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“I don’t know. He is usually always home,” Debbie told Rose. “I wanted to give him the new beer I got him so he can put it in the fridge before it gets warm and I have to leave.”

“You seem to know him quite well, what is he like?”, Rose inquired.

“I don’t know him as well as I’d like to. I can tell you this, he is not just a good looking man. He is a kind, gentle guy who looks at you when you speak and listens when you talk.”

“I’ve never talked to him.”

“What? You have lived upstairs from him for what, two years now? Why on earth have you never talked to him?” Debbie asked.

“He intimidates me, I think. I know he is single. He has always been pleasant when I’ve seen him in the hall. He always says hello and all that. I never even returned his greeting until this weekend.”

“Wow girlfriend,” Debbie quipped, “You don’t know what you’re missing. You really should get to know him. I doubt he’d bite.”

“After what I heard this weekend, are you sure of that?”

“Oh you heard them too huh?”

“Damned right I did. Who was that woman? Where did she come from and why oh why wasn’t that me?” Rose stated emphatically.

“Her name is Holly and she is a friend of his. He introduced her to me. She is a very sexy woman.”

“Her body is to die for. From what I heard, she sure loved what he did to her, and did to her, over and over again.” Rose laughed. “And he did her, over and over again.”

“Just how much did you hear?”

Rose laughed loudly and blushed deeply, “All of it. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday too. Let me just say, it was the best sex I never had.”

“I hear that. I heard all of it too. I have to say this, I am glad no one came into the building or they would have caught me in a very bad situation. I stood in the hall with my hand in my panties for hours listening to her screams and climaxes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my life.”

Rose laughed and opened her purse. “Hon, you should have come upstairs. I have another one of these.” With that, she pulled a stethoscope from her purse. “At least I was naked and when she came, so did we.”

“The big question now is, was she just loud or is he that good?” Debbie mused.

“I really don’t know but we’d better change the subject. Here he is.”

I pulled up and began unloading the car. Not a lot of food but a shit load of booze. Rum Runners take a lot to make and I never want to run out. I did buy food too and I wanted to get it taken care off as well. I entered the lobby and saw Debbie and the oriental girl standing there.

“Hi ladies, how is your day going?”

“Great, now that you are here.” Debbie said. “I was hoping to see you before I left.”

“Oh, what did I do now?”, I smirked.

“I have a couple of cases of a new beer and I want your opinion.”

I flashed a pleasant smile, “Oh, as long as I am not in trouble. Anything you want dear lady.”

“See Rose, you don’t have to be afraid of him. He’s a sweetheart.”

“Rose? Is your name Rose?”, I asked as I looked into her striking face. “Dammit, I am sure slipping. It has only taken me almost two years to find that out. I hate getting old.”

Debbie did the formal introductions and went to get the beer. She set it by my door and said she had to do a promotion at a local bar.

“You have a good evening Debbie.”

She reached over and quite uncharacteristically planted a soft kiss on my cheek, “Anything I want huh, I’ll have to remember that.”

“Now what the hell brought that on?”, I wondered aloud as I reached down to pick up my bags.”

“Here, let me help you with those,” Rose offered and picked up several heavy bags. “Debbie wasn’t kidding when she said that you’re apartment was spectacular. Who is your decorator?”

I began to laugh and my mind flashed back many years, “A couple of lovely women friends from Ft. Lauderdale. I’ve known them for years and anytime I move, they insist on doing my apartment or house.”

Rose wondered if that was all they insisted on doing but she kept that thought to herself. “Well they certainly have done a wonderful job on this place. I love the gray leather furniture. It is so rich. Where did you find this bar?”

“They had it custom made for here. Their interior decor business has flourished and they have amazing contacts. They will do anything I want.” Then I burst out laughing. “Anything, that is, but let me drive their car.”

Rose looked at me funny and I just smiled and said, “Sorry, private joke.”

“You sure bought a lot of rum here. You planning another party?

“No, but my favorite drink takes a lot of rum to make. Actually, I was just thinking of making one. Will you join me?

“I would love to but I’d like to change first, if that is okay.”

“Great, I’ll get the food and beer in the fridge while you are doing that. Hurry back.” I watched as Rose picked up her purse and noted her delicate features. Fashionably cut, jet black hair framed her lovely oval face. She was impeccably dressed in a very tailored business suit. She was trim and stood just over 5′ 5″. Her business attire hid many of her other features but to say that she as attractive would be quite an understatement.

I took out some veal, mushrooms, onions and peppers for dinner as I filled the fridge with the balance of the groceries. I was just putting the liquor and beer away when there was a tapping on my door. I let Rose in and did a double take at the woman that entered my place. Perhaps it was the caramel colored flesh, her shining black hair or her refreshed makeup with perfectly shaped lips, no matter what it was, it took my breath away. Rose was lovely.

I walked to the bar and grabbed the blender. Rose watched in amazement as I began to make our drinks.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

I laughed and handed her a tall, frosted, delicious Rum Runner. “No Rose, if I was, I would have made it properly.”

“No one told me you were a magician!”, Rose exclaimed as she took a drink. “There is no way you can hand me a drink that I watched you make and not taste any booze in it at all. How did you do that?”

“I’m good…that’s how,” I grinned.

We finally got to know each other and I learned that Rose was a sales representative for a medical supply company. She was single, never married and her only outside activity was she loved to swim. I could understand that as it was apparent that she was meant to be in the water. Rose had changed into short denim shorts and a tee shirt that did not come close to the waist of her shorts. It wasn’t as short as Holly’s but it failed to conceal a very tight abdomen.

“Your girlfriend is certainly a sexy woman,” Rose stated.

“Girlfriend? Oh no. Holly is a friend who I see a few times a year. She owns a restaurant in Boca and we have been good friends for a number of years. We met as a result of an article I had written and our friendship blossomed from there. Since, at that time, we both owned restaurants, we found that we had a lot in common.”

“I have to tell you this, this is the best drink I’ve ever had. I can’t taste the liquor but I can sure feel it.”

“I’m glad you like it. They are my favorite. Are you hungry? I bought some terrific rolls and had planned on a light, but tasty dinner. I have plenty and I’d love the company.”

I created more Rum Runners and that brought a sweet smile from Rose. I moved to the kitchen and began to prepare a simple veal sandwich with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Rose watched as I deftly created the sandwich with a simple arugula salad and presented it to her.

She ate delicately. I had a hard time keeping my concentration from anything other than her lovely lips as we ate.

“So you wrote an article about restaurants and that is how you two met.”

I burst out laughing, “Oh no, I am a writer but I also write hard core porn as well and that is how we met. I had written a story and she apparently enjoyed it. She wrote me and since my lady had moved to Europe and I was living in Key West, she decided to come for a visit. She spent a few days enjoying Key West with me, enjoying my place and the food. We became close friends. Hell, she got me in trouble too but that is besides the point.”

I think the booze had begun to hit her when she quipped, “Got you in trouble?”

It was my turn to blush. I turned to grab the cheesecake from the refrigerator as I said, “Holly can be quite loud.”

“REALLY…I would never have guess that!” I spun around and Rose just sat there laughing. “If I was a betting girl, I bet they would have heard her in Rome.”

“Oh damn, not again!”, I hid my eyes as I cut a slice of cheesecake and garnished it for Rose.

“Mmmmm did you make this? It is amazing. Not only can you cook but you bake as well…amongst other things.”

Her eyes were sparkling and dancing in an impish sort of way. I grabbed our glasses and began another round. Rose came around the back of the bar and walked into my chest. She looked up into my eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me to her red lips. Her perfume was soft and exotic. Her body molded into mine as our lips touched for the very first time. She held me tightly and our lips began a dance or feather kisses, light touches then firmer, more passionate exploration.

Our exchange ended as she came behind me and watched as I refilled our drinks. I felt her body against mine as I prepared the concoction. The feel of this lovely lady on my back made my task hard to complete. Her slender hands stroked my back delightfully as I finished.

“Did you make this batch the right way?”

“No, why?”

“Make them the right way please.”

I placed the straws in the drinks, turned into her lips and kissed her again. I reached over her her head and took the bottle of 151 from the shelf. I broke the kiss, spun and flooded the straw with a generous floater. I handed Rose her glass and she took a large sip. The 151 did the trick and she placed her drink on the bar. She grabbed me and held my face as she bit my lip so sweetly. We walked from the bar arm in arm. Rose touched my chest and I could not help but notice her protruding nipples against the thin cotton of her top.

I went to sit on the sofa when she whispered, “No, not here. Take me to the bedroom please. I want you so much. I want to make love to you all night long.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Rose made no bones about it, she had an need. She had a lust and she wanted me to fill it. I kissed her deeply as I picked up this tender woman and carried her to the bedroom. She lay on the bed and beckoned me to her. The room was dark and I reached over and pushed a single button on the nightstand.

Soft, sensuous music wafted in the air and seductive lighting bathed the room. Rose lay there in amazement as I returned with our drinks. She took a sip and sat the drink down, luxuriating in the ambiance around her. The music was perfect and the woman was divine. This was not the woman I had seen so often over the years. Rose had a side to her that begged to be satisfied. I lay beside her and ran my hands through her silky long locks. As my fingers touched her face, she purred and held herself tight against my hand. I laid beside her and stroked lovingly.

“I am so upset with myself. Why, oh why, have I waited so long to let you know what I’ve been thinking about?” Rose murmured. “I’ve wanted this for well over a year. Kiss me please. Make love, sweet delicious love to me. I want to feel your strong body next to me, on me and in me.”

I reached over and pushed another button on the nightstand and returned to Rose’s passions. My strong hands stroked her neck. My fingers teased her and toyed with her. She gasped as I drew small circles around her ears. I drew my hand onto her neck and I played with the neckline of her top. I drew my fingers down between her breasts and onto her hard, flat stomach. She inhaled deeply as I began to to stroke her taut flesh. I leaned over and kissed her neck. Rose turned her head and allowed me full access to her. She shivered as my lips caressed her soft flesh. When my tongue circumnavigated her ear, she shrieked with joy. I kissed her eyes and then her lovely nose. She kissed me with total abandoned as my hand moved up her stomach and under delicious breast.

The thin fabric of her top rode against my hand and her silky flesh thrilled every nerve ending in my body. The scent of this woman coupled with her desirous mouth, fueled my passions wildly. Our tongues clashed hungrily as my hand stroked the tender flesh beneath her lovely breasts. Rose threw her arms over her head begging me to remove her top. I pulled the thin fabric over her head and gazed at her sweet, firm, heaving breasts. Their perfect shape was inspiring. Her small areolas were barely an inch across and adorned with delightful rock hard, passion filled nipples that begged to be sucked.

I slid my hands to her waist and undid the clasp to remove her shorts. She raised her hips as I slid them over her truly remarkable legs. I pulled her panties off and inhaled as her most intimate area came into view. Her hips framed a perfect triangle of perfectly coiffed jet black hair which ended just above one of the most delicious, puffy lipped pussies I had ever seen. It glistened and the hood of her clit was so prominent between those delicious folds.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked sweetly.

“You are absolutely wonderful Rose,” I stated as I looked into her luscious almond shaped eyes. “You are spectacular, breathtaking and lovely.”

“Are you sure? My boobs aren’t as big as Holly’s by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Holly bought hers sweetheart. I prefer yours to hers any day.”

Rose smiled and I turned her over onto her stomach. I reached over to the nightstand and extracted a bottle from a concealed drawer. I poured some onto my hand and began to massage the hot oil onto Roses shoulders.

“What? How? Oh that feels so good. Mmmm, oh this is simply wonderful.”

I began to give her a massage that sent her into sweet moans as I caressed every sweet inch of her lovely body. The hot oil thrilled her as I caressed the tender sides of her body and over her hips.

“Oh you delicious man. You delicious, sexy man.”

I massaged her feet and then her legs. The sheen of the oil on her asian flesh in the seductive light was positively intense. She shivered as I kissed the back of her knees and up her thighs. I turned her over and Rose sat up and swiftly removed my clothes. She kissed me and I playfully threw her back onto the bed and regained the oil.

I oiled my hands and began to cup her firm, full breasts. Her diamond hard nipples grazed my palms, barely touching them. The tenderness of the touch sent shock waves through her. I held my hands barely above her hard nipples and I looked deep into her eyes. I arched my hands and pulled the muscles tight.

“Whatever you are doing is awesome. I can feel some kind of electricity flowing from your hands. It feels so amazingly sexy. Don’t stop it, mmmmm don’t stop it at all!” Rose yelped. I moved my hands lower onto her belly and she inhaled deeply. Her hard, tight stomach contracted as I gazed into her eyes. “You’re going to make me cum. I don’t know how, but you are. Oh YES, Oh YES, YES, YES!”

I kissed her and stroked her belly as she quit spasming. I retrieved the warm oil and applied it to her hips as I moved between her lovely legs. My hands caressed her pelvic bone and down onto her thighs. Her shapely legs felt wonderful. As my gaze fell onto her naked body, I was amazed that this gorgeous creature was the same one who had lived above me for so long.

As my slippery hands caressed her inner thighs, Rose moaned delightfully. Her small hands caressed her breasts as the heat of her thighs built her desire deeper. My hands moved into her puffy folds and I parted them sweetly. Rose inhaled sharply as I exhaled on her opened lips. She swiveled her hips lovingly when the first sweet sensation my tongue caused stirred her brain. As it gently began its exploration into her wetness, Rose became increasingly inflamed.

“You are doing this so well. Oh yes, please don’t stop. You feel so good and I love this. Lick me, don’t stop licking me. I love this so much,” she cooed.

My lips and mouth toyed and teased her deliciously. When my tongue began to circle her clit Rose lifted her hips completely off the bed and forced her blazing, lovely lips hard onto my face. Her hips began to ride my face delightfully. Her moisture intensified as our union was complete. I closed over her hard nub and I began to stroke the sweet, smooth underside.

“Suck my clit darling. So soft and so gentle. I am going to ride your face. Ride your fabulous face so hard. Oh fuck, I am going to cum, cum on your face. Oh your tongue is delicious. I’m cumming. Oh I am cumming baby. Oh yes.”

Rose rode my face mercilessly. Her thrashing and thrusting were spectacular as she reveled in her bliss. I slid two fingers inside her and pushed upwards. I felt that sweet, spongy area and pressed harder as I continued to tantalize her hard clit.

“Oh my God! Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop! Never stop! Oh dammit, Oh YESSSS! OH I’m going to flood your face so much!”

Rose began to buck like a bronco and she began to squirt massive rivers onto my face. I kept pressing and she kept cumming. I drank her down and she was unstoppable. Her flailing only increased her passion and her lust was beyond description. I slipped my fingers from her and trailed my tongue up her stomach and onto her bosom. I tweaked her nipples then kissed her lovely lips.

My rigid shaft slipped along her velvet slit and her moisture wet me fully. Rose dug her nails into my back as my head teased her tight opening. My cock slid snugly into Rose. She moaned and bit my lower lip as I filled her lovely hot twat. Our hips reveled in the union and I began to stroke deep into her tunnel of sensuality. Our lips mashed, her nails dug in as my hip speed increased wonderfully. I sliced into her hard and fast. Her vice like pussy began grabbing and adhering to my barreling cock. I felt her muscles tighten and her belly flatten and she began to cum. She rode my cock exquisitely as I continued to pound her wet pussy. Rose came again and again and I never broke my cadence.

“Oh you delightful man. You lovely wonderful fucker. My pussy is on fire. I am going to explode again and again. Darling fuck me more, I want more. I need you more and more. Oh fuck, here it cums. I’m cumming. Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh give it to me. Give it all to me. Make me yours now!” Rose screamed.

I slammed deep into her and I felt my cock swell. My legs began to tremble. My breathing was off the chart. I began to cum and it was inspiring. My balls lifted and I shot hard and deep into her tight loving cunt. Rose felt the flood and her hips became a blur as she rode me, milking every loving drop of my hot seed.

I collapsed onto her and we kissed passionately as I softened inside her. We lay together, reveling in the passion we had shared. Our inflamed skin was so sensitive to our every move yet we teased each other deliciously. I stroked her jet black hair and she lovingly ran her hands along my body. We kissed tenderly and enjoyed this terrific afterglow.

“I think we need a refill,” I said as I pulled myself from the bed. I grabbed our glasses and headed for the bar. Rose followed me.

“I was told most of my life that you have to act if you’re going to win and I sure learned that lesson tonight.”

“What do you mean by that?”, I inquired.

“Well, I have lost two years of my life living above a man I always wished I knew. I could never bring myself to even say hello. I must be fifty kinds of stupid,” Rose stated as she came behind me, wrapping her arms around me and resting her face on my back. “I don’t have a wild sex life, in fact, I haven’t had any in a very long time. To think that the gentlest, sexiest man, has lived below me all this time and I did nothing about it, makes me want to cry.”

My assignment was well underway. Things around here had taken quite a pleasant, yet unexpected, turn of events. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Since Holly’s visit, I found myself looking forward to a call during the day from Rose, my asian upstairs neighbor. She and I had started a sexual relationship almost before Holly was out of the parking lot. Rose was a contradiction in every sense of the word. In business, she was this demur nondescript business woman that I had seen for the two years she had lived above me. When she entered my world, she was an exotic beauty with an amazingly sexy wardrobe and an unquenchable erotic appetite.

I knew the gals in my building had been talking about the past weekends sexcapade that had taken place. It is how I had finally met Rose. Since Rose and I had begun our liaisons, I had seen Wendy and Debbie talking frequently. Wendy, being my youngest neighbor, always dressed so sexy. Debbie, who lived across the hall, had starting wearing much sexier clothes in the last few days.

My phone rang, “Hi handsome, are you going to be home later this afternoon?”

“Sure am, I’m just working away. What are you up to?”

“Well, I picked some things up for you and I wanted to drop them off.”

“You picked up what? You didn’t have to pick anything up.”

“Oh yes I did. I know something you don’t anyway. I’ll see you after I get off work.”

“I was just going to take some shrimp out of the freezer to make shrimp pasta. Wanna stay for dinner?”

“What girl could refuse that offer? I’ll see you after I change and get cleaned up.”

I smiled to myself and thought back to the sight of her cum filled smile last night. In reality, she was nothing I ever imagined her to be.

From my desk, I saw Debbie pull up. A few minutes later, Rose arrived. I knew she would want to freshen up before coming down. I had taken the time to get everything ready to prepare a nice dinner. I checked and saw that I indeed had an appropriate bottle of wine.

There was a soft knock on the door and as I opened it Debbie walked in wearing a thin white tube top and short white shorts. Her eyes were red and it appeared that she had been crying. As I was about to close the door, Rose walked in carrying some bags. She looked at Debbie and asked her what was wrong.

“That fucking prick. I am getting a divorce. He just informed me today that he is coming home to get his clothes and that he may or may not come back from Europe.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked her.

“I wanted to ask you what I should do. The lease is in my name, not his. I lived here before I married that useless piece of crap. Both cars are mine and they are paid for. The furniture is mine and we have no kids so that makes getting a divorce easy. I do not want to ever see him again.”

“When does he get home?” Rose asked?

“Ten days. I don’t want to move. I could but I really don’t want to. I can afford the rent easily on my own. I just don’t know how to handle it.”

“Look, it is Friday night. Do you have to work this weekend?” I inquired.

“No I am off this weekend.”

“Okay, let’s all have a nice dinner. I’ll make a few calls after dinner and I’ll have some answers for you. In the meantime, you look like you could use a drink.”

“Anything but beer.”

Rose started to laugh. “Don’t worry Deb, I know exactly what you need.”

I got up and saw the bags Rose brought in on the floor.

“What is all this?”

“Look inside,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eye.

I did and started to laugh. All the ingredients for many more Rum Runners were in there.

“Why did you buy me laundry soap?”

“I emptied the container last night when I washed the bedspread. I know you are going to need it again, real soon.”

Debbie looked at Rose intently and Rose smiled impishly and flashed a big smile.

I grabbed the bags and put the booze away. Debbie moved over to the bar and Rose joined her. I began to make the drinks and Debbie just starred at me.

“Damn, how much liquor is in there?”

“I laughed, “Enough to do the trick.”

Rose saw that I didn’t put the floater on. I handed Debbie her drink and she took a long pull on the straw.

“Okay, I saw it, I just don’t believe it. I know what the trick is. How the hell did you put this much booze in a drink and you can’t taste any of it?”

“You won’t taste it but you sure will enjoy it.” Rose quipped.

We talked about Deb’s situation and it was definitely apparent that she was still very upset. I left the women sitting at the bar and began to prepare dinner.

I looked over and Debbie was crying. Rose had her arms around her and was consoling her. Rose ran her hands thru Debbie’s lovely auburn hair and caressed her cheek. Deb hung on to Rose and sobbed. Marriage breakups are never easy but when you are the one wronged, it really makes it bad. Rose kissed her cheek as she held her tight. Debbie cried and Rose kissed her cheek, held her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. Rose stroked her hair and kissed her yet again.

I touched a few switches and the ambiance slowly changed from utilitarian to romantic. The drapes closed, the lights dimmed and the stereo began playing.

I poured the wine and brought the salads to the table.

Rose and Debbie came to the table, arm in arm. I could not help notice she had become somewhat excited from Roses soft kisses and her stokes of consolance.

“To new beginnings, good friends and a better life,” I toasted. We enjoyed the dinner and Debbie was still obviously quite upset.

After dinner, I made some phone calls and told her what I had learned. She was going to be protected. She came into my arms and I hugged her tightly. I held her as she cried into my chest. Debbie and I had been friendly for years but this was the most contact we ever shared. I tilted her pretty face up and looked at her.

“Don’t you worry one bit. You are upset right now. I’ll explain it all later but for now, you need to know that you are safe. You are with people who will take care of you. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

Debbie stretched up and kissed me softly. I held her as she calmed. Rose began to rub her back and shoulders as I held her in my arms. Debbie hugged me tight and felt both of us holding her, touching her reassuringly. She looked up again and kissed me harder, lingering on my lips.

Rose led her to the sofa and I finished up in the kitchen. As I did, the girls talked softly amongst themselves. I saw Debbie shake her head and Rose nodded affirmatively. I made more drinks and sat down with them. Rose ran her hands through her hair as she sipped her drink. I held her hand and felt the tension fade.

“I don’t know what I would do without you. You have always been so nice to me and I needed someone to talk to. You know what he is like. You know I am not exaggerating. He has treated badly for such a long time. I don’t think I have deserved it. I really don’t.”

I put my finger under her chin and raised her face upwards. I looked into her eyes, never saying a word. She looked into my eyes. Her gaze dropped to my lips and back up to my eyes. My eyes dropped to her lips as she moved slowly closer to me. I looked into her eyes and our lips touched softly, gently, passionately. As we lingered in our first real kiss, Rose ran her hand along Debbie’s leg which was pressed against her own. Debbie ran her hand up my chest as our exploration continued. She moaned softly as her lips parted and my tongue gently traced her moist lips. The sweetness of her lips fueled my desire and our heat rose. Debbie bit my lip and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She shifted and Rose leaned over and kissed her neck. Debbie groaned loudly as she felt Rose’s soft hands and wet tongue. Rose pulled Debbie away from me, spun her around and kidded her deeply, lovingly and heatedly.

“Oh dear me, I don’t know what just happened. I have never done anything like this before but I don’t think I want to stop it either,” Debbie blushed as she took another long drink from her glass. “It has to be the drink. Yeah, that is what it is.” With that, she kissed Rose again and then pulled me back onto her delicious face.

“I was afraid to kiss you Debbie. I really was. I just had to and I am so glad I did. I am so happy that you didn’t get up and run away,” Rose said. “I have wanted that for a long time but never thought it would ever be under these circumstances. He is right and you have to know, you are with people who really care about you. We will make your worries go away and make you feel loved again.”

“I have kissed more in the last hour than I have in the last two years,” Debbie said breathlessly as she looked at me. “I have wanted to kiss you so many, many times but I never would. We are friends and I never wanted that to change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about this.”

I slapped her nice firm ass and joked, “The only fantasizing I have heard about happened last weekend. Apparently I need to muzzle someone.”

“Okay, dammit, okay I’ll admit it. I got slightly aroused listening to her,” Debbie quipped.

“You lying bitch,” Rose blurted. “You told Wendy and I that you were so wet you could have floated a damned boat.”

Debbie burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. I grabbed her, tickled her and said, “It is good to see you laughing. That is the lady I know.” I kissed her again and bent to pick up our glasses.

“You’re going to get me drunk, you know that, don’t you. If I get drunk, there is no telling what I might wind up doing.”

Rose giggled, trailing her fingers across Debbie’s neck, “That is exactly the point. How do you feel right now?”

“I feel, um, I feel very, very mellow and very relaxed and honestly, I feel nice,” she said as she laid her head on Roses hand.

I took the drinks into the bedroom and returned to the girls. I offered Debbie my hand and pulled her onto her feet. She kissed me wonderfully and we walked arm in arm down the hall. Her head rested warmly against my shoulder. There was no resistance, only a soft murmur as we entered the bedroom.

“Make love to me. Please, oh please, make sweet, passionate love to me. I’ve wanted you for so long. You make me smile and you respect me. I know, in my heart, that you will never hurt me.”

I kissed her again as we lay on the bed. I quickly discovered Debbie loved to kiss and to touch. Her touch was soft and feather like. Her sensuous hands caressed my face, her fingers traced my lips and her heart poured from her lovely lips. She thrilled me as she touched my neck and pulled me down upon her. Her body fit perfectly and she felt it as well. The woman beneath me was not the focused business lady I knew. Instead, she was a tigress eager to be uncaged and set free.

Her moans became pronounced as my hands traveled along her body. Debbie was all woman. A lovely lady complete with her own flaws and deep desires. She was an auburn haired vixen with a lovely face, nicely shaped body and burning desire that had not been satisfied in ages. More valid was the fact that she was a friend.

My hand came up on her stomach and she inhaled sharply as my hand touched her exposed flesh. I ran my hand over her and up to the bottom of her tube top. She moaned again and I noticed her nipples were stretching the fabric of her top. Debbie kissed my neck as my hand slipped under her top. I now held her lovely breast in my hand. It was as firm as a twenty year old’s and highly responsive to my touch. I cupped her breast, my hand barely touching her stiffened nipple. With each wisp of a touch, she moaned and bit my neck playfully. I took her arms and raised them over her head as she lay luxuriously on the bed. I pulled her top off and her body looked so sweet as she laid there, waiting. Her hands undid my shirt and she removed it quickly. She grabbed my neck and pulled me greedily to her lips yet again. My hand touched her other breast and it reacted instantly. Her long nipples grazed the palms of my hands and sent shock-waves to every nerve ending in her body.

I leaned down and kissed her firm, sweet breast. She yelped as I tongued her hard nubs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, lick my tits. Kiss them, suck them. Oh yes, yes, yes!”

I held her breasts, caressed the sides and licked them hungrily. Debbie arched her back and shoved herself into my lips. I took a nipple in my mouth and closed my teeth over it. She went insane with desire. She began to thrash against my face. Pushing her breast harder and deeper into my mouth.

I slid my hands down the side of her body which dramatically increased her passion. She flattened her muscles, luxuriating in my firm touch on her soft flesh. I pulled her shorts down her hips and was rewarded with the sight of her lovely glistening body. She raised her hips and the fabric vanished. My hands traced her hipbones as I climbed between her attractive legs. She shrieked as she felt my breath on her hot pussy. I ran my hands down her hips and onto her thighs.

“I never thought…oh don’t stop! Don’t ever quit. Your hands feel so strong and so good. I never, ever, thought. I wanted to think, I wanted to know, I never thought I would…Oh dear…you make me feel so…,” Debbie rambled as my hands caressed her hips and her thighs.

When my tongue began to trace up her inner thigh, she flew off the bed. As I began to tease her, I felt Rose undoing my slacks and pulling them from me. My now naked frame began to lick her inner legs deliberately. I held her legs by the ankles and lifted them up. I kissed the backs of her knees and up her sweet thighs. The scent of roses wafted in the air as my face came into contact with her fantastically moist triangle. Her puffy lips screamed for release and her deliciously large clit demanded my rapt attention.

I grabbed her breasts with both hands as my tongue began to taste her wetness. I opened her folds gently and deliberately. I parted her lips and was rewarded with a taste as sweet as honey. With each unfolding petal, Debbie’s moans got louder and her hips gyrated lovingly against my tongue. When I closed my lips over her clit, she hollered loudly. My lip held her while my tongue stroked her and brought her to a miraculously wet orgasm. Debbie shrieked and wrapped her legs around my neck and rode my face so very hard.

“My pussy is on fire. Oh I’m cumming. I have never cum like this in my life. I’m gonna cum again. Oh yes I am. I’m cumming again. More please, more! Oh yes, yes, I want more. don’t you quit, make me cum again. I need this, I want this, I crave this. Damn, where did you learn this?”

I kissed her stomach and up between her tits. I licked her nipples and under her chin. My lips met hers as my hard shaft rode between her puffy lips. Her sopping wet pussy combined with the free flowing precum on my hard shaft created such perfect lubrication. Our lips clashed and I felt myself at the entrance to an almost virgin like tightness. My crown began to open her and she held me so tight. I slid into her, amongst moans, yelps and shrieks. She began to cum almost instantly. She squeezed me tightly, kissed me deeply and fucked me wildly. My cock slid in and out of her neglected pussy and she loved every bit of it.

My friends need became our mutual desire. Her wanton lust for pleasure drove my desire to fulfill her need completely. Our naked bodies felt so good, so right. Her tight sheath loved every stroke and she was cumming constantly. I set a pace and rammed her deep and hard. She met my every thrust and wanted more. I sank deep and felt myself bottoming out inside her. This set her off and I felt her entire body tighten. Her skin was damp and her breathing irregular. I kept driving and she began to cum.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming and I don’t ever want to quit. I want more, more, more! Fuck me darling, fuck me harder. Oh yes! I’m, I’m, Oh yes I am! Fuck me more…” she babbled as she became totally incoherent.

Debbie’s velvet sheath grabbed me and would not let go. As my spear sank deeper, she clamped tighter. Her tight pussy was holding on for dear life and her mouth was consuming my face. She began to cum repeatedly in rapid-fire succession. Each orgasm stronger and louder than the last. My cock was relentless as I was so intent on allowing my friend the release she had craved for so long. My hips became a blur, her pussy welded to my steel shaft and she kept cumming. I was relentless and she, responsive in the extreme. With each massive orgasm, the flood of her love soaked me and still I kept pounding into her. She screamed. She convulsed wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and would not quit cumming.

I looked into her eyes and saw them roll into her skull and I fucked her harder. She began to cum again, this time deeper than before and I drove myself into her so deliciously. When Debbie began this last orgasm, her eyes fluttered, they rolled up and her body was beet red. The years of denial had finally been erased and she rocked on me harder and more delightfully than I have ever experienced. Her breathing ceased, as every muscle contracted and she came. She came so hard and finally collapsed, spent, satisfied and close to unconsciousness.

Another extremely loud voice was heard in the midst of her own raging orgasm. I looked over at the easy chairs and a very naked Rose was hands deep in her pussy, writhing in her own pure bliss.

I stayed inside Debbie and I felt her every twitch, contraction and expansion on my slowly deflating cock. She slowly regained some semblance of normalcy and she held my hands tightly. She tried to look at me but was unable to focus. She attempted to speak but the words failed to form. Her chest was heaving. She was totally drenched. She had been ravished and she reveled in it. I stayed within her as she recovered. Her pussy sent sweet loving sensations onto my cock. Finally, she looked at me in disbelief.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?”

I leaned in and kissed her sweetly, lovingly and stroked her sopping wet hair.

Rose’s soft voice piped in, “Wow! Listening to you last weekend was wild. Fucking you is beyond wild but, watching you fuck is an incredible fucking turn on too.”

I rolled off of Debbie’s heaving body and began to stroke her gently. Rose moved to the bed, leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly. Debbie returned the kiss with passion and desire. Rose began to stroke her sweetly as well.

“Do you feel better dear?, I asked.

“Oh my God, I never knew sex could be that good. You have made me feel things I had no idea existed.”

Rose looked at me and then at Debbie. “I told him basically the same thing on Monday.”

“I mean it. That was beyond belief. I never thought an orgasm could be that intense. Hell, I never knew that a woman could have that many orgasms in a year let alone in one night.”

Rose was stroking her and so was I. I didn’t say anything. Rose cupped one of her sweet breasts and lowered her mouth and took her nipple into her soft mouth. Debbie inhaled and looked at me as Rose teased and pleased her firm breast. I watched as Rose drew a fine line with her tongue from her nipple to her neck. Debbie extended her neck and allowed Rose total access. I watched as Rose kissed Debbie’s neck, her chin and onto her lips. Their lips touched ever so softly as Rose and I continued to stroke and touch Debbie everywhere.

“That many orgasms in a year? Baby, the night is young and you have just begun.” Rose whispered.

Debbie came out of her trance like state instantly. She looked at Rose and saw this precious asian nod and smile. Debbie smiled broadly, “Barkeeper, one more round for everyone,” Debbie giggled.

“Only one more round? This place is opened all night,” I quipped as I grabbed the glasses and headed out of the bedroom.

“Is this a dream Rose?

“No Deb, this is as real as it gets.”

“Now I know why Holly was screaming.”

“Debbie, trust me, he has only just begun. I mean, seriously, he is amazing. I have never known a man so nice and so fucking sexy. I’ve realized one thing this week. No man has ever been this way with me. He told me he won’t fuck a woman until he has made love to her first.”

“No man Rose, I seriously mean this, no man has ever done to me what has happened so far tonight.”

Rose leaned over and kissed her sweetly. “It is only going to get better my sweet, delicious friend.”

“I’ve never kissed a woman before. I have never felt the hands of a woman on my body like this. Everything is so sensual, so electric. I can’t explain why I am so thrilled at your touch. I always thought he would be wonderful but I never imagined being with a woman. I want the two of you so much. I want the feel of both of you and I don’t want this to ever stop.”

“Are you two talking behind my back? I know you have been before so I guess I am right. I told you Rose, I can get in trouble without even being in the room. Now you know what I was saying,” I laughed and handed Rose a fresh drink. I leaned over and for the first time tonight, kissed her lovely lips.

Debbie had sat up and the two women were side by side. I handed Debbie hers and kissed her again.

“I need to know something. Are you for real or have I been drugged and this is the most erotic dream I have ever had?” Debbie smirked.

I leaned over and hit a switch on the nightstand and took a long pull from my drink. “Do you feel this is a dream?”

“Honestly, it sure feels that way. It feels like the best dream I’ve ever had.”

“We have been friends for a long time. I’ve always been attracted to you and apparently, you have had similar thoughts. I take that as a wonderful compliment. For a long, long time, I have watched a very sad friend endure a horrid marriage. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop myself from crossing the hall and punching his lights out. I never liked him and now, thanks to some very talented friends of mine, you are going to kick him in the balls harder than anything I could do and I get to watch. The cherry on top is that you are in my bed, in my home and hopefully, I have made you smile.”

“Made me smile? Holy fuck, do you have a PhD. in understatement? Made me smile? I am going to need one of those motorized carts to get around in after tonight. What you have done is made me feel more joy and love than I have ever felt before. You have also made me feel muscle groups I never knew existed,” she laughed. “Thank you.”

“You are welcomed. I have a cure for your soreness. I’ll get to that after you finish your drink.”

Debbie was sitting with her arm around Rose’s neck, her hand gently cupping her firm breast. Whether consciously or not, Debbie was running her finger over Roses rock hard nipple and it was apparent that Rose was enjoying this immensely. Rose was stroking Debbie’s thigh and I knew she would soon be touching her wet pussy. From my position in the easy chair, I saw that, even with her problems, Debbie was going to be alright.

I walked to the nightstand and hit a switch. Rose saw this and laid Debbie flat on her stomach. I straddled Debbie’s legs and began to oil her back. When the warm oil hit her skin, she moaned emphatically. Rose positioned herself in front of Debbie’s face. I handed her the bottle so she could begin to massage her shoulders and neck. I oiled and caressed her lower back and down her legs. Collectively we lovingly massaged her and eased her aching muscles.

My oiled hands fell between her legs to massage her cheeks. My fingers circled her tight ass. Debbie moaned deliciously and I lifted her hips to placed her on her knees. Rose, whose delicious puffy lips were only inches from Debbie’s face, kneaded her back sensuously.

The scent of Rose and the the sensation of four hot hands overwhelmed Debbie. Her fingers ran up and down Roses inner thighs, mesmerized and exploring.

My rock hard cock rested between her oiled legs. I slid inside her and she welcomed me warmly. I watched as Debbie placed her fingers into Roses glistening slit while slowly beginning to open her steamy petals.

“Oh Debbie, open my hot pussy. Pull my lips apart. Mmm, yes, this feels and looks so fantastic. Get your fingers wet and look at me. Isn’t my pussy pretty baby? Will you taste my wet, hot pussy? I have wanted your tongue inside me for so long. Can you smell my desire? Does it simply make you wild? Oh your fingers feel so good. Your fingers are getting me so worked up. Taste my pussy Deb, taste my sweet juices. Get your face wet baby. Do you want to run your tongue up and down my pinkness?” Rose slid forward and set her pussy before Debbie’s lust-filled face.

