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This audio was made in response to Angelofdesire’s ‘my little secret’ and all her other amazing audio submissions. I hope that she and anyone else can enjoy my version of the story as much as I enjoyed hers.

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Everyone knows that even the very best dreams eventually come to an end. It was with this thought in mind that I approached Kitty’s house on the Monday morning. Having been with her three times last week and seeing how quickly she had started to lactate as a special surprise for her husband, I knew that it was likely that after today my services would no longer be needed. She was quite the most effervescent and excitable lady I had ever known in my not too extensive experience. I guess it was as much that she had been my first ever client with Milkers R Us that gave her a special place in my mind and heart. And the fact that we had been fucking like rabbits after every session … in one way or another.

Still the job was ahead of me and I fully expected that she would have let down her milk almost completely over the weekend just with her own stimulation, having leaked heavily on Friday. She would no longer need me as hubby would pick up the reins so to speak. After today I would be concentrating on the other rather thankless clients I had and probably filling the gap in the schedule vacated by Kitty with some new client. The world moves on I guess and we weren’t short of requests for our services at MRU. I’d never have thought it was such a lucrative business.

Driving to her house I knew I had to put aside my misery to make the session as successful as all the others. I pulled up outside and wandered to the door with my bag. Today I would almost certainly need my supplies. As I approached the small raised verandah the door opened. Oh my God! There she was in plain view, her boobs bursting from her too small bra and a pair of lace panties that barely hid the outline of her finely sculpted thighs and loins. Having scanned her form, I looked up into her eyes and saw the pain in her expression.

“Oh Mark! Thank God you’ve arrived!” she blurted out.

I quickly entered the hallway and she closed the door behind me as I enquired, “What’s wrong Kitty?” hearing the concern I my own voice.

“It’s the pain Mark! They hurt so much!” she sobbed. “It’s got steadily worse since yesterday.”

“Come on Kitty, let me see what’s wrong,” I responded what I hoped was tenderly.

She rushed into the bedroom, her now huge tits bouncing with every step despite being gathered loosely in the bra that was ill suited to the task anymore. As she walked she whimpered in pain. I followed her into the familiar room and dropped my bag on the floor as I watched her climb onto the bed. Once ensconced she reached behind her to unfetter the girls and, in this light, I could now see that her bra was soaked through. As the cups fell from her breasts they sagged forward with their added size and weight and, immediately that they were exposed to the air, they started to leak steadily.

“My goodness Kitty, they are full,” I exclaimed, a little relief in my voice as I realised the situation.

She was in no danger, she just didn’t know what to expect in the three days since I was here last. Perhaps the fact that we were too busy having wonderful sex meant that I hadn’t done my job quite well enough in explaining to her what would happen if she kept massaging all weekend without expressing as well. I felt the pangs of guilt but I knew I could redeem the situation quite quickly.

“”Ohhh it hurts! Do something!” her voice dragged me back to the moment.

“Sorry Kitty but it’s alright. It’s good news and bad news. Your milk is producing quickly but your breasts are still developing the shape and strength in their sinews to hold the added weight. You will get used to it quickly but you will also have to regularly get rid of the extra milk by getting hubby involved or by expressing it yourself. You can get a pump to help, but for today I am here. Okay?”

She nodded with a wan smile and her tits jiggled before my eyes. I was fucking her from behind the other day when I felt her leaking. Today I would get my first, and probably last, taste judging by the dilemma I found her in. Easing my way onto the bed beside her I did a cursory visual check. Her distended nipples and enlarged areolae told me her milk was well on its way. The tell-tale veins running across under the surface of her translucent skin said her tits were growing. That was painfully obvious to us both when I considered the DD bra she was trying to use had barely kept the pair in and certainly offered no real support. My quick guess was she was now close to an F cup but we would check that later.

I reached out to gently check for the tenderness I knew would be present. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped at the contact and a little spray of thin fluid leapt from her nipple across my hand.

“Sorry Kitty,” I apologised for the pain I’d caused.

“Oh please just hurry and do something!” she both pleaded and demanded.

I leaned over and as gently as I could I covered her nipple with my mouth and sucked slowly. I was immediately rewarded with a thin flow of the sweet and strong tasting first fluid ever taken from this woman. She gasped a little in the initial contact but it was a mix of pain and release. I sucked a little harder and the stream developed into a steady flow that filled my mouth and my senses, the warm tit flesh at my face and the long fat nipple partly filling my mouth. I gently caressed the side of the breast and fell into a reverie as I joined with her in this intimate connection. In my mind I knew that there was a hormone at work here that made Kitty want this connection – the mothering instinct – while all her other hormones cried out for sexual fulfilment. But first the pain needed to be removed so I slowed down once I could feel the tight flesh ease to a pliable warmth in my hand. I knew she needed the other breast relieved before we could take the feeding further.

Switching to the other side and lying across her lap, she cradled me to her nipple and instantly that I latched on she cooed her release of tension. Barely a minute had gone by on each breast and it was a different woman now holding me as I could hear her sighs and feel her breathing deepen as she cradled me to her. I pulled away momentarily.

“Does that feel better?”

“You have no idea Mark!”

“Good but you mustn’t let them get that full again,” I said looking up into her serene face, “For a while you will find it painful as your breasts accommodate the changes but you will soon find the pain is almost gone. Okay?”

“Sure, I understand,” she smiled, all the anguish now gone from her glowing smile, “but you aren’t finished are you?” she added eagerly.

“No Kitty, I just wanted to ease your pain first. I will empty each one this morning but you must understand that we have tricked your body into believing you have a baby to take care of, so you will keep producing at least as much as it would need and it would feed every few hours normally. You will have to plan your day a bit around this if hubby isn’t here to help you. That’s why I mentioned the pump.

“Fine, I understand but … we can talk about that later can’t we?” her eyes and voice begged.

I smiled and returned to my most pleasurable duty. I leant back down to the mountainous peak before me and sucked in the nipple and proceeded to add pressure to my suction so that the nipple would distend further into my mouth and the flow would increase. It was quickly a steady stream and I could feel her flesh wilting as her ducts emptied their treasure into my stomach. Obviously so early in letting down she wasn’t yet producing her maximum but if this was any indication, she would be making plenty of milk soon, certainly more than her husband would be able to help with once at night.

As her left breast gave its last dregs I could sense rather than see a distinct change in Kitty’s body language. My face was pulled in close to her breast and held firmly to her tit while her legs had splayed across the bed opening access once again to her nether regions. As I pulled away to change sides and see the reddened and swollen nipple and its puffed and dimpled brown surrounding skin slip from my mouth, Kitty sighed deeply, “Finger me … please?” she begged dreamily.

Her wish … my command; what else could a man do? As I latched on to her right nipple, I slid my hand along her thigh and again a sigh as she dragged me into her full bosom, smothering my face with her fleshy boob. My hand quickly found the heat of her thigh increasing until, like a stray straw in a camp fire, I followed its heat into the inferno. She was a molten mess beneath her skimpy panties that I pushed aside to find her open wet pussy coated in her juices. My own enjoyment of this sensation translated to an increase in my sucking and her vocalising her joy, “Oh yessss!”

Her rapture showed as her nipple flooded my mouth which was when I felt her squeezing her breast to increase the flow. My fingers slipped easily into her fleshy folds and I found her swollen clit with my thumb. First contact brought a yelp of joy as she clamped hard on my fingers which only served to increase their effect as her well-lubricated lips didn’t hold them out. My internal massage was making her breathing ragged and her breast was coming to an end of its supply. I could now feel the looseness in the skin that told me the mammary glands were temporarily empty. She knew as she slowly eased the pressure to hold me to her.

“That felt so good! Will you help me again Mark?” she said softly as she looked distractedly down into my eyes. Right now I was hers; there was nothing I wouldn’t do. I think she knew that was the case as she didn’t wait for an answer but simply said, “Lie flat on the bed beside me please?”

She shuffled away slightly as I rolled from her breasts and lay flat, facing the ceiling. She moved quickly and decisively, throwing her leg across my chest and turning to sit up. Within seconds her open smooth cunt lips were in my view as she straddled my head and began to lower herself to my face. She was upright holding the headboard and facing the wall. Kitty’s wetness dripped a trail on my neck and chin as she got closer to my reaching tongue and then we were one as she pushed down and I plunged in, my probing appendage spearing into her open hole, roaming around and sampling the delectable flavours of womanhood.

“Oh yes please!! More … deeper!” she growled above me as she increased the pressure sitting on my face by rotating her hips. The bed squeaked and, with her rhythmic movements and her gyrations, she pushed me into the mattress in an ecstatic prison between her thighs.

“I love these huge tits! Tongue me more Mark!”

I could only imagine the view of those gorgeous rounded globes bouncing in time to her movements above me while all I could do, pinned beneath her, was reach up behind her and try to steer her hips so that the occasional gap allowed me to suck in some air. The flood of her juices continued as she now focused her movement to grinding her clit against my nose while I probed her inner walls. It was hard to breathe but I couldn’t care less if this was how I was to die, wrapped entirely in this woman. Everything about her being told me her orgasm was imminent – her flow of juice, her voice and breathing and the way she ground hard into my face. And then she froze! I couldn’t see anything but I could paint this picture. My mind’s eye told me from experience all I needed to know.

Her long slim body was frozen in pleasure, her tits still bouncing and rising with her short sharp breaths as her face was aglow in a dream with her mouth agape screaming a silent prayer of thanks to the universe. I continued to probe and lap at her inner folds only now she winced as I came near her button of pleasure, so sensitive immediately after her orgasm. And then she released all the tension in her body and a guttural sigh of joy emanated from her telling me she was in heaven.

Shortly she lifted from me to release me from my trap. I kissed her thigh as it swung away and she fell to the bed beside me.

“I don’t believe how hot that sucking makes me! I’ve done it to you again haven’t I?” she giggled a little nervously. She was again referring to the tent in my pants that told her this whole thing was sexy as Hell.

“Do all your clients react like me? You must be exhausted!”

I had to laugh and muttered, “Client confidentiality Kitty. I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Hmm I think I knew that when I first saw you.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently, quickly breaking off, “Gee I taste sweet! She exclaimed with a chuckle.

“Yes you do, at both ends. Your body chemistry is definitely changing,” I remarked.

“So how can I help you now?” she asked, looking knowingly at my erection.

“I believe a gentleman allows the lady to …”

“Oh I’m no lady – you know that. Let’s face it I’m a bitch in heat when you suck my tits and you have had me in every hole. Do my arse for me again … please kind sir?” she mocked and she was upon my pants zip in a second.

Quickly we were both naked and Kitty was stroking my chest, feeling my nipples. They stood up to her attention.

“Wow they’re sensitive aren’t they? Jim’s just sit there but yours are begging to be sucked,” and she leaned over to draw one into her mouth and soon she was returning the favour I had done her a short while before. My nips have always been tender and that’s probably why I had such an affinity for the job. They ached as she played with one, rolling and tweaking it, and suckled the other. Running her tongue around and feeling the tightness of my areola on her lips, she got carried away and I arched up off the bed to meet the heavy suction she provided, my cock straining and leaking seminal fluid.

“Oh my!” she gasped as she released my nipple. I looked into her glazed eyes again and could tell she was aroused. She was flustered but turned and reached into the bedside table and brought out a tube of lube. Soon she was stroking my hardness with the cool greasy fluid, her petite hand sliding up and down with her fingers encircling my girth and dragging the meaty foreskin back to expose the mushroomed, sensitive head. She watched her actions intently for a while feeling the tension growing in my tool until she looked into my eyes and simply said, “Please?”

She released me and turned to arrange herself on all fours on the bed. I sat up and moved into position behind her. I started to caress her hips as I moved closer and then took some of her juices to insert in her backdoor to make access easier. I started to massage and coat the tiny bud in the centre of her firm bum cheeks.

“No!” she said, “Just do me. I don’t mind if it hurts.”

I took her at her word and I took her.

Pushing my firm swollen knob to her cheeks I found the tight puckered opening; lifting up I was able to aim my shaft at her centre and pushed in past the resisting muscle.

“Ahhh!” she winced at the burning pain of my insertion but she simultaneously pushed back into me to get my whole cock as deep as she could on that first thrust. That action in itself was so incredibly erotic that I just leaned my body weight into her, the hard girth penetrating her, stretching her tight grip on me until I had bottomed out. Sliding in like that she had been clamping and releasing me with her over-worked muscles the whole time, the searing pain wracking her body as she cried, “Aaah! Ungh! Ugh!”

I nestled deep inside Kitty’s rear sheath until I was ready to move and then I withdrew and plunged back in again. Pounding her sphincter that clutched at my cock, it took only a few strokes to find her brown eye wide open and watching me invade her. Normally one to take time and care, I had never experienced this primal instinct to just take her. It was invigorating; I tingled from the contact and I was quickly losing control.

Soon I was pumping hard and fast into Kitty and she was again burying her face in the pillows as she screamed her arousal, shoving back in response to every powerful shafting I delivered. The heat of the moment and her internal flame threw me into her with abandon, our thighs slapping together in animal lust. As I maintained the long strokes in and out of her shit chute, I leaned in to capture her swinging melons and squeezed and pulled those wonderful nipples that flooded my hands with the renewing nectar … and quickly I flooded her. It was the most intense orgasm she had given me, every nerve ending of my being wrenched me into ecstasy as I grunted and roared my release into her backside as each paroxysm of pleasure fired my load of cum into her hot, tight hole. My stomach muscles clenched and cramped in the spasming exhaustion. The taboo of anal sex … with a client … when I was her first, and not her husband, just endeared her to me more. I wanted her – I’d just had her and I would soon be leaving. That thought more than anything made me wilt quickly after coming. I slipped from her behind and fell to the bed, spent. She was quickly nestled beside me.

