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The next morning when I awoke, all I saw was beautiful, naked bodies strewn around in all manners of collapse. I walked outside and Mike was sitting at the picnic table sipping a coffee.

“Coffee’s on,” Mike said, “Lets go get you one.”

“Even though they are all unconscious, they all looked totally delicious, don’t they?” I commented.

“Have you noticed how satisfied the guys cocks look? Passed out and laying there naked, their cocks look so wonderful. I swear they are smiling,” Mike smirked.

I looked at him and asked, “Do you enjoy cock too Mike?” He looked at me, grinned broadly and nodded affirmatively.

“Damn, I am glad to hear that. My mouth has been watering trying to figure out how I could get my lips around your hot cock myself,” I exclaimed.

He told me he figured I did too because no couple could be as hot as we were without me having had a cock or two in my mouth.

I laughed. “Does Tracy know?”

“She loves watching me with a nice one in my mouth, and elsewhere.”

I told him Connie simply loves watching me too. She gets so hot, she can cum just watching.

“I wish these guys were, can you imagine the fun we’d have. The girls are all bi and now we’ve got them turned on to anal and double penetration. Do you think it would freak them out?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” Mike stated. “Well, we’ve got some of the guys awake, better go and see who needs coffee.”

“No matter what Mike, before you leave, I want some of that cock…okay?”

“I can’t wait…and I want yours too.”

We opened the door of his coach and yelled to the guys, “Who wants coffee?”

They staggered over and climbed inside. “How is everyone this morning?

They grinned and said last night was the greatest night of their life. I laughed and said “Oh hell, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“How long have you guys known each other,” I asked.

They replied that they have known each other for many, many years.

“I wondered because you didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with each others nakedness. When we first met you on the road, you had no qualms getting naked in front of each other.”

They told me that they had seen each other naked many times, in gym class and elsewhere. I asked them where elsewhere was.

Bob explained that one of their fathers had a stash of x-rated DVD’s and they had been jerking off to them for a few years. They said they were really hot and they loved to get together and jack off together to them.

I asked them, “Have you ever touched each others cocks.”

There was a stunned silence and the young guys all turned red. Finally, Phil admitted,”We have jerked each other off.”

“Did you enjoy having another guys hand on your cocks?” They all nodded that it was so very hot.

By now, Mike and I noticed that all four had raging hardons.

“Have you taken it any further guys? I mean have any of you tasted each others cum? What about sucking each others cocks?”

They stammered no when Mike inquired why they all had hardons right now? They just looked at us but it seemed they were afraid to say anything.

“Gary, they all have gorgeous, hot hardons right now. I bet they all have wanted to get their cocks sucked by their friends. What do you think?”

“I agree, from the looks of their boxers, I know it.”

“Well guys…are we right?”

They look sheepishly at one another but they all nod in agreement.

Get your shorts off guys….Mike and I want to show you something.

They stood and their boxers fall to the floor. Four magnificent rigid cocks sprang out, standing proud and hard. Mike and I got naked and our cocks join in. I look at Mike and he is licking his lips as am I.

I take my hand and grabbed Mike’s cock and point at the delicious mound of precum that was leaking from his terrific cock. “Do you see this…it is called precum. Have any of you ever tasted this? It is delicious. Well…have you?”

They all nodded that they have but said they had never tasted anyone elses.

I asked, “Would you like to taste it now?” They said they did.

I told them we’d would show them and sank to my knees. The tip of my tongue swirled over the tip of Mikes fine cock.

The sight of this made their cocks harder than ever before.

They were all leaking huge amounts of precum. Eyes were wide open in amazement as my tongue and lips covered the tip of Mikes hard, hot cock. My hands caressed his swollen ball sac as I gently licked and sucked the sweet precum from his fine cock.

I looked at the guys and they were all stroking their hot cocks. “Fuck, that is so hot!” they exclaimed.

“Try it guys. Lean over and lick the tip of each others cock. Taste their sweet precum, I know you are going to love it.”

They look at each other, first Jim then Randy leaned over and Mike and I told them exactly what to do.

Jim leaned into Phil and Randy bent over to Bob. The sounds of soft moans wafted into the air as they each took turns extracting the sweet clear liquid from the tip of each others cock.

When the precum was gone, they sat up. They each had a smile on their faces and told us that they each had secretly wanted to try that for a long time.

We told them that was just the beginning. I took Mikes cock again and ran my hands all over it. They watched as my hands caressed his cock. I took his cock and with my index finger, I placed it just under the head and held his cock tight to his stomach, fully exposing the soft, sensitive underside of his hard cock.

I got back down on my knees and licked Mikes balls. My tongue lavished pleasure to him as I lifted his balls and swirled my tongue around and over his tight sack. As I moved up and his rigid shaft met my mouth and tongue, they watched as my tongue flattened and I began long strokes up the underside of his cock bringing him as much pleasure as possible. The guys watched in amazement as Mike’s cock responded to my tongue. I took my finger away from the tip and his engorged dick sprang into my waiting face.

The look on the guys faces told me they knew what was coming as I opened my mouth and took Mikes delicious cock into my mouth. Mike began to slowly fuck my hot mouth as my tongue swirled along the sensitive underside. The guys sat there in amazement, stroking each other as they watched me suck Mike deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“This is so fucking amazing!” Jim gasped.

“Watch this,” Mike stated as he felt himself hit the back of my throat. The guys saw that about three inches of his cock was still not in my mouth. “My cock is at the back of Gary’s mouth. It can’t go in any farther, can it?”

I grabbed his ass and relaxed and opened my throat. Mikes cock began to sink fully into my throat.

“Holy Fuck!”, they exclaim as my lips are tight into Mikes pubes. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“If you think it is hot, you have no idea until it is you doing it to your buddies!”, Mike exclaimed. “Cocksucking, like fucking and eating pussy properly, is an art form and I can tell you this, Gary is an artist.”

Mikes cock is still in my mouth as he continues telling the guys how good it is and that if they are going to be really please their women, they need to know how to do this properly because many women really get turned on by it.

I pull Mikes cock from my throat and look at the guys. “Well, what do you think?”

The guys agreed that it was smokin hot.

I ask them if they want to try it. They are already stroking each other and they laugh, “Hell yes”.

“If you do exactly what I did to Mike, to your buddies and they do it to you that way, you will all thoroughly learn to love the taste and texture of any hot cock.” I told them. “Now, just like you did with the precum, give it a try.”

Phil and Randy slid off the sofa and onto their knees. Mike and I gave them pointers as they experienced their first male to male blowjob. Bob and Jim were the first to receive the oral ministrations and they closed their eyes and lay back and enjoyed. Phil and Randy were good students and it seemed to be totally turning them on from the way their cocks were swelling up.

There was some gagging but they learned how to avoid that pretty rapidly. We watched as they licked and sucked the cocks before them. We told them to touch their balls gently while you suck them.

“Do to them exactly what you enjoy yourself. Make them feel good just like you want to feel. It is your first time so don’t worry if you make a mistake. That happens at first but it’s okay.” Mike told them.

“Don’t make them cum yet.” I said. “You’ll have plenty of time later today to taste lots of sweet cream. Now switch places.”

The guys changed places and we gave the other guys the same pointers as they eagerly sucked their friends. They were good students and the new ones were just as eager as the first two. Their enthusiastic mouths were working nicely on their friends tall firm cocks. There were lots of moans and groans as it was obvious that they were all enjoying each other tremendously.

I looked across to my coach and saw Connie and the girls coming towards us. As she approached, she saw me and I put two fingers to my lips to tell her to be quiet but to come in. Connie stopped and told the girls to be very quiet and Tracy quietly opened the coach door and they silently walked in and saw what was going on.

Connie and Tracy smiled broadly and the girls stood there, first in shock and disbelief, then amazement and finally, grinning broadly.

Maria was the first to speak and what she said was memorable. “Without a doubt, this is simply the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t stop guys, suck those cocks. My pussy is gushing. Oh yes, swallow those beautiful cocks. Fuck, look at my nipples they are hard as a rock. I am fucking love this!”

The guys stopped what they were doing, embarrassed, as hell, but at her words and the enthusiastic response from the others, the guys heads went back to the cocks before them.

I looked at the girls and explained that it was only fair as the girls could do all of us but the guys were limited to just the girls.

They all nodded in agreement, never a one taking their eyes off the hot cocks sliding in and out of the boys eager lips. In a heartbeat, all bathing suits were gone and the girls were face first into sweet pussy and ass.

The boys continued changing places, sucking, licking and tasting sweet cock while the girls licked each others twats with a renewed gusto.

Connie came over to me and Tracy to Mike. They were grinning like Cheshire cats. “I can’t believe this but holy fuck, I’m so fucking horny now baby. Thank you!”, she gushed as she planted a wet one on my lips. What else have you taught them?”

“This is it…so far.” I whispered. “The day is young yet and they are eager so I’m sure they will learn more before this day is out.”

“So how did this start?” Tracy asked.

“Gary started asking them some questions and based on their answers he showed them some things on me. They got so turned on that they wanted to try it themselves.” Mike replied. “Oh God, he is a fantastic cocksucker Tracy…Oh Fuck, he is good, I can’t wait to really get it on with him.”

Tracy smiled warmly, leaned over to me, pressed her body tightly against mine and sank her tongue deep into my throat. This gorgeous creature was all over me as she looked up and into my eyes. “I didn’t think it could happen but today promises to be better than before.”

“Fellas, I want to show you something.” I said as I grabbed two of the women and took them over to the guys on the sofa. The two with cocks in their mouths stood up and left two very, very hard men sitting there.

I grabbed Maria and Paula and took them to Jim and Phil who were seated and spun them around facing backwards towards the guys. “Sit on their cocks girls.” They sank their tight twats onto the rigid men and slid down. I told the Bob and Jim to get down and lick the cocks and clits as the men fuck the girls. The guys, now eager for cock, dove in and gently started licking the hot, protruding clits and hard cocks as they sank deep inside the girls.

The women had never experienced a cock inside them and lips on their clits simultaneously. They screamed in ecstacy. The guys dove in enthusiastically. Tammy and Jill began to frantically suck Bob and Jim and everyone was in heaven.

I looked over and Mike’s fingers were in Connie’s dripping pussy as were mine in Tracy. We watched silently as they explored, tasted and moved on to new heights. They changed places repeatedly until everyone had experienced each amazing position. As instructed, the boys had not cum yet. A good thing because this was going to be a long day.

When everyone had tried every position, Connie announced that she needed breakfast. She opened the door and walked bare assed over to our coach with Tracy in tow. The girls looked shocked until Mike said, “It is a Monday morning, the park is empty and if anyone sees us…fuck em. Literally and figuratively.”

I laughed and headed out the door, my hardon taking the lead.

The girls laughed and headed over to help make breakfast.

Mike and I made fresh coffee and headed out to the picnic table with the guys. The cool morning air felt good on our naked bodies. “Well guys, how do you feel?”, I asked.

They each said they felt strange and different but they really liked the feeling but that they were not as good at it as I was. I told them that would come. They asked how I took all of Mike that deep into my throat.

“When his cock hit the back of my mouth, I took a breath, totally relaxed and opened my throat so he could sink his cock down my throat. When you try it, you will gag but if you really relax and keep trying, you get the hang of it. Practice and you will get good. Think of it this way, you are just turning your throat into a vagina.

“When you are home, you will have all the time in the world to practice on each other but, in the meantime, just enjoy each other.”

Mike and I explained that we had more yet to teach the guys.

“The girls sure enjoyed what you were doing”, Mike exclaimed.

They nodded in agreement.

Inside my coach, the conversation was so hot. The girls were oozing as they talked about how hot it was just watching the boys suck cock. Maria said she damned near came right on the spot. Tracy said she always loved watching Mike with a cock in his mouth or up his ass.

“Up his ass…Oh wow, that is so hot. Does Gary like being fucked too?”, Maria asked.

Connie explained that I love men and women equally. “He adores a hot cock in his ass and his mouth and when he gets started, he can’t stop.

“When it happens, I can’t stop cumming. The sight of a man impaled on a cock on either or preferably both ends drives me simply wild.”

Tracy agreed and said Mike is the same way.

“How do we get these guys to enjoy it in the ass, Maria asked?

Tracy smiled and said, “When you are sucking them, lube up your fingers and start finger fucking their ass. Get them used to one finger and then two and then three and they will beg for more.”

Connie laughed and stated that she is betting that Mike and Gary are telling the boys about that right now. She laughed loudly and Tracy took that bet.

Outside, Mike was telling them that there is no feeling in the world like having a cock in your throat and one in your ass. The guys eyes widened and said they had only seen that kind of thing at the porno theater.

“Does it hurt in your ass?” Phil asked.

“Initially yes but if the girls know what to do, they will loosen up your ass for you. To be honest, when a cock hits your sphincter the first few times, it is going to hurt like hell no matter what. The pain will be extreme the first time but it only lasts a few minutes however, if you want to try it, here is a little secret for you. When you feel a cock hit your sphincter, bear down on it like you are going to the bathroom. It will open your ass and the cock will slide in. Once it is in, you stop fucking and let it rest and get accustomed to having a cock in there. After about a minute, your body will relax and you will be able to slowly start fucking it.”

I told them, “If you are the one doing the fucking, it will be the tightest and hottest fuck you ever had. If you are the one being fucked it will give you a totally different type of orgasm. It will be an entire body orgasm and it will blow your mind.”

“After you are finished fucking a guys ass, make sure that you suck their cock and let them powerfully cum in your mouth, unless they have already cum from someone else sucking them while they are being fucked,” Mike explained. “After I am fucked, I cum like a freaking racehorse.”

“Plus, if you want to try it, I have something to really make it special. Ahhh breakfast is served”.

The air is warm, the bounty of nakedness and the underlying lust is inspiring. We laughed and commented on what happened earlier. The girls reiterated that they were so turned on and the guys said that their lust level had notched up so far it wasn’t funny. They agreed and each expressed their feelings and the consensus was that they all thought that stuff like this only happened in movie theaters and that they would never experience it themselves.

“I feel so free now.” Paula exclaimed. “I have always been proud of my body and now, I am not ashamed of my feelings. From the time I discovered boys, I have had fantasies but I never acted on them. As I got older, the girls and I experimented and we loved it but even though I have always craved this, I never had the guts to act on it until now. For years, my pussy ached for the thrill of what I’ve experienced here with you guys. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Maria and the rest agreed.

“Mike and Gary have taught us some new things and from what I now know, there are a few things yet to learn,” Phil giggled. “And I for one, am anxious to learn.

The other guys nodded in agreement and Connie looked at me questioningly.

I unobtrusively held up one, then two and then three fingers. She smiled and so did the other girls. They had seen what I had done. I didn’t know what the girls had talked about inside or if they would even have a clue.

Leave it to our sweet Maria to burst out and say, “Oh WOW, you’re going to try anal too. You’ll love it, I adore it. Don’t worry guys, we’ll help you. We know what to do to make you feel so good.”

The guys froze dead in their tracks. Their eyes wide. “It wouldn’t bother you if we did it?” Bob inquired.

“Bob, when we walked in on you guys earlier, seeing you sucking a gorgeous beautiful cock got me so wet I came right there and then. The very thought of me being able to lower my steaming hot pussy onto your wonderful mouth, lean over and suck your hot cock while watching another cock drive deep inside you had me cccummiing again!” Tammy stuttered as she had a climax right then and there.

“Personally, if what I think is going to happen, happens, I want all of you to be familiar with anything and everything erotic. Look, speaking only for myself but women can search ten lifetimes and never find such wonderful guys like you. I’m not about to let any of you go!”, Jill gushed breathlessly.

There was a chorus of agreement amongst the women and the guys just smiled happily.

After coffee and fresh rolls, we headed to the pool for a refreshing dip. Of course, we all wore our suits on the way to the pool. As we got there, the park manager rolled up on his golf cart and motioned Mike and I over to him at the gate. We greeted him warmly and he returned the greeting.

“I noticed you having breakfast in the nude this morning and that you don’t have any worries as the park is indeed empty. If anyone does come in, we’ll put them on the exact other side of the park. I couldn’t help but notice that the women were, indeed, some of the sexiest I have ever seen. We envy you.”

“We?, Mike asked.

“My wife and I,” he explained.

We invited them to join us if they wanted.

“I doubt that you would enjoy what my wife and I enjoy and besides, they are in our late 50′s and You are so much younger.”

Mike and I laughed and asked him if he meant we wouldn’t like an older bi couple and he just stared at us.

He kinda gulped and said, “Yes.”

We assured him that we were all bi and not to worry.

“Besides I noticed your blonde, statuesque wife when we checked in and she was definitely smoking hot. You look in shape and have a great personality too. We’d love to have you join us.”

He said he’d ask his wife and let us know in a few minutes.

We went back to the pool and called a quick meeting. We explained the situation and they all agreed that that would be wonderful.

Mark, the park manager came back in a few minutes and told us his wife was completely into it. Apparently she had seen us as well.

It seems the guy who is on the desk is someone they play with and they told him to keep our part of the park completely private.

A few minutes later, this tall, gorgeous Scandinavian blonde pulled up on her golf cart and introduced herself and Inga. She headed to the pool where we introduced her to Connie and Tracy who were already licking their lips at the sight of this woman.

Mark grabbed my arm and asked, “How did I know he was bi?”

“You couldn’t keep your eyes of Mike’s or my packages.” I laughed. He grinned broadly, licking his lips.

I looked and Inga stood there, naked, statuesque and pierced on both nipples and her delicious labia. I slipped out of my suit and my cock sprang to attention. As Mark undressed, Connie and Tracy stared in amazement at his truly enormous cock. It had to be about 10 inches and thick as a baseball bat. Mike and I saw that and smiled and knew our asses were gonna get a workout.

Inga walked over to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. My hands held her magnificent breasts while my fingers began playing and teasing her nipple piercings. She inhaled sharply and stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth.

I felt her hand drop and fall to my very stiff cock and my fingers began to pull on the clit ring so prominently displayed. She was already wet and she sunk to her knees and looked deep into my eyes. “Darling, let me officially welcome you to our park”, she cooed as her lips opened and she began to lick my cock expertly.

I leaned back and allowed this goddess to have her way with me. I glanced around and Connie and Tracy were working on Marks enormous pile driver. Everyone was naked and everyone was fucking, sucking and having fun.

