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This is a story about my first bisexual experience, but before I get into the details of what happened, let me explain myself a little bit first:

I am a 26 year old married man that has been married to a beautiful wife for 3 years. Our sex life has been incredible! I have always wondered what it feels like sexually from the woman’s perspective since I first started having sex myself. My wife has slowly been opening up sexually a little at a time. Although we haven’t gone too crazy yet she has opened up to anal sex. That was a bit of a process and I would love to write about that story sometime but that is when my curiosity all began.

My wife enjoys anal sex and anal play a ton! She has had some of her strongest orgasms during anal sex or with some type of anal play of some sort. That whole idea of wondering what sex feels like from the perspective of the female started making me wonder what anal sex would feel like for me? My wife more recently has been really slow at opening up to new things so the idea of having her fuck me with a strapon kind of went out the window. I was starting to go that route but it was just taking too long. I turned to chatting with women online about the idea of a strapon and also with men.

It was hard to find a woman that was really into the idea of a strapon so I ended up chatting with guys more! Through talking with them, a strapon would not feel the same so it was a good idea I was open to the idea of a guy fucking me instead. After a while guys started asking me to get on cam for them and it didn’t take too much asking for me to just go for it. I started getting on cam for guys and stripping down for them. The first time I cam on cam for a guy I knew that I was really turned on by the idea of a guy fucking me. One guy that I was on cam with told me about a cam site where you go on there and your cam is open to anyone that wants to view you. I made an account and started viewing things that I never have seen before. And then I got on cam myself!

I turned my cam on and it took a little bit until I had a viewer that was actually typing to me but eventually he came. An older man in his 50′s! He told me I would be a dream if I were physically there in front of him with our age difference. And that is where it started, me not knowing what this man looked like or who else would be viewing me, and him along with everyone else being able to see all of me. He asked me to stand my 5’10″ frame up and I listened, and listened to every command that he had. As he told me to start stripping the clothes off my 155lb athletically built body more viewers started to come. The more that came, the more aroused I became.

The last piece of clothing to come off was my boxer briefs. As the waist band slid past the tip of my cock it sprang to life. All 7 inches of my cock was pumped full of blood and in full view of the 20 people now viewing. Knowing that my profile said I was married, the man asked me to get some of my wife’s things. I slid her whole drawer of panties, bras, and lingerie out from the dresser and laid it on the floor in view of the cam along with some of her pictures. Showing the viewers some pictures of my wife brought the excitement level even higher. Then the man asked me to start showing off some of her things.

One by one I showed different combinations and then he asked me to stop at one particular one. It was a long see through mesh lingerie top that had a built in bra and went down to the ass with garter snaps at the bottom. The man, knowing my wife had a similar build to me, asked me to put that on for all to see. There was close to 100 people viewing as I slid the top on, slid on the matching panties, pulled on some thigh high nylons, and fastened the garters.

There I was, wearing a set of lingerie my wife had worn in front of me to arousal many times seeing her in it, but now it’s me wearing it arousing some 100 guys. Everyone was making comments as I moved about in different positions in front of the cam. Seeing my ass bent over in my wife’s lingerie heightened the arousal even further. My ass actually looked pretty hot in this outfit. Then the man thought it was time to take it a step further.

The man asked me to find something cock shaped to pretend it was his cock. After searching and thinking I found it! I was going to use the handle of a tool and put the tool in a vice. I brought it back to the room, put the vice on the floor and tightened the tool into the vice with the handle facing upwards. There it was, this man’s ‘cock’ in the middle of my bedroom. There was about 150 people viewing as the man asked me to get on my hands and knees and suck ‘his’ cock. The comments were flying as I tried to take the tool deeper and deeper pretending it was this man’s cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further, the man asked me to go get some lube.

As I spread the lube that I use to fuck my wife’s ass, and would now be using it to fuck mine, the now 200 people watching were commenting like crazy about the outfit, me sucking the tool and now that I was going to put it in my ass. I loosened the vice and tipped the handle so it was pointing away from the cam. The man asked me to take ‘his’ cock deep into my ass. I unsnapped the garters and slide the panties down. I got down on my hands and knees with my open ass facing the cam and positioned the lubed handle at the opening of my ass. As I felt the end of the handle touch my asshole it sent shivers down my spine.

The tip of the handle popped into my virgin asshole. As I let out a moan the men typed their cheers telling me to take it further and further. As I plunged my ass deeper and deeper the moans became louder and more full of pleasure. They were watching this handle fuck my ass like it was them fucking me doggy style. When I was at the height of my pace and taking it deeper than I thought I ever could, the man asked me to stop to reposition.

I loosened the vice and tipped the handle to the air. Now I squatted down on the handle as I faced the cam with my hard cock facing them as well. I squatted down on the handle as the men watched the handle disappear into my ass. I was stroking my cock as I rode up and down on this older man’s ‘cock’. I was moaning louder and louder and then it happened. My cock exploded and I shot my load all over the bedroom floor with over 300 men watching me on cam and with a tool handle deep inside my ass. As my orgasm settled and I slide off the tool, the man asked me to lick up my cum. I squatted down and stuck my tongue out, and licked my cum from our wood floor. The men all thanked me and slowly left as I cleaned up.

As I shutdown my computer and started putting my wife’s clothing away, I knew that this would not be the end of it. I knew that I needed to take it further. Please let me know if you want to hear part 2 and my first time with a man!

Chapter Two: Changes

Please be advised: There are some homosexual references in this story.

Tracy Jenkins woke up Sunday morning as she usually did. A nice stretch and a hug for her husband before getting up and rousing the kids. As she stretched though, the previous night’s activities came back to her in the form of a dull ache from her rectum. She tensed as the memories washed over her. She remembered the kids were at her mother’s house. She could feel the heat of Tom’s body lying next to her and she could tell from his breathing that he was awake. In the cold light of day she wasn’t sure how he would feel about her previous infidelities and her decidedly slutty behaviour the night before. After their house guest, Evan, had revealed that she had picked him up in a bar the previous night, she and Tom had had a terrible fight and she’d left. Evan had called her back and she got the shock of her life after she got there. Evan had stripped her topless and pushed her to give her husband his first ever blowjob. Before the night was over she’d blown Tom and Evan, been fucked by them both, separately and together, and watched her husband take a load of Evan’s cum in his mouth. She half expected to wake and either find Tom’s bags packed, her own bags packed, or the rapture imminent.

Tracy slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to find Evan gazing at her. She jumped back, sitting up startled, her eyes sweeping the room. They landed on the clock and she knew she’d miss church today. Early services were starting in five minutes which is when they usually went. She turned back to Evan and found him grinning up at her, her still topless breasts swaying slightly as se moved. Despite her trepidation she felt her nipples crinkling and pulled the blankets to her neck. “Where’s Tom?” she asked.

“He went to pick up the kids and take them to church.” Evan reached up to run his fingers through her hair. “He said he was going to tell everyone you weren’t feeling well. He was gonna tell your mom to call in about half an hour to check on you. He told me to find something to do, in here specifically,” Evan waved his arm to encompass the bedroom, “until he got home. He’s taking the kids back to your mom’s, after.”

Tracy looked down at him and sighed. She didn’t want to jump to any conclusions on the off chance that Evan was just fucking around.

“Come on. Just lay down and we can talk.” Evan lay back and let his arm fall across her pillow. Tracy cautiously let herself fall onto his arm and he pulled her close.

“How did Tom seem this morning?” Tracy asked timidly.

“He was pretty quiet. He actually woke me up. Said he’d been doing a lot of thinking and he still needed a little more time to think. He did tell me to come up here and keep you company so, here I am. I think he didn’t want you freaking out that he was gone.”

“How do you think he feels? Does he hate me?”

Evan could feel Tracy trembling and he rushed to placate her. “No! No, no, no. He doesn’t hate you. I think he just needs to resolve his past behaviour with what he’s feeling now. Honestly, I don’t think he’s that upset with you. You may need to work on trust since you did lie and cheat on him. But I think he’s got more to think about with what he did, you know, with me. I think that’s been a fantasy of his that he’s kept subdued and I think he’s probably bisexual. Are you okay with that?”

Tracy thought about it for a while, going over how she had felt last night watching Tom blow Evan and then receiving the snowball from Tom. “Yeah, I am. I got so hot last night, watching him. I’m getting wet now, just thinking about it.” She tentatively took Evan’s hand and held it to her pussy so he could feel the moisture already threatening to seep from her still sticky lips.. “I mean, nothing, then… Bang! I’m soaked.” She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Evan’s probing fingers. “Y’know, if Tom really is still willing,” Tracy let her hand move down to Evan’s cock and curled her fingers around it, finding it already hard. “We could have a lot of fun together.” She rolled from laying against Evan’s side to straddling him. She reached below him and positioned his cock, rubbing the head back and forth between her creamy labia, then slid down on him.

“Uunnngg, that feels good.” moaned Tracy. She slowly posted up and down with her hands on Evan’s chest. “It gets me sooo hot to think of Tom sucking a cock. I thought I was going to cum last night just looking at you two. Have you ever sucked a cock, Evan?”

Evan laughed. “Actually I have, several times.” While he spoke her reached up and palmed Tracy’s swinging breasts, teasing the nipples. “When Tom and I were roommates in college I had one friend that stayed over quite a bit. Several times after Tom went to bed my friend, Stan, and I would blow each other in the living room. I secretly hoped Tom would catch us and join in but I doubted he would. He probably would have freaked out.” Evan kept playing with Tracy’s breasts, squeezing their entirety then pinching her nipples as she rode him. “We weren’t gay. I mean we chased skirts but when we got too horny we helped each other out.”

“That’s so hot, Evan. I have a confession to make too.” She leaned forward over his chest and quickly pumped her hips up and down bringing herself to a small orgasm as she did. Her breath caught in her throat then she let out a small squeal as she tensed before she sat upright again. She gathered herself for a minute before she spoke.

Evan could see the blush her orgasm had wrought, spread down her cheeks and neck to her upper chest. He was still amazed that he had been able to bed her that first night but he realized it was more her sluttiness and his availability than any appeal he had had for her. But fucking her with the knowledge and approval of her husband made the experience more incredible.

“Okay.” Tracy whispered and brushed an errant lock of hair behind her ear as she began riding his hardness again. “Senior year, high school. Rachel MacAdoo. She had just transferred in and we did not get along. We actually had a fight in the parking lot once. Nothing serious but the principle sentenced us both to two weeks of detentions where we had to work together in the theatre department, building sets. By the time we were done we were friendly and at the end of the semester we were friends. My other friends were pissed because they didn’t like her and they ended up avoiding me a bit.”

Tracy never interrupted her gyrations as she spoke and she was slowly increasing the tempo again. “I think,” she continued. “that they didn’t like her ’cause she was so smart. And she wasn’t slim and athletic like we were. She was curvy. Not fat but boy her hips really moved when she wore a tight skirt. We began having sleepovers and talking about boys and stuff. One night we were doing each other’s nails and she stroked my cheek and told me I was beautiful. I was, but nothing like her. She was radiant. Breathtaking. And to be told I was beautiful by someone as beautiful as she was. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I think that’s when I developed my crush on her. A few months later I was talking with my other friends and one of them made a comment about Rachel. Something about how she never had any dates, with guys anyways. Now, I liked guys. I’d made out with lots and by that time I’d let a few finger me but I’d never fucked yet. But when Lissa said that I got mad. Told them all off and they just sat and looked at me and smirked. I realized later what they were saying and thinking but I had no clue at the time.”

“Next time I was at Rachel’s, we were in bed, giggling away about something, when I asked her what Lissa meant. Well! She got bright red and didn’t wanna talk anymore. We eventually went to sleep but I woke up shortly and had to pee. I was fighting it so I didn’t get up right away or move. I felt the bed moving and I peeked an eye open and I saw Rachel with the blankets up to her neck. Her knees were spread and up and she was looking at me where I’d kicked the blankets off. She could see my hip and my panties, maybe my tits in my t-shirt. I could tell she was masturbating, I’d done it enough myself although never when someone else was in the room. The problem was she was going slow, taking her time, and now that I was wide awake I really had to pee.”

“God, this gets me so hot. I’ve never told anyone about this but I used to think about it a lot.” Tracy closed her eyes and rapidly gyrated her hips back and forth for a minute before resuming her slower pace.

“So, I had to go. I quickly turned so she wouldn’t have a chance to hide and I put my hand on her knee. I said, ‘Don’t stop. I’ll be right back.’ I jumped up and threw my t-shirt off then ran out to the bathroom. I was fully aware of the view she had of my naked back, my ass barely covered by a pair of skimpy panties. I did my thing and came back to the bedroom. Can you believe it? She was getting dressed. I stood there with my tits pointing at her and she didn’t even look at me. I called her name and made her look at me and when she did I jumped her, literally. I pushed her back on the bed and knelt over her, my smaller naked tits rubbing against her covered ones. ‘I told you not to stop.’ I said and I leaned down and kissed her. I think she was in shock and I know I almost was. I’d never even thought about having sex with a girl before. She just looked up at me with a worried look on her face and I leaned over and kissed her again, softer. It took a minute before she opened her mouth to me but we had a nice long kiss. When we stopped for a second I asked her if this was what the other girls meant. She said yeah, but she didn’t think she was so obvious.”

“Well, long story short, I learned how to eat pussy really good over the next couple of months. I’ve never had a woman since, and we both went off to different colleges. Last time I saw her back home she was with someone, a girl, so we never hooked up. We talked but…” Tracy’s voice trailed off, a distant look in her eyes. She slowed almost to a stop on top of Evan’s dick.

Evan decided to take control. He pulled Tracy down and rolled them over, still positioned between her legs. He raised up on his arms and started thrusting, slow and strong. As he did he looked down into Tracy’s eyes and talked low. “That sounded so exciting. I bet you’d like to see her again, wouldn’t you? You’d like to taste her pussy again. You’d like to taste it on my dick.”

“Oh, Gooddd, yes.” Moaning, Tracy thrusting her hips back to meet Evan’s but he pulled out. He quickly knee walked up the bed and presented his cream covered dick to Tracy’s lips. As her lips spread he shoved his cock deep into her mouth and she cleaned him off

“Would you like to taste Tom’s cum in her pussy?”

“Fuck yes!” Tracy whimpered. Evan quickly pulled out of Tracy and squatted over her chest again. He fed his dick into her mouth and she moaned.

“That’s what she would taste like on my dick. Or Tom’s. Or both of ours.”

“Oh, God!” Tracy sucked voraciously, moaning nonsense and uttering expletives.

Evan moved back down and rammed his cock into her pussy drawing a shriek form her. Her eyes were wild as he fucked her. “So, slut!” he barked. “You can’t get enough of cock or cunt, can you?”

Her voice came out in a wail, “NO! Fuck, no! I’ll take whatever Tom lets me have.” She pulled Evan’s face down to hers. “Thank you, Evan.” Their lips met frantically. “Thank you so much for telling Tom.” Tracy’s voice was becoming plaintive as her crisis neared. “I was bad and I tried not to be but I really couldn’t help it without going crazy. You helped show Tom what it could be like.” Tracy was panting as she was talking and her breaths were becoming even more labored. “I can’t believe he let me fuck you. He fucked me in the ass.” Her voice reached a fever pitch as she screamed, “Oh, Evan! He fucked me in the ass! I can’t believe he sucked your dick!” Her face once again contorted in agony as waves of ecstasy washed over her and her body was wracked by tremors.

Again Tracy’s orgasmic contractions triggered Evan’s and he filled her with his spunk, moaning his own release. He collapsed on top of her and lay there holding her and planting tiny kisses on her face until he was able to move. When his dick had softened enough to slip out of her he slid off to lay beside her, facing her, and let his hand softly cup her breast. Their intention was to recover then get up to start the day but they both ended up falling asleep.

Tom was standing in the church basement. He hadn’t felt very social today, considering his depravities of the night before, so he resisted pontificating on the evils of today’s world even though he usually had a willing audience. A gifted orator, he easily found people who wanted to listen to his lamentations but not today. He waited for Deacon Hildebrand to finish speaking with the Jaspersons before he approached. There was an after Sunday school day care that he’d put his children in. He wanted to talk to Kees Hildebrand because he seemed like the most liberal Deacon in the church. This was one time he didn’t want to listen to anyone’s conservative agenda. He needed real world advice. Finally the Jaspersons left and Kees made his way over to where he’d seen Tom waiting.

“Hi Tom.” Kees held his hand out in a warm greeting. “How are you doing today, brother.”

“Not bad, Kees. I do have some things I need to talk about if you have a few minutes.”

Kees was a little taken aback. He’d known Tom for a few years and he’d never known him to be so abrupt. A widower a decade older than Tom he’d tried dating but had never found himself comfortable with the process so he’d resigned himself to being single. He did still date occasionally but he wasn’t actively looking for a partner.

“Ahh, okay Tom. Umm, we can go into one of the classrooms, we won’t be disturbed.” Kees was unsure where the conversation was going to go. He knew how Tom could get passionate about any wrong doing he found, real or imagined.

They sat cross-corner at the end of a table. Kees waited for Tom to begin but Tom was just looking down at the table top. After several minutes Kees began, softly.

“What can I do for you, Tom. You seem distraught.”

Tom looked up and Kees was surprised to see Tom’s eyes glistening. It took another moment of him apparently searching Kees’ face before he began to speak. “I’ve done something terrible, Kees.”

“We’ve all done terrible things, Tom. Have you asked for the Lord’s forgiveness? Unless you’ve broken a law, it’s up to you and the Lord.”

“I’ve been praying since I woke up this morning and I need to talk to someone, Kees.” Tom’s voice was plaintive. He was talking to the table now, unable to meet Kees’ eyes.

“Okay, Tom. Go ahead. Whatever you say, you know I’ll keep in the strictest confidence.”

“I’ll start at the beginning. When Tracy and I got married I had a particular view of sex in a relationship. I’ll say it now, I was a prude. I didn’t attend to my wife’s needs properly. That, however, is no excuse for what she did to me.”

Kees’ face went white. He thought he had an idea where this was going. Fortunately Tom wasn’t looking at him as he spoke.

“Kees, my wife cheated on me. She had intimate relations with a man she met at a hotel the other night, when I thought she was at her mother’s.”

“No!” Kees responded. He really was surprised. Tracy was the epitome of spousal fealty in front of the rest of the congregation. He’d thought he was the only one she been weak with.

“Yes! I really can understand why she did. There isn’t even a question of forgiveness. We’ve even talked about my behaviour before. I suppose she tried to warn me over the years that she needed more than I was willing to give.”

“Did you confront her? How did you find out?”

“Well, sort of. The man she seduced was a friend of mine who she had never met. He came yesterday for a visit and after he realized what he’d done, he told me. Tracy and I had a fight. She got mad at me and said it was my fault, then left.”

“I take it she isn’t contrite? Were there others?”

“She said there were a few, over the years. Evan, my friend, pointed out to me that she wasn’t exactly a slut since it works out to less than once a year.”

“We both know that’s not the point, Tom. She’s married to you. Forsaking all others.”

“I know, Kees. There’s more though. Worse.”

Kees made a come forward gesture.


Kees could see Tom’s shoulders hitch as he struggled to share his story. He waited silently for Tom to continue.

“Umm, Evan called Tracy and convinced her to come back. She’d taken the kids to her mother’s. Tracy came back and Evan must have sensed something in her. And in me, because he started seducing Tracy right in front of me. I mean, Tracy was standing there looking at me as Evan was feeling her up.”

“Damn!” muttered Kees, then louder, “Cold woman.”

“Actually no. Kees, I’m dense. I used to think I knew people. Apparently I don’t. As a matter of fact Evan knew something about me that I didn’t even know. I got excited. I mean, I got an erection. He had Tracy strip almost, then come over and give me a blow job.” Tom grimaced and paused a minute to collect his thoughts.

“Why is it, Kees, I can barely say the words? Yet the minute she touched me I knew I was hooked. Right now, in my mind she’s a whore. That’s what my head says. A disgusting slut that I need to toss aside. Yet when I think about the way she looked at me as she was blowing me my heart sings like it never did before. It’s like a new facet of my love has opened up. She had never, in all our years of marriage, looked into my eyes with the adoration I saw with my dick in her mouth”

“So how did the evening end?” Kees wouldn’t admit it but he was getting aroused thinking of Tracy’s mouth surrounding his knob. It had been several years since he’d had the pleasure.

“That’s the disturbing part.” Tom started to weep. “She gave Evan a blowjob, while I took her from behind. Then… I can’t remember clearly, it’s all a blur. But I was on my knees watching her suck Evan, really close. And somehow his penis was in my mouth.” Tom broke down and sobbed for a few minutes while Kees just rested his arm on Tom’s shoulder. After a few minutes Tom recovered enough to continue.

“So, I sucked him off. She fucked me and she fucked him, then we both fucked her at the same time.”

Kees looked at him for a minute. “Sooo. Do you think there’s any chance she’ll stop? Or that you could forgive her for what she’s done?”

Tom sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve, looking like a little boy. “Forgive her?” he screeched. “I don’t think I could love her any more than I do right now! And I hate myself for it!”


Tom’s voice was a whisper now as he interrupted Kees. “Kees, I left her at home with Evan. He’s probably fucked her once already this morning. Maybe twice.” He shook his head. “I’m insanely jealous that she’s letting him do that. To me!” He thumped his hand into his chest. “To us! At the same time I’m proud of her. Of her beauty and sexiness, and passion. God help me, it’s like I didn’t know what I was missing.”

“I think that’s the point they make in scripture, Tom. If you allow yourself to fall to the temptation you will be led onto a slippery slope of what you or your marriage can handle. Don’t think of it as rules handed down from on high. Think of it as guidelines for living a happy, productive life.”

“But don’t you see, Kees. I, personally, never had any sex with my wife as amazing as it was last night.” He shook his head. “I never even imagined. When she put her mouth on me…”

“I know, Tom.” Kees had a far away look in his eyes.

Tom looked up at Kees. “And when I watched her with Evan I could see… wait. What? What do you mean, you know.” Something in the faraway look in Kees’ eyes gave Tom pause.

Kees’ face went bright red as he stammered, “I, uh, I mean I know what it’s like to get a blow job.”

Tom looked at him intently and now Kees couldn’t meet his gaze. “YOU!” Tom hissed. “You’ve been with her, haven’t you, you bastard.”

Now it was Kees’ turn to despair and he jumped up and grabbed Toms hands in his. “Please, Tom! It was only once. I felt terrible about, I was as weak as she was. It was about four years ago, just a blowjob. We never had intercourse and she wouldn’t do it again although I’m ashamed to admit I tried. Said she couldn’t do that to you. I never pursued it and I thought she’d stopped.”

Tom stood and looked down to him. “Some man of God you are.” he hissed.

Kees sat back down and chuckled wryly, “After the tale you just told me, you can hardly condemn me. I am after all, a man, a sinner like you.”

Tom looked at him for a minute then grinned sheepishly before sitting down again. “Okay, you’re right.” He watched Kees take his seat and tried to imagine Tracy on her knees servicing him. Again, the thought disturbed him and aroused him. “Well, I’m not sure what to do now. I think I’ll just go home, enjoy the rest of the weekend, then Tracy and I will talk about it after Evan leaves.”

Kees agreed. “I think that’s a good idea.” He leaned forward and put his hand on Tom’s forearm. “Tom, I’m sorry about what happened. It was a moment of weakness for me and it never should have happened.”

“You’re right, Kees. It shouldn’t have. But it did and I’ll have to see where we go with it. I mean we. I won’t mention it to anyone here.” He gestured with his hand, encompassing the church. He turned to go then turned back to Kees. “Thanks for your candor. And Kees, I think it’s best if I take myself off the table for a deaconship position.”

Tom gathered up his kids and took them back to his in-law’s. He spoke with Catherine, Tracy’s mother and told her that he and Tracy still needed a day or two to work on some problems. When she pressed him for details he would only say it involved intimacy issues but he loved Tracy and was determined to work it out. He stopped at the market and picked up some steaks and salad fixings for dinner and headed home. When he got there he saw Evan’s rental car was gone and wondered about that. He crept in the house and when he heard the shower running upstairs he took the steaks into the kitchen and put them in a bowl with marinade sauce. He thought about the past night as he worked and he felt… serene. The only turmoil at this point was because he thought he should still be upset. For some reason he wasn’t and that confused him. Maybe the talk with Kees had been cathartic. He busied himself making a pot of coffee and washed up the few dishes in the sink and when he heard the shower finish he went upstairs. When he walked into the bedroom he sat on the bed with his back against the headboard and waited for his wife to come out of the shower.

Tom was getting excited thinking about seeing his nude wife, watching her dress or maybe even fooling around. He was shocked though when Evan walked out of the ensuite bath. Evan had a towel wrapped around his waist and he almost tripped when he saw Tom.

“Tom! Ummm, hi.” He looked around. “Is Tracy with you?”

Tom jumped off the bed, trying not to look like a hopeful kid on Christmas morning. “Uhh, no. I don’t know where she is but I’m guessing she took your car.”

“Yeah. Uhh, she expected you back earlier and she was worried, you weren’t answering your cell. She went looking for you.”

“Yeah, uuhh, I had to talk with someone. I muted my phone and forgot to turn it up.”

Just then the phone rang and Tom picked it up.

“Hello? … Oh, hi hon. … No, I’m okay, I think. I just had to talk with someone. … Well, no. I took the kids to church and … Your just getting to your mom’s now? … Yeah, she asked me what was up. … I didn’t tell her much. … I took the kids and I spoke with Kees about a few things. … Oh, just the deaconship and stuff. I’ll tell you later. …. Okay, love you too. Have a nice visit. … Bye, bye.”

Tom looked at the phone in his hand for a minute then at Evan. “Wanna grab a coffee?”


“Okay, get dressed,, I’ll meet you downstairs. We can go out to the club.”

Tom watched Evan turn and drop his towel to dress. He watched closely as Evan’s butt cheeks parted when he bent to pick up his underwear and Tom caught a glimpse of his anus. Tom was trying to evaluate his level of interest in his own gender and was somewhat relieved when he felt no stirrings at the sight.

