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It was the pain that woke her. She was on her own bed, bound spread-eagle to the posts, but not gagged. There was a deep throbbing in her ass and a feeling of being permanently stretched. She cried out, softly, it was almost a sigh. Had she dreamed the Ceremony of Will? Where was her Master? Why was she alone? She began to pull against the bonds and then relaxed, exhausted just from the thought of trying to free herself. She began to cry from pain and exhaustion both.

Bryndis was watching. She had fallen asleep almost before they reached the room; he had laid her on the bed, washed her tenderly and tied her down. Looking down at her, he had to fight the urge not to take her right then. However, he wanted her submission as much as he wanted her body. He had moved quietly to the cabinet, removed a butt-plug from one of the drawers and returned to Annis. Shaped as exact replica of his erect penis, he held open her red, pummeled ass and inserted it slowly. She moaned deep as it went in, but she remained asleep. He knew it would cause her more immediate pain; however, it would give her less pain over a longer course of time as her body became used to his presence. He had turned off all the lights and set the alarm to alert him as soon as she began to wake before moving into his room and falling asleep. Now, six hours later and almost dawn, as she began to wake and cry out, he knew he would go to her, but he wanted to let her work through some of the emotion of what had occurred and give her any space to consider what to say when he entered. He wanted, in essence, her mind and her body to be awake.

After about ten minutes, Annis’ cries began to abate. ‘I can’t believe it,’ she thought. ‘That was so humiliating…’ But she hadn’t hated it. She had been so scared, but never considered quitting or even wanting to quit. Now, she was just very thirsty and felt a gnawing hunger as well, but both of these things were undermined by the pain in her ass. “Master?” she cried out. “Master, please!”

He walked in and went to her immediately, placing a firm hand on her back. He didn’t say anything at first. He just stood next to her and felt her quivering underneath him.

“Thank you for coming,” she whispered.

“Thank you for the submission you showed me yesterday.” He paused, placing his other hand down on her back. “Annis, are you in pain?” He could see it in her face, but wanted to hear her answer.

“Yes.” Her voice wavered; she was about to start crying again.

“Is it unbearable pain?”


“Can you focus on what you need and what I’m saying while you’re in this kind of pain?” He could see the kind of focus and discomfort showing on her face. He knew she needed to say ‘no’ in answer to this question, but wanted to know if she understood.

“I can’t really think about anything except the burning…can you help me?” Tears were running down her face again, though she had her eyes shut tight.

“Of course, my dove. I’m going to count to three and then I want you to breathe out quickly, okay?”

She nodded her head, but had no idea why this would help her. She felt his hands move to her ass and heard him start to count.

Bryndis knew that pulling out the plug quickly was the fastest way to get her out of pain — and that it would cause her a lot of pain as well. However, the other option was to take it out slowly and since Annis didn’t know what was inside of her, that was not a practical option. As soon as he reached ‘three’, he felt her release her breath, he pulled hard on the butt-plug and was unsurprised at the gasp of pain and the sobs that followed.

“Annis, I’m going to untie you. You can continue laying down, or you can sit up, whichever you like.”

Annis didn’t move until all of her limbs were free. She then curled up in a ball on her side facing away from Bryndis.

“Talk to me, Annis,” said Bryndis, placing a hand on her leg.

“I didn’t know…” she said after a moment, “I didn’t know you could make me feel so much.” She paused, trying to find the words. “I don’t really want to forgive you for the pain. I hurt so much. But I loved being able to submit to you the way I did. Is that okay?” She still hadn’t looked at him. She hadn’t even opened her eyes.

His heart jumped at her answer. Yes, she rejected the pain. She should reject it. But him and submission to him she did not reject. He leaned over her and whispered, “I’m so proud of you.” He slipped off his shoes, reached down and pulled the down cover up from the foot of the bed, slipped in beside Annis and wrapped his arms around her.


About ten minutes later, Bryndis ran his hand down the side of Annis’ face and asked her if she were thirsty. She nodded her head, eyes still closed, and lay still as he rose. She heard him move out to the balcony.

“When you’re ready, get up, put on your robe and slippers and come join me.”

She opened her eyes, feeling safer now that he couldn’t see them. She was so embarrassed and afraid…and so proud and even impressed with herself. And yet she had lost something. Yes, that was maybe what she felt the most — loss. She looked outside, surprised to see the darkness fading. She didn’t know she has slept for so long. She realized again that she was hungry and very thirsty. She reached for her robe and saw the slippers just underneath. Slipping her feet into their plushy comfort, she shuffled outside, still so tender, and joined Bryndis. He wasn’t sitting, but… he was lounging. There was no other word for it. Reclining on huge pillows scattered across the balcony, with a picnic-type breakfast spread in front of him.

“I thought this might be more comfortable. Please, have something to drink.” He held up a glass of water and smiled as she knelt to take it. “Come, lay in front of me.” She still had not met his eyes, but kept them demurely lowered as she dropped obediently down in front of him. “I’m going to feed you breakfast,” he said, as she drank from the cup he had given her, “and then we’re going to discuss yesterday before we go any further.” He wanted to make her look at him, but knew that part of her aversion was her own uncertainty. That would pass soon enough. He reached for an apple slice and began to feed her as the sun rose over the high Colorado Hills.


When breakfast was over, he took her back to the sofas. “So,” he began as he seated her on her sofa and dropped into his, “part of you is no longer a virgin. And, you have passed your first class with flying colours.”

“What? What do you mean, ‘passed my first class’?”

“Back — stabbing, our class on anal sex. You’ve just passed. Of course, you’re still lacking a final participation mark, but I don’t think that will be much of a problem.” He was smiling.

“I hadn’t quite gotten that far.” Annis smiled back, meeting his eye for the first time since before the Ceremony of Will. She looked away quickly. “I’m sorry, I just…”

“Tell me what you are thinking about.”

“I can’t ever get back what I gave to you.”

“No,” said Bryndis. “You cannot. Nor can I have what I give to you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Annis, every time I come into you, I leave you a physical part of myself — not only the mental and emotional. I give myself to you as well. But I understand what you mean. Are you upset by what you have done?”

“No, I’m not upset really. It will just take a while for my body to catch up with my mind.” And that was the truth, she realized.

“Can you tell me why you came to the Institute in the first place?”

And so, Annis began to talk for the first time since coming here. She told him all about university, her job, the letter, Etan, everything. He laughed in all the right places, asked questions when she wanted to be evasive, ensuring that she told him everything, and held her hand through most of the monologue. When she was finished, he looked at her deeply.

“Do you want to leave, now that you’ve experienced this? Do you want to stop?”

“No!” She grabbed at him, holding his arm. “Please don’t send me away!” Telling her story and being so truthful about everything that had and hadn’t happened to her had helped her to overcome her fear and disappointment. She remembered why she was here, why she wanted to be here.

“I’m not going to send you away.” Bryndis smiled. “I wanted you to be sure. Today we start your giolla training in earnest and I needed you to be as committed today as you were before the Ceremony of Will. Come,” he said, getting up. “I have things to explain.”

He walked over to the cabinet and opened the door and began, one by one, to take things out and hand them to her. He asked her what she thought they were for, what she thought about them, how she felt. He noted her shivers at the objects of heavier punishments — the whips and the canes. He also noticed that she showed no emotion when she saw the ropes, clamps and internal vibrators. All signs that she hadn’t experienced them before. Though he didn’t show it, he was relieved. Part of him had feared that she had expressed more naivety than she actually possessed. Lastly, he opened the drawer with the butt-plugs, taking one out and putting it in her hands.

“This is a cast mould of me.”

The surprise showed on her face. “But…what am I to do with it?”

“You’ve already done it, my dove. That’s what was causing you so much pain this morning when you woke up. It’s called a butt-plug. Most of them don’t cause you pain but because of the Ceremony and because you’re new to this, it stretched you.” He watched her running her hands slowly across every vein, getting turned on by the thought that very soon she would be doing that to his real cock. “Look at me for a moment, Annis. I want you to wear it for the next three hours.” Her shock showed on her face. “Remember, you can always call a safe word, but you are going to try. It won’t hurt as much now that you’re a little more stretched and, unlike the one you were wearing earlier, this one is soft and made of rubber. Every time you put it in it will feel more comfortable. The hardest part is when it goes in and when it comes out. Other than that you will generally feel full.”

She was trembling. And she was about to start crying. “I don’t want to do this! But I don’t want to fail you, either!” And with that he wrapped his arms around her, one hand still holding the butt-plug, and grabbed her and kissed her, hard and deep. So unexpected, she resisted for just a moment, before opening herself up to him. His tongue, warm and demanding, slipped between her teeth as soon as she parted them. It was warm and safe here in his kiss, she thought. His tongue continued to run along the inside of her mouth, one hand on her neck, she moaned in pleasure. He untied her robe, but continued kissing her and slid his hand around her naked waist, feeling her warm sides and stomach. As both hands reached around to her ass, he pulled away and whispered for her to kneel. He too came down on his knees and guided her down. “I know you’re afraid, but this is what I want. Open your knees, Annis.” His empty hand was now running up the inside of her legs, not ever touching her pussy that was hot and wet for him, regardless of her own uncertainty. He kissed her again and then whispered for her to push down as he began to press the end of the butt-plug into her ass. She could feel his cock through his trousers and imagined seeing him plunging deep and fast. She felt him pressing and obediently, almost without thought, pushed against him. Then came the pain and the burning. She took a deep breath and pushed again, feeling the stretch of her ass. “Master,” she cried out, trying to find release of some sort, but getting none. One more breath, one more push and she felt it fit somehow deep inside of her and sphincter closed over the smallest part of the plug and relaxed. He was right; this didn’t hurt as much as the one from the morning and she did mostly just feel full. She pulled away from him, overcome with humility.

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you,” she said, turning her face away.

Bryndis laughed. “I don’t expect you to trust me implicitly so soon. That will come soon enough. Lay down, Annis.” She did, and he drew her legs up, knees bent and open. “Has anyone ever brought you to orgasm with their hands?” he asked her, knowing the answer full well, delighting in the sight of the butt-plug peeking out from her rose-red ass.

“No, Master, I…” He put his hand softly to her mouth.

“Soon that answer will be yes.” She moaned and he saw her juices begin to leak out and run down the crease to her ass. “But not quite yet.” She moaned again, this time with frustration. “First, I want to hear how much you enjoy having that butt-plug deep in your most private of places. Do you like it, Annis?”

She moaned, and pulled her knees back even farther.

“Tell me. Say the words, don’t just show me.”

“I want it in me!” The words came out like a bullet. They took some amount of energy to say; just looking at her face, Bryndis could see that she was in conflict. She wanted to cum and this was the only way. He needed to teach her that acceptance was the way to release and that her cumming was not only in praise for good work, but also was used as a teaching tool. He touched his thumb to her perineum, rubbing in the juices she had loosed. She groaned again, pushing out, trying to get some friction.

“What is it and where do you want it?”

“The butt-plug, your dick, I want it…anywhere! Oh, anywhere, please let me cum for you!”

“Don’t move, Annis.” Bryndis got up from the bed, hearing her groan with desire and disappointment. He fully intended to make her cum, but not here. He had to allow her some time, however, to be able to move and focus on other things.

He got his backpack from his room and filled it with a few simple things. Most of what he needed was already at their destination, but wanted to be sure they had enough water. He also packed two vibrators and some food. He then returned to Annis to see that she had remained still and seemed to be in a little more control. He smiled.

“When you’re ready, get up. We’ll start your next class in just a few minutes. Wrap up in your robe and slip on the sandals under the bed.”

Annis couldn’t believe it. She had never so much as asked for a kiss before and this man had her begging for release and he does nothing. Rage and humiliation flowed through her like a war. She didn’t want to start her next class; she wanted release from all the pent-up tension he had awoken in her. “Well, this better be good,” she said, getting up. Except that she hadn’t exactly intended to say that out loud. She looked, stunned, at Bryndis. “I’m so sorry, Master!”

Bryndis, surprised, began to laugh. “I hope it will be!” Annis was so relieved; she had thought he would be so upset! “Are you almost ready? We’re going out and I’ll show you some of the grounds.”

Annis slipped on the sandals, belted her robe and followed him out the door.


It was late at night, on a Friday, and I had just left a long, boring party at my office. I was driving home to my apartment, struggling to stay awake. I was completely sober, but I was totally exhausted from a seemingly never-ending week full of meetings. While I was driving, at some point I must have lost my focus, because I glanced down at the dashboard and discovered that I was driving way over the speed limit. I immediately slammed on the brakes, and pulled over to the side of the street for a moment to take a break. I rubbed my eyes, had a drink of water, and took a few deep breaths. After a minute of rest, I decided that I was awake enough to start driving again. I switched on my turn signal, merged into traffic, and continued driving back to my apartment.

I had only driven a few blocks down the street when I noticed a car directly behind me driving just a few inches from my rear bumper. I thought that I may be driving too slow, so I accelerated. The car behind me sped up as well, and continued tailgating me. I decided to brush it off and ignore it, because I didn’t want to risk getting a speeding ticket just to appease an impatient tailgater. When I got another mile down the road, I was startled by flashing red and blue lights in my rearview mirror. Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed that the car that was tailgating me was a police car. I switched on my turn signal, pulled over to the shoulder, and parked my car. I was in an unpopulated part of town, on a stretch of road with no streetlights. I was a little nervous, because there was no one else around, but I didn’t want to cause any problems. I sat in my car for a few moments and waited for the officer to come talk with me. In my driver’s side mirror, I saw the silhouette of a female officer approaching. She was about 5’6″, and she had a nice figure. I rolled down my window.

“Good evening, Sir.” She said. She was wearing tight blue pants, and a taut blue uniform top. The top two buttons of her shirt were undone, exposing a few inches of her bare chest. She had about C-cup breasts. Her shirt was tight enough that I could tell her breasts were nice and perky. She had medium-length brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. Her eyes were green, and she had long eyelashes. Her badge said that her name was Officer Taylor.

“Good evening, Officer.” I replied, smiling.

“Do you know how fast you were driving back there?” She asked.

“To be totally honest, I am not sure, but I don’t think I was going too fast.” I replied.

“You were doing thirty-five in a twenty-five zone,” She stated, “that’s ten over the speed limit.”

“Wow. I didn’t realize that I was going so fast. I’m very sorry about that.” I said.

“Your driver’s license, and vehicle registration, please.” She asked.

“Sure.” I replied. I removed my driver’s license from my wallet, and retrieved my vehicle registration from the console. I handed both items to Officer Taylor. She snatched them from me, and walked back to her patrol car.

After a few minutes of waiting in my car, Officer Taylor returned with my driver’s license and registration. She leaned into my window, and held out the items. As she leaned in, I was daydreaming about her breasts, and my penis became erect. I clumsily tried to take my license back from her, and I dropped it on my seat between my legs.

“Sorry, Sir.” Officer Taylor said, as she reached down between my legs to pick up my driver’s license. Her hand brushed against my crotch, and she felt my throbbing erection. She smiled briefly, and quickly regained her composure and made a serious face. Then she snatched up my license and handed it back to me.

“Thank you, Officer.” I said.

“You’re welcome. I have to write you a ticket, because you were speeding.” She said, smiling.

“I understand. Any way I could get a warning?” I asked.

“Well, you don’t have any other traffic violations that I could find in the computer, but you were speeding excessively.” She said.

“Thank you, Officer. I understand.” I said. I made direct eye contact with her and smiled. She blushed and immediately broke eye contact with me. In an attempt to find something else to fix her gaze upon, she looked back down at the enormous bulge in my pants.

She pulled a small pad of blank tickets from her back pocket and wrote me a ticket. She tore of the top page of the note pad and handed it to me. She placed the carbon-copy of the ticket into the front pocket of her pants.

“Have a nice evening, Sir.” Officer Taylor said, as she turned and began to walk back to her car.

I watched in my driver’s side mirror as she walked back to her car. She strutted slowly and casually toward her car, and her ass shook slightly with each step. When she was halfway back to her car, she stopped, and looked back over her shoulder directly into my mirror and caught me staring at her. She smiled at me suggestively, and then turned back toward her patrol car and continued walking. She seemed like she was into me, so I decided to go for it. I switched off my headlights, opened my door, and climbed out of my car.

She didn’t turn back to look at me, but she heard me. She walked to the front her patrol car, leaned forward, and placed her hands on the hood. I walked up behind her, and rubbed my body against hers from behind. Then I gently placed my hands on her hips, and glided my palms up the sides of her back, and then back down to her thighs.

Officer Taylor sighed and said, “You should probably frisk me.”

I ran my hands around her hips and grabbed tightly onto her hip bones. She moaned, and then I moved my hands back around to inspect her ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks, and then slipped my hands between her thighs. I tickled the insides of her thighs with my fingertips. She moaned again, and then pushed her legs apart. She followed my guidance, and spread her legs apart. I began to massage her thighs, and then cupped her pussy from behind with my right hand and began massaging her through her pants.

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Have you been bad?”

I exhaled a deep breath into her left ear, and she moaned.

“Yes. I’ve been very bad.” She replied softly, “You should probably arrest me.”

I kissed her neck, and continued to massage her through her pants. With my left hand, I pulled her handcuffs off of her belt. She stood upright, removed her hands from the hood of her car, and placed them behind her back. I clasped the handcuffs around her wrists, and walked her to the back door on the driver’s side of her car. I opened the door, and she climbed in. She laid down on her stomach across the backseat. I climbed on top of her, and reached around underneath her stomach and unbuckled her belt.

“You are under arrest.” I told her.

“What did I do?” She asked.

“You’ve been a bad girl.” I explained, “You should probably be punished.”

“Yes, I have, and I deserve to be punished.” She confessed.

I wrapped my fingers around the waist of her pants and panties, and pulled them down just below her ass. Then I slid backward, almost entirely of the car. I leaned forward and licked her right ass cheek. She moaned. Then I bit her ass.

“Aaaahhh…” She cried.

“What do you think would be a fair punishment?” I asked, biting her ass cheek again.

I climbed back out of the car, and removed my pants. Then I climbed back in, and straddled her thighs. My throbbing cock was resting snugly between her ass cheeks.

“You should probably punish my pussy.” She answered.

I slapped my rock hard cock against her left ass cheek. Then I slipped my right hand between her legs, and cupped her bald, shaved pussy from behind, and began to massage her clit. Her pussy was dripping wet.

“That sounds fair.” I said.

I removed my right hand, and slipped my cock between her thighs, and began to tickle her pussy lips with the tip of my penis.

“I’m ready for my punishment.” She said.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and pressed her down hard against the backseat. Her left cheek pressed against the seat, and she opened her mouth, breathing heavily. Then I thrust my massive cock inside her. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her. She bent her legs at the knee, and her boots bumped against my back. I reached behind my back and closed the door. I pulled my penis back and thrust it inside her again.

“Yes!” She cried.

I let go of her shoulders, and placed my left hand between her shoulder blades, and held onto the chain of the handcuffs with my right hand. I began rhythmically pumping her pussy. My balls smacked against her thighs with every thrust. My cock was glistening from her juices, and it shimmered in the red and blue lights shining through the window from outside her patrol car.

“Are you learning from your punishment?” I asked her, as I thrust my cock deep inside her.

“I’ve been very bad! A bad girl like me needs to be punished hard!” She answered.

I grabbed onto her ponytail with my left hand, and pulled hard.

“Yes! That’s what I deserve!” She cried.

I slammed my cock into her, and she squealed. I pulled her head back by her ponytail, and continued pounding her pussy. She began to hyperventilate, and her body began to tremble.

“I’m cumming!” She cried.

“You’ve being bad again.” I said, “You’re enjoying your punishment.”

“Fuck me!” She screamed.

I fucked her hard and fast, and she continued to cum for several minutes. When her trembling subsided, I slowed down and let her catch her breath. I let go of the handcuff chain, and her ponytail. I continued to fuck her slowly from behind, straddling her thighs for a few minutes, and then I began massaging her ass cheeks in my hands.

“You deserve more punishment.” I said. Then I licked the middle finger of my right hand, and began tickling her ass. She was very ticklish, and she started to squirm the moment the tip of my finger touched her asshole. I gently inserted my finger into her ass, and she moaned.

“Punish my ass!” She begged.

I thrust her pussy faster with my cock, and began fucking her asshole with my finger. Her pussy tightened up around my cock, and I could tell that she was going to cum again at any moment. So, I started slamming my finger into her asshole. Her mouth was wide open, and her breathing intensified. She was on the brink of orgasm again. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and my finger out of her asshole. Then I quickly thrust my throbbing cock into her asshole.

“Aaaahhh!” She screamed as I penetrated her ass. I leaned forward on top of her, with my chest pressing against her back. Then I reached around her waist with my left hand and began massaging her clit, while I continued to fuck her in her ass. I placed my right hand on the back of her head, and pressed her face against the seat.

“Oh my God!” She screamed. Her legs began to shake. Her boots banged against my ass. She began to gyrate her hips, pressing her clit against my fingertips. She started to cum again.

“Take it!” I ordered her.

“Yes!” She cried.

The entire car was shaking, and the windows were covered in fog. She screamed uncontrollably, and hopelessly tried to catch her breath. I pounded her ass hard for a few minutes while she came. Suddenly, her body completely relaxed, and I heard her boots bump against the door behind me. I pulled my cock out of her ass, and slowly turned her over on her back. I straddled her waist, and reached up and unbuttoned her shirt, from top to bottom. Then I reached behind her back, and she sat up slightly. I unclasped her bra, pulled it off, and tossed it on the floor.

Her breasts were just like I had imagined. They were C-cups, round and firm, and her nipples were pink, and erect. I leaned forward and licked her right nipple. She moaned in satisfaction. Then I licked her left nipple, and nibbled on it.

Then I sat back up, and continued to straddle her, and began stroking my throbbing cock right my right hand. Some precum dripped from the head of my penis, and slowly dropped down to her navel. She seemed fascinated by the power of my cock, and watched in amazement. I was about to shoot my load all over her tits, and I asked, “How about that ticket?”

“What ticket?” She asked me, as a huge grin spread across her face.

I felt my cock begin to spasm, and then I shot out a huge load of cum. It blasted all the way to her face, drenching her teeth and lips. She quickly licked up my cum, and then opened her mouth, awaiting my next burst of cum. I shot another load, and this time it landed right in her mouth. She moaned in satisfaction, and swallowed. I shot several more loads, and covering her nipples and belly button with my cum. Then I reached down to the waist of her pants, that were now down to her knees. I took her keychain off of her belt. She sat up slightly, and I reached behind her back and unlocked the handcuffs. She instantly began to massage my cum all over her breasts. She closed her eyes, and smiled again. Then she began to wipe up my cum with her fingertips. She started with her tits, and then her belly button. Lastly, she wiped a few drops of my cum off of her cheeks. Then she licked her fingertips clean.

She laid across the backseat in orgasmic bliss for several minutes, and then I finally climbed off her, and opened the door behind me. I climbed out of the car and quickly put my pants back on. She put her bra back on, buttoned her shirt, and then pulled her pants up to her waist, zipped them up, and rebuckled her belt. Then she climbed out of the car and stood beside me. She pulled the ticket that she wrote earlier from her pocket, and tore it up.

“Thanks for tearing up my ticket.” I said, graciously.

“Thanks for tearing me up, too.” She said, smiling.

*You leave your life to those who come after*

(Thanks to Shawhollow for the edit)

(This starts out seemingly unbelievable but it will make sense before the end)


I’m standing in my brother’s house, trying to figure out where to start when the doorbell rings. I go to the door, open it and there is this very properly dressed woman around forty/forty-five with a decidedly unhappy look on her face which makes me wonder what I’ve done wrong in the fifteen minutes I’ve been in this neighborhood. Since I’ve never been in this house before it is unlikely she knows me.

“Oh,” she sniffs with distain, “it’s like this again.” She stares at me. “May I come in?”

“Yeah, sure,” I get out of her way. She walks into my brother John’s, my brother, place with a strange familiarity. My brother is a bit of a slob and casual to the core. I am sure he has a bag, or three, of weed stashed about — alcohol is a given. I can’t imagine what this lady is doing here.

