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The dark continuation of my first story…


After the forceful climax, my heart felt as though it were beating from my chest. My breath was labored and my skin tingled with excitement. Christian’s eyes met mine and I noticed he too was breathing hard. He kissed me hard as though he were breathing life back into my limp body. His weight was still pinning me to the bed and I felt helpless and weak underneath his muscular frame. He removed himself from between my quivering legs and put on his robe. I used all my strength to pull myself up into a sitting position when I noticed it. Between my legs I felt a warm liquid flowing on to the burgundy sheets and I saw the bright red of my virginity stain them. The drugs were starting to wear off as the shock set in. Christian quickly covered me in my robe and lifted me from the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my head into his warm chest. He smelled of salt and a faint wood scent I couldn’t identify. My golden curls were now dry and bounced as he carried me from the bedroom to a couch in the main cabin of the yacht. He gently lay me down on the soft couch and walked away. I could smell the crisp ocean air coming from the open hatch to the deck. I considered making a run for it again but knew I wouldn’t get far as we were probably miles into the ocean by now.

The rocking motion of the cabin was relaxing as I lay on the couch staring up at the open hatch. Christian soon returned to me with wash cloth in hand. He opened my robe and gently part my legs with his large hands. I was scared of what he might do next and tensed before he ran the cloth over my once virgin sex. He leaned in to kiss me but all I could see were his piercing blue eyes that were once stone now seemed less threatening. His lips met mine with a soft kiss and he covered me with a throw from the couch. My eyelids became heavy and the pain between my thighs dulled as everything slowly faded.


I watched my princess fall asleep before returning to bedroom. I pulled the burgundy silk sheets from the bed and threw them in a trash bin. After dressing, I returned to the top deck, pulled the anchor, and continued on my route as Amelie slept peacefully below. I recapped the kidnap in my head as I sailed onward. My timing was so perfect and I executed it flawlessly. No one would suspect Amelie was a missing person until it was too late. I hadn’t expected her to put up as much of a fight when I grabbed her in the ally, chloroformed her, and lay her in my van. Her tiny figure didn’t stand a chance though and I never once thought she would break free from my grasp. Still, it was impressive how she struggled and it only made me want her more. I was also surprised how the drugs made her so willing to let me inside of her.

My cock grew hard as I thought of how tight she was when I entered her virgin pussy and pierced her. The look of ecstasy on her face was priceless as she gripped my cock so tight with her pussy on climax. It was better than anything I had imagined all those months preparing. I knew she’d love the surprise I was about to present her. I was going to make her my wife, mother of my children, and most of all, my sex slave and there would be no one around to stop me. We’d have our own little piece of heaven far from civilization and she’d be mine forever.


When I awoke, the boat was stationary and I could hear the sound of seagulls outside the hatch door. I looked around nervously to see if Christian was still watching me. He wasn’t… I slowly crept from the couch to the ladder that lead to the deck. I held my breath with each step and my heart raced thinking he’d hear me and stop me at any moment. After several strategically planned steps, I climbed my way to the deck and peeked out to see if he was still up there. He wasn’t. I took a moment to adjust my eyes to what I assumed was the morning sun beating down on me before I hoisted myself silently on to the deck.

We were definitely docked on the shore somewhere but not home. I walked silently across the deck and my heart swelled when I saw a beautiful plantation house about 100 yards from shore covered by the dark woods. I knew if I ran fast enough, I might be able to get away from Christian and alert the inhabitants of the mansion to help me and I’d be free. I climbed down from the yacht and sprinted as fast as I could to the front door of the house. I turned to see if Christian was chasing me and he wasn’t but I continued on as though my life depended on it. My legs felt heavy and the house felt so far away. I thought the drugs had warn off but who knew what Christian did to me while I was sleeping. I felt dizzy but realized this was my fear and heavy breathing not drugs. I was 10 yards away now and ran barefoot up the sandy trail to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked so I screamed for help and pounded on the door with my fists. No answer. I thought maybe the inhabitants were out back so I ran around the large mansion to the back yard. Through the fountain and hibiscus. I could see no one sitting on the patio furniture of the enormous backyard. It seemed unreal… Maybe they were out but surely they had maids or someone else attending their home.

I briefly considered giving up and returning to the yacht when I noticed the french doors were just barely agape. I quickly opened them and locked them behind me before running into the home screaming for help. I ran up the large staircase and through the wide hall ways but no answer. It was then that I heard the front door open and I peered over the banister to see Christian walk through the front door. I panicked and ran into the master bedroom. I thought if I could hide in the walk in closet he wouldn’t see me in the clothes so I ran and hid. To my horror, when I turned on the light, there were my clothes hanging in the closet again. How was this possible? I must be still asleep and having a nightmare. I felt sick and backed away in disbelief before my footsteps were halted. I turned around to Christian’s angered expression and screamed before he pressed his hand tightly over my mouth. I smelt the same medicinal sweetness come from the rag as I had in the ally and my body went limp.


I felt betrayed. I thought she was softening up to me and falling in love but I knew this was all in my head. I should have stayed with her until she awoke so I could be the first to show her the mansion, our new home. I was just bringing the rest of her things in and didn’t think she’d attempt to run away so quickly. She needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. I couldn’t have her trying to run away all the time now could I? Even if we were the only ones on my private island, she had to know her place. She had to know who her Master was.

By now, I was beginning to perfect the dosage of drugs I needed to sedate her. She gave in so quickly that my work was simple. Lifting her over my shoulder, I lay her on to the four post king bed I had prepared for her. Her curls lay scattered on the pillow above her head and I ran my hands through them. She was so insanely beautiful that it hurt to do this… but it was for her own good. I pulled the robe from her limp body and kissed her soft neck before laying her on her stomach. I pulled the rope from the side table and quickly worked to tie her hands and legs spread tautly and fastened them to the posts. I stood at the end of the bed admiring my craftsmanship and the beauty of her pink juicy pussy spread wide open. It wasn’t her tight pussy I wanted though. No, to teach her a lesson, I’d have to stretch her tight virgin ass wide open instead.

My cock grew hard thinking of taking her in the ass with immense force and pressure. I’d make her bleed if I had to prove a point. I walked into the master bath and looked for the lube in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed a towel too and placed it under her abdomen and pussy to keep from making a mess. Her plump little ass spread perfectly as I exposed her pink sphincter. The tight little ring was reluctant to allow my finger entrance to apply lube but after massaging a little, it loosened enough for the tip of index finger to enter. I felt her tight ring pulse as I slowly pushed forward applying lube to the inner walls of her rectum. Her warm tight hole would be stretched to its max when I stick my huge cock inside it. My dick was so hard from just fingering her and it was time for the lesson to begin.


SMACK! I awoke abruptly to a hot burn on my ass and ropes cutting in to my wrists and ankles. I started to whimper and cry as I felt the contrasting coolness of something wet on my exposed anus. The tears rolled down my cheeks as fear came over me. I shouldn’t have tried to run away, I should have waited for Christian to come back, what was I thinking? I kept imagining the cold angry eyes that I saw right before he sedated me again. He was angry and I knew there would be a price to pay. I muffled my cries when I felt him hop on the bed next to me. He ran his hands through my hair and then pulled my head up to see his face.

“Why did you run away when we were having so much fun Amelie? I thought you trusted me but now I can see you’re a disobedient bitch that needs taught a lesson.”

The tears were uncontrollable now and I was terrified of what was going to happen next. He leaned in and licked the tears from my cheek before whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry love, this will all be over soon. Just remember, you brought this on yourself.”

Christian then moved behind me, in between my legs. I felt his huge member as he stroked it between my ass cheeks. It was slippery and eager for insertion. I trembled and cried, “No please, I’ll be good, I’m sorry!” but it was no use. He took a fist of my hair and jerked my head back to whisper, “The more you cry, the harder I’m going to fuck you so keep on love.”

With that, he positioned the tip of his large cock at my tiny sphincter and began to push the head in. I felt like he was going to rip my rectum open but the lubricant helped him ease the huge head in. I felt my ass stretch to adjust to the girth of his dick and prayed he’d stop but he didn’t. Slowly, he eased his fat cock deep into my tight rectum. I screamed and felt him push harder. I thought it was over but he was only half way in and had far to go.

“Please, Christian, I love you, don’t hurt me, I’ll be a good girl.” I pleaded.

“You should have thought of that before you tried to run away princess.” and quickly, without warning, he put all he weight on my ass and thrust the last half of his thick member in to my reulctant asshole. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain it was unbearable. I could swear he was up to my abdomen he was so deep inside me. He held his cock there for a few minutes and with each passing second, I felt my body relax and adjust to his girth. He reached around with one hand to rub my swollen clit and used his other hand to run my nipple through his finger tips gently. The combination made me relax as the pain became ecstasy.

I heard a vibration noise as Christian flicked the switch of a bullet massager and inserted it into my now moist pussy. I almost came as the waves of vibration and the pressure of his dick were too much to bear. My sphincter had now loosened enough that he could pull out and thrust back in. The pound of his dick deep in my rectum triggered a semi-orgasmic feeling . He knew I was beginning to enjoy it so he continued to pump me first gently and then slowly gain momentum adding more and more pressure. Anal sex felt more stimulating than anything I had experienced before, even better than when Christian took my virginity. How could this be punishment when it felt so good?


I was surprised Amelie’s virgin asshole adjusted to the girth of my huge dick so quickly. I could tell my “punishment” had backfired but I was enjoying her tight rectum too much to care. For added discipline, I spanked her ass with every thrust deeper into her ass. I thought I might explode she felt so good. Her tight little sphincter pulsed around my dick keeping me inside her. I thought she might pinch my dick off she was so tight. Her soft breasts were the perfect grips as I rubbed her nipples. My bullet in her cunt was doing its magic as her juices overflowed from her pussy on to the towel and her clit swelled into a large pink button for me to push for an extra spasm of her ass.

I rode her relentlessly thrusting harder and harder until she cried for me to release her. My balls hit her pussy I was so deep inside her with every penetration. I wanted to release my hot load deep in her ass but she’d have to come first and squeeze that sphincter around my cock. The pressure was building and I spanked her harder. I made her tell me she was my obedient slut and would never pull that shit again. She cried out , “Yes master!” and I turned the vibrating bullet up to full speed and felt her orgasm roll from her center , down her rectum, through my long shaft, and right the sweet spot. Her sphincter squeezed my dick so hard I exploded. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction that emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her as I grasped her hair and arched her back. I felt the last few spasms of release and collapsed on top of her, squeezing her close to my chest.


Once again, his weight pinned me to the bed but I didn’t mind, I was in heaven from the powerful orgasm that had just erupted from me. Christian reached to the nightstand again and returned with a large black butt plug and knife. He pressed the cold blade against my back and I lay as still as possible. He leaned in to my ear and said softly, “You’re mine, and no matter how hard you cry, no one will hear you Amelie.” Just then he moved the knife to the ropes on my wrist and cut them free. He then lifted me back in to his arms and kissed my sore wrists gently. He reached for the butt plug and slowly pulled his penis from my anus and replaced it with the plug. “I want you to keep a piece of me inside you Amelie.” Then he massaged my tender breasts and removed the bullet from my pussy.

Pulling out the bullet, a rush of juices followed and collected on the towel below me. I was delirious and shaking in his arms like when we had showered last night. He cut my ankles free and once again lifted me into his strong arms, walking me to the bathroom. There he removed the plug and lay me in a large tub. The hot water felt good on my wrists, ankles, and abused ass. He took a sponge out of the basket next to the tub and washed me gently. The same stone cold eyes had now become the soft blue seas I once recognized. I reached my hand to his tousled chestnut hair and ran my fingers through it. He closed his eyes and leaned in to my hand then kissed my wrist. “I didn’t want to hurt you Amelie, I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You mean the world to me and I can’t lose you.”

I sat up and looked into his blue eyes, embracing the moment, before I kissed him. “I love you Christian, I promise I’ll be obedient from now on.” He moved his large hands to the back of my head and pushed my lips harder in to his. We embraced one another until the water became cold and he lifted me from the bath and lay me in the large king bed where we slept naked in each others arms.

To be continued…

For some reason, the three of us didn’t get together for a couple of days after that “incident” in in the bathroom. It wasn’t that we were avoiding each other, by any means. In fact, my relationship with my sisters seemed to be better than ever. Marie had usually ignored me mostly, and Bree and I weren’t the type to be chatting with each other very much. But now, Bree was constantly around me, hanging out in my room or in the living room, and she seemed to want to talk endlessly with me about anything.

Marie seemed to perk up as well around me. We weren’t just eyeing each others’ bodies either, it was a warm and friendly type of demeanor. It was like the three of us were really good friends now. And we owed it all to something as silly as masturbating together.

Bree’s leg healed up nicely, but she didn’t go running with Marie for a few days. The day after she hurt herself, Marie didn’t do her usual morning run because she had to do some errands with Mom. Bree had gone off to the lake with her friends, and of course Dad was at work, so I had the house to myself. I ended up sitting on my bed with my laptop, surfing porn and jerking off a nice big load into my stomach. I thought about Bree and Marie the entire time, though.

That night, no one came into my room and I didn’t venture theirs either. It was kind of strange but it felt like there was this lull to our excitement of watching each other masturbate. I fell asleep before I could make sense of it. The next morning I slept in, and to my pleasant surprise I was awoken by Bree pouncing on top of me.

“Hey!” I said, pushing her off of me playfully.

“Wake up, lazy,” Bree said, a very chipper tone to her voice this morning. “Everyone else is gone.”

For some reason that clued me in to what she could possibly be wanting from me. Sure enough, when I finally rolled over and saw her, she was completely naked. That got my morning wood sprouting quite nicely. She just sat on the end of my bed, absolutely no shame or embarrassment at being naked with me.

“Where’s Marie?” I asked, blatantly staring at her tits.

She shook them for my benefit and smiled. “She had to go do something for Mom cuz she was running late to work. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

I yawned and stretched, making my erection stand prominently underneath the covers. Bree pulled them aside, and when my penis came into view she licked her lips.

“You wanna go a round just the two of us?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

She nodded. “Yeah, I am really fucking horny.”

This was old hat by now, so it was totally no big deal to be reaching for my cock to stroke it while Bree spread her legs and starting rubbing her pussy. Our legs were touching, which was even more exciting for me. I really liked this view because I could see everything about her. I could see that she was already very wet, and I could even see her cute little butthole every once in a while as she starting humping into her hand.

“What did you think about Marie touching her ass?” I asked, referring to our previous session in the basement.

Bree was huffing already, but spoke as if this was a casual thing to be talking and masturbating with her brother.

“It was pretty hot,” she admitted, and then looked up at me instead of at my dick for a moment. “You want me to touch my ass for you?”

I could only nod, and my strokes got faster after hearing her say that. I watched as she opened her thighs even wider and gently separated her butt cheeks with each hand, first letting me see both her holes clearly. Then she licked her fingertip and touched it softly against her anal opening. She groaned quietly, and I wasn’t sure if she was putting on a show for me or she was actually enjoying it.

“You like that?” she cooed, her voice raspy and sensual. “You want to cum on my little butthole?”

Oh my god, she was being so slutty I was going to lose it already. “Oh yeah!”

She scooted closer, raising her legs over mine and resting her calves on my hips. She positioned her cunt only inches from my cock, and if I really tried I could have probably touched the tip against her clit. But I wasn’t sure she was ready for that. She was only trying to make it so I could aim and explode across her sexy body.

“Just keep stroking,” she said, her eyes glued to my dick. “When you’re ready, let it go all over me.”

I stroked even faster, eager to watch my cum paint her cunt and her belly. But she had invited my to cum on her asshole, and in this position that seemed almost impossible.

“Can I…cum on your…I mean, your butthole…I can’t…” I wasn’t sure how to word it.

She nodded. “You’re right, we want your cum on my ass, right? Ok, well see if you can get the tip right up against my hole when you cum.”

That nearly sent me over the edge, but I held off by sheer desire to actually touch my cock against her sweet little asshole.

“So…I’m cumming…in your ass or on it?” I asked, genuinely confused in this state of arousal.

Bree’s face lit up, and she got that devilish smile. “Ooh, you wanna cum in there? I’ll let you. You can put the tip inside and let it squirt up in my ass. Oh god, that would be so hot!”

I spat on my fingers and rubbed it on the tip of my cock. I got it nice and wet, knowing I wouldn’t need to stroke it very much longer before I blew. I leaned forward just a bit, and Bree lifted her ass off the bed just enough to get my pillow under her hips. She pulled her legs back and spread her ass for me nice and wide. It was obscene the way she was displaying herself for me, her own brother. And her tight little sphincter looked so delicious, I couldn’t wait to do what she was asking of me.

