(This story is a result of seeing the following personal ad)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOYS!!!!

It’s been a few days since I have gotten all Dolled-up and Slutty so I can get down on my knees in front of you!!! I have a brand new SEXY Leopard print…SKIN TIGHT mini dress and all the sexy Lingerie for underneath! Why not watch me slowly take off my dress for you and expose my sweet panty bulge!!!

Then turn me over and SPANK this Whore! Make me do NAUGHTY, dirty things! Feel free to use your imagination and to try any kinky fantasies! Just send me a picture, and a way to reach you. Then we can get the fun started!

OWWwwwww…Spank Me!

She included a couple of pictures – she was a hot blond. I had to respond! So I sent her a frontal picture and my cell number. Within an hour, she called me.

We talked for a good while – both sex talk and practical, including setting a safe word. Then I got a shower and headed over to her house, which was only a few minutes away.

As I walked up her sidewalk, the door opened partially to reveal a blond “lady” in a short leopard print dress. She looked hot and I could feel the beginnings of an erection, just from seeing her.

I entered her house and she locked the door behind me. Taking her into my arms I whispered, “Are you the naughty lady I was talking to, sweetie?”

Giggling in my arms, she said, “Yes sir, I’m naughty and horny, and I want you to do whatever you want to with me. I want to please you. And I want to take care of that stiffy in your pants!”

I realized I was almost fully hard as I ran my hand down her back and over her ass. She pressed harder against me and moaned softly. I could feel her erection as I held her ass with both hands and kissed her open mouth.

Nibbling on her neck I said, “You are a bad, bad little girl. Letting a strange man into your house and letting him fondle you. You know better than to do that, don’t you?”

She simpered, “Yes, I am bad. Are you going to punish me?”

“I have to honey.” I replied, “You can’t be doing things like this.”

“Is it going to hurt?”

“Yes it is. Otherwise you won’t learn. So yes, I have to make it hurt.”

Sticking her tongue into my ear, she said, “Good.”

Then, pulling back (though leaving her crotch pressed against mine), she said, “No. How dare you? I do what I want and you can’t stop me! Get off me you pervert!”

Grinning, I said, “The only way I am getting off of you is if you use the safe word. Are you going to?”

Hitting my chest with her fist she replied, “No! I’m not!! And the likes of you can’t make me say that word!”

I grabbed her ass hard with one hand while pulling her face to mine with the other as she struggled. I explored her mouth with my tongue then bit her ear lobe lightly.

She moaned and relaxed into me as I found the zipper of her little dress and pulled it down.

Stepping back smiling, she asked, “Do you want to see what is in the dress? Wannta touch my stuff? Are you going to feel me up”

“You know it!” I replied, “Show me – everything!”

She slowly slid the front of her dress down revealing a hairless chest and a lacy push-up bra. I could see her nipples, erect, through the material. Then her flat stomach was revealed to me, also hairless and also sexy.

She licked her lips again and slipped the dress down her hips, revealing a French-cut pair of red panties. Letting the dress fall to the floor she asked, “See anything you like, mister?”

“I like everything I see,” I replied, wrapping my arms around her now almost naked form. Hugging me back, we kissed some more as my hands wandered her form. I found that her panties were a thong when I felt bare ass cheeks.

Using both hands, I pulled those ass cheeks closer to me and found out that the panty-bulge she mentioned in her ad was even bigger and harder than before.

Remembering our role playing, I slapped one cheek and said, “You like this, don’t you, little slut?”

“No! I hate this you bastard! You cocksucker, keep your tongue to yourself and let me the fuck go!”

Feeling up and down her ass cheek I stared into her eyes and said, “Well, one of us is a cocksucker I guess the question is, are you any good at it?”

Giggling kind of sexily, she replied, “I’m real good at it. But I ain’t going to suck your dirty little cock!” Then she made as to bite my face.

Slapping her butt again, I said, “Bad girl! Bad answer from a bad girl. You are going to suck me, real good, cunt!”

Then I pulled over to the sofa and bent her over the arm, leaving her thong-clad butt up in the air as I pushed her face into the cushions.

She squealed and struggled but I was quickly in position to deliver a firm smack to her right cheek.

I watched it turn red for a moment before giving her a similar hit to the left cheek.

She cussed at me, kicked at me, and tried to get her hands down to protect her butt all at the same time. I held her wrists behind her back while pressing her hard into the sofa with my left hand. Staying to the side of her kicking legs, my other hand was free to administer some discipline.

Her bouncing and squawking were not enough to keep me from turning both of her cheeks, as well as the tops of her thighs red. I tried for a uniform color.

After about 30 smacks, I leaned in close and asked her, “You ready to do as I say, cunt?”

She turned her head to me and quietly asked, “Do I get more later?”

When I nodded, she said, “Then yes, I’ll do what you want.”

“Say what you are going to do.”

“You know what I am going to do for you.”

I smacked a cheek, hard and said, “Say it!”

