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“Baby, this is great!” Samantha exclaimed as she threw her hands up into the air into the rushing wind of our rented convertible, “Oh. I can smell the ocean already.” Glancing over at her as I drove down the roads of San Diego heading East, Sergeant Samantha, my lover, was basking in the warm rays of the sun as she looked straight ahead, leaning back in her seat clad in a loose fitting green t-shirt and tight blue jeans held up by a wide, smooth, sable leather belt and square brass buckle, and well-worn black tennis shoes. Her long strawberry-blonde hair was gently waving behind her as we went and her gray eyes were covered by a pair of cheap sunglasses we picked up outside the airport. In the backseat were out baggage as well as some food for our four week stay out here. We had planned this, saved up our deployment money, and got off base as quickly as possible leaving the regulations and all of that behind us. We had been through Iraq for over a year and now we wanted to forget all of that and get on with our lives together for the time being. “Smell it” she replied reaching over with her left arm and rubbing my thigh with her hand, “Smell it, baby. It smells like ‘freedom’” inhaling deeply.

I was in hailing it as well, but I was also driving so my eyes were fixed to everything going on in front of me. As we drew closer I could see glimpses of the ocean between the buildings, the blue vastness against a light blue sky my skin was warm and my short brown hair rustling from the wind. We were finally free! Free from the Army and our deployment and could spend our time together. I felt strange. Yes, I was with the woman I loved and she loved me, but it felt so strange being back in the States from Iraq and being now free from the Army. It was like wearing clothes that you hadn’t worn in years and finding out you were too small for them. We didn’t have to report to anyone, I had a cell phone with only her number in it, and I would be waking up to her beautiful face and smoky voice each morning and her boundless energy. Glancing over at her face that lit up in the southern California sun she seemed so different and yet alike at the same time. The first time we met we bumped into each other at a party and got it on. She was loose and free that night, but afterwards she dedicated her love to me and it was unexpected that a hard faced sergeant would do that for a man she just met, but as she said, she liked me for many reasons and one of them was I was a tender lover.

Samantha was reading the directions to the rented beach house we got and fortunately we found it without difficulty. Pulling up to the side of the place there was a wood staircase to our left that led up to ours. As we got out Samantha saw that underneath the stairs there was a tall shower-head and three walls around it that people could use to remove salt from their bodies.

“Oh,” she smiled drawing in and breathing out with her smoky voice, “That will come in handy.” She rented the place so she went and knocked on the door of the owner and quickly got the key as I took out the baggage. Surprisingly, she only packed two bags, one a roll-away suitcase and the other a large duffel bag. I had a backpack and a roll-away and putting the lighter bag straps around my shoulders and the roll-away in each hand I began my ascent on the stairs. Just ahead of me Samantha thrust the brass key into the deadbolt and turned the knob. When she stepped inside her feet touched the polished hardwood floors and the large open bay windows to her right and her jaws dropped. I wasn’t inside yet when she exclaimed, “Oh God, baby. It’s beautiful!” then went down the hall to her front. Going down a few steps and to the left was the bathroom and on the opposite side of the hall was the bedroom with a king sized bed facing towards one large bay window aimed towards the ocean and she felt her body turn cold.

When I got inside and looked at the living room there were two black leather couches arranged in an ‘L’ facing towards a wall bordering the bedroom where a large television sat. I sat the baggage down and looked about but could not find her.

“Samantha?” I called out.

“In here, babe” she called out from the back.

Going down the hall I saw her pretty little head laying on the bed. When I was beside the bed and looking down at her body, chest gently rising and falling with each breath, limbs limp and a thin smile on her lips I asked, “You like it?”

“Mmmmm” she cooed with eyes closed and her sunglasses on the floor, “Baby, this is better than I ever imagined.” Flickering her eyes open and glancing over at me she smiled with her half pursed lips and scooted to the far end and patted the empty space, “come lay by me and take it all in.”

Kicking off my shoes I flopped down beside her and my lover scooted back and threw her left arm over my chest and nuzzled in close, giving me a kiss to the cheek. The bed was bigger than her twin size at her apartment, plenty to roll around in with a thick cotton comforter of blue and many decorative throw pillows of various dark colors to match. “Thank you for coming with me,” she whispered.

“No problem,” I said and kissed her in return. She was warm and breathing hot against my face as I threw an arm around her and pulled her in closer.

“Think about it,” she whispered with her eyes closed dreaming of what she spoke, “No PT, no chow hall, no drills, no paperwork, no bullshit for a whole month and we have the warm sun and the cold water of the ocean, the sandy beach….and I have you.” It was a trip we’d been planning on, but Samantha was more eager to get away and put down most of the money for this trip. On the flight here she thought wanted to get out and run to San Diego because she was so eager to see the beach and thought the plane was going too slow.

The thought of being with my lover for a whole month, just the two of us made me beam from ear to ear. I love Samantha. I love to cuddle with her. To hear her smoky voice and her moans and to feel her as we touched and kissed and right now I was savoring this moment. We held this for what felt like hours with our eyes closed just holding each other and feeling our chests rise and fall with each breath before Samantha kissed my cheek again and said, “What do you want to do on our first night?”

“I’m not sure” I replied pulling back slightly and opening my brown eyes and looking her full in the face. I was a bit troubled despite wanting, craving to be out here with her and she could sense it.

“Baby” reaching with a slender left arm and placing the tip of the extended index finger against my shirt covered flat stomach and carefully drawing a line up to my chest, “We’re here to relax. Remember?” I nodded slightly. “Leave the Army and all of that shit behind. For a month we’re going to so many things to each other, so don’t be afraid of anything” Moving that index finger to my face and holding it off just a couple inches from my nose I looked at it as she started bending it rapidly at the second digit. Her lips peeled back into a sinister smile, “and this little baby is going right inside of your ass,” giggling. She had been teasing about sticking her finger inside of my ass saying that it would make my orgasms bigger but I was rather reluctant about having anything go up that hole. “Oh relax,” she began to giggle, “you big baby. It doesn’t hurt. You just feel a bit of pressure. That’s it. It’s not going to turn you gay or anything.”

“Fine then,” I replied before wrapping my hands around that hand of hers’ and lowering it down to my crouch and having the palm rub against it, “This is going into your ass.”

Biting her lower lip in a smile Samantha flicked her eyes down there then back to mine and her cheeks blushed red. She had done anal before but we had not with each other which was rather surprising now all things considering.

“You’re going to have to lube it up,” she replied patting it softly.

“I got some of that,” I whispered. Before we left I went to a porn shop to pick a few…presents.

Samantha snickered and patted my forearm before clearing her throat. “So. What do you want to do first?” she asked before flicking her eyes towards the brilliant beach. There was still plenty of time left in the day to go out and walk along its length, feeling the rushing surf and the fine sand between your toes and see what shops they had out here. This was my first time to the beach and I was all of wonder.

“Why don’t we play a game?” I said to have her look at me again.

“Yeah?” smiling, “I love games. What kind?”

“It’s called ‘Have you ever’”

“Not familiar with that one, babe,” brushing a few strands of hair away from her face and putting it over one ear.

“Goes like this; I ask you a question ‘have you ever…gotten a ticket’ and you tell me ‘yes or no’ and if ‘yes’ then you have to tell what happened.’

“What kind of questions?” she asked slowly sitting up and drawing her legs in.

“Any kind you want”

“Okay! You go first,” holding her upper body with her bent right arm.

Looking around the room with my eyes I drew a breath. Normally it would go right into a sexual thing but I didn’t want to pervert it just yet so I started with a simple one; have you ever cheated on a test?”

“Gosh” giggling, “One time I did. It was senior year of high school and I hated my mathematics teacher so much because he always mumbled when he spoke so no one could understand him. It drive me insane and I couldn’t understand anything in the class so when we took our last test I sat next to this smart guy and I copied off of him just enough to get a C at least.”

“Wow” buckling my eyebrows in surprise.

“Yeah,” snapping her thumb and index finger together, “this close to failing” holding up those same two fingers just a hair’s width apart, “but I got it.”

“Okay” nodding and moving to an Indian style sitting position beside her, “Your turn.”

She did the same thing and brushed her hair over her shoulders and blinked several times before looking at my face and asking, “Have you ever…masturbated thinking of women in your unit?”

Right away my cheeks blushed red and turned away and she squealed. She got me and she knew it. “Yes” nodding, “about who and when?”

“Well…” beginning slowly, “well, there’s you…”

“I know that, babe” she smiled and patted one of my knees, “but I mean in Iraq did you ever jerk off to the women there?”



At the time I barely knew Samantha, I saw her but didn’t know her name, but there were several women that I was attracted to. There was O’Brien a spunky brunette specialist with a small chest but a hot bubble butt, but she was married and there was Valerie, a Hispanic woman in her thirties with an hour glass figure, light skin and long black hair and also a specialist and also married. They were beautiful, even the guys were surprised because in the Army most women were not so good looking, at least they thought so. I worked them with and we knew each other, but it didn’t go anywhere, but because of the tensions of deployment I needed to rub one out every now and again and since I didn’t have any movies or pictures in which to help me I pictures those two.

“Awwww” Samantha giggle before tickling my stomach that made me shift away, “You little devil” before giving me another kiss to the lips.

“Alright. My turn again. Have you ever…used a toy while at work?”

“Yes” she nodded, “I use to take a pocket vibrator with me but stopped when several of the girls got shit taken from them by some thief so I didn’t want that kind of embarrassment. I would take it into the bathroom sometimes during lunch or after final formation and use it to help me relax.”

“Well…I got something for you then,” I replied. I wanted to kiss her but in looking at her grey eyes I felt that I had to do some other things first and I swallowed hard and said, “I have a present for you,” and sat up.

“Baby, you didn’t need to get me anything,” I heard her say as I threw my legs over the side of bed and stood up before kneeling down and taking out my bag from underneath the bed. She said that but I knew she wanted a gift, something that made her feel like a woman and knowing Samantha as well as I did she wanted stuff that would make our sex more fun. Unzipping my case and going through a couple layers of folded clothes I found the wrapped present and lifted my eyes towards my beauty whom was still lying there. “Close your eyes” I said and she did so even rolling onto her back and cupping her eyes over her eye shadow covered lids. She felt some weight gently lay itself on her stomach then I laid in bed next to her. “Open them”. Propping her head up and looking down she saw a long, rectangular box there covered in blue wrapping paper and a bright red bow.

“Baby, you didn’t have to…” she tried to say reaching down and holding it up with her hands. Lifting her shoulders to move her body into a sitting position against the pillows she removed the bow and placed it on top of my head and snickered before going at the paper. In a couple of strokes she cast the paper onto the bedding and she exclaimed, “Oh God!” and her cheeks blushed red. It was a giant dildo, but not just any dildo. This one shoots fake sperm. Ripping open the plastic case she wanted to get at it as quickly as possible. The advertisement says that it was a model made with life like flesh material. It measured ten inches in length and three in diameter with a light complexion and many bugling veins crisscrossing along the shaft from sac to tip. Samantha didn’t need any scissors her sharp nails did the work in ripping out of its holding and when she grasped the shaft in both hands and felt the weight and marveled at it her jaw dropped. In her excitement several packets fell onto her thighs and I picked them up. As I said, this toy shoots fake cum from a reservoir in the sac. When squeezed it shoots it up the shaft and out the tip. The packets were cum mixes that said they were of ‘pina colata’ flavor. “Sweet Jesus,” Samantha gasped as she continued to gawk at her toy before turning to me and brushing a strand of strawberry-blonde hair over her right ear, “How did you know? How did you know this is what I wanted?”

“Well” blushing a bit myself, “remember maybe a month or so ago when we spent all that Saturday watching dirty movies?” She nodded. I remember it because Samantha picked me up and drove me to her place. Along the way all she kept talking about were these new guys to our unit. She liked them, they were tall, powerfully built, but they were married. This made me a bit left out, but she said that she wanted to get all of that out of her system so she picked up a bunch of movies, at least a dozen from her friends, and we sat down going through them. A lot of it was amateur stuff, I hated the camera work because some just couldn’t keep still with the constant shifting and zooming in and out and Samantha did like it either, but we finally found one where it pictured Jenna Haze, a very lovely woman with almond shaped eyes that were very seductive and elegant brunette hair and she started the video by playing with her tight pussy with a toy that began to grow in size. First it was her fingers, then it was a pocket vibrator, then it was a larger one and then it was a beast like this. I was turned on by Jenna and Samantha liked the idea of toys, but she could never go to a porn store for some reason. I believe it was fear of being caught by others from base but throughout the rest of the day we were going at it as she broke out the dildo that she did have that was well worn by its use, the sides nearly smooth and this new toy shoots splooge.

“I want to try this out,” she said hopping off of the bed and going to the kitchen to complete the mixture. Going back inside of my luggage I found my digital camera and turned it on. One thing that she also enjoyed doing was having pictures taken and I would have something to jerk off to when I’m back in the barracks, something that none of the other guys had. They had their wives or their girlfriends but I had an intense lover.

I snuck down the hall, one foot in front of the other, hunched forward so she would see me then I slipped into the kitchen. She had soaked the toy in warm, soapy water to remove any packaging chemicals and sat it on its sac on the counter where it stood rigid like a flag pole and ripped open one of the packets and dumped it into glass and a splash of water before mixing it with her index finger. It was a little thin at first but it started to thicken then it reached the right proportion and began filling it into the reservoir. She was eager and smiling brightly until it was full then I got behind her and placed my hands on her hips. The sergeant jumped at first as she slurped on that mixture covered finger and turned her head over her right shoulder and smiled, “Oh. Hi!” giggling before easing into me. Brushing away her hair over her shoulder I kissed the back of her neck and she sighed and moaned, “Ooooh yes. You know what I like” reaching back with her left arm and ran her thin fingers through my dark, bristling hair and her right hand gripped her new cock toy. “You….you had it set up like this on purpose, didn’t you?” moaning and pushing back with her tight backside and grinding into my crouch. “You wanted me to have two cocks” pushing back gently with her nice backside and grinding into me.

“Well,” I replied in a whispered into her ear with a bit of determination, “It’s not a gang bang, but it’ll do.”

Turning about Samantha wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, leaning back against the counter, drawing up her left leg till it wrapped around my hip. I cupped her backside and hoisted her up. She yelped in surprise as I placed her backside onto the flat surface, knocking the toy back and kissing her sweet lips. “You got the camera?” she asked. Holding up my left wrist it dangled from the rope wrapped around it. “Good” she smiled, “I wanted to see what my face looks like with cum from two studs.”

We continued kissing, sliding our tongues into each other as her hands stroked my shoulders and moved down the flanks and began lifting up my shirt showing my flat stomach. I wasn’t well built but I was fit with a flat stomach and a bit of biceps and no hair there. Holding up my arms my shirt went up and she cast it aside and she smiled more giving soft kisses onto my nipples, running her tongue over them and pinching them lightly between her teeth. The sergeant giggled before kissing my stomach and going back up to my chest and running the flat of it across the skin. It was cold and I shivered, tilting my head back and moaning as my hands held onto her shoulders.

“Fuck yes”.

“You getting hard for me, Cole?” she asked running a hand down and gently cupping my crouch. It was clearly evident, but she didn’t go straight for it. Instead she continued to tease me, running her hands along my hips, along the waist line and the fingers brushing over the tip of my rod and I quivered. She sensed it and knew that it was building up and wanted to go on further. Her kisses began going up my chest and then up the front of my neck, sucking very lightly and lathering up the flesh. God she was incredibly sexy and talented in how to use every part of her body. She had many lovers and was a veteran of this compared to me and I was feeling her doing things to me right now with my eyes closed. I didn’t do anything except standing before her, hands on her shoulders as she kissed me and ran her fingers all over and it was working me up then her palms went round and squeezed my butt cheeks and she said, “It’s going in you,” continuing to tease me about her finger. “It’s going in youuuuuu, hehehehe”

Chuckling lightly I kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes and pulled back. “You want me to keep my clothes on this time?” I liked her clothes being on. Don’t know why but there was a bit of mystery having her clothes stay on hiding most of her body as one hand reached behind and felt around for her new toy. Grasping it and bringing it back around I took up the camera and nodded affirmatively to her question then held up the camera and she held the giant flesh like cock tip to her lips and nibbled on it and gave a wink. “mmmm” moistening her lips, “So, how do you want me, sir?”

This is my second story. I know the last one had many spelling errors but hopefully this one will be better. Enjoy, if you like send me a email or review. Have fun.

My eyes slowly opened to a dark room that I did not recognize at first but in a few moments my mind started to recall everything that had happened. A small lamp by the bed was turned on allowing me to see and once the light illuminated my surroundings there came a soft moan and a body rolled away. At first it caught me off guard but rubbing my groggy eyes with the palm of the hand and clearing my sight I saw it was Sergeant Samantha, almost naked except a sports bra. Scattered around us were articles of our uniforms. Looking at Samantha she was so pretty with her eyes softly closed; a slight smile on those thin, pink lips. When she exhaled through her nose it sounded like a very soft, brief, moan. Her head rested on a sweat soaked pillow, the tone muscles and soft pale skin and soft breasts that gently rose and dipped with each breath.

Taking one of the kicked off blankets I covered her body and slowly erected my own, placing m y bare feet onto the cold floor. My whole body was stiff and sore, I could hardly shuffle without pain. Grunting through my clenched teeth I moved across the room trying to find my pants.

When I did and put them on the rattle of metal from the buckle was like thunder in this small, quiet, room and Samantha’s eyes flickered open. “Cole?” calling out weakly.

“I’m here” I said back softly.

“You okay?”

“Yes, just getting my bottoms on,” I said sliding one leg in at a time, pulling the waist up and tightening the belt.

Her hand reached out to the night stand and grasped a small, black alarm clock. Her gray eyes strained to read the bright red numbers; 4:11 in the morning. Groggy she sat up, the blanket dropping down and showing her chest still covered by the sports bra. Rubbing the bottom of her nose with the palm of the hand and sniffing to clear her sinus she stood up and looked around. “Damn, what happened?”

To be honest I could not remember everything but judging by the clothes on the floor, the lack of clothes on her body and me slipping into mine and the pain in my crouch I would say we were having sex, but I did not say it.

Realizing she was nude from the waist done Samantha immediately opened ta drawer and put on some shorts, muttering to herself all the while. Hearing her I thought she was angry at me and I expected to hear her order to get out and call a taxi so I began to gather up my uniform.

“Where you going?” she asked.

“Just gathering my things” I replied

“You’re not leaving are you?”

Caught in the open like a deer in the headlights it took me a moment to respond, “No,” I said weakly, “Just gathering my things. Don’t want to lose anything.”

Laughing she nodded and walked past me into the hallway and went for the rest room. “I have to take a shower, Cole. Go ahead and make yourself at home. There’s food in the fridge and all that. I’ll be down in a little bit.”

“Okay” I said clothes bundled up and tucked under one arm and stepping out into the hallway her next words made me blush.

“I have to clean up all this cum you shot on me” and closed the door.

Hot water was turned on quickly turning the bathroom into a sauna. Samantha looked in the mirror to check her face, brushed her long strawberry hair, took off her two articles of clothing and stepped into the shower where the hot water splashed against her soft, sun kissed skin and she sighed with pleasure feeling its soothing touching.

I could hear her as she opened up a shampoo bottle, squeezed out a couple of drops, set the container aside and began to lather up her hair. The walls in this place were remarkably thin, and the sound carried no matter where I went. Setting up downstairs I put back on my socks and under shirt and drank some coke to rehydrate myself. Coke was not the best but all that was left was tea and I hated tea and I did not trust the quality of tap water.

Upstairs Samantha was gently humming to herself a tune as her hair was being rinsed then she took up a bar of soap, rung it with her hands and began to run the hard bar over her body from the neck down very slowly. Turning around and letting the hot water splash against her back and run off down her backside I could hear her moan very lowly at her sensitive parts were being touched. I wish I could have seen it but hearing it was great sitting underneath on the first floor.

In about five minutes the shower turned off and she stepped out, wrapped her fine body in a dark blue towel and cracked the door open letting steam seep out. “Cole, you still here?” she called out.

“Downstairs” I replied back.

“Okay, be down in a minute.” Closing the door I could still hear a faucet turn on then the scrape of a tooth brush then the gurgling of mouth wash which made me laugh for some reason.

There were footsteps in the hallway then a door closed. A couple of minutes later there were footsteps on the stairway and she came in; Sergeant Samantha now in a blue t-shirt, and black booty shorts and white shocks, her hair in a low hanging pony tail smelling like lavender.

“You helped yourself?” she asked.

“Yep” holding up my coke.

She went to the kitchen and came back with a glass of tea. Sitting on the opposite end of the couch she let out a long sigh and turned on the television and for a few moments there was not a word to be exchanged by either of us. With her gray eyes fixated on the screen I looked her over, she was a beautiful woman. Older than me by at least seven years with long strawberry-blonde hair her body was firm from physical labor but she took care of her appearance with groomed hair, clean nails, no tattoos on her body at all, no piercings, clean and perfect teeth, a large, plump backside and soft breasts, she was a dream to behold and when she talked it with a smoky voice that made her sound much more mature than she was.

Sitting on the couch she turned on the television carefully skimming through the news, there was nothing but garbage. Shit on Iraq, Afghanistan, talking heads saying what the President was doing is wrong, ‘experts’ giving suggestions on what needed to be done….I did not want to hear it. I was there, we were there and I did not want to hear any more about Iraq. Turning it off and throwing the remote against the table Samantha gave off a frustrating growl before drinking more of her tea.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just…” trailing off, “I just don’t want to hear more of their bullshit.”

“Me either.”

Flicking her gray eyes over at me there was a moment of silence and I did not know what to say. Putting down her glass onto the table and drawing in her knees onto the couch Samantha turned her body to look at m, bending her arm and resting the elbow onto the head rest, the hand holding up her head with her long, strawberry blonde hair draped over her shoulders.

“So, tell me about yourself” she said. “Why’d you join the Army?”

“I’d thought it would be fun,” I replied, “See the world, travel to far off places, meet interesting people and kill them,” I remembered those bumper stickers and chuckled but the sergeant was a bit cold and I remembered why and felt stupid saying such things. It was one to make jokes about killing people but another to actually do it. A lot of the guys in my unit were the same, they became cold when the mere mention of killing.

In a moment she warmed up again, “So, what you said, during the party, you never had a woman before?”

Embarrassed I nodded and cheeks blushed red, “Yeah.”

“That party, I tell you, Jeremiah knows how to throw them. I hope that the colonel doesn’t find out but I really needed that. I wasn’t going home and stuck here, all pent up, it was great to just relax and have fun.” Her eyes looked me, “Don’t you think?”

“Yes,” nodding and taking another sip.

“So, Cole, it’s just us. What do you want to do?”

Thinking I wanted to go at it again, but my body was not up to it just yet, but looking at her, so open, I decided to ask, “What did we do last night?”

She looked at me a bit surprised as one hand was bent up the fingers combing through her still wet hair, “What? You don’t remember?”

Shaking my head negatively she looked up a ceiling then briefly at the door. “Well, Cole,” she began, “we were at the motor pool and I said I could use a shower and so could you. You remember that?”

I nodded, “Yes”

“When we were dismissed I gave you a ride to go get dinner at McDonalds and then we drove back here. As soon as we got inside I closed the door, pinned you up against the wall and started kissing you. You remember that?”

Sadly, I did not.

“Aww, well, we were making out and you were feeling me all over with your hands and I was rubbing my chest against you.” As she spoke her lips pulled back further and flashed teeth as her eyes would open and the eyebrows raise and lower, “I felt you getting hard and I said to ‘follow me’ up to my room. As we were going up you kept grabbing my ass,” giggling, “we got into my room and I sat on the edge of the bed and started to unbuckle your bottoms.”

My eyes were as wide as saucers again.

“I took your meat into my mouth and began sucking you. I wanted to take off my uniform but I knew you liked it, knowing that I am a sergeant, that little taboo thing going so I kept it on and I started massaging your balls in my hands and wrapping my tongue around your shaft and licking the tip/”

It was a real struggle to keep my boner hidden as she continued.

I deep throated you and pulled back, teasing you, and deep throated you again and you started feeling my chest, sliding your hands into my open blouse and squeezing them then I got up, unbuckled my pants and pulled them down but my boots were still laced so I splayed my legs and you ducked under the pants and went through the hole from underneath and you put your cock inside me.”

The further she went the more her voice dropped into a pleasured tone, becoming soft and her eyes were locked onto mine as she gently clenched her index finger between her teeth.