“Do it, Kevin,” she begged, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t even think I need to jerk off,” I admitted. “I’ll probably cum as soon as I get it in there.”

She was excited by that thought, I could tell. She started playing with her clit again, and it only made the obscene display even more arousing. I aimed my cock down at her tight little hole, which would be stretching impossibly to fit my thick cock in mere seconds. I gently touched the tip against her hole, and she purred.

“This is so naughty,” Bree said, raggedly. “Don’t tell Marie we did this. It’ll be our secret.”

I smiled. That would actually be kind of fun. And maybe Marie and I would have our own secrets that Bree didn’t know about.

I pushed softly, and her anus fought me for a moment. It didn’t want to let my invading meat enter her tight passage. I was just going to put the tip in, it wasn’t like I was going to actually fuck her ass or anything. I got more saliva on my dick, and my precum was also helping lube her up. This time when I pushed, her ass gave a little and I slipped in about an inch.

I just stared down at my cock head almost completely disappearing into my little sister’s ass. Bree was going wild on her clit, making her ass clench. She pushed me right back out of her ass, but I was quick to get back inside. I slipped in about two inches this time. She groaned.

“Is that ok?” I asked, concerned that maybe I had hurt her.

She nodded. “Yeah, keep going. It feels really sexy. Oh god, Kevin, I think I like it in the butt…”

That did it, and I couldn’t help but weakly thrust my hips forward as I came hard in Bree’s butt. I slid in another inch and was not quite halfway inside of her when I exploded. I felt the sharp bursts of semen squirt into her butt, and I was lost in the pleasure of her tight ring clenching onto me as I came. I moaned as I emptied myself into Bree, and soon she joined me in climax. She cried out and her hand was a blur on her clit. We shared a wonderful orgasm together, for the first time actually joining our bodies. It felt so good, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep from repeating this in the near future.

I was still inside of her when it was over, and we were both panting. Bree was absently playing with herself still, and I really didn’t want to leave her tight warm ass. We looked at each other finally, and I could tell Bree was still aroused.

“You want to…?” she asked.

I just nodded, knowing exactly what she was asking.

I pushed my cock further into her, and felt her ass split apart around me. Her hole was nice and slimy now, painted with my copious load of sperm. She gasped as I stretched her tiny little hole with my thick shaft. When I was all the way in finally, I just stayed there and tensed my dick as hard as I could. It felt really good to be inside of her, and it was the first ass I had ever fucked. Bree moaned and continued masturbating.

“It’s really nice,” she said with her eyes closed. “I think I can cum again.”

“Do it,” I said. “Want me to hold it here, or fuck you?”

She glanced at me only long enough to say, “Fuck me.” Then she closed her eyes again and focused on her pussy.

I moved in and out of her slowly, gently even. Her ass was so tight I was afraid it might hurt her. I pulled my dick out of her ass just long enough to take in the sight of her abused little butthole leaking some of my cum, and then I pressed back into her. It felt so good, so right, to be fucking her, I almost forgot that this was my own sister and what we were doing was totally wrong.

She came, as promised, and a trickle of clear fluid seeped down from her cunt to my cock. She squirted! That really spurred me on, and I started fucking her harder. She looked up at me with a look of pure pleasure, a helpless and hungry look that told me she would take anything I could give her. I thrust into her ass like an animal whose only instinct was to fuck and claim what was mine.

I loved watching my dick disappear into her hole, and the way her pussy was clenching every time I slid back into her bowels. The forbidden nature of this act, aside from the incest, was really getting to me. I had cum only minutes earlier, but I was ready to go again.

“Inside?” I asked, barely able to get the words out through my pleasure.

She was huffing right along with me. “Yeah,” she managed to say.

Finally, with an intense growl and a sharp thrust into her butt, I came hard again. My dick was so sensitive that it almost hurt when torrents of cum escaped my penis and filled her insides for the second time. I kept thrusting into her, pounding her ass and making it submit to me. Bree was whimpering now, maybe a bit from pain but ultimately she was simply submitting her body to me, letting me do whatever I wanted and getting off on the results.

When I finished firing off into her, I fell backward and slipped out of her ass. When I glanced down at her, still holding her legs spread apart in that position, her asshole was gaping wonderfully. My cum hadn’t escaped her yet, she was holding it all inside of her like that.

“Oh, Kevin,” she breathed. “I can’t believe we did that.”

Shit, was she regretting it?

“It was really nice,” I said, and prepared to try to calm her and assure her everything would be ok between us.

“That was way better than masturbating,” Bree said before I could. “Will you keep doing that to me?”

I could only smile and nod.


That night, since I was very satisfied already from the anal extravaganza that Bree and I had enjoyed, I didn’t bother to try to sneak into her room to play. I figured I would give her a break, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I could perform.

But there was a soft tap on my door after everyone had gone to bed. The door opened and closed quickly, and I could only see the outline of a person approaching in the dark. When it got closer, I could barely make out Marie in her camisole and pajama pants.

“Marie?” I sat up in bed, squinting until my eyes adjusted.

“Hey,” she said, and tiptoed right up to my bed. “Are you sleeping?”

“Obviously not,” I answered. I was naked under the covers, but I wasn’t exactly worried about her seeing me like this. “What’s up?”

“Well…” She came and sat on the end of my bed, and I had a flashback of Bree sitting right there this morning. “It’s just been a few days is all, and…”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself, and to my surprise I started to get an erection.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. “You haven’t gotten off by yourself?”

She shook her head. “I’ve been…saving it up, kinda.”


She shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t really enjoy it by myself as much as with you and Bree.”

I didn’t bother to ask why she didn’t go to Bree first. I knew she liked cock better than pussy, after all. I pulled aside the covers to expose myself to her, and she smiled when my dick came into view.

“I already played with her earlier today,” I said, holding back the details. “So I’m kinda spent, but I can try to keep up.”

Marie pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She stood up on my bed and pulled her pants down, and when they got past her knees she started to get wobbly on the mattress and fell forward. She landed right on me, her hands bracing her against my chest but her stomach landing right on my boner. It didn’t hurt, but the sudden connection was a bit awkward.

“Sorry,” she said, fumbling to get off of me so she could finish undressing.

“Admit it, you enjoyed that,” I joked.

She seemed to wink at me, or at least that’s what it looked like in the dark. “Maybe.”

“Hey, remember how you said you liked it in the butt?” I asked boldly. I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but it seemed logical to try to proceed that way with her like I had with Bree.

“Yeah, so?”

“Do you wanna do some butt stuff with me?”

There was a short silence as she considered what I might be asking of her. Maybe she wondered if I meant for her to touch herself, or rather for us to touch each other. By the slim chance that she would actually agree to the latter, I didn’t say anything else.

“What did you have in mind?” she finally asked.

“I dunno. But if it’s something you like, we should do it.”

“Kevin…” She raised up onto her knees, and I could make out her small tits quite clearly. “You know we can’t…have sex, right?”

I shrugged. “Hey, that wasn’t what I was suggesting.”

“I mean,” she corrected herself, “we can’t do anything that involves you cumming inside of me. Inside my pussy, that is.”

I tried to hide my excitement as her words revealed to me that she may be up for something more than just touching ourselves. But I played it cool.

“I don’t intend to do that,” I assured her. “But…Bree and I…we’ve kinda taken it a bit farther already.”

I hadn’t meant to share that much with Marie, but it seemed like it would be in my favor to get a bit of a rivalry going between my two sisters. I knew Marie was competitive like that, always trying to best her little sister in anything they both tried.

Marie leaned forward a bit, and I felt her inner thighs on the top of my leg. She practically hovered over me, getting closer in some sort of sensual gesture like she was having a hard time keeping herself from pouncing on me. That had to be a good sign.

“What did you two do, exactly?” she asked, and her voice was already raspy.

I grabbed my dick and started stroking. “She let me put the tip in her ass and I came there. Twice, actually.”

Suddenly I felt Marie’s fingers on the hand that was stroking my cock. She moved them further down and pushed my own fingers out of the way so she could grab my erection and gently touch it. I groaned as I felt her feminine grasp on my penis.

“You two are fucking perverse,” she said, in a sexual whisper that dripped with desire. “I can’t let you two get away with that, without getting a piece myself.”

My dick lurched in her hand. “You really want me to put it in your ass too?”

Her face was right in front of mine, and she was jerking my cock right up against her cunt. I could feel the tip brush against her slick bare vagina as she pulled on it.

She whispered in my ear, “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

I could not have wanted her any more than I did at that moment. I thought she was going to kiss me, the way her cheek dragged along mine as she moved back to a sitting position. To my surprise, Marie crouched down and lowered her face to my crotch. I was in heaven as I felt the warmth of her breath and the lovely wetness of her mouth on my penis. Her tongue snaked out and licked at it first before she sucked the shaft down into her throat. In only a few movements, she had buried me in her face. Her nose touched my stomach just below my belly button.

I groaned heavily, and for the next few minutes I was amazed at how good a person could feel. It wasn’t just the pleasure of her mouth and tongue working against my cock, licking and sucking at it and coating it with saliva. It was the reality that this was my older sister doing this to me, and wanting to do it more than any girl has ever wanted to before.

“Do you like that I’m sucking your cock,” she said, “after it’s been in Bree’s ass?”

My god, I hadn’t even thought of that! She was right, she was sucking the same penis that had invaded Bree’s naughty little anus and filled it to the brim with hot cum. I grunted as she throated me again, and I felt her fingers graze under my balls to stroke me there in that wonderful place.

“Now you want me ass, right?” she asked, though she didn’t need to.

She sat up and hovered herself over me, not letting me move even an inch. She positioned her hips over mine, and aimed my dick straight up. I watched, and felt, as Marie sank her ass onto my cock, letting it slide up into her tight butthole and go deep into her bowels. She moaned as she did this, rubbing her pussy as well but focusing on getting me inside of her ass.

“Oh, Marie…” I couldn’t even say anything as she did this, it felt so good. I was now fucking the second ass I had ever fucked, and in the same day that I had my first.

After I was deep inside of her, and I could feel her body resting on mine, Marie started to masturbate. She rubbed her clit softly at first, gently grinding her hips on me and letting her ass undulate on my cock. She sped up her movements until she was panting and rubbing her cunt hard, pawing at it hungrily. This was the best sex I had ever had, and fortunately I wasn’t about to cum too soon. I could thoroughly enjoy it for as long as I could endure.

She cried out as she climaxed on me, and her ass clenching on me as her pussy convulsed made me almost lose it. Just like Bree, to my delight, Marie squirted a small stream of clear liquid onto my stomach. God, that was so sexy, feeling the warmth of it spread across my belly. My bed would be a mess, but I couldn’t care less right now.

“God, Kevin!” she exclaimed. “I can’t stop cumming!”

I grabbed her hips and held her down onto me. She mashed her ass onto my cock, as if she was trying to stuff more and more of it inside herself. I felt like I was reaching up into her gut with my cock. The inside of her ass was rubbing me so wonderfully, just slightly different than a pussy would. It reminded me how naughty and forbidden this was, and how good it was going to feel to let my cum paint her insides. I remembered how Bree’s ass had looked after I plowed it, all stretched out and gaping. Seeing my cum run out of her abused little hole was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and picturing Marie’s ass doing the same finally sent me over the edge.

I threw my head back and let out a loud groan as I spewed up into Marie’s butt. She smiled as she felt my tense up and lurch inside of her, and I came with enough force that she probably felt it squirting around in her bowels. She clenched her ass as hard as she could around my dick, and just held onto me as I enjoyed her body.

I collapsed back onto my bed, and Marie stayed on top of me. She wasn’t going to let my dick escape her tight ass. She gently stroked my chest as I caught my breath. I pawed at her tits in return. It felt like we had crossed a barrier that even Bree and I hadn’t crossed yet.

It’s time. Time to make my fantasy a reality.

I book a flight to Thailand for the next day, only a cheap one to Bangkok International; I’ll worry about a hotel when I get there. I land in the early evening and waste no time putting my plan into action, taking a cab to Pattaya as soon as I arrive and seeking out somewhere that manages to blend the seedy with something at least resembling sanitary. That’s not anywhere near as challenging as I thought it might be, as it turns out.

Having tracked down the ideal venue and handing over a not insubstantial quantity of Baht I am introduced by the proprietor to my chosen girl, whose name it turns out is Lin. Taking hold of my arm in her petite hand, she leads me past the desk arrangement in the room that I guess is referred to as the reception, along a short darkened corridor illuminated only by a few failing strip lights and into a private room. The room is more adequately lit than outside, but still low enough to be considered… cosy. In the centre, dominating the compact space, is a large plush bed with a reddish-purple sheet covering the thick mattress. My eyes fall on a small table standing next to the head of the bed. On top of it is a selection of variously-sized butt plugs and a generous amount of lube in squeezy bottles. Given the general cultural attitudes to sex toys in this part of the world, I’ve done well (and paid a premium…) to find an establishment as accommodating as this one. Once inside the private room, she closes the door behind us and then turns to face me, waiting patiently for my commands. It was one of my stipulations: I’m paying so I’m in control.

Lin is slim, perhaps 125lbs at a guess, maybe as old as 19 or 20 and much shorter than me at only 5’7″. She is dressed alluringly in high heels, a very short plaid skirt and a small white blouse tied at the waist to expose her midriff and mostly unbuttoned to show off her small cleavage and the edges of the cups of her plain black bra beneath. Her pretty oriental face is framed in shoulder length dark brown hair and her big brown eyes stare at me in anticipation.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and tell her to take off her blouse, which she does immediately, throwing it into the corner of the room. After taking a moment to admire her slender, feminine torso and the delicate curves of her small A-cup breasts, she drops her skirt to her feet, the garment quickly following her blouse into the corner. Standing in just her underwear and high heels before me while I stare, my gaze falls to the material of the thong covering her crotch. I can’t tell. Maybe there is something there, maybe there isn’t. If there is, it’s been held out of sight very well… The intrigue makes my cock twitch in excitement.

I tell Lin to remove her bra. Reaching up around the back of her slim torso to undo the clasps she complies, revealing the tan flesh of her exquisite little titties as the garment slides forward off her arms. Each tiny mound of flesh ends in a taught brown nipple, visibly straining in excitement. I watch them move on her chest as she flings her bra to the corner of the room. Now that she’s just wearing her slim black thong panties, I tell her to turn around so I can see her ass. I gaze at the orbs of her ass cheeks as she turns to face away from me, the muscles tightened due to the angle her legs are forced into by her high heels, her flawless skin shimmering under a sheen of sweat. Wanting to prolong the moment that I know is coming, I tell her to undress me.

She turns and totters over to me on her high heels and pulls my t-shirt swiftly over my head, revealing my toned torso and then unzips the fly of my shorts. I raise myself off the bed slightly to allow Lin to pull them to my feet and slip them off along with my trainers. She discards my clothes in the same corner of the room as her own. My underwear is the last item to be removed, exposing my shaved pubic thatch and balls as well as my cock, which somehow I’ve managed to keep flaccid. Well, as flaccid as possible given the sights that I’ve witnessed already this evening. I’m fighting the urge to get a hard on looking at the truly stunning young woman in front of me. She gasps as my cock is exposed and I see a wry grin cross her features. It’s going to be filling her soon…

With me nude and still fighting the urge to get an erection, I tell her to stand up in front of me again. She does as I say, her hands falling to her sides. I tell her it’s time, that I want to see her naked. She grins that cute little devilish smile again and places her thumbs in the waistband of her tiny panties. Pushing the elastic downwards, she slowly exposes more of her mocha flesh. Her crotch is almost completely exposed and I’ve yet to see even the hint of a pubic hair. I’m losing the fight with my cock and I can feel my hard on start to develop between my legs. She pushes her panties down a bit more and I get the first glimpse of just the base of her shaft, the surrounding area completely bald as I expected. Keeping her eyes locked on me coquettishly, her smile widens and with it, she pushes her panties down to her feet in one sudden movement. I gasp as she straightens and steps her high heeled shoes out of the crumpled panties and I see her flaccid cock for the first time. Her genitals are quite a bit smaller than mine, which is what I was hoping for. It’s turning me on no end to see a woman with a below-average-size cock hanging between her legs. Her un-erect member is framed by smooth, bare skin with no trace of hair at all. I can see her tight balls beneath her cock too, also hairless. My hard on continues to grow as I watch her kick her panties away into the corner of the room with the rest of our clothes.