Inga played with my ass, sticking her fingers deep into my aching asshole. Her hot mouth wildly sucked and toyed with my cock.

Mark came up behind her and reached in and caressed her wonderful tits. He sank to his knees and began to play with her hot pussy. His fingers slipped inside her and his hand was filled with her sweet wetness. He pulled her up and sank his gorgeous cock deep inside her.

With each thrust, her mouth drove deeper onto my inflamed cock. Her mouth was a miracle. Her tongue fabulously playing and teasing my hot cock.

Mike pulled out and sank lower and began tonguing her sweet hot asshole. She moaned and pushed her fabulous ass hard against his tongue.

When she was totally wet, he sank his fingers into her flowing pussy and then into her inflamed ass. She moaned around my cock and wiggled her ass deep onto Mikes fingers. Mike took his engorged cock and slid it into her Inga’s tight ass. She let out a sigh and he felt his cock head move into her willing ass.

He looked at me and said that he was in. I pulled them both towards me and slid my cock deep into her insatiable pussy. Her vagina clamped down on my cock as Mike began a rhythmic stroking.

I felt his cock on top of mine through the thin membrane of her vagina and ass as we doubled this goddess. My hand tugged on the clit ring as she shoved her tongue deeper into me. Mikes rhythm built up steam and our collective breathing began to increase and the friction between our cocks made them swell enormously.

We drove our cocks as deep as possible, as fast as possible and Inga let out a shriek that could wakened the dead. Her hips started bucking and thrashing about on our poles as wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her.

Mike and I kept pumping. I felt him swell further against my own engorged cock and I knew we were about to blow magnificent loads deep inside her hot, demanding body.

His thrusts increased rapidly and I felt his cum travel along his long cock and spewed into her savory asshole. The erotic bliss of his cock unloading inside her made my cock explode in a fountain of sweet, salty cum as I creamed her succulent pussy.

“Fuck my ass!” she screamed. “Fuck my hot ass and fill my pussy you bastards! Don’t stop reaming me and filling me. I want your cocks, oh yes, more cocks, fill my greedy twat with your hot cum!” she demanded.

I bit her nipple and she erupted and her body flew in every direction as she rode out this spectacular orgasm.

She kissed me deeply as Mike pulled out of her ass and she got up from me, wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him passionately. She sank to her knees and took his hard cock deep into her mouth and licked him clean. She turned and did the same to me.

Inga walked over to the others at the side of the pool and began touching and kissing and fondling all of them.

They all returned the favor and soon her body was a sea of hands, lips and tongues. She was on her back, licking pussies, sucking cocks and asses. This hungry bitch was devouring everything in sight. The boys took their turns fucking her hot cunt while the girls ate her pussy after each guy went after her. Her lips, her tongue, her nipples and her clit were lavished in so much pleasure. The boys did her ass repeatedly and they doubled her repeatedly. Inga was truly a bitch in heat.

Tracy looked at Marks huge cock and said to Connie, “I don’t think I can take him in the ass.”

Connie grinned, ” I sure can baby. Let him fuck your cunt and I’ll let him have my ass.”

Mark took Tracy and slid his cock into her tight, hot twat and grinned as she began to ride his hard hot, massive cock. She was stretched so wide and her clit rode deliciously along the entire length of his hot, hard shaft. She absolutely loved his cock and she rode him relentlessly.

Connie was right beside them, touching them, teasing them and pleasing them as their bodies melded into one another. Connie straddled Marks face and brought her wetness to his eager lips. His strong tongue dove into her repeatedly as she began to ride his face. Connie leaned over and kissed Tracy as Marks cock pounded her twat and his tongue drove Connie wild.

“Oh Connie, his cock is so enormous!”

“Can’t wait to get it into my ass baby.”

“You are not going to get this inside your ass!”

“You just watch me baby. Ride him, ride him hard and deep.”

“If he gets any deeper, you’ll be sucking his cock!”, Tracy laughed. With that, she went back to seriorly riding him hard and fast. She felt her own orgasm building and when she went off, it was like a Roman Candle. She rocked and rode him hard as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing became ragged as this massive orgasm overtook her. His cock picked up the pace and he thrust in and out of her aching cunt while she rode him mercilessly. He squirmed and his hips bucked as he shot his enormous load deep inside Tracy’s aching body. She felt every spurt, every ounce of his hot cum as it flowed down his shaft and into her velvety tunnel.

Connie got off Mark’s face and steadied Tracy as she recovered.

Mark collapsed as Connie’s lips descended upon his sweet cock. She licked him clean and turned her attention to Tracy, whose pussy, by now, was overflowing with his sweet sperm. She began to lick and noticed that everyone was watching. She motioned them over and they all came near. “Jim darling, lick Tracy’s pussy to begin with, let all the guys lick Marks sweet cream out of her. I have a cock to suck and my ass needs his cock.”

Jim eagerly dove into Tracy’s twat, his tongue getting his first taste of spunk and he loved it. He licked and sucked until Phil pulled him off. While the guys were greedily cleaning Tracy, Connie began to harden Marks cock.

“Please fuck my ass Mark darling,” Connie murmured as she took his hardening cock deep in her mouth. He moaned pleasantly as her mouth opened and his enormous cock entered her mouth. Everyone’s eyes widened as his cock slid effortlessly inside her hungry mouth. He was big and she loved it. As his cock slid into her throat, her face fell fully to his belly. Her tongue and throat worked to fully harden his cock.

When he was steel hard, she pulled him from her throat and held his cock against her tight ass. She sank down on it. Inch by inch she fell. Her ass stretching and accommodating his massive missile. She looked at me and I smiled as that lewd look crossed her face. Deeper and deeper she sank on him. There were gasps from the others as finally, she was impaled fully on his hot cock.

Mark was in for the ride of his life as I walked to him and offered him my cock. His mouth opened and he swallowed my cock. What a great cocksucker. Mike fucked his face next as did all the guys.

Tracy, composed now and completely clean stood and stared in amazement as she saw his mighty cock completely inside Connie. Connie began to ride that mighty pole with total lust. She rode it up and slammed it back in repeatedly. She began to shiver and shake but that only increased her momentum. Her ass was a blur as Marks cock drilled her fully and completely.

Her complexion changed color, turning pink then red as she approached a mighty orgasm. Marks own was completely in sync as he grabbed her hips, arched his back and exploded deep inside her. She ground her ass hard on his cock as she screamed, “Harder, oh deeper, fuck my ass Mark, faster. Don’t stop, my ass is on fire. Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fill me, oh fuck yessssss!”

Connie spasmed and convulsed on Mark as his balls exploded and he drove a torrent of hot cum deep inside of her. She collapsed on him and kissed him deeply as his cock softened inside her. She tasted the me on his hungry lips and she reveled in the wonderful mixtures to taste. Her body, bright red, was so satisfied.

As his cock slid from her ass, we helped them up and took them to the deck chairs. They were both wobbly but smiling. Mark steadied himself and walked to the pool where he jumped in and cleaned his cock. He came back, pulled out a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Maria and the other girls sat around him, stroking his legs and softly touching his cock.

Inga began another round of hot blowjobs as the girls began to sweetly suck Mark as far as they could. It was a lot more like a lot of licking and sucking of his balls but he loved it as he played with their tits and pussies. He licked each pussy and brought each girl into a gushing climax which he gladly swallowed deeply.

When he was ready to cum, he had the girls kneel before him and he shot his load onto their waiting tongues. They rolled his sperm around in their mouths and swallowed deeply. They moaned and cheered as his enormous cock exploded. They truly enjoyed it.

Mark and Inga thanked us and headed back to work. We thanked them again and again and told them we were so happy to have met them.

Suddenly everyone was starved for food so we headed back and miraculously several pitchers of margarita’s appeared as the girls made sandwiches and salads.

“Inga’s body is amazing” Tammy said as she sipped her drink. “On the other hand, that cock of Marks is awesome.”

Tracy looked at Connie, “Speaking of that, how did you take all of that cock in your ass? He would have torn me apart.”

I burst out laughing and told everyone that although he was really big that Connie had taken two much larger than Mark.

Connie blushed, “We were in NYC many years ago and we met this really nice man in a bar in the Village, He was tall, lean and highly educated. He was news director for a major news service. He commented on how sexy my outfit was and as we got to know him, he told us his lady would love to fuck both of us. Since we were in the city to fuck our brains out, we agreed to meet her and he took us back to his apartment. She was hot and Gary enjoyed her but when Michael dropped his pants, I freaked.

“I had never had a cock like it in my life. I could not swallow it at all. His girlfriend taught me what to do. She taught me how to deepthroat. It hurt at first and then it became easier. To tell the truth, I got so turned on by his cock and the power it gave me, to know I had done it. When he fucked me, it was amazing. So full and so hot. He wanted my ass and I was not sure I wanted that but we were incredibly buzzed so I tried. I did it and it hurt like hell going in but once it was in, the feeling was awesome. So much cock, so long, so hard and so good. He was gentle at first and then he became powerful. I came so hard.”

“But he was small compared to the biggest one, right hon.” I giggled.

Connie blushed, “We belonged to a wonderful nudist club and they had a great indoor pool with a bar and tables and chairs all around the pool. Gary was sitting with his back to the bar. I was facing the bar and I saw this guy standing there. I told Gary I wanted a drink.”

He got up and went to the bar, got us a couple of rum and papaya’s and came back to the table. He sat down and said he felt sorry for people with deformities.

I laughed, “If he can use it as good as it looks, every woman in this place is in serious trouble.”

Over time we got to know him. Everyone called him Hydro Bob because his cock was like an electric pole.

“Anyway, it is a really good story from both Gary’s and my perspectives but suffice it to say, I did take all thirteen inches of the most massive hot cock I have ever had. It was twice as thick as Marks.”

“I had to go to Walgreen’s and buy her an inflatable do-nut for her to sit on. She could barely walk for a week and it took a month for the smile to get off her face. Yes, the Party at Hydro Bob’s was memorable for sure.” I told everyone.

“You lucky bitch,” Tracy said as she leaned over and kissed Connie deeply.

I took a long sip of my drink, noticed a sea of very hard cocks and anxious ladies. I got up and went into the coach and came out with a canvas bag.

“Gonna get good guys…that’s Gary’s toy bag. Whoopee” Connie grinned.

I rummaged around and came out with tubes of Astroglide and four new medium sized dildos. I went back in and brought out a gray cardboard box. Mike walked over, picked up the box. I snatched it from him, He grabbed it back. He opened it looked inside and grinned. “It’s gonna be a fanfuckingtastic day.” Tracy and Connie grinned as they recognized it but the others had no idea.

“Ladies, it is time to play 1-2-3″, Tracy exclaimed. The girls yelled and whooped it up and the guys all grinned and said they definitely were into it.

Each gal grabbed their guys and began so suck them and get them hard. Connie and Tracy brought them the lube. With their fingers slippery, they each shoved a finger home and began to slowly fuck their man. The guys seemed to enjoy the feeling one finger brought and the girls slid a second one in. Soft moans were heard as they felt the second finger inside them. The ladies kept sucking and finger fucking their guys. The guys seemed to be enjoying this as each one was grinding their ass gently on their ladies fingers. When their third finger entered, the moaning became louder and deeper.

“Don’t make them cum girls, just fuck them nice and slow.” Connie instructed. “Move your fingers in nice and slow and stretch their virgin asses a bit. Now, touch their cocks but don’t suck them. Work your fingers in and out and spread your fingers. Get them ready for more.”

The girls worked on the guys for a few more minutes and then they took a break. The guys said that they enjoyed the feeling. Mike told them that if they enjoyed the feeling now, they were going to love the feeling in a few minutes.

While they were relaxing and the girls were explaining what was coming, Mike and I unsealed 12 fresh bottles of Rush. When we were finished, we asked if any of them knew what poppers were. No one did. We explained and handed them each a bottle.

Connie and Tracy damned near broke our arms grabbing theirs from us. We told them not to open the bottle yet and also not to leave them uncapped. Tracy showed them how to use them and then Connie arranged all the girls on top of the picnic table. Then the guys were told to pick a girl, any girl and to sit and get ready to eat some fine, hot pussy.

Mike and I got into this with them while our ladies joined the other girls. The guys were first instructed not to use their bottles but the girls were told to take a big hit, hold it in and let the feeling wash over them. They did and as the incredible feeling began to take them away, the guys began and as soon as tongues met pussies, the air was filled with screams of pure bliss. The women squirmed and writhed and pushed their hot twats into our faces. They flushed and screamed and moaned and yelled and begged for more.

The guys met their demands but had no idea why the girls were so responsive.

“Okay guys, same positions but now, you all take a good hit. Hold it in and then enjoy,” I said.

The guys took their first hit while the girls did the same. It was a good thing the park was empty because the shrieks of wanton lust were deafening. The guys licked and sucked with such a gusto. Labia’s were opened, licked, tugged and pulled. Clits were explored, teased and loved. Asses were licked and prodded and heads were held tight as wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss caused the table to walk away of its own accord.

As the effect wore down, they all changed position and the guys got on top of the table. More hits all around and the guys felt their first popper blowjobs. Their faces told the story. Never in their lives had they ever experienced such a wonderful feeling. The women went into total sexual frenzy. They gobbled their cocks deep, lavishing the most wanton greed as they swallowed our fine cocks.

Connie and Tracy were going wild as was everyone else. Little Maria was impaled on Mikes hot cock and he was getting his ass greased royally.

I reached down and grabbed Jills tits and crushed them in my hand. She moaned wildly and sucked harder. She was such a great looking lady with lips of pure honey. She sank her fingers into my ass as her throat massaged my hard cock. She felt my pending explosion and looked deeply into my eyes. My hips slammed into her chin, my balls banging her neck franticily. I took another hit and felt my stomach tighten, my balls lift and I shot a glorious load into Jills hungry mouth. She never took her eyes from mine, she opened her throat and drained every single drop of cum from my swollen cock.

One by one, each man creamed the ladies and they gobbled up every last bit of the hot, sweet spunk. Heavy breathing ensued as everyone tried to catch their breath. The park was now full of wide eyes people with the biggest shit eating grins on their faces.

Drinks were poured, smokes consumed and eventually blood pressures returned to normal.

Little Maria began teasing me, dancing around me, touching me and playing with her tits. She squeezed them together and the pointed nibs looked so inviting. I cleared off the table and lay her lengthwise, pulling her to the edge. I opened her legs and sank my face into her inflamed cunt. Her clit was the size of a small cock and my tongue swirled around it.

I have to admit, even as a married woman I absolutely LOVE going to our local gay/drag bar. Yes, being surrounded by women that are gay and bisexual is thrilling, but I will also admit that I find the “girls” in drag extremely exciting.

When I first went to the bar to watch the drag show I was amazed that lots of the “girls” looked better than I did.

In particular, there was a “girl” in an evening gown, long blonde wig, and surprisingly feminine features. I tipped her and while “she” sang she leaned forward, showing me that the cleavage I was looking at was just a trick of make-up and boning on the dress. However, I was surprised to look down the dress at one single pierced nipple sporting a small silver ring.

I do not know why, but that moment has always stuck in my head as extremely erotic!

That moment has evolved within my mind to a fantasy, as most erotic moments often do. I fantasize about buying her a drink and having the bar tender take it to her, him motioning in my direction and her lifting the glass to me with a sultry smile.

I wish to myself that I would have had the nerve to really talk to her that night, discover who she was, her sexual orientation, if dressing in drag was just fun or actually pleasurable. I know in actuality it would be different, but in my fantasies it plays out something like this!

Her show set is done and as we sit and talk, kicking back a couple drinks, relaxing a bit more than we should with the help of alcohol. I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is bisexual and her name, Ashley, is just as gender neutral as she is. She is single and doing the shows is fun for her, but she primarily lives her life as a man doing retail sales at a local cell phone store. I share that I am also bisexual, but married, a mother and about my life in general.

Our conversation is easy going and comfortable and there is a mutual attraction as friends and also a slight bit of sexual tension between us. The hour grows late and we exchange cell numbers and head our separate ways for the evening.

The next day Ashley texts my cell asking how I am, while I reply my husband inquires about who it is and I reply,

“Ashley. We met at the club last night?”

He tips me a look and says, “Gay or Bi?”


I reply back, purposely not mentioning that Ashley is actually a male in drag and letting my husband create his own fantasies.

Over the next few weeks Ashley and I text and talk often and get even closer. Together we plot getting together and share fantasies, confess secrets, and become good friends.

Knowing that my husband is assuming Ashley is a girl, I am not at all hesitant in asking if our kids can go spend the night with grandma and if Ashley can come over to hang out with us. As I expected, he is eager to oblige.

The night that Ashley is supposed to come over I am eager and tense. I have absolutely no clue how to dress, what to say, or whether she will be coming casual as a man, or dressed as a woman.

I don’t want to seem desperate and don’t want to go to the extreme of wearing a dress when we are just sitting at home, but I also don’t want to look scrubby! Finally in a fit of exasperation I throw on a pair of black jean shorts and a simple pink fitted tee-shirt, although I am sure to pair it with some cute silky thong panties and bra…just in case!

The doorbell rings and I have to restrain myself from leaping to the door. Upon pulling the door open I find that Ashley has indeed, come dressed as woman as I had hoped. She is wearing a shoulder length wavy strawberry blonde wig, her blue eyes are very bright in comparison, and her make-up is done light and natural.

It appears she has struggled with some of the same issues as me and has arrived in hip-hugging jeans and a red fitted tee-shirt. She has on a small padded bra, giving her the impression of a tall, yet thin and small breasted woman.

I tell her hello and give her a hug, introducing her to my husband. My husband smiles and tells her hello, but I am not stupid. I caught the look in his eyes and him checking out her ass as she puts her purse next to the love seat adjacent from us before she sits down. I am always aroused when I notice my husband checking out another girl, but I am even more aroused at the fact that he is technically checking out a GUY.

We are having fun, a nice laid back time, watching stand-up comedians on TV, sharing funny stories, and popping back a few drinks. I am keeping mine limited, because I do not want to get drunk. Although I did decide to make some jello shots for the occasion!

I announce that I am going to get some jello shots and ask who wants one, and we all agree we do. On my way passed Ashley to get them, she reaches out and smacks my ass, giving me a grin and making eye contact letting me know that she is planning on more.