“I love that so much! You have no idea what you have done for me in this last week or so. Thank you,” and she kissed me softly and sensuously. This was not a passionate, out of control kiss; was she feeling the same way? It was a line I could not cross no matter what my feelings, not if I wanted to keep this job.

We lay there comfortably in each other’s arms casually and naturally stroking and caressing each other. I realised that time was escaping me as I had another client in about an hour. I started to move to get up and Kitty moaned dreamily in that pleasant after sex atmosphere. I had a job to do so it was me who had to take the initiative.

“Kitty,” I whispered, “I need to go soon but there are some things I’d like to show you. Can you sit up please?

She moaned her assent and shifted to sit upright. I quickly got up and jumped back into my clothes constantly conscious of the close attention she paid my every movement. As I looked back I saw that she sat leaning on one hand, the full expanse of her bust proudly on display to me. God I wish I could take that photo!! She read my mind, “Got a camera on your phone Mark? Seems only fitting that you take a trophy for your … our suck-cess!” she giggled, deliberately emphasizing the separate syllables of her last word.

“Are you sure Kitty? You don’t mind?”

“I trust you Mark. I’m sure it won’t appear on the net until I put it there when you send me a copy. In fact, after I have told Jim, I might even let you use it in your advertising as a success story!” she laughed.

I found my bag and quickly rummaged around until I found my cell phone. I snapped a few shots and showed them to her for approval and she arranged herself in a couple of poses until she found a shot she liked. “There, done!” she said matter-of-factly, “Now what is it you wanted to show me?” she queried.

Sitting on the side of the bed I opened the bag and pulled out a few items. “Here you go Kitty, a couple of little gifts to help you out. These are nursing pads to stop the milk ruining your clothes. Slip them inside your bra. This is a sample pack of six but we sell bulk packs at cheaper than retail rates from our office.”

“Thanks!” she exclaimed with a chuckle, “I can throw away that stupid paper towel I was using!”

I had to laugh with her. “These are catching-cups that you can use during the day while at home. Here’s how they work.” I leaned forward to demonstrate, not really expecting success. “You wear these inside your bra while you are home; see how the cap has a little drainage hole in the side? Always keep that pointed up.”

I placed the domed cup over her nipple and its hole almost covered her expanding areola, “Ooh!” she murmured at the contact. Instantly she released a small spray of that sweet nectar which, under pressure, I could hear hiss as it splashed against the inside of the cup before it dribbled down the clear plastic to be captured in the round reservoir at the bottom.

To say that Ezra, at 26 years of age, was angry at his life would be an understatement. He had just been wrongly fired from a prestigious law firm in Kansas City. The president of the firm thought he was too aggressive in defending his clients. It was true that his clients were the scum of the earth but Ezra had believed that he was required to mount the best possible defense even for rapists, murderers, child molesters and others on the wrong side of the law.

Mrs. Smith, the President of the firm was into victim’s rights and looking back he realized he should have taken softer steps. Now all he could think of was what a bitch she was as he drank excessively. The only good thing about the entire situation was the extraordinary severance check he got. He would not have to work until he felt like it. In an effort to put the ugliness behind him he decided to spend a couple of months with his sister and mother across the state in St. Louis.

He just had to get away as even his phony girlfriend dumped him when he was fired. He rationalized he could use some down time and just take it easy and enjoy his mother’s home cooking. His sister, Sarah, would not bother him as she was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school and had a very busy social life. He doubted he would see much of her as with her hot body she was on a date nearly every night.

Sarah’s body was larger than most women that are considered hot but well proportioned. Her D cup boobs were almost as hot as her very large heart-shaped ass. As Ezra thought about it he realized that Sarah was the spitting image of her mother. The only real differences, other than the 30 years, between the women were that his mom had a few gray hairs and she had extra weight in her hips.

It was with open arms that he was welcomed to St. Louis by his only family. His dad had run out on them when Sarah was a baby and his mom never remarried. It was only when Ezra was older that he realized that his mother was very socially active. It was just that she was discrete about dating and love life when the kids were growing up. The women had converted the den into a very nice bedroom for him to use during his stay.

Of course, his mom invited him to stay forever and perhaps get a job in the Gateway City. To pacify her he told her that he would think about it. The truth being that he really did not know what his next step would be. Within a few days things settled into a routine. As both ladies worked Ezra made sure there was a hot dinner waiting for them. Not that Ezra was a good cook as most meals were catered as he enjoyed splurging for his two favorite people in the world.

But, there was also a sinister side to Ezra. He began to notice both of them in a sexual way and he swore that both were flirting with him. It seemed to him when one of them brushed against him in the narrow hallway that they slowed down to let him feel them against the swell of their ass or pointed nipples for a extra long time. Their nightgowns left nothing to the imagination as more than once he had caught a glimpse of their silky bikini panties.

Thoughts of incest were creeping more and more frequently into his daily life. It didn’t take long before these foxy women were the featured item in his masturbation sessions. He almost came in his drawers when one of them gave him a playful swat on his ass when they were horsing around. It took less than two weeks before he knew that he had to try to make it with one or both of them. He knew this summer in St. Louis would be the best chance he would ever have.

His first approaches were pretty lame as he would rest a hand on their knees. They did nothing to move it as they assumed it was perfectly platonic and he never got the guts to move the hand higher to test the deeper waters. Then he put his arm around each of them with the same result. The only slight progress he made was when they kissed at night before bed. Ezra managed to slip his tongue between their lips nightly before they pulled away.

One night at dinner his mom complained her back hurt and Ezra volunteered to massage her. Sarah told them to enjoy themselves as she had a date. After dinner he went to his room and sat on the edge of his bed and thought about things. He made up his mind that this was the night he would find out about his mother. After Sarah left he found his mom in the living room, like most evenings, she was already in her nightgown, “Mom do you still want that massage?”

“Yes, I think I could use one as a matter of fact,” she answered. After much discussion they agreed that her bed would be the best place. His mother was at ease with him as she figured there was nothing wrong with what was about to happen and did not bother to change clothes. Ezra’s heart skipped a beat as he saw her lying on the bed with her ass seeming to fill his field of vision. Carefully he straddled her upper thighs with his crotch at least a foot above her.

He started timidly rubbing her through her gown until she relented and allowed him to go skin on skin. His bulge grew harder and harder. He could feel his mom relax under his hands as his strokes became more fluid. He took advantage of this to broaden his massage to her upper rump and finally her entire ass. This was done through the panties as he did not want to risk asking her permission as he was afraid of being stopped.

His cock was bulging in his pants. He just had to unzip his fly and let it out. For her part Gina thought little about her son’s hands on her ass as most of her aching muscles were at the very bottom of her spine. She relaxed and soon found herself almost asleep. Ezra lowered himself closer and closer to her as he was lost in the moment. His cock was throbbing as it bounced in the air with each stroke he applied to his mom’s back and ass.

Finally his cock was resting on his mother’s ass crack and Ezra was on fire. His member felt so wonderful against the blue silky undies. Slowly he snuck his hands down his mother’s sides until he felt the meat of her boobs. His hands reached further around and gently stroked her nipples. Gina was lost in the moment feeling his hands playing with her boobs and his cock rubbing against her butt crack.

She reached around and grabbed his cock. Thinking that he had succeeded Ezra cupped both of her large tits in his hands and began squeezing and toying with them. It was just enough to bring Gina back to her senses and remember who it was on top of her. Swiftly Gina let go of his cock and yanked his hands from her boobs and yelped, “Ezra, stop right now get the fuck off of me!”

Squirming around she managed to roll over and bring her leg up and hit him in the balls. Ezra, not wanting to believe she was serious, didn’t move. He saw her laying there with a tit having fallen out of her gown and leaned down and tried to kiss her. Gina didn’t know where she got the strength but she managed to escape her son’s grasp and run to the bathroom. They talked awhile through the door until Gina was sure that her son was no longer a threat.

Ezra knew he had to back down but was so disappointed and still so horny. He went to his computer and read some smut and got himself off while having several beers. He still wasn’t satisfied. Just after he had cum while reading an incest story he heard Sarah come back from her date. His lust powered him right into the kitchen where she was pouring herself a drink.

“Hi Sarah, did you have a good time baby sister?” he asked obviously a bit tipsy. Sarah was slightly amused at her brother’s state. She watched him stagger slightly as he came closer to her. She gave him a smile before answering him.

“Yes, we had a lot of fun,” she replied hoping the subject would die. Ezra was now standing right beside her. “Come on Sis, tell me more! Did you let him into your panties? Did he pound you hard with his big hard cock?” Ezra asked almost laughing. Sarah was shocked at his questions and her face turned crimson. But, Sarah never backed down from one of her brother’s challenges. He was always trying to embarrass or frustrate her. It was his favorite game.

“I made him very happy without fucking him. In fact he hasn’t seen my hairy pussy yet,” she countered. She hoped that he would back off. Ezra returned her smile totally unaffected by Sarah’s comeback.

“Come on this was your fourth or fifth date and you are telling me he hasn’t fucked you yet? I can’t believe he wouldn’t be awfully pissed off. You must be bullshitting me as surely you’ve spread those legs and been ridden hard,” he was sure this would evoke a reaction. Surely, she would escape to her bedroom. But, Sarah knew just what to say to drive her big brother nuts.

“Well big brother you are so wrong. You see I am an expert cock sucker. I just love the taste of cock and anything that comes out of it. I grind my panties in their face and suck them until they are limp and beyond. I don’t stop sucking cock until there is no way in hell that any guy, even you, can get it up. Only then I sometimes let a guy eat my furry twat,” she said purring rubbing her fingertips over her chest. Now Ezra’s face was red in embarrassment and Sarah figured she had won.

While Ezra was a bit embarrassed by the details of Sarah’s exploits he was even more turned on by what she had said. His cock felt like it would rip through the material of his jeans. He found himself staring at the deep cleavage of her blouse as he could see the sides of her full round tits. Putting his hands on her shoulders he whispered, “Fuck Sis that was hot. You are damn sexy!”

Sarah tensed up not knowing what her brother was up too. The next thing she knew he had wrapped his arms around her and was forcing his tongue into her mouth. In an instant his hands were groping his sister’s ass. Sarah was horny herself and found herself kissing him back and even ground her hips against him briefly. Then sanity won out in her mind and she broke free and slapped both sides of his face hard, “You mother fucker I am your sister! Leave me the fuck alone. You fucking bastard you had better leave me alone or mom will send you back to Kansas City!”

“Come on Sis, suck my cock. Show me how good you really are,” he slurred slightly. Sarah figured it was the alcohol talking and she just smiled at him. Then noticed the bulge in his pants and realized her brother’s cock would be fun to suck as it was obviously gig and thick. The taboo was just too strong and she began to walk away.

“Just go to bed Ezra and we can forget all about this,” she said softly. Ezra followed her toward her room and was considering jumping on her but she was too far out in front of him as he heard her lock the door. He was miserable having failed at bedding both his mom and sister in the same evening. He followed his Sister’s advice and went to sleep. In the morning he pondered his next step.

As he walked to breakfast he wasn’t sure of the repercussions of his actions. To his delight neither his mother nor sister brought up anything. All three of them pretended nothing had happened. There were a few strange glances between them and his cock remained hard most of the day. He found a note on his pillow late in the afternoon from Sarah with a girl’s phone number on it. She said her friend loved to fuck and suck and going out with her might relieve some of Ezra’s obvious sexual frustration as she was an easy target.

There was a picture next to it. The girl looked steamy hot so Ezra called her up and made a date for that evening. They met at a local restaurant and before dinner was over Bonnie had her stocking covered foot in Ezra’s lap. During dessert Bonnie put her hand in Ezra’s lap and whispered, “Your sister says you need some attention. Let’s get out of here and I’ll show you all the attention that you need. I am addicted to sex!”

Ezra got the server to come over and paid the bill in record time. It turned out that Bonnie had picked out this place because it was only two blocks from her apartment. As soon as her door was closed they kissed passionately with all their clothing coming off except underclothing. Bonnie yanked Ezra’s head to her tits as she grasped his cock through his briefs and growled, “Suck them, bite them; oh fuck, I want to wear out this big cock of yours!”

Wasting no time he attacked her tits like a maniac. He bit from one to the other like a mad man as he yanked off her bra. He felt his underwear slide down his legs as Bonnie squeezed his balls. The next thing he knew she had pushed him down onto the sofa. Bonnie sucked his cock into her mouth like a high powered vacuum cleaner. He groaned out, “Oh fuck this is so unbelievable; you are fantastic!”

He just watched in amazement as Bonnie bobbed up and down on his member. He couldn’t help it as thoughts of Sarah came to mind after what she told him about sucking cock. He even had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from calling out Sarah’s name as he blasted a massive shot of sticky goo into Bonnie’s hungry mouth. As she pulled off he shot once more splattering her tits with his spunk.

Seconds later he was sucking his cream from her massive jugs before pushing her down onto the sofa tearing off her panties in the process. She pulled her legs back and apart as far as they would go showing off her ass hole and glistening pussy. Breathlessly Bonnie purred, “Eat me, fuck me; Ezra, I need to cum so fucking bad!”

Within a minute he had Bonnie twisting and grunting under the assault of his mouth. He sucked her clit between his teeth and flicked it rapidly with his tongue. Her hands were practically pulling out his hair as she ground her twat in his face. She gushed a river of pussy honey that he eagerly devoured. Her body shuddered over and over until Ezra decided that he could not wait any longer and moved up the vixen’s body. With cum dripping from his chin he slammed his cock hard into her.

