Miranda stepped into the shower and let the hot water trickle over her body. She took soap in her hands and lathered her body. She started with her chest and moved down to her breasts. She then moved to her flat belly and down to her thighs and legs. She came back up to her thighs and allowed her hands to drift toward her crotch, fingers slipping into her cunt. Her nipples hardened at the contact. Suddenly she felt cold breath on her neck. She spun around, but no one was there. She turned back around and felt cold hands on her hips and the breath again. She melted in the embrace for a moment, and craned her neck to find the lips of her lover, but there was no one there. She pulled away from the invisible hands.

“Who’s there,” she demanded.

“Me silly,” came a voice outside the shower. It was Angel, her roommate, who stepped into the shower.

“Hey babe,” Miranda said with a smile as Angel wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Hey sexy,” Angel said gazing up into Miranda’s emerald eyes. Angel was a good six inches shorter than Miranda, with tanned skin and brown hair to contrast with Miranda’s pale complexity and fiery hair. Angel had been the one to show Miranda the thrills of bisexuality. And while she was unwilling to let go of her love of men as Angel had, she did find herself in bed with other women quite often.

Angel ran her fingers through Miranda’s hair and kissed her neck and chest. Miranda caressed Angel’s back. As she did so, she felt the breath again, and the cold hands on her hips. This time cold breath was replaced by cold lips on her neck opposite of where Angel was working. It was almost as if the… spirit, demon? Miranda didn’t know what it was, but it knew that Miranda was unwilling to freak out in Angel’s presence. And so she was powerless to defend against its intimacy. As it confirmed that she wouldn’t struggle, it grew bolder. It grabbed her ass giving her a firm squeeze. It then slid two fingers into her pussy. Miranda gasped and arched her back, nipples hardening at the contact.

“Look who needs a good fuck,” Angel teased, oblivious to Miranda’s discomfort. She got down on her knees. Spirit pulled its fingers out just before Angel’s tongue flicked Miranda’s clit. Suddenly Miranda felt a cold sensation at the opening of her asshole. Spirit was a he, because that was definitely not fingers. Miranda’s eyes widened. She’d done anal before, but never without lube and plenty of it. Suddenly, Spirit rammed into her full force. She disguised a scream of pain with a scream of pleasure.

“That’s right baby,” Angel encouraged, “scream for me.” Her urging was encouraging all right, encouraging for Spirit. He slammed into Miranda again and again each time gaining speed and intensity. Finally she came loudly and so did Spirit. Angel stood up and pressed her lips to Miranda’s. Spirit thrust gently in and out of her.

“Wash up,” Angel said, “and meet me in bed. Don’t bother to put any clothes on.” she stepped out of the shower, leaving Miranda alone with Spirit, cock still buried to the hilt in her ass.

“Please, leave me alone,” Miranda begged. Spirit simply put his hands on her breasts and pulled her closer; he had no intention of letting her go.

“Well at least switch to my pussy and allow me some respite,” she pleaded. If she was going to be violated by the invisible man she could at least try to relieve some pain. Spirit did as she requested and Miranda felt a glimmer of hope. That is, until spirit slammed her against the shower wall and thrust into her. She squirmed to try to escape and Spirit put his cock back in her asshole. She gasped in pain and froze. Spirit slapped her ass, hard, but then moved back to her cunt. She decided to allow Spirit to have his way with her. If she never had anal sex again it would be too soon. He was going to use her as his little sex toy no matter what so she might as well go with the route that would allow her to sit tomorrow. As Spirit drilled into her, Miranda began to moan again, not from agony, but from pleasure. Spirit knew all the right places on her body and as long as she was a good girl and cooperated with his whims, he hit them for her. He took his hand off the back of her head. Miranda was grateful not to have her face pressed against the wall. Spirit’s right hand was occupied holding Miranda’s waist in place, but his left hand was free to roam and caress her body. Miranda forsook her fears, common sense, and anger. She let her mating instincts take over and welcomed Spirit’s onslaught. She pressed her back to his chest and wrapped her left arm around the back of his neck. He pressed his lips to hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She melted in his arms. No matter how good Angel was, there was nothing like a strong masculine embrace.

Spirit’s cum was cold like the rest of his body. It shot deep into her womb and made her gasp. He was pulling out.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “don’t stop. We’re not done. I’m not done. Spirit please.” In the steam on the mirror he wrote,

That’s what the other girl is for. I want to watch. Do as I ask and I’ll fuck you again. You have only begun to feel how I can pleasure you.

Miranda bucked her hips against Spirit, who pushed her away and off his prick. She felt around, but couldn’t find her wayward lover. Still wanting desperately to cum, she raced upstairs and leaped onto the bed with Angel assuming a 69 position. She pulled Angel on top of her and licked her clit furiously.

“Oh fuck that’s so good,” Angel moaned and then buried her face in Miranda’s cunt. The two girls raced to see who could get the other to cum first. Angel had the advantage because Miranda still needed to cum from the pounding Spirit had given her. Miranda worked savagely to recover lost ground. She flipped Angel onto her back so she could be on top. Suddenly she felt Spirit’s cold hands squeeze her ass. It was too much for her; she screamed into Angel’s pussy and came all over her face. This prompted Angel into an orgasm of her own. Miranda rolled off of Angel and lay back on the bed. Angel kissed her lips.

“I win again sexy babe,” she teased. Miranda smiled and watched Angel walk away, her Latin ass swaying side to side. When Angel disappeared from view, Miranda sighed and closed her eyes, but her rest was short lived as she felt Spirit’s dick pierce into her dripping wet cunt.

To be continued…

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