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Author’s note: this story is a continuation of the story “Mr. Jackson Claims Marie,” (available through my profile) but may be read on its own. Marie, a 19-year-old babysitter, has been cheating on her boyfriend with her employer, Mr. Jackson. As always, I welcome your comments!

Marie was having second thoughts. Even though Mr. Jackson had given her the hardest series of orgasms she had ever experienced in her life, even though she knew in her gut that there was no way that her boyfriend Shawn could ever satisfy her the way Mr. Jackson had, she felt qualms of guilt. She couldn’t really let him fuck her in front of Shawn. Could she?

She still couldn’t believe that he had taken her in her parents’ house. In her own bedroom, no less! After going over the situation in her mind all morning, she decided the best course of action would be to never see Mr. Jackson again.

But then, around noon, Mrs. Jackson called and asked her to babysit.

“Sure,” Marie blurted, as if against her own will.

“By the way,” said the older woman, “feel free to have Shawn over if you want. It’s probably scary being in a big house all alone! We’re planning on being out late – until after midnight, so you guys just make yourselves at home.”

“Sure thing.”

Marie’s heart pounded. She suspected this was part of Mr. Jackson’s plan to fuck her in front of her boyfriend. She didn’t know what it was about the thought of being taken by Mr. Jackson in front of Shawn that turned her on so much. It was so wrong, so unbelievably slutty!

But the image of Mr. Jackson dominating her while Shawn watched from the shadows caused warmth to spread to her pussy. She simply couldn’t escape the magnetic pull that the older man had for her. She knew she would submit to him tonight. Totally. Shawn be damned.

As the day went on, Marie’s tension grew. She called Shawn and told him to come over to the Jacksons’ house around seven, her voice shaking.

“Is everything alright?” asked her boyfriend.

“Yeah,” said Marie, trying to regain her composure, “I just can’t wait to see you.”

At five-thirty, Marie took a long shower, trying to calm her nerves. Her ass was still sore from the belting that she had taken from Mr. Jackson last night, when he had tied her to her bed and fucked her.

After toweling off, she rubbed lotion into her sore backside. She had a feeling she was in for even more punishment tonight. She hoped so, at least.

She spent long time looking at her clothes, trying to select something appropriate to the occasion.

What kind of occasion was it, exactly? she wondered to herself.

Finally, she settled on a sundress and light sweater combination that accentuated her bust and ass. Underneath it she wore a black thong and bra.

She took a deep breath, then began the fifteen-minute walk to the Jacksons’ house.

When she arrived, Mrs. Jackson was just stepping into the car.

“Hi Marie!” she said, “I’m glad you’re here! My husband already left. You know what you’re doing, so have a good time and call if you have any questions. I hope you don’t mind staying late!”

“No problem, Mrs. Jackson,” she said, secretly disappointed that Mr. Jackson wasn’t there. She knew she’d see him soon enough, however!

A few minutes after Mrs. Jackson left, Shawn’s car pulled into the driveway.

“Hey babe,” he said, giving her a kiss after he had bounded into the house.

“Hey Shawn,” she said, her heart pounding as she kissed him, “wanna go upstairs?”


“Sure,” she said, “David’s asleep. I just checked on him.”

When they got to the Jacksons’ bedroom, Shawn began groping her immediately, but not in the skillful, forceful way that Mr. Jackson did.

Shawn was more like…well, like a 19-year-old guy, which is exactly what he was, thought Marie.

“Shawn,” she whispered, plagued by pangs of guilt once more, “I, I need to tell you something.”

“What?” he murmured, unbuttoning her sweater.

“I think,” she said, her voice shaking, “I need…”

But she couldn’t find the words to tell him. The pull of the illicit deed she knew was coming was too strong.

“Relax, babe,” said Shawn, “and let me do the work.”

Soon, she was on her back on the bed, and Shawn was kissing around each of her nipples, flicking them slowly with his tongue. Her dress and bra were on the floor, and her panties were at her knees.

Shawn’s efforts made her feel good, as usual, but not in the same raw, primal way that Mr. Jackson did.

She reached down and touched Shawn’s erection. Before she had been with Mr. Jackson she had considered it large. Now it seemed inadequate by comparison.

“Are you ready, babe?” Shawn asked, looking into her eyes.

Marie nodded.

As he pushed inside her, Marie let out a small moan, just to give him the impression that she was enjoying it. In fact, she barely felt a thing. She longed for Mr. Jacksons’ rock-hard cock to fill her like it had on two occasions before.

“UUhh,” moaned Shawn, his thighs slapping against hers as he drilled her pussy, “it’s sooo good!”

“Oh yeah,” said Marie, faking enthusiasm, “please Shawn.”

Just then, there was the sound of a car in the driveway. Mr. Jackson was home.

“Fuck!” said Marie, pushing Shawn off her, “they must have forgotten something!”

Shawn grabbed his clothes in a panic and hid in the large walk-in closet. Marie tried desperately to pull on her sundress with trembling hands.

As soon as she had finally gotten it over her head, there were footsteps on the stairs. She turned and saw exactly who she had been expecting: Mr. Jackson.

“Hello Marie,” he said, smiling at her.

“Uh, hi Mr. Jackson,” she stuttered, aware of the fact that Shawn was watching from the closet.

“Well, well, well. You sure do make things easy for me, don’t you? Already waiting for me with no bra and panties.”

Marie couldn’t move or speak. She was trembling with desire now. The older man stepped closer, running his hand along her chin, then reaching behind her head and grabbing her hair at the neck firmly.

He moved in and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. She could hear Shawn gasp from the closet.

“You didn’t fuck your boyfriend without my permission, did you Marie?” he asked, pushing his hand under her dress and probing her moistness.

“I, I’m, –.”

“Shh,” he said, rubbing her mound for a moment then pulling his hand away and leaving her aching, “I’ll deal with your punishment later.”

“I know your boyfriend is watching us, Marie,” he continued, “and I’m sure he’s curious about what we’re going to do.”

“Go ahead and relax,” he went on, in a louder voice meant for Shawn, “your girlfriend wanted you to see how a real man fucks a woman!”

“No, I –,” Marie stammered.

Mr. Jackson closed her mouth with another long kiss.

“It’s ok,” he said, breaking the kiss, “if Shawn doesn’t want to find out what you need, he can leave anytime he wants. But something tells me he won’t.”

He reached under her dress from behind and fondled her buttocks as he kissed her one more time.

“Let me catch you up on the story so far, Shawn,” said Mr. Jackson, kneading her ass while he kissed down her neck, “I came into your girlfriend’s room last night. She was laying back on her bed with her panties down, playing with herself like a dirty little fucking whore.”

Marie’s breathing increased audibly at the sound of this first obscenity.

Mr. Jackson pulled her sundress over her head, slowly but deliberately exposing her beautiful body.

“I tore your whore of a girlfriend’s panties off her,” he continued, “ripped them in half and used them to tie her fucking hands behind her back. She loved it, because she loves it when a man takes control of her.”

“Isn’t that right, Marie?” he asked, admiring her nakedness.

Marie didn’t respond.

“What did I do next, Marie?”

She looked down. She couldn’t bear to confess to Shawn what she had done with Mr. Jackson.


He reached behind her and smacked her ass sharply. She was still sensitive from the night before, and had to bite her lip to keep from crying out.

“What did I do, Marie?”

“You, I, –,” Marie was stammering again. She could feel herself getting sopping wet even as tears came to her eyes.

“I whipped your ass with my belt until you begged me to fuck you.”

Marie was silent, thinking about Shawn watching from the closet. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Could he be enjoying this?


Mr. Jackson’s hand came down hard against the other asscheek. She yelped.

“Didn’t I, Marie?”

“Y, y, yes,” she stuttered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, you spanked me,” she mumbled.

“And then?”

“You fucked me,” she whispered.

“I don’t think Shawn can hear you, Marie.”

“You fucked me,” she whispered again.

“I think you’re going to have to learn to follow my instructions, Marie,” growled Mr. Jackson.

Before she knew what was happening, she was over his lap, her bare ass high in the air, offering a lewd view to Shawn from his place in the closet.


Marie shrieked, helpless against Mr. Jackson’s blows.

“What did I do, Marie?”

“You fucked me,” she moaned.

“Louder!” he commanded.

“You fucked me!” she exclaimed.

“Good girl,” said Mr. Jackson, massaging her aching ass for a moment.

“It’s true,” he growled, “I spent a nice long time balls-deep in the tightest pussy I’ve ever had. She was begging for it, Shawn. Crying out for more like a little slut.”


He landed three more blows across her buttocks.

She gasped.

“Weren’t you, Marie?”

“Yes,” she stammered, trying to rub her clit against his leg. What was it about this situation that was turning her on so much?

Mr. Jackson pushed a finger inside her, while massaging her buttocks with his other hand.

“You see what she likes, Shawn? You see how she likes being spanked over an older man’s lap like a dirty whore?”

His question was clearly rhetorical, since Mr. Jackson didn’t pause for a reply before smacking her sore ass again.


Marie yelped once more, grinding her aching pussy into his leg.

“Alright, slut,” said Mr. Jackson, putting her back on her feet while he remained seated on the bed, “I think you’ve learned your lesson about fucking without my permission. Let’s get on with the show!”

“Marie,” he continued, “do you know where a slut like you belongs?”

This, too, must have been a rhetorical question, since Mr. Jackson provided the answer before she could respond.

“On her knees.”

Without thinking, Marie dropped to her knees in front of Mr. Jackson. Her back was to the closet where Shawn was still watching silently.

“You know what, Shawn? I think I’m going to fuck your girlfriend’s face now, just to prove to you the extent of my ownership. Would you like to see that, Shawn? Would you like to hear your girlfriend choke on my big fucking dick?”

Shawn let out an audible gasp, but still didn’t say anything.

“That’s what I thought,” said Mr. Jackson. He stood up from the bed, stood next to Marie, then turned her to face him. Shawn had an excellent view of the action this way.

“Look at her, kneeling in front of me, Shawn,” he said, “looking up at me with those sweet brown eyes. I can just tell how much she wants to please me.”

“I forgot to tell you,” he continued, running his fingers through Marie’s hair while she knelt in front of him, “I already fucked her at my place, during the barbeque, while you were outside chatting with my wife. She sucked my cock then, too. I guess you could say she knows what she’s doing. Don’t you, honey?”

“Yes sir.”

“Why don’t you tell your boyfriend about how you tried to seduce me, Marie? Tell him what kind of pictures you took.”

She cast her eyes down. Her face became flushed. She couldn’t confess to Shawn that she had taken naked pictures of herself for Mr. Jackson to find!


He reached down and spanked her again, then pulled her hair back so she looked up at him once more.

“Tell him.”

“N- naked pictures,” she stammered, “I took naked pictures for you.”

“Good girl,” said Mr. Jackson, unbuckling his belt.

“What kind of girl does that make you, Marie?” he asked, slowly unzipping his slacks.

“I don’t know,” she murmured, looking down again.

“It makes you a whore, Marie. A filthy, cock-hungry whore.”

“Yes sir,” she muttered. She felt her last wall of resistance crumble.

“Good girl. Now say it louder. Tell your boyfriend what you are. Tell him you’re a cock-hungry whore.”

“I’m a cock-hungry whore,” she said, looking up at Mr. Jackson.

“God you look so beautiful when you say that,” he said.

“I want you to watch carefully, Shawn. You’re going to see me fuck your girlfriend’s sweet little face. First, I’m going to slap her with my big dick, just so she remembers who’s in charge.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and his cock in the other.


His dick slapped down across her face.

“Did you see that, Shawn? Tell me you love it, whore. Beg me for it.”

“I love it Mr. Jackson. Please slap me with your huge dick.”


He smacked his huge cock across her other cheek.

“Your girlfriend loves getting beaten with my dick, Shawn. Can you imagine anything more whorish?”

Shawn didn’t answer, but his breathing was getting faster and faster.

“Open wide, whore.”

There was a slurping sound and a low moan from Marie’s throat as she struggled to accommodate Mr. Jackson’s rod.

“That’s a good girl,” he said.

Marie was, of course, a practiced cocksucker, and had serviced Mr. Jackson once before. That single occasion, however, did not sufficiently prepare her for the task she now faced.

“UMMPFH,” she moaned as his rod slammed into the back of her throat.

“Fucking take that cock all the way you whore,” Mr. Jackson growled, “show your boyfriend what kind of girl you really are.”


Mr. Jackson whipped her ass with his belt. Hard.

She gasped. She hadn’t even noticed that he was holding it!

“Show him, slut. Show him what a slut you are and I’ll reward you with the hard fuck I know you need.”

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes with the effort of swallowing his enormous erection, her ass still stinging from his belt. She wanted nothing more than to please him, and to taste the cum that would prove that she had done so.

He grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck once again and began moving her up and down on his cock. He wasn’t getting a blowjob anymore. He was fucking her face!

“Look at this filthy little babysitter whore, Shawn,” he groaned, “getting facefucked on her knees. She loves it. Don’t you, Marie?”

Before she could remove his cock to reply, he hit her with the belt again.


She whimpered and moaned on his member, reaching up to cup his balls with one hand and work the end of his shaft with the other.

Then a strange thing began to happen: Marie became increasingly aware of her own arousal. It was not merely that she was turned on by servicing Mr. Jackson. It was more than that. The more he fucked her face, the more he spanked her, the closer she was coming, to, well, coming!

He removed his stiff cock and rubbed it across her cheeks, first one, then the other.

“Does my little whore want to keep sucking this cock?” asked Mr. Jackson.

“Yes, Mr. Jackson.”


“Don’t forget to say please, whore!”

“Please Mr. Jackson,” she panted, “please let me suck your cock.”

“You may continue, Marie.”

This time, he didn’t force it into her mouth. He let her set the pace.

“Uh,” he moaned, as Marie skillfully stroked his balls with one hand, while licking the tip of his shaft, “does she do this for you, Shawn?”

“Milk that cock, whore. I want to come all over you. Coat your pretty fucking face.”

“Mmm,” Marie was moaning now, more aroused than before as she felt the smooth skin of Mr. Jackson’s member on her tongue. She was rapidly approaching the point of no return, even without touching herself.

“Mmm! Mmm! MMMMMM!”

Her whole body started to shake as the first throes of orgasm reached her. She held onto Mr. Jackson’s cock like it was a safety railing that could keep her from collapsing.

“God DAMN!” laughed Mr. Jackson, “do you see that, Shawn? This whore is coming just from sucking cock!”

Marie whimpered softly now, her orgasm slowly fading. Her cheeks began to glow as the embarrassment of her situation set in. For the first time, she considered what she had done to Shawn.

“Shawn,” she said, turning to the closet and letting go of Mr. Jackson’s cock, “I’m I’m sorry you had to find out like this.”

There was no answer.

“Yes,” said Mr. Jackson, “I’m sorry too. Sorry that you have to see what a whore your girlfriend is,” he laughed.

“Now finish the job, whore,” he said, pushing his tumescent rod back towards her face.

Marie took him in her mouth once again, licking and sucking him as if his cock held a life-saving elixir.

“Please Mr. Jackson,” she moaned, looking up at him, “please give me your cum!”

The efforts of the beautiful young babysitter were too much for Mr. Jackson, who usually prided himself on his staying power.

“Here it comes, baby,” he moaned as she stroked him next to her face, “I wanna see it hit your mouth and pretty face.”

Marie smiled and closed her eyes, extending her tongue as she continued to wank Mr. Jackson.

“Ugh,” he groaned, “Shit!”

The first few spurts landed across her forehead; the next few on her tongue; the final blasts dripped down her chin and neck and into her cleavage. She lapped the last drops from his dick eagerly.

“Did I do a good job, Mr. Jackson?” she asked.

“Yes, such a good little whore,” groaned Mr. Jackson, still in ecstasy.

After she finished cleaning his cock with her mouth, she made a move to lap up the cum on her chin and face, but before she could finish Mr. Jackson slapped her with his belt.


“Stop it, slut. I want you wear that cum on your face like a prize. I’m not done with you yet.”

He reached over with one hand and threw the closet door open. Shawn was standing there, still completely naked, his erect cock in hand.

“Take a good long look at your girlfriend, Shawn,” he said, forcing Marie’s head to face in her boyfriend’s direction, “See that cum on her face? That means that I own her now. She is no longer yours to fuck.”

Shawn nodded, slowly working his cock.

“But the good news is,” continued Mr. Jackson, “you can still watch if you want. I bet you’d like to watch me fuck her, wouldn’t you Shawn?”

Once again, Shawn nodded.

“Good,” said Mr. Jackson, “get up, Marie,” he continued.

Marie stood facing him, her face still covered in his cum.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees, facing your boyfriend.”

She did as she was told, her heart thumping at the prospect of what was coming.

Mr. Jackson finished removing his clothes and then took his place behind her. He slapped his flaccid dick onto her buttocks a few times. Each time it sprang a little more to life.

Finally, he was fully erect again, rubbing his cock along the length of her moist slit. Marie was out of her mind with lust. She wanted to plead with him, beg him to slip inside of her, but she let him take the lead.

“Are you ready for this, whore? Are you ready to take my dick while your boyfriend watches?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” said Mr. Jackson, pushing the head of his cock roughly inside her pussy, “now beg for it. Tell me what you want, slut.”

“I want your cock,” she moaned.


Mr. Jackson spanked her as he accelerated his thrusts.

“Tell him you love this dick, you fucking slut. Tell him this is the biggest dick you’ve ever had inside you.”

“I- love- this- dick,” she moaned between his powerful thrusts, each of which pushed her a little farther forward on the bed.

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For all that our honeymoon was spent getting to know each other beyond the basic knowledge we had always had of each other, the real world came knocking all too soon. We were enrolled in the College at the far end of our home town and classes were starting the following Monday. So while we did not wish to leave the little cabin by the lake, we were not left with much of a choice.

Barring the obvious changes caused by marriage, our relationship hadn’t really been changed all that much. Pete still treated me like a princess, and I returned the gesture in kind. For the most part his dominant side only showed up in the bedroom, which tended to be quite frequently during our honeymoon. By the time we were headed back to civilization, I was black and blue in all the areas that tend to remain covered by clothing. It was a combined effort; if he were being too gentle with me, I would goad him into being rougher, sometimes resorting to very underhanded tactics to make him lose his temper with me.

One of these times was the day before we were due to leave the cabin to move into our apartment, Pete was being a perfect gentleman and driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to play, and I didn’t want him to be so darned polite about the whole matter. But no matter how I teased him, he seemed oblivious to my desires, and kept his kisses chaste and gentle. Perhaps he was trying to make up for being so rough all week, but I just wasn’t getting into the careful, gentle, loving way he was treating me.

Finally I stomped from the cabin in a childish fit of anger, unable to tolerate even one more minute of the gooey crap he was pulling. Little did I know that he was fully aware of what I was trying to do and was simply refusing to fall victim to my needling. The dominant in him wasn’t willing to allow his submissive to play him like that; he would take control in whatever manner he desired, whenever he so felt like it.

After a few minutes he followed me outside, wondering what I was doing. At first he couldn’t find me, then he saw me at the water’s edge, struggling to get the canoe untied from where he had tied it earlier that day. This caused him to raise an eyebrow, as he knew perfectly well that I panic when I am in a canoe by myself. I am not a strong swimmer, and can flip a canoe easily if I get spooked. Being that I have a fear of deep water, it doesn’t take much to spook me when I am in a canoe, and he was surprised that I was thinking about taking it out without him.

However, he had knotted the stupid rope so tightly that for the life of me, I could not get it untied. Such was my frustration that I didn’t even notice as he approached me, and I continued to fight with the knotted rope, swearing at it as I did. Dirty language irritates Pete, particularly when it is coming from me. For all that I laugh at his insistence, he is quite adamant that I’m much too pretty to use such filthy language.

If I had only been swearing at the canoe, he probably would have ignored my language. But as he got closer, he started to hear more of what I was saying. In fact, I was grumbling to myself about him and his general refusal to rise to my bait. Standing a few feet behind me, he listened with growing incredulity to my ranting. Normally I wouldn’t be being so mean about him, even to myself, but I was frustrated with him for not attending to me the way I wanted him to, and I was frustrated with the knot that I simply couldn’t untie. The combination of frustrations had pushed me past simple frustration to outright anger.

After a minute, he cleared his throat, causing me to jump, startled. Spinning around, I glared up at him, bristling irritably. “What do YOU want?!” The next words were a plaintive mutter, not fully intended for his hearing. “Stupid inattentive son of a bitch!”

However, Pete’s hearing is excellent, and his eyes narrowed as he returned my glare with equal measure. “What did you call me?” Striving to keep his voice even, his hands balled into fists at his side and he stepped forward, using his height to glower down at me.

“A Stupid. Inattentive. Son Of A. BITCH!” Making my first mistake I enunciated each word carefully. My voice rose as I finished, standing my ground against him, though a flutter of fear raced through my stomach to see how he was glaring at me.

Pete drew a deep breath, and keeping his voice steady, he stepped forward so that he was right in my face. “You’re really gonna regret it if you don’t take that back!”

When my temper flares up, it tends to get away from me. Consequently, this was where I made my second mistake, a really stupid one. “NO!” One of the few rules we had determined for our relationship was that I never tell him no. Being that he treated me like an equal, he would be willing to listen to my opinion and share the decision making process in our marriage with me, but I had to remember that he was in charge, and his say was final. For the most part, I agreed with this, as I had seen that behaviour emulated in my parent’s marriage. What my father said was absolute, no matter what and not even Mom could overturn his decisions.

But I was lost in my temper, and I was not thinking clearly anymore. I was on a roll and followed with my third stupid mistake of slapping him hard across the cheek. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, but I knew instantly that I really ought not to have done that. Mistake four: I turned on my heel, dodging as he grabbed for me and took off running, fully aware that I had just made him angrier than I had ever managed to make him before.

The shock that I would dare to run from him was enough to give me just a bit of a head start that I got to the cabin before he did and slammed the door as hard as I could in his face. Hightailing it into the bedroom, I struggled to push the dresser across the door, since we did not have the key for the lock. Hearing the front door bang open, I dove under the bed with the dresser halfway across the door way and scrambled to the back corner, where he wouldn’t be able to easily reach me when he got into the room.

I curled into a tight little ball in the back corner as I listened to him fight with the door. But given his general skinniness, he managed to squeeze through the doorway after a minute or two, and he looked around to see where I was. The screen was still on the window, so he knew I hadn’t snuck out of the room on him. Stomping across the room flat footed, he opened the closet door with a crash, checking to see if I’d tried to hide in there. That left only the bed, and he lay on the floor to see if I was under it.

“Get out here.” His voice was a venomous whisper, and his face bore my handprint plain as day. Shaking my head no frantically, I tried to pull myself in farther, cowering in the corner, having moved from angry to frightened by the sound of his voice.

“Dasani Jayne Daisy Andrea Gregory, if I have to come under that bed after you, you will be more sorry than you ever have been for anything in your life!”

When he pulled out my full name, I knew right well that I was toast. My mother had given me three middle names, after both grandmothers and her best friend from elementary school, so it was insanely long. If he was making the effort to call my by my full name, I really should have listened to him.

But still I clung to my defiance, not wanting to give in. Mistake number five. “Nooo…” I whined this, in precisely the tone of voice that I knew he hated, just digging myself further into the mess I had gotten into. “You can’t make me; I won’t do it!”

Sliding forward, Pete crawled towards me underneath the bed. “So help me, you will not cum until I let you, and when I finally permit it, you will not stop unless I say so!” There was nowhere left for me to go, though I tried to elude his hands as best I could. But he managed to get hold of my wrist and literally dragged me out from underneath the bed, despite that I fought him tooth and nail.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” When he got me out, he jerked me to my feet, grabbing my elbows hard and shaking me. “How DARE you stomp away from me!? How DARE you slap me!?” Leaning down so that he was in my face, he continued shouting at me. “As for the name calling! YOU submitted to ME, not the other way around, you rotten little brat! You PROMISED that you would NEVER say no to me!” With each sentence he shook me hard, causing my teeth to clack together in my head. “I will NOT tolerate such behaviour from my submissive, nor from my wife! It is up to ME when we play, NOT you, or did you forget about the terms that YOU suggested a mere TWO days ago!?”

