Small Town Life Chapter 6 – A Happy Ending

There once was a small, quiet, sleepy town that had more churches than retail stores. The people there greeted each other warmly, most generally liking everyone else. But as all small towns go, this one had it’s secrets too.

A few short weeks ago the City Clerk had come into work, fucked a few people, recorded it all on video, emailed a some select people, then walked out, leaving her resignation and drastically changed people in her wake. The mayor of the town was a short man who felt he had to bully people to make up for being short. His wife was a hateful thing who thought that because she put her husband in his position that she deserved more than her due.

After Sharon the clerk had fucked the Mayor and put his feet back on the ground, he went home and with the help of another friend, fucked the hell out of his wife and brought her back to where she needed to be.

The bitch that ran the front counter of city hall, after sucking the mayor’s jizz from Sharon’s snatch, took a day off for herself and met a couple that introduced her to a whole new world. Then with the help of one of Sharon’s videos and the mayor, the last man standing in the office, the utility clerk Don, met the woman of his dreams who became the new city clerk and fulfilled her dreams in the process.

The changes that had come about in the city hall of this small town were slowly reflecting themselves to more residents. Although the church attendance on Sundays had declined some, there was a freshness about the town. Almost as though it had been re-energized somehow.

To celebrate the new staff member and the positive changes, Mayor Ray and his wife Terri were hosting a little party for the employees. The night of the party was clear and crisp. Terri left the doors to the patio open and candles burned all through the house. She had even lit the tiki torches outside around the patio. Ray tried to reassure her that the house looked great and so did she. At the sound of the doorbell, they went to greet their first and “special” guest.

Sharon stood at the door, her hair falling in soft blond waves to her shoulders. Her baby blue sundress was cut low at the bodice and high at the thigh. Lush curves filled the dress to perfection. Strappy sandals with red hot toenails on display finished the outfit.

“Mayor, Mrs. Mayor,” she greeted.

“Now Sharon, you don’t live here anymore, no need for formality,” Ray assured her as he ushered her into the house. The twinkle in his eye spoke volumes more about the unnecessary need for formality.

Smiling at Terri, Sharon noted the changes. The woman was certainly more relaxed than she had ever seen her. Dressed in a soft, yellow, floor-length dress that left her shoulders bare and brought out the honey color of her hair, Terri’s slender body actually looked good.

The three chatted lightly about Sharon’s new job, and how well the town was doing after her departure. At seeing their frequent touches and loving glances, Sharon was slightly surprised to find out just how changed this couple was.. Her efforts to simply bring them back to reality seemed to have farther reaching consequences, which she was happy to see.

As Sharon offered to help Terri with the last minute party preparations, Ray went to greet more of the arriving guests. Soon the house was filled with people and laughter, everyone seeming to be pleased to see the woman that had started such a commotion in the town.

Sharon’s biggest surprise was seeing Wanda and Fred together. Approaching the couple, she slipped Wanda a quick kiss on the lips and took her hand in hers. “What is this?” She asked, looking to Fred. “This is not what I expected to see. But damn woman you do clean up well.” She took in Wanda’s pretty pink and form fitting dress and new sleek hair.

Wanda blushed and explained how she had met Dale and Debra and her discovery of not just being a lesbian but more accurately, bisexual. “So no one ever contacted you about the video?” Sharon wondered.

“No. Was I supposed to be?”

“Ah, well that was my initial plan actually. Although it looks like things worked out much better than I could ever had planned on.” Sharon smiled at the couple.

“So wait, who should have asked me about the video then?” Wanda frowned in concern. “Who out there has a copy?”

Sharon pursed her lips in thought. Finally she shook her head, “No. If you haven’t been approached by now, then I may have missed my mark on that one. Let that person retain their privacy. Maybe the day will come that they’ll get brave. You have my guarantee on your safety and privacy.”

Wanda tilted her head to the side and thought about Sharon’s words. After a bit she decided that was probably the best way to go. Sharon had done so much for her, she trusted her decision. Giving Sharon a light kiss and a quick ass grope, Wanda pulled Fred off to mingle.

Drifting to the corner where Don and Kathy were currently having their own grope session, Sharon shared kisses with both of them. “You appear ready to get this party started.”

Kathy’s long blond hair fell over her bare shoulders and her cherry red dress floated well above her knees. Don’s thick dark hair and trim body seemed to be about the only thing unchanged about the entire group of people. As Don pulled his hand from under Kathy’s short skirt, a sly grin crossed his face.

