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You greet me with a nod and a glance. I know I have to obey your instructions and walk into your room silently.

I stand there as you walked around me, touching my clothes, a single finger tracing my form. Standing face to face, you grab the collar of my shirt and, expressionless, you rip it open and shred it from my body. Without even looking down you grasp my skirt and tear it open, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. I do not take my eyes off of you, even though my heart is trying to pound its way out of my throat.

You leave my bra and panties intact as you grasp my long hair and pull me towards you. You kiss me on the lips, hard and fast. I don’t have a chance to kiss you back. I stumble and you push me up against the wall, pressing my face into the cold, paint-chipped plaster. I gasp, feeling the cold against my naked flesh. I feel you withdraw slightly and then *SLAP*, you strike my ass and I bite my lip, struggling to keep silent and still. You spread my legs and move my arms up and open above my head. I cannot see you, but I can hear you dropping wound ropes at my feet.

I feel your breath on my inner thigh as you wrap and secure each of my feet to the O rings set into the wall. It is tight. I do not try to move my legs, but I know that I cannot. Then I feel you and see your hands winding the rope around my mid-section and between my legs, pulling up. I hold any sound in my closed mouth.

You harness me from behind, the tight rope squeezing my breasts apart and out from my body. You press your body into me, hard, as you bind and secure both of my arms together behind me, then bend me into the wall and push my head down between my own legs. My breaths are shallow as I strain to maintain my composure. You bend down; I can see you as you secure a bishop’s gag into my neck and behind my head. I start to drool almost instantly. You step back as I blink to focus on your face. You look pleased as you land another strike against my virgin backside. I wait, bound, restrained and gagged. You had not said a word as you tied my body with long lengths of rope. I had not spoken, not a word because I was nervous and excited. I closed my eyes to manage the pain. I can feel my entire body throbbing as you stand over me. Then you turn and walk away without a word, leaving me bound and gagged on your wall. I wait patiently for your return.

I squeeze and flex my intertwined fingers. It is the limit of my range of arm motions. I am being held so tightly to the wall with my bound arms, my bent torso and restrained feet. Squatting up and down, pinned solidly to the wall is as far as I can get. I am impressed by the limited amount of movement you have left me with. My sight is also limited and upside down. Looking through my legs I cannot see you, but when I stop testing my limits, I can hear you. You are out of my range of vision, but you are in the room and I smell sweet pipe smoke. I wonder how cherry tobacco tastes on your lips. As I focus my sight closer, I can clearly see my well-manicured quim from a new angle. My rings look very nice dangling from my closed, pouty lips. As I calm my rapid, shallow breathing, I can better feel the ways that I can move and shift my weight onto other muscles. I can almost suspend myself completely if I press my weight into the walls with my shoulders.

“Stop,” I hear you say.

You are much closer to me that I had imagined. I stop moving and my heart resumes a hurried beat as I hear you stand up and walk over to me. Without another word, I hear you unzip you trousers and press your hips into my naked, white ass. I can see your flaccid cock lurching so close to me. I reach out, almost able to grab you with my mouth. I can’t catch you with my lips so I lick my tongue to the tip of your cloaked head. You grab my hips and thrust yourself into me. I capture the end of your manhood in my lips and grasp a hold on as I feel you swelling in size. I hold on for dear life as you push your cock into my straining, wet mouth. I want more of it and huff in frustration of being denied your entire shaft. I push, bouncing with my only leverage off the wall and suck voraciously on your impressive girth. I am breathing hard through my nose and wish your big, wiry balls were slapping my face. I hear your grunting as you roughly and repeatedly slap your pelvis against me. As your fat-capped head pokes into my throat, I feel a rush of wetness overtake me and trickle out of the sides of my mouth and over my face. I close my eyes to keep them from getting soaked and feel it dripping off my forehead.

I milk your pre-cum as you pull back sharply, ripping your cock out of my tightly gripping lips. Leaning into me, you gently hold my head as you carefully stand me upright. My face is red and heated, the cool wall is delightful on the side of my face. I turn my head away from you to feel the refreshing chill on the other side. You fingers begin to dance over me; I close my eyes and hear how loud my breathy-shallow breathing is as you loosen the arm binds behind my back. Taking one shoulder at a time, my arms finally free, you place your hot hand on my joint and begin to massage it. I turn my head back to face you and moan from the intense pleasure you are giving me, as you ease me out of the after-effects of bondage. As I balance, cheek and shoulders to the wall, you bend down and release my feet from the wall and separate the ring from the ankle cuff, which you leave on.

“Whoa,” I gasp as you sweep me up into your arms on rising from freeing my feet. My heart bounces in my chest, you have turned all my senses to high. I didn’t expect you to be so soft and gentle; so understanding of what my body is craving. Carefully, you lay me down on the bed. I sigh as you place my head onto the king-sized pillow. You make my body feel so light and malleable. As the bed envelops my form, you move and take my left foot into your hand. Your breath on the underside of my toes makes me squirm slightly. You inspect the cuff and how my skin looks. Each one, so gently and carefully that I cum again, without you even knowing it, just with your touch on my feet.

“I saw that,” you say, it sounds extra loud, but it is just that my eyes were closed.

“Now cum again,” you say calmly, “and this time keep your eyes open.” My eyes flare open from their drunken haze.

I try to regain the place I had just been, but you had scared me. ‘Did I really think you would not notice if I came again?’ I feel your finger swiping at my pouty, pink, swollen lips. Sliding back and forth, opening them to feel the slickness of my fresh warm cum. I just moan loudly as you wiggle in and cover your finger in my sweet sex. You withdraw it for the moment and then move it up to my mouth to paint my juice on my lips then slip your finger into my mouth. My own flavour on your finger arouses me again. I want more.

“Do not hold back and never hide when you cum for me,” you say slowly in your thick accent. How can you be so calm when my body is at such a heightened peak? You pop your finger out of my mouth and slide it back between my lips, stroking down, Up and down from clit to ass, like I did as a young girl before I knew what penetration was. I rock up and down with you, my back arching as I can feel that needy-want building up inside me. You slide your arm under the small of my back, helping me arch into your sliding hand. You have not penetrated me again but you have made the pressure just right. My body begins to jerk, my breasts slapping against your arms and bare chest. I am gasping and whining and bucking into you with such force.

“I am going to cum,” I whisper to you.

“Go ahead then,” you reply.

I buck and grind my swollen clit, feeling your arm hairs pressing into my red button. I scream, shaking as I can feel the power of my spray force your hand away as my tender cunt squeezes in mini-seizures. I cry out, overtaken by the force of my orgasm. You lower your arm, letting me writhe on the bed freely. With my arms, I am sliding them across my breasts, enjoying the feeling of my stiff nipples to my warm skin. Touching and rubbing my nipples, letting my mini-death ripple through my body and limbs, I feel like I am in slow motion. I blink my wet eyes, flopping my head back and forth. I feel my cheeks flush red and I begin to giggle.

You flare your eyes and smile down at me, writhing in bliss on your bed. I look up, panting slightly and giggling more. I close my legs and drop my knees to one side. You reach over and spread my legs open.

“You made a mess on my bed,” you state, seeing my soaked quim and wet spot below.

“Mmmmm, yes and I want to make another,” I moan in response.

“Oh do you, now?” you say sternly.

I look into your eyes and focus. I gasp immediately. With my legs spread open, you take a length of rope and start to bind my calves to my thighs, one at a time. I try to flex, but you have made them so tight, I have no movement in my legs. You stand up; inspecting your work, then with a firm hold on my hips, pull my body halfway down the bed.

“Hands over your head,” you instruct, producing another length of rope from under the bed. I do as instructed, feeling your soft but purposeful touch, wrapping my wrists in the rope, then securing the ends to the left and right headboard side of the bed. Before rising, you lean down and kiss me on the lips. I kiss you back, but you lift away before I can get enough. I blush with wanting and craving you so much. I savour your taste and detect a hint of whiskey in the mix. I stretch, feeling the specific way you have restrained me and the cool air on my wet honey pot. You walk around me, two full times before leaning over me and licking my mouth. As I open to kiss you again, you place a wound, bishop’s knot gag into my jaw and secure the buckle over the top and behind my head. I lick at the leather woven sphere, tasting the salty, pungent mass. I feel the narrow straps and the texture they create as I begin to drool. Swallowing quicker and breathing through my nose, I do not notice your hand until they touch my semi-stiff nipples.

“I have something for them,” you comment, removing two wooden clothes clips from your pocket. I feel a tiny quiver in my quim as you slap at my left breast, sending it tumbling and waving chaotically. I want it, but I am afraid it will hurt more than I can handle. Pinching my rosy tip between your thumb and forefinger, you pull up, shaking my breast below. I gasp, and then you let go. My nipple is fully erect and hard. You smile then flick it with your finger, hard making me yelp. Cupping my breast in your left hand, you open and secure the clip on my red, stiff nipple. I whine and begin to take shorter, raspy breaths as you repeat that on my right nipple.

*Clap!* Your hand slaps across my face. I feel the pain and heat. In my surprise, I tear up, my cheek becoming hot.

“No whining,” you command, calmly.

I look down at my contorted nipples, clips standing tall straight out. You take the right and shake it. I moan in pain and pleasure as you let it bounce until it stops. You move between my legs and slap my open and exposed cunt and ass. I do my best to withhold my sounds from you.

You lean in, between my legs and blow on my unsheathed, swollen clit. I bite into my bit and close my eyes. Then, the unexpected… I feel something sharp at the top of my inner thighs. My eyes open immediately as I try to look down. I feel your nails digging into me, and then so very slowly you scrape down, scratching my tender skin down to the ropes above my knees. I feel my heart racing at this new sensation. You stand up, I look at you, and you can see my panic. With both hands you pull on the clips attached to my nipples. I squeak out as you pull them both off, leaving red indentations on my stiff nipples. You press them back and forth, watching me arch and writhe in my bindings.

“Look at me,” you saw, my eyes springing open to the sound of your voice. Circling my long neck with your strong hands, I stare into your eyes. I feel the tightness, my breath shallow as you slowly release your grip. Without moving, you press your nails into my neck, it feels like many small knives, and you drag them down over my chest. Again, you move them so slowly, giving me ample time to feel the pain. The heat makes my eyes water and face flush. I swallow hard, trying not to drool out of my gag. As you scratch down to my waist, you stop and come back to my torso again. You lean over me, pressing your chest into my face as you run your nails just below the wrist binding and dig them in. I cannot control myself and whine as you begin to scratch my arms to my armpits.

“Look at me NOW,” you say loudly enough to surprise me.

I open my watery eyes and look at you. You seem to take much joy in seeing me like this. You make your way up, digging into my skin, past my elbows and up to my armpits. I squirm, fighting the tickling I can feel through the pain. You continue down my sides until I am striped pink with your scratching. Sitting back up, between my bent and bound legs, you take my knees and lift them to my head. I feel your hot breath on my pink, swollen cunt. I close my eyes, expecting to feel pleasure and instead I feel your teeth clamp down on my clit as your tongue assaults the tip. My eyes and mouth open, I cry out, unable to control myself as I hear you let out a laugh. You work your mouth up and down, my clit still firmly clamped in your hold. I feel my wetness slipping towards my lips and so do you. As you let go, I cry, tears streaming from my eyes as you lower my hips. I struggle to keep my eyes open through the tears as I feel your thick, stiff cock tapping on my throbbing clit. I sniffle, wanting to feel your cock inside me, giving me pleasure. You drag your cock across my splayed pussy, taking my clit in your finger’s, I feel your cock tip at my slit.

“Yes,” I cry out. “Pleassee!” I beg to you through the gag. I need your cock inside me. I NEED IT NOW. My heart races as you tug up on my clit at the same time forcing your thick head into my tightly pulled hole. As you press it in, I can feel my cunt open to your force.

I scream loudly as you penetrate me, releasing my clit and thrusting your long manhood into my warm, wet treasure. You take my bent legs into your arms and begin to rut your cock deeply inside my slick hole.

“Aaaghhh,” I wail out as you bury your entire shaft deep inside my gaped pussy. Feeling myself shaking, I try to hold back my orgasm. You notice my control and stop in mid-fuck.

“You are not permitted to cum yet,” you say as you withdraw your cock from my wet hole. You get up and walk around the bed, your cock bouncing and bobbing. You lean over and remove my gag; my gaze is on your cock. You stand up and hold the headboard with one hand.

“Suck me,” you direct pointing your wet cock to my mouth. “And keep your eyes open,” you remind me.

I open wide; it feels good to have control over my mouth again. You slap your wet pole across my face. Then, with need, you press your prick head into my mouth. I taste my cum on your thick cap and eat you hungrily. You press your hips into my face, making me take more of your shaft into my mouth and throat. I gag, feeling my mouth water as you moan in pleasure above me. I suck your shaft, feeling you holding back fucking me harder. Gagging loudly, you withdraw, leaving me panting.

You walk back around and climb onto the bed. Standing over me, you lift me up onto my shoulders, my bent-tight, restrained legs pressed back until they are resting on the headboard. You reach down my back and scratch the untouched skin. Over and over you rake your nails over my back, leaving pink lines running long ways. I struggle to keep my eyes open as I begin to weep again; it feels like small knives barely cutting into my skin. You stop momentarily; I feel the heat, the burn, as you stand tall over me. I concentrate on looking into your eyes which are looking back at me. I take shallow breaths as you lay a slap across my right cheek, then the left. Back and forth you spank me. Suddenly you spread open my ass and press your big, wet cock to my tiny little pucker and open me slowly as I blink fast and do not make a sound. You dip two fingers into my wet pussy and withdraw them to paint my cum on my ass hole, slipping in a finger and fucking me. It feels so good. Then I feel your cock head on my little hole, I push out, trying to open myself to you as you spear me open and fit your thick rod into my gape. I scream, unable to control myself as you begin to fuck my ass. My heart beats loudly as I gasp for breath through my shrieking. You open my pussy lips with your fingers as you continue to fuck my ass, getting faster and deeper. I hear you grunting and your face grows red. I feel the jerk and swelling in your cock, my ass wildly opened to you. As you grow louder you thrust 3 fingers into my pussy and spread it open, forcing me to cum. Screaming, squeezing and squirting my orgasm, you release your thick cum into my ass. I can feel it filling and burning me deep. You, holding my pussy open the whole time, I am squirming in pleasure and pain. When you fully release your seed into me, you withdraw your fingers and cock, falling to your knees beside me. My legs fall back down to the bed as I feel your cum and mine dripping from my holes. You move close to me, your head next to mine as you reach down and rub my wet ass and pussy. Using your hand, you feed me our cum. I eagerly lick and clean all that is offered to me and take a moment to say “thank you, thank you,” as often as I can.

