We had won an all expenses trip to New York for three days. My wife Kim was excited, because we haven’t had a trip alone since our son was born. The trip included airfare, hotel, a shopping spree, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant night before we were departing home. Kim had put on a little weight since giving birth, but still looked beautiful at 28.

Kim stands at 5’6″ without heels, and has beautiful legs. Kim had long brunette hair, but decided to get it cut before the trip. She didn’t want to waste time with it while on vacation. Kim had started to wear 34DD bras since the birth, and I was not complaining. Kim has large areolas and nipples that were always at attention. I loved playing with her nipples, especially in public.

Kim hated when I did that, because she was a bit shy and never liked people staring at her. Kim gained a little extra weight in the butt, and was working out to get rid of the little extra she was carrying. Kim always kept her pussy area neatly trimmed. She never shaved it completely bald, but kept it a tiny landing strip above her lips

The first day we were there we went shopping. Kim couldn’t believe all the stores that were around our hotel. Kim picked out some pretty conservative clothing to buy, except when we hit a fancy dress store. Kim sent me away to do some shopping on my own when she was in this store. I had remembered her checking it out on the internet before we left. She was very excited to see the store in person. I returned an hour later to see Kim getting ready to check out with a big smile on her face.

We decided to get an early dinner and drinks, and relax for a busy tomorrow. The dinner was at the hotel restaurant, and we decided to dress a little casual. Kim told me to go down to the bar have a couple of drinks, and she would meet me down there. Kim picked out the clothes I was to wear and went to take a shower.

She just finished with her shower when I was ready to leave. I went to say goodbye, but the bathroom door was locked. Kim yelled through the door to go down to the bar, and she would be there in a half hour. I waited for about forty five minutes when Kim finally made it down.

She was wearing a new blue dress that came down to just above her knees. The material was thin, and I could see her nipples poking through. Either she did not have a bra on, or it is really thin bra. My eyes wandered farther down and see she was wearing pantyhose or stockings. I was unable to tell which because the dress hung a little loose on her body.

The shiny material covered her legs really turned me on. I loved it when she wore pantyhose, and especially loved it when she wore a garter belt and stockings. I looked lower and see Kim was wearing a new pair of high heels. They are a little higher than what she normally wore, and it made her calves look wonderful. I couldn’t wait until latter and see how beautiful the heels made her ass look.

We got a few drinks at the bar, and put in for a table. The people were starting to pack into the bar, and Kim and I are pushed together against the bar. Kim breasts were smashed against my chest, and I could feel her nipples poking me. Kim was getting nervous. She never liked crowded areas, and she started to panic a little bit.

Two guys moved on either side of us, and I could see another guy moving in behind my wife. Her breasts moved back and forth across my chest as she looked around looking for an escape. Her nipples were getting harder as they got stimulated from the movement. She stopped looking around, and looked into my eyes and a smile crossed her face. She leaned in and whispers “not now you are going to have to wait for that.” I had no clue at what she was talking about. Her mouth was next to my ear as she moaned how good that felt.

I looked down her back and see the back of dress bunched up, and an arm sticking out the back. The arm was moving back and forth, and I could only guess that this stranger is rubbing my wife’s pussy from between her now spread legs. My wife told me to stop again, because she was getting turned on and was afraid she would scream out. I didn’t want her freaking out, so I kept it to myself that it was not me rubbing her pussy.

I grabbed the guys arm, and he stopped the rubbing action. The guy removed his hand, and my wife thanked me for relieving her anxiety about crowds. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a little squeeze. She told me she was disappointed that her secret got revealed sooner than what she expected. I was about to ask what the secret was when our name was called for a table, and we made our way through the crowd.

When we reached the table I could see that Kim was mad. She was pissed that as we were going to the table several men took advantage, and grabbed her all over. She had her ass and tits mauled by these perverts, and she made sure the hostess knew how pissed she was. I was now glad that I didn’t say anything about the stranger that rubbed her pussy. It would have been a big scene, and I am sure it would have lasted the rest of the trip.