“You slid it inside me and went very gently. My pussy was stretched and lubed up and feeling you inch inside made me moan and I told you to go faster and you did slamming your pelvis into me, the bed started shaking and I was grabbing for the sheets.”

It was sad that I did not remember all of this.

“I was saying ‘Cole, Cole, yes…that feels good” Samantha said louder, “And you were fucking me faster and faster, the head board slamming against the wall and you came inside me, so much cum that it was leaking out of my pussy. Once you were done you lifted up my legs and got out but I grabbed your cock and began sucking you off again and I heard you yelp which was funny and I sucked you off for several seconds until you came again, right on my face.”

“Wow, I did? Really?”

“Oh yeah” nodding her head slowly and giving me a wink, “It was hot. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“Neither did I” I replied.

“After that, though, I don’t recall. Just remember waking up and staring at the clock. When I took a shower though my bra had your cum on it.”

Buckling my eyebrows all I could do was shrug. Everything was in the clouds for me.

“Don’t worry; it was great,” Samantha replied waving a hand, “What else you want to talk about?”

“Well, I said, why don’t you tell me about your firsts?”

Looking at me a bit surprised Samantha smiled, “Okay, which first would you like to know?”

I said, “Your first time.”

Raising a thin eyebrow in response she asked, “With a man?”

“Yeah, let’s start there.”

Nodding she moistened her lips quickly, “Well, we were in basic. I was at Fort Lost in the Woods and me and this one guy, I don’t remember his name, and we were stuck in the barracks over the weekend. Our drill sergeants wouldn’t give us passes, so, we were cleaning the floors and started chatting and next thing I knew we were in this empty room and kissin’. His hands were on my breasts and then rubbing my pussy. I was terrified that we would get caught but this guy kept going at it, he opened up my bottoms and put his hands in and started fingering me and I bit down on my cover so I wouldn’t moan. He pushed me up against the wall, I pushed my ass out and he pulled down my pants just enough to get his dick inside me and then he started fucking me, very quickly and grunting in my ear. Thinking back it was funny because he was very arrogant asshole. He thought he was going to be the greatest lover I would ever had.”

Dropping her voice to a growl she began imitating his husky voice, “He said, “You like it? You like it? Come on baby, you like it? You want it?” At its conclusion she just giggled, her voice returning to its smoky tone, “He came inside me in like thirty seconds and when he did he let out a loud moan and I wondered, “What the fuck? What are you doing?”

“Fuck yeah I came” he said again mimicking his voice.

“Really?” I thought, “I don’t feel anything.” I said and I guess that popped his bubble. He buttoned up, slapped my ass and walked out and I was left there, thinking, and ‘am I still a virgin or what”?

We laughed about it. “I don’t remember his name but he didn’t last too long afterwards. He wrote graffiti on the wall outside the drill sergeant’s office and got kicked out. That was my first time with a guy and I was disappointed to say the least.”

Next logical question was, “What about a girl?”

Samantha was candid about this first as well, “Well, when I got to my first duty station I was mostly with females in HHC and for a while it was just us, you know, girls night out and it was fun; a lot of drinking, partying, and movies, and all that. There was one girl that said she was a lesbian, real nice girl named Yvonne but very shy. She was always afraid that the Army would crucify her if they found out….” Her voice trailed off for a moment and looking at me she could tell I knew something exciting happened between her and Yvonne and I wanted her to continue.

Samantha immediately blushed and shied her head away for a moment, “Yeah, well, just some kissing, you know, and touching, but nothing else. I would have but I guess she was so afraid of being caught she asked not to go any further, and I was very disappointed. But that redhead, you know, the one at the party that sucked you off?” her eyes flared up and gave me a devilish smile, “Yeah, she’s hot. I’ve seen her around but dammit I can’t remember her name. It’s a real long one, but we got together one Saturday, went to a club and just got hammered. We got a taxi back here and, I don’t know how, but she stayed here and, one thing lead to another, we broke out the dildos and started sucking and fucking each other.” Samantha just laughed about it and I begged her to go on.

“Oh,” she smiled, “It was amazing, her breasts are so soft and large that she titty fucked a dildo and they swallowed it. I couldn’t even see the tip. She took out this large one from her purse, I think it was like eight inches and we took turns seeing who could deep throat it.”

The further she went into the story the more I could tell she was having enjoyable flash backs of this event. Her hands projected out wards, the fingers gently squeezing breasts that were not there and wrapping around a simulated dildo and opening her own mouth taking the shaft down the gullet, her legs crossed, opened and crossed again.

“Then she grabbed my ass, lifted me onto the counter in the kitchen, pulled off my tight blue jeans and sank her face right into my clit and started to lick me.”

Drawing a breath and letting it out slowly, “God, it was hot. I was sucking on my toy then she started to finger me, two at a time,” holding up two fingers, “and she shoved them in deep and then twisted them around. I never felt something like that before and my whole body was shaking.”

Looking over she noticed that the finger tips were gently touching the mound on my lap. Raising an eyebrow she asked, “Ya getting hard again, Cole?”

Nodding affirmatively she gently bit the tip of her tongue between her teeth, “she was hot and when she was sucking you off, you know, at that party that got me so wet. That’s what made me do the gangbang. You should have fucked me, oh that would have been great.”

Indeed it would have been. Watching her get pounded, though shocking at first, actually pleasured me deep down as hung, masculine men plunged their shafts into her tight holes and fondled her soft body.

“Um, if I can ask” I weakly said, “Did you ever have sex with Jeremiah?”

“Jeremiah? Yeah, once. He’s a good guy. He was the last guy I had done it with in Iraq. In a nutshell I was horny and he was there so we went to this empty room and we fucked for like three minutes, but he was better than my first,” laughing.

She was candid about her experiences. What happened at the party was just the tip of the iceberg, but I did not care, in fact, I found it arousing hearing it. Listening to her smoky voice as she delved deeper, reliving her first time to her first DP with two guys during leave was getting me worked up again.

Regarding her first double penetration, “My boyfriend at the time and his friend we rented this beach house in California for the week. We were going to spend our time surfing and swimming but after one day we spent time just doing each other. Mike, my boyfriend, he was Bi. I didn’t mind it so much but when he and I were making out in the bed room I was rubbing him and he was fingering me his friend Clive comes in and wanted to join in.”

Shrugging her shoulders “I thought ‘uh, okay’ because Clive was not the best looking man I’ve seen. It was tall and hairy, very hairy but having my boyfriend rubbing and gently fingering my clit I was so into it I just couldn’t say no. next I had their firm cocks on either side of me and I was beating them off sucking on the tips one after the other, getting them nice and lubed up. Their pre-cum was leaking out so it made them very slick then they sat down beside me and started to fondle my tits and kissing me on either side of my neck going up and down, pinching my nipples both hands rubbing my pussy at o9nce.”

“Oh,” she exclaimed loudly in bottled up excitement, “It was hot. Their fingers were rubbing the lips and sliding into me. I couldn’t tell who was inside there were so many fingers,” her cheeks blushed red but she continued on. “I was still beating them off but after a while my wrists started to tire and I almost stopped so Mike lay down on the bed and I straddled him slowly. I loved Mike; he was so handsome with an always clean shaven face, long black hair and piercing blue eyes and a firm body. He was so handsome that I drooled on after him the first time I saw him. I wanted to please and tease him, giving a little dance and shedding my clothes.”

“I was a girl at the time. I still considered myself a virgin despite everything. Just started in the Army and in love and when I was about to suck on Mike again Clive ruined the moment by slapping my ass and demanding that I ride Mike. I thought ‘okay’ and straddled Mike and reached back, wrapped my hands around his fat cock and slapped the head against my ass to tease him. I smiled and he kissed me as I pressed the head into my pussy. He was good. It was the first time we fucked and his wide cock was spreading my lips apart. It was great feeling him slide inside me and I looked into his eyes and he fed himself inside me and I became lost in his eyes and we started to make love.”

She became lost in the moment and I just stared at her with wide, perplexed eyes as she paused to gather her thoughts.

Shaking her head quickly she continued on: “Clive was behind me, stroking himself watching us. I was having the time of my life riding Mike, going very slowly. I was moaning with each thrust, hands on his firm chest and he was wrapping his hands around my waist. We weren’t fucking, no-no, we were making love. And as we were reaching that point Clive ruined it by wiping his cock over my ass and then pressed it into my hole. I jumped by Mike was holding me with his hands on my waist. I looked back at him with this wide eyes and a face that said “what the fuck are you doing?” but Clive just smiled and pressed his shaft into me. I thought ‘whoa, what’s this?’ but once he got it in there I didn’t say ‘no’ looking at Mike and after a bit of working I actually started to like having two cocks in me, Mike’s was the better because I loved him and he was pleasure Clive, though, he was just a guy.”

I zeroed in on Rory Allen the first time I saw him. Tall, thin and with a great smile, Rory didn’t fit my usual style of man. Maybe it was his rakish grin or the way he carried himself with a slightly amused smirk. Rory viewed the world as an endless source of entertainment. That attitude attracted me, even if he was too tall, not as buff as I prefer and straight.

It had taken three exchanges of rooms before I bunked with him. I had caught on to what Rory was doing. The barracks varied in size with most of the rooms sleeping six soldiers. There was one smaller room designated for only four bunks. I watched as Rory swapped and traded roommates. The married soldiers were still required to maintain a bunk in the barracks, even if they spent most of their evenings living off post with their wives and families. For inspections or alert status, the married soldiers were required to sleep in their bunks. Rory was jockeying for a room to himself and had spent three months lobbying married soldiers to claim a bunk in his room. For a month, his plan had worked, too. Three married soldiers agreed to claim bunks in his Rory’s room as their official bunks for nights when they were not allowed to sleep in their billets. When one of those soldiers got promoted and had to leave the unit, it left an open bunk it Rory’s room. After a talk with our platoon sergeant, I claimed it.

“You fucked up my good deal,” Rory growled at me the day I moved in. It was one his rare moments of looking pissed off.

“Come on, you knew it wasn’t going to last,” I told him and then softened the blow by suggesting we rearrange the furniture. The rooms in the barracks were empty boxes without closets. The army issued beds which could be turned into bunk beds. That’s what we did for the two married soldiers. Our closets were stand-up wardrobes. Rory and I positioned our wardrobes and dressers to form partitions in the room. By the time we were done, the square space was divided into two small bedrooms and an open space where we put a sofa we found and the TV. When I added a small refrigerator and DVD player, Rory’s complaints ended.

President Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy kept me in the closet. No one asked and I didn’t tell, but Rory wasn’t fooled. One drunken night two weeks after the move, he told me, “I’ve been in theater since the first grade. I don’t care if you’re gay.” I reminded him I wasn’t allowed to admit it and he laughed. “I won’t tell if you won’t tell.” I knew I had made the right choice in roommates but another two weeks passed before I admitted I women didn’t do anything for me.

“I didn’t want to be this way,” I told him during a night filled with confessions. “I used to try jerking off to Playboys, but it never did anything for me. Well, the ads that showed guys did. I liked their fashion articles.” Rory laughed at me. It was not a cruel laugh. His acceptance of me was without conditions, but it was what he said next that got my attention.

“Well maybe I’ve fallen off the path of being straight a few times,” he confessed.

“Oh really?” I asked, eager for details he barely provided.

“I might have fooled around with another guy a couple times.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“I came. He came. So yeah, I guess it was good,” was all he offered.

During our downtimes, Rory watched one of two kinds of movies on the DVD player. Either he was watching porn or an action flick. Sometimes he tossed a horror movie into the mix but not often. His porn was always straight porn. That was the only kind that made the rounds inside the barracks. I wasn’t a fan. As soon as he started one of his porn movie marathons, I would stay in the cubicle we had formed from furniture and keep myself busy to the passionate sounds of porno after porno. We did what we could to respect each other’s space.

“Doesn’t that get to you after a while?” I asked him during one of his Saturday afternoon movie marathons. He was sitting on the sofa we had found in running shorts and t-shirt. I could see the long, eager looking lump barely contained inside his running shorts.

“What do you mean? Do I get hard? Yeah and as soon as you leave, I’m going to jerk-off.” He rubbed the front of his pants. Was he doing it for my benefit?

“You know, you don’t have to wait for me to leave,” I joked.

“You just want to see me naked,” he scoffed and laughed. “You could do it with me if you want.”

“Not my kind of jerk-off material,” I said.

“Why not? There’s lots of guys and lots of dicks. Can’t you just focus on those?”

“Not with her in the way,” I said. I know there’s straight people who can’t stand the sight of gay material. For me, it worked in reverse. No matter how hot the guy is, seeing him kissing and fucking a woman ruins it for me.

“What if there were more guys? I think I’ve got a gangbang video here.”

“If she’s getting fucked, I’m bored,” I said. I leaned against the back of a wardrobe while he fished through a stack of DVDs.

“Let’s see about this,” he said. He swapped out movies, fast forwarded through scenes of a woman getting fucked by a squad of guys and returned it to regular speed when she was on her knees in front of her fuck partners. The squad of men circled around her and began pulling on their pricks. She sucked a few and tugged on the others as they took turns standing next to her and spraying their orgasms against her face, neck and chest.

“Lucky bitch,” I said. Rory was right. He had gotten my attention.

“Wishing that was you on your knees?” he asked. He rubbed the front of his shorts again.

“Hell yeah,” I admitted. “Look at all those dicks!”

He laughed. “Told you I could find something you’d like.”

I started getting hard. Was it because Rory was hard or the movie? A combination of both, I’m sure, but did it matter? I rubbed the front of my pants, too. “You suck, you know that?” I told him.

“You pull out yours and I’ll pull out mine,” he said.

I looked at him for a long moment. I could see his need and I felt mine. I was hard and needy. “It’s been too long,” I said. “I don’t really like jerking off.”

“You like watching other guys jerking off?”

I shrugged. He laughed again, calling my bluff. “I like watching more than doing it.”

“Yeah, well unless you do it, I’m not doing it.” His hand hadn’t left the front of his pants. Of course, I hadn’t moved my hand away the front of my pants, either.

“You’d freak if I did it,” I said.

“Or I’d help,” he said and that sealed the deal for me. I was sure what he meant by helping. Was letting me watch him do it help? Was he hoping to get me started and turn it into a free blow job for himself? I stayed a couple feet away from him as I undid my jeans and pushed them down my thighs. I wasn’t wearing underwear. As soon as my jeans left my waist, my long, thick prick was available for Rory to see and his eyes went right to it. “Damn dude, you’re hung.”

“I’m okay,” I said though I know I’m bigger than a lot of guys. I’m not swinging a monster between my legs, but I’m going to embarrass myself in a roomful of men, either. I nodded at Rory. “What about you?”

“Oh yeah, sorry,” he said and he slipped off his running shorts. I had already guessed he wasn’t wearing underwear and I was right. I was pleased to see Rory’s pricked rivaled my own in length and girth. He was long enough that if I tried to suck him, I could treat him to a deep throat. Not all guys are long enough to get that treatment.

I caressed my cock. Rory picked up the DVD remote, returned to the main menu and I glanced at the TV screen long enough to see him choose the special feature “Pop-Shots.” Like a lot of adult DVDs, this one featured an endless loop of all the orgasms. The room filled with a sound my ears recognized. I heard the sounds of male orgasms happening one after another. The female talent was thankfully quiet as the guys took turns cumming on her. I spent more time watching Rory than the movie. It occurred to me, he was doing the same thing. His eyes stayed locked on me jerking off.

“Fuck, I’m close,” I said. I hadn’t lied to him about how infrequently I jerk off. I’d rather wait until I had a partner. I wasn’t sure if this counted as having a partner, but it didn’t feel as lonely. Finding a partner, for me, meant heading off post, into town and hoping I could hook-up. Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. Last weekend, I didn’t, so I had a backlog of need built up inside of me. “So close,” I groaned as I felt my orgasm welling up inside my balls.

“Well shit, don’t waste it,” Rory said. Moving quickly, he rolled over the arm of our sofa and landed in a kneeling position in front of me. Before I could react, he pushed my hand away and engulfed my throbbing prick inside his mouth. I came and coated his tongue.

“Fuck that was good,” he said. He raised his palm to his mouth and licked it. I hadn’t noticed it during my orgasm, but he came, too. He came in his hand and it was his orgasm he was licking up.

“Well aren’t you the little cumslut,” I said, unable to hold back an astonished giggle.

Rory shrugged, smirked and returned to the couch. “You mind if I change the movie back to something else?”

“Go for it,” I said and I pulled up my pants. I was stunned and surprised at the turn of events. Stepping around his long legs, I sat on the couch with him. “Maybe I should give straight porn another try.”

“If you’re sitting on this couch, no pants allowed,” Rory said and he fished for another DVD.

“Deal,” I said and I took off my pants. Suddenly, the world had become much more interesting.

I shouldn’t have gone in so early. Tim’s words “fuck my girlfriend for her very first time” kept echoing through my head. It was all I could do to drive home without pulling over and rubbing my cock dry. The idea that I was going to lose my virginity (finally!) left me unable to think clearly of anything else. I felt like my femininity was finally blossoming, after years of self-doubt and nerves stopping it.

Now, I had planned out my seduction of Tim very carefully, as if he needed convincing. But just as carefully, I had needed to prepare my ass for him. From Anna’s information (and common sense), I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as porn made it look. (Yes, girls look at porn too. Even girls like me.) I wasn’t going to just magically be ready my first time for him to slide right in to me. So I had planned this part out too.

It had taken me a while to get comfortable with the idea, but over the past few weeks, I had begun to add a little bit to my masturbation routine. Beginning with just a light touch and gradually getting more adventuresome, I had started to play with my tight asshole every time. It felt so delicious each time I did a little bit more. By the time I went down to see Tim, I had been able to get two full fingers in that morning without any problem (but with a lot of lube). It might not have been as much as his cock, but it was a start. And I trusted him to take it slow, to make it as good for me as I hoped to make it for him.

But on the same note, that night was going to be a Big Deal. Not just because I could hear Anna cheering “Samantha is getting her V-Card punched!” but because this was going to be my one opportunity before the summer took us apart. And for all I knew, the army had other plans for him in the interim. I didn’t know what we would have for us after that night. Hell, I didn’t know what we would have after I let him fuck me. Maybe I would do a really lousy job of it.

Yeah, even when I’m super-excited (mentally!), I still let self-doubt creep in to my thinking. But I did my best to put it out of the way and just get through the day. And getting through the day brought its own set of fun challenges. Like when I remembered that Tim couldn’t check his phone at the office and I sent him texts about the sexy outfit I had planned, or how much I was turned on, and even how much I wanted my ass drilled. I actually said that to him, something that eight months ago, when I came to my freshman year, I couldn’t have dreamed of saying to a boy.

I even may have sent him a sexy picture or two, though I was very careful to keep my cock out of them. I knew that he understood, but just in case, I figured he could imagine that part. However, I had a little bit harder of a time keeping my cock out of my hand. No matter what I tried to do, whether it was packing up the last boxes before move-out, call my friends from high school (those that were worth keeping), or anything, it seemed like I kept reaching my hand between my legs.

Finally, around four it got to be too much. Anna had checked out at 3:30, and I had spent the next half-hour trying in vain to pack up a few odds and ends. But it just wasn’t happening. Instead, I ended up with my breasts pressed against the mirror on the door, fingering my ass with one hand and stroking myself slowly with the other. Honestly, I didn’t want to cum. I felt selfish cumming without Tim there that day. But I couldn’t help it. Girls have needs, and I ended up squirting all over the mirror and the bottom of my breasts. It was about as sexy as I had ever felt, and I wished that Tim had seen.

That image took me to an entirely higher fantasy plane. My heart was racing as I imagined him watching me stroke myself. In my mind, my pussy (and it was a true pussy, after the operation and everything) dripped as he watched me writhing up against a shower door, again with one hand buried in my ass and the other stroking myself. I would be totally unaware of him until I came and he opened the door, pushing me against the side of the shower and fucking me until he came, filling me up almost to overflowing.

It was thoughts like that that made me run behind. I spent too much time stroking my cock and fingering my ass and I almost ran out of time. I managed a quick shower, which was really all I needed, because the moment I stepped in, I went right back to my fantasy world. I had just enough time to dry my hair before I got dressed – in a hurry. I had a delightful time stepping into a dark green thong (which didn’t exactly cover my cock as much as it usually might, but that wasn’t something I was concerned about that night) and a dark purple bra, almost amethyst. It was a special night, and I wanted to look the part. For outerwear, I chose something a little dressier than I might for just an ordinary date with Tim (as if he ever made me feel just ordinary), a brown corduroy skirt that hit me just above the knee with a white blouse, sheer enough to see a hint of purple under it. It wasn’t super-slutty like my lunch outfit, but it was definitely more me. I wanted Tim to remember who he was getting, quirks (and cocks) and all.

Finally, I finished with moments to spare before I knew he would get off work. I was hoping that calling me would be first on his list, and I wanted to be ready. The man did not disappoint. Less than thirty seconds after my phone said he should be off, I got my phone call.

“Samantha, I’m coming over now. Not even stopping to change,” he said. My heart skipped a beat. I loved seeing him in uniform, but he usually wore street clothes to see me. I think he knew the effect that would have. My cock certainly knew the effect.

“Mmm…really? Did you see my messages?”

“That’s why it took me a minute to call you. I had to save them all.”

I blushed, even though he couldn’t see me. “Hurry?”

“I’ll do my best. Traffic is pretty heavy through the back curves, but I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

The next fifteen minutes were an eternity. All I wanted was to get fucked, but no, I had to wait for traffic lights and stop signs and such. But after waiting, when Tim walked in the door, I got the kiss of my life. I don’t remember breathing for several minutes, my hands running up and down his back frantically, trying to dig myself into him through his uniform. His arms wrapped around me and he held me tight, kissing me back hungrily.

When I finally broke the kiss (mostly to save my makeup), he grinned at me. “I really liked the pictures.” He kissed me again. “But I like the real thing more.”

You’ve heard people say they melted inside? Yeah, that was me right then. My insides turned into a puddle of romantic goo (not that kind!) and I could barely stand. “I’ve come a long way in the past few months, I guess,” I said. It was a lame thing to say, and I knew it, but he didn’t judge.

“You’ve just gotten more comfortable with yourself. And with me, I hope.” He hugged me, kissing below my neck along my collar. “I know that you’re pretty fucking special.”

I laughed. “Well, fine then.”

The next hour was a maze of kisses and caresses, with slow undressing on both our parts. I hated peel him out of his fatigues, but as more of him came into view, I grew hornier and hornier. There was no other word for it; by the time I had him in just his underwear, I was just radiating sex.

For his part, he had unwrapped me like a precious gift, first my blouse and bra, then my skirt, then my panties all falling away. I think he appreciated the sight, but I don’t remember if he said anything. His eyes, full of lust, said it all though. But finally, I was undressed, laying naked on the bed before him.

“There’s so much I want to do with you,” I said. “But I only have one night left, so I sort of needed to prioritize…” Trust me, it sounded sexier in the moment. Like I had a whole long list and this one just couldn’t wait another day.

“I bet your list isn’t as long as mine,” he laughed. “What can I say? I’m a guy through and through.”

I reached out slowly to stroke his cock once, twice, three times before resting my hand gently on it. “I can tell. But I don’t want to wait for this one.” I took a deep breath, before stroking him again. “This is a big deal for me, but here goes: I want you to be my first. I mean, I know you figured that one out earlier, but I just want to tell you again. I want you to be my first.” I knew I was rambling, but I didn’t care. Nerves and adrenaline had taken over.

“I want to be your first too,” he said. They were matter-of-fact words, but the love and tenderness in his voice reinforced the rightness of my decision. My boyfriend, who I knew loved me, was going to be my first man. He was going to be the first man to enter me, to make love to me like the girl I was, to cum inside of me.

Wordlessly, I twisted my body and opened the drawer next to the bed. It was empty of most of my normal non-sexy stuff. Instead, only a small tube of high-quality lube and a few condoms (ok, those were free from the student center) were inside. My hand pumped him slowly, making him even harder, before I slid away. At that moment, he took over. Maybe it was some sort of masculine autopilot, but it was perfect. I had set the scene; now he got to act it out.

He pulled away from me slightly, opening up a condom and rolling it down. Let’s just say it’s good that I grabbed the XL size. Next, he opened the lubricant, pouring it down his cock and working it on with thick strokes. I watched, fascinated. “Lay down,” he said, “on your back.”