I stand up off the bed and walk the few steps over to her, my cock now bulging almost to full size. She waits patiently with her hands by her sides as I examine her more closely. Fascinated, I reach down and touch her cock, just with my fingertips at first but then get bolder and grab her shaft. She gasps in pleasure and I feel the veiny flesh begin to harden and swell beneath my touch. I start to stroke her cock, watching all the time as her erection grows and grows until it’s as big as it’s going to get, her foreskin pulled back to expose the engorged purple mushroom of her glans. At maybe five inches long and not very thick, her cock is the perfect size for some fun, I reckon.

My own hard on, quite significantly bigger than Lin’s at over six inches long and quite meaty, is now raging as well, throbbing gently in time with my quickening pulse. Wanting to see mine and hers side-by-side, I move another step closer to where she’s standing and hold my cock next to Lin’s, an act that’s only possible, given our height difference, due to her still wearing her high heeled shoes. On a whim, I clamp our erections together in one of my hands, our most intimate flesh touching for the first time. The scent of her hair, already stuck with sweat in places to her pretty face in the close little room and the musky aroma of her glistening body is filling my nostrils. My bell end is pushed into her hairless crotch by the side of her shaft, which itself isn’t long enough to do the same to me. I start to stroke both of our cocks together in my clenched palm, making our foreskins move alternately back and forth over each of our throbbing cockheads. I see a bead of pre-cum drooling enticingly from the slit at the tip of her bell end and hear her groan softly in pleasure at the feeling of her shaft being pumped slowly against mine.

The sound of her voice snaps me out of my reverie and I decide to take full advantage of the situation. Letting go of her cock and my own I tell her to get to her knees, which she does straight away. She knows what to do without being told and takes hold of my cock in both of her hands – it looks massive between her tiny bronzed digits – to guide the pre-cum-leaking tip into her mouth. I moan as she starts to suck my cockhead and I can see my bell end deforming the lines of her cheeks from within as she looks up at me with her big brown eyes. Craning my neck to do so, I look beyond Lin’s pretty, cock-filled face, down past her tiny tits and erect nipples, over the flawless gentle curve of her slim belly to her small erection and shaved balls bobbing lewdly between her legs in time with the rhythmic up-and-down movements of her head as she fellates me. I place my hands on the top of her head and concentrate on the feelings of her warm mouth engulfing my swollen cock.

After a short time of delicious cock sucking, I tell her I’m going to bend over and that I want her to lick my asshole. She lets my cock slide wetly out of her mouth , a string of saliva briefly connecting my organ with her lips and nods her assent as I turn around and clamber onto the bed on all fours, my knees near the edge and my feet hanging off the end. My legs are well spread, exposing my tight shaved anus to her. She stands and moves sensuously over to me, bending at the waist and lowering her head to my ass as soon as she’s next to the bed. I feel her hot breath on my tight pink ring and her thumbs parting my cheeks further as I look down between my legs to be greeted with the sight of her hard pulsating cock beyond my own. A moment later an involuntary gasp escapes my mouth as I feel the warm wetness of her tongue on my anus as she starts to rim me. She tongues my ass expertly, warming up the muscle there and loosening it deliciously. Her tongue tip traces a line around the circumference of my tight hole before darting into the sweaty knot of muscle, probing deeper and deeper with each thrust. I moan at the deeply pleasurable sensations and concentrate on relaxing my asshole, allowing her tongue to get right inside my butt as far as she can push it. She goes to reach beneath me to stroke my cock, but I push her hand away and tell her not to, that I just want her licking my ass. She complies, returning her hand to the inner curve of my ass cheek and I push back against her invading tongue, intending to keep her rimming my back passage for as long as I can stand it. Another bead of pre-cum starts leaking out of my cock-end at the feeling of this pretty little oriental ladyboy tonguing my rear.

When I feel my ass is sufficiently loosened and moist and I think I’m right on the verge of shooting my load, I get her to stop what she’s doing. I spin around and she stands up straight. Pulling her to me when I’m once more sitting on the edge of the bed, I kiss her deeply, jousting my tongue with hers, tasting the tartness of my own ass in her mouth and feeling her erection pressed against my thigh, her little titties squashed into my torso. I finish our kiss and tell her to swap places with me. She giggles delightfully as she kicks off her high heels and climbs onto the bed in the same position I was moments ago, her legs well parted with her shaven pinky-brown asshole, displayed to me for the first time in all its tight winking glory, pointing up at me. I can see her tightly clenched hairless balls and the hint of the base of her erect shaft beneath her puckered ring, framed by the insides of her silky tan thighs. Kneeling on the floor behind her I waste no time in spreading her cheeks with the fingers of both my hands before diving my head forwards and licking her asshole, the flavour faintly reminiscent of the taste of my own on her mouth. Mimicking her movements on me from earlier, I lick around the edges of her shaven anus before pushing my tongue inside, past the flesh of her ring, trying to force as much of it into her rectum as I can, tasting her most intimate area. She gasps and moans and pushes back onto me as I continue what I’m doing, my tongue-fucking getting deeper and faster with every probing thrust until I’m satisfied that her ass is as slack and as warmed up as mine.

Withdrawing my head from Lin’s ass, my face slick with a combination of both our sweat and my own saliva and with the taste of her ring on my tongue, I tell her I want to feel her cock inside me.

She smiles and kneels up as I climb onto the bed again to get on all fours in front of her, sticking my ass in the air and presenting my now-loosened anus once more. I sense her reach for some lube from the table by the bed and feel the coolness of it on my hot flesh as she dribbles a generous helping onto my waiting sphincter. I hear the bottle snap shut and there’s just a moment’s pause while she lubes up her small shaft before she gets into position behind me, pushing her cock downwards so that the tip is pressed up against my asshole. I groan in pleasure and relax as I feel her part my ass cheeks with her free hand and start to work her bulbous bell end into me. It’s all I can do not to stroke myself to climax as I feel her slippery cockhead pop into my virgin ass, invading the entrance to my rectum wonderfully. She groans too and pushes forwards, slipping another inch of her shaft into me. I gasp in excitement and push back against her as she thrusts again, wanting to have her cock fill me. After only a few more shoves, I feel her shaved balls touching my hairless perineum and the slight outward curve of her belly nudge the top of my parted ass cheeks, knowing now that she’s buried inside me to the hilt. I have a wonderful feeling of fullness – not too much, but just enough to send me wild with ecstasy – and her cock shaft is just long enough to allow the tip of it to nudge my engorged prostate. Pre-cum is now leaking copiously out of my own cock, but still I resist the urge to stroke myself to orgasm.

I tell her to fuck me, that I want to feel her moving inside my ass. Grabbing hold of my hips with both hands, she does as I instructed, slowly at first but building in pace with every thrust so that after only a couple of minutes, she’s grunting loudly behind me as she pounds my sphincter exuberantly with her slippery cock. I keep her fucking me for as long as I can stand, the pleasure of feeling her fleshy cock invading my ring and filling my rectum almost enough to tip me over the edge on its own. Just when it’s all about to get too much for me and I can feel that I’m right on the brink of a blissful anal orgasm, I tell her to stop. She does so straight away, her cock on an inward stroke jammed into my asshole as far as she can get it. I tell her to pull out of me slowly, which she does. Her cock comes away easily from my well-fucked anus and I reach around behind myself to explore my slackened ring with my fingertips. I find a spongy, mushy mass of warm relaxed muscle between my cheeks, a naughty glow emanating outwards from my well-used hole right to the tip of my cock.

Staying in position where I am, I tell her that it’s her turn to be fucked but that I want my ass filled still. Knowing what I want, she reaches over to the table by the bed and retrieves a good-sized butt plug. After squeezing out some lube onto the shiny shaft of the toy – perhaps unnecessarily – I feel her begin to push it home, working it into my ass slowly. My well-fucked rectum swallows up the plug comparatively easily given its size and I gasp as I feel the widest part of the shaft stretch my anus before the muscle clamps down on the narrower neck of the toy. I feel my balls tighten and my cock strain again from my shaven thatch, pre-cum oozing lewdly, desperate for release.

Lin sits back on her haunches awaiting my next command, her hard on sticking upwards from her own shaven crotch, tight balls resting on her upper thighs. Turning myself over to lie on my back, feeling the butt plug moving inside me and rubbing my prostate deliciously as I do, I tell her I want her to sit on my cock. She smiles and reaches again for the bottle of lube before dribbling some down my shaft. Casting the bottle aside, she clambers forwards on the bed and, still facing in my direction, kneels up over me with her legs straddling my torso. Her erect cock is bobbing around inches above my own. I watch as she reaches around behind and beneath herself with one hand and grabs hold of the base of my slippery shaft, pointing it towards her asshole. She looks at me with a naughty glimmer in her eye as I see her sit back before feeling my pre-cum-and-lube-slick bell end touch the slightly slackened pucker of her sphincter. We both groan together as she sits back further, impaling her own ass on the head of my cock. I can feel the knot of muscle squeezing my shaft, the tightness exquisite. Her jaw falls open and her eyes shut involuntarily as my bulbous glans break through her anal ring and start the invasion of her little rectum.

She sits back again and again, each time forcing an extra half an inch of my thick meat inside her until the backs of her legs come to a stop against my thighs and her hairless balls and perineum are resting on the shaved thatch of pubes above the base of my cock. Her mouth is still open from having my entire cock inside her, little beads of spittle leaking from the corners. I can feel that I’m filling her up totally, that there may not be any more room if it was anyone bigger than me penetrating her. She takes a moment to get used to the fullness, which I allow her, happy to feel my cock enveloped so completely and so tightly inside her asshole while my own rectum is full with the butt plug. As soon as she’s able, she leans forwards slightly at the waist, rests both her hands on the bed beside my torso and starts to ride me. Alternately lifting her ass up away from me and sliding it back down by extending her knees and grinding her hips, she starts impaling herself fully onto my rock hard shaft, keeping just my bell end inside her loosening anus on the upwards strokes. Fucking herself onto my slippery cock, she starts to groan in ecstasy. I feel my balls tighten further and watch as Lin’s do the same, her little cock bouncing around at her smooth hairless crotch in time with her movements.

The pace of her fucking continues and I know that the tightness around my throbbing cock coupled with the intense fullness in my rectum are going to conspire to bring about my orgasm all too rapidly. I reach down and grab her narrow cock, still slick with the lube she put on it to fuck my ass earlier as well as the excessive bead of pre-cum oozing from the tip and begin to stroke it. This elicits another groan from her lips and she rides me even faster. I reach up to fondle one of her pert little tits in my other hand, tweaking her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger at the same as speeding up my pumping of her member in my enclosed palm, thrusting my hips in time with her ever-more-rapid movements to slam my own cock into her well-fucked ass harder and harder. Sweat is pouring off both of us, our bodies slick with moisture and we’re both gasping and panting uncontrollably. I can feel my long awaited orgasm building inside me and I sense her cock start to twitch and her anus contract even more tightly around my invading shaft. Suddenly it’s too much – the fullness in my ass, the tightness compressing every inch of my cock, the exertion, the sweat, the smell – and I cum, shooting my spunk inside Lin’s rectum and throwing my head back on the bed to cry out in ecstasy as I do. As soon as I feel the first wad of jism spurt from my pulsating cockhead, the pitch of her moans increase too and I feel her cumming, her cock pulsing in my hand and her own cum firing out of her like a great geyser to land wetly on my sweat soaked stomach and chest and dribbling down over my thumb as she slams her ass back down on my legs, impaling herself fully on my spurting shaft …


USS James T. Wilson amphibious landing ship

0200h Somewhere in the South Caribbean Sea

The soft tropical breezes offered an unparalleled sensation against her oleander skin while she thought about her lover from whom she’d been separated for almost two months and would still have to wait yet another before seeing her again. Annalisa was the only lesbian aboard the Wilson amphibious vessel. She was one of, if not the most beautiful women on the ship and the attention from her male contemporaries was appreciated in the beginning — the joy in knowing she was desired across the sexes — but the luster of which had faded quickly and left her longing after the lover she was to be without.

The heavy footsteps of thick soled boots approached as a young man came onto the deck for a cigarette. He was surprised that anyone else was out there at such an hour, let alone the Sapphic beauty about whom he had heard so much, typically in pejorative senses through the wishes of the other Marines in his unit about how they could “change her” in a single night.

She’d seen this man before and respected his solemnity. He was younger (or at least seemed it) and worked with a Marine Captain and Staff Sergeant as a designated marksman for the small craft company attached to the Wilson.

“Good evening, Petty Officer.”

“Good evening, Marine.” She replied.

“Cigarette?” He offered. She declined and the two, keeping a space between them of about six feet, stared off into the docile sea, glistening in the autumn moonlight. He took a drag from his cigarette, but a cough had snuck up on him. The cigarette fell out and instinctively he attempted to catch it, burning the fleshy part of his palm, under his thumb.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” She asked.

“I think I burned myself,” he said, laughing a little to extinguish any sense of emergency.

“Let me see it.” And he extended his open hand to show the small circle of blistered skin.

“Come with me, we’ll get it patched up.” And he followed her, pleasantly stuck in the aura of her perfume that had been concealed by the sweet, tropical air outside. She knew exactly where to go and the corpsman on duty, a woman, gave her an almost suggestive smile, and before the young man could make a proper introduction, the angelic beauty of the Wilson had vanished.

A week later at dinner, after several members of his unit had gotten up to leave, the unoccupied seat opposite the young man had been filled by the same woman he’d been trying to find since that night. She asked about his hand and he showed her. He thanked her for her help and, in concealing his nervousness, introduced himself with his first name, Fabian. She smiled as she said, “I’m Annalisa”. The conversation took a more upbeat turn and suddenly the young Marine had forgotten that he was speaking with this woman of simplistic, yet raw beauty — shoulder length black hair and rich white skin that bore the tint of the slightest sun kissed color, big brown eyes, round, mesmerizing, piercing all in one — and the two became lost in talk of movies and music, which evolved into his confession of a passion for acting and her inquiring further about the life of a man of whom she’d only thought in passing.

“I LOVE that movie, you have it on you, here?!” She asked.

“Yeah, it’s in my room, did you wanna watch it again?” Fearing he’d said too much, he was ecstatic and relieved at her insistence that they do just that. He was swept up in the fluidity of the succeeding moments and was only able to catch up with himself at the moment after he set up his laptop with the DVD and sat platonically spaced with a woman whose scent would have been enough, let alone anything else.

They watched quietly and about an hour in, the young man got a call to be in his uniform on deck in fifteen minutes. He invited her to stay in his room and excused himself as he switched undershirts. She felt herself strangely attracted to his naked torso and his plum boxer briefs. He felt her watching him and when he looked up at her she was smiling, a degree less than seductively and the two held their gazes until she came over to him and ran her hands over his body, pushing herself onto him as they kissed deeply.

The young Lance Corporal had left high school having never been close to a woman, but knew what he would do when the moment finally did present itself. He was lost in her. He had imagined what it would feel like and the joy that would accompany it and he was right, but he couldn’t have anticipated the euphoric spike as their tongues rubbed along one another and the softness of her skin, the light scent of her femininity. His hands travelled up her shirt, across her stomach and around to her back to pull her in even closer. He was indebted to it.

They moved back to the bed and onto the wool blanket. He wanted to do everything and was helpless to his own desires. He felt warmth between her legs as his hand reached down to touch her, palm up, and all he could think about was putting his face there. Then another call.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” he said and looked over Annalisa, shirtless on his bed.

“It could take up to an hour…”

“Just come to me, I’m in 18B.”

After about forty-five minutes they were cut loose and he ran to B section, but stopped himself, relaxed and calmly walked up to room 18. She stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. They smiled at one another nervously and made their way to the bed.

He took off his camouflage top and green skivvy shirt as she slipped her heather gray “NAVY” t-shirt over her head to leave her with only a black, satin bra. He reached around and fumbled with the clasp. She laughed slightly and commented, girls never mess that up! They kissed the way lovers do and she couldn’t pull him in close enough as he softly brushed the tips of his fingers up the sides of her body, over the sides of her generous breasts; soft, white orbs, less firm than he had imagined they would be, but rather more delicate, and perfectly sized, easily a C he thought to himself. He had longed to feel and taste a pair of breasts ever since he first saw a topless actress in a movie in his youth. He pulled away gently only to plant his face into the flowery softness of the nape of her neck from which emanated the perfume that enslaved his senses.

Delicately the two moved into a prone position on the narrow twin bunk, Annalisa’s black hair spilling out like ink on the white linen of the pillow case. He kissed down her neck to the base of her throat, the top of her chest, onto each tender breast, the tip of his tongue circling and smothering her pink nipples enticing them to join in the pleasure of the moment. She quivered as he licked from the cleft of her breasts down to her belly button, his tongue slipping into it like a shallow bath and one final kiss just above the waistband of her jeans.