Throughout the whole dinner all that I could think about was my wife being manhandle, and how she almost came on a strangers fingers. We finally finished dinner and made our way to the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed I was all over her. I grabbed the back of her dress and pulled it up, so I had access to her ass. My hands felt her bare ass, and a thin piece of material that disappeared into her ass crack.

I now knew that she was wearing stockings, and I felt around to see if she was wearing a garter belt. I hit pay dirt as I felt the straps holding up the stockings. I made a comment how surprised she was wearing a garter belt and stockings. Kim gave me a funny look as she tells me that I already knew that in the bar. I covered it up by saying I could not get a good feel with so many people around.

Kim states that I got a good enough feel on her pussy, and ruined the second surprise. I am still lost, but I know better than to say anything now. We practically run to the room. Both of us were hotter than hell, and I couldn’t wait to get at that wet pussy. Once we were through the door I started ripping off my clothes until I was completely naked.

I jumped on the bed as Kim stood at the foot of the bed. Kim slid the zipper down her dress, and let it fall down her body. My mouth dropped open as I looked at my stunning wife. Her 34DDs were clad in a black see thru bra. I could see why her nipples were on display at the bar. The bra left nothing to the imagination. I could see her large areolas on display, and her nipples were almost ripped through the fabric.

My eyes wandered down, and see that her workouts had done wonders to her body. Her stomach had tightened up, and there was very little fat left on her body. Farther down I can see the black garter belt, and just below that was a black thong made of the same material that the bra was made of. What really got my attention was that I could not see any hair behind the thong. That was her second secret.

She had shaved herself bald for me. It hit me that a perfect stranger knew this before me, but I know if I would have told her this would not be happening now. I looked even lower to her bare thighs, and reached the tops of the stockings. My eyes kept going down her stocking clad legs until I reached the high heels she is wearing.

She cleared her throat and brought my attention back up to her face. She told me the show starts up here as she unclasped her bra, and let it drop to the floor. Her breasts dropped a little bit, but they were as firm as the day in married her. Her nipples called out to me to play with them, but she stopped me as I try to move.

She told me the show was not over as she turned around, and grabbed the sides of her thong. She bent at the waist as she pulled the thong down her legs. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see her bald pussy lips from behind. She stood up straight and faced me again. My eyes could not leave her pussy. I had never seen her like this, and I just wanted to dive right in.

Kim climbed on the bed and pushed me back. She climbed between my legs and started to lick my raging hard on. Kim opened her mouth and took it all the way in. Her head started to bob up and down as she gave me the greatest blow job I have ever had.

She suddenly stopped and switched her position. She had rotated her body, and had her legs on each side of my head. The view was beautiful. I had a close up look of my wife’s bare pussy. I could not wait, and I started working over her pussy with my tongue as she started sucking my dick again. Kim was wet before I even stuck my tongue in her, but now her juices were flowing. She came quickly, and her juices were all over my face. I pushed her off me and climbed on top of her, and positioned myself between her spread legs.

I pushed my dick into her wet pussy, and all that I could think about was the guy in the bar that rubbed her pussy lips to the point of orgasm. I took her stocking clad ankles in my hands and put them on my shoulders. I drove into her hard and fast. I took my hands and played with her nipples. They were hard as rocks. My dick was pounding her without mercy, and she loved it.

Kim came again, and the sensation sent me over edge as my sperm coated her pussy. I leaned down and took a hard nipple in my mouth while my soft dick stayed inside of her. Kim loved it when I played with her nipples. She started rocking her hips back and forth on my soft dick. She wanted more and I hoped I could give it to her.

I started to think of the guys grabbing her on the way to the table. I pictured multiple hands all over her at once. My dick responded by growing harder as the scene played in my head. I got off Kim and rolled her over. She responded by getting on all fours with her head on the bed, and her ass in the air. I knelt behind her as my dick is now completely hard again.

I pushed into her pussy from behind, and started thrusting back and forth. One hand went to her tits and played with her nipples. The other hand found her clit, and I started to play with it. Kim was going nuts. I knew everyone in the rooms around us could hear what was going on. Kim came twice in a row with some muffled screams as she put her head into the pillows. I had filled her pussy for a second time tonight.

