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I felt weird after that rally. She was happier than ever, though, and I admit what she’d done, and what had happened, was a big sexual kick. I loved her more than ever, she was wild, she was fun!

Nothing more happened for a good while, at least I don’t know if she got up to anything while out at work or whatever, in the meantime. We went to a couple more parties and another rally, and she didn’t seem to do anything again. I found it strange she wouldn’t discuss what had happened, even though I had decided to accept it and she knew I had gotten excited.

Anyway, later in the year we went to a rally organised by a bigger, more serious club. I was a bit nervous about it, as they were the sort of people nobody messes with, certainly not the likes of me, just an average Joe. It seemed mostly okay, though, and I got quite pissed in the afternoon. She was going round collecting donations for a certain charity. All of a sudden, she seemed to be hanging out with two of the senior club members, giggling at their flirtatious comments.

I heard one of them say, “You’ve got a cracking little arse there!” She giggled and said thanks. Then the other one leaned and whispered something in her ear. She looked over at me, then she went bright red as he said, “How about it?”

She came over to me and told me to wait at the bar for her, she just had a business matter to see to. I was drunk and happy, so I just nodded without asking any more, and anyway, what could I do, cause a fuss with those big club guys? No, I don’t think so.

I was very disturbed when a bloke near me whispered to his mate, “They’ve asked for her arse!”

“Fucking hell! That one everyone fancies, that little corker of a looker? Everyone I know fancies her. Wish I was one of them blokes, I’d eat a mile of hers just to get to where it came from! I’ve seen a pic of her naked, she’s fucking delicious!”

They watched her as she left the bar tent with the two big bikers, her sexy bum creased tight in her jeans, and disappeared among the crowds of people…

NO! Surely they didn’t mean what I thought they meant! Occasionally she liked a finger up there but she’d always frowned and seemed offended if I asked her about anal. I couldn’t believe she’d let them do that, it was torture enough for me to accept she had vaginal sex with the guy I’d seen her with before.

I was told after a while where she was, her friend pointed the tent out. It was a big tent on an incline at the end of the field. They had metal music playing, and over the top I could hear her saying something. It sounded like “My my, my my.” As I approached, I could distinguish it better. She was saying “My arse, My arse!”

I didn’t go in. They were obviously screwing to the music, her and her new friends. Now and then I heard the blokes grunting appreciatively. It’s hard to say how I felt. Her friends all knew too. I got very aroused, it was sick but horny. Somehow animal like in a strange way. Very rude, obscene even but earthy and sexual. I could hear the biggest guy with the shaved head, who had taken the mickey out of me when they had chatted her up. He was groaning lustily in appreciation. “Woarrrgh, Woarrrgghh!”

I could hardly take it in, they were having sex with my girlfriend in there. She’d allowed them to buy her for an afternoon, for donations to the charity. The people there all knew and nobody really cared!

Suddenly one of their mates was beside me, grinning at me. He went to the tent and lifted the door aside and watched my reaction a while before going in. For a few moments I saw it.

She was in there naked and bent over. One guy sat pulling her long hair and having his dick sucked by her. Now I also saw why the other one, who had taken the mickey out of me as he chatted up my girlfriend was growling so lustily to her. Yes, you have guessed it. He had his big hairy dick lodged firmly up her arsehole! I could see she’d been shagged already, there were blobs of spunk stuck in her thick dark pubes. She had a dildo in her beautiful pussy which he was flicking his thumb at as he fucked her up the bum. The sexual act she said she didn’t do, she was letting these more powerful, high ranking men finally do to her. They had far outranked me and persuaded her.

The big sod was smiling and groaning. “WOAAARGHHH YES! WOARRGHH, YOU SEXY LITTLE BITCH!” He really enjoyed her chocolate starfish, shoving his shaft all the way in and watching it pull out again. She was smoking, a cigarette too with one hand, and tickling his mates balls with the other as they had her rudely. They ignored me but she looked at me, her pretty eyes shining and full of lust. She blew smoke over the sitting guy’s cock.

The big bully having her wrong hole began his verbal ritual to her again, and I realised this what what I’d heard part of from further away. He said “Where’s by big dick?”

“My arse!” She answered.

“Where do you want it?”

“My arse!”

He pulled apart her ripe cute little buttocks with his thumbs, and growled again. “Got your bum in the end, didn’t we! Everyone wants to shaft your shit hole and we won the contest!”

The big dirty bastard teased her again in rhythm with his thrusts. “Your bum, your bum, your bum!”

She gasped loudly and dropped her cigarette as the other one splattered some of her face cream on her tits, her big dark nipples standing up excitedly. He squeezed her boobs and shoved his dick between them. She blushed, and jiggled them around his cock, obviously loving the treatment and humiliation of what they did to her. I recognised the sounds she made as she neared orgasm. “You dirty bastards! I can’t stop myself!” she moaned.

The guy sodomising her smacked her ass hard and laughed. “Titty bum bum, titty bum bum!”

Before he shut the door, the guy who’s passed by me pulled his pants down, letting his cock out. It was hard and huge with an onion like knob end that throbbed at her. I shivered as he taunted her. “Get ready girl, because this is going everywhere before I have your arse as well!”

My cock was standing up stiff in arousal and humiliation at this incredible scene.

I stayed rooted to the spot, looking at the closed tent door and hearing the sounds. Yes, she was having a big climax, I could tell.

Part three to follow if you want to hear more.

It had taken me a long while to build up enough courage to make a trip to Camp Black Bear. I had read about the all male campground long before, but being an in-the-closet bisexual at the time, I had pretty much avoided any of the traditional gay bars or meeting places. However, I had read on another website that they were having their yearly July Motorcycle Camp out Weekend and I’ve always been turned on by bikes and leather; whether men or women. I decide to take the plunge and reserve a tent campsite.

I decided I wanted to get there a little early before the place got crowded to relax and have a beer or two; just to try and calm my nerves. I packed up my pup tent, a couple changes of clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries, a box of condoms and bottle of lube, and decided to head down wearing jeans and T-shirt. Unfortunately, I ride an old Ironhead chopper and there isn’t much room for packing a lot of supplies and with my tent, backpack, and bedroll strapped behind me I wasn’t going to fit my cooler.

It took me a couple hours to ride down and I arrived about 2:00 in the afternoon. The camp is set back in the woods a ways for privacy and there is a closed gate outside with a small sign saying Camp Blackbear. In a little shack beside the gate there was an older gentleman that asked me if I was there for the Rally; I thought it was pretty obvious and jokingly told him so. He laughed and explained that sometimes people will show up to camp and have no idea what the place is; they just saw a campground on their smartphone and needed a place for their motor home and tent. He directed me down the lane and told me to check in at the lodge where I could also pay for the weekend.

The gravel lane was about two hundred yards and ended in a large open field with the lodge, pool, and shop on the left. On the right I could see the RV camping. Along the edge of the open area I could see the various smaller tent camping areas. I went inside the lodge and was greeted by an another attractive older man with a salt and pepper beard. He was pleasant and we chatted while he checked me in. He asked if this was my first time and if was meeting anyone; I told him it was and that I wasn’t. Then he asked if I would like a specific campsite or he could put me close to some of the regulars that lived in the trailers most of the summer. I was a little nervous, but said that would be fine. He told me where I could park my bike more permanently and how I could get to my site. He also explained a little about each building and where I could shower and cleanup if I needed.

I moved my bike and unloaded my gear. Luckily it wasn’t much and I could carry it in one trip. I was pleasantly surprised when I found my campsite. It was inside the woods enough to be private, but bordered with a few of the trailers which were just outside of the tree line. There were several tent sites surrounding one central fire ring. One of the sites already had a large tent set up, but no one was around. A few chairs were around the fire ring and a large cooler. I decided to go ahead and get my tent up quickly before I started to explore.

I was about half finished with my tent when a couple guys came back carrying a tackle box and a few fishing poles. Both were decent looking guys, one a bigger bearish man in his 50′s with a dark beard and a couple streaks of gray. The other was a younger guy, maybe early 30′s, with a tall/skinny frame and was clean shaven. Both were wearing shorts and a T-shirt with flip flops. I could see the younger one had several tattoos on his legs and arms. We said hello and made our introductions. James, the older one, offered to help me finish my tent and I accepted. The younger man, Paul, grabbed a beer from the cooler and set down in a chair to relax.

As we worked we chatted a bit about the camp and I found out that he and Paul had been together for several years and try to go to Blackbear at least twice a year. They always request the same campsite as they were pretty good friends with a couple that parked their trailer nearby. He told me that during the day most guys just relax, swim, fish, and hangout. “The real fun begins at night at the parties, but some us like to have an appetizer first!” he said while smiling.

When we finished finished James and I went over and sat down around the fire ring with Paul. James offered me a beer and I gladly accepted; it was close to 90′s and I was still pretty nervous. I hadn’t seen anything overtly sexual since I’ve been there; it pretty much just looked like a campground minus women and children. We sat and talked for awhile and had a few beers. Paul said that he was going to head to the pool for a swim and wanted to know if I wanted to go. It sounded like a good idea and I asked James if he was going. He said he was going to go say hello to a couple friends and that he would catch up with us later.

I grabbed my shaving bag and my swimming trunks and started walking with Paul towards the pool area. Paul looked over and raised an eyebrow which I took to mean, “why are you bringing the shaving kit?” I smiled and said that I had been riding all day and I needed a shower so I wouldn’t dirty up the pool. He said it was a good idea.

We went inside the pool house where the restrooms and showers were. There were a couple lockers, but it didn’t look like anyone used them. It was just then that I realized Paul hadn’t brought any swimwear. My heart starting beating a little faster, but I tried to ignore it when he shimmied out of his shirt and shorts. It’s then out of the corner of my eye that I noticed his package. He was cut and nicely hung with a cockring going through the head. I also noticed his nipples were pierced. He caught me looking and stood up straight so I could get a better look.

“What do you think?” he asked. I looked him up and down. I told him he had a very nice body; still a little embarrassed to mention his great cock. “Okay, now I want a look” and he walked up to grab the bottom of my shirt. It took me by surprise, but I didn’t resist when he pulled the shirt over my head. I’m a pretty stocky 6’2″ with fairly nice chest and a little tummy. No model by any means, but guys and girls usually like my chest and arms; it goes well with my dark goatee and short hair. “Nice!” is all he said. Then he looked down at my jeans expectantly.

I had to sit down to take my riding boots off and he just stared expectantly with a smile on his face. “Aren’t you and James an item?” I asked as I took the second boot off. He explained that he and James were in an open relationship and they play both together and separate. I stood up and was hesitant to undo my belt and jeans. “Oh come on!” he said jokingly. I undid the buckle and unbuttoned my Levi’s and turned around while I pulled them down. I could feel him still staring at me. “Skivvies too!” he said. I pulled them down and turned around, blushing a little bit with both excitement and embarrassment.

He was taking me all in while slowly stroking his semi-erect cock. It looked even better slightly swollen. My cock is pretty average and I had a pretty decent chub at this point. “That’s a good looking cock, can’t wait to see it fully hard!” he said. I smiled and said, “thanks, but it sure isn’t in the same league as yours!” He just laughed and said that he liked normal sized the best, because the big ones hurt too much. “Let’s get you in the shower, then.”

He led me to the shower room and turned on the water on a couple of the six shower heads. I had grabbed the soap from my kit before following and when I stepped under the head he grabbed it from me. “Here, let me help you with that.” He stepped behind me and started to lather up my back which felt amazing. He massaged as he washed my back, moving to my shoulders, and finally down my arms.

It felt so good and relaxing that I had to put my hands against the walls to brace myself. I was enjoying myself and moaning slightly, all the embarrassment gone, when he pressed up against me. I could feel his rigid cock up against my crack as he wrapped his arms around me to lather my chest. I tensed up again slightly with apprehension, but he leaned closely and lightly bit my ear. “Relax,” he grumbled through clenched teeth. My cock was fully erect at this point, pointing straight out.

Paul continued to wash and massage my body, down my chest and stomach until he was close to my groin. He told me to turn around and I complied as I was floating in a haze at this point. He began to wash me again, this time getting on his knees and starting with my calves while working his way up to my thighs. My cock and balls were aching to be touched, but I was content to let him work his magic. My penis was only a few inches from his face and he was ignoring it; concentrating on using his hands to work my legs. Again, when he was close to my groin he told me to turn around. I wanted to say no, but I listened to him once again.

I put my hands against the shower wall again while he began to lather my ass cheeks. It felt great while he massaged my ass the same way he did the rest of my body. Even though I was anticipating it, I gasped when he slid his hand inside my crack. His hand went up and down my crack washing as he went. After a minute or so, I noticed he was slowly concentrating around my asshole. Washing with whole hand at first and then starting to make slow circles with fingers.

I leaned forward against the wall and stuck out my ass slightly to give him better access. He whispered, “I knew you wanted fucked. . .” and I could hear the smile on his face. He pressed a finger against my whole and the soap suds allowed it pass with only a little resistance. I gasp escaped my lips and I closed my eyes while continuing to lean against the well. Paul started moving his finger in and out at a slow pace, getting me ready. He pulled his finger out completely, only to replace it with two! He finger fucked me for several minutes, telling me quietly that he was going to enjoy fucking my ass and that he knew from the beginning that I was a bottom slut.

That’s when I head another man say, “yeah finger his ass!” It wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t hidden either. I opened my eyes and looked to the side to see a man I hadn’t seen before. He was a larger man, maybe 6’0″ and 300 lbs. He had a very hairy body, beard, and was completely naked standing just inside the shower. He was stroking what looked like a shorter, but slightly thick cock. I was shocked and stood up quickly.

Paul was able to keep his fingers inside of me when I reacted. With his other hand he grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed slightly; guiding me back against the wall. He leaned down and told me, “this is James and I’s friend Kris; he’s a whole lot of fun. I’m going to enjoy watching him fuck you sweet ass!” I looked over my shoulder in mild shock and all I got was a sadistic smile in return. I started to straighten up again, but Paul applied more pressure to my neck.

I would’ve overpowered Paul easily if I wanted to, but deep down I knew this was what I had come to Camp Blackbear for in the first place. I was by far too turned on now to resist. I leaned down further and exposed my ass even more. Paul responded by now forcing three fingers in my ass! It hurt, but also felt like heaven.

Paul asked Kris if he was ready for some ass and pulled his fingers out. I looked over my shoulder at Kris and said, “I have some condoms in my shaving hit out there.” He just smiled and walked behind me. I started to protest, but Paul moved to my side and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “we fuck pussies raw to turn bitches into real men.” Words caught in my throat; I had never been fucked without a condom. I didn’t know what to say or do.

Kris grabbed me by the left hip to pull me closer while he positioned his cock head up against my loosened hole with his other. He pushed slowly, but firmly into my ass. It was wider than I first thought and the only lubrication I had was the soapy suds. The combination of wide cock and soap burned immensely. It only took him a few seconds to be completely buried inside me. He stated pumping me slowly while holding both of my hips. I was trying to concentrate on the pleasure, but the burning was terrible. “It burns!” I squeaked. All I got was a chuckle from Kris.

Kris continued to fuck me slowly while I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Even though I didn’t want him to cum in my ass, I was wishing he would finish soon. I was not enjoying myself at all. The I felt a hand on my cock. It was Paul on his knees again, washing my cock and balls.

He splashed water over my genitals to rinse them off. He grabbed my cock at the base and pumped me a few times. Then he expertly took my cock in his mouth and preceded to suck me vigorously. The pain evaporated from my ass. I didn’t even feel it burn when Kris pulled out to apply more soap to his dick. I was moaning loudly with my head hanging down to watch Paul suck my cock like a pro and enjoy it.

My moaning started Kris pumping harder and faster; Paul was now sucking in rhythm with Kris’s stokes while jerking himself off quickly. I couldn’t hold any longer, my dick exploded in his mouth. At the same time my ass clenched which produced a groan from Kris; two more pumps in my tightened hole and Kris let loose in my abused ass. I could feel each pump and it felt wonderful.

Paul stood up beside me and pulled me by the hair towards his cock. “Open your mouth bitch!’ he ordered. I willingly complied and was disappointed when he didn’t shove his dick inside. Instead he just continued to beat off vigorously. Kris still had his cock buried in me and held my hips while I waited patiently with my mouth open for Paul’s load. It didn’t take long. He exploded on my face and even managed to get a squirt in my mouth. It was bitter salty heaven.

Kris slapped my ass hard and then pulled out quickly; it hurt slightly and the feeling of emptiness was terrible. I heard him splash out of the shower. I stood up and looked at Paul in the face. “You’re a mess,” he said. I started to get under the shower again, but he put a hand on my chest and said no. I looked at him confused as he reached over and turned the water off.

Get on your knees, he ordered. I was hoping that he was going to have me suck the last few drops of cum out of his cock, but what happened next horrified and excited me. Paul took a step back and squeezed his hard to shoot a stream of piss all over my face. He was still hard and the stream had quite a bit of force to it. I had never had this happen before and it shocked me. I wanted to move away or scream, but at the same time I knew that I also wanted to have him finish. After a few seconds he ordered me to open my mouth. I can’t imagine why I did, but it was like my body was on autopilot. I opened wide while Paul aimed his stream and finished into my waiting mouth.

I gagged. I coughed. I nearly vomited. What have I just done? That was disgusting. I was a little shell shocked at this point and didn’t notice when Kris came back into the shower.

I was already on my knees when Kris told me to put my ass in the air. I leaned forward with my chest on the shower floor and my still loose ass in the air. I was expecting Kris to fuck me again and was surprised when I felt a stream of piss hit me right in the ass. It was a strange, almost vibrating, sensation as it splashed against my asshole. He moved the stream around to splash up and down my crack and around on my ass cheeks. He finally finished his long piss on the back of my balls. “Just marking our territory son. We’re all going to have fun with you this weekend,” he said.

Paul reached down and help pull me to my feet. I was shaking a little at this point; now cold and feeling abused and confused. He smiled and looked me straight in the eyes, “You ready for that swim now?”

She stormed into the hotel bar, fuming. Her company had sent her down to Dallas for a conference at the last minute. What no one had taken into account was the big race at the Texas Motor Speedway. Because it was a big race, and a big race always drew out all the dumb rednecks (actually, any race at all drew out all the dumb rednecks), every good, decent, or half-way decent hotel or motel was filled to capacity.

So, now she was stuck in possibly the worst hotel this side of a Mexican slum. Even worse, she had gotten the very last, and quite possibly the very worst, room. The damn thing was a hole in the wall with a tiny, single bed and no bath tub in which to soak her tired and sore body from the incredibly long flight.

She had gone to the bar, hoping for a strong drink and a cigarette. At first she had raged. Texas had gone the same route as so many other states; smoking was no longer allowed in public building. But, for once on this oh so awful trip, something seemed to be going in her favor. As she entered the seedy bar, in this seedy hotel, she saw one man sipping at what appeared to be whiskey and smoking a cigarette.

She pulled up to the bar, lighting up a Clove. The bartender opened his mouth, and by the look in his eyes he was planning on telling her that she was not allowed to smoke. Before she had a chance to protest, and she would have done so, loudly and profanely, the smoking man grunted sharply. The bartender shrugged and took her drink order.

And her disappointment returned with a vengeance. There was no wine, no martinis, none of the fruity drinks she enjoyed. Once again she opened her mouth to rage. But a soft tinkling beside her caught her attention. The rough man was shaking his nearly full glass at the bartender, the ice clinking against the glass, and nodded his head at her.

Before she knew what was going on, the bartender placed a tumbler of amber whiskey on the rocks before her. She took another, closer look at the man beside her. He had long hair, black and unkempt. His face had obviously not seen a razor in weeks. His clothes were road worn and stained. He was, to her narrow minded world view, a dirty biker.

He was, for all intents and purposes, beneath her. And that intrigued her. She was used to men her equal in society, or her betters in the corporate world. She truly enjoyed controlling such powerful men. She tipped her glass in thanks and sipped the rough liquid.

They sat there, at the bar, no words spoken and barely any eye contact made. She debated with herself on whether to take him to bed and decided against it. While he may have been fun for a mere dalliance, in truth she had no desire for any attachments. And no man could ever dally with her without becoming attached.

She thanked the man and departed the bar, heading back to her room. For some reason she could not understand, she had an itch that needed to be scratched. Shaking her head, she resolved to handle the problem before she fell asleep.

She closed the door behind her, or at least attempted to. A hand shot out and forced the door open. She turned, shock, fear and rage all warring within her as the dirty biker pushed his way into the room. He held his finger up to his lips, gesturing for silence.

He gently pushed her back, closing the door behind him. She opened her mouth to speak but something in his eyes silenced her. And completely against her will her itch became a raging fire.

She was used to always being in control, always in charge. Now, here was someone taking that from her and it left her throbbing, aching. She knew that she should resist, knew she should fight. But something in his silent, yet commanding, demeanor promised possible violence.

He never threatened her. There was never a word spoken. There were no untoward gestures. And yet she knew.

He looked meaningfully at her clothing. She nodded, shaking in fear and a pent up desire she never knew she could feel. She slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Soon, she stood before him naked. Her nipples were erect, both from the cold room and from desire.

He pulled her into him, pushing her down to her knees as she came closer. She knew what he wanted and was conflicted. She wanted to scream, to fight, to deny what was happening. Yet, at the same time, she wanted to please this man who had so dominated her without once raising a finger to harm her and without ever speaking a word.

Desire won out. She reached out, her hand shaking, and unzipped his pants. She gasped when he sprung free from his denim confines. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft, stroking him as she licked her lips. With a hunger she had never before experienced, she swallowed him down, taking his full length into her mouth.

He wrapped his fingers through her hair, pulling her in tightly. She moaned in fear around his cock, gagging slightly as he pulled her in with a little more force than necessary. She continued her pressure, dreading and savoring each moment of this encounter.

Suddenly, his breathing changed. His grip tightened on her hair and she knew what was to come. Instead of fearing his pending orgasm, she knew, much to her shame, that she truly desired it. She increased her suction, reaching out and cupping the soft sack below. And then he exploded into her mouth, pulling her tightly into him once more. She struggled to swallow every last drop; suddenly unable to quench a thirst she had never felt before.

When she had finished every last drop, drained him dry with her mouth, she was stunned, and very excited, when she realized he was still hard. She moaned at the sight and felt shame at her uncontrollable desire. She had been a powerful corporate mover and shaker but now she was merely a wanton slut. And she loved it.

He pushed her to the bed and she eagerly lay back on the raggedy, twin bed. She spread her legs, panting in desire, feeling her shame at such a lascivious display, yet uncaring. He shook his head and gripped her arm, flipping her onto her back. She felt him position himself behind her. He reached down and pulled her arms behind her, pinning them back.

He slid himself into her, forcefully, slamming home in one thrust. She screamed, whether in pain or orgasm she would never know as the orgasm struck mere fractions of a second after the pain did. He pounded into her repeatedly, making her scream as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Never before had she been used like this. And she loved it.

As her orgasms began to subside, he withdrew himself and she sighed, content and satisfied in a way she had never before been. The she felt him press his cock against her ass. She shook her head, struggled against his grip. He held her tightly, refusing to let go. Finally, he penetrated her and she moaned.

He pounded into her ass, one hand holding her arms pinned behind her while one reached down and gripped her hair, pulling her into him with each thrust. Suddenly, she came again, screaming loudly. He pounded, again and again.

Once again, she rode wave after wave of orgasm until she felt him cum. He exploded into her. And one last orgasm tore through her. She screamed herself hoarse and then collapsed, fighting to stay awake and failing.

When she finally regained consciousness, he was gone and she was sore, yet satisfied…

Copyright 2011 by the Author. Thanks to Katt2007 for the story Idea and breaking the worst case of writers block I ever had. This chapter has very little sex but it sets up the main character to leave her prim and proper life into a life of sexual abandon. If you want more rate and comment. Thx Sea.