I complied eagerly. Right then, I was no blushing virgin (well, I was, but not in attitude), but a dirty, filthy slut waiting to happen. I drew my legs back, my cock throbbing, as I lay down, exposing my asshole to him. “Tell me if I do too much,” he whispered, before sliding the head of his cock along my hole.

I felt like I could have cum right then. The feeling of my boyfriend’s cock against me, ready to enter me, the knowledge that he was going to fuck me properly, it was almost too much to handle. My entire body was tingling with anticipation. I shifted a little bit, letting him know I was ready.

“Slow,” I reminded him. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted my sexy boyfriend inside me so bad. My body was on fire, my hand reaching down to stroke myself gently as he pushed against me. It took a few seconds, but he slowly got his head inside of me. By the time he got in, my own was red and swollen.

I moaned softly as I felt him get through the first ring, even though I had begun to feel a little uncomfortable. I couldn’t help it; having my boyfriend in my ass was amazing. I felt like a fool for waiting so long if I was going to be so turned on by it. “More?” I asked, looking up at him, my eyes pleading with him not to stop.

“Nice and slow, so you can stop me if it’s too much,” he said, before pressing against me more firmly. My body tensed up, then relaxed as he slipped a little deeper, sliding past the second ring and into me. I swear I heard a pop. “You’re almost too tight,” he said, “almost.”

I blushed. I was being so naughty, laying there with him pressing into me, and not yet satisfied. To be totally honest, I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I felt all of him in me. It did hurt a little bit at first, but he was really gentle every time he shifted deeper into me, and I started to get used to the full feeling.

Finally, finally, finally he was able to get almost his whole length in, before pausing a moment to let me relax. “Baby, tell me when you’re ready,” he said, reaching down to stroke me. I still couldn’t believe that he would do that, that he would touch me and caress me, just he would a regular girl. He kept that up, even as I felt him tremble inside me, trying so hard to let me be ready. Right then though, I swear I didn’t even feel his hands. All of my attention was focused on my ass.

“You can start,” I said, biting my lower lip, a little nervous. I was relaxed and happy (and very horny), but I didn’t know what to expect. It turns out I shouldn’t have worried. While the first four or five thrusts were a little awkward, Tim soon developed a nice rhythm, his body slapping up against mine as he leaned over and took my long-overdue virginity.

He kept it up for a few minutes, but I could feel he was losing control. That didn’t bother me at all. I just loved the feeling of him in me, the feeling of being the girl he wanted me to be. It wasn’t until that moment that I fully accepted my body as it was, and would be for a little while longer. My loving, wonderful, sexy boyfriend accepted it, and that was what was important.

“Samantha, I can’t…” he groaned, his cock twitching and trembling in my ass. “I can’t hold back much longer.” I moaned, loving that I could make my boyfriend need me so badly.

“Cum in me, Tim. Cum in your girlfriend. Make her first time count.” I blushed as I spoke, the heat of the moment overwhelming me. I couldn’t help it. I needed him to let go in me. I needed it like I needed oxygen or water or sunlight or love.

After just a few more pumps, he grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me up to him as he pushed as deep as he could into me without hurting me (too much). His cock began to twitch, and I could feel his veins throbbing as he unloaded into me. It was almost too much to take, my full ass gripping him so tightly as he fucked his way through cumming. He didn’t want to stop, just make me feel so good.

“Oh….” I moaned as he shuddered to a halt. I felt accomplished. I had made a man cum inside me for the very first time, and it was about as perfect as I could imagine. I couldn’t think of anyone else who I wanted to touch me or to fill me like Tim did. He understood that it was hard for me, really hard, to get to this point, and he made my first perfect. He had romanced me, loved me, and ultimately fucked me silly.

But we had one little problem. I was still rock hard and desperate to cum myself. I would happily have just stroked myself with him in my ass, but he was getting soft and slipping out. (Why do boys have to have that problem? Ugh!) I did the best I could, but I couldn’t quite get there.

Tim shook his head at me. “Let me,” he said, and pulled out slowly, a smacking sound clearly audible as my ass closed back up. Gently, he bent down over me, opening his mouth for me. I grunted as he started to lick me, not even waiting to pull off his condom. My nerves were still on fire, and all I could think of was wrapping my arms around him and pulling him tight against me. Normally I wasn’t nearly so aggressive when he played with my cock, but I needed relief desperately.

“Oh, lick me baby. Lick it like you would my pussy. Suck on it like you would my clit.” Right then, I wasn’t picturing my cock, but a swollen, freshly fucked pussy between my legs. His head bobbed up and down, tongue swirling around my tip. I felt myself leaking almost immediately, my tip growing wetter and wetter as he sucked on me.

Involuntarily, my hands pressed his face down, taking more of me into his mouth, something I had never done. As he sucked me deeper, I trembled, my ass shaking as I got ready to cum. And cum I did. I swear it shot out of me. It certainly was too much for him, and he pulled back, choking on some of my hot, sticky cum. That was sexy in its own way, like I was too much woman for him.

“Fuck Sam,” he said, laughing once he could breathe. “If I had known you’d do that, I would have been more careful.”

“It’s all your fault. Fucking me so good and all.” I blushed. While I hoped I knew the answer, I decided to play a little coy with him. “Did it feel good for you? I hope I did it right.”

He rolled his eyes at me. “What do you think? I think I’m drained for a week…” He patted his balls gently, then started to dispose of the mess.

“Oh…and here I had hopes for another round…” I did have hopes for that. I had gotten his cock in my virgin ass, and I was greedy for more.

Tim patted my thigh. “In a bit, my sexy sexy girl.” And he lived up to his words. By the time he left (he still hadn’t stayed over yet, but we made do), my ass had been filled twice more, once with even more wild abandon, and once sleepily, with him spooning against me and whispering into my ear what a perfect girl I was and how much he loved me and would miss me and would want me.

I had almost forgotten that this was going to be our last night for at least a little while, and I teared up as he pushed into me. He almost stopped, but I made him keep going, wanting to remember my first night forever, bittersweet though it was.

But it couldn’t last forever. He came in me again, slowly and completely, right as I began to fall asleep from his heat and rhythm. (It was a good thing, not an “I’m so bored thing.”)

“Samantha,” he said as he finished, kissing the back of my neck. “Call me when you leave. Call me when you get home. And if it’s true, call me just to tell me you miss me. Because I’m going to miss you, each and every bit of you.”

I loved that he accepted me how I was and how I wanted to be. He understood how important it was to me that I finish my physical transformation to match my mental self. But in the interim, he still loved me, no matter what I had between my legs. (Also, he loved all of the other parts too. Mmm.)

I fell asleep moments after he left, naked and content. The next day was a blur, getting out of the dorm and home and all of those things. I did talk to Tim once or twice, but it was a pain. And it wasn’t the same as laying my head on his chest, one of his hands cupping a breast, one of mine on his thigh. The phone was no substitute for his presence.

Maybe it’s because he was my first boyfriend and maybe it’s because I was. um, crazy in love with him, but it sucked so bad being apart. We tried phone sex once or twice, but it wasn’t the same. I got all shy whenever he mentioned my cock, shy in a way that I wasn’t in person, and it threw the mood off. It was a lot easier just to write him a sexy letter about my fantasizing or what I did in the shower. So we didn’t talk on the phone that often. We wrote a lot though, and not only about sex.

But about midway through the summer, I got so upset. He didn’t do anything wrong, in fact he was perfect and understanding, but it was all me.

I phoned him in the middle of a Wednesday night in early July, after I got off my summer job, crying my eyes out. I think some of the hormone treatments I was on had taken an extra effect, but I still wasn’t entirely my best self.

“Tim,” I said, trying to control my tears. “I miss you. Like…every day, I just miss you. I love you and being apart is fucking terrible.” I kept crying. “And I know you’re ok because you’re so strong and just this perfect guy and I’m this little insecure whatever.”

“Sam, baby, first of all, if that was a reference to your body, I thought we established that you’re one hundred percent woman, no matter what. And second, it sucks for me too. It’s not a competition and I’m not going to pretend that it’s the same for both of us, but it sucks for me. I had this sweet, sexy coed all to myself, and then she had to go away.”

I kept crying, but I have to admit, it made me feel a little better to remember he missed me. He just didn’t talk about it the way I did. “But, I’m ugly and horrible and I don’t deserve you. I should just let you go be with someone who has the right body. You deserve better than me.” The worst part is I meant every word. I loved him so much that I would let him go in a heartbeat if he decided that I wasn’t complete enough for him. A year ago, I hadn’t even known it was possible to love someone that much.

“Babe, there’s nothing about deserving or not deserving at all in what we have. We love each other, we want each other, we make each other happy. I love you even more for everything else as for the fact that I can’t look at you without getting hard.”

Author’s Notes: This is the final piece to the Confused Connie series. Please read the other two parts to the series, how else are you going to know what’s happened so far? Told you I wouldn’t make you wait a whole year for the last piece.

I’d like to thank 1sickbastard, behindthewheel, and dkovic77 for all their valuable editing help and feedback during my writing process.

As always, this is the drama of my imaginary friend’s and enemies’ lives and all of them are over the age of consent, 18+.


Dylan’s hands gripped the steering wheel. He’d cut the engine off when he first arrived, but he let himself sit in the car trying to find the courage to approach the door. His emotions ebbed and rolled like a tidal wave on the ocean. His mind raced as everything hit him while he was sitting outside the address Mrs. Densmore had given him.

The ring he’d purchased on the way to the apartment felt as if it were burning a hole in his pants pocket. Seeing Connie in the doorway for a brief moment had made him feel whole again. One look at her sweet innocent face made him hopeful, loving, and nervous all at the same time. Then just as quickly, as she slipped inside the door carrying a cardboard box, his feeling of elation drifted away.

He felt his life spiraling out of control. He regretted every decision he’d made. He’d thought himself noble at one point. He was doing the right thing for the right reason. Signing up for the army, leaving Connie, so he wouldn’t hurt her.

Each choice seemed bitterly wrong in hindsight. If only he had what? Which part of his recent past did he regret the most? Signing up for the army? Sleeping with Connie? Simply, letting his passion get away from him long enough to forget to use a condom? But would even one different action on his part have changed anything?

He loved the way she adored him from a young age, from birth almost. He’d never felt jealous of her, or the way his parents had doted on her when they brought her home from the hospital. At three years old his father had told him he had a new role in life. Big brother. It was an important role that he’d always tried to live up to even if he didn’t fully understand what that meant at three.

He grew into the role. He understood he was loyal and willing to protect his baby sister from everything the big bad world had to offer. He wanted to be someone she could look up to, be proud of, admire and trust. He did all that and more, as Connie was his biggest fan growing up. She was as supportive of him as he was of her.

When his fantasies started to turn to his baby sister, the simplest things stirred his loins. It seemed normal enough at first, after all he was a teenage boy. His guilt overwhelmed him though even with the built-in excuse of hormones. He started to date Angie, which at first seemed to solve the issue.

Angie looked enough like Connie that he thought it almost harmless and safe to pretend that she was who his heart actually desired. Then one night he came, rutting inside Angie like a dog in heat, howling Connie’s name. Angie had smiled a wicked, mischievous smile as the realization of what he’d said hit him. He was frozen, still buried inside Angie. Instead of being repulsed or sickened by the truth of what he’d said Angie encouraged him.

His torture continued, as Angie not only feed his fantasy but did everything to keep Connie at the front of his sexual thoughts. Even after he left for college she continued to tease him with his secret desire. Angie sucked him off with everyone in the house, while wearing Connie’s clothes, whenever he came home for breaks. His family including Connie only rooms away.

The worst part was when he hurt his knee, after the surgery he was bed bound for awhile. Connie offered to take care of him although he adamantly refused her offer. She seemed hurt by his rejection but he was firm, it was too tempting that something might slip or happen. He was on powerful pain meds as well. She was so flirty with him as of late, and he didn’t trust himself to do the right thing.

She did end up taking care of him one day when their parents were out of town. It was too much, he jerked off most of the day when he was sure Connie wouldn’t come through his bedroom door. Sometimes, he did it hoping she’d walk in and see him with his dick in his hand. Maybe, if he horrified her about his urges she’d stay away from him on her own. But she only came in after he came and had tossed the evidence aside in a few tissues.

“Oh you must have a pretty bad cold, huh?” she said when she found the pile of used tissues next to his bed.

“Yeah,” he said trying to hide his fascination with the fact that Connie was holding his discharge in her hands. She picked them up and placed them in the wastebasket then collected his dinner tray.

Angie continued her torment after that, but to a new degree. Angie stage whispered things to him, “Fuck your baby sister! Make Connie come. Come on Dylan, give me that big brother dick!” It was sick and twisted and made him hard and ready at the slightest prodding. It got to the point where he watched Connie all the time, wanting her, painful erections that didn’t stop even with everything Angie did.

Months passed and things got worse, Connie was always touching him, hanging out with him, sitting close to him, but he was sure it was just his imagination. Her adoring admiration that he couldn’t distinguish between his own arousal. Finally, he’d felt he had no choice. He had to get away before he lost control. He was dangerously close to doing something he’d regret and the army had seemed like the perfect escape. So he signed up and he asked Connie to cut his hair…

While he was at basic even dealing with his feelings over what he’d done to Connie, he remembered that he was supposed to be a big brother. His role and title since the day she’d come home from the hospital. He was supposed to protect her and love her. He felt such a failure of duty with Connie.

To make up for it he threw himself into the army, armed with his twisted motivation. He was supposed to think of his fellow soldiers as his brothers. Men whose lives he would protect with his own. Men, because regardless of your age when you signed up for the army, the army made you a man whether you were ready for it or not.

Some men were born with that innate quality of protection for all, an ingrained sense of duty and country. They saw it extend not only from the people they were in the trenches with day in and day out, but to the people back home, their families, their cities and towns, their country. He focused all his energy on his training. He believed wholly and completely in what they were doing, and Dylan had started to feel his sense of duty, it was the only way he could stay sane during his separation from Connie.

Karl Gideon had it in every part of his being. Dylan envied Digger for his faith and loyalty, which was more intense than Dylan saw in himself. Digger was the perfect soldier and had a heart of gold. Unfortunately Digger’s heart was also weak, physically, a fact that had come out during his medical.

Digger wouldn’t be returning to deploy on Monday because he’d received a medical discharge and that’s why he’d been headed home just when Dylan needed a ride. Dylan envied Karl more that he was free to just live his life, where Dylan had to return on Monday. If for no other reason he wanted to be able to take care of Connie, now that he knew she was pregnant with his baby.

He shook his head to push out his musing and moments later he faced his fears and left the car. He knocked on the door and saw Connie up close for the first time since he’d slept with her. For one moment as he held her, he forgot that he’d messed up big time and impregnated his little sister.

He was holding the woman he loved, and he refused to see it as anything other than the gift it was to be with her again. Then Angie slapped him, literally and figuratively with what their father had done to Connie and that information broke Dylan. His reality crashed and burned his heart apart.

His anger at himself over his failure to protect Connie from their father burned a hole in his heart. He was once again incomplete. He could feel his rage seeping into his every thought, pulsing through his body, filling his soul. Even as the smell of Connie sitting so close to him in their mom’s car assaulted his nostrils, filling his lungs with her sweet scent.

“Look Connie, I don’t think…” Dylan started, but Connie cut him off by sliding across the seat pressing her body along the side of his body. Her softness, her warmth, her scent, her touch in general made him shiver with a need of and the pleasure of feeling truly comforted for the first time since being home. Connie’s fingers grazed along his face, pulling him toward her, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss.

“Dylan, I’ve missed you so much,” she said when she finally broke the kiss. She stared him in his intense eyes, her own eyes tense and shining brown, as he tried to collect his thoughts. She kissed him again, thrusting her tongue between his lips. He was less resistant this time, giving himself over to the feel of her lips on his. God, how he’d missed her, too.

Her hands were fumbling with his pants trying to get them open even as her kisses intensified to the point of aggressive and desperate, Dylan couldn’t breath from the assault. He tried to stop her hands with his own but they fell away as her soft fingers slipped inside his pants, gripping the base of his cock and tugging slightly.

“Oh God,” he moaned into her mouth as she stroked up and down on his cock. “Connie. Connie.”

He tried again but she squeezed him and pumped his cock vigorously until he forgot that he was angry, until he forgot that they were sitting in a car, in a parking lot, where anyone could see them. He could only concentrate on the intense pleasure building from her molestation of his member.

Her kisses turned more gentle as he sank back into his seat giving up all protests. She smiled and pulled away slightly so that he could see her face. His hand wrapped around her gently pulling her back to him for one more kiss, but her smile turned into a wicked grin as she descended on him. Soon her mouth was wrapped around his cockhead, kissing, sucking, and licking.

He stared down the length of his body and watched the top of her head as it bobbed up and down on his tip and a few inches beyond. He moaned again as she went lower and lower each time. Her mouth meeting her hand, her saliva covering him and dripping down lower until his cock and balls glistened.

It didn’t take long until Dylan felt the back of her throat with his cock and then he knew that he was so far into her mouth that he could almost feel himself where his hand caressed the back of her neck. Maybe, it was a trick of his mind, but he would have sworn in the moment that he felt himself through her skin, his eyes rolled back in his head as Connie fucked her face on him.

“Connie. Connie.” He exhaled her name with each breath as she ate his cock. His hips met each descent with an urgent rhythm that had him racing for release.

He felt himself thicken in her mouth and was sure he’d explode soon if she didn’t stop. He didn’t care, he didn’t want her to stop. He wouldn’t stop her or himself. His head fell forward and he watched the bandana bob over his crotch as his sister gave him the best head of his life. Even better than Angie with all her skill because it was Connie, the one person he wanted loving on his cock.

His arm stretched out as he reached the point of no return, his balls churning violently. He gripped the back of the car seat, released his hold on Connie with his other hand and punched the roof of the car, denting it, as he began to shoot rope after rope of cum directly into her throat. She moved her head up and sucked, her mouth like a vacuum, draining his balls, teasing him with every gulp.

It had taken so little time, but it felt like hours to Dylan as he returned to Earth after his heavenly climax. His cockhead finally slipped from between her plump and swollen lips. He smiled a blissful smile of sated joy as he lovingly caressed Connie’s cheek. She dreamily smiled at him too, as if she’d climaxed while giving him head.

Dylan’s voice was thick with amazement, “Where did you learn to do that?”

In her dreamy voice she chirped out, “Daddy.”

His mind clouded with bitter jealousy. Her technique was so perfect, expert even. She’d done things to him she wouldn’t have even considered three months before. “This is what you do with dad?” he made it a question through his panting.

Connie’s face fell, “Yes. Everyday,” she said acidly as tears sprang to her eyes.

Dylan pushed her away and did up his pants. He didn’t know why he had to ruin it instead of just enjoy it.

“Everyday? Do you love it? Are you as eager with him as you were with me.” He couldn’t stop himself.

When he had heard rape he thought of his father fucking her, forcing her, taking her. But a blowjob wasn’t the same thing as rape to him. Connie would have had to participate in it. If a girl didn’t want to suck a cock she only had to bite a man, a woman wouldn’t voluntarily give a blowjob, Dylan thought. Certainly not one as wonderful as the one he just received.

“Sometimes,” she said weakly. She stared off out his window, her eyes glassy with unshed tears. “You don’t understand. I didn’t want to, and I didn’t enjoy it so much as need it.

“Daddy read my diary. At first, I was scared and I felt so betrayed, by him and even by my diary. But instead of being angry with me about the things I wrote, about my feelings for you and everything, he told me he understood. And it helped.

“I’d been so confused about why you left, why I hadn’t heard from you. I didn’t know what I did wrong. You just left. No goodbyes. Nothing. I didn’t understand why you did that. I felt so bad when Angie told me why you left, but I didn’t know that then.” Connie took a deep breath and continued her babbling before Dylan could respond.

“I thought that Daddy was trying to help me. I thought Daddy was being understanding. And I didn’t think you’d ever come back. He told me you weren’t coming back. He pointed out that you hadn’t written or called or anything. It was true. So a part of me needed to believe that, that Daddy was trying to help me. And it felt good to have someone who wanted me. I was so hurt and angry and just confused.

“I thought I was all alone. And Daddy said he’d help me. I guess that’s what he tried to do, except he turned so cruel. The things he did to me, and what he wants to make me do…I’m so stupid and I didn’t understand,” she said her voice rising and falling. Her voice held little emotion that seemed to build, until she was almost hysterical by the end.

“He hurt me. I felt punished and alone and you weren’t here to tell me different.” Her tears rained down her cheeks as she spoke, her voice breaking until she was sobbing.

Guilt racked his body. The way he left was his biggest crime. Guilt knotted his stomach and a sour taste filled his mouth. He had to swallow twice before he could say anything.

“I’m sorry Connie. I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye. I’m sorry I made so many mistakes. I’m sorry that I couldn’t just tell you what I was feeling. I love you, Connie, even with everything that’s happened. Not just as a brother, but I’m in love with you. I will always love you.” He folded her into his arms hugging her tightly to his chest.

Her hands dropped to his waist intent to circle him, but stopped as she gasped.

Connie licked her lips and smiled through her tears, “What is this Dylan?” Her hand was gripping his pants pocket and for a moment Dylan forgot his own name as he looked at her. Her hand snaked into his pocket revealing the blue velvet ring box. “What is it?”

Dylan watched frozen in place as she opened the box. Watching her face for its reaction. “Is this what I think it is?”

“No, well, yes. Sorta. God, Connie. I mean it’s only an emerald, cuz that’s your birthstone, but I mean it the same way.”

“Oh Dylan, yes. Yes. Yes!” Her eyes sparkled as she pulled the ring from the box and placed it on her ring finger. “You do love me?”

“With all my heart,” Dylan smiled and kissed her gently. “I know that we can’t ever have a real wedding or anything. I guess that’s why a diamond didn’t feel right. I wanted it to be special, just for you. I promise, that I will always come back to you. I will be there for you. For you and our baby.” He leaned in for another kiss.

“Our what?” Connie pulled back and blinked in surprise, tears still clinging to her eyelashes.

Dylan blushed. “Don’t worry about anything Connie. I’ll take care of you both. You don’t need to worry cuz you’re pregnant. I’ll be there for you. I’ll send you money and everything. You can live here and then after the baby is born we’ll buy…” He watched her face fall again.

“How do you know that I’m pregnant? You couldn’t possibly.” Her eyes got wide and she frowned at him. “Did you read my diary, Dylan?”

“Yeah, well.” He blushed again. “But it’s okay. I don’t care. We’ll make it work.”

“Angie was right. You’re just like Daddy. I’m so stupid. I thought that you were different than what Daddy was doing, but you’re just the same.” She whispered pulling herself closer to the passenger door and through it.

“No, wait. Connie, Connie wait!” Dylan crawled after her and left the car the same way. “Connie wait, you don’t understand! Will you just wait a minute?”

“He was so right about you!” She shouted racing to the apartment door, always a step ahead of Dylan. She slammed the door in his face.

Dylan pounded on the door for ten minutes, shouting, “Come on Corny, reading their little sister’s diary is just what big brothers do. You should commend and condemn me for not reading it sooner.”

Connie finally opened the door, arms crossed, frown on her pretty face. “Jerk!” she said.

“I love you, too,” Dylan replied. Angie tapped her foot and rolled her eyes, shaking her head from the living room of the apartment. As the couple started to make out she went to her own room and called her own father to sate her sudden arousal.


“Thomas, dinner is ready. What are you doing in there?” Judith knocked on her husband’s study door, and gently turned the knob. “You know Thomas, this thing between you and Dylan really…” she stopped mid-sentence as she took in the state of husband’s undress, his eyes tightly closed, his cock being fisted vigorously. She sighed and closed the door behind her and walked to her husband, his hand frozen in mid-stroke.

“My God, Thomas, you only need to ask, I am your wife. It is my duty to satisfy your lusts.” Judith held her chin high as she unbuttoned her blouse. He watched her start to undress before he stopped her with a gesture. As beautiful as his wife was, she wasn’t what he wanted. She wasn’t the one inspiring his lusts. For a second, he despised himself for his feelings, but only for a second.

“Don’t you love me anymore?” Judith asked and then she hiccupped.

“Yes, I just don’t want you,” he really didn’t mean to be as cruel as he was with his statement, as harsh as it sounded, but his wife heard enough.

“Who do you want then? Some little slut at the office? A hooker? Or maybe, now correct me if I’m wrong, could it be Connie?” she snapped and crossed her arms over her chest as Thomas stared at her with wide eyes, speechless. “Yes, I know what you do to our daughter. I know, and I don’t care.”

