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As I cooked dinner I mulled over this sudden change of events. Well I guess it was wasn’t really sudden or unexpected, it was just not what I thought the next step would be.

As we ate dinner and watched the news I asked her if she thought she was going to have sex with him on her date. She said, “I’m not really sure of his plans but I sure hope so.” She smiled, leaned over and rubbed my crotch and continued, “Then I’ll really be that hot little wife you’ve been fantasizing about all this time.”

Instantly I felt my cock grow just a little chubby despite my surprise. My eyes widened slightly, “Don’t you think you’re moving a little fast?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” she said withdrawing her hand and giving me a perturbed look. “This ain’t kindergarten. A wife having a boyfriend means they’re fucking. I’m not trying to go steady or get to second base. You’re the one that bought me the hot wife ankle bracelet and started all this. I did everything but conceived a child with him on webcam Friday and now you’re asking if I’m going to let my boyfriend fuck me?”

Shit, she was right. I felt like an idiot and it’s too late to act like I was kidding. “Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess the reality of if all just has me on edge.”

Kay’s expression relaxed as she leaned back over clasping my arm and said, “Honey, I know it’s hard for little boys to share their best toy but remember you’re going to have as much fun as I do. I love you.”

“I love you too,” and we kissed.

After dinner Kay was watching TV and playing “DrawSomething” on her iPad, like normal. I got up from my computer to get a beer and noticed she wasn’t playing a game but watching a hot interracial porn. I said, “Whoa, what the hell you watching?”

She giggled and said that Cavendish had sent her a list of his favorite porns and they’re hot. I could tell they were by the small wet spot revealing a glimmer of pussy through her panties. Yum! Anyway, I told her to send me the list so I could enjoy them too.

Later that night after Kay went to bed I watched some of the videos. They were fucking hot. He had good taste. They were mostly hot wives fucking black bulls and they were the good ones, the amateur ones, the type that show real wives really enjoying a big black cock. I hate those over produced porns, beautiful actors pretending to be the typical house wife.

By the end of Thursday night I had made it through about half of the videos. The husbands watched, videotaped and sometimes participated in various ways. But what really got me going was the intensity of the wives. They just flat out worshiped their bull’s cock and balls.

You could see it in their eyes as they licked slowly up and down a black veiny shaft or held onto their cock with two hands as they suck on the swollen pink knob the size of an apricot, every so often looking at it, kissing it.

Some would cup their lovers big balls in one hand while holding the shaft in the other and proceed to bathe the genitals with their tongue. This was followed by burying their face deep into the soft flesh between the base of the cock and the loose hanging balls where they kissed and then rubbed the essence of their man over their entire face like a fine perfume. This was good stuff.

Friday morning I was pretty exhausted and drained from two late nights of watching hot wife debauchery. It really got me off thinking how these video links were sent to my wife by her boyfriend! I may have been reluctant before but damn I hope Kay gets fucked tonight.

Fast forward, I’m naked with a rock hard boner that I can’t seem to keep my hands off of. I pace the house, get a beer, peak out the window and return to the Cavendish videos. Over and over I repeat these same steps in a different order. God this is torture. When will she be home? Is she fucking him right now? Are we doing the right thing? I’m going to fuck her sloppy wet pussy hard!

I’m naked with a rock hard boner and Kay walks in the front door. Embarrassed as hell I stammer, “What are you doing home so early?” I covered my hard-on like a bad little boy caught in the act. It was only ten o’clock and I thought it would be at least midnight before she returned. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine and we had a great time,” she said as she knelt down next to my chair. Kay then took my hard cock in her hand and began stroking it with a mischievous yet concerned smile on her face. Damn, they couldn’t have had time for sex but it looked like I’d be the pinch hitter. I was really hoping we had broken new ground, at least more than dinner with a boyfriend.

“Are you horny baby?” Kay asked. Holy shit, I’ve been drenched in hot wife videos for two days and sporting a solid steal hard-on for the last four hours waiting for sex utopia to arrive. I’m so fucking horny I’m going to rape her right after I find out why her date was cut short unless it takes more than five minutes, then the rest of the story will have to wait.

“Yeah, a little. So what happened and why are you home so early? I thought this was your big night. I thought you’d come home late, ravaged and happy.”

She continued to stroke my dick which I was having trouble not shooting prematurely. “Oh, I’m happy and ready to be ravaged. Cavendish is outside and has given us ten minutes to decide if we want to play.”

“WTF?”, I thought. Wait, why have I started using letters for profanity in my own head? Wait, what the fuck! Ok, in the span of one millisecond I’m having a micro conversation with myself and not about the subject! “You mean he’s outside now?”

“Yes pumpkin, now,” looking at me with pleading eyes.” He was going to come in with me but I asked him to give me a moment with you. He agreed only because this is our first time. I need this Tim. I need it now. We’ve been playing all week with this and now we’re going to do it.”

There were several problems here but I was so fucking horny from anticipation all I could say was, “Ok.”

She smiled, wide eyed, and leaned over and gave my cock head a three second suck and then said, “Thank you,” as she ran out the door.

My dick sat there stupefied. It couldn’t decide whether to grow or shrink. It’s like finding out your archenemy just died. You’re either extremely happy or sad at the human loss but in the end both.

Watching my dick’s decision making processes was interrupted by a large black man being escorted by my wife through our front door. I immediately jumped up to greet him with my well trained business manner when I realized I was standing there naked with a contemplating dick.

“Glad to finally meet you,” I said as I put my pants on. He nodded in an upward direction which I took to mean “Sup”. At least that’s what all the cool people say when they nod that way. Hmm… no more than a head shake greeting but to his credit me being naked didn’t seem to faze him.

“Honey, get Cavendish a drink.”

“Sure, what’s your poison Cavendish?”

“Glenlivet, neat.”

“You’ve got good taste,” I said as I scampered off to the kitchen. Holy shit, my first MMF with Kay. This was going to be great. I poured us both a drink.

When I brought the bottle and drinks back to the living room Kay was cuddled up to him like the love of her life, arms around his waist and her head resting on his large chest. He sat there stoically as I served him his drink.

“So Cavendish what do you do for a living?” I said.

Cavendish said barely audible and ignoring my question, “Do you want me to fuck your wife tonight?”

“What?” I said in a slightly irritated tone. He just sat there and stared at me, not in a threating way but more like commanding an answer. After an uncomfortably long pause I glanced at Kay and said, “Yes.”

“Good answer. We’re going to have a lot of fun. As you know Kay and I have been talking quite a bit over the last month. She has come to understand that she is a sub or submissive and needs me to fulfill her needs. This means I will direct her personal and sexual life but not her family life. Would you like to add something Kay?”

“Honey it’s true, I need this from Cavendish. He already started directing me weeks ago and you haven’t noticed any real change, have you? The only thing we haven’t done is consummate our relationship but tonight’s the night.

“We’ll talk about all this later. Don’t worry we’re not changing things we’re just adding more fun.”

As she said all this Kay had begun to lightly stroke Cavendish’s crotch. I noticed I was gripping my scotch tight as if it was an anchor to the only reality I had left, at least the folks at Glenlivet had put a solid eighteen years into its making.

Cavendish said, “Tonight you will make a symbolic gesture and present your wife to me. I will direct you both. You will only participate in the manner that I specify. “

Wow, this was a lot of stuff coming at me at once.

Cavendish then asked, “Are you in? Are you ready to proceed with tonight’s activities?”

I sat there a moment. Believe it or not, I was still damn horny. I had a million questions and plenty of worries but that would be between me and Kay later. This is my chance to watch and participate in Kay’s first sexual encounter since our marriage.

I swallowed the rest of my anchor and then my pride and said, “Yes.”

“Slut crawl to him, remove his clothes and suck on his cock.”

“Yes daddy,” she said.

Wow, he didn’t waste time but it was starting off good. Kay did as she was told and proceeded to suck me with enthusiasm. It felt great.

“Finger,” Cavendish said.

With that Kay slipped he middle finger into her mouth and pulled it out then sucked my cock back into her mouth. Then she slowly began to work her finger up my ass. Blast Off, we’re going to the moon!

I was shocked and embarrassed but it felt so damn good as she sucked me and fingered my ass at the same time. After a few minutes of turbulence I broke through the outer atmosphere and reached space where I was floating happily along in a new frontier.

Cavendish noticed I had reached orbit and said in his low tone, “Tim grab behind your Knees and pull your legs back,” which I did. Then he said, “Slut finger only.” Kay stopped sucking, placed her finger in her mouth for more lubrication, and then placed me back on course for lunar landing.

There I was with my legs spread wide being penetrated like a virgin bride in front of a practical stranger and I didn’t care. I grabbed my dick but Kay removed it forcing me to experience pure anal penetration, perhaps the only way a man and woman can experience sex in almost the same way. I was definitely going to be giving Kay more anal sex.

Yes, yes! My cock is about to shoot all over my stomach and chest and Cavendish says, “Stop.”

“This is Ground Control to Major Tom…”, I’m left here hanging all alone. I’m in full-on animal lust mode now. You know, that sexual hunger point that drives us to do things we would never do in “real life”. My whole body ached to fuck. It knew its purpose, to breed this woman.

“Good girl,” Cavendish said. Obviously he had already taught her some command terms and she was performing them well. “Tim, strip your wife for me.”

With that Kay stood and faced Cavendish. I needed to make him want to breed her too. That’s the ultimate sexual state, the whole body needing to breed no matter the cost, the mess or humiliation.

I reached around her waist slowly and pulled her short skirt down. She wiggled slightly to help me but more to entice Cavendish. I removed her semi-transparent blouse and accidentally on purpose brushed against her perky tits. As I did a soft moan escaped from my horny wife. While her hands were still in the air I dropped her blouse to the floor and moved my hands back down over her stiff nipples, down her flowing hips to the same white lace open crotch panties she was wearing during last week’s webcam adventure.

I had Kay turn around and bend over. I then slowly pulled her panties down revealing her perfectly shaped ass. At about mid-thigh I paused and reached up to open my wife’s cheeks as wide as I could to reveal the warm tight holes I had to offer him. She arched her back to emphasize her willingness to be mounted by her black lover. He nodded in approval.

My hands roamed down her legs sliding her panties with them until they were around her ankles. Sparkling just above them was the sterling silver ankle bracelet.

Cavendish, in sync with my show, now had his pants at his ankles. His hand stroked his huge hard black cock which inflamed my desire to see his tool penetrate my wife and make her his slut. “Present her,” he said.

Present, but how? In a flash I knew what would make her irresistible. I sat on the couch and positioned a large pillow behind my back so I was sitting on the edge. I had Kay sit high on my lap, I grabbed her legs from behind, and had her spread herself wide as possible with the heels of her feet at the edge of the couch.

My cock was pinned under her ass and it felt good. I reached around with both hands and found her now sopping wet hole. I placed my index fingers inside her sex and pulled it wide open as she had done for him during their webcam date. I scooted a little forward so her cunt was being “presented” and said, “Sir, please seed my wife.”

With that Cavendish rose quickly with savage lust in his eyes and then he made just the slightest pause and walked over slowly and confidently. I’d gotten him! He was out of control for a second with lust. He wasn’t the only one that knew how to control.

As he approached, Kay reached out and grabbed his cock with both hands, one above the other yet his shaft and head still protruded above defiantly. He slapped her wrists sharply which made her release her grip. I felt him spread her legs even wider and he jammed his massive cock to the hilt in one stroke.

I winced. She screamed. My fingers, which had been holding her hole open for him, felt the force of the thrust which caused me to quickly withdraw them. She shuddered on his outstroke and grabbed his ass to assist with his next.

Again, the full thrust of a huge black man’s cock forced deep into her womb. This time Kay’s scream came from immense pleasure. I was not only witnessing this lured scene, in detail, but my cock buried in the crack of her ass was being rewarded by the power of his strokes.

“Fuck me master! Make me your whore,” Kay said as she thrust her cunt forward to meet his strokes.

My hands were now flat, palms down, on her swollen pussy and inner thighs forming a heart shape with my fingers and thumbs spreading her as wide as I could for Cavendish. They encircled her sex so perfectly that I would occasionally feel his cock stroking into my Kay.

Kay had never had a child and her pussy was very tight. With each increasingly rapid stroke her pleasure became an addiction. To my amazement, the fleshy inside of her pussy was being pulled outside about a half inch with each outstroke of Cavendish’s monstrous tool.

He was going for it now. His hard thrusts started to quicken and she was literally bouncing off my lap with a squeal at the zenith of being airborne. I guided her ass crack onto my hard cock as she landed to steal a little pleasure for myself.