Riding over these bumpy back roads, the wind in my hair (and yes I still have my helmet on) skirt around my waist, the vibrations in my crotch and the sights sounds and smells of 40 or so people having sex in one room all conspired to make my pussy burn with desire. Part of me hated the fact I was so turned on by these punks, yet part of me felt so alive and free. I wanted to cum so bad but held back from letting myself reach the peak my pussy was dying for because I didn’t want the poor disfigured man who was giving me a ride to know how horny I was. I was afraid if the bikers knew the effect they had on me they would check my car for my address and come by one night and rape me. Suddenly my mind filled with visions of my Husband and sons tied up and gagged while the bikers raped me and my daughters in every hole. “OHHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD” I screamed into the wind as my body convulsed on one of the most powerful orgasms I ever had.

I was confused. I hadn’t touched myself and I was mostly disgusted by the animalistic couplings I had witnessed. However, there was an animal inside me fighting to take control of my body. If I had given in I would’ve fucked every hard object in sight.

I felt the bike slow and finally stop at a poorly kempt, apparently abandoned house in a deserted area. I began to get scared and thought that I was going to be raped and killed. No-Bone shut off the bike and gave me a non-committal look. He waited for me to speak, but I was too busy making a plan to get away. Before I could even get off the bike and put my plan in motion I heard him say “I would love to take you all the way, but I can’t.” and he started to laugh. When he saw my confusion he pointed to his ankle. “I’m on house arrest. I can only leave the clubhouse 90 minutes a day and I was out this am for an hour. One of our prospects is here. He can take you to the hospital.”

I nodded, not trusting my voice since I was still felling the aftershocks of my orgasm. No-Bone walked into the house and motioned me to follow. I got off the motorcycle praying my legs would support my weight and climbed up the steps the porch. I opened the screen door and entered the house. If anything the condition of this house made the bar look like a hospital. It was filthy.

In the center of the mess stood a 6’4″ man that weighed more than some of the linebackers that played with my husband until they went pro. Blonde hair and blue eyes, well muscled and in tight ripped jeans and a cut showing his 6 pack abs and firm Pecs. I just envisioned this Adonis throwing me to the floor and having his way with me. I felt another orgasm build as this man looked at me.

“So NB here tells me you need a ride. He also told me you gave him a lapdance. Well what do I get?”

Before I could even think about it I blurted out “A blowjob!” and was on my knees and undoing his pants before he could even respond. He smiled as he gazed down at me. “Later NB.” He called as his friend walked out the door. “Now you little slut you want to give me a blow job? Well first, any slut giving a man a blow job has to be naked. So stand up and get rid of those clothes.”

I stood up and suddenly it was like I was in a cartoon from the 50′s. I had an angel on my right shoulder and a devil on my left. The Angel was reminding me of my family and loving husband lying in the hospital and how a prim and proper lady doesn’t give blow jobs to bikers in filthy houses. The devil just reminded me of how good my orgasm felt and promised a better one if I let this gorgeous piece of maleness shoot his load in my mouth.

I stood up letting the angel and devil fight it out. I looked up into the eyes of this young man who was about the same age as my oldest son and suddenly had a vision of him fucking me while my son watched. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. Once naked I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down and gasped at the python that uncoiled from his boxers. It was about as thick as my wrist and almost as long as my forearm. I liked my lips but my shoulder angel tried one more time to get me to be the wife and mother I had been for half my life.

“By the way I’m Adin, but you can call me Master. And what is your name slut?”

“I’m Catt…Catharine Gato.” I replied wondering why I told him my full name.

“Well my pretty pussy, start sucking.” He said and reached down and pinched on of my nipples hard. “I am going to squeeze and twist your nipples until I spray my cum down your throat. The faster you make me cum, the less pain you suffer.” He slowly increased the pressure and smiled as I began trying to fit his trouser snake into my mouth. I was desperate to feel it in my throat and to taste his cum.

I began to stroke his cock with one hand and fondle his balls with the other. I took his whole head in my mouth and began to lick and suck it trying to make this gorgeous beast of a man spray his creamy sauce. He continued exerting pressure on nipples as I sucked and jerked and fondled him trying to get him to cum. I amazed myself by actually deep throating his cock, something I’ve never done with my husbands somewhat smaller penis. I sucked his dick like a a Oreck Vacuum sucks a bowling ball. I was bobbing up and down like a 80′s teen at a hair band concert. The pain in my nipples was deliciously excruciating and all I could think about was whether I wanted his cum on my face or in my belly.

Almost too soon I felt his dick start to stiffen and he began to pull my nipples out from my chest adding to the pain that was going straight to my pussy and bringing me close to orgasm like never before. I felt how close Adin was to spraying and I redoubled my efforts on his manhood. Soon I heard Adin start to breathe harder and faster and he started saying “Yes bitch suck my fucking cock. Use that whore mouth on my hard cock.” I small shudder ran through me at his words and I slide my hand off his balls over his taint and up between his ass cheeks. He pulled my nipples out even more and they felt like they were about to be ripped off my chest making me groan in pleasure.

The pain brought the beginnings of another orgasm and I heard Adin say “Bitch I ain’t showered yet and last night I fucked a whore in her ass. You like the taste of whore ass?” At his words I started to cum even harder than before and I rammed my finger into his ass and touched his prostrate which caused him to jerk backwards violently pulling his cock from my mouth as my sweaty nipples slipped from his vise like grip. I made a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan as the blood rushed back into my nipples. That sound triggered Adin’s orgasm and the first spurt hit me in the eye. His cock fired like a rapid fire machine gun with unlimited ammo. Each shot of his spunk hit me just a bit lower than the one before. Each and every time his warm spunk hit my skin, my orgasm intensified. I couldn’t stop cumming even if I wanted too.

After what seemed like an eon or two, I finally stopped shuddering. My senses had been completely overloaded and shut down from the intensity of the sensations overwhelming my body. My body continued to shudder and I gasped and moaned until I fell to the floor weak as a new born kitten.

Slowly one by one my senses rebooted themselves. And I became aware of my surroundings again. Suddenly I remembered who I was and realized what I had done. I fought back tears of shame thinking about my family lying in their hospital beds in pain and suffering. My arousal fled like an illegal alien from an Arizona State Trooper. I just wanted to die. I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom. I tried to turn on the water and nothing came out.

Adin appeared in the doorway adjusting his pants. I went to close the door but it was missing. “Where can I wash up?” I asked sullenly trying to hide my nakedness.

Adin laughed “Bitch this is a hideout we ain’t got no running water.”

“Can I have some bottled water and a towel at least?”

“Nope, we can stop at the gas station up the street and you can clean up there.” Adin smirked at me and my skin reddened even more. I began to feel sick to my stomach. I swallowed the vomit that rose in my throat as I looked at the man who just a few minutes earlier made my knees weak and my pussy tingle. Now he just made me want to vomit.

With all the dignity I could muster (admittedly it wasn’t much at this point) I pulled on my skirt, bra and tee shirt. I looked at my stockings which were beyond salvage and my panties which were covered in urine and my juices from my earlier orgasm. I threw them both out. I used the filthy mirror to try and fix my hair and gave up it up as helpless.

I walked outside where Adin was waiting for me on a bike. He handed me a helmet and I put it on and climbed on behind him. I wrapped my arms around him and got a whiff of some really pungent body odor. I looked at his cut to see which MC I was going to report for rape. Unfortunately all he had was a bottom rocker with the word prospect on it. As Aiden started his bike he told me he would stop at a gas station so I could clean myself up a bit.

After riding for a few minutes Adin pulled into a gas station and pointed to the side “shitter’s over there.” then ignored me as he put gas in his bike. I walked into the unisex restroom. I turned on the water full hot and it still came out tepid. I could only find toilet paper to use to wash and no soap. I wet some tp down and did the best I could to get all the dirty boy juice off my face and the washing became almost a spiritual cleansing washing away the last 2 hours.

I reapplied my makeup, and my face was presentable. My hair was disheveled but that look was in so I left it alone. I took a deep breath and looked at my clothes. My skirt was black and was a bit wrinkled but not bad. I looked at my shirt and it was not only wrinkled it had dry cum on and other unidentifiable stains. I just wanted to rip off my tee shirt but I didn’t want to ride on Adin’s bike in just a bra. I finished making myself as presentable as possible and left the safety of the restroom.

I went into the store hoping they sold something I could use to replace the shirt I was wearing. I saw a rack of shirts all in a deep red color. On the back they all had a logo of a stylized skull and crossbones. The skull was engulfed in flames and the crossbones were swords dripping blood. Above the logo were the words

Rogues of the Underworld

and underneath it said

Lake Erin.

On the front of the shirt it said




I grabbed one with out even checking the size and went to pay for it. The proprietor looked at Adin and he said “She’s a very special friend of the club Murray.” and laughed.

The proprietor who I guess was Murray looked at me and said “Ya know I’m a good friend of RULE too. If you ever wanna party look me up. I live in the house out back.”

I barely suppressed a shudder at the thought of screwing this short fat bald hairy hillbilly. I paid for the shirt and ran to the bathroom to change. As I pulled on the shirt I remembered a news story I heard a few days ago about a new Biker Gang in Lake Erin County that had pushed out some street gangs and took over the county. They called themselves Rogues of the Underworld. RULE was the name of this charter

Rogues of the



Erin Charter.

They had come out f nowhere and quickly showed they had no problem using violence and according to the news report they had bought out all the sex related businees both legal and not so much.

I couldn’t wait to get away from these criminals and back to my normal life. I took a few deep breaths and left the restroom. I saw Adin had started his bike, so I put on my helmet and climbed on. His bike roared away spitting gravel behind it.

The miles passed quickly and I tried not to think about anything. The vibrations were getting irritating and making my legs tired and numb. I was still feeling nauseous and the scent of the biker punks BO, his unwashed clothes, the exhaust fumes combined with the heat and stale sweat odor in the helmet was making it even more difficult to not throw up. I was seriously considering vomiting on Adin’s back but I was afraid of what he would do, he just might kill me if I did.

While I was contemplating asking him to stop so I could throw up I saw the hospital entrance just ahead. I decided I could keep it down just a bit longer. As soon as the bike stopped I jumped off and without looking back or a word, I ran into the lobby of the hospital. I ran into the first restroom I could find and puked. When I was done I scrubbed my face raw, and even took a tiny bit of soap mixed with water and washed out my mouth and brushed my teeth with my finger. I was trying to make myself feel not so dirty inside and washing the outside wasn’t helping.

I saw that some vomit had gotten on the new shirt so I went to the door and asked a passing nurse to get me something to wear since I had stained my shirt. She brought me a scrub top which I put on. I was going to throw out my t shirt but instead I stuck it in my purse.

Once I was a presentable as possible I went looking for my family. Trying to treat the last few hours like a bad dream.

“What do you mean he ran off with Karen? She’s my fucking Maid of Honor,” Betty yelled hysterically. “The wedding is in an hour.”

“Uh, I saw them getting into the limo about nine this morning and driving off,” Betty’s mom said softly, trying to stay calm herself. “They haven’t come back and the limo service said the car was back on their lot after dropping the couple off at the airport.”

Betty staggered back and sat down hard on the bed. “I’ll kill both of them.”

“Now dear….”

“Fuck you! Fuck you and the rest of this one horse, petty little town. I should have followed my instincts and left right after high school but no, I had to hang around waiting for the only decent guy in town to ask me to marry him. That sure worked out great.”

“But dear….”

Betty gave her mother a hard look, which shut her up. “Go tell everyone there won’t be a wedding today or ever as far as I’m concerned.”

As her mother started to turn toward the door, Betty said coldly, “No, wait. I want to do it.”

“Don’t be rash,” her mother cautioned. “You’re upset now but that will pass, so don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

“The only thing I regret is wasting three years on an asshole and trusting someone like she was a sister,” Betty whispered as she stood up. Kicking her high heels violently across the room she added, “Now it’s my turn to fuck over some people.”

“Now wait a minute…” Her mother started to say.

Betty laughed and hiked her wedding dress up above her knees. White stockings encased her legs. She took three steps to the door and looked around at her mother, with fire in her eyes.

Her mother scrambled to open the door and Betty calmly walked out into the hall. She was calm on the outside but rage burned deep inside. Rage at being made a fool of and rage at herself for not seeing it coming.

Karen was a slut and had always been a slut, so why did it surprise Betty that she had stolen the only good man in town and on the day of the wedding. As for Brad, he was a hunk and headed places but he was too easy going and controllable.

Betty frowned. He was so easy going and controllable that he had bolted with the first bitch in heat that came to hand when the chips were down. So much for knowing people your whole life. They still surprised you in the end with the things they did.

A door opened and Betty’s dad step out into the hall.

“Where are you going?” He asked with a smile. “You aren’t getting cold feet are you?”

Betty stopped and looked at him hard. “Where is Brad?”

“Uh, he had an errand to run. Why do you ask?”

Betty looked over her shoulder at her mother. “Mom can fill you in,” she said as she continued down the hall.


The organist started to play the wedding march but stopped in mid note as it dawned on her that the bride was barefooted and had her dress hiked up to mid thigh. The dark glare that Betty was giving her was a second clue that something was wrong.

Betty marched down toward the front of the church, her eyes locked dead ahead. The brides maids were there, the best man was there but Brad and Karen were not there. Her eyes locked onto Glen, the best man and Brad’s younger brother. A grin came to her lips as she came up with a plan for both revenge and self-gratification all in one person.

She mounted the three steps to join the rest of the bridal party. Turning, she looked out over the hundred or so guests. A hush descended over the crowd. Suddenly Betty felt embarrassed and at a lose for words. She turned and took two steps over to where Glen stood with her back to the crowd.

Hiking her dress up even higher, she gave Glen a good view as to what she wore under her wedding dress, thigh high stockings and a garter on her right upper thigh. Glen’s eyes dropped to what she was showing and his mouth dropped open.

She leaned close and asked, “Feel like getting your brains fucked out?”

“Uh…” was his witty shocked reply.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Betty said as she dropped the front of her dress and turned toward the people who had come to her wedding.

In a loud steady voice she said, “There will not be a wedding today. It seems the groom has eloped with the Maid of Honor. As for me, I’m out of here also. I have plans for the rest of the weekend.”

“I’ll get the car,” Betty’s dad said from the back of the church.

“No need for that, I already have a ride, right Glen,” Betty said looking over her shoulder.

“Uh, uh, yeah,” Glen said softly.

Betty stuck out her arm and said, “Shall we go?”

Glen seemed to shiver and then he finally moved forward to take Betty’s arm. Together they walked down the steps and up the aisle toward the exit.

As they passed Betty’s father, he asked, “Where are you going?”

Without pausing, Betty replied, “To do the same thing the groom is going to do.”


Betty stopped at the door to the church and turned toward her father. She smiled at him and then said, “Since Brad took Karen on my honeymoon, I’m taking Glen somewhere and fucking his brains out. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Uh….” Her father said with a shocked look on his face.

“Now that we have that settled,” Betty said with a grin as she turned and opened the door. Looking at Glen, she said, “Shall we.”

For the first time Glen smiled and led the way out of the church.


As Glen helped her up into his truck, Betty realized that she didn’t have a change of clothing, shoes, her purse, her ID, or money for that matter. As she settled in the seat, she whispered, “Fuck it.”

Glen got in the truck on the drivers side and closed the door. He paused with the key in the ignition. Looking over at Betty, he asked, “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Betty frowned. “I had intended to get married, eat a little cake, drink some champagne, get on a cruise ship, and spend four days and three nights getting my brains fucked out. As it is, there is no wedding, fuck the cake and champagne, and Brad and Karen are on the cruise ship. So, what’s left?”

“Uh, I could take you home.”

Betty’s frown grew deeper. “Are you gay or something?”

“Well no, but….”

Betty blew out a deep breath and whispered, “Well fuck, you’re worse than your brother.” Opening the truck door, she asked, “Does anyone in your family have balls besides your mother?”

Glen said, “Huh?”

Betty laughed and got out of the truck, slamming the door as hard as she could. Shaking her head at her luck with men, she started walking down the sidewalk.

She hadn’t gone a dozen steps when she heard a motorcycle start up behind her. She glanced over her shoulder but didn’t see the bike. The sound came from behind the car next to Glen’s truck. With a shrug, she looked back forward and continued to walk.

The sound of the motorcycle grew louder and then it revved up and backfired right behind her. Betty jump to the side quickly and whirled around. The bike slowly rolled to a stop in front of her.

The guy on the motorcycle looked familiar but from where Betty could not remember. He was big and somewhat handsome in a rugged outdoorsy way. The bandana on his head and the black leather jacket he wore gave him a sinister look.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Betty asked sharply.

“I’m the set of balls you ordered and I’m going to spend the next three days fucking you every way imaginable. That is, if you get on the back of this bike.”

“I, uh, I…” Betty stammered.

The guy grinned and shook his head. “No balls in your family either, I take it.”

“Fuck you!” Betty yelled.

Still grinning the guy replied, “That was the plan, now get your ass on the bike. You’ve got about three seconds to make up your mind. One…. Two…. Three….”

When Betty didn’t move, the guy looked forward, eased the throttle up and started to let out the clutch. As the motorcycle started to roll, Betty yelled, “Wait!”

The motorcycle stopped and the guy looked around at Betty expectantly.

“What’s your name?”

“Frank, Frank York.”

“Brad works with you.”

“No, Brad works for me. I own the company. Are you getting on or am I leaving?”

“I can’t ride that with this dress.”

“Gather it up, come around to the left side and step across. I’ll guide your foot to the peg. Then just use my shoulder for balance to get on. The left foot goes on the peg on that side.”

Betty followed his direction and awkwardly ended up sitting on the seat behind Frank. The wedding dress with its full skirt and stiff petty coat made a wad in her lap. She was still trying to get it adjusted when Frank let out the clutch and hammered the gas.

“Hang onto me,” Frank yelled over the roar of the engine as Betty gave a shriek as she slid back against the sissy bar.

Betty grabbed a hold of Frank around his waist and wiggled herself forward against him. She heard Frank laugh as they jump off the curb into the street. She wondered just how big of a mistake she had made by getting on this motorcycle as they roared off down the street.


Four turns, three stop signs, and two red lights later, they turned into an apartment complex. At the very end of the driveway, Frank stopped and backed into a covered carport. When he shut off the motor, he said, “You can get off now.”

Betty groaned and dismounted as awkwardly as she had gotten on. “Where are we?”

“My place or at least the place I use when I’m in town,” Frank said as he got off the bike.

Betty had to look up, way up to see the big man’s face. He was huge, even bigger looking standing up than when he was on the bike. “Holy shit,” Betty whispered with a little fear in her voice.

“Is there a problem?” Frank asked with a grin.

“Uh…. Well, uh…. You’re a big guy.”

“So I’ve been told a time or two.”

“I’m not sure this is such a good idea,” Betty whispered softly. She was having second thoughts now that her temper had cooled off and she had time to think. Not to mention, she was a little scared now that she was alone with this big guy.

Frank nodded. “Cold feet on the sex now that you’ve cooled off. Decisions made in the heat of the moment are never good.”

“Uh, well, yes and no.” she replied as she noted how close what he said mirrored what she thought. “You’re a reasonable guy and you understand, right.”

With a grin and then a wild laugh, Frank bent suddenly and tossed Betty over his shoulder. She gave a loud grunt and struggled, kicking her legs and hitting him on the back. “Put me down!” His big hand landed solidly on her ass with a popping sound.

“Hey, that hurt,” Betty yelled, only to be smacked on the ass a second and third time.

“Then be still while I carry you up stairs. This was supposed to be your wedding night, right.”

“Yeah, but….” Betty was cut off by his hand landing solidly on her ass again.

“Damn it!” Betty yelled even louder but no blow landed. “Put me down!”

“You sure are bossy for someone who is so short and tiny.”

Betty hammered on his back as hard as she could with her fists.

“A little lower and to the left. I love a nice gentle massage,” Frank said with a laugh as he started up the stairs.

“Put me down!” Betty yelled and struggled even harder than before. That was the wrong thing to do as she found herself flipped over and spun around. The next thing she knew, he was sitting on the steps with her draped over his left thigh. His right leg was across her calves and her dress was up over her head.

As his hand gently caressed her bare ass cheeks he growled, “The next yell will get you a spanking right here and right now.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Betty said but she did keep her voice down. Deep down inside she knew he would dare.

Frank chuckled and patted her ass. “You invited yourself to this party. Now, we can do this the easy way or the rough way. Myself, I like the rough way but it’s your choice. We can go on up to my place, sit around, have a few drinks and mellow out, get to know each other. Or….” He patted her ass a little harder.

Before Betty could say anything, she heard footsteps on the stairs above her. She twisted under Frank’s arm and saw a man coming down the stairs toward them. Frank’s hand caressing her bare ass made her struggle.

As Frank’s hand landed solidly on bare skin, Betty jerked hard and lay still. Frank turned his head and smiled at the guy above him. “Hello Gary, how’s it going?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” the guy answered with a grin, his eyes on the bare ass in Frank’s lap.

Frank chuckled and caressed Betty’s ass. “I found this bride and we were having a, uh, family discussion, if you understand what I mean.”

“Yeah, I understand that you mean to have the last word, if that pink handprint is any indication.”

“As a matter of fact, I was just explaining that to the young lady when you showed up.”

“Uh, huh. Well, in that case, I’ll be on my way so you two can get back to your discussion,” Greg said as he stepped around Frank. He paused once he was passed and looked down at Betty’s bare ass. “Not to be crude or anything but that is one fine ass.”

Frank nodded and replied, “My exact thoughts.” He patted Betty lightly and then added, “It’s going to be one hot stinging red ass if the young lady doesn’t calm down.”

Greg chuckled and turned to head on down the stairs. “Ya’ll have fun, now.”

Betty started to yell help but only the, “Hel…” part got out of her mouth before Frank’s hand landed with a solid stinging blow to her right ass cheek that took her breath away.

“That’s going to leave a mark,” Greg said with a laugh from the bottom of the stairs.

Frank chuckled and nodded in Greg’s direction as he said to Betty, “He’s right, there is a solid red hand print on your ass cheek. If you want more just yell again.”

Betty groaned deep in her chest and wiggled in frustration.

“Now, which will it be, the easy way or the hard way?” Frank asked as he caressed her ass gently.

“Easy,” Betty said softly as all the fight went out of her.

Frank sighed deeply and then chuckled. “I was hoping you had more fight in you than that,” he said as he stood up.

Betty found herself in his arms as if she were a small child as he continued to carry her up stairs. “That guy saw my naked ass,” she whispered. The thought had been floating around in the back of her mind but the hard slap on her ass had made her forget until now.

“You should have behaved or at least wore panties.”

Betty shivered and replied, “I had planned on a honeymoon, not a spanking on a stairway.”

“Plans do change quickly sometimes,” Frank said with a grin as he stopped in front of a door. “Grab my neck and hold on tight while I unlock the door.”

Betty grabbed his neck as he let go of her with his left arm. She heard keys rattle and then the door opened and Frank carried her inside. He kicked the door closed with his foot as he lowered her feet to the carpet.

“Welcome to my place,” he said softly as he straightened up.

Betty looked around expecting the typical badass motorcycle rider’s bachelor pad with junk furniture and scattered beer cans. What she found was something out of a fancy modern uptown magazine. A leather sectional against the corner by the window, two deep swivel chairs also in leather, chrome and glass coffee and end tables. Deep pile carpet and silk drapes.

“Not what you expected, right.”

“Uh, no. Not at all what I expected,” Betty said as her eyes hit on little details of color and style. The kitchen was across a wide marble counter and neat as a pen. Stainless steel appliances and deep dark hardwood cabinets pulled her eyes one way and then another.

“You have good tastes if you decorated this place yourself,” she finally added.

“Decorated, designed, built, and own, the whole apartment complex that is.” Frank replied as he took off his leather jacket.

“Huh?” Betty said turning toward the big man behind her.