Thomas sank into a chair, exposed cock and all. His face had paled. His wife revealed a side of herself he’d forgotten existed. A side he hadn’t seen since they’d married almost twenty-five years before. “Yes, I know. Yes, I don’t care. Connie knows what you were planning with your little doctor friends. A gangbang, I believe is the term. And then, you were going to force her to have an abortion. Well, there will be none of that.

(Ok, this was definitely an interesting situation I’ve had gotten myself into).

The room was warm, her naked body glistened lightly with sweat. She had five minutes to get free, they were watching her, she wanted to get free but at the same time she wanted to put on a show, something they would never forget.

The first thing she tested was the gag, she rolled her head, pushed against it with her tongue, but no matter what she did she couldn’t work the bandana out of her mouth. Finally she stopped trying, she looked at her wrists and tried to move them, tugging in any direction, but they were snuggly held with soft white rope to the bed posts. Even in the low light she could see the ropes had been expertly tied, they looped around the metal post and her wrists a few times and then were tied well behind her wrists where she couldn’t even come close to reaching. She focused on the left, then the right, and found she could only grasp and wiggle her hands. She lifted her head and looked at her ankles, like her hands, no matter how she flexed her muscles or straightened her feet the rope held her firmly in place.

She closed her eyes and flexed as hard as she could, but the bed was metal and didn’t have any give. It was impossible to get any leverage no matter how she twisted or moved.

They watched her struggle, noting how her calf and thigh muscles flexed, showing how defined she was. She had perky 34 B tits, with small pink nipples and a taut flat stomach.

They knew Cruz worked out as much as they did. That’s how they had first met her, at the gym while they were working out. She was 5’6″ weighed 120 pounds and could have modeled for fitness magazines. Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, with clean white skin and a beautiful face, she looked like the girl next door you always fantasized about while growing up.

As they stared, air from the rotating fan hit her body, she froze, they heard as she sucked in her breath and watched as her nipples hardened. Tutor and Storm looked at one another, each silently mouthed “Wow!” fist bumped, then went back to watching her. She started moving again but was no longer flexing her hands or tugging at her feet, she just twisted her body slowly back and forth.

She was looking at them now, seeing the way their eyes roamed over her body, she was getting excited, breathing hard through the gag and clenching her teeth. She could smell her arousal and knew they could too. It was obvious she was excited, her nipples were rock hard and her breathing was labored!

Beep, beep!

The spell was broken as an alarm went off. Tutor stood up and went over to an iPod lying on the table in the center of the room.

“Damn, I have to go check on the posts now!” He looked at each of them, “You guys are gonna behave while I’m gone right?” He put on his shirt and gear and in a couple minutes was ready to leave the barrack room. He walked over to Cruz and made sure she saw him take a nice long look at her body, “Very nice.” Smiling, he reached down and stroked his fingers through her pubic hairs a couple of times, up and down. Her eyes closed and her hips moved in time with his strokes, her breathing quickened, after a few seconds he stopped. She opened her eyes in time to watch him hold up his iPod, click, click, click, she heard.

“Just a few pictures to remember this, enjoy yourselves while I’m gone,” he laughed.

Her eyes widened and she glared at him.

(Son-of-a-bitch! Damn, more naked pictures of me out there, he better not show that around.)

“Don’t act like you’re mad, you are so enjoying this,” he said as he traced a finger around her hardened nipples.

“Hmph,” she sounded through the gag. She was enjoying it, but hell would freeze before she’d admit it.

“Now hold still, I want to get a close up picture to enjoy as I walk post. Don’t worry nobody else will ever see it.”

He brought his iPod close to her sex, she lifted her hips and froze, click. He checked to make sure the picture was perfect, he looked in her eyes and smiled as she winked at him.

“Haha, you’re lucky I have to go,” Tutor laughed. As he left, he looked at Storm, “Try not to do anything I wouldn’t.”

After he left, Storm looked at Cruz, their eyes met, walking to the door he deliberately turned the deadbolt on the door hard making sure it made a loud ‘clack’ as it locked.

She was alone, naked, tied to a bed completely helpless. She thought back to how she had gotten into this position.


3 months earlier.

Sergeant Cruz first noticed them as she was leaving the gym. She had been deployed for six months of a yearlong tour. Being on an Army base in Afghanistan, you noticed when there were two new Marines. They tended to stand out from the Army crowd since there were none on base. They were coming into the gym, the taller one was white, blonde, blue eyes and looked about 6 feet tall, his name tape said Tutor and his rank showed he was a Sgt. The other had dark hair, tanned skin, was 5’11″ and his name tape said Storm, his rank was Staff Sgt.

After a few days she noticed they went to the gym at the same time every day, she decided to adjust her schedule to get a better look at them. She was a Sergeant in charge of her shop, so she could choose her workout times and the next day she timed it with theirs. She got to the gym and saw them and started her routine next to them so she could get a better look. Wow, she thought, they were both great looking and very muscular. They reminded her of a Doberman and a Rottweiler, lean and mean looking. They acted different from the Army soldiers who worked out, the Marines were more focused and they constantly checked what was going on around them, as if they thought they were in enemy territory and had to protect each other. Despite this, their workout looked every bit as intense as the others in the gym.

Over the next week she saw them throughout the base, they were always together. She also noticed that nobody else ever talked to them, even when she saw them in the chow hall, nobody sat next to them. Army and Marines don’t mix she thought, and nobody wanted to be seen hanging out with Marines.

She began working out at the same time every day just to see them. She knew they had noticed her, they would sneak extra glances her way when they thought she wasn’t looking. She made sure to wear tight shorts and tops to give them something to enjoy. It was fun to tease and if everyone was going to ignore them maybe she could make their workouts more fun.


“Tutor, that girl is so fucking hot, we’re gonna go talk to her.”

“What? Hell no! Are you crazy? She’s a soldier, she’s probably been told to go nowhere near us. Be happy we get to look at her, if you go talk to her she might leave, not come back and we won’t even have eye candy.”

While they talked, she started her squat routine, with her back to them they saw as her butt clenched and she pushed the weight up, she was wearing tight pink shorts and a white sports bra, her should-length hair was in a tight ponytail. Sweat stained her clothes as she finished her last set for the day.

“Dude, we’ve been watching her for a week now, we know she always finishes with squats, now’s our chance, I’m just going to chat and make friendly, I swear. At the very least she’d be someone to talk to, the rest of these guys don’t seem to want anything to do with Marines.”

“Fine, but I swear if she quits working out here because of you I’m not talking to you for a week.”


She watched them come over. She was hesitant to talk to them at first, but then she remembered how everyone else ignored them. She decided to give them a chance, as they talked to her they were friendly without being too aggressive and flirty without being jerks. She could tell they liked her and she was definitely attracted to Storm.

After that, they started talking every day and soon became friends. She found out they were here for seven months, they were infantry but had volunteered to stay in Afghanistan for another tour and serve as guard chiefs. Eventually more Marines were coming in to take over security for the base and they would be in charge of them. They began working out, then eating together, and finally hanging out after work. The first time she went to their barracks room she was a scared but after she relaxed she had fun and was soon over at their barracks all the time.

Their room was large, with two metal beds on opposite sides and a table and chairs in between. There was a weapons rack on the wall and a TV and microwave setup in a corner. They had their own internet and cable, they called it the perks of being Marines on an Army base. “Nobody wants us around, so they make sure we don’t need to leave our area,” Tutor once told her.

As time went on she practically lived at their room, Cruz loved having the Marines to herself and the three of them became good friends.

One day as they were relaxing in their room…

“Yeah, I get to train some of the other soldiers around here. Tutor and I are both martial arts instructors and a few of your officers found that out. Now they want us to teach Marine Corps Martial Arts to them,” Storm said.

“What? Why?” Cruz said.

“They get a belt and bragging rights, it makes them feel good I guess.” Storm said.

Feeling a little frisky, Cruz decided to have some fun.

“Don’t they know you guys are big sissies and can’t teach them anything?” she said.

“WHAT?” They both yelled.

“You heard me, Marines aren’t tough, yeah I said it and don’t think those crazy looks are going to make me change my mind,” Cruz laughed.

“O hell no,” Storm said.

“I’ll wrestle you both right here and now and will kick your ass and you know it.”

“You have lost your freaking mind Cruz,” Tutor said.

“I doubt the two of you could even pin me down.” She knew she was asking for it, but she thought wrestling with the two of them would be harmless.

(It’ll be fun to feel a little bit of their muscles and maybe get felt up in return.)

“Fine we’ll wrestle and pin you down right now, so get up,” Storm said.

(Let’s see how interesting I can make this.)

“Ok, you have five minutes to stop me from getting outside, if you fail, I get to use one of your computers for the rest of the deployment.”

They had each brought a mini-computer and hers had broken down. She was sick of having to go to the recreation center to check her Facebook or email.

“What? Those computers are expensive, I’m not just gonna give you one for free,” Storm said. “What are you putting up?”

“If you pin me, hmmm… I know, the next hour does not exist,” she said with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

(I did not just say that! Ok, no biggie, if they agree just grab their ‘junk’ and they’ll hesitate and then I’ll just run out the door, it’ll be easy.)

“What do you mean by that?” said Tutor. He and Storm looked at each other and back at her.

“I mean that except for sex, the next hour is free, you can do whatever you want to me if you pin me,” she said, heart pounding.

“Whatever?” Storm said.

“Whatever?” Chris echoed.

“WHATEVER!” she replied as she stood up.

(What the hell am I doing! Alright, the most they’ll probably have me do is flash my tits, maybe each fee theml, no biggie. Hell, it might be fun. )

“It’s a deal,” they said in unison.

They were standing side by side, so she walked to them, as she got close she reached out and slid her hands up each one of their legs and felt their members immediately, she was a little surprised to find each of them somewhat hard, as she moved her hand in an upward stroke, she said “Perfect, we have a deal, STARTING NOW.”

She bolted to the side and ran to the door. Her plan worked, they had been stunned and she was at the door about to break free. She grabbed the knob and turned, nothing happened! She pushed at the door but it stayed shut, almost instantly two arms grabbed her around the chest and two arms grabbed her around the legs, she was lifted and carried away from the door. She was so stunned she didn’t even struggle at first.

They were talking to her but she wasn’t listening.

(What the hell happened? I planned it perfect!)

Finally she focused on their words.

“That was a great plan and it would’ve worked but the knob broke today, you have to give it a little lift and turn the knob to the left to open the door,” said Tutor.

By now she realized what was happening and started fighting back, bucking her body and struggling for all she was worth…

Two minutes later she was on a bed with Storm pinning her arms above her and Tutor straddling her legs.

“You lost, now its pay up time,” Storm said. “Hold her a second, I have some rope in my pack.”

(Rope? What the hell do they need rope for?)

As Chris leaned over and held her arms, Storm got the rope.

She started wondering what they were going to do with her. As Storm came back, he looked at Chris, they each gave a little nod and Storm started unbuttoning her uniform top. Once it was open they grabbed it and her undershirt and slid it off her arms, leaving her in a black lace bra.

“Nice bra girl, very sexy,” said Storm.

They held her arms and pulled her bra straps off, then they each grabbed a hand and tied it to opposite sides of the bed.

“Jesus Christ, really? You’re really going to tie me up?” she asked.

“Yep, and you know these clothes are coming off, right?” Storm said.

(What have I gotten myself into?)

As they talked Tutor had taken off her boots. They paused, looked at each other.

“You can undo the pants, but I get to take the panties,” Storm said.

“Good enough,” Tutor replied.

Storm gripped her legs and Tutor started undoing the buttons on her pants. After he finished, he slid them down her legs to her ankles, they each tugged a leg and before she knew it her pants were off. Her legs were lightly tanned and contrasted with the small white cotton thong she wore.

“Ok, what the hell Cruz? You have this sexy bra, it’s all lace and sheer, and then you have these panties,” Storm said as he slid a finger underneath the waistband.

“What’s wrong with these?” Cruz cried.

“Nothing, we just thought they’d be racier,” Tutor replied.

“You’ve talked about what kind of panties I wear?” Cruz said with raised eyebrows.

“Of course, like you don’t know we’ve talked about you. I promise every guy on this base has imagined what kind of underwear you have,” Storm laughed. “We actually even have a bet, not on the kind of panties you wear but on whether you have a racing stripe or are completely smooth.”

“Looks like we’ll find that out real quick,” Tutor said. “Remember, $20 says she has a stripe.”

“Unreal,” Cruz muttered. “You know most guys would be happy to see me in my undies and not complain.”

“Oh, we’re not complaining, I think they’re sexy as hell! I’m just surprised you don’t match,” Storm said. “I think these are even sexier than some matching lace thing, these make you look cute and innocent.”

“I am cute and innocent,” she said in a little girl voice.

“Uh huh,” Storm said.

As he talked, Storm reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. When he pulled it off his fingers brushed her nipples.

“I can totally see how innocent you are,” he laughed. Watching as her nipples hardened he asked, “Is this because you’re enjoying being molested or because you enjoy giving a show?”

“No comment,” she replied smiling.

They stood on either side of the bed and looked down at her, arms tied to the bed, wearing only panties.

Storm looked at Tutor, he raised an eyebrow in a question.

“I know you’ve been wanting to, go ahead, enjoy,” Tutor laughed.

Storm smiled and looked into Cruz’s eyes, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties.

“Lift your butt,” he said.

(I can’t believe he’s going to do it!)

She raised her hips and prepared herself.

In one smooth movement Storm pulled her panties down to her ankles and then completely off.

(Oh my god! What the hell am I doing! I can’t believe how sexy this feels.)

She watched their eyes travel up her legs to the small patch of blond hair between her legs, then to her tits and finally to look her in the eyes.

They each grabbed an ankle, spread her legs and started to tie her to the corners of the bed, they began talking.

“You owe me $20,” Tutor said. He reached over with two fingers and lightly tugged her pubic hairs to emphasize his point.

“Damn, I was sure she was bare,” Storm replied. His fingers reached over and playfully stroked her pubic hair too.

“AHEM,” Cruz cleared her throat loudly. “Nobody gave either of you permission to do that.”

“Don’t need it, you lost the bet,” Storm said.

“Yeah, sorry, that’s the rule,” Tutor added.

“I don’t think so, there are limits you know,” Cruz replied.

“Uhhhhmmmmm, no not really, you said anything but sex, and you seem to be enjoying it anyway,” Storm said while pointedly looking at her hardened nipples. “But I’ll tell you what; I’m going to make this easy for you. Tutor, hand me that bandana off my pack.”

Storm took the bandana from Tutor and looked at her, holding it between two hands he leaned over her.

“What are you doing?” Cruz asked. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. “No, no way, that was not…hmph…grrrrr…mmmph.”

He placed the bandana in her mouth and then tied the ends behind her head.

“See,” Storm said. “Now you can relax and enjoy all you want, because you can’t protest anything. Don’t worry, we’ll obey the rules set. Now we all get to have fun!” Storm laughed.

“Dude, great idea,” Tutor said.

She glared at both of them and flipped them off with her tied hands.

They laughed as she tried to speak. “Uck uuu! Arghhhh, ake uuu ay, astards!”

(That I was not expecting. He’s right though, now I can’t complain, so I can just enjoy whatever they do and later say I had no choice.)

“Ok, I’m going to turn the lights down a little, but we’ll make you a deal,” Storm said. “If you can get free in the next five minutes, you don’t have to pay back the other 45 minutes that are left in our hour.”


After he closed and locked the door behind Tutor, he sat back down next to the bed. She stared into his eyes as he spoke.

“Looks like your five minutes are up, I guess you have to pay the rest of the time,” Storm said.

As he talked he reached out and started tracing lines on her stomach, she whimpered at his touch and looked in his eyes. His hand rose higher and started tracing around her nipples. They had softened while Tutor was getting ready to leave but now they went immediately hard again. She let out a small moan.

(I swear you better make this good, or it will never happen again. You get one shot buddy.)

She watched him lean over, his tongue came out and licked her stomach, it felt rough and wet and cool as it traced her muscles. She couldn’t help it, she groaned. She could smell his clean scent and his fingers continued to caress her body as he flicked his tongue on her nipples. His fingers roamed down, he started stroking her sex. He alternately gently tugged her pubic hair, then stroked it down again. He was giving her goose bumps as he started to move his tongue to play with her nipples, his fingers quit tugging her pubic hair and started tracing her sex, sliding up and down her slit.

He was driving her wild, her body responded to his touch with small moans and writhing as he continued to use his tongue and fingers. She could barely think.

(Gag… tied…good thing…swear…I’d be…screaming… to fuck me.)

After a while, his pace increased, she was moaning constantly as her hands opened and closed helplessly. She felt him suck hard on her nipple, her breath caught, he nipped it lightly, he started to suck hard, she gritted her teeth. When he stopped, she looked down at the dark red hickie he’d left on her nipple. Her eyes widened and she looked at him.

There are some things that you want but don’t get, and then there are things that you want but don’t get, but get something better instead.

Rebecca, my beautiful, sexy, alluring wife is someone that I would never cheat on. Ever. Never ever. I have always had a fantasy of watching her make love to another woman. Just watching, not touching, not trying to participate or urge myself into the middle, I just wanted to watch, or so I thought.

Rebecca is a petite, well, let’s say “trim” after nine years of marriage and having our three dependants. She is about five seven, One twenty-something pounds, you know, desirably trim. She is sexy as anything and anyone compared next to her. Dark hair, beautiful deep dark eyes, sexy freckles, and she knows how to please me in almost every way.

I go out of my way to do anything that she asks me to do, or would probably ask me to do because I love her and care very much for her. I hope that she does the same for me. We have an awesome marriage, and there is nothing that I would do to make her unhappy. With that being said, I just want to express how this fantasy came about.

She had a prior experience when she was younger with another, at that time they were girls, and she seemed to enjoy retelling it to me. She only told me it one time, and I haven’t asked about it ever since because the memory of it was ever so strongly impressed upon me that I have never forgotten it, and I have never given up hope that something like it will happen again.

She has had other “friends” that I couldn’t prove that she was doing anything with, I just had feelings that she was. She had a thing for a certain actress at one time, and there are a couple of other things that I have found her reading on Literotica which makes me wonder even more. Starting at the start is a good place. I have a sort of feeling that she is attracted to physically superior females, the sporty types, or that have that “look” to them. She seems attracted to, (in my opinion) a stronger physic, a wider rounder face, and possibly, but not a must, shorter hair. I, myself, am not, but if she is, then I can change my opinion.

We moved to where this one friend of hers is living, this past experience, Alyssa. Alyssa is desirably athletic, even to me. She had high cheek bones, dark hair and eyes, like my wife, only a little shorter cut, and a body not like a weightlifter but more of an avid soccer or tennis player, (she enjoyed both, but liked soccer more).

I also knew that there were still flames, however small or large, because when they first met after such a long time, both sort of flushed, though very briefly, before hugging and “catching-up” time”.

I had work and Rebecca was busy keeping the house together after we settled in. Her old friend hung out every week, though she had work of her own to do. They talked about EVERYTHING, old times, good times, and military life, but kept a careful ground not to bring up anything “intimate”, whether current or past. They were just two old friends that did stuff at one time.

I always hoped that this reunion would bring about things, but that didn’t seem to be happening. I called at different odd hours of the day and she would answer right away, I made up appointments just to come home, hoping to catch her doing something, but never did. We just kept living our lives as normal as we could.

There was a guy she told me about that kept trying to flirt with her and talk to her while she was out on her daily walks. She told me that he wasn’t anything to worry about, but I warned her not to talk to him because he was just waiting for me to leave for somewhere so he could try to get with her. She made up some things, sort of in his defense, about having commonalities like home states and rival schools; but she promised me that she would cold-shoulder him, and that is the last I heard about him from her.

She is always the organizer, the appointment maker, the writer down of things. Her calendar was kept fuller than my one at work, which was saying quite a lot. She had doctor appointments, work appointments, school happenings, birthdays, holiday weekends, and much more. Every week was jam packed with notes and jots.

I never suspected anything until one night she told me that she had something that she had to tell me, something that I might get upset over. We were in bed and she rolled on over to look at me as I lay on my back, waiting for the worst, hoping for the best, but expecting a curve ball.

She started to cry and she told me that she had been cheating on me. I just bit my lip and looked at her out of the corner of my eye, waiting for her to go on. She told me that she was sorry and that it just sort of happened so fast that she didn’t know what was happening.

A flash of that guy from her walks went through my mind, and what they might have done together, possibly in the bed I was laying in now. That thought made me jump out of bed and ask “who is he?!?” in an accusatory tone, though not quite loud enough for anyone outside to hear me through our open windows.

She told me that “she” was Alyssa, her friend. I cannot tell you how relieved and turned on I was to hear her say that. I had to fight myself not to get hard then and there. So, instead, I asked her how it happened.

She told me that she went over to Alyssa’s house one day when I was at work and they talked for a little while on the couch, with their shoes off, (since it was summer time), and both of their feet were on the coffee table. Their feet accidently brushed against each other, but instead of moving them away and apologizing, they kept them there, not saying anything.

She said that she flinched a little, as if she were hit with cold water, but also got all warm inside as they just sat there, looking into each other’s eyes. She told me that they just sat there a while; rubbing their feet and legs together, (she was said that she was thankful that she shaved that morning).

She said that she noticed that that they both were breathing a little bit harder and then they both leaned in and kissed.

I stopped her and asked if it was a little kiss, like a peck, or something more (trying to get details without letting in that I was).

She said that to have another woman kiss her was different than having me kiss her. She said that woman’s lips are softer and poutier, but easy and warm at the same time. She told me that she just closed her eyes as she kissed Alyssa, which was a soft and gentle kiss for a while, (she lost track of time), and then she felt Alyssa’s tongue against her lips and opened her mouth to accept it. She then reached up and held Alyssa’s head, holding on to that deep passionate kiss, both of them making out on the couch for a long time.

I wanted to say “like lovers just meeting again after a long time” but stopped myself, and instead said that if that was all, then I could forgive her of that, easily, but in reality I wanted to hear everything that had happened, and was trying to urge her on. But a tear rolled down her cheek and she said that there was more. I hoped that I wasn’t being too hard on her.

She went on to say that her hands began to roam first. She said that she slid her hand under Alyssa’s shirt and found that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She said that with the other hand she cupped Alyssa’s ass and held on while they kissed and she played with her one of Alyssa’s nipple, then the other. To retort, Alyssa un- did her bra and cupped both of her breasts, playing with them as she was being played with. Then she slid the shirt off of Alyssa and licked and sucked on her nipples as she rubbed up and down Alyssa’s inner thighs. Then Rebecca started rubbing Alyssa’s pussy through her shorts like she was rubbing her own pussy through her shorts. Alyssa rolled her head back and took it all, and then kissed Rebecca on top of her head while tugging at Rebecca’s shirt to pull it off..

At this point I was hard and Rebecca paused briefly, and smiled a tiny bit, letting me know she was noticing before continuing on.

She said that she let Alyssa take off her shirt and kiss her down onto the couch, so she could easily take off Rebecca’s shorts and panties. She said that Alyssa was kissing down her body while she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts; and that by the time Alyssa was at her belly button her shorts were already on the floor. She said that she just held Alyssa’s hair while she took off her panties and kissed and teased the top of her (trimmed) hair, before she felt Alyssa’s wet tongue for the first time on her naked, exposed inner thighs, while tracing and outlining her pussy.

Alyssa ran her tongue along the length of her pussy lips, she said that she also felt one of her pussy lips sucked into Alyssa’s mouth to be softly nibbled on. She then began to tease the little button at the top, swirling her wet tongue around and around and around, never quite touching it the way Rebecca wanted to be touched as she gently pulled her hair in an effort to make her do it.

Then suddenly Alyssa plunged her tongue into her hole, as far as she could go, and then made sucking noises the juices started to flow down her tongue, creaming her face in them. “Oh fuck, that feels good” she said to her hot new lover. Alyssa stopped and looked up at her with hunger in her eyes and inserted two fingers into Rebecca’s swollen pussy. “Oh fuck” Rebecca said when they slipped in deep, she leaned down and forcefully kissed Alyssa, tasting her own juices on Alyssa’s lips and liked it.

As she was telling me this part I started to slowly hump the edge of the bed, she didn’t notice, because her eyes were closed as she was telling me, and her hand was slowly moving under the covers. She was enjoying telling me as much as I was listening.

She said that then she pulled her on friend’s hand to get her fingers out of her (“oh fuck they felt so good” she said while rubbing herself), so she could stand Alyssa up and kiss her better. As Alyssa stood up, Rebecca noticed that Alyssa’s hand was in her own shorts and that as she pulled her hand out, her fingers were slick and shiny.

