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[ Any names, events, references or characters belong to their original owner, I suppose to the creators of the video game Dante's Inferno and Dante, considering he's the one that wrote the poem. This is a story branched off of the video game Dante's Inferno, and I don't claim ANY of the characters from it, it belongs to the amazing creators of that game!

Though I try to stick to the game closely, I'm a little off sometimes, and yes, I have changed certain situations so that it fits. I hope you enjoy this, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you! ]

Dante’s Inferno: Lust, Chapter Two

The Queen of the Nile

Dante heaved out a great sigh of relief, letting his scythe fall loosely between his fingers. His eyes gazed upon to lustrous Cleopatra, clinging to her lost love, Marc Antony, whom had been defeated by the very scythe in Dante’s large hands.

“No!.. Antony!..” Cleopatra cried, kneeling before the fellow’s limp body.

“You said we’d be together for all eternity,” He croaked with his last, gasping breath. His eyes rolled upwards and his head tilted back very slowly, and Cleopatra paused in awe and sour passion. She lowered his head towards his and whispered his name in a quiet sob. Then, she shot a fiery glare at Dante, the man who had just destroyed her dearly beloved.

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this.” She hissed, “We had a deal!”

Dante, prepared to reap her life next, gripped tightly onto his weapon, but just as soon as he did this, it subconsciously weakened. The Queen of the Nile had begun crawling slowly towards him, as if she were a feline stalking its prey, and a strange sensation came over him. The closer she got, the weaker he became. He felt his face flushed as she raised to her feet before him – much like a snake, even producing the hissing of a snake, but oh so seductively.

Dante fed his eyes with her body, which glistened from sweat or some kind of hellish nectar; one could never be sure in a place like this, after all. Her tits seemed so perfect, from the shape to the size, and they just begged to be touched, licked and sucked. Her upper body curved lusciously into a thin middle and wide, flawless hips and then to long, goddess-like legs. His heart raced. This woman, this evil, evil woman, was controlling him this easily… He knew it was wrong but what was so bad about a bit of a sin?

She made a soft coo from the back of her throat and Dante dropped his scythe, backing away as she continued to approach him. He raised his hands up as to shield his eyes, but it was to no avail. Suddenly, she sprung into the air and skillfully wrapped her long legs around his middle, biting hard onto his neck. She drew only a slight amount of blood and sucked on his neck, all the while her hands exploring his chest and middle. Dante felt a pleasurable rush come over him as she treated herself to his neck, then he came to his senses and quickly shoved her off.

Cleopatra retaliated as if it were nothing at all, and with outstanding quickness, she pounced forward, pushing Dante on his back. Still weakened, Dante was easily pinned by her lust-powered strength. She arched her back and grinded her hips against his, and with a frustrated roar, Dante rolled over, now pinning Cleopatra beneath him.

With a sudden loss of control again from her mere scent and aura, Cleopatra let out a beautiful moan as she guided his hand to her breasts. He played with these wonderful things of nature, trying his hardest not to lose sight of his goal… but her influence was just too strong.

Dante struggled with himself as he fumbled with his armor to relieve his pulsating erection from it, and when he had situated himself, he moved his hands to Cleopatra’s hips and pulled her onto his thick cock. Her pussy lips wrapped around his member as he pushed his entire length inside of her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Dante fiercely nibbled at her hard nipples as he began pumping in and out of her. His cock was so soaked with her pussy juice and his own precum that it was simple to slide in and out of her, pounding into her little womanhood. She gasped and groaned and arched her back in pleasure, biting her bottom lip as he picked up speed and power. He had begun slamming into her cunt, a loud slapping noise made from the frequent and sudden connect of his hips, hers and her thighs.

He stopped for a moment, and began pulling out of her. Cleopatra’s eyes widened in shock. “What are you doing?” She snarled.

Dante angrily reached his arm up and wrapping his fingers around her throat in a tight grasp. “You will have the fate of your Marc Antony,” He murmured under his breath as she squirmed within his clasped hand. Still holding onto her throat, he used his free hand to position his dick at his tiny asshole, and then he pushed forward into her. She wriggled in pain and pleasure, moaning out loudly, strained through his choking hold around her neck.

With a smirk, Dante whisked into her, making her scream as much as she could, though hoarse and barely audible. He let go of her neck and she gasped for air through pained cries and he took ahold of her hips, rocking violently in and out of her ass. It felt great around his cock, the walls of her insides squeezing around the length of his member.

“Uhh,” He groaned as he pulled her into him as he pushed in as well, then reclined and repeated several time. He knew he was close to cumming, and by the amount of wetness running down from her pussy and all over his cock, she had already done so many times before this.

But this, this would be something she had never experienced and what she would never forget.

With a final thrust, Dante threw his head back and shouted as his cock spit out its first load into her ass. Carefully and successfully he withdrew from her asshole and shoved himself back into her pussy, where he pumped a few times into her and let out the next two, three, four hot streams of cum into her cunt.

Panting heavily, sweat dripping from his forehead, he removed himself from the Queen of the Nile and readjusted his armor, picking up his scythe and heading off for the next level of hell.

Cleopatra’s pussy twitched with satisfaction and defeat, Dante’s white cream oozing plentifully from both her holes. She lay unmoving, her chest rising and falling quickly to regain her breath. With the energy that still remained, she watched Dante exit her circular prism platform, the powerful warrior who had overcome her and her seductresses… all for what?

A worthless, untouched farm girl?

[ I appreciate all of the comments left on Chapter One and I hope you all enjoyed Chapter Two! Any suggestions are very helpful! Thank you! - Pink ]

I woke up to the familiar pain in my ass as something hard slid in and out of me- teasing. I moaned into my pillow, cursing myself for smoking so much last night, cursing my laziness; I hadn’t ripped, but something felt off. I didn’t open my eyes, couldn’t get to my knees because he was holding my down by my neck; but not choking me like he usually did…

In fact, his hands felt wrong, and-

Holy shit it wasn’t his cock.

Whoever was in me was much bigger then my master, and much, much, quieter. When I realized that it wasn’t him, I screamed! I heard a laugh- it sounded odd, the accent, I knew the accent from… somewhere… from… the bathhouse? Yes, I knew that voice from the bathhouse; I could feel smooth fur dancing across my legs- it was the servant who had waited on us last night!

“What the hell?” I raised my head, stared at the dark wood stained in front of me and tried to remember where I was. I must still be in my master’s hotel room. Where was he? Did he know about this? Was I supposed to be doing this? I heard that fucking laugh again- it was starting to piss me off.

“Don’t worry- I’m not gonna hurt ya’,” his voice has a soothing effect, “Your boss said that you had some kind of thing today, but I wouldn’t hurt ya’ anyway. Just been a long time since I’ve been with a lapin.”

“mm-hmm…” I tried to turn my head to look at him, for my master, anything that would give me a clue as to what was going on.

He was really starting to make me sore- I very rarely wished this upon myself, but if he was going to keep popping in and out like that it was going to leave me very hurt, and gaping for a little while. The opposite of what I needed if my master was going to be showing off my healing power. Plus, for some reason, I didn’t have the same kind of respect I usually had for my tops; I just wasn’t afraid of this guy… Strange… The hangover was killing me and I pulled the pillow back up to bury my face in it.

“That hurts- those shallow thrusts,” I mumbled into the pillowcase, as much bravery as I could muster.

He stopped, with his dick right outside, and moved to his knees; I could feel him take the weight off of me. “What?” he asked, and grabbed my hair, so I couldn’t lose my voice in the pillow, “I can’t hear ya’.”

“Those shallow thrusts hurt,” I sighed, hoping I hadn’t just brought something horrible on myself.

“Heh, so you do talk.” I could see him now, the way he was holding my head- he wasn’t as young as I had pegged him for, but he couldn’t be much older then I was, “So I guess that means… hmm… I was trying not to stretch you out, but if that’s what you want,” he was laughing. I had made a mistake.

And he rammed his entire length inside me! I screamed; I had seen it yesterday- could feel my body contorting around him; I scrambled, pulling myself forward, grabbing for the headboard, all that I succeeded in doing was shoving the pillow under my chest and banging my head. There were tears in my eyes; I couldn’t see for them, but not of sorrow or anything like that. He stopped, and held me there by my waist, moaning as I squirmed to try and find some way to make the intruder comfortable- he was far past the spot that my master had conditioned me to love; he was so far inside me- farther then anyone had ever gone. I felt like he was ripping me apart.

“Please, please, please,” I begged, but he held me firm.

“You’re alright,” he pulled out just a little, “It’s what you wanted.”

“I changed my mind, I can’t- I can’t… Holy fuck, what the fuck are you? How is… this possible?” I gasped for breath as he slammed back into me. I could feel his balls brush up against mine, our hips met, he was completely inside me again, there was no pleasure from it at all, my insides felt like they were burning; I wasn’t ripped but I have no idea why not.

“heh,” I heard the familiar laugh of my master; I turned my head to see him eating breakfast and sipping tea, “He must really like you, he never talks this much.”

Ok, so he knew. How long had he been sitting there? There was a little sitting room off to the side where I had stood looking out the window, that couch place- he must’ve been in there and just moved to the table. That eased most of my fears, but did nothing to stop the pounding, the electricity that was flying through my entire body every time the fucking goat slammed into me.

I laid my head down on the bedsheets and wept softly into them. Braced my forehead with my arm so that when he pounded me, I wouldn’t bang my head again. He was being slow and gentle, and I sent a prayer of thanks up for that.

“Here, Xac,” my master put his cup down and came to comfort me. He turned to the guy behind me, “hold on a sec, you’ve got a bad angle.” He moved the pillow that I had buried under my chest to my groin, forcing my ass higher- that suddenly felt better, “Keep your back arched, Xac. Here, prop yourself up a sec.” I lifted myself, my arms didn’t want to support my frame, as he slid another pillow under the first one. Now I wasn’t exactly on my knees (my top was a head shorter then I was at any rate) but he was fucking me like I was. “Better?” he asked.

“Much smoother,” the servant replied, and I realized that Master was talking with him, even though he had been squeezing my hand. But the angle was better; it still hurt, but the rubbing wasn’t as random as it had been; I could feel my insides stretching, filling up, but his cock was hitting everything, and the pain edges my mind with a steady buildup of pleasure. I couldn’t really move, and I knew I was being a bad fuck, but he didn’t seem to notice. I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting whatever enjoyment I could-

He was just so deep- the only part that really hurt was where his head had split me open. I was used to the normal pain involved when you have to stretch to fit someone who’s a little to wide, but I had never had someone so deep inside my guts before. Somehow, that image made me feel a little better; so did the friction I got from the pillows as my cock started to stand at attention, and I let out a moan.

“mmm, there you go,” the servant addressed me, “just relax.”

“uh-hu,” I mewed happily; I understood what he was talking about- he was hitting me in the right spots now, he didn’t pull back much, and he was going in a slow, but steady and smooth rhythm. I really wished that he had let me lube him up a little, but the extra friction seemed to be really working for him. I was just beginning to think that there was a possibility that I might be able to cum myself, felt my body tensing, when he shot so deep inside me that I let out another scream, softer, in alarm- and closed in on him.

He said nothing, but made low noises that lost any human sound- I hadn’t expected it, but it seemed like it wouldn’t stop. He was convulsing uncontrollably, not the way a man normally does, but expanding at least twice his size; still pumping- I couldn’t form words, couldn’t think, I was blinded somehow. He dug his nails into my back and I squirmed- he loved it. I needed it to stop- the pain was back, I was filled to capacity! I howled but he kept going! How was he cumming this much? For this long?

I bucked against him- when I tried to pull away it just hurt more; for some reason, the deeper he went the less it hurt- and tried to keep him in the same spot, moved with his body- which was causing my cock to rub harder and faster against the pillows. My master must’ve seen the look on my face, because I heard the words, “Xac, it’s alright.”

Oh thank god. I reached for my cock as the man behind me bore down, slamming me into the bed-frame, probably leaving a knot, and pinning my other arm there. The explosion inside me seemed to taper off, but I was thankful- as my healing kicked in around him, the euphoria set in- I wished that he would take that force and set it around my neck instead of my arm- I wonder….

“choke me?” I asked, but I said it much fiercer then I had meant to, and he obliged. As the tingling sensation took hold of me and I lost the feeling in my hands, his full weight seemed to bear down between his hands and his cock and I was stuck there, impaled on him; I twitched violently and shot all over the bedsheets. I wanted him to let go, to know that it was alright, but he was somehow still cumming inside me.

This was insane. When I thought that the pummeling was finally going to drive me mad, he suddenly pulled out, in a motion as smooth as he had went in, and left me empty. He must’ve jumped up in that same motion, because when I turned around, he was already washing his hands in the basin and thanking my master. I was crying- I didn’t know why.

I really expected my ass to ache like it had yesterday, to be stretched, torn, unusable, but it didn’t. I didn’t have any pain, if anything, the euphoria of my body healing, tightening back up was all. I was sitting in my own mess with the pillows under my knees, so I reached down and hugged them, trying to get my breathing back- trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. After the money and the pleasantries, he came back over and rested a few inches from my face. He was cute, he really was, and young, but I didn’t know what to make of him. I had made a mistake not fearing him.

“I hope I see you again,” he smiled, “You were the best one yet.” He tussled my hair and planted a kiss on my forehead.

“Thank you?” I asked in awe as he headed out the door, locking it in place behind him.

“What did you think?” my master asked, biting into a pastry, then added with a laugh, “You’ll probably be leaking for a while.”

“What…” I searched for the right words, “Master, what are they?”

“Satyrs.” he said simply, turning some kind of large book over in his hands- on the front were pictures drawn of the festival below, “They built this city and holed themselves up in it. They’re very good customers, but I don’t want you to get used to it. They’ve got some kind of magic about them that’s supposed to lure people in and keep them here until they’re so wasted and broke- their wallets” he added, seeing the look on my face, “broke meaning their wallets are empty. I looked him over, he wasn’t that thick, you’ll be fine. Just thought you should try it once.”

I stood up and sat back down, I was leaking- everywhere.

“Don’t worry about it,” my master laughed, staring at me, “They’re the ones who are going to have to clean it up. Come sit with me and have some breakfast.”

Felicia always seemed to be a sweet girl and was always very innocent. She was extremely beautiful and had a perfect body. DD breasts and a large bubble butt that gave any man a raging one just to see her walk. She had an hourglass shape with brunette hair and blue eyes to get lost in. She would always show her body off wearing tight clothes to and from the gym she works at. She was supper model height for a lady and was absolutely jaw dropping all the way around. What people didn’t realize was her wildly horny side.

Yes, Felicia was always horny and she never knew why. She never bothered to question it. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her after two years of pleasuring her and she didn’t know what to do without him. She would have to find a alternate release. She would masturbate but it never seemed to do the trick. She would soon learn her problems would be over soon.

To get to her gym she had to cross a college campus. This campus was the Shawnee campus. She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym.

It was any other normal day except Felicia wasn’t here to work out today. She planned to just fill out some papers and take some checks to deposit. Today she wore short jean shorts that showed off the very bottom of her ass and a pink thong and sports bra. She walked across campus as she got looks from just another every guy there. She loved the attention and even gave a couple of winks on her way to the gym. She unlocked the door and went inside to her office. It was closed on Sundays so no one would be there. She went into her office and sat down.

“God I really don’t want to do this” she said to herself as she booted up her computer. She hated doing this and keeps meaning to remind herself to hire someone to do it for her. Again she would likely forget. She went away filing papers and entering new members into the computer. Finally she would take the checks to the bank and return to finish up.

“What could I do to make this interesting” she thought and had a light bulb go off. She pulled her jeans down and moved her thong to the side. She opened and door and pulled out a butt plug. She lubed it up and slowly in and out got it to go farther and farther in. She moaned the whole time and finally it went in the full way.

“Ahhhh, that never gets to be an old feeling” she would wear it to the bank and back while walking the whole way. She pulled her shorts back up and walked out. She hoped someone might notice as the thought of their reaction turned her on. Well, more on than before. She walked the full half mile there not trying to hold her walk steady making it pretty obvious. She’d never done this before and kind of liked it. She then returned to the gym and found the front door wide open.

“Shit how did I forget to lock?” She asked herself. Then she realized her shenanigans made her lose focus. She walked in slowly after shutting the door behind her. It didn’t seem anyone was there and she walked to her office where she took her plug out and put it back. She finished up and left her office.

“Hello Licia,” someone said in the dark. She was startled and couldn’t see a thing. She knew only one person called her that and his name was Mark. She struggled to find the switch and turned it on to find ten guys all in the newly lit room. She fell backwards in astonishment.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? You know the gym is closed on Sundays,” she yelled in frustration and approached Mark.

“Sorry, we just thought we’d surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous,” he said as she got right in front if him.

“Well don’t do it again, you almost killed me,” she said, “What do you want anyways?”

“Ahhhh that’s the surprise,” and quickly two guy grabbed her arms and tied them above her head to a rope on the ceiling.

“Fuck Mark! What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Well we know how horny you get and thought we’d show you a good time besides we all graduate in a few months so we thought we would give you a parting gift.

“What are you going to do to me!?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Shhhhh enough questions,” said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. They were thought to get off with the extra size she has. They all pulled their shorts off leaving some naked and others with just their underarmor.

“Please don’t!” She yelled. Some thing was telling her not to do this as they removed her thong and exposing her most private areas. Her tan line appeared all around as Alex slapped her butt a few times.

“Mark will you do the honors?” He asked. Mark didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate as he was in black sleeveless underarmor. He rubbed her pussy as she became hot.