My cock filled Debbie as she dove into the honey that was Rose. I saw her tongue dart out and she took her first taste of a woman. I stroked deeper and Debbie began to lick and suck on Roses molten lips. Rose leaned back and watched her as I began to fuck Debbie with long, sensuous strokes.

Rose moaned delightfully as her sexual desires were being met in every way.

Debbie met my every thrust with enthusiastic wiggles. I stroked her deep but slowly. I felt every wonderful inch of her velvet glove as she welcomed my every stroke. Debbie was developing an addiction to love and she relished every last morsel of the pleasure she found herself in the middle of.

Her lips caressed Rose and tongued her clit hungrily.

I began to increase my speed and I felt her tighten and hold on to my every thrust. Her twat clamped hard and pulled at my shaft as I sank and retreated repeatedly. I placed my hands on her lovely oiled cheeks and allowed my fingers to begin to draw soft, sensuous circles around her hot, tight asshole.

Deb raised her face, “Oh my, that is so sexy. Fuck me harder. You are making me so hot.” With that, she dove into Rose yet again and licked and sucked with renewed fervor.

“Fuck my pussy with that hot, delicious tongue. Oh this is sweet. You are loving my pussy just the way I dreamed you would. Lick me. Suck me, Fuck me with your hungry tongue. Oh that is so good. Lick my hole baby. Lick my hot deep hole and make me cum. Will you make me cum baby. Will you let me cum on your face?” Rose screamed.

Roses words combined with Debbie’s grunts drove my cock into a fucking frenzy. I began to pound her pussy harder and deeper. I held her hips, reached over and stroked her clit with my oiled hand. She thrashed on my cock as she attacked Rose relentlessly.

Rose began to cum hard. She drenched Debbie’s face and loved watching her friend lick up all her delicious juices. My cock exploded, flooding Debbie with hot, sticky cream. She came excitedly as I pounded her. What we heard sounded like moans however it was hard to tell with her face was so tightly pressed onto Roses gushing pussy. Our massive orgasms lasted and lasted until they began to linger wonderfully.

I felt my shaft leave Debbie’s warm grasp while Rose reached down to kiss her lovely wet face. Rose turned her over and I left the bed and sat in the comfortable chairs.

Rose climbed between Debbie’s legs and began to expertly lick and suck my hot cum from her swollen pussy. I sat, smiling, watching Rose as she dug my sweet sperm from our friends pussy.

Debbie locked eyes with me as she reveled in the sensations Rose was bringing to her. She began to massage her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them so invitingly.

Debbie threw her head back and let the love flow from Roses lips straight to her heart. Her nipples taut, skin flushed and her breathing became erratic. Rose was an expert when it came to bringing another woman pleasure. Her talent was not lost on Debbie as she arched her back and erupted deliciously onto Rose’s hungry mouth. My cum flowed from Debbie to Rose who drank it all down. Debbie never had a chance to calm down when another long, hard climax wracked her body. Debbie was shaking furiously, cumming over and over again.

Debbie held out her hand to pull me to her. She stroked my cock with her soft hands then placed the tip of my soft cock between her lips. Her gentle hands cupped my balls and she looked at me longingly. She removed my cock from her lips.

“I never thought this day would arrive. I have daydreamed, had wet dreams and fantasized about this since the day I met you.”

She put the tip of my cock between her moist lips once again and her tongue swirled over and around it. I felt her teeth playfully scrape under the crown. Her eyes bore into mine as she allowed more and more of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was amazing. Her lips caressing me with a longing and joy. Rose licked Deb and Debbie’s response was to take me even deeper.

I repositioned Debbie so that her head fell off the side of the mattress. Rose accommodated that new position. I stood over her face and dropped my hard cock into her hungry mouth. Her hands caressed my legs and onto my balls. She licked and sucked me wildly. Her hands fondled my ass while her wild mouth pulled, stretched and tantalized my overheated hot cock. I reached for her tits and felt the delicious, firm flesh in my hands. Her chest heaved with my touch. She sucked me deeper with each playful tug of her extended nipples. I pinched and she nipped my cock with her teeth. I pulled harder and she bit harder. Rose laughed into Deb’s twat and we all collapsed onto each other hysterical.

“What the hell was that all about?” Debbie giggled.

“Are you in some sort of hurry? I mean, do you have to be somewhere else? I can call you a cab.” I laughed as I grabbed the empty glasses to refill.

“Did you forget I just live across the hall?” Debbie giggled again.

Rose threw her arm around Debbie, “He is the worst tease in the world. He’ll take you right to the brink and then make you laugh which kills the mood but then he recreates the mood and you blow your fucking mind. I’ve never known anyone like him but I’m glad I do now.”

“I could just kick myself. Do you know how many times I’ve been in this apartment talking to him? Every single time, I wanted to just kneel down and suck him off. I’ve wanted to blow him and fuck him senseless. Then I would either go home to an abuser of a husband or to an empty apartment and cry myself to sleep. I should have said something years ago.”

“So why didn’t you? For that matter, why didn’t the two of you say something? I am getting a complex over here,” I said. “I don’t know if this matters to you two but I’ve been here, all alone, for the same two years. You two aren’t happy about it, I know that. Well, neither am I? What the hell are we going to do about it?”

Both women walked up to me and threw their arms around me. “We are going to make up for lost time starting right this minute.” Debbie purred.

“I know you do not want to make a commitment. I understand that and I, for one accept that. I can’t speak for Debbie, or for that matter Wendy, but I will take whatever time you want to spend with me and never complain,” Rose said.

“I second that,” Debbie agreed.

“Wait one freakin minute. What the hell does Wendy have to do with all this?”

Both ladies burst out laughing. “Wendy is so hot for you, we wonder how she can climb the stairs without slipping on her own juices. She has vowed to fuck you before tomorrow is over,” Debbie giggled.

“Damn, I thought Rose was pulling my leg about that.”

“Hell no. She is serious as a heart attack. Her husband is a useless piece of shit drunk who can’t hold his liquor at all. Two drinks and he is out. Hell, half of one of these and he’ll be out for a weekend.” Rose said, taking a sip of her drink. “She used to think you were just a nice quiet guy who lived downstairs but then Holly arrived and a sex switch was flipped on and she is seriously in total lust for you.”

“So tomorrow should be an interesting day,” I laughed as I was pulled down on the bed. With Rose on one side and Debbie on the other, I felt very content and loving it.

I closed my eyes as they began to run their hands all over me. Soft kisses rained all over my body. Long lines from multiple fingernails snaked around and the effect was exquisite. The scent of these two lovely wonderful women drove me wild. The warmth of their lips as they trailed over my body hardened not my heart, but my cock. I felt their hair as they kissed their way lower on my body. Their hands caressed my legs and my rigid staff stood straight and proud. I felt their hands on my hips and their lips on my flesh. My cock pulsed and they teased. They turned and looked at me and then they kissed passionately. I lay back and closed my eyes. I felt their approach as they caressed my balls and my ass.

I felt their breath and then one tongue followed by another. Their lips followed and my cock throbbed at the sensations lavished on me. Their warm mouths licked and sucked, nibbled and tickled, teased and pleased. Tongues licked up to the crown and traced around it. It felt so good. One slid over and took me in her mouth. As she released the other replaced her. They slid their lips down and kissed each other around my hard cock. In unison, they traveled up and down and I loved their expertise. One licked and sucked my balls while the other took me deep in her mouth. What a glorious feeling, a delicious glorious feeling.

Debbie moved up my body and kissed me deeply. Rose sucked me lovingly and climbed on my shaft. Debbie straddled my face, facing Rose. Debbie’s splayed pussy fell onto my hungry lips and I marveled at the pinkness and the beauty of her love. I held out my tongue and traced her puffy lips. She inhaled deeply and held herself just high enough to allow me free range of her body. I tried to give this lovely lady the feelings that had been denied to her for so long. I took my time, bringing as much pleasure to every part of her. Debbie craved the excitement of pure unbridled passion. My tongue flicked gently on her hard, protruding clit. She moaned and squeezed my shoulders while she watched Rose ride my hard pillar.

Rose slid up and down on my hard cock. Her tight twat clenched hard and she began to milk me so sweetly. Her slender hips and strong legs hugged my body as her pussy bathed my cock with her lust. Over this last week, her muscles had seriously increased their strength and I was the the happy beneficiary of her new and improving muscle control. Rose knew I felt the dramatic difference. She also saw the appreciation on my face and in my voice as she drove me to delirious, mind blowing orgasms. She would hold my gaze and vibrate her pussy somehow and create massive orgasms on both our parts.

I held my tongue deliciously still on Debbie’s clit. I did not move it but she felt its presence and it drove her nuts.

“Are you going to lick me? Lick me dammit! Oh fuck! You’re not, are you? You bastard! That feels so fucking good. Move your damned tongue!”

I held very still and I heard Rose giggle. Debbie was in a state. She didn’t want to move as I had the pressure just right but I wasn’t moving one bit. Rose held out her arms and Debbie took them for balance. She began to rock onto my tongue. Her pink slit slid up and down on my hard tongue. She was so intent on this one orgasm and she would not be denied. My tongue never moved. I watched her ass move past my eyes as her hot, dripping pussy rode my tongue harder and faster.

Rose rode me harder the faster Debbie rocked.

Debbie slid on my tongue and I felt her clit swell with desire. Rose had grabbed her tits and Debbie had her in hand. They leaned forward and were kissing as they continued their enjoyment. As their kisses became more passionate, their motions more pronounced. Debbie’s hips became a blur on my tongue. Rose rose and fell faster and harder on my cock. She clenched me so tight and I knew she was about to cum hard. Both women began screaming.

“Fuck me, Fuck my cunt hard. Oh don’t stop. Drive your cock into me. Fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck me!” Rose screamed.

“I’m cumming! Oh God I’m cumming! Oh this is so sweet! My pussy is on fire! Oh here it is! Lick it you son of a bitch! Lick it and suck it! Oh Yes!” Debbie shrieked.

They both came wantonly still mashing each others breasts. As they unwound, Rose continued to clench and release my cock. Debbie fell onto my face and I playfully licked her clit.

“Oh you prick, now you lick my clit,” she wailed and moved it away from me. As she did, her ass fell onto my tongue and I began to lick and circle her tight hole.

“Oh dear, yes, oh yes! Lick me! Lick my asshole baby! I love this! YES, Lick my hot ass!” Debbie yelled.

“You like my tongue on your hot ass baby?”

“I do. Oh I do,” Debbie moaned.

“I love his tongue too but I prefer his hard cock up my ass,” Rose stated emphatically.

I reached into the nightstand and brought out two small bottles.

“Then I have a treat for both of you,” I told them as I handed them each a bottle.

“What is this?” Debbie asked.

I explained that they were poppers and that if she enjoyed my tongue, she will go crazy over it in a minute. I handed Rose the oil and then explained how to use the poppers. I felt Rose oil my cock and herself. The oil felt warm and wonderful.

Rose positioned herself over my hard shaft and took a long pull on the little bottle. The rush is instantaneous. She moaned loudly as she fell onto my cock. Her tight ass felt so good to me but my cock created animalistic moans and shrieks.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard! Oh my God!” she bellowed.

Debbie took a long hit and sat her ass on my mouth. Her body flushed and she went wild as I licked and sucked.

“Oh I’ve never felt anything like this ever! This is so good! Lick my ass! Stick your tongue up my ass! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ram your tongue deep up my ass!” Debbie cried.

Rose took another hit and began to fuck my cock so hard. Debbie did the same and I drove my tongue as deep as I could. Both women went off like Roman Candles. Rose came so hard and so loud. Debbie set a record for volume and her pussy gushed as my tongue worked her ass deep. They collapsed into each other and attempted to regain their composure. They rolled off me fumbling for coherent words.

“Whatever that stuff is, I want to marry it,” Rose muttered.

“I second that,” Debbie smirked.

“What the fuck, am I chopped liver?”

“Darling, you didn’t cum again,” Rose stated.

“I wanted to hold off and cum in Debbie’s ass.”

“Mmmmmm that sounds fucking good,” Debbie purred.

Debbie knelt and Rose oiled her butt. She began to finger fuck her and Debbie really enjoyed what Rose was doing. Rose inserted a second finger as Debbie took a hit on her bottle. Rose grabbed my cock and began sucking me to rock hardness once again. She then inserted a third finger and began to stretch Debbie further. Debbie was riding the popper wave as she took Rose into her hot, tight hole.

When Debbie was ready, Rose guided my cock onto her tight pucker. I slid the head inside and Debbie took another hit. I felt her tight ring and stopped. She loosened and I pushed inside. I stopped and allowed her to adjust once more.

Deb took another hit on her little friend and yelled, “This is good. This is so good. Fuck my ass dammit, fuck it! Oh yes, oh, oh, oh, oh yes! Fuck my hot tight ass. I need your cock up my ass. I love your cock fucking me! Fuck my ass and never stop. Yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh don’t you ever stop fucking my ass!”

Rose held the bottle to Debbie one more time and she took a long draw on it. Rose took a hit and climbed under Debbie and began to tongue her pussy while my cock slammed in and out of her ass. Debbie went insane. It was all we could do to keep her on the bed. She had started cumming before Rose began licking and now, she could not stop. She threw her face onto Rose and began licking, biting, and tonguing her oriental dessert.

“Not a word to her, okay? Mark asked. “See if Jamal and Chris are on board with this little scheme of mine and call me back and let me know.”

“You got it boss. I can already tell you they will be but I will check. How long are you planning to be there? Rashad asked.

“I’m planning on a ten day vacation. I’m hoping you guys can stay for most of it. I don’t want you guys bringing dates because you’ll be getting all you can handle and more once you get there. It would really blow her mind though if you could arrange for a mind blowing party while you are there. She really would lose her mind and your rewards would be beyond belief. Trust me on that. I know her that well. Do you think you could arrange that?”

Rashad laughed, “Oh there is no doubt in my mind that could and will be arranged. Now who are you bringing to this shindig?”

“I’m bringing her as far as appearances go. Once she gets there, I’ll be on my own. She will be with me, in the box for the game but with you guys afterward. I’ve got a few other pleasant things lined up that I’d really like us all to do but as for me, I just want to unwind and relax.”

“Are you alright? Seriously Mark, we are worried about you. First, you feed us a line of crap that you don’t find Cherry attractive and none of us believe that for a fucking second. Now, you are telling me that you are coming to Hawaii, with her, for us. I mean this is our Mark, the man who dates actresses and models and gets more pussy in a month than the average guy gets in a year. Are you sick?”

“No, I am quite well. I’m sure if I want some female company while I am there that I can find some. As you say, I do know how. As for Cherry, she is not just a friend and you know it. I love that woman with all my heart but what she wants, I can’t provide. That is a fact of life and I accept it. If I looked like you three, I’d shoot you before I ever let you lay eyes on her. So, having said that, I have given her the best three guys I know and I am happy that you have treated her so well. Now, call the guys and let me know.”

“Question boss, where are you staying?

“Oh shit, I have taken the top floor of the Honolulu Palms. It is actually two four bedroom suites. I have one side and you guys have the other side. There will be plenty of room to party and all the privacy anyone could ask for. Diane in my office made those arrangements. I just forgot to tell you. My bad.”

“I’ll call you back,” Rashad said.

Rashad placed a conference call to his two buddies and caught them before they went to practice. They all played for different teams and all three had been selected for the Pro Bowl again. He liked the fact that they were going to see Cherry again. Mark was right about her. She was not only gorgeous. She was sexy, loving, caring and adorable. She also had the strongest sex drive any of them had ever encountered. Rashad filled them in on Mark’s plans and they loved what they were hearing. He told them to plan a ten day stay and not to bail after the game. They didn’t mind spending New Years Eve in Hawaii one bit.

Jamal burst out laughing, “We have to find three of the hottest women we know for Mark. I mean, seriously, these women have to be the sexiest black women on the planet. If that muthafucker thinks for one minute that he is going to be alone, he’s outta his honky head.”

I know who I am going to get but she isn’t black. She was Miss Hawaii a few years ago and she is the second hottest woman I know. All she has to know is that she will at least once get to be with Cherry and she will definitely be a go for this. Plus, she knows Mark, only by reputation. She asked me if I thought he could represent her in her movie career. Now, she can ask him herself.”

“Preferably while she has his dick in her mouth,” Rashad giggled. “As for me, I’m going to ask my friend Diane. Mark will love her to death. She fucks like a mink. She loves white men and she too, wants to meet Mark. She is one of the top lingerie models in the country. It’s funny because she asked me the same thing about him representing her. She earns millions a year. She is on so many covers and ads. Mark should consider this actually.”

“I don’t even have to think about this,” Chris stated. “Remember that lawyer I dated a while ago? Lori is so hot. She is exactly what Cherry said Mark loved. She and I are good friends but she won’t fuck me anymore. She says I am too big for her. She is a wild, fantastic fuck, gorgeous face and she lives to suck cock. I talked to her just the other day. She just left the firm she was with. She had some differences with the partners and she was tired of playing politics. She also knows Mark by reputation. I’m betting she would love the chance to meet him.”

Rashad said, “OK, call them and call me right back. Tell them where and with whom they will be staying. Also, Mark wants us to arrange a special party for Cherry. I mean he wants us to get the guys together and give her so much cock that she begs us to stop. Think we can arrange that?”

“Fucking right we can! Damn, can you imagine what she will be like with us after that?” Chris exclaimed.

“Call me back.”

Within a half hour, they had their answers. Everything was a go. They were like kids again, plotting Mark’s surprise. They were also wanting to see their dear Cherry once again.

Early the next morning, Mark logged onto his favorite site and sat in a room waiting. It didn’t take long until Cherry signed in.

When he saw her screen name, he didn’t say hello. He just typed three words, “Answer your phone.”

He hit speed dial and the phone rang once.

“Hello darling, is everything alright? You don’t usually call unless you’re in town or something has happened.”

“I need you to accompany me on a business trip. It is very important and you’ll be gone for ten days. I’ll cover all the money you would lose so that is not a problem for you. I really, really, need you with me.”

“When is this trip. Where are we going?”

He gave her the dates and then told her they were going to Honolulu.

“Hawaii? Did you say we were going to Hawaii? Are you fucking kidding me? Hawaii? You know damned well how much I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there. It is so beautiful. I hope we get to see a few things. I want to go. Can we leave tonight? Oh Mark, I would love to go.”

“Well, let me tell you that the first three days, I have to work but I want you with me. I want you to look your usual gorgeous self. It is Hawaii so you’ll be dressed “casual gorgeous”. We do have a dinner to go to and that will be “really gorgeous” but not formal. Oh yeah, there is a really big thing we have to attend but you can be as casual as you want. After that, it is bikini’s or less for the next week. So, to wrap it up, it is 3 days of fun work and a week of pure luxurious vacation. Still interested?”

“Oh wow, I can’t believe you. You always make me so happy. Damned right I am going. Nothing could stop me from this. Oh wow, I have to go shopping. Fuck, I am so excited I just came.”

“That is too funny. It must not have you too excited. I’ve heard you have bigger orgasms ONLINE,” Mark laughed.

“Oh hush you or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?”

“I love you Mark. When do we leave?”

“Well, this is what I was thinking. If you want to extend it one day, I can pick you up on Wednesday morning, after the club closes. We can fly to Vegas so I can pack and get what I need together and then we can fly to Hawaii. We would get into Vegas about 4 AM Vegas time, grab a bite to eat and then some sleep. Thursday morning, I have to go into the office for an hour. You can lay out by the pool or go gamble or whatever. When I get back, it is off to the airport and on to Hawaii.”

“Oh I am so excited. I really am. I can’t wait.”

“Well, you won’t have to wait long. I am so glad you said yes. I will be so proud to have you on my arm Cherry. You know I really do care about you.”

“I know you do my dear, I know you do.”

The week flew by and they talked every night. With each passing day, Cherry got more excited.

“I have to tell you something,” she said one night. “I’ve completely changed my hairstyle and color.”

“You change your hair color all the time. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. In fact, you have many fetishes but hair color and shoes top the list and it is a very long list.”

“Well, my hair is much longer than the last time you saw me and it is jet black.” I really hope you like it.

“Sounds perfect to me. Just as long as it does not cover the most perfect ass God ever created, I’ll love it,” I quipped.

“You like my ass? You have never once commented on my body other than to say that I looked amazing. That is one hell of a compliment coming from you.”

“Cherry, there is absolutely nothing about you that I don’t like. You are, seriously, the sexiest woman I know. From your eyes, to your nose, your face and your killer smile. You have the most gorgeous breasts, ass and pussy I’ve ever seen. I really love your voice. There is nothing I would change.”

“Wow, I never knew that. Thanks.”

“You’re welcomed. I need to tell you something. Tomorrow night when you get off work, I want you to drive to the executive side of the airport. My assistant arranged for your car to be in the executive garage while you are gone. It is more secure. Do you know where that is?”

“Yes, what do I do, just pull in? Who will I ask for?” she inquired.

“I’ll meet you there and it will be taken care of.”

“Great. I can’t wait. Hawaii, we’re going to Hawaii. This is unreal.”

“I’m tired hon. I’ve been tired now for a long time. I really need this vacation. I’m going to bed. G’Nite.” I said

“G’Nite, get some rest. You’re going to need it.”

“No I’m not. All I need is rest. Luv ya. See you tomorrow.”

Mark laughed as he signed off. He really did care for her. Giving her this gift was going to be the best one he had ever done. He really loved to make her happy even though he would never touch her.

Mark left New York at midnight and flew to pick up Cherry. He sat and enjoyed his rum and coke. He lit a cigarette and watched the news. His pilot Jack informed him they were approaching the airport. He finished his drink and put out the cigarette as his assistant Michelle took the glass and stowed it. Another perfect landing. Mark was so happy with his flight crew. Jack and Tom were retired Navy fighter pilots and he stole Michelle away from a top law firm a number of years ago. Mark and Michelle had shared many a night in various cities and they had a very special relationship. She was a blonde with a great body, a hunger for both sexes and a drive that was hard to quell. She was the perfect traveling companion when Mark was not otherwise occupied. On a trip like this, she was a total professional.

They taxied the G5 to the terminal and Mark was pleased that they were there fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Mark deplaned and walked into the terminal. It was empty at this time of the morning. Tom came in and filed the new flight plan as Cherry arrived. He walked out and she ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. He took her bags from the car and Tom took them to the plane. Mark made the valet arrangements and they walked from the terminal to the plane. Cherry stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the plane.

“What is this? I thought we were taking a regular plane. Whose plane is this?”

“This is my plane hon. My job requires me to be all over the globe. You know that. I can’t wait on commercial carriers anymore.”

“This trip is getting better by the minute.”

They boarded and Mark introduced Michelle and took Cherry up to meet Tom and Jack. Cherry was awestruck and kept looking at the plane. Her hands were running over the softest leather she had ever felt. She kept looking as they reached altitude. Michelle served them drinks and Cherry was speechless.

“You never told me we would be riding in style. Holy crap Mark. I mean, I never knew you lived like this. I know you travel all over all the time but I just thought you took the same kind of plane we all do. This is impressive. What kind of plane is this? It is so pretty.”

“This is a Gulfstream G5 hon. Yes, it is a nice plane. It gets the job done.”

Another couple of drinks were served. Cherry sat beside Mark with her head on his shoulder.

Michelle winked approval at Mark after appraising Cherry critically. Mark laughed to himself. He wasn’t quite sure if she was approving her for him or for her. What she didn’t know was she would probably have her before this vacation was over. He knew he wouldn’t.

Tom announced that they were on final approach to McCarran and they buckled up. Cherry was looking out the window at the lights of the strip. She loved the view. It was a view that Mark could never get enough of himself. He loved this city. The plane landed and taxied to the terminal. The valet was gone only a couple of minutes and pulled up to the front door. Cherry just starred as the red Ferrari idled at the curb. She was seated in and Mark turned onto Koval and headed home. He turned on Tropicana and headed to the strip and turned right at the MGM Grand. Cherry sat speechless once again. She had been to Vegas before but she had never arrived in a private jet nor had she cruised the strip in a Ferrari. So much had changed since she was last there. Mark drove north on the strip and pulled into Trump Tower.

He pulled into the parking garage and into his private garage. There was parking for four vehicles. In addition to the Ferrari, there was a Maybach, a pickup truck and a Candy Apple Red 32 Deuce Coupe. If there was one thing she knew, it was cars. Mark helped her out of the car and walked to the elevator inside his private garage. She entered the elevator and saw there were only three buttons. They were labeled P1, P2 and P3. This confused her until the elevator stopped. She stepped out into the most beautiful apartment she had ever been in.

“Welcome home sir,” a strong male voice boomed.

“Hello Jackson, This is my friend Cherry. She is accompanying me to Hawaii tomorrow.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Jackson,” Cherry stated as she looked at one of the largest black men she had ever seen.

“Are you hungry sir?”

“I don’t know, are we?” Mark asked Cherry. “I know I could eat something.”

“A sandwich perhaps,” Cherry suggested.

“We have fresh Pastrami, would that suit you miss?”

“Jackson, that would be delicious. Thank you.”

Jackson walked away to the kitchen and Mark started laughing loudly.

“What? What did I say that was so damned funny?” Cherry demanded.

“It is not what you said but what you didn’t say that got me laughing.”

“What didn’t I say?”

“Jackson, put your dick on a hoagie and I’ll be the happiest woman on earth!”

Cherry looked at him and burst out laughing. “You fucking know me too well. That is exactly what I was thinking. Where did you find him?”

“Jackson was one of my players and he was very badly injured. His career was over and he could not get a job because of the medical issues and health insurance so I hired him. I am gone so much and I am glad he is here taking care of the place and the staff.”

“Staff? How many people are here.”

“Jackson and Michelle live here and Tom and Jack live two floors down. They are on call 24/7 as am I. There are 3 maids that come in every day. One per floor.”

“One per floor? Come on Mark, seriously? This place is 3 floors?”

“When were finished eating, I’ll take you on a tour.”

Mark showed Cherry the place and she was blown away. The top floor was Mark’s private quarters. It took up the entire top floor of the building. His living room was huge and the view of the strip was amazing. His office was elegantly constructed of dark cherry wood. It certainly was something to see. He had his own private gym with every piece of equipment you could ever imagine. Cherry lost her mind when she walked into his bedroom. It was literally half of the top floor. The furniture was so tasteful. The bed was a fantastic four poster unlike anything she had seen before. Whoever the decorator was, they had only one thing on their mind when they created this look. SEX. SEX and ORGASMS!

“Hey, What the fuck? You have a stripper pole in your bedroom?”

“Yeah and two more in the playroom on the lower level.”

“I can’t even describe this to anyone.”

He took her into the master bath and her jaw dropped. She walked into his closet and looked at him in disbelief. He had the smaller of the two closets. The larger one was empty.

“Why don’t you use the larger closet?”

“Well, someday, if I find the right woman, she will need it. That is why it is empty.”

They went down to the middle floor where they had eaten. He showed her where Jackson had his two bedroom apartment and then he showed her where Michelle had her two bedroom apartment. He showed her the kitchen and she started to laugh.

“You could just live in the kitchen. It is fantastic. Now I know why you love to cook.”

Mark took her downstairs and showed her the party floor. He wasn’t kidding. There was a bar that belonged in the Bellagio, a dance floor that was huge. There were slot machines and pinball machines too. Mark took her hand and walked into a double door room and Cherry was simply stunned. This was a twenty four seat theater. It was amazing. Mark walked in and sat down. As Cherry walked, she looked down at the floor. It was very soft. She sat next to him, looking at the floor again.

“Why is the floor so soft?”

“Get on your knees dear.”

“Oh my God. Holy fuck me flying! This floor is this way so whoever is sucking a cock won’t hurt their knees. You’ve thought of everything.”

“Honey, lots of pussy gets eaten in here too you know. There is more to see. Come, it gets better.”

They left the theater and walked into the next room. Mark hit a switch and turned on the lights. The floor was tiled for the first three feet of the room. After that, the floor was mattresses. This is part of the orgy rooms. He hit another switch and the lighting dimmed and the music came on and Cherry smiled broadly.

“Oh this is great. I love it.”

“Come see this.” They walked into the next room. It was long and narrow. A padded bench ran the length of the room and glory holes dotted the wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“Nope, my friends like to party.” Follow me. He took her hand and walked out of this room and past the next. That was the other side of the glory holes. The last room was interesting to get into. It was a maze and the farther you went in, the darker it got. After the last turn, the floor was mattresses again but the room was pitch black.

“This is the grope room. When you are in here, you don’t have any idea who is touching you, sucking you or fucking you. This is a very popular part of the party. I enjoy being in here myself.”

They walked out onto the balcony which ran the entire length of the building. There were three hot tubs and lots of chaise lounges and mattresses. People liked to fuck in Vegas and this was a great place to do it.

They went back in and up to the second floor. This spectacular level was elegant in the extreme. Mark walked into the living room area which was so expansive. There was seating for at least 50 people. Big screen TV’s, large lounging sofas, perfect for fucking. There was a large area of hardwood floor set into the carpeted area. Cherry asked Mark why he had two dance floors when the one downstairs was so huge. Mark laughed and walked over to the wall and flipped a switch. The dance floor began to rise. As it lifted, a gorgeous swimming pool was revealed. It was lit with LED lighting that gave the pool very sensuous look and feel.

“Mark, I am beyond amazed. This is simply the sexiest home I have ever seen.”

“There you are,” Michelle said as she walked into the living room. “I’ve been trying to find you. Cherry, come with me dear.”

Mark kissed Cherry and she left to go with Michelle.

They walked down the hall and into a spectacular suite. For tonight, this is your room. I had your luggage brought up. We are only going to be here for a short time so you can sleep now or later on the plane.

“Where did Mark disappear to?”

“Mark has retired for the evening. He’s had a long day with meetings in New York that started early. He’s tired. He will see you in the morning after he returns from the office. He has to check on things with Diane, sign some contracts and then he’ll be back.”

“Who is Diane?

“Diane is the office manager. She is responsible for insuring that all things are properly completed. Mark’s clients are the absolute who’s who of the sports world. Not just football but all sports. Every professional athlete wants Mark to represent them but he can’t handle them all. He has over one hundred top lawyers working for him at the firm. He has been thinking of expanding into other areas but that would really put a lot of stress on him.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Are you okay Cherry?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I know I am totally overwhelmed with everything. I had no idea. I mean, I talk to him almost everyday and I really didn’t have any idea of all this at all. I mean, well, you have to kinda understand where we meet all the time. It is a pretty different kind of website and women get hit on constantly. I met him in a coffee shop just after his best friends son had died. He was so sad. I sat and talked to him for hours. I see men everyday and some are nice and others are, er, well they are men. Ignorant and horny. Mark was so different. After the funeral, we stayed in touch. We meet in this chat room and watch porn and laugh and I get horny. I’m pretty sure he does too but all he does is comment that what I like should be illegal. He has never hit on me ever.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him type that to you many times. Cherry, I wish you could see the look on his face when he does that. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been up in the air and he yells that trigger is on the screen. He is laughing but I know he is secretly wishing, just once, that he was built like that guy. I know that wish is for only one person. You!”

“You have seen some of the stuff we watch? I’m kinda embarrassed at that.”

“Don’t be. I enjoy it too. I laugh at your comments. You’re funny. You make him giggle like a kid. I’m going to tell you something that you may not believe. An hour with you takes more stress way from him than any amount of hardcore, mind blowing sex. He gets a lot of sex on his own but he lives for what little time he gets to spend with you.”

“I doubt that. If that was the case, he would have me in his arms right now,” Cherry’s eyes began to tear.

“He has this dumb fucking idea that you are only interested in one thing and I’ve fought with him about it. He can be hard headed at times but I am working on him for you.”

Cherry walked over and gave Michelle a hug, “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Michelle leaned in and kissed Cherry and she returned the kiss tentatively. Cherry’s head was spinning but Michelle was a warm, nice, sexy woman and Cherry was happy to feel her body next to hers. Michelle kissed her again and this time, the kiss was returned with gusto and desire. Michelle began to undress Cherry expertly. Her clothes seemed to vanish as Michelle’s hands began to explore her spectacular breasts.

“Mark said you had a body to die for. He sure wasn’t kidding,” Michelle stated as her own clothes disappeared to reveal a hot, hot body. “Now, I wonder how that got there?”

“How what got there?” Cherry asked.

Michelle walked Cherry to the coffee table and there, on a small mirror were four, generous white lines.

“I didn’t bring that. Seriously I didn’t Michelle!” Cherry looked to see the reaction from Michelle.

Michelle walked over to the mirror and picked up the tiny glass tube and drew two generous lines, She handed it to Cherry and she did the same.

The rush was amazing, it was instantaneous and it was strong. Michelle took Cherry to the bed and laid her down. Her lips began to kiss and lick Cherry completely. Her touch was soft, it was erotic and it was talented. Michelle knew how to love a woman and she obviously enjoyed it immensely. Cherry felt the drug charge her nerve endings, each and every one fired in rapid fire succession. Her tongue drove her wild. Cherry began to cum the instant Michelle touched her wet pussy. This woman was making her so wet. She was cumming quicker than she had ever cum in her life before.

Was it the bump or was it the woman? Cherry figured it was a combination of both but whatever it was, she wanted so much more. Michelle’s tongue roamed over her nipples and she came again. She began to kiss down her stomach and Cherry felt her tongue trace her hips. Cherry was on fire. Michelle was that good. She felt her hot steamy breath approaching her wet pussy and she came again. When her tongue parted her lips, Cherry went wild. She raised her hips and Michelle absolutely devoured her. Cherry began cumming and cumming and she would not stop.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes! Don’t stop, Oh don’t stop, uh, uh, uh, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck yes, Oh, Oh, Holy fuck, don’t stop!” Cherry shrieked as she flooded Michelle’s face with so much cum.

Michelle kept licking and rolled Cherry up and licked her fantastic small, tight asshole. Cherry began to cum again. She bucked and shoved her ass hard into Michelle’s tongue. Michelle drove her tongue inside and began to tongue fuck her seriously. Cherry grabbed her cheeks and spread them for Michelle. Michelle reached up and began to stroke Cherry’s delicious clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. A betting man would bet that Hiroshima was quieter than Cherry when she went off this time.

“You gorgeous fucking woman! Fuck my ass! Fuck me with your tongue! Pull my nipples, tug my clit! Oh this is fantastic. Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, Oh Fuck!, Yes!, Fuck YES!, uh, uh, uh, Fuck!, That’s it fuck my tight little ass. I’m cumming, oh Lord, I’m cumming. I’m cum, cum, cum, oh fuck, I’m cumming again!”

Cherry collapsed and Michelle slowly rose to meet her lips. On the way, she sucked Cherry’s clit delicately in her mouth and held it. She lovingly stroked it several times and then left to move higher. She kissed her breasts, licked her nipples and then sensuously kissed her extended neck. The electricity shot through Cherry and Michelle attacked her face and lips with pure lust. Cherry had kissed so many women before but none like this woman.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Cherry asked breathlessly.

“From Mark. When he makes love to a woman, it is a work of art. I know someday, you will find out for yourself.”

“But I want to do you now,” Cherry said through very heavy eyelids.

“You will sweetheart. It is, after all, a six hour flight to Honolulu. Sleep now, party tomorrow.”

Cherry fell asleep in Michelle’s arms.

The phone next to the bed rang softly. Cherry, disoriented, reached for it. It was Michelle informing Cherry that breakfast awaited her. Cherry got up and noticed a silk robe on the end of the bed. She put it on and walked out to the table. Jackson had prepared a wonderful breakfast of Eggs Benedict, fresh orange sections and chocolate covered strawberries.

“Did last night happen or did I dream it?” Cherry asked Michelle.

“Oh it happened. I loved it and if you’re game, it will happen many more times. Mark was right, you have one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen. I’d kill to have an ass that fine. Damn girl. I could get lost in there for years. If someone wanted to describe the perfect body, all they have to do is describe yours.”

Cherry blushed deeply, “Yours is pretty amazing too. I don’t know what happened. For starters, that was the best buzz I think I’ve ever had and then some of the deepest, longest orgasms I can ever remember. I know I kissed you and then next thing I knew it was morning. I am so sorry to disappoint you.”

“You did not disappoint me at all. I had the best time I’ve had with a woman in years and I wasn’t kidding, I want more and more of you,” Michelle confessed.

“I have a question for you if it is okay?”

“Sure, anything at all.”

“You are not just a stewardess are you?”

“No dear, I am Mark’s personal assistant. I live here to take most of the load off of his shoulders. I am a lawyer as well. I am the pit bull that allows Mark to be the man he is.”

Cherry dropped her eyes and asked, “Last night, you said that Mark taught you what you did to me. I take it you’ve slept with him more than once.”

“I love Mark with all my heart. He loves me deeply. We sleep together frequently and enjoy a sex life that is fantastic. I will never be anything more than I am with regard to Mark. I know it and so does he. I’m good with this. Many very successful men have this kind of arrangement because it works so well. He has me when he needs me and I have him when I need him. I just hope and pray that if or when Mark takes a wife, that she will understand and not be jealous. It is a lot to ask of anyone but if they want to marry a man like him, it is a reality they have to live with.”

“What the hell does he see in me then? He can have any woman on the planet. He told me once not to try to figure him out because it would only make things worse. I didn’t understand it but I do now, I think,” Cherry inquired.

