The summer seemed endless, Beau thought. He lay back on the bed, trying to nap. His mother’s sister-in-law, with whom he was living, was at work, and Beau had just finished the day’s chores. Beau had shown a renewed commitment to his work the past few weeks, ever since a bout of irresponsibility had led to some… harsh discipline at the hands of the mysterious and powerful man — Henry — who twice now had bent Beau completely to his will.

Beau shifted so that he lay directly on his back, his arms and legs spread. The room was hot. It was at least 95 outside, and Beau had just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage in preparation for some yard sale thing his host had planned. He had been drenched in sweat by the time he finished, and had stripped off and rinsed off under the house’s only shower, located outdoors. Exhausted from a long morning’s work, he wanted to take a nap. The heat was making that impossible.

Beau reached his hand down and absent-mindedly snapped the waistband of his small white briefs, the only item of clothing he wore. He cursed himself for being too lazy to do laundry; he would have preferred a loose pair of boxers, but the tight briefs were his last clean pair of underwear. He had just been so tired lately with all the work he had been doing around the house. Once Sarah realized that he was actually going to do what she told him to, she had put the tall, buff 18-year-old to work. Beau raised his neck and looked down at his body. His skin was bronzed from his time in the sun; his muscles rippled even more than when had had arrived. His huge dick strained the fabric of the briefs and left him with a sizeable bulge. He threw his head back and ran his hands through his hair. He was thankful that his chest was naturally smooth; less to keep track of.

His shoulder was sore from hauling things out of the garage. Beau thought of how much work he had been putting into the house lately, ever since… Henry. He thought of how helpless he had felt as Henry’s strong arms and hands had completely dominated him, how he had begged for mercy only to have his virgin ass completely destroyed by the man’s enormous tool. Beau thought of how it had felt to have the man pounding him mercilessly, Henry’s hips smashing against his soft ass…

Fuck, thought Beau. He realized that the bulge in his briefs had grown. The white cotton could barely contain it. Why did thinking about that day do this to him? How come, as hard as he tried not to, he thought about it when he jerked off? Maybe if he had been able to get some real action around here it would be different; but he hadn’t even seen a girl other than his aunt in weeks. At this point he was about ready to –

Beau sat up. He thought he heard footsteps in the house. Was that a voice…? It couldn’t be…

The door to Beau’s room opened. In the doorway stood a girl who looked to be around twenty. Beau was slack-jawed. He hadn’t seen a girl so pretty in… he had no idea. She was small, much shorter than he. She had brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She wore shorts and a tank top and carried a large, clear plastic Starbucks cup, mostly filled with ice.

“Oh! Hi!” The girl’s eyes were wide; she clearly had not expected what she saw. “I, uh… wow. I’m really sorry for barging in on you like this.” She was torn between awkwardly trying to look to the side and meeting the gaze of the large, nearly naked man on the bed in front of her.

“Uh, no, that’s okay,” replied Beau. He was confused by the girl’s behavior for a moment, before he realized that he was still on the bed propping himself up with his strong arms, his thick thighs spread, revealing his growing bulge in his small white briefs. “Oh, shit!” Beau covered his bulge as best he could with his hands. “I’m, uh, sorry, just let me get some…”

“No, no,” the girl said, settling her gaze on the younger man’s face. “I’m the one who busted in on you. I’m really sorry. It’s just that I was supposed to, like, pick up some stuff for my mom, and… well, I didn’t realize that Sarah wouldn’t be here. I’m, uh, Shannon.” She extended her hand.

“Beau.” He scooted forward on the bed and extended his own hand. Beau had large hands, but only one wasn’t up to the task of concealing his bulge. He caught the girl trying not to stare. He smirked. He wasn’t sure if she had expected to find him here or not, but he could tell she thought he was hot. Not that he blamed her. Might as well give her something to look at, he thought to himself. “So,” Beau removed both hands from his package and again used them to prop himself up on the bed. He kept his legs spread. “What brings you to my bedroom, Shannon?” He flashed her a wide, white smile. It had been a while since he had gotten to really flirt with a girl.

“I… ah, sorry,” she laughed nervously. “My mom is friends with Sarah. She asked me to come over here and pick up some stuff before the yard sale.” She tried to keep her eyes fixed on the boy’s, but she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander downward, to his cut, tan chest and stomach, and the white briefs that looked liked they were about to burst. She could tell that he wasn’t hard, and still his cock looked enormous.