Tom went downstairs and turned the coffee maker off. He waited for Evan then they drove out to Tom’s golf club. Tom was a frugal man, and he rarely spent money on frivolous things but he’d found over the years that he enjoyed golfing. He found it relaxing and it was a good way to meet with people informally. As a regular he knew the wait staff and he was seated quickly. Both men ordered beer with their burgers and talked casually, about football, the recession, and the stock market while they ate. After lunch Tom ordered another pair of beers and they retired to the patio to talk.

Evan knew Tom had some things he wanted to say so he didn’t push it. He hoped Tom would be okay with what had happened, he didn’t want to mess up their friendship over some casual sex.

“So, Evan.” Tom started, staring out over the 9th hole. “Have you done that sort of thing often?”

“Actually, no. Last night was the first time with a married woman, that I know of, and the first threesome with another guy.”

Tom grimaced slightly, “What about… that thing we did. I did.”

“Tom.” Evan spoke but waited for Tom to look at him. “You’re not gay. Probably not very bisexual either. I’ve gobbled enough dick over the years to know about different types of guys. I like a little more myself but a lot of guys are like what you probably are. It’s called Bi-oral. You like sucking dick and that’s it. And that’s okay.”

Tom looked relieved as he continued. “What about Tracy? How experienced would you say she is?”

“Tom, I don’t think you need to go there. I mean, it’s obvious she loves you and she wouldn’t have been stepping out except for… well.”

“Yeah. But I mean, I’m still mad. She cheated on me. She lied to me. What else is she lying about? Is she lying about how often, or how many?”

“I can’t say Tom. I don’t think so but there’s really no way to tell.”

“But what about her experience? Wouldn’t it show?”

“Not really. She’s enthusiastic. It’s obvious she likes sex. But when I first saw her in the hotel she didn’t seem overly invested in getting shagged. And when I did get her to my room, after a lot of cajoling, the sex was… mechanical. Like she was disinterested in me and just there for the festivities. If I were to put a term to it, she seemed like a reluctant adulteress.”

“I’ve really no idea where to go from here. I’m still mad. But I’m excited. I’m excited by her and, perversely, excited to think of her with you. That’s not me. That’s never been me and it scares me.”

Evan leaned close and placed his hand on tom’s arm, “Tom, do you love her?”

“God help me, I do.” Tom choked out.

“Then it’s like everything else in a marriage. You set out ground rules, guidelines. Agree on what you both want and need out of the relationship. You may never do this again, but you may decide that you want to do it every month or so. Maybe more, maybe less. But agree on what you don’t want or can’t do.”

Tom finished his beer quickly while looking at Evan. “Okay. If Tracy wants, we can continue this until you leave tomorrow night. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

Tracy pulled into the driveway at her parents house. She was nervous because her mother knew that Tracy wasn’t happy with the physical aspects of her marriage. Tracy had asked for her advice over the years, and although Catherine had never come out and said anything about it, Tracy knew she suspected her of infidelity because Tracy had had to ask her to cover for her on one of her trysts. She’d made up some inane excuse and her mother had let it slide but they both knew what the other knew. Now she knew her mother would want some answers.

Tracy walked up to the door and her mother opened it as she got there. The first thing Catherine did was envelop her daughter in a big hug that they held for well over a minute. As they moved towards the kitchen Catherine told Tracy that their grandfather had taken the children to a matinee so they were free to talk.

“So, Trace.” Catherine cleared her throat. “Is there anything we need to clear up?”

Tracy looked at her mom, her lower lip trembling and she struggled to control herself. “I, umm, I’ve cheated on Tom, mom.”

“I know that, darling. I knew it when I covered for you, that time. What happened? Did you get caught?”

Tracy just nodded, her eyes glistening. “I’ve only done it a few times, really. I just need… more. Tom and I talked about it and he wasn’t interested enough to give it to me. But the other night the guy I hooked up with turned out to be the guy Tom had invited for the weekend. He spilled the beans and Tom and I had a huge fight. That’s why we came over here. His friend, Evan, kind of understood my side and told Tom he was an idiot and when he called last night I went back to work it out.” She couldn’t quite bring herself to say any more.

Catherine watched her for a few minutes before saying anything. “I cheated on your father, once.”

“You did?” Tracy was astonished. Her parents had always had the type of relationship they seemed to write country songs about. The happy songs.

“Yep. I can’t say I’m proud of it. You were six years old. Your dad had just come back from Viet Nam and he couldn’t have sex for almost two years. He couldn’t do it and he wasn’t even interested. We had a bunch of fights about it then he told me if I needed it so bad, to go out and get it. Just not to do it around here.”

“So what did you do?”

“I went to visit my cousin, Fiona, in Ireland. I stayed there a month. I got my ashes hauled properly and when I came home I was good until your father got his appetite back.”

“Mom, does daddy know? About me, I mean?”

“He does, in fact. He’s not happy about it but he doesn’t blame you entirely, either. He thinks Tom is a horses ass in some ways, and you are definitely your mother’s daughter, so he doesn’t really blame you. He’s just happy that you didn’t leave Tom or go slutting around town.”

“Well, there’s more, mom.”

“Oh, no. You didn’t catch something, did you?”

“God no. But last night, after I went home, Tom was different. I don’t know what Evan said to him but we ended up having sex. Right there in front of Evan, in the rec room, with the lights on and everything. I was so happy I cried. Then Tom watched me have sex with Evan. Then I had them both at the same time.”

“Good God, girl.” Catherine sat back in her chair, a hand over her mouth. “No wonder Tom said he had a lot to think about. So where is he now, then?”

Tracy sighed. “He and Evan went to lunch at the club. We talked just before I got here. After all the thinking he’s done, I’m not sure what he’s going to do. I mean, last night was, like, the excitement of the moment sort of thing. But today, after seeing the kids and going to church, I don’t know. Reality, you know?”

Catherine nodded then got a look on her face. “Wait, where were you when Tom was at church?”

This time Tracy blushed. “I was home. In bed. With Evan.”

“And Tom knew?” Catherine was sitting back with her fingers over her mouth again and a look of astonishment on her face. Tracy just nodded yes.

“So, while my son-in-law was standing here, talking to me, you were home in his bed getting screwed, and he knew it?”

“Well, we were probably done by then mom, but yes. I probably passed Tom on his way home. But yes. He told Evan before he left, before I even woke up in fact, for us to have fun. Yes, I was fucking Evan while Tom was at church.” Tracy felt a thrill go through her as she admitted her flagrant indiscretion to her mother.

Catherine giggled, then blushed. “I can’t imagine.”

“I have to say, mom. It was amazing. Two men at once. Wow.”

“If you don’t mind… How did you do it? I mean, where…?

“Mom! You wanna know how I had sex?”

“Weeellll.” Catherine wash blushing but she had an expectant look on her face. “I’m just curious. I’ve never done anything like that.”

Tracy got up and grabbed her purse. “This is too weird, mother. But if you must know I had Evan in my front and Tom in behind.”

“I can’t believe it!” Catherine exclaimed. “Tom screwed your ass?”

Tracy leaned over and gave her mom a hug and whispered in her ear. “If things go the way I hope, I’ll have them both again tonight. Evan’s leaving tomorrow.” Catherine was left with a stupid grin on her face as Tracy walked away. At only forty eight years old she still had a healthy sex life and her daughter had given her something to think about.

Tracy stopped at the liquor and grocery stores to pick up supplies. A couple bottles of wine, some Romaine lettuce, steaks, and baked potatoes would do nicely. She had to laugh when she got home because the guys were out on the deck sipping beer. On the counter was a new bag of potatoes and in the fridge was a container with marinating steaks. The only thing different that Tom had picked up was fixings for a garden salad rather than Caesar. She went upstairs and changed into a sundress and joined the guys on the deck with fresh beers for all. Once again she surprised Tom by walking over to him and sitting on his lap. She gave him a toe curling kiss and let one hand run through his hair while the other caressed his chest. She’d never done that because she knew he never would have approved of it before. She figured she had some training to do now.

Tracy got up and bent over Evan, giving him a lingering kiss also before pulling a chair close to Tom and sitting with him. As they talked about anything other than what was on their minds Tracy let her hands and fingers constantly stroke and caress Tom, wherever she could reach. They spent several hours like that, just talking, letting Tracy get to know more about Evan, and even some things she hadn’t known about Tom. Every time they ran low on beer Tracy got up to replenish their glasses. She always gave Tom and Evan the same kiss when she was done except she added some more caresses to her appreciation of Evan.

Finally as the sun fell below the house behind them and the air started to chill again Tracy got up and lit the barbecue. She put the steaks on the side table for Tom to cook and she went inside to ready the potatoes and salad. She microwaved the potatoes for three minutes and took them out to Tom to finish cooking with the steaks. After setting the dishes out on the counter she went upstairs and had a quick shower. She made extra sure her vagina was clean and she even trimmed the hairs around it somewhat, using a razor to neaten up closer than she ever had before. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she drew a finger through her wetness. She’d been seeping all day, partly from her constant touching of Tom and partly because she couldn’t get her mind off of what she wanted to do again with them both. She wore another sundress but this one was a little more elegant than the last one. It fit a little tighter and the observant voyeur would see she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties with it.

When Tracy returned to the kitchen Tom was just putting all the food on a platter to be eaten outside, with Evan’s help as a porter. They sat and ate quietly, each one’s thoughts turning inward regarding the approaching events. The only one not too perturbed was Evan. While he wanted to fuck Tracy again, and suck Tom’s cock, it really mattered not a whit to him whether they played or not. He was enjoying himself now and was equally amenable to either circumstance. Tom and Tracy both were having, not really second thoughts, but wondering whether they should continue down the trail that was blazed the previous night. As much as Tracy had been thinking about enjoying two men again, she was conscious that her lust was driving that need and not really her heart. She was waffling between getting her pussy stuffed and not going so overboard that she freaked Tom out. Tom, on the other hand, could barely think of anything else. After a lifetime of self imposed oppression he just wanted to see his wife cum. He wanted to hear her scream herself hoarse and be the one to drive her to it. He just hoped he would measure up to his wife’s previous lovers. Before any of them knew it supper was over and they were cleaning up.

Tracy pushed Tom towards the bedroom urging him to take a shower. After he left the room she turned to Evan and gave him a lingering kiss. She rested her hands on his chest and pressed herself against him. After a minute she again raised her face to his. “Evan, I don’t know if we’re going to go through with anything tonight and if we don’t I want you to know how much I enjoyed our time together.” She gave him another soft lingering kiss then drew her fingers along his erection as she pulled away. She swayed her hips like a runway model as she walked around the corner towards the bedroom and Tom.

Tracy was sitting on the bed when Tom came out of the bathroom. He didn’t say anything, just looked at her with a hopeful smile as he made to get dressed.

“Tom, we have to talk.”

“I know, baby. After Tom leaves tomorrow.”

“Sure. That’s good. But we have to talk a bit now too.”

Tom was a little concerned. He’d reconciled his feelings about his wife’s infidelities and his role in them to a degree but now he was afraid of what Tracy was going to say. He looked like a child who’s favourite toy was about to be taken away. “Okay.” He sat on the bed beside her. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Tom, first off, the things you did to me, the things you let me do to you last night, were amazing. That was almost everything I ever dreamt of doing with you and I hope that we can do a lot more of that for the rest of our lives.”

“Mm, hmm.” Tom laid back then rolled onto his side and pulled Tracy down beside him. He stroked her arm and her face as she looked intently into his eyes.

“But I’m afraid. Afraid of a couple of things. I really liked it with both of you and I’m afraid after Evan’s gone you’re going to go back to the way you were. I’m afraid it’s going to come between us and you’ll end up hating me for what I’ve done.”

Tom thought for a minute before responding. “Baby, I love you. Evan was right, I was a closet perv, if you will. I’ve dreamt of doing those things to you since before we got married. I was afraid that I either wouldn’t measure up to your other experiences, or that I would try those things and not like the reality and tell you we have to go back. The truth is, I used the church to cover for my own feelings of inadequacy. I’ve also thought about the things I did with Evan, too. I liked it, and I’m glad we did it, but it’s still you I dream of. Your pussy.” He rolled onto his back and pulled Tracy over him so her groin was against his obvious erection. He softly ground up against her. “I don’t want to go back. Even if we never do anything with Evan, or Kees Hildebrand…,” Tom watched Tracy’s eyes widen and he ground against her again before he continued. “I still want to taste everything you have to offer. But I’d like to explore others still, if you want to.” He hastened to add that last part, he didn’t want to pressure her.

Tom pushed Tracy over on her back. He knelt with his knees on either side of her as he pushed her sundress up her torso urging her to rise so he could remove it. The sublime vision of her light skinned hips and mons surrounded by darker, tanned skin and punctuated by the dark hair pointing to her hallowed treasure was intoxicating to him. He reached a finger out and traced it through the moisture gathered at her opening. He slid a finger inside her and moved it in and out. Tracy groaned in response and thrust her hips up a bit. He slowly stroked himself as he looked at her

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Tom hissed. “I’ve always wanted to do this too. Just look at you, watch you and touch myself.” Tracy moaned in response and arched her back, accentuating her breasts. “Looking at you always gets me hard.” He whispered as his hand moved faster and faster over his cock. He occasionally wrapped his fingers around the spongy head and smeared his precum down his meat before resuming his stroking.

Tom watched his wife draw her finger through her pussy and slowly circle her clit. She never quite touched it, just tantalizing it with indirect pressure. Tom’s fingers were wrapping around his dick in a twisting motion as his fist flew up and down. “I’ve done this before” he shuddered as he spoke. “I’ve jerked off when I watch you in the shower.” His hips were now moving spasmodically, straining for release. “I’ve cum all over your panties while I, oh! While I watched you on, oh God! On the toilet, aannghh!” Tom’s fist was a blur for his last few strokes and his efforts were reward by a stream of cum landing on Tracy’s tanned belly from her navel all he way to her breasts. His second shot pooled on her belly and his third landed on her pussy.

Tears were dripping from Tracy’s eyes as Tom leaned down over her and she kissed Tom with a passion she’d rarely been able to exhibit. “I never knew.” She whispered.

“I know. I was too afraid to say anything.” He left little kisses all over her face as he cleaned up her tears. “Now, let’s not keep your lover waiting. Change into something nice and come downstairs.” Tom patted her ass just before he pushed her off. “Okay?”

Tracy sniffled and giggled at the same time as she sat up. “I’m gonna shower first. I seem t o have gotten messy again.” Tom smiled at her then closed the door as he left. Evan was putting the last of the dried dishes on the counter as Tom walked into the kitchen. He heard the shower start upstairs and grinned.

“I’ll put these away, Evan. Why don’t you grab a quick shower. I think it should be warmed up in the master bath.” Evan looked at him and raised his eyebrows and Tom just grinned, shrugged his shoulders, and nodded. Tom continued with the dishes, cleaning up, making coffee, and setting up the rec room. He lit the gas insert in the old woodstove and turned the lights down. He flipped on the television and waited, looking for something to distract him from the tent in his trousers.

Evan opened the door to the ensuite in the master bedroom and quickly doffed his clothes. He heard Tracy humming as he watched her shadowy figure moving and contorting as she washed, behind the curtain. When he quietly pulled the curtain back to slip in she was facing the shower head, lathering her medium length chestnut hair. He suddenly thought better of just touching her, since the bottom of the bath was slippery with suds, so he made a soft noise in his throat. She abruptly stopped her lathering and slowly turned. She didn’t make a noise when she saw Evan but she did smile so he moved right in behind her. His semi-erection slipped between the curves her ass cheeks as he raised his hands to her head.

“Here, let me do that.” Evan said softly. Tracy turned back to the shower head so Evan gently massaged the shampoo into Tracy’s hair.

“Where’s Tom?” she asked, quietly. She moaned in delight at the relaxing sensations and put her hand behind her. She groped until she found Evan’s stiff member and Traced her fingers over it.

“Finishing cleaning up downstairs. He sent me up here.” Tracy just nodded. She continued stroking him as he washed her hair. After a few minutes Evan leaned in and told her to turn around so she could rinse. Tracy did so and tilted her head back allowing Evan to run his fingers through her hair, spreading the water and dispersing the suds.. Both her hands went to Evan’s groin, massaging and caressing his cock and balls. Her hair appeared black with the wetness and Evan leaned in and kissed her temples, smelling her hair. He never wanted to forget the scent.

Tracy felt Evan’s lips at her forehead and smiled as they moved down to her eyes. She turned her head as his lips moved lower and joined with hers, already open wide. Their tongues probing, pushing, tasting. Tracy gasped loudly and her knees almost gave way as his strong fingers swiped across her mons. Tom’s masturbation had primed her almost to the point of needing release herself, and Evan was reigniting her fire. Probing, his fingers flicked lightly at her clit before they found her already seeping hole and thrust deep inside her. This time she cried out and Evan had to support her when she spread her legs for him.

“Oh, God! Oh, Evan! What you do to me!” Tracy quickly dropped to her knees and inhaled Evan’s cock. She swore she could feel his heartbeat as he plumbed the depths of her mouth. Tracy tried to keep up the pace as long as she could but her need was an over riding imperative. She jumped to her feet and swung back to face the shower. She held on to the shower head with both hands as she thrust her ass back. A guttural groan escaped when Evan’s cock head first probed her opening but that was nothing to the squeal that she released when he rammed his cock inside her and quickly began pounding in and out.

“Oh! God! Evan! Keep! Fucking! Me! Don’t Stop! Aaiiighhaa!” Tracy’s words escaped with each thrust of Evan’s and her pitch rose with each word until all she had left was a scream. If she’d thought about it she would have realized that was the fastest she’d ever cum before. It was also the fastest she’d brought someone else off too because Evan’s own grunts announced his release.

Tom smiled as he heard the distant squeals, understanding that his wife was getting fucked while he sat there watching television. He continued watching the sports roundup for almost half an hour until he heard the footsteps on the stairs. He turned the television off and turned to face the others. Evan went and sat on a chair as Tracy walked up to Tom with a saucy grin on her face.

Tracy had dried her hair somewhat, so it wasn’t sodden, but it stilled appeared black. She was wearing a royal blue bra and panty set with lace on the hems. “Sorry. We got delayed. Somebody’s wearing too many clothes.” she said softly as she leaned over and grabbed the waist hem of tom’s shirt and lifted. Tom allowed her to pull the shirt off before he made her spin around.

“Nice outfit, hon. Where’d you get that?”

Tracy blushed, “I wore this the night I met with Evan. No secrets, baby. I’ll wear all my slutty clothes for you.”

“Mmm, I like.” Tom stopped Tracy as she faced away from him and he held her hips as he planted his face against her pantied ass. He rubbed his face all over the satin before moving towards the soft skin at the edges. He started pulling the panties away from her cheeks and kissed the skin as he uncovered it. Eventually he had it all bunched in a bundle and pushed to the side as his tongue and lips explored inward. He could feel the difference in her skin as it went from soft and downy to smoother, somehow tighter. Even though she had just showered he could discern an earthy, musky scent. It was separate from the scent of her glistening vulva and he could smell Evan’s semen that was leaving a trail down her thigh.

At first Tom could hear Tracy’s groans as if from down a tunnel. Then he became so focused on the scents and sensations, the different textures, that he didn’t even hear her cry out when his tongue pierced her anus. Tom was overcome, almost in a trance as he immersed himself in the sights, smells, and flavors of uninhibited debauchery. He used his hands to pry Tracy’s ass as far apart as he could, just to see what he could taste. The sheer wickedness of it was like a drug and he was fast becoming addicted. After some time he slowly became aware of a high pitched screaming. As his cognizance returned he realized his wife was having an orgasm. When he pulled back he could see, through the inverted vee of her legs, that Evan was pinching her breasts brutally hard. Evan was also helping her stand and when Tom focused more closely on her pussy he could see it pulsating, clenching with her waves of pleasure. With a grin he placed two fingers at the portal to her womanhood and steadily pushed them inside. It was an awkward position and Tom had to remove his mouth from her rectum, but his fingers more then made up for it.

This time Tracy collapsed and Tom and Evan slowly let her down to the floor. Their fingers were never far from her pleasure centers and they continued their assault despite her protests. Tracy’s sharp screams of pleasure gave way to wails, then whimpers and moans, as the two men slowed down their ministrations. Her hips were slowly undulating up and down as she lay on her back gasping for breath. Evan had bent over and began slowly licking her breasts, circling around each aureole before moving in to suckle, then moving over to the other one. Tom had pulled one of his fingers out of her pussy and slowly moved the other in and out, back and forth over her G-spot. His other hand was slowly stroking her vulva, caressing her folds and crevices as she came down from what had to be another milestone climax.

Tracy looked around as she felt herself being lifted up. She snuggled into Tom’s arms as he carried her and she felt a blanket being placed over her. Off in the distance she heard a deep voice talking and she had to really concentrate to hear Tom.

“… so if she wants to be a slut, let’s treat her like one. We have all night.”

“Noooo.” Tracy squeaked out. “No more. Must… must sleep.”

Tracy heard Evan laugh and felt herself being place gently on the bed. She opened her eyes and saw one of Tom’s ties approaching and her vision faded out as it was placed over her and tied behind her head. She felt her head being lowered off the side of the bed and a minute later she felt the rubbery head of a semi engorged dick poking at her lips. Her interest suddenly regenerated she opened her mouth and felt it slide in. She could tell it was Evan’s, being slightly smaller than Tom’s, but she was pleased none the less because she could easily take this one down her throat. She put her hands above her head, on Evan’s hips, and guided him in and out. She held him in and worked her throat muscles and only took him out when she had to breath. That was getting more frequent because Tom had immediately lowered his face to her pussy and continued his efforts to please her. This time he went right for the goal line, two of his fingers working in her pussy, one tickling her puckered anus and his tongue worrying at her clit. He alternated swiping up each side of her pussy then stopping and vigorously strumming her clit. In less than five minutes she could feel another orgasm approaching and she pulled Evan’s cock out of her mouth. Her eyes had been shut but she opened them when someone pulled the tie off and she saw Evan fisting his cock right in front of her face.

“Oh, yeah!” Tracy panted. “Jack that fucking cock.” She grasped her nipples and pinched them lightly with a twisting motion. “Cum all…! Oh God! Oh fuck!” Tracy’s voice was rising in pitch as her orgasm began to wash over her. “Ohhhh, shoot your fucking cum all over me you bastard! Yeah!” Tracy managed to see Evan’s first spurt fly over her face before her eyes closed on her again. She felt the subsequent emissions drop onto her tits and face as her husband’s fingers worked away at her. This time he didn’t let up as her orgasm passed and she quickly felt herself approaching another one. Just as it was about to peak she moaned in frustration when Tom pulled away. She quickly changed her mind though when she felt his rigid pole driving deep inside her. This wasn’t lovemaking, it was fucking pure and simple. Her ankles locked around Tom’s lower back holding him to her as his hips levered his cock in and out. Tracy loved the way Tom made love to her but she was quickly finding out that she loved the way he fucked her too.

“Oh, God baby. I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum again! Fuck meeee! Tracy squealed her release once again and Tom’s grunts accompanied her screams as they both came hard. Tracy’s arms clung to Tom like she was in danger of drowning and Tom’s arms hooked under Tracy’s shoulders as he tried to pull himself even deeper into her. The two of them shook and panted and made noises reminiscent of pain and anguish but were obviously anything but. As their passion waned Tom rose on his elbows to take some weight off Tracy but she pulled him back down. “Nooo.” She moaned weakly. “Stay.”

Tracy and Tom’s breath slowly returned and Tom finally rolled off of her. Tracy gestured for Evan to join them on the bed, on her other side.

“Oh my God.” Tracy muttered. “That was amazing.”

“Indeed.” Laughed Evan and Tom just grunted his agreement.

“How can that be wrong?” asked Tom, rhetorically. “I mean, we’re made by God. We have the capacity to feel that, physically and emotionally.” He turned on his side and traced a fingers from Tracy’s cum splattered breast, across her sweaty stomach to her sodden pussy. “How can it be wrong? Honey, I feel closer, more attached to you now than I ever have. Even Evan.” He looked over at his friend whose eyes were half closed. “I feel a connection with you that I never did in college. And it’s not because of what we did together.” He lay back on his back. “I think we have to do more research.”

The others chuckled at his comment and Tracy rolled over to give Tom a soft kiss. “Thank you so much, honey.” She whispered. “I love you. This is all I ever wanted, you and… and me and…” Tracy interrupted herself with a squeal as she felt herself being penetrated from behind. Evan had spooned up against her and she’d felt his erection but thought he was just cuddling. He lifted her leg to give himself better access. She was about to say something to Evan but Tom shushed her.

“Just go with it, babe. I want to watch.” Tom peered into her eyes, watching the flickering emotions and sensations flitting across her face. Evan’s not insignificant erection was hitting her G-spot just right in this position and Tom could see Tracy succumbing to the feeling. The little expulsions of her breath hitting his face each time Evan’s cock head impacted that knot of nerve endings then the quick, subtle look of concentration as the length of that his meat dragged across it. Tom realized he was happy for Tracy. Not just excited by the whole sexual revolution they were experiencing but happy that she could now be free to enjoy her sexuality without guilt and fear of recriminations. Tom’s concentration was refocused by the squeal that leaked past Tracy’s lips. Tracy’s eyes now held a wildness, like an animal that needed to escape. Evan was really getting to her. Tom wished he could see her being penetrated at the same time as he watched her face.

Evan wasn’t going fast, just sawing in and out and enjoying the sensations. His one hand was on Tracy’s shoulder and the other on her hip as he pulled her onto his rod methodically. He could feel her arch her back, trying to get more of him inside her and he moved his hand from her hip to one of her breasts. He softly kneaded it, palpated it before tweaking the nipple and moving his hand to the other one. His knuckles dragged across Tom’s chest, the hair reminding him that he was boning his friends wife right in front of him. When he’d let the cat out of the bag on Saturday night, just 24 hours earlier, he had no idea the weekend would end like this. He remembered Tom being very straight laced in college and that he hadn’t changed at all until shortly after Saturday’s dinner. But then something seemed to snap and Evan would never have believed it if he hadn’t seen the transformation himself. His musings were interrupted and he was quickly brought back to the present when a particularly strong spasm coursed through Tracy’s pussy. It caused him in turn to thrust a little harder wringing a squeal from Tracy’s lips.