“OWW!” she howled, “I’ll suck your cock! Real good! As much as you want and however you want it!” Then she hissed. “Now let me up, damn you!”

Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her up and off the sofa, then immediately forced her to her knees in front of me. She struggled a bit as I rubbed her face over my crotch. Shortly, she was nibbling at my cock as we played.

“Okay,” I told her, “Open my belt.” She quickly complied.

“Now, pull my zipper down, then unbutton my jeans and slide them down.” Again I was rewarded by her quick response.

Staring first at my bulging underwear, she then looked up at me and licked her lips.

I smiled back at her and said, “Now the underwear.”

As she slipped them down, my hard cock bounced out, pointing at her. She immediately wrapped her hand around it while leaning forward to kiss the tip.

Then her mouth opened and she took in about 4 inches. I gasped at the heat and pressure on my cock while she slowly pulled back until just the tip was between her lips. Then she repeated her actions. Her mouth formed a hard suction, pulling at the skin of my cock as moved her mouth back and forth over me. Each time that she inhaled me, she rolled my balls around in her hand.

She made it feel great, and I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept it up. Pulling back so my cock slid from her mouth, I stripped off my pants and underwear, then I said, “Lick my balls baby!”

Without complaint, she lifted my cock out of the way and began running her tongue over my hairy bag. Soon she was slurping each ball in and out of her mouth while squeezing and stroking my erection.

I spread my legs more to allow her better access while just watching her suckle my balls. She moved more under me and worked both balls in her mouth at the same time. She never stopped fondling my hard-on and, using her other hand, she began to stroke up and down my ass crack.

Soon I could feel her warm, wet tongue on the back of my balls and then on my taint. She was licking as far back as she could reach.

Suddenly, she slapped the insides of both my legs and said, “Spread wider. And crouch down a bunch.”

I complied and then watched her turn around so that we were both facing the same direction. Her panty bulge was prominent, sucking me aroused her!

She bent her head back and inhaled both of my balls again. This time I could feel her tongue on the front of my bag.

Then she moved further back, kissing, licking, and lightly biting the bottom of my ass cheeks. I could feel her tongue moving closer to my hole, but she didn’t touch, just played around it.

Until, without warning, she rammed her tongue up my asshole. I moaned loudly and about fell over. My legs suddenly felt weak. I don’t know how deeply she got, but I felt not only the warm, firm slickness of her, but I felt my hole opening to admit her inside. It felt like a cock spreading me.

She repeatedly forced her tongue into me. This wasn’t a rim job, I was being tongue fucked for the first time in my life, and damn it felt good.

Moaning, I tried squatting more to open myself to her penetration. She giggled but didn’t stop trying to get her entire tongue in me. She continued for a few minutes, but then had to pull back. She said, “I’m sorry sweetie, but my neck is breaking.”, as she lay back flat on the floor.

I immediately dropped down next to her and held her, kissing as I caressed up and down her body. As I reached lower, she parted her legs, silently asking to be touched “there”.

My hand moved over her panties, feeling her arousal. There was a big wet spot where she had leaked precum while servicing me. I slipped my hand into her panties and held her cock. She moaned while kissing me as I squeezed and stroked her member.

She asked, “That was really dirty of me, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was you little slut. You are going to have to be punished again.”

“I thought so,” she sighed contentedly. “I’m ready.”

I got up and then pulled her to her feet. Going over to the sofa, I sat down and told her to come over to me.

She stood in front of me, big panty budge staring me in the face.

As I lectured her about being a bad little girl, she started shedding tears. They ran down her face and, sobbing, she began begging me not to spank her again. Paying no mind, I ordered her to lie over my lap. Eventually, she gave up and slowly slid her almost naked body across my bare lap. She did feel good as I adjusted our positions in preparation for her next paddling. My cock was trapped between my stomach and her thigh and I could feel her hard cock pushing down on my legs.

Her little butt looked hot laying there, the thin red thong between her cheeks, hiding her most intimate opening.

Pressing down on her back, I waited. After a bit she began to whimper and to wiggle. I softly rubbed one cheek and then smacked it hard. Then I immediately got the other one. She jerked and howled in pain as I kept the pressure on her back.

“No, no,” she cried, “Too hard. It hurts.”

Ignoring her cries, I proceeded to turn her cheeks red again. Sobbing louder, she began to attempt to dodge my slaps, moving her butt side to side as I paddled her lovely cheeks.

Tiring of that, I yanked her up in the middle and reaching under her, pulled her panties down. Then, with my legs parted, I pushed her back down and trapped her erection between my thighs.

“Now try to wiggle little girl,” I laughed as I continued her discipline.

“Oww! No, stop! Please. Oww.” Was intermixed with my steady slaps. But she wasn’t wiggling much! She was however, humping between my legs, and so on an upstroke, I pulled her throng string from between her cheeks and down her legs.

Clenching her cheeks, she squealed, “How dare you? You pull that back up right now!”

“I don’t think so! Relax your cheeks and spread your legs, bitch!”