The three of us resembled a runaway steam locomotive racing down the tracks. Cavendish’s main rod was pistoning in and out of Kay’s tight cylinder providing the force that drove her along the rail, my cock. Her screams the whistle and her tits were the pressure gauges that Cavendish the engineer tweaked hard from time to time. The train ran full-out for about twenty minutes.

Suddenly, he jabbed deep and hard with a violent force. Kay and I were both slammed against the couch. Cavendish stared like a savage beast into her eyes. We were pinned and frozen in place with a brief moment of absolute silence. Then I felt the slightest of movements, a second, a third, like ripples in a pond washing over your feet. He was filling her.

Before I fully realized the message the ripples had brought I felt the trembling of a violent earthquake in my lap. Kay engulfed his huge muscular frame by wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him as she desperately pulled his ass tight into the home promised exclusively to her husband, me.

Her eruption was unexpectedly quiet with only a low scratchy exhale as if the force of his cum against her womb had forced the last breath of air from her lungs. Her viselike hold on Cavendish was severely challenged as her body shook violently in my lap like a junky without a fix.

As she continued to quiver I felt a warmness on my balls. It was their juices coating my testicles and flowing into the crack of my ass. My cum splattered up my chest.

I may have passed out or entered another dimension, I don’t know. As I became aware of my surroundings Cavendish was seated back in his chair and Kay was meticulously cleaning his cock with her eager tongue, consuming the last remnants of his treasure.

Kay’s round perfect ass was pointing directly at me. Her cunt was gaping open covered in cum. His pearly white sugar was dripping slowly out of her like the frosting on an overheated Cinnabon. This sight would make anyone hungry.

I crawled over to Kay’s ass and scooped some of Cavendish’s cum back into her hole with my finger. I took time to explore her inner cavern as I placed my lips on her puckered brown ring and sucked. Her tight sphincter muscle slowly relented and relaxed enough to crown a little between my lips. Then my tongue force itself deep into her darkest hole.

Kay reach back and stroked my hair twice like I was a good little boy and returned to her cleaning duties. Looking over her ass as I continued my job I saw Cavendish was hard and ready again. “Slut you’re going to eat my cum like a whore,” he said.

Kay said, “Please daddy, I would like that.” To my amazement he pulled her head down by the hair onto one of his thighs positioning her mouth toward his cock. He didn’t want a blowjob he was going to jackoff into her mouth! Held tightly by the hair she opened her mouth wide and eager to be fed. It was incredibly hot watching him stroke that massive tool with the intent of using Kay’s mouth merely as a filthy cum dump.

I rose up to plunge my cock into Kay’s wet pussy but Cavendish looked over and said, “No!” I shrank back down and continued to service her ass with my tongue.

A minute or two later his huge pinkish head grew shiny and purple ready to explode. I withdrew my finger from Kay’s pussy and grabbed my own hard cock and started stroking. “Don’t swallow!” he commanded. The first blast of his sticky cum caught her upper lip leaving a slight ropey white trail to the rest of the cum in her mouth.

I was seeing all this in slow motion. As the second stream arched into her open mouth I slipped down and plunged my tongue into Kay’s hot cunt, licking, sucking and stroking my own straining cock.

The third shot was another direct hit followed by his cock head oozing the remainder of his load down his shaft to his fingers. He wiped his fingers on her cheek and said, “Keep your mouth open and don’t suck.”

Cavendish proceeded to lewdly dip his head into the cum pool in Kay’s mouth and wipe it all around her lips, chin and nose. “Ok, swallow slut.” She swallowed and began cleaning his fingers and cock. My cum hit the carpet and I collapsed onto the floor.

Laying there on my back it occurred to me that I had just been eating my wife’s pussy that was full of Cavendish’s cum. I almost gagged as I realized my lips, chin and nose were also covered with his cum. I wiped my face quickly. “Well it really is cleaner than licking the inside of her ass,” I thought. No big deal it’s just sex. I’ll be more careful next time.

Cavendish told Kay to sit on the coffee table and spread her legs wide. “Open,” he said. She reached down with both hands and stretched open her cum filled pussy. “Your mouth too,” which she did. “Tim, kneel in front of your wife with your hands to your side,” which I did.

Lap Moms 9: Two Moms, Two Laps: Taking Charge

by Tx Tall Tales ©


There’s a new Sheriff in town.

Healing time, and some changes.


Mom hesitated at the entrance to my room. “Are you sure about this, Jeremy?”

“Absolutely. You’re not going to spend another night in the guest room, as long as I’m around. Either you’re in Dad’s bed or you’re in mine. If he doesn’t want you in with him, I sure as hell do.”

“What if…”

“‘What if’ nothing, Mom. He sent you to me, remember? You’re mine until he asks for you back.” And even then, we’ll see.

“He was angry. He didn’t mean it.”

“Enough, Mom. He was going to fuck Aunt Marie, while you were relegated to the guest room. I’m not going to let that happen. It’s gone too far. Come to bed.”

She let me draw her into the room, closing the door behind us. I started undressing her, but she pulled away.


“I want to clean up before bed, baby. Please? I’ll feel better.”

“Alright. Five minutes. I’m going to do the same.”

She nodded. “I’m going to check on your father. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

With my allotted five minutes, I shaved, and brushed my teeth. Back in my bedroom, I took a couple of pain pills, and started removing the braces. I realized my arm hadn’t been hurting me hardly at all, although my leg was still sore. It was closer to ten minutes, and I was about to get up and go looking for her, when Mom opened the door, closing it quietly behind her. I started to get up, but she shook her head. “You just relax. It’s been a long day.”

She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off. She was naked underneath it, and moments later was climbing into my bed. It took me only a few seconds to catch up to her, shedding my shorts and boxers.

I slipped under the covers with her, killing the bedside lamp. She came to me, easing into my arms, and her lips sought out mine. The kiss promised untold pleasures.

“What’s our rules, Jeremy?” she asked softly.

I pulled her closer, my hand sliding down her back, cupping her butt-cheek. “No more rules. You’re mine, Mom. For the next couple of weeks, until I head to school. When you’re in this bedroom, you are 100% mine. All of you.”

“What about your father?”

“You can go to his bed anytime you want. When you do, Aunt Marie will stay with me.”

“She’ll sleep with you?” I heard a little resistance in her voice.

“Only when you don’t. You get to make that decision.”

“But you know I need to spend time with your father. I can’t leave him alone every night until you leave.”

“Then don’t leave him alone.”

“But I want to be with you, baby. I need to be. We have so little time left!”

“It’s not either/or, Mom. You can be with me, and he doesn’t have to be alone.”

I felt her stiffen up, and I gave her a squeeze, bringing my lips to hers. When I pulled away a couple of minutes later, she had relaxed again. “I love you, Mom.”

She squeezed me. “I love you too, baby. I don’t know if I can do it. You’re talking about sending Marie to him, aren’t you?”

“It’s up to you, isn’t it? For the next week, he’s not supposed to be doing anything, anyway. There’s no rush.”

“Aren’t I enough for you, Jeremy? Why would you turn to her?”

“I love her, Mom. You know that. Almost as much as I love you. If I can’t have you, I’m going to have her.”

“What if I don’t want that? What if I say no?”

“Then you can go to the guest room, and send Marie in here.”

“You… you’d throw me away for her?”

“Never. I told you, as long as you’re in my bedroom, I’m yours and you’re mine. When you leave me, I’ll have Aunt Marie.”

“But Jeremy…” she started to whine.

“Enough Mom. For now, you’re here, and you’re mine. Let’s forget about everything else for the moment. I need you to suck me now.”

I gave her a little push for impetus, and she slid down my body. I sighed as I felt her mouth engulf me. “God, I’ve missed this,” I told her.

She started calmly, sucking me gently, but after a minute or two, I felt her start in with her tricks. “Easy, Mom. We’re in no hurry.”

She ignored me, driving me crazy with her sweet mouth. I pushed the covers down, so I could watch her. She peered up at me, and smiled, stroking my cock, while she pulled her mouth away. “Marie’s not going to do this for you,” she smirked.

“Not half as well, that’s for damned sure. You’re the best, Mom. Incredible.”

She grinned. “Don’t you forget it either.”

“Suck your son, Mom.”

She was out to prove something, and gave it her all. I was helpless before that onslaught. I was a couple of inches down her throat, when I felt the impending finish. “Gonna come,” I groaned.

She eased back, holding the head in her mouth, her tongue lashing me, while her hand stroked away. I moaned, and erupted between her lips. She sucked me dry, and kept at it until I was firm again. It only took a few minutes. It was Mom, after all.

“Ride me, Mom.”

She didn’t need any more encouraging. She straddled my hips, and lowered herself onto my cock, sighing as she did so. I groaned, pushing up into her. She put her hand on my stomach, holding me down. “Patience, Jeremy.”

“God, you feel so good.”

“And you’re awfully big. Be patient with me, Ok?”

I nodded as she moved up and down my cock, taking more and more, until she was sitting all the way down, my cock buried inside of her. “Be careful with your leg, baby boy,” she said.

“I love this,” I told her.

She grinned. “I know. Me too.”

She rode me upright for a few minutes, then laid down on top of me, lifting her hips and letting me pound up into her. “I can’t believe how perfect it is with you.”

She chuckled. “Better than your new girlfriend?”

“I love her to death, but it’s a chore with her. I have to be so careful. I know it’ll get better, but with you it’s perfect. Like you were made for me.”

She giggled, turning and kissing me. “You got it backwards, baby. You were made for me. By me, in me.” She moved her hips up and down on my cock, meeting my strokes halfway. “A little harder, baby. You can make Mommy come like this.”

I grabbed her ass, and held it, while I pounded up into her. I felt a twinge in my knee, and turned it sideways, letting my other leg do all the work. It was a bit of a strain, but Mom was worth it. I felt her breathing change, and her head dropped down tucking in between my neck and shoulder. “Fuck me, Jeremy,” she gasped.

I gave her my all, hammering away at her, holding her ass, and driving her down against my cock with each stroke. “Yes – oh, yes – yes, yes, YES!” she cried out, and I felt her come for me, her pussy clamping down on my cock, her fingers digging into me.

I kept pounding her, dragging her orgasm out for as long as possible, until the strain was too much. I slowed down, then stopped, lowering her onto my cock. She rose up on her hands, her breasts bracketing my face, and started a slow steady motion, back and forth, riding my cock wonderfully. We were quiet as she took care of me. I had my hands on her perfect ass, swatting her bottom playfully.

“Relax, baby, let Mommy take care of you,” she whispered huskily, her swaying motion hypnotizing, breasts swinging in front of me, while I slid in and out of her. I looked up into her gentle smile, and saw her action for what it was, comforting and loving.

I settled into the bed, adjusting my leg and arm for the least discomfort as Mom took care of me. As she always had.

“Mom, I…”

“Shhh, baby. Relax. No talking now, Ok? Let me love you.”

No more words from me. The occasional moan maybe, a few sighs, as she gave me comfort.

“Can I come for you, Mom?”

She smiled, kissing my forehead. “I’d love you to come for me, Jeremy. But you shouldn’t come in me. It’s not safe. You can have my mouth or bottom, but for the next few days, it would be best to keep those little baby-makers out of the oven.”

“You’re not on the pill?”

“Why would I do that? Your father got snipped ages ago.”

“But in the car…”

“Timing baby. I was about as safe as could be. Now’s not the same. We have to be careful.”

She changed her rhythm, lowering her body onto mine, and hammering her hips up and down on my cock. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, clinging to her, hugging her close, while I started reacting, thrusting into her.

“Let me do it, baby boy. Just warn me when you’re close.” she whispered into my ear, her actions lengthening, riding more of my shaft.

“I want to come in you, Mom,” I told her, clasping her tighter. I wasn’t about to let her go.

“Please, baby. Not now,” she squirmed, tugging away. “Not like this. We need to talk about it.”

“Now Mom. I need it. I need you.”

I squeezed her tightly as she gave up control, ceasing all resistance. She whimpered softly as I felt the release. Her actions changed again, and she stopped fighting it, and joined me. She was pushing back against me, when I erupted, coming hard. She gasped, her pussy tightening, milking me sweetly. “Fill me, Jeremy. Fill me up, my lovely boy.”

My cock pulsed its seed home. Mom settled down onto me, kissing my face carefully, avoiding my injuries, brushing my hair aside. “I love you, Jeremy,” she whispered.

“God, I love you so much, Mom.”

She smiled. “I know. You’ve proven that much, haven’t you?”

I released her, sliding my hand down her back, caressing her perfect ass cheeks. Kissing her neck, her shoulder. She snuggled against me for a couple of minutes, then climbed out of my bed. She retreated to the bathroom, and returned a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she cleaned me, finishing with her warm mouth, sucking gently for a short while.