Alyssa then pulled down her shorts, (sans panties the whole time), and let them lay on the floor. She said that instead of kissing Alyssa, she lifted up Alyssa’s juicy fingers and sucked on them before kissing her.

I asked her how her fingers tasted and she let out a little groan and said that they were tangy and salty and sweet at the same time. She lifted her hand out of the covers of our bed and sucked on her own wet fingers, remembering what Alyssa tasted like, before she continued on in both story and herself under the covers.

She said that Alyssa’s body felt amazing, that she herself felt naked and exposed, but also like she was melting into Alyssas kiss and warm body. She said that she could feel both of their nipples, hers and Alyssa’s, pressing against each other’s bodies as they kissed and let their hands caress each other’s nakedness.

She said that she just wanted to fuck, right then and there, but held back because she was still nervous and shaking a little inside, although it felt incredibly hot and sexy.

Alyssa broke the kiss and asked her “are we having fun yet?” and smiled. Rebecca said that she playfully grabbed Alyssa’s ass and said that she “was just starting to”, for which the reply was a deep tongue kiss and a “follow me”, as Alyssa led her by the hand into her bedroom.

They stopped beside the bed and kissed before lying down, with Rebecca on bottom and her kissing her on top. She said that she felt Alyssa’s leg rub against her swollen pussy and Rebecca started to press down on her leg as she brought up her own and felt Alyssa’s wetness on her leg. They humped each other’s soft leg while kissing and feeling naked skin with their hands, and explored each other’s bodies for a while.

She then said to Alyssa that “I just want to fuck you so hard” and Alyssa thrusted harder and faster down on her leg and let out little moans and deep grunts, trying to cum, but then held back for something better. She said that she would have came herself if Alyssa didn’t break from their kissing and switched ways to lie beside her.

She said that she pulled open Rebecca’s legs and sucked and licked both hard and deep while holding up one of her legs for Rebecca to have access to her pussy too. Rebecca said that the feeling of Alyssa’s long hair on her leg and her wet tongue on and in her pussy almost put her over the edge, her whole body throbbed with each heartbeat, but she noticed Alyssa’s spread legs and (shaved) pussy beside her face.

Rebecca tasted Alyssa’s pussy for the first time. I asked her how it was, to lick another woman’s pussy. She said that she put her face over and licked deep and then licked and sucked hard on Alyssa’s clit, which Alyssa started to move back and forth in her face, and she could barely feel anything but a deep tingle in her whole body.

She said that she felt the whole room spinning and at the same time she could feel Alyssa’s hand on her leg and her fingers going in and out of her while Alyssa sucked and licked her clit. She knew that is what Alyssa would want to have done to her because it felt so fucking awesome. So she pulled back a little so she could slip her hand between Alyssa’s legs and pushed her fingers as deep into Alyssa as she could and then felt Alyssa’s pussy shove down hard onto her deep probing fingers.

She then started licking and sucking on Alyssa again as she enjoyed the feeling of Alyssa shoving her pussy in her face. She could feel more than hear Alyssa moan deep with each thrust of her hips into Rebecca’s face and fingers. Rebecca said that she was licking and fingering as fast and hard and deep as she could, Alyssa’s wetness was covering her face and dribbling down her chin, but she kept going on, licking as much as she could, fingering out as much juice as she could.

She felt Alyssa pull off of her and thrust hard and hard and hard again as her legs clamped down on her head and Alyssa yelled out “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” over and over again with each time she came.

The she said she felt Alyssa’s legs release from their tension and then her whole body went limp as Alyssa lay there just breathing hard and legs shaking a little from their released pressure.

Rebecca said that she slowed her licking and pulled out her fingers altogether, but didn’t stop, she didn’t want to stop tasting that smooth, wet pussy. Then, she said, something she wasn’t expecting happened. She said that when she put her fingers back into Alyssa’s sopping wet pussy hole, and slowly moved them in and out, Alyssa started humping my wife’s face again, “softly and gently at first,” she said, but when Rebecca started licking harder, Alyssa also thrusted her pussy harder.

After Rebecca sucked at Alyssa’s clit and fingered her fast and deep, matching her friend’s hard thrusts, she made Alyssa “cum hard again and again and again with my mouth, I could taste her cumming in my mouth she and she was so intesnse,” she told me with some hard thrusts under the sheets while telling me her story.

Rebecca said that she still didn’t want to stop, but Alyssa told her playfully but insistently “stop, stop, stop. You’re going to kill me.” And she pulled away and said that it was Rebecca’s turn and spread Rebecca’s legs apart and licked deep into her. I could hear her wet clicks coming from her pussy as she told me this story and the bed cover was moving in rhythm to her hand and was starting to breath hard, close to climax in her memory of what had happened. I didn’t want her to cum yet, I wanted to hear all of it, so I asked her “what did she do then?”

She told me that she “grabbed the bed in both of her hands and humped Alyssa’s face.” She said that she felt Alyssa tonguing deep into her in between deep finger thrusts, that “it felt so fucking amazing having Alyssa’s tongue inside” her, and her friend’s fingers inside of her she didn’t last very long. She said that she “fucked her face, ” that she “fucked her face as hard as she could,” and that “her hips left the bed she was thrusting so hard into Alyssa’s face.” She said that with her hips up she shoved her pussy down and came hard onto the deeply inserted fingers and the soft lips of Alyssa’s sucking mouth. “Ohmygod, ohfuckohfuckohfuck”, she told me she had said as she came hard over and over and over on her friend’s face.

She went on to say that she let her hips fall back to the bed as she came more and more. She didn’t think that she “was ever going to stop cumming all over Alyssa’s face,” she just couldn’t stop fucking Alyssa’s wet sucking mouth or get her friend’s fingers deep enough into her as her cum spilled out of her all over Alyssa’s deep lapping tongue that was in her pussy. With that part of the story told she pushed both hands under the covers and finished herself off with rubbing that I couldn’t see. After she came, she went on.

She said that after she calmed down from their lovemaking and her turn cumming with her friend’s mouth, they fell side by side on her friend’s (now wet) bed and kissed each other (which she said that she tasted herself on her friend’s mouth and it started to turn her on a little), and they cuddled for a little bit before taking a shower together.

This was now Friday, and she said that it happened on a Monday and that she was debating telling me ever since, not knowing what my reaction would be. I didn’t say anything. I just pulled myself off from humping the bed and pulled myself out and showed her my rock hard cock. And under the covers I watched her hand move hard again while she watched me cum all over her naked chest until she joined me. I kissed her and thanked her for telling me.

“But,” I said, “You need to make it up to me.” Suspiciously, she looked at me and asked how I thought that she was going to do that. I told her to have Alyssa over this weekend so I can watch it happen again. I said that “I feel that I should get to watch you two go at it,” and then I added “I promise that I wouldn’t join in, or even touch, I would just ‘look but not touch’ (unless she invited me to…)

She said that she didn’t know and rolled over to go to sleep, or just not to look at me.

The weekend came sooner than I wanted, bright in all of its summer brilliance. That next morning nothing was said, even though I gave her a few looks, nothing. So I didn’t bring it back up and went on as though she didn’t tell me at all. That week then went by, Monday through Friday I was kept busy from work and with thoughts of what had happed to her.

I guess I was walking around with a little smile on my face, because someone asked me at work what I was hiding, knowing how much of a joker that I was. I just lied and said that it was Rebecca’s birthday this weekend and I had something special planned for her. Little did I know that she had something planned for me.

Saturday she said that I was to relax and that she was taking some dishes over to a friend’s house (THE friend, I hoped). I took my time showering and getting ready for the day. After I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth, then door bell rang, and to my (not so much) surprise, was Rebecca’s friend standing there.

I told her that Rebecca wasn’t home, but took some dishes to a friend’s house and I didn’t know how long she would be. She said that it was alright and that she would wait (did I detect a small smile?).

I invited her in and offered her something to drink, she took some water, and I had a glass too. She said “So, I hear that your wife told you of what had happened the other week.” I tried to play coy and said “what are you talking about?”

“You know darn well what I’m talking about,” came her response. “I also know what it is you want from her,” she went on to say. “Oh, do you now?”

Nurses in the military learn the power of American cock

Thanks to armywife, mt1rosie, and tampabayed


A US Army sniper sat in a Humvee stopped on a routine patrol near Baghdad, watching an intersection in a quiet area while the rest of the unit checked surrounding streets. “Hey, Bob, check it out! At your 2 o’clock.” Gianetti, the sniper’s spotter, stood up through a hole in the Humvee’s roof, manning the machine gun, pointing off into the distance.

The sniper spotted a ragged woman staggering toward them from an alley. She was not wearing a veil–Blonde hair! She’s not an Arab!

He ran out to her, and she ran into his arms. “Thank you, thank you, oh god, thank you!” He looked beyond her. No one in pursuit. No ambushes. He rushed her back to the Humvee and pushed her inside.

The woman was small, maybe 5’2″, and looked about 24, maybe younger. Long yellow hair, blue eyes. Like a surfer girl, like Gidget grown up. She was scratched and dirty but didn’t look in bad health. A little thin, perhaps.

He crawled back into the driver’s seat. All other seats had been removed (the easier to pack in boxes or cargo), but the Humvee was empty, so the woman crouched in the large, open space. “Hi, I’m Sergeant Bob Miller. Who are you?”

She turned out to be Amelia Jacobsen, a Red Cross nurse kidnapped in an insurgent raid earlier in the war–before the International Red Cross pulled its operatives out of the area. The poor woman ended up sold as a slave, finally “owned”–and kept for nearly a year–by an Iraqi in a house near Baghdad. Her story was incredible:

“He took me to his house and locked me in a room. Then women–I don’t know, 10, 12–came in. They, they prepared me! Washed me. Annointed me with oil–she sighed–trimmed my nails, my toenails–trimmed my pussy-hair–and a massage! Put me down on a couch, hands all over me–rolling me over, caressing my breasts–squeezing them, playing with my nipples–God, it was awesome!” She dropped her head in embarrassment.

Miller cleared his throat. “It didn’t–wasn’t your fault.”

“I was naked–didn’t realize I was–how they got my clothes off, I don’t know–but I was naked in the middle of a dozen Arab women! In his harem!”

“Well, that’s over now, you’re safe–”

–”They dressed me in a silk gown. Finest, sheerest silk. Clung to me like smoke. Draped over my nipples. Dented into my navel.” Another sigh. “And it was transparent. Faintest gray.” She stared off into the distance. “And he came in. Took off his clothes–hairy chest–and I saw his penis…” She shivered.

The poor thing. Miller knew where this was going, and as a male he wasn’t sure what comfort he could give her–didn’t dare take her hand or put his hand on her shoulder–he figured the best thing to do was let her spill it out.

“I was horrified. Big brown thing. As a nurse, I’d seen naked men–bathing them, bandaging them, even massaging them–but he was going to rape me with that!” She had a strange look in her eyes. Not fear. “I’d never such a big cock!”


“He spoke to me. ‘I Achmed Jamgha. You whore of America. Now I am show you how the Arab mans make the earthquake.’” She reached out and grasped Miller’s arm. “I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. Damn, it was big. Like a giant mushroom!” She gulped. “He made me suck it.”

She smiled shyly. “Strange taste. Not ‘delicious’ but not unpleasant. He came in my mouth. At first I was sick, but–it was important stuff. His sperm.” She dropped her face. “I came to like it.”

By then Miller was a little uncomfortable, himself, and shifted in his seat.

“Of course I was ashamed! But–” her grasping hand slid from Miller’s arm to his thigh –”I liked it. I felt like a slut.”

No doubt about it, her squeezes on Miller’s thigh had turned him on. His cock strained painfully in his jockstrap.

She let out a tiny chuckle. “I felt his balls. Sometimes I cupped his scrotum, fondling those big balls while I sucked him. I bobbled them between my fingers.” At that second Miller felt her hand on his balls! He knew he should’ve slapped her hand away–the poor thing was in traumatic-shock–but God, it feels so fantastic!!

When Miller didn’t refuse her, she moved closer, and he felt her warm breath on the side of his face. “By then,” she breathed, “I’d learned how to deep-throat him.” One of her hands stayed groping his balls, the other moved to massage his cock.

She pulled down his zipper, and Miller’s throbbing cock, imprisoned in the white elastic mesh, thrust out like a little parachute between his legs! Still her voice went on, softly, seductively, hypnotically–”when I heard him groan and felt a buzzing in his balls”–she’d worked Miller’s cock out of the jockstrap, and it throbbed hard, sensitive, and ready!

Suddenly she let out a little scream. “Ohmigod! You’re even bigger! My hands won’t go around it!!

Her mouth dropped over Miller’s cock, but no way could she suck him–couldn’t get her mouth over it–not that she didn’t try. Miller, though, was literally at hair-trigger, and when she started sucking at him, licking over his cockhead and nibbling at the broad flare–she got to him! He went over the falls, grunting with each shot he fired off–straight up into the air–and she backed off like a trained puppy trying to catch the globs of sperm as they fell back.

Miller had a big load (hadn’t jacked off in a couple of days), and soon she was covered with it–caught one huge glob in her mouth and choked on it–the cum ran out her nose. Oh, man, first blowjob from a woman since leaving the States! Ohhhh, fuck! His eyes rolled back in his head–and splatters of cum hit his face, too.

Corporal Gianetti, the short guy from the Bronx, watching silently from the machine gun, stroked his own cock, losing it himself when he saw Miller take off. The interior of the Humvee was splattered with drops of sperm.

Amelia stayed bent over Miller, licking and sucking up his semen until finally his dick was so hypersensitive, he had to push her back. She kept massaging his balls. “God, I love this,” she murmured.

When she finally sat up again, she murmured, “I did that for Achmed Jamgha. Every night. All these months.” She looked into Miller’s eyes. “He conquered me. Men can do that, you know. He called me his slut, and all I could do was blush and smile. He knew my body was his.” She closed her eyes. “They knew I belonged to him. Toward the end, they didn’t even lock me in. Knew I couldn’t get away from that cock.” She shivered. “And I couldn’t!”

“But one day I just had to be free. I slipped out of the kitchen when no one was looking.” She lowered her voice. “And now…your cock is even thicker!”

Miller was so horny he felt himself reloading. He reached out and pulled open the buttons of her shirt. No bra. She purred as he began fondling her tits. Nice ones. Big handfuls. When he got her silky, balloon-leg Arab pants down, he saw she wore no underwear. Damn! They kept her ready!

“And you are like Achmed, you big bastard. Never saw muscles like yours.” She smiled at him. “With that curly brown hair and those dark eyes, you can make me your slut.” She gripped his cock again and drew a deep breath. “Yes! You are younger. Faster.” She leaned forward, pressing her tits against his mouth, and as he licked at her nipples, she hissed, “Treat me rough!”

Then she pulled away, faced away from him, then, looking back, she grabbed Miller’s hands and placed them on her hips. Then she bent forward, hands to the floor, and looked back at him.

On fire, Miller rose up from his seat and mounted her. With his cockhead pressed against her wet, sloppy pussy, he heard her murmur, “…my secret is out–I’m wet for you.” She turned and looked shyly. “He lifted me off the floor–my toes barely touching–Ohh, yeahhhh, just like this! Hold my hips in the air in your strong hands–and that big cockhead enters me”–

–At that second, Miller’s “big cockhead” pushed inside Amelia’s already-slimy pussy lips, and her voice became a hoarse growl. “Fuck me! MAKE ME LOVE IT!” As he started humping, she yelled, “FUCK ME LIKE A DOG, YOU BASTARD!!”

The Humvee shook, and crazy with the weirdest fuck of his life, Miller looked up into the narrow, aquiline face of Gianetti, who looked back at him like a short Al Paccino. Pupils dilated, he stood with one hand on the machine gun, the other again stroking his cock. They grinned at each other. The Italian Stallion’s enjoying the show.

He felt a little sorry for the woman, though. She was in a continuing nightmare of Arab fucking–but he wasn’t quite sorry enough to stop thrusting, and if his spotter wanted to jack off to their performance, the sniper had no problem with that.

When Miller hit his climax, and his sperm shot into her, Amelia must’ve cummed, too. She almost washed him out of her cunt with a tidal wave of pussy juice! When Miller finally released her, she slid to the floor, and he collapsed back into the driver’s seat, breathing hard.

She got up and crawled over to him. “Save me! Help me! I was his whore a year, almost! He fucked me three or four times a day!” Her voice dropped to a hiss. “And I loved it! He gave me such a terrible craving, I can’t think of him as a terrorist, an enemy–even unfriendly! My body belongs to him!” She gripped Miller’s arm again. “He knows I’ll crawl back to him! I can’t live without his fucking!! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!!”

Finally she relaxed, exhausted, and fell back onto the Humvee’s floor. She fell asleep–passed out.

-==(^)==-”You are disgusting,” she murmured again, but she moved over to him. Not bad-looking, really. Broad forehead. Nice smile. Square jaw–very masculine. Brunette California lifeguard. At first she swore she would not touch him, but as the big, throbbing organ got closer, she felt her pussy gush another layer of wet, and taking a deep breath, she bent over, reached down, and grasped the big dong.

Amelia was right! “Ohmigod–can’t close–fingers around it!” Her voice was feeble squeaks.

Meanwhile, Miller, whose face was at the same level as hers, bent over to kiss her. The touch of his lips surprised her–He’s kissing me?–She blushed. I burst in here like a prostitute, and even now I’m holding his cock, and he kisses me! She turned her head a little, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. At the same time, Miller busily unbuttoned her uniform.

His hands groped in to fondle her tits. Ah! His hands! A man’s hands are on me! She gulped. He likes my big tits. A thrill went through her.

As he squeezed her tits, he kissed her again on the mouth, more strongly, and Nancy kissed him back–couldn’t help herself. My big tits like you, too.

Miller rather masterfully unhooked her bra and freed her big jugs, and then she felt him pinching and tweaking her nipples–already stiff and erect–and his kiss became a frame around a predatory tongue. Ahh, god! Nancy suddenly understood the power Captain Boyington had over Nurse Bateman–Miller’s hands turned Nancy’s nipples into aching candle-flames burning away her self-control, and she kissed him back with 21 years of passion burning to get out!

Miller knew how to handle women. When he sensed Nancy melting under him, he broke off the kiss, bent his head down, and his lips settled around one of her nipples.

Ah! Oh, god! A new world! Unfamiliar, intoxicating experiences! Her knees were weak, and she could hardly stand. I like you, too, you big, tall bastard. She ran her hands through his curly brown hair.

Miller was in hog heaven. My god, two horny bitches in a single day! This new, tall one was his puppet, controlled by the single string of his sizzling mouth on her nipple, and when Nancy felt him fumbling with her buckle, she could not help but reach down to unfasten the belt for him and pull open her pants.

But when his hand slipped inside her panties, she gasped an outraged command–but it came out as a moan: “Ooooh, God!”

NO! This is going too far! This is not right! I want to save it for my husband!

But in that day of terrible, crescendoing sexual stimulation, Nancy was already so hot, when his finger slid inside her on the juicy coating of her natural lube, she couldn’t stop him–and suddenly realized how silly her objections were. Ever the gallant hero, Miller’s invading finger was accompanied by another kiss, a passionate, tonguing kiss that had Nancy breathless and weak.

At just the right second, Miller broke the kiss, pulled out his finger, and pushed her back. Off-balance, she fell back across the next cot. Aching with frustration, she looked up.

Miller was stripping off his uniform, and suddenly catching on, Nancy pulled off her boots, yanked off pants, shirt, and underwear! As she saw him notice her wet and drooling pussy, she blushed. “You did that to me, you know.” Look at him! Hairy chest. Broad shoulders. Muscles everywhere! And that cock, oh, god!

Miller showed his white teeth in a broad smile. “I can do something else, Ma’am.” He dropped off his cot, squatting on the dirt floor in front of her, crossing his legs Indian-style. He grabbed her legs and dragged her off the cot and onto him, placing her feet on either side of his hips. At first she thought–Oh, no!–he was going to connect her pussy with his cock, but instead he lifted her thighs until, knees bent, her back off the ground, her pussy was about at his face level!

But her shoulders and the back of her head wallowed in the dirt, and she struggled–What am I doing? This is uncomfortable, filthy, DISGUSTING!–but when his tongue found her pussy lips, she gasped, electrified with a thrill she’d never felt before. Suddenly so horny she could do nothing but obey. Nancy writhed in pleasure, never so out of control.

Miller’s powerful hands on her legs controlled her, and she thrilled at how completely he had reduced her to–a cunt. I am only a cunt–and ohh, that tongue! Wallowing in the dirt for him was the most exciting discomfort she’d ever enjoyed.

Her tits bounced back and forth as he licked the edge of her pussy lips like a feather, like a rose petal, and she could hardly breathe: God, he’s incredible! Ah! Ahhh! He knows more about me than I do!

Miller smiled inside. The helpless woman snake-dancing under him proved again what his dad had taught him: “A woman’s all straitlaced and proper, but once you open that little slit at the bottom, out comes more passion than even a man’s got!” The smell of her pussy spread out from her crotch, intoxicating him.

Nancy was going crazy. Her whole body seemed to consist only of folds of soft, moist flesh sending lightning bolts up through her. “Ohh, god,” she moaned over and over. Her only salvation was one precious thought: At least I’m still a virgin!

Miller, his lips wet and slimy, had enjoyed such a meal before and knew when it was time to tip the waitress. He slowly released Nancy, let her relax onto the ground, then got up to sit on his cot again.

Still on fire, Nancy rolled over and looked up at him. Surely this can’t be all!

Her naked body was covered with dirt–”We’ll have to get you cleaned up, baby. But damn, you’re beautiful! Like a jungle queen.”

Nancy crawled over between his spread legs. “I’m still dirty,” she cooed, and without a second thought she took his big cock into her mouth–or tried to. God, this is what Bateman gets from Boyington–she licked and sucked over his cockhead, tasting the salty precum–God, I love to suck cock! In fact, she reached up to fondle one of her own breasts, squeezing her own nipple as she sucked him–Ohh, fuck, this is so good!

Miller placed his hand on her head. “You’re one horny little lady, aren’t you?” He bent down and kissed her ear.

“Mm-hmm!” She’d never been so aroused in her life. Amelia was so, so right! Miller is a fucking stud!

Then she heard The Words: “Wanna fuck?”

At that she backed off his cock. Wait a minute. That would mean he’ll break my–I would be–I would be fucked! A slut! A whore! Her voice was a quiet squeak. “No. No!”

But it was a rhetorical question. When she backed off his cock, Miller had bent down, and his mouth found hers. Seizing the sides of her face, he kissed her again, another high-voltage kiss that poured the amperage of his male lust across the tender flesh of her lips, electrocuting her with his irresistible demand to breed. Lightning zapped all the way from her mouth to her cunt, setting her whole body on fire.

Knowing exactly how to tame the spirited filly, Miller knew the time for gallantry and romance was over. He shoved her roughly back onto the dirt floor, then rolled her over and pushed her head and shoulders between two footlockers. He grabbed her hips and pulled them up until she knelt, ass in the air, head in the dirt, no room to move her arms to support herself.

Nancy gasped, suddenly picturing herself like that whore Bateman, waiting to get rutted by Boyington! But only her brain rebelled. The parts of her body closer to the big, hard cock were aching for it, yearning for it, wanting it to take her.

Miller smiled. It was time. To break her to the saddle, she had to learn who was the plug and who was the socket. For her first time with him, she had to be fucked like a dog. Like a trapped slave. Like a whore.

Nancy’s decency cried, I’ve never been so humiliated, but she couldn’t hear it clearly. She’d never been so hot, so aroused, so eager. And when she felt Miller nudge his big cockhead against her slit–which by then was a drooling, puffy welcome-portal–she couldn’t help but answer the nudge with a counter-lurch of her own, pushing herself back onto him. Couldn’t help herself. I’m being raped. I have an excuse. It’s not my fault.

Oh, fuck, that big cock in my poor cunt will spread me out like barn doors–maybe even injure me! But the sensation was so intense, she could do nothing but cooperate, assist him, give him anything he wanted!

It hurt when he pushed in, but–still a gentleman–he paused. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, get used to me.”

Used to him! Ohmigod, I’m getting used to being fucked! Finally, her desperately wet cunt and Miller’s big cockhead knew each other better–hers stretched over his–and Miller pushed in more.

Nancy’s last thought as an Army officer: This is fraternization! Enlisted man fucking an officer! Against regulations! The thought dissolved into a scream as Miller broke her hymen.