“No! Fuck you!! Asshole! I didn’t say you could take my panties down!”

“I didn’t ask, did I?” I asked as I fondled her taunt butt cheeks and then slid a finger between her legs to find the back of her bag.

“Get out of there! That’s private!!

“Not to me. I am going to do everything that I want.” I probed deeper as we bantered.

Then I began pushing her butt down on my lap, and allowing her to pull back, making her cock pump between my legs. Spitting on my hand, I lubricated her so that her firm shaft slipped easily back and forth between my legs. Soon I could feel her precum dripping down my leg.

Getting into it, she began to fuck my legs, moaning softly each time I pushed her down. After a while she whispered, “You are going to make me cum all over you.”

“I know sweetie,” I answered, “Just not quite yet.” And, opening my legs, I left her cock dangling there, unable to get any friction.

“Uhh, uhh. Come on, don’t stop. Please baby, I’ll do anything. Just let me cum!” she begged.

Leaning down, I kissed first one cheek and then the other. “Soon honey. Soon you will get to cum. Just wait a bit longer.” Then I added, “Now relax for me.”

With a hand on each reddened cheek, I parted her and gazed at her hairless opening. Moving my hands inward, I opened her further and was rewarded by both a quiet moan and her lifting up to better expose herself to me.

Her hole was a small, wrinkled, tight-looking opening, just a bit darker than the surrounding skin.

I couldn’t resist leaning down and licking across it. Her cheeks felt hot against my face as I lapped at her wrinkled tunnel.

She giggled saying, “You really know how to treat a girl.”

I gently kissed her asshole a couple times and then lifted and turned her so that she was sitting on my lap.

Her cock was fully erect, sticking straight out of her crotch as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her other end. My hand closed around her pole and began stroking, causing her to moan into my mouth. Her ass felt hot against my lap.

Shortly, she climaxed in my hand, her cum spurting over my chest and stomach.

I whispered in her ear, “Baby, I need to fuck you.”

“I want you to, but you have to use a rubber, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay baby. Go get one and some lubricant.”

She licked my ear and said, “I’ll be right back, don’t run away.”

I watched her red ass sway as she walked away. Shortly, I watched her now-soft cock wiggle as she returned and sat back on my lap. Her panties were now missing.

After a little more kissing, I asked, “Are you ready to lay across my lap again, baby?”

She nodded, handed me the lubrication, and then moved into position. Legs parted, showing her hole, her cute ass looked so sexy sticking up at me.

I smeared some lube on one finger and parted her cheeks further with my other hand. Starting slowly, I just rubbed the goo over the outside of her asshole. Then, pressing slightly, I began penetrating her outer sphincter.

She moaned as I went deeper. Soon I had my entire finger inside her. Adding lots of lube, I began using two fingers to open her.

“Ready honey?” I asked her.

She answered, “Yea, I’m ready. I need to be fucked.”

I lifted her off my lap and draped her over the arm of the sofa. She made sure to spread her legs widely as she positioned herself for me.

I slipped a condom on, lubed it, and then moved behind her.

Moving in, I pressed against her asshole, and then I pushed just enough to slip the head in.

Holding still, I said, “That’s all you get.”

“NOOO!! Give it to me! You bastard, fuck me!” she squealed, then shoved her ass back to me, impaling herself halfway down my cock.

Her hot, tight, slipperiness made me groan and shove forward, burying my cock up her little hole.

She moaned loudly and said, “Yes, give it to me! Oh give it to me hard! Your cock feels good inside of me!”

I held on her hips with both hands and began to slide my meat in and out of her hole. She moaned in sync with my thrusts.

Looking down I watched my hard-on disappear and reappear between her upturned butt cheeks. Her little hole was so hot, so tight, and felt so good. I slid half way out of her and then pulled her back on to me. She loved it and began to throw her ass back to meet my thrusts as we fucked passionately. I was taking pleasure with her body, using her for my enjoyment. And she was doing the same with me. All she cared about right then was the pleasure that my cock was giving her.

I rammed her extra hard, putting my meat inside her completely while forcing her face down against the sofa. Her moans were muffled but I felt her ring contracting around my dick – she teased me by flexing her ass muscles on each stroke.

Spreading her cheeks widely, I pulled out completely – watching her hole gap open and then close slowly. I jammed it back inside of her completely, feeling her inner heat, only to pull out repeatedly to watch her opened hole.

Dropping down on to her body, I began pounding her with long, fast strokes. I could feel my orgasm building with each stroke in and out of her willing fuck-tube. It hit me fast, I screamed as I came deeply inside of her. She squeezed me again and more cum pumped out.

We were both breathing hard as I finally fully collapsed on to her back. After a many moments of just remaining joined, I slowly pulled my cock out and watched her hole close.

She just lay still on the sofa, mewing softly, as I cleaned up and dressed. Bending over, I kissed her lightly. She asked, “Will I see you again?”

I answered, “Of course honey.”

As I walked out, I knew I had to write this story….

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