He looked up at her and she smiled approvingly to which he undid the button and zipper and the two worked together to pull from her soft (and ever so lightly tanned legs) the jeans that stuck to her like a second skin. He tossed them to the floor and swiftly hooked his fingers into the waistband of her black lace boy shorts at which point she quickly covered herself, smiling innocently under the intensity of the moment. He leaned in and kissed her on her lips and she was instantly at ease by the youthful innocence in his face and she wondered if he even needed to shave; her hands reached back behind her and her legs parted waiting to see how well he would do what he was about to do.

Fabian was in a state of ecstasy that he could never have imagined even existed. He took a lot of abuse for his shyness, which despite his soft, innocently seductive face and deep textured brown eyes, had never kissed a woman before this chance encounter, for which he was grateful beyond measure. Annalisa, being a newly self-discovered bisexual was almost in awe of the passion that went into his technique, as though he had been doing it forever. His hands caressed her thighs, moving sporadically to her hips and the flat of her stomach. He licked her so deliberately. His tongue moved up and down her vagina as he placed his mouth, around the whole of her sex, from the tight pocket of her opening, in which his tongue naturally delved, up to her clitoris, stopping there as he did on her nipples, the tip of his tongue voraciously flapping across it, up and down and side to side, and at one point lightly circling the tight pink star of her anus, to which she softly moaned despite her best intentions to remain quiet. He thought of something he’d read one time and sucked the bead of her clitoris into his own mouth as his tongue flapped rapidly over it. Annalisa felt herself leaving the final plateau of her arousal and approaching what was sure to be the most intense climax she would ever feel. A blast of pleasure rendered her helpless and the intensified sensitivity made her almost scream. Fabian wore an expression of hesitant pride, fairly sure of what he had done.

“Did you…?” He asked.

“Oh… My God, that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.”

She caught her breath as he watched, gently kissing up her body, stopping at her neck to lie next to her. They shared a kiss while her hand wandered to the crotch of his uniform pants, underneath and felt the tip of his completely erect penis. Slowly, she grasped it, worried by the sheer girth as it was bigger than she ever thought one would be. She slid her hand all the way to the base and back up before she broke the kiss to finally see a dick for the first time. It seemed even bigger out in the open.

“Get comfortable,” she said, “I’ve never done this before.” And they both shared a small nervous laugh together.

She lowered her face to it and took as much of it as she could in her small mouth. Wanting to mimic the pleasure she had just received, she sunk her mouth over it until the head was up against the back of her throat and she fought hard to not gag. She stopped to admire his penis, having never seen one in person.

“This is… a really nice one.” She said nervously and he smiled proudly before thanking her.

“I want it inside of me.” And in the heat of the moment, she straddled him, her back to him and Fabian was entranced at the sight of her shapely ass appearing to swallow his member as Annalisa slowly inserted it into her sopping wet vagina.

“Oh my God, this almost hurts…” she said half-jokingly, but captivated by the pleasure of the sensation it gave her

“Wanna stop?” Fabian asked.

“No! No, it’s-it’s fine now.”

Fabian was in heaven as he placed his hands at the top of her hips and admired her butt, the tiniest brown mole on her right cheek, slightly whiter from her bikini bottoms and the pink pucker of her butthole that he greedily thought about fucking. He was living a dream and thought she might reconsider ever seeing him again since she already had a lover at home. He softly lowered his hands to the flesh of her ass as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He gently rubbed her tight anus with his thumb. He felt it open slightly and replaced his thumb with his index finger, just to feel the inside of it to satiate his own carnal curiosity. She didn’t resist and he withdrew, saving it for the next time.

He warned her that he might come any minute and she dismounted him. She positioned herself at his center, grabbed his stiff member and sucked on it, hungrily. She slathered the tip with her tongue on the upstroke and let it rub the back of her throat when she got all the way down. She started using a hand around the thick shaft, masturbating him at the same time and worked into a rhythm that minutes later culminated in a burst of a warm, mucus-like substance that hit the roof of her mouth and throat. She held it in her mouth, unsure of what to do before deciding to swallow. She looked down at the slender, defined torso of the young Fabian and was astonished at what she had done, enthralled and trying to savor the moment as much as she could.

“Maybe tomorrow you can stick it in my ass.” She said coyly. The two smiled happily at each other, lied together in her bed and fell asleep.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


I had recently sprained my ankle badly at our annual, summer picnic softball game and was gimping around on a crutch, until my muscles healed. I was very bored and horny.

As I lay on the couch watching the sexy soap actresses, I began to get terribly horny. My cock seemed to rise and retract non-stop and my prostrate would not stop throbbing, either.

I had been laid up for over three days now. My ex-girlfriend was not about to stop by for a booty call. There was no relief in sight.

After feeling sorry for myself for about another hour, I developed a plan. I was an adult after all. I could take care of myself.

I grabbed a plastic bag that contained my pain bills and some other junk from the drugstore, emptied it, and gimped to the kitchen. This was going to be a one-stop-shopping expedition.

Upon opening the fridge, I reached into the veggie bin and grabbed a cucumber that most resembled a large cock. It was roughly twelve inches long and two inches in diameter.

I dropped it into the bag and then hobbled over to the far counter, opened the cupboard, and retrieved a bottle of pure virgin oil. Presto! My shopping was complete.

The cucumber needed to warm up before I abused it, so I set on a tray nearby, hit the couch, grabbed the remote, flicked through the adult channels, until I found the hottest interracial, gangbang, butt-fuck flick. I smiled smugly. There was more than one way to skin a cat!

The movie started out with a slim, white, chesty blonde stripping and playing with herself, until the movers arrive. When she hears a knock on the door, she opens it immediately. Four to five black guys walk in and the hardcore sex begins.

The horny blonde drops to her knees and begins lustfully sucking an array of semi-hard, black, monster cocks that when completely hard will spread her pink anus so wide that you will be able to see her tonsils. Even knowing that she probably will not be able shit for a week, I was jealous.

After several minutes of cocksucking, the boys’ glistening cocks were erect and swollen. However, before fucking the shit out of her, they pay homage to her asshole first. Each guy buries his face between her cheeks and gently tongue-fucks her pink anus.

After about thirty minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned on my side, eased my skivvies down over my smooth ass, grabbed the olive oil bottle, opened it, and began to apply the oil to the outside and inside of my anus. When I felt loosened, I quickly applied the oil to the cucumber.

I was in a rush now. I wanted this bad boy up my horny ass! Watching the blonde squeal and writhe on her belly as the mammoth cocks, one after another, plunged in and out of her beautiful, round derrière was intensely stimulating.

I held one end of the cucumber against the couch and then pushed my ass back on the other end. I groaned loudly with delight as the slick, smooth cucumber spread my anus and easily advanced up my horny rectum.

Although my prostate was loving every fat inch, I had to pause after I had five to six inches up me. My sphincters were clenching the cucumber so hard that I could not go any further.

After a few minutes, I was able to push at least another three inches into my ass. It felt wonderful to have rectum filled so completely. The amount of precum flowing out of my cock confirmed my desires and need for relief.

As I began to slowly jerk my cock and hump my ass back and forth against the cucumber, I saw Beth’s face in my living room window! Her skinny legs were determinedly taking her to my front door! I froze.

Beth was one of our executive secretaries at work. She was a statuesque, longhaired, blue eyed, blonde with magnificent 32 DD’s. Yes, Beth was quite striking; however, her cleavage made it difficult to look at anything else.

Beth lived in a townhouse a few doors down from me. Word had it that she had collected a huge settlement, when her husband perished in an auto accident.

That made sense because there was no way she could have afforded the townhouse based on the salary my cheap employer paid their secretaries. Fortunately, I was one of my employer’s best sales representatives. They and I enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

I think Beth glanced in my direction for a second as she walked by. If she did, I was pretty sure she did not see anything because it was dark inside my living room. The back of my TV faced the window.

When Beth knocked on my screen door, I pulled my comforter over my naked lower body with one hand and hit the remote OFF button with the other. When Beth knocked a second time, I managed to croak, “Come in.”

“Hi! I just wanted to see how you were doing,” Beth said as she let her smiling self in.

Beth looked at the TV as she walked over to me. I could easily see that her nipples were rock hard and that she probably thought the TV had been on.

“We miss you at work and we haven’t heard anything,” Beth said as she sat down on the edge of the couch. I could only give her a tight smile.

Beth’s curvy ass was just inches away from my throbbing hard-on and that wasn’t going away anytime soon. The huge cucumber nestled in my rectum was constantly stimulating it. In addition, her sweet, smelling perfume, hard nipples, large breasts, and bare, smooth female flesh — legs and arms all conspired to overwhelm all my senses.

Although I did my best to look into her awesome blue eyes, it was extremely difficult. Beth was fashionably dressed, as usual. She was wearing a revealing, red, lace up tank top with silver grommets on the plackets, white shorts, and sandals.

When my eyes could not help but wander over Beth’s enticing cleavage, I quickly complimented her on her fancy top. Thank goodness!

Beth was pleased and took the bait. She expounded, for several minutes, about shopping. This allowed me to get my head together. All I had to do was nod every once in awhile as Beth rattled on.

Beth ended her story by asking me if I really like her top. I said yes and as I vigorously nodded my head, I instantly remembered our first meeting at work.

As I walked out of men’s room at work, Beth had just finished taking a drink from the water fountain. Since we were both headed in the same direction, we fell in step together as we walked down the hallway.

I had given the attractive looking Beth a quick smile, but nothing more. I was busy and had to get back to my office.

Unexpectedly, Beth turned to me and said, “They’re real you know.”


“Yes. My girls,” Beth said as she looked down at her boobs.

I chuckled and said, “I believe it.”

“No. They really are. Feel them.”

I panicked when Beth said that. I could just see my VP stepping into the hallway as I grope his secretary’s large breasts.

As I was thinking about how to get out of this, Beth took my hand and put it on her breast! At this point, I was truly alarmed.

“Go ahead…squeeze it.”

Hoping she would leave me alone, I squeezed, and quickly withdrew my hand. About a second later, I thought I’d better confirm her breast felt real or who knew where this was going to go?

“Yes, they’re real…really nice.”

I didn’t want to appear to be insensitive or aloof. Maybe she was just having a bad day… On the other hand…

I quickened my pace and then suddenly stopped. “Shucks! I forgot my papers!”

I immediately completed an about face and headed back to men’s room. I thought it best to get away from her – right then and there.

Years earlier, during a smoke break at work, Beth told me she had been born with extra organs. Puzzled, I asked her what she meant. She looked at me with her extraordinary, big, blue blues and explained that she had born with three working kidneys.

Although I believed Beth, I was skeptical. Her stomach was so flat… Her hips were so narrow. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her…

My thoughts about Beth were interrupted, when Beth said, “You look a little pale. Can I get you anything?”

“Some water, please…if you don’t mind.”

“I sure don’t. Would you like some ice with it?”

As soon as Beth went into my kitchen, I quietly grunted, shitting the cucumber out of my ass. I quickly pushed it and the olive oil bottle into the crack between the back of the sofa and the cushions. As luck would have it, I heard the olive oil bottle fall to the carpet, underneath the couch.

“Please dear god”, I prayed. “Please do not…”

“Here is your water,” Beth said as she handed me a glass. “I wasn’t sure which glass you wanted so I grabbed this one. Is that okay?”

“You mean the cleanest one you could find,” I thought as I nodded and gratefully drained the glass.

“Thanks Beth. That was perfect timing…”

Beth did not go home – for several hours. She stayed and cooked us supper. While she was in the kitchen, I managed to pull my skivvies up.

Beth was a man’s woman and did not mind the fact I hobbled around in my boxers. That was what guy’s did. I wasn’t so sure about the cucumber thing though.

For desert, Beth made us rum drinks. That’s when our libidos went into overdrive – hers anyway. Mine was already working overtime.

It all started when Beth asked me what I thought her worst physical feature was – her prominent Italian nose or her skinny legs. Needless to say, I did not answer that question.

Instead, I mentioned her assets. Her long blonde hair, her big, beautiful, blue eyes, etc.

Beth knew I was dodging the question and teased me, but she did not press me. Instead, she asked me what was either my very best or worst sexual experience.

I said, “You first.”

Beth paused and then said, “Okay. But you can’t tell anyone!”

“Heck no. Of course not!”

“Okay… Right after high school, I went to a birthday, swimming party. A girl friend of mine had invited me. It was an all girl event. No guys.”

“I wore my new micro bikini. All the girls who had a body wore them then. By the end of the day, I was pretty light headed, but I knew that I could make it home safely. I slipped my t-shirt on over my bikini and hit the road.”

“I decided to take a short cut down a dirt road, which would save some time because I could feel my bladder starting to fill up again. I’d had a few beers throughout the day…”

“About half the way down the road, my old car got a flat tire. I knew what to do having watched my Dad more than once.”

“I opened the trunk and as I reached for the spare, I realized I was going to get my brand new t-shirt blackened, so I took it off. My boyfriend had given it to me and I didn`t want to get it dirty.”

“I had the jack out and was getting ready to put it under my car, when a car drove by. The guy pulled over and stopped.”

“An old black guy rolled his window down and asked me if I needed help. I told him my tire was flat, and I was trying to get home from a pool party. Then a bee bit me.”

“A bee!”


“Anyway, I accepted his offer to change it. I really wasn’t in the mood after that. He also put some balm or salve on my sting.”

“He said, ‘My wife used to rub it on her ring. It really excited her. She said it felt very soothing.’”

“I started laughing. I said, she got excited when you put it on her ring finger? I am sure!”

“He smiled and looked me and said, ‘I don’t mean that ring lady. You know…the one you sits on.’”

“I didn’t know what to say. Also, I could see he was staring at my boobs. I looked away and then down. This old guy had a huge bulge in his pants!”

“I was curious. I had never seen anything that big before – in a man’s pants. Ha! Ha!”

“When he saw me staring, he asked me if I wanted to see it. When I hesitated, he said I’d probably never see another one like it!”

“This was awkward. He wasn’t going to show me, unless I unzipped his pants. I wanted to see it…so I did. I guess all the liquor and being around all those half-naked, girls all day made me bold and horny.”

“I got down on my knees, slowly unzipped his pants, and reached into his underwear. His thing was huge! Like a big, long, rubber hose.

Anyway, I grabbed it and pulled it out of his underwear. I sat there looking at this black, one-eyed monster.

“When he said, ‘You know what to do,’ I put it in my mouth and looked up at him. What a look of satisfaction he had. I had the feeling I was the first white woman to ever put his cock into her mouth!”

“I sucked him for some time. It was actually fun to suck them something that big and rubbery. He enjoyed it, too. He emitted so much precum that I actually thought he had cum once or twice.”

“I told him he tasted good and he said it was diet. He said he ate only natural foods.”

“Anyway, my pussy became so wet and itchy, I just stood up, grabbed his cock, and guided him around to the back of my car. Not a word was said!”

“I pulled my bikini bottom down, and bent over the open trunk. At this point, I didn’t care which hole he fucked. I was gonna cum either way.”

“He took out his can of salve, again, and lubed me real good. Actually, he finger-fucked my butthole, until I was on the verge of cumming, then he pushed his big, purple cockhead into my bottom.”

“Wow. It was big and as soon as he entered me, he grabbed his shaft and began making circular motions with it. That big cockhead just kept rubbing my g-spot… Eventually, I started cumming so hard I thought I was gonna…shit!”

“After I came a zillion times, I was loosened up enough for him to push into me. I felt some pain at first, but then it became total fulfillment. His cock felt so good!”

“He was my first black man…to cum in my butt. I don’t know if it was color, size, or a spur of the moment thing…”

“Anyway, ever since then I’ve loved anal! As a matter of fact, for the rest of that summer I looked forward to taking his big, fat cock up my butt, almost every day! We got so carried away; he began inviting his old buddies, too.

“Sometimes I would be gone from home half the day and then come home exhausted and smelling like a sperm factory, having so many cocks cum in me… My parents caught on… You’re the first person I’ve ever told this to…”

“Not even you’re…husband?”

“Hell no!”

“We had just gotten married!”

“You were married?”

“Yes. He was not very romantic and did not see fit to take care of my needs. I was young, horny…”

“Okay. Now you!”

“Alright. Please do not tell anyone, either!”

“No, I won’t.”

“This is kind of embarrassing…and I haven’t told anyone either, especially, a woman.”

“It’s okay,” Beth said as she grabbed my hand. “You can tell me anything. I am a pretty open minded girl.”

“A couple of my friends and I were on a weekend pass and had gotten a hotel room in Atlanta. We wanted to get some…pussy. Well, we didn’t. We stopped…they did, they were older than me…and bought some liquor before heading back to the hotel.”

