Dedicated to the one that continues to haunt me.


I get out of my car and walk up to you, smirking the whole way for I have this day planned and I am going to enjoy it. Holding out my arms, you step in and give me a hug as I place a soft kiss on your cheek and give you a squeeze. You tighten your arms around me, hugging me back not sure what I have planned but this is a nice start. Letting you go, I take out a blindfold and step back. I stare into your eyes as I slip it over your head, covering those beautiful brown eyes of yours. My arms go around you again and I kiss your neck, my breath tickling it as I hold you.

“You ready for today, Lindsey?” I whisper in your ear.

“Yes, sir,” you say with no hesitation.

“That’s my good girl,” I respond,” Hold out your hands.”

You hold out your hands so trustingly and you feel and hear the metal clicks of handcuffs binding your wrists together. I know you are surprised it very rare that I pull out the restraints in the open like this and their is another surprise in store. I pull your hair back as and something jingles in your ear as you feel the touch of leather slide around your neck; quivering a little and you feel yourself getting wet knowing that people could be watching this right now. I tighten it around your neck, almost choking you as I put it on and that gives you even more excitement. Our lips touch as I run my fingers through your hair, I kiss your cheek then your neck.

“You look so good baby doll, all collared and restrained. I can’t wait to get you alone.” I tell you.

“Of course, sir, anything you want,” you respond.

“You are being so good today, I am going to have to reward you.”

I tug on the collar as you feel the leash get attached to it and I give it a little pull, using it to guide you to the car. You are nervous as you walk, knowing that it is only my guidance keeping you from falling. I lead you slowly and you feel the leash go slack and you stop. I open the car door and I take your hand, helping you into the car. It takes you a little effort to find the seat and I keep helping to make sure you are all in the car. The car door shuts and you are left alone for a moment or two and you hear your heart beating and feel yourself breath in and out. The noise from the street is just background to you as you wait for me to get into the car. The sound of the other car door opening startles you a bit as I climb into the car. I pick up the leash again and wrap it around my hand before starting the car. I pull away from curb and we take the long drive up into the mountains. For the most part the drive is quiet as we wind our way through the pass though I do tease you with my fingers running along your skin. I play with your hair and rub my thumb across your lips which you take a playful nibble at it. You hear me chuckle as I move my thumb away.

“Naughty naughty,” I say, playfully as I grab your hair and pull on it lightly.

You make a light, low moan in your throat because of the pain but it feels so good. The long drive has given you plenty of time to imagine what I have planned. Is he going to tie me to a tree and take me or will it be bent over the hood of his car and he fucks me on the side of the road. He could also take me in the back of the car, hanging from the “oh shit” handles. You squirm a little in the seat as these thoughts roll around in your head; you hear him chuckle, a wicked deep sound. My hand touches your leg, brushing the skirt up; getting access to your soft skin. The leather of the leash slides along your skin still wrapped in my hand causing you to shiver. He told you not to wear panties and you wanted to obey but the skirt was so short, you couldn’t obey for the fear got the best of you. So, when his hand reached your panties you hear his sigh and his fingers dig into your inner thigh. After a moment, I stop squeezing your thigh and my finger gently touch your panties.

“What did I tell you today?” I ask.

“Um…,” You hesitate to respond.

“What did I tell you?” I ask more firmly.

“Not to wear panties, sir.”

“And what are these?” I ask, pulling on them with a finger.

“My little black and white boy shorts.”

“And those are?”

“Panties, sir, but I … was scared to go out without them,” You stammer out.

“I’m very disappointed in you, I gave you a simple command and you failed me. You do understand I am going to have to punish you for this,” I tell you, in a firm tone.

“Yes sir,” You say softly.

My hand tangles in your hair and I pull sharply on it, forcing your head back.

“What as that little one? I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes Sir,” you say distinctly.

I let go of your hair, hearing you gasp as the pain recedes. You sit quietly as the drive continues and the isolation of blindfold works its way into your mind. You go back to the thoughts of where you are going and what he is going to do to you, with the added punishment for disobeying him. Your mind adds the leather of his belt slapping again and again into your ass. You squirm in the seat at the thoughts flowing through your head. You like the way he controls you and the way he punishes you for misbehaving.