“Well, as there wasn’t much action going on, we thought we should make our own.” Don chuckled.

Sharon touched her tongue to her top lip. Smiling she said, “I had planned on there being plenty of action. But there are a few here that need to leave first.” Her gaze touched on the older couples in the room that wouldn’t have the same appreciation for action that her former co-workers did.

Two hours later, Sharon quietly whispered into Ray’s ear. Those few words sent him on a mission to empty the house of all but certain people. Most that left praised the good food and great company and went happily on their way without a clue. Sharon noted a few select couples that left with lingering glances at the remaining people; she’d pass the information on later.

The six couples and Sharon all convened into the den of the mayor’s home. Don and Kathy made no further effort to shield their wandering hands. Wanda and Fred quickly joined them. When Terri and Ray seemed unsure what to do, Sharon gestured to a plush loveseat with a good view of the room. She leaned down and whispered to Terri that only watching was completely okay.

Moving across to where Wanda and Fred had dropped onto the couch, Sharon slid in beside them. Wanda immediately turned and captured Sharon’s lips with hers, pushing at the top of Sharon’s dress. As the two shared a long kiss, tongues tasting and twining together, the tops of their dresses were unfastened and pushed down, baring two very different sets of breasts.

Sharon’s large and lush breasts popped out of her dress, bouncing slightly. Her small berry nipples already tight and hard. Sharon’s hands covered Wanda’s small breasts with rather large nipples, kneading them gently. Fred reached around Wanda to play with Sharon’s melons, squeezing and rolling her nipples.

Don pulled Kathy to the front of the couch, and releasing the zipper on her dress, dropped it to the floor leaving Kathy completely nude. Pulling Don’s shirt over his head, she rubbed her full breasts against his bare chest. Looking over Don’s shoulder Kathy could say Ray and Terri having their own make out session while trying to keep an eye on the action.

Kathy dropped to her knees in front of Sharon and with a little urging, had her lift her hips so that she could pull the dress completely from her. Finding Sharon also nude under her dress brought a smile from Kathy. Pushing Sharon’s knees wide apart she gazed on the perfectly waxed and pink pussy in front of her. Licking her lips, she dived in.

Next to her Fred decided to follow suit and quickly had Wanda naked and spread open for his mouth. Dragging his tongue in one long swipe from ass hole to clit had Wanda throwing back her head and moaning. Sharon’s gasps from Kathy’s licks and sucks joined Wanda’s.

Don dropped his pants, and stroking his long slender penis, moved around to Sharon’s head. She needed no urging to take his cock deep in her mouth. A sudden shrill wail from the other side of the room and had Don looking over to find Ray’s short but very fat prick buried in Terri’s hot wet snatch. The man’s hips pounded into his wife as his eyes were glued to the bodies on the couch.

Kathy worked Sharon’s clit, quickly flicking it with her fingers while sticking her tongue inside Sharon’s dripping cunt. In short moments she had Sharon shuddering through an orgasm. Don pulled from Sharon’s mouth and she fell back, letting the waves crash though her.

As soon as she had her breath back, Sharon rasped, “Cock. I need a cock in me now.”

Wanda pushed Fred from her pussy and urged him over to Sharon. Pulling Kathy to her, Wanda kissed her, licking the juices from Kathy’s face. Fred wasted no time in shoving his rock hard pole into Sharon’s tight, wet tunnel. Sounds of flesh smacking together filled the room.

Kathy dropped onto the couch and Don lifted her legs high, sliding his prick deep inside her. At that moment harsh groans and wails came from Ray and Terri as he shot load after load of cum into his wife. Watching the other couples was new to them and so incredibly erotic that they just couldn’t hold out.

Wanda quickly crossed the room and waited until the mayor had pulled away from Terri and then latched her mouth onto the woman’s pussy before any jizz could start to leak out. “Oh my god,” Terri moaned as for the first time in her life, someone other than her husband licked her pussy. Wanda worked carefully to suck out all the creamy stuff Ray had left behind.

Moments later she heard the low, rough growl from Fred and Wanda knew what was happening behind her. Giving Terri’s snatch a final lick, she turned and headed back to Sharon. Ray gathered his wife close and gently fondled her small breasts and nipples while they enjoyed the show.