She was only playing, teasing. She looked up at me. “Jeremy. That was very irresponsible of us, you understand? What if something happened? What if…?”

“I love you, Mom. More than anything. I need you to be mine, in every way.”

Of course I knew what she was talking about. And I did feel a little guilty. The idea of my mother being so much more, my woman, my wife, the mother of my children, was breathtaking. But I was going off to college. Leaving her behind. Now wasn’t the time.

“But you’re right. That was irresponsible of me. I can’t help it. You know what you do to me. I’ll try to be more careful in the future.”

Before she had me ready to go again, she grabbed the sheets, pulling them over us as she laid down beside me, hugging me. “No more for tonight, alright? You need your rest.”

I hummed my assent, hugging her close. She got comfortable, leaning against me, her head resting on my shoulder.

There may be something better. I don’t know. I’m only 18 years old, and have a lot of living ahead of me. But lying there, holding her, falling asleep with my naked mother in my arms was about as wonderful as it gets. Smelling her, feeling her, the warmth, the love emanating from her. I was able to relax totally, basking in the emotion, the sensation, the unmitigated selfless love. A mother’s love.

* * *

I woke slowly, spooning her body. I slid my hand up from her waist, cupping her breast. Her huge breast. I played with it for a moment, until it hit me. “Morning, Aunt Marie,” I said softly.

I felt her chuckle. “Good Morning, Jeremy. Sleep well?” She turned in my arms facing me.

“Wonderfully. You?”

She grinned. “Pretty good. Colin’s learning to behave himself, mostly.”

“It must be damned hard, with you in his bed.”

Another giggle. “Very hard. I took care of it of course. Twice. What good mother wouldn’t?”

“So you and him…”

“Handjob. I don’t want to steal his youth. His first time should be with someone his own age. Let them learn together. Not that he won’t get a little coaching on the way.”

“You and Mom are pretty amazing coaches. Lucky Colin.”

She pressed her lips to my shoulder, kissing me softly. “You’re not doing so bad yourself, are you?”

“I’m not complaining.”

She rose up a little, and brought her lips to mine. Briefly. “We gotta do something about that breath,” she teased, kissing my jaw line.

“I just need a few minutes.”

She hugged me, giving me a little shake. “Not now. I’m officially on wake-up duty. You’re the last one still in bed. Even your father’s up.”

I pouted, trying to hang onto her, as she wriggled out of my arms, giving me a little push. “Up, Jeremy. The day’s a-wasting.”

As I sat up, I saw she had panties on. She grabbed her shirt, and pulled it over her head, hiding away the eye-candy. She caught me staring, and laughed. “C’mon, sugar. Up and dressed, you can shower after breakfast. It’ll be ready any minute. Don’t get me in trouble.”

She tossed me my shorts, and selected a shirt for me from the closet. As I got dressed, she helped with the knee brace. When she passed me the elbow brace, I told her I didn’t think I needed it.

“We’re not taking any chances. Give it a few more days,” she insisted.

When we got downstairs, Dad was holding court with Colin, while my cousin filled him in on his date. I felt a pang of jealousy, only for a moment. I hoped that the fight with my father wouldn’t change us that much. Aunt Marie guided me to the table, and went to help Mom serve up breakfast.

“Food’s on,” Mom called out, and Dad and Colin got up and joined us. Dad was still moving real slow. Not that I was moving a whole lot faster.

It was a big Sunday brunch. Eggs, bacon, hash-browns, toast, fruit. We started out eating quietly, no reference to the previous night’s fiasco. Mom reached out and grabbed his hand. “Sorry I got so mad at dinner,” she said.

Dad looked up at her, and squeezed her hand. “You’re right. We do need to talk. Afterward?”

She nodded. “I think we need to re-carpet the bedroom.”

Dad shook his head. “Big scrap piece in the garage attic. We should be able to cut out the worse and replace it. It’s not that big a task. It’ll give me something to do.”

Aunt Marie had an issue with that. “You can direct. The boys can handle the work.”

There was a new atmosphere around the table. I could sense it. I wondered if everyone else could. Dad and I still sat at the opposite ends of the table, but Marie was sitting near me, with Colin between her and Dad. Mom was careful to stay in the middle, but watched over me, making sure I had whatever I needed. I felt a subtle change. I liked it.

Dad seemed oblivious, but I wonder how much of that was his drugs. He still looked to be half-out of it.

“Penny?” Aunt Marie asked me.

I shrugged. “Don’t know what she was so pissed about. I went over and tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t see me.”

“Give her a little time,” Mom said.

“I’ll try again later, but I’m not going to be the one always crawling back to her. I don’t know what this game is, but I don’t think I like it.”

I thought Dad was going to interject something, but he bit his tongue and kept eating.

“What do we need for the carpet, Dad?” I asked.

“I’ll make a list. You can Colin can pick up what’s needed.”

I thought about that. I had a feeling it was a way to get me out from underfoot, while he and Mom talked. That was fine by me. Wasn’t going to change anything as far as I was concerned.

Things were surprisingly normal afterward. Colin and I did the work, and Dad supervised. Aunt Marie and Mom took turns checking in on us, and bringing us drinks. I wondered if they weren’t afraid that Dad and I might blowup at each other, but they needn’t have. It was almost like old times.

Colin may well have been part of it. I don’t think I’d ever seen him in a better mood, and Dad was in full-on guidance mode. “You need to call her later. Don’t make a big deal about it. Just a simple, hey, how’s it going, and an offer to get together again. Women need reassurance. They’re always talking about the fragile male ego, but it’s not like theirs isn’t made of sugar crystal, ready to crumble at the smallest perceived slight.”

Colin was all ears, hanging on Dad’s every word. I was reminded of myself a couple of years earlier. Back when I believed Dad knew everything. That he was the smartest guy in the world. Before I knew better.

Maybe he didn’t know everything. Perhaps I pushed him too high up on his pedestal. He still had been the best Dad I could have hoped for.

I grinned. “Listen to him, Colin. You think I could have landed someone like Penny on my own? Dad’s forgotten more about women than we’re like to learn in the next 20 years.”

“Can’t say I know everything. Not by a long shot, but whatever knowledge I do have is yours. You only have to ask.” He was looking at Colin, but I felt the words were directed at me equally.

The carpet looked good. You could hardly tell what we’d done, unless you were looking for it.

Mom and Aunt Alice joined us for an inspection. With their approval, I gathered up the tools to put them away. Colin helped Dad down the stairs. He was walking slow and funny, and I still felt a little bad about the whipping I’d given him. Mom got out the vacuum, and Aunt Marie gathered up the remaining carpet remnant and followed me to the garage. She volunteered to take the carpet pieces into the attic, since my leg brace made it difficult.

She was wearing shorts, baggy legged, and I got a hell of a view coming and going. Aunt Marie was a little nervous and I assured her I’d hold the ladder steady. Which meant I was looking straight up her shorts as she came back down. On about the third step, she lowered herself right onto my face.

“Jeremy!” she squealed.

I was playing with her, wiggling my nose between her cheeks. She started giggling, sticking her butt out. “You are so bad,” she snickered.

I reached up and pulled her shorts and panties to the side, sticking my face back where it didn’t belong.

“Jeremy!” she hissed. “Everyone’s here! Just inside the door!”

“You drive me crazy, Aunt Marie. I want you so bad.”

She pushed me away, blushing, and quickly dropped down a couple of steps. I turned her pinning her to the ladder, playing with her breasts.

“What has gotten into you?” she laughed.

“It’s more what’s not gotten into you. I’m sorry I played those stupid games with you and Mom, trying to bring everyone together. I was an idiot. I should have made love to you every chance I got. You were my childhood fantasy, my favorite person in the whole world, and I screwed things up.”

I saw her smile, and she hugged me. “Am I really your favorite?”

“Don’t be silly. You knew it. Everyone did. It was kind of obvious. My friend, my mentor. You always treated me like an adult. I loved that.”

“What about your Dad? You guys always had a special relationship. I felt so guilty that none of my husbands ever developed that with Colin.”

“We did. Maybe still do. But it was a father/son relationship. A great one, but different. He guided me, mentored me, encouraged me, set an example. You spoiled me, pampered me, gave me a shoulder to cry on, and a sympathetic ear. Not to mention starring in my fantasies for the last 5 years.”

She slipped down to the last step, her face before mine. I kissed her, and she returned it with passion. “I understand. Your Mom and I both do. What you did was screwy, but we both recognize why you did it, and that means a lot to us. In the end, I think it’s mostly worked. Alice and I are the closest we’ve been since, well, since forever. We owe it to you, and your silly machinations.”

“Machinations?” I teased

“What? You think only you and your father are entitled to a vocabulary?”

I kissed her again, pressing against her body, toying with her tits. “What’s going on, Jeremy? Where do you see this going?”

“I don’t know. I’m not making any big plans anymore. I love you, and I want you. I want to spend the night with you.”

“And your mother? Penny?”

“Does it have to include everybody? Do I have to choose? I’ve always loved you and Mom, does that have to change?”

“Honey, sex is different. You can feel love for our family, but you don’t get to screw everyone you meet.”

“I told Mom that if she wasn’t in my bed, you would be.”

She gave me a piercing look. “I get no say in the matter?”

“I told her last night. I’m telling you now. One or the other. I love both of you. Whoever I’m not with can be with Dad.”

She shook her head. “Jeremy, Jeremy. Really? Your father gets your castoffs?”

I nibbled her neck. “Don’t be ridiculous. Like either of you are castoffs. The sexiest, most beautiful women I know. I want both of you. That’s what I really want. But Mom is Dad’s wife, and I know how you’ve felt about him forever. I’m willing to share. With Dad. Nobody else.”

“And my boy?” Aunt Marie asked, giving me a hard look.

“You said it. You want his first time to be with someone his age. I think it’s cool that you two are teaching him. You know he doesn’t have the same level of feelings that I have for you two.”

“What about Penny?” Aunt Marie asked.

“I don’t know. Jesus, Marie! It’s so confusing, and if I try to make things work, it just goes to hell. I don’t know. I want you. I want Mom. That’s what I want. I think Penny is great, and love being with her, but it’s not the same as with you and Mom. Can I be any clearer?”

“Honey, I’m not sure you know what you want. You’re 18. You’re going off to college. Things are going to change.”

“No. I’m not going to love you or Mom any less. I’m starting to regret going away to college. Big time, when I could be here with you two.”

“And Penny,” she reminded me.

“Maybe. She’s pissed at me again. I’m getting tired of it. I don’t even know what I did wrong.”

“A girl wants her man to stick up for her.”

“Right. Last time I stuck up for her, she got mad. This time I don’t, she gets mad. I can’t win for losing.”

Aunt Marie pulled me in for a hug. “We’ll happen, Honey. I promise. For now, the most important thing is your parents. Their marriage is on shakier ground than ever. We’ve got to see them over this. That comes first, don’t you think?”

“Sure, but I don’t know how.”

“That’s for you and your father to work out,” she said.

“I thought you and Mom said you were going to work it out?”

“We’re trying, but it’s slow going. You bangin’ the hell out of your Mom last night didn’t help. Alice is very vocal, you shouldn’t have her screamin’ like that with your father right down the hall. That’s not right.”

“He didn’t want her. He sent her away. Told me to take her.”

“He was angry and hurt. You know that. Don’t be a jerk, Jeremy.”

“No. If he doesn’t want her, I do. If he sends her out of his bedroom, she’s going to sleep with me.”

“Talk to him, Jeremy. You two were always so close. Just talk to him and be honest.”

I sighed. “Alright. I’ll try. But if it blows up, don’t blame me.”

The conversation I knew I needed to have with Penny would have to wait. Aunt Marie was probably right. She usually was. Smarter than me about these things. I was willing to give it a try.

I got our mini-cooler, and put a six-pack in it. Opened the porch umbrella, and setup the beers. I went inside and hunted down Dad. He was parked in front of that damned TV again, watching some weird show about fishing. Golf? Fishing? I was getting worried.

“Dad, can you and I talk, man-to-man?”

He turned. “Always.”

I held out my hand to help him out of the chair, he was moving worse than me. He gripped my hand and I pulled firmly, standing him up. I nodded outside, and he followed. At the table, I waited for him to get seated, and passed him a beer. He saw the six-pack and smiled. “Six beer talk? Must be pretty damned serious.”

“I think it is.”

“I don’t suppose it would have anything to do with the dogs barking in the night?”

I guess he meant Mom. “Everything’s a mess, isn’t it? And I started it all. I’m sorry, and I want to work things out.”

“Bangin’ your mother is workin’ things out?” he snapped.

