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Felicia always seemed to be a sweet girl and was always very innocent. She was extremely beautiful and had a perfect body. DD breasts and a large bubble butt that gave any man a raging one just to see her walk. She had an hourglass shape with brunette hair and blue eyes to get lost in. She would always show her body off wearing tight clothes to and from the gym she works at. She was supper model height for a lady and was absolutely jaw dropping all the way around. What people didn’t realize was her wildly horny side.

Yes, Felicia was always horny and she never knew why. She never bothered to question it. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her after two years of pleasuring her and she didn’t know what to do without him. She would have to find a alternate release. She would masturbate but it never seemed to do the trick. She would soon learn her problems would be over soon.

To get to her gym she had to cross a college campus. This campus was the Shawnee campus. She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym.

It was any other normal day except Felicia wasn’t here to work out today. She planned to just fill out some papers and take some checks to deposit. Today she wore short jean shorts that showed off the very bottom of her ass and a pink thong and sports bra. She walked across campus as she got looks from just another every guy there. She loved the attention and even gave a couple of winks on her way to the gym. She unlocked the door and went inside to her office. It was closed on Sundays so no one would be there. She went into her office and sat down.

“God I really don’t want to do this” she said to herself as she booted up her computer. She hated doing this and keeps meaning to remind herself to hire someone to do it for her. Again she would likely forget. She went away filing papers and entering new members into the computer. Finally she would take the checks to the bank and return to finish up.

“What could I do to make this interesting” she thought and had a light bulb go off. She pulled her jeans down and moved her thong to the side. She opened and door and pulled out a butt plug. She lubed it up and slowly in and out got it to go farther and farther in. She moaned the whole time and finally it went in the full way.

“Ahhhh, that never gets to be an old feeling” she would wear it to the bank and back while walking the whole way. She pulled her shorts back up and walked out. She hoped someone might notice as the thought of their reaction turned her on. Well, more on than before. She walked the full half mile there not trying to hold her walk steady making it pretty obvious. She’d never done this before and kind of liked it. She then returned to the gym and found the front door wide open.

“Shit how did I forget to lock?” She asked herself. Then she realized her shenanigans made her lose focus. She walked in slowly after shutting the door behind her. It didn’t seem anyone was there and she walked to her office where she took her plug out and put it back. She finished up and left her office.

“Hello Licia,” someone said in the dark. She was startled and couldn’t see a thing. She knew only one person called her that and his name was Mark. She struggled to find the switch and turned it on to find ten guys all in the newly lit room. She fell backwards in astonishment.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? You know the gym is closed on Sundays,” she yelled in frustration and approached Mark.

“Sorry, we just thought we’d surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous,” he said as she got right in front if him.

“Well don’t do it again, you almost killed me,” she said, “What do you want anyways?”

“Ahhhh that’s the surprise,” and quickly two guy grabbed her arms and tied them above her head to a rope on the ceiling.

“Fuck Mark! What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Well we know how horny you get and thought we’d show you a good time besides we all graduate in a few months so we thought we would give you a parting gift.

“What are you going to do to me!?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Shhhhh enough questions,” said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. They were thought to get off with the extra size she has. They all pulled their shorts off leaving some naked and others with just their underarmor.

“Please don’t!” She yelled. Some thing was telling her not to do this as they removed her thong and exposing her most private areas. Her tan line appeared all around as Alex slapped her butt a few times.

“Mark will you do the honors?” He asked. Mark didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate as he was in black sleeveless underarmor. He rubbed her pussy as she became hot.

“Damn, you’re moist already!” He shouted as the others laughed. Mark was definitely the biggest she’d ever seen. He grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them around her as her arms kept her upper body in check. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10″ cock around her pussy lips. He plunged in as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh my god! You’re- you’re huge!” She cried out as Mark pumped in and out.. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her body was all in but her mind told her not to like it. His cock was so big and fat it spread her pussy wider with each pump. He then reached around and shoved three of his fingers inside of her asshole. He stopped and made her lick them clean before continuing. Alex came up behind her started to play with her asshole. He then removed her sports bra revealing her large breasts to everyone. He slapped them a few times and spit on her asshole. He put the tip of his cock onto her asshole and slowed plunged his way in.

“Hey guys, she prepared her asshole for us! What a good slut!” He said and slapped on of her titties. Mark leaned over and started to suck on them.

“Oh my god! Guys! Please! Stop!” She yelled at her double penetrators. She’d never done this before. Her body was slowly melting not it. Her juices pushed past Mark’s fat cock and drip onto the floor.

Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. She could barely hang on. She couldn’t as her tits were slapping together with each upward movement.

“Oh my god!” She cried out. Mark pulled out as her juices soaked the floor. Alex kept going which only made the orgasm more powerful and last longer, “Ah! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Alex was pumping so hard his balls were slapping into her wet pussy. Alex almost came and didn’t want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly. He let her down as she could barely stand up. They cut her lose a spend she fell to the floor in her post orgasmic rush.

“I want all of you to have a turn with me,” she said in between breaths. She got smirk on her face as she realized she was about to be gang-banged by all of these men. She licked her lips in lust as they all approached her.