“We sat around drinking and telling stories. I told them a funny story about Asians. Fred, a black guy, had to piss and when he came out of the bathroom, his cock was hanging out of his boxers. Although he was limp, it hung about seven inches.

“As he looked at me, he grabbed his cock and asked if the Asian guy was ‘this big?’ His cock hung over his hand like a huge hose, too.”

“I had never seen a cock that big. I just stared at it.”

“Fred saw me staring and asked me how big did I think he could get? I mumbled something and Fred laughed. He then walked over to me and started jacking his cock right in front of my face. It grew about another two inches!”

“When his precum started to ooze, Fred stopped. He dabbed it with his finger and then stuck his finger into my mouth. He then asked me if I liked it.”

“Fred dabbed some more and tasted his own precum. He smiled and said, ‘Sweet, huh?’”

“When I nodded, Fred said, ‘Well, have some more.’ He stepped forward and pushed his big cockhead into mouth.”

“Like this?”

My eyes opened wide as Beth smoothly reached into my boxers, grasped my semi-hard cock, and pulled it out. She licked her lips and then her blonde head descended.

Moments later, I felt her tongue licking the precum off my cockhead. Beth gave me a couple of licks and a light suck before engulfing my entire cock in her warm, wet mouth.

“God! Damn Beth! That feels…sooo good!”

The veins in my cock were rapidly pulsing as my every heartbeat pumped huge amounts of blood through them. In no time, my cock was swelling to historic proportions.

I always loved receiving a blowjob and Beth appeared to be an expert cocksucker. She made a perfect ‘O’ with her mouth, which allowed my saliva-coated cock to easily glide in and out of her cunt like mouth.

To top it off, as Beth sucked me, she gently milked my balls. The slight pull and tug was so stimulating that I could only grip her hair tighter.

Beth broke the intensity level, when she released my cock from her mouth. I was somewhat relieved because I was within seconds of blowing. I really didn’t want to cum after only four minutes!

As Beth stroked my hard cock in long fluid movements, she looked directly at the eye of my cock. Whenever a drop of precum would ooze out, she would dart her tongue out, catch it, and swallow it.

Without taking her eyes off her food source, Beth said, “Continue your story…while I play with you.”

“So I sucked his cock…but not nearly as good as you…that’s for sure! I held his cock in my hand, stroking it as I sucked it.”

“Steve, the other guy, had taken his clothes off and had pushed his tan, semi-hard cock into my face, too. I took turns sucking both their cocks, until the guys took me over to the bed. They stripped me and told me to lay face down on the bed.”

“Had you ever sucked cock before?”

“When I didn’t move, the guys grabbed my legs, flipped me over onto my stomach, and spread my legs open. Fred straddled half my ass so I couldn’t move. Then he grabbed my butt cheeks and then spread them open, exposing my asshole.”

“Meanwhile, Steve brought over the tub of margarine we had bought for sandwiches and they began scooping up gobs and pushing them into my asshole with their fingers. I couldn’t help but groan and grunt, and squeeze my anus tight around their fingers whenever they rubbed my prostate. It felt incredible.”

“I was embarrassed when the guys teased me about my stimulation.”

“Steve said, ‘Look! He’s got a hard-on!’”

“Then Fred chimed in and said something like, ‘His cheeks are softer than my girlfriend’s! The Pillsbury doughboy got nothing on him!’”

“Anyway, when Steve said I was lubed and ready to go, Fred began moving his big, fat cock back and forth between my greased cheeks. Although, that felt good, too, I was kinda scared. His cock was pretty big.”

“I stopped worrying about my ass, when Fred reached under my chest and grabbed each of my hard nipples between two fingers. He slowly began applying pressure, until he was pinching them hard.”

“When I hollered, Steve told me to shut-up and suck his cock. It was kind of small I thought when he put it in my mouth, but it grew large – right in mouth as I sucked it.”

“I know what you mean,” Beth said as she stroked me.

“Steve grabbed my head and started face-fucking me. In no time, my forehead was slapping his stomach repeatedly as Fred played with my prostate. I felt really humiliated – being treated like a little whore. The guys were really enjoying themselves!”

“Although I couldn’t see anything, I felt something big push against my butt… Moments later, my anus easily gave way for Fred’s large, greasy cock. I was actually amazed…even when I felt my rectum passage expanding to accommodate his thick cock…that there was no pain.”

Sex-starved perverts (like you) are constantly looking for something to whet—or maybe even wet—the appetite, and the news, of all things, often supplies a plethora of fare that is salacious, titillating, and prurient in nature, if only in a puerile sense.

It’s easy to find such material. Simply click the “News” tab on your web browser. Which browser you use to browse the ‘web doesn’t really matter; their all in cahoots with one another, offering the the same sick stuff day in and day out. After clicking “News,” simply enter the key word of your choice, maybe from a predetermined list. As a result, you’re sure to attain a lot of results—pages of links to scores or hundreds of associated “news” stories, both hard and soft, which are usually posted when there’s a lack or actual news, to fill web pages with something rather than nothing.

Let me offer just a few examples, to give you an idea as to how to best waste your time.

You can’t go wrong with “boobs.” You will go wrong, however, with “breasts.” The latter term is usually associated with the mammary glands, not titties viewed as boys’ toys, so the stories you’ll access will be the serious, somber, no-nonsense, matter-of-fact junk that only scientists, medical doctors (especially plastic surgeons), and nerds are interest in perusing. “Boobs,” as a key word, on the other hand will deliver a mix of both the serious and the frivolous, including such headlines as these: “Boobies Rock! T-shirt company cashes in on cancer,” “Full federal appeals court hears arguments in ‘I (Heart) Boobies’ bracelet case,” “Moms sue school over ban on ‘boobies’ bracelets,” “Has Orlando Bloom asked Miranda Kerr to cover up her ‘Boobies’?,” “Bigger Boobies’ Hallmark Card For 13-Year-Old Provokes Angry Protests On Twitter,” and “Janelle Evans, star of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ gets breast implants, says they are the ‘perfect size.’”

“Nipples,” as a search term nets these ‘net results: “Forget tattooing—Small Nipples Have Always Been The Platonic Ideal,” “Miranda Kerr’s nipples make an appearance,” “”Beyonce Reveals the Power of the Fake Boob,” “84% of women don’t want to see men’s nipples at office: survey” (which means, of course that 14% do want to see men’s nips at work), “Emma Watson’s Nipples: Cannes Dress a Disaster for ‘Harry Potter’ Star (PHOTOS,” “Woman Has Nipple Bitten Off,” “Women’s nipples as ‘orgasmic’ as G-spot,” “‘Tittooing’ Becomes the Latest Trend for UK Women Who Want Perfect Nipples,” “Smoking Can make Your Nipples Fall Off,” “Kimberly Walsh’s nipples Jump Out at fans during Girls Aloud gig,” and “Britain’s ‘Got Talent’: David Walliams can’t resist tweaking nipples” (sounds like there’s maybe there’s a big time sexual harassment case in the making!).

In doing my own searches for Internet fare that is salacious, titillating, and prurient in nature, if only in a puerile (and rather pathetic, I might add) sense, I generally start topside, with boobs and nipples, and work my way “south,” next entering the country of the Female Pudendum, wherein such terms as “clit,” “labia,” and “pussy” (again, most of the time, slang is better, for searches, than clinical terms, with a few exceptions, such as “labia”). Here are some results: “The labia ‘pride’ movement,” “Unhappy With Your Gross Vagina? Why Not Try The ‘Barbie’?,”What’s in your Vulva?,” “Designer Genitalia: Fad, Benefit, or Mutilation?,” “Women with genital cutting have poorer sex lives,” “International Clitoris Week Is Just Around The Corner” (mark your calendars!); “How I Get Away With masturbating In Public,” “Retraction of the Clitoral Head,” “Snoop Dogg Talks About Being A Pimp: ‘A Lot Of Athletes Bought Pussy From Me’ (DETAILS),” and lots and lots of headlines about Pussy Riot.

Okay, milady also has a backside, so words like “ass,” “butt,” and “anus” (and maybe “anal”) should fetch some fetching (and maybe even some “felching”) results. Here are a few: “Rihanna To Chris Brown—How Could You leave My Ass?,” “Miley Cyrus Bares Her Big Ass (Again) $ Goes Topless in Maxim Shoot,” “10 glaring spelling mistakes that make you look like an ass on the Internet,” “Selena Gomez on Nikki Minaj: ‘Her Ass Is Very Big,’” “Danni Minogue: ‘I used to be called Kylie’s ugly-ass sister,” “Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With Its Anus,” “Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Tears Anus With a Failed Bronco Buster,” “Man Has Light-bulb Surgically Removed From Anus” (don’t try this at home!), “Man undergoes Surgery after Putting Live Eel up his Anus,” “Farrah Abraham Sees Nothing Wrong with Her Fetish for Anal Sex” (neither so we, Farrah!), “Child born without anus still has not received help,” “Man, startled by bottle rocket shot out of anus, sues frat,” “Today I Anal Tattoos: This Woman Has A Butthole Tribute To The Beatles (NSFW),” and “Forced anal penetration of men not rape.”

Searching for “dick” will return mostly men whose names (or nicknames) are “Dick.” (Why would any man in his right mind want to be called “Dick” all his life?) Here are a few examples, before we move on: Dick Evey, Dick Powell, Richard E. “Dick” Allyn, Dick Van Dyke (now, there’s a name; it incorporates a reference to both the penis and to butch lesbians!), Dick Spotswood, Dick Dale, Dick Piney, Dick Trickles (no, we are not making this up!), Richard “Dick” G. Dietsche, Dick Jeradi, and Dick Bowers. (I don’t know about you, but that’s enough “Dicks” for me.)

“Cock” delivers a few better headlines: “Cock: A Sexually Charged Story Without Onstage Sex,” “Fustercluck’s Cock ‘Visible from outer Space[']: See It,” “Brad Pitt Retires Stunt Cock: No More Sex Scenes,” “Cock Bling: Venfield 8 on His Phallic Fashion Statements,” and “Dildo porn cock-up forces Vine to change age rating to 17+” (whatever that means).

“Balls” mostly goes nowhere as a search term, but we did come (cum?) up with “Monkey with blue balls added to top ten new species list.”

And, last if not least, “sperm” and “semen” produced these results: “Zoologger: the tiny insect with massive sperm,” “Air Pollution Could Shrivel Sperm’s DNA,” “”Researchers develop sperm-sorting design that may aid couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization,” “Sperm Trajectories, Evolving Humans And A Tomato Tapestry: The Best Scientific Figures For 2012,” “Stress Can Hamper Your Sperm Count,” “Sperm donation gaining greater acceptance in India,” “Naked mole rats have the world’s ugliest, most sluggish sperm” (who’d have thought?), “Too Much TV Tied To Low Sperm Count in Young Men,” “Female Ulidiid Flies Expel Sperm And Eat It, New Study Shows,” “Stunning 3D Sperm Images Reveal new Motion,” “Semen Cocktails: New Cookbook, ‘Semenology, Provides Recipes, Storage Tips And More,” “Semen Has Anti-aging Benefits? If Heather Locklear Says So,” “Semen Cocktails: The Mixology Of Man Sauce Is A Real Thing,” “Horse semen on the menu at new Zealand food festival,” and “Semen has direct effect on female brain” (female “brain”?).

These are just a few of the many headlines that await the persistent pervert, and they resulted from the use of only a handful (well, a handful, a mouthful, a twatful, and and assful) of key terms. There are many other possibilities, of course, to expand and extend your own Internet searches. (Just imagine what you might come up with if you went “tranny” chasing or conducted a search for “transsexuals”!)

Finally, don’t overlook the list of headlines that Literotica itself provides. At the time I wrote this review, the site of all sites lists the following gems, complete with summaries: “The summer’s best beach reads are page-turners with plenty of sex, sizzle and . . .,” “Newark Archdiocese Leader Resigns Amid Sex Scandal,” “Hagel Calls Sex Assaults in Military a ‘Scourge’,” “Helio Castroneves would give up sex for a year to win the Indy 500,” ” Sex and erotica don’t draw moviegoers anymore,” “‘Open season’ for sex at Alaskan base, military officials say,” ” U-Md.: Curl sex abuse was reported to attorney general’s office,” “Female lawmakers leading push to crack down on military sex crimes,” ” Florida teen rejects plea deal in controversial same-sex case,” and “Wartime sex slaves urge Japan mayor to quit.”

I got the idea from Archie Knox.

* * *


At twenty two, he’s blonde and beautiful. His skin is flawless, his pecs firm, his waist narrow, like his hips, and his legs long. He’s smooth all over, from head to toe, except for his goldilocks, that is, which are long and straight. When I fuck him, he rocks back and forth, biting his lower lip and occasionally opening his mouth to gasp or moan. My cock slides easily in and out of his anus, vanishing and reappearing between his buttocks, as my groin advances and retreats, his derriere flattening and rebounding at every stroke. Aaron is one of my favorites, and deservedly so.


His straight hair is black. He wears half a dozen thin silver bracelets, a diamond-encrusted armband, and nothing else. He rests his upper body upon his left shoulder and his right hand upon his right knee, as, kneeling upon the mattress, he gasps and moans–they all gasp and moan when I put my twelve inches of thick, hard cock up their asses!–but my attention remains, for the most part, upon his lovely, compact ass. As I drive forward, my prick shoving deep inside his rectum, and my groin collides with his buttocks, his hips actually rise, and he snarls soundlessly, reacting to each and every one of my many, many thrusts into his magnificent derriere. I could watch myself fucking eighteen-year-old Bruce all day, except that there is no need to do so, not when there are so many others upon whom to feast my eyes.


Tall and thin, nineteen-year-old Cal is all arms and legs, with a firm, compact ass. He wears his straight hair long; it’s brown, with streaks of blonde. Besides the golden armband on his right biceps, he wears nothing else. He lies upon his tummy, his legs parted to admit me, and his arms are bent at the elbows, the right stretched out to his side, the left angled forward, alongside the striped pillow under the left side of his face. As I fuck him, my thrusting loins shove his hips forward and his back down; he lifts his head and turns, so he can see me, behind and above him, and he whispers something I can’t quite hear–sweet nothings, no doubt–between bites to his lower lip and the inevitable gasps and moans that he, like all the others, makes.


His name is Daniel, but he prefers Danny. Twenty-something, he is black and beautiful, with a big, buoyant cock and balls that jut insistently–demandingly, even–from his kinky pubes, and the dark meat of his manhood contrasts sharply with my satin-smooth, white flesh as I pummel his ass, driving my Caucasian cock deep, hard, and fast through his African-American asshole and deep into his chocolate ass. I love the way his erect cock bounces up and down, like a diving board, and, when he points it directly at me, I don’t know whether to take it into my mouth or bend over so he can shove his monster member up my own ass. It’s as fun to be fucked by Danny as it is to fuck him. How could it be anything else, when he’s armed, so to speak, with a cock that is nearly as large as my own?


A mulatto, Ed has smooth skin the color of light milk chocolate. His body is well-toned, without being muscular, and his thighs, like his tummy and arms, are firm and sleek. He has brown hair, streaked with blonde; his eyes are the same brown as his nipples and areolas, like creamy chocolate; and his lips are sensuously full. Overall, he has a slender, but athletic, physique, like a well-conditioned tennis player, and, at twenty-three, he has the stamina to go with it. He’s an exhausting fuck, but exhausting in a fantastic way. His right leg, bent at the knee, is upon the sofa, its outer thigh and calf supported by the back of the divan, and his left leg is bent alongside the front of the couch, his toes resting on the carpeted floor. Leaning forward, with his elbows resting upon the right arm of the sofa, he moans, groans, and gasps, as I plunge my foot-long cock back and forth inside his anus, as intent himself upon being fucked as I am intent upon fucking him.


I don’t see much of Frank, because he’s shown in an extreme close up. That’s all right, though, because I’d know his ass anywhere. At first, just his anus shows, impaled by my pumping cock, and the red line that runs along his perineum, from his skewered asshole, toward his scrotum. The circle of his anus indents, as my cock shoves forward, and reappears for a moment, clinging, as it were, to my member, as my cock withdraws. Eventually, his scrotum appears, a small, tight, bunched pouch inside which his testicles bounce and sway as he takes my prick in his ass, and he grasps his own manly cock, bouncing his penis up and down upon his testicles and masturbating fiercely, before pausing to lift his hips and roll upward, so that my massive member withdraws completely from inside him, and his reamed anus appears, cored, round and wide, by my manhood.

