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[ Any names, events, references or characters belong to their original owner, I suppose to the creators of the video game Dante's Inferno and Dante, considering he's the one that wrote the poem. This is a story branched off of the video game Dante's Inferno, and I don't claim ANY of the characters from it, it belongs to the amazing creators of that game!

Though I try to stick to the game closely, I'm a little off sometimes, and yes, I have changed certain situations so that it fits. I hope you enjoy this, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you! ]

Dante’s Inferno: Lust, Chapter Two

The Queen of the Nile

Dante heaved out a great sigh of relief, letting his scythe fall loosely between his fingers. His eyes gazed upon to lustrous Cleopatra, clinging to her lost love, Marc Antony, whom had been defeated by the very scythe in Dante’s large hands.

“No!.. Antony!..” Cleopatra cried, kneeling before the fellow’s limp body.

“You said we’d be together for all eternity,” He croaked with his last, gasping breath. His eyes rolled upwards and his head tilted back very slowly, and Cleopatra paused in awe and sour passion. She lowered his head towards his and whispered his name in a quiet sob. Then, she shot a fiery glare at Dante, the man who had just destroyed her dearly beloved.

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this.” She hissed, “We had a deal!”

Dante, prepared to reap her life next, gripped tightly onto his weapon, but just as soon as he did this, it subconsciously weakened. The Queen of the Nile had begun crawling slowly towards him, as if she were a feline stalking its prey, and a strange sensation came over him. The closer she got, the weaker he became. He felt his face flushed as she raised to her feet before him – much like a snake, even producing the hissing of a snake, but oh so seductively.

Dante fed his eyes with her body, which glistened from sweat or some kind of hellish nectar; one could never be sure in a place like this, after all. Her tits seemed so perfect, from the shape to the size, and they just begged to be touched, licked and sucked. Her upper body curved lusciously into a thin middle and wide, flawless hips and then to long, goddess-like legs. His heart raced. This woman, this evil, evil woman, was controlling him this easily… He knew it was wrong but what was so bad about a bit of a sin?

She made a soft coo from the back of her throat and Dante dropped his scythe, backing away as she continued to approach him. He raised his hands up as to shield his eyes, but it was to no avail. Suddenly, she sprung into the air and skillfully wrapped her long legs around his middle, biting hard onto his neck. She drew only a slight amount of blood and sucked on his neck, all the while her hands exploring his chest and middle. Dante felt a pleasurable rush come over him as she treated herself to his neck, then he came to his senses and quickly shoved her off.

Cleopatra retaliated as if it were nothing at all, and with outstanding quickness, she pounced forward, pushing Dante on his back. Still weakened, Dante was easily pinned by her lust-powered strength. She arched her back and grinded her hips against his, and with a frustrated roar, Dante rolled over, now pinning Cleopatra beneath him.

With a sudden loss of control again from her mere scent and aura, Cleopatra let out a beautiful moan as she guided his hand to her breasts. He played with these wonderful things of nature, trying his hardest not to lose sight of his goal… but her influence was just too strong.

Dante struggled with himself as he fumbled with his armor to relieve his pulsating erection from it, and when he had situated himself, he moved his hands to Cleopatra’s hips and pulled her onto his thick cock. Her pussy lips wrapped around his member as he pushed his entire length inside of her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Dante fiercely nibbled at her hard nipples as he began pumping in and out of her. His cock was so soaked with her pussy juice and his own precum that it was simple to slide in and out of her, pounding into her little womanhood. She gasped and groaned and arched her back in pleasure, biting her bottom lip as he picked up speed and power. He had begun slamming into her cunt, a loud slapping noise made from the frequent and sudden connect of his hips, hers and her thighs.

He stopped for a moment, and began pulling out of her. Cleopatra’s eyes widened in shock. “What are you doing?” She snarled.

Dante angrily reached his arm up and wrapping his fingers around her throat in a tight grasp. “You will have the fate of your Marc Antony,” He murmured under his breath as she squirmed within his clasped hand. Still holding onto her throat, he used his free hand to position his dick at his tiny asshole, and then he pushed forward into her. She wriggled in pain and pleasure, moaning out loudly, strained through his choking hold around her neck.

With a smirk, Dante whisked into her, making her scream as much as she could, though hoarse and barely audible. He let go of her neck and she gasped for air through pained cries and he took ahold of her hips, rocking violently in and out of her ass. It felt great around his cock, the walls of her insides squeezing around the length of his member.

“Uhh,” He groaned as he pulled her into him as he pushed in as well, then reclined and repeated several time. He knew he was close to cumming, and by the amount of wetness running down from her pussy and all over his cock, she had already done so many times before this.

But this, this would be something she had never experienced and what she would never forget.

With a final thrust, Dante threw his head back and shouted as his cock spit out its first load into her ass. Carefully and successfully he withdrew from her asshole and shoved himself back into her pussy, where he pumped a few times into her and let out the next two, three, four hot streams of cum into her cunt.

Panting heavily, sweat dripping from his forehead, he removed himself from the Queen of the Nile and readjusted his armor, picking up his scythe and heading off for the next level of hell.

Cleopatra’s pussy twitched with satisfaction and defeat, Dante’s white cream oozing plentifully from both her holes. She lay unmoving, her chest rising and falling quickly to regain her breath. With the energy that still remained, she watched Dante exit her circular prism platform, the powerful warrior who had overcome her and her seductresses… all for what?

A worthless, untouched farm girl?

[ I appreciate all of the comments left on Chapter One and I hope you all enjoyed Chapter Two! Any suggestions are very helpful! Thank you! - Pink ]

The adult theater had several small theater rooms. I chose the one marked four. I opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room. Instantly my eyes noticed a commotion on one of the couches.

As my eyes began to focus, I stopped dead in my tracks. My mind began racing. Was that a small, white pony on the couch? Did the pony have a golden, flowing mane? A short white tail? WTF?

After a more few seconds, I realized that the ‘white pony’ was a very large, white female on all fours, on a couch. Her head was bobbing up and down on a fat cock, while a man was standing behind her energetically moving his hips back and forth.

As my eyes continued to focus, I could see that the large female was quite attractive, I guessed she was about 30 years old, had shoulder length blonde hair, pert breasts, and a fairly large, round ass. No, she wasn’t a husker, just big. She must have been at least 6′ tall and around 180 pounds.

Curious, I decided had to get a better look. I walked up to the man who was fucking her from behind. As I approached him, I noticed several men sitting on couches and chairs watching the action. Only a couple of men were fisting their cocks.

When the man fucking her noticed me, he smiled, and asked me if wanted to fuck her ass. I looked down and saw his cock moving in and out of her greased, pink asshole. Before I could respond, the man told me: he was her husband, he brought her here once a month, she liked to be gangbanged, and she liked to do it in public.

Then to my surprise he slapped her right buttock smartly (leaving a red mark), withdrew his stiff cock, and strongly encouraged me fuck her ass. Not known for turning down a nice looking, firm, ample ass, I pulled out my semi-erect cock.

There was no time for any foreplay. I simply placed my cock between her greased butt cheeks and slide it up and down. When it was rock hard, I slowly pushed my plump cockhead against her sphincter. It gave way quickly.

When her big, white ass began to swallow my thickening cock, she stopped sucking cock long enough to turn around and look at me for an instant. She had blue eyes and a pleasant looking face. Her (other) cheeks were ruddy in color.

As I began to thrust into her, I heard little moans. Motivated, I held her broad shoulders to keep her from moving and began to fuck her harder. The sound of my groin slapping her buttocks was music to my ears.

(Her husband stood by me the whole time. He also would intermittently slap her bouncing buttocks with his hand and then finger fuck her pussy.)

Occasionally, I would stop, grab the base of my cock, and slowly twist it around in her rectum. I wanted to ‘punish’ her ass – make it grateful to have her hubby’s cock lovingly stuffing it. I fucked her liked this for about 10 minutes before cumming hard in her ass.

After I pulled my wet cock out of her soupy ass, I continued to stand there. I looked around while her gaping asshole slowly closed. I saw the man she was sucking pull his cock out of her mouth. He jacked it for a moment before painting her face with his cum.

The audience of men continued to sit and watch. No one else wanted to have sex with her. That was okay by me because I wanted more of her.

Somewhat awkwardly, I crawled underneath her to get to her pussy. The good wife quickly sensed what I wanted to do and willingly straddled my face.

Perhaps to encourage my oral thoughts even more, she pulled her head down to my cock and began daintily licking any remaining cum and her ass juice off it. I reciprocated by smooching and licking her very wet and sticky clit and pussy.

My sperm had dribbled out of her asshole onto her pussy, clit, and upper thighs. I unhesitatingly swallowed our combined juices.

As her body began to stir, I reached up and pushed two of my fingers into her rectum. Feeling the thin membrane between her rectum and pussy reenergized my cock.

Soon, my finger fucking and enthusiastic licking evoked loud moans out of the big, blonde wife. Within minutes, she gasped and began bucking wildly against my fingers. Her abdomen smashed into my face as her orgasm reached a crescendo.

Almost immediately afterwards, I saw two very large black men walked into the room. I crooked my head and watched upside down, as the two black men extended their hands to the husband. Their hands were twice the size as mine.

Not wanting to be the odd man out, I was thinking of extracting myself from underneath the wife; however, when she went back to working my cock with her mouth, I stayed put.

Soon, one black guy walked to her front. The other walked up behind her and unzipped. His semi-erect cock was at least 1-2 inches larger than mine and it was coke bottle thick.

Black cock in-hand, he guided it to her pink pussy. His large cockhead pushed her pussy lips wide open as he entered her a couple of inches. He paused a moment before slowly forcing his shaft into her pussy, until his balls rested just above my forehead. The wife moaned out loud. Her clit, now in my mouth, became erect, again.

As the black man began to fuck her, I was thinking I would not want to be on the receiving end of a fuck from this man. He through his whole body into fucking her. I was sure she would feel that fuck for several days, but right now, her pussy loved it.

As his pace quickened, his large balls began bouncing off my forehead and my tongue would occasionally contact his thrusting shaft as I licked her clit. He either did not mind or did not notice. Who would with a pussy tightly wrapped around your cock?

It didn’t take long for the big man to start making pre-orgasmic grunts the way he was slamming her pussy. With his hands on her hips, he began deeply pushing into her and pulling her pussy up and down his long, fat shaft. Her pussy was stretched so wide that I could easily see her pussy lips sliding in and out with the motion of his cock.

She came first, though, groaning loudly. Her pussy juices practically waterfalled onto my face. Then I saw his balls begin contracting as his engorged cock began to spew sperm into her pussy. Sperm ran down the base of his shaft as he continued to plunge in and out of her.

After he had completed cumming, he held steady for a moment, probably savoring their convulsing uterus. When he pulled out of her, long, thin strings of cum hung from his cock to her pussy. I caught some of them on my tongue.

My movement caused the black man to look down and at me. When he saw me licking my lips, he pushed his still swollen cock into my mouth. I greedily sucked his cock clean before he walked away. I savored the juices.

Wanting more, I cranked my neck up so I could suck-up the thick globs of his cum that dribbled from her hanging labia lips. I kept eating his sweet salty cum mixed with her sweet pussy juice, until I saw her abdomen tremor, again.

I had completely forgotten about the second black man, until I felt his knee come to rest on the couch. I immediately looked up. He was stroking a massive cock. It was super thick and, although hard, it was pointing towards the carpet. I thought, ‘how can a woman accommodate this monster into her belly!’

The second black man began to rub his bulbous cockhead up and down her slit, just inches away from my face. When he was ready, I saw for the second time a huge cock head spread her pussy lips to gain entry.

Any remaining cum juice form the first black man squeezed out as the second black man pushed his cock inside her. Apparently, this close-up was too much for me. I felt my cock begin to swell. The wife noticed, too, and sucked it into her mouth quickly, swallowing it to the base. I raised my hips to assist as much as possible. I knew I was going to cum. I closed my eyes and saw stars as my sperm jetted out.

After I had shot a couple of loads down her throat, she pulled her mouth back on my cock and jacked me. She made sure my second orgasm was complete.

Meanwhile, the second black man couldn’t keep his cock in her. It kept slipping out and pushing to the side of her inner thigh. I guess the wife and I were being too rowdy. Anyway, she reached around, grabbed my hand, and placed it on his cock, so that l could guide it into her pussy.

I was amazed at how large it felt in my hand. I held five inches of hard cock after I just slid four inches of it into her pussy!

Despite her pussy being stretched to the max, the wife started fucking him like crazy – back and forth and up and down. When her pussy tired, she ground her pelvis into him. Her haunches were very strong.

When she finally stopped grinding, the black man really started to fuck her. His fat cock became a blur in and out of her pussy. He was not going to last long, either.

In no time, his balls began to flex repeatedly as they emptied into the wife’s pussy. It seemed to take him a couple of minutes before he finally stopped thrusting.

Her pussy must have awash with sperm. When he pulled his huge black cock out, I heard a loud, wet suction sound. I looked up to see his fresh cum bubbling and trickling out of her pussy. Lustfully, I drove my tongue into her pussy, licking and sucking the sperm out of it.

My face was now completely wet with black sperm and white pussy juice as I untangled myself from underneath her. I walked up to her and we kissed. We tasted each other’s smeared faces.

The husband wanted to fuck her ass, but she declined his advances and got dressed. The show was over. I left before the couple did. The white pony was something else.

This story contains bisexual sex between 2 guys and a girl. If this isn’t your thing, don’t read it!

It all started the summer after I turned 18. I was a little bi-curious to say the least (actually I was more than curious, I wanted a dick in my ass!) but was always too scared to do anything about it. See I LOVED anal. I mean LOVED it. Honestly, I liked fingering my ass more than “rubbing one out.” I got to the point where I could nearly fist my own ass! I felt like a pornstar.

A bit about me before I tell you any more. I’m about 6’2 with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I work out a lot, so I’m in pretty good shape. I’m really lean, not huge and muscular at all.

One of my favorite things to do was go to craigslist and look at the different “mw4m” postings because yea I wanted a dick but I really liked girls. Then one day I found the perfect listing:

MW4 BI guy

Looking for a truly bi guy to be fucked by my gf and I. She wants someone to eat her pussy and I want a shaved ass to fuck. Must be HIV- and DDF.

Me-6’4 195 lbs 8.5″ 26 years old

Her-5’5 120 lbs medium tits, nice tight ass

You- 18-22 hwp, enjoy anal, submissive

“This is it!!” I thought to myself. I quickly sent the couple an email saying that I was their man. While I nervously waited for their reply I started to get really hard and began playing with myself. Then I realized that I hadn’t shaved in almost a week, so I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.

I soaped up and shaved everything from my legs up. I was smooth and sexy and I knew it!Since I figured I had the time I began soaping up my ass again. I could feel my cheeks sliding against each other and my little asshole begging to be fingered. With an invitation like that, who was I to deny it? I began sucking on two of my fingers imagining they were the cock I would be sucking later that day then brought them down and slowly slid them into my asshole. I was so turned on at the time that I literally moaned!

After going to town on my ass for a few minutes I rinsed off and got out of the shower. I walked downstairs (naked cause who doesn’t love walking around naked!?) and checked my email. To my surprise the couple had emailed me back already! My cock instantly sprang back to full hardness as I opened the email. I was so nervous I could barely breathe! I could feel my heart thumping in my throat and I felt as though I was going to throw up.

Dear Allen,

We would love to fuck you tonight. Please be at our place no later than 8 o clock. Come loose and ready;)


Tom and Cindy

I was so excited I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally around 630 I started getting ready. First I grabbed my dildo (a nice, thick, veiny 6″ deal) and started lubing it up. Then I got into bed and began fingering my ass while stroking my cock (7.5″ not too thick). After I loosened my ass up a bit I started teasing myself with the dildo.

I began to slowly push it into my ass, just the tip at first, but gradually pushing more and more in until it was balls deep in my ass. I moaned out load and began stroking my cock again. I sat up and began riding the dildo hard moaning louder and louder till I was about to cum. I laid back and stroked my cock till I came HARD. Thick, ropy streams of cum shot out getting the whole way up to my face! I licked off what cum I could reach with my tongue then got up and got in the shower.

After showering again I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:20! If I didn’t hurry up I was going to be late!! I put on shorts, long sleeve shirt, and sandals and hurried out to my car. If I was nervous before, I was near panic now.

Soon I arrived at Tom and Cindy’s house. It was a decent sized hrick house with white pillars in front. I walked up to the front door and reached to ring the door bell. Before my hand even touched the bell, the door open and a man (Tom I assumed). “Hi, you must be Allen, come in!” He said to me.

“That’s me!” I replied as I walked in. As soon as I was inside, I noticed that Tom was already naked! He was about 6’3 and seemed to be in good shape. He had black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. I noticed all of this after I saw his cock. It was erect and covered in what I guessed to be Cindy’s juices. It was at least 8.5″ long and THICK. I started to get a little worried just looking at it.

“You like what you see?” Tom asked me

“I’m not going to lie, that’s almost a little scary! I’ve never had a cock in my ass before and you are way bigger than my dildo!”