Coming back from the kitchen, jello shots in hand, I decide to start getting things rolling on my own and have a seat next to Ashley on the love seat instead of back on the couch with my husband. We down our jello shots, daring each other and seeing who can swallow theirs the fastest and easiest.

She shots are taking effect; my head is starting to cloud, when I feel a hand on my knee. I look over at Ashley and she is slyly watching TV and rubbing her hand from my knee up my thigh and back down again, a slight smile on her face.

I look to my husband, who has obviously noticed, and he smiles at me and nods.

I move my hand to Ashley’s arm and start running my fingers up and down while she continues to rub my leg. My husband is watching and my lady parts are really starting to heat up.

Ashley moves toward me, sweeps my hair back and begins kissing my neck. I feel my breath suck in, and grab for her waist to pull her closer to me.

She drops to the floor and kneels between my parted legs, again running her hands up my thighs before sliding them up my shirt and cupping my breasts. She gives them a quick squeeze and then, much to my amazement, pulls her hands out of my shirt and stands up.

For a moment I am flabbergasted. I watch her stand up and think to myself that my mommy body must have turned her off. But she tips a wink at me, turns, and drops back to her knees in front of my husband. She begins to run her hands up his thighs up just like she did to me, paying special attention to a certain swelling that has recently started in my husband’s pants!

I curl my legs up under me and start to watch Ashley play with my husband. The voyeur that I am, I am relishing this immensely. My husband’s eyes are closed, his head leaned back, and he is enjoying Ashley fondling him.

She presses a hand on either side of my husband’s pants fly, bites the fabric between her teeth and pulls. There is a loud pop as they come unbuttoned, and she skillfully clenches the metal between her teeth and pulls the zipper down.

I notice her reach between her legs and back toward her ass and know that she must be uncomfortable trapped in those tiny jeans.

I unleash one leg from under me, open it wide and let it trail to the floor. I drop my hand between my parted legs and enjoy the heat. I will admit that there are times that I have major penis envy; however, I love the fact that I am the only one that really has a pussy in this situation!

Ashley releases my husband’s cock from his pants and slowly moves her hands up it. She turns and looks at me, making eye contact and giving me a quick wink before sinking her mouth over it. My husband sighs and reaches up to grab her hair, but she quickly grabs his wrists and presses them down.

It’s not often that hubs and I have group situations where he is being paid a lot of attention, so I am really glad to see how much is being given to him. I move to the floor so I can get a closer view, stealing a quick grab between Ashley’s thighs and feeling something not very feminine growing down there!

I grab a seat next to my husband so I can watch Ashley give him head from a better point of view. My god, she looks beautiful down there, just sucking away. She grabs onto the sides of my husband’s pants, he leans up and she drags them down, leaving my husband naked from the waist down.

He isn’t near orgasm yet, but his balls are tightening, showing me orgasm is approaching. However, Ashley can tell what is going on and she turns her focus to me.

“Are you going to take those off?”

she asks in her husky voice, motioning toward my own shorts.

A moment of tension and panic sets in for a second, as it always does when I have to expose my cootchi with my giant thick labia. I have yet to have sex with a girl built like me in the lower region, and I think that MOST people have not been with a girl like me, therefore I get nervous about it and how people will handle my appearance or if they would be able even figure out how to START pleasuring me.

I stand up, slowly unbuttoning my shorts and sliding them down my thighs. I let them fall to my feet, kick them off and start to sit down again.

“Huh-uh.” Ashley says, “panties too.”

I stand motionless for a moment. Not sure what to do. But I note that while she looks at me she has slowed down playing with my husband’s cock and that simply will not do. So I slid my little lacey panties down too and stand for moment, naked from the waist down, not sure what comes next.

Ashley grabs my hand and pulls me over, stands me in front of my husband so he is looking at my ass and presses her hands between my legs and forces them open.

She must have seen the look of panic on my face, because she gives my puffed up pussy a kiss, looks at me and says,

“Don’t worry, baby. I promise I will be nice.”

At which point she pushes me back, landing my ass on my husband’s stomach. She drops back to sucking on my husband again, and from this point of view it’s almost like I have a penis of my own she is sucking on. I can see her staring at my pussy folds as she slurps on him and I’m really just not sure what to do!

I sit for a few minutes watching her slurp away, and then reach down and slide my fingers across my bulging labia. She lets me open my lips up for her, but as soon as I run my fingers up to my clit she smacks my hands away.

She moves up from my husband’s dick and kisses my cunt. Licking her way up and down my lips while stroking at my husband’s spit covered pole. Finally she settles herself at my clit and licks lightly. Just enough for me to breathe deep and open my legs a little more.

She surprises both my husband and I by gripping his member, and pressing it to my opening. Hub’s has been played with for quite a while now, and he is eager to press himself into my pussy.

He goes to work, lifting his hips up and down, I am on my tip-toes with my legs apart, and Ashley eagerly leans down and moves back and forth between sucking on my clit and licking at my husband’s sack.

I relax and try to enjoy her tongue. My head buzzing from the jello shots, my husband panting behind me. But he gets my pussy all the time. I know he wants something more, and Ashley knows it too.

I rise from my husband and Ashley and I begin to kiss. She peels her own shirt off over her head and I see that she has used her clever use of make-up to create cleavage again as well and using the padded bra. She peels my shirt off over my head and quickly undoes my bra. I’m now the only one nude. I look around, feeling embarrassed and excited at the same time.

My husband is watching us and slowly stroking at himself, knowing that he has neared orgasm a couple times, but he isn’t ready to blow his load yet. I can tell by the way that he is looking at Ashley that he is hoping she will be the one to produce it for him.

She lays me back on the floor, her ass in the air facing my husband, and goes back to sucking at my clit. Holy lord she is good at it! I have only ever had my husband and my old female room-mate bring me to orgasm orally, but Ashley is well on her way!

I watch my husband carefully through slitted eyes, admiring Ashley’s ass, tugging at his cock. He eagerly leans toward Ashley, reaching around and unzipping her fly and pulling her jeans down her thighs.

I see that Ashley is wearing a thong, which drives my husband crazy, and she quickly reaches down and grabs her penis, pulling it forward and squeezing her thighs together, leaving my husband to look at a smooth and very feminine ass.

Ashley leans up from my pussy, looking me deep in the eyes. I look down and see her cock peeking out from the top of the thong. I can’t believe that I am laying here doing this. One of my biggest fantasies come true!

But an unspoken question passes between our gaze.

“How is your husband going to react?” her eyes say to me.

“I don’t know.” My eyes say back.

My husband spreads apart Ashley’s ass cheeks and begins flicking his tongue at her asshole. She sighs and I see her penis twitch. I am dying to reach down and stroke it in my hands, but I don’t want to give it away to my husband just yet what is really going on.

I wriggle out from under Ashley and move to sit next to my husband so I can roll his penis around in my hands while he eats Ashley’s ass. Ashley presses herself down on her forearms, letting her hairless ass cheeks open farther, but being sure that she keeps her thighs pressed tightly together.

I can tell the moment of truth is quickly approaching. We won’t be able to keep this a secret much longer.

“Do you want me?” Ashley breaths to my husband.

“Uh-huh.” He says back while still licking at her ass.

“Even if I’m built a little different?” She asks between gasps as my husband licks away.

“I don’t care.”

He pulls his mouth away from her ass and begins massaging her cheeks.

“My wife worries all the time about how she is built different, and it has never bothered me any.”

With that, Ashley rolls over. My husband is so eager that he grips her panties and pulls them down, not noticing the bulge in them until after they are off. He stops pulling them off halfway down her thighs, staring at the small erect penis in front of him.

Ashley’s penis isn’t even close in size to my husband’s. She is about 5 inches and thinner than him. However, a cock is a cock, even if it is attached to a very hot “woman”.

Ashley looks at me with a little bit of fear. My husband is a very large man at 6’2 and 250. If he gets angry, he could really hurt her. I look to my husband and he looks back to me in shock.

“What?” he asks in disbelief.

“Please?” I say softly, meaning so many things with that little word.

He looks back at the penis in front of him, pulls the panties off the rest of the way and stops for a second. I can see that Ashley’s penis is starting to wilt and she begins to stand up, seeing that the night is likely done and my hubs is just not having this, no matter how feminine she looks.

She rises to her feet and begins to turn away, her penis only half erect and hanging.

“Wait,” my husband says, grabbing her hips.

He turns her back toward him, him sitting on the floor, her standing with her penis only a foot away from his face.

He looks back to me, looks up at her, looks over her body, and then surprises us all by taking her shrunken penis into his mouth.

My jaw drops. My pussy tightens. Ashley’s ass clenches and her head leans back. I watch in utter amazement as my husband gulps her penis deep into his mouth and begins to suck. I can see that Ashley’s erection is quickly returning and my already wet pussy is becoming even wetter.

My husband sucks, gulps, and pulls his mouth across Ashley’s shaft and I can see Ashley’s small balls tightening with pleasure.

“Slow down there big boy,” She says calmly, “Do you want to fuck me?”

I can see a million questions racing through my husband’s mind. He looks back to me again while I’m spread out, gently fingering at my twat, and then grips Ashley’s ass and growls,


Ashley quickly drops to the floor, gets on her hands and knees and sticks her ass out for my husband. I want a close up view of this! I leap down to the floor with them, land some wet sloppy kisses across Ashley’s ass, and then make sure I give my husband a few deep, wet sucks to get his cock fully hard and nicely lubed up.

He leans forward and presses himself against Ashley’s hole, rubbing his cock head against it a little bit before starting to press. I watch my husband slowly sink his shaft in and feel my pussy positively throb.

I watch my husband pick up the pace, grunting and clinging to Ashley’s ass. I can see Ashley’s hard penis wavering underneath her and lick my lips, falling to the ground and I shimmy myself under her and take it into my mouth.

I’m lying on my back, cock in mouth, looking up at my husband sliding himself in and out of Ashley’s ass when I feel a warm wet tongue caress my clit. I look down and see Ashley, licking at me when she can between strokes, her face pinched with pleasure.

I reach down and begin to play with myself while I suck and watch my husband pump away. I don’t want Ashley thinking about me. I want her to focus on her own pleasure right now.

I pump a couple fingers in to get them good and wet before rubbing furiously at my hardened pearl. It is hard, swollen and very eager to be played with. It’s almost like I am sporting a small penis of my own!

I take my hood and peel it forward and back over my clit, feeling the familiar burn in my thighs and tightening in my pussy of my orgasm nearing. I can see my husband’s tight balls and can feel Ashley twitching in my mouth. The only question is going to be who will cum first.

I feel Ashley harden even more in my mouth and know that it is going to be her and take a certain pride and pleasure in how much she is enjoying herself. I can feel her hot breath against my pussy lips, panting as she nears orgasm, suddenly she nearly falls, letting out a very feminine scream and she releases a hot load across my awaiting tongue.

The pulsing in her ass must have been intense; because I see my husband’s balls practically disappear into him and he loudly grunts as he shoots his own hot load into her ass.

I’m the only one left. I press my fingers into my snatch once again, giving a few quick, hard, pulls at my g-spot, getting my fingers really good and wet before going to work massaging my clit again.

The orgasm washes over me, very suddenly, and extremely intense. It seems that every pulse is an orgasm all of its own. I let myself scream and let my body contract and wriggle across the living room floor.

I finish, panting and looking up at my husband and Ashley, both of them sitting with their now soft penises lying against their thighs and grin sheepishly up at them.

“You two are too yummy.” Ashley says, gathering up her clothes and getting dressed.

“I hope you will let me come over again sometime?”

“Absolutely!” I call out, not even giving my husband a chance to answer.

He looks at me, showing that a million thoughts are racing through his head. But only one is going through mine. Will he let Ashley fuck HIM next time?

This story contains bisexual sex between 2 guys and a girl. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it!

It all started the summer after I turned 18. I was a little bi-curious to say the least (actually I was more than curious, I wanted a dick in my ass!) but was always too scared to do anything about it. See I LOVED anal. I mean LOVED it. Honestly, I liked fingering my ass more than “rubbing one out.” I got to the point where I could nearly fist my own ass! I felt like a pornstar.

A bit about me before I tell you any more. I’m about 6’2 with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I work out a lot, so I’m in pretty good shape. I’m really lean, not huge and muscular at all.

One of my favorite things to do was go to craigslist and look at the different “mw4m” postings because yea I wanted a dick but I really liked girls. Then one day I found the perfect listing:

MW4 BI guy

Looking for a truly bi guy to be fucked by my gf and I. She wants someone to eat her pussy and I want a shaved ass to fuck. Must be HIV- and DDF.

Me-6’4 195 lbs 8.5″ 26 years old

Her-5’5 120 lbs medium tits, nice tight ass

You- 18-22 hwp, enjoy anal, submissive

“This is it!!” I thought to myself. I quickly sent the couple an email saying that I was their man. While I nervously waited for their reply I started to get really hard and began playing with myself. Then I realized that I hadn’t shaved in almost a week, so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.

I soaped up and shaved everything from my legs up. I was smooth and sexy and I knew it!Since I figured I had the time I began soaping up my ass again. I could feel my cheeks sliding against each other and my little asshole begging to be fingered. With an invitation like that, who was I to deny it? I began sucking on two of my fingers imagining they were the cock I would be sucking later that day then brought them down and slowly slid them into my asshole. I was so turned on at the time that I literally moaned!

After going to town on my ass for a few minutes I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I walked downstairs (naked cause who doesn’t love walking around naked!?) and checked my email. To my surprise the couple had emailed me back already! My cock instantly sprang back to full hardness as I opened the email. I was so nervous I could barely breathe! I could feel my heart thumping in my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up.

Dear Allen,

We would love to fuck you tonight. Please be at our place no later than 8 o clock. Come loose and ready;)


Tom and Cindy

I was so excited I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally around 630 I started getting ready. First I grabbed my dildo (a nice, thick, veiny 6″ deal) and started lubing it up. Then I got into bed and began fingering my ass while stroking my cock (7.5″ not too thick). After I loosened my ass up a bit I started teasing myself with the dildo.

I began to slowly push it into my ass, just the tip at first, but gradually pushing more and more in until it was balls deep in my ass. I moaned out load and began stroking my cock again. I sat up and began riding the dildo hard moaning louder and louder till I was about to cum. I laid back and stroked my cock till I came HARD. Thick, ropy streams of cum shot out getting the whole way up to my face! I licked off what cum I could reach with my tongue then got up and got in the shower.

After showering again I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:20! If I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late!! I put on shorts, long sleeve shirt, and sandals and hurried out to my car. If I was nervous before, I was near panic now.

Soon I arrived at Tom and Cindy’s house. It was a decent sized hrick house with white pillars in front. I walked up to the front door and reached to ring the door bell. Before my hand even touched the bell, the door open and a man (Tom I assumed). “Hi, you must be Allen, come in!” He said to me.

“That’s me!” I replied as I walked in. As soon as I was inside, I noticed that Tom was already naked! He was about 6’3 and seemed to be in good shape. He had black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. I noticed all of this after I saw his cock. It was erect and covered in what I guessed to be Cindy’s juices. It was at least 8.5″ long and THICK. I started to get a little worried just looking at it.

“You like what you see?” Tom asked me

“I’m not going to lie, that’s almost a little scary! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before and you are way bigger than my dildo!”

“Not to worry, we’ll take it slow,” Tom said as he winked at me, “However lets get some ground rules down before we go up to Cindy. So basically you are going to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. Cindy is probably just going to watch at first, but you’re pretty hot so she might join in pretty quick. When she does you’ll be eating her out, then you can fuck her ass or her pussy. You can cum as much as you want, in either hole, but whenever you cum you need to eat your cum out of her. I’m going to cum in your ass at least 3 times before the end of the night, and I expect to keep my cock in after I’ve cum, so you’re going to be pretty full. Sound good?”

“Of course!” I replied.

“Ok, take your clothes off.”

“Right here?”

“Yes! Take them off!”

“Okay,” I replied as I began removing my clothes. After I was naked Tom motioned for me to start going up the stairs.

“I’ll be up right behind you, I want to see that ass.” When I’d gone up a few steps I decided to tease Tom a bit, so I stopped and spread my ass cheeks showing my hairless ass and my nice pink hole.

“You mean this ass?” I said as I spanked myself.

“Mmmm yea, that’s the one, now hurry up and go upstairs! I want to fuck that tight little hole,” Tom replied as he smacked my other cheek.

I continued the rest of the way up the stairs and went into the only open door I saw. When I walked in, I saw what was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, at least 5’10, with long blonde hair and amazing tits. They weren’t small, but they weren’t huge either and her nipples were nice and small and erect. From there her stomach curved in in a perfect hourglass shape down to her ass which seemed to be amazing from what I could see.

“Hi…you must be Cindy” I stammered, still taken in by her beauty.

“Mhm, and you’re Allen I presume?” She purred back, her voice oozing sexuality.

“That’d be me. Wow…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are amazing!” I told her.

“That she does,” Tom said with a wink in her direction, “Shall we begin?”

“Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to get at that cock.” Cindy replied (and I really hoped she was talking about mine).

Tom went and sat down on a chair next to the bed and motioned for me. I walked partway there then got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way, doing my best to look sexy. Once I got there, I began stroking his cock with one hand while I cradled his balls in the other. It felt even bigger than it looked! “Tom,” I said, “I have a confession…I’ve never even sucked a cock before. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind it’s my first time!”

“Would you look at that Cindy,” Tom said, “He’s a virgin to sucking cock and he said he’s never had one in his ass before either! Lucky us.” This was true, I was a virgin when it came to cock. Obviously I’d nailed plenty of girls before, I’d even had sex with a shemale or two. But I’d never even had sex with a guy before. I wanted to be the fuckee not the fucker. If I wanted ass, I’d screw a girl.

In response to Tom’s comment about being a cocksucking virgin, I decided to dive right in. I moved my hand further down his shaft and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It was far bigger than I expected, and I was almost wishing I’d found someone with a smaller cock for my first time. But now was not the time for regrets so I continued.

While the head was in my mouth I began stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. I started flicking my tongue around the head, trying to do to him what I liked girls to do to me. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking up and down the entire shaft. I could taste Cindy’s pussy on the cock so I’m guessing they were fucking before I got there. I decided to go deeper and put his cock back in my mouth.

I started going deeper on the cock, taking more and more of it into my mouth. I got about 2/3 of the way down before I gagged…hard. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I quickly pulled back but kept his cock in my mouth. I really actually enjoyed the taste of it. I wasn’t sure if it was his pre cum, or Cindy’s juices that I liked, but whatever it was, I liked it!