“Oh fuck you are right I really needed this; fuck yes. Need to fuck you so damn hard; mother fuck, it feels so damn great,” he groaned. Their hips slammed together causing Bonnie’s ass to bounce up from the cushion. This time visions of fucking his mother crept into his mind as their fucking became even more frantic. Bonnie was clawing his back as she moaned out loud.

“Mother fucker, give it to me; oh yes, fuck me raw. Give me it all,” she demanded. Ezra was fucking so hard that her body was scooting backward on the sofa. Ezra’s balls tightened and he poured his spunk into the girl’s pussy. As his cock began to deflate he grabbed Bonnie’s face and violently kissed her. They spent the rest of the evening smooching and fucked again before Bonnie kicked him out as she had to be at work as a nurse at the local hospital at midnight.

When Ezra got home the lights were all off as Sarah and Gina were already asleep. Somehow his session with Bonnie did not help his frustration level much. As he showered Bonnie’s juices off his body he began plotting ways to get in his family’s panties. As he stood outside the shower he saw a pair of Sarah’s panties in the hamper and sniffed them. It took less than a minute for him to spurt all over the floor. He decided he would try the nice guy approach one last time.

The next night he had a very nice dinner complete with wine waiting for them when they got home. But, the mood was not right as things seemed subdued. Both women had a rough day at work. Later they changed into their night clothes and he was really disappointed as both of them wore baggy cotton pajamas. He touched and flirted shamelessly with them but he was rebuffed very sternly by them both.

In his now crazed mind this result could not be allowed to stand. They would both fuck him even if he had to force himself on them. He tossed and turned as he slept fitfully that night. Finally when his clock said 2:00 he got out of bed. His first stop would be his mother’s room as she slept more soundly than did his sister. He was only going to examine both ladies more closely as he couldn’t force himself on one of them with the other one in the house.

He crept to his mom’s bed and as he sat on the edge pulled back the covers. He was delighted to see that she had taken off the pajamas and was only wearing cotton panties. Gently he reached out for her body and began caressing her entire backside. He rationalized that it was no different than the massage he had given her before. But, it was very different as soon his hand was sliding up and down her wet crotch and then inside the underwear.

Boldly he slid the undies off her ass cheeks and fingered her ass hole and kneaded the pillows of soft flesh. She stirred slightly so he pulled back up the undies. After waiting for a whole thirty seconds he leant down and planted soft butterfly kisses on her ass through the cloth. He figured he couldn’t kiss her skin directly as the kisses would moisten the skin and wake her up. He inhaled all of her womanly aromas as he continued to play. Suddenly her whole body began to move. He thought he was about to be caught and quickly jumped to the floor beside the bed.

A few seconds later he peeked up and was very relieved to see that she merely had rolled over in her sleep. In seconds he was back on the bed playing with her large melons and gently tweaking her nipples. His cock pulsated with excitement as he slid a hand under her panties and over her furry muff. Pushing her legs apart he explored the vagina he had come out of so long ago. He was even able to slide a single finger inside of her.

Her breathing was getting ragged so he came to the conclusion that he had better retreat and check in on his sister. To his surprise Sarah was asleep, nude on top of her covers, with a large dildo beside her on her pillow. He picked it up and it smelled of pussy juice. He pulled out his cock and began stroking himself as he stared at this gorgeous woman who just happened to be his own sister.

With his free hand he cupped her boobs; first tentatively squeezing one and then the other. As he came closer and closer to Cumming he moved his hand down to her furry mound. Just as he touched the moist inner folds of her pussy lips she woke up. With her eyes bulging and a look of complete shock she yelped, “You fucking pervert get out of here right now!”

Sarah smacked her brother’s hand away and pulled the blanket over her nude body. Ezra was too far gone and kept pumping his member. Sarah wasn’t sure of what to do as Ezra was between her and the door. She could hear her brother’s breathing getting even shallower as he spoke, “Sorry Sarah, you are just too fucking hot! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

With that he exploded a load of jism all over his lap. His sister yelled a few more things but Ezra didn’t hear them as he ran from the room He retreated to his room and a flood of emotions wash over him. While he felt guilty for molesting his sister and mother he also was excited by how hot and beautiful they were. He was once again worried about what it would do to their relationships.

“Sarah, what was the yelling coming from your room last night,” Gina asked her daughter the next morning at breakfast. Ezra could feel the blood rush from his face knowing his sister could make his life hell. Sarah thought for a second. She wasn’t sure if her bedroom door was actually closed after she had cleaned herself up in the bathroom after playing with herself and there was no doubt she was nude on top of the covers with her favorite dildo. As much as there was no excuse for Ezra’s actions she didn’t want to explain herself to her nosy mother either.

“Oh nothing, I stubbed my foot on my dresser when I came back from the bathroom,” she tried to answer calmly. She glanced quickly at Ezra and gave him a look that could kill. Relief swept over his body as he realized he couldn’t make any more middle of the night trips to their rooms. If he got desperate it would only be his mother he would visit as Sarah slept too lightly.

He spent the morning pondering his circumstance. The biggest problem was that Sarah and his mom were almost always home at the same times. Even when his sister was on a date his mom was out somewhere herself. He might get a few chances but not enough to placate his aching libido. He had to come up with a ‘Plan B’ very soon or retreat to Kansas City before they drove him crazy.

Then he came up with what he thought was a perfect plan and started making phone calls to some of his former scum bag clients. He would get his mom and sister alone somewhere that he had full control of them. One of his clients told him of a private island just off the east coast that he could rent. It was very small and intentionally isolated. It was used by honeymooners, writers, and others needing to get away from it all. There was no cell phone service and you could unplug the room phones and lock them away.

This sounded great to Ezra and he called the resort and made a reservation and checked out the finer points. He would send them a grocery list so they could stock the kitchen with everything they would need. That evening he asked the women if they could get off work for two weeks for a relaxing vacation saying, “I just want to thank you both for taking me in while I think about my future and get myself together. I think you will really like the place I have in mind.”

He spent the next hour showing them the information which he had carefully cropped and edited. He could tell they liked what they saw. Sarah was a bit more hesitant but when all was said and done they agreed that it was just what everyone needed. The only problem Ezra had now was that it was eight days away. Going to his room he called Bonnie, “Hi sexy lady, how would you like to get together again?”

“Mmm, sounds great; what do you have in mind?” she answered in her sultriest voice. This caused Ezra to squeeze his cock as he thought about Bonnie’s delights.

“A night of pure nasty sex; this time I want to fuck you up that little ass hole of yours. I do not use lube,” he moaned back into the receiver. He was confident that this slut would agree as she was the closest thing to a nymphomaniac that he had ever seen. She eagerly answered him and they had a date for two nights later. He spent that time watching porn and making plans for the trip.

His evening with Bonnie was hot so they agreed to get together one more time before he left. By the night before the excursion he was practically coming unglued so he snuck back into his mom’s room. He jerked himself off as he laid his head on her soft ass thinking that she had no idea that very soon she would be his property sexually.

The next morning they had to get up before dawn to get to Lambert Field on time. There was a lot of last minute scurrying around. Ezra checked one last time to make sure that anything he had bought special for use with his plan was in the checked bag instead of his carry-on where the girls might see it. He was the perfect gentleman the entire trip. They arrived right on schedule at the housing office to check in and take the boat out to their very own island.

They had about half of the day left after they unpacked the essentials so Ezra suggested they take a walk and explore their temporary home. All they could see from the shores of the island was miles and miles of ocean. Ezra wanted them both to notice this fact for themselves so he would have less trouble putting his plan into motion.

It was a very relaxing evening as they prepared dinner together and had a little wine. Everyone was worn out from the day of travel so they went to bed early. Gina and Sarah would share the King size bed while Ezra would get the sleeper sofa for now. The bungalow was small having a kitchen, bathroom, and large bedroom/living room area. Once he was sure the ladies were asleep he went into action.

He unplugged the phones and got their laptops out of their luggage and put them in the closet. Then he found their cell phones as he had noticed an intermittent signal on them and put them up as well. Then he changed the knob on the bathroom door so it couldn’t be locked and did the same to the outside door so they couldn’t lock him out. Next, he got out two combination locks and placed them on the closet door and the inside of the bungalow door.

He therefore could keep them locked in if needed as well as out of the closet. Carefully he tied pieces of rope to the legs of their bed and the easy chair and hid them. Finally, he got out his supply of blind folds and toys and put them in a drawer near the bed to be in easy reach. Worn out himself he climbed back into bed and slept the best he had in weeks dreaming of carrying out his plans.

The smell of bacon woke Sarah and Ezra up as like usual their mother was the first one to get moving in the morning. He met Sarah halfway across the room and hugged and kissed her mostly platonically. But, just as they were separating he stabbed his tongue between her lips and felt the top of her butt. He watched as his mom and sister hugged causing a stiffening of his cock.

“Good morning mom,” he said sweetly as he took his turn to hug and kiss her. He threw his arms around his parent and hugged her tightly against him making sure she would feel the bulge in his shorts. He shoved his tongue into her mouth until it rubbed against her teeth as his hands cupped the top of her ass; a lot less platonic than the interaction with his sister had been.

“Well, good morning Ezra,” she gasped pulling herself away quickly. They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together. Ezra and Sarah each volunteered to do the dishes but Gina insisted they go off and have fun this time. Sarah relented and took a book and went to the beach to read it as she sun bathed. As Ezra watched his mom in the kitchen area he walked over and locked the front door as he knew Sarah wouldn’t even try to come back in for a couple of hours.

His eyes were fixated on the sway of his mom’s ass as she moved around cleaning up. Once she settled in front of the sink he walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Slowly he began massaging her shoulders and back. He wasn’t going to force things unless he had too. He whispered into her ear, “Mom, remember when I gave you the massage a couple of weeks ago?”

“Well, yes,” Gina answered timidly not sure of what was coming. Ezra could feel her shoulders getting tense as he continued to rub them. Gina was worried that he might want to massage her again and that he would get carried away again. She was trying to convince herself that it wasn’t anything worse than that and if it was a massage she could handle it.

“Mom, we need to finish what we started that evening. I want to make your whole beautiful body feel good,” he whispered gracefully sweeping his hands from her shoulders to her sides and finally around to her breasts in one fluid motion. At the same time he leaned down and softly bit her neck. Ezra was able to cup and squeeze both tits before the initial shock wore off of Gina.

“Son of a bitch, let me go you bastard! This is incest and I won’t let you get away with it mother fucker,” she yelled. His mother struggled mightily and could not get away. In desperation she filled a cup of soapy water and flung it in her son’s face. The momentary surprise was enough for Ezra to loosen his hold enough on his mom that she got away. Ezra was furious and more determined than ever and could care less about seduction or persuading her. He would have her now no matter what she said or did.

“You bitch, I wanted to do this the easy way but make no mistake one way or another you will be mine any way I want you,” he snapped running after her. Gina ran for the front door figuring that if she could get to Sarah there would be safety in numbers. She tried repeatedly but the door would not budge. Ezra just smiled at her as she looked like a scared child. Reaching out he grabbed her blouse and ripped open the front, buttons scattering across the floor.

“No don’t do this please,” she pleaded. Seeing the determination on her son’s face she rammed her knee into his balls and ran for the bedside table to look for the phone. Ezra roared in pain and anger and after a few seconds to recover he ran after her. He grabbed the elastic of her shorts and yanked them down to her thighs and gave her a thunderous smack on her plump ass.

“Mommy you will learn to obey me and fuck me whenever I want or else, “his voice was booming. Then he shoved the panties off her cheeks and swatted her several more times until both cheeks were bright pink. He couldn’t help it his cock was becoming hard just seeing her ass but, he knew that he had to stay on task or risk failing to achieve complete success.

“Or else what pecker head?” Gina asked the venom obvious in her voice. She was still squirming trying to get away but as crazed as her son was he was too powerful for her.

“Or else you or your daughter may not leave here alive or I could fix it so Sarah will never be able to have children just as examples of what could happen if you don’t become my mommy slut and mind your fucking business when I take Sarah,” Ezra said in a chilling cool voice. He wasn’t sure himself if he could really hurt either lady but his mission would be well served if they believed he was capable of doing so.

Gina began to cry and kick as she laid there over his knee helpless. Her son quickly removed her remaining clothing; virtually ripping it all from her body. Then grabbing her by the arm he tossed her onto the bed. As he started to take off his shirt Gina noticed the open bathroom door and quickly scampered from the bed. She ran inside and shut the door behind her. She quickly sat against the door blocking him from entering.

“Mommy if you don’t open this fucking door right now I am going outside and rape my sister!” he sounded pure evil. As Ezra walked toward the front door calmly he heard the bathroom door open. Gina hoped maybe he would spare Sarah at least for a while longer as she approached the bed. Angrily Ezra shoved her back onto the bed. He grabbed the rope he had prepared and tied her wrists to it.

He headed back to the bathroom and removed the door from its hinges then locked the hinges in the closet. He then put the door out of the way in the living area. Gina had crossed her ankles and had her legs as tightly together as humanly possible. Her eyes were closed as Ezra stripped. Knowing he still had lots of time he climbed onto the bed with a small bag of little helpers and played with his mom’s body. He pinched and twisted her nipples roughly before licking and biting them and her armpits.

Resuming his plan he straddled her chest and placed his cock about six inches above her face. His member was at its full 7″ length. Gina looked away but Ezra grabbed her head and forced her to look at his manhood. Growling he told her, “You will worship this fucking cock. It will become the most important thing in your life. You will do anything to pleasure it that you are asked. You will do anything in the world just to taste what comes out of it.”

Tears welled up in Gina’s eyes as she couldn’t believe her own son was capable of this. She also couldn’t believe that something inside of her was causing her pussy to moisten. She would not give in. She would never cooperate with him. He would have to force her to do anything he wanted from her, “you will go to hell for this you shit head!”