“Oh, fuck!” Evan moaned. All of a sudden he was on the edge. “I’m gonna cum.” He bucked faster, his changed motion drawing more noises from Tracy.

“Ohh, baby. Just a minute!” Tracy cried out. “I’m almost there too! Oh! Oh! Aahhhiiieee….” Tracy’s moans were muffled by Tom’s mouth as he joined her in a kiss and her climax hit sooner than she expected.

Evan heard her squealing into Tom’s mouth and it triggered his own orgasm. It felt like his dick was ejecting the whole of the universe through it as another coat of sperm soaked Tracy’s uterus. After the last twenty four hours he knew there couldn’t be much cum left but he felt like he’d just expelled a few more litres. He gave out a loud cry when he was done, his heart was beating madly and he could barely catch his breath. Tracy turned her head to give him a kiss and their tongues danced. He had to stop kissing to breath, he simply needed more oxygen than his nose would allow passage. He rested his forehead against the back of Tracy’s neck and inhaled her scent while he recovered.

“I love you.” Evan whispered. His eyes immediately opened wide in shock at what he’d just said. He hadn’t even thought it before it came out. “Oh, shit! I’m so sorry, it just came out!

Tracy and Tom just looked at each other for a second, each one trying to gauge the other’s reaction. When Tracy saw that Tom wasn’t immediately upset she allowed herself to giggle and look back at Evan.

“That’s okay, Evan. It was a pretty fuckin awesome fuck. I understand.” She leaned into Evan and gave him a light kiss on the cheek then turned to Tom.

“You okay, baby?”

Tom gave a short chuckle, “Yeah. That was a little weird, but I understand.”

“Really, Tom. I didn’t mean any disrespect…”

This time Tom laughed out loud. “Disrespect? You’ve been banging my wife like a snare drum all weekend, that didn’t sound like disrespect. It sounded honest. Believe me, I can understand how anyone could fall in love with her.”

Tracy turned back to Tom. “You wanna go again, sweetie? I’m still horny.”

“I’d love to, babe. But honestly, I just wanna sleep.” Tracy pouted for a minute then Tom continued, “Why don’t you go spend the night with Evan?”

“I don’t know, Tom.” Tracy looked doubtful. “It doesn’t seem right to do that with you here and not playing.”

“Babe, Evan’s leaving tomorrow. Go spend the night, have fun and wake me in the morning.” He gave her a kiss and settled back into his pillow.

“Oh, okay.” Tracy frowned. “It won’t be the same now without you there.”

Tom chuckled again, “Bullshit. It’ll be great without me there. Go on. Have some more one-on-one and let me sleep.”

Tracy gave Tom a deep kiss as she climbed over him then got out of bed. Evan got out of bed on the other side and bade Tom good night. Tom watched Tracy’s full hips sway, the cleft of her ass calling to him, as she took Evan’s hand and they left for the guest room. The thing was, Tom did want to stay up to play and he did feel a little jealous and possessive. But he also knew that he had to try to let go a bit. He had to try to let Tracy go and have her fun and he had to see if he could eventually be okay with it because the truth was, he wanted to continue with the sexual freedom they’d discovered. He wanted to experiment and see what he’d missed all these years. There were a few people he wanted to experience too and he knew if he let Tracy have what she wanted, the odds were better that he would get what he wanted.

Tom lay in bed and imagined what Tracy was doing in the guest bedroom with her lover. The images he conjured were part artifice and part memory as he felt his cock swelling as he took it in hand. He did feel like masturbating but he was just too tired. He also wanted to get up and join the other two as he heard his wife cry out in pleasure, two doorways away. He was simply too tired to join them and he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Tom was awakened the next morning by his alarm clock. Still numb from sleep he rolled over and saw his wife curled up next to him. After thinking for a minute he realized it was Monday and he had to get up for work. Tom’s job as a Vice President of purchasing kept him busy. Even though he had others in the department to do the data collecting he stilled liked to walk the plant floor before his clerks arrived, to check actual stock against their order slips. He generally worked from eight until five or later but he was already looking forward to coming home and he hadn’t even got up yet. He realized Tracy must have set his alarm since he hadn’t and he ran a hand over her smooth hip in gratitude. It was still a bit of a shock feeling her bare skin after a decade of feeling her in a nightgown. He got out of bed and padded to the bathroom, holding the door lever down until the latch was in position so it wouldn’t click and disturb Tracy.

Tom turned the water on in the shower and grabbed his shaving gear as it heated. He shaved in the shower and had ever since he’d served a stint in the Army Reserves when he was younger. He climbed into the shower when it was ready and performed his morning ablutions. As was his habit he washed his hair first, then lathered and washed his body. He was just beginning to shave when he heard the bathroom door open and the lights dimmed. He liked the lights bright, first thing, because they helped him wake up but Tracy didn’t, she wasn’t a morning person. He figured she just had to pee so he was surprised when she joined him in the shower. She rested her head against his back and brought her hands around to fondle his prick while Tom finished shaving. When he was done he used the shower head to rinse his whiskers and shaving cream down the drain and Tracy tried to get him to turn around.

“Not yet, babe. I gotta pee.” It was also Tom’s habit to pee down the drain in the shower, a habit which Tracy was well aware of.

“Mmm, so do I.” Tracy muttered. She urged Tom aside and she moved in front of him to stand over the drain hole. “Okay. Go ahead.”

“Tracy!” Tom protested.

“Do it. We’ve been married almost ten years and I’ve never seen you pee. You’ve never seen me pee. Except for the times you jerked off but you still didn’t see me. It’s time.” Tracy got a look of concentration on her face for a second, then the enclosed space was filled with the scent of fresh urine. Tom looked down and saw the stream issuing form his wife’s genitals. Quickly he crouched down for a better look but he couldn’t see much because of the dim light. Tracy squatted a bit and angled her hips to help but she was done before Tom’s curiosity was satiated. A minute later Tom took his organ in hand and aimed towards the drain. He had to wait and concentrate because his sudden erection made it difficult but when the stream issued forth it hit one of Tracy’s feet and he quickly corrected. Tracy stymied his plans when she moved her foot back into his stream and Tom finished out his task.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Tracy asked.

“You’re constantly surprising me, Tracy. No, it wasn’t bad.” Tom took down the shower head and rinsed Tracy’s feet and the end of the tub. He put the shower head back and left it on. “You gonna shower?” he asked Tracy.

“No, I just got up to see you.” She leaned in and gave Tom a small kiss on the lips. ” I just want to make sure that you’re okay with what we did this weekend.”

“Yeah. I’m still in shock a little, I think, but I’m okay.” Tom turned the water off and reached for a towel. He started to dry himself off before stepping out but changed his mind and dried Tracy. “I thought you were gonna spend the night with Evan.”

“Oh, I spent most of it there, we fucked twice and made love once, but I came back to bed after he fell asleep.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“I know.” Tracy gave Tom a kiss on the top of his head as he was drying her legs. “I’ve never spent the night with someone else. I’ve fucked a few, but I always left, or they did. I guess it’s weird but you’re the only one I’ve ever slept with.”

Tom stood and kissed her lightly. He couldn’t seem to stop touching her. “Yes, it’s weird. But I guess that’s something I’m learning to love about you. Your weirdness.”

“Leave me alone or I’ll cut my weirdness off from you.” Tracy laughed and slapped at Tom’s dick, rising again already.

Tom laughed back, “You couldn’t do that, I don’t think, if you knew I wanted your tender meat every night.”

Tracy laughed again and molded herself to Tom then gave him a kiss before she hustled out. “I gotta make sure Evan’s up. I told him to set his alarm but I’m not sure if he did.” She had to get ready for work herself, her mom had agreed to watch the kids for today too so she didn’t have to worry about the sitter. Tracy worked as a receptionist in a law office.

Tom felt another quick flash of jealousy at the easy way Tracy talked about Evan but he suppressed it. Evan was leaving today and he would have Tracy all to himself to explore his new lifestyle. By the time he got dressed he could hear Tracy squealing in the next bedroom. Apparently Evan wasn’t finished with her. Tom stopped and looked through the doorway as his wife rode his friend in reverse cowgirl. She stared right at him as she was overtaken with an orgasm, her hands mashing her breasts together. He couldn’t look away if he wanted to, in fact he wanted to go over and join in but he held back. He couldn’t believe how easily she came now. Seeing her like this was even different than being in bed with them because he got to see the whole picture. Her hips, swiveling, pivoting, gyrating, trying to get every once of sensation she could from Evan’s cock as she rode out her climax. Tom was seeing the light blush from her face down to her upper chest, contrasted with her pale, lightly freckled skin, then her tan. The contrast between Evan’s large dark hands and the pale skin at Tracy’s hips was also mesmerizing as Evan tried to keep Tracy moving on his dick.

Tom stayed and watched, his erection prominent again, until Evan shot his load. Tom moved over to the bed and Tilted Tracy’s lips to his, kissing her as she struggled to regain her breath. He shook Evan’s hand and said he’d call him later, then left for work. Tom buzzed through the early morning at work, his mind occupied with his tasks. After the initial rush settled down and he was on to more mundane tasks his thoughts drifted again and again to his wife. His emotions ran the gamut from lust to disgust, both at her and at himself. His thoughts were in similar turmoil, ranging from a new overwhelming sense of love for his wife to thoughts that she had somehow bewitched him into succumbing to her heinous fantasies.

His thoughts kept coming back to two points though. The first being that he was the one to take the first step down that road, taking Evan’s cock into his mouth before Tracy even arrived back home. The second point was that he was undeniably aroused by his wife’s display and he unequivocally loved her more than ever. Eventually he realized that all through this inner reflection his cock had maintained an unflagging rigidity. He’d stayed in his office because of it and had his secretary pick up some take-out when she went for lunch. She returned after lunch and brought his burger, fries, and vanilla shake in to him. For the first time ever he realized what a handsome woman she was. Not beautiful, but attractive in a matronly sort of way. Tom had chatted with her many times but he now realized he’d had an attitude of moral superiority over her because of her position and he actually knew very little about her.

“Are you in the middle of anything, Carla?” Tom asked.

“No, nothing drastic. What can I get you?” She smiled at him in her usual way and Tom could now see that she was merely being polite. Her mouth lit up but the smile never reached her eyes.

Tom smiled back at her, a genuine smile. “Has anyone told you what a beautiful smile you have?”

Carla’s smile faltered a bit, surprised.

“I’m sorry.” Tom backpedaled. “That was inappropriate. But so many times your smile has helped me out of a funk, here. I don’t mean anything by that, just that it’s sunny.” Tom flushed for a moment and looked around, on unfamiliar territory. “Umm, why don’t you grab a coffee and come back in and have a seat. We’ve hardly spoken about anything other than work.”

Carla’s smile turned into a look of concern as she went to make her coffee. Tom wasn’t normally that familiar with anybody at work so she was suspicious. Either he was going to try to get into her pants which she found unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility. He wouldn’t be the first one. Or he wanted her help in some way that wasn’t kosher. He wouldn’t be the first to try to bed her. More than a few married men had tried, simply because they thought she’d be available. She wasn’t highly paid, she was average in appearance, and those married men assumed she would be flattered by their attentions. Another possibility was that she had done something wrong and she was going to be let go, but she could think of no glaring mistakes she had made recently. She sighed as she stirred her coffee and the second one that she had made for Tom. She really wished she didn’t need the money. She was tired of the plastic faces and insincere attitudes in corporate life.

When she got back to Tom’s office she went to close the door behind her.

“No, no. Leave it open.” Tom laughed. “We don’t want anyone thinking no one’s home if they come in.”

Carla sat down a little nervously, unsure of what was going on. Tom chatted while he ate, mainly making comments to draw out conversation from Carla. She was pleasantly surprised that that’s all Tom did, talk about his family a bit, a few comments on favoured vacation destinations, then asking about her family. She found herself drawn to him a little so she opened up in kind. She had a boy and a girl, both in high school, and when Tom found out he didn’t live too far from her family he suggested that one of her children might be a good candidate for a babysitter for him. She also revealed that her husband, Shane, was employed inside the plant in the shipping department.

Tom hung his head for a moment and when he looked up his eyes were a little moist. “Carla, I hope you’ll accept my apology. We’ve worked together for three years and I didn’t know that. I’ve been distant and insensitive.”

“Really,” Carla protested. “it’s okay Mister Jenk…”

“No, Carla.” interrupted Tom. “It’s not okay. I’ve always considered myself a good man, God fearing, kind, supportive and all that crap. Apparently I’m not the man I thought I was. Anyways, I’m sorry.”

“Umm. Okay Mister Jenkins. That’s okay.”

“And Carla, when no one’s around, call me Tom. Not Mister Jenkins.”

“Okay Mister Jenk…,” She stopped herself when Tom looked at her pointedly and cocked his head. “Okay Tom.” She smiled nervously.

“Good, Carla. Now, I’ve got to get back to work. Could you close the door on the way out?”

When Carla had done as she was bid, Tom called Shane’s boss. They spoke briefly then Tom hung up. He made a few more phone calls before turning back to his computer. About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. Tom had to chuckle because he knew Carla would be utterly confused. He hollered that it was open and Carla ushered her husband Shane into the room.

“That’ll be all, Carla.” Tom said He looked at Shane and recognized him from the plant floor. They’d never spoke beyond basic niceties as they passed each other. “Have a seat Shane. I’ll be right with you.” Tom continued reading and making changes to the document in front of him for a minute before he clicked ‘save’ and turned to Shane.

“Sorry about that.” Tom said, smiling. “I expected to be done before you got here. I needed to finish before I forgot what I was doing.” He stood slightly and leaned over his desk, offering his hand to shake. While Shane took it and they shook, Tom was explaining, “This’ll probably come across as odd but,” Tom made a shrugging motion with his shoulders and hands. “here goes. Your wife is very important to me. She helps me out a lot and I couldn’t do my job as good as I do if she didn’t support me the way she has. Unfortunately I’ve been a dick. I haven’t been properly appreciative so I’d like to correct that.”

Shane had a very confused look on his face but he just sat there, listening.

“I hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken the liberty of telling your boss I had a small problem and I needed your help with something for the day, to help Carla. What I’d like you to help her to do is relax, so to that end I’ve made reservations at The Country Club steakhouse, and La Boheme. Whichever one you don’t want to eat at, just call and cancel. Whichever one you do, call and confirm the time. Now, my treat, go and take your wife out to a nice dinner. I’ve also arranged for a cab with United Taxi to convey you to dinner and back. Again, just call and tell them what time.”

Shane looked at him, flabbergasted. “I… I… “

Tom laughed, “You’re welcome, Shane. Now go and take your wife home and I’ll leave it up to you when to tell her I’m giving her a five percent raise.”

“Mister Jenkins, I… I mean…”

“Tom, Please. And go, Shane. Before someone else reserves the best table.”

Shane stood then, followed by Tom. They shook hands silently and Shane walked out, closing the door behind him. Tom smiled when he heard Carla’s exclamation outside then after a few minutes of muffled conversation there was silence. Tom smiled as he went back to work, feeling good about the whole thing. He had to rush to get his work done since he’d taken the time to sit with Carla and Shane. He kept getting flashes of his wife, her face contorted in that most beautiful of agonies, her breath struggling, her eyes wild. He wasn’t sure if Evan was going to stop back at the house or if Tracy was going to skip work that afternoon to meet with him. He wouldn’t be surprised if they had another tryst and he was excited by the prospect, even though he was also a little jealous. He struggled to finish in a timely fashion and hurried out of the office. By the time he got home he was anxious again. Anxious that maybe Tracy was doing this with him just so she could have a chance to fuck other guys.

It was with visible relief that Tom saw only Tracy’s car in the drive. He was afraid that Evan had to put off his flight and had been invited to stay. He sat in his car for a few minutes gathering his thoughts. He knew he was being irrational, on one hand delighting in the slut that his wife was apparently capable of being but on the other hand dreading it and what it meant for him. For them. He briefly thought that he should have picked up some flowers before coming home but he realized it was too late. He’d seen the curtains move and he knew Tracy had seen him. Forcing himself to calm down he got out of the car and went inside.

Tracy met him at the door, wearing an Emerald green lingerie set. Low cut, lacy bra, bikini panties, garters and stockings. She stood in the foyer with one arm up against the wall and the other hip cocked out. When she judged he’d had a good enough look she dropped her arm and sauntered up to him, pleased that he was speechless.

“Hi sailor.” She smiled at him, the evident warmth belaying the coarseness of her words. “You looking for a good time?” She reached up and started pulling his tie loose, then the top button of his shirt. She could see Tom’s eyes searching behind her. “My last customer’s already gone. And the Madam is watching the little ones.”

Tom struggled to catch up with her but he quickly fell in with what she was saying. He almost ruined it when he belted out a roar of laughter. Tracy’s eyes narrowed and she hesitated slightly and Tom explained, “Sorry, lady. The thought of my mother-in-law being a Madam is a little shocking.”

Tracy laughed at that then resumed her seduction. “Well, she’s good at what she does, whatever she happens to be doing.” She pulled the tie off and worked on his shirt buttons. When Tom reached for her she demurred. “No, sir. A paying customer shouldn’t have to do a thing. Let me.” When his shirt was unbuttoned and pulled out she leaned in and kissed his neck. She traced a meandering finger down his chest and belly until she got to his pants. Her lips followed the trail set ablaze by her finger as she undid his pants. With his belt undone and pants unzipped she reached in and found his cock as hard as she’d ever felt it.

“I see Mister Big Shot likes the attention.” She looked up at him and pushed his pants and underwear down. Her lips continued down his belly until she dropped to her knees. Grasping his shaft she slowly stroked it with one hand while her other massaged up and down his thigh, feeling his muscles twitch beneath her delicate fingers. She buried her nose in his hair, reveling in the musky smell, slightly sweaty and very manly. She groaned as she lifted his balls and licked underneath, drawing her tongue from the fine tangled hair below his balls, up across the slack skin of his scrotum, then between his balls. She slowly sucked each ball into her mouth, lovingly and gently drawing on them. Her hand was still slowly jacking his rod and she could feel his precum joining her hand to lubricate his shaft. She gave little butterfly kisses up his shaft as her hand moved down to fondle his balls. She softly rolled them around in her fingers and as her lips reached the head of his cock she moved her hand down and dragged a nail softly across his perineum.

Tom groaned as his wife played with his genitals. Her hands seemed to be everywhere, from his ass crack, to his balls, and everywhere in between. She’d been kissing his cock but when she took the tip in her mouth and sucked with her tongue massaging his spongy head he gasped sharply and put his hands on her shoulders for support. His hands drifted up and pushed her hair back behind her ears. The vision of her lips surrounding his dick sent paroxysms of pleasure through him and he put his hands on Tracy’s head and pulled her head back and forth on his dick. He heard her moans and whimpers as she swallowed his meat and he figured out that she liked him taking control. He stopped moving her head, just holding her still he started pumping back and forth.

Tracy pulled her mouth off him and looked up, that animal lust in her eyes again. “That’s it baby.” Tracy’s voice was throaty with her desire. “Fuck my mouth. Fuck your whore.” She took his cock back in her mouth again and waited. Tom put his head back and held on tight and began fucking her face in earnest. Tracy was going wild. Her hands moved to her own body, one going back and forth between her nipples, twisting and pinching, while the other dropped to her pussy and she inserted a long elegant finger inside. After the slow entry she began fucking herself in time with her husband’s thrusts. She could feel his cock swell and knew he was getting close. His steady powerful thrusts were becoming erratic and Tracy rushed to try to time her orgasm with his. Within seconds he stopped and let out a guttural moan, his hips flexing sending millions of sperm swarming into his wife’s mouth. Tracy could barely breath as it was and the flood of semen forestalled any quick respite. Despite that, her own climax could not be denied, her mind ablaze at the thoughts swarming through her head, of being a whore, being Tom’s whore, and she swallowed his load. After the first few spurts were gone she pulled her head back, took a deep breath, and released the cries she’d been holding in as Tom’s cock dribbled it’s last few drops onto her face.

Tom released Tracy’s head as she pulled back and staggered back against the door jamb. Dumbly, he watched her kneeling on the floor as her climax continued to rage. Her head was down and she was shuddering and crying out. Tom glanced around in a daze and realized the door was still open. He saw cars driving by, Mrs. Rankovic across the street was tending to her gardens, he could faintly hear the neighbours next door talking in their driveway. He knew Mrs. Rankovic couldn’t hear but he wondered if the Carlisle’s, next door, could hear Tracy and decipher the sounds she was making. It thrilled him to think that they might. Tracy dropped her hands to the floor and leaned forward to catch her bearings. Tom gazed lovingly over her smooth back, from the wideness of her upper back, along the muscles and the groove of her spine to her narrow waist and the two dimples above her buttocks. The only break from top to bottom was the complimentary shapes and colors of her lingerie. He reached a trembling finger forward to touch her glowing skin but she jerked back at his contact.

“Just a second, sir, until I catch my breath. For some reason I always seem to cum harder with you.” She started to get up on shaky legs. “If you want to go on up to the room,” she pointed towards the hall leading to their bedroom,” I’ll be right in.”

Tom grinned at her game. He stepped out of his trousers and underwear and walked away leaving the front door still open. He saw Tracy stand in front of the door to close it, anyone standing outside would have a clear view of her loveliness. He was unsure how to continue so he went into the bedroom and finished disrobing. He stood awkwardly for a moment, unsure how johns behaved when waiting for their whore. Finally he reclined on the bed, head on the pillow and his hands behind his head. After a few minutes Tracy walked in.

“I’m sorry, but before we start any more I’m going to have to ask you for the money up front. It’s the madam’s new rules.”

Tom was perplexed for a minute, not sure how to proceed. When Tracy just stood there running her hands over her luscious curves, enticingly, Tom got the idea. He went back to the front hall where he’d put his wallet and gathered all the cash he had, seventy one dollars. When he put it in Tracy’s hand his own hand was shaking. Tracy counted the money and looked at him dubiously.

“Tom, you know that’s not enough. It’s two fifty for the hour for the full girlfriend experience.”

Tom stammered. “Umm, I’m good for it. Can I bring you the rest later? I had enough but I spent some and I forgot.”

Tracy winked at him. “What happened? Buying useless trinkets for that goody two-shoes wife of yours again? You know she’ll never do you like I will. I’ll trust you to bring enough next time.” Tracy strutted over to him and reached out to grab his cock, stroking it softly. “You do have a lovely cock and it fits me so right. Not like the guy I had earlier. It was too big. I couldn’t stop cumming and it was hard to concentrate.” Tracy moved slowly behind Tom, never taking her fingers off his dick. She kissed his shoulder and caressed his butt with her other hand. “I mean, I really couldn’t stop coming all over that beautiful thing but it left me sore.” She could feel his cock pulsing under her light touch, in time with her words. “The nice thing about your tiny one is it fits so nicely into my ass.” She wrapped her fingers around his dick, his leaking precum providing lubrication as she gripped him firmly and slowly stroked. “My ass is yours alone, Tommy boy.” She stroked faster. “You wanna fuck my ass?”

Tom spun around and tried to grab her. To hell with the game, he wanted to fuck.

Tracy danced away easily, laughter trailing behind her. She quickly kneeled on the bed and walked to the center before lying down on her back. Her knees dropped open wide and Tom could see her inflamed pussy, tight against the satin panties. She pulled the gusset aside and he could see she had freshly shaved and he was surprised to see there appeared to be some residue, perhaps dried cum, on her thighs and ass. She reached down and pulled her pussy lips wide apart. There was some white fluid inside and Tom knew she was telling the truth, at least about fucking. Evan must have come back in the early afternoon for a final tryst. Just like Tom was afraid and hoped he would. Tom followed Tracy and positioned himself between her knees but when he went to lower his throbbing wand to her slit she put a stockinged foot on his chest. She moved her toes back and forth between his nipples, tweaking them.

“You know the drill, Mister.” Tracy’s voice was deep, husky with her need. “If you want your discount on the Girlfriend Experience, you have to pay the premium. Lick my cunt, like a good boy.” She grinned and tweaked her nipples. “Oh, I forgot to clean up after the last guy. You don’t mind, do ya?”

Tom shook his head no, mesmerized by the extent Tracy was taking this to. He shuffled back a bit and dropped his torso onto the bed. With his face now only inches away he could see the traces of cum inside her. He could smell it, that musky smell of another man along with the scent of Tracy’s arousal. As he watched she dipped a finger inside herself and pulled it out, covered in her own juices and traces of semen. She held her finger out to his mouth and he took it in, sucking on it like a little cock. Tom leaned in further, determined to get that tart nectar direct from the source. Tracy’s panties were in the way though, they kept wanting to snap back over her hole. Her hands had gone to his head and grabbed on when he started licking but he pulled himself free and reached up. He grabbed both sides of her panties and pulled outward. Tracy cried out from the pain of her delicates digging in to her skin but she didn’t complain. Tom could see the discomfort on her face but he didn’t care. She was his whore. Finally one leg of the panties tore open and he twisted them back around her other leg.

Tom dove back down, mad with lust, and mashed his face into Tracy’s pussy. There was no finesse, no attempt to please her as he wiped his face all over her leaking slit, covering himself in her sin. After a few moments of this frenzy Tom settled down and went to work. Whore or not, this was his wife and he wanted to please her, something he hadn’t been that concerned about before. He dragged his tongue all over her, catching every drop he could of her emissions and that of her lover. He slathered his tongue up and down the grooves between her inner and outer labia. He tugged on her lips with his teeth and occasionally nipped lightly at her clit. He kept going back and forth between her inner and outer lips and her clit, teasing, sucking, licking, tracing the contours with his tongue. Every couple of cycles he would dip down and lick her perineum, savouring the difference in texture.

Previously Tom’s sex life had been all about his dick. He’d paid perfunctory attention to Tracy’s succulent breasts, a few licks of her nipples before he moved on, if she was lucky. He fingered her just enough to get the juices flowing. Fortunately for him Tracy loved him and he did know how to use his ample penis. Once she was wet he’d stick it in and they’d fuck, missionary style. Sometimes he’d simply lay between her thighs and plow in and out. He had good control and he knew enough to vary his depth and speed to bring Tracy pleasure and he usually brought her to an orgasm or two before he lost his control.