“I own the construction company Brad worked for, remember. I also build stuff for myself, although most of it is office space. This is my first try at apartments and condominiums. I like to think I did a pretty fair job.”

“Worked? You said worked. Does that mean you’re going to fire him?”

Frank chuckled. “If the guy is dumb enough to leave you at the alter then he’s too dumb to work for me. Although I do have to admit that I don’t know the young lady he ran off with.”

“She’s a slut and always has been,” Betty said without thinking, her temper flaring up again.

“Now, that’s more what I had expected out of a lady with hair as red as yours,” Frank said with a laugh.

Betty looked up at him as her hand found the sore spot on her right ass cheek. “I’ve never been spanked before, bare assed or otherwise,” she said pointedly.

“Maybe that’s part of your problem. That and you seem to like weak milk toast guys. I knew it wouldn’t work with you and Brad the first time I saw the two of you together. You have fire and he has no spine.”

“Where did you see us? I don’t remember you.”

“The company picnic, two years ago, the one at the park out by the lake. I was the guy driving the speedboat all day and towing skiers until dark. The guy with the big hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen.”

“Brad didn’t tell me there was a lake and we could water ski. So, I didn’t bring my bathing suit. He knows I love to water ski.”

“I saw you watching the boat and skiers all day and wondered why you didn’t come down. Now I know.”

Betty laughed. “I contemplated trying to ski in that yellow sundress but figured it might not work so well.”

“Were you wearing panties that day?” Frank asked with a grin.

Betty looked away as she felt her face getting warm. “Uh, no. No, I wasn’t as a matter of fact. No bra either, come to think of it.”

“Would you like a beer or maybe you would prefer something stronger considering how your day has gone.” Frank asked.

“A beer would be fine. I just wish I had grabbed a change of clothes on the way out of the church.”

As Frank rounded the counter in the kitchen he said, “At the time, I don’t think you had wearing clothes on your mind. I think it was more getting down and dirty naked with Brad’s brother.”

“That was a bad idea, a very bad idea but my temper was up and I wasn’t thinking straight,” Betty said as she walked over to the counter and leaned on her elbows, resting her chin on her palms.

Frank turned with two cold beers in his hand and stopped. His eyes were on the top of Betty’s dress where the front had fallen open with the way she was leaning forward. He stared openly, not even trying to hide where he was looking.

Betty started to straighten up but didn’t. For some reason his open and unapologetic stare made her shiver. She could feel her nipples harden under his gaze. She was suddenly very aware of them rubbing on the course inner fabric of her wedding dress as she breathed in and out.

After a moment, Frank continued over to the counter and handed Betty a beer. “Nice ass, nice breasts, it’ll be interesting to see what the whole package looks like without that dress.”

Betty downed a large gulp of beer and sat the bottle down on the counter. “And what makes you think you’ll ever see the whole package as you called it?”

Frank shrugged and sipped his beer. “I have confidence in myself and time is on my side,” he said as he sat his beer down next to hers.

“I could walk out that door and leave.”

“Yeah, you could but it’s a long walk barefooted back to the church and I figure everyone’s left there already. You don’t have any money, so a cab is out of the question. You could call someone to come get you but you don’t have your phone with you.”

Betty picked up her beer and sipped it as she eyed the man across the counter from her. After a few sips she said, “I could ask you to take me home.”

Frank nodded. “That might work but you’d have to ride on the back of the bike again.”

“Yeah, there is that,” Betty replied thoughtfully.

“Or we could take my truck,” Frank said with a grin.

“Uh, huh,” Betty said and then sipped her beer. After a moment of silence, she asked, “Are you trying to get rid of me now that I’ve come to my senses and decided not to spend the next three days having sex?”

“Nope.” Frank replied with a grin. “All I’d have to do to change your mind about the sex is mention the fact that your groom and maid of honor are on a love boat right now doing just that, making love every which way they can.”

Betty growled and said, “Asshole!”

“Yeah, I can be when I want to be but right now ain’t one of those times. Right now, it’s time to drink a few beers and mellow out. Tomorrow will be another day and soon enough to worry about the future or the past.”

Betty grinned. “Are you planning to get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

“Only if you want me too.”

Betty laughed in spite of herself.

They finished that beer and half of another in silence. Their eyes were the only contact between them until Betty asked, “Where is your bathroom?”

“Down the hall and to the left.”

Betty sat her beer down and followed his directions. In the hall, she realized that he was following her. She opened the bathroom door and said, “I don’t really need any help, thank you.”

“I wasn’t offering any. I’m going to my room to get out of these monkey clothes I only wear to funerals and weddings.”

“Oh,” Betty whispered as she entered the bathroom and closed the door. She heard Frank laugh as he went on down the hall.

She raised the commode lid, hiked up her dress, and started to sit down. Changing her mind and curious, she turned and backed up to a full length wall mirror. The outline of a perfect hand print covered most of her right ass cheek. She shivered for a second and then returned to the commode to pee.

“The guy was right, it did leave a mark,” she whispered to herself. She wasn’t sure if the accompanying shiver was from the thought of being marked or from peeing.

When she used several folded sheets of toilet paper to pat herself dry, she realized that her clit was sticking up above the folds of her inner lips. It shouldn’t have been that way after all that had went on but….

Betty bit her lower lip gently as a finger explored her clit, rolling it around several times. The soft murmur of pleasure that crossed her lips and the shuttering jerk of her hips told her just how turned on she was. Little jolts of electric energy made her stomach muscles twitch.

She jerked her hand away from her sex and stood up quickly. “I’m not going to go there,” she told herself firmly.

Flushing the commode, she went to wash her hands. She studied herself in the mirror as she did. Her hair was a mess from the wind on the bike. Her eye makeup was a mess from her eyes watering when Frank had spanked her ass that last time.

With a sigh, she looked in the medicine cabinet for a comb or a brush. Nothing there, so she looked in the linen closet. There was a comb and a brush. She also got a washcloth. She washed her face twice to get off as much of the makeup as possible. With her hair combed and brushed, she felt like a new woman.

Looking in the mirror, she grinned. “Things sure went to hell in a heartbeat, didn’t it?” she said aloud.

With a sigh, she laid the brush and comb on the vanity and hung up the damp washrag. “There’s always tomorrow,” she whispered as she turned toward the door.

She paused with her hand on the knob and then turned to sit back on the commode. She lifted her dress and removed her stockings and the garter. She looked at the garter and frowned. Brad was supposed to take it off her thigh and see she was naked under her dress. That was supposed to turn him on and get him ready for the honeymoon.

“Well, that was the plan anyway,” She whispered to herself as she rolled the garter up in the stockings. She left them on the vanity next to the sink. No need to ruin a good pair of stockings.


Frank was relaxed on the couch when Betty returned to the living room. He had his bare feet up on the coffee table, his legs bare to mid thigh. The soft dark blue shorts he wore were baggy and comfortable looking. The light gray t-shirt was also loose fitting.

“I’m glad one of us has a change of clothes,” she said with a grin.

“I’d loan you a pair of my shorts but you would have to wear a belt or suspenders with them. One of my t-shirts might work for a dress.”

“Out of one dress and into another,” Betty said with a roll of her eyes. “Ok, where do I find a t-shirt?”

“Second draw from the bottom in the dresser in my bedroom.”

Betty turned back toward the hall. At the kitchen counter she stopped and asked, “Any more beer?”

“Plenty so help yourself. Consider my place, your place.”

Betty went to the fridge and got another beer. Opening it, she took a long pull and then tossed the cap in the trashcan under the counter. “Getting drunk might be just the thing,” she said as she headed down the hall to find a t-shirt.

A massive four poster bed with a wood framed canopy dominated the master bedroom. A large wingback chair was in one corner and a long low dresser with a three piece mirror was against the wall opposite the bed. A sliding glass door led out to a walled patio.

“Nice place,” she muttered as she opened the second draw from the bottom on the right hand side of the dresser. Underwear and socks. With a frown, she opened the drawer next to it. It took her brain a few seconds to sort out what she was seeing.

“Holy shit!” she whispered as her eyes took in the handcuffs, leather cuffs, rope, straps, paddles, and floggers. “That’s some toy drawer,” she muttered as she slowly closed it.

The second drawer on the left held neatly folded t-shirts and shorts. Betty looked through the t-shirts and pulled out a black one. Slipping off the wedding dress, she tossed it on the chair in the corner. She shivered slightly as her hands ran over her breasts and nipples, her eyes watching her hands in the three mirrors.

With a quivering sigh, she picked up the t-shirt and slipped it on over her head. She grinned at herself in the mirror as the hem of the shirt reached below her knees and she could wrap the shirt around herself half again.

“Yeah, he’s a big boy,” she whispered as a shiver ran up and down her spine as thoughts of what was in the middle drawer came back to mind. “A kinky big boy with lots of kinky toys.” She giggled at that and then sobered as she remembered the handprint on her ass. She picked up her beer bottle and drained half of it.

Turning suddenly, she headed for the living room with long strides. Rounding the corner into the living room, she stopped and said, “I think I need to go home now.”

Frank looked up at her with a questioning look on his face. That look suddenly became a grin. “Ah, you looked in the middle drawer.”

“Uh, yeah, I did and there’s some kinky stuff in there.”

With a laugh, Frank sat up. “My ex wife was a kinky bitch so it follows that she would have kinky stuff.”

“Since I haven’t seen anything even remotely feminine around, I have to ask why she didn’t take her kinky stuff with her?”

Frank chuckled and leaned back on the couch. “It was my one fit of revenge for her cheating ways. I kept the kinky bitch’s kinky shit.” He took a swallow of his beer. “Just call it a gesture, a one finger salute type thing on my part.”

Betty took a swallow of beer as she thought about what he had said. After a moment and another swallow, she asked, “She liked handcuffs and spankings with paddles?”

“She loved being tied up or tied down in any way, shape, or form. She loved to be spanked with anything and everything, anytime and anyplace and she had the ass for it believe me.”

“And you liked doing it to her?”

“Anytime and anyplace. Spankings also,” he answered with a grin. Sobering he went on, “Sex wasn’t our problem. Her not being able to keep her legs closed with other guys was our problem or at least my problem. She was fine with it.”

“That sounds like Karen, although I’m not sure about the spanking part in her case.”

Frank nodded. “Brad’s going to be a very unlucky man in the not too distant future.”

Betty had finished her beer. She turned toward the kitchen. “Want another beer?”

“Sure, why not. Since you seem to be on your way to getting shit faced, you’ll need a little company along the way.”

Betty laughed as she opened two fresh beers. “I’m that obvious, huh.”

“Been there, done that, and you’re wearing the t-shirt,” Frank replied with a chuckle.

Betty walked over to the couch, handed Frank a beer, sat down and tried to prop her feet up next to his. Her feet lacked a foot reaching the edge of the coffee table. Turning slightly, she propped her feet up on his thigh.

She downed a swallow of beer and sighed. “I can’t help it if the city built the sidewalks to close to my ass.”

Frank took a swallow of beer and replied, “And a mighty fine ass it is, I might add.”

“Thank you but next time try and not leave marks,” Betty said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Frank looked at her for a second and then asked, “Next time? As in, you want another spanking?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Uh, yes you did, as a matter of fact. Anyway, if marks aren’t left, then how would you know how much you enjoyed it later on?”

Betty looked at the big man sitting down the couch from her and frowned. “I didn’t enjoy it the first time so why should a second time be any different?”

Frank’s smile became a grin. “You enjoyed it, only you haven’t fully realized it yet.”

Betty’s mind went back to the bathroom, her swollen clit and very damp sex. Had she enjoyed the spanking or was it the fact that someone, a total stranger, had been staring at her naked butt. Was it the thought of having sex with the big man on the couch with her? The last scared and excited her both.

When Betty didn’t say anything for a while, Frank asked, “Having to think it over, huh.”

Betty gave a little jerk and said, “Quit trying to get into my head. It’s crazy enough in there without company.”

Frank chuckled and shifted on the couch. “Do you still live at home or do you have your own place?” He asked, changing the subject.

“I live at home. No reason to waste money on a place when I can live rent free.”

“So, where did you and Brad get it on at? He has a place but he shares it with his brother.”

Betty looked at the big man sharply. “How is that any of your business?”

Frank shrugged. “None really, but I was trying to see things from Brad’s side. It’s a man thing and I want to make sure he really is too crazy to work for me.”

With a deep sigh, Betty said, “You don’t have to fire Brad on my account.”

“It has nothing to do with you per say. I do a lot of business on verbal agreements and a handshake. To me, a man is only as good as his word. Brad bailed on a wedding, at the alter, no less. It makes me wonder how good his word can be.”

Betty sighed again, sat up and put her feet on the floor. Standing up, she asked, “You ready?”

Frank grinned up at her and replied, “I’m ready for a lot of things. What have you got in mind?”

Betty wiggled her empty beer bottle back and forth.

Frank shook his head. “Just my luck,” he said as he held his empty bottle out toward her.

“Hey, if it wasn’t for all that kinky stuff in that drawer, you might have had a chance,” Betty said as she rounded the counter and dropped the empty bottles in the trash.

“Don’t knock what you’ve never tried,” Frank said with a grin.

“Who says I haven’t tried it?” Betty asked with a bluffing grin of her own.

“I do,” Frank said sharply. “Don’t even try to play a game you know nothing about. You might not get hurt but you sure could find yourself in a bind.” Frank laughed at his own pun as he got up from the couch.

Betty stood at the counter unsure of what would happen next as Frank walked in her direction. She wondered if she could outrun him and then wondered where she would go. As he stopped by the end of the counter, she said hastily, “Ok! Ok, I’ve never tried any of that stuff.”

Frank grinned at her before he turned and walked down the hall to the bathroom. At the bathroom door, he paused and looked her way. “Want too?” He asked softly.

Betty looked at him in confusion and he added, “Try the kinky stuff. Who knows, you might enjoy it more than you think.”

“I think I’ll pass,” Betty said with a shiver as her mind played a little movie of her tied to the bed, spread eagled and naked.

Frank shrugged and went in the bathroom and shut the door.

Betty stood stock still in the kitchen with a beer in each hand as the movie looped around and round. In her mind, there were so many possibilities of what Frank could do to her and nothing she could do to prevent any of it. That though alone made her groan softly and squeeze her thighs tightly together.


Frank taking a beer out of her hand made Betty jump. That was just how lost she was in the movie in her mind.

“Are you alright?” Frank asked as he opened his beer and leaned on the living room side of the counter.

“Well, uh, well…. Uh, yeah. I was just lost in thought.”

“Those must have been some major thoughts from the way your hips and thighs were moving,” Frank said with a big grin.

Betty felt herself blush hotly.

“Oh, the kinky stuff does intrigue you after all.”

Betty felt her face grow even warmer. She turned her back on the big grinning man and downed half her ice cold beer.

Frank chuckled. “I’d say, spread eagled on the bed, naked, with me doing all sorts of nasty things to you while you can’t stop me. Is that about right?”

Betty stiffened at the accuracy of what he said and then shivered hard. “Close enough,” she heard herself whisper.

“Believe it or not, that’s most women’s fantasy when it comes to kinky.”

Betty looked at him over her shoulder. “It is?”

Frank nodded. “That’s my experience anyway.”

“Uh, how much experience are we talking about here?”

Frank laughed. “I’m a gentleman for the most part so I’ll never tell. Anyway, I wouldn’t want too look like I’m bragging or anything. How much experience do you have?”

Betty slowly turned around and leaned on the counter. She thought about making a joking remark but decided on the truth at the last minute. “Not very much, I’m sorry to say. Up until Brad asked me to marry him it was none at all.”

“Oh, so Mr. Bradley got the cherries did he?”

“Cherries? I thought there was only one.”

Frank laughed and shook his head. “No little darling, there are far more than one. There’s the biblical one and then…. Let’s just say it’ll be more fun for you to learn about them directly than for me to tell you about them.”

“Hey, I’ve got a good imagination. I can probably figure out most of them on my own.”

“Only the vanilla ones,” Frank said with a laugh.

“Vanilla?” Betty asked in confusion.

“That’s what the kinky set calls the straight non kinky side. Plain vanilla ice cream without whipped cream or chocolate sauce or even a cherry on top. Non imaginative, at the very least.”

Betty nodded slowly. “Yeah, that would probably be me alright.”

“Oral sex, both giving and receiving?” Frank asked.

Betty nodded as a blush crept up her neck.

“Anal sex?”

“No!” Betty said sharply as her ass cheeks tightened up.

Frank laughed and shook his head. “Shove a butt plug up my ex’s ass and she would prance around for hours with this glassy eyed look on her face. Put her in a pair of high heels with that plug in place and she could come just walking across a room.”

“Bull shit,” Betty whispered in disbelief.

“Honest truth,” Frank told her.

“I’m sensitive back there but not to the point of orgasm.”

“So you have played with your own ass then?”

“Uh, well….”

“Hey, you’re not going to shock me. I’m the kinky pervert, remember, and I was married to an even kinkier pervert. Perverts are some of the best people I know.”

Betty grinned in spite of herself. “I wasn’t worried about shocking you. I was more worried about embarrassing myself.”

“Always remember one thing about me.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m the guy everyone in town thinks you are fucking the ears off of this weekend, whether you do or not. You left the church with Brad’s brother and announced that plan to anyone within fifty feet at the door. That you left on my bike only changes the who, not the what.”

Betty’s eyes got wide. “Oh, shit, I forgot about that.”

Frank chuckled. “If you’re going to talk the talk, you need to be able to walk the walk because you’ve already got the reputation one way or the other. Small town gossip travels far and fast.”

Betty sighed and rubbed her forehead. “I was leaving town anyway, so who gives a flying fuck.”

“You do, your parents do.” He paused a second and then added, “I was going to say your friends do but since your best friend ran off with the groom… maybe not.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” Betty said still rubbing her forehead.

Frank sat his beer down and walked around the counter. He placed a hand on each of Betty’s shoulders. “The pain is in your head but it coming from your neck and shoulders so bend over and relax.”

Betty giggled at the thought of the man who had talked about anal sex and butt plugs earlier was now telling her to bend over and relax.

“What’s so funny?” Frank asked as he began to massage the muscles along the tops of Betty’s shoulders.

All Betty could do for nearly a minute was to moan and groan as tight muscles slowly loosened. Then Frank pushed her shoulders over more and started in on her upper back. This brought more and louder moans and groans.

Finally, Betty said, “Oh God, this is almost as good as sex.”

“Ummm, I don’t think Brad was very good in the sack if you can say that,” Frank said with a laugh.

“And I have what to compare him too?” Betty asked as she leaned over to lie flat on the counter top. Frank’s big hands found tight spot after tight spot. Between moans Betty asked, “Can women have orgasms from a back rub?”

“It’s all according to who is rubbing their back and with what,” Frank replied with a chuckle as his hands moved lower along her spine.

“Oh, God, I didn’t know a back could have this many knots.”

“You are a mess, to say the least. I need to put you in the Jacuzzi tub for a little while and then do this again.”

“I’d be asleep in the tub before you know it and probably drown the way my day has been going.”

“I could play lifeguard. Mouth to mouth resuscitation might be fun,” Frank replied with a laugh as he moved lower to Betty’s tailbone and the big bundles of nerves on each side.

Betty groaned loudly and then sighed. “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Frank’s big hand landing solidly on her left ass cheek made Betty jump and yell. Frank laughed again and said, “Nope, you’re not dead.”

“Asshole! I was so enjoying that and I’m not talking about the slap on the ass either,” Betty said loudly as she straightened and turned around.

The next thing she knew, she was in Frank’s arms and being soundly kissed with her feet a foot off the floor. With a moan, she kissed him back, her legs coming up to wrap around his waist. Her head was swimming by the time he broke the kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you got on my motorcycle,” he whispered softly.

This time, Betty kissed him, her arms around his neck.

The kiss was long and drawn out, passion filled that soon grew toward lust. Betty was moaning as Frank’s big hands caressed her from her ass to her shoulders under the long t-shirt. His hands were rough on her skin but gentle of touch. They lit a fire inside her that blazed higher and higher.

She broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “Bedroom, bed, now,” and then she was kissing him again as he carried her down the hall. He never broke the kiss until she was flat on her back under him on the big bed.

Betty groaned deeply from his weight on her and then as he lifted up on his arms and knees, she was trying to rip the t-shirt off over his head and get his shorts down off his hips at the same time.

Frank laughed, came up on his knees, leaving the t-shirt in her hand. She tossed it aside. He grabbed an ankle in each hand and lifted her ass a foot off the bed. The overly large t-shirt slid down around her waist. He spread her ankles, bent her knees up by her ears, and then bent to plant his face in her burning sex.

Betty yelled as his tongue stabbed into her drenched sex to a depth she had never imagined before and then began to rotate and wiggle even deeper. Brad had timidly licked her outer lips, her slit, and her clit but this was like nothing she had ever felt. She was being fucked literally with a tongue.

The orgasm that washed over and through her body was a barnburner. It started in her sex and radiated out to her fingertips and her toes. Her eyes rolled back and fireworks like never before went off behind her eyelids. Her hips and stomach jerked. She rocked her hips upward to try and get the tongue even deeper in her spasming pussy.


Betty awoke in a strange bed from a very strange dream. The bedspread was pulled over her where she lay on her side. Her knees were pulled up near her chest. Sunlight coming through the window told her it was mid afternoon. She rolled over and sat up suddenly as the thought that today was her wedding day.

Then she groaned and fell backwards on the bed and threw her arms over her head. Memories of Brad and Karen running off, of making a scene at the church, and being carried off by Frank floated through her mind. The first one made her mad, the second embarrassed her, and the third made her grin.

“It was that good huh?” Frank said from the door.

“Interesting to say the least,” Betty replied as she spread her ankles wide like he had done earlier. Spread eagled on the bed her mind jumped to the cuffs and straps in the middle drawer of the dresser.

“That position brings fascinating things to mind,” he said as he walked over to stand at the foot of the bed.

Betty giggled. “Yeah, the toy drawer crossed my mind about the same time it did yours but don’t read anything into that, ok.”

“You don’t need nor are you ready for the things in that drawer. Maybe someday but that’s a ways off,” Frank said and then grinned. “Right now a tongue in that sweet pussy of yours is more than enough to get you to flying around the room backwards.”

Betty squirmed on the bed and whispered, “I’d never had a tongue in there before.”

Frank nodded. “From your reaction, I figured as much.”

“Is that offer of a soak in the tub still open?”

“With or without the lifeguard. Your choice.”

“Is there room for both of us in that little tub?” Betty was thinking about the tub in the bathroom she had used earlier.

Frank laughed. “You haven’t seen the master bathroom, I take it. I’m a big guy, I need a big tub. Come on, I’ll show you heaven in tile.”

Betty rolled over to the side of the bed and sat up. Her head swam for a second and then with a grin, she whipped the overly large t-shirt off over her head. She tossed it to Frank and stood up. When he gave out with a soft wolf whistle, she nodded and walked over to where he stood staring at her.

“So what do you think of the complete package?”

“Brad’s a total ass.”

Betty giggled and nodded. “And a sexually uneducated ass to boot.”

“So we’re both finding out,” Frank said and then sighed as he turned toward a door by the end of the bed.

He opened the door and stepped back. “The master bath,” he said with a bowing flourish.

Betty walked to the door and then stopped with her mouth open. The tub was huge and sunken in the floor in the middle of the room. A vanity with dual sinks was against the back wall. An alcove held the toilet and there was a floor to ceiling linen closet. A chrome rail surrounded the sunken tub except where the steps led down into it.

“Holy shit!” Betty whispered as she walked into the bathroom. “That’s a miniature swimming pool. All it needs is a diving board.”

“It has two levels, laying and sitting but it’s not deep enough for diving, although you could probably swim in the deepest part. I had planned three levels but decided to raise the shower head instead.”

Betty walked over to the rail and looked down. The steps led down between two contoured lounges. Below that was a flat area with the showerhead on the rail above. There were jets on the contoured part and all long the walls and floor and everywhere else.