Kim was exhausted, and laid face down on the bed. I got good look at her tight ass, and her gaping pussy. Our combined juices were oozing out from her parted lips, and started to soak into the sheets. I decided to take advantage of her tired state, and scooped up some of cum that was leaking out. I used one hand to separate her ass cheeks, and the other hand to spread cum around her tiny opening. Kim had never let me touch her there before. She had anal before and never liked it. Now with her tired state, and still coming down from her last orgasm she was letting me have my way.

I inserted one finger in her ass, and started to move it around. Kim wiggled a little bit, but she did not resist me. I inserted a second finger and started moving them in and out of her ass. Kim started rocking her body like she was dry humping the bed. She seemed to be hitting the right spot, because her moans grew louder as she got closer to another orgasm. My dick was hard again, and I could not believe it. It must be the thought of fucking my wife in the ass for the first time that was doing it. I grabbed some more cum, and lubed up my dick.

Once I thought I had enough on my dick I slowly started to push it in her tight ass. The fingers must have stretched her enough to allow me access. I slowly started pumping, pushing more and more of my dick inside of her until I was all the way in. Once I was fully inside of her I moved in and out picking up the pace. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was about ready to explode. It felt so good being inside her tight ass, and it seemed that Kim liked it too. Her body tensed as another orgasm hit her.

I had enough and dump another load of cum into her body. Kim fell instantly asleep as cum dripped from her ass. I got up and grabbed a towel to clean up my wife. I cleaned her up as much as possible, and reluctantly removed the garter belt, high heels, and stockings. I eventually fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The next morning Kim woke up a little sore, and scolded me for being too rough. I told her I heard no complaining, but we may get some from our neighbors. Kim turned red as she made her way to bathroom. She needed a shower to wash off what I missed the night before. Once both of us were showered and dressed we hit the city for some sightseeing. Kim wore an oversized shirt with some white leggings and tennis shoes with ankle socks.

Most of what we want to see was a ways from our hotel, so we decided to take the subway. I figured it would be good practice for tonight. The dinner was all the way on the other side of city, and we were told the subway was the best way to travel. The ride to our sightseeing adventure went smoothly, but the ride back was anything but.

First, it was crowded since work was letting out, and Kim and I were squished together like in the bar. Second, several of guys around us took advantage of the closeness and copped some feels on my wife. I could see several hands moving around. I looked at Kim, and was just standing there with her eyes clamped shut. She was taking it without screaming out. I could tell she wanted to get out of there, but we were trapped within the wall of bodies. I saw Kim’s body tense, so I looked down and see someone had raised the back her shirt up to her waist and I could see a hand between her ass cheeks getting close to her pussy.

The subway came to a stop, and the hands disappeared. Kim asked if this was our stop, and I informed her we had one more to go. I could see a tear roll down her face as she held me close. The rest of trip nothing else happened and we made it to our stop. Kim was relieved and ran out the doors. When we were safely in the hotel room she told me what happened. During the first part of the trip there was only rubbing of bodies together, but as the train continued they got bolder. She felt several hands on her ass, and a couple tried to feel her pussy.

I asked her why she didn’t tell me, or put a stop it herself. She broke down crying that she didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone. Kim took off her shirt to take another shower. I took a quick look at her white leggings before she could make it to the bathroom. Kim was not wearing any panties, and the fabric covering her pussy was soaked. The wet fabric was clinging to her bald pussy lips. It gave me best view of camel toe I had ever seen. No wonder she didn’t try to stop it. She was embarrassed it was turning her on.

Kim didn’t want to take the subway to the restaurant. I told her that it the only way to avoid traffic and it would be less crowded at night. She finally agreed, and we started getting dressed. Again she did this in the bathroom with the door locked. I waited on the bed with my new suit on. She finally emerged from the bathroom wearing a dress she purchased at that fancy dress shop. I loved it.

