My husband and I have had a really stressful last couple months of work, so we decided it was time to take a little trip. He researched on the internet to find a fun place to go that was within driving distance, so we didn’t have to spend too much money. After a few days, we decided upon Nashville. These little trips always get me excited because of the hotel sex I know that is my future. He always goes out and buys me a sexy outfit to wear one of the nights that we are away, something usually a little more risqué than what I would wear in a place that we may know people. I myself am 5’7″ with 34C boobs and a nice tight ass.

So as we arrive into Nashville, I ask him what the plans for the evening are. He is being secretive and won’t quite let on to what we are doing so my mind wanders.

After we check in, he pulls a small black dress out of his bag and tells me this is what I’ll be wearing for the evening. It is cut down to just above my naval and the hemline is way north of my fingertips. To complete the outfit, he has thigh highs and 4″ heels for me. While I sit there soaking my outfit in, he tells me we’re going to a strip club. Up to this point, I had never been to a strip club, especially not dressed like one of the strippers.

So the cab pulls into the lot of the strip club and we make our way towards the door. My head is all over the place not knowing what to think, especially since I am rather scantily clad.

We make our way in and I quickly order a cocktail. Up on the stage, there is a tall busty brunette doing her routine and I must say I am quite mesmerized. I’ve never really been attracted to women but what she is doing has me in a spell. I finish my first drink pretty quickly and order a second. Already I’m feeling a little buzzed. Staring at this woman, I’m feeling warm between my thighs. That’s when I look over to see my husband adjust his rather visible erection.

I reach over and grab it, asking if he likes what he sees. He nods his head and gives me a deep kiss, with his hand falling on my boob. Not wearing a bra, my rock hard nipples could easily be felt through my dress. The dancer saw the effect she had on us so she made her way over to us after her set. She came over and whispered something in my husband’s ear and then they both looked over at me with a devilish smile.

She then straddled me and rubbed her tits in my face. Never did I think I would be this turned on by a woman but I was soaking wet. She must have sensed it because her hand found its way down to my crotch and onto my clit. It seemed like she was straddling me for an eternity, but as quickly as she came over, she was gone. I looked around the club to find that most of the attention was on me.

My husband got up from his seat and went to go get us more drinks. A business man came over and sat down, saying that was quite the little show. I blushed, seeing he was clearly has turned on as I was. My husband came back and he introduced himself as Tom, a businessman here in town for the night. He seemed like quite a nice guy so we had drinks with him and continued watching the girls on stage. As the liquor started going to my head, I was reminded of my fantasy to be with two men at once. I’ve always wanted to try but never really had a good opportunity.

As we chatted, we found out we were staying in the same hotel. We decided it was a good time to head back to the hotel. When we got back, I was feeling really horny from the events of the evening and the booze, but wasn’t ready to part ways with our new friend. I invited him up to our room for a nightcap.

When we got there, we all sat on our bed. I leaned over and gave my husband a deep passionate kiss and felt his erection begin to grow. I looked in his eyes and he looked back, both knowing what was about to happen. I then leaned over and kissed Tom, grabbing hold of his thick erection. He was no boy that’s for sure. While I stroked him through his pants, my husband reached over and began to play with my tits. He pulled them out and began to suck on them. It felt so good, his tongue swirling around my nipple.

I pulled Tom’s large cock out of his pants and slowly took it into my mouth. It swelled in size as I took it into the back of my throat. I then got on my hands and knees and began to suck him hard. My husband pulled my dress over my ass and began to eat my drenched pussy. He licked me, top to bottom, stopping at my butthole, working his tongue around the outside and down into the middle.

He had never eaten my ass before and it felt like nothing I’d ever experienced. He then worked his way back to my clit and I exploded into my first orgasm of the evening. Tom’s cock was quivering in my mouth so I slowed down, to make him last longer. Next I felt my husband line up his cock with my dripping pussy and plunge in. Never before had I had a cock in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time. I felt like a dirty little slut between these two men and I loved it. My husband pulled out of my and moved me so I was straddling Tom. Tom sank his huge member into me and I gasped to accommodate him. He started pistoning in and out of me and I exploded again. Right as I was coming down, I felt the tip of my husband at my ass. He slowly eased into me and stretched me out. Finally I had been double penetrated. I felt so full, full of cock. They began working in and out of me and I could feel them rubbing together through the thin membrane that separated them. I had lost total control while orgasm after orgasm washed over me. I began to feel the men swell inside me and my husband shot his load deep into my ass. Tom slide out from underneath me and shot his massive load on my face.

It was more than I could have ever imagined for my first threesome. Needless to say, I love Nashville now.

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