“Damn, you’re moist already!” He shouted as the others laughed. Mark was definitely the biggest she’d ever seen. He grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them around her as her arms kept her upper body in check. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10″ cock around her pussy lips. He plunged in as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh my god! You’re- you’re huge!” She cried out as Mark pumped in and out.. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her body was all in but her mind told her not to like it. His cock was so big and fat it spread her pussy wider with each pump. He then reached around and shoved three of his fingers inside of her asshole. He stopped and made her lick them clean before continuing. Alex came up behind her started to play with her asshole. He then removed her sports bra revealing her large breasts to everyone. He slapped them a few times and spit on her asshole. He put the tip of his cock onto her asshole and slowed plunged his way in.

“Hey guys, she prepared her asshole for us! What a good slut!” He said and slapped on of her titties. Mark leaned over and started to suck on them.

“Oh my god! Guys! Please! Stop!” She yelled at her double penetrators. She’d never done this before. Her body was slowly melting not it. Her juices pushed past Mark’s fat cock and drip onto the floor.

Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. She could barely hang on. She couldn’t as her tits were slapping together with each upward movement.

“Oh my god!” She cried out. Mark pulled out as her juices soaked the floor. Alex kept going which only made the orgasm more powerful and last longer, “Ah! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Alex was pumping so hard his balls were slapping into her wet pussy. Alex almost came and didn’t want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly. He let her down as she could barely stand up. They cut her lose a spend she fell to the floor in her post orgasmic rush.

“I want all of you to have a turn with me,” she said in between breaths. She got smirk on her face as she realized she was about to be gang-banged by all of these men. She licked her lips in lust as they all approached her.

Author’s note: Thanks for the comments. This is my first time writing erotica fiction, but I am glad some of you like it. None of this is based on real events or real people.

This story also contains themes of race (among other things) that may be offensive to you. If it does, please stop reading and find other awesome stories on

Big Jock and the Little Nerd Ch. 03

The next day I got up real early to avoid Matt. I peeked in the living room, but he wasn’t there anymore. I guessed he had gone to his room at some point in the night. On the floor, his clothes were still scattered. The room seemed different to me. I no longer felt that this apartment was mine.

I picked up his stuff and laid them on the chair. Feeling his clothes in my hands gave me flashbacks of the night before. But the clothes were cooler now; his underwear no longer warm like how they were when I buried my face in his crotch the night before.

I had to leave, but I got the urge to sniff them. Even cold, they still smelled of him. The stains, the piss, even the ball sweat. I even got the courage to sniff the part where his ass had been. There were plenty of times in high school when I could have stolen other guys’ underwear but I never had the courage. I’d go home and wack off thinking about them.

I was getting hard again, and the pain in my hole added to the reminder of what had taken place in that room. I felt guilty and embarrassed. I had to get out of there.

I went straight to work. It was a cold morning and hardly anyone was around at the site except for my co-worker, Steve, who was just sitting around, drinking coffee and reading a magazine. Steve sometimes comes over on weekends and hangs out, drinks beer and shoots the shit. He and Matt get along pretty well. I waved and he let me in.

“Early start today?” he asked. I nodded, and just kept walking towards my workspace. I wasn’t in the mood to talk.

“I’m surprised you’re here so early. Matt said you guys had quite a night last night. How’s your rib?”

“Huh? My rib’s fine. Doesn’t really bother me now. Did Matt say anything?” I was alarmed for a second.

“Nah. He just said you guys drank a lot. Hey, let’s hang out this weekend. You can meet my new girl! I think you’d really like her. I think you both have a lot of things in common.”

I smiled and said, “Sure.” I didn’t know what he meant by that and I wasn’t particularly interested. I’ve met Steve’s girls before and they’re always a little annoying. It seems that Steve and Matt have the same taste in girls — big boobs, small brain. But sitting around playing poker and drinking beer always helps.

The rest of the day, I tried to keep myself from thinking about the night before, but my body was not letting me forget. My nipples were still so sore that I wished I could work without my shirt. I also had to keep squeezing in my ass; it felt like there was a big hole there that just wouldn’t close.

Over the next few days, I managed to avoid Matt. I went to work earlier than usual and spent the rest of the day and night in class or in the library. My hole felt much better — a little too good; it itched a little. I still couldn’t help thinking about Matt. Deep inside, I knew I could not continue doing anything with him. What we had was something that could only happen that one time.

On Friday, I got home early, and sure enough, Matt was there. I told him Steve was coming over, but then quickly went to my room.

“Hey, wait a minute,” I heard him say. I closed the door behind me, pretending I didn’t hear him. But he followed me, and entered my room.

“What’s up, man? I haven’t seen you all week. You avoiding me or something?”

“Nah. Just been busy.”

“You sure? It feels like you’re mad or something.”

“No. Just had a lot to do, midterms and stuff.”

He approached me while I was changing, taking my shirt off, my back turned away from him. Already, his scent was filling up my room. I couldn’t look him in the eye; I was trying to build up the courage to talk to him about what happened, that it was something that was not gonna happen again.

He approached me and grabbed my chest from the back, his fingers going straight to my nipples, instantly making me hard. But I didn’t want a repeat of that night, ending up in the most humiliating situation.

“Matt…I can’t,” I said softly, moving away from him.

“Huh? No, wait,” he pled, reaching out for me, grabbing my arm. “I knew you were avoiding me.” He seemed hurt.

“I don’t know. I think that whatever happened last week was a one-time thing, you know. It can’t happen again.”

“Why not? Don’t do this. I had a great time, man, come on.”

“Sorry, Matt.” I sat down on the bed, looking away from him. I saw our reflection on the big closet mirror, seeing Matt standing there in the same shorts he wore when we messed around. He seemed so small next to my sitting figure.

He was quiet for a moment. Then he took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, too. I didn’t wanna have to do this, but…you know, Jason is coming back soon. I tried to tell you but I haven’t seen you all week.” He moved closer to me, placed his hands on my shoulders, and pulled me close to his crotch. “I think you know what I’m saying.”

“What?” It took me a while to get what he was trying to say with his crotch in my face. But once I understood, I was in a panic.

“You wouldn’t tell him, would you? You promised that you wouldn’t!” I got up and pushed him. But I pushed him a little too hard and he ended up slamming against a wall. He looked shocked.

“Fuck!” He gave me an angry look and stormed out.

This freaked me out. Why did I have to push him so hard? I went after him. I was afraid of what he might do if I didn’t apologize.

I followed him to his room where he was sitting on his desk chair, stretching his back against it. I was rarely in his room and was struck by how much it smelled just like him. A permanent stink of old deodorant and his body odor.

“Matt, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push so hard.”

He turned in his chair to face me. “Fuck you, dude,” he muttered, looking at me so angry. “You wanna apologize? Get on your knees and crawl over here.”

“Dude, don’t be like this.”

“I’m not kidding, champ. You want me to shut my mouth about what a real big pussy you are, then you know what to do.”

“But…this is fucked up.”

He pursed his lips. “Yea. And either you come over here or I let people know how your pussylips bounced up and down on my big white dick.”

Matt got a little cocky last time, but this was a whole ‘nother level.

His dick started to tent out of his shorts. Not only was I hard too, but my hole was getting hot for him. The shorts, his smell, his voice…it was all coming back. But I tried to keep my composure. I didn’t know what else could be more humiliating than Jason finding out about me. So I got on my knees and crawled towards him until I was between his legs.

“Come on, champ. Let’s do this…and no one has to know.”

“Matt…you promised…” My face moved closer and closer to his bulge until I was buried in his crotch. He reached over and tweaked my nipples. I rubbed my cheeks with his nylon-covered dick, with the familiar feelings sweeping all over me; I was almost thankful that it was all happening again. My dick was so hard.

“I know you need this, champ. I need it too,” he said softly, almost trying to comfort me, taking a hand off my chest, patted me on the head, and then softly brushing my hair with the palm of his hand.

I couldn’t help myself anymore and pulled down his shorts and his briefs. His cock snapped up. I had to have it in my mouth again.

I peeled the skin down the head, its rank scent filling my nose. Damn, does this boy ever clean his dick? But it didn’t matter…in fact, it was even better. I needed to smell that, the smell of a man after a full day’s work.

I opened my mouth to engulf his dick, but he flicked my lips with fingers. “I didn’t hear you ask, champ.”

Dammit. He knew I wanted it, but I didn’t wanna have to ask. Fuckin’ little twerp!

“Can I?”

“Can you what?” he prodded condescendingly, stroking my hair some more.

“Can I have your cock in my mouth?”

He smirked. “I would but you’re not properly dressed.”

“Huh? What?” I was confused. I only had on my baggy work jeans and boots. But what was he talking about being dressed?

“Take off everything.”

This little fucker was playing with me. What could I do? So reluctantly I took off my boots and socks, then stood up and took off my jeans. I set them aside.

I looked him in the eye, my hands on my hips. I had left my bikini briefs on.

He shook his head. “Everything.”

Slowly, I bent to take my briefs down.

“Yea, there you go,” he encouraged, then added, “that’s how you and your little boydick should be properly dressed around me.”

I flinched. Where does he get this shit?

“You don’t have to be like that, Matt.”

“Don’t worry. This stays between you and me…unless you wanna change that somehow.”

He stared at me, examining my body with his eyes, his lips curling into a faint smile. He turned around towards his desk, opened a drawer and took out a ruler. Seeing the ruler instantly made me lose my hard on a little bit.

“Come closer.”

“No, no…come on. Let me just suck your dick…”

“Come closer, son…heh,” he laughed, smacking the palm of his hand with the ruler. I hesitated. What the fuck is he gonna do!?

“Come on boy…we don’t have all night,” he continued, raised his hand which held the ruler and playfully gestured like he was about to smack my dick, swiping the air just an inch short of my dick, which was hardening again. What the hell is he calling me boy for! He’s much younger than me!

I put my hands over my crotch.

“Take your hands away, little boy, and come closer. If I want you to be close to me, then you need to get close,” he instructed.

Fuck. Now he was calling me a “little boy.”

I obeyed, slowly, taking my hands away and moved within inches of him. He put one end of the ruler at the base of my dick; I was flinching the whole time.

“Let’s see what a big boy you are.”

He measured, my dick hardening at the attention it was getting. “Aw…a growing boy,” he said, my dick pumping up a little bit, until it was painfully hard. “Wow, almost 4 inches.” He smacked it lightly, but hard enough that my heart skipped a beat and I flinched.

I never expected this side of Matt.

He handed me the ruler. “Now, go ahead and see what a grown man’s dick should measure up to.”

I tried to measure his dick, but the curve threw me off a little bit. “It’s a little over 9 inches, Matt.”

“That’s right, son,” he said, continuing to mock me. “Get down on your knees and pay it some respect.”

I kneeled, opened my mouth.

“Nah…I said pay it some respect. That means show my dick how much you love it by giving it kisses. That’s how anyone should pay respect to a real cock, right? So pucker up!”

I kissed his cock all over, and then down to his musky, hairy balls.

“Yea, that’s good boy. I didn’t have to tell you to kiss my balls,” he chuckled. Now you can open those pretty lips and take my dick.”

Even before he finished his sentence, I wrapped my mouth around that thick manhood. It tasted so good, as if I was tasting it for the first time. I had to have my tongue all over it. It was. I slurped it up.

“Yea, boy, you do that so well. I never had a girl clean out my dick head like you. You like how it tastes?” He smirked.

I nodded.

“What was that? I can’t hear you. Do you like how my dick tastes in your mouth?”

I stopped sucking and told him. “Yea.” Drool hung off my chin.

“Yea I know you do. And I haven’t even showered today but you’re loving my cock anyway,” he smirked. “Damn, love those thick brown lips.”

He raised his arms, clasped his hands and rested them behind his neck; his pits were exposed, reeking of musk.

No question he hadn’t showered. His crotch was steaming with his funk, his pits filling the air. I went back to sucking again, this time going past the head a little bit. But for some reason, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back until my lips were back on his dick head.

“Don’t move, champ.” He put a finger on his dick and made an imaginary line just below the dick head. “I know you did such a good job last time on my dick head, so tonight you get to take a little more. But only to this point,” he continued, emphasizing the line. “An inch below the ridge. If you do a good job, then next time I’ll let you go down another inch. You understand?”

I nodded, my dick jumping at the thought of being trained on every inch of his dick. “Good,” he said. “That way you can get to know my cock really well — we’ll ease you in to being really good at sucking my dick. That’s how nice I am,” he said while his toes fiddled with my balls and dick.

I nodded again, out of breath. My dick was hard, but my balls wanted to curl inside and hide. I was so fucking hot and horny I couldn’t tell if I was about to cum or not.

“Make sure you slurp on it real good.”

For a few minutes there, I was on my knees between his legs and the only sound you could hear was my sucking and slurping on the first two inches of that big white cock, doing the best I could to make him feel real good. He moaned the whole time, cussing away, letting me know what a good job I was doing.

Suddenly, he got a good solid grip on my head, holding me still while he grunted real hard. I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to. I knew what was coming, but the thought of finally getting seeded with a man’s cum in my mouth was unbelievable. When he finally came, I didn’t know what to do and I froze. Eventually, his cum seeped out of my mouth and dripped down my chin. I wiped it off, looking up at him, just to look at his face.

He caressed my lips with a finger, and directed his eyes down between my legs.

“Damn, you sure can come without touching yourself.”

I looked down. My dick was still hard, but it was all wet, down to my balls, which were dripping with my own cum. There was a puddle under me. I couldn’t believe I came.

“Clean up my dick.”

I did as told, licking away on the head until all the sticky cum was gone. I even licked off the spit dripping down his balls.

“Good job. I didn’t even have to tell you to just use your mouth. You did it on your own. You’re a natural cocksucker.”

Eyes closed, he had the look of relief on his face. He was completely relaxed now.

“Now tell me why you’re the cocksucker and not me?”

“Come on, Matt…we don’t have to do it like this,” I pled. “I’m sorry about what happened earlier.”

He just ignored me though. “Tell me why you’re the cocksucker and not me.”

He still seemed mad, and there was probably no other way to win him back over.

He grabbed his dick and wiped my face with it. “Tell me.”

“‘Cuz you got a bigger dick. Happy?”

“I think you like being my cocksucker,” he said, a faint smile formed on his lips. “Do you like being my cocksucker?” he asked, reaching out to my face and caressing my cheeks.

Just then, we heard someone say, “Yea, I think he does.”

We both turned towards the door, and there my coworker Steve stood with his new girl, wine bottles in hand.

“Do you know what this place is?” asked the young twenty-something from behind the counter window.

DJ had never been there before, but knew exactly where he was. From the outside it appeared to be a windowless warehouse with a nondescript parking lot to the side. He was now standing in a dimly lit hallway with two doors. One led back outside to that parking lot; the other, into a world he had wondered and fantasized about for months.

“I need to see your ID.” DJ froze for a moment. “An ID? They have to record that I’ve been here?”

“Don’t worry. I just mark down your first name, last initial, and the state you’re from.”

“OK, I guess that’s alright.” thought DJ. DJ had been with women his entire life and had never experienced another man’s touch, and he still wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to yet. However, he knew if he gave his name and walked through that door the fantasy would become reality. By giving only his first name, he was allowed plausible deniability to anyone – including himself.

DJ knew this wasn’t really him that would be walking through that black door into the unknown. It was ‘Fantasy DJ.’ It was the man he had imagined being with his eyes closed and his own hand clasped around the base of hard shaft as he shot streams of semen on his own stomach. DJ would often stroke himself to images of beautiful nude women online – but cum to the image in his head of a man swallowing his loads. But this wouldn’t change ‘Reality DJ.’ He would go home back to his girlfriend and move on with life as nothing was different.

Fantasy DJ never partnered with a specific man. Tall or short, skinny or heavy, smooth or hairy… It didn’t matter. The sheer mischievous thought of another man touching DJ in a sexual manner would send him over the edge into a deep, long and incredibly pleasurable orgasm. And it didn’t take long for this fantasy to morph into a desire for experience – which brought DJ to today.

The twenty-something man behind the glass gave him his ID back and hit a buzzer behind the counter. DJ walked through the black door.

“I can’t believe I am actually doing this,” DJ thought to himself. He looked around. Immediately in front of him was what looked like a hotel lobby with couches and coffee tables. Some soft music was playing in the background, but it was so quiet he could hardly hear it. DJ looked to his right and the man from behind the glass was now standing next to him with a folded white towel and a lock for the locker room.

“Here, take this,” he said. “The locker room is down that hallway in the back. There is a shower and steam room next to the locker room, and a sauna in the back corner. Next to the sauna is the movie room. The only thing I ask is that you keep your towel on if you are in this lobby area.”

DJ thanked him and took the towel and lock. As he made his way to the back locker room he looked around. It was obvious that many of the men already here had heard the buzzer and came to check out the fresh meat. And it was clear that DJ was a newbie. One looker in particular, a well-built man with peppery gray hair stood nearby wearing only a white towel much like the one DJ held in his nervous hands. He must have been in his late forties, but his broad chest and shoulders looked more like they belonged to someone about 25. He watched intently as DJ made his way down the hallway.

Once in the locker room DJ began to undress. Out of habit, he looked around to see if he had privacy and quickly laughed at himself for even bothering.

As he took his boxers off and stuffed them in the locker with his other things he felt his dick begin to swell as it hung low in the open. He had been nude in men’s locker rooms at the gym before, but always with the intention of hiding his goods. He knew that here it would be quite the opposite and his dick quivered at the thought.

DJ wrapped the towel around himself and walked out of the locker room to explore. “Wow, this towel is much smaller than I expected,” he thought. “I’ll have to hold it together while I walk just to keep it on.”

DJ turned left and began walking toward the rest room because he had to go. He always had to go when he was nervous. After he washed his hands and opened the door he saw the peppery haired man looking at him from down the hallway. Knowing he was caught staring, the peppery haired man quickly disappeared around the corner.