When she rounds the sofa she stops and looks at me with some impatience. I walk over to her; we stand side by side for several awkward seconds until she points to the sofa. I take a clue and sit down only have her to roll her eyes and give a long-suffering sigh. The lady gingerly gets on her knees between my legs, reaches out and starts working my shorts down.

My first thought is ‘I’m getting a blowjob’ which is sweet because of all the shit I’ve been going through the past twenty-four hours. Then the realization hits me that this ‘lady’ lady is giving me head on my brother’s sofa and I should do something. I am unsure what to do and while I try and figure it out she gets my shorts and underwear to my knees and starts stroking my dick with her hands.

“I…ummm,” I get out before she starts making the circuit of my spongy head with her tongue. I reach out and run my hand through her hair. She stops and angrily regards me so I stop. The lady goes back to work, bobbing past my helmet and slobbering on my shaft. A minute and a half later I can’t stop my hands from playing with her hair once more but this time she doesn’t react.

The lady has excellent technique which is at odds with her elegant, church-lady attire. More to the point, she is clearly getting into the blowjob she is giving me, fondling and licking my balls as well as kissing around the base of my shaft and licking my pee-hole.

“I’d like to see your tits,” I finally speak up. For a moment the lady hesitates then looks up at me. “You are very beautiful and you are making me feel so good,” I try to clarify.

She keeps up her ministrations to my penis with her mouth alone, while shifting out of her jacket then unbuttoning her blouse. Her bra is far racer than I would have expected with the nature of her conservative outer wear and her breasts larger than advertised though they sag a bit. The surprises keep coming when she starts working off her skirt next while still kneeling.

She is down to light brown stockings, black garter belt, white panties and bra.

“Can you get up here and give me better access?” I request somewhat timidly. She barely misses a beat and starts bringing her knees up on the sofa. “Wait, I want to do a ‘sixty-nine’,” I add. She stops and, while bent at the waist, the lady wiggles out of her panties to expose a neatly trimmed but full bush.

“Damn, you’re heartbreaking,” I whisper. She has a slight belly but her shape is still hourglass and her bra-clad breasts look delicious. She stops pumping my cock with her hand but she doesn’t look my way. I figure she isn’t upset because she lets me rotate my body so I am back down on the sofa then she carefully mounts me while her blowjob continues.

The problem with the sofa is that it is a few inches too narrow. The lady can put one knee beside my head, against the back of the sofa, but the other leg has to stand on floor so that her pussy can be lowered to my face. She is remarkably quiet and her vagina is dry as I first start paying attention to her love box then, in a second, she’s anything but.

She starts making ‘mmph’ noises in rapid succession as her juices are already dripping onto my tongue. I double then redouble my efforts until I’m making a wet sloshing sound as I tongue fuck her as deeply as I can. She explodes seconds later and I drink her up. The whole time the lady keeps up with the fellatio with barely any interruption.

Her skill, the absence of sex in my life the past few weeks, and her erotic display push me to ejaculate.

“Lady, I’m cumming,” I cry out. She pulls up to the point her lips are only controlling my cockhead and an inch of my shaft. Her tongue acts like a scoop that draws my spurting semen into her mouth.

When I finish shooting, the lady uses the suction of her lips to clean me up then kneels on the floor and opens her mouth to reveal the cum she’s yet to swallow. That makes no sense to me and she doesn’t look happy so I kiss her lightly on the lips.

“You didn’t need to do that for me but thank you,” I say hoping that changes her mood.

The lady looks at me, I look down her cleavage and my cock rebounds and slaps my stomach. Both our gazes flicker to my dick. She swallows, lowers her head, sighs and nods in resolution to some internal struggle. She stands and starts mounting me in reverse once more.

“Can we do it somewhere more comfortable?” I request.

The lady looks over her shoulder before dismounting and waiting for me. I get up, kick my shorts and underwear free and then start following her toward what I have only recently figured out is my brother’s room. What I want to ask is why this elegant, mature lady knows the way to my slovenly older brother’s bedroom. Okay, my brother is – was thirty, a well-off but slovenly real estate investor.

He was rich in some people’s estimation…I mean he’s rich enough to live in this exclusive community, but John, my brother liked his women younger than he was, not older. This made no sense. Of course, I hadn’t seen John in the flesh since he attended my graduation a year and a half ago, but still…does a guy change preferences that much?

Without a glance toward me the lady crawls onto my bro’s huge bed, stopping in the middle then goes down on her elbows, her ass sticking up in the air. I have the sinking feeling she’s been in that position, on this bed, far too often. I knee-walked behind her, put my grip to her hips with my hands and stop myself.

I’m not sure that I can forgive myself for what came next which was basically me not asking what the hell was going on. Instead I slowly start pumping my rod into her wet cunt. She lets loose an ‘ugh’ as I enter her and several ‘ah’s as I steadily press deeper. She rewards me with a resounding grunt when my hips push against her buttocks.

The lady reaches out and taps my thigh so I sit still as her vaginal muscles constrict and conform to my cock. She keeps this up for a minute before she finally speaks.

“Okay,” she says softly. I pull back about half way. When I get no reaction, I go delve back into her warm, wet depths once more. I’m starting to get into the zone when caution comes knocking a minute too late.

“Oh…” I was about to say ‘fuck’ but weirdly I don’t want to curse in front of this woman, “darn, I don’t have a condom.” She looks back at me, caught between a rush to climax, frustration and humiliation.

“I am not allowed to use a condom,” she mumbles. Here I am thinking ‘latex allergy’ so I leave it be and go back to fucking her.

Thirty seconds later she flexes her back and starts chewing the sheets as her orgasm grips her. Either I’ve gotten a whole lot better at this sex-thing or this woman highly sensitive sexually.

“Do you want me to slow down?” I inquire. She shakes her head so I keep going at it; her body is one hell of a treasure.

I start breathing heavily when the lady hits orgasm number three and it is even stronger and more violent than the first two. Shit she’s good and I’m starting to wonder if she’s some sort of pro who has been paid to role-play with my late brother. That idea excites me even more because my brother was always the promiscuous, successful one while I was awkward and lonely.

“Are you getting close?” the lady pants.

“Yes,” I groan.

“Stick it in my ass!” she pleads desperately. I’ve never been there before and I don’t mean just with her. Anal sex is something I’ve always fantasized about but I only have teenage porn mythology to call upon.

My dick makes a sloppy wet sound as it exits her pussy. I rub the head against her anus and sort of let my body tip forward. As sexually experienced individuals can tell you, the human penis tends to bend before the female sphincter surrenders its sanctity. I make two more goes at it before the lady’s long fingernails drum along my thigh once more.

“The lube is on the headboard shelf,” she indicates. Not wanting to lose my arousal I move lickety-split, retrieve the lube…

“That’s female lubricant,” the lady mutters. I grab the larger bottle and since she doesn’t stop me, I vault back to my position and began pouring it…all over her butt. Yes, I am nervous.

“Use one finger,” she instructs me. I use one finger to spread out the oil.

“In my ass,” she moans helplessly, “stick your finger in my ass and rotate it around. When I tell you put in a second finger.” She quickly adds, “Lube up the fingers first.” I’ve always been a good student and before fear brings about the death of my hard-on I have two fingers inside her rectum.

“Is this enough?” I whisper. She doesn’t say anything because orgasm number four rampages across her body. I take that to be a ‘yes’. This time I hold my dick in my hand as I push it against her bunghole and as promised, it stretches out her anus and forces the passage.

“Ah…yes…ugh…slow down, slow down damn…it,” she gasps through the discomfort.

I hold back until she gives me a ‘more’ which I take to mean roughly a half inch further then wait. That formula works for her, and my one regret is that I’m so attentive to her acceptance of my intrusion that I forget to commit this panorama to memory. When Then I start fucking her ass, I’ve read that you take it in tiny steps, slowly building up to thrusting my whole length in and out.

To repeat the obvious; this woman is phenomenal. Her colon (I know I’m not really in her colon but it makes me sound big) sends micro-vibrations up and down my cock, so on the second go-round I start ejaculating semen deep into her bowels. Of course this sends the lady off for one final ride.

Seven damn orgasms! I didn’t give any of the girls I dated in college that many. Hell, I doubted I gave out a total of seven orgasms in all four years of higher education combined. She slumps flat on the bed and I lay on top of her. I feel so good that I wrap my arms around her and hug her tight as I can with my arms not actually encompassing her.

“What are you doing?” she moans.

“You are the best sex I’ve had in my entire life and if you are not married I’d like you to entertain my proposal,” I sigh contentedly.

“Stop it,” she demands. “Get off me…please,” she adds the ‘please’ bitterly.

I roll off her, settling on my side so I can look at her and she looks exhausted and terribly pissed off. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. You would think that she liked climaxing, right?

“What’s your name?” I ask. I can hear her grinding her teeth and see her body tense up.

“Claudia,” she allows.

“I’m Charles, John’s brother,” I introduce myself. “I take it you and John were close?”

“You…you are his brother?” Claudia’s eyes grow wide.

“Yes and I was sort of hoping you could help me contact some of his other friends in the area to help with his funeral arrangements,” I plead.

“He’s…he’s dead?” Claudia’s face contorts with both fear and elation. “He’s really dead,” she vocalizes giddily. She clutches my arm, her beautifully manicured fingernails digging into my flesh painfully. “You aren’t lying to me, are you? He’s really finally gone?” This is not the reaction I was expecting at all.

“Yes,” I try to pull away, “his convertible flipped off the road into a canal two nights ago. The fish left him somewhat of a mess so it may be a closed casket funeral.”

“But you are sure it was him,” she begs.

“Yes, he had that scar on his stomach where I stabbed him with my toy sword when I was nine and the tip broke off and punctured him,” I confess. “Worst Christmas my family ever had.”

Claudia sits up and stares off into space. I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

“If you weren’t his friend Claudia, what are you doing here…with me…having sex on his bed?” I try to understand.

“Oh my God,” Claudia’s hands fly to her mouth. “What have I done?” she mutters. “What have I done?”

She scoots off the bed and races out of the bedroom, her gorgeous ass covered with lube fleeing my line of vision. I pursue her but not for sex; I want answers.

“Oh God, I cheated on my husband,” becomes her new mantra. Husband; where do I begin? Perhaps I should begin with the big rock on her finger with the matching gold band next to it…yes, that should have been my first clue.

In my defense, she did push her way in and start giving me a blowjob without explanation. My rational thought processes sort of jumped out the window at that point. Besides I’ve never been hit on by a married woman before. It is not like I have experience in adultery. Unfortunately I am sure my brother did and suddenly his flipping his car seems much more suspicious — jealous husband and all.

Claudia’s grip on sanity is definitely tenuous because after droning on about cheating on her husband — who is, unless Claudia is a total shrew, the luckiest man in the state of Florida — she gathers up her clothes and races for the exit. I catch her by the forearm just before she opens the door and she gives me a slap to the cheek for my courtesy.

“You need to get dressed before you go sprinting across the lawn,” I caution her. Claudia returns to reality, takes a deep breath and nods. I quickly back away which is good because it allows me to slip around her to put on my underwear and shorts. Otherwise I’m only wearing socks and since technically I don’t even own the house yet, getting arrested for public nudity as an outsider in this community would suck.

Twice I try to get Claudia to open up and tell me what is going on but her glares are glacial and shut me down from the get-go. I end up letting my eyes follow her stormy march down the walkway where she turns right and proceeds…to the walkway next door. Oh fuck, she’s my next door neighbor. Half way to the door Claudia realizes her mistake. I’m not close enough to make out her facial expression clearly (these are some huge lots) but I doubt she’s sunshine and kittens at the moment.

(One Hour Later)

I head back inside and start by stripping the bed and by the looks of it, John should have done this much more regularly because there are definitely stains on the sheets that Claudia and I didn’t make. After that nightmare I check and sort the mail, crack his computer password and prepare a microwave dinner so I can spend my second night by myself. I spent my first night in Miami dealing with the police.

I’m mulling over the implications that the cops I talked to were homicide detectives and they were trying to figure out if I killed my brother for his estate. I’m a self-employed Day Trader but oddly enough I had an alibi — I was at a wedding reception with two hundred other people. My financials are complicated but I didn’t hire a hitman. My zombie-like state of grief was probably the main factor in ruling me out though. Dad was never present, Mom was a ditzy blonde but John was always there for me — and he is suddenly gone.

My brother was the last of my close family. Our Father married late and his first son was John but his Mother died when he was four. Two years later Dad married my Mother and a year later, I joined our little group. Though we were seven years apart, John was more of a Father to me than my actual Father. I’ve heard others bitch about their brothers and sisters but I’ve never understood them.

You name the male bonding ritual and John helped me with it; first shoplifting, first act of vandalism, first school fight (private academy), and first girl (he talked his GF, Tori, at the time to do the deed with me) (Oddly enough, Tori and I met up again six months ago and really hit it off) and first Spring Break (yes, when I was fourteen) though he made me go by the name of Monkey the whole week.

Dad died when I was ten from a heart attack. Mom and her ‘fitness instructor’ were stung to death by jelly fish when I was nineteen. John and I stood by both their gravesides. We never fought about inheritance — I got the Lion’s share but by the time of Mom’s death, John’s real estate deals were making him millions. We shared the major holidays at the family home but otherwise communicated with daily texts or e-mails.

The name Claudia had never come up in our talks. On his computer, the name Claudia Nils does appear quite often; mainly in old legal documents involving all kinds of property complaints made against John and later in e-mails with him demanding…things…kinky ass things up to and including pregnancy and paternity test kits. A quick search reveals there are eight other names that pop up consistently with the same general requests leveled their way.

I don’t have all the names matched with an address when there is a knock at the door. I take the screen back to the password box then pad to the door quietly and take a look out of the peephole. It’s Claudia. I open the door and let her in. I can’t tell if she’s nervous-angry or nervous-fearful. She’s probably both.

“Take a seat on the sofa,” I offer. Claudia flinches but does so. Halfway there I cut to the left and drop my butt in the Lazy-boy opposite her which gives her a tiny moment of relief.

“Well…I’m…sorry about your brother,” she stammers, “but I want to know…” It is painful to watch her beat around the bush.

“Why don’t you tell me what is really going on and maybe I can help?” I request. Seeing her reticence, “I’ve read multiple e-mails you two sent back and forth and I believe something screwed up was going on…”

“Screwed up?” she laughs bitterly. “Yes, you could say that.”

“Then tell me what is going on. I have two reasons; I want what you have been going through to end. My brother has been doing something that has made you miserable. While that isn’t the man I remember, my previous opinion is not what matters. I can’t pretend to make it up to you but I can make it stop. Tell me what it is I need to do,” I state rationally.

Claudia hops out of her seat, paces the length of the sofa then resumes her seat.

“You don’t know; you really don’t know…anything?” Claudia babbles. “Did he give you something — a password, the location of a safe or a safety deposit box key?” Even as she blabs she appears to regret talking to me at all.

“Okay, I’ve cracked his home computer password and there are plenty of incriminating e-mails,” I tell her. I neglect to tell her about the other women. “My second concern is that this may have had something to do with my brother’s death…and this means giving this all to the police.” Claudia’s eye bore a hole in me.

“What would it cost us to keep this out of the public eye?” she says with an abysmal emptiness.

“Oh, nothing like what happened this afternoon,” I pledge. “Not that you weren’t unforgettable and fantastic but you hated the whole episode and I didn’t figure that out until…well I guess it wasn’t love-making…anyway I’m don’t want to force you to have sex with me ever again.”

“How much will it cost us then?” she sighs. Two things were evident to me; she really wanted this buried and she kept using the word ‘us’ which I took to be Claudia and her husband.

(Thanks to Shawhollow for the edit)

*Loneliness is a disease of the mind and the heart*


(Right where we left off)

“Mmmm…bedroom,” I mumble between Marisol’s displays of affection as we roll all over the Man Cave’s carpeted floor.

“Sofa,” she moans because I’ve finally maneuvered off her flimsy shirt and won the war with her bra and its frightening capacity to keep her mammary mammaries contained, allowing a stiff nipple the size of the first digit on my pinky into my mouth. “It folds out.”

“I don’t have condoms on me,” I warn her.

“That’s okay; I want to get pregnant,” she murmurs. In almost any other situation that would flat-line my cock but I swear I could screw this babe naked on a glacier I’m so hot for her.

“Damn,” she moans in sympathy to my urges, “you really are raring to go.”

“Sorry,” I mumble as I work my tongue down her belly and push her tight-ass jeans down. I swear she must paint these things on.

“Not complaining,” she muses happily. “It is wonderful to have a young man wanting me this much. It has been so long.” What; was my brother blind, deaf, numb and dumb? As an afterthought I give the swell of her belly beneath her navel a good lick — she tastes fine too.

She is more than content to let me sniff, lick and touch her body while she gives out passive encouragement. She brings out my aggression and eats it up with sensual sighs and giggles that inspire me further. I smother her right leg with kisses all the way down to the top of her foot and then suck on each toe which brings out murmurs of arousal I have only read about before now.

I expand upon what little ‘game’ I have and remember my brother bragging about some of the babes he’s ‘banged’ over the years to piece together my own burgeoning style. I push Marisol’s right leg up, starting my kisses at the heel and working back down her calf to her knee. I have stumbled upon something that drives her wild. Watching her react is like being front row – center seat at the birth of a hurricane.

I take several tantalizing licks along the back of Marisol’s knee and she rewards me with her back painfully arched, her breasts expanding and jiggling around with a glistening sheen of sweat acting like icing on the cake. I push her leg farther back as I work toward the buttocks. Marisol is proving to be exceptionally flexible yet again; she takes her ankle and pulls it even with her ear while teasing me with heavy-lidded eyes.

“Pound me baby, pound me,” she taunts me as her chest heaves. Primal sexual instincts dispel this ruse, focusing my desire on burning her up with foreplay before finishing her off with penetrations. She’s not Claudia who is constant and continuous reward. Marisol is going to be a struggle to propel her to every orgasm. This would be a daunting task if she didn’t have so many wonderful facets to energize.

“Yeah baby…I’m ready; do it,” she moans louder. I take a bite of her thigh right above the curve of her ass. “Ieee!” she yelps. “That hurts,” Marisol moans again. I spank her for good measure.

“Bad Girl,” I tease her back, “Don’t make Papi angry.” That was a joke but Marisol’s reaction is anything but; she squeals and squirts a small stream of fluid.

I’ve got something here; now if I can only remember what Papi means…Father…the guy who tosses snitches and men who touch his daughters into a crate with snakes. Marisol has a Daddy fetish; apparently in a big way. I want to kiss her right butt cheek then take a clue from the book of Claudia and probe her anus with my tongue.

Right off the bat I can tell a serious difference; Marisol’s region feels oily smooth and tastes a bit soapy and cleansed. I wrack my mind for what this means. While I’m working that through, Marisol hooks up her left leg and places it in symmetry with the right; pinned back with her hands holding her ankles to her ears. A Plus-sized super gymnast; there are so many questions I want to ask but I’m busy right now.

I move my tongue to the base of her cunt and…hmmm…tastes like cane sugar with a hint of coco-butter — very exotic and worth diving straight into. I put a finger to her sphincter and it slips in without much resistance so I pull back and insert a second finger along with the first. That’s a snugger fit and she appreciates my invasion by rotating her ass playfully.

“Ooohhh…play with me Papi,” Marisol moans, “play with La Niña.” Kinky; a bit weird for me, at twenty-two, to be going through with a forty year old woman but I’m thinking taboo fantasy, not incest. I take aim and spank her left buttocks hard enough to cause tremors across her butt and thigh.

“Mala Niña,” I say gruffly with my best Spanish accent. I hope I’m saying ‘bad little girl’ but Spanish was a language requirement, not a vocation. It does the job for Marisol though; she’s wiggling and undulating all over the place while I go back to delving into her cunt and probing two fingers into anus.

“No Papi estará bien,” she pants heavily. She releases her ankles but the legs stay in place which allows her to start squeezing and twisting her engorged nipples. I think she said ‘no daddy’ but I forget what the rest means. Marisol finds the role-play to be erotic and that’s good enough for me. In both ways, Marisol is looser than Claudia — those must be some toys she’s been playing with.

I push a third finger into her butthole (that earns me a squeal) and start off with two fingers into her twat (which elicits a guttural utterance I’ve never heard a human make before). She still isn’t swirling toward a climax so I search for another point of stimulation and it bumps me in the nose; her clitoris. It is somewhat understated within the folds of her labia but once I find it, I make it my bitch, my victim, the source of all my aggression. Bingo!

Marisol sings out in a voluminous litany of Spanish prayers, curses or both. It is beautiful to hear and carries on for some time. Her legs rise to the full vertical but don’t fall down on me as I keep working her over — no; I’m having no mercy on her right now.

“Work it Carlos,” she purrs down at me, “Keep it up Lover. You are — oh — yessss – very attentive.”

“Yum, you are very delicious,” I respond. She giggles then rocks her upper body forward, grabbing her buttocks in each hand and opening them wide.

I take that to be a visual invitation to fuck either hole at this point, bypassing the normal verbal request. I get up on my hands and knees and rush over her until we can kiss and my cock dips down to her welcoming cunt. I lower and spread my legs as my cock parts Marisol’s labia and is propelled into her depths.

Marisol exhales deeply as her vaginal walls are stimulated by the pulsating veins on my shaft as it penetrates deep. I’m no expert but Marisol’s pussy feels like a sexual partner that can go all night long and welcome you back for before, during and after breakfast — smooth, silky and unquenchably wet. Our hands start to play across each other’s bodies once I become comfortable letting Marisol carry my entire weight; she is that strong.

My slow gently gentle strokes aren’t enough for Marisol; she starts biting my shoulders and pulling me in harder and faster with her arms around my hips and her legs pressing down on my ass. Even then there is no thunderous orgasm. I’m not in sucky shape but I’m not a marathon runner either and I’d have to be one to break Marisol’s sexual barriers down.

Thankfully, Marisol is used to this problem. As my torso and face flush red, and my breathing becomes labored and erratic, Marisol flips me over and begins riding me with celerity in a fluid, low-impact style.

“Phenomenal,” I pant.

“What?” she smiles down at me. She is totally feeling superior and pleased with herself.

“I said you are phenomenal and…” I search for something to add, “If you don’t agree to do this with me again I’m chaining you to my bed and keeping you as my sex slave.” And I probably went way too kinky-far with that one.

Marisol blushes furiously, drops her torso down until her nipples are burning tracks of pleasure across my chest.

“I promise we’ll do it again and again until you become bored with me, Señor Verde,” she moans pathetically. “I’ll do whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, you want. Please don’t chain me down and use me over and over again as your sex slave.”

By the time we finish that little interplay Marisol is starting to go off. I snake a hand around to her ass cleft, probe for her bunghole and ram three fingers in with as much force and speed as I can leverage. She screams out to Heaven, all the Saints and more than a few fallen Angels — all in Spanish yet again. Her vagina feels like it is petting my cock in a totally pleasing and unexpected manner.

I begin fountaining my seed, splashing it all over her womb and expanding the crescendo of Marisol’s proclamation of ecstasy by a good thirty seconds. She doesn’t crash boneless onto me; this is not her way. Her climax leaves her at a lower energy level but in full control of her resources. She languidly settles down on my chest.

I have a variety of things to blame for my resurrection and none have to do with my relative youth. Her boobs pancaking out like semi-squashed melons on either side of my chest could be to blame, as could the streaks of sweat on her temples, forehead, and neck that are nectar for the tasting, the sheer intoxicating aroma of her sex, the smell of wine upon her breath which makes me wonder how drunk she was when she came over, that dazzling white smile, or the warmth of the caress my hands feel on her backside.

I grip her scrumptious posterior tightly to my desperately rebounding cock. Three ejaculations in three hours…I couldn’t do that when I was eighteen and right now I can only do it with a resounding amount of pain.

“Not already bored with me?” Marisol pouts/gloats because I know she’s ready to go this very moment.

I release each butt cheek but only to haul off and smack them hard and then grip tighter.

“No way in hell am I bored with you,” I reply through heaving breath, “but I’m asking for a fifteen minute break so that I don’t have a heart attack and die beneath you…happy as I might be.”

“You make me feel so very good Carlos Verde,” Marisol murmurs. “I think…maybe you appreciate me.”