As I took his cock further in my mouth again (but not to the point of gagging, not yet at least) I felt something at my asshole. I quickly realized that it was Cindy’s tongue. She started rimming me, then full on eating my asshole. It was amazing! She was able to get her tongue surprisingly deep inside of my ass. I could have stayed like that forever, with her tongue in my ass and Tom’s cock in my mouth. Soon though, she stopped and backed away. Then I felt something else at my ass. This time it was her hand. She began to finger me, just one finger at first, but quickly adding a second then a third.

Her hand was small enough that I really think she could have fisted me, but she didn’t put any more than three in. She just took them out, added more lube, then put them back in. After repeating the lube, finger, lube cycle a few more times, she began to finger fuck me hard and fast. I started moaning around Tom’s cock.

Cindy continued to finger fuck my while Tom grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock. I started gagging again but was able to control it a little this time and thankfully didn’t throw up (something tells me that would have ruined the evening). He kept my head down low on his cock, ALMOST to the bottom, then moaned loud and then let me up for some air. As I gasped he looked at me and said, “I want to fuck you’re ass sooo bad. I’m going to make you scream into Cindy’s pussy while you eat it I’m going to be fucking you so hard.”

At that point he pulled me up and Cindy took her fingers out of my ass. Tom picked me up (he was surprisingly strong for his size) and threw me onto the bed. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and started rubbing his cock against my asshole. I looked back and saw him rub lube up and down his cock, then smear the rest of it into my ass crack.

I looked forward again and was surprised to see Cindy in front of me already. I hadn’t even heard her get on the bed!! She smiled at me and slid down a little so her pussy was right in front of my face. I could feel Tom teasing my ass with the tip of his cock as I began to lick Cindy’s pussy. I started by slowly sliding my tongue into her pussy since it was gaping a little from Tom pounding it earlier.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy, Tom began to slide his cock into my ass. It was as if I could feel every single inch slowly pushing in, stretching my asshole in ways it had never been stretched before. True to his word, I moaned loud into Cindy’s pussy as she moaned from the attention I was giving her. I began to lick all around right inside of her pussy, then I pulled back a little.

Tom was still slowly feeding his cock into my ass, at this point I’d guess he was about 4″ in. He stopped for a moment to allow my ass to get used to his girth, which I was very thankful for. I began to suck on Cindy’s “lower lips.” After doing this for a few seconds I moved up and began to lick around her clit. As she moaned, Tom suddenly thrust the rest of the way into my ass causing me to moan as well. I felt his balls slap against my ass and he kept his cock there for a minute as I went back to licking Cindy’s clit.

After he allowed my ass to get used to his cock, Tom began to fuck me, very slowly at first, with long deep strokes. He would pull his cock out until just the tip was still inside of my ass, then push it the whole way back in until his balls slapped against me. At one point he pulled his cock the whole way out and shouted almost triumphantly, “Look at that virgin ass gape!!”

“mmmhhhmmghhm!” was my reply as I was a little preoccupied with Cindy’s pussy. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel my ass gaping, or his cock pounding me, but I really wanted to get Cindy off. It’s always my goal to make the girl I’m with cum. At this point I was literally sucking on her clit as if it was a little cock and fingering her pussy which was driving her wild. She was moaning even louder than I was!!

As if angry that I was giving Cindy a better time than he was giving me, Tom began to pound my ass harder and faster. He was still fucking me with deep long strokes, but the were much faster and his balls were slapping against me much harder. I felt like if anyone even touched my cock I would cum a gallon.

Soon, Cindy pushed my head away from her pussy as she came in my face. She didn’t squirt, but she definitely gushed! She looked at Tom and said, “I want his cock in me RIGHT now!!” In response, Tom forced his cock all the way in and pulled me back onto him so that I was riding him. Cindy positioned her well lubricated pussy over my cock and slid down onto me.

Something about her pussy, I’m not sure what it was, drove me wild. She wasn’t too tight, but it definitely wasn’t loose. When she got to the bottom of my cock I said, “Cindy, I’m really about to cum, you should ride me quick if you want my cock before I blow!”

She responded by riding up and down which forced me up and down a little on Tom’s cock. The sensation of having his large cock inside of me and Cindy’s amazing pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. I began squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my ass contracting around Tom’s cock as I came, which in turn became to much for him and he began to cum in my ass!

Cindy slowly got off of my cock, careful not to spill any of my cum, and walked back around to the head of the bed where she was earlier. Tom, true to his word, didn’t remove his cock from my ass after cumming and continued pounding me hard. I couldn’t believe his stamina!

He forced me back into doggystyle which put my face right back into Cindy’s recently creampied pussy. There was already a little of my cum leaking out which I hurriedly licked up. I started tonguing her pussy again, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. I could feel Tom’s cum squelching around in my ass as he fucked me and the idea of it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I continued slurping my cum out of Cindy’s pussy until she said, “I think you’ve gotten most of it. Remember what I did to you earlier? It’s time for you to return the favor.”

I didn’t even have time to respond before she’d rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass into my face. I’d never eaten a girl’s ass out before, so I was a little tentative…until Tom thrust his cock in extra hard which forced my tongue into her ass. “In for a penny in for a pound,” I thought to myself and began licking around her asshole. Surprisingly (or maybe I was just ignorant), it didn’t taste horrible, it was just like licking anywhere else on her body. I began to enthusiastically rim her, again determined to get her off.

Tom started pounding my ass hard, and I realized that I was hard again. I wanted to get Cindy’s ass nice and lubed so I could pound it. Tom kept fucking me harder and faster until all the sudden he came in my ass HARD. I could feel his cock spasming deep in my ass and I swear I could feel the cum leaking out into me. He moaned and slowly pulled his cock out, but not before reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing something. Once he’d pulled the whole way out he pushed something back in and I realized that what he’d grabbed was a butt plug.

“I’m just gonna take a little break…this has taken more out of me than it normally does,” Tom said exasperatedly while he sat back in the chair that he had been in while I sucked on his cock. I turned back and continued eating out Cindy’s asshole until it was soaked with my saliva. I then backed away and lined my cock up with her asshole.

I started teasing her ass while I reached around and began rubbing her nipples. I slowly began inserting my cock into her ass until I was balls deep. Then I began fucking her hard. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to las long with the butt plug pressing on my prostate like it was and I wanted to make the most of the time I had in her tight ass.

Given the way she was reacting, I’m fairly sure Tom didn’t spend much time with Cindy’s ass. She was extremely tight and was definitely fairly new to the whole anal thing. I decided to make the most of it and began pounding in and out, hard and deep. I began playing with her clit with one hand while I spanked her with the other, then began pinching her nipples. Soon, she began to cum. I could feel her ass begin contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I began to spray cum deep into her ass in what was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life.

After I’d finished cumming I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and collapsed backwards as she fell forwards. We were all exhausted to say the least. Despite Tom’s boast of cumming at least 3 times in my ass, he couldn’t move to fuck me and I was too tired to get up. Without realizing it, all three of us fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning spooning with Cindy, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Tom was still asleep on the chair as my cock began to stir. Cindy woke up as it poked her right in the ass. She looked back at me and said, “Again?” with a wink.

… be continued….?

This was my first story so any constructive (read positive AND negative) would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m considering continuing along this story line, but I also have a few other ideas I’d like to hash out, so if anyone would like to read more like this or something a little different (probably something strictly straight, maybe with Cindy) let me know!

Preface to our story.

Thank you to all who have given such great feed back to my newest series New Beginnings. Your emails were especially nice. I have a backlog of stories in my docs and submitted my afternoon with Sara, Part 3, before really finishing Part 2. Call it a sixties burnout that tried to drag then through the nineties, adult ADD, sexual nirvana whatever, I am back to finish my first experience with Steve and Sara set up by Ben. I hadn’t even though where they story was going to go, but wanted to get this to my nice supporters, so I stripped naked, got some lube, watched some porn and well, here it is. I hope it is as well received as the others.

I encourage you to read all in order with this as 2.1, but as they are really only my sexual fantasies/porn they probably stand alone.


Back in Ben’s loft we left our friends about to return the pleasure I had given to Ben, Sara and Steve. They were in a huddle deciding who was going to do what. The great part was all three were going to give it to me.

Sara turned to me and asked me: “Favorite part, cock, mouth or ass?” Without thinking I quickly replied: “All three!”

“Enough of this planning and rules lets just return to Johnny some of the pleasure he gave us.” Says Sara.

“John, get comfortable on the bed on your stomach.” Directs Ben.

Excited to get going I reach the bed in a few steps. During the time lapse after pleasuring my new friends my cock had lost most of its tumescence.

It was early evening now and the only light was coming through Ben’s wall of windows so he went around the loft lighting some of the many candles located around the bed, shortly the place was filled with the subtle scent of the candles and their glow.

As I lay on the corner of the bed I saw Steve at my head, Sara at my side and Ben between my legs. They all started touching, stroking or caressing me, each in their own way. The varying intensity, length of caress and general difference between the three was very stimulating. Their touches while extremely arousing were more sensual that sexual.

At my head I could feel Steve very close, so close I felt him lift his soft cock to rest on the top of my head, that fucking beautiful cock was huge soft. Previously in my cock fantasies, the cock was always of average size, nothing extreme. Almost always uncut but about my size. I understood women or maybe even men being “size queens” but didn’t think that would interest me.

Well my first cock was an uncut beauty of larger than average and within days had sucked a huge cut one and loved both. Still a little hung up on having the smallest cock in the room, I felt reassured knowing I had given quality pleasure to three people within minutes of each other. And now they were about to return that pleasure.

Back to their attention. Ben was working my legs up to my butt and Sara was doing my back down to my butt. Steve was concentrating on my shoulders and arms. I have had a few massages, most with some form of happy ending but this was well beyond that.

I was thinking that it would be nice if all of us were covered in oil and able to roll around together. I would have to suggest that to the group later.

As I was on the corner of the bed their movement was a little limited but it hardly mattered. Sara was kneeling on the bed itself and Steve at one end and Ben on the side. Being a wanton slut I had to have more and started exploring with my hands. I was touching anyone within reach. Noticing this they all made it easier for me.

Sara sat on my hand and I loved feeling her hot, wet pussy running my fingers through her hair down to her clit, lips and slick opening. Ben placed his semi hard cock in my other hand so I could explore it and his balls.

Ben and Sara were now concentrating on my ass. Squeezing and spreading my cheeks, caressing my balls and running fingers through my ass crack and teasing my anus. This is a new erogenous area for me, long overlooked by previous lovers and knowing this Ben had extra incentive and Sara joining in really heightened my pleasure. Somehow Steve sensed my oral fixation and turning my head presented his cock to me. Still only semi hard I welcomed it into my mouth, sucking and licking the crown.

For years I have felt that my primary sex organ was my mouth, preferring to eat a pussy that fuck one. Now that I have sucked cock and can freely lick an anus I firmly believe this.

I was now moaning with some frequency and grinding my crotch into the bed. Seeing this Sara suggest it is time to roll me over. Eagerly doing this I roll right over. Before I am settled, Steve cradling my head guides me farther up the bed so I am at the edge making it easier for him to present his cock to my mouth.

Someone, Sara I think, takes my cock into their mouth down to the base and a hand continues to caress my balls, pulling them down stretching my sack.

Ben takes my ankles in his hands and lifts them to his shoulders and shifts from my balls to my anus. Wetting his fingers Ben starts pleasuring my anus. First circling it then gently penetrating bit with a finger tip. Then I feel his hot breath on my anus and finally his hot tongue. He is slathering spit all over my anus and relaxing I can feel him pushing it into me.

Sara now sees my balls unattended and adds them to her work. Sensing her pussy is out of reach she shifts so it once again falls onto my hand.

Steve’s’ cock is very hard now making it awkward for me to get a mouthful. Knowing I can’t get half of it into my mouth at best, I still want as much as I can get. Steve shifts to the side of the bed so I can turn my head and suck more of him in and he guides his big nut sack to my hand. Slowly but firmly Steve fucks my mouth ever aware of my depth limitations.

At the other end Ben lowers my leg nearest Sara to the bed, but holding the other up high rolls me to my side enough to drop down to rim me. This is some new level of heaven. A cock in my mouth, a mouth on my cock and a tongue in my ass. Working separately they sense my heightened level of pleasure and working together start bringing me to climax.

Speeding up his face fucking Steve asks: “How close are you and where do you want my cum?”

Moving just enough to speak I tell everyone I am very close and want Steve to cum right where he is.

Ben now has his lips surround and press hard to my anus and makes love to it with his tongue. Steve is giving me all I can handle and Sara is sucking me madly and I have spit running down my balls so copiously that Ben must be sucking it in.

Powerfully I feel it start in my anus, it is like a bolt of lightening and moves through my balls and up my cock into Sara’s’ mouth. Seeing this Steve with his great control lets loose shot after shot of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. I can’t match Steve’s’ explosive gift but know I am giving Sara all I have. It seems to last forever and time appears to stop. I am overwhelmed, my cock is shooting, I am sucking, my hands are full of juicy pussy and hot pulsing balls and ass is being treated as an equal part of the beast that is my newly and fully explored sexuality.

Sensing that I am completely fucked my lovers pull back. A cock slides from my mouth, mine from another hot mouth and my ass is given one last long wet lick.

Smiling Ben says: “Welcome to our group.”

I finished feeding the dogs and had just thrown the cans in the trash when Liz hollered at me to come meet my other master.

I crawled out into the front room where Liz and Dale were sitting together on the sofa.

“He’s already had his first ass whipping but I think he will work out just fine.” Liz said.

Dale laughed and told me to take off his shoes and socks. As I was untying his shoes, she got up and began rubbing my ass and balls. This got me excited and my cock was hard in seconds. She reached up and stroked my hard cock a few times, “Very nice” she said.

“Come along, I need to use the potty.” I followed Liz to the bathroom and she pointed to a spot on the floor in front of the toilet and said “Sit.”

I watched as she undid her pants and pulled them down with her panties. She sat down and began to pee.

My cock was hard again at just seeing her pussy and she laughed when she noticed. “Did I tell you that you will have to lick my pussy dry after I go pee?”

“No, you never said that but I’ll do whatever you ask mistress.”

She laughed, “That’s right, you will do as you’re told or you the belt again.”

She finished pissing and scooted forward on the seat, her wet pussy nearly in my face. As I leaned forward to lick the warm pee from her crotch I could smell the sweet aroma of her shaved pussy and it excited me all that much more.

As I was lapping up droplets of piss from her Dale walked in “One of the fucking dogs pissed all over the floor, so you better go get it cleaned up before it ruins the wood floor.”

Liz patted my head and told me that I was done and had better hurry to the kitchen.

As I went down the hall I realized how bad my knees were beginning to hurt crawling on their carpet.

I crawled over to the kitchen door and called the dogs, hoping they hadn’t made any more of a mess somewhere else.

With the dogs outside, I had just finished mopping the floor when the belt hit my ass so hard I nearly fell over. After the second time Dale hit me I could feel tears running down my cheeks and wanted to run! But I didn’t have a chance to do anything before the third one hit and literally knocked me on my stomach where I laid and took the other three whacks by the belt.

My ass was on fire and I began sobbing but tried to keep quite despite the pain and tears. After a few minutes I got back on my hands and knees and cleaned out the mop and put it away.

I crawled out into the front room and asked either of them if they needed anything, tears still wet in my eyes. The two of them were sitting on the sofa again. “I think Dale could really use a blow job after such a hard day at work.”

“Yes mistress.” I crawled in front of him and unbuckled his belt. As I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants he lifted his ass up and I pulled his pants off of him. His cock was bigger than any I’d ever seen! It was as thick as a beer can, at least as long as a can is tall and it was only half hard!

I looked up at Dale and he was just smiling. Liz got up and sat down on my back. She reached over and grabbed his massive cock and rubbed it all over my face and between my lips, as I opened my mouth she lined his hardening cock up to it and pushed the back of my head down onto it. It stretched my mouth wide as she pushed my head down and I barely had room to move my tongue!

Once his cock was all in my mouth Liz kept my head pressed tight against Dales warm body. “You’d better be able to breathe through your nose.” She laughed. His cock was growing even more and I could literally feel it extending down my throat and causing my cheeks to bulge more. I tried to keep breathing through my nose but his cock was so deep in my throat I started to gag. The two of them just chuckled and Liz grabbed my ears and slowly started to pull my head away from his huge cock. About halfway out I began taking quick deep breaths so as not to gage again but she began pushing my head again, forcing me to swallow his entire length again.

She began pushing and pulling my head as his cock slid in and out of my mouth. I was having a hard time breathing and trying not to gag as that thing filled my mouth and throat. Dale was moaning and said how good it felt and Liz patted me on the head. “That’s it, just keep up the rhythm and don’t stop, or else.”

After a few minutes I could hear Liz in the other room talking to someone. Dale had a hold of my head and was guiding it up and down on his huge cock. Liz came back into the room, “I just got off the phone with Tim and he is on the way over.”

Liz walked up behind me and started rubbing my asshole. “Mmmmmm, that looks pretty tight. I bet you’d love to have that big cock in it wouldn’t you?” With my mouth full of cock all I could do was nod my head yes but that wasn’t very easy with him pushing and pulling on it the way he was.

Liz yanked my head back and Dale’s massive cock popped out of my mouth. “I asked you a fucking question bitch and you didn’t answer me! Now I don’t care if you want his cock in your ass or not because you going to get it period!” she nearly screamed.

Before I had a chance to say anything, Dale pressed his cock to my lips with one hand and pulled my head down with the other, filling my mouth with that monstrous thing again.

“Dale, you’d better hold on to that bitch tight!” He wrapped his hands around my head and guided it up and down on his cock as Liz cracked my ass with the belt seven times in rapid succession.

It’s a wonder I didn’t bite his cock as the belt met my ass. The tears were so bad this time I could taste them as I sucked Dales throbbing cock. I was sobbing and half gagging as Liz began rubbing my burning ass and slowly reached up and caressed my balls and cock.

Dale pushed me back, as he got up his huge cock smacked my in the face and they both laughed. I reached up and wiped the tears from my eyes as Liz pushed me forward so I was leaning on the couch.