“Well that didn’t take long for someone to pick me out! Did this guy, probably twenty years my senior, actually like what he saw?”

DJ was fairly proud of his body. He was an athlete through high school and college and maintained himself well since then. He, himself had broad shoulders with a hairy, defined chest. His ‘V’ shaped torso pointed down to a slim waste and solid ass. DJ couldn’t help but think that it was the object poking from behind his small, white towel is what this peppery haired friend was wanting though.

Not wanting to commit to his first gawker, DJ continued to walk around and explore. Several men seemed to be walking around with similar intentions. He enjoyed just checking out the scenes! Some men were old, some young – although DJ felt he was probably one of the youngest there. Most were wearing their towel, but a couple proud soldiers kept their towels around their neck confidently displaying their pieces down below.

DJ peeked into the shower. Nobody there. “Too bad,” he thought. He was hoping to catch his first glimpse of erect bath house cock while hot water ran over its owner. Maybe that fantasy can come later.

DJ then walked into the steam room. “This is way too hot and stuffy,” he thought. “I can’t imagine anyone enjoying anything in here for more than 30 seconds.”

DJ walked around the corner and saw the sauna. “That’s probably where I’ll end up, so let’s leave that for last.” So, he peeked into the ‘movie’ room.

It was a good sized room with a bench running around the wall. Up in the corner was a TV with porn playing to an empty crowd. Still not sure if he was truly ready to make his fantasy reality yet, he decides, “I’ll hang in here awhile. Playing with my own cock is something I know I’m comfortable with.”

DJ sat on the bench and brought his hand to his half-erect penis as he watched a dark haired man suck a giant hairy prick on screen. DJ closed his eyes to imagine his own dick being gobbled with that dark haired man’s goatee lightly brushing his balls as his precum painted the back of his mouth.

Suddenly the curtain to the movie room opened. DJ’s peppery haired follower walked in. DJ’s heart began to race. “Can he see my erection through my towel? No man has ever seen my dick hard. What is he going to do? What am I supposed to do?”

The man with the peppery hair said nothing and just sat next to DJ on the bench and began to stroke his own cock through his towel.

“OK. This is ok. We can stroke ourselves next to each other for a while. I can get used to this.” DJ took a deep breath and brought his hand a little farther south to play with his tea bag. He loved to gently play with his boys as if they were Chinese meditation balls.

He opened his left eye to peek at his friend to see what he was doing. Astonished, DJ could see Mr. Peppery Hair’s cock in full view! He had never seen a hard dick other than his own before (aside from porn). DJ marveled at the sight. It was average in length, probably 6 inches or so but boy was it thick! It was uncut and hard as a rock as it pointed straight out like a torpedo. He could see drops of precum on the tip glisten in the flickering light from the TV as its owner pulled his foreskin pack and forth over its quivering head.

DJ looked up. His jack off friend was looking right into DJ’s eyes. “Oh no, he saw me looking!” DJ panicked. It felt strange that his long time fantasy-turned-desire was turning into reality. He wasn’t sure if he was ready. Although it was kind of hot that he was caught staring.

DJ didn’t know what to do. His heart was pounding hard in his chest. “I just need to relax. Maybe if I just tried the sauna. It always helps me calm down after a workout.” He thought.

So he got up and headed to the sauna, still wearing his little white towel, his dick causing a tent leading the way. As he pulled the curtain aside to leave, he noticed his friend standing up to follow.

DJ opened the door to the sauna and immediately noticed there was absolutely no light source inside. How did he know this? Because the stream of light from the open door shot right onto a man inside bent over with his ass up and sac hanging low. “Didn’t expect that sight,” DJ thought as he closed the door.

In the pitch black DJ realized he could see absolutely nothing, including where to sit. It didn’t matter though, because as it would turn out, DJ would be far too busy to be sitting in just a matter of moments.

No sooner could DJ think about it when his peppery haired friend walked in the door to let just enough light in to see he was also being approached by the nude man he saw bent over just a second ago. DJ froze as the door shut and the light went with it again.

Suddenly, from the right he felt a strong calloused hand touch his shoulder simultaneously as a smaller, softer hand from the left grope around the front of his waist.

“Oh my god, this is it,” he thought. “There’s no backing out now.”

As the smaller, softer hand found DJ’s growing cock in the dark, he considered the irony that he had fantasized about this moment with his eyes closed so much that it was fitting he would actually experience it in the pitch black.

The man who was bent over a minute ago was now brushing DJ’s neck with a scruffy beard as he kissed his neck and explored DJ’s pecks with his calloused hands. DJ’s peppery haired mate was now lightly fingering the tender space between DJ’s sack and asshole. The four moving hands caused DJ to let out a light, approving moan.

DJ then felt the bearded one move his lips closer to DJ’s and lightly forced his tongue into DJ’s mouth as his first friend dropped DJ’s towel. As his towel hit his feet, DJ could feel his cock spring to life just as the warmth of Mr. Peppery Hair’s mouth closed over his large mushroom head.

“Oh. My. Gawd.” It was the most amazing feeling. He had received many blow jobs in the past from girls in high school and college, and even his current girlfriend would suck his sap from time to time. But this was different. This wasn’t a small, gentle, female mouth. This was a man’s mouth. And it was like a Hoover vacuum with a large tongue that knew exactly what to do.

DJ decided it was time to let go. “Let’s enjoy this” he thought as he grinned deviously in the dark. He started groping around and quickly found the cock belonging to the second set of hands. And it was standing at attention.

It felt very much like DJ’s own cock except not as long. The key characteristic was the huge mushroom head DJ was proud of. DJ gently rubbed another man’s cock for the first time in the dark. He cupped his balls as they hung low in the heat and played as if they were his own. DJ then took his thumb and moved it across the tip gathering this man’s precum in a long string. DJ brought his wet thumb to his own mouth and tasted. He was enjoying this.

DJ’s peppery haired friend was still on his knees at work. Now he was sucking on DJ’s balls causing his enormous cock to lightly slap him in the forehead.

Knowing this opportunity could be fleeting, DJ made the decision to fulfill as much of his fantasy as possible. He began to drop to his own knees. As he did this he felt his two companions stand and come closer together. DJ reached out and grabbed their two throbbing cocks with both hands and began to jerk them off as he gathered the nerves to suck his first dick. His first two actually.

Wanting to repay his peppery haired friend for the work he performed, DJ moved toward this one first. He began by licking under the head up along the slit. “This is it. I’m going in.” And he put another man’s cock into his mouth for the first time.

It felt great. The shaft wasn’t too long so he felt comfortable taking almost the whole thing in his inviting mouth. DJ recalled his own blowjob receiving experience and proceeded to pleasure this man for a few minutes while jerking off the other.

Not wanting to ignore the other, DJ switched attention to the cock that resembled his own. As his mouth closed over the giant head like it was a lollypop, DJ pictured in his own mind a favorite fantasy of being able to suck his own cock. Tasting the familiar precum DJ did his best to please. He licked up and down his shaft and took his hairless balls in his mouth like hard boiled eggs.

DJ then went back to sucking off cock number one and before he knew it, cock number two wanted the attention again. He thought of another opportunity for another fantasy to come to life. “Ok, here goes,” he thought and took both cocks into his mouth at the same time.

This obviously pleased the man DJ saw bent over just a few minutes ago because he let out a loud groan and shouted, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

DJ didn’t have time to think about it. With two engorged cocks stretching his mouth, DJ felt one of them pulse and shoot a river of creamy cum into his mouth. Unable to close his mouth around both dicks DJ did his best to swallow the sweet nectar but couldn’t help much of it from drooling down his chin and drip onto his own hard cock below.

Both men withdrew their dicks from DJ’s mouth and the freshly satisfied one left the sauna shining a light on DJ’s cum covered mouth and the remaining prick still ready for its own release.

DJ wasted no time in grabbing his peppery haired friend’s awaiting cock and jerking it off using the first man’s cum as lube. After a minute DJ took it back in his mouth and sucked dick like he never sucked dick before. He could still taste the remaining cum as he brought another man to orgasm.

“Shit, that’s good” said the man getting his cock cleaned. “I’m getting close. I’m getting close. Oh fuck here it comes.”

This time DJ was ready and wrapped his lips around the base of the dick in his mouth and cupped the balls belonging to the peppery haired man. Four or five powerful shots of hot cum filled his mouth as DJ continued to massage the man’s balls.

DJ then reached around and grabbed the man’s ass, holding his dick in his mouth until the man’s member was empty and turning soft. A full load of spunk still in his mouth and a set of hairy balls resting comfortably on his chin, DJ closed his eyes and savored the moment. Having tasted his own cream before, he enjoyed the texture but noticed it was just a little saltier than his own. No matter, this is what he wanted.

The man pulled his floppy cock out and DJ finally swallowed the mouthful. He stood up and leaned back against the wall of the sauna continuing to savor the moment when he felt a warm breath on his own dick.

DJ had forgotten. “I haven’t even cum yet.”

The man with the peppery hair was happy to oblige and said, “I want you to cum all over my face.”

DJ was ecstatic. As he felt his rock hard cock get enveloped by the man’s mouth again he wondered if the first guys cum was still dripping from it. It was still on his chin, after all.

DJ was so turned on by what just happened it wasn’t long before he felt his cock begin to tremble.

“Oh man, I’m coming, I’m coming!” he exclaimed.

Just then, as DJ pulled his cock out to empty it on his companion’s face someone opened the door. DJ couldn’t hold back and the light shining from the open door gave him a perfect view of his 10 inch cock spraying stream after stream of semen all over the man with the peppery hair. In the spot light he watched as his cum dripped from the man’s broad chest, his face, and noticed it mix in with the peppered gray in his hair.

His companion took the giant cock now hanging in front of him and rubbed it on his cheek, massaging the load into his skin. Then he stood up, and left the sauna covered with spunk for all to see.

DJ found a seat and slumped into it to reflect on what just happened. The newcomer that provided the perfectly timed spotlight sat next to DJ.

“That sounded like it was good,” he said.

“It was fantastic,” DJ replied.

Written by Fun_and_Wonder, January 2011

The car smelled of old cigarettes, alcohol, and faintly of vanilla from a tree hanging on the mirror. I slid onto the seat of the yellow vehicle behind the passenger’s seat, closing the door none too softly, and told the driver where I needed to go.

“Corner of Maple and Fairview,” and he pulled away from the nearby bar without another word. He was white, though nicely tanned, and very well muscled. He wore a black, short sleeved shirt and jeans, and the well worn cap on his head was sitting at a slight angle. A faint smell of musk and sweat emanated from him, the result of a full day spent in a hot car. The radio was on, and the sound of oldies rock, barely audible, carried through the interior. I glanced at his thighs, his thick, heavy thighs, and noticed his muscles even through his jeans. His exposed skin gleamed, as though oiled. His muscled arms rippled as he turned the wheel, slight movements though they were.

I leaned back. The ceiling was covered in stains, and they made it impossible to tell the true color of the stretched fabric. I sighed, remembering the tight pants of the men in the bar. A smile crept up my face. Those well rounded calves that led up to nice, meaty thighs that finally culminated in beautiful, exposed buttocks. Oh, yes…the tanned, round bubble butts framed by the skin tight pants and straps of assless chaps.

My breathing became heavier, and I noticed myself beginning to get hard at the thought of caressing those gorgeous, firm butts. A bulge began to appear in my jeans. “Ahh,” I thought, “I need one of those lovely asses right about now.” I remembered one waiter in particular, whose deep, brown eyes had caught hold of mine. His short brown hair had been spiked slightly in the front, and traces of stubble darkened his face. His pink lips were parted in a smile, and his white teeth shone beneath them. He had been shirtless, his large pecs and rock solid abs on display. A light dusting of hair covered his torso, and the skin beneath was olive and glistening. The large biceps of his right arm bulged under the weight of a serving tray laden with multicolored drinks. I remembered watching his round ass as he walked to another table and bent seductively to set down drinks for the tenants, his beautiful, tight, puckering hole visible but for a moment. And the ring of hair around his pouting lips…my dick strained against my pants.

What little restraint I had had long ago been melted away by the alcohol in the bar, so I leaned forward toward the cab driver, resting my elbows on my knees. His dark hair shone in the light of the traffic behind us, and his musky, masculine scent was stronger from where I was now. His jaw was low and wide, and black stubble covered his face neck. His brown eyes were set beneath dark, untrimmed eyebrows. The lights of passing cars lit his pores. His massive chest heaved with every breath, and I watched him as he took in air, then let it out again, then pulled in, out, for an indefinite amount of time. His nipples were visible beneath the fabric of his shirt. He must have noticed me staring at him, and I noticed him glance at me, then open his arms a bit. His chest seemed to grow in thickness.

I couldn’t help but smile at his obvious display. I realized that he could have been just as easily offended, and my drunken mind became inordinately excited. I felt almost giddy, and I decided, as I sat watching his enormous chest expand and contract, that I would test my luck.

“Man, I wish I had muscles like that. I try to work out, but I never seem to have the time,” I said, glancing down at my hands. Mine were far from meager, but paled in comparison to his.

“Mmm,” was his reply. His voice was deep, almost a rumble. The sound was intoxicating.

“Bet your wife appreciates it,” I continued, ignoring the lack of a ring on his hand.

“Have no wife,” he grumbled from within his thick neck.

“Well, the ladies, then. You must get plenty of those.” He did not reply, but only shifted in his seat. His weighty arms swelled as he turned the car down a different street. I didn’t have too much longer before we reached my own street.

“Women…” I trailed off for a moment. “I like them thin, you know? But with great big knockers, and wide titties. The way they bounce up and down while they’re riding you.” I grunted. “What you like in a woman?”

“About the same, I guess,” came his gruff reply. His New York accent became a bit more obvious. I was surprised he had let me go this far. I waited a moment, seeming to ponder at the beauty of women while I really fantasized about him, his masculine voice resonating in my mind.

“What about the cunt?” That made him uncomfortable. I could see it in his eyes.

“What about it?”

“Well, you like it hairy or smooth?” I said, his actions only confirming my hopes.

“Mmm…smooth.” He glanced fleetingly away from the road, to the side opposite me.

I stopped with the questions, and I raised my left arm from its place on my knee, lifting my hand to the side of his head, just beneath the off kilter cap. I brushed his hair ,only just, leaned close to his ear, and whispered, “You know what I think? I don’t think you like titties or cunts.” I breathed my hot breath into his ear, my left hand still touching his hair. “I think you like dick.” The car swerved, and I knew I was right. His breath was light now, so light that his immense chest barely moved. A short time passed when the only sound was the barely audible oldies, the engine of the car as we drove through the streets, and my breath in his ear. Neither of us moved, and the tension grew in the stillness to be almost tangible as we sat there, immobile, my hand tickling his scalp. I lifted that hand, and I brought it up above his hat. I took it off and set it down next to me in the back seat. Then, I brought out my tongue and gently touched his ear. I could feel him take in his breath as I did so. I brought my tongue down, around the outer edge of his ear, until, finally, I grabbed hold of the lobe with my lips, wetting it with saliva. I pulled away.

The bulge in his pants was clearly visible, his cock pinned to the side right side of his leg. I could make out the outline of the head in his pants. The car stopped. I glanced out my window, only to see that it was the lamppost in my own yard that lit the interior of the car. I moved my head closer to his ear, my nose pushed up against it. “I’ll leave the door unlocked,” I said in a harsh whisper.

I got out of the car then, making no effort to conceal the massive impression of my dick in my jeans. I closed the door again as I had when I got in, and, my dick making it difficult for me to walk as it was, snaking its way down my leg, I made it up the steps and inside with as little modified a gait I could muster. The car remained where it was until I flicked the lights on in my home, and then I heard it kick into gear and begin to drive away. “All that effort,” I thought, “and I still have to rub it out.” I rubbed my crotch, unbuttoning my pants as I ambled my way to the bathroom. I could still smell his musk as I let my jeans fall to the floor. I left them where they were, crumpled on the kitchen tiles. I got to the bathroom, medium sized with a large, round bath tub on the right wall, a sink, then a toilet on the left, and cabinets against the far wall, built around a rectangular window. The waxing moon was visible above my neighbor’s roof. I had chosen this place in part for the generous amount of floor space in the bathroom, as the designer had left plenty of room in between all the fixtures, but had repainted since I bought it, replacing outdated colors with my preference, cool beiges, browns, and white.

I dug my hand beneath the waistline of my boxer briefs, even though nearly half my dick stuck out the left leg hole. It throbbed with excitement as I rubbed my hand against its shaft. Reaching the toilet, I paused in working on my bulging member to peel off my underwear, stepping out of them and tossing them into the tub. My shirt soon followed, revealing my well-defined torso. I had it waxed regularly, but I like to leave a thin happy trail from my navel to my groin, where I kept the hair just long enough to not be prickly. I used both hands at that point, the width of them combined only reaching half the length of my rigid schlong. I moaned as I brought them down together, from the swollen head, down, around the crown and onto the shaft. My grip was not tight, but the tension had been long in building, and the pleasure was immense. Farther, I brought my hands, until they both enveloped my cock to their fullest extent, and then continued to drag them down toward the thin layer of pubic hair at the base. I could feel every vein in it under my skin, every ridge caused by the rushing blood. Further my hands slid, until they hit the base, and the skin underneath was pulled taught. My balls swung slightly, the sweat from the heat of the car and pub drying in the open air. I began to move my hands back up along the shaft, the same veins and ridges, this time in reverse, bulging against my hands. I could feel my heartbeat with my fingers.