“I’m going to need a lifejacket or water wings,” Betty said with a giggle. Then she gasped as Frank stepped up behind her and reached around to cup a breast in each large hand.

As he squeezed and massaged her breast, he whispered, “You already have a beautiful set of water wings.”

Betty moaned softly at the feel of his rough hands and the thrill they sent throughout her body as he caressed her breasts and nipples. His lips on her neck made her shiver as he kissed his way up to her ear and nibbled on it.

A moment later, Frank said softly, “Ready for a swim?”

Betty sighed deeply and nodded.

Frank stepped over to a control panel on the wall. He pushed a few button and Betty suddenly heard the sound of running water. She looked down to see all the jets spraying and two large cascades of water, one down each wall. The huge tub was filling quickly.

“Awesome,” Betty whispered.

“Ain’t it though,” Frank said as he walked over to the steps and then held out his hand to her. “Come on and climb in. Check the water temp while I wait for the water to get high enough to start the massage jets in the lounge seats.”

Betty started down the steps and then stopped and turned. “You are coming in, right?”

“I love water anytime and anyplace. Add a beautiful woman like you and you can’t keep me out.”

Betty felt herself blush at the compliment. She had never considered herself anywhere near beautiful. With a smile on her lips, she moved farther down the steps. The water was warm, as was the spray off the jets. The water was already at the base of the lounge seats and rising fast.

“Is it warm enough?” Frank asked. “Once the water reaches a certain point the heater will kick in and bring the temperature on up.”

Betty moved farther down to the flat area. The water was knee deep. She sat on the bottom step and looked up for Frank but he wasn’t in sight. The water was up over her breasts by the time the lounge chairs were covered enough for the jets there to come on.

“Now, it’s ready,” Frank said from above her.

Betty turned and looked up the steps as Frank started down. Her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open with a gasp. He was a gorgeous mass of muscles from his thick neck to his bulging calves but the thing that Betty’s eyes locked onto was his manhood, which hung down long and thick.

“Holy shit!” she heard herself whisper.

Frank laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment or at least I hope it was.”

“Oh yeah,” whispered Betty as a shiver ran up and down her spine. Frank’s dick looked twice as big soft as Brad’s was hard. That scared her and excited her at the same time.

Frank stopped by the lounge chairs and asked, “Are you going to soak down there or come up here?”

“I… uh… I… uh… you….” Betty stammered.

Frank grinned as he came on down the steps. Betty scooted over as he towered above her. He stepped off into the deep water and then sat down next to her. He leaned back on his elbows and sighed deeply.

“I love hot water.”

Betty nodded but didn’t say anything. Her mind was still locked up from the sight of his body and especially his dick. All kind of questions tumbled around in her brain. Some of which embarrassed her deeply. She had never really thought about the size of a man’s dick before.

After a minute or two, Frank asked, “Are you alright?”

Betty nodded again and then shook her head. Then she nodded and then she shook her head again.

With a chuckle Frank asked, “Well, which is it?”

Betty shivered and whispered, “Uh, the water is fine, great in fact but you… uh… your… uh…. Oh, shit! You’re so big.”

“I was a state champion body builder in high school and moved to national honors in college,” Frank said. “I’ve kept at it since then. It’s fun and relaxes me after a stressful day. I even designed a weight room in this building so I didn’t have to go to a gym.”

A new thought crossed Betty’s mind. “Was your ex crazy as well as kinky?”

Frank shrugged. “I don’t understand the question.”

“A guy built like you are, equipped the way you are, and a guy into her kinky shit, all in one, what the hell did she need to cheat for? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Ah,” Frank said. “In the end it boiled down to the same problem your best friend has. She was a slut for anyone and anybody that paid her the least bit of attention. It was partially my fault as I was gone a lot trying to build a business.”

Frank paused to shrug. “Shit happens.”

Betty nodded and then shivered. “Houston, we may have a problem,” she whispered softly.

“And that is?” Frank asked.

“Uh, well, uh, to be honest, it’s a size problem. Not you yourself, uh, body wise but the other thing. Your, uh….” She ran out of steam about then and asked, “Uh, do you have any idea what I’m talking about?”

Frank grinned and nodded. “I’m pretty sure I do but I don’t think it’s as big a problem as your mind is trying to make it. My ex and the girlfriends I had before her never had much of a problem except maybe the first time with one girl.”

Betty looked at him out of the corner of her eye and whispered, “But you’re twice as big as Brad and you’re not anywhere near hard. I don’t think it will fit to tell the truth. Brad is, uh, was a tight fit.”

“Think about it a moment. How big is a babies head?”

Betty looked at Frank and said, “Huh?”

“How big is a babies head? Hold up your hands and show me.”

Betty held up her hands and made a six inch circle.

“I’m no where that big. Not even half that much, maybe a third at the biggest. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

“Stand up.”

Frank grinned. “No way, you just want to ogle my body again. I saw you looking earlier.”

“Stand up, please. I want to see something.”

“Yeah, I know. All you women ever want is my body,” Frank said still joking and then he did stand up.

He turned to face her. She groaned softly. His dick was right in front of her face. She held her hands up with the circle again and asked in a breathy voice, “How…. How much bigger does it get?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Frank said with a grin and a wink in her direction.

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” she whispered back.

Frank turned and sat back down. “It doesn’t get any longer but it does get a little larger in diameter.”

Betty nodded and then shivered at the thought of that big dick trying to stretch her little pussy. She remembered the first time Brad had made love to her and how tight he had fit in her pussy. One or two of her fingers was all that had ever been in her pussy up until then. She also remembered the wild explosive orgasm she had had.

Frank slipped off the bench and settled to the bottom of the basin to sit cross legged. The water was up to his neck. The water was up to the top of her breasts with her still sitting on the step. The water on each wall shut off suddenly.

Betty stretched out her legs and leaned back. The water was getting warmer. With a soft sigh, she whispered, “This feels great.”

“I can make it even better,” Frank said as he reached up and pushed a button on the wall. Air and water from the jets turned the lower section into bubbling caldron of swirling water.

Betty laughed as her feet came up off the floor from the force of the air and water. “I can see where a lifeguard would come in handy.”

Frank grinned and said, “Come on out here and get the full effect.”

Betty had her eyes closed. She opened one and looked at the big man in the center of the tub. “We are talking about the jets, right?”

Frank grinned and replied, “I was, I don’t know what you had in mind.”

Sitting up, Betty slipped off the step and slowly moved toward the center of the tub and Frank. The swirling water enclosed her body and massaged it from all directions. As she crossed a jet in the floor, it hit her clit and then her opening. She gasped softly and flexed her hips.

“Hey, no sex with the tub, please,” Frank said still grinning.

Betty laughed and moved forward until her knees bumped into his. Quickly so as not to allow herself time to think too much, she spread her knees and moved even farther forward to straddle his thighs. She put a hand on each of his shoulders for support.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, now was it.”

Betty shook her head and leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips. Frank put his hands on her back, pulled her tightly to him, and returned the kiss. Now they were naked body to naked body with hot swirling water all around. Both moaned softly as the intensity of the kiss increased.

At some point later, Betty realized his hard dick was standing up between them and she was slowly rubbing her slit and clit up and down along its length. Her arms were around his neck again. Her mind supplied a replay of him eating her pussy and the orgasm that followed.

She moaned softly into his mouth, her head was swimming again. She wondered if he was going to fuck her here in the tub. The idea both excited and scared her at the same time. She broke the kiss and sat back, her eyes on his. His big hands sliding up and down her back, made her shiver deep inside.

Frank smiled and lifted her with a hand under each ass cheek. When her breasts were even with his mouth, he sucked her right nipple between his lips and flicked it with his tongue. Betty groaned loudly and pressed her breast tightly to his mouth. When he sucked most of her breast into his mouth and bathed it with his slick tongue, she arched her back and moaned.

A few moments later, she pulled back, her breast coming out of his mouth with a slurping, sucking sound. She offered him her other breast, a shiver running up and down her spine as he licked the hard nipple and flicked it with the tip of his tongue.

She groaned loudly and arched her back again as he sucked her whole breast into his mouth. As his tongue bathed it, she became aware of a pulsing throb in her clit as her inner muscles clenched and unclenched her vagina. She was so ready to be fucked, she realized with a shivering shake.

Frank slowly lowered her back to his lap. Her breast popping out of his mouth into the steamy cool air and then was covered with hot water. She groaned softly and laid her head against his chest as he hugged her tightly.

A few moments later she sighed and started to whisper, “I….”

But Frank interrupted her as if he could read her mind. “It’s not time yet or the place. It’s a good place but not the right place for the first time we make love.”

Betty whimpered softly and nodded against his chest.

“Anyway, we have all weekend and anticipation is good for the soul,” Frank whispered as he caressed her back and ass.

Betty nodded and then shook her head. “It may be good for the soul but the body has other ideas.”

“Doesn’t it always,” Frank replied with a laugh as he stood up. Betty hurriedly locked her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck.

Frank waded over to the step and then laid Betty down on a lounge seat. His long thick dick was pressed tightly to her slit. He flexed his hips, rubbing the shaft against her. Betty whimpered softly and shivered deeply as the head bumped against her clit and then went past it.

When Betty moaned softly, Frank back away from her and said, “Move up and get comfortable. I’ll turn the jets on for you.”

Betty wiggled up to sit in the lounge seat as Frank took a seat in the one next to her. A moment later, jets of water and air mixed to massage her back from her shoulders to her ass. With a groan, she shifted to get the jets on just the right muscles and then she sighed deeply.

“That good?” Frank asked with a grin.

Betty just nodded as she shifted ever so slightly. Then she gasped and shifted her hips to the side. A jet had suddenly come on and it was right in the crack of her ass.

“Uh, maybe I need to reduce the pressure on that last jet. It was installed for my ex wife’s amusement whether she was on her back or stomach.” Frank played with the control panel next to him for a moment.

“Move back over and see if that’s a little better.”

Betty looked at him for a second and then gingerly shifted her hips back to center. The jet now tickled and massaged her asshole. She flexed her hips and then shivered as it moved back and forth over the tight ring of muscles guarding her asshole.

A moment later, she whispered, “Interesting on this side and probably mind boggling on the other.”

“That was the idea,” Frank said as he relaxed and put his hands behind his head.

Betty’s eyes wandered down from his face, across his massive chest, his flat washboard stomach, to his dick. It did not look as big and intimidating as it had earlier but it was still huge compared to her ex boyfriend.

She grinned as she thought of Karen. Karen had the cocktail sausage and she had the whole damned meat store. If she had her phone, she would have taken a picture and sent it to Karen. That would put her in her place or at least make her jealous as hell.

“What’s so funny?” Frank asked at her big grin all of a sudden.

Betty told him what she had been thinking and then laughed. “It would serve her right.”

“I have a phone if you know her number.”

“Oh, I’ve got her number alright. 1-800-Bitch,” Betty said with anger creeping into her voice.

“She did you a favor, you know,” Frank said softly.

When Betty’s eyes went to his dick, Frank laughed and shook his head. “No, I mean if she could steal him so easily, what do you think would happen after you were married a while.”

“Yeah, that has been rattling around in my brain ever since I calmed down the first time.”

“So, either forget about her and him or get a little revenge, whichever suits you best. I vote for forgetting them.”

Betty did not reply, she just wiggled on the lounge chair and enjoyed the way the jets were loosening up her tight muscles. It would not take much to put her to sleep. She felt that much better even after the short time she had been in the hot water.


“Hey, wake up, sleepyhead. You’re starting to look like a prune.”

Betty sighed and opened one eye. Frank was standing over her with a smile on his face. His dick hung down toward her, it was longer but a lot thinner in its flaccid state. She came up on her elbows, which put the head of his dick only inches from her face. For a brief moment, she had the urge to suck on it.

“I don’t know about you but I’m hungry,” Frank said.

Betty giggled and sat up. “I was contemplating eating something myself,” she whispered softly. Softly enough that Frank did not hear what she said.

“What?” He asked.

“Uh, I could go for a meal myself,” Betty said with a grin as she thought of how big of a meal Frank’s dick could become.

“Well, come on then and I’ll dry you off. I think there are a couple of steaks in the refrigerator. All this lusting about makes a person hungry.”

Betty laughed as she got up off the lounge and followed Frank up the steps. He met her at the top with a big fluffy towel. He dried her from head to toes and back again before applying the towel to his own body.

“Now I know what a car feels like after those dozen guys dry it off at the car wash,” she said with a big grin.

“That was one of my summer jobs, way back when,” Frank replied as he tossed the towel on a peg by the door.

“You haven’t lost the touch,” Betty whispered as she followed Frank out of the bathroom. In the bedroom, he handed her a soft silky robe that was long on her but fit better than his t-shirt.

“Is this also left over from the ex?” Betty asked.

“Uh…. No. You would be stepping on hers. She was the tall, leggy, showgirl type.”

“I guess that makes me the short compact model.”

Frank chuckled and nodded. “I’ve always been attracted to the tall, large breasted kind of lady all my life, but now…. I’m beginning to see the advantages to the short compact model, especially a redheaded model.”

“Uh huh,” Betty said and then grinned. “Do you think you’ll get better gas mileage?”

Frank chuckled as he slipped on a black silk robe. “Go comb your hair while I go hunt down a steak for each of us.”

Betty ran her hands over the hair on her head and then dropped one hand down to comb her nails through the short trimmed red hair on her mound. “Ya know, I was going to trim this into a heart shape but now… I’m kind of glad I didn’t. For Brad it might have been perfect but for you… not so much.”

Frank squatted down, studied the neatly trimmed V of flaming red hair, and then shook his head. “No, that would be too cutesy, especially for you. You have more fire than that.”

Betty laughed. “Flames would be too hard to shave, I’m afraid.”

Standing up, Frank grinned and said, “I have this friend that does tattoos. Him and his wife would just eat you up. They both have a thing about redheaded women.”

Betty started to laugh and then sobered as she realized he probably was not kidding. “Uh…. No!” she said sharply.

With a chuckle, Frank turned for the hallway door. “It was just a thought.”

Frank headed for the kitchen while Betty went to the bathroom for the comb and brush.


Betty sat on the living room side of the kitchen counter watching Frank prepare supper. She had offered to help but he handed her a beer and pointed to a stool. “I’ve got this down to a science,” he told her and it seems he did. The steaks were ready for the grill and so were the baked potatoes. He now had the salad ready.

“Time to grill,” he said, picking up the plate with the steaks on it and a pan with the other stuff he needed. “Grab us a couple more beers, and we’re all set.”

With a beer in each hand, Betty followed him into the bedroom and opened the patio door for him. The patio had walls higher than Frank’s head and there was a gas grill, two large lounge chairs, and a patio table with four chairs and an umbrella. Tall plants broke up the walls and a small fountain made happy noises in the far corner.

“Hey I like this. It’s a very nice touch. Does every apartment have one?”

“Yeah, I always figured an inside place also needs an outside place to balance everything out. Anyway, I like to lay around in the sun naked so….” Frank said as he fired up the gas grill.

Betty cocked her head sideways for a moment in thought and then said, “Hey, that’s right, you didn’t have any tan lines.” The sun was down behind the wall but Betty walked over to a lounge chair and sat down. She turned and lay back in the chair, her robe falling open as she did.

Frank looked her way and smiled. “I like the way you never closed and belted the robe. It looks so sexy and natural the way your body flashes in and out of it. And now… with it open, you are breathtaking.”

Betty felt herself blush at his words. She lifted a knee to hide behind and then wondered why. Then she saw where Frank’s eyes were, under her raised leg, and realized she was showing more by trying to hide. She lowered the leg and grinned at him. He dick had been soft but it was now making a tent in his robe.

“Sexy, just totally sexy and you don’t even realize it most of the time,” he said and turned back to the steaks.

“I’ve never thought of myself as anywhere near sexy or beautiful. I’m just an ordinary girl who works in a law office and lives at home at the present.”

“Well, you are both beautiful and sexy, so get used to it. As far as living at home, I know where you can rent a luxurious apartment at a very reasonable rate. I have an in with the owner.”

Betty laughed. “I just bet you do.”

“You work in a legal office? I didn’t know that. Have you ever considered becoming a lawyer?” Frank asked as he came over and sat down on the edge of the other lounge facing Betty.

“That was always the plan but the money wasn’t there when I graduated high school and I don’t see it being there anytime soon,” Betty replied with a sigh.

“Never say never,” Frank said looking thoughtful as he stood up and went to check the steaks and the potatoes.

Betty took a deep breath through her nose. “Those smell delicious.” Then she grinned and shook her head. “If I eat half of what you fixed for me on top of the soak in the hot tub and the beers I’ve had, I’ll be asleep before the dishes are done.”

“My bed or the guest room?” Frank asked softly.

Betty chuckled. “Now there is a question for the ages, sleep next door to the dragon or sleep in his bed. Decisions, decisions.”

Frank grinned at her and moved the steaks to a warming shelf as he rolled the potatoes around. “First I’m a mountain and now I’m a dragon. Is that a promotion or another facet of the same person, in your view?”

Betty looked thoughtful for a moment and then shrugged. “Just a figure of speech. Actually, you’re a very nice guy I’ve found out after a rocky start.”

“Ouch! There goes my badboy reputation down the drain,” Frank said as he moved the potatoes and steaks to the platter. “Time to eat.”


Supper was delicious and very filling. By the time Frank had the kitchen cleaned up, Betty was curled up on the couch asleep. With a grin, he picked her up and carried her down the hall to his bedroom. He put her to bed and covered her up. He had a big smile on his face as he walked down the hall toward the living room.


Betty woke up slowly and stretched as she rolled over onto her back. Her hands were high above her head and her toes were pointed in the opposite direction as she squirmed and wiggled. She felt wonderful and her muscles stretched and loosened up quickly.

Her eyes focused on the overhead canopy and she saw herself grinning back. Her arms, shoulders, and head were all that were showing. The comforter and sheet covered everything else. The covers on the other side of the bed were thrown back. She was still grinning as she threw the covers back with one hand and then returned it above her head.

She still had on the short black robe and it was open, outlining her naked body. Spreading her arms and legs wide she sighed deeply and arched her back, thrusting her chest out. Then she relaxed only to lift her hips a moment later.

“Now that is a glorious sight to see early in the morning,” Frank said softly with a smile from the bathroom door.

Betty’s eyes jumped to him as her legs jerked closed and she shivered. He was leaning on the doorframe naked. His muscular body looking gorgeous and his manhood was slowly rising as he looked at her. She shivered even harder and whimpered softly.

“Good morning,” she whispered as she slowly lowered her hips.

“Those mirrors are kinky, right?” Frank asked as he walked to the foot of the bed.

Betty looked away from him and up at the mirrors. Her back arched, pushing her breasts up again. She took a shuddery breath and whispered, “They would be even more kinky with two people.”

Frank grinned and climbed on the bed straddling her feet. Betty watched him, expecting her feet to be raised in the air again and her legs spread. She shivered hard as memories of his tongue in her pussy swept across her mind. When that did not happen, her eyes moved to his dick. It looked even bigger the way he was sitting with his knees spread.

He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her belly just above her navel. He kissed and licked his way up to her breasts. When he sucked her right breast into his warm wet mouth, Betty groaned softly and arched her back. His mouth felt wonderful and his tongue was driving her nuts as it flicked and flutter against her sensitive nipple.

When he switched breasts, she whimpered and then moaned loudly. Her knees came up and her legs wrapped around his hips. She tried to pull them down but only succeeded in lifting her hips off the bed. She moaned again and relaxed her legs. Frank lifted his head, holding suction on her breast. It popped out of his mouth with a slurping sound.

Betty moaned again and then whimpered as he moved up to kiss her gently on the lips. Her mind was spinning and she had forgotten all about the mirrors. One part of her wanted him to fuck her until she could not breath and another part was scared to death that he would. The war in her mind was still raging as he rolled sideways and took her with him.

She ended up on top of him, her legs straddling his waist. The head of his dick was hot where it pressed against her sex. She wiggled her hips and felt it make contact with the sensitive skin of her slit as her outer lips parted. She moaned into his mouth and rocked her hips down and then up. Her hot wet opening made contact with the head and they both groaned.

Betty broke the kiss and pushed up on her arms, the large head pressing even tighter to her sex. She chewed on her bottom lip and looked into Frank’s eyes. A moment later, she whispered, “I… I… I,” and then moaned loudly as Frank shifted his hips up slowly and the pressure on her opening increased.

When Frank lowered his hips, Betty whimpered and shook her head. “I want to but I don’t know if I can,” Betty whispered quickly and then gasped as his hips came up again. The head was centered on her wet slippery opening and stretched it slightly.

Frank lowered his hips and lay still. Betty groaned but she was not sure if it was relief or frustration. She sat up quickly, the large head now under her sex. Frank groaned as she did, from the heat of her sex. Betty leaned forward and placed her hands on his muscular chest. She flexed her hips moving her sex against the head. They both moaned.

With a grin, Frank placed his hands under her thighs up near her ass and lifted. Betty found herself sitting on his upper chest a second later. “Have you ever sat on someone’s face?” Frank asked softly.

Betty’s eyes grew wide as she shook her head. Memories of his long, strong tongue so deep in her pussy filled her mind. She whimpered and then moaned loudly as Frank lifted her to her knees. “I… I’ll… die if I do,” she said as she lifted one knee and moved it above his shoulder.

Frank grinned and shook his head. “Nope, but you will come your brains out again,” he said as he used his hands to urge her to move her other knee.

Betty moved her other knee and found she was holding onto the headboard of the bed, her sex right over his face. “I…. I…. I,” she whispered as she slowly lowered her pussy toward his mouth. She could not help herself as the memories of the orgasms she had had with his tongue in her increased.

Frank’s big hands on her ass moved her forward slightly and then his tongue was in the crease of her ass and moving forward. It flicked at her anus in passing and then slowly snaked its way into her pussy. Betty lost her breath for a second and then moaned long and loud as it went deeper and deeper.

He swirled it around inside her and then pulled it out just as slowly as he had put it in. Betty whimpered and tried to lower her hips but Frank’s hands held her up. He fucked her pussy with his tongue slowly. She went from being empty to being full, time and time again. An orgasm was building slowly in her belly, as she tried to rock her hips and speed up the tongue.

A few minutes later, she started to shake, as the orgasm grew higher. Briefly, she wondered just how big a mess she was going to make on Frank’s face. Then the tongue was gone from her pussy and so was Frank from under her. This confused her for a moment and the she looked around to see him rummaging in the bedside table drawer.

He pulled a small bottle out and shut the drawer. Betty felt like she was in a dream as he opened the bottle and squirted some of the contents on his manhood. He used the other hand to spread the lube over his member. The words lube and member in the same sentence snapped Betty out of her dream like state.

“You’re going to fuck me,” she heard herself say.

“You don’t want me to?” Frank asked softly as he ran his hand up and down his shaft.

Betty shook her head and then she nodded with a groan as her eyes followed his hand. His dick was shiny and slippery looking. She groaned again and backed away from the headboard slowly. She went down on her hands and knees as she backed up farther. When she stopped moving, she lowered her chest to the bed, her ass sticking up in the air and shifted her knees out farther to each side.

Frank smiled as he climbed on the bed behind her. His hand between her legs spreading the lube over her sex made Betty jerk and moan. A single finger touched her opening and slowly sank inside. Betty groaned and shivered as it did. He finger fucked her slowly and then added a second finger.

Betty gasped as the slippery digits entered her sex. As he slowly fucked her with the two large fingers, Betty pushed up with her arms until she was on her hands and knees. Her back arched down as he pulled the fingers out and it arched upward as they went back in. They felt so good.

He continued to finger her as he reached up, pulled a large pillow down, and pushed it under her. Betty groaned as she lay down across the pillow. Frank’s fingers moved a little faster and firmer in her pussy. Betty suddenly wonder why she was not coming for all she was worth. The orgasm from earlier had subsided but it was growing again, now.

