’ I told her.”

No sooner than I said that two Manhattans, up, appeared on the table. ‘To new discoveries and loves’ I said and she smiled and took a sip. This was my favorite drink and she had already ordered them. The next was Calamari and it was promptly delivered. It too, like the rest of the menu was just brought to the table without ordering.

I took a box out of my pocket and opened it. Inside were two lapel pin flower holders, also silver, matching the design of the larger vase, but less than an inch and a half in height. I took one of the small black and white roses, kissed them, and put them into the lapel vase and put it on Susan. Then I presented her with the other black and white roses, she bent and kissed them, took them from me, and put them into the remaining vase and pined it to my lapel. I bent forward as she did the same, and we kissed again; tenderly but with obvious passion. This was going better than I ever hoped.

Soon an endive salad with hearts of palm arrived at the table, again without ordering. She must have put the order in before I arrived. And it was everything I loved, yes everything. She had been paying attention as we exchanged e-mails.

I could see it in his eyes, his surprise that everything was just being brought to the table. I had been careful, and I had re-read all of our e-mails and found just what I needed. Everything was something he liked. I was taking care of him. The drinks, “Up” as he likes them, not on the rocks. It had to be perfect, I don’t know why it had to be perfect, but it did.

But there was a few problems and they were sitting across the restaurant from me; ladies from my church. What would they say, how would they react, me a widow having dinner with and kissing a white man? What else would they say, would he find out?

Sure enough Janice walked over. “Funny seeing you here like this” she said to me, but looking at Franklin. Before I could answer Franklin stood, he sure was a handsome man.

“My name is Franklin, it is a pleasure to meet a friend of this wonderful woman” he said to her.

She introduced herself as Janice and soon said she had to be leaving and she would see me at Mass on Sunday. Franklin was so sweet and what a gentleman, he never sat down as he spoke with a soft voice with her. He invited her to join us but she said no, of course. I could see her looking at the flowers on the table and the two lapel vases with our two black and white baby roses.

She went back to her table and talked with the others and it did look like a hen party. Then he did it again. He looked at Janice and bending down and lifting my head gently he placed another kiss on my lips.

It was interesting watching her as Janice approached. I could see it in her eyes, would I find out? It was interesting but in the greater scheme of things it was of little or no moment. The kiss was wonderful and I wanted her friends to see me with her, it was an added benefit I did not expect to dinner. Would this make it impossible for her to turn back? I wanted this to be without compulsion.

There would be more to this before the evening was over, but it was a pleasure to be with her. It had started simply as insults but over the year had become more. The insults were still there but the sting was gone from them now. We talked, we really talked, about many things, we had become comfortable with each other in that respect. But I did not feel there would be an end to it tonight. There was a plan and I had it.

Dinner was wonderful and I did not want to leave but I had to, it was part of the plan. I knew I would see Franklin again but this had to end tonight. He asked if I wanted desert and I told him no, the evening was over. All he had to do was pay the bill and I would be gone by then. He would never be able to find me.

As I was walking to the door my cell phone went off. Out of habit I just answered it.

“Ester, you name is not Susan, I have already cancelled your cab, dinner is not over, come back and have desert.” I looked around and Franklin was smiling at me holding his cell phone up. I was busted.

I came back, a little depressed at being caught, and wondering what he would say or do. He stood as I approached and returned me to my seat, holding my hand but this time he moved in to my right. He was very close to me and put his left arm around my shoulder. He was not angry, just amused and I blushed again, feeling the heat overtake my body. He had a smile for me and I had to giggle a little. It was a funny game to him and he made it a funny game for me. I felt very comfortable as with an old friend.

The waiter came over and asked if we would like desert, this time Franklin ordered. “My usual would be white cake with vanilla frosting, but I think I need to make a life change. We will take the Chocolate Sin Cake.” I then looked at him and saw his enjoyment in our being together and the meaning in his order.

Then it was my turn. “He would like a double espresso with a lemon rind twist, no cream or sugar is need” Ester said.

Franklin took his turn and responded by asking if they had Hojicha Tea, which was my favorite. Receiving a no he simply took a small airtight bag out of his pocket, handed it to the waiter and said “here it is, I presume your people know how to brew tea without burning it.” Franklin not only knew my favorite tea, he brought it with him to the restaurant.

Then the Espresso and tea were served along with the Chocolate Sin Cake. The waiter set down two forks but Franklin handed one back, “one is enough” he said to the waiter.

The cake was perfect and I wanted to be able to feed her; it is something very primal as well as sexual. I fed her the first piece and she got a little chocolate on her lip. I leaned over and kissed it away, not forgetting a little tongue lick; and handed her the fork. Janice and her friends were watching us. She did the same with me and the little chocolate she ‘accidently’ hit the top of my lip with was taken care of with the warm feel of her delicious lips on mine and a small but recognizable tongue swipe took care of it. Ester smiled at Janice and the others. I think she enjoyed being naughty. That is how we finished our public desert. Janice and her other friends were still watching. I knew that they thought it was a downright disgusting sexually laced display between a widowed black lady and a similarly widowed white man. Both Ester and I loved it.

We walked out to his car and he repeated my home address as the place he intended to drive me. How the heck did he get that, well he got my real name, so that would be easy. He opened the door of his car, it was a Bentley, I had no idea he had that kind of money, and I got in. He got in on his side and I gave him an alternate address, his! He smiled, leaned over and kissed me passionately.

I had already decided on a third address if she did not want me to take her home; it was part of my surprise, but only part. When we arrived I took her hand and helped her out of the car. It was dark so she did not even notice. I took her in my arms and we kissed again. Inside the front door I had her sit and took off her shoes and put on slippers, they were red velvet with gold dragons and green flowers, they were a perfect fit. I took off my boots and put on a plain pair of black slippers. The light was low and she still would not be able to see much.

Taking her by the hand I led her upstairs to the master bedroom. I immediately started to kiss and undress her. The dress had a rear zipper that made it easy. We kissed, this time deep kisses, and I backed her up to my tall bed. I undid her bra and what had been proud DD’s now sagged slightly, the result of gravity, age, and breast feeding three kids two years apart. Six years of being a milk maid had taken a slight toll. We still kissed and she moved her hands over her breasts. She was embarrassed but I was enthralled, with her breast size, their shape and color. They still had shape and some lift, but now they were a woman’s breasts and not a girl’s. Her nipples were large and rubbery, perfect for the rough play of a man with his woman. She asked if they were as good as the pictures, men always wanted her tits. I asked what pictures and she said the pictures I had of her before the date. I told her I knew many things about her but I never saw a picture; she was a perfectly wonderful surprise for me. She purred for me.

I moved her slightly away from the bed so her dress would fall to her waist. As I kissed her I said ‘clothes’ and she started to pull off my coat and shirt, the tie would wait, making me look like a cartoon character from Animal House. Using her hands removed them from her breasts, giving me free reign to feel and caress and stimulate. Still kissing she undid my pants and they dropped to the floor.

She dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down, freeing a very hard cock. She looked up and I saw her smile as she first licked the head and then engulfed it. Still looking at me she began to move up and down but I stopped her. “Did I do it wrong” she asked.

“Not at all, but enough of that for now”, I said “you first, then us, then we, then, maybe then, me, but you first.”

I pulled her to her feet and pushed her back onto the bed, pulling off her dress. It, like all my clothes, is now on the floor. I moved over her and began to kiss. Her lips were still warm and her body was pumping out pheromones which were driving my testosterone to new heights. We kissed, we touched, we licked and caressed. Her breasts were deserving of attention and she would get lots of that from me. But for now she was laying with my body on top of hers, her legs open and only a pair of lace French cut panties blocking the entrance to her passion.

“Do you really do all of those things you write about” she asked me. “Do you, well you know, do things down there, with your mouth? No one ever did anything like that with me.”

I had to smile, did I do those things? You would have to beat me with a board to stop me I thought to myself.

I smiled at her, not saying a thing as I moved down her body to her stomach and she moved her hands to block my path. It was the stomach of a mature woman who had given birth the same year she was married, at 15. There would be another at 17 and at 19 without any ability to recover, but it was still a very sexy stomach. I showered it with kisses and nibbles; and I told her it was a perfect stomach for any woman to have and I was honored to be able to share it with her. She moved her hands away as I kissed and loved that part of her body where she allowed the life she created to grow. I told her that I thought it was sexy as hell and she put her hands on my head and stroked my hair, or what little I allowed to grow.

Then I moved lower on her body. The French cut panties came off over the black garter and purple nylons. She was almost panting as I loved my head to her legs, which I had moved apart. She was looking at me with anticipation as I kissed first one inside upper thigh then the other. I ran my hand over her pussy hair, it was dark and curly. I make a joke, “It looks like steel wool, but it feels like lambs wool and smells like ambrosia. We will have to shave it off soon.”

“Why would you want to shave it” she asked.

“Because I intend to spend a lot of time with my face down here and I don’t like hair in my mouth” I responded.

“Well you better get ready to shave yourself, for the same reason” she said as giving me a sexy smile that disappeared the moment my tongue licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. She just held my head and I started the tongue dance I knew so well.

“No man has ever done that to me” she said as she panted and shuttered with a first mini orgasm. I was opening her up with my tongue when I felt for and found her clit. A few licks there and she had another mini; then I just sucked it in and she bounced on the bed like it was a scene from the Exorcist and then flooded me with pussy cum. By this time I had moved my mouth until it was all over her pussy and clit and just sucked a little more. And no I did not neglect those large breasts of hers. I put my arms under her legs and lifted them to get a better position on that loving chocolate pussy of hers, reached up and over and I had two huge tits in my hands and I made sure to stimulate them as best as any man could.

Say what you want and do what you want, but I love the taste of my woman. I love to eat her before sex, during sex and even after sex. There are only two conditions, she has to kiss me after and do the same with me. Esther would meet those conditions with flying colors.

After I wore her out eating her out I moved up and held her, kissing her and letting her kiss me back as I caressed her body. She was a rag by that time and she needed to be held. I was going to literally fuck her brains out but there was a lot to do first; and number one on the list was to make love to her.

I held her for a long time and finally we kissed. “Is that what I taste like? Do you like that taste and smell? My husband said he would never do that, it was nasty. Will you do it again?” Three questions women always want to know.

“I love your taste and I love your smell. You are my woman and even if you can’t control it, your body makes pheromones designed to excite me. Well here is a news flash for you my love they excite the hell out of me. Your taste and smell make me want to mate you every time I am around you. So the short answer is Hell Yes!”

I slowly moved over onto Ester and she scooted under me as I moved. She wanted this as much as I did. I felt her leg slid under me and now I was on top of her.

Then I got a little playful and I hit the remote and played a song. It was Tom Jones playing at Santa Isabel singing “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” “Suspicious minds are talking, their trying to tear us apart, they don’t believe in this love of ours . . .” and that is when she realized she still had her hat on. It did not break the mood, it caused her to laugh and relax. I made her keep the hat on as I played the rest of the song.

Ester looked up at me with a combination of lust and trepidation. “Please, it has been more than five years, go easy, please, don’t hurt me.”

“What the fuck” I thought. This woman must have had some damn poor sex, better for me. No matter what I do it will be better than what she is used to. That took the pressure off of me and probably let me do better than I would have otherwise been able to do or maybe not.

I continued to touch and excite her. I wanted to smell her excitement, which was a little difficult considering how much of her was already in my mouth. I just let my cock rub up against her pussy and let the excitement flow, but still being careful not to punish her clit. Her body would tell me when and what to do, I just had to make sure to listen.

He was moving over me as I moved under him. This part I remember. When my husband did this I knew he was going to stick it in and give me what he called “a good fucking.” It may have been good for him but a lot of the time it hurt but it would get better the longer he did it. I did not always have an orgasm, rarely have an orgasm was probably more accurate. Franklin gave me more this night than I ever got in 20 years of sex with my husband. My husband was not a bad man, but he was not tender or loving and not a good lover by any standard that I now know about. Maybe if I had been reading more about sex then I could have helped him do better, if he would have listened.

Franklin is talking to me, sweet words to match his tender and loving touch. He tells me I am beautiful, that I am perfection in his eyes, he wants to make love to me. I feel his kisses all over my face and all over my neck and breasts. They are kisses, nibbles and loving licks and sucking. I can feel myself getting wet and I can smell my own passion, not just on his lips but from my own sex.

His body rubs gently against mine and I am responding to his movements with my own. I don’t have to think about them, or consider them, they just happen. I am telling him things, telling him I am ready, telling him I want him in me. I am saying things I have never said to anyone before.

I can feel her moved under me, kissing me, holding me as I caress her body from her thighs to her face. She is caressing my body the same as I am hers. I love the feel or her body and her hands. She is so smooth and soft; and I am almost mad with desire. I want to fuck her right now but that is not what will happen. I don’t want a piece of ass, or a fast hot fuck, I want her to enjoy it. I want her to come back for more, and I want to be the drug she cannot go without, which is how I feel about her.

She desires me and almost demands for us to be joined. I sit back on my heels, looking down at her as she looks up to me. Her look is passion and desire and I see what I have wanted to see, yes I see love and trust. Now it is time.

I am between her legs which are bent at the knees and open. I run the head of my cock between what is now a very wet slit. I tell her to watch. It looks sexy as hell to see my white cock moving over and then piercing her inner core. I tell her to look and she gets up on her elbows and her breath staggers, then increases.

I move the head in an inch or so and then out. My cock glistens with her juices; then I move in a little more and then out. I look to her for approval, and she knows and nods to my questioning look. It is time.

I move in and out and soon move my body over hers. She moved under me her body moved in rhythm with mine. Soon she shifts her pelvis and moved me even deeper into her. It is permission, it is an invitation, it is the ancient way two souls join in a dance whose origins have long since been forgotten, only the steps and movements exist for those lucky enough to experience it.

He has not quit caressing me, touching me, kissing me, even as his body enters mine. It did not hurt, and it was my desire that he blend his body into mine; a desire he immediately but still tenderly complied with.

What was that? What did he just say? Why would he lie? Is he lying? Do I want this? Please God don’t let this be a lie, don’t let me be hurt after all this time; not again.

I asked Franklin if he had protection and he said no. I asked him if he was fixed so he could not get me pregnant and he said no. I told him that I had not had sex for over five years and I did not have protection. His answer was what prompted those questions above.

He told me “You are my woman, and I am your man. A man wants his woman to love him so that he can love her. A man wants his woman to take his body into her and to create life within her, their combined life. I love you and I want you to have my baby. If it is meant to be then it will be. Make a baby with me my love.”

Those words tore at me. I am forty years old and this is the first time I have been asked to make life with another man. My husband took me as his property and sex was his due because I was his wife. I was bought and paid for as a wife. But this was different. This man asks and wants at the same time.

Can I have a baby? Will I have a baby? He has been making love to me for I don’t even know how long; but it has been a very long time. No one has ever made love to me before. He will have my answer.

Do I tell him yes? Do I whisper agreement? No, I do what is engrained in me from the beginning of time. I move up into his downward movements, I arc my pelvis drawing him deeper inside me. I feel him swell as I tighten in response. Spasms ripple through my pussy and my body. I feel his passion flowing into me and I respond with greater tightening and loosening, involuntary but pleasure making orgasms rack my body as they also takes over his.

I once heard that the French call this “the little death” and that is what it is to me.

Soon I am telling him I love him in response to his declarations of love. My legs hold him inside of me and my arms keep him close. He had not changed his position at all. He has his arms under me but still rests on his elbows, not wanting to crush me but not wanting to break our contact.

He pulls me over to my side then over again. Now I am laying on him and he continues to kiss and touch me. I have never had this before. My husband just rolled off and turned his back on me and went to sleep. Franklin is holding me, telling me he loves me, letting me stay with him. No that is wrong. He is not allowing me to move away, as if I would ever do that. We are still joined. It is a perfect circle he is joined to me and our mouths keep us joined there too.

She falls asleep in my arms. She is not heavy at all, and I love the feel or her on me. She smiles and cuddles deeper into me as she lays there sleeping with my arms around her.

Soon she moves and wakes and looks down at me. We kiss, tenderly, but with passion. I move her onto her side and get up.

As he rises I ask where he is going and he tells me it is a surprise; everything has been a surprise. He brings in Champaign, his favorites; Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Demi-Sec, which means sweet. He also brings in chocolate covered cherries and strawberries. He feeds me the candy and I drink the sweet elixir from a Baccarat Crystal Champaign Flute. It does not appear to me at first but then I see it, my name, Ester, engraved on the Flute. Franklin smiles at my recognition.

I have to get up again. I go into the bathroom and return with warm water and a razor, and some other equipment. I ask and she responds by lifting her butt up from the bed so that I can move the thick towel under her. First the warm washcloth then the cream, all applied with loving fingers that stray as they play. The soap is not harsh, and I have gotten what I need to make sure it does not chafe her. Then I began and moved swiftly until there was just smooth skin and then I followed with more warm water and a washcloth.

I watch him shave the evidence of my sexual maturity, my hair. My breathing became ragged as he did it and I watched his evident sexual arousal at my baldness. Then he did it again. He moved forward and rubbed his face all over my now bald pussy. He kept up his movements until rubbing turned to kissing then to nipping and kissing and tonguing. He was doing it again, as he said he would. His fingers played inside me too, one slipping and touching my bottom place. It made me shudder.

As I touched her pussy after removing her adult hair I made love to it with my mouth and fingers. I noticed the reaction to what I hoped would be thought to be an accident; my little finger “accidentally” pierced her butt hole, just for a second. That would be for later I thought to myself.

As I continued to give her oral pleasure as she began to move but not as in passion but concern, care and love. She moved down to me and began her own oral ministrations on what was a very hard cock. I worked in earnest as she did the same to me.

I felt him shiver as my mouth closed over his cock. I had not done this before but I wanted to give him pleasure. Yes I know that he got great pleasure from making love to me but this was different for me and for him. He was moving but not with harsh pressure, he was trying to be gentle. I nipped at him and giggled, he did the same by flicking my engorged clit and he giggled. No, we did not hurt each other, and it was erotic and funny at the same time. I never knew that sex was funny and I laughed again.

But soon we were back into the throws of passion and I could feel his cock growing in my mouth and I knew that he was going to cum as I had just done a few seconds before. It was time to decide and I decided that I wanted him inside of me. I wanted his fluids to enter my mouth and into my stomach and from there to every cell in my body. I intended to be his and have him enter every cell of my body. I drank deeply of his seed as he had done mine first and later mine and his combined.

We turned to face each other kissing deeply and tasting the results of the others loving. He held and again professed his love, I was content as we slept.

It must have been around five o’clock when we woke at the same time. There was no talk this time, just passion. I was already hard and she was already wet. She pulled me onto her and was waiting for my entry and I did not disappoint. We joined lips to lips, tongues entwined as our hips joined our lower parts. Our legs and arms followed in the joining.

“I am going to give you a baby now” I told her.

She told me that this time I would not be getting her pregnant. When I asked why she just smiled and told me I had already gotten her pregnant last night. I told her we would keep practicing until I was sure and then still continue until I could no longer get hard. She giggled then went into a screaming orgasm with me right with her.

This time we did not go to sleep, we passed out from exhaustion.

Still touching we woke together. We smiled and laughed and kissed, morning breath was not a problem and we both smelled of pussy and cum.

Laughing we went to take a shower together. Somewhere during the night she had lost her hat, she did not keep it on, I said with a smile. Modesty was a thing of the past for my Ester. She finished first and taking the towel walked out to the bedroom as I started to finish. I had laid out tooth brushes for both of us but I had to shave and the rest of it. It was then that my world almost came to an end.

I just finished my shower, the first time in my life to shower with a man. I loved the way he cleaned my body for me and I did the same for him. We would make love again very soon. Maybe next time it would be in the bath together. That would be nice I thought.

As I walked out of the bathroom I was struck by the bedroom. Franklin was a widower but this was a woman’s bedroom. It was strange that he would have a woman’s bedroom. There was even a vanity with a small bench seat, beautifully embroidered. Why would a man need this?

Something was wrong. I moved the closet and opened the door and saw women’s clothes in the closet. Silk blouses, pants, skirts, dresses; not a lot but enough to know a woman lived here.

Then I opened the dresser drawer and found women’s underwear. Not any underwear but silk and sexy, there was even a Victoria’s Secret receipt.

I fell to my knees, I was physically ill. I was barely able to stop from throwing up. I held my hand to my mouth and had to bite my own hand to stop my crying sounds from filling the room, as my tears flowed down my face. I gave everything to him. I made love with him, to him. I let him make a fool of me in front of the ladies in my church. I believed him when he said he loved me and I told him I loved him and I did, I do. How could he do this to me? Why would he do this to me? Well he is not going to get away with it!

I marched into the bathroom and he turned and smiled at me. I pushed past him and opened the cabinet and there they were, evidence of a woman living here with him. Makeup, a full line of women’s makeup was in the cabinet. It was Clinique, my brand so I knew it well. I yelled at him, I told him I was not some little black slut or fool, I told him I hated him and started out the bathroom door, crying and yelling.

As she ran out the door I grabbed her not wanting her to leave. I also grabbed some of the underwear from the open drawer along with the paper. I folded her in my arms and we fell onto the bed together, I on my back and her back to my front. I completely held her arms and using my legs put them over hers and held her still. It forced her legs apart but it gave me the leverage I needed. If I held her tight she would not be able to injure herself or me.

She was still fighting me and crying accusing me of lying and not loving her. I held her as close as I could, both of us still naked. Even in her anger being this close was exciting for me. I was starting to become hard.

He held me immobile and even over my yelling I could tell he was saying something; I did not want to hear it. His lips were at my neck and he was talking, not yelling; his breath felt like the kisses he had given me the night before. His voice was calm. I was telling him that someone, a woman, lived here and he kept talking, not stopping to listen to me.

I don’t know why but the way he was holding me, his legs wrapped around my legs, holding them open, his arms holding my arms by folding them across my chest, caused our bodies to move against each other. Damn even angry he was making me wet. His arms moved against my nipples and the bastard was getting hard and I could feel him down there. I no longer had the padding that hair provided and this bastard had an erection and it was rubbing over my denuded pussy and I was drenched. Why did he do this to me, why was he doing this to me?

The word “yours” kept ringing in my ear. Over and over it was that word “yours” that seemed to overpower everything I was saying. They reverberated in my ears and mind. I kept hearing “Yours” over and over. Finally I had to listen; I stopped fighting and yelling.

“Ester, look at the underwear, look Ester” I head him say.

I looked at what was in his hand.

When I did I heard him say “They are all new, they still have the tags on them, and the receipt is here too. See Ester, I bought them two days ago, see my name on the receipt. They are for you Ester, no one else. If you look at the dresses and clothes in the closet they are new, they still have the tags on them and they are your size.”

“Ester, I am going to have you sit up but I am still going to hold you. Look at the bed Ester and the bedroom, look Ester. This is your bedroom. Remember when you told me about your dream bedroom, this is it Ester. Everything from the article you talked about is here; right down to the 800 count sheets, with vines on them in ‘Hunter Green’. Do you have any idea how silly I looked trying to find the sheets in an 800 count and I don’t even know what an 800 count sheet is, and in Hunter Green too, with those silly vines on them. I had to bring in your e-mail and the article to get them to find the right ones.”

“No one has ever slept in this bed before last night, when you and I did. The sheets have never been used. Look down at the floor, bleached bamboo flooring, just like you told me you wanted. I bought this house for us Ester, for us. No one has lived here before us, and we are the first people to spend the night here.”

“Ester there are no memories here but the ones we make.”

Now it was starting to make sense. He let me up and took me by the hand and walked to the vanity. My makeup, not one bottle or jar opened. My coloring, my beauty tools, never used, everything I would need for what all women do before going out to face the world. He had gotten me everything, the best that could be had. Into the bathroom and again it was the same, everything I would need, everything new and unopened.

“Ester I love you; I have been in love with you for more than six months. I saved every e-mail and almost in a diary I wrote how you affected me and my life. How you gave me hope despite our beginnings. I sent them to myself in e-mails so when you read them, and I hope you do, you can see when I sent them and how you gave me a reason to continue living with hope.”

He had binders with those e-mails in them and later I would read how he felt about me as the e-mails were exchanged. How he slowly fell in love with me. What he planed to do, the house the clothes, his hope that I would love him too. Of course I did and had for as long as he loved me.

I did not realize it but as Franklin was talking to me I was holding him and kissing him and he was kissing me back. His words came between our kisses. And I was doing even more, I held his cock in my hands and I was running my fingers up and down its length. And we were moving against each other as we made our way, if only by instinct, back to the bed, our bed.

“Do you have a fantasy I asked my Franklin? I have one, I am an African princess and I have captured a white explorer and I make him my slave and he will do anything I want him to do. Do you think my fantasy will ever come true, do you think I will ever have a white slave that will give me all the pleasure I can desire and fall in love with me too? Do you think my slave will give me his baby?”

I smiled when I heard her fantasy and I told her in no uncertain terms I know just the right man for the fantasy. It was difficult to tell her because she kept stroking my cock and talking with her tongue in my mouth, and mine in hers, which obviously slowed down communication.

“Maybe you want to own a slave girl and be Massa? Would you like to have your own slave girl and come down to the slave quarters and breed her? With my pussy bald it looks like a little girls pussy, I could be your slave girl Massa. I could be the virgin slave you breed Massa. You can breed me Massa, you own me Massa.”

Now I have to admit that this was more than a little interesting for me, especially since Ester had pulled me over her and I was now sliding my cock into a very wet tight pussy; my woman’s pussy. I was breathing hard and the sweat was glistening on both our bodies. I reached her breasts as I rested on my elbow.

“Yes Massa, those are yours too. All the boys and men want to play with my big tits Massa but you are the first Massa, I saved them for you. Yes Massa, pinch your nipples while you slide your white cock into your black pussy. I waited for you Massa, I never let anyone touch me, and I ran away if they tried. But I never ran away from you Massa, give me a baby Massa, give me your white baby.”

“I am not going to give you a white baby, and you are not going to give me a black baby, we are going to give each other ‘OUR BABY.’ I am not going to ever sell you or let anyone else touch you, white or black. I am going to take you up north and I am going to permanently chain you to me. You will be mine forever. It will be a single link chain of gold and you will proudly wear it so that everyone will know you are mine. You will wear it where everyone can see it, you will wear it on your left hand, and you will marry me and become my wife and my property. I will become your husband and your property. You will remain my slave and I will always be your slave. Ester, this is not a fantasy, I mean it. Ester, my love, will you marry me? Will you have our babies if you can?”

“What the hell just happened? We were playing, I was getting a very good fucking, I like him being in me and how did we get from my being a good little breeding slave to this? I thought all white men wanted a good black slave to screw, this man wants a wife. He wants me to be his wife. He just asked me to marry him.”


We had our answers. She will marry me and I will marry her. We moved together faster and faster, the breeding urge once again upon us. I pushed in deep, she moved her hips to allow further penetration, her internal spasms helped to milk my ejaculations, to bring my cum into her fertile womb.

I yelled and moaned. I laughed, I would have to be quiet after I had the babies, cuming that loud when my man made love to me would wake them up.

Then the phone rang. It was Ester’s phone from her purse on the nightstand. I reached for it, it made my cock go deeper into her pussy. I was not hard but I was still pretty heavy and it felt great. I knew it must be a family member so I wanted her to take the call and tell them she was ok.

Unfortunately when Ester answered the phone she was a little nuts from having just agreed to marry me and from one hell of an orgasm. We were both acting a little drunk on love. Then the conversation started and Ester, now a very sexually satisfied woman about to be married got crazy with her daughter.

“Mom what the hell is going on? You did not come home last night and this morning that Janice has been telling everyone you were acting like a whore with some white man. Everyone we know has been calling me. Mother where are you?”

“Why darling I’m acting like a whore with that white man! Maybe not a whore, he has not paid me anything, unless dinner and a house count. Do they count darling?”

“Mother what has gotten into you? Why are you talking this way?”

“Well what has gotten into me is a very nice hard white cock and it does not appear to be leaving anytime soon. As a matter of fact I am sure it does not want to leave. And it has been in and out all night long. Is there a problem with that?”

“Mother what are you saying?”

“Darling what I am saying is he has just finished sperming my eggs, and for some reason, maybe its my tits he keeps sucking on, or is that my tongue, he likes both of them, he is still hard so he does not want to stop.”

“You don’t want to stop do you love” Ester asked me.

I responded loud enough for her daughter to hear that I had no intention of stopping, ever, and laughed at what Ester was saying to her daughter. This was not like her; she was emerging into a woman.

“Mother, if he just ejaculated in you, I know you are not using the pill, he might get you pregnant.”

“Oh honey, there is no chance of him getting me pregnant this morning.”

“But how do you know mother, he might impregnate you right now.”

“Well honey, I know he can’t get me pregnant this morning, he caught me last night, if not the first time then the next two that followed sure got me. And since this is the second time this morning, I am sure I am already pregnant, so there is no doubt I am safe now. Didn’t they teach you that you can’t get pregnant twice at the same time?”

“Franklin, would you like me to be pregnant twice from the same loving?”

“Ester, I would love it, get off the phone and lets make every attempt to do it.”

“Honey, Franklin said he is willing to get me pregnant twice in one session, so I have to get off the phone, unless you want to hear mommy beg for him to fuck me harder.”

“Mother, wait, wait, where are you if I need to come and get you?”

“Baby, Franklin and I are in our bed, where else should I be? That is where people who are in love make love, although Franklin has some very naughty ideas about sex, and our new home has so many rooms and we are going to buy furniture, so I guess we will have to Christen each room eventually. But for now honey my man is breeding me in our bed. Love you baby. I will give you a call later.”

By the time this little call ended I was laughing so hard I almost lost it. I could not believe my demure wife to be would say that to her daughter. She was laughing too.

Then she gave me a little kick and we rolled off onto our sides still laughing.

“I love you husband. You have made me laugh again.”

“I love you wife, and I hope you will laugh forever with me by your side.”

We got up and as we walked around the room I began to see many of the things I had talked to Franklin about. We went downstairs and the limited furniture I saw was again pieces I talked about in our conversations, well actually e-mails. He really did save and plan for us based on what I wanted. He was looking to take care of me, looking to care for his woman and I knew I would be that forever, if he would have me for that long.

As we entered the kitchen Franklin began to talk to me again.

“Ester, this is the kitchen you wanted; do you remember telling me about it? I still have the e-mail. This is the china you say you wanted, bone china with a gold and silver ring”, I said as I took out a plate from the cabinet. “My love this is the silver pattern you wanted, I said as I opened a drawer and took out a few pieces. You wanted double ovens and here they are. You wanted an 8 burner stove, here it is. You wanted that special Emeril cookware and it is here” I said as I opened a cabinet full of pots and pans.

“Ester my love, what you told me you wanted I bought, but we have an entire house to furnish together. This will be our home and you will be its queen and it will be yours to rule.”

During this entire time Ester never said a word. She was in shock. I brought her back into the bedroom. Everything in this house is new and yours.

“Now let’s take another shower, get dressed and go buy things. I only have a few pair of pants and shirts, so I need some too. I waited to buy clothes so that when you saw them on me you would remember that you helped me pick them out and you would remember this day and every day. Nothing here will remind us of the past, we are building our own past now along with our future.”

“Soon, a year after we are married, we can start bringing in things that remind us of times before we were us. You can even bring in pictures of you and your husband, I’m sure there were some good times. And then you will want pictures of your children as they grew, but for the first year, it will be us and only us. For my part my pictures will show the same happy family that existed before, we will make them part of the happy family we will be in the future. Is that ok my love?”

“Oh Franklin, it is more than OK. It is perfect. For the first year it will be only us. And if “us” is more than just you and I, how will you feel about that?”

“I will love our child and you. You are my African princess even without the game. You are what I want in my life, for the rest of my life and I want us to have children so that our love can last for generations. That does not mean that what we have created before, without each other is wrong, they are perfect too, but we deserve to have visible evidence of our love if it is possible and if you want it too, and I think you do.”

I had already known that I was in love with Franklin when I asked him to meet me for dinner. I had been in love with the man sending the e-mails for sex months; the same as he had been in love with me.

I put on a t-shirt and shorts that Franklin had given me. I told my man that I intended to make him breakfast and we went down to my kitchen. I made bacon, eggs and polenta. Franklin helped with the polenta. It was hard cooking with his hands all over me and eating was made difficult with me sitting on his lap, but we managed. We ate our first meal in our house on fine bone china and silver utensils. The most difficult part was eating with out panties on and his manhood deep inside of me, but somehow I was able to muddle through it. Franklin was a very naughty man and I needed a very naughty man.

We even managed to make two phone calls to our Parish Priests for a discussion before posting the banns. Although it was no longer a requirement we wanted to do it anyway. We would be meeting my parish priest first. Franklin said that we should probably get married in my parish as my women friends were there and it would be less difficult for me to be there with old friends.

We discussed it and decided that we were half way between both churches so we would be married in Ester’s Church but we would attend Mass at either church, but mostly Esters. It would be easier on her.

We dressed slowly, and it had to be slowly as Franklin kept taking things off as I put them on. Is this how married people are supposed to act? He was constantly pulling me onto the bed, kissing my neck, brushing my hair for me. This did not happen with my first husband. Franklin did leave me alone when I put makeup on.

I dressed in a beautiful pair of brown slacks he had made for me. They fit perfectly. There was also a coco brown silk blouse, and that too fit perfectly. I really don’t know how he did it. Even matching shoes were there. He later told me he saw a similar outfit in a magazine, and knew the shoes would match. And the under garments were soft and feminine and made me feel sexy, or maybe that was Franklin standing half dressed with that big white cock of his standing tall. My husband was this age when I first married him and I don’t remember him acting any thing like Franklin; my Franklin will not leave me alone – and I love it. I picked out a nice outfit for Franklin to wear as he said it was my right as his wife.

When we were finally dressed he took out a small bracelet box and inside was a beautiful gold double link chain, which he put on my wrist. Considering our little “White master visits the slave quarters” game it was fitting. Then he took out a second box and matching chain, I put it on his wrist. I guess that made him a slave to me, his African Princess too. I had to put on fresh lipstick again. I would need more of that color, it must be his favorite as he keeps rubbing it off with his lips.

When we got to the church we were met by the receptionist who had us sit down. She, like me, was black, and very interested in the white man so attentive to me. Our parish is mostly black. Franklin never let go of my hand and nuzzled me frequently, which I, in a lady like state, pretended to put an end to, but only succeeded in giggling like a school girl who wanted the flirting to continue. But Franklin was a gentleman and was only showing husbandly affection in public. In the bedroom he may have been a gentleman but there it was not in public and what we were doing was hot nasty dirty sex and like Franklin I loved it too. And yes there was love, my Franklin made love to me, no one had ever made love to me before Franklin.

Then my daughter Sarah showed up. She was hot under the collar and wanted to be in on the meeting with our parish priest. We were finally called in.

Ester spoke first. “Father, Franklin and I want to get married and even though it is no longer necessary we want to publish the banns here. I think I want to be married where I have been attending for all these years.”

“Well Ester, you know that you should actually know someone for a very long time before you consider marriage”, the Priest said. “And there is the marriage counseling that all couples have to go through, and then getting a reservation for the Church. And then if Franklin, is it, will have to go through instruction and become Catholic. I can’t see any of this happening for a year or more.”

Ester had a little smile on her face when she responded. I could see it. I had known her for an entire year and even though I had only seen her for the first time last night, I knew her mind. This poor priest was about to get his head handed to him on a plate. I sat back to watch the show.

“Well Father we did actually meet in person for the first time last night, and he was real nice at dinner and when he took me home, and we did meet on the internet, so I think that is long enough”, said my Ester.

I could see it happening, the train wreck. Ester was sucking him in and he did not even see it coming. I knew the story and knew this was a way of letting her kids know the truth. My wife was some woman, and we were going to have an interesting life together. Ester and Franklin, I was already resigned to her name being first.

“Ester, as your Priest I think you need a little more than that to enter into marriage” the priest said.

“Well there is more. I mean after playing white slave owner visits the slave quarters this morning I’m probably pregnant, if I did not already get pregnant last night. I mean Franklin was all over me, and all in me too. This is the height of my fertile period and I am sure he caught me good.” Ester smiled at this and I did too.

“MOTHER” was the first word out of Sarah’s mouth when she heard the slave master comment. “Mother that is disgusting, we are not slaves, we are humans and Americans and we are not slaves.”

This was going to get out of hand and out of control in a hurry Franklin thought.

“Darling, I was bought and paid for by your daddy” Ester said. “My parents needed money and your father paid five thousand dollars to own me and marry and breed me. My parents needed the money and at fifteen years old a forty year old man, your father bought me. That very day he married me, took my virginity and got me pregnant. I was married and a mother when I still fifteen years old. In four years I had three children. Your father was a good man but not a understanding or kind man. He worked hard for us and did not gamble or drink to excess or beat me or whore around, but he did not love me and I did not love him. I did my duty as a wife. There was nothing gentle about him and sex was more of something I did to keep him relaxed. He took sex from me as his due, as my husband. He never made love to me. I gave him twenty five years of my forty years of life. I gave him twenty until he died and another five in mourning. That is all this slave is giving up.”

“Father, I don’t want to be too hard on you but where the hell was this church when they let a child marry an old man she did not even know? And you do know that over the last five years half the men in this parish, married and single, have offered to help me with my loss and my needs. I have said no to all of them.” Ester continued.

“I met Franklin on line and we talked for a year. That is a year of actually having a man learn about me, who I am and what I want in life. A man who understood my needs and it was not one way. I learned a lot about him and what he expects from a wife and mother. There was nothing physical about what he said, and nothing physical that prevented us from knowing each other. That means really knowing each other.” Ester was on a roll.

“And Father and you Sarah too, when I finally met Franklin in person it was all I could do not to get naked and drag him into the closest dark corner. The fire is there and growing. And I was not kidding about being pregnant. And if I am not pregnant now, a few times playing African princess and captured white explorer will guarantee it.” Ester was finally finished.

Now the Priest spoke. “Franklin, you have been very quiet through all this, do you have anything to add?”

Well this was my time to finally speak but what was to be said. I said very little and I spoke volumes. “Well Father, I think my wife has said everything that needs to be said, I can’t anything but length to her statements.”

“What do you mean your wife” the priest asked.

“Father, from the minute I finally met Ester we were man and wife. I treat her as I will always treat her, as my wife. I will act and be her husband, and will act that way for the rest of our time on this Earth. I want her to be my wife and if possible the mother of our children, and I hope it is with the Church’s blessing. I don’t expect this will limit her love for her family or my love for mine, I hope that it will make both families recipients of even more love.”

“Ester we will publish the banns immediately and if you pick a time next month I will make sure you the Church is available” was the last thing the priest said.

Sarah was in a state of shock, she did not realize what her mother had gone through with her father, or how her mother was bought. Her father had been indifferent to his children but never cruel, and now she knew that he had been indifferent with his own wife. Indifference was the worst form of cruelty. She was beginning to see how Franklin might actually be filling in a need for her mother, among other things he apparently was filling in. That thought brought a smile to her face.

“Franklin, do you think we should get the children together soon, maybe this Sunday after Mass. It might be good to let them know what is happening.” Ester was so sweet Franklin thought. She was going to make a good mother. Franklin immediately agreed.

There next stop was City Hall, where they got a marriage license. One of Franklin’s old high school girlfriends worked at the counter, and she had been waiting a period of time for Franklin to work his way through the loss of his wife. She had a little pang of loss when she realized she might have waited too long. But Franklin was a nice man and deserved to be happy.

On the way home they stopped and picked up some things for dinner. Franklin was the kind of man that cooked simple food, but Ester, she was a good cook. She intended to cook her man a nice dinner, their first together and she bought a rib eye roast, collard greens, yams, and everything needed for a salad and fruit for desert. She also picked up a few things for baking.

This was their first day together, and Ester did not want to waste too much of it outside their home.

When they got home the first thing that happened was Franklin stripped her naked and she giggled and kissed him and proceeded to show him how life would be from now on. If she did not actually break Franklin she did put one hell of a dent in him; and after all that she made a great meal and then they retired to resume there nocturnal sport.

The next day was like the previous, there was a priest to meet and arrangements to make. This time when Franklin and Ester went to his parish priest there was advanced notice. The pastor from Ester’s parish had called. But the meeting was different. This one resulted in my priest telling me about the problems in an interracial marriage. He reminded me that Ester was black and I was white. I told him that I noticed that same thing too, and first I just rubbed the black and it did not come off and then I tried licking it off and it still did not come off, so I guess she was really black. Ester was having a hard time not laughing.

Then there was a big change in attitudes. Ester’s parish priest called and said that the Bishop was going to perform the services. Now that was a surprise. And that Ester’s and mine parish priests were going to be co-celebrants.

This evening was different. Ester wanted to play African princess and tie me up and I agreed. She got one my silk ties and tied my hands. Now I don’t know if you have ever tried to tie real silk, but it ain’t gonna happen. It was more for the show than function. Ester took a long time to get ready and spent at least an hour in the bathroom making herself look especially hot.

When she came out she was wearing a purple garter belt, white nylons, and the hottest shorty short nightgown I had ever seen. It was purple and clear, showing all her charms. Ok it showed her big tits and giant nipples and her pussy slit. There are times that flowing language just does not get it.

I was naked and she ran a finger over my cock and it started bobbing up and down and drooling. She slid her pussy all over my body and then telling me I was her white captive and I would have to show her proper respect as she slid that chocolate pussy close and then over my face. I would not have let her move it off my mouth but I was supposed to be resisting and tied up. You have to remember that the prior night was the first pussy eating she had ever had and this was new for her and I sure did not want to disappoint. I licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled her from one orgasm to another.

She called me lover, husband, Franklin, slave, white man, but never again would she call me boy. She “ordered” me to grab her tits and manually abuse them. After all that feeding they needed rough treatment, but I would make sure they got the tender kind too. Finally she just came as hard as a woman can, flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar.

She was spent but not out. She slid down my body and let me feed on her tits for a short time as she rubbed her pussy on my cock. I was about ready to burst.

“I love you. I have given you my virgin mouth and drank your cum, before and after you came in me. You have given me your love and have given me pleasure with your cock and your mouth. I never loved anyone before you and we have given each other a child of that love. But I want to give you more. I give you a new name. Your name is now ‘husband’. In the past I have referred to James by that name, from this time on you are ‘husband’ and James is only James.”

As she was talking to me she had finally moved down and encased my cock in her pussy. Her movements were slow and exciting for both of us.

“Put your arms around me” she instructed. Even tied I could do it.

“I have one more gift for you and only you.” She raised herself so that my cock came out of her pussy. Moving forward just a little I could feel her very tight ass opening for the head. She was in discomfort but not pain.

She kissed me and smiled. “There is always some pain with a virgin, but it is always worth it” she said.

She had in fact made herself ready. She had used the enema and lots of KY before she tried to insert me. When she finally opened she had to bite her lip rather than cry out.

“We don’t have to do this my love” I told her.

“I know” she said as she pushed me all the way into her. “Just wait a minute” she said and we kissed and caressed for some time. I was now untied and then started really touching her, gently letting her know I was in love and that my touch was proof of it. Finally we started moving. I did not last very long and soon told her that I was going to shoot.

“My pussy, ass and mouth are yours to put anything you want into, anytime you want my husband” Ester said.

“My love, my body, my soul, my heart are yours for as long as you want them” I told her in response.

When I shot into her virgin ass I felt her starting to shake and spasm. I guess it is true what they say, that some women do cum with a cock in their ass; and my Ester is one of them. Spooning was going to have a completely new definition from now on.

My cock finally went down, and I rolled Ester over onto her side. We were both spent but I wanted to take care of her. I went into the bathroom and came back with some warm water and towels and a little ointment to stop any pain. She rolled onto her stomach and let me clean her, but she was already pretty clean, since she had taken an enema before she came to bed. She looked back and up to me with those wonderful eyes of hers and all I saw was love for me in them.

I got some almond oil and gave her a nice rub, not overtly sexual, but enough to make me hard. She had two days of hard sex after five years without any, and I wanted her to surrender to relaxation and sleep. I turned her over after doing her back and taking off the top and nylons.

I began on her front, taking my time with her feet, and then her legs and then bypassing her pussy, her stomach and chest. I knew from experience I would be spending a lot of time massaging and oiling her pregnant breasts and belly. I took my time and listened to her purring and cooing. I could not help it, and I had to kiss those lips that had made me so happy already.

When I bent down my body pressed against hers. Resting on my elbows I held a large breast in each hand and my lips to hers. I did not intend for it to happen, but maybe I did, but she opened her legs to me, as wide as she could. My cock was at the entrance to her feminine center and whispering “love me husband” we moved into each other.

This time it was pure love. I wanted to join with her as she did with me. This was not about orgasms or cuming it was about joining, two people truly becoming one with the other. She was so wet she was dripping and letting me move freely inside her velvet sheath. Then as these things do, she and I moved into the proper breeding position and rhythm. Her G spot was hit and massaged until she opened in passion. What little I had left was now gone, inside of her place of creation.

We held each other and kissed. We were husband and wife, albeit without benefit of clergy, as of yet. We took a shower together and then went to make dinner together. She was a good cook and I was a good eater, it was a perfect match.

We had decided that our children needed to meet each other, so Sunday was the day. First we would go to the ten o’clock Mass at my church and then the noon Mass at hers. Then we would eat at our place. Our place, I liked the sound of that and so did my wife.

Now I called my children and told them about my new house and that I wanted them to meet someone special on Sunday. Ester called her children, who because of Sarah already knew of me. The invitation was also for Sunday.

This is a good time to talk about our children. Because Ester was married and gave birth at 15 her oldest was 25, the next was 23 and the youngest was already 21.

Daughter Sarah was my oldest and she was twenty five. The next in order was my son James Jr., named after his father. He was married to a wonderful woman, Maria. James Jr. was an accountant and his wife and he already had a very cute little girl, named Ester. Sarah was not married and I was living with her. My youngest was Helen and she was not married yet and she was living with Sarah and I. It would be an interesting Sunday.

I’m Franklin and I should introduce my children. First you should notice that we are not giving out our last names, just first and middle names. The last name does not actually matter. My daughter Miranda was the oldest, she was twenty two and she was named after her grandmother on my side. My youngest child is named Franklin Armstrong; the Armstrong was my wife’s father’s name. We always called him Frank. He was twenty and was going to college and living on campus.

By the time Sunday came around my husband and I had bought a house full of furniture and had it delivered. There was food a plenty.

True to his word my husband bought all new clothes for himself and for me too. This was our home, and every memory in it was new and wonderful. Even our clothes were new to demonstrate our new lives together.

Franklin and I had also gotten our wedding rings and I got a very wonderful engagement ring. It had the same interwoven vines in yellow gold, platinum, and pink gold. It also had a large diamond in the center surrounded by onyx and ivory. He had this all planed out for me and I knew when I first saw the set I knew that they were exactly what I wanted.

Now I know what you are thinking, he was just buying me like James did when I was fifteen, but you would be wrong. I was in love with him long before I found out about his money. When I checked on him he just came across like an average working middle class man. James and I were middle class too, so it was no big deal. It took years before I realized how rich he was and that the really rich don’t want you to know it, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I wanted him and that was all there was to it. We played the dozens and argued and I insulted him but it was only to find out about him as a person. I needed to know how Franklin would react to things and he was always perfect in my eyes.

Buying was fun, loving was wonderful. My husband was such a good lover and I kept him loving me until he and I were both exhausted. We had only been together a few nights when I had to lay the law down to him.

I looked at it like a man any would. I could have forty years with my woman, and at forty I could keep her at a gallop for maybe twenty years and then a trot for maybe fifteen more and by then we would be seventy five and from then on it would be an occasional sprint but mostly walking. Damn was I wrong. Gallop was what we did when we did nothing. She was at full war horse attack mode most of the time. Here is an example of what my life would be like from her perspective. This is when she laid down the law to me in her own words.

We were in bed and spooning and his arm was around me and he had an erection even though he was asleep. I woke him up and gave him the rule. Listen husband we need to get something straight right from the beginning. When we are in bed I expect your hands to be full of something, like these and I put his hand on my large but very receptive breast. And you can pull here like this and I moved his hand so he pulled on my nipple a little. I could feel him smile as he kissed the back of my neck. And I expect a lot of that kissing too I told him. Now he was nibbling my neck and I told him that was ok by me.

Then I reached back and grabbed his cock. “What the hell is this” I asked, not really expecting an answer. “This is mine, just like you are, all of you, all the time. When this thing gets hard you better find a place to put it!” I then raised my leg a little and guided the head of his cock into my pussy. “That is where it belongs, as I felt him I move to make sure it was properly seated in a very wet pussy; unless you would rather have it here” and I moved it into my butt. He gave it a nice little push and in it went.

“Now don’t just lay there husband, do it all at once” I told him. He pulled on my nipples, and rocked back in forth in my ass. He moved the other hand under me and soon had two large breasts in both hands. The man could take a hint. Then he moved down and rubbed my stomach with one of his hands. He was touching our baby, or where our baby would be. He moved his hand down lower and palmed my pussy. “Yes baby that is your pussy too” I told him as I came over and over. My man was taking me and giving me pleasure and I was doing the same for him. Finally he came and shot inside me. We laid there panting. “Now you can go back to sleep husband and if you wake up later you can expect more of the same.” I smiled to myself and he nuzzled me again. We stayed blended to each other for I don’t know how long.

We got up and went into the bathroom and got rid of some excess fluids and I washed his cock off for him. I would have to keep my butt clean for him and for me too. When we went to bed we faced each other and kissed and touched.

I moved his head down to my breast. “You can suck them, they like that” and he did. “Now bite them but not too hard” and he did that too. “Keep going like that” I told him. I wanted him to know what I liked and he wanted to know it, I could tell.

He moved down and started on my stomach. Now what man does that? He kissed and fondled and still kept moving back and forth to my tits too. Soon he was back to my slit and he could not get enough. “That’s right baby, eat your pussy as much as you want, it is all yours.” But I had enough of this, so I moved so his cock was where I wanted it, in my mouth. We taught each other about our bodies and gave each other pleasure. I know he did not cum a lot this time and he could not cum as many times as I could. For myself he kept me in a constant state of orgasm.