Whimpering softly, my defiance was starting to fade from my system now, leaving me completely and totally terrified. I had indeed been the one to suggest the terms. We had worked out a few simple rules that covered most of the bases. I was to do what I was told to do, unless there was a genuine reason that I could not. I was to be polite to him, and to treat myself with the same level of honour and respect that I was to treat him, my chosen husband and dominant. That was it, three simple little rules. And I had broken two of the three within two days!

“Pete, I…”

“Can it! I don’t want your excuses!” Shoving me backwards a little, he pushed down hard, so that I fell to my knees, with my back at the edge of the bed, so I couldn’t back away from him. “Get my shorts off NOW!” At this point I was too frightened to disobey, and I started fumbling with the button on his shorts immediately. But owing to my fright, my fingers wouldn’t work right, and I couldn’t get the button to undo.

Snarling in irritation, he shoved my hands away and undid the shorts in a hurry, kicking them off. Since we were on our honeymoon, neither of us had brought any underwear with us, so his hard cock sprang to attention as soon as it from freed from the shorts.

“Get that in your mouth!” Jerking the elastic off my ponytail, he entwined his hands in my hair, not giving me a chance to obey him. Thrusting forward as he pulled me down on him hard, he seemed to be trying to bury the whole thing in my throat with one thrust. However, given that we had only experimented vaguely with this so far, he did not succeed. His real purpose was something else altogether. After pulling me down on him hard several times, causing me to choke and splutter around him each time, he pulled out.

Pulling me to my feet by my hair, he threw me across the bed on my stomach, stuffing the pillows underneath my pelvis as he did. “What are you?” Grabbing my shorts he pulled them off quickly, flinging them away as he did.

“I’m… I’m a…” I was stammering, still gasping for air from his assault on my throat. “I’m a… bad girl…”

“And what happens to bad girls?” His voice sounded almost evil as he positioned himself behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands.

I was starting to panic, but I tried my hardest to answer. “They… get… puniSHED!” As I said the last word, he had pressed his cock forward against my virgin asshole. The shock and pain of having something so large press into my most private place caused me to shriek and start to struggle to get away.

“Please Pete, no, not that! I’m sorry I was bad, let me go Pete, please don’t!” The very idea terrified me, and I fought with everything in me to get away.

Pete kept his grip on my ass cheeks though, pushing forward steadily. “You will take your punishment, precious! And you ought to know from those stories you read on the Internet that it’ll hurt more if you fight it!” That little threat had me instantly lying still, tears starting to trickle down my face.

Thrusting hard, I let out a squeal of pain as the head popped into my formerly untouched asshole. Pete moaned loudly, “So tight!” and remained still for a moment to allow me some time to adjust to the feeling. But all too soon he started pushing forward again, his moans of pleasure matching the shrill whining sounds that I was emitting. It hurt! And it was not a pleasurable kind of pain like when he used the belt on me! My ass burned, and stretched, and felt like it was going to explode from the sheer fullness. His intention in forcing himself down my throat was clear now; he had been trying to lube it up to keep from hurting me too badly.

With not even a quarter of his cock in my arse, he started to pull out, causing me to clutch at the bedspread, screaming bloody murder. It felt like he was going to pull me inside out! Reaching my hand between my legs, I found my clit to rub, desperate to ease some of the agony that was radiating from my rear entrance. Pete noticed this though and grabbed my arm, jerking my hand back out.

“Don’t you dare! Punishment is supposed to hurt, and I told you that you couldn’t cum until I say you can!” Taking a bit of pity on me though, he grabbed the jar of lubricant from the bedside table and spread a generous amount on his cock and my hole. Grabbing my hips, he pressed himself forward again, lifting my ass up to meet him. In a quite gruff tone of voice, he barked the order, “Put those hands to better use by spreading those ass cheeks! It’ll make it hurt a little less if you’re spread wider!” He then fell silent, pressing down with all his might as I held my own ass cheeks open for his assault. It still hurt badly, but he was right, it hurt a little less with my cheeks spread wide and him pulling me up like he was.

But I was discovering that anal was not my thing; it took pain to a whole new level that I was quite sure I didn’t like at all. As he started pulling back out, I started shrieking again, just barely managing to keep a hold on my ass cheeks. “Please… please, Pete, pleaseee.,,,” I pleaded with him, starting to sob.

“Please what, precious?” He leaned forward to whisper in my ear as he started pushing back in again. “Tell me! Please what!?”

I couldn’t ask him to stop; I knew that I deserved this. For all that I wanted to beg him to stop, I was getting my just desserts for being such a brat a little while ago. “Puh… please Pete… pun…punish me, please…” Even if I didn’t like the pain, wasn’t that part of the purpose of true punishment? Beside, I felt guilty for having treated him so poorly.

“Very well.” With that, he started thrusting in and out harder, never quite removing himself from my ass, and getting a little deeper with every thrust. For my part, I sobbed incoherently into the bed, alerting my husband to the perfect punishment for me. If he truly wanted to punish me, this was obviously the way to do it, as I was getting hardly any enjoyment out of the matter at all.

However, my genuine cries of pain were tearing at his heart, because he does actually love me with all his heart. As a result, when he finally buried himself inside me completely, he stopped thrusting and reached a hand underneath me. Finding my clit, he started to pinch and roll it roughly between his fingers, trying to ease the pain a little. Perhaps the punishment wasn’t fully over, but he had decided that the time was right to allow me to have some pleasure through the pain.

As I started to get wet, he kept pulling on my clit as he started thrusting slowly in and out of my ass. However after a moment he stopped with his cock fully buried in me again, turning slightly and causing me to cry out in discomfort as his cock moved within. Digging through the drawer of the bedside table, he pulled out a small but powerful vibrating bullet, which he thrust into me, so that it rested on my g-spot. He had thought ahead, and had packed a few toys in his suitcase without my knowledge. Once it was positioned, he turned it to the very lowest setting. With that in place, he knew that I would derive some pleasure, but not enough to actually orgasm, which was something he had told me I could not have at the moment.

And so, he started thrusting again, harder this time. My squeals were confused now and interspersed with moans. I wished desperately that he would turn the speed up on that vibrator, because all it was doing was driving me crazy with lust, while his cock was still causing me pain in my ass, to the point that my belly was starting to cramp as a result of the fucking. Holy sweet mother of all things good, I would never be such a brat again! I was desperate to cum, desperate for him to be finished and fighting with myself to keep from trying to pull away from him.

After at least 5 minutes of Pete slamming roughly in and out of my ass, he slammed forward with a particularly vicious thrust and started to cum. As he filled my bowels with his cum, he turned the vibrator up one setting, but still not high enough to allow me to orgasm. It was just enough to drive me that much crazier, and I bucked back against him, moaning and pleading desperately.

When he was finished, he did not remove himself from my ass, wincing slightly as his cock tried to soften and couldn’t, because of the pressure my still tight hole was exerting on him. Reaching back into that awful drawer again, he fished around until he found a decent sized vibrating plug that was rather shorter than his cock, and a little less thick. Jerking his cock out of my arse suddenly, he forced the plug back in just as hard, shoving it in with much less resistance than his cock had encountered. Once he had it buried nicely, he pressed on the end of it, so that it turned on full blast as it slid into position, nestled tightly against my arse.

I was still moaning, my hips bucking in a desperate attempt to put more pressure on my clit so I could come. The vibrating plug in my arse just made me that much more wild and I was writhing on the bed like a mad woman, at the edge, but unable to reach the orgasm that I was now so desperately craving.

“Peteee… Stopp being soo mean!!”

Grabbing me around the waist, he walked over the dresser and sat me down hard, causing me to squeal as the pressure felt like it forced the plug inside my arse further, even though it was already in as far as it could actually go.

“Take it you little brat; take the punishment you asked me for!” The dresser was conveniently at the right height for Pete to not have to bend very much to take my nipple into his mouth. Sucking it in hard, he grabbed my other nipple, pinching hard and pulling on it. As he sucked on the one nipple, nipping it lightly with his teeth, he pulled and twisted and pinched the other one hard. But the more he hurt my nipples, the harder they got, and the harder they got the hornier I got, so that I was grinding against the wooden dresser top, trying to get off on that vibrator that was only going just fast enough to keep me just at the edge of orgasm.

After a few minutes, Pete wrapped his arms around my waist, clamping his lips shut tightly around the nipple, biting it slightly and moving to stand up straight. I shrieked and wrapped my legs around his waist frantically as he moved me back to the bed without letting go. Dropping me on my back, he pulled the vibrator from my pussy and started to fuck me hard. This drove me closer and closer to the edge, though I felt fuller than ever. My stomach was cramping almost brutally from the plug that was still vibrating deep in my ass, and Pete thrusting in and out of me exaggerated this feeling immensely.

Slamming himself into the hilt, he reached down and pinched my clit hard between his fingernails, “Cum you little brat! NOW!” And I fell of the edge of the orgasm that had been building ever since he’d started playing with my clit the first time, shrieking with what almost felt like pain as the pleasure finally overwhelmed me. But as he had told me that I wouldn’t cum until he said, then I wouldn’t stop until he allowed it, he pulled from me sharply without taking his own release, still pinching and manipulating my clit to keep me in that almost painful orgasm. The cramping in my belly picked up in intensity as I went, and Pete grabbed his belt from the bedside table.


you can call me fat ass. I have a fat fat ass that stretches my pants out like big balloons. A deep crack in between my cheeks. Some people call me Sandra, but my daddy calls me fat ass.

He says that he likes my ass fat but the rest of my body should be thin. So he put me on a diet. I try my best to follow it but I just can’t. He says that in the morning I should have lemon water. Says it helps with the ph in my body. I told him I wanted two cups of coffee instead. So I didn’t do it one day, so now I have coffee every day. But I have to take two cups of coffee and give myself an enema with it, I hold it until my morning routine is done.

It’s taken time to get my routine how he likes it. But now it goes something like this. Like today I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed on my belly. My ass if filled with a large glass butt plug you can see through. If he is coming for a morning strapping I wait on my belly until he comes to punish me. Otherwise I write in my food journal. I write everything I’m supposed to eat that day so I can remember. As soon as I’m done I get up and do 20 squats to keep my big ass toned. He doesn’t like it flappy, he wants it high and firm. Then I get in the shower and take out my plug and put in a suppository. By the time I’m done shaving my body and washing my hair I have to go terribly. I use the toilet, then go to the fridge where I keep a pitcher of coffee. I pour two cups in my coffee enema bag and pour it in myself. The cold coffee causes bad cramps, but I guess that’s what happens when you break the rules.

Then I measure my waist and thighs and combine the number in inches. I text it to my daddy. Today my waist was 30 inches and my legs 23 each. So I text him 76 inches. He’s not too happy, that’s what it was yesterday too. He says I need to empty myself and put my largest metal plug in, the kind that’s so heavy. He tells me to make a matcha and milk drink so fuel me through my morning yoga but nothing else yet.

I usually have a butt plug in me. Sometimes I resent it but it helps me a lot. He knows that and makes me do it, even though it’s a hassle. I go to my closet and get the big plug and put it in myself. It hurts because my hole is sore as usual. I guess if I were a good girl it wouldn’t be so sore. I kind of doubt it though because me and daddy both like my fat butt plugged.

After I plug myself I put on a pair of tight leggings that separate my ass cheeks. I don’t put any underwear on. Then I bike down to see the sunrise at the park. It hurts to bike on the plug. I told daddy. He said he wouldn’t make me if I were skinny like I want to be, but I’m not yet. So I do it and grit through the pain. But as I ride the grinding in my ass turns me on.

I call my daddy at the park and tell him like I’m supposed to. He’s not surprised. He says that if I take 76 licks with his belt I can cum. I need to be punished for not progressing so I ask him to please as soon as he can come over. I know in the back of my mind that’s not all that’s in store. That’s just to make me cum. If I cum I have to get him off too.

I go home and read a series of messages from him. I undress and immediately start. I get a gallon enema bag out and fill it with hot water, it will be warm when he gets there. I hang it near the bed. I clip my nipples, they’re sore as well. I leave my plug in and put a wooden spoon in my mouth and wait for him laying on my belly in bed.

Daddy’s home. Oh boy, here we go. I can hear him lock the door, take off his shoes, and head for the stairs. I’m laying on my belly on my bed, ass bared but full.

I hear his thunk thunk thunk feet come up the stairs. My big strong daddy is home, thank goodness. I thought I’d cream myself before he got his warm massive hands on me. I can hear him smile as he stands in the doorway. His little girl wooden spoon in mouth, puddled pussy and that plug obviously apparent.

“Is my babygirl horny?”

I smile, I don’t have to tell him, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve gotten shaking horny from being plugged. He lays down next to me on his side and kisses my cheek. He lays for a moment smiling at me, his whore. Lucky man feelings radiating from him. Alright enough of that, he get’s up and planks over me, he dry humps my ass a few times listening to me groan.

He asks if I’ve had my coffee, I confirm I most certainly had given myself a coffee enema hours earlier. He asks if I need another coffee, I tell him no, I’m quite energetic today. Then he kisses my back and tells me he wants to hear me cry on his dick. I get up onto all fours and he sits in front of me. He pulls his thick dick out and I immediately am on it, I suck on it like it’s the best damn thing there is. He reaches down and tears the plug out of me and chucks it in the dirty basket we keep by the bed. I cry and cry on his dick from the sudden ripping pain coursing through my body. And now he’s hard…

The fun must begin; he gets up and pushes me back down flat on my belly. He takes the douche nozzle end of my gallon enema back and rubs it on my pussy. He trails it through my pussy juice and sticks his thick thumb in my pussy. Ohhh that feels good, I can’t wait until he fucks me. He unclips the bag and the warm water rushes into me. He gets back in front of me and has me suck him. He pulls my face down on him and I’m loving it. I can barely feel the cramping through the erotic feeling sucking on him is giving me. I crawl back up on my knees with my ass in the air and my face buried close to the bed. We have a full length free standing mirror in front of the bed he watches me in.

Once the bag is empty I have to stop blowing him even though I don’t want to stop. He pulls the hose out of me. He asks if I need a plug to hold it in. I tell him I think I’ll be ok but maybe next time he will use the inflatable plug ending to the hose so I won’t have to say no to being filled. He tells me of course he will, a good girl should always have her ass filled. Now that I’ve brought that up, really I should have a plug in. So he goes to the box of plugs and pulls out a medium on I can squeeze on and wish for his dick but not hurt me much.

I’ve earned seventy six licks with his belt. He tells me I better not lose any of my ass as my belly tightens up. My belly doesn’t feel tight, it feels stretched full of water. But as of today, my belly is still bigger than I’d like, so he has me on all fours ass high for a belting.

He gives them to me in sets of ten. After the first ten I’m pretty wet, after twenty I’m gushing, after thirty I’m in pain though. He leans over and licks my gushing pussy. I ask him can’t he just fuck me. No, of course not, I’m still full of water!

He gives me the other four sets. Then after 70 licks he tells me to turn over on my back. My pregnant looking self turns over and he spreads my legs. He pushes into my pussy and takes my left titty in his hand. He sucks on the nipple then takes his belt and hits me hard three times. I seize up hard and almost push the plug right out of me. He does the same to my right titty. I have to go to the bathroom bad. He pushes down on me and fucks me missionary style. I’m crying, I don’t want to soil the bed. He tells me he doesn’t care, we can always change the linens. But I care, I care a lot. He keeps fucking me, my ass is on fire, it’s full, but man his fucking feels good.

He suddenly stops and tells me he wants to cum, and I know where. He sends me to the bathroom. I let everything go, thank goodness I was already mostly clean from last nights enemas. I’ve already had two today and I know with my lunch and evening I’ll have at least four, I ask him through the door. He responds four sounds great, you can add four to your evening bathing time. But, but, no buts, I need them. I always do.

As I’m finishing he brings in the special plug we had made. It’s the exact diameter of his dick at the receded part, and thicker at the top. He asks me to wear it today. I of course say yes sir, manners are important, and being compliant as well. Besides I love feeling the thick plug reminding me of daddys lovely dick.

He is downstairs when I come out, he says we have to hurry or I’ll miss my yoga class, so I bend over the arm of the couch and he bangs my ass like a wild dog tearing me. I know there’s blood but I love him anyway. I can’t stop cumming after the first 10 strokes, I’m crying and screaming. He has his hand over my mouth feeling the tears stream over his hand. He keeps encouraging me reminding me how good I’m being. He cums hard and immediately pisses in me. He bends me over and shoves the plug in me so none comes out. I hate when he makes me absorb his piss but I reverse myself and tell myself I will enjoy it. He kisses my lower back and goes to the bathroom to wash and return to work. I slowly get dressed back in my leggings and tank top and prepare for a long 90 minute yoga class filled with him.

Thank you daddy, I will progress even more today than yesterday.

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison Cassidy – Husband to Hayley

Mary Harrison – Sister to Jake

Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, suitor to Mary

Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board

*Gwyn Baylor Cassidy – wife of Kenneth, therapist.

Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

Valentina Alexis Black– former supermodel, wife/slave of Blake Black

The Chadwell’s

Lord Thomas Chadwell

Lady Catherine Chadwell

Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, fiancé to Daniela

Daniela – Frederick’s daughter, fiancée to Mason

Claudia Chadwell-Winston and her husband, Martin Winston

Braxton Chadwell and his wife, Tara

Carlton Chadwell and his wife, Carmen

Sylvia Chadwell-Sawyer and her husband, Adam Sawyer


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character


Hayley had asked for the following to be included in her wedding night ritual:

1.Matthew*10. Daniela

2.Helen *11. Blake

3.Samantha*12. Valentina

4.Brandon*13. Lady Catherine Chadwell

5.Jonah*14. Lord Thomas Chadwell

6.Quinn*15. Kenneth*

7.Daniel*16. Gwyn

8.Denise*17. Tara Chadwell

9.Mason18. Braxton Chadwell

* Mandatory participants.

Of those asked, only fourteen would actually participate. Lord Thomas Chadwell decided to return to the city to be with his wife and Mason. He was looking forward to seeing his new grandchildren.

The Cassidy family with the exception of Matthew, Helen and Hayley came into the room. Kenneth who would be presiding over the ceremony entered next. All the men in the family were wearing light blue silk pajama bottoms. All the women light blue negligees with the following exceptions.

Matthew and Helen would be dressed in black silk pajamas with their initials. Jake was in white silk and Hayley was still in her Alexander McQueen Wedding dress, her hair now hanging down her back, the tiara and veil safely packed up and put away.

Blake and Valentina entered the room. Valentina was wearing a see through light blue negligee as were all the women.

Braxton was staring. Tara chuckled, “I know you want to go for that. So do I and I plan to.” Braxton kissed his wife’s cheek.

Everyone was waiting for the bride’s parents to enter before they would begin.

Helen came down the stairs in her black silk pajamas. She stood by the side of the bed. Hayley came down the steps next in her wedding dress. She stopped at the post near the bed where Jake was being held and kissed him hard, “You get to watch as again my father fucks me and takes what should have been yours.” She says taunting him.

Jake feels a sudden surge of anger course through his body. Matthew comes down the stairs and Jake has the urge to rip Mathew’s head from his body.

Kenneth stands in front of the crowd of invitees and says, “You all have been through the ritual and know just how this goes. There will be things said here that shouldn’t be taken too seriously because of the formula. You will all want to take some time with Hayley. You have 15 minutes each to use her pussy, her hands and her mouth. No one gets to fuck her ass-that belongs solely to Jake per his request.

After Hayley is finished and Jake is untied, he may choose two of you to be with.

At the end of the ritual, the women will take her to be washed and cleaned and put to bed. The men will do the same for Jake and they will sleep, when they awaken I’m sure they will want to fuck, so we will leave them alone, until they are ready to go home.

Matthew is first and so is Helen, then myself and Gwyn, then you each have a number. Samantha will keep track of the time for each person since she and Brandon are last and then you may go off and enjoy each other.

One final thing, there is a punishment for Quinn Cassidy for almost revealing the ritual to Mary Harrison.”

Quinn’s head snapped up and she glared at Samantha. Samantha just shrugged.

Kenneth continued, “Blake Black will fuck Quinn anally and Quinn will make every woman and every man cum with her mouth. Maybe that will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

Quinn lowered her gaze and looked down at the floor.

Matthew walks up to Hayley and slaps her hard across the face. “You married the son of a bitch and from today on he’ll get to fuck you, but I’m going to take his wedding night.”

Hayley laughs at her father, “Come on daddy show me what you got!”

Matthew pulls Hayley towards him and kisses her hard on the mouth. Hayley melts into the kiss as Helen comes up behind her daughter and unzips her dress. Helen helps Hayley step out of the dress and Helen takes the dress outside and hands it to security that take it up to Hayley’s room and hangs it in her closet.

When Helen returns, Matthew is still kissing Hayley who is now dressed in her bustier, garters, stockings, white lace panties and Stuart Weitzman 6 inch sparkly silver heels.

Helen goes behind Hayley and begins to untie her bustier as Hayley reaches down and feels her father’s cock through his pants. He was hard. Hayley turns to Jake. “He’s hard. I like that he’s hard. I want to suck him. Jake, do you like what I do with my mouth? I know daddy does.”

She smiles and turns to her mother, “I know you like to watch me suck daddy’s dick and I also know you are jealous watching me suck him.”

Helen slaps Hayley across the face and Hayley just laughs and kneels down, pulling her father’s pants as she gets down on her knees. Matthew grabs Hayley’s head and shoves her down on his cock. Hayley begins sucking him. She can’t seem to get enough. Hayley is licking and sucking Matthew’s dick. Everyone watching is feeling the heat.

Hayley is sucking her father’s cock. She is licking up and down and staring into her father’s eyes. She relaxes her throat and Matthew pushes all the way in. Matthew bends down and grabs her nipples, pinching them hard. Hayley groans, “Yess, that feels mighty nice.”

Jake’s hands form into fists, “Keep your hands off her Matthew. Wait until I’m free. I’m going to kick your ass.”

Matthew chuckles and pulls on Hayley’s breasts pulling her up to standing position. He picks Hayley up and tosses her over his shoulder than throws her on the bed where she bounces once and then opens her legs wide. Helen removes the rest of her clothes.

“Spreader.” Matthew says and Helen gets the spreader bar. Hayley is looking at Jake as Helen puts Hayley into the spreader and ties her arms and legs to the bar. She is completely open. “Look my husband. Look at my pussy. It’s all open. Father is going to stick his big white dick in my cunt. He’s going to fuck me on my wedding night.” She taunts Jake.

Jake just stares at her disgust on his face. He looks at Matthew and wants to punch him.

Matthew bends down and begins licking Hayley’s pussy. Jake’s cock is a tent in his pants and Brandon goes over to him. Brandon eases down Jake’s pants and captures Jake’s hard cock in his mouth. Brandon first suck’s Jake’s balls then licks up to the head of his cock. Jake is oblivious to Brandon he is watching Matthew eat Hayley’s pussy.

“Yesss father, yes, so good, please lick my pussy. I’m so hot.” Hayley moans as Matthew licks around her pussy savoring it. He has never tasted anything so good.

Braxton has pulled the top of Tara’s nightgown down and is playing with her nipples as she is playing with his cock through his pants. They aren’t allowed to have sex just yet. They are in this room to witness Matthew take Hayley.

Matthew releases Hayley’s legs and arms from the spreader. He pushes her legs back up against her chest. Kicking his pants off and away Matthew takes his hard cock in his hands and strokes it. He looks at Jake, “See how hard she makes me.”

“You mother-fucker!” Jake said angrily.

“Yes, Jake I have fucked my mother.” Matthew said, “And now I’m going to fuck my daughter…again.”

Matthew brings his cock up to Hayley’s pussy and plunges deep inside her. He begins to fuck Hayley hard. “I love you. I know I’m going to let you go after today, but I love you.” He says as he fucks into his daughter.

