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“You don’t understand — I need to know what to do to get him back,” she sobbed.

Mona was in a desperate state. On her mom’s advice she’d come to me for a tarot reading. Poor thing, her first serious boyfriend had just broken up with her, and she wanted to know what to do. At eighteen, for some reason, she could not see the value in herself, and measured her merit by whether a nineteen-year-old navy recruit could wait for her. He couldn’t (boys!) and dumped her. Her self-esteem was in the toilet.

Mona was a dance champion, an honors student in high school, fit and smart and so far above the fellow who let her down so badly. Her beauty and her wit were invisible to her. If some young buck rejected her as arm candy, then she was worth nothing, less than nothing, in her own mind. The reading was done. I told her, well the cards told her, not to tie her happiness to other people. The cards told her that emotions were a fact of nature, and could no more be controlled than could a hurricane. The cards told her that her self-esteem only seemed damaged, that she had not fallen in the eyes of others.

“What others?” Mona asked with red eyes and a runny nose. “Who values me?” “What good am I?”

“Crap,” I thought, “these are the questions that go from tarot to counseling.”

Yes, she knew her Mom valued her. Maybe her friends on the dance team did, she wasn’t sure. If she wasn’t good enough for her boy friend, how could she be good enough for these other teens.

“Dear lord, teens are cruel,” I reminded myself. How do I comfort her without lying or doing harm?

“I really can’t even see my body! When I look in the mirror I see a fat ugly pig!”

Mona’s breath came faster, she was on the verge of hyperventilating. There are times when a little contact can help, and Mona’s 18, so a little contact would not automatically get me in trouble.

“Would a hug help?” I asked.

Sometimes, being a greybeard is useful. She nodded, whimpering. I began to stand up when she leapt up, covered the distance between us, and sat in my lap. Sobs broke from her, heart-wrenching sobs. “Let it go, you can be safe with me. I won’t tell,” I said. I my left arm went across her back, around her shoulders, my right arm cradled her head. I stroked her hair, gently, saying nothing. She turned to face me, and I don’t know why, I really don’t, but I kissed a tear running down her cheek. A chaste peck, followed by a whisper “If I could drink your sorrow.”

Where did that come from? It was not a conscious act, or utterance.

She kissed me then, fiercely. There was a mix of desperation and defiant determination in that kiss. Full young lips on mine, a tongue piercing my mouth. She pulled back, and before I could ask anything, pulled off her shirt, fastening her mouth to mine again.

A few thoughts passed through my mind. “I’ve not had an 18 year old in over 30 years, boy it’s good not to be licensed, man she is stunning.”

She had no bra, needed none. Her breasts were high, firm, with upward tipped dark nipples. Her muscles were sculpted in fine relief — she’d been a competitive dancer for 12 years, and it showed.

Mona placed my hand on her breast. I found her nipple, and gently squeezed. She cried out a little, and pulled my head to her breasts.

“Please, please, please love me,” she murmured into my ear. I’d like to say she ran her hand through my hair, but I lost it all well before she was born. I bit her, gently, and she shuddered. I licked, gently, and she giggled, just a little. Ah, she was feeling better. Suddenly, she pulled away from me.

“Right,” I thought, “her we go — she’s going to freak now.”

But no, she kicked off her boots and pulled down her pj pants, the ones teenage girls so often wear these days. I can’t say for sure if she took her panties off with the same movement or if she wasn’t wearing any. It was not important at the time.

She dropped down in front of me, with a perfect plié, her breasts bouncing a bit, and her labia parting slightly. She grabbed my belt, put a finger on my mouth and simply said “shhhh.”

Belt undone, jeans unbuttoned, she yanked, nearly pulling me off the chair.

“Easy” I said, “you might break me if I fall!”

I am certain that, unlike me, she knows what underwear I had on, because she bit my cock through my briefs before she pulled them off. She stared at my cock a moment and asked

“What is that?”

“What?” I countered.

“This,” she said, working my foreskin.

“I’m not circumcised,” I replied.

“I’ve never seen that before,” said Mona before touching her tongue to my uncut cock. I tried to watch as she took me into her mouth, but the intensity of her blow job was too great, and my eyes rolled back into my head.

She began to suck me with her hands on my thighs, but soon one hand was on her breast, and the other at her pussy. She pulled me out of her mouth and told me she had only fucked one guy, the idiot who dropped her. He used a condom.

“I am not on the pill, and I don’t have any condoms. I don’t want to get pregnant. What can we do?”

I smiled, and told Mona that I had a vasectomy 5 years earlier, so I had no sperm. Mone smiled back, wickedly, and simply said “Goody.”

She stood up and straddled me on the chair at her mother’s kitchen table. Lowering herself, she swiped my cockhead along her pussy lips several times, with a little more inward pressure on each rub. Soon, the very tip of my cock was in her. Mona looked at me, and I asked, “Are you sure? You don’t need to prove anything here.”

“I do,” she said, “to me.”

With that, she sank down on me. I had not been in anything that tight, hot and wet since Jimmy Carter was president.

“Oh fuck” she gasped.

“Alright” I answered.

We sat connected for what felt like an eternity, though maybe a minute or two passed. I held her hips and moved her, slightly up and down, slightly around. I felt her clit bump just above my cock, and heard her gasp each time.

I rocked her, alternately grasping her hips and her butt cheeks. Ah, butt cheeks, tight taut toned dancer’s butt cheeks. I lifted her off, and as she protested I said “I want you from behind, I want to feel your ass.”

Mona bit her lip and nodded. I bent her over the table. I wiped my cock up and down her dripping pussy. I positioned my self and drove home suddenly.

“Ungghh” she gasped, arching up from the table.

I grabbed her breasts as leverage and fucked her doggie style.

“Mona, do you want to try something else?” I asked.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm” she replied.

“Mona, is that a yes?”


“Mona, I have to be sure, so push back and grind your ass against me if you want to try something different.”

Grinding, pushing, she looked back and almost snarled “Yesssssss!

The butter dish was on the table. I grabbed it, and smeared a bunch on my finger. I brought my finger to her ass, and with my cock in her pussy, pushed in. She froze, gasped, arched and clenched.

“Relax Mona, it’ll be ok.”

I pulled my cock and my finger out and with my other hand grabbed a bit more butter. Greasing my cock and her ass, I told her to rub her clit. I felt her body shift as she reached for her cunt. I lined up at her rosebud, and pushed. She tensed, held her breath.

“Breath Mona, breath. Push back. I am staying still.”

Well, I did, kind of. I flexed my cock, but I did not push into her. Soon enough, I was buried in her virgin ass.

“Oh my ass, fuck my ass,” Mona moaned.

I obliged. Deep long slow strokes that sped up. I felt tiny ripples in her ass, building to a crescendo, an orgasmic tsunami. I came in her ass, and she came too, so powerfully that her knees buckled. She slumped a bit, and I pulled oust, shooting the last of my cum on her back.

“Did you just fuck my ass?” Mona asked me.

“I most certainly did,” I replied.

“Are all tarot readings like this?” Mona asked.

“Not until now, but times can call for change, can’t they?” I said.

I reminded her that her cards had talked about change, about how to deal with this guy who dumped her from afar. She turned, kissed me, and smiled. “I don’t care if he comes back,” she purred, “because I know at least one guy who appreciates my body.”

We tidied the table, and ourselves, and sat back down to put away the cards. Her mother came in then, and smiled to see Mona’s eyes clear of despair.

“See, I TOLD you he was an amazing reader,” Mom stated with a hint of triumph in her voice.

“Mom,” said Mona, “he’s helped me understand things about my self I never knew. How often can I have a reading?”

Mom looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“I think weekly should do,” I replied.

Then, smiling, Mona said “Tiffany is having boy problems too. Do you think he could read for her?”

Mom said it was all up to me, and my availability. I smiled as I pulled out my calendar.

It had been two weeks since the incident with the police officer and my brother Derek. Christmas had come and gone, and things were starting to move away from the holiday cheer. Ever since I had received the makeover from my cousin Jenny, I have found myself oddly attracted to feminine things. I took some of the money I had gotten for Christmas from various relatives and decided to indulge my fetish. I bought various panties and bras from Victoria Secret, anything that I found to be pretty, mostly lacy, sexy, things. I bought leggings, skirt, shorts, dresses, and tops from Old Navy and Forever 21. I also had purchased an all-inclusive makeup kit. I ordered it all online, express shipping, and yes, I watched the door like a fiend to make sure the packages weren’t intercepted by one of my parents or my brother. I had been studying YouTube tutorials online to learn had to apply my makeup. I was getting pretty good, I feel like I could compete with most twelve-year-old girls who were learning the same thing. I would wait until late at night or when I knew I’d be alone to practice and then I’d dress in various outfits and model myself in front of the mirror. I really enjoyed living this feminine double life.

Derek and I haven’t spoken about the incident, and I am very happy about that. I am already questioning myself and my newfound love of cross-dressing; I don’t need to be reminded of my possible homosexuality. Still I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t been at the forefront of my mind since it happened. There is something about being able to satisfy someone with such intensity that it causes them to erupt from the pleasure. The compliments I received from him and the officer, the taboo of the situation, the pure eroticism, it was all so invigorating; I can’t deny that. I have tried to masturbate since it happened but I can’t bring myself to do it. As I approach climax, all I can think about is Derek’s hard cock, in all its beauty. I don’t want to cum to that image, I want to be straight and yet, here I admitting I love to cross-dress and mentally worshipping my brother’s penis. I am conflicted to say the very least.

I was sitting in the living room watching reruns of Futurama when my brother came in the room. In his hand he was holding a thin, long jewelry box. He sat it down and front of me on the coffee table and said, “Would you look at this and tell me what you think?” I opened the box and inside was a gorgeous silver chain necklace. At the end of it was a small charm that studded with ruby. My brother had good taste.

“It’s pretty awesome bro, I am sure Karrie will love it.” Tonight was Karrie and Derek’s one-year anniversary; I guessed this was for her.

“I sure hope so, it wasn’t cheap.”

“So where are you taking her for dinner?”

“We are going to that hibachi place she loves.”

“Cool, man. Well aren’t you quite the romantic?”

“I’ve been known to show a girl a good time.”

“Haha, yeah, whatever. Well have fun! Mom and Dad are leaving for Iowa to visit Grandpa tonight, so don’t forget to tell them goodbye.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot, hopefully Grandpa will give us some cash instead of those crappy presents he gives every year.”

“Hey! I love my Billy Bass singing fish plaque thing.”

“Haha, yeah. Alright, well I am going to go get ready.”


I was very excited. This meant I would have most of the evening to myself, maybe, even the night if my brother got lucky. I was already planning the outfit I would wear in my head. Maybe I would be able to rub one out without thinking about that beautiful dick of Derek’s that had plagued my fantasies. While my brother was busy getting ready I helped my parents move their bags to the car and received the usual no party, be careful speech that is given every time they leave the house for an extended period of time. Derek yelled his goodbyes to them from the top of the stairs in his bath towel. I watched them pull out of the driveway and went to the kitchen and made myself some dinner; nothing special, just a chicken salad sandwich. Derek came downstairs wearing a dark pair of jeans and a faded purple button-down. He has on cologne, maybe a bit too much, but it would probably fade by the time he picked up Karrie. “Well bro, I am off.” he stated.

“Have fun!” I replied.

When he left I headed upstairs for preparatory maintenance. I pulled from beneath my sink my hidden bottle of Nair, my razor, and body lotion. I applied the Nair and waited five minutes and hopped into the shower, washing away all the short hairs from the two-week accumulation since the last time I had Naired. I made sure every bit of my body was smooth and then I applied the lotion. I loved the feeling of my hairless body. It was so girly, so soft. Then I blew my hair dry and combed it in the girliest fashion I could manage. After I finished, I hid away all of the items and walked out of the bathroom in my towel towards my room. Then I heard the front door open and slam. Derek walked straight up stairs and went into his room, shutting the door fairly hard there as well. I don’t think he even noticed me. I walked into my room disappointed that I would no longer get to have my evening fun, but also confused by why my brother was home so early. Had something bad happened with dinner? Did Karrie not like the necklace?

After I put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, I headed to Derek’s room and knocked on the door. “Yeah?” Derek asked.

“Hey, everything okay?” Derek opened the door. He had obviously been crying.

“No, we were on our way to the restaurant when Karrie started crying and said that we needed to break up. I ask her why and she said that she had cheated with another guy and had really strong feelings for him. So she wants to see him now and not me. Then she told me we could still be friends.”

“What did you say?”

“No, I don’t want to be friends.”

“So that is it.”

“I guess so. It sucks man, I really liked for her.”

“Well, I am sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do, just let me know.”

“I just need to be alone right now, thanks though.”

Derek shut the door and I headed to my room, feeling sorry my brother. He was an asshole but only to me, everyone else would think he is kind of nice. Hell, ever since the incident he has been nicer to me. He didn’t deserve this. I sat in my room and went online looking through various women’s clothing websites. If I couldn’t dress tonight, I would at least indulge my imagination. After a bit, thinking of dressing up had gotten me pretty horny. That combination of my arousal coupled with my hung and vulnerable brother in the next room led to me developing a sinister plan. I would dress up as I planned to and go into Derek’s room and cheer him up by modeling my new outfit. Hopefully, this will excite him, one thing will lead to another and I can get another go around with his enormous cock. It was such a devious plan, but I was far too horny to resist.

I grabbed my duffel bag full of my girl clothes and makeup, and sat down in front of the mirror. I brushed my hair, and applied a light foundation, followed by mascara, blush, green eye shadow, and a light pink lip-gloss. I grabbed my bag and grabbed my neon yellow lace hip huggers and white push-up bra. I decided on wearing these under my white, khaki skirt and blue-and-white striped, off the shoulder, v-neck tunic. I looked in the mirror and was so proud of myself; I looked so cute. The skirt was growing tighter, however, from all the naughtiness transpiring. I was so turned on by the thought of getting to suck off my brother again. Any more excitement and may have possibly came in my skirt prematurely. My heart was beating fast as headed towards the Derek’s door. I lightly knocked. “Yeah?”

“Can I come in for a minute?”

“Yeah sure.”

I walked into the room and saw my brother lying on the bed stating at the ceiling. He looked over at me. “Ash? What are you doing?”

“You seemed so down, I thought I would come cheer you up!

“You look amazing. I didn’t even know it was you.”

“Well, thank you.”

“Have you been doing this a lot lately?”

“No, just today” I lied.

“Well, you really do look incredible. I know what we should do…”

I paused, waiting for Derek to say, those magic, sexual words.

“We should go downstairs and watch a movie, you can stay dressed and it will take my mind off of things for a while.”

That was not what I was hoping to hear at all, but I didn’t want to press the issue and I did want to cheer up my little brother, so be it. “Sounds good!” I said. We headed downstairs and turned on the movie, Slither. About thirty minutes later, disheartened, I went and made some popcorn. I came back in the room and set it down on the coffee table. I noticed Derek checking me out set it down. “I could work with this,” I thought, “I’ll just have to be a little flirtatious.” I sat next to Derek and began eating some of the popcorn. I then took a handful and laid my head on his shoulder. Slowly, as the movie progressed I moved my head down to his lap. He started playing with my hair, which felt amazing. Twenty minutes later, he looked down at me and said, “Ashley, you look so beautiful. You don’t look like a guy at all. You even smell like a girl.”

“Well, good. I hope this cheering you up.”

“Very much!”

He began caressing my legs with his fingers, enjoying their smoothness. Then, suddenly, he began tickling my sides. In a panic, I jumped up and yelled, “Oh, you better not start this game!” He smiled and returned his attack, pinning me on the couch, I was stuck and hysterically laughing while my brother lay on top of me, tickling the shit out of me. He stopped and looked down at me, our eyes met, and then he leaned in and kissed me. I hadn’t expected this, yet I found myself kissing back. Slowly, kissing led to making out, our tongues exploring each other violently and passionately. As we kissed, I felt his crotch against mine, more importantly, his cock hardening in his pants. He rose up quickly and removed his shirt, and we resumed making out. All of this felt so very wrong and yet I was enjoying every second of it. My hard bodied younger brother taking control and treating me as though I was a beautiful woman he desired. I began growing hard in my panties. My brother once again arose, and said, “Let’s go to my room!”

We ran upstairs as fast as we could. My brother stripped off his pants and jumped into his bed. I was about to get in fully clothed when he told me that my clothes didn’t look too comfortable to sleep in. “Well then, I’ll be sure to give him a show,” I thought. With my back to him, I raised my shirt above my head and let it fall to the floor. Then, my back still to him, lowered my skirt while bending over, letting his eyes linger on my girly, lacey panties hugging tightly to my ass. I turned around and he pulled me onto the bed, rolling me over. We, again, began making out. I could feel his hard cock begging to escape from its confinement. Something had to be done. I broke away from the kiss and began kissing down his neck, then his chest, then his abdomen, until finally I had reached the top of his boxers. “Ash, You don’t have to,” he told me. And with that, his boxers came off.

His dick stood tall and proud, veins bulging from the shaft all the way to his beautiful swollen head. His balls looked large and tasty hanging between his legs. At the top of his cock was a large glob of precum. God, my brother had such a beautiful penis. I leaned down slowly and kissed his balls, pressing his dick against my face. It felt so warm. Then I took one ball into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue, and then I moved to the other. Derek was moaning loudly. I softly bit his scrotum and then began to lick from the bottom of his balls to the tip of his shaft. When I reached the tip, I kissed it, pulling his precum into my mouth. It tasted as good as the last time I had tried this. I then lightly traced my tongue down and up his cock, but when I reached the tip this time, I engulfed his cock into my mouth. Derek gasped. I lowered myself as low as I could go, being sure to cover my teeth with my lips and using my tongue to create pressure on the underside of the shaft. Then, I rose up leaving the head in my mouth before diving down once again, all while massaging his balls with my hand. I had a goal in mind this time; I wanted to feel his pubes against my nose. I wanted to take his entire cock into my mouth and make him unload into my throat. I wanted him to cringe with pleasure; shaking violently as he erupted from the euphoria I was able to bring him. I continued this pattern until suddenly Derek grabbed my hair and pulled me away from my joyful work. “I think it’s time I reciprocated!” he said.

Derek pulled me on top of him and we began kissing once again. Slowly, he rolled me over to where he was on top, still kissing. Then he began kissing my neck, moving down to my bra he began groping my chest. He pulled aside one of the cups and took my nipple into his mouth, then he moved to the other. It was electrifying; I gasped for air at the surprising amount of pleasure it brought me. He alternated between them and then moved back to my face and kissed me again, and then I felt him tugging at my panties. I rose up and let him pull them down, my dick flopping onto my stomach. Even though I knew it was there, I wasn’t a guy at that moment, I was a hot and horny girl. My brother kissed down my chest again and the down my stomach, when he reached my petite cock, he gave it a quick kiss. Then, unexpectedly, Derek rolled me onto my stomach and began worshipping my ass. He rubbed it with strong hands, kissed it, and traced his tongue over the mounds. Then he kissed the small of my back, kissing down to my crack. Using his hands he pulled apart my cheeks and slid his tongue my smooth crack. I had not anticipated this at all. Finally, he reached the hole and with that, gave it a deep and loving, long lick. Again, I gasped, I had never in my life felt anything like that before. He returned his tongue, slowly tracing the ring before pressing it in as far in as it would go. I moaned loudly as my brother continued eating my asshole, his tongue expertly darting in and out of my anus, licking everything, not missing a spot. I couldn’t help it, my moans grew loader and loader and my body began to shake. It was incredible.

Derek sensing my approaching orgasm withdrew his tongue and rolled me back over. There was a wet spot on my stomach where my cock had pressed against it, drooling precum from my brother’s anal onslaught. We returned to kissing. My brother ground his cock against mine as we made out, then he rose up taking my legs and placing them over his shoulders, he pressed his cock against my asshole. I wasn’t so sure about that; it seemed like a big step. “Derek, don’t!” I said.

“Don’t worry. This will massage you there while we continue. I won’t actually go inside.”

Being as horny as I was, I just went with it. The pressure there did feel quite pleasing. I think I was a bit curious of what would happen if he did penetrate me as well. Derek leaned forward and we returned to kissing, groping my breast and lightly grinding against me. And then, I felt it. My anus started to give; all of the saliva and precum was making a natural lubricant. I started to speak, but Derek just kissed me harder. Slowly his cock went deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel it’s heat, it texture, its size as he penetrated further and further into my body. There was a slight pain, but I was so distracted from the kissing, I didn’t notice it too much. The pain started turning into an itch, then a tickle, and finally a delightful pressure.

Once my brother saw I was no longer wincing and distracted, he pushed the rest of his monster shaft inside of me. I let out a moan of celebration as I felt his pubes against my body. Derek pulled away from my lips and looked down at his accomplishment of being all the way inside of me. Slowly, he pulled out to the tip and then slowly pushed back in. He continued this pattern, eventually leaning forward and sucking on my nipple. My little penis was pinned between us, oozing precum with every thrust of my brother. His dick felt better and better, “Do you want me to keep going?” He ask.


“I want you to beg! What do you want?”

“I want me you to fuck me with your giant cock!”

‘You sure?”

“Fuck me Derek! Please fuck me.”

Derek started thrusting harder, driving into me faster and faster. I was shaking and moaning uncontrollably, I was a girl losing her mind in euphoria! My brother was going in and out of my asshole, leaving just the tip in before driving himself to the hilt. “Mmm… oh oh oh…. Oooo!” I sounded like a slut getting railed like she never had before. Finally, after ten minutes of constant assault on my ass, I felt the most incredible sensation I have ever felt in my entire life. I closed my eyes. “I’m cumming!” I yelped out naturally girlish. Between us, I unloaded what felt like all the semen in my entire body. And given the fact I hadn’t masturbated in two weeks, it was a fair amount. “Eh, Eh, Eh, Uh, Uh, Uh…” I squeaked as my brother pounded into me, my dick oozing what remained of the semen inside of me. I couldn’t believe I came like that, I had never felt something so incredible. I could feel the massive puddle of cum squirming between us as my brother continued fucking me.

I opened my eyes and looked up, he had a giant satisfied smile, like he had just conquered a mountain. I smiled back. Then, he leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed, I felt him tensing up. “Come inside of me, Derek. I want all of you inside of me.” With that Derek slowed his rhythm and his body began to shake as he unloaded into my ass. He pressed his cock as hard and deep as he could into me. I could feel the warmth of his cum flooding me. I savored the feeling. I felt so conquered and so feminine. I treasured those moments, those moments where I truly felt like a woman. My brother lay on top of me exhausted from his conquest, his penis still inside me, and my ass full of his cum. I rolled him over onto his side and pulled him out of me. ” Derek, let’s go take a shower,” I whispered. We rose from the bed and I led him into our shower, where I washed his body and he washed mine. We embraced under the water, kissing as it fell over our shoulders and down our bodies.

“You’re the most incredible girl, Ashley!” he said.

“Thanks!” I replied with a smile.

After we were clean, we dried off. Derek headed to his room as I dried my hair. I went into my room and grabbed a pair of pink, lacey, panties and a long t-shirt. I walked back into Derek’s room, he was already asleep, and so I crawled into bed next to him and cuddled up. Why not finish off the night completely girly?

This story has been almost two years in the making and it’s fair to say it has been a labour of love! Be warned from the outset though that it’s a very long story, so much so that I am posting it in two parts. The story is entirely fictional although the places and locations do exist. ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. I hope you enjoy my latest work.



Through the wall that separated my bedroom from my son’s, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a horny teenager beating his meat. The slapping of skin as he smacked his fist along the length of his hard cock, the hushed groans as he neared his self induced orgasm and the slight creaking of his bed as he moved around.

On my side of the divide, I stood with my ear pressed up against the wall, listening intently. My hand had snaked down my busty body and between my legs. My hungry pussy was wet and hot, my fingers delving deep into my snatch. It had been so long since I had felt a nice hard cock up me. My pussy was gagging for a good fucking.

I could feel an orgasm building once more inside my cunt. I rammed my fingers furiously up myself, listening to the sounds coming from behind the wall. Oh how I would love to just rip my thin little nightdress down and run right into his room. Mommy would know exactly how to take care of her big boy’s cock. He would not need to jack off every night then, he would be too busy pounding it right up his horny mother’s cunt!

Oh yes sure, he was my son, but he was also a man now, a man that could use his big dick to give me what I needed. Oh yes, mommy would ride his cock, I would ride that big fucker all night long just to satisfy my hungry sexual appetite.

I was close now, close to another big orgasm. I squashed my hand against my pussy and wriggled my fingers around inside me. I held my breath and desperately tried not to scream out. I was gonna cum hard, my pussy ready to erupt, thinking about my son lying in his bed, beating that big, stiff cock.

“Just let mommy have it baby,” I thought to myself…”Just fuck me son!”

My pussy gushed with my juices and I quickly pulled my sopping wet fingers out of my hole. A squirt fired from my cunt and landed on the carpet beneath me. My legs suddenly felt heavy and I leaned against the wall for support. I raised my hand and covered my mouth, muffling the cries of orgasmic pleasure.

Several moments passed as I regained myself. I tried to control my heaving breathing as I pressed my ear tightly against the wall. It was silent now and I could only assume that while I had been fingering myself, my son had blasted his hot load and settled down to sleep.

With a pang of regret at having not heard ‘the main event,’ I threw myself onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. It was a warm night, but not as warm as the night before when I had removed my clothes and climbed butt naked into bed. Tonight it was cooler, but between my legs a fire burned.

Wild thoughts ran through my mind..images of my son laying there, his thick young cum streaked across his abs, his big dick starting to deflate after giving it a good pumping.

I thought about the week that lay ahead and I could not help but smile. I had been thinking about this coming week for months, ever since we first accepted the invite to my friend’s wedding in Los Angeles. A whole week on the road, just me and my hunky teenage son…this was going to be a road trip to remember…and I was going to make sure that it was!!


We have all heard the stories about Route 66. It is woven into the fabric of America and a lost monument to a by-gone age. From its intrepid first travellers who sought a new start in the west, to those romantics and sentimentalists who attempt to trace its path today, ribbons of tarmac stretching from the shores of Lake Michagan to the rolling waves of the Pacific. A symbol of our great nations achievements and possibilities in the most troubled of times, carrying with it a soundtrack that will live forever.

I had always wanted to go on the ultimate American road trip. Route 66 had been a strange fascination of mine ever since I read ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ when I was in college. At the age of almost 40, I was starting to wonder if I would ever get the chance to journey down the old ‘Mother Road,’ that was until one day a few months ago when one of my old school friends called me up and invited me and my son to her wedding.

Clarisa Jones had been one of my closest friends right through High school and into college. She had moved to California with her parents when we were both 19. I had not seen much of her over the years, living so far away, but we had spoken a lot on the phone and through the internet. I had agreed right away to be at the wedding but it was actually my son Brandon who came up with the idea of going by road instead of the much quicker way of flying.

I have lived with my now 18 year old son, Brandon, by myself, ever since his dad left me when Brandon was just a year old. We were never married but it still left me to bring up my son alone. Sure I had had boyfriends over the years, some even got pretty serious, but in the end they never worked out and before long it was just me and my son again.

This business of getting turned on by listening to him masturbate, had started about a year before. At first it was just curiosity when I heard some strange noises coming from his room late at night. However, as time passed, I started to make of point of listening to him and before I knew what was happening, I was getting turned on.

Brandon has grown up into a very good looking boy. He works out and is captain of his school football team. His hair is dark and wavy, his eyes penetrating and deep. He reminds me so much of his dad when I first met him all those years ago. He is rather cocky and sometimes arrogant, but that only makes him more attractive to me, I like a guy with spirit!

Now of course I know it’s wrong for a mother to be sexually attracted to her own son, but the more I listened to him beating his stick off, the more I thought about fucking him.

Without a man in my life, my son had replaced a boyfriend as the sexual object of my desires. So many nights lately I have stood by that bedroom wall, listening to the unmistakable sounds and finger-fucking my wet pussy. In my wild, sex starved, imagination, I think about Brandon climbing on top of me and pumping his big young cock deep inside me..fucking me so good and hard. I think about that night I came home late and slightly drunk and stumbled into the bathroom, not realizing that he was in the shower.

It had only lasted a moment before he noticed me and covered himself up, but for a few seconds I got to see just how ‘big’ my boy had gotten. His cock was only semi-hard but it hung long between his legs. About 6 inches of fat cock meat that instantly made my pussy get wet.

I had made my apologies and left the bathroom, but seeing that big dick and knowing that he obviously got much bigger when fully hard, had really confirmed something that I had known for a while…I wanted to have sex with my son.

Now for my age, I guess I am what you would describe as a MILF!. I have a good figure and am curvy without being fat. I have big 38 double d breasts and a nice bubble butt..think of the porn star Sara Jay and you will have some idea of what I look like!

Brandon had never been shy in telling me how sexy I was, often complementing me on my dress or my hair or telling me how good my ass looked in my new figure hugging jeans. I guess it was another factor in my sexual attraction to him. Knowing that he thought I was hot and imagining him thinking about me while fisting his dick, just got me even wetter for him.

“You know Mom..How about we don’t take a flight to L.A?” He had said when I told him about Clarisa’s wedding.

“What do you mean?” I had replied.

“Well how about we take a different route to California..You have always wanted to go down Route 66, or at least what’s left of it…how about we drive to L.A?” He asked.

“You mean it…really?” I had said enthusiastically. “You don’t think it’s too far..I mean that’s one long drive baby!”

“Well we can spilt the driving between us, I got my licence now, so you drive some and then I drive will be ok!” He replied.

I had needed no more persuasion. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight, squashing my big rack against his chest. From our home in Willow Springs in suburban Chicago, it is about two and a half thousand miles to Los Angeles…

“But what about hotels..It’s gonna cost a lot of money to stay in hotels every night on the road?” I said, thinking more practically now as I moved my head from against his shoulder and looked him in the eyes, our faces just inches apart but our arms still locked in a tight hug.

“Well…we don’t have to stay in expensive hotels in the city’s..There must be hundreds of cheap little motels down Route 66, you know those old mom and pop type places in the small towns…and we don’t need two rooms, we can share one, right?” He replied confidently.

As soon as he said it, I felt a funny little tingle deep within me. The thought of sharing a room with my handsome son and maybe, just maybe, catching sight of a nice big morning hard-on while he slept, made my pussy cream!!

“Are you sure…you wouldn’t mind sharing with your mom?” I said.

“No of course not,” He replied with a slight chuckle, “Might even be able to share a bed!”

He said it with a naughty little wink and a smirk on his face, then he broke the hug and pulled away from me, I felt his hand momentarily slide down my back and come to rest on my butt before he backed away, winked at me again and headed out of the room.

I stood for a few moments gathering my thoughts. Brandon had always been quite flirty and often came out with little comments like that but now it took on a whole new meaning for me.. was he serious about wanting to share a bed, or was I just reading too much into his innuendo comment. Maybe I was just horny and listening to him whacking off his cock all the time had distorted my perspective on things?


As the time got closer we began to plan for our road trip. I went to a book store and got a really good map of Route 66. The problem today of course is that the old road does not exist in the same way it used to. Today it is broken up with interstate highways that run right next to the famous tarmac or indeed just right over the top of where it once was. Our Satellite Navigation system would be important but if we wanted to travel the historic 66 highways, then we needed a good road map too.

We decided that rather than trying to book our places to stay ahead of time, we would just drive and pull into some small town, when we had had enough of the driving for one day and try to find a place to stay. Brandon said it would be better this way as we would not have to get to a certain town each night but just pull over when we got tired. So, that’s what we agreed to do.

About a week before we set off, I went to this beautiful store in Chicago to buy my dress for the wedding. I was wandering around the store when I strayed into the women’s underwear section. I thought about the nights I was going to be spending in those hotel rooms with my son and a plan formulated in my mind. I was already thinking some naughty thoughts about what we might get up to on this trip, when I spotted the most beautiful nightdress I had ever seen. It was almost transparent but in a beautiful white lace. It was fairly short and would reach just above my knees. It had a fine and delicate patchwork of white and red around the edges. The straps hung from the shoulder’s and gave way to a plunging neckline, that I knew would just about be able to hold my big tits within it but would certainly create an eye-popping sight.

I imagined Brandon’s face as I climbed into bed and he saw me wearing this. It was the kind of nightwear that a wife would put on for her husband to see her in, or a bride to wear on her honeymoon night.

“God I would look really hot in that!” I said under my breath, looking around to make sure that nobody had overheard me.

Thinking naughty thoughts about my son again and smiling to myself, I took the sexy little number off the hook and placed it in my basket.

I found a nice blue dress to wear to the wedding and then headed for the checkouts. The girl behind the counter gave me a knowing little smile when she took the nightdress out of the basket and placed it into the bag.

I thought to myself, “If only you knew who was gonna get to see me wearing that thing!!”


As I lay in bed, the night before the trip began, having finger-fucked myself to another wet and sticky orgasm and with my new sexy lingerie packed in my suitcase, I considered what lay ahead. I did not know what, if anything, was going to happen. I knew I wanted to fuck Brandon but did he really wanna ‘do me’…despite all his bravado and sexual innuendo, I was still his mom..and could he fuck his own mother?..even if I was wearing that fucking hot little nightie??..I thought too about us sharing not just a room but a bed as well, as Brandon had suggested, would I be able to control my unnatural urges, sleeping right next to that good looking boy, or would I just jump on him and to hell with the consequences?

I fell into a restless sleep that night, my mind whirling with so many naughty thoughts and hopes about the week ahead. I was going to do all I could to seduce my son and get what I wanted, that much I had decided…this mother was going all out to ‘Get her kicks on Route 66!!!

Day One — Willow Springs, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri

We set off early next morning, wanting to make good progress on our first day.

“Ok, you drive first then I will take over later,” I said as I climbed into the passenger seat of our Toyota Hilux.

“Yeah alright, I’m a better driver anyway,” Brandon replied as he got behind the wheel.

“This is gonna be so much fun,” I said with a big smile, “I have been waiting years to do this.”

It wasn’t just the excitement of finally getting to drive Route 66, but the anticipation of the nights to come in the hotels!!

Our GPS tracker, lead us out of Willow Springs and through the sweet little town of Joliet, before taking us on to the I-55 and south towards Bloomington.

Brandon and I chatted as we drove along, talking about all sorts of things, until the subject turned to boyfriends.

“What about that last idiot you got with, what was his name, Tommy?..What a dickhead he was!” Brandon said disdainfully.

“Yeah I know he was, he had cute eyes though.” I replied.

“Cute eyes, give me a break…That guy looked like Pee Wee Herman on a bad day..I don’t know why you wasted your time with that deuce?”

“Well, he was kinda sweet…he took me to some nice restaurants and do you remember he always showed up at the house with some flowers?” I reminded my son.

“Yeah right, flowers!!..That’ll keep you warm at night!” Brandon replied sarcastically.

“Yeah…well…He didn’t do that very well I must admit!”