I watch you, glancing at you as we drive. I can tell you are lost in thought because you are being quiet and your fingers are playing with the hem of your skirt. You are adorable, the way your dark hair frames your face; it always makes my fingers itch to brush it away from your neck and kiss it. I drive a little faster; I am just as excited to get start my plan. We drive in silence for another fifteen minutes up into the mountains. I pull up in front of the house and I turn off the car. I climb out of the car and make my around. Holding open the door for you, I help you out; taking the leash into my hand again.

“Come along, baby doll, we are here,” I command you.

I tug on the leash, leading you down the path to the front door. This is the place for my plans, I open up the door. Escorting you into the house, I guide you to the table. It is a solid oak table, six feet in length and four feet wide, built a long time ago. It is sturdy and has had many meals eaten on it but this is a different kind of serving that will be done tonight. I push you against the table, trapping you against it as I kiss you. My desire is apparent to you as I press our bodies together.

You feel my hands push you onto the cool wood of the table. Your skirt rides up as you slide across the top of the table. It takes you a minute to realize what he is doing as he pushes you down on the table top. His hands keep a hold of the cuffs on your wrists and you feel them get taken off. His lips on yours as he kisses you hard and passionately. He pushes your body down onto the table, holding your arms above your head. His teeth sink into your neck as he keeps you trapped to the table. You feel the strap go over one wrist, it gets cinched down tight against your skin. The other strap goes around just as tight as he finishes strapping your arms to the table.

Once I am done with your arms, I slide my hands down your body roughly feeling every inch of you. I get to your skirt and lift it up. I shake my head sadly at the sight of your boy shorts, as much as I love them I am still angry at you for wearing them. I pull them off of you, none to gently and hold them in my hand. Once that is done, I reach and hold down your ankle, I pull the loop over your foot and push it tight. My fingers stroke your other ankle then sliding them up and down your calf I tease you. We both know I am going to finish tying you to this table but I love the feel of your skin and feeling the anticipation going through your body. Sliding my hand up you leg, I go along your thigh getting my hand closer and closer to your pussy. The tips of my fingers brush it for a moment then move back down your leg and that causes me to smile at your squirming. I dig my fingers into your flesh on the way back down to your ankle. Holding onto it tight I slip the strap over it and pull it tight.

You feel me leave you but only for a moment. Hands grab your face and you mouth is forced open and your own panties are forced into your mouth. You try to talk but it is muffled by the cloth in your mouth. You can taste yourself on them from the teasing, the hair pulling, the blindfold, all of that got you wet on the ride up and now you taste that in your mouth. The straps get tightened, pulling your arms over the edge of table. His footsteps sound on the hardwood floor as he walks to the end of the table. The bindings pull hard on your legs as they get spread wide, opening your pussy up. Your skirt rides all the way up and you swear you can feel his gaze on your pussy as he tightens those straps.

I notice that she was wet before but now she is dripping. I see the first strand hit the table top and makes me long to lick it up but that is not part of the plan. I reach into the bag of goodies for tonight, I pull out a paddle for later and the remote vibrator for right now. I tease your pussy with the end, getting it coated in your pussy juices as I rub it against your clit. I slide it inside you, pushing it deep inside your pussy and I leave it there. I kiss your neck softly as I turn it on for the moment. I hear you gasp as it vibrates inside you and I smile as I turn it up another notch. I pull up a chair and watch as I play with the power.

Moaning and gasping into the gag, you just want to yell but you can’t. He is killing you as he messes with power of the vibrator. You feel the tension building inside you as he turns it back down; the combination of being tied up, the hard wood, the blindfold, tasting yourself on your panties and his control over the toy in your pussy. You fight against the rising tide of your orgasm because you know he will punish you more. The wetness drips out of your pussy down along your ass and onto the table. His breath is on your ear as he licks your ear.

“No cumming little one,” I command.