On her knees like a repentant bitch, Sarah’s big round ass was high in the air awaiting her punishment! David’s strong hand came down hard on her sexy round butt, spanking it moderately. David stepped back before lunging forward again, spanking her other cheek. “You’re my bitch!” David demanded. He stood beside her and spanked her again sharply. Sarah yelped as she gratefully received David’s full penance! “Fucking Slut!”, he decided.

“I’ve been a bad girl!” confirmed Sarah. “I need to be taught a lesson so that I’m never bad again!” she insisted.

“You’ve been very bad. Such a dirty little slut…” explained David. Spanking her again, he added “you are going to be taught a lesson that you will never forget!” David proceeded to spank Sarah’s juicy bum everywhere through her jeans, from the thighs to her lower back. Sarah moaned accordingly!

Ever since she seen David on her internet camera, she dreamed of him spanking her! They first met on a chat room. They got talking, then finally showed each other pictures of themselves. David was a cute, sexy man – Sarah was hooked! She used to wave her gorgeous blonde hair at him over the camera and noticed how he smiled when he noticed her. It was easy for Sarah to talk about her fantasies and sexual desires to David. He always listened! So it was only a matter of time until she wanted to see him in the flesh.

From the top drawer of the wooden chest, David pulled out a strange looking thing! There was a large metal ring with another smaller metal ring inside it, impressed slightly. There were black straps hanging from it. He brought it over to Sarah who was sitting on the bed and raised it to her flinch-less face. Forcing the strap through the buckle at the back of the mask, the inner ring pressed into her mouth forcing it open. Sarah couldn’t close it. She breathed heavily through the metal ring, as David went back to the chest of drawers.

In David’s hand were two pairs of metal handcuffs! He grabbed Sarah’s arm tightly and cuffed it with the black pair of handcuffs, chaining it to the furthest pole at the corner of the headboard! Jumping over her to pin her other arm down, the blue handcuffs secured her other arm to the opposite corner pole.

Sarah tried to sputter something but the gag on her face muffled it into abstract primal noise.

“Be still!” ordered David, as Sarah realized she couldn’t be heard! David was now tying belts around her left ankle. With a strong tie he then yanked the belt down to the bottom right corner of the bed and fastened it over the metal bar in the corner.

He went straight over to the right leg and did the same. Sarah’s muffled sounds came out rougher than before. She was trying to tell him something! David didn’t seem to care. “Just sit still!” he commanded.

Sarah couldn’t move. Her four limbs were stretched tightly to each of the four corners of the beds. Trying to move her head to the side, she noticed that the head mask had been tied to the headboard too whilst David had been up at her arms tying them. David left the room.

Two minutes later when he returned, Sarah’s anxiety had build slightly. She was in it for the long haul now. She couldn’t talk. David had a pair of scissors in his hand!

Sarah whimpered and tried to sound something, but it came out ape-like! David took the scissors down near her ankles but she couldn’t see him due to her head being forced back. She could feel a tugging sensation at her jeans, followed by a ripping noise. Shortly afterwards she could feel fresh, colder air brush against her shins. He was cutting up her jeans! She could feel him moving up her thighs as the ripping, severing noise got louder and closer to her. David stopped. He went back down and started on the other legs.

After he stopped, he eased the wasted jeans away from under her legs and threw them to the corner of the room. Sarah could just see him smiling. He must have been looking at her pink cotton panties!

David grabbed the scissors and disappeared out of her view! Sarah felt his hand on her belly as he reached around tugging at her blue top. Sarah was self-conscious about her little belly, despite David explaining to her over the internet many times how cute he thought it was. Then came the ripping noise again! Her sky blue top was coming off too! The bottom of the scissors tickled Sarah as they slowly worked their way up between her breasts to her neck, gnawing at the material before retreating down her left arm. Then it was going back up her right arm.

David pulled the destroyed blue top away from under her and admired her pink bra. “Mmmmmm!” he sounded as his cheeky grin came back upon his face, now easier to see since he was closer. “I’ve got a surprise for you!” he announced.

Sarah whimpered in the mask again. A little bit of spit had built up from all her heavy breathing and trickled down the side of her cheek. She stopped her futile efforts at trying to communicate. She wondered what the surprise was!

Now cutting away at her bra straps, David effortlessly removed the bra, exposing her gorgeous pink nipples. They were stiff! David teased them with the tips of his fingers and ran them across like he was drawing a line through the condensation in a steamy kitchen window, prodding slightly. The combination of fresh air and David’s touch sent pleasant shivers all down Sarah’s young curvy body.

David had left the nipples to start cutting away at her panties. The cold metal of the scissors tickled her inner thighs as he detoured his cut around the side, respecting her young, sensitive crease. The sexy little pink panties came off as easy as the bra! The nice air got to her, spreading her primitive scent in the air for David to take in.

Sarah felt a softness on her outer lips too soft to be a finger! The slick warmth probed her slightly. Then she felt it glide slowly up her vaginal crevice, rubbing her stiff clitoris on the way! David’s tongue ravished at her, lapping at the slick moisture now dripping out of Sarah’s pretty vagina! Sarah moaned. She wanted more! David’s tongue penetrated deep into her glistening, tight socket and gently skated across her salivating clitoris.