“God Damn it! Stop, already!” I yelled. “No more fighting! We need to fix things, not keep pouring fuel on the fire. Jesus, I love you, but you’re one stubborn old fool!”

“Don’t sugar-coat it, Jeremy. You’re taking her from me.”

“You know, Dad, I thought you knew everything. Everything. But some areas, you’re blind as a bat. I could never take her. How the fuck can you even say that? She loves you.”

“She sure knows how to show it.”

I sighed, taking a long drink from the beer. “This is going nowhere. Let’s start over from the basics, Ok?”

He stared at me a while, took a sip and put his beer down. “Fine. What are the basics?”

“I think it’s pretty simple. Mom loves you. You’re angry at her, and she screwed up, hiding things from you. But you love her, and she loves you. Tell me if that isn’t true.”

“Just because I love her doesn’t mean…”

“Basics Dad. You love each other. It’s obvious. Next, I love you and Mom. Differently, I admit,” I tried to make light of it, grinning.

“Thank God for that,” he smirked.

“Did you hear me Dad? I love you. God, you… you’re the best father a son could have. I hate changing that, hurting you like I did. Not the fight, that was just stupid. I broke your trust, and I hate that. Please, forgive me for messin’ with Mom, and not telling you immediately after it happened. Please.”

He stared at me, but I saw the glisten in his eye, matching mine.

I got up and knelt beside his chair. I hugged him. “I’m a fucking lousy son, I know it. I’m sorry.”

I felt his arm slowly go around my shoulders. “No, you’re not. You love your mother. You stuck up for her. You took her in when I threw her out. I get it.”

“How do we fix it, Dad? How?” I pulled away, and sat back in my chair. I wiped my eyes, and downed the rest of the first beer.

I barely heard his reply. “I don’t know, son.”

I popped two more beers. “Do you hate me now?” I asked.

“Don’t be stupid. It doesn’t befit you. You’re my son. My only child. You’re part of me. I could never hate you. I may get pissed at you, or be disappointed. I may even feel like kicking your ass, although that’s becoming more troublesome. But I couldn’t hate you. You… you know that. You’re my son.”

I nodded. “You and Mom love each other. You and I, you know how I feel. Mom and me…”

“Yeah, what about you and her?”

“We love each other. More than a mother and son should. My fault. I accept all the blame. But it happened and it is what it is. I love her more than anyone.”

“Don’t you understand that’s wrong?” he said.

“Yeah. Doesn’t change things a bit. I love her and she loves me, second only to you, and a close second at that. There’s a difference of course. She’s in love with you. She loves me largely because you and I are so much alike, and I’m her son.”

“This doesn’t seem so basic,” he said.

I ignored his comment, moving on. “Finally, Aunt Marie loves you, and always has. I love her and she loves me. The only real question is how do you feel about her?”

Dad looked embarrassed. “Honesty, Dad. What about Aunt Marie?”

“She’s a beautiful woman. A beautiful person, but I’m married to your mother…”

“No, forget that for the moment. Do you love her at all?”

“As family. I… I guess that after your mother and you, she would be the closest.”

“Can we make this work out for us? You and me? Mom and Aunt Marie?”

“What are you saying?”

“You know exactly what I’m saying. You get both of them. Whoever you’re not with, is with me.”

“Do you even hear what you’re saying? Me and Marie? Your mother would have a heart-attack. Hell, isn’t that what our damn fight was about?”

“No, it wasn’t about that. It was about the way you did it. Throwing Mom out, and bringing Aunt Marie home to rub her face in it. No more of that, Ok? Nothing out of spite. Everything out of love.”

“Listen Jeremy…”

“God, Dad, can’t you just admit it? You’d love to do Aunt Marie. Get those big breasts of hers. Be the first in her cherry ass. She’d faun all over you. You’d get the two hottest fucking women in the state. Just admit that you want her.”

“It’s not that simple,” he continued to argue.

“Fine. You don’t want to listen. You want to keep arguing. Here’s how it goes. If Mom’s not in your bed, she’s going to be in mine, with all that entails. If Aunt Marie’s not in your bed, she’s going to be in mine. You can have either one. All you have to do is ask. Otherwise they’re mine.”

“She’s my wife, damn it!” Dad growled.

“Yes she is. You threw her out of your room. I’m not saying you didn’t have some cause. But you can’t hold it over her forever. Take her back to your room, and she’s yours. Not mine.”

“And you’ll leave her alone?”

“No. I love her. I’ll be showing her a lot of attention, and will be willing to go back to our old rules. I won’t fuck her, as long as she’s in your bed.”

“Mighty white of you, offering not to fuck my wife,” he said sarcastically.

I nodded. “I think so. At the same time, I’m going to give you the same rules with Aunt Marie. No fucking her, front or back, as long as she’s in my bed. You want her, all you have to do is ask, and I’ll send her to your bed. With Mom’s full approval.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do. I told her last night. I told Aunt Marie today. They’re ours. Actually, for the moment they’re mine,” I said grinning. “But I’m willing to share with you. Even give you top billing. You make the choices.”

“So I’m supposed to roll over and be thankful that I get my wife back?”

“No, Dad. We try to make things work. That’s all. They both love you. They’re finally willing to share you-”

“Your mother actually said that? She’s fine with me being with Marie?”

“Yes. Any time you want. Say the word, and I’ll have her on her knees in front of you, with Mom teaching her the basics.” I smiled. “She’s really not that good.”

“But if she’d do it topless…”

I chuckled. “Yeah that would make up for a lot.”

“What are you going to do about Penny?”

“I’m not sure. I think the real question is, what are you going to do with those two, when you don’t have me to help you take care of them in a couple of weeks?”

I saw the first real smile. “Hell of a problem, don’t you think?”

“Take a better man than I am, to work that one out.”

Dad took his third beer, cracked it, and passed it to me. “This is insane, you know?”

“Fuck if I know. What I do know, is that week of sharing Mom with you was the best of my life. You teaching me how to take care of her, what she needs, what she likes, that was the best ever.”

He smirked. “I bet.” He took a sip. “I… I’m sorry I blew up at you guys. You’re right. It was good. Some of the best sex of my life, too. Knowing the truth, when I already suspected, shouldn’t have hit me like that.”

“Nobody blames you. I screwed up a lot, with my games, trying to bring them back together, make everything work out.”

“Like now?”

“No. No more games. I’m just laying it out there. With everyone.” I leaned over. “I want to double them with you. Both of them.”

“You are a sick little mother, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

“I can’t help it. When Mom’s riding you, I want to walk up to her, stick my cock in her face, and make her suck me. When she’s done, I just leave and let you keep fucking her brains out. I’ve fantasized about that since the first time you told me I could have her mouth.”

“And your Aunt?”

“She’s riding me cowgirl. You walk right in, swat her ass and tell her to get ready. I hold her to my chest, while you take her ass. We ride her ragged, taking turns, seeing how many ways she can handle two big cocks.”

“You think she’d go for that?”

“She fantasizes about it. Want me to go get her? She’ll tell you yourself.”

He was half done with his beer, sitting back. “You’re serious about all this?”

“For the next couple of weeks. Then they’re both your problem.”

“So if I said I wanted Marie tonight…”

“I’d say you were getting ahead of yourself. The doctor said you should give the old python a couple of days rest.”

“Right. Thanks a hell of a lot for that. Asshole.”

“You threw the first punch,” I reminded him. “You still have to teach me that one.”

He nodded. “Still. Even if we didn’t do that, I could have her naked in my bed tonight?”

“She’d smother you in affection and those bodacious tits of hers.”

“And your mother would be Ok with it?”

“Yes. She’d be with me,” I explained. “Although I think it would be good at some point for us to keep the sisters together. With you. Let Mom deal with it better.”

“You think that would help? You’re stupider than you look.”

I laughed. “I look like you, Dad. Just a little prettier now.”

“Seriously. Both of them?”

“Here’s my idea…”

* * *

I still had to deal with Penny. Dad was perched in front of his TV, but we was back to watching the NFL channel, thank God. The sisters were doting on him, and he wasn’t taking it lying down, teasing them back, getting a little grab-ass in. I got a few curious looks from Mom and Aunt Marie, but I just smiled. I received my fair share of attention.

I called Penny’s cell, but she didn’t pick up. I tried her house, but she was out. Her mother said she and her father had gone to pick up her new car. They were supposed to be back any minute, so I headed over.

Colleen let me in, fixed me up with an iced-tea, and clucked over my condition. I forgot I still looked pretty sorry, and tried to brush it off, but she’s a pushy one. She plopped herself in my lap, and had to check things out herself, kissing my boo-boos.

“Penny tells me things are different around here.”

Colleen blushed. “In a big way. In a good way.”

I gave her a peck. “I’m so happy for you. I take it you’re happy?”

“Ecstatic. I know it’s probably temporary. Nobody can keep up what we’re doing forever, but it… it’s amazing Jeremy. I guess we owe it all to you and the ornery daughter of mine, and your little video gifts.” She grinned, leaning against me while I held her. “Not just the sex. That’s great right now, but it’s everything else. The renewed intimacy, the talking, discussing our future, our dreams again. He’s… he’s everything he was, when I first fell in love with him.”

“I think that’s pretty wonderful. He’s a lucky man.”

“Not near as lucky as me,” she said softly.

“Has Penny talked to you? She ran out of the house the other night, pissed off. I didn’t even know why.”

“No, she’s not talking. She probably just needed to blow off some steam. She’ll probably be in a much better mood when she returns.”

“She said she might be getting blowjob lessons from you. Any chance of that?”

Colleen laughed. “Oh she did, did she? And who does she think she’s supposed to learn on?”

“Don’t ask me, I’m just wondering.”

“No, no BJ lessons yet. Something could probably be worked out. I don’t know if we could do what y’all did.”


“Yeah. She told me. Your mother giving her lessons, using you and your father for practice. That was a bit of a stunner.”

“That’s a secret…”

“Of course. We have our own secrets, don’t we?”

I nodded.

“I can keep them, if you can. Maybe we’ll have to have you over for dinner… and a movie?” she teased. “I’m sure that would be conducive to lessons. Although I’m not sure if she should be practicing on her father. That’s a little over the top. Hell, that’s a lot over the top.”

“Yeah, I suspect so. I doubt he’d complain.”

She laughed again. “I doubt that very much.” She sat up, gave me a peck on the cheek, and slipped off my lap. “I think they’re here.”

She had good ears, and I heard the rumble outside. I stood to face the music, and her father walked in. Alone.

“Where’s Penny?” Colleen asked.

Joe smiled. “Heading over to his house, to show off her wheels, I imagine.”

I opened my cell, and dialed her. No answer. Crap. “She’s not answering.”

Joe frowned. “She turned off her ringer while we were doing our negotiating. I bet she forgot to turn it back on.”

I sighed, and gave Colleen a kiss on the cheek. “I’m gonna go get her. Thanks for seeing me.”

Penny’s father shook my hand on the way out the door. “She’s my baby. Try not to hurt her.”

“Never, if I can help it. Although I seem to be pretty clueless half the time. I never mean it, I swear. She’s pretty wonderful.”

He grinned. “I know. Hard to figure ‘em out.”

I headed back up the street, and was nearly home when a Mini-cooper convertible blew past me, a certain gorgeous young blonde at the wheel. She did a U-turn half way up the block and drove up beside me. “Hey handsome,” she called out from the car, pushing her shades up to her forehead.

“Hey lady. Nice wheels.”

“You like?”

“Fits you.”

She grinned. “I know, right? I owe it all to you. You and a certain movie. The old man is putty in my hands.”

I walked over to the car, looking in. “He was putty to begin with. You girls and your Daddies.”

She grinned. “Go for a ride?”

I climbed in. “I’m sorry about last night. I’m not 100% sure what about, but I am sorry.”

She laughed. “That’s Ok. I was pissed at your old man, more than you. I wanted you to stick up for me, but I understand it’s awkward. Like taking sides within the family. If I want to be part of the family, I need to stick up for myself.”

We drove around a bit, and I have to admit, it was a cute car. Little tight fitting, but as long as there was no one behind me, it was alright. We finally ended up back at our place. “Coming in?”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow, Ok? Tonight I’ve got to do my best appreciative daughter, plus I told Emma I’d stop by. Rain check?”

I leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Soon? I think I’m going into withdrawal.”

She laughed, and gave me long deep kiss. “Soon.”

* * *

I could smell dinner. Someone was cooking steaks. “I’m home,” I called out.

Mom poked her head out. “Penny with you?”

“Not tonight. Needs to show off her car tonight, and do some serious sucking up at home.”

“Her car?”

“Her Dad bought her a new mini.”