“I’ll have fun until then! From this moment on you are my property. You will have to earn privileges. For now you can’t even use the bathroom without asking permission and I’ll approve of every stitch of clothing you wear,” he told her in a monotone voice. He knelt there for several minutes chastising her as he forced her to study his rigid manhood. He stroked it occasionally which made her nervous that he might splatter cum on her face.

Tired of hearing his mother condemn him and berate him he grabbed a rubber dildo from his bag and shoved it into her mouth. Gina tried to spit it out but Ezra secured it in place with a large head band. Finally he moved from her face and Gina felt a bit of relief. But immediately she squealed through the dildo as Ezra was biting her tits one after the other very roughly. She thought he might draw blood. But, what was worse is that she had always loved to have her tits bit and teased roughly.

He wasn’t sure if she was enjoying his biting or trying to get away as she squirmed underneath him. But, it was time to make his next move. He then grabbed a large butt plug from the bag and rotated her lower body onto her side and worked the plug into her bowels past her sphincter. Gina screamed through her gag. As she settled back onto her back he demanded, Mommy, it is time to play with your pussy. Spread your legs for your little boy.”

Gina shook her head violently from side to side in obstinate refusal. So, Ezra pulled out a remote control from the bag and set the control to low and pressed the send button. This sent a mild electric shock through Gina’s ass. Gina’s eyes bulged in surprise as Ezra spoke, “Mother dear, that is just a sample; I had it at only ten percent power. Now, bitch spread your legs wide,”

She still refused so Ezra reset the control to 70% and pressed the button again. This caused Gina to rear her ass up off the bed and she instantly spread her legs showing off her pussy to him.

At first, Ezra gently explored her pubic region just getting to know it. But, within a couple of minutes he rammed two fingers up her snatch and was finger fucking her, Before long he was fisting her as her head flayed from side to side. He used his other hand to pinch and twist her clit. The build-up was just too much and Ezra had to pop her incest cherry and climbed on top of her.

Ready to become my fuck slut mother; I am going to fuck you into the fires of hell,” he roared as he pulled the dildo out of her mouth and rammed himself balls deep into her cunt. He wanted to hear all of her nasty talk now. For a middle aged woman she was unbelievably tight.” His strokes were hard and angry as he slammed in and out like a mad man. His pummeling was vicious as he rode the hot body that squirmed underneath him.

“Son of a bitch, you are hurting me; Oh my god,” she cried out as seemingly against her will her pussy muscles contracted around the invader. This was one of the hardest fucks Gina had ever received. Gradually the pain faded and her pussy began to tingle and get excited. She could not enjoy what was happening because it was so wrong.

Soon her body betrayed her and she couldn’t stop herself as her hips came up to meet her son’s thrusting cock. To Ezra’s surprise his mom wrapped her legs around his thighs as he pounded her even faster. Gina was determined not to cum but it was useless as she could feel herself letting go. A tremendous orgasm ripped through her body as she bit her lip trying not to let her son know that she had cum.

“Oh fuck I am cumming,” Ezra roared as he felt the tremors rip through his mother’s body. He knew that her body had positively responded to what he had done. Now if he could just convince her mind to come along for the ride. Dismounting her he scooped out her pussy and shoved some of their combined juices into her mouth before licking his fingers clean.

Reaching one last time into the bag he pulled out a pair of bikini panties to which he had attached a small vibrator onto the front crotch. He worked the underwear up her legs until it was in place. Now not only did she have the remote control butt plug in her back door but also had a remote control vibrator covering her clit. Gina was still breathing heavy as Ezra untied her arms.

“Now my slut on your knees and clean up my cock; suck it,” Ezra ordered as he backed up a few steps from the bed. It took Gina a moment to realize what her son was ordering her to do. Any feeling of relaxation she had from being fucked left her as the anger she now felt toward him raged. She couldn’t believe that his cock was still stiff after what they had just done.

“Fuck you,” she answered laying still. Saying nothing Ezra gave her a 50% shock and she still did not move. So he pushed the button again this time at full power. She screamed out as her entire body jumped. Seconds later she was on her knees in front of him.

“Good little slut,” he said softly as her tongue tentatively touched the head of his cock. Gina had given a lot of blow jobs but never had licked her own juices off a guy’s cock. She thought it wasn’t too bad so far as she licked around the soft mushroom head. Appalled by what she was doing but wanting to get it over with Gina sucked his member halfway into her mouth licking it clean as it entered her throat.

Her son grabbed her head by her hair and urged her face further up his shaft. Not satisfied he gave her a small jolt of electricity. Instantly she engulfed his entire cock into her mouth and grasped the base with her hand. She knew the only way out of the blow job was to make him cum. So, she mouth fucked him with vigor. Ezra figured she was turned on and smiled about having his mother for his slut.

He rewarded her with a few seconds of stimulation from the vibrator. The vibe felt good to Gina but she was more concerned about what Ezra would do next. She gave Ezra’s cock a hard squeeze and he shot a big load of spunk into her mouth. She loved the taste of cum and even though it was her son’s seed she swallowed it hungrily. As soon as Ezra finished Cumming he pulled out of his mother’s mouth.

“These tits, this ass, and this pussy are all mine to do whatever I want with from now on as you have just become my whore forever,” he said dryly as he toyed with each body part as he mentioned it. Then he told her to get dressed but leave off her bra so he could cop a feel of her tits whenever the mood struck him. As Gina got dressed Ezra did the same and put things away; hiding the remotes in his pocket.

“Ezra, why are you doing this to me? You certainly don’t need to do it as you have your pick of women I am sure. Your sister told me that the girl she told you about had a great time on your dates. I am your mother and this is as wrong as things can get,” she pleaded. She knew her plea had fallen on deaf ears; a fact confirmed when her son walked over and cupped a tit in each hand as he spoke.

“I am sure there are hot ladies out there and maybe one that would totally fill all of my needs but why look when I already live with two women that are everything I want. Besides, I would never have the opportunity to make them into my total sluts like I will have on this island with the two of you in the next two weeks,” Ezra was now cocky. His mom had not given in but he was sure he had won her body. He gave both boobs a squeeze and stared deep into her eyes.

“No, Ezra, not Sarah; leave her alone. I will do anything, anything at all that you ask of me just leave your sister alone,” tears welled up in her eyes again. This was exactly the reaction Ezra had expected. He was not the least bit phased by it and calmly continued with the plan.

“Mom you will already do anything I ask or you may never leave this island. If I want you to drink my piss or eat my shit you will do it. Let me prove it to you my little whore. On your hands and knees right now and crawl around like a dog wagging your ass like it is your tail as you move and don’t forget to bark. Do it now,” he commanded. She just stood there so he gave her a small jolt.

Slowly she went to her knees but still didn’t obey so he shocked her several more times until she began to move around as ordered. He turned the vibe on low and each time she barked he increased the speed higher and higher until she barked almost constantly. This came to a climax when he ordered her to roll over and play dead with her hands and legs in the air. He turned the vibe to max power causing a hard orgasm to rip through her body.

“Now go call Sarah for lunch. Not a word or even a hint about what we’ve been doing or I’ll put both of you through the worst possible hell,” he said calmly. He got a soda out of the refrigerator as he watched her walk for the door as he unlocked it. Sarah came in with a curious look on her face as something seemed wrong with the atmosphere. Then she noticed the bathroom door sitting in the corner.

“Why is the bathroom door over there?” she asked as she walked toward the kitchen. Her mind was trying to sort things out. Her mother’s face seemed pale and her mother was abnormally quiet. Her brother had a massive grin on his face like the cat that had eaten the canary.

“Mom got locked in there and I had to take it off its hinges. Sarah you look like you got too much sun after mom serves us lunch we’ll need to get some first aid cream on you before it gets too bad,” he said confidently. Gina was a little slow to obey his directive so he gave her a mild shock and she went right to work. All through lunch he shocked his mother every time she did something out of place or appeared to be hinting to Sarah as to what had been going on.

After lunch Ezra handed the first aid cream to his mother. They liked this brand because it also was a sun screen with SPF of 8 so you could still tan without burning. Gina had her daughter lay down on the bed. Sarah was a bit surprised when her brother joined them on the bed. Gina started slowly rubbing Sarah’s shoulders which were rather pink before proceeding to her arms. Ezra mouthed to his mother to untie the swim top. She shook her head from side to side and received a shock before reluctantly complying.

“Mom let me help you with that; it is a lot of ground to cover,” Ezra said like a concerned brother. Gina handed him the tube and he squirted a large amount in his hand. He started rubbing it into her feet and lower legs and worked his way up. Sarah was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable about how high her brother was rubbing the lotion. When he brushed his hand against her crotch she had to speak up.

“Ezra, that is a bit too high; now back off and finish the legs,” Sarah demanded but not in a very threatening tone. Ezra complied as it did not matter in the long term as soon she would be his property. His mom was almost finished with the girl’s back so he motioned for her to apply the lotion on her ass under her swim bottoms. He didn’t even have to shock her this time as Gina moved timidly toward her daughter’s ass.

“You know one of the advantages of having an island like this to ourselves is that we don’t have to behave in any particular way and can dress however we want too. In fact this is the perfect opportunity to get that all over natural tan without having to lie in some dumb tanning bed,” Ezra commented just as Gina’s hands slid under the elastic of Sarah’s bikini bottom.

Sarah jumped as she felt her mom’s hands slide on to her ass. But, strangely what Ezra said made sense although she had no intention of going naked in front of him especially considering what he had tried a few weeks back. Gina was surprised that she had no problem applying lotion to her full grown daughter’s ass. She was enjoying rubbing the soft skin then Ezra brought her back to the current reality.

He got up and pulled Gina’s t-shirt off over her head. He grabbed the tube and applied lotion to Gina’s back. Sarah was unaware of what her brother had done when he suggested she roll over so they could apply lotion to her front side. Sarah complied without hesitation not noticing that her top was unfastened for several seconds giving Gina and Ezra a good long look at her perfect tits.

Sarah quickly covered up as Gina said nothing and applied lotion in a hurry to her daughter’s legs and then her belly. Then looking up after covering her own tits she noticed her mother’s big tits inches from her face. This made her nervous but she noticed that Ezra was keeping his hands on her mom’s back. Ezra’s idea was that showing off their mother’s tits to his sister would make her more comfortable about her boobs being exposed as her mom rubbed them with lotion.

Gently Gina pushed Sarah’s swim top aside. The girl started to cover up but Gina wanted to get this torment over with and pushed her daughter’s hands away and liberally applied the lotion to the twin orbs. Meanwhile, Ezra had reached around his mother and was softly applying lotion to his mother’s tits. Sarah’s mind was whirling now a bit worried about what Ezra was up to. He could still say everything was platonic but it certainly did not appear so to her.

Her mother’s hands felt nice and soothing but she couldn’t help but notice the strange look on her mom’s face. Just then Ezra whispered something to Gina causing the older woman to frown and get very tense. Ezra sent a tiny shock into the butt plug and Gina’s hands proceeded back down Sarah’s belly and started into the bikini bottoms. A look of horror came over Sarah.

“What the fuck are you guys up to; what the fuck do you think you are doing?” Sarah screamed. She darted out of the bed and ran across the room the horror obvious in her face. Then she ran for the front door and it wouldn’t open. Confused she ran for the kitchen and then hurried to the window noticing it would be too small to get through. She looked around for a way out and saw none.

“Mom help me with the wildcat,” Ezra said without a worry in the world. He grabbed his mother in his arms and kissed her hard and passionately as he played with her rump causing Sarah to gasp in disbelief. Reluctantly Gina headed toward her daughter. She was a pace slower than Ezra. For the next five minutes they chased their prey around the small cabin.

Gina tried to help as little as possible without getting shocked again. Finally Sarah was cornered and Ezra dragged her to the easy chair and tied her arms and feet in place. Tears welled up in both women’s eyes. Sarah cried uncontrollably. Gina would have done anything to get her daughter free of Ezra but knew that Ezra would not be stopped. Calmly Ezra spoke, “Mom you can tell Sarah about your new life now.”

“Oh Sarah, I am sorry we ever came down here. It is unbelievable your brother has us as his captives for the next two weeks and is making us his sexual slaves. He raped me and made me suck his cock while you were outside,” Gina sniffled as she spoke. Ezra smiled devilishly again.

“I won’t do it; I refuse there is no way in hell he will take me. I would rather die than let my own brother pop my cherry,” the crying being replaced with pure anger. Ezra ignored her protests and stripped right in front of her stroking his cock. Sarah was disgusted at the site but even more disgusted at herself as seeing a hard cock always made her wet.

“”Dear sister there is no doubt that you will do whatever I say and be happy to do it by the time we leave this island. Now mom let us give your daughter a demonstration.” Ezra knew he would certainly conquer Sarah as he was counting on at least the Hostage syndrome to help him out. He pulled his mother back into his arms and they kissed again. He walked to the nightstand and pulled out a collar that had his mother’s name in gold lettering on it and fastened it around her neck.

“Don’t make me do it Ezra, not in front of Sarah,” she pleaded. This did not make Ezra happy so he grabbed the remote and shocked her but this time the shock was through the collar. Gina bowed her head in submission as her son pushed down her panties. He yanked out the butt plug its work now done and removed the vibe from the underwear. He then placed the vibe against the crotch of Sarah’s bikinis on a low setting.

“Now on your hands and knees and do like you did earlier; that is a good little slut,” he praised as she immediately began barking and crawling all around him. To show Sarah how much control he had over their mom he made his mother lick out his ass hole and then crawl across Sarah’s lap resting her stomach on Sarah’s thighs with her ass in the air.