“Not to worry, we’ll take it slow,” Tom said as he winked at me, “However lets get some ground rules down before we go up to Cindy. So basically you are going to suck my cock and get fucked in the ass by me. Cindy is probably just going to watch at first, but you’re pretty hot so she might join in pretty quick. When she does you’ll be eating her out, then you can fuck her ass or her pussy. You can cum as much as you want, in either hole, but whenever you cum you need to eat your cum out of her. I’m going to cum in your ass at least 3 times before the end of the night, and I expect to keep my cock in after I’ve cum, so you’re going to be pretty full. Sound good?”

“Of course!” I replied.

“Ok, take your clothes off.”

“Right here?”

“Yes! Take them off!”

“Okay,” I replied as I began removing my clothes. After I was naked Tom motioned for me to start going up the stairs.

“I’ll be up right behind you, I want to see that ass.” When I’d gone up a few steps I decided to tease Tom a bit, so I stopped and spread my ass cheeks showing my hairless ass and my nice pink hole.

“You mean this ass?” I said as I spanked myself.

“Mmmm yea, that’s the one, now hurry up and go upstairs! I want to fuck that tight little hole,” Tom replied as he smacked my other cheek.

I continued the rest of the way up the stairs and went into the only open door I saw. When I walked in, I saw what was easily the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my entire life. She was tall, at least 5’10, with long blonde hair and amazing tits. They weren’t small, but they weren’t huge either and her nipples were nice and small and erect. From there her stomach curved in in a perfect hourglass shape down to her ass which seemed to be amazing from what I could see.

“Hi…you must be Cindy” I stammered, still taken in by her beauty.

“Mhm, and you’re Allen I presume?” She purred back, her voice oozing sexuality.

“That’d be me. Wow…I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are amazing!” I told her.

“That she does,” Tom said with a wink in her direction, “Shall we begin?”

“Sounds good to me, I can’t wait to get at that cock.” Cindy replied (and I really hoped she was talking about mine).

Tom went and sat down on a chair next to the bed and motioned for me. I walked partway there then got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way, doing my best to look sexy. Once I got there, I began stroking his cock with one hand while I cradled his balls in the other. It felt even bigger than it looked! “Tom,” I said, “I have a confession…I’ve never even sucked a cock before. I’ll do my best, but keep in mind it’s my first time!”

“Would you look at that Cindy,” Tom said, “He’s a virgin to sucking cock and he said he’s never had one in his ass before either! Lucky us.” This was true, I was a virgin when it came to cock. Obviously I’d nailed plenty of girls before, I’d even had sex with a shemale or two. But I’d never even had sex with a guy before. I wanted to be the fuckee not the fucker. If I wanted ass, I’d screw a girl.

In response to Tom’s comment about being a cocksucking virgin, I decided to dive right in. I moved my hand further down his shaft and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It was far bigger than I expected, and I was almost wishing I’d found someone with a smaller cock for my first time. But now was not the time for regrets so I continued.

While the head was in my mouth I began stroking the shaft and playing with his balls. I started flicking my tongue around the head, trying to do to him what I liked girls to do to me. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and started licking up and down the entire shaft. I could taste Cindy’s pussy on the cock so I’m guessing they were fucking before I got there. I decided to go deeper and put his cock back in my mouth.

I started going deeper on the cock, taking more and more of it into my mouth. I got about 2/3 of the way down before I gagged…hard. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I quickly pulled back but kept his cock in my mouth. I really actually enjoyed the taste of it. I wasn’t sure if it was his pre cum, or Cindy’s juices that I liked, but whatever it was, I liked it!

As I took his cock further in my mouth again (but not to the point of gagging, not yet at least) I felt something at my asshole. I quickly realized that it was Cindy’s tongue. She started rimming me, then full on eating my asshole. It was amazing! She was able to get her tongue surprisingly deep inside of my ass. I could have stayed like that forever, with her tongue in my ass and Tom’s cock in my mouth. Soon though, she stopped and backed away. Then I felt something else at my ass. This time it was her hand. She began to finger me, just one finger at first, but quickly adding a second then a third.

Her hand was small enough that I really think she could have fisted me, but she didn’t put any more than three in. She just took them out, added more lube, then put them back in. After repeating the lube, finger, lube cycle a few more times, she began to finger fuck me hard and fast. I started moaning around Tom’s cock.

Cindy continued to finger fuck my while Tom grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock. I started gagging again but was able to control it a little this time and thankfully didn’t throw up (something tells me that would have ruined the evening). He kept my head down low on his cock, ALMOST to the bottom, then moaned loud and then let me up for some air. As I gasped he looked at me and said, “I want to fuck you’re ass sooo bad. I’m going to make you scream into Cindy’s pussy while you eat it I’m going to be fucking you so hard.”

At that point he pulled me up and Cindy took her fingers out of my ass. Tom picked me up (he was surprisingly strong for his size) and threw me onto the bed. He pulled me up onto my hands and knees and started rubbing his cock against my asshole. I looked back and saw him rub lube up and down his cock, then smear the rest of it into my ass crack.

I looked forward again and was surprised to see Cindy in front of me already. I hadn’t even heard her get on the bed!! She smiled at me and slid down a little so her pussy was right in front of my face. I could feel Tom teasing my ass with the tip of his cock as I began to lick Cindy’s pussy. I started by slowly sliding my tongue into her pussy since it was gaping a little from Tom pounding it earlier.

As I slid my tongue into her pussy, Tom began to slide his cock into my ass. It was as if I could feel every single inch slowly pushing in, stretching my asshole in ways it had never been stretched before. True to his word, I moaned loud into Cindy’s pussy as she moaned from the attention I was giving her. I began to lick all around right inside of her pussy, then I pulled back a little.

Tom was still slowly feeding his cock into my ass, at this point I’d guess he was about 4″ in. He stopped for a moment to allow my ass to get used to his girth, which I was very thankful for. I began to suck on Cindy’s “lower lips.” After doing this for a few seconds I moved up and began to lick around her clit. As she moaned, Tom suddenly thrust the rest of the way into my ass causing me to moan as well. I felt his balls slap against my ass and he kept his cock there for a minute as I went back to licking Cindy’s clit.

After he allowed my ass to get used to his cock, Tom began to fuck me, very slowly at first, with long deep strokes. He would pull his cock out until just the tip was still inside of my ass, then push it the whole way back in until his balls slapped against me. At one point he pulled his cock the whole way out and shouted almost triumphantly, “Look at that virgin ass gape!!”

“mmmhhhmmghhm!” was my reply as I was a little preoccupied with Cindy’s pussy. It wasn’t that I couldn’t feel my ass gaping, or his cock pounding me, but I really wanted to get Cindy off. It’s always my goal to make the girl I’m with cum. At this point I was literally sucking on her clit as if it was a little cock and fingering her pussy which was driving her wild. She was moaning even louder than I was!!

As if angry that I was giving Cindy a better time than he was giving me, Tom began to pound my ass harder and faster. He was still fucking me with deep long strokes, but the were much faster and his balls were slapping against me much harder. I felt like if anyone even touched my cock I would cum a gallon.

Soon, Cindy pushed my head away from her pussy as she came in my face. She didn’t squirt, but she definitely gushed! She looked at Tom and said, “I want his cock in me RIGHT now!!” In response, Tom forced his cock all the way in and pulled me back onto him so that I was riding him. Cindy positioned her well lubricated pussy over my cock and slid down onto me.

Something about her pussy, I’m not sure what it was, drove me wild. She wasn’t too tight, but it definitely wasn’t loose. When she got to the bottom of my cock I said, “Cindy, I’m really about to cum, you should ride me quick if you want my cock before I blow!”

She responded by riding up and down which forced me up and down a little on Tom’s cock. The sensation of having his large cock inside of me and Cindy’s amazing pussy wrapped around my cock was too much. I began squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. I could feel my ass contracting around Tom’s cock as I came, which in turn became to much for him and he began to cum in my ass!

Cindy slowly got off of my cock, careful not to spill any of my cum, and walked back around to the head of the bed where she was earlier. Tom, true to his word, didn’t remove his cock from my ass after cumming and continued pounding me hard. I couldn’t believe his stamina!

He forced me back into doggystyle which put my face right back into Cindy’s recently creampied pussy. There was already a little of my cum leaking out which I hurriedly licked up. I started tonguing her pussy again, trying to get as much of my cum as possible. I could feel Tom’s cum squelching around in my ass as he fucked me and the idea of it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined.

I continued slurping my cum out of Cindy’s pussy until she said, “I think you’ve gotten most of it. Remember what I did to you earlier? It’s time for you to return the favor.”

I didn’t even have time to respond before she’d rolled over onto her stomach and thrust her ass into my face. I’d never eaten a girl’s ass out before, so I was a little tentative…until Tom thrust his cock in extra hard which forced my tongue into her ass. “In for a penny in for a pound,” I thought to myself and began licking around her asshole. Surprisingly (or maybe I was just ignorant), it didn’t taste horrible, it was just like licking anywhere else on her body. I began to enthusiastically rim her, again determined to get her off.

Tom started pounding my ass hard, and I realized that I was hard again. I wanted to get Cindy’s ass nice and lubed so I could pound it. Tom kept fucking me harder and faster until all the sudden he came in my ass HARD. I could feel his cock spasming deep in my ass and I swear I could feel the cum leaking out into me. He moaned and slowly pulled his cock out, but not before reaching over the side of the bed and grabbing something. Once he’d pulled the whole way out he pushed something back in and I realized that what he’d grabbed was a butt plug.

“I’m just gonna take a little break…this has taken more out of me than it normally does,” Tom said exasperatedly while he sat back in the chair that he had been in while I sucked on his cock. I turned back and continued eating out Cindy’s asshole until it was soaked with my saliva. I then backed away and lined my cock up with her asshole.

I started teasing her ass while I reached around and began rubbing her nipples. I slowly began inserting my cock into her ass until I was balls deep. Then I began fucking her hard. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to las long with the butt plug pressing on my prostate like it was and I wanted to make the most of the time I had in her tight ass.

Given the way she was reacting, I’m fairly sure Tom didn’t spend much time with Cindy’s ass. She was extremely tight and was definitely fairly new to the whole anal thing. I decided to make the most of it and began pounding in and out, hard and deep. I began playing with her clit with one hand while I spanked her with the other, then began pinching her nipples. Soon, she began to cum. I could feel her ass begin contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I began to spray cum deep into her ass in what was easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of my life.

After I’d finished cumming I pulled out of Cindy’s ass and collapsed backwards as she fell forwards. We were all exhausted to say the least. Despite Tom’s boast of cumming at least 3 times in my ass, he couldn’t move to fuck me and I was too tired to get up. Without realizing it, all three of us fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning spooning with Cindy, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Tom was still asleep on the chair as my cock began to stir. Cindy woke up as it poked her right in the ass. She looked back at me and said, “Again?” with a wink.

… be continued….?

This was my first story so any constructive (read positive AND negative) would be greatly appreciated! Also I’m considering continuing along this story line, but I also have a few other ideas I’d like to hash out, so if anyone would like to read more like this or something a little different (probably something strictly straight, maybe with Cindy) let me know!

“Helllloooo… anybody home?”

I heard the words echo from both entrances of my house as I stood in the kitchen, my mind awash with thoughts of taboo sex – most recently, of taking my eighteen year old younger daughter, Dulcie’s anal virginity, but also of having fucked my older daughter, Carolyn, both alone and with her sister. Then there was Carolyn’s former cheer leading chum Jeanie, who, after thoroughly teasing me from the day she turned eighteen, had joined Dulcie in a display of lesbian sex which turned into a threesome. What had kept my cock hard in my pants all morning though, was thinking about Dulcie off on a football road trip, wondering how many cocks she was consuming, or whether she was indulging her bi tendencies with the other cheerbabes. I had seen and felt enough of Dulcie’s taut young body to be able to imagine the experiences she was sharing.

The only thing keeping me from pulling my prick out and jacking off to get relief was knowing that Carolyn was due home any time for a weekend break from college. My hesitation was not fear of her walking in and finding me stroking myself. Dulcie had assured me that her sister was not ashamed of our earlier antics, and that if I handled the situation properly, Caro wanted more.

Part of what needed careful handling was my ongoing lust for Jeanie, complicated by the fact that she and Caro were no longer friends. Dulcie knew that my darkest fantasies involved reuniting the former team mates, in a modified version of my threesome with Jeanie and Dulcie. I could never tell Dulcie, but sharing Caro and Jeannie would be even hotter, with their history. I knew that even trying to engineer that would likely just blow things up, and leave me with no sex.

Dulcie was away, so neither voice could be hers. I quickly assumed that Carolyn had returned home earlier than expected, and turned toward the front door, expecting my older daughter to come bounding in. Her unhappiness at school had improved since our sexual encounter, which accomplished our purpose of building her self-confidence. She had not told me whether or not she had turned this into fresh sexual encounters.

Thoughts of watching Carolyn suck cock, or fuck, or eating pussy just made my cock stiffer, which was not what I wanted at that moment. No matter how much I hoped to share my meat with Caro again, wagging a hard cock at her before she even tossed her travel bag on her bed might scare her off.

Except it was not Caro who entered. Jeannie grinned girlishly at me as she rushed over and jumped up. My arms instinctively reached up and grabbed her back as her legs wrapped around my body. Her pelvis pressed tight to my cock. Her lips met mine; her tongue forced my mouth open and caressed my teeth. Her stiff nipples were barely contained in a halter top, which did nothing to prevent their hardness from drilling into my chest.

“Oh, I can tell that you’re happy to see me, but Dulcie told me she wouldn’t spoil the surprise when she asked me to come check and see if you needed anything while she was away.” Jeannie burbled as she came up for air, fingers caressing my hair. “I remember how much fucking went on during senior road trip, but then, I’m much more of a slut than your daughters. Maybe Dulcie would rather save herself for Daddy. Though I bet your cock is excited thinking about who she might be fucking.”

Jeanie emphasized her point by running a hand between our bodies, laying her palm fingers pointed down on my bulge. She held it there for about six heartbeats, applying barely any pressure, just feeling my turgidity surging against my clothing, grinning at the unspoken desire expressed by my meat, which told her that it wanted to touch her – not merely her hand, but her most intimate flesh, her mouth, her cunt, and, though she might not realize it, her ass.

“Is this reserved for Dulcie, or may I have some?” she cooed.

Before I could answer though, I heard a shout from behind me. This time it was Carolyn.

“Bitch,” she yelled. “Daddy’s mine!”

A blur flew past me. An arm swung. A hand slapped Jeannie’s face loudly.

“I got a ride home early to surprise Daddy. It’s not fair,” my daughter whined.

The shock of the attack had caused Jeannie to release me and step back. My cock still throbbed but now it was protesting the loss of body contact.

“Hold on, dear,” I spoke in as stern a parental tone as I could. For the first time, the moral gap created by incest felt like a chasm. “There’s enough of me to share. To be fair, Jeanie had me first, at least when it comes to bouncing on the bed. You knew that.”

“But that was with Dulcie – and you knew how upset that made me!”

One glance at the tears welling up in the corners of my daughter’s eyes washed my sternness away. She melted into my arms, the heat of her body filling the vacuum created by Jeannie’s stepping back. My cock instantly appreciated the treat, swelling hard against Caro’s flat belly. I stroked her hair like I did when she was a little girl as she sobbed on my shoulder. My other hand caressed her back, but with each stroke, I realized that I was drifting lower toward her ass. Behind Caro, I saw that Jeanie was now grinning.

Caro did not protest against my hardness pressing into her body. Instead, she rotated her hips slowly, grinding against my erection. A soft sigh escaped her lips. My hand shifted all the way down to cup her ass, squeezing firmly. She pressed harder against me, twisting so that her nipples drilled against my chest, a repeat of how Jeanie’s had felt moments earlier.

Her ass rotated faster under my palm, her cunt rubbing against my erection, separated only by thin layers of clothing. She broke the kiss, pausing briefly to bite my lower lip before panting for air, the warmth of her breath invading my throat as she stayed close.

“Damn, Daddy, but don’t you just turn me on so much that I can’t stay mad at you.” Caro’s voice was barely a whisper. “In fact, I want you so much that if you take me, I’ll do anything you want – things that bitch Jeanie would never dream of.”

My daughter snaked her tongue into my ear as if to illustrate her point, then spoke again.”Things that my little sister would be shocked if you try them with her after I go back to school.”

Over Caro’s head, I could see Jeanie slumped against the counter, breathing heavily, one hand inside her panties, the other massaging her boob, fingers toying with her own nipple, grinning , her brain obviously filled with evil thoughts.

“Oh, I doubt there’s much Jeanie wouldn’t do,” I chuckled, “and Dulcie is more corruptible than you could possibly guess.”

I watched Jeanie’s eyes open wide, her hands pausing as she waited for me to feed her fever with more details.

“No way she’d let you fuck her ass,” Caro guessed. “and I would.”

Since Dulcie had taken my cock up her poop chute, I’m sure my blush gave us away. Caro took a half step back, looking up and me, puzzled.

It was Jeanie’s to fill the void, upping the ante. “Heck, ass fucking is almost vanilla these days. All the gals like a little sausage in their casing. If you want to be really kinky, you have to drink the cum out of an ass.”