It went half down hear thigh and clung to her body. The front of the dress was very low cut showing plenty of flesh, and from the way her nipples were sticking out I could tell she was not wearing a bra. I wanted a picture of her in it, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures with the flash on. I checked out the pictures on the camera and noticed that with the flash the dress was see- thru.

Looking at the pictures I could pick out her areolas and nipples. I could see she was wearing a thong with stay up stockings. She wanted to see the picture, but told her it didn’t turn out. I told her to put on her heels, and I would take some more pictures without the flash. She posed a little bit as I took a few more. We grabbed our coats, and we headed towards the subway. To Kim’s relief the subway was near empty. We found some seats, and talked as we head to the restaurant.

Once at the restaurant we were told it will be a little wait for our table to be ready, so they directed us the bar for some free drinks. An hour later we got seated. We were both feeling the booze a little bit, but had a wonderful dinner. A few more glasses of wine and Kim and I were really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

As we walked back to the subway Kim told me I am in for the night of my life. I knew it was the booze talking, and I also knew that it would be hard to top last night. We made it to the platform to wait for the next subway when a large group came down the stairs. The place got crowded in a hurry. I looked around and see mostly men in business suits.

The men that had women with them were holding them tight as they wait for the next subway. I was about to grab Kim when the subway pulled up, and we were swept through the doors. Kim and I were separated. I looked around and see Kim’s arms as she was grabbing the handrail above her. I tried to make my way over, but could only make it a few feet. I could see her through the crowd a little bit, but she couldn’t seem to see me. Kim was completely surrounded by men, and I could see their bodies as they rubbed up against her.

An announcement blared over the speakers that there was a ten minute delay due to something on the track. Everyone moaned, but they knew there is nothing they could do. It started getting hot in the compartment with all those bodies. Everyone started to remove their coats to get a little more comfortable. Kim did the same. As soon as her hands hit the handrail I could see other hands moving around her.

I tried to get closer, but the subway started to move and I was thrown back. I could see that Kim has lost her balance also, and had dropped her coat. She tried to bend over to pick it up, but instead stood straight up with her eyes clamped shut. I could see through the bodies that someone had grabbed her ass.

The other men around her saw that she was not trying to stop the first man, so their hands joined in the fun. I saw several hands playing with her tits through her dress. Other hands were grabbing and pinching her ass. I noticed a couple of hands moving to the front of her trying to get a feel of her pussy. Kim didn’t like this, and lowered her hands to stop the assault. This turned out to be a big mistake. Two men on either side of her grabbed her wrists and held them down by her side. Kim was about to say something when the man from behind her removed his tie and gagged her with it.

This made it open game on my wife’s body. Hands were flying everywhere. Someone grabbed the thin straps of her dress and pulled them down her shoulders. The lower the straps got the more of her breasts got exposed. Finally both her breasts were exposed to everyone, and two men latched on to her nipples with their mouths. The other hands were working their way under her dress feeling as much skin as possible.

Kim was shaking her head back and forth as the hands and mouths continue the assault. The men holding her wrist got tired of being left out, and slipped Kim’s arms through the straps of her dress. Another man took his tie and bound Kim to the overhead handrail. Now with her arm secured above her head there was nothing she could do to stop the men.

I looked on in amazement as wife was tied up topless on a subway. Part of me wanted to stop it, but another part was getting turned on. I watched as the hem of her dress was raised to her waist. As she struggled to free herself I could see the thong she wore come into view. My dick was rock hard seeing my wife’s tits and ass exposed, and being played with by strangers.

All of sudden the train stopped at the first station, and a few people get off. No one that was assaulting my wife left. They resumed as soon as the subway started moving again. I could see one hand had moved the front of her thong to the side, and his fingers were rubbing her pussy lips. Before the guys fingers could enter her pussy. All hands and mouths moved away.

Kim’s dress was pulled down off her body. She was now standing a subway train in only a thong, stockings, and heels. At least with the dress around her waist I could have dressed her quickly. Someone decided the thong was too much and ripped it from her body. My wife was now only dressed in stockings and heels. We had one more stop before ours, and I started to make a plan to get her out.