Beau could practically feel the girl’s eyes sliding over his abs and his bulge. His smile only widened. He planted his feet on the bedroom carpet and stood up. He put his arms in the air and stretched, giving his visitor a totally unobstructed view of his ripped body. “Ooooh, right.” He lowered his arms and rested his hands on his hips. “Sarah said somebody might be coming by to pick some things up before the sale.” He almost laughed at the girl’s attempts not to ogle him. “You, uh, need me to help out? I’ve been doing a lot of work today already, but for you…” He flashed her another smile. Beau imagined how he was going to throw her down on the bed, slam her against the wall, make her scream when he fucked her with his rock-hard cock.

“Wow, um, yeah, I mean, that’d be great.” She attempted a drink from her straw, forgetting that she had finished it on the way over. She smiled at the boy sheepishly.

Beau took a step forward, keeping his hands on his hips. His buff, nearly-naked form was now only a foot away from the girl. “Looks like your drink is gone.”

Shannon regained her composure. The boy had caught her off-guard, and she couldn’t deny that she was taken in by his bold attempts at flirting, his showing off. She thought she should take the opportunity to flirt back. “Yeah, I guess it is.” She popped the lid off the cup and withdrew an ice cube. “Not these, though.” She placed the cube on her tongue and swallowed it, smirking at the boy’s attention to her lips. “You want one?”

“Sure.” He kept his hands on his hips. His briefs rode even lower than before as a result of the stretching, and his bulge had increased in size since Shannon entered the room. He opened his mouth to accept the ice.

Shannon, still smirking, took a cube from the cup and held it squarely against the center of the boy’s chest. Her smile widened at the gasp she elicited from Beau when the ice hit his skin.

Beau furrowed his brow and returned the girl’s smirk, but kept his hands in place. “Not what I expected.”

“Mm. But refreshing anyway.” She slowly slid the ice cube downward, leaving a cool trail of water on the muscled chest. The boy remained motionless. In fact, his eyes didn’t leave hers. The ice disappeared by the time she got halfway down his rippling abs. Damn, she thought. She had hoped to have an excuse to slide her hand down the front of his briefs. She settled for the twitch she saw in his bulge when a drop of cold water made its way into his waistband and presumably hit the base of his dick. “Want another?”

He took a step forward. His buff form was now inches away from the smaller woman. He felt powerful, in control, knowing how much she wanted him. He debated whether he’d have her give him a blowjob before he fucked her. “How about you first. Not fair, me being the only one without clothes on.”

“You’ve got clothes on.” She gestured toward his briefs.

“These?” He snapped the waistband of the underwear against his hip. “I don’t think these count.”

“Then lose ‘em.”

“How ’bout you first.” He flashed her that devilish grin, his eyes boring into hers. He took a small step toward her.

She laughed nervously. She could feel the heat emanating from his body. She had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact; the boy had nearly a foot on her. “How old are you, anyway?”

“Eighteen. You?”

“Twenty-one. You’re just a little boy.”

“Not that little.”

“Drop these and prove it.” She hooked a fingertip into the front of his briefs.

“And what’ll you give me if I do?”

“Mm. I can think of a few things.”

Beau reached his arms around the girl and cupped her ass, pushing her into him.

Shannon hadn’t planned on being seduced by a younger man like this, but she found herself practically swooning once she was pressed against his hot, hard chest, feeling his strong arms around her. “I… ah…”

“Shh. Don’t worry; I’ll lose the shorts soon enough. But first, lets –”

“I can’t believe my goddamn eyes.”

Beau was petrified. Not here. Not now. He paused for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly shifted his eyes to the side.

There stood Henry. The man somehow seemed to get bigger every time Beau saw him. He stood in Beau’s doorway, looking as if he could snap the doorframe with a shrug. He was more dressed-up than Beau had ever seen him, wearing a short-sleeved button-down with his usual jeans and work boots. His graying hair was cropped close, and Beau could see the salt-and-pepper stubble that had rubbed his shoulder raw when Henry had fucked his then-virgin ass. Henry’s arms were crossed, and there was fire behind his eyes.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” protested Shannon. She attempted to extricate herself from the boy’s arms, which now were inflexible as granite. “I’m sorry about this, sir.” She grunted. “Get off! Sheesh.” She brushed herself off and shot a dirty look at Beau. She faced the new arrival. “Sorry, again. We didn’t hear you come in.”