Hayley looks at Jake and then back at her father, then back at Jake. Tears spring to her eyes, “Yess, fuck me father. This is the last time, make it good.” Hayley says still looking at Jake.

Helen is handed a belt by Kenneth; anger bubbling to the surface. She swings the belt hitting Matthew in the ass. The stinging of the belt invigorates Matthew and he moves faster into Hayley. Helen begins cursing, “You evil man, fucking our daughter and enjoying yourself. You don’t know how much I hate you. You love her, you’ve always wanted her. You never wanted her to marry. You always made me feel second fiddle to her, but this is the last time, the very last time you ever get to fuck her and I will make you pay every day for the rest of your life. She belongs to Jake now.” Helen said as she let the belt fly.

Kenneth watches them. He knew that the formula would bring out the truth; the truth of Helen’s jealousy, Matthew’s obsession and Hayley’s love of her father and Jake and how torn she is. He remembers his own time with his parents; how they had healed and their relationship grown stronger because of this night.

Matthew fucks into his daughter while Kenneth puts on a condom. He is next after Blake licks Hayley’s pussy. Gwyn will take Hayley’s mouth. His wife turns to kiss Kenneth’s lips.

Helen throws the belt down and undresses. She grabs Hayley’s hands and hold them over her head as Helen gets over Hayley’s face. “Suck my cunt you little bitch.” Helen says angrily as she straddles her daughter’s face and drops her pussy down on Hayley’s mouth.

Hayley begins eating her mother’s pussy as Jake watches hungrily. Brandon is sucking his cock and Jake finally notices. He can feel his orgasm bubbling to the surface. He continues watching as Helen tweaks her own nipples and stares into Jake’s eyes. “I’m going to suck that big black cock of yours once she’s made me cum.” Helen says and reaches down to grab her husband’s head and pull him onto her clit so that her daughter and her husband are both licking Helen.

Helen is the first to cum and she does so loudly, “That’s right both of you, eat my cunt. Yess, I’m cummmmming.” She screams.

This triggers Matthew whose orgasm tears through his body. He whispers, “Hayley I love you” as he collapses onto her body.

Helen climbs off Hayley. She sits down on the bed and begins to cry. She rubs her daughter’s face and kisses her. “I’m so sorry Hayley.” She says sadly.

Matthew who has come too kisses Hayley’s lips and looks at Jake, “I’m sorry son” He says and strokes Hayley’s face. Matthew goes to Helen and gathers her in his arms. “I’m sorry my love, I’ve been such a fool. I love you.” He says as he holds her.

Kenneth brings two light blue robes to Hayley’s parents which they put on. Their part of the ritual is over. They walk around to each of their children and kiss them. As they go to kiss Jake, he says to them, “Get away from me you two perverts.”

Matthew ignores him and kisses Jake’s cheek, “You are the right man for her.” He says and Helen kisses Jake’s lips, “Take good care of our girl.”

They leave and go up to bed.

Blake with a nod from Kenneth goes between Hayley’s legs. He licks carefully and slowly. Blake motions to Valentina who comes next to him on her knees. Blake moves out the way and allows Valentina to eat Hayley. Valentina enjoys Hayley’s taste and licks away as Blake watched. Hayley is moaning. Blake goes to suck on her breasts. How he would have loved to fuck her, he thinks sadly, but he is forbidden.

Blake looks up at Jake who has his head back and is nearing his orgasm. Brandon sucks hard and Jake explodes into Brandon’s mouth. Jake’s body relaxes, his fists unclench.

Kenneth walks over to Jake, “How are you feeling?” He asks.

“As if I’ve been in a nightmare” Jake says. Kenneth goes behind Jake and unties him.

Jake hugs Brandon, “Thanks that was incredible.”

“You may choose two in a little while, but for now you are to watch.” Kenneth says. Jake understands and sits down in a chair by the bed.

Blake and Valentina’s fifteen minutes are up. Blake turns to Quinn who shivers at the thought of Blake’s massive dick in her ass. Kenneth and Gwyn take their turn with Hayley who has still not cum.

“I plan to fuck you hard while you suck on Gwyn. Let go Hayley. You may cum as many times as you wish.” Kenneth says softly as he kisses her lips.

Gwyn also kisses Hayley and begins to suck on her nipples. Hayley squirms, “The fire, please Kenneth make the fire go out.”

“I will sweet girl.” Kenneth says as he inserts his prick into her pussy and begins fucking Hayley.

Hayley grabs Gwyn and brings Gwyn’s mouth to hers. Hayley sucks on Gwyn’s tongue and then whispers, “I want to taste you. My mouth wants to lick you.” Hayley says and Gwyn obliges by straddling Hayley’s mouth.

Jake watches and things about whom he wants Hayley to see him fuck. He sees Blake put on a condom and lube his dick. Quinn is down on her knees, but Blake moves her. He sits on the bed and motions for Quinn to sit her ass on his cock.

Jonah watches his wife. He feels sorry for her, but he knows he will take care of her soreness later.

Quinn moves over to Blake. Blake maneuvers her and Quinn feels as if a hot poker is being shoved up her ass. She tries to move, but Blake grabs her and moves her down until he is all the way inside Quinn’s pussy. Quinn groans and bites her lip. Valentina bends down between Quinn’s legs and begins to eat her causing Blake to move his hips and begin fucking in and out of Quinn.


Kenneth fucks Hayley until she claws his box and explodes which doesn’t take long. Gwyn finds her release yet and then Kenneth. He kisses Hayley and withdraws carefully and taking off the condom and disposing of it in the trash bin they had for that purpose which would be disposed of.

“Give Hayley a half an hour to recover and then I believe that it’s Tara and Braxton who are next.” Kenneth says as he takes his wife’s hand and goes over to Valentina, “She’s not supposed to be enjoying this, so stop sucking her. She gets to suck you.”

Valentina looks up at Blake who nods. He pulls Quinn off his cock and moves her to the bed on her hands and knees. Getting behind Quinn he begins fucking her as Valentina gets onto the bed. Quinn mouths, ‘thank you’ to Valentina and begins to eat her pussy.


Jake brings Hayley some water from the small refrigerator in the room. “How are you doing?”

“Jake, I’m sorry. The things I said. I’m still hot.” She says taking a sip of water.

“Don’t worry Hayley it will soon be over.” He says kissing her lips. He was feeling hot himself and Jake knows he will find his release soon.

Jake goes back to the chair to watch as Braxton and Tara come over to the bed. Tara is wearing a strap on and orders Hayley to her knees. Hayley quickly sits up, turns over and gets on all fours. “Too bad I can’t fuck that ass.” Tara says as she slides the strap-on into Hayley. “You would definitely enjoy it.” Tara spanks Hayley’s behind.

Braxton brings his large cock to Hayley’s lips. “Show me how good you are.” He says and she takes the head into her mouth and licks his pre-cum as Tara fucks her.

Jake watches Tara and decides that he wants inside her pussy. Jake knows he should make Brandon his second choice, but he decides that Hayley needs to learn a lesson, so his second choice is Samantha.

Braxton pulls Hayley’s hair. She’s teasing him and he’s had enough. He pulls her onto his cock and fucks her mouth, sliding his cock down her throat, then pulling back. Braxton shoves his dick all the way to the back of her throat. Hayley relaxes and Braxton goes past her throat. Braxton holds onto Hayley’s hair, “Damn cousin, we have to do this again.” He says as he fucks in and out of her mouth.

Tara watches her husband, but she looks over to Valentina being sucked by Quinn. She wants to suck Valentina’s pussy. Braxton thrusts once, twice and then a third time in Hayley’s mouth and cums hard. Hayley swallows him down and cleans his cock licking up any residue. Tara fucks Hayley to another orgasm and then pulls out. She brings her dildo to Hayley’s lips and Hayley sucks it, tasting herself.

“You did good. My husband is a very happy man.” Tara says stroking Hayley’s head.

Blake grabs Quinn’s butt and squeezes it as he cums. He removes the condom, pats Quinn on the butt and goes to wash up.

Valentina hasn’t cum yet, but she is close. Tara comes up to Quinn and moves her from Valentina’s pussy. “I’ll take care of that cunt and you can take care of mine.”

Tara gazes at her husband and winks at him. She moves her mouth down to Valentina’s pussy and begins to lick as Quinn bends down to lick Tara.

Blake returns and seeing the action brings his prick to his wife’s mouth. Eagerly Valentina sucks him as he watched Tara sucking Valentina and Valentina enjoying having her pussy eaten..

Denise kisses Hayley softly. “Daniel wants you to sit on his lap while he fucks you and I want to just watch him fuck you.” Denise says as Daniel comes over, his dick hard. Denise bends down and sucks her husband’s cock. Denise rolls the condom onto his dick as Hayley feeling very tired gets on his dick. Daniel holds his sister-in-law on his lap and begins moving up and down in her pussy as Denise kisses them both; going back and forth from one to the other.


Valentina cums hard and Blake grabs her head and cums down her throat. She licks him clean. Blake lies down with her as Tara smiles and gets up taking Quinn with her over to Kenneth. Quinn gets on her knees and takes Kenneth’s dick into her mouth.

Braxton comes to Blake and asks if he may fuck Valentina. “She’s pregnant, so not too hard and I’ll leave it up to her.”

Valentina sees Braxton’s dick. “If my Master wishes it, then you may but I need a few moments.” Valentina says.

“My wife is a domme and we sometimes have a submissive. I’ve forgotten what it is to have a slave. Well done Blake and congratulations on your marriage.” Braxton says shaking hands with Blake, “Take your time Valentina; we have a while yet until the Ritual is over.”


Daniel doesn’t last long. He cums and holds Hayley on his lap as Denise kisses them both.

Jonah is waiting his turn and allows Hayley sometime to rest. Quinn comes over to Jake and he grabs her by the hair and stuffs her face onto his cock, “Suck bitch! You thought you’d say something to my sister about this! You better make me cum by the time Jonah makes Hayley or I’ll spank your ass in front of everyone here.

Quinn begins to suck Jake as Jonah begins to kiss his sister. He takes his time with her. He gets to have a half hour since Quinn isn’t joining him and his dick is already hard from watching all the sex. He hands the condom to Hayley who rolls it on him and smiles at him.

Braxton puts on a condom and begins fucking Valentina. His dick is nearly as big as Blake’s and he is smooth in his fucking of her. Braxton moves his hips and uses her body fuck pulling Valentina back and forth on his large cock. Valentina finds herself creaming again and again. Blake is impressed and goes to Tara who pulls Blake down then pushes him onto the bed and climbs on his cock. Braxton smiles as Tara fucks Blake. Blake is surprised as Tara moves on his dick riding him.

(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Here are the characters:

The Cassidy’s

Matthew: The Patriarch

Helen: His wife

Hayley: Their youngest daughter

Samantha: Their middle daughter who is married to actor Brandon Mitchell

Denise: Eldest daughter married to Daniel Worth

Jonah: Eldest child and only son – he is married to Quinn

Son in law’s

Brandon Mitchell – Actor

Daniel Worth –Sports agent

Quinn Cassidy – Daughter-in-law married to Jonah

Jake Harrison Cassidy – Husband to Hayley

Mary Harrison – Sister to Jake

Stephen Cassidy – son of Dent Cassidy, suitor to Mary

Kenneth Baylor Cassidy – Head of the board

*Gwyn Baylor Cassidy – wife of Kenneth, therapist.

Blake Black: Family lawyer, keeper of the Ritual

Valentina Alexis Black– former supermodel, wife/slave of Blake Black

*Ellen McGraw – Stalker

The Chadwell’s

Lord Thomas Chadwell

Lady Catherine Chadwell

Mason Chadwell –great nephew to Matthew, fiancé to Daniela

Daniela – Frederick’s daughter, fiancée to Mason

Claudia Chadwell-Winston and her husband, Martin Winston

Braxton Chadwell and his wife, Tara

Carlton Chadwell and his wife, Carmen

Sylvia Chadwell-Sawyer and her husband, Adam Sawyer


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake

*New character

Ellen McGraw was walking down the runway when she felt a knot in her stomach and nausea rising to her lips. She managed to complete her turn before going back inside and throwing up inside a wastepaper basket. No one noticed or even cared. One model or another was always throwing up.

Ellen wiped her mouth as the designer came over to her. He was a tall flamboyantly gay man named Sven, “You are not changed. Stop throwing up your lunch and get into the next garment. You are putting us all behind.” He said in his phony French accent. He had actually been born in Brooklyn and his given name was Steven.

Ellen went to change, but inside her head a voice was screaming at her, “YOU DID IT!” and she grinned.


Valentina was at the fashion show and felt that something was up with Ellen. She went backstage. Sven saw her and swished his way up to her, “My darling, where have you been?” He said air kissing her.

“I’ve been getting married,” Valentina said showing off her ring.

“What a gorgeous rock. He must be loaded. We’ve missed you.” He said gazing at her. “Why don’t you put on the wedding dress and take the last turn?” Sven asked.

“I couldn’t” Valentina said.

“Please” begged Sven.

“Let me ask my husband. If he says yes, then I will.”

Sven clapped his hands, “If he says no then I will beg him. I will give you any dress from my collection if you do this for me.”

Valentina spoke with Blake who gave her his approval just this once. Blake told her that he would be there in fifteen minutes because he wanted to watch her.

“My husband says yes and he will be here in fifteen minutes so I can’t go on before he gets here. He wants to see me walk down the runway.” Valentina said excitedly.

Sven clapped his hands delightedly, “Hair and make-up, we have a star to get ready. You may have the entire collection if you wish.” Sven took Valentina’s hands in his and kissed them. He then led Valentina off to get ready.

The model, a woman named Anushka was supposed to be wearing the wedding dress. She was highly upset to learn that Valentina had upstaged her and was taking her dress. “That old cow is going to walk in the show with my dress.” She said with her Russian accent.

Ellen chuckled and went to find Valentina. She stood in the doorway as Valentina was getting made up. “I’m surprised to see you here. I thought your modeling days were over.”

“This is a onetime thing. Blake sent me here to pick out clothes and I saw you turn pale, I was concerned. When I came backstage, Sven asked me to be in the show. I called my husband, who is on his way here and he said I could do it this one time.” Valentina said as her hair was being put up.

“Are you all right Ellen?” She asked.

“I’m fine, in fact more than fine. I have a new boyfriend. He’s sweet and we are thinking of getting married.” Ellen said smiling.

“I’d like to meet him, what does he do?” Valentina asked.

Before Ellen could answer, Sven came over to her, “You have one more change, get to it and you” Sven said coming over to Valentina, “Look exquisite. Time to get you into that gown. By the way I think your husband has arrived. He looks very rich and very scary, just the way I like my men.”

Valentina laughed, “I’ll introduce you later. Shoo I’m going to get dressed now.”

Blake had brought a professional photographer with him to take photos of his wife. He wanted to surprise her with the photo for their home.

Blake watched as Ellen whom he had met came down the runway. She was pretty enough but not as beautiful as Valentina. He saw the other models and liked some of the clothes and then came Valentina. She looked so exotic, so animalistic in the bridal gown and he could feel his dick get hard. She was priceless and he was the lucky man that owned and fucked her every night. He was the man she called Master. He was the man she knelt waiting at the door to come home so she could suck his big cock.

Valentina spotted him and at the end of the runway gave him a wink beneath the veil she wore. The designer came out to great applause and took Valentina’s arm. “We are so lucky that Valentina was in the audience tonight. I begged her to wear my dress, doesn’t she look fantastic?”

The crowd erupted to cheers and catcalls. Sven stepped back as applause rained down on Valentina who did a curtsy to the crowd. Sven lifted the veil and kissed her on one cheek then the other.

The show ended and security came to escort Blake backstage. Blake looked at his wife who had changed back into her clothes with the make-up still on. She kissed her husband. “Leave the make-up on. You were wonderful.”

Valentina lowered her gaze, “Thank you Master for letting me do this.”

Sven came over and gushed about Valentina. He told Blake that he was gifting her his entire collection. Blake told him it wasn’t necessary, but Sven insisted that Valentina doing him this favor would sell more clothes and he wanted her to wear the clothes in good health.

“I won’t be able to wear them for long Sven, I’m pregnant.” Valentina said smiling at Blake.

“Ah pregnant, how wonderful” Sven said, “I should do a maternity line just for you.”

Blake smiled at Sven, “No more modeling for my wife, at least not until she has the baby then we shall see. I want her to take care of herself.”

Sven nodded and was about to say something, when he was called away.

Blake took Valentina’s arm. “Do you miss it?”

“Not really. I find that I’m very happy being with you. I see my friends and I’m getting to know some of the Cassidy’s.” Valentina said and then whispered to her husband, “Master, do you have to go back to work.”

“Yes, but you are coming with me.” He said and taking her hand they got into his car where the driver drove them to the office.

Everyone had gone home. Blake took Valentina to his office and shut and locked the door. He unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. He then ordered Valentina out of her skirt. He went over to a chest of drawers and took out some wrist cuffs which he used to cuff Valentina’s wrists behind her back.

He had Valentina step out of her underwear as he eased them down her legs. Blake’s desk top was empty, all his papers put away. Pointing to the top of the desk Valentina climbed on top naked. Blake put nipple clamps on her nipples and took out a crop. “This is for my pleasure. You haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, you look beautiful and that is why I’m taking you here.”

Blake went to the door and opened it. The photographer stepped through. Valentina looked at Blake apprehensively, but said nothing, “The photos are for me.” Blake said. “Today you get to model just for me.

The photographer took photos of every inch of Valentina’s body. Blake put his thumb in her mouth and she sucked it. “You watch me my love. Show me what a supermodel can do.” He said and she followed his instructions. Blake pulled on the chain which held the nipple clamps and Valentina moaned, “Ahhh” The photographer clicked away. The look on Valentina’s face was beautiful. Blake began using the crop on her body as Valentina squirmed with passion

Blake had Valentina sit on his desk with her legs wide and the photographer took more pictures. Her arms were released from the cuffs and he had her play with her pussy. “Valentina I want you to cum for me.” Blake turned to the photographer and said, “I want a picture of her face when she cums.”

It didn’t take long before Valentina, with her eyes locked on Blake’s eyes came hard calling his name. The photographer caught the shot. His dick was hard, but he would have to wait.

He would have loved to fuck this beauty and he knew that after he developed these pictures he would be masturbating. Blake ordered the photographer to give him the negatives and photos but before he handed them over he would stroke his dick until he came quite a few times. Valentina Black was gorgeous and Blake was a very lucky man. Also Blake was paying him handsomely not only for his work, but his discretion as well.

“Thank you” Blake said to the photographer, “You may leave. No one but you sees these photos” Blake’s voice was horse with need.

When the door was closed, Blake kissed Valentina deeply and passionately. He took out his cock and presented it to her lips. Valentina opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Blake smiled as she waited before he moved his cock slowly into her mouth. Once she had most of it, Valentina hungrily began sucking him. “That’s it my slave. You did very well. At some point I will have photos taken of you sucking my cock. These are for my use only. I have no intention of keeping them anywhere but for my view and a few friends, but right now I want you to suck my cock hard.”

Blake maneuvered Valentina to the edge of the desk and bent her head down. He fucked in her mouth and using the crop, spanked her pussy. Valentina moaned around his cock. Blake kept fucking her mouth, “Yes my slut. My beautiful slave. I loved how you looked today. Suck my cock baby; make love to your Master’s dick.” He plunged his cock deep into her mouth.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He hit her pussy and Valentina was ready to cum again. She loved it when Blake used her like this; just the two of them and him taking her the way he wanted to. She wanted to please him and she sucked him down her throat. Her body was tense. Blake reached down and pulled on the chain. Valentina groaned on his dick as Blake fucked her mouth.

Blake pulled out abruptly leaving Valentina feeling empty. Valentina whimpered. She watched as he undressed. She was waiting, her pussy throbbing with hunger for Blake’s cock and need to feel his tongue on hers. Blake sat in his chair behind the desk and moved Valentina. He pulled her down onto his dick and she sank her pussy on his cock taking him completely. Blake held her and moved her body up and down. “Every time I sit here, I will remember this.” He said as he moved her body. Staring into her eyes he took off the clamps and bit her nipples. “Ahhhh Master.” Valentina groaned.

“Yes my baby, my beautiful baby, my love. Cum for me.” Valentina howled and let go. She wrapped her arms around Blake’s neck, threw her head back and creamed all over his cock.

Blake allowed her a moment then lifted her up and onto the desk where he fucked her until he too found his release. Valentina held him to her breasts and he kissed her nipples gently. “That was lovely my dear. I think we should dress and get ready to go home. Go into the bathroom and clean up and we will have a very nice dinner.” Blake said exhausted and kissed her lips.

Blake managed to get off her body and sit down in the chair. He rested and watched Valentina as she got off the desk and walked gracefully away towards the spacious bathroom. Blake liked looking at her naked body.

Valentina took a quick shower and dressed. Blake cleaned off his desk and called the cleaning crew to ventilate the room which smelled of sex.

By the time Valentina came out of the bathroom, Blake had dressed. She took his arm and they got into the car where their driver drove them home.


Blake went into the office the next morning to find all the legal papers for the Chadwell twins as they were now being called, on his desk signed by Matthew and Helen. The twins start in life was assured and copies of the agreement would be sent to Daniela.

Blake thought about Jake and Matthew. He wished he could be a fly on the wall when Jake returned and Matthew confronted him about Daniela.

As Blake opened his briefcase he let out a chuckle. Inside were the black lace panties his wife had worn with a note attached, “Just so my dear Master may remember where he took me yesterday. With Love your wife and slave, Valentina.”

Blake laughed for a good long time. She surprised him every minute.


Hayley and Jake enjoyed the rest of their time in Italy. Jake fucked her in every room of the Villa including the kitchen and they were nearly caught by the butler.

Now, they were on the private plane, on their way to where, Hayley didn’t know but she was happy just being with him.

They landed at LAX and to Hayley’s surprise Samantha was at the airport to meet them. They climbed into her SUV and Samantha drove them to her mansion in Holmby Hills. Brandon was at the studio and would be home later in the evening.

Hayley sat upfront with her sister and they chatted away as Jake looked out the window at the beautiful lush Palm trees. He hadn’t been to LA before and could imagine having a place here. They pulled up in front of the Mansion and Jake again marveled at how much money the Cassidy’s had at their disposal.

This home was the home of a movie star and looked the part. There was a large portrait of Samantha and Brandon in the living room. The butler came and took their bags up to a spacious room overlooking the pool. “Does everyone in your family have a butler?” Jake asked.

Hayley giggled, “A great many of them do. We can have one in the house if you’d like.”

“Right now I think I’ll stick with Marvina. She’s quite enough.” Jake said. Hayley came over to him and put her arms around his waist. She kissed him softly. “Thank you for bringing us here.”

Jake returned her kiss and chuckled lightly, “This wasn’t my idea. I had wanted to take you backpacking in Alaska, but Samantha said you’d probably enjoy this better.”

“Backpacking? Alaska? I’m sure Sam got a chuckle out of that. I am not the nature loving girl.” Hayley said and Jake kissed her nose.

Samantha knocked on the door. “My husband is on his way home. Very early for him and it’s all due to your arrival. We’ve arranged a few surprises for you two newlyweds and we’ll also let you have some privacy. So enjoy yourselves and if you need anything the staff is at your disposal. Tonight we’ll be grilling steaks outside. Dinner is informal.” Samantha turned and closed the door behind her.

Brandon arrived home and Samantha kissed her husband. “I’m glad they’re here.”

“So am I” Brandon said as they walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Samantha’s phone rang and she checked the number. “It’s Quinn.” She said to Brandon.

“What? Oh My God that’s so great. I’m so happy for you.” Samantha mouthed to Brandon, “Quinn’s pregnant. She took one of those tests. She’s going to the doctor’s day after tomorrow to make sure.”