I felt Dale’s huge hard cock rubbing and pressing on my asshole. It felt so good I moaned out loud and pushed my ass back towards him. One of them spit on my asshole as Dale pressed that cock hard into my ass. It was so fucking thick and it had been so long since I had been fucked in the ass and I tried to relax as I felt it stretch me more and began to slide in.

It started to hurt so bad. I didn’t think I would be able to take it. “Oh god, that will never fit in my ass and it’s already hurting!” Liz sat in front of me on the couch and petted my head, telling me it would be alright. I had tears in my eyes again as that huge hard cock was pushing into my ass. I could feel the head of it make it in and took a deep breath when Dale grabbed my hips and nearly shoved the whole thing up my ass!

I screamed out loud and tried to get away. It burned like fire and the pain was unbelievable and I was squirming all over the couch and crying out loud, hoping he would pull it out. Instead he picked up the pace and thrust it in further with each stroke, slamming my whole body against the sofa so hard I could feel it move on the carpet.

“Oh god! PLEASE take it out!” I screamed. Liz kept petting my head and told me that I’d get used to it in a few minutes.

“Oh no, please! I can’t take it, it’s hurting too bad!” I screamed again. “Keep whining bitch and I fuck you even harder!”

I felt him slide out of my burning ass and had a second to relax when he slammed it back up my ass again! He pulled it all the way out the next time and I could feel him rubbing it around on my burning hole and then he thrust forward again and shoved it all the way in.

I let out a scream and he began fucking me hard enough that the sofa literally moved back two or three inches with each thrust he made. My body was quivering as he pounded my ass. It felt a little better now but it was going so deep and I could feel it compress my intestines each time he buried it.

After what seemed like an hour of being fucked like this the doorbell rang.

Dale never slowed a bit fucking my ass with his huge cock as Liz jumped up and left the room. As I lay there, finally growing more accustomed to Dales thick fat cock in my ass, I could hear Liz say “Tim’s here and Sue is with him!” Dale never missed a stroke as he hollered “you guys better hurry up! I’m getting ready to explode and fill this bitches ass full of cum!”

As the others walk into the room Tim said “you ought to shove it in his mouth and make him swallow it all!”

“No” Sue said, “You ought to fill his ass full, make him shit it all out and then eat it for us!”

They all laughed at her idea and Dale grabbed my hips and started fucking me so hard his balls were slamming into mine. Dale moaned loud and I felt the first stream of his thick cum shoot in my ass. It was so hot and so deep it made my stomach burn as he pumped what seemed like a quart of his sperm into my ass.

I could feel that massive cock finally begin to deflate when he told Liz to grab a bowl from the kitchen. His cock stayed put until Liz returned; she held the bowl under my ass.

Dale pulled his cock out and instantly I could feel his cum running out my stretched ass.

“Squat over that bowl and force that cum out of your slutty ass” Sue said.

My ass hurt, my stomach hurt, my knees hurt and I felt so humiliated with everyone watching me.

I pushed like I was trying to shit and ripped a loud juicy fart and could hear his cum splash into the bowl. They all laughed their asses of at that.

Dale walked up to me and stuck his half limp cock in my face and told me to lick and suck it clean. As I did this the girls were giggling and commenting on how stretched my asshole was.

“Hey Tim, grab me a beer I’m going to go jump in the shower. We’ll let the girls have some fun with our new slave for awhile.”

I was still squatted over the bowl and farted again and could feel more cum dripping out my ass. “Oh god!” Sue said. “You need to use your hand and wipe that gaping hole of yours and lick that hand clean so you don’t any more of it on the carpet.”

Without even thinking, I did as she said. His cum had a strong salty taste to it as I licked my fingers, but I actually didn’t mind it.

“Wow Liz, you have this little bitch trained pretty well! He didn’t even hesitate when I told him to do that!”

“And just think he’s only been here for a few hours! Imagine what he’ll do after a week!”

“Pick up your dinner bowl now and follow us to the kitchen so Sue and I can decide what you’ll do next.”

That’s when I looked up and saw Sue for the first time, and she was ten times better looking than Liz, and young, very young! My cock got hard as a rock when I saw her. She was about 5′ 6″ maybe 110 pounds and had a smoking hot body with perky yet smallish tits; just the way I like them!

She looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back as she turned and walked to the kitchen with Liz.

I noticed that there wasn’t nearly as much cum in the bowl as I had thought as I carefully walked to the kitchen on my knees, making sure I didn’t spill a drop.

The girls were already seated at the table and I asked my new mistress what I should do with my bowl. Sue looked at her and said, “Why don’t you set it here in front of me and lick it clean. I want to see how good you really are bitch.”

They laughed again as I set the bowl down and began to eat Dales cum.

As I was eating, I looked up and noticed I could see Sue’s flowery panties under the short little skirt she was wearing. I couldn’t help myself from looking and slid the bowl a little to one side so I had a better view.

Sue reached out and patted my head like a dog. “That’s a good boy! Liz, you ought to come watch him, he’s almost done licking the bowl!”

As Liz walked around the corner of the table she saw me looking up Sue’s little skirt. She stopped, squatted down beside me and said “are you peeking up her skirt you fucking perv!” She slapped me hard across my face. “Why you fucking bitch! Everything we have done for you and you’re sitting here peeking up someone’s skirt?”

Sue acted all shocked, got up and slapped me in the face too. “Why you fucking bastard, no wonder you moved your dinner bowl, you were trying to get a better view of my pussy weren’t you?”

I felt so ashamed and couldn’t bring myself to look her in the face so I just nodded as I finished licking the bowl clean.

“You had better answer her boy! I will NOT tolerate you disrespecting anyone in my own home!” Liz screamed. I could feel my eyes well up from the embarrassment I felt.

I looked up at Sue, “I’m sorry ma’am for looking up your skirt.”

“Did you like what you saw under there?”

“Yes, and I’m so sorry for doing that to you ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

“You’re damned straight it won’t!” Yelled Liz.

“How many is it this time you little bitch?” Liz asked me as she handed the belt to Sue.

“It’s eight, mistress. And I’m sorry for disrespecting your friends.”

“Oh we know you’re sorry, and now you’ll pay for it.”

Sue walked around me with the belt in her hand, slapping it into her palm. “Your ass looks like it’s been beaten a few too many times today already, maybe I’ll give it a little bit of a break. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes ma’am I’d really appreciate that! My ass really hurts and I know that I was bad in disrespecting you the way I did.”

I felt a little relieved in thinking this fine looking young woman was going to give me a break!

She looked at Liz and winked.

“You do know that I will have to punish you though right?”

“Yes ma’am, I know that and am prepared for whatever punishment you decide.”

“Good, I’m glad you understand that. Now why don’t you come over here and sit in this chair for me.” She said as she slid a kitchen chair into the middle of the room.

“That’s a good boy. Now I want you to sit on your hands for me, sit up nice and straight and close your eyes, okay?”

“Yes ma’am, anything you say.” I sat up in the chair, slid my hands under my ass and closed my eyes. “Like this ma’am?”

“That’s prefect. Now just keep your eyes closed and relax for me.”

I sat there for a few minutes and could hear the two of them whispering something and then Liz started laughing. Hearing that laugh my entire body tightened up and I began to feel a little panicky.

“Okay” Sue said. “You just keep your eyes shut tight and relax for me.”

I felt hands on the top of my legs. They ran up to my belly and back down to my sore knees. They gently pushed my legs far apart and began rubbing the inside of my thighs.

My whole body shuddered when they brushed up against my balls.

“Mmmmm, you like that don’t you you little bitch?” I could feel my cock start to get hard as her hands moved closer to my balls and brush up against my cock.

“Oh yes ma’am it feels very nice.”

Her hands reached up and fondled my aching balls, and then one hand wrapped around my cock and slowly worked it up and down the shaft.

My cock was rock hard now and she kept stroking it and playing with my balls.

Suddenly I could feel her breath on my cock and I so badly wanted to open my eyes and see her beautiful face so close to my throbbing cock. My body jerked a few times as I felt her tongue flick across the head.

Then I felt her lips wrap around my whole head and she bobbed slowly up and down while still fondling my balls.

I moaned out loud as she sucked the head of my cock and flicked her tongue on the underside of it.

“That’s it, just relax and keep those eyes shut tight for me.” She said softly. She got up and I sat there for a minute or two, wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

The thoughts of Sue sucking my cock were racing through my mind and my whole body seemed to relax a little bit, when all of a sudden I felt the belt slap square on my raging hard on, smashing my balls into the chair at the same time!

The pain was much more intense than any I had felt so far today.

After the third one hit me like that I literally fell from the chair.

I lay there on the floor holding my balls, crying out loud when another one hit me across the ass and clipped my balls.

I yelped, writhing in pain on the kitchen floor and tears streaming from my eyes.

“Get up on your knees right now!” Sue yelled at me.

I was able to get up but still held my aching balls.

“Please ma’am, please! Please don’t hit my balls again!” I sobbed.

She chuckled and said that she promised she wouldn’t.

“Four more and your all done for now, so quit crying like a little girl and stand up.”

I used the chair to stand; my legs didn’t even feel like they would support my weight as I leaned over onto the table and pushed myself up.

“Good. Now I want you to stand right here at the end of the table and put your hands behind your back and close those teary little eyes again for my okay?”

Her voice so soft and sweet made my body shiver.

“Yes ma’am.”

I stood there with my hands behind my back and my eyes shut tight, although I could still feel the tears leaking from them.

She walked over and grabbed my surprisingly still hard cock and put it on the table and stroked the length of it a few times.



The belt came down twice on my hard cock!

I was able to stay on my feet but my whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

My balls were tensed up and I could feel my cock pulsing. All of a sudden I came all over the kitchen table!

I couldn’t believe it!

At the same time I heard Liz and Sue say “Oh my god!”

“Finish him Sue, quick!”

With that the belt cam down the final two times on my cock and even though the pain was so fucking intense, I felt my balls tighten again and more cum spurted across the table with each hit!

“You mother fucker! Open your eyes and look at what you did all over Liz and Dales table!”

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that my cum had shot almost to the other end of the table!

“Jesus, that was fucking impressive!” Liz said. “I have never seen anyone cum in a situation like that before! Have you?” She asked Sue.

“Fucking never! That was totally amazing to see!”

My body felt as though I had been hit by a fucking truck and then ran over a few times by passing cars.

I realized that I was more laying on the table than I was standing up. I tried to stand and my legs buckled as I crashed to the floor in a heap.

Both the girls knelt beside me and they both asked if I was okay. “Yes mistress, yes ma’am. I am fine; I just can’t stand on my own.” I sobbed to them as one of them rubbed my arm and the other my leg.

“Man, that was the most impressive cum shot I have ever seen in my life!” Liz said as she wiped the side of my face off with her hand.

“You lay there for a few minutes and rest, okay?”

“Yes mistress, thank you so much. And thank you ma’am for making me cum like that. I have never cum so hard in my life and for a minute I was afraid that my balls shot right through the end of my dick!”

With that they both laughed their asses off, Liz still wiping my face and Sue rubbing my back. I smiled at the two of them and closed my eyes to rest.

When I rolled over I felt my arm drop over the edge of something and it freaked me out since I thought I was still lying on the kitchen floor.

I opened my eyes and I was in a bed still naked.

I looked around and realized that I was upstairs in their spare bedroom.

My balls still ached, my cock was swollen and my ass was covered in welts. I got up and stretched and the sun was just coming out.

I was in sort of a daze, recalling all that I had been through yesterday. Half afraid of what to expect today, I crept over to the door and listened.

Not hearing any sounds I turned the handle and pulled open the door.

I got down on my knees and crawled towards the steps. Part way down I could hear voices in the kitchen. As I crawled closer I could hear Tim and Dale talking.

Sitting on the third floor balcony of my university gave me a confidence I had never felt anywhere else. Freshman year I had come up here during a formal event and watch the stars rotate until they dimmed away to the rising sun, and waves of students would spill out into the parking lot, many of which did nothing but rest up against the side of their truck and simply caress each other with their tongues. But watching that from up there, I felt like God.

That same day, Twenty minutes after everyone had left, I was waiting for my roommate, Kyle, watching for her on the balcony, and occasionally looking into the woods to check on Tam, my best friend. She was a player, and after the dance, she was the first out with a burly senior, his dirty blond hair drenched in sweat. He had her up on his waist, maneuvering his eyes around her face to get to his car, his tongue all the while slipping through her mouth like a probe. He reached his car and couldn’t manage to pull out his keys. He stepped forward into the woods, throwing Tam into the trees, and following after her.

Right after them came Paul, the captain of the swim team. I have been a straight man since, well, since forever, but the first time I questioned it, the first time I fantasized about a man putting his dick inside of me, it was with Paul.

I had imagined him coming up to me in the bathroom and tapping my shoulder. I turned, and he whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I watch him unbuckle his belt, and as I feel the tension of it taking too long, I reach for the zipper and snap it down, tearing the belt in half. He pulls off the jeans and grabs my hair. He jerks me towards his dick, the helmet of it hitting my teeth initially, but as I begin to taste it, my tongue flicking across the tip, his soft moans commencing, I begin to like the flavor.

I start small, taking it literally like a lollipop. I suck on it hard, stacking up the pressure, my tongue teasing the slit in his dick. Then, I pull it down through my throat. I can taste the chlorine on it, he’s just come back from a swim practice.

I start blowing him faster, more intensely. His moaning is loud, and he starts taking off his shirt. I run one of my hands up his chiseled abs, feeling every crevice, giving every muscle a story, feeling his entire front side. Then I take my other hand and slide it up his legs to his thick, red balls. I squeeze them gently, his moaning intensifying. Then I slide my hand under his arch and slowly take a finger, sliding it up into his muscular ass. He jumps at first, but upon my second re-entry, his moaning gets louder. I continue to blow him and finger him, his hands still tightly grappling my hair, pushing me back and forth, his waist jutting in and out.

“I’m, ah… I’m-!”

I begin to move back in anticipation of his ejaculation, but he throws me to the tiled floor of the bathroom before I can react. he quickly grabs the top and bottom of his balls, and with the other hand, grabs his cock, then pulls his waist in and stays there for a few seconds, his face showing so much pleasure, his muscles rippling in his stomach. Then he stops, a single drop of cum slipping off of his dick. He sighs, then looks up at me. “Time to fuck,” he says, then grabs my hair again. He pulls me up and begins to tear off my clothes, the takes anchor with my head once more.

Without aiming, without protection, and only with the lube of his spit, he throws me onto the floor and falls on me, his dick sliding up deep inside my ass. I scream in pain, wanting it to get out, but then it goes from a throbbing pain to a growing pleasure, and my scream transforms into a loud sex moan. He pulls out then does it again, and again, and again, all the while taunting me: “You like it like that don’t you bitch? You like riding my fucking dick.”

All I can reply is with a loud “Yes! Yeah! oh, yeah!”

For what seemed like a heavenly forever, he plows me in the bathroom, my knees scraping against the tiled floor. He reaches his arms around me and grabs my balls and dicks, then lifts me up until he is tilted back, then he drops me. I fall onto his dick and it shoots up inside of me faster and farther than before. We let out the same scream at the same time, but then he lets out a “Yes…” and I can feel something warm inside of me. He pulls out quickly and sprays his sperm across my body. I run to it and lick it off his dick, tasting Paul before the dream is gone.

When I saw Paul from up on the balcony, I only had one instinct: to run after him. I caught up with him in the parking lot, and after tapping his shoulder, he teetered to the left and right, then turned to me. He’s was drunk.

“Hey, kid, you want to give me a blow job?” his words slurred for so long that before he says blowjob, I screamed, “Yes!” then jump as I heard the end of the sentence, and then he grabbed me and brought me to his car.

We jumped inside, and he started to unzip his pants.

‘Here comes the monster.’ I thought, and I smiled widely.

The smile crashed into a frown as he pulled down his pants, and a four to five inch ERECT penis is sitting in his lap. I’m incredibly disappointed, but I do it anyways.

The blowjob is awkward, his dick in my mouth reminding me of the texture of a thin, small, glass bottle of coke with a condom slid over the top. After four minutes, I took my lips from his waist, and leaned up to ask, “You wanna fuck?”

“Who’s dick is bigger?” He replied.

Instantly, I pulled out my NON-erect six inches of meat, and he quickly leaned down to suck it. “Lets go do this,” he whispered to me, beer on his breath, and we left the car and fled into the woods.

One things was right about my dreams, at least: He had an amazing ass- inside and out.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story includes both bi-female, threesome, group, and bi-male scenes. If you do not like or have an aversion to two men doing anything together, skip this story, or just read until the second male arrives. It wont leap into it suddenly, you’ll know its coming.


I don’t focus well during school classes. Today was even worse. After having sex for the first time with my adopted legal guardian last night, I spent the entire day thinking about what had happened, applying that experience to Kari, my current crush. She’s also my date for prom tomorrow night, so the last thing I wanted to do was tell her what had happened. I don’t have class with her this quarter, thankfully.

Usually it was a downer that we only had that one class together, but today I was relieved. I wasn’t sure I wanted to face her. When I was waiting for my first period class to start I got a text message from her that she had a doctor’s appointment during lunch period, so I knew I wouldn’t have to face her then. By the end of the day I wasn’t worried about it anymore. The initial fear had past and I knew as long as I didn’t talk about it, then no one knew and it wouldn’t come up. We weren’t really dating, but anytime you start an excuse with, “Technically, dot, dot, dot,” it’s still not going to end well. I would tell her once I got to know her better and could guess how she would react. Having decided that, the rest of the day was a breeze.

When my gym class ended at 3pm I got in my car and went home. I noticed Kate’s car in the driveway which was unusual. Her normal Friday hours put her working until 7 or 8pm in town at her boutique. When I walked in the front door I heard her talking in the living room, and when I went past on my way upstairs to my room, I saw her talking to her best friend, Sarah.

Sarah was like Kate, they both grew up in foster care, bouncing around like I did, and they were both close enough to each other that they remained friends for their entire teenage lives. She was petite, very petite, and much shorter than Kate and a year younger at 31 years old. She was around 5’0 give or take an inch. She had shapely hips but up top she was lacking compared to Kate, and only had small C cup breasts. While Kate was a brunette with a natural curl in her long hair, Sarah was a golden blonde, with straight as a rule hair that was cut just below her jaw line. She had pale blue eyes, not nearly as noticeable as Kate’s, and a flat ass. She was not a head turner when it came to her body, but her face was exceptionally cute. If you weren’t picky about bodies, then you would have no hesitation saying yes to her.