“First here is a sample of what a bad slut gets and then a sample of what obedience gets,” Ezra spoke as he began spanking his own mother. Again and again he hit her ass. Sarah didn’t want to watch but could not help it as she felt every stroke through her mother’s nude body. Satisfied with turning his mother’s ass bright pink Ezra climbed behind her and licked her from ass hole to clit several times causing Gina to moan in pleasure. Gina couldn’t help it as it felt so nice.

But, she had not given up yet. Ezra had beaten her for the moment but she couldn’t let him win. Depriving his mother of cumming again Ezra stood up and made his mother stand behind him. Ezra was knee to knee with his sister as he had his mother stroke his cock right toward Sarah’s face and tits. He asked, “You like rubbing your little boy’s cock don’t you? Admit it slut you like having my big hard cock in your hands; stroking it until it splashes all over your daughter.”

“Ahhh, yes I do; I like your big cock,” she reluctantly admitted. She wasn’t really thinking about making him cum on Sarah’s tits as all she could think of was beating his meat. For the moment she allowed the feeling of anger and disgust to fall into the back of her mind. Ezra turned up the vibe in Sarah’s crotch to full power as he sprayed all over her face and chest. Sarah tried to turn away to avoid the sticky stuff but Ezra turned his body just right to cover her in his spunk.

“Now Mom you will clean that up. Eat it all gone but be sure to share it with Sarah,” he said coolly as he sat on the bed to watch. Gina used her fingers to scoop his cum and eat it. After a few scoops she tried to force some into her daughter’s mouth but Sarah would not take any of it. Ezra pulled out a matching collar for Sarah and clamped it onto her neck.

“Sarah the faster you cooperate with him the sooner we will be finished; so please suck the stuff from my fingers,” Gina urged. Gina tried to feed cum to Sarah again but she still resisted. Ezra turned the remote to full power and pressed the button sending a shock through both collars. He figured that by punishing both of them it would result in quicker compliance as the innocent one would help to get the one who was resistant to cooperate faster.

Sarah squealed in pain as she felt his anger through the collar. Gina tried again and Sarah let her mouth drop open. She was not thrilled but allowed her mother to feed her until the spunk was removed from her face and chest. Sarah craved the taste of male spunk, it was one of her favorite things but eating her own brother’s cum was repugnant to her.

Relieved Sarah breathed easier as her mother moved away. The feeling of relief did not last long as Ezra approached her carrying a pair of scissors. Without saying a word he cut off her swim bottoms. He examined them and tossed them to Gina, “Look at how wet Sarah got these; they are soaked.”

Prying Sarah’s legs apart he examined her pussy and saw a small puddle of juice on the chair. Before leaving his sister he grabbed and squeezed each of her tits hard causing a groan of pain to come from her. The chair was positioned to face the bed so Sarah would have the best seat in the house for the next act. He grabbed his mother’s hand and took her to the bed and instructed her to sit on his lap.

Gina was happy that, at least for the moment, he was being gentle with her. She knew it was in her best interest to go along so he wouldn’t hurt her anymore. He gently caressed her backside as he nibbled sweetly on her ear. His other hand massaged her thigh and belly as he spoke softly, but loud enough for Sarah to hear, “I’ve wanted to make love with you for a long time.”

Sarah closed her eyes trying not to see what was happening but, curiosity got the best of her and the next thing she knew her eyes were transfixed on the scene in front of her. Part of the reason for the gentle approach was that Ezra had to give his cock recovery time. So he continued to kiss and caress his mother nibbling on her shoulders.

Then he grabbed her face in his hand and stabbed his tongue into her mouth. To his surprise Gina returned the kiss even putting her arms around his neck. Their kissing became more urgent and frantic as Ezra lightly ran his hands over Gina’s boobs. Sarah couldn’t believe that her mother appeared to be a willing and almost eager participant now.

Ezra helped Gina adjust her body so that she was now straddling his thighs. Taking a tit in each hand he squeezed softly as he began to kiss from one nipple to the other. To her own dismay Gina found herself grinding her tits in her son’s face. He kissed the orbs hungrily. When Ezra started to bite her globes she couldn’t help herself and wrapped her hands around his head encouraging him to continue.

Mother and son were in their own erotic world totally forgetting about Sarah. Frantically Ezra sucked and bit from one boob to the other with his hands now kneading Gina’s ass roughly. Gina was on the verge of an orgasm when Ezra suddenly wrapped his strong arms around her body and pushed her onto the bed. Before she knew what was happening Gina found her son’s mouth attached to her pussy.

Ezra licked and sucked up and down the length of his mother’s slit. Soon he was nibbling and biting her clit. After a couple of minutes of his attention Gina was rocking her crotch in her son’s face and had her ankles wrapped around his back. Gina had forgotten herself and pleaded with Ezra, “Fuck me; I need your big cock inside of me now, please; oh fuck!”

It thrilled Ezra to hear his mom begging for his cock. It hadn’t crossed his mind that she was lost in the moment and had forgotten who was eating her pussy. Ezra Felt a convulsive orgasm rips through his mother’s body so he moved up her body and kissed her passionately. As they kissed Gina’s mind cleared but looking into Ezra’s eyes she realized that she still needed to be fucked whether or not it was her own son. She lifted her hips from the mattress and tried to capture her son’s cock.

“Mommy you really need your little boy’s cock don’t you? You need to do something for me first. Get down on your knees and eat your baby girl’s pussy for me. I want you to make her cum,” Ezra said confidently. Gina and Sarah were horrified at the new twist Sarah locked her knees together.

“Oh, Ezra please, fuck me! I want your cock deep inside of me; I want it so bad! Don’t make me go down on Sarah; I just need a hard fucking now,” Gina again lifted her hips from the bed and captured her son’s cock between her cunt lips. Ezra was totally turned on and almost yielded to her begging but somehow found the strength to roll off and smack her ass as he pointed at her to go over to Sarah.

It only took one mild shock of the collar for Gina to kneel before her daughter. Gina pulled at Sarah’s knees but she wouldn’t budge them. Ezra walked closer and saw what the problem was and turned the remote to full power and shocked the women. Crying Sarah spoke, “Ezra doesn’t make us do things with each other. Please don’t, if you let mom up I promise I will fuck you.”

“But sweet Sarah, you missed the whole point of this vacation. The point is to make us into a loving family and that includes you and mom experiencing one another daily as the true sluts you are. Pussy eating is just the beginning for you two. So spread your legs and let’s see how fast mom can make you cum,” Ezra smirked. Sarah relaxed her legs with tears still running down her face.

Gina moved in very slowly; gently pushing her daughter’s legs apart. She caressed Sarah’s thighs as if to say that it would be alright. Ezra thought this was moving too slow but decided to let it go as soon he would have Gina doing what he wanted. Sarah jumped when her mother’s tongue contacted her pussy lips. She spread her legs wider to give Gina easier access figuring her mother could finish faster this way.

Ezra walked around the back of the chair to get a better view. He then reached down and fondled both of his sister’s boobs. Sarah was on sensory overload with the combination of her mom’s masterful tongue and her brother tweaking her nipples and squishing her boobs. Ezra paused long enough to untie one of her hands and re-tie it pointing straight down to the floor. Then he untied her other hand completely and let her do as she pleased with it.

For Sarah to untie her other hand she would have to totally contort her body and as long as his mom was eating her twat and he was behind her that was not going to happen. At first Sarah clawed at his hands and face but by that point Gina was getting into her daughter’s pussy sucking Sarah’s clit into her mouth as her tongue flicked over the piss hole. Ezra leant down and began to nibble and bite Sarah’s shoulders, neck and ears. Small moans now came from Sarah as her protests faded.

Now seeing that his sister was getting excited, even if it was involuntary, Ezra moved back around the chair behind his mom’s ass. As soon as he did Sarah rested her free hand on her own breast. Gina would never have eaten another pussy but was surprised at how much she liked it as the taste; texture and the control were all wonderful. Gina’s ass was pointed out and Ezra could not resist it and went to his knees and licked and sucked at her tiny rosebud.

Neither of the women could speak as Gina had her mouth full and Sarah was panting. Remembering what he had intended to do instead of lick his mom’s stinky ass Ezra got up on his knees and rubbed his cock against her clit. His mom reached down and helped him to slide inside of her. In seconds he was pounding rapidly in and out of her tight pussy again.

“Sarah I am fucking our mother. Oh fuck yes, watch your brother’s cock pound her pussy. Her shiny honey coating it making it feel so good. Just think baby sister soon you will get to have it inside of your cunt. Sis it is ok if you cum; it is so fucking hot,” Ezra bragged as he pounded harder and harder. He held onto his mother’s hips as his cock became a blur and his mother licked Sarah more eagerly.

“You fucking bastard,” Sarah barely panted as her hips came up to meet her mother’s mouth. Sarah slipped her hand to her mother’s head encouraging her parent. Sarah was gasping in animalistic excitement as Gina scooped up Sarah’s honey like a cat lapping up milk as Sarah came over and over again; shudders running through her body. On each inward stroke Gina clamped her muscles on Ezra’s cock until he spilled its contents deep inside of her.

After Ezra fell out of his mother the threesome said nothing and spent several minutes sitting there recuperating. Ezra knew it would be at least a couple of hours, if not more, before his cock could do anymore so he needed to come up with ways of keeping the pressure on but not using his cock to do so. Once their orgasms passed both ladies came to earth and knew they had to talk to each other to figure a way out of their predicament.

He was getting cabin fever so he decided they could all go outside together. They had to show their appreciation for his gift by giving him a deep tongue kiss. His mother readily agreed and passionately kissed him as she hoped that someone would see them out there. At first Sarah refused but relented after Ezra threatened to tie her back up and put weights on her tits and clit.

Sarah’s kiss was deeper and more passionate than Ezra had expected. He grabbed a small bag of supplies in case he needed it and then entered the combination for the front door and admonished the women to stay close. Sarah ran out ignoring his warning and as soon as she was 25 feet away she received a jolt of electricity. The collars were set to give a shock if the wearer got more than 25 feet away. Ezra laughed, I told you to stay close Sarah!”

They walked the beach together. Ezra was enjoying the beauty of the beach and ocean along with the beauty of the two naked women he was with. Sarah motioned to Gina and Gina signaled back but Ezra did not see it as he was busy watching the sway of their butts. The women nodded their heads in unison and whirled around and tackled Ezra trying to grab his bag of tricks and the remote control.

It took him a couple of seconds but he depressed the button on full stun and didn’t let go until the girls were screaming. He pushed them off of him and stood up releasing the button. He pulled out a double dog leash from the bag and fastened a hook to each lady’s collar. He made Gina lay in the sand while he spanked the hell out of Sarah’s ass. When he finished turning Sarah’s ass pink he had her spank Gina. His cock was already showing signs of life as he watched the spanking but he knew it was still too soon.

“If you two are going to behave like bitches, I am going to treat you like a couple of bitch dogs. Now on your hands and knees and be my dogs as we walk. By the way Sarah, you can’t have anything to eat until you prove how great your blow jobs are. Let’s continue on now puppies,” Ezra said anger still obvious in his voice. The walk wasn’t bad for Sarah as she was young but Gina’s knees were hurting. As they walked he would make them do tricks like rollover and play dead. This was a bit humiliating but nothing compared to when he escalated it to sniffing and licking each other’s asses as well as his ass. He did let Sarah have a small taste of her mother’s pussy juice. This was great fun for him as he felt like a puppet master. He even had them nibble on each other’s ears and kiss. The hottest moments came when they took turns lying on their backs with their ‘paws’ skyward and licked the other lady’s tits.

Ezra thought about having them mount one another but would save that for later when he had the strap-on dildo with him. When they got back to the cabin he let them off the leashes and let them lay in the sun for awhile as he looked on. He made sure to be close enough that they could not plot against him. He realized that he still had further to go to win them over than he thought.

By this time it had been about three or four hours since he had fucked his mother so he thought he had enough spunk for a good blow job. He called Sarah over and asked her to suck his cock and she refused so he turned to his mom and said quietly, “Let’s go eat and drink. We have some giant boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce in there and you can fix some Margaritas.”

Ezra knew this was his sister’s favorite meal and knew it would get to her especially as she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. He made her sit at the dining table and watch as the food was put out and eaten. Sarah became worried as she realized that Ezra was serious that she would not eat until she blew his cock for him. She love giving blow jobs but how could she do this. As the first pitcher of margaritas disappeared she sighed and fell to her knees in front of her brother and moved to suck him off.

“Not here, in bed sis,” he smiled in triumph. He took his mother to the bed and handcuffed her as he wasn’t taking any chances and slid the keys under the locked closet door. Then he handed her a pair of her silky bikini panties to put on. It was then she remembered what she had told him in the kitchen after her date. She should never have boasted about what a great cock sucker she was but it was the truth. She put them on and reluctantly sauntered over to the bed.

Her brother was beside her mother and playing with Gina’s titties as Sarah climbed onto the bed. Gently she grabbed Ezra’s thighs as he spread them wider for her. As her face got closer to his cock she concluded her brother had the biggest cock she had ever sucked. Ezra smiled as he watched her stick out her tongue and flick it across his piss hole. Then she realized that he hadn’t washed since he had fucked their mother; but she knew there was no way out.

As much as she wanted out of this situation Sarah’s competitive nature caused her to need to prove to her ass hole of a brother that she was a master cock sucker. First she wrapped her tongue around the spongy head; slithering it all over the sensitive area. Ezra was amazed at how long her tongue appeared to be. She now had both hands helping her caress his balls, caressing his thighs, and milking his hard shaft.

She played and teased with his manhood as if she were making love to it. She nibbled up and down the sides and bottom of it before sucking his large balls one at a time into her mouth. Then Sarah slowly sucked his entire length into her mouth with her tongue still exploring every vein and bump. Holding his hips in place Sarah fucked his erection with her mouth increasing both in speed and pressure.

