Despite the windows being down the car seemed to fill up with the stink of Jake’s piss. Lauren felt it coating her chest and face, she had the horrid taste in her mouth, she felt disgusting. Fuck this asshole, she thought to herself, Fucking presumptuous asshole.

They arrived at Jake’s rented house. He shared it with two roommates – John, a part-time student and bartender, and Jenn, full-time student and hippy chick. Neither Jake nor Lauren spoke on the walk up the stairs. Jake swayed just enough to let Lauren know how drunk he really was. He struggled with the keys before opening the door and walking inside. Lauren followed.

Jake motioned for Lauren to follow him as he walked toward the back of the house. He talked as he walked.

“Look, Sasha’s room is in the back – just go in and grab some sweats or whatever. There’s a shower in there, go for it if you want to.”

“Do you think she’ll mind? I’ll bring the clothes over tomorrow after I wash them.”

“Nah,” said Jake, suddenly seeming embarrassed, “She’s cool. She won’t care. I’m going to go change.”

Lauren watched him walk toward the front of the house before entering Sasha’s room. It was dimly lit and almost the Platonic form of a hippy chick’s room. There was the faint odor of incense in the air. Lauren moved back to the bathroom, stripped quickly, and washed her body quickly with a washcloth and soap. She tied her hair up, checked to make sure the piss hadn’t ruined her makeup, gathered her clothes and put them in a trashbag she found under the sink, and went back into Sasha’s room.

Lauren went through her drawers, found a grey sweatsuit and pulled it out. Then she heard the door open and two male voices.

She moved toward Sasha’s bedroom door. She could make out John’s voice, Jake’s voice, and someone else. Jake was speaking too softly to be heard but John, as was typical for him, was overly loud and obviously intoxicated.

“Whoa, whoa, wait wait…. she’s here?” John asked. Lauren heard Jake respond but couldn’t make out what he said.

“In Sasha’s room? What the fuck man?” John said. More mumblings from Jake.

“Damn right son. Haha. Dude, Jake is dating this shit freak from school. Yeah, yeah that girl!” She heard more mumblings. “Freaky chick shits all over herself man!”

Lauren realized she had misjudged Jake. He had told John and god knows who else. Surely John will tell (or has already) everyone and anyone. She knew John through Alison and knew he was a drunk, a loudmouth, and an asshole but was also popular and well liked by the student body. While she had thought no one would believe Jake if he told anyone about what had happened she knew people would believe John, even if he was telling it second hand. She quickly dressed, grabbed the trashbag with her urine soaked clothes, her purse, and left Sasha’s room.

John, Jake (now clad in shorts and tshirt, urine free), and another guy were sitting in the front room drinking. They had heard Sasha’s door open and were silent when Lauren walked in the room.

The third boy stood up and offered his hand to Lauren.

“Hey, I’m Mike,” he said shaking Lauren’s hand.

“Hello Mike,” Lauren said, avoiding eye contact. John and Jake stared at her.

“Hey Lauren, man, what’s up?” John asked, staying seated, “What are you doing over here?”

“Uhh, she was dropping something off,” said Jake.

“Oh, is that right?” John said, feigning interest, eyes bright with laughter. “Was she bringing over some toilet paper? Or diapers?”

John started laughing. Jake blushed and Mike sat down, smiling and chuckling with John.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” asked Lauren, feeling anger rising in her chest.

“Well,” John said, with a smirk, “Jake told me a pretty interesting story about you. About something that happened yesterday.”

Lauren looked at Jake. He was blushing, staring at the floor, avoiding her gaze.

“Oh,” Lauren said, turning back to John. “What happened?” She was expressionless.

“Well, he said you got a little messy. He said you did some pretty sick shit in front of him, stuff he’s never even seen in porn before.” She could tell from his tone he was turned on. She felt her anus tighten.

“Fuck you,” Lauren said as she headed for the door. John got up and moved toward her but she brushed past him and went out the door. John followed her down the stairs.

“Where you going?” he said trying to catch up with her as she walked quickly down the street. She turned down an alley and picked up her pace.