I heard my door open. I hadn’t bothered to close the bathroom door, and now I remembered that I had left the main door unlocked. I looked out the port, a rush of adrenaline pumping through me, my hands still on my raging hard on. I saw the passionate brown eyes and face of the cab driver, who had since removed his shirt. As I watched, he came toward me, his hands shaking with anticipation as they undid his belt. I was transfixed by his muscular figure, his round, sculpted pecs bulging, his thick arms rippling. A line of dark hair came up from under his pants to his navel, continuing and growing slightly as it traced its way to his sternum, where it continued up to an inch or two under his collarbone and branched off to coat the underside of his breast with thin, straight hair to his erect nipples. He never took his eyes off me. He just stared at me under his brow with his brown eyes as he walked purposefully toward me. The bulge in his jeans had grown.

I took my hands off my cock and turned around. He paused for a moment as the full length and girth of my enormous dick came into view, swinging from side to side. My balls, hanging low in the heat, hit my leg. His gaze lowered. I watched as he pulled off his pants and underwear in one sweep, revealing his own, surprisingly smooth dick, whose size was nothing to be ashamed of. He kept the hair on his groin slightly longer than mine, and it was darker, framing his weighty cock. With his pants gone, he dropped down to his knees onto the tan stone tiles before me and licked the tip of my cock, just as I had licked his ear earlier, taking the drop of precum that rested there. My knees shook for a moment, and I recovered with an intense lust for the man, deep in my being. He opened his mouth wide and plunged his lips over my cock head. His hot, wet tongue danced on the tip of my dick, playing around the entire head and tickling the hole. I could feel the precum oozing out of me as he began to move his head down my shaft, then back up to the ridge, then farther down than before. My balls swung to his rhythm. Every motion forward brought him closer to me, and I soon felt the back of his throat against my head. He stopped the advance at that point, working still only with his mouth, and one of his hands wanking his own bulging cock. Back and forth he went, a third of the way down my dick with his lips, then back to the ridge, with his tongue somehow never ceasing to pleasure the head. My whole body grew warm with my desire.

One of his hands reached up, and he started to play with my sagging balls as he worked with his mouth. He grabbed them and pulled down, stretching the loosened skin. He moved his fingers around them, cupping them and toying them as I closed my eyes to enjoy the pure sensation. I put my hands behind his head, pulling on his hair a bit. I moved them back and forth with the motions of his head, not forcing or guiding, but allowing him to move me as I played with his hair. He moved his hand backward from my full sac, tickling my taint as he made his way to my hole. His thick, smooth fingers danced their sensual dance around my puckered hole while he pleasured my hard dick with his mouth. He brought his hand away, wet it, and resumed circling my asshole. I felt pressure behind me as his mouth sank halfway down my dick, and he pushed thick finger in as he nearly gagged on my rod. My eyes rolled back beneath my lids and a moan escaped me. He began to moan some, as well, the vibrations tingling my shaft. He swirled his finger around inside me and moved it in and out, occasionally finding my pleasure spot. He narrowed in on it, judging by my carnal groans, and I was soon in ecstasy both in front and behind.

He took his hand out of my ass and grasped my shaft. Up and down, up and down, all the while pleasuring his own dick. Spit mixed with precum stretched toward the floor, falling sometimes in large, slow globs. He reached up his other hand, and, taking his mouth off my head for a moment, wet his hands in the accumulated saliva on my shaft and head, adding to it with his overflowing mouth. Then, he plunged both hands, followed by his lips, back onto my dick, and I felt almost sick with pleasure. I looked up for a moment as he went up and down on my cock, covering most of it with his hands and mouth. I lowered my gaze once more, my eyes taking in his thick, undulating arms, his heavy, muscled thighs, and his massive, heaving chest, all gleaming with sweat. His nipples were a shade darker than his skin, erect with his lust. I saw that my own skin had become damp, my abs, pecs, and thighs glistening.

He took a break from sucking every few moments to breathe a deep, rumbling breath, and then he would soon engulf my cock in his mouth once again in his warmth. I could feel my shaft swelling, and my dick expanding as the pleasure he gave me grew. He was tickling the hole at the tip of the head with his tongue when I pulled away, about to burst. My breath escaped me in a rush, an exhale, a moan, and a shudder all at once.

He stood. It was my turn, and I lowered myself and took his large dick in my hand. He had been working it quite hard already, so I sank it straight into my mouth as far as I could go, about two inches from the base, and wrapped my index finger and thumb around what I could not get in. He moaned a deep, masculine moan. I pulled back to the ridge, just as he had done for me, and played with his cock head with my tongue, wrapping my fingers into a full fist around his dick as I pulled my head back. Down on him I went again, though I could not tickle his head as well as he had mine. Each time I went down on his cock, I pushed a little further and opened a little wider, hoping to completely immerse it in my mouth. Unable to quite make it, I took my mouth off for a moment, still jacking it with both hands. I took a breath, then plunged onto his thick shaft. His engorged head scraped the back of my throat, but I pushed farther, taking it into my gullet. I held myself there, swirling my tongue on the bottom of his rod, feeling him, tasting him. I could feel his girth growing, expanding, and I felt my throat tighten around him.

“Uhhnhh,” he moaned from within his chest, and he pulled away with a jerking motion. I messaged his dangling balls, sagging, too, from the heat, as he pulled away from me. We remained there for a moment, my eyes in his and his in mine, as I gently worked at his balls. They were large, bigger than ping pong balls, and they felt cool in my hand.

I stood, facing him, but not taking my hand from his balls. Our dicks pressed up against one another as I leaned in toward one of his nipples with my slobbery mouth. I touched it with my outstretched tongue. I traced circles around it, at the same time moving my free hand to his backside. He was motionless, transfixed with ecstasy. I grabbed an ass cheek, pulling toward me, and let my hand slide over his firm buttock. I slid it the other way, toward his crack, the other hand on his balls, my tongue on his nipple. I slid my hand back and forth on his ass, grasping his firm skin. I sucked on his nipple with my wet lips, my tongue playing with the tip. I nibbled it lightly with my teeth and he moaned. I could feel the sound in his chest. He grabbed my ass with both hands, squeezing it with his fingers. They slid over my sweaty skin, and I could feel the tension on my hole. I moved my hands up along his toned back, feeling the lines of his muscles as they tensed and relaxed beneath my fingers. I pressed my stubbly cheek against his breast, feeling its strength. His hands moved toward my hole, fingering it. He pressed a thick finger in with the saliva left from before, his other hand still grasping at my slick, firm cheek. He pumped it into me, remembering my hot spot, and I was content to message his back with my hands and press against his chest with my face. He pulled out of me after a minute of us standing there, together, and I let my arms drop from his back.

He turned around and bent over the dark brown stone wall of the tub, exposing his puckering hole to me. My lust exploded. My whole body grew hot as I bent and licked his hole, toying with the hairs on his ass. I grasped his beautiful butt with both hands, squeezing it as my tongue poked its way into his tunnel. His manly smell was almost overpowering, but I thrived on it. It fed my immense lust. I spread his cheeks apart, revealing it in full, and he opened it to me. I dug my face into his backside, delving deeper inside him with my tongue. All I could see was his broad, muscular back and the tops of his firm ass. All I could smell was him, his musk. All I could hear were our moans, intermingled now in pleasure. All I could taste was his coppery taste, and all I could feel were his firm ass cheeks and my own lust.

I pulled my hand off his ass and stuck it in my mouth to wet it, and then smeared it around his dark hole. I spit on the puckering lips, swirling my finger around his open rosebud. Closer I came to the opening, and then I slipped inside. His insides pressed against me as I pushed my finger into him as far as it would go. I moved it around in circles, and the taxi driver’s head dropped below his broad shoulders as he uttered a load moan. I pulled my finger out of him and reached behind me into the cabinet below the sink, pulling out a small bottle of lube. I wet my first two fingers with the slippery lube and plunged them into his asshole and rubbed them around inside him, searching for his pleasure center. I felt a slight bump, and I worked my fingers on it, with a tremendous response.

“Uuohhh…give it to me, man,” he groaned. “Give it all to me.”

“You ready for it?”

“Oh, yeah,” another groan.

I pulled my fingers out of his warmth and stood. I grabbed my dick with one hand, the other never leaving his gorgeous buttock. I pressed it down against his backside, and it followed his crack, bending downward and sending shots of pain up the shaft. I rubbed it against him, then pulled it up and pressed the base against his puckered hole. I could feel my balls against his skin, and I moved back and forth as he begged me to go in.

Again, I grabbed my dick, this time aiming the engorged head for his rosebud. I squeezed out some lube just above it, rubbing it onto him with the tip of my cock. Then, I squeezed some more out into my hand and slathered it onto my whole member. It shone with dampness, and I pressed the tip onto his open rosebud once more. I pushed harder, and the tip seemed to go inside him, but my cock jerked upward, slipping on the lube. I repositioned it onto his hole and pushed. This time, it entered. I could feel his tight ring sliding on the skin of my cock head as it disappeared into his tunnel. Another shudder passed through me as the ridge slid into him.

This is wear the story largely picks up, and there have been some major edits in light of the quality of our last submission (in our eyes). Any help or criticism on any elements would be appreciated, even encouraged.

-Dori and Sen


As always, all characters engaged in sexual activities are over 18.


Andrew always thought that his first threesome, if he ever had one, was going to have to be an elaborate seduction of one or more females and a lot of luck.

Of course, he wasn’t disappointed either when he walked into Kathy’s room after school to find her in a 69 with Sheri, with Sheri facing away from Andrew. Kathy motioned for him to approached, as he was mesmerized by Sheri’s tanned athletic ass grinding against his girlfriend’s face.

He moved over his girlfriend’s head, his torso inches from Sheri’s ass. He immediately shed his clothes, and his large cock was at attention, awaiting orders from the busty blonde.

Kathy ceased eating Sheri and took his cock into her open throat, taking down all nine inches in one slow stroke. As his manhood hit the back of her throat, he couldn’t help but let out a groan of ecstasy, whereas Sheri looked back and smiled, “Hey Andrew.”

Kathy then took his cock, dripping with saliva, into Sheri’s box. The other blonde could be heard groaning as his length made it’s way inside her. Andrew, though surprised at the pace this was going, knew to grab Sheri’s curvy hips and thrust himself inside her. As he started to work his length inside her, Kathy used her skillful mouth to give Andrew’s large balls a tongue bath.

It was a sight to behold: a shapely cheerleader licking the snatch of a busty blonde soccer player, whom was licking her boyfriend’s balls, as he pumped his thick nine inches into the cheerleader’s tight twat.

This went on for another few minutes, with Andrew slamming his cock harder and harder into Sheri, until the other blonde slumped over and cried out in ecstasy, her juices flowing around Andrew’s girth and her pussy clamping down on his cock.

“Shit, I’m about… to cum,” Andrew struggled to form the words as he was trying to keep from exploding. He pulled himself out of Sheri and into his girlfriend’s awaiting mouth. But once he saw Sheri pull her head off Kathy’s pussy and look at him, Kathy’s juices all over he face and hair, he launched wad after wad down Kathy’s open throat.

After he was done, he fell back onto the floor of the bedroom, looking up at the ceiling. As he panted, he could see Kathy licking her own juices off Sheri’s face, the two sharing sporadic kisses. Kathy giggled as she climbed down from the bed.

“This is only the beginning, sweetie.” She said in a seductive voice as her and Sheri proceeded to move in on Andrew’s body.


An hour later the Sheri and Kathy lay naked on Kathy’s bed, but Andrew was already dressing back into his clothes. As he grabbed his shirt Sheri shook her head, “C’mon, stay here. You have two hot chicks ready to fuck you until your big balls fall off. Aren’t guys supposed to think with their dicks?”

Andrew smiled and shook his head, “Sorry have a test tomorrow, and I haven’t studied at all.”

Truth be told, Andrew would love to stay and fuck each of them again and again, but he came at least a half dozen times so far and the last one in Sheri’s ass really spent him. His male pride kept him from admitting it, though.

“Wait… wait.” Kathy spoke distantly. She had had multiple orgasms in the last hour, the last having her pussy being fucked by Andrew while Sheri liked her clit. For the last few minutes she had been quiet, but she nevertheless wearily got up and wrapped her arms around Andrew’s neck, then went into a long and passionate kiss. After Andrew grabbed Kathy’s shapely ass, she asked, “One more time?”

But Andrew’s growing dick was already hurting, “Sorry babe, but…”

Not a moment too soon a car could be heard coming into the driveway. Andrew stole a quick glance out the second story window to see Paulina, Kathy’s mom, assist her twelve year old daughter Dawn into getting the groceries out of the car.

“Shit, your mom’s home.” Andrew said, tossing Kathy her undergarments and clothes that were on the floor. He stole a quick glance at her bra measurements: 36D. He thought it was odd he didn’t know them by heart by now.

Kathy seemed to awake and quickly dressed herself, whilst Sheri was desperately getting her clothes on as well. Andrew stole out of the bedroom door, saying his goodbyes, and leaving the two females to dress themselves. In the end, Sheri forgot her bra and only had a shirt, and Andrew absent mindedly left a pack of condoms in Kathy’s nightable.

Andrew was at the front doorway when Dawn opened the door. She looked a lot like her older sister, but she was much more bubbly and cheery, with her hair falling straight down instead of curling slightly like Kathy’s.

“Hey Andy!” Dawn said in her squeaky little girl’s voice. The youngest of the family took a liking to Andrew almost instantly, saying that he was a “big bear” because of his height and the fact that he seemed to hug her older sister a lot.

“Hi Dawn, how are you?” Andrew asked.

“Fine.” She said, then went on to the kitchen to unload the groceries in her small arms.

“Oops!” Paulina gasped as one of the three bags she was carrying dropped out of her hands. Andrew caught it before it hit the ground, and brought it up to give to Paulina, whom was bending over slightly and giving him a splendid view of her low-cut top and large breasts.

Paulina was not fully blonde, unlike her daughters, but had a dirty-blonde bob that was a few inches above the her slender shoulders, which led down to her voluptuous body standing at just under 5’6″. She wasn’t the perfect soccer mom, but was definitely a MILF at thirty eight.

“Thank you Andrew.” She replied as he set the bag on the stool.

“Your welcome Mrs. Rog- I mean…” Andrew tripped over his words.

He had learned recently that Paulina and her husband, whom had thought good of Andrew, were divorced but not out of unhappiness. Her husband, Donald, was a Navy petty officer and had traveled throughout various bases and on various ships, frequently away from his family. Paulina and Donald only filed the divorce because she wanted to no longer have to have a husband always away from her. They got along famously, but when Donald got transferred to the local recruiting station, they still didn’t remarry and still live in separate homes.

Paulina chuckled at his mistake. “Andrew, I keep telling you, call me Paulina.”

“Sorry… Paulina.” Andrew said, embarrassed. “Anyway, I just finished,” Andrew was struggling to find an excuse to why he was there, “Studying with Sheri and Kathy. Gotta be home for dinner.”

Andrew rushed out the door and to his old pickup, with Paulina giggling and waving as he drove off.

Once the groceries were unloaded, Paulina dropped by Kathy’s room to find the two of them gossiping about something. She noticed Sheri lacked a bra, apparent by her stiff nipples.

“How did you guys hold up while I was gone?” Paulina asked, a bit suspiciously.

“Oh, Andrew brought over a few CDs for us to listen to. We watched TV for a bit, it was fun.” Kathy replied, giggling along with Sheri.

This is odd, Paulina thought, one said they had fun, the other that they were studying. She then pursued further.

“Andrew said you guys went for a little swim.” Paulina lied.

“Oh, yeah. We made sure our hair didn’t get wet.” Sheri lied in turn.

Stranger, Paulina thought, and I haven’t washed Kathy’s bikini from yesterday.

As she closed the door, she could hear Kathy’s hushed whispers: “Well, we got drenched in something.” More giggles followed.

Paulina walked down the hall, contemplating what she just heard. Are they having sex? With Sheri? She knew Andrew was a handsome boy, attractive even to her, but all three of them? Paulina decided to look more into it later, it could be her just being suspicious.


It was cheer practice a few days later when Ami observed Sheri gossiping with two other cheerleaders after their warm-up run. Ami didn’t butt in, but as she set up the boom box for music for their workout, she couldn’t help but listen to what they were saying.

“You guys know Andrew Parkers?” Sheri asked.

“You mean that loner bastketball player?” One of them scoffed, clearly wondering what was so special about him.

“He’s cute.” The second said stiffly to the other.

“And he’s packed, too,” Sheri grinned, then stage whispered,”At least nine inches, and filled me up for an hour.”

“Your lying,” the first giggled, but the second was clearly interested.

“Actually, he filled me AND Kathy up.” Sheri corrected, her grin widening.

“Seriously,” the first girl stopped laughing and gave her an odd look, “BOTH of you? I thought they were dating.”

“They are, but Andrew can plug any pussy, and Kathy can lick any. They’re both pretty good, too.” Sheri said, not bothering to keep quiet anymore.

“You have to be kidding me,” the second finally said something.

“If you don’t believe me, ask Kathy or Andrew.” Sheri rebutted, and the other two didn’t speak much.

But Ami’s eyebrows shot up. Well well well, Andrew wasn’t being a cheating bastard, even though he damn near looked like he was, Ami thought, maybe I’ll give him a second chance.


“Thanks babe, I needed that.” Andrew said.

Kathy didn’t reply, simply sucking the last of his cum off his stiff rod. She took several seconds, lavishing it with her tongue until his girth entered a flaccid state.

“No problem, hon,” was her reply. Kathy had learned to swallow all his sperm in the last few weeks, and was becoming very adept at it. She then pulled up her top, which had been pushed under her tits for Andrew’s enjoyment only.

As the two climbed out of his pickup from it’s secluded spot in the back of the school, Kathy turned to face Andrew, “And, sorry I won’t be able to, um, ‘study’ tonight, but I forgot that Lori is coming over.”