Brandon grinned. They would have to wait until after Quinn’s first trimester, then they could start. Brandon mouthed back, “Tell Jonah and Quinn congratulations from us and Hayley and Jake. I’m sure they will want to know. Boy, babies are coming around here fast.” Brandon said kissing his wife.

He left her to talk to Quinn and went upstairs to his bedroom to change. Jake knocked on the bedroom door and the two friends, now, in-laws hugged. “Happy to see you, nice digs you got here.” Jake said as he walked around the room.

“I’m glad to see you and also glad you decided to spend the week with us. Did Sam tell you that we are hosting a party for both of you tomorrow?” Brandon said as he changed his pants.

“No, but it sounds like fun.” Jake said.

“Don’t tell Hayley because I’m sure Sam wants to be the one to tell her, Quinn just found out she’s pregnant.” Brandon said unbuttoning his shirt.

“That’s great, does that mean you and Samantha can start trying soon?” Jake said sitting down on the loveseat at the end of the bed.

“After Quinn’s first trimester we can start and then after Sam gets pregnant it will be Denise and Daniel and then you and Hayley.” Brandon said as he brushed his hair.

Samantha came upstairs all excited. Seeing Jake she asks, “Where’s Hayley?”

“She’s lying down; long day, long trip.” Jake says. Samantha leaves the room and goes to see Hayley as Brandon brings Jake out onto the terrace in the bedroom which overlook the gardens.


Samantha comes into the room to see her sister lying on the bed. She is not asleep and Sam sits on the bed and strokes her hair. “Hey Sam, is Brandon here?”

“Yes, he’s looking forward to seeing you. I have news.” Samantha says and Hayley sits up.

“News” She asks

“Quinn’s pregnant.” Sam says and Hayley wakes completely up.

“That’s so cool! Do mom and dad know?” Hayley asks excitedly.

“Yep, Quinn called them first. She is phoning Daniel and Denise. I’m sure they will be waiting for me. So everyone will be watching their calendars.” Samantha says jokingly.

“Are you excited?” Hayley asks hugging her sister.

“I am and anxious to get started.” Samantha said and then added, “We will be having dinner outside; grilled steaks, salads and lobster. So get ready and we’ll go and eat. You can say hello to your brother-in-law.”

Hayley got up and changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. She put her long hair into two pigtails. Sam had left to speak with the chef. Jake returned to the room. “You look really cute.” He said kissing her. “I could fuck you right here and right now.”

“After dinner” she whispered and bit his ear lobe.

Jake swatted her behind, “If I wanted to take you here and now in front of Brandon and Samantha I would.”

Hayley lowered her eyes, “I’m sorry, I just meant it would be rude to be late for dinner.”

Hand in hand they went down to dinner. Hayley hugged Brandon. Brandon led them outside where the table was set near the pool area and the wine was chilling.

The chef asked how they liked their steak and went to the outdoor grill.

“I really like your house.” Jake said. “I wouldn’t mind if we had a summer place here.”

“Why don’t you move to LA?” Brandon asked.

“No, LA doesn’t look like my kind of place. I’m too much of a New Yorker. I like the subway and the fast pace of the city. Also my parents are getting older and I want to be around just in case they need me.” Jake said.

Hayley agreed, “I’m starting a fashion line and I need to be in New York.”

Samantha looked surprised, “You are. I’m so glad to hear that. Jake, Hayley was always designing clothes for her dolls as a child and now she’ll do it for the masses. How wonderful!”

Hayley laughed, “I’m not starting tomorrow. I want to spend some time with Jake and then start, but that’s the plan.”

They ate and drank. Samantha was a little concerned about her husband. He looked a little tense. After dinner they talked about the next week. Tomorrow Samantha would take them around Los Angeles and show them around Rodeo Drive and other parts of LA, they would have lunch and then return home to get ready for the party.

Very late, after two bottles of wine each couple went to their room. Samantha hugged Brandon, “What’s on your mind?”

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy’s please refer to chapters 1 — 36.

Lacy Alexis — Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw — Pregnant stalker and supermodel

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy — Suitor to Lacy Alexis


Margaret Jones — Assistant to Hayley

Brian West — Assistant to Jake

Marvina — New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


When Lacy finished the contract she fell back into her chair. She understood why she was punished. If the public knew about this it would be chaos and if she hadn’t signed her life would be over. She also began to understand just how powerful the Cassidy’s were and how much she could help her husband.

Lacy formulated a plan to help Derrick become the most powerful Cassidy, she didn’t know who was in charge, but she would make sure that it was her soon-to-be husband no matter what she had to do.

Picking up the phone, Lacy called her mother. Gertie was happy to hear all about her future son-in law and she was happy for Lacy. Lacy sounded more in control and less scattered and Gertie was very grateful. She would have liked Derrick if he were purple with horns since he had tamed her reckless daughter.

Lacy dressed in a sexy red dress that highlighted her figure. She wore six inch heels and no panties. Derrick arrived promptly at seven. He informed Blake that Lacy would not be returning until Monday afternoon when Derrick went to CBS studio for the taping of The Good Wife.

Derrick took her hand and led her to the chauffeured driven Maybach. The driver tipped his hat as he opened the door and Lacy slid in. Derrick got in beside her. “I want you to lift up your dress and open your legs.”

Immediately Lacy obeyed. Derrick put his hand on her sex. “Good girl. Remember that your body belongs to me and I will do whatever I feel when I feel and I will give you to whomever I feel at any moment. Do you understand?” Derrick said.

“Yes Sir.” Lacy sat still as Derrick moved his hand up and down her leg. When they arrived at his home, he had her fix her clothes and then they got out of the car. “Do you have the key I gave you?” He asked.

“Yes Sir” Lacy said retrieving it from her purse.

“Then open the door; that is the key to my home. I will tell you to meet me here and you will let yourself in and be naked waiting for me. I want you to purchase clothes to be left here. I will buy you jewelry and we’ll do some shopping together. You will dress the way I wish you to dress from now on. Blake has good taste and your sister has excellent taste; listen to her.” Derrick said as they entered the house.

Lacy saw a modern well-kept home; everything was in its place and there was a place for everything. Derrick took her inside where his housekeeper, Jackie had prepared dinner. Jackie smiled as Derrick came entered. She congratulated Lacy and disappeared into her room.

Derrick took Lacy into his arms. He kissed her lips. “Kneel pet.” He said and Lacy knelt down. He caressed her face. Derrick walked away and returned with a beautiful intricate collar which he placed around Lacy’s neck.

“I knew it would fit.” He said attaching a leash. “When we are here together you do not sit on any furniture unless you have my permission.”

He pulled on the leash and Lacy crawled with him into the dining room. He sat and she knelt beside his chair, “When you arrive, you are to put on something silk or sheer. I like the feel. You will be waiting for me by the door with your hands behind you and your breasts out. If I want you naked I will tell you.”

Derrick stroked her face. “I expect you to do well in school. Failure will get you a punishment every day until you do better.”

Derrick cut a piece of steak and fed it to her. He then cut a piece for himself. “Tonight I will fuck your ass again. I will also eat your pussy. You will cum only and when I tell you to. I will also give you a spanking because I believe you need a tune up for a while so that you remember not to disobey me, Blake or your sister.”

Derrick cut another piece of steak and fed it to her. He then gave her a bit of potato and some vegetables. Lacy said nothing. Derrick gave her some wine to drink. Derrick kept feeding her until she told him she had enough, “I want you to gain ten pounds. You need to add on a little weight.” He said. “I also want you to keep your exercise schedule. I want you pliable.”

“Master?” Lacy asked.

“Yes slave.” Derrick said.

“Do you have a Danger Zone or playroom?” She asked.

“No, I do in California, but not here. I have instruments here but I believe that when I want to punish you, I will find creative ways to punish you.” Derrick said as he bent to kiss her. “You may stand and undress. I want you to move for me, dance. I’ll put on some music.” He said and he went and picked up a remote from near the stereo.

Pressing a button, the voice of Joe Cocker filled the room. The song was “Leave Your Hat On.”

Lacy knew it well. Her mother loved the song and said it was the perfect music to strip to. Lacy began undressing as Derrick watched her. He moved them into the living room and sat on the sofa as she continued her dance and continued undressing. When she was naked he motioned for her to sit astride his lap. The music changed into a slow song and Lacy ground herself on Derrick’s lap.

Derrick pulled back her head and kissed her throat. He kissed down to her nipple. Derrick suckled Lacy as she sat astride his lap. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He took her into the bedroom and deposited her on the bed where he took off her leash.

Derrick undressed as Lacy lying on her stomach watched him. He removed his belt and held it in front of her face. “Kiss it.” He said and she did. “I told you I would spank you and I shall, then I will fuck your ass and I will. You will never forget this night and never forget that I own you.”

Derrick lifted the belt and began. Lacy screamed, she cried and she begged. Derrick kept whipping her. She tried to protect her ass and he restrained her hands behind her with one of his ties. “You will never betray my trust.” He said his voice soft. Derrick turned her ass a bright red, then lubing his cock he lifted her legs and thrust into her ass. Again Lacy screamed.

Derrick put his hands around her throat, “Who do you belong to?”

“You Sir only you.” Lacy said fear in her voice. Derrick fucked into her.

“You will obey me Lacy and you will never embarrass me.” He said and he fucked harder into her ass.

Lacy was crying as Derrick took her. He moved his hand down to her pussy and it was wet; pulling out he went to wash leaving her crying on the bed, welts on her ass.

He pulled her over his lap and began to spank her very red and very sore behind. Lacy began to beg and then to plead. Derrick finally stopped and grabbing her by her hair pulled her down on his dick and stuffed his cock into her mouth. She sucked him. She licked him. She cried on his dick; her tears wetting his pubic hair. Derrick held her head on his dick. “You worship this cock always. You are never to be halfhearted sucking me.”

Derrick fucked her throat as he moved his hand over her ass making her tremble in fear that he would spank her. Derrick pulled her off her cock. Lacy was in tears.

Derrick went to the bathroom and returned with a jar of ointment. He put her over his lap and put the ointment on her ass. She was sobbing.

Derrick finished putting the ointment on her body. He lubed her ass pushing first one finger than two. Lacy squirmed. “If you don’t stop moving, I’ll get the belt again.” Derrick said as he lubed her ass. He wanted to fuck her hard.

Derrick turned Lacy over and kissed her biting her lower lip. “You smell so good. I’m going to eat that pussy all night long.”

“Why did you beat me with the belt?” She cried.

Derrick grabbed her hair and pulled, “Don’t ever question me. Lacy.” He said sitting her on his lap, “What you did by breaking into Blake’s office could have put everything our family has built in jeopardy. You could also have ended your own life. I want to make sure that you never, ever do anything like that again. I will be hard on you sometime because I expect you to look and be at your best for me always.”

Lacy looked beautiful to Derrick with her tear stained face, red nose and eyes. He kissed her again and Lacy melted into the kiss. “Please Sir, please don’t beat me again. I’ll behave.” She sobbed. Lacy sounded like a little girl.

“I won’t if you do as I tell you and if you please me. On your side” He ordered.

She clambered off his lap and turned to her side. He turned off one lamp in the room and spooned her. Taking his hand, he eased his dick into her ass. He moved slowly, then placing his arms around her, Derrick began pistoning in and out of her ass. He was huge and her ass was still sore from the other night, but Lacy gritted her teeth as he fucked her. He reached up and began playing with her nipples.

“Until the ritual, whenever you are here, I will fuck your ass. I enjoy your tight behind. It nearly hurts my cock it’s so tight.” He said slamming into her. He pinched her nipples and Lacy groaned.

“Yes baby, yess, I want you to cum this way. I want you to beg for it and want my cock. You are my slave baby and I will take you whenever I want you. I can’t wait to show you off. I have a big plan for you in California baby. You are mine.” He said moving in and out of her ass.

Derrick moved his hand down to her pussy and began playing with her clit. Lacy started to relax and her pussy started tingling. Derrick played with her clit and licked her earlobe. He whispered in her ear, “I love you Lacy baby. I love you very much. I want you to think about me every day, every minute. I want you to want to please me and let me take you to places you’ve never been. Baby that ass, that beautiful ass. I will fuck your pussy and knock you up with my babies. Hmm, life with you will be so good. Valentina will teach you and you will learn.” He moaned in her ear, “I love you.”

Derrick pulled out and then slammed back in. Lacy was ashamed to admit it but she loved the way he moved inside her. She loved the way he touched her and she loved him.

Derrick shoved hard inside her as he came gripping her breasts in his hands. He held Lacy close to him as his explosion subsided. He eased himself out of her and went to the bathroom. When he returned, Lacy ran to the bathroom.

Derrick pulled her to him and began kissing her. “Get us both something to drink.” He said and Lacy got back up and went to the kitchen.

She returned with two glasses of water with ice and handed one to Derrick. He drank the ice cold water and pulled her down to him. He began kissing her and then drinking some of the water kissed her nipples. Lacy felt the coldness of the water on her nipple. Derrick kept kissing her and when he got to her pussy he took an ice cube in his mouth and pressed his mouth to her clit.

Lacy nearly jumped off the bed, but Derrick held her. He began eating her and sucking on her clit. He looked up at her and then brought his hand down spanking her sex. “Ouch” Lacy cried and Derrick went back to eating her. He licked and sucked on her pussy lips and then put my ice in his mouth. The cold of the ice and the heat of his mouth was sending Lacy close to the edge.

“Please master, I need to cum, please.” She begged.

“You can beg me better than that” Derrick said as he continued to suck on her pussy.

Lacy was ready for her release, “Please Sir, pleassse, I need to cum I can’t hold it any longer and I don’t want you to beat me again.”

Derrick kept sucking her. Lacy knew she couldn’t hold on much longer, ‘Pleassse Derrick, I love you. I’m trying. Pleasse” She cried.

Derrick looked up at her, “Cum my slave, cum and remember that you belong to me.”

Lacy let go screaming and pulling his head into her pussy as her orgasm took over her body.


In the past few months quite a few names appeared in the book, Carlos and Camilla Cassidy Chadwell were added and this morning Father Alfonso at the Vatican saw the entry of a new name, Lacy Alexis, soon to be Mrs. Derrick Cassidy Kennedy. The question marked name was now an alarming shade of red and the Father was concerned, but he knew that Blake Black was usually right about what would occur, but still he was apprehensive. He added Lacy Alexis to his list of prayers and then he noticed one of the names, a name that had been on the list for a very long time was growing dimmer. He knew the death was imminent and increased his prayers for this person.

At the White House, as soon as Carlos and Camilla’s names were added to the list, the Vice-President sent appropriate gifts and invitations to the new babies. He also knew that that new name added would be getting married soon and the White House would send their best regards.

When he saw the name that was growing dimmer on the list, the VP grew sad because they were friends.


Daniela was excited. After returning from London, she felt rested and ready to deal with everything going on in her life. Mason met her at the airport with a bouquet of flowers and a funny story about Camilla throwing up on Blake when he came to visit. Valentina laughed loudly, “Please don’t tell him I laughed, he wouldn’t be amused.”

Mason grinned, “Blake took it well. He asked me to drop you at home. He was going to send a car, but I told him that I wanted to talk about Lacy and Derrick.”

“I can’t believe my little sister is engaged.” Valentina said getting into the limo.

“Yes, but I am worried about her. Derrick seems to be very intent on his wife being his slave.” Mason said as he got into the car between Valentina and Daniela.

“I’m a slave” said Valentina softly.

“And I was a slave” Daniela said as the driver put the luggage into the trunk and got into the car.

“I don’t mean that and I understand your relationship with Blake, but Lacy is a very high spirited girl and she’s marrying into the Cassidy family. I think that Derrick is trying to break her spirit and if that is the case then he won’t be marrying the woman he fell in love with.” Mason explained.

Valentina thought about this for a moment. “Derrick has asked me to train Lacy and maybe I should have a talk with him about how he should treat her.”

Mason nodded in agreement. “I’ve spoken with him a few times. I hope that you can get through to him.”

“How are my babies?” Daniela said changing the subject.

“They are anxiously waiting their mama’s return and speaking of mother’s how is mine?” Mason asked.

Daniela and Mason continued to talk while Valentina thought about Derrick and wondered if perhaps Derrick was going to be too hard on her sister.


Lacy was excited that Valentina was coming home. She had lots to tell her and she was looking for a little sister bonding time. She was still sore from the whipping Derrick had given her, but he had soothed her pain and eaten her pussy all night long and in the morning they had showered together and gone shopping. He had bought her some outfits that she liked, but he had also bought her a few outfits that she thought were a bit too revealing.

Derrick had fucked her ass again and repeatedly reminded her that she belonged to him.


Valentina with her baby bump nearly ran into her husband’s arms. Blake captured her lips with his own. “I missed you so much baby.”

“I missed you too Sir.” Valentina said as she stroked Blake’s hair.

“Hungry?” He asked kissing her neck.

“A little always” Valentina took his hand and they walked into the living room where Henry greeted her with a glass of ginger ale and a very warm smile.

“Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes Mrs. Black.” Henry said as he left the room.

Valentina sat with Blake, “Sir, I would like to talk to you about Derrick.”

Valentina told Blake Mason’s concerns and Blake told his wife he would check into them. Lacy came downstairs looking very pretty and quite grownup. She ran to her sister and knelt down in front of her. “Master told me that I am always to kneel to you” Lacy said.

Valentina looked at Blake and Blake nodded. He needed to go see Derrick.

Valentina told Lacy to get up and come sit beside her while Blake went to his study to make a phone call.

In his office Blake called Kenneth, “I know we’ve given permission for Derrick to treat Lacy as his slave, but I think we need to rescind it.”

Kenneth who had already gotten a phone call from Mason said, “I agree. I’ll send a letter to Derrick. I think the boy needs to learn and then maybe later if they both agree we change it, but until they’ve been married at least five years, I think he should treat your sister-in-law as his submissive. The agreement will be amended immediately.”

Blake went back to the living room to see Lacy telling Valentina what happened between her and Derrick.

Valentina looked up at Blake. “Lacy pull down your underwear.” Valentina ordered and Lacy stood up. Her ass was a mass of welts. It was a wonder she could sit down and without the aid of the formula they would take a great while to heal.

Blake went to get some ointment and he had Valentina put it on her sister’s sore behind. “Lacy, you will not be Derrick’s slave. You will be his submissive. He cannot do this to you. You will have safe words and rights. We thought that Derrick knew how to treat a slave, but he doesn’t.”

Lacy burst into tears, “Thank you. He really hurt me, but I didn’t want to complain. I love him so much.”

“Also I will speak to Madame and amend his requests. You will learn to be a very good submissive and if in five years after your marriage you decide you want to be a slave to him, then so be it.” Blake said.

Henry entered the room, “Dinner is served.” He announced and they all went to dinner.

Later that night Lacy came into Blake’s bedroom dressed in a red and white silk sleep shirt. Valentina was naked in bed. Blake walked up to Lacy and unbuttoned her shirt. He kissed her hard on the mouth and Lacy wrapped her arms around him, “Thank you for introducing me to Master. I apologize for snooping in your office, I had no right.” She said lowering her eyes.

Blake lifted her chin so she was staring into his face, “it’s over and done. You are engaged to a man who has a lot to learn and you have a great deal to learn. Derrick was right about one thing, you can learn a great deal from your sister, so go and please her.”

Blake took the shirt from Lacy’s body. Lacy crawled onto the bed as Valentina opened her thighs. Lacy looked up at her sister’s protruding belly and smiled as she thought of carrying Derrick’s child. She went between Valentina’s legs and began licking her sister’s pregnant pussy.

Blake had been given his orders. He was not allowed to lick or touch Lacy’s pussy and he could only fuck her ass once a week so he chose that night to fuck her ass while he watched her eat his wife’s delectable pussy.

Blake lubed his dick, then Lacy’s hole. Lacy was up on her knees and moved both hands behind to open her ass for him. She was a quick learner, Blake thought as he positioned himself inside her. Lacy nearly creamed as soon as she felt Blake enter her. His dick was bigger than her master’s but Blake was gentle with her this night and moved in very slowly.

“Valentina you may cum when you are ready. Talk to Lacy and instruct her on how you want your pussy to be eaten. Tell her what you like.” Blake said moving in and out of Lacy’s ass.

Valentina moaned, “Lacy lick inside, fuck your tongue back and forth. ” Valentina held Lacy’s head inside her. “Yes, like that. Oooh Sir she’s learning.”

Blake felt the welts on Lacy’s ass and he knew exactly what lesson he would teach Derrick.


Derrick received a phone call from Kenneth that night. The next day the newly amended papers arrived and Derrick was very annoyed. He and Kenneth had argued, “I thought it was agreed.” Derrick said running his hand through his hair.

“Derrick, you need more training and she will be your wife. I have decided. We can revisit in five years. It’s done, deal with it!” Kenneth said and hung up.

Derrick knew that Blake had done this to him with maybe some help from Mason. He would have it out with Blake and then have a ‘chat’ with Mason.


Ellen had just finished her shoot in Paris and moved into the compound owned by her friend billionaire Gary Shore. Gary set her up in a beautiful house on the gated compound and told Ellen she could stay as long as she wished.

She had made ten million dollars in the past year and she was ready to wait it out until the baby was born and Ellen could introduce him or her to their father.

Ellen had the photo of her and Brandon blown up and framed. It was in the living room of the house she lived in. Every day she would look at it and say, “We will be together soon and we’ll be very happy.”


Derrick phoned Blake, “I need to see you.” He said unceremoniously on the phone.

“Well good morning to you Derrick. Yes, I think that we need to see each other. Why don’t you meet me at my office building?” Blake hung up the phone and called Kenneth and Mason.


Derrick was brought up to a different floor than the floor where Blake’s office was. He was shown three floors below. Blake opened the only door on the floor and Derrick was shown into what looked like a beautiful apartment.

All the furnishings were in shades of brown. It was a very warm and welcoming room. As Derrick entered he was surprised to see Mason and Kenneth sitting on the very large sofa.

“We want to talk to you about Lacy.” Kenneth said standing and walking up to Derrick.

Blake went over to the black leather and wood bar and took out a bottle of scotch. He poured a glass for each of them and handed them out.

“What about her? She was being trained to be my slave and now, I’m told that she is to be a submissive. It’s like I have no say as to how I treat my wife.” Derrick said taking a sip of his scotch.

Mason spoke, “Lacy is going to be your wife. She’s going to bear your children. You need to treat her with more respect. She’s new to all of this.”

Kenneth added, “We thought you could handle being a Master, but now we think you need to learn a few things.”

“So what’s this, a fucking intervention?” Derrick said taking another sip of scotch and laughing.

“Yes, you could say that.” Said Mason as he stood up and walked over to Derrick.

Derrick laughed and set down his glass. He went closer to Kenneth, “I know you are the President of the Cassidy family, but no one, not even you tells me what to do.” He said sticking his finger in Kenneth’s face.

Derrick didn’t see Blake behind him. Derrick also didn’t see the Taser in Blake’s hand until it was too late and he was on the floor.

Four men appeared from behind one of the panels in the room and took Derrick into a room where he was blindfolded, stripped of his clothing and he was restrained on a bench. His neck was also restrained. The confusion from the Tasing had disappeared and he was very angry. He couldn’t move. “What the fuck! Let me out of here you sadistic sons of bitches.”

Blake came into the room. He was naked and stroking his huge cock. Mason and Kenneth entered and both were also naked. Mason had a belt in his hand. “Did your mother ever spank you with a belt, Derrick?”

“No, my mother never hit me, neither did my father. Let me out of here!” He yelled.

“So you really don’t know what it feels like to be hit hard with a belt?” Mason said as he slapped the belt on his hand. Derrick heard the noise and shuddered.

“Shall we begin gentlemen” Blake said and to Kenneth and Mason and then to Derrick he said sinisterly, “Lacy is my sister-in-law. She had just been punished for breaking into my office. I thought that you would show her some mercy since you proposed, but her ass is raw and needed a little care from the whipping you gave her. A punishment is one thing, but you truly hurt this girl and we fear that the next time will be really bad so we want you to understand what this felt like.”

“And” Kenneth continued, “We want you to understand what it means to be a slave and not a submissive.”