As we about to reach the next stop the subway screeched to a halt. The only person not hit the floor was Kim. Luckily the men realized this and quickly stood up to make sure no one saw their prize. The announcement came that there is a situation at the next platform, and they could not move until it was clear. I saw tears stream down Kim’s face as she realized she is not going anywhere. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off the men’s faces as the assault continued.

I watched my wife scream into her gag as the first finger penetrated her pussy. As he pulled it back out I could see it was covered in her juices. The guy then inserted two fingers into my wife as she just stared at the ceiling. The man started to finger fuck my wife. I watched as she closes her eyes, and spread her legs apart to give him better access. Kim’s body started to rock back and forth as the finger moved faster in and out of her pussy. Two guys latched onto her nipples, and her hips started to move faster. I could see what was going to happen next.

A man behind her was spiting on his fingers lubing them up for insertion. Two other men grabbed Kim’s ass cheeks and separated them. Kim’s eyes flew open as the finger entered her ass. Kim tried to move her hips forward to stop the guy from entering her ass, but was stopped by the guy’s fingers in her pussy. I could see the guys thumb started to move in circles on her clit. Kim bucked her hips back to stop the assault on her clit, and the finger in her ass was pushed all the way in the knuckle.

Kim started moving back and forth to get rid of the fingers. To anyone watching it looked like Kim was enjoying all the fingers that penetrated her body. A few bystanders moved in to get a closer view of the show. The only clue that she was not enjoying it was the tears running down her face.

The guys watching started to get bored, and wanted to do more than just watching. Someone reached up and untied one of Kim’s wrists, and brought her hands down. The guys directed her to one of the empty seats near me. They sat Kim down on the edge of the seat facing out. They forced her down on her back, and someone tied her hands to a metal bar above her head. I had a great view of my wife from the waist down. Kim’s legs were clamped shut, but you could still her wet bald pussy lips. I could see a couple of guys leaning over the back of the seat.

Their arms were moving all over the place. I could just imagine them playing with her tits and nipples. I watched as a guy stepped up to my wife in the isle. The guy placed his hands on Kim’s stocking covered legs, and tried to spread them. Kim put up a fight, but lost the battle as her legs were parted. I now had a great shot of her bald pussy. I could see her lips shiny from the juices that have escaped her pussy. The guy grabbed Kim’s legs and raised them above her body, and spread her even farther. As he did this her pussy started to open, and I could see her clit poking out a little bit.

I was rock hard watching the whole scene unfold. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching, and I was surprised to see everyone in our car staring at my wife’s exposed pussy. Two of the watchers stuck out from the rest. Two young ladies not more than 21 were watching with looks of disgust on their faces. I could hear them talking about how much of a slut my wife was, and if she wanted to get gang banged she should have gotten a room.

One of the ladies is a small blonde wearing a short black cocktail dress with bare legs. Her tits were smaller than my wife’s, but were decent size. I could tell she was a little turned by the way her nipples were straining against her dress. The other lady was a brunette wearing a silver cocktail dress. She had smaller tits than the first, and I tried to see if her nipples were hard, but her dress was too thick.

Looking at her legs I could see they were covered in nylon. I doubted that she was wearing stockings. This younger generation hardly ever wore stockings unless they were going to a costume party. She kept moving uncomfortably in her seat, and her dress rode up enough for me to confirm that she had on pantyhose. I was working on a plan to free my wife, and maybe get a little action myself. I just needed to separate the two women for what I was thinking.

I turned to watch my wife just in time. The man between Kim’s spread legs placed them on his shoulders and was dropping his pants. I watched in amazement as he leaned in closer to my wife. His dick was about the same size as mine, so I knew it would not hurt her. As the tip hit my Kim’s lips she started to struggle.

The guys playing with her tits were holding her down, and the guy on top just grabbed her hips, and forced his dick in to the hilt. The only sound you heard in the entire car was coming from Kim. You could hear her muffled screams as the guy started fucking my wife. He started pounding in and out picking up the pace with each stroke.