My cock throbbed, loving the idea, but my head was still in charge. “That would mean anal sex with no rubber – very unsafe.”

Jeanie pouted theatrically. “But, Daddy, I bet Caro’s ass is virgin. So the thrill would be worth the risk. If you want, I’d lick your stick clean afterwards.”

I started to protest, not wanting to set a bad example for my daughter, but Caro moved quickly, placing a hand over my mouth as her other fingers moved to undo my pants.

“I think it would be a huge turn on. I’m soaked just thinking about it, and like I said, anything Jeanie dreams of, I’m willing to go beyond – so first, I want you to fuck her ass while I lick your balls. Then while you fill my bowels, I’ll eat your seed out of her, before she gets her turn.”

Her hand was massaging my shaft. My pants puddled around my ankles. Jeanie was simultaneously tweaking her nipples and slinking closer, her eyes locked on mine, her tongue wetting her lower lip. Common sense was about to lose another argument.

Jeanie pressed tight to Carolyn’s back, making my daughter meat in a sensual sandwich. Jeanie ran her tongue along Caro’s neck before raising her lips to meet mine. The sweet flavour almost made me believe that I was virile enough to come twice in enough quantity to fulfil their perverse plot.

“Let’s make out and get him properly prepared,” Jeanie stage whispered into Caro’s ear, the tongue which had just teased my tonsils darting into my daughter’s aural canal. One of Jeanie’s hands had slithered up between bodies, and was under Caro’s bra, doing to my daughter’s nipple what Jeanie had just been doing to herself. I mentally pictured Caro dropping to her knees and taking me deep into her throat, in a seamless swallow, but with a hand firmly grasping my root to prevent accidental ejaculation.

By way of silent answer, Carolyn pivoted without releasing her grasp on my helmet, and cupped her other hand behind Jeanie’s neck. Rivalry abandoned, at least for the moment, Caro locked her lips tightly onto Jeanie’s mouth. I could see my daughter’s tongue bulging in her frenemy’s cheek. Four hands explored tits and asses as Caro quickly abandoned her stimulation of my organ. So much for my predicting how this ballet would develop.

The girls’ next move was so smooth, it could have been choreographed like ballet, but likely simply reflected their years of cheerleading practice. With no apparent discussion, they executed a pirouette and somehow Caro elevated up until she lay on the counter top, her legs draped over the edge, Jeanie in between.

I watched Jeanie caress my daughter’s inner thighs with delicate movements – far from the aggressive attack I had expected. Her fingers flowed in circular motions, eliciting ever deeper moans from Caro, until Caro’s hips began joining in the dance, lifting up from the counter top as Jeanie’s right thumb gently grazed Caro’s labia.

Jeanie’s nimble fingers tested Caro’s willingness. She must not have known about my threesome with both daughters, and how Caro had played with Dulcie. I just assumed that Jeanie, being a proud slut, had played before and after her episode with Dulcie which had ended up with my seduction. Jeanie knew the location of the most important bits, and how to please a woman.

“Is this okay?” Jeanie asked with uncharacteristic gentleness in her voice.

“Ohmigawd, yes, better than okay.” Caro moaned. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my life.”

Jeanie continued her tender touching of my daughter , seemingly enjoying the power and control over her long time rival. Within moments, I could see, hear and smell Carolyn’s excitement. Jeanie continued, though I suspected that Caro was on the brink of orgasm. Jeanie never quite allowed my daughter to climax, displaying a talent that could only have been perfected through plentiful practice.

For the moment, I might as well have been on another planet, as Jeanie stroked Caro’s nipples and kissed her way slowly around, over and down every bit of succulent skin. Caro’s breathing slowed as she became more aroused.

Any hint of hesitation on Jeanie’s part vanished. She worked her way toward Carolyn’s clit slowly, allowing the rosebud to pop up out of its hood on its own power. The sight of a womanly finger teasing my daughter’s tender flesh gave me a determined jolt of excitement as she gasped in ecstasy. I knew that this might never be repeated, so I wanted to watch carefully, and store the memories for future recall. Caro would go back to school, and it would be a long time before I got to see her again. There was no guarantee that she would ever get naked for me again, let along fuck me. So having fodder for future masturbation was an added bonus to what promised to be mind blowing sex.

My cock throbbed demandingly as I watched Jeanie drag her fingers up and then down my daughter’s moist slit, carefully not scraping tender flesh with nails, using only the pads of her digits. As she did this, Jeanie bent forward, obscuring my view. As I shifted positions, Jeanie slowly lowered her head over Caro’s chest, drawing a nipple into her lips, closing teeth around the rubbery tip, not biting, merely gripping enough to pull that nubbin away from the soft mound of tit below.

After repeating this seduction of the other nipple, Jeanie proceeded to kiss down Carolyn’s torso, bathing that taut flesh with her tongue, unhurried, wandering toward the navel, where she took exceptional care, rolling her tongue around the depression clockwise, and then counter-clockwise before stabbing into the space with a hardened point of that tongue. Jeanie’s fingers, four of them, thrust deep into Caro’s quim in synchronicity.

My daughter gasped loudly, the single sound echoing in the kitchen.

“Please, please please me,” she demanded into the silence, a hint of joyful laughter in her tone, “eat me, bitch.”

Her neck was bent, her back was arching up from the granite as her eyes glazed over. I knew she had loved sex with her sister when we had all shared a bed. Apparently, Jeanie also had just the correct womanly touch.

Caro began whimpering as her fingers twined through Jeanie’s hair, forcing her mouth along Caro’s belly. In a few seconds, I watched as ‘making out’ gave way to full on girl sex – tongue stabbing between labia, lips suckling, seeking clit.

My hand curled around my aching cock as I circled the counter, seeking the best view. I kept my organ in just a loose grasp, idly stroking, maintaining the excitement, but not progressing toward ejaculation, I hoped, in spite of the ‘plop’ of a drop of precum falling to the floor.

Jeanie abandoned Caro’s tits as my daughter’s ass lifted off the counter. The cheerleader whose teasing had contributed so much to my descent into incest pushed two fingers gently into Caro’s ass.

“Yes, bitch, stretch me for Daddy’s cock,” Carolyn moaned, releasing her grip on Jeanie’s hair, all the better to tug on her own nipples.

“I want you to make her cum,” I spoke, though it seemed like a stranger’s voice.

“She’s totally driving me crazy, Daddy,” Caro said.

I stepped closer to the counter, my body beside my daughter’s head. She turned her head and smiled up at me. Her chin moved a fraction of an inch, all the permission I needed to step even closer. Her mouth opened, allowing me to ease my erect head past her slack lower lip, over her teeth, onto her tongue. She licked me thoroughly, rhythm mimicking Jeanie’s pace. Then she closed her mouth around my shaft and sucked my cock like it was a straw and my seed was her milkshake, after a year crossing a desert.

“Not too much, sweetie,” I cautioned. “I’m not some college guy who can fill your belly from the top end, then fill your ass – not to mention Jeanie’s ass.”

Fortunately, at just that moment, Carolyn’s writhing intensified, and she spat my cock out, no doubt fearing that she might accidentally bite it in the throes of orgasm.

“I’m coming,” Caro screamed, her body twitching and heaving uncontrollably. Jeanie kept licking, prolonging my daughter’s climax.

“So much for just making out to get ready for me,” I chuckled.

“I’m not done yet,” Jeanie said, pausing for a moment while Caro caught her breath, and then diving back deep into that soft chewy center.

From this angle, I had a perfect view. I appreciated better than before that my older daughter had a tiny clit, unlike her mother or sister, or Jeanie. It was like a tiny pearl bobbing in the ocean of her cunt. Jeanie slurped it up enthusiastically, as if finding a strange new toy. I inhaled their mingled perfumes, the womanly scents proving that they were both excited.

Jeanie alternated deep thrusts of her fingers with soft tongue licking and gentle nibbles with her teeth.

“Oh, Jesus…” Caro panted, grabbing Jeanie’s hair again to press that mouth against her slit. “That feels so good.”

My daughter then released her lover’s hair and reached a hand out toward me, grasping my hand as waves of orgasm wracked her body.

Jeanie lifted her head and squealed with delight. Without missing a beat, she used her athletic grace to bounce up onto the counter top, twisting into a sixty-nine position with Caro. My daughter was less experienced than her friend, as far as I knew she had only had the one lesbian experience with her sister, but Caro made up for it by attacking Jeanie’s dripping quim with enthusiasm.

Her hands reached around and kneaded Jeanie’s buttocks. I stepped back, gaining a perfect view of the gaping anus which they had suggested that I fill with cream. It was already moist from Jeanie’s excitement. I throbbed every time my daughter’s tongue reached past the edge of Jeanie’s cunt and teased the perineum, almost tickling that rosebud. Within seconds, their moans filled my kitchen.

“Oh, god, you bitch, I’m coming,” Jeanie screamed. “So much for just making out til we were ready for Daddy.”

Caro just kept on eating as Jeanie’s climax exploded through that lithe body, which shook violently as it reached a peak of sexual satisfaction that I feared would be hard for me to match. Finally, each girl pulled their mouth away from their target and they lay panting on the counter top, a tangle of coltish womanly parts.

Jeanie recovered first, untangling herself and shifting to sit on the edge, legs slowly kicking the air, looking at my aching cock.

“I think Daddy’s ready,” she laughed, causing Carolyn to shift and look at her reward.

Their eyes left my organ and made contact, a thought transferring as if communicating a cheer move. They both bounded down from the counter and each grabbed one of my hands, along the way each giving the tip of my cock just a tiny nudge.

“Time for some bouncing on the bed,” both monkeys said at once, which caused them to collapse in a cavalcade of girly giggles before dragging me up the stairs to Caro’s room.

They both bounced up on the bed, side by side on all fours, presenting their shapely asses for my appreciation. I smiled partly because of that view, but also because their fingers were intertwined, and their lips touched briefly, their rivalry abandoned.

“Jeanie first,” Caro instructed me, spinning around so that her fine young ass was against the mattress. In the afternoon sun, she looked as angelic as she had as a six year old in baby doll jammies resisting nap time. But that was almost fifteen years ago, and now she was nude, her nipples red from her friend’s lesbionic attention, but still not ready for nap time, always wanting more from her daddy. And as always, I was about to give it to her. I never could resist pleasing my daughters.

“I don’t have any lube,” I realized out loud.

“Not a problem,” Caro decided, her fingers swiftly scooping up moisture dripping from Jeanie’s cunt and rubbing it around Jeanie’s anus.

As I stepped closer, my daughter went further, stuffing her tiny fist right into Jeanie’s cunt, and then stretching her friend’s sphincter open, two slim fingers probing inside and stretching that passage open for my weapon.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Jeanie moaned. “I think I’m ready for a sold hunk of man meat to be stuffed up there though.”

In spite of that suggestion, Caro continued to finger fuck her ass ferociously, working a third finger into her. Jeanie went crazy, her hips thrusting back against my daughter’s hand, a wave of orgasms shaking her body.

“Now she’s really ready, Daddy,” Caro laughed. “Time to fuck her tight hole with your big… fat… cock.”

She paused between those last three words, knowing how much I would love the praise, and perhaps trying to give Jeanie a little extra tingle.

My knees bumped the edge of the mattress and Caro smiled up, scooting closer. Her free hand grasped my shaft at the base, tugging me up onto the bed and aiming me at Jeanie’s core. Her fingertips caressed my balls, something that reminded me of how her mother knew just the right touch to excite without tickling. That thought might have made me feel sad, or guilty, but I was too absorbed in the moment. If Dulcie had first seduced me as therapy to help get me past the death of my wife, Caro’s latest effort was continuing the healing.

Authors note.

This is a story based on Chuck and takes place during Season 4.


“Exc… excuse me.” Ellie stammered, convinced she must have been more drunk than she thought because she couldn’t possibly have heard her brother’s girlfriend right.

“I said, get on the bed and bend over.” Sarah said like this wasn’t something completely out of the ordinary, the blonde then stepping forward moments later to comfort her friend, “You wanted my help right? With Devon’s little… request?”

“Well yes but I was expecting… I don’t know, some advice or something.” Ellie said.

“And I told you, there’s nothing I could say that you can’t find on the Internet, and no words could really prepare you for the feeling of taking a big hard cock up your ass.” Sarah said, “Which is why the best way I can help is to, well… show you what to do.”

Ellie’s eyes almost popped out of her head, “Oh, erm, I, thanks but I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I, and that’s not what I was suggesting.” Sarah said, quickly cutting Ellie off before she got the wrong idea, or more accurately the right idea, “I’m not suggesting we have anal sex, just that I show you how to properly loosen up your ass hole. Because trust me, no matter how much instructions you give them even the nicest of guys will awkwardly shove a couple of fingers up your ass, and then their cocks, and you’ll probably hate it, but let him do it now and then when you really want something. But, if you let someone who knows what they’re doing take their time to gently stretch your ass hole out it can be one of the most pleasurable experiences you’ll ever have. And trust me, if you let me help you practice for a couple of days by the time you’re bending over for Devon your ass hole will crave the feeling of getting fucked. You’ll be a total anal whore, ready to fulfil everyone of your husband’s desires.”

It may have been the three glasses of wine Ellie had consumed to work up the courage to ask the blonde’s advice about anal sex but Sarah seemed to be making a lot of sense. Ellie was still a little worried though, “O, ok… what… what exactly would you do? To help me practice I mean.”

“Oh, just use my fingers, and maybe a small dildo, to stretch you out back there. Get you used to the feeling of something sliding in and out of your ass hole. Show you it isn’t as scary as you might think.” Sarah said, a little smile crossing her face, “Hopefully show you why I love anal so much… show you how good it can feel to have something inside your ass… moving in and out… fucking your little ass hole.”

Ellie blushed and silently thought this over. It was crazy she was even considering something like this, but if Ellie was going to try anal sex it seemed to make a lot of sense for her to dip her toe in the water so to speak. This way she could feel what it was like to have something invading her ass hole without getting Devon’s hopes up, and she would be in the hands of someone who had taken it in the ass before as opposed to someone who’d only dreamt about anal sex.

So Ellie pretty much made up her mind, but she was still nervous about it so buying herself a little time to calm her nerves she asked, “Have you done this before?”

Sarah smiled, “Maybe once or twice.”

“Ok… ok, ok let’s… practice.” Ellie said, very slowly getting on all fours on the bed.

For a moment Sarah lost control of herself, a look of lust crossing her face as Ellie presented the spy with her ass. Luckily Sarah was able to come to her senses before Ellie could turn to catch her staring or licking her lips, which only happened briefly, Sarah able to keep herself in check as she quickly retrieved a bottle of lube and then got on the bed behind Ellie. When she slowly, carefully pulled down Ellie’s pants and panties revealing the other woman’s ass Sarah lost control again, this time Sarah reaching out and grabbing two handfuls of Ellie’s perfect butt before gently caressing the prize in front of her.

“You have a beautiful ass Ellie.” Sarah said softly, squeezing the round but firm cheeks of Ellie’s butt.

“Thanks.” Ellie blushed, not sure what to make of Sarah’s actions.

“Devon is a lucky man.” Sarah said, able to stop herself saying anything further as she pulled apart Ellie’s butt cheeks and lustfully studied the other woman’s ass hole for a few seconds. Oh how Sarah would have loved to lick that puckered hole, or slide her mouth and tongue all over those beautiful cheeks, or even go after Ellie’s pussy which looked encouragingly wet. But one thing at a time.

“You’re going to have to relax, ok?” Sarah said, as she let go of Ellie’s cheeks and quickly applied a generous amount of lube to the fingers of her right hand. Once there was plenty of lube on her fingers Sarah used her left hand to gently spread Ellie’s left ass cheek, the blonde giving herself as much room as possible to get at the brunette’s ass hole.

Ellie gasped as she felt a wet finger gently touching her virgin rosebud and immediately tensed up. Luckily Sarah didn’t try to force her way into Ellie’s butt. Instead the blonde just gently rubbed some lube onto the brunette’s back hole, Ellie finding the soft caressing of her butt hole oddly comforting, the touch slowly coaxing her to relax.

Of course that was Sarah’s plan, the spy waiting until she was convinced her friend couldn’t be more relaxed before firmly sliding a finger into Ellie’s back door.

“Ah!” Ellie cried out, more in surprise at the suddenness than actual pain. In fact there wasn’t that much pain at all. It wasn’t the greatest feeling ever, but it wasn’t unpleasant. And for the most part that was how it continued. Even when Sarah added a second, then a third, then finally much later a fourth finger the experience was far from what Ellie had expected. Then she moaned. She couldn’t believe it, but it actually started feeling good. Really good.

It took a while for Sarah to get a moan out of Ellie, but it was totally worth it. That little sound meant Ellie was Sarah’s. She might not know it yet, but she would very, very soon.

Of course getting that moan had been a lot of fun as Sarah had loved every second of slowly stretching out Ellie’s shit hole. She had adored fingering her friend’s ass, only adding additional fingers when she was absolutely sure the other woman was ready, working then gently to further open the brunette’s butt hole, gently caressing the soft yet tight walls of Ellie’s rectum. It was marvelling at the tightness of the other woman’s back passage which was Sarah’s favourite. This was partly because it proved to Sarah she really was doing Ellie a favour by stretching out this tight little hole, but in truth Sarah just liked the way Ellie’s butt felt clamping down on her fingers. It made her horny, made her want to give this cute little virgin ass a real stretching.