Sarah’s moaning intensified as David concentrated on her clitoris, with what could only be fingers pumping in and out of her hole. David really knew what he was doing, because Sarah’s climax was building up fast!

There was a noise outside. Even with all the stifled moaning, it could be heard. Sarah heard the front door opening! She tried to move away but couldn’t! David made an amused noise as he left the room, closing the squeaky door behind him. Sarah tried to get away but she was stuck tightly at all corners of the bed and by her head. She couldn’t do anything but look up at the ceiling.

Sarah could hear chatter from the hall outside. She supposed that David had left the door unlocked and some of his friends had come in unannounced. Then she remembered him locking the door as they came in. The room door creaked back open again, and the chatter got louder. Sarah could hear heavy footsteps all over the room. The chatter quickly died and was replaced by a strange silence, only broken by brief male noises of acknowledgment and almost-audible whispers. Lying there completely naked, Sarah felt a gnawing at her right ankle and jumped the two eighths of an inch that the restraints would allow. She could only see brief shadows from the very bottom of her eye but there must have been at least 3 people in the room, maybe 4.

“This is gonna be sweet!” said one of them. Sarah’s anxious body tried to compose itself, but it tensed up.

“Blindfold!”, she heard one of them say and they all seemed to agree. Right enough, out came a black cloth-like material and was fastened around Sarah’s head, covering her eyes. Sarah reverted to her primal whimpers, as she felt many different hands caress her naked body simultaneously. Two rough hands were groping her breasts, one circling her belly, and a further pair rubbing up and down her sides. Another hand ran across her vagina. Sarah was still moist from moments before when David had his tongue deep inside her, nearly sending her into an orgasm.

A tongue lashed at her pussy, this time rougher. It couldn’t have been David. This tongue never knew what it was doing. “Get her legs up higher!” instructed an older man. He sounded in his forties, Sarah thought. This man’s minions untied the belts that held her legs in place then grabbed Sarah’s legs firmly so they couldn’t kick.

As her legs were raised, Sarah felt another man get under her on the bed. He grabbed her hips as the two minions lowered the legs, then tied them back up higher up on the bed railing. The man underneath her had a nice aftershave, thought Sarah as he ran his hands round her curvy sides. Her ass was resting on his belly!

Sarah felt one of the guests grab her mouth gag. He was trying to bring it closer, but her head wouldn’t budge. Then she could smell cock! The man slid his penis through the metal ring, resting it right in her mouth. Sarah let out a stifled grunt as she tried relentlessly to move. The man started masturbating in her mouth, as his balls jiggled against Sarah’s chin.

Just when she was getting used to the smallish cock in her mouth, the tip of another pressed into her pussy and remained there. Sarah grunted! The cock forced further into her stretched open pussy. She was dripping now. It came back out then went in even further. One of the men at her feet let out a sigh, and with that the cock in her pussy thrust deep inside her. She yelped in pain. The cock was gigantic! Sarah tensed up as the man withdrew the cock from her, but the pain remained. With his next thrust, the man on her pussy slid his well-built appendage back in sharply. Sarah could feel it right under her belly! It was painful for Sarah, but hot to be filled up so well. The pain grew less with every thrust inside her, and started becoming masked by the pleasure the penis was bringing to her pussy. Sarah moaned.

The cock in her mouth was getting harder now, and Sarah could hear the man on her mouth breather harder. Just then the man underneath her, wriggled about. Sarah had practically forgotten about him! His cock was pressing against the right cheek of her pump. Now it was erect from all the thrusting the man on the pussy had been doing.

The man underneath wriggled more aggressively and his hands grabbed Sarah’s bum. Sarah soon felt the tip of his cock knocking at her asshole. It wanted in! Sarah had tried anal sex once before but hadn’t enjoyed it. She didn’t like this idea!

“Don’t worry darling. I’ve got plenty of lube on.” Announced the man underneath her.

Sarah whimpered a little bit as she knew what was coming next. The man on her pussy was still going slowly, breaking her pussy in to be able to fully fit his cock. The man in her mouth was still masturbating, as if on standby, waiting for a signal. Sarah felt the man underneath her spank her ass cheek, then she felt his penis dig its way into her anus. She tensed up in pain! The man started thrusting underneath her.

Oddly, Sarah noticed that the pain had disappeared! All she could feel was pleasure building up in her pussy from the monster cock inside it. Tingles ran through her pussy to her ass now, spreading the pleasure. The fucking got more aggressive.

Sarah was filled with cock! She had always dreamed about this, and now she was really getting it. She started moaning louder, but there was a cock in the way, being stroked in her mouth. She could hear all the men groaning now as they upped their game. Sarah wondered how good it would feel to make three men cum at once. They were headed that way.

Sarah’s pussy was electrified as the big cock in it stretched her to the limit! There was a finger on her clitoris too rubbing it — maybe a fourth man, she supposed. It felt nice in her asshole, as the man underneath her growled. Sarah felt his warm milk start to fill her up as his dick twitched inside her anus! She felt the big stallion cock in her pussy buck as it expelled it’s lava deep into her vagina, whilst she was milking the cum out of the cock underneath with her virgin-like asshole. Sarah moaned like never before as she came around these two cocks! Her waves of euphoria engulfed her entire body

Just then, the man at her mouth roared and furiously spurted into Sarah’s forced open mouth. She was forced to swallow it just to keep breathing! The semen was delicious, Sarah realized. Another angry spurt sent a big thick string pinging off her tonsils, nearly making her choke. Sarah swallowed it and recovered. Another spurt! Then a feeble dribble formed a puddle at the back of Sarah’s mouth she swallowed it, still reeling.