“Mm.” The man didn’t take his eyes off Beau, nor did his expression change. “And what is it I interrupted, boy?”

Beau’s eyes hadn’t left Henry’s since they met them. He had only been able to stare, his mouth hanging open.

“We were just…” Shannon started.

“I know your mother, young lady. She says you’re a good girl. But I asked this big idiot over here a question. What is it I interrupted, boy? You should know by now that I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“I… uh… sir, we were just, um…” The last time Beau saw Henry, it had been over his shoulder as the man shot his load deep inside Beau’s ass. Seeing him again, let alone in his bedroom, was surreal. Beau was currently wearing the most clothes Henry had ever seen him wear — this was the first time Henry had seen Beau not naked — yet he somehow felt more vulnerable than ever. As the realization that Henry was here hit him, he instinctively stood straight with his arms at his side.

Shannon decided it was best to keep quiet. She wasn’t sure what the relationship between these two was, but she knew she had missed something. The boy who had previously been seconds away from seducing her was now himself completely under their visitor’s control. She could sense it just from Beau’s body language.

“Yeah, yeah. I know what you were doing. In Sarah’s house, while she’s gone, no less. Shoulda known you’d need more than one lesson. God above, but I’ve never seen a boy dumb as you.” Henry crossed the room and stood inches away from Beau. He looked the boy up and down; he couldn’t repress a smirk at the boy’s straining white briefs. “Thought I told you to mind Sarah and stick to your chores. And here I find you trying to put your punk moves on a nice young girl. I thought I made myself clear. Guess not though.”

Beau’s eyes were wide. It was bad enough that Henry was here at all, bad enough that he was barely covered by his briefs when the other two in the room were fully dressed, but on top of that there was the possibility that Henry was going to humiliate him in front of Shannon, totally killing any chance he’d ever have with the girl. “Hey, uh, why don’t you just take off, Shan. Text me later.”

Henry gave Beau a quick, sharp slap to the face. Though Henry barely had to flick his wrist, Beau’s head snapped to the side. “You the one giving out orders here, boy? That’s not how you address a lady. Shoot, I have more work to do on you than I thought. You just stay where you are, young lady. This might be instructive for you, too.” Henry roughly grabbed the hair at the back of the boy’s head.

Beau quickly thought over his options. The last time he tried to fight back against Henry, he wound up with a black eye. Beau was stronger now than he was then, but he knew that the older man could kick his ass without breaking a sweat. He wasn’t sure what Henry had in store for him, but he doubted it’d be more embarrassing than getting his ass kicked by someone more than twenty years his senior. But letting himself be manhandled in front of the girl wasn’t going to help either; he had to be a man. He figured that Henry would rather back off than have a confrontation in front of the girl. Beau reached one hand around his back and grabbed Henry’s wrist where the older man had a hold of his hair; he placed the palm of his other hand on Henry’s chest. “Hey, fuck you, man. Get your hands off me, and get the fuck out of my room before I kick your ass.” Beau looked the older man straight in the eye.

Henry didn’t even bother responding. He dragged the struggling Beau by the back of his head to the bed, and with one swift motion flipped the boy so that he lay on his stomach across Henry’s lap as he sat on the bed. Henry held him down with a single arm. He could tell the boy had gotten stronger, but he was still nothing compared to Henry. As before, he chuckled to himself as the boy squirmed. Even moreso now, as Beau lay across his lap, his bubble butt in the air and straining the cotton briefs, and his beefy legs kicking helplessly.

Shannon was taken aback. She completely understood now why Beau had become obedient the minute Henry had walked in the room. The older man could toss even the tall, buff boy around like a rag doll. She was amazed that the stud she had been about to let fuck her was now lying completely helpless across the older man’s lap. She wasn’t sure whether to leave or stay and watch.

“Hey!” Beau shouted in desperation. He attempted to wriggle free, but he recognized this feeling of helplessness from the time Henry forced him to the ground. As much as he flailed his arms and legs, Henry’s vice-like grip refused to fail. “Fuck — come on, man, just let me up. I’ll fucking — just fucking let me up”

“Boy, if you’re gonna act like a spoiled fuckin’ brat, that’s how I’m gonna treat you. I’m gonna do what your mama shoulda done years ago. ” With the hand that wasn’t currently occupied pinning the wriggling youth, Henry roughly yanked down Beau’s briefs, revealing his large, but toned ass.