That almost makes you cum but you manage to throttle it down and keep your orgasm in check. It hurts but you manage it and you squirm on the table top. You feel the cool metal of nipple clamps pinch your nipples as he puts them on then you feel the chain of the third clamp go down across your stomach. He clips it to your clit, making you yelp into the gag and writhe against your restraints. Pure torture, his teasing and tempting you to disobey him and cum but keep it under control for him, you do really want to be good for him.

I smile down at you, watching you squirm on the table. This is going better than I had planned, you look so beautiful sprawled and stretched onto the table. I lean down and kiss your stomach, enjoying the feeling of your soft skin on my lips. I push the tip of my tongue out and I lick your skin; I growl because you taste so good to me. I sit back down watching you writhe on the table. I push the vibrator remote up a notch to hear you squeal. I let this go on for about 10 minutes before turning it off and standing back up, I move to the table. I take off the blindfold and pull the panties from your mouth. You whimper a little as you look into my eyes and I see the pleas to cum that you haven’t been able to voice reflected in them. I kiss you softly.

“Now baby doll, I am going to have to punish you for being such a naughty girl and wearing panties. So stay put and I will release the straps,” I tell you.

I take the straps off your arms, then your ankles. I watch you as you straighten your clothes, pulling your skirt and shirt back down. It is so cute when you are shy about your body, even though you know I get so hard for you. I wish you understood how much I treasure all of you, that smile, those eyes, your heart and your mind but you have a hard time seeing yourself clearly, so I will keep working on it. I pull you upright as kiss you softly. My hands reach down and slide your shirt up and off. You look away from me ass I grab your skirt, I strip it off of you. Gently, I grab you and roll you over onto your stomach. I, again, strap you down to the table pulling all the straps tight so you can’t get away. Patting your ass, I pick up the paddle and I show it to you.

“Time for your spankings, ten is the count for disobeying me,” I inform you.

“Yes, sir,” You respond.

The paddle cracks down on your ass, sending ripples through your flesh.


The paddle rubs across your little ass and then it leaves and slams down on your ass again.


It hits your ass again, causing you to gasp.



“Four,” you yelp out, quivering a little. You feel your pussy dripping as he rubs the paddle along your pussy.

He waits and holds it, making you shiver in anticipation of the next crack of it on your ass. You wait for what seems like an eternity but when it comes it is just a gentle pat but still makes you jump a little.


The paddle slaps into your ass.



“Seven,” you say as you moan a little.

It cracks against your ass causing you to shudder.


He slams it into your ass, sending shiver all through your body.


He rubs the paddle along your traumatized flesh, making you groan and squirm. Then the paddle is gone and you wait for the final spank, the tenth and it doesn’t come. You wait and you feel his other hand stroking your arm but the blow doesn’t come. You raise your ass off the table, tempting him, showing him you are ready for it and that you want it but still it doesn’t come. Breathing heavily and waiting, trying to not tense up but failing as you wiggle in anticipation of the blow.

I watch you squirm while you wait, seeing that beautiful ass of yours moving and tensing as you think I am going to spank you. The tenderness of my other hand stroking your skin is confusing your brain and you love to be spanked. I give nothing away as I bring it down hard on your ass, it startles you as the sound echoes through the house. I watch you spasm and I see you squirt all over of the table top as you orgasm.

“TTTTeeennnnnn,” you moan out as you pull against the restraints, cumming so hard.

It is so hot to watch you cum from the spanking but I sigh and shake my head. You weren’t supposed to cum without my permission. I set the paddle down next to your head and push my fingers inside your wet pussy. It makes you moan a little as I play with you and I pull them out and taste you. You taste good and I love the way you feel on my fingers.

“You came, little one,” I say to you.

“I know sir, I’m soooo sorry,” you say in chagrinned tone of voice.

“I know baby doll and I hate to punish you but you need to learn,” I tell you.

Kissing you softly right between your shoulder blades, I take the vibrator and push it back into your pussy. Turning it on to high and I sit down in front of you, I stare into your eyes, a very stern look on my face.

“You aren’t going to cum, baby doll, no matter what I do from now on,” I command you as I brush some of your dark hair from your face. You just nod and bite your lower lip as the vibrator works your already sensitive pussy.