The fingers came out of her pussy and Betty whimpered loudly as she felt Frank moving around behind her. Suddenly, there was something wide, hot, and slippery moving up and down in her slit. When it bumped into and then over her clit she gasped as her hips jerked.

On the next stroke, as the head of his dick came close to Betty’s opening, Frank center it up and held it in place. Betty’s hips shook and then she groaned loudly as she pushed back against him, her opening stretching around the head of his dick. As it slowly entered her, they both moaned loudly.

Frank put a hand on her hip as he pushed forward gently. His dick moved deeper into her hot tight pussy. Betty was strangely silent and still except for a quivering in her hips. Frank held still and savored the feeling of his dick in her tight pussy. It would clamp down even tighter and then relax for a second, only to clamp down again.

He knew that if he went in deeper, she would come. He was not ready for that. He eased his hips back and pulled his dick out of her. Betty yelled, “No!” loudly, her hips moving around trying to find his dick.

Frank grinned and pressed his shaft to the crease of her ass. Betty groaned as he worked his hips, rubbing the wide slippery shaft between her ass cheeks. “Relax and leave the driving to me,” he whispered. “Uh, no pun intended.”

Betty moaned softly and took several deep breaths. She whimpered softly as she slowly relaxed. Frank ran his big rough hands up and down her back from her tailbone to her shoulders, which made her push back against his slow moving shaft.

When she sighed, he pulled his hips back and once again centered the head of his dick up in her opening. He pushed forward gently but Betty had other ideas and rammed her ass back hard. As his dick entered her pussy, Betty gasped loudly and froze. Frank groaned long and loud as half his dick entered her hot tightness.

A moment later, he grinned and whispered, “That’ll work also,” as he got a grip on her trembling hips.

He eased his hips back until just the head of his dick was in her pussy. Betty groaned the whole time his hips moved outward. When he pressed back forward, she moaned even louder. He had made about four half strokes like that when she started to shake. He stopped moving again but did not pull out.

Betty groaned and flexed her hips. Frank could feel her hot tight sex moving slightly around his dick as it grabbed at it from time to time. It was the most exquisite feeling he had felt in a long while. He knew she was going to come any second but there was nothing he could do about it.

Her hips moved faster and he pressed forward gently. His dick was slowly moving deeper and deeper and then there was a yell from Betty and a hot surging sensation around the head and upper portion of his dick. She was coming and her hips were jerking up, down, and sideways. This allowed his dick to go even deeper.

Betty was coming harder than she ever had in her whole life. That full one second and empty the next feeling had blown her away even more than his tongue had. She felt like her pussy had a death grip on that big hard shaft and did not want to let go as fireworks went off behind her eyes and throughout her body.

Even with the death grip and the fireworks, her hips would not remain still. They jerked and flexed, jerked and flexed, even as Frank held them in place. Each little movement just fed more fuel to the fire in the pit of her sex. She just kept on coming even as Frank slowly eased his hips back and pulled his dick out.

When it came free, Betty heard herself yell, “No!” But by then, it was too late. She collapsed onto the pillow in a moaning whimpering heap as her hips continued to jerk and twitch. It felt like a lifetime before they stopped moving and the orgasm started to slack off.


Frank was lying on his side with his head propped up on his hand looking at Betty’s face when her eyes fluttered open. “Hello,” he said and then smiled. “That was one monster of an orgasm.”

Betty’s eyes seemed to focus more, then she looked at his face, and she nodded. She wanted to tell him there were still twitches going on but her mouth didn’t seem to be connected at the present to her brain. In fact, her brain did not seem to be working very well at all as her eyes moved down his body to his semi hard dick.

She licked her lips and then heard herself giggle as the thought of trying to suck on that big head crossed her mind. It did fit her pussy after all, so it might fit her mouth also. She gave a little shiver at the thought and licked her lips again. They were dry and she was suddenly thirsty.

“That would be one hot drink,” she heard herself whisper as she said what she was thinking.

Frank gave her a funny look for a second and then grinned as he noticed where her eyes were. “Maybe water would be better at the moment,” he said softly.

Betty’s eyes came back up to his face and she nodded.

With a smile, Frank said, “In that case, I’ll be right back.” He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before he rolled off the bed.


When Frank returned carrying a glass of water, Betty had rolled off the pillow and now laid on her back with the pillow under her head. She smiled as she watched his big muscular body move. It was so beautiful to her, so fluid and powerful looking. She sat up and pulled her feet up to sit Indian fashion as he handed her the glass. She took a big swallow and sighed. “Thank you.”

He nodded and sat down on the side of the bed. “I should be thanking you.”

Betty grinned and shook her head. “I think we should thank each other like that as often as possible.”

Frank laughed softly and leaned over to kiss Betty softly. He leaned back and whispered, “That can be arranged you know.”

“Oh?” Betty asked with a smile on her face.

“Well, you do have that wedding gown over there,” he said indicating the dress on the chair in the corner.

Betty’s eyes grew wide but before she could say anything, he went on, “I don’t know about a church wedding but I do know this guy at city hall who is good at cutting through red tape.”

I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting in the club. It was a bit of a dive, but had been written up in the paper as a fun place to check out live music. And anyway, my wife Mandi had wanted to come and after some pestering I agreed, even though I’m not big into the bar scene.

I’m 35, seven years older than Mandi, although it often seemed like even more. I started losing my hair in my twenties, and I’m now almost completely bald. I’m a runner, which keeps me slim, but when I’m training for a longer race I know it makes me look a little gaunt. And I’m basically a homebody, happiest when curled up on the sofa with Mandi watching television. Though I’m happiest of all when we’re making love. She adventurous and enthusiastic and comfortable with her body, but far the best lover I’ve ever had.

It helps that Mandi is a real stunner. A tight bodied little thing with surprisingly full breasts, long, straight blond hair and big blue eyes. Slender, with an elfin face, she could easily pass for a college student still. She’s a social butterfly, enjoying parties and nights out with friends.

We’ve been together five years, married three, and get along great. Our personalities complement each other. She make my life more fun, and I give her stability, which is something she values given her crazy childhood. She was an army brat, moving every year, and generally dealing with all the stress associated with that: A father often deployed abroad and in danger, no long-term friends or home.

We found a table and ordered drinks. Though it was dark and dingy, there was a lot of electricity in the air. The crowd was diverse, a lot of college students, some biker types, and a bunch of older guys in a back corner, drinking and scowling at everyone else.

The band was half-way through its set, playing a mix of covers and original stuff. They were solid. Technically proficient at least, but really nothing special. But still, it was fun. Mandi was obviously having a good time, bobbing to the music and smiling broadly, occasionally dragging me out to dance to a particularly hopping tune.

By the time the band took a break, we’d had another couple of rounds, and were talking about whether to stay for another set. Personally, I’d have been just as happy to head home before we got too drunk to fool around, but Mandi wanted to stay a while, and I agreed. All it took was one of her radiant smiles to win me over, as usual.

We were still chatting when suddenly a guy pulled up a chair and sat at our table. At first, I thought he was just squeezing in to one of the few tables with any room, but then I realized he was looking straight at Mandi, who was staring back at him, wide-eyed and suddenly very pale.

“Mandi, Mandi, Mandi,” said loudly, “how I’ve missed you!”

He was one of the biker types. Older than us, probably in his late-forties and really weatherbeaten. He was a large man, tall, broad chested, with big, beefy, heavily tattooed arms, a thick dark beard, and long, greying hair.

Mandi looked shell-shocked, maybe even scared.

“Do you know each other?” I asked.

He winked at me. “You could say that,” he said with a leer that made his meaning perfectly obvious.

“You… dated?” I stammered, the words sounding absurd as I got them out.

He laughed. “I’m not sure I’d call it that. More like Mandi would drop by, we’d party a little,” he lifted his pinky to his nose as he said it, “have a little fun, and then I’d give her a little to take home.”

I blanched. Did he just suggest they’d snorted coke together? That he’d been her supplier?

He turned back to her. “So, baby, you still party? Cause I’m still holding.”

She shook her head quickly.

He looked at me. “I’m Butch, by the way.” He said, shaking my hand in his iron grip. “So, is she still a demon in the sack?” He said jabbing me in the ribs.

I stared at him speechless.

“Mmmm, mmmm, yeah,” he said, turning back to Mandi as he reminisced. “So hard to find a girl with the face of an angel who’s willing to do anything.”

“What do you mean? What are you saying?” I stammered.

But before he could reply, Mandi stood up violently, her chair clattering to the floor behind her.

“That’s enough!” she hissed, grabbing my hand and hauling me up and toward the door.

I was acutely aware of people staring at us, and when I looked back Butch was smirking, clearly amused.

We got into the car and started home. She was driving. I was staring out the window. Neither of us spoke, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

“You should have told me, I have right to know,” I finally snapped.

“To know what?” She replied coldly.

“You…. Him….” I stammered.

“Oh please, you knew I wasn’t a virgin on our wedding night. Did you want a full accounting?”

“Jeez, Mandi, that’s not what I mean and you know it.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“Fuck Mandi, what were you, like a… like a… coke whore?”

The car swerved violently as she slapped out at me. “Don’t call me that!” she hissed.

“What the fuck should I call it? You fucked him for coke, didn’t you?”

She slammed the steering wheel with her palms. “Fuck. No. It wasn’t like that.”

“So, what was it like?”

She took a deep breath and steadied herself. “Look, I was young. He was…. He was exciting. In school, my friends and I would get coke sometimes to party, and he was our dealer. I was always willing to pay, but yeah, after a while I never had to. But it’s not like I slept with him for coke. I slept with him because I wanted to. The free coke was just… was just an added benefit.”

I snorted. “You’re telling me you were attracted to a tattooed freak, old enough to be your father?”

“Well, maybe I just have daddy issues,” she snapped. “You didn’t seem to mind it when it was you trying to get my 23 year old ass into bed.”

I shook my head violently at the thought of being compared that… that thing. My head was reeling. The image of him with her was sickening. And I didn’t even know how to process the entirety of the revelation. I mean, I’d smoked a little pot back in college, even tried ‘shrooms, but this was something altogether different. There was also one other thing that I couldn’t get out of my head.

“What did he mean when he said you were ‘willing to do anything’?”

She shot me a quick angry glare, car swerving again dangerously. “What? How dare you?!”

“I have a right to know,” I replied flatly.

“No. You. Don’t.” She hissed, teeth clenched, eyes determinedly focused on the road. “That was before we even met. You have a right to nothing!”

I started to argue, but before I could finish a sentence, we were home. Mandi slammed the car into park, and stormed out, leaving the door open and engine running, and hurried inside the house. I turned off the car and followed after her, getting inside just in time to hear our bedroom door slam shut.

I started up the stairs and then changed my mind. We both needed to cool off, and I needed to think. I settled down on the sofa, my mind racing before I drifted off into a fitful sleep.


I woke up Sunday morning, my head and back aching. I went up to the bedroom and entered just as Mandi was coming out of the shower, wrapped in her bathrobe.

She looked at me coldly, still angry.

I walked over to her and tried to give her a hug, but she shook me off.

“Look, I’m sorry about what I said…. What I called you last night.”

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes. “Ok,” she replied softly.

“But we still need to talk about this,” I continued.

She shook her head. “Why…. Look I said all I plan to say last night. This has nothing to do with you.”

“Jeez, Mandi, of course it does. I have a right…” Her eyes flashed dangerously. “I mean, it’s only fair that I have a little warning about what’s out there, who’s out there, ya know? I can handle it, whatever you tell me.”

She regarded me skeptically. “I don’t think…. I…. Look, I have a right to privacy, to my own past, my own mistakes.” She brushed past me and wordlessly began to dress.

I sighed and took a hot shower.

We didn’t talk much the rest of the day. Twice more I tried to broach the topic, and both times she rebuffed me tersely. She obviously wasn’t going to say any more about her past, but from the way my stomach churned whenever I thought about what Butch had said, I knew we’d have to confront this sooner or later.


I was in my car Monday mid-morning returning to my office from an early meeting, when on the spur of the moment, I decided to call the bar we’d been at Saturday night.

“Hey,” I started when a woman picked up, “I know this may seem weird, but I’m looking for a guy, biker type, named Butch.”

“Just a sec,” she replied before transferring my call.

An answering machine picked up with Butch’s voice. Seems like he was the manager of the place or something. At the end, the message concluded with a cell number in case of emergencies. I hung up without leaving a message and dialed the cell.

“Yeah?” Came a groggy answer.

I stared at the phone for a moment, unsure what I was doing. But then I proceeded.

“Hey, you don’t know me, but I guess we met Saturday night, I’m….”

He laughed. “Mandi’s hubby. Man she looked pissed.” He laughed again. “Whatcha want from me?”

“I, um, I want to know more about what you did with her.”

He laughed yet again. “Oh, you’re one of those.”

“Those what?” I thought to myself. “No, I just wanna…”

“Tell you what, drop by my place this morning and I’ll fill you in.”

“No, I can’t. I’m working.”

“You can’t be working that hard if you’re calling me looking for stories about your wife’s wild past.” He rattled off his address and hung up.

The phrase “wife’s wild past” sent my stomach churning. I’m not sure I even made a conscious decision about what to do next, but the next thing I knew I was pulling up in front of a building of converted lofts a few blocks from the bar. I took a deep breath and approached the door. He buzzed me in when he saw me arriving.

His place was furnished in biker chic, a big open space with a vintage Harley on display, a pool table, and a large sitting area surrounding a 100 inch TV. He offered me a beer. I declined and he cracked one open for himself.

Without preliminaries, he said, “She’s probably the best lay I ever had, and I’ve had thousands. You’re a lucky man.”

“Thanks,” I said absurdly, suddenly thinking it was probably a bad idea to come here.

He gave me a smirk, “So you wanna hear all about what a dirty, little, cocksucking whore your wife is.”

I recoiled. “Was,” I said defensively. “Was. This is all in the past.”

He laughed. “Then what do you care?” He paused. “But you’re wrong about that. It’s all still inside her, waiting to come out.”

I shook my head and chuckled. “I don’t think so…. Look, this was a bad idea, I should just leave.”

“I’ll prove it to you. Give me her number,” he said, his voice suddenly taking a hard edge.

Without thinking I rattled off her cell, immediately regretting it as he put his phone on speaker and dialed her number.

“What do you want?” she answered, apparently seeing his name on the caller ID.

He chuckled. “Now, is that any way to speak to an old friend?”

“I’m busy Butch, and you’ve already fucked shit up for me enough with your performance at the club.”

“If you didn’t want to see me, why’d come to my place?”

“Believe me, I didn’t know you’d be there. You’re about the last person I wanted to run into.”

“Ah, baby, now you’re hurting my feelings.”

“What the fuck do you want? And how’d you get my number?”

He ignored her second question. “It’s not what I want, it’s what your hubby wants. He wants to know all about you and me, what should I tell him?”

“Don?” she said, startled. “He…. He called you?”

“Yeah, he left a message. Said he wanted to know more about our ‘relationship,’ he called it.”

“Look, Butch, I’m sorry I was snippy with you, but please, Don means everything to me. Please don’t fuck this up for me.”

“Well, I’m not gonna lie to the guy. But I don’t wanna ruin your marriage either. How about you drop by and we’ll talk it over.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied. “Look, just don’t call him back, okay?” Her tone was increasing plaintive.

“Sorry doll, he’s going to come by the bar this afternoon to talk. Come over, we’ll figure it out.”

“I can’t. I’m at work.” She sounded close to tears.

“You get a lunch break, right? I’m right off the highway.” He gave her his address. “Hurry though, I have to head over to the bar early today, and he might just be there waiting for me.”

She sighed. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Butch hid me in the bedroom area, which was sectioned off with a flexible partition. As I looked around, the pit in my stomach grew. He was obviously into some kinky shit judging by the bottle of lube on his nightstand and pair of restraints casually dangling from his headboard. I shuddered as a fleeting image of a young and naked Mandi shackled to his bed flashed through my mind.

The door buzzing brought me back to the present. I peered through the gap in the screen to see Butch letting Mandi in.

“Mmmm mmmm, you look good enough to eat,” he oozed.

And she did. She was wearing a little sundress that did little to conceal her curves, and was cut low enough to give a hint of cleavage. Her long blond hair was loosely piled on her head, her make up subdued for work, though her lips were a playful shade of bright pink.

“Can it, Butch.” She had regained her composure in the ride over. “I want you to leave me and my husband alone.”

“He’s the one who called me,” Butch said with a smirk.

“Yeah, and you were the one who came over and embarrassed us this weekend.”

“I just wanted to say hi to my best girl. You rocked my world.”

She paused, sighed. “Just leave us alone.”

“Your hubby has questions, why don’t you just answer them?”

“I can’t. I just can’t.” Her eyes were tearing up again. “He wouldn’t understand. He’s sheltered, I guess. It would freak him out.”

“That’s a tough situation,” Butch offered insincerely.

“Look, Don is the one. He’s everything to me. I can’t lose him. Please, please Butch, just help me out here.”

Butch stepped up close to her, and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

“I’ve missed you baby.”

She pushed away his hand. “Butch, don’t.”

He took her hand in his. “Tell you what, baby, you give me a taste, just like old times, and I’ll tell old Donnie boy that you were just an innocent, inexperienced kid, that the most crazy thing we ever did was make out in public.”

She pulled away. “I can’t do that.”

He clucked softly. “Oh, that’s too bad. Well, then I guess I better plan out what I tell him. So many great stories.”

“Butch, no, I’m begging you.”

He ignored her, continuing his monologue.

“I’m guessing he wouldn’t be too shocked to hear that you swallowed and took it up the ass. Even good girls do that nowadays. Unless,” he paused and glanced over in my direction, “you don’t do that for him.”

She looked down. “I would if he asked,” she muttered miserably. “He’s not interested in that kind of shit. That’s what I’m telling you.”

Butch shook his head sadly. “Oh baby, I can’t believe you’re holding out on your man like that. I trained you better than that.”

She stifled a sob.

“Maybe he’d like to hear about our first time. So fucking romantic. You blowing me under a crowded table and then in that filthy bathroom, you bent over that sink while I banged you from behind. Remember how that group of guys cheered when we finally came out?”

She looked up at him, eyes red and full of rage.

He continued. “Naw. I think I’ll start him off with my favorite memory. You remember when you came over with that slutty little friend of yours? What was her name, Jenny, Janice?”

“Jenna,” she muttered softly.

Jenna had been one of Mandi’s college friends and a bridesmaid at our wedding, a tight-bodied little brunette, with big, brown, doe eyes.

“Yeah, Jenna, Jenna. Fuck, I can still picture you two, showing up half-bombed, falling out of your party dresses, begging for a little blow. Lezzing it up real good, I loved the way you’d finger her snatch and make her taste herself. But the best part, and I still whack it to this, was when I got you two on your hands and knees, side-by-side and just went back and forth, banging the crap out of both of you while you two sucked tongue. Remember that baby, remember that?”

Mandi was sobbing softly now, tears running down her cheeks.

“Remember how we finished? Fuck that was hot. I was banging Jenna’s tight little ass, and you were pulling her hair and calling her a whore and telling me to fuck her harder. I popped all over her ass and back, and like a perfect little slut you licked it all up.”

Butch glanced over in my direction and flashed me a cocky grin. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It had to be made up. It sounded like something out of a demented porno, and yet Mandi wasn’t objecting, wasn’t calling him a liar. She was just standing there, weeping.

But Butch wasn’t done. “Or maybe, I could tell him the Bike Week story. No, wait, I’ve got it. Remember the time at the Metallica concert? Whew, that even blew my mind.”

“Okay, enough!” She snapped. She still had tear streaks down her cheeks, but she was now glaring at him angrily. “What the fuck do you want?”

“You know what I want.”

“So is that it, Butch? Falling on hard times? Need to resort blackmail to get sex?”

He laughed. “Sure, if that’s what you want to believe. But whatever, you’re gonna give me what I want. Otherwise, I’m gonna take a long, long trip down memory lane with dear old Donnie.”

She shook her head. “Pitiful.”

He sidled over to his sofa and sat in the corner. “Strip baby. Show old Butchie how you’re holding up.”

I should have stopped it then. I’d heard everything I needed to hear. Whatever had happened was in the past. She’d made clear her love for me, her commitment. The only reason we were even at this point was that she was trying to buy Butch’s silence in order to keep me. But I was also angry. Angry that she’d been a slut. Angry that she thought I was too sheltered, too skittish to accept her sexuality. Confused, sad, angry, embarrassed, I was paralyzed, unable to act, unable to stop it, unable to look away.

She stood there for a long while, looking down, seemingly also struggling to process the situation.

Then finally she looked up at Butch. “Fine, you pig. I’ll give you what you want, but after I never want to see or hear from you ever again.”

He smirked. “Deal.”

She nodded and took a deep breath, and without any further hesitation reached down and lifted her dress up over her head. As usual, she was wearing sexy underwear, lacy boy-shorts and marching bra that barely contained her large breasts.

He let out a soft wolf whistle. “Now the rest.”

Her eyes flashed with anger, but she obeyed him. Without a word, she unsnapped her bra and dropped it to the floor, and then slid her shorts over her hips and stepped out of them.

Standing there naked in Butch’s well lit loft, I was struck again by how beautiful she was, and how much I often take her for granted. But she’s just got a stunning body, with a lovely hourglass figure and an impressively flat stomach. She has perfect c-cup breasts, and sensitive raspberry nipples that are almost always erect. She’s a natural blond, and I prefer when she has a bit of muff, but today, as often, she was completely shaved because she likes how “clean” it feels.

“Damn girl,” hooted Butch, “you’re even finer than I remembered. You were a little scrawny back when I was fucking you, but damn you’ve filled out nicely.”

Despite herself, Mandi blushed at the compliment.

“Now make your way over here.”

She stepped toward him, and he immediately halted her with his upturned hand.

“On your hands and knees, baby. Crawl to me.”

She rolled her eyes momentarily, but by now she seemed resigned to obeying him no matter what he demanded. Submissively, she dropped down on all fours and started toward him. As she moved, I could see why he’d done it. She looked amazingly sexy like that, her ass swinging back and forth, her breasts dangling beneath her, swaying with every step.

He spread his legs, and she crawled up between his thighs.

“You know what to do,” he grunted, his large hand resting possessively on the back of her head, releasing her hair from its bun so that it hung down in silvery sheets.

She nodded and reached for his pants, unbuckling his heavy belt and drawing down his zipper. He lifted himself off the sofa momentarily, and she eased off his jeans, pulling his boxers off as well.

She reached into his lap and began stroking his cock. He was still mostly soft, but already impressively thick. As she pumped his shaft up and down, it stiffened and grew until she needed both hands to encircle his cock. It was long, though not freakishly so, but he had about as much girth as anything I’ve seen, even in porn.

Mandi started to kiss and lick his cockhead, her pretty little tongue encircling his glans and trailing up and down his his shaft. Then she opened wide and took him in her mouth. I watched in shock as she swallowed him deep, almost his entire thick cock disappearing into her mouth and down her throat.

Mandi is a wonderful lover, passionate and skilled. For the first time it really occurred to me that she’d only gotten that way with a lot of practice. And now, that was clearly on display as she sucked off a cock that might make a pro gag.

Butch glanced over to where I was hiding and gave me a big smile. She was bobbing up and down, faster and faster, the slurping sounds filling the room.

Still grinning at me, Butch mouthed the words, “watch this.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her off his cock.

“You know how I like it.”

A pained expression crossed face. She shook her head. “No, I don’t wanna do that.”

“Well then, I guess I have some stories to tell,” he said, rising slightly off the sofa.

“No, please,” she whined, pressing him back into his seat.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a slim silver vial. “This’ll make it easier.”

She shook her head again, but he was undeterred. He unscrewed the cap and took out a small silver spoon filled with white powder.

“Come on baby, just like old times,” he rumbled seductively.