You unclasp my wrists from the headboard, and bend them slowly, placing them across my chest.

“Close your eyes,” I hear you say, calmly. It is more than my pleasure to do as you say. Stinging from tears, I close my lids and blink before letting them relax. I feel you sit up and take my left leg into your grasp. So completely different than before, you hold me close, steady, taking the weight as you start to release the ropes that held me so tightly. First, you free my leg from my ankle, so careful and conscious of my knee as you bend it slowly and rest it on the bed. Your light touch fluttering over my leg causes shivers that ripple through me, more vivid with my eyes closed. After removing the wound rope from my thigh, you begin to rub and massage the deep marks left by the restraints. I moan in pleasure, hugging my newly freed and strained arms about my bosom. You get up and walk around the bed to my other leg; you slide under it, holding it in your lap. I shift a bit on the bed, enjoying my new range of motion. You hold my leg up then out, fully supported. I feel your breath on my puffy, hot, closed lips just a second before your tongue parts me open. I moan very loudly, as your tongue tip drags across my clit.

“Oh yes, thank you,” I moan, head rolling back and forth, eyes obediently closed. Your fingers move around my leg, unknotting the binding as your tongue continues to slip up and down my sex making me writhe and push up into you. Kneading my released leg, you bend it slowly, carefully letting me have control of it again. I straighten my legs up, stretching upwards as you lick between my pouty, swollen lips.

“Stay like that,” you direct as you climb further onto the bed. My pink pussy, squeezed tightly between my legs, being licked from clit to ass, makes me gasp and moan loudly. I feel you turn your head and begin to fuck my pussy hole with your rough tongue. In and out as you tickle me on the inside.

“Thank you,” I gulp as I feel you finger press hard, opening my ass as you continue to tongue fuck my cunt. I feel my legs begin to quake and I reach up with both arms to hold them still. You withdraw your tongue and lap it over my tender sex a few times before I hear you shifting positions.

“I believe you ordered entertainment, Sir.”

You open your front door to find me draped against the doorframe in a black trench-coat. I look up at you coyly with eyes lined heavily in black, my lips glossy, parted, and whore-red. I step through the doorway and trace my hot pink nails, a stark contrast to my black lace fingerless gloves, down the side of your cheek. My eyes look intently into yours as I graze your lips lightly with my thumb. I smile, then cast my eyes down. I turn from you and slip my jacket off, letting it fall to the floor, revealing matching hot pink bra and panties, black fish-net thigh high stockings and peep-toe, black, lace-up booties with sky-heel stiletto heels.

You watch me as I walk slowly, deliberately overextending my step to emphasize the curve of my hips. I run my hands through my long, loosely curled hair, shaking it over my shoulders, giving you a pronounced view of my tiny waist and perfectly round ass.

I turn around when I reach the front of your couch. I tilt my head and bring my forefinger to my mouth and watch you come to stand in-front of me. You’re so close I can feel your body heat and smell your intoxicating cologne. I have never been so hot for a client, and my pussy immediately dampens as I take in your presence. “Tonight is all about you, Sir.” I run my hands up your chest and through your hair, bringing you down close to me. “Sit, relax. I’m here to please you.” You lower yourself onto the couch, your face now level with, and only inches from, my wet cunt. You must be able to smell my arousal, but I somehow keep myself from straddling you. “In fact, your pleasure is my one…and only…concern tonight.” You hear me explain. You imagine ripping my panties off of me, picking me up right there and driving your cock deep inside me. How I’d scream in pleasure and ride your cock hard. You know I want it…and you decide to make me work for it.

You recline back on the couch and get comfortable, “I ordered you here to dance.” You pick up a remote and press a few buttons, music blares through the speakers around the room, “…so dance, slut.”

“Yes, sir.” I turn around and walk to the center of the room, swaying my hips to the beat, and playing with my hair as if it were your hands entwined in it. I rock my ass and hips for you, running my hands all over my body. My pussy drips, imagining you touching my breasts, my ass, your rough fingers entering me. I work down to the floor then straighten my legs, bringing my ass up high in the air and giving you an unadulterated view of my soaking wet panties, then I arch my back, my long hair whipping backward, and I slowly rise. You watch me grind my body hard, as if I had you there. As if I wanted you to feel every inch of my body on yours. I roll my hips and lower myself to the floor again, this time getting on all fours and spreading my legs to fuck the floor before starting to slowly, exaggeratingly, crawl to you on hands and knees. You’ve taken your cock out of your pants and have begun stroking it. It’s huge, stiff, and deliciously wet with your pre-cum.

“You want my cock, bitch?” you challenge me, looking down at me on my knees before you.

“Yes…” I whisper. “I want your cock…I need it.” I run my hands up your thighs and wet my lips, I can’t keep my eyes off of it. My pussy is so hot and wet, I yearn to be filled. My trance is broken by you roughly grabbing a fistful of my hair and wrenching my head to the side. I gasp and close my eyes, my nails immediately digging into your legs.

“Yeah? Tell me about it. Fucking beg for it, slut.” You give a strong yank for good measure, stand up abruptly, and tilt my head back. You smack your cock on the side of my face quickly, your pre-cum wetting my jaw just out of reach of my longing mouth. I’m stunned, in pain, and incredibly turned on. I let out a stuttered moan and open my eyes to take in the man using me, degrading me so blatantly.

“Please…please let me taste it. Let me just turn my head, take you in my mouth. Let me make you feel good.” You rub the head of your cock over my cheek, spreading the drops of your pre-cum into a thin glaze. “Oh fuck…please…mmm” I close my eyes again and revel in it. “I want to run my tongue up your cock. Taste those delicious drops. Feel your cock hit the back of my throat. Please…let me take you in my warm, wet mouth. I need it.”

“Of course you do, bitch.” Smack, smack. “What the fuck else are you good for?” You pull my head back by my hair and position the head of your cock to rest on my bottom lip. I reach out my tongue and circle your head. I close my lips around it, massaging the bottom of your head while I suck at you in pulses. Your cock just barely in my mouth, I moan in ecstasy. I try to take you deeper, but your firm grip on my hair reminds me I don’t have that option. I whimper in disappointment and look up at you. “You’re fucking pitiful.” you smirk. “Whining. You will take what is given to you and you will fucking love it. Maybe if you’re a good girl I’ll reward you.”

I cast my eyes down. I want to please you so badly. I shake my head the infinitesimal amount that I can, your cock gliding around the edges of my lips. I move my hands to one side so you can watch me slip my middle finger up my palm and peel my gloves off slowly. I slide my panties to the side and slip one and then two fingers deep inside my dripping wet cunt, coating them well with my juices, then bring my hand up and start to jack you from your base while I suck you off.

“That’s it bitch. Milk my cock.” You bring your other hand up and grab another fistful of my hair. You allow me the pleasure of a couple more delicious inches in my mouth. I can taste my pussy juice on your cock as I work you. I suck and lick, loving every second, twisting my wrist as I jack you, making sure every inch of you is getting the attention you deserve. I look up at you with my mouth full of your cock. You moan and start to aggressively fuck my mouth, your cock hitting the back of my throat. “Yeah. Yeah, bitch. Take that cock. Take it down your throat.” you demand. I gasp between thrusts, and try to relax. I extend my tongue, eagerly offering you my throat to fuck. You take it, and ram your cock ever harder into my mouth, down my throat…once, twice, and again…then you hold it there, your hands roughly pushing you deep. I gag. I can’t breathe. I can’t move. You snicker and pull out. I gasp for air.

“You love it, you dirty…fucking…cunt.”

“Yes…sir…I love it.” I stammer, breathing deeply. I do love it. I am unbelievably aroused being used so selfishly…being the tool which allows you this depraved pleasure. You shouldn’t treat a woman like this…and I fucking love it. I crave to be your little fuck toy. I want more. I reach up and place my hands on your abdomen, look up at you and beg, “Please…fuck me. Fuck my cunt. It’s so wet for you. Have I been a good girl? How can I please you? Use me. I want to feel your cock in me.”

“You’re wet for me, slut?”


“Yes, what, slut?”

“Yes, sir. I’m wet for you. Please fuck me. Please. I want you to slam your hard cock…deep…into my hot, wet pussy.”

“Did I say I give a fuck what you want?” You grab my wrists firmly and pull me up to my feet. “Bend over the arm of the couch. Now.” you demand. I quickly move to the side of the couch and bend over, placing my tight round ass in-front of your stiff cock, giving you full access to whatever you desire, “Lets see how wet you are for me.” You rip my panties off of me, and I gasp at the rush of cool air. I’ve been dripping wet since I arrived, and it’s amazing to finally be stripped and spread for you. “Oh yeah, you’re fucking soaked you filthy slut.” You shove two fingers inside me.

“Oh, thank you, sir.” It feels amazing to finally be filled, I moan and begin to rock my hips, the arm of the couch stimulating my throbbing clit.

“Fucking whore. You like fucking my fingers? You need to fuck something don’t you.”

“Yes, sir. I am such a whore. I need to fuck.” You pull your fingers out, and I gasp in frustration.

“Such a fucking slut.” You run the head of your cock along my glistening pussy slit, “You come over here dressed in nothing put panties, dance for a complete stranger and get your fucking cunt all sopping wet. Look at you, bent over, begging to be fucked, you look like a fucking whore.”

Your cock parts my pussy lips over and over; I’m aching to be filled, to be fucked hard. “Yes…please…fuck me.” I whine. Nothing else seems to matter to me now. You begin to trace your head up from my pussy slit to my asshole, covering it with my juices, “Oh, fuck. Please. I need it. I need to feel your cock in me.” I plead. I inch back toward you.

“I don’t give a shit about what you need. You’re just here because you’re wet and apparently ever so willing, whore. And my cock needs to fuck.” You grab my hair again and slam your cock deep inside my cunt in one thrust. I cry out. God, you’re fucking huge, and so, so hard. You fuck me forcefully in solid thrusts. I grip the couch as you pull my hair back so firmly it forces my back to arch. Every thrust you make into my tight, hot pussy makes me scream. Your cock fills me fully. The pleasure of being fucked is immediate and incredible…almost surreal. I drink in the feeling of your beautiful cock ravaging me, your delicious grasp on my hair. I think about how my body must look, my arched back pushing my ass towards you and my tits, cupped in pink lace, pushed out, the look of absolute ecstasy on my face as you use me.

You abruptly stop thrusting and push your hips forward hard, letting go of my hair and pulling my hips back onto your cock. I gasp, never thinking a cock could be so deep inside of me, my mouth hangs open relishing the force. Leaving one hand firm on my hip as you pulse into my depths, you reach around and slide your hand into my bra, roughly fondling my breast and pinching my nipple. My pussy automatically tightens around you, and I immediately feel my orgasm skyrocket to a dangerously close level. You watch me convulse, trying pace myself. You smirk, digging in even deeper and lean forward to growl in my ear, “You’re making an awful lot of noise, bitch. Shut the fuck up. And don’t you dare cum until I say you can.”

“Yes…sssir.” I manage. You feel so good it’s beyond belief. Before I register your actions, you force me fully down over the couch, my head forced into the cushion, my ass high and conveniently ever so open to you. “Fuck!” I cry out.

“Don’t you fucking move.” You say through clenched teeth and unfasten my bra, tearing it off of me, so I’m left in just my thigh-highs and heels. You straighten up. “Yeah, bitch, much better.” You smack my ass hard and palm it while slowly sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt, “Yes…this definitely suits you, fucking whore.” You say almost detached from the situation. You wet your thumb and begin to circle my asshole with it. “You like your ass fucked? You seemed to like the thought earlier. Fuck…you look so good, bitch. Who the fuck cares what you like.” You press your thumb fully into my ass. I moan and rock my hips. “Yeah…that’s what I thought. Dirty little whores love their asses fucked. You like me in both your holes, cunt?”

“Yes…it feels amazing, sir.” I whimper.

“Beg me for it; beg me like a good little bitch.”

“Please fuck my ass. I know I’m a dirty slut. I can’t help it. I want to feel your hard cock in my ass. Please…” I plead with you.

“Such a fucking whore.” You fuck my ass with your thumb in opposing thrusts to your stiff cock in my cunt. You pull out, your cock soaked in my pussy juice, and push just your head inside my ass. “You want it?”

“Yes! Yes, I want it. Please fuck me. Please put your cock all the way up my ass.” You pulse in and out of me, just the head of your glistening cock entering and then leaving my ass. “Please! Oh my god, don’t tease me. I need you fully inside me…please…” you snicker again, and impale my ass with your full, thick shaft and fuck me hard. I cry out, and it hurts…it hurts so fucking good. You fucking hammer me, your carnal instincts taking over. I scream and writhe with every thrust. You pull my hair brutally; use it to drag my head around like a rag doll. You spank my ass hard, repeatedly, and I fucking scream. God, do I scream…the control and power turning you on even more.

“Fuck, bitch…yeah? You fucking want it. You fucking want my cock hard up your tight little ass? You’re such a fucking whore. Fucking…slutty…ass…cunt.” You grab my hips and drive my ass mercilessly onto your cock. I plunge my fingers into my dripping wet pussy and then start to feverishly work my clit. “Yeah…work that cunt for me baby…are you going to cum? Cum with my cock up your ass? Fucking slut.”

“Yes…sssssir…oh my god…please…I need to cum. Please…let me cum.” My fingers dive into my pussy, fucking my hole, rubbing my clit, I’m fucking drenched in my juices. Soaked from being treated like I should…a complete and utter whore. “Please…please sir…may I cum?” I plead.