“Ellie… I’ve stretched your ass hole as wide as I can with just my fingers. I could fist you, but I think what we really need now is depth. So I’m going to get a nice long dildo so I can stretch the deepest part of your ass, make sure it’s nice and ready for your husband’s big cock. Are you ok with that?” Sarah smiled as Ellie moaned a enthusiastic response. Deciding to push her luck Sarah added, “Good, I’ll go get one of my toys… in the meantime, you don’t have too, but it might help if you fingered your ass hole. That way your ass hole stays nice and loose.”

Following another positive moan from the brunette Sarah removed her fingers from Ellie’s ass, a smile crossing the blonde’s face as she watched as one of Ellie’s hands immediately shot to her backside and inserted two fingers into her already loosened butt hole.

Sarah watched Ellie shamelessly finger her own ass hole for a few moments before quickly yet quietly sneaking over to her toy draw, opening it up and retrieving her favourite type of toy, namely a strap-on. It was extremely tempting for Sarah to pick one of the bigger models, but for her boyfriend’s sister she chose a nice 8 inch model, expertly strapping it around her waist after removing her pants and panties, and then moving back onto the bed so that she was kneeling behind Ellie again without making a sound loud enough to disturb the moaning brunette.

By now Ellie had three fingers in both her pussy and ass and was using the palm of one of her hands to rub her clit. From the way Ellie was moaning Sarah guest it wouldn’t be long before her friend came. Sarah could let that happen, put her strap-on away, hand Ellie a vibrator and leave her to it, or something like that, but Sarah just couldn’t resist. She had resisted going after Ellie for so long, too long, and now Sarah was going to make Ellie hers.

Grabbing hold of Ellie’s hands Sarah used enough pressure to stop their movement without hurting her friend. There was a whimper of disappointment from Ellie before Sarah quickly said, “Ellie, I thought you wanted to practise for Devon. Make sure you’re ready to take his big cock up your ass.”

“I do.” Ellie whimpered.

“Then stop trying to make yourself cum like a little slut.” Sarah said deliberately firmly before then just as deliberately softening her tone, “Trust me, I’ll let you cum soon enough, if that’s what you want, but we need to get this big cock of mine inside your ass while it’s still nice and loose and ready to be fucked. But it’s up to you. In a second I’m going to let go of your hand. You can make yourself cum if you want and we can call it a day, maybe try again tomorrow if you want. Or you can spread your ass cheeks for me. Make it easier for me to get my big cock in your tight little ass. You choose.”

Letting go Sarah watched with bated breath for a few seconds, and then smiled widely as she watched Ellie slowly reach back and spread her ass cheeks, submitting to the butt fucking Sarah so wanted to give her.

Sarah took longer than necessary lubing up her dildo, admiring the sight of Ellie offering up her ass hole to be fucked. It was a beautiful sight, one which Sarah wanted to commit to memory, something she would treasure forever. Then Sarah did something else that she would treasure forever, that being taking Ellie’s anal virginity. Sarah took Ellie’s anal cherry slowly, placing the head of the dick against her friend’s previously unviolated butt hole and then gently increasing the pressure so that the tight ring of flesh was slowly forced open until the first few inches of strap-on cock slid deep inside Ellie’s virgin ass.

Ellie let go of her butt cheeks and cried out in pain, but it wasn’t as bad as she feared, and for that she was very grateful to Sarah, who unnecessarily apologised, “I’m sorry. It always hurts at first, but trust me, you’ll be begging for more in no time.”

Those last words made Ellie blush because she didn’t doubt them. Before tonight she hadn’t even dared to touch her ass hole, but Sarah’s fingers, and then her own, had felt so good inside her butt, and she was so horny from the initial anal play that what Ellie had imagined being unbearable pain with Devon was very much bearable and faded quickly. It wasn’t even that bad when Sarah began pushing a few more inches into Ellie’s rectum, and then when Sarah started slowly pushing those few inches in and out, beginning to butt fuck Ellie, the brunette doctor moaned in pleasure.

The pleasure seemed to increase with every thrust, Ellie barely even noticing any pain as Sarah gently pushed more and more of the strap-on into the brunette’s bowels until Ellie felt the blonde’s hips smacking into her butt cheeks. This shocked Ellie a little at first because she had been so distracted that she hadn’t realised that Sarah had strapped on a dildo. Ellie thought Sarah was just going to get a small hand held dildo, but this made sense. After all Sarah was trying to prepare her for anal sex with her husband. That was what Sarah was still doing, right? So using a large strap-on dildo would obviously better help prepare Ellie for that. Obviously.

It wasn’t like Sarah wanted to butt fuck her or anything. And the idea of Sarah being the one to give Ellie her first butt fucking wasn’t an incredible turn on or anything. Sure, Sarah Walker was the most beautiful woman Ellie had ever met, and Ellie had thought about being with the blonde, about kissing her, sliding her hands all over her body, and using her tongue to… but Sarah was her brother’s girlfriend. Nothing ever could or would happen between them.

Luckily this was just practice so it didn’t count. And because it didn’t count Ellie was free to become lost in the feeling of that dildo sliding in and out of her ass hole, giving her powerful sensations of pleasure she had never felt before tonight… sensations she wanted more of. She… she wanted more.

Realising Sarah had officially been proven right and that it was a matter of time before she begged for more Ellie decided to make it sooner rather than later so that she could get more of that wonderful pleasure, the young doctor softly moaning, “More.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Sarah teased.

“More! I want more. Please give me more.” Ellie begged.

“And by more… you mean?” Sarah smiled, deciding to push her luck.

“I… I…” Ellie blushed. With her mind racing Ellie quickly realised this made sense too. She was practising to have anal sex with her husband, therefore she had to play the part. Besides, she knew what he liked to hear. So gathering up her courage Ellie softly moaned, “Please… fuck me! Fuck my ass! Please Sarah, fuck my tight little ass hard!”

Sarah was briefly taken aback by just how verbal Ellie was. Then deciding to push her luck even more Sarah asked, “Is that what you want? For me to fuck your tight little ass hard?”

“Yes Sarah, please fuck my tight little ass hard! Oh God, fuck it as hard as you can! Oh it feels so good, mmmmmmmm, fuck me hard!” Ellie begged, and then realising may be Sarah wanted specific words added, “I’m begging you, give me more. You were right. Mmmmmm, you were so right. This feels amazing when done right, and you do it so right, mmmmmmm, so fucking right. Oooooh, so fucking good. Ohhhhh fuck me, please Sarah, fuck my tight little ass. I need it. I need you to fuck me. I need you to make me cum. Please, I’ll do anything.”

There was a pause, and then Sarah laid down so her breasts were pressing into Ellie’s back and her lips were next to her ear, the spy then softly asking, “Tell me, is it Devon who gets off on the dirty talk, or you?”

Ellie blushed and stammered, “I, I do it for him.”

“That’s not what I asked.” Sarah said.

Again Ellie blushed, and then after a pause admitted, “We both do.”

“But you a little more than him, huh?” Sarah pushed, smiling when Ellie gently nodded her head, “Would you like me to talk dirty to you? Call you a slut? Treat you like a filthy little anal whore I found on the streets?”

“I want you to make me cum.” Ellie whimpered, and then after a beat added, “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Then answer my questions.” Sarah pushed.

Again Ellie whimpered, then blushed, then admitted, “Yes. Yes, please talk dirty to me. I love it. Mmmmmm, I love being called a slut, a tramp, a whore, ohhhhhh, and I love being treated like one.”

“That’s what I thought.” Sarah said, leaning in even closer to Ellie’s ear, “Now, here’s the deal. In a moment I’m going to start fucking your tight little ass hard until I make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before. Then I’m going to keep ass fucking you, making you cum over and over again until you get me to stop or pass out. But first I want you to promise me something…”

“Anything!” Ellie quickly interrupted.

Sarah smiled, then continued, “Don’t go running to your husband the moment we’re done. You let him ass fuck you now you’ll both enjoy it, but you probably won’t cum. But if you give me the rest of the week to properly train you it will be the best sexual experience of your lives. I promise. All you need is a week of practice with me and you’ll be such an anal whore you won’t be able to go a day without a serious butt fucking.”

The next few seconds seemed like an eternity in Ellie’s mind as she struggled not to just say yes and really think about what Sarah was suggesting.

When Sarah had suggested a week of practice before letting Devon fuck her back there it had seemed like a reasonable timeframe. Now Ellie was sure she had all the practice she really needed, and while Ellie could just about convince herself that another woman fingering her ass or sliding a dildo in and out of her ass wasn’t technically anal sex… although now she actually thought it through it was really silly, another woman slamming a strap-on in and out of her ass until she came definitely seemed like anal sex. Lesbian anal sex. Which meant even by agreeing to continue she was knowingly cheating on her husband, and now she was on the verge of agreeing to cheat on him for an entire week.

But how could she possibly say no to a week of this amazing pleasure?

Ellie opened her mouth, and despite feeling like she should be saying no or at least being hesitant she instead said, “Deal. We can practice for the whole week. Maybe longer, if you think it’s necessary. Just please, fuck me.”

Sarah smiled, straightened herself up, grabbed on tightly to Ellie’s hips and began increasing the speed of the sodomy.

The whole time they had been talking Sarah had been lazily pumping Ellie’s pooper, not fucking the other woman’s butt as hard as she had been before the conversation so Ellie would concentrate on her words. Now Sarah wanted Ellie to concentrate on the pleasure she was giving her, which proved to be an extremely easy task.

All of the slow butt fucking had loosened Ellie’s rectum to the point that the brunette was so ready for a hard ass pounding that no matter how quick or hard the thrusts became Ellie continued mindlessly begging, “Yes, more, give it to me, mmmmmmm, oh, make me an anal whore. Oh God Sarah fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me! OH FUCK! FUCK MY ASS! OHHHHHH SARAH!”

Hearing Ellie screaming her name like that and fucking her perfect bubble butt was literally a dream come true for the woman who called herself Sarah Walker. She loved Chuck more than anyone or anything, but she had a passion… a need to fuck other women. Luckily for Sarah hearing about her lesbian exploits was a huge turn on for Chuck, who loved her enough to let her fool around with women, and he even ‘suffered’ through the occasional wild threesome. But she couldn’t expect him to be ok with her desire to fuck his sister, so Sarah kept it to herself. Unfortunately that meant Ellie became forbidden fruit. Sarah had tried so hard to resist, and really she deserved credit for lasting as long as she did, but when Ellie had dropped this opportunity in Sarah’s lap the blonde spy could no longer resist.

Part of Sarah had been hoping she could fuck Ellie once and get it out of her system, but deep down Sarah knew that was a long shot. The more time she had spent with Ellie the more Sarah had grown to like her in every conceivable way, and now she was literally slamming Ellie’s beautiful butt Sarah knew not even a week would be enough. She had to make Ellie hers. She would make Ellie hers.

By now Ellie’s cries had become completely incoherent, but the other woman was clearly enjoying herself. If her squeals of pleasure didn’t prove that then the fact that she was shamelessly slamming her own butt back against the bowel busting thrusts certainly did.

Believing Ellie was too distracted to be able to hear her, or even understand her, Sarah said softly, “Your ass is mine Ellie.

Until you give your ass to Devon it’s mine. Your ass belongs to me. I own it.”

Sarah had hoped her words would sink into Ellie’s subconscious, make the other woman want to be with her, and if Sarah was honest partly to fuel her own ego. What Sarah wasn’t expecting was for Ellie to then scream out, “YES! OHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSS! OH IT’S YOURS SARAH! MY ASS IS ALL YOURS! MMMMMMMM OH, IT BELONGS TO YOU! MY ASS BELONGS TO YOU! YOU OWN MY ASS! IT’S YOURS!”

She hit the red button on her stopwatch and slowed to a trot, noting with pride that she had cut her time down by a good ten seconds this morning. Approaching the front door, she wiped sweat from her face and keyed in the security code. Once inside, she flicked on the main lights on the way into the kitchen, where she turned on the oven and hot water before going into the stockroom. Overheating now that she was out of the wind, she rushed to change into her work clothes. She impatiently kicked off her trainers and pulled her jeans and work shirt down off a shelf. As she was peeling her spandex running shorts away from her sweaty thighs, she thought she heard a noise from the main room. Pausing to listen for moment, she heard nothing further and continued undressing, yanking her sports bra over her head when she heard the unmistakable sound of the kitchen door opening. She froze, puzzled, in her underwear, with her arms over her head, still wrapped in the bra.

“Hello?” she called out, unsure who else could be here so early.

“G’morning” a male voice replied cheerfully, and startlingly close at hand. “Who’s that?”

Feeling panicky, she stuttered, “Um, its just me, but um…” To her horror, the stock room door swung inwards, to frame a familiar tall and slender figure.

“Ken. Erm. You’re kind of, uh, early.” She tried to lower her arms to cover herself, but only became tangled in her own bra as it caught around her forearms.

He gawped at her for a moment, clearly shocked to see her standing there sweaty and semi-nude. His eyes slithered from her reddening face to her bare breasts and toned stomach, down to her boy-short style underwear, and the spandex running shorts still crumpled at her feet. A smile quirked the corners of his mouth and she suddenly found herself wishing she had not been quite so flirtatious with him on previous occasions.

“Did you run to work?” he asked nonchalantly, as his gaze came back up to rest on her tits, still slick and glistening. She became painfully aware of the fact that her nipples were rock-hard.

“Um. Do you mind?”.

“No, I don’t, in fact…” He laughed and took a step into the small stockroom, towards her. She began frantically trying to disentangle herself from the sports bra.

“Let me help you with that.” he said softly, as he took another step forward and grabbed the bra in his right hand, twisting it quickly so that it wrapped around her wrists, drawing them together. One final step closer and he was standing directly in front of her, holding her arms above her head. Rage erupted in her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?” Bringing her leg up quickly, she kicked at the side of his knee. He sidestepped smartly, and shoved her backwards into the wall. Keeping her arms pinned up with the one hand, he brought his left hand to her face, taking her jaw in his hand. He leaned down to bring his face close to hers.

“Relax. This is going to be fun.” He leered at her, giving her another look up and down. She’d never seen the way he had watched her at work, especially when she bent over, her pert ass held high and straining against the seat of her jeans. They had flirted occasionally during shifts, but he never imagined he would get a chance at her.

“Fuck you.” she snarled, realizing what he had in mind. He laughed again, tightening his grip on her jaw.

“There’s no one about to hear you, so scream all you want.”

He reached down to pick her running shorts up off the floor while maintaining a firm grip on her wrists. Working quickly, he spun her around and used the shorts to tie her arms securely together behind her back. She struggled, but despite his slender build, he was at least a head taller than her and considerably strong. After a few playful slaps on her ass, he yanked her underwear down around her ankles. He made a small grunt of appreciation at the sight of her bare ass before turning her back around so that she was facing him. His eyes flicked down to her crotch.

“Very nice, I see you’ve shaved for me.”

She glared at him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of a response. With her arms immobilized behind her, she was forced to arch her back in order to maintain her balance. He began running his hands over her torso, groping her small, high breasts, squeezing her nipples, stroking her waist and outer thighs.

“Hmmmmmm. I didn’t realize you had such a tight body. I would have tried harder to get into your pants before.”

She continued to glare at him, even as he moved in closer to her, pressing his body against her. She could feel his erection pressing into her belly through his clothing. He ran his hands through her short hair, letting his long fingers trail over her throat before wrapping his them around her neck in a strong grip. Leaning down, he murmured into her ear, “That little pussy is mine now and I’m gonna fuck you ’till you cry.” Despite herself, she shivered.

His grip tightened on her throat as his other hand slid down her waist, grazing her hip as it sought the warm space between her thighs. Rubbing his fingers on her outer lips, he began biting at her earlobe. She was already starting to feel light headed from the restricted blood supply to her brain. Pinching at her swelling labia, he released her throat only to grab at her hair, yanking her head back and pushed her downwards, causing her to fall onto her knees. With her wrists bound behind her, she would have fallen forward but for his body in front of her.

He unzipped his trousers and pushed them down to fall around his ankles. His cock was already pressing against the front of his boxers, making a small wet spot of precum. She looked up just as he took it out, her horror stricken face exciting him further. He saw her try to suppress her reaction as she looked along the impressive length and width of his cock.

“Yeah, that’s all gonna go in you.” She turned away, not wanting him to see her shame or fear.

“Look at me.”

She continued to look down, so he reached for her, turning her face towards him against her will. Still, she kept her eyes down, not meeting his gaze.

“I said fucking look at me!”

He struck her, open-handed across the jaw, in one quick, sudden motion. She could taste blood but defiantly continued to avoid his stare. Grabbing her face harshly, he let his fingers dig into the soft flesh of her cheek as he bent over her so that when he spoke she felt his breath hot on her face.

“Don’t make me tell you again. Look at me.”