“Cherry, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He has very few friends. Even fewer good friends. He has a ton of clients and a zillion acquaintances. His clients are, for the most part, prim a donas who demand his attention for everything. That is how he makes his money. The acquaintances/hangers on are occasionally useful but mainly they are looking for something from him. You are someone who befriended a man you did not know. You allowed him to pour his heart out that night. You listened. You held his hand and he talked your ear off. Since David died, he spends more time with you than anyone, other than me. You have never once asked him for a single thing. You talk, he talks. You both listen to each other. He teases you relentlessly about your desire for the biggest, blackest cocks on earth. If you could only hear him laugh every time he says that guy should be illegal or that that is a fucking birth defect. I tell you, it is precious. He does it because you get pissed and that is the only reason. He is the biggest tease on the planet.”

Mark walked in the door and kissed Cherry. He turned and kissed Michelle as well. “I am glad to see you two are getting to know each other. I hope you two can become very close. I’d be a happy man if my two best friends became best friends as well. Jackson…breakfast please.”

That booming voice rang thru the place, “Coming boss.”

“Oh fuck, I wish,” Cherry smirked.

Mark damned near chocked on his coffee and Michelle literally slid off her chair, laughing hysterically.

“Mark, I love this woman,” Michelle giggled as her mascara started to run. “That is the best laugh I’ve had in ages.” She got up and kissed Cherry’s still smirking lips. “Time to get this show on the road. You, eat, you get dressed.”

“I wanted to take a shower first,” Cherry said.

“We have a six hour flight. Shower on the plane dear,” Michelle suggested.

“There is a shower on the plane?”

“Darling there is an office and a full bedroom complete with en suite bath on board,” Mark explained.

“Now I know I was totally overwhelmed last night. I still think this is a dream. I am kinda pissed at you, you know,” Cherry explained.

“What the fuck did I do now? Damn girl, I can never please you.”

“You never told me about any of this. Like the plane, the cars, this home, your business, your drop dead gorgeous personal assistant. Why didn’t you ever mention it?”

“I did mention it. I just didn’t elaborate that’s all. I told you when I introduced you to the guys that they were my clients and that I was a sports lawyer. I do recall telling you that,” Mark stated emphatically.

“Oh that’s not fair. Your friend Phil is a lawyer. He has a nice office downtown. I thought you were just like him.”

“I know you. I also know that if you knew you would not be sitting here right now. Now that you know, I know in my heart that you are going to see that I am the same perv you know and piss off every night. Nothing about me is going to change. I doubt that you will change either. That is why I didn’t tell you. Will you forgive me?”

Cherry got up from the table, walked over and stood behind Mark and placed her hands on his shoulders. She squeezed gently, leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. “You’re forgiven this time. If you do it again, I’ll cut your nuts off with a thirty year razor.” She kissed him again, dodging the playful slap Mark attempted to land on her perfect ass.

Jackson pulled the Maybach up to the front of the garage. All their luggage had been loaded and they were off for a wonderful Hawaiian vacation. When they got to the terminal Mark handed Jackson an envelope and told him to have a good time on New Years Eve. Jackson flashed the biggest smile and thanked Mark profusely.

They got on board and immediately taxied out to the runway. As they were cleared for takeoff, Mark yelled, “Let’s get this show on the road boys. Get me to Honolulu.”

“Oh quit your bitching, we’re pedaling as fast as we can,” came over the intercom.

Everyone burst out laughing.

“This just gets better and better. Your staff are funny as shit.”

“I won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Life is too short not to take the time to laugh.”

“Michelle, show me to the shower please. I want to freshen up.”

They walked to the rear of the plane and Michelle showed Cherry the rest of the plane. To say she was impressed would be an understatement. When they walked into the bedroom Cherry saw her photo in a silver frame on the nightstand. Next to the the frame was the mirror from last night, fully loaded. She picked up the photo and then looked at Michelle.

“Oh shit, I never gave him this. How did he get a picture of me on stage?”

“He’s had that for a very long time.”

Michelle took Cherry in her arms and kissed her sweetly. As she reached for her breast, the intercom went off, “Michelle the boss wanted to warn you that Cherry can be insatiable.”

“Fuck you all flying.”

“Okay, get up here and fuck us all. We are flying,” the crew uproariously replied.

“Is this normal?”

“Sweetheart,” Michelle laughed, “Get used to this, it happens all the time.”

“The pilots sure seem like they are fun guys.”

“They are fun. They are both bisexual. They can fuck like stormtroopers too. Watching them suck cock is fun. It really gets me wet.”

“You’ve fucked them too?”

“We all have. I told you that Mark has very few good friends. He is a huge swinger. That is why he designed the playroom the way he did. Lots of people love theater sex. That is wonderful. I love that myself. Mark can’t afford the problems of being busted in any kind of raid so he built this. The glory holes are popular with all of us, Mark included. The maze and grope room are the best. When he has a party, there can be as many as one hundred or more people here. Everyone is naked and everyone is fucking and sucking like there is no tomorrow. There are very few guys that Mark will do out in the open. Jack and Tom are two that he trusts completely. All of the women that come here are bi, horny and hot. Many of the men are as well but you’d never know who because they are in the grope room and you can’t see anything in there. I’m going to make sure that you are at the next party. I don’t know when it will happen but when it does, you’ll just hop on the jet and get your sweet, pretty ass here.

I do want to fill you in on this. We don’t party with our clients. they are our bread and butter and we can’t afford to have any problems. There are three exceptions to that rule. Three clients that we represent that we do not charge a dime for our services. We party with them. All others are strictly off limits. The parties we have are for people that Mark knows. Local swingers. They are all good looking and horny as hell.”

Cherry had been listening to every word Michelle had uttered. She was completely unaware that while she spoke, Michelle had completely undressed both herself and Cherry. Michelle grabbed Cherry and kissed her hotly. She ran her fingers into Cherry’s wet slit and caressed her long, sweet clit with a need that had to be satisfied.

Michelle hit a button the main bulkhead and a device dropped from the ceiling. It was a chin up bar suspended from chains. Michelle took Cherry’s hands and placed them on the bar.

She sank to her knees and spread Cherry’s legs, opening her pussy wide. Michelle began to lick and suck her long, hard clit hungrily.

Cherry was suspended from the bar screaming in delight as Michelle sucked her clit like it was a small cock. This felt so good to her. She began to cum and Michelle kept sucking.

Cherry thought her orgasm would subside but it only got stronger. Michelle kept licking and gently sucking and the sensation just kept getting stronger and more delicious. Her orgasms kept getting harder and deeper.

Cherry was no stranger to massive orgasms but this one would not quit. Her body was shaking, trembling, moaning and screaming and yet, it would not stop.

Michelle knew she had more and she was hell bent on finding it. Her tongue barely grazed the sweet underside of Cherry’s clit and her upper lip held the hood in place. Michelle had never once changed the pace of her tongue and that is what was driving this incredible orgasm.

Cherry held the bar tight because her legs were useless right now. Michelle’s tongue was relentless. Her tongue, so very softly, stroked the sweet underside of her engorged clit. Cherry bellowed as her muscles contracted ever so tightly. Her pussy was like molten lava. It was flowing massive amounts of cum into Michelle’s thirsty mouth. She kept cumming and writhing in the ecstasy this marvelous woman brought to her. She grasped the bar tightly. In an enormous final climax, Cherry wrapped her legs around Michelle’s neck. Using what little strength she had left, Cherry rode Michelle’s face harder than anything she had ever done, spraying her face like a fire-hose.

Cherry collapsed into Michelle’s waiting arms. She laid her on the bed. Cherry was totally incoherent. Her body spasmed and constricted. Her legs flailed across the bedspread uncontrollably. She was hardly breathing. Michelle lay beside her, softly stroking and gently kissing her. Cherry had joined the Mile High Club in a most spectacular fashion. She tried to speak and once again, she found that completely impossible. She grabbed one of Michelle’s hands and just held it tight. Michelle rolled over and hugged her sweetly. Cherry basked in the afterglow, speechless and senseless.

In the hoarsest voice imaginable, Cherry looked at Michelle and asked one question, “Who the fuck taught you to do that?”

“Who do you think? Why Mark of course.”

“I’m either going to kill him or marry him. Those seem to be my only options. I don’t see any others, do you Michelle?”

They both began laughing.

Michelle pulled Cherry to her feet and they headed to the shower. Cherry felt the water begin to bring sense to her senseless body. The steady stream of water soothed her still quivering frame. She had to laugh at the old expression that you learn something new every day. She was not a novice when it came to enjoying an orgasm but at this moment in time she felt almost virginal. She had enjoyed two of the most unique, powerful climaxes of her life within a very short period of time. She was starting to rethink everything she thought she knew about the joy of sex. If the last few hours were an indication, she had much to learn and was eager to do so.

The shower door opened and Michelle stepped inside. She began to lather Cherry’s back and shoulders. Cherry turned into Michelle and their kiss was animalistic. Cherry could not get enough of this blondes face. Their soapy bodies felt fantastic as their hands caressed each other. Hungry faces and naked desire drove Cherry wild once again. Her desire to crawl into Michelle’s hot pussy was intense.

They toweled off and fell onto the bed. They began to kiss and explore delicately. Michelle picked up the mirror and handed it to Cherry and then used it herself. The drug was so intense and Cherry was starved for pussy.

She licked Michelle’s nipples, licking, sucking and biting playfully. She caressed them and kissed between her spectacular orbs. She licked down her stomach and tongued her belly button. Still massaging her firm lovely tits, Cherry trailed her lips over Michelle’s hips and onto her thighs. She heard a gasp of delight as Michelle felt her cheek on the inside of her creamy thighs.

The scent of her arousal inflamed Cherry and her desire to please this lovely woman was not to be stopped. Her precious pink lips beckoned and Cherry responded. Her soft, sweet tongue opened her to a reward of honey flavored nectar. Michelle loved the feel and tenderness of her tongue. She wanted more. Never one to be selfish, Cherry licked and tugged at her china fine lips. Her tongue traveled into her folds and the sweetness flowed copiously. Cherry was addicted to the taste, to the desire and the lust pouring from this delicious woman.

Cherry brought a single finger to the side of Michelle’s clit and lightly held it. Her lips and tongue began to flick and lick the other side which drove Michelle positively crazy. Cherry felt her begin to cum and she continued softly but determinedly. Michelle came and flooded Cherry with a warmth of love that she drank down passionately.

Cherry spread her lips wider and traced her tongue lower and Michelle felt her tongue circle her entrance to her vagina. She was stretched so wide and Cherry’s tongue felt too good. Cherry sank her tongue deep into her vagina and felt her clamp onto it. She began to fuck Michelle, loving the pressure her tight twat put upon her tongue. Cherry dove harder and Michelle clamped tighter. She began to cum again and again. Her orgasms shrieked throughout the plane. Cherry loved the taste of her pussy and Michelle loved to cum. It was a great combination. Cherry licked and fingered her hot ass. She then began to suck her clit deliciously. Not to be outdone, Cherry drove Michelle to the same level of orgasmic bliss she had just experienced. As she fired off her orgasmic screams only got louder. There was no doubt that everyone could hear her. Michelle was out of control and she did not care. Her body screamed for more and Cherry gave her more. Michelle copied Cherry in that she wrapped her legs around her neck and gushed wildly down her lovely throat.

As she began to calm, the intercom came on, “Attention all passengers. Please fasten your seat belts. We are concerned that the ass end of this aircraft is going to fall off. Once again, Thank you for flying ‘Fuck Me Flying Airlines’.”

The bedroom door opened and Mark stood there with two drinks for the ladies. He smiled at these two wonderful naked women and just laughed. “You were warned Michelle, you were warned.”

“Hey, no one warned me about her!” Cherry exclaimed.

The intercom clicked on again, “Our bad.” Everyone fell into hysterical laughter.

The ladies got dressed and joined Mark in the cabin. They both looked lovely. Cherry sat beside Mark and rested her head on his shoulder. “I have a message for you from Phil and Gloria.”

That got Mark’s attention. “When did you meet them?”

“Oh, I thought you knew. I got a phone call from Phil a week ago. He asked me to come to his office which I did. I met him and he is such a nice man. No wonder he’s your best friend. Anyway, he told me that Rashad, Jamal and Chris wanted to give me a Christmas present. He said they wanted to thank me for taking such good care of you when David passed away. It meant a lot to them and then they met me and they really liked me. Anyway, Phil needed to know how much I owed on my car. I told him I wasn’t exactly sure but I made a call and found out. He then had me sign a few papers and as I was reading them, I was shocked. The guys paid off my house and my car.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, Phil said they were not going to be home until sometime mid February. They wanted me to know they would see me when they got home. They wanted to make sure I got my Christmas present. I am still in shock.”

Mark looked at Michelle, “Make sure accounting handles this properly, will you hon.”

“Definitely. I’m on it,” she said as she picked up the SAT phone.

“So what did Phil and Gloria say?”

“Phil said you are a lucky bastard and Gloria told me to give you this,” With that, she kissed Mark deeply, lovingly and longingly.

“I’m fucking screwed.”


“Seems I’m having a lustful relationship with my best friends wife.”

Cherry slapped his shoulder hard while Michelle just giggled uncontrollably.

The intercom clicked on and Jack stated, “Wheels down in 30 boss.”

“Time for one more drink.”

“It is so lush, so beautiful,” Cherry said as she looked out the window of the limo. “It is prettier than I expected. The water looks so lovely.”

They pulled into the Honolulu Palms and Michelle went to the front desk. She had pre-registered so she only had to pick up key cards. Moments later, they were on their way to the top floor. The bellman opened the door to a fantastic suite and began to put the luggage in the various rooms. Michelle and Cherry went to the balcony to take in the view. When he went to grab Cherry’s bag, Mark stopped him and told him to leave it by the door. Mark tipped him and he left. Mark looked at his watch and smiled. If everything goes according to plan, the guys should be here in less than five minutes.

Mark walked out onto the balcony and the fresh tropical sea breeze felt fantastic. He came between both women and put his arms around their waists.

“Heaven, this is absolutely heaven,” Mark sighed. “This is how to relax. Now what could be better than this?”

They heard a knock at the door and walked back into the suite. Michelle answered the door and three elegant women walked into the suite. This was not the plan Michelle knew of. They started to introduce themselves when there was another knock on the door. Again Michelle opened the door and she burst out laughing. Rashad, Jamal and Chris stood in the doorway with the most angelic looks on their faces. Cherry looked at the door and freaked. She ran to the doorway and hugged all of them, She kissed them and thanked them so much for their most generous Christmas present. The guys walked in, each one kissing Michelle hello and shaking Mark’s hand. Mark had a puzzled look on his face as he looked at the two black goddesses and this Hawaiian Princess. They were not part of his plan. They were also quite welcomed. They were gorgeous.

Michelle poured drinks and the guys introduced the ladies to everyone. Jamal introduced Aleka as a former Miss Hawaii and actress. Rashad introduced Diane as a top model and Chris introduced Lori to Mark. He told Mark that Lori was a good friend and a lawyer as well. Everyone seemed to hit it off very well. The ladies went to chat with Michelle while the guys stayed with Mark.

“What the fuck? You weren’t supposed to bring any women with you. I wanted you to have this time with Cherry.”

“We plan on it. Merry Christmas and Happy Fucking New Year. Aleka, Diane and Lori are our gift to you. You’ve been so good to us and well, since you don’t want Cherry, you know she is going to be taken care of. We didn’t want you left out. We found you almost the hottest women we knew. We know you’ll take good care of them.”

“Almost the hottest?”

“If you weren’t so fucking stubborn, you’d know we are taking the hottest one with us.” Rashad told Mark.

“Am I the only one who is hungry?” Let’s go find some place really nice that has great food, good booze and a great view of the sunset,” Chris exclaimed.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Mark agreed.

“I need to change and freshen my makeup,” Cherry said. “Which room is mine Michelle?”

Jamal grabbed her hand and started walking toward the door. He pointed to the bag by the door. “Is this one yours?”

“Yes it is.”

“Good, come with me,” he said as he picked up her bag and headed down the hall.

“What is going on?”

“We are here for ten days. You, dear, are with the three of us. The gals we brought were our surprise for Mark. Hope you are not disappointed.”

Cherry was overwhelmed. She threw herself at Jamal and kissed him deeply. Rashad and Chris walked in and she held them and kissed them and started jumping up and down.

“Mark arranged this?” she asked.

“Oh hell, yes he did. We turned the tables on him though. He is going to be so well fucked over the next ten days, we’ll have to wheel him onto that plane,” Chris said with a very evil grin on his face.

“Oh my God, I’ve got you all to myself for ten days! Oh my God,” Cherry shrieked.

“Not exactly, We have a game to play on Sunday dear. After that, we’ll have our time to ourselves.”

“A game, what game?”

“The Pro Bowl baby, The Pro Bowl.”

“Do I get to go to this game?”

“Honey, you’ll be in Mark’s sky box. The best seat in the house. Come on, hurry up, we’re starved.”

Cherry quickly changed into a drop dead sexy as hell outfit, fixed her makeup and ran back to Mark’s suite. She walked in to catcalls and whistles from the guys. She walked to Mark, who was talking to the ladies, excused herself and pushed her way right up to his chest. Her eyes bore holes in his as she interrogated him, “You planned this? You brought me all the way to Hawaii for this? Is that what you did Mark? Is it?”

“Yes Cherry, that is exactly what I did.”

She attacked his face furiously. He hugged him, she kissed him wildly, “I love you Mark. I really do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Everyone cracked up laughing.

“You’re not the only one who was surprised,” Mark smiled as he put his arm around Aleka and Lori. “You’re not the only one at all. I planned what I thought was going to be a terrific vacation for you and never thought I would get the surprise of my life in the process.”

Michelle and Diane walked back into the living room. “The limo’s are at the front door.”

They headed to the Bali Steak and Seafood Restaurant located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Cherry was impressed with everything. This was truly paradise. One would expect that walking into a restaurant with three Pro Bowl NFL stars would be enough to get you exceptional service. You would be wrong. If you really want exceptional service, walk into a five star Waikiki restaurant with Miss Hawaii on your arm. Now that will get you really good service.

They enjoyed a wonderful meal while Aleka regaled them with stories of the islands. She was not only beautiful but intelligent. Everyone found her enchanting. Her exotic beauty was obviously not lost on Mark. Cherry noticed this and deep down found this somewhat disturbing.

They learned that Diane’s modeling career had been a long, grueling struggle but she had succeeded in becoming highly in demand. Mark told her he had seen her on many different covers and that fact alone impressed everyone. Mark had many interests, many of which they still had not discovered.

Michelle told Mark that Lori was an attorney who had practiced a very similar style of law to Mark.

“Really, tell me more.”

“Mark, you represent the finest athletes world-wide. The firm I was associated with did the legal representation for some of the most successful models, and celebrities. Similar problems, different professions.”

Mark smiled broadly and flashed a quick look at Michelle who nodded almost imperceptibly.

Mark raised a glass, “To great friends, wonderful times and lots of good fun.”

They strolled along the beach and drank in the sunset. There was much laughing, and playful grabbing and everyone was having a wonderful evening. Cherry was so impressed. Mark smiled as it was becoming apparent that Cherry and the other ladies were fast becoming friends. It is so nice when the world is in harmony.

Rashad slid up beside Mark, Jamal and Chris who were walking a few feet behind the women. “Boss, is this, or is this not, the true definition of a Walking Wet Dream!” Lecherous laughter boomed over the azure waters of Waikiki Beach.

“We heard that,” an anonymous voice from ahead laughed.

More laughter resulted as the women turned and walked back into waiting arms. Yes, this was going to be a wonderful time.

“We have practice at 11AM so we had better get back to the hotel,” Chris said as they got back to the limos.

Back in the suite, Cherry stopped the guys before they could think. “Sit down, we need to talk. No, not there, all three of you on this sofa right now.”

The guys looked at each other and complied with her request. Cherry stood in front of the sofa, her heeled legs spread, hands on her hips in a very school marmish manner. “I want to know what the hell you three were thinking?”

“Thinking, thinking about what?” Jamal quizzed.

“About my car and my house for fucks sake. What the fuck were you thinking. Do you know what that makes me look like? I mean, Goddammit, I love you guys. I don’t fuck you for money, I make love to you because I care about you. I fuck you because you’re the best fucks I’ve ever had. However, I am perfectly able to take care of myself.”

“Hold on, hold on please. Don’t get us wrong. We talked about this. To you, this was huge. You work hard for your money. So do we. Unfortunately, we make more in an hour than you do in a year. We didn’t set the pay scale at the club. If we did, you wouldn’t have ever had to worry. You see, darling, to us, you are priceless. We know that you play with other men. You know we play with other women. There isn’t a man in this room that is ever going to claim you for our own. We know that. We accept that. What we will not accept is knowing that someone we strongly care about is struggling with things that we don’t have to worry about. We all own our own homes and we buy our cars cash. We only wanted to take that worry away from you. If that makes you look bad, deal with it. We love you and that is all we are going to say about that,” Rashad said seriously.

“Well then, I have only one thing to say. Love me like I’ve never been loved before,” she said as she flew onto the sofa with them.

Her manicured hands caressed their dark faces as she kissed each and every one of them. Their strong hands relieving her of her expensive threads. As her blouse opened, her alabaster breasts sprang into view and were immediately caressed by strong dark hands. Her skirt was removed and set aside. Rashad removed her thong exposing her pink, puffy flesh. He stroked her legs lovingly. He kept her heels on as the sight of this delicious woman’s legs in her ultra chic heels had his substantial cock hardening rapidly. Rashad had been dreaming of the feel of her on his skin ever since Mark called him with the plan. He looked in the middle of the sofa and Chris was stroking her stomach and teasing her spectacular breasts. Jamal had raised her up and was kissing her deeply and passionately.

The sensations Cherry felt as she lay naked across the laps of these three, long, lean, muscular men, took erotic to an entirely new height. Little did she know that when she and Mark watched Mr. Eight Pack online in their porn chat room, that she would ever have three of them all to herself. Just the thought of that would have made her pussy gush. Here she was, in Hawaii, experiencing them yet again. She felt Rashad and Chris begin to struggle to get naked. Jamal was so deep in her lovely lips that he didn’t move. Her kiss had made him so hard, so filled with desire. Like his friends, he’d fucked many women. He had made love to very few. The one thing he knew was that they were going to do both to Cherry, tonight and every chance they got, not only in Hawaii, but back home as well.

Rashad lifted Cherry by her ankles to allow he and Chris to stand up. Now naked, their spectacular cocks stood like electric poles while their true eight packs heaved in anticipation. They gazed onto her glistening lips and Chris bent over and pulled her pink pussy wide. Rashad leaned into her and began to lick and taste her lovely pussy. Cherry moaned and drove her tongue deep into Jamal’s mouth. Chris began to lick her nipples, circling them and making them longer and stiffer. She arched her back and moaned for more.

Her pussy wept with delight as Rashad took her clit into his mouth. He knew exactly what she liked wanted to give her all that and more. His expert ministrations coaxed the first of countless orgasms she would live through this night. She flooded his sexy black face and delivered a stream of her hot cum onto his gleaming teeth, and long pink tongue. He held her hips and she rode his face wonderfully. She quivered, shook and shaked hard and she came again. Rashad consumed every last delicious drop.

Chris tapped his shoulder and replaced him on her perfect twat. Rashad picked up her arms and pulled her from Jamal’s greedy lips. He began to kiss her deeply while Jamal became naked too. Chris was different from Rashad. Chris used his tongue and his fingers. He liked to play with her pussy while he soaked up all her lovely dew. Cherry was in the dew business right now. Her body was flowing and she was reeling. She could not stop flowing and knew that this was the just the start of the night. She smiled around Rashad’s probing tongue. Cherry began to cum again. She exploded on Chris, showering him lovingly. Oh how she loved to flood this strong handsome mans face. He gobbled up every last drop and wanted more. Jamal needed, no make that craved, to be within Cherry’s sweet lips. He was never one to disappoint his sweet white lover. Jamal was a bit rougher. He attacked more often than not. Cherry loved his rough tongue on her velvet slit. She rode his face hard and she knew she was about to unleash another torrent of desire. God, she loved these guys. Three more flicks of his rough tongue and Cherry came so very hard. Jamal drank her down like a drunken sailor. God he loved the taste of this sweet woman.

Her anticipation of the three massive cocks and their pending attack on her pussy and tight ass just drove her nuts. There was very little needed to have her flowing like lava. Slow and hot. She knew her eruptions tonight would be galactic. She never expected this at all. Cherry loved surprises and this time, Mark outdid himself. Strange as it sounded in her own mind, she hoped that Mark was enjoying his own surprise. Why did it bother her so much to think that?

Jamal replaced his face with his massive cock. He ran it along her wet, pink slit and then slapped her clit with it. Cherry marveled at the weight of his huge cock as it hit her tender clit. He was so big and so black and the contrast drove her wild. She loved the look, texture, length and thickness of a black cock at any time but when she had her three best men in the same room, in paradise, she was unrestrainable.

Jamal entered her velvet shaft and Cherry moaned in total lust as he stretched her and sank deep into her. God he felt good. His slim hips began to sink his shaft deeper into her. Rashad walked to the end of the sofa and tilted her head back. She looked up at him and saw his lovely, long cock aimed at her lips. She grabbed him and opened her lips to allow passage from his hips directly to her heart. Jamal stroked her pussy hard and deep and she felt Rashad fill her throat so tenderly. She felt Chris licking her tits as Rashad’s cock filled her face.

The sun was shining and the Laguna Beach air was clear. She saw that the thermometer read a nice 81 degrees. Natalia loved her days off. Sunday had been a fun day. She played online and then went to the beach with several friends. It was a normal day at the beach and she giggled to herself at the heads she turned. She did like that new bikini. She was a good looking girl, she knew that. What amazed her was the number of blatant stares and catcalls she got. She didn’t see anyone who really caught her eye but she did like the attention. In her most exhibitionistic thoughts, she giggled.

Her job at the spa was not ideal but it was all she could get in this economy. The pay wasn’t great but there were benefits. Some days there were additional benefits that never showed up on a pay stub. She had Sunday and Monday off. Today, she had very little to do. She padded into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She went back into the bedroom and looked at her young body in the mirror. At twenty-three, she was proud of her 5’6″ frame. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders and framed her pretty face. She looked critically at every feature and assessed it as a voyeur would. She loved attention and always made sure any lookers were satisfied with whatever view she gave them.

She assessed her lips. They were full and sexy. She was so proud of them. She knew that most men dreamed of sliding their hard cocks into these lips. She loved sucking cock and she was damned good at it too. Women were also drawn to her lips as they imagined her licking their sweet pussies. Natalia loved the taste and scent of a woman. She could lick a woman for hours.

Her D cup breasts were firm, luscious and topped with the sweetest, sensitive, hard nipples. Damn, she loved to have them licked and sucked. Her flat stomach, adorned with a lovely bellybutton jewel led to her erotic hips. She had a lovely shape, not perfect but sexy. Her pubic hair, trimmed to a small, perfect arrow aimed directly over her luscious slit. Natalia laughed as she looked at that small pointer that just screamed — ‘Lick me, yes, lick me right here and don’t stop’. Nothing on earth feels better than someone who really knows how to make her cum on their face. She lives for that.

She finished her assessment by slipping on her heels and looking at how they shape her long legs and her ass. She loved wearing her heels when she was naked. It made her feel so sexy. Her naked body looked so good. She was pleased. Natalia walked into the kitchen and poured a coffee. It was a gorgeous morning. She took her laptop and walked out to the pool. The sun felt good on her skin and she wanted to work on her tan.

She logged onto her favorite video chat rooms looking to see which of her horny friends were online. This morning was slow and none of her friends were on. She did, however, find a new video and she started to watch. It was a hot video and Natalia started to play with herself as she watched. She laid down on the chaise and put her feet up. Her knees parted and her long manicured fingers began to caress her breasts and nipples. She watched intently and pulled her erect nipples wickedly. It felt so good and this movie kept getting hotter. She stroked her stomach then sank her hand between her legs.

She ran her hands along her thighs and her pussy began to flow. It didn’t take much to make this lovely lady wet. She knew it and she loved it. Her friends online also knew that she was a total sexual being. They loved her for that as well. The men adored her and the women craved her. All in all, life was good. This movie just kept getting hotter and her pussy was flowing like mad. She ran two fingers beside her long, sweet clit. It felt so good. She was blessed with a larger than average, sweetly hooded clit that just craved a hot tongue. She was usually disappointed as most guys, if they tried at all, only gave it a passing glance. The women were much more attentive and she had better orgasms with them.

This movie, however, showed a guy licking a woman deliciously. Natalia wanted to be her. Her fingers began to stroke her own pussy wonderfully. Before long, she came with a crushing orgasm. She kept cumming as she wasn’t finished stroking and pleasing herself. She loved being naked outside and when she could cum outside, it was always spectacular. She pinched her nipples and came again. Life was definitely good.

She reached for her coffee and stopped dead when she saw him. A man was standing near the pool. He appeared to be Hispanic and he was fucking gorgeous. He stood about 6’2″ and wore only a familiar bathing suit. Natalia recognized the suit as the ones the pool service guy wore. This wasn’t Tuesday, it was Monday. Why was he here today? She knew he had seen everything. She knew it because he had one of the prettiest cocks she ever saw in his hand and he was stroking it. He appeared to be about twenty five or so and he had rock hard abs and terrific pecs. He was exactly what Natalia needed this morning.

It seemed that he was unaware that she had seen him until she called to him.

“Excuse me, why are you here today. You weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow?”

He slammed his hard cock into his bathing suit and began to stammer, “I am so sorry Miss. I really am. I had no idea that anyone would be home and I, uh I, I am so sorry senorita. Am I going to lose my job?”

“Why are you here today?”

“They changed all the schedules. I have this route now and I will be here on Mondays from now on, as long as I still have a job,” he replied.

“Come over here. Don’t worry; you’ve seen me naked from a distance. I only get better the closer you are. What is your name?”

“My name is Jose.”

“Jose, did you like what you saw? Obviously you did. I saw you stroking your cock. Has anyone told you that you have a very nice cock Jose?” she said as his bulge was becoming more apparent.

“Yes I did like what I saw. You are a very lovely woman. I really liked watching you.” He replied.

“That is becoming more apparent. You have a nice cock Jose,” She said as she reached into his trunks and wrapped her hand around his inflating organ. “Oh Jose, I want to see it up close. Can I Jose? Hmm can I?”


Natalia pulled him from his suit and was surprised at not only its length but also its girth. This was a very decent cock attached to a very good looking man. She stroked his long cock and watched as he assessed her hot body too. She pulled him closer and kept stroking his very hard cock. She cupped his tight balls with one hand and stroked him with the other.

“Jose, would you object if I put this between my hot, lips? I think I would really like to suck your cock, if you don’t mind. Is that alright Jose?”

“Oh miss, yes, please.”

Natalia licked the head of his cock and put the tip in her mouth. She held him there and looked up into his handsome face. She looked into his eyes and held her gaze as she took him in. The look on his face was one of complete joy. As his beautiful cock passed her sweet lips he began to swell. She teased him. Her tongue rode under his soft skin and began to lick him as she sucked him. Damn she was a talented girl. She held his balls as his cock hit the back of her mouth. Oh how she wanted all of his cock. She kept looking into his eyes as she opened her throat and took him inside. He watched as his cock disappeared and his balls rested on her lovely chin.

She took her hands away and he began to fuck her face. Natalia began to rub her breasts. She tugged on her nipples as his cock deliciously invaded her lovely face. His strokes became stronger and she took him in sweetly. She loved the feel of this fine cock but she wanted more.

She pulled him out of her mouth and bent him down to kiss her. He returned the kiss passionately. Jose’s hand began to fondle her tits as their kiss lingered. Natalia’s hand was stroking his hard shaft gently. Jose bent and kissed her right breast and then her left. His tongue felt so good on her taut nipples. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it very well. The thought that he had seen her masturbating had her so turned on. Now this hot Latin was sweetly kissing her flat tummy and she was so fucking horny.

Jose’s lips kissed down and onto her pussy. He licked and sucked her puffy lips. Natalia loved the feeling. She was pleased that Jose seemed to know what he was doing. His mouth covered the hood of Natalia’s clit as he took her long clit in his mouth. His upper lip stroked the hood while his tongue caressed the sweet underside of her clit. Natalia went wild. This man was fantastic. He continued and she felt a large climax building. Natalia went wild. She felt his hands caressing her tits as he brought her to the brink. Her stomach tightened, her breath slowed and her legs began to quiver. Jose’s mouth and tongue continued and she screamed as this massive orgasm overtook her. She rocked and rolled on his face and Jose kept the pace. She came again and again. He kept sucking and she kept cumming. Natalia squeezed her legs around him and came again.

Jose took his lips from her clit and slid up to kiss her nipples. Natalia felt his cock glide along her luscious pink pussy. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her silky sleeve. He gazed into her eyes as his strong manhood entered her hot, greedy pussy. His cock felt so good. He began to move inside her and she simply adored the feel of this fine man. The tightness of her pussy and the strength of his thrusts had her cumming again and again. What she wanted, she got. His cock picked up speed and he gave her the fucking of her life. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rode him through many massive orgasms.

“Fuck my pussy baby, oh yes, that feels so good. I love your cock, fuck me baby. Oh, oh yes that feels so good. Oh yes, I love this, I can’t stop cumming, fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, Fuck Me!”

Jose felt her massive orgasms and he was not yet finished. He pulled his hard shaft from her and dove back into her sweet pussy. He licked her and held her legs wide. His tongue slipped between her cheeks and he rimmed her tight sweet asshole. Natalia moaned ever so loudly when Jose flattened his tongue and brought it fully across her puckered tight hole. She felt him do it again and then his tongue began to poke into her.

“Oh dear me, Oh yes, I love your tongue. Oh that feels so good Jose, mmm, yes!”

He turned her over and brought her to her knees. His cock slid into her still twitching pussy and he stroked several times. He brought the head of his cock to her tight hole and pressed it in. He was gentle and he gave her the time to adjust. He caressed her clit with his fingers until she was ready. Jose pushed against her tight ring and she opened for him. Slowly he began to sink in. Natalia was moaning and shrieking wildly as his cock became buried deep inside her. She loved it. She relished it. She couldn’t get enough of this man.

Jose began to move as her tight ass gripped his hard shaft. He began to fuck Natalia’s ass harder and she began to feel such a different feeling. This wasn’t just her pussy cumming. Her entire body began to spasm. Natalia was shaking and cumming, cumming and shaking and it would not stop. His body filled her completely and he drove into her relentlessly. Natalia had never experienced an orgasm like this in her life. Jose knew he was going to explode soon. He pulled out of Natalia and he brought his cock to her lips.

She attacked his cock hungrily and swallowed him fully. Jose fucked her face wildly and Natalia wanted more. He slammed into her lips repeatedly, deeply with lightning speed. He felt it begin and pulled out. Natalia opened her mouth and held his cock in her hands. She felt it swell and licked the head. The sensation she felt as the flood slid down his cock was amazing. Her eyes were fixed on the head of his cock. She watched the first glorious stream shoot from his fabulous dick. She felt every spurt, she saw it cumming at her. She tried to catch as much as she could in hungry mouth. He kept cumming, more than she had ever seen. Sticky, sweet, glorious cum dripped from Natalia’s face, hair, tits and teeth. She was so happy.

He picked her up and walked her to the edge of the pool. They dove in, hugged and kissed some more. He entered her and fucked her sweetly again.

She was so glad they had changed the day that they cleaned the pool.

Tuesday morning came and Natalia dressed before heading to the spa. It was an upscale place with lots of very sexy customers. The money was terrible but the tips were excellent. She couldn’t survive without them. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She was hot and she knew it. The short white skirt looked good against her tanned legs. Her white heels made her ass look, shall we say, delicious. The company tee shirt hugged her breasts and accentuated her curves exactly. Her nipples popped as she thought back to yesterday. She was going to have to quit thinking about that or her nipples would be hard all day. That was not necessarily a bad thing. Hard nipples usually brought larger tips. She giggled at that thought. Fuck, she was horny and it wasn’t going away.

As she drove to the spa, she wondered exactly how long it would be before her boss; Pam would see how horny she was. One night, while they were enjoying after dinner drinks at the bar next door, Pam and Natalia had become friends. Pam was a forty six year old divorcee who was tired of being alone. Natalia had told her that she was surprised to hear her say that. Pam was a striking redhead with a great body. She told Natalia that she had tried the bar scene but found that to be a disaster. The last thing she wanted was a bunch of cheating husbands hitting on her. She told her that she was online and had met a few men but that she got bored easily. She was more of a visual person. She admitted that she loved porn. It helped her satisfy her bisexual cravings. Natalia listened and they drank. By the end of the night, Pam knew that Natalia was highly bisexual and that she frequented a porn/chat website. She gave her the address and told her to meet her online. Pam enjoyed it. She could watch porn and chat with hot men and women. Ultimately, she and Natalia became occasional lovers. Yes, life was good for Natalia.