Now though, Tom couldn’t get enough of Tracy. Her smells, sweat, perfume, and her own unique blend of pheromones were now commodities to him. Something for him to cherish, search out and absorb. Now when he encountered smells on her they were a source of pleasure and arousal for him. His mouth got a faint taste of piss when he first went down on her, a few missed drops from her last trip to the bathroom. He loved it. The decadent naughtiness of tasting all her flavours. Now, with his mouth and tongue skating the previously forbidden territory he caught a hint of bitterness, a nasty little flavour that sent a shiver down his spine. No one can ever get perfectly clean unless they have a shower, or at least a bidet, and Tom was encountering that now. He was nervous but he pushed her legs back towards her head and bared both her holes. Thankfully she looked clean so he persevered, timidly applying his tongue to her crinkled hole. He heard her gasp, either from pleasure or shock he wasn’t sure.

Tom moved his hands down her thighs, feeling the straining muscles of her hamstrings, and when he reached her buttocks he held her cheeks as far apart as he could. He could see her rectum parting slightly as he did and, gathering his strength, he dove down and speared her with his tongue. This time Tracy let out a wail and thrust her bottom hard at his face. Her hands had been busy at her breasts up to this point but now she grasped her knees and held her legs back to give Tom more access.

Tom forced his tongue as deep as it would go then pulled back and ran it around the rim. He did that several times in a row before he laved the whole area with his tongue. He pushed his right middle finger inside her pussy and curled it as it moved while he licked her asshole listening for her responses. He was rewarded with even more enthusiastic moans. He could tell the way she gasped and shuddered that she was very excited and he slipped another finger into her pussy. Now two curled finger tips were strumming back and forth over her G-spot while his lips and tongue continued their assault on her anus. Each gasp from Tracy was now accompanied by a plaintive cry and Tom accelerated his rhythm.

“Oh God!” Tracy wailed. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” She was hunching at him, on the precipice, trying to get his digits buried in her as deep as she could get them. She was swept over the edge when he applied his thumb to her clit. Conscious thought disappeared in a wave of ecstasy and a high keening wail replaced the words issuing from her mouth. Tom slowed down his manual ministrations but kept the pressure on as he kept her climax going. Every time she seemed to be slowing down he changed his rhythm or the pressure or the angle of his fingers and Tracy’s orgasm found new life. It was close to two minutes before she finally began to falter. Her voice had long since died out and her paroxysms of pleasure were winding down.

Tracy lay on the bed, temporarily incapacitated. Tom rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled up on her hips.

“Nooooo.” Moaned Tracy. “I’m too tired. Let me rest.”

Tom leaned over and licked at her asshole again, making sure it was still wet. He pulled up onto his knees and positioned his cock at her velvet lips, still sodden with her release. “Since I’m paying for my little whore, I don’t want to waste any time.” He drove his cock deep inside her, eliciting a squeal of delighted shock. He was relentless, pounding hard right off the top for a few minutes. Tracy was rapidly recovering, panting and groaning.

“Oh! God! Oh, Tommy! Oh, fuck me baby.” She started pushing her ass back towards Tom but he suddenly stopped her. Holding her hips he pulled out of her pussy and moved his cock to her rear passage. He swabbed the area with his dick then pushed it back into her pussy for a few more thrusts. Back out to swab her anus, he repeated this process a few times before he pushed forward. He kept a constant and steady pressure and his cock pushed inward on her puckered opening. At first the whole area yielded to the pressure until finally her hole opened up and the head of his cock popped through her sphincter. Tracy let out a squeal when it popped through and Tom just held it there for a minute so she could get used to the size. The pause also gave him a moment to calm down.

“Mmm, does that feel good Tommy?” Tracy asked him, her voice low and sultry. “Does your cock like my asshole?” Tom just groaned in response. “I bet you can’t wait to fuck your little whore. You’re my favourite customer so my ass is just for you.”

Tom was having a hard time restraining himself. Tracy had never talked like this before, it seemed each day she was revealing more and more outrageous behaviour. Tom was hard put to keep up, yet he was going along willingly. “You like that, you little whore?” he hissed. He inched his cock in a little further and Tracy looked back at him over her shoulder. Her eyes were hooded with desire, a look he was getting used to seeing. Tom started sawing back and forth, each time his dick going in another quarter inch. Tracy kept looking at him but he could tell her concentration was slipping, her face screwing up like she was about to cry. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her eyes screwed shut and she finally dropped her head to the mattress. She was pushing her bottom back at him and each forward thrust of his drew a small squeal from her. When Tom was finally bottomed out he stayed there for a minute. He reached under Tracy and played with her nipples while he again struggled to maintain his composure.

After a few minutes Tom started moving again. “Is that what you want, slut?” He sped up the tempo a bit. “You want a hard cock pounding your ass?” He finished that sentence with a slap on her ass.

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” squealed Tracy. She’d been fucked in the ass before, once the day before by Tom, but this was a whole new ballgame. Just being in character like this had her blazing. Plus the fact that it was her Tom she was doing it with, his cock sliding into her forbidden hole, had her in a frenzy. “Oh, God! Tom, it feels so… so fucking good.” Tracy’s last words came out as a sob as her orgasm began.

Tom buried his cock in her ass and just moved it back and forth about an inch, just enough to keep her going. He looked down and the sight of her bum pressed up against his groin was almost enough to send him over the edge too. Gritting his teeth he hung on and, after a minute when her orgasm began to wane, he reached under her and found her sloppy slit. He frigged his fingers across her swollen lips, exhilarated at the squelching sound it created. Tracy squealed again and when he plunged his fingers into her still clenching pussy he sent her on another roller coaster of ecstasy. As he finger fucked her he reached his other hand around and started slapping her clit. Just little taps that sent more shocks through her system. As that orgasm died down he started flicking his fingers rapidly back and forth across her clit and she cried out as another wave crashed over her. She was so wrung out she fell forward onto the bed. Tom didn’t stop, his whole weight resting on her back and hips, until her shudders began easing.

Tom eased his hands out from under Tracy and rolled onto his side, pulling Tracy with him. She curled up into the fetal position and Tom spooned up behind her. She moaned when his hand cupped her breast but he didn’t push it and the both lay there gasping. Soon both of them started to doze off when Tom heard Tracy mumble something.

“What was that, dear?”

“We can’t fall asleep.” Tracy got out, her voice weak and tremulous. “If you wanna cum in me you better hurry. I’ve got another customer in fifteen minutes.”

Tom struggled for a minute, not comprehending, before it came to him again and he pushed himself up. “Okay, slut. I guess I should get my money’s worth.” He pulled Tracy over onto her back and used the blanket to wipe his cock off. With no further ado he slammed it into her pussy. This time it was all for him and he fucked her furiously. Sweat began dripping off his forehead onto Tracy’s face and chest and she was quickly getting back into it, not caring one bit about his sweat.

“C’mon, tiger.” Tracy gasped out. “Fuck my cunt. Make it yours.”

Tom pulled out, rolled her over onto her knees, and pulled her ample hips up to meet him. He plunged deep into her pussy and resumed his frantic pace. He looked down at Tracy as he pounded away at her. Her shoulders were on the bed with her head facing the mirror on the closet door. Her fists were beside her at shoulder level, clenching and twisting and releasing the sheets. Her mouth was open, breathing hard, but her eyes were pinched shut and she was letting out little grunts every time Tom thrust in. He gripped her hips tight, his fingers splayed wide and leaving her skin white. He could see her eyebrows knitting in concentration and suddenly she squealed and slammed back at Tom as another orgasm overwhelmed her. Her cries rang out so loud the neighbor’s dog perked his ears up, although they were unaware of that. Tom could feel her pussy rhythmically gripping his cock and he had to fight a heroic battle not to fill her right there. He stopped moving while her orgasm coursed through her so when her grip loosened on his cock he began slowly moving again. He could see her face in the mirror, her eyes still shut and her forehead wrinkled as if in pain. Sweat was pouring off her forehead and she licked her lips and tried to speak but nothing came out at first, but a croak.

Finally she spoke again, “Five minutes.” she moaned.

Tom groaned in response and pulled out of her again. He flipped her back on her back, her body flopping around like a rag doll. He put her legs up so her knees were at her shoulders and he lowered himself over her, then buried his dick in her again. He took a few tentative strokes to adjust his position then started slamming into her again.

Tracy’s eyes popped open, her face contorted in rage. “That’s it, you bastard. Fuck your little slut like you mean it. Pretend you love me.” She was thrusting her hips back up to meet his.

Tom faltered for a minute. He wondered what the fuck she was talking about. Hadn’t his actions over the last few days shown her how much he loved her. Hell, he didn’t kick her out when he found out she was cheating. What more did she want? He didn’t know but he was sure as hell going to show her, this way. He redoubled his efforts, pounding his rod into her pussy, almost punishing her. She groaned loudly, her breath catching every time she inhaled.

“Is that what you want, my little slut? You want your pussy filled with cock?”

“God, yes!” screeched Tracy as the tremors of a small orgasm washed over her.

Tom had an inspiration. “Who would even think what a little slut you are?” Tracy moaned at his words. “Such a good little housewife, craving cock in your sloppy cunt. Before this weekend I wouldn’t have guessed you even knew that word. I never would have guessed you were peddling this hot ass all over the province.”

“Oh, God! Fuck my cunt!”

“How many other men have you said that too? How many more are you going to?”

Tracy looked up at him, her eyes dim with delayed comprehension. “No… no one, baby. No one elese. Just you and, and… Evan.”

“Did you like fucking Evan?”


“Did you like fucking another man behind my back?”

Tracy shook her head no but her increasing moans and gyrations told him otherwise.

“Did you like fucking my best friend in front of me?” Tom roared.

Tracy closed her eyes and whimpered, biting her lip as she nodded her head.

“I’ll tell you a secret, you little slut.” Tom waited for Tracy to look at him. “I loved watching your pussy get fucked. I loved watching you scream on his cock. I loved watching him fill your cunt with cum. Oh God!” Tom had talked himself over the edge. “I’m gonna… gonna cum… aaarrrgh!!!” He held himself rigid as his semen poured into his wife, his face raised to the heavens. He was feeling shame that the thought of his wife getting fucked by someone else sent him over the edge, yet this was, again, one of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had. As were all of the ones he’d had this weekend. His penis almost burned from the release and his hips were burning from his efforts. Surprisingly his erection merely softened a bit so as soon as the sensitivity receded he began stroking again, slowly. The smell of his semen mixed with Tracy’s pungent fragrance filled his nostrils and he could hear the mixed juices splashing between their thighs as they fucked. Tom began his monologue again.

“Fuck, your cunt is so good at milking my cum out. I bet you could get anybody to fuck you. Would you like that? Just walking up and fucking someone like, say, Deacon Hildebrand.”

Tracy’s head had been slowly tossing side to side as Tom’s voice filled her mind with random images but she stopped and stared into her husband’s face as he looked down at her. He knew! He wasn’t just throwing that name out earlier. Beneath the sweat and the grimace of his exertion she could see the traces of a grin and her eyes slammed shut as another wave of pleasure washed through her. He knew, and it was okay! This time her thoughts weren’t on all the men, and all the cocks she might want, but on her husband and the love she felt for him now. Tom was slowly moving his rod in and out, dragging out the sensations, and Tracy liked that even more than the pounding. She kept her eyes locked on his as they made love and she felt her passion rising again.

The combination of hot, tropical nights and continuing thunderstorms on the Mexican Riviera made for interesting atmosphere at the resort. It was the third straight evening of rain in Tampico, and the guests had elected not to let the dark, violet cloud covered days and humid, wet nights get in the way of their fun. On the contrary, the dark and stormy weather seemed to act as a blanket covering the increasingly exhibitionist crowd, protecting them against thoughts of their real-life doppelgangers with jobs, bills, kids and responsibilities back at home. The more the wind picked up, the more the tequila flowed. The heavier the downpour of rain, the more active the beach became at midnight. The surf washed up discarded fluorescent bikini tops and bottoms, returning them to land after strangers pulled them from whatever willing and nameless body they desired to ravage.

It was this exact atmosphere which led me to seduce my sister’s sleeping husband a few nights ago, and it was this same air which drove him to fuck me hours later. Yet, although the strangers who shared the resort with me were losing all inhibitions, Luke was going in the other direction. All of my little hints, flirtations and advances were clearly and abruptly declined. He was in no way mean or rude to me, but rather kind. Just as kind as he was before I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, and before he forced his slick cock up my ass three nights ago. He was kind to me as any average brother-in-law would be. His common kindness left me feeling empty. His politeness left me feeling desperately alone. His unwillingness to touch me made me cry myself to sleep. As usual, my younger sister had everything, and I had nothing if I did not have Luke.

Putting three little curved fingers up my pussy alone every night in my cabana was no longer alleviating any pain. I walked along the beach every night, waiting for a tall, dark stranger to approach me with lust in his eyes, but it never happened. As usual, despite my best efforts to appear slutty, I couldn’t pull it off — Too short, too tomboyish, and with glasses and little tits to match, I was neglected. I was a ghost. I suppose my childlike cuteness didn’t help either. Most people likely thought I was there with my parents, rather than a 30-year-old woman.

Like a freak, the way I found my excitement was masturbating in public. I’d find a small shadow somewhere to stand, pull my bikini bottoms just below my ass, put two fingers in my mouth, and then part my pussy lips with them. Hidden from view, I’d look out over the fun loving crowd as I pulled my little fingers in and out of my cunt, my breath growing heavier, my panting betraying my desire to remain secret, until I quickly reached a mild orgasm.

Tonight I needed something more. The kink monster inside of me wanted more danger to fuel the fire. Tonight I found myself crouched down, squatting within the six feet between my cabana and Luke and Robin’s next door. They didn’t even need to be home for the risk of being caught to excite the hell out of me. As I stood with my bottoms below around my knees, feeling the crisp wind across my bare, wet ass cheeks, looking thru the window into their dark cabana, I nearly had an orgasm without touching myself.

With my head tilted back up to the night sky, the little raindrops delivering their assault into my open mouth, and with my fingers lodged slightly into my cunt, teasing my clit with their tips, I was just about to cum. “Oh god”, I muttered. I felt the muscles in my thighs tense. For whatever reason, I opened my eyes just before my orgasm and looked thru the window. At this very moment, the door opened, and the lights flipped on, jarring me out of my dreamlike state. I yanked my fingers from myself and dropped to the muddy ground. Fuck! They were home. But they were not alone.

As Luke entered his cabana, his long brown hair wet from the rain and clinging to his sharp cheekbones, his blue-green eyes glassed over from the marijuana I’m sure he’s been enjoying on a regular basis, he tossed his keys on the table. Behind him was my sister Robin, her full, rubenesque figure well on display beneath a wet, sheer, white beach blouse — large round breasts, curved belly, full ass and thick thighs. Her beautiful face looked anxious, like how I remembered it from her birthday parties growing up. Her full cheeks were rosy. Her long, raven black hair clung to her shoulders. Her piercing deep blue eyes had a twinkle of mischief.

She held the hand of a man who entered behind her. A very tall man. A very muscular man. A shirtless, barefoot, bald, muscular man. I fell to my knees, my eyes, wide open, peering thru the corner of the window. I was in shock. I was trembling. I was sure I was dreaming. My sister is more conservative than I! What the fuck was going on?! …I pretended as if it wasn’t obvious. I was somehow able to pull my eyes away from the muscular man for a brief moment, to see Luke taking huge drags off of a joint. My sister turned to face the bald man, and, without a smile, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He delicately held the back of her head as their tongues mingled in each other’s mouths. They kissed like strangers.

After a moment, she broke away and walked to Luke. She kissed him in the exact same fashion, yet a bit longer, and much more lovingly. After the kiss ended, she looked into his eyes. She took his hand and led him to the bald, muscular man. The man pulled his little shorts down to his knees, revealing a long, thick, flaccid cock.

Luke casually dropped to his knees, and took the thick, soft, elastic cock into his hand. The bald, muscular man allowed his head to fall back as Luke sucked him. At this point, my pussy grew soaking wet. The sight of the man I lusted for, my wife’s husband, sucking the cock of another man had me instantly wetter than I’d ever been in my life. I knew positively that Luke was not gay, but his feminine features and demeanor had me captivated in this moment he was sharing with my sister and her lover. I looked at Luke’s small, tight ass and his bare, strong back as he knelt in front of his wife’s lover, his head bobbing up and down on the man’s shaft. Clearly this was just a sex act for him. This man was a sex toy and Luke had no problem taking his body part into his mouth. The muscular bald man kept his hands on his own hips (was this part of the arrangement? That he not touch Luke while he was servicing him?). The man’s cock grew rigid, and Luke sucked harder. My sister stood watching. I saw her mouth moving. She was whispering something to her lover and her husband, but I couldn’t hear what it was. She removed her clothes, and I saw her large breasts lifting up and down, responding to her heavy breath. Her nipples were rock hard. While Luke ran his tongue up and down the muscular man’s now very stiff cock, my sister placed herself on the bed, on her hands and knees, yet facing away from the two men. She arched her back, offering her thick ass and pussy to the bald man after Luke had prepared him sufficiently.

Without touching my pussy, my heavy thighs dripping with rain and my own juices, crouched down in the mud, I swear to you, my clit pulsated and I had a deep, warm orgasm just watching Luke suck this strange man. I put my hand up against the window as I came, reaching out for him. I wanted to help him.

Luke withdrew the man’s large, hard cock from his mouth. I could see his jaw was tired. As Luke stood up and turned around, taking a seat in a chair facing the bed, I could see his own penis was rock hard. Luke was bigger than the bald man. He sat in the small wooden chair, facing both the bed and the window. I couldn’t even entertain the notion of leaving. I was more attracted to Luke now than I had ever been. I wanted to see him fucked by the man. I wanted to see him dominated. And then I wanted Luke to make love to me.

I remained as small as possible, looking in thru the window. Without hesitation, I saw the man walk up behind my sister and slap her ass, very hard.


I heard my sister scream thru the window, over the wind and the rain. The bald man got on his knees behind her. He wasted zero time as he roughly squeezed her round breast and shoved his cock up my sister to it’s base.


My sister cried.

Luke had made this man dangerously horny. The muscular man pumped my sister furiously hard. He squeezed her firmly around her belly as he fucked her pussy. Her entire body shook from the incessant jolts. He pounded her body through her pussy. I wasn’t sure if I was truly hearing the smacking of his hips crashing into her ass, or if I was imagining it. In the end, it didn’t matter.


My sister continued to cry out, both begging him to stop and begging him not to. The big man pushed himself forward, driving Robin into the bed, belly down. His hand still gripped her full breast as he lay over her, driving his cock into her, spreading her lips open with his girth. He fucked her at a rapid clip, and I felt as if I was watching a passionate, slow love making session in fast motion.

I was stunned when I glanced up to see Luke looking into my eyes. He spotted me, and he was angry.

Yet he was still slowly masturbating, stroking his beautiful cock.

“I’m sorry…” I mouthed to him. I’m not sure why I said that, but I did. Luke said nothing. He was looking absolutely nowhere else except into my green eyes. He was looking into me. I felt as if he was inside of me. I was suddenly close to another orgasm, my cunt still aching from the first.

As the man grunted primal, dumb noises when he pulled out of my sister and jacked off over her rear end, Luke glanced at his wife and the man, and back into my eyes as he shot cum onto his own body. The first blast hit him on the neck. The remaining shots landed on his toned chest and stomach, until finally his cock sat in his hand, pulsating, while drops of cum spilled from the tip of his penis over his fist.

He stood from the chair, his still erect rod bouncing as he sauntered over to his wife and exhausted bald man. Suddenly, with Luke standing tall over the two of them, spent on the bed, Luke seemed to be the master in control. He raked four of his fingers over Robin’s ass cheek, gathering much of the bald man’s cum. He put his fingers into Robin’s mouth.

Robin lied face down on the bed, her thick ass exposed, while the men finished their transaction. The strange man put his red shorts on, pulled his wallet from them and handed a thick wad of cash to Luke. The two men exchanged some kind words. I couldn’t make out what was said, but it seems as if the man was asking something of Luke. Luke smiled, and politely declined. The man asked something else. Luke now laughed a bit, and shook his head “no”. Resigned that he would not get whatever he was asking for, the man politely left, and Luke closed the door after him.

Now, alone with his wife, Robin again climbed up on all fours on the bed. Luke ignored her, and walked to the window. I felt fear rush thru my body. I wanted to run away, but I was like a deer in headlights. When he got to the window, he glared down at me, and I, like a frightened child before a spanking, looked up to into his eyes. He reached for the blinds, wanting to pull them down and again shut me out. He again wanted to deny me. Yet, he paused. Not only did he leave the blinds open, but he opened the window. I felt a surge of joy. He was letting me in! Having spent the last half-hour straining to hear from outside, now I heard everything as if I were in the room! I was like an overly grateful dog being allowed table scraps after the meal.

“What are you doing?” my sister laughed, still on her hands and knees. “The rain will get in.”

“Don’t worry about, slut.” He told her. She loved it.

“Oh, I am a slut, aren’t I? What are you going to do to me?”

Luke sauntered up to her, facing her, his flaccid cock dangling at her face. “Did you like watching me suck your lover?”

The question was too erotic for my sister. It needed no verbal response. She took his penis into her mouth.

“That’s good, baby.”

Robin looked up to him. “He fucked me, but you didn’t let him cum in me.”

“Nope,” Luke replied. “Don’t talk. Suck me.”

My sister did as instructed. Luke grabbed her hair and pushed her down on him. “You’re getting better at this. You suck cock like a good slut. Now, like it like an ice cream cone. Like we talked about.” My sister did so. “Good,” Luke said. “God, you’re beautiful. I love seeing your pretty, innocent face with my dick in your mouth.” Robin sucked him harder. “I want to see drool running off your chin.” Soon, he did.

After Luke was about to cum, he pulled out of Robin’s mouth.

“On your back, ready to take it.” My sister rolled over. He stood over her, and again grabbed a fistful of her hair, telling her that he owned her, and that trying to fuss in any way would be useless. He slapped the insides of her upper thighs with his palm.

“OW!” My sister yelled in pain. Luke slapped her sensitive, heavy thighs again. “OW!”

“You’re so fucking sexy. I’m going to put cum in your sexy body.”

Excited, my sister replied, “You will?!”

“You’re body was made to take a big, hard fucking. You can take it, can’t you baby?”

“I’ll try,” she said, as innocently as ever. It hit Luke in the right spot. Still continuing to yank her hair, he climbed on her and slid his large cock in her pussy.

“Did he break it in for you how you like it?” She purred.

“Yes he did, slut. Now shut up.” And with that, he shoved himself inside of her, pushing her thick body down into the bed. My sister moaned, “AAH, OW!”

“I said shut up,” he toyed with her as he again drove into her.

“UUUGH!! You’re bigger, so it still—”

He again fucked her aching cunt, not allowing her to finish.


Luke began rolling into her, like an earthquake growing in intensity. My sister began gasping. I watched her round, resilient body take his thrusts, bounce back, only to again be hit with another thrust. Luke was right — she could take it. He didn’t hold back. He fucked her hard. Her large breasts violently rolled in every direction as he plowed in and out of her pussy, her entire body reacting to the thrusts, yanking her head back by her hair.


He shoved his tongue in her mouth as he froze. It was as if someone had pressed pause. Seconds later, I saw cum squeeze out from between the walls of Robin’s abused pussy and Luke’s swollen cock.

“I love you,” Robin said.

“I love you, too,” Luke kindly replied. The sex games had ended. The role-playing was over. The muscular bald man, their human sex toy, had served his purpose.

I was not prepared emotionally to see them share this sincere, intimate moment. Again, I felt alone and empty. Having just witnessed the most insane, thrilling sexual experience of my life, perhaps second only to what Luke and I shared a few nights ago, the emotional fallout was sharp and sudden. For however erotic, charged and high I felt a moment ago, I now felt equally wretched and hollow. My sister and Luke were just pretending. What they had together was real love. I had nothing.

Hours later, alone in my room at 2 AM, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. My eyes were red and dry from an hour of sobbing in bed. In addition to how lonely I was feeling, I had to contest with all the laughter and joy I heard from the never-ending party going on the beach. Plus, I was sure the Luke and my sister were sound asleep in each other’s arms next door. I needed a drink. I threw on my long, white linen dress over my panties and black bra and headed out to the bar, hoping I could find a quiet spot to drink myself into oblivion. I had to make this stop.

Equally to my joy and horror, I saw Luke sitting alone at the bar. I stopped, unsure if I wanted to talk to him, because I was unsure if he wanted to talk to me. After all, he had appeared furious that I was spying on him earlier. I knew myself too well to think that I wouldn’t eventually need to be near him, so I skipped the hesitation and sat next to him. My instincts were correct — he was pissed.

“What the fuck were you doing out there?” He asked.

“I just needed to be near you. I didn’t know—”

He laughed. “You didn’t know you’d see me suck a stranger and then watch him fuck your sister? That’s shocking.” Luke sarcastically muttered before he downed his tequila, and motioned to the bar tender for another. Thunder cracked loudly overhead and rain poured down. I was quiet for a moment before I cautiously waded in:

“I loved it. Why did I love seeing you with him so much?” I hoped he, the man of my affections, would have the answer.

“You’re asking the wrong person. Maybe you should ask yourself, or your sister. Sounds like you guys are more alike than you realize”.

There was a long pause. The bar was loud with drunk people dancing, playing pool, watching television, etc.

“I have to know…” I started to say.

“About Brett?” Luke interrupted. Luke then gestured to a couple of men in the corner. It was Brett making out with another man, kissing.

“He’s gay. He hit on me the first night we were here. He was sort of tenacious about it. Your sister and I have been in a rut, and for whatever reason it really turned her on that he wanted me so badly.”

“Are you gay?”

Luke again laughed and sipped his tequila. “No, but only because I’m not romantically attracted to men. Brett wants to suck me, but I won’t let him. I’m not interested in letting him put my cock in his mouth.”

“But you’ll suck him?”

“Sure. He’s got an alright cock, and it turns me on that Robin likes it so much. And honestly, it’s flattering that he likes me so much. It’s all taboo and kinky, so I like the kinky thrill of it. What can I say? I like being a sex object.”

He had no fucking idea how much I masturbated thinking of him.