“We want you to know that you have no safe words, we shall use your body as we wish and we will finish when we are ready.” Mason said and he began…


Mason whipped Derrick’s ass, thighs, legs and back with the belt. When he tired, he passed it to Kenneth who continued. Derrick at first tried to free himself, then he cursed them and finally he begged. Kenneth passed the belt to Blake, but before he began Mason grabbed Derrick’s head. “If you bite me, I’ll make sure that you have no teeth to eat with.”

Mason thrust his dick into Derrick’s mouth and Derrick whose head was held by a metal brace had no choice but to suck. Blake behind him wielded the belt. Derrick’s scream was cut off by Mason’s dick. Kenneth stood watching and stroking his own cock. Blake finished whipping Derrick and held out some lube for Kenneth. “Kenneth, why don’t you open him up for me and then I’ll take over.”

Kenneth smiled and took the lube from Blake. He put on a condom and lubricated it. Kenneth also put on some gloves and stuck two fingers in Derrick’s hole. Derrick clinched his sore ass and Blake smacked it. “Relax, it will go better for you.”

Mason thrust in Derrick’s mouth, “Watch those teeth boy.” Mason looked at Kenneth, “He needs to suck on Blake. The boy doesn’t know how to suck cock.”

Mason pulled out and Blake took his place. “Please, my mouth is sore, please.” Derrick begged, tears were falling down his face.

Mason chuckled, “Just wait until Blake fucks that ass, you’ll be plenty sore.”

“You will learn your lesson this night and be ready for the ritual.” Blake said, “I also want you to go over to Madame’s and learn how to treat a submissive. I’ve already called her.”

“I’ll do anything just please, please don’t fuck my ass.” Derrick beseeched.

“Sorry, now open up and take the big dick that’s going to open you up and you’ll know exactly how Lacy feels as I opened her up just last night.” Blake said clutching Derrick’s hair and forcing his dick into his mouth.

Kenneth was at the opening to Derrick’s ass, holding his rigid cock. He pushed forward. Derrick would have screamed but his mouth was stuffed with Blake’s monstrous cock.

Kenneth fucked Derrick. He pinched Derrick’s swollen welted ass and smacked it a few times as he fucked in and out. Mason had gotten dressed and patted Blake on the shoulder as Blake held Derrick’s head and fucked more of himself into Derrick’s mouth.

“This was fun, but I have to get back to Daniela and the twins. I think the boy is well on his way to treating his soon to be wife with more respect.” Mason said as he left the other two men to take care of Derrick.

Kenneth exploded in Derrick’s ass grabbing both of Derrick’s cheeks hard as he came.

Derrick could feel his own cock hardening and he blushed. Blake could see Derrick getting aroused. “So Ken’s fucking has got you all hot and bothered, just wait until I get in there.” Blake pulled his cock from Derrick’s mouth and went behind Derrick. Kenneth took the blindfold off Derrick. He took Derricks chin in his hands and stared into his eyes, “I want to see your face when Blake plugs you.”

Blake laughed and positioned himself. With one hard thrust he buried himself inside Derrick as Derrick screamed…


Mason was with Daniela. The twins were tucked into bed. Daniela kneeled in front of Mason. “I’m so happy to be home with you and the babies.”

“I’m happy you’re home. Show me how much you missed me.” Mason said as Daniela unbuttoned his pants.

She took him in her mouth and Mason locked his legs around her head and fucked her mouth hard. He thought about Derrick and hoped that Blake and Kenneth were having a good time. Mason knew that the only mouth he wanted on his cock was Daniela’s. He loved taking her like this. He loved her. Mason held Daniela’s head as he moved in and out of her mouth.

“God, I love your mouth baby. I’ve missed it so much. Suck that dick Daniela, suck me. Ahhh” Mason moaned as he moved in Daniela’s mouth.

Daniela licked his cock as Mason pulled back so just the tip was in her mouth. Roughly Mason pulled her back down on his cock so that his dick was all the way in her throat and her nose was pressed against his crotch.

“Yesss baby, yessss, that’s so damn good.” Mason pulled back then moved in slowly savoring Daniela sucking him in deep.

Daniela was so very happy to be able to do this again. She loved the taste and feel of Mason’s cock and loved how he masterfully took her mouth. She couldn’t wait to taste his semen and she sucked harder.

Mason was thinking about how very much he loved this woman and how he couldn’t wait for their wedding. Mason also realized that although Daniela was submissive he wanted her as his partner in every way and tomorrow he would show her. Mason reached down and felt her breasts; even though she had stopped nursing they were still full and large. Mason had loved sucking the milk out of them when the twins were finished eating. There was still a little and he knew that when he fucked her he would be there licking.

It wasn’t long before Mason exploded in her mouth and stroked her hair as Daniela swallowed all of his sperm and then licked him clean.

Helping her up and into bed, Mason suckled at her breasts then went between her legs to feast on her pussy. He stayed there until she had cum twice and he had gotten hard again. Daniela welcomed him into her pussy and Mason fucked her deep and hard. “I love you so very much Dani.” He whispered in hear ear as he moved his hips.

“I love you too Mason. Ahh, yes baby, yes please.” Daniela moaned as Mason moved inside her. Daniela tugged on his hair and pulled his lips to hers and kissed him hard their tongues dancing with each other.

They reached their release simultaneously and fell asleep with Mason still inside her pussy.


Blake fucked Derrick until Derrick let go and came without touching his cock. Kenneth released Derrick’s head from the restraints and released him from his bondage to allow him free movement as Blake continued fucking him.

Derrick groaned, “Please.”

“Please what?” Kenneth asked, “Please fuck you more. I think Blake’s done a superb job. You’ve managed to cum.”

Blake moved his hips. He clutched Derrick’s hair pulling him back. “Please what my little bitch boy?”

“Please…fuck me!” Derrick said as he moved back against Blake’s dick.

“Your wish is my command.” Blake said and really went to fucking Derrick hard slamming his cock all the way inside Derrick’s ass.

Kenneth took Derrick’s deflated cock in his hands and started stroking him. In no time Derrick’s cock had risen again. Blake spanked his ass and Derrick moaned, “I’m going to cum again.”

“No you’re not, not until I do. God your ass is tight. You’re lucky Kenneth came in there. You will take real good care of Lacy. You will treat her with respect as your fiancée and wife because if I hear of you beating her like that again, you will be whipped to within an inch of your life and every member of the Cassidy family I can get will fuck you.” Blake said as he pushed himself all the way in till his balls touched Derrick’s ass and he exploded.

“Damn what a fine ass. The men in your family are really going to enjoy you.” Blake said as he bent over Derrick exhausted.

Blake pulled out of Derrick’s hole and as Kenneth stroked Derrick, Blake gave him permission to cum.

“Thank you. I’m close, very close, don’t stop. I’m gonna, I’m gonna…Oh yes, I’m gonna cum. Yesss.” Derrick said as he came all over Kenneth’s hand.

Derrick was exhausted, but Ken and Blake weren’t finished. Kenneth held up his hand, “Eat it boy and then you’re done. You will see Lacy tomorrow and beg her forgiveness.”

Derrick shook his head and licked up his sperm from Kenneth’s hand as Blake went to wash up.


Mary and Stephen were out on a date. They had only kissed, but Mary wanted to do something else. She wanted to learn how to suck his cock. She had been reading books on the subject and thought she would talk to Hayley.

Stephen called Mason. He was feeling very frustrated and cold showers weren’t helping. Just the thought of Mary was sending him into a tailspin and making his dick hard. He needed some release, but he didn’t want to have intercourse. He needed to do something besides using his hand.


Derrick took a shower when he came out Blake and Kenneth were completely dressed. Derrick ran his hand through his hair as he stood in front of the two men. He was contrite, “I will speak with Lacy tomorrow and will sign the papers changing her from my slave to my submissive wife. I understand the difference. I will also go to Madame’s for some training.”

“Good boy.” Said Blake

“We’ve scheduled your ritual for next month after Thanksgiving. Your mother will host the event and your father said he is looking forward to it.” Kenneth said as he held out his hand for Derrick to shake.

Derrick shook his hand. “Let’s go have some dinner. I know this delicious restaurant with great steaks and lots of booze.”

The three men left and went to dinner. Later after he was home, Derrick thought about Lacy. He called her on the telephone. She had just gone to bed, “Hello pet” Derrick said.

“Sir, I’m surprised to hear from you.” Lacy said her pussy automatically getting moist from the sound of his voice.

“Tomorrow we are going to have a talk. Things have changed or rather, I’ve changed. You will not be my slave but my submissive and I am learning how to treat you that way. Please forgive me for the other night. I shouldn’t have beaten you with the belt that way.” Derrick said.

Lacy felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter, “Sir, you may do whatever you wish, I am yours.”

“yes and I’ve not behaved the way I should so tomorrow we will speak. Are you wet?” Derrick asked.

Lacy blushed, “yes Sir, I am.”

“Go see Blake and let him and Valentina take care of you Lacy, ” Derrick said, “I do love you, but I’m young and tonight I learned just how young we are and how much I have to learn.”

“Sir, are you all right?” Lacy asked concerned.

“I’m fine baby and I’ll see you tonight. Sleep well and I send you my love.” Derrick said and hung up.

Lacy fell asleep but in the morning she went and climbed into bed with Valentina; Blake had gone to work and Lacy woke her sister with her mouth.

After Valentina had cum, Lacy told her about the conversation she had with Derrick. Valentina knew what had happened with Derrick because Blake had told her when he came home. Lacy expressed her concern about Derrick but Valentina held her and told her, “Don’t worry. Derrick, Blake, Kenneth and Mason had a conversation and decided that you would be better trained as a submissive so that you would have some rights.”

“But you’re a slave” Lacy said.

“I am, but my relationship with Blake is different. He knows how to treat a slave, Derrick does not.” Valentina kissed her sister’s forehead. “Derrick needs to learn that it’s not all about beatings, a master/slave/submissive relationship with is about so much more and you’ll learn also.”

Valentina squeezed Lacy’s shoulder, “You will be Derrick’s wife and a Cassidy. It brings a great deal of responsibility and you need how to temper your husband’s nature with that responsibility. I, on the other hand, don’t have that responsibility. I am married to Blake who is not a Cassidy, but a very powerful man none-the-less. You have a lot to learn little sister. Blake and Kenneth will make sure that you learn everything.”

Valentina got out of bed. “Let’s get dressed and have the chef make us a wonderful breakfast. We’ll have a very nice day and be home in time to get ready for your date.”

Lacy got up and hugged her sister tightly, “I know we haven’t always been friends, but I am hoping that we will always be as close as we are now.”

Valentina kissed her sister and went to dress. Lacy returned to her room to find that Henry had left a two dozen white roses in a vase on her table with a note from Derrick; “I am looking forward to starting again and to being worthy of you.”

Lacy smiled and went to take a shower.


Mary took Hayley to lunch. She was nervous and Hayley was getting anxious watching her.

Mary looked shyly up at Hayley after the server brought their lunch. “Okay Mary, your making me crazy. You are so nervous.” Hayley said tossing her salmon in her salad.

Mary blushed and whispered, “You know that Stephen and I are saving ourselves for marriage, but I know that he’s frustrated. I want to do something for him.”

Hayley gulped and nearly choked as she took a drink of her soda, “You want to know how to suck cock!” Hayley said a little too loudly, then whispered, “Sorry”

Mary blushed even redder and nodded. Hayley laughed and laughed and laughed until tears streamed down her eyes. “Oh boy, I have to speak to Jake about this.”

Mary looked horrified. Hayley stopped laughing, “I won’t mention names, I just want to make sure I give you the correct information.” Hayley didn’t mention that she would speak to Kenneth also to see what she could and could not teach Mary.

Mary thanked her and they continued their lunch. Hayley met with Kenneth that evening for her lesson and told him about Mary. Kenneth managed not to laugh, but Hayley could see the amusement in his eyes. “you may teach her how, but remind her that she is to stay a virgin. I have a feeling that Stephen is probably thinking the same thing.” Kenneth said and continued his teaching.


Stephen was indeed having the same thoughts as he had dinner with Mason. Mason didn’t laugh. He told Stephen that he would teach him about a woman’s body and cunnilingus. He didn’t want to ask Daniela, but would speak to Blake, perhaps Valentina.

“Remember that Mary is to stay a virgin until the Ritual.” Mason reminded Stephen.

“I also want to” Stephen said blushing, “I want my first time to be with Mary and I plan to propose in June of next year if everything falls into place for me. I love her and I know she’s the one.”


Blake spoke to Valentina and they arranged for Stephen to come over. This was purely a clinical experience. Blake and Kenneth talked and decided that for Mary they would bring her and Hayley to the room off the board room and have one of the young men who worked for Blake teach her how to suck cock. Blake had to laugh; this was going to be a very interesting experience to say the least.


Derrick picked Lacy up at 7:30. He greeted Valentina with a hug and a kiss and a beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers. He shook hands with Blake and thanked him.

When they arrived at Derrick’s home, he and Lacy had a romantic dinner. They spent the evening talking and Lacy understood that he didn’t want her to change but to submit. They talked about the difference between a submissive and a slave. Lacy thanked Derrick for his change of heart. She got on her knees and asked to suck him. He allowed her. Lacy made love to his dick and Derrick let her take her time sucking him. Lacy’s wounds on her buttocks and thighs were healing.

Derrick felt the difference in the way she sucked him. She took her time; she sucked on the head of his cock and licked up his shaft keeping her eyes on his. Derrick patted her head. He pulled out of her mouth and Lacy waited anxiously. Her mouth felt empty.

“Ass or mouth Lacy?” Derrick asked holding his cock.

Lacy thought for a moment. She loved sucking his cock and hoped he would let her before they went to bed so she said, “Sir, ass and later please cum in my mouth.”

Derrick chuckled, “Ass it is. Undress and join me in the shower, then I will take you.”

(Note to the reader: This is the third chapter of the second part of a three part erotic novella I’ve tentatively titled “Making Love to Horrible People.” The first part is titled “Fear and Lusting.” Each part consists of about 4 or 5 chapters. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is more than welcome.)


As Jim threw her head aside and stepped away to zip up and get ready to go, Jen realized she was covered in her own pussy juices and Jim’s cum and the filth seeping out of her ass. She remained there, tossed aside like some cum soaked towel, and gently probed her leaking holes. She placed her hands over them as she slowly crawled on her knees over to Dan. She was humiliated and felt exhausted, but she knew what she must look like to him. True, she had obediently done as she was told, but she had had no idea she would enjoy it this much, nor be this much of a mess. She rested her head in his lap as he stared at her.

Jim looked one last time at her sexy body curled around Dan’s leg and snorted. “Shit… one fine piece of ass.”

The front door slammed shut as Jim left and Dan was stroking Jen’s hair as she rested on his thigh. “You know now what it is to be a good slave, don’t you?” he whispered.

Jen nodded slowly, her face caressing his thigh as she did it.

“You know every time you disobey me, I’ll sell you like a common little fuck slut?”

Jen moaned and clasped Dan’s leg harder as her pussy and ass clenched in response to his words. She desperately wanted him to stop talking and just hold her, but after what he’d seen, she didn’t know what he was going to do.

Dan grabbed her head and pulled it sharply back. He leaned his face down to hers. She was moaning and trying to whisper up at him. “Please… master… let me suck your cock. I just want to get you off. I just want your warm cum to cover my face. I’ve been a good little slave, haven’t I? I just want to be covered in your cum.”

Dan looked at her wet and sticky face and body and wanted to say no and throw her to the floor, but his cock insisted otherwise. Jen’s body was so sexy and submissive and her voice so seductive. An animal impulse boiled up in him and he needed to prove that he owned her. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock and stood above her as she knelt and leaned against the couch. As he got up, she hurriedly spit in her hand and rubbed Jim’s cum off of her face as she looked up at Dan. He reached down and stopped her.

“No, whore,” he said. “You need to sit there in your filth and take more cum on you so you know what a dirty, depraved little slut you are.”

His cock approached her mouth and she took it in hungrily. Dan put his hands on Jen’s head and thrust it in to her throat until she gagged on it. He withdrew it only to force feed it to her again.

“Yeah? You gonna let another guy touch you again without my permission, whore?”

Jen tried to shake her head no to please her master. In fact, she had loved being sold to Jim for an hour. She had loved releasing her body to some stranger to use. She couldn’t possibly think how to tell Dan that, but she loved him all the more fiercely for making it happen. The whore in her was awake and alive and it was touching every part of her as she tried desperately to suck the semen out of her master.

How can I tell him, she wondered in the back of her mind as the back of her tongue tried to pull the head of his cock further into her. How can I express that what I just experienced was the most exciting thing that every happened to my body? How can I go on being his fiancée when I know what I really want is to be a whore?

She knew she needed him there, of course. She needed the safety his calm and relaxed form provided as he reclined in the corner, watching her get used, brutally. She needed to know he was going to be there… to accept her after all the filthy things had been done to her; to hold her and love her and tell her everything was all right. She didn’t know how that could work, but she knew she loved him as much as she always had and she reached her hands around to his ass and pulled him fully into her face. She swallowed his cock and gagged and didn’t care. She kept it there and sobbed and then withdrew it forcefully.

She took his throbbing cock in her hands and held it above her petty face and gazed up at him. His handsome face, with its broad cheeks and strong jaw and full lips, looked down at her with nothing but lust and contempt.

Maybe, I’ve lost him, she thought for a second. She grabbed his shaft in both hands and thrust her tits up underneath it.

“Please, master,” she said. “I just want to do whatever you tell me. I’ll be a good girl from now on, I promise!”

Dan’s cock had patiently waited while its owner watched Jen get fucked in her every tight little hole, and he wanted nothing more than to use all those holes again; the head of his cock digging Jim’s seed out and replacing it with his own. He didn’t care if she was sore or tired. He was going to use her body until he was sated and she was sobbing and then he’d just leave. Leave her to be the whore he knew she was.

“Please!” she pleaded again.

Dan saw her the plea for forgiveness in her eyes and he softened his grip on her head. “Hold your master, now,” he said. “Hold him between your tits.”

She smiled up at him and happily thrust his cock between her proud, round breasts. She squeezed them together for him and smiled sexily up at him as he began to push it between her beautiful mounds of flesh. She spit on his cock between her tits and her hard nipples poked out between her fingertips — long, red polished nails and fine, feminine fingers — and her long, delicate tongue struck out to lick the head of his cock when it approached her face. She was smiling so much, so happy to service her master at last. Her beautiful, crimson-painted lips were a welcome invitation to the head of his dick.

Dan couldn’t control the excitement that had been boiling within him since the first time he saw Jen spew phlegm and Jim’s pre-cum out of her nose as she struggled with it in her throat. He looked down and saw her beautiful body curled up at his feet. He saw her holding her breasts tight against his thrusting and engorged cock. He saw the look of love, desire and need in her eyes as she bounced gently up and down on her knees, wanting him to mark her face with his seed. He held her face in his hands and thrust his cock more forcefully into the soft skin. The cum was roiling up inside him, tingling along his shaft and his cock head was expanding in readiness to burst. He leaned a little forward to look in her eyes as he felt his climax coming. Jen arched her back up to press her tits tighter against his hot shaft.

“Yes, bitch! Take it! Take all my cum you sexy little fucking cum slut!”

Dan’s enormous cum shot exploded onto Jen’s neck and she tried to look down to catch some in her mouth, but Dan held her face steady as he looked at her and came on her. She moaned at the sincere pleasure she was giving him and held his cock tight in her breasts until he was satisfied. Dan jerked and pumped his semen onto her chest and tits and could feel his legs start to shake. He shuddered and exhaled and finally dragged her off his cock and looked at his messy fiancée.

“Yeah, clean my cock off, you messy bitch,” he said as he forced Jen’s head back to his penis and her eager tongue proceeded to clean her own saliva and Dan’s cum off his dick. Dan caressed her beautiful soft, brown hair as she licked. He admired her high cheekbones, feminine jaw and large, dark eyes. God, she was so beautiful. She was every inch his fantasy girl. His heart almost tore apart as he looked at her gently licking and cleaning him off.

What the hell are we doing, he thought? How could I sell this magnificent woman to anyone at any price? But even the thought of that made his loins stir again. He remembered looking at Jen as she was bent over the chair, taking Jim’s cock in her ass. He had felt so thrilled to see her being his little slave and accepting her punishment for her crimes.

She wasn’t really to blame, he knew. A woman this sexy gets hit on several times a day or night. If she has a drink or two and forgets her place, who could blame her for letting a stranger’s hands wander where they shouldn’t? But Dan needed to own her absolutely. He needed to know she was totally his and would submit only to his will and none other. The thought actually saddened him a bit at the selfishness of it and he pulled her face away from his waist. He looked long and seriously into her half-closed eyes as she stared up at him contentedly.

“I…” he started and choked. “I… want you to clean this place up. Clean your juices off the chair and then go to the bathroom and clean yourself off.” It wasn’t what he wanted to say, but there were no words for that. No words he could find, anyway. Jen looked over to the chair and she looked up at him with a pleading stare.

“Will you please help me, master?”

Dan felt a surge of something soft and horribly beautiful take hold of his heart. Maybe he couldn’t say it, but there was at least this. “Yes, my pet. Of course, I will.”

Together, they scrubbed the chair clean and let its damp fabric dry on its own. Jen retreated to the bathroom to take a bath. She didn’t really want to scrub all of the filthy fluids off her body, luxuriating in the humiliating feeling of being so used and dirty. But, she desperately wanted to do as she was told and clean herself for Dan. He excited and captivated her beyond her ability to reason. Outside of their relationship, she was usually so in control, so ready to manipulate the world and bend it to her will. But when she was with him she could think of nothing else but submitting to him, wanting him to take control and lead her wherever his desires demanded. Most of the time, he just held her and whispered his secrets and his passionate love for her in her ear. No one else had said such poetic and lovely things to her and it made her want to be his slave even more. That impulse scared and thrilled her, but she could never get enough of it. That’s why she wanted him to be with her forever. She soaked and scrubbed herself and thought about his love.

Meanwhile, Dan exited the house and stood on the porch, smoking a cigarette. He had mastered the impulse to go and cradle his love in his arms while she bathed. There would be time for that. She needed to get clean and at least partially erase this night’s evil activities. He hoped she had learned her lesson and would be more diligent about saving her body for only him, but he knew it was a lie. When every man in his right mind wants to seduce your sexy fiancée, some lucky shit’s going to approach her at the right time and place. You don’t hold that much gold in your hand without someone eventually taking a piece of it. It scorched his heart, but he loved her wildly and there was nothing else for it but to submit. Yes, even a dominating master has to submit to the unrelenting sexiness of his submissive mate and accept that there are consequences for being with her. If he could only lead her around in public on a leash, it would be so much easier, but society was still a little apprehensive about that idea.

While Dan smoked and thought, he saw Jim’s powerful frame marching up the lawn and onto the porch. He was smiling sheepishly and Dan wanted to hit him in his face, except he didn’t because he might not reach and most certainly wouldn’t survive the repercussions. Jim’s body language was very humble and relaxed, so Dan’s testosterone relented and he waited for Jim to speak.

“Look, uh, I don’t know what you guys have planned for the rest of the evening,” he said as he gestured inside. His hand held a cell phone or I-crap or Black-bubble or some shit like that. He breathed in deeply. “But, I just got off the phone with some dude I owe a lot of money to and he’s going to forgive my debt if… uh…” Jim’s eyes glanced inside several times. “If… you let him use your woman for the night,” he finished with his eyes staring deadly serious at Dan.

Dan dragged on his cigarette and exhaled slowly before saying “For the night? ‘Fuck does that mean? ‘Till the sun comes up or some vampire crap like that? Who the fuck is this guy?”

Jim laughed a little and tried to be disarming, which was adorable coming from a man his size. “Naw, man, nothing like that. He just… shit, man, I don’t think the motherfucker ever sleeps,” he said with a snort.