Actually it didn’t hurt as much as she’d heard it would. Maybe it was relaxed. Maybe she didn’t have much of a maidenhead. She didn’t care. I’m a woman!

Miller had found her real character flaw, though. Lieutenant Nancy Colman had a firecracker clit, and as his huge, tree-trunk cock sank into her–

God, Amelia was right! He’s dragging my clit in after–“ARRGH!” Nancy rocketed into a mind-numbing orgasm, the first fuck-climax of her life–and god, he’s not even in all the way yet!!


He had called to let her know he was on his way home so she figured she had about 10 minutes to get everything finished and ready before he walked in the door. He never did tell her how he managed to fly into their city’s little airport, but as long as he was home safely she didn’t care. She was just hoping his wife didn’t find out he was home from the Army a day early!

It had been 6 months since she seen him last. Being stationed overseas for little more than a year had taken its toll but they talked whenever they could and that made it alittle bit easier for both of them. Lately though their talks had become more sexual. Pent up urges just waiting to get out. He was horny as hell and who could blame him. All the naughty pics and videos, little voice recorded messages and R rated texts she sent him only made it worse. She knew he’d get revenge for it all and secretly she was excited to find out what he had planned. But tonight was to be perfect so the hot, rough, sensual sex would have to wait just a little bit longer.

She had dinner warming in the oven, Lasagna, his favorite. She thought he’d like a nice home cooked meal his first night back. She had been busy all day getting the house ready for his arrival. Every room cleaned, towels laid out for his shower and the kitchen table was set for two. Then it all hit her. He was coming home to her! She looked in the hall mirror and realized she had fixed everything but herself! She ran into the bedroom, found a dress that showed just enough in all the right areas and slipped it on. She found her white lace thongs that he loved and slid into them. “Welcome home hunny” she thought looking in the mirror.

She fixed her hair and went to check on dinner. “Lookin and smellin great” she thought. She was just about to pour herself a glass of wine when she heard his truck pull into the driveway. In an instant her nerves took over her body. She heard his truck door shut and his keys jingling. She walked into the living room and leaned against the cool wall.

He stood on the front steps trying to control his nerves. “Get it together man!” he said quietly to himself. He put the key in the lock and turned. Click! He grabbed the doorknob, turned it and pushed open the door. There she was. Leaning against the wall, eyes shut and looking sexy as hell! Took all he had to keep from fucking her right then and there. He put his bag down with a thud. The sound made her open her gorgeous brown eyes.

She smiled at him and asked if he had a good flight. He walked toward her and said, “Yea, could’ve been alittle shorter though.”

She grinned at him and said, ” I’m just glad your finally home.”

He wrapped her in his arms and said, “So am I.” She laid her head on his chest and tried to savor every second. Who knows how long he’ll be home this time? “I smell something delicious,” he whispered in her ear.

His voice soo close to her made her shiver. “It’s your favorite,” she said regretfully breaking their embrace. “It’s almost ready, but you have time to take a shower and get changed first.” God he loved how she knew exactly what he needed without him saying a word.”Towels are laid out, everything is right where you left it so take your time. No rushing anything tonight.” She smiled a sly smile as she walked into the kitchen to finish setting the table and pouring the wine.

‘Damn, I’ma tear that ass up tonight!’ he thought to himself as he watched her walk away. He dropped his bag in their bedroom and went into the bathroom to take a much-needed hot shower.

She heard the shower running and smiled to herself knowing he would be relaxed afterwards. As she bent down to take dinner out of the oven she heard the shower turn off. “I know he’s not don’t that fast” she said to herself. She sat the hot pan on the stovetop and walked down the hall toward the bedroom to see if he needed anything. She knocked on the door, “Babe you need anything?”

“umm yea can u come help me with something real quick.” He replied. She turned the doorknob and pushed open the door only to see him lying naked on the bed, water glistening all over his body.

She stripped off her clothes as she walked toward him. Every nerve in her body wanted to take him right then but she wanted to make it a night to remember. She looked at him, one hand behind his hand, the other stroking his rock hard dick. She slowly climbed onto the bed beside him and took is dick in her hand, a deep moan escaped his lips.

She leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips and then whispered, “Dinner is going to get cold.”

He smiled back at her and said, ” We can reheat it later, and I want my dessert first.”

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to him so he could kiss her more deeply. She moaned into his mouth and stroked his cock alittle faster, all the while grinding her pussy on his leg. He knew she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He had half a mind to fuck the hell out of her right then. But he kept telling himself to slow down; he wanted to take in every inch of her. He reached between their bodies and slid a finger in between her pussy lips. Her grip tightened alittle around his cock letting him know she enjoyed what he was doing to her.

He pushed her onto her back and continued to finger her pussy while he started to suck on her beautiful breasts. The more he played with her pussy the more she wanted his dick buried deep in it! She needed him now, no more waiting! She pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips. She took his hard dick in her hand and stroked it up and down a few times… smiling when she seen the drop of pre-sum glisten on the head. She looked at him, eyes full of lust and sexual need.

He grabbed her hips as if to answer her silent question. She closed her eyes and guided his cock to her wet, waiting pussy and slowly lowered her pussy onto it. They both moaned loudly as he entered her pussy. 6 months of talking and teasing had come to this; she opened her eyes and looked at him. He had this look of carnal desire on his face. It frightened her but at the same time turned her on. She was ready for him, at least she though she was.

He grabbed her by the hips and never once leaving her pussy, rolled her onto her back and started fucking her pussy good.

“Oh fuck baby, your pussy is so tight. Yea, this is what you want isn’t it.”

All she could do was moan and damn near scream from the pleasure he was giving her. All of a sudden he withdrew his dick, she gave him a disappointed moan as she opened her eyes.

“Hands and knees, NOW.” He ordered. She loved it when he took charge.

She obediently got on her hands and knees toward the edge of the bed. With him standing on the floor he had the perfect angle to fuck that perfect ass of hers. He slid two fingers into her pussy and started to slowly fuck her. She pushed her ass back to meet his movements, trying to drive his fingers deeper into her pussy.

“Horny tonight are we?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Baby, please fuck me. I need your dick deep in my pussy.”

He had heard her say those words before but tonight the tone in which she said them was different; almost pleading him to fuck her, damn near desperate. He took his fingers from her pussy, covered in her sweet, slick juices and placed them at her puckered asshole. She gasp at the thought of him fucking her ass but she wanted him soo badly she was up for anything; as long as he was fucking her. She pushed her ass back letting him know she was ready. He slowly pushed his fingers into her ass, looking up the bed he noticed her death grip on the sheets and her breathing was labored. He slid 2 fingers from his other hand into her pussy and started to slowly fuck both her holes at the same time.

“Baby I’m gonna cum.. Oh fuck me baby. Fuck me now!” She yelled.

He quickly removed his fingers from her ass and replaced them with his dick. She screamed out as he buried his dick deep in her ass. She pushed back against him meeting his strokes, tightening her muscles around him. He was going to cum sooner than later and he wanted her to cum with him.

“Baby I’m gonna fill your sweet ass with cum. Cum for me babe. Cum for me!”

He reached around and pinched her clit, sending her over the edge. The combine tightening of her muscles and the sight of his dick going in and out of her ass pushed him over the edge with her. They both came long and hard. She never thought her orgasm would end, almost didn’t want it to. His was just as long, not wanting to pull completely out of her ass he kept fucking her slowly until his dick was soft and slipped out.

They collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms. “Relax before dinner huh?” he whispered into her ear.

She looked at him and giggled. “That WAS the plan.”

She said to him as she got up and seductively walked out of the bedroom. He looked down at his semi-hard cock, ‘this is going to be a LONG night,’ he thought with a grin.

My special thanks for much assistance and helpful criticism to Mriceman1964, without whom much would not have been possible!


Louise lay in Dylan’s arms, looking at him, trailing her fingers through his soft dark chest hair, patterns and swirls delineating the rippling muscles of his torso, outlining his nipples and forming into a central band that swooped down to unite with his wiry pubic hair, her head filled with images of him and her need for him. He’d come home to her, and loved her like she’d always wanted, sealed the two of them together, asked her the thing she’d always longed to hear him say. She’d loved him since as long as she could remember, her world always revolving around him, her need to see him, touch him, hear his voice, feel his presence. When he’d gone away, a band had tightened around her chest, constricting with every day he was gone, the pain distant but ever present. Seeing him yesterday, at the train station, tall and gorgeous, the man she’d always known was there in the boy who’d left, had snapped that band, spinning it away like it had never been, and her need for him had risen up, her heart turning over and slamming into her ribcage like a wildcat attacking the bars of its cage. Somehow they would be together, if she had to wait 5 years, so be it, she’d wait for him, he was worth it. And when they were together, it would be forever, she would see to that.

Dylan was thinking along the same lines. He’d spent the last three years thinking about her, day-dreaming about her, and now, the thing he’d only ever allowed himself to dream in the deepest caverns of his mind had come to pass. She was stunning, a knockout, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, and she’d come to him like he’d fantasised, taken him to places he’d only ever dreamed of, said the things he’d most wanted to hear, was lying here, now, his for the taking again, and again. He would never do that, her gift of herself was far too precious, and he revelled in the knowledge that she had pledged herself to him forever, as he had to her.

He gathered her in, kissing her passionately as his need for her rose up and burned through him, his cock hardening instantly with the need to unite with her again, share what she offered him so freely, give himself to her again.

They slid down the bed together, Dylan showering her with kisses as his hands roamed over her, touching, stroking, fondling, Louise no less tactile, her hands holding him and fondling his cock, his scrotum, making him ache with need for her, for release inside her body. They rolled together on the bed, legs and arms entwining as they kissed, sighs and moans of need escaping from them as their bodies yielded to each other, finally coming to rest with Dylan on top of her, Louise looking deeply into his eyes as he searched hers questioningly.

She smiled and lightly kissed his face, pulling him to her, and his hands slid over her body as he mounted her, holding himself above her as she positioned him, then pushing gently into her, her eyes widening as she stretched to accommodate him, her breath coming in short huffing gasps as she took him all in. When he was buried in her to the hilt, he started moving, backing out to slide back in, the way easier this time, and so it went, Louise moving against him, pushing back as he pushed into her, grinding herself against him, rubbing her clitoris against him, working herself up. He began to speed up, Louise matching him stroke for stroke, the only sounds their gasping as they approached their mutual climax, excitement mounting as they humped and pumped at each other, until, with a muffled cry, Louise came, her vagina squeezing and clenching at him as it convulsed, her breath coming in high-pitched moaning gasps, taking Dylan with her, his groan no less loud as he climaxed, sperm jetting out of him and into her depths, long, pulsing ejaculations, emptying himself into her, the sensation incredible as he came like never before.

At last, they both fell back, sated, muscles twitching and quivering in reaction to their exertion, hands seeking out each other, to hug and fondle each other as the afterglow engulfed them.

Louise touched his face gently, making him open his eyes and smile at her. “Dyl, this is all I want to do, all the time you’re here. I don’t want to go anywhere, do anything except this, this is the best I’ve ever felt, and I don’t want it to stop!” she smiled. “I’ve wanted you for so long, I want as much of you as I can have before you have to leave again. Do you mind?”

Dylan grinned back at her. “Lou, this is my idea of heaven, you’re just perfect, and I already told you, I have no intention of going anywhere or doing anything. You’ve locked me up with you, and it’s the best feeling in the world!”

Louise smiled, slipping her arms around his neck to pull herself close enough to kiss him long and deeply, her slim, supple body pressed tightly against him as she enjoyed the feel and the nearness of him.

They spent the morning in bed, holding each other as they slept, to awaken and resume exploring and kissing, gently maintaining connection, content to hold and touch each other.

At lunch, Louise cocked her head at Dylan, grinning. “Dyl, I’ve changed my mind, I want to go to the cinema, take me to the movies, Soldier Man!” Dylan grinned in embarrassment. “Lou, I don’t have…” Louise smiled.

“I’ve got a Student Card, so it’s my treat, come on, slowcoach, get dressed, we’re going to the pictures!”

They eventually decided on the cinema in the Meridian Leisure Park, in Leicester, Louise getting a 50% discount for being a student, and settled down in the back row to watch some American rom-com movie that Dylan had never heard of. At first he was bemused; Louise had never been fond of the cinema when she was growing up, so this was definitely a departure for her. They were holding hands, Dylan resting their joined hands on his lap, when he felt Louise’s hand squirm free, coming to rest directly on his lap, her fingers lightly tracing his cock. He looked at her, but she appeared to be completely absorbed in the film, her long legs showing up beautifully under her short denim skirt.

Gradually her hand movements in his lap became more directed, her fingers tracing out the outline of his cock more definitely, and his cock responding to her rhythmic stroking, hardening under her stroking fingers. Now she began rubbing the palm of her hand over his cock, pressing it down, feeling him getting harder the more she rubbed.

Her hand moved to his zipper, inching it down until his fly was open, and sliding her hand inside to grasp his now fully erect cock. She began squeezing and massaging him, Dylan trying not to groan as she worked him up. He popped his waistband button, allowing Louise to slide her hand down inside his shorts and wrap her warm hand around him, pump and squeeze him some more. Now, for the first time, she looked at him, a wicked little grin on her face as she pulled down the front of his shorts, holding his cock upright, and dropping down to lay her head in his lap, sliding her lips over him to lick the tip of his throbbing erection.

His face contorted with the effort of remaining silent as she sucked and licked him, her head bobbing as she sucked, cheeks hollowing with the effort.

Dylan was desperately trying to hold back, and glanced around for something, anything to distract him from the acute sensations he was feeling, noticing for the first time two other couples also seated along the back row, one couple on either side of them, the females also with their heads firmly in their partner’s laps; one of the guys looked at Dylan, grinned and thumbed-up him, and Dylan could only grin back; evidently the matinee showing was popular with more than just the bored or the broke…

Louise’s talented tongue and mouth was having a definite effect, and he could feel his balls tightening, the juncture of his thighs beginning to tingle with that pre-ejaculation prickle, and his sperm was definitely beginning to boil over.

Lou…It’s …I’m coming…!” he managed to gasp out.

Louise redoubled her efforts, and Dylan lost all control, shooting long ropes of hot sperm into her hungry mouth, his hips bucking and his abs tightening as he had to restrain himself from pounding into her mouth. At last, his cock stopped spurting, and Louise licked and cleaned him, polishing his head with her tongue before tucking his rapidly deflating cock back into his shorts, pulling the front back up and patting him gently on the crotch.

“There now, Dyl, that was a good film, wasn’t it?” she asked him innocently, Dylan grinning as he nodded agreement, busily doing up his fly and re-buttoning his jeans.

They got up to leave, passing the couple who’d caught Dylan’s eye earlier, the man grinning and quickly brushing knuckles with Dylan as they squeezed past, his girl sitting raptly watching the movie as though nothing untoward had taken place.

They got back into the car, and Dylan pulled Louise closer to give her a ‘thank-you’ kiss.

“Where did you come up with that then, you dirty girl?” he grinned.

Louise smiled back. “You hear a lot of things, and some of them stick in your mind. I know the matinees are popular for that, half the girls in my tutor group have been here doing it, which is why I know about it!”

Dylan grinned even wider. “Still, what you did was very naughty. I think I’ll have to punish you!”

Louise grinned back, playing along. “Oh, please, I think I need to be punished for being so dirty!”

“Lou, just find somewhere quiet while I think about how I’m going to punish you!”

They drove away from town, finding the A-roads that took them into a rural part of the county, eventually spotting a secluded lane with low overhanging trees.

“That’ll do!” grinned Dylan.

The car rolled to halt, and he jumped out, ran around to the drive’s side and almost pulled Louise from the car, walking her to the front of the car, and sliding her onto the hood in one movement, stepping between her knees to take her face between his hands and kiss her, a long, slow, passionate kiss.

He stepped back and slid his hands up under her skirt, hooking the waistband of her panties, and pulling them down to her knees in one quick jerk. Louise giggled, kicking them off and draped her arms over his shoulders, giving him a deep, wet, erotic kiss, licking his lips and sliding her tongue around in his mouth, rasping his tongue with hers. Dylan’s hands came up to her breasts, rubbing her nipples through her top, feeling them erect as he realised she wasn’t wearing a bra, and tugged her top up to feel her warm firm flesh in his palms.

Taking hold of her legs behind her knees, he pulled her towards him and draped her legs up over his shoulders, dipping his head down to lick across her labia, making her gasp as his tongue brushed her hooded clitoris. Dylan bored in further, lapping at her labia, feeling them swell and part as they engorged, smelling the warm, fresh scent of her arousal.

He pointed his tongue and pushed the tip deep into her recess, teasing her pink and glowing inner lips, touching her emerging clitoris, feeling the little bead harden and swell against his tongue. He licked gently at her bead, lapping at her juices, tasting her, Louise moaning and gabbling incoherently, her head thrashing from side to side as he pleasured her, her hands clamped behind her knees, holding herself wide open for him.

He gently sucked her clitoris between his lips, and rubbed his tongue across it, feeling her orgasm tremble through her, hearing her guttural moans as she came continuously in waves of pleasure, pushing her wet and swollen vulva against his mouth, as his tongue rubbed and flicked inside her. As she was riding the wave of orgasms, he pointed his tongue and pushed it as hard as he could into her tight little anus, and Louis screamed in release as she came like a thunderbolt, her juices squirting from her swollen cunt, a first for her, flooding his mouth and bathing his chin with her honeyed fragrance, her whole body wracked with tremors as she climaxed harder and more completely than she had ever thought possible. Sobbing with the intensity of her release, her body trembling and quivering, she slumped back against the car hood, eyes squeezed shut and tears glimmering at the corners as aftershocks and mini orgasms chased their tails through her.

Dylan pulled her upright, let her lean against him as she slowly came down, Louise kissing him gently, lovingly, while he stroked her hair, held her close, brushed his lips against her, ran his hands over her lovely svelte frame, eventually clamping two hands over her lovely taut buttocks as he kissed her deeply, tongue and lips conveying all he felt for her.

“Wow Dyl, I’ve never done that before, it was amazing, you’re amazing! Let me take care of you, now, I can feel you…!” she whispered.

“No Lou, I want you in your bed, naked, making love, not roughing-it in a country lane!” he whispered back. “I want to take my time, eat you slowly!”

Louise grinned. “OK Darling, when we get home, anything you want…anything! “

Dylan grinned back happily, watching as she slid her panties on, anticipating when he was going to get to slide them off again. When she was done, he enfolded her in his arms again, kissing her long and hard, his hands squeezing and moulding her shapely firm bottom, she responding by grinding against him, feeling his cock flex and harden against her mound.

The drive back home was interminable, or so it seemed to Dylan, although it was probably no more than twenty minutes or so; his aching erection made it seem longer, and the sly glances and knowing little smile on Louise’s face weren’t helping matters, either. As soon as they rolled to a halt, he was out of the car, tugging open the driver’s door to speed Louise out of her seat, and if he didn’t know better, he would have sworn she was taking her time, torturing him, making him wait for the pay-off.

Louise smiled brightly at him, took his hand and strolled to the front door, fumbling with her keys, finally getting the right one, Dylan in an agony of anticipation, hustling her inside as soon as the door opened, slamming it behind him as he grabbed her, spun her round and clamped his mouth over hers, pushing her back against the wall, Louise kissing him back no less fiercely.

She tugged his shirt out of his jeans as she wrapped her legs around him, Dylan holding her against the wall with his hands tightly clasping her buttocks, his erection pressing against her as she rubbed herself against him, an animal moan of need escaping both of their mouths as they ground and rubbed against each other.

Dylan broke away first, letting her down to stand shakily. “Bedroom, now!” he croaked, Louise already unbuttoning his shirt as he tried to kick off his shoes and unbutton his jeans at the same time. He grabbed her hand, hurrying to the bedroom, to stand by the bed and tug down her skirt, Louise yanking off her top to stand in only her tiny panties.

Now Dylan got to slide them off, and he savoured the moment; slowly sliding a girl’s panties off is an erotic treat for virtually all men, and he was no exception, the swish of the material sliding down silky thighs, the sight of a gradually bared pussy or exposed buttocks just so damned sexy! He pulled her close, lips and hands playing over her, Louise gasping as he nibbled her neck, her shoulders, clasped and spread her buttocks apart, his hands sliding into that shadowed cleft, finger sliding gently over the sensitive little pucker concealed there.

Her own hand worked him, pumping and squeezing, rubbing the head of his engorged, highly stimulated cock with her thumb, spreading the lubricant seeping from him over the head and down the shaft, her lips working at his neck as he switched his attention to her wet slit, sliding first one then two fingers into her, rubbing her clitoris, making her gasp and squirm against him.

Dylan edged her backwards, until she sat on the bed, his cock at the right height for her to take him into her mouth, taste him as she sucked and squeezed him, her head bobbing as she fellated him.

Dylan reluctantly withdrew from her delicious mouth, urging her up onto the bed as he lay down next to her, his lips finding hers as his fingers once more probed and gently rubbed her wet pussy, Louise humping herself against his hand now, her lips hungrily clamped to his as he frigged her, while she found and pumped his rock-hard cock.

Dylan moved between her thighs, lying on top of her for a moment, nibbling and licking her lips, and then, in one swift movement, slid his cock into her, burying himself to the hilt in her tight sheath.

Her eyes snapped open wide at the sudden invasion, her gasp muted by her mouth pressed hard against his. Dylan pumped harder and harder, Louise holding him and raking him with her fingertips as he plunged his cock into her like a jack-hammer, humping madly, a torrent of sensation bursting through her as he roughly fucked her.

Dylan reared up, and took hold of her calves, pulling her legs up, draping them over his shoulders and tilting her pelvis up to increase the angle of penetration, and now he leaned down over her, forcing her knees almost level with her shoulders, pumping as hard as he could, tremors rippling through her body with the force of his hammering into her. Her breathing began to come in hitching gasps, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as he pumped her full of his cock, Louise in ecstasy as her orgasm built in waves, hot liquid sensation emanating from deep inside her womb. On and on Dylan hammered, sweat rolling down his face, watching Louise build, wave after wave rippling through her, until finally it was too much.

With a muted scream, she came in a roaring wave of hot ecstasy, eyesight blurring with the intensity of her orgasm, her vagina pulsing as her cervix convulsed, her juices squirting in a hot wave, soaking his cock and balls, the rippling walls of her vagina clenching and sucking at him, squeezing him, pushing him over the edge. Dylan came with a hoarse bellow, his over-stimulated cock lurching and bucking like a live thing as a spray of semen shot out of him to coat the walls of her pussy, then another, then another, filling her with his seed.

Finally, his cock stopped pumping, the torrent of sperm reduced to a trickle as his body refused to give up any more. Dylan lay on top of her, his weight on his elbows, tenderly kissing and being kissed by Louise, all need satisfied for now; now they were content to just hold and taste one another. Louise smiled up at him, grinned sleepily and rubbed her finger over the contours of his face.

“That’s never happened to me before, and now twice in one day, what have you done to me, you sexy soldier-beast you!”

Dylan just smiled, and pulled her into him, letting her breathing lull him to sleep.

They awoke to the sound of Dylan’s army-issue unlisted cell-phone ticking; someone was texting him. All members of his unit were issued with one when going on leave, to ensure they were easy to contact if they were needed. He read the text message, Louise looked at his face, guessing it was bad news, tears already welling up in her eyes.

“Lou, something’s up, I’ve been recalled to Hereford, we’re being stood-to!”

Louise looked confused. “Dylan, why are you going to Hereford, the Para’s are based in Colchester, what are you doing in Hereford, that’s where the SAS is…Oh my God, you joined that mob up there! Oh Dylan, what have you done, they get sent to all the worst places, the dirtiest jobs!”

Dylan’s face reddened. “I can’t talk about it Lou, please, no more questions. All I know is something’s kicking-off, and I’ve got to go back. Shit! Shit, shit, shit! My first proper fucking leave in three fucking years, and this shit happens!”

Louise watched in silence as he packed his stuff, muttering all the while. At last he finished, turned to her, held her close.

“I didn’t think this would happen, Lou, honest, I thought I was going to have some real time with you; maybe this is just a precaution, and I’ll get stood down again soon. Whatever happens, I promise, I’ll come back to you, soon as I can, I swear!”

They tried to make love, but neither one of their hearts was in it, Dylan too preoccupied with his upcoming mobilisation, and Louise worrying where he was going, and whether he’d come back to her. They turned in after a light dinner, but neither one of them slept much; Dylan held her close all night long, absorbing every detail of her, making as many memories of her as he could to keep for when he was away, and Louise holding him tightly, treasuring the now, not knowing when, or if, she’d ever see him again.