“But I think of it as just like sucking his finger or something.” He casually continued. “For whatever reason, I don’t’ think it’s a big deal. But I don’t want to tell anyone about it.”

“Why would you want to suck his finger?”

Luke laughed at my joke, and eased up on me a bit.

“Maybe I’m bisexual. I’ve always enjoyed using anal toys when I masturbate. And I honestly have no problem sucking a guy’s cock. I just don’t want to kiss them or let them suck me or anything.”

“I thought all men enjoy that? Anal stuff?”

Luke was quiet. He shrugged. “I don’t give a shit what all men like or don’t. I like it.”

His confidence made me hot for him.

“I love your sister to death. I think she’s my soul mate. But…” This was hard for him. He took another drink. “I’m not attracted to her. Watching another man enjoy her, even a gay guy who I had to suck to get hard, it makes me really want her. Maybe it’s a competition thing, but it works. It makes her very sexy to me. “

I understood. “What did he ask you after it was over? Before he left?”

“He had asked I would fuck him, or if he could suck me, and I told him no. Then I told him that was it. No more.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you found us out, and I can’t trust you. Robin is very upset, but it just has to be this way. I just told her Brett isn’t working out, and she thinks we can find someone else to use, but it’s not possible. You watching us made me realize how crazy the whole thing is.”

“I won’t tell anyone!” I saw how happy my sister was, having Luke desire her so much. I hated that I ruined that for her.

Luke was silent. “If anyone in your family found out, it would be devastating. It all was supposed to stay between Robin and I. Brett isn’t exactly someone we could bring to your parents house for Christmas. You watching us made me realize that things are only going to escalate. I don’t want to be searching Craigslist for male escorts, and we can’t find one person to share our life with. So — it’s over.”

Being in the house with Jason after he walked in on me was a little awkward. We were still workout buddies and we’d eat dinner together but there was tension behind our movement. It was like we tried not to get to close to each other or something. I hope Quinn won’t notice it when he gets back tomorrow. I get to pick my man up from the airport at about 8:30 tomorrow night! I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been primping myself since he told me he had his flight arrangements. I got my hair done just like he likes it. I got a brazilin wax yesterday. And I’ve been working out more just so I can show off to him. I miss him terribly!

Tonight’s the night! I’m about to leave the house to pick up Quinn. Jason and I worked out to a new video today, so my body feels nice and tight. I’ve even been doing kegels to get ready. Haha! I put on Quinn’s favorite outfit. He loves my short pink school girl skirt. It’s 14 inches long and is pleated. I paired it with my black tube top and heels. I figured if I was gonna show off, I would do it right! I parked near the baggage claim exit and saw him waiting for his bags through the glass doors. He looked great. Tall, lean, and tan. Perfect. I snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.

“Guess who?”

He chuckled. “I’d know that voice anywhere,” as he dropped his bags. “Hey baby”

He turned around and took me in from head to toe. He had this hungry look on his face as he saw my outfit and hair style. He licked his lips and shuffled from foot to foot. I did a little turn for him so he can see my ass. I know I looked good before he left, but working out with Jason has made my body solid and toned. My ass was a bit higher, which means, so was my skirt. I could see it was hard for him not to reach out and just grab me. His pants were a bit tighter then when I first saw him, and I know he was excited to see me.

He took me in his arms and just held me for a little while.

“You look amazing. But I think you already know that,” he laughed.

“Thanks. I hoped you’d like my outfit. I wore it just for you. You look pretty good yourself.”

“Thanks Babe. God I missed you”

“Missed you too. Let’s get your bags and go home.”

“That is a great idea.” He was staring at my tits when he said that. I took it has a sign the night was going to end well for me.

We got into the car and started the drive home. He was very interested in my legs while I was driving. It was hard to concentrate on the road. He just kept stroking my thigh. Each time, coming closer and closer to my pussy. I had decided not to wear underwear tonight and just knowing he was about to find that out was getting me hot.

He finally came close enough to graze my clit with his finger. I knew he could feel that I was already wet. “You should find a place to pull over. I just want to time with you alone before we get home. I’ve missed being with you so much.”

“Ok. We can go to the beach if we get off at next exit.”


I drove to the deserted beach and parked. I was glad for the summer heat. At midnight, the lake can get pretty chilly sometimes. The lake has always been our favorite place to relax and just sit. We don’t need to talk all the time which is nice. It’s not weird silences, just us sitting there holding each other and enjoying each other’s company. We always keep a blanket in the truck just for these occasions.

I put the blanket down for us. I took my time, making sure it was just right, while Quinn watched from behind me. I took my heels off and stood in the sand, which was still a bit warm from the summer sun.

“You really do look great, Davy,” he said as he walked up behind me, grabbing my hips. “I missed you so much”

I turned around to face him. Putting my arms around his neck, I made the first move and kissed him. Slow at first, trying to get familiar with his mouth again. He responded in kind. Kissing me deeper as he let his hands roam around my body, bringing me in for even deeper kisses.

I pulled away for a second. “How about we lay down?”

“Ok.” He voice came out raspy, like it took everything to say just that one word. We lay next to each other on the blanket. While the kissing continued, so did his hands. He made his way up my thigh to my ass and finally, after spreading my legs a bit, he found my pussy. I was already soaking wet from just his touches.

“Oh, I see you were expecting me,” he said with a smile.

” I’ve been wet for days thinking about you.”

Grinning, he started kissing me again, this time he rolled me into my back while he leaned in between my legs. He had his fingers in my pussy and thumb on my swollen clit.

“Pull off top up.”

Most of his words came out in grunts at this point. I knew when I finally got to have him, he wouldn’t last too long. But I didn’t mind, time was on our side this week.

I pulled off my top and he popped my hard nipple into his month. He was always able to drive me crazy by sucking on my breasts. But this time was made better with him finger banging me. I started bucking my hips as I felt my orgasm coming close. He could feel me starting to shudder every time he put pressure on my clit.

“I don’t think I can hold out much longer!!”

“I want you to cum for me baby. Cum with my fingers inside you”

That did it! I convulsed for about a minute before I finally calmed down. I caught his eyes as I was finally able to focus. He was looking down and smiling at me. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. This time I rolled on top of him. I started in doing his belt while on top. As I pulled his pants down, I slid down his body, never breaking eye contact. He’s always liked it when I do that. Watching me as I watched him while sucking him off made him really excited. I got his pants and boxers down, and took him in my mouth. He released a long groan as I started licking him like a lollipop.

I worked his shaft in and out of my mouth while playing with his balls. Quinn didn’t shave down there but he kept a nice area for me to play with. I put his balls in my mouth while stroking his cock. His was bucking and groaning but he would release yet…until I started on his asshole. I pulled him out of my mouth and stuck my finger in there instead. Once they were nice and lubed, I put one in his puckered asshole. He immediately bucked up.

“Put the other one in there.” He said.

So I did .I didn’t think Quinn could get harder at this point, but somehow, he did. I put his cock back in my mouth while still having my fingers in his ass. I knew that if I kept up this pace, he couldn’t hold out much longer. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Quinn said he was going to cum. I backed off while he stood up. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum and he made sure I got every drop!

We rested for a little bit longer on the beach. Listening to the ocean and just holding each other.

“I guess we should get back home. Jason probably wants to see you too.” I said

“Ok, let’s clean up a bit and go.”

The drive home was nice. We caught up on the last few weeks. Even though we talk to each other on the phone about every other night, it was great being face to face. He was happy to be home, I could tell. I would look over at him while he talked, and he eyes were sparkling. It’s going to be a fun week.

We pulled into the garage and parked. I popped the trunk where we stowed he bag and got out of the car to grab it. As I bent over the truck to grab the handle, I felt Quinn behind me, putting his hand on my hips. I giggled a little from feeling his manhood on me. I can wait to fuck him.

“I think we should make this dinner go by pretty quick, so I can take you upstairs and fuck you silly,” he whispered into my ear.

Then he started to bite my earlobe while his hands sled up my thighs. He was almost to my still wet pussy before I stopped him.

“Jason probably heard us come home. We should go inside before we get interrupted,” I said, breathing heavier just from his touch.

He eased off of me and let me grab his suitcase. As he turned I caught a hint of a smile play on his lips. I knew he was thinking about what he was going to do to me later. I couldn’t wait either.

Quinn led the way to the garage door with my in step behind him.

“Baby, there’s a note on the door.”

“What’s it say?” I said

“It’s from Jason. It says, ‘Hey guys. I figured you would want to spend the night alone, so I made plans with friends. Enjoys yourselves. Quinn, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Hmmm, well that’s a surprise”

“Yeah, that’s nice of him. I wonder where he went. He hasn’t really hung out with anyone in a while.”

Quinn opened the door to the garage for us. The door leads to the kitchen and dining room area of the house. On the table were candles and two place settings. There was food in the kitchen, cooked and ready to eat.

“Oh my! Baby, Jason made us dinner,” I said a little breathlessly. It was great! Jason has always been the better cook of the two of us, so I knew this would be good. He made Chicken Alfredo with veggies mixed in, Caesar salad and there was a bruschetta appetizer. Everything was laid out for us so we just had to sit and eat.

Jason turned and winked at me, “We might as well eat now. I have a feeling we’re going to need the energy.”

We sat down to a great meal and caught each other up on our comings and goings for the last few weeks. It was nice to just sit and talk for once. Of course there was touching though. I mean, I haven’t seen him in three weeks! We held hands, touched legs and feet. We were rarely without contact.

Finally, Quinn said he wanted to go upstairs. With a shit eating grin no less. He took my hand and led me to our bedroom. Closing the door with his foot, he started by lightly touching my arms. We stood in the bedroom for a few minutes kissing lightly, getting familiar with each other again. His kisses started to turn hungry. My lips parted, giving his tongue an invitation to mine. He grabbed the back of my head and suddenly had his hand on my breast. With his thumb and forefinger slowly massaging my nipple, his hand eased out of my hair and down my side.

Jason pulled away from me. “I want you naked and on the bed.”

We parted for just a moment. I slowly took my top, skirt and heels off and lay on my back across the bed. As I climbed onto the bed, he smacked my ass just enough to turn me on more. A spanking always helped the mood. He told me to lay on my back with my legs open. He stood on the edge and just looked at me for a minute. He finally started to undress himself and came closer to me. Jason hovered over me while looking me up and down, like he didn’t know where to start.

“Hmm, let’s start with your tits shall we. I want to you to play with your nipples.”

I lay back on the pillows and did as I was told. With my hands on my boobs, I started needing and pulling until my nipples were hard and firm. I watched him watch me. His cock was stirring with excitement.

“Next I want you to massage your pussy for me.”

I kept one hand on my breast and let the other travel further south upon command and found my pussy was already wet with anticipation. I slid my finger between my moist lips and a groan slipped from my mouth. My clit was throbbing, wanting to be touched. I pinched my clit and you could feel it pulse through my fingers.

“Put your cum covered fingers in your mouth,” he whispered.

I tasted my own salted goodness for him. I sucked on my fingers to make sure I got it all. Then I started to massage my pussy again. This time when I brought my hand up, I offered him my fingers.

“Do you want to taste my dessert,” I smirked.

“Haha! As a matter of fact, I do,” he laughed.

Instead of my fingers though, he went for my throbbing pussy. I gasped in surprise of his tongue on my ever-swelling lips. As he licked me up and down, he placed his finger inside me too. Finger banging while licking any girl will make her want to explode. And that I did!

He kept his mouth on my sex while I came. Not a drop was wasted!

“Damn I missed you Quinn,” I said breathlessly. “Can I return the favor?”

“Fuck yeah you can,” he said, kissing me with my cum on his lips.

He got off the bed and stood waiting for me to come over to him. He had grabbed a pillow for me to kneel on. As I knelt in front of him, he grabbed my hair and guided me toward him hardened cock. Instead of just taking him, I licking his fat head and then blew cool air on him.

“Ahhhh, that’s feels amazing.” He threw his head back with a sigh as I repeated this a few times. Finally, he couldn’t take anymore and pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock through my lips. I managed to take half in my mouth before he pulled out and aimed to push forward again. With a few thrusts, I felt him in the back of my throat, wanting to be swallowed. I grabbed his balls while he fucked my mouth with force, but still gentle at the same time.

I waited for the moment I knew was coming. I loved it when Quinn gagged me with his cock. He put both hands on my head and pushed forward past all my defenses until he was in my throat and he held me there until I couldn’t take anymore.

“There’s a good girl. Just breathe baby,” he said as he pulled back out. He gave me a few seconds to breath before he did it again. His cock charged forward and took over my mouth again. Trying to breathe through my nose like he said wasn’t working to well, but I loved the feel of his cock going down my throat.

He pulled out of my mouth and had me get back on the bed.

“Face down, ass up please.” He smacked my ass again, sending a shiver up my spine. I got on my elbows and knees with my face on a pillow waiting for whatever Quinn had in store for me. I felt the bed dip as he climbed up behind me. Taking his fingers, he rubbed my pussy lips and spreading them. He took a few licks and slowly thrust his fingers into my pussy. After a few strokes, he removed his fingers and inserted one into my ass. I was wiggling and moaning as he stretched out my ass. He gave me another smack, harder this time.

“Stop moving.”

After rewetting his fingers with my juices, he put two fingers in this time.

“Spread your legs wider for me.”

As I did, he gave me a harder smack and thrust his steel cock in my pussy to the hilt. With one hand on his hip and two fingers fucking my ass, I felt full as he pumped in and out of me.

“Rub you clit baby.”

I reached under me and started to rub myself in small circles. As he pumped faster, my orgasm was building quickly and so was his.

“You ready baby? I want you to come with me.”

Oh, I was so ready!

After a few more hard pumps into me, he told to cum. I felt it rise and take over as I exploded into a powerful orgasm. I barely felt him still behind me, pumping while finding his own release in my pussy. As I came back down to my senses, I felt him push me flat on my stomach and the collapse half on half off of me, his softening cock still twitching instead me.

We were both breathing heavy like we ran a 5k. After a few minutes lying like this, he finally pulled out of me and pulled me into him. We fell asleep like this, sated and happy.

I woke up first, and slightly turned in Quinns arms to look at him sleep. He perfect as usual. He had long eye lashes and a full mouth that knew exactly what to do to me. I think he knew I was watching me, because he woke a few minutes later with a smile on his face staring right back at me.

Smiling up at him I said, “Hi.”

“Hey baby. What time is it?”

“About 3 in the morning.”

“How about we take a shower and then get back in bed?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Wait here and I’ll go turn the water on for us.”

He reluctantly removed himself from me and got out of bed. Watching him walk away always made me smile. On top of being tall, tan and handsome, he had a great ass. Quinn has muscles to die for. He wasn’t a “too-big” steroid junkie, but he definitely took care of himself and liked to work out. Weird I know,, but I loved his body so I couldn’t complain.

I heard the shower turn on and after watched Quinn walk back into the room a minute later. Instead of letting me walk, he scooped me up and carried me to the shower. After placing me in the shower, Qunin grabbed my shower gel and started cleaning me from head to toe, carefully avoiding my breasts and pussy. Once he was done, he washed my hair and then conditioned it too. Because my hair is so long, it’s easier to comb through with the conditioner still in it. So he even did that for me. After rinsing me off, he grabbed the shower gel again and cleaned the areas he avoided the last time.

Looking at me with a slight smirk he said, “Turn around and face the wall. Now put your hands on the wall and bend over, spreading your legs.”

I did like he wanted, closing my eyes and waiting for him to touch me. I felt him move behind with his hardening length between my cheeks. He reached forward and soaped up my breasts. He pulled and tweaked them until my nipples were hard pebbles. He then moved to my pussy and started to soap me up there as well. He sled his fingers up and down my lips getting me clean. Moving on to my ass, he soaped me up from front to back until I was panting for him to take to again.

He finally let me stand up and rinsed me off, from my breasts to my pussy and my ass. Once he was done, he had me bend over again, this time using his cock to spread my juices to my ass.

Once he was lined up to my asshole, he asked, “You ready baby?”

“Yes. Please fuck me now,” I breathed.

Knowing it’s been a while since he took my ass, he eased into it slowly. Even when he’s gone, I use my toys to keep my asshole slightly stretched for his return. I’m always tight for him, but I like want to be virgin tight every time he takes me.

Quinn slowly but forcefully feed my ass his cock until he was in all the way.

“Damn, baby! You feel so fucking good. Your ass is squeezing me so tight,” he groaned.

After letting me adjust, he started moving out of me only to start thrusting again. He pulled almost all the way out, until just his swollen head was still in my ass, and then thrust back into me. Not too hard and more forcefully then the first time. After a few more thrust like this, he really started moving in and out of me. With a hand on each hip, Quinn controlled my movements by pushing me forward and pulling me back on his cock. Quinn started moving into me relentlessly, making each thrust harder and harder.

“Play with you clit baby. I’m going to come soon.”

Again reaching for my pussy, I played me myself while he took my ass. My orgasm hit before his and he had to hold my up from falling because my knees started to give way.

“I’m coming too, baby. Your ass is squeezing me so fucking hard.”

I felt it as he came in my ass. He shot jets on come into me, stream after stream. I felt so full of him; I didn’t want him to let me go. He asked me if I could stand up and I did so. He pulled out of him and I whimpered a little because my ass was sore.

“I’m sorry I didn’t go slower for you. I just couldn’t help myself once I was buried in your ass,” he said as he dropped down to his knees behind me.

“It’s ok baby. You felt so good in my ass that I didn’t want you to stop. What are you doing down there?”

He sat on his knees behind me parting my ass cheeks with his hands.

“I’m watching my cum drip out of your ass. You look so fucking hot right now. I think I might have to eat you again.”

Before I could make a sound, his tongue dove into my pussy and he started to fuck me with it. He put his fingers on my clit as well, pinching and massaging it with expertise! Oh the thing Quinn could do with his mouth. My orgasm started building again soon and I was ready to explode again.

I’m a curious guy by nature. I like to find the answers to questions that start “what happens if I…?” And that is how I ended up downstairs in room one of the Family Sauna on my knees with my ass facing the wide open doorway, a pile of condoms and a bottle of lube next to my left knee, and a large pink butt plug sticking out of my ass.

I’d posted the following on the cruise page for the Sauna: “White male chub will be at the Sauna the afternoon of the 27th by 1:00. I’ll be in room one with a butt plug in my ass. Come on in, put on a condom, lube up, pull the plug, and fuck me. No need to engage in conversation. Just fuck. When you are done, put the plug back in. Get it up again? Feel free to have another go. I’ll be there until 4. If there’s more than one guy in the room, I’ll be happy to suck one while the other uses my ass. I have a nice, tight, ass and you won’t be sorry if you decide to fuck it.”

I remember how scared I felt after I’d clicked the button to make this post “live” on the site. I also posted the same message to the bulletin board for my community and on Craig’s List. WTF was I thinking? I guess I’d find out. My biggest fear was that I’d be there all afternoon and no one would take me up on my offer. That would be completely humiliating. It was, based on my experience of the place, a distinct possibility. Some days the action is scarce and the only guys there are meeting other guys by appointment. Personally I’d long ago resolved not to go there without a specific appointment myself. Well, I’d just have to see.

I got there just before one, paid my fee, tipped the cashier, got my towels and locker key and headed down stairs. I stripped, showered, and made a quick survey — there were a couple of older guys sitting in the TV room watching gay porn and surreptitiously stroking their cocks. Two guys taking steam. A couple in room five in a sixty-nine. One guy in the other TV room watching the National Geographic channel. Several guys with towels around their waists wandering the halls. It was time. Room one was unoccupied as I stepped into its semi-darkness. Placing the box of condoms I’d brought next to a bottle of lube on the bed, I prepared. Moments later I was on my knees on the bed, my plugged ass facing the door. My cock was throbbing. A steady stream of precum dripped onto the towel I’d placed under me. A combination of terror and lust made the blood pound in my ears. I was nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo. I don’t wear a watch and I don’t take my phone with me when I go to the Family Sauna. I had no idea how to gauge the time I spent waiting on my knees. What if no one showed up or walked into the room? What if guys just stood in the doorway and chuckled — “look at the cock pig with the pink plug in his ass.” Had I been there half an hour or only moments? Several times I heard low voices in the hall and the sound of footsteps going past, pausing as the Sauna’s denizens checked me out. So far no takers. I was on edge. I hadn’t touched my cock but I felt like I was already on the verge of an orgasm.

More sounds of bare feet on the bare floor. Steps halted. Sounded like two guys. The only light in room one is that which comes in from the hall. I knew someone was there because the light changed. I sensed them step into the room. A low voice murmured “you take him first while he sucks me.” I nearly fainted with relief. I think I must have let out a small moan because I heard the guys chuckle. I heard the rustle of a condom package being torn open; felt the bed shift as someone crawled up in front of me; felt a cock brush my lips; opened my mouth and took it in; hands on my head guiding me; an average cock — not big enough to be uncomfortable to suck — was soon sawing in and out of my mouth; I smelled the scent of freshly washed man — the musk was there but with overtones of the organic soap they keep in the shower here; more rustling noises; hand on my ass; I felt the plug moving as he teased me with it, gently fucking me a bit before slowly pulling it out. I reached back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks. He put his hand on my back to steady himself and then I felt the tip of his cock at my slightly gaping hole. I heard his sigh of pleasure and moaned around the dick in my mouth as I felt a cock slowly slide into me. This guy had big hanging balls and I felt them against my own scrotum as he hilted himself. Two hands on my hips and he went to work, sawing in and out. I was spit roasted for the first time in my life. Bliss! No one spoke. We grunted with pleasure. My cock bobbed and jerked as the two men got into a push-me-pull-you rhythm.

I sensed more guys enter the room. Someone reached under my belly and began playing with my cock. I nearly came on the spot. I was doing my best to give the guy in front of me a good no hands blow job. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth; I just wanted to keep him hard so he could be next in my ass. The guy fucking my ass knew what he was doing and his cock banged my prostate on every stroke sending waves of pleasure across my entire nervous system. More cock stroking and someone was playing with my nipples. The guy in my ass picked up the pace, grunting with effort. Suddenly he grabbed my ass tight and slammed all the way in. I felt his dick jerk inside me and I squeezed my ass muscles for all I was worth, milking him, as he groaned through an orgasm.

“Yeah, man, that’s the way,” the guy in my mouth said in a low voice, “I’m next.” The guy in my ass pulled out, leaving me empty for a bit. Then I was filled fore and aft once more. The cycle repeated for a while — must have had four or five guys take me before what I later thought of as “the big event.” I was sucking a guy while my ass was fucked and the guy in my ass came and withdrew. The guy in my mouth pulled out and was quickly replaced by another guy — this one had a huge dick and I was soon gagging on it until I adjusted. And then my ass was filled again. Even with a condom on, it didn’t take him long to blow his load; guess all that sucking while he watched his buddy bang me must have gotten him to the edge.

“Awwww…fuck!” he cried as his balls emptied themselves into the rubber.

I don’t know how many guys were in the room now. At least three or four. I didn’t care. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my ass and that was what mattered to me. The big dick in my mouth disappeared and another took its place. I trembled in anticipation. I knew I was about to take the biggest cock I’d ever had in my ass. It had felt like about 8 to 10 inches when I was sucking it — I hadn’t managed to get more than half of it in my mouth.

“You ready for this,” a voice from behind me asked, rhetorically.

And then I felt it. A massive erection was slowly, very slowly, pushing into my already pretty well used ass. It was a good thing I’d had the plug followed by two reasonably sized guys before guy three got to me or I never would have been able to take it. Pure pleasure with a little discomfort thrown in — his cock moved slowly inside me taking forever to get all the way inside. I pushed back with my hips.

“Slow down partner,” he murmured, “don’t be greedy.”

He had his hands on my hips and he held me in place while he worked inch after inch of that big dick into my bowels. I used to have an 8 inch dildo that I played with. Never got more than six inches of it inside of me because I was afraid of losing it and having to explain to someone in the ER why I had a large chunk of silicon shoved up my ass. I was groaning continually now around the dick in my mouth as I felt the inexorable progress of guy number three as he pushed himself into me. It seemed to take forever for him to get balls deep, but he eventually did. He flexed his cock. I wanted to scream with pleasure.

Someone slid under me on the bed and I was in a sixty nine with a cock in my face and my own being taken to the balls in a hungry mouth. I was nearly there and mister big dick hadn’t even started fucking me yet. Some guys will just jump on and rabbit, hammering away until they blow a load. I don’t care much for that. I prefer a guy who will take his time. This guy was one of those.

“You like that big cock in your ass,” he said as he began to pull back. I moaned in response. He laughed. “Ever have one this big before? Bet you haven’t. When I’m done you’ll have trouble keeping that butt plug in your ass, pig.”

I whimpered. I didn’t know whether to scream, cum, run out of the room crying for my mother, or what. I was a hot mess. The mouth on my dick was sucking me for all it was worth. I knew that my orgasm was about to present its invoice for payment. The moment of no return was fast approaching. I hoped the guy under me was really hungry because I hadn’t cum for five days (on purpose) and had a big load saved up. But I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled my cock out of the hungry, sucking, mouth beneath me and focused on the cock in my own mouth. His hips were pumping and my nose was buried in his balls on every down stroke. The combination of the cock in my ass and the one in my mouth was almost more stimulation than I could handle. Precum continued to leak from my cock and the guy under me was licking it up as fast as it collected.

I love edging and this was heaven. I had a gigantic dick in my ass and it was pushing my prostate around just right. If that guy under me took my cock in his mouth one more time I was going to lose it. He seemed to sense what I wanted though and just licked the tip when a drop of fluid appeared helping keep me on the edge of an orgasm without pushing me over it. His licking stopped though when his own climax began to loom. I felt the change as his hip movements became more pronounced along with his verbalizations.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Get ready!” he groaned. I grabbed his hips and pulled his dick into my mouth as far as I could get it just in time for his first blast of thick, ropey, cum to explode into my throat. Fortunately I had taken a nice deep breath just a moment earlier because I was busy swallowing for the next twenty seconds or so. It was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever swallowed and I very nearly gagged on the volume. I kept sucking until he pulled out of my mouth. He lay there panting under me, watching my ass get ploughed — what a sight that must have been.