Getting into the task she moved one hand to her clit and frigged herself through the panties. Her hand was squeezing his balls relentlessly. When she felt his member twitch she pulled away and kissed his balls denying him an orgasm. When she resumed her sucking she stabbed a finger into his ass and played with his prostrate.

“Mmm, Fuck I love sucking cock; fucking fantastic,” Sarah cooed as she went back down on her brother sucking his entire length into her mouth. His member was tickling the back of her throat. Gina couldn’t believe what she was seeing; her 18 year old daughter sucking cock like a professional. Ezra was moaning and groaning as one hand was clamped on to his sister’s head and the other strangling his mother’s titties. Every time Ezra came close to Cumming Sarah pulled away. He now believed her brash bragging as he thrust his hips to meet her mouth fucking. Sarah’s fingertips were a blur on her clit as she came several times in her silky drawers. Ezra attempted to speak but only gibberish came out, “Son of a bitch; puss, need pussy; got to cum, oh yes; panties, my face; eat you; oh mother fuck; give me. “

“Well, looks like you appreciate what I am doing,” Sarah cooed as she gave his member a bite. She thought about making her own demands but realized it would be pointless as Ezra still had full control as he was the only one who knew the combinations to the closet and front door. Seconds later she swung her body around and was grinding her dripping wet panties in her brother’s face. “Oh fucking god,” Ezra moaned as he licked and sucked on the panties gliding all over his face. Now Sarah’s sucking became even more feverish. With the wet panties in his face and the expert sucking he was receiving it wasn’t long before he exploded like a fountain in his sister’s mouth. Sarah did not stop. She kept sucking and sucking drawing more and more spunk from his erection. Ezra had his arms wrapped around Sarah’s ass as he had to hold on as the feeling was so intense.

“So, you believe me now that I can make a man happy without fucking him,” she whispered out of breath as Ezra’s very limp cock fell from her mouth. Sarah rolled off of him and licked his remaining cum from her lips. He could say nothing and just shook his head. He pulled out a second pair of handcuffs and put them on Sarah and. The three of them took a long nap. Gina mind raced even in her dreams; she was confused as a million feelings were going through her head.

Similar thoughts were causing Sarah to toss and turn. It really bothered Sarah that she had actually given her own brother a blowjob. She was also worried about fucking him as she could not figure a way out of it.

When Ezra woke up he realized that he had not really done anything to his sister yet. He decided that this would change immediately. Looking over at her he saw her tits rise and fall as she breathed and licked his lips. Gently he climbed over her sleeping body and flicked his tongue around her nipples. He pushed his legs between his sibling’s thighs as he sucked and licked the beautiful orbs. He could feel that her panties were still wet against his belly as her eyes fluttered open.

“What the fuck,” Sarah gasped as she awoke to the action of her brother’s mouth. She tried to push him off using her legs but he didn’t budge. Then she tried to roll over to knock him off but he was just too strong for her. For some reason her resistance turned him on even more. He knew that as long as she was handcuffed she could not do much but he admired the effort she was making.

“It’s time for big brother to make you cum!” Ezra bragged as he licked and kissed down her belly. He bit her cunt through the panties a couple of times before grabbing the waistband of the undies and ripping them straight off. For the fun of it he stuffed the panties into his sister’s mouth. He next ran his hand through the thick forest of black pussy hair and reveled in the thought that this pussy would soon be all his. Tears formed on Sarah’s cheeks as she was worried she was about to lose her virginity.

As Ezra’s tongue flicked over her pussy lips for the first time Sarah tried to put her mind somewhere else. She tried to think of anything that she could from dead puppies to stacks of garbage to keep her body from reacting to what was happening. She even thought of decaying human flesh but nothing was working as her pussy quivered with each lick. She even wrapped a leg around her mother’s leg to try and hold still so Ezra would not notice her body’s reaction.

But, all this move did was spread her legs wider apart and give her brother better access to her dripping cunt. She moaned through the panties as Ezra sucked her clit into his mouth. She totally lost any remaining control when he slid two fingers up her pussy and finger fucked her. Sarah’s hips ground in her brother’s face as she wrapped her legs around his back. She came squirting load after load of honey, spitting out the panties and crying out, “You fucking son of a bitch; damn it!”

“So, you are calling your own mom a bitch,” Ezra laughed out loud and smacked his sister’s hip as he got up. He unfastened the handcuffs from Sarah and told her to go ahead and eat the shrimp. Gina pretended to be asleep hoping to avoid his attention a little longer but he had seen her sneaking peaks at the action beside her. Ignoring Gina for the moment he got out a video and popped it in the machine.

The movie looked normal enough about a mother and her two kids. As what appeared to be a tear jerker showing the three of them dealing with the loss of the adult children’s father got going Ezra unlocked his mother’s handcuffs and invited her to join him on the sofa. When she joined him Ezra had her sit on his lap. He could hear Sarah devour the food as she was apparently starving.

Ezra gently caressed his mother’s tits as the platonic action continued and even nibbled on her neck. The movie had grabbed Sarah’s intense interest as well as soon she joined them on the sofa with a full plate of food. Moments later the son in the movie was consoling his mother as they hugged. The mother looked into her son’s eyes and suddenly they kissed and he ripped off his mother’s blouse. The action did not let up for the rest of the film as every combination of lovers and sex act was explored.

For some reason Gina and Sarah couldn’t take their eyes off the screen. Ezra pulled his sister closer to him and played with her as the action got hotter and hotter. The climax of the movie came when the daughter announced that she was pregnant with her brother’s baby. The film ended showing them living happily ever after in their taboo relationship.

Neither one of the ladies said a word to Ezra as it was obvious what the point of showing the film had been. Secretly they couldn’t deny the feelings it had stirred in them but it also made part of them even more determined to resist knowing that Ezra was planning a long term relationship with them. Over the remainder of their stay Ezra re-showed the movie, along with two similar ones, over and over again.

“Sarah sucks your mommy’s big titties. It has been too long since you have had her nipples in your mouth,” Ezra demanded when the movie ended. Stubbornly his sister refused as she crossed her arms over her chest and sat back on the sofa. Ezra made his demand two more times but Sarah just sat there in total refusal Ezra reach behind the cushion and pulled out a large knife and held it up.

“Suck these tits or you will both bleed,” he scowled. Then, he ran the blade across his mother’s tit just below the nipple leaving a red line where the blade had scraped the skin. A single droplet of blood appeared as Gina squealed. Gina sat there mortified as Ezra turned toward her daughter and ran the blade down her thigh leaving the same scrape line.

As he moved the blade back toward his mother’s neck Sarah, with tears falling, climbed over and gingerly took her mother’s nipple into her mouth. He pushed his sister’s head against Gina’s chest to make her suck more flesh into her mouth. She got the idea and soon was reluctantly sucking from boob to boob. Trembling Gina spoke, “You are a fucking savage ass hole.”

“That is right Sarah suck mommy’s tits, make her cum,” he said ignoring his mother’s comment. Once he was sure that the ladies were concentrating on what was happening he put the knife back in the cushion and began caressing Sarah’s back. He soon found Sarah’s ass hole and stabbed his finger inside and finger fucked her. Her tit sucking became more frantic and Gina put a hand on her daughter’s head to encourage her. Gina didn’t like that it was Sarah playing with her tits but could not help but to get excited when anyone played with them.

After Ezra was satisfied with Sarah’s efforts he took the women on the beach for a walk complete with leashes. They were cooperative this time as Ezra didn’t make them do much as he wanted to enjoy the night air and the ocean breeze. He pulled Gina aside for a moment as he allowed his sister to play in the waves. He told his mom that he planned on taking Sarah’s virginity later that evening and she would help him do it.

He explained that Gina had two choices. The first choice was to refuse and he would savagely rape his sister. Or, she could cooperate and make the experience as good as possible under the circumstances for her daughter. If Gina cooperated Ezra pledged to be as tender with Sarah as the girl would allow him to be. Ezra and Gina then joined Sarah in the surf and for a few minutes the girls almost forgot what was happening to them. Then all too soon it was over and they headed back inside.

After getting everyone a drink Ezra went to the closet and got out a Victoria’s Secret bag. And handed it to Gina and told her to help Sarah get ready for a special night. Gina hesitated only for a second as she had seen with the knife earlier what her son was capable of. He turned to Sarah and pulled her to him whispering, “This will be the night you will never forget.” Patiently Ezra waited in the dining area as he watched and listened to mother and sister. Sarah was balling knowing what was coming. Gina soothed her and calmly explained that she had no choice and that she should try and make the best of it. Finally the tears wiped from her Sarah timidly approached her brother escorted by Gina. She was a vision of pure beauty.

She looked like an angel approaching in the long flowing sheer white nightgown the gown was covered by a matching robe. Her breasts were pushed up so the nipples poked through the material almost like two eyes staring at him. There was a slit up the side revealing thigh high stockings and as she got closer he could smell the sweet aroma of jasmine. Gina made one last attempt to derail her son as she came up and rubbed her ass against him sensually.

“Ezra, if you leave her alone you can do anything to me you want; I mean anything,” she cooed grinding her ass in his face. Ezra was not to be deterred but he did pause momentarily and pull Gina’s ass cheeks apart and licked out her ass hole before standing and taking his mother over to the sofa and hand cuffing her there. He left one hand free so she could play with herself or take a drink.

She could also lie down and either watch or turn away. He offered her a gag which she refused after being cautioned that she had to be totally silent. In Ezra’s mind he thought the nicer he was the better chance he had of making the night into something romantic and seductive. He truly wanted Sarah to enjoy her first time but if she refused to make the best of it that would be her fault because one way or another he was going to cum in her pussy.

“My God Sarah, you are absolutely stunning!” he gasped as he turned to face her. Sarah could not help herself and blushed at the sweet compliment. Ezra quickly turned off the lights after lighting several candles. Sarah’s heart felt like it would pound out of her chest. She was panicking but knew there was no place to run. She wondered how Ezra’s cock would feel inside of her as she had never even had a dildo up there. Thoughts still careened through her head of ways to get out of this situation.

Slowly he walked over to her and placed his arm around her shoulder. Pulling her close he gave her a small peck on the lips before moving her to the love seat in the corner. He was determined to make this as much like their wedding night as he could. The siblings adjusted so that they were sitting at a diagonal facing each other. Not a word was spoken as he placed a hand on her knee and the other arm around her shoulder. Gently he began kissing her. Very tentatively she kissed him back.

She was heeding her mom’s advice just to let it happen so she wouldn’t get hurt, but she didn’t have to act excited about it either. Soon her brother was nibbling on her neck as he untied the silky knots of her robe. To her own surprise she found her hand resting on Ezra’s shoulder. She even gasped when he nibbled on her ear. He kissed her mouth again and this time her tongue responded, dancing with his.

Ezra’s hands lightly traced her breasts just before he pushed the robe free of her shoulders. It seemed to melt off of her arms and on to the cushions. The material covering her breast was being held up by thin spaghetti straps. Sarah had quit thinking as her mind was a jumble. Part of her wanted him to get it over with at the same time another part wanted to kill him but it was her libido that had taken over.

He smooched with her for nearly another hour just kissing and playing with her breasts. Periodically he would sneak a hand under her gown along her thighs and caress to within millimeters of her crotch to where he could actually feel the heat rise. She did not notice when he worked the straps of the gown from her shoulders until she felt his tongue circle one of her nipples. His kissing became more and more aggressive as he sucked from tit to tit passionately.

Sarah was softly moaning with her hands caressing her brother’s shoulders. Taking this as a sign of encouragement Ezra helped his sister stand up causing the gown to fall to the floor. Now she was wearing only the stockings and a pair of snow white string bikini panties. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed putting her down gently. She watched as he removed his few clothes and climbed in beside her.

He resumed passionately kissing and caressing her now not leaving any part of her gorgeous body untouched. He placed her hand on his cock and was happy when she gave it a couple of squeezes. He was soon disappointed when she let it fall away but decided not to force her to return the hand as he had the rest of their lives to look forward to her touching. Animal instinct was beginning to take control as he rolled on top of her and quickly kissed down her body.

Ezra ran his hands over the undies and decided to flip her over and kiss her ass. At first, he was happy with kissing through the soft material. But, his cock was now throbbing so he ripped the strings and folded down the panties from her ass and dove in; kissing and nibbling. Sarah hoped that maybe he would get too tired to fuck her as much energy as he was expending kissing her ass.

However, she loved how he was playing with her rump and ground it into his face. Now on fire Ezra kissed around her hips and gradually rolled her over so that her beautiful pussy was the only thing in view. He pulled away the remainder of the panties and tossed them aside. Moments later he had his legs between his sister’s thighs and was passionately kissing her mouth. He ground his hips against her pelvis with his cock now resting against her clit.

Gina closed her eyes as she knew the moment of truth had come for her daughter and in a perverted way it excited her. Then Sarah felt her brother pull back and his cock head was at her vaginal opening. She shook her head no and pushed her arms against his chest but she knew there was no point in fighting the inevitable. She winced as she felt the large intruder enter her pussy. Slowly Ezra pushed in and out a little deeper with each thrust. Then he felt her virginal barrier and gave an extra hard push and was through.

Painful sensations shot up Sarah’s body from her pussy. Tears flowed as she screamed in pain. Ezra stopped until her pain subsided and slowly resumed fucking her. She held on to him tightly trying to make the pain go away. After another minute or so of his strokes the pain went away. After a while longer the sensations turned into pleasurable feelings. Soon she had her hands and legs wrapped around her brother’s body with her hips uncontrollably coming to meet each thrust.