“John didn’t?” I know I must sound confused.

“John was fun but then John was here for John,” Marisol smiles at me. “I come over, we fuck and I go home. He didn’t even drink the damn wine I bought over.”

“We didn’t drink the wine…yet,” I point out.

“Are you going to send me home?” she muses.

“Yes…when does your husband get home?” I inquire.

“Sunday night; he’s on a business trip to Argentina until then,” Marisol arches an eyebrow.

“Yes, I am sending you home Sunday afternoon then,” I wink. It is Tuesday night and I’m being ambitious and burying my grief for my brother at the same time.

“You think you will still be alive by then?” she teases me.

“If not, lock up when you leave,” I grin and she kisses me passionately.

“Can I ask for one more favor?” I whisper. Marisol nods. “Whenever we are together, can I cop a feel as long as I’m discreet? You know; a little ass grab, pat or fondle — rubbing the side of the breast or plucking a nipple — a kiss or three…that kind of stuff.”

“My breasts; aren’t they fat and saggy?” Marisol holds one up and licks the nipple. I shake my head in the negative.

“These lips; shouldn’t I use collagen to make them fresher and plumper?” she smiles. I kiss her in response. “You like my body? My husband hates it when I wear a bikini; he says I look like a ‘salchicha de cerdo regordete’.” ‘Pudgy pork sausage’ is what I think that means — my Spanish is coming back to me. I dramatically wipe the drool from my lips and cheeks.

“Oh the hell he says. You can wear a bikini on my deck, in my pool or Jacuzzi any time you like. I’d offer to take you sailing but I don’t sail, or to a public beach but I don’t think I can act gay enough around you not to cause a stir,” I confess. “But; bikini — yes!” She graces me with a sexy giggle.

“He says my butt is massive, chunky and pitted. He hates my thongs,” she looks terrible hurt and sad. I slip out from under her, keeping Marisol on her stomach. I rub my hands over her bare cheeks even parting her cleft deftly.

“I think I would have to take part of a USGS study on this matter,” I state with mock-seriousness.

“Hey!” she squawks, “Are you saying my ass is as big as a plot of land?”

“Well, it is a government survey and it would take seven to ten years to finish and I would have to do a whole lot of drilling, constantly mapping the slopes and valleys plus tons of hands-on work,” I nod studiously.

“Drilling?” she smirks. “Hands-on work…mapping the slopes and valleys,” she sighs happily. “Seven to ten years…mmm…longer if you consider protests, legal obstructions and any other matters I can think of.” I set myself up on all fours and crawled over Marisol, my knees inside her thighs and my palms resting beyond her shoulders. I let my body float down on top of Marisol’s.

“That will require even more drilling,” I murmur as my cock comes to rest between her buttocks. Marisol presses her ass upwards. I give way and she keeps at it until her breasts, ass and knees form a compressed triangle.

“Drill me,” Marisol moans. Sure my cock hurts but I might die in the next five hundred years and I know I’ll regret passing up this opportunity every day for the rest of my life if I don’t partake of this fantastic posterior the way she is offering it up to me at this moment in time.

“Ooohhh,” she groans as my bulbous head passes her relaxed sphincter and makes steady progress leading my shaft in exploring her rectum. “Ugh, you are very thick,” she exhales.

“Yours is the best ass made by God or Man,” I whisper in her ear, “and I really, really want you to like this — what my cock is doing inside of you right now.”

“Ah – ah, I’ll let you know — ah – if you do — ah – something I — am — ah – unhappy with,” she gasps. Her ass really has some give and cushioning. It is a totally different feel from Claudia; Claudia is steady and consistent while Marisol is different on every stroke, depending on how hard I push and how tight her glutei flex. Both are wonderful but different.

“Fuck — fuck – fuck,” I groan. I want to shoot but my balls aren’t cooperating. If they could talk they would remind me this whole ’4th round’ scheme is not their idea. They’ve done their job for my genetic future. It is not my testes fault their first two efforts went down a throat and into a rectum after all; such body parts are clearly differentiated by touch alone.

“Ay Papi,” Marisol cries out. “Spank me Carlos, spank me!” My rhythm is going so fast and strong by this time I release both hips and start smacking alternating ass cheeks. I have a flashback to one of those old films showing that prick beating the drums while the slaves row their hearts out on the galley. From Marisol’s howls she wants to go to straight to ramming speed (funny how that works).

“¿Qué fue lo que confesar hoy niña?” I say and pray I get it right. I think I’m going on about confession; when she doesn’t laugh at me I think I am close. I switch up with my hands, using my right to grab my shoulder and deepen my anal plunging. Then with my left, I reach out and start spanking her left breast and nipple. We have a winner! Or more likely a winning combination.

Marisol becomes on one-woman chorus of Iberian feminine carnality. I have to wonder if this house is soundproof. On second thought, the cops aren’t beating down the door, so it must be because Marisol is vocal as hell. She also must do palates ten hours a day because I’m about to fall over and she’s perfectly poised for yet another round, her ass wantonly presented for my further plundering.

“Hi,” I rasp hoarsely. “I’m going to die now. It has been a pleasure getting to know you,” then I politely fall over. She appears over me but is anything but mocking; she is blissfully happy.

“Wow,” she breathes softly. “I feel like a million bucks. How do I rate against the other ten women?”

I raise a lone finger; not my middle finger. On second thought, I switch up and giver the ‘fuck you’ finger. She gives me a seductive little eyebrow arches then slowly and deliberately purses her lips and engulfs my finger down to the last knuckle. If this wasn’t one of the sexiest yet simple things I’ve ever seen I’d be crying because my cock really is cramping.

Oh, it really wants to stand tall and proud and my middle finger is lying to my dick, telling that troublesome lump of muscle that a real penis could rise to the occasion one more time.

“Let me get you some wine,” Marisol smiles at me once she’s let my finger go. She’s kind enough to wag her butt in my face as she saunters over on her knees, retrieves the wine bottle, glasses and that thing you open wine with…it has the word ‘screw’ in it and I’m avoiding anything associated with screwing like the plague at the moment.

Marisol is kind and nurturing with me, helping me to sit up and serving me a little bit of wine. She even waits for my ‘approval’ of the wine before filling my glass then hers. We sit there, on the floor and backs to the sofa; she nestles up against me, perfectly content and comfortable.

“Okay…what’s wrong with you?” I request to know. “Everything about you is perfect, so am I missing something or have I died and gone to heaven?”

“You are a bit sappy but also very romantic,” Marisol sighs. She kisses my neck then jawline. A cool glass of wine to my nipple informs me she wants my attention. I look her way and everything indicates she’s waiting for a kiss, which I deliver with passion.

“I’ve occasionally been called temperamental,” she concedes.

“Is there any truth to that rumor?” I inquire between deep, rich kisses.

“Well,” Marisol demurs, “I once put a sister-in-law through a plate glass window in church. Does that count?”

“Did she have it coming and was it worth it?” seems the natural thing to ask. Marisol blinks, lets her smirk grow into a laugh before she hugs and kisses me.

“You are the first person to ever ask me that,” she beams happily. “Yes and yes. The Whore was being all touchy-feely with her ‘cousin’ in the vestment chamber so I grabbed the bitch by the hair, dragged her down the hall and tossed her into the garden – through the window – the one with the plate glass St. Martin in it.”

“Martin – which one is he?” I wonder.

“Martin de Tours; among other things, he’s the patron saint of soldiers,” she giggles. “As for ‘was it worth it’; yes because while he turned out to really be her cousin, they ran off together two years later.”

“My second brother, Hernando, is still keeping an eye out for them in case they come back to town. He has a girlfriend now and a one year old son so I don’t think he’s getting a divorce and I don’t think he’s going to let her turn his infant son or the boy’s mother out in the street…” Marisol explains.

“Why doesn’t he simply adopt his son?” I question after a minute of drinking wine and basking in her company.

“Such things are not done,” Marisol mopes. “He is a man whose wife ran away — adoption is not an option.”

“Why don’t you adopt his son?” I suggest next. “That way he would legally be part of the family.” She doesn’t get upset or excited but appears more in thought.

“How would that work? I’m not sure my husband would go for it and right now mother and son live with my brother. I’m not sure he would want them out here in the suburbs with me,” she points out.

“What if I gave you money – say you were in John’s will – and you do the adoption and buy them a house close to your brother,” I postulate.

“He maintains his old home but ‘watches over’ ‘your’ house with his girlfriend and son. I think legally he can take your maiden name so he gets his father’s last name as well,” I add.

Marisol doesn’t get all bubbly; that isn’t her style either; she really is a Mafia Don’s daughter. No, she flows into my lap, straddling me, her warm wet cunt trapping my cock against my stomach. One hand holds her wine while the other grabs the back of my head and pulls me into a lip-lock that goes on forever.

“I miss John, I really do,” she informs me, “but not nearly as much as I should and with nothing close to the passion I now embrace you with, Carlos Verde. I am going to make love to you for a long, long time…I think seven to ten years was mentioned with the option to extend indefinitely.”

“Have I helped you out?” I am somewhat shocked.

“John and I exchanged words but we never talked,” Marisol imparts to me. “If you do this thing – or, should I say ‘help me do this thing’ my family will be very grateful. I’m stunned we didn’t think of it ourselves.”

“Perhaps your family is a teensy bit too much revenge oriented?” I timidly offer.

“Very possibly,” Marisol shrugs. “For right now, I’m going to get dressed,” which I respond with a deep longing for her, “go home and get some things but I’ll be right back and we can work things out all night long.” By the way she says ‘work things out’ I know she means sex, which would delay me dealing with my brother’s death but John’s life is turning out to be one big mess and I need time to figure out what to do.

“What would you do if I locked the door?” I tease her before she can start dressing. She thinks it over for a few seconds.

“I have a shotgun and automatic pistol for home defense Carlos,” she smirks. “In my family’s experience shotguns trump most locks.”

“The door will be unlocked, I promise,” I laugh.

“You light up the Jacuzzi, get something ready for dinner and take one of your brother’s Viagra,” Marisol gives me quick instructions and a quicker kiss. “Put on a robe and nothing else; I’ll be back very soon.”

As Marisol starts to wiggle into her jeans, I catch her off-guard and tip her on her side. She gives an annoyed huff which turns into a happy gasp when I put a thumb into her ass and two fingers into her pussy. Smooth as silk…

“Marisol, why is your…back passage so…smooth?” I cautiously question.

“I had an enema before coming over,” she laughs. “That is the best way to have anal sex.”

“How did you know we would have anal sex?” I wonder. She laughs again.

“With a butt like mine; if you happened to be gay you would still fuck my ass, even if you had to close your eyes and think of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert while you did it,” she answers smugly.

Seeing Marisol out isn’t exactly easy and I definitely get the impression she loves me chasing her around the Man Cave as she tries to get dressed and put her shoes on. I’d be a total liar if claimed I hate bending her over the recliner, or the sofa, or the sofa in the living room, or spreading her open on the love seat and pressing her – hands trapped over her head – against five different sections of wall, or that one last make-out session at the door.

Five seconds after I get her out of the house I am still catching my breath with my back to the door when the doorbell rings. Could it be a husband with a gun already? I peek through the spyhole and swing the door open. Marisol jumps into my arms and wraps her legs around my upper thighs while kissing me all over the face.

“I’m naked,” kiss, kiss, kiss, “in my doorway,” I get out.

“Okay, okay,” she sounds so miserable. She gives me one more gentle kiss then dismounts and tries to not look too harried as she heads back to her house. I shut the door, scurry to the Jacuzzi naked and then race for the shower. I get half way there before doubling back to unlock the door. I race through my shower and snatch one of John’s robes; it is a bit big on me but in my rush down from Pennsylvania I only brought my lone winter robe which is both ratty as hell and very warm.

It takes me a minute of looking at my brother’s medicine cabinet to realize that he didn’t suffer hair loss and certainly not to a degree he needed a 100 tablet bottle. I’m not sure how anyone gets a prescription for that many little blue pills – or why they – oh; the black market, duh. I pop only one pill because at the last minute taking two seems unwise.

The lesson is that you take Viagra a half-pill at a time. I’m about to have a boner that lasts nine agonizing hours. All I can claim is that it is a lesson I won’t soon forget…and I’m about to make Marisol very happy, sorta. See, there is a knock at the door. I beat feet there and swing it wide open; I’m very happy I have a robe on because I’m looking at the two homicide detectives handling my brother’s case.

I’m hoisted on my brother’s petard, or on his un-luck, depending on your point of view.

“Detectives Stevens and Felipe; please come in,” I wave two of Miami/Dade’s finest inside. Amanda Stevens is a woman my brother would have loved — long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a firm, tall and well-sculpted physique. Even with her low heels she’s eye-level with my five-foot eleven form. I starting to suspect he would have appreciated her familiarity with handcuffs as well. I’m also starting to think I hardly knew the guy.

George Felipe looks to be your classic go-getter, slightly shorter than me, with a military hairstyle and light brown complexion. He is slender and possesses a nervous energy which carries through into his conversations.

“Expecting someone?” Det. Stevens looks at me while Det. Felipe strategically looks around farther in the house.

“Yes,” I nod. “I met some neighbors when I showed up today and one of them is coming back over in a few minutes.”

“That was very nice of them,” she eyes me both sexually and quizzically.

“Not too much; they were two women my brother was blackmailing for sex and I’m still trying to figure out if either of them had a hand in my brother’s death.”

That brings both detectives up short.

“What?” Det. Felipe snaps. “Why didn’t you inform the department the moment you found out about this?”

“You weren’t planning to take up where your brother left off, so what’s your intention?” Stevens asks. Since I don’t appear high, or a totally idiot, the good assumption is on my not continuing the blackmail; it’s true.

“I want to -” I’m saying as Marisol comes through the door with two bottles of wine. Maybe my brother died of liver failure.

“Hello,” she greets everyone cheerfully. “I’ll let the wine chill.” It takes me a second to adjust; she saw the drab sedan with the county government tags, probably the non-flashing lights on the dashboard and she already knew my brother died suspiciously…still, she came in.

“Marisol, this is Det. Stevens and Det. Felipe,” I make introductions. “They’re investigating my brother’s death.” Ping! “Also, the lasagna is done. Does anyone care to join me?”

“We are on duty,” Det. Felipe informs me firmly, but he’s not being a dick about it.

“How about I let you go over my brother’s records, if you take a seat at the dining table? You are Night Shift Homicide detectives, so where else are you going to eat?” I add.

“What could we look at?” Stevens inquires. Felipe doesn’t seem pleased with this turn of events.

“I’ve synched his home system with my laptop so you both can go through it while you eat,” I say. “I’ll go back to the bedroom and crack his safe — that shouldn’t take five minutes, and I should be able to give you most of that too.”

“This lasagna could hardly be considered a bribe,” Marisol comments as she comes from the kitchen. Apparently John’s taste in microwave food doesn’t rise to her standards – then I realize she’s in a bikini top, not a bra, which has been made easier to detect by the simple expedient of her removing her shirt.

It is safe to say that if Bigfoot jumped through the window right now, we would all blithely buy his Girl Scout cookies and send him on his way; Marisol is eating up the attention.

“You um – you um – you ah crack safes?” Felipe mumbles to me.

“My brother wasn’t a complicated guy,” I slobber. I shake my head and display the ‘background babe’ on John’s computer. “Who is this girl?”

The group scans it.

“Katherine Heigl,” Marisol identifies her.

“What are her measurements?” I ask.

“34D-25-34,” Felipe blurts out. Both women look his way; Stevens smirks while he’s embarrassed.

“I’ll be right back,” I hail as I race to the bedroom. My brother is pretty constant about both his capacity to recall a woman’s measurements and his lust for the hottest chick in the room. I find all kinds of crap so I have to be careful. “Gun,” I call out and “weed”. I bare the two items back to the dining room, held in handkerchiefs. The two cops are standing ‘cautiously’.

“The bag of marijuana isn’t mine, nor is the gun but I think I saw a few permits in there,” I tell them. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll go with you,” Stevens announces.

“So will I,” Marisol volunteers suspiciously.

In the safe in my brother’s bedroom we find all kinds of other documents. I’m pulling them out and showing them to Stevens while Marisol hovers around.

“Let’s go back to Detective Felipe,” I suggest.

“Carlos, you and I could stay and make the bed?” Marisol offers.

“Marisol, that lasagna is probably dreadful, but I think that it only gets worse when you are eating it cold,” I point out.

“We could order take-out instead,” she smiles.

“I’ve been here three hours,” I moan. “Before that I was packing, flying down here, or dealing with the police. I haven’t slept well in forty-eight hours so I just want to eat and go to bed.”

As I round the hall into the dining room; “But I took that Viagra so I don’t think sleep is possible.”

“You took ‘A’ Viagra?” Stevens queries.

“Mr. Green,” Felipe sighs warning me of dreadful news to come, “you take Viagra in half-pill doses. If you take a whole pill you get a painful erection that lasts 6 to 10 hours. Didn’t you read the instructions?”

“A whole pill,” Marisol purrs, “6 to 10 hours,” she starts salivating then she shimmies out of her pants to reveal her bikini thong bottoms. Felipe is trying terribly hard not to stare, but he’s clearly uncomfortable.

“So Marisol, what does your husband do?” Stevens gets all police-lady like.

“It is Marisol Rivera, Detective Stevens, and he puts people in crates filled with snakes — no wait, that’s my Father and Brothers; my Husband is partners in the largest alcohol distributorships in Southern Florida,” Marisol challenges Stevens. “So could one of them have killed John Green; my answer is ‘yes’ but I knew of no such plot. Besides, my husband has been in Argentina for over a week and won’t be back until Sunday night.”

“What is your husband’s reaction going to be when he finds out you are here tonight…wearing that?” Stevens persists.

“By Sunday Night it won’t matter what he thinks,” Marisol grins vindictively.

“What does that mean?” Stevens counters.

“It means I’m not going to tell you,” Marisol snips.

“Are you really associated with the Coronado crime family?” Felipe interjects.

“No…I mean my Father is Estefan Coronado, but I have never been a ‘member’ of the family,” she instructs him.

“Lady, what do you think your Father would have done when he found out you were sleeping with John Greene?” Felipe stood. “And why in the hell are you sticking it to his brother?”

“No,” I jump up too, “I’m sticking it to her but only after I let her know that John was dead and the blackmail scheme was over — end of story.” Everyone looks at me. “Listen, in the past three hours all I’ve learned is that my brother may very well have been overcome with sexual exhaustion, lost control of his car while fleeing Miami and welcomed Death as a release.”

“I’ve had more sex since I walked into this house than I’ve had in a year,” I confess. “Seriously, I get jumped answering the door and then it is seven orgasm to my two before I catch a break — and no, I don’t think she or her husband have the stones or the knowledge to mess with John’s car plus they don’t seem to know where the blackmail material is hidden.”

“Marisol here was kind enough to talk to me at least before the sex started,” I continue rambling, “but with her, sex was even better and I didn’t think that was possible.”

“That story is not remotely believable,” Felipe glares at me.

“If you think I’m lying, take me to a hospital and sedate me,” I tell him, “because part of me agrees with you — I’ve lost my mind and I’m really huddled in a corner making incoherent mutterings.”

“That’s okay Carlos,” Marisol pouts, “I’ll help you.” She comes over, yanks my chair half way around and then straddles my lap. As her legs lower her torso down slowly, she pulls her bikini thong aside with one hand while opening my robe with the other. Flawlessly, she slides my pole into her warm, moist folds and rides me all the way down before kissing me so forcefully that my head nearly rolls over my back.

She wiggles her pussy around my cock.

“How does that feel?” she showers me with compassion.

“Are we,” and by that I believe Det. Stevens means her and Det. Felipe, “keeping you from something important?”

“Erotically charged but dampened by a muscle cramp,” I put words to my confusing sensations. “No, Det. Stevens, this is not what I intended when I invited you two in.”

“No, you are good,” Marisol abruptly hops up and fixes her thong. “You are not crazy.”

“George, eyes on target,” cautions his partner. “You are married with children.”

“Do you have a husband and children, Det. Stevens?” Marisol asks.

“No and no,” Stevens sounds annoyed.

“Do you want children?” Marisol persists.

“Not that this is any of your business but ‘no’; I don’t have a man and I don’t want any kids,” Stevens growls.

“Well, I want children and if the two of you would bolt, maybe I’ll get my wish,” Marisol curls her lips viciously as she tries to stare down Stevens.

“You are not bi-sexual are you Det. Stevens?” sort of blasts through my consciousness and slips out my mouth in a totally unfounded and inappropriate utterance.

“Listen you!” Felipe shoots up and snaps at me. This is his partner after all.

“Did I actually say that…?” I groan. “Hell, did even think that? What is wrong with me?” I put my elbows on the table and my head in my hands.

“Cool down George,” Stevens advises her partner. “He’s been through a lot and he’s been ruled out as a suspect. He is cooperating — somewhat.”

“How did Carlos get ruled out so quickly?” Marisol is intrigued. Stevens is clearly uncertain about how much to reveal.

“You are sure he was murdered?” I mutter. News about my brother is kick-starting my brain.

“Yes,” Stevens avoids Marisol by answering me. “Your brother was poisoned.”

“Twice,” Felipe adds. “Low doses of Arsenic indicate a long term — maybe six month dosing soon to be fatal; plus a fluoride-based synthetic that was in lethal quantities. It would have killed him in a few hours — had he lived long enough.”

“Then he was stabbed, got in his car and fled the scene of his attack, but then he was shot in the car, most likely while he was driving, though that wasn’t what actually killed him,” Stevens notes. “He would have bled to death without hospitalization from either wound.”

“So he was poisoned — twice, stabbed, shot then passed out and crashed?” I shake away my cobwebs.

“He didn’t crash; his car was sabotaged,” Felipe informs me. “His brakes had a mechanical failure and if he hadn’t been run off the road, he would have eventually crashed. As it was, the pursuing car pushed him off the highway. Your brother tried to swim away under water — we discovered multiple 9mm and .45 casings at the bridge, so we assume he was being shot at by multiple parties. Technically, your brother got caught up in some submerged branches and drowned in the canal.”

I cannot imagine what my expression looks like because I’ve never had people look at me with such levels of concern and nervous caution before.

“For the love of God,” I shudder. “What the hell did he do? Who did he piss off? Why are you telling me this…isn’t this classified or something?”

“Our working theory that brought us to your door was that your brother was a covert importer for one drug gang, who were fighting another, and he betrayed one or both parties,” George says.

“Thanks to your efforts Charles, we now are working with a whole new theory that he was a serial blackmailer. We need to develop a list of possible suspects,” Stevens continues.

All that hate and John was killed by Mother Nature…what a bitch,” I shudder.

“Wait…is Carlos in danger?” Marisol seems suspicious. “That’s why you two are really here, isn’t it? You want to see who comes by to kill my Carlos.”

Wait…I am owned by somebody? I’ve never even put a ring on a girl’s finger. I tried once and she responded by saying ‘we should see other people’. I have to do something.

“Marisol, you need to get dressed and go home,” I stand. “If it isn’t safe here, I can’t have you putting your life in danger.”

“Oh,” she muses, “you are right.” That was surprisingly easy. “I need to go and get my guns; I’ll be right back.” Maybe not so easy; I open my mouth to say something and she stabs a lone finger my way. I try to say something again and the finger jabs menacingly.

No one speaks until she dresses and heads for the door.

“That must have been some sex,” Stevens whispers.

“We can’t let her brings gun over here,” George warns Stevens. I really need to get my head on straight.

“Hold on…I need both of yours assessment on the likelihood that Marisol or any of her relations were involved,” I grind out. They look at each other.

“Don’t lie to us,” Felipe shakes me lightly; “do you have any idea where the blackmail material is?” I am thinking over every tidbit of advice John gave me.

“It wouldn’t be in his home, or in a bank,” I piece together. “Dad advised us to never put all our eggs in one basket — more to the point, never put all our resources in one bank. John was also a strong believer of never leaving evidence of a crime lying around — never shoplift and flaunt what you stole,” I clarify.

“What does that mean?” Stevens quizzes me.

“I’m not sure but if the key to this is monetary, he would keep it at, or close to, something he felt represents an economic success,” I work out; “something to do with work.”