As Fred emptied himself into Sharon, she arched back and gave a hoarse scream and her second orgasm slammed through her. Wanda nearly shoved Fred to the side in order to get to Sharon’s rosy valley. Since Fred knew what she was after, he wasn’t at all offended and it even made him chuckle a bit.

As Wanda cleaned out Sharon’s snatch , Sharon sank her fingers into Wanda’s hair and could do no more than shiver from the intense feelings rocking through her. She reached over and tweaked a nipple of Kathy’s, hearing the sharp gasp in response.

Don had been keeping his strokes long and firm but slow which he knew to drive Kathy mad. The woman had been shuddering through her second orgasm and Don knew he still had time before blowing his load. Reaching over he slid a hand down Wanda’s ass in search of a wet pussy as he knew her to be the only woman that still hadn’t gotten off at least once.

When Fred noticed what he was doing, he pushed Don’s hand aside and laid on his back, sliding underneath Wanda. Pulling her hips down, he settled her crotch over his mouth and began to lick. By this time she had cleaned Sharon out and leaned back to enjoy the hot tongue lashing.

Sharon looked across at Ray and Terri to see Terri’s head bobbing up and down in Ray’s lap. She sent him a smile and turned to Kathy. Leaning over she pulled a nipple into her mouth and gave it a lick. Strawberries flashed through her mind, surprising her.

Kathy looked at Don and frowned. “Either get in my ass and get your rocks off or get off me before I completely melt. I can’t take much more, you sadist.”

Don burst out laughing but did as she demanded. Pulling out of her soaking pussy, he slowly and carefully pushed into her ass. Don tilted her legs and hips up higher to give himself better access. Kathy and Sharon exchanged warm kisses and massaged each other’s breasts.

Wanda’s gasps had gotten louder and she finally moaned in release. Shuddering over Fred’s face, she slowly lowered her body down, laying on top of him. With only a little maneuvering, Fred slid his once again hard cock along her wet and grasping snatch. Lifting herself up, Wanda slid down onto his pole and began to ride.

Terri lifted her head and looked at the writhing couples. Turning to Ray she whispered, “Would you fuck my ass?”

Ray nearly blew his load right then. Terri had never asked for that or even hinted that she was interested even though he knew she played with her doubled ended dildo he had given her quite often. Giving her hip a slap to encourage her to turn around, he got up on his knees.

Sliding his fat dong through her gushing juices, he very carefully began to work the entrance of her ass hole. The little rosebud was super tight, but Terry worked to relax and soon he popped through the outer ring. Groaning, Ray began to pump. He had never felt anything so tight and didn’t know how long he could hold out.

As moaning screams sounded from the couch, Ray threw a glance over his shoulder. It was obvious that Don had finally filled Kathy from the way his head was thrown back and his butt was clenched up tight against her crotch. Ray had never seen so much naked flesh in one place at one time.

Seeing Wanda reach over to scoop up the cum starting to dribble from Kathy’s ass and pop it in her mouth just blew Terri’s mind. With Ray pounding her ass, her next orgasm reached up and slammed into her. Waves of pleasure rolled over her and as her body clenched in response, Ray gave a mighty groan of his own and began releasing spurts of hot cum into her ass.

Wanda rode Fred hard and fast and brought them both to another climax. Once her shudders had slowed, she sank down on top of Fred, and he just held her on top of him. Don pushed up to find space on the couch with the other women and the three collapsed onto each other. Ray and Terri managed to find a comfortable position to half lay on the shorter loveseat cushions.

After a while a quiet snore was heard followed by a flurry of giggles. Wanda poked Fred in the ribs to rouse him up about the same time Don gave him a kick in the leg. With a snort and a jerk Fred partially sat up, dislodging Wanda who dropped onto the floor.

With a laugh, Sharon asked Terri where the women could clean up . Terri took all of the women upstairs to the large master bathroom leaving the men to fend for themselves. It took only a short discussion for the women to decide to shower two at a time, so Sharon pulled Kathy in with her, first.

Bundling up hair so it wouldn’t get wet, the two quickly stepped into the shower and began to clean each other up. Neither woman had much girl on girl experience so they just enjoyed having fun with soaping each other up and rinsing off. Fingers slid over soft, wet skin, teasing and testing the limits of what they encountered. Kathy found the most fun as the two women both with full breasts rubbed their nipples together.

Giggling and half aroused again, they piled out and then even took turns drying each other off. Tasting and nibbling on nipples, Sharon exclaimed again how she tasted strawberries on Kathy. Quiet moans from the other room interrupted their play.