“That’s right he didn’t..I am sure that guy was in denial..He had ‘I’m Gay’ written all over him!” Brandon said.

I laughed out loud and turned my face to look at my son, then replied.

“What makes you think he was gay?”

“Oh please come on mom..If that guy was any further back in the closet he would be in fucking Narnia!” Brandon argued.

I now laughed hysterically, thinking back to my ex partner and those rather damp squib nights I had spent in bed with him. He had not been so bad but was certainly not the best either. He worked as a sales consultant to some big muti-national company and his work really was his life, which is one of the reason we spilt, almost a year ago now…wow had it really been that long ago? How time flew by so quickly.

“And what about that other guy..George?” Brandon continued with a mocking tone, “He looked like Rick Moranis from those old ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kid’s’ movies..another deuce bag!”

“Oh no not George..I have been trying to forget about him,” I replied.

“Yeah I bet you have,” He went on teasing me, “What the hell were you thinking there mom?”

I pondered for a moment and then replied, “He was rich!”

Brandon laughed and said, “Even so, there’s a two looked so odd together.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Well come on mom, you’re a hot looking babe walking beside a guy who looks like a geeky high school science teacher.”

Brandon had said I was hot before but he had never called me a ‘babe’..I liked that!!

“Well thank you baby!” I replied coyly.

Brandon turned his head away from the road and glanced over at me. I met his eyes and he winked at me. I smiled and raised my eyebrows at him.

We often exchanged this sort of moment. A look or a glance that acknowledged a mutual attraction between a woman and a man, no words were spoken but it was just that indirect and surreptitious nod of mutual appreciation for the other’s good looks.

After this we sat quietly for a while…thinking.


“Shall we stop for lunch in Springfield?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah sure,” I replied, feeling my stomach rumbling over.

We found a little truckstop just north of the city which we pulled into and climbed out of the car. Brandon stretched his arms high over head causing his t-shirt to rise. As he did I glimpsed the lower section of his stomach, the start of a six pack starting to become visible.

The little roadside cafe was pretty busy as we walked in and found a table. The place was decorated like one of those old 50′s diners, all red leather seats and chrome. Worn out looking truck drivers sat all around the place, munching their way through big burgers and steaks. The air was thick with smoke from the open griddles that were cooking the food behind the counter.

A pretty waitress approached us and took our order.

Over lunch, Brandon and I chatted.

“Well we have not seen much of ole’ Route 66 yet have we mom?” Brandon asked as he cut into a slice of pizza.

“No, not yet..It will open up more when he can get off the Interstate and onto the backroads..the other side of St. Louis probably.” I replied

“Yeah I guess so…Where do you think we can get to for tonight?” He enquired.

“I’m not really sure..somewhere in Missouri I think..I will take over the driving this afternoon if you like?”

He nodded his agreement and carried on eating his lunch.

“It was approaching mid-summer and the air conditioning in the restaurant was being put through its paces. Outside the day was getting pretty warm and the humidity was rising.

“We better get some gas while we are here the tank is running a little low.” Brandon said as he took another bite of pizza.

“Ok!” I replied.

“So this friend of yours, have I ever met her?” He asked.

“Errm, well only when you were little, she came to visit once but apart from that I really haven’t seen her in years..she moved to California when we were in college and you know…people drift apart.” I told him with a tinge of regret in my voice.

“Is she a hottie like you mom?” He said without a hint of embarrassment.

I smiled and raised my eyebrows at him, then after a moment I replied, “Well I don’t know about that…she was better looking than me when we were younger!”

Brandon chuckled and shook his head, “Nah, nobody’s that good looking mom.”

Like I said before, my son often flirted with me like this but my heightened state of arousal towards him just made it so much more than simple flirting for me.

Then, as we were nearing the end of lunch, I noticed something that made my heart skip a beat. I was wearing just an ordinary t-shirt, it was not low cut although it did bulge out a lot in the front because of my big boobs, but then anything I wore did that! I hated wearing bra’s in hot weather and I was aware that my hard bullet nipples were visible through my shirt.

I caught Brandon several times gazing at my tits. He would look down at the plate below him and surreptitiously move his eyes upwards, taking a sneaky look at my large rack. My pussy was getting wet!!

Maybe seducing Brandon was not going to be too hard. Like most 18 year old boys he had a fascination with big breasts…and I sure had a big pair to use!

I thought again about that little nightdress in my case. My big tits would look amazing encased in that thin lacy material. Brandon would get a much better view of his horny mother’s titties later tonight!

My pussy practically creamed at the thought of so blatantly showing my busty body to my well hung boy. I squirmed slightly in my seat trying to scratch the hot itch in my cunt!

Soon we had left the truck-stop and were back on the road. I had taken over the driving and we were heading towards St Louis.

Using the Route 66 map, we took a small diversion from our route and visited the old Chain of Rocks Bridge, the one that carried the ‘Mother road’ over the Mississippi. Sadly only a pedestrian crossing now and we were soon back in the car and driving again.

The outside temperature was still climbing as the time reached late afternoon. We had been on the road for quite a few hours now and getting lost around the ring roads of St. Louis extended our journey.

We sighted the magnificent Gateway Arch and headed into town for a brief stop.

“You wanna go to the top mom?” Brandon asked as we parked the car and walked towards the famous monument.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” I replied.

Going up in the tiny elevator that carries tourists to the narrow enclosed viewing platform at the top of the arch, I again noticed Brandon glance at my tits. He was really paying attention to my ‘babies’ today. I looked down to see my hard nipples poking into the material of the t-shirt and I could not help but smile slightly.

The view from the top of the arch was magnificent. The plains of Missouri stretched away in the far distance, covered by a sunny haze. Down below, the waters of the Mississippi glistened in the afternoon sun and an old paddle steamer sat moored to the bank. People shuffled around on the narrow walkway, jostling for position at the little windows that overlooked this beautiful city. Camera flashlights kept going off as people recorded this moment, 630 feet above St.Louis.


It was almost 5.30 by the time we rejoined the highway and headed southwards again. The map of Route 66 showed some towns up ahead where we hoped to be able to find our first hotel to spend the night. We passed the signpost for the famous Meramec Caverns, which Jesse James is said to have used as a hideout, although a lot of people doubt the claim!

In the little town of Cuba, Missouri, we found a real beating heart of the old Route 66. The signs and artworks paid homage to those bygone days of travel on this forgotten road.

“Oh look at that over there…Wigwam’s!” Brandon called out as we headed through town.

“Oh yeah, I have heard about these, it’s a motel I think!” I replied.

“That’s cool..wanna try and stay here the night?”

“Yeah let’s pull over and go see!” I said as we neared the entrance driveway. Just then I saw a rope thrown across the turnoff and a sign attached to it.

“What’s it say?” I asked.

“Closed for refurbishment..Oh damn it!” Brandon replied with an angry tone.

“Oh that’s a shame..That would have been fun!” I replied, equally disappointed.

“You know what this is not the only wigwam motel on Route 66, I am sure there is another one someplace…In California maybe?”

“I will have a look in the book,” Brandon replied as he began to thumb through the pages of the guidebook.

“We will try further on,” I said, as I swung the car back onto the road.

“Yeah here it is,” Brandon said after a few moments, “It’s near San Bernardino, Rialto California…The Wigwam Motel.”

“Ok, we will try to get in there when we hit California. Maybe that can be our last night before we get to Los Angeles?” I said hopefully.

Brandon nodded and turned his attention back to the GPS.

“Looks like Rolla, Missouri is the next town along the road here..let’s try there!” He said.

“Ok..sounds good!” I replied again.

A little while later we entered the town of Rolla and pulled up outside a ‘Days Inn’ Motel.

It was already dark when we drove into the car park and stopped in front of the office. The motel itself was set round in a two storey semi-square block and we were encouraged to see the ‘Vacancies’ sign outside.

Brandon jumped out the car and went inside the office, where I could see through the window that an old guy was stood behind the desk. A few moments later Brandon came back outside and gave me a thumbs up sign and motioned me to come into the office.

I parked the car in a parking bay and walked inside.

“They have got a couple of rooms left,” Brandon said. “You get us checked in and I will go unload the car.”

“Alright,” I replied as Brandon headed out of the office door.

I smiled at the man behind the desk as I approached him.

“Hello, how are you mam?” He asked warmly.

“Yeah I am fine thanks, you have a room for the night?” I said back.

“Sure do mam..I got two rooms left for tonight. You want them both or are sharing?

“Sharing will be fine.” I said innocently.

“Ok mam..One’s a double the other has got two small single beds, which one do you wanna take?” He asked, giving me a slight smirk.

“Oh err..the double will be ok for us thank you.” I tried not to make eye contact as I replied.

“Sure,” he said after a moment’s pause.

I reached into my purse and took out my credit card.

“That is gonna be $50 for one night’s stay,” He said as he tapped away on his keyboard.

“Could I take your name please mam?”

“Oh yeah, It’s Giffords, Cindy Giffords.” I replied.

“Ok, could you just fill out this form and sign at the bottom please?” He asked, passing the sheet of paper.

After he ran my card through the machine, he handed me a key-card and directed me to the upper floor of the building.

“Ok mam, here is your room key, it’s gonna be room 34. Go out of the door and along the front of the building to the second set of stairs going up and then it’s just along the walkway.”

“Ok thank you!” I replied and turned to head towards the door, into the warm Missouri night.

“Have a good night!” He called to me as I opened the door to go out. He had a distinctly condescending tone to his voice. To be honest he might as well have just come out and said, “I know what you are gonna be doing in that room.”

I just glanced over my shoulder and smiled at him before going through the door. I guess he thought that Brandon was some toyboy lover of mine, an older woman taking her young man to a motel behind her husband’s back. “If only you knew the truth,” I thought to myself as I walked back to where Brandon was stood by the truck, holding our two bags.

“It’s up there on the second floor, Room 34.” I said as I put the key in the door and locked up the car.

Brandon walked off in the direction of the stairs and I could not help watching his tight buns as he strode away, pulling the two suitcases beside him.


A short while after we had put our bags into the room, we went to a little diner down the street and had dinner, before returning to the motel for the night.

The room was nice and spacious and Brandon did not seem at all bothered about the one solitary bed, or be it a king size one that occupied it.

“I am gonna go take a shower,” He said as he walked into the bathroom, while I unzipped a bag to take out my toothbrush.

“Ok,” I replied.

While he was in the shower, I removed my new nightdress from the case and laid it out on the bed. The delicate lace work around the top and hem of the transparent material really made it look like a classy and expensive item of lingerie.

My plan was to go into the bathroom once Brandon came out and get dressed up in my sexy little negligee. Then I planned to come out and climb into bed, giving Brandon ample view of my assets.

I picked up the nightie and wrapped it in a towel so Brandon would not see it before I was wearing it.

I sat on the bed listening to the water from the shower coming from the bathroom. I thought about how I was going to play this tonight. I could not just jump straight into bed with him and expect him to fuck me straight away. Tonight I had to set him up, get him real interested..if he wasn’t already??…Tonight I would try and cuddle up close with him, let him feel my big, barely covered, tits pressing against him. Nuzzle my face against his neck, maybe even steal a kiss or two!!

Yes, tonight was about a little subtle seduction, seeing how far I could go..testing the waters…unless of course, he took it further!!!

He emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. He took my breath away..he had no shirt on and just a towel wrapped around his waist, the outline of his cock making a bulge in the front of the towel. His hair still had that wet look where he had only towelled it dry. His upper body showed the defined muscles that he had been developing, his biceps expanding and his broad chest taut and chiselled.

“All done in there,” he said as he walked past me and towards the bed.

“Ok, I will…errrm…go get in then,” I replied with some hesitation.

I swept into the bathroom and hastily closed the door behind me. I let out a long, slow and deep breath. The sight of my son’s almost naked body, knowing the big man meat that was hidden below that towel, had made my heart race just a little faster than it all ready was tonight!!

I placed the wrapped towel down on the side and removed my negligee from inside it. I looked up into the huge mirror that hung over the sink unit. Staring at my reflection I contemplated what I was trying to do here…I was about to put on an extremely revealing piece of lingerie, that you would normally only wear for a husband or lover, and climb into bed with my own son in an attempt to seduce him into fucking his horny mother!!

I smiled to my reflection as I thought about that big cock and getting my big titted body cuddled up against him.

I undressed and got into the shower, soaping up my big double D’s. I cupped my hand between my legs and started to strum my clit. I was already hot and excited as I stroked my cunt, gently probing my fingers around.

I closed my eyes as the water cascaded over me and pictured Brandon’s big hard cock in my mind.

I was feeling even hornier now as I imagined, in my mind’s eye, that big young dick sliding between my legs, filling my pussy and pounding me hard.

My son had become my sexual fantasy and in just a few moments, I would climbing into bed right next to him..starting the first night of my attempted seduction of my well hung son.

I prevented bringing myself to orgasm, wanting to hold onto the intense feelings inside me. Instead I clambered out of the shower and dried myself off.

My nipples were as hard as bullets as I rubbed the soft white towel across them. My big boobs swung below me as I reached down to dry my feet and my wet hair cascaded over my shoulder, water droplets dripping to the floor.

When I was dry, I placed the towel in a heap on the side of the bath and reached to the sink counter and took hold of my naughty little negligee.

I bent down and held it by my feet, stepping each foot inside the material and then slinking it up along my legs. I wrapped it around my hips and allowed the silky material to rest on my stomach. Then I reached my hands under the straps and pulled my arms up, bringing the nightie over my fat tits. I hooked the straps over my shoulders and then brushed my hands down the front to my stomach, flattening out the material that now clung to my body.

The silk felt so lovely against my skin and I looked into the mirror in front of me and gazed at my reflection.

My big breasts were only barely contained within the lace patchwork and see through material of this very sexy lingerie. I had not worn anything like this in a long time. I smiled to myself in the mirror as I prepared to walk out of the bathroom door and reveal this awesome sight to my son.

I crossed to the door and took a deep breath. This was it.

I turned the handle and opened the door, stepping out onto the carpeted floor of our hotel room.

I glanced at the television on the sideboard and then spun around towards the bed. Brandon was lying under the ruffled covers, pulled casually up to his waistline. He was topless, his well developed upper body naked for me to feast my eyes upon.

His eyes flew wide open as he moved his gaze from the television to my negligee covered body. I saw his jaw drop and for an instant I thought maybe this was too much, had I gone too far just by wearing this thing?

“Fuck Mom..WOW!” He said with a nodding approval.

I walked to the vacant side of the bed and stood there, allowing my son to take in the full sight of his mother’s busty body.

I could not help smiling as he continued to run his eyes up and down my figure.

“Jesus Mom…you look…errr….amazing!!”

“Thanks baby,” I replied trying to sound casual..although my heart was beating ten to the dozen and the butterflies were doing cartwheels in my stomach.

I leaned forwards slightly, taking a hold of the top of the duvet and lifting it up. I was acutely aware that my tits were straining the top of my negligee and my son was getting a fantastic view down the deep valley of my cleavage. I deliberately took my time climbing on to the bed and moving myself below the covers.

Brandon’s head was turned to the side and his eyes fixed on my boobs as I brought my large rack close to his face as I slid my body under the duvet.

“Where…errm…where did you get…that mom?” He asked with a throaty quiver to his voice.

“Oh well…just at the store..they didn’t have many nightdresses in at the time.” I said, lying.

“I know it’s a bit revelling but…well you’re the only one gonna see me in it!” I went on, as I pulled the duvet up to just below my breasts and laid my head back onto the pillow.

“’s fine mom..errmmm..yeah…cool!” He replied, turning his head back towards the TV.

I looked down at my tits which had flopped to the side of the lacy material, then glanced sideways at Brandon.

“Only trouble boobs are a bit too big for was the only size they had!” I said, wanting to keep my son’s attention.

He turned his head back sideways and looked straight at my chest.

“Looks good from where I am mom!” he stated with that arrogant tone that I love to hear from him, his eyebrows raised and a smirk on his face.

I laughed, then replied, “Yeah I expect it does!”

His eyes came up from my tits and made contact with my gaze. It was another of those moments when we both understood what the other was thinking. A definite sexual chemistry was passing between us.

We both smiled.

I then ran my eyes down my son’s muscular torso and then back up to make eye contact with him again. I could feel my pussy twitching.

“You are not bad to look at yourself baby,” I said.

Brandon smirked and then raised his arms up over his head, resting his outstretched hands on the top of the padded headboard.

“Then enjoy the view mom,” He replied, returning his eyes to the tit flesh that squeezed over the edges of the material of my sexy nightie.

As we were now laying side by side in the bed, when I turned my head to look at my son, our faces were only a short distance apart. I smiled at his last flirtatious remark and responded by again running my eyes down and along his naked upper body.

“You are in pretty good shape aren’t you baby?” I said, returning my eyes to draw level with his again.

Brandon nodded and gave me that arrogant smirk again, his eyes wandering down from my face to my right breast, bulging against the side of the thin lacy hem.

There was a few moments pause as I returned my head back straight and looked at the television. All the time though, I was aware that Brandon was keeping his eyes fixed on my cleavage, my excitement levels reaching fever pitch.

“That was a long drive today,” I said.

“Huhua,” came his brief reply.

“And it’s only the first day,” I said pointedly.

Brandon lowered his arms down and eased himself up onto his elbows, raising his head from the pillow.

“Yeah…Only the first day,” he repeated but in a supercilious tone of voice.

I turned my head to look at him again. He was now moving his body underneath the duvet and I felt his left leg come into contact with my right. He edged himself closer towards me and was now able to view my busty body from a slightly higher point of view.

Then he lay back down and rested his head on the pillow. He was now lying just inches away from me and his face was close to mine. I turned my head towards his.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a smile.

“Just thought you might like a cuddle before we go to sleep?” He replied.

I could literally have jumped up and down with excitement. My heart raced and I had to desperately control my breathing. Brandon was virtually lying on top of me and all I had to do was roll my body to the right and snuggle in to him. It seemed that this seduction of my son was really not going to be difficult. This naughty negligee had had an amazing effect on my boy!!

I smiled wide and nodded my head sharply. “Oh yeah..I would really like that,” I said, sounding far too willing.

“Come on then!” He replied.

Brandon lifted his left arm and raised it over my head, motioning me too cuddle against his body.

I rolled onto my side and lifted my head from the pillow, laying it back down on my son’s bicep. He lowered his arm and placed it on my shoulder, wrapping me in his tight grip. I slid my left arm across his chest and rested my hand by his right nipple.

I shuffled my body forwards and stopped moving when I felt my thinly covered breasts make contact with his flesh. My knees were bent inwards and I could feel the material of his boxer shorts. We were now into a position that most lovers would get into when they were in bed…not a normal situation though for a mother and son!!

“OOOO that’s nice,” I cooed, as I felt the warmth of my son’s body against me.

“Yeah,” he replied rather quietly.

He raised his right arm and reached back behind his head, feeling for the switch to the room light that was located on a panel behind the bed.

It clicked off and the light was extinguished, leaving only the glare from the television set to illuminate the room.

I suddenly felt Brandon’s fingers start to stroke my shoulder, gently caressing along my skin. His fingertips ran across my flesh and the tingles that accompanied it shot along my whole body.

I was already horny enough but this was driving me crazy. It felt so wonderful to be this close to my hunky son..but I had to take it slowly..let him be the one to make the next move…if there was to be one?

For the next five minutes or so we remained just like that, watching television, neither of us saying anything.

Brandon continued to run his fingers from my shoulder to mid way down my arm and then back up again. In response to this, I started to move my hand from side to side on his chest, my fingers rubbing over his nipple, which became hard and erect.

I inhaled deeply at my son’s manly and musky scent. With my face resting against the crack of his arm, I could smell the deodorant and after shave that he used.

This was the closest I had been to a man since my last fuck-buddy some time ago. I loved this part of being with someone though, that amazing feeling when you can be close to someone in bed, snuggled up real close and in anticipation of the sexual satisfaction that would normally follow. But this was a very different situation…this was a mother and son cuddled up and my son!!

“You wanna see what else is on?” Brandon asked.

“No..I am not bothered really…I’m not really watching it!”

“Oh,” He said rather surprised, “Do you wanna turn it off then?..I guess we should get some’s gonna be another long day tomorrow.”

“Oh..errr…yeah..I guess so!” I replied, trying to disguise the disappointment in my voice.

There was only one thing I wanted to do right now..and it wasn’t sleep!!

Brandon reached for the remote control that was lying on the duvet cover beside him. He pointed it at the TV and in a second the last light source in the room was gone.

Outside on the walkway, a couple walked past our room door with one of those rolling suitcases. The sound of the wheels scraping along the concrete drummed out their conversation but I could just make out the voices of a woman and a man as they went past, then a car door being closed rather harshly down in the car park, echoed around.

In the now total darkness and silence of the room, I could hear both my heavy breathing and that of my son’s. He moved slightly and then his fingers on my shoulder squeezed into my flesh. His other hand had come down onto his chest and was now rested on top of my hand, his fingers sliding in-between the gaps of my fingers and locking down.

The atmosphere was electric..or at least to me it was!

“Night mom,” He said before placing his lips against my forehead and kissing me.

I shoved my hips forwards and pressed my whole body tighter against his side, my big boobs now unmistakably squashing against his ribcage.

“Night baby,” I replied.

Then I moved my head forwards off of his bicep and onto his shoulder, nuzzling my upturned face into his neck. With lustful thoughts in my mind, I pursed my lips and gently kissed him just below his earlobe, lingering there for a few seconds.

When I moved my lips from his neck, I felt his fingers lock tighter against my hand and his whole body stiffen up. I worried for a moment that I had gone too far..letting that kiss last too long!!

I could feel his heart beating against his chest and a definite deepening of his breath. He said nothing for several moments and neither did I. I was waiting to see if he would react in anyway.

Finally, after what seemed like ages but was only about half a minute I suppose, he spoke.

“I bet I would be the envy of all the guys in the neighbourhood if they could see me now!”

“Why?” I replied, knowing full well what he meant already but wanting him to say it.

“Well..I am in bed with the hottest Milf around…virtually naked!” He said with that same tone again.

“You are the one who only has his boxer shorts on,” I said with a little giggle.

“Well what about that hot piece you’re wearing…you might as well be naked.”

“I thought you said you liked it,” I replied with a mock tone of indignation.

“OH I DO!” He said firmly.

I giggled like a naughty schoolgirl and could not hide my satisfaction at this current situation. My wet pussy was practically dripping and I had to clench my legs tightly together to try and quell the heat radiating from my cunt!

“I suppose all boys like to see big breasts…even if they are their mothers!” I said in a slow and seductive voice.

Brandon inhaled deeply and I wondered if he was getting hard underneath the duvet, my eyes not yet fully adjusted to the darkness to notice any big bulges further down the bed.

“You sure got a nice rack on you, mom!” He said assuredly.

I giggled again and lifted my left leg up, draping it across his and brushing my foot against his ankle. My knee positioned only a few inches below his groin.

His whole body again stiffened up as I gently rubbed my foot up and down his lower leg.

My actions left me needing to make no reply to his last ‘rack’ remark. I think my frisky body language answered for me?

“You know mom,” He said after a few moments of increased sexual tension, “If you were any other girl, I would be ripping that lingerie off you by now.”

I loved his boldness and confidence.

“Oh really,” I replied with a lustful tone to my voice, “Lucky girl.”

Brandon’s body seemed to relax now, the tension of our situation being broken somewhat by our direct and open flirting.

“Oh yeah…you bet she would be!” he said, his fingers now resuming to stroke along my arm and back to my shoulder.

“I think any girl would be lucky to be in bed with my hunky boy…so I guess I should feel LUCKY right now?”

The newly found confidence and boldness in my voice only egged him on, my initial nervousness now subsiding as he responded to me.

“Yeah well…I have never had any complaints.” He replied casually.

“No I am sure you haven’t…big boy like you!”

Brandon laughed and dug his fingertips subconsciously into my arm.

“Well, “He said still laughing, “I guess we are both ‘big’ where it counts!”

“How do you mean?” I replied, sounding innocent.

“Let’s just say, you are big up top and I have what it takes to get the job done down below.”

Now it was my turn to laugh rather loudly.

“HHAHAA…You cocky little shit!” I responded, lifting my hand and tapping it against his chest.

“So you are a real ‘BIG BOY’ are you?” I went on, already knowing the answer.

Brandon took a deep breath which gave away his well hidden nervousness and replied with apparent confidence, “Sure am mom!”

I said nothing but just murmured slightly, an agreeable hum that told Brandon what I was thinking. Then silence descended.

You could have cut the sexual tension in the darkened room with a knife. Outside I could hear people talking down in the car park and a room door being closed along the walkway.

My eyes were now getting adjusted to the darkness and could see more clearly. The outline of my son’s body stretched out under the covers and I could just make out his feet pressing up the duvet at the end of the bed.

His heart beat fast and hard against my hand, resting across his chest. His fingers were still locked in with mine.

Underneath my negligee, my nipples were like two hard bullets, stiff and erect. I had my breasts pressed up against the side of Brandon’s body and I wondered if he could feel my nipples poking into him?

Then in a quiet and low voice Brandon said, “Night mom,” and he again kissed the top of my head.

“Goodnight my big baby!” I replied as I cuddled into him even tighter.

He untangled his fingers from mine and moved his hand away. A second later he had brought his arm across and placed his hand on the side of my stomach, just below my tits. Lying on my side, Brandon was now hugging me tightly. One arm wrapped around my neck and sensitively touching my shoulder, the other hand now squeezing my tummy just above the hip bone. I was now completely enveloped by my son’s strong arms, my body wrapped up against him.

I moved my arm further across his chest and to the side of his ribs, pulling him towards me. This was no way for a mother and son to be sleeping together…but I sure liked it!!


The small clock located next to the television read 3.37am as I looked across at it, having woken from sleep.

I was still snuggled up beside my son, although his arms had fallen from my waist and shoulder. I blinked several times and wiped my hand across my eyes. Then I saw it.

Looking downwards over the duvet that covered Brandon and me, I saw that the covers had been raised up and a tent-like pyramid had formed right over my son’s waist. Instantly I knew what was causing it.

I lifted my head from his body and looked at his face. He was still fast asleep.

I looked back down his body to where the tent was in the duvet. It was obvious that my son had a massive erection underneath there. His full on ‘morning glory’ arriving a little early!!

I smiled to myself and felt my pussy getting wet again. I instantly wanted to lift the covers and take a peek at his mighty dong but I was worried he may wake up…oh what the hell, he was the one who had been bragging last night about having a big dick!!

I gently moved my hand from his chest and reached down to take the duvet between my fingers. Feeling horny and excited, I slowly pulled my hand upwards and in turn raised the covers.

I looked up at my son to ensure he was not stirring but his eyes remained tightly shut, he had always been a pretty deep sleeper luckily.

I looked down into the darkness below the covers and could just make out the outline of his boxer shorts. I looked harder still, wishing I could turn on a light, and saw the sharp defined shape of his cock as it rose vertically in the air. His black boxers covered the hard and stiff flesh of man-meat that was hidden inside them but the unmistakable sight of a huge erection was still visible.

I wanted to just reach my hand down there and under the waistband of his shorts. I imagined wrapping my fist around his cock and whipping it out from under its material prison. Just the thought of being able to see his massive dick in its entire splendour and then slowly starting to pump my hand up and down on it, god I was getting so wet with my dirty thoughts.

I kept the duvet lifted up from his body and continued to gaze at the huge tented shape of his boxers. I slid my other hand down my body and separated my thighs slightly. I was still lying on my side as I began to move my fingers across my pussy. It was hot and wet between my legs, my clit very sensitive as I brushed my finger tips over it.

I tried to control my breathing as I wiggled two fingers inside my cunt and started to exercise my pussy. I kept my eyes on the huge bulge in his boxers and occasionally glanced up to ensure he was still asleep.

The scene in that darkened and quite motel room was getting hotter by the minute. A very horny, big breasted mother was lying against her son’s sleeping body, looking under the bed covers at the huge tent being caused by her own son’s large erection, while beating her fingers in and out of her wet pussy!!

The silence of the night was being broken by the sounds of my knuckles rapping against my flesh as I drilled my fingers inside my pussy. The little wet, squelching noises from between my legs becoming louder, as I got wetter.

My breathing too was getting heavier as I neared orgasm. I held my mouth tightly closed and tried to prevent my cries of pleasure from echoing through the darkness.

My eyes remained fixed on the obscene sight below the duvet. In my mind that big, juicy cock was totally naked and my sexy son was banging it up my pussy, sending his horny mother to orgasm.

I clenched my thighs tightly together, clamping my hand between them and with one final push, burying my fingers deep in my cunt.

My pussy muscles contracted hard as I coated my thrusting fingers with my love juices. I moved my head upwards and looked at my son’s sleeping face. I climaxed again as I imagined sitting on that handsome face and getting his tongue to lap at my cunt. I thought too about his mouth moving over my clit and munching me to orgasm.

Several heady moments passed as I rode the wave of orgasmic pleasure and filled my mind with the thoughts of having sex with my son.

I slowed my breathing down and tried to regain my composure. I looked over the clock, 3.48am.

Slowly I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and gently moved my arm upwards along my body to my face. I released my grip on the duvet and allowed it to fall back down, sending a rush of air blasting forwards over our bodies.

I opened my mouth and pushed my wet fingers onto my tongue and started to lick my tasty pussy juices, as I did, I looked back down at the large tent-like bulge that still covered Brandon’s erection.

I swallowed hard and could taste the salty mixture sliding down my throat…how I wished it was cum from my son’s big cock!!

Finally I curled myself back up and rested my hand back on Brandon’s chest. He stirred slightly and his right arm came up onto his chest, his hand moving back onto mine.

I gently laid my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. For the moment my sexual urges had been subsided, my fingers taking care of me, but I knew it would not satisfy me for long. I knew that simply seeing his hard-on, hidden below his boxers would not be enough.

I thought about his reaction when he had seen my lingerie and the things he had said when we had been flirting together. I knew he was interested but was it enough to be able to get him to fuck his own mother and give me that big cock to play with?

In the morning we would be back on the road heading west!


Day Two –Rolla, Missouri to Edmond, Oklahoma

It was a very warm morning as Brandon and I clambered into the car and pulled out of the car park of the motel. The weather forecast for the Midwest said that it would reach almost 90 degrees today.

“How did you sleep baby?” I asked as we started to drive out of the town of Rolla.

“Yeah fine…you kept me warm Mom!” He said, turning his face towards me and giving me a wink.

I smiled back and replied, “Well you kept me nice and warm as well!”

“I don’t think we will need to today though,” He said, looking out of the window and up to the clear blue sky, “It’s gonna be a hot one!”

“Yeah..really hot!” I mumbled in a tone of innuendo.

Brandon was doing the driving this morning as we rolled through the uplands of the Ozark’s, a rugged and very picturesque stretch of our route.

I sat back in my seat and took in the sights, the old boarded up motels and cafe’s that line the old road beside the newer Interstate. I gazed up at the clear blue skies and the sun that was beating down on Missouri. I thought back to the events of last night. Cuddling in the bed and the things we had said to each other and then what had happened when I woke up and saw his giant erection under the duvet. I thought about how wet I had been shoving my fingers into my cunt while looking at his hard-on.

“Mom…Mom…” Brandon called, breaking me out of my daydream.

“Yeah…what…sorry baby..I was just thinking about something!” I replied after a moment.

“Yeah so I could see..Must of been something good, you were smiling like the Joker just then!”

“Yeah sorry…Just drifted away for a moment!” I replied as I tried to hide my guilty looking face.

Brandon laughed a little and flicked a quick glance at me before returning his eyes to the road.

I am sure he could read my mind, his look said, ‘I know what you were thinking.’

“We should stop and get some breakfast somewhere…my stomach is doing summersaults,” I remarked.

“Yeah ok…There is a little town up ahead..Lebanon, we’ll see what’s there shall we?” He replied.

I nodded my head with a “Huhuhu!”

Lebanon is a real old Route 66 town. We passed a famous motel, Munger Moss, which I had read about in the guidebook. Just down the street a little we found a quaint little diner so we pulled in and went inside.

It was a real Mom and Pop place but really busy. The waitress, a young girl of about 20, with a frilly white apron thing around her waist, took our order and then scurried away threw a door leading to the kitchen.

“Lucky to find a seat in here,” I remarked, sitting across the table from my son.

“I bet most of these people come here everyday…Look at some of these hillbillies!” Brandon commented, looking around the diner.

“Susssh, someone will hear you!” I told him.

We both laughed.

During breakfast, Brandon looked at me with that lustful look in his eyes and kept dropping his gaze to my chest. Today I was wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts which came just above my knee. My big tits stretched the material of the shirt and my nipples pressed outwards like two jutting bullets.

I thought it was time I moved this on a little!!

“Did you not get a good enough view of them last night Brandon?” I asked quietly so the table behind us could not hear.

“What?” He replied.

“My boobs, you can’t take your eyes off ‘em!” I said back, lowering my own eyes down to my rack.

Brandon laughed and dropped his eyes down onto the plate of eggs and bacon below him.

“Sorry mom,” He said rather coyly.

“It’s alright baby..I am only messing..I don’t mind you looking!” I replied with a slight giggle in my voice.

Brandon’s eyes again rose to meet my gaze and we exchanged another of those moments between us. Our knowing smiles and expressions saying so much about what we were both thinking.

“You looked amazing last night mom.”

“Thank you baby,” I replied.

The noise and bustle of the diner carried on around us as my son and I sat looking across the table at each other, our flirting continuing.

“Did you mind us cuddling like that?…I guess it’s not what mothers and son’s really do…especially half undressed!” I asked, as I lifted the coffee cup to my lips.

Brandon shook his head and with a wink replied, “No not at all..are you kidding…I got to be in bed with the hottest Milf on Route 66!”

I laughed as he leaned across the table and lowered his voice even further. I leaned down and we faced each other just inches apart.

He whispered. “If you weren’t my mom, I would have fucked you for sure!”

I tried to act a little surprised at my son’s boldness but I knew he could see straight through it, so after a moment, gathering my courage to say something to add fuel to the fire, I replied,

“Well from what I saw last night, the fact I am your mom wasn’t bothering you!!”

Brandon sat up and looked at me quizzically, his eyes darting around to see if anyone was listening.

“How do you mean?” He asked rather unsure of himself for once.

I smiled and this time I was the one to offer a wink of the eye. My excitement levels began to race through my body as I spoke with my son like never before.

“Well…I woke up during the night…and…errr…well…you….had something…on display!!”

Brandon took a few seconds to catch my meaning and then in his rather arrogant and self confident way he looked down at my chest and replied,

“Oh..I see…you were being a ‘naughty mommy?”

I giggled and our eyes met.

“Well actually I thought I was quite well behaved considering.”

“Considering?” He asked with a smirk.

“Well…considering…what was in front of me!” I replied, gaining confidence.