Natalia walked through the door and smiled at Jill, the receptionist. Jill had just turned twenty. She was a short honey blonde with a fantastic smile. When she smiled, she lit up a room. Natalia had learned that Jill took this job because she loved being around sexy people, even if she didn’t feel sexy herself at all. Jill had small boobs and she felt guys only wanted big ones. Natalia tried to tell her she was wrong but it was a hard sell. Jill had confided that she really, really liked men but had had more experience with women. Natalia was trying to help her out on the men front.

“Good morning Natalia. How was your weekend?” Jill asked as she walked in the door.

“I had a great weekend thanks, you?” Natalia asked.

“Same old shit. It was boring as hell. Oh well, maybe someday it will change,” she said as her smile faded.

“I know it will, Jill, I know it will.”

Natalia walked into the spa and Pam motioned her into the office. “Hiya. Where were you on Monday? You were very late getting online. Did you get lucky on Sunday or what? I want details girl, all the delicious, wet, horny details.”

“Why do you think I got lucky? I know you. You’re just another horny redhead who wants to lick my pussy. Now you tell me exactly why you think I got lucky,” Natalia smirked.

Pam got up and closed her office door. She turned and looked at Natalia wickedly. “How do I know, your sweet nipples preceded your entrance into my office a full minute before your ass did. Look at you. Fuck girl. Look at your nipples.”

Natalia looked down and laughed, “I have tried to get them to go down but yesterday was pretty special.”

“You sit your pretty ass down here on the sofa and tell me all about it,” Pam said as she held Natalia and kissed her lovely lips. She rubbed her back and her ass. Pam’s hands lifted her short skirt and gently pulled her panties down. Natalia kicked them aside and sat down. Pam knelt and began kissing her thighs. “Tell me; oh tell me all the details. I have been so horny all weekend and didn’t have anything to lick or fuck.”

“Ut oh, who were you chatting with? I bet I know. I’ve only seen him in action once and it was hot. Am I right?” Natalia laughed.

“Oh it’s okay if you won’t occupy his time, which leaves him free for the rest of us. Now, details,” she said as her lips began to lick Natalia wonderfully.

Natalia gave her all the wonderful sexy details of her chance encounter with Jose. It apparently turned Pam on greatly and she licked and sucked with abandon. When she told her about his perfectly carved cock, Pam went wild. She then told her that he was without a doubt the best pussy licking man she had ever encountered, Pam came right then and there. Natalia told her how he fucked her deliciously and she came hard on Pam’s soft tongue. Pam licked her viciously as she learned that Jose had had broadly licked her ass and then tongue fucked her tight hole. The both of them were cumming wildly as Natalia described in minute detail how he fucked her tight asshole and the total body orgasm that brought her. Pam screamed into her pussy when Natalia told her that he had taken his cock from her ass and fucked her face then came in her mouth, on her hair, face and tits.

“You lucky bitch! I should bite your clit right off. I wish I could get that lucky,” Pam said as she looked up, her face was soaked and her makeup definitely fucked up. “Damn, I am soaked myself.”

“Here baby, let me help you with that,” Natalia said as she licked her lips wickedly.

“No hon, you have an appointment in room seven. I’ll take care of it myself.” Pam laughed as she hit the intercom. “Jill can I see you for a moment please.” Natalia laughed as she watched Pam sit down on the sofa and smile.

Jill came in with a bright smile as Natalia left to head to room seven. She looked at the schedule and laughed when she saw the name of who was inside.

Natalia was not a masseuse. She didn’t have the training. Even if she did want that, she sure didn’t want to be like the one that worked here. The ‘thing’, most of us called her. She was the most asexual person any of them had ever seen. No one could pronounce her name. She was from Wales and there were so many letters in her name that it was just impossible.

Natalia was responsible for aroma therapy and oil rubs and hot rock therapy basically. After the massage, clients would spend an hour soaking in beautiful sensations in total luxury.

Natalia flashed back to her first encounter with Tom. He had completed his massage and when she walked into the room, he was asleep on the table. This happens a lot after the ‘thing’ is finished with them. Natalia was quiet as she lit the various scents and began to warm the oil and the rocks. The rocks were her favorite as their warmth soothed and relaxed the muscles.

She looked at Tom as he slept. He was in his late thirties and very nicely put together. He was on his back and covered with only a small thin towel. She couldn’t take her eyes off the towel. Under that towel, right there, lying on his flat stomach was a long, lovely impression of a nice thick cock. Natalia couldn’t resist. She had to sneak a peek. She gently lifted the towel and saw a glorious, long cock. Her mouth watered instantly. Her mind raced as she thought so many nasty thoughts of the wonderful things she would do with it, if only she had the chance. She carefully put the towel back in place and turned to check the oil.

“Did you like what you saw?” Tom asked.

Natalia was busted. This was going to cost her this job. There was only one thing to say, “Yes sir, I did. You have a very impressive piece of equipment there. Very, very nice.”

Tom was a gentleman and let it drop right then. “I must have drifted off. I really need those rocks on a couple spots on my back.” He turned over and Natalia placed the rocks where he wanted them. She picked up the oil and began to rub his shoulders and arms. She worked down his back to his waist and then down his strong legs. She unintentionally lingered on his thighs as she thought of what she had seen. Tom turned over and she replaced the rocks with new ones. Natalia oiled his chest and stomach. The towel had become fuller and more pronounced. She rubbed his thighs and the towel began to rise. Tom lay still as she stroked his legs. The towel rose higher as his strong cock firmed and filled. Natalia didn’t know what to do. She watched in amazement as the towel tented.

“If you would like to continue, I won’t tell a soul Natalia. In fact, I would enjoy it immensely,” Tom said reassuringly. “You seem like you might like to do something but you don’t have to do anything.”

Natalia looked at that enticing tent and her oiled hands stroked higher onto Tom’s thighs. She felt her fingers scrape against his tight scrotum and that thrilled her. Her touch caused Tom to lengthen and become taller. She removed the towel and saw his fantastic manhood at full attention. Oh it was a glorious sight. She smiled to herself as she thought that he could have been the model for the new dildo she bought the previous week. His eight inched, thick cock was veined heavily and it looked fantastically similar to her new favorite toy. Her well oiled hands caressed his ball sac and his large pole twitched. She felt her pussy getting wet as she felt the weight of his lovely balls. She wanted to kiss them but she didn’t dare. She picked up the oil and drizzled some on his long cock. Her hands tentatively touched his cock and then she oiled it deliciously. Her hands began to stroke him and his response was so sweet.

“Natalia, I can’t describe how good that feels. Your hands feel so good. Oh I never thought this would happen but I am not complaining. Oh this is good.”

Natalia stroked and toyed with the head of his cock. She saw a large glob of precum form on the tip of his cock and she ran her finger through it. She rubbed it into the soft velvet head and went back for more. Tom was leaking so much and she really wanted to taste it but she knew she just couldn’t. Her oiled fingers wickedly stroked the soft, highly sensitive underside of his cock. She felt him swell instantly. She began to rub his stomach while she erotically stroked his cock and balls.

Tom was becoming so excited at the delicious ministrations of this very sexy woman. He knew his cock was going to erupt. He knew it would be soon too. His legs began to quiver. His stomach muscles contracted as Natalia expertly rubbed his oiled cock so well. She felt it too. She felt him become excited and she truly wanted him to cum in her mouth but there was no way she would do that. She kept stroking and Tom was fighting cumming. He wanted this to build to an earthshaking orgasm. Natalia stroked while her other hand caressed his balls. She wanted to feel him from the very instant that he blew to when he was finished. Her fingers stroked the base of his scrotum and one finger slipped down and she pressed it against his ass.

That was it. Tom began to convulse and Natalia so wanted him to cum in her mouth. There was no way. Oh hell yes there was. Natalia leaned over and took Tom into her mouth as he unleashed a solid torrent of sweet, hot cum into her wildly sucking mouth. Natalia licked and sucked Tom’s fine cock and she never missed a drop. His cum was sweet with a slight salty taste and Natalia loved every last pearl.

She kept sucking until his soft cock fell from her lips. He was drained yet satisfied. Natalia became so embarrassed that she could not look at him.

“Natalia, thank you. From the first time I saw you, I just knew that you were a very sexy young woman. I had no idea just how sexy you are. That was fantastic. I can honestly say to you that no one has ever made me cum that hard before. That was exquisite, just like you. When you took me in your mouth, it was so much better than I ever fantasized it would be. Thank you.”

With that, Tom stood and walked his shining naked body to her. He bent down, lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss warmly.

That was a year ago. Today, she walked in and saw Tom laying on the table with the towel covering his ‘to die for cock’. She raised her skirt and dropped her panties. Natalia climbed onto the table and lowered her pussy right onto Tom’s loving tongue. Not only did he possess a fucktadelicious cock, he could suck pussy with the experts. She loved the feel of his tongue as he licked her pink slit. Then his tongue invaded her lovely tight asshole.

She leaned forward and ripped the towel aside. His now, very familiar cock slid delightfully down her very hungry throat. He loved when she did this. She had become so accustomed to him that once he entered her lips she slid him right into her throat. He licked and she sucked and together, they each experienced fantastic orgasms. His still hard cock had another destination and that was her pussy. She moved and fell onto him and their bodies became one. She felt every inch, vein and groove of his cock as he slid deep into her. Their union completed as lips met in their usual erotic way. Tom was a wonderful lover. She felt him thrusting harder and she rode him with passion. He held her tight and she felt him swell. She spun around and swallowed him as he erupted into her wanton, greedy throat.

She held him until he softened. Her tongue was dancing on his cock as she cleaned every tiny drop of his pearly goodness. She loved cock but his cock was her favorite.

He held her and kissed her cum covered lips. Life was good at work too.

Natalia’s next appointment made her pinch herself. Was she at work today or was this the best wet dream she had ever had. Her next appointment was Jenny. She is a super-sexed slim, dirty blonde with an insatiable appetite for cock and pussy. They shared a mutual love of porn and Natalia had introduced her to the site she loved so much.

Jenny and Natalia had become intimate one day when Jenny made a comment that most men wanted a woman with bigger tits than she had. Natalia told her about a guy she knew online who said that small breasted women were more tuned in with their bodies. He told her that small breasted women were special. They were, in his experience, more responsive, more passionate and simply wonderful lovers. He had said their breasts were so much more sensitive and that hr thought that their nipples were directly connected to their clit. He had told Natalia that, if a man knew what he was doing, he could make smaller breasted women cum just by licking her nipples. He also had said that a small breasted woman’s clit was a thing of wonder. He said that it was highly sensitive and loved to be touched, licked and pleased. If a man properly pleased a smaller breasted woman’s pussy with his lips, she would come back for a hell of a lot more. Smaller breasted women invariably came harder and longer. She said she had been told that any man who gets to make love to a smaller breasted woman is in for the ride of his life. He didn’t know the reason but smaller breasted women just seem more closely connected to their orgasmic center and they love a hard cock and the orgasms they can bring. Most men, he had told her, were selfish and they never took the time to please a woman. He also told her that many women are shocked to hear a man say these things.

While this conversation was taking place, Natalia had been massaging Jenny’s sweet, small, lovely breasts. Her fingers had been circling and teasing her hard nipples deliciously. She had no idea she was actually been doing it until Jenny simply exploded under her fingers. She literally jumped off the table as the orgasm took over her entire being. Jenny was embarrassed but Natalia just smiled.

“I’ll have to be sure to tell him that he was right,” Natalia laughed.

“Fuck that, introduce me to this guy!” Jenny exclaimed. “Well dear, you’ve proven one of his points. Do you want to try for two?” she said with lustful look in her eye.

Natalia hadn’t needed a further invitation and she leaned over and kissed Jenny deliciously. She kissed her nipples and down her stomach. When her face fell between wide spread legs, she saw a wonderful clit that closely resembled her own. She possessed a lovely puffy, pink lips and a long, meaty, hooded clit. Jenny danced as she felt Natalia’s breath on her twat. When her tongue began to open her up, Jenny came very hard. Natalia had many loves but pussy ranked right up there. Jenny was soft but her pussy was hot. Natalia teased her and pleased her relentlessly. Jenny came repeatedly and Natalia kept licking her sweet dew.

“You must introduce me to this guy. He knows. He’s one of the few who does know,” Jenny cried.

“Life just isn’t fair hon; he lives on the other side of the country.”

“Thank God you don’t, Natalia. That makes me happy.”

That was eight months ago. As she walked into the treatment room, Jenny was laying naked, no towel, fingering herself in anticipation of Natalia’s arrival. She walked in and leaned over and kissed Jenny deeply. Jenny held her shoulders as she kissed her. She looked and saw something on Natalia’s tee shirt.

“What is this?” Jenny asked. “Why it looks like, it is, ohmigod Natalia, this is fresh cum.” Jenny tasted it and laughed, “Damned good tasting too, I might add. Get your ass up on this table and tell me all about it. You talk, I lick today baby.”

Natalia stripped off and assumed the position while she regaled Jenny with all the lovely details. Jenny licked her deliciously and within a couple of minutes she had Natalia cumming like a fire hose. Jenny could not get enough of Natalia and she let her know it.

“Every time I am in your pussy, it looks like I am licking my own. Oh how I wish I could do that. I’d never leave the house. Cum again for me Natalia, I really want more of that lovely cum on my face.”

Natalia did not disappoint her and she came harder and harder. Jenny had driven her tongue deep into her and with every thrust, Natalia came again. Both women enjoyed having their own desires being met so nicely.

“You know, I am getting pissed at you Natalia,” Jenny said as she was dressing. It’s been eight months since you got me onto the site. You have yet to tell me who that guy was. I’ve tried to figure it out but I just can’t. Are you ever going to tell me?”

Natalia kissed her again, held her lovely face in her hands and said, “You talk to him all the time. Frankly, I don’t think you like him much so it is no big deal. I can’t understand why because he is so nice and you’ve actually played with him a time or two. I look at it this way, I know you. You’ll figure it out someday.”


“I love you too! Talk to you online tonight. Luv ya,” Natalia smirked as she left the room.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Normal involved Pam and Jill taking every available chance to either lick or get licked. Much of the time, that also involved Natalia and of course, she was never anyone to say no to a good pussy licking.

Saturday morning came and Natalia asked Jill to come into Pam’s office.

“Do either of you have any plans this weekend?”

“None on my end,” Pam stated.

“Me either,” Jill replied.

“I have an idea that I think you’ll enjoy. How would you both like to come and spend the weekend at my place? We can lay naked by the pool and fool around all weekend. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am into some serious pussy all weekend. What do you think?”

“Oh that sounds spectacularly wonderful. What should we bring?” Pam asked.

“Bring whatever you want to bring dear. As far as clothes are concerned, I have only one rule at my place. Clothes are not to be worn unless we are going out. Inside or out, the only thing you must wear is high heels. They turn me on and I plan on being turned on all weekend. Oh yes, any kinky toys or videos would be good.”

“This sounds like my kind of weekend,” Jill blushed.

Sunday turned out to be another fantastic day in Laguna Beach. The sun was shining and the warm California breeze just felt wonderful. Pam and Jill had arrived and were enjoying their drinks by the pool. Jill looked delicious with her tiny breasts and her long, lovely nipples. Her shaved pussy revealed nice folds with a sweet clit peeking out. Natalia rarely had a go at her at work but here, it was another story.

Natalia walked over and kissed Jill deeply. She felt this little blonde’s hands as they traveled her shoulders and held her neck. Her lips were soft and sweet. Her kiss was gentle and exciting. Natalia lingered on her lips and began to lightly trace them with the tip of her tongue. Jill moaned and opened her mouth. This kiss was so sexy. She felt her pussy moisten and her nipples harden. Natalia’s tongue kept lightly circling her widening lips and the effect was so erotic. Jill had never been kissed like this before and she loved it. If nothing else, Natalia was expert in all things erotic. Jill’s mouth opened wider and Natalia placed her hands on her cheeks and held her face deliciously. Her tongue circled her lips and licked her teeth. Jill was so excited that she started to moan wildly. Natalia kissed her forehead, her nose and chin. She placed a finger, lifting her face and began to kiss under her chin and down her neck.

Pam sat watching, playing with her own body as Natalia made sweet love to Jill.

When Natalia’s lips began to kiss Jill’s sensitive throat her moans became louder. The only thing touching her was Natalia’s lips and sexy tongue. Jill was thrilled with the sensitive, sweet sensations Natalia bestowed upon her tender body. Natalia licked between her breasts and then under each one. She slowly licked from the base of one breast, drawing a line with her tongue to her taut areola. She circled it lightly, teasing it and forcing Jill’s nipple to harden fully. Natalia used her tongue to tease every nerve ending Jill possessed. She closed her mouth over Jill’s nipple and began to stroke it with her tongue. The moans became louder and deeper. Natalia lavished the same attention to her other breast and Jill was flowing like a river.

Natalia kissed her stomach, licking it broadly with her tongue. She tongued her bellybutton teasingly and the moans got louder. Natalia had Jill soaring with feelings and sensations of pure bliss. Her tender body was being treated to something she had never known. Natalia traveled over her hips, tongue tracing her hip bone and down onto her thigh. Natalia saw Jill’s lovely, wet furrow in front of her eyes. She licked the inside of her thighs and tasted her sweet lust that had wet her lovely flesh. She began to move into Jill’s pretty wet folds. Jill’s moans became intense as Natalia’s lips peeled her tight folds open one by one. One pink petal after another opened revealing Jill to the world of unbridled excitement and pleasure. Natalia softened her tongue and snuck into the creases, savoring her luscious liquid greedily. Jill was flowing and Natalia was absorbing lovingly.

Natalia spread Jill’s legs and spread her wide. Her tongue began to circle the opening to her sweet tunnel. She traced around her gaping hole with her tongue and the sensation whipped Jill’s mind. Her fingers spread her wider and Natalia tongued her lasciviously. Jill began thrashing and screaming with Natalia sweetly rimming her tight pussy. She kept stroking her long tongue deep into her wonderful friend. She licked the recesses of her silken sleeve and Jill exploded in a wild, furious orgasm. The passage of her love was fast and furious.

Natalia was soaked and yet she kept sucking on her tender flesh. Jill was in a hard frenzy and she loved it. Natalia sank her fingers into her tight twat and began to finger fuck her deliberately. Jill kept cumming, moaning and flowing. Her body was in total blissful spasm as Natalia raised her face and began to lick her clit. Jill flew off the chaise, wrapped her legs around Natalia and came stronger than ever. She sprayed Natalia with a solid stream of love and rode her pretty face into oblivion.

As she started to calm, Natalia threw her a curve by licking her steamy ass. Jill discovered what only our astronauts have seen. Later, as she re-entered the atmosphere, she fought for breath. Her body had been wracked with more pleasure than she had ever known. She grabbed Natalia and she held her so very tight. She kissed her repeatedly, kissing, laughing, struggling for breath and more kissing. She fell back onto the chaise, totally satisfied.

“That has to be the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pam whispered. “I came so hard, so many times that I lost count. Look at me, I’m fucking drenched. I’m drained and all I did was watch. Holy fuck girl, ohmigod!”

Jill, on the other hand was at a loss for words. Actually, if the truth be told, Jill had lost any and all ability to even form a word. She touched her own breasts and her vagina contracted massively. She was beet red and her breathing was intermittent to say the least.

They poured more drinks and they licked and sucked each other for hours. Pam saw stars and Natalia circumnavigated Jupiter’s rings. Each woman set personal records for orgasms and that was accomplished before the sun went down. Massive amounts of liquor were consumed.

The party moved inside as the sun went down. Chinese was ordered and wolfed down quickly by three women who had, it seemed, competed in every Olympic event in modern history.

“You said kinky and I brought kinky,” Pam said as she held up a bag filled with DVD’s and toys.

There was a lot of ooh’s and ah’s as they drunkenly explored the DVD’s and then the toys. More liquor was consumed as the DVD player began to play. They decided to match the scenes with their own actions. There were toys of all sizes, shapes and descriptions including strap-ons. They giggled and knew that their pussies were going to be stretched as well as their asses.

The evening continued with hooting and hollering, moaning and screams of pure ecstasy as these three women pleasured themselves in the nastiest ways imaginable. They passed out smiling.

Natalia woke early as usual. She looked at her friends and giggled. She looked in the mirror and burst out laughing. She truly looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet. In fact, that is exactly what had occurred. She padded into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and hit the shower. She had to have the girls up and ready, even though they had no idea what was about to occur. The smell of freshly brewed coffee actually did wake the dead as two very used women staggered into the kitchen. Natalia laughed and handed them each a cup.

“Fuck me, you two look like shit. You’d think you got lucky last night or something. Eat, shower and make yourselves pretty. I’m not fucking either of you looking like that,”

They ate and killed the pot of coffee. Natalia put on another while the gals showered and became somewhat human again. Three very naked women walked out and sat by the pool, laughing and giggling over the previous days adventures. Natalia looked up and smiled.

“Good morning Jose. I’d like to introduce you to my friends. Come here my gorgeous hunk of Latin flesh. Give me a kiss my darling man.”

She introduced Jose to Pam and Jill. The women were naked and Jose was hard as a rock. Natalia pulled him close and kissed him while her hand caressed the huge bulge in his bathing suit. She slipped her hand into his suit and pulled out his gorgeous boner.

“You weren’t kidding me were you,” Pam said.

Roses head lay on my shoulder in the darkened room. One side of my bed was empty. I smelled something wonderful. Fresh brewed coffee. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. I heard a noise and saw Debbie in the hallway. She looked in on us and informed me that breakfast would be ready in about twenty minutes. I rolled off the bed and stumbled into the shower. I ran the water and quickly shaved. I stepped in and was followed by my hybrid Asian goddess. Rose ran her arms around me and hugged me. I felt her tits against my back.

“How the hell is she already up and running?” Rose inquired.

“Damned if I know. I am having trouble if breathing after last night. Thank God it is an involuntary function.”

Rose giggled delightfully as she grabbed the soap and lathered my back. I turned her around and soaped her as well. The water felt good. We felt the blood begin to flow again properly. Rose reached up and kissed me lightly, “Good morning sweetheart.”

“Good morning to you.”

“Alright you two. Enough of that lovey, dovey, kissy garbage. There is food out here.”

“Food, did someone say food?”

We jumped from the shower, threw on robes and rushed to the table. Steaming hot Gevalia coffee greeted my nose and I sipped it quickly. Debbie had prepared a terrific breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and fresh baked sweet rolls. Little was said as three famished people dug in and polished it off in no time at all.

“That was delicious. I needed that,” I said as I leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly.

“I hope it helped. I wanted you to have a transfusion for you but they wouldn’t let me get what I needed at the pharmacy,” she smirked.

“I need another coffee and then you and I have to talk.”

“I’ll clean up the kitchen,” Rose offered.

We sat in the living room and I told her, “My lawyer Dave has already started on this. You are going to be completely protected. First things first, he is going to meet with you on Monday. He needs your marriage certificate and any bank statements. He needs the titles to the vehicles and any bills for the furniture and any other major purchases. I told him I was sure you could provide that but if you need more time, he will reschedule with you.

He is going to need you to sign some papers too. As soon as you do, he is going to court to get a restraining order to keep him away from you. We are going to box up his shit and have it ready to go. It will be out in the hallway the day he gets home. You will not be home when he gets back. He will be met and served the restraining order and divorce papers. He will then be instructed to clean out his personal items from the car and to leave the keys inside it. There will be a moving truck parked outside, in his name and paid for with his credit card. He will not be able to get into the apartment because Mike and Ann will be here at 11AM today to change the locks.

Since you have always paid the rent from your own bank account and the lease is in your name, he will be given a time limit to vacate the property. If he exceeds this, he will be trespassed off the property and charged. Your phone numbers are being changed next week and he will be instructed that he is to have no further personal contact with you. All communication with you must, from now on, go through your lawyer.”

“Rose, get over here please. Pinch me. No, pinch him. Tell me, this is real,” Debbie yelled.

“It’s real Debbie, I am as much in awe of this as you are, but I do know, this is real.”

“Mike and Ann should be here in a half hour. After they change the locks, we are going to pick up the boxes and stuff we need and get this shit done. Debbie, you tell us what to pack and it will be done in no time and then we can relax and enjoy the weekend. I have to make one adjustment over here. I was going to do it anyway and it will only take about 15 minutes. Then we are good to go. Does that sound like a plan?”

“I don’t know what to say. I mean less than twenty four hours ago, my life was in shambles. My marriage was over. All I had was a miserable existence to look forward to and now look at me. Everything is being taken care of far better than I would ever have thought to do too. My life has changed so fast and I have experienced things I only dreamed of. I slept better last night than any other night of my life. How am I ever going to repay you for all you have done?”

“No need for that my dear. No need at all.”

“You lying bitch! You didn’t sleep! You passed out from total orgasmic exhaustion,” Rose laughed.

“That I did! Oh fuck me, that I did,” Debbie chuckled.

“Fuck you? We did that already. We’re going to do it again too,” I said with a straight face. “Again and again.”

Debbie leaned over and kissed me. The stress was gone. I saw a new woman, filled with a renewed spirit and smiling broadly. Rose and I got up and got dressed.

Mike and Ann, the building owners arrived, and the locks were changed quickly. I filled Mike in on the details and Ann consoled Debbie. They left and we drove over to the local moving center to buy boxes, tape and all that good stuff. Debbie’s hatchback fit the bill as my Corvette certainly didn’t.

We brought everything into Debbie’s apartment and she started directing what went and what stayed. I brought the wardrobe boxes into her bedroom and put them together.

I had packed all of his clothes when a knock came at the door. Debbie answered it and I heard the familiar click, click, click of Wendy’s stilettos. She invariably wore heels no matter what she had on. Of the three, Wendy was the youngest, probably in her late 20′s. She was also the tallest standing somewhere around 5′ 7″. She has shoulder length honey blonde hair, firm breasts, a toned slender frame and long, shapely legs. I only saw her in the hallway and she was very pleasant whenever we had spoken. I knew that she turned heads everywhere she went. Her husband Jason, I’ve been told, is a hopeless drunk. I barely knew him.

Rose and Debbie were in the living room when Wendy arrived. She did not know I was in the bedroom packing Paul’s clothes. Wendy took a couple of steps into the apartment and stopped dead in her tracks.

“Are you moving?”

“I’m not but Paul sure as hell is,” Debbie went on to explain what had happened and what had been set in motion to protect her.

“Tell me what to pack and we’ll get this done,” Wendy said. “I tried to call you Rose last night but you weren’t home.”

“I was with Debbie and we didn’t pick up the phone all night. Debbie was upset and I wanted to calm her down and cheer her up,” Rose smiled.

Wendy started packing, “I guess that Holly woman is back again. Damn that woman is loud. He has to be a mechanical fucking machine. I mean that woman was screaming all night long. How can one guy fuck like that?”

Rose looked at Debbie, “Wow I didn’t hear a thing. I thought it was very quiet last night. Did you hear anything Debbie?”

“Not really, I was kinda preoccupied. I wasn’t paying attention to much other than trying to breathe and feel better. I cried too much last night and then I started to feel wonderful and I was focused on that.”

I had opened the bedroom door and saw that Wendy was standing with her back to me. The girls could see me and I don’t know how they kept straight faces.

“He got me so fucking wet again last night. My pussy has been dripping ever since. I mean, I am a good looking girl. Guys want to sleep with me all the time. What the fuck do I have to do to get him to screw me like he screws Holly?”

I quietly walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Keep packing!”

Rose and Debbie burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Wendy spun around and the shock on her face was priceless. She was speechless. She actually began to babble until finally, she started making sense again.

“Wow, I am so embarrassed. I didn’t know you were here. I never would have ever said anything. I am so sorry. I really am. Oh my God, I am so embarrassed. How can I ever make it up to you?”

“Would it help you if I spoke slower? Keep packing Wendy. When everything is packed up, I am going to make the most delicious, sensuous, mind blowing love to you. After that, I am going to fuck you senseless. Do you understand what I just said?”

Wendy just stood there with her mouth opened, starring at me in total disbelief. “What about, uh wait, wait, where is Holly?”

“Holly is in Boca Raton. You saw her leave here last Sunday.”

“But, but, but.” The coin dropped and she spun first on Rose and then Debbie, “You bitch! You cunt! That was you two last night!” She glared at her two friends as they smiled back at her so sweetly. She almost formed another sentence but instead, turned and walked into my arms. With a burning fire in her eyes, she looked at me and kissed me dramatically. “You are so right Mr. Fuck Machine! You definitely are. You owe me! You fucking well owe me the best screwing I’ve ever had and then some! You son of a bitch! You have had my sweet pussy so wet all week I can hardly walk.”

“Rose, what did I tell you? I can get in trouble without doing anything. Let’s get this place packed up now.” I smacked Wendy’s ass as I turned and walked back into finish packing.

“I want details, all of the details. Ohmigod! Don’t leave anything out. When Rose? Ohmigod! When did you? I can’t believe this. I really can’t believe this. Ohmigod!”

Rose brought her up to speed and so did Debbie.

“I can’t wait. Let’s get this done. Hurry up, will you, Ohmigod!” Wendy whispered.

I finished in the bedroom. The ladies were doing the same in the rest of the place. I went back to my place got my dolly and began to stack the boxes in one corner of the living room. Debbie wasn’t going to have to be dodging them until they were out of there. It also would make it easier for me to get them into the hall on the day Paul returned. When this was done, I looked at my watch and saw that it was after 4PM. No wonder I was getting hungry.

“Ladies, I have a question for you. Does everyone like lobster and shrimp?”

They all enthusiastically claimed that they loved it. Then, almost in unison told me they didn’t want to go out to dinner. Seems they had plans that didn’t involve leaving the house.

“Debbie, you think you had a treat last night,” Rose laughed. “Not only is he a chef but he is also a baker and if you think he can make love, you ain’t seen anything yet.”

“What scares me is that I am going to eventually wake up and find out that this is just the best wet dream I ever had. I don’t want that to ever happen,” Debbie said.

Wendy looked at me, “We’d rather stay here for dinner.”

“Good, I would too! You finish up and I’ll go and start dinner.” I went back and began prepping everything I needed.

My front door opened and Wendy walked into the kitchen. She stopped a few feet from me and just stood there looking at me. She had a funny expression on her face and I was unsure how to read it.

“Obviously, you have something you want to say. I think it is safe to say that no matter what, I won’t be upset.”

“The girls just told me something about you that really surprised me. No, let me rephrase this, it actually shocked me.”

“What were you told?”

“Well, I was told that you would not fuck a woman until you had made love to her first.”

“That shocked you? I can’t imagine why it would.”

“I am twenty eight years old. I think I am attractive. I get hit on all the time and I just ignore it. Men want to fuck me. They want me to suck their cocks and ram their dicks in me, cum and then they are gone. I’ve been married to a drunken asshole for five years. He has only made me cum twice and that was because he was too drunk to do his usual, cum and pass out. I’ve had less than ten orgasms from a man in my entire life. I have never been made love to. I know how to fuck but I have no idea how to make love. Will you teach me how to make love?”

“I can’t teach you how to make love. I can make love to you. I can show you the warmth and the tenderness you obviously are craving but I can’t teach you how to make love to a man. That is something that flows from your heart, not your pussy. If you want me to make love to you, you must know that it will not be slam, bam, thank you ma’am. That is not who I am. Making love is an exploration filled with many things. Every woman is different. What Rose enjoys is different than what Debbie needs. Your wants will be different from theirs. When we make love, I will be discovering the little things that you like. You will show me what you want and what you don’t. You won’t even know that you are doing it but I will know. That way, when we make love, it will be unique to you and only you. How you respond to me is up to you. On that score, I have no doubt that becoming intimate with you will be a journey into total ecstasy on my part. It is, after all, something I have wanted for a very long time.”

“It has been? You have wanted me too? I wish you had said something. I have to tell you something, don’t laugh at me please.”

“I won’t laugh.”

“What you just said to me is the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my life. No man has ever said anything as sweet to me in my life. If you let me, I am a fast learner.” Wendy walked into me with a warm, loving embrace. I held her in my arms and felt her melt into me. We hugged each other tight, not wanting to let go.

The door opened and Debbie laughed. “Pay up Rose, they still have their clothes on.”

We burst into laughter and I went back to work in the kitchen. Debbie set the table and Rose straightened up the bedroom. Rose was becoming used to the little secrets my designers had fitted me with. She came into the kitchen and asked where the refill was for the oil. I told her and she took care of it for me.

“Wendy, are you going to be okay down here with Jason upstairs?” Debbie asked.

“I should go make sure. Once he’s drunk, he passes out for hours.”

I cracked up when Debbie yelled, “Barkeeper, massive pass-out beverages for the lovely lady, chop, chop!”

I went to the bar and began to make us all drinks. Dinner was going to be about a half hour and I had plenty of time.

“Make them right this time, my love,” Rose demanded.

“Got it covered darling. One of these and he won’t wake up till morning.”

Wendy left with the drink and I went back to the kitchen to make the whipped cream for dessert.

“You make your own whipped cream? Most of us just buy it.” Debbie asked.

“Deb, he is all about fresh and delicious,” Rose quipped.

“Oh you can say that again. He is fresh and delicious baby,” Debbie gushed.

Wendy came back smiling, “Well, he was pretty drunk and I gave him the drink. I know he won’t remember anything but I told him Debbie was really upset and that I was going to spend the night with her. He muttered something about the drink being delicious. I left and won’t see him until tomorrow unfortunately.”

“Unfortunately,” I inquired.

“Yes, unfortunately, I will have to see his useless ass tomorrow.”

“Oh, I was just checking. That’s all.”

Dinner was a hit. The wine was soothing and mood setting. Wendy walked around my place and commented on everything. She was admiring every piece of furniture when she opened a cabinet and started to giggle. Debbie came over and looked in as well.

“Rose, if he is ever too tired, we have enough porn in here to keep us cumming for a long time.”

“Oh, oh, I love porn! Let me see what’s there,” she said as she crossed the room.

“There is every kink you can imagine too. Look Rose, there is a whole section of bisexual flicks.” Debbie whispered.

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did you know he is bi too?” Rose stated.

“No, I had no idea. Wow, is that hot or what?”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself,” Rose agreed.

I made more drinks and walked over to the cabinet where the girls knelt. “See anything you want to watch?”

They giggled and said they were going to watch it all over time. I leaned over and hit one more hidden switch and the big screen TV rose up from behind the cabinet.

“Watch what you want, I’m going to be busy for a while. Feel free to join us too.”

I handed Wendy her drink and walked her down the hall.

Rose had prepared the room well. Everything was perfect. The lighting, the music, the massage oil had been refilled. She had prepared everything that she knew existed. There was much she was unaware of but all, in good time.

I took Wendy in my arms and held her. She rested her cheek on my shoulder and I felt her hands stroking my chest. I caressed her back delicately and became lost in the scent of her hair. My hand began to lightly touch her shoulder and neck. Her response was to hold me tighter. She seemed to enjoy my soft touch. I moved her hair and exposed her long, lovely neck which I gently kissed. Soft, sensuous kisses rained down on her sensitive neck as she shivered and quietly sighed. I traced the contour of her ear and she moaned loudly. I took her earlobe into my lips and her knees buckled. I felt her hands grasp my neck. Her lovely manicured nails scratched me delightfully.

I turned her lovely face up to me. Her sparkling blue eyes mesmerized me. I placed my hands on her face and lingered a kiss upon her forehead. Her eye lids turned up nose were next. Wendy inhaled sharply as I kissed her cheek and then her chin. I tilted her chin upwards and kissed the front of her neck.

“Oh, you are delicious, my sexy man. You are making me want you more than I already did. You are driving me wild and I love it.”

I kissed the front of her neck and began to slowly undo her silky, navy blouse. With each button, I kissed lower, slowly exposing her alabaster flesh. Wendy ran her fingers through my hair as button after button became undone. I kissed between her lovely, creamy, firm breasts while continuing. My face sank lower as her firm stomach became exposed. I pulled myself back up to those demanding eyes and kissed her lovely lips gently at first. I slipped the blouse from her delicate shoulders as the kiss became more demanding.

Wendy struggled to undo my shirt however she managed to despite her attempt to climb fully inside my mouth. Our bodies touched flesh to flesh and the temperature in the room rose fast. I deftly undid the clasp on her white linen skirt which fell to the floor as she undid my trousers. Her slender hips pressed against mine. I felt the silkiness of her body nestled amid the strength of her desire. I picked her up and placed her on the bed. Clad only in thigh high stockings and her signature heels, her golden locks splayed enticingly as she lay amongst the pillows. I stood at the side of the mattress and got lost in the vision before me.

“You are far lovelier than I ever envisioned. I’ve wondered, no, let me rephrase that. I’ve fantasized seeing you in this position for a very long time. Nowhere in my wildest dreams, did you look as spectacular as you do right this very minute,” I said honestly.

I sat beside her supine body and began to stroke her nakedness. Wendy reacted to my every touch. I, on the other hand, marveled in her tall, slender body with her astonishingly full, perfectly formed breasts, small areolas and long, hard nipples. Her stomach was flat with well defined muscles and her slender hips were positively perfect. Her long, stockinged legs were elegant, perfectly formed and so nice to see and touch. I ran my hands along her legs and onto her high heels.

“Oh, let me take these off. I don’t want to rip your bedspread.”

“Please leave them on. I have a confession to make. I can say this unabashedly. High heels and silky thigh highs are one of my fetishes. They turn me on completely.”

“I am so glad to hear you say that because they make me feel sexy. I like that you like that too. I love all things sexy. I love wearing lingerie and slut wear. It gets me so wet.”