She looked up into his dark blue-grey eyes and he smiled wickedly. “Good girl. Now why don’t you open your mouth and suck on my cock?” Knowing it was pointless to refuse at this point, she reluctantly parted her lips as he stood back up and pushed his huge member past her lips, into her mouth. Holding the back of her head in place, he started thrusting against her throat making her gag almost immediately. He chuckled to himself as he gave her a moment to recover before resuming roughly fucking her face. Most women had a difficult time deep-throating his uncommonly large shaft, even in voluntary circumstances. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as he forced himself deeper, and saliva ran down her chin. Finally, he withdrew, leaving a long string of thick spit between her mouth and the head. He used his fingers to break the string and wipe the spit off her face, then grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her upright, using the hand on her face to press her back against the wall. Her legs shook as he let go of her hair and licked his index and middle finger lasciviously. Stroking the inside of her thigh with incongruent delicacy, he brought his face level with hers, clutching her face even tighter.

“Let me see your beautiful brown eyes.” As he whispered the words, he forced two fingers up into her pussy without warning. Unprepared for the violation, she shuddered and flinched away from him involuntarily. Using the two fingers inside of her, he pulled her back towards him with a sudden jerk. She felt an unpleasant tearing sensation at the opening of her vagina, and whimpered quietly. Slowly, she dragged her gaze up to meet his, her eyes sharp with anger and pain.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice and tight,” he purred, looking into her eyes. Pink splotches had blossomed where his fingertips had dug into her jaw.

“Keep looking at me.” He stared at her intently as he worked his fingers even deeper into her cunt, until his knuckles were pressed against the entrance. His free hand traced the curve of her neck, the hollow of her throat, and trailed down to her breasts. He pulled each nipple harshly between his thumb and forefinger, rolling the flesh until it hardened under his touch. His hand continued down to her belly, nails caressing the line of hard muscles there, before moving towards her hips. While his left hand worked at her pussy, his right groped at her thighs, feeling the soft flesh overlying muscle, then reaching around to squeeze her sizeable bottom.

He was crouched down now in front of her, focused on the sensation of her ass cheeks under his hand, and pushing in and out of her tight hole with his fingers. He noticed she was becoming wet now, and wondered if she was starting to enjoy his attentions after all. Standing up again, he withdrew his fingers from her with an audible squelch, and brought his hand up in front of her face.

“Look what a little slut you are.” He moved his fingers apart to demonstrate the glistening strings of moisture that drew out between them.

“I think you liked it.” he declared, grinning wickedly, while bringing his fingers up to her mouth.

“Clean me off.” She turned her head away from him. His smile faded as he grabbed her hair with the other hand and delivered a sharp smack to the side of her face with his still-wet hand. A smudge of pussy juice smeared on her face where he had hit her.

This time, when he put his fingers to her mouth, she complied, opening her mouth and sucking on his fingers even as he pushed them down towards her throat, making her gag again. He began feeding her more fingers, until she was sucking on all four fingers, her mouth stretched wide to accommodate his large hand. He stroked the side of her face with his thumb as she sucked at his fingers. His cock was getting even harder, feeling the wet suction of her tongue against his flesh. Withdrawing his saliva soaked hand from her mouth, he patted her on the face, smearing her with her own spit. She gave him a look of disgust, and his cock twitched eagerly in response.

Crouching down again, he began to push the sloppy quartet of fingers into her. Despite her small frame, she was able to resist him somewhat, the strong inner muscles pressing together to exclude his hand. He had to start back with the first two fingers to get her tiny pussy opened up again before cramming the third finger in. Once he was sliding those three in and out of her relative ease, he began working his pinky in. Judging by her restrained grunts, she was not having an easy time taking all four fingers.

Looking up at her pain stricken face, he smiled and said “Don’t cry baby, you haven’t even gotten my dick yet.”

He alternated between watching her face contort in agony and looking at the way her pussy pulled back taut across his fingers each time he slowly withdrew them from her snatch. When his four fingers were all the way inside of her, he would pause to rub circles on her clit with his thumb, enjoying her futile attempts to move away from his touch. Despite her obvious pain, she was soaking his hand with her fluids. Meanwhile, his cock was aching, needing to be inside her tight hole. Watching her lithe, lean body writhing on his hand, he knew he was going to have to take it easy or he would come all too quickly once he had her around his shaft. He began to stroke himself in anticipation, and therefore was caught completely unaware when she kneed him in the face.

His hands flew up to his nose automatically, and he felt his own hot blood spurt across his palms. Pain and anger erupted in a starry flash behind his eyes. In that brief moment she bolted for the door. Running was awkward with her hands tied behind her back, but she knew she would have only one chance to make a break for it. She didn’t look back but heard him swear in agony and rage somewhere behind her. It was only when she reached the front door that she realized she would have to turn around in an awkward manoeuvre in order to open the inwardly opening door.

Just as this was dawning on her, she felt his weight crash into her from behind. Without her hands to steady herself, she lost her balance, and collapsed face down onto the floor with him on top of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled back hard, forcing her back into a painful arch. Bringing his arm around her throat so that the inside of his elbow held her neck, he began to squeeze, and she felt both her blood and air supply diminish.

“Your cunt is mine now, I’m going to ruin you, going to leave you a tattered, shredded piece of meat that even dogs wouldn’t touch. And after I destroy your little pussy, I’m gonna fuck your asshole inside out.” he growled into her ear.

Her consciousness began to ebb. Suddenly, he released his hold on her and she gasped for breath, nearly choking in her attempt to breathe. Still on top of her, he yanked his boxers down and she felt his cock probing for an opening between her legs. Her still-wet snatch deflected his first few thrusts until he became frustrated. Letting go of her hair, he spread the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but despite her strength, he pulled her hips upward until her pussy was exposed. With no preamble, he rammed his cock into her. She was even tighter than he had expected, especially considering all the fingering he had done. He had to rock back and forth to squeeze the very last inch or so of his cock into her hot, slick hole.

Her suppressed whimpers of agony pleased him, but he wanted to hear her cry out in earnest.

“Is that big enough for you darling?”

She went even quieter, not a single sniffle or whimper escaping.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

He grabbed her by the hips and dragged her up onto her knees, then pulled on her wrists where they where tied together. Yanking back her arms, he positioned her on his dick so that she was pressed all the way down onto it by her own weight. As he began plowing roughly into her, he jerked her arms towards him with each upward thrust of his hips, so that she was forced onto his shaft even as he drove up into her.

She immediately began to cry out, short, sharp, wordless barks of pain. He pulled at her ass cheeks with his spare hand, to watch his cock spearing her viciously, and was pleased to see a faint smear of red along the broad shaft. He pushed her body forward, releasing her arms and pressing her face down into the floor. Holding her ass apart to better look, he slowly withdrew his cock, watching the way her flesh clung tightly to it. Her pussy was stretched to capacity, taut skin dragging back with each outward stroke, and caving in as he thrust back in. When only the head of his penis was still inside her, he probed at the opening with his fingers until he found a small tear. Slipping his first finger in her against the tear, he pulled at the fragile skin until she whimpered against the tiles.

“I told you I was going to ruin you.” he said with a tone of satisfaction. He began rubbing the broken skin with the head of his cock, pressing roughly against it.

“Does that hurt?” Not waiting for a response, he continued, “’cause that’s where I ripped you apart.”

She tried to scoot away from him, but he grabbed her hips and plunged all the way back into her swollen hole. He used one hand to press down on her back, and the other to pull her hips up at a stimulating angle as he tore into her over and over.

Watching her plump, round ass bouncing against his hips gave him an idea. Her pink little asshole was already exposed to him, seeming to beg for his attention between those sweetly rippling mounds of flesh. Pausing to spit into her crack, he resumed abusing her pussy as he began to rub the saliva into her asshole with his broad thumb. Circling her puckered asshole, he started to apply slight pressure.

“No, no, no… please…” Her voice wavered as she cried out.

He stopped with his cock pressed against her cervix and leaned across her back to whisper into her ear.

“I told you I was going to ruin every hole and I meant it.”

Still leaning over her, he began to grind his hips in a circular motion, churning his cock inside her in a new way. So close to her, he could hear the small noises she made in her throat, a raw whining of agony.

“That’s my fuck hole now, my tight little pussy. Well, not so tight anymore.” He laughed softly in her ear, sending goosebumps down her neck and side.

He pressed harder with his thumb against her sphincter, making tighter and tighter circles. She began struggling in earnest now, but it only seemed to incense him further. She didn’t realize that in her fear, she was squeezing down ever tighter around his cock,

He sat back up and slid his thumb straight into her asshole, making her groan low. Pushing in to the first knuckle, he could feel his cock on the other side of the thin membrane of flesh separating her vaginal canal and asshole. He began popping his thumb in and out of her ass, loving the way the little pucker would stay open for a split second, before closing tightly again. Each time he stuffed his thumb in a little deeper. She was definitely beginning to sob now, small animal noises against the floor. His cock throbbed at the little shudders that ran through her body as he buried his thumb all the way inside her. He used his thumb to pull her hips higher in the air. She squealed in protest as he worked her pussy even more violently. Her slit squeezed down on him as he pushed her down into the floor with his free hand. Her delicate breasts were squashed against the tiles, her ribcage heaving with her stifled crying.

He began rocking his thumb into increasingly large circles, trying to stretch her asshole out. Removing his thumb, he spat into her crack again before starting to work two fingers into her. As he tore into her reddened cunt, he pumped his fingers in and out of her ass, watching the gape widen each time. Despite her whimpering, she was coating his dick in a layer of slickness, allowing him to continue to ravage her despite the incompatibility in size. Finally, he withdrew his dick, enjoying the way the flesh at the opening clung to his dick as he pulled out. Her vagina was red and the lips were swollen. Unable to resist, he slapped the engorged labia until she screamed.

Still two fingers deep in her ass, he leaned over to whisper into her ear.

“Ready to get your ass plowed?”

She shook her head and moaned against the floor. He didn’t say anything, but merely began working a third finger into her straining sphincter. With his other hand, he found her mouth, and probed it with his fingers until she began obediently sucking on them.

With both hands warm and wet inside two of her holes, his cock became impatient. As he pulled his fingers out her asshole, he pressed the thick head of his phallus to the open hole. Her rosebud tried to close, but found his cock was in the way. He felt her try to scream against his fingers, and he responded by clamping them firmly over her mouth. He guided his dick into her asshole, getting only the first few inches in at first. He made small strokes in and out, again revelling in the way her tight hole wrapped around his huge dick. With each thrust inward he pushed deeper, ignoring her increasingly pathetic screams behind his hand. His immense cock was only about three quarters of the way buried in her, and he could see the tears running down her face.

Married in the thirties, with a bubbly kid and a boring workaholic husband is perhaps the story that most contemporary women can relate to.

Born to affluent parents meant, I never had to struggle for anything. It also meant I could never experience real happiness. Whatever I required, I had to just ask and I would have it.

In such environment, life breezes by. Before you know it, you complete college, close friends fade away, join the corporate world, work your butt off to a managerial role, get married to your prince charming and realize the prince doesn’t have the time for you, bear a child that requires you all the time.

And somewhere through this, you sacrifice. Sacrifice your little joys, your simple wants, yourself.

At such a juncture in my life, came the train journey that promised to change my life, forever. The cyclonic storm forced my flight to be cancelled, and I had to book myself on the first train available, as I couldn’t have afforded to miss the board review, where I had to present a new product from my team.

Having lost touch with the railways, I stumbled onto the busy platform with my suitcase in one hand and the laptop dangling from my left shoulder. The stretch of people that started in front of me seemed endless. I panicked.

For a second, I lost my mind. I had no consciousness of where I was and why I was there. I let the suitcase go from my grip and it fell down on the hard tile with a thud. I blinked and then regrouped myself.

I dragged myself to a bench and closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. This is just a sixteen hour train journey that will fly by. I convinced myself that everything is going to be alright and stood up.

I went to the boarding display and identified my train. I went to the platform and was glad to see the beautiful blue train sitting alongside it.

Childhood memories flashed by with me holding my dad’s hand and singing to my favourite song, that I often forced my dad to sing along.

I smiled at the thought, just as I reached my coach. I got into the first class compartment and slowly found my place. Things have changed since I last took the train.

The bay was more spacious back then but the cushions and the interiors have definitely improved. It was a four seater with a couple of bottle holders, a huge tinted window, power sockets for laptops, rich textured curtains, a magazine holder and a surprisingly plush table.

I locked my luggage in the little cabinet under my seat and relaxed into my seat. The white cotton trousers I wore along with my striped formal shirt made me feel light and I was smiling, almost enjoying the unexpected luxury of train travel against the congested seats I usually get on my flights.

The ticket collector came by, checked my ticket and looked blankly at my opposite seat. I glanced at the seat wondering if he was able to see somebody I couldn’t. Having noticed my bewilderment, he explained he was expecting another passenger to join at my station.

I shrugged my shoulders. He gave a calming smile, bowed to me and left the cabin. That never happened before on the flights. I picked up a magazine from the stand just as the train started to pull away from the platform.

Out of nowhere, a woman, maybe a good five years younger to me, burst into my cabin, panting. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was completely out of breath as she sat down.

She was about 170cm tall I guessed, some two inches taller to me, broad shouldered with an awesomely beautiful face with sharp features. Oh those lips! Angelina Jolie would’ve suffered from serious inferiority complex looking at them. Pouted and full of life, they looked like sweet candy.

She was not slim, but had it right in all the right places I felt. She was wearing a girly top with front buttons with a flowery print all over. Her hair was thick and short, yet beautiful, like that of Princess Diana, although this one’s all black.

She wore denim jeans that fit to her legs beautifully, accentuating her wide hips. Before you start getting ideas and let your imagination run wild, I wasn’t into women. But she was definitely the kind for whom I could change my preferences perhaps.

I poured water into a glass, readily available on the table, and offered her. She grabbed it and drained it down her throat in three big gulps. She closed her eyes and rested her head back on the backrest of the seat.

She slowly regained colour in her face and opened her eyes. She smiled and I melted. That was the most amazing smile that ever hit me. I smiled back and said, ‘Hi. Rhea here.’

I offered her my hand, which she shook as she said, ‘Margaret. Friends call me Mag.’ Husky was an understatement to describe her voice.

I looked on expecting her to explain her wild entry. She laughed looking at the expression on my face and said, ‘Well, I lost my bag in the station. Just had enough time to lodge a complaint at the police cell before I could jump into the train, just as it was leaving. Luckily I still have my wallet and my ticket in my pocket.’

She took it out and yelped, ‘Eek. They are wet from all the running I did. I’m so sorry Rhea. I’m sweating like a pig. I wish I had my bag.’

I gave her a comforting smile, put my hand on hers and said, ‘Don’t be embarrassed honey, shit happens. Just relax for a while.’

She smiled back and laid her head back on the headrest. Sweat continued to trickle from her face in spite of the air conditioning. Man, this girl does sweat a lot.

She opened her eyes and said, ‘Mind if I get a little comfortable with my dress? I can’t stand it.’ Without waiting for my consent, she opened the buttons on her top and gave me a shock. She wasn’t wearing a bra. And she was definitely not built to go without one.

She was lucky her top was thick else with her sweat, her nipples would’ve been clearly visible through it. She had a sexy cleavage even though she was not wearing a bra. Her top parted in between to show her lovely moulds with either side just stopping at her nipples.

Sweat droplets glistened on her fair skin on her breasts. I was never attracted to women. Not even tried it at college, where everyone experiments. Wasn’t in the least interested even to look at my friends while we showered together. I was so hetero. And here I was, gawking at a complete stranger on a train. So much for a dull marriage.

Through the next ten minute or so, I learnt she’s an architect. She was going home to her parents. She used to be an athlete at school but career took priority and the good things faded. She still liked to dance and pub occasionally. Gee, this girl talks a lot.

Fifteen minutes of air conditioning and her getting ‘comfortable’ with her dress didn’t seem to improve things for her. She was still sweating and even her thick top was getting wet. And I was strangely getting aroused at the sight.

I could feel my nipples standing up. I hoped it was because of the air conditioning. But I knew it wasn’t the reason.

I hesitantly ventured, ‘Mag, you are still sweating. I guess you need to get out of that jeans. You can take my night pants if you don’t mind.’

She gave that magic smile again. ‘Thanks Rhea. That will be great.’

I took my suitcase out, opened it and handed her the night pants. I expected her to go to the restroom to change. Instead, she just stood up, turned away from me and unzipped her jeans.

She pulled the jeans off her hips and struggled to get it off her full thighs. Her black panties slipped a little showing the top of her ass crack. It was the most erotic sight. I kept looking at it not caring if she would notice.

She finally managed to get her jeans away and got into my night pants. She pulled the night pants up her thighs with difficulty. I realized then how slim I was compared to her. I wished I was built like her. Oh those thighs.

Finally she managed to get the pants till her hips but it was impossible to get the pants over them. She turned around, smiled sheepishly and said, ‘Guess they are a little tight for me. I’ll try without the panties. You mind?’

My night pants over a stranger’s private parts without underwear. And all that sweat. Mind screamed ‘Yes I mind!’. I somehow said, ‘No Mag, go ahead! I’m ok.’