That big cock was really banging me now. I was being well and truly fucked. He was grunting with exertion on every stroke slamming his big unit in to the balls. The guy under me must have started doing something back there as well because I heard Mr. Big Dick gasp suddenly and then slam all the way in and hold my hips against him.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh,” he sighed as he filled a condom with his frothy tribute.

I felt his cock jerk and then he was fucking me again, hard, and I was squeezing him as well as I could. The guy beneath me sheathed my cock in his mouth again and the combination sent me into orbit. I came. And came. And came. Each stroke of that big hammer in my ass sent another wave of jizz from my balls into the throat of that lucky fellow under me. I’ll give him his due though — he swallowed it all. I don’t know how much time passed but I suddenly found myself alone in the room, at least for the moment. The plug was back in my ass but I wasn’t on my knees any longer. I had collapsed in a heap on the bed, spent for the moment, and feeling a warm lassitude wash over me. My asshole was sore but I felt wonderful.

I was laying on my side, half my body bathed in the hallway light. My ass was still pointed at the doorway. There were still people in the room. I heard someone being sucked.

“I’m gonna try him now,” one said, and I felt the bed move as someone got on it with me. The plug was removed and I felt a body next to mine followed by the sensation of a cock seeking my hole. I reached down and gripped the condom covered dick and guided it to my back door. It slid in easily but I clamped down as best I could so as to give my penetrator as much pleasure as possible.

“Damn, he’s still tight,” I heard him say.

This guy was hung too. Not as well-endowed as the fellow before him, but substantial none the less. I like spoon position fucking. It’s not as physically demanding for the one being fucked. I was comfortable, riding a fog of endorphins and residual lust. Often times after a major climax I will be totally uninterested in sex for several hours. That was not the case here. If anything I was even more horny than I had been when I stepped out of the shower who knows how long ago now.

The bed shifted again and I sensed a cock meant for my mouth, which I opened. Soon I was sucking happily away. Someone got between my legs and was licking my balls. I moaned. This made the guys laugh.

“Moan little piggy,” someone said, laughing.

My ass-fucker picked up the pace and was soon dumping his load, his cock jerking and throbbing in my ass as I squeezed for all I was worth once more. The guy in my mouth came seconds later and I swallowed his load. I once more found both my ass and mouth empty. The butt plug had been forgotten. I didn’t care. I rested a while and then collected the empty condom wrappers and used condoms and disposed of them. I took my plug into the shower with me and cleaned it with soap and hot water before showering myself. My asshole would be tender for days, but I didn’t care. I was glowing with satisfaction and knew that I would have a story to relive during those solo forays I would make in the coming days.

It was about 4:30 when I emerged into the darkness of a late December evening and made my way to my car. I was smiling. I was happy. I hoped that the guys I’d serviced that afternoon were too.

Part 5: Home Again

You’re supposed to be able to find forgetfulness in a bottle. And I tried. I succeeded, too, but only temporarily. Drinking and zoning out in front of the TV worked okay until the late night news program came on and they started to discuss sexual harassment on the job, with a special focus on the “under-recognized problem of male victims.” As the guest was pointing out that men can be coerced into sexual acts, I was skeptical. I almost said out loud, “Yeah, like you have to force a guy to have sex.” And then I realized that, of course, I was a victim of the very thing they were talking about. And, that was the end of my blissful oblivion. I was once again very conscious of what I had done these last two Friday afternoons.

As I thought about what had happened, my mind flooded with images–images of the crucial moments: when I had made the decision to go through with it; when I made the first move toward Murphy; when I dropped to my knees in front of him; when I unzipped his pants; when I first touched his cock; when it first slipped past my lips; when he pumped his load in my mouth; and, most embarrassingly, when I’d come in my pants.

And then I was hard. Not *getting* hard. I *was* hard as I could be and I needed to cum. I unzipped my pants and took my cock in my hand. I could tell that I wouldn’t need to do anything fancy to shoot off tonight. A few quick strokes and I would be spurting all over my chest. But as I got close to an orgasm, I grabbed a beer bottle with my other hand and shoved the neck of it in my mouth. I thrust it in and out of my mouth in the same rhythm that I stroked my cock and, within a minute, I was spurting cum all over my shirt. It felt so good to shoot so hard.

I guess I whacked off five of six more times over the weekend. Some times were pretty perfunctory–a quick jack off to relieve the pressure. Other times, I was really creative–undressing in front of the mirror and caressing my body before a long, sensuous stroking session. Once, I took a cucumber out of the fridge, got on my knees in front of the full-length mirror on my bedroom door and sucked on the cucumber while I stroked myself. I shot my load onto a plate which I promptly licked clean. I had never masturbated like that before. I found the fact that I chose to do it worrisome but, even more, I found the experience intensely pleasurable.

Part 6: Week Three in the Office

The next week, I resolved to avoid the Friday summons to Murphy’s office no matter what. I busted my butt pushing clients to order that week. I promised things I was pretty sure I couldn’t deliver; I pressured potential buyers; I even overspent my expense account–thus committing myself to pay personally for the overcharges–in an attempt to seduce what larger buyers I still handled to order now. It was all to no avail. The cards seemed stacked against me. Murphy moved another of my big accounts to another guy in the office. His memo announcing this informed me, and every other guy in the office, that despite my couple of bad weeks recently I had “a proven ability to take a small account and, using a hands-on approach, turn it in to a large one, eventually bringing the relationship to a successful climax.” Murphy expressed his confidence that I “would soon work my magic on whatever he put in my hands.” This was all very embarrassing to me and I wondered if any of the other guys recognized the double meaning that was clearly intentional.

But, of course, no one could have avoided failure, at least in the short term, with the accounts Murphy left me with and it was no surprise to anyone in the office that I was the one getting the dreaded call that Friday afternoon. I went in there thinking I knew the drill. I was wrong–at least with respect to a crucial detail.

“I’m seeing you in here every week, Wilcox,” Murphy bellowed. “What’s the matter? Don’t you like this job?”

I started to explain why my numbers were so bad this week, forgetting for a moment that Murphy hated nothing more than excuses, or anything that sounds like excuses.

“Just shut up, Wilcox, before you really piss me off.” Murphy was getting up out of his chair now and moving to the front of his desk. I knew what was coming next (or maybe I should say who was coming next). I was resigned to it at this point. I got up and started to walk toward him.

“Wait,” he stopped me. “I want you to drop you pants.”

“What?” I was stupefied. What the hell was this all about?

“You heard me, Wilcox. Or don’t you care about your job anymore?”

“But…” I couldn’t get another word out and Murphy didn’t need to. I knew that there was no appeal from his decision–no reconsideration.

Before two weeks ago, I had never really thought about sex with a man and I’d certainly never touched another man’s penis. Now, I’d been on my knees in front of Murphy twice, with his hard cock shooting off in my mouth. Still, I think the most difficult thing I’d done up to this point was to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants. When I unzipped them, they slipped to my ankles by themselves. Now I was standing in front of him looking completely ridiculous, my pants down and my boxers showing under my shirt tails.

“Unbutton your shirt.” And no sooner had he commanded than I obeyed.

“Now drop your shorts.” I paused and he repeated the order in a tone that left no room for disobedience, at least by anyone who expected to be employed here next week. I put my thumbs inside the waistband and pushed them down. It was clear the Murphy wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing until my shorts were around my ankles with my pants.

Thank God I wasn’t hard. I would have died from embarrassment. I think the demand that I undress in front of him really killed the tendency I had to get an erection during these Friday encounters.

“Good. Now get on you knees and get to work. I think you know the drill.”

I did, of course, at least from this point on. It turns out to be kind of hard to get on your knees when you’re hobbled by your pants and underpants. But I finally got down on my knees in front of Murphy and began my duties.

In a strange way, I was relieved to be doing this. My nakedness was largely hidden from him and I was back in “familiar territory.” I wrestled out his cock and got to work sucking him off. Like last week, I decided to try to get this over as quickly as possible. I had him fully hard really quickly. Maybe he got a jump start from today’s special preliminary activities. If so, I’m betting it had little to do with seeing me naked and a lot to do with the power for forcing me to drop my pants for him.

I pumped his cock with one hand and held his large, hairy balls with my other. As I was working my mouth over his cock I became aware of my growing hard-on. I wasn’t just slightly engorged, my cock was standing out ninety degrees from my body now. As I moved back and forth on Murphy’s cock I could feel my own bouncing up and down.

“Oh, God,” I thought, “Please, God, don’t let Murphy see.”

I looked up and saw that Murphy was caught up in his own reverie. I resolved to keep him in such a state that he didn’t even think about my feelings. He grabbed my head and began thrusting deep into my mouth, trying to open my throat. I was in no position to pull away. That would only cause him to look down and see my shame. So I let him fuck my mouth and, then, my throat. I struggled to control my gag reflex and eventually got it under control and simply opened my throat to his thrusting.

I could feel his pubic bone pounding against my lips. He was completely in me now and enjoying the way my throat convulsed around his throbbing cock.

It didn’t take much of this before he was erupting straight down my throat. And I was erupting all over his pants legs and shoes. “Oh my God,” I thought, “there is no hiding it now.” Murphy hadn’t looked down yet. But he would and then he would know. He’d know that I came just from sucking his cock and having him cum in my throat. This time I couldn’t even tell myself that it was the friction against my pants that had made me cum. My cock was thrusting against thin air.

The inevitable happened. Murphy recovered enough to look down and, when he did, he pushed me away from him. My dick was rapidly softening but the evidence of its arousal was all over Murphy’s pants, his shoes and the floor around his feet. He couldn’t miss it. And he didn’t.

“Jesus Christ, Wilcox! What the hell did you do?”

I had no answer so I said nothing.

“Jesus Christ! Clean that up.”

For a dreadful moment, I was afraid he was going to say, as people always do in the porn stories on the Internet, “with your tongue.” Fortunately, he wasn’t into that. Or he just didn’t think of it. I got up and shuffled a few feet to get some tissues from the holder on his desk. Then I fumbled getting down on my knees again to clean up my mess.

When I had done as good a job as I could, Murphy just told me to get out. The tone of disgust in his voice was unmistakable. I got up, pulled clothes together and left the office as quickly as I could. If you had told me either of the last two Fridays that today I would leave Murphy’s office without a cum stain rapidly spreading in my pants, I would have thought that this would be a good thing. As it turned out, I didn’t know if I could show my face at work next week.

Part 7: Confidential Information

To make matters worse, one of my co-workers, Tim, called to me as I was trying to leave. He wanted to ask me a favor, and that required me to stand there and listen. Maybe it was a good thing that Murphy had made me do him with my pants down. There was no way I could have hidden a huge cum stain from Tim while he talked with me.

It turned out that his car was in the shop and he needed a ride home. I lived in the same general direction and I wasn’t doing anything else for the night since Steph was out with the girls tonight. So there was no real reason not to give Tim a lift home even though I think I would have rather just been alone.

On the way to Tim’s house, he suggested stopping by a bar for a drink. I hesitated and he pressed the issue so I gave in and agreed. Maybe it would do me good, I thought, to do something normal like this and not go home to brood about the implications of my actions and responses.

We wound up staying at the bar a long time and drinking more than we should have. It was nice to have a respite from my dark thoughts. We talked about sports, women and work and it was all a great relief until the discussion or work turned to my recent “bad numbers.”

“So, Jason, you’ve been on the carpet in Murphy’s office three times in a row.” I could feel my face turn crimson. I didn’t know how to respond. But, of course, everyone else in the office had been called into Murphy’s office for bad numbers. So I didn’t really think I had to be secretive with Tim. And, the alcohol was loosening up my tongue a bit.

“Jesus, Tim,” I began. “You wouldn’t believe what the old man made me do today.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He made me pull down my pants and underpants before I sucked him off?”


“You heard me,” I said as if it was a funny story to tell on Murphy. “He made me take my pants down before giving him a blow job.” And Tim just looked at me, aghast.

It was only then that I began to realize that something was very wrong. I was still trying to make sense of it–to figure out what I had been misunderstanding when Tim broke out laughing.

“You sucked him off?” he said incredulously. “I mean, you *really* sucked him off?”

“Well, yeah,” I stammered. “You know that.” He didn’t say anything. He just continued to look at me with disbelief, so I rambled on. “You know I was the low seller for the last three weeks. Well, the last two weren’t really my fault,” I was beginning to feel like I had something worth saying so I forged on. “I mean, Murphy took away Electronic Warehouse so I really couldn’t do much after that.”

I don’t think my explanations were even registering. Tim took a long draw on his beer and then began talking while he shook his head slowly.

“You stupid shit! For a relatively smart guy, you really don’t get it do you?” Tim paused but I didn’t know what to say so there was a long silence. “Did you think that people were really sucking Murphy off?” Okay, I’m slow about some things but then it was crystal clear what my mistake had been. I really didn’t need him to go on. But that didn’t stop Tim.

“‘Sucking Murphy’s dick’ was just slang for having to go in and smooth over his feathers. I mean, if we had said ‘smooth over his feathers’ would you have looked to see where his feathers were.” Tim thought that was funny. I didn’t. And I didn’t see what would have been gained by me pointing out that everyone knows that Murphy doesn’t have feathers but he most certainly does have a dick–a fact I was intimately familiar with.

“You really sucked him off?” Tim said *yet again*. Really! How many times did he need to hear this? Okay, I made a stupid mistake. Couldn’t we just let the topic drop and get back to talking about other things. The answer to that unasked question was, of course, ‘no’.

I really couldn’t talk too much after that. Tim asked me to tell him about what it was like but I couldn’t talk about it and I didn’t have the verve to say anything caustic like, “Why don’t you suck me off and find out for yourself?”

As the conversation had petered out, we decided to go home. That was a relief. The first part of the evening had been a welcome relief from my mental turmoil. But since my secret was out and my embarrassment was total, I just wanted to get home and drink myself into oblivion.

Tim didn’t say much as I drove him to his apartment complex. Every once in a while I caught him shaking his head or muttering something like, “Wow!” By the time we got to the parking lot behind his apartment, I was really ready for him to get out. I pulled into a space and waited for him to get out. To my surprise, he didn’t.

“I want you to do it now…to me,” he said and the words hung in the air.

“No!” I said emphatically. And in case that wasn’t emphatic enough, I said it again: “NO!”

“Don’t say ‘no’ to me Jason. You don’t want everyone in the office to know what you did, do you?” Tim looked as if he had me by the proverbial balls. “Do you want everyone saying you’re a cocksucker?”

Well, of course I didn’t. But I didn’t see how sucking a cock would make me less of a cocksucker.

It wouldn’t, of course. But it might help keep me from being *known* as a cocksucker. Tim was betting that I would think that it would and that I would care enough about that to suck him off. When I thought of what my life would be like if the other guys knew that I had sucked Murphy off, I realized that Tim was right. And my failure to say anything in response to his threat let him know that he had won.

“Come on,” he gloated as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “Here it is and I know you know what to do with it.” I looked around the parking lot. There was no activity in sight and I knew better than to argue with Tim. That would only delay things and someone might come into the parking lot. Better to get it over with.

So, I leaned slowly over into the passenger seat and took his cock in my hand, first, and then into my mouth. It would be a cruel lie to suggest that I was any kind of cock connoisseur. Until this moment, Murphy’s was the only other man’s cock I’d touched. But I could immediately tell the difference between Tim’s cock in my mouth and Murphy’s. Tim’s was smooth and Murphy’s was heavily veined. Murphy’s was a bit longer and thicker. And the head of Murphy’s dick was more pronounced. I could really feel the helmet as it pressed back and forth between my lips. And then there was the ineffable difference in the scent.

But there were similarities, too. Tim’s cock was hardening in my mouth just like Murphy’s did. Tim was soon thrusting up to get deeper into my mouth. And, like Murphy, he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed me more deeply on to his cock.

Tim was turned on and moving quickly toward an orgasm. “Good,” I thought. “We’ll get this over and be done with it.” Then I could go into my apartment and drink myself into oblivion. I put my hand around his rigid shaft and pumped him hard into my mouth.

Then Tim went rigid and began to grunt loudly. I could feel his load shooting past my hand, up his cock and then my mouth filled with his thick salty cum. It tasted different from Murphy in ways I couldn’t describe. But there was one difference that was easy to describe. He came a lot more than Murphy. With Murphy, it was really a couple of swallows and my mouth was cleared of his spunk. But Tim seemed to fill my mouth over and over again. I swallowed and swallowed till he finally was spent.

When I pulled my mouth off of his shrinking cock, he muttered, “Oh Jesus!”

I sat back up and Tim just slumped there in his seat, his head thrown back and his slick cock a visible reminder of what I had just done. Not that I needed a reminder; the taste of cum still filled my mouth and my lips tingled with the memory of his cock.

“Get out,” I told him forcefully. He didn’t move; he just sat there panting, recovering.

“Get out!” Then he started to stir so I reinforced it. “Get out. I mean it. Get out now.” He started putting his now limp dick back in his pants. “And you’d better not tell anyone what happened.”

I felt somehow redeemed as he got out of my car. It was as if my demand, and the fact that he had followed it, had recovered some of, if not my manhood, at least my dignity.

I was out of the parking lot within a second of his slamming the door. I didn’t look back. I just wanted to get home. On the way home, I had some time to think. Maybe this wasn’t all bad. At least now I knew that on Monday morning I was going to march into Murphy’s office and put an end to this Friday afternoon blow job crap. Maybe things could get back to normal.

Part 8: Screwing Up My Courage

The weekend was another waste and my Saturday night date with Steph was a disaster. The movie was okay but the sex afterwards–or, more honestly, the *attempt* at sex afterwards–was a flop. Literally.

Through Sunday, I was trying to forget about both Friday evening and Saturday night. And I was trying to screw up my courage to confront Murphy the next morning. Monday morning, I was ready. Or so I thought. But Monday morning didn’t go exactly as I’d planned.

It started out according to my plan. I was in early, knowing that Murphy would be, too. No one else was in the office yet. That was great. Somehow I felt like it would be more possible for me to confront Murphy if I didn’t think of the other guys being just outside the door.

I knocked. Murphy called, “Come in.” And I went in, closing the door tightly behind me.

“Well, Wilcox, what do you want?” Murphy said gruffly.

“I want to talk,” I began.

“You’re already talking. But you’re not saying anything. What do you want to say?”

“I want to talk about the last three Fridays,” I began.

“Well, what about ‘em?” His harshness was putting me off my script and I began to get flustered.

“Well, for one thing, they’re not going to happen any more,” I said defiantly feeling that I had regained some ground.

“Why? You think your sales are going to go up?”

“I don’t know. Probably not if you keep stacking the deck against me.” I saw a flicker of a smile as if he appreciated the fact that I realized what he had been doing. “But what happened before isn’t going to happen again anyway.”

“No one else does that,” I continued. “I mean, when they talk about ‘sucking old man Murphy’s dick’, they aren’t being literal.” Now why had I said that? Was I rehearsing it for my own benefit?

“Well, Wilcox. Aren’t you the bright boy?” Murphy said, getting up from his chair. “I didn’t know that they said that but you’re right. The other guys just come in and act like little boys getting called into the principal’s office. They tell me they’re going to do better and I pretend that I believe them. Frankly, it’s all too predictable and boring.”

This is a product of my brain, and nothing else. There is cross dressing, bisexual contact, anal, bondage, swapping and probably some other fetishes in there. If this bothers you, why would you keep reading?


Spanking and bondage came next as a direct consequence of that first night with Sue and John. Nicole and I had been having hot sex all week after the 4 some, but on the weekend, I really got into calling her a dirty little slut who was cock crazy.

“All you want is big hard cock, don’t you my dirty slut” I whispered to Nicole when we were in bed. “You have been such a nasty wife, you should probably spank you for being such a slut!”

“Are you going to spank your slutty wife?” Nicole teased, her ass squirming in front of me.

“Gawd you are such a tease, you hot little bitch,” I hissed as I pulled her over my knees. She was already naked, so I brought my hand down hard on her bare cheeks a couple of times. My hand prints showed up red on her sexy white ass.

“Ouch,” she screamed and tried to put her hands over her ass. I grabbed one of her thigh high stockings and wrapped it around her hands to tie them up. Then, I beat her ass about ten more times. A funny thing happened on the last swats, Nicole had an orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes, spank your slut wife, yes, I need it. Do it to me. Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrggg.”

“Babe, you just came, didn’t you, you dirty slut,” I asked.

“Oh yea, I did. Really really hard too. You have to try this honey, it really is something.”

So, Nicole tied my hands behind my back and spanked me. I didn’t have the kind of hot reaction she got out of it, but I did have a raging hard on when she finished. I threw her on her back and fucked her for about a minute before I came.

Later that week, I tied Nicole face down and spread eagle to our bed. I slowly teased her running my hands over her hot flesh, taking my time to sink one then two fingers up her soaking wet pussy. When she was finally squirming all over the bed, I pulled up her hips and stuff a pillow under her, raising her ass for my assault.

I beat her ass again, stuffing a large black dildo up her cunt as I did. She came again, harder and deeper than she had the first time. As soon as she came, I mounted her and fucked her till I pumped a huge load into her soggy pussy.

Spanking and bondage entered our lives as part of our expanding sexuality.


The next part of the puzzle was the cross dressing. The interesting thing about cross dressing is that only men can do this. Women already dress in about any clothes style they want.

The cross dressing started with me hounding Nicole to dress more and more slutty when we went out. As she got into sex more and more, it was a little easier for her, but at that time she still was somewhat uncomfortable in short skirt, platform shoes, garters and fishnet stockings.

After one of my bouts of badgering she finally announced “If you like that stuff so much, you wear it for a change.”

“Why the fuck would I dress up like that, and where would we go if I were dressed that way?” I laughed.

She must have thought about this in advance, since, not surprisingly, she is usually one step ahead of me.

“Halloween is coming up in a couple of months. We could go as matching hookers, or hooker and cop. Guess who would be the hooker,” she smirked. Not the most original idea, but it did make her point. “You have been running for years, and you legs look good,” she added. “I bet they would look good in heels and thigh highs.”

“And just why do you think I would agree to let you put me into women’s slut clothes?” I smirked.

“Well, you have great legs from running, you have a nice ass, which you like to get fucked, so who knows, you may just like to feel what it’s like to wear some sexy things,” she answered.

“Maybe, but I don’t feel comfortable going shopping for my own femmy clothes. So how would we get all this stuff for me anyway?”

“You know I like to plan ahead,” she said, and she went to her closet and pulled out a shoe box. She opened it up and there was a pair of black patent leather shoes and a pair of fishnet thigh highs.

She had thought ahead and gotten a pair of 5 inch Mary Jane platform shoes in my size already without me knowing. And since I am 5’8″ and weigh about 155, she was able to get a regular pair of thigh highs. “Come try them on, hot shot. Let’s see how you like them,” she challenged.

“What the fuck,” I thought. Maybe if I put on these dumb stockings and shoes she might be hotter in bed later. It was worth a try, anyway.

“I guess if this gets you into sluttier clothes, I’ll give it a shot, honey,” I said. I put on one of my pairs of black running shorts, and then Nicole helped me pull up the stockings. It felt kind of funny pulling up stocking over my knees, but I must admit it felt kind of sexy, too.

Once the stockings were on, I slipped my feet into the shoes and tightened the strap around the ankle. When I stood up, I got another shock. My legs looked fucking hot. It didn’t look like me at all. I couldn’t believe how a pair of shoes and shoe socks could change my look that much. Damn.

I might have guessed at this outcome. I have an identical twin sister, well, almost identical. In the pictures of us as babies, only my blue blankie versus her pink one show us to be different . She is a bit of a tomboy, about my height, probably 20 pounds lighter with a nice rack. But, when she wants to dress up, she can look really hot.

“Wow, baby, you have fantastic legs, and a great ass,” Nicole said. “I think I am jealous. Walk around a bit.”

Wobbling a bit, I tried to walk around, but I was real unsteady. But, in a few minutes, I was able to strut my stuff. By strutting my stuff I mean not falling or breaking an ankle when I walked.

“Put your legs closer together, honey. Don’t walk like a hooker who just got laid. You look like a drunken sailor,” Nicole laughed as I wobbled around. I was starting to get into it, not so much because I liked it, but because Nicole really seemed to get off on it.

“Come on, let’s try some other stuff,” she sort of panted.

“What other stuff? What the fuck have you been up to, woman?” I demanded, trying to act like I was pissed.

She just smiled and got another box from the closet. “Take off those stupid shorts and put on the little black skirt and the mesh top,” she said.

I dropped my shorts over the shoes, sat down and pulled up the skirt careful not to catch my heels in the fabric, next I pulled on the top. Again, I stood and looked in the mirror. Damn, when I didn’t look at my head, I was kind of turning myself on. This was hilarious, unnerving and kind of erotic, all at the same time.

“Damn your legs look better with the skirt on and just your stocking tops showing. The top looks OK, but you need some boobs, baby,” Nicole critiqued.

I had to agree, from the waist down, I looked pretty good. I actually thought I would find myself attractive if I saw myself in a club, I laughed inwardly. But, from the waist up, I needed help.

“Let’s see what else I can find to make you look like a slut,” Nicole commented as she went into her closet again. This time she came out with a lace bra and some rubber looking boobs. “I thought you might need these, too.”

“How fucking long have you been planning this?” I asked. “It must have taken you some time to get all this stuff together.”

“Not so long as you think. You know once I set my mind on something, I can be pretty fast if I want to be.”

I took off the top and put on the bra with her help. Then she stuffed the bra with the fake boobs and we put on the top again. Again, wow. We seemed to be making a woman out of me from the ground up. I was getting interested just to see how far we could go now. I think if someone saw me from the back, they wouldn’t know, as long as I didn’t walk too much.

“You know, from the neck down you do look like a pretty hot slut,” Nicole gushed as she looked at me.

“Thanks, I think,” I replied.

“Come on, let’s see what we can do for your head,” she said as she motioned me to sit at her vanity.

“Are you talking about the inside, or outside of my head? Or is this about my other head? This is right up your alley now, babe. You are always trying to mess with my head anyway,” I kidded her.

All this was having an effect on me. I had a noticeable bulge growing under my skirt now.

She noticed the bulge. “We will have to do something about that, won’t we,” she mentioned looking concerned. I was thinking of her giving me head, she was thinking about tight panties or something to keep me down.