“Alright, bitch. Cum. Cum now. Cum with my cock up your ass. Fucking slut. You look like such a fucking whore with my cock in your ass. You like that? Fucking cunt. Cum now. NOW bitch.” I tighten my asshole around your cock and furiously rub my clit. Within seconds you’re standing still, your hands on my hips, watching me fuck your cock with my ass…my orgasm washing over me, screaming in pleasure. “Feel good? Feel good cumming with my cock in your ass? Dirty fucking whore.” you sneer. My climax begins to subside, and I collapse over the couch. I take a sharp breath as you pull out of me quickly, the absence of your cock shocking my now stretched wide asshole.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You grab me by the hair, drag me around and throw me on the couch. You pin my wrists in your hands above my head and drive your cock into my wet cunt. You pound into me fast and hard, with all of your weight. I’m humiliated taking your cock from my ass to my pussy…it’s so dirty…but I can’t help but allow it for you. I turn my head aside, to not look at you, ashamed, and just take it. I know what I’m here for…I have no right to refuse.

“Don’t you fucking look away. I want to you see what I’m doing to you. Fucking whore.” You growl in my ear. I turn my head back and you stare into my eyes as you pound me. The intensity of your eyes on mine is commanding. You thrust into me with that powerful gaze a few times before bending down and running your tongue up my neck ravenously. Shivers run up my spine, my nipples harden. I arch into you, close my eyes, and moan in pleasure, “That’s right baby…fuck my cock.” you whisper into my ear. I wrap my legs around your ass and ride you, rotating my hips, feeling you deep inside me.

“You want my cum deep in your pretty pink pussy?”

“I want it wherever would please you, sir.”

“That’s a good girl…” at last you sound pleased with me. Your incredible cock deep in my cunt, and finally, your approval of me, bring forth my second orgasm all too quickly.

“Please sir…I need to come again…you fuck me so good, sir….please…please let me cum…” I beg you.

“Heh.” you smirk, “Not yet, bitch.”

“Please…please sir…fuck…your cock feels so good. I need to cum. Please may I cum? Oh my god, I need it. Please. Please!” I plead. You pull out of me, and again I gasp at your cock’s abrupt absence from my longing body. “No…please…” I whine.

“Get on your knees and finger your cunt.” you command, stroking your cock fast. I obey and immediately kneel in-front of you, fucking myself hard with my fingers. “Cum.” you demand simply. I rub my clit watching you stoke your beautiful cock. My climax comes on fast and I close my eyes, my juices soaking my fingers, and I bounce up and down on my knees. You grasp my hair again and your cock hits the back of my throat. I suck your cock hard, the moaning of my orgasm vibrating on your sensitive head. I revel in all my juices, so dirty, and I don’t care. Your cock is amazing, and I want your cum. “Suck it. Suck my fucking cock, bitch. Yeah…make me cum. Make me fucking cum. Fucking suck my cock with all your pussy juice on it. You like my cock in your mouth after it’s been in your ass, bitch? Huh? Fucking whore.” You fuck my mouth and shoot your load, the first blast delivered down my throat. You pull out of my mouth and let the rest of it coat my face, allowing me the pleasure of the last few drops on my tongue. It’s fucking incredible.

“Thank you, sir…” I say between sighs of pleasure, “…thank you for your precious cum…thank you for – ” you cut me off.

“You’ve served your purpose, cunt.” You grab me by the hair and drag me, crawling, naked but for my fishnets and heels, to your front door. You yank my hair back to admire the cum dripping down my face and snicker. “Now get the fuck out.” You shove me out the door, toss out my trenchcoat, and close the door.

Hello all you sexy Literotica ladies. I want to thank everyone who left a public comment or sent me private feedback or gave five stars to my last story. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do that. I love getting your feedback and I love the high ratings you give my stories.

This audio features a very hot little slut I’m pleased to call mine. I’m hoping to get some better quality audio of her voice soon, but I think you’ll agree even on speaker phone she’s incredibly hot. I know she made me cum very hard as you can tell.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (15 min/mp3)

* * * * *

Megan knelt before the gathering of soldiers, her body shivering and her face covered in cum. She sobbed and gasped as she awaited her next ordeal. She had no idea why these men were ganging up on her. Were there no other women around to brutalize? The unfortunate girl severely miscalculated the ratio of horny soldiers to innocent civilians in her area. Most of them were just passing through, but a few would linger to ensure the smooth assimilation of the local populace. Megan would assist them in their tasks willingly or unwillingly.

She gasped in astonishment each time the men produced a new sexual apparatus or contrivance. Did they really need to bring so many toys? She gradually became aware that she wasn’t dealing with an ordinary detachment of infantry. These men had a special assignment. Each one had earned their privilege of responsibility through special service or superior ability. They were in the neighborhood for no purpose but to abuse and humiliate Megan Warner.

The innocent student was unaware that thirty miles up the road from her house one hundred and sixty women were languishing in a schoolyard hastily converted into a detainment camp. Encased in sadistically-designed wooden pillories they would not even enjoy the dignity of seeing their rapists face to face. They would undergo a cold, impersonal and mechanical indoctrination before being sold to private bidders or shipped off to faraway work camps. Megan was lucky that the training squads stumbled upon her before the supply corps or contractors could find her and drag her away to camp. If she proved adequate to the challenges of her special role, she could look forward to a life of bearable torture and occasional comfort. Most of the prisoners in the camps would experience no such luck.

It all came down to improvisation. After Pfc Fleming removed her ring gag she stared straight ahead her mouth gaping, her being jaw too weary at this particular moment for any adjustment. The men stared back at her in silence. She realized that they were waiting for her to say something. This time there was no script and she would have to degrade herself using her own words.

“Umm… I… uh… thank you for letting me suck your cocks! I… um… I really enjoy sucking cock. And… I mean… because it makes me horny! Because I’m a fucking slut and I want to suck dicks and lick balls all of the time… and… and it makes me wet!” She struggled to find the right words. Some of the men seemed pleased, but others glared disapprovingly. Suddenly she realized what she was forgetting.

“And thank you for coming all over my face! I love having jizz all over me! I love sucking cock and getting… uh… covered in your… um… sperm.” She heaved an exhausted sigh as the men nodded to each other approvingly. She began to weep softly while the men chattered to each other about what they could do to her next.

Megan gulped as Barrington reached into his backpack and produced a set of restraints unlike anything she had ever seen. Fleming stooped over her and released her hands from their cuffs. She continued to kneel on her bruised, aching knees. Her arms were asleep and her hands fell limply to her sides. Barrington approached with the restraints in hand. They consisted of a steel bar with four attached chains, each one ending in a metal hoop. Megan didn’t like the look of those rings. They barely seemed big enough to accommodate a girl’s wrists, let alone her ankles.

Barrington gripped her ankles and spread her feet apart. Sensing his motive, she shuffled her knees and spread her legs wide in response to his motions. He placed the bar between her legs and clasped the rings around her wrists and ankles. The cold metal clamped tightly around her joints, biting into her flesh. The pressure on her ankles would quickly become difficult to bear. With her ankles cuffed to opposite ends of the bar she had no hope of rising, lying down or closing her legs. Her knees would have to support her weight for quite a bit longer.

The collar around her neck itched and chafed. The nasty accessory had impaired her ability to breathe throughout the evening, but only now after hours of abuse did she begin to focus on its presence. It felt like it was becoming tighter and tighter. As Barrington applied the restraints Fleming noticed that her neck was slender enough that she could still breathe were it a notch tighter, albeit with significant difficulty. She gagged, sputtered and coughed as he adjusted the clasp.

Barrington had more implements to display to the captive young lady. He returned from another trip to the backpack with an intimidating Malay rattan cane. In his other hand he carried some objects which Megan could hardly fathom at a glance. As he drew closer she observed that he was carrying a wrapped, lubricated condom and what appeared to be a vegetable with its skin removed.

The condom’s presence immediately struck Megan as absurd. Surely after gang-raping an unwilling stranger in the mouth these men weren’t going to suddenly display an interest in safe sex.

As Barrington removed the condom from its packaging Megan began to comprehend her new predicament, and an unprecedented new wave of shame and horror siezed her mind and body. She shuddered uncontrollably and wailed a pitiful, choked moan through the collar pressing into her windpipe.

“No…. p-please… don’t do this to me… Why?? What do you want from me? I’ll do anything *sob*…. anything you want.”

Barrington turned to Fleming. “Looks like the dumb cunt’s already forgotten how to say ‘master’ and ‘sir’!” He laughed sadistically as he brought the cane down hard onto her shoulders. He gave her five more strokes about the upper back while she shrieked in uncomprehending pain and shock. The cane cut her flesh almost immediately, leaving heavy blue and purple streaks.

“YEAAAAAGHHH OWWW OHHH OH HO UGGHHHHHH! THAN- TH- OW! THANK YOU for disciplining me master! Sir! Thank you! Ohh! Oooohhh….”

Barrington relented for the moment and returned to the task that had precipitated her screaming fit. The vegetable was a peeled and carved ginger root. The prisoner training and disciplinary units always carried a few bags of them wherever they raided. Barrington wrapped the lubed condom around the thick, phallic vegetable. Megan’s eyes continued to widen in horror.

“As I instructed you before…” began Fleming, “nature provides us with a vast assortment of possibilites for fulfilling the need to pleasure our bodies. Now, a lot of guys tend to believe that making a woman come is a complex and challenging task that requires a lot of skill and subtlety. I think that maybe there’s a certain element of precision to it, but ultimately it’s just a question of providing sufficient stimulation. I can’t even begin to guess what kind of nasty things you do to yourself in private, but I’m willing to bet you aren’t prepared for the type of stimulation you’re about to experience.”

As Fleming spoke Barrington tapped gently on her ass with the cane. She correctly interpreted the gesture as a signal to raise her buttocks into the air. Barrington helpfully pushed down on the back of her head with his hand as she raised her ass up high, and she lowered her face sheepishly to the ground in helpless, tearful resignation.

Fleming took the condom-wrapped ginger root in hand and pressed the tip of it gently against Megan’s anus. She shuddered but remained kneeling with her face on the carpet, her ass gently swaying in the air. The lubed condom penetrated her sphincter with just the slightest pressure. He fucked her ass gently with the tip of the root for a minute and a half before drawing it back and then swiftly plunging half of the entire shaft into her rectum. Her squeals of shock and indignation rapidly declined into moans of submissive approval as she observed that her pussy was becoming wet again.

Having thoroughly spackled her ass with the condom’s lube, Fleming decided that Megan was ready to experience the ginger’s effects without protection. He popped the vegetable out of her anus as a look of bemused disappointment crossed her face. She lifted her head from the ground for a moment before Barrington placed his boot on her neck, forcing her face back to the floor. Suddenly she felt the ginger root penetrate her bottom once more. This time there was no condom, though enough lube remained to render the insertion relatively painless. She found the hard, bulky presence inside her butt almost comforting in some indescribable way. Then she began to experience the effects of the ginger.

Her moaning took on the character of pained wailing once again as her anus began to itch and burn. Fleming continued to press on the vegetable until it very nearly disappeared inside her. Her muscles began to contract and tighten around the intruder, squeezing the spicy root with her flesh and rendering the burning more painful with each twitch and spasm. She felt as if a jet of fire were shooting up her rear end and slowly searing its way up her insides. Failing to comprehend even the manner in which she was being tortured, she began to scream and plead maniacally.

“AHHHHHHHHGGGH! UHHGHHH! AIIEIEEEEE! Please, master! Take it out! Please please please I’ll do anything you -MMMUUUGGGH AGHHHH!” Barrington had rudely cut off her pleas by placing the ring gag back inside her mouth. He gripped a fistful of her hair and dragged her to an upright kneeling position. It was time for them to move the party to the dining room.

Barrington dragged Megan down the hall by the hair. With her hands and feet chained to the metal spreader bar behind her back, she couldn’t rise from her knees. By the time they reached the dining room table her knees and shins were bleeding from rug burns. The men unceremoniously hoisted her on top of the table, leaving her tortured knees resting on the hard wooden surface. Her head hung over one edge of the table, her ass over the other. Pvt. Nickels strode around the table to face her, unzipped his trousers and placed his cock through the ring wedging her mouth open. Her tongue lolled about as she made her best effort to lick him. His limp cock began to grow and stiffen inside her mouth. Suddenly her backside exploded in a surge of agony. She swore that a full second passed between her mind registering the pain and her ears registering the accompanying crack of the cane against her skin. He had struck her two more times before she could begin to comprehend whence the pain was coming. Barrington and Fleming were taking turns, each striking three or four times before passing the cane to his partner. More men began to line up for a chance to cane her.

A couple of the soldiers actually winced when they heard the sound. It echoed through the house, a reverberating crack like a distant gunshot accompanied by pained whimpering.

The sound rang out again and again. Nickels counted seventeen strokes, then eighteen and nineteen. Megan was no longer aware of the pain in her knees and shins or the massive, itching root crudely lodged inside her anus. With her legs spread apart by her restraining bar, she could do nothing to shield her crotch from the assault. While the majority of the blows landed on her buttocks, the men were careful not to spare her thighs nor her cunt from the vicious wooden instrument. They left deep, heavy stripes on her ass and legs and a few bruises right across labia and her rapidly swelling mons.

The cane cracked against her soft, delicate skin again and again. Nickels checked his count against that of a fellow private. Thirty seven strokes seemed like a good guess. Then another crack rang through the modest two-story abode. That was stroke thirty eight, they guessed. The marks on her buttocks were turning black and purple as the base of the ginger root poked out timidly from her anus. Then came another thwack. Megan had endured thirty nine strokes. In the same span of time she had brought three men to orgasm with her mouth. They forced her to swallow every drop of their ejaculate. One of the soldiers took up the cane and struck her three more times across the crotch between her splayed legs. She sobbed and moaned softly.

They gave Megan a break from the caning while two more soldiers raped her mouth. She sucked them off like a whore, bobbing her head on their hard dicks with the verve and professionalism of a porn star and licking every drop of cum off the heads of their cocks when they finished. She made every effort to demonstrate her willingness to do whatever it might take to satisfy her masters and avoid another blow from the cane.

Her extremities were numb from hours of bondage in various excruciating positions. Every part of her body that still had proper circulation was in agony. Yet a part of her wondered why none of the men had actually attempted to fuck her yet. So far this evening she had done nothing but suck cock, occasionally experiencing the thrill of having foreign objects inserted into her lower orifices. She knew that at some point sex was coming, and as the evening’s tortures wore on she began to regard the possibility with diminishing dread and mounting excitement. She even subconsciously acknowledged that fucking these men would be a welcome alternative to further caning and forced oral sex.