It was only a few days into our relationship that I learned that I would have to get used to the taste of my own pussy mixed with his cum. As far as I was concerned that was not a bad option.

Now let me give you my side of this and why I thank her first hus – no I am the only one who gets to be called husband, lets just say James, every day. I feel like the man who just lost his favorite car, not meaning my first wife was a car. She was an angel and I loved her madly and I took care of her the last two years of her life, the kids and I did. That cancer is a horrible thing.

So now back to my story about the car. I feel like the man who had this wonderful car and when it was stolen he decided to ride the bus, because there was never anything like his older car. Then one day after four years of riding the bus to work he sees this “for sale” sign on this older car and he gets off to take a look at it. It is a classic, but no one wants it. The man selling it tells him that lots of people want to take it for a spin, but no one really wants to take the time to properly care for it. It is very low mileage because the prior owner did not drive it all that much, but it did have every option for comfort any man could want, but then again the color was not for everyone. Well the man told the owner he would take it, and the owner asked if he wanted to take it for a test drive. The man told him just as soon as he own it, no one else would ever get behind the wheel and that was all the test drive he needed. The owner smiled and took the check and gave the buyer the pink.

That is how I felt about Ester, very low mileage, every possible option for comfort, but just not the right color for some people. She was perfect for me. I did not need a test drive, I knew months before I ever saw her that I was in love and I wanted that pink slip. I think Ester felt the same about me. I was her property and she was not going to let anything happen to me and she took very good care of me.

Sunday was strange. We all met at Mass and his kids were surprised to see a black woman with their father. Lucky it was Mass so we could not talk much. He introduced me as his wife and told them to go to the new house at 1:30. Then we had to run to my parish for Mass. Again it was new to us both but no one could talk during Mass. All of us went to our home, my children followed us over.

Now that was a meeting. It was like the OK Coral without guns. I invited everyone in and we all sat down in the great room. “I know this is a surprise for you all, but you all need to know that Ester and I are going to be married. We are not asking you permission we are telling you how it will be. We want all of you in our lives because you are our family.” Now that was all I got out when Ester sat down next to me.

The place went into screaming mode. “What about Daddy?” “What about mother?” “She is black!” “He is white!” “Did you have sex?” “You’re pregnant?” “How can you do this to us?” “What will our friends say?”

Ester and I let it go on for a while and then we put an end to it. “Enough” we both said at the same time.

“Franklin is my man, my husband, my love, yes we have sex, yes I am pregnant, or going to be if not already that way, and last time I looked, and I looked pretty good, he is white. I don’t care what your friends say.” Well Ester does have a way with words. I felt like I was repeating what she said with wife instead of husband.

“The same goes for Ester except she is not my man or my husband. She is my wife and my woman. If she is not already pregnant it is not from want of trying, over and over.” Ester and I both chuckled at that. “We are in love and yes she is black, and it appears to be permanent, because I have been rubbing all over her and it is not going to come off.”

That last comment got us a combined “Dad” and “Mother” from the assembled family.

“Look at it this way, we have a lot in common” Franklin said to his kids and mine.

“Like what” the kids said in unison?

“For a start we are all Catholic” I said. “Ester is a widow and I am a widower. We have children we love, and who love us. We are only forty and can still have a life together and with all of you. When Ester and I have children you will all be related to each other through them.”

Ester and I went out to the kitchen to get the food ready but I was soon without a job as Sarah, Miranda, Helen and Maria went in and began working and talking. Evidently it was some kind of woman bonding thing; I left them to it.

Then I went into the great room and got the guys and I a beer. We walked out onto the patio and sat down to stare at each other. Now this I understood. James was older than Frank and it was his mother I was with. James was defensive and even a little aggressive. Frank was pissed because I was with another woman. “Guys, we have got to work this out”, I told them. “We can all go out into the yard and kick the shit out of each other or we can get past it and move on. Ester is going to be my wife, and I already consider it as done. I hope she is already pregnant with our first child, but if not we intend to keep trying. I know she is old for being a mother, but it is something we both want. We love each other. We are going to be married next month. I expect you James to walk your mother down the isle. I expect you Frank to be my best man. Ester will see who she wants for a maid of honor, and that is her decision. Most if not every decision about the wedding will be Ester’s decision. Now you two go out into the middle of the yard and kick the shit out of each other until you get it settled and then have another beer.”

They did go out into the yard and they did have another beer, but they did not fight with each other. I would like to say it was all perfect after that but that would be a lie. The kids had a hard time of it. Each group wanted to bring over pictures of their respective family, but they got the lecture that it was not going to happen for a year.

We reached a compromise about the pictures, we took some that day. When I look at them I feel I am looking at those old photographs of condemned prisoners.

There was only one real problem and that was Ester’s eldest daughter Sarah and my son Frank. They were at it constantly. I don’t know why they did not like each other, when the others seemed to get along.

I could go into how the kids handled it but this is not about them, it is about Ester and me. We had both been through the pregnancy thing before and knew what to expect. We stayed close and had the kids over all the time, but it was Ester that I was most concerned about. She was still enforcing those crazy rules of hers. I know I was being forced but what could I do? Every time I got a hard on I was ordered to put it into her; poor me. And every time I got into bed with her I made her open her legs so I could have some hot chocolate; sometimes with a creamy filling, which I shared with her. After all it was my creamy filling.

We played African princess and ‘sneaking around the slave quarters, more than once. We played a lot of games, my wife and me. She was a lot like the car I wrote about, she was bound and determined to be opened up to see what she could do and damn if she could not do everything, some things even better than the new models.

I would be lying if I did not say I needed it just as much as she did.

Ester knew that there were things that he did for her that did not always involve sex. I loved to dance and my husband took me dancing at least once a week. He was a great dancer and I loved to be in his arms moving to a beat that might be fast or slow, but always exciting. There was one drawback and that was my husband was always getting hard when he danced with me. And then I would see he was hard and I would get wet. Dancing was slow foreplay for us both. But I had to let him know in no uncertain terms that the only woman he was ever going to hold was me and that means he danced with me and no one else. That hard piece of wood in his pants was mine and he was not going to rub it against some young tramp, black or white. He smiled and asked me who I was going to be dancing with as he pulled me a lighter and forced his cock against my body. “Only you my husband, only you” was my reply.

He also took me to Jazz concerts, and out to dinner. my husband was a romantic and I was the beneficiary of that romance. Then there were flights to New York to see the ABT because I liked ballet and the Dance Theater of Harlem, and the Joffre Ballet and every company that came into our city. He treated me like a queen every day. Even more importantly he gave me his time. He talked to me, he listened to me. We discussed everything.

Ester was perfectly beautiful at the wedding. No, she did not wear purple, she wore off white. And the Bishop was there to celebrate the Mass and our wedding. He brought his mother and father along as guests, with our permission. His father was white, and his mother was black, go figure.

This was the only day that Ester and I danced with anyone else; it is a tradition that the bride and groom do that, but it was a wedding so it was ok. I never held any woman tight to me, and I had to wait to dance that way with my wife – I love the sound of that – my wife – because if I got body hugging close with her I would be hard in a second.

Even the kids got into the act and danced with each other, except Sarah and Frank, who seemed to be fire and ice. Sarah brought a date, a nice black man. I only say black because of what was said later. Sarah got in Frank’s face and told him that she was with a real man and only a black man was right for a black woman. I was pissed at that comment because I was white and had just married her mother, but Sarah was Sarah and had never really liked the idea of a white man being with her mother. Frank said something about giving up sex if she was the only piece of ass left on the planet.

We had two receptions. We had a reception at Ester’s Church and put up a few large tents in the parking lot where food was cooked and served. Friends from my parish also attended. Then the guests also brought out their own food too. There was more food than anyone could possibly eat. Ester did what Ester did, not a bit of food went to waste. She had decided that this was a good event to help others out so the entire community ate with us. There was my Ester in her wedding gown dishing out food to anyone who came and wanted to eat. Every bit of food was eaten and no one was ever denied. She has such a good heart, and she feed the poor at our wedding feast, sort of biblical of her. That was the woman I married.

The second reception was the next day at our home. All of the family was there and we danced and had a generally great time. We probably had about a hundred or so people in the back area, again with tents and food prepared there. Sarah was there alone and Frank mentioned that it looked like even a black man found her not worth two dates in a row. Sarah took a swing at Frank, who was younger than Sarah by three years and she kept calling him boy. Well you can’t please everybody. The other kids got along fine and even James danced with Frank’s date and Frank danced with James’ wife. They got along pretty well together.

Ester started getting big and as pregnant women sometimes do began to feel herself less than attractive. I did not let that go on for any time. When we were out I was protective and exclusive in what I said and where I looked. There were no other women for me other than the one holding my hand and carrying our son. We would touch frequently and I would always put my hand on our little son.

Every night I would use special oils on her stomach and rub and kiss her all over, inside and out. She was never allowed to feel anything but love from me. When I went to work she had her daughter or mine with her and her church friends were welcome as well.

And she loved to surprise me. One day I came home to find a hooker there for me. Yes, a very pregnant and very hot black hooker, mini skirt, no panties, nylons, and a mesh top that her nipples poked through. “You wife thought you might like some of this” she said.

Well I was a married man and I told her so but she kept it up. She literally chased me around the house; she definitely wanted to earn her money. But finally I got angry and I lifted her skirt, there was not much to lift, and I gave her a spanking for being such a bad girl and trying to fuck a married man. I even gave her pussy a few gentle taps and the whore moaned when I did it. She was dripping as I spanked her.

You dirty slut wanting to fuck a married white man I said as I pushed her over and dropped my pants and just shoved my cock into her pussy. You like white cock I demanded? She told me she loved a good hard white cock and she was knocked up by a white man.

I pulled her over to a chair, took her too me and made her sit facing me with my cock in her pussy. Her sexy pregnant belly prevented me from seeing my cock inside of her, but I could sure feel it. I tore her top and sucked her tits and made her tell me how much she loved my white cock and what a whore she was. I rubbed her pregnant stomach as much as I rubbed those huge tits of hers. I felt her cum a few times and the last time I shoved my finger up her ass and she screamed in pleasure.

She pushed herself off and up and dropped down so my finger was replaced with me cock. Now I was pumping her pretty hard and fingering her pussy. I was biting her tit when she told me my wife would not be home for hours and to fuck her in our marriage bed. I picked her up, cock in her ass and my mouth on her tit and took her to the bedroom and fucker her ass until she came over and over again.

“Wow husband that was intense” she finally said as I smiled down and kissed her. “I was thinking that if I play this fantasy out again I would need to find one of those bicycle helmets for the baby so he would not get banged too hard in the head.” I even giggled at putting a helmet on a fetus.

I asked if she was sore, I was pretty hard on her and she said she did hurt a little. I had her lay quietly and I went into the bathroom and filed the tub with hot water and rose oil. I also washed off my cock, I would be using it later and I wanted it clean. I still had not cum yet, but I sure intended to.

I went back in and first I used a towel to wash off her pussy and ass. I wanted to cool her down a little, so I also used a cool washcloth too. Then I picked up my very tired wife. She tried so hard to keep everything fresh and loving for us. I lowered her into the water and began washing her off and she laid there, very pregnant and very content, until she saw that I was still hard.

“You know the rules husband that belongs to me, I only let you carry it for me” and she bent over and gave me a wonderful blow job as I washed her breasts.

I was pulled into the water, the tub was easily large enough for both of us, and she sat down on top of me, and my cock went into her pussy from behind. I liked the feel of it there and I continued to wash her as she rocked slowly back and forth. I washed her stomach but not really. What I was doing was caressing my woman, all of my woman, the fact she was getting a massage and clean at the same time was a side benefit for both of us.

This was not the first bath together and it would not be the last. Showers were ok, but a nice sexy bath with my man was what I really needed. The man shaved twice a day, he said he wanted to not chafe me.

I know it was wrong thinking of James at this moment, but it was not really him but how he had acted, that I was thinking about. James never made love to me, it was more like rape. When I was finally pregnant he seemed to find me repulsive, although he was not mean to me. Yes he did fuck me but not very often. I was always horny but he seemed ashamed of me, even turned off by my being pregnant. I think he only fucked me because he was just so horny and had to have some and I was his piece to knock off when he needed it.

Now I know that it was not me and that when I am pregnant I am beautiful.

Now my husband seems to want me more than ever and I am as big as a house and he can’t keep his hands off of me or his cock and tongue out of me. I loved that I came up with that hard cock rule. He would wake and enter me in the middle of the night. It just felt good knowing he was inside of me. He also kept putting oils on my body and that would lead me into having one orgasm after another. He did tell me he could not compete with the number of orgasms I had, and I would have to get used to his being hard and inside of me but not always cuming. I told him I owned him and he better cum when we had sex or I was going to beat she shit out of him; and he better come home from work with a ball sack full of cum for me or I might think he was letting someone else get what was mine. We both laughed knowing that there was no way he would do anything like that; but I kept him drained and sent him to work if not broken, definitely in need of a vacation and long rest for his cock. Eight hours rest and it would come back refreshed and ready for his loving wife.

I also told him that I intended to drain him every morning and every evening and any time I damn well wanted too in between. There was never going to be a need for him to think sex if I was not around to say “now”.

He claimed me in so many ways. He would spoon against me and reach down and put his entire hand over my pussy and massage it until I came. He would sperm my insides twice every day; sometimes maybe more.

He made sure that there was always a family member with me so I was not alone in case something happened during my pregnancy. But when he got home, they usually left in a hurry.

We both needed some good loving time together. There is nothing as sexy as your woman, carrying your baby inside of her, waiting to make love to you. And yes she was still my African princess and I was frequently the supplicant white man who had to do her homage. I did love that game too.

We played and loved all through her pregnancy. I massaged her feet, her legs, and everything else she had. We were lovers and showed our lover every minute. I went to Lamaze and became her coach.

The night before she gave birth I made love to her. She was uncomfortable but insisted we do it, as she had every day. This time she went on all fours and put her head on a pillow. I really did not want to hurt her or the baby but she smiled and said it was her right to demand and my duty to comply. I loved her painfully slow. I pushed in a little at a time from the rear, taking almost three minutes to go all the way down. There must have been something about that because she screamed in one orgasm after another on the down stroke and almost the same on the top stroke, which was just as slow.

I told Franklin that when he was hard it belonged to me. Every day he made love to me. I would suck him until he came in my mouth and he would lick me until I did the same. He was very gentle at the end of my time. I appreciated it. But his body was mine and I intended to claim it daily; it was my right. The last time before little Frankie was born he went slow, so slow that by the time he was all the way in I had three or four orgasms. Then the slow up stroke and I was in a constant state of arousal. I never felt anything like it. I think that is why I gave birth the next day, because he had worked me so hard that I had to give birth. An hour of slow sex had me almost passed out until he gave our son a shower.

When our son was born I cut the cord, I held him in my arms and looked into his eyes and saw the spark of life appear. I put him on his mother’s breast for his first taste of life. We would name him Franklin but not Armstrong, we would use Neil after my grandfather. So now I had a second son, Franklin Neil, little Frankie to everyone.

The family, had actually become a real family, and they were all there for the birth. Even Sarah and Frank appeared to be – well not friendly – but less combative. I later found out that Sarah had gone up to Frank’s girlfriend who was with him when he got news of his brother’s birth, and called her a skinny white bitch. Something was said about Frank not being able to handle a real black woman so a no ass white girl was his speed. I understand that his girlfriend gave as good as she got. Later Frank told me his sex with his girlfriend was the hottest he had ever had. Evidently Sarah’s insults made her push the sex as hard as she could with Frank. I was a little upset that Frank told Sarah to insult his next girlfriend too, it got him the best sex he ever had. Evidently Sarah got angry too, this was not the response she wanted.

But life was not all good for Ester. She complained that she was fat and not good looking that I would no longer love her. I made that feeling go away fast. I bought two treat mills and we “walked” together every day at home. I rubbed her not so tight stomach and kissed it all the time telling her it was evidence of her love for me that she let me create and then nurture our child inside of her. That youth was not what I loved about her, it was inside, but that I did love the way she looked. I always ended up her massage with her on her back watching as I loving slid my cock into a very wet pussy. That white tube sliding into a black sheath always turned me on. She got in better spirits pretty quick after a few weeks of that.

There was a bit of a dry spell thought after the baby was born. So to make up for it I went oral. She had two feeding off her tits. I did not know that a woman could orgasm from breast feeding. And I might not have been able to put anything into that sexy pussy of Ester’s, but I sure could do a lot of licking, kissing and nibbling. Ester did not lack for sex but it was oral. And that rule of Ester’s about my being hard, she still enforced it. Every time I was hard she just sucked me off and in the most sexy way. If we could 69 we did and if not, well having your woman look up at you with that loving and sexy face engulfing your cock as you had a huge cum, that is hot. And Ester did not do that shit blowjob crap. You know what I mean, where you only see the top of her head as she rests on your stomach and she yells at you if you cum in her mouth and she runs into the bathroom to spit it out in the toilet. Or stops sucking you off and just jacks it a few times until you cum into a Kleenex. That was not the kind of blowjob I got from Ester. She loved to give me pleasure.

SO one day I was bored and thought about things and said “Oh why the hell not?”. I hope you kids enjoy this one because it could become a sequel, or two, or maybe even three. Need to thank freakynlovinit for tossing me a hand with this one. I also need to thank you the reader for taking time in reading this one. Read it, love it, vote on it, tell a guy how you feel even, and there could be more of it. Enjoy the show kids!


Before sleep overwhelmed Leo’s eyes a thought resonated in his mind. It was a simple thought, but one that rang out many times.

“How could I be so lucky?” he mumbled into the night.

It was the barest of whispers as her didn’t wish to disturb the two beauties that lay curled into his body. His bleary, very fulfilled eyes looked down into the content sleeping faces and he let out a relived sigh. How he came to this time in his life was something his mind was still wondering. Luck may have played a part in it, but something told him in his mind that fate was more likely the reason for his happiness.

It was only three years earlier that Leo had graduated from college and gotten a great job at a software company. For the first eighteen months of his time he was busier than he had ever been in his life. While he dated a bit, the women he dated were nothing major in his life. A few were nice, but lacked that it factor. The rest were simple one night stands that he had no intention of getting back with.

Leo was a simple man with a lot of ambition. At five ten and a hundred seventy five pounds he was an average looking man. His green eyes and brown hair didn’t really make him stand in with the crowd. The only thing that really set him apart from the pack was he took care of himself and ran daily. His diet was a harsh one of tough exercise and simple foods. He was raised poor and had to fight for every thing he had in his household of three brothers and sisters. At the middle of them he was lucky for what he got and was grateful for a while. As he grew older he wanted to get out and go higher than his family could.

In college he pushed himself hard and stayed focused in class. He worked a side job to make ends meet and scrimped and saved to get to the top of his class and get a good job offer as soon as he took off his graduation clothes. From the back end of the Bronx to the highlights of Manhattan, Leo took his place in the big world and made his mark fast. He got a good loft apartment on Nassau St and his life took quick strides into the fast lane.

His second eighteen months since graduating had really beaten him up. He met a girl that nearly killed him. She was hot and fun loving, but a complete slut. Leo really had a feeling for her after a few months dating, but in the end she ripped his heart out by dumping him for a supposed ‘friend’ of his named Daryl.

Daryl’s lame excuse was they were drunk and one thing led to another. It was an excuse that stood for about ten hours, then Leo got a clearer focus when he found her cell phone under his bed. He found a video on the phone that abruptly changed his mind as it was them fucking on it. Neither of them were as drunk as they claimed and that was all he needed to confront his “friend”. A brief exchange of words and a sucker punch from Daryl unleashed the lion that Leo was named after.

Leo kept his job even though he was almost arrested for the fight. Daryl’s jaw was broken and he tried to sue, unsuccessfully. Leo, again, dated and this time he nearly lost all faith in women. The newest girlfriend was what every man claimed to want.

Tall, blond, and beautiful Penny was a welcome relief for about three months. Things were fine and then Penny’s switch flipped. She went from nice to very clingy and possessive. Leo would say hi to a girl at work and Penny would freak out on him for looking at other women. The arguments of Penny’s insecurities went wildly out of control and Leo finally had enough. He snapped on her one day after she harangued him for helping an employee of his out with a loan. It was so the girl could keep her heat on and she promptly paid him back the next payday.

Penny would hear none of his reasoning and railed against Leo for helping his friend. Things were so heated between the two of them to the point that she slapped him and called him all manner of vile things. Leo took the slap without a word and walked to the bedroom. Penny was shocked when he suddenly emerged with three suitcases filled with her clothes. She shouted at him to put them down, but he opened the trash chute and dropped them down it. Penny’s eyes bugged out and she began freaking out. Leo calmly took her arm and walked her to the door. Penny struggled and fought him the whole way, but Leo got her out the door and locked it. He sat against the wall next to the door and listened as she carried on for over half an hour before the police came to talk her down.

Again Leo failed with the society standards of beautiful women. He had all but given up on them after Penny and for good reason. He swore that never again would he date a psychopath, but he laughed aloud when he thought of the varying degrees of psychosis in the world. It took him three weeks to be done with Penny for good, but he was free and clear. For that time and the months after Leo buried himself in work. It was on one of those fateful days he met probably the coolest dude he could have imagined. He met his friend Alan.

Alan was not the typical guy that Leo would normally had hung out with, far from it. He was a tall man whose Caribbean heritage showed in his skin and his hair. Alan wore his fashionable dreads long. They were long enough that they touched the middle of his back. More than once Leo had seen him without and the size of his Afro was one thing that made him laugh. Alan never let it out for long and kept his hair braided for sanity’s sake. The two unlikely friends found each other when Alan was trying to hide from a disgruntled ex and it was only by Leo pointing the wrong directions to her at a bar that saved Alan a hard ear chewing. The whole misunderstanding was a slight one, but to the ex it was huge.

Leo and Alan’s friendship grew quickly when they found out they were the same age. At twenty five they both had a love for music of most types. They played football in their spare time and both hit the gym regularly. It was after two months of hanging out that Alan began to see Leo’s reservations to dating. While Alan was a ladies man of no small skill, he saw that Leo was quiet and reserved the whole time they would go out. Seeing his friend in a rut Alan began to devise a plan of action.

It was a month after they had last gone to a club that Alan decided to help his buddy out. Alan worked as a promoter in his spare time for various up and coming acts. Mainly of the rap and hip hop crowd he made a good living hosting events and parties for the rappers on the rise. Alan had a new act that was starting to blow up and decided to get his buddy to the scene. He got a good gig at a really down club that catered to an under twenty one crowd. He made sure the stock was packed and after he was sure he could do no more he called up his friend.

Leo was just on his lunch when his phone rang. He looked at the ID and saw it was Alan. Leo shook his head and answered the phone and was shocked at what he heard.

“Yo yo yo! OK Leo, I’m tired of you being boring! Your comin’ out with me mon,” Alan said and his Jamaican accent popped through.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Leo asked chuckling.

“Cuz you need to get out and see some life me brudda,” Alan said laughing and his normally thin accent was gone replaced with his mother’s pure tone.

“Uh huh….and when is it that you started using your Mom’s accent to talk to people?” Leo asked chuckling.

“Well there’s this girl I was trying to get with you see,” Alan said suddenly in his normal voice.

Leo shook his head and laughed a bit as his friend explained his recent failure to pick up a girl from a Starbucks using his island charms. Leo was face down on the table when Alan explained how she ‘politely’ rebuffed his advances. “Politely” was a code word for she shot him down flat.

“But seriously man, I got a really big after party for a new crew that’s goin’ somewhere. Wanna come? I promise you’ll have a good time,” Alan offered.

“I got the McClellan account I gotta finish by this weekend Alan. Maybe if I can get it done I will,” Leo replied.

“That’s a bummer dude. Well get that shit done or I’m comin’ to yours and draggin’ you out!” Alan emphatically replied into the phone.

Leo chuckled at the threat and nodded his head, “Alright man. Then hang up and let me get back to work.”

“Peace out my brother from another mother,” Alan said in an overly upbeat tone.

“Later dude,” Leo said and hung up.

Leo finished his small lunch and went back to work. What he didn’t tell Alan was he was nearly done with the project, he just wasn’t up to going out this weekend. Visions of lounging on his couch watching the Thunder game was a good idea to him. A few beers, maybe a pizza, and he was set for the weekend. Leo went back to his desk and began the process.

Alan heard the tone that Leo had and shook his head, he was lying. Leo was a horrible liar and that was part of the reason Alan dug him so much. No matter what at least he knew where he stood with him. As Alan pondered the future profits the party would net him he pondered Leo’s fate. He knew full well the shitty relationships he had been forced to endure and wondered if anything would snap his friend out of it. Alan suddenly had an epiphany, he would drag Leo out anyways. The fun he was passing up was something Alan, as a true friend, couldn’t let Leo miss out on.

Alan’s devious mind began to spin thoughts and hatch plans as he pondered the fate of his friends new weekend plans. As he pondered them he happened to look up and saw a very fine specimen of woman walk by. He forgot about his friend for a brief moment as he ventured forth for the conquest.

The three days till the weekend took longer than either friend imagined, but it finally arrived. Leo scored a big commission on the project as it was a big hit. His skills at graphic designs weren’t wasted as he made a beautiful layout and spreed sheet. The numbers danced across the displays and as the executives watched the show Leo had also tossed in music to make the presentation that much more interesting. After all was said and done all the people in the room were applauding his work and his own boss was euphoric at the new found fortune that rolled in.

Leo sat in his desk and looked out over the city as it started to get dark. He loved the sunsets and watching them from his thirty fourth floor was always pleasant. He looked up from his reverie after a few minutes and saw it was closing time. He turned off his computer and got his coat and briefcase. He signed out his pass codes to the computer and left the office. The elevator was crammed full of people from the building and none of them even paid him a mind as they went down. Leo inhaled a short breath to keep the cheap cologne and stale perfume from infesting his lungs. The long descent came to a close and the door dinged the bottom floor. Leo wisely waited at the back of the elevator for the mob to sprawl out and leave before he exited.

A slow walk from the elevator to the security desk saw the long day come to an end. Leo pulled out his phone to ponder his order for the night when a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him cold.

“Stick em up!” Alan said trying to sound hard.

Leo rolled his eyes and sent his briefcase behind him and it caught Alan in the crotch. Alan grunted sharply as the edge of the case caught him square on in the jewels making him rethink his idea of trying to scare Leo.

“Give up?” Leo said in a superior tone.

“Ow,” was all Alan replied as he chuckled at the reversal of fortune.

“What are you doing here Alan?” Leo asked confused to see his friend at his office building.

“Well my gig fell out at the last minute and now I’m bored. Looks like I’m infesting your place this weekend!” Alan said coolly.

“That sucks, for both of us,” Leo said back jokingly.

“Now that just hurts man,” Alan replied grabbing his chest theatrically.

Leo rolled his eyes and began to walk to the escalator to the lower level. Alan stopped being over dramatic and walked after. It was a short jog to catch up to his friend and they went down the escalator.

“Well if I’m not welcome to your place at least give me a lift so I can go somewhere fun,” Alan begged.

“I can do that,” Leo replied.

It was a while before the game anyways so he figured he could dump Alan off at his favorite club and have at least a night to himself. They walked the length of the garage to his car and got in. Leo’s Nisan Ultima was a simple car, but a nice one that did everything Leo needed it to do. They drove out of the garage and out into the nightmare of Manhattan traffic. Leo had a policy of music in his car, if he drove it was his, if he wasn’t then whomever drove was in charge. He put in a mix CD and the first song that played was a mournful song from Sevendust called “Angel’s Son”. Alan could get down to any music and sat back as the acoustic melody played.

“So where we going tonight? 40/40 or Groove?” Leo asked knowing his friends favorite haunts.

“Neither, I got a new club I’m gonna scope out bro. It’s on 23rd,” Alan said.

“OK,” Leo said and turned out of the nightmare and onto better streets. They drove the distance to the club and Alan smiled a bit.

The area they were forced to park in was not too far from the club and Alan looked at Leo and smiled darkly. The music playing was one of Alan’s favorite rock songs called “4 Walls” by Black Light Burns. Seeing they were parked Alan shot his hand across and killed the engine. With a deft twist he turned the keys and pulled them from the ignition. Leo was wide eyed as his head went from back to front and then he was alone as Alan bolted from the car.

“What the fuck?” Leo asked in pure confusion.

Alan was already out and across the street leaving Leo alone in the car. Leo let out a bemused chuckle and got out of the car. As he did Alan hit the key lock locking the door and setting the alarm. There was no way Leo was missing out on this and that was final. Leo sighed as he trudged across the street in a determined walk to his friend. A plan of strangling him with his braids came to mind, but Leo knew that good friends were in very short supply in his life. He put his hands behind his back and stepped towards Alan’s smirking face.

“This is for your own good Leo, now here you go,” Alan said as he handed Leo a lanyard with a pass.

“Fine, I had a feeling you were pulling my leg when you gave me that over dramatic message on Wednesday,” Leo said chuckling.

Alan nodded his head and led Leo to the front door. They were greeted at the door by the biggest Samoan man Leo had ever seen. He was easily over six four and had to be about three hundred pounds. The man looked at their lanyards and nodded his head to the moans of the people in line. When they entered the club the hard bass lines of the new groups song was blaring. Leo had to admit it was catchy, but he wasn’t a big fan of how over played it sounded.

“These guys are gonna hit it huge!” Alan yelled to Leo.

“They sound like JayZ and Naz mixed,” Leo said back.

“No!” Alan said back semi defensively.

“Yeah, listen to that hit, then the cross, the hit sounds like Jay and the cross like Naz,” Leo laughed back.

Alan took a second to listen to the sound he was referring to and suddenly he was floored, they sounded exactly like them! Alan started to laugh aloud and shake his head. Alan was a realist however, they sold the clubs tickets out and he was a producer. So as long as it made him money they could sound like Mariah Carey and he wouldn’t care. As he listened he saw the variety in the club and his eyes vectored in on a tall, leggy blond that was showing off all that was needed to get his attention.

“If you’ll excuse me my brother. Your boy has some play to get,” Alan said shaking his head to loosen the braids.

Leo saw his target and shook his head as he rolled his eyes. She looked almost exactly like Penny and that was a killer to him. Leo realized that Alan wasn’t looking and snatched his keys from the pocket as Alan walked to the woman. Putting his keys back in his pocket Leo decided to try and enjoy himself. He walked to the bar and as he got there a sight that nearly made his eyes bulge was greeting him. Leaning against the bar was a very sexy woman.

Her black hair was wild and curly as it came from her head to her shoulders like a savage mane. Her dark cocoa skin was nearly glowing in the low lights and her full legs were prominently displayed. Her outfit was what one could call cute/sexy all at once. It was a midriff shirt that showed off a taught belly. A very short pleat skirt graced her hips and when his eyes caught sight of her legs he almost fell over. She was wearing thigh high socks with red and blue athletic stripes on the tops. Her lips were painted a wild blue and she looked like a cheerleader gone wild. Her left arm had a wild sunburst design on it and her right a long stemmed rose that was dripping blood. Leo sighed as he walked to the bar and tried not to look at her.

The woman noticed Leo trying not to stare and she got a wild grin on her face. She sauntered right up to Leo and in a very naughty school girl voice asked.

“So what do you think of my outfit?” she teased.

“It’s ummm…wow,” Leo said back taking in the full sight of her.

“Wow?” she asked back almost hurt.

“Great!” Leo blurted trying to pacify her.

“Only great? Then I guess I better go,” She pouted and turned away.

“No! No…it’s…umm…really hot,” Leo tried for the last time.

“Third times a charm,” the woman said back smiling.

“Lucky me,” Leo said smiling nervously.

“Indeed, lucky you,” the woman purred as she took the seat next to him. “Drink?” she asked.

“Yes, beer and a…?” he asked looking at her.

“Midori sour,” she replied.

The bartender nodded his head and got him a beer and made her drink. He handed them their drinks and Leo paid for them. Leo took his beer and the woman her drink and she surprised him by clinking her drink on his.

“To an overdone act,” she toasted.

“To the uninspired,” Leo joked back.

The woman giggled as she sipped her drink. Leo tipped back his drink a bit and got a good swallow. He sighed as he set it down.

“And you’re here why?” she asked.

“My friend drug me out here. He is producing this mess,” he replied.

“Oh you know Alan?” she asked.

“Yes. Why?” Leo asked suddenly confused.

“Cause he keeps trying to hit on me and my friend. Can you tell him a message for us?” she asked politely.

“Sure. What do you need?” he responded politely.

“Tell him Myra and Tamika said to to go eat a dick and leave us the fuck alone,” the woman said emphatically.

Leo almost choked on his next sip of his beer. He coughed up some foam from the laugh that erupted from his belly. The woman patted his back trying to keep him from choking to death on it and suddenly felt bad.

“Oh god! Are you OK?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Fine,” Leo got out in a high pitched gasp that was punctuated by another cough.

The woman gave him a concerned look as he looked at her and wiped the tears away. She laughed sheepishly as she hadn’t seen him drinking while she said that. Leo shook his head and cleared his throat.

“Well I suppose that is payback for not telling you how good you look the first time,” he said jokingly.

The woman giggled sweetly and patted his cheek.

“See now your making me feel bad,” she said back smiling cutely.

“No, no, no. No feeling bad allowed. Your too cute for that,” Leo said trying to be bold.

“And you say I’m cute. Now that’s just plain flattery, and it might get you somewhere,” the woman teased back and flicked his nose.

Leo grinned sheepishly. The woman sensed his trepidation and eased off a bit. No need to tease him too badly, besides she could tell her outfit was doing just that. She picked up her drink and got from her seat. She walked up to Leo and gave him a sweet peck on the lips. Leo was shocked at the display and how thick her lips felt on his. She leaned back and a beautiful smile washed over her face.

“I’m Myra, maybe you’ll see me again before the nights over. Thanks for the drink sweetie,” she purred and walked away.

Leo sat transfixed on her full ass. The way the skirt just hid it made his dick lurch in his pants. He had never been so close to a black woman before, but he was suddenly in love. The sway in her hips showed a sensuality he had never seen in a woman before and it took his breath away. Leo watched her disappear into the crowd and shook his head. He knew that a woman like that was way out of his league so he sighed and licked his lips. He tasted her drink and a slight sweetness under it that made him feel good. Leo went back to his drink and ordered a whiskey chaser.

Three more drinks passed his lips as he watched the dancing and felt the music starting to change from the groups to a house DJ. The difference was apparent as the DJ spun a groovy mix of funk and soul into an awesome house blend. Leo saw the woman behind the mixers and he was shocked at what he saw.

This woman was just as cute as Myra was. Her skin was maybe a shade lighter than hers, but still was striking. Her tee shirt was a purple one that hugged her curves. Her generous bust line strained against the shirt and made his mouth water a bit. Her hair was a spiky short cut that was very sexy on her. Her lips were a deep purple that stood out wildly on her. The way she moved behind the mixer was with an effortless grace. The crowd was reaching a bubbling point and she turned on the charm as her voice pumped up the crowd like a hurricane. The crowd began to get down on the floor as she mixed and spun the grooves.

Leo was never a fan of house, but the way she spun it was something he was going to have to remember. She looked out over the crowd and fired them up as she let out one lightning fast jam followed by a slow one to change the beat. The crowd was taken on a wild ride with her and after about an hour and a half of it she was done and the crowd was cheering and chanting for more. To the crowds delight she stepped back behind the mike and raised her hands over her head.

The chant of “Mika” began to fill the room and she bowed graciously. She put on a good jam that let the crowd get back to dancing and left the booth. Leo happened to see Alan walk up to the booth and try to hug her. She pushed him away laughing and walked away. Alan had a playful hurt look on his face and she relented and kissed his cheek. She shook her head and left the booth to the ladies room.

Leo shook his head as Alan went to the booth and got the crowd’s attention. He spoke of the concert the group just had and how dope it was. The crowd was cheering and applauding as he went into MC mode to announce he group. They came out to the stage nearby and began their act. Leo ducked his head as he sipped his beer. He was about ready to go when he felt a hand touch his arm. He looked back as the DJ was holding his keys in her hand.

“These fell out of your pocket. Don’t wanna lose them now do you?” she asked politely jingling his keys.

Leo sat up and realized the way he was slouching they slipped loose. Giving her a thankful smile he took them back.

“Thanks,” he said.

“Don’t mention it. Now why is it you look like you don’t want to be here right now?” she teased.

“Well if you were back up there I might ave a reason to hang out some more,” he said smiling.

“See now there’s a good answer,” she laughed.

Leo could hear a slight accent under her tone. It sounded English, but faint. As he pondered the accent he realized she was looking at him expectantly. He looked left and right and saw both seats next to him were full so he got up and moved. She smiled and sat down. The way she crossed her legs made his dick come to life again. Her skirt was a short black one that showed off her very nice legs that were wrapped in opaque purple tights. The contrast in her skin to those was invigorating. She ordered a bottle of water and sipped it as she looked back to him.

“So your Alan’s friend?” she asked.

“Is it that obvious?” he asked back.

“No, the tag on your lanyard told me that,” she said back laughing.

“Ah,” Leo replied.

“I take it you met Myra?” she asked.

“Um yes. You could say that,” he said back smiling.

“Good, could you do me a huge favor Alan’s friend?” she asked.

“Leo,” he replied smiling at her cute face.

“That’s better, Leo, can you give us a lift home? My car is in the shop and she is too drunk to drive,” she asked.

“Umm…sure,” Leo replied his eyes showing he was not expecting it, but was glad to help.

In reality he was eager to leave the club. He knew that Alan likely would get a lift home somehow. He didn’t mind dropping Alan off and going, it was what he planned on anyways. He paid up his last bit of the tab and tipped the bartender as the woman removed herself to gather her drunken friend. Leo was able to get to the door without being seen and as he exited he heard a familiar voice giggling behind him. He looked back to see Myra leaning on her friend laughing like an idiot. She was sloshed, but it was cute to watch her.

They managed to get her in the back seat and let her lay back. She was a giggling mess the whole time they buckled her in.

“Thanks,” her friend said thankfully.

“No problem,” Leo said back and opened the door for the woman.

“A gentleman. How nice,” the woman said and her accent came through even more.

Leo got the door shut in time to avoid the embarrassing tent that was forming in his pants. He walked to the drivers side and opened it. As he dd the giggling Myra was letting him know how good she was feeling. He sat down turned over the engine and the song that was playing kicked back on. The woman next to him looked shocked at the radio and smiled.

“You like Black Light Burns?” she asked.

“Yup, they are pretty awesome,” he said back.

“Hmm, I would have pegged you for a pop fan,” she said.

“Nope. Too cartoony,” he replied.

“I see. By the way I’m…” she started to say.

“Let me guess, Tamika?” he answered.

“And how did you guess that?” Tamika purred.

“Myra told me the message for Alan from the two of you,” he replied chuckling.

Tamika laughed playfully as he said that and looked back to Myra who was in the back looking at the moon roof.

“Can you open that to get her some air?” she asked.

Leo opened the windows and let the cool night air in. Myra looked out the window and laughed a while as she watched the lights and people on the streets. The mood became brighter as an upbeat song came on and they all got into it. A fast paced rock song from the game Guitar heroes came on and they all actually got into it.

“This is such a bitch to play,” Myra slurred from the backseat.

“That it is,” Leo said back.

They got into a conversation on games and music as they drove through the Manhattan night. Leo found out the two were best friends from college. Myra was an art major who worked at a tattoo and piercing store. Tamika was, as he already knew, a house DJ at the club. The two were best of friends and he saw it as they joked back and forth between each other about small things. The biggest thing they joked about was how drunk Myra was.

As they drove to the tunnel they found out it was closed for repairs and it brought them to a dead end. Sighing Leo got back onto the main road and tried to figure out their next move. As the pondered Myra looked up at Leo and smiled cutely.

“Mind if we crash with you tonight then?” she slurred cutely.

“Myra,” Tamika admonished.

“What? He’s cute and a nice guy, he won’t take advantage of us,” she giggled.

“That’s not the point Myra, we just met him,” Tamika scolded.

“It’s no trouble, I have three bedrooms at my place,” Leo replied.

“No Leo, you don’t have too,” Tamika replied.

“Please baby! I need to lay down,” Myra pouted.

“It’s no trouble,” Leo offered.

“See he says it’s no trouble,” Myra said hopefully batting her eyelashes at Tamika.

“If you’re sure Leo,” Tamika said.

Leo turned off on the light and made his way to his loft. As they drove Tamika looked back to Myra who wordlessly gave her an affirming nod. Myra smiled teasingly and licked her lips at her friend and leaned back into her seat. The drive to his place took ten minutes. In that time the two of them were quiet as they made it to the parking spot. Leo pulled into his spot and killed the engine. He got out and went to help them. Myra leaned on him and giggled sweetly.

She leaned into his ear and whispered, “I told you that you’d see more of me.”

Myra punctuated it with a nip of his earlobe. Leo was shocked by the move, but kept his body from jerking. She put her arm around his back and held on as he led her to the elevator. Tamika actually smiled cutely and put her arm around the other side of his waist. Leo suddenly found himself surrounded by two of the hottest women he had ever seen. He wasn’t complaining about his luck, he was hoping to just play it cool and not make an ass of himself.

They piled into the elevator and Myra leaned close to his neck. She was still tipsy, but the truth was she wasn’t as drunk as she let on to be. Tamika knew this, but kept it to herself. She was curious to see the lengths her friend was about to go, and she had to admit one small thing, Leo was cute. They hit his floor and the elevator opened up. The wide expanse of the loft made Myra’s eyes widen. Tamika was also impressed. The close two bedroom apartment they shared in Queens was a far cry from the space that Leo had in his place.

The group staggered into Leo’s pad and the girls let go of him and looked around. Leo stood back and admired the sight of the two of them from behind. His eyes were glued to the tempting fruit in front of him. Both had more than an ample ass, both had great legs, and both were stunning creatures in all respects. His lips began to water as he lived out a quiet fantasy in his mind, but he pushed it away. Leo looked up and saw the two of them as they wandered around. He went to his TV and turned it on. He selected his play list on his 360 and let his music play. The ladies looked back and saw the cool system and laughed playfully.

“This is a great place Leo!” Tamika said breathlessly.

“It’s home,” Leo said happily.

“Wow…how big is the bathroom?” Myra pondered and quickly went to it dragging Tamika along with.

Leo stood by and his head twitched as the two of them disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. He shook his head and looked around. The apartment was bare except for his couch love seat and entertainment set along the wall. He pondered getting a pool table, but couldn’t afford one just yet. As he pondered he happened to hear some talking from the bathroom. He didn’t pry, but he could swear he heard them bargaining in there. Leo shook his head and looked away. He was lost in the Chevelle song playing when he heard the door open.

Myra came out carrying her shoes as did Tamika. They set them down and walked to him in their stockinged feet. Leo was shocked at the look in their eyes and suddenly noticed that Tamika’s shirt was out of her skirt. They sat on the couch and patted the middle between them. Leo tentatively sat between them and was shocked when Myra threw her legs over his as soon as he sat down.

“That’s so much better,” Myra purred. She looked at him sweetly and purred, “Be a dear?”

Leo’s hands found her feet and began to rub them slowly. Myra purred happily as he rubbed. He had never seen socks like she was wearing, but he admired how they stayed up at her mid thigh. He glanced up and noticed she was wearing cute white lace panties under her skirt. He continued to rub her feet and after ten minutes of making her moan and whimper Tamika decided it was her turn. She turned slightly and placed her legs on his lap over hers and tilted her head expecting. Leo’s hands switched from Myra’s cute feet to Tamika’s without complaint.

The change in texture from Myra’s cotton socks to Tamika’s silky smooth tights was one that was playing hell with his control. Here he was with two undeniably sexy woman with their legs on him and he was desperately trying to hold off on showing a hard on. His mind snapped as he made Tamika sigh happily and the bulge began to tent. He rubbed diligently and soon he felt something he wasn’t expecting. The women pulled their feet from his lap and turned into his side. Leo suddenly felt very hot breath on his neck and he shuddered as Tamika pressed her lips into his ear and whispered.

“So do you want to be rewarded for being a nice man Leo?” she breathed into his ear.

Leo’s soft moan was all the answer she needed. Tamika leaned over and softly placed her full lips on his and kissed him. Leo moaned as his eyes closed. It was a chaste closed mouth kiss, but his mind began to swim as Myra suddenly pressed in close and as soon as Tamika moved her lips hers found his. While Tamika and him shared a soft sweet kiss, Myra was a wild child. Her peck at the club was nice, but her kiss was a wildly lusty one. She slashed her tongue into his mouth and he groaned as she did.

Tamika saw her friend kissing him and she smiled seductively. She leaned over and whispered into Myra’s ear.

“I think he’s really for us baby girl,” she purred.

Looking down Tamika saw the tent in his slacks and smiled as she saw how pronounced it was. Her hand grazed it and he inhaled sharply as he kissed Myra. Myra maned happily as he inhaled sensing he was ready and willing. What she didn’t expect was Tamika to take her hand and put it on his bulge. Her own eyes widened as she felt it through his slacks. Leo’s groan broke the kiss a she absently stroked his meat through his pants. She was wide eyed as she looked down and saw a bulge that made her little panties begin to soak. She looked at Tamika and licked her lips.

“We got a good one sweetie,” she purred.

“Indeed we did baby girl,” Tamika said sweetly.

What happened next burned into Leo’s brain forever. They leaned in and passionately kissed each other. His eyes got wide as their tongues played teasingly in each others mouths. The kiss had the both of them suddenly upright on their knees over his lap so they could get closer together. Tamika’s purr as they kissed made the both of them begin to grind excitedly on his legs. Leo was amazed when Tamika’s hand suddenly reached out and grabbed him. She yanked on his shirt pulling him up to them and they broke the kiss and both turned to face him and took turns kissing his lips and soon it got very hot in the room.

Tamika broke off the kiss and stood up. She pulled Myra to her feet and reached down to Leo. He took her hands and she pulled him to his feet.

“Where’s your room sweetie?” she asked seductively.

“This way,” he said and pushed them ahead of him.

Myra giggled as she walked to the room. She stopped them suddenly and smiled to him.

“Should I maybe…?” she asked teasingly as she raised her shirt over head head and threw it to the floor.

Leo’s eyes opened as she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pert tits stood out begging for attention. His eyes got bigger when he noticed the gold hoops in the dark nipples. She spun on her heel and swayed into his bedroom unzipping her skirt as she went. Leo watched it fall to the floor and her graceful step out of it leaving her in her socks and panties. He looked back to see Tamika smile wildly and throw her shirt to the floor. Her large globes were encased in a sexy black lace bra. She turned to him waited.

Leo’s eager hands found the snap and undid the three catches releasing the bra from her luscious tits. As she turned Leo saw the huge globes and his mouth watered at the fat nipples that stood out. She slid her skirt off and sauntered into his bedroom. Leo’s head spun in circles as he saw the two vixens climb on his bed on their hands and knees and turn suddenly. They both began to curl their index fingers at him and his mind gave up the fight. He untucked his shirt and tossed it to the floor. The only thing marring his pale skin was the yin yang encased in blue flames tattooed on the left side of his chest. His muscles weren’t huge, but defined well enough to make their mouths water. The ladies licked their lips as he undid his slacks and they hit the floor next to the ladies clothes and black boxers was all he was left in.

The ladies smiled hungrily as they saw the menacing bulge in his boxers. As he climbed on the bed with them they pounced. Leo was shoved to his back by Myra as she clambered along his body. Tamika joined her friend and they began to lick and bite his neck and chest. The teasing the women did to his body made every nerve in his body flare to life. From a gentle brush of their skin to a soft kiss to his neck Leo felt everything. His mind was lost in passions when he felt Tamika make the next move.

Her head slowly dipped down and her soft tongue found his nipple. He groaned as both women smiled and took one in their lips. The teasing licks and sucks made his toes curl and his cock spring to life. The blood was fully in his raging member as the two took turns licking and biting him. Leo felt like he could have died at that precise moment and he would have died complete. After what felt like long hours he heard Myra’s sweet voice.

“Holy shit look at that!” she exclaimed looking at his rock hard cock.

“Oh my!” Tamika said and her accent was thick.

The two women exchanged seductive looks and looked back to Leo who was just recovering from the teasing the women had just put him through. As his eyes regained their focus he happened to see the two of them smiling so deliciously at him and Myra leaned close.

“I guess today is your lucky day huh?” she asked and kissed his lips.

He groaned into the kiss as Tamika’s hand found his throbbing member. Both girls hand soon found a grip on it after he arched his hips into the handling. He moaned so loudly as they teased him and Tamika suddenly giggled.

“Well he looks more than ready to go huh, baby girl?” she purred in her delicious accent.

“I’d say he does, but he may go quick Mika,” she complained.

“That’s why we train him up baby girl,” she purred and her head disappeared.

Leo’s mind exploded when he felt Tamika’s hot mouth envelop his member. His eyes rolled into the back of his skull and he almost exploded than and there if it was for Myra suddenly kissing his lips. Myra teasingly kissed him for a few seconds then she slithered down to join her friend. Myra put her hand on the back of Tamika’s head and pushed her so she took more of him in her mouth.

“That’s it baby…suck his fat dick!” Myra said forcefully making Tamika moan on him.

Leo felt the vibrations on his cock and nearly bought it. Somehow his mind was forcing him to hold out. He never would have lasted long like this before, but he was somehow making it happen. His mind was determined to make the most of this, even though his body was begging for release. Tamika’s sweet lips bobbed up and down on his shaft for a long few minutes then he heard a hungry Myra beg for a turn. Tamika pulled off him with a loud pop and Myra eagerly gobbled his prick into her mouth.

While Tamika was refined and slow with her ministrations, again Myra was a wild one. Her eager throat flexed on him as she took his whole length down her hungry throat. She moaned and purred on him as she slobbered on his cock and pulled it from her mouth.

“God you taste so fucking good sweetie! Now be a good boy and fill my mouth…. I wanna taste you so bad,” she begged as she slapped his cock off her lips.

Leo looked up in time to see her suddenly go back down on him. His eyes were bulging and he felt his toes curl from the feral passion that Myra had. It was the same passion making him feel his balls beginning to boil. What happened next again threw him for a loop as Tamika suddenly took one of his balls into her mouth and suckled it hard. A tortured cry came from Leo’s throat as it continued on for what felt like an eternity.