She sat me at her makeup table, and proceeded to start working on my face with a bunch of stuff that before now I had only noticed in passing. I started to realize why it takes her so much longer to get ready than me. Base, blush, lip gloss, eye liner, eye brow pencil, glitter and a bunch of other stuff went on my face. I started to feel plastered over, like I was in a movie. She had me face away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what she was doing. Finally she got a blond wig she had used before and put it on my head. And then she turned me around.

“Oh my gawd,” was all I could say. It literally did not look like me at all. It was as if I were looking at a picture of some else, actually my sister, when she was a blond. There was a hot blond looking back at me, ready to head out for a night at the clubs. I mean it was weird. I was getting hot looking at the woman in the mirror. It was like I was the canvas for this hot painting of a gorgeous woman. It wasn’t me, but a picture of a sexy lady painted on the frame.

“I thought you might be presentable as a woman, baby, but this is fucking ridiculous. You are fucking hot. Damn, I want to put the moves on you, as a woman,” Nicole mused looking at me, lust in her eyes.

Nicole then came over and started kissing me very aggressively, like she was the man and I was the woman. She pushed her hand under my skirt and started stroking my cock. Just thinking about that got me excited, HER hand under MY skirt. I was rock hard and wanting some place to put my cock, but she had other ideas.

“Get on the bed, slut,” she said to me. I looked at her like a deer in the headlights for a moment, but I got on the bed as she asked. “On your hands and knees, bitch,” she ordered. Now, of course, I knew what was coming. And, I wanted it.

I got on the bed and Nicole took her strap on cock out of her sex toy drawer and slipped it on. She slipped the smaller cock into her pussy and started to lube the other end of it up as she walked back towards me.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out, you fucking slut. You want that, don’t you slut,” she hissed.

“Yessss,” I hissed back. “Fuck me, baby. I want your cock in me.”

And, she did. I felt her ‘cock’ press into my ass, like is has many times before. I moaned as she started fucking me harder and deeper. I fucking loved it.

“You know, bitch, all the men you meet will want to fuck you if you are dressed like this.”

Gawd, I hadn’t had time to think of that, and the consequences of being dressed like a hot slut started to sink in. I would be a sex object to men. As I looked at us in the mirror, I realized that guys like me who looked at women dressed like me who would want to fuck me. I wanted to fuck me. Fuck this was confusing. And hot.

“Yessss, I want to be fucked hard,” was what came out of my sex crazed mouth. Did I really want to be used as a fuck toy for men? I don’t know, but I did want to get fucked by my wife now.

I felt my balls start to tingle as Nicole rammed my ass with her ‘cock’. I rotated my ass back against her hips as my balls started to churn harder and deeper. I was going to cum just from getting fucked, again.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I told Nicole.

“Me too, honey,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

Then my cock exploded as I came hard from the fucking I was getting. Damn that was hot.

“Take my cock you fucking bitch,” Nicole yelled as she came hard. Then she fell on my back.

“Damn, that was fucking amazing, honey,” she said. “Holly shit, baby. That was really intense!” I added.

The rest of the weekend I was in drag trying to get the hang of walking in heels and without looking like a cowboy just getting off a horse. By Sunday night I was doing pretty well, but my feet were killing me. Over the next couple of months we worked on my balance and walking technique and applying my makeup. Both got better, along with the hot sex Nicole and I had that went with it.


Halloween was the next week, and Nicole got both of our costumes. She got me a couple really hot tops and skirts for me to wear. The skirts were short and tight, and she bought bebe tops that were shiny, silver and black. She bought herself a police woman outfit which was basically a really short skirt and crop top. I have never had a prominent Adam’s apple, so that wasn’t an issue either.

She bought garter belts in similar style, fishnet stockings and new shoes. My shoes were the 5″ chunky heel ankle strap platform sandals I mentioned earlier. Hers were again similar, but with spikier heels and different straps. With full make up, we looked like a couple of really hot women.

Lipstick, nails, toe nails, some added hair, false eyelashes, and full makeup. Once again, I was surprised at how good I looked completely made up as a woman. She had a gaff for me so my hard cock wouldn’t show in the front of my tight skirt.

The party was going pretty well when we showed up. This was somewhat planned, as we not so much wanted a grand entrance, which we got, but we wanted the partiers to be in good spirits before we got there. That was the thought, anyway, and along with taking extra time for two sluts to get ready, that’s what happened.

With my over the top slut makeup on and her barely there cop outfit, we were the center of attention for a while until everyone got to make the expected stupid comments.

“Babe, I told you this would work. Everyone thinks you’re hot,” said Nicole.

“Well, at least they aren’t punching me out,” I replied.

“Honey, I don’t think any guy wants to hit you, probably hit ON you is more like it,” added Nicole.

We drank and talked for a couple of hours, and soon everyone was getting pretty tipsy, ok, drunk. As I walked around the house, I got a lot of ribbing, which I expected, and several hands on my ass, pinching or touching, which I didn’t expect. From both men and women.

There was a guy there, Wayne, who was a friend of John and Sue, along with his wife, Angie. They were dressed in old English Tudor style clothes and looked pretty authentic. Wayne had almost movie star good looks, but, I caught Wayne looking at me several times during the evening. More like he was leering at me. I wasn’t sure if he was pissed or what. I kind of tried to avoid him most of the night.

Just after midnight I came out of the bathroom to find Wayne standing there waiting to go in. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

“Hi,” said Wayne. “Hi,” said I.

“You really look hot in that outfit.”

“Thanks, but Nicole deserves most of the credit. She bought the stuff and put on the makeup.”

“Yea, but that is your body she put it all on, isn’t it?” Wayne said as he moved in closer to me. He was about 5 inches taller than me, but with my heels, we were closer to the same height.

“Thank you. I do run a lot, and do yoga,” I replied. Why the fuck did I say that and not just ‘thanks, man’. For some reason I seemed to be reacting to the compliments of another man like a woman. Also, I noticed my cock starting to harden as Wayne moved way into my personal space right now. This might have been trouble and under normal circumstances, trouble like this would have made me think of decking a guy this close to me, or at least pushed him away. Or, maybe this was trouble, just a different kind of trouble.

“You are a gorgeous sexy looking woman, if you don’t mind my saying that to you,” he said, his mouth just inches from mine.

Then, he kissed me. And, he slid his hand around behind my head to hold in place me as he did.

I didn’t know what to do. I know my eyes went wide when he did that, like what the fuck? But, I didn’t move away. Maybe it was the booze, or the clothes, or the fact that this handsome man wanted to kiss the transformed me. But, I didn’t move.

My eyes closed slowly as he slid his hand to my ass and pulled me tighter too him. I felt his tongue brush against my lips, and my eyes opened again, but quickly closed as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. I was melting into his kiss, kissing him back with the same kind of intensity he was giving me. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I was really enjoying kissing him. I felt like a woman, or what I thought a woman would feel doing this.

His hands then moved to the hem of my skirt and pulled it up in back. I felt his fingers slide up my garter straps in back to cup my panty covered ass.

I can’t really explain what happened, but it just felt hot to turn this guy on this much. I guess I kind of felt I was like I was playing the role of a hot sexy slutty woman. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his deepening kiss. My legs spread a little and his leg went between them as our crotches moved together. I was a willing participant now, kissing him with as much energy as he was kissing me.

We were really getting into it, mouths wide open when from behind him a male voice said “Hey, let someone else in on the fun. I’ve been watching her all night too.” It was John.

We broke our kiss and stepped away from each other a little sheepishly. Being part of two guys kissing was somewhat embarrassing, once we were caught. Wayne kind of looked guilty then moved off to the bathroom. He was a little drunker than I thought.

John wasn’t that drunk, and he didn’t waste any time. He looked at me with lust filled eyes, walked right up to me and kissed me. I made no attempt to even try to resist him. I just opened my arms and wrapped them around his neck and opened my lips to receive his tongue. He kissed me deeply and long. And his hands were under my skirt in seconds, running over my ass and along the garter belt and straps. I could feel his hard cock pressing into me.

“I have wanted to do that since you walked in the door,” he said taking a break. I just looked at him, smiled and kissed him deeply again. Long slow deep very very wet tongue kissing. I was so turned on right then that I wanted to be kissed like the slut I was pretending to be.

He kind of guided me into the bedroom next to the bathroom, and pushed the door with his foot, almost closing it. He never took his hands off my ass or his tongue out of my mouth.

I took my hands from behind his neck and slid them down his chest toward his crotch. He got the message and gave me some room so I could run my hands over his pants. He was wearing an orange prison jump suit, and I ran my fingers over his cock outlined the cloth. I could tell he wasn’t wearing underwear.

I also knew I was going to suck him off.

I reached for his zipper and unzipped the jumpsuit. I pushed it off his shoulders, and he finally got his hands off my ass long enough to work his arms free of the orange fabric. The obnoxious looking suit fell to the floor as I worked it down his body.

His cock looked like I remembered it when he fucked Nicole. It was gorgeous. And now the passion he had for my wife he had for me. That thought made my cock throb.

“I need to suck you,” I said as I broke our kiss. “I want to make you cum with my mouth.” I don’t know what made me say that, but it was what I had fantasized about. I wanted to be a slutty cocksucker tonight. And, I was going to be one.

“Yes, I want that too, you sexy bitch. I’ll pay you $50 to suck my cock, you whore,” said John, talking to me in my character.

College Road Trip

“May I help you sir?” The motel clerk was a pleasant looking middle aged woman. She seemed unusually perky considering it was almost midnight.

“I’d like a room for two, please.”

“King or two doubles?” she asked.

I took a quick glance out the glass doors to make sure she couldn’t see my passenger in the car. I deliberately parked just out of view.

“King, please.”

What would she think if she knew that I, a 45 year old happily married man, had an 18 year old boy in the car? And what was I thinking? Did I really believe anything was going to happen tonight with Brandon? Should I change my mind and get the two double beds? I knew that would be the right thing to do but I left it as it was. Hopefully, Brandon wouldn’t mind. I paid with a credit card, took the key card, and walked out to the car.

Brandon was the son of a family friend. My wife and I moved in across the street from them about five years earlier. Brandon’s parents had recently been divorced and his mom got Brandon and the house. She and my wife became good friends over the years. Now Brandon was off to college. His mom wanted to drive him down but it’s an eight hour drive each way and she was in the middle of closing a very important deal at work so, she couldn’t get away. I am self employed and make my own hours, so the wife volunteered me. I didn’t mind, I liked Brandon and enjoyed his company. The plan was to drive up the day before and stay in a motel. That way we could get Brandon moved into his room the next morning and I could get back home in the afternoon.

The problem was that I had recently found out Brandon was gay. That he is gay is not the problem, that I know about it and can’t stop thinking about it is. Over the last few I had been curious about being with another man. I’d never so much as touched another man’s penis or even seen one erect, except in porn. And, since finding out about Brandon, I’d been fantasizing about sucking his cock. It had become an obsession. Now that there might be an opportunity, I had no idea how to approach it. I couldn’t exactly just ask him, “can I suck your dick?” What if he freaked out and told his mom. She would have then, most certainly, told my wife. All I could do was take it slow and see what happened.

Brandon was half asleep with his head on a pillow leaning against the passenger window when I got back to the car.

“I’ve got some bad news. They only have one room left and it has a king sized bed,” I lied.” If you want, we can drive a little further and see if we can find a room with two beds.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said. “We’ve been driving forever and I just want to get to bed.”

We had gotten a late start and hit bad weather and heavy traffic. The eight hour trip turned out to take eleven. I was relieved he didn’t want to look for another motel but nervous about what to do next.

The room was a typical motel room with a king sized bed, TV, and a small desk. The sink and vanity was in an open alcove at the far side of the room with the toilet and shower behind a separate door. I decided to walk across the street to the convenience store to get some beer; liquid courage.

“That’s sounds good, do you mind if I have one?” Brandon asked.

“You don’t think your mom will mind?” I immediately regretted putting myself in the adult chaperone mode, especially since we hit it off so well on the drive down.

“Nah, she lets me have wine with dinner all the time. Besides, I’m going to college; I think she knows I’m going to have a beer every once in awhile.”

I left to get a six-pack, aware that it might be just what I need to break the ice. Brandon had a runner’s build but only weighed about 120 lbs. One or two beers might be all that was needed to loosen him up.

When I returned, I was disappointed to find that Brandon had changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt. He apparently planned to go to bed fully clothed. We both grabbed a beer and Brandon flipped on the TV. I finished half my beer before announcing I was going to take a shower, stripping down to my boxers before going into the bathroom. I was hoping to see some kind of response from Brandon. He glanced at me and I thought I saw him sneak a peek at my crotch but I couldn’t be sure. It was probably just wishful thinking. I kept myself in good shape but what are the chances an 18-year-old would find a guy my age attractive.

By the time I got into the shower I was horny as hell but I resisted the urge to jack-off. I knew that was probably the only relief I was going to get but I was still holding out hope that something might happen with Brandon. I stepped back into the room with a towel wrapped around me. I was able to calm my cock a little but it was still semi-erect and the towel barely concealed it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put on clean boxers in front of Brandon. After all, we were two men and it wouldn’t be that unusual to change in front of him. I dropped my towel to the floor and pulled out a clean pair of boxers from my bag. I was turned to the side, giving Brandon a good view of my cock without being too obvious. I’m average sized, about six inches and not very thick. I don’t know if he was impressed, but Brandon was definitely staring straight at it.

I put on my boxers, grabbed another beer, and crawled under the covers. I noticed that Brandon had grabbed a second beer. He also wanted to take a shower but, to my disappointment, went into the bathroom to get undressed. He grabbed a third beer and took it in with him. The alcohol couldn’t hurt, I thought. I considered ordering some porn but thought that would be too obvious and just watched the news instead.

By the time Brandon got out of the shower I had drifted off and was startled awake. I watched him at the sink brushing his teeth, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Brandon had long, straight dark brown hair that reached just below his collar. His skin was olive, making him appear Mediterranean. He had a muscular back but a small waist. The tight fitting towel showed a tight ass leading to thin but strong legs.

Brandon turned off the light above the sink and walked to the side of the bed. I could just make out the outline of his dick under the towel before he turned the lamp off, leaving only the light from outside, peeking around the curtains.

“How was the shower?” I asked.

“Nice and hot,” he said. “I needed it to warm up, it’s freezing in here.”

“You want me to turn the temperature up on the thermostat?” I offered.

“No, I’ll be fine once I get under the blanket.”

Brandon took off the towel and threw it on the floor. I could barely make out in the dim light that he wasn’t wearing shorts. He got under the covers and lay on his left side with his back to me. That wasn’t a good sign and there was also way too much space between us. I was resigned that Brandon did not share my fantasy. My cock was rock hard and poking straight up creating a tent in the covers. I rolled onto my side facing Brandon and decided to wait for him to fall asleep so I could quietly beat-off in the sheets.

Brandon’s breathing seemed to grow steady after about fifteen minutes. I feigned stretching and reached out touching him with my right hand, letting it rest on the small of his back. If he woke up, I would just pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly, he shifted and mumbled something about being cold again and then scooted backwards so that he was only inches away. I moved my hand to his waist. He was so close, I could feel his body heat. I realized that if I moved forward an inch or two, the head of my hard dick would be touching his butt, but I didn’t dare.

Was he awake? I couldn’t tell by his breathing but he was laying perfectly still. Under the guise of being asleep, I let my right hand drift to his stomach. If he stirred I would just roll over and he would assume it was done unintentionally. I slowly moved my fingers feeling his thin stomach hairs on his tight abs. Then I felt his hand on mine. I froze, still unsure if he was asleep. After being frozen with his hand on mine for a few minutes, I felt Brandon’s hand pushing mine downward to his groin, down past his soft pubic hair to his fully erect cock. I lightly put my fingers around it. I gripped it slowly, still unsure if he was awake or possibly dreaming. I moved my fingers up his shaft and felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Then slowly moved my hand back down and slowly massaged his nearly hairless balls.

Brandon grabbed my hand and wrapped it tight around his shaft and slowly directed it up and down. I took the hint and slowly started jacking him. He moaned lightly and I knew he had to be awake. I moved closer until my dick was pushing against the crack of his ass and continued stroking his shaft. Brandon rolled over to his back and threw the covers off, allowing me better access to his body. I could see the shadow of his dick, hard and slightly curved upwards towards his chest. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste him. I moved up on my left elbow and grabbed him with my free hand, guiding his crowned staff to my mouth. I licked the head tasting his pre-cum then slid my tongue slowly up and down the shaft, bathing him in my saliva. Then I took him until my mouth. His shaft felt like silk wrapped around hard wood. It was thin enough for me to easily get into my mouth. I slowly took him deeper and deeper until I felt the head at the back of my throat. My nose was pressed against his pubes and I realized I had him completely in my mouth. I was proud that I wasn’t gagging at all. It was hard to believe how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth.

Slowly, I bobbed my head up and down, gliding my lips and tongue along his shaft. I could tell it was having the desired effect on Brandon as his breathing got heavier. I alternated between sucking and licking as I massaged his balls. Brandon lifted his pelvis to meet my mouth as he held my head. My own erection was harder than ever as I came to the realization that I was a cock sucker. Gay, straight, or bisexual, I was actually sucking a cock.

I felt his manhood pulsate just as Brandon warned that he was cumming, releasing his grip on my head so I could pull away. But I couldn’t, I had to have his sperm in my mouth. Brandon grunted and moaned and I felt his body spasm as he came. The first spurt came as I had him deep in my mouth, splashing against the back of my throat. I adjusted so the head was just inside my lips allowing the second and third spurts to shoot across my tongue.

Brandon reached over and flipped on the lamp as I continued to lick and suck on his penis, doing my best to clean-up every last drop of cum. Then Brandon opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He must have placed it there anticipating, or at least hoping, that something might happen between us.

“I want you to fuck me Steve,” he whispered.

“Okay,” was all I could say.

Brandon squeezed some lube on his hand and then spread it over my erect penis. Then he handed me the tube and rolled onto his stomach. I knew what to do. I spread his ass cheeks and squirted a little directly on his love hole. I rubbed it in, using my fingers, slipping one and then two fingers inside.

He raised his butt slightly and spread his knees, signaling that he was ready. I pressed my cock head against his rosebud and pushed forward. With a little effort the head slipped in. I took it slow, pushing in a centimeter at a time, pushing in and then pulling back before pushing in a little deeper. Brandon moaned in pleasure. Soon my cock was buried in his ass. I started pumping rhythmically. It was so tight, I could see why some people preferred anal sex to vaginal.

With my hands on his hips, I pumped harder and harder. Brandon had his face turned to the side and I could see the pleasure he was feeling with every stroke. I reached around to grab his cock and found it hard as stone. The feel of his cock and the look on his face only heightened my arousal. Soon, my primitive side was taking over; my sole purpose in life was to cum deep in his ass. By then, Brandon had pushed my hand away and was jacking himself off. Then my orgasm swept through me and I shot load after load deep inside Brandon. I couldn’t remember the last time I came so hard and so much.

Brandon came in turn and buckled beneath me. I collapsed on top of him and kissed his neck. Seeing his smooth face and long hair, it was easy to picture him as a girl. As my dick softened I rolled onto my side and Brandon did the same. We fell asleep spooning with my hand resting on his now flaccid dick.

I woke up early and decided to take another shower. As the hot water flowed down my body I thought about what had happened. Had Brandon liked and wanted it as much as I had, or did the alcohol make him give in. He had at least three beers, maybe four. He had to have been at least a little drunk. I dreaded the thought that last night was a one time occurrence, or worse, that he would think I took advantage of him.

I was startled when the shower curtains opened. Brandon stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Then he dropped to his knees and gave me a slow passionate blowjob, one like I had never had before. I came in his mouth and Brandon swallowed every drop.

We washed each other rubbing soap over every inch of our bodies. When we were done I picked up Brandon and carried him to the bed, still soaking wet. I threw him on the bed and devoured his cock. I couldn’t get enough of it, sucking and licking his rod and his balls, tasting every inch. Like a starving man eating his last piece of bread, I savored his cock knowing that it might be a long, long time before I would have it again.

Brandon came all too soon and I knew we had to get going. We had breakfast at a restaurant next to the motel and then made the ten minute drive to campus. We talked about college, Brandon’s future, the weather, and anything but what had happened. After we carried all of his things to his dorm, Brandon walked me back to my car. He gave me a long, tight hug. I felt my cock getting aroused and wondered if people nearby could tell that we were lovers. I realized I was being paranoid, anyone would just assume we were father and son saying goodbye.

About a week later, Brandon’s mom was visiting and I asked about him.

“It’s funny,” she said. “when he left, he made it clear he wasn’t going to be coming home often, maybe not even for Thanksgiving. Now he wants to come home for Columbus Day weekend. I think he misses his momma.”

Somehow I knew, Mom was not who he was missing.

Part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong


As I lay in Debbie’s bed, listening to the sounds of her sleeping, I thought about the sex we’d just had.

Parts of it had been nice, I mused, but perhaps that was because I’d abstained for so long from being in a woman’s bed. It had certainly been a treat to climax inside a woman after all these years and yet, now that it was over, it bothered me that there had been more wrong with how we’d been together than right. Like lying too long in a bath that had grown lukewarm, I had been left feeling distinctly dissatisfied.

I was finding it difficult to get to sleep because, in spite of the fact we’d made love and I’d released an almost embarrassingly copious load into the condom I’d been wearing, my cock was still achingly hard and feeling painful as the head of it chaffed against my underwear. A persistent erection after having sex with a woman for the first time could be seen as either a very good sign or a very bad sign. I thought, in my case, it was probably the latter.

To start with, Debbie had made a lot of effort both in cooking us a very nice meal and in decorating her bedroom with candles and scented oil burners to give our first pairing a sensual and romantic quality.

We’d got on well — we’d had a lot to talk about and had made each other laugh as we ate — and our kissing and fondling in front of her TV afterwards had seemed like a natural fulfilment of a pleasant time spent together rather than feeling forced or hurried.

Also on the plus side was that she looked beautiful naked — a lot better than a lot of the women I’ve made love to during my life — and had an exquisite pair of firm, supple breasts which, after so long of being without a woman, I was quite simply captivated by. I’d spent ages playing with them, licking them and massaging them, and I was amazed at how much I’d missed the presence of two such apparently innocuous mounds of flesh from my life.

The first problem we’d discovered was that, while she clearly liked me and there was an undoubted sexual attraction between us, what was lurking between my legs held far less appeal to her. Even while we were on her couch, nuzzling into each other and working our hands into increasingly intimate places together, she became agitated when she got a feel of my awakening organ through the front of my trousers and had gasped, groping at my thickening shaft through the material with disbelief, “Oh my God, Rob! Is that your penis?!”

I’d pulled back self-consciously, putting a hand over my bulge. “Is it… er… a problem?”

I suddenly felt about fifteen; like I was having to conceal my disproportionate development from my mother’s puritanical gaze.

“How big is it?” she’d asked in horror. “I mean, how big does it get?”

“I don’t know exactly,” I’d replied with a blush, before going on, “maybe a touch bigger than average,” grossly downplaying my size.

“But you’re such a quiet guy,” she’d said with incredulity. “I had no idea were hiding something like that!”

“It’s not like I’m a serial killer,” I said, trying an empty-sounding laugh to lighten the mood. “It’s just my willy.”

She frowned at the mound in my trousers and I felt myself soften in my discomfort. I’d encountered quite a few women who’d seemed intimidated by the size of my erection, but I’d never had one who had shown such affront.

“I hoped you might like it,” I went on rather feebly. “It can be quite affable when you get to know it.”

“Look Rob… penises aren’t really my thing,” she coldly informed me. “I can cope with small ones, but big ones… well… I’d better be straight with you from the start…”

“What’s the problem with them?” I asked. Although it had never occurred to me before, as women didn’t have penises of their own, it was — I supposed — fairly understandable that some of them might find them strange in their unfamiliarity, perhaps even to the point of being distasteful.

“With yours,” she said, glancing suspiciously towards my crotch, “does the skin of it pull right back from the head of it when you get aroused? So you can see the purple helmet underneath?”

I blushed again slightly; this was a very personal question. Nevertheless, as I was hoping she might be willing to see exactly how it worked quite soon, I replied, “Yes… yes, it does.”

She winced. “Well, that’s what I don’t like: the feel of the skin, all tight and pulled back, against the hardness of the stem. And the really strong smell of the helmet — that horrible, venereal stink that men give off when they’re horny.”

“I don’t think mine is especially smelly,” I said to try and pacify her, although I was well aware that my cock had its own distinct masturbatory odour.

“Once the skin’s pulled back, they all are,” she retorted. “Or maybe I’m really sensitive to it.”

“Well, perhaps you’ll find my scent less offensive than some of the other men you’ve made love with. It could be that you’ve had a few unlucky encounters until now…”

She looked distinctly unconvinced but nodded. “As long as you know from the outset — there’s no way I’ll be able to suck it!”

“That’s okay,” I smiled, trying to be reassuring. “I don’t really like that, anyway.”

Was that what this had been all about — her aversion towards giving men blow jobs? That was understandable: perhaps she’d tasted a guy with grotesquely unwashed cock; or perhaps someone had climaxed in her mouth with a gush of particularly obnoxious semen.

She’d kept her hands well away from my crotch during the rest of our time on the couch, and as long as I did my best to conceal what was going on in my trousers, her shock seemed to abate and she started to relax back into our interrupted cuddling. Indeed, things were starting to look more promising until we got up to her bedroom.

There, in the flickering light of the candles, we undressed each other and kissed again. Once my trousers were off, and as I was kneading her breasts and licking at her peaked nipples, she threw suspicious glances towards the abundant mound stretching the front of my underpants in stark contrast to her tiny lace panties.

When it came to be her turn to remove my briefs and my partially-aroused cock flopped out of them, rising outwards from my body and as thick as her forearm, she grimaced up at me with an expression approaching disgust.

“It’s okay,” I said, struggling to muster a smile. “If you’re worried about penetration, we don’t have to do that.”

“It’s not that,” she said, “I don’t mind that. It’s just how obscene it looks — hanging there all bloated. Like something you’d see on a farm animal.”

“Thanks,” I said tersely. “Your body looks nice too.”

Needless to say I hadn’t told her of the body issues I’d grown up with so, in fairness to her, she was totally unaware of how much she was contributing to them.

