Last week I was driving home from work on the Kirkpatrick Turnpike and exited on Penn (by Target and Best Buy), I got in the outside right-hand turn lane and waited, traffic was horribly slow, creeping, there had been a wreck in the intersection and we were all at a stand still.

Typically, there was one of the usual scruffy panhandlers approaching each car as we waited out our turn. I watched as he went from car to car, moving on empty-handed; so digging in my purse, I found a couple of singles and waited.. I thought maybe a better ‘contribution’ would be to have a little fun with the hapless fellow and play a little chicken with myself.

Pushing the buttons, I rolled both rider and driver’s side windows down; slid my seat back and readjusted the steering wheel up out of the way. Slipping out of my heels, I first unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down on my skirt but instead of slipping it off, I worked it up over my bottom, then hooked my thumbs in the elastic top of my panty hose. Tugging and pulling, I was able to get the tight nylons down to my feet as I slipped out of them. Of course I was not wearing panties!! Commando!

Turning a bit in the seat, I rested one foot on the console and opened my legs and started rubbing my bare and exposed pussy. I was already DAMP as I easily slid my fingers inside my CUNT and slowly finger-fucked myself. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper, four or five lanes across as I slowly massaged and masturbated myself, watching and waiting as the poorly dressed derelict made his way down the line of cars. It felt really good as I pinched my CLITORIS between my fingers, squeezing hard on my pulsing knob.

Momentarily stopping I reached under the seat and found the BLACK MAX flashlight I kept in the car for emergencies, and this was a ‘borderline’ emergency! Digging two fingers deep inside my hole I collected as much pussy juice as I could and smeared it over the big (4 D batteries!) black flashlight. Getting it sufficiently lubricated, I used the thick handle of the light as a dildo, as I tried to work it inside my CUNT.

It was sooooo fucking rigid and hard, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it until I spit two or three wads of spit on it. OOOOOOOOH! Nice! I reclined a bit more in the seat as I got the first two or three inches in. Back and forth I fucked myself. Deeper and deeper. I had to lay almost prone in the seat as I was able work the full length in and out of my pussy. Slowly I fucked myself and then bravely, I turned the flashlight around and tried to work the ‘business’ end of the light in my stretched fuck hole.

This is where the ‘chicken’ comes in; fucking myself with the big black beast and fingering my CLITORIS I was building up my ‘courage’, making myself hotter and hotter as he neared my vehicle. Three cars away, would I be brave enough to let him see me? Hell, there were cars all around and my legs were splayed wide, my skirt hiked up over my ass exposing my CUNT as I tried to wedge a BIG-ASS BLACK MAX flashlight inside my pussy! Yes, I was ready, I was so horny, I could have been buck-naked on the hood of my car, I was so FUCKING HORNY!!!

At the car directly in front of me, my shabby prey was talking to the driver, as I reached for the top buttons of my blouse. One, two, three and then four buttons, I was able to open my blouse exposing my lacy sheer brassiere, cradling my C-cup breasts. My CLITORIS was so BIG and purple, throbbing as he walked towards my car. I pushed the huge lens of the light an inch or so deeper while I reached inside my bra and felt how incredibly hard my nipple was. OH FUCK!!

As he neared my car he automatically asked me for ‘a couple of bucks’, then stopping, he bent down and leaned in my window. Smiling broadly I could smell his rancid breath as I touched his large dirty hand and pulled it down between my legs. I don’t know what came over me! I had only intended to let him watch me, definitely not let him put his filthy hands all over me! But I was so HORNY!!

Wordlessly, except for an occasional grunt, he roughly began to manhandle my hairy wet cunt. Roughly rubbing up and down between my pussy lips, I winced as his rough hands mauled my swollen and sensitive CLITORIS. Then finding the flashlight I had embedded in my fuck-hole he pushed it deeply into my CUNT. He kept pushing as I started to wince in pain from the obscene fuck stick. Pulling it slowly out, it felt like a toilet plunger as it seemed to create a vacuum, holding it inside, making it difficult to remove.

Grasping the slick and creamy machined handle of the flashlight he wrested it up and out of my tightly gripping pussy lips causing a loud ‘POP’. Casting it to the floorboard, he plunged his dirty fat thumb inside my wallowed out hole while his thick finger found the tight clinch of my ass. Smearing my wetness over my bunghole, he wedged two fingers inside my tender anus as he double penetrated me. Grinding his thumb as deeply as he could he gripped me like the proverbial bowling ball and lifted me off the seat, as if he was trying to pull me out of my car.