Mom smiled. “You two Ok?”

“Like nothing ever happened. How’s things around here?”

“Your father insisted on grilling. Marie’s helping him.” She looked a little surprised when I moved in for a hug and a kiss. “You and your father both. What’s gotten into you two?”

“We had a talk. A good one.”

She looked at me suspiciously, “How good?”

“You’ll see.”


“Patience Mom. Where’s Colin?”

“Out. I don’t know what’s gotten into him either. He’s meeting Kelly and some friends. Told his mother not to wait up.”

“Good for him.” I pulled her in and kissed her.

“Jeremy! What if your father sees us? I don’t want to be causing trouble.”

“No more trouble Mom. We love you. No more fighting, Ok?”



“What exactly does that mean?”

“After dinner. Still a few things to work out. One thing though,” I said.


“Aunt Marie. What I said last night. She’s your backup, wherever you’re not, she’ll be.”

“What a horrible way to put it! My backup. What’s that supposed to mean?”

I gave her a squeeze and a pat on the rear. “Go with the flow Mom. Just know that Dad and I both love you more than anyone else in the world. We do, but for the moment, Aunt Marie’s going to help bridge our recent issues.”


“Something’s boiling over,” I said, gesturing at the stove, and hurried off to see what the other two were up to when she turned away.

Dad was sitting by the grill, watching, his little spray bottle at hand. Aunt Marie was across from him. It sounded like they were talking about Colin. I leaned over her, gave her a kiss on the neck, reached down and gave her tits a squeeze.”


“Damn she has nice tits, don’t you think, Dad?”

He grinned. “I think the word you used was bodacious.”

“Arms up, Aunt Marie,” I said, while tugging her shirt upward.

She lifted her hands but quickly brought her elbows in. “What are you doing?”

“C’mon Aunt Marie. You’ve got the best tits in Texas. Give us a peek.”

She was blushing. “Are you crazy?”

I moved in front of her, leaned down and kissed her lips. “Hardly. What’s wrong? You don’t want Dad to see your tits? I know you can’t be afraid to show ‘em to me.”

“Out here? What if Alice were to walk out?”

Dad laughed. “Then I guess we’ll have to get her to drop her drawers. Then we’ll have the best tits and best ass in Texas on display.”

Aunt Marie grinned. “I thought you didn’t care that much about tits, Harold.”

“Are you kidding? I love a nice pair, and yours are more than nice.”

“But you said…”

“I lied. Yes, I am an ass man, and your sister has the sweetest derriere I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the rest.”

“But… when we.. when I…”

“I love your sister. Did from the first. I had to say something, Marie. I couldn’t resist the full court press much longer. You’ll never know how hard it was to turn you away.”

I tugged her shirt upward, and she lifted her arms, exposing her bra. Simple, heavy duty. She started blushing, “I… I would have worn something sexy for you.”

Dad laughed. “You don’t think that’s sexy? Damn woman, get a grip.”

She looked at me. “Is this supposed to be my wardrobe for the evening?”

“It’s a start. Now go give Dad a kiss, and tell him you’re sorry.”

“Sorry? For what?”

“For making him wait this long.”

She grinned, and sauntered over to Dad. “Sorry Harold. Forgive me?” She gave a little shimmy that almost had the earth shaking. She leaned forward and kissed him, not coming up for air for quite a while. I got up and grabbed her hips, tugging her away.

“Down girl. The man has a job to do. We don’t want burned steaks. Go get pretty for us.”

She turned and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me hard. “Love me?” she asked.

“You know it, fantasy girl. Now go on,” I swatted her butt, leaving her giggling as she sauntered off, waving her shirt.

Dad watched her go. “You’re serious about this? Marie and your Mom?”

“As a heart attack. Your choice. In the mean time, let’s have some fun.”

Dad passed me the tongs. “Check ‘em.”

I gave them the finger test, pressing down to see how much the meat ‘gave’. “Looks good.” I took each steak and moved them over the side burners, turning each a little to get the nice diamond shaped sear pattern, from the red hot grill. By the time I had turned and moved all of them, I was ready to pile them on the platter.

Dad shut down the grill, and followed me in. “Steaks are done,” I announced.

Mom brought out our steak plates. Huge, hand turned, hardwood plates. No better way to cut into a steak than on one of those. Mom had made her cheesy mashed potatoes, one of my favorites. Dad grinned. “Looks like they’re trying to get on your good side tonight. New York Strips and your favorite potatoes?”

Mom grinned. “And his favorite country rolls. I get to spoil both my men now and then, right?”

Dad nodded. “Absolutely. Is there anything for me?” he teased.

Mom leaned over and kissed him. “Sugar?”


She kissed him long and hard, and Dad turned and pulled her close. “I… I’m sorry about the other night,” he said.

She grinned. “I know. Don’t think twice about it. It’s over. I love you Harold Davis. Always have, always will.”

She waved her potato spoon under his nose. “But if you pick another fight with your son, there’s going to be hell to pay! Got it?”

He grinned. “No more fights. I promise.”

He got another quick kiss, and Mom went to fetch the corn on the cob. Aunt Marie showed up a few seconds later looking good enough to eat. She’d put on the thinnest shirt I’ve ever seen, tied it off halter style. Her tits stood out from her chest, her rosy areola clearly visible, her nipples tenting the material. She came over to me for a hug. “Better?”

“Much. Damn, how can one woman be so hot?”

She laughed. “It’s not as easy as it looks. Plenty of exercise, eating right, and years of care. It’s nice to see someone thinks it’s paid off.”

Mom walked in with the corn, set it on the table, and looked across the table at Aunt Marie. “Great. Now nobody’s going to notice the meal I slaved over.”

I stood took her in my arms. “Your turn.”

“My turn what?” she asked.

I reached down and tugged her shorts to her knees, making her squeal, and slap at me. “Jeremy!”

I laughed. “Best tits and best ass in Texas, right Dad?”

He chuckled. “No doubt. It almost seems unfair. And all in one family, too.”

I was still working at getting Mom’s shorts to the floor, leaving her in her panties. Damn woman grabbed her spoon, and gave me a good whack around the shoulders.

“Ow Mom! That hurt!”

“I’ll break this spoon over your head if you don’t show a little respect!” she snapped.

I stood, and hugged her with one arm, while trying to get the spoon out of her hand. “Come on, Mom. It’s just panties.”

She glared at me. “You could have asked,” she said.

“I’m sorry. Mom, can we see you in your panties? We love your ass. If you want, we could wait for you to put on your yoga pants. The white ones?”

She fought back a chuckle. “You are such a brat. My yoga pants?”

Dad spoke up. “Or the teal ones. You know the ones.”

She turned and grinned. “Maybe. After dinner.”

I let her go, and she stepped out of her shorts. “What am I going to do with you two?”

I grinned, and she blushed sweetly.

Best dinner in ages. Really. And not just the food. Everyone was in a good mood for once, laughing and joking, teasing each other. I asked Aunt Marie how she could even see what she was eating.

“Years of practice, Jeremy. Being ‘endowed’ is not as easy as it looks.” She grinned, “But then I guess you and your father know that.”

“Marie!” Mom laughed.

“You said so yourself, Alice.”

A little while later something came to mind. “Teal yoga pants? I don’t remember seeing any teal ones.”

Mom turned bright red and Dad laughed. “No. She doesn’t wear those out. She’d cause too many heart attacks.”


“You know it’s true, Alice.”

She was bright red, but grinning.

No dessert, and I cleared the table. “I got the dishes,” I told them. “Mom, I think it’s teal time.”

“I don’t know…”

“Alice, the yoga pants and the pink top,” Dad said firmly.

“Not The pink top.”

“Go on now. Jeremy’s got the dishes.”

It was good to hear Dad in top form. Aunt Marie brought the last of the dishes in and offered to help.

“I suspect Mom’s pulling out all the stops. That shirt is awesome, but I think you can do better,” I nodded toward her nondescript shorts.

She grinned. “Maybe.”

“You gonna let your big sister show you up?” I teased.

She gave me a quick kiss. “You guys are going to be naughty, aren’t you?”

“A little. Not brazen. We’re not ready for that yet.”

I got another quick peck. “Be right back, sweetie,” she said with a wave.

“You need any help?” Dad called out to me, while I dealt with the cleanup.

“Naw, I got it. Some after dinner beverages might be nice, if you’re up to it, old man.”

“If I’m up to it,” he growled. I saw him leverage himself up out of his chair.

Mom’s always been good about doing the dishes as she goes, and the grill helped minimize the clean up. The wood plates are a pain, needing to be washed and dried by hand. By the time I was done, Mom was modeling for Dad.

“This what you wanted, Harold? You want to show me off?”

Damn. Her pants were so tight and thin, from in back she might was well have been naked. They hugged her ass like saran-wrap, and disappeared so far up her crack, it was as if they were painted on. She turned giving me a full view, and I hardened in my shorts. The front was equally as tight, showing the most pronounced cameltoe I’d ever seen. You could see the tuft of her hair, and even where she could use a touch up shave.

My eyes wandered upward to the t-shirt that almost covered her breasts. The half-tee stopped a little past her nipples, showing underboob from where I was standing. There were no sleeves, and the armholes were cut almost to the bottom of the shirt, exposing most of her breast to anyone standing at her side. The material was near as thin as the yoga pants, that faded worn look like it had been washed a thousand times.


Mom and Dad both laughed. “That’s it?” teased Mom.

“Anything else would be superfluous.”

She turned, showing me her butt. “You don’t think it’s a little much?”

I laughed, and walked over to her, taking her in my arms. “Outside of the house, it would be way, way too much. You would stop traffic. But here with just me and Dad? I think it’s perfect.”

I made a big deal out of looking her shirt over. “The shirt’s pretty radical Mom. Where’d you get it?”

She laughed. “This old thing? I’ve had it longer than you’ve been alive. It was a normal shirt when your father got it for me in college. I, uh, modified it for him.”

“Good job. You look incredible.”

Marie came skipping down the stairs, and I almost lost it. She was wearing sheer boy-short panties, made mostly of lace. They didn’t hide much of anything. If anything, her shirt was pulled tighter, and she’d pulled her hair back in the cutest pony-tail.

“Unfair, Marie! I didn’t get to do up my hair or makeup!” Mom whined.

“Yeah, but they’re both madly in love with you. Ya gotta give me something, Sissy!”

Mom pouted cutely, but opened her arms for Marie’s hug. “You’re not really mad, are you?” Aunt Marie asked softly.

“I could never stay mad at you,” Mom said.

“Right. Only for, what, 20 years?”

Mom stuck her tongue out at her sister, and Marie pretended to bite at it. Mom jerked back, and I couldn’t help laugh.

“Alright, what’s the plan now, troublemaker?” Mom asked, turning to face me, her arm around her sister’s waist. Marie was leaning into her big sister, head canted over onto her shoulder.

“No plan, Mom. I told you, I’m out of the crazy plan business. I just wanted to see you too as gorgeous as possible, still clothed. You outdid yourselves.”

Mom looked over at Dad, crooking one eyebrow. “Harold?”

“Don’t ask me. I’m along for the ride too. You both look stunning.”

Mom grinned and went over to her husband sitting in his lap. “This Ok? Not hurting anything am I?”

He chuckled. “If you were, you think I’d say anything and chance you escaping?”

Mom sat up. “Harold, if I’m hurting you in any way…”

“No, my love, the only thing you’re hurting is my heart. I feel like a louse…”

She kissed him hard. That was enough of a sign for me, I sat down, pulling Aunt Marie into my lap. She chuckled. “You have been practicing that move, haven’t you?”

“I don’t practice anything for you. It’s all I can do to keep my heart beating steadily.”

“So is my sister going to be the one getting all the kissing tonight?”

I think I answered that to her satisfaction. Still, after every kiss with Aunt Marie, I seemed to learn something. She was simply amazing. I could lose my soul between her lips.

Aunt Marie, looked up and pouted. “You guys are too far away.”

Mom laughed. “He likes his throne.”

“Up, Alice,” Dad said. She hopped up, and waited for him to extract himself slowly. He still was obviously only working at 50%. He made his way to the other end of the couch. He looked over at Aunt Marie, before pulling Mom into his lap. “Better, troublemaker?”

She nodded vehemently. I laughed and started tugging at the knot on the front of her shirt. She slapped playfully at my hands. “And what do you think you’re doing, young man?”

“Shut up and kiss me, Marie.”

She smiled and brought her lips to mine, her arms moving around my neck, allowing me to free her breasts. She whimpered softly as they sprung free. I pulled away, holding her face in my hands. I stared into her eyes. “Fantasy girl,” I whispered.