She looked genuinely apologetic, but Andrew smiled, “You’ve let me screw around, why not I send someone else too?”

“Wait, your not disappointed that we can’t screw?” Kathy replied. Inexperienced with male-female relationships, she thought men were high maintainence and horny, based on what her friends told her. And after having a crush on him for years, she practically treated him like royalty, which if anything Andrew hated.

“No, I hope you guys fuck each other all night.” Andrew said and moved in to kiss her cheek.


AP World History, the most bland, boring, passive class there had to be, Andrew thought. It wasn’t that he found it hard, on the contrary he found this class and Biology to be his strongest classes.

But it was so fucking boring. The only consolation was the girls. Of course Andrew’s girlfriend, whom happened to be the star soccer forward and one of the smartest people at school, had the same class… in a different period. He was forced, brace yourselves, to look at the other hot girls, including the head cheerleader. Yes, Ami Rodriguez was a half-latina wet dream waiting to happen: short figure, oversized breasts, and a supple ass that had been toned only after years of hard running.

Poor Andrew. Actually, Andrew was in the doghouse it seemed with Ami, after his boner not only caught the girl’s eye, but she at first welcomed it, before turning it away and driving off in fury, leaving a clueless Andrew behind.

But as school ended with the blissful sound of the schoolbell, Ami actually walked up the Andrew, whom was packing up his notes and ready to make a beeline home before traffic slowed him down.

“Andrew?” Came a confident, cheerful voice.

The boy turned to see Ami’s boobs practically in his face as he bent down to pick up a book he dropped.

“Uh yeah?” Andrew recovered and packed his bag, surprised to have Ami talking to him.

“I need a little tutoring in history, I was wondering if you could maybe…” Ami suddenly had started to stumble over her words. Was she nervous? A bit scared? Snap out of it! she told herself as she regains her composure, “if you could come and tutor me tonight?”

Andrew rushed to answer, “Sure.”

“Six o’clock, my place.”

“I’ll be there.” Andrew said, nearly bursting with excitement as he took a small paper from Ami, detailing her number and address.

Once Ami walked away, she couldn’t help but thinking that she might have an awkward sexual situation, then scoffed at herself. He’s teaching me history, how much more boring could you get? she thought.


An hour ago Andrew had arrived at Ami’s house, his notes and history book under his arm. The house was empty save Ami, though she didn’t know her mom was having to go back to the office for a night meeting. Ami had just come back from cheer practice, sweaty and such, where she had Andrew wait a few minutes so she could shower and change. When she came out, she had shorts and a tight t-shirt on. Again, for some apparent reason these were the only cloths in the vicinity. Fate can be a cruel (?) bitch. Ami and Andrew both thought there would be nothing remotely sexual about this evening.

They started studying, the Napoleonic Wars in fact.Their teacher alluded that an upcoming pop quiz was going to have the life of Napoleon, so they were plowing through the textbook and their notes.

“So did Napoleon gain any real prestige in Italy? It sounded like he established himself as an effective commander when he was in Southern France.” Ami queried.

“Enough to gain him a wife.” Andrew replied monotonously, trying his best not to look at Ami. He didn’t want another boner to throw him off, he reminded himself everything needed to be mended.

“Who was he married to?” Ami asked.

“Two women, actually. Funny in a way.” Andrew replied with a sly grin, turning to look only at Ami’s face, “He first married some French bitch after Italy. She was a goldigger, and was too old to keep bouncing around the beds of the Parisian aristocracy. She caught Napoleon’s eye, and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to marry him.”

“A MILF?” Ami chuckled, “But why was she a bitch?”

“When in Egypt, among other places, Napoleon was faithful, but his wife was not.” Andrew began, feeling his prick rise as he saw Ami’s breasts rapidly rise and fall from her laughing, “He also wrote her letters of his love and things he would do to her to make her happy, most of them in bed. She read these aloud to her friends for entertainment and laughed at them. When he found out, he told her no more philandering, though he could do all the women he wanted, but she would get all else she desired.”

“Serves her right. A man did that to me, I couldn’t keep my hands off him.” Ami said.

Another inch of Andrew’s boner came to life. How the fuck did this become so sexual? Andrew thought.

“The other marriage was between him and a young princess. It was entirely political, but the night of the wedding the bride only relunctantly entered his bedchambers.” Andrew continued, “When Napoleon came out hours later, one of his entourage asked ‘how she was’, and Napoleon replied, ‘She wanted more, and more, and more.’”

They both laughed at that, but now Ami was getting wet by this, and she also recognized Andrew’s frantic attempts to hide his raging hard-on. She bit her lower lip, before resting her hand on his thigh, mere inches from his prick.

“Every had a girl tell you to ‘give me more?’” Ami asked with a pleasant smile. If she hadn’t been so horny, she would’ve recognized how stupid that sentence sounded. If all the blood wasn’t in his dick, Andrew would’ve realized it as well.

This was the biggest what-the-fuck moment of Andrew’s life so far. Is she trying to seduce him after last time? Well, if she gets mad, then it’s her problem, both his dick and brain agreed.

“Freqently.” Was the reply, followed by Ami’s squeeze of his cock. A short gasp later and she put forth another question: “Why don’t you show me what get’s those girls so excited.”

Not three seconds later Andrew’s fly was down, with eager assistance from Ami. She marveled at it’s length, about nine inches. Quite large, but not too cumbersome. Andrew’s pants followed, and Ami led her mouth onto the large purple head of his dick as she knelt in front of him. This illicited a groan of pleasure from Andrew, followed by ecstasy as his top four inches descended down her throat.

Three more inches followed, and Andrew instantly knew she was not a novice at giving head. She bobbed her head faster and faster, keeping up a good pace. She hummed to make his cock feel the vibrations, making him extra sensitive to her ministrations, and moved down the last two inches, officially deepthroating him.

Ami then pulled off, precum and saliva dripping from the cock to her lips. She looked at Andrew in the sluttiest way she could and asked: “Can you fuck my face?”

This drove Andrew wild with lust. He simply grabbed her head through her silky black hair, and slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Cum came easy at this point, from which she swallowed most of it, but some was still left. Eventually she came up against his hand for breath, with long strands of sperm from her lips connecting to his cock. She breathed deeply, muttered something incoherent, and attacked his cock with ferocity, loving it with her mouth, throat, and tongue. She beckoned the last drops of sperm out and into her mouth, but continued to maul it with her tongue.

In the end both were weary and laid there for a few minutes. Andrew’s limp dick decided it would be safer not to rise again, which Ami would happily answer with another heinous sexual act.

“Ami, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Andrew complimented, and was met by a wry smile.

“Andrew, you have the best cock I’ve ever sucked. Managed to last pretty long too. I have more…” Ami was cut off when she heard her mom arriving home from her meeting. But she didn’t want Andrew to leave satisfied, she wanted him to leave wanting more. In any event, he could fuck or get a blowjob from Kathy or Sheri. She wanted to give him something special.

Ami stepped forward and lifted her shirt, burying his face in her large breasts whilst taking his hands to cup her ass. Not ten seconds later she let go and dropped her shirt and told him that this wasn’t the last of what she was going to give him.

And wisely he believed her.


Kathy’s eyes went wide at the events Andrew told her of the night before as he parked his pickup at the fairgrounds, which hosted the D5 Concert.

“Andrew, you just nailed the head cheerleader, and she wants to give you more? This nympho is worse than me, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch.” Kathy gave a small smile, “Wish I was there, Ami sounds like she’s good with her tongue.”

“Guess I am pretty lucky. Of course having an amazing-ass girlfriend also is part of it.” Andrew grinned back.

“Aww, your sweet, but just my ass is amazing?” Was Kathy’s rebuttal.

“No, there’s your blonde locks, your face, which was carved by angels, your amazing figure, your golden skin, and a smile that melts the coldest of hearts.” Andrew replied.

“You mean the hair you grab for a blowjob, the face you fuck, the tits you maul, the ass you screw, and the mouth that works wonders over your big, thick cock.” She emphasized “big” and “thick”, “But it’s the thought that counts.”

The concert itself was phenomenal, local acts doing good covers and a few original songs. It had everything a concert should have, including the potheads and drunks. Though the potheads stayed in their cars or in the corners of the outdoor stadium, the drunks were all over the place. Andrew had already recieved multiple invitations by intoxicated women to meet them in their respective cars for a good fucking. But he was here with his girlfriend on a date, not looking for sex. Luckily for him, his patience paid off.

I started on my journey to happiness a few years ago when I turned 49 and realized that my life was probably more than half over. My husband and I had become empty nesters after our son and daughter went off and graduated from college and found jobs so they finally moved out of the house. My husband made a six figure salary, so I did not need to work, though I did spend a few days a week down at the shelter cooking meals.

One day, one of those reality TV talk shows did one about women with an obsession, the desire to find men that were very, very endowed. At first, I giggled at the remarks and explanations that I heard from the women. How could they cheat on their husbands or boyfriends to get someone like that? Anyway, I enjoyed the show and went off to do the laundry or something.

Afterwards, as described in the previous story, I began my journey looking for that big, hard cock. I tried to meet & greet with three men who responded to my online add, meeting only with two of them. I decided based upon that experience to better screen them in the future.

Meanwhile, my husband with his five inch cock knew how to use it just right on my pussy, clit and in my ass after he came back after almost two weeks in China. And after a week of that, I changed up a little by meeting my best friend Meg when her husband went to a Celtics game on Sunday afternoon.

During the day, I would log on to AFF and check my in-box. Most of the emails were vulgar and clearly they could not even read my tagline, which said LOOKING FOR CAMBRIDGE MASS AREA 8+ MARRIED COCK ONLY!!! I mean, did that guy in Los Angeles really expect me to travel out there to suck his cock? So generally, there were only two or three emails a day that I bothered to open up their profile. I did pay for a subscription that allowed non-paying users to send me emails, opening to find that nugget of a cock that was married and did not have the money to spend for a subscription. After all, I was looking for someone with the right equipment, decent looking, a nice personality and good grooming habits, not someone who I wanted to fall in love with.

This step seemed to open up a few more candidates, as my profile and headline indicated that they could send emails to me. It also doubled the number of emails, again, most of which were either vulgar, not married, not from the Boston area, etc.

For those that seemed promising, I would reply to them via email, having decided to take my time and correspond for a few weeks, taking my time. It was unlike my first experiences; when I selected three guys and scheduled meetings with them. So I had about a dozen guys I was corresponding with, some of whom did not respond everyday (which made sense to me, if they were really married and doing this in secret). I created folders for each of them, and about once a week, I realized I would have to “catch and release” a few of them who did not sound right, or wanted something that I was not looking for.

I had used the friend feature on these dozen guys, so once in a while I would see them online. That gave me an opportunity to chat with them in real time. It also led to some of them being voted off the island.

Most of them kept asking to meet, at least in some public place to get to know each other better. They also wanted to exchange photos, but I decided to go with about ten pictures on my profile that showed off my body, and showed a shot of my head and hair without revealing my face. There was a Playboy-style shots of my ass, pussy, legs and tits that my lover Meg had taken on Sunday afternoon. So I figured I had given them enough information about myself, without putting myself at risk to the general public. I was mainly interested in seeing a well endowed individual, and then moving on from that.

It did get me thinking about how we would get together and what time that might be. For me, with husband traveling twenty days a month, I had complete freedom to plan for such activity. I could even invite Meg as an escort on a Sunday afternoon if need by. I had decided that I would probably not meet them at my apartment, what if things went bad, or if the affair ends, would I really want them to know where I lived? Also, I was calling myself Diane on my profile, to further protect myself. I decided that one of those small hotels near the Harvard campus would be the best place to meet, something that I could afford if the guy could not swing that.

I also realized that I was usually logging on during mid-morning, and I was probably focusing on the guys who worked second or third shifts, and were home and should be sleeping, while their wives were out working. So I made it a point to log in at different times during the day and evening, to provide more opportunities to chat with someone of them, which provided a lot of information on them and me quickly.

During my once a week review of candidates, I began to consider meeting a couple of them for a meet & greet and see if their reality matched their computer personality. The pushy guys were already close to elimination, I was attracted to those who were in it for the long term. So not wanting to be a tease, I suggested to five of them my desire to meet at some coffee shop in the next week, suggesting a Wednesday while hubby was off to Dallas. Three of them clearly could not make that day, and one offered an alternative on Thursday afternoon. So I scheduled meets for three of them for the next week.

Meg and I met Sunday afternoon at my apartment, and she spent most of the time reading the three profiles while I pinched her nipples and finger fucked her lovely pussy. She also looked at the other two candidates who could not meet on Wednesday, and actually thought one of them was the one I needed to fuck. I promised I would contact him for a meet later. I then pulled Meg to my daybed, and ate her out as she fantasized about me meeting one of the three this week, and quickly dragging them off to a hotel room for an afternoon fuck.

Meg was quite satisfied when she got dressed. She kissed me and wished me luck on my mid-week adventures.

I was going to meet Dan at 10 am at one coffee shop in Cambridge. I chose Cambridge because it was easy to get to from my apartment, but far enough away that lessened the chance of me meeting someone I knew, or more important, knew my husband. I was less nervous than the first time I had done this, getting to the coffee shop about five minutes before the appointment, and got myself a drink and was looking for a quiet spot to sit when Dan walked up to me and introduced himself.

Dan and I moved over to a booth, and he sat across from me and we leaned our heads forward so that we could not be overheard, but more so because the place was very noisy. Dan is a charmer, putting me at ease quickly, and I was laughing at his humor. I had seen his pictures, and if they are of him, he clearly was in the ten inch class. Dan had been married seven years to his college sweetheart, and they had two boys aged two and four. His wife had continued working after having the oldest, but after the second one was born, they decided she should stay at home, as the cost of daycare exceeded what she could be making. Dan managed the Asian financial desk at his company, so he worked evenings until 3 am, and it gave him lower six-figure income that they lived comfortably in a northern Boston suburb.

With his wife staying with the kids all the time, plus his job, led to a severe reduction in his sex life and led him to search for online adventures. It also turned out his wife had had some medical complications due to a third pregnancy after the second boy, and they had lost a girl after five months. His wife had been a bit depressed, which they had worked through, and clearly was not interested in getting pregnant again.

Dan had considered prostitutes but felt he could not handle the risk of disease or being arrested. He really did not make enough money to use escort services. He had moved here to go to college, and most of his friends were first his wife’s. So he was interested, seemed to be a nice guy and we did seem to get along. I thought about inviting him to a local hotel, but Dan said he had worked late this morning because he had a dentist appointment this morning at 8 am, and had to get home to not raise any suspicions with his wife.

I wanted to physically check him out, so I suggested we head for the restrooms to do a quick grope session just to confirm and verify his ten inches. The restrooms were in the back through a narrow hallway, and I went to mine and it was locked. Dan looked in the men’s room and discovered it was just a small room with a toilet, urinal and sink, so we both slipped in there and locked the door.

Dan quickly pulled me to him and kissed me, a very nice one that began exploring and ended in a nice French-style with our tongues twirling in each mouth. I could feel him get hard as he moved his leg to between my thighs. I kissed him again, and my hand reached down to check the equipment. Dan’s cock was pointing upwards and it clearly was long and wide. I stopped kissing him, and asked him if he would like a complementary blow job to go with his validating his parking ticket.

Dan nodded, and I lowered myself to my haunches and unzippered his pants. I tried to remove his dick, but it being so large and hard, I ended up unhooking his pants, which dropped down below his knees. He was wearing boxers, and the opening allowed for his cock to be fished out, a nice large purple head and a length with one nice vein popping along the bottom. After massaging it a few seconds with my hands, I moved my mouth over its head and licked it around, it tasted so well. Since time was of the essence, and I had completed my required pre-takeoff equipment check, I quickly put about half his cock into my mouth while using one hand to jack him off and my other hand to gently rub his balls. Dan’s moans showed I was making good progress. He spread his legs a bit to give me better access to his balls. My bedroom blue eyes were looking upward to Dan’s face.

I reached my ball handling hand up to my mouth, dipping several fingers into my mouth to get them nice and wet. I wanted to make him cum quickly, so when my hand reached back down to cupping his balls, they explored towards the back to his ass crack. Dan shifted first one leg and then the other, giving me more access, and my finger was quickly at the opening of his rosebud. Meanwhile, my other hand was sliding up and down his shaft that was not in my mouth and I was moving up and down sucking and licking the head and about five inches of his man meat. As my fingered entered his asshole, the palm of my hand could feel his balls start to constrict. I finger fucked him and palmed his balls a little, while I jerked his cock and sucked hard. I felt the first jism hit the back of my throat, and moved my mouth to completely suck on his head, getting three squirts of cum into my mouth. Dan closed his eyes as he relieved himself in my mouth. I swallowed some but then I rose up to Dan’s face and opened my mouth showing his cum filling it. I then swallowed and licked my lips and smiled.

Dan won the sale when he then kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, tasting his own cum. He was going to the next round!!!

After disengaging from the kiss, I moved over to the sink to wash my hands and check my face for any unexploded rounds of cum. I don’t wear much makeup, so I looked good enough to leave the restroom without having to pull out my lipstick. Dan pulled up his pants, buttoned them and zipped his fly. I looked at my watch; the blow job had taken about seven minutes.

We kissed again briefly, and I told him that I would look at my calendar and send him an email for our next meeting, which would be a long one. Dan unlocked and opened the door, with me standing behind it, and saw no one standing in the small hall. I then slipped out the door followed by Dan. I walked through the shop and out to the street, not looking behind me until I was a block away. Dan was still standing at the entrance watching me, waved and turned to walk the other direction.