Kim’s screams started to turn into moans as the guy kept pumping. The guy suddenly stopped pumping, and buried is dick to the hilt in Kim’s pussy. I knew what was going to happen, and by Kim’s reaction she also knew. I could barely make out through the gag “No, not in me.” Kim struggled harder trying to push the guy away with her legs.

All of a sudden she stopped, and I knew he was dumping his load in her. The guy pulled out his deflated dick, and I could see it was covered with both of their juices. The guy dropped her legs, and the heels made a sharp sound as they hit the floor. Kim never tried to close her legs as the next guys took his position. I could see his cum escaping her gapping pussy and running down her ass crack.

The next guy was ready, so he grabbed her legs and put her in the same position as the first guy. He was a bit larger, but had no trouble entering my wife’s wet pussy. This was too much for Kim. I watched as she started rocking her hips back and forth. From the muffled moans I knew she was close to an orgasm. Kim’s body tensed as she arched her back.

The moans turned to screams of ecstasy as I saw her cum escape her pussy from around the guy’s dick. The guy kept pumping away as a second orgasm racked my wife’s body. He finally buried his dick to the hilt, and came in my wife. She never tried to struggle as she took all of his cum in her pussy.

The third guy wanted a new position. He picked up Kim and placed her so she was kneeling on the seat with her ass in the air. The guy spread her stocking clad legs enough to step between them. I could see her pussy lips were still parted, and cum was dripping down her thighs. I looked over at the blonde and brunette to see their reaction. The blonde was staring at my wife’s dripping pussy with her legs spread a little bit. Her dress had ridden up, and I had a great view of her silky thighs. The brunette still had a look of disgust on her face, but I noticed her legs also parted and she was rubbing her nylon covered inner thigh.

The third guy entered Kim from behind and started pumping away. The brunette had enough and stood to leave. She tried to get the blonde to join her, but the blonde wanted to watch some more. The brunette stood there trying to convince her, but the blonde just stared at the guy’s dick pumping in and out of my wife. The brunette turned and walked towards me calling my wife every name in the book. As she passed me I could see why she was upset. Her juices were running down her legs making her nylons shiny on her inner thighs. I also noticed a wet patch on the back of her dress.

Now my plan could go into effect. I moved a little closer to the blonde and my wife. I could see the man’s dick pounding my wife’s pussy better. I could also see the a couple more guys playing with Kim’s swinging 34DDs. I watched as she threw her head back with another orgasm. I turned and watched the blonde as she was mesmerized by my wife’s fucking. I watched as she had her two hands under her dress as she squeezed her legs together.

There were a couple guys off to the side watching the blonde as she put on her own show. I leaned into the blonde and warned her about the guys watching her. I didn’t want her to stop, but in order to save my wife I needed the blonde in my control. I told her we should move a little farther away before they decided to put her in the mix. As we moved a couple of seats away I heard the two guys talking about taking Kim in the ass. I had to move fast before their turn came up. The blonde sat down next to me, and resumed watching my wife take it doggy style.

As before the blonde’s legs started to part, but her hands remained at her side. I made my move, and place my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. She didn’t respond at first, but looked at me as my hand went higher up her leg. She wanted to know what I am doing. I told her that was my wife getting raped and if she doesn’t do what I say I would rip off her dress, and let her get gang banged instead. I could see the fear in her eyes as my hand went even higher up her leg. My hand made contact with soaked panties, and she let out a little whimper.

My finger traced her wet pussy lips, and I pushed her panties into her pussy as I search for her clit. I rubbed her clit as she grinded her pussy into my hand. I pulled her on top of me with her legs on either side of mine. I watched my wife as my hands went up the back of the blonde’s dress to feel her tight little ass. I now found out she was wearing a thong as my hand felt bare flesh. The third guy came in Kim’s pussy and a fourth guy was getting behind my wife and put his dick in my wife’s sloppy pussy.

I knew my wife couldn’t take anymore, but I wanted to fuck this young blonde before I stopped it. I reached up and pulled the straps of the blonde’s dress down exposing her tits to me. I had her perky tits directly in front of my face. Her small nipples were standing straight out inviting me. My mouth went directly to her nipples sucking each one, and then I used my teeth on them. I felt the blonde start to grind my dick as she was getting hotter and hotter.