“Fantasy come true. Just say the word,” she teased, nibbling my lip.

I turned to face Mom and Dad. He had his hand in her minimal excuse for a shirt. It wasn’t hard to get his attention. “What do you think Dad?” I asked, holding my aunt’s tits up for inspection. “When’s the last time you saw these puppies bare?”

He grinned. “A long, long, time.”

“Don’t you think they’re worth an up-close inspection?”

He blushed, and looked at Mom. She raised her eyebrows. “You don’t want to check them out? What are you, gay?”

“Come on, Dad. Trade ya.”

Mom got up out of his lap, and came over to us. She pulled her sister up, and gave her a hug. “Be gentle with him. He’s old. His heart may not be able to handle it.” It wasn’t a very successful whisper.

“Old?” Dad spoke up. “I’m only a couple of years older than you!”

“That’s right, older,” Mom teased.

Aunt Marie crawled into his lap running her fingers through his hair. “Distinguished. Experienced.”

It was all the opportunity I needed to pull Mom into my lap. “I can’t believe you traded us!” she growled.

I laughed. “Mom, I’d trade the moon for you.”

She grinned, and I was soon on the end of a nice Mommy kiss. “You are certainly trouble tonight. What next? Or do I want to know?”

“How many times do I have to tell you? No plans. I just want to be with the most incredible women. Hold you, love you.”

She laughed. “No way, buster. You’re not loving me down here. Not in front of everybody.”

“Silly Mom. I love you everywhere. Everything about you.” I leaned down and parted her legs, examining her cameltoe. “How do you even get these on?”

She giggled. “It takes a good long time, and I have to be very careful. I’ve ripped two pair before. Or I should say your father has.”

Dad had his hands full with Marie. Literally. “Dad? You’ve ripped these off Mom?”

He blushed. “She drives me crazy with them. Teases me relentlessly. It’s not my fault.”

Mom giggled, and purred when I rubbed between her legs. “Jeremy, this is, I don’t know, awfully naughty.”

“C’mon Mom, after what Dad and I have done to you?”

Aunt Marie perked up at that. “Now that sounds like a story worth hearing.”

Dad tugged on her nipple. “It’s more of a ‘show’ than a ‘tell’ kind of story.”

Mom shook her head. “No way, Harold. She’s my sister! We’re not showing her anything of the kind!”

“We could ‘show’ Aunt Marie,” I teased.

Dad shook his head. “No, Jeremy. Women aren’t interchangeable. It’s taken years, many years to get your mother to the point where we can do the things we did. Your aunt’s a beautiful, sexy woman, but she wouldn’t be able to respond the same. Not the first time.”

Aunt Marie was definitely curious. “You three are driving me crazy. What are we talking about here?”

“You want to tell her, Mom?”

Mom shook her head.


He kissed Aunt Marie softly. “How to make her squirt on demand,” he said softly.

“You’re kidding!”

Mom chuckled. “No, he’s not. But it’s very exhausting. I’m totally used up afterward.”


Dad nodded, and so did I.

“Wow. We’re going to have to talk more about that later.” I think we were all a little relieved she didn’t want to go into it right then.

Aunt Marie had turned, straddling Dad’s lap. She was holding her breasts up to his mouth, and he was obviously loving it. I had Mom do the same, facing me, and I pulled her close. “Does it bother you too much? Aunt Marie with Dad?” I whispered. “We can stop it.”

She shook her head slightly. “No. I thought it would be worse. I… I think it makes it easier while you’re holding me.”

“You want to go to him tonight? Or do you want to stay with me?” I breathed into her ear.

“You baby. He’s still not up to doing anything, and you’ve got me awfully worked up.”

“He’ll be with Marie all night,” I reminded her.

“But I’ll have you?”

“Several times.”

She giggled. “Naughty boy. You want my bottom?”

“Jesus, Mom! Do I ever!”

“I think that’s the solution for our, fertility issue. That and Mommy’s hungry mouth.”

I groaned, while she ground down against my hard-on. “Up, Mom.”

She grinned, and climbed out of my lap. I took her by the hand and stood in front of Dad. “I’d like to take Mom upstairs. Is it Ok if I leave Aunt Marie with you?”

Dad looked over to Mom. “Alice?”

“I… if I ask, will you tell me everything?” she asked nervously.

“Baby, if it makes you uncomfortable…” Dad started.

“Only if I ask. I just need to know that I can. And that you’ll be totally honest.”

“I would never keep anything from you.” I felt a little undercurrent to his statement. That he would never keep anything from her. In spite of the opposite obviously not being the case. I wondered if it was my own guilty conscience at work, placing hidden meaning where there was none.

She nodded. “Can I talk to her first? For a moment?”

Aunt Marie climbed off Dad’s lap and the sisters walked off to the kitchen, hand-in-hand.

“Gentle with her, Dad. She’s really nervous. You’ve been her fantasy for two decades.”

He nodded. “I saw the video.” He looked over at where the sisters were talking softly. “Don’t forget what you said.”

I grinned. “It might take a while.”

Mom and Aunt Marie returned, and Mom headed straight to Dad, hugging and kissing him. “She’s my baby sister, Harold,” Mom said softly.

“I know. I’ll take care of her.”

She smiled, pecking his lips. “I know. Not too much care,” she teased.

Aunt Marie’s return journey had ended with me. She gave me a hug and a kiss. “I guess your fantasy has to wait at least one more night,” she pouted so cutely.

“I’m trying to be patient. Don’t ask me how I’m managing.”

She laughed, pressed her big ol’ boobies against my chest. “Your Daddy’s a fan of the ‘girls’.”

“No kidding. Remember, he’s not supposed to…”

“I got it, baby. I’ll be gentle with him. We’re just warming up.” She grinned. “Then again, he and I have had 20 years of foreplay.”

Mom rescued me from Aunt Marie, and I had her lead the way up the stairs so I could watch those improbable pants from up close. She giggled. “Funny. I’ve never had a man lead me up the stairs in these pants. They always want to follow.”

I took a couple of quick steps up to take a bite at that delicious looking butt, but Mom scampered up the stairs a lot faster than I could move, with my knee brace on. She giggled like a kid, the whole way.

She left me at the door, and ran down the hall, returning a few moments later, waving a bottle. “Got it,” she grinned. I steered her into my room, leaving Dad in Aunt Marie’s loving care, and closed the door.

Mom jumped into my arms, kissing me passionately. “I need to prepare myself. Why don’t you relax, maybe get us a bottle of wine?”

She left for the bathroom, and I headed back downstairs. Dad and Aunt Marie were going at it on the couch. Her top was completely missing, and he had his hand in her panties.

“Ignore the son,” I announced. “I’m just getting some beverages.” I retrieved a bottle of wine, and two glasses. “You know, Dad. I don’t think Marie’s ever seen any of my videos. She might be interested. Then again, you might want to try watching her video with her. In case you have any questions.”

“Teaching your ol’ man how to milk the ducks, are we?” he laughed.

“Just an idea. I’ll leave you two alone now.”

In the bedroom I stripped down, poured the wine, and put some music on. I removed the braces, testing my knee. The elbow seemed mostly better, the knee? Still hurt from some positions. For tonight, I was just going to deal with it. I had high hopes for the night. Mom left me waiting quite a while, but I was pleased when she returned still wearing her outfit. “I thought you might want to take it off me,” she explained.

I drew her down the bed, and rolled her on her belly, getting her to giggle. “What is with you Davis men, and my poor bottom?”

I was lying between her legs, massaging her cheeks, watching the material move. “Believe me, Mom. It would be any man, and probably half the women, given the chance.”

“I guess we’ll just have to make sure they don’t get that chance then.”

I nuzzled between her legs, chewing on her butt, opening her legs wide, licking her through the nearly transparent material. “Naughty… boy,” she groaned sexily.

When I’d had my fill of playing with her butt cheeks, I rolled her over again, nipping at her inner thighs.

“Gentle, it tears easily,” Mom whispered.

I hoped so. I nibbled on her protruding lips, licking, sucking through the material, making her moan and gasp. Cute little grunts escaping her lips. I rubbed her clit with my thumb, infinite little circles, while I feasted on her pouty lips. When I had her on the edge, quivering, I pulled the material away from her skin, and bit through it. The little hole was enough to wiggle my fingers inside and tear it open, diving into her pussy, sucking it up, making her squeal. She squirmed so sweetly for me, then settled back onto the bed.

“Damn it, Jeremy! You’re just like your father! These things are hard to find, and they’re not cheap!”

“Then you better stock up, Mom. Buy a case of them. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

I was desperate for her, and the idea of having her, while she wore those sexy, silky pants was driving me crazy. I moved up between her legs, and stabbed my cock into her. She gasped, then giggled. “Got you worked up a little, do I?”

I shoved it in hard, right to the base, making her grunt. “Careful, baby! That takes some getting used to.”

I gave her plenty of time to get used to it, pounding her, leaning over her, pulling the t-shirt up to expose her tits. My hips went into overdrive, jackhammering her tight little hole. She was responding beautifully, her legs wrapping around me, then flying wide open. She pulled them back, hanging onto her own ankles. She started up with her little cries and grunts, the sweet repeated “Yes, yes, yes,” that evolved into the screaming “YEEES!” that preceded her orgasm.

The frenetic action had me on edge before I knew it. “Gonna come, Mom,” I groaned, long-stroking her pussy.

“In… my… mouth… baby,” she grunted.

It took a lot of effort on my part to resist finishing in the saddle. I pulled out and scrambled up the bed, leaning over her face. “Suck your son, Mom,” I demanded.

She took me between her lips, and sucked me deep and strong, until I delivered my first load. She sucked me clean and dry, taking her time, leaving me ready for a second go.

“Kinda quick, wasn’t it?” she teased.

“Like I can resist you.”

“You better learn to. I expect the best from my men. Which includes more than a couple of minutes.”


“Only for you and your Dad,” she answered, grinning.

“That’s the ‘Mommy’ part,” I reminded her.

“Oh, I thought you meant it like a MILF.”

“Oscar says you’re a MICMLNOTF,” I told her, rubbing her hair while she licked me.

“A mickmilnotoff?”

“Mommy I’d Cut My Left Nut Off To Fuck.”

She giggled. “Now that would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?”

“I want your bottom, Mom.”

She chuckled. “Of course you do. It’s not like the other. We have to work up to it. That’s a lotta meat to fit into such a tiny hole. You’ll hurt me if you’re not careful.”

I remember taking care of her after one particularly rough session she’d had with Dad. “Teach me.”

She reached down and started tugging at the yoga pants. “No, leave them on,” I said.

“Please, baby? They’re kind of uncomfortable. If you want that little kink, we can do it in pantyhose sometime.”

“Alright, I didn’t know. Let me help you with those.”

It was a job. I’m surprised they didn’t cut off all circulation from the waist down. I finally got them off, and couldn’t resist climbing between her legs for another taste.

God, I loved the taste of her. She had to pry me away. “Plenty of time for that later. Shall we start?”

She handed me the bottle of lube. “One finger, nicely lubed. Work it in and stretch me a little. When it gets easier, more lube and a second finger.”

It was incredible naughty, seeing Mom on her hands and knees, telling me how to take care of her ass. The finger sliding into her was enough to make my cock ache. “Second finger, baby,” she said softly, wiggling her bottom in invitation.

With the second finger in, she was really tight. The kink factor was off the charts, her amazing ass held up in the air for me, available. Mine. I pumped her for a while, feeling it slowly loosen up. “Now, one from each hand. Tug me gently open.”

I hadn’t expected that. I figured we’d do maybe a third finger, then the real thing. I lubed up the other index finger, and started pulling softly in different directions. “All around,” she gasped. “Gently!”

I could feel her opening up. She would even gape open for a second before closing up. “Three fingers,” she groaned.

More lube, and three fingers pumped her easily. I twisted and turned them, preparing her.

“Your cock, lube that big fat cock,” she growled, pushing her butt back to meet my fingers.

It was really awkward, concentrating on both actions, trying to squirt the slippery lube on my cock, and covering it. “Gimme, Jeremy. Gimme that cock. Stick your huge cock up Mommy’s slutty ass.”

I lifted my hips, pulled my finger out and pressed my cock against her opening. I slipped past it, then tried again. I pressed hard, my cock starting to bend painfully. “Grab it and shove it in!” she almost screamed.

Grasping my shaft in the middle, I pressed the head against her opening and shoved hard, hearing her groan as the head disappeared. “Oh, fuck!” she groaned.

I pushed harder and her hands reached back, pressing against my hips. “Patience. Little bit at a time.”

I humped her slowly, pushing inexorably inward, watching my cock delve deeper, the tiniest bit at a time. She was grunting in what sounded like pain, and I slowed down. “More, baby. More.”