Beau was mortified. He looked toward Shannon, who was gazing wide-eyed at his bare ass.


Beau shouted. Henry had brought his large, strong hand down hard on Beau’s ass. A girl or two before had playfully spanked Beau, but this was different. He had never felt a blow like that on his ass. He heard himself making pathetic whimpering sounds, but he couldn’t stop.

Shannon couldn’t look away. She saw that the man’s huge hand left a large, bright red imprint where he had just struck. She put her hand to her mouth. She had never seen a guy as big and strong as Beau get completely owned and humiliated like this. She would have been lying had she said she wasn’t intrigued.


Beau again shouted as Henry’s hand laid another harsh blow on the soft skin of his ass. Beau was still thrashing, but he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. He had a vague idea that he looked silly with his legs kicking behind him, but he’d do anything to avoid the pain of another –



“PLEASE,” Beau cried. “Please just stop!”

Henry paused, his arm in the air, ready to bring down another spank. “What’s that, boy? You’re a big strong man when it comes time to fuck around, but not when it’s time to accept the consequences?”


“FUCK. Please, please I’ll do anything. Sir! Just let me up please!”

Henry rested his palm on the reddened mound of Beau’s ass. He caressed it softly. “What do you think, girl? You think this dummy’s learned his lesson?”

Shannon was speechless. She had seen this man go from savagely slapping Beau’s ass to what almost looked like a display of tenderness. Besides, she just saw an 18-year-old boy get manhandled and spanked bare-ass right in front of her.

Henry pulled his arm upward once again, ready to continue his assault. “I said, you think he’s learned his lesson? Or does he need more punishment?”

“SHANNON PLEASE!” Beau locked eyes with the girl.

Shannon saw that the once-cocky young stud had tears forming in his eyes, and there was fear in his voice as he pleaded.

For his part, Beau was too concerned with the pain to think about how incredibly embarrassed he would be when this was over.

“He’s learned his lesson! He’ll be good. Sir.”

“Well, well.” Henry lowered his hand and gave Beau’s red ass a light pat, smirking at the wince it elicited from the boy. “Looks like you better say ‘Thank you’ to this nice girl for saving your ass, boy. Stand up and make yourself presentable.” Henry pulled the boy’s briefs back up over his ample round ass, letting the waistband snap against Beau’s skin. Finally, he lifted both his arms off the boy.

As soon as Beau felt himself free from Henry’s steel-cable hands, he shuffled off the man’s lap and awkwardly stood. He looked first to his assailant, who sat on Beau’s bed with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. Beau then turned to look at Shannon as he absent-mindedly rubbed his tender ass. He met the girl’s eyes, both incredibly humiliated and unaware of how humiliated he’d be in a second. Shannon’s eyes were practically bugging out of her skull as she looked at — “Oh, fuck!”

Beau’s dick was hard as a rock. His tight, thin briefs weren’t remotely up to the task of keeping it covered, and so a good five inches of Beau’s cock slipped through the waistband of the briefs, pressed against his abs and throbbing. Beau quickly moved to cover his huge erection with his hands, though his attempts were awkward and insufficient, and he was continually distracted by the pain on his ass.

Henry rose and stood behind Beau. “Boy, what did I tell you about standing up straight when I am present? Same goes for this young lady. That means back straight, arms back, boy, unless you think I need to use my belt on you this time.”

Without hesitation, Beau snapped his head and shoulders back, and stood at attention, his arms at his side. His raging member was now completely visible straining out of his briefs, but Beau would have done anything to avoid more punishment, even further humiliate himself further in front of the girl he had planned on fucking not twenty minutes ago. He couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

Shannon gaped. She wasn’t sure which was more impressive — the level of control the older man had over the formerly cocky young stud, or the size of said stud’s cock, which was even bigger than she had hoped.

Had Shannon been able to see behind Beau, where Henry stood, she’d have seen the older man’s strong hand find its way down the back of Beau’s briefs and quickly find the boy’s asshole. Henry pushed against the boy’s hole, penetrating him. Beau gasped, and nearly spun around.

“Beau?” Shannon asked. “Are you okay?”

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