I entered a dress shop and walked around it, not buying anything. I then went out of the shop, looked up and down the sidewalks, and did not see Dan. Since it was now about 11:15, I decided to go to a sandwich shop for a light lunch until my next appointment at 1:30 pm.

I was to meet Bill at another coffee shop about two blocks away. I stopped in to the restroom of the sandwich shop, and washed my face and put on some makeup. I really enjoyed the excitement of blowing Dan, and looked forward to having another afternoon adventure.

I bought a coffee and found a booth at the back of the shop. The bathroom doors opened up to the back of the seating area, so no small hallway to sneak in there. Bill arrived about five minutes late, had mistimed the T a bit, but that was understandable. He then went to get a coffee. After he returned, he shook my hand and sat next to me in the booth.

Bill mostly asked questions about me, some of which I answered very truthfully and some with my Diane persona and her background story. It seems that Bill worked for twenty years on the Boston Globe as an investigative reporter until the layoffs about five years ago, now he spent his time as a private investigator for several criminal lawyers. Because of all his questions, I hardly ever got to ask one of my own.

Bill was wearing a wedding band, as was I, but he never mentioned his wife or why he was trying to cheat. I did get to ask him if he had ever cheated before, and he seemed honest in saying that he had about six times over the years, but nothing for the last three years when a former newspaper co-worker retired down to Florida. Sounded like most of his affairs involved women he had worked with in the newspaper, but most of the investigative work was now behind a computer instead of hitting the pavement, so he did not get to meet a whole lot of people. And the people he met, while he would not have invited them home for dinner.

Bill seemed to be all that he had said he was before in his emails and chats, and his questioning of me seemed to satisfy him that I was legit. Because it would be impossible to slip into one of the bathrooms without three or four folks seeing us, I decided to reach my hand towards his leg in order to check him out. I whispered that I had a rule to trust someone, but my father had told me a long time ago to verify and check. Bill laughed.

I asked Bill if there was something sexual that his wife would never do with him as I moved my hand to his lap. He said his wife would never take it up her ass, and he was looking to finding a woman who would and could accommodate him. I felt him get partly hard, and it seemed that he was thick and about eight inches long. I whispered in his ear that I love to cum with a big cock up my ass, and his dick got very hard then.

I asked Bill what his schedule looked like the rest of the afternoon. Bill replied that he had to get back to his computer, as one of his lawyer bosses was expecting a report on a client’s finances by the end of the day. I was disappointed in not being able to really play with Bill, but I did set this up as only a meet & greet, with no expectations of being able to play. I told Bill that I would see him on AFF chat sometime over the next few days, and we would set up a morning or afternoon to meet at a nearby hotel.

Bill kissed me on the cheek, got up and said goodbye and walked out of the shop. I waited about five minutes, seeing him dash across the street and head to the right to where he could catch the T. I then walked out of the coffee shop, went about a block and went into another shop for about ten minutes shopping, then hailed a cab towards downtown to where Meg worked.

Security called up to Meg’s office, and they handed me a pass card to get on the elevator. I got off on her floor, and headed straight there. Meg closed the door, wanting to immediately know about today’s adventures. I started with my meeting with Bill, giving her all the details. She knew I was holding something back, so then I talked about Dan. Finally, she begged me, and I described what Dan and I had done in the men’s bathroom. Meg was not too surprised by me blowing him, but pushing my finger up his ass to make him cum did cause her to compliment me.

Meg called her husband and told him to meet us for an early dinner downtown. Meg finished a few things in her office, and then we left for the restaurant and sat in the bar until her hubby came. We had a nice dinner, and then I headed home in a cab.

I got home, took a shower and put my pajamas and a robe on, sitting down at my computer. Hubby had sent me an email with his working location number, so I called him and explained the boring parts of my day and dinner with Meg and her husband. My hubby was still at work and he was going to grab something for dinner and take it back to the hotel and continue working that evening. I said goodbye and hung up.

I logged on to AFF, seeing what was in my in-box. After deleting about twenty emails, I had one from Bill thanking me for meeting me and saying he would try to log on Thursday afternoon to chat. I replied that I was going to be out, but hopefully we would be able to chat before the weekend. I expected hubby to fly home late Friday, so I did not plan anything for the weekend, either online or in person with my AFF friends.

I did send an email to those other two guys who could not meet today, suggesting meeting sometime next week. I then wrote a slightly vulgar email to Dan about how I enjoyed how he tasted, and I hoped the next time he would cum in both my pussy and ass, as well as filling my stomach. I then watched some television and went to bed. I thought about my meeting with Todd tomorrow afternoon, hoping it would turn out to be one ending with a large cock plowing my pussy.


Note from the author:

My stories are usually Interracial. So if this offends you or not to your taste, you should not read them.

The characters in my stories are not based on anyone that I know of or events that I have experienced, also most of the women in my stories are well endowed in the chest area. So if this is not what you like, please don’t read.


“Flight 645 will be departing from gate A4.” the lady at the gate said. “Departure will be in thirty minutes please have your tickets ready.” She continued. Looking over at the desk she was joined by two other airport personnel and a security guard. Obviously there was some commotion going on with an elder man and what must be his wife. Shrugging I dove back into my tablet reading the schedule that was sent to me.

I looked out the window at the airplanes landing, or being pulled or pushed back and forth and thought back on the events of the past three year. I got thrown out of my house by my ex wife, she had found someone else and deemed it necessary to throw all of my belongings out of the apt we both rented. Since then life has gone downhill, lost my job, had a stint in jail after a misunderstanding with a bar owner. I shook my head at the memory of that night then pushed the memory to the back of my mind. When I came out after a few months, decided to take my life by the horns and take control. It paid off I found a place to live, a second hand computer and decided to write on some forums, first it was just life forums then I got asked to moderate a forum website and then more writing jobs came at first slow then fast till I had a full time job writing short stories for internet based comics. But one year ago things took a drastic change, a big name comic company decided to buy out a smaller internet comic and they decided to hire me full time, One of the projects they put me on was a fantasy based comic. I jumped at the chance now here I am a year later, with that project well on its way and a major hit in the public circuit. Now I am moving up in the company and heading to a comicon to meet the head of the next project if things go right I will be moving to Philly, and goodbye old life. That thought made me chuckle a little too loud after all that had been going on the thought of a new life just made me laugh. My phone began to ring looking down at it I shook my head.

“Yes Amanda?” I answered my ex with no interest, she only called me when she needed something. I still don’t know what possessed me to give her my new number. There was silence and I knew she was crying. “What is it now?”

“He left me.” she said I could tell she was crying. I took a deep sigh.

“What do you need?” I asked. Looking out to the tarmac. I wondered what I saw in her.

“A place to stay…. It will only be for a few days Tre, I promise.” she said. I took another sigh then I remembered what I saw in her. Not only did she have a great voice but I could picture her blue eyes, and red hair and those 40DDD tits that I loved so much.

“Fine.” I said. “Go to my place, I will call the leasing office and put one more month on the lease that will give you two months. But that’s it Amanda after that you are on your own. Understand?” I said putting my foot down. This was the last time.

“What? You won’t be there?” she asked.

“No I am leaving Texas today and I don’t plan on returning.” I said just saying it out loud made me feel better. There was silence, which I took for good news. “No more bailing you out, you left me remember?” I said.

“Yes” she answered.

“Goodbye Amanda.” I said and hung up. I had said goodbye many times but I had always answered, had always been there for her, but this time I knew I wouldn’t. I looked through the contacts and deleted her number and all her information. All of her pictures including those wonderful pictures of her boobs, which I had saved. I sat back and looked at the planes, leaving and taking off.

“Now boarding passengers for flight 645.” the lady said so I stood up and headed for the terminal.

“Hi” I said to the cute flight attendant. She smiled back and took my papers.

“Ummm” she said with a ruffled look on her face. “your ticket has been upgraded to first class.” she said looking at her assistant. The assistant nodded me over to the counter where I put my carry on down.

“Just need to verify a few things then you will be on your way” she said looking at me and my ID. I stood there looking at her. I knew I looked like my ID I had just taken the picture a few weeks ago. Tall black guy at 6’2, somewhat out of shape due to lack of motivation to go to the gym, but not overweight. Dark brown eyes and shaved head. “It seems your job upgraded your ticket.” she said handing me back the ticket. “Your good to go.” she said. As if on queue my new boss called.

“How do you like the upgrade?” he said.

“Thanks” I answered as I went down the terminal into the plane.

“I won’t keep you but, When you land head to the rental car kiosk and give them your name. I had someone get your rental car ready, it has a gps just hit hotel and we will talk when you get there.” He said.

“Ok will do.” I answered.

“Great to have you aboard Tre.” he said hanging up.

Things were finally looking up for me. I said to myself as I sat in my comfortable seat. The flight attendant came by and offered me a drink. I smiled and accepted.

“Thank you.” I said to the man as he gave me the keycard to my hotel room. It was an extended stay hotel. So far I liked Philly it was colder but the streets were easy to navigate. I got into my room and called the bosses cell phone.

“I see you made it here. How do you like it so far?” Gary asked.

“I love it.” I answered “But isn’t this a bit much all I did was…” I began to say then I heard a laugh.

“Tre you have no idea what you have done, you’re a writer and that goes with the territory. Turn on the television.” Gary interrupted. I grabbed the remote and turned the television on. “Go to the business channel.” He ordered. I could hear other people on the line.

“Do you have me on speaker?” I asked nervously.

“Told you he was smart.” Gary said. “Yes we do, we are at a board meeting, I am the vice president of Operations and projects, I have the President and the vice C.E.O and the C.E.O here as well as many high powered members of the board here.” he said.

“I feel light headed” I joked but only slightly, the nerves in my stomach where causing major problems I needed to sit down. “Ok business channel.”

“We only dabbled in comics because of the large demand for them in the public eyes, say movies, books, toys and cartoon shows. We were so close to closing the project down till you came along we gave you the fantasy comic because it was a dead end project. But Tre… you brought it to life. Now not only is it a hit, we already have movie studios asking for the rights.” He said. I didn’t sit on the couch I fell. The room began to spin. “Tre? You still with us buddy?’ he asked.

“Yes I think it’s the jet lag.” I said excusing my silence.

“We won’t keep you, but we want to show you what you have done.” He said. “You see the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen?” he asked.

“Yeah the stock exchange stuff.” I said I never paid attention to this crap, who really did?

“Yeah that stuff” he laughed. “Well that stuff shows how a company is doing, small negative numbers in front of a name is a bad thing, two years ago we had small numbers with the negative sign by them. We were ready to close warehouses and other projects.” He said. For the past few months we had positive numbers. You brought us back into the game.” Then I saw it the company name which was on the receipt for the car, the name on the credit card I got sent flashed on the screen.

“That’s Marvel and Dc and … ” my hand cupped my mouth.

“That’s right Tre, they turned you down when you asked for a job and we didn’t we gave you a chance and now look, with just one project you have made it, to the big leagues.” He was smiling I could tell.

“The big leagues?” I said in disbelief.

“Well not the big big leagues but yeah, you’re not playing in the minors anymore most definitely.” Gary said. “Get some rest we will talk more tomorrow.” he said. I nodded as if he could see me and hung up.

I opened my lap top and punched in the name of the company, I had done it only once or maybe twice before but not to do a complete search just for the website itself. But there it was in black and white, a company on the move, specializing in books for kids mostly, some novels but they were manly biographies. Then it showed the comic I had been working on. I slammed the lap top closed. They had put my work up there with the golden ages of comics, and other high profile comics. My head was spinning, I felt dizzy and giddy at the same time, like I wanted to pass out on the floor but also laugh till my stomach ripped open. “Lie down.” I said to myself out loud. The room was quite large it had two parts. As soon as you came into the room there was a hallway which opened up to a living room area, that had a couch on the right, the screened patio that had a great view of the city, a desk with lights on it, on the left, followed by a large flat screen TV on the wall. Then the kitchen directly behind the hallway wall. The second part was by the couch, there was a door that led to the bedroom which had a large king size bed, large open windows which had a view of the busy intersection that the hotel was located on. And a full size bathroom. It was quite welcoming, and seeing how I was going to be here a while it was very good. I unpacked and laid down to bed.

The night passed quickly with no problems. After the usual morning routine, I headed downstairs to which the lady behind the counter pointed out they had the breakfast bar open. I took a peek in and decided against it. Stating I didn’t really eat in the mornings. Getting into the car I noted that it was colder than I expected which was a good thing coming from the heat of Texas. I exited the parking lot and headed for the convention center that was plugged into my GPS. After searching forever I found a parking space. I forgot how fast these comic con’s filled with people. Walking through the parking lot I smiled at the amount of kids and adults dressed up as their favorite characters from comics to anime to movies. I took my phone out and took a picture of a few of them. But I couldn’t help to wonder would someone be wearing a costume of any of the characters I will make. As I got near the entrance I saw somebody holding up a board with my name on it.

“Hey that’s me.” I said to the guy.

“Hey Tre.” the tall man said, I was tall at 6’2 but he was much taller. “The office did not give me your phone number and well they forgot to send you these in all the hub bub.” he said smiling he was tall but very skinny and very much in need of decaf. He handed me a decal which had the name of our business and Staff written all over it. We walked through the doors passing everybody. “You’re a bit late but that’s ok. Sure your not used to this type of thing.” The convention center was huge inside there was stalls everywhere, selling everything from toys that were old or very new, vintage and new comics.

“Never been to a comic con before?” the man said who was walking back to me.

“Not since I was 12.” I laughed looking around, the upstairs had a window with people looking down waiting to get down here. Everywhere I walked I bumped into someone dressed up. “Is it always this crowded?” I said trying to keep up with him.

“This is just the beginning.” he laughed. Then I remembered the crowd outside trying to get in. We walked further to the back, it began to open up and I could finally breathe again. “Welcome to artist’s row.” he said. “The calm in the storm.” he laughed looking back at me. “Here we are” he said pointing to a row of tables with five guys sitting behind them. They all nodded at me and went back to drawing. Walking behind the tables I took a seat. It was nice and calm with a few people walking by. The tall man coughed. “My names Jeff, that’s Sean, Jason, Trevor, Damien, and Serg.” he said pointing the guys out. “We are all part of the new team for the new series, we worked on the project that you re wrote and well…” he paused. “It was a blast.” the other guys nodded.

“Nice work” one of them said I think he was Trevor.

“Thanks.” I said shaking his hand.

“Yeah man, kept us up all night on that shit, it was going nowhere, and no interest at all till you came along and flipped that shit on its head.” another said. I knew it would take me some time to get their names right.

“So anyway.” Jeff said sliding a laptop down to me. “That’s yours, I put everything you will need on it and the current project is on there, the big wigs want you to take a look at it and well do your thing” Jeff smiled. Definitely decaf I thought to myself. “Anything else you want let me know I will be running around so you guys don’t have to get up in this pandemonium.

“A drink.” I said “Preferably Iced tea.”.

“on it” he said taking off in a frenzy. I shook my head and opened the lap top.

“he means well.” one of the guys said.

“yeah but he needs to lay off those energy drinks.” another said. I smiled. As everybody got down to business. Soon a cup landed next to me and I was off into wonderland. The project had great potential but it was written all wrong in my view and since I was lead. I deleted everything and started from scratch. I redesigned a few characters which the guy Damien was happy to jump on as soon as I had a layout, then Trevor came behind me with a note pad and began to draw the design for the new city.

“Word that would look awesome.” he said as he walked over. Every time he talked I expected to see a black guy but he was a short white guy with a hat turned backwards and baggy clothes that looked like they were three sizes bigger than they should. I asked who did the designs for interiors as I wanted their view on the base of a new base of operations for the new characters. Sean volunteered and wheeled his chair over, we sat there going over a few things as he sketched and re-sketched until we agreed on a final draft. He patted me on the shoulder and wheeled himself back. He was an older gentleman probably in his forties. Soon the whole team was running on all cylinders as I got to work on the first book, well a rough draft of the first book. I did take notice to a few people passing, some of the girls I wondered about, how could they leave the house looking that way, half naked or might as well be naked.

“Hey Tre?” Trevor said pointing to a woman who came round the corner, dressed as poison ivy from the batman series. “Check out those.” he said. The lady was very well endowed up top and nearly spilling out. “Bet you they come out if she bends over.” he said. I laughed nodding my head.

“I’ll take that bet.” Jeff said. Trevor grabbed a pencil and just as she passed he rolled it off the table so it landed in front of her.

“Here let me get that for you.” one of her friends said picking it up. “Nice try.” the friend said laughing at him before rejoining the rest of her friends. We all laughed.

“Hey they would of came out if she picked it up” Trevor laughed.

I returned to my work and within moments I was back in wonderland before something hit me in the head. Looking down it was a pencil.

“Hey day dreamer!” Sean said. “You got a visitor.” I picked the pencil up and turned to face a wall of cleavage.

“Holy crap!” I thought to myself, my eyes began to focus out. Standing there leaning over was a beautiful lady with light blue eyes and a perfect face, she must have been just over 5’5 or close to that, but what stuck out the most was a her huge boobs, huge being an understatement.

“Hi.” she said with a nice smile.

“Hi.” I said coughing “Sorry got caught in wonderland.” I said trying to clear the awkwardness.

“I see.” she said looking at the guys that were staring at her. She was dressed as Emma frost, her blonde long hair that went straight down just by her shoulders, a white top that came down just under her large chest, her mid section was open revealing a nice stomach not overly big but just in shape to show the outline of her abs, and long white skin tight pants, with a white lacy over top. She was wearing high heel boots which I noticed when I picked up the pencil. “I was asking them if they knew how to write out a character for me and they told me you were the writer.” she said her voice was very mellow.