Sarah was into it but wanted her brother to pull out as she didn’t want to have his baby but knowing there was no point in asking. Harder and harder he thrust into his baby sister. He kissed her passionately as he rested a hand on her breast squeezing and pinching them. As he felt his balls tighten Sarah began clawing his back. Then he felt the shudder of orgasm ripple through her body; then another and another. He shoved his cock as deep as he could and shot a massive load of jism into her pussy.

He Held it there as he erupted twice more. As soon as he pulled out he placed a pillow under her ass so that nothing would escape her pussy. Sarah was exhausted and just rested only thinking that at least Ezra wasn’t mean and cruel when he fucked her. As they rested he tied her arms to the bed and after blowing out the candles everyone fell asleep.

At three in the morning Sarah awoke to an unusual sensation. Her ass felt cold and her cheeks were being pulled apart. It took her a minute or so to realize that her brother was applying lubricant to her butt hole. It didn’t feel bad when he stuck only one finger up there so she feigned sleep a bit longer not knowing what to do. But, when he rammed home a second finger she couldn’t help but cry out in pain. This woke up her mother who called out to Sarah, “What is it Sweetie?”

“Don’t worry mom; I am just about to finish making my sexy sister mine. Once I’ve taken her ass hole then all of her will be my property Fuck, Sarah your ass is so hot,” Ezra moaned while pushing a third finger up her now well lubed cunt. The fingers hurt but at the same time her pussy was dripping her honey. Abruptly he pushed his sister onto her knees and climbed in behind her.

While not savage his wasn’t the slow seduction of a couple of hours earlier. He wanted it nasty and hard and took it. Ezra held onto his sister’s hip with one hand while he guided his member into her bowels with the other. Sarah complained of the pain his cock was causing her but was surprised that it really did not feel too bad to her. In fact, once he had bottomed out she kind of liked the feeling of fullness in her shit hole. Within a couple of strokes she brought her hips up to meet each thrust of the fat cock.

With one hand Ezra frigged his sister’s clit while he spanked her rump with the other. Sarah was on overload with all of the great sensations erupting in her body. She totally forgot it was her brother pounding in and out of her rear passage. It wasn’t long before Ezra was panting while pummeling her harder and harder. It didn’t take long until he lined her chocolate tunnel with streams of his jism. Sarah arched her back when she felt her brother discharge inside of her causing ripple after ripple of ecstasy to roll through her entire body.

As he pulled out he heard his mother sigh over on the sofa so he decided to have a bit more fun. Holding his cock in his hand he lifted up his mom’s head and shoved his nasty cock to her mouth. She resisted but Ezra would not be denied and Gina knew it so reluctantly she opened her mouth and licked the nasty residue from her boy’s cock. As soon as he was satisfied with her cleaning he shoved her knees to the floor and lubed up her shit hole and without fanfare rammed his member deep and hard inside.

“You gawd damn mother fucker; stop,” Gina cried out while at the same time, without thinking, she pushed her ass up to meet her son’s cock. He did not have much staying power and soon he was cumming in her shittie depths. Once he was finished he made Sarah clean off his member for him. He was worn out but had one more task to do. He went to the closet and got out a chain and fastened one end to his mother’s collar and undid her handcuffs. Then, he took her to the bed with Sarah and attached the other end to Sarah’s collar while removing her handcuffs.

The chain was about four feet long; just long enough that they could freely explore one another’s bodies. They would also have to do everything together including shower and use the bathroom. Next, he brought out a pair of strap-on dildos and presented one to each lady. Wrapping his arms around both of their shoulders he kissed each of them and pushed their mouths together making them do the same.

“I’ll take off that chain once you all have made me happy therefore, I must see you kiss and lick all over one another’s bodies. But, most importantly you must use those fake cocks and all four of your holes and you both must fuck me up the ass. Then we will see if I can unchain the two of you,” Ezra wasn’t sure how much cooperation the girls would give him but it was why he chained them so early in the vacation.

Over the next couple of days things settled into a routine. The threesome would eat their meals together and take walks on the beach. Otherwise he occupied the women constantly with sexual activities and watching the videos. Gina and Sarah were getting tired of being chained together. It was Gina who suggested that they try a little caressing and see if they could get past the taboo and incest and lesbian obstacles to satisfy Ezra just to get their freedom.

It was after lunch as they were doing dishes that Gina took the first steps toward her daughter without having been forced to do so. It was obvious that Ezra was not going to unchain them until they complied and she figured once he had seen them together he would be satisfied as he was mostly interested in them for himself. So, as Sarah washed the plates her mother put down the drying towel and caressed her daughter’s butt.

She stroked the soft skin tenderly hoping to arouse Sarah so things would move quickly between them and they would have relative freedom to move about as they wished. Gina was surprised at how easy this was for her to do; she wasn’t feeling the taboo guilt like she had a couple of days ago with Ezra. She moved in closer and began nibbling on Sarah’s neck causing her daughter to drop the plate she was washing. Sarah just stood there as her mom’s hands slid up to her tits cupping one in each hand.

Tingles of excitement shot up through Sarah’s body. She did not know what was happening to her feelings but suddenly she found herself facing her mom with her soap covered hands kneading Gina’s ass as they kissed passionately. Ezra had been reading a book when he heard the plate splash back into the water. Quietly he walked closer and took a seat not far away from the rest of his family.

“He is watching, let’s give him a show so maybe the bastard will stop this shit,” Gina whispered in Sarah’s ear. Her pussy was getting wetter the more she caressed her little girl. She was trying to resist her own feelings of animalistic lust toward Sarah. Little did she know but Sarah found herself being turned on by her own mother. The more the women tried to resist their true feelings the hotter they got. Gina pulled back and guided Sarah’s mouth to her tits.

In seconds Sarah was voraciously sucking from breast to breast as their legs became entangled. Both ladies ground their pubic mounds against each other’s thighs. Ezra resisted the temptation to say something as he observed them happily. Gina’s hands were petting Sarah’s hair as her daughter was getting into what she was doing. Breaking free for a moment Sarah replied to her mom, “Look at the fucker sitting all cocky! I guess if we’re going to do this we ought to move to the bed.”

It was now obvious to Ezra that they were both into it as after Sarah’s suggestion they didn’t move for the longest time continuing their hot action. Gina finally broke away and walked across the room pulling her daughter behind her and slid into bed. Ezra did not have to wait as instantly Sarah was on top of her mother resuming the kissing and caressing. Quickly her daughter worked down Gina’s body until her face was buried in her dripping pussy. Gina cooed, “Ah, fuck yes Sarah; swing around I want to sixty-nine!”

In his wildest dreams Ezra did not think that his mom and sister would get into it so quickly. He walked Over to the bed to get a closer look. As he watched he put both of their dildos on the bed next to them. The action on the bed was getting hotter and hotter as both ladies hands aggressively traversed over one another’s bodies. The hot aroma of pussy honey filled Ezra’s nostrils their heads were bobbing and weaving as they were making sure to stimulate every part of one another’s intimate areas.

As for Sarah, she couldn’t seem to get enough of her mommy’s pussy and was virtually trying to climb back inside the canal she had come out of 18 years earlier. She had a twinge of guilt but not enough to stop her as her desire for her own mother’s body was fast becoming overwhelming. In that moment she realized that she also had the same craving for her big brother. Suddenly Sarah squealed as her mother had jammed three fingers into her pussy causing her to cum squirting Gina’s face with a river of honey.

“Mom fuck me; oh shit fill me up,” Sarah demanded. Those were the words Gina had been waiting for as her sexual desire for another person had never been so great. She rationalized that she was enjoying her daughter so much because, at least, Sarah was not forcing her to do anything; it was not either of the ladies fault. Whereas, with Ezra she felt more like a piece of meat; a piece of meat that was beginning to enjoy her stay with both of her kids.

It was then that Gina noticed the strap-on beside her on the bed. Quickly she scrambled to her knees and attached the fake cock. Realizing what her mother was doing Sarah Got into position and wiggled her ass in the air in front of her mother. Ezra moved over and removed the chain from between the women and sat on the corner of the bed and watched.

Without ceremony Gina rammed the dildo into her little girl’s snatch. Sarah cried out in joy and lowered her shoulders to the bed frigging her clit as Gina pounded her cock in and out. Gina caressed her daughter’s back and ass as her assault continued. It only took a couple of minutes before Sarah shuddered with a massive orgasm and fell to the bed. As soon as her mother joined her Sarah crawled over and took the fake cock into her mouth and licked it clean.

“Here take this; it is your turn to do me,” Gina cooed in a sultry voice as she handed the other dildo to her daughter. Gina squeezed and pinched her daughter’s tits while Sarah attached her large rubber cock. Sarah was gentle as she entered her mother’s pussy taking until the fifth stroke until she was all of the way inside. Ezra couldn’t take it anymore and moved over to Sarah and softly caressed her ass.

His sister looked over at Ezra and then down at his stiff member which had a droplet of pre-cum on the tip and couldn’t help but smile. Ezra put his hand on her chin bringing their mouths together and lovingly kissed his sister. This seemed to increase Sarah’s lust as she began to pound her mother’s pussy harder than ever. His hand fell to Sarah’s tits and mauled them furiously and moaned, “That is right fuck the hell out of mom!”

Both ladies were moaning out loud as sweat poured from them. Ezra jumped when Sarah suddenly grabbed his cock and began tugging on it. He moaned loudly but wanted more than a hand job. Gently he moved his sister’s hand away and climbed in front of his mother and yanked her head up by her hair and rammed his cock into his mother’s mouth.

As her son mauled her boobs Gina sucked his cock feverishly as her daughter’s hips continued to pound the dildo in and out of her pussy. Gasps and groans grew louder and louder until all three of them erupted in a mighty orgasm. Without a word the threesome fell to the bed and into a deep sleep. They awoke several hours later with their bodies still entangled in one another.

The next morning Ezra informed the women of the rules that the three of them would live under. The first and overriding rule is that both of them would absolutely worship his cock. To drive this rule home he made them kneel in front of him on the floor with their eyes fixed on his thick erection while they were given the rest of the rules. The second rule was, of course, that he was totally in charge. Then he went through the rest of the rules including how they would act back in Missouri.

Robotically his family agreed to his total domination. The emotionless answers concerned Ezra but he knew it was still early for eager submission. For the next several minutes he made each of them take turns praising his cock and giving the tip of it a little kiss and flick of the tongue. He finally could tell they were caving in some as Gina was lightly diddling her clit and Sarah pinched her nipples when her mother was paying homage to her brother’s cock. The rest of the evening the ladies took turns kneeling in front of their master’s cock. Ezra was not egotistical enough to believe that his cock was something special but worshipping it was just another way of breaking the women to his will.

Late that night he experimented and left the ladies unlocked as they watched some new porn involving anal sex and threesomes. It did not take long before both Gina and Sarah were finding reasons to get up making sure to wiggle their ass in everyone else’s faces. Playfully he slapped each ass as it was in front of him. This progressed to grabbing their hips and pulling the sexy rump to his face and inhaling the pungent aroma as he stabbed his tongue into their crack.

Near the end of the show he had to use the bathroom and was surprised when he came back that his mother grabbed him and yanked his ass to her face and feverishly kneaded his cheeks while tonguing out his ass hole. Gina was doing her best to duplicate what she saw a girl in the movie do. Excitedly Sarah got in front of Ezra and placed his hands on her tits and his cock in her crack grinding against him.

The next two hours were spent in anal bliss before they all fell fast asleep. Over the next few days things got more and more relaxed as Ezra’s plan worked to perfection. Sarah and Gina even seemed to anticipate what he wanted and delivered it almost eagerly. He also saw the two women playing more and more together. With three days to go until the end of the trip he began allowing them to roam freely on the island providing a greater variety of sexual opportunities.

As the day of departure drew near Ezra became a bit nervous. He knew that he could control the ladies once they landed in St. Louis but with air port security he would not be able to use any of his gadgets to keep them in line. He was counting on both family loyalty and their submission as a result of his training. The only thing he could do is give them another collar that looked more like jewelry than what it was.

He couldn’t use it on the plane or through security as he had to pack the controls in the outer pocket of his checked luggage. He informed Sarah and Gina that this was a new shock collar that he gotten especially for them for times when they were out in public. He did not tell them that he did not have access to the control. Everything went without a hitch and soon they were back in Gina’s home in St. Louis. Ezra was extraordinarily happy and surprised at how well the plan had worked.

As for Gina and Sarah they had nearly forgotten their previous life. It helped that outside of the initial training that Ezra had become a mostly kind and considerate partner in the last couple of weeks and was fun to be with especially in bed. Whatever sexual needs Ezra did not satisfy the women got from each other. Their first night home they had a catered dinner and some wine.

Sarah eagerly broke the sexual ice as she pushed the dinner makings to the side, climbing on the table, and served her panty clad crotch to her brother. Gina reached in front of her and pulled off her daughter’s blouse and bra and began playing with and kissing the girl’s tits. It was at that moment as Ezra looked at the soaking wet crotch before him that he knew he had achieved total victory as Sarah cooed, “dessert is served, sexy.”

The threesome finally fell asleep about 3:00 the next morning. When they woke up Ezra knew they had to have a serious talk. While he still had a lot of money left he knew it would not last forever. The trip to the island had been enormously expensive. They decided that he would find a job in a warmer climate and Gina would work as well. Sarah would tend to the home and have his babies. Sarah and Ezra would live as husband and wife but Gina would be an equal sex partner with Ezra in charge in bed.

It did not take long for Ezra to find a job as except for his boss’s dislike of his style he had a wonderful reputation as a lawyer and even had his choice of jobs. The law firm he went with even put out feelers that helped Gina get a job before they even moved. Ezra’s house in Kansas City sold fast as he priced it to sell quickly. A week later Gina’s home sold and the movers that the law firm had hired showed up a couple of days later to pack and move the family to their new town.