Brandon looked over his shoulder and to the tables around us checking again to see if anyone was paying attention to us, which they were not. He then leaned into me again and I lowered my head to his, close to the table top.

“And what was in front of you mom?” Brandon asked in low voice.

I widened my eyes and raised my eyebrows then said slowly, “Something..very…BIG!”

Brandon kept his eyes fixed on me but said nothing for several moments. Then he smiled and a satisfied look came to his face.

“Oh..I see…You mean…you know!” He said finally.

I nodded and grinned back at him.

He knew what I had seen and he knew what I meant but did not say the words. Our flirtatious looks and giggles said what we were thinking.


A while later and we were back on the road heading towards Springfield, Missouri.

My admission about last night and our conversation over breakfast had left a strange atmosphere in the car. The smirk had not left Brandon’s face since, seeming to revel in the knowledge that I had seen his big erection during the night.

I was happy too that my little game of seduction was moving forwards so well. It was blatantly obvious that Brandon had sexual urges towards me as much as I did to him. It was surely just a case of harnessing it towards my ultimate goal…sex with my son. Reciprocal flirting between us was one thing but the actual act of having sex would be a natural barrier that we would have to cross. The question is..Would Brandon do so?..or for that matter, would I when the situation actually arose. I mean fantasy is fine in the mind, but what about reality?

“You know something Mom…I am real glad we came on this trip together…I feel like we are getting..closer!” He said, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Hah..oh yeah…so am I baby..It’s lovely getting to spend so much time with my baby without any distractions.” I replied.

“Well I would say there aren’t any distractions…I mean we got the beautiful scenery..The road..the traffic…and that hot little nightdress thing of yours!”

I laughed. “Is that a distraction?” I replied.

“Well..yeah..if you’re a guy it is!” He said, turning his head from the road to give me a cheeky wink.

“ really think I look good in that nightie hey?” I asked confidently.

“Are you kidding mom..I told you…Hottest Milf on Route 66!”

“Oh your just saying that to make me feel good…I know I have big breasts but I am sure I am not a mother YOU would like to fuck!!”

I felt my heart skip a beat as I said this and I looked across to my son with some trepidation..I had emphasized the ‘YOU’ to see if he would respond to it.

He slowly turned his eyes away from the road again and looked across at me in the passenger seat.

He raised his eyebrows to me and lowered his gaze to my chest, then replied with a meaning in his voice,

“Mom..You are ANY guys Milf!”

I smiled and replied in a deepened whisper, “Thanks baby.”

It was just the answer I had wanted. Brandon was up for this I was sure, It was just a question of how I took it to the next step..Tonight at the hotel would be interesting to say the least!!


We continued to drive west passing through many miles of rolling pastures and little towns. In its heyday this stretch of the mother road cutting through the heartland of America would have seen many travellers, prospectors and dreamers pass along it, all heading for the promised lands of the West..I wondered though as we observed this forgotten highway, just how many mother’s and son’s had travelled it, intent on seduction?

We chatted and continued our flirting as we crossed the Missouri border and into Kansas. We passed through the historic town of Joplin, still reeling from the powerful tornado that ripped the town apart in 2011.

“You wanna get some lunch here?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, if you are hungry?” I replied.

“Well, I’m ok really,” He said, “That was a pretty big breakfast we had..but we can stop if you want to?”

“No I’m alright..let’s keep going shall we?”

Brandon nodded his approval and we drove on.

Route 66 really becomes its best through the great state of Oklahoma. So much of the original road is still intact and both Brandon and I loved the historic sites and towns we saw. We made several sightseeing stops in some of the old towns, including at the ‘Will Rogers Memorial’ in Claremore and the famous ‘Blue Whale’ in Catoosa, just outside Tulsa…well after all we were supposed to be on a Route 66 tour..not just getting from one hotel to the next!!

It was very hot and humid as we followed the Interstate through Tulsa. The sun was low in the sky and beating through the windshield of the car. I had taken over the driving and Brandon was slumped in the passenger seat of the car, but keeping his eyes more on me than the passing sights.

“You know mom..that t-shirt is really starting to cling to you!” He commented.

“ is pretty hot babe..I got the air con up as high as it will go.”

“’s fine..It wasn’t a complaint!” He said with a laugh.

I quickly took my eyes from the road and looked down at my chest. The t-shirt was indeed clinging to me, the material encasing my large cleavage and brought to two prominent points at my hard nipples. I could feel the sweat forming little beads on my skin below the t-shirt and causing it to stick against my tits.

“Looks alright from over here mom,” He said as I returned my eyes to the road ahead.

“Another of the Route 66 sights I guess baby!”

Yeah..well in this car it is anyway,” He replied.

“I am sure you will get a good ‘eyeful’ again tonight!” I responded with a glancing smile.

Brandon nodded his head approvingly, “Looking forward to it,” He said with a wide and naughty looking smirk.

I continued driving, hoping that wherever we ended up tonight, the hotel would have a room with a doubled bed in it!!


We stopped for dinner in a quiet little restaurant in the town of Stroud. The evening was very warm and balmy, the sun starting to go down over the edge of the dusty sky.

“Where should we try and stop for the night?” Brandon asked as we ate.

“Well let’s press on a little way yet. We have a little while before it gets dark, it’s only 7.35.” I replied.

“Oh yeah..Can’t wait for ‘after dark’!”

Brandon and I exchanged glances and then his eyes wandered down to my breasts.


We pulled into the car park of the Stafford House Inn at shortly after 9.30pm. We were in Edmond, Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City. The temperature was still up in the mid 80′s as I strolled in to the reception office and asked for a double room!

The lady behind the counter seemed uninterested as she took my credit card and handed me the room key. Outside in the car park, Brandon had unloaded our bags as was waiting for me to return.

“Only another double I’m afraid darling,” I said as I walked towards him waving the key in my hand.

“Oh what a shame!” He replied, grinning widely.

The room was quite small and stuffy as we entered and closed the door behind us. Sparsely decorated and with little beside the narrow bed and television on a side table, it was good we were only staying one night!


In the bathroom, I changed in to my naughty negligee and checked myself out in the mirror, my tits bulging out from the lacy thin material.

Out in the bedroom, I could hear Brandon moving around and the rather noisy squeak of the bed as he climbed into it. After the day of flirting, I was unsure about what was going to happen tonight. I knew I was more than ready to fuck with my son but in spite of all his big talk and bravado, I still had a slight doubt.

I squeezed my boobs together and pinched my nipples so they looked hard and prominent through the silk of the lingerie. Taking a final look at my reflection, I reached over and pulled down the door handle, moving my busty body out into the main room of our sparse hotel for the night.

Brandon’s eyes ran up and down my body as he laid under the covers with his hands behind his head and his topless chest and chiselled stomach on full display. I stood still for a moment with my hands on my hips, letting him take in the full sight of my barely covered body.

“Oh WOW Mom..Looks even better than last night.” He said with a smirk.

“You don’t mind having your mother in bed with you then?” I asked playfully.

Brandon said nothing but replied by unlinking his hands from behind his head and bringing them down to take hold of the bed covers, which he swiftly threw back, uncovering himself to below his boxer shorts. He then patted the bed next to him and ushered me to get in next to him.

I smiled and walked over with an exaggerated sway of my hips. I lifted my legs and climbed up onto the vacant space on the mattress, revealing my thick thigh as the negligee rose to just below my naked pussy. I had peeled my panties off already and they were now laying on the bathroom floor.

“It’s warm in here!” I remarked, as I rolled down onto my side and moved up against my hunky son, draping my right arm across his chest.

“Yeah it sure is!” he replied with a smirk, his arm wrapping around my neck and his hand landing on my naked shoulder, as he had done last night.

I inhaled the manly scent of his freshly showered body as I rested my cheek onto his upper chest, nuzzling into his collar bone. Outside I could hear voices and the harsh closing of car doors. The room backed onto some trees and through the open window in the bathroom, I could hear a night owl calling out.

Brandon broke the otherwise silence of the room as his fingers gently stroked my shoulder.

“Long drive today hah?” He said.

“Yeah…I enjoyed it though!” I replied, lightly scratching my fingernails across his chest.

“Some great..’Sights’!!” he said with emphasis.

I giggled at his innuendo and lifted my head momentarily to look at his smirking face and raised eyebrow expression.

“Glad you enjoyed the..’View’ baby!” I replied with equal salaciousness in my voice.

I was feeling horny but playful and I wanted to tease my boy a little tonight to test just how much he really wanted to fuck me.

“You know what I miss most about not having a boyfriend?” I asked, stroking his nipple, “Spooning in bed!”

My son flinched a little and seemed to pull my body closer into him.

“Spooning!!” He said, rather surprised.

“Yeah you know…Having a man snuggled up against me, It’s even better than this kind of cuddling.”

I looked down at my son’s crotch and saw the growing bulge in his boxer shorts. I smiled to myself and decided to take the initiative.

“Come on baby, let’s try it…Spoon me!” I said boldly.

I lifted my head from his chest and twisted my whole body over, rolling onto my back and then onto my right side, turning my back away from my son. My barely contained tits flopped across my chest and were squeezed together as I rested on my side.

“Come in behind me,” I called, looking back over my shoulder at my son, who’s eyes were staring at my ass, the covers now kicked down at our feet, exposing all of my silky covered body.

I closed my legs together tightly, trying to contain the wetness of my hot, naked pussy, as Brandon shifted onto his side and edged his muscular body against my back. His left arm came over my hip and his out stretched hand slithered over my tummy, his fingers sliding across my flesh which sent a shiver through me.

I curled my legs inwards and I felt his feet entangle with mine. He cuddled in really close behind me and I could feel his hot, quick paced breath on the back of my neck.

“This ok Mom?” He whispered as he gently pressed his hardening crotch against my ass and tightened his arm over me, pulling me backwards.

“Perfect,” I replied slowly, as I pushed my rear-end against his covered cock.

I smiled to myself as I stared at the white painted wall and savoured the feeling of that big bulge pressing on my butt. My son’s feet started to entwine around mine and we played a game of footsy at the end of the bed. His fingers made little circular motions around my stomach and lightly probed at my belly button.

I turned my head back slightly and made eye contact with my hunky son, my hair just brushing over his face.

“I like this a lot!” I said with raised eyebrows and a smirk, before turning my head back forwards and resting it on the pillow.

Brandon only mumbled something and buried his head against my neck, his nose nuzzling in behind my ear.

I could now feel the full hardness of his erection pressed against my ass, only the thin material of his boxer shorts and my silky lingerie separating our flesh. We were taking our flirting from today to another level.

The silent room was filled with a sexual electricity tempered by the sounds of our hastened breathing.

My wet pussy radiated between my tightly closed legs and feeling his big hard on bumping against my ample backside only served to turn me on more than I already was.

As I lay there feeling my hard bodied son, cautiously moving his crotch around so that he could ensure I was feeling it..teasing me! I felt his lips pursed onto my neck and the taboo sensation as he kissed me, then again, just below my ear, gentle, light and sensual kisses. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience — his kisses on my neck, the circles he was drawing on my stomach with his fingertips…and his huge cock pressing against my ass.

I started to grind my butt backwards, feeling the hardness of his big dick press deeper into my fleshy rump. His gyrations picked up speed and pressure and before long my well hung son was practically dry humping me from behind.

“Ooooh MMMMMM!” I groaned out, as his tongue pushed past his lips and now lightly ran over my neck and lapped at my earlobe.

His hand pulled back from my tummy and he took a firm hold of my up turned hip, tightly gripping me and our two grinding bodies moved harder together.

“Oh Mom..OH SHIT!” he mumbled, as the bed began to squeak below us.

“Oh baby..That feels so good…MMMMM!”

I was getting overcome with lust and excitement, wanting to feel more of my son’s big cock. I reached my left arm down and tugged at the silky material of my naughty nighty, below my waist, trying to hike it up and expose my naked ass to my son. He helped me by moving his hand off my hip and grabbing hold of the edge and forcefully tossing it upwards, so the material now bunched up around my waist.

My totally nude backside was now visible and he groaned out loud and deep, thrusting his hips even harder against me, too which I responded eagerly and grinded my naked butt against his barely covered cock.

“Pull your boxers down hunny..I wanna feel that big thing!” I said, losing my last bastion of control.

“You bet mom!” He replied arrogantly and he swiftly rolled onto his back and whipped them down his legs, kicking them off the end of the bed. In seconds and now completely naked, he was back on his side and I felt his enormous hard cock bang against my booty.

“Oh Jesus!!!” I called out as Brandon grinded against me, his hand firmly gripping my hip.

“Feel good mom?” he asked as his lips went back to kissing my neck.

“MMMMM…SO BIG!” I groaned.

The taboo scene in this motel room was hardly something you would normally see a Mother and Son doing together. I was laying there with my sexy negligee hiked up around my waist, with no panties on, turned on my side, gyrating my butt naked ass against my teenage son’s huge erection as he lay behind me, kissing my neck and bumping and grinding his crotch against my meaty ass.

The room was being filled with loud, deep groans and the squeaking of the bed springs…We were taking ‘spooning’ to a whole different level!!

“Oh baby…Oh this is so wrong…Ohhhh YEAH!” I moaned heavily, digging my fingers into the edge of the bed for leverage.

Brandon grunted as he forced his hips upwards, causing his massive cock to slide across my ass and wedge in-between my butt cheeks, lodging the fat shaft up against my ass-hole.

“OH MY GOD BRANDON!!!” I called out as we both froze.

Time stood still as I reflexively clenched my meaty ass, trapping his dick even tighter between my cheeks.

“Oh god mom..God that feels good…I have always loved your big bubble butt!” He said as he shamelessly shoved forwards and slid his big stiffy along my butt crack.

Feeling that very large and very hard man-meat squeezed between my fat cheeks, made my pussy even wetter than it was already and for the first time I noticed just how forbidden and taboo this situation really was…I mean this was my own son.

Losing control of my urges, I threw my arm behind me and forced my hand down in-between our two grinding bodies, fishing for Brandon’s big whopper. My fingers felt across my ass until I came to the crack and tried to wrap my fingers around his thick shaft.

Realizing what I was trying to do, my son jerked his hips back a little, causing his meat stick to dislodge from my clenched ass cheeks. Still on my side with my back to him, I closed my fingers around the pulsing cock and took a firm hold of him, for the first time feeling that fat prick in my hand.

“OOH YEAH MOM…ARRRGH!” He groaned out as I squeezed tighter, my closed hand starting to move along the mighty fucker.

“SO BIG BABY!” I murmured as I felt the big veins in his cock throbbing against the palm of my hand.

It was the biggest, fattest cock I had ever wrapped my fingers around. With my arm twisted behind my back, I moved up and down, squeezing tight, until I felt the tip of his manhood and then slid my hand back down. I smiled to myself, I was actually jacking off my son…jerking on his huge, hard cock.

“Oh mom…Oh YEAH…Beat my big dick!” he said as his face nuzzled back against my neck.

Just then I felt his hand slide across my tummy and quickly move up towards my big breasts. His fingers came up over my left tit, pressing into the silk and lacy patchwork around my heaving rack.

I looked down as he found my erect, thinly covered nipple and he squeezed it between his index and forefinger, using the palm of his hand to press into the fleshy part of my large breast.

“MMMMMM…OOOH BABY!” I groaned as he began to maul and squeeze my tits, sliding his hand from one to the other.

Behind me, I continued to jack off his big cock, slapping my gripping fist down it’s long length until my hand beat against his balls and I repeated the motion. I lifted my head from the pillow and turned my head to look back over my shoulder.

He was too close against me for me to be able to see his big cock behind my ample asset, but I twisted my neck further and was now looking into his glassy blue eyes.

“Kiss me hunny,” I said with a longing tone to my voice, as though I needed it more than anything else in the world at that moment.

My son’s face came closer to mine and with a tight grip on my right tit, his mouth connected with mine and I felt his tongue slide across my tongue to start a deep and forbidden, French kiss.

Our tongues danced and entangled together as I continued to play with his hard on, feeling the pre-cum touching the flesh of my ass as I beat his meat behind me.

His strong hands mauled my big boobs and his fingers stimulated my sensitive nipples. The wet slurping sounds from our conjoined mouths competed with the soft slapping noise from where I was jacking him off and the dull, distant calls of the owl outside the back window, a soundtrack of both natural and unnatural night-time noises.

Our tongues and lips kept mashed together as we kissed like no Mother and Son ever should, our eyes tightly closed. My heartbeat raced and pulses shot up and down my spine, tingling to my already wet pussy.

Just then Brandon’s hand left my tits and again headed down my body, over my stomach and the ruffled material of my silky lingerie. I opened my eyes wide as his fingers landed on my well groomed bush and tried to snake in-between my legs, closed one on top of the other as I was laid on my side.

Brandon sensed my momentary unease to give his hand access between my legs and his eyes opened too. He withdrew his tongue swiftly from my mouth and for only a few seconds broke the kiss, just long enough to say,

“It’s ok Mom..Let me in!”

It was said in a reassuring and loving tone and this suddenly felt the most natural thing in the world, as I gazed deep into his blue eyes.

I lifted my left knee a little, allowing his hand to push down and over my highly sensitive clit. We re-entwined our mouths and tongues as his fingers encircled my button and stimulated my hungry pussy, sliding across my meaty lips, searching and probing for the entrance to my sex starved cunt.

“Ooooh baby…OH GOD…OH YEAH!!!”

Behind me, I jerked harder and faster on Brandon’s big cock, slapping my hand against his balls.

As we continued to kiss and tongue our mouths together, his fingers slid in my pussy while his thumb rubbed on my clit. I clenched my cunt muscles hard around his delving fingers as he plunged them in and out, my juices coating them.

I broke my mouth away from his and cried out with a deep orgasmic moan,


This just encouraged him and he thrust three fingers, knuckles deep in my pussy, getting faster and harder with each push.

“You like it Mom?..You gonna cum for me?” He whispered in my ear.


I held on tight to his big stick and cried out as I felt my wet pussy creaming. Deep shudders shook my whole body and I clenched my legs tight together, trapping his hand between them as he wriggled his fingers around in my clenching cunt.


I moaned while he gently nibbled on my ear. Being made to orgasm by my own son’s fingers while I whacked off his big cock was a very liberating and deeply erotic moment..almost spiritual!

I pulled faster on his cock, beating my hand up and down the large, long, shaft. I pushed my hips backwards slightly so the big knob head was touching my ass.

“Oh that’s it mom..Jack off my big dick…It’s your turn to make me cum!” he moaned loudly.

Lustfully, I turned my head back sideways and stuck out my tongue, inviting him to lock mouths with me again, which he did in a second.

His fingers continued to powerfully fuck my very wet pussy, while I pounded my fist along the fat shaft of his cock. Our tongues danced and lapped together as I felt his body stiffen against me and he groaned into my mouth as I felt hot cum splash across my ass.

Thick, heavy ropes blasted from his cum gun cock as I milked him with my tight grip. I could feel the hot spunk landing on my big backside and dripping down my cheeks towards the bed, leaving a sticky, snail like trail, as it slid over my ample posterior.

My fingers too were now coated in my son’s cum as I ran my hand over the top of his knob, coaxing out the final few drops of potent teenage spunk.

Brandon, having released his pent up gunk, now pushed a forth finger inside my pussy and determined to make his horny mother orgasm again, fingering me hard and deep.

It only took a few moments before my cunt gushed over his fingers again, my busty body jerking and shuddering as he made me cum for the second time tonight, his talented fingers working my cunt over good and hard.

I again broke our sloppy, dirty kiss and cried out,



We both lay breathing heavily, our body’s sweating with the heat of the room and our sexual activities, the room smelling of our orgasmic juices.

Brandon buried his face into my neck and planted kisses on my skin. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the pillow, feeling awfully tired all of a sudden and ready to sleep.

“Jesus Mom..That..was..amazing!” he said breathlessly.

“Yes!” I replied.

His fingers slid out of my wet pussy and he dislodged his hand from between my squashed legs. He then brought his arm up and placed his sticky wet hand onto my breast, wrapping his fingers around it.

Holding his still semi hard cock tightly in my hand, I shook it from side to side and slapped it against my cum covered ass, making loud smacking sounds as flesh beat against flesh.


I called out seductively as I slapped his cock against my backside a few times more.

“Oh yes Mom..SLAP THAT ASS!” He said, as he continued kissing my neck.

As my mind whirled with bad thoughts and excitement, I pushed my body backwards, releasing my grip on his cock and trapping it back tightly against my ass. He too snuggled in against me, spooning his young body behind me. I turned my head around again and said, “Sleep time my BIG BOY!”

He lifted his head and pushed his lips against mine, kissing me deeply and passionately, before he broke off and replied,

“Night my sexy Momma!” and laid his head back down on the pillow, squeezing my boobs with his hand.

I relaxed myself and stared at the faded paintwork of the white wall next to the bed, feeling my wet pussy, hot and tingling between my legs. I closed my eyes and thought about what the rest of this road trip might hold for me and my lovely well hung son.

* * *

Day Three — Edmond, Oklahoma to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

I tossed the key down onto the desk and the pretty blonde girl smiled at me and said she hoped I had enjoyed my stay? I smiled back and replied happily, “Yes thank you..Very much!”

I left the office and crossed the car park to where Brandon was waiting in the truck. Last night had been life changing for us both, although we didn’t actually have sex, what we had done in that motel room bed, would mean things would never, could never, be the same again.

I was happy and horny, wanting this to go further — I wanted that big cock, not just in my hand either, but pounding up my pussy. Yes I really wanted to fuck him and make my fantasy’s come true and after last night I was sure he did too.

The sun beamed down from a cloudless sky and although it was only 9am, it was clear it was going to be another hot and humid day. Brandon had climbed into the driver’s seat and started the engine as I opened the passenger door and clambered in.

“All Ok?” he asked as I closed the door behind me.

“Yeah..Hopefully the room next door didn’t hear anything and complained?” I replied.

“Jealous more like!” My son smiled.

We pulled out of the motel car park and were heading west again on old Route 66, leaving the town of Edmond, Oklahoma.

“You enjoy last night?” He asked as we drove.

“Yes..Naughty but very, VERY nice!” I replied, reaching over and placing my hand on his right thigh.

“You know Mom..I…I would have…You know…Gone all the way!!” He said with uncertain apprehension and a glance towards me.

“Yes..I know baby,” I replied, patting my hand on his leg reassuringly, “Plenty of time to give Mommy what she needs baby!”

“I have thought about you..Doing what you did to me last night so many times before!” He said.

“You mean having Mommy jerking off your big, fat cock baby?” I said firmly and with emphasis.

He turned to look at me and laughed out loud.

“Errr..Yeah Mom..Wow, never heard you talk like that before..Well apart from last night!”

Now I laughed and as I squeezed his leg I seductively replied,

“Well my BIG boy…I think you are gonna see a lot of things you haven’t seen and heard before baby!”

“I saw quite a lot last night!” he said, staring down at my tits contained under my thin t-shirt.

I leaned across and pressed my other hand onto his chest and said into his ear, “Brandon..I am gonna show you EVERYTHING!”

I planted a kiss on his cheek as he watched the road ahead, feeling his heartbeat pound slightly quicker against his chest.

He laughed again and arrogantly said, “Can’t wait Mom!..I will take the full guided tour!”

He turned his head and quickly slapped his lips against mine, kissing me full on the mouth. Needless to say, I kissed him back!


We passed the town of Clinton, with its oldie, worldy shops and restaurants. Brandon and I talked constantly about last night and the more we talked, the hornier I got.

“I loved it when you jacked me off and took my cum all over your ass..It looked so amazing all dripping down,” He said like an excited kid.

“It felt amazing too baby..All hot and sticky!” I replied, “Got it all over my hand and fingers as well!”

“Oh yeah..How did you wash it off? I didn’t feel you get up in the night!” He asked.

“No I didn’t..It just dried up I guess!”

I raised my hand to my face and made a show of sniffing my fingers, inhaling deeply and still smelling the musky scent of his dried cum.

Brandon looked across at me with a smirk and said, “Dirty Mommy!”

I nodded and stuck my fingers into my mouth, licking and sucking them while holding eye contact with my hunky son. I couldn’t actually taste anything but I played the part and transfixed him with my naughty behaviour.

“Eyes on the road baby..We don’t want you having an accident do we?” I said, taking a brief pause from licking my fingers.

“I mean what would you put on the police report?..Got distracted from driving by my mother, who was sucking my dried up cum from her fingers after she jacked me off last night!!!”

Brandon laughed and focused his eyes back on the sun drenched tarmac stretched out ahead.

“No, that would sound a little strange,” He replied.

Route 66 took us onwards towards the west and the sun shone powerfully down, heating up the day well into the mid nineties. The heat haze rose from the road like a mirage left hanging in the air.

The little town of Elk City soon came and went by and the large roadside sign heralded our crossing into the great and mighty state of Texas — The very essence of the wild frontier.

My son and I flirted as we drove along, “Must be quite some lucky girl who get’s that big dick of yours inside her,” I remarked as I again squeezed my hand on his leg.

Brandon smiled and turned his gaze towards me, “Yeah..some get lucky!!” he replied rather arrogantly, “You should try it sometime!”

I raised my eyebrows and giggled, digging my fingers into his thigh harder, “Yeah I certainly would love to TRY IT!!”

“Anytime Mom..Anytime!” He replied confidently, his eyes roaming over my rack.

We stopped off at a famous museum in Mclean, Texas, that displays nothing but Barb wire…or `Devils Rope’ as they call it. Every different type and variation of Barb wire is shown here, a strange but quintessential Route 66 oddity.

As we took the brief tour around the museum, Brandon took hold of my hand and entwined his fingers with mine. I smiled but said nothing, it felt like he was my man and I was his woman, a warm and loving moment that far surpassed a Mother and Son relationship…we were growing closer in every way. I gripped his hand tight and walked close at his side, constantly brushing my busty body against him.

“You Ok?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, just fine baby,” I replied with a smirk and a wink.

I saw this old couple looking at us from across the Barb wire covered room. They saw our hands clasped together and I could read their judgemental thoughts by the disapproving looks on their faces, ‘the older woman and her toyboy’..‘Disgusting,’ they thought, ‘She is old enough to be his mother‘…If only they knew?

As we got back to the car, the sun burning down on us, Brandon laughed and said, “You see those old fogies watching us?..I would like to have told them where to get off..Would liked to have seen their faces if I had of told them what we did last night…And that you’re my Mom!!”

“Well I’m very glad you didn’t!” I replied with a giggle.

“Would have served them right though,” He said, “Hey Gramps, look who I’m gonna be fucking tonight!!” Brandon called out as he banged the car door closed.

I laughed loudly but his comment naturally shocked me, It was the first time I had heard him say something like that, even in jest.

“He’s just jealous that you got a sexy MILF in your bed while he only has that wrinkly old bitch!”

I said, trying to hide my surprise, did he really want to fuck me tonight? God I hoped he meant it? As we drove off, I could feel the tingling wetness between my legs again…Shit, I needed to get fucked!!


After a time, we stopped at a famous diner in Amirillo, – the huge, ‘Big Texan Steak Ranch,’ a big and brash restaurant that was busy and rather noisy.

Over a plate of steaks, burgers and fries, Brandon and I sat opposite from each other, our eyes and little smirks meeting. Looking around to see if anyone could overhear us and after satisfying myself that nobody was paying any attention to us, I turned my gaze back towards my son, catching him staring at my large rack and my hard nipples poking against my t-shirt.

“You really love looking at those don’t you baby?” I asked giggling.

Brandon nodded and a stupid big grin crossed his face, then he replied, “Best boobs on Route 66!”

I laughed and cut my knife through the juicy steak on my plate.

“Mom..Can I ask you something?” His voice becoming my morose and his tone serious.

I stared deep into his eyes and tried to read his thoughts, but nodded reassuringly.

“Yeah course baby!”

He put his hamburger down on the plate and glanced around before leaning over the table and said to me, “Do you wanna have sex tonight?”

It was the most amazing thing to hear him say, my Son, the hunky young boy I had been lusting over for months, who I had laid in bed masturbating my wet pussy while I thought about, the object of my unnatural and incestuous desires, was now asking me if I wanted to have sex with him, this very night. I tried to act coolly and calmly, but my lust filled eyes and excited body language betrayed me to my son.

“Errm..Oh…Really..Oh baby!” I stuttered with a wide eyed smile.

Brandon laughed loudly and sat back in his seat, throwing his arms across his chest.

“I’ll take that as a yes then shall I?” He cockily replied, smirking broadly.

I smiled and winked my right eye at him, sluttily leaning back and pushing my chest out towards his hungry gaze.

“It would be rather nice!” I remarked.

“Even though I’m your son?” He replied pointedly.

I sat staring across at him for a few seconds, the noise of the bustling restaurant seeming to dissipate, as though all I could see and hear was my handsome son. Finally I spoke again,

“Would it bother you?…I mean..Could you?”

Brandon studied my face and looked deep into my eyes but his reply was decisive and clear,

“Mom..I would fuck the shit out of you..All..Night…Long!!”

I loved the confidence and slight arrogance that my son exuded, it just made me want to rip his clothes off here and now. I leaned forwards again, pushing my plate aside and resting my arms on the table.

“Oh really?” I asked with a smile, “All night hay?”

Brandon too moved forwards, leaning over the table towards me.

“Oh hell yeah..I would keep you awake…and occupied!!” He said as I giggled and seductively fluttered my eyelashes at him. “I bet you would big boy!” I replied.

“And I guess nobody would ever know,” He said, “I mean it would just be between us..and we are both consenting adults!”

His justification was comforting to my conscience.

“And it’s not like we are hurting anyone…I don’t see the issue society has with incest anyway,” He continued.

I looked around to see if anyone was listening into us, but most people’s attention was drawn to a man who was trying to complete the challenge that had made this restaurant famous, eat a 72oz steak meal, within 60 minutes, to get it for free!

Satisfied that no-one was overhearing our conversation, I directed my gaze back onto my son’s eyes and replied, “Well..I guess most mothers don’t have a strapping hunk with a big cock that they wanna get up between their legs…So they don’t understand baby!”

Brandon was momentarily surprised by my remark but was soon smirking with a cocky pride.

“No I guess they don’t,” He replied, with a big grin.

We sat exchanging looks at each other for a moment with a deep, sexually charged atmosphere between us. He reached his arm across the table and placed it on top of my left hand, wrapping his fingers in-between mine and taking hold of my hand.

“So,” He said, looking deeply into my excited eyes, “Tonight then?”

I nodded several times and squeezed his hand tight, “Yes baby..You and me..In a motel room..TONIGHT!” I replied, my heart pounding in my chest and my blood pressure rising!!

“Tonight..You are gonna fuck your Mommy!!”


As we drove on, the temperature inside and outside the car continued to rise, the sun pushed the mercury through 95 degrees and as we passed the battered sign that read, ‘Mid-Point’ the temperature between a horny Mother and Son was even hotter than the burning ball of fire in the sky.

“I can’t wait to suck on your big titties Mom,” Brandon said, from the passenger seat where he now sat, after I had taken over the driving at the steak house.

“You can suck them while I am bouncing up and down on your fat cock baby!” I replied, turning myself on even more with my lewdness. Brandon laughed and hummed a satisfied groan.

We both suddenly felt liberated to speak our minds, the last barrier having fallen with our discussion in the restaurant, that acknowledgment and agreement that we were going to have sex and take the ultimate step in our relationship, had freed us to talk openly in a way we never had before, building the excitement and anticipation of what we were going to do to each other.

“I wanna suck your pussy too..God you felt so wet when I had my fingers up there last night..God I am gonna make you cum so hard Mom!”

His enthusiasm and young energy was vividly displayed in his voice and his constant shifting in his seat, gave away any pretence of playing it cool.

“Can’t wait my baby boy!” I replied, feeling the hotness radiating between my legs.

“I wanna fuck you so good Mom, really get my big dick right up..Fuck, I will bang that pussy and suck your big tits till I fucking cum!!” He said getting more animated and gesticulating with his hands.

I laughed and replied, “Alright baby..Calm down..Don’t want you wasting all that lovely cum and blowing your wad in your pants do we?”

“Oh don’t worry Mom, I got plenty of hot cream for you!” He said, rather cockily again.

“Yeah I know, my big manly son..A right little stud!”

The clocks moved on an hour as we passed into New Mexico and the sun began to drop lower towards the western horizon and was basking it’s glow directly through the windshield, onto our faces.

“So where should we stop for the night Mom?..Somewhere soon I hope!”

I giggled and looked over at my son and said, “Good things come to those who wait!”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” He replied with a shrug.

“Let’s get to Santa Rosa, there will be plenty of places to stay there..And then we have all night hunny!” I said, taking one hand off the wheel and moving it over to place on his leg.

“Ok Mom…Somewhere with a BIG double bed,” He replied, taking hold of my hand and entwining his fingers with mine, “Then I can really FUCK YOU!” He said with a determined tone.

“Better put my foot down then!” I joked with a smile, as a roadside sign read — ‘Santa Rosa — 5 Miles.’


My pussy was wet with anticipation as we pulled into the ‘Best Western Adobe Inn’ in the desert town of Santa Rosa.

The temperature outside the car was still well over 80 degrees as I opened the door and stepped down onto the gravel of the parking lot. The two level motel looked mostly empty with only a few cars scattered about the court yard.

“Looks pretty quiet doesn’t it?” Brandon remarked.

“Yeah,” I replied, “Not in our room it won’t be!”

Brandon laughed out loud and hauled our bags out of the car as I headed for the motel office and my son promptly followed on behind me. Inside a thin, tall man with a receding hairline and bad comb over, stood behind the desk, his eyes undressing me as I walked towards him.

“Hi..Do you have a double room free?” I asked.

“Sure!” came his monotone reply, “Plenty of room tonight.”

He ran his fingers down the page of a big book open on the counter,

“You can take Room 5..Just along the boardwalk..Gonna be fifty bucks,” He said, turning the book towards me, “Please fill in your name and address here and sign below!” He went on, handing me a pen that had been chewed at the end.

Just then Brandon came in, clattering the bags behind him against the door frame.

“Howdy!” He said as he reached the desk and dropped the bags on the floor.

“Hi,” replied the man.

I suddenly thought of the old ‘Psycho’ movies and Norman Bates, this guy reminded me of him somehow, his demeanour and tone of voice, it was strange.

As I filled in the details, he turned and walked into a small room behind the desk, where I could hear a t.v and the whistle of a kettle reaching the boil. Just then I felt a firm slap on my ass and with a yelp I turned around to see Brandon with a huge grin on his face and his arm extended behind me.

“OI,” I said with a giggle.

Norman Bates re-emerged from the room and said, “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“Errm..No..It was nothing!” I stuttered as I pushed the book back over the desk.

“Alright then,” He replied, his eyes reading over what I had written.

“Cash or credit card?” He asked.

“Oh cash please,” I replied.

He reached under the desk and fumbled with some keys. Behind me, I could feel Brandon sliding his hand over my butt and squeezing his fingers into my covered buttocks.