Gary and Hank

Hank’s African-American (well, African-American and Caucasian), and Gary’s lily white. Hank wears his hair short, pulled back in a tight ponytail. The kink is there, in short bangs, but his hair is straight at the temples. His ears are tiny and well shaped, with clear ridges and indentations. His black heritage has given his smooth skin a light milk-chocolate hue, and his white ancestry has given him the fine, sharp, clear features that help to make Caucasian men so handsome and glamorous. In having one black and one white parent, Hank has been fortunate enough to acquire the best traits of each race. As a result, he is handsome as hell, even with his lips pursed around my cock and his cheeks sunken with his sucking. Gary’s pale penis, erect and slender, impales my own buttocks. It is shoved deep, allowing but a glimpse of the shaft above his contracted scrotum, and my body–well, the spread thighs, the rippled belly, and the bottom of my chiseled chest, anyway–otherwise obscures his completely, but Gary is every bit as handsome as Hank, and it’s a pleasure to have these two studs double up on me, as you might imagine! The sight of two cocks–Gary’s in my ass and my own prick in Hank’s mouth–is exciting as hell; it looks almost as if the two are one, the prick invading my bowels the same one that rises from my own groin, as if the cock up my ass has ruptured my belly, allowing Hank a fleshly lollipop. As I bounce up and down atop Gary’s prick, Hank’s head, lying in the crook between my hip and thigh, bounces up and down and jiggles slightly, left and right, adding to the joys that his cock sucking provides, and the small chocolate nipples of his pecs show in the space between my lower thigh and the back of my calf.


A classic blond beauty with pale skin, twenty-six-year-old Indio positions himself on his elbows and palms, smiling as I slam it to him from behind. My twelve inches vanishes between the smooth, arched cushions of his buttocks, which bounce ever so slightly as they receive the force of my cock, thrusting into his snug asshole. Always the trooper, he urges me on, his smiles occasionally giving way to laughter, as he bids me to give it to him faster and harder and deeper.


Another tall blonde, long and lean, Joe, at thirty, is all frowns as I shove my cock in and out of his speared anus, the rock-solid column of my cock sliding and gliding easily between his arched buttocks. He kneels on the couch, facing its back, legs spread wide, so that I might stand between them, and, left hand spread beside him, on the cushion next to that upon which he kneels, and right forearm laid along the back of the couch, he alternately grits his teeth and gasps, his brow furrowed with discomfort or, perhaps, pain, as he struggles to take the monster member that I cram and slam into his tiny anal opening. I lift my right leg, placing its foot flat on the couch, beside Joe, so I can plunge even more deeply into his depths and, balancing myself by holding his hip, I shove my cock all the way into his bottom, until my balls are crushed against the firm, yet yielding, smooth flesh of his ass cheeks, and Joe cries out, a tear meandering down his handsome, contorted face.

Kevin and Lloyd

He’s dark chocolate loveliness, a little plump, but beautiful, with long black, wavy hair, a firm back, a round, compact bottom, thick thighs, toned arms, and perfect pecs. His ass jiggles and bounces like gelatin as I drive my manhood vigorously into his bottom. He isn’t passive, the way some lovers tend to be; he’s a full partner, counterthrusting to meet my thrusts. He shoves his whole body back, hard, taking my cock deep into his tight anal embrace, and rocking on his hands and knees. Meanwhile, lying on his back, Lloyd, his complexion the same lovely milk chocolate as Kevin’s own, nuzzles, licks, and nurses at the nipple of Kevin’s jiggling pec. So intent am I upon watching myself fuck Kevin that it’s not until a full minute into the action that I observe Lloyd, although he’s been there all along, of course, doing his part to make our threesome as rewarding for Kevin (and himself) as Kevin makes our group session pleasurable for me.


Although he just turned eighteen, Marvin solos better than anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to observe. A black–and-Asian mix, he has a lovely olive complexion tinged with tan; high cheekbones; a slightly wide nose with flaring nostrils; sensuous lips, and wide, almond-shaped, anime-style eyes with thick, luxurious lashes. His hair is long, straight, black, and lustrous. He is slender, with a boyish figure and narrow hips. He curls his fingers into a tight fist around the shaft of his slender, eight-inch-long cock, letting his hand slide up and glide back down the length of his splendid, smooth stalk of flesh as he masturbates, lifting his head from his pillow to gaze at me as he licks the tip of his moist, pink tongue around the “O” of his open lips. Semen erupts from his slim penis, an explosion of pearls as white as his teeth and the immaculate sheet stretched tight over the mattress upon which he writhes.


What I like most about Nathan is that he looks hot and bothered as he masturbates, running his hands up his ribs as he clutches his erect cock; tossing an arm over and behind his head, ruffling his hair; stroking his hip while he tugs at his prick; and reaching between his thighs to squeeze his balls, all the while opening and closing his mouth, as though he’s a dying fish, and rolling his big brown eyes. At nineteen, he may be young, but he’s far from innocent, and his every move shows just how experienced he is at pleasuring himself.


At thirty two, Oscar is no longer a youngster, but he still looks good. A brunette, he’s kept himself trim and fit. His nine-inch cock is truly massive (although not as massive as my own), and it looks good erect, but unused, as he lies on his back, his hips tilted upward and forward and his legs spread wide, with my cock shoved through his anus, as I hold the back of his right thigh, just below the knee, bouncing my hips to drive my prick back and forth inside his skewered buttocks. In the throes of passion, he frowns, grits his teeth, and grasps his erection, pounding it hard in his hand, as I pound him hard from behind, driving my prick as hard, as fast, and as furiously as I can into the depths of his penetrated ass.


Kneeling, he nevertheless manages to half-lie, upon his belly, with his arms bent at his sides and his fists tightly clutching the sheet on the bed, above his head. His ass is elevated, and his cock and balls hang, dangling between his spread thighs. I crouch above and behind him, my ass jutting sharply above and behind his own, and my cock pierces his bottom, sliding deeply into his rectum. As I bounce on the mattress, which sags and recoils beneath my feet, my manhood advances and retreats, and Patrick cries out, his hands leaving the mattress to perch, like birds, upon the summits of his curved buttocks. The bed continues to jostle and dip underfoot as I fuck him harder, deeper, and faster, his twenty-two-year-old bottom as smooth as any anal virgin’s buttocks I’ve ever had the privilege to fuck.


At eighteen, he is still young enough to look boyish, and he does. He is slender, and his abdomen is straight, without indentation or definition of any kind. His hips are thin, and his thighs, although firm, are slim. His back arches considerably as he straddles me, supporting himself upon hands that are hidden behind his widespread thighs and my own legs. My own gigantic cock is planted well up his bottom. His anus is snug, but I manage easily, even lying flat on my back, to pump my prick through the tight muscle, thrusting hard, fast, and deep. Quentin’s own cock, which is quite respectably large and thick, although it does not begin to rival my own, waves and bobs as my prick rams and slams his ass. His unused, useless manhood looks absurd but, at the same time, also sexy.

Roger and Stan

The glass dildo, inserted into Roger’s ass, dilates his anus into a perfect black circle. Only Stan’s head can be seen, and part of his right shoulder and upper arm, which are draped over Roger’s left thigh, as the blonde sucks the dark-haired man’s stubby, fat cock, his parted lips plunging down the whole length of Roger’s swollen shaft, in a single gulp, before retreating back up the column of flesh to plunge, yet again, down the length of the bloated organ. Stan pauses, at the summit of his upstroke, and his fingertips appear, between his own mouth and Roger’s balls, to grip the shaft of his lover’s semi-soft, semi-hard prick and hold it firmly in place (for it seems inclined to droop). Stan resumes his sucking of his boyfriend’s cock, ministering with devotion to the half-turgid member.

Tim and Ulysses

Tim is blonde, Ulysses brunette. The latter kneels on the edge of a yellow couch, facing the wall. His hands grip the top of the couch’s back, and he leans forward. The former, kneeling behind him, between Ulysses’ wide-spread legs, grips the dark-haired party’s right shoulder with his left hand and places his right hand upon his own right hip. He rocks his hips back and forth, with speed and force, pulling and shoving his cock between Ulysses’ broad, creamy buttocks, back and forth inside the tight, but stretched, anus within. The brunette is rocked forward by the impact of Tim’s groin, Ulysses’ ass cheeks rippling with each impact. He compresses his lips, taking his boyfriend’s cock without complaint. To gain greater traction, Tim grips Ulysses’ hips in his hands, increasing the tempo and the vigor of his thrusts. Ulysses rolls his hips, counterthrusting, to signify his approval.


My hand grips my cock, directing it into its target, twenty-one-year-old Viktor’s tight, tiny anal opening; my twelve inches of rock-hard cock slides easily into the tight, well-lubricated aperture, and I fuck him hard, ramming my prick through his impaled anus and deep into his bowels. His ass, shaped like a Valentine’s heart, bounces beneath me, the sac of his scrotum between the smooth flesh of his inner thighs. Once, as I pound him, Viktor loses his balance, and his foot flashes up, then down. He manages to maintain his balance, even with me slamming my cock home again and again, with increasing force and rapidity, and I continue to hammer him, my cock a blur between his round, sleek cheeks.


He has short fingernails, which makes his hands look masculine, despite his slender fingers, as he splays his digits over the cheeks of his speared bottom. My cock is inserted between his buttocks, and up, inside his asshole. He leans forward, his knees bent, and I ram my prick deeper into his bottom. I withdraw until part of the pink, gumdrop-shaped glans shows, then plunge home again, deep into his derriere. Normally, by now, the tip of my prick would be a ripe plum color, and my dick would be red rather than pink, so the pink glans and cock tell me that I am not yet fully erect, although my penis is stiff and swollen enough to fool one who is inexperienced enough in sexual matters to lack understanding concerning the significance of such hues in determining one’s level of sexual passion. Again and again, slowly and steadily, I withdraw my cock, an inch at a time coming into view between Walter’s ass cheeks, until only the tip of my massive member remains lodged inside his ass. Then, I shove the entire length back inside, in one, continuous thrust, crushing my balls against the cushions of his twenty-three-year-old backside.


Dark-haired Xavier, age twenty, tries to look nonchalant as he bends over, his elbows upon the seat of an upholstered barstool, the sides of the back of which he holds, to steady himself, and he largely succeeds: his expression is casual, except for his occasional wincing and his sometimes-furrowed brow. The cavalier, if not indifferent, attitude he expresses is amusing, given the presence of my gargantuan cock between the cheeks of his arched buttocks. I move with deliberation, each thrust timed and measured, fucking him with leisurely regularity. There is no need to hurry, for, despite his studied apathy, he is mine to fuck, fast or slow and as gently or as roughly as I like, whenever and as often as I please.


Lying upon the black leather couch, he is rolled half onto his side, his right leg cocked over the right side of his chiseled chest, his left leg bent so that its calf rests alongside my right hip, his right arm lying along his right side, and his left arm grasping his rigid cock to pump it as I ram his ass with my monster prick. His balls have positioned themselves at either side of his scrotum, I see, when he removes his hand from his cock, as he does on occasion, pausing in his masturbatory manipulations of his own member to feel and relish my sexual assault upon his bowels. I shove hard into his buttocks, plunging my cock deep into his rectum. He looks from me to his cock and, once, as I pound him, he smiles at me, as gorgeous and sexy as only a twenty year old with a cock up his ass can be.


Limber as a gymnast, eighteen-year-old Abe lies supine, his shoulders against the back of the black leather couch and his legs pointed upward, past his ribs, to rest upon his shoulders. He smiles and grins (and grunts and groans) as I drive my prick into his pierced anus, repeatedly jabbing my thick, rigid rod of flesh through the circle of his anus, deep into his rectum. His right hand reaches around his thigh and grasps his own erect penis, and he masturbates himself while I fuck him. When he comes, his convulsive, ejaculating cock anoints his pecs with the fecundating fluid of his loins, his semen shining, like molten pearls.


Bending his knees, he squats slightly as he stands before the marble balustrade, leaning his forearms across the ledge-like rail and holding onto its far edge. The twenty-eight-year-old blonde is naked, and his ass is firm and round, with a deep cleavage between the cheeks. I am behind him, slightly bent at the waist, my cock between his buttocks. I reach around him, resting my hands upon the near side of the rail, and thrust my prick vigorously through his anus, pulling it back and ramming it forward again and again, faster and harder. Brad grunts. He groans. He gasps. He moans. Below us is the grassy lawn; before us, a pine tree, taller than the balcony we stand upon; to our right, lampposts and railings. The air is cool, and there’s a breeze. Brad has gooseflesh, and his nipples are stiff, but his rectum is warm. I pound him hard.


He rises, swinging his right leg around as he stands, and I see the oval package of his scrotum and a hint of his small, hard balls inside the tight, risen pouch. His hands find the headboard, and he stands half erect, his cock rigid, running parallel to his tummy. His face is indistinct–dark hair, dark eyes, a pair of nostrils in a delicate nose, a hint of sensuous lips. Mostly, from my perspective, behind and slightly below him, Carl is long, smooth thighs; an expanse of white belly; a long, hard cock; and a packed, oval scrotum. He stands all the way up, his left hand stroking his hip and his right buttock, his right hand resting, still, on the top of the headboard, to balance himself, and his legs are foreshortened, like his cock and balls, and his ass is the shape of a Valentine’s heart. Even getting in or out of position for a suck or a fuck, Carl is a magnificent specimen of manhood.

First let me say that this story happen rather unexpectedly this last winter at a medium sized college in the San Diego area. I am in my mid-40′s, average looking kind of guy who happens to be a professor at a local college-teaching students studying to be in the medical field. As the story unravels I must say that I was in the right place at the right time…as nothing like this has happen before in my 16 years of teaching. Just to be on the safe side I have changed the people’s names including the woman who is the main subject – whom I will call Mary.

Mary was one of 34 students in my class. She was a solid “B” student who took her studies seriously and always attended each class. For the first 5 weeks of the semester I took only a passing interest of her rather attractive features. After all there are many beautiful girls on campus and also the student / professor interaction is rather limited due to everyone’s busy schedules. So while Mary did turn heads on campus, I just considered her just another student who would pass my class at the end of the semester upon which I probably would never see her again.

Well during week 6 the subject material I was teaching was about how to make patients comfortable while in a medical office. We covered all sorts of topics like how to lower a patient’s anxiety level, getting patients to feel comfortable talking with a doctor and even how to conduct an exam with the patient partially naked. This last point always brought about much laughter amongst the students at first until they realized that this was a situation which is sometimes the most difficult to deal with – especially with very shy individuals. I have learned that its the calm and steady attitude of the doctor that allows for even unexpected events to be handled comfortably for the benefit of the patient.

During this semester I had scheduled my office hours from 4 – 6 PM on Thursday afternoons. For the most part only one or two students would visit, which was great for me since I had plenty of grading to do. On this Thursday I was probably working for about an hour grading some papers when there was a knock on the door. I murmured for them to come in upon which the door squeaked open revealing the trim body of Mary. I suppose I should digress a bit and give you a visual idea of what Mary looks like. Mary was 23 years old, stood 5 feet 8 inches, blond hair, sweet face with a little nose, she had great legs, and apple sized boobs and a tight ass. On this day she was wearing a little white t-shirt and some form fitting blue jeans with tennis shoes. After our casual greeting I motioned for Mary to sit down on the small sofa that is across from my desk. The first part of our conversation had to do with some the usual student concerns, grades, papers, that sort of thing. This went on for about 10 – 15 minutes, upon which I had become a bit bored since these are the typical questions I seemed to be always answering for everyone. It was then that Mary then brought up some concerns about the subject material I had lectured about during the past week. Specifically how to make patients comfortable when giving a physical exam.

In many ways the answer was simple – the doctor needs to exert confidence and a professional attitude which tends to relax a patient. Mary and I talked about this in length. While I sensed she understood the basic premise, I could feel that she still felt uncomfortable with how she might deal with a patient. This was something that one has to learn from experience, not just from books or a lecture from a professor. It was at this time that I posed the question to her about what made her most nervous when she had a physical exam. This question made her a little flush in the face as she described her feelings when having to disrobe for a doctor. I must admit the way she was describing her thoughts made me a little flush myself.

It was at that moment that an idea came to me. Reaching into my desk drawer I pulled out a digital thermometer and handed it to Mary. I told her to pop it into her mouth and then after a couple minutes to give me it’s reading. This she did as we looked awkwardly at each other while waiting for the time to go by. After the two minutes were up Mary pulled the thermometer out of her mouth and gave me a reading of 98.4 Fahrenheit – which is about normal.