Even though Dan had just watched Jim fuck his fiancée in front of him, he had to admit he kind of liked him. He seemed sweet and genuine and utterly at the mercy of his desires — which probably included high-stakes gambling, judging by his current offer.

“He just,” Jim continued. “Uh… you know. He likes ladies who will let him do shit to them.”

Dan’s eyes shot fire and he actually stepped aggressively toward him, completely unsure how he could possibly menace him, but completely pissed off. “Look, Jim, we had a deal and it’s done and now you’re gone. You think I’m going to give Jen away to some sick lunatic? You’re insane. And furthermore — “

Jim actually retreated. Dan’s not small. He stands a few inches taller than the average and he’s got broad shoulders, but no way was he intimidating this guy. Jim held up his hands and said, “No, man, just listen. I met the chicks he does stuff to and they’re fine, just fine. Maybe bruised a little for a few days, but nothing permanent. He’d keep inviting them back, but he’s kinda crazy like that — he just needs a different girl every time. I owe him big and he’s willing to forgive it all if you let him have Jen for a while. Listen, I’ll give you two grand-”

“TWO GRAND?” Dan exclaimed too loudly. He remembered they were outside in the late evening and lowered his voice to a furious whisper. “Are you kidding me? I just fucking rented her to you for an hour for a thousand!”

“All right, three,” he said as his posture changed from disarming to negotiating. “All you gotta do is drop your lady off at his place and pick her up in the morning. Simple as that.”

Dan squinted at him. Jim had a boy’s face, after all. “You got a lot to learn about women, Jim. Nothing is ever as simple as that.” Dan dragged the last smoke out of his cigarette and dropped it and crushed it under his toe, then looked up at him. “For five grand, your friend can come here and use Jen however he likes as long as I get to watch and be sure she is safely returned to me. Non-negotiable.”

Jim hesitated and said, “Uh… look he ain’t my friend-”

“Look here, Jim. Look at me. You honestly think you see someone who gives a shit?”

Jim fumbled with his phone and started to dial a number. He mumbled something about checking with the guy to see if it was all right and walked to the end of the porch. Dan felt bad about that last bit. Jim didn’t deserve that, but he was busy wrestling with his own demons and sometimes that’s just what you get. He was excited by the prospect of renting Jen’s hot body out for the night and being able to watch her being abused and used. At the same time, that money would clear up all of his remaining debt and he could be free and clear to live life responsibly and work hard and not spend too much on liquor, strippers, porn and smokes.

He wasn’t kidding anyone but himself. It was a fantasy he had quite often.

Jim snapped his phone shut and walked all too quickly over to Dan. “It’s all set. He’s on his way. Be here in an hour.”

Dan almost shivered, but from what stimulation he couldn’t tell. “Then I guess it’s time you handed the cash over, isn’t it?”

Jim had already taken out a large money clip Dan hadn’t seen before. He stripped out one hundred dollar bill after one hundred dollar bill, handing them to Dan ten at a time. When he was done, he sighed and looked at Dan’s eyes. “Look, man, I really appreciate this.”

Dan’s hands closed on the bills. He didn’t look at Jim. “Go away,” he whispered. Jim immediately turned and walked rapidly down off the porch and across the lawn and into memory.

Dan walked back into the house. Jen was back in the living room and wore nothing but one towel wrapped above her breasts and one around her head, like women do. She was busy picking up her clothes and trying to straighten the place. She looked so incredibly beautiful he had to fight the urge to grab her and run. But he knew this stranger, whoever he was, now knew Jen’s grandmother’s address and could be capable of anything. Probably was. He swallowed hard and approached her.

She looked up and smiled at him. “Hey,” she said simply, as if nothing had happened. He loved her strength of character so much it hurt in places he didn’t know he had. Dan looked at her for a moment more before responding.

“Come here and stand in front of me.”

Jen immediately stopped arranging the pillows on the couch and dropped her clothes neatly in a pile on the coffee table and quickly stepped to stand before him. Her shining face beamed up at him, so happy to have her master all to herself at last. Dan couldn’t resist his darker impulses and reached out and grabbed her face in both hands. Jen’s jaw immediately went slack and she stared up at him, wanting everything he was going to give her.

“I sold you again, little slut,” Dan said as he tried to maintain his composure. Jen’s eyes widened and she didn’t know what to think. “There’s a man coming over in an hour who wants to use you for the rest of the night.”

Jen’s knees weakened and her eyelids partially closed. She thought this was just some crazy role-playing Dan was trying out and she loved it. She loved that she excited him to such creative heights. She couldn’t wait to see what kind of bizarre character he would play as he ordered her around and fucked her like a slut. “Yes?” she breathed. “Does he want me to open my cunt for him and let him fuck me like a whore?”

Dan couldn’t decide if Jen was just playing or understood what he meant and was turned on by it. He decided to play along, because one way or another she was going to find out. Best to get her worked up and hopefully she’ll be more curious than scared when he arrives.

“He wants you to dress like a little girl and get on your hands and knees on the coffee table.” Dan knew she still had clothes from when she was a kid upstairs and he didn’t want her in the soiled little dress she had worn before. He felt a little ashamed, but Jen’s eyes widened and she looked up at him and gave a breathless yes before moving past him and up the stairs to change.

Dan finished straightening the place up and put Jen’s clothes in a plastic bag and then sat on the couch and waited. There really wasn’t much else to do. He knew where the weapons of the house were and he planned on being close to them when this guy showed up, but he didn’t really foresee anything violent happening. This guy seemed like an eccentric pervert and probably abhorred violence (non-submissive violence, that is). Still, worry crept in.

After a while, Dan heard Jen blow-drying her hair. After that, there was silence above and he knew she was applying make-up and lipstick to make herself look as much like a slutty teen as possible. Dan’s cock thickened, but the miserable prospect of the stranger loomed. He stood up and poured himself some scotch from the liquor cabinet. Not bad, he thought, after he took a sip. Grams didn’t drink anymore, but she still had that old world class that insisted you keep a fully stocked liquor cabinet for guests. What a great dame.

As he was sitting and drinking and trying to be brave, Jen descended the stairs and walked over to him. She was wearing a tight pink cotton t-shirt that just barely fit her. Obviously, her breasts had grown some since high school, so they were bursting out and pressing her pretty nipples out of the fabric. She had no bra or panties on and the effect made him instantly hard. Her midriff was exposed and her taught stomach and waist looked like they were aching to be grabbed and held and squeezed. She had recently turned 30 and still looked 19. Dan was almost at 40, but when he looked at her, he certainly felt like he was 19.

Kate double-checked her hair in the glass window of Professor Foster’s front door. She wasn’t sure why, but the 18-year-old wanted to look her best for her teacher. Probably because it was her first day on the job as his babysitter.

“Normally, I’m reluctant to do this during the semester,” he’d said at the end of his last lecture, “but my wife and I are really in a bind. Our regular babysitter is moving out of town on short notice, and we could really use someone to look after our son Chris during the afternoon. If any of you are interested, or know someone who might be, please talk to me after class.”

Kate had bounded up to him the moment the other students had left the room.

“Professor Foster?” she said, touching his arm gently to get his attention as he packed his things, “I’m available.”

He looked up and smiled.

“Yes? Available for what?”

She couldn’t help but feel that his double entendre was intentional. She had to admit, it would have been fun to flirt with him. After all, he was quite attractive, in shape, and not too old (Kate guessed mid-thirties). But he was married. And her teacher.

“Babysitting,” she replied.

“Of course! Yes, great. Let me get your information,” he said, scrambling for a pen, “Kate, wasn’t it?”

She was impressed that he remembered her name.


He took down her phone number.

“Could you start tomorrow at 2pm?”


Now here she was, standing on his front doorstep, unsure of what to expect. He had an attractive, colonial-style house in a modestly-priced neighborhood near the large university where he taught and she attended classes. From what Kate could see through the window, he or his wife had excellent taste in wooden furniture.

“Kate!” he said, opening the door. He was holding the hand of an adorable toddler.

“You must be Chris!” she said, smiling at the boy as she stepped inside.

Professor Foster gave her instructions for taking care of Chris. It all seemed easy enough. Kate had plenty of babysitting experience, and loved taking care of kids Chris’s age. And professor Foster was going to pay her almost twice what she made in high school!

“If you have any questions, this is my cell number,” said Professor Foster, scrawling something on a piece of paper before kissing his son goodbye, “either I or my wife will be back around 6!”

“No problem professor Foster,” said Kate, “you can count on me!”

“Please,” he said, “you can call me Shane.”

She blushed. It felt somehow wrong to call him by his first name.

“Ok professor Foster,” she said, then laughed at her mistake, “I mean Shane. You can count on me.”

“I hope so,” he said, closing the door behind him. Just before the door fell shut, Kate could have sworn he’d given her a wink. It must have been her imagination.

When six o’clock came around, Kate heard the sound of keys in the door. She was a little disappointed to see an attractive woman in her early thirties carrying a large grocery sack. It had to be Mrs. Foster.

“Hi,” she said, setting her load down on the counter, “you must be Kate.”

Kate nodded and extended her hand, “nice to meet you.”

“I’m Molly,” said the woman, “how was everything?”

“Great!” said Kate, as Chris ran up to hug his mother, “he was perfectly behaved.”

“Glad to hear it.”

She rummaged through her purse with one hand while holding her son in the other.

“Sorry, could you just go by my husband’s office tomorrow to get your money? I don’t have any cash.”

“Sure, no problem,” said Kate, “see you tomorrow!”

“Thanks again. Bye!”


The next day after lecture, Kate couldn’t wait to talk to professor Foster.

“Shane,” she said, running up to him after class, “your wife said you would pay me today.”

In her excitement, she’d ignored the fact that he was talking to another student.

“Excuse me young lady,” he said, “I prefer it if you would refrain from using my first name. And I have office hours in 15 minutes. I’d be happy to talk to you then.”

Kate blushed bright red in embarrassment. How could she have been so stupid as to think that she could act the same way around professor Foster as his student as she did as his babysitter?

Fifteen minutes later, she knocked timidly on his office door.

“Come in,” he said.

“Kate,” he said, smiling as she opened the door, “I was hoping it was you.”

She stepped into his tiny office. He gestured for her to sit in the metal chair facing the desk where he was sitting.

Slowly, carefully, Kate sat, conscious of the way her skirt rode up her thighs as she did so. Why had she worn such a skimpy outfit today of all days? She knew she’d have to talk to professor Foster about the money. It really wasn’t like her at all. She pressed her legs together and tried to smile.

“Kate,” he said, “I’ve got your money.”

He placed a stack of bills on the desk in front of her.

“Thanks,” she said, picking them up and stuffing them into her purse.

“I need to talk to you about something,” he continued. She could have sworn he’d stolen a glance at her cleavage.


“You exercised poor judgement using my first name in front of the other students before,” he said, “my job is one that requires that I maintain my authority. You understand that right?”

Kate blushed and looked down.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“Good,” said professor Foster, “but I’m afraid we have to find a way for this not to happen again, don’t you agree?”

“I won’t do it again, sir,” she muttered, still looking down.

“I’m afraid that’s not enough. If you want to continue working for me during the semester, you’re going to have to agree to certain rules,” he paused and pushed his chair back from the desk.

“You do want to continue to work for me, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she said, still unable to meet his gaze.

“Very well, Kate,” he said, “then I suggest we reach an agreement here. We will deal with this and any of your future infractions in a very simple but effective way.”

He paused, waiting for her to look at him. After a few moments, she met his eyes, looking at him questioningly.

“With a spanking.”

He let the words linger in her ears for a moment.

As shocked as she was, Kate couldn’t avert her gaze. Neither could she respond.

“If you don’t agree to this rather mild form of discipline, I’m afraid I won’t be able to employ you as my babysitter,” he said.

She was paralyzed, unsure of how to react. Her good sense told her she should walk out and never speak to him again, but another part of her (a part located between her legs) found the idea of being spanked by professor Foster arousing, even exhilarating.

“Ok,” she heard herself say.

“Great,” he said, “I’m glad you agree. Now please stand, hike up your skirt, and place your palms on the desk.”

He opened a drawer. Kate saw him remove a ruler before closing the drawer and standing.

“Go ahead, Kate.”

Kate stood, then turned to look at the closed door behind her.

“You may leave of course,” he said, coming around the desk.

She gulped as she felt his presence behind her.

“Hike up your skirt and place your palms on the desk,” he repeated.

“I can’t,” she began.

“Relax, Kate,” he said, “this is a quick, and, though certainly not painless, nevertheless efficient way to handle conflicts in our relationship.”

She felt her heart leap at the word “relationship.” Is that what this was? As humiliating as her position was, she couldn’t help but feel even more attracted to him.

“Professional relationship, I mean,” he corrected himself.

“I’m waiting, Kate.”

She reached down and slowly pulled her skirt up until it rested across her back. Then she leaned forward, placing her palms on flat on the desk.

She was proud of her bottom, and was secretly a little bit pleased that professor Foster was getting such a good look at it now. What she hoped he didn’t see, however, was the wet patch she could feel spreading in her panties.

“Kate,” he said, “for this first infraction, I’m going to spank you five times. You’re going to count after each one, and thank me. Is that clear?”

“Y- yes,” she stammered, her whole body shaking in anticipation.

“Just one more thing,” he said, “I find that spankings are most effective on a bare bottom. So I’m going to quickly pull down your panties.”

She gulped. Her bottom twitched involuntarily as she felt him reach under the waistline of her cotton briefs and slide them down over her shapely ass.

The smell of her arousal filled the tiny room. There could be no mistaking it, and it was impossible for professor Foster not to be aware of it.

The room was dead silent for what seemed like a full minute.

Then she felt a whiff of air as professor Foster drew the ruler back.


The first blow surprised her with its intensity. She hadn’t been expecting it to hurt that much.

“What do you say, Kate?”

“Th- thank you, professor Foster,” she stammered.

“You forgot something, Kate. I’m afraid we’re going to start again from one.”

“One,” she panted.


“No, that was one. Say it, Kate.”


“Thank you professor Foster,” she added quickly.

“Good girl,” he said.

She blushed. She was proud of gaining his approval in spite of herself.


“Two,” she said, trying to resist the urge to reach back and rub away the sting of the ruler.

“Thank you professor Foster.”


This time, she cried out, emitting a soft moan.

“Three. Thank you professor Foster.”

She yearned for him to call her a “good girl” once more. She could tell that her pussy was close to dripping by this point and was sure that he couldn’t have failed to notice as well.


“Four,” she moaned, wincing in pain even as her cunt continued to burn.

“Thank you professor Foster.”


“Five,” she sighed, choking back tears as the pain of the first few blows set in belatedly, “thank you professor Foster.”

Her perfectly shaped bubble butt trembled in the cool air of the office. She could feel each distinct stripe that his blows had left across her rear. The pain had gone from a sharp stinging sensation to a dull throbbing.

Still, it was all she could do not to reach down and touch her clit. She secretly hoped that professor Foster would do it for her.

He did not.

“You’re free to go, Kate,” he said, “I’ll see you this evening when you’re finished watching Chris.”

“Ok,” she murmured, hastily pulling up her panties and smoothing down her skirt, unable to stop herself from rubbing her aching ass.

As she left his office, she passed another girl who she knew from his lecture waiting in the hall. Noting Kate’s reddened, tear-stained face, the girl asked what was wrong.

“Bad grade,” muttered Kate, shuffling away quickly.

She had just enough time to go back to her dorm and take a shower, then change her clothes into something a little more modest before she showed up to watch Chris.

“Hi Kate,” said Molly, on her way out the door, “you won’t see me again tonight, but Shane will be by at 6.”

“Great,” said Kate.

That afternoon, she kept returning to the spanking in her head. She knew what professor Foster had done was wildly inappropriate. She could have gotten him fired if she wanted to. Or maybe even arrested.

But then again she’d agreed to it all, hadn’t she? She could have left at any time. And then there was the matter of her persistent arousal every time she thought back to the ruler coming down across her unprotected ass…

She put Chris down for his nap. In the hour or so that he would sleep, she had time to study. She pulled out her laptop and looked up the homework for that night in professor Foster’s class.

She noted the reading assignment, then looked in her bag. Damn! She’d forgotten the textbook. There would be no way for her to do the reading before the next class.

Then she remembered that she was at professor Foster’s house. Surely he’d have an extra textbook she could borrow!

She opened the door to the study and flipped on the light. The place was filled with books. She had no idea if she’d ever find the right one.

But as she moved from shelf to shelf, she became increasingly distracted from her original plan, instead becoming engrossed in several of the old novels she found there.

One of them was a collection of erotic stories. It seemed to be quite old, and was illustrated explicitly. Kate’s heart pounded as she looked at the drawings of men and women entwined in various positions that she’d never imagined.

On one page, there was an image of a woman bent over a divan, offering her naked ass for a smiling man’s whip. She couldn’t help but think of professor Foster spanking her earlier that afternoon.

Just then, she heard a key turn in the door. She scrambled to put the book back where she’d found it, but ended up knocking over a pile of books and papers stacked precariously on the desk (how could anyone live with such clutter?), creating a huge crash just as professor Foster walked through the door.

He headed directly for the study of course.

“Hello Kate,” he said, smiling at her as she frantically tried to restack the books, “doing some reading?”

“I was just, I was studying for your class and I,” she stammered.

“Just leave those for now,” he said, eying the book of erotic stories that lay alone on the floor near where she’d been reading it, “there’s no reason for you to be in there at all, and you clearly can’t understand my, err, system of organization.”

“Sorry, professor Foster,” she stammered.

“We’re at home now, so you can call me Shane.”

“Right, Shane,” this back-and-forth with the names was flustering her a bit.

“So you’re not mad?”

“No, Kate,” he said, walking over and picking up the erotic book and flipping through it casually before closing it and returning it to its proper place on the shelf.

“But I am going to have to punish you for this, you know.”

His eyes were a dark, dull blue. Kate jerked her gaze away from his. It seemed too much to bear.

“Yes,” she said.

“Very good. You’re a fast learner!”

Kate felt her bottom begin to throb involuntarily. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to handle two spankings on the same day. Not because of the pain, but the sexual frustration!

He closed the door. The two of them were alone in the windowless study.

He sat in a comfortable armchair while she remained standing, her body tense with anticipation.

“Kate,” he said, “I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me truthfully. Can you do that?”

She nodded.

“Good girl.”

He paused for a moment, regarding her almost affectionately.

“How many cocks have you had in your mouth?”

She could feel the blood rush to her face as she burned with embarrassment.

“I -,” she stuttered.


“I don’t know.”

“Kate,” he said sternly, “we both know that’s a lie. For a woman of your age ‘I don’t know’ either means you are entirely inexperienced or you are entirely too experienced. Now which is it? I have my own guess, of course.”

“Two,” she whispered.

“Two what, Kate?”

“Two cocks.”

“In a complete sentence, please.”

“I’ve had two cocks in my mouth, sir.”

“That’s better.

“Do you know why I asked you, Kate?”

“No sir,” she murmured. Somehow she couldn’t fight the hope rising inside her that this was his (albeit strange) way of coming on to her.

“Because while you don’t look like a slut,” he said, “but I’m beginning to think that you might really be one.”

The word “slut” was a very powerful one for Kate. It held an erotic charge for her that she didn’t understand. It stirred feelings within her of shame and desire, as if there were a force trapped inside her that bore that name and only had to be called on to be unleashed.

Part of her wanted to unleash that power, and thought that professor Foster was the man to help her do it.

The other, more conventional part of her said in no uncertain terms that she was a good girl, and that no amount of coaxing or coercion would convince her otherwise.

“I’m not a slut,” she murmured.

“You don’t sound so convinced,” he said.

“I’ve only,” here she turned even redder, “had sex with one man.”

“But you’ve had two cocks in your mouth?”

She cringed at his straightforward language.

“Yes, one was a guy I met at a party. I was drunk. It was a mistake.”

“And the other one belonged to your boyfriend?”

“Yes, my ex-boyfriend,” she hastened to add, “Brad.”

“And were you satisfied with Brad?”

“He was nice.”

“I mean sexually.”


“You don’t sound convinced, Kate. And do you know why?”

“Why?” she was trembling again at the intimacy of their exchange, still wondering when and if he would punish her.

“Because you’re submissive by nature,” he replied, “do you know what that means?”

“I think so,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said, “then let’s test that and see. Remove your shirt and your bra. It’s time for your punishment.”

“Right now?”

“Right now.”

Kate trembled as she unbuttoned the first button on her white blouse.

“Do we have to do it now? I just –,” she stammered.

“Kate,” he said, “you’re only earning yourself more punishment.”

She hastily unbuttoned the rest of her blouse, then paused. She didn’t know what he had in mind, and her heart raced as she considered the possibilities.

“Kate,” he said, “remove your blouse entirely.”

She slipped the blouse off wordlessly, letting it fall to the ground behind her. She stood before him now, dressed only in a bra and skirt.

“The bra as well, Kate. Hurry up.”

Her fingers shook so much she almost couldn’t undo the bra strap. Finally, however, she managed to unhook the clasp and slip the bra down off her shoulders.

He made a motion indicating that she should let the bra drop to the floor. She did so, then immediately crossed her arms across her chest.

“One more thing before we get started, Kate,” he said, unbuckling his belt matter-of-factly, “I want you to give me your panties.”

Terror shot through her body. If she took off her panties her arousal would be obvious.

“Not your skirt,” he said, as if to assure her, “just the panties.”

He had completely removed his belt and now held it coiled in his right hand. He extended his left hand, waiting.

“But –”

“Remember the agreement, Kate. You can stop working for me anytime you want.”

She quickly reached under her skirt and slipped off her panties, a pink and white thong. They smell strongly of sex as she pressed them into professor Foster’s palm without meeting his gaze.

“Good girl,” he said.

She felt a wave of heat on her cunt even as it was cooled by the air of the room.

“Now get on your knees, Kate.”

She looked at him for a moment questioningly, but then lowered herself gingerly to the carpeted floor. She held her arms defensively against her chest, looking up at him.

“Good girl. Now place your arms on the back of your head with your fingers locked.”

She hesitated for a moment, then slowly lifted her arms to the back of her head, allowing her breasts to fall free. She was mortified to notice that her nipples were erect.

“Very good,” he said, “just one more thing before I administer the punishment. Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth to ask what he had in mind, but before she could react he pushed her wadded panties into her mouth, truncating her cry of protest.

“Mpf,” she moaned.

He let her kneel there for a few moments, studying her figure. Kate was an attractive young woman, and she knew it. She was proud of her body, but also extremely shy. What she was doing now — exposing herself to an older man — would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. It probably would still be unthinkable now if the man hadn’t been professor Foster.

“Very good, Kate. I can’t have you making too much noise.”

He used the belt to tease one of her nipples, smiling as she tensed and began to breathe more quickly through her nose.

“I think you just might like this, Kate.”

She was dripping wet now under her skirt. She closed her eyes and hoped he wouldn’t notice.

“I’m going to punish your tits this time, in case you hadn’t guessed,” he said, teasing the nipple of the other breast, “I think three strokes across each one should be sufficient.”


His belt cracked down across her right nipple. Unlike with the spanking that afternoon, the burn set in almost instantaneously this time. Kate couldn’t help but moan through the gag.


The same burn spread to her left breast. Tears came to her eyes, and she had to fight the urge to move her hands from her head with the dual purpose of massaging the ache out of her nipples and the fire from her clit.



The next two blows came in quick succession. Kate felt tears roll down her face, even as her arousal reached new heights.

“Such pretty nipples,” remarked the professor.

Kate thought she saw him adjust his pants. Was he as aroused as she was?



Kate couldn’t stifle a cry (which was muffled by the panties in her mouth) as the final set of blows fell.

“Good girl, that’s enough,” said the professor, setting his belt on the floor next to her.

“I’d like you to keep your hands there for a moment.”

Kate trembled as she watched him unzip his pants, revealing a thick, erect penis.

“As you can see, I enjoy these sessions as much as you do,” he said, gesturing to the obscene protuberance he had just revealed.

“I think it’s only fair that you do something about this,” he continued, “don’t you agree?”