From the sounds of Myra slurping his pole, to Tamika’s purring moans as she licked and sucked his balls Leo lost it. His back straightened up as he violently spurted into Myra’s eager mouth. She moaned loudly as the first spurt hit the back of her throat. She stopped bobbing her head and stroked him as he unloaded a big deposit into her eager mouth. She kept her mouth still as he finally stopped and pulled off him slowly. Leo’s body shuddered as the tip passed her lips.

Tamika saw this and giggled cutely.

“Does he taste good baby?” she mused.

Myra’s answer was to lean over to her friend and kiss her with a mouthful. Tamika eagerly opened her mouth to her lusty kiss and Leo was treated to another sight that would burn into his mind as they shared his load. The base lust that was in the kiss made his eyes widen and his cock stiffen. Leo watched the hungry nymphs as they swapped his cum and some of it began to dribble down their chins. Myra felt it and in a naughty display licked her lover’s chin of his cream. In a nastier display Tamika licked it off her tongue.

Leo got his legs about him and sat up. The two hungry women looked to hi meagerly and pulled him to them. They shared a long tongue kiss between the three of them. It lasted for what felt like hours as the three opened licked and kissed each others lips and tongues. Tamika was getting very eager as they kissed and dipped her head to Myra’s nipples. She licked and teased the rings eagerly and Myra’s whimpers into Leo’s mouth let him know of her satisfaction.

Leo got bold and followed suit. He sank down her neck and found the nipple Tamika was licking. He had never been with a woman who had pierced her nipples before, but he was eager for his first time. He gently licked and nipped the nipple. Myra’s head fell back and her hands went to the back of both of their heads as they continued. Leo’s teeth found the ring and gently he tugged on it making her moan loudly. Leo’s heard the moan and took the whole nipple in his mouth and suckled it hard making Myra cry out. Tamika saw this and decided to help him make her lover feel much better.

She pulled off Myra’s nipple and leaned to his ear and whispered softly, “Lick hard and tease her with small bites baby, she loves that.”

Leo heard the sweet words punctuated with a bite on his neck and he complied. He licked her nipple with the flat of his tongue making her moan and a teasing nip made her legs shudder. Leo’s eyes narrowed as he found her button and he began to push it relentlessly. Myra’ hands found the back of his neck as he worked over one then the other nipple in similar fashion. Her legs gave out and she rolled to her back letting Leo get on top of her.

Leo growled as he began to make her squirm under him. His eyes found hers as he sucked one and the look in hers was one of pleading. He grinned and with one last bite he released her nipple. Leo blew on it with a cold breath making her arch off the bed. Watching her body tremble under him made Leo want to explore more of her lovely body.

Leo’s lips traveled down her taut belly and he teased her belly button with a nip making her giggle softly. As he came to her lacy panties she was already lifting her butt eagerly. Leo’s fingers hooked the sexy undies and began to slide them slowly down her long legs. Myra kept her legs close together as the undies made their way off her legs and over her ankles. As soon as they came off Leo tossed them to he floor and looked back up the path. He saw her long legs and at the top was a very wet shaved slit. Slightly up to the left he saw a tattoo that caught his attention. He began to kiss up her legs slowly and as he neared he saw it for what it was. It was a heart with an arrow through it with Tamika’s name in it. He looked up to Tamika curiously and she smiled brightly as she leaned over her hips and lovingly planted a sweet kiss on the tattoo.

It hit Leo rather quickly that they were more than just friends when they kissed before, but now he came to an understanding they were more than just casual. He smiled as he watched Tamika waste no time in slithering her head further down and her tongue flashed across Myra’s slit. Myra arched off the bed and her legs spread eagerly as Tamika kept slashing her tongue along Myra’s suddenly fat clit. Leo’s eyes widened further as he saw it also had a hoop in it. Tamika found the ring and teased it with her teeth making moans and gasps come from her lovers throat. Leo sat back and enjoyed the view. He paid close attention to how Tamika was making Myra squeal and took very astute notes in his mind. After a few minutes watching he got bold and leaned forwards. He waited for Tamika to lick her and his tongue found her fat lips suddenly. Myra shot up and squealed loudly as he it the lips and Tamika latched on to her clit.

Myra’s sweet voice begged loudly “More!” many times as Leo and Tamika licked and sucked her sensitive hole. Tamika found the conditions right and nudged Leo to the side. As he move she put her head directly between her legs and latched her mouth fully on Myra’s dripping hole. Her tongue went to work and Myra was suddenly lost in the pleasures of Tamika’s mouth. Leo saw an opening and decided to take advantage of it. He slipped down the bed and found Tamika’s legs surprisingly open. He put his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed making her moan into Myra’s hole. His finger’s trailed under her tights enclosed pussy and he felt it was blazing hot. He began to rub tenderly on her box and Tamika began to buck into his hand.

“Rip her tights open baby! Eat her fucking pussy!” Myra growled loudly and Leo was shocked.

“Oh please baby! Rip them open and eat me!” Tamika said in a pleading whimper.

Leo’s fingers found a hold and with a quick jerk he ripped the crotch open exposing Tamika’s tiny thong she had on under. He saw her sweet pussy was dripping nectar like a faucet and his fingers ripped the thong in two and his mouth latched onto her dripping pussy with a fury. For the second time in his life Leo found himself eating a black girl out, and he was loving it! Tamika’s sweet juices cascaded on his tongue as he sucked and bit her lips making her whimper and moan into Myra who in turn felt each and every vibration in her ow body. Leo stuck a finger into her slit and Tamika bucked against it as he continued to suckle her.

Leo was in pure heaven as her big ass was right in his face and his tongue was lashing away at everything in front of him. He amazingly didn’t care as his tongue even found her asshole and teased it as well. Tamika began to whimper in rapid succession as her own meltdown was coming up. She tried to eat her lover as best she could, but the wild tongue Leo had was doing her in. Myra was also nearing her limit as Tamika suddenly shoved two fingers in and bit her clit ring hard. Myra’s legs spasmed and clamped around her neck.

“Oh shit baby!” Myra gasped out as she came hard.

Leo heard the moans and suddenly he felt a power in him wash over his mind. Without a word he slapped Tamika’s full ass and it juggled as he hit. Tamika suddenly came hard screeching into Myra’s dripping pussy. Leo’s fingers were thoroughly glazed as her nectar poured from her. Tamika grunted and gasped so hard into Myra he was afraid she would black out, but somehow she freed her mouth from Myra’s muff and looked back at Leo.

“Slap my ass again baby,” she pleaded.

Leo’s hand slapped harder and she moaned loudly. Her pussy clamped on his finger very hard. He felt his grip on his sanity slip and suddenly his had lashed out again on the to her cheek and Tamika cried out as she spasmed again. Leo lost himself and his hand rained down spank after spank on her ass making Tamika mewl and moan at each one. Myra looked on as he spanked her and the grin on her face was a purely lustful one. She knew of Tamika’s weakness for spanking and as each blow rained down she knew that her lover was about to come. Wanting to get into the act she pulled away from her head and crawled to join Leo at her ass. When she got there she looked at Leo’s glazed face and her tongue slashed along his cheek and chin. She moaned as she licked her lover’s sweet nectar from his face. She looked into his eyes and he took a moment to savagely kiss her.

As they kissed Myra’s hand ran over her lover’s ass and she caressed the spanked area with her cool hand making Tamika shudder softly. Leo broke the kiss and Myra leaned over Tamika’s burning ass and licked the cheeks lovingly. She kissed and rubbed her cheek along the full ass and bit the cheeks teasingly. Her lover’s whimpers were born of knowledge and Tamika was now at her lover’s tender mercies. Myra suddenly looked up at Leo and in a teasing voice she spoke.

“You know we are lovers Leo?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Did you know she loves to be fucked on her hands and knees” she purred and licked Tamika’s burning cheek making Tamika cry out.

“Does she now?” he asked his voice suddenly deeper.

“Mmm…she does, but what’s more she loves white men,” she purred teasingly.

Leo’s hard cock was dripping precum as he was suddenly very read to go further than he would have ever imagined

“I guess it is my lucky day isn’t it?’ he asked and Myra giggled.

“Slip that fat cock into her baby. Fuck my sweetie hard and maybe I’ll show what else she loves,” Myra purred as she spread Tamika’s ass cheeks open showing him a very aroused pussy and a puckered asshole.

Myra grabbed Leo’s rod and sucked it a few times making it nice and wet. As soon as it was to her liking she began to guide him to her lover’s hot depths. Tamika gasped as Leo’s cock head pushed into her and began to shake as he continued on into her. After a long bout of Myra’s teasingly slow pace she smiled and pulled him back out. Tamika whimpered pathetically as Myra sucked him a few more times then pushed him back in. Tamika moaned as this time Myra pushed his hips hard until he settled in her. Tamika’s head dropped down to the mattress as he began to buck his hips in and out of her slowly. Leo’s eyes rolled into his head as he began to sap his hips into hers and the sounds of Tamika’s sweet voice egged him on.

“Harder baby!” she begged and he complied.

Myra smiled devilishly as Leo’s hips began to slap hard into hers and she got to her back and slid under her lover’s body. She bit and teased her fat nipples as they swayed in front of her face making Tamika gasp loudly. Leo’s pace began to pick up and Myra got more creative. She wiggled under between her lover’s open legs and stroked her legs softly making Tamika squeal in delight. Myra’s lips came up and found her fat engorged button and began to flick her tongue on it as Leo’s cock hammered into her. Like Myra Tamika had her clit pierced and she tugged the clit ring as often as she could making her lover spasm on Leo’s dick.

Leo saw how naughty Myra was being and something in him got creative. After he rammed into Tamika he pulled out and aimed lover spearing Myra’s hungry mouth. Myra moaned as his nectar laden cock split her lips and went into her throat. Myra sucked him hard and he withdrew and put himself back in Tamika who shrieked in pleasure as he hit her spot. Leo took note of this and changed his rhythm so every third pump he took out and pumped into Myra’s mouth a few times then reinserted himself in Tamika. Leo’s mind was lost in his own lusts when he suddenly felt Tamika shifting on him. He gripped her hips and suddenly slapped her ass hard making her scream. Tamika’s head flew back as she unleashed a torrent of profanities.

“OH god fuck me you ass! Fuck my sweet pussy! Fuck me goddammit!” she screamed loudly.

Myra giggled and rolled out from under her. She got behind Leo and pinched his nipples as he bucked into her. She bit his neck and whispered into his ear.

“Fuck her sweet pussy baby! Give her that white dick she craves so fucking much! Oh she loves being a slut baby, give it to her,” she purred and pinched his nipples harder.

Leo drove into Tamika with a fury that he never knew he had in him. He plowed her depths as hard as he could and was rewarded with screams and howls from Tamika’s slutty throat. All the women he had been with to this point were nothing compared to this goddess on her knees in front of him being hammered by his cruel cock. He slapped her ass again and this time it was the one. Tamika’s orgasm began in her raging inferno of a slit and erupted like a volcano. Leo felt the molten nectar as it flooded his cock and balls as she threw her head back and let out a chocked gasp then collapsed face down into the bed. As she lay ass up her pussy spasmed wildly on his cock and she gripped the sheets tight. Her mouth was incapable of making noise and soon she was just shaking. Leo felt every vibration on his cock and every flex of her sweet hole. He slowly began to pull out and she whimpered and her whole body shook wildly causing her to come again.

Leo had never seen a woman get off so hard or so quickly as this. It seemed that for every inch out of her she came again and again. Leo finally got himself out of her and she flopped to her side mewling on the bed. Myra came from behind Leo and crawled to her lover’s side. She began to kiss her sweet lips and pulled her close. Tamika was shaking violently in Myra’s arms and Leo was shocked at how bad she was going on. Her lips were full of Myra’s, but he could tell she was ready to cry out at any moment. Myra finally got her lover under control and looked up to Leo.

“Looks like you did too good on her baby,” she purred.

Leo noticed when she laid Tamika back her eyes were glazed over and she was totally out of it. What he felt next was Myra suddenly push him backwards. Leo landed on his back and Myra crawled up his body like a hunger tigress. She licked and nipped along his body as she crawled up him. The sensation of her sensual body dragging itself along his still on fire cock was maddening, but Leo kept his cool as she got to his lips and devoured them. They kissed like a pair of long lost lovers and soon he felt Myra open her legs and straddle his crotch. Myra pulled off his lips and sat up straight on him. Leo’s hands instinctively found her hips and Myra moaned happily.

“And I didn’t have to ask,” she complimented.

Leo’s hands roamed up and down her hips making Myra coo at his touch. She ground her dripping pussy along the length of his cock for a long time. They teased each other with rubs and playful pinches for quite a while when Myra suddenly looked down at Leo and her face became coy.

“So you ready for the ride of your life baby?” she purred.

“Are you?” he teased back and slapped her ass making her moan.

“Oh shit baby do that again,” she purred and he did.

Myra’s eyes fluttered as she sank back on him without a word. Tamika’s pussy was tight and hot, but Myra’s was far tighter. She clamped on him from the moment he entered him and each inch in she squeezed him hard. Myra took nearly a minute to sink fully on him and when he was imbedded in her her eyes fluttered. While she was truthful about Tamika’s love for white men, she had a secret all her own.

“So you loving this baby?’ she purred.

“God yes!” Leo hissed.

“Never been with a black girl before baby?’ she teased.

“Aside from Tamika, no,” he responded honestly.

“Well?” she asked teasingly.

“I fucking love it,” he said and sat up suddenly.

Myra gasped as the angle changed and he grabbed her suddenly. He pulled her close to him and he aggressively kissed her thick lips. Leo kissed her like a demon possessed and that was all Myra needed to begin her gyrations. She drove her hips back and forth on him like a mad woman. Her bucks were frantic from the get go and as they savagely kissed she moaned like a whore in heat. She needed him in her so badly fro mall they had done up to now and she was happy for how hot he was being. She began to bounce on his cock and Leo’s hands found her ass helping her buck on him. He looked into her eyes as she broke the kiss and the feral passion in her eyes was driving him wild. The minutes drug on and on as she wildly bucked on him. The only sounds they made were desperate pants and grunts of savage pleasure as he plunged in and out of her soaking depths. Myra suddenly felt him shift and she was on her back. She wrapped her legs around his back and in a pleading voice begged him so naughtily.

“Fuck me baby! Fill me up with your hot come baby! Oh please fuck me!” she begged.

Leo drove into her sung hole like a lunatic. Her cries and whimpers filled the room and suddenly he felt Tamika bite his neck hard. Leo groaned as she did and as suddenly as it began he looked down to see her kiss Myra on the lips with a passion he though impossible. They wildly kissed as he propped himself up and began to savage Myra’s womb. Myra couldn’t contain her passions and after only a minute of his savage pumps she clamped on him and squealed into Tamika’s mouth. Her orgasm was as violent as her lovers and soon she was bucking on him furiously. Leo felt the vice like grip of her thighs as she came and suddenly he felt his balls tighten up. He threw his head back and as hard as he had ever come before unleashed a torrent of seed into Myra’s waiting depths.

Myra felt each and every spurt as it hit her and she howled in pleasure. Leo grunted loudly and shook as he continued to spasm and soon his thick seed dripped out of her pussy. Tamika saw it and eagerly went between her legs. Tamika’s tongue lapped at the mixed juices and she savored each drop of the treat. Leo watched in awe as Tamika lost herself in her ministrations. For what seemed like hours she devoured Myra’s abused hole to get at his seed. Suddenly she turned and sucked him into her mouth and her normally reserved blow job turned into a nasty, messy affair. Leo sat back on his legs as she sucked him and stroked him.

Leo teetered on his heels and fell to his side as she would not relinquish her hold on his cock. Leo groaned loudly as his cock needed very little in the way of prompting to come back to life. Myra watched her eager lover with her new toy and smiled darkly. She raised her hips to allow what was left of his seed in her to sink in. She hungrily watched them go at it and her mind was made up, they were going to keep him. Myra had never had a man fuck her with the unbridled intensity that Leo had just done, and she wasn’t about t let him get away. She knew that Tamika would be fine with it, she loved white guys after all, so Leo would be a perfect fit for them.

Knowing one last thing Tamika loved she got to her hands and knees and crawled to Leo’s head. She leaned over his head and kissed his lips sweetly. After a short, but sensual, kiss she opened her eyes and looked into his. She leaned down and got next to his ear.

“Ever fuck a girl in her ass baby?” she purred.

“Never,” he groaned.

“Tamika loves feeling a hard cock slide in and out of her ass. She feels so dirty when I do it with our strap-on at home. I think that maybe you’ll win her over forever if you do it too,” she offered.

Leo groaned and his head fell back as Tamika sucked him hard making him unable to answer.

“Is that what you want Tamika? You want Leo here to fuck your slutty ass?” she said in a forceful tone.

I wondered how this would look to a person passing by. Me. Stripped down to my heels, and a black french lace thong, waiting in the corner like a child.

I had been there for what seemed like hours, listening to the damning truth of silence.

Me, a grown woman in a corner. In my nervous state I started to sweat my breasts were tingling in anticipation, my pussy getting wet with need, and because it was trained to do so, my delicate brown little hole was starting to crave fulfillment.

He sat on the bed watching me in the corner, waiting for the right moment to pay me my dues.

“Come over here.”

His voiced frightened me, but I did what I was told. I sat on the bed beside him, waiting for his next order, waiting for him to tell me what my punishment would be.

Days earlier, I had questioned his authority, challenged his masculinity.

“Clearly you aren’t much of a man anymore. You haven’t fucked me for weeks, possibly months. Maybe that’s why I don’t know my place anymore, because I don’t have anyone to PUT me there. You have the nerve to say you own me and call me your slut when you don’t do a damn thing to deserve it.”

Then I slapped him.

He just sat there and looked at me, then said the time would come. I still don’t know what he meant, but now I knew that I was going to find out.

“Lay over my knee.”

I did just that.

He pulled down my panties and ran his heavy hand across my ass. “You know I love your ass. Your big brown beautiful ass…”

The tone in his voice scared me just a little, but affected me like an aphrodisiac. I felt a cool gel on his fingers as he started to work one into my ass. “Nice and tight.”

Finally addressing me he asked very gently,”Who’s ass is this?”


“And who am I?”


He pulled his fingers out of my hole then smacked my ass. “I thought you had forgotten.” He hissed.

A quiver went down my spine. I knew I was in trouble. Without warning he started to spank me hard and rough. My face was flushed, I yelped like a little girl, I felt completely humiliated. He looked down at my face, and saw the tears swelling in my eyes, “Do you want Daddy to stop.”

” No.”

He needed no further argument and went back to mercilessly spanking my tender ass. “I’m going to show you something.”

He took his iPad, put it within my view and pressed play. The video showed two girls in bright colored leggings kissing each other. It switched over to the next scene where two white guys with 10″ cocks were getting sucked by the two. My nipples were starting to tweak in response, and I knew that my pussy was making a mess all over Daddy. If not because of the spanking then because of this. Now the guys had torn holes in the leggings,a perfect sized hole right over the girls assholes. Just big enough so that there cocks could fit in. He stopped spanking so that he could observe me watch the video with lust filled eyes. The men in the video positioned themselves at the girls assholes, then tried to make their way in, but were met with resistance. I hadn’t even noticed that my Daddy had taken out is cock, leaking with precum. He yanked my head back by my hair, then forced his cock down my throat. I started sucking instinctively, all the while never taking my eyes off the scene in front of me. The guys couldn’t make their way in slowly,so they forced their way in with one push. I could’ve sworn it was my asshole they had broken into to, I started to wonder what it would be like to be those women with big white cock up their ass. I tried to erase the thoughts from my mind and focus on my sucking, but deep down I couldn’t. I couldn’t take my mind off their cocks, how big they were how good they must of felt. I was sucking his dick like a mad woman, on the verge of cumming myself.

But Daddy stopped me.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my hungry mouth off his cock. “You slut.”

He practically through me to the head of the bed, and pulled me on top of him. “You’d fuck them wouldn’t you.”

“Yes Daddy,” I admitted in shame, “but I’m not a slut.”

His strong hands picked me up by my hips then impaled me on his hard cock. “you watched that video like a bitch in heat.”

I started to ride him forcefully, my pussy was dripping wet so I could slide up and down on his cock with ease. “Oh Daddy…”

“You like this dick don’t you.”

“Yes Daddy I love it!”

“Tell Daddy why you love this dick.”

“Its so hard! So warm and it fills my pussy!”

He pulled me down hard onto his chest, gripping my ass with his firm hand, taking my chocolate nipples into his mouth suckling on them like a baby. “Oh Daddy…yes Daddy!”

That’s when he took over the fucking slamming his dick into me like there was no tomorrow. “What is this.” He demanded.

“Your pussy!”

“Who’s pussy?”

“Daddy’s pussy!”

“This tight little pussy is mine whenever I fucking want it.”

“Whenever you want it!” I repeated.

“What do you love?”

“Dick! I love dick. Especially yours….I love your dick!”

In a shift move he rolled us both over putting me on the bottom. “Face down ass up.”

I did as told, I needed to cum so badly and he knew it. But he was gonna make me wait, he put the head of his cock in my pussy and waited there.

“Please!” I begged.

“Please what.”

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me please I need it I need to cum!”

“Alright. Ill let you cum.”

I felt him get off the bed, “Daddy plea-”

“Shut up! And be patient slut.”

I waited for ten minutes before I felt him get back onto the bed. “I shouldn’t let you cum at all whore.”

“I’m not a whore!”

He grabbed me by the hair and yanked it back. “You are whatever I say you are.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Now say it slut.”

“I am whatever Daddy says I am.”

“And what are you.”

“Your slut.”

“Don’t you fucking forget that.” He let go of my hair then moved his hands to my chest.

I felt something cold braze my nipple, “what is that-” I screamed as they clamped down. “These are your new nipple clamps. If I pull this little string..”

He did so and the clamps got tighter. “That happens.”

Then he put something cold around my neck. “This is so you don’t forget who you belong to. You will keep this collar on at all times unless I tell you you can take it off understand?”

I felt humiliated, even more so frustrated. This was my punishment. Humiliation and torture. Daddy wasn’t going to let me cum because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Because I had forgotten my place. I started to cry.

“You want to cum don’t you?”

“Yess…” I sobbed.

“Then hold your fucking cheeks open.”

There was hope yet! My body was aching for release so I did what I was told and held them wide open. “If you move your hands I’ll throw your ass out without touching you understand.”

“Yes yes I understand!”

“Good.” He grabbed me by my hair once more then slammed all 8 glorious inches of himself into my ass all at once. The pain was so intense I could bring myself to scream. Daddy didn’t wait for my ass to adjust, he just started fucking me relentlessly.

“It hurts..”

“Take it…take Daddy’s dick up your ass.”

Soon the pain subsided and I was overtaken by pleasure, screaming for Daddy to fuck me harder. “Yes Daddy yes! Fuck my ass fuck me hard!”

“Who’s ass is this!”

“Yours all yours!”

“Who am I”

“My Daddy!”

“Who do you belong to.”

“I belong to you Daddy! My ass, my pussy, my whole body belongs to you!”

“Your a slut aren’t you.”

“Yes! Yes! I’m a slut! I’m Daddy’s cockslut! And I love it!”

“Cum on Daddy’s cock.”

I came hard. My orgasm took hold of me and rippled throughout my body. I could feel my ass clench around his cock and my pussy spasm as I came all over myself. I couldn’t feel my body anymore, only Daddy’s cock slamming in and out of my abused asshole. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care that I was a slut, I didn’t care that I needed Daddy to tame me and put me in my place. All that mattered now is that my body belonged to Daddy and that as long as I remembered that he would satisfy my every need. That’s why I loved Daddy. Because he had trained me to take his dick and fucked me into submission with it every time.

“Cum in me Daddy…please…fill my ass with your cum.”

On those words he came, filling my bowels up with his precious cum. But I knew he wasn’t done. He pulled out, and gestured for me to get on my knees in front of him and with all the energy I had left I did.

I submitted to Daddy yet again as I bowed before his cock taking it into my mouth. As I milked his dick with my mouth he gently played with my nipples and I soon came again. He shot two more loads of cum down my throat before pulling out his now limp cock.

I looked at it, then kissed it, then looked up for approval.

He bent over and kissed my forehead, laid back on his bed and pulled me along side him.

Daddy and I laid down for rest.

Summary: Couple live out bisexual fantasies with dominant BLACK teens.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to TheOriginalAnonymous who suggested the idea and was a sounding board as this lengthy tale developed.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, LeAnn and TheOriginalAnonymous for their editing.

Note 3: EROTIC MOVIE SCENES WATCHED ARE IN BOLD ITALICS; flashbacks and dreams are just in italics.

WARNING: Although this is in the INTERRACIAL category, there is a fair amount of gay sex (white coach submitting to his 18-year-old star black basketball player) and lesbian sex (coach’s outgoing sexually aggressive white girlfriend submitting to an 18-year-old black cheerleader and twin sister to the black basketball player) in the story. Yet, the story really is about a young couple’s journey into interracial submission but in a loving, supportive way. That said, if gay sex, lesbian sex, interracial submission and nasty language offend you, please don’t read any further.

In conclusion, the heart of the story is a very, very, very unorthodox love story…just with a lot of gay, lesbian and interracial sex.

I hope you enjoy…JASMINE

Couple’s Bi-sexual DARK Desires

1. A BIG Surprise

It’s funny how you never really see things coming until they hit you right in the face.

My life was about as normal as possible. I am thirty-two, still in great physical shape, and a basketball coach at one of the top ten high school basketball programs in Texas. I have a younger girlfriend who keeps me on my toes and in great shape from all the sex. She is a nymphomaniac and very adventurous. My first sexual encounter in public, my first blow job while driving, and my first time having anal sex have all been with Ashley.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have lots of experience before Ashley, I was a basketball star in high school dating the prettiest cheerleader and getting plenty of sex with her. I had a scholarship to a college where I dated many hot coeds and since becoming a teacher I had bedded quite a few women before I met Ashley. I am gifted with a solid thick seven-inch cock that has impressed many of the ladies I have been with throughout the years. That said, even after an active sex life, being with Ashley made me realize that I had lived a rather vanilla sex life. I just assumed the girls in porn existed only in porn. Then I met Ashley.

I still remember our first meeting. We met at a bar, I was there with some buddies to watch the NCAA basketball playoffs, while she was there at a bachelorette party for a sorority sister of hers. She was nearing the end of her courses for a nursing degree at the time and was just finishing her residency. Her white pantyhose caught my eye, nylons being a weakness of mine. She quickly discovered this, and subsequently wore thigh high stockings for me on all our dates. She even surprised me one time on the carnival, showing me that she was going commando on the Tunnel of Love ride before riding me to a mutually enjoyable climax.

Besides being a sexual savant, she also loves basketball, understands the rules (rare for a woman in my experience), loves eighties pop music, is an avid reader and loves kids movies (although we eventually agreed to disagree on best animated film of all time: she is adamant it is Toy Story (which is a great choice), but I am just as adamant it is the rarely seen but equally brilliant Meet the Robinsons).

As I was saying, you never really know at the time when a seed has been planted. For our one year anniversary, Ashley insisted that instead of going out, we would spend the night indoors. She also insisted that we only buy each other one present and it must be a sex present. I, of course, wasn’t convinced that she was serious, so I bought her some very nice jewelry (I long ago learned diamonds are a girl’s best friend), but also bought her a slutty school girl outfit complete with plaid skirt and knee high stockings…another fantasy of mine (teaching high school seniors is often torture when some of the girls come to class dressed in tight sweaters, short skirts or, on rare occasion, wearing pantyhose. It hasn’t helped that I am still a pretty good looking guy, if I do say so myself and have had my fair share of pretty students imply that they were more than willing to cross the inappropriate line between teacher and student…thankfully I have been able to resist the temptation).

I came home from work with flowers (flowers being a necessity for any sort of anniversary) and was surprised to see my beautiful blonde girlfriend in a tiny apron, beige thigh highs, and nothing else. She asked seductively, “Are you hungry?”

I stammered, “F-f-famished.”

“Good, I have your favourite,” she smiled, lifting up her apron to reveal her trimmed, ready to eat, pussy.

I love eating pussy. Some guys think it is disgusting, but to me it is just the gentlemanly thing to do. If I expected a blow job, I should be willing to give as well as receive.

Over time, I have gotten very good at it and, although most women loved my big cock, they loved my expert tongue even more. I loved to tease, get them revved up until they begged for release, or as in Ashley’s case, she usually grabbed my head and fucked herself to orgasm on my face. Ashley looked prim, proper and sweet in public, but behind closed doors when her libido was running, which was almost always, she transformed into a powerful, insatiable nympho.

I moved to her and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss, I began to lower myself to her sweet nectar but she stopped me. “All in good time, my love. I really did make you your favourite meal.”

We ate, my cock on constant alert, as we talked about basketball and this Friday’s division championship game (a win and we would be going to the state championships in two weeks), about her crazy morning at the hospital (that included a women having quintuplets and a child swallowing a hot wheels car) and about our upcoming trip to Europe for Easter break.

Once dinner was done and we polished off the first bottle of wine, Ashley asked, “So what did you get me?”

I smiled, “Actually I got you two presents.”

“You cheated,” she said, slapping me, her breast almost falling out of her thin apron.

“I just wanted to show you how much you really mean to me,” I answered, handing her the small box.

“You shouldn’t have,” she said, her eyes betraying how pleased she was that I had ignored her present perimeters.

“Yes I should’ve, you deserve to be treated like the perfection you are,” I replied, realizing just how corny I sounded as soon as I heard my words aloud.

“Perfection am I?” She laughed, as she began opening the box.

“I teach math and coach basketball, flowery odes of love are not really my forte,” I countered, defending myself.

“That is why I fell for you, Adam, your caveman romance,” she quipped, opening the box. After a pause, as she stared at it, she said, “It-it-it is beautiful.”

“As are you,” I added, meaning it. Her crystal blue eyes, glowing red cheeks, adorable dimples and sultry sweet lips created the most beautiful woman I had ever known.

She took the promise ring out of the box and put it on her finger. “Wow!”

“So you like it?” I asked relieved. “It took me forever to choose the right one.”

“It is perfect,” she smiled radiantly. After a long, tender kiss, she said, “I really did only get you one sex present.”

“That’s okay, all I really need is you,” I answered, meaning it. I didn’t need presents, I just needed her love.

Grabbing my hand, she led me to the living room. “I didn’t bother wrapping it,” she explained, letting my hand go and going over to my blu ray player.

“Before we start, you still have to unwrap your other present,” I pointed out.

“Give me, give me,” she said, reaching for the package behind my back.

“I don’t know,” I teased, moving the package out of her reach, her firm small breasts crashing into me.

Demonstrating impressive flexibility, she swung around me and with lightning speed grabbed the box from me. She opened it and smiled, “You dirty, dirty man. You want me to dress up like some slutty little twelfth grader for you to fuck.”

Her tone was playful and I loved it when she talked dirty. “Better you in a school girl outfit then some actual slutty eighteen-year-old, and trust me there are lots to choose from.”

“I bet there are,” she smirked playfully before kissing me hard. Breaking the kiss a minute later, she gave my stiff cock a firm squeeze through my pants and said with naughty promise, “I’ll be back in five, Teach.”

I watched her leave, my mind envisioning all the things I wanted her to do in my schoolgirl fantasy. Even though I had envisioned it in my head exactly what she would look like in the sexy outfit, nothing prepared me for what she actually looked like, especially since she had completed the image by putting her hair in pigtails.

“Holy shit,” I elegantly complimented, my inner Neanderthal coming out in full force.

“Oh, you really do know how to flatter a girl,” she teased, turning around to show me the outfit from behind.

“I can officially die and go to heaven now,” I quipped back.

“Oh honey, you haven’t seen anything yet,” she purred, sauntering over to the blu ray player and putting a disc in. I stared at her legs in the sheer white knee-high nylon stockings; her pink painted toenails looking tantalizing and the pigtails driving me crazy. “Are you ready for your present, Mr. Jarvis?”

Hearing her address me as Mr. Jarvis, as my students do only enhanced the fantasy as I stammered, “y-y-yes, Ms. Grisham.”

She pressed play and walked over to me slowly, with such a deliberate strut that I felt like I was the prey and she the hunter. She reached me and said, “When I saw this I instantly knew it was perfect for you.”

On the screen, the movie started, it was a porno, called Teaching Teacher. I gasped, just as she sat beside me on the sofa, “You bought me porn.”

“I did,” she nodded, moving her mouth to my ear. “Do you like?”

“V-v-very much,” I stammered, distracted by her hot breath on my ear and the beginning of the movie.

She tugged on my ear, before whispering, “I am going to make every fantasy you ever imagined come true, Mr. Jarvis.”

My hand went to her leg, but she snapped her fingers and I stopped; I had learned to obey her commands. As I moved my hand away obediently, I really would do anything for this woman, she said, “First, the movie.”

She sat back, put her hand in mine, and we began watching the movie as if it were Sleepless in Seattle or some other romantic comedy and not a porno called Teaching Teacher.

The scene started with a teacher at his desk grading papers at home. His wife, dressed in a fuck me skirt, stockings and boots, and leading a handsome black man, who we later learned was her boss, came into his home office and made idle chit chat with her husband. The boss’s hand was clearly on the wife’s ass and as he was looking at the husband, he put his hands on the pretty redhead’s shoulders and wordlessly pushed her onto her knees. The husband gasped as his wife wordlessly unbuckled the black man’s belt, pulled down his trousers, tugged down his underwear, and released a black python of a cock.

The massive cock slapped her in the face and the camera zoomed in on the stunned husband’s face as he watched his wife open wide and take the nine-inch cock in her mouth. The camera panned back and forth between the wife, who was clearly not sucking the big cock for the first time and her husband, frozen in awe.

She bobbed greedily on the black dick before, finally, she took the huge cock out of her mouth. Shockingly, she then started trying to convince her husband to come join her in worshipping the black gentleman’s perfect cock. The husband feebly protested, even though he was clearly in awe of both his wife’s actions and the huge cock he couldn’t take his eyes off of.

Reluctantly, after more sweet talk from his wife, the teacher walked over and joined his beautiful wife on his knees. He stared at the cock for an eternity before finally, after yet more encouragement from his wife, took it in his hand, barely wrapping his hand around the monstrous cock. His eyes went wide at its hardness and he slowly, tentatively opened his mouth and leaned forward. Being porn, after a few seconds of slow sucking, the teacher began to get into it and his wife held his hands behind his back as he really went to town.

I glimpsed over to Ashley whose mouth was watering and her hand had slid under her plaid skirt. My own cock was ridiculously hard and wanting some attention. I had never seen a guy suck another guy and much to my surprise it didn’t gross me out like I thought it would.

Seeing me look at her, she looked at my crotch and assessed correctly, “Does Mr. Jarvis want to come out to play?”

“Desperately,” I answered, as she reached over and fished my cock out of my pants. She gently stroked it as she returned her gaze to the gay oral sex scene currently playing on the screen.

The teacher was hungrily bobbing up and down while his wife shifted from soft encouragement to more taunting language. “You love that black cock deep down your throat, don’t you?”

The husband moaned, oddly encouraged and turned on by the sudden shift to ridicule.

She rattled a litany of humiliating words at her husband as he pleasured the big black cock for her: “You love that chocolate stick, don’t you, Cocksucker?” and “You were made to be on your knees,” and “I can’t wait to see that big cock up your ass, my little cock lover.”

I personally had never considered another man of any race sexually, but somehow the odd thought of being on my knees sucking that huge erection undeniably popped into my head.

The black man grunted as he started coming, and he pulled out his cock, shooting rope after rope of cum onto the white teacher. Cum coated his hair, forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The teacher didn’t hesitate as he took the pulsing cock back in his mouth to retrieve any lingering cum.

“Fuck that is hot,” Ashley moaned, her one hand stroking my cock, while the other tended to her pussy; her plaid skirt was hiked up enough to reveal she went commando under her school girl uniform.

“What is?” I asked, wanting clarity, “the big black cock the size of Texas or the man on man sex?”

“Both?” She moaned.

“Gay sex turns you on?” I asked, yet another revelation into the kinky side of her.

“Of course,” she shrugged. “You like watching two chicks go at it, don’t you?”

“It is every man’s fantasy,” I joked.

“Well, for girls watching two guys go at it is equally hot,” she explained.

“I have never heard that before,” I responded, as the teacher’s wife was now sucking the black man’s cock again as her husband ate her out.

“It’s true, at least for me anyways,” she shrugged, leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth.

After bobbing up and down on my cock for a couple of minutes, she snapped her fingers and ordered, controlling the action as always, “Get undressed, Mr. Jarvis.”

I stood up and obliged my eager student.

Ashley slid onto the floor and looked up and asked, “What can I do to earn an ‘A’, Mr. Jarvis?”

“Deep throating me, Ms. Grisham would be a good start,” I answered, once I was completely naked, my seven-inch cock now completely at attention and staring her directly in her face.

“Mmmmmm, Mr. Jarvis, what a big cock you have,” she purred, extending her tongue and licking my cock head.

“And what pretty cocksucking lips you have, Ms. Grisham,” I countered.

“The better to please you with,” she smiled as she took my cock back in her mouth and went to work on one of her earth-shattering, pleasure-inducing, knee-buckling blow jobs. I don’t know how she did it, but unlike every other girl who had wrapped their lips around my cock, she created a watery sensation that was similar to fucking a pussy using both her tongue and lips. She could easily take all seven inches of me in her mouth without gagging or missing a beat.

My first load of the evening began boiling after only a couple of minutes of her deep throat sauna and as my breathing began to pick up, my own warning sign to Ashley that I was close to coming, I felt her hands squeeze my ass and was stunned when she slid a finger without warning deep up my ass.

The sensation was dual: a slight burn overwhelmed by an instant orgasm as she triggered my prostate. I grunted, “What the…shiiiiiit,” as I filled her mouth with my cum.

As usual, she didn’t lose a beat as she expertly swallowed every last drop of cum. As she took my cock out of her mouth once my load was fully retrieved, she asked innocently, her finger still lodged in my ass, “Was that okay, Mr. Jarvis?”

“Amazing, Ms. Grisham,” I replied, “but usually I don’t allow my students to violate my ass.”

She shrugged, “It’s just something I learned at band camp.”

“Let me return the favour,” I smiled, pulling her off her knees and guiding her to the couch.

Staying in character, she asked all innocently, as if she wasn’t sure of my intentions, “What are you going to do to me, Mr. Jarvis?”

Dropping to my knees, between her tanned legs, I answered, “I am going to show you how a man shows a woman his gratitude.”

I leaned forward and extended my tongue to her beautiful pussy. Already slightly wet, her addicting aroma was captured perfectly in her small bouquet of hair. I allowed myself to be enveloped in the intoxicating scent as I slowly began licking her pussy. I licked slowly, intending to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring her.

After a bit of teasing, my tongue parted her pussy lips and started her on her euphoric rise to orgasmic bliss. She moaned, “That feels so good, Mr. Jarvis.”

I pleasured her pussy with paintbrush like tongue strokes until her breathing got heavier and she began getting animated, forgetting our role playing and shifting into her usual near orgasmic dominant personality. She crossed her ankles around my back, grabbed my head, and pulled me in deeper as she began grinding her pussy all over my face and cursing like a drunk sailor. “Yes, yes, lick my cunt, I’m going to fuck your face with my pussy. Oh yes, don’t fucking slow down, yes, yes, yeeeeesssss.”

She came like a gusher and when she came my face was covered with her pussy juice as it exploded out of her like a dam bursting. I hungrily swallowed as much of her sweet nectar as possible, being addicted to her pussy juices.

Finally, she let go of my head and snapped her fingers as she pointed to the TV and said, “I have got to watch this.”

Curious, why she was so excited, I got off my knees and joined Ashley, her legs still trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm I had just given her and I looked towards the TV.

The married teacher was now on all fours licking his wife’s asshole, preparing it for the black man’s huge cock.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, looking at Ashley, “I can’t imagine anyone taking a cock that big in their ass.

Ashley smiled, responded cryptically, “It’s possible.”

I stammered, “Y-y-you have taken a cock that big in your ass?”

“You fit nicely, don’t you?” She asked in reply.

“Yes, but I’m seven inches, he’s at least eight, maybe nine. The widescreen makes such judgements hard to make,” I joked.

She shrugged, repeating, “It’s possible.”

“Nice job avoiding answering the question,” I quipped back, knowing her well enough to know she wasn’t going to give me an answer until she was good and ready. Besides being beautiful and intelligent, she was damn stubborn; unlike me (I am very laid back and more of a people pleaser…except when I coach).

“On that note, are you ready for round two?” She asked, squeezing my still very erect cock.

“It seems so,” I joked.

“You ready for a little back door fun?” She teased.

“Always,” I eagerly agreed. She didn’t let me fuck her ass often, but when she did it was pure heaven, a completely different sensation than her mouth or pussy, not better or worse, just different (you know what they say variety is the spice of life).

“I want you do to that to me,” she said, pointing to the screen.

“You want me to lick your ass?” I asked, surprised by her suggestion…this was definitely new.

“Will you, baby?” She asked, pouting her lips, which was an automatic yes as I could never say no to her, and that was doubly true when her pouty face came out.

“If you want me to,” I replied, not even pretending to show excitement about it.

Ignoring my tentative tone, she replied, “Delicious,” as she got on her knees on the couch and bent over, her perfect ass curved to showcase yet another of her hypnotizing, man controlling assets.

Although not excited by the thought of licking her ass, I moved towards her just as the wife on screen screamed, “That’s it, my bitch, eat my ass.” Hearing the words made what I was about to do more vulgar and yet oddly turned me on more. I found that every new intimacy initiated by Ashley turned me on more; I found great sexual satisfaction from obeying every crazy sexual demand Ashley threw at me and each one had always ended with a great orgasm for me. Yet this was the most extreme yet of my obedience to her sexually.

Imitating the demanding, overbearing wife in the movie, Ashley turned her head around and ordered, “Let’s go baby, eat my ass.” Her smile was playful, but her tone was deadly serious.

I pulled her ass cheeks open and admired her tight rosebud. After a brief hesitation, I leaned forward, extended my tongue, and began licking. The taste was indescribable, not tasty, but not disgusting. She instantly said, “That’s it baby, eat my ass,” her tone playful in comparison to the video playing behind us.

Once I started, it was as natural as eating pussy, as I swirled my tongue around her rosebud, teasing it as I would her pussy. Once it was very wet, I began using my tongue aggressively trying to get my tongue inside her ass, being drawn into the naughtiness of the act.

“That’s it, baby, fuck my ass with your tongue,” she moaned, seemingly getting turned on as my tongue slowly broke through her tight back door gate.

After a couple of minutes of awkward tongue fucking, she said, “Come on fuck my ass, baby.”

As usual, I obeyed, what guy wouldn’t, as I got off my knees and stood behind her.

“Wait a second,” she said, moving away. “I want to be able to watch the TV while you plow my back door.”

On the screen, the black guy was now pounding the wife’s ass doggy style, while the submissive white husband was underneath licking his wife’s pussy.

The wife on screen asked, “Do you like watching his big black cock slide in and out of your wife?”

He answered, “Yes,” while continuing to lick his wife’s pussy.

“Do you want this big black cock up your ass?” She asked, as she began bouncing back on the huge black stick, forcing her husband to watch from up close.

“W-w-what? N-no-no,” he stammered, surprised by the question.

“You already eagerly took it in your mouth, Cocksucker,” she pointed out; as she moaned from the deep ass fucking she was giving herself.

“No,” he weakly protested.

“I think you want his big black cock up your white ass,” she disagreed, reaching for and stroking his very erect cock. “Your cock is stiff just thinking of becoming a little faggot for black cock, isn’t it?”

“But, I—no,” he feebly answered, his cock evidence to the contrary.

“Say it, Faggot, say you want that big black juicy cock up your ass,” she demanded, stroking her husband’s modest cock.

The thought of a black cock being juicy should’ve been absurd, yet as I stared at the huge black rod pumping in and out of the hot wife’s ass, when I suddenly found myself agreeing completely…it was juicy. I shook my head, telling myself I wasn’t gay as I moved behind Ashley who was now on all fours on the floor watching the porno scene, seemingly as completely mesmerized as I was.

As I moved behind Ashley, I returned my gaze to the porno.

The cuckolded husband stammered, clearly completely overwhelmed by his predicament and a sudden newfound lust he never knew existed, “I-I-I want his c-c-cock.”

“Where, Faggot?” She demanded, tugging roughly on his cock.

“I-I-in my ass,” he weakly answered, clearly mortified by the words out of his mouth, even though his gaze never wandered from the huge member.

“Say it all Faggot, declare yourself a white faggot for big black cock,” she ordered, stroking his cock furiously.

“F-f-fuuuuck, make me a f-f-faggot for black c-c-cock,” he begged, his wife’s hand job clearly getting him off.

“Don’t you dare come, Faggot,” she demanded, “faggots like you only get to come when they have a cock in their ass.”

“Please,” he pleaded, clearly near orgasm.

She instantly let go of his cock as she begged her black boss, “Fill my ass with your come, baby. Then our new faggot can retrieve your cum from my ass.”

“Fuck, you are a dirty little slut,” her boss commented with a smile as he slammed his huge cock deeply into her ass.

“Stop fantasizing about his black cock and get your cock in my ass,” Ashley demanded, her tone playful, but her words nonetheless shocked me.

I was immersed in the interracial fucking, but having her accuse me of fantasizing about black cock surprised me. I shook myself mentally and positioned my cock in between her ass cheeks and was surprised when she pushed back taking my cock in her ass, just like the gal in the movie.

As Ashley began fucking herself, my curiosity got the better of me and I returned to watching the video. I had missed the black boss coming, but returned in time to see the next submissive act.

The wimp husband crawled behind his wife, cum dripping out of her ass, and began retrieving the black man’s cum.

As if the cocksucking and facial wasn’t humiliating enough, this was even worse. The act of being coerced to lick another man’s cum out of your wife’s ass has to be the ultimate humiliation.

“You like that, baby?” Ashley asked, now taking all my cock in her ass with each backwards bounce.

“Yes sexy, I fucking love it,” I answered.

“I thought you would,” she purred.

It was then I realized she meant the movie and not the feeling of her ass milking me. I stammered, in defence of my manhood, “I-I-I meant I love fucking your ass.”

“Sure you did,” she purred, somehow tightening her ass muscles making the pleasure even more intense.

“Seriously,” I protested, but she had already returned to watching the movie while she fucked me.

Letting it go for now, I returned my gaze to the television just in time to see the husband taking the big black cock that had just been in his wife’s ass, back in his mouth.

The wife said, “That’s it, Cocksucker, get that big cock nice and hard for your ass.”

The husband, to my surprise, bobbed back and forth with much more confidence and hunger than the first time.

Of course, I thought to myself, this was porn and not real life. The actor was a faggot in real life and thus naturally an eager cocksucker.

“I want you to come in my ass, baby,” Ashley grunted, her orgasm clearly imminent.

Although I had fucked her ass a few times, she had never allowed me to cum inside her back door. I stammered excitedly, “R-r-really?”

“Yes, baby, fill my ass with your cum baby just like that big black cock did her,” she answered, her breathing erratic.

Such an offer was the final push I needed as my balls boiled and I grunted a few seconds later, “I’m coming, baby.”

“Yeeeeees,” she screamed her orgasm hitting simultaneously, as my cum was going in one door while her cum flooded out the other.

I could feel her body trembling on my cock which only enhanced my own pleasure, as she leaned forward; I took control continuing to fuck her throughout her orgasm.

Finally, both of us spent I pulled out and watched my cum leaking more out of her ass. Instantly my mind went back to the porn and the husband eating the boss’s cum, yet I refrained from replicating the act.

Getting off her knees, Ashley reached for the remote and pressed pause, the black cock half way in the mouth of the white cocksucking husband. “Shit, your cum is fucking leaking right out of me.”

I joked, “Well, if I was well trained like him I would clean up that mess.”

“Is that an offer?” She smiled.

Realizing I had just put my foot in my mouth, I put it back in her hands, “You know I would do anything for you.”

“Anything?” She asked, as she grabbed my shirt and put it on the couch before sitting down, my shirt now acting as my cum catcher.

I let out a thankful sigh as she didn’t ask me to eat my own cum, something that didn’t remotely appeal to me. I answered, saying those fateful words for the first time to her or any woman actually, “Ashley, I love you and love making you happy.”

“You love me?” She asked, clearly surprised by my declaration.

“Yes, and I don’t take those words lightly,” I clarified.

“And you will do anything to make me happy?” She continued.

“Of course,” I smiled, believing my words.

“I do have a fantasy,” she teased, making me instantly curious, adding, “Something I have never seen live.”

“What would that be?” I asked, wondering what was left for us to do.

“It is really kinky,” she warned, drawing me in slowly.

“So was that porno,” I quipped, before the light bulb went on. I said, suddenly crestfallen, “Oh.”

“Oh, what,” she asked, suddenly concerned.

“You want to have sex with a black man,” I deduced. Like all men, I could easily have accepted, probably rather eagerly, if she would have wanted to have sex with a black woman, or any woman for that matter, but another guy was not something I was comfortable with.

She gasped, reaching for my shrinking cock, “God no, you are man enough for me, baby.”

A wave of relief fell over me and I asked, suddenly confused, “Then what is your fantasy?”

“Never mind,” she shook her head.

“It’s okay honey, it’s a fantasy, you can share it with me,” I comforted, dying to know what it was.

“First, what is yours?” She asked, continually stroking my cock gently.

“Since I met you I have checked off all my sexual bucket list items,” I answered.

“All?” She questioned.

Thinking like a typical man, I shrugged, “Well, I have never seen two girls in the throes of passion.”

She joked, her vulgar mouth back, “You want to see two girls dyking out?”

I blushed, “It’s every man’s fantasy.”

“I could probably make that fantasy a reality,” she teased, my cock rock hard again.

I stammered, imagining her with her best friend, Carla, “Y-y-you could?”

She shrugged, “Sure, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“What? With who?” I asked, this new information was definitely a need to know now.

“That is for me to know and you, if you are good, to find out,” she teased, rolling her thumb over my mushroom tip.

The thought of her with another woman plastered in my head forever, I asked, “And what is your fantasy?”