He leaned farther inside the car as he tried to pull my pelvis up to his unshaven face. He was trying to eat my pussy! I felt his hand slide under my butt as he was desperately trying to raise me to his mouth. I arched my back trying to meet his lips, his straining tongue and I felt it. Drooling and spitting on my already frothy LABIA, he flicked his tongue back and forth. Not soft and smooth with a flattened palette, but sharp and pointed like a finger, tweaking across my swollen clitoris and FAT lips. Sucking my little man inside his mouth, he nursed on it like a teat, giving it head as if he was sucking a small penis.

My pussy was CREAMING, dripping out past his thumb as he continued to suck me off. I reached back for support and accidentally grabbed the seat release causing it to fall back, collapsing, as I fell back into the reclined car seat as he almost tumbled in on top of me!

I was sooooo near my climax, crazy with desire. I got to my hands and knees, pushing my ass towards the open driver side window. I reached between my legs and finding his hand, I gave him the rhythm I needed to get off. Guiding him as he rubbed and finger-fucked me, my other hand steadied myself as I felt his hungry mouth began eating out my ass. I couldn’t stand it!! I released his hand and brought my own hand to my brassiere, jerking it down, I freed my breasts so that I could squeeze and fondle my titties.

I felt my ass-eater momentarily stop as his hands fumbled with my skirt, loosening it from around my waist, he jerked it down past my butt, leaving me in only my blouse and brassier! None too quickly he returned to his work on my ass and pussy, forcefully fucking me with three or four of his fingers as it felt like he was trying to wedge his entire hand inside me.

It was then the DAM burst as my pussy was pissing and spraying all over his gnarled fingers as my incredibly overwhelming CLIMAX swept across my trembling body. FUCK!! I was almost pushed through the other window as he finally worked his entire hand inside me and rammed his fist deep into my CUNT. I fell across the console as he pulled me back towards him, his hand embedded in my hole. With his free hand, he grabbed the bottom of my blouse and began stripping it off me. I reached back with one arm then the other as he removed my blouse, then unsnapped my brassiere and as I struggled to get back to my knees, my remaining clothes fell to the seat leaving me naked.

First I was brutalized with the damn Black Max flashlight and now I was being FIST-FUCKED by a god dam vagrant. Slamming repeatedly into me, I imagined my CUNT a speed bag for some Golden Gloves boxer as he rapidly fucked me.

Then somewhere in the vague ozone of reality I thought I heard a car horn. I reached back and pushed on his wrist, trying to remove his buried hand from my stretched and battered CUNT. Finally releasing me, I realized traffic was beginning to creep forward and again the car behind me honked his horn. Bastard!

I plopped back into the soaking wet driver’s seat, filled with my wet piss and creamy CUM, tried to re-adjust the seat and steering wheel. I put the car in DRIVE and turned to look at my derelict ‘lover’, through his snaggle-tooth smile I could see the wetness on his cheeks and chin from the incredible ‘head job’ he had done. Will work for food!!! AMEN! I slipped him the two ones and pressed the accelerator as my car lurched forward.

I made it about four car lengths as traffic again stopped!! And here he comes again……….. Now it’s his turn to play ‘chicken’; I wonder if he’s horny enough to stand next to my car and let me suck him off.

..End of part One

I had moved about four car lengths and was STILL sitting in the middle of traffic with my blouse pulled off and my bra somewhere on the floor, leaving my breasts completely exposed for anyone to see. And having to hurriedly adjust my seat and steering wheel in order to drive forward, I had not had a chance to put my skirt back on. In short I was BUCK-NAKED, sitting in my puddle of piss and frothy CUM-goo as I again waited in traffic.

Luckily, (I guess for those non-exhibitionist), I was in the right-hand turn lane and on my left side was an Action Rental delivery truck, a big box truck that shielded me on the driver’s side. Add to that, even though both side windows were rolled down, my windshield and rear window are both darkly tinted which gave me a small bit of privacy in the chaos of a rush hour traffic jam!

Looking in my rear view mirror I saw my ‘friend’ standing between two lanes of cars, where I had left him when we had stopped our public groping and my public CUMMING. I watched as he spotted my car and started making his way towards me. Sizing him up I realized he was wearing what looked to be a ragged T-shirt that had a picture of Elmo on it, a pair of worn-out Nike’s and an old pair of dirty, off-brand Levi’s, and I could make out a VERY distinct rise in his off-brand Levis’.