Alright that was easy enough but now for the embarrassing part. I told Mary that I wanted HER to put the thermometer into her rectum for a reading. Mary looked a bit perplexed at my request; with a bit of a delay she asked, “you mean here in this office?” I nodded yes, but added, “Just lower your jeans a little with your butt facing away from me so that I do not see anything and take a reading.”

Taking a deep breath and looking a bit apprehensive, Mary first looked at me and then the thermometer, finally she murmured OK. Being that my office was a bit small, all that Mary could do was to move by the sofa, which was just 6 feet away from me. At this point, with Mary facing me, she lowered her jeans a little and bent slightly forward – barely exposing a little of her bottom – which I could not see due to her facing me. Giving a bit of a nervous smile Mary then moved her hand with the thermometer around to her backside. Finding the entrance point into her asshole took a moment as Mary gently moved the thermometer around as she probably was trying to open up her otherwise clenched little hole. Mary’s face was now really flushed red as we waited for another two minutes to go by. Finally looking down at my watch I told Mary she could pull out the thermometer. This she did upon which she also pulled up her jeans and finally was able to stand up from her slightly bent down position. Looking at the thermometer Mary read her temperature as reading as 99.0.

So within the course of 5 minutes Mary’s temperature had risen by more than half a degree. Mary’s mind was thinking over the results as I then spoke about what just happened. “You body reacted to an embarrassing situation, including a flush red face which showcased an increase in your temperature. This was partly because I allowed an awkward silence as you took your own temperature.” I then added, “if I had properly taken control of the situation and kept up a friendly conversation you would have been more relaxed.” I could see Mary’s wheels turning in her head as she saw the logic of this conducted in a real life situation. It was then that she spoke up and asked, ” how would you do it…I mean…preventing me from being so nervous?”

“Well,” I said, “I would have first taken your temperature myself while communicating to you everything I am doing, so there is nothing unexpected.”

It was then that Mary’s eyes opened wide, she said; “you mean putting the thermometer in my anus?”

“Yes,” I said, “it happen all the time in medical clinics all around the country, it’s part of the job.” Then I added, “Doctors and patients face many embarrassing situations every week, this is only a real life example which sometimes does not come across in my lectures.”

There was a bit of a pause as the words sunk in. Nodding her head slightly Mary sad, “OK…ah…I would like to see how you would do it…I mean…you know.”

Nodding my head as professionally as I could without showing my excitement, I told Mary to lock the door so that nobody would cause any interruptions, which would cause real embarrassment. After locking the door Mary turned and looked at me a bit apprehensively waiting for my next request.

“Come over here with your thermometer and stand next to my chair,” I said with assuring confidence. Picking up her thermometer Mary proceeded onto the left side of my desk and handed me the thermometer.

“OK Mary, it’s real easy, just turn around so your bottom is facing me.” As she did this I had a close-up view of her tight jean denim wrapped around a heart shaped butt. It was a damn nice view.

I could hear Mary exhale a slight deep breath as I request that she lower her jeans a bit. First her hands traveled to the front of her jeans to undo the front button. Once the front button was released she grasped both sides of her jeans and pushed slightly down. The small of her back was the first thing exposed but as her jeans slowly move downward the firm cheeks of her buttocks came into view. I reached out with my hands to pull down slightly on her jeans until her cute little ass was fully exposed. Then I said, “OK, that’s good enough Mary.”

Mary glanced back at me; I could see that her face was again a bit flushed. “OK, Mary, I can see you are a bit nervous again, which is normal, but now I am going to explain everything you need to do which should relax you.”

“I’m OK,” Mary said in a soft, nervous voice.

“Alright Mary, I need you to bend over my desk resting your elbows against the surface,” As I said this I moved directly behind Mary as she slowly bent over my desk. As her stomach and boobs positioned over my desktop with her elbows supporting her upper body weight – I was treated to a damn nice view of her little asshole as her ass cheeks moved slightly apart. Her buns were tight and her jeans and panties fell a little lower along her nice legs, which now gave me an excellent view of her tight pussy. My face was only a foot away from her asshole as I guided my hand to rub her lower back to give assurance that everything was OK.

“This is really a basic procedure,” I said, “but after you have done it a few times you get used to it and see it as no big deal.”

Opening my middle desk drawer I found a tube of moisturizing lotion, which I normally use for my dry skin.

“Since I don’t have any KY jelly here,” I told her, “I will be using some lotion which will do the same thing.”

I could hear a small sigh escape from her lips. Mary was now in a position that she probably never thought she would be in. Bent over a teacher’s desk, her cute butt, asshole and pussy fully exposed with the tip of my finger making its way to her little crinkled rosebud dripping with some white lotion.

“OK, Mary, inhale a little as the lotion maybe still a little cold,” I said.

As the lotion and my finger touched her asshole for the first time I could watch with delight as little hole tighten up. This was going to be fun. I started to talk to her about her classes as a way to distract her from the events that were happening on her bottom. Amazingly this seemed to relax her as I started to lightly play with her ass with my fingers, using a lot of lotion around her asshole. I used the excuse that I needed her private parts to become used to my hands before inserting the thermometer; otherwise we would get a false reading. As Mary relaxed I started to tell small jokes that allowed her to laugh a little bit. After about 10 minutes of this casual talking with my fingers stroking the rim of her asshole – I could literally see her relax by watching her asshole grow a little larger. Putting a little more lotion on my finger I started to push slightly into her anus – upon which she gave a little nervous giggle.

“I know this might feel a little strange, but you are doing a good job Mary,” I said. “Have you ever had a stranger’s finger in your ass before?”

Mary chuckled, “ah…no. I mean…well a couple boyfriends did put their fingers in there sometime while we were having sex.”

My face was probably about 6 inches away from her asshole. It was a damn good view of my finger moving slowly in and then out of her tight little hole. Still I wanted to get a better view.

“Mary, can you use both of your hands to grab each ass cheek and pull them apart more,” I said, “It will make my work a little easier.”

Mary wiggled a bit as she shifted her weight off of her elbows, which pushed her face down upon the tabletop. Reaching back with both of her petite hands, she gripped each ass cheek and pulled them apart. Her asshole was now entirely on display. I also glanced down at her pussy and could see that it was slightly wet. I could tell that she was starting to enjoy all the poking of my fingers.

“I must say Mary you have a perfectly shaped butt and your asshole is nice and tight,” I said, “I can only get one finger inside your little hole.”

Mary exhaled slightly, “I’m sorry, I am still a little nervous,” she said, “Just keep your finger inside of me so that I can become used to it.”

I was now invited to the party. I pushed my finger a bit more into her hole – just about to my second knuckle. I let it remain there for a bit, it was an exotic sight. To think that just a few hours ago she was sitting on her little bottom in class, taking notes and listening to my lecture. Now here she has with her ass in the air, my finger planted in her anus, listening to her breathing as her most private body parts were being explored by me. After sitting there for a few minutes I could feel her body totally relax by the way her asshole was gripping my finger less.

“How do you feel Mary?” I inquired.

“I think you did if professor,” Mary said, “my body feels more relaxed now.”

“Well Mary, I think you are ready for the thermometer, let’s give it a go,” I said.

I slowly pulled my finger out of Mary’s tight hole. Wow, what a sight.

“OK Mary, you can release your hands from your ass cheeks so that your anus can start to tighten up again for the thermometer,” I said.

Mary released her butt checks and allowed her arms to drop along side her body. Putting a little lotion on the thermometer I slowly guided it to her shrinking asshole. We keep up a light conversation as I pushed the thermometer about an inch into her. I kept an eye on my watch, but allowed the thermometer to remain inside Mary’s little rosebud for about 4 minutes so that I could soak up the view. Who knows if I would have another opportunity to have Mary’s ass up in the air, with my fingers rimming her little hole…this could be just a once in a lifetime event.

Reluctantly I started to pull out the thermometer.

With Mary still bent over my desk, she looked back and asked, “What does it say?”

“98.6, which is back to normal,” I said.

“Wow, professor, it really did work,” said Mary.

Mary started to wiggle off my desk and back into a standing position. Damn, I wanted to prolong the viewing experience. Mary was so amused by the whole experience that it was another minute before she remembered to pull up her jeans. Her real life experiment had revealed to her the importance of having patients relaxed in order to obtain more accurate results.

We chit chatted for a few more minutes about the class, her goals, etc… But my mind was spinning as I realized what had just happened. Looking at the clock on my wall I realized that I had spent the past hour looking at Mary’s cute little butt. Now with her tight jean denim wrapped around her heart shaped ass…I contemplated what a lucky sun-of-a-gun I was. Mary finally gathered her books and made her way to the door. My eyes followed her ass every step of the way. Finally the door closed.

The following couple weeks I only saw Mary in class, her beautiful ass perched on a hard wooden seat. We would make some small talk, but never mention what had happen at my office. It was pure torture. I had to find a way back into heaven.

During the final week of the semester I had come up with an idea. I thought of starting a small private class that would allow health care providers a way to practice their doctor / patient exam skills. Of course I could now allow any students to attend these sessions from the college, as that could backfire if word got out. The fact was I was even uncomfortable getting any doctors involved, but I had a couple close friends of mine who could be interested in something like this. It wasn’t a very good game plan, but it provided me the courage to approach Mary and see if she was game. It really hinged on her – she was the perfect candidate – literally.

Just to prevent any conflict of interest, I waited until after I posted the grades for the class on finals week before making my approach. Mary received a B+; she didn’t get any bonus points if you know what I mean! My first move was actually rather simple, almost cowardly, but I wrote on her final paper that I would like it if she would stop by to talk about her grade. That’s it…I just had to wait to see if she would drop by.

During the last couple of days in the semester I am mostly in my office wrapping things up. It had been two days since Mary received back her final paper – and nothing. I suppose it was to be expected…

Then at about 1:45 PM on Friday afternoon guess who bounces into my office…Mary…sweet assed Mary!!

For the first few minutes we just chatted about the class…stuff like that. I had to either now step up to the plate with my proposal or forget about it entirely. I probably wouldn’t get a 2nd chance.

“Mary ever since my real life demonstration of doctor and patient interaction we had in my office, I came to realize how good of a teaching tool that was.”

Mary chuckled, “yeah, it kind of open my eyes, sorry I was at first a little difficult.”

Gently smiling I said, “well the important thing is that it allowed you to understand how important it is to make patients feel comfortable, and for me it gave me some insight on how to be a better teacher.”

Mary said, “How do you mean…a better teacher?”

Gaining my last bit of courage I laid it on the line, “Mary, would you consider helping me give a class to some doctors who need to better their skills with patient interaction?”

Mary hesitated, “well, I don’t know…what do you need me to do?”

Looking thoughtful at her I said, “just the same thing you did in my office…basic stuff.”

I sensed her major hesitation; she was about to say no when I popped the question…

I said, “how about you just attend the small talk I am having this Sunday at a office building overlooking the harbor?”

I quickly scribbled down an address and time and handed Mary the slip of paper.

Without dropping a beat I said, “Please come, you can decide later if you would be willing to help me.”

Mary nodded indecisively, basically non-committal, and said, “well, maybe…I’m not sure.”

With a simple gesture of my hand I said. “If you are there that would be great, but it’s OK if you do make it…”

With that Mary gave a quick nod to say goodbye and disappeared out of my office. Well at least I tried…

Only problem with my plan now was two fold. First I was not sure Mary would come. Next, I had not told a couple of my good friends about this “class.” This needed to happen fairly quickly as one of my friend’s office buildings had a large conference room that I wanted to use – this was the place I had scribbled to Mary. Since the office building was normally closed and locked on the weekends, I needed to contact my friend Jeff to see if we could use it. It would be Jeff and my other friend Tony who I hope would accept posing as doctors for this little event…if it ever happened.

I quickly got the support of Tony and Jeff and the use of the conference room. These guys are both in their 40′s, just a couple of regular guys. I decided if Mary did not show up we could just have some beers and watch football. But just in case Mary was to show up I did gave a detailed briefing on some very basics of “being a doctor.”

On Sunday afternoon Tony, Jeff and I where situated in the conference room with some basic medical textbooks and supplies on the table. We at least needed to “look” the part. I had told Mary my talk would start at 2:00 PM, so as the hour hand approached the number 2, all our eyes were on a security camera that showed us the front entrance to the building. Well, what do you know…sweet blond haired, 5 foot 8 inch, tight assed Mary walks into the view of the cameras at the buildings entrance. Tony, Jeff and I all look at each other…holy shit…gathering our wits I have both of my friends open their textbooks and act like they are taking notes – as if the class had already started.

Art that features anal intercourse always catches my eye; usually, it hardens my cock, too, for reasons that I have made clear in a number of essays concerning the topic, all of which are available, for interested readers, hereon Literotica. One thing about art–especially line drawings in pen and ink–that makes it appealing is the clear and distinct way in which it depicts its images: whether facial features, breasts and nipples, vaginas, penises, testicles, scrota, or buttocks and anuses, the anatomical parts are shown unambiguously. Even pubic hair is often indicated with a realism that borders upon the photographic. One can see, plainly, precisely where an erection enters a vagina or an anus, and all details are usually given equally clear depiction, so that foreground and background objects and even objects within the same plane but of different sizes are portrayed with equal clarity. The effect of such unambiguous representation is a heightening of the parts thus depicted and of the aesthetic and erotic appeal that is associated with the depiction of such sexual parts.

A still picture freezes time, so that the moment that such an image depicts becomes itself timeless: a woman, lying upon her stomach, one hand thrust between her parted thighs so that her fingers might fiddle with her labia, while she suffers her lover, who is arched over her, straddling her hips, to impale her anally, is sodomized eternally, for example, as is the look of intensity, of anguish (or, perhaps, arousal), upon her lovely, but grimacing face. And, again, all is depicted with a clarity and definiteness that elevates the art’s aesthetic and erotic qualities.

It is not women only, of course, who are sodomized in erotic art. Men, too, are anally impaled, sometimes by other men, sometimes by women who have donned strap-on dildos for the occasion. This art has a charm unique to itself, for the sexual organs, when both the impaled and the impaling parties’ genitals are shown, are not different, but the same–or very similar, in any case. The art of Gil Javier sometimes features demonic lovers. One such picture, depicting an erection as it rears forth, the testicles small in the gathered, risen scrotum beneath it, is a thing of joy and beauty, indeed: behind the risen penis, another, equally thick and rigid organ, its end vanished inside the man whose own penis juts into empty space, free to bob about and jostle about, performs the delightful task of sodomizing the anus it has penetrated! The erotic effect is enhanced by the presence both of a lean dog that licks the impaled man’s standing erection and by the look of true alarm upon the face of the impaled man, who, perhaps, imagines that, in being penetrated, he might be rent asunder by the massive penis that impales him. The same picture also depicts another nude man carrying a nude woman whose calves and ankles are folded back firmly upon the backs of her thighs and her upper body sprawls forward and downward, allowing her face to be licked y another lean canine, this one rearing upon his hind legs to gain access the woman’s face, thereby exhibiting his own erection, a thin, but robust ember half-sheathed in fur. Because of the angle of her profile, in which her jaw is at a right angle to her chin, lips, nose, and brow, her head appears, at first glance, to be a breast, which adds to the drawing’s grotesquery and to its erotic and aesthetic appeal.

In another painting, also by Gil, a small-breasted woman of androgynous appearance, despite her vagina, the labia of which she spreads while she rests upon her hips, her back against a strange horned figure with an oversize head that licks at the side of her face with an unusually long, thin tongue, French kisses the horned demon with pointed ears and a long tail that ends in an arrowhead shape who has fully penetrated her anus so that his member is “balls deep” inside her rectum. His tail is coiled around her left ankle, and a winged lion, its right paw draped over her foot, licks her toes with its scoop-shaped tongue. The art is well executed, and grotesquery of the imagery heightens its erotic appeal, as perversity frequently does.

In another picture, by a different artist, a woman rests upon the outside of her right thigh, her knee bent and her calf and foot lying before her upper leg; her other thigh stretches above its twin, parallel to it, and its knee is also bent so that the sole of her left foot rests upon the bed. Her right clutches her right thigh, perhaps for support and balance, and her left arm stretches out behind her, vanishing behind her right thigh, just above the knee. Her left breast–or the summit and erect nipple of it–show between her right calf and left arm. She wears only a pair of socks and a necklace made of pearls that are strung in two loops. Between her thighs, facing toward the viewer, her pubic hair, labia, clitoris, and mons veneris are displayed, as is the rigid penis that impales her wide-stretched anus, the front of the rim of which one can see clearly, as the point of entry. Nothing more of the man is seen except the very tops of his thighs, his lower abdomen, and his right hand, which reaches forth to touch the woman’s right hip. All of these details are faithfully and lovingly executed, as is the tormented face of the young woman, down whose cheeks tears course, whether of pain, or shame, or fear, to further delight the viewer of this scene, suggesting, as it does, one of the chief sources of enjoyment in the contemplation of art that depicts anal intercourse: the sadomasochistic nature of the act itself.