“It is not much different than yours actually,” she said.

“What is it?” I asked exasperated, praying it was a lesbian orgy with a bunch of nurses in white stockings.

“Well I love watching gay sex,” she began before pausing. Finally, she blurted out, clearly wanting me to know, yet uncomfortable admitting it, “I would love to see you sucking a cock.”

Out of all the words that could have possibly come out of her mouth, none could have surprised me more than those words did. I was silent for a moment as I tried to process this rather surprising revelation. Suddenly, the video choice made sense.

She broke the silence. “It’s okay, it’s not like I expected you to do it.”

Seeing her look slightly vulnerable, I took her free hand and kissed it. “I do love you, Ashley, and I’d do anything for you, but I am not sure I am ready for that.”

She smiled, yet she couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice, “It’s okay baby, I didn’t expect you to, as I said, it’s a fantasy I have.”

Another brief silence lingered before I joked, “Of course, if it was a big thick juicy black cock like the one you have had staring at us for the past fifteen minutes on pause I might reconsider.”

“You would suck a black cock for me?” she asked, moving back onto the floor and between my legs, her smile implying it was all playful harmless banter.

“I would devour it whole,” I joked.

“Like this?” She questioned, taking all of my cock in her mouth.

“Exactly,” I moaned, my cock in her mouth still being the best feeling in the world.

After a couple of minutes of slow teasing pleasure, she climbed onto my lap and lowered her pussy onto my cock. “What say we try doing this the old fashioned way?”

I joked, “How creative of you.”

She leaned in and kissed me passionately as she began slowly riding my cock as we began a marathon session. Unlike most of our sessions where I fucked her or she fucked me, this time we made love.

Who knows how much later, having deposited a third load in her, completing the sexual hat trick, we retired to my bedroom where we fell asleep in seconds , her in my arms.

2. An Even BIGGER Surprise

It had been a week since that crazy night and I had nearly forgotten Ashley’s fantasy when the strangest thing happened.

I was walking into the gym locker room, having forgotten my duffle bag a good two hours after our basketball division championship game, a tense, hair graying, 88-86 victory, where Troy, our team captain, drained a three pointer with four seconds left on the clock for the win.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the locker room, which I had to walk past to get to my office. I assumed the whole team would be out celebrating. So I was very surprised when I heard voices. I was about to call out who was there when I heard the unmistakable voice of Troy, “That’s it slut, wrap your lips around my black meat.”

I froze. Who the hell was Troy talking to so crudely? Having played basketball in high school and college, it wasn’t uncommon for us to have some girl in the locker room sucking or fucking one of us…our booster club in college had been very, very accommodating in keeping our needs met.

Anyway, I slowly walked to the door and peeked around the corner. On her knees, sucking Troy’s cock, was Eve Rose, the minister’s daughter at the church we went to and the President of the Chastity Club. Eve was going to be the Valedictorian, she had already been accepted into a dozen Ivy League schools, was very prudish, always dressed in long sixties skirts (with pantyhose mind you…I only noticed because she often slipped her feet out of her shoes during my Advanced Pre-Calculus class allowing her pantyhose-clad toenails to tease me without her knowledge). The only thing more shocking than Ashley announcing she would like to see me suck cock was Eve on her knees actually sucking on a black cock while being verbally abused…it was unreal.

Troy talked trash on the court and apparently during sex as well as a variety of things were said while I stood frozen unable to stop the humiliation of my best student: “That’s it Cocksucker, worship my cock,” and “You white girls sure know how to please a black man,” and “I can’t wait to cum all over your face,” and “You love my nigger cock, don’t you?”

Taking his cock out of her mouth she quickly answered, “Yes Troy.”

I gasped quietly, although I was a ways away, Troy’s cock looked like it was almost ten inches long. He rubbed his cock around her lips as he said, “You can do better than that, Cocksucker.”

“Please don’t call me that,” Eve said, clearly not liking the verbal humiliation, yet the hunger in her eyes said she loved his cock in her mouth.

“But you are a cocksucker, Eve; my very own personal white cum bucket,” he said, shoving his cock back in her mouth.

To my surprise, yet again, Eve returned to bobbing up and down on the massive black erection.

Pulling his cock out, he asked again, “You love my nigger cock, don’t you Cocksucker?”

Grabbing his cock with her left hand, the white-black contrast so very enticing, my best student, my most polite and sweetest student, answered, “I love your nigger cock in my white whore mouth!”

“And my cum?” He added.

“I love your cum in my mouth,” she answered.

“How much?” He asked.

“This is my third load today,” she answered, shockingly playful.

“True, very true,” he laughed. “And you are offended by being called a cocksucker?”

“It’s just so crude,” Eve answered, slowly stroking Troy’s cock.

“But you love sucking my cock, right?”

“God, yes,” she answered and then gasped at her answer.

“And you love my cum sliding down your throat,” he continued.

“Yes,” she admitted unable to look Troy in the eye.

“Look me in the eye when you answer me Cocksucker,” Troy demanded firmly.

Eve shyly looked up, clearly embarrassed by her situation and yet not standing up for herself.

“That’s it, Cocksucker, now get back to worshipping my big snake,” he smirked, clearly revelling in the power he clearly had over her.

As I watched the shocking scene, I couldn’t help but notice the stunning contrast between Troy and the white as snow Eve. As a teacher and coach, I should have stopped the inappropriate act, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was like driving by a car crash, you don’t want to look, but once you do you can’t take your eyes off it. At first it was just the stunning reality that Eve would do such a thing, but the longer I watched the more immersed I became in the voyeuristic naughtiness of it, especially Troy’s dominant treatment of her. I just couldn’t fathom Eve allowing herself to be treated with such disrespect. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I was gently rubbing myself as I watched Eve struggle to take more of Troy’s cock in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes bobbing up and down, she seemed to be taking almost all of his huge cock in her mouth. Troy continued his dominating attitude, “I bet you are already imagining this big cock taking your virginity,” and “What would your daddy say if he saw you right now?” Lastly, he asked, “Do you want my cock in your cunt, Eve?”

Her voice was desperate and yet hungry at the same time. “Please no, Troy, I made a promise to God. Please just fuck my face like last week.”

“You want me to fuck your face like last week? I don’t remember that, remind me, where were we?” He asked, his tone implying he did indeed remember and just wanted to hear her say it.

“Remember, we were…” she blushed, “…in church,” she whispered.

He chuckled, “You liked my balls bouncing off your chin, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she nodded, swirling her tongue around the mushroom head of Troy’s cock.

“I won’t take your cunt today Eve, but it is mine, is that understood?” He asked, even though it wasn’t really a question.

“I am saving myself for marriage,” Eve said, her voice trembling and weak, clearly she didn’t want to lose her virginity, yet it was obvious she would give in to Troy when the time came.

“I respect that, Cocksucker, but a man like me has needs. I bet Beth would eagerly offer up that white cunt of hers to me,” Troy responded, literally threatening to not let her suck his cock anymore. The threat should have been ludicrous, Beth was the senior class president, her dad was the mayor and Eve strongly disliked her, and vice versa.

Eve pleaded, “Troy, please, anything but my vagina.”

“Anything?” He asked his interest piqued.

“Yes,” she said, taking Troy’s cock back in her mouth and bobbing furiously while lifting up her long skirt and moving her right hand underneath, obviously to finger her pussy.

Troy groaned, “Holy shit, Cocksucker, you almost got it all the way down that throat of yours.”

Another minute went by and Troy pulled his cock out and started pumping it as he demanded, “Tell me what you are.”

Eve her mouth open, frantically frigging herself, anticipating Troy’s cum, didn’t even hesitate as she answered, “I’m your cocksucker Troy, your personal plaything, your submissive slave and your cum bucket. Come on me stud, come all over my face, I want your cum, I need your cum, I…yeeeeeeeees.”

I watched, my mouth open I realized, as stream after stream of white goo rocketed out of Troy’s massive cock and onto the eager Eve. It hit her hair, forehead, nose and mouth and as soon as the facial was done, Eve devoured Troy’s cock attempting to retrieve every last drop of his cum, while she too seemed to be orgasming.

Troy said, smiling down at Eve, “So back to that promise of anything but your cunt. You know you have two holes down there you know.”

Eve looked up at him, her eyes huge with surprise, Troy’s cock still in her mouth.

Troy continued, “And taking a cock in your ass would keep you a virgin, wouldn’t it?”

Eve allowed the cock to slip out of her mouth. “I-I-I guess,” she stammered, realizing Troy’s intent.

“Next time we are together Eve, I am taking your ass,” he announced, again his tone clear this wasn’t a negotiation, before adding, “unless you’d rather I go offer my cock to Beth’s ass?”

“No…no…” Eve pleaded, her brain obviously trying to rationalize that taking a cock in her ass would not be real sex. “Okay,” she whimpered.

“Okay, what?” Troy asked, pulling his pants up.

“You can have my ass,” she sighed.

“What do you want me to do to your ass, Cocksucker?” Troy asked his power over her very strong.

“Fuck it,” she answered.

“With my big black cock,” he continued.

“Yes, dammit, I want you to fill my white virgin ass with your big black cock,” she snapped, clearly frustrated and yet equally turned on by her submission to him.

“Good girl,” he smiled, before adding, “get up, I need a ride home.”

I quickly left and hid in a bathroom stall until they were definitely gone. While alone, I tried to understand how Eve could allow herself to be humiliated so extremely by anyone, especially Troy. She was so sweet, so pure and yet…. I thought of my relationship with Ashley, and although nowhere near as extreme as what I just witnessed, I realized I was submissive to her in our relationship, always willing to do whatever Ashley wanted in the bedroom, always following her lead. It wasn’t the same, but I could suddenly understand Eve’s need to please, I had the same need, a compulsive desire to make Ashley happy, going way out of my comfort zone, and being rewarded with her love. Yet still…how in a million years did Eve end up as Troy’s little slut…no matter how I pondered, it there was just no rational scenario.

Confident they were gone, I quickly retrieved my bag and headed back home, my mind reeling from Eve’s submissiveness, my own realization of my submissiveness and the strange respect, not disgust, I had for the power Troy could have over another human being.

3. DARK Desires

That night, I woke up in a sweat at 3:30 in the morning from a dream that was so authentically real.

The Troy and Eve scene replayed in my head only in my dream Troy saw me watching, smiled and snapped his fingers before pointing to the ground.

I was mortified, but without hesitating, I fell to my knees and crawled over to him. He took his cock out of Eve’s mouth and offered it to me. On my knees, his cock suddenly looked juicy, appetizing, and without a second thought, my mouth opened and I leaned forward to take his big black cock in my mouth.

“First time with a cock in your mouth, Coach?” He joked, my lack of technique, occasional gagging and awkwardness clear signs it was my first time to suck a cock.

After a minute or two, where I barely got more than a third of his cock in my mouth, he pulled out and offered it back to Eve who eagerly went back to work taking over two-thirds of his lengthy member with ease. I watched in awe at how easily she bobbed back and forth on the massive rod and couldn’t help but feel jealous that it wasn’t in my mouth and that I wasn’t as good as her at sucking cock.

When Troy offered his cock a second time, I was determined to be a better cocksucker. I concentrated just on pleasing him as I began to bob back and forth, now more used to a cock in my mouth.

“That’s it, Coach, suck my cock,” he groaned, Troy’s tone his usual smug confidence.

Hearing his words of encouragement, I continued sucking his cock suddenly hungry for something I had never once craved in my whole life, cum. I wanted to taste it, to feel the texture in my mouth to be the one to get him off.

Just as I thought I was pleasing him better, he pulled out and again offered his cock to Eve. My lust for his cock was obvious, as I watched his black member disappear and reappear as Eve seemed equally determined to get Troy’s load.

“Shit, you both want my cum, don’t you?” He grunted, amused at having not one, but two eager white cocksuckers.

I was too ashamed to admit such a thing and continued waiting my turn, praying I would get another chance to try and get him off.

He pulled out again, offered his cock and said, “Finish me off, Coach Cocksucker.”

I opened my mouth to take his cock in once again when I woke up.

My body was sweaty and my cock rock hard. I shook my head to wake up and realized it had just been a dream. However, as I returned my head to my pillow, I couldn’t get Troy’s cock out of my head.


All weekend Ashley worked double shifts, now a first year nurse; she got all the worst shifts, so I spent the weekend alone. After watching hours of video of other teams we might be facing during the playoffs for the state championship, the schedule wouldn’t be released until Monday, I was exhausted. Yet, I still couldn’t get Eve sucking off Troy out of my head. I replayed it in my head over and over, mystified by both Eve’s obedience and Troy’s dominance.

Frustrated and horny, I found myself turning on the video Ashley had bought me which was still in the player.

Curious where the porno went next, I skipped the husband getting ass fucked and started on the next scene.

The teacher was behind his desk, assisting two of his students. They were the only three in the classroom apparently staying after school for extra help. One looked like your typical All-American, tall and fair-skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was even wearing a dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to his forearms, shirt half-tucked in to his khakis. The other looked more bookish, like the Hollywood concept of a nerd. His dark hair was artfully mussed; he had on glasses, jeans, and a graphic t-shirt. While the All-American was standing beside the teacher’s desk, the nerd was sitting at a desk writing his paper.

A group of black students entered the room, all wearing letterman jackets. The teacher looked up from the paper he had been reading, “I’ll be with you all in a minute, I’m working on Jason and Kyle’s essays right now.”

“Oh, we’re not here about schoolwork,” a good looking black kid said, “I just need to find out if my uncle was telling the truth.”

The teacher asked, clearly annoyed by this student’s attitude, “And what would that be?”

“He told me you love big black cock,” he announced in front of the two very good, white, students.

The teacher’s head snapped up, looking at the black student with surprise and shame, a guilt that couldn’t be hidden as his face went white as a ghost and he squeaked, “Um…ex-ex-excuse me?”

“Well, is it true?” The leader of the group asked as he snapped his fingers and one of the other black students went to close and lock the door.

“T-t-that is ludicrous,” the teacher stammered, trying not to look guilty even though his facial expression and his stammering implied otherwise.

“I-i-is that so,” the leader mocked back. “My uncle tells me you sucked his cock in front of your wife, ate her cunt while he fucked her ass and then squealed like a little girlie-girl when he took your back door.”

The teacher said nothing his bright red cheeks answering for him.

The leader, confident the teacher was going to be the cocksucking bitch his uncle promised he would be, dropped his pants, unleashing a nine-plus-inch cock, hard and ready. “Well, Teach, you want some dark meat? Come and get it.”

The teacher weakly protested, “Please, just go,” even as he stared at the big black cock,

“This is a onetime offer, Cocksucker?” The black teen smugly offered, holding his cock.

After a moment, the teacher looked at his students, eyes pleading for them to forgive him as he whispered, “I am so sorry.” He couldn’t control himself as he crawled to the offered cock and without a word took it in his mouth. The other students circled around him, fingers undoing belts, each one putting their impressive black cocks out on display for the teacher. He went from one cock to the next, greedily sucking all of them, using his mouth and hands to please as many as he could at once.

I had never purposely watched gay sex, actually the first time was with Ashley last week, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off the action as the white teacher eagerly pleased all the big black teen cocks. The camera zoomed in on the teacher’s face, and almost the entire rest of the screen was filled with black cock. I gasped; the sight of so many black cocks stirring something within me, and within my pants. I couldn’t believe how depraved this film was; did Ashley have any idea? Why had Ashley chosen this film to buy me? Why was it turning me on? I should have stopped the video, not wanting to be turned on by such sexual depravity, yet I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen.

On screen, the leader’s big cock waving freely, he looked at the two bewildered white students watching and said, “See something you like, white bitches? You can help yourself too.”

The All-American stammered, “T-t-that is sick.”

The leader chuckled, “Pretend all you want. I have seen the hunger of a straight white boy in denial before and you, my preppy little faggot-to-be are, definitely in denial. You keep trying not to look, but you’re mesmerized by my cock. Your mouth is watering with anticipation, the cock in your pants is probably rock hard…it is only a matter of time before you join your cocksucking teacher on your knees.”

The All-American didn’t say anything as the leader of the group smugly walked over to him.

Reaching the bewildered white boy, the black leader put his hands on the white boy’s shoulders and gently, wordlessly, guided him to his knees. The All-American didn’t give any resistance, looking both dazed and hungry.

“Go ahead, take it in your hands white boy,” the leader offered.

The All-American obeyed, his eyes wide as he grabbed the hard black cock.

“Stroke it,” the leader ordered.

Again the All-American obeyed mindlessly, clearly completely mesmerized by the massive black cock currently in his hands.

The camera panned to the nerdy white student who was watching the scene, clearly overwhelmed by what was occurring in front of the likely virgin. He was staring at his fellow student who when the camera panned back to him was now stroking two black cocks.

The teacher, meanwhile, had a cock in his mouth and one in each hand as he tried to multitask, his hunger apparent. A variety of ridiculing things were said to the teacher by the black teens including: “You were born for this, Teach,” and “You’re right where you belong, Mr. Hamilton on your knees,” and “Shit, Mr. Hamilton, you’re one hungry cock-loving faggot,” and “You are quite the cocksucker, Teach,” and “I bet he would look good getting double-teamed.”

Any humiliation the teacher had at being a BBC slut in front of his two white students was gone as he moaned at the words being said to him as he bobbed back and forth on one of the big black cocks.

The leader ordered the All-American, pointing to the black guy beside him, “Go ahead, suck on Matt’s cock.”

It seemed that was all the encouragement that was needed to have him switch from hand jobs to blow jobs as he leaned forward and took a big black cock in his mouth.

“Good boy,” the leader purred, encouraging the virgin cocksucker, before turning to the last remaining white boy. “Join your friend on your knees,”

The nerd shook his head unconvincingly as he stared at the leader’s massive cock.

“Darnell, go help the white boy decide,” the leader ordered.

The boy with the smallest cock (smallest being relative, he was still about 7 inches) kicked his pants off over his shoes, and walked over to the desk to stand directly in front of the dazed and confused nerd. Darnell’s cock was level with the nerd’s mouth, and he just stood there, waiting expectantly. Time seemed to stand still as the nerd’s face gave away both his hunger and his fear. Darnell purred, “Go ahead, I can see the desire in your eyes.”

The nerd looked at his teacher who was now completely naked and having his ass fingered all the while he continued sucking cock; he looked at his fellow classmate who was now bobbing back and forth hungrily from one big black cock to another. Finally, the nerd gave in as he began licking the cock before him as if he were in a desert and had just been given a popsicle. He covered every inch of the long shaft and soon Darnell’s cock was gleaming with saliva.

“Take it in your mouth,” Darnell ordered.

“It won’t fit,” the nerd replied, his hand now stroking Darnell’s cock as he licked the big mushroom head.

“Let’s see how much you can fit, then we’ll work on the rest,” Darnell suggested softly, knowing to be gentle when first breaking in a new white cocksucker.

“Okay,” the nerd agreed taking a deep breath. He leaned forward, opened his mouth and took the stiff black cock between his lips.

After a few slow, tentative back and forth bobs, the nerd’s hunger grew and he began sucking with more confidence, slowly taking more and more of the stiff missile in his mouth. Another black cock joined Darnell and the nerd began stroking it with his hand as he continued slobbering over Darnell’s cock. Each student now had two juicy black cocks to play with, while the teacher had two of his own.

As I watched, I couldn’t believe how hard I was and I quickly paused the movie as I rushed upstairs to grab my rarely used (rarely since I met Ashley, abused regularly before then) fleshlight, the best masturbation toy ever.

As soon as I was back in front of the television, I pressed play again as I got undressed and really lathered my cock with lube (critical to enjoy the fleshlight properly). Once lubed well I began slowly masturbating myself with the well-made fuck-toy.

On the TV, the teacher was now bent over his desk, bobbing back and forth over an eight plus inch cock while the leader moved behind him and without any warning slammed his cock inside the teacher’s ass.

“Holy fuuuuck,” the teacher screamed the sudden burn in his ass obvious.

“You like that Mr. Hamilton?” The leader asked.

“Fuck yes,” the teacher answered, returning his attention to the cock in front of him.

The teacher tried to attend to the cock in front of him properly while being fucked, but occasionally opened his mouth and the cock slipped out, not being able to concentrate on giving a proper blowjob while he got fucked.

Meanwhile, the two eighteen year old white students had fallen completely into their role of cock hungry faggots as they each bobbed with enthusiasm on the cocks in front of them.

A litany of insults echoed through the classroom as the gay orgy commenced: “That’s it white boy, you are a natural cocksucker,” or “Let’s see you letter in cocksucking, Faggot,” or “Teacher loves it up his ass,” or “Good, Faggot, you love black cock don’t you?”

The All-American moaned at the question as he took almost all the big cock in his mouth, bobbing like a porn star slut.

The nerd meanwhile, was more methodical, as he slowly took the majority of the black cock in his mouth.

The scene of three white cocksuckers sucking cock after cock went on for nearly another fifteen minutes as I stroked my own cock slowly not wanting to burst until the scene itself climaxed.

It was then the facial explosions started. Each of the three white cocksuckers was coated with a large dose of cum all over their face and as soon as the first big cock finished spewing its white cream, the next black cock was shoved into their submissive white mouths.

The All-American’s head was grabbed as the next black student pumped his cock in and out of the rookie cocksucker’s mouth and his eyes watered as he desperately tried not to gag.

Meanwhile, the teacher was groaning like a bitch in heat as the leader slammed his cock hard up the teacher’s ass, each forward thrust making the desk move slightly forward. The teacher gave up trying to suck the cock in front of him as he just held on for dear life.

The scene turned to the nerd who was sucking the large balls of the last remaining black student in front of him as the black boy pumped his eight-inch cock.

Simultaneously, a second load of cum coated the All-American and the nerd as each black teen exploded onto the white cocksuckers’ face.

The leader of the group grunted, “I’m going to come in your ass Mr. Hamilton.”

“Yeeees, full my ass with your cum,” the teacher begged eagerly, as he gripped the desk.

The All-American without a word crawled to the cock in front of the teacher and took it in his mouth.

“Why aren’t you an eager little so called straight boy,” the surprised black stud smirked at how quickly the white boys had been converted.

The All-American moaned on the big juicy cock as he bobbed back and forth, his hair and face coated with cum was somehow one of the sexiest, dirtiest things I had ever seen.

“Here it comes, Faggot,” the leader grunted as he filled the teacher’s ass with his cum.

“Fuuuuuck, yeeees,” the teacher moaned, his own much smaller cock spewing cum as he came without even having his cock touched.

“Holy shit, Mr. Hamilton, I have fucked a lot of white faggots like you, but none have ever come just from being ass reamed,” he laughed, as he pulled out.

The teacher remained slumped over the desk, drained and humiliated.

The leader snapped to the nerd sitting at the desk and ordered, his tone firm and implying this was not negotiable, “Come retrieve my cum, Faggot.”

The nerd’s eyes went big, but he got up and moved to the leader’s massive gleaming rod.

The leader laughed, “I meant go clean teacher’s ass.”

The nerd’s eyes went even bigger and he stammered, “Y-y-you are not serious?”

“Now,” the leader demanded, staring down at the nerd.

The nerd reluctantly moved behind the desk and to the teacher’s ass, cum already leaking out.

“Get it all, Faggot,” the leader ordered, as he pulled up his pants.

Meanwhile, a third load coated the face of the All-American, his face now completely covered in cum.

The black teens all pulled up their pants as the nerd’s face was buried in the teacher’s ass.

The leader pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of his new white cocksuckers. As the dominant black students left, he smiled, “I’ll be in touch.”

I was pumping my cock furiously, the fleshlight now pleasuring me almost as good as a real pussy, I closed my eyes and images of big juicy black cocks being sucked filled my internal widescreen. I imagined it was me being forced into sexual submission to black cock, being forced to obey and suck cock after cock. The taboo images had my balls boiling and I camelike a racehorse filling the fleshlight with an excessive amount of cum.

After I was spent, the fleshlight still on my cock, I wondered what exactly it was in the movie that turned me on? Was it the submission? Was it the powerful domination of the leader? Was it their huge black cocks? Suddenly, the thought of making Ashley’s fantasy come true wasn’t as ridiculous as it first seemed. I wasn’t gay and the idea of taking a cock in my ass was not even remotely open for discussion, yet the idea of sucking a cock, a big juicy black cock, suddenly had my cock aching.

Shutting the video off, I texted Ashley and asked if she would be at church tomorrow. She said she would and that she had the whole day off tomorrow and I was hers for the day.

As I cleaned up and prepared for bed, I wondered what church would be like with Eve in the choir and her oblivious father preaching about who knows what. The thought amused me as I hit the sheets crashing in mere seconds.

4. Yet Another BIG Surprise

I picked Ashley up at her apartment for church and told her the whole Troy and Eve story as I drove us to the church. Once I was done, she said, “You’re bullshitting me.”

“I’m one hundred percent telling you the truth,” I countered, putting up my hand and adding, “scout’s honor.”

“I can’t fucking believe it. She is such a prim and proper girl, although Troy doesn’t surprise me,” she said.

She knew Eve from church and Troy from watching many of the school’s basketball games.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Well, Troy is commanding on the court and comes from an upper class family of entitlement, in many ways he is flipping traditional racism on its head,” Ashley said, going all Freudian on me.

“How so?” I asked, curious as I continued driving.

“Racism has been around for centuries, white over black, now that equality is in vogue, the kids of entitled black families want to show their power, and dominating a white girl from another family of privilege would be a power trip, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so, but nothing is that black and white,” I retorted.

“Pun intended,” she laughed, “but it is that simple. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Now you’re quoting Shakespeare on me?” I teased.

“So now what?” She asked.

“I have no idea,” I answered, realizing I really had no idea how I would face Eve or Troy when the time came.

“I can’t deny it, the idea of them is kind if a turn on,” Ashley said, as I pulled into the parking lot.

“I was too stunned to even begin to think of it that way,” I lied.

“Sure, sure,” she purred, giving my cock, semi-erect in my trousers, a squeeze.

After adjusting my cock, I got out of the car, took Ashley’s hand in mine and headed into church.

As fate would have it, Eve was walking out from a side office directly towards us. Her face was ruby red and she was avoiding eye contact until Ashley, being Ashley, stopped her.

“Good morning, Eve,” Ashley greeted, stepping in front of her.

Eve looked up, her face literally glistening, specs of white goo in her hair, perhaps another may have dismissed it as sweat, but I knew better. Eve stammered, “G-g-good morning, Ms. Grisham, Mr. Jarvis.”

“You look rather flushed,” Ashley said, noticing what I had noticed.

“I am not feeling well, I was just going to the washroom,” Eve explained, her face so red with embarrassment I thought she might pass out.

“Well don’t let us stop you,” Ashley said, before adding, “By the way, Eve you have something on your blouse.”

“Oh God,” she gasped and hurried away from us and down the hallway.

“That was very mean, Ashley,” I said with a smirk.

“And you loved it,” she said, squeezing my hand.

I thought the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me was Ashley saying she wanted to see me sucking a cock, but that was topped when I accidentally caught Eve sucking off Troy in the boy’s locker room. Yet that too was outdone when Rhianna, Troy’s sister, walked out of the same room from which Eve had just scurried. The realization hit me that the glistening on Eve’s face was Rhianna’s pussy juice. Before I could say a word, my head spinning with another stunning development in the secret life of Eve Rose, Rhianna walked towards us.

“No way,” Ashley said, as she came to the same realization as me, that the shine on Eve’s face was Rhianna’s pussy juice.

“I thought that was cum,” I whispered, the sticky white goo in her hair was surely cum.

“Hi, Coach, Ma’am,” Rhianna greeted, her usual well-mannered self. Like her brother, she is a vocal leader. A co-captain cheerleader she has large breasts and a J-Lo bubble butt, she is easily one of the most attractive students at our school.

“Hello, Rhianna,” I greeted.

“Please, call me Ashley, my mother is Ma’am,” Ashley said, hating any inferences that she is old…which at twenty-six she isn’t.

“Of course,” Rhianna smiled.

“Your look flushed,” Ashley pointed out, stirring the pot, trying to confirm our hypothesis.

“I was just showing Eve a few things,” she answered, not realizing that, knowing what we knew, we didn’t miss her innuendo.

Ashley, sly as a fox, quipped back, “Yes, I’m sure she drained you.”

I had to hold in a laugh at Ashley’s rather blunt response.

Rhianna, still unaware we suspected Eve had just ate her out, replied, “It’s very rewarding to show someone their place on a team.”

I couldn’t resist. “That’s very generous of you, Rhianna.”

Rhianna shrugged, looking directly at Ashley as she said it, “As head cheerleader, it’s my privilege to instruct.”

Ashley’s face went red as Rhianna implied something that we were not supposed to catch, but clearly did. Ashley stammered just a bit, “I-um,” before looking at me with her mischievous smile as she recovered relatively gracefully, “I-um-don’t think I’ve seen you in action before. I’d love to correct that oversight.”

Rhianna was taken aback at that, now unsure if we got her double entendres. She, too, recovered quickly, “I’m not sure you would approve of my methods they are a bit…unorthodox and I wouldn’t want to offend your sensibilities.”

Ashley, really into it now, answered, “Oh, you would be surprised; I am VERY open-minded and IMPOSSIBLE to offend.”

My cock got hard as the eighteen year old black beauty in her tight fitting blue dress and beige pantyhose (thigh highs maybe if she was just serviced by Eve) was trading sexual innuendo barbs with my girlfriend, who had just recently implied that she has had at least one, assumedly more than one, lesbian encounters in the past.

“Well maybe we can chat more about this, another time Ashley?” Rhianna offered.

“I look forward to it,” Ashley replied, not backing down.

“Until then,” Rhianna smiled, turned to me her smile seemingly amused, “Enjoy the service, Coach.”

“You too,” I barely got out, my lower head doing all my thinking.

As soon as Rhianna walked away, another surprise hit us as Troy too sauntered out of the same office Eve had left earlier and he walked towards us.

“Well, that explains everything, doesn’t it?” Ashley said, just before Troy reached us.

“Hi, Coach,” he said, oblivious to our knowledge, of what had been going on in that office, even as the image of his cock in Eve’s mouth popped into my head.

“Did you go out and celebrate Friday’s victory,” I asked.

“Not really,” he shrugged, “we haven’t really won anything yet.”

“I like that attitude, Troy,” I said, his winning focus similar to mine when I was a player.

“You didn’t do anything to celebrate your victory,” Ashley asked, digging for information.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” he shrugged.

Ashley glanced down subtly at the unmistakable bulge in Troy’s pants before replying, “Well we expect big things from you, Troy, big, big things.”

Troy, flirting back, quipped, “I never disappoint.”

Breaking the growingly awkward conversation, Troy’s big cock refusing to leave my head, I said, “See you at practice tomorrow.”

“Of course,” he nodded, before adding, “It’s always a pleasure Ms. Grisham.”

“I’m not an old woman, Troy, please call me Ashley,” my girlfriend said.

“Sure thing, Ashley,” he smiled, as he left.

As soon as he was out of ear shot I said, “He was flirting with you.”

“He is quite the player,” Ashley quipped back, implying the double meaning of the term player.

“That he is?” I replied as we walked into the house of worship.

I watched Eve in the choir, the image of her hungrily bobbing on Troy’s big black cock refusing to leave my head, I listened to her father preach about resisting temptation, the irony obvious to him as his Eve had submitted to Troy’s temptation unconditionally. I glimpsed across the church to Troy listening intently with his family, a slightly smug smile on his face throughout the sermon. Obviously not listening, sitting beside Troy was Rhianna who kept glancing over our way, as if sizing up her next prey…my girlfriend.

I began to wonder if Ashley was turned on by Rhianna’s flirting or if she knew she was being checked out all service; I also wondered if she was right about her philosophy on Troy’s dominant personality; his father is a big contributor to the church and a very prominent surgeon; his mother is also a doctor, albeit part time, a very influential person in the community, a member of our school’s PTA and the leader of the basketball booster’s club. The Brown’s also have three more children: away at college out east was the eldest Latisha (whom I had only met once), at community college in town is the oldest brother Jamal (another great basketball player, playing and getting a degree in film) and DeDreana is the youngest in tenth grade (also a basketball player, playing on the girl’s junior varsity team).

The more I thought about it, the stranger I found the whole Eve and Troy thing was; if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it…but I had seen it and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

After the service, Ashley and I were chatting with fellow parishioners, many giving congratulations for our big win on Friday and wishing me luck on our state finals tournament. When Mr. Brown walked over, his beautiful wife’s arm wrapped around his, and said, “Well done, Coach, you really got the boys playing to a whole higher level of team work.”

“Thanks,” I shrugged, “they really have begun to gel as a team. Of course, your boy has been pretty instrumental in our journey to the state championship tournament.”

“He works hard, but he has definitely needed a coach who could push him and not take any of his guff?” Mr. Brown remarked.

“He has been a complete team player,” I responded, which was true. Troy was without a doubt the best player on our team, but he was also a natural leader, understanding how to best involve his teammates to maximize the team’s chances to be successful. Not many players grasped it as well as he did, at any age.

“Well, keep it up, Coach,” Mr. Brown said, patting my back, “Let’s get that darn trophy here after all these years.”

“That is the goal,” I agreed.

Once gone, Ashley pulled me towards the exit, “Do you think Troy gets his dominance from Andre?”

“Like father, like son,” I joked, seeing many similarities between father and son.

“I don’t know, I can’t fathom Vanessa being submissive like Eve,” Ashley said, a naughty smile crossing her face.

“Is that Troy’s mother’s name? Yeah, she doesn’t seem the docile type.” I laughed as we reached the fresh air of a spring day. “But I also didn’t think I would see Troy face fucking Eve either, or Eve with pussy juice on her face…in church” I added, intentionally being crude.

“Touché,” Ashley laughed, before adding, “Which for the record had my cunt burning throughout the service. I wouldn’t mind a good face-fucking myself.”

“I think that could be arranged,” I offered, as we reached the car.

Ashley stopped and looked around.

I asked, “What are you looking for?”

“I’m serious, seeing cunt juice on Eve’s face, cum in her hair and hearing of her being dominated by Troy has had me unable to think straight. I almost burst out laughing when the minister talked about resisting the snake of temptation,” Ashley answered, grabbed my hand and led me across the street to a Chinese restaurant.

Unable to resist, I quipped, “Yes, she devoured the tempting black snake whole.”

“You never told me, how big is his tempting snake?” Ashley asked, as we reached the restaurant.

“Near ten inches I think, maybe longer,” I answered.

“Fuck off,” she said, stopping and looking at me, her expression one of disbelief.

“I was a ways away, but it looked like a tree stump,” I joked, realizing I had seen him naked many times in the dressing room and shower, but never really paid any attention to his cock size.

“Fuck that makes it even hotter,” Ashley said, a hunger in her eyes that she often got when she was super horny (which thankfully was often). “Let’s go.”

“What are you planning?” I asked.

“I’m taking you into the bathroom and let you fuck my face,” she answered, casually as if the answer was obvious.

“Here?” I asked.

“Better than in the church parking lot,” she quipped, tugging my arm and leading me into the restaurant.

Once inside, we were seated by a pretty Asian teenager. Ashley was literally vibrating as she waited to order, her foot under the table was between my legs rubbing my crotch. “Once we order, I am going to the bathroom; I will text you if no one else is in there. As soon as I do, get your ass in the bathroom.”

“Okay,” I agreed, turned on by her insatiable hunger and nervous about going into a woman’s bathroom, although the restaurant was almost completely empty. I massaged her stocking-clad foot (I loved that she always wore nylons for me), until the waitress came and took our order.

As soon as she left, Ashley stood up and disappeared into the bathroom without a word.

Seconds later the text came. “NOW!!!”

Without thinking, I quickly stood up and headed to the bathrooms. I stopped at the ladies’ room door, looked to make sure no one was around, and entered the forbidden area.

Ashley was waiting just inside the door; she grabbed me and tugged me into the corner stall. She fished my cock out of my pants without taking them down at all and deep-throated my seven-inch cock instantly.

Looking down and watching her bob back and forth so eagerly was an incredible turn-on that I couldn’t help but wonder how I had been so fortunate to meet this perfect woman. Standing up, she said, “Sorry, baby, I was just going to blow you, but I need it bad.”

She put a foot on the toilet seat, lifted up her sundress (a very convenient dress for a quickie), up over her ass, tugged aside her pink thong, and said, “Shove that big snake of yours in me.”

I laughed at the reference to the earlier sermon, as I obliged her request, moving behind her and filling her pussy.

“Fuck me hard, pound my cunt, baby,” she demanded, her right hand on the wall, her left going to her pussy.

I slammed into her hard, knowing there were times like these when the sex was raw, carnal, and we were just two lustful beings bringing undeniable pleasure to each other.

Both of us already being horny for the same reason, it didn’t take long before Ashley was panting, her fingers rapidly stimulating her clit, as she moaned, “Fuck I love your big cock deep in me, baby.”

After seeing the porn and plethora of ridiculously huge black cocks, it was good to hear from the love of my life that my seven inches were enough for her. I moaned back, “and I love your tight pussy, sexy.”

“Faster,” she demanded, now moving her ass backwards to meet my forward thrusts.

Seconds later, she screamed, “Fuuuuuck,” as her orgasm quaked through her and onto my cock.

Hunger still in her eyes, she turned around, dropped to her knees and devoured my cock once again, even as her orgasm still rumbled through her. After a few seconds of deep throating me, she slapped my ass, her intent clear, I began aggressively fucking her face.

My balls bouncing off her chin, my cock fucking her face my orgasm began bubbling instantly. Like the last time, her mouth was wrapped around my cock, her hand slithered to my ass crack and this time I wasn’t surprised when her finger penetrated my back door. Unlike last time when she had just pushed her finger in, this time she pumped her finger in and out of my ass. All of which triggered my orgasm shooting my load inside her mouth as I fucked both her mouth and her finger. I couldn’t believe how her finger in my ass enhanced the pleasure and got me off with an even more ferocious intensity than usual.

Her mouth was still wrapped around my cock when we heard the door open to the bathroom and heard two voices.

She moved away as I quickly shuffled myself to stand on the toilet. Ashley followed sitting down on the toilet even as my cock lingered above her, a drop of my cum landing in her hair.

“Mom, I am supposed to meet up with Jasmine, Carol and Tasia at the mall,” a young girl’s voice said.

The other voice replied, “Honey, a quick bite to eat with your family will not kill you.” The voice seemed familiar and yet I couldn’t place it.

“And if it does,” the first voice said, sighing.

“Then Troy gets your college money,” the older voice said.

My eyes went wide as I realized it was Mrs. Brown and her daughter, Rhianna, in the bathroom.

Ashley, turned around and smiled, before another drop of my cum fell and landed on her forehead. She mouthed, “You fucker.”

I mouthed back, “Now what?”

“We wait,” she mouthed back, stretching up and taking my cock in her mouth.

Thankfully, Mrs. Brown and Rhianna were just freshening up and left quickly as my slutty girlfriend enjoyed my clear discomfort.

Taking my cock out of her mouth, she said, “I will go check and text you when the coast is clear.”

“Thanks,” I stammered, climbing off the toilet and quickly putting my cock away.

She left and a few seconds later texted me, “Someone is coming.”

I quickly locked the stall door and sat on top of the toilet praying the woman wasn’t going to try my stall. Thankfully, she didn’t, instead taking the stall next to me.

I quickly texted Ashley asking if the coast was clear and when the yes came, I quickly hurried out of the stall and bathroom before I crossed the hallway to the men’s room where I discovered Mr. Brown at one of the two urinals.

Desperate to pee, which often followed an orgasm, I moved to the urinal beside him and joked, “Are you stalking me?”

He laughed, “I was here first, so you must be stalking me.”

“Touché,” I chuckled, as I begin urinating. I don’t know why: curiosity I suppose, but I couldn’t resist glancing down and checking out Mr. Brown’s cock. It was a quick glimpse, but enough to:

A. See that he too was well hung even when not in a state of arousal.

B. To be caught by Mr. Brown.

He didn’t say anything, but the slightest of a smirk, gave away that he may have noticed my interest in his package. He zipped up a moment later and went to wash his hands.

“Have a great day, Coach,” he said, a moment later as I stayed at the urinal even though I was long done peeing.

“You too,” I answered shakily as I put my cock, growing again despite my recent relief, back in my trousers.

Ashley texted me asking if I was out of my predicament just as I finished washing my hands. I returned to the table where she was chatting with Mrs. Brown and Rhianna.

When I joined them, I gasped to myself, my cum was still on Ashley’s forehead, not glaringly obvious, but definitely noticeable if one was paying attention.

After a brief moment more of generic chit-chat, the Brown’s left and I said, clearly stressed, “You still have some cum on your forehead.”

Not fazed, she moved her finger to her forehead, scooped the small leftover remnants of cum, and put it in her mouth.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I cursed, horrified by what the Brown’s might think. Double horrified by being caught checking out Mr. Brown’s cock at the urinal.

“I doubt they knew it was cum, baby,” she smiled, sucking her finger clean.

“What if they did?” I asked, still stressed out.

“Then they officially know that a teacher has had sex,” she said brushing aside my concerns.

“How can you be so laissez-faire?” I asked, refusing to look over at the Brown’s table.

“I can’t change it, so it is what it is,” she answered, her casual attitude usually sexy, but now a bit frustrating.

“To make matters worse, I think Mr. Brown thinks I was checking out his cock,” I confessed, my anxiety really getting the best if me.

“He what? Why?” Ashley asked, clearly curious.

“Because I was,” I admitted. “I couldn’t help it. I went to the urinal to pee like I always do after sex,”

“I meant to ask, what is it about you and peeing after sex,” she interrupted.

“Don’t all men?” I asked, just assuming.

“God, no, most just fall asleep,” she answered, laughing softly.

“Well, I like to be different,” I joked.

“That you are,” she smiled. “Seriously, who gets turned on by pantyhose?”

“All men,” I answered, defensively.

“Trust me, I have dated a lot of men and you are the first that gets turned on by them. Most obsess over my tits or ass,” she countered.

“I like your tits and ass too,” I countered.

“Anyways, you are a twisted man and that is why I love you,” she smiled back.

“You love me,” I asked, knowing full well she hadn’t declared her love when I did.

“Of course, silly,” she smiled sweetly, before her expression shifted to coy. “On another note, is Mr. Brown hung?”

“Ashley,” I gasped, surprised by her shift from her first declaration of love to the size of a black cock.

“I’m curious, just like you were, obviously,” she smiled, her foot again going to my crotch.

My face went red at the truth of her words as I admitted, “Like father, like son, it seems.”

“Hmmm, does that mean your dad is big too,” she teased.

Realizing we were in play mode, I quipped, “Well, you know your body is based on your mom’s DNA.”

“Yes, you already know what I will look like in twenty years,” she continued, her foot putting extra pressure on my awkwardly positioned and trying to grow cock.

“I will definitely take that,” I answered.

“You better,” she countered.

Our food arrived and we shifted our conversation to calmer topics like her ridiculous work schedule which would not allow for her to spend much time with me over the next week. I pointed out I would be pretty busy myself with getting prepared for the state championship and grading math tests that I had due this week.

Once done eating, our desert in front of us but both of us needing time for our lunch to settle, Ashley glanced over to the Browns before turning to me and saying, “I can’t believe Rhianna was flirting with me like that.”

“You loved it,” I quipped back, knowing she did.

“Well, it is the purest sign of flattery,” she shrugged.

“What is?” I asked.

“Being hit on by someone of the same sex. No different for men. When a gay guy hits on you that is the ultimate compliment,” she explained.

“How so?” I asked, curious by yet another strange sexual philosophy of my oversexed girlfriend.

“Isn’t it obvious? Gay men have better taste in men than women do,” she said, as if that explained everything.

“I am not remotely following this,” I replied.

“Well most women are so jaded by past betrayals by men that they lower their standards, while gay men have great taste in clothing and men,” she clarified.

“So what you are saying is that you settled for me based on your harsh past and that since I have never been hit on by a gay guy I am not a good catch?” I countered, playing devil’s advocate to her bizarre philosophy.

“First off, I am not settling. You are sexy, we have similar interests, your dad is hot so you will be too in twenty years, you have a super tongue and a nice big cock,” she replied, splattering me with ego-boosting compliments.

“Those are all tough to argue with,” I agreed.

“Plus, Nate thinks you are hot,” she added.

“Gay nurse Nate?” I asked, although he was the only Nate I knew.

“The one and only,” she confirmed. “That night we met Nate and I were both checking you out. Of course, I won.”

“What did he say about me?” I asked and then realized how ludicrous the question was.

“Why do you want to know?” she asked playfully.

“I’m just considering all my options,” I countered with a smile.

She laughed as she added, “Well, speaking of things Nate said, he tells me no one gives head better than another man.”

“Well, we will just have to take his word for it,” I replied, trying to push aside the curiosity tickling at the back of my mind; I wasn’t gay, there was no way I was wondering if I could please Troy more than Eve could.

“If you are ever curious,” she answered, then laughed at the double-meaning of curious in the context referred.

“Good to know,” I laughed, “in case you quit sucking cock after the I do’s.”

Silence suddenly filled the room as we both realized what I had just said.

Thankfully, it was Rhianna who broke the sudden tension as she passed our table on her way to the washroom. “Hmmmm, that looks good enough to eat whole.”

My eyes went wide, but Ashley not missing a beat, retorted, “So I have been told.”

Rhianna was already walking away, her bubble butt ass swaying enticingly. Ashley leaned forward, “Do you think I should follow her in there and let her eat me whole?”

“You wouldn’t,” I gasped, my cock springing immediately to life at the thought of Ashley with another woman, especially someone as delicious as Rhianna.

“Just tell me to do it,” she said, her expression one of total sincerity. If I said go for it I was positive she would have did exactly what she said she would do.

“If she wasn’t one of my students,” I said, briefly being the one in charge, “I would have you and her in a sixty-nine.”

“You would?” She smiled.

“Absolutely,” I nodded, playing along with her naughty innuendo.

She fed me a bite of the dessert and took one herself, allowing yet another naughty implication linger between us, my cock ready to burst through my pants like the Hulk.

The dessert was almost done when Rhianna sauntered past us again. Ashley said as she passed, “Isn’t my dessert delicious, honey?”

Rhianna stopped to look at me and waited to hear my response. Forgetting she was a student, my cock head again controlling my real head, I answered. “It is by far the best dessert I have ever had and I have had a lot.”

Rhianna smiled, putting another seed of naughtiness in the air, “Well, I will have to try some… one day very, very soon.”

Again, she left before Ashley could counter leaving yet another naughty innuendo lingering between us.

Ashley asked, leaning in, “You wanted to know if I have been with another woman, right?”

“Is that a trick question?” I asked, knowing in past relationships when something is too good to be true, it usually is (although Ashley had dispelled all my relationship theories so far).

“Nope, do you really want to hear about my naughty lesbian past?” She asked, sucking on her straw innocently, yet it wasn’t innocent to me. Also, her foot which had returned to the floor throughout our meal was back against my crotch teasing me.

“If you want to tell me,” I answered safely.

She moved her foot away and stood up, “If you want to know all about my sordid past and learn another one of my fantasies, you better follow me right fucking now, I am so horny I could go ride her face right here in the restaurant in front of her parents.”

I briefly entertained that thought before tossing two twenties on the table for the twenty-six dollar bill and following her out like a puppy following a bone, giving a quick wave to the Browns as we left.

Once in the car, I asked, “Where to?”

“My place,” she answered.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I agreed, pulling out of the parking lot my cock hard with anticipation and my mind filled with curiosity.

5. Ashley’s DARK Lesbian Desires

Once back at her place, she asked, “Do you ever watch Internet porn, baby?”

“Isn’t that the only reason people go on the internet?” I answered without answering the question.

“Nice evasive answer,” Ashley noticed.

“Well, I watched a lot more before I met you,” I answered, which was true.

“How sweet,” Ashley smiled, before surprising me again. “I have subscriptions to a couple websites,” she admitted, opening her laptop.

“You do?” I asked, surprised that a woman would pay for Internet porn, it seemed like such a guy thing.

“Yep. After a long day at work I often need to unwind with a glass of wine, one of my toys and a little Internet porn,” she revealed.

“How many toys do you have?” I asked.

“More than a few less than a plethora,” she vaguely answered.

“Well that narrows it down completely,” I joked.

“I like to be an enigma,” she smiled, clicking onto a website.

“That you are,” I agreed, an enigma being the best word to describe her.

“Turn on the television,” she instructed.

“Sure,” I obeyed, reaching for the remote.

Once the screen was on, I realized that her computer was hooked up to her TV and the website she had up was all interracial lesbian porn.

“Wow,” I said, staring at the screen unable to formulate a complete thought.

“So this website has a variety of hot lesbian submission scenes,” Ashley explained, scrolling over a few brief pictures with summaries. “There is a student making her teacher her submissive play thing, that one is pretty hot I will download it for you, for the rare time you are home alone and need something to get you off.”

“Thanks,” I said, only vaguely knowing what I was saying thanks for. I was so overwhelmed by the different scenes of black and white girls, although these were all tasteful and appropriate pictures. I wasn’t surprised Ashley watched porn, I was surprised she paid for porn.

She continued, “Oh this one is hot too, a girl gets pulled over for speeding and ends up paying the fine with her face.”

I joked, “Cheaper than the ticket.”

“And a lot more fun,” Ashley volleyed back.

“Oh this one was crazy. Three prisoners overpower two guards and completely dominate them,” Ashley said, as if she was reviewing a book.

“That turns you on?” I asked, not imagining her being taken.

“Fuck yeah,” Ashley said, “just the thought of it has my cunt leaking. If we didn’t know her parents I would have followed that dyke right into the bathroom and fucked her senseless.”

“You would not,” I protested.

“In a heartbeat,” she countered. “Fantasy number two is me having sex with a black woman.”

“That one is a lot hotter than the first one,” I said, the thought of her in a sixty-nine with another girl, Rhianna of course popping into my head, was super hot.

“I don’t think so,” she shrugged, “they are both hot, just different.”

“Night and day different,” I added.

“I don’t know, more night and dusk,” she said, scrolling to another page of videos. “This one has the hottest black girl ever and she is even wearing stockings for you.”

I read the summary: Carol (the maid) is sick of the demeaning way her white boss treats her and decides to turn the tables on her, making the white boss the maid.