As she sucked off a young redheaded private by the name of McAllister he took a moment to gaze into her eyes. Some of the men wanted her to make eye contact while she sucked them, gently tilting her head upward with a hand under her chin. Others insisted that she refrain from looking at them. The majority simply jerked her head up and down on their shafts, gripping her hair at the scalp and nearly spraining her neck with the stiff, forceful and repetetive movements of their arms. She particularly hated this form of treatment, and she actually found herself able to deep-throat the mens’ cocks more easily when she was allowed to move her head freely.

McAllister on the other hand was relatively gentle when his dick was in a girl’s mouth. He stroked her face affectionately as they shared their passing glance. He was just about finished with Megan but their fleeting moment of eye contact communicated a powerful and urgent message to him. He came inside her mouth and she slurped down his cum without batting an eyelash. He zipped up his trousers and whispered something into Fleming’s ear.

Fleming bore an expression of bemused skepticism. “You think she wants it? I mean, it’s been a couple of hours since the machine. She might not be the tightest fit.”

“Look at her, Fleming. She’s in fucking heat.”

Goosebumps stood out all over Megan’s skin. They were standing right behind her and talking about fucking her as if she weren’t there at all. It was turning her on. She shivered and blushed as another rush of adrenaline overtook her. Her pelvic muscles contracted and her sphincter clenched tightly around the burning ginger root inside her. It was like a burning hot coal inside her ass. She moaned a ragged, heavy song of torment yet she could no longer make a sound without conveying just a hint of whorish ecstasy.

She yelped softly and demurely when Barrington mounted her. She was still kneeling on the table with her ass in the air, her head and backside elevated roughly to the level of the mens’ waists. In this position they could fuck her from both sides, one cock in her mouth and another in her bruised and battered pussy. She entertained the boys in this fashion for another hour, barely noticing the penetration thanks to her preoccupation with the large, painful object embedded in her anus. The men tortured her with the root as they fucked her pussy, carefully wiggling the root in and out of her. The lubricant in her ass had begun to dry up and the root no longer slid back and forth without effort. Even expelling it would have been a challenge for Megan without assistance.

Meg shrieked like a cat and nearly leapt from the table when Fleming mounted her and started jerking the root back and forth roughly, fucking her ass raw with the dry, gnarled vegetable. As she tried her best to move her hips appropriately in response to the thrusts of his cock inside her pussy, he developed a rhythm of alternating thrusts with his dick and the root. He couldn’t wait for a chance to thrust his shaft into her derriere. Unfortunately the residual ginger would have rendered the act more than a bit uncomfortable for him at this juncture. He had to bide his time until they could get her to an outpost and clean her out.

As Megan squirmed and squealed in response to the motion of her irritating ginger buttplug, yet another sadistic idea crossed his mind. It was nearly time to let Megan have a break.

After all nine of the men had reached orgasm with the assistance of Megan’s mouth and cunt, four of them went back for seconds. The boys were beginning to tire and their cocks weren’t as sensitive as they were a few hours earlier. It took another thirty minutes for them to get their rocks off. The men left Megan kneeling on the table, cum oozing from her pussy and mouth. They were gone for what seemed like hours to Megan, only twenty minutes in reality. She could tell that they were engaged in a heated and enthusiastic debate. Finally all nine men poured back into the dining room.

“Flip.” spoke Cpl Barrington with a sly grin.

Pvt Nickels tossed a coin in the air and caught it on the back of his hand. The toss came up heads.

“Heads!” chuckled Barrington. “We were trying to decide whether you’d get another caning before your break. Looks like your tits are in luck, they’re going to get some new stripes to match the ones on your ass!”

Megan had no strength remaining for words. She simply continued sobbing while Fleming removed her ring gag yet again.

“Don’t worry, slut. We’re not going to make you beg for this one. We can already tell how badly you want it.”

With her legs and wrists chained to the spreader bar, she couldn’t make much of an effort to protect her breasts. She just grimaced and wept, shouting weakly when the cane slashed across her chest. Her tits began to swell as blue and purple bruises formed.

She counted twelve blows. The rattan cane landed with another loud crack. Thirteen blows. Then came the fourteenth. Megan began to feel detached from her own body, like an alien observer staring down upon her life from outer space. She could no longer believe that any of the things that were happening were real.

The fifteenth stroke landed on her right breast, grazing her nipple. She ground her teeth in anticipation for the following stroke, but it never arrived.

Fleming stood in front of her, waving the cane impatiently. “How’s that? What do you say, slut?”

Megan sat in dazed silence for twenty or thirty seconds. Fleming sighed and drew back his arm to deliver another blow. Megan’s eyes shot wide open and she panicked.

“Th… Thankyoufordiscipliningmemastersir! I love it when you whip my tits, master! The pain makes me horny, it does… I mean… it makes my pussy wet because I ‘m a filthy little pain slut! Please discipline me again master, sir!”

The soldiers laughed in unison while Megan’s face turned crimson. Her first day wasn’t over yet and the slut was already a professional. The boys knew they had done well in choosing their newest sex slave.

Megan drifted out of consciousness as the soldiers exited the room, leaving the bound, naked, battered, cum drenched girl to enjoy a rare moment of privacy. Suddenly she heard a knock at the front door so loud that it frightened her back to an alert, wakeful state.

She heard somewhere around a dozen men’s voices as another squad poured into her house. Now there were twenty men in the house, and every single one of them was there for no purpose other than to fuck and torture Megan. She continued to weep softly through her sore, dry eyes. Suddenly she heard a high-pitched moan from the direction of the kitchen. The soldiers had another woman with them.

She was laying on the couch, wearing nothing but her very special thong when he walked in the door. Laela lay on her back with her back arched in pleasure as she ran her hands up and down her body and moaned. Her eyes were closed but she heard him enter the room, feeling his eyes all over her. She continued to tease herself, softly pinching her nipple with one hand and running her other back and forth on her inner thigh, forcing herself not to touch. Attached to the thick strip of fabric in the back of the thong was a small slender anal plug, and attached just below it was a tiny wiggling toy almost like a finger. Both of the toys were connected to a tiny remote vibrator in the front placed strategically on her clit, sending her body into spasms of pleasure.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, longing to feel his strong hands all over her body.

“Come here,” she smiled, rolling onto all fours, biting her lip and staring at him. She thought of his big arms and hard cut chest, and contemplated jumping him right there. “I feel like I’ve needed you all day.” Laela ran her hands down her body once more, “Please, just make me cum.”

Jaxon smiled devilishly, and came to her at once. He grabbed her shoulders, facing her to towards him on her knees. “You want to cum, huh?” He bent down and breathed on her neck letting his hand slide down the front of her body curving between her legs.

“Uh huh. Yes, please make me cum” she said going crazy with anticipation.

The tips of his fingers rested on the base of the anal plug and he pressed it deeper into her. “Where’s the remote?” He asked, shaking the plug back and forth inside of her.

She reached behind the pillow on the couch for the small pink remote. She handed it to Jaxon, which he took with his free hand and he still pumped the plug in her ass. He curved his hand snugly to her crotch applying soft pressure to everything in and against her before quickly picking her up with the hand slamming both toys as far into her as they could go. She called out in pleasure as he rocked this hand rapidly back and forth almost sending her over the edge, before suddenly stopping and holding her there suspended in the air.

After a moment he set her back on her knees, and let her catch her breath for a moment while he examined the remote. “Level one huh? Only the lowest setting, Bae? You can do better than that, right” he teased reaching his hand up to turn the dial.

“No!” She yelled attempting to pull the thong away from her body. He stopped her grabbing her arms.

“You want me to make you cum or not?” He whispered into her ear.

“Yes, God yes, I do. But that will be too much-” she started before he put his hand over her mouth.

“Then we’re doing it my way.” He grinned again, and sat down on the floor, Indian style and leaned back on his palms. “Come here, Bae.” He added gesturing to his lap.

Laela walked slowly over to him, kneeling in front of him.

“Sit on me.” He told her simply. She wrapped her thighs around his hips running her hands over his shoulders and back. Jaxon slowly brought his hands forward and onto laela’s hips, swiftly slamming her body down against himself three of four times, making her scream again.

She pulled back upwards so as to try keeping him from being able to force her down. He must have noticed, because he grabbed her hips slamming her into himself over and over harder and harder, until she started shaking.

He stopped, leaving his hands on her hips and looking at her. “I told you to sit on me,” he said pulling her back down onto himself once more and holding her there for a moment before adding, “that means you don’t move.”

Jaxon stretched up and kissed her full and hard on the lips reaching his arms around her holding her down. She reached her hands to the sides of his face leaning into him. Laela felt her hips start grinding slowly back and forth against him.

He pulled away from her and smiled, “No, you don’t get to move. I want you to sit down on me as hard as you can and push those toys up into your tight holes” he pushed her hips down onto himself again holding her there again. “Don’t move an inch, or I’ll make you wait to cum even longer.”

“No, please don’t make me wait. I’m tired of these toys inside of me.” She panted, willing herself not to let her hips move. “I want you inside of me.”

“You’ll have to wait. You haven’t earned it yet.” He smiled at her, laying on his back and reaching for the dial on the remote once more. “If you want my dick you have to be good, and do what you’re told. Now don’t move.” She heard the soft click of the remote as she felt the small wiggling finger speed up inside of her.

Laela yelled out forcing her body to stay put on top of him. “Please.” She moaned, “Please let me fuck you.”

“You can beg all you want. I want to watch you go crazy.” He said with another click of the dial. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as she moaned louder and louder.

“I told you not to move,” he grinned up at her, clearly enjoying himself. “Now turn around, on all fours” his voice was strong, demanding. In a sense it scared her and she revelled in the fear making herself hotter.

She lifted herself shakily and slowly off of him, turning around and straggling him again.

“Now, don’t move. Or I’ll have to punish you.” He said.

*punish me?* she thought to herself, *this is punishment enough* Laela felt his warm hand slowly caress her ass cheek, squeezing it slightly. She moaned at his touch and instinctively pressed back into him.

Instantly she felt his hand move and come down on her skin hard. She sucked in her breath.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I need you’re dick inside of me, Baby please.” She begged, as his hand came down again. “Please.”

“Stop begging me and take your punishment. You disobeyed me.” Jaxon continued to slap her bare ass cheeks until he felt satisfied, leaving her perfect round ass red and hot from the pain. “Do not move this time. No matter what, or I’ll hurt you worse next time” he said laying one last blow across both her cheeks.

Jaxon clicked the dial twice and smacked her ass again. As she moaned louder, she felt his hands soft of her ass again, squeezing the meat and slapping her cheeks together rippling a hot tremor inside of her. He grabbed the back fork of her thong and pulled up on it forcing the toys into her from a new angle as he turned the dial the rest of the way up. Waves of pure pleasure flowed through her body as he pulsed the toys into her.

Laela collapsed forward onto her stomach and she heard the remote click off.

“You moved.” Jaxon said grabbing her hips and rolling her over lazily to her back. He was smiling down at her, sitting back on his feet.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, Baby. I’m sorry.” She apologized to his breathlessly.

“Oh are you all finished now?” He asked coily, lightly running the tips of his fingers down her body. “All cummed out?”

Laela nodded her head to him, as he smiled again and leaned over her. “That’s too bad, Baby. I haven’t even gotten started yet.”

Jaxon stood and left her laying on the floor. He returned after a moment with her secret stash of toys, dumping them all on the floor around her.

“Can I please take them out?” Laela asked pulling down at the top of the under ware. “It hurts, Baby’”

“Good” he said shoving the toys back into her with his hand again. “Because I’m not done with you yet.”

The previous two chapters in this story aren’t too necessary to understand what’s happening, but they’re a fun read for sure. All you need to know is that Katie is a cute 19 year old brunette with a great ass and a sick need for sex. After begging for my cum (and getting it), our sex gets interrupted by my gf Sabrina — a sexy blonde who doesn’t know I’m hiding in the closet as they watch each other masturbate. Sabrina has never had a lesbian experience, but she’s eager to learn. As the party outside the door continues, I try not to touch myself while she gives it a try.



I sat there in shock, watching my girlfriend crawl towards the hot young brunette who had just sucked me off.

Sabrina’s skirt was pulled up around her waist, and her white thong was pulled to the side. Her wavy blonde hair bounced as she crawled towards Katie. Katie sat up on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

Meanwhile, I sat in the closet with the hardest erection of my life straining through my shorts.

Sabrina reached Katie’s knees, and started kissing her way up the inside of Katie’s long, creamy thighs. She put her hands on the ground in front of her and leaned forward.

Katie bit her lip and watched in breathless anticipation.

Sabrina kissed her way up the inside of Katie’s left thigh. Her kisses were slow and wet – she was taking her time – but before long, her lips reached Katie’s pussy. She gently licked Katie’s outer lips on both sides.

Katie could barely control herself – all she wanted to do was slam Sabrina’s mouth against her pussy, to feel her tongue flick against her clit. But Sabrina resisted. She began kissing Katie’s other thigh, slowly traveling away from Katie’s glistening pussy.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled my shorts down to my knees and started stroking.

Apparently Katie couldn’t stand it either. She ran her fingers through Sabrina’s hair, and with a sharp jerk, pulled Sabrina’s head to her waiting pussy. But Sabrina was one step ahead. Just as her lips reached Katie’s clit, she shoved two fingers deep inside Katie. Katie’s jaw dropped and she released a breathy cry. Her heels lifted off the ground, and I could see her abs clench.

Sabrina got right to work. Her tongue licked lazily against the slick clit in front of her, while her fingers pistoned in an out of Katie’s smooth, wet pussy. The contrasting speeds were too much for Katie, and she fell back against the bed. Her legs were quivering and her body writhing as she reached out at anything – her tits, the bedsheets, Sabrina’s hair – anything at all to hold on to.

I could just make out Sabrina’s other hand reaching down to play with her own pussy – I had no idea my girlfriend was so good at multi-tasking.

After a few minutes of sloppy tonguing and breathless squeals of pleasure, Katie rose back up. It was clear that she was having trouble thinking straight, much less speaking normally, but between ragged breaths she managed to say “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

Sabrina licked the clit in front of her one more time and said “Never.”

Katie felt the lack of stimulation immediately, and it was almost painful. “Well, practice makes perfect.” With that, she grabbed Sabrina by the hair and shoved her mouth back up against her pussy.

I expected Sabrina to resist, or at least slow down, but the sudden force only made her work harder. She started licking furiously – you could tell she wanted Katie to cum as much as Katie did herself. And Sabrina wasn’t too far from cumming either. Then again, neither was I.