He held the spoon to her nose. She hesitate for a moment, and then took a snort. He refilled the spoon and she snorted the second batch in her other nostril. She threw her head back and whole body seemed to shiver. Then she closed her eyes and rolled her shoulders languidly. When she opened her eyes again, they were glassy, pupils as big as saucers. I noticed that her nipples seemed particularly swollen, dark red and very erect. He took a couple of hits as well and settled back down.

She giggled slightly and rocked back and forth on her heels, her hands now pumping his cock with renewed vigor. She spit on his cock, once, twice so that each stroke was now accompanied by a loud squish.

“Do it,” he ordered.

“Fuck you,” she replied with an incongruous giggle.

But her spunky attitude was quickly belied by her leaning forward submissively licking the length of his shaft, her glassy eyes fixed on his. She circled his cockhead with her tongue, then trailed her tongue down his cock to the base. She took his balls wetly into her mouth, first one then the other, then both together, and the whole time she roughly pumping his cock with her fist.

I could never have imagined a scene like this a week earlier. Mandi had always seemed like a sweet girl, a good girl, and yet here she was, naked, coked up, and giving this overgrown biker a professional quality hummer. But even having seen what I’d already seen, I could never have expected what she did next.

She lifted up his balls and licked beneath them. He raised his feet off the ground and Mandi scooted in closer, kissing and sucking, her tongue now tickling his asshole.

For a moment I thought I was going to throw up, but I managed to keep it down, though a rancid bile taste filled my mouth. I sucked down air in deep gulps to calm myself as just feet away my wife continued her vile performance.

“Oh baby, that’s it,” he groaned.

She attacked his ass enthusiastically, lapping away at his anus and seemingly even trying to stick her tongue up his butt. All the while she continued stroking his cock roughly with her fist.

Suddenly he grabbed a thick handful of her hair and yanked her upward. She glared at him with wild eyes.

“I don’t wanna pop just yet. First, I need to see if your cunt is still as tight as I remember.”

He kicked off his pants and then peeled off his shirt. His tattoos covered not just his arms, but extended over his well-muscled shoulders and down his back.

He lifted Mandi off the ground effortlessly and deposited her on the sofa. He grabbed her legs and pressed her thighs toward her chest so that her pussy was completely exposed. For a moment, he admired the lewd scene. He roughly pumped his middle finger in and out of her mouth, and then when it was nice and wet, he slid it deep into her pussy, churning it in and out vigorously.

She groaned softly at the intrusion, but otherwise meekly submitted to his rough handling. He pulled out and then pressed two fingers in her mouth, and from there again deep into her vagina. Her did that over and over, going from her pussy to her mouth several times, until her pussy was wet enough that it squished loudly as he finger banged her.

He finally removed his fingers from her snatch with a slurp, and shoved them deep into her mouth. With his other hand, he positioned his bulbous cockhead against her pussy lips, and then with a violent shove buried his thick tool inside her. She let out a muffled gasp around his fingers.

“Fuck, you’re still a tight little cunt, aren’t you?” He said as he roughly fucked her. “I bet your hubby has a tiny little cock, doesn’t he?”

She shook his fingers out of her mouth. “He’s twice the man you are,” she hissed, glaring at him.

“Even if his cock is half as big,” he replied with a chuckle.

She looked away.

“I thought so,” he said with a laugh. “There’s no way that wimp can satisfy a world-class whore like you. Admit it, you’ve been dreaming about this for years. Wishing you could get fucked again by real man.”

She snorted derisively. “Yeah right, a real man who preys on young girls, who uses blackmail to get sex.”

He laughed darkly. “You’re still a hot bitch and a great fuck, but you’ve turned into a mouthy cunt, haven’t you?”

She glared up at him.

He picked up the pace, slamming into her harder and harder, making her grunt with each thrust. He pawed at her large breasts, mauling them roughly, leaving marks, and then twisting her nipples until she mewled in pain. Finally, he squeezed her boobs flat, and using them as handles proceeded to bang her even harder.

Everything about it was obscene. His grunts, her squeals, the sound of their bodies slapping together, the wet slurping sounds of his cock churning up her pussy. She was red faced, sweating. Worst was the sight of his thick tool, plunging into her remorselessly, her pussy stretched out, clinging to his shaft on every stroke.

Just when I thought it would go on forever, Butch leapt to his feet and aimed his cock at Mandi’s face, stroking his shaft roughly.

“Open wide, cunt,” he growled.

She meekly obeyed, opened her mouth just in time to receive a thick rope of jism on her tongue. She didn’t even flinch. She’d obviously done this before. Butch remained squatting above her, draining his entire load into her mouth.

Although that didn’t disgust me as much as when she tongued his butthole, it somehow made me even sadder. At least the rimjob was about giving pleasure, albeit in an extreme way. This, though, was purely about humiliation.

I suddenly pictured her, 19 and probably still somewhat innocent, under the spell of this older brute, drugged up and vilely abused, probably naively believing that eating ass and letting a man jerk off in her mouth was a mark of sophistication, a statement of independence from her overprotective parents. And now, here she was, again being exploited, this time as much by me as by anyone else. It was my intolerance and my obsessive curiosity that had thrown her back into Butch’s clutches. He was the one humiliating her sexually, but I was the one who’d made it all possible.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He grunted.

After he’d finished in her mouth, he dropped heavily onto the sofa with a satisfied grin. She’d swallowed his load and was reaching for her dress.

“I kept my end of the deal,” she replied coldly.

He shook his head. “The deal’s not done ’til I say it’s done.”

“What do you want now?” She asked, hand on her hip.

He pointed at his deflated cock. “Get me hard again so I can fuck you up the ass…. Or maybe I should just head over to the bar for that conversation with Donnie boy.”

Again, I should have stopped it, but how could I explain having watched everything that had already happened? Also, I wasn’t ready to confront Mandi. And so I did nothing except watch as she resignedly sighed, dropped her dress to the floor, fell to her knees and again took his fat cock into her mouth.

He sighed contentedly. “Fuck, you’re a good little whore.” He put his large hand on the back of her head and pumped her up and down on his shaft. “That’s it, Mandi baby, get me nice and hard so I can bang your tight little ass.”

The combination of her mouth and the anticipation of sodomizing my wife got him hard in impressive time. He stood up and dragged her by the hair off the sofa. He took three quick strides toward me, and I thought for a moment he was heading for the bed, having either forgotten about me or decided to expose me. I stood there frozen. But just before he reached me, he stopped and bent Mandi over the back of a big leather armchair, and I realized he wasn’t outing me, he was just positioning her to give me a better view.

They were just a few feet away now, separated from me by just the folding partition. I could hear every breath, smell the sweat and sex on them, and worse see every detail. With her bent over, I could see her pussy, raw and swollen, and still gaping from being roughly banged by his big tool. I could see her tiny, little, pink, puckered asshole, which I knew he’d soon be fucking, though I couldn’t imagine how his thick cock could possibly fit.

He spanked her ass hard. She yelped in pain and surprise, and shot him a dirty look. When he moved his hand I could see the angry red mark his slap had left on her pale skin. He slapped her other ass cheek, the sound again as loud as a shot. This time she accepted it stoically, the only sign of her discomfort visible in her white knuckle grip on the armchair. He continued to spank her ass until her entire bottom glowed an angry red, her determined silence eerie and disconcerting.

He leaned over her and dribbled a stream of spit into her butt crack and with that as lube, he pushed his thick thumb into her ass pumping it in and out roughly. He pulled out and aimed a second load of saliva into her slightly stretched anus. He shoved in deep two fingers, twisting them back and forth. He removed his fingers and again spit into her ass. This time, he stepped in close and forced the head of his fat cock inside her.

She tensed, probably both because even the tip was already thicker than his two fingers and because of how much would follow. Apparently sensing her concern, her stroked her cheek reassuringly.

“Don’t worry, baby. Taking it up the ass is like riding a bike, you never forget how.”

“Speaking from experience?” She snapped brusquely, swatting his hand away from her face.

He chuckled coldly. “I was gonna take it easy on you for old time’s sake, but now I’m give it to you like you deserve.”

He grabbed her shoulders and thrust in hard, burying his fat tool balls deep into her bottom. Mandi threw back her head and let out a long, low wail.

“I’m… gonna… tear… you… apart…. ” he grunted, each word punctuated by a rough thrust.

“You think you’re too good for me now?” he hissed.

“Yes!” She replied defiantly.

“And your hubby?”

“He’s… too… good… for… me,” she gasped through gritted teeth.

He looked over his shoulder at me with a big grin. It was like a kick in the stomach. This was all my fault. And still, that realization did nothing to spur me to action. I was paralyzed.

He ass-raped her hard. There is no other way to describe it really, nothing that can do justice to the violence and brutality of it. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks wide trying to ease the way for his cock. It went on and on. Five minutes, ten, maybe more. I lost track of the time. He was sweating like a pig from the effort, and she was gasping and grunting miserably as she endured it.

Finally, with a roar of triumph he buried himself in her ass one last time and shuddered from head to toe as he came inside her.

“Fuck, baby, you took it like a pro,” he admitted grudgingly. “One last thing and then we’re done. You’re gonna lick me clean. Understand?”

She hesitated for a second and then nodded slightly.

As he pulled out, she sighed with relief. He took a step back and stood there, hands on his hips, his heavy, slimy dong dangling before him.

Somewhat gingerly she stood and turned. Her eyes were red-rimmed and angry. She fixed him with a determined glare and dropped to her knees. Never breaking eye contact she bathed his cock with her tongue, even pulling the skin taut to lick beneath his glans. For good measure, she then swallowed him whole, loudly slurping on his thick shaft. It seemed almost as if she saw it as an act of penance.

Then finally, with palpable disdain, she spit his cock from her mouth and stood up before him. The contrast between them was stunning. He looked huge next to her, towering over her, his arms thicker than her legs. Naked, she looked particularly vulnerable, this small, skinny girl, covered now with marks from his abuse. But she stared up at him proudly, obviously aware that she’d taken all he could dish out.

“We have a deal,” she said finally. “You won’t tell Don about out past.”

He smirked. “Don’t worry baby. I won’t need to.”

He turned and with a quick shove knocked over the partition. I stumbled out of the way as it clattered to the floor.

Mandi’s and my eyes met. For a moment, she just stared, open-mouthed, uncomprehending. Then suddenly, her face seemed to melt.

“Nooooooo! Oh God, noooooo!” She wailed.

I opened my mouth to talk, but nothing came out. Her face played through the stages of grief at light speed. Shock, sadness, embarrassment, anger. Then, without a word, she turned, picked up her dress and hurried from the apartment.

Butch’s bellowing laughter shook me out of my trance. I started after her, then noticed her bra and panties still on the floor. I picked them up, but felt Butch’s strong hand on my shoulder.

“I’ll keep those.”

I started to argue, but then the absurdity of debating with this still-naked behemoth struck me. I handed over my wife’s underwear and tried to catch up with her. But it was too late. She was gone.


I went home to wait for her. I didn’t know what we’d say or do. But I had plenty of time to think about it.

She didn’t come home that afternoon. By evening, I was getting frantic, worried that she might have done something crazy. I called and texted dozens of times.

Finally, at 2:14am, she texted back: “I’m OK.” Five characters. Then nothing. She didn’t return my calls or my texts. When I called her office the next day, they told me she’d taken the week off for a “family emergency,” which was as accurate as anything else.

I staggered through the week in a virtual trance. I couldn’t sleep. My dreams had turned into endless nightmares involving Mandi’s sexual torment. I drank too much. Couldn’t concentrate.

The guilt was crushing. All of this was my fault. If I’d just been more understanding, none of it would have ever happened. She’d suffered so much for me, been willing to accept humiliation and discomfort to try to keep me, and I’d cowardly betray her by just standing there, watching, doing nothing.

Then Friday, when I came home from work, she was sitting at the kitchen table dressed in jeans and a simple sweater. No makeup, her hair in a ponytail. She looked lovely as ever.

I swept her up in my arms.

“God, I missed you,” I cried out.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything,” she choked out between sobs. “I should have told you everything. I should never have gone to see Butch. Never done…”

I cut her off, “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so judgmental. I should never have called him. Never have allowed any of it to go on. Can you, can you forgive me?”

Still in each other’s arms, she leaned back and looked me in the eyes. “Yes. Can you forgive me?”

“Yes,” I replied.

But then I looked behind her and saw her suitcase.

“You’re still leaving, aren’t you.” I said it more as a statement than a questions.

She nodded sadly.

“Why? We can work this out,” I stammered.

She looked at me seriously. “I knew you’d forgive me,” she said. “But can you forget what you saw? What you heard?”

“Yes,” I replied too quickly. I looked in her eyes, and all I saw was deep sadness, and I knew she was right.

“No, I can’t…. But….”

She put her finger to my lips. “I can’t either. Seeing you behind that screen. That was…. That was the worst moment of my life.”

I nodded. “I’m sorry.

She kissed me on the cheek. “I’m sorry too.”

She broke our embrace and picked up her suitcase. “Goodbye Don.”

And then she was gone.


The divorce was simple and handled completely by lawyers. I sent her a Christmas card that first year, but she never replied, and we didn’t speak again.

I soon remarried. I met Elena at Church that Easter. She was my age, a soft-bodied redhead with a pretty face, and conservative taste in clothing. Conservative taste in pretty much everything actually. After what happened with Mandi, I thought that’s what I wanted.

She was ready for marriage, children, so much so that she warned me not to lead her on if I wasn’t ready to make a commitment. I was desperately lonely and felt I needed to move on. So we didn’t waste time. We had a small private ceremony, and she was soon pregnant. Janey was our first, followed by Bobby.

At some level, I relished the normalcy of it. The sex was even okay at first, if blandly conventional. Missionary position under the covers. But after the kids came, it grew more infrequent. But that was okay with me in a way. Elena had trouble with the baby weight, taking it off at least, and the boredom of our sex life was took its toll. Making love to Elena became a chore.

I was thinking more and more about Mandi, to get hard, then to finish. At first, it was enough to just picture her face and stunning body. Then I needed to fantasize about how it had been to make love to her, the way she’d ride me, those perfect breasts bouncing as she expertly impaled herself on my shaft.

But after a while, even that wasn’t enough. To make love to my current wife, I now had to remember that day, and the sight of my ex-wife being taken roughly, crudely by that big brute, of her being violently sodomized and then submissively licking him clean.

Most of my sex life is now me alone, with my memories, and increasingly my fantasies about Mandi.

This is based on something that actually happened when we were younger and much less careful. I don’t recommend it today, except for getting pretty little subs all wet just thinking about it, which is always a good thing to do.

When she woke, she found my message: “Hello little slave, you have a lesson to learn tonight. I have noticed that you do not appreciate and embrace some parts of my life, and therefore fail to completely serve me as I know you hope to. For example, you don’t seem to appreciate my motorcycle the way I do. When I spend hours polishing it, or working on it, you are jealous and unhappy with the loss of attention.

Perhaps you have not been introduced well enough to appreciate “her” finer qualities. To correct that, we will be going for a very special ride tonight.

Prepare as follows: Strip and clean yourself comepletely including your anus. Insert a butt plug to begin opening yourself for me. You may use a dime sized drop of lubrication if necessary, but it would please me to know you suffered instead.

Do not wear any nipple jewelry as I have a special new pair of clamps ready for you. Put on that soft little pink sweater / shirt and tie it under your chest with your breasts exposed.

Lightly oil your upper legs, ass and crotch; do not play with yourself.

In the package at the foot of the bed, you will find leather chaps made exactly to your lovely curves. This is the reason I forced you to stand for that fitting when we were in Mexico last month.

Do you remember how the man had to raise your skirt to take all the measurements? Do you also remember the fucking you received as a reward; and that I had to satisfy myself in your ass afterwards because your pussy was too wet? Putting on these chaps and remembering that should make you into the panting little slut I love to own.

I think you can figure out the buckles and straps… yes it doesn’t cover your pussy or ass at all. Rest at ease, slave, I won’t ask more of you than you can give; you may wear your short black pleated skirt.

Put your hair up in a secure bun and ensure you can fit it into your helmet.

Put on soft, long tube socks and get your thigh high boots ready.

Lay out the wrist restraints with the velcro quick release.

Finally, find your leather riding jacket in the closet and clean it well with saddle soap then rub it dry.

Be ready, wet and in position at 8pm when I arrive.

Best Wishes, your Master Baiter.”

The key turning in the lock must have triggered a fresh rush of wetness in you because I can see the juice running down from your cunt to the inside of the chaps. They frame your lovely ass and the little black butt plug nicely. The red wrist restraints that hold your hands in the small of your back are a perfect counter to your swollen red pussy lips just below.

After thinking about this all day, it takes every bit of my self control to keep from just fucking you senseless where you kneel.

“Get up, slave!” I order in a harsh voice, thick with desire and anger at my own lack of control. I know this night will push you farther than you have ever been taken and my mind must be clear and open to your feelings and fears.

Turning back to the garage door where I came in, I say “Put on your boots and jacket, button only the bottom two snaps, bring the cuffs and meet me in the garage.”

Just as you open the door, the motorcycle starts, and I twist the throttle to fill the small space with the ungodly loud roar of the engine. “Don’t cower, slave, it won’t hurt you.” I say in a dry voice. “I’ll help you with your helmet to protect your ears.”

“Come here and get on while I hold the bike for you. Slide back a little… (smack) No! I said SLIDE back. Move up again, put your cunt down and SLIDE back. Does that seat feel cold against your clit? Good, you can warm it up. What about the vibration? Reach down and spread yourself so your clit is directly in contact with the leather.”

“Lean forward so I can attach these nipple clamps. The are soldered to solid wires that are clipped to the cooling fins on the side of the engine, so you will feel the heat through them in a little while. I’ve checked to ensure they never get hot enough to burn, even after riding for a long time, but you are going to have a very direct connection to how hard I am pushing the bike when we go up the mountain.”

“Now, here is a pillow over the instruments for your head, so the helmet won’t vibrate too much. Lay down with your bare chest on the tank. Feel the filler cap pressing into your chest? I expect you to have a very sore spot there by the end of the night, and most likely an impression of the logo framed between your tits. It will make a good picture.”

“Give me those restraints. Hands above your head, time to strap you in place.”

“Now to remove the plug from your behind and unzip my pants… Ahh… there, I just have room on the “bitch seat” to sit if my cock is in you. Push back and take it in. Good girl.”

“Are we ready? Is your heart pounding? I’m going to close your face mask, you may feel like you are going to suffocate, but rest easy, you have plenty of air, if you just remember to breath. Here we go… hopefully no one is outside, because if they are, I’ll have to trigger the garage door to close again quickly.”

“Good, no one in sight. I won’t be able to hear you so if you need something, squeeze my dick with your ass three times quickly.”

Judging from the long slow contractions on my dick, the little slut came twice before we got out to the country. Once the roads were open and more or less straight, I opened it up and used my free hand to tuck the back of her skirt up under her jacket and administer a very solid spanking to her bare ass, turning it cherry red, triggering several O’s and eventually causing her to pass out. I know that because her left foot slipped off the peg and I damn near wrecked putting it back up and holding it with my boot.

I went soft and slipped out of her, then found a place to pull over, well off the road.

She was awake by the time I stopped and whispered over and over that she was my slut, my slave, my property, that I could do anything I wanted to her and she would never question me. I can still see her sweet, soft, smile. Eventually she raised her head, shuddered, and said out loud that she loved “our” motorcycle.

I started the bike and told her she could come again, which she did with a long squeal as she lowered her self back down on the bike. At that point, I started to smell something burning and fearing for her or that we were ruining the chaps against the engine or pipes, I pulled her leg back to find that she had soaked the seat clear down to the point that her juice was dripping on the hot muffler!

The ride back was un-eventful except that sanity had returned and I was scared to death that a cop would see us and pull us over.

I was spent from the stress of it all, but had not cum. She later told me she had come several more times on the return, and had wished for another spanking or some form of pain to increase the sensations even more. She had pressed her upper chest into the gas cap so hard that she had torn the skin slightly in places and had a horrible bruse for weeks afterwards. I never did take a picture.

It had been my plan, once we returned, to make her lick the seat clean while fucking her from behind, but instead I carried her to bed, removed her leathers and treated her chest as best I could.

Our room mate at the time was a good little house boi bitch and gave me a blow job to ease my tensions so I was able to sleep.

She cared for my bike with me like a good little “biker bitch” from that day on.

1 The Office

Susie went over and over her options on the short Taxi ride from her plush modern office to the nondescript street of workmen’s houses where the woman at the help desk had directed her, “They offer the utmost in confidentiality and sensitivity when relationships fail, everything from a refuge or safe house to a reconciliation service for the professional or business woman,” she had been assured, and now after paying the driver, she walked slowly down the street looking for number seventeen, and on seeing the number screwed to the plain brown door she paused briefly and checked the name on small brass plate before she rang the doorbell.

The door opened almost immediately to reveal a smartly dressed young woman who greeted her, “Hello,” she said with a welcoming smile,”You must be Suzanne, I’m Natasha, come up to the office,!”

She gave Susie no time to reply as she led the way up the worn bare wooden stairs, “Here we are, the bath room is on the right if you need it.”

The door swung noisily on its worn hinges as Natasha ushered Susie into a cramped office which was once a bedroom in the small terraced house. “So Suzanne or may I call you Susie?” Natasha enquired.

Susie looked at Natasha, surprised that such an attractive young woman should be working for an organisation like this she expected a middle aged lesbian with a military hairstyle in a boiler suit but instead Natasha was all lip gloss, shoulder length brown hair and cleavage, she wore a business suit but stylishly with an open neck blouse rather than starched shirt.

“Yes, Susie is fine,” She replied quietly

“So, ah Robert, your husband, you say he hit you?” Natasha enquired as she peered inquisitively at Susie, noting that Susie’s blonde hair appeared to be natural and taking in the her calm demeanour and immaculate outfit and makeup that gave little enough evidence of violence.

“Yes, across my face,” Susie replied, flicking a strand of blonde hair away from her face, “After everything I’ve done for him.”

“Tell me about Robert and yourself” Natasha suggested, “Right from when you met if you like.”

“Well,” Susie started, “We met when I was at University, years ago, he sold me a Moped.” she remembered.

“And?” Natasha prompted.

Susie explained, “He had his own Motorbike business.”

“A biker, eh, all leathers and testosterone?” Natasha smiled at the thought.

“Yes, I kept on finding little problems so I could take the Moped back,” Susie explained, “And so I could see him, you see my Mum, well she definitely did not like Motorcycles.”

“But you married?” Natasha observed, “So there was no pressure, parents, pregnancy?”

“Oh no, Mum didn’t approve but Robert wanted everything to be legal especially as I was only eighteen,” Susie explained, “And he paid for everything, he was making really good money you see, and we didn’t even live together before we married,”

“So it was a good marriage” Natasha enquired.

“Yes.” Susie agreed, “I thought so.”

“So, where did it all go wrong?” Natasha agreed

“Well it made sense; when I graduated I had the chance of a really great job, a fantastic chance, here in London, so we sold the business in Durham and bought the most fantastic house, well we paid the deposit with the proceeds, and moved down here.”

“And how did this affect things?” Natasha asked.

“He was all right at first but now he’s totally unreasonable, I need him to support me, but he wanted to tinker with bikes all the time while I need him to do the garden and keep the swimming pool and the house clean, I told him we cannot have old motorcycles around our new house, so I bought him a smart new van and he sold the bikes and I said wait and see if you need a motorbike, it’s not as if he needs to work, in fact for tax purposes he is better off staying home, but he just doesn’t bother.”

“Doesn’t bother?” Natasha enquired.

Susie continued, “He will not clean up or mow the lawns or help entertain, he just wears the same jeans and tee shirt all the time, he’s pathetic”

“And sex” Natasha enquired.

“When he starts pulling his weight he gets sex,” she insisted, Until then he can do without.”