The drive to Nuneaton was silent, both of them still too preoccupied with their thoughts to chatter, Dylan worried about Louise; she’d not said a word since last night, and Louise already missing him, wanting him back, cursing the army, but saying nothing – in her heart she knew, this was what he wanted, and he’d be something less than what she knew he was if he didn’t follow his own heart, the way she had.

When they arrived, she waited while he got his Travel Warrant notarised, and hugged him on the concourse, her head flat against his chest, listening to his heartbeat while they waited for his connection to Birmingham. At last, Dylan could stand the silence no longer, and pulled back to say something, but she grabbed his face and pulled him to her, kissing him long and passionately, desperately, clutching at him as though she could keep him from leaving.

Dylan kissed her back, all his longing for her coming out in his kiss, his arms tightening around her as though she could anchor him back, stop him from getting on the train. At last he broke their kiss, wiping the tears from her face with his thumbs, lightly pinching her nose to see her smile.

“I promised you I’d be back soon, and I will, and we’ll be together, just like we said. This can’t last forever, whatever it is – most likely we’ll be deployed to run in and gather intelligence, then scram, quick-in, quick-out, no-one any the wiser; that’s what we’re there for, to make any ground assault easier for the regular boys, so I’m not looking at a long deployment, wherever it is – I’m guessing it’s the Gulf again, so it’s probably not going to be a protracted fire-fight!”

Louise listened to him, so confident and assured, and felt a surge of pride that her brother, her man, was one of the elite, trusted to do a job, and do it right, that damned few could do at all.

“Dyl, you be careful, OK? You promised you’d come back, I’m holding you to it – we have babies to make!” she smiled gently, and he smiled back, overcome with love and tenderness for this beautiful girl he loved and wanted so much, his sister.

“Don’t worry, Lou, I promised to put a ring on your finger, and I will! Arhoswch i mi, Cariad Louise!” (Wait for me, darling Louise!)

Louise pulled his head down to brush his lips with hers. “Bydd i aros i chi, Cariad Dylan, i addo i chi!” (I will wait for you, darling Dylan, I promise you!) she smiled at him,

“Yn dod yn ôl yn fuan, Milwr!” (Come back soon, soldier!) she added, tears running down her cheeks, Dylan gently wiping them away and kissing her eyes.

When he arrived back in Hereford, he took a taxi to the Lines, wondering what was so important that they were being stood to. After reporting to the Guard Commander, he returned to his barracks to change into CS95 battledress, and waited to be told what to do next, along with all the other occupants of the barracks.


Dylan jumped down from the ramp of the Hercules C-130, looked around in distaste. So this was Kuwait, Fort Blair Mayne Camp. What a fucking dump. At least some of his mates from 16th Air Assault were here, and he was being mustered with them, along with 1 Royal Irish and 2 Gurkha Rifles. No insignia were on show, he and all his team were wearing 16th Air insignia so as not to give away their presence. They were called to parade, and stood at ease as the Royal Irish CO, Col Tim Collins made his famous speech; “we go to liberate, not conquer… we will not fly our flags in their country…show respect for them…the enemy should be in no doubt that we are his nemesis…it is a big step to take another life…” the speech rolled on, reminding them that their duty was to be a credit to their country, that they would not revel in the killing of their fellow man, that they were liberators, not conquerors, and that they were there to remove a dictator. Dylan was moved by it despite himself.

That evening, his troop was mustered and armed up; they were all issued night vision binoculars, personal role radios, HK33′s and clips, an assortment of HE, WP and smoke grenades, and pistols and clips, and split into six teams.

After they’d been briefed for their reconnaissance mission, the six teams piled into snatch Land Rovers, dangerously lightly armoured, but fast and agile, ideal for their purpose, and sped off to be dropped at their assigned positions.

For two days they sat on watch in their lay-up positions (LUP’s), periodically sending coded sit-reps, sweeping for signs of troop concentrations or movements, mechanized columns, any sign the enemy was on the move, sleeping in shifts, each of them on a hair–trigger, keyed-up and expecting trouble. When it came, it was fast and brutal. The first warning Dylan got was the intense flare in his left eye as a sighting laser shone directly into it, the red glare seeming to go right through his eye and bounce off the back of his skull. As he swore and clapped his hand to his eye, someone opened up with a GPMG. Dylan couldn’t respond; his eye ached and all he could see was a large purple circle filling his field of view. Blinded as he was, he brought his weapon to bear to return fire, trying to pinpoint where the MG position was by hearing alone, and an incoming round shattered on his HK33, batting it out of his hands, the fragments slamming into his left eye and side of his face. He screamed and went over backwards, and another round furrowed his temple. Dylan saw stars, tasted brass, and everything went dark and silent.

He was being bounced around, his head aching, the left side of his face and neck on fire, his left eye feeling like a needle was stuck in it. He stirred, feeling something on his face, across his eyes, and a hand slapped his hand away. “Leave it, Dylan, let the med team deal with it!” said a voice, one that he vaguely recognised, and he lay back, trying to work out where he was.

He was being driven somewhere, had something happened? What? He fumbled with his jacket; he was wearing a tactical vest, had he been injured on exercises? “What happened? ”

“Iraqi patrol saw something moving, panicked, blew everything they had right on top of us, didn’t spot the LUP at all, just got lucky. We got them all, though; you got smacked good in the face, looks OK now, just don’t touch it, med team will sort it. Lucky fucker, you get to grope some Lumpy Jumper nurse, just make sure you pick a pretty one!”

The vehicle slid to a halt and he was lifted out, slid onto a waiting trolley and wheeled into a bright room, the lights showing round the edges of whatever was on his eyes. He was quickly stripped of his vest and DPM shirt, and felt his arm being swabbed. “Just a little sting, now, there we are. Count to ten, please Dylan!” He started counting out loud, and remembered no more.

He came round in a small tented ward, apparently he was the only occupant, all the other beds still had shipping plastic covers. He realised only his right eye was open, and felt his left, there was a large dressing completely covering his eye, more dressings on his cheek and the side of his neck. Just then a major walked in, stethoscope slung around his neck, smiled at Dylan and picked up his chart, flipped through it.

“So Dylan, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“I feel fine, except, why…what happened to …my eye feels funny, sir, that’s about all. What happened?”

The doctor looked at him, gently peeled back the dressing on his eye, looked grave for a moment, then taped it back with more micro-pore tape.

“Dylan, you were hit in the eye, face, and neck with bullet fragments from a jacketed round. We removed several fragment from your eye, and one had nicked your external carotid artery. You should thank your mates, they did a good job of stopping the bleeding and getting you back here in good time. Your neck is going to be fine, and your sutures are healing well, but you may have some minor scarring to your face.

However, the prognosis for your eye is not good. By sheer bad luck, you looked right into a laser sight or some other high-intensity coherent light source as someone was targeting you, it was apparently a low-power unit, but it was enough.

“The retina is scarred and flash-burned, while the lens was punctured by several smaller metallic fragments; it will be blurry when the dressing is removed. We can look at replacing the lens; laser surgery would not be helpful or advisable in your case, so an ocular implant, a refractive lens, might alleviate some of the blurring. The lacerated sclera and conjunctiva will heal nicely, and you can have a corneal graft to repair the damaged cornea, but the vision in your left eye is significantly impaired, and it’s not going to improve over time.

I’m afraid your service days are numbered, Dylan – sorry, I don’t know any better way to say it except to say it like it is. We can repair most of the damage, but the retina is too compromised to offer any realistic chance of better than about 50% visual acuity, and probably significantly less. I’m sorry.”

He left Dylan to chew over his words. He was off Ops, that was for sure; nobody needed a one-eyed soldier, so what did he do now? He was thinking about that when a head poked around the corner. “Knock, Knock!” said a voice he recognised, and there was Captain ‘Johnnie’ Walker, grinning at him.

“I heard you were in here, didn’t figure you for a sick-bay ranger, Dylan! Bloody hell, don’t you look like England’s last hope!” he grinned. Dylan couldn’t help but grin back.

“I’m sorry about what happened, Dylan, I spoke with the doctor, he filled me in, bad luck, the one thing you couldn’t plan on, happened. I suppose you know…?”

Dylan nodded. “Yes sir, I’ll be signed-off and sent home. After that, well…”

Johnnie Walker took out a pen and a small notepad. “When you get home, call this bloke. He’s always looking for people just like you, ex SAS, other specialists; I think you might find it worth your while. “

Dylan smiled lopsidedly. “Thank you sir, once I get home I’ll definitely give him a call, see what happens.”

“See you do, Dylan, I mean it, it might just be the best call you ever made!” he added cryptically.

Dylan was formally discharged on medical grounds from the armed services 3 weeks later. The hardest part for him was handing back his Winged Excalibur pin. His troop commander gave it back to him. “You keep it, Dylan, you earned it.”

He wore an eye-patch over his damaged left eye, otherwise the dim, blurry image crossed with the perfect image from his good eye made him feel dizzy and sick. When he stepped off the plane he looked around, taking a deep breath, savouring his last day in service, and spotted Louise, jumping and waving her hands at him. He grinned and quickened his pace, almost running as he closed with her. She bolted for him, and he caught her, swinging her around, then bent down to kiss her, her arms going around his neck as she kissed him back, oblivious to the people around them, returning soldiers hugging their loved ones, caught up in each other. Waiting with the other families, so as to let them reunite first, Harry and Jane stared in shock at each other.

Louise was the first to speak, “Oh Dylan, look at your poor face, and your eye, Oh God, what happened, really? The Ministry of Defence didn’t tell us anything except that you’d been injured and discharged, I’ve been worried sick!”

She gently stroked the barely healed stitches, feeling the corrugations where the bullet shrapnel had furrowed his cheek with a network of fine white scars.

Dylan filled her in with the bare facts, her eyes welling up as she learned of the true extent of his injuries. “Oh Dylan, I’m so sorry, on your first mission too, I really am sorry, I know how much the service meant to you!”

Dylan grinned back at her. “Not to worry, at least now you’ve got me full-time! Plus, I’ve got options, I’ve got a number to call, Johnnie Walker gave it to me, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, can we go home, I missed you?” he leered happily at her. He still hadn’t seen Harry or Jane; they were both standing on his blind side.

Harry cleared his throat. “Umm, Dylan, we need to talk to you…about just now…you and Louise…” Dylan looked astonished to see them as he spun round, and looked puzzled, then his eye widened as he realised that they must have seen him kissing Louise, and not the way a brother’s supposed kiss his sister…

“Oh, OK” he mumbled, his face reddening. Louise paled, but tightened her grip on his arm, sliding her arm through his and pulling herself closer to him.

“Uncle Harry, Aunty Jane, you saw us so you know,” she began, “so there’s nothing more to say; we know, and we know you won’t approve, but this is what we want!”

Jane looked upset, ready to cry. “Louise, this is wrong, you…and Dyl, you can’t be serious, he’s your…Oh my God, think what you’re saying, please, both of you…!”

Louise set her jaw. “Aunty Jane, Uncle Harry, thank you for coming along today, we appreciate it, really, but this is not the place to discuss this, nor the time. We’ll come and see you on the weekend; I have to get back, I have classes and lectures, and Dylan needs some rest, so we’ll see you on Saturday. Come on, Dylan!”

Dylan and Louise walked back to the civilian car-park, Harry and Jane trailing helplessly behind them, saying nothing, their eyes and expressions speaking volumes.

When they got to their cars, Jane pulled Dylan by his arm, and as he turned, hugged him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Welcome home, Dyl, you poor boy, Im ‘jyst yn falch eich bod yn ddiogel, anwylaf Dylan!” (I’m just glad you’re safe, dearest Dylan!)

Harry watched as Louise drove away, thinking about what had just transpired. He was reluctant to say anything or condemn them outright, he wanted to know how long this had been going on, and work out if there was any way to make this come out right. Jane watched him, seeing the internal debate. Shaking his head, Harry pulled away, it was a long drive back to North Wales, no sense in delaying any longer; they’d speak about it on Saturday.

Louise drove in silence, flicking her eyes between the road and Dylan. He sat silently, lost in thought, or so it seemed. Actually, he kept reflexively trying to see out of the passenger-side window, but his covered eye meant he had to turn his whole head to do that, and it got to be tiring very quickly. Also, he was trying to not think about Louise too much – it was two hours or so to Leicester, it would seem much longer if he had to nurse a raging erection all the way there! After a while, Louise noticed he was asleep, poor baby, it must have been really tiring, flying all night in a C-130.

Dylan woke up as the car slowed before turning into the road Louise lived on, quick disorientation passing as the familiar front door came in sight. He jumped out and grabbed his bag from the rear seat, waited for Louise to open the door and stepped into his new home. He sighed at the thought, and took his bag through to the main bedroom, dumping his kit and shucking his shirt, changing into a khaki T-shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror, missing his unit already, knowing there was no way back in. “Well Dylan, you may bleed green, but you’re a civilian now, get used to it!” he mused to his reflection, sighed again, and went looking for Louise.

She was in the kitchen, rooting around in the fridge, and as she stood up two hands came around her waist, slid up to cup her breasts, pull her back against what felt like a very healthy erection pressing between her bum cheeks.

“Hi, little girl, mind if I squeeze your tits?” whispered Dylan hoarsely in her ear, and she squirmed around to hold him, kiss him as she ground back against him, grabbing hold of his crotch and grinning into his lips.

“Hello, soldier, want to fool around for a while?” she whispered, and Dylan’s hands slid down to take hold of her buttocks, pull her harder against him.

They kissed and ground against each other for a few more seconds before breaking to grin at each other, then made a break for the bedroom by mutual assent, hurtling through the door and tumbling onto the bed.

Dylan slid his hands under Louise’s skirt, feeling her panties stretched tight over her taut bum, hooking his fingers into the waistband and sliding them down as far as he could, and clasping her warm, firm cheeks to squeeze and fondle them. Louise rubbed and squirmed against him, his erection felt solid and ready, and she wanted to feel it, hold it, experience it again; too many nights alone remembering how well he’d fucked her before had taken their toll, and she could only masturbate so much over their nights together before the need for him overwhelmed her. Now she had him back, and all her nerve endings were thrilling with the need for his body against hers, his cock moving inside her, his lips as he drove her crazy for him.

She fumbled with the button on his DPM trousers, Dylan quickly rolling her off him as he kicked them off, pulled his T-shirt off and helped her pull her top over her head. Louise pulled off her scrunchie and shook out her glorious hair, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the ground beside the bed, letting Dylan feast his eyes on her naked perfection. Slipping her panties all the way off, she slid next to him, Dylan lifting his hips to allow her to tug his shorts off and take hold of him.

He gathered her into himself, kissing her wildly, the way he’d been dreaming and wanting to for the last month, ever since he’d been curtailed off his leave, sliding his fingers into the cleft of her buttocks, rubbing her soft anus and sliding into her moist slit, making her gasp and giggle into his mouth. She in turn pumped and squeezed him gently, feeling the urgent solidity of his cock, wanting him, but wanting him to last as well, to extend the pleasure for both of them.

She broke their kissing to push him gently back down onto the bed, kissing his neck, his chest, down his torso to his groin, licking his cock from root to tip. Dylan gasped as her tongue skated over the tip of his cock, her tongue gently probing the slit and hole in the end, before sliding her lips over the end and sealing her mouth to him as she sucked him, the lowered pressure making the head swell and sensitize even further. She bobbed her head in a regular rhythm, sliding her lips down and then up his shaft, her tongue massaging his swollen, sensitized head the whole time, sucking gently but unrelentingly, the sensations crowding him, building him to the inevitable climax.

He came with an almost animal growl, a hoarse, barking shout of release, his sperm jetting out of his penis and coating the inside of her mouth, pooling on her tongue and filling her mouth, Louise swallowing as fast as she could to keep up with the outbursts of seminal fluid jetting into her mouth.

At last the pulsing flow of semen slowed, stopped, as his orgasm faded away, sated and relieved for now, the build-up of days and weeks of wanting her that no amount of masturbation could have relieved, Louise finally polishing the tip of his cock with her tongue, cleaning him off and grinning up at him, her beautiful green-hazel eyes dancing.

Dylan knelt up, pulling her in front of him, her back to him, urging her onto all fours, and pulling her into him to allow him to probe her most intimate places with his tongue. Louise sighed and murmured in contentment as he licked and probed into her pussy, feeling her outer lips swell as she became more aroused, feeling the flow of her juices step-up as her excitement rose, her strong, sweet musk surrounding him, filling his senses with her, and he licked, sucked and lapped at her, driving her ever higher.

She dropped down to rest her face against the bed, her rump still held high, immobile, in Dylan’s strong hands, holding her tight against his mouth as he feasted on her, probing, licking, tasting. Louise was slowly going mad with desire; Dylan licked and probed her pussy, her anus, flicking one switch after another, and her need for him, already deep and aching was becoming almost unbearable, her desire to hold him deep inside herself almost impossible to contain. Coupled with the very real sensations bursting through her as he teased and nibbled, sucked and licked, was the almost overwhelming desire to hold him as he ploughed her, rammed her and filled her with his seed, empty his body again and again of his creamy man-milk, take every inch of his cock again and again, as his woman and mate.

“Now, Dyl, please…!” she gasped, “Anything you want, Dyl, just do it now…!”

Dylan slid her down onto her front, parting her legs and shuffling between them, Louise reaching blindly behind her for him, taking hold of him and guiding him up to her swollen, gaping slit. He put his weight on his elbows on either side of her, sliding his hands under her ribcage to cup her breasts, and slowly slid his distended cock into her wet pussy, one long, slow glide, feeling her velvety inner walls clasp at him as he invaded her, her well lubricated pussy soft and hot and moist around him, a velvet glove for his throbbing steel-hard cock.

He began pumping into her, his rhythm slow and unhurried, finding his pace. He was glad she’d already made him come once; he’d be able to last now that she’d blown the froth off, so to speak.

As he pumped, he squeezed and rubbed her nipples, kissing and biting her neck and shoulders, nibbling her earlobes, licking the nape of her neck, all the while whispering to her how he’d missed her, how he’d thought of nothing but her, and what he’d planned to do with and to her once he came back to her; Louise responded by sliding a hand under herself to find her clitoris and rub herself gently as he rammed his cock into her, her mind whirling with the imagery he was giving her, the sensations radiating out of her womb sensitising her entire body, his touch feeding that sensitivity further until she was nothing but sensation and sexual energy crackling through every part of her.

She came like a thunderclap, her entire body convulsing as the gigantic orgasm pulsed and blasted through her, making her feel like electric bolts were shooting through her fingertips, her fingers and toes curling with the force and magnitude of it, and she screamed in release, body stiff and breath short as she shuddered with the waves of pleasure crashing through her. Her vaginal contractions milked and sucked at his cock, and Dylan had to literally disassociate himself from the incredible sensations he was feeling; he had something he wanted to do, and he had no intention of coming just yet.

As her climax passed, Louise relaxed under him, feeling his cock still hard and meaty inside her, she realised he hadn’t come yet, and looked back over her shoulder at him, reassuring herself that he was OK.

“Dylan, are you OK, baby, you didn’t…what about you, baby, was there something else, darling?” she asked, concern in her voice.

Dylan whispered in her ear “you said anything?” and she nodded. “Anything you want baby, however you want, my gift to you!”

He backed his cock out of her, edging her thighs further apart with his knees, and slid his finger into her tight anus, making her gasp. He pumped his finger a few times, withdrawing it to slide it through the syrupy lubrication seeping from her pussy and then pushing it back inside her puckered little hole, working it around, Louise’s eyes tight shut as she tried to relax against what she knew was coming. Dylan slid another finger into her now, pumping the two in and out, relaxing her ring as a precursor to what he wanted to do.

“Are you ready for this, baby?” he whispered, Louise nodding, eyes now open, anticipation warring with apprehension. Dylan slid his cock into her pussy once again, covering himself with her lubrication anew, then withdrew and placed his cockhead at the entrance to her anus, and began to push forward slowly. Louise pulled her cheeks apart, stretching her anus open as far as she could, eyes opening wide and her breath coming in gasps as his fat cock pressed inexorably forward, slipping into her tight hole millimetre by millimetre, Dylan already feeling the extreme tightness and constriction around him as he slid further into her anus. All at once her ring seemed to relax, and he slid into her up to the hilt.

“Oh God, Dylan, it hurts, Oooh! My fucking Christ, slowly, that hurts!” gasped Louise, her hand reaching behind her for him, Dylan leaning down to kiss her gently as her hand touched and caressed his face.

He remained motionless until she stopped gasping, then slowly began to withdraw, making her cry out again. “Ooooh God, Dyl, slowly, please, be careful!”

He continued slowly easing back, her cheeks hollowing as she blew her breath in and out, getting used to his girth in her tightest hole.

When he pumped himself back in, the resistance was less, and Louise seemed to feel it less, just a sharp intake of breath this time, the way back in less constricted this time, and he was able to withdraw and pump in again more freely, his cock sliding easier into her, Louise murmuring and starting to push back against him. He slid his hands under her, fondling her breasts and caressing her hard little nipples, making her push back harder against him.

He began to speed up, pumping his cock into her tight little bum hole as hard as he could, Louise bucking and humping under him as the feel of his cock inside her and the sheer erotic charge of such a depraved, taboo act began to act on her, her breath coming in gasps as her nipples tingled with his manipulation of them, her hand seeking out and rubbing herself, frigging her clitoris as she felt another climax building.

She came with a muted scream of release, waves of orgasmic pleasure rippling through her, emanating from the cock buried deep in her arse and her convulsing cervix as she rubbed and petted her engorged clitoris. The sinewy flexing of her anal tube was too much for Dylan, the contractions in her vagina rippling in her rectum, separated by only a thin membrane, and as her shuddering cervix beat against his cock in the gloriously tight confines of her arse, he too climaxed, his cock swelling in the constricted space to what felt like impossible dimensions as he shot jet after jet of hot spunk deep into her tight velvety anus, groaning out loud in the extremity of his climax, her rippling rectal tube milking his cock of every drop of his creamy cock-milk.

He slumped down on her, drained of all strength, tired beyond his ability to describe, utterly exhausted by his exertions and the emotional charge of reunion with his Louise, wanting now nothing more than to gather her into him and sleep, secure and at peace for the first time in weeks.


When he awoke, he was alone, but he could smell cooking, and his stomach rumbled as he remembered his last meal had been a pre-packed BLT somewhere over the Alps.

He climbed out of bed and padded in his bare feet to the kitchen, Louise unaware of him as she stirred a pan of something that smelled delicious. She felt his stare on her, and turned, her beautiful smile breaking out as she took in the sight of him, stark naked in the kitchen.

“Dinner will be about 15 minutes, OK, baby?” she smiled.

“Smells delicious, what is it?” he grinned back

“We’re having Vietnamese pork, prawn and coconut curry, jasmine rice, and cucumber salad, and there’s some dairy ice-cream in the freezer for dessert. If you want a shower, do it now, dinner should be ready by the time you’re finished.”

After his shower, they sat down to dinner, the first properly cooked meal in weeks – army cooking is filling, but that’s about all that can be said for it, and the smells from the kitchen while he showered had been driving him crazy.

Dinner done, Louise asked him if there was anything he particularly wanted and the one thing he’d been dreaming about for weeks (apart from her, of course) popped into his head.

“Lou, can we go to a good pub, I’m dying for a pint of Theakstones XB!” he grinned. Louise smiled back – with no pubs or alcohol in Iraq or Kuwait, his and every other squaddie’s tongues must have been hanging out!

“Of course, Dyl, there’s a good pub about 5 minutes away, get dressed and we’ll wander on down there!”

They left home and climbed into the car, their gaze flicking over without really registering the nondescript black family saloon with tinted windows parked across the road or the vague figure inside with the compact video camera, or thought anything of it as the car pulled away from the kerb a little way behind them as they drove off.

They walked into the saloon bar (most traditional pubs in England are split into the Saloon Bar and the Public Bar, the Saloon Bar usually has the seating booths and tables, the other one has the open bar counter and the dart boards etc.) and Louise took a seat while Dylan ordered drinks and took them back to the booth.

“It’s been a long time since I had one of these, Lou, thank you darlin’!” he grinned as he tipped his glass at her and took a long, blissful swallow, burping contentedly after his long pull on his beer. “God that went down right!” he grinned, sipping happily at his beer.

Dylan was oblivious to the looks he was getting from some of the other girls in the bar, too engrossed in his beer and his study of Louise’s features, but she could see the looks, and she smirked, that little smile that said. “You can look all you want, but he’s leaving with me!”