She took the pants away and put them on the berth. She then pulled off her panties as if she was taking off a glove or a hat, crumpled them and put them inside the pocket of her jeans.

No wonder my pants didn’t fit her. Her ass was magestic. All curvy and so fleshy. I suddenly wanted my hands on them. And more. I was losing it. If she was smaller than me, perhaps I would’ve entertained thoughts of even raping her.

And that ass crack. Splitting her cheeks perfectly, the line looked like a painter’s dream. The dream burst as she pulled my pants over her hips and she sat down. ‘Rhea, I can’t thank you enough for this. I feel like in heaven now. I shouldn’t have come in jeans in the first place.’

‘No problem Mag. You got great hips by the way,’ I managed. ‘Ha. Thanks Rhea. I do get that compliment often from men. But to get it from a woman as beautiful as you is an honour.’ She patted her left buttock and said, ‘Am sure they are happy too.’

I smiled back at her. She picked up a magazine and began to read. I looked into my magazine as well but my mind was filled with images of her ass. Those awesome curvy cheeks.

I looked up and that face looked so lovely with the hair on her forehead falling over her eyes. I let my glance fall lower and was delighted to a part of her left nipple poking out of her shirt. Thank you God!

I ogled at it for a minute that seemed like a second and then said, ‘Mag, your shirt opened a bit wide.’ She looked up at me and then at her shirt and quickly covered the nipple. ‘Sorry Rhea. It was almost as if I was seducing you. Am happy there aren’t any men around. I would’ve been raped by now. So much for my bag getting lost,’ said Margaret.

‘Yeah I know. I would definitely have raped you by now if I was a man.’ I said that? Oh my, she is going to run away now.

‘You are funny’, she laughed. Just that the train screeched to a halt. I looked out and we were in the middle of nowhere. We looked at each other and wondered what happened. We sat for a while and when forty minutes passed with the train not moving an inch, I got up and went out of the cabin.

I found the ticket collector in the adjoining coach and when I reached him, he was already explaining the situation to curious passengers around him. ‘There is a national power grid failure. The North West region of the country is blacked out. It could take three hours perhaps for the power to resume. The backup power will last about an hour maybe in the train. We are twenty miles from the nearest town. You can walk the distance or stay with the train. You can apply for a refund at your destination station.’

The crowd erupted in agony at the ticket collector who tried pacifying them, but I understood the situation. Nothing much he could do. Definitely he can’t produce electricity.

I walked back to my cabin and explained the situation to Margaret. ‘Oh damn! What a wretched journey. First my bag and now power failure,’ Margaret put her head in her hands and closed her eyes blurting a few usually censored abuses.

‘What shall we do?’ I asked.

‘You tell me. What will you do?’ she asked back.

‘I surely can’t walk twenty miles. I guess I’ll just wait.’

‘I feel the same.’

So we waited. We waited hoping the power will return. Slowly the hour passed. And then first the air conditioning went away. And slowly the lights flickered off. The cabin was dark but for the little light coming from the window.

I saw the dim form of Margaret stand up and lock the cabin door in the dusk light. She returned to her seat opposite me and said, ‘I really don’t want to be raped.’ We laughed together.

With the air-conditioning gone, I began to sweat as well. Knowing that she won’t mind I announced, ‘I’m getting out of my dress. Can’t get the pair spoiled.’ I stood up and took off my shirt and then wriggled out of my trousers. By now the cabin was pitch dark.

I had a satanic thought and felt an adrenalin rush. I unhooked my bra and put it on the seat along with my dress. And then I stepped out of my panties and they joined the heap. I sat back on my seat with folded legs. I was naked with a stranger and she has no clue about it.

I put my head back and closed my eyes.

‘Rhea?’ said Margaret. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of her voice. ‘Yes Mag?’

‘I’m a little scared of darkness. It is OK I sit beside you?’

Shit! What if she touched me and realized I was naked? I didn’t have the time to put back my clothes and then reply to her. I had to confess, ‘Mag, actually, I’m not wearing any clothes.’

‘I’m aware. You didn’t take any out of your suitcase. I don’t mind that.’

‘You don’t understand Mag. I’m not wearing any clothes at all. Not even my underwear.’

She exclaimed, ‘Wow Rhea! What made you do that?’

‘I don’t know Mag, just felt like doing that in this hot cabin. And since the lights were out, I didn’t think I needed to inform you. I apologize. I thought I would stay this way for sometime and then wear them back.’

She giggled, ‘That’s actually interesting. I’ll get out of my dress too. Don’t want to spoil your night pants with my sweat either.’

I heard her clothes ruffle and then she sat down next to me on my seat. The thought that she was as naked as I was excited me beyond imagination. I was burning hot and I was sure my pussy was drenched. My armpits were soaked from the sweat and my whole body felt like I was in a steam bath.

I imagined what she would be like in this state.

‘Mag?’ I called out slowly.

‘Yes Rhea?’ came her voice very close to my ear in a husky whisper. It was too close to my ear.

‘Just checking where you are,’ I responded.

‘Do you want to check me more?’ asked her while her finger touched my shoulder. Then her finger traced down my sweat hand along my bicep, elbow onto my wrist and held my fingers in hers.

‘I don’t know Mag. I never did this.’

‘Don’t worry, you won’t regret it. Did you like watching my sweaty body?’

I gripped her fingers hard.

‘Did you like watching my ass?’ she added as she took my hand and kissed it with those lovely lips. They felt like wet cotton.

‘Did you dream of licking me?’

‘No. No I didn’t,’ I managed to say.

‘Do you want to?’

I didn’t say no. I just looked on into darkness with lust filled eyes. Yes I wanted her. I wanted to lick her, eat her and devour her. I wanted this woman so bad.

I felt her soft big breast on my shoulder. And then that poking nipple. She put her hand over my shoulders and turned my head towards her. Her sweaty, surprisingly hairy armpit was on my shoulder. I could feel her wetness.

Her breath was hot as I felt it on my face and she said, ‘Rhea! Can I take you?’

I again didn’t say no. I couldn’t resist her.

Her lips found my cheek, licked a little with her tongue as they traced a path to my lips. She parted my lips with her tongue and I lost all inhibitions with that touch.

I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue into my mouth. She yelped at the unexpected aggression and winced. I held her head with my hands and said, ‘Yes Mag, I want you. I want your boobs. Your lips. Your ass. Your pussy. I want you all.’

I talked with my lips playing with her lips. She held me closer and her saliva poured into my mouth. I loved the taste of it and sucked on her even more.

My hands moved onto her back and I the sweat was amazing. It made her back slippery and lovely to touch. I fell on her as I pinned her to the seat and our breasts met. Our nipples poked at each other.

I quickly grasped one in my hand and pressed it. I held it in my hand and brought my lips to it. I flickered my tongue on it and chewed it. She put her head back and enjoyed the sensation of my hot tongue on her sweaty breast.

When I’m done with her breasts I moved lower and licked her belly button. She yelped and said, ‘Damn you Rhea. I didn’t expect this animal in you.’

‘I replied as I sat on the floor and put her thighs on my shoulders, ‘You haven’t seen half of it yet’. I leapt into her bush like a tiger and started to lick the hair. They were moist already in her sweat and I could smell the aroma of her pussy.

I shifted to her thighs on either side and licked and bit into them. I’m sure I gave her hickies that would last a week. I licked the crevices where her legs ended.

She pushed my head towards her pussy and said, ‘Bitch. Lick me. Don’t kill me with your teasing.’

I giggled as I put my hands under her legs and held her wet ass cheeks. I pressed them hard as I kissed her pussy lips with my lips. She was oozing big time. I kissed her hard.

Then I held one of her outer lips between my teeth and pulled at it. She was panting now. The aroma got muskier and then my teeth were welcomed with lovely juice that spurted out of her. I licked it all and dove in.

My tongue ventured in and out of her as my finger played with her clit. I moved my tongue slowly in circles my lips grazed on her outer lips. I dug deep inside as far as I could go and it was a waterfall I was wading through.

With my other hand I caressed her ass and traced her ass line with the side of my hand.

‘Inside. Inside.’ She panted.

I obliged and put my hand inside her ass while I devoured on her pussy lips.

‘Touch it Bitch. Touch it. Touch it please.’

My little finger hovered around her asshole for a little while before touching it. It tried to suck me in. I didn’t know it was possible.

I allowed her and she grinded my ass on my finger till my finger got in. With my tongue deep in her pussy and my finger playing with her ass, she erupted with a scream.

She drenched my face with her squirt and I had to close my eyes so that it didn’t go in. She continued to wriggle her ass as I sucked on her pussy and three minutes into it she held my face in her hands and brought it to her lips.

She hungrily licked her squirt on my face and she was actually crying from the joy. I held her close to me and she managed, ‘This is the best oral I ever had. Thank you Rhea. Thank you so much.’

‘What’s with Rhea? I thought my name was Bitch.’

She giggled as she hugged me close and said, ‘I hope the power doesn’t come back for another hour. I got work to do.’

“S, so… are we going to… you know… practice now?” Ellie stammered.

Sarah smiled softly, “Is that what you want?”

Of course it was what Ellie wanted. Ellie hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it, or Sarah, since last night. All the small talk had been nice, friendly, relaxing, and the wine had relaxed Ellie even more, but she wanted to be butt fucked by Sarah Walker again. She wanted to be a anal whore again. To be Sarah’s bitch.

Part of Ellie felt like screaming yes, but all she could manage was a gentle nod of her head.

Sarah smiled. She knew she shouldn’t push Ellie at this delicate stage of their relationship but she just couldn’t help herself, “Just so we’re clear… what is it you want to practice?”

Ellie blushed and then said, “Anal sex. I… want you to fuck my ass. I want you to loosen me up back there so it will be easier having anal sex with my husband.”

“Ok then…” Sarah said, gently taking Ellie’s hand in hers, “Come with me.”

Despite the fact that she officially lived with Chuck now the CIA had kept Sarah’s old hotel room open and available to her in case of emergencies. If they found out Sarah had been using it as a place she could indulge in her lesbian tendencies away from the Bartowski family the consequences could be unpleasant, but not as unpleasant if Chuck ever found out Sarah was now using it as a place she intended on training his sister to be her lesbian slut. Of course the chance of getting caught was an incredible turn on, as was the idea of seducing her boyfriend’s sister.

It was the most unusual seduction Sarah had ever been involved with, and considering she was a spy who had travelled all over the world and interacted with many different cultures that was really saying something. Although Sarah had to admit the scenario intrigued her as it forced her to get creative, while still slipping in something subtle like this handholding. That was something which could be easily taken as innocent, and could even be defended as such if need be, but the fact that Ellie was not only completely willing to hold Sarah’s hand but be guided by her boded well for their new relationship.

Another good sign was that once they reach their destination Ellie didn’t try and let go of Sarah’s hand, not even letting go of it when Sarah pulled out a chest of drawers filled with sex toys.

“Oh my God.” Ellie gasped as her eyes wandered over the large collection of dildos, strap ons, paddles, whips and a variety of other things which Ellie couldn’t even name.

“Yesterday I just used a strap-on. At the time I thought it was for the best, and it would have been if we were only going to have one session, but now we’re going to… practice for a week I think we can afford to take time, use a little variety… make sure your butt hole is nice and loose for your husband’s dick.” Sarah said, moving in close to whisper the last part huskily before using her hand which was still holding Ellie’s to guide her friend’s hand to a specific section of her toys, “For example, these are my collection of butt plugs. I was going to suggest using one before taking Devon’s cock up your ass as I was confident after I stretched your ass one of these little things wouldn’t be such a big deal and you could handle it on your own, but since we’re going to practice again today how about we start off with one of these?”

“Ok.” Ellie mumbled, marvelling over the different shapes and sizes.

“Good.” Sarah said moving in a little closer, “So, which one would you like?”

“What?” Ellie questioned, too distracted by the toys to realise what Sarah was saying.

“Which of the butt plugs would you like to take in your ass?” Sarah asked firmly.

Ellie blushed, her head momentarily lowering in shame. She had been looking forward to Sarah stretching her ass out all day, she really shouldn’t be taken aback so much that she couldn’t answer simple questions just because the spy had offered her a little variety.

Concentrating on making a choice Ellie studies the butt plugs carefully, picking a few up for a closer look. Towards the back of the draw there are a few monster toys which Ellie had a hard time believing anyone let alone Sarah could actually take in any hole, but the ones front and centre certainly looked do-able. However, feeling adventurous, Ellie eventually chose a plug from the middle of the draw which started out small but easily ended with the same girth of her husband’s cock, maybe even a little bigger.

Sarah smiled widely as Ellie passed her the butt plug, “Good choice.”

Ellie waited a few long seconds for Sarah to say something else but the blonde just examined the toy, leaving the brunette to ask “So should, should I, you know… take off my clothes and get on the bed?”

“No, not yet.” Sarah said, moving so she was standing behind the other woman, “First, I want you to lean forward, grab hold of the dresser and stick your ass out.”

Ellie blushed slightly at the command but didn’t hesitate to obey it which of course brought a smile to Sarah’s face.

“Good.” Sarah said, wrapping her arms around Ellie from behind and whispering in her ear, “Now, I’m going to stick this plug in your ass. As I’m doing that I want you to take a good look at my collection of toys. See if anything strikes your fancy. If something does, maybe I’ll shove it up your ass next. If not I’ll just strap on a dildo and fuck your ass that way. That part’s up to you, but I’m going to be picking the strap on which goes up your ass. And, if you want our little practice sessions to continue, you will take my strap on up your ass Eleanor. You will let me ass fuck you can till you’re cumming like a good little bitch.”

It was a little risky for Sarah to be pushing her prey so much at this early stage, but she knew from their first time together Ellie loved dirty talk and being told what to do.

Luckily the risk couldn’t have paid off better as Ellie softly moaned in reply, “Your bitch.”

“That’s right Ellie. That’s what you are now.” Sarah whispered, for a brief second pressing her body firmly against Ellie’s, “My bitch. My good little bitch.”

With those last word Sarah reached round to undo Ellie’s jeans before dropping down to her knees and pulling Ellie’s jeans down with her. Usually when performing this move Sarah took the underwear with her too, but she was curious to see what Ellie was wearing.

Delighting at Ellie’s choice Sarah licked her lips, slid her finger up and down the tiny little thong that was digging in between Ellie’s butt cheeks and asked, “Did you wear this for me?”

“Yes.” Ellie blushed, “I, I was hoping you’d like it.”

“I love it.” Sarah said huskily, her eyes soaking in the sight before her and committing it to memory, “You should definitely wear stuff like this more often.”

“I’ll wear these all the time, if you want.” Ellie said softly.

“Mmmm, I do like the idea of you dressing sexy for me… but you didn’t come here to show me how good you look in a thong.” Sarah said, slowly pulling Ellie’s thong down to join the brunette’s jeans around her ankles, the blonde practically devouring the other woman’s naked butt for a few long seconds before she spread Ellie’s ass cheeks and examined the tiny little hole which had been so gaping and open the last time she had seen it, “How does it feel?”

“Still a little sore.” Ellie blushed.

“That’s normal.” Sarah said, her eyes locked on Ellie’s ass hole, “After my first butt fucking I felt sore for days… but I think I might have a… technique which could help you. One you could maybe try getting your husband to do for you, if you like. That is, if you’re willing to try…”

“If you think I’ll like it, I’ll try it. I’ll try anything you want me too.” Ellie said, again blushing a little at her words.

“Good.” Sarah mumbled softly before her tongue shot out and gently slid over Ellie’s ass hole.

Ellie gasped loudly in pleasure, her brain momentarily confused and searching for what was causing this new sensation. Then she realised it and blushed. Sarah was licking her ass hole. Another woman’s tongue was touching her back there, and it felt good. Really good.

Ellie had never had a tongue touching her back there, but then again she never had anal sex until last night and getting a rim job quickly proved to be oddly pleasurable in the same way as butt sex, if not quite as sexually satisfying.

However feeling Sarah’s tongue licking her butt hole made Ellie want to feel that skilled tongue licking her somewhere else. She literally trembled with desire at the idea of it, Ellie desperately wanting to turn around and beg Sarah to eat her pussy. But if she did that Ellie would no longer be up to pretend that she was practising for Devon and was in fact cheating on him. Deep down Ellie knew the truth of course, but she could just about convince herself to ignore it, especially when it meant she got to experience bizarrely wonderful pleasure like she was experiencing now with Sarah’s tongue gently licking her ass hole.

Sarah had been expecting Ellie to offer up some sort of protest as she really was pushing things, but not licking Ellie’s butt hole last time had been difficult enough and Sarah just knew she wouldn’t be able to stop herself this time.

She had been confident that she could talk Ellie into it, but despite initially gasping and tensing the brunette doctor quickly relaxed and even gently pushed her ass back against Sarah’s tongue.

At first Sarah continue to go slowly, but no matter what she did Ellie only moaned in pleasure. As a result Sarah was able to give Ellie a passionate rim job, her tongue sliding all over that puckered hole, even trying to push inside it with some success. Sarah even spat on Ellie’s ass hole and the other woman didn’t say a word.