I had about half of it in her, and it started to get easier. I got another inch all at once, and she pulled away a little, whimpering, then pushed back.

“God, your ass is tight, Mom. Tighter than Penny, even.”

“Fuck me, Jeremy. Fuck my ass. Stop playing around.”

I pulled back further and pushed deeper. She had almost the whole thing. Slow and steady worked for a while, then I grabbed her hips and started thrusting faster, harder. I couldn’t help myself. It was wickedly naughty. Mom’s butt. Her head dropped to the bed, arms outstretched. “Fuck me, baby boy,” she moaned softly.

I adjusted my knees outward, and pulled her hips back. Grabbed a hold and started pounding her. She squealed, trembling. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she whimpered.

It was starting to feel good. Real good. Not ‘ready-to-come’ good, but ‘making-my-cock-a-titanium-rod’ good.

I smacked her perfect butt cheek, shoving in as deep as I could and holding it there, feeling her quivering. “It’s my ass now, Mom. I own this sweet ass.”

She whimpered and pushed back against my powerful thrusts.

“Love your ass,” I grunted.

“Yours,” she gasped. “Your ass.”

“My. Ass!” I grunted, hammering it home and holding it there,

She gasped, and her legs started shaking. I felt liquid spray across my thigh, and realized Mom had squirted for me.

I grabbed her hips and hammered her ass as hard as I could. “God, what an ass slut you are!”

I stopped moving, and watched as she desperately starting fucking herself on my cock. Another smack on her butt had her rocking harder, longer strokes. “You can’t help yourself, can you?” I teased. She whimpered and kept going.

It was fun, but I needed more. I grabbed two fistfuls of sweet butt cheeks, and started pounding her. I felt a twinge in my knee, and lifted my left leg outward, hammering at her butt from on one knee. The awkward position had me feeling like I was on some porn shoot. But it was good, the position slightly angled, and I felt like I was hitting her deeper than ever.

She shivered again, crying out, and I got another bath. “Fuck. Come for me slut-mom!” I demanded, feeling myself start to lose control. I leaned over her, pumping her deep, until I felt the oncoming eruption. As the feeling overtook me, I slammed my cock home, and groaned. It was painful, each rope pumped deep inside her, aching from my balls halfway up my shaft.

I pushed her shoulders down to the bed, leaned over her, and pounded my finish, each stroke shaking her body. When I couldn’t take any more, I eased out of her rear, watching it, amazed at how wide my cock spread her, watching her crinkled reddened hole slowly shrink. I rubbed the edges, surprised it could even open wide enough. Mom’s legs slid away, her body dropping to the bed. I move up and laid down next to her, hugging her close, kissing her shoulder.

“Damn, Mom. We’re going to have to do that again.”

She gave me a little giggle. “You like?”

“Holy shit! I loved it. I can’t believe you squirted on me. A couple of times.”

“I get really big ones, that way. Not always, but when it’s hot, it’s really hot.”

“And it was hot tonight?”

She rolled onto her side, facing me. “Blazing. That was great baby. Perfect.”

“I didn’t screw anything up?”

“No, honey. You did good. Opened me up nicely. Got me all hot and bothered. Took your time getting me used to you, then fucking the living daylights out of my poor little butt-hole. No, Jeremy you did nothing wrong.”

I pulled her on top of me, hugging her, holding her. She pulled away, lying on her back, arms and legs extended. “Too hot. I’m burning up. Need to cool off.”

I got out of bed and hit the bathroom. Cleaned my cock, though I couldn’t see much evidence of where it’d been. I wet one of the hand-towels in warm water, just the end, and returned to Mom. I wiped her down, all over, drying her as I went. I spent a good bit of time between her legs. “Roll over, sexy girl.”

She did, with a little tired groan, and I wiped her back down, then very carefully spread her cheeks and cleaned her, there.

“You’re spoiling me,” she mumbled.

“Who deserves it more?”

She hummed her contentedness, while I played with her bottom cheeks. Such a perfect butt.

“What do you suppose they’re doing?” she asked.

“Not as much as us.”

“Big ol’ titties,” Mom mumbled.

“Why don’t you join them?” I told her.


“Go. Join them. They won’t mind. Let Dad know it’s Ok. See how they’re doing. Then you can come back if you want, or stay. Either way.”

“I don’t know.”

“You won’t be wondering. It’ll be cool. I told Dad you might.”

“You told him?”

“You might. If you got too curious. Go, Mom. It’ll be good for you. Just don’t get jealous.”

“Anytime I do, I’ll think of my poor bottom.”

I swatted her butt, and tugged her out of the bed. I tossed over her shirt. “That’s more than enough to wear. It’s more than they’ll be wearing, I’m sure.”

Mom disappeared. She was gone at least half an hour, and I was half-asleep when she rejoined me, crawling into my bed. “Thanks honey, that was a good idea.”

“What were they up to?”

“Nothing. Cuddling. Your father was sucking her titties, no surprise there.”

“It was cool?”

“Great. We talked. He nibbled my boobies too. We ganged up on him a little. Your Dad was in heaven.”

“I bet. It didn’t bother you?”

“No. They both looked so relaxed, so happy. It was nice. They were both very appreciative that I left them together. I think it’s going to be Ok.”

I tugged her close, and she snuggled up to me. “It was a good night, wasn’t it?” she said softly.

“MmmHmm,” I responded, kind of hoping she’d quiet down.

“I wonder where Colin is?”

I looked over at the clock. It was after 1:00 am. “I think it was a good night for everybody.”

“Do me in the morning, baby boy?”

“You know it, Mom.”

* * *

Half awake, half asleep, I eased my cock back and forth inside of her, while she relaxed on my chest, purring sweetly. What a great way to wake up. I reached down and held her butt cheeks, getting just a little more leverage, while we played in bed.

She brushed my hand away when I fingered her butthole. “Gentle. You were a little rough last night.”

She was sighing, placing little kisses on my chest. I couldn’t help but think how wonderful I had it.

I felt the pressure on the bed, and Aunt Marie cuddled up next to me, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Morning, kids. Having fun?”

Mom was facing away from her, and turned to smile at her sister. “Yep.”

Aunt Marie giggled, cuddling in closer, wiggling under my arm. I gave her a hug, but kept the hips rocking. “Dad up?” I asked.

“He’s out of it. Overdid it yesterday and last night. He was groaning in his sleep. A couple of hours ago, I made him take his meds, and he passed out.” She sighed, wiggling up against me. “It was nice. Thanks for letting us play a little.” She rose up and kissed Mom’s shoulder.

“Did Colin ever make it home?” Mom asked.

“I guess. He wasn’t here at 2:30 when I checked on him. He’s in the room now, dead to the world,” Aunt Marie said.

“We’ll have Harold talk to him,” Mom replied. “Make sure he understands about getting home at a reasonable time, or calling. Heaven forbid he kept that poor girl out that late.”

“I’ll say. What kind of parents would let their daughter stay out until after 2:00?”

“If Jeremy had done that, his father would have had a fit,” Mom chuckled.

It was weird. Really weird. Laying there, my cock slowly pumping in and out of Mom, while she and her sister held a conversation. Naked, in my bed.

I tried to tune them out, closing my eyes, concentrating on the sensation of being with Mom. They made that difficult.

“I don’t suppose I could have a turn, Sissy?” Aunt Marie wheedled.

“You safe?”

“On the pill.”

Mom sighed. “Good. I’m not. Maybe you should finish him.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

Mom giggled. “No. You left my husband’s bed for my son’s. What could be weird about that?”

Aunt Marie must have done something under the covers, ’cause Mom squealed, poking my Aunt. “Hey!”

“Meanie. Hoggin’ all the good men,” Aunt Marie pouted.

“I said I’d share. Can I help it if I have great taste in me?” Mom smirked, shifting her knees and putting some effort into our fun.

Mom gave me a quick peck, then rolled off of me. Aunt Marie didn’t waste any time taking her place on top of me.

“Aunt Marie,” I whispered. “I… I wanted our first time to be special.”

She chuckled, and kissed me. Briefly. “Dragon breath.” She grabbed my cock, and settled back onto it. “This is special, Honey. Incredible. With your Mom here? No recriminations?” I got another quick peck, as she worked me into her. She screwed her face up in concentration, and after a few seconds, I felt her warm tunnel squeezing down on me.

“You know what I mean,” I said, holding her butt, and working with her to get situated comfortably.

“I’ll tell you what I know. Sissy and I are better than we’ve been in 20 years. In spite of your craziness, but mainly because of it. I can never thank you enough for that.” She grunted as I got a little deeper. “Damn, Alice, you made it look easy.”

Mom was lying outside the covers, cooling off again. I guess she got overheated easily. “Practice Marie. Twenty years worth.” She reached over, her hand gliding over my skin. “She’s right, you know. This is pretty wonderful. All of us. I thought it would drive me crazy. Guess I was wrong.”

I couldn’t pay attention. Aunt Marie wasn’t as calm as Mom. Once she had me in, and felt comfortable, she went to town. She got up on her hands and knees, riding me back and forth. Long full strokes. Raised up as she was, her tits were swaying over my face. I saw Mom’s hand grab the nearest, waving it around.

I looked over and she was on her side, watching us, smiling. “You like those big titties too, don’t you?”

I grinned. “Pretty awesome.” I held Aunt Marie’s hips, working with her, my cock in heaven. It hadn’t taken her but a couple of minutes to make it feel good.

Mom was a troublemaker, wiggling Aunt Marie’s boob. She was rubbing the nipple over my face, teasing us both. “Damn, Marie. They should make you license these.”

Marie was humming along nicely, giving me a helluva ride. She seemed to have found the perfect motion, sliding my shaft almost completely in and out with each rocking motion. “Right. From the girl whose ass caused a four car pileup.”

That caught my attention. I looked over at Mom. “Really?”

She blushed. It was so damn cute. “It was hardly my fault. I was riding a bike. Some idiots weren’t paying attention to their driving.”

“And Dad said you weren’t allowed to wear those shorts anymore,” Aunt Marie teased.

All the distractions were killing me. I smacked Aunt Marie’s butt, pretty sharply. “A little less chatting?” I said.

She grinned, sitting up, changing the angle, bouncing up and down. Talk about distracting. My hand glided upward, out of control, squeezing her mesmerizing tits. “This better, Honey?” she asked.


She was amazing, the way she could find the perfect motion with a couple of wiggles and shifts, no discomfort, no awkward movements, just that glorious feeling. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back lost in the feeling.

“I think I got him,” Aunt Marie whispered.

I felt something at my lips, something weird. I opened my eyes and Mom’s fingers were there. “Open up.”

I did, and she slipped something between my lips. I wondered was she was up to until the minty feeling overwhelmed my mouth. I looked up and her face was above mine, smiling. “I wanted to kiss you, but your breath could raise the dead.”

I guess the Altoid fixed that. She pressed her lips to mine, and gave me a long passionate kiss, while Aunt Marie picked up the pace. I heard her moan, and realized the extra effort was for her own fun, not necessarily mine. Not that I was complaining.

Mom wouldn’t stop, and I felt myself getting closer. I gave a soft whimper as I started thrusting up into my aunt, desperate to finish. She shifted and her hips were slamming down on me, taking me to the root, squeezing and releasing. I’d never felt anything like it. My tongue invaded Mom’s mouth, deeply, as I lost any control, firing into Aunt Marie’s churning pussy repeatedly.

Mom slowly pulled up, grinning at me. “Now that was definitely naughty,” she teased, taking my bottom lip between her teeth and nibbling on it.

I felt a cool breeze around my cock as Aunt Marie dismounted, cuddling up to me. “Special enough for you?” she whispered, sucking my earlobe.


She sighed, hugging me. “You’re sweet.”

Mom had moved away and I almost jumped when I felt her mouth settle over my wilting rod. “Jesus, Mom! Give a guy a little warning.”

She laughed. “That’s the danger of letting two girls in your bed.”

I chuckled. “Have a lot of experience with that?” Her mouth had returned to sucking me, but popped off again.

“None. I got a feeling that’s going to change.” She engulfed me again, and I leaned back, enjoying.

“You think he’s good for another one?” Aunt Marie asked.

Mom sat up, her hand stroking my cock, as it slowly started firming up. “He’s 18. Had a good night’s sleep. Two or three more, probably.”

“Teach her, Mom.”

“Jeremy…” Mom whined.

“Teach me what?” Aunt Marie asked.

“How to suck. Mom’s the best. Incredible.”

“And I’m chicken liver?” Aunt Marie snapped, poking me in the side. “Christ, Jeremy. I’ve given you twice as many blowjobs as all the other men in my life combined. You’d think I’d get a little appreciation!”