Kate had no choice but to nod.

“Good,” he said, leaning forward and pulling the panties from her mouth, “you may put your arms at your sides now, but you are under no circumstances to touch or otherwise pleasure yourself without my permission. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Kate whispered.

It felt good to take her hands from the back of her head. But her nipples were aching and her clit sorely needed attention.

The sight of professor Foster’s erection pushed these concerns to the back of Kate’s mind for the moment. What was he going to do with her? Or make her do?

“Kate,” he said, “I believe that certain privileges must be earned. Don’t you agree?”

She nodded slowly, unsure of where he was going with this line of thought.

“Like sucking my cock, for example. I’m sure you could do an adequate job, with a little coaching, but I don’t think it’s an appropriate place to start.”

She watched the precum ooze from the head of his circumcised penis as he spoke.

“I think you should first prove to me that you can jerk a man off properly, before we move on to more advanced topics like cocksucking or intercourse.”

She pressed her legs together, trying desperately to bring relief to her clit.

“Spit on your right hand, Kate,” he commanded.

She made a face.

“Go ahead.”

She spat on the palm of her right hand, then looked up at him.

“Good girl,” he said, inching towards the edge of the chair, “now grab my cock and demonstrate your handjob technique.”

Kate reached forward and closed her hand around his large cock. He was thick enough that her fingers didn’t touch her thumb.

“You have given a handjob before, haven’t you Kate?”

“Yes,” she said.

“How many times?” asked the professor, then stopped himself, “let me put it a different way. How many cocks have you jerked off?”

Kate paused for a moment.

“Five,” she responded, blushing deeply, “five cocks, sir.”

“Five! So you’ve got a little slut in you after all. I knew it. This should be easy for you then. Show me what a slut like you can do.”

“I’m not a slut,” she whispered, beginning to move her hand along his slick shaft.

“Whatever you say, Kate. Just keep jerking that cock for me,” he said.

She jerked his thick cock up and down in her comparatively tiny hand, studying his face for traces of approval as she did so.

“Did you always use just one hand, Kate?” he asked.

“No,” she replied, “sometimes the guy asked me to use two.”

“Then I suggest you do that.”

She placed her other hand below the first, creating a slippery tube to fuck his erection with. Her tits, sore nipples and all, jiggled freely as she jerked her professor.

“Ahh,” he sighed, “good girl. Now that’s what I call a good handjob, just like back in high school.”

Happy that he was enjoying herself, she began to vary her technique, twisting her hands around the tip of his cock and teasing his balls.

“Kate,” he gasped, “you’ve been playing coy all this time. You really do know how to stroke a dick. I bet you can suck one too.”

She smiled involuntarily at his obscene compliment.

“That’s it slut, jerk that cock,” he encouraged, groaning slightly and pushing himself even further towards the edge of the chair.

“Where did those other boys you jerked off like to come, Kate?”

She thought for a moment.

“In my hand,” she said, “or a couple of times, on my tits.”

“On your tits? That’s a great idea,” said the professor, seeming to be on the edge of orgasm himself, “I want you to jerk me off all over your tits you little whore,” he growled.

Kate turned scarlet at the word “whore,” but continued to jerk him, moving in close and aiming the head of his cock at her chest.

Just then, without warning, he began to come. The first few strings caught her by surprise, arching up and landing on her right cheek.

She managed to aim the next shots at her chest, slowly milking the rest of his semen onto her breasts.

He sighed, “that was well done, young lady. You have great slut potential.”

“Thank you,” she mumbled, holding her come-covered hands up in front of her.

“You’re not done yet, Kate,” he said, wiping the final traces of semen onto her nipples, “I want you to rub my cum onto your chest.”

She followed his directions, teasing and rubbing her nipples as she massaged the semen into her breasts and neck.

“You forgot some,” he said, gesturing towards her face.

She looked him in the eye as she rubbed his semen into her smooth skin, finding a new boldness inside herself borne out of a desire to please him.

“Is that good?” she asked.

“Excellent,” he said, “you may now touch yourself. But you are not permitted to come.”

Kate whimpered in pleasure as her hand shot to her clitoris, but then, registering the second part of his remark, gave a gasp of surprise and looked up at him pleadingly.

“But,” she said, her hand making small circles around her clit, “please, I need to so bad.”

“I might consider it,” said the professor, zipping up his pants and replacing his belt, “if you ask me nicely.”

“Please sir,” she moaned, frigging her clit with abandon, “just let me come.”

“What kind of girl are you, Kate?” he asked, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head so that she could no longer reach her pussy.

“What?” she gasped, her pleasure cruelly halted by his swift action, “what do you mean?”

“Precisely what I said,” he continued, “what kind of girl are you?”

“I’m a good girl,” she said, “I’m your good girl,” she corrected herself, hoping to please him.

“That’s very nice, but not the answer I’m looking for,” he said as she struggled to free her hands.

“What do you want me to say?”

“What do you think I want you to say?”

“That I’m,” she paused, gasping in frustration.

“That you’re what, Kate?”

“That I’m a slut,” she said, her desire to orgasm overwhelming her inhibitions.

“That’s right, Kate. Now say it.”

“I’m a slut,” she muttered.


“I’m a slut,” she said.

“Good girl,” he said, dropping her arms, “you may now come.”

Her orgasm came on swiftly and fiercely. Her thighs clenched down on her hand and she gasped, then screamed. Professor Foster’s hand came down across her mouth, stifling her cry of ecstasy.

“Shhh…,” he said, “don’t wake Chris.”

After her orgasm had subsided, Kate unwadded her panties sheepishly and regarded them for a moment, before deciding not to put them back on.

Professor Foster watched her.

“Kate,” he said, “on Monday, I want you to put on the sluttiest outfit you own. Do your makeup to match. You’re to come in ten minutes late to lecture and sit in the front of the class. Is that clear?”

She looked at him in horror as she buttoned her blouse.

“I think you need to step out of your comfort zone,” he continued, “you’ve got a lot of potential. And not just for being a slut.”

She smoothed her hair, listening intently.

“I looked back over your essays for this semester. Your ideas are good, but undeveloped. And not because you don’t have the ability to develop them, but because you lack the confidence to follow through on your convictions. I’d like to help you do that.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“I’m of the firm belief that if you come out of your shell personally and sexually, you will soon come out of your shell academically as well.”

She nodded.


That Monday, professor Foster began his lecture as usual. The hall was not quite full. It was Monday morning after all, which for many undergraduates counts as part of a weekend which begins Wednesday night and ends on Tuesday morning.

After he’d been talking for around ten minutes, professor Foster’s head jerked towards the back of the room as he heard the large metal lecture hall doors slam shut. The entire class, as if a single organism, followed his gaze in sympathy.

There, walking down the center aisle to the front of the lecture hall, was Kate. But this girl was barely recognizable as the girl that some of the students knew, the quiet girl who sat near the front of the room — but never in the first row — and listened attentively to the lecture.

This girl was dressed to attract attention.

Her hair was pulled up in two pigtails, and her lips were outlined in bright red lipstick. Her eyes were shaded in dark blue, with mascara prominent on her lashes.

She wore a white button-down blouse with the top two buttons undone, a black lace bra barely clearly visible underneath. Her skirt was blue plaid and ended just below her shapely bottom.

She wore shoes with heels that clacked in time with her strides down the long center aisle that led to the front of the room.

The entire room was silent except for the disapproving whispers of some of the other female students and the giggles of the male ones.

“Thanks for joining us, young lady,” said professor Foster, after Kate had gingerly lowered herself into a front row seat, blushing furiously as she did so. She might have dressed the slut to please professor Foster, but she still didn’t feel like one.

As the lecture resumed, Kate pressed her legs together, but as she did so the pressure on her clit caused her mind to wander back to the two punishment sessions she’d had with professor Foster.

She started to get wet as she imagined herself, bent over his office desk being spanked with his ruler.

She tried to take her mind off the prospect of being punished or (dare she think it?) fucked by the professor, but when she opened her eyes, there he was in the front of the classroom, delivering his lecture.

She was so worked up that she grabbed her books and pushed through the crowd of students to the back exit the moment the lecture ended.

She dashed into the women’s restroom and closed a stall door behind her, pushing her panties to one side and rubbing her clit furiously. She had to bite down on her hand to keep from screaming as she climaxed.

Having taken the edge off for a moment, she checked her makeup in the bathroom mirror before exiting into the hall. There, as if waiting for her, was professor Foster.

He was talking to a group of three students. Kate hoped she could pass by without him noticing. Her heels, however, made this practically impossible. As soon as she took her first step out of the bathroom, the entire group around professor Foster turned to look at her.

“Kate!” he said good-naturedly, “won’t you come to my office in about five minutes? I’ve got something to discuss with you.”

She nodded meekly, avoiding the gaze of the other students, then walked briskly down the hall.

Five minutes later, she knocked on his door.

“Come in.”

She pushed the door open and stepped inside, pulling it shut behind her.

“Kate,” he said, “that’s quite an outfit you’re wearing.”

“I wore it for you, sir.”

“I know, Kate. You’ve made a great first step. I have to say that I’m very pleased with your progress.”

She blushed.

“Tell me,” he continued, “how did it make you feel?”

She stood silently for a moment before answering.

“It turned me on,” she admitted.

“What about it?”

“How forbidden it was. I never would have worn something like this in high school.”

“Of course you wouldn’t have,” he said, “you’re a good girl, right?”

She nodded.

“Wrong, Kate.”

He stood and walked around the desk, taking a seat in the metal chair usually reserved for students.

“You’re a slut, Kate. And you’re going to admit it again to me today.”

Kate gulped.

“Tell me the truth,” he said, “have you masturbated since we last saw each other?”

“No,” she answered, far too quickly.

“That was a lie, Kate,” he said, taking hold of her right hand gently and bringing it to his nose, “I can smell your arousal even through the soap.”

“Yes,” she admitted, “being dressed like this turned me on so much I had to do something about it.”

“Good girl,” he said, “it’s always best to tell the truth. Now what are we going to do about this?”

“You’re going to punish me?”

“That’s right. Over my lap,” he said, patting his lap.

Kate lowered herself across his lap, her ass pointing high in the air and the blood rushing to her head as her pigtails hung to towards the floor.

“Very good.”

She felt him peel her skirt back and pull her panties down until they fell around her ankles.

“Raise your heels,” he said, and she brought her legs back so that he could pull her panties from around her shoes.

“Legs down.”

She returned her feet to the floor.

“Kate,” he said, “I’m going to spank you now, in case you hadn’t guessed. I’m going to keep going until I think you’ve had enough.”


His first two blows were firm, but not so hard as to really hurt her. They only increased the blood flow to her already-engorged cunt.

“Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” she murmured.

“You are not to come under any circumstances.”

“Yes sir,” she said, but was completely unsure if she could follow through on her promise.


The professor landed three blows, the first two quite sharp and the last one gentler, each on a distinctly different region of her ass. He clearly knew what he was doing.

“I know just how to deal with sluts like you, Kate,” he said, as if reading her thoughts.


The next three blows warmed her buttocks pleasantly. She was beginning to think that her punishment wasn’t the spanking per se, but rather the unbearable sexual arousal without the hope of release that the spanking would give rise to.

Professor Foster’s next move seemed to confirm this suspicion. He reached between her legs, touching her pussy for the first time.

“You’re quite wet young lady,” he said, pushing a single finger into her cunt, “and tight too, I might add.”

She groaned in pleasure as he continued to finger her.

“I just might have to fuck this pussy,” he said approvingly, withdrawing his finger, “but not just yet.”



This time, his spanks stung. They seemed calculated to hurt, not just pleasure her. Still, she couldn’t help but moan as the blows landed. The exquisite blend of pleasure and pain was starting to overwhelm her.


“You love getting spanked like this, don’t you, you little whore?”


“You’re a filthy slut who loves being punished, aren’t you?”

Kate couldn’t answer him through her gasps of pleasure.


The next two blows landed squarely on her exposed pussy. Kate screamed.

“Careful, slut. Someone might hear you in here being punished like a cheap whore.”


“You know you love this, Kate. You know you were meant to be a submissive fucktoy.”

She had to clench her teeth together to keep from letting out a gigantic moan of pleasure as he continued to abuse her ass.


“You filthy little slut, making all those boys’ dicks hard when they saw you walk down the aisle in class today.”


“Too bad for them,” he growled, fingering her once more, “this pussy belongs to me now.”

Kate felt a wave of affection for him as he staked his claim to her in such direct language.

“Yes sir,” she moaned.

“If you’re lucky I might just sample this pussy right here and now,” he said, teasing her cuntlips with skillful fingers.

“Oh please do, sir,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me,” she moaned.


He swatted her cunt once and her ass twice, causing her to convulse in pleasure.

“Please,” she groaned, reaching back to catch his hands, “stop it and just fuck me.”

He grabbed her hands and held them together, reaching for something with the other hand as she wriggled on his lap.

“I’m going to have to do something to prevent you struggling against me like that, Kate,” he said as he secured her wrists behind her back with what felt like a length of rope, “we can’t have you getting yourself off too quickly or the punishment will be spoiled.”

The feel of the rope tight against her wrists only made Kate’s orgasm more urgent.

“Please,” she moaned, tearing up in frustration, “please just fuck me. Make me come, sir.”



He continued his assault on her ass, determined to hold out until neither one of them could stand it anymore.

“Please,” she said, resorting to even cruder language in the hope of convincing him, “I need your cock. Please fuck me.”

She felt his cock stir in his pants as he registered her more urgent tone and choice of words.

He lifted her off his lap easily, lowering her to the ground in front of him.

“Alright, whore,” he said, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, “let’s see if you can earn the right to be fucked.”

His erection looked positively gigantic from this angle, and Kate did her best not to show her apprehension.

“Open your mouth, whore,” he commanded, grabbing her pigtails roughly while attempting to guide his cock towards her face with his hips alone.

She opened her mouth as wide as it would go, closing her eyes in anticipation.

“Good whore,” he moaned, finally giving up and using one hand to guide his cock to her lips. She tasted the salty precum as the head of his cock entered her mouth.

“Kate,” he said, grabbing her pigtails like handlebars, “I’m going to fuck that slutty little mouth of yours. Would you like that?”

When she didn’t answer, he removed his cock from her mouth and used it to slap her across the face.


The humiliation stung more than the blow itself.

“Tell me to fuck your slutty mouth, whore. Beg me to do it.”

“Fuck my mouth, sir,” she whispered.


His cock came down across her other cheek.

“What did I tell you to say?”

“Fuck my slutty mouth, sir,” she corrected herself.

He plunged back into her mouth, pushing his cockhead up to the opening of her throat. He seemed content with fucking just this area for a while, groaning in pleasure as his prick passed across her full lips.

“Fuck, Kate,” he gasped, “this mouth of yours is made for cock. I’ll make you into a dicksucking whore yet.”

Gripping her pigtails tightly, he pushed himself into her throat.

“That’s it, slut,” he groaned, “choke on this cock. You know you love it.”

Tears came to Kate’s eyes as she struggled to relax her throat enough to accommodate his girth. The ropes securing her hands rendered her unable to resist him as he drove his cock deeper.

“Take this cock, whore,” he gasped, quite clearly enjoying the experience of fucking the young woman’s throat, “take your professor’s big fucking dick.”

Kate finally managed to suppress her gag reflex enough to accept his bulging member.

“Ugh,” he moaned as he fucked the coed’s face, “so… good… such… a good… whore.”

The sounds of slurping filled the tiny office. Kate’s level of arousal only increased with such rough treatment.

“You love this dick, don’t you whore? Tell me you love it,” he groaned, withdrawing his cock for a moment.

“I love it, professor,” she gasped, “please fuck me with it.”

“You want to be fucked with this big fucking cock, slut? You want to be your professor’s little fucking whore?”

“Yes sir,” she moaned, beside herself with desire, “please bend me over your desk and make me your little fucking whore.”

He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the desk, slapping her ass roughly once she was in position.

“I’m not going to be gentle, slut. You don’t deserve to be fucked like a lady.”

“Please professor,” she groaned, sticking her ass out for him as best she could as her upper body rested on the smooth surface of the wooden desk, “just put it inside me.”


He landed another set of blows, the first on her pussy and the second just above it. Then she felt his cockhead press against her pussylips.

“Get ready, whore.”

He pushed inside her with a single thrust, forcing her open with his girth.

“Such a tight fucking pussy,” he groaned, “tell me whose slut you are.”

He began to pound her from behind, seemingly unconcerned about the noise they were making as he slammed her into the desk.

“I’m your slut, professor,” she groaned.

“Tell me who this pussy belongs to, slut.”

He grabbed her pigtails roughly and jerked her head back towards him as he fucked her.

“It’s yours! My pussy belongs to you professor,” she moaned.

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” she announced as he pushed even deeper into her, bottoming out on her cervix.

His reaction was swift. He pulled his cock out and smacked her ass hard.

“Not without my permission you’re not, whore.”

“Please let me come, sir,” she begged, struggling against the ropes around her wrists, “I’ll do anything. I’ll be a good whore for you. I’ll be your good little slut.”

He spanked her ass hard once more, still holding her head back by her pigtails.

“I’ll tell you when to come, slut.”

He picked her off the desk once more and pushed her to her knees. She didn’t know how much more she could take. Every movement of her legs, every breath of air on her pussy seemed likely to trigger her orgasm.

“Please,” she begged, looking up at him, “I need it so bad. Please put your dick back inside me, professor.”

He answered her by forcing his cock into her mouth again and mercilessly throat-fucking her.

“You haven’t earned the right to come on this cock yet, whore,” he gasped, clearly on the brink of orgasm himself, “first you have to swallow my cum.”

As soon as he said it, Kate felt him erupt into the back of her throat, forcing spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow until I say,” he ordered. Kate did her best to keep his load in her mouth.

He pulled out and wiped his cock across her cheek.

“Open your mouth and show me the load,” he instructed.

She opened her mouth obediently, extending her tongue for inspection.

“Good girl,” he said, “now swallow it.”

She gulped down his load and then stuck out her tongue again for his approval.

“That’s a good whore. You’re on your way to earning more privileges. Soon you’ll be allowed to come on my cock.”

Kate couldn’t help but blush in pleasure.

“Please sir,” she asked, putting on her most submissive, puppy-dog look, “may I come now?”

“Yes Kate,” he said, “you may.”

He reached behind her and untied her wrists. It seemed like an eternity before the knots came undone.

“Put these in your mouth, though,” he said, pushing her panties up to her face, “I don’t want you making any more noise than you already have.”

Kate bit down hard on the panties as she made herself come for the second time that day. In this case, as the time before, her orgasm belonged to professor Foster.

She looked up into his eyes as she came, yearning for the day when he would allow her to come with his cock inside her. She hoped that if she did a good job of following his instructions — and accepting his punishments as necessary — that that day would be coming soon.

“Don’t forget,” he said, pulling up his pants, “you’re babysitting this afternoon.”


Kate felt guilty making small talk with professor Foster’s wife. After all, she’d just spent the better part of the morning being spanked and fucked by her husband in his office! But she did her best to hide her trepidation when she arrived that afternoon to sit for Chris.

“Thanks so much,” said Molly, “Shane won’t be back tonight until really late, so you’ll see me again at 6.”

Kate hoped her face didn’t betray the disappointment she felt when she heard that she wouldn’t see professor Foster that evening.

Her pussy and ass ached from the thrashing he’d given her in his office that morning, and she could still taste his cum if she closed her eyes and concentrated. He truly had taken possession of her — of every erotic thought, practically of every physical sensation.

There was no lecture on Tuesday, and Molly told her she didn’t need to sit that afternoon.

Kate sat in her dorm room, fantasizing about the skillful fucking she’d received from professor Foster, hoping, praying that there would be more soon.

She opened an e-mail window and came close to writing him, but then closed it, feeling silly for not being able to go an entire day without contacting him. She was an adult, after all!

On Wednesday morning she dressed normally and took her usual place near the front of the lecture hall, well before class was due to begin.

To her dismay, professor Foster didn’t appear until the very last minute, placing his notes on the podium and beginning the lecture at the exact moment class was supposed to start. Nothing else about him seemed rushed or out of place; he was his normal, confident self.

Kate couldn’t help but stare at him, disregarding the content of his speech.

After class was over, she felt herself magnetically drawn to him.

“Professor Foster,” she said carefully, the split second that the student he had been talking to turned his back to leave, “can I come by your office?”

“Sorry,” he said, “I’ve got a meeting in a few minutes. Can it wait?”

“I guess I’ll see you this afternoon?”

“I’d prefer not to discuss personal matters in the classroom,” he said, avoiding her gaze.

Kate blushed. Had she upset him? Then, another thought came to her: had she upset him enough to punish her?

She turned and left the room.

That afternoon, she arrived at the Fosters’ house five minutes late.

To her delight, professor Foster opened the door a few seconds after her ring.

“Kate,” he said, “please come in.”

She stepped inside. Something was different.

“Where’s Chris?”

“He and his mother took a trip to see his grandparents.”

“So you don’t need me?”

“Not for babysitting.”

Kate gulped, feeling her heart rate jump. She didn’t dare ask him what for.

“Kate,” he said, “drop to your knees and take out my cock.”

“But,” she protested, reaching behind her to close the door. He arrested her hand.

“Drop to your knees and put my cock in your mouth, whore.”

She blushed deeply at his direct language, but she immediately fell to her knees and began to work on his fly.

He pushed the door closed behind her, letting it fall slowly shut with a click.

“Happy now?”

She nodded.

His penis sprang to life in front of her, seeming impossibly large.

“Put it in your mouth, slut.”

She took his shaft in her hands, kissing along the underside of the head.

“I didn’t tell you to make love to it,” he growled, “get that fucking cock in your slutty little mouth.”

She bristled at his harsh language, but opened her mouth and took him as deep as she could.

“That’s a good little whore,” he moaned, running his fingers through her hair tenderly, “suck that fucking dick.”

“Did you think about sucking my dick, slut? Did you think about getting pounded with my big fucking prick?”

“Mmmm,” said Kate, unable to speak for obvious reasons.

“Answer me.”

She pulled back off of his cock.

“Yes, sir,” she said, looking up at him obediently.

“Yes sir what?”

“Yes sir, I thought about…,” she lowered her voice, “…being fucked with your big prick.”

“Good slut. Get that cock back in your mouth.”

She obeyed, trying to give him the best blowjob of her life. Stroking his shaft with one hand, she licked down its length and took one of his balls in her mouth.

“Ohh Kate,” he groaned, “who taught you that? It wasn’t Brad was it?”

She spat his ball out and giggled.

“I saw it in a video,” she said, licking the underside of his sack.

“A, uh,” — he was clearly losing his train of thought due to her efforts — “a video, huh? Now what kind of nice girl watches porn?”

She continued bathing his scrotum with her tongue while stroking his shaft.

“A bad girl,” she said, stopping to smile up at him.

“I know just how to treat bad girls,” he said, “stand up and follow me upstairs.”

Kate had never been in the Fosters’ master bedroom. Even when she’d been in the house alone she’d never dared to open the door that lead to their private realm.

When she saw professor Foster turn the knob and gesture for her to enter, she felt as if she was entering a forbidden zone. Her heart pounded.

“Kate,” he said, “I thought since my wife is out of town today I’d take the opportunity to show you the bedroom.”

Before she had a chance to look around, however, professor Foster lifted her into his arms and placed her on the bed, tying each wrist to one of the posts with a length of rope already affixed there for that purpose, then pulling each of her legs down, securing her ankles as well. The fibers of the rope cut into her skin.

She struggled against her ropes instinctively, as if to test them. They stayed tight.

Professor Foster pushed her skirt up and then pulled her panties to one side, running his fingers gently along her pussy lips as if to tease her.

“Nice and wet,” he said, “what a good little whore. You love this don’t you?”

Kate didn’t respond. He unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind her to unhook her bra.

He ran the fingers of one hand across her nipples, then bent down to take one in his mouth flicking it with his tongue. Kate cooed.