Natasha could see the pattern emerging, her long experience in the job enabled her to tick the boxes on the form with accuracy.

Natasha continued “So physical intimacy has ended?”

“Yes.” Susie admitted

“Do you love him?” Natasha asked, and peered intently at Susie seeking the physical clues which so often contradicted their words.

Susie thought hard, “He changed, I would have done anything for him so why won’t he do it for me, I am the success, not him, he could not have dreamed of a house like ours when he was covered in oil fixing Motorbikes.”

“And he supported you while you studied for your degree?” Natasha asked.

“While I did the little wifey thing while my friends had a great time partying yes, great.” Susie added.

“Well clearly the situation needs drastic action,” Natasha insisted.

“Drastic action” Susie agreed.

“We need to protect your interests,” Natasha continued, “Get him out of the matrimonial home first, and restrained from removing or disposing of anything, without your consent, freeze the joint bank accounts, and most important keep you safe in case he goes off the rails, Its a lot of forms to fill in I am afraid.”

Natasha fished a sheaf of forms from her desk drawer and Suzanne started to read,

“They are fine trust me” Natasha lied, “Do you have a picture of him”

Susie fished a picture from her bag, a tall dark handsome man with a moustache astride a bright red Ducati racing motorcycle.

‘Oh god he is gorgeous,’ thought Natasha as she said “Yes I see, if you could sign all the forms please.”

Susie quickly scribbled down her details, addresses, emails, phone numbers Robert’s cell phone and her home work and cell phone numbers, and she signed her signature on the forms, and when she finished Natasha suggested, “Let me make a call,” and she left the room, to return minutes later.

Natasha spoke seriously to Susie, “It so happens that we have a vacancy in our west country retreat for two weeks, starting today, so I suggest you take advantage, get away from work and stress, re evaluate your priorities, decide whether Robert has a place in your life, and we suggest two weeks away from the daily grind is the ideal and is most beneficial in most cases, what do you think?”

“And what about getting Robert evicted,” Susie asked, “and what about paying the bills.”

“We settle everything,” Natasha confirmed, “We’ll ensure everything is paid up to date,” she checked a form, “Yes, you authorised, it. see here,” she pointed, “And we will ensure your employer understands and then we can sort everything out when you return.”

Susie looked confused, “My Job, mortgage, paper bill, car tax?”

“Everything,” Natasha confirmed, “Complete break from right now.”

“But I’ll need to pack!” Susie exclaimed.

“No problem,” Natasha replied, “Sometimes girls arrive with nothing so we have everything essential that you’ll need and the rest we can pick up on the way!”

“Yes, OK I’ll do it, thanks.” Susie confirmed as Natasha handed Susie a final form and a pen and watched as she signed on the bottom line.

“I’ll make the call.” Natasha promised and she slipped from the room.

Susie looked around the dingy room with its rows of lockers and drab green and gold wallpaper. She wondered if she was doing the right thing but she felt relief as she felt she had at least taken that first step.

Natasha returned, “The Taxi’s coming, five minutes they said, we’ll get you a few things on the way.”

“What about Robert,” Susie asked.

“He won’t be there, don’t worry.” Natasha replied, “But phone round friends, parents, not Robert, and explain you’ll be away for a few days,” Natasha suggested.

“Can you do it?” Susie asked.

“Of course!” Natasha agreed, “If you write the numbers down,” she said as she led the way to the Ford Mondeo Taxi, and gave an address a few hundred yards from Susie’s house and as they arrived Natasha made a call on her cell phone, “Van’s there, Plan A” she said.

Within three minutes Robert had dashed from the house and driven off aggressively in the van. Natasha told the Taxi driver to park up outside Susie’s house and Natasha followed Susie indoors to help her pack a few things.

“Devon beckons, two weeks with no mobile phones or computers so just grab a few things and we’ll get going.” Natasha suggested.

Susie quickly filled a suitcase with clothes but when she went to add her makeup Natasha advised, “It’s a retreat, no need for cosmetics, just grab your toothbrush and we’ll get going.”

2 Retreat

They drove to the Motorway and droned westwards for hours, eventually turning onto smaller and smaller roads and finally a gravel track across rolling green hills until eventually they arrived at what appeared to be an ancient Monastery

Natasha knocked loudly on the front door, a woman in a nuns habit appeared and ushered them inside to where an older Nun waited. She addressed Susie in a kindly slightly west country accent. “You have been sent for a short break, I understand, please you must eat with us.”

“I’ll see you in two weeks then,” Natasha said cheerily as she set Susie’s case down beside the reception desk, “No phones here,” Natasha explained, “I had better look after yours,” and Susie slipped it from her purse and Natasha gently took it from her and gave Susie a little kiss on the cheek before she slipped away through the doorway and back to the Taxi to return home.

Susie’s left her cases in the foyer and walked towards the dining room, a huge table filled the great room but the nuns called her into the kitchen where she noted the rough wooden spoons and wooden bowls on the bare wooden table

“Please sit, I shall say grace.” The elderly Nun suggested

The Porridge was edible the conversation non existent.

“We do not talk and eat” the elderly Nun explained when Susie started to ask a question.

With the meal finished the Nun took Susie further into the old red sandstone Monastery building.

“We rise at six, retire at eight, we eat fruits and vegetables and porridge, and drink only water from our own spring” The Nun continued, “You should bathe then we shall have your induction”

“That sounds drastic,” Susie answered.”

“Did Natasha not explain our methods?” the Nun queried.

“Natasha never mentioned anything, no.” Susie explained, “But how should I address you, I am Suzanne, well Susie”

“I am Joan. But we do much meditation, little conversation.” she replied as she opened an old oak door to reveal a modern bath in a brightly lit room.

“Here, take a bath, its not milk like Cleopatra but the salts turn it milky so just a bathe your cares away and help yourself to towels and everything and I will be back in an hour” the Nun suggested.

Susie undressed and lay in the warm white liquid, it felt so decadent, and and as she luxuriated there she was surprised to find there was a second door to the, room, which opened and a robed woman entered carrying a simple robe like a bath robe.

“I came for your clothes,” she explained, “I have a gown for you, enjoy your soak.”

The woman slipped away before Susie could stop her, she rose from the bath, wrapped the towel round herself, and stepped through the doorway.

It opened into a large room, like a school gymnasium but in the centre a fire place with a flue leading to the heavens, and Susie noticed several benches around the edge of the room.

“Susie, so soon come, Carla fetch her robe” It was the elderly Nun, Ruth, Mistress or which ever name she was using.”Your treatment commences, see the fire”

“Yes,” Susie agreed.

“Watch it flare and burn as it cleanses,” the elderly nun explained

“I don’t understand,” Susie admitted

“Just watch then,” the nun ordered and then she ordered, “Anita, commence.”

A white robed woman threw rags on to the flames, they flared, suddenly Susie realised one rags looked like her dress, it was her dress,”Stop!” she cried but the woman continued and Susie saw her throw another dress and then her whole case onto the fire, her luggage was going up in flames, “Stop you maniacs!” Susie cried as she sprang to her feet but a slap across her face stunned her to silence,

“I am the Mistress here, I give the orders,” the elderly nun reminded her as she held Susie’s arms with her surprisingly strong hands while Carla took away her towel and fastened a belt around her waist trapping her hands to her sides,

“Stop Stuppphh,” Susie protested until Carla carefully inserted a Ball gag between Susie’s perfect teeth

“Watch as your vanity goes into smoke,” the elderly nun suggested, as Anita fed the last of her clothes into the flames.

Probing fingers removed Susie’s ear rings and her navel ring.

“We shall remove your disgusting body hair and you shall remain naked for this week until you earn clothes privileges,” The elderly nun beckoned the woman in the white robe and ordered, ” Anita, the razor”

Susie watched as Anita produced a cut throat razor and shaving brush, emotions of excitement mixed with fear and she froze as Anita made Susie lie on her back, and spread her knees before starting to hack methodically at the soft downy fur on Susie’s crotch.

Anita timed her moment and as the hair was shortened she pushed the shaving brush into Susie’s now moist vagina, the brush emerged glistening and Anita lubricated the remaining stubble with Susie’s juices before carefully scraping the stubble away to leave a baby like perfection to her pubic areas. Anita stood back to admire her handiwork.

“Carla, a dog collar and lead if you please and tether her securely in her cell.” the Nun continued, “But make sure all those rags are burnt first.”

As the final remnants of Susie’s possessions turned to ashes, so Carla buckled a dog collar around her neck, secured it with a tiny padlock and led her barefoot and naked from the room across the cobblestone yard and through a stable door, the cell was less than two metres square and the stone floor sloped towards the door while the bare stone walls bore various tethering eyes, and shockingly the whole was open to the skies.

Carla secured a least to Susie’s collar and looped it over a metal hook secured to the stable wall, the she took an old rope and wrapped it around Susie’s wrists securing Susie’s hands firmly behind her and then looped the rope around a iron on the wall and pulled the loose end to haul her arms high up behind her leaving her almost hanging from her arms, an agonising position.

“When you complete initial contrition you get a roof.” Carla explained brightly, “Now if you promise not to shout I will remove the gag.”

Susie nodded and gasped for air as Carla undid the strap and removed the gag, “Ahhhhhhh help me!” Susie wailed so Carla but the gag back again.

“You really should keep your promises!” Carla told Susie in her west country accent as she slapped Susie’s face, “Oh well, see you tomorrow!” she said reasonably and left Susie to swing from her tethered arms in complete agony.

3 Robert.

Robert was watching TV when the call came that Natasha had been rushed to hospital following an accident at work, the shock hit him like a sledge hammer and he just grabbed his jacket and the van keys and rushed out of the house, he panicked when he found she wasn’t at the hospital and was still going out of his mind when much later after checking every hospital he could think of he returned home.

Natasha too had been busy; she had left Robert an envelope on the kitchen table when she helped Susie pack and left instructions for him to ring her mobile number that evening.

Robert rang as she returned along the M4, “What the hell is going on!” he demanded and Natasha gave Robert a straight choice, either he took advantage of her anger management counselling service, starting with immediate effect, or else Susie would make a complaint of assault to the Police.

Robert had no choice but to chose anger management,so Natasha suggested they start the next day.

She arrived at Robert’s house next morning in a Lexus Limousine, the driver sounded the horn and Robert appeared, locked the house door and opened the door to sit with Natasha, “No you follow us!” she ordered, and she made a call on her cell phone.

Robert watched as an old Honda 500cc motorcycle pulled up behind the car, the rider dismounted and handed Robert the keys and he took Robert’s case to the Lexus’s luggage compartment and slipped into the back seat.

“Get your leathers Robert, then you can follow us on the bike,” Natasha ordered, “We know you are licensed and it is insured,” she laughed, “Don’t get left behind.”

Robert went and put on his one piece leather suit, boots, gloves and helmet and as the Lexus cruised away he struggled with the unfamiliar controls, and followed it, the bike felt ponderous, yet twitchy, and flat and gutless compared to the Ducati he usually rode, he struggled to keep up as they passed through the suburbs and on to the bypass.

They left the town behind and followed twisting country lanes until a long straight stretched ahead and suddenly the Lexus was pulling away, he wound the throttle against the stop, then as the Honda’s lack of torque left him floundering far behind the Lexus, he flicked the gear lever three times, and opened the throttle wide which smashed his crotch into the fuel tank, as the bike slowed as it over revved, the Rev counter needle the wrong side of the red line, as he belatedly he remembered it had only five gears.

“Concentrate,” he thought through the pain, he changed up a gear and as the motor howled stately progress resumed, the Lexus barely in sight, then as he leaned into an easy bend graunching sounds came from the low mounted foot rests cutting grooves in the asphalt, the bike running wide to the wrong side of the road, so he moved his weight, forward and to the inside of the bends, as he fought the evil handling Honda through the turns.

He sweated and struggled, and thought, “Why oh why had he let that bitch talk him in to selling his bike business.” He had good friends, decent bikes he had fun, he enjoyed fixing other peoples bikes and customising them and they in turn had paid him good money for the work.

Now he had nothing, a bloody Astra Van, bikes and business all sold for a deposit on Suzannes bloody mansion. just to impress her bloody mother.

He rode for hours, seemingly a random route of old A and B roads heading vaguely south west until the unmistakable cone of Glastonbury Tor came into view and at last he got his bearings.

The Lexus slowed and stopped at a farm track, the driver unloaded his case.

“Up there, we can’t follow,” The driver ordered, and Robert saw a farm on the hillside and beyond the forbidding sight of an old Monastery on the skyline

They tied the case to his luggage carrier and he struggled to control the unwieldy Honda as it slipped and slithered up the muddy track.

The last few hundred yards were a nightmare but eventually he arrived at the farm and stopped outside the farmhouse.

A friendly face, appeared in the kitchen window, plump lady, fifty perhaps, a typical farmers wife, “Hello there young man,” she beamed, “You must be Robert, I’m Sheila, I’m doing the first bit of your training,” she beamed, “Come on in.”

Robert walked into the kitchen carrying his helmet and case. “Hi, so you were expecting me?”

“I’m just getting tea, dear.” Sheila explained, “But you can start right away.”

She handed him some stout leather gloves, some German style leather shorts and leather boots, and pointed across to a door in a small stone built barn “Dressing Room is over there,” she told him, “So put these on, just these mind nothing else, then we can get started.”

“You can’t be serious, can you?” Robert asked, but seeing Sheila was clearly not joking he took the leather clothing and walked the few steps to the barn where he was surprised to find himself in an old tack room with horse brasses and harnesses but also facing him a door through to a shower room. He quickly changed and feeling something of a fool he walked uncertainly from the barn.

“Oh Good now let’s get started,” Sheila exclaimed as she gazed admiringly at him.

She handed him an axe, and pointed to the barn full of short logs, “Get chopping.”

He set the log carefully, he axe bit into it but jammed.

“You want to imagine it’s her stupid face,” Sheila suggested.

The next blow cleaved the log in two instantly, and the next and the next, sweat poured from him and Sheila every now and again rubbed him down with a towel to dry the sweat.

She noticed a swelling below his belt.

“Ah, I see you got a problem,” she announced, “Carla,” she pronounced it ‘Car-ler’) “Don’t get here until six so I will see to it now”

She knelt down in front of him, tugged down his shorts and took the whole length of his swollen manhood in her mouth.

His eyes bulged in surprise and almost immediately he sprayed what seemed like gallons of cum down the kindly faced lady’s throat.

“Bit salty, you want to be careful eating too much salt my lad,” was her verdict, “Now chop,”

Robert gasped in amazement, but he pulled his shorts up and again started to chop wood but the passion gone and the blade jammed again.

“I think you learned the first lesson,” Sheila explained, “So get a shower and I got Steak and Kidney for your tea then Carla’s coming to do the next bit of training.”

Robert showered and put the leather shorts back on, he liked the freedom he decided as he walked to the kitchen for his meal. The food was ready for him, the steak had been cooked in ale and was to die for, and then Carla arrived, she was 24 and gorgeous.

She took him to the barn, “What are you looking at?” she asked as she saw him staring at her.

“Ah, you are Gorgeous” Robert assured her.

“Look we have a program to get through,” Carla warned him. “So don’t get any funny ideas.

She stripped off her tee shirt and denim shorts, slid her thong to her ankles and invited Robert to undo her bra strap, then kicked her thong and shorts aside to stand naked except her wellington boots. Roberts erection swelled noticeably like a tent pole in the leather shorts.

“Look, closely” she continued as if nothing had happened, “You can slap me here, here, here” she pointed, “without leaving marks, whipping is more difficult but the breasts and Pantie area are usually pretty safe.”

She reached in her sports bag and removed a whip and a heavily padded body suit which she wriggled into with the grace of a cat.

She smiled at Robert and then simply flicked the whip across the bulge of his erect penis, he screamed

And again “React, man react”

He grabbed the whip from her and grabbed with his left arm and threw her over his knees as he thrashed her with the whip.

“Good now what?” She instructed.

He grabbed her belt and tried to pull down the zip on her padded suit.

“Stop! enough!” Carla shouted.

“I’m sorry.” Robert said quietly.

“No, you were humiliated and you reacted like a man,” Carla replied, “we must sort your erection before we continue, were you going to fuck my bum or my vagina, cunt or ass in other words.”

“Cunt” Robert chose quickly.

“Ass is better for subduing and dominating,” Carla suggested, “But not mine, she assured him, “You need a prostitute for that.”

“Why do you do this Carla?” Robert asked suddenly,”If you’re not a,” he stopped unsure of what to say.

“It’s my job,” Carla pointed out, “They pay very well, and when it’s someone like you it’s fun anyway.”

Sheila’s voice carried across the yard with the single word “Supper,” and suddenly Carla was getting dressed in her shorts and tee shirt again, she shook Robert’s hand and then she jumped into her little Mini car and drove away. Robert saw she took a different route to the one he used as she headed straight across the meadow instead of using the rutted track.

“Just you and me now boy,” said Shiela, “I thought you could bunk in along with me save making up bed special,” she suggested.

Robert agreed, perhaps she would wank him again but no way did he fancy her enough to get it up for a fuck.

He lay beside her, Naked, her hair silver shone in the moonlight he revelled in her warmth and smell, it was the same perfume Susie used, his prick expanded nudging her backside.

“Hey no funny business you climb on top if you want a fuck.” she exclaimed.

“Sorry?” Robert replied in confusion.

“It’s all right, fact is I could use one me self so, don’t waste the hard on, you can climb aboard for a trip to heaven, if you want.” she giggled.

“All aboard,” he shouted laughing as he climbed over he tree trunk legs resting his chest over her pendulous breasts.

“Oh you want’s me now do you, don’t bother with no Johnny, it wont matter just this once,” Sheila’s west country accent became broader still as Robert’s interest intensified.

He lost himself in her acres of flesh, so warm secure like an unborn child in the womb.

Sheila woke Robert at first light, sending him out to chop wood, and then mend fences, and then cut some branches off over grown trees and cut up some fallen tree trunks in the little wood with hand saws, Robert became almost exhausted, but Sheila’s cooking kept his strength up and the morning continued with a lecture from Professor Lindermann, an academic from the nearby university.

“Repressed anger eats away the soul,” he explained “One must react, Hot blood is a defence, kill with an angry blow and you get probation, plan it and you get fifteen years, so don’t repress your anger Robert, hit out and make sure your wife, ah, this Susie makes herself available to you when you want, her vagina, her anus her mouth they are yours to use, everything must be available when you are stressed, you are the important one not she, that is where you have gone wrong, she must follow your work, and of course she should have a little job for pin money, to buy groceries and things like that.”

Robert understood, let it out, don’t repress.

4) Susie.

Susie’s third day at the Monastery started badly, she woke as the suns rays began streaming through the opening that was once the roof of the stable and lit up her naked body as she hung by her agonised bound arms from a hook high on the wall for the third day running and once again she prayed for someone to rescue her, Robert, why didn’t Robert ride up on that big motorcycle and rescue her, she knew the answer only too well, and faced up to the fact that she had brought her misfortune on herself.

She tried to sleep but her throat was parched and her tongue seemed to have swollen up behind her ball gag to completely fill her mouth, she heard some coming and screwed up her eyes against the glare, and there in the doorway she saw Carla with a jug in her hand

“We thought you would like some water,” Carla announced as she saw Susie was awake, Susie looked at her hopefully, “No screaming, or no water.” Carla reminded her as she slipped out the ball gag..

“I won’t scream,” Susie agreed in a whisper hoarse from dehydration, “For pities sake let me down, I can’t feel my arms any more!” she complained.

“Yes,” Carla agreed, “It’s not nice is it?” she commiserated, “And it hurts much, much worse when they let you down,” she added unhelpfully.”

“Please, please let me go!” Susie pleaded, as Carla held the jug of cool water to Susie’s lips.

“Well, actually, we did think perhaps, if you didn’t mind,” Carla suggested, “We could perhaps move you on, we usually leave clients here for a week but the nuns get nervous, so, what do you say?”

“Oh please!” Susie pleaded, “Anything just let me lie down.”

“You need a bath first!” Carl laughed, “So, stand still, I’ll let you down.” she promised and she started to undo the ropes, she unhitched the leash from the wall first and then the ropes from the bracket and lastly the ropes around Susie’s wrists.

Susie staggered and fell as the rope was suddenly released, and Carla watched in detached amusement as Susie struggled to try to stand on her aching legs as her numbed arms hung uselessly behind her and then as Carla undid the ropes binding her wrists so Susie’s arms flopped uselessly to her sides.

“Shall we?” Carla asked but Susie couldn’t stand unaided so she went away to find help locking the door behind her.

Susie flopped against the wall, she felt as if she had reached rock bottom, she wanted someone to rescue her, and she blamed Robert for her plight.

Carla returned an hour later and led Susie across the courtyard towards the Monastery which she rationalised must in fact be a Nunnery.

“Just stand there a moment,” Carla said sweetly as she grabbed a hose reel and twisted the end to send a jet of freezing water cascading over Susie who convulsed instantly with the shock and gasped.

“Oh g’god,” she wailed, but the shock and the adrenalin made her try to deflect the blast with her hands and that sent waves of agony coursing through her as her poor numbed arms came painfully to life.

“Turn, nice and clean,” Carla joked, “Then we’ll make a move.”

“I’Im freezing!” Susie shivered “And s’starving!”

“Oh there’s an old coat somewhere,” Carla announced, as she hung the hose up, “Just slip it on and we’ll get going.”

“But I’m all wet!” Susie complained.

“So?” Carla asked as she handed Susie the smelly old coat which usually lined a dog basket, “You’ll dry out eventually,” Carla pointed out as she tugged the dog leash and as Susie struggled to pull the coat around herself as she rushed to follow Carla to an old Toyota pickup.

“Ok?” Carla asked and when Susie didn’t respond she started the engine and drove off down the drive to begin with and then across the fields on a dirt track.

A Village loomed ahead and after fording the local stream Carla parked the pickup beside the back wall of the village pub.

“Wait here a moment,” Carla warned and then she scrambled over the wall and disappeared for a few minutes, and when she returned she brought a pair of green rubber wellington boots, “There are stinging nettles and broken glass in the car-park,” she explained, “And hurry up Natasha is waiting.”

Carla climbed awkwardly over the pub wall, the concrete capping rasped on her bare bottom as she realised with nothing on under her coat anyone watching could see her sex, but Natasha was waiting.

Susie noted Natasha was immaculate as always her shoulder length brown hair styled perfectly and once again she wore a business suit, not the same one as before, but stylish with an open neck blouse to show off her cleavage now set off neatly by a silver chain with a crucifix. Susie thought ruefully of her own suit which they had burned and her lack of makeup and the filthy bedraggled state of her own shoulder length blonde hair.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Susie asked.

“It’s part of our program, now get inside before you get arrested for soliciting or worse,” Natasha replied quietly, “It’s upstairs,” she added.

“Upstairs,” was the upstairs room accessed by an external stairway with gaps between the treads, Susie trembled at the prospect that anyone looking up would see right up her coat to her naked sex, “I’ve laid on a light lunch for you,” Natasha promised so Susie set aside her concerns and followed Natasha up.

A small fibreboard walled and wooden floored room awaited her, “This is the clubroom and the food is next door in the play room,” Natasha explained as Carla shut the door behind then with a surprisingly firm “Clunk!” and proceeded to lock and bolt the door.

“So how do you feel?” Natasha asked.

“Tired hungry,” Susie replied, “How the hell do you think I feel?”

“Ashamed, worthless?” Natasha suggested, “Or will you be hitching a lift home?”

“No, look, please what is going on?” Susie demanded.

“Therapy, it’s what you signed up for,” Natasha explained, “Now come through and have a bite to eat.” she suggested as she opened the door.

Susie stared at the plate of ham sandwiches and the pint of orange juice waiting for her, on a polished wooden table, “Tuck in!” Carla suggested and Susie started eating without even sitting down and had eaten one sandwich and drunk half the orange before she realised there was perhaps a lot of vodka mixed with the orange juice and that around the edge of the room were some strange items such as a set of medieval stocks and a cross….