You stare at me, trying to keep from moaning like a slut as he raises and lowers the speed of the vibrator. He stands up and moves around you, you turn your head and watch him reach into his bag and pulls out your little anal toy. He spreads some lube on it and shows it to you. A wicked smile on his face as he slowly pushes it inside your ass. You still aren’t used to it as it stretches your anus and causes you to gasp as it goes in. You can feel it in your ass and the vibrations from your pussy bounces off of it causing you to shudder. He is the only one to have taken your ass and it still feels so dirty to you and wrong but so good as well. You moan into your hair as you try to keep your orgasm in check. He smiles at you as you control yourself.

I enjoy watching you squirm and I love to hear you moan as I turn the vibrator down. I watch you fight against the restraints, unconsciously trying to touch your pussy or take it the toys out to give you relief. You look at me with pleading eyes as stroke your hair and lightly tug on it. As I force your head back, I kiss you softly on the lips feeling you moan into my mouth as my tongue licks your lower lip. My hand tightens on your hair pulling on it harder.

“Please sir, Please stop, I don’t want to cum. I want to be a good girl for you. Please sir.” You moan and beg.

“Are you going to listen to me? About panties and about cumming?” I ask you.

“Yes sir, I won’t disobey again, please sir.”

“I don’t believe you, little one.”

I turn up the vibrator again and grab a hold of the anal toy. I slowly start to fuck your ass with it. You let out a growl as you work at keeping your body under your control. I love seeing the frustration in your eyes as you look over your shoulder at me. I see your gaze shift as you try to see the toy go in and out of your ass. You shudder and bow your head back down.

“Please sir, I will be good… I will always be good for you,” You beg, “I will never cum without your permission again but please let me cum for you now. I want to cum for you please sir please please….”

“You will cum after I cum baby doll.”

Standing in front of you, he pulls out his cock and teases you with it. He glides it along your lips letting you taste his precum. You stretch yourself trying to get more of him into your mouth. You love the way his cock tastes and feels in your mouth. He lets a little more of the head slide in between your lips. A little bit of his precum hits your tongue and you moan on his cock as you try harder and harder to get more it into your mouth. You want to make him cum, to feel him spew it into your mouth but he pulls it away from you.

“Does my little girl want this?” I ask you, moving it towards you and then away.

“Yes sir, please give me your cock. I want it in my mouth, sir.”

I grab your hair and pull on it. Pushing my cock forward into you waiting mouth I start fucking your face. You gag a little as I push it in and out of your mouth and you look up at me as you take my cock. I feel every inch of your mouth on my cock as it slides in and out. I let go of your hair and you take over being a great little cocksucker. I watch your head bob up and down on my cock. I stroke your hair as you suck my cock.

He feels so good in your mouth and you love the way he tastes. You only wish you could make him cum. His iron control always makes you frustrated. You just want his cum to fill your mouth but he never lets it go. You keep sucking and sliding your tongue along his cock. You struggle to cup his balls but the restraints prevent you. It is all too soon for you when he pulls his cock away from your mouth. You whine a little and pout staring up at him. His hand strokes your hair and your cheek but he keeps his cock away from your mouth.

I walk around the table my fingers trailing down your back. Your skin feels so good and I love watching you shiver they glide down along your spine. I climb up onto the table behind you, I pull out the anal toy and I feel you shudder as it comes out. Taking a little lube, I rub it onto the head of my cock as I prepare to enter your ass for the first time. I turn down the vibrator as I rub my cock along your ass and you quiver, knowing I am going to take you. Pushing my cock slowly into your ass, taking my time, letting you get used to this invasion; you are so tight around it. I slowly rock my cock in and out of you, slowly and deliberately fucking your ass.

You moan into the table as he fucks your ass. You have always wanted someone to take you in every way and now he is doing it. You feel the vibrator get turned up as he fucks you. His cock filling your ass and you feel it vibrating as well. You moan louder and squirm against the restraints. He bites the back of your neck and that almost sends you over, you love him behind you pinning you and slowly fucking you. Makes you feel like his little bitch, his little fuck toy and it makes you quiver in total lust for him, you rock your hips, driving him deeper and deeper inside you. He pulls on your hair making you head come back.

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