Sarah felt fresh cum land on her tits and chin. The other man must have been masturbating over her. He made no noise, but made a large mess. Sarah could feel it dripping down her neck and breasts like it was glazing on a delicious donut. All the other cocks were still in her, spent! To exhausted to be pulled out she imagined. Then the cock left her mouth. There was quiet chatter in the room of a congratulatory nature. The quickly-softening monster penis slid out from her pussy, followed by the man underneath wriggled away from under her.

The men all left the room. Sarah could feel all the cum trickling out from her pussy and anus. A few minutes passed! She heard the front door leave and being locked. Footsteps came through to the room

“Well…” said David. “That was a lot of fun!”

Sarah made another animal noise. It came out incoherent as per usual, so David untied her head from the headboard and undid the black strap at the back of the mask to remove the gag. David looked into her eyes. Sarah’s mouth was open in awe.

“I’ve never came like that in my life! When can we do it again?” she told David, as he undid the limb restraints and lay up behind her on the bed to spoon her and tell her how pretty she looked.

“So what guy were you?” asked Sarah.

David said nothing!

“Aren’t you going to tell me?” she asked.

“Maybe one day.” Replied David.


I listened to the sound of my car sputtering and losing power. I yanked the wheel to send it to the side of the road into a dirt ditch. After trying to start it up again and only succeeding in flooding the engine, I reached for my cell phone and suddenly remembered I had left it at home because it wouldn’t fit into my cute new purse. I slammed my hands against the steering wheel in frustration.

Damn. Damn. Damn! I had just come from a very fine date, gotten well fucked several times by my man of the moment and was feeling just fine and full of my sexual power, driving along home late at night on a lightless winding canyon road.

Now this. Not a great ending to a great night.

I got out of the car and opened the hood. I looked inside in the mass of incomprehensible hoses and gadgets. I walked around the car, kicked a tire in frustration and peered down the pitch-black road both ways. I had better try to flag down a passing motorist for help, if I could find one this late at night. I hadn’t noticed any cars for the last several miles, ever since turning onto this road as a matter of fact. That wasn’t good.

So here I was, alone on a deserted back canyon road wearing a short skin tight white tank top with no bra that barely covered my tits and a short denim ruffle skirt with no panties. Great.

The look is fine when you are going on a fuck me date, but out here? I must look like some sort of hooker… or worse.

Though the evening was warm, I shivered. And waited, leaning up against the car with my arms folded in frustrated impatience.

After several minutes, a pair of very bright lights appeared in the distance. They approached and slowed down, finally pulling up behind my car. I heard a pair of doors open and slam and peered into the blinding glare. I could make out four large dark shadowy figures coming forward through the brightness. One of the shadowy figures materialized rather suddenly into a large man.

“Help you with anything, Ma’am?”

His eyes wandered slowly up and down my frame, and I crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly a little afraid. Why didn’t I wear jeans and a sweatshirt to my date? Jake would have fucked me if I had shown up dressed in burlap, for God’s sake. But noooo, I had to show off and take control of him from the very beginning, laughing as he drooled over me from the instant he opened the door of his apartment. He begged and fawned and kissed up until I finally let him fuck me. Several times. Hard and fast and furious.

The way I wanted it. The way I like it.

“I am having car trouble,” I managed to stammer.

“Well, little lady,” he drawled, leaning very close to me, almost pinning me to the hood of my car. “I think we can help you out.”

I tried to slide out of reach, very nervous and suddenly very aware of my vulnerability. His arm shot out and blocked my exit.

I was really afraid, now. “I think I’ll wait for the….” I stopped, trying to clear my head, “…for the police. Ummm, I called them a few minutes ago on my cell phone.”

The man lazily looked me over and glanced inside the car where my open tiny purse was clearly visible with its meager contents strewn across the seat.

I made a dive for the door handle, but he grabbed my arm and twisted it painfully behind my back. He swung me around and I was presented to his companions, my breasts thrust forward, straining the thin fabric of the tank top.

“This here nice lady needs us, men.” The men hiding in the brightness laughed, the sound eerie in the deep darkness surrounding the brightness of the headlights.

“What say we give her what she REALLY needs…?”

With that, he pushed me forward into the light, past it into the blinding darkness, and with very little effort, lifted me into the cab of a large black truck.

Before I could scramble across the seat and out the other door to free myself, the door opened and another man climbed into the truck.

“Where you goin’, sweetheart? We all gonna give you all the help you need!”

The other men piled into the wide bench seat of the truck, the one holding me lifted me onto his lap.

I struggled and finally found my voice. “Please…. please….. let me go!”

The man next to me reached out to touch my face. “You don’t want to be out here at night… very dangerous. All kinds of wild animals…”

The men all laughed at this quip.

One of then men brushed my right nipple through the thin fabric of the tank top with the back of his hand. It instantly crinkled at his light touch. The light brush turned into a squeeze…. his large hand covered my breast, lifting, squeezing and pulling at it.