“Sure.” I said closing the lap top revealing more of her. She looked back at her friends with a thumbs up. Her friends were two guys and three girls, the girls were dressed like the power puff girls which I found very funny. “Nice costumes.” I said. They waved back. The girl dressed like Emma frost walked back to one of the guys and pulled a large binder out from his back pack. I immediately noticed a nice round bubble butt.

“How doesn’t she fall over?” Damien whispered to me since he was the closest

“Shh!” I replied but I had thought the same. She came back and opened the binder to a row of pictures of a woman that was more than amply stacked. “Wow.” I said with a smile.

“Yeah my ex, used to say she was too big on top, but I told him that’s how the comic book world was, women with huge boobs, plus I like it.” she said I looked through the pages and the same woman was drawn over and over.

“I would say you more than like it.” I replied which we both laughed. Then I saw a similarity. “Isn’t this um?” then I stopped did not want to give myself away for someone that liked porn or anything.

“Chelsea Charms?” she asked.

“Yeah!” I said trying to sound surprised but I knew who it was.

“Didn’t think anyone would notice, yeah I met her a few years ago and asked to draw her and she let me.” the girl smiled. “You know your boobs.” she said.

“Boob guy. What can I say?” I shrugged. “But yeah I can do something with these.” I said. ” give me about an hr and I will have a write up for, did you want an episode or just a character overlay?” I said opening my laptop.

“Just an overlay will be fine, I always messed things up with it so..” she said shrugging and walking back to her friends.

“Here is his card.” Sean quickly said. Handing a card over to her.

“Thanks.” she said walking away.

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!” Trevor said out loud to which other people in the row agreed with by nodding. Even a woman across the path nodded.

“Did anyone expect her to fall over?” cause I know I did. Damien said.

“No way are they real.” someone said from the tables behind us.

“They could.” I said already working on a character layout.

“No way, they are fake beyond fakeness.” Trevor blurted back.

“Yeah man I am gonna have to agree with fake thug here.” Serg said. “No way portions are all wrong, if they were real she would have to be like huge or something.”

“Come on” I turned to face them. “Why is it that guys and woman.” I turned to face the woman across the way. “See a woman with huge boobs and its automatically fake!” I smiled they all turned to me.

“Cause it’s not possible.” Jeff said. “The human body is just made to be proportioned and if its not then. She my friend would be bent over like a hunchback, just cause the weight alone!”

“Ok I give you the weight but with proper exercise and diet she would be able to keep them.” I retaliated.

“What do you say?” Trevor asked the only lady within earshot.

“I would have to agree. I’m proportioned and I am big” she said standing up. “Sorry but those were fake.” she shrugged.

“See even she agrees.” Sean said. “Fake” they all turned back.

“I disagree, not saying they aren’t but just saying they might be real.” I said.

“Ok name of woman like that, that are real.” Jeff asked. “Since you know your boobs.” they all laughed.

“Not fake porn actresses either cause those are fake no matter what you say.” Trevor said.

“Ok off the top of my head?” I asked. They all nodded. Serg turned his lap top on. “Really your going to Google?”

“Don’t want you given out fake names.” he smiled. I shrugged.

“First and my favorite of all Merilyn Sakova.” I said to which he goggled. They all gathered round.

“Holy shit those are real?” Sean said.

“Read and weep.” I said turning back to my laptop.

“Ok that’s one, you can’t do it again.” Trevor said.

“Seriously?” I asked. They all nodded like hound dogs. “Fine um Leanne Crow.” I said. “Which miss Emma frost is very close too.” Their faces dropped as they looked up pictures of her. “Gimme that.” I said grabbing the lap top. “Here go navigate through this site and catch up on what all boob guys know.”I punched in the address for boobpedia and handed it to them.

I got back to work as they oohed and ah he’d. Once in a while I heard a no way and cant be real. To which I laughed.

Soon an hour had passed and they had finally got back to work a few minutes before that. When my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered while I finished up.

“Hi is this the guy working on my character?” the voice said.

“Um yeah was just about finished, got the layout and premise all written out for you.” I replied.

“Can you bring it to the food court, Sorry but ran into a few problems coming through the hall, the first time.” she said.

“I could imagine.” I said folding my lap top closed. “Be there soon.” I said hanging up the phone. “Hey Jeff? Food court which way?” I asked. He looked up from his screen which he had turned away from the others but could see he was watching pictures again.

“What do you want I can get it?” he said standing up.

“Hey!!!!” Jason said. He was the quiet one of the group. “Point that thing away from me.” he said.

“Wow chubster, you want to sit back down with that thing?” Trevor said. Jeff sat back down embarrassed.

“Its over that way.” he pointed. His face still all red.

“Might want to close that up till later.” I whispered to him he nodded closing the lap top. Trevor shook his head at him.

“Catching a boner in a comic con with kids around. What’s wrong with you?” he said. Jeff nodded.

Walking around the room was hard for me, people running two and fro, little kids popping up from nowhere. Plus the constant stopping because someone wanted to take a picture. It was getting aggravating. Finally I reached the food court and I saw her in the corner of the room sitting on the floor.

“Hey?” I said sitting down across from her.

“Hey.” she said without a smile.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“Yeah sure.” she said with a fake smile. I didn’t push the issue any further it wasn’t my business. I handed her the lap top, which she began to read, then she smiled and then laughed.

“I love it.” she said. I took the lap top back and asked her for an email which she gave to me. I emailed the story to her and let her watch as I deleted the file and all of the content for her character.

“Thanks.” she said. “I better go look for my friends.” she said standing up. In the light now as we both stood there, I could see she had been crying.

“You sure, you’re ok?” I said reaching a hand out on her shoulder to which she flinched back from.

“Yeah I am fine. Thank you again.” she said as she walked away. I watched her disappear in the crowd. And walked back to my seat.

The rest of the day went by without any big incidents except I saw a guy dressed in a cool Wolverine costume and had to take a picture, but the others took pictures of nearly every woman with a huge bust. And every time they asked me if they were real or not. To which I answered I didn’t know. Finally it was time to pack up and it was just me, Jeff and Jason. I told Jeff he could go since most of the stuff went with Jason in his truck anyway and the rest we could leave.

“Thanks by the way.” Jason said.

“For what?” I asked.

“The whole fake or not thing.” Jason said. Jason seemed like a cool kid maybe around the age of 19 which made him the youngest, light blonde hair and a very short and thin kid.

“Why you saying thanks for?” I asked as we folded the banner up.

“They always tease me about my mom.” he said. “She has well you know.” he said slightly embarrassed. “They always she got them done, to get guys when she hasn’t”. he said as we put the banner in its case. “Maybe now they will let it go.”

“First off, that shit doesn’t fly with me. And I won’t bring it up but if I hear it, it will end. Two what your mom did or did not do to her body is no one’s business and you don’t have to be embarrassed about what they say. Got me?” I said. He nodded. “Ok lets go.” I said waving good bye to all the other artists as we exited the hall. We went a different way from the way I came and I found there was a bar there, maybe after we put all this stuff away I would get a drink or two. Something inside caught my eye. I looked again and saw Emma frost sitting at the bar.

“I can take all this.” Jason said.

“No its ok.” I said walking ahead. We put all the stuff in the truck and I waved him off. Turning back I walked past the bar again. This time with no intention of going in. I didn’t want to seem like a stalker when I heard.

“That’s it lady I am cutting you off!” I looked inside and the bartender was walking away from her. There was no other lady by the bar. Already I could see the wolves circling her. I shook my head and walked in.

“Hey there you are” I said aloud so everyone could hear me. Immediately the wolves sat back down. “Was looking for you.” I sat next to her.

“What would it be?” the man asked. I told him my choice and he walked away.

“Hi.” she said. In a low voice she had been crying again and her makeup and hair was a mess.

“Hi.” I said back.

“Friends left me.” she said. Looking around the guys were looking directly at us.

“I gathered.” I said she leaned in close and began to cry again. I patted her on the back. “Ok let’s talk” I wrapped an arm around her and walked her over to a booth.

“Thanks.” she said. As I handed her a napkin. “I look a mess.” she said to which I shrugged.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Short version, lost my job, stayed with a few friends.” she began to say.

“Power puffs?” I asked.

“Yeah” she said smiling. “I couldn’t pay my half of the rent for the last two months, so they were going to kick me out anyway.” she shrugged. “So came here to say goodbye you know, its close to the airport and well she reached into her side pocket and flung a plane ticket on the table. I reached for it and opened it. It was a one way trip to Arkansas.

“Guessing that’s home?” I said folding it back up and pushing it back to her.

“Home.” she laughed “If you want to call it that, Father’s a drunk, Mother’s dead and my brother’s are perverted assholes that took their sisters virginity. Yeah its home.” she said rolling her eyes. I shook my head. “But father said I could come home and take care of the place for free till I get back on my feet.” I shook my head and could only think of what take care of the place really meant. Here I was with my life finally going right and here she was with her world getting torn apart.

“My names Tre by the way.” I said reaching my hand over the table. She smiled

“I know saw the name on the card.” she laughed her face was perking up. “Names Chelsea and no my second name isn’t Charms.” she laughed.

“I hope not.” I laughed.

“I think I am a few cup sizes smaller than her.” she said grabbing her boobs and bouncing them.

“Not by much.” I smiled.

“We are closing soon” the bartender said.

“Oh ok” I said reaching into my wallet and paying for the drink. He looked over at her to which she looked at me. “Here put it on this” I said taking back the money and giving him a card. “Hers too.” he nodded and walked away. “Ruined your plans huh?” I said.

“Kinda” she said looking away.

“Getting arrested for not paying a bar bill, wont make things better.” I said. “Trust me” she nodded. The look on her face said it all. She had nowhere to go but with her family which if the story held true meant she was going to be living in her own private hell. “Tell you what.” I said drinking the last of my beer. “I have an extended stay hotel room, you can stay there with me, till you think of something to do.” I said as I slid out of my chair, offering my hand to her. She smiled back at me.

“Thank you.” her face lit up. The bartender came back with my card.

“Can she use your bathroom to clean up?” I asked he nodded and showed her the way.

“Her suitcases are behind the bar.” the bartender said pointing to three medium sized suitcases. I looked at them. She was better off than me when I was on hard times, all my stuff was in black laundry bags. I picked them up and waited for her to come out. With the makeup all washed away and the tears gone she looked a lot better and instantly I could see her eyes again.

“What?” she asked smiling as she took two of the suitcases from me.

“Nothing.” I replied she had caught me staring.

“Well at least you were looking at my eyes and not my tits.” she said smiling as we walked out of the bar. “This time.” she giggled.

“This time?” I asked.

“over the laptop when I came to your stall?” she reminded me.

“Oh yeah.” I half smiled. “Caught that huh?”

“Uh huh” she nodded. With a yawn. “Sorry tired been a long day” we got to my SUV it was a rental but I liked it, it was very roomy inside and tall, so I could easily get in and out. “Wow nice.” she said as she looked at it.

“Thanks.” I replied. “A rental.” I nodded just to make sure she didn’t think I was trying to act bigger than I was.

“Ah.” she said as we put her suitcases in the back. “Wait, you do know nothing will happen tonight right?” she asked. Before she got in. I laughed and got in. “I mean it.” she stated.

“Just get in. If I was that type of guy I would of already tried something.” I said. She looked at me with a funny look. “Trust me.” I said. She got in and sat down buckling her seat belt. We drove off out of the parking lot in silence as I didn’t know what else to say. Soon we were on the highway when I got a call it was someone from Gary’s office they wanted to confirm that I wanted to keep the rental and if they should add more time to the rental agreement. I confirmed as I turned to look at Chelsea she had already fallen asleep. I smiled and finished the conversation. Reaching the hotel I tried to wake her but she was fast asleep.

“Great” I said to myself getting out of the vehicle. I grabbed the bags and took them inside making sure to lock the doors. The receptionist told me all the bag handlers had left for the night. Looking up at the clock I could see why it was getting close to midnight. I was getting tired myself.

“Could you help me?” I asked.

“Sorry but not really allowed to leave the desk.” she shrugged. I could see her smart phone doing the vibrating dance on her desk and smiled.

“Ok no problem.” I said. “I know how hard these night shifts are on a relationship.” I smiled at her. She looked at the phone and looked back at me.

“Thank you.” she said. I walked back out and opened the passenger door. She had been resting on the door and nearly fell out if it wasn’t for the seat belt. She must have not slept in a while because she did not even stir. “Ok?” I said to myself as I placed an arm under her legs and gently hoisted her out of the vehicle, swinging her gently so her head rested on my shoulder, I placed the other arm under her back and made sure my hand touched her sides and not her chest. I kicked the door closed and heard the chirp of the alarm go off as I hit the button. The receptionist must have went to the back to carry on her conversation, because she was gone when I came back in. Looking down at Chelsea her large boobs pressed against my chest was creating a valley of cleavage. “Come on!” I said to myself so I stopped looking. Gently I lay her on a couch next to the elevators. I walked back to the doors to grab a cart to put the suitcases on. Looking back and forth I wondered how I was going to take both her and the cases up. I didn’t want her waking and seeing nothing familiar and with the receptionist gone for who knows how long there was no one to watch the cases. The ding of the elevators sounded and an old lady came out she looked over at Chelsea then me.

“Young man?” she said then pointed.

“Oh crap” I said as I saw Chelsea beginning to roll off the couch. I ran over in time to push her back up. “This is going to be a long night.” I smiled back at the lady.

“Can I help?” she asked.

“Yes you can.” I said. “Can you watch her cases while I take her upstairs.

“I can do better I will roll them upstairs with you.” she said. “You might want to…” she said pointing to her chest. “Before one of them fall out” she smiled. I had been thinking that. I reached for her light white jacked and began to pull it over her chest. “Here let me help.” She said as she reached in and buttoned the jacket closed.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Not your wife or girl friend is she?” the lady asked.

“Nope not even a friend really.” I replied. I began to tell her the whole story as we got into the elevator and across the hallway to my room.

“You’re a good man.” she said as we reached my door. “Not many people would do such a thing for a stranger.”

“Well I would hope someone would do that for me.” I said opening the door. “You can roll that anywhere, I am sure she will unpack when she gets up.” I placed her on the bed.

“I will get her undressed, sleeping in that latex or whatever those clothes are made of these days, will suffocate her skin.” the little lady said pushing the cart into the room then closing the door. I smiled and pulled out a pillow and a blanket and throwing them on the couch. I laid down and started reading over the story I had written on my laptop when I heard the door open again. “She is settled in, I will be seeing you again.” she waved.

“Thank you again.” I said.

“No thank you.” she said turning. “I had thought all the good men had gone but seeing how you are treating her, makes me think again.” she waved and left the room. Shortly after I closed the laptop and fell asleep.

I woke up to a strange feeling, somehow I managed to have got to the bed because I was laying down in it.

“Thought you would never wake up” Chelsea said. She was between my legs her hand wrapped around my dick. Then her head began to bob up and down on it as she sucked it all the way down then back up again.

“Fuck that feels good.” I said. Still a bit confused on how I got to the bed, but shaking it off. She crawled up towards me.

“Not as good as this is going to feel.” she replied giving me a wet kiss, before sliding down on my dick.

“Fucccck!” I said as her tight pussy gripped my hard dick. She rocked back and forth. While keeping her gaze on me.

“Told you.” she said. “Just wanted to say thank you for helping me.” she said brushing her hair to the side while her hands were on either side of me. “What about these?” she said looking down at her large tits. “You have been wanting them all night.”. They were huge and now swaying back and forth side to side as she rode my dick. I grabbed one with both hands and still had more to spare and began sucking and nibbling on her small nipples. “mm that feels good, keep doing that.” as I sucked on her nipples she began riding me harder and faster. “Suck on the other one.” she said. I nodded and grabbed the other tit and sucked on it. She leaned back as I sucked on her tits, grinding down on my dick. Back and forth.

“Fuck your tight as hell!” I said moaning in pleasure

“Hey! Wake up” she said down to me.

“What?” I replied confused.

“Wake up!” she said down to me again.

Then I snapped awake to being back on the couch.

“About time!” Chelsea said from the kitchen. I sat up and looked around I was back on the couch, well never left the couch it would seem.

“Sorry about that.” I said.

“It’s ok you were umm about to you know” she said pointing in the area of my dick.

“oh.” I said embarrassed. “Sorry.” I said pulling the covers over myself.

“Its ok.” she shrugged “Lived in a house full of horny brothers, then had roommates that never stopped touching themselves so you would think I would get used to it.” She said as she moved about the kitchen. My eyes finally started to focus and I saw she was dressed in exercise shorts that came close to her mid thigh and a very tight sports bra. Which was doing nothing for my already hard morning wood. “I went down to the gym and then across the street to the store to pick up some food, all you had was cereal.” she said.

“Yeah not much of a morning person.” I replied still trying to think of other things to calm myself down. Maybe this was a bad idea having her stay here.

“Well your alarm went off early this morning.” she said.

“Alarm?” I asked confused. “Shit what time is it?” I asked in a hurry knowing I was already late.

“After 11.” she replied.

“Fuck!” I said standing up “Shit.” I said turning away from her quickly as I ran into the bedroom. I quickly gathered some clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

“You late for something?” I heard through the door.

“Yeah.” I replied as I stripped and sat on the throne. I turned the radio on in the bathroom so she couldn’t hear everything going on in there. “had to meet the guys at the convention at 8.” I replied.

“Oh I am making breakfast burrito’s do you want one to go?” she asked. Yum I thought hadn’t had a real breakfast in years.