Not bothering to get dressed, I again looked in my purse for more ‘spare change’, I found a twenty and watching in my mirror I waited for my turn to play. Except I didn’t see him in the mirror, I looked back and forth to the side mirrors and finally turned and looked out the open window. I was thinking he had enough of me when suddenly the driver’s side door opened!!

OH SHIT! What have I gotten myself into, I thought as he climbed into my car.

I sat petrified, totally exposed, naked, my tits, my CUNT! At first he just stared at me, then without saying a word he unfastened his pants and pulled his thick, uncircumcised cock out. I could smell the thick musky smell of his crotch as I now stared at his fat hard-on.

I LOVE uncut dicks, they fascinate me and I love it that a man can have such a huge piece of meat, be just rock-hard rigid and still have all that skin that he can pull up over a swollen purple head. It was my turn to stare as he stroked himself, pulling the skin back, showing me how large and swollen his pulsing head was. I imagined I could see it throb as he tightly gripped it, making his knuckles white as he squeezed. He seemed proud and well he should be!

I watched as his pre-CUM dribbled out of his slit, there was so much, I wasn’t sure if maybe he was already climaxing as it ran down his shaft, puddling in the thick folds of his foreskin as it finally ran down over his fist. He slowly began to pump it, taking deep strokes as he arched his back, raising his ass off the seat. His window was down and for a split second I worried that someone would see him obscenely masturbating. It is funny how a pussy flash or a topless woman gets people to notice but a hard naked COCK will get a call to the cops!

That was just as I leaned toward his erection. Sliding one arm behind him as he arched off the seat, I tugged his pants down past his ass as my mouth found him. He was big, VERY BIG and my mouth felt stretched as I tried to fit his head inside. With his hand, he helped by pushing hard against the back of my head, choking me as he rammed himself between my taut lips.

He continued jacking off as I tried to suck him, smashing his fist against my mouth as he sloshed his sloppy pre-cum (piss) on my face. I could feel the blood pulsing through his foul smelling cock, his big round head throbbing as my mouth was filling with whatever he was ejaculating; though he had not CUM yet, I could tell he was close. Up and down I went on his meat, sucking, gagging, taking him to the hilt. I was choking as he fucked my mouth. Now gripping my head with both hands he forcefully slammed himself down my throat. I couldn’t breath; I may even have been sobbing from the pain, the pleasure, possibly from fear.

THEN… Oh my GOD!! He began CUMMING! Huge, thick globs of the foulest tasting spunk I had ever had sucked out of someone’s DICK! Pulling me by my hair, he jerked me off his cock as he again was beating his meat, shooting long stringy ropes of his SPUNK on my face, in my eyes, my hair. I couldn’t believe the amount of jizm he shot on me.

Pushing my head back into his crotch he rubbed my face, my lips over his cock and hairy balls, spreading the nasty wetness, smearing it as I felt his spongy balls touching my abused lips. I sucked, I licked, I tried to take one of his big balls in my mouth. I moved my arm from around his waist and pulled his testicles up so I could lick the crease that bisects his scrotum, between his legs to his asshole.

His CUM and pre-CUM was sticky covering his crotch as I tried to spread his legs so I could snake my tongue down towards his ass. And it smelled like ASS as he pushed his pants to his ankles and spread his legs wide. I was on my knees in my seat as he arched his back and pushed my head closer to his asshole.

Reaching for his hairy ass my fingers spread his ass cheeks as I sought out his ass. The wetness of my slobber, his CUM and pre-CUM made his hole a slick easy target as my finger slid deeply inside. I finger-fucked his ass as my mouth again found his still hard dick.

This time he found the seat release and as he fell prone I lost his cock from between my lips but was able to keep my finger buried up his ass. I pushed his one leg up as I watched my now two fingers pumping in and out on his shithole. As nasty as it was, I couldn’t resist and I pulled my fingers out, licked and cleaned them, and replaced them with my lips. I sucked it. I stuck my tongue inside his ass. I tasted the foulness of him. I tried to work my tongue deeper, as I began tongue fucking him. I could feel his balls resting on me as he began to jack-off.

I wasn’t sure if he would be able to CUM again but he was as hard as he was earlier. I moved back and watched as he lay there, eyes closed, furiously pumping his HUGE uncut monster. I crawled on top. I reached between my legs and guided his thick meat between my pussy lips. I had to FUCK him.