Another hand touched the top of my thigh, moving up, reached the hem of my skirt, and lifted it.

“Hey!” he exclaimed as his fingers found my short-cropped bush. “She ain’t got no underwear!! Out here on the side of the road wearing practically nothin’, just begging for it!”

Suddenly, several hands were pulling up my skirt, revealing my naked pussy, still slick with cum from my earlier date.

Calloused fingers rubbed my clit and roughly probed my nakedness. A pair of fingers entered me. My breathing quickened in spite of myself as my body responded to these crude men and their rough sexual handling.

My shirt was suddenly yanked up, exposing my naked breasts.

“Holy shit… look at the size of those!”

“Fucking A, man, pull over!”

The man driving shook his head with amusement. “We’ll be there soon, boys. Then we’ll have some fun…”

The dark man holding me on his lap pulled me over on my side, revealing my ass to the blond man sitting next to him.

The blond slapped my ass hard several times; the cracking sound punctuated their laughter. Unseen hands moved over my bare rear end, running down my crack, pausing to push at my asshole. I jumped and began to squirm again. Oh god, no!

Suddenly the truck turned sharply off the road, and went bouncing across what may or may not have been a dirt road. The truck stopped so suddenly that I was thrown off the man’s lap into the dashboard. I blacked out for a second. I came to and dazedly felt the rising lump on my forehead.

The men pulled me from the truck. I stumbled to the ground, two of the men held me up to keep me from falling. The bump I received on the head had taken the last bit of fight out of me.

“Over there.” The driver gestured toward what looked like a tiny cabin barely visible in the darkness surrounded by tall trees. “You know the drill.”

The men dragged me, stealing squeezes and flipping up my skirt, spanking me forward when I stumbled. They stopped in front of a large tree with a horizontally hanging branch about six feet from the ground.

“Go get the rope,” one of them growled.

A rope? My mind was still fuzzy from the bump. I could barely think. I had no idea what was going to happen. I heard footsteps running through the leaves, and after a moment, they returned.

My arms were stretched up and tied to the branch, so high I couldn’t even bend my elbows. Oh my god. They were tying me up. I tried to put up a struggle, but I had no chance against four strong men, especially in my dazed state.

I tried to think and shook my head. Too late. The rope was knotted expertly and quickly. They grabbed one of my ankles and pulled it straight out to the side, and tied it with a length of rope leading to another tree. The other leg was tied the same way. I was spread wide.

My top was yanked up over my naked breasts. My short skirt was lifted by the wind that whispered through the trees. The breeze caressed my bare wet pussy.

I shivered. I was helpless. Completely helpless.

I tried weakly to pull free. My breasts bounced and swayed with my movements. The men laughed at my struggles.

“Don’t worry, baby,” one of them said, cradling one of my heaving breasts with both hands and gently sucking on the nipple. “We gonna give you what you really need.” His soft sucking suddenly turned into a bite and I yelped in surprise.

“Oooooooh, a sensitive one! Just a little love nibble, my sweet,” the blond man said. He pulled a length of cloth out of his pocket and roughly tied it around my mouth. The cloth tasted of dirt and sweat and beer. I tried not to gag.

Another man moved behind me and lifted my short skirt, tucking it into the waistband. He caressed and squeezed my now exposed ass. His hands ran down my crack and tickled my virgin asshole. I squirmed and cried out against the gag.

Another mouth closed in on my other nipple, sucking and kneading my large breasts with his hands.

Another hand moved up my leg in front and found my clit. I jumped as an electric shock shot through my body. The finger circled my clit expertly. I could feel the heat rising. I fought it, but my traitorous body responded. My juices dripped down my thigh.

One of the men in front of me, the driver of the truck, stepped back and unzipped his jeans. He pulled his cock out and pointed it at me. It was very large, heavily veined and seemed to glow in the faint moonlight.

“Me ‘n my boys, we got all kinds of somethin’ for you,” he whispered almost gently. He stepped out of his jeans and came forward. He pushed the man who was rubbing my clit out of the way roughly. I moaned at the loss of the clit rubber’s erotic touch. The driver bent his knees to lower himself to my level, his eyes on mine; he aimed his huge cock at my pussy.

I looked at him with a mixture of fear and unaccountable excitement. My clit throbbed from the good rubbing it had been getting. His large green eyes stared into mine. One hand snaked around to my ass to hold me steady. I stopped all movement.

There was no way I was going to avoid what was coming next. My self-congratulatory sexual control over men meant nothing here.

I was going to be gang fucked by these men.

My clit throbbed. My breathing was rough and ragged. My nipples ached. My body was bathed in the cool night breeze. I shivered and my skin tingled suddenly like it was on fire. Oh my god, I recognized that feeling. Between the fear and expert caressing, I was on build up to cumming. If he touched me… oh, but he had to! My heart raced and my body strained forward.

His cock touched my wet clit. I shuddered with uncontrollable pleasure. His cock slid back to my slit and moved back and forth against my swollen dripping lips and my sticky wetness covered the long thick shaft.