Keeping my eyes on Norman Bates, I reached behind me and swatted my son’s hand away. As good as it felt to have him squeezing my ass, this was not the time or place.

Handing me the room key, I passed $50 over the desk, catching the creepy looking guy snatching a quick glance at my busty chest, noticeably heaving under my t-shirt that was clinging to the large, round globes of my tits in the sultry night heat.

“Enjoy your stay!” He said as Brandon and I turned to leave the office, in a tone of voice that said, ‘I really don’t care if you do or not,’ Brandon could not resist a response, “We sure will buddy!”


As I put the key in the door of our room, my excitement reached fever pitch. Knowing that behind this door was a bed where tonight my son, my very own hunky son, who I had lusted after for so long, was going to give me what I needed. In that bed, in this quiet desert motel, just over halfway down Route 66, I was going to have sex with my well hung boy.

Brandon broke my thoughts as he pressed up behind me, his hot breath on my neck.

“You ready for it Mom?” He whispered, which sent a shiver down my spine.

I turned the handle and pushed the door open as I craned my head to look into his deep blue eyes and replied with a seductive tone, “Horny and very wet!!”

He smirked and shoved me in the back and we both stumbled through the door.

Brandon tossed the bags onto the floor and kicked back with his heel, slamming the door forcefully closed. I turned to face him and was instantly overcome with lust. I lunged forwards and threw my arms around his neck, my boobs pressing against him and the weight of my body causing him to fall back against the heavy wooden door.

“FUCK ME!” I scowled as I smashed my lips hard against his, our mouths joining.

Brandon’s tongue pushed into my mouth as his strong arms came around my back and hugged me in tight, lifting me up onto my tiptoes. I clawed at his t-shirt, lifting it up and towards his shoulders as we kissed passionately..I could wait no longer, I wanted him here and now.

Brandon’s tongue moved fast and furiously in my mouth, entwining with mine and plunging deep. I felt his hands slide over my ass before he took two big handfuls of my bubble butt and squeezed hard, pulling upwards and digging my flesh.

At the same time, he shifted his weight forwards and edged me backwards. I broke our tongue kiss and yanked on his t-shirt, ripping it up and over his head, before I tossed it to the floor. Frantically I moved down to his shorts and leaned forwards to quickly push them down his legs, he was not wearing underwear and his semi hardening cock sprung straight into view.

By now he was also undressing me, unbuttoning my denim shorts to revel the lacy top of my black panties.

“Look at that lovely big cock!” I said, fixing my gaze on his naked manhood while I pulled my shorts to my ankles and kicked them aside.

Saying nothing, Brandon yanked my t-shirt up and exposed my big, braless tits, my hard nipples pointing straight at him. With my shirt gone, he cupped both hands around my large rack and squeezed them hard, digging his fingers into my flesh.

Apart from my panties, we were now both completely naked and as I locked my arms back around his neck, I pushed my face back together with his and our tongues quickly joined up, entangling inside our mouths.

Brandon fell hard against me and moved his hands behind my back as we collapsed onto the bed, which creaked loudly.

My son slid his hand down my body and took hold of the lacy waistband of my damp thong, ripping it downwards, my trimmed pussy now exposed.

Our mouths remained locked together, as our naked bodies writhed on the bed. I felt his big cock slap against my side as he turned to lay on his side, his hand having disposed of my underwear, sliding along the inside of my thigh.

This first time with my son was unlikely to be a slow, loving experience, we were both too horny for that. No, this was going to be hard and fast, animalistic and frantic.

I reached down, running my hand over his hard, muscular body, feeling the chiselled six pack of his stomach and soon touching the head of his big cock. I wrapped my fingers around the thick girth and squeezed tight. Before I had even touched it, the massive shaft had doubled in size and was now as hard and large as when I had beaten it off in the bed last night.

He murmured a deep groan into my mouth as I started to jerk him off, my fingers sliding up and down, hitting his balls in a steady motion.

Brandon was playing with my pussy, running his fingertips through the wetness and puffy swelling of my lips, probing at my hungry fuck hole and teasing my clit.

To show approval, I gently bit down, trapping his dancing tongue between my teeth and holding it there for a while. He groaned again and to get me back, he thrust three of his fingers deep inside my pussy, causing me to clench my cunt and almost cum, there and then.

I pulled harder on his big dick, making it grow an inch bigger by squeezing tight and expanding the thick, blood filled veins.

We lay there kissing, as he fingered my wet pussy and I played with his big cock, for a few moments but this is where we had left off last night and I was gagging for more. I wanted to feel that fat meat between my legs and to have my hunky son pounding away at my cunt.

I broke the wet kiss again and opened my eyes. Brandon’s big blue eyes looked deep into mine and we both knew what was coming next.


He smiled and kissed me hard on the lips, then quickly pulled his fingers out of my slippery slit and cockily replied, “Oh Mom..You betcha!!”

He raised his body up and I released his huge erection from my grip and watched as he climbed on top of me, moving between my legs, as I spread them high and wide, giving my big dicked boy room to access my horny cunt.

I raised my arms and slid my hands around his back while he took hold of his cock and guided it to my wetness. I looked down my busty naked body and watched in amazement and unbelievable anticipation as the big bulbous head of my son’s whopper aimed straight at my pussy.

This was it! The moment I had dreamed about, the moment when my very own son would stick his big, thick dick deep in my pussy and give me the hard fucking I so wanted. The second when our lives would change forever, when the ultimate taboo would be broken.

He hesitated just as his cock touched my pussy lips, just holding for a second, as if teasing me to prolong the final moment of anticipation.

I looked up to my son’s handsome face, fearing that maybe he was having second thoughts about actually going through with this, scanning his eyes for doubt.

“Ready Mom?” he asked, as a reassuring smile crossed his lips.

I pulled down on his back, trying to bring him down on top of me, “Oh Baby..GIVE IT TO ME!”

I said eagerly, as my eyes shot back down to the awesome sight between my spread legs. “Fuck me Brandon!”

He did not hesitate another spilt second. I cried out in sheer pleasure as he thrust his whole body forwards, forcefully shoving his hard, thick cock right up inside my pussy.

At first, it felt so huge as it separated my tight snatch, plunging as deep as he could go. I dug my fingernails into his back and continued to cry out, closing my eyes tightly and savouring the feeling of being stretched open by my big boy.


Brandon grunted as he moved his hands either side of my shoulders, placing them into two fists against the bed and pushing down as leverage.

He pulled his hips backwards so his mighty cock sucked back to the exit of my pussy, then he thrust forwards again, sending his package to my depths once more. This was was actually happening, my son was fucking me.


I yelled out as he really began to pound me. He picked up a hard and fast rhythm, slamming his cock in and out, sawing it through my clenching cunt muscles and working me over. I could feel his heavy balls tapping against my ass as he shoved his overgrown fucker inside me with powerful thrusts.


I screamed, feeling myself rapidly approaching orgasm. I guess I always knew I would not last long. The excitement and anticipation had been driving me wild and my hot, wet pussy, being romped by my son’s thick dick, was already going to erupt.

I clawed my fingernails down his back, digging in like a whore possessed. Brandon picked up his pace even quicker and with his face just above me, I looked up at him while he forcefully and with determination, made his horny mother cum!


I clenched my insides around his hard pumping shaft and then released my muscles, my juices gushing over his fuck stick as his big balls beat on my ass.

“Oh shit Mom…Oh yeah!!” He groaned as he made me cum hard and smashed his mouth down against mine, his tongue diving between my lips and sliding with my own.

I wrapped my legs around his back and locked my ankles together as he kept on battering my hungry cunt. I lowered my hands over his fast, bouncing buns and dug my nails into the tight, young flesh, pulling him hard, encouraging him to go just a little bit deeper, although he was already buried in me to the balls.

Loud slapping sounds filled the room and the bed below us shook and squeaked under the strain of our hard, frantically fucking bodies. I kept screaming with orgasmic pleasure, although muffled by our mouths still being locked together in a deep, passionate kiss.


Brandon’s tight ass clenched and flexed with every thrust of his body as he pumped, pounded and thoroughly fucked my pussy. I clawed at his flesh, scraping the skin deeply, nearly drawing blood with my sharp nails. My big boobs bounced and shook wildly, flopping and slapping together.

At this pace, I knew he would not last long, this animalistic, hard and fast, slamming sex, would be over soon, but as I felt my pussy reaching another shuddering climax, I knew it didn’t matter because we had the rest of our lives to do this again and again and again!

There would be other times when I could suck on that big, fat cock, or have him eating my pussy…When I would ride him or bend over to take a good banging from behind. When I would be able to enjoy a long lasting fuck and savour all that hard cock as he pile-drived me into the bed, but as Brandon broke the kiss and I opened my eyes to see his face screwed up and his expression contorted, I knew that would all have to wait, my son was about to blow!


In a flash, his body slowed and he pulled upwards, his huge, wet hard-on popping out of my pussy.

I looked down, over my well fucked body, just as he reached down and wrapped his fist around his big, blood bloated cock and jerked it forwards.

He grunted like a pig and I watched as a thick stream of white semen fired out of his piss hole, shooting across my tummy and landing like a string of spaghetti on my sweaty skin.


I cried out as he moved his whole body over me as a second rope of young cum erupted from his balls and splattered on my big tits, a thick wad covering my right nipple.

A third load blasted out and fell onto my chest, the sticky spunk only just falling short of my chin.

“OH MOM…OH FUCK YEAH.” He moaned, as a final wad and the last few drops shot onto my boobs. Jesus Christ, my son sure had a lot of cum for his mommy!!

I lustily inhaled deeply, taking in the musky and uniquely manly scent of freshly unloaded cum. A sweet smell that I could not get enough of.

Breathless and sweating, Brandon slapped his cock on my tits, splashing it in the large puddles of his spunk and smearing it around my heaving rack, brushing the big red knob head over my bullet like nipples.

“Oh fuck..Sorry Mom..I really wanted to last longer..and proper..but your pussy felt…so good..I just couldn’t hold it any longer!” He said in-between deep inhales of breath.

I looked up with a big smile and replied lovingly, “Don’t worry baby..That was a PROPER FUCK!…Besides we got all night..Take a rest and then we can go ‘AT IT’ again baby!”

Brandon collapsed down onto the bed beside me, his still semi large cock flopping from side to side.

“Shit Mom..That was..Amazing!”

I rolled onto my side and draped my arm across his chest, nuzzling my face into his neck.

The warm cum ran down my tummy and my large tits, ending up in big puddles on the crumpled duvet cover, as I snuggled into my son.

“It was amazing Brandon…And it’s only the beginning!” I said, as he wrapped his big strong arms around my naked, busty body and cuddled me tight.


My eyes flickered open and I instantly felt the warm glow emanating from between my legs. The clock on the small table across the room read 2.04am and the darkness of the room was only broken by the blue LED lights of the clock numbers.

I still had my arm draped across Brandon’s chest and we had both fallen asleep in the same snuggled position we had gotten into after our first, frantic, fuck!

I smiled to myself as I looked at my son, sleeping so peacefully beside me. Just a few hours ago, this big, well hung stud had been bouncing his ass between my wide, spread legs, slamming that glorious dick right up inside me…And the cum..Oh my god, the cum!

I looked down his tight and chiselled body, the light from the clock illuminating him. His cock was resting limp, but still looked bigger and thicker than most I had seen in my life.

I felt a warm tingle in my pussy and was again getting horny as I slid my hand over his washboard stomach and well trimmed little hairs. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and could feel the sticky dried up mixture of his cum and my pussy juices on the big shaft.

Lightly and gently, I began to stroke him off, rolling my fingertips over the sensitive and bulbous head. He stirred but did not wake, as his young cock grew bigger and harder in my hand.

I was feeling very naughty and randy, needing more of my new incestuous lover. Through the dim blue light, I could see my fist sliding up and down his large erection, the blood quickly filling it up and increasing it to its full size.

I took a deep breath and moved my naked, big breasted body, down the bed, bringing my face to within a few inches of his big cum gun. He stirred again while I continued to slowly beat his meat, but as my mind filled with thoughts of what I wanted to do with this big man sized cock, I opened my mouth wide and directed my son’s whopper past my lips and across my tongue, taking his hardness into my mouth for the first time.

I took it deep, the wet head banging against the back of my throat and knocking against my tonsils. I slid my hand up from his large balls and feeling the veins on my fingers, smacked my closed fist against my chin, then plunged it back down once again.

I flicked my tongue around the flesh and withdrew the big hard-on from my mouth, only to stuff it right back in again.

I was doing it..I was sucking my son’s cock..Giving my own son a blowjob!!

With my eyes tightly closed and getting lost in what I was doing, I had not noticed Brandon had stirred again but this time had woken up. Over the wet sucking and popping noises I was making, a loud and deep groan broke the silence of the night and I opened my eyes to see that the lamp beside the bed had been switched on, lighting up the dowdy room.


He moaned out sleepily, his hand coming to rest on the back of my head as I sucked him to the back of my throat once more. I looked along his body to meet his gaze, our eyes locking for a few seconds, as I slurped loudly on his big, juicy, thick cock.


He cried out as his other arm came across my awkwardly twisted body and took hold of my breast, squeezing his strong fingers into the ample flesh. His groans of pure pleasure grew louder as I pumped my hand along the massive shaft, with more purpose, my head bobbing up and down with wild tenacity as I gave my well endowed son some good, oral sex.

“YEAH MOM SUCK ME..OH YEAH THAT FEELS AWESOME..ARRRGH YES…OOOOHH I LOVE THAT MOM!!” He mumbled through gritted teeth, his fat cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

For what must of been ten or fifteen minutes, I continued to suck off my teen son’s whopper, my spit dribbling down the shaft and coating his cum filled balls.


I said firmly, as I took a momentary break from mouthing him, my hand still beating up and down his mighty shaft.

“It’s all yours now Mom!” He replied confidently and pushed down on the back of my head, encouraging me to force it past my lips again and stuff my mouth full.

I shut my eyes and indulged in my son’s huge cock, like a dog would devour a meaty bone. I savoured the droplets of pre-cum that slid across my tongue and the taste as it rolled down my throat.

I thought about all that cum he had blasted over my ass the other night and the huge ropes he fired over my big tits just a few hours ago and wondered how much my mouth could take, I mean could I swallow all his hot spunk down my throat or would the sheer volume of it make me gag, forcing me to spit it all over his spunking cock?

Lost in my naughty thoughts and the intense concentration of this forbidden blowjob, I had not noticed Brandon had sat up and was pulling my head off of his dripping wet fuck stick.

It unplugged from my mouth with a loud, sloppy pop and my aching jaw relaxed. My son’s command was strong and firm,


Obeying him and with a schoolgirl giggle, I jumped up from the bed, getting to my feet, my big naked boobs bouncing around.

“OOOH..YOU GONNA EAT ME BABY?” I asked expectantly.

Brandon laid back down flat, his head resting on the pillow and replied, “Until I make you cum Mom!”

I smiled and giggled again, moving astride his head and standing over his face. I looked down at my hunky boy and watched as he licked his lips, staring up at my pussy.

“Ready baby?” I asked.

He nodded eagerly and his wide eyed smile gave me the answer.

I bent my knees and lowered my body down, reaching between my legs to my sensitive pussy and pulling on my puffy lips, aiming that horny cunt down onto my son’s waiting mouth.

“Here it comes baby…A wet MILF CUNT that needs a GOOD LICKING!”

I cried out with lust in my voice. As my ample ass connected with his chin, I felt the ecstasy of his tongue touching my labia and sliding along my clit.

I lowered my weight further and bought my knees beside his head, squashing his ears. I was now sat firmly down on my son’s face as he began to devour my pussy with his talented and fast moving tongue.


Thomas had noticed the change, the moment he’d boarded the rescue helicopter. Despite the headset the helicopter crew had given him to wear, he could hear voices as if he could hear the crew’s thoughts. For the first day, he thought it was just residual ringing in his ears from the deafening roar of the impact, though it was unsettling that he could hear the voices though wearing headsets that deafened the sound of the chopper.

At park headquarters it was worse. Not only was he being asked questions, but he imagined he could hear others forming their own unasked questions and statements, “Ask him if he has any burns,” “Does he know how long it took from the meteor to hit until it exploded?” “Damn, she’s hot,” “Make sure you get his contact information.” “Geez, I’ve been on duty since last night, when will this goddamn shift end?”

So, when he was finally freed to leave, it was a relief to get away from all the voices. As he rode further away from the park headquarters, they began to dwindle, though a light hum of voices remained coursing through his head, to his great annoyance. Once on Hwy 50, they finally stopped. He could ride miles at a time without passing another vehicle or town. Anxious to get down the road, he opened up his bike and saw its speed increase… 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 miles per hour. Soon he was topping 110. With nothing ahead for miles on end, he finally felt at peace, the hum of the motor was a sound he enjoyed.

Then, just as suddenly, he sensed danger overhead. Miles away, a state trooper helicopter was patrolling and somehow, he knew it. Thomas slowed down, despite the patrol chopper not being visible and the road being empty as far as the eye could see. Moments later, a yellow Ferrari came roaring up from behind and passed with a roar. “You’d better slow down, pal,” Thomas thought and just as he did the tail lights on the Ferrari glowed red and the car slowed to his pace. Five minutes later, the helicopter passed over the Ferrari and Thomas, its pilot wondering to himself whether some CB operator had warned them about his approach.

Once in the clear, Thomas cranked back on the throttle and rocketed past the Ferrari, its driver still compelled to hold the speed limit. Thomas grinned as he passed and communicated, “You’re good to go, fella,” then goosed his bike ahead of the sportcar, which also accellerated.

It was late afternoon when Thomas pulled into Austin, Nevada. A few seconds later, the Ferrari sped past toward what would be a sure ticket at Mount Airy Summit. Thomas noticed the voices almost immediately. Though there was no one at the pumps, he could read thoughts coming from points all around the small town of Austin. An older woman was watching her favorite soap opera, a mechanic was having trouble rebuilding an engine, a waitress was emptying old coffee from the maker, a couple were having a noisy affair in room five at the Austin Motor Court, and the 19-year-old girl inside the mini market at which Thomas had stopped was thinking about the disgusting things her boyfriend liked to do.

“Fucking blow him when he’s driving? He thinks I’m gonna do that!? Fuckin’ loser. The first chance I get, I’m getting’ out of this town. Now, who’s this dweeb walking in? Another fuckin’ loser. Geez, why couldn’t the driver of that Ferrari have stopped, instead. I’d have ridden his rocket for a ride to LA, fer sure,” she seemed to be thinking. As, Thomas found that if he concentrated on one stream of thought, what else was being thought could be filtered.

The girl turned to him and said, disinterestingly and without meaning it, “Can I help you?” She was chewing gum and leaning against a rack of cigarette packs, her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail by a purple scrunchy. The points of her nipples pushed the white t-shirt she wore out, distorting the craft beer ad on the shirt so it could not be read. The shirt’s tail was pulled together below her medium-sized, firm breasts and tied into a knot, revealing her flat stomach that was accented by a pierced innie with a blue gemstone in it. She wore cut off jeans that were ragged around the edges. From their frayed cuffs, her tanned, slim and long legs were crossed casually. The many colors of some type of parrot were tattooed on one of her calves above an ankle that was circled by a gold chain. She wore flip flops and her toes and fingernails were painted sparkly green.

Thomas turned toward her as he entered the store. She was unsmiling, despite her stated welcome. He heard her think, “loser.”

“Geez, could you at least smile?” Thomas thought to himself, then saw her full lips break into a smile, though the rest of her body language was still indifferent and hostile. It was that projected thought that made Thomas realize he had the ability to both read minds and move them. “Relax” he directed to her, and she responded. “You’re feeling better, actually warming up to this biker. He’s good looking. Swallow your gum and straighten yourself up.”

The girl gulped, the double stick of Bubble Yum slid down her throat painfully. She stood up and leaned forward and smiled naturally.

“You think he’s hot. You’re getting wet. You want him,” Thomas sent to her.

She licked her lips and said, “Hi, I’m Holly.” She arranged herself, pushing up her breasts and pressing her groin against the edge of the counter.

“You got Slim Jims?” Thomas asked matter of factly.

“Mmmm, of course,” she cooed, “let me show you.” Turning sideways, she sat on the counter, lifted her legs so that her knees pressed against her boobs and she spun over the plexiglass counter, spinning her tight ass over cancelled lottery tickets exhibited beneath the plexi and dropping down onto her feet, her flip flops making a flapping sound. She stood close to Thomas, her breath smelled sweetly of the watermelon bubble gum she’d just swallowed. Holly leaned back arching the tips of her breasts so that they pressed against his arm and looked up at him adoringly, her big green eyes imploring his attention as she said, “The jerky treats are over here.”

Thomas decided to try something more forceful, extreme, in ways he’d never spoken to a girl, before. “You want him, you want this biker like you’ve never wanted a man before. You ache for him. You’re getting hot, dripping hot. Your cunnie is growing wet, sooo wet. You want his dick inside you. You want to hold it and lick it and suck his balls until his prick gets hot and hard, filled with his blood, then massage it with hand cream until he spews his spunk all over your face… and you’ll love it, when he does, because from now to any man you’re with you’re a cum dump. Austin’s easy lay. The girl who’ll do anything to please a man and this biker who just walked into the store is the man you want to please most of all. When he is near, he is everything. No one else exists but him. You are his love slave,” Thomas projected to Holly.

The girl groaned and leaned into him, a hand moving to her cunnie and massaging it as her panties grew wet. “Unh, wha, what are you, what are you doing to me?” she struggled to say. “Ppplease, take me here. I’m yours. You can have me.” Holly unsnapped the button at the fly on her cut offs, then reached for Thomas’ groin and fumbled with his belt and zipper.

“What are you doing!?” he exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, I, I…” Holly stood there confused.

He thought to her, “You can’t help yourself, you’re getting wetter and aroused, more and more aroused. You want his dick inside your mouth, to taste his precum, to lick his shaft, to suck on his balls. You want to arouse it, see it stiffen, know you made it grow warm and stiff. You have to have it inside you. Need to grind upon him, ride atop him, milking his cock of cum until its white heat floods the end of your cervyx. You will beg, beg him to give himself to you.”

Holly again went for his fly and zipped it down, her hand reaching in and pulling his penis out. “Ppplease, I want you, I need you. Fuck me. Fuck me here. Fuck me now. Let me taste your seed. I want to suck on you, to make you full.” She begged.

The game was beginning to work its wonders on his prick, engorging it, though when Holly dropped to her knees and began kissing, licking and gently massaging the shaft, it stiffened quickly. She placed its head to her full lips and flicked it with her tongue, swirling her tongue around the head, then wrapping her lips around it and taking it into her mouth and smearing her lipstick around its length as her tongue continued to lap at his prick. She sucked, then licked down the shaft to his balls, taking them into her mouth and sucking.

“Touch yourself,” he directed. “Make yourself wet. You’ve never been this horny, never wanted anyone so much, so badly. From now on, you’ll never think it disgusting to please a man, you’ll crave it and make the man you’re with the happiest man alive. Right now, you are getting hotter and hotter, your pussy is throbbing with anticipation. You want him inside you, to fuck you here and now on the counter, on the floor, in the aisles, by the ice freezer, and the chips. You want him. You want him. You want him. Rub yourself, but you can’t cum until he allows you to cum.”

Holly’s hand was jammed down the front of her cutoffs and beneath her white satin bikini panties. She massaged two slick fingers into her cunnie past the G spot as her mind reeled in pleasure, so close to orgasm, but fenced from it, painfully.

“God! I want you! Please fuck me, please fuck me now! I want you inside of me,” she pled, then took Thomas’ cock into her mouth and bobbed over it as she sucked.

“Forty dollars on pump three,” a woman said, not at first noticing what Holly was performing on the man in leathers, whose pants had fallen to his knees. “Ohmigod!” she exclaimed as she turned abruptly to leave the store.

“Stay and watch,” Thomas instructed. The woman stopped and turned. “You like watching. It turns you on and you will touch yourself to relieve that desire.” he continued. The woman’s mouth opened and Thomas could hear her breathing heavily. The woman was in her mid-thirties, attractive and slender, light brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a shift dress, no underwear (it was a hot day) and pumps. She was likely some local mom out doing errands, including gassing up the car.

“Do you live in Austin?” Thomas asked the woman. “Just out of town, she replied.”

“Are you married?” he asked. “Un huh,” she replied, while nodding and continuing to watch Holly blowing Thomas and fingering herself.

“Do you like sex?” he continued. “Not really,” she answered.

“You do now,” Thomas instructed. “From now on you can’t get enough sex. You will blow your husband off each night and fuck his brains out, letting him fuck you in the ass and whatever perverse fantasy he desires. And you’ll love it. Is that clear?” Thomas asked.

“Un huh,” she nodded, still watching Holly suck, lick and finger.

“And when you come into town for gas, Holly here will blow you off, won’t you Holly?” Thomas said. Holly nodded, while continuing to suck, “And you and Holly will be secret lovers, and you will both love loving one another. You will pleasure each other, sucking and fingering and fucking one another with dildos and vibrators and sex toys that you will buy off the internet. Although you will do all you can to please the men in your lives, sex will never be better than it is with me or with each other, do you both understand?”

Holly groaned as she massaged herself, then blubbered as she sucked, “Un huh.” The woman nodded.

“When I leave here, you will never speak of this and will discover that you crave one another. You will know instinctively, that you’re meant to be passionate lovers. You will never tell anyone of your passion for one another and you will only have sex with each other here in the convenience store when there no one else is around and when one of the two of you invites the other to her house to pleasure her man with her. You will each keep yourself in shape for each other and your men, is that clear?” The woman said, “Yes,” and Holly nodded.

“Now, come over here and help Holly remove her shorts, then get on your knees, finger yourself and lick my balls while Holly sucks my cock. Clean up whatever drips. We don’t want to make a mess,” Thomas said to the woman who complied.

A moment later, he savored the feel of the woman’s tongue lapping at his balls, as Holly sucked while fingering herself. The sensation caused Thomas to blow his wad, filling Holly’s hungry mouth with semen whose excess dripped from the corner of her mouth. The woman instinctively cleaned the excess from Holly’s lips and chin, while trying to insert her tongue between Holly’s full rosey lips to clean it further of his spunk.

“Holly, stand and go over to the counter. Lean over it, presenting your ass towards me, while your new friend cleans me up and gets me hard again,” Thomas commanded. “Holly, you now want my cock more than ever. Keep fingering yourself until I get there. (Holly groaned erotically) And you, what is your name,” he said to the woman. “Janet,” she responded.

“Janet, are you wet down there, yet?,” he asked. She nodded. “Then keep fingering yourself and lick my cock clean of any cum and suck it as we go over to Holly. You will think my cum and Holly’s juices to be the most delicious fluids you’ve ever had and will savor every drop of them. You’re now more aroused than you’ve ever been in your life, Janet. One orgasm after another is building within your soaking wet pussy and they can only be released with Holly’s touch, do you understand?” She moaned and rubbed herself frantically, while sucking on Thomas’ hardening prick as he moved towards the counter where Holly stood spread eagled, Janet crab walked beside Thomas, licking and sucking, occasionally fingering herself.

Janet continued to lap and suck at Thomas’ dick. “How could she ever have thought sex to not be enjoyable?,” she wondered.

“Holly, stay bent over, but move back from the counter placing only your hands on its edge. Janet, kneel between Holly and the counter, facing me, continuing to lick the head of my prick as you guide it into Holly’s pussy. Once it is in, continue licking between Holly’s pussy and my balls. Thomas positioned his engorged prick at the entrance to Holly’s box.

Janet guided Thomas’ shaft into Holly’s snatch, stroking it as it entered and licking Holly’s labia. Thomas began reaming his prick into Holly, who was now nearly comatose with arousal. Beneath her, Janet kept pace with the pounding.

Thomas humped the pretty convenience store clerk, pulling on her pony tail as he rammed her over and over. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out. “Guide me into her ass,” he told Janet who maneuvered his sopping prick to the entrance to Holly’s bunghole. Then, grasping Holly by her thin waist and pelvis, he thrust his cock into her virgin anus, exerting a gasp from Holly, as Janet moved the ministrations of her tongue to Holly’s exposed labia. Holly’s knuckles turned white from gripping the counter so strongly.

Thomas came in great heaving spurts while pulling Holly’s pony tail so far back he could almost look into her mouth to see her lolling tongue and hear her sobbing and pleading to be allowed to cum, as well. He collapsed across her back, his prick falling from her bunghole, only to immediately feel the sensation of Janet lapping at it seeking the sweet flavor of the threads of cum that hung from it.

“Both of you, clean me up,” Thomas said as the two women, now both frantically rubbing themselves kneeled in front of him, licking his prick clean of the taste of Holly’s bung hole. “That’s the best tasting shit, you’ve ever had,” he said to their distress, as they realized they were cleaning up what had Holly hadn’t yet shit. “From now on, both of you love the taste of each other’s shit and will gladly clean it form any man’s dick.” The women smiled and lapped frantically at his pecker, savoring each lick.

“OK, you done good, ladies. You can touch yourselves and bring yourselves off.” he said while pulling up his pants as Holly and Janet pounced upon one another like cats on prey. Their orgasms were immediate and loud, “Oh God, I’m, I’m God, I’m cum, cum, cummmming! Eeeeaaaaghhhh!”, one then the other exclaimed. The women continued to finger, lick and kiss one another, as they experienced orgasm after orgasm, the best they’d ever had in their lives.

By the time they’d finished satisfying themselves, Thomas had brought a bottle of Hawaiian Fruit Punch, a bag of corn nuts and an extra-long Slim Jim to the counter. Holly was disheveled, her t-shirt had ridden up above her pert boobs and her cut offs where hanging from one ankle. Janet had only to stand up for the shift dress to hang back as normal, though her hair and makeup were mussed up and her dress was stained and smelled of cum, saliva and sweat.

“Back to normal, as if nothing happened.” Thomas commanded, “You all just forgot what happened, but you will not forget what I told you,” At that, Holly was again indifferent and hostile.

Janet announced, “I said forty dollars on pump three.”

Turning to me, Holly said, “That’ll be $7.23 for the drink, nuts and meat stick,”

“How appropriate,” Thomas replied. “Here’s ten. Keep the change, the service was more than worth it.”

His comment generated quizzical looks from Holly and Janet, the latter of whom then reached out to pull down Holly’s shirt. “Your shirt’s ridden up, dear. My kid’s just outside,” she said. They both became newly aroused as Janet’s finger brushed Holly’s breast. They knew instinctively they’d both be meeting in the back office someday, soon.

Thomas smiled as he listened to Holly and Janet’s horny thoughts as they lingered in the store and met one another for what they thought was the first time. Then, he put on his helmet, stepped over the bike and took off for Carson City on his return to Middleton.

Ailis Fionn Graham of Sutton, Ali for short, had been given by her parents to their landlord, his Lordship, the Ninth Duke of Sutton, one of the wealthiest land owners in the county, in exchange for their farm. She didn’t mind. She was old enough to be out of the family home, and the money and land her family gained meant they wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore, and her brothers could have an education.

She was well read enough, having spent the better portion of your young years reading from her benefactor’s library when she wasn’t helping her mother. She had lead a very sheltered life though and at 19 had never even lain with a man or kissed a boy. She had been told by her Lordship that this fact, in addition to her rare beauty, was why he had been willing to pay so much for her to her parents.

Her lack of lineage worked wildly in his favor as he neither had to explain himself nor marry her. He planned to take care of her for her lifetime however, and was quite fond of her, having watched her, from a paternal and landlord position, grow from a little girl into a stunning young woman. Her visits to his chateau had been regular for her reading materials, and he made sure that she always had access to the books for he saw no reason she should not enjoy some education in her life.

Their age was not so very far apart at he being 15 years her senior, and they had been fairly good friends all her life, so Ali was actually pleased that her family had been able to secure such a beneficial agreement for them all. She was unsure as yet what her position in the household was to be, but she was sure she could manage well no matter what as her mother had trained her well in the ways of cooking and cleaning, knowing that her future would entail some sort of work.

This being her mindset, she was taken aback when, upon her arrival at the chateau, she was taken not to the servant’s quarters, but to a modest little cottage on the back acreage of the property. Set into the side of a mountain, with a lovely running stream beside it, the cottage was something from her dreams. She looked quizzically at the driver Duncan, who also knew her very well, and he said, “Aye lass, that’d be your new home.”

The cottage was made of stone, with a small herb garden and flowers in front of it. A larger patch of land stood off to the left, and was already tilled for a vegetable garden, and a well sat off to the rear of that, almost against the mountainside. Duncan stepped down from the coach and helped Ali with her bags. When they walked in the front door, she saw a large stone fireplace that took up almost the entire interior wall of the room she was in. She also saw that the entire house was made of stone, not just the outside. The floors were of stone, but of a much smoother kind, and were washed clean with warm wool and fur rugs scattered about. There was a small fire burning, and when she looked she could see through to the next room where there was a kitchen that shared the hearth.

To the right of the entrance was a sitting room and a small flight of stairs which Duncan was climbing and told her to follow. The stairs opened out into the entire top floor of the cottage which was a large and well furnished, charming bedroom, with another fireplace set into the stone on the mountain side of the room.

Duncan then took her back downstairs and through the kitchen, out a rear pantry door inside the house, and into a root and wine cellar that had been carved right out of the side of the mountain. The floor was wide plank wood and the walls were stone as well.

Ali was in awe of her surroundings. Her parent’s farmhouse was not as grand and cozy as this her little cottage in the mountains, and she could barely contain her glee at the prospect of living here for all her days.

Duncan told her that she would be visited that afternoon by his Lordship, who would bring a lady’s maid to her tonight, and on certain occasions to help her when necessary. Ali was confused and not sure why she would need a ladies maid to prepare, but she was so caught up in the joy of her new situation that she never thought to ask. Duncan left closing the door quietly behind him and telling her she should expect his Lordship the Duke in one hour.

She set to unpacking and settling her belongings into her new home and whiled away the hour faster than any she had ever remembered.

At 4pm precisely, his Lordship Blake Macleod, the Ninth Duke of Sutton presented himself formally to Ailis Fionn Graham. Following close behind his Lordship was a young girl. Although older than Ali by a bit, and much larger boned, she was stern looking but very pretty, and she smiled at Ali genuinely. Ali assumed this girl was to be her maid, and liked her instantly, smiling in return.

Ali curtsied deeply to his Lordship in greeting, as was usual.

Macleod looked at her and said, “Welcome cairn, to your new home. I hope you like it, and it will meet all of your needs adequately.”

He sat down and gestured that she do the same before he continued, “This is Lara, your ladies maid. She will attend you periodically as I feel you likely have no need of a maid consistently.”

Ali nodded to Lara, who nodded back, and then disappeared into the kitchen and the root cellar. Ali forgot about her and looked at the Duke, giving him her full attention, “I am very happy your Lordship. I could not have imagined something so lovely for me.”