“Oh, oh, here it is,” she said, clicking on a chapter called Nursed to Sin. “Take a seat, baby, it’s time for a little bit of lesbian submission.”

I asked, “Are all the videos black women dominating white women?”

“Yep,” she replied matter-of-factly, sitting beside me and watching the scene start.

Another puzzle piece to the enigma that was Ashley. She was pretty aggressive with me in the bedroom, but would she be submissive to a woman? A black woman? Rhianna? Again, Ashley had my head spinning as I began watching porn for the third time in a week.

The scene started with a pretty blonde nurse, in her thirties I would guess, walking into a hospital room of a black teenager lying on the bed. “About fucking time,” the pretty black girl snapped.

“Excuse me,” the blonde nurse stammered, surprised by the patient’s rudeness.

“I have been waiting for twenty fucking minutes,” the black girl roared.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” the nurse responded, used to pacifying unhappy patients. “It is shift change and they must have missed you.”

“Ma’am, I like that,” the black girl smirked.

“What can I do for you?” The nurse asked her tone usually effective at calming most verbal storms.

“Massage my feet,” the young black girl replied.

“Pardon?” The nurse asked surprised by the request.

“Massage my fucking feet?” the black girl repeated.

“Sorry, Ma’am, we don’t do that,” the nurse replied, surprisingly keeping her cool.

“It wasn’t a fucking request,” the black teen patient snapped. “Now get your ass over here and massage my feet.”

The nurse seemed bewildered by the treatment, but decided it was better to appease the irate irrational patient before she caused an even bigger commotion. She walked to her and took the black girl’s right foot in her hands.

“Good girl,” the black teen complimented, the smile on her face implying she had nefarious intentions for the older, pretty nurse.

The nurse’s cheeks went red but she continued the servant like task.

I glanced at Ashley who was staring at the television completely intoxicated by the scene that was unfolding. Was it one of her fantasies to be seduced by a patient, a black patient?

I returned my gaze to the movie and noticed the nurse had changed feet.

Ashley flipped her stocking-clad feet onto my lap, and I instinctively took her foot in my hands and began massaging.

“Suck my toes,” the patient instructed the nurse.

“I really need to check on my other patients,” the nurse replied somewhat flustered by the request.

“Fine,” the patient replied, “but I expect you back here during your break. Is that understood?”

The question was in a tone that was clear it wasn’t a question but an expectation.

“I will try,” the nurse replied.

“If you don’t come and get your break time snack, I will come and find you and trust me you don’t want that,” the teen threatened.

“Yes, ma’am,” the nurse said.

“When is your break?” The teen asked.

“It’s at eleven,” The nurse answered.

“See, you then,” the teen stated.

“Yes, ma’am,” The nurse nodded in response, clearly desperate to get out of the room.

The nurse walked out and once the door was closed, she leaned herself against the wall her face flushed, her body reacting to the submissive task she had just done.

“Hot, hey?” Ashley asked, raising her other foot to my lips.

“It’s very interesting,” I answered which was the truth, my mind spinning with the unspoken implications of showing me this particular video.

“That’s a very politically correct response,” she smiled, bending her one leg so her foot landed right on my very stiff cock. “Interesting, very interesting,” she smiled as she turned her head back to the television and I took her nylon-clad toes in my mouth.

On screen, the white nurse was clearly rattled by her brief time with the blunt teenager. At her break, she walked to the door and paused.

“Get in here,” the voice came from inside the door.

The nurse paused a couple more seconds before pushing the door open and entering.

“My toes,” the teen instructed, as if two hours hadn’t transpired since their last conversation.

The nurse didn’t move closer to the patient as she explained, although her tone showed her weakness, “Ma’am, please, this is inappropriate.”

“Taking care of your patient’s needs is inappropriate?” The teen asked, innocently.

“Yes, no,” the flustered nurse replied, clearly overwhelmed and unaccustomed to the strong personality of the black teen.

“Come here,” the teen ordered.

The nurse tentatively moved towards the bed her nervousness obvious with each step.

The teen lifted up the blanket covering her to reveal she was naked and really stacked.

My eyes went big at just how perfect her body was and I hadn’t even gotten a good look at her ass.

The nurse stopped and stammered, “W-w-what are you doing?”

“Getting your snack ready,” the black girl responded, her hand going to her cunt.

“I-I-I-can’t,” the nurse stammered, even as she stared between the legs of the teen goddess, the girl’s completely shaved pussy staring back at her.

“You can and you will,” the teen responded, before adding, “Now get your ass over here and get to licking my cunt.”

“But….” The nurse began but was cut off.

“It is obvious you want to, your mouth is literally watering,” the black seductress assessed.

“No-I-….” The white nurse was cut off again, this time harshly.

“Get over here now and pleasure your black mistress,” the teen ordered.

The nurse, bewildered and scared to disobey the black patient, obeyed the order as she moved between the legs of the teenager.

“Good girl,” the teen said, her tone instantly softening.

The camera angle changed and it was a close up of the nurse just as she extended her tongue and leaned forward.

Glancing at Ashley, even as I continued massaging her foot with my hand as I pleasured her toes, when I noticed her right hand had moved to her pussy.

Ashley was transfixed by the happenings on screen, clearly drawn into the white-black submission. I was dying to ask her if she had ever been with a black woman, the thought of her being submissive hard to fathom.

Back onscreen, the older nurse was licking slowly, clearly unsure how to please another woman. The teen said, “Is this your first time eating cunt, my pet?”

The nurse’s already red cheeks turned a darker shade of red from the humiliation as she answered, softly, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Don’t worry, they say practice makes perfect,” the black teen smiled as she reached for the back of the nurse’s head pulling it deeper into her pink perfection.

“Honey, come lick me,” Ashley moaned, her eyes never leaving the scene onscreen, as she opened her legs for me.

Although I was enjoying the nurse submission, I repositioned myself between her legs on the couch and went to work pleasing her. Ashley’s cunt was sopping wet already and her intoxicating scent swarmed over my senses.

Although I couldn’t see the movie, I could hear it, as the scene progressed, the black teen’s aggressive verbal domination steadily increasing.

I heard her say, “I think I will have to take you back to my sorority and let you learn how to please a sista,” and “Such a good white slave,” and “I can’t wait to fuck that white box of yours,” and “Or maybe I will plug that white ass of yours.”

While I heard all the cock stiffening dirty talk, I eagerly licked Ashley whose moans were louder than usual and when the black girl said, “You love nigger pussy, don’t you?” Ashley grabbed my head and came all over my face as she screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuck yes.”

I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or speaking for the nurse in the movie, but either way my face was coated with Ashley’s sticky wetness, my mind spinning with another naughty quirk of hers.

Finally, Ashley let go of my head as I sat up and said, “You were extra wet today.”

“I have been dripping since Rhianna flirted with me,” she admitted.

“Is that so?” I teased, my hand massaging her leg.

“Fuck yes,” Ashley said, adding, “As I said, it is another fantasy of mine to be seduced and taken by a woman of colour.”

“That doesn’t seem like you,” I pointed out.

“I told you, I’m an enigma,” she shrugged.

“So what if Rhianna hits on you again?” I asked, my cock creating a tent in my pants.

“Would you let me get fucked by her?” Ashley asked, her tone playful, blurring the intent. Was she serious?

“Could I watch?” I asked.

“If she lets you,” Ashley smiled, shifting her body around so it was her turn to please me.

She released my cock from its fabric prison and said, “Watch the rest of the scene and imagine the patient is Rhianna and the nurse moi.”

“Aaaah,” I moaned as she engulfed my cock whole and I returned to watching the television.

The scene had shifted since I last watched. Somehow, the black patient had gotten herself a strap-on and was fucking the nurse from behind. The nurse, bent over the bed, her skirt up, pantyhose torn, was being fucked hard and her moans displaying just how much she was enjoying it.

“Do you like my cock in that cunt of yours,” the black Domme asked.

“Yeeeees,” the nurse whimpered.

“And you will be a good white slave for me?” the teen asked, slamming into the nurse so hard the bed moved.

“Yeeees,” the horny nurse answered, her breathing getting increasingly erratic.

“Beg to be my white slave,” the black goddess demanded, suddenly stopping with the plastic cock still deep inside the nurse.

The nurse was desperate to come, the fucking clearly stopping just before her climax was reached, she didn’t hesitate as she answered, “Yes, Mistress, please can I be your white slave?”

“Is that all you got?” the black Mistress asked, her finger moving to the nurses’ back door.

“Whaaaaat?” The nurse screamed, as a finger penetrated her ass without warning.

“Good white slaves have three holes for their Mistress to use,” the teen Mistress explained as she began slowly pumping her finger in and out of her new slave’s ass. “Shit you are tight, haven’t you ever taken anything up your ass before?”

“Nooooo,” the nurse answered, clearly in pain from the back door violation.

“Well, we better change that,” the teen said, as she, with some work, slid a second finger inside.

“Oh myyyyy God,” the nurse screamed in pain, loud enough that if this were a real hospital they would have visitors.

“Enjoying the movie?” Ashley asked, taking my cock out of her mouth.

“It’s pretty hot,” I admitted, looking down at her.

“Just imagine how hot it would be live,” Ashley smiled, before returning to pleasuring my cock. She was sucking ever so slowly, making sure to allow me to watch the whole movie scene before allowing me to blow my top.

The idea of watching her with another woman was amazing, the thought it could be an eighteen-year-old student of mine: surreal, hot and scary, but mostly hot. Just the thought of seeing Rhianna’s gravity defying breasts bared (I had seen them up close many cock-stiffing times) had my balls beginning to bubble.

Returning to the video just in time, I heard the nurse beg, “Please I will do anything, just please don’t fuck my ass.”

“You will come to my sorority and please every one of my sista’s?” the black teen asked, rubbing her cock between the nurse’s white ass cheeks.

“Yes,” the nurse agreed, clearly willing to do anything to avoid being sodomized.

“And you will never disobey your chocolate Mistress,” the teen asked, the smile on her face giving away her true intent…she was going to fuck the nurse’s ass no matter what the nurse said.

“Yes, Mistress, I will be your white slave, your obedient pet,” the nurse replied.

“Beg for it in your ass,” the teen Mistress ordered, lube magically in reach of her hand as she generously lubed her cock.

“No, please,” the nurse pleaded.


“Do as you’re told, slut,” the teen ordered, as she finished lubricating her cock.

Defeated, the nurse stammered, “P-p-please.”

“Please, what, slave?” the teen questioned, pouring lube between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

“Please fuck my ass,” the nurse responded weakly.

“Please fuck my ass, what?” the Mistress questioned, pushing the nurse further into the depths of submission, as she placed the cock back between the ass cheeks of the pretty, disheveled nurse.

“Please fuck my ass, Mistress, my ebony goddess,” the nurse answered, even adding a hot extra part.

“As you wish, you fucking cheap ass slut,” the teen responded, piling on more and more humiliation to the submissive, bewildered nurse.

“Ooooooooh myyyyyyyy,” the nurse screamed, as the strap-on cock began breaking through her back door.

“Oh my indeed,” the teen chuckled as the plastic cock slowly disappeared between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

A close up of the nurse showed the sheer mixture of pain and pleasure that was coursing through her body as she got her ass reamed.

The scene was incredibly hot, just as the thought of Ashley with Rhianna or another woman, as was also the slow burn Ashley was doing on my cock with her mouth and I knew my eruption was imminent.

“You like being an ass slave?” the teen Mistress asked, a couple of minutes later, as she began to really fuck the nurse, her body slamming into the nurse’s ass making the bed move with each forward thrust.

“Yeeeeees,” the nurse whimpered her orgasm on the rise.

“Come for me, ass slut, come like the slutty white whore you were born to be,” the teen continued her verbal abuse.

“Oh God, oh God,” the nurse moaned, so close to euphoria.

Not even realizing I was doing it, I grabbed Ashley’s head and began fucking her mouth with my cock, bucking my ass up and shoving it deep in her mouth. The slurping sounds echoed through the room as I watched the final submission on screen.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” the nurse screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her.

“Coming from getting fucked in the ass, shit, you really are a fucking whore,” the teen belittled, as she pulled out, walked around the bed and shoved the cock into the nurse’s mouth.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” I repeated, as I shot my load into Ashley’s mouth, suddenly realizing what I was doing and I let go of her head. Thankfully, she took over bobbing up and down as I continued spewing my seed in her mouth.

After a few seconds, she sat up and said, as if nothing had happened, “Oh watch this.”

I returned my eyes to the television and away from Ashley to see an older black nurse walk in.

The white nurse tried to move away but was held in place by her teen Mistress.

“You did it, Janet,” the black nurse said, as she pulled off her skirt.

“Yes, Mother, and she is all yours,” the teen smiled, as she roughly grabbed the white submissive and tossed her onto the bed.

“I didn’t think she was doable,” the mom said, climbing onto the bed, straddling the dazed white nurse’s face.

“They are all doable,” the daughter responded. “No white slut has ever been able to refuse.”

As the mom smothered her white co-worker’s face, she laughed, “Like mother, like daughter.”

“Fucking gets me off every time,” Ashley said, before adding, “apparently you too.”

“Sorry, I got carried away,” I apologized.

“No worries, it was kind of hot for you to just take control and use me like your little slut,” Ashley smiled, reaching over and giving my semi-erect cock a firm how-are-you-doing squeeze.

Joking, I answered, “Well you are my little slut.”

“Your slut plans to flirt like hell with Rhianna the next chance she gets,” she promised.

“Flirt away,” I replied, the reality of the lesbian act way more fantasy than potential actuality.

We spent the rest of the day together going for a walk and enjoying a nice dinner before parting, without talking about sex again. Before I left, we had a quickie in her kitchen, and agreed that with our hectic week (basketball playoffs to focus on for me and with the hospital short staffed, Ashley would be working double shifts all week) that we probably wouldn’t see each other for a few days.

As she kissed me goodbye, she handed me a USB flash drive and said, “A couple scenes I think you may like.”

“Thanks, you are turning me into a dirty old man,” I joked.

“My dirty old man,” she corrected, kissing me again. Breaking the kiss, she said sweetly, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, angel,” I returned, before heading home feeling completely satisfied in every possible way.

6. Another BIG Surprise

Monday was the most awkward teaching day of my life. It was tough to teach with Eve in class, knowing what I did. She, oblivious to my knowledge, was her usual eager to please in class self. She asked questions, answered them, and took notes. Yet, I couldn’t look her in the eye, although I did stare more than usual at her painted toes in her nylons as she slipped her foot in and out of her shoe all during class like a hypnotist’s watch.

It was like a couple of years ago. We had a new Chemistry teacher on staff who was easily the hottest woman I had ever met. She had green hypnotic eyes, long black as night hair, a body that begged to be fucked and she always, even on casual Fridays, wore pantyhose. I had been flirting with her casually when Matt, a fellow colleague, said, “She is a fucking nympho.”

I quipped back, Matt a well-known bullshitter, “As if you would know.”

“I’m serious, she dated my brother’s roommate back in college,” he countered.

“So?” I shrugged.

“She loves it up the ass,” he informed me.

“Fuck off,” I said.

“Seriously, I am not bullshitting you,” he said.

Whether it was true or not, every time I looked at her, from that moment on all I could think of was ‘she loved it up the ass’. Thankfully, she was transferred to another school the next year ending my obsessive thoughts of her liking it up her ass.

After school, practice was just as awkward. Troy was his usual commanding self making it even harder to forget about his power over Eve and the bizarre dream I had. I forced myself to put it out of my mind and focused on the task at hand, getting prepared for the state championships that began on Friday.

However, after practice the awkwardness came back in spades. I had seen my players naked in the locker room a million times but this time was different. I couldn’t help but check out the size of my players. It wasn’t like I wanted to drop to my knees and suck their cocks, but I was suddenly very curious… I was in awe of many of the black cocks. There were big ones and smaller ones, none bigger than Troy; there were thin ones and thick ones; there were circumcised ones and uncircumcised ones.

The next couple of days flew by as I taught and prepared for the championships by watching hours of video once I got home. Life settled back into a familiar routine until Wednesday evening when I had to stay late for a budget meeting for next year with the school board and the boosters club.

Once the meeting was over, I went to my office to grab a couple more disks of games, when I walked in on Troy again…although this time it wasn’t Eve…nor was it a girl! On his knees was Eric, Troy pumping his cock in and out of Eric’s mouth, literally getting his face fucked by Troy. Eric is the team’s starting small forward, the son of our mayor and nicest kid I had ever had the privilege to teach…he like me, white. He was a good rebounder, strong defender, great passer, and the team’s glue guy both on and off the court. He keeps things loose, always quick with a joke and able to make a motivational speech when needed. Definitely not gay and definitely not one I would expect to submit to Troy…yet nothing any more should have surprised me.

The action had obviously been going on awhile, as Troy was really bucking his hips, his cock pumping in and out of Eric’s mouth; somehow he was taking it all without gagging. It was literally an unbelievable scene out of a porno, where the straight white guy is actually an amazing cocksucker. Yet, there it was happening right before my eyes.

Troy, talking trash like he did on the court, said, “Shit Eric, you have gotten really good at this. You are a natural born cocksucker.”

Obviously Eric couldn’t respond as his mouth was full of cock, but he looked up at Troy with worshipful eyes; my own cock was suddenly rising in my pants against my will.

Close to orgasm, Troy grunted, “Here it comes faggot, swallow every last drop princess.”

I watched in awe yet again as Troy came in someone’s mouth, this time a guy. I couldn’t help it: I imagined myself on my knees in Eric’s place, picturing Troy feeding his cock to me. I watched a moment more as Troy continued to pump his cum into Eric’s mouth; I stumbled forward and briefly into view of the two boys before I slunk away.

I was still in ear shot when Troy said, “This weekend you will be my personal cum bucket, is that clear, cocksucker?”

I didn’t hear Eric’s answer as I went to the door. Thinking I should probably do something to let Troy know that he could be caught, I opened the door and slammed it shut loud enough they were bound to know they had company. I then walked back up the hallway slowly whistling to give the boys time to cover up their secret rendezvous. I walked in and Troy was grabbing his bag from the locker, while Eric was nowhere to be seen.

“Troy,” I said, acting surprised, “you scared the shi–crap out of me.”

“Sorry, Coach, just spending some extra time on the court,” he lied, his smile smug as if he knew a secret I didn’t.

“You’re welcome to use the court anytime, but you should probably let me know so no one gives you a hard time,” I said.

Troy laughed and said, his innuendo obvious because I knew what he was really doing, “Oh, I usually am the one giving someone a HARD time.”

I don’t know why I said it, nor could I believe the words out of my mouth, as I replied, “Everyone needs to be given a HARD time once in a while.”

Troy laughed, before adding, “I can’t imagine many people have given you a HARD time too often.

“Not enough,” I answered, and my face burned as I realized what I had said, hoping the innuendo hadn’t been too obvious. “Anyways, get home, I need you rested and focused for Friday.”

“See ya Coach,” Troy nodded, as he walked past me and out the door.

I took a breath and went to my office shaking my head at the realization I had just been trading sexual innuendos with a student. ‘Damn you Ashley,’ I cursed to myself; I had never once considered a man sexually before her anniversary present, but since then I had watched gay porn, dreamt of sucking cock, checked out Dr. Brown’s cock in the bathroom, got hard watching Troy get sucked off and imagined myself briefly on my knees replacing Eric.

Did I want to suck cock? After briefly considering it, I was confident I didn’t. The thought had been placed in my head by Ashley and thoughts, even ones you don’t agree with, take awhile to fade.

I grabbed the disks and headed out. I noticed movement in the bathroom, assumedly Eric, and decided to let him have what little dignity he had left by ignoring it and heading out.

Once home, I went to pop a DVD into the player and saw the porn DVD on top of the player. Before I knew it, I had popped it in the player instead of the game film and was sitting on my couch watching scene three.

The teacher was back at his desk, when he was paged to the office. He sighed, put his pen down and headed to the office.

Once at the office, the secretary, a very pretty blonde who was smiling knowingly said, “Principal Eagleson will see you now.”

“Thanks, Carrie,” the teacher answered, his tone implying he didn’t know what was about to happen, even though since it was porn it was already obvious to me.

Once in the room, a large, well-built, bald black man was sitting at his desk. “Take a seat, James.”

“Yes, sir,” James obeyed.

“Did you know that I used to play professional football?” The principal asked.

“Of course,” the teacher nodded.

“Do you know what I miss most about it?” Principal Eagleson asked.

“The camaraderie?” James offered.

“That is one way to put it,” the built black man chuckled. After a brief pause, “Do you remember the Walton situation?”

“Yes,” the teacher nodded, confused by the sudden change of topic.

“Well after he was wrongly accused of hitting on a student, we put cameras in every classroom in the school to protect both our teachers and our students,” Principal Eagleson said.

The teacher’s eyes went wide as he obviously realized the implication of the principal’s words.

“What’s the problem James? The thought of you, a big black cock in your mouth, captured on video have you speechless?” The principal chuckled.

“Please, sir,” the teacher replied.

“Please what, Cocksucker?” The principal asked, standing up from his chair.

“I was forced,” the teacher weakly protested, not meeting the principal’s eyes.

“That is not what the video seemed to show,” the principal replied a slight smile crossing his face as he stood over the white teacher.

“Y-y-you don’t understand,” the teacher stammered.

“Oh, I think I understand very well,” the principal countered, as he unzipped his pants; at this point the teacher lowered his gaze as the principal continued explaining, “You see, I didn’t finish my earlier thought about what I missed about my professional football days. Oh sure I loved the game, the rush of winning, but I also really loved the fringe benefits like having so many eager white cocksuckers who were always around to deposit a load in.”

“Groupies?” the teacher asked tentatively.

“All my white teammates… ALL of them.” The reply made James swallow uneasily.

I gasped at the revelation of the principal and how large his black cock was, at least ten inches, when he unleashed it from his trousers. As I had mentioned before, I had never seriously considered another man before, and definitely never considered a cock beautiful or juicy, but as I stared at his big black snake, I discovered that both of these descriptions were true: it was big, black, beautiful and juicy…even though such a description…juicy…seemed absurd, no other word properly described the image in my head. I wanted to taste it….

The teacher’s eyes went big as he stared at the massive cock in front of him almost poking him in the eye.

“Get sucking, Cocksucker,” the principal ordered.

“Sir, please I don’t thi…” The teacher’s weak plea was silenced when his mouth was filled by black cock.

As if a light switch was turned on the minute black meat filled his mouth, the teacher began bobbing back and forth ignoring where he was or who it was he was sucking.

“That’s it Cocksucker. I think we will be adding this to your current duties,” the principal smugly commented.

The teacher continued taking more of the massive black snake in his mouth.

I pulled out my cock band began stroking my iron stiff cock as I returned my eyes to the screen.

“I want it all in that cocksucking mouth of yours,” the principal ordered as about seven inches continued to disappear in the teacher’s mouth.

I couldn’t fathom all that fitting in anyone’s mouth when my mind automatically went to images of Troy’s cock when both Eve and Eric were eagerly bobbing on it, it being very similar in size to the one onscreen right now.

As I slowly stroked myself, I remembered the scene in the locker room earlier, only this time it was me on my knees sucking Troy’s cock. I bobbed slowly up and down the huge black muscle, hungry to take more in my mouth. Simultaneously, I pumped my cock as I imagined being a good cocksucker.

I was brought back to reality when I heard the principal in the movie ask, “Does my cocksucker want my cock in his ass?”

My eyes went wide as I realized I had been fantasizing about Troy and serving his cock. I returned my gaze to the TV as I continued stroking my rock hard cock.

The principal, after a couple of minutes of having his cock sucked, pulled his cock out and ordered, “Pull your pants down and bend over my desk.”

“Please let me just suck you,” the teacher pleaded, although he was already unbuttoning his pants, clenching his ass cheeks in anticipation.

“It wasn’t a request. Do as you’re fucking told, Faggot,” the principal snapped, roughly pulling him out of the chair by her hair.

A fear in the teacher’s eyes was clear, as he fumbled with his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear and bent over the desk.

“Ever had a cock this big up your ass?” The principal asked.

“No sir,” the teacher answered nervously.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” The principal questioned as he sauntered over to the bent over white teacher,

“I’d rather just suck you,” he answered.

“You seemed to like getting your ass reamed by your students,” the principal pointed out as he put his cock between the teacher’s ass cheeks.

“He made me,” the teacher weakly defended.

“Well I won’t make you,” the principal laughed, as his cock was placed at the teacher’s back door. “I will just leave my cock here and let you decide what you want.”

A close up of the teacher’s face showed his conflicting emotions: doing what was socially acceptable vs. doing what his body so obviously wanted. After a few seconds, the teacher whimpered, defeated, “Please fuck me, Sir.”

“Pardon?” The principal asked smiling.

The teacher repeated his plea, “Please fuck my ass, Sir.”

“You’re sure?” the principal smiled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I would never want to make you do something you didn’t want to do.”

“Yes, sir, fuck my ass with your big cock,” the teacher begged, moving his ass back trying to take it in him.

“That wasn’t so hard now was it?” The principal chuckled as he pushed forward and filled the teacher’s ass in one hard forward thrust.

“Ooooooh Gooooood,” the teacher screamed, the principal’s cock clearly stretching his ass apart.

I began pumping furiously and in seconds cum shot out like a cannon into the air and then back down on me. As my loins pulsed with pleasure, I shook my head at just how turned on I got from watching gay interracial sex. I also couldn’t believe that Troy had popped in my subconscious yet again.

I got up and shut the porno off just as the teacher begged to have his ass filled with cum. Oddly, the thought of what it would feel like to have my ass filled with cum popped into my head. I shook the thought out of my head and went to work on the game video for the upcoming weekend, anything to get me focused on what I should be doing.

That night I woke up again in a cold sweat from a dream so vividly real, it felt as if it had really happened.

I was on my knees again head eagerly bobbing back and forth, licking and sucking on his cock as Troy talked trash to me:”That’s it, Coach suck my big cock,” and “You look good with a mouthful of black cock,” and “Coach, if I knew you were such an eager cocksucker we could have had way more fun on our road trips,” and finally “You have been drooling over my black cock all season, haven’t you, Coach?”

“Do you love my cock, Coach?” Troy asked, pulling his cock out of my mouth.

“Yes…” I admitted, reaching for it with my hand.

“How much do you love it, Coach?”Troy asked, as he moved the head of his cock around my lips.

I woke up shooting cum all over myself, the continual vision of Troy’s cock and me on my knees overwhelming me.

Frustrated, I cleaned myself up, determined to keep this just a dirty twisted fantasy. I was not gay or bi-sexual and I had the perfect girlfriend…although I smirked to myself as I realized that if I told her my fantasy she would probably tell me to go for it…as long as she could watch.

Thankfully, I fell asleep eventually and didn’t have any further relapses into gay fantasy.

7. Giving into my DARK Desires

I arranged for a substitute teacher Thursday so I could finish up all the game planning for Friday’s two games as well as scouting our potential finals opponent on the assumption we won both our games Friday…which I was confident we would. The finals tournament had six teams in two pools of three with the winner of each pool advancing to the final Saturday evening at six.

I also had the players given the afternoon off from classes, so we could head out a day early and get well-rested before our eleven o’clock tip off Friday. We would also play again that evening.

I was so busy I didn’t even have any time to even text Ashley, who promised she would drive up Saturday morning if we won our two games Friday.

The bus ride was loud and crazy, like bus rides always are, especially when the cheerleaders are on the bus as well. I worked with the other coaches on game planning and once we arrived at the dorms, where we were staying; we had a two-hour team meeting before sending the boys to their rooms around nine with a firm eleven o’clock curfew.

After a couple more hours of game planning, I am compulsive, I did my curfew checks. The boys each had their own dorm room as we found that they would be less likely to stay up horsing around than if they were sharing rooms; the small roster size of a basketball team made this feasible. The football team, for instance, would never be able to do that.

I knocked on Troy’s room, five minutes after curfew, and I was surprised to have Eric, his face red, open the door. He stammered, “S-s-sorry, Coach, I was just going back to my room.”

He was clearly embarrassed and I was pretty sure that Troy had been letting him suck his big black cock.

I looked at Troy on his bed and said, “You and Eric discussing strategy for tomorrow?”

“Nah, we were just talking and he was giving me a massage.”

“A massage?” I questioned, surprised by his answer.

Troy answered, his next sentence dripping with innuendo, “Eric knows he can’t play professionally; he wants to be a personal trainer. Besides, I had some stiffness I needed taking care of.”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks at Troy’s words. I replied, trying to hide my knowledge as well as the tent in my pants, “Well, don’t break curfew.”

“Sure thing Coach,” Troy shrugged.

The thought of his hard black cock popped into my head. I paused as I tried to compose myself.

“Is there something wrong, Coach?” Troy asked.

“Just tired,” I lied, “too many hours watching film and working on a game plan.”

“Well, get some sleep, Coach. Tomorrow is going to be a long, hard day,” Troy said. Although unbelievable, to me he seemed to stress both the words long and hard.

I stammered, the thought of me on my knees now playing in my head like a movie on loop, “Y-y-you too. I need my captain ready to go tomorrow.”

“I am always ready to go, Coach,” Troy retorted, again me reading his words and the hidden meaning in between the words.

Desperate to get out of his room, I mumbled something as I left before he could say anything else that had me thinking thoughts I shouldn’t be having.


We won our first game handily, 88-64 and now could relax a bit before our evening game.

As we were watching two teams in the other pool, including the first ranked Wolverines, Rhianna sat down beside me, much to my surprise.

“Hi coach,” she said, in her cheerleading outfit, her legs glistening in her pantyhose.

“Hi, Rhianna,” I smiled, acknowledging her before returning my attention to the game. Watching a team live was better for scouting than video at least that is what I found.

“Where is Ashley?” Rhianna asked, I noticed she didn’t refer to her as Ms. Grisham like she had in the past.

“Working,” I answered, barely paying attention to the question.

“Oh, I was hoping she would be here,” she replied.

Without thinking, barely processing her words because I was so focused on the court action, I replied, “She will be coming up tomorrow morning if we make the finals.”

“Delicious,” Rhianna said, before adding, “Thanks, Coach.”

“No problem,” I answered, before realizing as she began walking away that our brief conversation was rather unorthodox. I looked her way and she was chatting with her brother and I just shook my head assuming I was again reading too much into the conversation, as I probably had with Troy also.

I watched the rest of the game, confident I had found a couple ways to exploit the Wolverines should we meet them in the state championships tomorrow. They too won their opener easily 91-53.

The afternoon flew by and other than a half hour meeting with the players before our early dinner, I remained focused on the game at hand.

We won again, this one a lot closer, 80-78, Troy setting up the winning points with a great pass. My stress level was through the roof as we blew a 76-70 lead with just over a minute left. Thankfully, we pulled it out and my emotions instantly shifted from pulling my hair out to pumping my fist in the air in jubilation.

After giving a speech to the team about perseverance, I sent them back to the dorms while I watched the final game of the other draw as the Wolverines battled it out with the also undefeated Buckeyes. Like our game, this one was closer but the Wolverines pulled away in the last few minutes winning 88-77.

Emotionally drained, I headed back to the dorms. I went directly to Troy’s room to tell him who we were playing in the final and to briefly talk strategy.

I knocked on his door and was startled by Troy saying clearly perturbed, “You’re late.”

I took that as a strange invitation and entered to see Troy clearly having just finished showering standing there in only a towel.

“Late for what?” I joked.

Troy was clearly surprised by my appearance; I wondered if he was expecting Eric again. Troy grabbed his phone and quickly hit a few buttons, presumably texting someone.

“Eric was supposed to come and relieve my stiffness again,” Troy said, a slight bulge in his towel apparent.

“I won’t be long,” I said. “We are playing the Wolverines.”

“I know,” he answered, “I checked online.”

“So we are going to have to double team that Walker kid,” I said.

“I have never double teamed someone before,” Troy replied. My head instantly went sexual even though the comment was obviously about basketball. He was the one often double teamed.

“I think that if we neutralize him, our other players are stronger and we can win by playing a perfect team game,” I explained.

Right when I finished speaking, Troy’s towel dropped to the floor and Troy didn’t even try to cover himself up. Although I had seen his cock from afar and in action, seeing it so close, especially after all I now knew, from three feet away was something completely different. It was semi-erect and seemed to be calling my name. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I flashed to Ashley’s fantasy, plus my own strange dreams of late and wondered to myself if maybe I didn’t want the same thing she did.

My cock grew rapidly in my trousers as I couldn’t tear my gaze from his semi-erect cock. I stared at it in open admiration, and I looked for way too long; I just stared, slack-jawed, as I was completely captivated by my player’s enormous cock.

“Coach, are you here to deal with my stiffness?” Troy asked, taking his cock in his hands.

Troy’s words broke through my mental fog. My jaw hung open as I stared in wonder. I looked up and stammered, “W-w-what?”

“You can’t take your eyes off it, can you, Coach?” Troy asked, smiling as it grew in his hands.

I shook my head weakly, desperate to stay in control as my body betrayed me, my eyes looking down again, his cock like a magnet to my eyes.

“Yeah, I figured as much,” Troy said with a smile, before adding, “You seemed pretty in awe when you were watching Eric blow me.”

I looked at him in shock, feeling myself rapidly losing control of this situation. My cock stiffened in my pants uncomfortably. He smirked at me. I couldn’t meet his gaze so I locked away from him; my attention returned to his massive, throbbing erection. I was losing control of the situation completely; his easy dominance further heightened my arousal. Again I barely got out, “Y-y-you saw me?”

“I did and you seemed pretty intense as you watched,” Troy said, his cock now a missile ready to launch, as I took many furtive glances at his beautiful member, completely unable to stop myself, my eyes unable to resist quick peeks, hopefully subtle glances, at his irresistable cock.

“I couldn’t believe it,” I weakly got out.

“What? That Eric is a cocksucker?” Troy asked, clearly confident with swearing in front of me now.

“I didn’t know Eric was gay,” I said.

Troy chuckled, “He’s not. He’s just white and all white boys bend for black cock.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned him, even though I seemed to be proof that his words were true.

“Eric is, like all white boys, naturally inclined to want to please black cock,” Troy explained, as if it was obvious.

“I don’t….” I began.

I was interrupted by Troy asking, “What is it about white boys begging to be cocksuckers for nigger cock?”

“Watch your language,” I scolded, trying with every ounce of my brain to keep in control. I was the adult, the coach.

Troy chuckled, “Coach we both know what you want right now. That’s to assist me with my stiffness.”

I didn’t speak…I didn’t move.

“On your knees, Coach,” he ordered.

“Troy, please…,” I protested, finally finding my voice. My protest was undermined however, as I nodded in reply, my mouth watering as I stared at his big black cock, and his hand slowly pumping it.”

“Coach, we don’t have a lot of time. I texted Eric not to stop by for now, but curfew is in forty-five minutes,” Troy pointed out. “If you aren’t interested, I will just text Eric to come and deal with my stiffness, he has actually became very good at it.”

My head was clouded with flashes of Ashley’s approval and my own growing fascination and curiosity, juxtaposed with doing what was morally right. I didn’t say anything as Troy moved to me and put his hands on my shoulders. My eyes pleaded for mercy, even as my mouth watered.

Troy firmly guided me down to my knees, my weak resistance shattered as my body allowed the guidance to occur.

I was staring at his black cock just a couple of inches from my mouth. I was in a complete daze unable to think straight with Troy’s big juicy cock just a couple of inches away from me.

Troy finally spoke. “Go ahead Coach, we both know you want to.”

I hesitated. This was the moment of no return. If I stood up now, I could still maintain the coach-student relationship, yet my body, my mouth, my hunger were thinking otherwise. I could hear Ashley in my head saying, ‘Go ahead baby, suck his big black cock for me’. The line between straight and gay, between teacher and student, was impossible to see and I crossed it nonetheless when I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took his big, almost fully erect, black cock into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe the feeling of it in my mouth, both soft and hard at the same time, an oxymoron that I couldn’t explain, I only had three or four inches in my mouth and was in awe as I felt it stiffen becoming harder, longer…it was like magic. Just the thought that I was making it happen somehow turned me on even more. There was also no taste, other than the slightest hint of soap. I wondered if his cock would taste different in my mouth after a game, his sweat mixed in. Thinking such thoughts was absurd, yet all I could think about at the time was pleasing him. His cock now completely erect, ten inches of long, hard, delicious black cock in front of me, I moved back and focused on just his wide cock head.

“That’s it, Coach, take your time,” Troy groaned softly, just his mushroom top in my mouth. Even after all the recent fantasies and porn, the real thing was so much different than I had imagined it. It didn’t feel gay, or straight, or bisexual, it just seemed natural to be on my knees, his cock in my mouth as I slowly began to worship his massive black cock.

I reflected on how Ashley pleased me with her mouth and I tried to replicate her blow jobs starting to swirl my tongue around his mushroom top.

“That’s it, Coach,” Troy encouraged after a minute or two of concentrated teasing of his cock head.

Slowly, I began to take a bit of his cock in my mouth and was surprised by the heat coming from it. I was also surprised by how natural a cock felt in my mouth. My mind went blank with my only focus on pleasing the mammoth cock currently in my mouth. I had no delusions of taking it all like in the porno movies, but I was determined to do the best I could.

Over a third easily gliding in and out of my mouth, Troy finally spoke, reminding me who I was sucking, “That’s it, Coach, keep taking more of my big nigger cock.”

The term ‘nigger’, so racist, so taboo in society, and yet seemed so extra stimulating to my stiff cock, begging for release as I continued bobbing back and forth on Troy’s.

“Is this your first cock, Coach?” Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock in response, my lips spread wide around his cock, a feeling that seemed both surreal and yet so right.

He repeated the question. “Answer me Coach. Is this your first cock?”

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my hand continuing to stroke his massive meat, I looked up, a sudden humiliation washing over me, as reality of my inappropriate act seemed more real when looking up at him, I answered, “Yes.”

“Do you like sucking my cock, Coach?” Troy asked, pumping his cock halfway in my mouth and then pulling back out.

“Yes,” I admitted, wanting his cock back in my mouth.

“Do you want to swallow my cum or feel it sprayed all over your face?” he asked, again pumping his cock in and out of my mouth quickly.

The rapid movement of his cock in my mouth caused so much arousal and stimulation that I could not concentrate on his question! I had to calm myself and focus on thinking. The thought of my face coated in cum was even more humiliating in my mind and I was curious to taste his cum, having only tasted mine when on occasion Ashley slid some in my mouth after she had taken mine in her mouth. “Both,” I answered, keeping my words to a minimum, allowing my submission to him to be unconditional.

“You understand you are my cocksucker now,” Troy explained, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth fast, each forward thrust going a little deeper than the time before. After a dozen strokes, he pulled out, my saliva dripping off the head of his firm shiny cock.

“Yes,” I whispered, knowing I would do this again in a heartbeat, my craving to have cock in my mouth undeniable.

“And you also know that Rhianna plans to take your girlfriend,” Troy added, before holding my head and beginning to fuck my face with his beautiful cock. The act should have been humiliating, yet I just focused on not gagging as at least eight inches of his dark chocolate filled my mouth. “Shit, for a first timer you are a pretty natural cocksucker, Coach.”

I was surprised by the bluntness of his announcement of Rhianna’s plans, as he pulled out of my mouth again, I asked, “How does she know Ashley will give in?”

“The same way I knew you would,” Troy shrugged. “You have a look of hunger in your eyes, the same yearning your pretty little girlfriend had when talking to Rhianna on Sunday.” He returned his cock back to my mouth before adding, “Plus no white girl can resist Rhianna. Just like no white boy or man can resist falling to their knees and slobbering over my black cock, no matter how straight they think they are it just seems to be one of the laws of sexual submission.”

The idea that this was about race and that no white man could resist his black cock was an obnoxious philosophy yet there I was, straight, white and on my knees sucking his cock, just like Eric had a couple days ago and assumedly yesterday and who knows how many other times.

Troy continued, “I should stress that no white girl can resist my black cobra either, as soon as I unleash this thing the white chicks are ready to drop their facade of propriety as they fight over who can fall to their knees the quickest.”

I imagined Eve, the sweet innocent daughter of the minister, bobbing up and down the other weekend, and agreeing to take it up her ass and pondered who else had been on their knees worshipping this perfect cock.

As if reading my mind, he instructed, “Your turn again, Cocksucker.”

Being called a ‘cocksucker’ hit me with another jolt of shame and yet only seemed to enhance my eagerness to please, absurd, irritating, but true.

As I began bobbing again, thankful to be in control and not being face fucked, Troy continued, “No white slut has ever refused my cock. You already know about Eve.”

I stopped surprised he knew I knew.

Troy chuckled, “of course, I know. I was surprised and briefly worried when I saw you watching, but when you didn’t stop us or freak out, I figured I would test you by letting you catch me using Eric. Get sucking, Cocksucker.”

I obeyed, realizing just how much I had been played by my player.

“My first white slut was actually Mrs. Marshall,” Troy revealed, implying that our married, no-nonsense vice-principal, had sucked his cock.

I didn’t respond since I had a mouthful of cock as Troy continued to list people I knew that had apparently fell under the spell of his dark magic wand.

“After I had my first taste of power over a submissive white woman I was addicted. The excitement of seducing a white woman or girl was thrilling and seeing them on their knees begging to suck my cock became an obsession, every one a challenge,” Troy continued. “You wouldn’t know all the white sluts who have begged to suck me or to fuck them but you would know a few like Mrs. Rose, Kimberly Atkins, Jessie Amberson, Ms. Waters and Ms. Walker just a couple of weeks ago.”

My head spun with the names he listed. Mrs. Rose, of course, is Eve’s mother and the minister’s wife, a woman that seemed to brim with propriety; Kimberly Atkins is likely to be the prom queen and is dating the quarterback and all that other high school stereotypical jazz; Jessie Amberson is a chubby senior in charge of our school council; Ms. Waters is the cheerleading coach, just twenty-five and an ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (and in the room next to me); lastly, Mrs. Walker is the new English teacher from Canada who had moved here after a bad break-up with her husband and if I were single, I would have been all over her (especially because she wore nylons every day).

“Eric was only the second guy to beg to blow me, the first being at basketball camp this past summer,” Troy continued, before adding, “I’m not gay or anything, but a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass.”

My eyes went big at his last words a lingering hint of his future intentions. It was one thing to suck his big juicy cock, it felt so good and natural in my mouth, and it was a completely different matter to take a cock in my ass. I couldn’t explain it but sucking a cock didn’t feel gay to me, I was drawn in almost against my will by the sheer majesty of Troy’s glorious black cock, yet allowing him to sodomize me seemed pretty gay.

I had no idea how long I had been bobbing back and forth, taking eight inches of his cock in my mouth, not trying to do more, when Troy finally spoke again. “Fuck Coach, you really are a natural cocksucker. Sucking me so slow and casual like that, you love it in your mouth don’t you?”

I moaned in agreement, again admitting the obvious.

“It’s time to receive your reward, Cocksucker,” Troy announced, adding, “now bob back and forth like a eager little cocksucker, show me how much you want my cum.”

I didn’t hesitate as I shifted into high gear, bobbing back and forth furiously, my obedience a bit embarrassing.

“Good boy,” Troy moaned, at my fast-paced assault on his cock.

I craved his cum, I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to feel his cock twitch in my mouth as he spurted his white goo down my throat.

Suddenly, he pulled out and before I could even react, Troy ordered, “Open up, Coach.”

Again my obedience was without hesitation as I opened wide, on my knees, waiting for his cum. Troy pumped his cock and the first rope went high and into my hair and onto my forehead, the second rope followed hitting me directly on my nose and lips, while the third rope shot into my mouth and onto my chin. Again without thinking, I leaned forward and took his cock back in my mouth, hungry to retrieve every last drop. I milked his cock like a cheap slut, the taste of his cum more addicting than I could have impossibly imagined. He gave me an appetizer, but I hungered for a full meal.

“Shit, Coach, if I had known how big a cocksucker you were, I would have been filling you up daily,” Troy chuckled as he pulled away from me.

My face went red with shame at the obvious humiliation of his words. The cum on my face just adding another level of shame to my complete submission to him.

He reached for his phone and I went to cover my face.

“Don’t you dare, Cocksucker,” Troy warned his tone surprisingly firm. “This isn’t for blackmail, I don’t need to resort to such things to shoot my load down someone’s throat. No this is for memory; I keep a facial pic of my first time with every cocksucker.”

“Please don’t,” I protested.

“Look up at me or you will never get this cock again,” Troy threatened.

The thought of never having him in my mouth, never getting a full load of his sweet seed, was impossible to imagine so I obeyed his demand looking up at his phone.

“I thought so,” Troy said, snapping the picture. “No one has been able to resist coming back for seconds and you, Coach, have been the most eager I have ever had.”

Again shame filled me as I sat on my knees, my face covered with his cum.

Troy looked on the floor and pointed, “There is a bit on the floor if you are still hungry.”

Yet again without hesitation, my humility no longer relevant, I bent down and licked his cum off the dorm room floor, ignoring the thought of what else might have been on that floor.

When I sat back up, his cum taste lingering in my mouth, I was staring at Troy’s still completely erect cock.

Troy shrugged, “What can I say, I’m eighteen, I usually shoot four or five loads a day. Most ending up on someone’s face or in someone’s mouth, I hate to waste it.”

I stared at his black cock, the thought of there being another load in his balls for me, had my mouth again watering.

“You can have seconds if you want, Coach Cocksucker,” Troy offered, watching me amused from his dominant position standing before me.

Again, my mind thinking with only my hunger to please, I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. I returned to slow back and forth movements until Troy ordered, “Suck my balls, coach.”

My lips wrapped around his cock like a suction cup, I moved slowly back until there was a loud pop as his cock head escaped my lips.

“Shit,” Troy groaned, “you are better and more eager than most of my white bitches.”

Before I had time to stop myself, I quipped back, “I aim to please.”

Troy chuckled back, “As do I.”

I used my tongue and slithered slowly down his long pulsing shaft, before reaching his balls. I paused briefly unsure where to start, before opening my mouth and taking his black bag in my mouth as I searched, and quickly found, one of his balls. I sucked on it awkwardly for a few seconds, before retrieving the other one and replicating the odd attention.

Returning back to his monster cock, I again slid my tongue up his cock as if I were licking the biggest, most delicious Popsicle ever. Once back to his mushroom top, I swirled my tongue around savouring the opportunity to worship Troy’s perfect cock.

Long and hard, I briefly wondered what it would feel like in my ass, but just as quickly I pushed that thought out realizing just how thick he was.

I again took his stiff missile in my mouth and returned to slow bobbing, in no hurry to get him off, revelling in the majesty of his hypnotic black cock.

As I continued back and forth bobs, Troy brought Ashley up again. “So is your girlfriend going to succumb as easily to Rhianna as you did to me?”

His cock left my mouth as I answered, not wanting to give him any insider information about Ashley’s weakness for black women, “I don’t know.”

As he tapped my nose with his rock hard cock, he said, “I think you do. If you want my cock regularly I expect you to be completely obedient.”

I sighed. Was I willing to sell out Ashley to be allowed to suck a student’s cock? A couple weeks ago such a question would have been absurd, yet there I was on my knees, staring at the black missile directly in front of me considering exactly that. As I pondered my answer, I was confident that Ashley would not be angry I revealed such personal information.

“Answer me, Cocksucker, or I will get Eric in here to finish what you started,” Troy demanded with a threat.

“She wouldn’t put up much resistance,” I revealed, his stiff rod all I could focus on. I wanted it, no I needed it, back in my mouth.

“Is she bi?” He asked.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Delicious,” Troy said, the smile on his face already thinking about future plans.

Deciding I should make it clear that he would never get her, at least I hoped she wouldn’t succumb to him, although I was hoping she would succumb to his sister, I explained, “Ashley and I have agreed that same sex play isn’t cheating.”

“Really?” Troy said, sliding his cock back into my waiting mouth. “So you can suck cock, or get sucked by another guy or take it up your ass or fuck another guy’s ass and it isn’t cheating?”

He pulled his cock out so I could answer.

“We have never talked about whether I could have a man suck me off or if I could f-f-fuck another guy,” I explained.

“Shit,” Troy laughed, “This is even more interesting than I could have imagined.”

He filled my mouth again with his juicy member as he continued, “So she has given you permission to suck another guy?”

Again, pulling out so I could speak.

“Kind of, it is one if her fantasies,” I admitted, realizing instantly the mistake I had just made, accidentally setting up a lot of potential situations.

“Hmmmmm,” he smiled, “Does she know about your hunger to suck me off?”

“No,” I answered, “but she knows I saw you with Eve.”

“Interesting,” Troy said.

“And she saw you and your sister leave the room at church after Eve,” I added.

“That was crazy, watching Eve’s first time with a girl while at church was pretty hot,” Troy said.

The thought of him watching his sister be pleasured by Eve was strange.

Noticing my quizzical expression, he laughed, “I didn’t join in. Sis and I just like to share sluts sometimes.”

He shoved his cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face again, this time rougher and deeper, having me choke on occasion as it reached new depths in my mouth. “So Ms. Grisham wants to watch you suck cock?”

I moaned on his cock in response when he didn’t give me the opportunity to speak.

“And you want to make her fantasy come true?” Troy asked.

Again I moaned in the affirmative.

“That can be arranged,” Troy promised, his tone implying he already had a plan in mind.

He continued fucking my face as he asked, “So, Ashley is allowed to munch cunt and it isn’t cheating?”

Again I moaned in agreement.

“But taking my cock in her white cunt would be cheating?” Troy continued.

All I could do was moan in reply as I focused on not gagging as he shoved his cock so deep into my mouth I could feel his balls hit my chin.

“Fuck, I love your mouth, Coach,” Troy grunted, as he continued fucking my face, his hands in my hair keeping me immobilized and completely at his mercy, tears rolling down my eyes as I gagged on occasion. He promised, “A mouth I plan to use often.”

I worried briefly about keeping this humiliating submission a secret, yet I knew I would be back on my knees in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Although I didn’t remotely want to be sucked off by a guy and I didn’t have the remotest interest in fucking a guy, since I already had the perfect woman to please me with her mouth, pussy and ass, yet sucking black cock was irresistible to me.