The round head slowly entered me. Oh god yes, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. It pushed inside me with exquisite slowness. I needed more. I had to have it! I strained forward against my bonds. I tried to tell him with my eyes how much I wanted it.

He laughed when he saw the sudden lust in my eyes. His teeth glittered in the moonlight. He teased me by pulling it out completely and I whimpered at the loss. He pushed it in again, slowly, just a few inches. I groaned against my gag. I wanted to scream at him to fuck me properly, hard and fast like I need it.

Suddenly he rammed his full length into me. I screamed in pleasure as heat burst from my groin and shot like lightning throughout my body. My sudden orgasm startled him as I contracted against his cock. He rammed it in me again and again, fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster. His grunts and the wet sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the still night air. I met every thrust with one of my own, my super sensitized vagina building up to another orgasm in seconds.

Yet another orgasm ripped through me and the man shot his load as I spasmed around his shaft. His thrusts slowed and he held onto me for support, breathing heavily into my ear.

I felt my pussy grasp nothing as he slipped out of me, the emptiness almost painful after being so wonderfully filled. It wasn’t enough! I had to have more. Please, I wanted to cry. God help me, I demanded even more satisfaction.

“Fuck, man, move it!” I saw the blond man shove the driver to the side. “My turn!” His pants were already off. I looked around, still shaking in the euphoric orgasmic afterglow. They were all three naked, all of them waiting for their turn.

I looked at blondie. He approached me and grabbed both my ass cheeks as he rammed his ready cock into my cum-filled pussy. The waves of pleasure hit me hard again. He fucked me with short hard thrusts, keeping his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks wide open to the night.

A breeze kissed my exposed asshole.

The tempo of the blond increased and he fucked me hard. I felt my body respond again with glorious heat and building into indescribable tension.

Behind me someone rubbed my quivering asshole with the tip of a finger, tickling it as gently as the wind had. I gasped and clenched my ass in surprise. The coarse finger suddenly pushed inside a centimeter or two. I yelped and strained forward against my bonds, clenching the cock in my cunt in the process. The finger in my ass was dry and I had never had anything — not a finger or a cock or a sex toy — inside there before. I panicked and bucked as hard as I could. The man fucking me held onto my ass cheeks with a vise grip, his cock ramming me from all angles in my struggle.

Insanely I wished I had let my boyfriend fuck me in the ass tonight as he wanted to so I would be better prepared.

Too late now. I was going to get it whether I wanted it or not.

The man behind me pushed the finger in a little more. I screamed again, more in fear than in pain, and struggled wildly against the ropes.

“Man, lookit her squirm!” the dark man who was watching the finger being thrust inside my backside said, his hand stroking his long dark cock. “I bet she ain’t never had a ass-fucking before!”

The finger stopped its slow ingress into my ass and he leaned up against my back. “That true? Sexy little slut like you ain’t never been ass-fucked?” He wiggled his finger inside my hole and I jumped again.

“Shit, lady, you gonna love it!”

I strained around with wild pleading eyes, begging for them to stop. The man in front continued to pummel my pussy with mind bending strong thrusts. The pleasure and fear escalated. My body was on fire. My mind was crazed and panicked.

“Man, lube her. You ain’t gonna get anywhere like that!”

The finger was yanked from my tight hole and I gasped at the sudden exquisite cessation of sensation. I heard one of the men behind me spit a couple of times and a wetness was spread across my anus with a finger. Then a cock, slick with saliva, pressed against my tiny hole. It pushed. I whimpered.

My ass opened and grabbed the head, contracting spasmodically around it. I screamed. It pushed further and further inside.

The intensity of the sensation overwhelmed me. I tossed my head and howled through the gag. My arms and legs twisted against the ropes. My breasts bounced and slapped against the blond fucking me in front. My ass cheeks tightened and relaxed in waves. My mind was blank. The only thing that existed was my body. The feel of the man fucking me in front, filling my pussy with his strong cock, the feel of the other cock behind me, thrusting in and out of my ass filled my senses to overflowing. Nothing else in the world existed.

Pain and pleasure warred as my body shrieked and my mind filled with light. Prickling heat built up in my groin and my clit exploded. I threw my head back and screamed in ecstasy. Pleasure had won the war. My body became the orgasm, throbbing, thrusting, undulating with the waves that ripped me.

“Fuck, yeah!” the man reaming my ass shot his wad deep inside my body. His cock trembled as he rammed again and again, draining every last drop into my raped ass. He slowly pulled it out and staggered backwards.

“Move it, boy!” The final man positioned himself behind me and pushed his much bigger cock inside my strained cum filled ass. Who was it, which one? I didn’t know. I couldn’t remember. It didn’t matter. Another cock was inside me, fucking me. That was all there was.

I moaned as my body stretched to accommodate him. He didn’t take it slow at all, but thrust it in all the way immediately. My sphincter muscle clenched hard around his cock. I grit my teeth against the intensity of the pleasure/pain.

Strange inhuman sounds filled the air. On some level I realized the sounds came from my throat.

All this time the cock in my pussy kept pumping. Little sparks of pleasure, like mini orgasms, shot through my clit with each thrust.