After a while, Dylan noticed. “What are you smiling at, babe?” he asked.

“Thinking about what to do with you later, soldier-man!” she grinned back, and suddenly his beer seemed so much less important. Knocking it back, he asked Louise if she wanted another drink, and when she declined, they hustled outside, Dylan in a rush to get home. In their haste, neither of them noting the black saloon car parked across the road, the same car that had been parked outside the flat earlier that evening.

As soon as they walked in the door, Dylan grabbed her, pulling her tight to him, kissing her wildly as she rubbed and undulated against him, grinding her pussy against his solid erection, his hands roaming over her buttocks, squeezing and moulding them, pulling them apart so he could slide his fingers into the warm cleft to massage her anal bud and rub against her tight little rosette. He spun her around, his hands going to her breasts, to squeeze and fondle them, tease and pull her nipples into hard points as she ground her buttocks against his cock bulging inside his jeans.

“Dyl…bedroom…not here…!” she gasped, and he relinquished his hold on her firm breasts to allow her to lead him into their bedroom. As they entered the room, he spun her round again, sliding his hands up her skirt and hooking his fingers in the waistband of her tight little panties, and slid them down, enjoying the feel of the silky material slipping down her smooth thighs and past her shapely buttocks.

Louise tugged at the waistband of his jeans, pulling his shirt up as he unzipped her skirt and tugged it down, leaving her naked from the waist down. Louise meanwhile had unbuttoned his jeans and was pushing them down, her lips never breaking contact with his as they stripped each other. Dylan pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it, standing before her in his shorts, his erection tenting the front, and her hands quickly moved to feel his size, his hardness, his readiness for her.

Dylan helped her unbutton her blouse, and quickly unhooked her bra, pulling her to him so he could suck and nibble her protruding nipples, still hard from his manipulation of them. He kissed down her belly, Louise standing with her hands on his shoulders, head back and face flushed as he licked and kissed and teased down her body, dropping to his knees to dip his tongue-tip into the dimple of her navel, making her shiver, before kissing down to the little trimmed patch of golden-brown peach fuzz, finally sliding his tongue into the front of her slit, teasing her clitoris in its little hood. Louise gasped and thrust her mound into his face as he pulled her into him by her buttocks, his fingers curled into the shadowed recess of the cleft between the two shapely globes.

Her scent surrounded him, strong and feminine, engaging with him and luring him in further, his tongue now probing along her slit as her labia swelled and opened under his tongue. He lapped at her with his flattened tongue and then poked his tongue tip inside her, drawing a quick intake of breath, before her sighs of pleasure resumed.

Louise backed towards the bed, Dylan shuffling forward to keep contact with her, until she sat and then slumped back onto the bed, Dylan rising up on his knees to part her thighs and lick and suck her vulva, probing deeper with his tongue, licking at her now fully emerged clitoris, the little pearl slick and dewy with her secretions, and Louise jumping and quivering every time his tongue rubbed gently across it.

Dylan licked from her clitoris to her little pink hole, strong, forceful laps at her vulva and anus, licking her juices as they ran and dripped over her crotch, tasting and sucking, licking and teasing. Louise began to come in short, pulses of pleasure, thrusting her vulva against his mouth as her orgasm built, each pulse taking her higher, until she was writhing in ecstasy, gasping as the waves of pleasure crashed through her, until, when he jammed his tongue into her anus again, she screamed as her climax bolted through her, shocking her down to her fingertips, her juices spraying out of her, coating his face and neck, the muscles in her neck corded as she spasmed, her back arching off the bed as the extreme pleasure rocketed through her.

She opened her eyes to see him standing in front of her, fully naked, his erection held in one hand. She sat up, smiled and nodded, took hold of him and dipped her head down to slide her lips over the end of his fat cock, savouring the fresh taste of him as her head slowly bobbed back and forth, her tongue delighting him with its swirling motion over the sensitive glans, her hand pumping him in time to her sucking, while her other hand cupped and massaged his heavy balls, lightly scratching the underside of his scrotum as she sucked him.

Dylan began an involuntary fucking motion, as though he would fuck her mouth, and Louise smiled as she sucked harder, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked and licked, her hand squeezing him, the pleasure mounting until, at last, as her tongue rubbed into the hole in the tip of his cock, he could hold back no longer, his cock swelling as he came with a heartfelt groan, holding her head as he shot long, satisfying spurts of his spunk into her mouth and down her throat, her throat working to swallow the quantity of semen he shot into her hot and willing mouth.

At last his cock stopped convulsing, the stream of spunk dried up, and she licked the last of his ejaculate from the head of his cock and took him from her mouth.

“Thank you Lou, that was amazing!” he panted, Louise hugging him around the waist and resting her head against his chest, hearing his thudding heart as his heartbeat started to slow down to normal.

Dylan moved away from her embrace to climb onto the bed, pulling her to lie against him, his hands around her buttocks as he pulled her in close to kiss her deeply and tenderly.

Louise smiled at him, running her fingers through hi short curly black hair. “I’ve got a full day tomorrow, Dyl, so I won’t be back until about six, can you keep yourself amused until then? There’s satellite TV now, so you can watch TV if you want, the freezer’s full, or there’s a chip shop round the corner. I’m sorry baby, but I have to be in class all day, but we’ll do something special tomorrow night, OK?”

Dylan just grinned. “Lou, all I want is for you to finish medical school, so however long you need to be away tomorrow is fine by me. Besides, we have to go and see Harry and Jane on Saturday, I’m trying not to think about that!”

Louise looked indignant. “I know we should be grateful for them taking us in, and I am, but this is none of their business; when you said once that they were hardly family, you were right, and they have no right to judge us, so we listen to what they have to say, but if I don’t like it, I’m leaving!”

Dylan thought she’d never looked so appealing as right now, with her eyes flashing and her cheeks reddening, and the feel of her was maddening and arousing; he could feel himself getting hard again. Louise felt it too, grinning and grinding herself against hm. “Oooh Soldier-Boy, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” she teased, wriggling and rubbing herself against his nearly fully-erect cock, Dylan pulling her closer by her shapely little bum cheeks, nibbling and nuzzling her neck, her chin, her lips, feeling her hard nipples poking into his chest as he squeezed and massaged her buttocks.

He rolled onto his back, taking her with him, Louise pushing herself upright so she was sitting astride him. Dylan grinned and reached out to fondle and play with her breasts and nipples, twirling and pulling gently on the firm rubbery tips, making her gasp and giggle, and she reached behind herself, taking hold of his stiff fat cock and slowly sliding herself down on it, penetrating herself at her own pace. When he was buried in her to the hilt, she began a slow, undulating up and down motion, riding him in slow motion, grinding herself against him on the downstroke, rubbing her clitoris against the wiry mat of pubic hair at the base of his cock.

Dylan began to pump up to meet her stroke, thrusting himself into her as she thrust herself down on him, the two of them in perfect synchronisation as they pumped and pummelled at each other. Louise came first, her orgasm hitting her like a wall, making her gasp and sob in release, slumping over onto him as her pussy pulsed and clenched around his girth, and he responded with a guttural groan at the muscular spasms massaging his cock, his cock spraying her inner recesses with the last of his sperm, the fourth time today, and the last, he was utterly drained now!

Louise rolled off him to lie in the crook of his arm, kissing him gently. “Thank you Dylan my darling!” she whispered, sleep already trying to claim her, and the last thing she remembered was Dylan pulling the covers over both of them as she burrowed down against him.

Saturday found the two of them heading up to North Wales to hear what Harry and Jane wanted to say to them regarding their relationship. Louise was feeling jittery, even though she was determined to face them down if need be. Dylan was more pragmatic. His attitude was that it was none of their business, he and Louise were going to see them because Harry had asked them to come, and they could say their piece, they were owed that much; if they started criticising him or his Louise, then they could shove their opinions up their arses.


Well, that could have gone better, thought Dylan. Louise drove in silence, her face set and expressionless, her knuckles white with the way she was gripping the steering wheel.

It had all started out so well, and had just rapidly gone downhill. Dylan grinned; he’d never known Lou to fly off the handle like that, and made a mental not to not wind her up too much in future!

When they’d arrived back at their old home, things had started out affably enough, lunch and small-talk, before Harry asked them what they planned to do next.

“We worry about you, both of you, and what this could do to you if it goes wrong for you. Suppose you break up, or one of you meets someone else? Have you thought what that would do to the other?”

Dylan was just about to say something, that Louise was the one for him, and that he didn’t want anyone else, ever, when Louise spoke up sharply.

“I will never desert Dylan, and I resent you implying that the possibility even exists; you don’t know me well enough to say something like that, and I’ll thank you to keep your opinions on the subject to yourself! I love Dylan, and he loves me, end of discussion!”

Jane spoke up. “Louise, how can you and Dylan love each other …that way? He’s your brother, this is just not right!”

Louise’s eyes narrowed dangerously. ‘Oh Shit’ thought Dylan, ‘here it comes!’

“Not right? How bloody dare you! Dylan and I have been together through thick and thin, we are all we’ve ever had, and he’s the best man I know; whether or not he’s my brother, he’s the only man for me, and if you can’t accept that, then I suggest you keep your damned opinions to yourself!

Harry raised his eyebrow. “Hey, now just a minute young lady, don’t you…!”

Louise rounded on him. “And you, just where do you think you get off telling us how to live and who to love? You’re not our parents, you’re not even close family, I never grew up with you, or even heard of you until I was 14 years old, a whole life already before you ever came on the scene, so don’t…ever…tell me what to do! Feindio eich busnes eich hun ffycin! Ni all pam eich bod yn deall hyn yn hyn yr ydym am?” (Mind your own fucking business! Why can’t you understand, this is what we want?)

Harry stared in consternation at her livid face, at the tears glimmering in the corners of her eyes, Jane staring in wide-eyed shock at her outburst, and held up a placating hand. “I think we need to…” before Louise interrupted him. “I think we need to go, now! Come on Dylan, I knew this was a mistake, these people will never accept us, they’ve said their piece, everything’s has been said that needed to be said, let’s go!”

With that, she stood up and stalked out of the house, leaving Jane crying and Harry looking shell-shocked.

Dylan spoke first. “I’ll talk to her, calm her down, I promise.”

“I wish you would,” replied Harry, “we really need to talk about this as a family!”

Dylan looked at him curiously. “Talk about what, Harry? She pretty much covered everything, and we’re happy as we are, we’re not going to change what we do or who we are to suit other people’s opinions, so the best way you can help us, if that’s what you want to do, is to leave us to our lives; it’s the one we’ve chosen.”

He followed Louise out to the car, finding her already behind the wheel, engine idling, tears running down her cheeks. He slid in next to her, and reached across her, turning off the ignition and handing her a tissue from the glove box. She dried her eyes, and looked at him.

“I knew this would happen, fucking sanctimonious pair of…” Dylan put his finger on her lips.

“No they’re not, they’re just concerned for you, for both of us, give them a chance, Lou, they can’t understand now, so maybe they just need some time, eh?”

Louise set her jaw. “No, fuck ‘em, if they can’t accept us, then that’s just too bad!”

Dylan grinned, and Louise looked sharply at him. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” he replied, “I just thought it would be me going ape-shit, not the quiet one!”

Louise laughed despite herself, and switched the ignition back on. “It’s a long way home, Dyl, let’s get started!”

They arrived back in Leicester just after 6 o’clock, neither of them paying any attention to the black car parked across the road from the flat, only a momentary a flicker of déjà vu disturbing Dylan as he looked up and down the road on exiting the car, but dismissed it as nothing important, although something made him sweep up and down the road again before following Louise inside.

She looked at him strangely. “What’s up Dyl, Spidey-Senses tingling?” she joked, Dylan shaking his head. “No, it’s nothing…nothing at all, just…” He shook his head to clear it and pulled her closer to him.

“Lou, Harry and Jane weren’t telling us what to do, they were just concerned, and giving them a broadside like that…”

“Too much?” she asked in a small voice.

“Too much.” He agreed. “Maybe a call tomorrow, try and mend a couple of fences, eh?” Louise nodded. “OK, I will, I just lost my temper, I dunno, I’ve never done that before, it just seemed that they were judging us, and I wasn’t in the mood for that. I’ll call tomorrow, apologise, I said things that hurt them, that I shouldn’t have, and I am sorry, really!”

Dylan kissed her. “Just remind me not to wind you up, OK?” and watched as she grinned her old grin.

She held him and kissed him back, Dylan feeling himself harden as she held herself close, and she noticed too, gently grinding herself against him as they kissed, his hands slipping down to cup and squeeze her buttocks, savouring the firm tautness, the delicious firmness, the springy feel of her cheeks as she undulated slowly against him, rubbing his cock with her mound, her lips and tongue playing with his.

She broke their kiss to lead him to the bedroom, once they were in there she turned to him again, kissing him lightly as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans, slid it down his arms, enjoying the feel of his hard-muscled shoulders, his solid chest and stomach as she fumbled with his jeans.

Dylan meanwhile was busy unzipping her skirt, Louise giving a wriggle when he’d done to let it drop to the floor as he tugged her top over her head. Dylan’s hands came up to unhook her bra, and she shrugged it off, wriggling off her panties to stand naked in front of him. She grinned at him and turned him round, pushing him backwards onto the bed and lifting his legs, yanking off his jeans in one fluid movement. Dylan grinned at her. “Whatever happened to romance, eh?”

Louise grinned and slid up alongside him, her hand running up and down his torso, enjoying the feel of the plume of surprisingly soft and downy black hair running down the centre of his abdomen and outlining his chest and abdominal muscles. His cock was bulging out the front of his shorts, and she playfully grabbed hold and squeezed it as she licked his neck, his throat, nibbled his ear, before kissing him deeply, her tongue fencing with his.

Dylan reached down and took hold of her buttocks again, pulling her closer to him, his need for her almost overpowering as she slid her hand inside his shorts and wrapped her hand around his hardness. He lifted his hips and slid his shorts off, gathering Louise into him to lick and nibble at her protruding nipples, rubbing gently between her thighs all the while, feeling her lips swell and moisten as her juices began to flow, signs of her arousal.

She sighed and rolled onto her back, Dylan’s fingers still gently rubbing and stroking her pussy as he suckled more intently at her nipples, making her gasp and arch her back as he aroused her. Now Dylan moved between her thighs, his head dipping down as he planted soft, gentle kisses up along the inside of her thighs, alternating, one to the other, nibbling softly with his lips as he kissed her sensitive inner thighs, Louise writhing and holding his head in place as he teased and tormented her, never coming into contact with the swollen labia, kissing the apex of her mound, under the little patch of pubic hair, softly lapping at the inside of her thighs right next to her swelling labia.

Louise was in a whirl of arousal, and Dylan spun her faster and faster, never touching her most secret places, letting her mind stimulate her, playing her, feeding her fantasies about what he would or could do next. Eventually he could resist her no longer, and slid his tongue along the periphery of her swollen and parted labia, her scent filling his nostrils as he licked and lapped at her succulence, her taste fresh and strong and heady. Her head snapped back at the first encounter, orgasm already billowing through her, her back arching and her mouth opening in a silent scream, as her over-stimulated vulva reacted to the light touch of his tongue and blew hot, electric tendrils of orgasm through her entire body.

Dylan swirled his tongue around her gaping pussy, licking and probing around her clitoris, feeling the hard little bead slick under his tongue, as she writhed and shuddered, her whole world one long roll of pounding sensation and jittering nerve endings, and when he sucked the little bead and rubbed it with his tongue, she screamed as the orgasm that ripped through her jolted her into shuddering convulsions of ecstasy, hands clawed into the bed to give her purchase as her body arched off the bed, her eyes rolling back in her head with the intensity of her release.

Dylan continued to lap at her, moving his tongue across the entire area, but lapping more and more insistently at her tight little hole, licking her anus and pushing his tongue tip onto her, and she lifting her hips to meet him, his hands sliding around her firm buttocks and pulling her to him as he probed deeper and deeper into her dark recess, tasting her as he rimmed her, his saliva lubricating her anus to allow his tongue ever further into her.

He reared up over her, and lifted her ankles, pushing her legs up as high as he could, leaning over her to put his cock at the entrance to her tight hole, her knees level with her shoulders as he slid himself slowly into her, her anus stretching to accommodate his girth, until suddenly her ring allowed his head in and he slid all the way into her.

“Oooh God, Dylan, Oh God, yes, like that, yesss, yesss!” she intoned, until her knees were over his arms, pressing her breasts flat against her rib cage, his cock buried to the hilt in her warm, tight anus.

Dylan began to withdraw, and her eyes snapped open at the sensation of his cock rubbing along her anal tube, her hands linking around his neck, keeping him in position over her as he pumped. She began to pump back, the acute sensations whirling in and around her as he rammed his cock into her arse, jamming himself in as far as he could go, the only sounds the slap of flesh, his gasps of pleasure, and her sighs and inarticulate moans as they fucked in such a primal and taboo way.

Dylan was almost there; the incredible tightness of her anal tube was almost too much to take, and Louise was approaching a mid-shattering orgasm as her cervix, her rectum, all responded to the pounding from his fat cock buried deep in her arse.

“Lou…I’m coming…!” he gasped, and his cock swelled and erupted inside her, filling her insides with his hot spunk. The feeling was too much for her, and her orgasm broke and ripped through her, her swollen, over-stimulated cunt spraying his midsection with her ejaculate as she squirted over him, the sensation only spurring him on, and with her cervix convulsing and fluttering against him, adding to and extending his orgasm. Louise screamed in release as her climax whirled inside her, her rectum tightening and squeezing around his cock, milking him as the sensation rolled more and more waves of orgasmic pleasure through her.

He let go of her knees, and she dropped her legs onto the bed, her muscles still twitching and shuddering as the aftershocks of her volcanic orgasm ebbed and died away. He withdrew from her and slumped over onto his back, heartbeat thundering and ears roaring, breathing laboured.

As their breathing returned to normal, Dylan turned to her, kissed her tenderly, Louise gently stroking his face as she kissed him back, smiling as he touched her nose with his fingertip.

“thank you Soldier-boy, where did you get that from?” she asked him teasingly.

“I’m a British soldier; we have special training!” he said, and smiled. After a while he chuckled quietly. “What?” said Louise.

“Did you see the look on poor Jane’s face when you swore at her? I thought she was going to have a haemorrhage! She looked like a chicken trying to lay a square egg!” he chuckled, and Louise giggled guiltily. “I was wrong, I know. I’ll call her tomorrow, see if I can apologise!”


They spent Sunday in bed, resting, playing, watching television, Louise enjoying her weekend, knowing she had a heavy week coming up. By evening, Dylan was getting restless.

“Come on , Lou, get some clothes on, I feel like buying my girl a drink, we’ve been cooped-up in here 24 hours now, I need to stretch-out a bit, that pub was nice, I’ll treat you. Last chance for a treat, darlin’, I need to start job-hunting tomorrow, call that number Johnnie Walker gave me, see what happens!”

As they stepped out to the car, once again the feeling of déjà vu hit Dylan, that sense of something of familiar. He stopped and looked around carefully, analysing his surroundings, his mind placing familiar objects and landmarks, trying to see what it was he was seeing, remembering a black car outside yesterday, and the day before that, and somewhere else. Why was he remembering that car? What was it about the car that was spooking him? He tried looking at it sideways, certain he could see someone inside, and turned to look at it full on, making as though to cross the road. The car pulled away from the kerb and sped away as soon as he stepped in its direction. What the fuck is going on here? Was he under surveillance? Why? He had no more military value, why would anyone want to keep tabs on him?

Shaking his head, he walked back round the car and climbed in.

“Something wrong, Dyl?” asked Louise, and he shook his head. “No, just…odd, I dunno, probably nothing…”

They arrived at the pub and parked up, Dylan sweeping the road up, and down, half expecting to see that same car parked there. “Get a grip, lad!” he told himself, going inside. As he went in, the black car crept around the corner and parked across the road.

They ordered their drinks and went into the saloon bar, to sit at a booth, and were chatting and laughing when Louise noticed two men on the other side of the bar looking at her and sniggering to each other, and when one of them caught her eye, he raised his glass to her and blew her a kiss. She immediately looked away, not liking the way he was staring at her.

“Dylan, drink up, let’s go, please!” she whispered to him. He caught the urgent note in her voice, saw the worried look in her eyes, noted the way her glance flicked at the two men across the bar who were now staring openly, insolently at her.

One of the two grinned at Dylan, and sauntered over, put his beer glass down on the table between them, and leered into Dylan’s face, blowing a gust of beer breath over him.

“She’s a pretty one, mate, she any good, you know…” and he pantomimed sucking a large penis. Dylan’s arm moved like a striking snake, his hand enveloping the man’s scrotum in a vice-like grip, standing in the same move to curl his free hand around his head as he gasped in pain, grabbing the man’s face with his thumb in the corner of his eye.

“Make another move, and you get to wear a patch like mine, fuck-face, the only difference between us will be, I’ll still have my eyeball. Now do you want to walk away, or do you want to be a eunuch with a white stick?” asked Dylan, almost conversationally.

“So…So…Sorry, mate, it…was…all… a…misunderstanding…shit!

Dylan let go of him, watching him hobble away curled over in pain.

“Dyl, let’s go, the landlord’s called the police, we have to leave!” hissed Louise, dragging him towards the exit. As they hurried out they heard the sound of a police siren in the distance. Just then the black saloon that had been shadowing them earlier screeched up to them, and a door popped open.

“Get in Dylan, move it!” ordered a voce from inside, and Dylan pushed Louise inside, slid in and slammed the door as the car wheeled away from the kerb. He looked back to see the lights of a police car coming around the corner behind them as they drove away at normal urban speed, doing nothing to attract attention.

“Thank you, and who are you and how do you know my name?” asked Dylan, “In a minute, Dylan, just got to make a pickup, couple of friends of mine…”

They rounded a corner, and another, and Dylan realised they were approaching the pub again, from a different direction, two familiar looking characters waiting by the kerb; the two men from the bar.

As the car pulled up, one of the men jumped in the front passenger seat, the other climbed into the back; the man Dylan had manhandled in the bar.

The driver of the car spoke up. “Dylan, I’d like you to meet Sergeant ‘Mitch’ Miller, and up front here, Corporal ‘Scotty’ Moore, they work for me.” The two grinned at him, shaking hands and winking at Louise. He went on. “My name is Mike Bruce, and I used to be with your mob, until an injury put me out; ditto Mitch and Scotty. Johnnie Walker told me about you, I hear he gave you my number, but I thought I’d look you up first. I’m pleased to finally meet you!”

Dylan was a little confused. “If you wanted to meet me, why not just call me, why all the theatrics in there just now?”

Matt laughed. “Dylan, we look over all the prospects we hear about, evaluate them before we ask them to come and work with us – fewer than one in thirty gets an offer; we had to see whether you were one of the thoughtful, restrained ones, or one of the kill-crazy loonies who get turfed-out of the mob these days, the ones who get to like the job a little too much; a lot of those guys end up as merc’s working in Nigeria or The Congo, or causing fucking mayhem in Central America; they’re welcome to them, I don’t need head-cases like that.”

Dylan was beginning to understand he’d just had a job interview, but for what?

“Look…Mike, I’m a little slow on the uptake today, so could you tell me just what the fuck you’re talking about? What prospects? For what? A job? Where?”

The car pulled-up outside the flat, parked-up and Mike, Louise and Dylan got out. They trooped into the sitting room, and Dylan asked Mike to take a seat, he and Louise sitting on the sofa.

“First off, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Michael Bruce, formerly Captain Michael Bruce, 22 SAS. I now work in a middle-eastern country for a company that manages all their well-heads, pipelines, drilling rigs, gas platforms and refineries. The country in question is one of the biggest oil producers in the world, and their petroleum industry is their sole national revenue stream, so they demand the best protection possible for their production facilities; this is where people like me come in.”

“We provide consultancy and damage limitation, as there are numerous other states and individuals who would love to see the world’s crude oil prices rise if our client’s output falters for any reason. I need people like you; people who know exactly how to cause the kind of trouble we have to be most vigilant against, who can think on their feet, remain calm, collected, and in control.”

“If you decide to throw in with us, your primary role would be to out- think and second-guess those who would seek to disrupt the flow of petroleum – it’s that highly-trained tactical brain of yours we need, and we will pay well for it. I heard what happened on that patrol, how you were blinded, but you still managed to locate the enemy position and return fire by hearing alone, you let your training do the thinking when it needed to, and it’s that kind of control we need.

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