“Like you need any help being sexy,” I laughed.

This woman was a walking wet dream but what struck me most was that she was completely shaved. Her pussy had lovely, full, mouthwatering lips. She sported a fantastic, long, gorgeous fat clit that just cried out to be sucked on for hours. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Wendy to be this spectacular.

I leaned into her and felt her arms circle me. I stroked her stomach and brought my hand up under her breast. I drew a line under one tit and then the other with my finger. I brought my hands up the side of her body and felt the fullness of her orbs against my palms. I did not grab her. I just felt her body gently. Wendy seemed to really love this.

“You weren’t joking earlier were you? You are making me feel so good. I love the touch of your hands. We have barely kissed and this has lasted longer than most of the sex I’ve ever had.”

I brought my face to hers and our lips touched. I pulled back and looked into her gorgeous eyes. She looked at me and then down to my lips. I did the same and this mating dance led to one of the exciting kisses I’ve ever experienced. She may never have been made love to before but she sure has given it a lot of thought. Our lips brushed lightly, parting softly as our touch lingered. Her lips opened and her soft tongue began to trace my lips. I closed my lips on her tongue and began to slowly suck it into my mouth. Wendy’s passion flamed and she drove her tongue deeper. I inhaled her with glee.

My hand caressed her stomach as our passion built. Her nails dug deeper and her desire increased with each stroke of my hand. I slid my hand up and finally held her firm breast. Wendy inhaled sharply driving her tongue deeper into my mouth. I cupped her breast, my palm gently resting on softly on her hard erect nipple. She moaned as the heat from my palm transferred to her nipple. I let my hand fall and felt the firmness of her. The soft flesh quivered at my touch. Our lips crushed each other while Wendy pressed her lovely orb harder onto my hand. I teased and pleased her other breast as deliciously as the first. She loved the feel of a strong man who was willing to take his time to bring out the woman in her.

My fingers ran lightly down her flat stomach. Her heated reaction excited her greatly. My hands fell onto her hips and down onto the top of her thighs. Her lovely legs enjoyed my every touch. I rolled her onto her stomach. As I expected, the backs of her legs thrilled to my touch. Wendy was blessed with a lovely ass which I ignored momentarily. My hands ran up her back and her soft moans were delightful to hear. My caressing of her shoulders and the back of her neck brought more soft moans. I moved her hair and brought my lips along her shoulders and onto her neck. Wendy enjoyed these feelings immensely.

“Do you know how good this feels? I have to tell you, I really love this. You have twenty-four hours to quit doing that,” she giggled.

I laughed and kissed her ear and she levitated off the bed. She spun her head into my lips and moaned so sweetly. I traced her ear again and was rewarded with more sweet, soft moans.

My strong hands traveled down her back to her waist. I bent forward and licked from her waist to her shoulders directly up her spine. She shrieked and bit the bedspread. Her moans were much more intense. As I brought my hands down her back, my tongue followed along her spine. She was becoming ignited as my hands began to massage her lovely ass. I kneaded her cheeks and spread them slightly. My tongue drifted lower into her spread ass cheeks. My wet tongue lingered as I kissed and licked her beautiful butt. My face fell lower and my tongue drew wet circles around her tiny, puckered rosebud.

“Oh, oh you spectacular man. This is wonderful. Oh so wonderful. I would never imagine how good this would feel. Your tongue is making me wild. Oh God, I love this.”

I flattened my tongue and brought it over her bud and Wendy went wild. She put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks for me. I licked her delicious ass delicately.

“I’ve never felt anything like this. I don’t ever want this to quit. Oh yes, oh please don’t stop. I can’t get enough of your hot tongue.”

I stiffened it and began to press my tongue into her tight, sweet ass.”

“Fuck, this is unreal. Your tongue is in my ass. This is fucking wild. I love this. Oh I love this. More, I’d like more please. Oh yes, push it in deeper. Uh, uh. Oh fuck me, this feels so good.”

The more I pushed, the wider she spread her ass. My tongue sank deeper and deeper and her moans and words melded into unintelligible utterances of desire. I rolled her over and was greeted by her spectacular lovely pussy. Her lips were works of art and I partook of the pleasures of the art world hungrily. Wendy was flowing like a river and I was thirsty. I licked slowly but lovingly as I pulled her lips apart and reveled in the flood. My eyes were focused on the largest clit I think I had ever seen. My tongue and lips drinking her lust as fast as I could. Wendy was moaning and thrashing with each pass of my tongue. She grabbed the bedspread and hung on tightly. I teased while she squirmed. My nose grazed her meaty clit and she yelled loudly.

“Oh my Lord. Yes! Ohmigod! Oh yes! Oh that is so good. Oh damn, you are amazing. Oh yes dammit. I’ve only dreamed, only dreamed, oh, yes! Ohmigod!”

My lips closed over her expansive, delicious clit and Wendy launched into low earth orbit. I just covered it. I hadn’t even begun to please it, yet she was hugely turned on. I allowed the ultra-smooth underside of my tongue to graze the surface of her clit. The sensation electrified Wendy and I repeated it several times. I closed my lips over her and began to gently lick and suck. Her fantastic clit felt wonderful in my mouth. Her length and thickness filled my mouth. My tongue began to stroke that super-sensitive undercarriage. Wendy lost her mind. She screamed and begged for more. I bathed the hood of her clit with soft, feather like touches of my tongue. I allowed my upper lip to cover her hood while my tongue began a delicious journey under her and toward the tip. Her not so little cock begged and screamed for more.

“Don’t ever stop! Don’t you ever! Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Ohmigod! Oh shit! This is heaven! I love this, don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! You can do this for the rest of my life. Nothing has ever felt like this! Ohmigod! I’m going to cum. Oh yes I am! I’m cumming; I’m cumming, Oh FUCK YES! I’M CUMMING!”

I did not change my pace. I kept up the same, gentle stroking under her clit. Wendy had only begun to cum and I wanted this to be memorable for her. Her long, manicured fingers stroked my hair as my soft tongue brought unending waves of pure erotic pleasure to this lovely woman. She was moaning wildly. Her orgasms never quit. Each orgasm was a little harder and deeper than the last. This gorgeous woman had told me she had never been made love to and I was not going to let her down. I kept that same gentle pace going and Wendy kept cumming.

Wendy was as wet as a woman could be. With each gentle lick, her flow increased. Pussy this sweet should be illegal. If she thought she was the only one loving this, she would certainly be wrong.

Wendy was beyond out of control. Several more strokes of my tongue and she wrapped her legs around my neck and flooded my face with the most luxurious river of pure sweet liquid lust.

I kissed her inner thighs softly and kissed my way up to hold her in my arms. She held me tight in her arms as I kissed her cheeks and the front of her neck. My lips trailed down and I took a nipple in my mouth and she squealed deliciously. Wendy began to regain her breath and I kissed her deeply. I rolled her into my arms and she wrapped her leg around me.

I felt her drenched pussy against my hard cock. Her body heat felt so nice against me. Wendy shifted and I felt myself glide between her hot legs. She kissed me heavily and clamped her legs tight on my hard cock. I fell between her luscious pink lips and began to slide between her clenched legs. I ran my hands through her hair as we kissed hungrily. Her smoldering lips were demanding and I responded enthusiastically. Wendy held my face and the passion this kiss created was wonderful.

My hard shaft split her puffy lips and rode over her fabulous clit. She moaned loudly. Wendy rolled onto her back as I mounted her. I ran my cock the length of her sweet slit again.

“Make sweet love to me. Please love me and make me feel so good. I want you inside me. Fill me baby. Give me what I need,” Wendy whispered.

I looked into Wendy’s sparkling blue eyes as my cock slid into her lovingly. She was tight and wet. Her soft, velvet glove wrapped itself around my hardness. I felt her tighten on me as our eyes never broke contact. I stroked her face as I slid into her further. No words were spoken. I began to stroke in and out of her as our lips met in a wonderful union. Wendy’s long nails scratched along my back. My hips began to set a steady rhythm which she was enjoying immensely. My hips increased its pace and Wendy rose to meet my every stroke. I felt her close on me as I sank deeper. She clamped down as I began to piston into her with vigor. I bent and took one very long, hard nipple into my lips and tugged playfully. Wendy moaned delightfully, arching her back and forcing her lovely breast into my face. My cock grew and sank deeper and deeper. She moaned. She yelped. She shrieked as my hard cock hit her cervix.

“Oh you feel so good inside me. This is wonderful. Please fuck me harder darling. Ram me with your love and make me cum so hard. I want to cum on your cock. Oh this is better than anything I ever imagined. Fuck me, fuck me dear. I want to feel you flooding my pussy with your hot cum. I’ve dreamed of this. I need this now more than you know. I love the feel of your cock my love. Fuck me, fill me, flood me and never let me go.”

Her words drove my desire and I did fuck her harder, faster and deeper. I began to ravage her tight twat and she loved it. My hips became a blur. My cock was slamming into her, over and over again. I felt her tense as did I. She grabbed my head and kissed me relentlessly. I felt her climax and my hips began to go wild. I stroked her through that orgasm and right into the next. My passion was matched by this blonde goddess, stroke for stroke.

I felt my own begin to build, not only in speed but intensity. My legs began to quiver and my hips slammed as deep as possible. My breathing became ragged I felt my balls lift high as I started to fill her tight pussy with my sweet sperm. Wendy felt my cock twitching and she rode me hard as a fountain of sperm flooded her tight pussy. I felt her long legs wrap around me and hold me tight. I twitched, she clamped and we just held each other tight.

Wendy looked up into my eyes and smiled the whitest, broadest smile. We held each other as our bodies unwound. My cock was softening inside her hot pussy. Our hands caressed, our lips nibbled and kissed. The room had the scent of love.

“I told you I had never been made love to before. I thought that was accurate when I said it. Now, I know without any question in my mind. If what we have just done is making love, no one has ever come close to that. I’ve never experienced anything as lovely in my life. Thank you.”

“Thank you too,” I said as I kissed her yet again. “You are welcome. You are also welcome here anytime you want. I hope you think of this as a beginning. I don’t want you to feel that this is over. If you want, then this is the beginning of something special and sweet.”

“I’ve wanted to know you for a long time and apparently, you have wanted me as well. After last weekend, we all want you more than you’ll ever know.”

“Wendy definitely has that right,” Rose commented. “We do want you, now, tomorrow and beyond.”

Wendy and I looked over at the two overstuffed easy chairs and two, very naked and very lovely ladies sat, smiling.

“Rose was right. Watching you make love is spectacular. I came three times just watching,” Debbie laughed.

“I never heard you come in. I had no idea you were here,” I said.

“Wendy, if you think what you’ve just experienced was lovely you should have seen it from our perspective. Watching you two make love definitely got my juices flowing,” Rose said. “From experience hon, Debbie and I can tell you only one thing. This is just the beginning. Speaking of juices, you’re overflowing Wendy!”

With that, Rose walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt between Wendy’s dangling legs. Rose dove into her luscious twat. She began to lick and suck my cum from her pussy. Debbie walked to me and knelt, taking my semi-stiff cock between her lips. She began to lick and suck me clean. Wendy caressed my leg while Debbie sucked my now extremely hard cock. I kissed her tenderly as Rose reveled in our combined flavors flowing from her juicy cunt.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wendy said as she looked at our two kneeling wenches. “I’m going to cum again Rose. Oh fuck, I am going to fucking cum again. I don’t want this to ever stop. FUCK this is so good.”

Wendy arched her back and delivered the balance of my sperm onto Rose’s waiting tongue. Rose was definitely hungry and she gobbled it all up. Her face was slippery with our combined lust but she didn’t care one bit. Rose loved it and she made no bones about it.

Debbie looked up at me, my cock deep in her mouth and her eyes glistened with delight. I felt her tongue deliciously stroking the bottom of my cock. She saw me smile broadly and knew she was making me so very happy. She swallowed me deeply and caressed my nuts warmly. Her angelic face wrapped around me was one of life’s most precious treasures.

I reached for her shoulders and gently pulled her up to me. She straddled my legs and I felt her descent onto my hard shaft. Debbie put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Her warmth was exciting and I loved being inside her. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide. Her tiny rosebud felt the fingers of my hand press onto it firmly. I held her tightly and began to rock her as she sat, impaled on my lap. She began to ride me wildly. I leaned over and took her felt nipple in my mouth. Wendy leaned over and repeated my actions on her right tit. I felt my hands being moved from her ass. Rose knelt and began licking Debbie’s hot asshole. Debbie went insane. She screamed and rode me like a Brahma Bull. She began to cum and cum copiously. Everyone kept pleasing her and she continued to cum.

“Oh fuck this feels so good. More, I want more! Yes! Your cock! Oh your lovely delicious cock, fuck me with your cock you fantastic bastard! Lick my asshole! Oh yes! My ass, my ass, oh fuck, oh fuck! I love you all! I love you! I love! Ohmigod!”

Debbie collapsed on my chest, spent. I lifted her off me and laid her on the bed. Wendy and I caressed her as Rose began to clean my cock with her delicious oriental mouth. When she had licked all of Debbie’s flow from me, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, “I love you.”

I helped her onto the bed and kissed her warmly and deeply.

Breathless words came from another galaxy, “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

We all laughed at Debbie as she attempted to re-enter low earth orbit.

“I need a drink,” I said as headed to the bar. “It’s time for a change of pace.” I looked back into the bedroom and saw a trio of gorgeous that was breathtaking. I stopped, turned around and looked again. This was not a trio. It was my trio. I made a mental note to send Holly three dozen long stemmed red roses first thing Monday morning.

I pulled out four large Manhattan glasses and filled them with ice. I made the drinks and took them back into the bedroom and handed them around. Wendy took a sip and asked me what this was.

“Those, my lovelies, are Snake Bites. Let them really chill. They are much better once the ice does its thing.”

Debbie took a sip and asked, “Okay, what is in this. It is delicious?”

“It is very simple really, fifty percent Amaretto and fifty percent Southern Comfort and just the tiniest splash of water. Let it chill for a bit and look out. I love these things.”

“Look out,” Rose inquired.

I just giggled.

I climbed back onto the bed and Wendy snuggled next to me.

“I, for one, have several things to say. Rose, you’re a total bitch. I love you to death but I also want to gouge your eyes out. You have had this guy for almost a week longer and that just isn’t fair. It’s just not fair. Debbie, I am so sorry what’s happening in your life. There is an upside though. You’ve been friends for a long time. If this shit hadn’t happened to you, you wouldn’t be here right now. So, technically, I am glad that it happened,” Wendy said.

“So am I Wendy, so am I,” Debbie smiled as they clicked their glasses.

“Now, if I could only get rid of that fucking asshole upstairs, I’d be so very happy too. And you, you son of a bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you? You’ve admitted that all this time, you’ve secretly wanted all of us. Why? Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Well, unlike a lot of guys, I don’t just walk up to a pretty woman and tell her I want to fuck her. I know guys who do. Hell, my best friend has done that, successfully, I might add, but that is not me. Wendy, you have lived upstairs from me all this time. A freaking blind man would know you are gorgeous. You are married. I didn’t know your circumstances. I just knew that you were. Debbie has been the only one here who ever took the time to become a friend. Yes, I knew there was a mutual attraction, but again, she is or should I say was, in one of the worst marriages I’ve ever seen. I was a shoulder to cry on and I accepted that. Don’t even get me started on Rose. I didn’t even know her freaking name until this Monday. She would not even look at me. Hell, if it wasn’t for Holly, none of you, with the possible exception of Debbie would be here right now. Whose fault is that?”

“It is your own damned fault! Damn you,” Debbie exclaimed as she reached over and waved my dick in the air. “If we had known how talented you are and particularly with this, we would have all been here years ago.”

Three women raised their glasses cheerfully, “Here, here.”

I started laughing when Rose blurted, “Fuck me, this drink is making me horny.” She threw her face across the bed and landed it right on my cock that Debbie was unconsciously still waving.

“Debbie, I told you she was a lying bitch. She doesn’t need a drink to be horny for him. Look at her go on that cock. Mmm suck it girl. Suck it all the way but save some for us,” Wendy cooed.

“I don’t know about you Wendy but this fucking drink works. I am hornier than a tree frog.” Debbie threw me down on the bed and dropped her pussy onto my lips. My tongue entered her hot pussy and I fucked her tight twat with my hard tongue.

Wendy attacked her tits and was biting and sucking furiously. My hands wandered over Wendy’s pussy and her ass. She loved it when my fingers circled her tight asshole. I traced her sweetly, softly and deliciously. I heard Wendy inhale and felt her arch her back as she relished my tender touch.

Rose was so intent on sucking my cock that she was actually ignoring her own orgasms. Rose was a fantastic cocksucker. I never wanted her to quit. Her lips were like orchids, delicate and sweet. Her desire was raw and wanton. Everything about this woman was astonishing and lovely.

Wendy bit Debbie’s tit hard and she yelped. Wendy bit harder and Debbie ground her pussy harder and harder onto my face. My face was soaked and she was flowing profusely. I never thought my friend would taste this good. I never knew I would want her this much either. It never crossed my mind that she would want me like this either. Debbie came with resounding force. She rode my face into oblivion. It felt like I was standing beneath Niagara Falls, mouth open, unable to drink it all in. My face was wet, my hair drenched and I loved every moment of this.

Rose came one more time on my cock and she too, collapsed on my hips. She licked her way up and kissed me deeply.

Wendy had disappeared only to return with refreshed beverages. “This recipe, I could do on my own,” she giggled. “They do make me horny as all get out. I like these…a lot.”

Everyone laughed and allowed the sweet drink to begin its work again.

I lay on my bed, regaining my strength, while three lovely naked women softly stroked me and tenderly kissed me. I shook my head imperceptibly and thought that life was, indeed, good.

The music was nice, lighting seductive and the scent of these three women was highly intoxicating.

“If you are true to your word, you owe me something,” Wendy smirked.

“And exactly what would that be?” I asked.

“Earlier today, you said that after you made love to me, and I quote ‘I am going to fuck you senseless.’ I have to say you made such beautiful love to me. I am still reeling from that but now I definitely want you to fuck me senseless. I’ve never been this turned on in my entire life.”

I chuckled lasciviously and looked to both Rose and Debbie. They both cracked up hysterically. “Well, if that is what you want Wendy that is what you’re going to get!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose came back laughing and handed us all more drinks. I knew I could get used to this.

Debbie walked over to the nightstand and pressed a switch. The concealed drawer opened and she retrieved the warmed oil and the brown bottles.

The girls went to lay Wendy down on the bed but I stopped them. I walked to the end of the bed and touched a concealed switch. A small motor was heard and the top end of the four poster bed began to extend.

I took Wendy to the end of the bed and placed her hands on the extended bar for support. I spread Wendy’s high heeled legs wide and knelt before her phenomenal clit. Wendy stood before me, arms high and wide, legs spread deliciously and her clit so invitingly protruding. I knelt in front of Wendy and began to lick her sweet folds. She loved being taunted and we were experts at doing just that. Debbie brought out the poppers and told Wendy what to do. She inhaled deeply and held it as my mouth covered her cock like clit, Wendy went wild. I sucked her and treated her exactly the way my own cock loved to be treated.

I looked at Rose and she and Debbie walked over to Wendy with the oil in their hands. Wendy and Rose began to oil her long, lean body. The effect of my lips and their hands was having a wonderful effect on Wendy. They oiled her and teased every inch of her luscious body. Her swollen clit filled my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow. The girls began to oil her back and then her spectacular ass. I knew that Wendy loved her ass being touched and the girls were just discovering that right now. They took turns stroking up her cheeks and onto her rosebud. Wendy moaned loudly each time a finger passed over her. Wendy was holding the bar tight overhead as her glistening body was being stroked, massaged and sucked. Wendy’s clit had stiffened and she loved the sensations my lips and tongue brought.

Rose hit her again with the bottle and she inhaled deeply. The rush is instantaneous and so was her response. Debbie began licking her lovely nipples and Rose slipped between Wendy and the end of the bed. I’d already discovered that Wendy had a very responsive ass and the ladies were seeing that now too. She knelt and spread Wendy’s lovely cheeks. Wendy went wild as Rose began to lick her sweet ass. She pushed her clit hard into my mouth as Rose began to poke into her tight hole. I sucked her clit harder as Rose porked her sweet asshole. Wendy’s legs were failing her and she hung on for dear life. This orgasm began in the soles of her feet and traveled north exploding massively onto my loving tongue. None of us slowed. Debbie licked and pulled her taut nipples while Rose and I licked, and sucked wildly. Wendy was cumming so hard. She shrieked and squealed and her body released a river of cum onto my face. I drank her burst of love and savored every drop.

Rose and I stood. I wrapped my arms around Wendy to steady her. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

I reached over and hit another little switch and another motor was heard. All three women watched as a device slid out from beneath the bed. Once extended, it’s padded bar began to rise. I held a small device in my hand and I adjusted the height. I kissed Wendy deeply and then looked at Rose and Debbie. I instructed them to lie, side by side on the bed. They had no idea what I had planned but they did as I asked. I turned Wendy towards the broad padded bar that had risen from under the bed. I bent her across the bar and onto Rose and Debbie. I adjusted the height of the bar to accommodate her height and I walked into her. Wendy felt my cock slide between her legs and I entered her sweet pussy easily. She had fallen into a position to allow her to lick and suck both Debbie’s and Rose’s sweet breasts. The women all had access to each others body while I meticulously and lovingly fucked her tight twat.

“Oh yes, this feels so good. Ohmigod, this is delicious! Fuck me darling! Fuck my cunt! Yes! Oh Yes! Slide that delicious cock as deep as you can! I don’t want this to ever stop! Grab me, hold me, and fuck me baby! I’m cumming darling! Can you feel my pussy strangling your cock? Yes! FUCK ME!!! Fuck me hard baby! Oh YESSSSS!!! Don’t stop baby, fuck me forever, Ohmigod your cock feels so good!”

Wendy was cumming and cumming hard, she was biting nipples furiously. The girls were squeezing her tits and tugging her nipples and she was inflamed. I stroked her through countless mind blowing orgasms and she kept cumming. Her pussy clamped so hard on my cock that as I stroked out, I pulled her pussy with me. Wendy couldn’t get enough of my cock. I was so lost in lust from this fine woman. I slammed as deep as I could and she felt me bottom out. That set her into a massive, dramatic orgasm that rocked my world. I kept slamming her pussy and she lathered her love all over my cock. I slowed my pace and allowed her to calm. My cock slid from her and I began to touch her pussy and then her ass.

“My ass darling, will you fuck my ass? I’ve never been fucked in the ass. I want it, I really want it! I want every bit of your cock inside me. Please fuck me and make me whole,” she whimpered.

Rose told her what to do so she could take my cock in her virgin ass. She told her there would be pain but Rose assured her that I would be very gentle. Debbie told her that I would just get the head of my cock inside her and then stop to let her adjust to the size. Then she told her that I had to open her sphincter and that would hurt. She held the poppers in her hand and told her that these would definitely help. She also told her that once I was inside her, I would stop and let her get used to being stretched so far. Rose told her that once she was relaxed enough, that I would begin to give her the most amazing orgasms she had ever felt in her entire life.

Rose handed her her drink and she drank it all down. I readjusted the height of the bar and kissed her passionately.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“I want this more than anything I have ever wanted. I want you. I want you inside me. Fuck my ass and love me. That is all I want,” she kissed me deeply and turned around.

My hands roamed over her body. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear while caressing her breasts and down to her stomach. My hard shaft slid between her legs and nestled tight between her perfect ass. Wendy moaned as she felt my staff and wiggled on it. She bent forward and I ran my cock up and into her sopping wet pussy. I stroked inside her several times and pulled out. I placed my head against her and she felt me apply some pressure. She moaned and I pressed a bit harder. She was well oiled and I watched as the head of my cock slowly opened her. I pressed forward and my cock head slid into the tightest place it had ever been. Wendy inhaled sharply and I stopped moving instantly. She relaxed and I pushed deeper. I stopped every half inch to allow her to adjust. I felt her ring touch the head of my cock.

Rose and Debbie were looking at me and I held up two fingers and they each opened their bottles. With a bottle under each nostril, Wendy inhaled a massive hit as I pressed slightly against her ring. She did as she was had been instructed and bore down hard. I felt her ass open. I slid the head of my cock a little further inside her. She screamed as the passage had begun. I stopped again while she adjusted and relaxed. Debbie came up behind me. She poured more oil over my cock and Wendy’s ass. She oiled my cock and leaned up and kissed me. While she massaged the oil onto my exposed cock, she looked me in the eye and mouthed, ‘I love you too’.

Wendy had relaxed again and Rose and Debbie gave her another long hit. My hips fell forward and I sank deeper inside her.

“My ass is so full, I want more. Fuck my sweet ass darling. Oh yes, more, I want more. This feels so good.”

I slid deeper and she took it all in. My newly oiled cock slipped in deeper and deeper until I was completely inside her. Her moans were historic and my thrusts began in earnest. Wendy was a gorgeous woman with a body that wouldn’t quit before, but now, with my hard cock inside her ass, she was fast becoming a gorgeous anal slut with an insatiable appetite for cock in her ass.

“Ohmigod, nothing has ever felt this good! Fuck my ass hard my love! Fuck me, fuck me, and don’t ever stop this! Uh, YES! YES! Oh Fucking YES!”

Debbie climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Wendy’s face. Wendy dove into her pussy and began to lick and suck her wildly. Rose came behind me and I felt her tiny hands cup my balls as I fucked Wendy’s wanton asshole. My cock was picking up a furious pace as Wendy wanted more and more of me. Wendy began to cum and as expected, this was a spectacular orgasm. Her arms flailed against Debbie and her legs buckled. The only thing holding her up was the bar and Debbie’s pussy. She was in orgasmic heaven and she loved it. Rose’s hand fueled my fire and I drove deeper and faster into Wendy. She met my every thrust with sweet moans and wails. Her body was in full convulsion and I began to slow. I stopped my thrusts and she came back to earth. Her heart was racing, her pussy pulsing and her ass gripped my cock passionately.

I helped Wendy up and she turned into me. “You are the most caring, wonderful lover I have ever known. I have no idea how you do the things you do but I am not going to let you go. I know now what has been missing in my life. I know that there has been a hole in my heart my entire life. I now know that it has been filled.”

With that, she sank to her knees and took my throbbing cock in her hands. She lightly touched and felt my shaft. Her fingers caressed and traced the head and over the crown. She drew a delicate line over my slit. Her hands sank lower to fondle my extremely hard shaft. She never broke eye contact with me in her journey of exploration.

Wendy held my balls delicately, feeling the softness of my scrotum. With a single finger under the crown, she pressed it hard against my stomach. Her lips, tongue and mouth began to lavish my balls with her hot, desire. She licked over my balls and sucked each one into her unstoppable mouth. Her tongue licked and loved my shaft on her upward journey. I felt her tongue reach the purple bulb at the head and she licked it all over. A large dollop of precum rested atop and she licked it and relished it on her lips. She took me into her mouth and began to suck me deliciously. She looked up at me as she held my cock slid between her lovely lips with pure wanton desire in her eyes. Wendy kept looking as her head inhaled my length. I felt myself ride along her soft, moist tongue as I descended into her face. Her tongue stroked me as she sucked me. I grabbed the overhead bar and just hung on. Wendy may not have had a wealth of experience but she sure had a natural talent which I was definitely the beneficiary of.

As her mouth worked on my cock, Rose and Debbie hugged, kissed and watched as our friend and lover sucked my cock deliciously.

Wendy fell fully onto my staff and she gagged a bit as I hit the back of her throat. Rose leaned over and Wendy took another hit. I took the bottle and took a long pull myself. Wendy attacked my hardness with a renewed gusto and I reeled in the feelings she was bringing. Her mouth was so warm, so fluid and so wonderful. Her tongue attacked the underside of my cock and I loved every motion I felt. Her tiny hands held my balls as her face loved my cock. I hit the back of her throat again and she just held my cock still. I felt her relax and then fall forward as I entered. She moaned over my cock and I held very still. She adjusted quickly and I began to slowly fuck her face. She grabbed my ass and set a rhythm which I followed. She took me in completely and raised her eyes to mine.

The sight of this pretty blonde with her lips stretched wide over my cock set me off. I began to fuck her face faster and she swallowed every last inch. I felt it building, and boy did it build. I was quickly losing it as her delicate mouth began to drain me. I began to shake and my stomach constricted. My body was totally in her control as she sucked and pulled me into a fantastic release. Wendy sensed its pending arrival and that simply ignited the craving she felt. Her hands spread my cheeks wide and her fingers slid over my tight ass. Her mouth inhaled me deeply as I moaned and began to shoot. She pulled me out of her mouth and watched as I began to cum onto her face, her tits, her lips and then copiously flooding her mouth with my hot, sweet seed. She was completely covered in cum. She sucked and licked and giggled and sucked some more. She looked at me and smiled. Her cum laden smile was so delightful, so loving and so sexy.

Rose and Debbie joined her and they began to lick my cum from her face, her neck and her breasts. Wendy, still caressing my shaft, moaned as the girls tongues tickled and teased. Debbie leaned over and sucked the head of my cock, licking a drop from the tip. Rose, not to be outdone, licked my shaft and then Wendy fed her my cock. Rose sucked me deeply. Wendy pulled me from her mouth and fed me to Debbie yet again. I held the overhead bar as the three spectacular women touched, stroked and sucked me deliciously. Their need was strong but their greed was stronger. I was definitely a very lucky man.

“That was one hell of a blowjob. I don’t know who taught you that but if I ever find out, I’m nominating them for a Nobel Prize. Ohmigod! Wendy, you are amazing. I’m going to give you 20 years to quit feeding my cock to these two as well. This is so erotic. Don’t stop.”

She giggled, “I’ll feed them as long I have some for me too.” With that, she sucked me in again. Life was definitely good.

“I need a drink,” I said. “Anyone know what time it is?”

We determined that it was just 9 PM and I asked if I was the only one who was getting hungry. I ordered Chinese and poured some drinks. I told the girls that there were robes in my closet. They went in and came out wearing lovely, sexy, silk robes.

“I just saw these in a catalog I got this week. They said it was a new design. How do you have this already?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, I have an in with the manufacturer. They send me things to get my opinion. I don’t get much but some things I like to have on hand. This is exactly why I have them. They do look great on all of you. I’ll be sure to let them know I approve.”

“You definitely are an amazing man.” Debbie purred. “Is there anything you don’t think of?”

“Lots sweetheart, there are lots of things I’m not on top of.”

“Well, as long as you are on top of us, we will be very happy,” Rose quipped.

The food arrived and it was good as usual. I sat at the table and just looked at the lovely women who had come into my life. In my wildest imagination, I never thought of this scenario. I often wondered if Debbie and I might get together. Rose and Wendy had never crossed my mind. Yet here I sat, with three, truly elegant women. Each one a beauty in their own right and they had wanted me as well. Years ago, I made a decision to just let life happen and try to stay out of trouble. It seems to have been a good decision now.

“After I am finished, I had better get dressed and go and see if the moron is still passed out. He should be gone until morning. I just wish now, that he would be gone forever. I don’t know what I ever saw in him. I really don’t,” Wendy said.

I took a bite of food and stated, “Personally, I think you shouldn’t be able to get a marriage license until you are at least thirty. Call me crazy, but there are so many mistakes made in the early stages and they can affect you for the rest of your life. I’ve seen too many of my friends hurt. That is why I am never getting married,” I stated and looked to see any reaction of that from the ladies. I saw something as their eyes dropped to their food. I wasn’t sure what it was but I can be pretty thick at times. “I do know one thing though; I am loyal to the ones I love. I don’t need a piece of paper to love someone, or someones.”

Three sets of smiling, sparkling eyes looked up at me. Debbie looked at me, pleadingly, “Does that mean that this doesn’t have to be just a one time thing?”

“What? Are you talking about you and me, or are you talking about the four of us.”

There was a brief awkward silence and Debbie said, “All of us, together.”

I began to laugh, “Only if you three will have me. That choice is not up to me. That is up to the three of you. You are here and I am happy. That should answer your question.”

A chorus of ‘that works for me’ was heard and smiles were bright and happy.

“I just want to make one thing clear. I will not pick favorites. To me, you are all equal, equally beautiful and equally desirable. That is the only thing I need to know. If you all understand that, then I think we can have a wonderful time.”

“A wonderful time is great. What would you think if we changed that to a wonderful life?” Rose inquired.

I just smiled.

“Teach me how to make those killer Rum Runners please. The night is young and I am not through with you yet!” Wendy exclaimed as we all burst into fits of laughter.

When she got back, she was giggling. He woke up just as she came in. She handed him the pitcher and he was so happy. She said she told him again that she was spending the night with Debbie and that tomorrow; they were going shopping and out to dinner. She told him she would be very late getting home tomorrow night. He was passed out again by the time she left.

I sat in the living room with a lovely woman on each side of me and one kneeling at my feet. The afterglow of this afternoon’s lovemaking was sweet. The music filled the background and their combined floral scents filled the air. The soft locks of the two heads on my shoulder felt so nice. Their hands roamed my chest and legs. I loved the feel of their nails tracing my flesh. Everything was soft, gentle and perfect.

“Debbie, Rose, I have a question for you. Am I the only he’s made love to like that?” Wendy inquired.

“Hey, I can hear you, you know.”

“Hush you, well, am I?

“No Wendy, when he made love to me, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced,” Rose purred.

“Same here hon,” Debbie cooed as she nuzzled my neck. “I can’t believe it was only last night, but I do know this. I want to feel that same feeling again and again.”

“Just so I have this right, afterward, he fucked your brains out just like he did me?”

“Oh yeah he did, totally and completely. I was so mind fucked I couldn’t even move,” Debbie blurted. “I was in such a state when I came in here to talk to him and a few hours later, only one thing mattered to me. That was my total and complete need for oxygen.”

Dear Wife,

Hi sweetie…Not sure where to begin but I am struggling a little bit here. I am really lonely and I know you are too. It is so hard being apart just now and I am not sure how to bridge the gap. I have also been ridiculously horny the past few days – not sure why but I sure am. I’m kinda all over the place with fantasies in my head. Furious masturbation seems to help a little but only a little… In an inappropriate way I think I feel compelled to share my thoughts and fantasies with you. In part to shock you (which turns me on a bit) and in part as some sort of forced openness that seems to turn me even more.

This morning my fantasy was pretty vivid, and frankly wild even for me. I’d jacked hard late last night and so it my cock was still tender and sensitive but after a few tentative moments this fantasy i was pumping fast and furious with a tight grip – the friction heating up and really hurt but as you will see that played right into my head space – a lovely mix of friction pain and erotic pleasure. I did come although it took some time to squeeze out an orgasm and I was sweaty and panting by the end. Licking a finger on the left hand I was finger fucking my ass with my left hand and masturbating with the right, all the time envisioning you watching me as if I was performing all this for you. Ultimately I sprayed cum all over my chest and I did run my finger through my come and fed myself a little in the aftermath, as is my practice of late. Hell of a session. The following was the inspiration and this might shock you a little bit… you have been warned.

Another couple joins us, we found them on Craigslist or something, and you and the other woman are getting us guys hard, taking turns sucking each of us off. It turns me on to no end to envision you slurping on some other guys cock. Twisting your head to watch his wife doing the same to me with a twinge of jealousy and worry in your eye. I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t be into it, and the idea of you tentatively going along and then slowly getting into it, getting hot and wet yourself and watching your inhibitions slip away turns me on significantly.

Knowing that it is a fantasy of mine to suck another man’s cock you beckon me over to his cock. Not really knowing where this would all lead. Together we kiss and lick his hard cock. Then you are feeding me his cock, whispering cock sucking tips into my ear. The other woman returns to the hotel room bed with a strap-on and the hard head of a small plastic dildo slippery with lube is pressed against my anus. Initially she taps and bounces it gently against my anus. Then in a half inch slides in and then out. In again and out, now an inch in, then two. My ass relaxes and with a pop of pain the head of the dildo forces past my sphincter and the 6 inch dildo borrows into my ass.

Then I envisioned myself on my hands and knees with you whispering in my ear as the other woman pushes me forward via my ass onto her husband’s hard cock – inching his cock further down my throat. Then he jabs forward until I am pressed back against the dildo. You begin to synchronize them, such that they both thrusting at the same time. Then you are egging them on, “that’s right fuck’m and then nearly out and now in…” until I am taking all of both the real and false cock. As their passion increases, my back arches to soften the compression of these two athletic folks as they both thrust towards one another, me in the middle the receptacle for their passion. Nearly a conduit for their kink they begin to fuck each other through me. Leaning forward they kiss roughly as the intensity of the strokes increases. He envisions his 7″ cock sinking into her, but it is my throat he is fucking and she is dominating him through my ass with a 6″ dildo.

She comes and reminds you that you’d be up for one too. Pulling my head over from the cock and into your lap you guide my face into your cunt. You lie down on the bed and I begin to eat you out as the other lines up behind to take turns fucking my ass. Giggling as they coach each other on angles and rhythms for fucking someone in the ass.”I really like it when you firmly push your cock towards my belly button” she says, “I just love the tight grip on my cock,” he grunts.