My body convulsed against the assault. I growled and moaned and thrashed. The feelings and pain and pleasure warred and sparred and finally intersected in an intense scream of pleasure ripped through me. My throat was raw from screaming, but I couldn’t stop. Orgasm after orgasm exploded my body apart and then built up again immediately. It racked my soul and tossed my mind aside in favor of pure feeling.

Finally the man in front of me grunted out his hot wad, filling my pussy to overflowing. His spasmodic slapping thrusts slowed, falling out of tempo with the ass reaming I was getting. I was tossed about like a rag doll slammed forward and backwards and flattened as two pelvises thrust into me and then I was suspended on nothing but two cocks in strange turns of syncopated rhythm.

My body responded again, and screaming waves of pleasure too intense to be called anything but fire racked my well-used body.

The ass fucker convulsed with a groan. He grabbed my tits and squeezed hard as he shot his load into my backside. He slowed and stopped. His cock pulled out of my ass with and almost audible “pop”. The cock in front slipped out of me slowly.

My long hair hung in sweat soaked strands around my face and down my back. Cum dripped freely from my holes. I slowly came back to myself.

I lifted my head and looked around, dazed. My whole body felt drained. The men were slowly getting dressed. The driver stopped and looked at me with a lazy grin.

“Sweet thing, I’ll be right back with some more buddies of mine.” He saluted me cockily and strode to the truck, getting in and driving off with a spray of gravel.

More buddies? I moaned and dropped my head in sobbing exhaustion.

Somewhere deep inside me a knot came undone.

There was nothing I could do about it. I was not the one in control tonight.

My tears stopped. Many times over the years I toyed with men and their lusts, learning to tease and control their desires, building them up to unbearable tension with little promises, touches, glimpses, holding back until I decided they had suffered enough and I granted them the prize of my body – or not, as I judged their worthiness on a whim. If I deemed they were not worthy, even if I had granted them access before, I tossed them aside laughing at their pleadings and sneering at their confusion and anger at being played so thoroughly.

I loved the feeling of control, of absolute power over men. They were nothing to me. The pleasure I got from fucking was nothing compared to the pleasure of turning them into pitiful slobbering animals first.

But I was paying for it all now; I was on the other side. My own body was the one being played tonight. My body had never responded to sex like this before. I was filled with animal lusts.

I shivered, but not with cold. I had begged and screamed in pleasure. I had matched their strong thrusts with my own frantic ones. I had strained against the ropes – not to get away, but because I desperately wanted to touch them, to feel them, to… to participate. But I could do nothing but feel my body’s reactions. I was tied up, helpless, so utterly and completely helpless…

And so completely alive for the first time in my life. Every cell in my body was filled with electric tingling and anticipation. The bruises and soreness just added to the mass of sensations that raced through my body like a wildfire. I raised my head up to the stars and felt a breeze lightly touch my face, soft and forgiving as a caress.

My work for Congresswoman Dollarhyde, or DH as she was called, was progressing on two fronts. I was becoming indispensable to her as an aide and was also servicing her regularly with my hand. She constantly complimented me on my work as her aide; especially on my ability to “get things done quickly and correctly” as she put it. I had also become very good at getting her off, easing her stress when she felt overwhelmed. I had learned in no time how to get that done quickly and correctly as well.

My only problem was that I was becoming more and more engrossed in my relationship with her. The fact that she was twice my age didn’t bother me. The slight sag of her 47 year-old body actually turned me on. Her body wasn’t perfect, but it was beautifully proportioned and incredibly responsive to my touch. What did bother me was that we were stuck on me servicing her with my hand. I longed to feel her breasts, to suck on her stiff nipples. I wanted to hold her, to feel her pressed naked against me, and most of all, I desperately wanted to fuck her. The relationship was all one way, with me giving all the pleasure and receiving none. I wanted to ravish and devour her middle-aged body with my young manhood. I wanted to bring her to a crashing orgasm while I pumped my youthful seed into her menopausal cunt.

Whether it was in her office or in the back of the limo, I had taken to pulling her skirt completely up and her panties off, and watching her pussy while I manipulated it with my hand. She kept it perfectly shaved, except for a small patch of hair at the top. The patch was dark and curly, but lightly speckled with a gray hair here or there. Her lips were light pink, and her clit stood out proudly when she got aroused. As I teased her with my fingers, I could not only feel her getting wetter, I could see the first drops of fluid forming on the outside lips of her vagina until I smeared them against her puffy lips as I gave her the digital pleasure she needed.

I decided that the next time she called me in to her office I would make a move and try to push our relationship along a little bit. She had rebuffed me at every turn, changing the subject if I spoke about it, guiding my wandering hand back to her pussy, or just flat-out telling me to concentrate on bringing her off, not on the rest of her body. I had my plan, and I got my opportunity a couple of days later.

I was on a landline with another Congressman’s aide when I heard a notification from my cell phone. I picked it up and saw that DH was asking to see me in her office. I had learned that if she buzzed me on the intercom, or called me through an open door, it meant that she needed to see me on a business matter. If she texted me, it meant to come right away and lock the door when I entered.

I ended my call and went directly to her office, entering without knocking. I closed the door behind me and locked it. DH was already prone on the couch, her head resting lightly on a pillow propped against the arm. She smiled when I entered the room and said, “Oh good. I was hoping you’d get here in a hurry.” I made my way across to her and sat on the edge of the couch at about her waist.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Congresswoman?” I asked jokingly.