“You like that, slut?” he said, withdrawing and slapping the nipple he’d just been sucking, “you like getting your tits punished?”

She gasped as he slapped her other tit.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Kate,” he said, “since we’re at home now, I think ‘sir’ is a little too formal.”

She looked at him questioningly.


“I think you should call me ‘daddy’,” he said, working a single finger into her dripping cunt.

“Ahh,” moaned Kate, surprised.

“What’s my name, Kate?”

“It’s… ahh…,” she moaned as his skillful fingers found her g-spot while his thumb massaged her clit.

“What is it, Kate?”

“Shane,” she said, wrapped up in her own pleasure.

He drew a hand back and slapped her pussy.

She recoiled in the exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain that shot through her body.

“Fuck,” she moaned, “professor Foster…”

“What did I ask you to call me, Kate?”

“I -, I -,” she stammered, “I can’t do that. It’s too perverted.”

“We’ll see about that,” he said, reaching under the bed.

A moment later, Kate felt his lube-covered finger on her ass.

“Ooo!” she cried, “what are you doing professor Foster?”

He responded by shoving an object of some sort into her butthole, pushing it until it fit snugly.

“FUCK!” she yelled, surprised at the intrusion. No man had ever touched her there.

Tears came to her eyes at the shock of the sudden violation.

“What is that?” she stammered.

“It’s a buttplug, Kate,” he answered, “and you’re going to wear it for a while.”

Kate squirmed against the sheets, over the shock now and savoring the feeling of fullness in her rear. It seemed to amplify every sensation she felt on her bottom and transmit it to her clit.

Suddenly professor Foster pushed something else inside her, this time into her pussy.

“What’s that?” she moaned.

But then the answer to her question became clear as the device inside her began to vibrate at a low, steady speed.

“Ahhh…ooooh…,” she moaned, “damn it…”

“It’s a vibrator, Kate,” he said, showing her a small hand-held device, “and this is the remote control. Believe it or not, it functions on a cell phone network. That means I can activate it from pretty much anywhere on earth.”

He switched the device off, then stood up from the bed and began to force his erection back into his jeans.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to do some grocery shopping before my wife gets back,” he said casually, “but don’t worry. It should only take an hour or so.”

“You’re just going to leave me here?”

“That’s right, Kate. But I’ll be back. We’ll see how you feel about my new nickname then.”

“But –,” she stammered.

“No buts, Kate. Just remember: you are not allowed to come without my permission. Don’t think I won’t know.”

“But you can’t just –,” her complaint was cut off by his press of the remote control button.

“Ahh! Fuck, professor.”

“Goodbye, Kate,” he said, and shut the door behind him. The vibrator stopped as well.

She heard his car pull out of the driveway. She was alone now, tied to the bed in an empty house, her pussy stuffed with a vibrator and her ass filled with a plug.

She sat completely still for the first few minutes, paying close attention to the new sensations she was experiencing.

She had no idea how she could stand an hour in this position without coming, especially if professor Foster activated the vibrator again. She tried her best not to move, since each movement seemed to increase her arousal.

But then the vibrator came on again.

“FUCK!” she screamed, secure in the knowledge that she was alone in the house.

After pulsing for around 15 seconds, the vibrator stopped. Kate panted in frustration, wriggling against the ropes.

Just when she’d managed to calm herself, it started again. This time, she tried to force it out with her pussy muscles, but each time she flexed the vibrations were only transmitted more effectively to her clit.

Each time the vibrations started, they stopped just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to take it any more. Professor Foster had some kind of sixth sense for keeping her on the edge of orgasm.

By the time she heard a car door slam in the driveway and the front door open, Kate was a tear-stained wreck.

“Please,” she begged, as soon as professor Foster entered the room, “just let me come.”

“So I take it you enjoyed yourself while I was gone?” he said, undoing his belt buckle and stepping out of his pants. He was already sporting an angry-looking erection.

“Fuck you,” moaned Kate, “fucking make me come you bastard.”

“Kate,” he said sternly, “that’s no way to talk to me.”

“Please sir,” she said, trying a different tack, “please let me come.”

“What’s my name, Kate?”


He was standing next to the bed now, and slapped his hand across her tear-stained face.

“Ooow!” she protested.


“Say it, whore,” he commanded, “what’s my name?”

“D- daddy,” she stammered, embarrassed in spite of herself.

“Good whore,” he said, stepping onto the bed himself and propping her head up with two pillows, “open wide for Daddy’s cock you little fucking slut.”

He pushed his cock into her mouth, supporting her head by tugging roughly on her hair.

“Good fucking whore,” he groaned, fucking his cock into her throat, “are you going to be a good slut for daddy?”

He pulled his cock out for a moment and slapped her with it, leaving a string of spit across one cheek.

“Tell me, Kate.”

“Yes,” panted Kate, “I’ll be a good slut for daddy.”

“That’s a good girl,” he said, shoving his prick back into her and gripping her hair tight. Kate felt his balls slap against her chin as he fucked her face.

“What do you think those guys in class would give to see such a cute innocent little whore like you getting face-fucked?” he asked.

He pulled out or her mouth again and reached down, untying her ankles.

Then he pushed her legs back so that her ankles were next to her ears.

“Such a pretty little whore,” he said, extracting the vibrator from her pussy and causing her to gasp in pleasure in the process, “are you ready to beg for daddy’s dick?”

Kate nodded.

“Good girl,” he said, positioning his large cock at the entrance to her pussy, “tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me, please,” she said, “I want you to fuck me.”


His hand connected with her cheek.

“What’s my name, slut?”

“Daddy,” she moaned, “fuck me daddy.”


“How do you want to be fucked, slut?”

“With your dick, daddy. With your big cock.”

“Good girl.”

He pushed inside her, filling her completely in a way that the vibrator hadn’t. The buttplug made Kate feel every centimeter of his cock as it pushed inside her. As he bottomed out on her cervix, his eyes met hers.

“Tell me what you are you little bitch,” he growled, “tell me what you are and what you want and maybe I’ll let you come.”

“I’m a slut,” she moaned, unable to take the pleasure of being skewered on her professor’s cock, “I’m a slut that wants your big dick.”

He began to pound her, fucking her so hard that it hurt each time his body slammed into hers. At the same time, the pleasure became unbearable.

“FUUUCK!” she screamed, trying in vain to stop herself.

But it was unavoidable: she was coming. The tension of waiting almost an hour for him with the vibrator in her pussy had simply been too much. Her cunt clenched down on his cock as the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced wracked her body.

He acted quickly.

“You little fucking whore,” he said, pulling his cock from her cunt as soon as she had relaxed enough to release him, “you didn’t have permission to come.”

She was panting (almost sobbing, really) too hard to reply.

“I have no choice now but to assfuck you now.”

“NO!” she cried shaking her reddened, tear-stained face.

“Sorry,” he said, pulling out the buttplug quickly, “actually, I’m not sorry,” he corrected himself, “I’ve been looking forward to fucking this cute little ass all semester.”

He untied her hands, then turned her over onto her stomach and retied them securely.

“Such a good little whore. Are you ready for daddy’s cock in your ass?”

“No!” she protested, wriggling as he held her in place.


He began to spank her mercilessly, reddening her perfectly-shaped ass.

“Fuck that hurts!”


“Don’t make me get the belt, whore. Tell me what you want,” he growled.

“No! You’re not going to fuck my ass,” she snarled defiantly. A girl had to draw the line somewhere.


It felt like she had been branded with a hot iron three times across her ass. Professor Foster pulled her head back by the hair and showed her the belt.

“See this, you little whore? You’re going to beg to be fucked in the ass or I’m going to keep going.”

He didn’t give her a chance to reply before spanking her six more times in rapid succession with the belt.

She was screaming now, sobbing with her face pressed into the pillow.

©2012 angelface195 all rights reserved


The FBI gave Jackie Hayburg the royal treatment. They set her up in the downtown Ritz Carlton hotel in a suite. Two agents were with her, a male and a female. They would take her to the airport in the morning where Agent McDougal would be waiting at the private plane to take her to Washington DC.

Jackie’s cell phone was taken from her. The FBI wanted to make sure that no one knew about where she was going. She made one phone call from their offices to her parents to let them know she was all right and would be returning home from her studies sooner than later. She told them that she would reveal all when she returned home.

Michael Worthington went into the Oval Office. The President was on the phone and looked up puzzled. When he was finished fifteen minutes later, he could tell by the way Michael was pacing up and down that it wasn’t good news.

“Okay Michael, what’s wrong?” The President asked running his hand through his salt and pepper hair.

“Mr. President, Director Louis will be here in the morning to see you.” Michael said cautiously. “Another terrorist plot?” The President asked.

“Not exactly.” Michael sat down. He sighed, “A student by the name of Jackie Hayburg, who until yesterday was a virgin and is also a lesbian, was raped by one of the cousins of the Saudi princes. A Sheik named Abdulla Rahimina. This young woman supposedly bears a striking resemblance to the First Lady. I don’t want to say more. An agent from the New York office is bringing her to see us tomorrow morning. They will explain everything.”

“What the fuck!” The President says a little too loudly. “My wife is some Sheiks’ fucking warped fantasy. He raped a young woman because she looks like Kate. What are we going to do about this?”

Michael shook his head, “I don’t know yet. I think we should wait until the young woman gets here and speak with her. The Sheik paid her off with jewels worth a fortune and a check for five million dollars.”

“Jesus Christ this is a mess. I don’t want Katherine to know anything about this, not yet and double her security.” Grant said and went to the bar hidden behind the wall to pour a drink. “Would you care for one?”

“No, I think if I start drinking now, I’ll get stinking drunk. Everything has been moving forward and now this. I’ve already doubled her security and I agree with you about telling her, she doesn’t need to know anything else. She’s supposed to be the happy bride. I don’t want her to start worrying.” Michael was quiet for a moment then said quietly, “I could never forgive myself if something happened to her again. This time at least we have a heads up.”

Grant nodded, “Go home and kiss Eric. I’ll be with Kate the rest of the evening.” Michael got up. The President hugged him. “You know that Kate’s destiny is to be great, so nothing is going to happen to her.”

“Has the Madam ever been wrong?” asked Michael already knowing the answer. “No never. Get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Grant said.

Michael drove home that night with thoughts of dread filling his head. When he arrived home, Eric was waiting for him on his knees. As Eric looked up to see Michael, he saw that something was wrong. “Master what’s the matter?” Michael helped him up. “I don’t think I can tonight. I have a great deal on my mind. It’s been a crazy afternoon and evening.”

Eric brought him a beer and together they sat and talked. Later in bed, Eric sucked him and he fucked Eric’s ass, but Michael still had no peace. He was very worried. It took a long time before he fell asleep.

Eric eased out of bed and went into the study. He called Mandy. “Mandy dear, are you coming to the meeting with the President and the Director of the FBI?”

“Yes, how do you know about that?” a sleepy Mandy asked. “I’m sorry but Michael was beside himself with worry and talked to me. What can I do to help?” Eric asked.

“Nothing Eric.” The Secret Service and I will deal with this with the President and your husband. We will take care of Mistress.” Mandy said.

“I just feel as if I need to do something. ” Eric said seriously. “You are. You are taking care of Michael. His job is crazy and he needs you. Soon I’ll be pregnant and you’ll have me to take care of.” Mandy says and Eric says.

“Thank you for doing this for us.” Eric says sincerely, “I’m going to talk to Audrey tomorrow about Kate. She will also be keeping an eye out for this nut job.”

“Thanks Mandy. I’ll talk with you soon.” Eric said. “Don’t worry. All will be well. Remember the Madam said that we all have a destiny beyond the White House. I believe that Mistress will not be hurt again.” Mandy hung up the phone.

Eric returned to bed where Michael was still fast asleep. Eric started kissing Michael’s chest and Michael pushed him down until he was licking his cock, “yes, baby, you know what I need.” Eric sucked and licked his husband’s cock taking him deep in his throat. Michael moved his hips. He was still partially asleep, but starting to wake up. “Baby bring that ass up here. I want to take you hard this morning.”

Eric kissed his way up Michael’s body until he reached Michael’s lips. Michael pulled him tightly against him and thrust his tongue into his mouth. Reaching up he pulled Eric’s hair hard. “Baby boy, I’m going to fuck you hard, really hard while I spank your ass. It’ may hurt, but I promise you after I’ll suck your dick. I need you to take it like this. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I know you need it. I know you need to use my ass. All this stress is no good for you, so please take me.” Eric said.

Michael reached into the drawer and took out his special punishment belt. He used this only when Eric had misbehaved. “You know you are not being punished, I just need to do this.” Michael said, now fully awake.

Eric nodded and turned onto his stomach, then onto his knees. Michael took out two pair of leather restraints and tethered Eric’s arms to the bed. He then reached under the bed for leg restraints that he pulled up and tethered Eric’s legs. Eric couldn’t move.

Standing up, Michael started swinging the belt. “I love you baby. Safe word?”

Eric shook his head, “no, you need this and I know you will know when to stop.”

Michael said, “I don’t know if I will, but just say red and I will stop. Ready baby.”

Eric nodded. Michael kissed his butt cheek and began.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Eric grimaced, tears were in his eyes, but he said nothing, biting his lip.

Michael felt his ass; it was warm and getting warmer. “I love beating this ass. Damn I can’t wait to fuck it. Just a few more baby. You okay.”

“Yes Master.” Eric cried, “Keep going, then fuck me hard.”

Michael licked his butthole, sliding his tongue inside, wetting him. He licked Eric’s butt cheek and slid his finger in side his ass making him moan, “Oh yes, you’re dick is going to feel so good in there”

Michael hit him, catching Eric on the balls and Eric cried out, “oh, Master, it’s all yours, yours.”

“Yes bitch, your ass, your dick and your mouth all belong to me forever baby.” Michael swung again, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! And before the last hit, he lubed his dick and Eric’s ass. Michael swung with all his might and Eric screamed. Michael shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust and dropped the belt as he grabbed Eric’s hips and started fucking him.

Eric was sobbing and Michael was fucking and stroking Eric’s cock. Soon the sobbing turned to moans of pleasure, “Thank you baby for this, thank you baby for letting me get it out. God what a tight ass you have. Thank you so much baby. Yes, I love fucking you hard like this. Your dick is so long and so beautiful. I’m going to make you come with my mouth later. Right now, I will deny you. This fuck is for me.” Michael said and he fucked harder and harder slamming into Eric who loved it and loved him because he knew Michael needed this.

Eric met him thrust for thrust moving back his hips. At last, Michael pulled all the way out then slammed back in and he could feel the come pouring into this ass.

Michael laid his head on Eric’s back, spent. He stayed there for a short time, then loosened the restraints and Eric collapsed onto his back, his dick red and hard. Michael wasted no time; he took Eric’s cock into his mouth and sucked him. He made love to Eric’s cock and Eric took his head and fucked Michael’s face. “Yes master, thank you for taking me so hard. I always want to please you.”

Michael kept licking and sucking. Pushing Eric’s legs up him licked Eric’s ass, licking up his semen. He licked back up to Eric’s balls and sucked on them. Eric was moaning and groaning. Michael went back to Eric’s dick and took him all the way back into his throat.

He kept sucking until Eric grabbed his hair and pushed him all the way down. He squirted into Michael’s mouth and Michael swallowed all of it.

Michael licked up Eric’s dick making sure he got all of it, then he lay his head on Eric stomach. “I love you husband.” Michael said. “I love you too.” Eric said. “Come and let’s go to sleep, you’re going to have a busy day.”

Michael came up to Eric and kissed him deeply. He held Eric close to him and nibbled his ear. Sleep claimed them both.

The President and Kate took a swim after dinner in the White House pool. Kate was wearing a red, white and blue bikini a gift from Barbara. As Grant watched her swim, he felt his dick harden. He loved the way she moved in the water like a sensual fish.

Taking her in his arms, Grant eased down the top of her bathing suit. “Mr. President, here, now?” She asked. “Yes baby, right here and right now.” He sucked her nipple, twirling it in his mouth. Kate threw her head back, “yes Sir that feels so good.”

Grant removed her top and swam putting it on top of the side of the pool so she could retrieve it later. He untied the bottoms and threw them so that they joined the top.

She was naked and soon so was he. Kate swam away from him and he swam after her; laughing he caught her and buried his dick in her pussy. Kate gasped, “Wow, that’s so good.”

He fucked in and out of her in the water and Kate was close to coming when Grant pulled out. He pushed her over to the railings of the steps of the pool. “Hold on.” He ordered and slowly he pushed his cock into her ass and started fucking her ass while his fingers moved on her clit and in her pussy.

The water in the pool was warm while Kate’s ass was hot. The President pulled out of her ass, thrust into her pussy, and came hard. “Baby, my beautiful baby. It’s so good. I love fucking you.”

Grant got out of the pool first and took a large towel to wrap his naked bride. He kissed her as he dried her. Grant went to the locker, took out two robes, and put one on and the other on Kate. Putting on their flip-flops, they walked back to the residence to shower together.

In bed, he held her. “Promise me that you won’t try to ditch the secret service ever!” Grant said nuzzling her neck. Kate turned to gaze at him, her face a question mark, “Why would I do that?” Kate asked. She brushed her hand across his face, “Are you worried about something.”

“No.” He said smiling, “I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

“You aren’t keeping secrets from me?” She asked, “Do you know something I that you’re keeping from me?”

The President smiled, his best winning smile, “No dearest, I wouldn’t do something like that.” Grant squeezed her. “Let’s go to bed, I have an early morning meeting.”

Kate smiled, “Not just yet.” She turned off the lights and went under the covers capturing his cock with her mouth. Kate brought the President swiftly to climax. He gathered her in his arms and they both fell asleep.

Sheik Abdulla Rahimina was furious. His female Kate impersonator had disappeared. He was told that she had escaped and the Sheik wanted those who had helped executed. A man who was dying was brought forth. He had agreed to be the sacrifice for this because a revolution was forming in this region. Many people wanted the Sheik out, so this man agreed that his death would help the cause. In return, his wife and children were spirited out the country, given huge amounts of money to begin life anew in the United States.

The man who had incurable cancer and only weeks to live admitted he allowed the young woman to escape after she pleaded with her. He told the Sheik he felt sorry for her and that she only wanted to go home.

The Sheik said that in his mercy since she was not the real Kate, the man would be beheaded in the morning for allowing her to escape instead of being tortured.

The sentence was carried out, but not before the guards gave the man poison which when his head was placed on the block was already dead a smile on his lips.

Kalif and three of his men went to New York while Marani and the rest stayed in Washington DC. He rented an apartment across the street from the house where Barbara lived and they watched her.

Audrey was very happy. James had proposed, she had a job that fulfilled her needs and she was helping the President with plans for Mistress Katherine’s birthday party. It would be a grand day of celebration and then a private dinner with her family.

On her way, Vivian had phoned. She was running a bit late and asked if she would bring up the tray for breakfast for the First Lady and Mandy who would be eating with her, as the President had an early meeting and would be having breakfast in the dining room.

Audrey agreed. As she entered the White House after parking her car, Michael Worthington asked her to come into his office. He handed her a box that contained Katherine’s new cell phone a limited edition, Pink IPhone 10. She was to lock it in her office until the day of the party it was a gift from the President.

Audrey put the phone away and went downstairs to get the tray. When she went into the residence, Kate was very happy to see her. She brought out Kate’s schedule and went over the day’s events. Mandy joined them and they all ate breakfast and talked.

The director of the FBI arrived at the White House at 8:30. He and the President had breakfast and discussed the meeting they would be having in about two hours. The plane had left New York and was due to arrive in Washington at 9:30. They should be at the White House by 11.

The plane arrived on time, but traffic held them up and Jackie and Agent McDougal did not arrive until 11:20. They were immediately ushered into the Oval Office where Michael Worthington, Director Louis, the head of the Secret Service, Kasey Sullivan, and Mandy were seated. A smiling President Adams entered the Oval office and shook hands with a very beautiful, very close look alike of his wife. She wasn’t perfect; she could be Kate’s sister. Jackie looked more like Kate than Barbara did. If you put the three of them together, you would think they were from the same family. The biggest difference was Jackie’s boobs were a little bigger and she was about an inch shorter than his wife was.

Jackie gushed all over the President who took her hand in his as if they were old friends and shook it. Grant then gathered her in his embrace. “You look so much like my wife.” He said showing her the photo on his desk.

“Is it possible that I could meet the First Lady?” Jackie asked. Michael behind her shook his head.

“I’m sorry but Mrs. Adams is not in the residence today.” Said Michael. He made sure that Kate was out of the White House after breakfast. James was with her, while Mandy was at this meeting since she was head of The First Lady’s security.

They all went into a conference room where a microphone was set up. A young woman who was a rape counselor was in the room. Jackie had been told what would happen by Agent McDougal during the ride from New York. The President said after their discussion that he would be honored to take Miss Hayburg on a personal tour of the White House.

Jackie relaxed. Encouragingly Michael said, “Please tell your story. We know that you went through an ordeal and we have a counselor available after we speak. “Michael introduced Miss Phoebe Wilson, a motherly looking black woman who shook Jackie’s hand.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, so don’t be afraid. We just want to hear the story in your own words. I am also an attorney. You would be unwise to sue. It is a he said/she said case. Also, because the Sheik gave you money and jewels he would say you were a prostitute. I’m sorry, but that’s how it would sound.” Mandy said quietly.

Jackie looked at the President and the other people in the room. She was a very strong, young black woman who had obeyed all the rules in the country where she went to study religion. She had worn a veil, covered herself and kept her sexual orientation secret. She was religious, but not overly so, but she wanted to understand the Muslim religion which was why she went to Saudi Arabia to study.

Despite all of that, a man who stole her virginity had raped her. She was angry, but not bitter. When she returned home, she would talk to her family pastor; her family was Baptist and she would pray to forgive the Sheik.

With a very strong voice, Jackie told her story. When she was done, the counselor squeezed her hand and the President wiped a tear from his eye. All he could think of was Kate and what that maniac had in store for her.

Jackie showed the jewels; there were diamonds, rubies and emeralds in a beautiful gold box with gems. “Shit.” Said Michael. “The box alone is worth a fortune and he gave you a check?” He asked.

Jackie nodded and produced the check. Mandy asked if they could take a photo and Jackie nodded. She left and returned a few minutes later with a copy. She handed the check back to Jackie who put it in her purse.

The Director asked, “What do you intend to do with the jewels?”

Jackie thought for a moment, “I think I’ll keep one and the rest I’ll probably go to an auction house and have them auctioned off.”

The President said to her, “I will give you the name of someone I know. He will take good care of you. Those jewels will fetch a huge price. I know this doesn’t make up for what you’ve been through, but you are now a very wealthy young lady.”

“I plan to give some of the money to my church and then to a gay and lesbian organization. I haven’t had much time to think about it.” Said Jackie.

“Have you been checked out since yesterday?” asked Mandy. Jackie shook her head and the President looked at Agent McDougal who looked very uncomfortable. Director Louis spoke, “We should have had her checked out, but I really wanted to bring her to the White House.”

“I’ll have her taken to the hospital after she leaves here and given a complete physical.” Michael said.

The counselor was watching Jackie carefully. This girl appeared fine, but inside there was a rage just waiting to explode. She was still in shock.

Phoebe who had listened to all of this spoke next, “What are you going to tell your parents?”

Jackie looked at Phoebe as if she had never seen her. She blinked, once, twice, then burst into tears. Phoebe knew at that moment that Jackie would be fine with a little help.

Phoebe looked up and motioned. All the men except for The President and Michael Worthington left the room. Mandy soothed her back. Jackie, after 15 minutes stopped crying, “My father will be so angry. He just accepted that I was gay, now to deal with the fact that I’m not a virgin anymore. I don’t know how…” She started again. Phoebe answered, “I will help you. I will stay with you. If you don’t mind, I think you should stay in Washington for a few days and I will go back to Atlanta with you to help you tell your parents. I have a colleague who has an office near where you live and I’ll introduce you to him.

He’s a rape counselor and he will help you. You will get past this. You will never forget, but you will forgive.”

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