The Duke smiled at her warmly before continuing, “I’m glad you are comfortable Ali. We have known one another for a long time, and I consider you a good friend. I was happy that I was in a place to be able to offer your father so much in return for your placement here, as I had been basing my future on just such an arrangement between you and I.”

When she looked confused he continued, “Don’t worry Ali, everything will become very clear soon, and I know that you and I will get along famously for many years to come.”

He stood up and said, “Now, you will meet with Lara for awhile next, and she will take very good care of you peata, though I have told her that she is limited in what she can answer, she will be able to at least give you some idea of what will be expected of you in your new life here.”

He walked over to where she stood and kissed her on the top of her head, “I will see you soon.”

And then he was gone, leaving her to search for her new ladies maid in the house herself.

She didn’t need to search long, as Lara was in the kitchen filling a very large tub with boiling hot water. On the table were various tools and implements, some of them familiar to Ali, some of them not. She knew that the bath however, was for her and was greatly relieved at the chance to bathe herself.

Lara looked her up and down and smiled, “Yes, I can see why he is interested,” she muttered. “Though why he isn’t occupying himself with someone older and wiser is beyond me. Ah well, tis not for me to dwell on, come, let me look at you.”

And with that Lara began to help Ali disrobe from her dress. She wore only a thin muslin shift beneath it and went to get into the steamy inviting waters still wearing it out of modesty, but Lara stopped her gently.

“Oh no lass, we remove all of our clothing to bathe here. You’ll only keep the dirt in the clothing on your skin otherwise. Off with it, that’s it,” as she helped her pull the thin material over her head.

Ali was shivering, and covering herself, as she had never been naked in front of anyone, much less a strange woman. But Lara was firm, though gentle, and said, “Well lass, you’ll need to get used to it I’ll have to tell you, bloody shame no one thought to tell you what you were in for is all I can say. Come, get in the water, we’ve lots to do.”

Ali was perplexed by all of the secretive talk, but she was so grateful for the bath that she forgot about her modesty and sank fully into the waters, dunking her head easily underneath to get her long dark hair good and wet for washing. Lara wasted no time even though a large fire blazed in the giant hearth and the room and water were completely toasty warm, leaving Ali wondering what her hurry was.

She was very attentive but diligently scrubbed away at Ali’s hair and body with wonderful smelling exotic soap as though she were on a schedule. When Ali was completely clean, Lara told her they were not done and that the next part might be difficult for her but it must be done. She told Ali that she was to be shaved in her intimate areas, completely.

Ali sucked in her breath and her eyes grew wide as she carefully asked, “But why?”

Lara looked at her not without compassion, but with little patience for questions, and replied, “Because that is what his Lordship has requested, and what his Lordship wants, his Lordship certainly gets.” The latter being said with no animosity, for Lara truly respected and liked her employer, though this was the first time she had ever been given such a duty for him. Most of the time, it was a one time affair, and Lara would clean the waifs up, they would do their duty, and off they would go back home slightly richer and none the worse for the wear.

Ali was to be different though, she would reside here and eliminate the need for his having to travel elsewhere. If she were inclined, she might even find that she truly enjoyed the life and the benefits that went with it. Though, if she were not, it wouldn’t really matter as this was to be her life, lock, stock and barrel.

Lara continued with the preparations, instructing Ali to sit at the edge of the tub, where a stool had been placed, and wrap her shoulders in the cloth while placing her legs on either side of the tub. Ali hesitated and blushed profusely, but acquiesced to Lara’s instructions.

“There’s a good girl,” she cooed. “It won’t hurt even a bit, might even feel nice to you, and it will be over before you know it.”

With that Lara lathered up the area between Ailis’ thighs and began to shave the girl’s thick pubic hair away, dipping the razor into the water with each stroke and being very careful near her lips not to cut her in any way. When she was done, she told her to stand in the water and bend over until her chest rested on the same stool. Ailis was visibly shaking, but did as she was told. The shaving sensation had done something to her insides and she felt very wobbly. She also felt a strange moisture between her thighs that was not water.

When she was fully bent over, Lara parted the cheeks of her bottom by way of inspection almost, and continued to the area she had just shaved and went over it again, making sure she didn’t miss anything, opening Ailis’ small, firm, lips and making sure they too were free of all hair.

She noted the girl’s moisture and smiled secretly, knowing that part of her task was to fully prepare her young charge, and grew excited herself at the prospect of sliding her tongue through this beauty’s tight hairless slit.

“There is one more task I must perform, and I dare say you will not enjoy this one, but it will be done none-the-less, as it is both good for you, and a way to keep very clean,” said Lara as she picked up a sheepskin bag with a 5 inch long, thin, tapered attachment on the end of it. “His Lordship has installed an indoor outhouse here off the root cellar that you will use instead of one out of doors. The plumbing and drainage is good, but there is no running water. Hence our need to use the indoor tub.”

“This is very warm, and you will need to hold it in for a bit,” Lara said. “Please remain still and it will take less time and be less uncomfortable overall for you. In time, you will get used to these. In fact, you might even begin to like them as they do provide you with a feeling of being very clean and light.”

Ailis was nearly terrified with dread at what was about to happen next. She could not imagine what Lara was talking about, but found out soon enough when she felt Lara opening her cheeks again, and then a feeling of something warm and slippery, and pressure, terrible pressure against her bottom.

“Oh please miss, not there, you’re hurting me now, please stop,” Ailis asked, her breathing becoming shallow.

“Now now Ali,” Lara scolded a bit, “It won’t hurt, it’s just different and uncomfortable a bit at first. Just breathe deeply and slowly, and try to relax. We must finish this, and you have made it this far, you can do this next part easily. It’s only the first time it’s this much discomfort, I promise.”

Lara had been pushing the nozzle slowly into Ali’s rear while she was talking to the girl to try to distract her. Ali was moaning uncomfortably and asking her to please stop the whole time, but Lara had to finish the preparations and would not be persuaded.

“Ow, oh, please Lara, oh, it’s pulling on my insides so much,” Ali cried.

“It’s okay pet,” Lara assured her, “the nozzle is all the way in now so it won’t pull anymore. I am going to start squeezing the bag now though and you will feel warmth inside of you. It’s warm water Ali, that is all, but I will need to massage your belly as I do this to make sure it gets well inside you and cleans you out completely.”

Ali could not believe it could get any worse and focused on her breathing instead of the growing wetness between her thighs, while the older girl began to squeeze the bag whose nozzle was now lodged quite deeply, fully, and firmly into Ali’s tight rectum. Lara’s hand worked on the girl’s firm abdomen, kneading the skin and muscles, while Ailis struggled to remain in her position as her legs began to shake.

“That’s it pet,” Lara comforted as she continued to gently squeeze the bag and knead Ali’s growing belly, “You’re doing wonderfully. We’re almost there.”

Ailis was nearly crying from the discomfort now, but held her composure as the older girl told her that she was done and going to remove the nozzle now. “You must tighten your muscles though and hold the water in,” she instructed.

It felt like it would never be out of her, but finally the thin nozzle left her anus and Ailis tightened her muscles as Lara had told her. She immediately felt the water and cramped a bit, but breathed through it in order to stand and get out of the tub.

Lara wrapped her in several cloths and lead her through the passage into the root cellar and showed her the door where the indoor outhouse was located, and told her to empty out completely and then come back to the kitchen.

Chapter 5: Mom comes clean to her son

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


I’d just had sex with my daughter, and I knew the next step was my son. I’d seen him peeking at me in the shower a few times, and there was that other night when I’d seen him watching me masturbate. I had figured that it was just curiosity, but now I thought it was probably something more. I knew I couldn’t keep what I’d just done with Emily a secret from Chris, so I’d have to talk to him.

I swore Emily to secrecy, at least for a few days. She could keep it a secret for that long. She was so excited at the prospect, though, that I wasn’t sure she could be quiet for much longer than that. Chris was going to Nicole’s for dinner the next night, but I told him to be home early, that I thought we needed to spend some time just hanging out as a family. He just said, “okay,” as he walked out the door. I sent Emily off to spend the night with a friend of hers. I didn’t want her around in case this didn’t work. And then I spent the next several hours afraid and sexually frustrated. You never would have guessed that I’d been laid, wonderfully so, twice in less than forty-eight hours. I should have been blissfully satisfied, but the prospect of sex with my handsome son had me on edge all evening. The thought that this was very wrong didn’t stop me. If anything, it made me more excited.


Mom insisted that I be home early that night, something about spending time as a family. I was back by about seven thirty. Mom must have heard me come in and called to me from her bedroom, asking me to come in there with her. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, wearing a dress, which was unusual. She’s the jeans type of mom. I didn’t make anything of it at the time, but she was wearing makeup and perfume too. She patted the bed next to her and asked me to sit next to her.

“Chris, I wanted to talk to you about Nicole. You are having sex with her, aren’t you?”

I started to say something, what I’m not sure, but nothing came out.

“I’m not mad,” she continued.”You’re nineteen and certainly old enough. I just want to know.”

“Yeah,” I answered, not really knowing what to expect.

“You are being safe? She’s using birth control?”

“Yes,” Oh, God, this was the talk. I’d been through this with Dad four years ago. It was awkward then. This was going to be worse, because it was my Mom.

“Good. You know you can always talk to me about these things.”

“I know that.” Of course I couldn’t talk to her about those things. No guy could. But I knew what she wanted to hear.

“I thought you were, but some other things got me wondering. I know you’ve sometimes watched me when I showered and that you were watching me the other night when I was playing with myself.”

Oh my God! I was busted. My stomach twisted up in knots, my skin grew clammy, and I started to sweat.

“At first I thought that you were just curious about the female body and that maybe you and Nicole weren’t sleeping with each other. Because why else would you want to look at your mother’s naked body.”

She paused, as if she expected me to say something. I didn’t know what. So she continued.

“And then last night I saw you and Emily having sex.”

My mind went blank with terror. I just froze. This was worse than being busted.

“You’re having sex with Nicole. You’re having sex with Emily. And still you’re sneaking peeks at your naked mother. I’m wondering if you don’t want something more.”

She paused again, but my brain was locked. She wasn’t mad. She should be yelling or crying. I couldn’t figure out where this was going.

“I’m wondering if you don’t also want to have sex with me.” She put her hand on my thigh as she said this.

This was unbelievable. I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard.

“Would you like to have sex with me?” she continued. “It’s okay if you do. And I won’t be upset if you don’t. Maybe a little disappointed, because I’d really like to have sex with you, but I understand if that’s just not what you want.”

I still just sat there.

“Well, would you?”

I found myself slowly nodding yes. It didn’t think about doing it, my brain was still frozen. I just knew I wanted to have sex with her.

Mom reached out and took my head in her hands, drawing me into her. She started to kiss me, with tongue. I responded, and we fell back onto bed necking hungrily.


My God, was Chris a good kisser. He was doing something right with Nicole and Emily.


The kissing itself wasn’t much different than it was with Nicole or Emily, but the combination of the kissing and the smell of Mom’s perfume sent all sorts of conflicting signals through my brain. She smelled like Mom, but I was so horny. I think something must have short circuited. It was wrong, but I wanted it so bad.

Mom stopped for moment, stood up, and slipped off her dress. She was just wearing panties underneath. I’d seen her breasts before, but never like this. I swallowed hard, and she lay down next to me, and we started kissing again. She grabbed my right hand and guided it to her left breast. I had been too scared to do it before, but now I cupped and fondled it, feeling her hard nipple, which was like Emily’s. By moving my hand, Mom had broken the spell and I found I could move of my own free will. I broke our kiss and moved down to suck on her nipples.

Mom’s hand moved down to my crotch, and I felt her grasp my cock through my jeans. I suddenly realized that I was in pain down there. My cock was straining, trying to burst through the material. I’d never been so hard before. Mom unsnapped my jeans, and unzipped my fly, and my cock just popped out at attention.


It was a beautiful cock. This was the first really good look at gotten at it in years. Long and firm, with a glistening bead of pre-cum at the tip. Without hesitating, I slipped my mouth around it. It tasted as good as it looked, musky and salty. I licked around the head and glans and then engulfed it again. He didn’t last long, but that was okay. He was only nineteen. He’d recover quickly. I swallowed all his cum, a trick I’d learned doing that to his father. I’d forgotten how much I liked the taste and feel of cum in my mouth.

I stood up and slipped off my panties. Chris just watched me and then stared at my naked body.

“Well, aren’t you going to get undressed too? We’ve got a lot to do and it’s not going to get done as long as you’re dressed?”

Chris jumped off, and this time I lay on the bed and watched him undress, which I’ve found is always a treat. He’s so slim and hard, real eye candy. Then he lay next to me. For a few minutes, we didn’t do anything except stare into each other’s eyes, like young lovers, which I guess half of us were.

“Well, my studly son, have you gone down on Nicole and Emily yet?”


“Would you like to do it to me?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Well then, have at it.” I lay back and spread my legs.


I laid down between my Mom’s legs. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I really hadn’t done this all that much, just once with Nicole and a couple of times with Emily. Mom’s pussy was a lot hairier. It was kind of scary—not her pussy, that was very nice—but the prospect of going down on her was intimidating. Neither Nicole or Emily would have anything to judge me against, but Mom had been with Dad at least, and probably a bunch of guys before they got married.

But there was nothing to do but stick my tongue out and dive in, so I did. First a few licks around her lips, then I found her clit. Mom let out a soft moan when I first hit it. I guess I was a little too tentative, because she said something about not being able to hurt her, so I started to lick more firmly and aggressively. She responded by grabbing my head and pushing it harder against her pussy. I guess she liked that.

It wasn’t too long before she started letting out short, little yelps, just like Emily does when she starts to cum. And a minute later Mom was thrashing about the bed screaming. She got really wet and coated my face. Then she calmed down and pulled me up to her. She kissed me and started licking her juices off my face. God, was that hot!


I don’t know why I licked my juices off Chris’s face. It wasn’t anything I would have ever done before, but I guess that night with James and Lisa had taught me a thing or two. And my son turned out to be a pretty good pussy-licker. Although that night wasn’t a fair test; I was on a short fuse and came really quickly. All that nervous waiting beforehand really got me wound up.

I reached down to feel whether Chris was ready for more, and he was rock hard again. Thank God for teenage libidos! Since he was already lying on top of me, I just maneuvered his cock to my entrance and Chris took it from there.

I shuddered a bit when he first thrust into me; it was a little too soon after that last orgasm, and I was still sensitive down there, but that wore off quickly. His cock was the perfect size. Big and wide enough to hit all my sensitive spots at once, but not so big that it was uncomfortable. The only problem is that Chris was still being a little to tentative and tender.

“Fuck me harder,” I whispered into his ear. “You’re not going to hurt me. Fuck your mom hard. Go to town, you motherfucker.”

And he did. He picked up the pace and started slamming into me. Since I’d just cum a few minutes ago, the next orgasm came quickly too. And then two more in rapid succession after that. They weren’t as big as the first—I didn’t thrash around the bed this time—but they were still intense. I’ve been with a lot of different men since then, but no one does it to me like my son. Not only does he have a good-sized and very nice cock, but he knows how to use it—and he’s only gotten better with experience—plus there is the intangible eroticism of him being my son. No other guy can hope to compete with that.

Somewhere in all those orgasms of mine, Chris came. I was preoccupied and didn’t notice, but I hope it was nice for him too.


I was actually fucking my mom. It was like a dream come true, except I’d hardly dared to dream it. And when she started talking dirty in my ear, calling me a “motherfucker,” I nearly lost it. That was so hot! Amazingly, and I never told Mom this, but I actually came twice. I was so turned on that I never went soft.


We collapsed in a sweaty pile, gently kissing and fondling each other. After a few minutes I spoke.

“I gather that you enjoyed that.”

“Fuck, yeah, Mom. It was unbelievable.”

“Would you like to do it again? I don’t mean this minute, but is this something you’d like to keep doing with me?


I couldn’t believe it. Mom was offering to keep fucking. This wasn’t a one-time thing. Then something really amazing happened. Mom just opened up to me. We started talking. She told me all about the divorce, how she had been really hurt by Dad’s affair, and how she had been so sexually frustrated, only she didn’t really know it. She’d never spoken to me about her feelings like that, like I was an adult, not just her son, but a friend. I’m probably turning into a girl just saying this, but that conversation afterwards was even more satisfying than the sex. That night I learned what made sex so really great. It wasn’t the fucking, although that was pretty fucking great in and of itself, it was the closeness and sharing that the fucking enabled you to do.

Then Mom really dropped the bomb. She told me all about the Giamattis next door, how they were swingers and also fucked their kids. And then she told me that the night before she and Emily and the two Giamatti women had got it on over at the neighbors’ house. And best of all, I could fuck them too.


I don’t know why I opened up to Chris like that. I guess a lot had been building up inside me. It was so satisfying to just get it out. And my dear boy, who was probably freaked out about his strange mother babbling on and on, was so sweet and engaging. He’s going to make some woman extremely lucky. You just don’t find that combination of cock and consideration that often.

I told him about the neighbors and what I’d done with Emily the other night. He was surprised, but not freaked out. So that was good. I could tell that he was eager to get it on with the Giamattis. He is nineteen, after all. The prospect of hot and cold running sex was his idea of heaven. (Come to think of it, it’s my idea of heaven too.)

I noticed that his cock started stirring again during this part of the conversation, so I just said we would figure it all the details later on, and I moved down and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth. After I’d gotten him fully hard, I straddled him and rode him to another climax. He didn’t make me cum this last time—I’d already cum so many times earlier—but it was still one of the most satisfying fucks I’ve had.

Michael Young had been one of my good buddies for years. We met when we were only in middle school. I don’t recall how exactly we came to be friends, but I guess we just had a lot in common. Mostly from the types of movies we were interested in, to smoking occasionally, and all the way to sex and the types of girls we liked. I had never had a friend as close as him. He basically lived at my house when he was bored of his. I rarely stayed at his place but I was still close with his parents. Michael’s mom was just a teenager when she had him. Not like mine though. If Michael’s mom was older, I think she would have gotten along with my mom. But they never did kick it off. And I hated that age had such an affect on things like that; whether you liked someone as a friend or not.

Michael’s dad spent most of his time working, as he delivered things across the country. A tractor trailer was his home for 330 days out of the year. I knew Michael and his mom didn’t see him much so it was just the two of them most of the time.


It was a rare occasion. My mom and dad had to go out of town one weekend. My grandma lived all the way on the opposite side of the country and my parents needed to be there.

At the time, I was hoping to have the house to myself. I hardly ever had time alone and it suddenly looked like I was about to catch a break to do as I pleased at home all alone. But my parents weren’t having none of that.

I had to be stuck at Michael’s all weekend. Not that it bothered me to be around my best buddy. I was just looking forward to being alone to have the house all to myself. Michael’s mom was completely fine with me staying the whole weekend too.

Michael and I were seniors in high school. I was nineteen; a year older than him. His mom was bragging about how much we both had grown and how she remembered when we were shorter and our voices squeaked while we were still going through puberty.

The three of us were sitting in the living room at around 8pm watching Wipe Out on TV. Michael and I occupied the long couch while his mom was sitting on the shorter one.

“I still remember that one night Michael’s dad was in and the four of us went out to that Mexican restaurant,” Mrs. Young started as she giggled.

I grinned, knowing how much she liked to push at my buttons. I used to turn a bright shade of red when she talked about past stories with me in them, and I knew she was trying to embarrass me. “No, not this story,” I said, slouching into the back of the couch.

I saw Michael roll his eyes before his mom continued. “Like four years ago when the two of you had just started high school. Both so short and nerdy,” she laughed to herself as she leaned forward. I looked away from her and tried to stop my smile. I didn’t want to give her any more reason to go on. Beside me, Michael was trying his best to ignore her.

“Mom, shut up,” he complained. “We know this story. I couldn’t stop staring at the waitress’ boobs and Matt wouldn’t stop blushing.”

“Hey!” I spoke up, “she was attractive and I was nervous.”

“I know,” Michael said.

“It was just cute,” Mrs. Young smiled at the two of us. “And now you’re both grown up. Such handsome, nice, young boys.”

The B word. I wasn’t a boy. I was a man. We both were. But neither of us felt like explaining to her that at 19-years-old, we were already men. We were men when we were 18 even!

I could see Michael rolling his eyes once more but I didn’t do the same. I returned a smile to Mrs. Young just to be polite.

We watched Wipe Out for at least another half hour. I kept glancing at Michael and his mom. He had looked somewhat bored but Mrs. Young seemed completely content with the time she was spending with us. I watched her tuck a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear then she lifted her legs up onto the couch and crossed them Indian style. She was probably the youngest mom I’d ever known. It was hard thinking of her being with Mr. Young and getting pregnant when she was about our age. Her figure was perfect and it always had been since the day I had first met her when Michael invited me over about six years before.

I noticed she had been drinking a small glass of wine before we even sat down in the living room earlier in the night. She was holding it in her hand, and I remember how easy she made it look. She didn’t even have to try to look attractive. I never told Michael that I thought his mom was hot. I’m sure he knew I thought it, but I’d never say it to his face. That’s just something you don’t do. Ever.

“Well, boys,” Mrs. Young spoke up, “I’m gonna head to bed.” I watched her stand up from her spot on the couch with her empty wine glass in hand and she disappeared into the kitchen. She clumsily walked back out and leaned a little too far to the right, sliding her shoulder against the wall. She ascended up the stairs without looking back down at us.


“I’m gonna go to bed too, man,” Michael said a few minutes later. “Where are you crashin’?” He asked.

“I guess I’ll get a blanket and sleep here,” I told him, referring to the couch I was already sitting on. It’s where I normally slept when I stayed at his place.

“Alright,” he said then stood up from where he had been sitting, “see you at breakfast.”

He skipped some steps as he made his way up the stairs. I stayed where I was for a little while longer watching TV. Family Guy was on and I watched half an episode of it before I decided to go look for a blanket for the night.

I traveled up the stairs, leaving the light behind as I went higher. The hallway was dark when I reached the second floor, but I knew which direction to start walking. I stopped at the hallway closet and took out my phone to light up the shelves so I could see. There were only a couple sets of sheets and a really itchy blanket that I only had the nerve to use once while I stayed here. Never again.

I stepped back to look at the top shelf to see two rubber dumbbells and a first-aid kit.

“What are you looking for?”

I jumped away from the quiet voice to my right. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was greeted by a smiling Mrs. Young. I noticed she had her hair up in a messy bun and was wearing shorts and a tank top. I also noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. She really didn’t need one. I always noticed that her breasts were very perky; even for her age. And the size of them were very nice.

“Jesus, Mrs. Young!” I said. She laughed at my jumpiness. “You scared me.”

“Sorry, hun,” she said, opening the closest door wider to see what I might have been after.

“I was looking for a blanket.” I informed her after my heart rate slowed down from the scare.

I saw her reach for the itchy blanket from hell and pulled it from the shelf. “Uhh,” I gave her a look, “anything but that.”

She grinned, “Hmm, I know what you mean,” I watched her pet at the blanket, obviously realizing how itchy it felt. “I might have an extra blanket in my room for you.”

“Okay,” I said. She stuffed the blanket back onto the shelf in the closet then turned to walk back up the hallway towards her room. I closed the closet door and followed close behind her.

“So,” she started as we entered her bedroom. I looked around. Everything was so neat except for her unmade bed, “what do you boys plan on getting into tomorrow?” She asked. I suspected she was just trying to make conversation while she searched for a blanket.

I shrugged my shoulders as I walked further into the room, “I don’t know. We’ll find something like we always do.” I told her.

“So spontaneous,” she commented. “I used to be a lot like that when I was your age.”

“I’m sure you still are,” I said.

She giggled brightly and glanced back at me for a second, “Those days are far behind me, Matthew.” She said. I grinned at her. I didn’t know how to reply, so I didn’t.

She grabbed one of the blankets off of her own bed instead of looking through the wooden chest placed at the end of the bed like I thought she would. “You’d think I’d get lonely sleeping alone every night. But I don’t. I actually like having the bed all to myself.”

I raised my eyebrows, surprised that she’d tell me that. Didn’t even know why she’d bring that up, but she did. “I guess if you get so used to sleeping alone that makes sense.” I replied, not knowing if I even made sense.

She nodded and handed me the soft, dark green blanket. “Good night, Matthew.” She said, giving me my cue to leave.

I stepped back toward the door with the blanket under my arm, “Goodnight, Mrs. Young.”


I stayed awake laying on the couch after I made it back downstairs. I turned the television off so it was completely dark in the living room. I knew I would eventually fall asleep, it just needed to be light-less for me to do so. I kept thinking about Mrs. Young. How she was bra-less and in her shorts. It almost reminded me of one of the cheerleaders I had hooked up with after a football game my junior year. Her black shorts is what had caught my attention.

I felt my cock twitch to life for a split second. Nothing too serious. Not touch worthy. I rested my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. The last thing I thought about before falling asleep was how damn good the blanket on top of me smelled.


My eyes snapped open. I don’t know if I was just waking up in the middle of the night like normal or if it was because I felt my blanket move on me or what. I looked down, feeling that all too familiar feeling in my groin. My boxers felt tight on my dick and I could clearly see a bulge coming through the blanket.

I rested my head back down on the pillow behind me after realizing it was only my dick that made the blanket move. I moved my hand under the cover to stroke myself slowly. I’d never been so hard this early in the morning. I couldn’t even remember having a wet dream. I looked at the time on the DVD player under the TV. It was 5 in the morning. I lifted the blanket and slid the front of my boxers down half way to take my dick out. I didn’t like the straining of trying to stroke myself while it was still covered.

I sighed, relaxing my back into the couch. It had been awhile since I’d been able to sit back and jerk off just to do it. Lately all I’d been able to do is have a quick stroke in the shower and then I’d be good to go.

I stopped immediately, half erect, almost fully, when I heard the floor creek upstairs. I left my boxers down and let my cock lay on my stomach. The warmth and hardness of it was begging for me to touch it, but I resisted.

I used the blanket to cover it up. I felt more blood rushing to it and my heart suddenly seemed to be beating louder than normal, reaching all the way down to my dick.

I saw a shadowed figure at the top of the stairs. It started walking down slowly, I thought, maybe trying to adjust their eyes to the dark. Whomever it was, kept their hands on the railing. I heard it as their hands slid all the way down the wood. I made sure that the bulge I was sporting wasn’t too obvious, then quickly closed my eyes to fake sleep, just in case they could see me. I wasn’t really looking for a conversation at 5 in the morning and having to explain why I was awake to begin with.

I tried to slow down my breathing to really pull off the fake sleep act. I was almost a pro at it now and could easily fool anyone.

I wondered whether it was Michael or Mrs. Young who had walked down stairs. Whatever they were doing, it sounded like they were right beside the couch. It took all that I had to not open my eyes. I didn’t even peek, just in case.

I felt the couch dip near the middle where my mid-rift was. Following that, I felt a hand gently run down my arm. I cursed in my head when I twitched. And I knew it was noticeable because the hand moved away from me almost immediately.

I stayed still, listening intently. It was then that I got the scent of Mrs. Young’s perfume. The smell was strong and I’d always liked it. I would have been able to pick it out anywhere. I could hear her trying to breathe quietly as she sat on the side of the couch. She even sighed, and it almost sounded like a nervous breath.

What was she doing?

Another surprise, I felt her hand gently rub the side of my face. I successfully kept my cool by not twitching from the touch I didn’t see coming. She moved a few strands of my dark brown hair off of my forehead. I felt her leaning forward then she kissed my forehead. My heart leaped, wondering if that had actually just happened.

Only moments ago, I was about to have a relaxing few minutes of jerking off, and now Mrs. Young, my best friends mom, had just came down stairs to kiss my forehead. It wasn’t much, but I liked the closeness. And it only made me harder under the blanket. I’d never seen her that way even though I saw her as an attractive person, my thoughts never ventured that much further because of who she was.

I examined closely to where she was touching me. She moved her lips from my forehead and slid her hand down my arm to my wrist. She held it gently, just keeping her hand there. I felt her thumb rub over it as she got herself more comfortable on the couch.

“Matthew,” She said, barely whispering it. I don’t know why I didn’t open my eyes. I just decided not to. And I decided not to reply. I was still set on faking sleep.

Her other hand moved up to the side of my face and rubbed at my cheek. Why was she being so touchy? She was my best friends mom, and she was touching me like we both knew she never should have. Her other hand left my wrist, which strangely felt cold after it wasn’t touching me anymore and I didn’t like it.

But suddenly, she touched me somewhere else. And without any control my eyes snapped open and my head came up off the pillow. Her hand was on my lap, and I felt her fingertips gliding over the underside of my dick.

“Mrs, Young,” I whispered hesitantly. I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do with my hands. First, I thought to remove her hand, but then I didn’t. Because well, when a girl touches your cock, you don’t do that.

“It’s okay, Matthew,” she tried to calm me down. The shock of my best friends mom still touching me where she was had still yet to set in all the way.

“What are you doing?” I stupidly asked.

She didn’t reply, but I didn’t take it that she was ignoring me. The tips of her fingers were still gently playing with my shaft through the blanket. If only she knew that my boxers were already down.

“I want to do this,” She replied after a few seconds of silence.

“Mrs. Young,” I regretfully protested, “I’m your sons best friend.”

“I know, Matthew,” She answered calming, wrapping all of her fingers firmly around my dick. I sat up more again, surprised still that she was going further with this. She pushed at my chest, making my back rest on the pillow behind me how it was before.

“We can’t do this,” I said, and begged in my thoughts that I wouldn’t have to put up with much more of the teasing.

“I lied to you,” she stated, getting me off guard.

“You lied?” I questioned.

“Upstairs,” she said, “I do get lonely sleeping in bed alone. Michael’s dad isn’t around a lot, you know that,”

“I really don’t think this is the answer, Mrs. Young,” I shook my head at her. I felt sorry for her. She was basically telling me she was lonely and horny. How was I supposed to flat out say no to that. Especially to her and what she wanted to do.

“I’m not going to beg,” She squeezed my cock tighter through the blanket. My mouth slightly opened and I sighed, not having a clue what to say.

“Please, Mrs. Young,” I begged, “things will be different after this. It’s not a good idea,”

I felt her tugging at the blanket. The only barrier between cock to hand contact.

“Matthew,” She whispered as she lowered her head closer to my lap. She had successfully lowered the blanket and I was completely exposed to her.

Her warm breath came down on the shaft of my dick as she got closer and closer, only teasing me along further.

“Fuck,” I said under my breath and tossed my head back to rest it on the pillow, frustrated from lack of attention my dick was getting from either hand or mouth. I couldn’t reject or stop her anymore, I was going to take it. Best friends mom or not.

Her tongue made contact first, and it made me relax. I sighed and looked down at her, barely being able to see her from the lack of lighting, but her silhouette was just as satisfying.

“Mrs. Young,” I whispered, just because I could. I guess in some way I was thanking her for doing what she was doing, the gentlest way I could. Her tongue felt nice. And her lips felt just the same when she began to kiss tiny pecks up and down my shaft.

“Call me Jenny, Matthew,” She instructed clearly then kissed the head of my cock slowly.

“Jenny,” I said, grabbing her hand just to hold on to it. She squeezed mine lightly with hers and brought her other hand to the base of my dick to keep it straight up in the air, pointing directly at her face. Just for her.

“Hmmm,” she hummed, opening her mouth wide to accommodate my girth. Her lips wrapped around me, and I felt that they were already wet, ready to suck me up.

I brought my other hand to the side of her face. I needed to touch her. Some part of her. I don’t know why, I just wanted her to know that I did want this, even though I expressed how wrong it was.

Her sucking started very gently, not rough at all. But her tongue was applying pressure big time on the underside of my dick.

“Oh my god,” I groaned, trying to keep my voice low. What would Michael do to me if he walked down stairs to see his moms face in my lap? He would kill me. He would literally kill me.

A little drip of Mrs. Yo . . . Jenny’s spit dribbled down my rod and settled at my balls. They were painfully waiting to be touched and groped at. Her slow and steady technique was driving me insane.

“Jenny,” I started. I needed more.

“Mhhmm,” she moaned as a reply, bobbing further down my cock, very slowly. I felt the head of my dick half way in her throat. The squeezing feeling was indescribable.

“Ohh,” I groaned again. “Touch my balls,” I commanded hesitantly.

Instead of listening to what I wanted, she squeezed at the base of my shaft even harder and took her mouth away from my dick and pumped several times up and down. My mouth opened as she brought my foreskin over the head of my cock repeatedly, not caring how close I was when she did that.

“Mrs. Young,” I tensed, “please,”

She stopped, taking both of her hands away from me completely. I looked down at her, wondering what she was doing. My dick had flopped back down on my stomach, but I felt it pulsing with my heart and saw it twitch a few times, begging for more attention.

“Don’t stop,” I whispered, being able to see her a lot better in the dark now. Her head moved further down between my legs and I moved them apart so she could have a better angle. Her tongue ran across my nut sack, swirling around the sensitive skin. “Ohh yes,” I approved, urging her to continue.

I put my hand on the top of her head again and pushed her closer to me. I felt my balls rub across her lips and her chin. She sucked one into her mouth, and I let go of her now that she knew exactly what I wanted.

I jerked myself off as she continued to suck in both of my balls, filling her mouth completely.

She released my balls from her mouth with a pop and pushed my hand away from my dick and let hers take its place. Her hard breathing didn’t go unnoticed. I loved that she was out of breath.

Her hair was still up in a messy bun from last night, and it was somehow even more messed up. I leaned forward as she engulfed my cock back into her mouth, deeper this time, and sucked with much more force than she had before. I grabbed at her hair tie and pulled it out of her hair, making it fall down on her back and some onto her face. I put the hair tie around my wrist and grabbed at some of her hair to hold it out of her face, and to pull her down on me more.

My name is Mike, and I have an addiction. My addiction is the female body and all its attributes. The woman’s body is the most amazing piece of artwork ever made. It has driven man insane just thinking what he could do with it.

Myself? love to seduce women, not just any woman, but somebody else’s wife. The hottest wife’s are the girls married within the past year who did not live with a boyfriend before the wedding. They are the almost virginal girls who wanted to wait for the right man to come into her life before she gave herself to him completely. They are usually the most naive and willing to learn. These girls have experimented with sex ever since they said I do, and are innocent enough to indulge in what they think is harmless flirting.

The woman’s personal bed is the preferable place to seduce a woman into, it’s the bed where her husband makes love to her in the privacy of their own home. It’s the bed where I love to take advantage of a married woman’s body sexually sending her into orgasmic ecstasy.

Once a woman has an orgasm in her own bed by another man’s touch, she cannot get it out of her mind. The memories surface every time her husband makes love to her in that very spot, or she is touched the same way her lover touched her. She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions, but the fact is, the more remorse she feels, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more turned on she gets, and the more chance I have at getting in between her silky-smooth legs time and again, until she is accustomed to having another cock opening the glistening lips of her pussy. She will frequently tell herself that she will not continue with the affair, but her bodies overpowering sexual urges, usually betray her. Her only hope is her mind becoming stronger than her body’s sexual demands. In the end, as it should be, her love for her husband prevails, but not until she has been thoroughly taken advantage of and used for someone else’s pleasure.