“I have an itch and I need it scratched,” she answered, looking coyly at me. I put my hand on her shin and gave a little scratch.

“Right here?” I asked.

“No, a little higher.” I moved my hand up a few inches, still well below her knee.

“Then it must be here,” I said.

“No, still higher.” I moved my hand up to her knee and lightly scratched. More of a tickle, really.

“Here?” I inquired.

“No. Higher.” Her breathing was becoming more rapid. I moved my hand about a third of the way up her thigh and she wriggled her toes.

“Then it must be right here,” I said as I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and gave a light scratch.

“Mmmmmmm, no but you’re getting closer,” she sighed and spread her legs a little wider.

Moving my hand to within inches of her pussy, I scratched and rubbed gently. “Here?” I whispered.

She reached down and pulled my hand up to her unclad cunt and told me, “No, right here. This is where my itch is. Please scratch it for me.” I began to lightly rake my nails over her naked lips. With no effort, my fingertips dipped into her wet, open cleft each time I went across it. She began her low, guttural moaning.

“Yes, that’s it,” she moaned. “Right there.” I lightly flicked a fingernail over her clit, and she gasped. “Oh, yeah. Right there.” With my other hand I pulled upward on her skirt and she raised her hips off the couch so I could pull it up, exposing her pelvis and cunt to my greedy eyes. As always, she had laid a towel below her butt and thighs. I dipped a finger in her hole and immediately pulled it out and ran it up to her clit, which I massaged gently. “Mmmmmmm,” was the response I got.

I knew that she liked me to rub small circles around her clit, and that it excited her tremendously when I did. I knew that before I made my move, I had to have her at maximum feverish pitch. I worked steadily, her excitement increasing with each circle of my thumb around her clit. I began lightly running my index and middle finger in and out of her now soaking cunt as I continued to circle and tease her clit with my thumb.

Without stopping, I moved myself down towards the bottom of the couch. I knew the time was nearing. She couldn’t make much noise in the office, but I knew when her orgasm was approaching, her pitch changed from a low groan to a higher mewling sound. I knew that when that started, she’d be minutes from her orgasm, and it was my time to make my move.

Sure enough, as soon as she started her mewling sound, I lifted her outside leg, moved forward, and planted my face on her cunt. Her body immediately tensed, and she grabbed my head as if to pull it away, but I held it forcefully steady and began to lick up and down her wet slit, stopping each time at the top to suck her clit into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. Little by little her pressure to remove my head from between her legs got weaker and weaker until she was just holding my head in her hands as I licked and sucked on her 47 year-old pussy.

She began to mewl again, and I knew that I hadn’t lost any ground. I moved my right hand up to her pussy and inserted two fingers. She pushed back against my fingers as I slowly slid them all the way into her, as deep as I could get them. All the while I was still swirling my tongue around her clit and occasionally give it a suck. I withdrew my fingers as slowly as I had buried them, and moved my tongue and face down until I could stick my tongue up her cunt. I stuck it in as far as I could and tongue-fucked her while I wiggled my fingers, still at her wet opening. Evidently this excited her, because I could feel her get wetter, and her mewling more desperate.

She was fast approaching her orgasm now, and I moved my wet face back up and started sucking on her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth across it while I sucked it in and out of my mouth. I slid my fingers back inside her and moved them in and out slightly, still buried deep within her. The deep finger-fucking I was giving her combined with the sucking and licking of her clit was driving her mad, and she was thrusting her hips wildly in a vain attempt to get my fingers buried even more deeply inside her.

When she came, she held her butt up off the couch, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her cunt. With my fingers buried deep inside her, she let out a loud cry and let go a gush of cum against my face as I felt the walls of her pussy twitch with each wave of her orgasm. She just kept coming and coming, and I was afraid I’d run out of breath, my face clamped hard against her pulsating cunt. Oddly, I also wondered at that moment if she had gotten any of her cum on my collar or tie.

Slowly she stopped pulsating, rested her butt back down on the couch, and let go my head so I could take a breath. I moved only inches from her and inhaled deeply through my nose, smelling her lady-smell. She smelled musky and salty, perfectly matching the exquisite taste of her pussy. She was old enough to be my mother, but her cunt, her pussy, her twat, her vagina tasted and smelled like a virginal 20-year-old.

She took a few deep breaths, then said, “God, do you think anybody heard that?” Even though I was pretty sure somebody must have, and I was pretty sure a couple of people in the office suspected that my long trips into her office behind a locked door were more monkey-business than Congressional business, I told her, no, I didn’t think anybody had heard it and that she hadn’t been as loud as she thought. Although she was, and they did.

As she pulled her skirt down, I stood up and went for the box of tissues on her desk. My face was completely coated in her juices. I started to wipe my face, and she told me, “Go in and use my bathroom and clean yourself up. You’re a mess!!” I could only laugh.

I went in to her private bathroom and ran some warm water over a washrag. As I washed my face, chin, and neck, I realized that even though I would still have to go home tonight and pleasure myself, I had gotten one step further along with the Congresswoman. Tonight I would have to fantasize about fucking her while I rubbed my cock myself, but I had moved the game one step closer. One step at a time.


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