“What do you know about your brother’s business?” Stevens asks. “I’ve been down this round two dozen times already. Now it is two-dozen and one.”

“Nothing really; he sent me some pics of three golf courses he’d been a financial partner in, the Platinum Yacht Club project and about half a dozen planned communities and — um – eight or nine houses in Miami proper and South Beach,” I recite yet again.

“Were you aware that your brother mortgaged your house in Pennsylvania?” Felipe prods me.

“No way!” I deny it. “He would have told me.” I think clearly for a second, not as a baby brother but as a financial guy. We shared it and, while I’d never signed anything, he could have signed…I graduated from college…I signed some stuff…fuck. When did this happen?”

“Nineteen months ago,” George tells me.

“We closed out some of my college accounts,” I inform them, “and settled some of the old property — John said it was stuff from Dad’s Will that had come our way after the trouble we had with his old company; Green Financial.”

Marisol, a monster handbag over her shoulder and a hunting rifle sleeve over her other shoulder, quickly re-enters my place. My heart and head tumble into conflict once more. Am I the luckiest guy alive, or has Marisol had a hand in murdering my brother and is she getting ready to remove me as a lose end.

“Hey Beautiful,” I greet her. She strides up to me and I can tell that Stevens is fighting a terrible mental battle to restrain herself from tackling Marisol and pinning the sultry Cuban to the ground. My dick hurts — a lot — as my mind takes in a female fight scenario born from the legacy of Quentin Tarantino and every other catfight with guns scene ever put on the silver screen — except Marisol’s boob’s must bounce in 3D…

Day Five

As Roman makes his way up the walk to the front door; he is going over, in his mind, the details of the last few days. He is amazed at how quickly Roberta is catching on to the techniques and how open she is to learn. He checks a mental list to make sure he has covered everything he wanted to and what is still needed.

“Let’s see now. So far, things have been going much better than I had planned. Roberta has become a raving little sex machine. We have one more lesson today with two days of exams after that. I hope that she’s ready for today.” He muses.

Roman walks through the front door but doesn’t see Roberta in her normal spot. He burrows his eyebrows and wonders if she had an appointment that she had not mentioned.

“Roberta,” he shouts, “Are you here? “

“I am here. Sensei”

Roberta rises slowly, from lying on the couch. She sits up, stares blankly at him, and then collapses back down on the couch. He runs over to the couch saying, “What happened?, are you alright? Are you sick or something? What can I do to help?”

Roberta looks up and says, “No, Sensei. I am not sick; I’m just totally exhausted. I was up studying very hard last night. I had so many orgasms in a row that I could not count them all. I slept very well but I am so tired this morning. You been teaching me so much and I don’t want to forget any of it. I know that Tony will be thrilled, when he returns to see what I can do.”

Roman interjects, “Well, I appreciate your efforts; you have been a willing and attentive student. However, sweet girl today is a very important class. You need to be alert. Maybe a pot of strong coffee will do the trick. We can share a few cups while we discuss all the things you have learned and today’s lesson. You can call it a pop quiz.”

Roberta slowly rises from the couch, stretches with a big yarn and walks into the kitchen. She puts on the water for the coffee and gets the sugar and cream. She decides to put a few pastries on a plate also.

Setting up a tray with hot coffee, cream, sugar and the pastries, she returns to the living room. Placing the tray on the coffee table, she sits on the couch next to Roman. She pours them both a cup and gives one to her teacher. After taking a few sips, Roberta looks up at her teacher. “Sensei, I wanted to talk to you about my lesson today. I have been thinking about it and I don’t think I am going to be able to fit those big dildos in my tiny little ass. Furthermore, is it safe?”

Roman answers, “I can understand your worry but there shouldn’t be any problems. You know Roberta, many women says that a good ass fucking is the best of all. As long as you keep things clean and are mindful of what I said at the beginning of our lessons, you and Tony will be able to enjoy everything that I have taught you and that includes anal sex. In fact, anal sex is Tony’s favorite.”

Roberta perks up a little, “Oh, then I will try my very best. I don’t want to disappoint Tony. It would give me such great pleasure to make him smile.”

Roman continues with his lecture, “I’m glad to hear you say that. It is important that you understand that in certain aspects anal sex is not much different from oral sex or vaginal sex for that matter. You must learn to relax your anal muscles just as you learned to relax your throat muscles. The more relax you are, the better you can enjoy the act of having sex, whether it is vaginal, oral or anal. Trusting your partner is crucial in all regards. And basically, there are only two important rules that you must remember about anal sex.”

Roberta looks inquisitively, “What are those, Sensei?”

Roman responds, “You must have a great deal of patience and plenty of lubrication.”

Roberta giggles, almost spilling her coffee. Then she looks confused. “Sensei, I understand the patience, but where do I get the lubrication from. I know Tony works on cars and talks about lubrication but is there lubrication for a human body?”

“I am not kidding,” he says, “This is no laughing matter. Anal sex can be extremely painful if you don’t take the necessary time to let it happen. The lubrication I speak of is simple oil. We will be using KY Jelly today, but I know people to use baby oil, scented oils from bath and body stores. You can also get different lubes from sex shops online and here locally. I would say you and Tony should experiment with a few to see what you both prefer.”

“I see” she replied.

“I did want to go what we have done over the past four days. Did you have any questions or need clarity on anything so far?”

Robert thought for a few seconds, and then shook her head no. “It all has been pretty clear. I do however; wonder if Tony would find pleasure watching me masturbate and do some of these things I have learned.”

He smiled, “You have no idea, how pleasing it is to watch you do all the things you have learned. Men are visual and I am sure that Tony will be overly excited to watch you masturbate. You can use all this as a form of foreplay.”

Roberta took another sip of coffee and placed the cup down, picking up a pastry. She asked, “For play? I don’t understand.”

“Foreplay, F-O-R-E-P-L-A-Y. Oh, come on Roberta, surely you and Tony have indulged in foreplay?”

“Is that what happens, when Tony says he wants to fuck? Sometimes, he says I am not wet enough and he spits on my pussy. Then he lays on me and fucks me until he comes. Once he is done he rolls off and falls asleep. Is that foreplay?”

“No. It seems Tony will be in for a few surprises. You can use all the things you are learning and have learned as a form of foreplay. Foreplay is what you do before you engage in the act of fucking. It helps get you and Tony in the mood and prolongs the enjoyment.

Robert smiles and nods her head in agreement.

“Well if you are ready, and feeling up to it, let’s start class.”

Roberta gets a very serious look on her face.

“There’s no need to worry though. Like I told you, patience and lubrication is the key.” He assures her.

Roman’s comforting words have removed the worried look from her face and her demeanor relaxes.

“So are you ready to begin your lesson?” he presses.

“Yes Sensei. I am ready,”

“Good. I think that we will be using the bedroom again for today’s lesson.”

“Can you teach me how to implement what I have learned as foreplay?” she says as an afterthought as she springs up from the couch, “Shall I remove my clothes now or once we are in the bedroom, Sensei?” she sweetly asks.

“Yes,” says Roman, “In the bedroom would be the place to remove your clothes, since that is where we will be studying today.”

Roberta bounces into the bedroom, as Roman follows. She starts to strip her clothing and soon she is completely naked only wearing a schoolgirl smile.

“Roberta”, he shouts, “What the hell are you doing?”

Roberta cowers slightly, “I am sorry, Sensei,” she says. “I disrobed, isn’t that what you said to do? I am eager to get started and wanted to get my clothes out of the way. Did I do something wrong?”

Roman tells her, “Making things quicker is not always the best way. A man likes to watch a woman remove her clothes. Sometimes, the slower she does it, the more excited the man feels. So I want you to put your clothes back on. You want to know how to implement foreplay, let’s start here.”

Roberta does as instructed and puts back on her entire outfit. She waits for more instructions from Roman.

“Now”, Roman instructs, “I want you to remove your clothes very slowly for me, beginning with your blouse. Think about Tony and I want you to see his eyes on you. Know this; you have something that he wants. You are a beautiful sensual woman, he is your man and you want him to enjoy seeing you.”

Roberta gives a very sexy smile to her teacher, as she removes her blouse. She slowly unbuttons it and sashays it off her shoulder. Letting her blouse fall to the floor, she starts to wiggle her hips in a small figure 8. As her hands rises to unhook her bra, Roberta’s beautiful breasts press against the black satin fabric. Once free, they pop out and lightly bounce. “Like this Sensei?” she asks as she shimmies her breasts with her hands now out stretched at her sides.

Roman eagerly responds, “Yes, Roberta, just like that.”

She then undoes the button to her jeans, unzips them and puts her thumbs into the waistband and begins to pull them down.

“No, no,” Roman interrupts, “I want you to turn around and show me your ass, as you remove them.”

Roberta turns around and begins to remove her jeans slowly. As the material reaches the top of her ass, she bends over so her firm pear shaped cheeks are poking at him. The material then clears her entire ass. Still fully bent over, she steps out of jeans and tosses them on the chair.

Roman’s mind is whirling, “It doesn’t get any better than this. I know it will later on but for right now, life is good.” He thinks to himself as he watches Roberta’s amateur striptease.

With a growing hard-on, Roman is shortly incapable of moving.

“Roberta,” he asks, “will you please go in the living room and bring my storage box in here.”

Roberta quickly prances her way into the living room to retrieve the box.

While she is out of the room, he adjusts his cock, so that he is more comfortable and tries to think of his ex-wife to cause him to calm down a bit.

When she returns, she is all smiles, “Shall I lie down on the bed?” she playfully asks.

“No,” says Roman, “you may get on the bed but I want you on your hands and knees. However before that, let’s chat a few minutes about foreplay and what you can do besides taking your clothes off slowly.”

Roberta places the storage box down on the chair and walks over to Roman. He takes her in his arms and starts to slowly and sensually kiss her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and then he takes her right earlobe into his mouth and sucks gently. He continues to kiss her right below her ear and plants a few sucking kisses on her neck.

Roberta feels her body respond to him and tenses.

“Is something wrong, Roberta?” he murmurs as he descends down to her breast with more kisses.

“Sensei, this does not feel right. I am having a reaction to you that I should only have for Tony, my husband. I am confused.”

“Roberta, foreplay is a preamble to sex. If don’t right, what you are feeling will happen no matter who is doing the foreplay. Now you try, just think about being sexy and do whatever comes to mind.”

Roberta starts to kiss Roman, as he kissed her. He closes his eyes and enjoys her lips and tongue on his neck. However, since he is still fully clothed she can’t go any further down. However, she leans into his body and starts to grind herself into him.

“U-um, yes you have the picture. Now let’s get started with today’s lesson. Get on your hands and knees on the bed.” He says slightly pushing her away and breathing deeply to calm himself.

Roberta does as she is told. As she climbs on the bed, she looks around and gives another sexy little smile. Wiggling her ass, she says, “Like this, Sensei?”

Roman opens his box up and pulls out some of his toys. He also pulls out the bottle of lubrication. “That’s just perfect, Roberta. Now I want you to relax completely. I am going to start with some lube in your ass.”

Roman opens the bottle and squirts a small stream of the lube down the crack of her sweet buns. He uses his index finger to push it into her asshole.

“Oh!, Sensei, that feels very nice!” she squeals.

Slowly he keeps poking his finger in and out of her ass. Adding more lube, he now places a second finger in and keeps pushing back and forth with the full length of his fingers. Roberta begins to moan softly.

“I want you to rub your pussy.” He says huskily.

Her hand sneaks down between her legs and she begins massaging her pussy, as instructed.

“See, patience and lubrication does the trick. Just keep relaxing and enjoy the ride.”

Roman picks up the anal beads vibrator from the bed. He removes his fingers from her ass. She lets out a quiet but disappointing sigh. He places a little more lube on the beads and slowly feeds them into her rectum. Once again, she begins to moan with delight. He gets it all in and switches on the vibrator. Her ass jerks upwards at the sensation.

“Oh Sensei, she screams, “this feels wonderful. Please don’t stop. I want you to put it deeper in my ass.”

Well, he has run out of beads and he’s got the whole 5″ in. “Perhaps this will help,” he says.

Roman leaves the flexible shaft dangling from her ass while he reaches for the “Tsunami Wonder’. He runs lube down the 7″ of the vibrator’s shaft. As quickly as the anal beads are removed, He switches on the vibrator and plunges all 7″ into Roberta’s twitching ass.

“Oh faster, Sensei, faster,” she cries.

As he is running the full length of the vibrator in and out of her ass, she is furiously rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes of this, her body can no longer contain itself. Waves of ecstasy roll over Roberta. Her hips and ass are bucking forward and back meeting her teacher’s plunging movements. With a thunderous scream, she reaches the highest level of pleasure yet. She explodes with another massive orgasm.

“Oh my, Sensei,” she pants, “I never realized how wonderful something could feel. I never…I never…well, I just never knew.”

With the vibrator withdrawn from her ass, Roberta rolls on her side and curls into a fetal position.

“I knew you would like it if we just took the time,” he says matter of factly. “It just takes a little time. Now do you think that you might be able to try the 9″ dildo?”

“I will try Sensei, but can we go slowly again,” Roberta answers.

“You can take all the time you wish because I want you to fuck yourself with it.” he says.

He hands her one of the 9″ dildos. She gets back up on her hands and knees and tries to place the head near her asshole but she seems to be fumbling a little. He instructs her to turn herself on the bed so that her ass faces the mirrored closet doors.

“This will give you a better view of things,” he adds.

Roman helps by placing some more lube in her ass and spreads some along the length of the dildo. Roberta looks around her side as she attempts re-entry. Without much effort, she slips the head of the dildo in her ass. Slowly she strokes it in and out, gaining more length as she goes. Roberta now has about 4″ of the dildo up her asshole and her moaning begins to rise.

“Sensei, this is so much bigger. I don’t know if I can fit anymore inside me,” she cries.

“Just take your time, Roberta,” Roman says, “You’re doing just fine. Just relax your muscles. Don’t try to fight it.”

It is clear that the extra width is challenging her. She’s a trooper though; wanting to be able to please her husband makes her eager to try even more. She keeps stroking the dildo in and out, in and out. Soon another inch has sunk into her depths. Taking her time and trying her best Roberta has now managed to get 7″ of the dildo up her ass. She now attempts to use her other hand to rub her pussy but has a difficult time maintaining her balance. Giving up on that, Roberta concentrates more on her initial task. Roman now sees that her hips are starting to grind again. More and more she tries to go deeper. In a short time now, she has the entire 9″ going in and out of her ass. The bed is shaking and her body is trembling. Her self-indulgent, fast speed plunging is peaking.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she cries, “here I come!” She collapses on the bed.

“Roberta, that was just fantastic, you are a born natural. I have never had a student who approached her lessons with such fervor. I am very proud of you.”

Roberta rolls over on her back and looks up at her teacher. She has beads of sweat on her forehead, “Thank you, Sensei. I never could have done it without you. You deserve all the credit. Well, now when someone tells me to ‘go fuck yourself in the ass,’ I will know exactly what to do.”

They both burst into laughter.

“Roberta, you are a treasure,” he says. “Now get plenty of rest tonight; and I mean rest. Tomorrow is the first day of final exams.”

As Roman turns to leave, a very pleased and content Roberta replies, “I will Sensei, but I will also study some more. I want to get the highest grades that I can get.”

Day Six – Final Exams

Roman’s appearance has changed today. Instead of his regular brown suit, he now sports a full-length white lab coat. He is carrying a small clipboard under his arm. He looks like quite the distinguished professor. He walks through the front door to see Roberta sitting on the couch with her hands clasped together, on her lap.

“Good morning, Sensei,” she says, “I am anxiously waiting to take my tests. I have studied very hard. I hope that I get a passing grade.”

Roman responds, “I’m sure that you will do just fine, Ms. Jackson. You have been a very good student. Shall we go to the bedroom to begin your test?”

As he walks to the bedroom, Roberta follows. Not wanting to make a mistake in judgment, she asks, “Shall I remove my clothes, Sensei?”

Roman acknowledges, “That would be good, please do that now.”

Roberta also remembers the advice that her teacher had given her the day before. Slowly dancing in place, she removes her red button down blouse. Then, seductively swaying, she removes her white cotton bra and throws it on the chair. She begins sweeping her hands across her belly and then up to her breasts. She massages them a few times and then playfully twists her dark brown nipples. Her hands then move to her still swaying hips, as she slowly begins to lower her black slacks. When they are half way down her hips, she turns around and bends completely over. As she lowers them to her feet, she wiggles her ass.

Roman picks up his clipboard and makes some marks on it. “Nice touch, Roberta,” he says. Roberta now stands before him.

“Today’s exam,” Roman says, “is on oral sex.”

Thinking quickly, and wanting to please her teacher, Roberta pipes in, “Oh, then we will need the jelly dong, Sensei. I will go and get it from the living room.”

As she makes a move toward the door, Roman raises his arm to stop her. “That will not be necessary,” he tells her.

Confused by this; Roberta questions, “Then how can I take the test to show you how I can put 10″ of cock down my throat?”

Roman instructs, “Roberta, the ability to deep throat was just one of many details required for a proper blowjob. What about all the things that we covered in your studies?”

Still confused, Roberta questions once more, “Sensei, I do not understand. How will I be tested to prove what I have learned?”

The moment Roman has been waiting for. “Well, that is very simple, Roberta. I have brought an assistant with me today. You will perform your entire test on him.

Roberta suddenly looks very surprised, “I am to suck the cock of a stranger, Sensei?” she shyly says.

“Why of course not, you know this young man quite well. However, I want you to begin to relax as I go get him.

Roberta is still a bit confused but will not question her teacher, he leaves the bedroom and returns a few minutes later. Roberta’s face stills with amazement and shock as her husband, Tony walks into the room behind Roman.

“Sensei that is my husband…How did you…when did you?”

“He’s been watching your progress all along. He came to me about a month ago and asked if I would help you, however, I had to wait until you were ready in order for this to work.”

Roberta did not know if she should be angry or happy. She was just relieved to see her husband and could not wait to try all her new skills on him. She smiled and looked at Tony. His eyes were full of lust looking at his wife and knowing all the things she would be doing with him.

“Sensei, are you going to be watching me and my husband?” Roberta now said with a confused look on her face.

“Who, as your teacher, is more qualified to know if you are proficient enough to pass the test? Is this a problem, Roberta? Are you bothered by this?” quizzes Roman.

“Well, no, Sensei. I was caught a little off-guard by it. I will not make it a problem. I am still very anxious to get a good grade. Shall I begin right now?” Roberta nervously asks.

“Take a moment to catch your breath and get yourself focused. I want you to be completely at ease for the exam,” Roman tells her. “You can start by sitting down on the bed. Now Tony, go stand in front of your wife. Roberta, when you are ready, I want you to follow your instinct and begin.”

Roberta does as she is instructed to do, and sits on the edge of the bed; trying to calm herself. Tony walks over to her and stands in front of his wife with a reassuring glance.

Roman turns away from Roberta, gets the chair, and brings it closer to the bed so he can see what she will do. He un-does the five or six buttons of his lab coat, takes a sit and nods to Roberta.

Tony is dressed in the same lab coat as Roman. She lifts her hands to undo his buttons and to her surprise, he is not wearing a stitch of clothing on underneath. Her attention is fully focused on the white anaconda that springs to life.

Tony’s body has been blessed by nature. Hanging between his legs is a 9″ cock that has to be 2″ in diameter. Roman moves closer to Roberta and she is snapped out of her snake-induced trance. She tries to remember the last time she had been so close to Tony’s penis. She frowns when she cant remember, ever seeing it up-close. Roman encourages her to remember everything that she has learned.

“I have not sucked on a real cock sensei. What if I cannot do as I have done on the dildos? What if I hurt my husband?”

“Yes, I realize that, Roberta. I am sure that you will do just fine. As a matter of fact, if you can completely deep throat your husband as you have learned to so with the dildos, I will give you an A+ for the exam.”

Roberta reaches out to grab Tony’s cock about midway of its length. “I will do my very best, Sensei,” she replies.

As she begins to stroke Tony’s cock up and down, it gets fully rigid and reaches its total length and width. Roberta’s hand is so small that her fingers barely touch together while wrapping her hand around his shaft. She starts stroking his cock up and down with both hands. She then takes one hand and reaches down to fondle his balls gently. Moving her other hand back up toward the top of his cock, Roberta opens her mouth and sucks on the head. “I have been waiting for this for a long time,” Tony thinks as he sucks in air at the touch of her mouth on his cock.

Roberta now is staring back up at him with her beautiful brown eyes. She sucks a little more of his cock into her mouth. “Am I doing this right, Honey?” she asks.

“At this point, Roberta,” he says, “I can only tell you that you are not doing it wrong.”

With a little giggle, Roberta keeps sucking the end of Tony’s cock. Roman can see that the width of his cock is causing Roberta a little problem. Her lips are barely able to get all the way around Tony. As saliva builds up in her mouth, it is providing enough lubrication that Tony’s cock now glides easier against her overly stretched lips. Pulling out his cock, Roberta now begins to run her tongue up and down the 9″ length. In no time at all, she is stroking the shaft and moving her head down to Tony’s balls. She takes one of his balls into her mouth and lovingly sucks on it. She then moves to his other ball. Once in her mouth, she starts to hum. “She must have picked this up from the videos,” thinks Roman.

Tony throws his head back and opens his mouth in a small “o”. “Baby, this is heaven.” He moans.

Roberta now goes back to sucking his cock. She knows, in her mind, that his deep throat challenge is not completely out of her reach. Concentrating on getting more, Roberta’s throat opens up and now she is easily taking 6″ in her mouth. She makes more saliva in her mouth and soon has 8″ down. It doesn’t take long before Roberta is bobbing her head up and down, working 6″ to 8″ of Tony’s cock down her throat with every stroke. Her eye contact with Tony’s and then Roman’s at this point is incredible. Her gleaming brown eyes tell them that she is enjoying herself very much. Suddenly, Roberta reaches around Tony’s sides with her hands and takes a firm grip on his ass cheeks. In a series of three down strokes, she consumes the entire length of his cock. Holding her nose to his pubic hair for about five seconds, Roberta withdraws his cock from her mouth. She looks at Roman and very provocatively says, “Like that, Sensei?”

Roman has a beaming smile on his face. “Yes, Roberta. Just like that.”

Tony, says “Fuck! Babe do it again and this time don’t stop.”

Roberta returns to repeat her now accomplished feat. Once again she is running all 9″ of Tony’s cock up and down her throat. She continues this until she suddenly feels his body twitching. His body shaking makes Roberta remember one of her early lessons. “He must be ready to come,” she thinks.

Roberta feels Tony’s twitching start to increase. Sensing the moment, Roberta wastes no time and engulfs the entire 9″ of cock down her throat. As she is holding her mouth tight against Tony’s pelvis, his cock explodes with a thunderous blast of hot come. Roberta’s startled by the huge amount of sperm and her eyes grow as big as silver dollars. Roberta also doesn’t have to worry about swallowing because this is shooting right down her gullet. A few more huge blasts of come and Roberta goes back to bobbing her head up and down his shaft. When she feels the last bit of sperm ejaculated, she slowly removes Tony’s cock from her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head of his cock and licks the very last drop of come from the tip of his dick.

“Did I pass the exam, Sensei?” she inquisitively asks. She looks at Roman to find him now stroking his own 12″ inch cock. He is about to shoot his load and she watches in total satisfaction, while she stroked Tony’s cock.

Roman has to take a moment for some blood to rush back into his other head. “A+ Roberta. That was most definitely an A+. Do you agree Tony?”

Tony smiles and leans down to kiss his wife. “Fucking A.”

Roberta rises from the bed, still stoking the length of Tony’s cock. “I knew I could do it. I knew I could deep-throat you, Love,” she says sweetly.

Tony and Roman manage to regain their composure.

Then Roman says, “Very good then. The last day of final exams is tomorrow. If you pass those exams, you will graduate from the course.” Roberta smiles widely as Roman fix his clothes and leaves.

Day Seven – Two Exams To Go

Roman walks into the house on the last day. He is again wearing the same lab coat. He’s also carrying that clipboard. He doesn’t see Roberta, but then she speaks up, “I’m in here, Sensei. I’m ready for my exams.”