“Sorry,” she muttered and pulled down my underpants completely, seeing for the first time how large and heavy my balls are and how low they stretch my scrotum hanging down between my legs. “You’re just such a nice guy, Rob. So reserved. And yet you have these… well… completely disproportionate genitals.”

I threw her an embarrassed smile, trying to lighten what was for me turning out to be an excruciating development in our first evening together. “I didn’t actually choose them.”

She’d cupped my balls in one hand, like one might do to a stud bull to see how much seed it would produce. Then she grabbed at my cock and pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times. Finally, she sniffed inquisitively at the air between us.

“You have a really strong scent coming from down there… very manly.”

Apart from the slightly disdainful way she’d said ‘manly’, the observation could, I thought, be interpreted hopefully.

“Is that a good thing?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I find it really off-putting. Especially the smell of the helmet when it’s exposed… on a small guy it can be just about tolerable, but on you — once you get fully hard — it’ll be really strong.”

At this rate, I thought, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

I did what she’d done: wanked my cock a few times and sniffed at the air to see if I could discern the reason for her aversion. I couldn’t: there was, I admit, a slight tang to the air which might have come from my glans or my foreskin, but it could equally be from the dribbles of piss which had accidentally seeped onto my balls, or from the sweatiness between my legs.

Nevertheless, I tried to appease her, her mention of ‘not minding’ penetration offering a promise of better things to come.

“I try to keep myself very clean,” I said. “But if you’d like I’ll… you know… wash myself down there…?”

I would be offended if she said she would, but with my sights firmly set on what might be on offer on the bed, I’d be prepared to give it a shot.

“It won’t help,” she countered. “It’s something men produce from their glands, I think. It’s probably your testosterone, or something in your urine, but I really don’t like it. It reminds me of the male rats at school.”

That’s nice, I thought. Likening me to a rat is really going to get our night of passion back on track.

She went over to one of her oil burners and poured some liquid into it from a tiny bottle. The smell of patchouli wafted over, pleasant at first but quickly becoming cloying. I’d assumed, when I’d first spotted the oil burners, that she would filling them with liquids known for their aphrodisiac qualities; it seemed she’d actually scoured the shop for those which could neutralise male pheromones.

She came back over to me, her breasts and the small growth of hair between her legs looking delightful in the shadowy gold light from the candles. She threw me an apologetic smile and reached over to kiss me on the lips.

“I’m sorry, Rob,” she said quietly. “I know it’s not your fault and you can’t help it. I told you things were complex for me. This is… well… part of it, I suppose.”

“Have you had a bad experience?” I asked.

“Nothing like you’re probably thinking of,” she said. “Let’s get on the bed… come-on… let’s enjoy our time together.”

I smiled back, the feeling of being the stud exhibit at a cattle market easing a little.

We climbed onto her bed: her with all the grace of a cat; me clambering behind her with my balls slapping around between my thighs and my thick floppy member catching her duvet and making a sticky smear on it. I positioned myself in front of her so that my shin was covering the stain; I didn’t want to freak her out by letting her see a splodge of penile precum on her bedding.

We kissed gently at first and caressed each other’s bodies. I focused on her breasts, of course, and she ran her fingers across my chest. I wondered if she was thinking I was too muscular for her — compared to a lot of men, I’m almost scrawny — but her negativity towards my male physiology made me almost paranoid about anything she could interpret as macho.

As she rubbed my chest, she said she liked the fact I wasn’t very hairy but, even when she was saying it, the reproachful glance she made towards wispy sprouts between my pecs made me wonder whether she would, if we made this a regular thing, petition me to wax or shave what I had.

We kept kissing and I thought it best to keep her attentions directed towards my upper body for a while, to give her time to come to terms that she had an especially well-endowed man on her bed with her. She seemed comfortable with me — attracted to me, even — above the waist and I wanted her to focus on that, not the perceived monstrosity between my legs, as we smiled together and explored each other’s bodies.

Every time she tried to sneak a look down there, I guided her head back upwards and smiled into her eyes. I wanted her to see me — that sweet guy Rob — who she’d met for a meal and who she’d invited over for the evening, not the overgrown rod of flesh that was slumped on her duvet in front of me.

We kissed more deeply — I drove into her with my tongue and she offered little resistance — and soon my cock was starting to lengthen and thicken again. Again, I took care to keep it away from her, so as not to alarm her with how large I knew it would soon grow, and kept urging my foreskin forwards to cover the fattening head of it, hoping to spare her any stray wafts of the masculine odour which she found so offensive.

Eventually, though, I let her look at it again, hoping by now she was more ready to accept me. She stared at it intently, emerging like a third leg from my pubic bush, before looking back up at my face.

I smiled, trying to be as reassuring as I could and hoping she might begin to like what I was offering her.

“It’s so big, Rob,” she muttered uneasily. “And your balls… Jesus…”

Feeling a flush of self-consciousness which I struggled to hide, I looked down at myself. She was right: my testicles looked grotesquely bloated in my tight, red-looking scrotum. They were being pushed outwards on either side of my organ like two, fat, hairy cricket balls.

Why did they have to look so swollen and pumped up with semen on a night like this? Was it being with a woman that had done it; were my sperm factories running on overtime tonight? Did a guy’s bollocks always grow so massive at the prospect of impending sex?

I smiled at her apologetically. “It’s been a while since I had a release — I think they’re a bit full.” I tried a rather desperate chuckle.

She tried to smile back but I could see her distaste. To her I was like some Neanderthal, who could just about dress himself up to pass as a civilised man. Once naked I was revealed for what I really was: a crude savage with an unspeakably monstrous phallus and a scrotum pumped-up and ready to burst forth with thick, dirty spunk.

She looked back up at me and I leaned forwards to kiss her lips. She complied and opened her mouth, and I entered her with as much tenderness as I could muster. She put her arms around my back and caressed my shoulders and I did the same to her.

Perhaps this was what she really liked with a man: gentle affection; a more sensuous connection.

But soon she pulled back. “Your skin is so rough,” she informed me. “There are these fine, coarse hairs.”

I smiled. “Well, to me yours is so smooth. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work — we’re supposed to find each other’s differences attractive.”

She shrugged. “That’s a very male way of thinking. Everything so black and white.”

We kissed again and, while our tongues were wrestling softly inside her mouth, I reached forwards and worked my fingers between her legs. Finding her lips pleasantly large and her opening surprisingly generous, I worked my middle finger into her, gently tickling her plump clitoris with my thumb and pleased that, unlike some women, she seemed to enjoy direct stimulation. Given how large she was, I couldn’t understand why she didn’t like big men more: she could certainly fit a big organ inside her with no difficulty. I worked three or four fingers in and out of her, feeling her moisten quite copiously at my touch, and sniffed appreciatively at the thick vaginal odour that started wafting up from her.

“I like your smell,” I whispered to her. “It’s extremely attractive.”

She looked uncertain as to how to respond and I smiled to show her that I didn’t share her misgivings about how different our bodies were.

I pulled my fingers from her and sniffed at them, smiling more broadly to show her how excited I was by her most intimate scents, and then put one of them to my lips and ran my tongue along it. She tasted exquisite — the large size of her opening seemed to imbibe her fluid with a strong, intensely feminine, flavour, and I leaned back to let her watch my cock visibly lengthening and rising upwards further to express its own gratitude.

I thought she’d like to see how aroused I was becoming by the juice from her vagina — most women I’ve slept with have become turned on at the sight of my cock hardening at the taste of their pussies — but Debbie almost flinched when she saw how erect I was becoming.

Nevertheless, I flaunted myself to her. She had to accept how I was built between my legs if there was to be any hope for us as a couple.

She stared at my organ as it rose up from the bed like she was watching part of the mating ritual of some repellent but morbidly compelling animal. My foreskin was retracting a little, exposing the purple head which seemed to so offend her, but I let it. She had to get used to whatever male odour she thought I had, and perhaps — given time — grow to enjoy it the same way that I relished her smells.

I returned my hand to her pussy and resumed gently fingering her opening and lightly caressing her clitoris. I could see from her face how much she enjoyed it: in spite of her reservations about my penis, she was clearly a very sexual person with the right stimulation.

She closed her eyes as I worked my fingers deep inside her, but I told her to open them and to look at my cock. I wanted her to feel pleasure while she was looking at my genitals; for her to start associating them with nice things to overcome the issues she so clearly had about men.

Whatever she thought of my extreme proportions, surely she had to like something about what I had down there? However distorted they were by my size, these were, after all, pretty standard male genitalia: a cock sticking out from my pubic hair with two balls hanging down in their scrotum beneath it. Surely there must be something between my legs that was attractive to her as a woman…

She did as I asked and for the first time I saw pleasure in her expression as she looked at my cock. That made it continue to grow: the sheer fact of her seeming to like what I was parading for her made my excitement build and my organ readily respond.

As it grew, my foreskin continued to recede and the fattening mushroom underneath began to emerge in all its odoriferous glory. Debbie seemed to accept that I was now aroused enough to expose my swelling cock-head and I fingered her more intently to try and enflame her passion in spite of her deeply-felt reservations.

I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing and she began to work her hips with my rhythm. I could hardly believe how much fluid she was producing, my fingers and the palm of my hand felt like they were dripping with it and the air between us seemed to be filled with its potent, sensual bouquet.

If my cock really was reeking with my sharp odour of my maleness — and I can’t say that I could really smell it myself — I was pleased that it was now joined by Debbie’s more succulent feminine scents. I worked my fingers in and out of her with increasing vigour, fascinated by how much vaginal juices she was releasing and enjoying the gentle gasps she was starting to emit.

Abruptly I pulled out of her — I like the element of surprise — and told her we were going to do something she’d enjoy.

I sandwiched my erection between her breasts and then held them together and slid it up and down between them. She had indeed liked that at first, smiling up at me in pleasure from the feel of my cock sliding between her breasts and the way I was circling her nipples with my thumbs as I held her firm. She didn’t even seem to mind the way my balls thumped heavily against her stomach with each thrust or complain about the sweaty smell from between my legs as I straddled in front of her.

I thought, as I held her like that, pushing myself up and down against her, she was finally starting to appreciate my large organ. I thought she was realising how much fun a man’s cock could be — especially a big one like mine — as a plaything during foreplay.

But then I guess I got carried away and my foreskin must have retracted right back from my cock-head on one especially powerful thrust through the middle of her cleavage.

Chapter 4 — Falling in Love


I spent the weekend after meeting Adam and Ryan relaxing at home, jerking off a couple of times at the memory, but quite satisfied at my recent foray into the world of bisexuality. I had now sucked five cocks, eaten loads of cum, been pissed on, and fucked in the ass. There wasn’t much left to do as far as I knew. I still wanted to suck cock on occasion, but there was no longer a fantasy that I felt that I had to achieve.

Over the next few months, I continued to check out Craigslist, finding few ads worth replying to. In the meantime, work had gotten busy and they had decided to extend my time in Hong Kong another two years, which was great for me since I was saving a boatload of cash here with almost no expenses, as I had neither a car nor a money-grubbing girlfriend. I had received a promotion and was getting worried about my extracurricular activities, wondering if I was becoming too high profile in the corporate world to maintain a secret life as an down-low cocksucker. Still, I couldn’t resist the occasional outing, replying to an ad once or twice a month, visiting a hotel, and sucking an anonymous visitor to completion before jerking myself off. Adam and Ryan had told me a few things about safety and I had since been tested negative, but I had also stopped swallowing cum from an unknown donor. I would suck until the guy was about to shoot, then have him unload on my face. Over the next 6 months I met up with ten guys, blowing each of them without exchanging names. I learned that I had been very fortunate in my early dealings with Matt, Adam, and Ryan: all attractive, in-shape guys with great cocks. The men I met on CL were a varied bunch, but mostly married, out-of-shape and older, with average dicks that didn’t get enough attention back home. I didn’t care though; I had a cock craving that needed to be satisfied on a regular basis. I found myself focusing on the cock as soon as I saw it, ignoring the body and face behind it. I loved a hard cock in my mouth, regardless of its owner. Once I had sucked for a while and the load deposited on my face, I cleaned up and left without saying anything. I felt no shame, but thought perhaps I should, given that I was slumming for cocks on Craigslist. I suppose I was an addict of sorts, needing a new cock every two weeks or so, and I didn’t care where I got it.

This less-than-admirable behavior had continued for half a year when I saw an ad that intrigued me. It was posted by a bi-curious guy who was visiting Hong Kong, but he could not host at his hotel. I had never had another man over to my place, preferring to remain as anonymous as possible, but this guy was clearly new to the game and I felt a sudden longing to teach. I remember how Matt had brought me into this world and I wanted to do the same to this guy. I replied to him with a few questions and he soon responded, giving me his real name, Geoff. I knew he was a total novice at that point, and decided to invite him over. It was a Sunday afternoon and he accepted. I gave him my mobile number as my place could be difficult to find for someone from out of town, and he said he would show up around 4.

Before he arrived, I chilled some beers and started watching a bit of gay porn on the TV to get myself ready. When my cell rang, it was Geoff who, as expected, couldn’t find my place. I had to run down to the street to get him, and was not impressed with what I saw. He was shorter than I am, wispy, thinning blond hair, a bit chubby, and shy, barely shaking my hand or making eye contact. I introduced myself as Alan and showed him my apartment building and told him to go up to my floor where the door was open, I would follow later to avoid any awkward elevator encounters with my nosy neighbors. He complied and I waited a couple of minutes before going back up.

When I got there, he had made himself at home, sitting on the couch transfixed in front of the TV watching the porno I had left on. In it, one guy was sucking another, his mouth swallowing every bit of what looked to be a 12-inch dick. Geoff saw me and asked quietly if we would be doing that. I told him we would be doing whatever he wanted as I realized he had never seen gay porn before, given how slack-jawed he was.

I got us a couple of beers and we sat on the couch, watching the last few minutes of the flick and making small talk. As the film ended and that 12-inch cock shot a huge load on the sucker’s face, Geoff almost whimpered. I noticed his cock was hard in his khakis, so I asked him what had brought him to my place. He took some time to explain how he had been reading erotic stories and in one, a man was forced to suck three dicks by his wife as part of a sex game. He found himself turned on and since then, he had been thinking about guys differently and had started fantasizing about giving a blow job. I recalled that when I first me Matt, he had whipped out his cock without my noticing, but I decided to let Geoff talk some more as I moved closer. His story resembled mine in many ways, straight identified but suddenly, inexplicably, thinking about cock more and more. When I asked him if he had any experience, he blushed in embarrassment, as if being a virgin in this area was unheard of.

I asked him what his fantasies were, and he pointed to the TV, where the porn had started again and the lucky cocksucker was already on his knees taking care of business. I moved next to Geoff and started to softly stroke his cock through his pants, asking him whether he wanted to suck or be sucked. His whole body stiffened, but he managed to emit a quiet “both”, so I unzipped his trousers and told him to stand up. He did so, and I took off his pants, revealing a laughably tight pair of white briefs, tighty whities in the vernacular. I quickly removed those mood-killers along with his pants, allowing his cock some air. He was dripping precum as I put my hand around his shaft, feeling his heat. Geoff sat back down without saying a word, and I told him to take off his shirt. He did so, clearly unsure what would come next. I told him to relax and put my head on his lap, licking his cock for a few seconds while cradling his balls with my other hand. He moaned quietly and I finally put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck it and he came almost immediately, shooting his load without making any noise. I was too surprised to do anything but swallow it, and enjoyed the taste that I had forgone for so long.

When he was finished, he immediately apologized, professing that he had not jerked off in some time. I told him not to worry, and asked him if he was ready to return the favor. He looked unsure, and I didn’t want to force him into it, so I just took off my pants and boxers and showed him my cock, stroking it slowly. He just stared at it, and I knew he had never seen another man’s erection before. Behind me, the porn was still going so I moved out of his way and let him watch it, hoping he would get the idea, while I kept myself hard with the occasional stroke.

He continued to alternate glances between my cock and the suck show on the TV. Finally, he dropped to his knees and I moved my cock to his face, lightly brushing his nose and leaving just a touch of precum there. He looked up at me and I nodded, telling him it was OK without being too pushy. He grabbed my cock and stroked it, too hard at first. I told him to relax and just do what he wanted. He looked again at my cock, then the TV, then he closed his eyes, grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth. His tongue slowly explored my shaft and cock head, and he started to suck. He really didn’t know what he was doing, and I had to ask him to watch his teeth a couple of times, for which he again apologized. Eventually he got the hang of it though, sucking and licking, kissing my balls and putting them in his mouth. It was his first blow job and he was definitely enjoying it.

I sat back down on the couch and let him continue, encouraging him to suck harder or softer as necessary, guiding his head with my hands. After about 15 minutes, he was getting noticeably tired, not surprising for someone whose jaw muscles weren’t accustomed to the action. I was ready to shoot, so I asked him where he wanted me to cum. He wasn’t ready to swallow so I told him I would cum on his face. He didn’t resist, and so I stood up again and began to stroke while he remained on his knees. My cock slapped against his face as I grew closer to orgasm, and he opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue. I put my cock in there and face fucked him for a few seconds and that was enough. I pulled out and shot a rope of white cream onto his cheek. He brought his face in close and moved it around my cock head as I continued to spurt. When I was done, his face was full of my juices. He had done well for his first man-to-man sex, and I complimented him, earning a sheepish grin.

He asked for a towel, so I got him one and pointed him to the shower. I got dressed, and finished the beer while waiting for him to clean up. When he came out, I asked him if he wanted another beer, but he politely declined, saying he had to be up for work early Monday. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself, but he was non-committal as we said an awkward goodbye. I wondered if he would feel any shame, like I had after my first encounter with Matt. After he left, I soon forgot about him though, and ended up going to bed early, exhausted from our afternoon activities.


While at work two days later, I received a text from Geoff on my cell phone, asking if he could come over that night. I was surprised as he had not seemed like a guy who would want to continue this so quickly, but I had enjoyed being the teacher and wanted to see if we could go farther, so I agreed, asking him to arrive around 7.

I left the office a bit early, getting home in time to shower and freshen up. Geoff remembered the building this time and arrived a few minutes late. When he entered, he seemed more confident and attractive, firmly shaking my hand and looking me in the eye. Again, I took him to the sofa and got him a beer. There was no porno on the TV this time, so we started chatting. He told me how much he enjoyed his first experience with me and he wanted to do more. He admitted that he was so nervous at our initial meeting that he couldn’t communicate properly, but this was his truer personality. We started talking about fantasies and he asked about my experiences. I told him a few of my stories, including the time I had a threesome with Adam and Ryan. He was clearly turned on when I described being fucked and as I continued with the tale, he moved closer and started rubbing my leg. He got right next to me and planted a kiss on my cheek and then my neck, tender but tentative. We had not kissed in our previous encounter so I was taken aback at first, but Geoff was persistent. I found his newfound aggressiveness extremely sexy and without thinking I asked him to the bedroom and he heartily agreed.

We got into the bed still fully clothed, and Geoff pushed his body next to mine, continuing to kiss me on my neck, which was turning me on incredibly. He didn’t have any whiskers, so there wasn’t that burning sensation that I had experienced when kissing other guys. I let him continue to kiss me until he moved up to my face and looked into my eyes, searching for a response. I answered with a deep kiss on his lips, and soon we were necking, our tongues in each other’s mouths, holding each other tightly. He broke the kiss and again looked into my eyes and I felt a strange attraction to this man. I tenderly kissed him again as I removed his shirt, lavishing his chest and stomach with even more kisses. He pulled me back to his face and kissed me lovingly. He had clearly been waiting for the right person to show him that man-to-man sex was wonderful and he was a quicker learner than I had been.

As we continued to make out like teens on a first date, Geoff gradually unbuttoned my shirt and took his time with my nipples, lightly biting them and inducing waves of pleasure in me. He was actually a skilled lover now that his nerves had disappeared and my cock could not take the strain, so I undid my pants. Geoff didn’t waste the opportunity, quickly moving down to kiss my cock tent. I shook off my pants and he did likewise, revealing a much more suitable pair of black boxers. He continued to moisten my own briefs before pulling them down and gobbling my cock with abandon. His technique had improved immeasurably since two days before, and he proceeded to give me a great blow job, his hands cupping my balls as he sucked.

After a few minutes, he moved his body around so his cock was next to my face. I took off his boxers and pulled his body above mine, so we were in a true 69 position with me on my back and his manhood hovering above my face. He continued to suck noisily while I admired his rod. It wasn’t big, but it was beautiful, with a sculpted head that I desperately wanted. I pulled him into me and started to suck, paying particular attention to his cock head. Geoff was able to control himself this time and we spent a good half hour just sucking each other, our satisfied slurps the only sounds we made.

Geoff tired first and started to stroke me while giving his mouth a rest. I continued to suck him for a bit, but eventually he pulled out and turned around to start kissing me again. I could taste my cock on his tongue and I knew he could do the same. We made out with passion, the most I had felt for another man, which shocked me. I always considered myself nothing more than an occasional cocksucker, but I was feeling something different for Geoff, perhaps because I was his first.

We looked into each other’s eyes and there was a clear connection. Geoff kissed me softly a few times, and whispered in my ear that he wanted to eat my load. I wasn’t going to refuse his request and it made me doubly horny to know my cum would be the first he would swallow. He quickly went back down on me and resumed this wonderful suck job. Within minutes, he had me on the brink, and he looked up at me in anticipation, eager for his first fill of man juice. I moaned and managed to shout out “I’m cumming!”, all the while looking at Geoff. Amazingly he kept looking at me as I shot my load into his mouth. When I was done, he made a point of swallowing it loudly with a huge smile. He told me he loved it and then kissed me again, deeply, before telling me that it was his turn. He ordered me to lie down and straddled me and told me he was going to cum on my face. I didn’t have much choice as he pinned me down, beginning to jerk off violently. As he approached the point of no return, his face became red with exertion and then he exploded with a yell, his cum going all over the bedsheets and pillows, as well as a few drops hitting my face. Spent in more ways than one, Geoff collapsed next to me. I moved down to suck his cock as it softened while he drifted off.

I let him sleep for a while, cleaning up his mess and taking a quick shower, confused with my feelings. I couldn’t deny our kissing was incredibly passionate and that I felt a spark. Was it because I wanted to bring Geoff fully into this wonderful world or something else?

When I got out of the shower, Geoff had put his boxers back on and returned to the sofa. I was still in my towel and sat right next to him. He smiled and leaned in to me for another kiss. There was no doubt he was into me as the kiss was tender yet firm. I wasn’t quite ready for another session as it was getting late, so I broke it off and got us some beers. While we drank, we started talking about our personal lives. Geoff was living on the West Coast but had trips to Hong Kong once or twice a month. This was definitely his first homosexual experience and he was glad that I was a good-looking guy who wasn’t pushy. As we finished our beers, he told me that he had to leave Thursday, but asked if he could come back tomorrow. I was certainly enjoying our time together and couldn’t think of a reason to refuse, so told him to arrive at 7 again. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he would think about it. Then he asked if we could watch the porn again.

It was getting late, but I found myself wanting Geoff to stay longer, so I quickly turned on the DVD player and started it up. Soon there was a huge cock on screen being sucked by a man and Geoff watched, engrossed. He began to stroke himself without realizing it. As he quickened, I sensed a chance to eat his cum through his underwear, a sensation I loved the only other time I had done it. I got on my knees and told him to stroke harder. Soon he began to moan and I put his cock tip in my mouth, tasting the sweat that had built up in his boxers over the day. When he released, I got a few drops through the cotton, but not much else. I pulled the boxers down, licking the cum off them before sucking the rest off of Geoff’s dick.

When sat back on the couch, Geoff again kissed me deeply. As he pulled away, I found myself asking him if he wanted to stay. He was tempted but he needed to get back for an early wake-up call. However, he said he could stay tomorrow night as his flight wasn’t until Thursday afternoon. I agreed to this and after Geoff had dressed using a pair of my spare boxers in place of his cum-soaked one, we kissed goodbye, a long, romantic clutch. After he left, I took his underwear and put them over my face, smelling his sweat and cum. I lay on my bed and jerked off like that, falling asleep with Geoff’s boxers still on my face.


The next day I got home early to do some laundry, including Geoff’s boxers. When he arrived on schedule, he had brought a bottle of wine and some take out. Our activities the previous evening had not included dinner, and I was touched by his courtesy. Even more impressive was that he had cum in my underwear before leaving his hotel. He handed them to me and told me to eat it, like I had done the day before. I greedily did, licking as much of his drying load as I could while he watched. This relationship was getting interesting and unpredictable and Geoff was slowly taking charge, recognizing I was more of a cum-loving sub.

We opened the takeout and the wine, and had a meal on the couch as we chatted. I had not mentioned eating cum-covered food and decided to let that go for now. Instead we talked about our lives, and I finally told him my real name, which did not surprise or upset him. I gave him more information than I had to anyone else in this man-only world. He did the same, and there was a connection that we were sharing that I had never felt before, even with a woman. Geoff was intelligent and a quick learner. I was proud that I was the one to get him to open up to his bisexuality, but now he seemed to be in control without being dominant or overbearing. Bringing me a load of his cum to eat told me that he understood my needs and I couldn’t have been happier.

We turned on the TV and watched an American sitcom for a while, sitting next to each other so that our legs were touching. I started to massage his shoulders and he leaned over to kiss me. We started to make out again, and again we quickly jumped in bed, soon locked in a 69. I found myself loving his cock like I had done with Matt, sucking and licking it like it was its own being. But this time, I was loving more than just his cock.

As we continued our mutual suckfest, I felt an urge that I had not felt with another man — to rim him. Matt had asked me to do it, but since then it was something I had avoided. With Geoff though, I wanted everything. I removed his cock from my mouth and licked the bottom of his balls, moving my tongue slowly towards his rosebud. Geoff knew what I was doing and opened his ass for me, letting me dig in. I tongued around the outside, feeling and loving that unique texture, making it nice and wet, before kissing it deeply and inserting my tongue. I licked Geoff’s asshole and he stopped sucking me to enjoy the experience. I buried my face in his ass, my hands pulling it apart so I could get as deep as possible. My tongue explored virgin territory for both of us; I had never spent so much time or gone so deeply into another person’s backside.

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