My hand reached behind her, and starts playing with her ass. As my finger traced her crack the grinding got harder. I few people that were watching my wife notice the new show, and start watching the blonde. I didn’t want her freaking out, so I took off my tie and blindfolded her. I ordered her to stand, and she immediately complied. I yanked her dress down, and left her standing in only her black lacey thong and heels.

The blonde flinched when my hands went to the waistband of her thong. I peeled the wet thong down her legs. When it reached her ankles she instinctively raised one leg at a time for me to remove them. I placed them in my pocket. I wanted a trophy from tonight. Here was this young blonde woman standing in front of me wearing nothing but heels. My eyes wandered down her body until I reached a neatly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair, and a little lower were her bald pussy lips.

Her pussy lips were shiny from her juices, and I barely even touched her yet. My fingers traced her outer lips as she gave a little shutter and spread her legs. My fingers separated her lips, and I could see her clit poking out, and I could see how wet she was. I grabbed her hips and turned her around.

I quickly undid my pants and pulled them down with my boxers. My hard on was sticking straight up as I pulled her down to my lap. Her body tensed as she fells bare flesh, and a hard on poking her in the ass. I reach around and start playing with her nipples with one hand, as the other plays with her clit. The blonde body relaxed a little bit until another orgasm hit her body.

I couldn’t wait anymore. Guy number five was getting close, and the guys that talked about taking Kim’s ass were coming up. I quickly stood the blonde up and turn her around. As I grabbed her hips and pulled her back down on my lap, but this time my dick was pointed right at her pussy. My dick made contact with her outer lips, and it easily slid into her wet pussy. I took a nipple into my mouth as I bounced her up and down.

Since the blonde is not gagged her moans echo in the subway car. This gets everyone attention. Even the guy fucking my wife stopped to take it in. The blonde screamed out with another orgasm. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and exploded inside of her. The blonde’s head slumped to my shoulder as she was exhausted. I stood up with her in my arms, and my soft dick still in her pussy.

Guy number five came into my wife’s pussy, and pulled out his limp dick. I pushed the Blonde towards the waiting crowd and yell “fresh meat.” The blonde has no time to react before the remaining guys attacked her body. They laid her on the ground, and before her head touched the ground there was a guy between her spread legs sticking his dick into her pussy.

This gave me the break I needed as I went to my wife. As I got to her I could see her hands were still tied, and her legs were still spread wide open. I noticed the large amount of cum that was leaking out of her pussy. I quickly untied her hands, and looked for her dress. I found it on the next seat, and saw that it was still in great shape. I found myself still staring at her gaping pussy, but I knew that I had to get her out of there.

I stood her up and put her dress on, as I pulled the bottom of the dress down I found my hands running down her bare thighs and stocking clad legs. I looked around and found her coat. I didn’t bother looking for her thong, and started walking her towards the front of the car. I looked back to see they changed the blonde’s position. She was now on riding on top of one guy while giving another guy a blow job. I watched as a third guy lined his dick up to shove it in her ass. We made it to the front to see the brunette sitting there by herself. She was still rubbing her thigh through soaked pantyhose.

I sat Kim down and walked up to the brunette. She stopped rubbing immediately and looked up at me. I tried to look as angry as I could as I scolded her on what she called my wife, and stated the fact that they were raping my wife, and she did nothing about it. I told her my wife did not enjoy any of it, and tried to get away. Unlike her who seemed to enjoy watching my wife get raped.

Her face turned red and her head dropped. She knew she was caught. I told her that she was going to apologizes to my wife and then go and try to save her friend. The brunette’s head snapped up and looked to the back as three more guys where getting in position to fuck her friend. The brunette started to stand up to help, but I stopped her and told her the apology first.

The brunette was in a hurry to save her friend, so she quickly apologized and turned towards the back. I told her that is not good enough, and should do it proper. The brunette was confused as I stood my tired wife up, and laid her coat on the ground. As I was putting my wife down on her back I raised her dress to her waist, so her bare pussy was showing through her spread legs. Kim didn’t move as her sloppy pussy was on display. I told the brunette that she was to clean my wife’s pussy by using her mouth.