Another picture, by yet another artist, a man crouches above a woman, straddling her hips as, bent low, he thrusts his erection through her buttocks, burying half its thick, rigid length inside her bottom. Below her impaled ass cheeks, her hand straddles her vagina as her fingers play at her clitoris. She is on her knees, with her legs parted wide to make her lover’s target as accessible as possible, and she rests her upper body upon her right forearm and her head upon a pillow. Her eyes are closed, her features reposed, as if she is enjoying her ravishment–or, perhaps, she has only resigned herself to her fate. The man’s eyes are closed as well, although his face shows a certain intensity of concentration. His crouching position makes it seem almost as if he and the woman are one, and the mirror effect of his buttocks arched above hers is pleasant to behold, especially since their rough similarity is offset nicely by the utter differences in their respective genitals. It is an altogether delightful, well-conceived and well-executed drawing that makes the act of anal intercourse an almost sacred ritual that, eternally captured in fine lines, is worthy of reverent contemplation. The words “Encore,” “Encore,” Encore,” repeated, one above the other in diagonal parallel rows, helps one to recall–and to appreciate–that such this sexual act is not consummated in penetration; rather, each additional thrust of the penis between the buttocks, through the anus, and into the rectum is an “encore” of the initial impalement, just as each momentary retreat, in preparation for the next thrust forward (and inward) is an “encore.” This emphasis upon the repetition that intercourse–and, in this instance, anal intercourse in particular–involves aids the viewer’s appreciation of and meditation upon the wonderfully depicted act of what might be termed ritualized sodomy.

In yet another drawing by another artist, contrast is the organizing principle. A Black man, his T-shirt pushed above his belly, lies upon his right side, his hand holding his erection, a massive, thick organ, which he is in the process of shoving through the anus of the white woman who lies, half upon her tummy and half upon her side, her legs spread wide to exhibit her vacant vagina and to facilitate her impalement upon her partner’s penis. She wears nothing but a pair of stockings. Her left breast shows above her right hip and her right thigh, and, upon her face, she wears an expression of discomfort: the Black stud who impales her has, after all, a penis of unusually large dimensions.

In part, this drawing is erotic because of its subject matter and the way in which the characters are depicted, but it is also erotic because it portrays a still somewhat taboo situation: the sodomizing of a white woman by a Black man. The interracial union intensifies the sexual drawing’s element because, in a racist society such as that of the United States, where skin color remains, even now, despite the nation’s election of its first African-American president, a matter of controversy, debate, and strong emotions, a divisive issue, the depiction of a Black man, equipped with a member that would put many of his white counterparts to shame, having sexual intercourse–and anal intercourse, at that–with a white woman is a potentially volatile–and, therefore, erotically incendiary–issue for many Blacks and whites alike.

In another picture, by a different artist, a woman is shown from the front as, wearing only glasses, a torn shirt, and tightly laced boots that rise to the middles of her calves, she spreads her legs wide, straddling the thighs of the man who lies beneath her. (Only his genitals, his lower buttocks, and his upper thighs appear in the picture, making her, rather than him, the drawing’s focal point.)

Her eyes are half shut and her mouth is wide, her facial muscles relaxed, indicating that she is in an orgasmic state as, balancing upon her toes and, presumably upon her fingertips–her arms are stretched behind her, apparently in support of her weight and equilibrium, her hands thus lost to the viewer’s sight–she raises and lowers her buttocks upon the massive male organ that impales her anus. Above her penetrated buttocks, the slit of her closed, bald vagina–there is but a feathery tuft of pubic hair, neatly trimmed into a vertical strip above her labia–seemingly but a decoration. Unused and unneeded by the sexual act that she performs upon the male genitals beneath her, her vagina is redundant, if not obsolete, a throwaway thing, rather than the very essence of her femaleness and her femininity. She can choose to use it or not; therefore, she, not her sex, determines who she is and what she shall do sexually and, presumably, otherwise.

The picture’s message seems clear: anal sex liberates women from the destiny that their reproductive capacity, as represented–and, indeed, permitted–by their vaginas otherwise tends to impose upon them. Her sex need not be a woman’s destiny if her buttocks, anus, and rectum, rather than her labia, clitoris, and vagina are the means that she chooses to use to express herself sexually. Anal sex–the only avenue available for homosexual men as the medium for sexual intercourse–puts a woman upon an equal sexual footing with men, allowing pleasure, not reproduction, to be the essence of lovemaking.

An illustration by Bernard Montogueil shows that anal intercourse, especially when it is forced upon a male recipient, can be an equalizer in the battle of the sexes, making a woman, equipped with a strap-on dildo, the dominant sexual party and her male victim the submissive party. In one drawing expressive of this theme, a woman, fully dressed, holds the wrists of the nude man whose arms are raised well above his head, which she clamps firmly between her thighs, looking on as her fellow female accomplice, wearing a fishnet body suit fitted with both a hood and a leather bra, black leather high heels, and a harness equipped with a rigid dildo, penetrates the man who stands, penis erect, upon a raised platform that brings his backside level with the penetrating party’s hips.

The penetrating woman has placed the palms of her hands upon the male’s lower back and uses them, and her body weight, to press his back and his hips lower, both to subjugate him and to facilitate her entry into his anus. His upper head is lost to the viewer’s sight, between the other woman’s thighs, but, form the tip of his nose down, his features are visible in profile, and the observer can see that his mouth is agape. He seems to be struggling, possibly to breathe and possibly, at the same time, with the emotions of fear and shame that the women’s treatment of him have aroused within him, along with the lust that is evident in his erect state.

The women’s expressions, on the other hand, are matter-of-fact. It is obvious, by their neutral, even expressionless, expressions, that their treatment of the man whom they assault is as ordinary to them as it is horrific to him. The role reversal, showing a male as the victim of women, rather than women as the victims of men, suggests that, for women who are so casually assaulted by men, their fate is as appalling to them as this male victim’s is to him–and the horror of the women’s fate is made all the more horrific by the casual indifference to them that many men exhibit, just as the female victimizers here exhibit such indifference toward their male victim. Such turnabout may be fair, but, this drawing suggests, it is not always pleasant, even when instructive.

A close-up of anal intercourse, objectively rendered, in clear, fine lines, is a beautiful sight, despite its showing of an act that is, for some, an outrage to the recipient’s integrity and a manifestation of the penetrating party’s animal nature. For some, sodomy remains a sinful or unnatural act, despite its recent decriminalization in America by the ruling of the Supreme Court. Depicted impartially, even dispassionately, as simply the introduction of an erect penis into an orbicular muscle that happens to be located between a pair of spread buttocks makes the sight factual rather than emotional, eliminating hysteria in favor of objective representation: organs are organs, muscles are muscles, the act is merely an act. There is no frantic renunciation of the deed; it is represented for what it is, with the implication that it is not sinful or unnatural, but that it is simply what it is in itself, apart from social, psychological, and theological interpretations: a sexual act that is neither more nor less desirable or offensive than penile-vaginal intercourse or any other form of sexual congress.

Having freed the act from the often-negative cultural associations that typically plague it, the drawing of an act of sodomy represents the deed as it appears, in and of itself, for the viewer’s consideration as such. Anal intercourse, or sodomy, is depicted per se, unencumbered by opinion and prejudice. The viewer is free, too, therefore, to make of the neutral, decontaminated, refreshed vision of sodomy what he or she will make of it. Indeed, if anything, the objective, impartial, even casual depiction of this act invites a positive regard for it on the viewer’s part, for the sleekness of the buttocks; the way that the woman’s right hand, cupping her right buttock and thigh, helps to spread the cheeks of her derriere, as does her partner’s left hand, which he has placed above her own, to lift the same buttock; and the straightforward depiction of the penis’ entry through the anus that the woman’s arched buttocks points toward him, in an inviting manner, suggests that both parties want to engage in this act. The act is not a vehicle for dominance and submission, as charges against sodomy often declare anal intercourse to be, but the result of mutual interest and enjoyment on the part of both parties.

Regardless of which figure, male or female, penetrated or penetrating, recipient or donor, the viewer relates to or identifies with, the act itself, as depicted, is what he or she makes of it him- or herself; sodomy can be desirable for either party–and, therefore, for both parties. Stripped of the baggage of theological, social, and cultural censure, sodomy becomes a potentially positive and attractive alternative, once more, to penile-vaginal, or other form, of sex.

Depictions of anal intercourse as viewed from behind, doggy style, are attractive and erotic, but so are drawings in which the couple face each other, making eye contact as they engage in this pleasurable act of giving and receiving. One illustration of a man sodomizing a woman shows the way in which such eye contact can heighten the emotional effects of the act. The woman lies upon her left side, her head resting against her raised left palm, as, legs spread wide, she fingers her clitoris while gazing into the face of the man who, also lying upon his left side and holding the back of her bent left knee, plunges his penis through her anus and into her rectum as he returns her smoky stare, a look of concentration and intensity upon his face. She is receptive; he is driven, and their passionate gazes shows their respective emotional attitudes, their manifest feelings heightening the eroticism of the drawing that shows both their physical and their emotional attitudes toward one another as they participate together in this most intimate expression of their sexual and emotional selves.

A woman is a great many things to a man. Her eyes, her gaze, and her behavior in general make her a wonderful and fascinating individual, a fellow human being who is equipped with emotions and intellect, talent and skill, past and present, possibility and actuality, body and soul–but, at the same time, she is breasts and vagina and buttocks, she is nipples, labia, clitoris, anus, and rectum, hands and legs and mouth. The only way that a man can finally deal with the overwhelming possibilities and actualities of a woman is to fetishize her by fragmenting her, temporarily positing her to exist as but organs and appendages, as muscles and ligaments, as texture and density, as color and shape. The result upon her is dehumanizing and, some would argue, demeaning, although most men do not intend either effect to ensue from their objectification of women; rather, by their reduction of women to their body parts and the functions of these anatomical pieces, men are actually trying to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed by women.

God or nature has been too generous in equipping women with both physical charms and spiritual attributes; women, by virtue of simply being themselves, engulf and overpower mere men. Fetishism is men’s desperate attempt to survive the beauty and power of women. By reducing the glory and the wonder of femaleness and of femininity to a pair of buttocks, an anus, and a rectum to be mounted, impaled, and assaulted allows men to function sexually. Otherwise, the loveliness, splendor, and beauty of Woman, in all her surpassing glory, would overcome the weaker male sex, drowning and incapacitating him. Drawings of anal intercourse show this to those viewers, whether male or female, who are able to see beyond the surface and into the depths of sexual matters. In sodomizing a woman, a man may pretend to have gained dominant status, but he knows, deep down, in his heart and soul, that he has done nothing more than invade and occupy her innermost depths for a time that would be too brief even to remember were it not for the delight of orgasm and the violent passion of ejaculation that accompanied and marked this occasion. After the act, as before, woman reigns supreme.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Much spring yard work had been accomplished, showers had been taken and some beer was being consumed on the sunny deck. The temperature was a bit lower than we like but with the direct sun, it was quite comfortable.

I took my leave for a minute and returned with the massage table and began setting it up on the deck. Kate loves to get massages. She squealed a little delight but asked what if someone drops by. The deck is on the rear of the house and quite private, I told her and said that I would lock the front door and no one would even know we were home.

I told her to get naked and get up on the table and I would go get the oil and lock up. When I came back she was laying there naked on her stomach. The sun was fully shinning on her still winter white skin. I loved the look.

I put down the massage oil and the other things that I had brought out unnoticed. I started my usual routine of rubbing and kneading her scalp and then moving to her shoulders where I started using the oil. Working my way down from her shoulders to her back and then down her left leg.

I took my time and enjoyed the light mewling noises that she makes. I had slipped right past her buttocks. I worked my way back up her right leg and then started in a nice deep massage of her buttocks, really working into the muscles of her ass.

That process kept her cheeks opening and closing and showing me her tight little asshole and lower portion of her pussy lips. I always work the entire butt and once I had fully massaged both cheeks very well, worked my way deeper between them. I could not help but hold them apart and stare momentarily at that little hole. I bend over and lowered my lips to her asshole and kissed it gently and then began lightly licking all around and over the little bud.

Kate just lay there and made a few more gentle noises as I did this and kept licking as she finished relaxing. The more I licked the more I firmed my tongue and started to let it slip inside her just a little at a time. I love doing this, and make no apology for it.

As I kissed and licked, I let my hands continue to rub her cheeks as I held them open around my face. When I finally had my tongue reaching as far as it would go inside her, I retreated.

I turned and reached into the bag that I brought out and removed a medium sized butt plug. It is black, fairly short in length but quite thick at the largest part before retreating to a narrow neck.

I rubbed a liberal amount of oil on the plug and ran my oil hands all over her saliva covered asshole. Spreading her cheeks with my fingers, I began to rub and touch the tip of the plug to her hole. I felt just a little tensing from her and rubbed gently for a little longer, letting her return to her full comfort.

I told her to relax and enjoy as I started to push the tip of the plug inside her. I worked the tip in and out going deeper with each stroke. Her hole looked very sweet as it continued to relent and allow the plug to go further. I heard a small groan as the widest part was reached. Giving her time, letting her cheeks close around the plug and my hand, I rubbed her cheeks with my free hand and told her how much l loved her.

The plug resumed its strokes in my hand and I opened her cheeks again and gave it a bit more pressure. What a site! The wide portion breaching her hole and nearly being snatched out of my hand as it sank fully into her and a moan escaped her mouth.

I released her cheeks and worked my way up her back again. When I reached her head, I told her it was time to flip over, and helped her do that without losing balance on the table.

I worked my fingers all over her face and resumed my massaging down over her body. What a wonderful feeling to touch, rub and massage her tits and nipples with the slippery oil. I did not indulge too long and worked my way down her body, left leg and back up the right.

When I got back to her nice soft vulva, I worked her outer lips a lot before I even started to part them and touch her inner lips and clit. As her lips did part, the fluid there was amazing.

Certainly there was no need for more massage oil there! The juice was literally trickling out and down over the base of the plug in her ass.

As I rubbed her the sounds were just amazing to listen to. She is not usually very vocal and said nothing this day, but the sounds were indescribably. I loved rubbing all the way down between her legs and moving the plug a bit as well.

I was getting a bit impatient and selfish feeling. As you can imagine my hard cock had been dripping pre cum all over the deck and table for a long time now.

I wanted to make this about her, at least for now. I started to play a bit more seriously with her clit and bent to lick and suck it and taste her sweet flow. I could feel her start to tense and her legs began that familiar twitching.

With her clit between my lips, my tongue flicking at the tip and my hands wrapped under her touching the plug, she tensed completely and came with a wonderful full body shaking. Though she was very sensitive, she put up with my need to lick as much juice from her pussy as I could get.

I resumed some light massage of over her stomach as I watched her breathing come back to normal. Her eyes opened and she beamed a wonderful smile, saying, “I guess you would probably like me to roll over again?”

I smiled as I kissed her deeply and then helped her roll onto her front again. She lifted up a bit as I slid a cushion under her midsection. I wanted to, but could not, spend more time massaging her and went right between her cheeks.

More oil was dribbled there around the plug and I began to move it around and slowly and carefully began to remove it from her hole.

The plug now cast aside, my fingers closed in on her hole and one slips slightly inside and circles the inside just a bit. I cannot help myself and my mouth follows, kissing all along the inside of her cheeks until my lips touch her anus and kiss that wonderful bit of flesh that is so unlike anything else and my tongue slips sinfully inside.

Just a bit more of that and a lot more dripping of my cock and I have to be inside her. No need for more oil, she is slick with that left from the plug, from the juice that leaked from her and I take a couple of quick strokes of my cock and spread the pre cum all over it.

Climbing up on the table between her legs, the table shakes a bit and I slide my cock up between her cheeks as I hold them. On my knees, I can look down and see the head of my cock touch that sweet hole and as I lean forward just a bit, watch it start to push its way inside her. I have to put my hands forward to catch my weight. I lean on her shoulders, put my mouth beside her ear and tell her how much I love her as my cock slides deeper into her ass until it is fully inside and my balls are pushing her pussy lips apart.

Of course we know that the incredible feeling of slick tightness and the eroticism leading up to this event. I could tell you that I then pummeled her ass for an hour before filling her with my cum. The fact is that I lasted about 30 seconds and came screaming like a wild animal and collapsed on her back.

There were some nice times after a bit of a recovery but that is a different story and a different fetish.

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