It didn’t seem like much but again Ellie was willingly submitting to Sarah, letting the blonde spy do whatever she wanted to her ass. That was very promising, and very much a turn on for Sarah. The taste of Ellie’s ass hole was also very much a turn on, Sarah becoming completely lost in licking the other woman’s ass hole for several long minutes. Then she reluctantly pulled away and, after briefly considering trying to come up with an excuse why she could lick Ellie’s pussy but deciding as much as she wanted to she shouldn’t push things too fast, asked, “Ellie, could you lube the plug for me?”

“Wha?” Ellie groaned.

Sarah grinned, “The butt plug… could you lube it up for me? There’s a couple of tubes of the stuff in there to your left. Or, you could use your mouth. Whichever you’d prefer.”

Sarah got the impression that Ellie would have probably been more comfortable with the lube but to her delight from her current position she was just about able to watch the brunette bring the plug up to her lips and take it into her mouth. Of course Sarah could have sucked on it or applied lube to it herself, but she wanted to see if Ellie would do as she said. She did, another good sign, and just as importantly give Sarah a little more time to lick Ellie’s ass hole, making sure to spread the other woman’s butt cheeks wide so she could really dig her tongue in deep.

Perhaps because she wanted to make sure the butt plug was nice and wet, or perhaps because she was enjoying sucking on it or perhaps because she was enjoying the rim job, or all of the above, it was quite a while before Ellie finally passed the butt plug back to Sarah. When she did Sarah reluctantly removed her tongue from Ellie’s butt and said, “Thanks.”

With that Sarah shoved the toy into Ellie’s ass, almost the whole plug disappearing into the brunette’s butt before she even realised what was going on.

When the inevitable gasp and tensing happened Sarah was ready, immediately stopping in her tracks and allowing Ellie a chance to get use to the sensation. Thankfully Ellie relaxed pretty quickly and offered up no form of complaint, encouraging Sarah to slowly push the rest of the butt plug into Ellie’s ass.

Feeling her ass swallowing the base leaving only the little handle sticking out Ellie sighed in relief that she had taken it with no problems and more than little bit of arousal given for the first time in her life she now had a plug up her butt.

However Ellie soon found herself gasping in surprise as the toy was suddenly moved halfway out of her ass hole only to be thrust back in. The process repeated itself over and over again, Ellie shocked how much pleasure she was getting from Sarah using such a small toy to fuck her ass.

“Your ass looks really cute with a plug in it.” Sarah said, almost sounding casually.

“Th, thanks.” Ellie moaned, not really sure what to say.

“Reach back and grabbed the plug.” Sarah instructed, letting go of the toy, “Practice sliding it in and out of your ass.”

Sarah was expecting to have to explain why but to her delight Ellie just reached back and essentially started fucking her own ass with the butt plug. She did it slowly at first, but quickly sped up until she was butt fucking herself like a wanton anal whore.

After a few moments of watching this Sarah took a calculated risk. In one swift movement Sarah stood up, spun Ellie around, grabbed hold of her hair in one hand and held Ellie’s hand which was on the butt plug firmly in place with the other. Sarah then very firmly said, “From now on that butt plug is yours. Consider it a gift. Whenever you come to see me to get that little ass hole of yours stretched out you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I call you to tell you I’m coming to see you, or tell you to come and see me, you will have that butt plug in your ass hole. If I drop in on you for a surprise visit I expect to find that butt plug in your ass hole. In short, the only times that butt plug won’t be in your ass hole from now on is when I’m fucking your ass or your ass hole is gaping too wide for the butt plug to fit. You will do this because I own your ass. Until you give it up to your precious husband your ass is mine, so what I say goes. Do you understand me slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie blurted out, immediately blushing in embarrassment.

“Mistress…” Sarah parroted softly, a little grin crossing her face, “Is that what you’d like to call me Ellie?”

Ellie blushed even more than before, but after a pause softly said, “It… it seems appropriate.”

“I like it. Please feel free to call me Mistress, or Mistress Sarah, as much as you want.” Sarah said, letting go of Ellie’s hair and sliding her hand down to the brunette’s boobs so she could gently play with them, “Maybe if you’re good I’ll tie you up and give you a spanking too. Or better yet, maybe if you’re bad I’ll tie you up and spank you. Make you my little sub. Would you like that?”

Again Ellie blushed, clearly looking ashamed, but replied with a soft, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Sarah enquired.

Blushing yet again Ellie replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Sarah smiled, “Good little sub. Now, while making sure not to lose that pretty little plug, I want you to strip for me. I don’t want your clothes getting all sweaty again.”

Before Sarah could finish her excuse of why she wanted Ellie to strip the brunette doctor had already practically torn off her shirt, her bra quickly following before she kicked off her shoes and her jeans and panties which until now had remained puddled around her feet.

“Get down on your knees.” Sarah ordered, smiling as Ellie wordlessly obeyed.

Then Sarah slowly removed her own clothes, loving how Ellie looked up at her with such love and devotion. This made Sarah smile again. Training Ellie was proving much easier than she anticipated.

Once she was naked Sarah reached into the open draw, pulled out one of her strap-on dildos and then told Ellie, “This is a little bit bigger than the cock I ass fucked you with last night. A little bit thicker too. Do you think you can take it?”

“Yes Mistress… I’ll take whatever you give me.” Ellie said softly.

Sarah smiled, almost tempted to put Ellie’s words to the test, but instead just held out the toy and said, “Strap the cock I’m going to fuck your tight little ass with around my waist.”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie gulped, holding out the straps for Sarah to step into. When Sarah did Ellie pulled the harness up and fastened it around the blonde’s waist.

“Good, now lube it up for me.” Sarah said, holding out a tube of lubricant, and as Ellie took it and began applying the slippery liquid to the shaft the blonde told the brunette, “When I’ve spent a couple of days stretching your ass out we might try you just giving me a blow job, but for now we’ll stick to the lube. Besides, from what I remember last night it’s not like you need any practice sucking cock.”

Ellie blushed as she remembered how last night ended, “Are, are you going to make me do that again?”

“Every time.” Sarah said firmly, confident that she could talk Ellie into it if she protested but again the brunette didn’t say a word. Instead Ellie just continued stroking her hand up and down Sarah’s strap-on, the blonde waiting until it was well covered in lube before asking, “Was there another toy you decided you wanted to try before I fucked your ass with this big cock?”

“I… I was a little bit distracted Mistress.” Ellie blushed and lowered her head.

Kneeling down slightly Sarah cupped Ellie’s cheek and chin so she could gently pull the other woman’s gaze up to meet her own, “Was there at least something you can remember liking the look of? Or maybe something you were curious about?”

“Erm… there were these things, like a dildo but covered in balls.” Ellie replied, blushing again.

“Oh, you mean one of these?” Sarah grinned, reaching into the draw and pulling out one of the bigger models of what Ellie was describing, “You want to try taking one of these up your ass?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie said, her eyes now locked on the toy.

“Well, then first you’ve got to take that butt plug out of your ass.” Sarah said, watching as Ellie blushed, reached behind her and slowly did as she was told. Before Ellie had the chance to drop it Sarah said, “Good, now clean it for me.”

It took a moment for Ellie to realise what she was being asked to do. When she did Ellie looked a little apprehensive but she closed her eyes and obediently took the butt plug into her mouth and began sucking her ass juice off it. As she got used to the taste of her own ass Ellie slowly opened her eyes to see Sarah smiling happily at her, that sight making Ellie’s heart skip a beat.

After just watching the ATM fun for about a minute Sarah picked up the tube of lube and squirted a generous amount on the anal beads, taking care to make sure every inch was well coated while never taking her eyes off Ellie sucking on the ass flavoured plug. Then, about a minute after she was sure the beads were well covered in lube, Sarah gently took the butt plug, handed Ellie the anal beads and said, “Get on the bed and see how many of these you can stick in your ass.”

For a brief moment Ellie hesitated, then she did as she was told. Ellie did pause to wonder how she should position herself, but she quickly guess that Sarah would want her to stick her ass in the air for her so it would be easier to see the beads sliding in and out of her ass hole. It did make for quite the awkward position for Ellie to see what she was doing, meaning there was a little trial and error before she lined the first bead up against her back door.

Either because of the lube or the stretching done by the plug, or possibly both, the first bead slid into her butt hole fairly easily. The second was more difficult, but it was the third one that had Ellie hesitating. It didn’t stretch her ass hole as wide as Sarah’s strap on had done last night, but it was close, and for a woman who only had anal sex once sliding the bead all the way in was something of a chore for Ellie. And the fourth bead seemed impossible.

Giving up on adding the fourth Ellie began fucking her own ass with the toy, mostly just pushing the third bead in and out, forcing her ass hole to stretch open over and over again. As that feeling became oddly pleasurable Ellie increasingly pulled it out almost all the way, then all the way, but never pushing more than three of the beads into her ass hole.

Sarah watched this displayed lustfully for a while, but eventually asked, “Would you like me to take over?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie moaned softly, happily letting go of the toy and letting her hand drop down by her side.

Although Ellie was sure that that position gave Sarah the best view of her sticking the beads up her butt her wrist have got very sore pumping the toy in and out of her ass so she was grateful for Sarah’s offer. Also Ellie’s previous sexual experience taught her that something done by someone else would feel a lot better than doing it herself.

Quickly proving that last theory to be correct Sarah grabbed hold of the handle at the end of the beads and began pumping it in and out of Ellie’s pooper, the brunette moaning loudly from the increasingly pleasurable anal sensations.

From her angle Sarah was able to fuck Ellie’s ass pretty hard with the toy. She also was able to experiment with it a bit more, pulling the beads all the way out of Ellie’s back door and then pushing them back in at various speeds. Sarah even got close to pushing the fourth bead into Ellie’s rectum, the blonde spy stretching the brunette doctor’s tight little butt hole wider and wider with every thrust. Eventually to Ellie’s amazement the fourth slipped in, causing her to gasp out, “Oh my God!”

“Good girl, one more to go.” Sarah said softly as she began pulling the fourth bead back out, helping to prepare Ellie’s ass hole to stretch wide enough to take the fifth and final bead.

“No. No more. Please Mistress, I can’t take it.” Ellie whimpered softly.

Sarah bit her lip and considered just moving on to using her strap on, but she couldn’t resist at least trying to get the last bead into Ellie’s back passage.

“Ellie, you want to please your Mistress, don’t you?” Sarah asked.

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie whimpered.

“Well, your Mistress would be very pleased if you took the whole of her toy into your ass.” Sarah said, feeling a little bad for playing this card, but not enough to make her stop, “In fact, it would make her very proud of you. You want your Mistress to be proud of you, don’t you Ellie?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ellie moaned softly, and then after a short pause added, “Ok… I’ll try and take it. Just please, give me more lube.”

Sarah grinned wickedly, “Ok.”

With that Sarah lent forward slightly and spat onto Ellie’s dildo filled butt hole, making the brunette gasp and tense in surprise, but then quickly relax and offer up no form of protest, silently accepting Sarah’s saliva as lubricant.

Again this was a small thing, but all these small little acts of acceptance seemed to point to one wonderful thing, that being Ellie was a natural submissive. The fact that it was Ellie who had suggested that she called Sarah mistress pretty much confirmed that, but with each new act of submission Sarah found herself imagining a fully trained Ellie kneeling before her mistress’s feet and how much fun it was going to be getting there.

Concentrating on the task at hand Sarah spent significant time pulling the fourth bead out of Ellie’s ass hole and pushing it back in. Then to relax the tight back hole, and to give her a chance to give Ellie’s butt a little more lube, Sarah started pulling all four beads out and then pushing them back in, pausing only to admire the way Ellie’s back door remained ever so slightly open and of course to spit into it whenever it began to close.

After spending a long time preparing Sarah began to try and push the fifth bead in. It was very slow going, Sarah taking her time and listening to Ellie’s groans very carefully, spitting onto the stretched wide shit hole whenever the brunette sounded in too much pain.

Eventually using this technique Ellie’s butt hole opened wide enough to take the last bead inside it, Ellie letting out a cry of pain and pleasure as her ass swallowed the entire toy, Sarah quickly beaming, “You did it! You took all five beads up your ass. Oh Ellie, I’m so proud of you!”

Ellie just moaned softly and remained with her face buried in the covers, just lying still as Sarah spent a few minutes playing with her well stuffed shit hole.

Sarah delighted in repeating her earlier process, not just loving the sight of Ellie’s butt hole stretching to let the beads slide in and out of her, but the fact that Ellie had submitted to this without complaint. Another wonderful little act of submission. However the more Sarah played with Ellie’s ass hole the more she wanted a different act of submission.

“Ellie, would you like me to use my cock?” Sarah asked softly, “Would you like me to use my big strap-on cock so I can stretch out the deepest part of your ass and give you a nice hard butt fucking?”

“Oh yes, please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass with your big cock!” Ellie whimpered.

“Well then… flip over onto your back. Pull your legs back with your hands and hold them there.” Sarah ordered, loving that Ellie didn’t even hesitate. Then Sarah reached down and in one swift movement pulled the bead covered dildo out of Ellie’s ass and then pressed it against the brunette’s lips, “Good, now suck my toy clean of your nasty anal juices. Once it’s spotless you can beg to take my cock up your ass.”

The moment Sarah ordered Ellie to clean the dildo the young doctor went to work. When Sarah finished her second sentence Ellie’s enthusiasm skyrocketed, the brunette sucking the cock hard and fast, making sure not to let go of her legs and risk displeasing her mistress.

Smiling at the obedience Sarah helped out, moving the toy up and down, this way and that, making sure Ellie could get her mouth around every little part of it.

When all of her own anal juices were off the dildo Ellie removed her mouth from it and quickly began begging, “Please Mistress Sarah, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your big cock! Stretch out my ass! Stick your cock in my butt and fuck it hard and deep! Butt fuck me hard! Fuck my ass hard, make it all stretched out and loose! Please Mistress Sarah, fuck me, fuck oh OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!”

Ellie moaned in pleasure as her still stretched ass hole easily accepted the first few inches of Sarah’s strap on, the female spy tossing the anal bead dildo aside in favour of concentrating on pushing the dildo strapped around her waist deep into the brunette’s bowels.

Once her strap-on had slid in deeper than the beads Sarah slowed down, still firmly pushing forward while doing her best to concentrate on both Ellie’s stretching ass hole and the look on the other woman’s face. Sarah found both those sights intoxicatingly beautiful and did her best to continue to watch them both as Ellie’s butt hole stretched wide enough to excerpt inch after inch of the long thick shaft.

Part of the reason Sarah was studying Ellie’s face was to check that her friend wasn’t in too much pain. It wasn’t easy as a Ellie’s face was awash with different emotions, but Sarah was trained to read even the slightest expression, and she had ass fucked a lot of women in this position, so she had become an expert at telling if the woman she was fucking was in too much pain or not. Ellie definitely wasn’t in too much pain, but she was still clearly still getting used to the sensation of having her ass stretched so Sarah was gentle with her, sliding her strap on into her friend’s back passage more slowly and gently than most of her previous conquests.

However as much as Sarah tried to concentrate on how Ellie was feeling she couldn’t help getting distracted. After all Sarah loved watching another woman’s ass hole stretching open to accept her strap on inside it, and Ellie was so opened and exposed in this position it was impossible for Sarah not to more than occasionally glance downwards. The position also seem to encourage Sarah’s eyes to wander all over her friend’s beautiful body, something Sarah at least feel a little less guilty about after she had the dildo fully embedded in Ellie’s butt and the other woman was softly moaning as Sarah began gently sodomising her.

Ellie’s moans grew louder as Sarah skilfully butt fucked her, seemingly loosening the brunette’s tight back passage with every well timed thrust, any small amount of pain Ellie was feeling just melting away and being replaced by pure pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure which turned Ellie into a loudly moaning anal whore.

Part of Ellie felt she should be ashamed, or at least a little embarrassed. Not only was she shamelessly moaning in pleasure as another woman fucked her in the ass, but she was holding herself open like some kind of hooker or porn star. She certainly never felt this exposed while in this position before, but somehow holding her legs open like this made Ellie feel like she was on display. And yet displaying herself for Sarah seemed so erotic, especially given the lustful gaze Sarah was giving her.

It was intoxicating having such a beautiful woman like Sarah staring at her like that. It made Ellie feel so good, so wanted. And… there was just something about the whole position which made Sarah seem so powerful, so in control. Ellie had never been in such awe of another woman, and as Sarah continued gently pumping in and out of her ass Ellie felt an overwhelming urge to please this woman… this goddess. Her mistress.

Ellie was awoken from her dreamy thoughts when Sarah suddenly broke the silence that was between them, “A lot of guys only think of the doggy style for anal sex. It’s very effective for deep, hard thrusting, and it is my favourite position. However there is something to be said for spreading yourself open like you are now. I always like displaying myself like this for my partner. But I really love it when a woman is doing it for me, pulling her legs back and giving me her tight little butt hole, surrendering herself to me. And to watch the expressions on her beautiful face as I’m fucking her. I love that.”

There was a tiny pause and then in a small voice Ellie said, “I’m glad I’m pleasing you Mistress.”