“OK now you should really fuck him, go ahead and satisfy yourself with this guy’s ass.” She says to her husband. Then he goes to work on my ass, asking me if I want it all…” Yes, come on, sink it all the way in…” I rasp out. You notice that I begin to push my hips back to meet his thrusts. You are both scared and enthralled at the thought of your husband being such a slut for his first ass fucking. You knew I loved the strap on occasionally and I’d admitted to you that I liked to fuck a dildo when you were gone, but you never envisioned me as some stereotypical gay boys pleading for a fucking.

“Do you like his cock in your ass my dear?” you ask. “Uh huh I do. Yes… I…. Do….” I pant, “I want more.. I want it harder…” hearing this, he leans forward and grabbing my hair, yanks my head back and asks me if I really do want it harder. “How hard?, tell me” he asks.

“Yes, yes I do” I begin to plead, and then I go on to direct him to hammer my ass with his cock, fuck me in and out until he is sweating with exertion, beg him to slide out until the tip is barely in my ass and then slide forward until his balls slap against the ass checks I am holding open for him to increase his total penetration – slowly at first he complies and then swept up in his own needs and desires he works his cock from tip to base using my ass for his pleasure. His care for others devolves and he seeks his own pleasure by pounding as hard as he can in and out of my ass, driving my hips down to the bed surface. the lube frustrates his need for friction and he compensates with hard hammer like strokes.

Now wrapped up in the moment and enthralled with my own depravity I taunt him further, “is it really all in… can you sink you cock in a little deeper… harder, really fuck me now… come on show me you can actually fuck hard… “

The moment dissolves into you and the other woman watching rough and sweaty man sex while fingering each other to mutual orgasms. Another guy, a stranger just a little while ago, is vigorously thrusting his cock into your husband. You aren’t surprise I am enjoying myself but you are surprised that my enjoyment is so clearly ties to his vigor in fucking me. As you witness an act bordering on anal rape your husband’s joy seems to increase. The man groans as he approaches orgasm and I slip forward, spin around, roll onto my back, and dangle my head over the end of the bed. You tingle with shock as you here me gasp out between pants “ass to mouth.. fuck my face until you come.”

You watch as my arms reach up to grip his ass checks and pull him inward on each thrust. The vigor of the fucking only moments ago of your husband’s ass is now replicated into his mouth and down my throat. You watch my throat swell with the plunging of his long cock, knowing that I’ve always wanted to do just this to your face, mouth , and throat. he is nominally gentle to start but then he smirks at my slutiness, “fuck it” he says. I am clearly his cock whore now, and as the veins in his arms and legs bulge with the flexing of all his muscles as he roughly, almost brutally, fucks my face and throat. My gagging and choking is muffled by the occlusion of my mouth and airway with his cock and this obviously turns him on even more. The aphrodisiac of his power over me sweeps through him and he begins to quake and jerk and a large quantity of semen ejects form his cock into my mouth, down my throat, bubbling out between my lips and his cock.

Everyone has come but me and while the three of you sit lazily in chairs I kneel in the middle of the room, lean back, and jack off for the three of you. Our new friends toss the dildo to me and I jab it in and out of my ass as I roughly grasp my own cock and slide my fist up and down.

You all taunt me to fuck myself deeper and harder with the dildo which only encourages me more. Another larger dildo comes out of the toy bag and without hesitation I lube it up and as you all cheer me on to “take it all, one thrust, come on” – I plunge the 10″ black dildo into my ass. Bug eyed and screaming I force it into my ass awash in pain and pleasure and finally begin spurting come and collapse exhausted. THE END – and I came liek crazy dreaming about all this.

So now you know. I still don’t think I am “Gay” with a capital G and all, but I am pretty sure I am very bisexual inclined. I can’t imagine not having tender sex with you and really loving anyone else, but I also can’t hold back anymore. Now I see handsome guys on the the street and I wonder what it’d be like to kneel before them and suck them off until they cum in my mouth. I want to at least try being a cock slut and getting ass fucked by anther man intent of pleasuring himself via my tight ass. The idea of a group of gay muscle men riding a train on my ass is pretty appealing, might just be a fantasy but maybe… all to say I guess this means I am bisexual. I hope we can figure this all out.

I love you – your out to you anyway bisexual husband

P.S. – Can I place a Craiglsit ad? In casual encounters, MW4MW Bi-Curious Hubby needs to see wife harden up another man who then gets a deep throat by me and then can fuck me in my ass.

Cherry woke to the soft feel of Rashad’s hands stroking her dark hair. She struggled to focus after the previous evening’s lust filled adventures. He leaned in to kiss her. She returned the kiss to his playful, smiling face.

“Michelle called. Breakfast is in a half an hour next door. We have to leave for practice and we’ll be gone all day. We’ll catch up with you tonight for dinner. Have fun, I hear you guys are going shopping. The five of the islands sexiest women are going shopping. Holy fuck, I pity the clerks,” he snickered.

“Oh hell, yeah. I hope I find some really sexy show salesmen. I can be one hell of a zipper buster, you know,” she giggled.

He put his hand on his thigh, “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. I pity the fool…,” he laughed.

One more kiss and he was gone.

Cherry jumped in the shower and got dressed in another ball busting outfit. Her makeup and hair were perfect. Today, while strolling the streets of Honolulu, she didn’t want to just turn heads. She wanted them to stare in wonderment and lust. After a final look in the mirror she walked to Mark’s place. She took her key card from her clutch bag and opened the door. The sight that greeted her made her laugh. There were shoes, stockings and a trail of lingerie strewn all over the place. It was obvious that Mark was getting his groove on in high style.

Cherry saw that the living room was empty, or so she thought. As she walked to the sofa, she saw the top of Lori’s head. From the back of the sofa, she saw a very naked Mark, eyes closed and enjoying the beautiful blowjob Lori was giving him. This was the first time in her life that Cherry had seen Mark unclothed. Mark had a very good body. Cherry’s eyes fixed on Lori, the gorgeous lawyer. She looked up at Cherry and waved as Mark’s substantial white cock was delicately held between her lovely black lips. Lori eased off Mark’s cock and Cherry’s jaw dropped as his thick cock kept sliding from her hungry lips.

“I’m bad. I just had to finish breakfast before I got dressed,” she giggled and winked at Cherry. With that, she took his rock hard cock back into her mouth and sucked him deliciously. Mark looked silently at Cherry and began to cum deep in Lori’s throat. Something was imbedded in the look that they shared but neither knew of them knew quite what it was. Cherry shook off the unsettling feeling as Lori finished licking Mark clean. She stood and her fantastic ebony body shone in the early morning light.

“Oh for God’s sake you two. Get dressed. Mark, you have appointments and the rest of us are going to be spending a ton of your money so hustle. Lori dear, his cock will still be attached when he gets back,” Michelle giggled. “Good morning Cherry. Damn, you look delicious.”

Mark stood with his substantial semi hard cock dangling between his legs. He leaned over and kissed Cherry’s cheek and hurried to get dressed. She raised an eyebrow and watched as his naked ass padded into his bedroom. “Looks like there has been a party going on over here too,” she said as she saw Michelle smiling broadly. She picked up a bra, “D’orgasmic, very nice. Wish I could afford their stuff. I love everything they make.”

“Noted, one of Marks best friends owns half of the company. You’d like him too, I know I sure do. Do you get their catalogs? Did you know that Diane is one of their models?”

“I don’t get their catalogs and no, I didn’t know about Diane. That is good to know.”

Aleka and Diane walked out of the bedroom dressed to kill too.

“Lori will be here shortly. She just finished her protein breakfast,” Aleka smirked.

“Yes, I walked in just as it was being served up,” Cherry laughed. “Looks like everyone had a good time last night.”

Diane sighed, “This promises to be the best time of my life Cherry. Seriously, the best time imaginable.”

“And look at you,” Aleka grinned, “You look good enough to eat.”

“Hopefully Aleka, hopefully,” Cherry smirked. “Ah, here is Lori now.”

“Let’s go shoe shopping ladies!” Diane shrieked as she shoved everyone to the elevators.

As with most elegant women, shoes are something that defines their personas. The shoes have to fit their mood, be that playful, elegant, sexy or slutty. The way they shape your legs and raise your ass are the true factors in proper shoe selection.”

The door to the limo opened and all people could see were tits and legs emerging. Each woman was dressed to kill and spectacular in their own right. Diane looked every bit the supermodel that she was. Her jet black hair framed her lovely face. Diane’s eyes were dark liquid pools that drew you in. Her long, slender body, great tits and spectacular ass drove everyone in her presence absolutely wild. Aleka was simply adorable. Her long black hair shone in the sunshine. The orchid she wore matched her sexy outfit perfectly. She was a true Hawaiian princess, lovely in every respect. The underlying, well hidden from the public, wanton lust she embraced made her so desirable. Unless you knew that Lori was a lawyer, you would never guess. Her dark skin and drop dead gorgeous face were just the beginning of a truly fantastic creature. Long legs, great tits and an ass to die for were only the visible aspects of her gifts. Lori was insatiable. Her need for cock was second only to Cherry’s.

Cherry’s exit from the limo was truly spectacular. She looked every bit the slut she was. Her tiny top tried, unsuccessfully, to cover her spectacular breasts. They strained against the thin material and her nipples poked out deliciously. The warm Hawaiian sun on her exposed flat, muscled stomach felt so good. She wore a tiny white linen skirt that barely covered her ass. Her legs were shaped so well by the platform heels she loved so much. She was every bit of the walking wet dream the guys were talking about the other night. In fact, they all were. Michelle was dressed rather conservatively as she had to meet Mark later for a meeting.

They looked in the window and saw a wide selection of very nice merchandise. As they entered, they saw that the store was staffed by a very attractive Hawaiian girl and an equally handsome young man. The clerks introduced themselves as Kono and Daniel. Daniel, it appeared, was so in awe of the creatures in his store, that as he turned to move away, he tripped over a display.

Cherry giggled to herself as he straightened himself. She couldn’t help notice the substantial bulge in his shorts. Lori saw it too. Cherry looked at Lori and flashed back to what she saw this morning. It excited her to see her good friend being pleased so expertly. The tiny smile that thought brought to her lips stayed there until she got one of the clerks’ attention by holding up a truly BITCHIN pair of platform heels — utterly stripperlicious.

Kono came over and Cherry smiled a wicked smile at this lovely Hawaiian young girl. “Do you have these in a seven in Red?”

“Let me check. I may have to measure as this style runs a little tight.”

“Tight is always good,” Cherry laughed.

Kono went back into the storeroom and returned with a pair. Cherry sat down and Kono slipped the shoe on her foot. Kono was right. The shoe was quite tight. As Kono looked up at her, she could not help but see right up her small skirt. Cherry wore the tiniest thong that did little to conceal her sweet pussy. Kono’s eyes lingered and Cherry saw more than a hint of longing in her eyes. Kono put on the other shoe and her hand lingered on Cherry’s leg. Cherry stood and looked in the mirror. She walked a bit and the shoes were, in fact, a bit too tight. Cherry asked if she had these in a larger size. Kono said she would check and she once again, re-entered the storeroom. Cherry watched as her tight ass disappeared. Cherry looked and Lori had Daniel’s rapt attention. She laughed as she could see the ravenous leer as she looked at this fine Hawaiian man.

Kono returned with a different pair of shoes. Her tiny hands held Cherry’s calf as she applied the first shoe. Cherry spread her legs wider to allow this lovely lady an unobstructed view of her pussy. Kono was lost in her gaze. She fumbled with the second shoe as here eyes were fixed on Cherry’s quickly moistening pussy. Cherry walked in them and they were so comfortable. She sat down before Kono once again and began to laugh as she saw Daniel enter the storeroom.

“Looks like Daniel is going to have a bit of fun,” Cherry giggled.

“What do you mean?” Kono inquired.

“I think my friend wants to suck his cock. Matter-a-fact, I’m pretty sure of it,” Cherry explained.

“Not nearly as much as I want to lick your fabulous pussy,” Kono cooed.

“Well, let’s find me some more shoes first.”

Kono brought out the sexiest shoes and Cherry was in slut-shoe heaven. Michelle came up and asked if she was finding what she wanted. Cherry said she had found several pairs but had to decide which ones to buy.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

“Oh there are several I really like,” Cherry admitted.

“Well, get them all. Mark is paying for this trip dear. Not you.”

“No way, I couldn’t Michelle. I’m not like that.”

“This shopping trip is definitely on him. He wants all of these ladies to get some nice things. He made me promise to slap your ass if you argued with me too.”

“Promises, promises,” Cherry smiled. “Looks like Lori is on a tear.”

“Fuck, if I didn’t have to meet Mark, I’d be all over him myself. By the looks of it, you are going to have some ‘Grade A’ tongue in you before you get out of here yourself.”

“I know and I can’t wait.”

Kono approached with more shoes and Michelle leaned over and kissed Cherry fully and deeply. As Kono began to show her the shoes, Michelle put her hand on Kono’s cheek and reassured her that her pussy tastes better than it looked. She laughed and walked over to Aleka and Diane who were still looking.

Cherry picked out a few more styles that she simply adored. Daniel and Lori had returned to the showroom. She had the look of a conqueror and Daniel couldn’t stop grinning.

Kono and Cherry slipped into the storeroom and Kono’s hands were all over Cherry. Her hands slipped under her top and she caressed her spectacular orbs. She raised it up and sucked each nipple with a passion that was hard to describe. Cherry ran her delicate fingers through her luxurious black hair as Kono licked, bit and tugged at her hard nipples. Cherry felt Kono’s full breasts through her dress and pinched her hard nipples wickedly. Kono dropped to her knees and kissed her thighs. Cherry moved her thong, exposing her lovely lips. Kono dove in with a hunger that Cherry did not expect. This Hawaiian delight licked and sucked Cherry and had her drenched in no time at all. Her tongue had Cherry squirming quickly and she began to cum hard onto Kono’s tongue. Cherry slammed her pussy hard onto Kono and came again and again. Kono smiled up at Cherry with such a look of satisfaction. Cherry kissed her and put her hands between her legs. Kono was dripping. Cherry turned her around and sank between her legs and began to bring her to two quick but very strong orgasms. Kono was delightful and Cherry knew that she could have spent much, much longer with her.

They walked back into the showroom and Michelle was waiting. The bill had been paid and the merchandise was in the limo. They spent the next two hours buying slut wear and lovely lingerie. They dropped Michelle at the stadium and the ladies enjoyed a nice, light lunch.

“Well, you two sure got lucky,” Diane said. “Aleka and I were wondering when our turn was coming.”

Lori giggled, “With all the fucking you’ve been getting, you’re still horny? Wow girl, that man fucks better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Not only that, there are three of us and he is keeping us all so satisfied.”

“Well, yes he is, if we can only keep his fabulous cock out of your mouth,” Aleka grinned. “I have to say, he is definitely the best I’ve ever had. He’s not only good looking with a great body but I swear his cock is amazing. He knows exactly how to use it and he does it so well.”

“You can say that again. Hell, I’ve been with so many men. There is only one other guy that I know that is as good as Mark and funny as it sounds, he and Mark are good friends. Technically, I work for him but he doesn’t run D’orgasmic anymore. He does supervise the product line I’m told. All I know is he is just as adorable as Mark and he fucks like Mark. You know what we mean Cherry, Mark is such a wonderful lover.”

“Actually, I don’t know at all. I’ve never slept with Mark,” Cherry admitted.

“Are you serious? The way you two act, the chewing out you gave him? You’re telling us you’ve never done him. Wow,” Lori said. “I can tell you one thing; he sure wants to sleep with you.”

“Mark and I are best of friends. He has never hit on me. He’s had chances but he never has acted on them. I believe he isn’t interested in me. I know he loves me dearly but only as a friend. I can live with that.”

What about your feelings Cherry?” Aleka asked. “I mean, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He is caring and charming and we can tell you, he is the most skilled lover you’ll ever have. How do you feel about him?”

“Until this trip, I had no idea that Mark was wealthy. I had no idea any of this existed. Mark and I spend so much time together, almost every day, and I had no clue. Honestly, I could care less. We are friends and that is all. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to sleep with me and I accept that.”

“Well, there are two things I know. The first is that I really think you are wrong,” Diane stated, “The second thing I am sure of. The three of us are dying to get into your pussy. Shall we continue shopping or head back to the hotel?”

Meanwhile, across town, Michelle sat down with Mark.

“Are you having a good time?” she asked him.

“Yes I am. I never expected this but, yes; I am having a wonderful time. I’m sorry that I’m not spending as much time with you as I had planned,” he said.

“I’m with you all the time. I’m fine and hey, you fucked me twice last night or have you forgotten?” Michelle said.

“I know I did. Damn, so much sex. I’m certainly not complaining,” he laughed. “Is Cherry happy? Are the guys treating her well? I really want this to be so special for her.”

“She’s fine. She bought some really sexy things today. You may hear about this as she was a little pissed that I wouldn’t let her pay for anything. She is so independent. I think I may have offended her. Anyway, I think she is as happy as a girl can be in her circumstances.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am not completely sure but I am getting vibes that she would rather be with you.”

“Forget that. I love her. You know that. She knows that. I can’t give her what she wants. End of story.”

“You didn’t see the look on her face the first three minutes that she watched Lori sucking your cock, did you? I thought she was going to cry but once you were aware that she was there, she put on one hell of an act.”

“You’re wrong. I think I know her better than anyone. I know what she wants and I can’t give it to her. All I can do is try to bring some excitement to her from time to time. Sure, she is the most phenomenal woman I’ve ever known. Would I like to make love to her? Sure I would. Would I like to fuck her? Damned straight I would. Will I? No! That is not going to happen!”

“Dammit, do you know how much you sound like Gary right now? Sometimes a woman just wants a good fucking.”

“What the fuck? How did Gary get into this conversation? Oh, I know, his I won’t fuck a woman until I’ve made love to her first philosophy. It has served him well, considering the guy has some of the world’s sexiest and hottest women on speed dial. Owning D’orgasmic has its perks. He lives like a pauper and he’s probably worth more than me. Hell, for all I know, he’s probably been banging Diane for some time. With regard to Cherry, she gets enough cock that she needs for nothing on that front. My problem is that I do think like Gary. Michelle, the very last thing Cherry wants is a man to make love to her. Are you telling me that the guys aren’t fucking her brains out? I am pretty sure she is getting the best fucking of her life this week.” Mark glared at her and Michelle dropped the subject.

“Speaking of Lori, what have we learned?” Mark inquired.

“She is top of her field. She had a massive war with Trainer and he pulled the plug. Apparently, she is going to sue his ass off and scuttlebutt says she is going to win and win big. She was senior partner too. Actually, she was their youngest but, whatever happened, it was bad. There is, according to our own research department, a very interesting flaw in her partnership agreement. Apparently, she is not precluded from representing any existing clients as long as they come to her. Of course, she can not initiate said contact but, should someone wish her representation, she is free to do so. I don’t know who would make that kind of error but it is there and from our perspective, it is a good thing. I also know that if we do this, her first two clients are with her right now. We are going to have to make an accommodation if that is the case. Somehow, I doubt you’ll mind that.”

Mark smiled, “I am sure we will find out what went on. I can pretty much tell you what it was right now. Trainer is an asshole. He always has been. Put the figures together and let me see them before you make her the offer. Does she have any idea what we are planning?”

“She doesn’t have a clue as far as I know. You owe Chris big time for this, you know. If his cock wasn’t so fucking big, we’d never be having this conversation. Lori stopped dating him because he hurt her. He definitely is huge.”

“I should be back to the hotel by seven. Let’s shoot for dinner somewhere around eight,” Mark stated.

Michelle left Mark and went back to the hotel. Mark sat and ordered another drink. He had heard what Michelle said about Cherry. He knew, in his heart, that he was right and she was wrong. He sat and drank but the gut wrenching, unsettled feeling just would not go away.

Michelle walked into the suite and just started laughing. Four very naked women were in various stages of extremely lewd activities.

“You couldn’t wait till I got here to start this party? What the fuck is up with that? My pussy needs loving too.”

“Well, get your naked, honky ass over here gorgeous,” Diane smirked.

Michelle couldn’t wait. Cherry laughed as she peeled everything off, “Who’s the fucking stripper around here, you or me?”

Lips mashed, tits bounced and five very horny women dove in to enjoy all things female. Lori was not just a fantastic cocksucker. She was an unstoppable pussy pleaser. She threw Michelle down and dove into her sweet, gorgeous gash with gusto. Michelle looked at this black goddess and loved the contrast between them. Lori’s lovely ebony face, bright red painted lips and perfect makeup between her pale thighs simply made Michelle gush. Lori stroked her tummy and raised her delicate hands to caress Michelle’s firm, full breasts. The sweetness on her tongue fueled her wildly. She was driven to have this gorgeous creature cumming all over her face as fast as she possibly could.

Diane and Aleka began to kiss Michelle’s breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking her sweet nipples.

Cherry, not to be outdone, straddled her sweet face. She guided her pretty pussy onto Michelle’s talented lips. Always the greedy bitch — she positioned her pussy just above Michelle’s face and rested her clit lightly on her outstretched tongue. Michelle giggled as she saw what Cherry was doing. She really did like that on the plane. Michelle began to so lightly touch her clit as her own was being loved so wonderfully. Cherry thrilled as the magic that was Michelle began to electrify her body. Michelle had the touch, she loved the taste and Cherry knew she received so much pleasure from making Cherry cum.

It didn’t take long until Michelle let out a scream and began a spasmodic thrashing under Lori’s pretty face. Michelle came and kept coming as Lori was relentless. She splashed Lori’s face repeatedly and Lori kept her going. The four hands and two sets of lips drove her further into oblivion and yet, through it all, Michelle’s tongue never wavered from Cherry’s vibrating clit.

Cherry began to cum and her body exploded in a record setting series of spasms that took her breath away. Both women kept cumming and shaking vividly. Cherry’s engorged clit rested harder onto Michelle’s face, soaking her further. Cherry ran her hands between Michelle’s breasts and down her stomach.

Aleka and Diane continued to lavished their talents onto her nipples. Lori finally relented and Michelle was spent.

Cherry threw her stripper body onto the sofa with one leg draped over the armrest. Her pink gash was airing in the cool breeze. Aleka knelt before her and began to lick and suck her petals delicately. Cherry loved her soft touch but the visual of her sent Cherry over the top almost instantly. Aleka was one of the loveliest women ever to have visited Cherry’s hot twat. Aleka looked into Cherry’s eyes as her tongue wickedly presented Cherry with wave after wave of pleasure. The lust in her eyes drove Cherry into a chain orgasm that started softly and built massively.

Aleka’s fingers entered her and she toyed with her steaming hot pussy. She grazed her clit but spent more time circling her vagina. Cherry loved what she was doing. It was different and it was good. Aleka spread Cherry’s legs wider and her pussy opened deliciously.

She began to tongue her vagina and she circled her opening with her tongue. Cherry felt her soft tongue sink into her, licking the interior of her velvet glove. Her tongue seemed to grow longer with each fantastic stroke. Aleka began to dip her fingers into her and Cherry moaned softly. Aleka reached for the oil and drizzled over Cherry’s smoldering pussy and onto her hand.

Cherry felt two fingers inside her and then three. Aleka never broke her gaze and it hypnotized Cherry completely. She felt a fourth finger enter and Aleka began to thrust deeper. Cherry starred into her dark eyes intently, feeling the pressure and the pleasure. Aleka cupped her hand and kept pressing. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt her hand attempt to slide inside her. Aleka smiled reassuringly and steadily pushed in. Cherry felt her hand slide in and Aleka held it in place. Cherry was panting and sweating but not for a moment did she break her gaze. Aleka began to move in and out of her and Cherry’s moans grew with each thrust. She had never experienced this before and she loved this. Her mind raced and her pussy pulsed as the arm sank deeper into her hot twat. Cherry was drenched from head to toe and Aleka kept driving forward. Cherry looked and saw that her forearm was nearly completely planted inside her. She came instantly and Aleka began to fist her lovingly.

Diane drizzled more oil onto her pussy and Aleka increased her speed as she began to drive into Cherry.

“Fuck, Ohmigod!, Oh fuck!, This is so fucking HOT!!!, Fuck me, oh dear Fuck ME!, Oh I never felt…!, This is so good!, So good!, Harder baby, harder!, Fuck me baby!, I want MORE!, MORE!, MORE!”

Aleka leaned forward and took her swollen clit in her mouth and Cherry came unglued. Aleka licked and sucked as her arm slid in and out of Cherry’s constantly spasming body. Lori and Michelle began to lick Cherry’s fabulous tits and Diane began to kiss her sweetly. Cherry was in sensory overload. She seriously didn’t know which way was up and the pleasures just kept coming.

Aleka touched Michelle’s side and motioned for her to get the oil. Michelle began to oil Cherry heavily. Aleka’s lubricated her other arm and as she pulled out, she placed her hand just below the wrist of the other. Aleka’s arm began to sink back in as her other hand rode piggyback. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt the added pressure. Aleka went slow and Cherry began to stretch. The tightness gave way, slowly and deliciously. Cherry was on fire. Her pussy demanded to be filled and Aleka accommodated her every wish. She had her arm and a hand inside her. She began to stroke a little deeper each time. Cherry didn’t know how and she didn’t care either. All she knew was that Aleka had both her arms inside her and she was fucking her wildly.

“MORE! DAMMIT, I WANT MORE! Ohmigod! I NEED MORE! I’m so fucking full! Ohmigod! I am so full! Stretch my pussy! Ohmigod! STRETCH ME MORE! FUCK! Can’t stop cumming! Can’t! I Can’t! Ohmigod!”

Aleka began to slow and Cherry nearly passed out. Aleka very slowly removed one arm and then the second. Cherry gaped widely but not as wide as her smile. Her body twitched and flailed uncontrollably and she lay giggling, her mind racing.

“Oh fuck, Ohmigod! That is the wildest fucking thing I’ve ever done. Ohmigod! Where did you learn how to do that?”

Aleka leaned over Cherry and was pulled quickly onto Cherry’s lips. Cherry kissed her viciously. The feel of her body against Cherry’s was like silk.

“Did you ever see the original Candy Stripers? Since you’ve been with Incredible Hulk’s, 1, 2 and 3, I took a chance and dammit, I am so glad I did. I can’t imagine what that felt like but I know what it looked like. Holy Fuck! That was so intense. I’m so glad you enjoyed that. I was cumming right along with you.”

The girls helped Cherry up and she moved, gingerly but she moved. “Would someone please pour me a drink?”

Diane handed her one, “That was one freaky, fucking workout girl, is there anything else you’d like?”

“Oh yes,” Cherry said wickedly, “There sure is. I want CUNT! I want all of you and I want you all now. I’ve never been this turned on in my life.” Cherry dove into Diane with a fury and enthusiasm she’d never felt before. This lovely model wrapped her shapely legs around Cherry and rode her tongue hard. Cherry sucked, licked and fucked her tight twat with her long tongue. Diane couldn’t wait to cum and when she blew, Cherry was sprayed deliciously, forcefully and sweetly. Diane was a fountain of delicious delight and Cherry loved playing in fountains. Diane’s thighs squeezed Cherry’s head tightly as she felt her entire being flowing onto this luscious stripper’s hot tongue. Cherry was in slurper heaven.

Cherry rolled over and attacked Lori with glee. Not only did this cock slut love pussy, she adored having her own pussy attacked. Her long, puffy clit fit Cherry’s mouth wonderfully and she screamed delightful profanities with each pass of her tongue.

“Oh you delightful slut… my precious delightful slut. Suck my cunt darling. You love the taste of my pussy don’t you? Oh you’re good. God damn, you’re good. Did it turn you on this morning Cherry? Keep sucking my clit slut. Well, did it? Did it turn you on watching his lovely, gorgeous white cock sliding past my hungry chocolate lips? Suck my cunt you glorious bitch! You should have tasted his sweet cream. He came so hard this morning. His cum is wonderful. I can’t get enough. Oh that’s it! Lick right there Cherry. Right there! Oh you’re going to make me cum! What was it like Cherry? Looking into his eyes while he flooded my throat with his hot cum? It turned me on a lot. I hope it got you wet. Oh fuck, you are such a good cunt licker. I came when he came, did you? Oh I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby doll! Suck my black twat! I’m cumming Cherry! Oh fuck I am cumming!!!”

Lori thrashed wildly on Cherry’s lovely face. Her pussy soaked Cherry once again. Her words excited Cherry and as Lori came, so did Cherry. She was right. Watching Mark’s thick, long cock slide between her chocolate lips had excited her amongst other things. Lori’s orgasm faded and Cherry kissed her sweetly.

Cherry drained her drink and pulled Michelle to her. They kissed tenderly. Michelle had, in a matter of a few short days become so important in Cherry’s life. She had become a friend, a confidant and a very special lover. Their hands roamed lightly across their lovely flesh. Each had learned the others sweet spots. Cherry wasn’t going to fuck Michelle; she was going to make love to her. Michelle cooed as Cherry kissed down her neck and between her luscious breasts. Michelle’s nipples stood hard and they received this lovely attention from Cherry. Cherry licked lower to her abdomen, her bellybutton and onto her hips. Michelle inhaled as she felt her hot breath on her swollen, wanton lips. Cherry kissed the top of her thighs and rolled her over onto her stomach. She spread her cheeks and licked her tight, hot asshole. The sound of Michelle’s whimpers was lovely on the ears as Cherry rimmed her lovingly. Michelle rose on her knees and spread her legs displaying her soft pink flesh. Cherry loved every inch of her succulent loins, licking, sucking prodding and poking her. Michelle had learned Cherry’s talents and reveled in her expertise. On her part, Cherry knew what turned this blonde on and she made certain that what she did brought maximum pleasure.

“Oh you know what I like. My daring Cherry, lick my hot pussy darling. You are making me so hot. I love your tongue! Tongue my ass! Damn girl, your tongue is fantastic! Stick your hot tongue up my ass baby! Let me feel you inside me! Oh FUCK, FUCK ME! Oooh, oooh, Yes! YES! Fuck my ass Cherry!”

Cherry played with her ass and slid down and under Michelle to her hot clit. Cherry tugged and pulled her hot lips open and she tasted her delightfully. Michelle felt her tongue graze the hood of her clit and she flinched. Cherry closed her lips over Michelle and her tongue began to stroke her into cascading orgasms. Michelle rode her tongue, rocking on it and bringing additional sequential orgasms. Michelle was becoming addicted to Cherry’s tongue. She rode it hard and wildly. She screamed as she came again and again. Her body spasmed and the river that was Michelle cascaded over her lovely face. Cherry was so turned on by her friend’s massive blasts that she came again herself. She held and kissed Michelle as she calmed.

Cherry looked and saw Aleka sitting on the sofa, legs spread, running her delicate fingers over her delicate pussy. She watched as her finger traced her clit while her other hand beckoned Cherry to her.

Cherry’s mouth watered at the thought of pleasing the woman who had given her the treat of a lifetime. She sat at her feet and looked at one of the finest examples of female form she had ever seen. Each delicate feature led to another and continued over her entire form.

Her pussy was a perfect flower, and Cherry was her honeybee. She ran her hands along her thighs and followed then with sweet wet kisses. The scent of Aleka was divine and hypnotic. Cherry tasted ambrosia as her tongue began to love this lovely lady. Cherry fell headlong into heaven. She partook of the copious nectar Aleka provided. Her tongue betrayed her lust and she caressed and coaxed pleasure beyond description into Aleka’s being. She began to whimper and run her hands through Cherry’s jet black hair. She sighed as she felt her gently suck her stiff, hard clit. Cherry was expert in the art of bringing a woman pleasure.

This woman was special and Cherry wanted to insure her total satisfaction. She toyed with her clit and began to lick her entire pussy. She tongued her tight sleeve and rolled her up to lick her lovely ass. She flattened her tongue and drew it over her hot ass and up onto her pussy again. Aleka levitated off the sofa when her tongue broadly stroked her hot clit. Aleka’s powerful orgasm arrived without warning and shocked her. Cherry coaxed more and more pleasure onto her body and Aleka held on tight. Wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss hit her like a truck. She was screaming and cumming and holding on for dear life. Cherry never relented and she began to drive more and more earth shattering bliss than Aleka could handle. They were both soaked and yet the orgasms kept arriving. Each harder and longer than the last. Cherry was ecstatic as she felt each amazing blast take her darling Hawaiian lovely’s breath away.

The girls saw the time and rushed to get ready for dinner. As Cherry padded down the hall to the suite she shared with the guys, she smiled. About half way down the hall, she yelled, “YES!” Her smile turned into a very evil grin while her mind planned her after dinner party with her guys.

Dinner was delightful at the waterfront cafe that Michelle had arranged. Lush palms, flower scented breezes and a spectacular sunset precluded a culinary delight. Cherry giggled to herself as she wondered why she was ravenous. She had experienced an Olympic workout already and the main event hadn’t happened yet.

“Remember ladies, tomorrow is the Pro Bowl Banquet and the press will be covering it. We have to be on our best behavior,” Mark said as he smiled sweetly. “For business purposes, Cherry and Michelle will be my dates for the evening. The guys have a football game to play so they have to hit the sheets early.”

“Was that comment directed at moi?” Cherry said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oui,” smirked Mark.

“Party Pooper!”

Everyone roared. Rashad pulled a bag out from under the table. “Now, I know you ladies went shopping today and I bet you bought some amazing things. We got you something to wear at the game.”

He handed Lori, Aleka and Diane each a different teams official jersey. Each lady’s jersey bore the names and number of their date. Rashad handed Diane his jersey with his name on the back and his number 36. He gave Aleka Jamal’s team jersey with his name and number 23 on the back. He handed Lori Chris’ jersey with his name and number 40 on it.

“What about Michelle? Doesn’t she get a jersey?” Cherry inquired.

“No honey, I can’t show any preferential preferences. Business is business,” Michelle replied.

A pregnant pause lofted over the table. Rashad looked at Chris who looked at Jamal and these three jokers cracked right up. They were laughing and high fiving each other but they were the only ones in on the hilarity.

Chris leaned over and poked Cherry in the ribs. “Did you think you were overlooked? Did you think we’d honestly do that…and survive? Come on bro, cough it up.”

Rashad reached into the bag and brought out a strange looking jersey. Her guys played on three different teams so the guys had this special jersey made just for her. She turned it around and saw all three of their names and then she started to laugh uncontrollably. On the back of the jersey, in nice sized letters 36 – 23 – 40. Mark literally lost it. No one had ever seen him laugh that loud.

“I love it. Oh wow, this is so cool. I won’t just be wearing this at the game either,” Cherry smirked.

“Damn, you guys had to pull a few strings to get that done,” Mark said.

“It was worth it Mark, it was worth it,” Jamal was smiling broadly.

“See, there is such a thing as truth in advertising,” Cherry snickered.

“What time is the team meeting tomorrow?” Mark asked Rashad.

“It starts at eleven. Don’t know how long it will last,” he replied. “After that, all we have is the banquet and then the game. What follows is called party time.”

“Good because I’ve made some plans for us next week. I think we’ll all have fun,” Mark informed everyone.

They walked along the street, laughing and people watching. Honestly, they were the ones on display and the women loved it. They turned heads everywhere they went and the sight of the three, very recognizable athletes just added to the stares. Cherry smiled wickedly at the gawkers, she loved the attention.

Back at the hotel, Cherry thanked Mark for the unexpected shopping trip.

“Well, I hope you bought some really nice things. I figured that they would have a great selection because Hawaii is known for beautiful women. What did you get?”

“Um, shoes and more shoes. I also bought something really nice for tomorrow’s banquet. I think you’ll approve. Oh and did I mention shoes? I bought some really hot shorts and tops that were off the stare-o-meter. Oh yes, I got a couple of bikini’s and thongs. Did I mention I got some shoes? They sure do have nice clothes here.”

“Is that all you got? Seriously Cherry, if there are other things, just say so.”

“I’m going to smack your scrawny white ass if you keep that up Mark. I mean it. I am so happy with everything. I don’t know why you are so good to me. I treat you like crap at times and you are always there for me. Thank you so much.”

Mark leaned over and kissed her lightly. “My ass is not scrawny. I’ve got a great ass, I’ll have you know. It’s not as good as yours, granted, but my women seem to like it. So there.” Mark turned, walked into the living room and was greeted by Aleka, Diane and Lori. Cherry watched him walk away. He did have a cute butt.

Jamal walked up behind her and grabbed her tiny waist. “Come dear, the Gods await.”

She burst out laughing as he picked her up and ran down the hall. He stood in the hallway, kicking the door like a five year old having a temper tantrum. Chris opened the door and laughed as Jamal put Cherry in his arms. “Here, you carry her. Da women is gettin heavy.”

He ducked as she tried to smack him but all she saw was the biggest grin imaginable. God, she loved these guys. She kissed Chris and he carried her to her bedroom. “Dessert is on the table guys, cum and get her.”

Rashad and Jamal walked naked into the bedroom, their hard, tight ebony bodies rippling with each breath they took. Cherry lay back and slowly undressed as while watching the fabulous bodies of the men who would ravish her fabulous white face, ass and pussy again tonight. Her lips watered at the thought of how their massive cocks would, in only a few moments, slide between her lips and down her throat. This day had started wonderfully and only got better. Her brief tryst with Kono was exciting and fun. Her afternoon with the girls had been so hot. What Aleka had done to her, hopefully, would allow her this night, to experience a fantasy she had long dreamed of. That thought made her throat itch for cock, their cocks.