“Thanks.” I replied. I heard her footsteps walk away from the door and relaxed taking my morning crap, like all guys do, when I looked on the floor under the sink. There was a bra, I smiled, one of the cups was as big as my head. I thought about putting it on my head like the scene from that movie, but then I shook it off. Then I noticed something it couldn’t be what I thought it was. I gently moved forward and picked up the bra, yeah there it was in black writing 32L. I threw it back like lightning had struck my hand. My dick sprang to action again. “No!” I said to it and quickly jumped flushed the toilet and sprayed the room with the air freshener and jumped in the shower. The cold water quickly calmed everything back to normal. But that measurement stuck in my head.

“So I have to ask something?” Chelsea said. She was outside the bathroom. Lucky I sprayed I thought.

“Still in the shower.” I said out loud. I heard the door open and heard her come inside. The shower curtain wasn’t see through but I am sure the outline of my body could be seen.

“Are you gay?” she asked.

“What?” I replied in shock.

“I mean if you are its ok.” she said. “I am just asking because most guys with a female in their room, drunk off their ass and not capable of fighting anyone off, would of jumped at the chance to fuck them.” she said.

“Like I said last night, I am not like that. It wasn’t right to take advantage of you.” I said “And no I am not gay, if you were in here, you would know that.” I said as even the cold water was not enough to keep my erection from spiking up again. I heard a giggle.

“Don’t worry I have my back turned.” she replied.

“Thank you.” I said still washing off the soap.

“But I must be honest.” she said. “I saw it already.” she said with a slight smirk.

“What?” I asked in shock again.

“This morning when I went to the gym, your covers were off and you do wear boxers and well, IT was standing at attention through the hole in your boxers, I covered you up and went to the gym.” she shrugged.

“Damn it!” I said cursing myself.

“You have no need to embarrass believe me. Your girlfriend must be one lucky woman and brave.” she said.

“No girlfriend, and why brave?” I said reaching out of the curtains for a towel.

“To take that thing inside her, no way no how, it wouldn’t’ t happen for me.” she said as she passed me a towel. I laughed.

“um thanks I think?” I replied.

“oh it’s a compliment” she said as she exited the bathroom. I quickly got changed and left the bathroom. She had some clothes in her hand and went into the bathroom. “Don’t leave me here alone ok?” she asked. “Not yet anyway”. I nodded and looked for my phone at least I could call the guys and tell them I would be late. But then I remembered I left it in the rental.

“Ok I will eat breakfast then.” I said smiling. I sat down to eat breakfast when I heard shouting. I moved into the bedroom. “This is awesome” I said with a mouthful.

“Thank you.” she shouted back. “Did you hear what I said?” she asked.

“No I was in the living room.” I replied.

“For fucks sake get in here I can’t hear you!” she said I opened the door slowly and left it open but stood outside.

“Ok what did you say.” I said slightly looking in. The shower curtain did show outline’s and the outline was amazing. I stood there just staring.

“I asked what happens now.” she said.

“um?” I said. She laughed.

“Are you staring again?” she asked I could tell she was laughing.

“Definitely staring.” I replied.

“Turn around silly.” she laughed. I turned around which made it a lot easier to think.

“Ok well you need a job, what did you do before.” I asked.

“I was a dancer.” she replied “not a stripper a dancer for a night club.” she said. “But I hated it guys pawing at me and whistling all the time, thinking I would fuck them just cause I danced.”. I nodded.

“Ok what do you like to do?” I asked.

“Dress up.” she replied “hand me a towel” she said. I reached for a towel and gave it to her then walked out of the bathroom. Then I had an idea. I quickly put everything in the kitchen away and put my shoes on. When she came out of the bedroom. Her hair was still wet and curly coming just past her shoulders, she was wearing a white top with a black jacket that came to her waist and black jeans.

“Staring.” she said.

“Damn it.” I said smiling. “Got to learn not to do that.” she laughed.

“One time I will catch you staring at my boobs, keep catching you staring at my eyes, now my hair” she said then she grabbed her boobs in each hand. “They are down here.” she said laughing.

“I will remember that” I said grabbing the keys to the rental and the hotel keys. “Ready?” I asked. She nodded.

On the way there I told her I had an idea and that it was a surprise, I called the guys and told them I was running late to which they were ok with and said they had lots to do. So I felt better about that. She told me a little about herself how she had ran away from home after her brothers literally gang raped her one night which was graphic and horrible. How she moved here became a dancer for a small club first then later a big club and how her boyfriend abused her mentally and physically. I felt so sorry for her seemed everything went downhill in her life from the moment her mum passed away. We reached the convention center as we went in I got through security but they stopped her because she didn’t have a pass.

“So you remember me right?” I asked the guy.

“Yes sir.” he said. “ok she is with me.” I said grabbing my pass from my neck and placing it over hers. He nodded and we went through.

“Your kinda mean.” she said.

“Why you say that?” I asked.

“Just the way you talk to people sometimes, the guy that called you last night, the bartender, that security guard.” She said. “I like it.” we were starting to separate as the crowd was already huge. “Tre!” I heard her say. She was already a few feet behind me. I stopped.

“HEY! I said loudly to which people stopped and looked at me, she saw an opening and ran through. “Thank you!” I said grabbing her hand.

“See!” she laughed.

“It’s not mean its umm persuasive.” I laughed she wrapped her arm in mine and we walked together. I reached the booth I was looking for there was a middle aged lady running around from box to box frantically. “Hi there.” I said.

“Hold on one second.” the lady said. She turned around.

“If you want to order a costume the sheet is right there.” she said before going back to her frantic searching.

“No I came about the sign.” I said poking the large sign of wonder woman asking for volunteers. Chelsea looked at the sign and her eyes lit up.

“Oh?” the lady said turning around and literally jumping over boxes. “you or your girlfriend?” she asked.

“We are just friends.” I said to which I felt Chelsea loosen her grip on me.

“Oh Ok.” she looked over at Chelsea. “Well we do comic cons, movie events, private parties with our own security of course, we also provide our staff with food and lodging if they have to go out of town. All our costumes are made in house, to fit the person.” She said. To which Chelsea was breathing it all in. “I know it’s a stupid question but I have to ask legally because some of the costumes are a bit shall we say provocative. How old are you?”

“29.” Chelsea replied.

“Awesome.” the lady said. “When can you start, I think I have a batman, a wonder woman and a power girl already out on the floor so those costumes are taken.”

“Now!” Chelsea said with excitement. She let go my arm.

“Awesome.” the lady said “Welcome to the team.” the lady said shaking her hand. “Now lets see you, and see what costume we got that can fit you. Chelsea unzipped the leather jacket and stood back. “WHOA!” the lady said taking a look at her large chest. “um STAN!?” she shouted to the back of the booth.

“What?” a man’s voice said. An elderly man came out.

“This is um, what’s your name hun?” the lady asked.

“Chelsea.” Chelsea replied worried covering herself back and grabbing my arm.

“Is there a problem?’ I asked.

“No not at all” the woman said. “I just don’t think we have a costume that could fit her… measurements” the lady said staring at her large chest. Stan peered over his glasses he was an elderly man in his late fifties.

“Sure we do.” he said looking at the lady. “Your still thinking superheroes, think anime when it comes to the real busty ones.” He said to her. “hey kid, those the real deal or the plastic ones, no lying now ya hear?” he said to Chelsea.

“100% my own sir” she said with a smile.

“Good to hear those plastic ones don’t look good in anime get up” he looked over at me. “You gonna stick around looking all broody or you got something to do, this might take a while?” he said. I liked this little old man.

“I got things to do.” I said.

“Thought so.” he turned around. “Come around the table little lady, let’s see if we can find something to put those chest torpedoes of yours in.” he said as they walked behind the large screen.

“She knows how to find me.” I said to the lady and walked away.

I went back to my table with the guys and of course the rumor mill had spun its daily threads and speculations. Which I ignored, it wasn’t too long before they got tired and carried on their business. I got buried in my lap top, listening to people walk back and forth now and then buying a comic or two. Some even had heard of us which made me smile. Soon we would be a big hit and everyone would know I thought to myself.

“Hey isn’t that your girlfriend?” Jeff asked. I paid no attention as they had been calling many women their girlfriends all day.

“Tre?” Sean said. “That your girlfriend over there?” he asked. I looked at where he was pointing and there Chelsea came with a few other women and girls.

“Now that’s a Tsukiumi outfit!” Jason said awing at her outfit.

“Tsuki who?” Trevor asked.

“Tsukiumi.” Jason said smiling “It’s a Japanese anime series?” he looked at all of us like if we were crazy for not knowing what he was saying. “It’s like Pokemon but for adults?” he said as if that would get us to know what he was saying. “Ok fine!” he grabbed his laptop and his fingers danced across the keyboard. “This idiot of a student collects Sekirei which are basically super powered buxom women , and they fight for him till only one is left.” He said showing us the page.

“Wow that’s a load of bull!” Trevor said. He looked at the page “But I would watch it just for those.” he said looking at the boat load of buxom cartoon characters on the screen.

“I think she would of filled out a Kazehana costume better but the blonde hair does suit Tsukiumi better.” Jason said still awing. I didn’t care about the cartoon or the characters her cleavage was out there for the world to see and the short white dress, showed her legs off wonderfully as she turned the corner I could see the outfit better she was wearing a black dress and gown with a white under dress which barely covered her large breasts and showed all the cleavage it could. A choker around her neck and black stocking that came up to mid thigh, her hair was let out and long just past her shoulders.

“So you like?” she said to me as she approached spinning around. As she span the skirt lifted to all the guys around disappointment she was wearing shorts underneath.

“Yeah I do.” I said trying to hide my excitement.

“Its some Japanese anime character.” she said shrugging. “But I love it!” she said spinning again. The other women hurried her along.

“Talk to you again.” she said as she left.

“Holy crap!” Jeff said. “They are real did you see them bounce?” he asked the others. I sighed and dived into my laptop escaping from the real or not real conversation. I had seen them in a sports bra and an outline in a shower and they were definitely real. Plus I was in the same room with them and did nothing to see them. No wonder she thought I was gay. I laughed at that. Suddenly I got a text it was from my best friend Alex, I should say we were better than friends, more like brothers. He was asking how things were going. I texted back all was good and that I was getting back on my feet. He replied that things were going well and that he met someone, which didn’t surprise me Alex could get any woman he wanted, he had the looks, the money, the car and from what an ex girlfriend told me the right tool for the job. I told him we should hook up one day and catch up it had been over three years since we saw each other. He said he was doing some important work right now but afterward, we would definitely hook up. Something bothered me about his last message I re read it. “Got me on some big contract at work… something fishy going on but def after wards we should meet and chat”. Normally I would not think anything but Alex was a magnet for trouble. I put the phone away and thought about it. Last I heard he was deciphering letters at some office in Texas somewhere. If some good ole boy thought he was going to put Alex in some shit, he had another thing coming. Alex was good at getting in trouble but he was the wrong person to fuck with.

“Hey day dreamer?” a voice said. I looked up and Chelsea was standing there. “Once your into something you’re really there huh?” she said.

“Yeah was thinking about a friend.” I said.

“Well its quitting time.” she said looking around. Half the place was empty. Had I really been out of it that long. Jason and Trevor were the only ones still there drawing.

“Hey we tried to tell you.” Jason said pointing at the floor. There was a bunch of paper balls on the floor. “After you got those texts you kinda went into Tre land and we lost you.” He laughed.

“Got to say bouncing paper balls off your head was kinda fun though.” Trevor said. To which they all laughed including Chelsea.

“Fine for that both of you can clean up.” I said standing up.

“We were going to anyway. Not like you would of known if we did.” Trevor retorted. I nodded seeing they had won this battle and exited the building with Chelsea by my side. She was still wearing her costume.

“Thought you would of changed.” I said.

“Nah I like it so I bought it off them, with the money they paid me.” she said getting in the vehicle. “Besides I like the way it turns guys brains to mush.” she laughed. I smiled and drove away. We stopped to eat at the restaurant beside the hotel it wasn’t anything fancy but we were both hungry and didn’t feel like changing again just to eat. All the men and women stared at Chelsea in her little outfit, which made her smile and giggle at times. As we sat the men across the table stopped and stared hoping to catch a glimpse of her underwear. “Can you sit there?” she asked pointing to the spot directly in front of her. She asked.

“Sure why?” I said sitting down.

“Well the shorts were getting a little uncomfortable so I took them off shortly after the show and well, I don’t feel like giving everyone a panty flash.” she laughed. The thought of her wearing nothing but panties under that really short skirt instantly sent images through my mind.

“Well you better not bend over then” I said reaching for the menu. She shook her head laughing. Our waitress came along and took our orders and before long we were happily eating.

“So what were they arguing about?” she asked.

“Who?” I responded back.

“The guys, I came back around a second time and they were arguing.” she said looking at me. “You were in Tre land” she smiled.

“Ah” I said. I didn’t know they were still arguing or how long they were arguing for. “You know the real or not thing, they been arguing about that for the past few days trying to figure out which women have fakes and which ones are real, think it has turned into a game more than arguing” I replied.

“And the verdict on me?” she asked. I knew that was coming.

“Well at first fake but I think they changed their mind.” I replied honestly.

“And yours?” she asked.

“Hell I seen em in that sports bra and the shower outline. So yeah I know they are real.” I laughed. She nodded.

“You better!” she laughed. “Runs in the family.”

“I bet it does.” I said. We stuck around talking for a while getting to know each other got to know how her mother passed in a tragic car accident with her aunt, which were supposedly more bigger than her in the chest department, which I couldn’t believe till she showed me a picture of her mother, who was indeed much bigger. I told her about my life how Alex had got me out of the gangs and taught me all I knew about writing, told her his version of Tre land was a daily occurrence, told her he could write a whole day away and not eat or sleep or move. To which she laughed. It was nice talking to someone again. Before long the waitress told us that they were closing for the night. We got up and headed for the hotel. She wrapped her arms in mine and we began to walk out. As we entered the building she dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up, I took a quick peek and saw a white thong her legs were nice all the way and her butt was nice and round, definitely spank-able.

“Damn.” she said.

“Told you not to bend over” I laughed thinking she caught me looking. She quickly stood up.

“Was hoping to catch you looking but either your very fast or your gay?” she laughed hitting me with her elbow. “Just joking” she said. She put her hand in my pocket as we walked to the elevator.

“Holy crap” she said moving her hand around in my pocket, she was grabbing my dick. I wont say I am large but definitely slightly more than average and the loose fitting sport pants did nothing to hide it. She quickly wrapped her hand around it inside my pocket. “I knew it was big but wow!” she said gently moving her hand back and forth.

“Well you keep doing that and it will only get bigger.” I smiled. “And then you will have to do something to get it back down again.” To which she either ignored or didn’t hear because she was tearing through the fabric in my pocket, I heard a rip and felt her cold hand touch my dick.

“Wow!” she said grabbing hold again. She was gently jerking my dick through my pocket. The door to the elevator opened and we stepped off she refused to let go through the hall way, which made it really hard to walk straight. “Let me get that.” she said reaching into my other pocket which just gave her an excuse to grab my dick with both hands. “Fuck I can hold it in both hands.” she said now standing directly in front of me. A lady passed us in the hall way. “I am holding his dick with both hands and there is more of it.” she said to the lady as I pushed the card key into the slot and pushed the door open. She walked backwards into the room. The lady gave us a weird look shaking her head as I closed the door.

“Fuck you keep tugging on it and …” I began to say before she pushed me down on the couch.

“oh I plan to do more than tug.” she said falling to her knees, I sat back as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. She grabbed it with one hand and began jerking it up and down, her soft hands felt so good. She looked up at me with her eyes as she reached forward pulling my boxers down and over my now rock hard dick. She leaned forward again. I began to wonder if she was just going to give me a hand job like my ex, who refused to give head as she said it was gross. But Chelsea was different her mouth opened and she began sucking on the head, her hand at the sides of me as her head bobbed up and down at first she only took less than half of me then she began taking more. “Damn its been a while since I had a nice cock in my mouth.” she sat up shrugging the light black dress off her shoulders revealing her ample cleavage. My dick strained to get bigger and throbbed in her hands, she used one hand to jerk me up and down again as she unbuttoned the white dress and pulled it down. By any stretch of the imagination I would not of pictured her boobs to be anything like they were. They were huge but firm and even when they were let go they dropped but they didn’t sag, they were nice and round with small pink nipples. My dick throbbed in her hand. “I see that you like.” she said. All I could do was stare and nod. “That’s what I thought.” she said as her head dived down on my dick again. She began to try and take more of me. Her head bobbed harder and faster. I began to moan as I could feel my dick going deeper down her throat. Finally she shook her head a few times while it was in her mouth and I felt it pass down her throat.

“Fuck!” I said as she deep throated. I usually try not to put my hands on the back of woman’s head as they are sucking me off. Which had been a few years now. But my hands just involuntary went there. I could feel her lips against my balls. She stayed like this for a few seconds then came up with a big gasp of air.

“mm.” she said as she wiped her mouth of saliva. “hold me down again.” she said as she went for it again. This time going straight down to the balls again in one movement. I held her head down and began to fuck upwards into her mouth which made her gag and come up for air again. But as quickly as she did she went back down for more but this time she bobbed up and down each time to the tip of my dick straight down.

“Fuccckkkk!” is all I could say. No woman had deep throated me like this, each down stroke of her head was straight to the balls and back up. I leaned back and watched her blonde her bob up and down till she was going full throttle up and down over and over, without a breath. I could feel my balls tightening. I couldn’t hold back what was going to happen even if I tried. “I’m cumming!” I said out loud. My legs began to shake. “Fuck I’m cumming!” I said again. She put both hands on my chest pushing me back on the couch as she took me all the way into her mouth. I began to cum inside her mouth, I knew from past experience that most women took it in then spat it out or tried to swallow some then spat the rest out but she stayed there. My dick, balls deep in her mouth as I came. “Fuck” I said again as the last of it came out. Her head began to bob up and down sucking me off till I was soft again.

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