He put his hands on my waist as I slowly began fucking him. Trying to enjoy every inch, I worked his cock as deeply as I could inside my CUNT. Grinding my pelvis hard against his as I tried to control his motion, he reached to grab my titties. Rising up the best I could in the cramped quarters I was naked, fucking him in rush hour traffic. My skirt wadded up somewhere on the floor, I rose higher so he could see his cock sliding in and out of my PUSSY.

As I began to bounce up and down, I reached between my legs and spread my labia, pulling my lips wide with each hand until my clit protruded, sticking out at least an inch as I started CUMMING, my own CUM/PISS spraying out in its own erratic, uneven pattern, covering his belly, his chest. I was throwing myself hard against him, as if I was riding the bull at Billy Bob’s!

I lowered my breast to his mouth, letting him suck and bite my nipples as his meat pierced deeply inside. My CUM was SOOOOO intense and his thick meat felt SOOOOOO good I really wanted it in my ass, I may have even cried out, “FUCK MY ASS!” But I knew there wasn’t time as I finally collapsed on top of him. I could feel the wetness covering his belly and chest as I lay on him.

After a few seconds, I felt his hand between my legs, as he ‘plopped’ his still rigid cock out of my CUNT. I didn’t know if I had actually cried out during my CLIMAX or if he was a mind reader, but he was rubbing that big bulbous head against my puckered sphincter. I reached behind, smearing our sticky funk on my asshole, I tried to work his cock inside. Just as it felt like it would never fit, he rammed hard against me. Forcing me into the roof of the car but also sinking his thick meat into my anus. He was trying to ass fuck me as furiously as he had fucked my pussy. I thought I would scream as he drove his giant fuck stick inside me, I knew he would surely split me open, ripping the tender tissue of my bowels as he deeply reamed out my gut.

I rose up, then pushed my ass down on his enormous COCK, trying to force him to a slower pace, I ground my ass against his crotch, burrowing him even deeper. The pain was incredible, the pain was incredibly amazing as I reached back to smear more spit on his cock. Working in and out I was able to lubricate the both of us enough that he slid in and out a bit more easily. The pace quickened, he was again driving hard into my ASS.

I was in orbit, I was in ecstasy as I shivered, trembled as he sunk, speared his DICK deep inside me, causing my CLIMAX, OUR CLIMAX, as he too was filling my intestine with his foul CUM as I peed and creamed all over his filthy body.

I tightly held him as he emptied inside me, his fat meat pulsating with each spurt. We were all but panting as we rested, our breathe coming in heaves, our bodies sweating from the exertion. I tried to rise off my exhausted partner. His semi-hard cock slowly slid out of my greased ass. I could feel my abused asshole emptying as loud farts escaped from it. He had jack-hammered so much air inside me it sounded like I eaten five pounds of pinto beans as the air ‘farted’ out.

We both laughed as I crawled off of him and into the driver’s seat, large globs of his CUM wad still emptying out of my twin CUM holes. I sat in it; I felt it ooze out onto the vinyl seat. He raised his seat and started to pull his pants up over his nasty CUM and blood covered dick, fresh from deep in my shithole, I couldn’t resist that uncut hunk of meat. Reaching for it, I wrapped my hand around him, squeezed more of his CUM out of him. He was sticky, his cum and my cum coated his fleshy snake, there was so much skin it was difficult to pull it tight as his cock softened. Leaning again toward his lap I licked and cleaned his limp cock, sucking it, skinning it back as I tried to remove every trace of our fluids, juices, nasty spunk.

I caught myself making love to his dick, tenderly holding it, kissing it, as I felt myself getting wet, turned on by an uncircumcised penis. I tried sucking it, up and down, trying to once more make him erect. I took only his head in my mouth and tightly sucked it, trying to create a vacuum as I pulled his foreskin tightly to the base of his shaft. I held his round head in my hand and stuck my tongue in his pee slit. I sucked only the tip. I crammed every inch of him in my mouth, his soft meat filling my mouth as I ground my lips against his pelvis. I wrapped both of my hands around his hairy balls, my thumbs and forefingers encircling his testicles as I licked them, squeezed them, twisted his ball sac again and again, making him moan as I punished him. The loose skin of his cock was becoming taut as I pulled tightly on his scrotum. He was getting hard!! I took him in my mouth and took him as deeply as I could. Sucking. Sucking. Sucking. Up and down on his shaft, I was fucking him with my mouth.

Again with the damn HONKING!! Cars were starting to move. I sat up in my seat as the transient pulled his off-brand Levis’ up and hopped out, his Levis’ still unbuttoned, his dark cock peeking out of his open fly as I slowly drove off. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw him bend down and pick up what appeared to be clothing.

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