“Make me cum, Sabrina. Make me cum.”

Sabrina didn’t respond – her mouth was full. But I watched as her sweet moans sent shivers through Katie’s body.

“Pleeeeeaaaaasse,” Katie hissed through her clenched teeth. She pinched one of her own nipples and pulled on it till it snapped back. “Please.”

I watched as Sabrina’s hips began rocking. Her sexy ass was grinding against her hand, bouncing up and down on the heels of her feet. I knew she was about to cum.

It was a struggle for me to take my hand off of my dick, but I knew if I didn’t I would cum too, and I had resolved not to cum by myself with two hot girls 5 feet away. Still, it was a struggle.

And all at once, they came together. Katie, completely naked, started flailing and screaming. Her head whipped from side to side in passion. Sabrina’s orgasm was quieter, but maybe more intense. She started making a high pitched squeal into Katie’s now soaking wet pussy as her ass rose and fell faster and faster. She took her fingers out of Katie and reached back to smack her own ass. Katie’s orgasm took complete control, and her legs snapped shut, trapping Sabrina’s head against her clit as they finished their orgasms.

They stayed locked that way for a long time, Sabrina still licking, still humping her own hand, as Katie thrust her clit again and again to Sabrina’s talented tongue.

As their moans and screams subsided, something changed in the room. There was less urgency, but a new kind of passion sprung up, something neither person expected. Sabrina, legs shaking, climbed up onto the bed with Katie, and they just kissed. The kissed longingly, tenderly, passionately, but slow. They didn’t say anything for a long time, but simply kissed.

Sitting in the closet, I didn’t know whether to feel jealous or turned on. My throbbing dick told me that being turned on was just fine.

Then Sabrina pulled away, and smacked her lips. “You kinda taste like cum,” she said.

Oh shit.

So far, Lacey still had not discovered the identity of the masked woman she had called “mistress” in a shameful moment of weakness. Who had ordered her kidnapped? What kind of woman planned to systematically violate and break down another? Even now, several days later, Lacey shivered to recall the woman’s matter-of-fact statement that she planned to keep Lacey captive to use her body whenever she pleased. Was she a crazy fan, a random stalker, a coworker? How could Lacey be a “slave” to a woman whose name she didn’t even know? *I’m a person, not a– a convenience, damn it!* Lacey thought.

The dark-haired woman had seemed familiar. However, Lacey had been in too much distress—and, were she honest, too turned on—to try to figure out who the woman was. It was hard to correlate mannerisms to her mental rolodex when she was coming her brains out.

Lacey had been worrying away at the problem for several days now. In a way, it was a good distraction from the fact that she had not been allowed to come since the morning after the encounter with her mistress. Her groin felt unpleasantly heavy. Before all this had happened to her, she could not have imagined how intense the need to come could be. She’d made a career of denying her sexual impulses, jerking off as needed to relieve the pressure. But it seemed the ability to insert enormous items into her orifices wasn’t the only change the constant assaults had wrought in her body. She was distractingly, frustratingly horny.

When Eleanor announced that Lacey’s mistress had again sent for her, Lacey didn’t know whether she was more scared or relieved. Eleanor instructed Lacey to take off the robe that was the only item of clothing she had been allowed to keep.

With her characteristic cool manner, the older woman tied a blindfold over Lacey’s eyes and fastened her hands together in front of her. She towed the blindfolded girl naked through the ship’s corridors. Lacey was definitely scared now, feeling utterly vulnerable. Several times, they passed other people in the corridors. Two of them commented on her appearance, and one of them goosed her as she passed. Eleanor ignored her squeak at this sudden incursion by an unseen assailant.

Lacey stumbled slightly on the raised threshold as Eleanor pulled her into a room.

“I’ve brought your toy, ma’am.”

“Thank you, Eleanor,” answered the alto voice Lacey now heard in her dreams. “I’d like you to set her up for me over on the far wall.”

Eleanor again tugged Lacey by the wrist restraints to pull her across the room. Lacey was afraid there might be furniture or other obstacles, but, if there were, Eleanor guided her well enough around them. Eleanor dropped Lacey’s wrists abruptly, and Lacey stopped, too unsure of her surroundings to attempt to run. Eleanor turned Lacey firmly until her back and shoulders pressed up against the wall. It was cool and slick, a painted metal bulkhead.

“Attach that spreader to my slut’s ankles,” the woman instructed.

Eleanor buckled cuffs around Lacey’s ankles and attached an inflexible bar between them. It wasn’t very long, but it forced Lacey’s legs apart far enough that she couldn’t close her thighs to protect her crotch. She teetered slightly, and Eleanor shoved her back into the wall.

“Leave her wrists together, but fasten them up over her head,” the instructions continued.

Lacey found her hands pulled up tautly and hooked to something above her. Now she was stretched out helplessly, blind, her legs spread. Her arms weren’t uncomfortably stretched, but she couldn’t get slack to bend them unless she rose up on the balls of her feet.

Lacey could hear footsteps approaching. Someone stroked her cheek. “Mine,” the woman breathed. Lacey turned her head away, squeezing her eyes shut beneath the blindfold.

“Do you need any more assistance?” Eleanor asked.

“No, I think I’d prefer to do everything else myself. The personal touch. Just check the AV equipment before you go.”

The door closed behind Eleanor, leaving Lacey alone for the first time with her new owner.

“Alone at last,” the woman said. “You’ll have to get used to spending a lot of time alone with me. It’s so much more intimate this way, don’t you think? Just you, me, and the cameras?”

“Who are you?” Lacey demanded. The elusive familiarity of this woman was maddening.

The woman laughed. “I thought you might have figured it out by now. But I guess it’s true what they say: actors aren’t chosen for their brains.”

Without warning, she pulled off Lacey’s blindfold. Lacey flinched and blinked in the bright light. Her watering eyes took a while to focus on the dark-haired woman in front of her. “Angie!”

She felt like she’d been kicked in the stomach. As her manager, Angie was the only one who knew about the supposed part she’d gotten, the only one who knew that Lacey had been told to report for filming on boat. All this time, she’d been hoping that Angie, too, had been tricked, and that she’d get suspicious and report Lacey missing. Now it seemed her new manager wanted to own her, not rescue her.

“That’s *Mistress* Angie to you, slave.” Angie pinched Lacey’s nipple hard, increasing the pressure steadily.


“Ow, Mistress?” Angie prompted, clamping down even harder.

“Ok, ok! Mistress Angie,” Lacey said.

Immediately, Angie let up on Lacey’s bruised nipple, massaging it gently to ease the pain. “You see, good behavior is rewarded.”

“You can’t really be serious about keeping me as a slave,” Lacey said. She didn’t like the pleading note in her own voice.

“I guess you’ll have to decide whether you think I’m serious for yourself. But it will save your sweet little body a lot of punishment if you behave as if I am.” Angie didn’t sound like the prospect of punishing Lacey bothered her.

Angie turned casually away, opening a tool box off to the side. Lacey noticed for the first time that the wall opposite was entirely mirrored. She could see herself splayed against the wall, which featured many hooks, cranks, chains, and fastening points. Her breasts were pulled high and perky by the position of her arms. The nipple Angie had squeezed was deep red.

While Lacey had been distracted in horrified contemplation of her own reflection, Angie had found the items she wanted. She bent down in front of her captive and attached a dildo to a fitting on the wall between Lacey’s calves. When the dildo had been securely attached, it protruded from the wall like a coat hook. Angie made sure to coat it with lube before she stood up again.

Lacey’s eyes were wide with trepidation. “What are you going to do…mistress?”

“I’m going to play with you, fucktoy. Obviously. I don’t know what you’re worried about; as I recall, you very much enjoyed me playing with you last time. Repeatedly.”

Lacey blushed. She hadn’t wanted to come, had tried not to, but she’d been at Angie’s mercy. It was true, she’d orgasmed over and over. *But I didn’t enjoy it…no matter how good it felt,* she thought weakly.

Angie turned a crank on the wall next to Lacey. The dildo began to rise on a track. Lacey could see its slow progress in the mirror as it approached her crotch. She jumped a little when the head of the dildo brushed her buttocks.

Angie stopped cranking and reached between Lacey’s legs to caress her asshole. The spreader bar rattled as Lacey instinctively tried to bring her thighs together and deny Angie access. Angie just shook her head reproachfully, not even deigning to comment on this futile attempt at disobedience. She circled and palpated Lacey’s anus with her fingertips, slick with lube. Lacey’s breath caught as a finger slipped inside. Angie twisted her finger slowly in the tight opening, feeling the muscles soften despite Lacey’s attempts at resistance. She pulled out and carefully positioned the head of the dildo against Lacey’s anus.

When Angie began cranking the dildo up again, Lacey whimpered. The thick, slippery head forced its way past the ring of muscle, followed by the shaft as the dildo penetrated up into her rectum. The pleasure that accompanied it was as unwelcome as the fake cock’s intrusion into her body. Lacey almost wished that it would hurt; that would be less disturbing. But the cries that she was swallowing were not ones of pain.

The dildo continued up into her ass until she was hoisted slightly up off her heels. She was pinned to the wall like a butterfly in a collector’s box. Angie stepped back to survey the results. “Lovely.” She reached out to roll and tug at one of Lacey’s hardened nipples. Lacey’s clit twitched at each tug.

“Why?” Lacey asked, voice breaking. “Why are you doing this to me? This is rape.”

Angie didn’t stop playing with Lacey’s nipple. She smiled. “Yes, it is. I suppose there are two reasons I decided to make you my sex slave. The most important, of course, is that I want to. I enjoy making you please me, and now you have to do whatever I want, whenever I want. That slutty body of yours is very sexy, and I enjoy your reactions.”

She let go of Lacey’s nipple and turned back to the tool box. “The second reason you make a good choice as a sex slave is that you like it. You try to pretend you don’t, but the truth is that the more I humiliate and violate you, the hotter you get.”

“No,” Lacey said hoarsely. “That’s—That can’t be true. I hate what you’ve done to me. I don’t want any of it.” She eyed the vibrating egg Angie now held with apprehension.

“Hmm. Tell you what,” Angie said, weighing the insertable vibe in her hand. “I was going to shove this up your snatch. But I won’t if you aren’t enjoying this. There’s an easy way to find out.” Her fingers slipped through Lacey’s pussy. They came out, as both women had known they would, glistening with Lacey’s copious secretions.

Angie held this incontrovertible evidence up in front of Lacey’s face. Lacey dropped her eyes in shame. “Clean my fingers,” Angie ordered. Lacey obediently opened her mouth and sucked her juices off Angie’s fingers.

“Look at you,” Angie said, thrusting her fingers suggestively in and out of Lacey’s mouth. “You’re a natural slut. I’ve got you hung up like a slab of meat, and it makes you wet. You deserve everything I’ve done to you and more.”

She pulled her fingers out with an audible “pop,” then pressed the egg vibrator into Lacey’s cunt. “I know your cunt’s all sloppy and wet, but you’ll be sorry if you drop that.”

Lacey tightened her muscles to hold the vibe in, causing it to slide deeper inside. She couldn’t help moaning when Angie turned it on.

“I’m not going to touch you again until you ask me to,” Angie said. “That’s what you wanted, right?”

Lacey couldn’t answer. The combination of the vibrations deep inside her cunt and the thick cock in her ass was debilitating. Her head fell back on her neck. As her knees weakened, her arms and the dildo in her ass took more of her weight.

Her clit felt swollen and heavy. She craved release, and there was no hiding it. Hanging there, helpless to relieve the pressure in her clit, she saw that Angie had donned an impressive strap-on. The fake cock sprang up eagerly from Angie’s groin, brushing her smooth stomach.

Lacey squeezed rhythmically on the smooth vibe inside her. If she could trigger her own climax, she wouldn’t need to ask Angie to touch her. The egg-shaped vibe slid up and down inside her as she clenched around it, separated from the fullness in her rectum only by a thin wall of swollen flesh. Several minutes of this left her panting and dripping with sweat, but still frustrated.

Angie stood with crossed arms and an amused expression. “You look like a hooked fish thrashing on a line. Maybe we should post that video clip on the site as a free teaser; a lot more people will watch it that way, and it should bring in more subscribers.”

Lacey tried to ignore her, but she couldn’t ignore her growing need to come. *If she touches me, maybe I can come quickly and get it over with.* Juices coated her inner thighs.

Her willpower broke. “Damn you! Touch me and let me come.”

Angie didn’t even uncross her arms. “Now, now. That’s not a properly framed request, slave.”

Lacey swallowed hard. “Please touch me, mistress, so I can come.”

Angie was stroking the strap-on like a cock. “That’s a little better. But if I decide to touch you, I’m going to fuck that tight cunt of yours with this big cock, and I’m not going to stop until I’m done. I don’t care if you come or not. Tell me that’s what you want.”

Lacey felt a spurt of wetness from her traitorous cunt, which liked the idea of that strap-on deep inside. She had to clamp down quickly to prevent the vibrator from sliding out of her onto the floor. “Please, mistress, I want you to put that big cock in my cunt and fuck me.”

“Until?” Angie prompted.

“Until you’re done using me.”

Lacey’s cunt felt bereft when Angie pulled the vibrator out by its string. Angie soon replaced it, though, thrusting savagely up into the slick orifice with the strap-on. She was wet and open, and the cock slid in easily despite its size. Lacey gave an involuntary shriek of delight as Angie’s hips slammed into hers.

The dildo in her ass made the channel of her cunt even tighter around the strap-on, and she felt impossibly full. So full that there was no room for anything else inside her, no room even for her self.

The force of the thrust lifted Lacey slightly. As the thick strap-on withdrew, Lacey fell back down all the way on the dildo in her ass. Then Angie stabbed up into her cunt again. Lacey was fully impaled alternately on the two fake cocks.

She could feel them slipping past each other, separated only by the walls of her orifices. The fat head of the dildo in her cunt slid along the shaft in her rectum, squeezing the flesh in between. Angie was using her like a possession, a mere thing. Lacey felt like a thing, too, a body that wailed and shuddered and lubricated in unthinking pleasure while her conscious mind was unable to impose her will to stop it.

Each thrust of Angie’s hips drove hard against Lacey’s clit, which was swollen so full it felt like it might burst like a ripening tomato. Lacey mewled when Angie twisted her nipple again; the sensations from her lower body were so overwhelming, she was surprised to find more pleasure could still be wrung from her.