I pulled her close, while she struggled, smacking my chest. “Stop, Marie! I love what you do. But, well, it’s wonderful because it’s you, and I enjoy it, but…”

“But what? Not as good as Alice?”

“Not in the same ballpark. Not even half as good as Penny, and she’s nowhere near Mom yet.”

Mom must have been enjoying the whole thing. She decided to show off. She started with the old standby, Pirate ship, leading into the Swirly-go-round. I was rock hard for her in moments. It was too much, too fast. I knew what she was up to. “No, Mom! Not now.”

You throw me on the bed and tear off my panties. I try to grab at your belt and kiss you but you push me back down, grab my legs and pull me to the end of the bed. Spreading my legs wide, you slide your palms up to the inner junction of my thighs. You use your thumbs to spread my silky lower lips apart while you inhale my scent and imagine how sweet I’m going to taste. Finally, you taste me, using the full, thick, flat surface of your tongue to slide from the bottom to the top of my pussy.

Over and over again you lick me, savoring my flavor, making me wetter and wetter while I grab your hair, trying to push your tongue deeper inside of me. You keep licking my entire pussy, but ignoring my clit. You stop just under my clit, and pulse your tongue back and forth in a concentrated motion, building pressure on just that spot until finally you plunge two thick fingers inside me closing your mouth over my clit at the same time, driving me crazy. I can’t take it anymore; I feel knot building at the base of my stomach, it feels like I’m about to explode.

I’m so wet and so much of my juice is flowing from me now that you can’t catch it all. Still you want more, and you won’t stop even now that I’m trying to push you away and begging you to stop. You keep sucking and licking and fucking me with your fingers, with your tongue. I give up trying to get you to release me and grab on to the bed head instead.

I feel it coming, I’m cumming… cumming, so hard I start bucking underneath you and my back arches up off the bed, my legs stiffen and my knees lock around your head as my toes curl. I feel a gush of liquid spurting from me. Oh my God, am I squirting!? I never squirt….

You sit back, pull out your fingers and look at your handy work, smiling to yourself and smirking at me. Then you stand up, and I wonder just what the hell you are doing now?

I can barely keep my eyes open I’m so exhausted. I hear your belt hit the floor and look up to see you’re now naked with your beautiful, thick, 6 inch cock standing at attention for me.

Is this man kidding? “I can’t even move my arm right now…I definitely can’t manage you” I say in a half humorous, half annoyed voice. You laugh and flip me over to my stomach with my knees on the ground and the rest of me against the bed.

You run your hand over my clit, through my pussy, front to back again and again. I squirted so hard and I’m still so wet, I can hear it. But I’m so sensitive down there that the slightest touch feels like an electric shock so again I try to push you away.

“I really am not going anywhere, I’m just thinking I need an hour sleep and then we can go again.” But you’re not having any of that, so you pin both my wrists behind my back and use your other hand, the hand covered in my juices to glide over your cock, lubricating it.

I can hear you starting to breathe hard behind me while you admire my body and how open my position is while you touch yourself. Then I feel the head of your cock pushing inside me… slowly at first, taking shallow strokes so I can get used to your width. Each time you enter me you give me just a little more until you’re almost halfway in and I’m starting to move with you.

Then you stop, pulling all the way out and before I can ask you what’s wrong, I feel you slam your full length into me. I scream your name as you fuck me long, hard and deep. You feel so good. You pull me up so my back is against your chest and you wrap your arms around me, playing with my breasts. I turn my head to look back at you and you devour my lips, your tongue invading my mouth and imitating your cock. I can still taste myself on you and you can feel my muscles clenching around your length, squeezing, convulsing and milking your cock as I cum, over and over while you ride me. You can’t hold out anymore, your hands slide down to grab my hips and you scream my name as you slam into me one last time releasing a never ending stream of your cum inside of me and collapsing on my back as your still semi hard dick slides out of me.

You sit back just to watch as your cum leaks out of my exposed, raw pussy and you can’t help but slide your fingers back into me, spreading my legs to start playing with me again.

( I need to either clone him or kill him…)

We heard the shower turn on in the master bathroom. Dazed and glassy-eyed, Kaki looked over at me, puckering her lips and sending a smooch in my direction, then a wicked smile — biting her lip, fingers of one hand going to her clit while the other caressed her left breast. For a moment I thought it was an invitation — that maybe I could take her while he was in the shower, but before I could take a step in her direction, she was scurrying off toward the bathroom, seemingly insatiable in her desire now for her muscular new lover and his massive cock.

Instead it was Ryan who led me by the hand to the bed and gave me a playful shove onto it. I sat on the end of it and she began to strip, standing there in front of me, my eyes glued to her spectacular body. My knees were spread open, and she crouched down now to pull off my shorts, and inspect my modest manhood from close up. Her hand encircled the base of the shaft and her lips moved in for a quick kiss on the crown. It jumped as Kyle’s had when Kaki first kissed it earlier today, but rather than submit to an explosive face-fucking as Kaki had, Ryan stood up and pushed me back on the bed, then climbed on top of me.

From this position, I could see through the opened bedroom door and the partially steamed glass of the shower, inside of which, my wife-to-be was on her knees, cleaning Kyle’s massive cock with her lips and tongue, one hand on each of his huge thighs as he stood before her, hands on her pretty head. She licked his shaft softly and slowly, but didn’t object when he forced the crown between her lips again and thrust his hips slightly: in fact, she bent her head back so he could actually begin to push deeply into her mouth and a couple of inches into her throat.

Ryan was on top of me now, but I wasn’t inside her: instead, her hand was stroking my cock, as she pressed her glorious naked torso onto mine and whispered sweet nothings in my ear, also watching the two lovers in the shower: “It’s always how it is. Once they have a taste of that huge cock, they turn into fucking porn queens, wanting to give him more pleasure than any girl’s ever given him before, wanting to feel that power inside them, and take as much cum as they can from him.”

But Kaki didn’t take him all the way to orgasm on this blow job. Instead, she came out to join us, closing the bathroom door as she did so. Ryan was still on top of me, my head now hanging off the side of the bed that Kaki was approaching. As if they planned this, Kaki stepped right into position, offering the distended lips of her pussy to my mouth, as Ryan continued to stroke my cock.

I knew Kyle’s cock had been inside her, had stretched her, and filled her — and was soon going to do more of the same. I knew it was him who had gotten her this wet, this turned on; and in all likelihood it was only he whose cock would be parting these lips and luxuriating in the conquest of my gorgeous young woman any time soon. And yet still I eagerly kissed them and let my tongue paint the inner edges of her labia, as she ground her wetness against my hungry mouth. Maybe I was starved for any sort of connection at this point, so I continued even as Ryan said things like, “That’s it baby, get her ready for Kyle’s big cock to make a baby inside of her — we know you loved watching him fuck her…”

Ryan was on top of me now, hands holding my arms on the bed, tits lightly pressed against my chest, legs bent and perched atop my thighs — but I wasn’t inside of her. Kaki was murmuring her approval as I continued to lick her pussy with abandon. “Is that right, baby? Did you get all turned on watching your friend fuck me with that great big cock of his?” Of course I couldn’t answer, my mouth buried in her wetness. “You like getting me ready to take some more of him?”

“Oh, yeah, he likes it,” Ryan breathed. “He likes it so much, he told me he’d like to be part of things, to help pleasure you both, and maybe get a taste of that big cock himself.”

“Is that right honey?” Kaki said. “God, that turns me on so much. I think you should do it. Just surrender to him — maybe he’ll let you suck his big cock — we can both share in his cum, I think it’s only right…”

Kyle had entered the room. Kaki bent forward at the waist — Ryan caught her there for a wet kiss — and then lowered her breasts onto my stomach, spreading her legs further apart while remaining in contact with my mouth, continuing to press against me as I watched, upside down, Kyle approach — with his towering erection in his hand.

Ryan and Kaki were really holding me down now as Kyle got into position, cock inches from my face and even bigger than I imagined it could look up close. I tried to pull my face away as his massive crown loomed larger, approaching Kaki’s pussy, but as it made contact there, pressing so easily now between her wet lips, she shuddered and said, “Please baby, keep sucking my clit, this is so hot…”

And so I left my lips clamped there as Kyle’s shaft — just centimeters away — sheathed itself, inch by massive inch, into my baby’s pussy again, his enormous testicles getting closer and closer to my eyes in the process. She squealed in delight as he slid in and out of her, and I got the most up close and personal possible look at his hugeness fucking her. He pulled all the way out of her so that his crown was practically touching my nose, then teased her, thrusting just the head past her outstretched labia again and again.

Eventually, he (accidentally or on purpose) missed his target, and his cock head popped me in the nose. Then, he thrust into her so deep and hard his ball sac swung and hit me there — hard! — and I couldn’t help but marvel jealously at the weight and mass of his huge nuts as they slapped, now, several times in a row against my face.

I couldn’t hardly move if I wanted to her the way she and Ryan had me pinned there, so I just had to endure this indignity, but things were about to get a whole, whole lot worse. Without warning, I felt Kaki lift herself up a few inches from my outstretched lips, and found Kyle’s cock head now taking their place! I closed my mouth in a hurry, but he was pressing his huge crown up against my lips, his hands now grasping the sides of my face, and somehow seeming to force my jaws open.

“Take it, baby, we all want you to,” I heard Kaki coo, as Kyle forced the business end of his cock between my opened lips. “Just open wide and surrender, baby… he’s going to make you do it anyway…”

What? He was going to make me? What kind of conspiracy was going on here? For the first time, now I felt Ryan’s wet sex lower itself onto my hard cock — a feeling so magnificent that I guess I did relax my mouth muscles, because, Kyle proceeded to drive his enormous crown the rest of the way past my llips and into my mouth. It was outrageous, the invasion — and the impossible girth of his cock, which forced my mouth open so obscenely wide in order to accommodate it. I was speechless and in shock as I felt the head of his cock slowly push itself onto my tongue, sliding deeper and deeper into me!

“That’s it, honey, take his big cock deep in your mouth where you want it,” Kaki purred. “I want his cum inside both of us, baby, just relax and let it happen…”

“Oh, he’s relaxed, alright,” I heard Kyle sneer. “He’s sucking my big cock like he was made for it — his tongue is going crazy on my shaft, he’s worshipping my hugeness and dying to swallow my jizz… I’m going to fucking fill his stomach with cum…”

“Oh, do it Kyle, this is so hot, make him yours!” I couldn’t believe my fiancee was talking like this. She moved into position now to tease and suckle his enormous balls with her pretty little lips and tongue — inches from my face, milking them so he could blast his cum into me!

Ryan had pulled off of me and was now perched on my chest, watching what was happening from close up: “God you’re really making him suck your cock, this is so hot!” she enthused as Kyle worked his shaft back and forth, fucking my face with absolute masculine abandon, forcing his crown now against the back of my throat, which willingly in this position allowed him entrance…

“I’m forcing my cock down his throat,” he gloated, breathing heavy now, nearing orgasm. “You’re my fucking cockbitch — take it, suck my big dick!”

If this trash talk bothered Kaki, someone should have told her pretty mouth, which was engulfing one of his giant testicles. Her delicate hands fondled the several inches of his shaft which was not impaling my helpless mouth, doing everything she could to pleasure his genitalia into its inevitable eruption inside of me.

When he neared ejaculation, I could tell — things got very quiet, and if anything the six inches or so of shaft in my mouth seemed to get even thicker, and warmer, and begin to pulsate. When the cum came, it seemed to just rocket down that huge shaft and I could feel it spraying deep in my throat, and flowing down into my stomach.

“I’m cumming,” he roared, “He’s swallowing my fucking cum!” And I was, helplessly, for what seemed like several minutes. The girls just watched in absolute fascination, as finally he began to slide out — as he had with Kaki — only to then shoot rope after rope of thick fluid onto my face, and chin and neck. Soon it seemed my face was covered in his cum, which dripped slowly from m cheek down into my eyes, and he was using his head to scoop up drops and force them into my mouth, when he wasn’t slapping my cheeks with his huge cock.

Kaki helped with the job, ravenously attacking his crown with her mouth again, eagerly licking up the cum from my face and neck — kissing me softly in between licks, only to transfer more of his cum from her tongue onto mine. “I love you so much,” she cooed as she did this. “Thank you for giving this to me…”

I lay there in shock after he was finished, the full weight of what this weekend was going to be now finally coming into real focus. Whatever it was to Kaki, it was clear that to Kyle, this was not just about fucking my woman. This was about humiliating me in front of her — and forcing me to submit to him. It was about emasculating me. And this was only the beginning…

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