I brunette refused to do this, and got angry at the suggestion. I reminded her that her friend needs her before more guys join the fun. I made the point that I hoped the blonde is on the pill, because they were not using protection. The brunette’s eyes got wide as she knew the blonde was unprotected. She tried to move by me, but I kept getting in her way. The brunette finally relented as the next group took its turn with her friend. The brunette knelt between Kim’s legs, and started using her tongue to clean her out. The brunette only had one a lesbian encounter before.

In fact, it was with her blonde friend, so eating pussy was not that bad. The only thing she disliked was the taste of the guys cum that was in my wife’s pussy. The brunette was starting to get into it, and by Kim’s reaction so was she. Kim never had been with another woman, but I think she was changing her mind by the way she started moaning. I was getting hard watching all the action around me. I decided to see how good this brunette’s pussy really was.

I lifted up the back of dress to see her pantyhose clad ass. The brunette was not wearing any panties. I guessed that was why her juices were flowing down her legs earlier. I love the feel of nylon, so I started rubbing her ass, and between her legs to feel her wet pussy. I got no resistance from the brunette as I continue to rub everywhere the pantyhose covered. I stopped my hand between her legs cupping her pussy. The brunette couldn’t stand it, and started to rock back and forth on my hand.

I was rock hard again, and I need some relief. I pulled down the brunette’s pantyhose, and gave her ass a nice slap. The brunette jumped, but continued to eat out my wife. As my dick separated her outer lips the brunette had an orgasm. She forced her ass back, and my dick easily slid into her wet pussy. I reached around with one hand and start playing with her clit. While the other hand ripped the front of dress, so I could play with her tits. Her tits were small, but her nipples seemed to be super sensitive. As soon as I tweaked one nipple she went nuts.

She must have been going to town on my wife. Kim’s stocking clad legs were wrapped around the brunette’s head, and her hips were thrashing around. I took this opportunity to see how good this brunette’s ass felt. I pulled out of her pussy, and lined my dick up with her ass. As soon as my dick hit her ass the brunette screamed. With her mouth being covered by Kim’s pussy no one could hear her. The scream had an effect on Kim.

The scream sent waves of pleasure through my wife as she had a mind blowing orgasm. I slowly worked my dick into her ass, and started pumping away. The brunette was struggling, but my wife is holding fast with her legs. The excitement was too much for me, and I came in her ass. I pulled my dick out, and looked at my handy work. I could see cum dripping out as her ass slowly closed.

I took off the brunette’s shoes, and yanked off her pantyhose. I already had the blonde’s thong as a trophy. I figured I might as well take a trophy from this one too. I looked to the back of the car and saw the blonde still getting raped. In fact, it looked like the guys that started with my wife were getting back in line for another go around.

I grabbed Kim’s ankles, and removed her legs from the brunette’s head. As I did this I heard the blonde scream that she could not take anymore. The brunette also heard this, and jumped up to save her friend. Apparently the brunette did not realize that her top was ripped, and she was running topless into a group of horny men. As she made it to her friend she must have realized her mistake, but it was too late. The men were on her like wolves. The last thing I saw was a silver dress flying through the air as she was pulled into a mass of bodies.

I turned to tend to Kim. As I looked down I could see Kim still lying on her back with her legs still spread wide open. I looked at her pussy which was red and puffy. It looked sore, but it was clean as could be. The brunette did a good job of getting every little bit of cum my wife took. I picked up Kim and sat her in one of the seats. Kim rested her head on my shoulder as the blonde’s and brunette’s screams echoed throughout the car.

After another ten minutes the subway was starting to move. It took another ten minutes to reach our stop. I quickly ushered Kim out of the subway never looking back at the gang bang that was probably still occurring in the car. We made it back to our room, and I stripped Kim of her shoes and dress. I was reluctant to take off her stockings, but I knew I had to clean her up a bit more. I guided a now naked Kim to the bathroom for a needed shower.

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