Once the two had entered the bathroom, Wanda turned to Terri. “I love finding someone who’s body is shaped like mine.”

“I’ve always hated my body, I look like a boy,” Terri complained.

“Pshh,” Wanda scoffed. “You have beautiful breasts. I love these tiny little nipples.” Wanda reached out and brushed a fingertip over Terri’s nipple causing it to immediately pucker up tight.

“No one’s ever touched me except my husband,” Terri whispered.

“You can touch me all you want,” Wanda offered.

Terri’s fingers shook as she reached out to touch Wanda. She gently dragged a finger over Wanda’s large nipple and watched it grow big and hard. Wanda took Terri’s hand in her’s and guided her to cup a small breast and pinch the nub on the tip. Wanda very slowly and gently leaned in and touched her lips to Terri’s.

“Oh my god I just kissed a woman,” Terri breathed.

“I like kissing women. Their lips are softer.”

Wanda took Terri’s lips again in a longer kiss, urging her to part her lips so their tongues could taste. Soon they pressed against each other, breast to breast as they kissed deeply. Hands roamed at will, squeezing and exploring.

“Let me taste you,” Wanda whispered. Terri looked into those liquid brown eyes and nodded. Wanda pulled her to the bed and taking her time, kissed and worked her way down Terri’s body.

When the other women entered the bedroom, they found Terri on the bed laying on her back with Wanda’s head buried between her legs. Approaching each side of the bed, Sharon and Kathy joined them, stroking and running their hands and lips over Terri’s body. When Terri screamed quietly as yet another orgasm crashed over her, she pushed Wanda’s head away and tried to catch her breath.

“Oh my god, you guys are gonna kill me with this,” Terri whispered between pants.

“I assure you that is not our intention,” Sharon replied with a smile.

“There’s something weird under this pillow,” Kathy complained as she reached under the pillow she was laying on.

“Oh no!” Terri exclaimed as Kathy pulled out a long purple doubled ended dildo. “Oh god, just let me die now,” Terri moaned in embarrassment as she clapped her hands over her face.

“Now that looks like fun,” Sharon teased as she reached over to stroke the dildo in Kathy’s hands.

“Meh, come on, Terri, lets go clean up and leave these two to play,” Wanda pulled Terri from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Sharon and Kathy both held and stroked the the dildo, discovering how the vibrator worked. Giggling together, they exchanged wet kisses and rubbed the toy over each other. Kathy dipped her fingers in Sharon’s pussy juice and used it to lube up one end.

Laying back on the bed, she slipped her end in her sopping wet pussy. Sharon quickly scooted around and placed the other end at her dripping entrance. Working together, each woman slowly rocked her hips so that the dildo was stroking in and out of both. Sharon reached down and flipped the switches and a buzzing was heard.

Kathy moaned as the vibrations were felt deep inside her pussy. She pushed her hips towards Sharon, moving the toy deeper into the other woman. Sharon squealed and pushed toward Kathy. The two quickly found the rhythm and were fucking each other with the toy.

Terri and Wanda reentered the room about the time the men came in. They had heard the distinct sounds of sex wanted to know what was going on. Wanda pulled Terri over and they fell on the bed with the others and started assisting with sucking and pulling on nipples.

“Oh god, that’s too much to watch. Sharon, shove over,” Don declared. He managed to help Sharon carefully slide on top of Kathy without ever losing her contact with the vibrator. Ray tossed him a bottle of lube and he quickly coated his rapidly hardening cock.

Carefully, Don entered Kathy’s ass, making sure he didn’t disturb her and Sharon fucking. Soon he was pumping hard, finding the vibrations from inside Kathy’s pussy to be driving him wild. This was something they would certainly have to look into themselves.

Ray stared at his wife as she caressed the women around her. When he decided there was no jealousy, only envy, he moved closer. Terri sat up and and took Ray’s cock in her mouth and Wanda bent over the bed so she could play with Sharon and Kathy while Fred fucked her from behind. Flesh against flesh, tongues and lips were everywhere; there was no where to turn or look that wasn’t met with a more touches or kisses.

Ray shoved Terri back and demanded pussy. Sharon pulled her closer on the bed to make room and soon Ray was sinking deep in his wife. Wanda cuddled Kathy and Sharon as best she could, fingers sliding and slipping everywhere as Fred pounded her cunt.

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