“Oh, you are. You’re a good bitch.” Sarah said softly, loving how Ellie blushed but looked pleased with herself at the same time, “But personally, I find it a little difficult to administer a deep, hard fucking in this position, so I was wondering if you’d mind if we changed positions slightly?”

“Ok, what…” Ellie started, trailing off as Sarah suddenly stopped fucking her ass and gently moved down so the blonde was laying on top of her, their bodies seeming to melt together like they were made for each other.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Sarah ordered, her tone so gentle Ellie barely realised she had been given a command, especially as obeying it felt so right, so natural, and especially as it caused Sarah to smile and add, “Good bitch.”

Ellie gasped in pleasure as Sarah began slowly butt fucking her again. At first Sarah just used these short, slow thrusts in and out of Ellie’s ass, but eventually the blonde began slowly pulling more of the dildo out of the brunette’s bowels and then thrusting the fake dick all the way back into Ellie’s rectum at an ever so slightly faster speed. It wasn’t much, but it was the beginning of Sarah teasing her ass, the spy driving Ellie crazy with thrusts of varying speed.

Of course each thrust had Ellie moaning like a cheap anal whore. It also had her clinging tightly to the blonde haired goddess who seem to be having a lot of fun sodomising her.

This had always been Ellie’s favourite position because she had loved to look her lover in the face, to share the intimate moment with them, and even to see the look of pleasure on their face. Oddly enough this act did feel intimate, if not romantic, and Ellie had never been happier to see a look of pleasure on someone’s face.

Briefly Ellie wondered if she should be so invested in Sarah’s happiness as she was, but she quickly pushed those thoughts aside for more important things. Namely the pleasure she was receiving from the strap on dildo pumping in and out of her pooper, and more importantly the fact that by surrendering her ass hole to this goddess she was pleasing her.

“You’re beautiful Ellie.” Sarah said softly, gently stroking the other woman’s cheek.

“You too.” Ellie gasped softly, “You’re so beautiful Mistress.”

“Thank you.” Sarah smiled, “I know you like getting treated like a little whore, but in this position, I prefer to make love to a woman’s ass hole. I know that may sound a little weird, but it makes for a nice change of pace and really helps loosen up a tight little butt hole like yours and gets it ready for a hard, deep fucking. It also allows for a little intimacy. I don’t know what Devon does in this position when he’s fucking your pussy, but there’s something intimate which I could do now which I very much love to do to another woman. I love it as much as butt fucking and pussy eating. I would love to do it now, if that’s ok with you. Just to show you how your husband should treat you in this position, of course.”

“You can do whatever you want to me Mistress.” Ellie said dreamily.

Rather than responding with words Sarah simply smiled and then slowly lowered her head. When her lips were inches away from Ellie’s she stopped, giving the other woman the chance to protest. When she did not Sarah closed the gap, pressing her lips to Ellie’s in a gentle kiss.

At first Ellie didn’t respond, leaving Sarah to just gently caress her lips against her friend’s. The blonde had learned long ago to hide her nervousness when absolutely necessary and she did a good job of it at this moment. Still, considering she had talked Ellie into letting her fuck her up the ass with a strap on dildo Sarah was confident she could talk the brunette doctor into a make out session if need be.

Fortunately it didn’t come to that as after a few long seconds Ellie began gently returning the kiss which slowly built up in passion and intensity until it was almost a struggle for Sarah to continue methodically sliding her strap-on cock in and out of Ellie’s ass. However Sarah was too much of an butt fucking pro for that to happen, the blonde even taking pride in the fact that no matter how distracting the kiss became she kept fucking Ellie’s tight little shit hole, Sarah adoring every little moan she squeezed out of her bitch.

Ellie had dreams about kissing Sarah all day. In fact she had dreams about kissing Sarah ever since she met the beautiful blonde. She just never imagined when she did finally get to kiss Sarah there would be with a huge dildo pumping in and out of her ass hole.

Other than the fact that the other woman was butt fucking her this is very much like a fairy-tale kiss. There were sparks, butterflies, fireworks, everything Ellie had ever imagined and more. Everything she had with Devon, and more. And that was even before Ellie opened her mouth to allow Sarah’s tongue to enter. When that happened their tongues touched Ellie felt like she melted away, like she was consumed by the more dominant woman.

For a while it was heaven, Ellie surrendering her mouth and tongue to Sarah’s, and surrendering her ass to Sarah’s strap-on, and becoming lost in the pleasure. But that pleasure soon began to build up, Ellie feeling herself approaching orgasm, feeling it get closer and closer until it felt like just a tiny bit more speed would make her cum. However Sarah seemed content with fucking Ellie’s ass at this continuous slow and steady pace at which the more Ellie thought about it did seem to resemble lovemaking more than fucking. But Ellie wanted to get fucked. She wanted to get her ass fucked hard, fast and deep. She tried to pull away so she could beg like a little anal whore for a nice hard butt fucking, but Sarah refused to end the kiss.

Getting desperate Ellie began wantonly thrusting herself up into the dildo, impelling her own ass hole upon it to try and make the ass fucking harder. This made Sarah chuckle softly into the kiss and then finally break it, “Do you want something Ellie?”

“Please fuck me Mistress! Fuck me hard!” Ellie whimpered, “Please fuck my little ass hole as hard as you can. Please, I need it. I need it so bad. Please fuck my ass hard and make me cum!”

“You wanna cum?” Sarah asked challengingly, and then when Ellie eagerly nodded her head the blonde grabbed a tight hold of the brunette’s hips and rolled them over so suddenly Ellie was on top, “Then make yourself cum. Bounce your hot little ass on my cock and make yourself cum bitch!”

There was a pause as Ellie looked unsure of herself. Then just as Sarah was going to offer to switch their positions back Ellie gently lifted herself up, pulling a few inches of strap-on dick from her ass hole, and then dropped back down, once again impaling her butt hole down on the full length of the shaft.

For a little while Sarah just watched this lustfully, her eyes roaming over Ellie’s wet pussy, her bouncing boobs, and of course her beautiful face which seemed a wash of pleasure. However after a while Sarah got tired of how slowly Ellie was ass fucking herself on the cock, the blonde spy reaching out and roughly smacking the other woman’s butt before yelling, “Come on, harder. Harder. You said you wanted it harder, so fucking ride that dick! Show me how much you love it. Better yet, tell me. Tell me how much you love my dick in your tight little ass hole!”

“I love it Mistress, I love it!” Ellie moaned as she began slamming her ass up and down a little more forcefully, “I love your big dick in my ass Mistress Sarah. I love my Mistress’s big dick inside my ass!”

“That’s because you’re a little anal whore now aren’t you slut?” Sarah growled, delivering a few hard strikes to Ellie’s ass, subtly encouraging the brunette to move faster, “Aren’t you?”

“Yeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh Mistress Sarah, you’re so right. I’m a nasty little anal whore now. You made me a nasty little anal whore.” Ellie moaned, the little spanking Sarah was giving her having the desired effect of making her shamelessly slam her shit hole on Sarah strap-on, “Ooooooooh, ooooooooh, ohhhhhhh Mistress, I love it up the ass! Mmmmmmmmm, I love it up the ass because you’ve turned me into an anal whore! Your anal whore! I’m your anal whore Mistress Sarah! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, oh Mistress Sarah, for the rest of this week my ass is yours, which makes me your anal whore! My ass is your property, mmmmmmm, so I’m your butt slut! Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd, I’m yours Mistress Sarah! I’m your bitch I’M YOUR BITCH MISTRESS SARAH! I AM MISTRESS SARAH’S BITCH!”

A few more words tumbled from Ellie’s mouth but they were barely coherent, the brunette doctor clearly more focused on slamming her ass hole up and down on Sarah’s cock like a woman possessed by a shameless anal whore.

To see Ellie acting so wantonly was an incredible turn on for Sarah, but not as much as watching the other woman shuddering climax on top of her.

Sarah loved watching her lovers cum. It was such a moment of vulnerability, passion and pleasure that Sarah almost loved as much as her own orgasms. Speaking of which, she was pretty close to a nice hard climax herself. Unfortunately Ellie chose that moment to slow down to a lazy pace which didn’t suit Sarah at all.

“Don’t stop!” Sarah ordered, brutally slapping Ellie’s ass just to make sure she got the point across.

Unfortunately the blonde had to deliver a few more, but eventually Ellie started increasing the pace of the bouncing again, quickly moving herself back up to full speed and making herself cum again.

This time Ellie continued sodomising herself, relentlessly pounding her own ass to climax after climax, unknowingly bashing the stimulator inside the strap-on harness into Sarah’s clit and causing the blonde spy to have a very pleasant orgasm of her own. However shortly after Sarah came Ellie began slowing down again, and no amount of hard slaps to Ellie’s ass could convinced the brunette to continue the butt fucking.

The last person I expected to see at the bachelor party was Jenn. She was branching out: she’d gone from considering a new job as a hooker to filming amateur porn to here, ringmaster of a live porno show for a small group of horny guys. She had taken to coming over to fuck me and taking my books as payment — it was a great system, I paid $5 for a bargain bin business book, and Jenn let me fuck her ass for the book. She wanted to fuck anyway, but also wanted to learn about business, I guess.

I’d gotten a better job and was making more money, but nothing crazy. Nothing like Jenn must have been raking in. My new boss (an old friend) invited me and 12 other guys to his bachelor party, which he’d planned himself because he wanted the wildest night of his life. He’d promised the best time and he’d delivered so far: a private club room, bottle service, catered steak and crab, and now a sex show.

The 14 of us were lined around a small open stage, really a dance floor, lounging against some luxurious booths, drinking and joking. Then Travis (my boss) announced that the night was about to really begin. He took his seat of honour and I sipped my rye, almost choking when my friend Jenn appeared wearing a leather black bikini and fuck-me boots, with dark eye liner and a ridiculous leather top hat. She even had a spiked collar — the whole getup was very goth ringmaster.

“You guys look like you could use some serious fucking.” She’d screamed for me to fuck her ass before, and even I was shocked by hold bold she seemed now. Jenn spied me and smiled, a bit surprised but pleased. She pointed over. “Especially this asshole.”

The other guys hooted but didn’t think anything special about it — they had no clue I’d fucked this porno ringmaster senseless and that she lived across the hall. Jenn winked at me and turned, pulling on some thin chains — I had been looking at her ass and only now noticed that she carried two leashes. As she pulled, two girls crawled out from behind the curtain. One was Mel, the amazing black girl Jenn had brought over to fuck me one day, but I didn’t recognize the second girl.

She was amazing. A small, sexy asian girl, curvy but toned, with her hair bobbed and dyed blonde like Mel’s (Mel was still a stunner, the spitting image of Nicki Minaj). Both of them wore black, studded leather bikinis.

Jenn pulled out a stool and sat down, spreading her legs. She was wearing crotchless panties and spread her lips to show her pink. “You boys like this?” Cheers went up from all around. “How about these sexy bitches?” She rattled the leashes and both Mel and the asian girl (Yuni, I found out later) smiled and batted their lashes with fake innocence.

“I like them too,” said Jenn. “There’s a lot of you here, 14. Jesus. And only three girls. We’ll have to work overtime. I’d better get this pussy ready.” She yanked on the leashes and both Mel and Yuni crawled up to Jenn. She grabbed Mel’s face and shoved it into her pussy.

Everyone cheered and drank while Mel ate out Jenn. Then she pushed Mel away and yanked Yuni’s mouth into her dripping pussy. Yuni attacked Jenn’s cunt with her tongue, and Jenn ground into her face, aggressively. Mel dropped down below Yuni and started to eat her out. I almost came right there, but this was only the beginning.

Next Jenn shoved Yuni’s face away and moved Yuni and Mel into a 69 position. The sight of Yuni’s light flesh against Mel’s black skin was amazing by itself, never mind that two of the hottest women I had ever seen were licking one another with abandon. Meanwhile, Jenn had pulled out a small bag and reached inside of it to pull out a long purple double-ended dildo.

Mel and Yuni crouched on the floor, facing away from each other, asses close together. Jenn took the dildo in both hands and knelt down between them, feeding an end into each of their pussies. The girls pushed their asses back towards each other, pussies swallowing the dildo, and bucked back and forth, to slam their asses into one another as they fucked the dildo. They moaned while Jenn stroked their asses gently and they fucked each other with the double dildo buried deep.

“They look good, don’t they boys?” Jenn purred. They sure did. “But I think they’d look better with some cocks in their mouths.” She motioned to my boss and his best man, who wasted no time dropping their pants and slamming their rock hard dicks into the girls — my boss into Yuni and his buddy into Mel. They began fucking their mouths slowly but forcefully while the girls rocked back and forth on the dildo.

Some of the other guys had their cocks out and stroked them while they watched, but I was too dumbfounded to do anything — I knew Jenn was dirty but I never knew she was anywhere close to running sex shows like this. Even though I’d fucked her myself in almost every position, I had never seen her fuck someone else, and it was a little surprising to me when she said, “That looks fun — who wants to fuck this dirty girl?”

I almost laughed when everyone’s hands shot up, like in school. Jenn smiled and bent herself over the stool, ass in the air and pussy ready. “The line forms here.”

I got there first, a line forming behind me just like she’d said, as I slid my cock into her soft, dripping cunt. “Hi, stranger,” she purred. She’d moved the stool in front of the show so I could see lines forming there as well, everyone stroking their cocks and waiting to fuck Jenn’s pussy or Mel or Yuni’s mouths. I rammed Jenn hard and didn’t know where to look — at myself fucking her, at the facefucking that Yuni and Mel were getting, or at the dildo still pounding both their pussies as they slapped asses.

“Fuck yeah, fuck me, harder, just like that,” Jenn moaned as I slammed into her. “But save your cum, stud. There are a lot more holes that need fucking around here.”

As if on cue, Mel and Yuni took their first shots to the face, as the guys pulled out and came loads all over their pretty cheeks. Yuni scooped the cum into her mouth, but Mel just let it drip off onto her tits as she pulled away and stood up, hauling the dildo out of her and Yuni and moving over to the bag to pull out something else — a large bottle of lube. She squeezed a bunch into her hand and began lathering up her asshole. “Who’s next? You want my mouth, my pussy, or my ass?”

Someone yelled “ass” and Mel strolled over to the guy, shoving him down on the bench and slamming her tits into his mouth. He sucked on them for a while while she stroked his cock, and when he was rock hard she spun around to sit down on his cock, driving it hard up into her ass. The guy gasped and almost came right then. While Mel began sliding up and down his shaft, gripping it with her tight black ass, Yuni began lubing up her asshole also. I pulled out of Jenn with an apologetic plop — “Sorry, babe — I’ve got to fuck that girl.”

Jenn shrugged. “Where’s my lube? Someone get another cock in me, NOW!”

Yuni shoved her lubed fingers up her ass to prepare it for me. Meanwhile another guy had made his way to Mel and she opened her pussy up for him, for a double-penetration — a hard cock in her ass while another pounded her pussy. Jenn had similar ideas — she was lowering her pussy onto a guy I didn’t know while spreading her cheeks for another cock in her ass. Yuni had started to suck a cock and bent herself over for me — I slipped my stiff dick into her ass as fast as I could, and started pounding her for all I was worth.

I had never fucked an asian girl, and now was fucking Yuni’s tight ass harder than I’d fucked anybody’s ass. She moaned around the cock in her mouth while another guy tried to position himself below her.

Pretty soon all three girls were stuffed in all three holes, getting fucked 9 ways to Sunday. Jenn was even jerking two other guys off. I kept slamming Yuni’s ass but it wasn’t enough for her — the girl was a true cockslut — she grabbed another dude and pulled him to her, opening wide too fit two cocks in her mouth at once. When I saw that, it was too much for me — I blew my load right into her ass.

I pulled out to watch the orgy and recover a bit — a few drops of my cum leaked out but just served as lube for the next guy.

By now each of the girls had gotten a load or two. Jenn had taken two loads to the face, and cum was dripping down her tits. Mel had taken loads on her face and back, and got a second on her face as I watched. Yuni was swallowing everything — either her mouth or pussy or ass swallowed up the cum, so it was hard to tell how much she’d gotten. She’d be leaking cum all night.

I stroked my cock while watching Jenn take another load to the chest. I couldn’t believe how dirty the girl had gotten in the last few months. She had really found her calling. I couldn’t imagine the money she would be making doing stuff like this. Hooked up with Yuni and Mel — judging by that ringmaster outfit, she’d gone from learning the ropes to being the boss. A pimp who got her hands dirty, or in this case her ass.

Yet she still gave me freebies, and let me fuck her first — even brought other hookers over to fuck me, like when she’d paid Mel to give herself to me. It struck me then how weird this whole thing was — Jenn was the closest thing I had to a girlfriend right now, yet here I was watching her fuck a room, and not only that, I was rock hard just thinking about it, only a few minutes after pounding the ass of what seemed like Jenn’s newest employee — in front of Jenn, my dick still slick from her pussy.

I shook my head. I had the strangest life, and maybe the best. Jenn barked out some orders between sucks of cock, and the girls gathered together in the middle of the room, faces and chests slick with cum, to take the last loads together. I picked myself up, stroked myself, and strolled over to Jenn’s open mouth.

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