“Fuck you. Leave me alone!” she shrieked at him.

“Wait, wait,” John said grabbing her arm and stopping her. “I was just joking, come on, Jake is a fucking liar.”

Lauren stared at John. He moved closer.

“You like shit?” he whispered, pulling her close to him. He raised one of his fingers to her nose and she inhaled the faint but unmistakable odor of ass on his finger. She closed her eyes and breathed it in again. She opened her eyes and gently pushed John back. The alley was lit by streetlights but it was lined with high walls overgrown with vines that obscured the houses on either side.

John said nothing. Lauren watched as John reached behind himself and put his hand down the back of his pants. He closed his eyes and grunted before pulling his hand out and slowly raising his finger back to Lauren’s nose. In the light she could see dirt on his finger and as he brought it closer to her nose she could smell the shit on it. She felt her heart beat quicken, a sudden warmth in her loins, the familiar clenching and unclenching of her anus.

“I..” she started before John slowly inserted his finger in her mouth. She stared into his eyes as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her mouth. She could taste his shit in her mouth and closed her lips around his finger, sucking hard. She closed her eyes.

She heard John unzip his pants and the rustling of his jeans as he let them fall to his feet. She could swear she smelled his cock. She opened her eyes.

John pulled his finger from Lauren’s mouth, letting a string of spit drip down her chin, and wiped his finger around her chest. He stood with pants down. Lauren reached down and slowly cupped his balls, eliciting a small moan from John. She felt herself getting wet and she continued to rhythmically contract her anus. John leaned closer and gently kissed Lauren as her hand moved from his balls to the shaft of his erect cock, stroking it slowly. She felt John’s tongue slip into her mouth, opened her lips a bit more, and felt him push his tongue deep into her mouth. She could feel the heat of his cock as she slowly stroked it, a bit of pre-cum wet her hand.

John pushed Lauren back toward one of the walls in the alley, but gently and while staring in her eyes. Lauren leaned back against the wall, stroking John’s cock with one hand, and with the other she took his finger. She raised it back to her mouth and slid it back in. The shit taste was gone as she sucked it and listened to another soft moan from John. He pulled it from her mouth, reached behind him, inserted the now moist finger back into his asshole before pulling it out and putting it back into Lauren’s mouth. She could taste the faint flavor of ass. She closed her eyes and moaned.

She felt John pull his finger from her mouth and then place both his hands on her hips. She kept stroking him, feeling his cock start to throb, while he slowly pulled down her borrowed sweat pants. She had put her underwear in the trash bag with her urine soaked clothes. The cool night air sent the hairs on her thighs and ass on end. He leaned in and kissed her while she felt his hand move up her naked thigh and rest on her pussy. He gently started massaging it. Lauren could feel her juices on John’s skin, she smelled the excitement of her pussy mingle with the musk of John’s cock and balls.

She pushed him back, staring into his eyes, pulled her hand slowly from his cock, before turning around and facing the wall, her back to him.

“You know what I want,” she said softly, almost whispering.

Her anus relaxed suddenly and she gently moaned while slowly bending from the hip and pressing her chest and face against the wall in the alley. She felt John pull her sweatpants down to her feet. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks and he slowly spread them. He knelt and she could feel his warm breath brushing against her asshole which quivered unintentionally. Lauren let out a low groan.

She held her breath and could hear John inhaling deeply, could feel how close his nose was from her anus.

“God, you smell so good,” John whispered, inhaling again, closer this time. He pulled her ass cheeks further apart and she could feel the tip of his nose on her anus. He inhaled again, slowly and deeply, before sighing gently. Lauren slowly let her breath out and felt her anus tighten then loosen. Her pussy started throbbing, she could feel her juices working their way down her lips and she imagined her pussy glistening with her juices.

Suddenly she felt John’s tongue at the top of her ass crack slowly sliding down. Her heart sped up, she held her eyes closed tight. This had never happened before, she had never had anyone touch her anus but herself.