After only a few thrusts, Lacey suffered a massive orgasm. She screamed as the spasms jerked her limbs against her bonds and clamped her internal muscles around the invading cocks in wave after wave of blinding pleasure.

Angie gave a satisfied grunt, but did not otherwise acknowledge her slave’s climax. She continued to fuck Lacey vigorously. Lacey felt her own arousal growing again almost as soon as the orgasm passed. The cock in her cunt and the one in her ass combined to make her feel that Angie could touch every part of her, inside and out. There was nowhere to hide.

Lacey knew she should have been appalled at this violation, but all she could think about was how *good* it felt. Maybe Angie was right about her; maybe she was a dirty slut who deserved to be raped. If Angie kept her as a slave, she would take Lacey like this whenever she felt like it. To her shame, Lacey came again just thinking about it.

Angie’s breathing was ragged now, and her muscles stood out tensely. She thrust slow and deep into Lacey’s cunt, deliberately claiming her. Lacey knew she would be sore in a couple of hours, but, even after two orgasms, her cunt and ass were quivering with pleasure under the assault.

Angie slipped her fingers in under the strap-on harness to stroke her own clit. Lacey could tell Angie was close to coming, and she hoped she might be able to eke out another orgasm of her own. Her clit was swelling again.

But then Angie’s breath whooshed out as her climax hit. “Mine,” she growled as her twitching hips drove the strap-on repeatedly into Lacey’s cunt. “Mine.” She ground herself unmercifully into Lacey’s tenderized crotch until her release was finished, then withdrew.

Lacey hung on the wall, wet to her knees with her own cooling juices. The dildo hooked in her ass dug in deep as she slumped. Pressure beat with her pulse in her clit. She sobbed a little in frustration when she realized Angie wasn’t going to let her come again.

I imagine you coming home tonight, surprised how all your snow chores are done. You walk into the house and it’s warm, there’s a light in the kitchen, and you enter, curious about what you’ll find. As you enter I turn around and smile. I’ve been hard at work at the stove, cooking our diner. You can tell that a soup is bubbling away, perfect for this cold winter night.

As you walk in, I lower the heat to a simmer and then walk over to you. We hug and kiss lightly before you drop your bags and books that are weighing you down. Unceremonially, you plop yourself down in a chair and in a moment you feel my hands upon your shoulders. You moan softly as I help pull out some of the tension that you’ve been holding onto.

I massage you for a bit, but not long enough for you and when I stop I grab your hand and pull you into the bathroom. When you walk in, your eyes take a moment to get adjusted to the lower light level. The bath has been drawn and is still at a very warm temperature, and there are candles flickering to illuminate the room.

You smile as you feel my hands go to the hem of your shirt. I slowly pull it upwards and over your head, mussing your hair in the process. Then I wrap my arms around your waist and move down to the buttons on your pants. I undo them, drag the zipper of your fly down and with my fingers wrapped in your belt loops I gently pull them down.

You are standing in front of me with only your black bra and panties, and I whisper into your ear “You were a good girl for me today, weren’t you?”

You moan an mmmhummm and sigh. I undo the clasp of your bra, letting you feel the weight of your breasts for the first time today. There’s a deep red line where the bra strap hugged your body all day long and I scratch it. Then my hands slide down to your panties and I pull them downwards until gravity takes them to the floor.

I can tell that the crotch is soaked as you walk out of them and into the bathtub. I lean down and kiss you softly as your breasts bob up and down in the water. Then I gather up your clothing, and put them away in your laundry basket.

While I am gone, you are enjoying the water on your skin and start washing off the sweat and stress of the day. You dunk your head underwater and wash your hair.

When I come back, you are almost done. I kneel down next to the tub and grab the pouf. After I drizzle a bit of body wash on it, I bring it down under the water and scrub your body. I give special attention to your pussy, ass and breasts. When I’m done washing you, I let go of the pouf and then run my hands over your body to remove the soap.

I lean down and kiss you while at the same time pulling the stopper in the tub. You feel the warm water drain off your body while being kissed and it is a unique sensual experience. When the water finally drains completely out, I stand you up and then take the shower head and rinse you down one last time.

The hot water feels good as it blasts through your hair and then plays along your sensitive skin. When I shut it off, you are a little disappointed. I grab the towel that I have on the sink and start drying you off.

Feeling your softness under the terry cloth is a quite arousing. When you’re dry, I wrap your hair in the towel and bring you into the bedroom. Helping you into the bed, you lie down and I kiss you with some passion.

“I’ve wanted you for my appetizer all day long.” I say softly directly into your ear.

My lips follow your curves, down through your cleavage and across your belly. When I get to your crotch, I gently spread your legs open. It’s like opening up a spice box, and your sweet aroma makes me salivate instantly.

I lean down and softly kiss your closed pussy. Spreading your legs wider I lean down and lick along the length of your slit. I slowly lick upwards, feeling the textures and tastes change as my tongue slides over your pussy. I love tasting you, feeling you, smelling you, seeing you, hearing you. There is no better way to experience your arousal as completely.

I continue to lick you and your body is responding erotically to each and every move. Without warning I grab your legs and push them up towards your head. Your ass is accessible now and I lean down and lick around your asshole. Your moan is practically a shout, partly out of surprise, and partly because what my tongue is doing feels so fucking good.

I trace the outside of your hole, feeling your rosebud tighten and relax as my tongue travels around the edge. I’m running in circles around it and then start flicking my tongue up and down over it. Your hand shoots out and grabs mine as I fill your body with pleasure. I move your hand to replace mine, so now you are holding up your own leg. Then I take my free hand and move it down to your pussy.

I push my tongue along your asshole and my nose slides into your pussy. At the same time my fingers find your clit and I start rubbing it. Your body is now rocking as your hips try to find a rhythm. Your moans are becoming more and more urgent as my fingers and tongue move more rapidly. Finally your other hand finds my head and pulls me into you.

I move my tongue with a quick little flourish and that sets you off. I feel your whole body tense as you get right up to the edge and then with loud moan your body jumps off the bed like an over-wound spring. Your legs clamp my head as your hands tangle themselves in my hair. I feel the first streams of liquid as you start to squirt all over my face. Every muscle in your body is convulsing around me as continue to lick and rub, trying to keep your body riding each wave of orgasmic bliss.

When your body becomes too sensitive for more, I crawl up beside you and rest my dripping face on your breast and just hold you while you come down. I can hear your heart beating hard within your chest as you pant, trying to catch your breath. Your whole body is limp, and while normally your hand would be on my back, holding me, you don’t even have the strength for that.

When your panting becomes more under control, I get up and help you into some fuzzy warm pajamas. Then I bring you into the kitchen and serve you some well simmered soup.

As you take the first spoonful, you look at me with pure lust. I smile and we both know that as soon as we’ve gotten some nourishment, we’ll get back into bed and have the energy to finish what we started…

When your soup bowl is empty, it just takes one look in your eyes to tell me that your appetite is not yet satiated. No the emptiness that you just filled is replaced with another that only my cock could fill. I feel it too, the need for you is growing deep inside me. That look you are giving me with that mischievous smile on your face gets my heart racing.

I pick up the soup bowls and rinse them out quickly. I slide them into the dishwasher and then head to the stove and put the cooled soup into the refrigerator. A quick wipe down of the counter and table, and the kitchen is clean. I look over to you, and I can tell that you enjoy being taken care of.

I smile at you, and lean down to kiss you softly, my hand wrapping around your back, pulling you upwards towards me. Your body feels so good against mine and as your hands wrap around me I’m in heaven. Your touch has me hard and throbbing in my pants and I can tell my briefs are soaked through with pre cum.

Reluctantly I pull away from your lips and I feel the air of the house, cold and dry. I moan softly as I look into your eyes, you are just so perfect to me. My eyes travel down to your lips, and I can’t help but return your huge grin. It’s that grin of yours that tells me that you’ve got something planned.

I head into the bedroom, and you’re right behind me, literally. As I stop to flip on the lights, your arms go around me and pull me back against you. Your hands are on my chest which feels incredible. I love the juxtaposition, your soft body against my back and ass, and your hands hard and firm against my front.

It does not take long before your fingers have found their way to my buttons and you eagerly start undoing them. The bedroom’s heat is turned up, but it the air still gives me a slight chill as your hand move lower and lower. You tug my shirt up out my pants to reach the final buttons.

As soon as the last button is undone, your hands go to my bellybutton, and then move upwards against my skin. You pull be into you and its exquisite to have your forearm against my stomach. Your hands squeeze my breasts as you nuzzle against my back, deeply inhaling in my scent. You know how to make me feel so wanted and appreciated.

As you hold me, I can tell your hunger is growing and you move your hand down to my hip. Using my belt loop for leverage, you spin me around, keeping your arms under my shirt while you do. Now, my shirt is open and your hands slide across my skin to my back. Your fingers dig into my shoulders and your palms press into the very top of my shoulder blades as you pull me down into a hungry kiss.

As we kiss our hungers grow until we are both completely starving for each other. Your hands are digging into my back, feeling my muscles under my skin as I move my arms to pull you closer to me. My hand goes to your head, and I pull you into me. At the same time I walk towards you, pushing you backwards. In a few steps you’re trapped between me and the wall as I eagerly kiss you.

You are moaning into my mouth, your body writhing against mine. You know how I love your body, the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it smells, the well it tastes, the way you hold yourself. With your body pressed against me, feeling you move against me, I am so turned on that I’ve become a little manic with desire.

Your hand drops off my back and lowers down to my crotch. I love the way your hand cups my balls, feeling my hard member, making me throb in your grasp. As you squeeze me, I moan softly letting you know how good you are. You’re obviously enjoying teasing me, but at this point I need more than that.

My hands go to your shoulders and I my fingers wrap around them. I push you back firmly, trapping you against the wall and forcing your hands down to your sides. My lips go down to your ears and I breathe out, forcing my hot moist air against your sensitive earlobes. When you hear me say, “I want you,” you squeak in delight.

Still holding your shoulders tight, I lick your earlobe and then lightly drag my lips along your jaw line to your lips. I kiss you with a desperation and your hands make their way the button of my jeans. Distracted by the kiss, your fingers fumble for a bit until you are rewarded with the pop of it getting free. Immediately after that success, you fight with the zipper tag until you win that battle.

With full access to the contents of my pants you slide your hand in. When your palm cups my dick it throbs, adding even more pre cum to the already soaked cloth. I want nothing more than to feel your skin against mine. Your hands slide over my briefs and when they get to my hips, you grab my pants and pull them down.

My pulse is racing, driving my body along. My hands loosen my grip and run them over your body. Even under the thick fleece you are wearing, your nipples easy targets. With one hand I grab your ass, and using the other palm I rub circles right over your nipple. Still kissing, you moan deeply directly into my mouth and I breathe it in.

I need more; it’s not just desire, but an urgent physical and psychological need. My hands move back to your shoulders again and I desperately push you down to your knees. As you move down our lips break apart and I realize then that my lust for you has overcome my unconscious need to breathe. I gulp for air as I look down at you. You are staring at me with those beautiful eyes of yours, framed by your glasses, your hair curving around your face, drawing my attention down to your amazing breasts.

As I absorb your sexuality with my eyes, your hands move to the waist band of my briefs and lower them down to the ground. I lift my feet up, one at a time, and you untangle me. Then I shrug my shoulders and my shirt slides off my body and pools into a pile behind me. My eyes move away from your heaving chest and back to your eyes. I can see the lust that I’m feeling reflected in your gaze.

You smile widely as you lower your eyes to my bobbing cock. You stare at it, and when you notice the glistening pre cum at the tip you lean forward and bob for me. The first thing I feel is your tongue glide against the tip of my dick, and I moan. Encouraged, you open your mouth and take me in to its wet warmth.

You sit up onto your knees, and in this position you’re better able to take my cock into your mouth. Looking up at me, you try to smile, and while you can’t quite, you look as sexy as hell trying. Your hands move up my legs and one finds a home on my hip and the other on my ass. Still looking up at me, you pull yourself forward onto my cock. I let out a grunt of pleasure.

As I start to get lost in the bliss you’re giving me, you lower your eyes and shift your focus completely onto my cock. You’re moving up and down my cock, and it feels better then fantastic. Something about the way you grab my ass to pull you on to me and push my hip away adds to the eroticism of it all.

My legs are starting to shake and my hands grab your head to steady myself. With you for balance, I spread my legs apart so I can have an easier time. You adjust your own height and now no longer need to hold on to me. Your right hand goes to my cock while your left starts to play with my balls.

Oh god, it feels so good to have you stroke my cock while sucking me. As one hand gets more tangled in your silky hair, my other moves down to your cheek. My thumb is absent-mindly stroking your cheek as you suck my cock.

Your eyes look upwards and find my gaze again. When you have my rapt attention, you turn your head a bit and open your mouth wide. You start sliding my cock into your mouth so it rubs against your cheek and with my hand there I can feel every movement. At the same time you’re licking the other side right under the crown and using a light tickling touch around my balls.

My hands clamp tighter against you and I grunt. “Oh, god, this is getting to be too much.”

You slide my cock out of your mouth and between pants say, “Then cum for me.” As soon as the words are out of your mouth my cock slides back in. My hips are rocking back and forth as you work your magic. Between your fingertips on my balls, your tongue on my cock head and your hand on my shaft I can’t take anymore.

By the time I say, “I’m going to cum,” you already know. You feel my ball sack tighten and move up to my body and the first strong throb along the length of my cock. At that moment, you do that secret little trick only you know and push me over the edge.

I look down at you as get pushed over the edge. You’ve got a serious look on your face as you concentrate on getting me off. The second that the first uncontrolled throb you open your mouth and lean back. Your right hand is stroking my cock furiously as the first shot flies out and lands on your cheek. As it hits you your eyes shut tight and your smile widens. The next jet lands in your mouth, right where you want it. As I continue to cum more and more cum pools into your mouth and it looks incredible.

When I finally stop cuming, you open your eyes and look up at me through your glasses. I can clearly see you swirl your tongue through my cum. When you close your mouth and swallow, it is so erotic. You open your mouth and show me what a good girl you were and smile at you. You lean forward and lick the little drip of cum at the tip.

I move backwards towards the bed and lie down for a second. You move into my armpit curl up. Listening to my heart beat gradually slow down and feeling my chest no longer heaving you smile. You know that in a few more minutes round three can begin.