Roman, hearing her voice from the bedroom, turns to see Roberta lying on the bed along with Tony. They are both naked and tony has her legs apart and her knees in the air. He is licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.

“Yes, Roberta,” the surprised Roman says, “I can see that you both are ready.”

He moves into the bedroom and stands at the edge of the bed, watching Tony pleasure his wife. “Before we go any further,” he says, “I have a special treat to give you, Roberta”

“A special treat, Sensei?” she questions, “What kind of treat?”

Roman explains, “Because you did so well with yesterday’s exam, I thought I would give you something beyond your normal course instruction. You see, I have now taught your how to perform oral sex on a man. And my eager assistant has started showing you how a man can perform oral sex on a woman. If your husband is okay with it I would like to show you how, you can have oral sex while another is giving you oral sex.”

Roberta raises herself up on her elbows and asks, “How do you do that?”

Roman proudly announces, “This is how.”

He quickly removes his lab coat and throws it on the floor. He stands before Roberta with his huge cock dangling between his legs. He walks around the bed to where Roberta’s head is and kneels on the bed. Roman begins to kiss Roberta on the mouth, very passionately. She responds in kind and soon the two of them are swapping tongues back and forth. As he starts to massage her breasts, he stops kissing her lips and moves his mouth to her nipples. Sucking on one and then the other is bringing a favorable response from Roberta. She begins to moan softly as Roman lifts himself up and pushes his cock into her face. Looks up at Robert from his place between her legs and nods his approval.

After a few kisses and bites about Roberta’s taunt stomach, Tony reaches his arms under her legs and brings them over his shoulders. This puts his mouth exactly where he wants it. His kissing, licking and biting now is up and down her inner thighs. Roberta body begins to squirm below him. Tony wastes no time and puts his entire mouth over her pussy. He begins licking up and down the length of her pussy lips. Roberta body is getting out of control. The licking now changes to his tongue darting in and out of her twitching hole. This causes Roberta to grab Roman’s huge cock and grinds her pussy into her Tony’s eager mouth. Tony stops using his darting tongue and proceeds to suck on her engorged clit.

Roberta turns attention to Roman’s cock and a soft, but insistent sucking on his balls causes Roman to moan. Roberta stopped long enough to look up at him and smile. Then continues sucking on his balls and moves to the head of his cock.

Tony glances up, sees his wife, sucking in Roman’s cock inch by each, and moans into her pussy at the sight. Roberta can take no more. She wraps her legs around Tony’s neck, trapping him in a vice grip. Her hips rise up off the bed as she succumbs to a tremendous climax, letting Roman’s Cock slip out of her mouth. Her body soon falls back to the bed. “I have never received such a wonderful gift,” pants Roberta, “Would you say that I face fucked you real good baby?”

Tony, now out of her death grip, laughs; “Yes, you face fucked me really good.” He moves to lay next to her and starts to kiss her. As their tongues mingle, Roberta is lost in the familiar feeling of kissing her husband. He cups her left breast and tweaks her nipple.

As Tony, kisses his wife, Roman now moves his body between her legs. She feels something large and bulbous rubbing against her wet pussy.

As Roman watches the lovers kissing and rubbing their hands on each other’s bodies, he announces, “Your second exam begins right now.”

A huge smile beams from Roberta’s angel face, as Tony moves to make his cock available to her mouth.

Roman positions himself so that Roberta’s legs are hooked over his forearms. He leans back, on his knees, spreads them wide and sits between his ankles. Roman takes the head of his cock and rubs it along her pussy. She moans in delight, as she takes Tony’s cock into her mouth. He keeps rubbing her pussy and now pushes the head just slightly past her lips, not penetrating her yet. Obviously teasing Roberta, he asks, “Would you like this cock inside you?”

Roberta purrs back, “Oh yes. I would like your cock in me. I want all of your cock in me. Please fuck me, Sensei. Please fuck me now!” and returns her attention back to her husband cock, Tony is now kneading her breast.

That’s all Roman needs to hear. He pushes his cock in her a few inches and Roberta immediately reacts. Her body jerks back a bit on the bed and her pussy muscles are gripping the hell out of Roman’s dick. With a continuous slow pumping motion, Roman manages to get 6″ of meat into Roberta’s quivering pussy. He holds her body down as he keeps driving his cock deeper. Roberta body is thrashing on the bed as Roman now has 9″ of his cock going in and out of her pussy.

Roman now picks up the pace and also pushes his cock deeper and deeper. It takes some time but Roman is now pounding the entire 12″ of cock inside her. Roberta’s hips are wildly bucking back at his thrusts. “This woman is insatiable.” Roman thinks to himself and begins to build up quite a sweat, as he now has Roberta’s knees pushed back next to her stomach and he is relentlessly pounding his huge cock into her, until his body bottoms out against her tiny pelvis.

After several minutes of this, Roman begins to tire and decides to let Tony do some of the work. He looks at Tony, who is salivating at the vision of Roman pounding is wife and stroking her head as she is deep throating his cock. Roman gives him a raised eyebrow and nods his head in the direction of Roberta’s pussy. Tony smiles and nods, he gently pulls his cock out of her mouth, leans down to kiss her and switches places with Roman. With his cock barely inside her, he looks up at his sexy wife and says, “How would you like to take a ride on the baloney pony?”

Roberta says, “I would love to.” Tony then lays next to her on his back while; Roberta straddles his hips; she leans forward and lowers her hips down on his cock.

Roman stands above her on the bed and moves closer so she can begin sucking his cock. He places his hands on both sides of her head and slides his cock into her pretty little mouth.

With one hand against Tony’s chest and the other wrapped around Roman’s cock, she pumps her hips up and down, driving Tony’s cock deeper and deeper. Roberta soon has a good rhythm of sucking Roman’s cock and fucking Tony’s. Roberta must now squat to keep driving herself up and down Tony’s 9″ of fuck meat. Roberta is now in total control of her destiny. Her body is jumping up and down like an engine piston. Sucking Roman’s cock into her throat, she is a sex-crazed woman on a mission. Tony grabs her luscious breasts and roughly massages them. He pinches her hard brown nipples, just short of it being painful.

Roberta, Tony and Roman are both furious in their fucking frenzy. For every up thrust from Tony, she counters with a driving down force. Roman is pumping his hips and fucking her mouth. She is meeting each thrust of his hips. She took Roman’s cock into her mouth and began to hum.

Their moans began to mingle, and their combined sex aroma was filling the room. All three were covered with sheen of sweat on their bodies. Roberta screams in orgasm as Tony blows his load. Roman follows a few seconds later as he shoots his semen onto her awaiting open mouth and tongue.

She collapses onto Tony’s chest as Roman falls to his knees and then slinks off the side of the bed. Tony wraps his arms sweetly around his wife for a few minutes. As they separate bodies, Tony climbs off the bed and stands. Roberta gets up and sits at the edge of the bed. She grabs his cock and starts licking all the remaining come off it. She innocently looks at her teacher still sitting on the floor asking, “Did I pass that test, Sensei?”

Roman, definitely pleased says, “You did very well Roberta. I will give you a grade later.”

As Roberta still sits on the edge of the bed, she takes notice of something. It has been about five minutes since her teacher had come but his cock was still standing at full erection. “Sensei,” she curiously questions, “in my lessons you told me that a man’s cock will soften soon after he climaxes. Why is your cock still so hard?”

Roman answers, “Well Roberta, that’s because I took some special medication today. The medicine will keep my cock rock-hard for quite a while after I come.”

Roberta is now more than curious so she asks, “Why would you want to keep your cock that hard for so long, Sensei?”

Roman looks deep into her angel face once again. He tells Roberta something that has been a long time coming, “That’s because it’s time for your third and final exam. Now climb up on the bed again and show me that tight little ass of yours.” He says while getting off the floor. “Tony, why don’t you sit at the head of the bed and position yourself so your wife can suck on your cock.”

Roberta shortly stares at Roman’s huge hunk of meat. She raises her arm and clenches a fist in her small hand. She looks up and down from her elbow to her fist. Though not nearly as large, Roberta’s mind sees little difference in size between the length and width of her fisted arm and Roman’s throbbing 12″ vein laden cock.

“Whoa, there, Snookie, honey, you bein’ naughty again?”

Standing at the alley’s mouth, smoothing down her miniskirt, watching the tailend of whoever the john had been flit around the corner, and painting on a startled expression, she looked into the baby blues of the hulky blond cop.

“Didn’t see you there, Officer Jenkins.”

“Should have, sweetheart. Was standin’ right there shooting off photos.” Towering over her in his bodybuilder bulk, he waved his camera in her face. “Got it all on film, money exchange and all. Gotta take you in, girl. How many times I tell you this ain’t no life, that you gotta give it up?”

“Come on, Jenks, you don’t gotta bust me. We’ll work somethin’ out.” Then, tossing her curls and setting her dangly loop earrings to clicking, hands gripped hips and she almost spat, “How I gonna get anywhere without money? You come bustin’ up my bizness, how I gonna scrounge ‘get outta town’ money?”

Chagrinned look plastered. “Sorry ’bout that, sugar. You need get outta the life money, I can help you. I wanna help, and takin’ you in is a time waster.” A contemplation pause, then, “Same discount as usual?”

On her knees behind a dumpster in the dim grittiness of the shadows, blouse open, she unhooked her bra at the front while Jenkins unbuttoned his shirt, trousers and briefs already bunched around his ankles. Sensuous brown fingers, coming to elongated points at luminous purple nails delicately encircled an uncut white cock already thicker and longer than anything Snookie had had that week. He gasped, leaned shoulders into the cinderblock wall, and thrust his hips forward as ruby-red lips pushed back the foreskin and slathered the blub waxy scarlet.

“Now see, this is what you need to stop doin’ for a man,” he muttered. “You won’t never be able to get a new life if you keep givin’ head this good.” He groaned as nails clicked against nails and she squeezed his balls, the smear of her lip gloss spreading up his shaft. She humming, he groaning. Tonguing back down the throbbing cock and then, as he grunted, back up, taking more of him in, applying pressure on cock and balls.

“Oh, sweet jesuuz,” he groaned. Running his hands into the mop of puffy, black curls, he gripped her skull and began moving his hips, stroking as she widened her jaw and let him do his thing.

But only for a few minutes. Laughing, she pulled off and leaned back, bunching her breasts between her hands, staring up into his face coyly, provocatively.

“Pride and Glory are lonely. They want to play too.” She rose on her knees, capturing the cock in the crevice of her breasts, and started giving it a good time.

“Fuck, girl. Ya gotta stop crap like this,” Jenkins growled. “Won’t never get off your knees that way. Listen to what I’m tellin’ you, girl.”

She leaned into his hard-bodied torso, applying her lips to the dragon tattoo peeking out from around his back and nosing at his flat, heaving belly. He grabbed her head again, holding her to him, and groaned his pleasure.

Leaving her substantial tits to do their thing, Snookie freed a hand to slip into a skirt pocket and dig for just the right one. A Golden Ticket Magnum for Jenks. She already knew that.

Jenkins recognized the signals: The snap of condom she’d rolled on, her little laugh, and her throaty whisper of “Showtime.”

On the move now, he took charge. Standing off from the wall, he turned her. Laughing low in her throat, Snookie pressed the palms of her hands flat against the wall beside her head, her cheek hugging the cool, moist, moss-smell of the wall, jutted her bulbous buttocks out, and just let him do it.

Hovering over her, he started slow, one hand kneading breasts, punishing nipples. The other snaked around her waist, searching her folds, and finding and worrying her clit, as she made the noises she knew would egg him on. His sheathed cock rubbed up and down the small of her back under her loose blouse. Her sighing and moaning; him making rumbling noises deep in his throat.

“Put it to bed, honey,” she whimpered. “Fuck me good. Be good to me, Daddy.”

She cried out in ecstasy as the bulb penetrated, sank in. She panted hard and droned the mantra,” Oh, baby, baby, baby,” as he slid up into her and began to pump, slow at first and then faster. All words ceased, to be replaced by grunts and moans as both concentrated wholly on what they were dong to each other at the center.

She felt him trembling, shuddering, knowing he was lost to anything but the fuck, until he abruptly pulled out of her cunt, entwined her waist with a beefy arm, and lifted her feet off the ground, rolling her buttocks up further in the curve of his crotch.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, no. Yessss!” she cried out, writhing and ineffectually pushing at him, as he pulled her away from the wall and her head, arms, earrings dangled down toward the muck of the alley floor. He slithered in and pumped her hard and deep in the ass. Fireworks, frenzy, the alley evaporating into one long, shared explosion.

At the head of the alley, “Now you remember, Snookie, girl. You’ll use yourself up fast if you don’t get out of this and move on. I’m helpin’ you, tellin’ you for your own good. And you need money, I got money. We’ll talk about that later.”

Watching him strut off to his car, equipment clinking at his waist in the same tune that he often fucked her. Who was he fooling about her getting a new life and him bankrolling it? She’d just given him “the usual discount” and had nothing green to fold afterward. But then, who was she fooling herself? she thought, with a chuckle. She knew he would be patroling this beat today.

This story could have gone into either the non-consent / reluctance or into the transsexual / cross dresser category. It contains explicit description of a non-consensual encounter between a transsexual and a straight man. If this is not your thing please pick a different story. I am happy to receive feedback, positive or negative, about the characters or story construction, but not about the subject matter. This is written for the people who are into that, not those who aren’t.

If you are still with me… enjoy.


I see my target sitting at the bar, sort of on the edge of one of the groups of sales reps. He has a beer but he is not drinking as fast as the others and he looks around nervously from time to time.

I have a preference for the more slightly built man. He needs to be taller than my five foot eight in heels but I don’t like the fat or muscle bound guys.

Slowly I start to walk in his direction.

I stop and check myself in the mirror. I am wearing the deep red dress tonight, and it looks great against my dark chocolate coloured skin. My luxurious shoulder length straight black hair is brushed out and gleaming. The dress is low enough at the front to show I am not wearing a bra, and it also proves that my tits are proud and firm without support. I carry a small black handbag and wear only some simple gold earrings and my wide gold choker as jewellery. No rings, to show I am not attached and no watch to show that I don’t care about time. My fingernails and toenails are the colour of my dress.

I look great.

The man looks around again and his eyes meet mine. I hold his gaze for a moment and then he hurriedly looks away. I see him nervously rub his ring finger. Good.

No matter what city I am in I always go to the places where the salesmen stay. This is where I almost always find what I am looking for.

The bar is a u shape, so I stop at the opposite side to him and order a drink. In the mirror I see his head turn to me again, taking in my shape when he thinks I can’t see him. I lean forward, as if I want to say something to the barman and I know he is staring at my thighs.

I prefer a married man, it can prevent complications, but I don’t like the brash, loud drunken type. I want a man who is really nervous about cheating, even though he is hundreds of miles away from his wife. I want a vanilla man, one who thinks that having sex doggy style is kinky.

I want a man who I can lead, not one who wants to lead me.

I sip my drink, and carefully watch the man in the mirror. He is still looking around the room but his eyes always linger on my ass. So they should, I have spent countless hours at the gym making sure I look perfect.

I’d say he is in his early to mid thirties. He has sandy blonde hair, cut neatly but not styled. He wears the businessman’s uniform of dark trousers, a white business shirt and a tie. A jacket to match his pants is on the back of the chair next to him. His face is nice, not ugly but also not particularly handsome. A normal face.

He has just about finished his beer now, and he stares at me for a while and then starts gathering up the money on the bar in front of him. It is time.

I wait until he is concentrating and then I take my drink and walk over to him.

“Pardon me,” I say, in my sexy husky voice, and he jumps.

“Uh, yes?” he stammers. Up close he is quite cute. Blue eyes and lips that look perfect for kissing. Or even other things. But I can’t get ahead of myself yet.

“Aren’t you Steve, Linda Mariano’s brother?” I ask. His eyes that had brightened fade again.

“Sorry, no,” he says, stumbling over the words.

“Oh, I feel so silly,” I say, staring at him, “you do look like Steve.”

“Don’t worry,” he says, finally getting his tongue working, “I have one of those faces that seems to look like a lot of people.” I laugh quietly and take a sip of my drink, trying to look awkward. He keeps looking at me as I do. I’m close with this one, I can sense it.

I have a very high sex drive, I have ever since I can remember, and at least twice a week I go looking for relief. Usually I am successful, but why wouldn’t I be? I am attractive, I dress well and I pick my men carefully.

I can see he is wondering if he should stay or leave now.

“I’m so sorry, oh by the way I’m Savanna,” I say.

“Hi,” he replies, “I’m Ray. Savanna is a really pretty name.” I smile gratefully at him. Yes, I think, this one should work.

Right on cue the bartender turns up, and he looks at Ray.

“What are you drinking Savanna?” Ray asks.

“Just Chardonnay, but I still have most of a glass, you go ahead,” I reply. He shrugs and orders a beer.

“What do you do Ray?” I ask leaning in toward him as if to hear him more easily. It gives him a good view down my cleavage.

“Oh, I just sell tools,” he replies, and I grin.

“That must be interesting,” I say leaning even closer, “I love a man who knows his way around his tools.” Ray blushes. Got you, I think.

We stay at the bar and chat while Ray has three more beers and I have one more glass of wine. I flirt with him and soon he starts to flirt too. I touch his hand with mine as we talk, and I sensuously stroke the back of it. I time it carefully so that our drinks are finished at the same time. He looks at my glass and then at me enquiringly.

“No thanks Ray,” I say with a giggle, “I think I am a little too tipsy already.” He smiles.

“Are you staying here?” I ask.

“Yes,” he replies, and I lean right in and whisper into his ear.

“Have you ever had a black girl?” I ask, sensuously trailing my fingers slowly down his chest.

“Uh, no,” he mumbles, his eyes wide.

“Then why don’t we just go to your room and fuck,” I purr. He stares and then nods dumbly.

Got you.

I giggle and stagger a bit as we leave the bar, carefully watching to see how steady on his feet Ray is. He has had four beers in the time I have been at the bar and I have two small glasses of wine. As I hold onto his arm for support I can feel he is rather unsteady himself, that’s good.

A lot of jealous eyes follow us out. If only they knew.

We stagger to the lift, and he pushes the up button. I nibble his ear lobe.

“You are so sexy,” I whisper. I can clearly see his erection straining at the front of his pants. He just moans.

The lift arrives and we step in. There is nobody else in it and he presses the button for the third floor. That’s good, we will have a bit of time. As soon as the doors close I press him against the wall with my body and I kiss him. Hard. Momentarily his mouth stays closed, as if he is having guilty second thoughts. I reach down and squeeze his cock through his pants. He moans and his mouth opens, allowing my tongue to explore. I rub his cock as I kiss him, and I am happy, it isn’t so big that it will make my mouth hurt.

Our tongues dance, they are the overture of our lustful ballet.

The door opens and we break apart as an elderly couple waiting for the lift stare at us disapprovingly. Maybe they don’t approve of mixed race relationships, maybe they don’t approve of public passion in a lift or maybe they might just be jealous because Ray is hard and I am beautiful. I don’t care.

We giggle and stagger down the corridor and Ray stops at room 307. I hug him from behind and reach around for his cock again as he fumbles for his swipe card.

The trick at this stage is to keep them on the back foot. I need to set the scene and he needs to be washed along with the current. The next bit is critical to my plan.

“I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” I whisper, and he whimpers. I have definitely picked a good one here.

Ray finally gets the door open and we go in, kicking the door shut again behind us. I turn him around and kiss him passionately again. He is an average kisser, probably hasn’t had a lot of practice. I feel his hands on my tits, squeezing a little too roughly. I pull my mouth off his.

“Gently Ray, they are delicate,” I say, and he obediently softens his touch. We stay like that for a while, and I feel his hard cock pressing against my groin, then his hands start to head down.

“Hang on,” I say dodging him for a moment, “I need to use the washroom, why don’t you get naked while you wait?” He grins a silly grin and reaches for his tie.

“Turn the TV on loud Ray, I don’t want the neighbours to hear us,” I say, and then I reach down.

“I want this present unwrapped when I get back,” I say, squeezing his hard cock again.

“It will be,” he promises.

There is only one door that can be the bathroom so I go through it and lock the door behind me. I look in the mirror and quickly fix my hair. Then I put a thick layer of lipstick on. That is important. But then I do the most important thing. I shrug the dress off my shoulders, I get a small bottle from my bag and then I use the little swab attached to the inside of the lid to put a little dab of the liquid on each of my nipples. I put the dress back on and try not to rub the liquid off.

I’m ready.

I flush the toilet and walk out. Ray is sitting naked on the bed, but he is covering his groin with his hands. He is starting to look a bit uncertain again.

“Unzip me please darling,” I say, walking quickly to him, turning and squatting down. I feel my zip being drawn down, and I turn away as I feel one hand grabbing my ass.

I drop the dress and his eyes open wide as he stares at my bare tits. He looks impressed, and well he should be. I lean toward him and his mouth opens to receive my nipple. I take his hands in mine and I guide them to my tits as I present the other nipple for sucking.

I can see the head of his cock is wet with his excitement. I let go of one of his hands and I reach down for his hard shaft and I squeeze. He moans.

“Lay back darling,” I say pushing him gently, “I want to suck you.” He moans in anticipation.

“Condom or bareback?” I ask, reaching for my bag which is now on my dress. His eyes open wide.

“Bareback?” he stammers. I thought so.

Forgetting the bag I push him back until he is lying on the bed with his legs over the side. I move them apart and kneel between them. I grab his cock and squeeze it again. He is about six inches long, and not too fat. He is circumcised and his cock bends slightly to my left. It is a nice cock.

I carefully check it for any sores or suspicious marks, but he looks clean.

Ray has now put a couple of pillows under his head so he can watch. Staring into his eyes I move my mouth to his cock and I lick the salty liquid from the head. It tastes so good. He moans as I drill my tongue into the tiny hole. He moans in anticipation.

“I bet your wife doesn’t do this for you, does she darling?” I purr and I see the guilt on his face. I wait for a reply, just blowing gently on the end of his cock. He eventually realises I’m not going further without an answer.

“No,” he admits, “she says it’s dirty.” I grin. He is definitely so vanilla, and married. That is good to know.

I like the married ones, they have more to lose and are less inclined to make a fuss after I have finished with them.

“I’ll show you dirty,” I say in my sexiest voice.

Then I get down to sucking cock.

I like sucking cock and I have had plenty of practice over the years, so I like to think I am one of the best around. First I open wide and slowly lower my mouth right down to the base of Ray’s cock. I avoid touching it with my lips and just run my tongue firmly down the length of it. I only need to deep throat the last inch or so, and that is no problem for me. I hear Ray moan again as my throat grabs the head of his cock and my lips firmly encircle the base. Pressing hard with my lips I rotate my mouth around Ray’s hard cock. When I finally lift my head back off there is a circle of scarlet lipstick around the base of his cock. It is my brand, and my nervous little vanilla boy is now mine. Soon enough he will find out just what that means.

Ray’s eyes open wide when he sees it, but I also notice a bit of glazing too.

It is a fine line to choose how much of my special liquid I put on my nipples. I want my target to be compliant, but I don’t want him to pass out. I have to balance the effect of any alcohol he has consumed. I think I have got Ray about right.

With a loud slurp I return to sucking Ray’s cock.

I almost always use only my mouth on a guy’s cock, lips tongue and throat should be enough. Sure my hands get busy later on, but not on his cock. I am glad Ray chose bareback, not only will the direct contact make him cum quicker, but I can also tell how close he is by the discharge. I realise I haven’t got a lot of time with Ray so I get into it quickly.

I try hard to make eye contact as often as possible when I am blowing a guy. It turns them on and I can monitor his progress too. Ray is loving this, perhaps a bit too much, so I quickly free up a hand to cup his balls. They are a reasonable size and like a lot of blonde guys they don’t have too thick a cover of hair. As my mouth fucks his cock his moans are quiet but almost constant. My hand lets go of his balls and moves lower.

With long scarlet fingernails I lightly scratch his perineum. He shudders in ecstasy. Then I gently rub the pucker of his tight little asshole.

“Not there,” he says, trying to wriggle away, and I lift my head off his cock.