“The local Bondage club used to meet here,” Natasha explained, “So eat up and we can get on.”

Susie was too intent on eating and drinking to worry about bondage clubs, she drained the orange and asked for more, and then as the Vodka took effect she succumbed to the warm glow and taking her plate with her she sprawled across a leather covered bench and rested her eyes.

“Susie!” Natasha whispered a few minutes later, Susie didn’t respond, “Shall we put her in ‘The wall’?” Natasha asked Carla.

“Yes, why not!” Carla agreed so they eased Susie upright and brought the base section of “The wall,” across to Susie, they manoeuvred the massive wooden frame up to her and lifted her feet up so they could fit a total of five boards under her legs and then the sixth with two scalloped cut aways into which her legs fitted neatly, which was followed by a matching scalloped away board which fitted over her legs holding them firmly so her feet were several inches above the floor. Next they fitted securing pins to hold the boards down and then they added many more boards slipping them into the wooden u shaped frame which stood well over five feet tall until they reached high enough for the next scalloped hole board.

“Is that about right?” Carla asked.

“Good enough,” Natasha agreed, and they set the next cut away board in place, scallops upward, and placed the matching board right at the top of the frame held by a pair of pins ready to drop it in place when Susie was ready.

“Susie,” Natasha said quietly.

“Mmm,” Susie replied.

“Just lift up a little Susie,” Natasha requested as she took up position to the Susie’s left side and Carla took Susie’s right side and they eased her coat up and slipped her arms from the sleeves and then eased her forward and upwards so her arms went into the scallops to the sides of the upper board and her neck into the centre and then oh so carefully they pulled the pins and eased the upper board down over Susie’s arms and neck.

They paused briefly and then they changed hands and took all the cushions from the leather covered bench and piled them under Susie’s bottom to support her weight.

They lifted the last board into place and secured it with steel pins and a padlock and as Natasha took Susie’s weight so Carla fixed the little leather seat in place, hooking it through the holes in the fourth plank and fixing the back stay so as Natasha eased Susie up so the seat took the weight of her bottom.

“Will you stay while I fetch Robert,” Natasha whispered.

“Yes but wheel her into place first,” Carla agreed.

They wheeled the “Wall” into position, and swung matching wooden walls out from he sides of the room to match it forming a partition across the width of the room with Susie’s naked bottom and torso on on side and her hands lower legs and head the other.

To the side a connecting door pierced the left hand movable wall and there was six feet clear between Susie and the painted out lower panels of the end window and the clear panes at her eye level which showed the rolling Somerset hills and in the distance the Monastery where she stayed.

The effect of the vodka slowly wore off, “Help!” Susie cried hopefully.

“Sssh,” Carla shouted from beyond the wall, “I’m here and it’s soundproofed anyway, what’s wrong?”

“Me, this, everything,” Susie complained.

“I know,” Carla commiserated, “But I’ll lower the seat just a moment.” she said, and suddenly all Susie’s weight was on her legs and wrists and even her neck.

“No!” Susie cried.

“Don’t you like that?” Carla asked.

“Oh no, please don’t kill me,” Susie pleaded.

“Hows this then, better?” Carla asked as she selected a six inch long by two and a half inch diameter Dildo with a big flange on the base which she fixed to an adjustable pole and finally eased the tip between the soft pink lips of Susie’s vagina.

“No please,” Susie pleaded but gently and fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch, and despite Susie’s pleas Carla wormed the intruder deep into Susie’s womb until the flange nuzzled her crotch and once it was right in Carla pushed up firmly making Susie gasp and she released the pole’s ratchet so when she let Susie down again much of her weight was taken through the Dildo and pole.

“Better?” Carla asked.

“No!” Susie replied.

“Shall I take it out?” Carla asked.

“No!” Susie replied, “It’s horrible but it’s better than having my head torn off,”

“I’ll just plug you then,” Carla suggested as unseen by Susie she took up a big black waisted butt plug, liberally coated it with lube and unceremoniously placed it against the tight brown bud of Susie’s anus and forced it in with her knee..

“Aggggh!” Susie protested.

“Here noisy!” Carla laughed as she came through the connecting door and she slipped a pair of headphones over Susie’s ears, “Its Radio Mendip,” she explained, as she pulled a headphone away so Susie could hear, “Gagged, blindfolded and deafened,” Carla said, “That’s the way to enjoy Anal sex, its club night so have fun,” she said and from her pocket she produced a red ball gag and Susie had no choice but to let Carla put it on her again.

“Better?” Carla asked and she laughed and slipped from Susie’s view.

The Music droned on but at least there were time checks, and some banter and her crotch gradually became numb and her anus accustomed to being stretched and she felt hungry again, but then without warning her butt plug was pulled and she tried to scream as a warm penis was thrust unceremoniously up her anus in its place, “Its five past eight on Radio Mendip!” said the announcer as Susie’s anus was de-flowered by an unknown unseen man sending un-wanted sensations coursing through her, as suddenly her vagina began secreting moisture so she slipped up and down the Dildo inflaming her beyond reason until she screamed into her gag in a heady mixture of agony and ecstasy.

No sooner had a warm wet feeling invaded Susie’s backside than the Penis retreated to the consternation of its owner, “Rod,” a bearded hells angel, “Shit I thought she’d have had an ‘Enermer,” he said in his west country brogue, as he surveyed his shit coated penis and the trail of filth leaking from Susie.

A stirrup pump Enema followed, a bucket of water and an empty bucket and an old brass stirrup pump that was a fire extinguisher back in the war, which squirted cold water agonisingly far into Susie’s bowels to flush out the filth was an unexpected treat for some club members and an unnecessary filthy diversion for others but soon enough she was pronounced sparkling clean and ready for her next client.

‘Beemer,’ was next, then Phil, and Harry, ‘Bob’ and then Kat, a biker who rode a Suzuki Katana, then Rod and Andy and then ‘Bob’ had another go, or so Carla told Susie when she handed her her earnings at the end of the session, and then Sidney and Martin and Geordie, and Hog. “That’s eighty quid after commission,” Carla said when she finally removed the headphones, “That makes you a real prostitute!”

“Why?” Susie asked, when her gag was removed.

“It’s the treatment,” Carla explained, “How do you feel?”

“Awful,” Susie admitted.

“Rock bottom?” Carla asked.

“Yes,” Susie agreed.

“It gets worse,” Carla said lapsing into a west country accent, “You ‘ent been whipped yet.”

5) Ass Hole

Natasha came to see Robert at the farm where he was enjoying the hard work, “How do you like it here?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s ok,” he agreed.

“How is the sex?” she asked.

“Sex?” he asked.

“She’s old enough to e your grandmother!” Natasha observed, “You really are incorrigible.”

“Oh,” Robert replied unsure if he hd been insulted or not!

“Its part of the treatment, you see from what I have discovered Susie is actually a very poor fuck, unadventurous and seldom interested in sex, but I think we have proved that there is nothing wrong with your libio!”

“Right,” Robert replied.

“So we have arranged a session at the local Bondage club, they have a whore booked for Anal, so you can fuck her,” Natasha said crudely, “Get some practice in fact there is no point going if you don’t, I will attend as your girl friend, so just wear the motorcycle leathers and nothing else!”

The club was in the upstairs room of the local pub, “You need a special knock and pass word,” Natasha explained as she led Robert up the stairs, a brown coat, floppy hat and cardigan disguising her leather cat suit none too well.

Inside the room there must have been around thirty people in various stages of undress, but after hanging up her coat Natasha insisted Robert should go through to the other room where refreshments were laid out, and so he could join the queue for the whore.

She was apparently pushed through a wall, her naked torso their side her face, feet and hands hidden, and she seemed to be supported by a pole up her vagina. “She’s a school teacher,” Natasha lied, “Doesn’t want her face seen.”

Robert worried he might not be able to perform, but after watching three other men ram their cocks up her red raw backside he had no problems what so ever, he just pulled on a condom, smeared it with lube and rammed his cock inside her, deep inside her gloriously tight and warm ass.

“That’s ten pounds,” Natasha said as Robert pounded away, “On account, and she pinned a ten pound note to the wooden wall beside the whore.

“What’s her name?” Robert asked.

“Asshole,” Natasha said, “It’s just an asshole, nothing more.”

Robert came violently, explosively, filling the condom with creamy yet yellowish cum.

“Yuck!” Natasha exclaimed, “That needs attention, have a sandwich and try again.”

Robert watched the others, some were gently whipping each other, but mostly they sat around talking, “Robert,” Natasha suddenly announced, “The Ass hole is free.”

Robert once again stepped up to the mark, his penis slid in easier now and he banged into her in a frenzy, his balls banging and slapping against her crotch as he fucked her with long violent strokes, sweat poured from him and then suddenly as a choir of heavenly angels burst into song and a mauve elephant exploded in his brain, so Robert shot his load into the Ass hole again.

“Thats better,” Natasha said reassuringly as Robert slid from Ass hole and she peeled off his condom, “Creamy white,” she dipped a finger in it and tasted it, “Salty,” she said “Mmm!”

“Natasha,” Robert said, “That’s disgusting!”

“No, slightly salty,” she said, “But you’re neglecting me,” she chided, “I haven’t had a fuck yet.”

“No,” Robert agreed, “I don”t suppose you had.”

“And you prefer fucking an anonymous Ass hole to fucking me?” she enquired.

“I didn’t think,” Robert said.

“I don’t want thinking I want fucking, don’t you understand anything?” Natasha taunted him, “But never mind, another day maybe.” she said, “We ought to be getting back.”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“Home time,” Natasha explained, “You can hump Sheila later if you feel the need, I’m sure she will be more than willing.”

Robert was sure of that but doubted whether he would be in any fit condition to hump anyone after the glorious anal action he had just experienced.

Natasha drove Robert home to the farm in the smart black Lexus Limousine before she made a wide detour and drove along the track across the fields to the Monastery where she was to check on another recently arrived client.

Robert was greeted by the smell of rabbit stew as he returned to Sheila’s kitchen, “I expect you want something hot inside you,” she suggested, “Ass fucking takes it out of you don’t it?”

“What?” he exclaimed “How did you know!”

“Oh yes Natasha got a whore in special for you,” Sheila said, “I said I’d do it but no she said she wanted someone tighter,” she said, “Ass wise I mean.”

“They got another do on tomorrow,” Sheila explained, “I’ll take you if you like, you’ll have to help me on with me corsets mind!”

Robert’s mind reeled at the thought of someone fucking overweight, greying Sheila, and then he realised that is exactly what he had been doing, in the darkness of her bed admittedly, but fat, ageing Sheila had been the recipient of his cum and the realisation of that shocked him to his core.

He ate his stew thoughtfully and accepted a second helping, and within an hour he was in Sheila’s bed again, enjoying a leisurely fuck.

6) Susie Slut

Susie could only dream of a soft bed, following the Bondage session, as Carla put a black hood over Susie’s head before she persuaded Harry and Geordie to help her dismantle the “Wall,” and, as soon as the second plank came off freeing Susie’s hands so Carla pulled Susie’s arms around behind her and slipped a pair of leather hand cuffs around her wrists, then with the wall dismantled enough to free her legs Susie was lifted off her supporting dildo and allowed to sit on a bench while they pushed the ‘Wall’ to the side of the room and reassembled it.

Susie sat quietly, ball gagged and now blinded by the soft black hood over her head and deafened by Radio Mendip which still blasted through the headphones, she waited helpless, until as a token of thanks Carla graciously let Harry and Geordie lay Susie on her back, after letting her step through her cuffed wrists, by pulling her knees hard up under her breasts so her hands were in front of her, and once laid down they spread her legs and took it in turns to fuck her bruised and numbed vagina.

“Oh poor Susie, your titties aren’t getting any action,” Carla told Susie as she lifted one of her headphones and immediately she slipped a traditional rough hewn Gypsy clothes peg over each nipple.

Susie squirmed in renewed agony which excited Harry to a premature ejaculation, and so sooner than he intended Harry handed her over to Geordie.

Later, much later Susie realised she was alone, her hands sought to release the hood but the ties were carefully hidden up inside the fabric, so she just gave up and lay on the hard wooden floor and slept soundly.

Susie didn’t know it but Carla had slept nearby, in a sleeping bag on an air bed, idly wanking herself with the same sort of dildo she used on Susie and with the same sort of butt plug she used on Susie plugging her brown hole and so amid vivid dreams involving hundreds of men using her like they had used Susie, she drifted into a contented deep slumber.

Susie slept until lunchtime, her own dreams of psychedelic walrus’s and marshmallow clouds dissolved as she found herself lying on the floor with two bearded hells angels watching her, “Oh she’s awake!” Carla said and repeated “Awake?” as she removed Susie’s headphones and turned the radio off.

Susie stared helplessly, “Right take a leak in the bucket and then we’ll clean you up ready,” Carla said callously, “But first Razor needs a blow job,” and she turned to Razor before he wanks all over your face.”

Susie stared but Razor already had his short fat penis in his hand and was tugging the hairy skin covering his heavily veined shaft backwards and forwards making his balls swing and too late Susie opened her mouth wide as the greyish cream splattered her hair and forehead, nose and chin as it pulsed with ever decreasing explosive energy until a mere trickle ran down between her breasts.

“Stupid girl,” Carla complained, “What a mess, you must learn to swallow, now suck Fat Bob off properly. Fat Bob was a wiry six foot two with a west country accent so thick that he sounded thick, and a long thin penis, she later learned that he rode a “Fat Bob” Harley Davidson, that’s a sort of half chopper, if you’re into those things, but Susie thought the name completely bizarre.

With her hands fastened behind her back once again Susie kept falling forward as she tried to suck Fat Bob so Carla let her sit on an old broken wicker chair with a hole in the seat and a bucket under it, but she could now brace herself and as Fat Bob offered her his sweet smelling freshly washed dick to suck so she allowed herself to remember when she first sucked Robert off, on the can in the loo at his bike shop, and just as she had then so she wet herself as the semen pumped into the back of her throat, as if the semen was draining right through her, it was all too much and waves of excitement shuddered through her.

“That’s disgusting pissing yourself when you come you filthy slut!” Carla chuckled, “You my darling have hidden depths don’t you?”

Susie looked round, she should have felt ashamed but instead she just felt relieved.

Even the stirrup pump enema didn’t bother her unduly, until Carla announced that Fat Bob and Razor were here to help her practice DP, where they double plugged her, vagina and anus atb the same time, two live cocks pulsing within her.

“No,” she said feebly but they didn’t listen, they merely strapped her hands to her sides and with some false starts they eventually stood her up and bent over while Razor forced himself up her anus and then stood her straight up so Fat Bob could spear her vagina with his long thin penis.

“Ggggg,” Susie gurgled as the sensations of two cocks working independently coursed through her, “Oh lord,” she gasped, as the sensations became too much and reality dissolved into the pink fog of orgasmic bliss.

Carla sensed Susie had lost control and she stepped forward and released the strap around Susie’s arms so she could embrace Fat Bob and pull him to her and then in a sudden deluge of cum Susie felt two condoms swell ominously inside her before they subsided in post orgasmic bliss.

“Say thank you, Susie,” Carla insisted, “Thank you for using me,” she suggested.

“Thank you,” Susie said quietly, “That was,” she added but she quickly shut up as she remembered were she was.”

7) Life changes for Robert

Robert meanwhile was with Natasha, “We have a buyer for your house,” she said, “And there is a workshop with a little two up two down terrace house a couple of miles away which we have first refusal on, so if you sign here, and here,” she said,”We can proceed.”

“What about Susie?” he asked.

“Look, why worry about her,” Natasha snapped, “She is out to shaft you, take you for every penny, so do it to her first and forget her.”

“Yes, I suppose so.” he said.

“And there’s a mechanic’s job at the second hand bike shop just down the road going if you want to get really dirty,” Natasha smiled, “Ok?”

“Ok,” Robert smiled and then later that day they travelled back to Robert’s hated suburban home and after a brief stop to collect the mail they travelled into town to find his new home.

“Wow, it’s brilliant!” Steve said, as he opened the back gate to the terraced property to find almost the whole of the long back garden was roofed over as a workshop, “It must be fifty feet by twenty,” he said.

“Eighty,” Natasha agreed, “Do you want to see the house?”

“Not really.” he said, “Has it got broadband?” he asked and when Natasha nodded he said, “No sod it, lets do it.” he agreed and signed the forms Natasha handed him.

They cleared the old house next, Natasha had hired a Man and a Van an they quickly ferried the furniture to the new place, all except the poncy stuff Susie liked which went in the skip Natasha had arranged to be placed on the drive, and when they were done they piled all Susie’s smart clothes and stuff into the big yellow skip on the driveway before they went down to the Fish and chip shop for a celebratory take away meal, the three of them, Natasha, Robert and the Van Man.

“I’ll have Susie call you,” Natasha promised, “So you can decide whether you want her back or not,” Natasha smiled her most seductive smile, “There’s a nice 996 Ducati in this weeks on line Trade it , she said conspiratorially.

8) Susie starts soliciting

Susie sat on the floor eating her dinner of fish and chips off the polished floor with her fingers as Carla watched her, “Was it really so bad living with Robert up north?” she asked as Susie dropped a chip which cascaded between her naked breasts and slithered down her naked belly to slide off her naked sex onto the floor.

“No,” Susie admitted, “Not compared to this!” she said as she retrieved the chip and ate it.

“Natasha sent some pictures,” she said, and she reached for a sheaf of A4 sheets fresh from the computer, “Here’s your old house with them throwing rubbish in the skip.”

“But that’s the new house and my antique sideboard!” Susie protested, and as Carla showed her another picture she exclaimed, “My posh frock!”

“Pity,” Carla sympathised, “We could have flogged it except the yobbos torched it.” she said, “Burned it, set fire to it.”

“What everything?” Susie asked.

“Except what Robert wanted, oh and look there’s Robert at the new house on his new bike!”

Susie stared, Robert smiled at her from the picture, he had started to grow his moustache again, the one that made him look, well, masculine, and he had his tight leathers on and despite everything a surge of excitement rushed through Susie’s veins.

“Why on earth did a gorgeous hunk marry a useless slut like you?” Carla asked.

“I don’t know.” Susie replied.

“Because he loved you, wanted to help you, and you took that love and pride and everything and crushed it you selfish bitch,” Carla told her bluntly, “And by the way it seems he sold the van to buy the bike, but if you look it has a pillion seat so he did think of you!”

“So what happens to me now?” Susie asked.

“Well, there’s a meeting of the Wessex bondage club in the pub this evening, so you go down the bar and see who’ll pay to fuck you, ten pounds for straight twenty for anal.” Carla said, “But first we’ll get some pictures for the web site, Slut Susie from Slough, or Natasha was bidding for the domain www.Slough-Slut-Susie.whore, cheapest fuck in wessex.”

“No!” Susie wailed.

“Well you have to earn some money somehow or other.” Clara reminded her, “Natasha sent the pictures of you in the wall to your boss so you won’t have a job to go back to or any references or anything.”

Susie gasped, and then she felt a a horrible weight of despair in her throat, “Oh god,” she sobbed and the the tears started to drip onto her piece of battered haddock.

Carla put a protective hand around Susie and caressed her right nipple, “It will be all right,” Carla promised as she moved to kiss Susie’s lips, “Don’t worry,” she said as her other hand sought Susie’s stretched and swollen sex, and then as Carla’s tongue invaded Susie’s mouth so two then three then all four or her tiny fingers and finally her thumb passed the tight entry to Susie’s vagina and passed within.

“Fuck men for money,” Carla whispered between kisses, “And girls for pleasure!” she added as she balled her fist within Susie and started thrusting, her mouth on Susie’s mouth stifled Susie’s screams of pleasure and then gloriously as Susie’s muscles involuntarily squeezed Carla’s wrist as they tried to milk her of the gushing rush of semen which her hand could never deliver.

Susie lay still afterwards, shocked, too shocked to protest when Carla made her dress in a variety of fetish wear, red latex, black leather, even soft floaty chiffon but with her legs spread showing her sex, or bent over to show her anus, and with her breasts exposed and always smiling at the camera or sucking a dildo.

“You can wear this for the club,” Carla suggested, as she fished a simple dress cut low at the back, out of a carrier bag “Stick it on backwards with your tits out and wear these heels,” she fished out some red shoes with four inch heels and some black hold up stockings, “And these and stick a few condoms up your backside ready.”

“No!” Susie protested so Carla slapped her face.

“Yes, now finish your dinner,” Carla said, “And stick the old coat on till we get downstairs.”

Carla led Susie down the steps and into the lounge bar, “Ten for straight twenty for anal, they are members of the Wessex bondage club,” Carla whispered as she led Susie inside the lounge bar and took her coat, “Offer yourself,” she said, “Like I taught you and to the girls and boys, tell them Dp and spanking is negotiable.”

Susie had never been so scared but she saw a friendly looking woman sitting at a table with her friend and she said, “Excuse me, I’m Slut Susie from Slough, would you like to fuck me, it’s.”

“No!” the woman shrieked, “You’re deranged,”

“Ten pounds for,” Susie added frantically, but the whole bar was in uproar.

“There’s a bally prossie Harry!” someone exclaimed.

“Every time we have a drink before WI some clown sends a drug raddled drunken prostitute,” Miss Gibbons announced as she placed her coat around Susie’s shoulders, “Come with me I run a refuge in town,” she said and Susie gratefully accompanied Miss Gibbons as she hustled her out of the door and across to her ancient Morris Minor car.

“How much to whip you dear?” Miss Gibbons asked.

“Fifty?” Susie replied.

“Fifteen take it or leave it,” Miss Gibbons offered, “Only I’ll have my coat back and drop you here if it’s no.” she added so Susie agreed.

It took barely fifteen minutes once the arrived at Miss Gibbon’s impressive Georgian Manor house, she simply drove Susie to the stable yard behind the house, made her bend over the mounting steps provided to allow skirted ladies to mount their horses decorously side saddle, and then when Susie removed her coat Miss Gibbons carefully took aim and administered six excruciatingly painful lashes with a riding crop, three to each buttock, changing sides after every strike.

Susie winced with the pain, stifling her cries though not her tears, “I am a disgusting sub human cretin,” Miss Gibbons said, “Come on girl, say it!”

“I’m not a prostitute really!” Susie blubbed.

“Of course you are, you take money for sex,” Miss Gibbons insisted.

“I work in Slough really,” Susie sobbed.

“Ugh, no wonder you came down here, all those nasty foreigners yuck!” Miss Gibbons agreed, “Are you getting wet yet?” she asked and when Susie didn’t reply she crudely grabbed at Susie and thrust her finger into Susie’s labia.

“Oh yes,” Miss Gibbons agreed, “Slut Susie, that should be pain slut Susie, now just stay there,” Susie lay across the cold solid stone step and waited the next blow but instead something nuzzled her vagina, “Relax girl, enjoy,” Miss Gibbons laughed and as Susie craned her head round she saw Miss Gibbons was holding an old yard brush by the bristle end and was forcing it into her vagina.

Miss Gibbons put the broom head against her tummy leaving a filthy brown mark across her pastel green dress and pushed forcing the wooden shaft deep inside Susie and to lubricate its passage Miss Gibbons swatted Susie’s shoulders and buttocks one handed and lighty with the riding crop.

“No please!” Susie cried, but she was fully impaled on the handle and Miss Gibbons was expertly manipulating the shaft.

“You see only another girl understands what a slut needs to make her cum,” Miss Gibbons explained, “Cum for me, let me see how low you are, making love to a yard broom, you filthy slut.”

“Please,” Susie cried.

“Oh very well then,” Miss Gibbons exclaimed, “Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked as she dropped the broom, it bounced and the shock sent a shock wave of agony coursing through Susie’s being, she gasped and screamed and as the pain subsided and she began to float on a purple haze of pleasure she realised she had cum.

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