When I stop panting and start breathing normally you know that playtime will be resuming shortly, and you can’t wait. You roll onto your back and stretch, arching your back high into the air.

I roll onto my side to get a better view of your body. You look fantastically sexy in that position. My dick is still soft, but the way your body looks stirs something within me. I need more of you, and you feel a need for me just as desperately.

As you arch your back more, your shirt slides down to you breast line, revealing your scrumptious belly. As your stretch concludes, your back lands on the mattress and you lift your hips. I expect you to stretch some more, but instead your hands go to your waist band as your remove your pajama bottoms. When they are on the floor you sit back up and remove your shirt completely so that we are both naked. You look incredibly alluring.

With your body on display for me, my mouth is open and I am salivating. You smile as you bend forward, giving me a terrific view of your cleavage. My hand reaches for your body and just my fingertips touch your soft skin. My hands feel all over your body, but I take special notice of your stretch marks and other imperfection.

As I lovingly touch you, your cheeks get red and you want to hide. You are so sensitive about your own body, you hate that as you’ve aged, that your body has betrayed you. Still, I touch you, gently, caringly, until I lean down and brush you with my lips. As I kiss you I moan a true appreciation of your body, and for the first time you see yourself as I do, a goddess made real by her uniqueness. While this doesn’t make you completely comfortable, it does make you happy. You relish being accepted and appreciated, and you feel yourself relax.

Smiling, you look at me, your hand running against my back. My skin feels your touch like an electric shock, but I don’t stop exploring your body. I am too excited by every curve, every bit of you. No matter how many times I’ve explored your body, I never tire of it, in fact I only anticipate the next opportunity I’ll have to explore again.

Below my lips, your skin is waking up. I feel your hairs rise as goose bumps cover your skin. The room has warmed up, so I know that this is a reaction to my touch and I love that. I love discovering your body’s reactions to my touch and it only encourages me to explore you further.

I drag my lips across your skin, up from your waist, along the side of your body, to the side of your breast. You squirm a little as my lips pass; you are a little bit ticklish. My lips lift off your skin, but I’m still close enough that you can feel my warm breath against your flesh. I hover over you until my mouth is just above your nipple.

Your nipple is right under me, and I love how the light pinkness contrasts to your pale skin. My mouth lowers and I lick across your areola, missing your nipple entirely. I lick a square pattern around your nipple making sure to not touch where you so desperately want my touch.

As I lick your areola, I can feel your skin tighten. It feels so good and when I lift my head up, I can see your skin knotting under me. My eye glances over to your other nipple and I can see just how tight and straining the one I’ve been playing with is. You look incredible.

I lean over your body, and you can feel the heat radiating off my chest and onto your aroused skin. I kiss right below your other nipple. My lips lift off your skin and kiss you again and again, making a circular pattern around your areola. You are moaning and your body is writhing beneath me, willing for more.

I am lost in the sensuality of your skin and the reactions of your body. I am not sure when I notice that your hand has tangled itself in my hair, but I am aware of you leading me to your nipple. When you feel my lips close to your nipple, you shift slightly and push down, forcing your nipple in to my mouth. I am dimly aware of you moaning my name, you commanding me to lick your nipple.

I had talked to him for a couple of weeks now. Claimed he was in the lifestyle. He said that he was a dom. He would make all my fantasies come true. I would laugh him off, he talks of chains and whips. ” What kind of dom needs to tie his sub down? Are you that insecure in yourself?”

He never did like when I would say things like that. He would try to convince me that he could handle me. Convince me that we should meet and find out. I asked him what made him worth it? Never really answering me, he would vaguely talk of all the pleasure he would give me. Talk dirty to me on the phone, making me wet. I could hear him on the other end stroking it hard, balls slapped against his thighs, his voice would get deep, muffled. I would always cut him off, hang up before he came. I never allowed him to cum for me.

Another week went by, he would make advances, I would dodge them. He was starting to get frustrated, this I could tell. Then one day when he calls, his starts the dirty talk. His voice is different, sounds more of a strained anger, more than pleasure. He talks of handcuffs, I say uh uh. Once again, he is showing controlled fury in his voice. “How can I dominate you, when you won’t let me tie you up?”

I laugh, angering his little male pride more. ” Why does it matter who is the dominate one, it is all for my pleasure anyways.”

Silence on the other end. Minutes went by without him saying anything. I laughed a little on my line, asked him if he was all right.

Finally, he spoke. Voice choked he uttered one word. “Defeated.”

Once again I laugh. ” What do you mean by that?”

“I just realize now, everything you have been to me, all these weeks of torture, you was preening me. Getting me ready for you. Letting me know what you want and how you like it. All this, to prove a point, so you win. I am yours however you want me.” As he says this, his voice has took on a bewildered, stunned quality.

“Good, so now you are up to speed. I want you to write me a story of how I dominate you. I expect it tonight before you can go to bed.” I hang up immediately. Smiling to myself, pleased that I have found my next toy.

Through emails and text, I instruct him of the meeting time and place. He is also told to not allow himself to cum, untill meeting me. This is a week away and I hear some reluctance in his voice. “If you can not handle this small inconvenience, you surely are not ready or worthy for me. I have certain like and desires, if you can not meet those requirements, this is a waste of both of our times. I need you shaved, on time and obedient. Is that too much to ask of you?”


“Then do as I say and stop making me repeat myself.”

Hanging up, I feel a bit of aggrivation. This is going to have more resistance then I thought. I just might have to beat the dom out of my new toy.

The week has past with speed, now moments before his arrival. I look in the mirror, adjusting the black laced up corset. Running fingers over the lace panties, dipping inside for a moment to tease the soft folds. Bending over to tie up my boots, loving the feel of the the thong pulling taut against my ass.

The door bell rings, once then twice. I leave the living room to go to the foyer. Checking my makeup in the mirror as I pass it to open the door.

This is the first meeting, although I have seen pictures, it’s hard to get the aura of a man on paper. But oh what a man you are standing before me Much taller and wider shouldered than I expected. Your chest was hard and solid, legs thick and rough looking in your jeans. Shirt open at the collar, light hair wisps poking out. Tanned face, brown eyes, black/brown hair. I look him up and down for a moment, pleased at what I see. Watching his eyes roam over my body, somehow darkening with lust. “Do you like what you see my little bitch?”

His eyes snapped up to my face. I couldn’t quite put a finger on the emotion, fear, intimidation, lust, and desire all lingered there. “Oh yes. Yes mistress.”

“Good, now come in.” I close the door behind him. Instructing him to go into the living room, sit on the couch. I linger in the kitchen, pouring two glasses of vodka with a few cubes of ice in each.

Vodka in hand, I walk back in to the living room. Feeling his eyes on me, making me wet feeling his need. I hand him a glass, taking a drink of my own. Enjoying the burn as it goes down my throat. I watch him take a drink of his, hands shaking just a bit. My pussy responding to his fear, starting to ache. I stand there in front of him, scantily clad, enjoying being on display. My large breast heaving out of their barely there restraints. I down the rest of the vodka, putting the glass down on the table. I click the music on, a soft seductive song, man and womens voice crooning in the house now. My hips start to sway to the music. I start to slowly dance around him, never taking my eyes off of his. I could see his cock pushing against his jeans, swelling. I cup my breast with my hands, other hand lowered in to my panties. He can see my panties move while I play, hiking one leg between his legs as i touch myself. I put slight pressure on his jean cladded penis with the tip of my boots. His sharp intake of breath floods my pussy with hot sticky juices. My panties are starting to get soaked, I can feel wetness slide on my inner thighs, making them slick against each other. I back up away from him. He is told to take my panties off and get on his knees.

On his knees, I take the back of his head, burying his face into my wet pussy. I climax almost immediately. Grabbing his head hard so he can not move as I ride his face and tongue. Moments after first, my body is convulsing with my second. As heat and pleasure wave over my body I grab his hair and jerk him away from me. My breath in gasp I leave him kneeling on the floor, my nectar all of his face. “Wipe your face, you have pussy juice all over you! Why are you so messy?”

Wiping his face on his shirt, he starts to get up. Pushing him back down, I tell him to crawl to my bedroom and pleasure me more. Pleasure his mistress. That is his sole purpose for being there.”

Following me in to the bedroom, still on his hands and knees. “Stand up, strip, then assume the position.”

He immediately jumps to his feet. Jerking his clothes off, distinct sound of buttons popping as he went. HIs hard tanned body coming in view in the dim light. Just as quickly, he was back on his hands and knees.

“Now I want you to recite your story to me.”

He starts to begin his story, his voice was sexy, husky. You could hear the desire in his every word. I told him to look forward as his eyes roamed the room searching for me. Standing behind him, I grabbed my silver bullet. Nestling it against my clit, I climb on top of his back, legs straddling each side. He stops talking as I do this. My wet pussy moistening his back. “Did I tell you to stop?” To emphasize my point, I slap his ass hard with my hand, making it sting at the fingertips. He bucks underneath me, rubbing the bullet against my nub hard, causing me to cry out.

He takes that as his cue and starts to continue his story. I turn the bullet on, low at first, getting faster and faster till it is on full power. As he talks in that sexy voice, words turning me on as much as his voice, I start to slowly ride his back. Grinding my pussy into his back, grinding the vibrator harder against me. I grab his shoulders, using my grip as leverage to slide against him. Heat rising, I feel myself about to cum. My nails digging it to your back as I climax hard on top of your back . My juices running down the sides of him. Still he talks finsihing his climatic end to his story. Voice is lower and breath is coming in shallow gasps.

Bending over, pressing my lips to his ear, “Did you like pleasing me my little bitch?”

“Yes! Yes, mistress.”

“Would you like to please me again?”

“Oh yes, Mistress!”

I climb off of his back. I stand in front of him, making him arch his neck to look up at me. “Take off my boots, now bitch.”

He scrambles to get to the zippers, sliding them down and off of me. I shrink several inches losing my heels, although at 5.9, I am still tall. “Now take your hand and feel how wet you make me?”

I close my eyes as his fingers probe my pussy, inserting one finger in to me, I hear him groan.

“It is wet, eh? Would you like to feel my wet, hot, tight pussy surrounding your cock?”

“Yes, please mistress.”

“Lie down on the bed, now!

His member was hard, jutting out. I straddled his knees. Rubbing my hands on his chest, stroking his hard cock. I hover over him, leaning down I kiss him hard on the mouth. My hands between us, guiding his pulsing cock in my opening. Stroking it faster with the head, just barely in the opening. So he can feel the heat and wetness emanating from my pussy. No longer able to wait for sweet penetration, I lower down on him fast, taking both our breaths away. His cock, slams into my tight pussy, stretching it, burying inside of me. I cry out in pure pleasure as I start to bounce hard on him. My mind whirling, I am climaxing all over his penis. He starts to tighten up. I immediately stop. His eyes flashing to mine.

“Not yet, my dear. You have to control yourself. You are not allowed to cum untill I say so. You are not allowed to cum no where but where you are allowed! Understood?”

“Yes” The one word came out strangled, almost painful sounding.

I start to move again, riding him slow and hard. Pulling groans and moans out of him. He starts begging to let him cum. I do not answer, I just pick up the pace, grab his shoulders and grind into his hips. He is suddering under me, barely breathing, breaths are so shallow, barely audible. I cum again, screaming out, pressing him as far as I could inside of me. I roll off of him, just laying next to him, pussy pulsing and throbbing. I start to rub my clit. ” Kneel over me, I want to watch you touch yourself and cum.”

After what could only be described as a whimper, He kneels before me, touching his self. Stroking it hard, eyes locked on my fingers in my pussy. I rub my clit faster, urging him to pick up the pace. His stroking, matches my fingers thrusting. His dark eyes never leave my pussy. Him watching me turns me on even more.

“OH yes, does that feel good? You are so hot, standing there. Touch yourself and please me. I want to see you cum, I want you to cum on my tits, all over my tits. I want to watch you spurt all over me.”

“Please mistress, let me feel your wet insides again.”


I raise up a bit, still fingering my pussy, so close to the edge. I grab his balls, pulling on them. I order him to cum, now!

He moans loudly, cum starts coming out of his hard cock. He spews his cum all over my chest. I start to rub my hands over them, massaging his cum on my tits and stomach. I lean up suddenly, taking his cock into my mouth. I hear his strangled cry, as I deep throat his penis, swallowing all the cum. I grab his ass cheeks and ram his dick deeper and harder in my throat, gagging on his cum, as he cums down my throat. I push him away from me, coughing, choking a bit. I laugh. “Well then, you have seemed to make a mess. Now come and wash your mistress, bitch.”

Home for the summer, well part of it anyway, and boy was it hot out. I’d forgot how humid it got at home compared to at school. Just over 80˚ and it was sweltering, too hot to do work without dripping in sweat. But the lawn at home grew so fast, unless it was mowed once a week it got entirely out of hand and the mower would jam on all the grass.

I always mowed barefoot; it felt so much more comfortable than wearing shoes or sandals so my feet always got rather green after several hours of mowing. Today I was listening to the Invisible Man. It gave me something to do rather than just pace. The invisible man is a prick; he took stray cats and experimented on them until he made one invisible, then rather than pay rent he turned himself invisible. Arrogant as they come he assumed he was now invincible and went out in the world naked only to discover it was cold and people didn’t avoid invisible people. So he had to clothe himself pretending to be a burn victim while he tried to become visible once again. He soon ran out of money and eventually turned to crime, again believing he was invincible tried to instill a ‘reign of terror’ and ended up getting killed.

I stopped when the book finished and happened to be in the northwest corner of the yard next to our trampoline. Despite the weather over the years it was still in good condition, no doubt protected some by the pine trees that surrounded it. I swept the needles off and lay down, it really was hot out and I was in no hurry to finish the lawn. So many times did I lie on this trampoline and stare at the clouds pass overhead. The trees shaded the trampoline so other than a small window from eleven to noon the sun didn’t shine on the trampoline directly so it was cool in the shade. I could still do all the tricks I taught myself on it, flips forward and back, aerials, donuts, kip ups, and all the best spots to get the most spring.

My sister was a gymnast for a while and while I never really got a chance to be one, we practiced together and I could do everything she could except touch my toes. I was just considering bouncing around for a while despite the heat when I heard someone walking up.

“So you’re back for the summer too?”