“Relax honey,” I say, “you are going to love this.” He looks unsure but I deep throat him again and he groans. When I run my finger across his asshole again he shudders but doesn’t pull away. What a good little vanilla boy, I think.

Soon Ray is really close. His pre-cum is steadily oozing from his hole as I suck him hard and lightly rub his ass.

“Wait,” he gasps, “I still want to…” Again I lift my head.

“We’ve got all night sweetie,” I purr, “let it go now and you will still get a fuck later.” I drop my head over his cock again and he stops fighting.

“Will… you… swallow…?” he gasps, and I nod. It really does save a messy clean up. I feel him tensing up and I take him deeply into my mouth yet again. As he cums I push a finger into his unsuspecting ass and he squeals.

He cums even harder on the next spurt and I know this taboo thing turns him on, even if he doesn’t want it to.

I swallow every drop, and there were a hell of a lot of drops. I ease my finger gently out of his ass and he trembles.

“Was that the best blow job you have ever had?” I ask, and gasping for air ne nods mutely.

That doesn’t mean a lot to me, he could probably count all his blow jobs on one hand.

“Do you want to return the favour before we fuck?” I ask, squeezing his softening cock to show him how useless it now is. I see him consider.

“OK,” he finally says, and I smile and stand up.

This is the moment of truth.

I stand in front of him for a while as he admires my perky tits and my glistening ebony skin. I am only wearing my jewellery, my black satin underwear and my stilettos now.

And some tape.

I slowly lower my underwear but I bend my knees and squat down as I do. He tries to struggle to lift his head but can’t find the energy. Reaching between my legs I silently rip off the tape and let my cock free.

Some would call me a ladyboy, some would call me a shemale, some would call me a transsexual, but in my judgement they are all wrong.

I am a gay man, and I like having sex with men. Sure I look like an incredibly pretty woman, but that is my bait, it is what I use to lure my prey.

Ray would never have taken a man to his room for sex, but Ray is the sort of man I like to have sex with, so I disguise myself.

The reason I still think of myself as a man, despite the fact that I live entirely as a woman, is that I am a top, not a bottom. Men don’t fuck me (I tried it and just didn’t get into it), I fuck them.

I stand up and watch the shock on his face as Ray realises what is between my legs.

“No,” he gasps, “it can’t be.” He tries to move but he is too slow and I jump on him, pinning him to the bed. It’s time now for me to take control.

I don’t have any enormous body strength, but I can whip most guys. Growing up as a pretty black gay boy in a tough neighbourhood wasn’t easy. I needed an edge and I got it from karate. I was a black belt before I turned seventeen and the thugs soon learned to leave me alone. Sure there are just so many I can take on at a time, and I did get a couple of bashings early on, but I sought out each attacker while they were on their own and I showed them the error of their ways.

Eventually everyone just left me alone. Well, the straight ones anyway.

Some men put up more of a struggle than others. Ray is pretty normal.

“Come on Ray,” I say, my voice now showing a hard edge, “time to return the favour.”

“No,” he gasps, “I’m not gay.” I know that, and that is why I chose him.

“You promised,” I say firmly, “it’s time to deliver.”

“No,” he says again shaking his head and struggling feebly under me.

I let go of his left hand and slap him heavily on the side of his face. The noise is loud. My cock has been growing since I released it and the violence sends another surge of blood to it. I love to be in control.

Ray is dazed by the heavy blow, and he shakes his head feebly.

“It’s like this Ray,” I say menacingly, “you are going to suck my cock, like it or not. If you resist, or if I feel your teeth at all the next punch will break that pretty little nose of yours. If that doesn’t work I’m going to work downstairs so your inhibited vanilla wife will never have anything to do with you again. Do we understand each other?”

Ray is crying. I love it when they cry, they look so… vulnerable.

I get off the bed and grab Ray’s hands. I pull him up into a sitting position and he is looking at my cock now. I don’t have a big cock, just a little shorter than Ray’s but thicker when it is hard. Right now it is hard.

“Please… no” he begs.

“Be good or else,” I say, and I drag him by the ears until his lips touch my cock head. When he doesn’t open his mouth I twist his ears harshly and he cries out in pain.

I push my cock into his mouth, and he splutters.

Most guys are resigned to their fate by this time, but I did once have one who bit my cock. He spent three months in hospital and there are still some injuries he will never recover from.

“Suck it,” I command, and Ray sucks weakly as his tears continue to flow. It’s time for some real incentive.

“If I am still hard in twenty minutes, I am going to fuck that tight little ass of yours,” I say.

Ray struggles even more, but I still have hold of his ears so he can’t escape my cock to say anything.

It is still pretty obvious that he does not like that idea all that much.

I can see our reflection clearly in the mirror on the wall and it turns me own. My little vanilla white boy sitting there with my black cock in his mouth.

Ray starts to work at sucking me off now. He does not want the consequence of failure. I grin and watch.

“See Ray,” I taunt him, “you really are a good little cock sucker aren’t you?” He squirms in protest.

For a while I let Ray set his own pace and he does a reasonable job, but then I also start to give him instructions.

“Use your tongue Ray,” I demand, and he does.

“Suck it down deeper Ray,” I demand. He tries and fails, so I just shove and he gags.

“Watch those teeth Ray,” I warn him and he quickly complies.

“Ten minutes Ray,” I say and he renews his efforts.

“Play with my balls Ray,” I demand and he reluctantly does.

“Gently rub my ass Ray,” I demand, and he does that too.

I just love a reluctant but obedient vanilla boy.

“Five minutes left Ray,” I say, and now I set the pace. I start to fuck Ray’s face, jamming my cock deep into his throat and pulling it out again over and over. He is coughing and gagging and the tears are streaming down his face again. After a couple of minutes I feel my orgasm approaching.

*When I fell to Earth I realized perfection; Earth has everything while Heaven has no Evil*

(Thanks to Frontma for all the grief puts up with on my behalf)

(This starts out a bit chaotic and slow but it does pick up)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


It was well past one when I finally had the gang rounded up and headed back out to our rides. It took all of twenty seconds for a buzz-happy Rio to realize that Willa and a now unemployed Belle tagged along. When she did, her look was one of ferocity.

“Oh, hell no!” she snapped, and turned toward the two Warlord ladies. “I’m going to kick your ass.”

“Last time I saw you, Bitch, you were half way to the city’s sewage system,” Belle laughed back. “Want to go the rest of the way?”

Rio surged against Mercy and Barbie Lynn’s restraining hands while Willa pulled Belle back, and I ended up in the middle holding them both at bay.

“Calm down Rio, it is cool now,” I told my buddy. “Belle, this isn’t what you think.” Speaking of thinking; I had to think fast to figure a way to turn this situation around. I’d hoped that Rio would be so happy, she’d have let it lie for the night — silly me.

“Rio, I’d like Belle to give us motorcycle lessons for the trip this summer, and to personally give you self-defense training,” I spewed forth my hare-brained idea.

“What the fuck?” questioned Belle.

“Fuck that noise,” Rio spat. “I don’t need this dink to teach me how to fight.” I wasn’t sure what a ‘dink’ was but I doubt it had positive connotations.

“Rio, you haven’t picked a martial arts instructor yet and I think Belle’s self-taught style would be somewhat attractive to you,” I guessed. I had no clue as to Belle’s fighting background.

“I’d rather teach a goat how to use a unicycle than teach this moron how to ride a bike,” Belle growled.

“I’ll pay you fifty dollars an hour per four students,” I offered Belle.

“She’s a skank,” Rio seethed. Belle, on the other hand, seemed to be coming around.

“Fifty bucks-…per four people? What would I have to do?” Belle inquired. She was job hunting after all.

“Teach them how to ride, for starters,” Valarie came to my rescue, “plus basic maintenance, road lore, and stuff like that. You’d also have to teach Rio how to not get her ass kicked.”

“I keep telling you people, I don’t need this bitch,” Rio repeated.

“Fine, Rio, but tell me, who is going to be your instructor?” I countered. “It can’t be Mercy.”

“Want your knife back?” Belle grinned as she reached into her boot and pulled out the butterfly knife Val had given Rio on Thursday.

“I don’t know,” Rio grumbled, “have you been using it as a sexual aid?”

Belle snorted. “Fuck, with Zane around, who needs one?” Belle smiled wickedly. “Two orgasms in ten minutes at a table on the club floor and that was only with his tongue and fingers.”

“He’d have nailed her in the bathroom if it hadn’t been for that whole ‘no sex’ thing,” Tawny added.

“I should have stuck with you, Zane,” Paige tugged on my arm. “See where you ended up?”

“Who is the ghost?” Belle asked snidely.

“I’m Paige and Zane is with me this weekend,” Paige challenged Belle…bad move. Sometimes reactions pull you one way and instincts send you in another. I went with instincts and let events play out. Belle scooped Paige up under each arm and hoisted her up.

“You are what — 100 pounds? A whole weekend with him and he’d break you in two,” Belle observed. “He needs a real woman, not a bit of fluff.”

It was time for me to become involved. I reached an arm around Paige’s waist and took her weight onto me. Belle was kind enough to let go so I swung Paige up until I was carrying her in my arms. Paige switched her gaze between me and Belle twice, then latched onto me.

“Okay — I win,” Paige announced. “I’m the bit of fluff he comes to again and again, after all.”

“You are the freakiest group of people I’ve ever seen,” Hank spoke up. “A sorority president and sisters” (Leigh and Jersey had joined us), “two Warlord bikers, Christian school girls, and a porn star — no offense, Zane.”

“Just another day ending in ‘y’,” Iona whispered. I caught that zing and snickered.

“No offense taken, Hank,” I joked back. “I’d rather have the memories and suffer through the condemnations of those who don’t know me than miss out.”

“Dude, if you ever need a stand in,” Finn added to the joy. He and Ginger had indeed hooked up again, so we were good on that front. Ginger did playfully thump him in the chest though.

“Finn, you are already sleeping on the sofa tonight,” Ginger teased. “Would you rather be out on the welcome mat?”

“Thanks for letting us spend the night at your place,” Barbie Lynn added to the play.

“What?” Finn squawked. “Oh, come on, Babe.” Ginger detached from Finn and wrapped an arm around Barbie Lynn’s waist, who reciprocated the gesture.

“Oh, come on, Babe,” Ginger mimicked, “We want a little girl time, ya know, one on one.” Barbie Lynn turned her head and exchanged a heated kiss with Ginger that decidedly aroused me. I hated to think what Finn was going through.

“Dudes, I’m going down to the river,” Finn groaned.

“Wouldn’t a cold shower be better and safer?” Leigh asked.

“I’m not going to cool down; I’m going to drown my stupid ass for stepping out on Ginger at the start of the night,” Finn sighed. “I deserve this.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Ginger gloated. She gave another quick kiss to Barbie then glided back to Finn. “It’s okay, Honey, I forgive you.”

“Thanks Babe,” Finn kissed her once more.

“You are still sleeping on the sofa when we get home,” she announced triumphantly. The lesson here is, if you are ever given a choice between fighting a man or a woman; fight a man. Men beat you up, gloat, then walk away. Women hold grudges — forever.

“Any advice for our lovelorn?” Willa asked.

“Everything fades, be it fame, passion or possessions — it all goes to dust and is lost,” I said.

“That’s rather depressing,” Willa noted.

“The exact opposite,” I countered. “All you are and will ever be is defined by what you do in the next few seconds of life. That is when you can mark yourself as a hero or a villain.”

“I can buy that,” Belle mused. “Live for the moment.” I could tell Iona was more uncertain about my words so I expanded.

“I am not saying don’t plan for the future, but don’t live so much for what might be that you ignore what is going on around you right now, because no moment matters less than any other,” I added.

“That’s my boy: Renaissance warrior-poet with the libido of Ron Jeremy,” Rio jibed.

“I like it,” Tawny spoke up. “What would it be like to spend the whole weekend, or a whole week, alone with Zane? I wouldn’t be bored.”

“I wouldn’t be able to walk,” Barbie Lynn giggled.

“I’d enjoy the education,” Paige noted.

“I’d enjoy the peace and quiet,” Vivian joked.

“Zane, you have a little bit of a fan club here,” Belle smiled.

“Totally unwarranted and undeserved,” I sighed.

We arrived at the water tower and we went our separate ways. I’m sure Paige and Iona wanted to talk to me but they both fell asleep within three minutes of getting in the car. I took them up individually to my room and tucked them in before letting a sleeping Jill know we’d made it back and assuring her that we’d make it to church in the morning.

Service and Supper

We weren’t feeling terribly chipper when Iona, Paige and I crawled out of bed, but we were conscious, ambulatory, and capable of speech so we passed Aunt Jill’s inspection before heading out to church. For Paige, it would be a new experience as she normally spent Sunday morning at FFU’s Assembly hall. Fortunately, she would be exploring the experience with Iona.

My class was amusing as always. Somehow, no one had missed the little revolution we’d staged at university and there was varying levels of confusion, disgust, and anger with what ‘I’d’ done. Yeah, it was my entire fault because I was in the middle of ‘God Made Man First’ country. Oddly enough, Chris Gilbert stuck it out with me, jumping in on my side when more than two guys ganged up on me verbally.

The second time Chris parried Mr. Coleman’s insinuations of my corruption away, the gang gave up and actually got down to the lesson for the week — the Book of Samuel; namely, King Saul versus the Philistines. The lesson was that God abandons sinners. I hung on to the point that even when he knew he was going to die, Saul led his army out to fight the invaders of his homeland. I doubted any of those guys would know what kind of courage it took to fight a lost cause if the time came.

“Do you make a habit of running off cliffs and into walls,” Chris joked with me, then “Whoops, sorry about that — your parents and all.”

“It was mountain climbing,” I shrugged, “so don’t worry about it. Have a good week?”

“Oh, peachy; I burned down a state park and robbed the Louvre,” Chris stated, deadpan.

“Dude,” I laughed, “if you are trying to compete with me let me just say ‘you win’ and end the contest right now. You can have it and the grief that goes with it.”

“Does that include the girls?” Chris chuckled. It was odd having a real conversation with a guy nearly my age who had a clue where I was coming from.

My response was overwhelmed by the crush of young ladies around us. What followed was a chorus of ‘hey, Zane’, ‘hey, guy’, and Iona and Barbie Lynn adding a ‘hi, Chris’.

“Hi there, ladies,” and “Hello Barbie Lynn and Iona,” followed up Chris. By the way he was looking at Barbie Lynn, I could tell that his perception of her had changed. He wasn’t leering but there was a certain sexual curiosity that was new to his gaze.

Barbie Lynn caught Chris’ look, smiled, but then cuddled up to me to make the situation clear enough. Chris chuckled and shook his head mirthfully.

“So is McHunky (Chris) part of the group now?” Rio broke through the politeness.

“Chris is not treating me like I’m Caine so I’d hope he’d say yes if you ask him nicely,” I answered.

“I would say ‘yes,’ with the understanding that I’m older than all of you and like to live a slightly more private, video-free, lifestyle,” Chris informed us.

“Chris,” Rio inquired, “what is the maximum number of girls you would take to bed at one time, and how many would you feel comfortable dating?” I wanted to kill Rio once more, considering we were clearly being overheard as we moved down the hallway leading to the Tabernacle.

“Hmmm,” Chris thought it over. “Four in one bed, but I’d only feel comfortable dating one woman at a time. I’m old-fashioned that way.”

“That’s not a problem,” Rio grinned, “old-fashioned we can cure.”

“How about we respect different people for their differences, ya nut-job,” I cautioned Rio.

Rio’s retort was cut off by our entry into the main area of worship. Chris waved good-bye and angled toward the front and his family. With Barbie Lynn in the lead, the rest of us moved to the far side where the FFU crowd sat together. I couldn’t find Jill in her regular spot but Iona pointed out she’d joined Mrs. Wellington, the Mayor, Lance, and Felicity on the second pew — a few steps up in the world.

We’d settled in after the first hymn and Pastor Bill had started the morning greeting when the two main doors to the church slammed open and a black clad woman strode in — it was Belle. It was also clear that Belle had never been in here before, had no idea where I would be seated, and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of parishioners. I don’t think she cared that most of them were staring at her. She had dressed up, right? She had on a black jacket, black t-shirt, black jeans and black boots. She’d taken off her black sunglasses.

I stood up, put two fingers in my mouth the way Heaven had taught me (Orienteering class — honest) and whistled loudly as I waved her over. Belle’s head snapped my way and over she came. By long-standing tradition, Iona sat on one side of me and Rio took the other. This time, Paige had supplanted Iona.

Belle decided that insinuating herself between Paige and I would require a crowbar and some leverage so she sat down on Rio instead. Rio grumbled, squeezed out from under Belle, and sat in Mercy’s lap. Bill, with a final glare my way, picked up the service as best he could and droned on. Rio leaned into Belle and licked her cheek as a means of retaliation.

Belle didn’t punch Rio, for which I was grateful. I made sure to put a little extra on the collection plate — for God’s sake, not the church’s, when the time came around. The sermon was on the Israelites and their forty years of wandering before coming to the Promised Land. I think there was some confusion between myself and most of the flock here on who was the one farthest from the expected destination.

At the end of the service my plan went into motion, with multiple women having a role to play. Oddly, despite this being a criminal endeavor, Belle was the only one close to me not involved. It was good fortune that put her at my side because with so many of the church elders gawking/fearing/lusting after her, they completely missed the real mischief makers.

“Good morning, Rochelle,” I greeted the mayor’s wife. She turned, smiled at me, then looked over at Belle. “This is Belle…”

“Belle Kennan,” Belle finished up for me. I hadn’t known her last name.

“I know you,” Rochelle was clearly thinking hard. “Did you used to collect golf balls off the greens at the country club years ago? You had a sister. Your father was a groundskeeper.”

“That was a while ago,” Belle allowed. “Dad fucked it up with his drinking, like he did everything else. My sister, Tara, is now a Sheriff’s Deputy around here.”

“What do you do?” Rochelle made conversation.

“I’m Zane’s…chauffer,” Belle answered with a twisted grin. “Actually, I’m giving him and some of his friends motorcycle lessons.”

“That sounds promising,” Rochelle continued. “Belle, can I have a few moments of Zane’s time?” Belle gave me a suspiciously sexy raised eyebrow then went looking for another one of my female set. “Zane, you were right about that matter we discussed. I still don’t know what I want to do with the news. Maybe we can discuss it Wednesday night?”

“Absolutely,” I nodded.

“By the way, there seems to be a growing suspicion that you are not a very moral person,” Rochelle leaned in and whispered to me. “Apparently there is some evidence of you and some other girls…”

“I’ve never denied it,” I told her. “I also believe that no one seems to care that I’ve foresworn sex for the weekend. I know it is not much by most people’s standards but at least I’m trying to see how the other half lives.”

“How is that working for you?” Rochelle grinned.

“Abysmally; I’ve been tackled, jumped on, stacked up in a shower, grappled at a party, and got a lap dance in a club,” I groaned.

“You should stay home more often,” Rochelle advised.

“I received the tackle, jumping, and the stacking at home, Rochelle,” I related. “Maybe I should hide out at your house.” Rochelle stared at me and I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

“I will see you on Wednesday; take care now,” I broke the silence between us. I turned and went over to the gulf of isolation that was Sahara Penny. “Hello, Mrs. Penny. You look incredibly inspirational this morning.”

“Hello, Zane,” she smiled, her white teeth brightening up her Lebanese features.

“I was thinking that I could do the whole dinner thing with you and William tomorrow night, if that is okay with you,” I looked her over.

“Well, you could hardly become more of a pariah,” she mused. “I would be glad to cook you a meal.”

“Wolves may get hunted but sheep always get eaten,” I replied.

“Are you a wolf, Mr. Braxton?” she teased.

“I have to be worthy of your company,” I retorted, which she found amusing. “I’ll see you,” I tacked on before heading toward the main gathering.

I patiently waited for the main group of men to recognize my presence but today they seemed less than willing to. I must have really been a bad boy. I did catch Rio handing off a phone to Iona who was quietly but quickly working away on it. I had to wonder how long it would take for Lance to realize Rio had swiped it from him. Hell, I promised Raven I’d get her those books from George Mason’s library and I was going to return his phone to him soon enough.

“Hey, my little Butt-Monkey,” Belle taunted me loudly, “are you waiting on this bunch of old fuckers for something?” The conversation stopped and heads turned our way: yay me.

“Mr. Braxton,” Pastor Bill snapped in a clipped manner, “when you invite some…person to our church you should consult with me or one of the deacons to see if they are appropriate.”

He was pointedly ignoring Belle, which I found to be both rude and unwise as Belle was the most likely person he’d ever meet who would gladly take his underwear waistband and pull it over his head and laugh while she did it.

“I wasn’t actually wise enough to invite Ms. Kennan but I should have because I was under the impression this was a House of God. I’ll make her tithe if that’s what you are worried about,” I informed them.

“The appropriateness of you being in this church is also in question,” Mayor Wellington brought up.

“How’s Phillip?” Belle spoke up with a wicked sneer toward the Mayor; Phillip was one of his sons. “We had a lot of fun in high school. He was good enough to bring me by your house but he never brought me to your church.”

“He would have never dated someone like you,” the mayor glared at Belle.

“Technically we weren’t looking for a relationship,” Belle grinned, “but does that big four-poster bed of yours still have that dainty white dust curtain with the roses on it?”

“You are nothing more than a low-down dirty whore like your mother,” Mr. Gibson, the county’s largest furniture seller, snarled at Belle.

I wasn’t sure what her response was because Gibson staggered into Mr. Lieber when I drew my hand back for a slap; everyone got quiet. Yes, I had almost committed assault in front of thirty or so witnesses who hated my guts. Oh, and one of them was a judge.

“Braxton!” Pastor William thundered.

“Hold that thought, Bill,” I pointed to the reverend before turning back to Gibson, “Sir, you insulted a lady in my presence, so you can apologize to her or step out with me to the parking lot where we can settle this like men, because I’m morally opposed to causing needless bloodshed in a house of worship.”

“That’s it, Braxton, you…” Pastor Bill growled.

“Zane!” a different, feminine voice interrupted. “Apologize to Mr. Gibson at once.”

“I apologize, Mr. Gibson,” I grudgingly stated.

“I should have you arrested,” Gibson grumbled.

“And I’ll make sure that your little outburst with…” the woman threatened.

“Belle Kennan,” Belle studied the newcomer and the girls around her.

“Ms. Kennan goes all over the internet and is flagged with every search engine with your name and the name of your store,” Christina finished.

“I’ll sue,” Gibson fought back.

“And I’ll win,” Christina kept coming. “This is clearly a First Amendment issue, both speech and religion. Now are we going to play nice and respect our fellow Christians or are we going to collectively forget we are all adults?”

“He is not going to get away with this threat of force,” Pastor Bill persisted.

“Pastor Penny, are we truly basing our actions and reaction on what an eighteen-year-old playboy does?” Christina pointed out. “Clearly, leadership is called for, and since you men are the patriarchs of the church, you should be leading Zane in the proper course of action.”

“Mr. Gibson,” Chris joined in, “maybe Zane could clean up your parking lot one afternoon as penance.” I had to be sure he was helping me out here.

“Grrr…alright,” Mr. Gibson admitted. “That would satisfy me.”

I caught sight of Aunt Jill looking my way. I half expected her to volunteer my acceptance but she waited patiently on me instead — not a good sign concerning her dependence on me.

“If it is okay with Mr. Gibson, I’ll come over when he gives me a call and my school schedule allows,” I said.

“I hope that settles that,” Mr. Gilbert, Christopher’s father, announced. “Was there a reason for Mr. Braxton waiting around us?” He was covering for his son, not me.

“I was agreeing to Pastor William’s invitation to eat dinner with him tomorrow,” I said.

“I will have to look at my schedule and get back to you,” Pastor Bill replied in a snide tone.

“No problem — Mrs. Penny and I’ll hit Zeta’s tomorrow and we can work out something for later,” I smiled. I turned and left before he could finish sputtering because not only was Zeta’s one of the finest eating establishments in town, I heard rumors it was also highly romantic.

I took eight steps before I nearly doubled over in pain. Christina had kidney-punched me, and hard. I turned fast enough to see Belle and Christina facing off.