I enjoy turning men’s spouses into sluts like I did my own. Her name is Kim, and she is my admitted slut. I turned her into one myself. Kim was a very naive girl until a few years after we married when I started bringing men home for the sole purpose of seducing her out of her clothes and into a kinky sex life. This is all explained in previous stories.

Kim has had her fair share of strange men and the occasional cock of a friend, thrusting forcibly into her body. Wanting to be the loving housewife and mother, Kim resisted at first until a man she had the hots for in school slid his hard dick balls deep into her sizzling cunt with my encouragement. She fought the feelings for a while, but could not break the hold lust had on her after having more and more experiences with different men. We took turns breaking her in the first night, and many more nights followed. She then became addicted to the newness of sex with other lovers. Finally, as time went by, she insisted that I partake of my own favorite past time. She knows all about my exploits as we share all the experiences. In fact, she encouraged me to bed a certain girl herself.

Since she knows I have an infatuation with petite girls with a fine ass Melissa was a perfect target for me to seduce. Incredibly enough it is Kim that has taught me how to seduce other women. She has even helped with a few.

Married only seven months, Melissa worked at a mall in a retail store. Wow she was cute. The kind of girl who looks innocent yet with a passion in her eyes to excite even the most ethical man.

Melissa is a petite brunette with brown eyes and pure white skin that looks soft and delicate. She is about 5’4 with a small set of breasts just large enough to fill a man’s hand fully. Her nipples are soft and pink like her lips, both sets. Her ass is easily her best feature, round and firm to fill a pair of jeans to perfection. Melissa was just 19 and ripe for seduction.

Her husband was a very conservative man just two years older than she when they married. He is very dedicated and loves his wife so much that he would never think of cheating on her. Fact is, he did not want to try new things with Melissa with the fear that she would think him a pervert. We were going to put his feelings to the test.

Melissa and I hit it off right away with me gaining her trust over a 3-month period. I worked nearby so I always made sure to see her and occasionally meet her for lunch as friends. She often told me about her husband Kevin traveling monthly to gain more trust from his business clients and had little time for his newly wedded wife.

Little did he know that his lovely spouse was telling another man that she was not getting the sex she had hoped for when they married. You can’t just fuck like rabbits right out of the honeymoon, then leave for a week at a time, thinking your 19-year-old hot wife, who is going through a sexual awakening, is satisfied.

Women have a habit of telling me things I have absolutely no right knowing. I know way too many things about friends and female co-workers. I worked with one girl who would keep a picture of a baby in her car to keep her virginity intact. At the time, I was the naive one, thinking, she was a good girl until her best friend, whom I also worked with, told me that vaginal penetration was the only thing her friend didn’t do. She told me there are many ways to have sex without him entering her pussy and said her friend used her other two openings more than often. Damn! She told me she had soft skin because she would always have her boyfriend cum on her large tits and stomach, then rub the sperm into her skin. Melissa has told me more than expected, but the stories were a whole lot more innocent. Melissa has a sex drive that was burning a hole into her panties, and she didn’t even know it.

Practically a virgin when she married. Melissa wasn’t deflowered until her boyfriend, now husband, dated for eight months. Even then, she did not want to have sex very often since she rarely felt right doing it without a ring and when they did it was pretty straight forward missionary sex. At the time, she desired her husband to want her for herself not her body, so she rarely tried to experiment with anything.

I wanted that luscious naked body in my arms, moaning my name while I shoved my cock deep into her wet clenching pussy. I didn’t want to keep her for my own, just borrow. I made a plan to finally seduce Melissa mentally by putting sexual pictures and ideas into her mind then add a physical touch to bring her even closer to the sex she deserved and so desired. Too bad it wasn’t her husband doing the fucking.

The further Melissa and I talked, the more I steered the conversation towards sex. Melissa only had two boyfriends before she met Kevin. They of course tried to get into her panties, but were sent home with the proverbial blue balls. Kevin was the first, and only guy she let touch her body intimately, skin to skin. He was not the most knowledgeable lover either, getting most of his educations either from porn, or the neighborhood slut. Neither one taught him how to really satisfy a woman.

When Melissa and I would talk, she would confide in me and within time asked how to be a better wife and lover to gain more of Kevin’s attention. I asked her if she had ever performed oral sex on him. Apparently, she had just recently learned about giving head and was curious, but had no real desire to learn. In fact, Kevin was the one who didn’t want her to “degrade herself” with an act like that. He thought Melissa to good a person to take a cock into her mouth like a “common whore.” Like I said, women seem to talk freely to me about anything. Melissa usually treated any topic like, talking about the weather. I was the safe friend who was sneaking into her mind and hopefully into her bed.

Our conversations got pretty personal, I would tell her:

“The act of a woman kissing a man’s cock, and lovingly sucking him into her mouth, is by far the most intense and erotic sexual act for a man to experience.” I suggested she tell him to shave his privates for her, to see if he looked more appealing. One day she couldn’t stop laughing as she told me that she made the request for him to shave his balls. “No way in hell” was any sharp object going to get near him. I didn’t blame him, but I made sure she knew that a man’s balls looked and felt much more desirable to a woman when smooth and clean.

“And what makes you an expert on the subject?”

“Well, if you must know, women have told me so. They prefer a clean-shaven man to a rough hairy set of man balls” I said with a smile and a wink.

Melissa looked at me and realized that I told her that I was shaven and blushed like a school girl. “I want to do things for him. I just don’t know how to please him the way you suggest. He’s so straight-laced. I want to be naughty, but I don’t know how.”

“Stop trying to please him.” When you finally start having sex with your particular pleasure in mind you will become so much more aware of your personal sexual desires. Your body will come alive with a passion that you never imagined. It’s inevitable that he finds you much more desirable when you are enjoying sex with an intensity instead of just putting out for him. When you enjoy making love to him, it will make him feel like a stud. Which brings me to the next question. “Do you two ever fuck or do you always just make love?”

“What’s the difference?”

“One day you’ll figure that out.”

A few weeks went by, and we were having one of those conversations again. I asked how her oral talents had developed. She blushed and told me she didn’t want to talk about it.


“Because I’ve tried it but not very much. He still doesn’t think his wife, should be on her knees before him, servicing him like a prostitute.”

“Why not, I’m pretty sure most husbands, think the way to keep out of trouble with other women, is to have a wife who will act like a slut for him.”

“The whole truth is, when I tried to suck him, I would think about you, and wonder what it would be like for him to shave. I would feel the worst guilt, like I was cheating.” This was the first time she actually looked embarrassed after saying something. I told her I was sorry and asked if she still had the desire to find out what a clean-shaven man looks like.

“Yea I guess so, wait a minute, are you suggesting you show me?!”

“Just asking a question, did you let him cum in your mouth?”

“Yuck, no way was I going to let him put cum into my mouth. That’s gross. Besides, he still thinks only sluts do that, he would never go for it.”

“Just try it, you may not like it, but it will bring you closer because of the intimacy of the act. One more thing Melissa. There is no way a man cannot want to be sucked. If he doesn’t let his wife do it thinking it is wrong, then I’m thinking he is looking to get it from someone else. There are plenty of women with oral skills willing to perform for a man. I’ve experienced plenty of cock sucking girlfriends, many times they were not MY girlfriend.”

“You think he’s hiring a hooker for a blow job?” And you have been the other man?

“It could be anybody, even another married woman just like you who has a husband who won’t let her suck him.” “And to answer your second question, yes I have been the other man. As I’ve said before, sometimes a girl just wants to be her husband’s slut, If he doesn’t let her, well sometimes she finds another man to be a slut for. If I happen to be there when she wants it…It’s okay with me. She looked at me with her pretty eyes with a question but did not ask.

Now that I was emotionally into Melissa’s sex life, I wanted to get closer with her physically. I liked the idea that she thought about me, when having sex with Kevin. I intended to use this to my advantage.

One day I was informed that Kevin, was going out-of-town for ten whole days. I decided this was the week I was going to let Melissa practice her oral skills on me, and hopefully more. I was determined to have her pussy, but I was going to be a patient man. I told Kim my plans, and she offered any help she could give, saying it would be fun helping her husband to seduce a girl like Melissa.

Kevin planned on going to the city only 60 miles away, but he insisted on staying at a hotel so he could focus on the business at hand. Since it was not really that far, and Kim was no longer needing to work I asked her if she wanted to help with teaching the newlywed couple how to please each other. Kim has had no problem letting married men screw her, or guys with girlfriends have their way with her body, so she agreed to give a helping hand.

The day he left I wanted to get Melissa alone so I loosened her battery cable in her car while she was working. Easy enough if you know how to get the hood open without the keys to the vehicle.

About the time she got off from work, I showed up and walked her to the disabled vehicle. After a couple of fake calls from me, I told her that a friend would come and look at it. After I re-connected the cables without her knowledge, I offered her a ride to my place so she could be comfortable while waiting for the car, and so I could begin her physical seduction and eventual adultery.

I do not do drugs, but a burning joint in the ashtray with the windows rolled up, does wonders for loosening up a woman I plan on seducing. Melissa didn’t know the difference between cigarette smoke and a marijuana joint, so she didn’t know why she started feeling funny. By the time I got her to my place, she was stoned for the first time and feeling fine.

Melissa wanted a drink, so I added a small bit of relaxant to a soda to loosen her up even more. I didn’t want her falling asleep, just relaxed enough to accept suggestions. Once it took effect, the rest was easy. When we talked, I put my hand on her leg, shoulders, back and even grazed her ass just to see how responsive she was. I started rubbing her shoulders, but she was so relaxed that she barely noticed. She just kept saying how good it felt.

“How has your sex life been lately? Is there anything I can help with? My offer is still open.”

“My sex life is none of your business.” Then she slipped and said, “Last time you had a suggestion, I ended up sucking your cock instead of my husbands. I want to keep your face out of my bedroom if you don’t mind, but if you must know Kevin has loosened up a bit. He lets me suck him, but only as a prelude to sex.”

So, she did think of me when she tried oral sex. Very nice to know.

I stood in front of Melissa rubbing her shoulders, my covered cock just inches away from her mouth.

I teased her more and asked her if I had a nice cock.

She opened her eyes looking straight at the outline of my semi erection. “How am I supposed to know?”

“You said the last time I had a suggestion, you ended up sucking my cock didn’t you?

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.”

I was now running my fingers through her hair massaging her scalp then to her neck again.

“You still have not answered me. How is your sex life?”

“I don’t know.” What is so important that a man get a blow job? I’m feeling very funny, what was in that drink? Your hands are making me tingle all over.” “A lot of men if given the choice would give up fucking pussy before the blow job.” She turned towards me her face flushed by the feelings of my hands and my words and strongly disagreed. Without thinking, Melissa told me that the proper place for her man’s cock is between her legs. “In fact, I wish he was here now; I could sure use it.”

“Use what?”

“His cock, I’m feeling very unladylike at the moment. Your hands are turning me on, you should stop.”

Her words were out of character since she was always a proper lady when we talked no matter the subject. I really don’t think she knew what she was saying.

“Well, I believe that a man’s cock belongs where a woman allows it to enter her beautiful body. And if you don’t mind me saying, your mouth looks like the most inviting place I could think of.” As I gently touched her lips, I told her that her mouth looked very sexy and the only thing missing, was a cock sliding between her lips.

“Don’t say those things, it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him”?

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa.”

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning backward into me, and I was sure she could feel my hard cock pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin to be here right now so he could make love to me.”

“Don’t say those things it makes me nervous. I can’t seem to shake this feeling. I want Kevin so bad right now.”

“What would you do with him?”

“Make him make love to me. No wait that’s not what I’m feeling. I’m confused.”

“What do you want”? “C’mon say it Melissa”.

I shifted my position and was now behind her. My hands were very slowly moving down her front and sides, getting dangerously close to her heaving breasts. She was leaning back into me and I was sure she could feel my hard cock, pressing into her back.

“Melissa, you know what you want him to do, say it.”

“I want him to screw me. There I said it. I want Kevin here so he can make love to me.”

“My body is burning up, I need a cock.”

“It’s right here girl. “Take mine for now, until you can have the real thing.” I was hoped to play on her feeling that, this was all an erotic dream. I moved around and was now standing right in front of her with her blouse wide open. Her tits looked perfect as I gently pulled her light pink nipples making her roll her eyes into the back of her head. She was squirming in her seat, no doubt getting moist and ready for the taking.

“Take what you want, what you need.”

Several seconds passed as she contemplated on what was going on. Her body was being uncovered, exposing her supple breasts to another man’s eyes. She could not figure out, why she wouldn’t stop if it was so wrong. After all, she is a happily married woman, wed just over 11 months. Her anniversary was coming up soon, but all she could act on was the physical feeling surging through her body. She never felt this out of control before. It was new and exciting, yet taboo. How could something so wrong feel so good?

Then, as if she could resist no more, reached forward, pushing my shorts and underwear to my ankles. I made sure she was the one doing most of the work, so she could remember, that she was the one undressing me. She was the aggressor.

She instinctively reached out and touched only her second cock, her first out-of-wedlock. She caressed it and fondled me paying close attention to my smooth cum filled balls.

“Now is your chance to do what you want. Take them into your mouth and show me what you want to do with your husband.”

“Soft, very nice, your right, they do look delicious, and your cock seems to need some attention.”

With that she engulfed it into her mouth and sucked slow and deliberate taking in every sensation she could feel at that moment. Her body was tingling from head to toe. I’m sure her clitoris was swollen, by the way she was grinding her legs together. She gently fondled my full balls while her eyes stayed open and fascinated at her new find. I don’t think she realized what she was doing, but she was doing it oh so right. Her enthusiasm was amazing as she experimented with my cock inside her sucking mouth, her saliva dripping to her breasts. My cock was getting to the point of no return quickly, so I had her back off a little.

“In just a minute, you can have your chance to take them fully.” I sat on the couch next to her and told her I wanted to taste her lips. She looked at me and watched, while she felt another man touch her lips with his own, our tongues mingling our saliva together. Melissa closed her eyes as I took advantage of her lust and sucked her tongue gently into my mouth. Again, she swooned to the sensations. I was palming her firm tits and tweaking her wet nipples at the same time marveling at the feel of this innocent girl’s naked breasts as I completed the removal of her top and bra. We kissed for only a minute as I didn’t want her to “wake up” from her so-called dream. I pulled away and gently guided her down to my cock filling her mouth again. She was a willing student as I guided her on how to lick and suck a man’s balls teaching her how to bathe a man with her tongue. Melissa felt as if she were standing there watching herself use her mouth on another man’s cock knowing it was wrong, but either could not or would not stop the degrading act from happening.

“Melissa, do you realize you have another man’s cock in your mouth other than your husbands?” She moaned again not able to stop if she wanted. Her body had taken over as her senses were stimulated by the drugs inside her, and I wanted to take advantage of the situation before it wore off.

My hands roamed down to her pants sliding inside to get a feel of her ass skin to skin. I continued.

“Your husband is miles away, while his wife is sucking down another man’s cock and licking his balls. Have you ever licked any man’s balls before Melissa?” No answer, Should we stop Melissa? If you don’t stop I’ll assume you want to go further.” I waited a few seconds for an answer not really expecting one.

From our past conversations, I was sure Kevin never received this kind of oral treatment from Melissa. She just kept licking my balls with her wet tongue and sucking my cock until I was nearly ready to explode.

Kim had agreed to seduce Kevin, so I would not be surprised if her mouth was around his cock at the same time teaching him how to appreciate the artwork of a great blow job.

I pushed Melissa’s pants, along with her panties, down past her hips and over her thighs, letting them drop to the floor so I could get a good feel of her charms. I found her panties soaking wet and the smell of her pheromones filling the air was intoxicating.

I was at the point of no return and told her. “You are being a very good cock sucker; I’m going to cum in just a few seconds. Are you ready to have your first taste of a man’s cum?” That’s what a slut would do, take every drop of cum into her mouth. Then I want you to swallow it down your throat so it will all go into your stomach. “Do you hear me Melissa? I want you to taste it.” She muffled out an acknowledgement, letting me know that she was hearing what I was saying if not fully understanding what was about to happen at that moment, but it was too late to change course, and she was far to gone.

“Hear it comes Mel…. Ohhhh yesssssssssssssss. Damn!!! “Swallow it slut!! You’ve never let Kevin do this, YES that’s it. If he doesn’t let you be his slut, you can be mine.” I seemed to cum in buckets as Melissa swallowed every drop of cum I shot into her sucking, gulping mouth. I could tell she was shocked, but was in no position to stop it from happening. It seemed to last forever as Melissa had her own mini orgasm at the same time grinding her legs together and moaning around my shaft as she sucked harder than before. She was draining my balls completely using her hand on the shaft to perfection stroking me trying the get all the cum into her mouth.

The act of shooting my sperm into a young innocent married woman’s mouth is incredible. The same mouth and lips that tenderly kiss her husband every morning and every evening now had a tight seal around my hard shaft tasting my cum just before she swallowed it down her throat.

Melissa eventually swallowed all the cum and continued to fondle the balls even after my cock went soft inside her mouth. She was hungry for more now, and I intended on feeding her fire.

I did not want it to end since I had not penetrated her pussy as of yet, but I knew I would if Melissa kept responding like she has.

“Melissa, I’m going to touch your pussy now unless you stop me.” I found her entrance and slid my middle finger between her swollen labia. My fingers slid into her body easily, and I could hear how wet she was as I violated her most private parts.

“I think I loved what just happened, but I’m still confused. I never thought the way you talked to me would turn me on so much” she said. “This all seems so real. I can’t believe what I just did. I’ve never sucked anyone like that before. It was so wrong, but I can’t seem to stop. I do feel like a slut right now.” Melissa kept mumbling, trying to put the pieces together, but her dream continued. “Kevin help me, I want more.” With a little girl whisper, she asked the question her body forced her to voice.

“I can’t believe I’m asking this, but, will you make love to me? My body is on fire and I need it.”

My cock twitched and started to grow again while she continued to suck her new toy while my fingers sloshed around in her pussy.

“No I will not make love to you. That act of sex is for you and your husband to do when you’re together. I’m not your husband; I’m your lover, and as your lover, I will Fuck you if you agree you are being a slut right now! I promise, you will know that you have been fucked when we are done.”

“Melissa, I want you to do exactly as I ask.”

I pulled her up to me and positioned her legs on both sides of mine so she was straddling my hips. I told her to look at herself in the mirror across the floor. “Look at you. You are completely naked straddling another man’s cock, ready to take it into your married pussy. You’re not acting like much of a lady, are you?”

She looked at herself for the first time, seeing her nude body getting ready to betray her even more. Her brain seemed separated from her body at the moment as two fingers swirled around in her pussy making her throb inside.

“Only a slut would fuck another man while her husband is away from home.” I brought her forward to pull her tits into my mouth sucking one nipple then the other. She watched in the mirror as I teased her body with my hands feeling her breasts and squeezing her ass savoring the feeling of young fresh meat.

“Don’t answer me with words Melissa, only with action. I’m going to count to three, I want you to follow my directions, or I will not let you be my slut.” I was making sure her adultery was all her idea. It will be what she remembers when she becomes lucid a little later.

“When I say one, I want you to shove your tongue as far into my mouth as it will go for a full minute. I want you to kiss me passionately.”

Looking directly into her eyes while rubbing her moist nipples between my fingers, “One” She did as I asked shoving her wet tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it hard as if it were her pussy, I was eating it while caressing her entire body that was losing more of its innocence. I pushed her away after the minute had passed and noticed she was breathing much quicker than before.

“On two I want you to rub your pussy and clitoris flat against my cock. It will be the first time your pussy has ever touched another man’s cock Melissa… “Two” She hesitated for only a moment. She watched as her body lowered itself, engulfing the length of my growing shaft. Her pussy and engorged clitoris glided back and forth, leaving a coating of wet pussy juice on my shaft. She watched in the mirror for several minutes until her clit was about to give her another orgasm. Suddenly, it hit. She threw her head back and had a loud and unfulfilled orgasm wetting my cock even more. Her pussy lips were so swollen, that half my cock disappeared between them while she slid back and forth on it, touching her engorged clitoris every time she moved backwards.

Melissa looked at me in shock and fear. She was surprised at what just happened and afraid at what she knew would be next.

I felt her body up as I told her how much of a slut she was for letting herself have an orgasm on top of another guys cock.

“Melissa, what kind of girl orgasms on another dick? What kind of girl gets naked with another guy while her husband is out-of-town? What kind of girl let’s another guy suck your tits and finger your pussy? I can smell your sex Melissa.”

Her eyes were slits and her breathing was at an all-time high.

“In a minute I want you to say what kind of girl you are acting like Melissa. “Don’t say it just yet I want you to prove it with one more act of depravity. I want you to say the word, and when you say it, I want you to slide your slippery cunt down my shaft, until it is shoved deep inside your married body. I don’t even want to see my cock. I want to feel my balls touching the lips of your pussy.

Melissa put her head down on my shoulder rocking back and forth not able to stop her gyrating hips from rubbing her pussy against me. “Ready Melissa? Look at me now.” She rose up and grabbed my cock her lust showing in her eyes. It took me by surprise at what I noticed the most. Her left hand was wrapped around my cock, and for a moment, I could see her wedding ring. What a site, a married woman with her wedded finger wrapped around another man’s cock, getting ready to plunge it deep within her womb. Melissa started rubbing the head against her swollen opening, wetting it for the impending penetration. She knew what was coming and felt powerless to stop herself.

“Ready?” A nod “what kind of girl fucks another man while her husband is away Melissa?”

“A slut, I’m a slut” Oooooh, She let her body drop, allowing her pussy lips to be opened by another cock, other than Kevin’s. She moaned a loud moan “I’m your slut.” She slid completely down in one motion until she was impaled by my cock. Melissa’s first cock ever, second only to her husbands. Her head flew back and her mouth dropped open as Melissa let go of all her muscles dropping down hard, until her own cum, splashed out against my balls. I could instantly feel her wetness running onto my legs. I was completely inside my prize penetrating her most private parts, balls deep. I had her seduced to fuck and now I was going to make her my slut.

“Oh my god” she said as she threw her head back and ground my dick back and forth up and down, thrusting her pussy onto her fuck toy. She started fucking me with an intensity that showed how much in heat she really was. I was sure she would look at this moment with shame later on, but now, she could only focus on getting totally fucked.

She had her eyes closed tightly, saying, “I’m a slut, fuck me” over and over as if she was trying to convince herself. She easily reached multiple orgasms screaming and moaning like a whore in heat.

I was no longer in control. I was being used like a piece of meat; I was her personal dildo, and I didn’t mind one bit. Her orgasms kept coming until it was my turn. I held her head and looked into her glossed over eyes. “If you don’t stop my dear slut, your cunt is going to be soiled, soiled by another man’s cock, I’m going to shoot my cum deep inside your body, coating your insides with my cream.”

She looked at me with a moment of clarity and a slight fear, but again, her mind and body were separated. She couldn’t control what her body wanted; it wanted satisfaction. Her face turned from young girl, to deviant slut in an instant. With a guttural sound, she said, “fill me up, fill me with your seed. I need it all.” I was in no condition to argue. I let loose with a huge orgasm of my own, shooting my cum deep into Melissa’s previously innocent pussy, coating her walls with a thick coating of sperm, not Kevin’s, mine.

She didn’t let up and kept riding me, making our combined juices splash out of her body, wetting us both. She rode hard until her own orgasm subsided, collapsing against me like a rag doll. Wow, this girl could fuck! Last time I saw this much heat from a girl, Kim was being violated by another man’s thick cock, and she couldn’t stop cumming on him.

I grabbed Melissa, picking her up, leaving my shrinking cock inside of her body. I laid her onto her back and proceeded to kiss her hard on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me to her. “I need more, give me more Kevin.” Her defense mechanism insisted it was Kevin she was having sex with, I could tell she was still in her dream world. This just turned me on more, my cock started coming back to life again.

“Yes, I can feel you getting hard again, please give me more. I want more; I need more.”

I started stroking slowly, this time in and out of her soaked pussy while holding her head so she would look me in the eyes. “Melissa, Kevin isn’t here; you are fucking another guy besides your husband.” I started to fuck her harder and harder. Her eyes were no longer glazed over as she was waking up from her dream state. She had a panic look on her face for a moment as I got lost in my own desires to fuck this married woman, slamming into her hard and fast. She could no longer react, except for her out of control moaning. She just had her way with me, imagining I was her husband, now I was going to have my way with her, knowing I was not.

Bam, Bam, Bam I slammed into her. I didn’t even know how long until I could feel my cock beginning to throb, I was getting ready to plant my seed again, into this hot ass woman beneath me.

“No, please don’t” she said waking up fully just before I shot my load and ground it into her pussy as deep as I could push it. She had one more moment of clarity right before her body betrayed her one last time with another orgasm. “Your not my husband.” Then she passed out asleep.

I dressed her while she slept, taking liberties, running my hands over her body while I covered it once more with her clothing. I started getting hard again eventually, but new I would have more opportunities with her soon. She eventually woke up barely, but I was able to get her to the car so I could drive her home. The drive was a bit awkward as she stared straight ahead clearing her mind, trying to understand what had happened and how. Melissa had been fucked by a friend, or, had she fucked a friend. She was not sure which. What she did know, is she enjoyed the sex more than she should have, and was dangerously more aroused than she thought possible.

After getting her car put where it belonged, I waited a few days to let things settle down for her. It’s always better to let the girl you took advantage of stew about the seduction, this way, she thinks about it more. I wanted it all to stick in her mind. I’m sure Melissa masturbated over the thoughts that clouded her brain. In fact, I was counting on it.

part 2

After the two days past, I was going to contact Melissa. I instead received a text from her telling me that we had to talk at her place. Apparently, she wanted to talk while at her home because she felt she could be in control in her own surroundings with wedding pictures of her husband looking at her. Usually when a woman says that they want to talk, in means the guy is in trouble. I knew it was my chance to get her on her back again, this time in her own marriage bed spread eagle screaming as I slam into her without mercy. This time I was going to get her naked, then take my time enjoying her luscious little body.

I didn’t text her back because I didn’t want her to have time to prepare mentally. At 8:00 knowing she had just taken her shower, I knocked on her door. She answered in her robe and looked shocked at my arrival.

“It’s kind of late for you to be coming over, isn’t it?”

“You said you wanted to talk.”

“Not this late, and I’m not exactly dressed to have a serious conversation. I walked in telling her that I just wanted to hear what she wanted to talk about. “Look, I’m still not sure what exactly happened the other day, but it should not have. It was wrong, and I’m sorry if you feel I’m that kind of girl. I’m still confused as to how it all came about. I do know for sure I cheated on my husband for the first time, I feel so awful. I haven’t been able to sleep at all and certainly can’t believe we made love more than once.”

“Don’t forget how it all started Melissa, with my cock in your mouth. By the way ,you are a great cock sucker. If I remember right, that was the first time you tasted a man completely. What was it like to swallow another guys cum even before you tried it with your husband? Oh and by the way Melissa, we didn’t make love, we fucked.

“Please don’t say that, I’m ashamed as it is. I did some disgusting things with you that never should have happened. The worst part is that I don’t even do some of that stuff with Kevin. I don’t know what got into me.”

I didn’t want to be callous with her, but being direct seemed to get results. “I did Melissa; I got deep down inside of you when you sat on me. Balls deep remember? In fact, you shoved me inside of you so deep I thought my balls would get into your pussy. You were so wet! You can’t hide that you enjoyed it Melissa. Fucking I mean. Not just making love, you enjoyed the act of fucking another man. Being in control while you plunged yourself down on my cock like a jack hammer. You were a sexual animal Melissa. You really know how to work a cock. I don’t think you’ve ever cum that much have you? Your cum was dripping down my legs for goodness sake.”

“Please stop. Why are you doing this?” I could see in her eyes that she was having a flashback of what happened. Reliving it again, watching herself throw her body up and down on my cock, cumming with every thrust. Her body was betraying her once more making her juices flow without her approval.

“I don’t want to stop. You are a very hot woman, an attractive sexual creature with a passion that should be let free. In fact, I’m going to help you let it out Melissa.” I stepped behind her and put my hands on her shoulders whispering in her ear. “You have a very hot tender body that yearns for a man’s touch.” I reached around while kissing her neck and cupped both her breasts through her robe. “Your tits are magnificent, I can’t help but to caress them. Don’t beat yourself up so hard Melissa, it wasn’t all your doing. I had a joint burning in the car so you would relax on the way to my place. That’s why you were so at ease at first. Then I put a little more help in your drink so you would become more agreeable. That’s why it all seemed like a dream when we were fucking behind your husbands back.”

“What, you drugged me?!” She tried to struggle, but her muscles wouldn’t let her “You raped me! Why would you do that?”

“I just made suggestions Melissa. You were the one who drove your pussy down on my cock. In fact, you were the one who asked me to made love to you. That’s not rape, that’s a hot girl learning how to let out her inner slut. And why? Because you are a gorgeous girl with a fantastic figure, I wanted your body then just like I want it now.”

“I wanted to help you feel what you have been craving, deep hard sex without emotion.” She didn’t stop me as I roamed down to untie her robe letting it drop open. “Your body is wanting it right now in fact.” I reached inside and touched her flat stomach with nothing between my hands and her soft skin. “Remember how it felt when you forced my shaft into your moist opening the very first time, and how it stretched your hole? You almost came immediately. Don’t worry Melissa, this time you are free from any drug except your own hormones. Tonight we are going to fuck without them. We don’t need them anymore.” I moved up and again cupped her breasts, this time skin to skin feeling how soft her skin was and how hard her nipples had become.

“We can’t, this is wrong, why are you doing this to me?”

“Melissa, you’re not fighting me. I bet your pussy is already throbbing and getting moist. It knows when it wants to get fucked, I think you know we are going to have sex again tonight. As soon as you saw me, I bet your pussy twitched just a little didn’t it?”

“I was unfaithful to my husband. I don’t want to cheat again, not here, not in my own house, not where Kevin comes home to.”

“Would you feel better if we went to my place again? That would be even worse if we drove to my place to have sex in my bed wouldn’t it?” My hands went down to her stomach finding that she was wearing some silk panties. I slipped my hands under them through her pubic hair and slipped a finger between her closed legs feeling that she was in fact, wet.

“That’s not what I mean. I can’t think. What’s happening? What are you doing?”

“What’s happening? I just showed up 5 minutes ago and my hands have already opened your robe, felt your tits and found your pussy wet.” I released her and sat down in the chair that I knew was Kevin’s. She stood there looking at me not bothering to cover herself.

“Drop your robe to the floor Melissa, let me look at you before you allow me to ravage your body. The other day I let you have your way with me. Tonight I’m going to fuck your brains out.” She sighed a light sigh that was barely audible. She followed my instructions dropping the robe to the floor standing only in her sexy panties. Drop your panties, I want to see your sex.” She looked ashamed as she slowly did so. I’m going to fuck your pussy tonight without drugs proving that you are a slut. Come over here and stand in front of me so I can touch you.” I saw a tear run down her cheek and asked what was wrong.

“I don’t know why I can’t stop. I can’t seem to help myself. I don’t want to cheat on Kevin again, but I just can’t seem to say no. I reached for her tits and sucked them into my mouth licking her already hard nipples while I pushed a finger inside her pussy entering easily from her own slippery wetness. I kissed down her belly to her vagina licking her clitoris for the first-time tasting her delicious sex. She opened her legs allowing access as I licked her pussy while I shoved a second finger into her body rubbing her G-spot producing a moan from her lips. A couple of minutes later her first orgasm started to approach, Just before it hit, I stopped.

“Take me to your bed Melissa. I’m going to fuck you in your wedding bed this time.” She was panting from the near orgasm and couldn’t focus too well as she just walked away in defeat. I followed watching that tight ass as she went into her bedroom. Wow what an ass. That will be mine soon also. Kevin is pretty conservative, therefore I don’t think he would have tapped it yet.

“Get on your bed and spread your legs, she did. I got between her legs spreading them more so I could get a good taste of her pussy. Her lips were already glistening from her arousal as I went down on her licking from her anus to her clit in one slow movement. I asked if Kevin does this to her and to my surprise, she said no. How could any man not devour every inch of this girl? She still had much to learn and I was more than willing to be her teacher.

I took my time eating her pussy and lapping up her orgasms while fingering her g-spot. My hand and tongue were getting a good workout as Melissa achieved orgasms multiple times with my touch. I decided to teach her something few women even know about. I wanted to make her squirt.

I stood next to her with her on her back close to the side of the bed fingering her slowly for a few minutes until I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm. I hooked my two middle fingers around her pubic bone inside her throbbing pussy. I’m sure she had never considered being able to squirt cum until I rubbed her just right. She grabbed my arm looking at me with a fear of the unknown. She never felt these sensations before so I told her to relax and let herself go.

“Your about to feel like you have to pee. Let it go. You’re going to have an intense orgasm like you’ve never felt before.” Usually when I do this with a girl, I’m ready with a folded up towel to catch all the fluid that gushes from her body. If you have never made a woman squirt, it’s an incredible experience to watch but it’s also very wet.

I wasn’t prepared with a towel this time, I just figured the mess would be a reminder of our evening together. And besides the erotic odor would linger and serve as a reminder of her infidelity.

I started working my fingers and arm right and bam! It hit. She tensed up tight and screamed so loud that if it was my first time I would have thought I hurt her. Melissa’s pussy contracted hard, shooting her juice into the air splashing against my hand. Her cum shot across the bed even wetting the floor. The orgasm lasted a good while almost making her pass out.

She looked at me with eyes the size of saucers breathing extremely hard her breasts heaved while trying to catch her breath. “That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever experienced! I didn’t even know a woman could ejaculate.”

I stepped back and got completely undressed while watching Melissa try to catch her breath. It was time. I was going to fuck her again, this time with no drugs.

“Melissa I know you don’t want to cheat on Kevin, but I’m going to fuck you now.” My cock was rock hard and pointing north as I got on to the bed between her open legs. Foreplay was over as I guided my cock between her pussy lips entering her forbidden zone once again. This time she was completely sober and knew what we were doing. I hit bottom, my balls touching her ass as I looked at her and kissed her softly. We started moving together in rhythm grinding each other, fucking quickly and rapidly slapping skin against skin; the smell of sex in the air was again intoxicating. I pulled out with a pop as if her pussy refused to give up its prisoner without a fight and plunged back in again. Melissa was constantly moaning passionately saying fuck me, fuck me as I finally turned her over and presented her glorious ass to me. Later, I thought. I would have her ass soon as I again entered her pussy from behind slamming into her beautifully rounded butt cheeks while pulling her hips to me harder and harder. This was pure unadulterated raw sex. I was fucking a 19-year-old married girl just days before her second wedding anniversary. Pounding her with no regrets, no resistance.