I noticed their conversation shift into whispers when they heard me come in, and immediately I was nervous. What had Kate told her?! I tried to act casual, and waved as I went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard a giggle escape from Sarah and I was glad the wall of the stairway hid my red face. I threw my bag onto my floor and collapsed onto my bed. I was completely embarrassed, and I felt like I had made a huge mistake the night before. I should have pushed Kate away, but I was too excited to say no. After lying on the bed for a few minutes I decided I needed a shower. I had the reek of gym class on me so I stripped down to my boxers and went to the shared upstairs bathroom.

Jim and Kate did not have a master bath in the house when they bought it, so one thing they splurged on was fixing up the upstairs bathroom into a luxury spa. They absorbed the small office next to it and gutted the entire room. They put in a huge Jacuzzi bathtub big enough for four people, his-and-hers countertop, and both a toilet and a bidet. The bidet was weird at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times, you won’t go back. There was also a small shower stall, but the Jacuzzi tub had wrap around nozzles in the wall, plus a waterfall-like faucet overhead. A drain trough built into the floor surrounding the tub allowed them to skip the walls around the tub leaving it open.

I skipped the tub today and used the small glass walled shower stall. I turned the water on letting it steam up as I gathered a towel from the small closet and set it on the counter. I threw my boxers onto the floor and admired myself in the mirror before climbing into the shower. The water was hot on my skin, the way I liked it. The glass of the stall had completely steamed up, and I just stood under the spray for a few minutes. I had just started lathering up with soap when I heard the door open.

“I’m in here,” I hollered, “You can use the bathroom downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” I heard Sarah say. The door clicked shut and I went back to washing. I had scrubbed all the important parts and was letting the water rinse the lather away when the glass shower door opened. I jumped and spun and found myself face to face with a completely naked Sarah. She smiled at me and her perky breasts ended in large hard nipples. I couldn’t help but let my gaze go lower and I saw she was completely shaved, no pubic hair at all. She came into the stall and pushed me against the wall, closing the door behind her.

“I’ve heard you had some after school tutoring last night.” She told me. My mouth hung open, not knowing what to say. “Consider me another one of your tutors.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up, forcing me to catch her and hold on to her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her bare pussy rubbed against my enlarging cock and her hard nipples raked across my wet chest as she firmly kissed me. I pulled back, a hundred thoughts going through my mind, and uncertainty about which to listen to.

“I can’t I’ve got a date with Kari.” I managed, but even I didn’t believe it.

She narrowed her eyes seductively, “Are you two dating?” she asked. I shook my head weakly. “So it’s just a first date?” she confirmed. I nodded.

“Then this is okay,” she told me, and she reached up, put her hand on the back of my head, and yanked me toward her planting her lips on mine. I kissed back, letting my tongue explore her mouth as she explored mine. I slowly turned around, putting her back against the wall of the shower stall. Holding her up with my body I lowered a little and started sucking on her magnificent tits. I could feel the hardness of her nipples, and she cooed as I sucked and licked them, splitting my time between each. She pushed me back and lowered herself back onto the floor of the stall and knelt down. My cock was hard and she took hold of it and teased it, licking just the last centimeter with her tongue and lips, letting my desire build. Instead of taking its length into her mouth she kissed down the shaft and then down to my balls.

She sucked one in, rolling it around with her tongue and she sucked, and slowly stroked the length of my cock with her hand. She had her other hand on my thigh caressing it. She switched balls, sucking the other one, and going back and forth between them. After a moment of that she let her tongue lick from the bottom of my balls all the way up my cock to the tip and then gobbled it, taking most of it into her mouth. I fell back against the glass wall, closing my eyes as she sucked. I put my hand on the back of her head, letting it rest there and after a moment she pulled back, just lightly teasing the head of my cock again. I looked down, frustrated she had practically stopped.

“Next lesson,” she said, “Learning when girls want you to take charge.” I was confused, and she took my hands and put one on the back of her head, and made my other take a handful of her hair. “If you want more, take more.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and she went back to merely teasing my cock. I tried to pull her into it, but I didn’t want to hurt her, and she easily resisted my timid pulls. “No, you’re just making suggestions at what you want me to do.” She shook her head, “I want you to MAKE ME do it.” She told me.

I gripped her hair tighter and really yanked her onto my cock; shoving her head and pushing her down, making her take the entire 7 inches of my hard cock. She pulled back and I shoved her down again, and she moaned as she went down, sucking eagerly. After a few seconds she pulled off of it. “That’s more like it.” She continued to suck me and I heard the door open. I nearly panicked, but Sarah kept going, her wet blonde hair sticking to her head and my hands. The door opened and Sarah stood and disappeared out of the cloud of steam.

I stepped out of the shower stall wiping the water from my eyes and saw that Sarah was kissing Kate hard on the lips. She was naked, her large tits pressing against Sarah’s, their legs gliding together rubbing and intertwining. I hadn’t thought it possible but my cock got even harder. As Sarah stepped away I saw Kate had a huge cock strapped to her hips. Leather straps wound their way around her hips like a funny pair of underwear. The cock was a natural skin tone white, and past the harness it changed shape into a long slender piece which disappeared into the crevices of her legs.

Kate saw me looking at it and explained, “It’s a strap on. It lets me fuck Sarah while the anal and vaginal plugs vibrate so I get off too.” Sarah turned and grabbed me by the arm pulling me into the hallway as Kate followed with her dong bouncing as she went. Sarah led me into Jim and Kate’s bedroom with a massive King size bed in the middle. She pushed be back onto the bed and climbed over me. I saw Kate reach into a dresser drawer and pull out a small bottle. She dribbled something onto the dong and then stroked it, smearing it around. She came to the bed and grabbed my hard cock, smearing the lube on it, then dribbled some more from the bottle and smeared that in until my cock was slick with it.

“I think Sarah’s pussy is plenty wet.” I told her. Both Kate and Sarah laughed.

“I’m sure it is,” Kate said, “but that’s not where you’re playing today.”

Sarah pushed me back against the covers of the bed and turned around. My cock waved in the air and she squatted over it and then slowly lowered herself onto it, letting it slowly penetrate her anus. I panicked, I was worried she was going to hurt herself and as soon as I felt her tight hole squeezing my cock I decided to shut the hell up about it.

She slid down my cock until she was all the way down. To test it she leaned back and braced with her arms pushing herself up and down on my cock, which slid easily in her ass. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed the mounds of her breasts as I slowly ground my hips letting my cock ride her ass. I could feel her tight around my cock, and felt each movement as my cock slipped up and down inside.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out. I felt something else with her and looked around her to see Kate kneeling in front of us both, pushing the dong into Sarah’s pussy. She thrust in and out and I just laid there feeling her thrusts rubbing against my cock in Sarah. Each thrust pushed Sarah up and back down, and I realized that we could both lie back and take it. I took the opportunity to tease Sarah’s nipples and kissed her neck and shoulders. She moaned and screamed as with both penetrated her. A few minutes later she cried out in orgasm, her ass clenching tight against my cock, pushing me over the edge and shooting my load into her. I felt Kate pull out of her and Sarah collapsed onto me, panting and repeating, “Oh my god!” again and again.

Kate smiled and climbed over by me. I was intimidated as the glistening dong bounced up and down in my face. Kate grabbed my hair, it hurt a little but I was more curious about her intentions, and she thrust the dong into my mouth making me suck off Sarah’s cum. After a few gentle thrusts she pulled it out and let go of my head. She reached around her waist and undid the clasps to the harness and let it pull out of her, trailing strings of cum from her pussy. Sarah climbed off of me and took it from her, sucking Kate’s cum off the vibrator part of the dong and then throwing it aside.

Sarah swung around and sat on my stomach as Kate moved around past my head. I was focused on Sarah, who was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples when Kate climbed over me and stuck her pussy right in my mouth, her cum already dripping onto my lips. She leaned forward and started kissing Sarah and I greedily sucked her juices up. Sarah leaned down and sucked Kate’s tits. After a couple minutes Sarah climbed up and disappeared. I thought we were done, but Kate didn’t move, and just tweaked my nipples as I licked and sucked her pussy. A moment later Sarah returned and I felt her aggressively wiping my cock with a warm soapy towel. After she had scrubbed it clean she wiped it again with a soft wet clean towel.

“Never forget to clean your cock after anal play,” she told me. Kate leaned forward and took my still flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking and licking while I ate her out. Sarah climbed up next to me, snatched my hand from around Kate and forced my hand on her pussy. I didn’t hesitate to stick my fingers into her and she started gyrating back and forth in time to my thrusts. It hadn’t taken long for my cock to get hard again, and Sarah climbed down and took turns with Kate as they both sucked my cock and balls.

Not one to keep her toys to herself, Kate rolled to her side allowing Sarah to position her pussy over my mouth. I quickly started eating her out while she sucked me. She tasted slightly different from Kate; neither bad nor good. She was just different, less sweet, slightly salty but not overly so. I sucked up as much of her juices as I could, sucking on her swelling labia and clit, and sticking my tongue into her hole and swirling it around as she moaned on my cock. When she came again I sucked in her cum and it oozed from her pussy. She became extremely sensitive, and slid away from me. When I glanced over I saw Kate and pulled out a dildo, and was ramming it into her pussy while trading my cock with Sarah. I felt that now familiar sensation of building toward orgasm and still Kate and Sarah sucked. Just before I came Kate let go of my cock letting Sarah come down on it and I shot my load into her mouth. She sat up and I watched her move toward Kate and she dribbled my cum from her mouth into Kate’s. Something about it was so hot I felt like I could cum again. Thankfully I didn’t. And together they collapsed next to me, all of us panting. We cuddled together for a few minutes, and I fell asleep, exhausted from gym, and then the marathon sex with Kate and Sarah.

I woke up hearing the front door close and Jim yelling that he was home. I looked around and panicked, lying on Jim’s bed naked, with his wife naked at my side, and her best friend at the other. I heard him climbing up the stairs and I tried to wrestle out from underneath Kate and Sarah. I swore it felt as if they were holding me down but they were passed out. I start struggling more, getting my arm out from underneath Kate, and then from Sarah, my limp cock flopping around. I was free, and turned to see Jim standing in the door, still dressed in his suit, bag in hand. He dropped it to the floor, mouth agape.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled. I scrambled backward, toward the head of the bed. He came toward the edge of the bed on the left, so I scrambled to the right, climbing over Sarah, my cock flopping on her face, but I hardly noticed. Again he yelled, “What the fuck!?”

“Jim, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, it just happened, and I was naked, and they were naked, and they started kissing me, and sucking me-” I rambled, panicked, and then froze as all three of them, Jim, Kate and Sarah started laughing.

I was extremely confused. “Do you think I’d have fucked you last night if Jim and I hadn’t talked about it before?” Kate asked.

I had no answer for her. “Or do you think she’d have fucked you with Sarah today if she hadn’t called me this morning and told me about last night?” Jim added.

Again, I was completely blank. I swore my mind must have rebooted, Blue Screen of Death in my head. They laughed again, and Kate got on her knees, level with Jim and gave him a big welcome-home kiss. Sarah climbed over the bed next to them and joined in the hug, adding in her kiss as Jim squeezed her tit and then gave her ass a loud slap as she turned away.

I fell onto the bed, in shock and relief. I still wasn’t sure if I was in the right, or still wrong, but I wasn’t dead yet so it didn’t matter. Sarah climbed over, wrapping her legs around me and laying her head on my shoulder, looking at Jim and Kate. Jim walked to their walk in closet, taking his tie off, and hanging his suit jacket up. I saw him lift his leg up, flipping off his shoe, and then the other. I turned back to Sarah who started kissing my neck softly and I kissed her back.

Kate snuggled next to me on my right, and whispered in my ear, “We’re swingers.” She told me.

“I don’t know what that means,” I admitted. The two women giggled at my ignorance.

“It means we have sex with other people. It’s not something we broadcast, obviously, or we’d have never gotten to foster you, let alone adopt you, but we think what we do to get off is none of anyone else’s business. We’ve had entire orgies downstairs when you’ve been gone doing stuff on the weekends.” She told me.

Jim came out of the closet, completely nude with his huge cock flopping around. It was clearly a little larger than mine, I felt intimidated, but Sarah put her finger on my mouth, “Don’t get upset,” she said, reading my thoughts, “His is bigger, but yours is still much bigger than average. Don’t worry about it.” I let it go. Jim climbed up onto the bed and sidled up to Kate who reached down and started stroking his limp enormous cock. He quickly got hard and Kate spread her legs, letting him push into her lying on their sides with Kate facing Sarah and I. He fucked her for a few minutes as they traded looks, both moaning and grunting while Sarah just laid on me, snuggling.

“You’ve pretty much seen the basics.” Sarah told me. “There’s more,” she paused, choosing her words, “specialized fetishes, but we don’t really do most of them.”

I nodded, distracted by Jim thrusting into Kate. He was larger than me in physical size in addition to his cock, more muscular, but not what I would consider a Muscle Man. He didn’t work out, instead he rode his bike, or climbed, or anything else that he felt like doing outside. His new ambition was kayaking rapids, which he had hoped to learn to do during the summer.

“If you want another experience we can help with that,” Sarah went on, “But it’s completely optional, and not everyone is into it.” I nodded, curious.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, just like Kate and I are women and we play together, Jim sometimes plays with guys too. It’s called Bisexuality. We have our preference, Jim will take a girl over a guy, and Kate and I will always prefer boyfriends but we will play with girls if there’s no cocks around or if we’re playing in a group.”

“Okay,” I said, unsurely. She rubbed my chest, and I looked back at Kate and Jim.

“If you want, and you don’t have to, Jim will play with you.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. I had never considered it. It didn’t put me off, but it really didn’t make me wild either. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I’m curious, but I don’t really have any feelings about it, one way or the other.” I admitted.

Sarah and Kate nodded and Jim shrugged. “It’s not for everyone.” He told me.

“I guess I won’t know until I try it,” I admitted. Jim glanced at Sarah and then at Kate who both nodded understandingly.

“Well he’s here right now,” she said, “Do you want to or do you want to wait?”

I couldn’t decide, I imagined Jim sucking my cock, and fucking his ass, but it wasn’t driving me wild. I thought about the reverse, sucking his cock, or him in my ass. I also remembered Kate sticking the soaking Dong in my mouth, and I hadn’t minded then. I didn’t think I wanted it, but when I looked down my cock was firming up slightly. I figured experimentation wouldn’t hurt and so I agreed.

edited by Susurrus


By one that afternoon, John, Carolyn, David, and Lisa were once again ensconced at the poolside bar. This time, they were at a booth in a raised corner that looked out over an arm of the tubing river and inward to command a view of the main seating area.

The booth was lined with thick cushions covered in an artificial leather that was both easy on bare skin and stain resistant: perfect for upholstery in this setting. After their long morning jog, the quartet had come back and splashed in the pool for a while, then gone back to their rooms to prepare for lunch. The epiphany that occurred in the bar the day before had opened a new world of kinky bisexual fun for the group, and they had spent the previous evening exploring many of the variations of positions, pairings, and groupings available to four people with no boundaries. David had even ass fucked John, breaking down that last barrier, though somehow John had never gotten around to reciprocating. Lisa was hoping that oversight would be addressed that afternoon.

Today, Lisa and Carolyn, joined enthusiastically by David (who was fast becoming a cum slut) and less so by John, planned to try some even more extreme exhibitionism than they had practiced before. Lisa had even stopped by the bar to check out the large booth, ensure that the table would stand up to what she had in mind, double check with the bartender that such an event would be okay, and asked him to reserve the table. Then she and David retired to their room, where they gave each other enemas, showered, and adorned themselves with jewelry in the fashion they had seen some of the other nude swingers display.

David wore a short sarong around his waist and Lisa tied a small pareo just above her tits, so that the hem barely covered her pussy when she stood still, and not at all when she walked. Just before they left their room, Lisa inserted a butt plug into David to make sure he was good and loose later.

John and Carolyn followed a similar routine in their suite, only Carolyn also wore a butt plug, as she wanted at least one of the guys to take her anal cherry in public today. The foursome were not inexperienced swingers, but La Playa had stripped away some of their deepest remaining inhibitions, and they were fast transforming into true sexual hedonists. John had been in a state of shock after David sucked him off in the bar the day before, mainly because he didn’t know how Carolyn would react. After seeing her enthusiasm and hearing her low whispered and loudly shouted encouragements when they played after that episode, he had no more doubts and was ready to allow himself to get fully into the “swing” of the bisexual lifestyle.

He was smart enough to know that they were playing with emotional fire in terms of their relationship, and had mentioned it to Carolyn. She also reassured him on this point. While she wasn’t naïve enough to think that what was happening at the resort would entirely stay there, she suggested to John that they spend their time on the return flight and for a couple weeks after they got home, reflecting on what happened, writing down their likes, dislikes, limits, and non-starters, comparing lists, and discussing it like adults.

But while at La Playa, they decided to do their best to suspend all judgment and jealousy and simply enjoy themselves to the fullest. John readily agreed to this proposal, as it set his mind at ease that their emotions weren’t entirely taking over their lives.

After the waitress delivered their margaritas and tapas, Carolyn looked at her three lovers and giggled. The giggle became a laugh that infected Lisa, and the two women leaned in and kissed their men. David and John, who at this point were entirely guided by the impulses of their lower brains, were bewildered as to what was so funny.

“Oh, guys, I just started giggling from the sheer joy and freedom of this place and what we’re doing. I think Lisa couldn’t help but join in,” explained Carolyn.

“That’s right,” Lisa chimed in. “It’s kind of like when we were little kids, seven or eight years old, running around the playground. Only this is a much bigger and nicer playground, with even more playmates.”

“So you were giggling because you’re happy?” asked David.

“Of course, silly,” replied Carolyn. “How often do we get to be completely carefree as adults? When can we truly put aside all our inhibitions and baggage and pretend to be whoever we want?” Carolyn was on something of a roll. “Lisa and I play act all the time online. We cyber and have phone sex with people and that’s all pretend as long as we keep it in perspective. This place is exactly the same, only we get to have the sex for real.”

“That’s my sweetheart!” said John with a chuckle. “Always finding a silver lining in every situation.”