“Do you want to explain that to me, Princess?” Belle inquired with a false grin.

“I’m Christina Buchannan and I’m wondering what you are doing here burning through what little good will Zane has with this congregation,” the woman I love sizzled.

“Zane, should I give a crap?” Belle joked. She didn’t need me to tell her what to think.

“She’s the woman I love more than life itself,” I explained to Belle, who regarded me curiously.

“I occasionally like him,” Christina remarked, “when he’s not making an ass of himself.”

“I couldn’t let them insult Belle,” I countered. “If she slapped the guy, you know they would have screwed her over.”

“I don’t need you to pick my fights, Dumbass,” Belle mocked me. “These people and their opinions don’t bother me. Hell, Mom whored around a lot and for all I know, Old Man Gibson might even be my Daddy. Now,” she looked at Heaven, “why are you eyeballing me?”

“I’m Heaven and Zane’s my boyfriend,” Heaven declared.

“Oh, God,” chuckled Belle, “when Tawny said your life was beyond description, she wasn’t kidding.”

“If we can all agree to get along I have one last thing I need to get done and then anyone who wants can make for Jill’s,” I stated. I leaned in and kissed Heaven on the ear. She finally broke her glare directed at Belle to look up at me so I kissed her on the lips.

“Are we okay, Babe?” I asked Heaven. She looked at me but seemed terribly upset by something that I was unclear about. She nodded and I broke away. Iona slipped me the phone as I approached Felicity. I now got to see if what I’d done had screwed up my relationship with her.

“Hey, Felicity, do you know whose phone this is?” I asked Lance Wellington’s fiancé.

“That looks like Lance’s,” Felicity took the device and examined it. “It is,” she confirmed.

“Are you going to George Mason anytime this week?” I inquired.

“I was going up Tuesday to visit Lance for some kind of fraternity affair,” Felicity said.

“When you are there could you pick up some books for me? I checked them out but I’d have to find a way to make the trip myself and with my school schedule, that would be tough,” I explained.

“Zane, how does someone from FFU get books from George Mason?” Felicity leaned in and whispered.

“I’m not breaking the law but I am doing it in an underhanded manner,” I whispered back.

“Okay,” she smiled warmly, if in a rather complacent manner.

“Thanks,” I told her, before parting ways and making for the door. A tide of women migrated with me outside. As we split up, I caught sight of Belle putting on her helmet and sitting on her hog. “Are you coming over for supper (the midday meal in the Southeastern US)?”

“Does inviting the poor outcast chick to the house make you feel better about yourself?” Belle teased me.

“Does everything have to be about you and your vendetta against the Established Order?” I shot back.

“I bet the girls have a blast tying you down because you can be downright irritating,” Belle rolled her eyes.

“We’ve already gone down that road with me, the cross and the sorority in the woods, so stop gloating. Now, are you coming to supper willingly or are you going to have to beat me up when I try and make you?”

“Fine,” Belle raised up her hands, “when I looked up ‘dumbass’ and ‘stupid’ online, they both had your portrait under the ‘images of’ section. If I walk in the door, you will know I’ve accepted your offer. Now step back before I decide you are more annoying than cute.”

I stepped back, joined Paige and Iona at the car, and travelled my dumb ass back home. Barbie Lynn, Valarie, Rio, and Mercy had already joined Aunt Jill in her heroic culinary efforts based on the talents of the microwave and a warm skillet. The parade of food was setting around the table when I noticed Paige had gone missing. As I scanned about, I saw Belle walk into the dining room — I hadn’t heard the doorbell ring or a knock at the door.

“Have we locked away the good silver,” Valarie joked when she realized Belle was here. Belle didn’t look amused by Val’s ribbing. “It’s for Rio,” Valarie snickered.

“Hey,” snorted Rio, “Belle, you are stepping on my Bad Girl image. I’ll take Grand Theft Auto and vandalism and you get burglary and guns; deal?”

“Zane…” Jill was looking for some explanation from me so I decided to see how far her new tolerance could be stretched.

“I wanted to show Belle one of the guest rooms,” I stated carefully, but with authority. “She doesn’t have a place to live and since we have the space, I figure she could hang out until she puts some money away for a new place. Plus you would have someone home when you got off of work and the house would be safer. Belle can take care of herself and you, if something goes wrong,” I finished.

“Zane, you make my life easier one more time, I swear that I’m going to use you to redefine road rash,” Belle promised. This declaration didn’t stop Belle from stepping up and taking a seat.

“Jill, is that okay with you? ” I addressed the female lead of the Braxton household.

“If you think it will be good for the house and make things safer, I wholeheartedly support your decision,” Jill agreed. That done, I called out for the invisible Paige.

“Paige, I don’t advise you to sneak up behind Belle,” I warned her. “She might not be in an understanding mood.”

Paige did heed my advice and appeared by me instead of behind Belle.

“Your intellect may be downgraded to ‘sub-par’ if you keep this course of action up,” she cautioned me.

“Do what you will,” I quoted, “for I do what I must.”

“The blade itself incites to deeds of violence,” Belle countered to Paige. “Are you really such a fucking putz that you think you can separate Zane’s passions into the parts that you like from the parts that you don’t? To me it seems you are wasting your parents’ money by going to college yet staying dumb as dirt.”

“Belle — language at the dinner table,” Aunt Jill scolded Belle. I wasn’t sure how Belle would take that but something else was going on at the same time. Everyone was looking at Belle too, but for a reason that had nothing to do with calling Paige names.

“What? I can’t quote Homer?” Belle shrugged. “I’ve read Sun Tzu too. Oh, and sorry about slapping the little bitch, Aunt Jill. I hang out with men of questionable parentage.”

“I apologize, Belle,” Iona spoke up. “I thought less of you because of the way you talk and dress. That was unfair to you and a disservice to myself and the way my parents raised me.” The apologies echoed around the table; Paige’s silence being noted. I gave her one quick look, then joined the rest of the gang doling out the food and settling in to the routine of eating and dinner conversation.


After we ate and cleaned up the table and the kitchen, Jill took to her chair, reading a Christian Lifestyle magazine, while Iona, Paige and I sat on the sofa.

“Zane, do you think we will be able to do this again soon?” Paige asked. It was the first thing she’d said to me since Belle had arrived. I had to think about the words I would use.

“Ask me again in a day or two when I’ve cooled down,” I answered.

“What do you have to be angry about?” Paige turned fully to me. Again, I had to search for the words. “You are the one who brought the stranger around.” I took a deep breath.

“Paige, you were once that stranger that Zane brought around to the rest of us,” Iona reminded Paige. “We were all once new and unknown to him and the rest of us — except Rio. She’s been there at his side since the beginning.”

“I would prefer to hear what Zane is really thinking,” Paige sounded condescending toward Iona.

“Fine,” I sighed. “I can take you teasing me — it is kind of nice and our thing, but I can’t keep dealing with you not trusting my judgment. I will try to do what you want but when you ignore what I want, we need to go separate ways until something changes.”

“But…” Paige went from arrogant to stunned inside a second.

“I asked you to give me a day or two to order my thoughts and emotions but you decided that you knew best,” I explained. “This is how I feel right now: my life would be better without you.” Paige was rendered speechless and both Jill and Iona were clearly unhappy with me.

“That’s not what he means, Paige,” Iona popped back into the conversation, “do you Zane?”

“What the heck does he mean, then?” Paige dry-sobbed.

“This weekend was a disaster for him,” Iona persisted. “All he wanted to do was unwind and spend a quiet few hours at his home with Jill. I was only invited along because I’ve learned to keep out of his way when he gets in these moods.”

“We had a wonderful morning and now he’s acting like a total ass,” Paige grumbled. “We all had a rough week and a less than satisfying weekend.” Iona lowered her head, then stood up.

“Paige,” Iona began as she walked over to face the albino maiden, “I wasn’t aware that our school administration has been after you since day one, or that you’ve been beaten up multiple times, or humiliated, or had your friends threatened, or had your private life made into a public spectacle, or had someone point a gun at you, or make you fight for your life, or get drugged and tied naked to a cross.”

Iona stopped for a breath.

“Please,” Iona pleaded, “tell me how much more you needed a quiet weekend compared to Zane.” Paige began to get all teary-eyed — oh hell. “You invited yourself along, you got the Kappa Sigmas to come over in the middle of the night, and you insult a guest he invites over to his house — his house. What is wrong with you?” Iona showed real anger this time.

Paige got up, choking back sobs, and fled to the back porch; a few moments later I followed. I found Paige curled up on the chair I had cuddled in with her that morning. I knelt down beside her and tilted her chin so that we could make eye contact.

“I…” I got out.

“I understand, Zane,” she hiccupped. “I’ve never lost at anything I have aimed for, but it’s always been accolades or achievements, not a relationship. I can’t give you up and I don’t know what my next move has to be. I get so frustrated when I am with you and another woman shows up. I blew it. I’ll be good and leave you alone.” I fell back onto my ass and shook my head.

“Didn’t I spank your ass over this not too long ago?” I reminded Paige. “What I was going to say was that I’m tired, stressed, and prone to saying things I know I’ll regret — things like saying I don’t want you around. I only wish you and Rio wouldn’t love me one minute, then kick me in the teeth the next. Cut me some slack from time to time.”

“Oh, God,” Paige moaned, and buried her head in her arms, “you are comparing me to Rio. It’s worse than I thought.”

“What do you mean? Rio is my closest buddy. She’d kill for me. Hell, she’d die for me, and you can’t say that about most people,” I pointed out.

“Of course, she might kill the wrong person or get killed doing something I could avoid, but no one is perfect,” I added with a slight smile. Paige snorted.

“She is a total nut,” Paige sniffed. “I hope you don’t think I’m that crazy.”

“Paige, you are as uniquely crazy as you are unique,” I responded.

“Can you please say something that I can understand, Zane?” Paige pleaded.

“You are a fantastic woman and a great lover. You can get inside my head like no one else I’ve ever known. I like the way you tease me. I am slowly getting used to you scaring the crap out of me whenever you materialize at my side,” I complimented her.

“I have one guideline I do try to live by, though, and that is, come at me all you like but stay away from my friends,” I stated.

“Does that include that druggy-whore biker slut?” Paige mumbled. I wasn’t sure what about Belle pissed Paige off so much but I felt I had to make a point. I sprang on Paige and hefted her onto my shoulder.

At first Paige was uncertain and then she began sniffle-giggling, but when I broke through the tree line that separated my property from the Kappa Sigmas, she saw where I was heading and squealed. She was still caterwauling when I dumped her into the pool. Several of the Kappa Sigmas were sitting out in the afternoon overcast sunlight.

“You bastard,” Paige sputtered and splashed about. After a second she parted the hair covering her face and scowled at me. “You don’t even know if I can swim.”

“If you couldn’t I would have jumped in and saved you,” I told Paige. She began swimming to the closest ladder. In retrospect, I should have given more care to the thinness of what Paige was wearing and what it would expose when wet.

Paige furiously stomped forward, her waterlogged clothes splashing water everywhere. I took in the view and before she got to me, she realized what she was exhibiting to the whole world.

“I’m going to kill you!” she screamed at me. I showed remarkable (and what some would say was shocking for me) intelligence by running for my life, Paige in close pursuit.

I let her catch me on the stairs going up to the porch from the yard. She shoved me down and began hitting me — really punching me with her fists. She kicked and screamed for several seconds then let out one last bestial scream and sloshed inside. By the time I got inside, Aunt Jill and Iona were looking at me quizzically. Before I could explain, Paige came storming back downstairs.

“You” she screeched, “you…played me. I…well done, Zane,” she abruptly changed emotional direction. “I’ll let Belle know that I apologize for behaving immaturely.” Paige shook her head a few times. “I give you this round and I have to applaud your psychological manipulation of the situation, Zane.” Paige leaned up, kissed me on my lips, and headed back upstairs.

“What was that all about?” Jill came up and whispered to me.

“I wish I knew,” I shrugged.

“I think Paige may be too smart,” Iona observed. “She sees plans in your instinctual reactions. I suddenly think Cordelia is in serious trouble in her feud with you.”

After that circus, I had a reasonable expectation of a drama-reduced conclusion of the weekend. I was going out with Heaven after all. Things could still go wrong. When I made my way to my car at five it wasn’t Heaven I saw; it was Hope. Mind you, Hope looked amazing dressed in white boots, leggings, below-the-knee length skirt, skin-tight shirt, and bolero jacket. I was suddenly worried about in which cultures white is the color of Death.

“Hey, Hope,” I greeted her as I pulled out my phone and hit Heaven’s speed dial.

“Hello, Zane,” she grinned as she folded her arms and tilted her hip as she waited for me to attend to business.

“Zane,” Heaven mumbled from the other end.

“Babe, what is going on? I like Hope and I owe her a date but I want to be with you right now,” I said. There was a long pause.

“We agreed that there would be more of a rotation to help us deal with the stress of this school year,” Heaven moped.

“Could you hurry up and come down here? Because there is something I want to talk to you about but not over the phone,” I requested.

“I don’t want to…fine,” Heaven groaned, “I’ll be down in a second.”

“As a joke I tried to get anyone to bet me you wouldn’t call. No one took the bet,” Hope smiled.

“You are very beautiful, Hope. This is nothing against you, but I had my heart set on Heaven tonight,” I told her. “Besides, at 12:01 tonight, I really, really wanted to nail her.”

“You might get the chance to nail someone anyway,” Hope smiled seductively. “It isn’t like you are unfamiliar with my body and I certainly don’t mind being in close proximity to you.”

“Doesn’t your Dad kill people for a living?” I questioned.

“No, silly, he’s in private security. As far as I know, he hasn’t killed anyone in the United States in some time — that wasn’t self-defense,” Hope explained.

“I’m still not going to mention to him that we are going out. He’d break every bone in your body. He’s very protective of his daughters,” Hope studied me for my reaction.

“Eh, he’s an old guy,” I mused. “I can probably take him.” Hope began giggling hysterically. Heaven came running up and hug-tackled me, ending that discussion. Christina followed along at a more sedate pace.

“I am so fucking horny,” Heaven whispered in my ear.

“That’s not fair,” I growled, “because now all I can think of his your sweaty back pressed against me as I rub my hands all over your stomach and breasts.”

“Bastard,” she sizzled, but she was clearly less stressed about her now. “What did you want to tell me?”

“When I got home I ran across a mutual friend,” I teased.

“Who?” Heaven worried. I pulled out my wallet and retrieved a certain someone’s card.

“She asked about me, but she really wanted to know about you,” I said as I handed Officer Danica Campbell’s card over. “She told me she misses the feel of you brushing your tits along her back and your hard cock filling her up in every way. She wants to know when you, and maybe I, can stop by.”

Heaven’s eyes grew wider as she looked from the card then over to me several times.

“I…uh…really?” Heaven questioned. I nodded in the affirmative.

“If you feel like it, call her and set something up and I’ll tag along if you want me to.”

“Remember, I’m busy Wednesday nights,” I suggested. Heaven now seemed positively ecstatic.

She gave me one more long kiss, skipped over to Christina, showed her the card and began hurriedly whispering to her. Christina shot me a curious look then smiled, giving her seal of approval to my little gift to Heaven. As those two turned the corner, I walked over to Hope.

“Thank you for waiting, Hope,” I said, as I took both her hands in my own.

“I fully understand Zane. Loyalty is not one of your failings and it wasn’t like you recoiled at the sight of me,” Hope teased. “Now let’s go.” I opened her car door and held it open so she could get in, then went around and got in my side, started things up, and left campus.

“So, what’s the agenda for tonight?” she inquired.

“There is this place on Carver Street that sells the thickest hamburgers we’ve ever seen, or so I’m told,” I related. “After that, we walk around UV campus until 7:30 when we catch the noir film classic A Woman’s Face. I’ve never seen it but I heard it is about the dual nature of women as both nurturer and spirit of vengeance.” Hope seemed intrigued so I counted that as a win.

We had barely beat curfew coming through the gates but neither Hope nor I seemed ready to call it a night. I had my own reasons for wandering around FFU’s campus and if Hope had any ideas about my intentions, she kept quiet about them. It was nearly eleven when I led my date up to the Solarium. Thankfully, the lights were out and some of the sofa-beds were occupied.

We tip-toed to my room around the Chinese screens, revealing my actual sleeping station to be miraculously unoccupied. Barbie Lynn, Rio, Mercy, and Vivian had all bowed to my wishes to be alone tonight. I turned around and pulled Hope to me.

“Yes?” she whispered. “Are we finally up to something because you’ve been picking this moment with care? As your Marksmanship instructor, I approve. As a woman keenly expecting masculine attention, I’m getting a bit frustrated.”

I let my lips do my talking, starting at her finely crafted lips, then moving to her earlobe and the spot right below that. That turned out to be a magic spark for Hope and she began systematically throbbing against me. When I tried to pass farther along her neck toward her shoulder, Hope grabbed the hair on the back of my head and returned me to that place.

A little tongue action in conjunction with my lips elicited a grunt from the lady.

“Ugh,” Hope gulped, “Right there…just like that.” Since we were having a serious disagreement about who was in charge here — and I was losing — I moved my hands from her hips. They traipsed along her side, tickling her, and I moved them simultaneously to both breasts.

Hope did an admirable job of body control but her nipples were the great betrayers. They popped up like a ‘just right’ indicator on a Thanksgiving turkey. Her bra felt simple but thin, so a vigorous stimulation of her nubs produced unbeatable results for her. I alternated between caressing her firm yet pliable breasts and rubbing and twisting her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

“No…no,” she panted softly. She wasn’t begging me to stop. She was forcing her stimulation under control by will alone. She was raising the threshold of her climax and I was going to have to really work to overcome her resistance. That was the game with Hope; she was a female tiger, uncertain if the male before her was a worthy mate to submit herself to. Hope wasn’t looking for a partner; with her, all battles had winners and losers.

I didn’t plan to lose and just like she had all the aces where firearms were involved, I had the vastly superior experience in giving and receiving pleasure. Speaking of which, I detached my left hand to Hope’s right and pulled it down my torso in a steady, serpentine motion. The destination wasn’t my crotch but my belt buckle.

Hope once told the club that she was trained to field strip her rifle in the dark with her right (main) hand tied behind her back. She certainly didn’t disappoint me with her removal of my buckle and her rapid whipping out she managed with my belt. I confidently returned my hand to her breast. Hope countered by stepping up with her right leg between mine and her left leg on the outside so she could start some bump and grind action against my upper thigh.

She worked my zipper open and my pants partially down before she began to squeeze and stroke my intensely anxious cock.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she purred.

“I’m thinking the same thing,” I panted my response. Hope used her one free hand to push off from my chest.

“I want to feel it…on my lips and tongue,” she breathed through her nose as she spoke. “Barbie Lynn won’t stop licking her lips when she talks about your semen on her tongue and all Heaven does is blush, look down, and have this annoying little smile on her face. It is driving Chastity and I nuts.”

“That’s nice; now hush up and take off my clothes,” I ordered calmly. This was sort of the test for what I was aiming for with Hope.

“You want me to take off your clothes?” she questioned. I replied with a nod. Hope studied me for a second, not my face and intent, but in preparation of her approach to stripping me.

Hope slowly tugged my shirt up, looking me over as she coaxed my arms up so she could eventually take my shirt off.

“Zane…are you…” she was surprisingly hesitant, “are you going to make me…clean you up…after we have anal sex…with my mouth?” Oh, that was the problem.

Heaven and Barbie Lynn did ass-to-mouth for me but it didn’t seem to gross them out. Hope would have found the very idea disgusting before she met me but now she was unsure, and Hope hated being indecisive over any aspect of her life.

“Let’s not worry about that tonight,” I assured her. “I have other plans for you.”

To understand why Hope was currently so meek (for her) and attentive, you had to understand that her Father was a stern warrior-patriarch of a very proud and mostly traditional Korean family. At home, she was the dutiful eldest daughter in a family with no sons; here at FFU, she was aloof and deadly, except around Christina and company, where she got to be a relatively normal American girl in her early twenties.

Hope’s only experience with men was with her Father, who was rumored to have killed any male who looked at her sexually, or expected her to kill the ones he missed. At FFU there were no guys at all for her to form relationships with — until I arrived. It wasn’t a Daddy-issue thing, Hope didn’t charge off into the great unknown; she became a good student and learned, patiently and confidently.

I would have time later to marvel at my brilliance; at the moment, Hope planting small kisses across my abs and chest as my shirt came up was beyond pulse searing. She didn’t know stimulation so much as she understood how a body worked. She also was coolly efficient in easing my shirt over my head and off my arms.

She used a strong, steadying maneuver to take each shoe and sock off before she removed my pants and underwear together. When she finished, she was left kneeling in front of me, my penis bobbing an inch or two from her lips. She stared at it. I cupped a hand over each ear and guided her lips to my blood-engorged head.

I had no intention of ramming it down her throat; her parting of the lips was enough. It was on her own initiative that she licked off the pre-cum starting to appear along the slit. Her lips took in the top of the head and I stopped the pressure on her head. Hope quickly took over, leaning forward, taking in the whole head, retiring before bobbing back and letting her lips pass over the head to the start of the shaft.

I let her figure out by using her mouth and wrapping my cock up with one hand what felt good to me. She was growing in confidence by leap and bounds but I was still in charge. I touched each shoulder and she looked up (pretty damn sexy with her cheeks dimpling in as she sucked my cock).

“Stand up and take off your clothes,” I instructed. I held her hand as she stood. Hope’s removal of her clothing was no striptease, although it did have a certain military grace to it — physically perfect and fearless. Four times I had to stop myself from stepping up and ravish her as her body’s muscles rippled under her smooth, ochre skin and her breasts swung loose, perfectly round and excited.

“On the bed,” I instructed. Hope turned presenting her taut athletic ass to me, each cheek rolling in tandem with each stride. She moved to pull back the covers but I stopped her with a word.

“No,” I corrected her. “I want you above the covers.” Hope smoothly altered her motion so that she crawled on all fours onto the bed. She looked over her shoulder at me, deliciously presented, before rolling onto her back.

I approached her on my hands and knees from the foot of my sleeping platform and languidly stalked up her body until I stopped and kissed her at the joining of the thigh to the torso. Hope remained attentive and quiet, watching me plant kisses on each side of her pubic triangle without touching it.

As I worked my way up to her diaphragm, Hope raised her left leg, bent at the knee, foot resting next to her other knee. I gave a quick smile; Hope was relaxed and enjoying the moment, which is pretty special for a first-timer. I let my lips nibble along the bottom rib until I took a nip out of her waist and made her giggle.

Hope shifted away as she brought the back of her hand up to stifle her snickers. I let her go. I wanted to give her a wide range of sensations to sample. Had I done this with any of the other women I’d taken to bed? No, but no two women are alike. The only person Hope compared herself to was Hope and I gave her that level of respect.

I laid a path of licks and lip suction up her sternum to her far (left) breast. I circled the areola with my tongue, making sure to rub the nipple with my upper or lower lip as I made my circuit. Hope made this cute little coughing noise but otherwise remained still. Her nipple twirled around my tongue before I engulfed it with my mouth and started a strong steady suction that I accentuated by pulling my head up with her nipple extended by the upward maneuver.

This earned me a twitching in her hips. Her raised leg began to flop back and forth to the side while the right leg pressed against me and opened up her crotch for exploration. I took the offer and ran my right hand along her inner thigh above the knee to her plump, moist pussy lips. On the first trip I pushed a finger in up to the first knuckle.

I drew some of her juices down along her other inner thigh until I made a circle under her knee. She shivered slightly as I did so. I zigzagged on the return trip, this time running a finger from the perineum, dipping in to her cunt and making a quick twirl right beneath the clit. Two desperate breaths escaped past Hope’s clenched teeth.

Hope’s orgasm was close — closer than she realized. I moved my lips from her breast to her ear once more. I also subjected her pussy to the energies of another finger. I made slow, shallow strokes directed at parting the labia around her now rather impressive clitoris, twisting it and squeezing it between my fingers. (Strong fingers are something you work on in Marksmanship btw.)

When Hope’s arms snaked up and wrapped me tightly to her, I knew she was on the home stretch.

“I am going to take you now,” I whispered in her ear. The thrill and confusion of my intentions tore her apart inside.