There was no more talking as Troy continued to assault my mouth, his breathing getting heavier, until I heard a grunt and a second later I felt a spray of cum hit the back of my throat. I eagerly swallowed his cum as shot after shot spurted into my mouth and down my throat. His full load in my mouth, unlike the small taste I got during the facial, fulfilled my hunger, the taste unlike anything I had ever tasted. A mixture of salty sweet and a lingering tang that was inexplicable had me wanting more, even after every last drop had been shot from his cannon.

Pulling out, Troy asked, “Did you enjoy becoming my cocksucker, coach?”

“Yes,” I admitted, my shame fading rapidly; rather than quenching my appetite for my student’s impressive cock, my hunger had only grown.

“And you want more?” Troy asked, already knowing the answer.

“YES,” I replied without hesitating, my urgency scaring me a bit.

“You know I plan to take your ass, Coach,” Troy said, as if it had already been decided.

“I don’t know,” I hesitated, the thought intriguing, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to cross that line so soon after my first submission.

“Next time, I take your ass, coach,” Troy stated, his tone brooking no argument.

“Can I just suck you again?” I pleaded, hardly believing the words as they left my mouth.

“Oh, you will,” Troy promised.

“I am not ready for… that,” I said, turned on by the thought of submitting to him so completely, but not ready to admit it, even to myself.

As Troy grabbed some sweats and pulled them up, his finally shrinking cock disappearing from view. “It is a natural progression, Coach. First white men dream of sucking black cock, then you become the cocksucker you so desperately longed to be, then, inevitably, you eagerly submit your ass. You won’t be able to deny your hunger for black cock, ass slut.”

The term ‘ass slut,’ for some reason, was even a bigger slap in the face to my manhood and pride than the plethora of times he had called me cocksucker. My cock tightened.

I didn’t answer, suddenly feeling vulnerable, his dried cum weighing heavily on my face.

“Tell ya what, Coach,” Troy said, as he fell onto his bed. “If we win tomorrow, I get your ass next weekend; if we lose I will let you decide when I fuck your white ass.”

A potential out available, where seconds earlier I was beginning to feel hopeless, I quickly took the olive branch of hope. “Ok, but only if we win.”

“Ok, what?” Troy asked, I realized instantly he wanted me to say it, suddenly feeling like I was in my own porn movie.

I let out the slightest hint of a sigh as I answered as he wanted me to, realizing I was exactly like the teacher in the porn movie Ashley had bought me that was responsible for my descent into gay submission, “If we win, my ass is yours.”

“Coach, you really have a way with incentives,” Troy laughed as he grabbed his phone. He added, “Although I wouldn’t use that in your per-game speech tomorrow.”

I laughed back, finally getting off my very weary knees, “Agreed.”

“By the way Coach,” Troy said, surprising me one more time. “Did you know Ashley got here just after our victory today?”

My face went pale. “She wasn’t coming until tomorrow.”

“Oh, I imagine she has been coming for awhile,” Troy smirked, his implication obvious.

I stammered, praying it wasn’t another player, “W-w-who is she with?”

“All I know for sure that sis was showing her to your room a good hour before you arrived here to begin your time as my cocksucker,” Troy revealed.

My mind shifted from worry, to curiosity, as I asked, “You are serious?”

“Why would I lie?” Troy shrugged.

I left Troy’s room and quickly went to the communal bathroom where I washed my face and wet my hair. Seconds later, Coach Johnson walked in and saw me.

“Did you check on the players yet?” He asked.

“Not yet, been working on strategy for tomorrow,” I answered.

“Well, I’ll go enforce curfew and let them know who we’re playing, if they don’t already know. You get some sleep, we need you fresh tomorrow so you will be at your best,” he said.

“Thanks,” I replied and headed to my dorm room.

Unlocking my door, I walked in and was staring at Ashley, tied to my bed spread eagle wearing stockings, her legs wide open, a toy buzzing in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass.

“Clooooose the door, baby?” she moaned.

Realizing anyone walking by could see her spread-eagled in this very compromising position, I quickly closed the door, locked it and returned my gaze to her bound on the bed.

“Are you going to come get me off or what? That devious bitch Rhianna has had me on the brink for over an hour,” Ashley revealed.

My cock, rock hard and ready to burst after hours of neglect, plus the sight of my bound girlfriend was fucking hot, I got naked in Superman like speed, pulled the plug out of her ass and slid right in.

“Fuck, you nasty bastard,” Ashley moaned, as my cock slid into her tight ass.

“And you fucking love it,” I countered, pounding her ass hard, trying to prove my manhood after what I had done and what I had just promised to do if we won tomorrow.

“Harder, baby,” Ashley begged, clearly frustrated from the teasing.

I slammed into her ass, making the toy in her cunt go deeper, as we both were desperate to release an orgasm that had been held in check for too long.

It took a minute at most, to feel my balls boiling, Ashley was also near orgasm, and as I shot my load in her ass, she came too, gushing so hard the toy in her cunt popped out of her. A couple more pumps to finish my release, and I pulled out and buried my face in her still trembling cunt. Her taste so different than Troy’s, was equally addicting as I lapped up her cunt juice like a man lost in the desert for days who suddenly finds water.

Eventually, her orgasm subsided and she weakly asked, “Would you mind untying me?”

I smiled, my face shiny with her pussy juice, “I don’t know, you look pretty hot like that.”

“I always look hot,” she quipped back.

“Touché,” I agreed, as I began untying her legs. “So I have a story to tell.”

“So do I,” Ashley replied.

8. Ashley Gives into Her DARK Desires

Ashley, still naked, sat up on the edge of the bed and I told her what had happened with Troy.

As expected, she was not only ok with it, but ecstatic. She said, all giddy, “So he expects you to do it again?”

“He called me his new cocksucker,” I answered, oddly not remotely humiliated by the words when talking to her.

“Fuck that is hot,” Ashley said, clearly drawn into my sexual submission.

“And I agreed to let him fuck my ass if we win tomorrow,” I added, wanting to impress my sexually deviant girlfriend.

“No way,” Ashley gasped, a devious smile on her face.

“Yep, next weekend,” I revealed, answering such a major decision so casually, the admitting my submission to her turning me on. I loved making her happy. “But I can’t say I am ready for that.”

“I can help,” Ashley offered.

“How?” I asked.

“We will save that for when we get back home,” she said, before asking, “Aren’t you curious how I ended up bound to your bed with toys in my cunt and ass?”

“Not really,” I shrugged, “I just assumed it was another present for me.”

“Well you sure took it as a present, fucker,” Ashley quipped, playfully hitting me. Such language from her always turning me on.

“So did you go to the DARK side too?” I asked, although I assumed I already knew the answer.

“Why yes, the pull was too strong to resist,” Ashley teased back.

“Rhianna?” I queried.

“She was relentless,” Ashley replied.

“And you fought with all your might,” I teased.

“Well….” She smiled.

“Tell me what happened,” I requested, dying to know what happened between her and Rhianna, I wanted every detail.

Ashley smiled and then recounted her seduction by Rhianna and how she ended up eagle-spread in my room.

So I thought I would surprise you by coming a day early. But when I got here you were nowhere to be found. I got a key for your room and was heading here when I bumped into Rhianna.

“Ashley, Coach said you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow,” Rhianna greeted me, still in her cheerleader’s outfit, and her sing-song voice.

“I wanted to surprise him,” I told her, as I checked her out slyly.

“That you will,” she answered, her tone ominous, as she added, checking out my outfit, which was classy but sexy, “I see you dress to tease.”

I blushed at her words, already feeling a dampness in my cunt.

“Or are you dressed to please,” she added, her voice shifting to flirtatious.

Being coy, I retorted back, “A little bit of both.”

“Delicious,” she smiled back.

I quipped, opening the door wide open for what was to follow, “So I have been told,”

A glimmer of knowing was in her eyes when she said, “Let me help you to coach’s room.”

She took my suitcase and led me to your room. Walking behind her, I couldn’t help but notice her legs and how they shined in her pantyhose.

“Key,” she requested, opening her hand.

I handed her the key already wondering if this was going to be more than just harmless flirting.

Once in your room, she sat the suitcase aside and said, “Were you a cheerleader in high school, Ashley?”

“No,” I admitted, “more of a nerd.”

“Really? That is very intriguing,” she replied.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“Well, I have learned that the shy nerds at my school most often have the most ferocious sexual appetites,” she revealed.

I went red in the cheeks, remembering how insecure I was in high school and how I dreamed of sex constantly, but ended up becoming very close friends with my brush, until I found a dildo in sister’s closet one day.

“I can’t imagine you as shy or a nerd,” I interrupted.

“I came out of my shell in college,” Ashley shrugged. “Pledging a sorority was very interesting, but that is a story for another day.”

“Sorry, please continue,” I replied, although her sorority stories were definitely something I was going to inquire about at a later time.

Remembering how in high school many of my fantasies had been of the popular girls, the cheerleaders and so forth, I stammered, “I-I-is that so?”

“From my experience,” she shrugged. “They are also the most eager to please.”

“They are usually very determined,” I countered, playing along.

“That they are,” she smiled back, before adding, her tone firm, “Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.”

I responded, saluting her, “Yes, ma’am,” my tone playful but also hinting at obedience.

“Ma’am, I like that,” she said, as she left me alone to think about what was in store. At the time, I wondered if you would be ok with it if I had sex with one of your students. I was confident you would be ok with me having sex with another girl based on our earlier conversations and you knew I had flirted with Rhianna, but flirting, fantasy and reality are often very different things.”

“That is what I thought too,” I admitted, the memories of sucking Troy’s cock flashing back into my head.

“Luckily, we are like two peas in a pod it seems, both submitting to black beauty at the same time,” Ashley said.

“I guess we did, didn’t we,” I realized.

“Yep it seems that while you were busy enjoying Troy’s black cock, I was tasting his sister,” she said, her crudeness a turn on. The way she could look sweet and innocent one minute then hot and slutty the next was an amazing turn on.

“That makes it sound so bad,” I replied.

“We were both very bad,” she pointed out.

“True,” I agreed as she continued her story.

So she came back a few minutes later, enough time for the ups and downs of excitement versus fear to rise and fall a few times, excitement not surprisingly winning the brief internal battle.

“You’re still dressed,” Rhianna said as she closed the door, a duffle bag in her hand.

Feigning innocence, I responded, “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Let’s quit this charade if propriety, Ashley. I know you want me,” she said, confidence oozing out of her, which only enhanced my eagerness to submit to her.

That said, I love playing the game, and I countered, “What makes you say that?”

“The hunger in your eyes last Sunday, the need in your voice when we spoke and the obvious reality that all white women crave sexual submission to black women, especially younger black women,” she answered, her black-white philosophy intriguing.

“That seems rather extreme,” I countered.

“Knees! Now!” she ordered, her tone form, authoritative.

The playfulness over, I suddenly realized my predicament. As you know my fantasy has been to submit to a black woman and I was now living the fantasy I had long yearned for. Yet crossing the line between fantasy and reality, especially considering she is your student, had me hesitating obeying her order, even as my body begged to give in, causing a gush of my cunt juice to leak into my panties.

As if sensing my trepidation, she pushed me further, somehow knowing exactly what I wanted, “Let’s not pretend anymore, Ashley. You are white and a natural submissive for black pussy. I am black and naturally a Domme for white cunt lickers like you, my pet, are destined to follow the natural order of the social sexual hierarchy.”

Her logic was bizarre and yet seemed completely logical as I got pulled into her web, my knees suddenly weak and struggling to hold me up, my panties soaked from the situation and my desire to cross the invisible line of her so-called social sexual hierarchy. She put her hands on my shoulders and when she pushed down my knees gave way and I felt myself dropping to the floor.

“Good girl,” Rhianna purred as she looked down at me.

I didn’t respond, even as my body warmed at her praise.

“Have you ever served a black Mistress before, my pet?” Rhianna asked, as she moved to the bed and sat on the edge.

The words ‘Mistress’ and ‘my pet’ both had my head clouding even more as I was drawn into her world of black and white. “No,” I admitted, as I without instruction crawled to her feet.

“No, what?” She questioned, as she lifted her foot up to me. I assumed I was supposed to take off her shoes, yet another subservient task. I, of course, didn’t hesitate in obeying her unspoken expectations.

As I untied her shoe, submerging deeper into submission, and trying to impress her as I became the willing submissive, I answered, with more detail and proper respect, “No, Mistress, I have never served an ebony goddess.”

“Ebony goddess, that is a new one,” she laughed softly, as I took off her first shoe. “The sock too,” she ordered.

I quickly pulled off the slouch sock she was wearing over her pantyhose and Rhianna changed feet putting her other foot in my hand. I took off her other shoe and sock then and waited for further instruction with a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation.

She put her pantyhose covered foot to my mouth and said, “Suck your Mistress’s toes.”

I have sucked my own toes through my nylons many times and I loved the feeling of it, but being the one doing it to another woman was very degrading, which not surprisingly triggered another leakage from my cunt. I was really thankful that I chose to wear panties.

I took her foot in my hands, the nylon surprisingly soft, and began massaging her foot, drawn to the feel. I mean I love the feel of silk nylons on my legs and I know the impact it has on you, but I had never felt another woman’s leg or foot in nylon. I was like a kid in a candy store as I became fascinated by her nylons.

“Do you have a nylon fetish, my pet?” She asked.

“Adam loves me wearing them and I love the way they make my legs look and feel,” I answered, as I continued rubbing her legs, moving my hand up her calf. “But I have never felt them on another woman.”

“Obviously you like the feel,” she quipped, as she lifted her toes to my mouth. “Now obey your ebony Mistress.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” I apologized, as I opened my mouth and took her pinky toe into my mouth. The taste was a mixture of sweat and nylon, not really pleasant, yet the submissiveness of it somehow turned me on.

“I have been in these pantyhose, socks and shoes all day,” she explained, pointing out to me how disgusting my act of submission really was, as I shifted to her second toe.

I continued the toe pleasure, sucking each toe into my mouth individually, each time another unpleasant taste filling my mouth.

Once the first foot was done, she offered me her other foot and I replicated the submissive act.

Finally done, she asked rather bluntly, “You have eaten cunt before?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, looking up, trying to get a glimpse between her slightly opened legs.

“Nigger, cunt?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer, the taboo word coming out of her mouth surprising me.

I answered, implying my hunger, “No, this will be my first time.”

“First time what?” She questioned, opening her legs slightly.

“This will be my first time licking nigger pussy,” I answered, the word ‘nigger’ still very awkward to say.

She opened her legs further and ordered, “Kiss every inch of me, slave.”

Another derogatory term, another attempt at distinguishing a clear hierarchy of power between her and me, and another gush of cunt juice left me. I used my hands to caress her nylon legs while I kissed gently every inch of her foot, ankle, calf, and thigh. Time stood still as I plastered her leg with butterfly kisses until I reached her cunt, much to my surprise a pantie-less cunt, her pussy lips framed perfectly by the silky sheer nylon.

“Like what you see, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“God, yes,” I answered, salivating at the mouth.

“Funny, that’s what Eve said in church last Sunday,” Rhianna quipped back, before instructing, “The other leg too.”

I reluctantly moved away from her pussy, so close to me yet out of reach, her scent lingering like a magnet to my senses. I again replicated the attention to her other leg, kissing, licking and nibbling on every inch of her pantyhose clad leg. Finally back at her foot, she said, “Stand up, my pet.”

My knees a bit sore, I was thankful for the reprieve.

Once standing up, she ordered, “Get undressed.”

A simple order, especially since I already had crossed the line, and I am quite confident with my body, yet getting naked in front of her was a bit scary. Yet, I obeyed, unbuttoning my blouse first and then unzipping my skirt, revealing I was wearing thigh high stockings.

“Stockings, not pantyhose, you really are full of surprises, my pet,” she commented.

“I try,” I shrugged, now in only bra, panties, thigh highs and heels.

I began to take the thigh highs off but she said, “No, leave those on. But let’s get rid of the bra and panties.”

My hands trembled lightly as I unfastened my bra and allowed my breasts to be assessed by her.

“34b?” She asked.

“Good guess,” I nodded, impressed.

“I am a connoisseur of tits,” she shrugged, as she pulled her sweater over her head, her massive breasts barely held in check by her white sports bra. Seeing me stare bewildered at her voluptuous black breasts, she asked, “You like, don’t you slut!”

Another new derogatory name, another gush in my panties, as I answered, “No, I love.”

“Good girl,” she purred, as she pointed to my panties.

I slowly slid them down trying not to get my wetness on my legs, my panties sopping wet.

“Pass them here,” she ordered.

My face went redder, if possible, as I warned, “They are a bit wet.”

“Now!” She said, her tone so firm and unwavering.

I handed her my panties.

“Holy shit, your cunt leaks like Niagara Falls,” she said, before asking, “Is all this wetness because of me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I blushed.

“Do you want to see my tits?” She asked brazenly.

“Yes, please,” I eagerly replied, I imagined I looked like one of those cartoon characters where their tongues are outside their mouth salivating.

“Beg,” she ordered.

“Please Mistress, let your white slave see what real tits look like,” I answered, willing to use derogatory words in reference to myself.

Content with my answer, she took off her bra and allowed her breasts the freedom they were begging for. Her nipples were long and stiff, her areolas a dark sexy contrast to the rest of her breasts, which were stunningly firm. I was simply in awe, as if I was Indiana Jones and staring at the Holy Grail. I wanted to cup them in my hands, to squeeze them, to bury my face in them and yet I waited further instructions.

“Go ahead, my pet, feel what real tits feel like,” she offered, clearly a shot at my much smaller tits.

I didn’t hesitate, my mind went into auto pilot, as I moved to her and cupped her heavy, dark flesh in my hands. They were firm and yet moved with such ease as I lifted them up captivated like I had just got a new present.

“Suck them, big breast lover,” she ordered.

I leaned forward, her erect nipples hard like diamonds as I took her right one in my mouth.

“Mmmmm, that’s it white girl,” she purred, reminding me of the interracial piece in case I had forgot…of course I hadn’t.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple as I would the head of a cock, constantly teasing, before putting my lips firmly on her breast and sucking it as if I was a newborn.

“That’s it, slut, suck you’re Mistress`s tits,” Rhianna moaned, making a chill go up my spine knowing I was turning her on.

I moved to her other breast and replicated the slow tease before I moved my tongue between her massive tits and began slowly slithering down.

“Hungry for nigger pussy are we?” she asked teasingly.

“Famished,” I replied, reaching her pussy framed so perfectly in her silk pantyhose. Surprising her, I think, as I sucked her clit through the sheer nylon.

“Oh you dirty little slut,” she moaned, as I tasted her sweetness through the nylon, which was exponentially better than her toes earlier.

I continued sucking her clit until she moved her hands to her crotch and ripped an opening for easier access to her black perfection.

“Let’s give you some direct access my hungry little slut,” she purred, her fingers rubbing her pussy right before my eyes, opening her pussy lips for me.

I didn’t need to be told twice, as I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began licking directly from the source. I have eaten pussy before, many, many times before, but her taste was unlike anything I had ever tasted: sweet, tangy and exotic. I started slowly, enjoying her taste and scent as I explored her pussy with my tongue.

“That’s it cunt-licker, take your time getting accustomed to my cunt, you will be in this exact position many times after today,” she promised, which sent yet another gush of juice out of me and down my legs, as I imagined doing this in front of you.

“That I look forward to,” I responded, my cock again stiff and raring to go.

“So I see,” Ashley smiled, looking directly at my erect member. “Are you getting turned on hearing about me getting made into a lesbian submissive?” She smiled, as she reached for my cock.

“Is that bad?” I joked, as she began stroking me.

“No worse than how wet my cunt got pleasing her or how much it turned me on to hear you tell me how you became a cocksucker,” she smiled.

“But only for black cock,” I pointed out.

“And only for black cunt,” she countered. “So back to my story.”

I licked, probed, and sucked her cunt, not missing an inch of her pussy; addicted to her taste in moments and craving to receive the full gush of her cunt.

As I swirled my tongue around her clit, she moaned, “That’s it white bitch, worship your Mistress’s pussy.”

“You are my goddess,” I replied, playing on her words.

“And you my servant,” she replied, as she grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper into her oasis of wetness.

Taking that as a sign, I began a more aggressive approach on her cunt. I licked up and down, parting her cunt lips and getting directly to the source. Eventually, her breathing began to increase; I sucked her chit between my lips and was rewarded by her talking dirty to me. “Fuck yes, you dirty little nigger cunt eater, suck my clit.”

Sensing her orgasm was on the rise, and knowing how to find a g-spot, I slid two fingers easily into her wetness. After a few seconds of exploring, I found her g-spot and tapped on it continuously. As expected, her orgasm came like a tidal wave crashing onto shore, or more literally on my face, as she too is a flooder.

My face was coated with her cum, her taste stronger and enticing as I hungrily swallowed every trace of her cunt juice.

Her orgasm finally peaked, she then pushed my head away, “You really are an eager little cunt licker, aren’t you?”

My face shiny with her cunt juice, I answered, “For you, yes Mistress.”

“Get on the bed on your back, slut,” Rhianna ordered.

I obeyed, my pussy on fire, anticipating her returning the favour.

She pulled pantyhose from the bag she had brought and used them to tie my wrists to the bed. Then smirked, “I am going to help you add to your surprise for coach.”

I watched suddenly nervous at the helplessness I was feeling as she bound me.

She then did the same thing to my legs, binding my ankles as well.

Once bound, she pulled out the toys and asked, “I assume you let coach fuck that white ass of yours.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, seeing the two toys and getting excited at the thought of bring double fucked by her.

“I wish I could give you the hard fucking you need, but I have a meeting with another white submissiveness slut, Coach Carter. Actually I am already late, so I am going to have to continue you’re slave training another day,” she explained as she turned on the vibrator and shoved it in my hot cunt.

“Aaaaah,” I moaned, the constant vibrations bringing instant pleasure.

She put some lube on the butt plug and rubbed the medium sized toy at my rosebud before pushing forward, my ass easily taking her toy. She laughed, “I guess I could have used the large plug, but Coach Carter has been wearing it all day.”

“Ooooooh myyyyy,” I whimpered both at the revelation about Coach Carter and the sensations of the vibrations inside me.

“Until next time,” she said, leaning in and kissing me. I eagerly opened my mouth and kissed her back.

Breaking the kiss, she promised, “Next time I will fuck you, my slut.”

“Yes, Mistress, I look forward to it,” I replied, the buzzing driving me nuts but not enough to get me off.

“Smile,” she said, her phone in her hands.

“Please no,” I begged, of course I couldn’t even attempt to cover up bring bound and all.

“Like you have a choice,” she laughed, snapping a picture.

Resigned to my fate, I smiled, praying that this picture would not be used against me one day.

“Don’t worry, slut. These are just for me,” she reassured me as she put her phone away. When she reached the door, she stopped and said, “I will come retrieve the toys another day.”

“Kkkkkk,” I moaned. Then she left and the two toys teased me relentlessly until you came in forty-five minutes later.

Her story done, Ashley took my cock into her mouth and bobbed back and forth furiously. “Good to know you still like cock,” I joked.

“Happy you like cock too,” she quipped back, as she pushed me into my back and straddled my cock.

As I filled her cunt, she moaned, “So now what?”

“You ride me,” I answered, as I watched her small but firm tits bounce as she did exactly that.

“No, you shit. What about Troy and Rhianna?” She asked, as she slid her cunt up and down on my cock.

“It is out of our control,” I answered, before adding, “I told Troy that you would be ok with me with another guy and I would be ok with you and another girl, but….”

“But not me with a guy or you with a girl,” she finished for me.

“Exactly,” I nodded.

“Good, we are on the same wave length. You are all the man I need, baby.”

“And you are everything I need in a woman,” I replied.

She leaned down and kissed me passionately, my cock deep in her.

“I love you,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I replied.

“I can’t believe how fucked up we are,” she smiled playfully as she moved back down and continued riding my cock.

I shrugged, “I was normal before I met you.”

“I know, it took a while to fix you,” she smirked.

“I didn’t know I was broken,” I joked back.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she demanded, as she got off and onto her hands and knees.

Moving behind her, I positioned my cock at her back door and slid it in.

“You dirty fucker,” she moaned as my cock disappeared into her ass.

“I am what you made me,” I chuckled, as I began pumping my cock in and out of her tight ass.

“Touché,” she half laughed, half moaned, as I slammed into her ass for a long, passionate fuck session.


The next evening, we won the championship game, rather handily 88-69, with Troy scoring 39 points and being named tournament MVP.

We celebrated as a team on the long bus ride home, Troy giving no hints to the power he had over me.

Once we arrived home, just after midnight, all of us exhausted, but still glowing in the aftermath of our school’s first state basketball championship. Troy, once most of the players had left to other parties, shook my hand and said firmly, “I guess you owe me something, Coach.”

“I guess I do?” I answered, not backing away from my earlier commitment.

“Next Saturday evening, the parents are gone to the lake and I have the house all to myself,” he said.

“What about Jamal and DeDreana,” I asked.

“They will be going with them,” Troy confirmed.

“And Rhianna?” I asked.

“Oh, she will be there too, as will her new pet,” Troy added, confirming he knew of Ashley’s submission to his sister. “I understand she wants to watch.”

“Yes, she does,” I admitted, realizing that Ashley would get to watch me submit to black cock soon.

“Well, you should always give your girl what she wants, shouldn’t you?” Troy asked.

“I suppose I should,” I agreed, my head spinning with the thought of Ashley seeing me be used by Troy.

“By the way, if I were you I would prepare that white ass for me,” Troy said smugly, “I am told I can really be an ass-full.”

“I imagine you will be, especially in my virgin ass,” I said, whispering the last few words, even though no one else was close to hear. I suddenly needed him to understand I was ready and willing for him to use me again and again.

“You want my cock right now, don’t you, Cocksucker?” He asked, sensing my hunger.

My face went red as I realized the moment he asked me that I indeed did. “I wouldn’t resist if you ordered your cocksucker to please you.”

“Let’s go to your office,” he ordered.

“Meet you there in five,” I agreed, glancing at the bus driver who was waiting for me to do a final bus check. “I need to finish with the bus bullshit.”

“Don’t be late, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered. “I need a quick blow and go, I am pretty tired.”

“Five minutes, max,” I said, my mouth watering, eager to be filled by his cock again.


Five minutes later, I was on my knees, in my office, as Troy unleashed his sleeping giant for me.

It was completely flaccid, but still it was huge; the thought that it would one day soon be in my ass was surreal, although not as much as realizing that the thought of getting ass fucked was turning me on. I took it in my mouth, wanting to feel it grow inside me. I bobbed slowly, coaxing him to arousal. At first, his cock was soft and slightly squishy, a strange but true descriptor, but as I sucked his cock it became harder and harder, until it was eventually stiff as steel in my mouth.

My own cock was equally hard, as I began bobbing back and forth on his. Troy was silent for a long time as I sucked his black missile until he said, “Take it all Coach, a good cocksucker can deep throat.”

I had a solid eight inches going in and out of my mouth, an unbelievable amount considering my lack of experience, but had not tried to go further. It was alarming how much I wanted to be a good cocksucker for my student; it was all I could think of as I took more of his stiff meat in my mouth.

“That’s it Coach; you’re a welcome addition to my cocksucker harem,” he groaned, as a ninth inch filled my mouth.

The thought of being just one of many of his cocksuckers annoyed me, I wanted every load of his cum, having already become addicted to serving him. Wanting to be the best of his cocksuckers, I continued taking more of his beautiful rod until my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“Shit Coach, you are one obedient, eager cocksucking bitch. You sure you haven’t done this before?” He taunted me, as I fit all of his cock in my mouth. He laughed, “You don’t have to answer that.”

Happy to have achieved the impossible, I went to work on his cock, bobbing back and forth like a hungry slut. I craved his cum, I craved his approval, I craved his cock.

A couple of minutes of deep throating and I heard the magical words I had been dying to hear. “Here it comes, slut,” he grunted, as his cum was sprayed down my throat. I swallowed the first spray, but did my best to catch the rest in my mouth. I wanted to savour it, to feel its texture.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Tomorrow at church. Left wing bathroom at 10:30.”

I nodded, even as fear filled my mind, my mouth still full of his cum.

“Is my cum still in your mouth?” He asked, surprised.

I again nodded, the texture like heavy yogurt, but salty. I swished it in my mouth as if it was fine wine.

“Coach you are the gayest straight cocksucker I know,” he laughed, pulling his pants up.

“Only for you,” I said, my mouth still full of cum.

“Well, I always have a load to shoot Coach,” he smiled as he began to leave. “Again, I highly recommend you prep your ass for me.”

“Yes, Master,” I agreed, finally swallowing the last of his addictive seed.

As I got off my knees, my phone vibrated. I checked the message. It was Ashley. ‘Get your ass home, Cocksucker.’

I chuckled at her gall to call me cocksucker even as Troy’s aftertaste lingered in my mouth.

I replied: ‘On my way, rug-muncher.’

That night, I fucked Ashley hard, coming in her cunt after plugging her ass for awhile. Ashley told me that she too was supposed to meet Rhianna in the bathroom at church at 10:30.

It was obvious…this was only the beginning.

9. Worshipping the DARK Side

The next morning, Ashley and I both were somewhat anxious about our 10:30 secret rendezvous with Rhianna and Troy respectively. 10:30 was half way through the service and a few minutes into when Reverend Rose usually began his sermon. It was probably the safest time to meet and not be caught but it still caused a lot of trepidation because:

A. It was still at church

B. We still could be easily caught

C. My career was on the line, as was Ashley’s

D. Did I mention it was at church?

Yet, none of those very glaring concerns would have stopped either of us from sinning. We had crossed to the DARK side and like Darth Vader there was no turning back.

Holding hands, during the first part of the service, we didn’t see our Master or Mistress until the service started, sitting with their family, as we watched the clock slowly tick towards ground zero. At 10:25, Ashley gave my hand a meaningful squeeze and excused herself. I glanced over and saw that both Rhianna and Troy were no longer with their family.

I waited a couple more minutes, somehow feeling that everyone around was watching me and knew of my sinful intentions. At 10:28, I left my seat and headed towards my secret rendezvous with my 18-year-old student, my 18-year-old player and my eighteen-year-old black Master.

Arriving at the door, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, still subconsciously sensing that I was being watched, even though I knew that that was ridiculous, nobody could sense, just by looking at me, my depraved thoughts and intent, before I walked towards the washroom.

Arriving at the door of the bathroom, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, my subconscious still sensing I was being watched, before I walked into the room.

Troy was at the sink and he wordlessly pointed to the end open stall.

I rushed to it, and he followed me in and closed the door.

“Sit, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered.

I obeyed.

He surprised me as he straddled the toilet seat, unbuckled his pants, allowed them to drop to his feet and released his cock for me.

It was directly in my face, semi-erect, and slightly shiny.

Noticing my slight look of confusion, he explained, “You get a special treat today, cocksucker. I drilled Eve’s cunt before the service started, in her dad’s office, so you will probably taste her cunt on my cock.”

Somehow this seemed like cheating. I wasn’t fucking Eve, nor was I going down on her, yet I was definitely going to taste her. Yet, as his cock dangled in my face, the technicalities of cheating faded as my mouth watered.

I opened my mouth to take in his juicy irresistible black cock when he ordered, “We are in a place of worship cocksucker, say a prayer of thanks first before eating.”

The smug smile on his face was so cocky that usually I would be sure to wipe it right off his face in any other context, yet in my current position of submissive cocksucker all I could do was obey.

The words out of my mouth were so humiliating, so ludicrous and yet somehow turned me on even more. “Thank you, Lord, for creating this wonderful black cock. For creating both black and white and for being patient as society comes to understand who the Masters are and who the slaves are.”

Troy said, “You may show your appreciation, Cocksucker.”

I opened my mouth and took his semi-erect snake in. I sucked him slowly and deeply, causing his cock to grow inside me, a sensation of power I had already grown to love. Knowing I was making his cock hard made my own cock hard. I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom top and created extra saliva to enhance the pleasure I was giving him, as Ashley often did to me when she was taking her time blowing me. Although not strong, I could taste Eve’s pussy juice on his cock, which somehow made the submission even dirtier, more submissive.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and I froze, my eyes going big. It was then I realized why he was standing on the edge of the toilet seat so only one pair of legs could be seen.

Paralyzed by fear, I didn’t move, but Troy seemed even more amused by suddenly having an unknown audience. He began slowly moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I focused on not making the slobbery sucking noises as over half his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

The only sound in the bathroom was someone peeing at the urinal. Thankfully, after a minute or so, the man washed his hands and left, oblivious to the act of submission happening only a few feet from where he was.

As soon as the door closed, Troy chuckled, “You looked worried Cocksucker.”

His cock pumping in and out of my mouth, there was nothing I could say.

Troy explained, “Just so you know, I love making my cocksuckers take risks, it adds to the thrill.”

Thinking of him with Eve and with Eric, I guess that was rather obvious in retrospect. I pondered, as more of his cock filled my mouth, how far was he willing to go? I was not sure I could resist his demands even if I wanted to, the feeling of submission to him was so erotically fulfilling I had no control over my will. Yet I didn’t want to lose my job or have this secret revealed to anyone. I still saw myself as straight, although once he took my ass that would be harder to sell.

As if sensing my worry, Troy added, “Don’t worry Coach, I will keep your cocksucking secret safe as long as you obey like a good boy.”

He pumped his cock hard in and out of my mouth, my focus now only on not gagging on his massive cock as he fucked my mouth ruthlessly for his pleasure. Suddenly, he pulled out and seconds later my face was covered with cum as he gave me a full facial.

Craving his cum, as soon as he was finished, I took his cock back in my mouth, although I couldn’t resist licking my lips, feeling his stickiness everywhere on my face.

He laughed quipping, “I think I’ve created a cocksucking monster.”

Realizing how ridiculous I must have looked, I allowed his cock to slide out of my mouth, his stickiness everywhere on my face.

“You are not allowed to wash your face until you get home,” he instructed, as my eyes went wide.

“But you can use your fingers to get most of it,” he added.

Permission granted, I began scooping his cum from my face and putting it in my mouth like a cheap whore. The act was so submissive, so wrong, yet felt so right and I wanted more… I was truly frightened by my insatiable hunger for his cock, and his cum.

As he got off the toilet and quickly pulled up his pants, he said, “See you in class…Coach.”

He opened the stall door and left it open as he walked out of the bathroom. I continued getting his addictive white stuff off my face and into my mouth, the taste so much less satisfying this way then directly from the source. Finally, all the big gobs retrieved, I went to the mirror and looked at my face. I scooped up a smaller gob under my eye and two tiny specs on my forehead, but otherwise no one could tell I had just received a facial of cum. That said, my face was red and if someone looked close enough the sticky residue may be noticed. I sighed and didn’t leave the bathroom until another man entered a couple of minutes later.

I avoided eye contact with anyone and returned to my seat in the pews, shame suddenly cascading through me at both the reality of how badly I had just sinned, where I had just sinned, and with whom I had sinned. I felt overwhelmed with the unnerving feeling that everybody in the congregation could see cum all over my face, even though they couldn’t.

I was surprised Ashley wasn’t back yet as I glanced over at Troy who looked over and smiled at me.

A couple of minutes later, just as the sermon was ending, Ashley returned sitting down beside me, her face ruby red and a clear shine, obviously pussy juice, on her face. It wasn’t obvious to anyone who didn’t know what she had just been doing, but it was obvious to me.

She took my hand and squeezed it hard, a rare display of her insecurity. I squeezed it back twice and whispered in her ear, “It isn’t obvious.”

She looked at me and her mouth dropped open. She whispered back, “You have something white on your collar.”

“Oh God,” I gasped, realizing I had been so preoccupied with my face I never looked for any droppings elsewhere.

Slyly, she moved her hand to the incriminating evidence and scooped it up with her finger. I expected her to move it to her mouth, I don’t know why, but instead she moved her hand underneath the pew seats.

She took my hand again, a smile on her face that allowed me to relax too. We were both completely out of our elements of control and yet were both getting off on the submission as well as the threat of being caught.

I was barely listening when the minister said my name. Looking up with a deer in headlights look, I stared at the minister.

He repeated, “Come on up here, Adam Carter and you too Troy Brown.”

I looked at Ashley in panic mode, but she just nodded slightly, implying I looked respectable and not coated in teenage cum, before I stood up and walked to the front of the congregation.

I watched Troy walk smugly towards Minister Rose and me.

I was on one side, Troy on the other as Minister Rose said all excited, “And we couldn’t finish the service today without taking a moment to recognize Adam and Troy who returned home last night with our first state championships in boys’ basketball ever.”

The large congregation clapped rambunctiously.

“Coach would you like to say a few words?” Minister Rose asked. I had long learned that this question was rhetorical. I was to speak and be sure to give God credit for our good fortune.

Every pair of eyes in the church were staring at me causing a rush of anxiety at the reality that my face was still sticky with Troy’s cum. Was my discomfort obvious? Could they see through my athletic exterior and see the true submissive me? Could they see the cum still on my face? The fear of being caught was way more stressful now than when I was in the bathroom being face-fucked by Troy. I felt completely naked in front of the congregation, all my sins on display. I took a deep breath, took the microphone and said, “Sometimes all the stars line up perfectly, and for this team that happened. Through hard work, determination and the grace of God, we were able to bring the championship here.”

“Amen,” Minister Rose bellowed out.

A chorus of “Amen” echoed through the church in response.

I saw Eve, with her mother, and couldn’t help but smirk at the reality that they, like me, were cocksucker’s for Troy’s cock.

“And what about you, my son?” The minister asked Troy.

“Well, Coach was an inspirational leader for the team and found a way to make our diverse group into one team. But his dedication and unwavering loyalty and willingness to go that extra mile for us was what took us over the top,” Troy answered, before adding, “Of course, Coach also led through worship.”

My face went red and I glanced at Ashley who couldn’t help but smile at the true intent of his words.

“Any last words, Coach,” Minister Rose asked.

I don’t know why I said it, but the words came out of my mouth anyway, “Well it was definitely a LONG, HARD journey and I came to learn lots about myself and the power of being on my KNEES and worshipping the great wonder of God.”

“Hallelujah,” Minister Rose said, and the whole congregation followed. I glanced again at Ashley who was barely holding in her laughter at the irony of what the congregation was really celebrating.

Once the service was done, “I ended up face to face with Troy’s dad, Mr. Brown. He began, “Way to go, Coach.”

“Thanks,” I said, assuming he meant yesterday’s state victory and not deep-throating his son’s cock, which was, in my opinion, just as impressive as winning the championship.

“We are all very impressed with how you managed the team and got the most out of them,” Troy’s dad said.

“It was great working with your son,” I replied. “He has really come into his own.”

“We would love to have you over one day this week,” Mr. Brown surprised me.

I stammered, fearful of being at their house with Troy, and with Rhianna, causing me anxiety, “U-u-um, sure.” I didn’t want to agree, but what was I going to say, ‘Sorry, I don’t want to because I am scared you will find out that I am just one of your son’s personal cocksuckers and my girlfriend is your daughter’s submissive as well?’

Mrs. Brown then corrected him, “It will have to be the week after, we’re heading to the cabin on Wednesday.”

Mr. Brown nodded, “Right. Ok, the week after. How about Tuesday? Do we have anything going on next Tuesday?” He looked at his wife.

She checked her phone. “No, we’re free.”

“Not anymore,” Mr. Brown said, “We will make it a team celebration. Coach please invite the rest of your coaches and Troy will make sure the team all knows.”

“Sure,” I agreed, suddenly relived as I assumed I was pretty safe with that many people there.

Ashley squeezed my hand as we said our goodbyes and after a few more congratulatory words from other members of the church, we returned to the car where Ashley burst out laughing. “Long and hard?” She asked.

“Well it was,” I replied smiling.

“I need something long and hard too,” she smiled back, before adding, “Home, James.”

My cock hard, I drove as fast as possible while generally following the laws of the road.

Once at her place, we devoured each other. She pushed me against the wall and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I returned with my tongue to join hers as we explored every inch of each other’s mouths while she unbuttoned my shirt and I just allowed my hands to roam.

Breaking the kiss, her urgency was apparent, as she fell to her knees and fished my cock out from my trousers. “Tell me about your trip to the bathroom,” she said, before taking my cock in her mouth.

As she hungrily bobbed back and forth, I retold the story of being face-fucked in the bathroom and the facial I received. She moaned a couple of times, clearly turned on by my submission to black cock, as she deep-throated me.

“I’m getting close,” I warned, always the gentleman.

Her hand went to my ass and I wasn’t surprised when her finger penetrated me, although this time she pumped her finger in and out, instantly triggering an orgasm as I shot my cum down Ashley’s throat. I pondered what it would feel like to have a real cock in my ass; the erotic sensation of her finger fucking my ass was thrilling, would Troy’s thick cock be even more pleasurable? Yet, the idea of Troy’s mammoth snake still scared the shit out of me (pun intended).

Getting off her knees, she grabbed my hand, led me to her bedroom, a place we seldom ever actually fucked, and lifted up her skirt and offered me her perfect pussy pie. “Do you want to hear about my bathroom adventure?”

“Is your pussy perfect?” I asked as an answer.

“Why yes it is,” she smiled, falling onto her bed as her hand slowly rubbed her engorged clit. “Can you lick and listen?”

“I am not much of a multi-tasker, but this is one I think I can handle,” I smiled, as I crawled between her legs and began licking her already very wet pussy.

“So when I got to the bathroom there was a sign that said closed for cleaning which relaxed me a bit as the fear of getting caught, usually a turn-on, wasn’t as exciting while at church. Yet, I couldn’t deny obeying Rhianna’s order had my cunt wet and there was no way I wasn’t going to meet her in the bathroom sign or no sign. Anyway, I got in the bathroom, and Rhianna was there, sitting on the counter.

“Hi, slut,” Rhianna smiled.

“Hi, Mistress,” I replied.

“Hungry?” She asked, opening her legs.

“Famished,” I answered, walking to her.

“This unfortunately, needs to be a dine and go,” Rhianna smiled, adding, “Otherwise mom will come looking for me.”

“Understood,” I nodded, as I dropped to me knees, not even thinking about getting caught my hunger to taste her overriding any fear, I went between her legs and directly to her cunt.

As I licked, she moaned, “You are such an eager white girl.”

I took her clit in my mouth in response.

I licked, probed and sucked her cunt, desperate to make her cum, to taste her fountain of juice again. “Shit, slut, you have a wicked little tongue.”

I smiled at the compliment all the while continuing to lick.

A minute later, she moaned “Are you ready to be baptized as a nigger pussy slave?”

The words so nasty and so hot, I mumbled, “God, yes” my pussy leaking at the thought of being her slave.

Knowing she was close, I sucked on her swollen clit even as I swirled my tongue around it. Her legs stiffened, she grabbed my head and my face was flooded with my sexual submission baptism. I eagerly lapped her cum as if it was holy water.

Once her orgasm subsided, she asked, letting go of my head, “Does my slut accept the terms of her white slave baptism?”

I looked up, eager to agree, yet worried at the full breadth of such an admission. I stammered slightly, “W-w-what does it entail?”

She smiled down at me and answered, “Complete obedience to all black women.”

“All?” I asked, wanting this to remain a secret.

“Yes, through your baptism you accept that you are a white slave to all black pussy, no matter how young or old?” She reiterated, before adding, “Of legal age of course.”

“Oh,” I said, my trepidation obvious.

“Don’t worry, nigger lover,” she smiled, “I won’t be sharing you with every black girl in town, you just have to accept that you crave submission to black cunt and you can’t resist, like all white women, the chance to serve and obey black women.”

When she put it that way it just made sense, as absurd as that is to say, and I agreed, “I accept by baptism to be a slave to all black Mistresses.”

“Unconditionally?” She asked, her eyebrow raised.

“Without hesitation,” I agreed.

“Good girl,” she purred, before adding, “Now crawl to the last stall. It is time to test your vow.”

My face went red and my eyes big as my body trembled with insecurity.

“Go now, my slut,” she ordered, firmly.

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, getting onto all fours as I began crawling to the stall noticing there was someone sitting on the toilet seat.

I paused briefly, the reality of my predicament becoming crystal clear, before I crossed yet another invisible line and entered the stall.

“Slave Ashley meet my aunt, Big Rosie from Boston,” Rhianna introduced.

My face burned as I looked at a large black woman, sitting on the toilet, her legs already spread wide.

She smiled, “Well hello, nigger lover, come in here, and get your treat slut.”

If a redder shade was possible, I went it, as I obeyed this complete stranger’s order and crawled between her legs, her scent the strongest of any pussy I have ever tasted. Yet, it drew me in, the musky sweetness short circuiting my brain and turning me into the pleasure slave I`ve become.

Rhianna called out, “I am told Aunt Rosie has the best tasting cunt of any women.”

My tongue extended, I got my first taste of the large woman’s pussy and it was like drinking the Champagne of champions. The taste was indescribable; tangy and sweet, I was in awe of her perfection. No longer caring about anything other than bathing in the pure sexual submission, intoxicating scent and addictive taste, I began licking like a woman who has finally found her true calling.

Rosie laughed, “You like my nectar, white girl?”

I replied, so drawn in by her scent, her taste, “I never want to leave from this position.”

Her laugh echoed around me, loud and rambunctious, “You really got a live one this time, Rhianna.”

“I know, she is a great addition to my harem of white slaves,” Rhianna said, nervous at being just another notch on the wall. I don’t like competition, unless I win of course, thus I wanted to be her best slave, her first choice to please her.

“She is very eager,” Big Rosie moaned, my tongue beginning to have an impact on her.

“That she is,” Rhianna concurred, her voice louder now, assumedly right behind me watching me eat her aunt’s cunt.

“I may have to bring her to Boston for a weekend and bring her to Le Chateau Club,” Rosie said, talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

“Not unless you take me like you promised,” Rhianna countered.

“Well, why don’t you have your new slut prove her worth by driving you up to see your auntie for a weekend?” Big Rosie suggested.

Rhianna sounding suddenly like the eighteen year old she was and not the sophisticated Domme seductress replied all giddy, “Really Aunt Rosie, are you serious?”

“You’re eighteen, legally an adult, so it is time you saw how lesbians really play,” Big Rosie said, simultaneously putting her hand through my hair, the intimate act turning me on even more.

“When?” Rhianna asked.

“How about as soon as school is done? It can be your graduation present from me. A shopping excursion in the day, a nice supper and then a night cap at Le Chateau Club,” Rosie offered.

“You are the best aunt ever,” Rhianna giggled, bumping into my shoulder as she gave her aunt a hug.

“So true,” Big Rosie agreed. “Now get back to the service before your mother comes looking for you.”

Rhianna agreed, “Good call, I have been gone longer than planned.”

I felt a slap on my ass as Rhianna said, “You and I are going on a road trip my pet.”

The idea had my cunt gushing and my head spinning, the thought I could eat from this delicacy again making my decision a no brainer. “I can’t wait, Mistress.”

“I bet you can’t,” Rhianna replied, lifting up my skirt and sliding two fingers inside my wanton cunt. “Shit slut, you are soaked.”

I moaned into Rosie’s cunt as my orgasm began building instantly.

Unfortunately, she pulled out just as quickly and said, “White girls don’t come during worship.”

“Of course,” I agreed, disappointed.

“And don’t you dare wash your face after you finish servicing Aunt Rosie,” Rhianna ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I again agreed without hesitation, even though the consequence was potentially quite alarming.

“Get back to worshipping what you really idolize, white girl,” Big Rosie demanded, pulling my head deeper into her wetness.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, realizing I just called Big Rosie Mistress.

“Mistress, am I?” She questioned. “I like that. You understand your place don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed without hesitation. I continued licking her cunt until I felt her hand on the back of my head and seconds later I was coated with a second gush of cum. If Rhianna’s cum was delicious, Big Rosie’s was the cum of the gods, which seemed appropriate since we were in church.

I lapped up all her pussy cum, never wanting the Champaign of pussy perfection to stop leaking out of her cunt. Sadly, all good things come to an end and Rosie pushed me away. “You are insatiable,” Big Rosie smiled down at me.

“For black pussy, I am,” I agreed, looking up at her, my face feeling sticky with her and Rhianna’s cum.

Rosie stood up and said, “You may want to wash your face, you look like you’ve just been well-fucked.”

“I wish,” I quipped, my pussy dying to get the attention it craved.

“I bet you do,” Rosie smirked, walking past me and out of the washroom.

Dazed slightly, realizing I was alone in a bathroom on my knees, I got up, stretched my legs, and went to the sink. My face had an undeniable glen from the abundance of cum that coated my face. I pulled my phone out and took a picture of my face for you before cleaning up to hide my secret submission to the congregation.

I was about to wash my face when I recalled Rhianna’s earlier order not to and instead just tried to wipe away the glean.

The whole time she told the story, I licked her slowly, my cock growing rock hard as I listened to her naughty submission.

Her story done, she put her hands in my hair and drew me deeper into her, the wordless gesture telling me it was time to get her off. I began flicking her clit, causing quick convulsions to her body.

“Faster, baby, I need to come so fucking bad,” she moaned, her desperation clear in her tone.

Copying her naughty move she had been doing to me, I licked faster and slid a finger into her ass.

“You fucker,” she moaned. “Finger my cunt too, baby. Finger-fuck both my slut holes you bastard.”

Hearing such derogatory words from her turned me on and I sucked her clit between my lips and began shaking my head back and forth, as I pumped a finger in and out of her cunt and another in her ass.

Her orgasm shook the bed as she screamed, “Oh God, oh, oh, fuuuuuuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.”

Her legs wrapped around my head as her cunt trembled on my face, her cum flowed out and into my open mouth.

Eventually, she let go and just lay there weak and exhausted, her face aglow with the aftermath of euphoria.

I crawled out from between her legs and looked into her eyes. “We’re getting ourselves in pretty deep.”

“Speaking of deep, get that big cock of yours in me,” she smiled, ignoring the discussion of our obvious situation.

Quoting Big Rosie, whom I didn’t meet, although I did recall seeing a large black woman sitting with the Browns, “You are insatiable.”

“Only to black pussy and you,” she smirked back.

“Don’t you mean me and black pussy?” I asked.

“Don’t you quibble about semantics, just get your cock in me now,” she demanded.

“Which hole?” I asked.