She let out another deep moan when she felt his tongue reach her anus and slowly circled it before gently pushing against it. John softly groaned and gently slid his tongue over her anus. Lauren reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit very slowly and softly.

She felt John pushing against her asshole with his tongue, wet but firm, and she felt herself slowly opening to him. She groaned, again loudly, as she felt the tip of his tongue enter her. John groaned and forced his tongue deep into her ass. She quickened the pace on her clit.

For a moment she was completely lost in it and became aware that John had stood up. She felt his cock, throbbing, rubbing against her ass cheeks, slowly moving between them into her ass crack. She leaned her upper body against the wall and reached back to pull her cheeks open, breathing heavily, as John rubbed the head of his cock against her anus, moist from his tongue. John groaned, his breathing quickened.

“I wanna be in your ass, I wanna feel my cock sliding in your fucking ass,” he said, softly and slowly, into her ear. “I’m going to cum in your ass and I want to watch you push it out.”

“Wait,” Lauren said, softly, again almost a whisper, “Wait…”

She felt his body against her and his cock pushing against her asshole. He grunted and pushed hard, Lauren gasped with pain, could feel her anus tighten.

“Wait,” she said. She reached behind and touched his cock. She could feel herself sweating, the wetness all over her body, could smell his sweat and his cock, imagined him, moments before, with his tongue sliding into her ass. She moved his cock closer to her pussy and he tried to thrust when he felt the wetness of her, but she held his cock firmly.

“Wait,” she said. She closed her eyes, holding his cock right beneath her pussy, and briefly concentrated for a moment. John felt warm liquid run down his dick before he heard her piss hit the dirt. She moaned softly and relaxed a bit more feeling her bladder emptying on John’s erect cock. For a moment she could feel John’s upper body stiffen and thought he might pull away, but she felt him relax as her warm piss ran down his cock, across his balls, dripping down into the dirt of the alley, down his thighs, down her thighs. She guided his cock back up to her asshole.

John groaned and pushed. Lauren felt pain, felt her anus resisting, felt herself tightening against the burn. John pushed harder. His cock was coated in her urine and he could feel her asshole slowly accept the head of his dick. Lauren moaned loudly, grunted, and suddenly squirted out the last of her urine. He wanted to see it, he wanted to watch his cock entering her ass, but was afraid of pulling away from her. He felt her start pushing back against him, her ass slowly opening up, slowly taking his urine lubed cock, and Lauren’s moans started getting dangerously close to screams.

“Shhh!” he whispered in her ear. He pushed again and felt his cock slide deep into Lauren, so tight, tighter than any girl’s pussy he had ever had. The thought of what he was doing was suddenly clear in his mind and he could feel himself getting ready to cum. He pushed deeper, his hands on her hips, pulling her onto his cock, and felt it slide completely inside her.

Lauren let out a loud groan and felt John pull her into him violently, felt his cock suddenly throb uncontrollably in her rectum, and John let out his own groan.

“Fuck, oh God, fuck,” she heard him whisper in her ear. She thought she could feel his cum inside her and found herself wondering if it would come out when she shit. He pulled her onto his cock again, hard, and she felt his whole body tighten before relaxing, his head resting on her back.

She felt him slowly pull out of her ass and groaned with pain. It struck her as odd but reasonable that his cock leaving her ass felt just like pushing out shit. However, she could feel her anus straining and knew it would hurt in the morning worse than after any of her rituals. She felt fluids drip down her backside and legs as John pulled himself out. She stayed resting against the wall, her borrowed sweatpants, now themselves covered in urine, around her ankles, her asshole rhythmically flexing as she tentatively pushed out John’s cum. She heard John pulling up his pants and zipping them. She turned around.

John hurriedly pulled his pants up, avoiding looking at Lauren.

“Uh… look, I gotta go,” he said, apologetically, still avoiding eye contact.

“Ok,” Lauren said, staring at him.

“I’ll.. uh… I’ll see you, ok,” he mumbled as he turned and stumbled down the alley. Lauren watched him go until he was gone.

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