It was Lydia my neighbor. I never really got to know her very well. She only lived on the other side of a small forest between our house and the road but I rarely saw her. We didn’t go to the same school and the trees were more than enough to completely block the view from our house to theirs. She must have heard the mower and come to see who was mowing or something. I wasn’t complaining. Lydia was a year younger than me, between my sister and me and the last time I saw her was probably between eleventh and twelfth grade and she was very wiry then. Since then she had stayed very lean but her chest had filled out some and her hair was smoother than before.

“Yeah, got back last week actually. Where did you end up going?”

“The U of M, I didn’t want to be far from home.”

“How do you like it?”

“Fine, I guess. I’m glad its over though, now I can work on my tan without having to study.”

I couldn’t help but think how I would like to see her lay out tanning. Her shirt was so tight and I could make most of the features on her body and that there was no bra line.

“Well you can tan right here if you want, I just finished mowing that part of the lawn, the grass is very soft.”

“Alright, why not.”

She pulled out her iPod and lay down in the grass. I stood up from the trampoline and walked back to the mower. It was odd seeing Lydia like this, she very rarely came over, let alone of her own volition. In fact the last time it was for a neighborhood party. We both played on the trampoline at that party. She was amazingly tough; we got rather brutal in our “fights” on the trampoline, winner was the last one standing. I remembered actually kicking her full in the chest and even winded she still refused to let me win. Blood was about the only thing that stopped us, and not just a bloody nose. It was a little hard to imagine that the babe tanning on the lawn was the same tough girl from that party. After an hour or so I finished mowing the lawn and walked back over to Lydia.

She asked as I walked up, “you remember when we fought on this as kids? What did we call them?”

“I think they were Cheeto Championships or something stupid like that.”

“They were really fun, no one plays that hard with me.”

“Yeah, you were really tough back then.”

“What do you mean back then?”

“You still think you could play?”

“Play, I’d win just like I did then.”

“Oh, really. That sounds like a challenge to me.”

We both got on the trampoline and bounced around a little warming up. I definitely sank deeper than I did when I was younger, the trampoline might too have gotten weaker.

“Same rules as before?” I asked.

“No leaving and first to be down for more than 3 bounces loses.”


Lydia did not waist any time and got a good bounce going and started to time her bounces to draw strength from mine and make mine weaker. Straight attacks were used but this was a game of timing, pull their feet as they bounce to high so they can’t land, absorb their bounce so they crumple on landing, even change direction and force them off balance. Lydia now had a new advantage, as I was sure she was aware. Her unbound tits bounced with each jump and I was all too fascinated with their progress.

“Your timing is off, you distracted by something,” she said as she bounced close to me.

“Only lulling you into a false sense of security.”

“Really?” she landed in a squat and absorbed her jump just as I fell into her trap. She absorbed the force of my fall as I landed and she took all my power and launched into the air causing me to stumble and almost fall, “see I thought that was something you avoid.”

Damn she bested me; even with my weight advantage she stole my jump. I would have to get her back for that. She was jumping too high and her jumps were easy to time as she had so little control on her fall. I moved so I was right in front of her and grabbed her legs pulling them up as we went in the air, forcing her to land on her back. Then landing about the same time I squatted to absorb my landing and she bounced back up into my forearm as I planned. Her body wrapped around my arm and she dropped back to the trampoline.

“Ahhhhuhh, my stomach. I’m done, pick me up.”

Great now I’ve done it, I basically beat up a hot chick into leaving. I reached out to grab her hand but before I knew what was happening she was pulling me down into her foot. I had barley enough time to twist and keep from being kicked in the groin before she flipped me over and hopped up.

“The pathetic sissy girl, works ever time.”

Okay now I was pissed, she only got to play cry wolf one time. Next time she will have wished otherwise.

Prancing around she taunted, “You know I think we should raise the stakes. When I win, you have to mow my lawn too.”

“And what about when I do?”

“That’s easy, you don’t.”

As we circled each other I knew what I wanted to win. This tough little girl was going to be my prize. She was wearing dark blue shorts; higher than her knees but not overly short they nonetheless hugged her ass and I wanted a piece. As we passed close I smacked her ass. She didn’t comment but I saw her close her eyes and her head leaned back as I hit and she inhaled. I timed the jump and stole her jump smacking and lifting her ass as I launched into the air.

“You naughty boy, you keep spanking me and I haven’t even done anything wrong.”

“Its cause you like it.”

This time I pushed her chest making sure each hand came into contact with her tits. She fell from the force of the push but got right back up. It must have hurt but she showed no signs of pain as usual. Rather she jumped at me and tried to push me over. I countered by catching her, falling backward, and bouncing back up and spinning her so her back was to me. Grabbing both her tits I said in her ear, “you can’t help but throw yourself at me, can you?” and threw her away. She rolled and got back up, her face slightly red.

We circled again and this time she came from above feet first. Managing to dodge I reached up and grabbed her shirt so I pulled it with me and as she fell and I bounced up. She was not prepared for this at all so I pulled her shirt right up over her head and off her arms. Tossing it on to the lawn I turned to her and said, “whoops, I guess that fell off the trampoline. If you want you can surrender and get it.”

“I’m not going to let you win like that cheater. You took it off you go get it.”

“Well I like it off, and if you won’t get it I guess the game continues.”

I sprung at her and again pushed her down feeling her soft tits against my palms as I forced her down. She got up and took a deep breath, as I must have knocked the wind out of her. She bounced around, her tits bouncing with her. I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched her. I smacked her ass again, she moaned aloud this time but I soon found out it was too effective a distraction and doing a backflip over me she kicked my back and forced me down.

“Can’t focus with a sexy little college chick bouncing around can you? I guess you will just be stuck mowing my lawn wishing you had this.”

Nothing hurt other than my pride I jumped back up. Yes I was going to have her all right; this little bitch was going to be mine. But first she had to learn her place.

I circled so she had her back to me bouncing around her so she could not face me. Jumping forward I grabbed her again pressing my body to her still bouncing I held her body. My hand was on her tit and my other hand pulled on her crotch pulling her into my cock.

“Actually I am going to have you. But you’re going to beg for it first.”

“I won’t beg.”

“Won’t you?”

I slid my hand inside her shorts and grabbed her panties. We had slowed our bounce and jumping suddenly I lifted her panties up pulling them into her pussy.

“If you won’t beg you will jump.”

Stopping myself I lifted her panties pulling now with both hand lifting her almost off the ground and forcing her to jump. When she fell back down they pulled on her and made her cry out.

“Jump again, this pussy is mine and I want to all warmed up.”

Again she was forced to jump to relive the pressure only to have it spike as she came back down. Again she cried out body recoiling from the shock.

“Is that all you got, I got better wedgies in grade school.”

I severely doubted this but I did my best to lift her off the ground and by jumping, managed to so. This made her winch and moan.

“Time to take off those little shorts off unless you want to keep jumping?”

She unbuttoned her shorts and they slid down and she kicked them off the trampoline near her shirt.

“That’s right, my little slut. For being such a good little slut you get to jump again.”

I pulled up and she jumped and as she came back down I jumped to maximize the force on her. I could actually feel the panties tear some as she landed and Lydia cried out again tears now in her eyes.

“Does it hurt, here let me rub it, it will feel better soon.”

I slid my hand over her pussy and massaged her outer lips. She moaned again winching and her head fell back on my shoulder. Massaging her lips for only a few seconds I pulled her panties out of the way and pushed my fingers inside her. Lydia started to move her ass sliding it along my cock and pushing my fingers deeper in her wet pussy. Pulling hard on her tit one last I moved my hand to her throat. Squeezing I restricted her air and pulled her close to me, with my fingers I moved faster and rougher bouncing slightly from the force.

Despite the muffling from her throat being restricted she made out, “You’re going to make me cum … don’t stop.”

“I didn’t hear you ask permission,” and I tightened my grip on her neck, again increasing my tempo on her pussy.

“Mmmh,” she managed through my chock hold, “let me hhhh cum.”

I slowed my fingers and she moaned trying to rub her pussy on my fingers, “what’s the magic word?”

“Please. Please don’t stop I’m so close.”

“That’s getting better.”

“Please, sir. Please let me cum.”

“Good girl.” With this I threw her back down. “Now undo my pants and suck my cock.”

She looked back at me and stood up. “You prick I was going to cum and you stopped.”

I slapped her face and she fell back to the ground. “You will cum when I tell you too cum. Right now I said suck my cock.”

Face red either from my slap or embarrassment she crawled over and started to undo my pants. My cock was rock hard and popped right out when she pulled my boxers down. Without further hesitation she put her whole mouth over my head and sucked on it. Her tongue rolled around and she even grabbed her tit as she sucked the head.

“Now that’s better, ahhh yes suck that cock.”

I ran my fingers through her hair feeling the smoothness against my hand. Reaching the back of her head I started to apply pressure and forced her lower on my cock. I kept pushing and her head sank lower and lower on my cock. She wasn’t even resisting now and I felt my cock on her throat. I was now pulling her hair to keep myself sane, she started to gag but still did not push back. I sank my cock all the way in balls pressing against her chin and held her there. Her hand was on her pussy and her other pulling on her tit. I quickly pulled out of her off my cock, strings of saliva hanging from the tip and she gasped for air, chest heaving.

I circled around her running my hand through her glorious hair. Yanking back on it I pulled her head so it was vertical. I slapped her face with my cock.

“You suck cock good, but I want to see you play with yourself more. Cum for me while I fuck your face.”

Forcing my cock back down her throat I set my balls on the bridge of her nose pushed her down into the trampoline making her bounce back on to my cock. Already she was gagging but her hand was squeezing her nipple so hard her gingers were white and her hand was inside her pussy. Still she didn’t push back, her body was gyrating and she was moaning around my cock. I pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her face. Pushing it back in I slapped her face again.

“I told you to cum for me. I’m not going to take this out until I see you cum.”

This seemed to excite her more than anything so far so I drove into her even harder. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and her hand was soaked from her pussy juices. Suddenly she was screaming around my cock and the trampoline was wet a she sprayed it. Yanking my cock out I slapped her again.

“Look what you did now. You got the trampoline all wet.” I forced her down, “lick this shit up.”

Walking around her she seductively licked up her juices. She wasn’t just tough; she really liked it rough. Walking around her I took off my sweaty shirt and rolled it up, ready to snap it like a towel.

“Please Sir, I’m licking, I’m licking, don’t you like my ass in the air like this.”

“You are enjoying this too much I think, clearly this is not a punishment enough so I though you could use some encouragement to wipe that ridiculous smile off your face.”

I smacked her testing to see how hard she could take it and she merely squeaked out a moan of pleasure. Swinging back I smacked again much harder, and leaving a painful looking red slash. She moaned again.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

I snapped her again on the other cheek and she pushed her ass up at me.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

This time I snapped her tit and caused it to swing back and forth under her. This actually caused her to inhale but she continued in the same tone.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

Exploiting her visible unease I snapped the same exact spot on her tit harder this time. Her response was a bit more biting this time.

“THAnk you sir, may I have another.”

Moving to her other side I snapped her again on the other tits aiming for the nipple. Before she could respond I rushed in close and pulled on her nipple.

“I don’t appreciate this attitude, you are enjoying this still. How am I to punish such a naughty girl?”

I stood and lifted her panties pulling on her so hard her knees came of the ground. I dragged her across the trampoline and throwing her down I straddled her almost naked body. Sitting my full weight on her she looked up and me and giggled.

“Are you going to ravage me now big boy?”

I slapped her face again and she just smiled.

“I said you were going to beg for it and I meant it. But I’m only human and I admit that these tits you have been taunting me with need attention.”

I took her hands and tied them behind her head with my shirt to the pole.

Grabbing my shorts and making sure to rub my cock all over her face in the process I reached into the pocket. Inside I pulled out a small fishing packet, full of line, lures, weights, and hooks. This actually caused a flicker of fear in her eyes. Seeing this I pulled the largest hook out on a small amount of string and swung it in front of her.

“What’s that I see, is our tough little girl afraid of a little piece of metal. You’re wearing earrings after all. What could there to be afraid of? Your nipples would look good with a ring, or a lure even; you could really tease the boys then. No, well maybe your clit, I hear girls have orgasms getting it pierced.”

She was clearly uncomfortable now wiggling around under my weight.

“Going somewhere? I seem to remember you trying to get me to, what’s the word, ah yes, ravage you only moments ago.”

Bending down I suddenly took her nipple and bit it and grasped a full of her other breast in my hand. She moaned and inhaled now I wasn’t sitting on her chest. I sucked it as hard as I could into her mouth. Her tits were very soft and I could pull them very far from her chest. The more rough I was with her the more Lydia seemed to squirm and moan. I was unrelenting; I sucked, pinched, bit, squeezed, slapped and fondled her tits until she gave in.

“Oh my god, my pussy is dripping. Play with it please I am so close.”

I paid no attention to her and continued to play with her nipples, until I reached over and grabbed some fishing line. Wrapping one nipple I pulled and Lydia squealed in pain as I cinched it tight.

“I see I am finally getting through, not so tough are we.”

Pulling on her nipple with the line I pulled her tit over and Lydia tried to roll with my pull. I stopped her and held her down with my hand. Grabbing the other nipple I tied another knot trapping it. Forming a loop I made it so the two were connected by one piece of line. I yanked on the line and it gave the desired effect.

“Oh my god! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! My nipples can’t take anymore. I want you inside me.”

I slapped her again.

“Use your manners I will fuck you when and how I damn well please.”

Saying so I yanked her panties off, which were soaking as she claimed and stuffed them in her mouth. Her pussy was beautiful, it was slightly red so enflamed as it was and visibly wet. She was shaved bare and her lips looked so inviting.

“You will not cum until I say you can or I send you home without this cock or your clothes understood?”

She nodded and I bent down and licked the inside of her leg right next to her pussy. Lydia let out an unintelligible cry and bucked. I licked the other side for a similar but more subdued response. Gripping both ass cheeks I pulled the full of her pussy onto my face kissing her lips and inhaling her sweetness. I then licked around the outside of her lips pressing my tongue in ever so slightly. I circle clockwise then counter-clockwise and ended on her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers and paid special attention to her clit and flicked it back and forth with my tongue. Lydia’s torso was unbelievably erotic at this point her whole body undulating and moving in response to the pleasure I was giving her. When I bit down on her clit she spit out the panties and begged.

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