The law firm also sprang for a penthouse suite at Union Station overlooking the Gateway Arch for the last several nights. On their final night Ezra decided to have a sexy party. He had room service bring up a feast of lobster, steak, wine and many delightful sides. He had asked Bonnie to meet him for a drink in the bar. After greeting each other Bonnie spoke as horny as ever, “Ezra, you don’t waste money on $10.00 drinks. We both know why you called so let’s get out of here.”

Seconds later they were on the elevator with Ezra’s hand cupping Bonnie’s ass. They had just started kissing when the doors opened. The room service guy was just leaving as they walked to the door. Gina and Sarah didn’t know why Ezra had to run to the lobby but did as he asked signing for the delivery with a generous tip and changing into long sexy gowns. Ezra did not know how the three women would respond to the surprise he had cooked up but knew the worst that would happen was that Bonnie would leave and he would still have a night of erotic fun.

Before opening the room door Ezra yanked Bonnie into his arms passionately and kissed her hard and deep. Their tongues danced, teeth biting, and crotches grinding. Bonnie was on fire and would have even fucked him right there in the hallway if he had asked. Breaking the embrace Ezra slid the key card in the slot and let Bonnie inside. He immediately heard his sister and mother gasp followed a moment later by a similar gasp from Bonnie.

“Mom this is Sarah’s friend Bonnie I asked her to spend some time with us and share this feast,” Ezra explained. There was momentary silence as none of the women knew what to say. Ezra escorted Bonnie to a chair at the table and sat beside her. He looked Gina and Sarah in the eyes and motioned for them to grab a seat themselves. It was a square table so his mom sat to his left and Bonnie to his right as Sarah was straight across from him.

For the life of her, Annette could not fathom her boyfriend’s fascination with her asshole.

It was another Saturday night; they’d decided to spend it in. Much better to play their naked games than to hang out in a bunch of smoky bars and nightclubs, spending money and not having much fun. Instead, Annette was deliciously nude, leaning over the sofa with her legs spread wide. Her hands were on her hips, holding her asscheeks apart for David’s detailed inspection of her hiney.

It wasn’t that she particularly minded, it wasn’t particularly unpleasant or anything like that. If the truth were to be told, she rather enjoyed the slick feel of David’s tongue in her asshole as he rimmed her. She just didn’t understand why David insisted on worshipping her anus when her tight little pussy was right there, neatly trimmed and shaved and ready to be played with.

Still, it was a delicious sensation; it was superb to feel his wet tongue tickle her tingling nerve endings as she leaned forward with her ample breasts pressed against the soft leather of the sofa. And the feelings generated by his hand, stroking her pussy so softly as he licked her asshole, sent a warmth through her being that was so luxurious.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMM . . . ” she moaned low as he continued to lick and stroke.

Feeling David’s fingertips moving around the very edges of her asshole, it occurred that perhaps tonight was The Night. Maybe it was time for her to find out what all those articles in her women’s magazines were talking about. Annette looked back over her shoulder to where David’s head was buried in her ass. “Honey . . . ” she began, but couldn’t quite bring herself to saying the words.

“Mmmm?” David replied, with his eyes closed and his tongue still deep in her ass.

“Do you want to . . . ”


“Do you want to . . . . . . would you like to . . . . . . fuck me in the ass?”

Whew! There, she’d said it! She’d gotten the forbidden words out of her mouth. David responded by squeezing her asscheeks. He withdrew his tongue from her ass and traced little patterns across her rosebud with a fingertip while he collected his thoughts.

“Do you really mean it, honey?”

“Sure,” she said. Her boldness caused adrenalin to thrill through her veins; she felt blood rushing to her face. After all, it wasn’t every night a girl crossed into taboo territory.

David’s finger probed slightly deeper into her rectum, about an inch deep, up to the middle knuckle. As she was plenty wet there from David’s saliva there was no friction resistance; still, she was quite tight back there and the sensation was very definitely a filling one. David probed deeper. When David hooked his thumb into her tight pussy in the classic ‘bowling ball’ grip, Annette sucked in her breath and went up on the balls of her feet. Whatever doubts or fears she’d had a moment ago were dispelled. Annette shook her ass and tried to move back, to skewer herself deeper onto his thumb and forefinger. As David DP’d her, Annette knew she was on the right track.

“Come on, honey,” she breathed. At this point she could barely whisper as his finger probed deeper into her asshole. “I want to try it that way. I want to feel your cock in my ass.”

Now it was David who seemed a bit hesitant. “Um, okay,” he said. “You want to take a hot bath or something first, something to loosen you up a bit more?”

How sweet! Annette thought. He’s concerned for my comfort! “That’s a good idea,” she said. “A shower, not a bath. I’m hot now and I want to get started soon!”

Annette laughed now as David got up from the floor and lifted her ass up as he buried his finger and thumb deep as possible into her asshole and pussy. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha!” she laughed.

David kept her off balance like this for a few moments, forcing her up on her toes and the balls of her feet as he maneuvered her around the room. They were both laughing when he finally let her down and held her in his arms. It was nice to be naked together in the well-lit room. She held his hard cock in her hand and stroked him gently as they kissed. Annette could discern the slightest taste of her asshole on his tongue. It was not noticeably unpleasant or stinky; she’d made sure to clean herself thoroughly, earlier on. Rather, his mouth tasted warm and like sex, sort of like when he kissed her after eating her pussy.

Annette broke the kiss and turned toward the bathroom down the hallway. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, stretching out a hand for him. “Come on, lover,” she smiled. David looked her in the eyes, then his eyes wandered down. Annette could feel his eyes on her naked ass as he followed her down the hallway.

In the bathroom, Annette turned on the water and waited a moment for it to heat up. Then she grabbed David by the dick and pulled him into the warm water with her. Steaming needles of water soothed tense muscles in her neck and shoulders. After a moment of luxuriating in the hot torrents of water, Annette took the bar of soap and rubbed all over his dick and balls until he was hard and poking straight out in front. David took the soap in turn and began spreading soapsuds across her round knockers, holding them and gently squeezing as Annette curled her fingers around his pole and began to slowly stroke up and down.

They both looked down and shared a laugh at the spectacle; her nipples poked through the bubbles as he massaged her tits, like little pink mountaintops poking through a cloud cover, while his cock was hard and stiff, as large as a policeman’s nightstick in her little hand. And so wet and slippery!

Annette loved his cock. She loved every inch of it, all over every inch of her body. She held it pointing up so that it lay against the flat of her belly as they embraced, long and hard and hot and soapy. She felt his hands on her ass as they kissed. As she sucked his tongue she felt David rubbing the bar of soap up and down her crack, felt his wet fingertips rubbing across her asshole. It seemed her asshole was a thousand times more sensitive now.

Tonight’s THE night! Annette thought with a wicked grin. Tonight I’m going to take it in the ass!

She turned and leaned against the wall so that David could scrub her more thoroughly back there. She spread her legs wide for him as he scrubbed up and down with the soap, working up a lather. “Oh!” Annette started, as he inserted a finger into her backdoor and began gently fingerfucking her. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried. She was still quite tight, but the soap and the hot water and his finger were helping her loosen up quite a bit, now. It’s time to get this show on the road . . . Annette thought.

They exited the shower and toweled off, a brisk rubbing with thick, white fluffy towels. As her skin was dried out from the shower, Annette rubbed some lotion on her body, then carried the bottle of lotion with her as they went into the bedroom.

The lighting was low, the curtains were drawn. Dropping her towel, Annette turned, placed her arms about David’s shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. “I want to suck your dick,” she said quietly.

David loved to hear her talk dirty like this. Reaching down, she could feel his pole was engorged, stiff as an iron rod and pointing straight up at the ceiling. Annette went to her knees and opened her mouth wide.

His cock felt good in her mouth, big and hard and hot. Annette closed her eyes, taking him deep into her mouth as he fucked her face. She wanted him good and hard for when he fucked her in the ass.

David held her head in his hands, eyes closed and groaning in ecstasy as she ran her mouth up and down his pole. She stroked his length with her hand as she ran her lips up and down the sensitive underside, then took him in her mouth again. Holding his balls in one hand as she sucked, she stroked him into her open mouth with the other.

Finally, sensing a tightening in his balls, Annette released him from her mouth. She didn’t want him to come before the Main Event. Still holding his cock in her hands, she walked him over to the bed. Sitting down on the mattress and facing him, she held her tits up for him in her two hands and said, “Titfuck me.”

David’s hands rested on her shoulders as his cock slid between her ample pair. At a respectable 36D, Annette was well equipped for titfucking. As the red head of his cock went up and down between her melons, she leaned over to kiss it’s head, to lubricate his cock with her spit while he fucked her in her cleavage.

His cock felt great. Long and hot and hard between her tits; his hard cockmeat against her soft, yet firm flesh. Finally, letting him go and scooting back on the mattress, Annette said, “Please, fuck my pussy!” She wanted to come, too, before letting him have a stab at her from behind. It was only fair.

Annette lay on her back, her legs wide open as David climbed over her. Poised over her on all fours, the tip of his cock lay against the wet lips of her pussy. Annette reached down and guided his shaft into her wet hole.

“OH!” she exclaimed as he entered her. He was hot and hard and VERY big. All thought left her as her pussy immediately went into the throes of orgasm. Clinging to him, Annette dragged her fingernails across David’s back. Love juices squirted out of her wet hole, saturating the tops of both of their thighs. David sank his fingertips into the soft flesh of her ass as he plowed her furrow. Annette now dwelled in a world where all that existed was the giant cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. When David’s eyes rolled up in their sockets, however, Annette sensed his moment was near. Wishing for him to save it, she began pushing against his heaving chest.

“Let me turn over, honey,” she said. “I want you to fuck my asshole!

David managed to extract himself. He hung over her, panting, the tip of his hard cock still pointing right at her swollen, wet pussylips. Annette squirmed a bit, moving to the side as best she could underneath of him until David moved back on his knees to allow Annette some freedom of movement. Annette got on all fours, buried her head in the pillows as she offered up her ass to him.

She felt David moving behind her. She felt his hands on her ass and then she felt the blunt end of his cock nudging up against her browneye. At the last moment she remembered something, and reached over to the bedside table for the bottle of lotion she’d brought in from the bathroom. “Here, honey, use this,” she said as she handed it back to him.

There was a cold sensation back there as he squirted a dollop of lotion into her backdoor, then again the feeling of his cockhead forcing itself against her asslips. Her heart was beating like a bass drum in her chest. Here goes . . . she thought. The Moment of Truth.

Annette breathed deep, forcing herself to relax. “Go ahead, lover. Put it in.”

The pain was there as the round head of his cock forced her ass open wide, but not as intense as she’d expected. She was glad they’d played around in the shower; it had loosened her up somewhat. “Hold on a sec,” she breathed. “Let me get used to it a bit.” After a moment she felt her sphincter relax a bit more, and she said, “Go ahead, you can go in deeper now.”

She felt David moving his rod in and out, trying to make his way deeper into her ass. She felt so full of cock. “Okay, hold on, honey. I gotta have another second.”

Then she felt she could take it. His cock felt great in her ass and she began wiggling her hips as she tried to back herself on to him. She loved the sensation of being absolutely filled with his cock. His dick was hard and incredibly hot in her ass. She began rocking back and forth, to and fro, impaling herself further on his rod. “Go ahead, lover, you can fuck me now. FUCK ME IN THE ASS!”

David’s thrusts began in earnest now. Both hands on her asscheeks, she felt him plunge in. It was all she could do to reach under herself to hold her pussy, to lay a finger between her parted labia and rub up and down her swollen clit. She was being fucked in the ass, he was fucking her in the ass! Annette even loved the way that sounded, as she managed to grunt between in depth thrusts, “Fuck me . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . in the . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . ass . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . fuck me . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . in the . . . . . . uh! uh! . . . ass . . .

Finally his thrusts increased to where there was a slapping sound as his hips pounded against the cheeks of her ass. The sheer force of his pounding against her backside forced her down onto the mattress until she was laying flat on her belly as he continued to shove his hard rod in and out of her tight butthole. Annette felt every part of her being revolved around the hard piston that was going in and out of her anus, now stretched wide open to take his thick, rigid cock.

“Fuck . . . me . . . in . . . the . . . ASS! she managed to grit out between clenched teeth. “Fuck . . . me . . . in . . . the . . . ASS!

Annette sensed it was almost his moment as David’s thrusts increased in depth and tempo and he sank his fingers even deeper still into her asscheeks. “Oh yes!” she cried as what felt like gallons of hot sperm flooded deep into her ass. “Yesss!!!”

Incredibly enough, Annette was coming, her pussyjuice streaming over her fingers as he nailed her behind. “YESSS!!! FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!! FUCK ME IN THE AAASSSSSSS!!!”

Afterward they lay there, panting, the love sweat of their marathon session dripping off their bodies and saturating the sheets. She detected his dick softening, and then there was a funny sort of –pop!- sound as he pulled out, and her asslips seemed to tingle and burn in a pleasant sort of a way. When Annette rolled over onto her back to hug and kiss David, she tried to clench her asshole shut, but she couldn’t seem to keep his thick sperm from leaking out. She didn’t care that she’d have to wash the sheets; his hot come felt good coming out between the cheeks of her ass.

Annette kissed his lips, then moved down to press her face into his chest and whispered, “I want to thank you for that, lover.”

“No, honey,” he replied. “I want to thank you.” Her face still pressed against his chest, Annette was wide-eyed from sheer amazement; a secret smile played upon her lips. WOW! she thought, I CAME! He fucked me in the ass and I CAME!

Annette knew at that moment she’d done more than simply loose her ass-cherry that night. A line had been crossed, and she knew she’d never look back . . .

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