She wanted to learn and obey but she also wanted to maintain her virginity, and the two ideas collided like twin locomotives. Remember, sex is in the mind and Hope’s thoughts were on fire. I bit down on her earlobe at the same time I grappled with her right tit and gave several quick sharp spanks to her quim.

“Zaaannneeee!” she started out with a hiss but boiled into a thunderous shout. Her thighs clamped onto my fingers and she drove (no, she didn’t claw — she impaled) her fingers into me like nails. The temporary deafness in my right ear was its own reward. I kissed her, running my tongue along the top and back of her teeth while her body shook and shivered.

When the last of the tremors subsided I released her and pushed up with my arms, keeping my elbows half bent.

“Zane, I’m sorry. I’ve hurt you,” Hope sounded worried that her fingernails had blood on them. The pain was nothing compared to the humiliation I’d go through in the showers tomorrow. Rio took perverse glee crowing over every new sexual scar I accumulated.

“Hush now; on your knees facing me,” I commanded.

This time Hope gave a barely noticeable blink before complying. She sat there attentively, her ass resting on her heels and her palms on her thighs looking smoking hot with damp thighs and perky nipples. I shifted up the bed, keeping to my side until I was properly positioned. I then reached for the back of Hope’s head and confidently directed her toward my cock once more.

Hope picked up right where she’d left off; slurping my head like a lollipop. Hope didn’t get overly ambitious. She sucked me in, rolled my head around her mouth using her tongue with the occasional sojourn an inch or two down my shaft. Being at loose ends since Hope was drooling all over my rod so well, I reached out and began fondling her closest breast.

This time I was rough, milking her breast, gripping the base of the breast and pulling down until I pulled the nipple. No response from Hope wasn’t a bad thing; if she didn’t like it she’d let me know. A few more pleasurable minutes with Hope and I sat up and put my other hand on the small of her back (I have really good abdominal muscles).

I brushed my hand knife-like and pinkie first down between her ass cheeks. I brushed her anus but only briefly because my target was her pussy once more. She was hot, wet, and welcoming. I worked two fingers in and pumped her as hard as I dared. When I had her rocking her hips in response to my thrusts, I jumped my fingers down and vibrantly worked over her clit.

Hope choked and little shimmies emanated from her hips. Again, I switched things up on her; I moved my hand up and rotated my forefinger against her anus until it gave way. Hope made a slight gagging noise but recovered masterfully and upped the tempo of her blowjob.

“Come this way,” I directed her by pulling her right buttocks to me.

Hope wiggled from the waist slightly so she could look down the length of my body into my eyes. I repeated my hand motion, her eyes flashed with pleasure and she quickly straddled my body. Now her pussy was nearly at mouth level (Hope’s pretty tall) while her blowjob continued non-stop in our ’69′. I gripped a buttock in each hand, pulled them apart and then lifted my head to her honey box.

With my first lick, Hope’s resolve began to fracture. I would grove my tongue, move her hips over me and then lick from her clit to the bottom of her cunt. I massaged her several times before resting my head and alternating my fingers in. When my tongue lapped at her creases once more, I trailed a finger up to her anus — no reaction.

I tickled her backside for half a minute, then substituted my tongue. I probed delicately and Hope stuttered in response. I went back to twirling her clit while pushing my index finger through her sphincter. Her oral attentions finally broke down. She let my cock plop out of her mouth and rested her forehead on my hip while the overwhelming sensations crashed over her senses.

I felt the tightness of her anal cavity around my finger and her pussy throbbing against my tongue. I pushed deeper with my finger and her juices started flowing as Hope became more and more aroused. Valiantly, she stepped up her game, kissing and sucking one of my balls into her mouth. I moaned, which made her very happy.

Hope’s clit played along my lips as I took it in and sucked on it. She was rubbing my cock shaft as she tantalized my balls when she felt it start to pulse in her hand. My cockhead was engulfed by her lips and she remorselessly gobbling up the top third of my penis with the addition of a little twisting motion with her head and throat.

“I’m cumming,” I growled. “Take it all but don’t swallow until I tell you to.” Hope drove me on faster and harder and I reciprocated on her two holes. When I took on her clit once more, it wasn’t in the form of a monster wave crashing on the beach but like a building tsunami pulling the energy before pummeling in one overwhelming surge. I poked a second finger into her anus to drive her over the top.

Hope’s back arched violently and a thin stream of fluid squirted into my mouth. She humped my face and squeezed my fingers in her asshole in a corkscrew fashion.

“Zane!” she belted out musically. “Oh, God, that’s great…ummm…oh, yes, don’t stop.” My member slapped against my stomach and my balls were starting to boil and I couldn’t hold back for long.

Several more flexes and grunts came from Hope before she settled down enough for me to get her to do what I wanted.

“Hope, I’m cumming,” I ground out once more and just in time. Hope barely got my shaft upright and her lips over my head before I began ejaculating into her mouth.

She breathed sharply through her nose but didn’t choke or spew. Time after time she took my seed until I mustered the strength to let her know I was done. Hope dismounted me and resumed her kneeling position supported by unsteady thighs. I was a little slower in following her though her eyes sparkled when I looked into their brown depths.

“Show me,” I told her. Hope opened her mouth and I saw my semen brimmed inside. I kissed her lower lip along its entire length then did the same to her upper. I didn’t take any of my jizz this time — that would came another time. For now,

“Swallow,” I spoke, and she did in a mighty gulp. I pulled her into me and led us down onto the comforter, Hope resting in my embrace.

I soaked up the gentle passion of the moment with Hope in my arms. When she started kissing me on the neck I realized that was her way of asking for more. I twisted my body and pulled Hope past me so she could extend herself onto her hands and knees with me at her side. She lowered herself, letting her long, luxurious black hair cascade over her far shoulder.

My hands roamed over the back of her neck and shoulders while I kissed her mid and lower back. I shifted from her side, ending up behind her. I gave a slight nudge to her calf to get Hope to open her legs wide and let me position my hips behind her. I gave my rod a few strokes to get it ready but really the visual tableau of the tightly sculpted muscles of her shoulders, back, hips, and buttocks made the physical stimulation superfluous for me.

Keeping my eyes on Hope, I leaned way back and rummaged under the rolled-up blanket at the foot of the bed. The heating pad I’d asked Barbie Lynn to place there made finding the vial of viscous scented oil that was being warmed up easy. I was pleasantly assured of my feel for Hope to notice she hadn’t looked back to see what I was up to. That took a great deal of confidence and trust.

The serenity with which Hope greeted the thin stream of liquid as it steamed while flowing from her tailbone into her cleft was intensely arousing to my sight. I set down the container and began rubbing the oil in. First I started around the anus but I soon moved over each cheek, massaging them as well. When I coasted down to her inner thighs Hope figured out what was really going on and I could swear I heard a phantom cough of amusement.

She knew I’d tricked her in a playful way. A few seconds later she pieced together the why — distracting her was secondary to easing the fatigue creeping through her thighs, lower back and butt brought on by several tense orgasms. There would be no muting of our joining. For ten minutes she relaxed and soaked up the hot oil working into her flesh.

I restarted my efforts by kissing each hip, signaling her that I was anxious for her flesh. I placed one hand on the small of her back and lined up my cock at the top of her butt crack. I gently rocked forward, pushing my cock onto her back. Swaying back, I let my penis slip off her butt, letting it swing free before thrusting forward once more.

This time I directed it languidly along the base of her cunt, letting my cockhead part her lips and plow her furrows until I touched then passed the clit on my way through her pubic hair and beyond. I repeated this orchestra of lust, adding in a movement where my bulbous head pressured her sphincter to the point of violation before sliding elsewhere.

“Jesus, Zane,” Hope sung out, “make up your mind. You are driving me crazy.” Hope wasn’t being exhorted to climax by any loss of control; it was the tension brought about by not knowing what direction the lesson was going to take. For someone else it would be as if you were reading LA Confidential one night only to discover that the last quarter of the book was missing and not accessible until the next morning.

“There will be no intercourse for us tonight, Hope,” I informed her. I began pumping along her pussy, mimicking the fucking motion. Time and again I let my penis head cut along her labia, brush her clitoris until it was stimulated by the low ridges along the shaft. It didn’t take long for Hope to start pushing back against me to maximize my ‘depth’.

Chapter 4 — Falling in Love


I spent the weekend after meeting Adam and Ryan relaxing at home, jerking off a couple of times at the memory, but quite satisfied at my recent foray into the world of bisexuality. I had now sucked five cocks, eaten loads of cum, been pissed on, and fucked in the ass. There wasn’t much left to do as far as I knew. I still wanted to suck cock on occasion, but there was no longer a fantasy that I felt that I had to achieve.

Over the next few months, I continued to check out Craigslist, finding few ads worth replying to. In the meantime, work had gotten busy and they had decided to extend my time in Hong Kong another two years, which was great for me since I was saving a boatload of cash here with almost no expenses, as I had neither a car nor a money-grubbing girlfriend. I had received a promotion and was getting worried about my extracurricular activities, wondering if I was becoming too high profile in the corporate world to maintain a secret life as an down-low cocksucker. Still, I couldn’t resist the occasional outing, replying to an ad once or twice a month, visiting a hotel, and sucking an anonymous visitor to completion before jerking myself off. Adam and Ryan had told me a few things about safety and I had since been tested negative, but I had also stopped swallowing cum from an unknown donor. I would suck until the guy was about to shoot, then have him unload on my face. Over the next 6 months I met up with ten guys, blowing each of them without exchanging names. I learned that I had been very fortunate in my early dealings with Matt, Adam, and Ryan: all attractive, in-shape guys with great cocks. The men I met on CL were a varied bunch, but mostly married, out-of-shape and older, with average dicks that didn’t get enough attention back home. I didn’t care though; I had a cock craving that needed to be satisfied on a regular basis. I found myself focusing on the cock as soon as I saw it, ignoring the body and face behind it. I loved a hard cock in my mouth, regardless of its owner. Once I had sucked for a while and the load deposited on my face, I cleaned up and left without saying anything. I felt no shame, but thought perhaps I should, given that I was slumming for cocks on Craigslist. I suppose I was an addict of sorts, needing a new cock every two weeks or so, and I didn’t care where I got it.

This less-than-admirable behavior had continued for half a year when I saw an ad that intrigued me. It was posted by a bi-curious guy who was visiting Hong Kong, but he could not host at his hotel. I had never had another man over to my place, preferring to remain as anonymous as possible, but this guy was clearly new to the game and I felt a sudden longing to teach. I remember how Matt had brought me into this world and I wanted to do the same to this guy. I replied to him with a few questions and he soon responded, giving me his real name, Geoff. I knew he was a total novice at that point, and decided to invite him over. It was a Sunday afternoon and he accepted. I gave him my mobile number as my place could be difficult to find for someone from out of town, and he said he would show up around 4.

Before he arrived, I chilled some beers and started watching a bit of gay porn on the TV to get myself ready. When my cell rang, it was Geoff who, as expected, couldn’t find my place. I had to run down to the street to get him, and was not impressed with what I saw. He was shorter than I am, wispy, thinning blond hair, a bit chubby, and shy, barely shaking my hand or making eye contact. I introduced myself as Alan and showed him my apartment building and told him to go up to my floor where the door was open, I would follow later to avoid any awkward elevator encounters with my nosy neighbors. He complied and I waited a couple of minutes before going back up.

When I got there, he had made himself at home, sitting on the couch transfixed in front of the TV watching the porno I had left on. In it, one guy was sucking another, his mouth swallowing every bit of what looked to be a 12-inch dick. Geoff saw me and asked quietly if we would be doing that. I told him we would be doing whatever he wanted as I realized he had never seen gay porn before, given how slack-jawed he was.

I got us a couple of beers and we sat on the couch, watching the last few minutes of the flick and making small talk. As the film ended and that 12-inch cock shot a huge load on the sucker’s face, Geoff almost whimpered. I noticed his cock was hard in his khakis, so I asked him what had brought him to my place. He took some time to explain how he had been reading erotic stories and in one, a man was forced to suck three dicks by his wife as part of a sex game. He found himself turned on and since then, he had been thinking about guys differently and had started fantasizing about giving a blow job. I recalled that when I first me Matt, he had whipped out his cock without my noticing, but I decided to let Geoff talk some more as I moved closer. His story resembled mine in many ways, straight identified but suddenly, inexplicably, thinking about cock more and more. When I asked him if he had any experience, he blushed in embarrassment, as if being a virgin in this area was unheard of.

I asked him what his fantasies were, and he pointed to the TV, where the porn had started again and the lucky cocksucker was already on his knees taking care of business. I moved next to Geoff and started to softly stroke his cock through his pants, asking him whether he wanted to suck or be sucked. His whole body stiffened, but he managed to emit a quiet “both”, so I unzipped his trousers and told him to stand up. He did so, and I took off his pants, revealing a laughably tight pair of white briefs, tighty whities in the vernacular. I quickly removed those mood-killers along with his pants, allowing his cock some air. He was dripping precum as I put my hand around his shaft, feeling his heat. Geoff sat back down without saying a word, and I told him to take off his shirt. He did so, clearly unsure what would come next. I told him to relax and put my head on his lap, licking his cock for a few seconds while cradling his balls with my other hand. He moaned quietly and I finally put his cock in my mouth. I began to suck it and he came almost immediately, shooting his load without making any noise. I was too surprised to do anything but swallow it, and enjoyed the taste that I had forgone for so long.

When he was finished, he immediately apologized, professing that he had not jerked off in some time. I told him not to worry, and asked him if he was ready to return the favor. He looked unsure, and I didn’t want to force him into it, so I just took off my pants and boxers and showed him my cock, stroking it slowly. He just stared at it, and I knew he had never seen another man’s erection before. Behind me, the porn was still going so I moved out of his way and let him watch it, hoping he would get the idea, while I kept myself hard with the occasional stroke.

He continued to alternate glances between my cock and the suck show on the TV. Finally, he dropped to his knees and I moved my cock to his face, lightly brushing his nose and leaving just a touch of precum there. He looked up at me and I nodded, telling him it was OK without being too pushy. He grabbed my cock and stroked it, too hard at first. I told him to relax and just do what he wanted. He looked again at my cock, then the TV, then he closed his eyes, grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth. His tongue slowly explored my shaft and cock head, and he started to suck. He really didn’t know what he was doing, and I had to ask him to watch his teeth a couple of times, for which he again apologized. Eventually he got the hang of it though, sucking and licking, kissing my balls and putting them in his mouth. It was his first blow job and he was definitely enjoying it.

I sat back down on the couch and let him continue, encouraging him to suck harder or softer as necessary, guiding his head with my hands. After about 15 minutes, he was getting noticeably tired, not surprising for someone whose jaw muscles weren’t accustomed to the action. I was ready to shoot, so I asked him where he wanted me to cum. He wasn’t ready to swallow so I told him I would cum on his face. He didn’t resist, and so I stood up again and began to stroke while he remained on his knees. My cock slapped against his face as I grew closer to orgasm, and he opened his mouth, sticking out his tongue. I put my cock in there and face fucked him for a few seconds and that was enough. I pulled out and shot a rope of white cream onto his cheek. He brought his face in close and moved it around my cock head as I continued to spurt. When I was done, his face was full of my juices. He had done well for his first man-to-man sex, and I complimented him, earning a sheepish grin.

He asked for a towel, so I got him one and pointed him to the shower. I got dressed, and finished the beer while waiting for him to clean up. When he came out, I asked him if he wanted another beer, but he politely declined, saying he had to be up for work early Monday. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself, but he was non-committal as we said an awkward goodbye. I wondered if he would feel any shame, like I had after my first encounter with Matt. After he left, I soon forgot about him though, and ended up going to bed early, exhausted from our afternoon activities.


While at work two days later, I received a text from Geoff on my cell phone, asking if he could come over that night. I was surprised as he had not seemed like a guy who would want to continue this so quickly, but I had enjoyed being the teacher and wanted to see if we could go farther, so I agreed, asking him to arrive around 7.

I left the office a bit early, getting home in time to shower and freshen up. Geoff remembered the building this time and arrived a few minutes late. When he entered, he seemed more confident and attractive, firmly shaking my hand and looking me in the eye. Again, I took him to the sofa and got him a beer. There was no porno on the TV this time, so we started chatting. He told me how much he enjoyed his first experience with me and he wanted to do more. He admitted that he was so nervous at our initial meeting that he couldn’t communicate properly, but this was his truer personality. We started talking about fantasies and he asked about my experiences. I told him a few of my stories, including the time I had a threesome with Adam and Ryan. He was clearly turned on when I described being fucked and as I continued with the tale, he moved closer and started rubbing my leg. He got right next to me and planted a kiss on my cheek and then my neck, tender but tentative. We had not kissed in our previous encounter so I was taken aback at first, but Geoff was persistent. I found his newfound aggressiveness extremely sexy and without thinking I asked him to the bedroom and he heartily agreed.

We got into the bed still fully clothed, and Geoff pushed his body next to mine, continuing to kiss me on my neck, which was turning me on incredibly. He didn’t have any whiskers, so there wasn’t that burning sensation that I had experienced when kissing other guys. I let him continue to kiss me until he moved up to my face and looked into my eyes, searching for a response. I answered with a deep kiss on his lips, and soon we were necking, our tongues in each other’s mouths, holding each other tightly. He broke the kiss and again looked into my eyes and I felt a strange attraction to this man. I tenderly kissed him again as I removed his shirt, lavishing his chest and stomach with even more kisses. He pulled me back to his face and kissed me lovingly. He had clearly been waiting for the right person to show him that man-to-man sex was wonderful and he was a quicker learner than I had been.

As we continued to make out like teens on a first date, Geoff gradually unbuttoned my shirt and took his time with my nipples, lightly biting them and inducing waves of pleasure in me. He was actually a skilled lover now that his nerves had disappeared and my cock could not take the strain, so I undid my pants. Geoff didn’t waste the opportunity, quickly moving down to kiss my cock tent. I shook off my pants and he did likewise, revealing a much more suitable pair of black boxers. He continued to moisten my own briefs before pulling them down and gobbling my cock with abandon. His technique had improved immeasurably since two days before, and he proceeded to give me a great blow job, his hands cupping my balls as he sucked.

After a few minutes, he moved his body around so his cock was next to my face. I took off his boxers and pulled his body above mine, so we were in a true 69 position with me on my back and his manhood hovering above my face. He continued to suck noisily while I admired his rod. It wasn’t big, but it was beautiful, with a sculpted head that I desperately wanted. I pulled him into me and started to suck, paying particular attention to his cock head. Geoff was able to control himself this time and we spent a good half hour just sucking each other, our satisfied slurps the only sounds we made.

Geoff tired first and started to stroke me while giving his mouth a rest. I continued to suck him for a bit, but eventually he pulled out and turned around to start kissing me again. I could taste my cock on his tongue and I knew he could do the same. We made out with passion, the most I had felt for another man, which shocked me. I always considered myself nothing more than an occasional cocksucker, but I was feeling something different for Geoff, perhaps because I was his first.

We looked into each other’s eyes and there was a clear connection. Geoff kissed me softly a few times, and whispered in my ear that he wanted to eat my load. I wasn’t going to refuse his request and it made me doubly horny to know my cum would be the first he would swallow. He quickly went back down on me and resumed this wonderful suck job. Within minutes, he had me on the brink, and he looked up at me in anticipation, eager for his first fill of man juice. I moaned and managed to shout out “I’m cumming!”, all the while looking at Geoff. Amazingly he kept looking at me as I shot my load into his mouth. When I was done, he made a point of swallowing it loudly with a huge smile. He told me he loved it and then kissed me again, deeply, before telling me that it was his turn. He ordered me to lie down and straddled me and told me he was going to cum on my face. I didn’t have much choice as he pinned me down, beginning to jerk off violently. As he approached the point of no return, his face became red with exertion and then he exploded with a yell, his cum going all over the bedsheets and pillows, as well as a few drops hitting my face. Spent in more ways than one, Geoff collapsed next to me. I moved down to suck his cock as it softened while he drifted off.

I let him sleep for a while, cleaning up his mess and taking a quick shower, confused with my feelings. I couldn’t deny our kissing was incredibly passionate and that I felt a spark. Was it because I wanted to bring Geoff fully into this wonderful world or something else?

When I got out of the shower, Geoff had put his boxers back on and returned to the sofa. I was still in my towel and sat right next to him. He smiled and leaned in to me for another kiss. There was no doubt he was into me as the kiss was tender yet firm. I wasn’t quite ready for another session as it was getting late, so I broke it off and got us some beers. While we drank, we started talking about our personal lives. Geoff was living on the West Coast but had trips to Hong Kong once or twice a month. This was definitely his first homosexual experience and he was glad that I was a good-looking guy who wasn’t pushy. As we finished our beers, he told me that he had to leave Thursday, but asked if he could come back tomorrow. I was certainly enjoying our time together and couldn’t think of a reason to refuse, so told him to arrive at 7 again. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he would think about it. Then he asked if we could watch the porn again.

It was getting late, but I found myself wanting Geoff to stay longer, so I quickly turned on the DVD player and started it up. Soon there was a huge cock on screen being sucked by a man and Geoff watched, engrossed. He began to stroke himself without realizing it. As he quickened, I sensed a chance to eat his cum through his underwear, a sensation I loved the only other time I had done it. I got on my knees and told him to stroke harder. Soon he began to moan and I put his cock tip in my mouth, tasting the sweat that had built up in his boxers over the day. When he released, I got a few drops through the cotton, but not much else. I pulled the boxers down, licking the cum off them before sucking the rest off of Geoff’s dick.

When sat back on the couch, Geoff again kissed me deeply. As he pulled away, I found myself asking him if he wanted to stay. He was tempted but he needed to get back for an early wake-up call. However, he said he could stay tomorrow night as his flight wasn’t until Thursday afternoon. I agreed to this and after Geoff had dressed using a pair of my spare boxers in place of his cum-soaked one, we kissed goodbye, a long, romantic clutch. After he left, I took his underwear and put them over my face, smelling his sweat and cum. I lay on my bed and jerked off like that, falling asleep with Geoff’s boxers still on my face.


The next day I got home early to do some laundry, including Geoff’s boxers. When he arrived on schedule, he had brought a bottle of wine and some take out. Our activities the previous evening had not included dinner, and I was touched by his courtesy. Even more impressive was that he had cum in my underwear before leaving his hotel. He handed them to me and told me to eat it, like I had done the day before. I greedily did, licking as much of his drying load as I could while he watched. This relationship was getting interesting and unpredictable and Geoff was slowly taking charge, recognizing I was more of a cum-loving sub.

We opened the takeout and the wine, and had a meal on the couch as we chatted. I had not mentioned eating cum-covered food and decided to let that go for now. Instead we talked about our lives, and I finally told him my real name, which did not surprise or upset him. I gave him more information than I had to anyone else in this man-only world. He did the same, and there was a connection that we were sharing that I had never felt before, even with a woman. Geoff was intelligent and a quick learner. I was proud that I was the one to get him to open up to his bisexuality, but now he seemed to be in control without being dominant or overbearing. Bringing me a load of his cum to eat told me that he understood my needs and I couldn’t have been happier.

We turned on the TV and watched an American sitcom for a while, sitting next to each other so that our legs were touching. I started to massage his shoulders and he leaned over to kiss me. We started to make out again, and again we quickly jumped in bed, soon locked in a 69. I found myself loving his cock like I had done with Matt, sucking and licking it like it was its own being. But this time, I was loving more than just his cock.

As we continued our mutual suckfest, I felt an urge that I had not felt with another man — to rim him. Matt had asked me to do it, but since then it was something I had avoided. With Geoff though, I wanted everything. I removed his cock from my mouth and licked the bottom of his balls, moving my tongue slowly towards his rosebud. Geoff knew what I was doing and opened his ass for me, letting me dig in. I tongued around the outside, feeling and loving that unique texture, making it nice and wet, before kissing it deeply and inserting my tongue. I licked Geoff’s asshole and he stopped sucking me to enjoy the experience. I buried my face in his ass, my hands pulling it apart so I could get as deep as possible. My tongue explored virgin territory for both of us; I had never spent so much time or gone so deeply into another person’s backside.

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