The group all laughed and dug in to the tapas. Their morning exercise had left them with more than just sexual hunger.

Lisa and Carolyn let the playfulness seep back into the scene as they devoured the fish, shrimp, and potato fritters. Lisa exaggerated sucking the meat from the tail of a shrimp, and Lisa pursed her lips, sliding a long, sweet, potato fritter into her mouth like a cock. Between bites, the women played grab ass with their men. Nipples were flicked, inside thighs were brushed and feet ran up and down legs.

The men quickly got into the mood, helped along by the biting cold impact of the tequila and Cointreau coursing through their veins. When Lisa stood up slightly to reach for a different tapas plate across the table, David slipped his hand down onto the bench so that she sat on his finger when she returned. John reached behind Carolyn and pinched her curvaceous rear.

Lisa “accidentally” dribbled some cocktail sauce on her tit, which David proceeded to lick off like an ice cream cone, loosening the knot in her pareo as he played. The table was large, and the two couples sat opposite each other, so John had to slip down almost off the bench to reach a foot into David’s crotch and tickle his dick with his toes. This light-hearted play went on until most of the plates of food were empty, and David signaled the waitress to clear the table and bring them another round.

With the table cleared and wiped down, Lisa climbed up on her hands and knees, crossed the table, and locked lips with John, who promptly reached up and began fondling her breasts through her pareo. David reached up and untied the knot of the pareo and pulled the flimsy garment aside, then stood on the sturdy bench, dropped his almost non-existent sarong, leaned forward slightly, and began running his cock up and down from Lisa’s clit to her asshole and back again.

Not to be left out, Carolyn made John turn toward her and went down on his rapidly hardening cock, which was sticking out the leg of the flimsy running shorts he wore.

After a couple minutes of teasing, Lisa was thoroughly wet, and David slipped his cock into her familiar cunt to the hilt. She moaned around John’s tongue as she felt David’s hard seven inches slide slowly out of her hole and then thrust just as slowly back in. Carolyn pulled her own bikini bottom off, lay on her back atop the table next to Lisa, and beckoned John to fuck her.

When the waitress returned with the drinks, she left them on a tray stand, in a safe place near the front of the booth. John reluctantly released his death grip on Lisa’s tits (somewhat to her relief) and climbed onto the table, shoving his cock into his wife with one easy stroke.

The two couples fucked side by side for several minutes, then John leaned over, still coupled with Carolyn, and began sucking David’s right nipple.

“Oh yeah man, suck that tit,” David moaned as he controlled his thrusting into Lisa to ensure John could reach.

Lisa supported herself on one hand and reached over with the other to take possession of Carolyn’s cunt. She spread her fingers like an inverted Vulcan salute from Star Trek and ran her hand down so that the palm covered Carolyn’s mound and clit and John’s cock was between the “V”. Then she slowly began closing her fingers tighter each time John pulled back. She wanted the cunt beneath her hand. She wanted it without a cock in it, and she wanted it now…

Finally, John took the hint, pulled out entirely and sat back on his haunches. Lisa dove for Carolyn’s crotch, breaking away from David, and cocked her leg to position her own pussy directly over Carolyn’s head. Lisa lowered her mouth and her pussy simultaneously to form an instant sixty-nine with her best friend and lover.

John shrugged off the way Lisa had taken Carolyn from him, and stood next to the table to take a sip from his drink. David joined him, also drinking, but molding his body against that of his buddy.

In an uncharacteristically feminine move, David lay his cheek on John’s shoulder, looked up into his eyes, and said, “Please fuck me, lover.”

John was surprised by the wave of passion that swept over him. He put his drink down, turned, took David into his arms and kissed him hard. The two men, identical in height, of roughly similar build and both with nice, seven inch cocks, thrust their hips together as their tongues wrestled back and forth from mouth to mouth.

Lisa was pleased when she lifted her head briefly from the succulent morsel below. In addition to really wanting to taste Carolyn’s pussy, she had hoped to instigate an intense male-male scene in the bar.

It was still early afternoon, and the bar was a little over half full. Some people remained from the lunch rush, while others had come in to get away from the heat at the pool. There was some making out going on, lots of kissing, and one girl giving a guy a blowjob on a bar stool, but nothing to compare to the scene unfolding in the back corner.

An etiquette about voyeurism was evolving on its own at La Playa. The same unwritten and nearly unspoken rules were applying here as were followed on the beach at Cap D’Agde in France. If sex was occurring in public, it was okay to stop and watch openly. You could stand close, and even jack or jill as you watched, but you could not join in without an invitation. Here in the bar, that meant all the tables adjacent to the booth with the four lovers quickly filled.

John retrieved a small tube of lube from a basket by the wall while David crawled back up on the table and put on something of a show as he removed his butt plug, pumping it in and out several times, tweaking his own nipples, and exaggerating his facial expressions like a he’d seen folks do in several porn flicks.

He then assumed the doggy position next to Lisa and Carolyn – who were now deeply absorbed in each other – looked over his shoulder, and whined in an over-loud voice, “Hurry, lover. I need you!”

This was almost too “gay” for John, who liked cock but didn’t want to be labeled a “fag,” but he quickly realized what was happening as Carolyn snorted into Lisa’s pussy and Lisa laid her cheek on Carolyn’s mound, a huge grin across her face and her whole body shaking with laughter. David was into the spirit of play and pretend, and would be his same macho buddy tomorrow morning as they raced to see who could run up the hill the fastest.

John stepped up onto the table and knelt between David’s legs. This was to be the first time he had fucked a man, and he found that he was looking forward to the feeling with relish. He ripped the top off the disposable tube and squeezed a large dollop onto David’s ass. Using two fingers, he massaged the lube well into and around the sphincter, then firmly pushed the two fingers in to lubricate the tender side wall membranes of the muscle. This done, he squeezed the rest of the tube onto the top of his rock-hard dick, and added a bit of his own spirit of pretend to the proceedings.

“Does the little boy want Daddy to fuck his ass? Does that boy pussy need some of this great big cock?”

“Mmmmmm,” moaned David. “Yes, Daddy, fuck my butt!” he said in a little-boy voice.

Two men came nearer to table to watch this anal violation. They each had drinks in their left hands and cocks in their right, and they stared intently at David’s puckered hole. These were true voyeurs: people who were driven by the need to watch others, who could not find their own release unless seeing someone else in the throes of orgasm. Most often these people are men, and they also often need the thrill of watching surreptitiously, of taking the risk of getting caught peeping to achieve the heights of their passion.

Indeed, people could access some of the hotel’s security cameras – primarily those within the bar and around the pool – in their rooms for their viewing pleasure, and a review of this access would have revealed that three rooms were watching the proceedings in the bar.

“Hey, down in front!” a burly man sitting at one of the adjacent tables yelled, and the two men were startled out of the reveries and forced to move to the side.

By now John had rubbed his dick up and down David’s ass, pushing slightly against the sphincter at each pass. David knew that the best way to be penetrated was to truly want it, to relax his muscle to the max and bear down as the cock pushed past the opening. At least, that was what he had found in the many times Lisa had fucked him with her strap-on. He blew out his air and moved his rear backward when he felt John’s cock head press against his center. Both men, still relatively inexperienced with anal sex, were a bit surprised when John popped right into David’s willing ass.

Lisa heard the simultaneous gasps and following moans of the two men, and glanced out the corner of her eye at her husband’s face. The look of wonder mixed with pleasure written on those familiar features filled her with joy, and she erupted into an orgasm as Carolyn’s tongue lashed her clit. “MMMMMMoooooohhhhhh,” she moaned as her muscles spasmed and her hips shook.

Still moaning, she latched her lips around Carolyn’s bud and sucked hard, surprising her long time lover and sending her shooting over the edge into an orgasm of her own. Carolyn’s hips bucked up and Lisa lifted her head, never releasing the death grip her mouth had on Carolyn’s groin until Carolyn collapsed back down, the shock of the sudden release of her clit from the intense suction sending her into yet another wave of bliss.

David never felt the pain he had expected. The butt plug and thorough lube job had worked their magic, and his ass opened much like a flowering pussy to accept John’s lovely tool. John, sensing his friend’s comfort, pushed slowly but steadily right in to the hilt, his balls slapping against David’s taint and sending a thrill back up his spine.

“Oh god lover,” David yelled, “fuck me hard!”

John responded instantly, pulling back and thrusting forward hard, so that the skin of his thighs slapped against David’s ass.

“God this feels so great,” David enthused, losing himself in the moment of his defloration by his best friend’s cock. The two men quickly settled into a rhythm of thrust and pull, and did not realize that they also settled into a rhythm of animal grunting as they fucked.

Their audience was enthralled. Two beautiful women were eating each other’s pussy like there was no tomorrow, and two handsome men fucked like animals, with all four of them on an elevated table for the entire world to see. Unconsciously, the masturbating voyeurs adjusted the speed of their hands to match John and David’s motions. The rest of the room was similarly entranced, with several people beginning a clap to the beat of John’s thighs against David’s ass.

One woman rushed over to a man she had never met, turned around, and bent over, begging him to fuck her as they both watched the action. Other men began to mutually jack each other, and two women climbed up on the bar in imitation of Lisa and Carolyn.

The room was awash with sex. All table service had stopped as even the wait staff were mesmerized by the wave of mob consciousness which swept through the room. Every mind in the place was focused on one thing: sex with the nearest warm body. Every cock was rock hard. Every pussy was swollen and soaked.

The clapping took on a life of its own, setting the beat for a long, steady fuck for the two men in their gay abandon, as well as for the other pairings that were springing up around the room. One waitress calmly set her tray down, stepped out of her uniform, walked behind the bar, and attacked the bartender. There would be hell to pay with management later, but the staff was just as caught up in the tidal wave of group sexual hysteria as were the guests.

David couldn’t believe how good John’s cock felt in his ass. He had taken Lisa’s strap-on often and loved it, but the feel of even the best imitation cock paled in comparison to the real thing. He reached up and took his own cock in hand as he and John fucked to the steadily increasing beat of the clapping of their audience.

John was amazed at how easily his friend was taking his cock, and when he realized the size of their audience his mind boggled. The sensation of his cock sliding steadily in and out of David’s warm, tight ass, combined with the surrealism of the situation removed any hope of orgasmic control from the picture. With a loud cry, John felt the wave of his orgasm sweep through his body. He felt the muscles in his thighs and groin practically cramp, then release as his cock exploded huge jets of cum deep into his lover’s bowels.

David, feeling the power of John’s thrusts suddenly increase and hearing his friend’s delirious yell, was nonetheless astounded as he felt the ropes of cum lash his insides, and John’s pulsing member rub again and again against his prostate. He too quickly lost all control, pumping his dick in a lust-driven frenzy, and gushing out his cum all over the table top, with some splashing up to hit and stick to his own chest.

Similar to the waves of orgasmic pleasure that had rushed through them at the opening reception Sunday evening, the entire group of bar patrons indulging in all varieties of fucking came within moments of each other, triggered by the cries and convulsions of the men who had begun the chain.

Moans, cries, yells, and screams of pleasure filled the room with the sound of rapture, startling the guests lounging by the pool. Cum flew through the air, splattering wherever it landed. Bodies shook in uncontrolled lust. Fingernails dug into writhing flesh, and at the head of it all were David and John, locked together and wracked with some of the most powerful orgasms either had ever experienced.

Lisa and Carolyn watched in awe. They had cum first, and their attention quickly shifted from the luscious cunts beneath their lips to their two men immersed in gay sex. Carolyn couldn’t believe her eyes as her normally staid and reserved husband pounded his best friend. Lisa was so proud of David and the tremendous growth in sexual maturity he had shown in the past two days that she felt her heart would burst. When the two men erupted into orgasm, both Lisa and Carolyn joined them in their own mini-cums, brought on just by watching the incredible eroticism of the moment.

As the whole room settled down from their sexual high, John and David collapsed onto the table top. A hush passed over the room as everyone’s attention refocused on the two men.

John rolled off David, and grabbing him by the shoulder, jerked him over onto his back. He took David in his arms and completed the scene saying loudly, “How was that little boy? Now give Daddy a kiss!”

With that he shoved his tongue down David’s throat as the entire room, including their two wives, burst into spontaneous applause.

While safe-sex was practiced during the making of this fantasy, condoms and such don’t make an appearance here, it is assumed that in real life, those rascals would be wrapped. The producer would also like you to know that no animals were harmed during the making of this epic.


I was sitting on the super king-sized bed of the hotel room, propped up by the cushioned headboard. Both my hands were pumping a rabbit vibrator in and out of my steamy pussy. With the extension head just rubbing my clit and the rest of it buzzing the walls, I was able to stay just below orgasm, or rather a very long and drawn out orgasm. I was fulfilling a fantasy and I was loving every minute of it. My two chat room masturbation buddies were sucking each others cocks right here in front of me and it turned me on like never before. I think I should explain how I, a “good girl”, got here in the first place…

For months, I have been meeting Ray and Jonas on an erotic story web site. Their chat and messaging is excellent and we have had some lively three-way conversations. Ray is an author of several stories. I like his style and subjects. The stories always turn me on and I have fingered myself to satisfying orgasms on several occasions. His stories are romantic and some have bi-sexual themes which, I quickly discovered, had the most impact upon me…and my pussy. Women don’t do it for me. One of my long-time fantasies is to have two men in bed with me and with each other.

I met Ray in the chat room and I must have sounded like a gushing fan the way I went on but he was very cool with it and appreciative of my compliments. We got to talking and before you knew it, we were chatting for a little while on a few weeknights. We talked about fantasy and masturbation and sex and, on a couple of nights, we even brought each other off. He was surprised that I didn’t own a vibrator. He talked openly about his bisexuality and I told him of my inhibitions, my “good girl” image and my secret side, my wild and uninhibited fantasies. I told him about how no one knows about the wild sex dreams I have, about how I must masturbate at least once a day, about how I daydream of performing acts so alien to my real lifestyle that it would shock everyone who knows me. In the past, I never acted on these urges. It was not that I repressed them, it was more like my private business and separate.

A few weeks into our cyber-relationship, Jonas made a request to join us. He, too, was a big fan of Ray’s stories. And, like me, had little experience in the world Ray described. He, too, lived a secret fantasy world. A couple of weeks ago, the three of us chatted and cammed as we brought each other off – or rather, Ray told us a story and got us off. It was fun watching them fist themselves as I’m sure they enjoyed watching me spread my shaved pussy lips as I diddled my clit.

I knew what their privates looked like and I liked what I saw. Ray had placed pictures online as had I but Jonas didn’t and I was very curious to see his face. About two weeks ago, in one of our rare intellectual moments, I chided Jonas for not revealing himself. I suggested that while his cock looked hot, the rest of him might be troll.

I told him, “Two people having sex is called a twosome, three people having sex is called a threesome, four people having sex is called a foursome… Now I know why they call you handsome.”

He couldn’t take the ribbing any longer and he turned his cam toward his face. Damn, he was very handsome indeed. I guess he was modest or perhaps afraid to reveal himself on the web. Ray and I both complimented him on his good looks, great body and sensational cock, all eight or so inches of it.

Ray made a suggestion. Since he lives about a hundred miles east, Jonas about a hundred miles south and I live in the city, he said, “Why don’t the three of us meet in the city for dinner. I’ll take a hotel room and if things are cool, we can go back to my room and fulfill some fantasies. What do you say?” After some hemming and hawing, it was decided that we would meet. We made an agreement that if anyone wanted to back out, they could but once we got to the room, it was party time. This was a great leap for me. After of years of dreaming about it, I was going to do it. No one ever had to know. This time, it felt different, perhaps even safer. True, I didn’t know these men but there was an intimacy between us which seemed to bridge many fears. Maybe I didn’t care. Maybe I just wanted this to happen.

I spent my idle thoughts either being scared or being incredibly turned on by the thoughts of our impending adventure. Here I am, Miss Goody Two-Shoes who never kisses on the first date, preparing to meet two men, one bisexual, the other a curious man with bi-fantasies and me, who would love just once to try double penetration. Most of all, I want to watch two men worship each others penises. As the day approached, my panties were in a constant state of dampness. I know that a few times, some of my co-workers gave me a funny look. Inside, I knew what that look meant because if I could smell myself, they most surely could as well.The very thought that I, the last person you would ever think, was going to step into the forbidden recesses of my dreams and actually live them out. Me? I was going to get royally fucked, too! Finally! Ooh, I felt so wicked.

These thoughts drove me crazy all this past week. I refrained from touching myself because I wanted to be good and horny come Friday night. I so anticipated this adventure, I left work early to get myself prepared. I lounged in the scented and oiled bath. Naturally, I made sure my pussy was smooth and bare. I dressed carefully trying several panty and bra sets until I selected the dark blue thong and the matching see-though bra that displayed my round B-cups to their best. The silk blouse plunged enough to keep their eyes enchanted and the dicks extended. My skirt was not low enough to be considered slutty but I sure felt that way. My boots added some spice. I was ready. I loved the way I looked; sort of hot stuff/slut/bohemian. Tonight, I was going to be bad and it was good.

Ray said he would be sitting at the bar wearing a black jacket with a red scarf around his neck. I saw him immediately and I was impressed. For an older man, he was very attractive and in excellent shape. He looked like the well-heeled Hamptonian he was. At a little over six foot and with a full head of black hair, he made a formidable impression. I sidled up to him,

“Buy a girl a drink?”

“Taylor! Finally, we meet! Hello. Aren’t you beautiful!” His eyes dropped into my cleavage. “And sexy, too. This will be a wonderful night.”

“Ray, you look better than your pictures or the cam. I’m looking forward to this!”

“Am I interrupting?” It was Jonas, all six feet two and skinny. He came off looking young with a nerdy style but he was very good looking and, also, I could tell he was scared. I leaned over and kissed his cheek as I took his hand.

“Jonas, it is great to meet you. You look delicious to me and I think we’re going to have fun tonight.”

Ray leaned over and shook his hand. “We’re going to have a wonderful time, you two. First, let’s have something to eat. I’m starving.”

We were led to a small table on the banquette. As the restaurant was filled with diners, we had to keep our voices down. Our hands were another story entirely as we had become touchy-feely with each other, above and below the table.

The dinner and the wine was delicious. Our chat was warm and affectionate. Several times, I noticed them staring at my cleavage and so I leaned down giving them a better view. It made me wet to know that I was making these two lust for me. I could control their every movement by how much I leaned over and exposed my breasts. Oh, the power!