“I’m feeling pretty dirty right now,” she smiled, rolling onto her side. “Fill my ass with your cock, baby.”

Rolling beside her, I cradled her into my arms, as I slid my cock into her extra tight back door.

“I love you, baby,” she moaned, as my cock filled her ass.

“I love you more,” I countered, as I began slowly fucking her ass.

“Semantics, Cocksucker,” she retorted, the intimate moment over as quickly as it started.

“Takes one, to know one,” I quipped back, as I cupped her breast for leverage as I shifted from slow strokes, to deep hard thrusts into her ass.

I fucked her ass hard for an eternity, just enjoying the closeness of our bodies together as both of us had thoughts of our black submission. Eventually, we both came a second time as I filled her ass with cum and she flooded a second time staining the sheets.

My cock still in her ass, but slowly shrinking, Ashley asked, “So are you going to give Troy your ass?”

“I don’t think I have a choice,” I replied.

“Do you want help preparing yourself for him?” She asked.

“How?” I asked.

“I have a few butt plugs in my toy chest,” she smiled, turning around, my cock slipping out of her ass.

“What else is in your toy chest?” I asked, as I looked into her eyes.

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” she smiled back, flicking my nose.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, my ass clenching just at the thought of a butt plug.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“Of course,” I said.

“Wait here,” she smiled, getting off the bed and going to the closet.

A moment later she returned with five, yes five, black butt plugs of different sizes.

“Oh my,” I said, especially when I saw the biggest one.

“Lube,” she said out loud, returning to her closet. It was then I realized she was planning to start this now.

When she returned the second time, she ordered, “Stand up and bend over.”

“Last time I heard that was at the doctor,” I joked, trying to get myself comfortable.

“This is exactly the same, but it won’t be leaving you,” she smiled, as she generously lubed a rather small butt plug.

I bent over and closed my eyes not wanting to watch myself being sodomized by a toy.

I felt her cold sticky hands on my ass. Ashley said, “This may stung a bit at first, but you will get used to it fast.”

“If you say so,” I replied, not convinced she was right.

“Would I lie to you?” She said, her tone sing-song happy.

“I hope not,” I replied, as I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart.

“You have such a cute little rosebud,” she exclaimed.

The compliment seemed so bizarre, as did what I felt next…her tongue. “Let’s loosen that ass up baby,” she purred, as she began licking my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I had experienced before. It made my cock grow rapidly.

After a couple of minutes of ass licking, she asked, “You ready, baby?”

“As ready as I will ever be,” I replied, feeling my ass tense up.

“Relax, baby,” she suggested, as I felt lube being poured on my ass. “I am going to finger you first. Get your ass nice and ready.”

“Kkkkk,” I whimpered, as her finger easily slipped inside my ass.

“Good boy,” she complimented, rubbing my back with her free hand even as she began slowly finger fucking me.

It didn’t hurt or burn and oddly as she fingered me, I wanted more. I didn’t want to admit it though, as shame cascaded through me for enjoying being finger-fucked. She noticed, though, as I started rocking back, causing her finger to penetrate me deeper. “Such an eager asshole,” she commented, causing my face to turn red.

My cock again stiff as a rock, she finally pulled her finger out and announced, “I think you are ready for butt plug one.”

I clenched my teeth, expecting a searing pain, but was surprised when she pushed it in and all I got was a small burn, although it was wider than her finger.

“You are to keep this in your ass until I replace it tomorrow for you with butt plug two,” Ashley commanded as she gave my ass a firm slap.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Training your ass will take time and walking around with one in your ass will speed up the process,” she explained, before adding, as she got off the bed, “We don’t have a lot of time before your Master plans to take your ass whether you are ready or not.”

Hearing her refer to Troy as my master sounded odd, even though it was appropriate after all we had been through.

Soon, I was dressed, and Ashley had me walking around like I was on a runway. A first it was awkward, but over time I got used to it and almost forgot it was in me. We spent the afternoon like normal people, instead of deviant sexual misfits; we went for a walk, talked about the upcoming holidays and so forth. By the time I returned to my car early in the evening, I was completely accustomed to the plug in my ass…until I sat down in my vehicle and a searing pain hit me as the butt plug hit new depths in my ass. I sat in my car for a minute until the pain began to subside. I chuckled to myself as I drove home, reflecting on my odd journey from a completely straight man. One who had never once considered gay sex, to the reality that I was driving home with a butt plug in my ass as I prepared myself to be sodomized by my eighteen year old student and player…surreal, true and addictive.

10. A Double Load of the DARK Seed

Monday at school there was a big pep rally for our victory and as I spoke to the whole school there were two secrets I was hiding. One, I could still taste the load Troy shot in my mouth for lunch and two, I was wearing a second butt plug that Ashley had come by and inserted in me early this morning when she showed up at my house with the black gift.

After a rim job, she filled my ass with the plug and soon I was walking around with the second of four butt plugs in my ass. This one was wider and longer, and when I sat down it was impossible to not feel it fill me entirely. This time, instead of feeling shame, I felt disappointed that it didn’t do anything: it just sat there lodged in my ass. I couldn’t believe it, but I wanted to feel it going in and out of me; I imagined Troy’s cock doing just that all throughout the day. Ashley also said I couldn’t cum all week as part of the training; somehow agreeing to her order turned me on more; I wanted to be a faggot for black cock for her…I wanted to make her fantasy cone true…I wanted to impress her.

Tuesday was like living through the movie Groundhog Day as Ashley stopped by, inserted the third butt plug in me, one that two days ago I couldn’t fathom fitting it in my ass, yet once in I still craved more. It filled me completely, but I undeniably wanted more, I wanted to feel what it felt like to be fucked in the ass. At lunch, Troy deposited a load down my throat and asked if I had started training my ass for him. I admitted I had and he patted me on the head like I was a dog as he left me on my knees in my own office.

Wednesday completed the trilogy of my week. Ashley again stopped by, again filled my ass with a thicker and longer butt plug and at lunch, I was again treated with my daily dose of Troy’s addictive seed. My cock ached to shoot the load I was told not to, each act of submission turning me on more and more.

On Thursday, Ashley stopped by with the biggest of her butt plugs and I protested that there was no way I could take it in my ass and even if I could there was no way I could walk normally with it in me. She wouldn’t take no for an answer though and soon I was at school, teaching class with a huge butt plug in my ass. I didn’t dare sit down at school, knowing it could create a searing pain and potential yelp like I had when I sat in my car that first time. At lunch, Troy dumped his load down my throat and after three days of general blow and go, he asked, “Are you ready to give me your ass, Coach?”

“Ready may not be the right word,” I replied, even as I licked the last of his cum from his shrinking snake.

“That was the wrong answer, Cocksucker,” he said, pulling up his pants and walking out. Suddenly feeling guilty, knowing the answer should have been, ‘Yes, Master, I can’t wait to give you my ass.’ That is what I wanted, to please him and please Ashley at the same time.

After school, I paged Troy to my office wanting to apologize for my disobedience, which may seem absurd to anyone reading, but it was exactly how I felt. Unfortunately, he didn’t come. I couldn’t believe how insecure I felt, not something I was used to feeling. I got ready to go home an hour later than usual when I received a text message from Troy.

Are you ready for your punishment, Cocksucker?

I didn’t hesitate when I responded back.

Yes, Master!!!

A moment later he responded,

Go to the boys washroom at McCab’s, go to the last stall and wait. NOW!

I confirmed I would be there without even remotely thinking about what my punishment may be.

Yes, Master, I’m on my way.

I arrived at the bookstore, which was relatively dead, and went directly to the bathroom. I walked to the last stall, locked the door and sat down. I instantly noticed a hole in the wall. I was at a glory hole.

My anxiety instantly rose as I realized what Troy was expecting. I prayed that he wasn’t going to make me suck off someone else, but why else would he bring me here? Then I prayed it would at least be a black cock; white cock did nothing for me, and I didn’t know if I could do that, even for him.

Five minutes became ten, and my anxiety only increased as I waited. Suddenly, the door opened and a chill went up my spine. I worried that it may not even be Troy. Would he send me here to blow the first person who came along?

“You’re telling me there is someone in the final stall willing to blow me?” I recognized the voice instantly as that of Andrew Hood, our back up point guard.

“Yep, he’s a very eager cocksucker and just loves big black cock,” Troy explained.

“As much as Eric does?” Andrew asked. I suddenly wondered who else knew about Eric?

“Much more. This cocksucker needs black cock,” Troy promised, even as I blushed at the undeniable truth of his words.

“Well, now you got me curious,” Andrew said, as he entered the stall beside me.

“Remember the rule. You can call him names, humiliate him, but he will not speak. His identity must stay a secret, he can’t have his employer knowing he slobbers over black cock every chance he gets,” Troy continued, my face burning with both shame and acceptance.

“Man now you have me even more curious,” Andrew said, as he put his cock through the hole.

My hunger dissipated any trepidation instantly as my mouth opened and I took his smaller, but still very impressive juicy black cock in my mouth.

Andrew laughed, “No how do you do, faggot?”

Being called a faggot didn’t appeal to me, it tarnished the task somehow and questioned my manhood. I still saw myself as a man, but no longer as straight as I once was. It used to be black and white, I was as straight as an arrow, but now it was a hundred shades of grey.

I loved the sensation as his cock grew in my mouth. The feeling of power never got old, the power of pleasing a black cock with my eager mouth. It didn’t get as steel-like hard as Troy’s , but it still felt great in my mouth.

“Don’t just sit there faggot, suck my cock,” Andrew ordered.

Obeying his instructions, I began bobbing back and forth getting into a steady rhythm as I hungrily sucked his cock.

“Shit Troy, this bitch is like a vacuum,” Andrew groaned.

“He’s gotten a lot better recently. What does Coach always say, practice every time like it is game time,” Troy pointed out.

My eyes widened at that, but I continued bobbing, not reacting, even as Andrew responded, “Well this faggot definitely is in game mode.”

Eventually I got all his cock in my mouth and grew frustrated by the steel wall between us, wanting to take all of his cock in my mouth, to feel his balls slapping against my chin, eager to deep-throat another big black cock.

“Don’t move bitch, I’m going to fuck your mouth bitch,” Andrew ordered.

My lips making contact with the wall, I knelt forward as he began pumping his cock between my lips. His body hit the wall with each forward thrust and I couldn’t help but wish I could just crawl to the other side and let him face fuck me properly. Yet, I knew that Andrew was not known for keeping secrets. A couple of minutes of having my mouth fucked by another of my students and I heard his grunt and seconds later my mouth was filled with his cum. His taste had an extra salty taste to it and I swallowed it instantly, not wanting to have its odd taste lingering in my mouth.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Thanks faggot.”

I almost replied, but caught myself in the nick of time.

Andrew said, “See you at the pool hall, Troy.”

“Give me ten,” Troy responded.

“Going to shoot a load in your faggot?” Andrew asked.

“What do you think?” Troy replied, his confident tone serving to further arouse my submissiveness.

Andrew chuckled and I heard him leave.

Troy warned, “Next time you disobey cocksucker, there won’t be any wall to protect your identity.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, not doubting his threat.

“Want another load, Cocksucker?” Troy asked.

“Always,” I replied, giving a proper answer.

“Open up,” he ordered.

I opened the door and he walked in, put his hands on my shoulders and guided me onto my knees.

“I don’t have much time, Coach,” he said.

Like the hungry cocksucker I had become, I quickly fished his cock out of his pants and took it in my mouth. The wall gone, this blow job was more intimate and I sucked his cock hungrily, wasting no time with tease and please.

“Could you imagine if all the guys could see you now, Coach,” Troy said, his tone clearly amused at the thought.

I just kept sucking knowing there was nothing to say to that.

“Imagine getting split-roasted by Andrew and I as the best post-game victory party ever,” Troy continued.

I didn’t know for sure what split-roasted meant, but I assumed, correctly (I looked it up when I got home), that it was one cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time.

“I bet Ashley would love to see you get split-roasted by two big black cocks,” Troy continued, as I furiously bobbed on his cock, somehow getting even more turned on by the ludicrous suggestions he was making.

He laughed, “I bet your cock is hard thinking of being used as a gangbang fucktoy for black cock.”

He was right; my cock wanted to burst as I worked as hard as possible to get him off.

“I am joining a black fraternity in the fall down south, Coach. Maybe I will have to let you come for a visit and let you service black cock after black cock after black cock. What do you think, about that, Coach?” Troy asked, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began pumping his cock with his fist.

I answered, horny as hell and willing to do whatever he said, “I am yours to use as you wish, Master.”

“Good answer,” he grunted, as he shoved his cock back in my mouth just in time for me to swallow his delicious load. I bobbed hungrily, retrieving every drop of his cum and savouring it like it was candy.

Once spent, he pulled out and said, “Two o’clock Saturday, Coach. You and Ashley, don’t be late.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, looking up at him as he put his cock away. I asked, “What about tomorrow?”

“I’m going to be busy tux shopping tomorrow with the guys. Unless you want to come and entertain us with that cocksucking mouth of yours,” Troy smiled.

“If you wish, Master,” I replied, praying he wasn’t serious.

“You are finally learning Coach,” Troy said, patting my head. “You might be coachable yet.”

I laughed, as did he, as he said, “See you Saturday.”

“Yes, Master,” I nodded, not getting off my knees until he left the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, a minute later, I wondered just how far I was willing to go to please Troy? When in the act of submission my obedience seemed to have no restrictions, yet after the fact such future acts were scary…my career and reputation at risk. Split-roasted? Being secretly used by members of my team? A whole fraternity of black cock?

What was becoming of me?

I called Ashley and said, “We need to talk.”

11. Ashley’s BIG Strap-on Surprise

Two hours later I was at Ashley’s and she could tell instantly I was stressed. I explained what just happened and all the things Troy had suggested that he may make me do one day.

Once done, Ashley joked, “I’ve created a monster.”

“This isn’t funny. My career is in jeopardy,” I replied.

“Do you want to quit?” Ashley asked softly, taking my hands in hers.

I paused. “I don’t know,” I finally answered.

“Adam, I love you and when this whole crazy thing began I never thought it would go this far. If you want to stop, I will stop too,” Ashley said, her voice so compassionate and sincere.

“I love you too, Ashley,” I replied, kissing her gently. “This has just gotten out of hand.”

“I know,” Ashley agreed. “I ate a stranger’s cunt in a church bathroom as the service was going on,”

“I sucked a student during the same service,” I countered.

“Slut,” Ashley joked.

“Whore,” I retorted.

“Cocksucker,” she volleyed back, rubbing my cock through my pants, her tone still playful but shifting to a sexual hunger. The name-calling was turning her on; it was also turning me on.

“Lesbian,” I whispered with a smile, my hands cupping her small firm breasts.

“Nigger lover,” she smiled, tugging down my pants.

“Right back at you,” I replied back.

“So, now what?” She asked. I could tell she would quit if I asked her to, but that she didn’t want me to.

“I can’t explain it, Ashley. As soon as a black cock appears in front of me, my mouth waters, my morals dissolve and my brain turns into eager pleasing mode. It’s like I can’t control myself, I must have it in my mouth, I must obey,” I explained, my cock getting hard in Ashley’s hand as I tried to explain my misgivings.

“I understand, I feel the exact same way when Rhianna’s black pussy is offered to me. My brain shifts into automatic drive but I am not the one driving,” she responded.

“That’s what scares me, the complete lack of control, the pull to submit and obey, the desire to please,” I continued.

“I understand completely,” she nodded. “I’m like a junkie, but my drug of choice is submission and black pussy, and twice as addicting.”

“Do you want to stop?” I asked.

“Do you?” She asked.

The answer was obvious…yes, yes, yes…yet the words out of my mouth was, “No.”

“Me neither,” she said, hugging me, clearly a sense of relief in my answer.

When she broke the hug, she said, “We just need to be strong together. No matter what, we have each other.”

“You really are perfect,” I smiled.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” she smiled back playfully pushing me onto the couch.

“Mother fucker,” I yelped, as the biggest of the five plugs to fill my ass reached new unchartered territory.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Ashley apologized profusely as she kissed me.

“That is not where it hurts,” I smiled.

“Is that so,” she smiled, as she moved lower.

Reaching my cock she began doing her trademark slow burn blow job which was like a water treatment massage for my cock.

I enjoyed the blow job for the next twenty minutes as she made love to my cock with her mouth. She milked my cock with precision as I eventually blew my load in her mouth even as she never once increased her pace, slow and steady indeed winning the race.

Once she had finished the blow job a couple of minutes after I finished coming, she asked, her tone playful, “Is my baby all better now?”

“Actually, that isn’t where it hurt,” I smiled back.

“Really?” She said, surprised but intrigued by my intent.

“It was my ass you hurt,” I pointed out.

“You want me to kiss your ass better,” she smiled.

I shrugged.

“That seems like a good transition to the surprise I have for you?” Ashley smiled.

“Now you have me curious,” I replied.

“Good word choice,” she said, squeezing my cock before adding, “Don’t you go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

As I waited, I realized her tone dripped with sexual promise. I waited a few minutes, more than I expected, but when she returned I gasped. She was in white thigh high stockings and was wearing a black strap-on cock.

“Do you like?” She asked, posing seductively.

“I am speechless?” I replied, even as I realized the obvious intent of her attire.

“Are you ready for the last part of your training?” She asked, walking over to me, the big plastic cock bouncing confidently with her every step.

“Do I have a choice?” I asked, trying to avoid answering the question.

“Everyone has a choice, silly,” she smiled as she reached me. “But if you are going to be ready to even attempt taking Troy’s cock in you, you better get used to the feeling of getting fucked.”

I fluttered my eyelids, “Oh you just know exactly the right words to say.”

“Get undressed,” she said, her playfulness gone.

I obeyed, the thought of getting my ass fucked by her turning me on in ways I never would have imagined just a few days ago.

“Let’s see how your ass is doing with your gaping process,” she ordered.

“There is no way anything bigger can ever fit in my ass,” I said, even though Ashley’s cock was longer than the plug, as I got onto my knees doggie style on the couch.

“You would be surprised what can fit in that tiny hole of yours,” she countered, pulling out the last butt plug and replacing it with two fingers.

“Ohhhh,” I groaned softly.

“Fuck, I know it shouldn’t, but the thought of watching you suck Troy’s cock and take his cock in your ass has my cunt dripping, baby,” Ashley said, as she wiggled her fingers inside my ass.

“Imagining you eating Rhianna’s cunt does the same for me, baby,” I whimpered, as she stretched my ass with her fingers.

“Can I fuck you, Adam?” She asked, leaning into my ear, her tone tentative, but excited.

“I-I-I-don’t know,” I stammered, distracted by the fingers in my ass and her hot sultry breath on my ear.

“I want to be your first, baby. Can I be your first?” She asked, tugging on my ear with her teeth.

The days of butt plugs in my ass and the thoughts of always wanting more in my head, I knew I wanted her to fuck me, yet as a man such words are hard to allow to escape your lips, even after everything I had already done. “Just do it,” I said, answering yes, but vaguely.

She knew enough not to make me repeat it, not to humiliate me like Troy had done, as she moved her tongue down my neck. “I will be gentle, baby. I want to do everything with you.”

Such tenderness enhanced my eagerness to make her happy and any trepidation of being ass fucked dissipated as I gave in to her unconditionally, to pleasing her however she wished. “Kkkk,” I cautiously answered.

A moment later I felt lube on my ass and a few seconds later she asked, “Ready, baby?”

“Yes,” I answered, suddenly turned on by the act of submission I was about to commit with her, I added, “Take my anal cherry.”

Noticing my shift from insecure and tentative, to eager and anticipatory, she paused, the head of her fake cock teasing my rosebud, “You want me to fuck your ass?”

She pushed in, just breaking through my defensive wall, as I answered, “Yes, baby, I want you to be the first to fuck my ass.”

Slowly she eased her cock deeper into me, widening me naturally, the last few days of butt gaping paid off, as the pain was almost non-existent, just a slight burn to remind me of the taboo act I was committing.

“Half way,” she announced, I assume to relax me, but it did the opposite. I thought she was almost all the way in and suddenly doubts reappeared. I grabbed onto the top of the couch for support as I felt the cock continue its inward exploration of my virgin back door.

“Just relax,” she reassured, her left hand caressing my back.

“Okay,” I weakly replied, the cock going officially deeper than the butt plugs had, save the time when Ashley impaled me onto the big one earlier by accident.

“Good boy,” she purred, not condescending, but soothing as she continued her slow advance.

The pain increased and yet the thrill of submission, in making Ashley happy, somehow dulled my senses and allowed a sense of euphoria to build simultaneously.

“Two-thirds in, baby,” she announced, even as I clenched my teeth.

“Ok,” I said, my voice trembling.

“I’m going to stop now, and began slowly fucking you, get you used to my cock,” Ashley said.

I just nodded in understanding, the idea of getting fucked a turn on, the reality not quite yet feeling as sensational as I had fantasized. I wasn’t in major pain, nor was I in major pleasure, I was just there, my body trying to adapt to the two conflicting sensations.

She started fucking me slowly.

The feeling was a collision of teasing pleasure, taunting burn, helplessness, and eagerness.

It felt good, but yet I wanted more.

It felt bad, but I wanted more.

I felt defenceless and completely at the mercy of the cock in my ass; yet I felt a hunger to be used, to be fucked.

I understood in one brief moment of clarity what it felt to be a man, and a woman and in this brief moment there was no longer gender, just sexual ambiguity and a slow, but undeniable building of pleasure coursing through my very being.

As she slowly sodomized me, there was no talking, just my quiet, but audible whimpers and moans, the difference between the two almost unrecognizable.

I don’t know how long she slowly moved in and out of me before she finally spoke. “I’m going to start going deeper, baby.”

“Ok,” I replied, accepting that I was completely at her whim and her black cock.

I wanted to feel the cock deeper in me.

I wanted her to fuck me faster.

I wanted to be pounded like a dirty little slut…but I couldn’t say the words.

The thoughts were endless in my mind, but releasing the thoughts verbally, I just couldn’t do.

The pain returned as the black cock, began to explore new never before reached depths and yet I kept wishing she would just slam it in me. Filling my ass full, the pain would be sharp, but it would be worth it and the pleasure that followed would surely be amazing.

Her strokes were still slow, but each forward movement continued to go deeper, driving me crazy as I wanted to be fucked, not made love to. After a few more slow deliberate strokes and I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst out, “Please, fill my ass with your cock. Fuck me and make me your ass-slut.”

My outcry was all she had been waiting for it seemed, as she immediately shifted from sweet, compassionate, and tender, into aggressive, rough, and assertive. “You want me to fill your ass, baby,” she demanded, not really asking, stopping with her cock almost out of me.

“Yes,” I whimpered, suddenly feeling empty.

Her hands squeezed my hips as she pounded me, her cock moving faster inside me, going deeper and deeper inside the seemingly never-ending abyss of my ass.

“Oh God,” I whimpered, unable to put into real words how good it felt being fucked.

“You’re worshipping now are you,” she chuckled, referring to our crazy church submission.

“You are my Goddess, baaaaaby,” I replied, gasping from the fucking.

She kept fucking me, the strokes longer and faster.

“Is it all in?” I questioned.

“Not yet,” she admitted.

“Do it,” I said, determined to feel the big cock’s full magical power inside me.

“Ok,” she agreed, “Here it comes.”

“Fuuuuck,” I screamed as she filled my ass with her cock, the pleasure-pain principal an oxymoron of tantalizing euphoria.

“You like my cock in your ass, baby?” Ashley taunted me as she began pumping my ass with hard deep thrusts, our hips slapping violently against one another.

“Yeeeeess,” I was barely able to get out, all my energy focused on the intense feeling of her cock inside me, filling me.

“Your cock is rock hard baby,” she noticed, after a couple of minutes of hard fucking later.

I moaned, my own cock feeling like it could burst at any moment, “I knooooow.”

A few more minutes of deep anal penetrations and I knew I was going to burst. The pain had long faded away and each forward stroke brought a new wave of indescribable pleasure. It was a constant tease of almost orgasmic euphoria as I could feel the constant pulses of pleasure, my cock begging for release and yet unable to cross the threshold.

Finally, desperate to come, I weakly said, “Ashley I need to come so bad.”

“Stroke yourself,” she told me as she continued to slam into me.

The idea had never occurred to me and yet as soon as she said it my left hand went directly to my stiff cock and it took three strokes from my hand for the first stream of cum to spray onto the couch. “Fuuuuck,” I grunted, from both the pleasure pulsating through my cock as well as the pleasure in my ass.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” Ashley encouraged, her cock still fucking me with reckless abandon.

I coated her couch with my cum as I shot the biggest load of my life, spray after spray exiting me.

Once done, my whole body was drained and I rolled to my left, her cock sliding out of my ass.

Ashley joked, “Look what you did to my couch.”

I pointed to my well-fucked ass, “Look what you did to my ass.”

“Wait till Saturday, a real stiff warm cock is twice as nice,” she promised, reminding me of the submission ahead.

“I can’t imagine it gets better than this,” I said, meaning it.

“Trust me, I have had a fake cock and a real cock up my ass and a real one is infinity times better,” she promised.

“Jesus, I can’t imagine,” I said, my body still twitching.

She scooped a big wad of cum from the couch and put it in her mouth. “Not as good as directly from the source, but still quite good.”

She took off the strap-on cock and straddled my face. “I think it’s time for me to get off, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know, I’m kinda tired,” I smiled.

“It wasn’t a question,” she smiled back as she lowered her very wet cunt onto my face.

An orgasm later, we were laying there both exhausted and sweaty, when she said, “So are you ready for Saturday?”

“I lot more than I was an hour ago,” I answered.

“Touché,” she smiled.

“Are you?” I asked back.

“I can’t wait to see you suck Troy’s cock,” she admitted, her eyes literally twinkling with excitement.

“I can’t wait to see you eat out Rhianna,” I countered, the thought of the white-black contrast such a turn-on.

“I can’t wait to see you take Troy’s cock up your ass,” she added.

“I can’t wait for you to get fucked in the ass by Rhianna too,” I retorted.

“We really are two sick fucks,” she smiled.

“But you are my sick fuck,” I answered back kissing her.

“And you’re mine,” she replied, as we kissed, a kiss that was tender and sweet.

“I love you, Ashley,” I said.

“I love you too, Adam,” she returned.

A few minutes later, after a long, passionate kiss, I said, “So I was thinking,”

“Are you sure that is a good idea?” She joked.

“This time I think it is,” I answered my tone serious.

“And what are you thinking?”

“I think I stained your couch,” I said.

“Profound,” she responded, clearly not expecting me to say that.

“And maybe instead of buying a new one, you could just move in with me and share mine,” I offered.

“You’re serious?” She asked, clearly surprised by where the conversation had turned.

“Deadly,” I replied. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Ashley.”

She kissed me hard before saying, very excitedly, “Let’s do it.”

Playing dumb, I asked, “Do you mean have sex again or move in together?”

As she lowered herself to the floor and took my semi-erect cock in her hand she answered, “Why both of course.”

12. DARK Fantasies Become Reality

Friday was uneventful, as I didn’t see Troy or Ashley, who had to work a double to get tomorrow off. I flip-flopped like a fish out of water the pros and cons of Saturday’s anal submission to Troy. Yet, in the end, it always came back to both how excited it made Ashley, and how good it felt being used by Troy.


Saturday I woke up early, a mixture of excitement and trepidation equally pin balling back and forth inside me.

I picked Ashley up and my cock twitched at the sight of her. She was in a green dress with mocha stockings and matching five-inch green heels. I was so proud to know that she was mine and that she would soon be living with me. I did some research on engagement rings the night before, deciding I would ask her in the near future. I wasn’t getting any younger, I had never loved anyone like I love her and I would be the luckiest man in the world if she would agree to be my bride. These thoughts were re-confirmed the second I saw her walking towards me: her radiant smile, her long hair blowing lightly in the wind, the twinkle in her eye and, of course, her legs wrapped in nylon. She was perfection and I was never going to let her not know that.

I got out of the car and opened the door for her. “You look amazing,” I complimented, once she reached me.

“Thanks, baby, you clean up pretty good yourself,” she smiled back.

“No seriously,” I said, taking her hands in mine, “you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You are my destiny.”

She laughed softly, “Are you quoting Back to the Future to me?”

“It is my favourite movie,” I replied.

“What’s mine?” She asked.

“You had me at hello,” I responded with the famous line from her favorite movie.

She kissed me passionately. “I am surprised you didn’t choose show me the money.”

“And kill this romantic moment,” I retorted.

“Not to be a killjoy, but we really need to get going. I don’t want to be late,” she said, clearly anxious about what we were about to do.

“Good call,” I agreed, and waited until she sat down to get a nice glimpse of her legs before closing the door.

Oddly, we drove in silence, both I assume, considering the ramifications of what we were about to do. Once at Troy’s parents’ large home, we looked at each other knowing this was the last chance to turn back. Yet, we both knew we had no intention of turning back…we both wanted this, we both needed this and together we would cross another invisible line of propriety.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes, you?” She replied.

“Nervous,” I admitted.

“Me too,” she admitted, before adding, “but I am also really excited.”

“Me too,” I concurred.

“Let’s go,” she said, opening her door.

I did too and soon we were walking up the steps of the big house.

“Well, here goes everything,” I joked, as I pressed the doorbell.

Time stood still as we waited, hand in hand, for the door to open, for us to be let in and to continue our journey of black submission.

It was a big surprise when it was not Troy, nor Rhianna, that answered the door but their older brother Jamal, in only a pair of shorts. “Hi, Coach,” he greeted. I had coached Jamal when he was in high school before he started going to college and playing as a starter his rookie season.

“H-h-hi, Jamal,” I stammered, my surprise at being face to face with him obvious.

Jamal, looked Ashley over, before saying, “Come on in, we’ve been expecting you.”

The term ‘we’ sent a chill up my spine at who else may be included in the collective ‘we’. I glanced nervously at Ashley who didn’t seem as rattled as she squeezed my hand, a sign of reassurance, as she led me inside.

Silently we followed Jamal into the house and down the stairs into a large recreational room. Sitting on one couch was Troy, also just in shorts, while on another chair was Rhianna in a bikini that did little to cover her voluptuous breasts.

“Hi, Cocksucker,” Troy greeted, snapping his fingers and pointing to his crotch.

I froze, the greeting in front of his brother adding another level of humiliation to my long list of indiscretions.

Jamal laughed as he tugged his shorts down, sat down beside Troy, revealing another glorious, big, juicy black cock and said, “Coach if I would’ve known you were a cocksucker when I was in high school I would have trained you to be a much more obedient bitch. Now get your ass over here.”

His firmness was even more authoritative than Troy’s and I glanced at Ashley, who was watching with voyeuristic awe, before I walked over to the two brothers.

“Knees, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered, standing up, clearly trying to maintain his power over me in front of his older brother. I fell to my knees.

“Come sit with me, Ashley, let’s watch your boyfriend in action,” Rhianna offered, patting the spot beside her.

Ashley was behind me, so I couldn’t see if she obeyed, but I assumed she had. Troy tugged his shorts down too and I was staring at two massive, black, cocks both begging to be sucked. Without instruction, I took a cock in each of my hands and began slowly stroking.

Jamal ordered, “Get to work with that mouth, Cocksucker. Troy tells me you are quite talented.”

Oddly, hearing that Troy complimented my cocksucking ability made me flush with pride as I leaned forward and took Jamal’s large cock, although slightly smaller than Troy’s in length, but wider in girth, in my mouth, while continuing to slowly stroke Troy’s with my hand.

“Do you like watching your boyfriend suck cock?” I heard Rhianna ask Ashley.

“Yes,” she admitted, her tone sounding as if in awe of seeing it live, her fantasy now becoming a reality right before her eyes.

I wanted to prove my cocksucking worth to Jamal, another person knowing of my sick twisted secret no longer an issue once his big dark meat was in front of me, as I allowed his cock to grow in my mouth. I also wanted to make Ashley proud as bizarre as that sounds.

As I had with Troy several times before, I focused first on Jamal’s thick mushroom top, swirling my tongue around while beginning to create the extra saliva that would cause the whirlwind sensation.

“Now mine, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered.

I, of course, obeyed, taking Jamal’s thick meat out of my mouth and replacing it with Troy’s pulsing member. I replicated the mushroom top focus while I stroked Jamal’s cock with my hand.

“Now mine, faggot,” Jamal ordered and I began going back and forth between the two juicy black snakes. Over the next few minutes, I was in cocksucker heaven as I went back and forth between the two cocks so drawn into my cocksucking world of submission that I had forgot Ashley and Rhianna were watching the whole submissive scene.

“Shit, slut, your boyfriend is one hungry cocksucker,” I heard Rhianna remark, jolting me back to reality.

“Mmmmmm,” I vaguely heard Ashley moan in response, obviously turned on by my nasty act of submission.

This only turned me on more, my own cock begging for attention, as I began deep-throating Jamal’s thick cock.

“Fuck, you are better than all the college bitches and faggots,” Jamal grunted, surprised it seemed by my ability to deep-throat.

Troy laughed, “He loves being a cock slave for black cock, don’t you Coach?”

I moaned on Jamal’s cock in response as I continued bobbing back and forth now craving cum.

Troy grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back onto his cock as he began to face fuck me. I made a variety of sounds as I focused on not gagging on his beautiful member.

Rhianna asked, “Does he fuck your face?”

“Not like that,” Ashley answered.

“So he is a bigger cocksucking slut than you?” Rhianna questioned.

“I guess,” Ashley said, her tone implying she wasn’t sure how to answer the question.

“This was your fantasy, to see your boyfriend suck cock, wasn’t it?” Rhianna continued.

“Yes,” Ashley admitted.

“Is it all you imagined?”

“God, yes,” Ashley said, clearly turned on by watching me suck cock.

“Tell him?” Rhianna ordered.

“Shit baby, you look so hot with a big black cock in your mouth?” Ashley complimented, as I was face-fucked by Troy’s stiff iron black rod.

“Don’t call him baby, call him what he is,” Rhianna ordered.

There was a slight delay before Ashley, who obviously wasn’t sure how this fit in to our fantasy situation, said, “That’s it, Cocksucker, take all that big black cock in your mouth.”

“That’s better,” Rhianna purred. “Now go sit beside your cocksucker boyfriend to get a closer look.”

Troy ordered, as he stopped face fucking me, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, “Let’s show your girlfriend how much you love sucking big black cock.”

I looked into Ashley’s eyes, as she knelt beside me, and saw her eagerness and support. I reached for Troy’s cock and asked Ashley, “Do you want to see me deep throat this big juicy black cock?”

Ashley knelt beside me, clearly horny as hell watching me submit to two younger black men. “Suck him, baby, take it all in your mouth, Cocksucker.” Clearly she was over her discomfort at verbally abusing me.

I leaned forward and took Troy’s cock back in my mouth while also returning to stroking Jamal’s stiff member with my free hand.

“That’s it, Cocksucker, teach your girlfriend how to worship a black cock,” Troy groaned, as I began bobbing back and forth hungrily, wanting to impress Troy, Ashley, Jamal and Rhianna.

After a couple of minutes of cocksucking, I could sense Troy was close as I deep-throated his marvellous member.

“Holy shit,” Ashley gasped, “You did it.”

A sense of pride washed over me at knowing I had wowed my very sexually aggressive and experienced girlfriend.

“Ready for my cum, slut?” Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock, craving his delicious seed.

“Here it comes,” he grunted, pulling out and surprising us both as he turned and covered her face with his cum.

Ashley’s eyes went wide and my first feeling was strangely jealousy as I wanted his cum.

“Go ahead, Cocksucker, retrieve my cum from your girlfriend’s face,” Troy smirked, clearly revelling in his power over me.

I didn’t hesitate, as I moved to Ashley and began kissing and licking her face, retrieving Troy’s sweet seed. I took my time, the act so nasty and so hot; Ashley’s eyes sparkled and her shocked look shifted to her often seen sexy and playful.

She said coyly, “Don’t miss any, Cocksucker.”

“I won’t cunt-licker?” I countered, each of us trying to turn on our audience and each other.

Once I had retrieved and savoured all of Troy’s cum, Ashley kissed me her tongue swirling in my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt my hair pulled as Jamal ordered, “Get back to your job, Cocksucker,” as he shoved his cock into my mouth.

“Cunt-licker, get your ass over here,” Rhianna demanded, as Jamal began fucking my face, a lot rougher than Troy ever had, his hands firmly holding onto my head as his balls bounced off my chin with each deep thrust.

“Yes, Mistress,” I heard Ashley reply, wanting to watch her crawl to Rhianna, to submit sexually to another black like I just had.

I was unable to move, however, as Jamal pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged a couple of times and was scolded. “Good cocksuckers don’t gag on cock, you fucking white faggot.”

I winced at the ‘faggot’ shot, but focused on not gagging anymore, which was incredibly difficult as he fucked my face so roughly.

Jamal pulled his cock out and asked, “facial or swallow, Cocksucker?”

“Swallow,” I answered, hungry for another load of cum; plus I was curious what his cum tasted like.

“Come and get it,” Jamal ordered.

I took his cock back in my mouth and bobbed back and forth like a faggot craving cum. Less than a minute later, I felt his cock pulse and his cum bullets shot into my mouth. I swallowed the first couple shots and then caught the rest allowing its heavy texture, like sweet pudding, to linger in my mouth.

Jamal pulled out and Troy said, “Want to see your dyke girlfriend eat cunt?”

“Yes, Master,” I said, dying to see Ashley between Rhianna’s dark legs.

“Turn around and crawl over,” Troy ordered, “Jamal and I need a bit of time to recover before we take your ass.”

I crawled over beside Ashley, who was already between Rhianna’s lean, ebony legs, licking away. I pondered the impending ass-fucking Troy had just promised as I enjoyed the show.

Reaching the lesbian action, I watched, in I assume the same voyeuristic awe Ashley displayed earlier, my stiff cock still begging for attention. Watching porn on television was hot, but seeing it live, especially when your girlfriend was one of the participants involved, was a whole new level of eroticism.

“Slut, your cocksucking boyfriend is watching,” Rhianna said, her hands in Ashley’s hair pulling her up.

Ashley looked at me, her face with just a slight glean, an undeniable hunger and determination in her eyes. “You like watching me eat cunt, baby?”

Encouraging her, I replied, “I fucking love it.”

Rhianna pulled Ashley back between her legs as she said, “Aren’t you two adorable? Now get back to licking me pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Ashley replied obediently.

“You love serving me don’t you, my pet,” Rhianna asked, gently moving her hands through Ashley’s hair.

“Yes, Mistress, I love serving you,” Ashley replied between licks.

“And you will be a good white slut to all black pussy?” Rhianna continued, the whole time her eyes were on me.

“Whatever you wish, Mistress, I am your white slave to use as you wish,” Ashley replied, as I got turned on by her submissive declarations.

“Will you seduce my mom?” Rhianna asked, a devious smile on her face, her mischievous eyes burrowing into me.

This surprised Ashley as she stammered, “Y-y-you want me to seduce your mom?”

“That would be the most amazing coup ever my slut, do you think you are up to the challenge?” Rhianna asked, pulling Ashley’s head away from her wet cunt, now perfectly framed for me to see her wet glistening cunt.

Ashley looked at me, unsure how to answer, so I spoke for her. “Ashley will do whatever you want, Mistress Rhianna. She will turn your mom into a cunt-hungry lesbian and bring her to you if you wish.”

“Oh my,” Rhianna smiled, “your boyfriend has set the bar up pretty high my little cunt-pleaser.”

“And I will make it happen,” Ashley smiled, winking at me.

“Delicious,” Rhianna smiled.

“As are you Mistress,” Ashley smiled back, returning between her Mistress’s dark legs.

Troy said, “So does that mean you want to be on your knees for my father, Cocksucker?”

I turned to Troy almost forgetting they were here and stammered, “P-p-pardon?”

“Do you want to be a cocksucker for my father?” He repeated.

“If you want me to,” I answered, knowing those were the right words to say, but paralyzed by fear of being made to commit such an act and brief bathroom encounter with Mr. Brown popping into my head.

“Good to know,” Troy said ominously, leaving the door open to such an extreme, humiliating possibility.

“That’s it slut, suck my clit, nigger lover…slave…slut…whore…cunt-licker…white submissive,” Rhianna near an orgasm, suddenly shot a litany of derogatory names at my beautiful girlfriend, each one making my cock twitch.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Jamal said.

“Ready for round two big brother?” Troy asked.

“Indeed I am,” Jamal agreed, stroking his semi-erect cock.

“Get over here, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered, “Let’s get my cock nice and hard for that man-pussy of yours.”

“Yes, Master,” I obeyed, crawling to him just as Rhianna reached orgasm.

“Mother fuuuuucking, yeeeeeees, keeeep licking, cuuuuuunt,” Rhianna bellowed.

I reached Troy’s juicy semi-erect cock and took it in my mouth, preparing it for my own sodomy.

“You ready for your first ass-fucking, Coach?” Troy asked a couple of minutes later.

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my ass twitching with anticipation, both excited and scared, “Yes, Master, Ashley has been preparing me for you.”

“Has she?” Troy smirked. “Did you fuck him, cunt-licker?”

“I pounded his ass nice and hard for you Master?” Ashley bragged, which somehow turned me on remembering the night she took my anal virginity.

“Did he whimper like a little girl?” Troy asked, as I made his cock nice and stiff for my ass.

“At first,” Ashley admitted, then added, “but then he begged for more. He took it like a man.”

Again the words should have been humiliating, but instead just made me want Troy’s cock in me more. A couple of minutes later, Troy’s cock was iron hard and ready for action.

“Are you ready, Coach?” Troy asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

“Get undressed,” Troy demanded.

I quickly got out of my clothes and returned to my knees. “Such an eager little nigger loving slave,” Jamal chuckled.

“Lets see how well your ass was prepared,” Troy said, moving behind me. “Toss me the lube, sis.”

Rhianna reached over, grabbed a bottle from the table and tossed it to her brother.

I felt the liquid on my ass cheeks and my stiff cock flinched at the thought of what was about to transpire.

“Ashley, come here,” Troy ordered.

Ashley, her face covered with pussy juice, immediately crawled over to Troy. “Yes, Master.”

I was instantly worried that Troy would make her submit to him and I wasn’t sure if Ashley could refuse such an offer…I know I couldn’t. We had agreed we would allow each other our bi-sexual needs but wouldn’t cross the line otherwise. I was petrified if she felt his cock in her mouth or in her cunt, she would be addicted and I would never be enough for her. Thankfully, Troy didn’t force her into that decision.

“I want you to spread your boyfriend’s ass cheeks open for me, Ashley,” Troy suggested.

“Ok,” Ashley agreed, crawled up beside me, and pulled my ass cheeks apart offering my ass to him.

“Do you want me to fuck your boyfriend’s ass, Ashley?” Troy asked, his lubricated cock rubbing around my rosebud.

“God, yes,” she admitted, assumedly watching his cock teasing my back door.

“Tell me what to do, baby,” Troy said.

“Slowly, slide that big black cock of yours in my boyfriend’s ass,” Ashley instructed, adding, “I want to see him take all your cock in his sexy tight ass.”

“As you wish, sexy,” Troy agreed, clearly flirting with her.

“Aaaah,” I whimpered, as his thick cock began its inward journey, spreading my ass apart more than any of the butt plugs or Ashley’s cock had. The burn was intense, but the feeling of submission was equally intense.

I tried to focus on the cock in my mouth, but the distraction of Troy’s cock slowly slithering inside me from behind was impossible to ignore.

“Fuck, your ass is tight,” Troy groaned, He grabbed my wrists and brought my hands behind my back, immobilizing me. My chest rested on the floor, thrusting my ass high in the air. I felt helpless, completely under his control; my helplessness turned me on even more.

“He has the sexiest ass in the world,” Ashley complimented, her warm hands still holding my ass cheeks apart for easier entry for Troy.

“Well I’m not sure about that, your ass is pretty fucking fine,” Troy countered, clearly already considering his next conquest. I prayed Ashley could resist the temptation of such a physical specimen, but wasn’t convinced she could.

“Mine is pretty darn tight too,” Ashley purred back, being drawn into Troy’s sexual web.

“It won’t be once I’m done with you, my pet,” Rhianna added, the thought of her fucking Ashley’s ass making my cock involuntarily flinch.

Ashley, not missing a beat, asked, “Will you fuck my ass now Mistress?”

“You really are a nasty slut, aren’t you?” Rhianna asked, standing up.

“For you I am whatever you want me to be,” Ashley answered back.

“I’ll be right back, I hadn’t planned to fuck your ass today,” Rhianna said.

Meanwhile, my ass was burning, Troy’s wide cock making my ass feel like a virgin again. Each slow inch created new sensations of burning pain and fiery lust, my body eager to feel myself getting fucked, yet my body also knowing I wasn’t yet accustomed to his mammoth dick.

I continued to make strange whimpers as the pain didn’t simmer as quickly as I had hoped.

“Let’s shut that mouth of yours, faggot,” Jamal said, as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up, so that he could shove his cock in my mouth.

“I don’t think you will be able to take all my cock, Coach,” Troy said.

Ashley spoke for me, “He wants it all, Master, he wants to give himself to you completely.”

“Is that true, Coach?” Troy asked.

Jamal pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could speak. I didn’t hesitate, Ashley’s answer was definitely the truth, “Yes, Master, I want all your cock in my ass.”

“You mean your man-pussy, your cunt,” Troy corrected.

“Sorry, Master, yes I want your big black cock in my virgin cunt, I want you to fuck me like you would any of your other sluts,” I said, my lust taking over any last remnants of a moral code.

“You got it Coach,” Troy said, as in one hard forward thrust, he reached unimaginable depths inside me.

“Oh aaaaaah, Godddddddd,” I screamed, as my ass felt like it was being torn in two.

“Still want me to fuck you like my other sluts?” Troy asked amused.

“Yeeees, Master,” I whimpered, the burning sensation in my ass almost unbearable and yet I wanted to feel him begin to pump my ass. “Fuck my cunt, but please go slowly at first.”

Rhianna arrived back and ordered, “Slut, get on all fours beside your boyfriend.”

Ashley let go of my ass cheeks and moved beside me, her hands now on my back, “Yes, Mistress.”

Troy started slowly moving his cock in and out of my ass, the burn continuing, but simmering with each slow stroke, as a new pleasure began to build inside me, the sensation of being used as a fuck-toy thrilling in ways I can’t explain. Getting fucked was a completely different feeling and brought with it an entirely different euphoria than being the one doing the fucking.

“Oh yes,” Ashley moaned, her fingernails going into my back as she assumedly was joining me in having her ass filled.

Meanwhile, the cock in my mouth which had just been sitting inside me as I got used to Troy’s cock, began slowly moving between my lips. “I hope you can multi-task, faggot,” Jamal said.

I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but the slowly growing pleasure in my ass was distracting me, as were the moans from Ashley as Rhianna began fucking her ass.

“You like getting ass-fucked like your boyfriend, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“God yes,” Ashley moaned, “My mouth, cunt and ass are yours to use as you wish Mistress.”

“What if I want to share you with my cheerleading friends?” Rhianna asked.

Ashley, her moans letting me know she was in lust mode, replied, “Share away, Mistress.”

Troy’s cock in my ass was still going slow and I suddenly wanted more. I needed to be fucked…hard and deep. Yet, I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth with Jamal’s stiff cock slowly fucking my face.

Rhianna continued testing Ashley. “So you will seduce my mom, take me to Boston, to the lesbian club as my pet slut and please all my cheerleader teammates, how about getting dp’d by my two brothers?”

My eyes again went wide as again the possibility of crossing the line we had both agreed we wouldn’t cross was questioned.

Ashley squeezed my body, a hint of her concern over what to say. Trying to help Ashley out by distracting Rhianna, I moved my head to free my mouth of Jamal’s black meat and begged, “Harder, Master, please fuck my ass harder.”

“You mean your cunt,” Troy corrected.

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered, showing him my eager submission I continued, my hunger undeniable, “Please Master, fuck my pussy, my man-cunt, my faggot ass, I am yours to use as you pleeeeeease.”

Troy’s cock slammed into me hard and he began fucking me fast and deep, my moans and whimpers sounding so feminine and yet I loved every second of it. The pain ignored because of the intense pleasure and the thrill of being fucked. I loved fucking Ashley, but the thrill of being fucked was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced, just giving in without reservation to the pure submission of black dominant cock.

“You like that, Coach?” Troy grunted, as his body crashed into mine.

“Yeeees, I love your black cock in my white ass,” I moaned like a cheap slut.

“Harder, Mistress,” Ashley begged too, both of us hungry to be fucked as deep and hard as humanly possible in our forbidden back door.

“My body shook both side to side from Ashley’s body movements and front to back from Troy’s deep hard thrusts, my body a literal rag doll of pleasure.

The next few minutes the sounds of Ashley and myself echoed through the room as we were fucked by our dominant black Master and Mistress.

Troy breaking the few minutes of silence said, “Time for you to fuck yourself, Coach.”

“Actually time for the little fairy to get split roasted,” Jamal added.

I began bouncing back onto Troy’s cock, the thrill of suddenly being in control exciting, my ass crashing into his body. Meanwhile, Jamal placed his stiff cock in front of my face and I took it in my mouth as I began going back and forth taking all Troy’s cock in my ass and then taking all of Jamal’s cock in my mouth. I soon got into a perfect rhythm as I bounced back and forth in perfect unison.

“Can I come, Mistress?” Ashley begged, her voice trembling as she asked.

“Are you getting turned on watching your boyfriend getting it from both ends, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“It’s soooooo fucking hot,” Ashley admitted, her hands firmly on my body.

“Come, slut, come as you fall deeper into your complete submission to me,” Rhianna demanded.

“Yeeeeesssss,” Ashley screamed, seconds later as her orgasm quaked through her body, and conversely through mine as well.

I too wanted to come, my cock stiff and hard as it had been for the entire time I was being used by Troy and Jamal.

A couple more minutes of me fucking myself on Troy’s cock had me wanting to feel Troy come in my ass, to take another of Jamal’s loads down my throat and to hopefully shoot a load myself.

“Keep milking my cock, Coach,” Troy groaned, and a few seconds later I felt the indescribable feeling of him coming in my ass, a feeling that sent trembles of intense pleasure to my cock that was beginning to hurt from lack of sexual release.