Chris had joined in the nakedness surrounding the bed. His tree trunk of a cock slowly began to swell as he watched Cherry fingering her sweet pussy and listening to her soft, sultry voice.

“I am your special cum eating, cocksucking slut, you know that don’t you? I want to feel every millimeter of your delicious hard cocks sliding down my throat. Tonight, I wanted it hard, I wanted it rough and I wanted it brutal. I want you to fuck my face and fuck it hard. Will you do that for me, my darlings? I have such a fucking need for your cocks tonight and I want to try something new later too. Your cocks are getting hard, mmm, I like that. You like watching me finger myself don’t you? See my lovely fingers as they tickle my sweet, hot, pink slit. It turns you all on, doesn’t it? You know your cocks are going to be filling my every hole soon don’t you? Oh, I like that. Ohmigod, all three cocks just twitched in unison. Oh…it’s going to be a good night. Do you know how horny I am? Oh look, my little mirror. It’s going to be an even better night. Are you ready to brutally fuck your sweet darling Cherry’s mouth, cunt and ass tonight my darlings? Are you?”

Cherry quickly bumped up and pulled them onto the bed. Three massive cocks poked deliciously in front of her lips. She was incensed with her craving for these lovely huge cocks. Her hands pulled all three men together into a wall of cock. Her tongue went wild licking their massive heads simultaneously. Cock, that was all she could think of…cock. She held them together and tried to get all three huge heads in her mouth at once. She couldn’t, but she sure tried. She took one, then another, sucking them into her mouth. She got two in and her tongue went positively wild. Their velvet heads on her soft tongue drove her off the cliff and she began to cum. She lavished each delicious cock as if it were her last.

Where do I begin to tell you how lucky I have been so far in my life? I have been blessed by having a very open and outgoing family when it comes to home life. I was raised as a nudist as far back as I can remember. I love the freedom of not having to wear clothes around the house and trying to find something to wear during the day. Never bother with bathing suits either when I go to the beach so that saves some cash as well not that it matters much to us. We live in a very private area just north of Chicago and we never have to worry about being surprised by drop in visitors. The only people who come by unannounced are the delivery drivers and they are used to our nudity by now. It does not even faze them anymore.

I am the elder of two children of David and Susan Torrance. My name is Mark. I am 18, 5’11, 175 lbs. I am in reasonably good shape and love working out. My younger sister is named Terri. She is a hottie only a year younger than I am. I recently started dating a very attractive girl named Danielle. She is my age, black and a very hot bod to boot! She is 5’7, 135 lbs and a gorgeous a cups and a night large butt to boot! I am on my way over to my house to introduce her to my parents. She has never visited but I have told her we are quite the open around the house. She knows we are nudists but has never seen us all nude before. She is as open minded as I am but I am not sure if she is prepared for our home life situation yet. I will get an idea of how cool she is with all of us soon.

I drove up to our home after a short drive down a long secluded drive. We do not have a large home but it is quite modern and well taken care of. I opened the door for Danielle or Danny as she likes to be called. She was wearing a loose buttoned top and a short skirt today and she purposely flashed me her shaved beaver as she got out of the car. I love that about her-she takes any chance to have some fun with anything sexual. We walked up to the house and I opened the door for her. I called out to the family but there was no answer. We went to the kitchen and I got us some bottled waters. I heard some splashing from the pool out back so I took Danny out back. There were mom and dad playing in the pool.

“Hey mom and dad” I called.

They looked over as soon as they heard me and started to get out of the pool. I felt Danny squeeze my hand as she saw my dad get out first. He is 6’2 tall, 190 lbs., very muscular with a soft, thick 6″ cock hanging between his legs all shaved of course. Mom got out as dad helped her and she is about 5’6, 145 lbs with a gorgeous figure that one could call rounded if she had any boobs but she is reasonably flat there but she makes up for it in the ass department!

“Well hello there!” she said to us as she extended a hand for a shake. “I am Susan and this is my husband David”.

“Mom, dad this is Danielle or Danny as she prefers” I said.

“Hello there” she said to my parents.

“We hope our outfits or lack of them does not bother you” dad said.

“Not at all” she replied.

“Good” said mom “we prefer being nude all the time”.

“I like that idea” Danny replied.

Dad then shook her hand as well and I loved that Danny was not in the east bit put out by their nudity. Mom and dad sat down on the lounge chairs and offered us a seat as well.

“So Danny, how long have you and Mark been dating?” asked dad.

“About a month” she replied looking on as mom lay down on her chair.

“So you like him?” asked dad.

“I love him” Danny said, “He is very good to me and for me”.

“That is good to hear” said mom. “We love him too!”

“We hope to see a lot more of you around her this summer then” said mom.

“Oh you can count on that” said Danny.

“Great” said dad as he lay back as well on his lounge and his cock flopped back on his stomach as he did. Danny squeezed my hand again after seeing this happen.

“Hey mom do you mind if Danny and I use the pool as well?” I asked.

“Not at all go for it, Danny did you bring a suit?” asked dad.

“What for?” she replied as she started unbuttoning her blouse and removed it to expose her gorgeous a cups capped with dark nipples. She then stood up and unclasped her skirt and let it fall to the ground as she stood there waiting for me. I took about three seconds to remove my shorts and tee shirt and join her as we jumped together into the cool water.

We swam a few lengths of the pool and enjoyed the wonderful feeling on such a warm day. Danny swam up behind me and grabbed me around the waist and held me. I reached back and felt her taught buttocks as she reached down and gave my cock a small squeeze. It was a beautiful day for a swim like this.

“Too bad we are not alone” said Danny.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me right now” she said “seeing your dad and you nude has got me all hot and wet!”

“You like him huh?”

“He is hot for a dad yes”.

“Like I have told you we are a very open family”.

“Oh come on now how open?”

“Very” I said.

With that I turned around to face her and we started to kiss. I held her in my arms and we kissed as well as had a tongue fight. I reached down and held her beautiful ass in my hands and squeezed them. She wrapped her arms around me and returned the kisses. She then reached down to my growing cock and played with it. Suddenly she pulled off and realized where she was.

“I am sorry” she said.

“Danny it is all cool” I said to her.

“How can it be?” she asked “your parents are right there”.

“They have no issues at all with us playing or having fun here trust me” I replied.

“But we are nude and being intimate not ten feet from them” she replied.

“Like I said we are very open here” I said.

“Somehow I do not believe it is possible for this” she said as she gave my cock another squeeze.

“Oh it is” I said to her and pulling her out of the pool with me.

We started up the pool steps and my hard eight inch cock led the way.

“Hey Mark” said mom “looks like Danny got something started!”

“Yes she did” I replied without a hint of shame “and she wants to finish it but feels awkward”.

“Oh fuck Danny do not let us bother you” said dad “feel at home with us and do what you want to do here. We have no rules here at all when it comes to that sort of thing. We raised our kids to enjoy their bodies and allow themselves to have fun here”.

“Really?” asked Danny.

“Yes really” said mom as she reached over and gave dad a small tug on his growing cock.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes” said mom as she started to stroke dad’s cock and it started to get hard like mine.

Danny watched as mom stroked it for us all to see and she started to stroke mine we sat there not three feet from my parents. Danny continued to watch as mom got dad harder and harder until he was his full ten inch length. Mom then used her thumb to smear some of dad’s precum over the tip of his cock. I looked over at Danny and she was quite absorbed by this. She stroked my cock harder as she watched mom and dad play.

“This is so cool of you Mrs. Torrance” said Danny.

“Do not call me that, it is Sue for you hon” said mom.

“Ok” said Danny.

She continued to stroke me as mom leaned over and took dad’s cock in her in her mouth. Mom is one of the best blowjob givers the world will ever know. She took the whole thing in one swoop down her throat. Danny continued to stroke my cock as she watched mom blow dad. David leaned back on the lounger and just allowed mom to take over his hard cock. I never fail to be impressed by the cock dad has. I know I have stopped growing in size but am in awe of his unit. Danny then leaned over and started to lick my full knob as she stroked me. I love the way she starts out just concentrating on the tip and then continuing on the rest of me. I became harder and harder from the blowjob and from mom and dad being right next to me. Danny started to get an idea of how open we were. Her eyes sparkled as she blew me in the afternoon sun. She sucked on my cock as she watched mom pleasure dad. I could hear dad moaning as mom worked her magic on him. Danny tugged on my balls as she blew me and then took a finger and started to push it in my receptive ass. I love it when she does this. In fact we both love assplay! I could feel the load coming up my cock as she massaged my asshole with now two fingers while blowing me. I could hear dad also moan as he was about to cum soon. Danny sensed my impending orgasm and sucked me harder and faster as did mom with dad.

Suddenly I lifted my ass off the chair and my load shot into her throat. I shot four to five long shots down her waiting throat as she swallowed every last drop. She loves cum and never misses a bit of it! After I finished my orgasm she licked my cock clean of any cum and then came up to give me a kiss. We then lay back and watched as mom was close to bringing dad close to cumming. It took mom about another minute to get him to the edge and when he did he lifted his ass of the chair as he did.

To be continued…

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my readers part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

The sun fought its way through the blinds bathing the room in subdued occasional rays of brilliance. He made a mental note to fix that. When he slept, he wanted darkness. He was getting used to waking in the center of his bed with gorgeous on each side. He flashed back to just a few hours ago and the spectacular pleasures he received from the women who had stormed into his life.

The women wanted to please him as much as he wanted to satisfy them. Their lips were works of art. His eyes closed as he thought back to the wonderful feeling of tender lips sucking and caressing his hard cock. Each woman was different in her technique but so similar in the need to have him in her mouth. He could almost feel those luscious lips as they traveled over his crown. He felt her skilled tongue riding the ridge and licking the precum from his strong cock. Mmm, he must be dreaming, it felt so good. Wendy’s head was on his arm and Debbie’s hand was on his chest.

He smiled and looked down to see the sparkling eyes of his precious Rose as she slid those exquisite oriental lips over the head of his cock. His dream materialized in the form of an Asian hybrid, sensual in nature and visually exotic. He closed his eyes to feel the wet, wonderful mouth that was waking him so sweetly.

Rose took her time and loved every part of his body. During the past week, she learned what thrilled him. It was fast becoming her goal in life to bring him as much joy as possible.

For two years, this man had lived directly below her and she had no idea what a gentle, caring person he was. His sexual prowess coupled with his exorbitant appetite to give and to receive extreme pleasure had excited and thrilled her.

Her nipples tingled as her lips flowed over his broad, velvet crown. How can a steel bar feel so soft and subtle? Rose had no idea but she adored his substantial shape, the heavy veining, the ridges, and the addicting flavor of his pleasure producer.

Her mouth welcomed him warmly. The joy she felt embraced her racing heart with thoughts of love, lust and contentment. She had always dreamed of finding a man who would treat her like the woman she knew she was and the wild, wanton slut she fantasized of becoming. She had suppressed her wild side for way too long. She savored the width of his lovely cock and the fullness she felt as he sank deeper into her wet mouth.

She needed a man she could trust to handle the tigress that lived under her classy exterior. Her wet mouth loved the ridges. Her lips teased the large veins as she felt him expand. Her tongue began to lick along the base of his shaft bringing him maximum pleasure. She loved the power she held between her lovely lips. This strong man, handsome, funny and sensual, had won her heart in such a short time.

Rose took him in deep and her hands cradled his substantial balls. She loved the feel of his cock at the back of her mouth. Her tongue caressed and licked his length as she felt him enter her throat. His eyes spoke so well of the pleasure she was conveying to him; eyes that she wanted to see forever and a day.

She looked at him and felt her pussy tingle. When she held him in her lips, she felt the luckiest woman alive. The feeling was not just about sex, was it? No, she thought, it was ever so much deeper. Pure lust overtook her. She slid her face down filling her throat with his velvet spear. She knew she could live like this for the rest of her life. Her cheeks took him in and out and she loved the erotic feeling. She would attain her deepest, darkest desires with such a man in her life. She sped the motion of her tongue along the wonderfully sensitive underside of his cock as it rose and fell into her throat.

She knew he was close. She wanted her morning treat while everyone slept.

Greedy thoughts entered her mind and she rejected them immediately. There was no question in her mind that she was unique however, he is not exclusive to her.

Her hands felt his legs tighten; she saw his abdomen flatten. It twitched. She sucked harder and deeper. It flinched, lifting the mighty head to the top of her mouth and she began to fuck his cock with her almond shaped face. Her lovely lips tightened as she bobbed wildly. His cock was experiencing the best she knew to give.

He thrust and her tongue felt the rush as the bottom of his rod primed to serve the salty, sweet breakfast she wanted so much. He moaned and flash flooded her lips and tongue with a glorious load of morning cum. His push continued and she took him into her throat. Her lips and tongue held him there and began to milk every last drop from his tasty hose.

She held him in her wet mouth until he was soft and pliable. She never moved and he deflated slowly. She loved a soft cock in her mouth, as it was a symbol of her power over it. She could make it hard and she could please it soft. It was, after all, her most prized talent.

She rolled his soft cock around in her mouth and playfully nibbled on him. Rose heard the timer and went to the kitchen. She returned with a tray of fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. Wendy and Debbie stirred as the smell of coffee gently woke them. Rose kissed each of them and padded back to the kitchen. Wonderful aromas were wafting into the bedroom. Rose was a good cook.

Three very unsteady people stumbled down the hall and sat at the table. Rose had prepared a delicious breakfast and they were hungry from last night’s activities.

“Last night was terrific ladies. I enjoyed that so much. What would you like to do today?” he said as a loud clap of thunder rolled overhead.

Debbie looked out the window and saw the sky was black. “This looks like it will be around all day. I say we stay in and enjoy the day right here.”

Wendy agreed, “Yes that sounds like a good idea. I have some catching up to do anyway. We have everything we need and lots of films to watch. We could even copy some of the scenes and try them out ourselves. Until yesterday, I could only fantasize about doing that. Now I can try it. How does that sound?”

“I like it. I’ve been the same way myself,” Debbie said. “That definitely would work for me.”

The girls took an hour to put fresh sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry.

He sat back and contemplated how much his life had changed from just one visit from Holly. He laughed thinking back to a comment he had made to his friend Mark that Holly was a life-changing event all by herself. He never realized how prophetic that was.

How did he arrive at this place in his life? His parents and their best friends Robert and Maggie Carter had started a small company. Under his mother’s and Maggie’s direction, it had grown rapidly. Retailers loved their lingerie designs and the orders poured in. D’Orgasmic Lingerie was well on its way to becoming a top named fashion house.

Their son Jeremy and he were best friends. It was actually the three amigos. Mark Banner completed the inseparable trio. Mark had gone on to found one of the most celebrated sports representation firms in the world. These guys did everything together.

Jeremy, Mark and he had spent their teen years living the dream. They had money, they had looks and they had strong sex drives. The girls chased them in high school and more so in university. They paid very little attention to the local girls. A stable of willing fashion models demanded their attention constantly. That is what they grew up with and for the most part, still enjoyed.

His own parents had died several years ago in a tragic car crash and he inherited their fortune, which included half of D’Orgasmic, their mansion that he sold for top dollar, and all of their lucrative investments. He kept his fingers in the business but from a distance. He worked with the designers and approved or rejected additions to the product line. He supervised catalog creation from top to bottom. He had not actually been in the corporate offices in over a year.

He had tried many things, such as selling real estate in Ft. Lauderdale, owning a bar in Key West and writing. Today he wrote technical articles and erotica. His life was simple. He liked it that way. He knew that the day would come when he would have to take over the business but he wasn’t expecting it any time soon.

This business had been his life from as early as he could remember. Robert and Maggie shared CEO responsibilities but they concentrated on the PR end of the business when they had to. Most of the time, they worked bringing aid to war torn countries. They had put in place an excellent president and staff to run the company.

Jeremy, on the other hand, had gone on to work on Wall Street and made many bad decisions. Those decisions turned criminal. He made and stashed millions overseas before coming under SEC scrutiny. He fled the country just hours before they charged him with over one hundred and fifty counts of one sort or another. Convicted in absentia on all counts; Jeremy faced almost one thousand years in prison. He was never coming back to the states. He got into the porn business in Thailand and was quickly on his way to becoming a billionaire.

When the shit hit the fan regarding Jeremy, many legal things had to be done quickly. Jeremy would be ineligible to inherit anything from his parents. The government would immediately seize any money, property and investments in the event he would be named in a will.

The solution was simple. He had purchased their share of the company and all their assets including their mansion in the exclusive Isleworth subdivision on the Butler Chain of Lakes. Robert and Maggie enjoyed the lifestyle they had earned without having to worry about any complications. Their income from the company was substantial and what they did with it was their business.

Mark had graduated top of his class at Harvard. He was a sports nut. He had known the stats on every player in almost every sport played. Everyone thought he would wind up in Las Vegas running a sports book at a major casino. He had other ideas and started a law practice specializing in sports representation in, of course, Las Vegas. His personality had served him well and he began attracting clients. Mark had signed one football player and obtained such a huge contract for him that they came to him in droves for his services. He built the largest firm of its kind in the world.

He watched his own trio of lovely women as they made quick work of putting his place back into showroom condition. These women had been on the periphery of his vision for years and he never took the time to see them. He could be a fool at times. He never wanted for lack of company to be sure; he still maintained a substantial black book of willing and eager women and a few men interested in sharing his bed. Speaking of which, he needs a bigger bed now.

Wendy walked over to the sofa with a fresh cup of coffee for him. He smiled as he saw how this delicious blonde-haired woman with the Carmen Electra legs brought that robe to life. She was stunning. She sat the cup down and stroked her long nails across his chest. Her heart raced every time she touched him.

She is just getting to know who this man is and she liked everything about him. He is a kind, gentle man with beautiful eyes that actually looked at you when you spoke. He is funny and sweet. He made her feel special and that was something new to her. No man had ever made love to her and nobody had ever fucked her so deliciously either. In the space of just one day, Wendy had experienced emotions, sensations and more orgasms than she could ever recall. All of this occurred while she shared him with two other extremely hot, sexy women. What would he be like alone? Rose was going to get her ass smacked over hoarding him for almost a week.

Wendy turned his face and met his lips with the softest, sweetest kiss. She held his face in her hands as their kiss lingered. The feelings thrilled her and confused her as well.

The man she was unfortunately married to was a useless drunk. He was a mistake that she knew had to be rectified. The few trysts she had experienced were unsatisfying at best. Wendy wondered would she grow old with him. She did not know but she felt that she would. He returned her kiss equally tenderly.

“It is so hard for me to tell you how I feel this morning. So many thoughts are rushing through my head. Certainly, you will understand. I just want you to know that for the first time in my adult life, I woke up happy,” Wendy said. “You make me feel so wanted, so desirable and special. If this truly is the beginning of a journey, I am so happy to be part of it.” She kissed him once again and shivered as his presence in her arms tingled her being to its core.

Debbie came over and knelt at his feet as Rose was putting the bedspread back on the bed. She stroked his leg sweetly while Wendy’s nails caressed his chest. He looked at these lovely women and smiled broadly.

“Is this real Gary? I mean, is it?” Debbie asked. “I agree with Wendy. I woke up the last two days feeling loved and appreciated for the first time in years, even if Rose was getting first dibs on you today.”

“Oh shit, I was trying to be so quiet too,” Rose shouted from the bedroom. “I didn’t make a sound and that was fucking hard to do too.”

Wendy laughed, “You didn’t Rose. Did you forget, we were holding on to him at the time? My head was on his arm. I heard his heartbeat racing. That is what woke me up.”

“My hand was on his chest, I felt it,” Debbie said.

“Oh, okay, just checking, that’s all,” Rose, laughed.

“Debbie I’ve been living alone for so long and I enjoy that aspect of my life. Obviously, you know I am no virgin. I share my bed with many people. I always have and always will. You did not know about them because there are very few like Holly. As much as I care for each one of you, my life has to go on. I want you all with me every step of the way. There is a lot about me that you don’t know. You may like it or you may not. My guess is that, as we get to know each other better, that you’ll enjoy the ride as much as I do. It will be a sexy ride to be sure.”

“How long do you see this ride lasting Gary?” Debbie asked.

“Oh that is a question, isn’t it? I would hope a very long time. That is not up to me, it is up to each of you to determine. I am not going anywhere so if you’re into it, so am I.”

“The bedroom is back together everyone. All stocked up and ready to go. The toy box is open and the candles are burning. The Sybian is out because I know I want to play with it. Oh, you have to see the attachments I found. They are great. The big screen is up as well and I took the liberty of loading a DVD I think we’ll enjoy. Let’s get this party on the road. Bartender, Rum Runners please,” Rose smiled.

Debbie ran her hand up Gary’s leg grabbing his cock pulling him to his feet. “Come with us, you glorious piece of manhood. Today, you’re getting used, abused and you’re going to love it.”

“Fucking right you are. God, I’m wet just thinking about all the nasty things that we are going to do to him today. I am over flowing with years of unspent cum and I am damned sure going to get wild today,” Rose giggled.

“I had a guy say this to me once and he did exactly what he said he would do. Now it is my turn to say it to him. Baby, I am going to fuck your brains out. Debbie, drag his spectacular body to the bedroom,” Wendy commanded.

Everyone laughed as Debbie dragged him down the hallway by his dick. She threw him onto the bed and three naked, high-heeled women began to kiss and lick him all over.

Rose had lit several candles from the toy box and the scent was intoxicating. He giggled, as he knew they were pheromone candles. One would have been sufficient but she had lit four. It was going to be a wild ride for sure. He had used them sparingly because they were highly effective. Their effect more than doubled your sex drive. He hoped his own performance would be sufficient. He knew one thing; it was going to be fun finding out.

Rose hit play and the wall came alive as a very hot scene began playing. Wendy began kissing his face, lips, neck and shoulders. Rose was licking his nipples and scraping his chest with her lovely nails.

Debbie was exactly where she wanted to be. Her lips wrapped around his great cock. She filled her mouth with his hardness while caressing his balls. Debbie was in cock heaven.

The scent was having a wild effect and he found it hard to concentrate on any one woman’s attention. He felt as if he was floating in a sea of sensational softness. Each of his women had their own sweet style of lovemaking and that was so good to him. Each body was different in size and shape. Their hair lengths varied bringing a much different feeling as their faces traveled the length of his body. The touch of their hands felt different on his skin.

The one thing that amazed him is how similar they were while sucking his cock. Their level of expertise was truly a thing of beauty. Debbie’s years of abuse from Paul had suppressed her desire for physical contact with him. Unleashed now, she had years of gratification to make up for. She was making the most of it. She wanted closeness, warmth and love. Whether it came from his cock or the lips of her women lovers, she craved it.

Debbie was attacking him fiercely. His cock was bottoming out at the back of her mouth repeatedly. Her tongue was licking, tasting, twirling and slurping loudly. This was a fantastic, wet, sloppy blowjob.

The candles were definitely having the expected effect.

Wendy jumped on his face and lowered her gorgeous pussy onto his lips and she began to ride. She rode his lips. She rode his tongue and she rode him hard.

“Eat my pussy dammit, eat me,” she screamed. “Oh Fuck this feels so good. Eat me baby suck my pussy. Make me cum hard. Oh, that’s it right there, lick it darling. My pussy needs your fucking tongue. Lick my asshole. Yes, Rose come up here and bite my tits. Fuck this is so good!”

Rose straddled my forehead, her wet pussy leaving a nice wet streak as she held Wendy and began kissing while he tongued her deeply. Rose and Wendy were tit-to-tit and pussy-to-pussy on my face. They were touching, tugging nipples and riding his face hard. Debbie was sucking him furiously. Rose put her arm around Wendy and slipped a finger in her ass. Wendy rode back on her finger and began to ride his face harder and faster. She shrieked and began to cum. The finger opened a floodgate that drenched his mouth completely. She threw her head back and rocked hard on the tongue, which was planted, firmly in her vagina.

“Cum on that tongue you delicious bitch. Ride him and keep cumming my love. Flood his face. You like my finger in your ass don’t you baby. Soon his cock is going to be in your ass. You want that too don’t you? We all want his cock in our asses. Keep cumming, you delicious bitch. Oh yes, scream some more. You won’t bother anyone upstairs. Do it baby, cum again and again.”

She gushed, she flowed and with each strong orgasm, her pussy just kept cumming. He licked as best he could. Nevertheless, with Rose’s dripping twat on his forehead, he couldn’t move very well. He didn’t care. No matter who moved, all he saw was delicious, hot twats.

Debbie was on fire. She jumped on his cock and started slamming her pussy down on him. She was being brutal and she began to cum almost before she bottomed out the first time.

“Fuck, I am so horny, fuck me you gorgeous hunk of man. Slam your cock up my cunt and make me cum. I want to cum more. Feel my hot pussy baby. I am so wet my love. Fuck me. Ram that hot cock harder and deeper into me. Make me cum again. Oh, fuck me!” Debbie screamed.

She jumped up and down on his cock and then threw herself down and began to grind herself on him. She was cumming like an exploding fountain. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she ground herself senseless. She couldn’t figure out what had come over her and she didn’t care. She wanted cock and that is what she had. One more wild orgasm took her into orbit and she almost broke his dick off. She fell forward and her lips landed just inched from Wendy’s gorgeous ass. She pulled Rose’s finger out and began to lick Wendy’s ass.

Wendy went ballistic. Wendy became a blur on his face. She was cumming before Debbie started rimming her tight ass. Wendy was unstoppable. Rose had been kissing her tits and had her finger on her clit when Debbie’s tongue licked her asshole. Wendy came so hard she could barely breathe. Rose had to hold her upright to steady her as she began to calm down.

Debbie was lying on him and with every twitch of his still hard cock inside her; she’d flinch while trying to catch her breath. Rose helped Wendy off his tongue and laid her on the bed beside him. She was dripping wet. Sweat was dripping from the tip of her nose. Debbie still twitched as his lovely cock softened inside her. Rose pushed Debbie off his cock and onto the bed beside him.

Rose wondered why she was so damned horny. Over the last week, she’d had more sex than in many years combined and yet, right now, she felt she could take on the US Army and not be satisfied. Her pussy tingled with every breath she took. She leaned over him and kissed his face. His handsome face tasted exquisite with the combined flavors of both Wendy and herself. She needed to cum immediately. She lowered her pussy on his face and took his soft cock back into her mouth.

His eyes opened to see Rose’s perfect pussy as it descended onto his greedy lips. At the same time, he felt her talented lips take him into her soft mouth. This woman was vociferous in her need for satisfaction.

“Honey, I am going to get this fucking hot cock hard again. I need to shove it down my throat. You’ll let me do that won’t you baby. I need it. Oh, darling please lick my wet cunt. Oh fuck, I need it. Suck me lick my clit. Oh, that feels good. Your cock is getting hard for me. I love looking at your hot dick. I love it. Your tongue feels so good, that’s it, lick it, and lick my clit. Oh, yes!”

Her mouth inhaled him fully and she began to suck his cock wantonly. His tongue drove her wild. Debbie began to run her hands along Rose’s back and that excited her more. Rose began to cum and she locked her thighs hard against his face. Her body shivered as the flood gates were opening. She screamed on his cock as he relentlessly coaxed her clit into rapid-fire earth shattering climaxes that astounded her.

Rose knew not why her lust for this man was so great and she didn’t give a shit either. He was here, right now, in this place and his cock was in her throat. That was all that mattered to her. She loved the length, the breadth and the taste of his silky piece of steel. Every erotic thought she ever had came flooding into mind. Her well-hidden kink was showing itself and she loved the freedom it gave her. Rose focused her thoughts on her lips and the slutty way they stretched over his hard prick. She wished that she could stand beside herself and watch as his cock slid into her mouth. She was now officially a cocksucker and that had been her goal for so many years. Her fantasy has always been to suck as many cocks as humanly possible in a single day. He is a man who loves wild group sex parties and perhaps one day, she would get to live out her wildest desires. That thought set her off and her massive orgasms built further as she drenched this lovely man again.

She pulled her lovely Asian frame from his lips and slid down to impale her tight pussy on his extended manhood. He sliced into her and watched her spectacular ass rise and fall as he filled her pussy so well.

“Wendy baby, lick my clit while he fucks me. I want to feel your hot lips on my clit baby. Lick my hot twat while I fuck this huge cock. Fuck, he feels so good inside me. Fuck me my darling, fuck me and fill my pussy with that hard cock. Oh, yes!”

Wendy knelt on the bed between his legs. Her pussy flowed watching his hard shaft stretch Rose’s tight cunt. Wendy lowered her head and cupped his balls as he stroked into Rose repeatedly. Her tight opening welcomed him while her clit rode atop his shaft. Wendy put her mouth over that sweet nub and she began gently licking his cock and her clit. Rose’s insane desires erupted. The feel of his cock together with Wendy’s tongue set her off. Her hips jumped up and down so fast and furiously. Every bounce resulted in her cervix screaming and her twat gushing harder. Rose bounced so high that his cock flew from her and landed squarely into Wendy’s mouth. She licked it, sucked it and put it back into Rose’s aching pussy.

Rose looked down and watched as Wendy sucked him and put him back into her. That set her off again and she came so hard she almost passed out. Wendy backed off and Rose fell back onto his chest. Her hair flared over his face and the sweet smell of her made him smile.

He heard the blender and attempted so sit up. He looked at the bed and started laughing. “Rose, you wasted your time earlier. This bed is a wet as it was before you put everything in the dryer.”

She couldn’t answer him. Her eyes were crossed and her body was not responding to any cognitive functions at all. She was completely fucked up now.

Debbie came in with refills of Rum Runners. Without exception, brain freezes arrived as everyone drank like camels in a desert. The overdose of the pheromones and the utter horny causing beverage promised this would be a great day. It wasn’t even noon yet.

He laughed wickedly.

“Why am I so fucking horny this morning? I can’t get enough of everything?” Wendy asked.

“Blame Rose, it is all her fault,” he said.

“My fault, why is it my fault? Okay, sure, I got your cock first again but they have all seen me suck you many times. I’m just as horny as Wendy is and from the look on Debbie’s face, I know she is too so why is this all my fault? Mind you, I’m not complaining one bit. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Rose look in the toy box and get out a new candle. Read the label.”

“Oh shit, I saw candles, I thought it would be sexy to have them burning. I love candles. I didn’t know they were pheromone candles. No fucking wonder I can’t get enough. I didn’t know they even existed. I love them,” Rose giggled.

Everyone agreed that the candles were amazingly effective. They watched the action on the big screen and the comments were hysterical. There was one scene with a tiny white brunette and a huge black man whose cock most would describe as a physical deformity.

“There is no way that she can take all that. She is too tiny. She has big tits and a great ass but there is no way she is going to swallow that thing!” Debbie exclaimed.

Rose watched with rapt attention to the delicious way this girl’s mouth wrapped around this huge cock. Her jaw was nearly dislocated and her lips stretched tight as this liquorice log slid slowly between her teeth. “I don’t know about that. I’d like to try that one myself,” Rose said. “Who is this girl anyway?”

Everyone looked at Rose with some shock on their faces.

“It’s always been a fantasy of mine. I can’t explain it. I have always liked watching black men and Asian and white women. It’s sexy.”

“Her name is Cherokee. She is one of my favorite porn stars. She makes me drool,” he said.

They watched in awe as this tiny minx swallowed the entire black pipe.

“I’ve never been with a black man,” Wendy stated. “What about you?” she asked to no one in particular.

None of the women said they had. “What about you hon, have you been with a black woman?” Wendy asked.

“Yes I have; there are two in particular that I see occasionally. You’ll meet them eventually. They are amazingly beautiful and horny as hell. I know they will simply love you as well. Oh yeah, there have been a couple of guys too.”

“How was that?” Rose asked.

“It was filling, very filling. It was good though too. I’m going to bet one of these days, you all will have the opportunity to fuck many black men. When it happens, just don’t forget me. I’ll be the white boy with the little dick that loves all of you. Deal?” he said.

“Deal, I doubt that would ever happen but yes, you have a deal,” Debbie smirked.

“The men I’m talking about like white women a lot. I just had to be sure. From what I hear, they can be very addictive themselves,” he smiled.

“I’m fucking horny again!” Rose shrieked. “We better save our money because I’m going to light these candles everywhere.”

“This is me sulking now. I thought I was the one that turned you all on,” he laughed.

“You do darling, you definitely turn me on more than I can ever tell you,” Rose said.

“I second that,” Wendy said.

“Add me to that mix sweetheart,” Debbie said. “What bothers me is that I’ve known it was happening too for a very long time. I was just too blind to see it.”

“Okay Rose, you got it out. You’re going to be the first to ride it,” he said as he moved to the Sybian. “Let me explain this thing. For starters, there are a number of attachments. The first one is the flat one. You straddle this as if you are riding a horse except you put your feet towards the back. You want to have the front nub touching your clit. If it doesn’t touch, I have a slipper to put on it to make contact. Get on it Rose and let’s see how this fits you.”

Rose got on and saw that it needed no adjustments. He lowered the overhead handhold bar from the top of the bed to give her something to hold. Rose got on facing the end of the bed and he picked up the control unit. He turned it on to 15% and Rose smiled.

“This feels great,” she said as the vibrations started to course through her body. When the control was turned up to 30% she grinned. “Oh this feels so good. I like this a lot.” When it went to 40%, “Oh this is fucking good.” He set it to 50% and she started to shriek. “Ohmigod this is terrific.”

Rose began to cum and she came hard within the first minute. He adjusted it to 60%, she was holding onto the bar, and cumming like crazy. At 70%, her body was shaking desperately enjoying one of the wildest orgasms of her life. For the first time, he kept it at that setting and Rose’s body was cumming constantly. He slowed everything back down to zero and she just sat there stunned.

“Stand up hon; I have to change some things. If you liked that, you’ll love this,” he said. He changed from the flat attachment to the medium 6″ one. “Okay Rose, sit on this.”

Rose sat on the dildo and adjusted herself so that her clit rested on the front nub. He picked up the control unit and turned the other knob.

“Ohmigod, the dildo is turning inside me. That is wild. I love this. Oh damn, this feels so good.”

He adjusted it until it was at a very pleasant speed for her. He walked over to her and put a blindfold on her.

“I am going to bring the speed up slowly increasing it. I want you to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, orgasms. I don’t want you to think of anything else. You will begin to cum keep cumming. I will adjust the speed from time to time. All you need to do my dear, is relax and cum. Do not be alarmed if, from time to time, one or all of us begins to touch and kiss you. To heighten your orgasms, it helps to vocalize so moan, shriek and scream if you want. I am going to talk to you. You just listen to the words I say and react. Think of it as if it is me inside you. Make sure you keep humping your clit on the front nub. Are you ready?” he asked.

“Oh God, this thing feels good inside me and nothing is happening yet. Am I ready? Ohmigod yes I am!” Rose moaned.

He turned the rotation up and brought up the vibration speed. Rose began cumming almost immediately.

“I Love You Rose. Feel my hot cock moving inside you. You feel wonderful on my cock my darling. Squeeze my cock as hard as you can. I want you to let it all out. Cum for me Rose.”

“Oh yes! I’m cumming! So good, oh this is so very good. Yes! Yes! Oh fuck me!”

He adjusted the vibration upward and Rose kept cumming. The orgasms were unlike anything she had ever felt. Her entire body was on fire and deprived of any visual stimulation, she could only focus on the delicious sensations in her pussy and on her clit. She heard his words and they just made it better. Every time the vibrations increased, the intensity of the orgasms grew. She inhaled deeper and came more.

“You’re doing great. Fuck me hard Rose. Give it to me. You’re so beautiful. Hump me and let everything go Rose. Squeeze my hot cock, cum for me darling.”

“Oh fuck yessss! I’m cumming so hard. Cumming so hard! So good, oh, this is so good! Keep cumming! Oh, yes! I must keep cumming.”

He motioned for Debbie and Wendy to stand beside her. Rose felt four hands begin to touch her lithe body lightly. Her breasts, adorned with the hardest nipples she had ever felt, loved their tender touch. Wendy’s hands caressed her back and down onto her ass. When her finger slipped between Rose’s sweet ass cheeks, Rose unhinged completely.

He turned the speed all the way to 100% and the moans became so intense. She was white knuckling the bar that held her upright. Her body was in a constant state of climax. Her feet and toes were flinching.

“You are so beautiful when you are coming. Go ahead and scream baby. Keep fucking me hard. I love you Rose. It feels wonderful when you fuck me like this. Ride my cock, hump me Rose. Cum baby, cum hard for me.”

The shriek that came from her mouth would have brought the police if his neighbors had heard it. Oh wait, they did hear it. They were waiting for their turn too.

“I am going to stop fucking you for a moment Rose. Sit very still and keep your eyes closed. Enjoy the feeling of my cock moving inside of you. Don’t move and keep your eyes closed. You are wonderful, I love you Rose. You are doing great,” he said.

He smiled to himself as he instantly turned the vibrations off completely. The dildo kept rotating and Rose was still cumming hard.

“I want you to fuck me some more and I want you to let everything go this time. Don’t be holding back. Cum as hard as you can,” he whispered after about a half minute.

He looked at Wendy and Debbie indicating the vibration was going to start again. They stood beside her and he turned it all the way up again. Rose screamed loudly and her body shook and shivered as the orgasms kept happening, longer and more intense than ever. The girls held her tight and stroked her body as she was pulsed and twirled so lasciviously. Her pussy was gushing, squirting and clamping so hard on the cock inside her.