Melissa pushed back fucking right along with me making our loins hit harder and harder slapping against each other. We could both hear the sloshing of her wetness between her legs as she seemed to have one long continuous orgasm.

I pulled out hearing a huge sigh from Melissa not wanting to be empty, but she wasn’t lonely for long. I stood at the side of the bed and pulled her to me raising her calves to my chest while guiding my well-used cock into her gaping hole slamming home once again. I put my arms at her sides leaning over her body bending her knees against her chest. I shoved into Melissa slamming into her deeper than before. In this position, I could really drive into her hard, making her scream. I’ve always been amazed at the sexual pounding a delicate looking girl can take while in the heat of passion.

She started yet another orgasm when finally I lost all control. “I’m going to cum Melissa, where do you want me to shoot it?”

“I’m a such a slut, keep fucking my pussy. Cum in my CUNT! Shoot it in me you bastard, use me like a dirty whore!”

I could hardly believe the intensity of her words as I blasted a huge load of wet sticky cum deep into Melissa’s womb, soiling her body again and turning her into more of a slut than she could fathom. Thankfully, she was protected by birth control. My cum spurted so hard and deep inside her body I was sure the sperm would have been able to swim to an egg. She dug her finger nails into my ass pulling me even deeper into my target yelling “YES, YESSSS cum inside me. I can feel it!”

During the night, we fucked several more times in every position we could think of. Spoon, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. Our lips were both chapped from all the kissing we did as Melissa performed like a total slut, both hating herself and loving it all at the same time. She became an excellent cock sucker not caring that I would pull out of her pussy and shove it into her mouth for her to lick clean then put it back into her cunt. By morning, we were both exhausted. We slept off and on together with moments of penetration and more screaming. Melissa rightfully looked like she had a wild night of passion. She had hickies on her tits, stomach, ass and between her legs next to her well used pussy. She was going to have a lot of explaining to do if they didn’t disappear before her loving husband came home. Maybe by then Kevin will have some explaining to do himself.

If Kevin could see his faithful wife now, Melissa was being used by another man as a willing sex toy in his own bed. While he was out-of-town, I was using his pillow as a cushion for his wife’s hips as I fucked her from behind. I was the one in his bed with his naked wife fucking her body in every position giving is wife orgasms with my hands and cock. She was committing adultery repeatedly not knowing what to do or how to stop. Melissa was being consumed by the heat of her own passion.

I was lying there in the morning looking at Melissa’s naked body again admiring her beautifully curved ass. I took a picture with my cell phone and sent the picture to Kim. Melissa finally stirred barely waking while I ran my hands freely all over her body. She stretched herself, jutting her breasts out and noticed me admiring her ring and started to cry.

“What’s the matter Melissa?”

“I cheated on my husband again! I don’t deserve to wear this ring” as she twisted it on her finger. “I let you fuck me in my own bed; my husbands own bed. I’ve never felt so ashamed yet so sexually alive. I’m ashamed that I enjoyed every moment of the sex we had. I’ve never tasted a man’s cum before I tasted you. I didn’t even know sex could be so good. I can’t believe my own words begging for you to fuck me. I must have been possessed. How can I beg for a man, not my husband, to cum inside my body? Oh, just the thought of it makes me start to tingle and want more. How did I become such a slut? How can I face Kevin? I now know the difference between making love and fucking. My god, I love to fuck.

“Look Melissa, you are a very hot and sexy girl. I’m going to teach you things you can use on your husband for you to come closer together. Everything we do I want you to do to him. I can open your mind to new things you’ve never thought about doing.”

While I was talking to her, my hands were concentrating on the perfect curve of her ass cheeks. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up. I took her hand again and walked her to the shower where I soaped her well used body. I paid a lot of attention to her ass making sure to put pressure on her anus. I told her that Kevin deserves everything her body has to offer while I hooked my middle finger barely inside her hole making her jump and tense. “You want me to teach you everything don’t you Melissa?, not to leave anything out?”

“Do I have a choice?” she said. She was getting turned on again expecting to get more cock shoved into her body.

I pushed my finger slowly into her ass, Melissa opened her eyes finally realizing what I was doing.

“No way, He’s not going to get that. That is not for sex!”

“Relax Melissa, your body is full of erotic zones and this is one of them. I had my finger in her anus up to one knuckle and my thumb in her pussy moving around slowly. “If you give this to him, he will be putty in your hands. It would complete your trust in him, and he will love you for it even more.” I pushed up to the second knuckle making her tense up and have an orgasm for the first time with anal stimulation. While she came I was sucking on both her tits flicking her nipples with my tongue.

When we exited the shower, she went towards the bed naked and spread her legs inviting me to fuck her again. Instead, I dressed and told her I had to go. I did have one more request before I left.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock one more time Melissa.” She mindlessly walked over, dropping to her knees in front of me, pulling my cock in her hand. “Use your left.” She sucked my cock and stroked me with her ring hand. I was enthralled with her wedding ring wrapped around my cock for some reason.

“Do you still think yourself a slut Melissa?”

She pulled out for only a moment and said, “How could I not be, Look at me. I’m on my knees sucking your cock?”

She was sucking so good that I couldn’t hold it anymore and without warning blew a load into her mouth. She stroked me harder and sucked as if she was thirsty for every drop of my cum. My cock throbbed multiple times shooting several streams of sperm into her sucking mouth to the point that it overflowed running down her hand coating her wedding ring perfectly. She willingly gulped down the rest of her treat as if it was the natural thing to do. She even looked at her messy ring and licked the cream off of it swallowing the remainder of my cum. I pulled my pants up and turned to walk through the house to the front door. I turned to see her still on her knees naked looking down at the floor. The next few days are going to be fun.

While leaving I stopped before the door and looked towards a wedding picture on the wall with Melissa and Kevin. They looked good together and in love. Their second wedding anniversary was coming up soon. I looked at Kevin and told him.

“Your wife is turning out to be quite the fuck toy Kevin. I hope you enjoy her new fondness for cock. Oh, and I don’t think I will be able to resist her ass for much longer my friend. It’s so perfect I may fuck it before the week is up.”

Fact was; he was already reaping some rewards. Kevin was going through his own education, with my sweet wife as the teacher. Kim was making him hungry for Melissa to wrap her lips around his cock by sucking him herself showing him what he was missing. Kim has had a lot of practice with oral sex; in my opinion, she could go pro with her sucking skills. It took some time for Kim to seduce Kevin, but she finally convinced him that she was worth the effort. When Kim received the picture of a nude Melissa, she became determined to seduce Kevin even more getting him between her legs.

Kim gave Kevin the works sucking his cock slowly making sure to touch every nerve a cock would have and licked his balls sucking them deep into her mouth. After Kevin recovered, Kim asked if Melissa would ever swallow his cum the way she did or even suck him with the lust Kim showed. He responded by telling Kim that Melissa has tried using her mouth, but did not get very far since Kevin felt as if she was above the act. Little did he know that the first-time Kevin was getting serviced by Kim’s mouth, his lovely innocent wife was getting pummeled by my cock. That same night she swallowed every drop of my cum right after I pulled it from her throbbing pussy. She tasted her own cum mixed with mine. I didn’t know how, but Kevin hadn’t had full sex with Kim yet and I knew Kim was a slut. He was trying to be a good husband refusing Kim’s obvious flirtations to fuck her.

The next day Melissa couldn’t get her adulteress actions out of her mind. Why in the world would she give herself so freely to another man. Why would she allow another to touch her, kiss her and fuck her? Someone else was doing things to her sexually she could not even do with her own husband. She realized it was a bad idea letting me into her house when she was so vulnerable. She needed time to sort things out. Time is exactly what I didn’t want her to have any more of.

The very next day I walked up to her home to see her again. She looked nervous when opening the door telling me that she could not have sex with me anymore.

“That’s okay I just want a little suck from you.” as I walked past her into her home.

“No way, you can’t believe I would just go to my knees and give you a blow job just like that would you?”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do Melissa, remember? You admitted that you were a slut. You and I fucked just yesterday, we ended with me gushing into your mouth. You licked my cum from your own wedding ring. Your mouth has become some prime real estate for my cock.”

“So, get on your knee’s slut and suck me.” Her mind may not have wanted sex, but her body was still feeling the pounding she received just a day before.

I reached for her tits squeezing them knowing she could not pull back. She closed her eyes hoping this would all go away, but it didn’t. My hands went to her pussy and ass caressing her like the slut I was making her.

Melissa finally came to her partial senses and asked.

“Okay, if I give you head will you leave?”

“Your mouth is all I want Melissa.”

“Fine, get to the couch.”

“Not so fast, I have to get into the mood also you know.” I stepped forward and kissed her softly on her lips massaged her body while placing her hand on my cock. I told her to take it out if she wanted to get it over with. After only a minute she pulled my cock out and slid to her knees on to the floor. She looked lovely on her knees about to fill her mouth again. She engulfed the head and sucked eagerly as if thinking the faster she sucked, the quicker it would be over. She was almost right until the phone rang, saved by the bell.

“Oh hi Kevin.” She got up and walked around getting her mind off the tingling feeling between her legs. I could tell she was embarrassed as if Kevin could see what she had just been doing.

I fell back against the couch annoyed with the interruption then laughed at the irony of it. I was upset because Kevin had interrupted his own wife giving me head. Melissa went around the back of the couch and was asking when he would be home. I smiled and thought, how rude. I would show her. I was satisfied with her mouth working on me, but a better target presented itself.

I stood and walked toward the back of the couch taking my pants off in the process. I didn’t give her time to realize what was happening and quickly lifted her skirt while pushing her over the back against the cushion.

“Uh! No, no, I’m OK,” she was telling her husband as she tried to keep her composer. With Melissa bent forward against the back of the couch I placed my hand in the middle of her back holding her in position. With my other hand, I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She tried to tell Kevin that she couldn’t talk too much because she was getting ready to go out, but he just kept on talking not realizing his bride was about to be taken again. I lined up my cock at her opening rubbing the head up and down her bare pussy getting the head wet from the juices her body was secreting. Finally, I started pushing slowly into her body knowing she could feel the intensity of her tight walls being stretched yet again by her lover, although this time her husband was on the phone and heard a sudden muffled moan coming from his wife’s lips.

“Are you okay babe”? Yes, just not feeling right” as she tried to push away to free herself from the intrusion. I hit bottom, my hips pushing against her ass. Ohhh. Honey I have to go. I didn’t care if Kevin could hear his wife being taken or not, in fact, I wanted him to hear her screams so he would know another man was making his girl cum, so I gripped Melissa’s hips and started pumping hard and fast into her pussy slapping her ass with my hips. I suddenly pushed my thumb into her anus making Melissa drop the phone on to the couch screaming out “I’m cumming!” Damn you, fuck me, fuck me. I pulled out of her throbbing cunt and shoved two fingers inside her to make her cum even more. My fingers kept her in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. She was to the point where her juices were running down her legs into her socks. I knelt down going to my knees and licked up the juice from her body, tasting again how delicious a young woman can be. I then stood, turning her around kissing her full on the mouth making her taste her own orgasm while placing her onto the couch once again. This time I shoved into her pussy from the front banging her as hard as I could while she wrapped her arms and legs around my body.

After I could take no more and was almost ready to fill her with a load of cum, I pulled out making Melissa moan at the sudden loss. She could hardly stand so I picked her up into my arms and carried my little slut into her bedroom.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes please finish me, let me cum more.”

“Why Melissa? Why should I fuck you more when you are asking me to help you cheat on your husband yet again? I want to hear you say it.”

“Because you turned me into a slut damn you. I hate that I’m a slut, but I need you to fuck me more.”

After placing her on the bed, I laid on my back and told her to climb aboard. She didn’t hesitate and climbed onto my cock letting her pussy open fully to wrap itself around my probing shaft. She rode me hard grinding her loins into mine until I had no choice but to shoot my own cum straight up in to her clenching pussy while at the same time she flooded my cock with her own orgasm. Her nails were digging into my chest leaving her own marks for me to explain to my wife.

While Melissa was being betrayed by her body, I took advantage of the battle in her mind, she was trying to be a good wife, but her body was urging her to perform as the slut. I turned her over to her stomach and put Kevin’s pillow below her hips making her ass push out seductively just asking for trouble. While she was coming down from her high, and the good girl was again coming near the surface, I pushed my middle finger into her ass.

“No, not there please.”

“Don’t worry I won’t fuck you in your ass just yet. However, I do want to tap that ass soon my dear slut. I continued to finger her tight hole until she started to whimper small moans. After a few minutes, I got up to leave telling her that I just came for a blow job, but thanked her for giving me her pussy instead, making her feel even more ashamed.

“Melissa, before I leave I need to tell you something I want from you. I want to tell you this because I want you to be thinking about it before it happens. Melissa, I want you to be able to give your body freely to your husband and in teaching you how to be a slut for your husband, I need you to be a total slut for me.”

“I have been a total slut for you. I don’t like the idea that I have been having an extramarital affair these past few days. I’ve been acting like a total whore, and I want to stop. I don’t know what has come over me lately. Kevin was the first and only man I’ve ever had. Now I’m letting you penetrate me and cum inside my body while in my husbands own bed. How do I become an even bigger slut than I already am?”

“I want your ass Melissa. I want to shove my hard cock balls deep into your sweet ass. I’ve been infatuated with it all along, I want you to give it to me willingly. If you let me fuck your ass, I promise to only fuck you when you ask me for it. Think about it.”

“Wait, I can’t let you put your cock into my ass; it’s too big for one thing, and besides, I may have liked your fingers back there, but I’ve never even considered letting my husband do that.”

“Think about it Melissa. If Kevin does it first, it will hurt, because I’m sure he doesn’t know the first thing about penetrating a woman’s ass. I’ll be gentle and teach you how to give yourself fully to him. Don’t worry, I’ve done it to other girls, and it always turns out great.

Let’s get together tomorrow and we can fuck some more. Come over to my place at 7′o’clock and wear something sexy. Wear a pair of your tightest shorts to show off your ass.” She looked stunned again, but said nothing as I turned and left.

As I was walking away I noticed I had a few texts from Kim. I must have been having my way with Melissa when I received then.

“Next time you screw one of your girlfriends when she is talking with her husband, make sure she hangs the phone up before she cums. Lol.”

I later found out that Kim took the phone from him just in time for her to hear the end of Melissa’s scream. Kevin didn’t react much from the sound coming from his wife since he had just been serviced by Kim’s mouth again. He was becoming convinced a woman’s mouth is just as sexy as what is between her legs and can produce pleasure just the same.

Kim said Kevin treated her like a prostitute at first saying that Kevin wants hot sex, but thinks Melissa is too good a girl to get nasty. He treated Melissa like the school girl he knew, not realizing that school girl is all grown up and wants to get laid hardcore. Kim educated him in the art of sex during the week convincing him to also cheat on his wife.

I was looking forward to the next day. I had a friend who had participated in turning Kim into the slut she is today and used her body on several occasions. I was sure he would love to be part of making a slut of another wife. Steve was also married, but his wife thinks sex is just a wife’s duty to her husband and doesn’t get much from the act. Kim has kept him married by being his slut behind her back.

Part 3

The next day came and a little before the time Melissa was supposed to arrive, Steve showed up, I wanted to introduce him to her right away, but he wanted to hide until I had Melissa naked and asking to be taken again. We split the difference and decided to wait until I had her sexually aroused.

At 7o’clock on the nose we heard a knock on the door. It was Melissa; I guessed right that her recently turned on body would win out in the arguments she was sure to have with herself. I was confident, that her day went by slowly, while her moral mind battled with her lust driven body. She more than likely could not understand why she was putting on a pair of slutty shorts while she was getting dressed.

“Damn Melissa you look hot as hell. Turn for me, nice ass, are you sure those shorts fit? No matter, you won’t be in them very long. She was wearing a form-fitting top with no bra and athletic shorts that left little to the imagination. I could see her butt cheeks from the bottom, the material was riding tight up her ass making her look like the slut I wanted her to be. “I’m glad you listened to my request, thank you.”

“I figured I needed to get this out of my system so I could get back to being a good wife again.”

She allowed me to kiss her as I ran my hand down her back to her ass where her cheeks were peeking out. Melissa was a willing participant this time. Her mouth was soft as she kissed me back passionately letting my tongue enter her mouth freely. We were still at the door with my hands roaming over her entire body when Steve made his presence known.

“Who was at the door?” Melissa jumped back feeling startled at the unexpected visitor.

Don’t worry Melissa, he came over unexpectedly just a little before you arrived. He needed a place to stay for a few hours while his wife was having an all girls party.” Melissa looked both relieved and annoyed at the prospect of not being violated again, and embarrassment in being caught in a compromising embrace.

“Steve this is my married friend Melissa, her husband is out-of-town right now so I’ve been keeping her company while he’s away.” She shook his hand, but felt uneasy as Steve greeted her. “Hi Melissa, wow, you’re a knockout, I would love to keep you company sometime. It looks like it has its benefits from the kiss you were dishing out. I definitely walked in too soon. If I waited a few more minutes, I may have seen a lot more of you, although those shorts show some fine assets. Let me know if Mike gets boring, I’ll be more than happy to spend some time with you.”

Melissa was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to say. She was beat red in the face as I led her to the couch.

“She’s a great kisser too Steve, I’ve also been taking some liberties with her lately. In fact, she is also turning out to be a more than adequate cock sucker, right Melissa?

Melissa was in total shock that I would talk about her in front of another man and didn’t know what to say in defense.

“Whatever you say my friend, maybe I can find out soon. See you a little later.” Steve left the room and let her, and I talk.

“What were you thinking telling him that? I can’t afford to let people know I’ve had another man in my bed! I need to go. He saw us kissing, and you were touching me, what if my husband finds out?”

“Slow down Melissa, why are you here?”

“What do you mean? I…I…to have sex with you…but I don’t want him to know about my infidelities. I just want to get this feeling out of my head. I thought we would be more discreet.”

“I think this is turning you on Melissa, another man in the other room knowing you have been a slut. You are obviously dressed for sex. Don’t worry Melissa, his wife is a prude. He also has a lover who takes care of him so let’s sit and relax, he’s not telling anybody. I leaned into her kissing her on the neck sending shivers down her spine. I moved to her ears and finally, her soft supple lips. She gradually forgot about Steve as I fondled her tits and moved between her legs. I had my hands under her shorts in her leg hole feeling her pussy through her panties turning her on, making her forget we were not alone. I eventually got a finger inside her pussy making her hot enough for her to lose her inhibitions. I removed her shirt and started to suck her nipples to hardness.

“I brought her to the real world again by telling her that Steve could more than likely hear her moaning. She started to straighten up when I shoved a second finger into her pussy rubbing her g-spot to orgasm. She tried to fight the urge to yell, but her orgasm was too strong. She let out a moan that we were sure Steve heard.

Little did she know Steve was watching the action from the crack in the door waiting for the right time. After her orgasm, I stood in front of her and took down my pants presenting my rigid cock to her married mouth. She was still feeling the tingling from her orgasm so she didn’t hesitate to reach for my cock. She engulfed it into her mouth sucking like a vacuum.

I motioned for Steve to come out and pointed for him to sit on the chair in the opposite corner, there he could have a good view of Melissa’s terrific ass. Occasionally, he would quietly move to the side so he could see her mouth working on my cock.

I brought Melissa up to kiss her lips again so I would be able to finger her moist pussy some more. She was moaning when I spoke.

“Do you want to fuck Melissa? That’s why you came over isn’t it? Do you want me to take you to my bed and ravish your slutty little body before your husband comes home?”

A single quiet “Yes” was spoken by her. Whatever I say or do, I want you to continue sucking my cock. Don’t you dare get up or look around or I won’t fuck you, do you understand?” I guided her head down to my cock again after she nodded in the affirmative. “No matter what I say Melissa.” She sucked my cock aggressively using both her tongue and lips; I could see that she was wanting to go further.

“I told you she could suck cock didn’t I Steve?” Melissa tried to pull away, but I held her mouth on my cock. “I told you whatever I say don’t stop sucking.” She gave in letting out a sigh and continued her blow job.

“She is also a great fuck Steve. Her pussy gets really wet when she gets turned on, she’s an orgasm machine. She has a terrific ass too doesn’t she?”

Steve finally spoke. “Yes she sure does. If what you say is true, then she is turned on already. My angle shows that her panties are wet clear through to her shorts. So, you pounded her from that angle to you say?”

“I sure did, in fact, I plan on doing it again tonight. I love staring at that ass while my cock invades her cunt.”

“That’s pretty hot; I sure could use some of what you’re getting.”

“You heard the man Melissa. Steve, why don’t you come over here and sit by me. Now Melissa don’t be shy, suck his cock just like I taught you.”

Melissa was beyond embarrassed to the point where she couldn’t refuse. Steve sat by me and pulled her to him. He kissed her full on the mouth shoving his tongue into her as if he were trying to taste her tonsils. Melissa allowed his hands to fondle her bare breasts and nipples turning her on even more. Her mind again lost as she felt her own hands unclasp Steve’s pants and heard his zipper just before she reached inside and pulled out his hard cock. She stroked him and was looking at me with her half-closed eyes almost looking for permission to go further in her slut training. I nodded and smiled just before she lowered her head and took yet another cock other than her husbands into her mouth. She sucked with her usual passion getting Steve up close to the edge way before he expected.

“Oh my, dude! She has a golden mouth. Damn. That’s it girl suck me down.” Melissa didn’t disappoint him. She showed him her new skills beautifully sucking and licking his dick and sucking his nuts into her mouth. “Slow down girl or your going to get a thick drink soon, I’m not ready just yet, wow.”

While Steve enjoyed Melissa’s sucking I stood up and undressed getting ready to violate Melissa’s body again. After removing her shorts and panties, I could see her pussy was glistening. First I tasted her pussy, licking with the flat of my tongue. After eating her out for a few minutes I positioned my full cock between her wet lips and slowly pushed into her innocent body repeatedly fucking her with a steady rhythm while she moaned in pleasure. Her pussy must have wanted it because she was pulsing inside, sucking in it’s captive. Melissa never took her mouth off Steve while she moaned in pleasure at the intrusion. I screwed Melissa like this for about 10 minutes while caressing her back and ass memorizing every curve she possessed. I don’t know how Steve held out, but the look on his face showed he was in ecstasy.

“Melissa, I think you’re ready for more. I want you to fuck our friend with that newly broken in pussy of yours. I’m going to pull out of your pussy and when I do, I want you to crawl up Steve so you can lower your cunt on to his dick. I know you need fucked tonight, so we’re going to take turns using your body. Do you understand Melissa?” I was still sliding my cock through her slippery opening as she grunted an affirmative, her mouth still forming a tight gasket around his dick.

Not wanting to wait, Melissa put her hand on my chest. She pushed me back, making my cock exit her tunnel making a lewd wet sound. She then crawled up Steve until her juicy opening was just above his cock head where he could feel her heat radiating from her sex. Without hesitation, she dropped her body around his shaft engulfing it fully with the tight walls of her pussy, his cock entering where only two men had ever ventured. I watched with amazement as she fucked him with a fire in her loins. She moaned and groaned like a whore, not giving Steve much of a chance to take control. She was the aggressor this time, Melissa’s body wanted the pleasure we offered and nothing was going to stop it from the sex it demanded, not even her own mind could control her body’s thirst for the overwhelming lust she felt.

Melissa ground and rotated her hips onto his, again making her orgasm. She leaned forward pushing her tits into Steve’s mouth, feeding him her erect succulent nipples.

I stood on the couch with my hard cock in front of her face and had her suck her own pussy juices off my cock while I watched. My married lover become more of a total whore before my eyes.

“My god this girl is a crazy slut. Damn you know how to pick them. She’s going to break my cock off, but it’s worth it.”

“Melissa, how does it feel to let yet another cock push into your pussy? Tell Steve how much of a slut you have become.”

She held Steve by the head still grinding and forcing herself on to his shaft. Melissa looked straight into his eyes with her own eyes glossed over and her teeth clenched, “I’m a slut Steve, do you like being fucked by sluts? I’m going to fuck you until you shoot your sperm inside of my body. Don’t disappoint me Steve, I want it all, every fucking drop!”

“Holy shit, this girl is crazy hot, can I keep her?”

After several minutes of Melissa using Steve as her own personal dildo and sucking my cock clean, we took back control and had Melissa positioned on her hands and knees. I quickly thrust into her with no resistance. Pulling her curved hips to me, I pounding against her ass as hard as I could, Steve fed her his juice covered cock letting her clean him off as she did my own. After a while we had to switch positions, since her pussy and mouth were too much to handle all at once. Back and forth, we traded off between her mouth and pussy driving her into a sexual frenzy.

I had already shoved my thumb into her ass to the second knuckle with no complaint from Melissa, she was getting used to having fingers in both holes and I wanted her ready for something much bigger. I made a decision and told Steve to stick his thumb into her ass so he could continue to stretch her back hole. I was wanting to wait for another day to violate her nether regions, but the intensity of the fucking along with the view of her perfect naked ass in front of me was too much to control. I decided that tonight, I had to have her fully. I intended to take her anal virginity.

Neither Steve nor I were able to hold out any longer, we both told Melissa we were going to cum. “Are you ready to take our loads slut?”

“Oh god yes, cum deep inside my pussy and mouth at the same time guys. Please, I need you to feed me your sperm.” She was having non-stop orgasms. Just before we came, Melissa told me to let Steve have her pussy. Steve, fuck my pussy, I want you to shoot your cum into my body.

“MMMfff” Melissa gurgled as she forced my load out of my balls and into her mouth, she drank willingly, swallowing the thick fluid, sending it into her gullet. She acted as if she couldn’t get enough cum. She sucked me dry until I went soft, falling out of her mouth.

“C’mon damn you Steve, fill me up with your sperm, make me your whore, take me damn you!” Neither Steve nor I could believe this girl, her lust was boiling over the top into the abyss of sexual pleasure. She had never felt this intensely good before, her body forced her to take all she could.

“Here you go slut”, BAM, BAM. Spurt after spurt forced its way into her clenching, throbbing pussy which was sucking Steve’s cum out of his balls and into her womb. His sperm added to Melissa’s own wetness, soaking into her vaginal walls imprinting the memory of her infidelity with his liquid DNA. Her pussy will always remember the feeling of being defiled by yet another mans cock.

Even after Melissa fell forward to the floor she continued to moan. Her eyes closed tightly as she ground her legs together, twitching from her strong orgasmic convulsions.

Both Steve and I watched and looked at each other in amazement, Melissa was in her own world turning into a creature of pure lust. She finally looked at us both with hunger in her eyes.

“I want more; I need it. Are you going to fuck me again? Please?” She begged as she fingered her swollen opening rubbing Steve’s cum into her sodden flesh.

I talked to Steve alone telling him I wanted to finish the night with her solo. He understood and went home to his frigid wife. “Maybe sometime you’ll share her ass with me” He said with a wink.

“Let’s take a bath Melissa.” I took her hand helping her up from the floor. We walked to the bathroom where I filled the tub and washed her body with my own hands, being sure to touch every inch of her smooth skin. I succeeded in giving her another orgasm while my fingers were inside both her pussy and ass. I pushed two fingers into her anal cavern stretching her ass so it could accommodate a much bigger member. Finally, she was ready. I told her to straddle me; she pushed her pussy down my cock and began to ride me while I probed her anus, getting it ready for it’s own perverse debauchery. The feeling was of course magnificent, but it was time.

“There has been a change of plan Melissa. I’m going to fuck your ass tonight. She looked at me concerned, I lifted her pussy off my cock and let her ass rest against the head. “You’re going to finally lose your anal virginity Melissa. I want you to guide your ass on to my cock until it is all the way into your bowels. You have a fantastic looking ass, It needs to get tapped and I intend on doing the tapping.

“I don’t know if I can.” She said with genuine concern.

“Don’t worry, that’s why I want you to do it, I may do it too quickly and hurt you. With you doing it, you will be the one in control of the speed and depth as I enter you. You can go slowly in and out until we are fucking the way you want.” I had put some oil into the water and was rubbing it into her ass as I was washing her, getting it ready to be sodomized.

She closed her eyes and put her head into the space between my neck and shoulders and surprisingly fast, let herself down on to my cock. The head popped into her opening through the tight muscle producing an audible gasp from Melissa, to my surprise she didn’t stop. She slowly let her weight down to my hips, apparently wanting to experience all the pleasure her body could muster, not caring how it was produced.

“That’s it Melissa, push my cock into your ass.” She continued in and out, deeper with each short push, gasping and moaning until she was anchored to my loins, balls deep.

“How does it feel Melissa? You have a man’s cock inside your ass for the first time. Too bad it’s not your husbands cock. Maybe you can convince him to fuck you like this sometime.” Her body was being penetrated with short stabs, the walls of her anus being stretched with every in and out motion, she kept at least half of my cock inside her body at all times.

“It hurts a little, but it’s starting to feel strangely good as long as I keep moving, It’s different…, oh god, I feel another orgasm coming…oh no, not again…yes! I’m cumming…! I reached between us and shoved two fingers into her vagina adding to her pleasure of suddenly having another orgasm. This girl had cum more in the last 24 yours than she had in the previous 12 months.

All I could think of is the wickedness of seducing another man’s wife, corrupting her to the point of giving away her virgin ass and letting me fuck it before even her own husband could enjoy it. Melissa no longer had any purity to offer her husband; I took it away, keeping her virginity for my own. He would always be the second man to fuck her ass, Maybe.

“Do you want me to cum inside you Melissa?” Do you want me to soil your ass also?” We were only fucking for a few minutes, but I was in no position to stop Melissa from her movements and had no desire to. Melissa was doing an excellent job moving her body. I was coming to the point of no return quickly from her incredibly tight orifice. The mind-blowing fact that I was seated fully inside her virgin ass was too much to hold back.

“Of course, that’s what a slut would want isn’t it, to take your cum inside my ass I mean? Yes, fuck my ass and cum inside me.” Melissa started to hump me with more ferocity until I told her it was coming. She planted a kiss on me, shoving her tongue down my throat, almost touching the back of my throat. She plunged down my cock so hard, the water splashed to the floor. “I’m cumming Melissa…OH MY gawd I’m going to fill your…….ASS!! I pushed up and came hard into her bowels as Melissa slammed down on my hips as if it was her pussy getting fucked.

After I emptied my balls completely into Melissa’s ass, we soaked in the tub while my cock finally slipped out of her body, we stayed there kissing and fondling each others bodies until the water got cold.

“I never thought of anything ever penetrating my ass, I know it is a nice visual for men, but as a sex object? Never. That was incredible, thank you for the education, I think.” We then dried off and went to my bed where we slept for the rest of the night in each other’s arms. We woke up a few times to add to her wetness between her open and willing legs. Melissa even asked me to fuck her ass one more time so she could remember the feeling and how dirty it made her feel.

Kim was staying in the same hotel as Kevin and I was wondering if she was alone in bed or had company. Before I went to sleep I took another picture of Melissa, naked in our bed for her to see. I sent it as a text and labeled it. “Nowhere a virgin. Don’t come home too early” With a smile and wink attached.

I woke up the next morning hearing voices coming from the other room. Melissa was on her cell phone with Kevin trying to explain why she had not answered the home phone when he called last night, or her cell phone.

I whispered. “Because my dear Kevin your lovely faithful wife was with two men who were having their way fucking your dear girl. Oh bye the way, your wife has an exceptionally tight ass.

When Melissa hung up she looked disturbed. I asked what was wrong, she said that Kevin had just confessed to her that he had slept with a woman last night, but was vague in what happened. I had received a text this morning and went to read it out of curiosity. Sure enough, it was from Kim, congratulating me on my latest conquest, she also sent a picture of her pussy. It looked used and stretched as if it had just been fucked. Another picture showed a shot of cum running out of her cunt. I wanted to show it to Melissa and tell her that yes he did have sex with another woman, my wife. But of course I didn’t. I had to make a plan to get Kevin and Kim together, with Melissa and me.

“So, Melissa, what if he was having sex with another woman?”

“He better not have cheated. After not even a year with me? Sleeping with another woman? Who would do that. I bet he met a whore and she seduced him into bed with her, the tramp!! Our anniversary is only days away the bastard!”

I started laughing at what she was saying. “What? It’s not funny. I think he screwed another woman.”

“What’s so funny? Really? Do you remember any of the events of the previous several days my dear Melissa? Or shall I call you slut Melissa. Let me remind you. In the past days you have sucked my cock, my friends cock, swallowed both our cum, fucked both of us while you begged for more. In fact, I lost count of how many orgasms you had with your willing pussy. I’ve never seen a girl cum so many times, therefore, I’ve never seen a girl enjoy sex as much as you have. I have personally deposited my sperm as far into your pussy as it would go. You have been fucked so many times in the past week that I’m surprised you can still walk, considering you just had your ass reamed only 12 yours ago. My cum is probably still leaking from your pussy and ass into your dirty little panties. By the way, you slept at my house in my bed last night, if sleeping is what you would call it.”

Melissa looked at me in shock and realization. “Oh my, your right. What have I done. I’ve acted like a total whore letting you fuck me. I even let your friend Steve fuck me, a total stranger! I’m the cheating whore. I’m the one who committed adultery. He called me confessing in one weak moment, and I’ve been a total slut the past week. What am I going to do?”

This was working out to be better than expected, I needed to make a call.

I called Kim and made sure good ‘ole Kevin gets his manhood taken care of as much as possible. She agreed to have as much sex with Steve as possible, so the married couple had nothing to hold over each others head when everything came to fruition.

Steve was no longer a faithful husband to his wife, once a man plays between another woman’s legs, it’s hard to go back to the normal. To open Kevin’s narrow mind a bit, Kim showed him things he thought were dirty and demonstrated how beautiful it really was.

Now it was my move. After I told Melissa about my lovely wife and confessed to almost everything, leaving out some details, we made another call.

Ring,ring… hello this is Kevin. “Hi Kevin, I just found out that you have been taking liberties with my wife”…”In fact it has come to my attention that you have had her on her back all week.”

“What? Who is this! She never told me she was married.”

“So, you admit having sex with my her? I also heard you were on the receiving end of her oral gifts…”

…I’m sorry, I don’t know how it happened, she is just so…

“Hey, don’t I know it. She is very persuasive with that ass of hers wiggling side to side in a tight dress. A few men have almost ruined their marriage chasing her tail, so your not the first, and probably won’t be the last. You do have a wife don’t you?”

“What do you want? I can’t loose my wife.”

“You don’t have to Kevin. What do I want? This is going to be tough for you. I want you to watch me…”

“Watch you…do what?!”

“I think you would like to spend more time between my wife’s legs without any strings, wouldn’t you Kevin? I’m giving you the chance. I just want you to watch your lovely, sexy wife Melissa, get fucked by me my boy.”


“That’s right, I want to fuck your wife while you watch. I want to show you how to fuck her and to satisfy her. She is a very hot and sexy woman.”