Jamal, close himself, grabbed my head and began fucking my face as Troy pulled out and I felt a gush of cum slip out of my ass and began sliding down my leg. The feeling was so submissively wrong and yet felt so right.

Suddenly, I felt Ashley move off me and seconds later I felt someone crawling underneath me, as I felt a mouth, assumedly hers, wrap around my cock. Desperation taking over, I began awkwardly fucking her mouth, making her gag while my mouth was simultaneously being fucked as well.

“Come Coach,” Troy ordered.

With the permission I had been waiting for, I shot my load into Ashley’s eager mouth just as Jamal pulled out and shot his sticky white goo all over my grimacing face, my orgasm so intense I could barely keep myself up from collapsing onto Ashley.

As soon as my orgasm was done, I rolled to my left and fell onto my back, my body exhausted from being used as a fucktoy by my two black masters…being split-roasted.

Ashley moved to me and kissed me passionately, Jamal’s cum accidentally being shared between us. The kiss was passionate and urgent a wordless message that we were both thanking each other for allowing one another the liberty to fulfill our dark secret bi-sexual desires.

“Ah isn’t that sweet,” Jamal chuckled.

Rhianna defended us. “It’s actually pretty fucking cool. A couple who have allowed each other such sexual freedom without the jealousy and petty bullshit that usually stunts relationships.”

Dear readers, I apologize for taking so long to post this chapter. I hope the following chapters go more smoothly.

After a steak with baked potato, corn on the cob and all the trimmings, plus Cindy’s special coffee, Ken was ready for more and so was everyone else. Peggy wouldn’t leave his side all through dinner. Ken wondered how she’d feel Monday morning.

Damn!!, Ken thought, That was the one thing that was left uncoordinated. He would need a good night’s sleep too. He blew across a beer bottle to get everyone’s attention. “Would everyone please listen up? We’re all sorry, but all good things must end sometime. And we all have things to do tomorrow. So, At midnight the party is officially over. Everyone goes back to their own apartment. Whatever you choose to do during the week is by your own arrangements. Have a wonderful evening.”

Peggy looked at Ken. “Damn! I wanted to spend all night with you, Ken. That only leaves me 4 more hours with you”

Ken laughed. “What do you intend to do to me that could take more than four hours? I’m not God you know.”

“Oh, nothing too terrible. Just totally enslave you and make you mine.”

“I’m sorry, Love. I’m just not a one woman man and I don’t intend to become one. We can get together from time to time. Meanwhile there are a lot of good men for you to try out.”

“Relax, Mister. I was just teasing you. As you now know, I’m not ready to be a one man woman either. It is nice to have someone special to share things besides sex with though. That’s why I hope George can handle this situation okay.

“That’s why this lifestyle could become a paradise for all of us. The other girls will make sure that George gets his share too. They’ll keep him happy whenever you’re with anyone else. He’ll never have to feel cuckolded. Jane and I share like you and George. She’ll come back to my bed after you leave and I’ll love her as I did before. …that is as long as she showers and cleans herself first.”

Peggy playfully punched Ken’s arm and laughed. “Yeah, I don’t think George would be too happy over seconds either. I’m not sure how we’d ever do a threesome.”

“Please excuse me for a moment, Peggy. I really need to go take a piss before I bust a gut.”

“Don’t be long or I might have to start without you.”

A few minutes later, Ken came out of the bathroom with two wet facecloths and two clean bath towels. “There are more in the cabinet, once we get there.”

“Okay, enough stalling, Mister. Time will pass too fast as it is. Get your ass up on that bed and put a towel under you.”

“Yes, Mam!”

“Due to the shortness of time that you chose to put us under, I’m taking command of this situation. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mam!”

“Good, Now lie flat on your back at attention, Mister.”

“Peggy mounted astride Ken’s hips.”

Ken reached up to take her tits in his hands.

“Did I give you at ease, Mister?”

“No Mam!”

“You will remain at attention until I give you at ease. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mam!”

Peggy raised her self and guided Ken’s cock head into her hot wet love tunnel. Then she slid down over the hard juicing cockhead and took the shaft deep into her tummy. Within a thrust or two she was more than comfortable. With a soft moan she said, “At ease. Oh please just love me!” She began moving her ass in the most ancient and pleasurable of all motions.

Ken pulled her mouth down to meet his in a passionate lover’s kiss as he thrust his hard and eager cock deep and tight against her cervix.

“Umm, I love feeling you in me like this. You make me feel complete, satisfied, and happy. I wish we could be together like this forever.”

Peggy started thrusting a little harder and faster. Oh God! I’ve never felt like this before. Oh Baby, I’m cumming!”

“Oh yeah, Peggy. Atta girl! Cum on my hard and hot cock. Let me feel your lovely warm pussy juice flow all over me. I love it! Yes! Good girl! Stay up on that nice cum. Make it last a nice long time.” Ken was thrusting up into Peggy’s shaking pussy as hard and fast as he was capable of. The shaking gradually subsided and Ken drew Peggy’s limp body into his arms and held her snugly as her sweet little cunt reflexively squeezed and milked at his cock. Ken startled awake surprised to find that he had dozed off.

Peggy kissed his lips. “I loved just laying here watching you sleep and feeling your arms around me, and your beautiful cock twitching deep inside of me.” Now that you’re awake, I’m not ready to let you go. Peggy moved her hips and felt an answering twitch from Ken’s softening cock. A few more hip movements and the softening reversed. After a couple of gentle thrusts, that wonderful cock was hard and ready for more loving. “I want to feel you cum deep inside of me this time, Honey. I’m going to pretend that we’re making a baby together. I’m going to welcome your seed into my body and dream of the beautiful baby we could make and I’m going to love you as if it’s forever, even though I know it’s only for this short time that we have together. Oh God, yes. I feel you so close to the center of my universe. That’s it my love, climb with me to the stars. Cum with me, love.” Peggy was thrusting hard and fast now. “Yes, love, pump your beautiful cum right up into my womb. I want it in me.”

Ken matched Peggy’s thrusts in speed and intensity. He felt his testicles tighten.

“Yeah! Oh Yeah! …Oh! …Oh! …Oh! …Aahhh. Oh Yes, Ken! I can feel you as you ready to cum in me. I’m right with you, Honey! Oh God yes! I can feel you shooting it into me. Oh my God, It feels so warm and silky in me. Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh! Aiyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


“Wow is right, Peggy. You are one very hot little lady!”

“I’m glad you brought the face cloths and towels.” Peggy cleaned herself, then laughed. “I couldn’t have made it to the bathroom without leaking all over the carpet.”

“Now you don’t need to go to the bathroom. We can take a shower together later. Come here.” “Not so fast, Mister. I need to go pee.” “Okay. Hurry back.”

Ken felt something soft, warm, and wet on his cock. Waking up, he realized that it was Peggy’s mouth and that he was hard again. Ummm, that feels like heaven sweetheart. Bring that hot little pussy up here where I can taste it.

Peggy broke her suction long enough to say, “Are you sure you don’t mind tasting your own cum?” “Why should I mind tasting it. You don’t. Besides, I love your pussy.”

“Mmmm, and I love feeling your mouth on her. Will you cum for me? I want to feel you cum in my mouth and taste you then swallow all you were able to give me.”

It took forty five minutes before Ken felt the cum building up in his balls. He lost track of the number of orgasms Peggy underwent, but every time he eased off after she came, it wasn’t long before she started building up to another. This time he slipped three fingers up into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot for a short while. Then as they both neared their peak, he removed his fingers from her pussy and pushed two of them into her ass.

Peggy screamed out loud as her orgasm hit her full force. Before she slipped past her peak she felt Ken’s cum spurt into her mouth. She pulled him deep into her mouth and eagerly accepted his cum swallowing as much as she needed to avoid wasting any of his precious fluid. As it dwindled to a stop, she managed to save some of it to savor in her mouth when she pulled away. Turning around to kiss Ken’s mouth, she shared it with him and he passed it back to her. I’ve never shared a man’s cum with him before. Most guys would freak out.

“LOL! I’m not most guys. I love sex. Most guys only think they do. I love holding a woman after sex too. Holding you close to me like this is like heaven to me.”

“Mmm, me too.” Peggy snuggled in closer.

After a few minutes of silent cuddling, Ken said, “We better go shower. I want to send you home to George clean and fresh so he’ll let you come over and visit me again. Also, I know Jane will do the same for me and I want to do my part for her. You can go in first. There’s a new toothbrush. toothpaste and mouthwash in the medicine chest. I’ll be in to help you wash your back in a moment.”

As soon as Peggy went into the bathroom, Ken leaped out of bed, stripped the sheets and pillowcases and threw them into the hamper along with the used facecloths and towels. He took fresh sheets and pillowcases from the closet shelf and remade the bed. He entered the bathroom as Peggy spit the mouthwash into the sink. “You can start the shower while I clean up. I’ll join you in a moment.” Ken cleaned his mouth and gargled with mouthwash. Then stepped into the nice warm shower behind Peggy’s gorgeous backside. Reaching around her, he took her tits into his hands and kissed her neck.

“Oh my God, Ken …Don’t you ever get enough…either? Oh dammn! You’ve already got me turned on again. Oh shit! Your cock is hard again.” “Good! I want to send you home nice and hot for George.”

If you don’t stop now, you’ll send me home full of your cum too.

“Okay luv. Just a good wash and dry job then. Hand me the shampoo.” Ken washed Peggy’s hair for her massaging her scalp very nicely in the process. The task wasn’t all work either. Her ass crack did a nice job of massaging his hard cock as well. Now hand me the shower head and bend over with your legs spread. Ken used the movable shower head to rinse her hair, then douche her pussy nice and clean.

“Geez, Ken, there are some things a girl can do for herself.”

“I know, but I messed it up so I’ll clean it up. Now hand me the washcloth and soap. Ken lathered the washcloth liberally and washed Peggy’s body completely, then he rinsed her.”

“Thank you, Ken. No man has ever done that for me before. Now can I do you?”

“Sure, but we need to finish up pretty soon.” Peggy washed Ken as thoroughly as he had washed her. “There, You’re all nice and clean for Jane now. I really envy her.”

Ken was toweling Peggy with a big fluffy bath towel. “Don’t. She knows I’ll never marry her, and she’s not happy about that. All she and I will ever be is friends with privileges”

“It’s none of my business, but why?”

“I won’t be any woman’s cuckold, and she has betrayed my trust in her. We can never have an exclusive relationship. …There’s a hair dryer and a brush in the cabinet under the sink.” Ken grabbed another towel and briskly rubbed his self dry.

When Peggy came out, Ken was already dressed in his shorts and T-shirt watching a late night show.

“You look nice. Sex really agrees with you. Let me look you over.”

Peggy slowly pirouetted for him.

“Good. I didn’t leave any marks on you.” Ken laughed. “Now get dressed before I mess you all up again.”

At five minutes to twelve, Ken put his hands on Peggy’s hips and kissed her lightly on her lips goodnight.

“Thank you for the most wonderful day of my life, Ken.”

Ken opened the door for her. “You’ll have many more of them Luv. Goodnight”

At exactly twelve o’clock, Jane walked in.

“Well, how was Arthur?”

“Never mind Arthur. What the hell did you do to Peggy?”

“We just had some sex, Why?”

“Because she’s in love with you, That’s why!”

“What makes you say that?”

“I met her on the way back. She looked to be in a daze and had stars in her eyes. She told me that I’d better take very good care of you, or she would.”

“Then maybe you better. She is pretty damn nice.”

“You rotten bastard! How could you lead her on that way. Do you need to break her heart too?”

“Look, Jane, I do my best for any woman I fuck. It’s up to them to control their own emotions. You too. She knows I won’t marry or enter an exclusive relationship with anyone. Besides, once Mark fucks her a few times she’ll be every bit as much of a whore as you are.”

“I’m sorry Ken. I guess I felt a little jealous. I never stopped loving you. Seeing you fuck Mary didn’t bother me. She’s just a bitch anyway, but Peggy reminds me of what I was.”

“Okay, forget it. So…How was Arthur?

“He’s coming along. Between Ruth and I we can make a pretty good lover out of him. He’s our current project. He’s got a 7 inch cock which is respectable enough, and he’s not too inhibited to learn. He has pretty good staying power. I told him to get some contact lenses so he won’t need to wear those ugly glasses. He’s not a competitive athlete, but he has a reasonably fit body. He swims a lot and is a qualified life guard and Scuba diver. He has a very nice tongue and can hold his breath for a long time. Despite his nerdy look, he’s a pretty regular guy. We won’t mind keeping him busy while Mark trains Tanya.”

“So, how was Peggy?”

“Mmmm, hot as hell. With her red hair and freckles, the guys at Lou’s place are going to love her. Right now, she’s more into making love but she a natural little fuck too. Mark will bring that out of her.” Ken got took off his robe as he spoke.

Jane followed Ken at getting undressed and climbed into bed with him. “I hope you saved a little of that for me,” she said as she took his balls in her hand.

“I think I just might have a droplet left for you, Jane, but you might need to suck it out of me. I may not have the energy left to shoot it into you.”

“You bastard, give me that cock. By the time I’m done sucking it, you’ll shoot.”

“Give me that hot little pussy. I’m going to make it nice and wet before I even think of trying to shoot a load of cum into it.”

“Oh my God, yes. Eat my pussy, Baby. Oh yeah, It’s still nice and hot for you. You can’t believe how nice your mouth feels on my pussy after someone elses cock has been in there.” Jane ran her fingers and palms over Ken’s crew cut blond hair. Mmm, You love sucking my freshly fucked pussy don’t you. I can feel it in your cock. Maybe I shouldn’t have cleaned it for you. I bet you’d love sucking the cum out of it wouldn’t you.”

“Forget that Jane. If I wasn’t confident that you cleaned it, I wouldn’t go near it.” Jane thought, “He lies throught his teeth, but his cock doesn’t lie. He’ll come around with a little gradual persuasion.” Jane began sucking harder than before.

“Ummmm.” Ken thought, “Damn, could she be right? I love eating her pussy so much I just might make a mistake sometime. Would that make me queer or less of a man? I don’t want to find out. Oh shit! She sucks so damned nice. What if I was presented her cum filled pussy while she was sucking me when I’m really horny. I might not even care. Damn, I love feeling her thrust her hot pussy into my face like this.”

“I want you in me now, honey. I need to feel you cum inside of me. I still love you, you know. …Oh yes. Mmm, it feels so nice. Yeah, fuck me hard, Baby. Yeah, I’m with you!”

“Damn it! I’m cumminnnggg! Uh! UH! Uh! Uh! Aaaahhh!” Ken pumped six loads into Jane’s grasping cunt before it slowed to a dribble. They kissed, then lay in each others arms for a while before Ken pulled Jane into a spoon and fell asleep with his cock tucked neatly into her ass crack.

At seven he was up. He quickly showered and dressed, then briefly kissed Jane before leaving for school. After a quick workout in the gym he grabbed a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich at the student union and arrived on time for a nine o-clock lecture. The day passed quickly. The two hours he spent at the library proved fruitful and a little practice would have him ready to work any test problems presented. A stop at the student union netted another couple that wanted to move off campus. After luring them into a light conversation about a swinging lifestyle and seeing some desire to satify curiosity, he invited them to a weekend party. As he walked back to the apartment, his cell phone rang. It was Lou.

“Hey there Handsome. Mary wants to know if you and Jane might spend the weekend with her and her husband, and a guest couple at their place. Between us, there’s five big ones for each of you in it.”

“I’ll need to talk to Jane.”

“I already did Ken. She’s for it. She’s already been with Mary’s husband. He’s the gentleman with the 12 inch cock. Their guests are very special clients of his business.”

“Any special times or wardrobe or other instructions, Lou?”

“9pm Friday night to 9pm Sunday. Dress casual but bring a suit just in case, also bring swimwear and a robe. Jane will bring some lingerie, a bikini, some sexy casuals, and a party dress. I’ll have the limo pick you up at the club, drive you there, and pick you up again Sunday. I understand that the deal they want you to help them win is a very large one. It will benefit all of us if you can make their guests very happy.”

“Of course, Lou, we’ll do our best.”

“Alma is really looking forward to tomorrow night. She sounded radiant and excited over the phone.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing her again, Lou. She’s a fine woman.”

Ken grabbed a beer from the fridge and poked his head into Mark’s room. “Hey Mark, which one are you editing now?”

“I’m just finishing up Tanya and me. Damn but she’s one hot little bitch . I was afraid she’d wear my dick off.”

“Wait till you try Peggy out.”

“Yeah, I can hardly wait.”

“Can you and Cindy handle the party this weekend? Jane and I are booked for the weekend with Mary and her husband.”

“That’s great! You’ve just walked into an inside track on surveillance systems for the very wealthy. Don’t act like a salesman but be sure to bring a few DVD’s with you. Especially one of me and Jane, me and Terry, and you and Tanya. Both you and Jane can attest that the girls didn’t have a clue that they were on camera.”

“Yeah, I was thinking along those lines too. I’m sure those homes are covered as far as actual security, but some fun surveilance might be of interest to them. Tomorrow night I have a date with Alma. I have a feeling that she might be able to help us too.”

“Is Peggy really as good as you said? Lou can use about ten more good girls. Us black guys sure do love white pussy, blonds and redheads especially.”

“Watch her in action on the video. Then you tell me. Her only flaw is lack of experience. She still makes love and hasn’t quite learned how to enjoy just plain fucking yet. Ken laughed. “Think you can teach her how to enjoy a good fuck just for the sake of a good fuck?”

“You bet! Hell, I taught Jane didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you sure did.”

“I’ll try to get the one of you and Peggy edited by tomorrow night. So you can drop a copy off with Lou. I have a first priority on fucking her before this weekend. I just want to give her and George a little time to get used to their new relationship first. By the way, Cindy’s doing the cooking for Mary’s little soirée.”

“You knew?”

“How would I not know? Lou is a close cousin, and Cindy’s my woman. Hell, I’d have guessed anyway. Mary and Jim are Lou’s best customers who are entertaining their best client. You know that Cindy is the best chef available and so do they. Do you expect that anyone less than Cindy would prepare the food for such an event? Both Mary and Jim know that Cindy makes a special coffee that makes a man’s dick hard and helps him cum a lot. Lou knows that they’d want that, as well as the best cuisine they could serve. Cindy’s got an open line of credit for the meal, decorations, wines, and bar stock. She also provides the kitchen and serving staff. Her fee for the weekend is ten thousand, Lou gets another five for loss of Cindy’s service and for providing you two. We’ll also get a thousand for providing the DVD’s. Oh yeah, you guys are going to eat real good this weekend.”

“Oh! I almost forgot, Cindy suggested that it might be a good idea for her and Jane to move in with us. We’d get separate apartments of course.”

“What would Cindy do about her house?”

“She won’t have a problem keeping it rented.”

“Who stays with who?” Mark laughed, “Does it make a difference?”

Ken laughed. “Not really except for knowing where home is and who belongs there.”

“Good, If you don’t mind I want Cindy.”

It was a typical winter’s day. The mercury was touching freezing, the trees that lined the side of the road looked frail without their leaves, and with the threatening black clouds there was a good chance of rain.

Despite the horrible weather there was one face in the sea of people that wore a huge smile. Her name was Ilona and she was ecstatic for a good reason. She had managed to get herself a job after three years of unemployment.

At the tender age of sixteen, she had dropped out of school with no qualifications. Though she looked for all types of jobs, she quickly rejected anything that she classified as work, which turned out to be most jobs.

She wanted a glamorous job that also paid well and finally the perfect one came in the form of an air hostess. Being able to fly all over the world and to get paid for the privilege, it was her idea of a dream job.

Thanks to trashy gossip magazines, Ilona had images of hot air hostesses sleeping with rock stars or Hollywood actors then being showered with gifts and when the gifts dried up she could sell her story and instant fame beckoned. With these fantasies filling her head it was easy to see why she was so happy on such a miserable day.

Though Ilona wasn’t blessed with brains, she more than made up for it with her looks. Standing at just under six feet, her tall slim frame stood out in any crowd and thanks to her African heritage her pert ass stuck out nicely, attracting lustful stares. At 32B her breasts suited her figure. All in all she was still a striking beauty. Her long legs and smooth black skin made many people remark how much she looked like a young Naomi Campbell.

It was actually due to her looks that she left school as soon as she turned sixteen. A talent scout had spotted her during the school holidays. It had only taken a little encouragement and was signed with snapshot modelling agency. The week after Ilona was apart of her first catwalk, though she was one of the first models her striking features and sultry strut marked her as the next big thing in the modelling world.

However, just as everything was going well for her, it would all fall apart. An unfortunate incident involving the rear wheels of her car and a prominent designer’s dog permanently cut her career short.

Ilona’s blasé attitude to what happened was one thing but thinking that all the clothes she wore were hers to keep meant she lost her job. With her life seemingly in ruins Ilona spent the next couple of months spending all of the money she had on party after party.

Finally with the help of her parent’s threats she got out and started looking for another modelling job however Ilona quickly found that her former employees had put her on some sort of modelling black list so finding another job would be impossible.

So giving up on her modelling aspirations, she looked for another job. It was while she was surfing a gossip website that she spotted the air hostess job. Filling out the application form a week later she was just about to take part in a series of airline safety assessments when she was pulled aside.

“Hi there, my name is Stan and you are stunning.” The man smiled, his breathing growing heavier as he continued to stare at her.

“Thank you, that’s so nice. My name is Ilona and I’m flattered but I need to go and do a test and well you seem nice but you’re really not my type of guy.” Ilona said smiling widely.

“No, no. I’m not hitting on you. Just hear me out. I’m the head of recruitment and well… we have enough people who know the airline rules inside out what we need now is attractive people.” At that point he actually slobbered, “so if you want it the job is yours.”

Squealing loudly Ilona grabbed him and hugged him tightly, even without her heels on she would have been taller than him but Stan didn’t care at that moment. The tight hug meant her breasts were being pressed into his eager face. It was a good couple of minutes before they broke apart.

“Whew you have everything that we are looking for.” His face was now bright red and complete with a dazed look. Taking a deep breath he continued, “all you have to do is pass a medical but don’t worry it’s just something that we have to do.”

With a copy of her contract in hand and a letter detailing her medical, Ilona headed home her heart skipping with joy. There were several parts of the medical, on top of the standard sight and hearing test there was a small matter of a urine test, blood test and breathalyzer.

As her medical was in two weeks Ilona decided to stop drinking, jogged each morning and even went as far as to stop having sex. For someone who hated mornings, loved tequila and had a high sex drive it was almost an impossible taste but she desperately wanted the job.

The day before the exam, went to bed early thinking a good night’s sleep would mean a good medical. After waking up early she had a quick run, then a healthy bran breakfast and shower. Constantly watching the time she gathered all the papers she needed and set out her clothes.

She had already decided what she was going to wear. She really wanted this job, and knowing that it was going to be a male doctor she chose her clothes with him in mind. Wanting to emphasize every perfect feature, she grabbed her pink blouse and threw it onto her bed. It was too tight but it was the same top she wore when she was spotted for her modelling career and that meant it was lucky.

Looking for the perfect bottoms, she hesitated for a moment before choosing a black mini skirt and then moved onto her underwear draw.

Without any lucky underwear she tried to find a pair that felt right but nothing did. Throwing her bra and panties all over the room her eyes finally rested on her lingerie.

She had several pairs, mostly given to her by boyfriends, picking up the push up lace bra she considered it for a moment before pulling it on. The deep red contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. She knew it wasn’t really suitable for her doctor’s visit but she enjoyed the feel of silk. Besides it would be like her little secret.

The thrill of wearing something so naughty was an unexpected bonus. Picking out the matching garter belt, she tightened it before pulling on a pair of stockings and clipping them in place.

With the lingerie on, she smiled at herself in the mirror. The bra pushed up her breasts creating a deep valley in her cleavage. Her eyes travelled down her flat stomach to the frilly belt. Picking out a sheer thong she completed her look.

Pulling on her skirt, she fastened it around her hips, then pulled on her top and buttoned it. The pink blouse contrasted sharply with her dark skin, and her mini skirt just emphasised her long legs. She looked hot and she knew it.

Ilona checked the clock as she got in the car. She had given herself an hour to get to her appointment and with her Sat Nav guiding her, there was no way she could be late.

Pulling up along side the medical building, she was surprised at how plain it was. She was expecting it to look more like a hospital, yet it could have passed for an office block. She checked and double checked the address on both the letter and the street until she was confident that she was exactly where she needed to be. Now she just needed to park her car.

Looking up and down the road, she found there was no space available and the disabled parking she was in at the moment wouldn’t do. Starting up the car, she headed for the multi-story car park. Annoyed at how much time had passed, she quickly made her way back onto the street.

Marching down the street she constantly looked up at the street numbers making sure that she hadn’t passed it.

“Why do all these crap buildings look alike?” she grumbled ass she tilted her head once more to check the number. “Two more…” she began to mutter before letting out a shriek as she ran into a large object and fell stunned to the floor.

The object in question was a tramp. Whilst Ilona was hurrying down the street he had slowly got to his feet. Stumbling on his feet he walked into the middle of the pavement, being a tramp he was as good as invisible and with Ilona focused on other issues a collision was inevitable.

It took a full minute for Ilona to realise what had happened. One second she was running and the next she was sprawled on the floor, a stinking mess of a man on top of her.

Trying not to breath in, she looked down to see a wild straggle of brown hair so thick that it seemed to cover the entire man’s face. When she saw something move in his hair, she opened her mouth to scream.

She soon regretted that action when his mouth travelled the short distance to hers. Thrusting his tongue inside her mouth, he moaned and groaned as he kissed her hard, ignoring her struggles beneath him.

With the smell of alcohol and sweat invading her nose, she continued to struggle but he didn’t move. She began to feel sick when finally she felt him roll off her body. As soon as he was off her, she gingerly got to her feet with the help of two passers bys.

Thanking the two men who helped her, she picked up her bag before suddenly worrying about the man she had knocked over. Looking up and down the street, she couldn’t spot him anywhere so wiping her mouth with the back of her hand; she gratefully took the piece of chewing gum offered to her and threw it into her mouth.

Checking her watch, she was still on time if she hurried. So saying thank you one last time, she ran down the street until she reached her destination. Pushing the door open, she walked towards the receptionist chewing manically on the gum as she tried to rid the foul taste in her mouth.

Returning the smile of the receptionist, she began to speak. “Hello, I’m Ilona, Ilona Roach. Um… I’m here for a medical.”

The dark orange woman sitting behind the desk smiled showing impossibly white teeth. “I know who you are,” she said, looking up at Ilona’s, her smile faltered slightly when she saw lipstick covering half of Ilona’s face.

“Just take a seat over there and the doctor will call you when he is ready. Oh by the way the ladies loo is over there.”

Sitting down on the seat pointed out for her, she furiously chewed on the gum and took out her small mirror to begin touching her make up. When she was satisfied, she brushed her coat off and waited. As the time ticked by, so her nerves began to increase. Twirling her long hair in her fingers, she listened intently for her name to be called.

While Ilona waited, the tramp that had knocked her down was in the doctor’s office. He entered through the fire exit in the room. Taking off his wig and beard he furiously washed his face and put on his reading glasses before looking into the mirror where a respectable middle aged Doctor looked back.

The tramps name was Dr. Michael Rox and dressing up as a tramp was all a part of his plan. Finding Ilona and falling on top of her was the first step in his plan and if it all went as he hoped, he would soon be getting to know Ilona a lot more intimately.

Moving over to his wardrobe he shrugged off the large moth eaten coat and hung it up then pulled on his suit jacket followed by his doctors white coat. Flattening down his hair, he took a swig of mouthwash and sprayed some cologne both of which helped to mask the scent of the alcohol. With one last check in the mirror, he finally decided he was ready. Pressing the intercom, he called out Ilona’s name.

Ilona was trying to focus on the upcoming medical but her mind kept on drifting back to the tramp and his invasive tongue worming into her mouth. It has almost got to the point that she could taste the alcohol when her name crackled over the loudspeaker.

Taking a deep breath, she got to her feet and made her way to the door marked ‘Dr. Rox’. Throwing her gum in the bin, she checked her make up and hair one last time and then knocked.

The audible noise of a chair scraping on the floor and someone walking towards the door was heard before it opened and a middle-aged bespectacled man stood before her, smiling.

“Come on in and take a seat,” He beckoned her into his office and pointed her to a seat in front of his desk.

Taking a seat, Ilona looked around the room. On first glance there wasn’t anything that would distinguish itself as anything but an ordinary work office. The room was plain except for a desk in the centre with a computer sitting on top and a wardrobe in the corner. There were a few things such as a sink, a poster detailing how to wash your hands properly and a blood pressure monitor, that helped distinguish it as a medical office.

When the door clicked shut, the man was already sitting back in his seat facing her across the desk. He was utterly unremarkable. His balding hair was closely cut making his large forehead bigger still. His large circular glasses were perched on the end of his broad nose, the size helped cover his thick eyebrows yet they did nothing to hide his beady brown eyes.

“Have you been drinking?” He asked as his friendly smile was replaced with a frown as he sniffed the air.

“What me? No… never…” She spluttered trying to look innocent as Michael scoffed and shrugged.

“Well it doesn’t matter if you’re lying. I’ll find out soon enough.” He turned his attention to the computer screen and began typing glancing up every so often noticing that Ilona was nervously biting her nails. With a loud grunt he finished typing and spoke once more.

“I have a few questions to ask, so if you want to take your fingers out of your mouth, we can begin.”

Over the next ten minutes Dr. Rox asked her question after question, his pudgy fingers punching in her answers into the computer. She had just finished answering the last question about her weekly exercise regime when he scraped back his chair and stood.

The buttons on his shirt looked close to popping with each deep breath as he slowly walked around his desk towards her, an instrument in his right hand. In complete silence he knelt in front of her. Turning on the instruments light he peered into her left eye, muttering quietly before swapping to her other eye.

Switching off the light he left Ilona temporarily blinded, she blinked repeatedly as she heard Michael speak again.

“Now if you could read the page in front of you out loud from top to bottom.” He queried handing her a piece of paper.

Taking a couple of seconds to get back her sight Ilona looked down at the page and waited for the words to come in to focus before she began to read. The first couple of rows were easy and now that she could see clearly, she spoke confidently. However as the letters got smaller, Ilona not wanting to admit that she could see the words clearly started to guess what was written until Michael stopped her.

“If you hand me that and then follow me.” Taking the sheet from her he threw it to the desk and walked from the room. With Ilona close on his heels he opened up the adjacent room.

“Take a seat in the booth and put on the headphones. When you hear a beep press the button, I’ll be back when it’s finished.”

After explaining what he wanted her to do, he left the room. With the booth closed Ilona sat still waiting patiently for the beep to sound. When twenty minutes passed Michael came back in and led her back into his office. Taking their seats once more, they sat in silence whilst Michael peered over the hearing test results.

“Congratulations, you have passed the sight and hearing test.” He smiled causing Ilona to squeal in delight. Michael waited for her to calm down before continuing to talk.

“Now we come to the breathalyzer.” He picked up the device and held it in front of her face.

All the confidence Ilona had began to drain from her as her mind drifted back to the tramp and the alcohol drenched kiss. As she stared at the nozzle in front of her she briefly thought about explaining what happened outside but she reasoned that whatever the tramp had been drinking couldn’t possibly affect her reading.

Reciting pray after pray, she took a deep breath and blew steadily into the nozzle until she had to stop. Slumping back into her seat, she inhaled as the doctor inspected the machine until two beeps sounded. Not knowing what that meant, Ilona waited in anticipation as Michael tutted disapprovingly.

“Well, well, well!” He said with a smug grin on his face, “those two beeps mean a positive reading and coming from someone who smells like a brewery it’s really not surprising but just to make sure we’re certain, I’ll get another nozzle.”

Ripping the old nozzle off, he threw it into the bin and replaced it with a new one. Carefully, he secured it before taking out the batteries and pushing in new ones, making sure Ilona saw each movement.

If Ilona was inquisitive she would have question the need for a big show. However at that moment she was just grateful to him for giving her a second chance. When the nozzle was back in her face she took a deep breath before blowing hard, closing her eyes as she did, hoping the two beeps wouldn’t sound.

Once more, Michael inspected the breathalyzer before the beeps sounded. Dropping her head she made a noise halfway between a scream and wail.

“Look I can explain. There was this tra…” She began only for Michael to cut her off with a loud cough.

Attaching the breathalyzer to his computer he pulled open the drawer under his desk and pulled out a pot and syringe. “Well, I really don’t like to fail anyone. So we’ll move onto the blood and urine test.” He smiled reassuringly at her.

Taking a sample of her blood he gave her the pot and directed her to the toilet, usually both samples were sent off to a lab for testing but this time Michael took both to another room. Waiting for a five minutes to make Ilona grown more nervous he eventually came back to see her and loudly proclaimed that both had failed due to a high level of alcohol.

Michael sat behind his desk while Ilona tried hard not to cry. When he finished typing he looked up and asked, “How did you get here today?”

“Um… I drove. Does… does that matter?” she answered sniffing back the tears.

“Oh it matters. I’ve already told you that all of your tests have come back positive which means you’re well over the legal alcohol limit, and I’m afraid that means you have lost your job. They can’t take alcoholics on board flights. It’s a big health and safety risk. However right now there is a bigger problem.”

He sighed loudly and shook his head. “As a medical professional and a concerned member of the public I am morally obliged to call the police to inform them you have been driving under the influence of alcohol.”

While he spoke, Ilona’s mouth dropped and fear filled her body as the realisation of what he was saying sunk in.

At the beginning of the day, she had been within touching distance of getting the job of her dreams, yet fast forward a couple of hours and she had lost her job and was now facing a drunk driving charge. With a couple of points already on her licence, the charge meant she would lose her licence and also her freedom.

With nothing left to lose, she decided to explain what had happened to her. Ignoring his protests, she spoke quickly and tearfully. “You have to listen to me. On my way here, a drunk came up to me on the street and forcefully kissed me. Of course I struggled but he was too heavy for me and I could only get free once he rolled off me. I don’t know how, but he must have passed something onto me. You have to believe me. Those tests are wrong. I haven’t drunk any alcohol in weeks.”

The desperation in her voice told Michael that he had her where he wanted her. He was even confident that she would actually thank him for giving her the opportunity to get rid of the chargers and pass the medical, but at that moment he wanted to play with her a while longer.

“I’m sorry but that is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. I’ll give you some marks for originality, but I heard this excuse before. The posh people say they ate a brandy soaked cake whilst the scumbags complain that their mother was an alcoholic which must mean that they must have got their alcoholic blood from their parents. All of them were telling me a load of shit and that also includes yours.” He explained not bothering to hide the patronising tone from his voice as he continued.

“First of all, you claim that you saw a tramp at this time of day and not only that he was actually awake and walking! Then to top it off, he was some sort of a magical tramp who can make anyone he touches drunk. You must think I’m really stupid and worst than that, you’re wasting my valuable time. I’m going to ask you to wait outside until the police arrive because, unlike some people, I’ve actually got a job to do.”

“Please, you must believe me. Why would I make something like that up? There just has to be another reason for the readings.” She cried out, tears starting to form as Michael’s brow creased deep in thought.

“Alright calm down, I’ve got an idea. If, as you said, this guy gave it to you by kissing you, then surely I must be able to take it from you by kissing you. You know, if it worked once then it must work again.”

Ilona’s beautiful face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to work out the logic of what he said. In a crazy way, the idea kind of made sense and she wasn’t about to question someone who had her career in his hands. With a renewed sense of hope she smiled at him and nodded her head.

Getting to her feet she stepped towards him as he did the same until they were face to face. “So how do we do this?” she asked sweetly, looking trustingly at him.

It was at this point she felt his hands cup her face before leaning in. Closing her eyes she felt his lips press against hers, ignoring the familiar forcefulness, she opened her mouth letting him push his tongue inside.

While his tongue duelled with hers, Michael couldn’t stop himself from moaning. Her full, plump lips were just how he remembered. Enjoying the soft silky feel of her hair he kept her still as he kissed her harder whilst fighting the temptation to grope her body at the same time. After two minutes, he reluctantly pulled away, licking his lips as he savoured the sweet taste of her lips.

“Ahem… now let’s do the breathalyzer again.” He announced before he raised the device to her mouth and let her blow into it. However, even with the kiss and Ilona’s frenetic wishing, it still came back negative.

“Still positive, I’m afraid.” He spoke, shaking his head in disappointment, “look I’ve still got one idea left but… no… it’s ridiculous… It’s too much of a wild shot.” He chuckled at his own thought.

At that point Ilona reached out and grabbed his arm forcing him to look into her teary eyes. “Wait! Please tell me I don’t care what it is. I’m willing to try anything to help. Please, can you at least explain it?!”

Her pleading voice was music to his ears. “Well it’s really a controversial idea that has only been tested in Japan and Holland. Yet, if you are willing then I’m willing to give it ago. It’s like the previous method but in reverse. If I can’t get the alcohol out of your system, then I will have to counter it with my own fluids….” Michael tried to sell the last sentence with his eyes but it was clear she didn’t have any idea.

“Look doctor, I’m willing to give anything a try and… oh I’ve got it. You want me to drink some water to counter the fluids!” She smiled at him as she walked over to the water cooler in the corner, pouring herself some. “How much water do I need to drink then?”

“Yes! Yes!” He exclaimed. “It’s very similar to that, kind of like washing away the alcohol, but I’m sorry to say water won’t be enough. You see, it’s powerful enough to do it quickly for you. What you really need is something that swims to the target and well there is only one fluid that is strong enough and can actually swim. It’s a remarkable little thing, so if you can guess what it is, I will let you use mine.” He smiled knowingly. It was getting harder to keep calm despite his plan coming to fruition.

Ilona fell silent as she rattled her brain, working her way around the body she tried to think of each liquid that came from her body until it finally came to her. “Cum! Spunk!” She yelled looking at the doctor smugly.

“Well done! You are one clever thing, aren’t you? Seeing as you have lived up to your promise, so will I.” With that he pulled down his trousers and pants, letting his cock hang free.

Seeing that Ilona wasn’t moving, Michael kicked his trousers off and sat on the edge of his desk before beckoning Ilona over.

“If you come over here then we can get started. Just remember that you will need to swallow it to make it effective.” His cock twitched as Ilona still sat shocked. Getting bored with the waiting, Michael decided to remind her of the alternative. “Look Ilona, it’s this or no job and a criminal record!”

Upon hearing the threat, Ilona began to question the whole medical procedure. But as she saw him slowly pull up his pants she realised that this was her only option if she wanted the job. Besides there was every chance that he was telling the truth and she didn’t want her reservations about him to cause her to lose her job.

Swallowing hard, she slid off her seat to her knees. Looking up at his expectant face, she crawled over to him and grabbed his pants pulling them back down. Once again his cock came out erect and glistening. Looking up she could see the bottom of his large hairy belly peeking out from under his shirt, gripping his shaft she lowered her head and caught the tip of his cock in her mouth.

Immediately her first thought was thankful that he had a wash that morning though the smell of soap was quickly replaced with a strong salty taste as she swallowed his precum. Deciding it was better than the tramp kissing her, she forced herself to take more of his shaft, sucking hungrily, hoping that he would cum and get this medical over with. Coming up for air, she licked from the bottom of the shaft to the tip, coating his cock in salvia before engulfing it again.

“Oh my!!” He bellowed as Ilona got into a steady motion. Bobbing up and down on his prick she continued to suck hard, flicking her tongue around his tip as she did.

Looking down, Michael immediately felt his climax edge closer. The sight that met him was something he would never forget. Her puffy lips were tightly wrapped around his cock her eyes closed as gentle slurping noises filled the room.

Biting his bottom lip, he let out a guttural grunt. Releasing his grip on his desk, he moved his hands to the back of her head and gripped her hair. With a tight hold of her, he gently yet steadily forced her to take his cock in deeper. Ilona could only choke and gag as his thick shaft was totally embedded in her hot, wet mouth.

The sensation of her tight, hot throat was too much for Michael. With his voice strained, he managed to blurt out. “Fucking hell, I’m cumming. You need to swallow it all.” His voice broke into a cry of pleasure as he began climax.

Grunting and snorting, he began to shoot rope after rope of spunk into her mouth. “Fuck… fucking hell yes.” He tightly gripped her head as he bucked against her face.

Eventually, his eyes rolled back into his head as his orgasm started to wane. His legs jerked as Ilona continued to suck, her hand playing with his balls trying to coax more cum from him.

Michael, meanwhile was in another world his vision slowly came back into focus as he watched Ilona swallow the last remnants of cum, pumping his softening cock before licking around his sensitive tip making sure it was totally clean.

When she was done, she gave up and moved back to her chair, licking her lips before taking a swig of water as she waited for the doctor to recover. She couldn’t help but feel proud of her blowjob. From the glazed expression on Michael’s face he had never experienced something like her mouth.

Once she saw him come back to realist she spoke, “how long until it takes effect?”

Michael almost laughed at her quizzical expression. She sat looking at him, her face flushed with a small dollop of cum slowing making its way from her mouth to her chin. He was almost impressed that despite his rough treatment, her make-up was still perfect.

Kicking his pants off, he stood there half naked and smiled at her. “Well with other case studies, it can take anything from twenty minutes to an hour. Though these people always took several doses… now given the level of alcohol in your body, I suggest that you do the same, especially since we want you to pass this medical.” He spoke confidently, trying to work out how much he could get away with.

Over his twenty five year career, several women had propositioned him in exchange for his signature. When he was a young twenty something, he always rejected them but as he got older he gave into temptation. As with all taboo activities, moving to the next step gives a bigger thrill and the way he was manipulating Ilona made it far more enjoyable than the other women.

Ilona sat silently as he spoke but as soon as he had finished, she took another drink before getting to her knees again. Michael smiled and tried not to laugh in happiness at her willingness.

“Now there is another factor that needs to be adhered to, the cum has to spread around the body. So I’m afraid that your mouth has already been used which means you need to think of another way as I’m a bit unsure what to do next.” Michael explained all the while looking apologetically at her. The ultimate thrill would be having Ilona asking him to fuck her, and he was close to realising his wish.

Again Ilona went into thought, licking her lips in concentration. She could still taste his salty cum. She wasn’t stupid, she knew what he wanted and she was trying to work out another way to keep him satisfied but it was either her pussy or her ass and one was slightly better than the other.

Despite her reservations, she could feel her pussy moisten in anticipation. She had had no sexual contact in weeks and his thick cock was starting to look appealing, even though the rest of his body did not.

“Well…” she spoke slowly, “I think the best way is if you cum in my vagina.” She said it matter-of-factly, her eyes widening when she saw his cock start to rise once again.

“Bloody hell! That’s a great idea. It makes perfect sense. You would be attacking the alcohol from both directions. It has to work.” He grinned as he shrugged off his jacket and was about to take off his shirt when Ilona stopped him.

“Leave it on. It… looks nice,” she lied. At least with his shirt on she couldn’t see exactly how disgusting his body was.

She was now on her feet in front of the desk, her pussy dripping. Not having control of the situation was something new to her and it was exciting.

Looking at the expectation in his eyes, she began to take off her own clothes. With each button of her pink blouse undone, she saw his lip quiver. Letting the thin material fall, she unzipped her tight black mini skirt before peeling it down her legs.

Michael gasped when her red lingerie came into view and it was quickly followed by another as his eyes took in her body. Her dark nipples poked out from behind the sheer bra. They were clearly hard but the bigger shock for Michael was the damp patch on her thong. The material had ridden up in between her juicy pussy lips showing just how turned on she was. Already his cock was rock hard and ready to go again.

She could see he was fighting himself to stop from pouncing on her, having this power boosted her confidence. She was in control and she was going to use it.

Slowly, she moved to her bra and as she unclasped it, she thought she heard the breath catch in Michael’s throat. Smirking, she let one strap fall from her left shoulder, then holding the bra up she let the other strap fall. Looking him in the eyes, she dropped the material unveiling her pert, perfect breasts to Michael.

“Jesus,” he uttered softly as he clenched his fist and waited for her next move.

Michael looked on as Ilona ran her hands over her breasts and down to her flat stomach to the top of her garter belt. Briefly she stroked the silk material, then gripped the top and pulled them down gradually, showing her trimmed pussy to his drooling gaze.

It was when her thong hit the floor that Michael finally managed to put together a sentence. “Wait!” he spluttered. “Turn around and put your hands on the table. I need to check something.”

He licked his dry lips while he watched her lean forward and place her hand just inches from his own. Her breasts were presented to him and his cock shuddered violently in response. Pushing away from his desk, he stood and walked around to where her ass jutted out.

Ilona heard Michael fall to his knees behind her, and when she felt his breath on her ass, she shuddered in response. Closing her eyes, she gasped when she felt his cold hands touch her ass. He spread her cheeks, exposing her to his gaze. Biting her lip in anticipation, she didn’t have to wait long for his next move. He blew gently on her soaked pussy before dragging his tongue from her clit up to her tight asshole.

“Oo! Oh my God.” She groaned and dropped her head as Michael continued to lick hungrily at her pussy, avoiding her most sensitive parts until he felt Ilona push her cunt into his face.

With his large hand massaging her smooth ass, he curled his tongue and pushed it in her pussy, jabbing and slurping as he did. Her long legs quivered as her already wet cunt started to load his mouth.

Michael wasn’t able to help himself. He had only planned on a quick taste then a long fucking session but she tasted extraordinary and he couldn’t pass on trying to get more.

His tongue never stayed in one spot for long, darting over her pussy and ass, trying to find a sweet spot so she would drown him. With his mouth wide open, he grated his bottom teeth against Ilona’s clit, causing her to yelp and groan in pleasure as climbed toward her climax.

With her body starting to waken, she slid forward squashing her breasts on the table and pushing her ass into his face. She clenched her fists and let out a staggered grunt as pleasure overwhelmed her. It was when she felt his finger part open her pussy that she went over the edge.

“Oh I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck yes!” She screamed out in delight as her cunt clamped down on his probing finger.

Licking his lips clean, he sucked her pussy one last time before standing up behind her. Gripping his cock with his free hand, he lined it up with her pussy. Pausing to admire her body as she shuddered he pulled his finger free and quickly replaced it with his cock.

“Fucking hell” He groaned as his cock speared through her tightness, forcing several inches inside before being forced to stop. He licked his finger clean, and then gripped her hips with both hands. He could feel her muscles pulsating, gradually loosening to allow him deeper inside. Ilona was still in the throes of her orgasm when she felt his cock bottom out. Her whimpering grew louder as he began to drive into her.

Using short sharp thrusts, he enjoyed the sound of his balls slapping against her wet cunt. As she swung her head to look behind her he pulled his cock until only the tip was left in the folds of her pussy.

Pausing for a moment, he heard her groan before he slammed back inside. Again and again he did this, enjoying the cool air on his shaft only to be engulfed once more by her tight, warm cunt.

Removing a hand from her hips, he lightly slapped her ass before spreading her cheeks, taking a moment to appreciate the way her tight pussy wrapped around his shaft.

After slapping her ass again, he dropped his hand to her left leg and lifted it up onto the desk. When Ilona didn’t complain, he took hold of her right leg and lifted it until it also rested on the desk, leaving her doing the splits with his cock separating her pussy lips.

Ilona had never felt more exposed in her life. With her legs spread, he felt deeper and thicker inside her. Once again his hands clutched her waist, and then he began to fuck her gently.

Gripping her hips, he forced her back and forth on the desk causing the smooth surface to rub against her hard nipples and protruding clit. She was still sensitive from her orgasm, and his rough treatment was sending shock waves of pleasure through her.

While Ilona whimpered, Michael continued to be amazed with her flexibility. Having her in this position meant he could see his cock pump in and out, watch her ass jiggle, and best of all he was able to force himself deeper inside her.

Due to the awkward position, Michael had the added benefit of feeling her muscles tightening around his shaft spurring him to pick up his speed. The sound of her moaning was hot, but seeing her firm ass quiver under his thrusts was the ultimate satisfaction.

His continued assault on her cunt, in addition to the friction on her clit and nipples, Ilona found herself rising to another level of pleasure. Her fingernails scratched at the desk as she screamed out. “Keep going… harder!”

Just as she was about to yell out again, she stopped when she felt something wet land on her asshole quickly followed by a large finger smearing it around her tight ring before it penetrated her.

His thrusts stopped as he worked his finger further into her tight ass until it was buried inside. Twisting it, he caused Ilona to let out a sharp gasp before he pulled out. Spitting on her asshole again, he forced the digit back inside.

This time the passage was much easier, resulting in a satisfied moan from Ilona. With his finger lodged inside he gently pushed against the thin wall separating his finger and cock. Feeling his shaft throb, he groaned in decadent delight.

“Fuck,” She grunted as she felt his finger twist and turn inside her, when it was loose enough, he pushed a second finger alongside the first. It was as she began to squirm that he renewed his thrusts, keeping them short and sharp while his fingers played with her asshole.

Ilona couldn’t work out whether she liked the odd sensation of having his fingers probe her ass. “Ohhh… ahhh.” Her guttural groan came out whenever his fingers pulled out, she had the unusual feeling of emptiness yet with his cock continuing to slam into her, she realised she was enjoying it to such an extent that she was moaning uncontrollably.

“What… what are you doing?” Ilona started when she felt him pull both his fingers and shaft free. Along with a mumble of protest she looked behind to see what he was doing.

Ignoring her protests, he wrapped his hands around her stomach, pausing for a minute to enjoy her soft skin against his. He then leaned back, picking her up off the desk and leaving her impaled on his cock.

Mustering all his strength, he carried her around his desk before carefully negotiating himself into his chair. For Ilona, the helpless feeling of being carried with his cock still buried inside her was a new sensation that she would definitely repeat.

Sitting on his large leather chair, Michael relaxed and took a deep breath, trying to will his heartbeat to return to normal.

“Come on, fuck me!” Ilona moaned when she noticed his lack of movement, rotating her hips on his lap, she stimulated him back into action.

Shuffling forward until his hips fell off the end of the chair, he held the position and slowly lowered his hips leaving just the tip of his cock inside.

Michaels held his position watching as Ilona dropped down slowly, the satisfied smile on her face telling him that she enjoying his shaft filling her up again. Michael chose that moment to thrust upward burying himself inside her.