Dinner ended and Ray picked up the tab. He steered us toward the elevator. Jonas and I were nervous. Hell, I’d say I was a little scared, too. After a few stops, the three of us were alone until it reached his floor. “This is your last chance to back out,” he said. “From here, only pleasure awaits. From here, these is no judgement, no shame, no curiosity – just pleasure. If at any time, someone does not want to do something, let’s agree on a safe word. How about ‘Peace’.”

The elevator stopped and we all walked out together. “Peace is a good word. I like it.”

“I Like it, too.”

“Then it is agreed.” He keyed the slot and the door opened into a foyer. Ray had a suite on a top floor. As we entered the living room, the windows opened out on a spectacular vista of twinkling lights. “Jonas? Will you pour some drinks from the bar. There’s some good red wine on the shelf. There’s also booze and beer there, too. The bathroom is over here. I’ll be back in a moment, I’m going to the other bathroom.”

Jonas went to to the bar as I took to the powder room. When I returned, he’d set up three shots of tequila and three cold beers. I smiled at his choice. Normally, I would have preferred the wine but tonight? Tonight I was going to be wild.

Ray walked out of the bedroom with a lit joint in one hand and a package in the other. The rest of him was naked, not even socks.

“Here’s to fun,” said Jonas holding up his glass. We did the salt and lime thing, drank them down and then swigged the cold brew.

“Ahhh,” sighed Ray, “that was tasty. Almost as tasty as the cleavage you’ve been serving us all night!”

I took the joint and puffed. “And did I make your cock hard?”

He took my hand and wrapped it around his stiffy. Jonas was next to me watching. I felt his hands stroke my back as I stroked Ray’s wonderfully warm bone. Jonas began to kiss my neck and my earlobe. Damn, that earlobe. It does me every time. I leaned around and we kissed, first sweetly and then with hunger.

Ray pulled away from me and relit the joint. “And this is for you, Taylor.”

“I love gifts!” What could it be?” I ripped the wrapping off and in the box was a rabbit vibrator.

“I couldn’t bear the fact that you didn’t own a vibrator. Now you do. A pretty girl like you should make that gorgeous pussy purr regularly.”

“I love it, Ray. Thank you. I don’t think I ever had the guts to buy one myself.”

“Use it well.”

“Oh, believe me, I will!”

“Now, if you will take your drinks. This way, please.”

The bedroom was dimly lit. It, too, had a fantastic view of the cityscape. The super-king-sized bed dominated. Jonas put his drink down and began to strip off his clothes. I just stood and watched as he carefully removed an article, folded it and laid it on a chair. When he was finally down to his underwear, his large package looked enticing. He lowered his tighty-whities and his large, eight-inch, fist-thick, uncut cock popped out, both Ray and I were audibly impressed. I think I gasped. I was struck by the thought of that large penis filling every square inch of me.

“I guess it’s my turn, huh? You, too, get on the bed and I’ll strip for you.”

I went over to the radio and found my favorite station. I listened for a few seconds and then began my striptease. Very sexy. I slowly opened my blouse and opened my bra. My breasts swung just behind the silk of the blouse and rubbed against my nipples. I removed my bra and tossed it off the side of the bed. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I slowly removed the blouse and dropped it. I was now stripped down to my panties, highlighted by my knee-high boots, I moved onto the bed. My breasts swung free and I know they looked good. I leaned over and took each cock, kissing and licking each gently and carefully. I sat back and asked them to remove my boots for me. Each boot was a thrill as well as an amusing ice-breaker. As they pulled off my boots, their hands traveled up and down my legs. When I was finally barefoot, they began to massage my feet.

“Wait a second.” I slowly removed my thong. To be honest, the thing was drenched and becoming uncomfortable. I was glad to be rid of it. Now, naked, with two men at my feet and my exposed sex at their eye, I nodded. “Okay, you can return to that divine foot massage now.”

I leaned back and let their hands do me. For the next hour or so, I was the queen and subject to the devotion of two men bringing me on a roller coaster of pleasure. All for me. Ray squirted some oil into his hands and passed the bottle to Jonas. From my toes to my soles to my heels and then my thighs and then my ass. As one set of hands worked my back, another pair of hands parted my ass cheeks so a tongue could rim me. By the time I turned over, I knew I was leaking like bad faucet. And I didn’t care. I wanted this and so far, I was loving this. A lot. I let my body slide under the strong hands and fingers and lips. Sometimes, a hard cock might find its way into my waiting hand. While Jonas was massaging my breasts, his cock rested on my forehead as I licked the tip.

When I was stroked, caressed and probed enough, Ray had Jonas sit propped up against the headboard. Ray had me sit down on his cock as I faced him. As I worked myself down his dance pole, my muscles gripped around him and sucked all of him in. Ray held me from behind and rubbed my breasts. I felt his cock sliding against my back. Then I felt him rubbing his finger along my back door. I wiggled back against him. Meanwhile, I was planted on Jonas’s cock as we slowly ground together.

Ray had slipped down and was now licking from my asshole to the taint, to Jonas’s balls and back. Jonas groaned, “Ray is licking my balls. Oh, that feels good.”

Then it was a well-oiled digit up my ass that felt good as Jonas and I found the spot inside and squirmed around on it. Damn, it felt good. Ray lifted me a little and then slid his well-oiled tube into my chute. I bore down on him and I bore down on Jonas. The two of them began a seesaw sort of motion as I rocked back and forth between them. I’d experienced anal sex a few times in my life and I liked it fine. Ray held my nipples and pulled at them. Ray’s fingers rubbed my clit. I began to lose myself to the pleasure. I knew that they could feel each other as they passed over each other only heightened the sensation. They grunted and I moaned. My vagina began its vibrating thing it does when the first orgasm is approaching. Ray slowed down as Jonas sped up. Ray slipped out of me with a pop. He pulled me up with his arms around my breasts. I was like a rag-doll as he held me through my ecstasy. My long wail of pleasure exploded as his fingers touched my clit again. This time, my cunt was a latex glove over Jonas’s thick cock. My juices ran down his stomach and along his chest.

Ray poured some more shots and brought them to the bed. I was still sitting on Jonas’s shriveled cock. We toasted again and clinked glasses. They were both still hard.

“I want to see you two get it on. I want to watch.”

Ray looked at Jonas and then down to his cock. “Go sit over there,” he said, “by the headboard. If there’s anything you want to see, just ask.” He then went into the bathroom and washed up. I looked at Jonas and smiled. I took his hand.

Ray returned lay back perpendicular to me. His six-inches rising like a mast. “Come over here Jonas and take a look at this.” Jonas moved around to Ray’s groin. “Feed your curiosity, Jonas. That’s what we’re here for tonight. Touch it. Feel it. Lick it. Enjoy it.”

Jonas looked closely at the hard, stiff thing. He reached out and ran his fingers along the staff and around the sac. He wrapped his hand around it.

“Swing around over my head. Let me suck you.”

Following Ray’s command, Jonas’s balls were now hanging over Ray’s nose. Using both his hands, Ray pulled the dick down and placed the head into his mouth. His tongue wrapped around and licked it. Ray’s actions were broad and dramatic. He was putting on a show for me. Ray’s hands rubbed and squeezed Jonas’s cheeks as he pulled the dick further into his face. Jonas had his eyes closed and was relishing the sensation. His eyes opened and he looked down at Ray’s cock. Slowly, he opened his mouth and leaned down, taking the purple helmet between his lips. He was sucking Ray’s cock. He seemed emboldened and took more of it down until the gag reflex kicked in and he backed off. Then he backed down and really started getting into it. These two sexy men were sixty-nining in front of me. It was so hot. It was better than I ever dreamed it. The smell of their sex and the sweat and their heat had my fingers dancing around my pussy. Then I remembered the rabbit.

I reached over and took a close look at it. I liked how it could get my cunt and my clit at the same time. I put the setting on “Low” and it began to hum in my hand. The main part of it vibrated and moved in circles around the width simulating penis movement. I slowly inserted it into my vagina so that the rabbit’s tongue touched the very tip of my clit. I leaned back in a haze of sensation and a big fucking smile.

My men were really into it now into seriously fucking face. Ray pulled away and pulled Jonas up. “Come over here, Jonas. Stand over Taylor’s face and let me finish you off. Let her watch really close when you fill my mouth with your load.”

I smiled at the idea. That Ray is so creative! Jonas placed his cock over my tits as Ray slurped it into his throat. I had plenty of room in which to continue my buzzing as well as see this up close. I knew I would be coming again very soon.

Ray’s mouth was like magic and before long, he grabbed the staff and opened his mouth so I could see the arcs of cum flying into it. He missed a few times and there were strings of cum hanging from his nose and his cheek. The head lay flat on Ray’s tongue as it oozed its milky treasure.

Ray leaned over and kissed me. We shared a large snowball. The cum had a saltiness that was different. I licked it off Ray’s face.

“Now you, Ray. I want to suck you again. I want to taste your cum. This is fun.”

They reversed positions and now Jonas was sucking Ray whose hands were behind his knees. I put the rabbit on “medium” and felt a distinct jolt. The thing was moving around inside my vagina and hitting all the right places. The rabbit tongue was mildly whipping my clit. I bore down on it. I was cumming. I felt the first wave crash as the second wave rose. “Unh…unnh…ohhhhhhhhhh.” I opened my eyes to see Ray pull his cock out and shoot ropes of stringy cum into Jonas’s mouth. He turned to me and some of his cum landed on my breasts. That did it. I was gone. I was gone, gone, gone like a cool breeze. I pushed the vibrator in as far as it would go and I let my juices go. I lay back devastated. Wow! What an orgasm! Holy Moly! I was covered in sweat. We all were. The room smelled utterly decadent.

“That was amazing you guys. Thanks. What a show. What a vibrator.” I run my index finger along the cum on my breast and licked it clean. “You were right, Ray. This is fun! I feel so loose. I can’t believe I never had one of these handy devices before.”

“I hope not so loose that you can’t take my cock,” said Ray.

“I think that’s doable, Ray. Let’s just take a little break. I could use my beer and that joint. And after that, I want you to fuck me while we both suck Jonas. Does that appeal to you?”

I waited so many years to satiate myself. Why had I waited so long? I was fortunate to be able to experience it with these two cool guys. The three of us made real good lovers as the night wore into day. As it had started to storm outside, we spent the weekend in bed with room service. Room service and lots of cock. Cum all over my body. Every orifice filled. Paradise.

Ray’s already making plans to return again soon. He said that he has plans for us and thresholds to cross. I want to go there. I’m ready.

From that first moment I saw my wife impaling herself on that giant Black cock I knew it was not going to be a one off. She was hooked and would certainly be repeating the pleasurable experience at any cost.

I was not complaining, aside from the amazing erotic image that stayed with me and provided hours of great jerk off fantasies, she was also in a new state of heightened sexuality. That one incident had flicked a switch and she had become even more wild and passionate. She seemed to be more in control and took a more dominating roll, calling the shots whether it was harder, more, quicker or a new favorite “eat me out!”

The last of her commands always raised suspicion, several times after that night I would feel sure that I could taste cum again and that she had been out fucking. Nothing was ever said and I happily cleaned her up. I was still desperate to see it happen again, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and was not content for it to be the only time I got to see it. I know she enjoyed it and suspected she still was, the final barrier was for her to know that I knew and accepted it.

A few weeks had gone by and aside from my occasional suspicion of her sopping gaping cunt during oral or her evasive behavior when committing to when she would be home from friends or what she was doing, I had no idea how we were going to move the situation forward.

To make thing worse, I was on a project that took me out of town. I was working long hours and was tired and lonely, each night going back to the motel and jerking off imagining what my beautiful wife was up to. When we spoke on the phone a few times she sounded like she was caught with her hands in the cookie jar but claimed that she was helping her friend with some work. I felt sure that she was getting her fill of cock.

It was Friday afternoon and there was a chance to wrap work up early and break for the weekend. I did not want to spend more time away so raced for a flight home. Three hours later I arrived outside our house, which was in darkness. My wife’s car was in the drive along with two other vehicles I have not seen before.

I went round the back of the house and let myself in quietly through the kitchen door. The house was a mess; there were a couple of empty bottles of wine in the kitchen and a trail of clothes leading towards the stairs. Following the trail I worked out there was more than two people involved. I could recognize my wife’s clothes, but also came up with what appeared to be two pairs of men’s pants!

As I went up the stairs I could hear sounds of a serious fucking, my wife was crying out and was begging to be fucked harder. At the top of the stairs I had a perfect view of our bedroom. This view included my wife and two huge black cocks. She had one thrusting in and out of her pussy, and the other wagging across her mouth for her to suck between her cries

I was transfixed at how beautiful she looked; her ass was bright red with large handprints from a good spanking. Her tits were hanging down and being sucked as she fucked her stud while the other was pawing her asshole.

The bed was soaked and the room smelled heavily of sex, this scene had clearly been going on for a while. Her thighs were streaked with dried cum, as was her hair; it looked like this was at least round two for her two studs.

Her pace was quickening and I could tell she was close to an orgasm; she was pushing harder and harder down on the cock in her pussy and was making her best effort at taking the other all the way in her mouth. Suddenly she let the cock in her mouth go and pushed back one last time on the cock she was riding, She let out a long moan and came all over him, as she slid off his cock I could see that it was slick with their combined juices. She then told her studs that she wanted them both to fuck her. She climbed off one cock and instructed the other to take its place.

The cock she had been sucking was not overly long but thick and menacing looking. The cock she had been fucking was a good 10″ of rock hard flesh. It looked like it had been oiled it was so slick from her last orgasm!

She repositioned herself over the new thick monster and slowly slid down its length gasping as the girth stretched her wider than before. Once she had bottomed out she pulled her other cock into position on her asshole. Slowly he eased in and they both took a steady rhythm of fucking her, as one pulled out the other pushed in deeper. She was in total ecstasy, her head rolled back as she lost herself in the passion. Her orgasms were continuous and getting more powerful. I could only imagine what her muscles were doing to the two pistoning cocks.

I was right, after a few minutes the guy fucking her ass let out a long moan as he pumped his cum inside her. This triggered his friend who shortly followed by filling her cunt with cum. The next vision will stay with me forever, as the guy pulled out of her ass, she lifted herself off the other cock. I watched both her holes slowly close and a flood of cum leak out on to the guy beneath.

“I have a job for you she announced” I figured she was addressing one of the guys until she called my name. My heart was pounding, how did she know I was there? More importantly if she knew why did she carry on?

All I could do was obey, I had been caught watching her get fucked and had was clearly turned on by the whole situation. As I entered the room the two guys laughed as I tried to cover my own erection. After the laughter passed, my wife gave me one simple instruction “clean me up.”

I knelt on the bed behind my wife and set about licking her freshly fucked pussy. Her cunt was burning hot and soaking wet with a combination of all their sex. I kept cleaning her up and moved up to the swollen bud of her asshole. I gentle licked around her ass cleaning up all the cum that had leaked out. While I worked on her clean up she set about sucking the guy that had just fucked her ass.

Once my job was finished I stepped back taking in the scene. I was abruptly brought back to the situation as my wife instructed me my job was not complete. With this comment she moved aside from the cock she had been straddling and told me to clean him and have him ready for her again.

I stood looking at this beautiful black cock covered in sperm and her juices, I did the only thing I could. Cradling his balls I started to lick up the length of his shaft, after a while I actually got into it. I could feel the hardness return and this only went to encourage my efforts. Having removed all traces of the previous fucking I wanted to make him ready for an encore. Placing the tip of his cock in my mouth I gently sucked and bobbed my head forward inch by inch I took in more of his swollen cock. He was really getting hard now and ready for my wife who was still sucking off the other guy while fingering her own cunt.

Keeping hold of the cock I had been sucking I guided him back to my wife’s pussy. She was still super wet and stretched out from all the previous fucking so he slid in with little resistance. I watch just inches away from this coupling amazed that all that cock would fit so easily inside her.

She was still sucking on the other cock, which was now back to full hardness and looking as thick as ever. She gave one last deep suck, coating the whole shaft in saliva. “Now your turn” she said as she stared deep into my eyes.

I was both excited and terrified. I have always been Bi-curious but never had chance to fully explore. An extreme way to start I know, but what the hell!

I undressed and moved up the bed so I was on my hands and knees next to my wife. I lifted up my ass and reached out my hand to hold hands with her. I felt a cold liquid being smeared over my ass followed by intense warmth as he positioned his cock at my opening. “This is going to hurt you more than it is going to hurt me, cracker! But it is what your missus wants…” He sneered before he pressed forward. I could feel my ass slowly open to this huge invader. The pain was incredible but so was the pleasure. He was hardly moving yet I could feel his cock pulsing red hot, I must have only had a couple of inches in but I was loving it. The pain was still there but the waves of pleasure made it worthwhile. My cock was rock hard and dripping precum. Ten minutes must have past and I finally felt his balls slap against my own.

Here I was next to my beautiful wife being fucked while she was lost in her own orgasms. Every thrust he made was even more incredible sending jolts of sensation throughout my body. This was like nothing I have felt before. His hands gripped my waist and he continued to thrust into my while pulling me onto his cock. I reached behind me and fondled his balls, I did not want it to end, but also wanted to feel him cum. Lubricating my finger around my wife’s dripping cunt I returned my hand to his balls and then reached beyond his “taint” and started to probe at his ass. This was enough for him and as his paced quickened I knew I was soon going to be filled up. The anticipation was amazing but nothing could prepare me for his last thrust as he held me tightly on his pulsing cock. I could feel jet after jet of hot cum as it was pushed deep in my ass. The feeling set off my own orgasm and without being touched my own cock started to spurt over the bed sheets.

I collapsed forward, sliding of his softening cock; I was exhausted and light headed after such an intense experience. I lay for a moment listening to my wife being fucked. Soon she was crying out as she was filled again with another fresh load of sperm. She fell forwards and was lay beside me. What a sight it must have been a man and wife both sexually spent, dripping in cum with two black lovers knelling between them.

We both rolled on to our backs and I smiled across at her and she smiled back. This moment was our joint acceptance, me of her infidelity and her of my fantasies. Our moment was cut short as our two guests came to the top of the bed and presented each of us with their cocks to clean. Again I found myself sucking on a black dick watching my wife do the same.

This day would change us both for good…

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