“What do you know about her?”

“I know you don’t want to lose her at any cost do you?… No, I didn’t think so.”

“Truth be told, I’ve been fucking your wife all week Kevin, so I know first hand how hot she is, but I also know she doesn’t want to loose you. She loves you, but I know how to please her, and you’re going to watch me do it, or maybe lose her. She will seek out more cock if you don’t learn how to satisfy her needs.”


“That’s why she didn’t answer her phone Kevin, I was between her open legs drilling her! When you called the other night, I had your wife’s pussy lips wrapped around my cock and she was cumming all over it. I also know you had just given my wife a mouth full of your own cum, so don’t go giving me the old, she’s my wife routine.”

“You can come watch me spread your wife at the address Kim gave you last night after your fling. Look, you had your fun, Melissa had hers, and I’m certainly having mine. Remember, you don’t have a right to get mad since you have been dipping your dick into somebody else’s wife. See you soon, and don’t call her for a while, I intend on having your wife’s cunt for breakfast this morning, I would let her talk to you, but her mouth is full of my dick.” click.

Melissa was still at my place with my cock in her mouth sucking, so she heard the whole thing. She was upset at first and shocked at my bluntness. She started crying but soon realized, she had done far worse while he was away. I told Melissa that I wanted to fuck her again before her husband got home the next day. I knew she wouldn’t resist anymore, so I leaned over and started kissing her. I was in the process of making out with Melissa and feeling her up when Kim startled her.

“Well, hi you two, what did I walk into?”

Melissa stood and started to pull down her top that I had just started to remove, fortunately, Kim told her not to worry.

“Hi Melissa, I’m Kim, your apparent lovers wife. So, this is the little slut you’ve been banging this past week, very cute. It’s always the innocent looking girls that seem to be the easiest”.

“You should know, you got addicted to other men pretty easily, and you’re the most innocent looking one I’ve had so far.”

“True, true. Well Melissa, it’s only fair for you to screw around with my husband, since I have been screwing yours. From what I’ve heard and seen, you are quite the sexpot.”

“Oh my gosh Kim I am so sorry. I had no idea.” Melissa was embarrassed beyond belief.

“Melissa please, don’t worry, remember? I’m the one who was sharing a bed with your husband, so I do believe we are even.” Melissa just stood there staring, not sure what to say. I wasn’t sure if she was more surprised from being caught kissing this woman’s man, or that Kim had just admitted fucking her husband.

Kim walked up to Melissa, gently removing her top, exposing her taught breasts and palming them with her small hands. “I think you forgot your bra my dear.” Melissa stood frozen as I stood behind her, lifting her tits to my wife offering them to her. Kim’s hands held the soft flesh, touching them and gently massaging the two orbs before her. Melissa most certainly had never been touched in this manner by another woman, she was unsure if the feelings going through her body were fear, or hunger.

Kim lowered her head and took a small sensitive nipple into her mouth, suckling it to arousal, getting a soft moan from Melissa’s lips.

“Don’t worry my dear, I’m not a lesbian, nor do I want to turn you into one. I’ve found there are different types of pleasures, a woman’s body is full of opportunity to experience some of the most satisfying pleasure one can experience.

I was tugging on Melissa’s shorts, letting them fall to the floor while my beautiful wife moved to kiss the lips of the young naked girl standing before her. The kiss was Melissa’s first, it was no doubt an intense moment between the two women as Kim gently took advantage of Melissa’s state of mind, slipping her tongue past her lips into Melissa’s mouth to mingle their saliva. My hand found its way between Melissa’s thighs, parting her legs, and entered her pussy with two of my fingers, bringing a gasp and moan from her lips.

You were right dear, she is an erotic looking one. Her white skin looks perfect. You would never expect her to act the slut, but I guess a week ago, she didn’t even know she was one.”

Kim asked Melissa to show her how she sucked her husbands cock. I sat on the couch and pulled Melissa down by the hips until she was on her knees before me. I was getting used to this position and hoped I would enjoy her this way many more times.

“I don’t know if I can do this Kim.” “Why not, I’ve heard you have become quite the little cock sucker Melissa. Here, let me get you started.” Kim unfastened my pants and lowered them along with my shorts to the floor. She then took my cock and started to suck the head. Melissa was enthralled at watching another woman suck on a fully erect cock right in front of her eyes. Even though Kim has sucked me thousands of times, she could easily bring any man including me to orgasm way too soon.

“Now it’s your turn Melissa, suck his cock for me, I know you want to.” Kim put her hand on the back of Melissa’s head, gently guiding her to my swollen member. Melissa wrapped her fingers around the base as the head entered her mouth, sucking it as if Kim wasn’t even there. “That’s it my pretty girl, now suck on his balls, men like that.” Kim leaned in to suck some more guiding Melissa to take my balls into her mouth. They both started licking the shaft at the same time, sending me into ecstasy. Kim took this opportunity again to kiss her new friend with the cock head between their lips while fondling Melissa’s floating breasts. After a long passionate double cock sucking Kim pulled away.

“Keep sucking his cock and balls, I’m going to see how the rest of your body looks. Kim slid behind her and felt how wet Melissa was by entering her pussy with one finger.

“You do have a very nice ass Melissa. Have you given it to my husband yet? He’s a sucker for a pretty ass. I would be willing to wager that you are a great ass fuck” She just moaned from the finger inside her pussy, not wanting the probing to stop.

“Why don’t you show me how you fuck my husband now.” Kim guided her new lover to her feet, instructing her to straddle my cock. Kim herself stroked my shaft and rubbed the head against Melissa’s pussy lips, getting it lubricated for penetration. Melissa was still nervous, so Kim, while guiding my cock, pulled Melissa’s shoulders down until her pussy lips opened to the force of my shaft being smothered by the warm and slippery folds of Melissa’s pussy, until I was again, buried inside her vagina.

“That’s it, up, down, slow and easy. My goodness, you are wet. Your pussy is being pulled out every time you move up, very sexy. As I said before Melissa, I’m no lesbian, but you look absolutely delicious. You are so young and innocent looking, yet, your sweet pussy is leaking all over my husbands balls, I think I may need some of you before long.”

Kim eventually returned her hand to my shaft and nudged Melissa forward, forcing me to exit the warm, wet cavern. Kim sucked my cock, licking Melissa’s cum, tasting the flavor of the 19-year-old girl before pushing it back inside. Kim now was getting lost in the lust as she couldn’t resist licking and devouring the creamy mess Melissa’s pussy was leaving on my shaft. She did this several times then stood beside Melissa to shove her tongue inside her mouth giving her a taste of her own juice.

I had already introduced Melissa to her own taste of pussy, but Kim wanted her to do more. She had Melissa slide her body off mine, then replaced it with her own pussy. She stripped off her clothes and straddled me, forcing herself onto my cock fucking me while whispering into my ear. “I want her to taste me.”

After riding me for only a moment Kim got off telling Melissa to suck my cock that was now coated with Kim’s juices.

“I’ve never tasted a woman before.”

“Don’t think of it as tasting another woman, you’re sucking a cock that happens to be coated with some tasty juices. Kim guided her lover down to where she could taste her first pussy, other than her own. Again, Melissa was confused as to why she was so compliant with the obvious attempt to corrupt her mind and body, into the impure acts of unnatural sex.

Both Kim and Melissa took turns fucking my cock and licking the cream until I had to finally cum.

“Don’t cum yet my love. I want to see you pound our new friend from behind.” Melissa got on her hands and knees presenting her ass to me. I wanted to take her nether regions, but I hoped Kim was horny for something else.

I positioned Kim under Melissa; she got into in a 69 position so they both would have a wet pussy to play with. Melissa was looking at unfamiliar territory and was unsure as to what to do. I quickly shoved my full length inside her used opening, grinding myself against her body, in and out, round and around, driving Melissa crazy with lust. Kim in the mean time, had her tongue out, she was licking and sucking the clitoris above her. I could feel her tongue licking my shaft tasting more of Melissa’s cum juices. Every once in a while, Kim would pull me out and suck the coating off the shaft. Melissa started to orgasm and was so lost in her lust, that she shoved her tongue inside Kim’s pussy for the first time and started eating the best she knew how, making Kim moan with delight. I could hold out no longer. I shot a huge load of cum inside Melissa’s pussy. I seemed to have a longer orgasm than usual this time, dumping more cum deep into the wanting pussy, giving her a cream pie for Kim to devour.

“Yes, cum deep inside her, shoot it all in her pussy. Eat me Melissa, oh yes, lick my cunt, I’m cumming too. While Kim was having an orgasm, she grabbed and pulled Melissa’s head into her pussy, wetting Melissa’s face with Kim’s juices. Finally, after I went soft and slipped out of Melissa, Kim started fingering her, pulling the cum out of her cunt. The sperm dribbled out of Melissa’s used hole, running into Kim’s waiting mouth while she continued to lick at the creamy mixture in front of her, like a kitten lapping it’s milk, keeping Melissa sexually high as I watched in awe.

While Melissa was strangely enjoying all the new perversions being presented to her, she kept wondering what would become of her, she knew this was so wrong, yet she continued to lick the strange offering in front of her, looking forward for whatever was next. She had been seduced to love sex, the dirtier the better. How would she be able to face Kevin. She also had been transformed from a loyal, straight-laced, teenage bride, into a sex starved slut that couldn’t help giving in, to the deprivation it seemed, of any act of sex. Melissa knew she would be fucked in front of her husband soon, she either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop it from happening. Kevin, was going to witness first hand, how much of a slut his wife now was, and since he also committed the sin of coveting another man’s wife, knew he was powerless to stop it.

Chris and Jacob met every Saturday night at Billy’s house to play video games and tell lies about the women they’d fucked. Sometimes there was some truth in their stories, but often it was more fiction than fact. Then, about six weeks ago, they noticed her, the new neighbor who never closed the blinds to her bedroom. It was a rare warm winter day that had prompted Billy to open his window shade, and that was how they actually noticed her. They didn’t know her name, but they quickly realized it didn’t matter as the show was a “must see”. They could see she was a brunette, curvy, and shaved. They knew this because she’d walk around naked in her bedroom. At first, they thought it was a fluke, but they realized quickly she either enjoyed what she was doing, or didn’t care. Neither mattered to the boys, they enjoyed watching her. She’d even masturbate with assorted sex toys, which fueled their desire and fantasies.

“Oh man what I’d give to fuck that pussy,” said Chris one night as he jacked off.

“I want that mouth,” said Jacob. “Oh to paint her face with my spunk.”

“Hell,” said Billy, stroking his hard cock, “I want that fine ass.”

Of course, none of them had ever seen her outside of the apartment she lived in. Try as they might, then never saw anyone come or go from the apartment she seemed to live in. Except for the bedroom window on Saturday night, all the windows were covered up with the blinds drawn tight. They even tried knocking on the door during the week but never heard any movement inside. Yet, every Saturday without fail, she’d appear and it seemed she was performing a private show just for them. They watched her fuck herself with assorted dildos and vibrators in her pussy and ass, her body shake and grind, and though they couldn’t hear her, they were sure she was a screamer. Her image would haunt their dreams, and even affect their love life as they found themselves picturing her face, her body, on the women they were fucking, using for their own sexual pleasure.

When they gathered for yet another Saturday night show, Billy drew back the blinds and found a note taped to his window. It said, “Tired of watching? Wanna participate? Come to apartment 216 by 8:00 pm and knock three times. Condoms will be provided.”

“What the fuck, you guys?” asked Billy.

“I didn’t write this,” said Jacob.

“Me neither,” said Chris.

The three looked out the window and saw the woman staring back at them, smiling wickedly and tugging at her nipples. Their cocks hardened immediately and they looked at the clock. It was 7:50 pm. They told Billy’s mom they were going to the movies with a friend and would be back later. She reminded them to be safe and have fun, to which Jacob stifled a snicker as he thought if things went well, they’d have lots of fun. The quickly made the journey to the apartment door and knocked three times. The door opened and there stood the brunette, naked. She wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’5″, curvy with large breasts, full hips, no pubic hair, and her nipples were small, but rock hard. Their mouths went immediately dry.

“Just in time boys, come in.”

She stepped aside and allowed them to enter. The apartment was dark, with the only light emanating from her bedroom where her private show had been. She led them to the room, and closed the blinds. The air smelled sweet of incense, with several candles lit all around on a dresser with a large mirror that reflected the light of the candles, and two bedside tables. “Strip boys,” she ordered. “I don’t like fucking in clothes.”

The boys frantically stripped down until all three were naked. Their cocks were stiff and pointing out. Billy’s was the largest, eight inches with a large, swollen purple knob on the other end. Chris’s was a bit shorter, and almost as thick. Jacob’s was the smallest, and more slender, but no less impressive. All three had pre-cum oozing from the head and dripping onto the floor. She smiled as she surveyed the three young men who stood before her.

“Now, all of you are at least eighteen, right?”

“Yeah,” said Chris. “We’re all nineteen. We graduated high school last year and now go to the JC down the road.”

She smiled. “Good. And none of you are virgins right?”

Her voice was so sensual and erotic. They knew she was well experienced. “Yeah,” said Billy, “we’ve fucked before.”

“Each other?” she asked.

The three went a bit pale when she burst out laughing. Even her laugh was sexy. “Oh the looks on your faces was priceless. I don’t care if you boys are bi or straight, but I do have a few rules. First, what we do here tonight, you can never tell anyone. If you do, you’ll regret it, and trust me, I’ll know. Second, you must wear a condom when you fuck my pussy or my ass. However, I don’t suck condom covered cocks. For that, you can go bareback. Third, if you fuck my ass and then want my pussy, you must put on a clean condom. It’s more of a hygiene issue for me than anything else. Oh, and that goes if you boys are bi and fuck one another’s ass, I demand a fresh condom on any cock that was in someone’s ass before it enters my pussy. Any questions?”

None of the three could speak. They stood there with their mouths hanging open. The shook their heads “no” and she smiled. She knelt down before them, grabbed Billy and Chris’s cock with her hands, and slid Jacob’s into her mouth. A collective gasp escaped all three of their lips as she stroked and sucked. After a moment, Jacob began to thrust, fucking her mouth and thinking it was the best blowjob he’d ever had. He mouthed; “Oh fuck!” but no sound escaped his lips.

She released Jacob’s cock with a slight pop and took Chris’s into her mouth, while still stroking it with her hand. Jacob began to stroke his cock as he watched. Chris’s eyes rolled back into his head and moaned, “Fuck lady!”

She purred on his cock and sucked. Billy watched eagerly, hoping he would be next. He found he didn’t need to wait long as she quickly moved from Chris’s cock to his. She could barely get her lips around it, but somehow she did. As he expected, he was not disappointed as she sucked his member until her lips touched his hips and her chin hit his balls. “Fuck me!” he cried.

Billy felt his cock head hit the back of her throat as she sucked his cock. He grabbed her head, fisting her hair with his hands and began to fuck her mouth the way he wanted to fuck her pussy and ass later. He was sure she’d choke or gag but neither happened, only the sounds of her slurping his cock and his grunting with each thrust. She smiled with her eyes and fucked his cock with her mouth. He felt her hand wrap around his balls, pulling them down so he couldn’t cum, but sucked him like he’d never experienced before. He pounded her mouth, trying in vain to cum but her grip on his balls prevented it. Finally, he released her hair and she slid off his cock with a pop. She rose quietly and led the three young men to her bed.

“Who wants what?” she asked.

“Your mouth,” said Jacob. “I wanna fuck your mouth like Billy just did.”

She smiled. “And you? What do you want?” she asked Chris

“Your pussy,” Chris gasped.

“And you Billy?”

“I want it all, you pussy, your ass, and your mouth.”

The other two gasped. “Do you boys want the same thing?” she asked in a sensual tone.

Neither could seem to form words, but nodded in agreement. “Remember the rules boys. Break them and I swear you’ll be sorry. Oh yeah, and I hope you boys know how to eat pussy because I want all three of you to eat me out at some point.”

Billy stepped up and pushed her onto the bed. He spread her legs and said, “Lady, I’m going to eat you so fucking good you’ll be disappointed by any other man.”

Billy buried his face into her pussy. He licked her labia and was amazed how wet she was, and how sweet she tasted. The woman moaned and squirmed as licked. Billy’s tongue went up to her clit that stood up for him, making it easier for him to lick, nibble, and suck. He slid two fingers into her sex and curled them within her. He didn’t want to share this treasure, but he knew that was what she wanted. Jacob and Chris crawled onto the bed where she grabbed their cocks and began stroking. They reached down and played with her breasts, tugging at her nipples. The woman moaned and squirmed. Jacob and Chris leaned down and sucked her nipples into their respective mouths. Billy sucked her clit into his mouth, curled his fingers teasing her g-spot, and soon they felt her body tense up as her first orgasm hit. She screamed out, as her body shook. Billy was amazed the amount of juices that emanated from her pussy, and how sweet it tasted. He lapped them up frantically, drinking down her sweet nectar.

“Nice job,” she moaned. “Now who’s next?”

Billy moved, thinking he wanted to fuck her, when Chris nudged him and they switched places. Chris buried his face into her pussy, tasting the sweet leftover juice and breathing in her scent. He slid his tongue deep into her pussy and tongue fucked her. She smiled briefly as she liked the different technique Chris used verses Billy, who grabbed her head and began fucking her mouth. Jacob mounted her chest and set his cock between her breasts. She pressed them together and he began to tit fuck her, enjoying the feeling of his cock between her breasts. For Jacob, feeling her breasts surround his cock was a sensation he’d never experience before as he was the most inexperience of the three. Chris kept his eyes down, he didn’t want to see his friend’s ass in his face. He worked his tongue deep in her pussy, his nose rubbing her clit and breathing in her sweet erotic scent, his hands holding her thighs, until he felt her pussy walls pulse and squeezed his tongue as her second orgasm struck and the woman moaned on Billy’s cock.

Chris tapped Jacob on the shoulder and they switched places. Chris resumed the tit fucking and Jacob licked her pussy. He liked what he tasted, but did wish he had been here sooner. After a few minutes of licking, he watched Billy and Chris switch places and decided he wanted to do something he’d only heard about. He pushed her legs further apart, separated her ass cheeks, and licked down her ass to her anus. He heard her squeal on Chris’s cock and slid his tongue into her anus. He’d never licked a woman’s anus before, and loved the effect it was having on her. His nose in her pussy and he was breathing in her scent that aroused him like nothing else. She loved the unique attention that Jacob was giving her, and knew he wasn’t as experience as his friends. However, this inexperience wasn’t hindering her enjoyment. While Jacob rimmed her, Billy climbed off and slipped a condom onto his cock as he watched Jacob bring her to a third orgasm.

Jacob moved and Billy mounted her, slamming his cock into her pussy. He couldn’t believe how amazing she felt as he began fucking her. His huge cock completely filled her vagina as he thrust in and out. She moaned on Chris’s cock and grabbed Jacob’s with her hand. Billy pounded her with a fever he’d never experienced before; she was everything he’d wanted and more. He wanted her ass but wasn’t willing to stop fucking her. Chris climbed off and slipped a condom on his cock, tapped Billy on the shoulder and said, “Come on man, I want to fuck her too.”

“Fine,” growled Billy, “I’ll take her ass a bit later.”

The woman chuckled and whispered, “If you boys are good I might let you try a DP.”

A collective gasp escaped all three. Billy smiled and said, “I hope your fucking serious lady.”

“Oh I am,” she said.

Billy stepped aside and Chris too his place between her legs. He slid his cock in and began fucking her. Though he wasn’t as big as Billy, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock within her pussy. “Damn lady!” he said. “You’re pussy’s amazing.”

The woman giggled. “Thanks. Now, feed me your cock, cutie.”

It took Jacob a moment to realize she was talking to him. He looked down into her blue eyes, finding himself lost in their beauty. There was something haunting about her eyes, as if he could see more than normal. He felt her mouth wrap around his cock, the heat radiated though his body. He’d never had a woman deep throat his cock before, but it was a sensation he thoroughly enjoyed. He felt her body shake as Chris began to pound her and Billy tugged roughly on her nipples.

“Come on man, fuck her mouth hard. She really likes it,” said Billy.

It took Jacob a moment to process what Billy said. He looked down at the woman who smiled and nodded, as if she were telling him it was fine. He reached down and stroked her head, feeling her soft hair under his fingers. She leaned her head into his hand and smiled. He felt as if she was giving him permission. He began thrusting his cock within her mouth and she purred. The sensation was more than he could imagine. He moaned as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, her tongue under his shaft, and her hand holding his balls. After several minutes, Billy pushed him aside and said, “Watch how a real man fucks a woman’s mouth.”

He pulled the condom off his cock and threw it at Jacob, grabbed the woman’s head and stuffed his cock into her mouth. She moaned a minor protest then accepted his cock. Jacob tossed the used condom in a nearby trashcan and watched his friend brutally fuck her mouth, yet the woman seemed to take it in stride. Jacob could hear her moan on Billy’s cock as he watched his friend. With each thrust, Billy grunted in an almost animalistic fashion. Then Chris tapped his shoulder and gestured switching places. Jacob figured her pussy would be fine and after rolling a condom onto his cock, he switched places with Chris and resumed fucking her pussy. She moaned when he entered and Jacob was sure he saw a quick smile. Jacob knew he wasn’t as long or thick as his friends’ were, and yet, he felt she was just as satisfied with him. He didn’t pound her like the other two, but was gentler with her, and thus, didn’t make the same sounds.

After a few minutes, she wiggled her hips and he slipped out. He went to reenter, and she lifted her hips so his cock touched her anus. He looked up and saw her eyes staring into his, telling him to take her ass. He pressed his cock and as the head slipped in, she moaned and winked at him. Jacob gently thrust in her ass, going further into her with each movement, and moaning softly. Once he was balls deep, he thrust at a steady pace. The sensation was unlike anything he had ever experience before and he finally understood why so many of his male friends sang the praises of anal sex. The woman moaned on Billy’s cock with each thrust and Jacob wanted to please her even more.

The woman grabbed Chris’s cock, slipped the condom off, and began stroking him. “Fuck man!” hissed Billy. “This bitch is better than I hoped.”

“Don’t call her that,” said Jacob between thrusts.

“Yeah man,” said Chris. “She did invite us.”

Billy rolled his eyes. “You two are so pussy whipped.”

“Says the man with his cock in her mouth,” said Chris.

Billy looked down but she continued to suck his cock making a loud slurping sound. “Fine, you’re not a bitch. But you are pretty amazing. How’s her pussy Jacob?”

“Almost as amazing as her ass,” he panted.

“You’re in her ass?” asked Billy.

“Yeah,” Jacob gasped still thrusting in the same steady pace.

“I want that ass,” growled Billy.

“You’ve got her mouth,” said Chris.

“And I want that ass,” repeated Billy.

She pulled Billy’s cock from her mouth with a pop and moaned loudly, “You’ll get your turn here shortly. Let your friend have his fun.”

Jacob snickered as he continued to thrust. She turned her head and pulled Chris’s cock into her mouth while she took Billy’s into her hand. She sucked Chris’s cock for several minutes, moaning loudly, and he began to fuck her mouth as the other two had. It didn’t take long for Chris to experience the feeling of her throat on the head of his cock, causing him to moan loudly and giving Jacob time to enjoy her ass. Then she pulled Chris’s cock from her mouth and said, “Condoms on boys, it’s time for some DP action.”

Jacob slid out of her ass and tossed his well-used condom into the trash. Once Chris and Billy had fresh condoms on, she pointed to Chris and said, “Lie down lover, let me mount you since your friend wants my ass.”

Chris lay on his back as the woman mounted him and impaled herself on his cock moaning loudly. Even through the condom, he could tell how saturated her pussy was. After a few thrusts, she leaned over, putting her breasts into Chris’s face, and said, “Well come on, I’m not waiting all night.”

Billy stepped behind her and rammed his cock deep into her ass. She cried out then smiled. “I like a man who knows what he wants.”

“Well what I want is your ass,” said Billy as he smacked it.

She squealed with the impact, then reached over, grabbed Jacob’s cock and pulled it into her mouth. It didn’t take long for Billy and Chris to find a rhythm that would work for all three as Jacob grabbed her head and resumed fucking her mouth. The sensation was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. He fucked her mouth like he did her pussy and ass, gently. She smiled up at him, as if she understood this was just who he was. Billy on the other hand was pouring sweat and pounding her ass, grunting with each thrust. The scent of incense was lost to the scent of sweat and raw sex from the four in the tiny bedroom.

“Fuck!” hissed Billy. “I’m so fucking close.”

“Me too!” cried Chris.

Jacob was the only one not ready to cum until he felt the woman’s hand reach around and her finger penetrate his ass. He squealed and said rather pitchy, “Me too!”

Billy snickered though he didn’t see the woman’s finger in his ass and said, “Don’t be a wuss man. Tell her how you want to cum on her face.”

Jacob blushed. He hadn’t thought about what he was going to do since he was not wearing a condom. He was so grateful that she was willing to do so much with them, especially him already; he didn’t want to be selfish or greedy. She looked up and he was sure her blue eyes were telling him he could cum the way the wanted, painting her face. He asked softly, “May I cum on your face?”

Billy laughed hard. “Why are you being such a pussy man?”

The woman nodded as Chris said, “Why are you being such a prick Billy? Oh fuck! I’m there!”

Chris’s body bucked as he moaned loudly, feeling his cock empty and fill the condom with his seed. Billy was next, feeling his cock pulse in her ass. Both boys cried out as the woman clamped her pussy and ass down on the two cocks. Hearing her moan on his cock was more than Jacob could take as he pulled out and began shooting long sticky ropes of cum from his cock and onto her beautiful face. He panted and moaned while he stroked his cock until he was fully drained. He smiled as she licked the cum from her face.


Jacob smiled sheepishly and mouthed, “Thanks.”

Billy’s drained cock slipped out of her ass and he threw the full, well-used condom into the trash. The woman climbed off Chris and the bed. Chris quickly disposed his used condom and said, “Damn lady, that was amazing.”

“Yeah,” said Jacob, “thanks so much.”

“You boys look thirsty,” she said and poured drinks from a decanter that was sitting on the dresser.

She handed each one a glass. “Thanks,” whispered Jacob.

“Yeah, thanks,” said Chris.

Billy took his glass and downed the liquid in one greedy gulp. “Woo! Good shit man.”

The woman smiled. “Drink up boys.”

Chris and Jacob didn’t drink theirs as quickly as Billy had, but they did finish them. “Mmmm,” said Chris, “that is good.”

She quickly collected the glasses and said, “I had a wonderful time boys.”

“Can we see you again?” asked Jacob.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Maybe?” questioned Billy. “What the fuck?”

“Easy man,” said Chris.

“No!” barked Billy. “She’s been knowingly teasing us for the last several weeks and now after we fuck her it’s a ‘maybe.’ That’s bullshit!”

The door slams downstairs but I’m too turned on to stop fingering myself. Too hot to worry about anybody coming in. Besides, nobody will bother me. If my door is shut, they leave me alone.

I look at the screen again and watch the pretty blonde get gang banged. ‘I wish that would happen to me.’ I think to myself. A skinny dick slides in and out of the blondes mouth, a hand pulls at her hair while someone else’s hand kneads her breasts. The camera zooms in on the dick in her shaved pussy. I watch the dick slide in and out of her, spreading her lips with each withdrawal. She shifts slightly to accommodate the cock in her ass and she groans around the dick in her mouth.

At just 19 years old, I doubt this kind of thing will happen soon.

I rub my clit harder and bite my lip hard. I’m so turned on. I spread my legs wider and push my fingers deeper inside of me. I pinch my nipple and groan as I hit the right spot with my fingers.

“Ohhh.” I moan out loud.

“Well well well …”

I freeze.

“What have we got going on here?”"

“Uncle Tom! What are you doing in here?” I screech, jumping off the bed and grabbing some clothes.

“Don’t stop on my account princess…” He smiles at me.

I frown at him and turn around, rushing to get my trousers on, stumbling over the leg holes. I feel his presence behind me before he speaks.

“I said, don’t … stop.” He places a hand on my shoulder.

I look up at him, confused and a little scared.

“Uncle Tom … please.” I murmur.

“Please what?” He smirks at me.

“Please …” I beg.

He pushes me back onto the bed and spreads my legs wide. He places his head between my thighs and inhales deeply.

I protest and struggle, trying to loosen his hold on my legs.

He groans quietly.

“You’ve been naughty Lucy. Very naughty. You shouldn’t be watching that, or doing … that.” He mutters at me. “Now, I think we should call someone? Don’t you?” He inhales deeply again, his head still between my thighs. I feel something wet and hot run up the inside of my leg and it makes me gasp.

“You like that don’t you Lucy? We should call Steve. Uncle Steve. What do you say?” He raises his head to look at me.

“Uncle Tom, please. Let me …”

He cuts me off. “Let you what baby? Let you cum? Let you touch yourself? No. You can’t touch yourself, but you might cum.” He flashes me a wicked grin.

My eyes fill with tears at the thought of what my own uncle is going to do to me. I turn my head away from him and gasp loudly as he pushes two fingers into my love hole. He shoves his fingers in back and forth as I stare at him, my mouth open and my eyes wide.

“Don’t cry sweetheart. This will be good. I promise.” He tells me.

He removes his fingers and takes out his mobile, hitting in Uncle Steve’s number he waits while it rings.

“Steve. Get your backside round to Lucy’s … Yeah. It’s time.”

He chuckles to himself as he puts the phone away and advances on me.

“No… No…” I stutter.

He grabs me by the arms and drags me off the bed pushing me to my knees.

“Don’t be a party pooper Lucy. You need to be taught a lesson. Uncle Steve and I are going to do that.” He pulls his jeans down and his erection springs out, right in front of my face.

He grabs my chin roughly and uses his other hand to rub his mushroom head up and down my cheek, along my nose and over my lips. My eyes start to tingle and I squeeze them shut. I don’t want to cry in front of Uncle Tom. I won’t let him see me cry.

He rubs his velvety head along my lips again, pushing the tip against them, trying to open them. I shake my head as he squeezes my chin harder, the tip of his cock still resting on my lips.

“You know you want to. Open up.” He growls at me.

I open my eyes to look at him, to plead with him, but all I see is a man that knows what he wants. His eyes full of lust and a fierce spark. I deflate inside, knowing that this is going to happen whether I want it to or not so I give in and open my lips.

He pushes the end through my lips and beyond my teeth, grabbing the back of my head he pulls me towards him, burying his cock further into my mouth and making me gag. I push back against his hand but this only spurs him on more and he starts to thrust himself into my mouth.

I wrap my lips around his hard shaft and begin to suck, hearing him chuckle to himself as he continues to thrust into my mouth. I gag a little more as he thrusts his cock all the way in, resting his balls against my chin.

“Oh yes. Keep sucking on Uncle Tom you little whore.” He pushes himself further into me, his balls moving up and down my chin.

I hear the bedroom door open and close and someone kneel behind me.

“She’s enjoying that isn’t she Tom?” Uncle Steve laughs from behind me. I look up at Uncle Tom and see him smile at his brother. It scares me.

Uncle Steve runs his hands up my back then rests them on my ass. He reaches round and slips a finger between my cunt lips. I moan around Uncle Tom’s cock as Uncle Steve continues to slide his finger up and down.

With his other hand, he pulls down my vest straps and swiftly un-hooks my bra. Reaching around the front, he yanks down the cups and I feel the cold air hit my already puckered nipples. He kneels behind me and I feel his hard dick pressing against my back. He slips a finger inside my sopping cunt and whispers in my ear. “We are going to fuck you. Fuck you so hard you’re going to cum.”

He nips at my neck and rams another finger into my cunt. I moan again and suck Uncle Tom’s cock harder. He grunts, his hands pulling at my hair and he slams himself harder into my mouth, his cum seeping out and overflowing out of my mouth. He sighs before pulling himself out of me and wiping any residue between my breasts.

He kneels in front of me and watches Steve pushing his fingers in and out of my pussy. I close my eyes, knowing that my lips will be glistening and my clit will be engorged. Just as much as I don’t want this, I do want it. Uncle Tom places his mouth around my pert breasts and nips at my nipples with his teeth. I jump slightly, which only makes him laugh. He pushes his body against me and I feel his cock hardening again already. Uncle Steve moves from behind me which allows Uncle Tom to push me backwards. He practically pounces on me; his whole weight on my body, his cock nestled against my mound.

I feel his member twitching against me, making me throb. I moan loudly and push my hips up.

“I told you she was a whore Tom. Like mother like daughter eh?” Steve says.

Uncle Tom lifts my legs up into the air, bending me over double so that he can ram his cock into my cunt, making me yelp in pain and squirm in pleasure. He thrusts himself into me forcefully, sliding up and down, his whole length inside me. He shifts his body so that he is resting on his legs, from above me, his cock still buried deep inside my sopping cunt.

I gasp as I feel cool air hit my puckered little asshole and then a wetness. Uncle Steve is licking up and down between my ass, his tongue hitting my virgin asshole. I groan as he licks the rim and places more pressure on my hole.

Uncle Tom grabs my face with his hand and looks me in the eyes, an evil grin spread across his face. His eyes gleam as he pushes himself into me. I feel a wet blob land on my ass and then Uncle Steve’s finger rub it up and down between my cheeks. His finger pushes against my hole and the tip pops through.

“No… No! Please!” I beg, squirming to try and get away. “Shut up! Shut up and take it you whore!” Uncle Tom growls at me, slapping my face.

As his hand hits my cheek a second time, Uncle Steve slams his full length into me. I scream with pain as his huge cock splits me and I feel his balls resting against my ass cheeks.

They both laugh while I scream and neither stop nor slow to reduce the pain. They both pound me harder with each thrust, working together to find a rhythm that suits them both. I focus on the ceiling and listen to sounds that the three of us are making.

Eventually the pain starts to go and I feel pleasure. I’ve watched videos of double penetration and boy does it make me wet, but I never thought that it would happen to me. I grab Uncle Tom’s legs with my hands and bite down on my lower lip. I whimper as one moves out and the other moves in. My pussy throbs and I feel the beginning of an orgasm beginning to build. I moan louder and open my mouth, letting out a scream as my body shakes and I start to gasp for air.

Uncle Steve pumps harder into my ass, grunting with each thrust. I groan louder as he thrusts hard into me before exploding his hot seed into me. I grunt as I felt it seep into me and I push my hips up, wanting Uncle Tom to screw my pussy harder. I watch Uncle Tom’s face as he realises that I’m asking for it. He rams himself further into my pussy and pounds into me with each thrust. He groans out loudly as he reaches climax and he thrusts himself hard into me to spread his load once more.

We all lay there for a few moments, panting, until Uncle Steve pulls himself out of my ass and Uncle Tom removes his cock from my pussy. They look down at me, my legs now wide open and spread on the floor.

“What have you learnt today young lady?” Uncle Tom ask me, smiling.

I pause, hesitating before answering.

“That you two know how to fuck.” I reply with a slight smile.

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