Rose signaled enough and they helped her from the machine. She lay on the bed, dazed, incoherent and smiling the brightest, widest smile, anyone had ever seen. She tried to speak. That didn’t work. She attempted to move her hands in a coordinated way and that too was impossible. The only thing that worked was the smile.

Wendy looked at him and asked, “Is that thing for real?” I’ve seen them advertised before but I never saw one in action.”

He took her lovely blonde head in his hands and kissed her so wonderfully. He looked into her eyes and saw the love and the lust within. He kissed her again and walked her to the machine. She mounted it and he checked to see if he had to make any adjustments. He put the slipper on and it was perfect for her. He kissed her again and put the blindfold on.

“You know what to do. Just let everything flow. Concentrate on nothing but your own pleasure.”

For the next half hour, the room was the scene of the most delightful yelps, shrieks and moans. Wendy was such a gorgeous woman who had been deprived of orgasmic pleasure most of her life. Unfortunately, he knew that kind of deprivation was common.

Rose lay on the bed, unable to move. From time to time, giggling was heard above the noise of the machine.

Debbie looked at her and laughed. She had never seen anyone that completely fucked in her entire life. She knew she was next and the thought thrilled her and frightened her at the same time. Debbie hung onto him, her arm wrapped around his shoulder. He loved the feel of her lovely breast on his arm. He handled the control that was sending Wendy into orbit.

“I know it is probably way too soon to say this but I really don’t care. You’ve been one of my closest friends and I’m just going to say this anyway, like it or not. I love you Gary. I really do,” Debbie said as she took his face in her hands and kissed him passionately. “I know no one will ever possess you. I can deal with that. I love these women as well and I want to be part of our collective lives. This isn’t a fling for me. I hope you know that.”

“I know that Debbie, I know it and I love it,” he said as he turned the speed up higher.

Wendy came hard so many times that she lost count. Her lovely legs wobbled as they removed her from the device. She was soaked from head to toe. Her pussy had flooded everything. When they laid her on the bed, she was as incoherent as Rose had been.

Rose was still giggling. A half hour after leaving the machine she still could not focus very well. She knew that she loved this man. Could it be that she felt an emotional attachment to this delicious toy as well? She giggled again.

Debbie looked lovingly at him again, “I’ve cum so much in such a short period of time. Don’t hurt me, just take me to places I’ve never been before.” She kissed him and mounted the machine. A half hour later, the silly putty that was helped to the bed belonged to Debbie, smiling and giggling profusely.

He smiled to himself. He didn’t put the device away. The day was young and he was beginning to know his women. They hadn’t learned a few things about this device yet. He laughed, a slightly wicked laugh, but a laugh, nonetheless.

Rose had recovered and she could not keep her hands off this man. She was hugging his naked body, kissing his chest and generally clinging to him like flypaper. In her mind, she had a wild fantasy life but nothing could compare to the insatiable cravings he caused her to feel simply by walking into a room.

Together they poured drinks and returned to the bedroom. Wendy and Debbie were slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Considering that many women have referred to their experiences with the device as life changing, normalcy may not be the description to use.

“This machine will take a woman who has never experienced an orgasm to being multi-orgasmic and then, poly-orgasmic. It is here for one reason and one reason only, pleasure, your pleasure…and several of my other friends as well,” he told Rose as they returned with the drinks.

He looked at the bed and the worn out women struggling to sit up and laughed. “Gee, what are you going to be like when you see everything this little devil can and will do to you? I think I’ll need to have paramedics on hand.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? What more could it possibly do? I’ve had more orgasms today than I ever had collectively in my lifetime,” gasped Wendy.

“Oh, I’ve been told that this works very well,” he said as he held up an attachment that looked like a ball on a four inch attachment. “This rides on your G-Spot. I hear it is effective, extremely effective. Oh, then there is this.” He held up the dual penetrator. “Any of the dildos fit. Therefore, you can choose the size you want for your pussy and a different size for your ass. Then, this one I like too. The finger,” he smirked as he held up an attachment that looked like a human finger. “This one can get kinky.”

“Kinky, did this man just say kinky? Kinky, I’ll show you kinky. Do you, Wendy take Sybian to be your lawful wedded husband?” She burst out laughing.

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "The Screamer" To avoid any confusion on my readers' part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]


Cherry woke to a warm Hawaiian breeze drifting off the ocean and into her suite. Her body ached. Every muscle, tendon, and sinew in her body screamed in pain. She laughed, even though her face hurt. She was confused. Why was her face sore? Could it be that it hurt from all the grinning she did yesterday?

Cherry knew she had to talk to Mark. Mark could make this right. He is a smart man. He deals with people in television all the time. One of the most successful television shows of recent years has a tag line that everyone knows. When the crowd yells, ‘Move that bus’, everyone knows what show they are watching. There has to be a market for Extreme Makeover, Pussy Edition. She giggled as it was less painful than a full out laugh.

Was yesterday a dream? It had started with Aleka, sweet, dear Aleka, followed by her guys later in the day.

Cherry had always lived on the edge right from her earliest years. It was one disappointment after another. She made it her life’s goal to live each day for her alone and to hell with what other people thought. She knew she was pretty but she also knew she could be better. Every relationship was a disappointment and most of the time, it was her fault. Men wanted the one thing that she refused to give them. She was happy to be alone, living her life as a fully, self sufficient woman. She obtained whatever she wanted by whatever means necessary and that worked for her. Thus, she created her craving for living on the edge.

Yesterday was over the edge. Never a stranger to mind-blowing, delicious sex, she wondered if she had reached a pinnacle yesterday.

She laughed as she reflected back to the days prior to her decision to change her appearance from adorable to goddess. It was something she had wanted but it was expensive and she was not a rich girl. She saved and eventually had it done. She had also decided that she never wanted a family. She wasn’t going to disappoint a child the way she had been. Two surgeries, two problems solved.

But yesterday she had total, massive pussy reconstruction at no cost to her. Would the smile ever leave her face? Dammit, her jaw was sore from smiling. She giggled again.

Rashad, Jamal and Chris came into the living room.

“Hon, the team meeting is in an hour. We have to go. What are you going to do?” Jamal asked.

“I am going to get in the hot tub and just relax and unwind. After that, I have to get ready for the banquet. Since I am Mark’s date, I have to look really good. I don’t want to embarrass him. I’ll see you later.”

“Cherry, you could not embarrass anyone,” Chris said.

“Hmm, I’ve let more people down than I care to think of,” she thought. She kissed each of them goodbye and went in to put on a new bikini. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was happy with what she saw. This was a really hot bikini and she just knew that the designers had her in mind when they crafted it.

She walked down and let herself into Mark’s suite. The only things missing were stockings hanging from the chandelier. Obviously Mark was still having fun. The girls said he was good in bed and it seems that he is not only good but he has stamina too. She was happy for him, she thought.

“Well, would you look at you?” Michelle exclaimed as she walked into the living room. “Damn girl, that bikini makes you look so hot.”

Diane walked in and smiled. “I told her to get it. I modeled this one in the new D’Orgasmic catalog. It was my favorite. It makes Cherry look like brunch.”

“Hold that thought sweetheart, I need to hit the hot tub first. I have some kinks to work out,” Cherry sighed.

“Kinks, did I hear someone say kinks?” Mark quipped as he walked out of his bedroom with Aleka and Lori in tow. He appraised the beauty that was in front of him and truly appreciated what he saw. “I heard what you said Cherry. It has me a little concerned. I am not sure I want the kinkiest woman I know getting rid of any kinks.”

“Smart ass!” Cherry exclaimed. “It’s not fair. You keep saying shit like that and your scrawny white ass is always too far away for me to smack it.” She laughed, painfully.

“My ass is not scrawny, I’ll have you know,” Mark smirked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You keep telling me that but I don’t believe you. Of course, I’m used to men with, shall we say substantial butts,” she smirked.

“Yeah, I guess you are,” he said in a somewhat deflating voice.

“I’m heading to the hot tub. Any of you ladies care to join me?” Cherry smiled.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Aleka smiled. “Mark and Michelle have a meeting or something so I’m free. I need sunshine.”

“Me too,” Diane agreed.

“You three run along. Mark and I would like to talk to Lori for a few minutes if that is okay with her,” Michelle said.

“Sure Michelle,” Lori said.

Cherry and the girls headed for the hot tub knowing they would be alone in it.

“Lori, we are aware of your situation with Trainer. We think that you would be a good fit in Mark’s firm. Would you consider a move to Las Vegas to join our firm?” Michelle asked.

“The only thing I know about the sports world is that I like dating athletes and I’ve only dated a few. I don’t see how much value I could bring to the firm,” Lori answered honestly.

“I don’t want you involved in sports representation Lori. For the last three years, Michelle and my best friend have been on my back every single day to get into model and movie representation. I’ve had my research department along with the number crunchers look into it. I knew it was a lucrative side of the business but one thing held me back,” Mark explained.

“What was that Mark?” Lori inquired.

“We know the sports business better than any other firm in the world. We know that. I employ the sharpest legal minds available but we know little about the intricacies of the fashion world. My best friend, someone you know quite well, mind you, says it isn’t that much different. If that is the case, I already have the support teams in place to do that. What has held me back has been my inability to find the right person to head this division up and make it a success. Until now that is,” Mark smiled.

“Until now?” Lorry puzzled.

“I would like you to head this division and make it a success. Michelle and I have prepared a package for you to look at. If it is acceptable to you, we would like you to start right away. Insofar as Trainer is concerned, you would have the full force and weight of my firm at your disposal. I’ll tell you this Lori, he and I are not friendly at all. He will settle with you for a lot more once he knows who your personal lawyer is on this.”

“I already have my own representation Mark. We’ve been working on this for a few weeks. Who did you have in mind to represent me?”

“I was planning to represent you Lori, not my staff, me.”

“Anyway, please take your time and review the package Lori. I don’t need an answer today. Look at it and if there is anything you want to talk about, let us know,” Michelle said as she handed her a package of legal documents.

“It would be a big move for me Mark. I have a lovely midtown apartment in New York and I’d have to find a place to live in Las Vegas. I also have an unusual contract with Trainer. It was presented to me as soon as I caught the mistake, I signed immediately. He has hated me ever since. I’ll have to get you a copy of the contract so that you can see it. That one mistake could be very valuable if I decide to do this,” Lori explained.

Michelle dug through her pile of papers and handed something to Lori. “Is this the contract you are referring to hon?”

A sly smile crossed Lori’s pretty face. “How the hell…?”

“I pride myself on having the best research department in the business Lori. Additionally, I have a rather luxurious place for you to live in Las Vegas. It is mentioned in the package but it is two floors below mine and it is quite nice. I’m sure you’ll have questions and of course, feel free to contact your lawyers as well.

I would like to have you on board with me on this,” Mark said.

The morning Hawaiian sun was wonderful. This place has always been described as paradise and Cherry was learning that was true. “You are so lucky Aleka, growing up in a place as beautiful as this. This place is exquisite,” Cherry said.

“I had a chat with Mark yesterday and starting Tuesday we are all going on an adventure. There is much to see and you’ve hardly seen any of it. I have made a few arrangements and Mark and I have to finalize some things on Monday. We are going to see some of the best that Hawaii has to offer. I know you’ll really enjoy it,” Aleka said as she leaned over and ran her hand along Cherry’s submerged leg. She was surprised to find Diane’s hand already there. “Why you greedy woman! I hope you’ll share.”

Cherry laid back and let the warm water soothe the aches from her body. It was working well and she was starting to feel human again. She loved the hands on her body and the sensuous women who knew how and where to touch her. Tender, loving hands stroked her body. Aleka had to be careful to keep her hands underwater as her celebrity would be in peril if she was seen to do anything untoward. Diane, on the other hand could be a little more overt. She sat close and felt her nearly naked body against Cherry. She began to touch her barely covered breasts. She felt Cherry stiffen under the thin fabric and she teased her deliciously. Cherry put her head back on the headrest as Aleka ran her slender fingers through the pussy she tore up yesterday. She was tender and loving today. Cherry was, as one would expect, slipping both hands into the soft folds of both women. She smiled as the warm Hawaiian sun tanned her lovely face.

“I wonder what is going on with Lori and Mark,” Diane said. “I hope everything is alright. Michelle had that business look about her. I can’t read Mark at all.”

“He did look a bit distracted after Cherry and the guys left last night. I don’t know either,” said Aleka.

“What can’t you read Diane? Mark is an open book. I can tell whatever mood he is in all the time. Right now, he is enjoying his time with the three of you immensely. Mark needed this vacation. He works hard and he seldom sleeps. Fuck, I keep him up half the night, every night myself.”

Aleka sighed, “Cherry, the three of us seriously don’t believe you know Mark as well as you said you do. We also think, and please don’t take this the wrong way, that you’ve either been lying to him or to yourself.”

Cherry sat up and looked at Aleka seriously. “Why do you say that? Mark and I are very good friends. He knows me better than anyone. I won’t let anyone closer to me than he already is. We have shared so much together.”

“Yes you two have shared a lot. We get that. I may be way off base. I don’t want to say something to piss you off either. I get the feeling that what you haven’t shared is what is bothering him. It is one thing to be almost a continent away and talk about sexual conquests and quite another to be a few feet away knowing that they are taking place. You say you love him. He says he loves you too. When will either of you two idiots going to realize that you are in love with each other?”

Cherry sighed, “Aleka, Diane, I love you both. I appreciate what you are saying but I am not in love with Mark. If the truth be told, I am incapable of being in love. I’m in this life for me and me alone. I don’t ever want to be in love with anyone and certainly not Mark. There is no way in hell that Mark is in love with me either. He’s my friend. He’s my best friend. He is not my lover by choice. It is his choice, not mine. He had chances, several times, and he ignored it. I don’t know why he did but he did. I accept that. What we have is special. I won’t make a move because I don’t want to lose him as a friend.”

“Girl, you have to be the dumbest white girl in history. Ain’t no sista on earth gonna say no to that fine, did I say fine, girlfriend, piece of honky fucking machine,” Diane roared in her finest ghetto dialect.

Cherry and Aleka lost it. Cherry slid off the bench and disappeared under the bubbling water. Suddenly Diane jumped. “The bitch bit my tit!” she cried.

Aleka was laughing so hard when she jumped too. She smacked at the water but Cherry had moved away. She surfaced and giggled as the two women tried to hit her.

“Well, now that I’m completely wet, and you two have analyzed my lack of a love life, let’s go back up and see if we can put some spice in my sex life,” Cherry quipped as she grabbed for her towel. Diane and Aleka left the hot tub and Cherry playfully smacked their asses with her wet towel. They chased her to the elevators, tits just a jiggling.

They were laughing so hard when they stepped off the elevator and went into the guys’ suite. Diane surprisingly was the first out of her skimpy suit and then Aleka. Aleka walked up behind Cherry and undid her top releasing her fabulous breasts. She began to kiss her shoulders delicately. The perfume from the flower Aleka wore was very subtle and sweet. Her lips tickled the back of Cherry’s neck and her gorgeous nipples popped instantly. The two small, highly sensitive, perfectly formed knobs sat atop the finest breasts ever constructed. Aleka wrapped her arms around Cherry’s tiny frame, her hands cupping her orbs sweetly. She continued to kiss her neck and onto her ear. Cherry moaned, thrilled by her Hawaiian lovers attention.

Diane sank to her knees and slipped the bottom of Cherry’s bikini off her lovely legs. Diane walked Cherry to the sofa and pushed her down. “I have become addicted to you pussy. I just want more and more of it every day.” She caressed Cherry’s legs, her long black fingers a perfect contrast to the porcelain legs she was so tenderly parting. Her lips kissed her toes and up her slim, athletic legs. Her lovely pink tongue parted Cherry expertly and the pleasure was beyond compare. Diane had most of the sexiest women on earth on speed dial but for some reason, her desire for Cherry was overwhelming. Cherry was a free spirit, a stripper with an attitude and a sex drive that knew only one boundary. Diane parted this delicious morsel’s soft petals and the scent of her desire drove her insane with lust. If Michelangelo had tried, he would not have crafted a more perfect pussy. It was a thing of beauty and a sweetness you couldn’t describe. Diane’s tongue parted every fold, tasted every crease and reveled in the dew she was creating.

Aleka continued kissing Cherry and playing with her beautiful, lithe body. Her honey colored flesh is darker than Cherry’s yet lighter than Diane’s exquisite black skin. It was an enchanting contrast, not so much of hue but of cultures. They were an enchanting stereotypical contradiction to be sure. They shared a rapacious need for sexual contentment. Aleka threw Cherry’s head back and began raining kisses along the front of her neck. Cherry moaned loudly. Aleka climbed onto Cherry’s lips and settled her lovely pussy onto her ruby red lips. Cherry extended her tongue and slid it along the scrumptious pink slit that Aleka had served up. From her position, Cherry was gazing into a moist slice of tropical heaven filled with deep, lush valleys and cotton candy hills. At one end of this picturesque valley, a smoldering, active volcano quivered as Cherry journeyed through the valley. She was sure it would erupt soon.

Diane’s talents fueled the fire in Cherry which spurred Aleka to flow furiously. Simultaneous earthquakes of mad passion ensued. This precipitated Cherry’s ignition of the Aleka volcano cascading molten lava onto her ravenous lips. Aleka screamed at the top of her lungs as her love flowed onto Cherry’s waiting tongue. Diane’s hunger brought Cherry a crescendo of orgasms and they kept building for her. The harder Cherry came, the wilder Aleka’s own massive climax flowed. Cherry’s muffled screams tingled Aleka to a higher octave; she flailed uncontrollably.

Diane’s long fingers slipped into Cherry easily. She pushed deeper and Cherry gasped. Her hand slipped inside and Diane began to run her arm into her. It was Cherry’s turn to flail and she grabbed Aleka’s cinnamon hips hard. She drove her tongue deep into her tight, sweet twat. Diane stroked her pussy deliberately and deeply. She had never done this before but after yesterday, she had the strongest desire to give Cherry the most delicious, mind bending orgasm possible. Her lovely lips and tongue teased, tugged and pulled on Cherry’s extremely distended clit. Her mouth, coupled with the fantastic feeling inside her tightly stretched pussy sent Cherry off like the Fourth of July.

Cherry had Aleka impaled on her tongue and was pulling her further onto it. Aleka clamped her walls onto that sweet tongue and came over and over again. With every driving thrust from Diane, Cherry fucked Aleka harder before lifting her to impale her tight ass. Total sexual frenzy hit a zenith as three horny women screamed in separate and mutual climaxes.

“That is the first time I’ve cum like that,” Diane panted. “I can’t remember a time I’ve cum from what I was doing and not from what someone was doing to me.”

“Well, you delicious horny bitch,” Cherry choked for air, “What you did was fanfuckingtastic. Ohmigod! I’ll tell you how good you were, if I can ever catch my breath.”

Aleka looked like she wanted to say something but gave up and fell onto the sofa smiling.

Three completely naked nymphs lay in various stages of disarray in the living room when the guys walked through the door.

“Damn looks like we are not needed around here. At least the girls are keeping our baby happy,” Rashad laughed. “All three of you look like you’ve had fun.”

The door opened and Michelle walked in. She saw the gals and laughed. “Cherry, Mark would like to see you for a few minutes.”

“Sure, let me throw something on.”

“Girl, go the way you are. He’s seen you naked many times. It’s not going to upset him one bit,” Michelle smiled.

Cherry slipped on her heels and walked naked down the hall. She walked into the suite and was surprised to see Lori, fully dressed talking to Mark. They both turned to see Cherry and they both laughed. Lori went to shake Mark’s hand but he pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly. Lori kissed Cherry and left the suite. He walked to the bar and poured a couple of Snakebites. He handed her one, put his arm around her waist and walked her out onto the balcony.

“Are you having a good time dear?” he smiled at her as he sipped his drink.

“Mark, I am having the time of my life. This place is gorgeous. I could live here. The company isn’t shabby either. The guys are the guys. Who am I to complain? The women are now good friends and delicious as well. Everything is perfect. Thanks again for bringing me. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m still pissed as all hell with you but I’ll let it slide…for now!”

“Yeah, I am never going to hear the end of this, am I?”

“No you fuck, you will be hearing me bitch at you about this on your hundredth birthday.

Mark laughed and took her empty glass. They walked back to the bar. “Well, you look like you’ve been cumming all day. I guess you do know. Those ladies are delicious, aren’t they?”

“Well, I don’t hear your scrawny ass complaining. Lori sure as hell seems to love your cock. I guess turnabout is fair play huh? You’ve listened to me clamor about big, black cock so much and then I walk in and see one of the most delicious, sexy black women on this fucking earth with your puny cock all the way down her throat. So yeah, you’ve got nothing to complain about.”

“Wait one minute you, I have scrawny ass and now a puny cock too? I’m not black but I’m not that bad,” he laughed as he handed her the drink.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she giggled.

Cherry walked into his chest, put her arms around him and kissed him. That kiss lingered longer than they had ever kissed before. Mark broke the kiss and walked her to the sofa.

“I wanted to talk to you about Lori. I know you’re pissed at me about not telling you about, well, everything,” he stammered. “You know that my firm represents athletes from all over the world. As you can tell, it’s a successful business. For the last couple of years now, my best friend Gary has been on my back to start representing models and actors. He has been fed up dealing with the firm Lori worked with. She has left that firm under some very nasty circumstances. This afternoon, Lori agreed to join my firm and head up a brand new division representing models and actors. It is a big job but she is one hell of a lawyer. At the banquet tonight, you and Lori will be my dates. Michelle will be with Chris. I told you last night that the press will be covering this. The players date models from all over. There are many top models in town for the banquet and the game. I am going to make an announcement tonight. You’re going be on one arm and Lori on the other. I wanted to give you a heads up because you’re going to be in a lot of magazines next week. If you’d rather not, I can have Michelle with me.”

“I can’t believe you’d pull this on me, you son of a fucking bitch!” Cherry glared at him. “Scrawny ass, puny dick and motherfucking stupid. Fuck, Mark you are stupid. You tell everyone you know me but you don’t. If you think you know me so fucking well, tell me right this fucking minute what is it I strive for when I go out”

Mark started laughing, “If I answer this correctly, what do I get?”

“You get to live motherfucker.”

“Okay, okay. You don’t want people to look. You want them to stare.”

“Fucking right, I do. What the fuck were you thinking? I would simply love to wind up in a magazine! The man is motherfucking STUPID!” she laughed and swatted his leg. Her hand landed on his thigh and she left it there.

She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. She heard his heart beating. Marks arm was around her shoulder and his hand was dangerously close to her exposed breast. “This is going to be a great thing for Lori. Will she have to move to Las Vegas?”

“Yes, Michelle has already made the arrangements to have her belongings back in Vegas by the time we get back. Her apartment will be on the market Monday and it should sell very fast. There are so many things that have to start right away to take advantage of this announcement. We’ll get it done.”

“Where are you moving her stuff to? Is she moving in with you?”

“No, I have several apartments in my building. She will be on the same floor as our pilots, two floors below me.”

“I don’t know if I like that,” she said as she stroked his thigh. “She likes your cock way too much.”

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we’ll never know for sure, Mark squeezed her fabulous breast, “Why, are you jealous?”

Her hand had moved up his thigh and he still cupped her breast in his hand, “STUPID MAN, why would I be jealous of you and Lori. Fuck me Mark, you’ve told me so many times that you like tall, thin, sexy, black women with nice tits. She sure fits that bill. She’s fucking hot as hell and she loves cock almost as much as she loves white pussy.” Cherry turned he face up and hoped her eyes wouldn’t betray her true feelings. She kissed Mark tenderly. Neither of their hands moved. She laid her head on his chest again.

“Gee Mark; I know that Aleka and Diane would love to be represented by you. I know that. Lori should sign them up right away.”

“Lori can’t approach them at all. It’s a legal thing in her old contract. If they approach her, once their contracts are up, she can represent them with no problem at all.”

“Good to know. If I was a model, I’d want you representing me. Strippers don’t have them. My body is my representative. Is Michelle going to tell Diane and Aleka?”

“She is doing that as we speak. They know the business and hell, until the blowup, Lori represented both of them. They will know not to talk to her about any of this.

So what are you wearing tonight? If I was a betting man, I’d bet you’ll blow everyone away but hey, I’m prejudiced.”

“I bought it earlier today. I hope you don’t mind but Michelle insisted I get it. You’ll see it. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you. After all, there are going to be so many models and now I’m worried. I hope I look good for you.”

He grabbed her tit very hard, turned her face to him again. “You could be dressed in a burlap bag and you’d still be the most beautiful woman in the room. I’m serious. You keep this crap up and I am going to spank you. Do you hear what I’m saying?” His hand still held her breast tightly. Her hand was only inches from his crotch.

Their eyes were locked on one another, “I hear you Mark. I think I am finally hearing you. Damn, I have to start getting ready for the banquet. I want you to be proud of me tonight.”

Mark kissed her gently and helped her to her feet. Her naked body folded into his arms. He kissed her softly again, running his fingers through her jet black hair.

Cherry smiled as she walked down to her suite. She had never really spent any real time with Mark. Their time was spent online, pouring their heart out to each other, loving each other not for what they are but who they are. Now, looking beyond his material wealth to the man himself, made her smile deeply. “The fucker squeezed my tit, he’ll pay for that. Don’t know when, don’t know where but I’ll get him,” she giggled as she opened the door to the suite.

Her giggle turned to full out laughter when she saw three men, three women, three cocks and three cocksuckers. Aleka had Jamal on the sofa, inhaling him fully. Diane had Rashad on the floor sucking him wildly. Michelle had pushed Chris against the wall and knelt in front of his monster cock. Her skirt was bunched up to her waist with her lovely tits bouncing from her open blouse. Cherry became the school marm, walking to each couple, inspecting their work. Aleka got an A as did Diane. She moved toward Michelle and Chris. Chris had the funniest grin on his face. Cherry giggled again. Michelle, her darling sweet Michelle’s jaw was almost broken in two. She looked up at Cherry and waved. Her eyes were laughing as her lips were smashed against his pubic bone. Michelle had Chris fully in her throat.

“You fucking cockslut, you little whore! I was supposed to be the only one who could do that…Bitch! Suck those cocks’ girls. Suck them well but just leave a little treat for the teacher,” Cherry smirked.

She heard a laugh behind her. It was Lori. Cherry held out her arm and Lori fell into her. Cherry took her into her arms. She kissed her and held her head in her hands. “I am so happy for you. I really am. I don’t know shit about this stuff but I know Mark. I know you are going to blow them away.”

“Thank you Cherry. Coming from you, that means a lot.”

“Coming from me? Darlin the people you work with are high paid models and I take my clothes off at the Peeler Palace. You are a delicious human being. I am just so happy to know you.”

The sounds of three men beginning to unleash a flood of cum caught their attention. Diane was sucking Rashad hard and he was fucking her throat and face deeply. He came at the same time Jamal exploded on Aleka’s face, mouth and tits. Chris held Michelle’s head and dumped a gallon of cum down her throat. Michelle drank him down while fingering her clit at the same time. Chris kept cumming and so did she.

Cherry went from one to the other and licked cum from their face, eyes and tits. She savored it all in her mouth, rolling her tongue around in the sluttiest way possible. “Three men, three loads, am I the luckiest cunt on the planet or what?” she shouted. Everyone cracked up.

Cherry showered and laid out her new clothes for the banquet. She held the dress up and admired it. She hoped Mark would like it since he paid for it. She would never have bought it herself. It was the most expensive dress she had ever owned. Michelle had insisted that she buy it. She had coerced Cherry into trying it on. It was spectacular. Cherry laughed as she thought back to the striking reflection in the mirror outside of the fitting room. What happened to the playful tart that drove men wild? Her new stilettos and matching clutch were the perfect accessories. They matched her sapphire ear rings perfectly.

She finished her makeup and hair and looked in the mirror. Not her usual look at all but she was happy with it. She wondered if anyone would stare at her new look.

“Cherry would you like Snakebite before we leave?” Rashad yelled from the bar.

She opened the door and walked from the bedroom. “Yes dear, I’d love one.”

Three, dark, ultra handsome men stood with their mouths agape. Their looks ranged from astonished to disbelief.

“Rashad, Chris, have either of you ever seen a more beautiful woman in your life? Jamal grinned. “Lady, what did you do with our Cherry? You look, um, um.”

“Phenomenal!” Chris finished his sentence.

Rashad’s hand was shaking as he handed her the glass. “It’s official, you are not just the nicest, sexiest and most fun girl we know, you are now, definitely, the most lovely woman on this earth.” He leaned over and kissed her softly on the cheek so as to not ruin her makeup.

“Yeah, she gets all dolled up on the one night we can’t have sex. Go figure.” Chris sulked.

“Hey, she’s not our date tonight. She’s Marks.” Jamal said.

“Well at least Mark will get lucky then.” Rashad smirked.

“You guys know that isn’t going to happen so cut that shit out,” Cherry pleaded.

They finished their drinks when Chris walked up to her and offered his arm, “Hardhead number one allow us to escort you to hardhead number two.”

Rashad opened the door for them, turned to Jamal and said, “Would someone explain to me how our two best friends can be so fucking pigheaded?”

“I can hear you, you know.”

“No you can’t. You just won’t listen. Neither of you will. Oh well, it’s like we told Mark, more for us.” Jamal laughed.

The visions of gorgeous that greeted them as they walked through that door were positively stunning. Four spectacular women turned as they arrived. Cherry had been worried that her friends would outshine her tonight and she had good reason to worry. They were fabulous women, sexy and gorgeous, each in their own right. She never saw herself in their league. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The women all complimented Cherry on her attire.

Mark came out of the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He saw Aleka, Diane, Michelle and Lori and thought how lovely they looked. They moved away and Mark saw Cherry who had been standing behind them. His jaw dropped and his heart raced. He smiled the most charming of smiles. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Banner. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss…I didn’t catch your name.”

Cherry smiled her sweetest smile ever, “It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Banner. My name is Cherry Anderson. Nice place you have here.”

“Mark, please call me Mark. I used to know a lady named Cherry. I wonder what happened to her. She was sweet, gorgeous and steamy hot. You resemble her but you are…what is the word? Oh I know, you are, phenomenal.”

The guys burst out laughing. “We said that very thing ten minutes ago Mark. We said that exact word to be precise.”

Chris poured drinks and Cherry walked out onto the balcony. Mark walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. “Every day, in every way, you never cease to amaze and please me. I’ve never seen you look this lovely.” She wore her dark hair cascading over one shoulder and he kissed her exposed neck. “I’m glad you like the earrings. They look wonderful with this dress.”

“I’m wearing all of it Mark. It makes me feel…special.”

He hugged her as they watched the ocean, “You are special Cherry. More special than you’ll ever know.”

Mark, Lori and Cherry stepped from the limo and the cameras clicked furiously. Mark walked to the pool microphones flanked with Lori on one arm and Cherry the other. Cameras blinded the trio as Mark made his announcement. The next few minutes were taken up with a myriad of questions which Mark and Lori fielded professionally. Photographers followed them down the red carpet. Cherry had never been photographed like this before.

Cherry was not a football fan. She had three men in her life who she loved and they happened to play. Other than that, she was clueless about the game. Mark was talking to reporters and shaking hands with players. Cherry met so many players, strong, handsome men and before she reached the end of the carpet, she made a commitment to learn the game. So many big, beautiful, black athletes and Mark knew them all. She looked at Lori and saw the same interest in her eyes as well. The two women realized what each was thinking and burst out laughing.

“Oh God…would I? Cherry whispered.

“Right here, right now. You would. May I join you?” Lori giggled.

“Oh for fucks sake you two. Is that all you two ever think of? Mark laughed.

A photographer stepped in and took a photograph of Cherry alone. “No Mark, I was thinking about finding the designer of this dress and thanking him.”

“Oh God, Gary’s gonna get laid too,” Mark sighed.

“Okay, stop right there,” she said as Michelle came up to join them. “I’ve heard his name over and over again. You said he is your best friend and the guys said they met him at a party. What the hell does he have to do with this dress?

“It is a D’Orgasmic original. Gary owns the company. If you want to thank the designer, you have to thank him. You’ll meet him one day. You’ll really like him,” Michelle smiled.

“She won’t like him, she’ll love him,” Mark laughed. “Women always do. You can attest to that Michelle.”

Cherry laughed, “If that is the case, you can add Diane to that list too. Now I do have to do him, err, I meant meet him.”

Mark looked at Michelle and they both started to laugh, “Diane does Gary huh? We were right Michelle. It figures. I could never see him passing up his top model, especially one as gorgeous as Diane.”

“Why do you have to do him Cherry? Come on, what do you think you know that we should know,” Michelle asked with a lewd twinkle in her eyes.

“Diane told me that Gary and Mark could be brothers. They are so similar that it is scary. She even said they fuck exactly the same way,” Cherry smirked.

“Fuck that, I’m far better than he is. Michelle get me that lazy fuck on the phone. If he wants a fuck off we’ll arrange one. It will be fun,” Mark laughed.

“I am not calling him from the red carpet of the Pro Bowl Banquet to arrange a fucking contest between you two idiots. Even if it would be the only chance for Cherry to find out what you’re like in bed, I’m just not doing it,” Michelle sternly said from behind laughing eyes.

“Trust me Cherry; I am saying this from the heart. Gary and Mark are identical in bed. They are the two best men I’ve ever fucked,” Lori stated.

“Ohmigod, you too? That son of a bitch!” Mark blurted. Everyone roared.

The dinner was amazing. Cherry met so many gorgeous men and so many celebrities. Many of them came over to the table and congratulated Lori and Mark. Cherry met models and movie stars as well as so many players. She had to pinch herself to realize she was a part of this.

The banquet wound down and they returned to their hotel. The guys kissed all the ladies goodnight and headed to bed. Cherry stayed in Mark’s suite with the girls, sipping Snakebites and laughing about the evening. Lori told Mark that she had over a dozen of her former clients promise to move over as soon as their contracts expired. These were top name models that really wanted the Banner Agency representing them.

Cherry sat quietly next to Mark, listening attentively to this conversation. The only ones in her business who had representatives were the hookers. They were called pimps. Yes, there were a lot of those.

“Wait a minute, add me to that list. I definitely want you back representing me,” Diane said.

“Me too,” said Aleka. “I want Mark and Lori representing and handling my career. I know I am not all that well known outside of the islands but the last two movies were well received. I believe with quality representation from a firm the studio’s respect, I’ll get better parts and my career will flourish. My contract is up at the end of this month.”

Mark smiled broadly and looked at Michelle. As she began to speak, Lori’s cell phone rang. She got up and walked away to take the call.

Michelle continued speaking to Diane and Aleka, “If you do decide to have us represent you, Mark and I have to tell you something. We do not sleep with our clients. We fuck with our friends. I’m sure you can understand that. We have a lot of friends so we do not go without.”

“Her name is Cherry Anderson. Yes, she sure is hot. Sweetheart, she is hotter than anyone you’ve ever seen. You pervert, you lovely fucking pervert, if you must know, it tastes like pure ambrosia,” Lori said into the phone. “I’ll definitely tell her that. No, none at all. She is a dancer. No darling, she is a stripper. You know they say great minds play there, right? I was going to call you about this but you beat me too it. What am I about to do? I am going to tell him and then talk to her. After that, I am going to suck and fuck everyone in the room if you must know, you delicious son of a bitch.”

Lori was smiling broadly as she handed the phone to Mark.

“I knew I’d be hearing from you tonight. Yes, her name is Cherry. She made that dress come alive. What? Are you serious? The headline is ‘Mystery Goddess on Banner’s Arm’. WOW, I’ll be sure to tell her that. No, not at all. Never have and never will Gary. Do you remember me telling you about the woman I met in the coffee shop after David’s funeral? Yes, that is Cherry. Very close, pal. Closer than I’ve ever been with a woman. No, how many times do I have to say that? Okay, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Mark beamed as he turned to Cherry. “Girl, you better move because after what I say, Diane and Aleka may hit you. The New York papers are out already. Every paper and ESPN are all wondering who you are. You, my dear, are all over the news. I think that is so nice.”

Lori walked into her bedroom and walked back and handed two catalogs to Cherry. One was the D’Orgasmic Lingerie catalog and the other their Slutwear catalog. Diane was on the cover of the Lingerie catalog. “Gary has asked that you be featured in the new Slutwear catalog Cherry.”

Cherry looked up at Lori in disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me. He wants me to be in this?” she said as she waved the nicest catalog she had ever seen in the air? “Is this a joke?”

“It’s not a joke. He told me that he watched the announcement and the red carpet walk and he knew what he wanted. He had Diane on the red carpet and then his newest creation was being worn by you. Gary is serious about this,” Mark said.

“I don’t know how to model; I mean, look at Diane. She is so polished, so refined.”

“And I’m every bit the slut you are darling. I would love to work with you. Damn, we will have a blast. Each of these catalogs usually takes about four weeks to shoot in locations all over the world. There are four big catalogs a year. There are also many one or two day shoots for the other stuff they do. There are lots of internet photos to be taken of course. This is huge. Cherry, I worked for many years before I had a shot at this and they want you to start there. You have to do this.”

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