Chapter 05 — Kathy

As Kathy swung through the front door of city hall in the small town that she lived in, she couldn’t stop the smug grin from planting itself on her full, lush lips. She couldn’t decide if this was her new favorite place, or if Don’s bed was. Either way, she intended to enjoy the day.

A couple of days ago, the city clerk, Sharon literally fucked everyone in the office, including the mayor. She had recorded the escapades on video and then emailed a few copies out. Sharon had then left the office, leaving behind a resignation letter and no one had seen her since. The mayor called Kathy yesterday to help out in city hall until the position could be filled. As her normal job over at the library was boring as hell, she was happy to oblige.

Kathy’s green eyes surveyed the room, taking in the occupants already there. Wanda sat at the counter chair, her soft brown hair newly cut into a neat bob that perfectly framed her face. To Kathy’s pleasant surprise, Wanda greeted her with a smile. As she rounded the counter, Kathy was able to see that Wanda was wearing a very flattering light yellow sundress.

Don had told her of Wanda’s admission to lesbianism and Sharon’s gift of a spa and new wardrobe, but this was a very nice change. The yellow dress fit snug across her bodice, showing a little skin but not too much, it’s flowing skirt stopping just above her knees. The new hair cut made her brown eyes look huge. Kathy thought the changes were just perfect.

“Wow, you look like a sunbeam, sitting there so pretty.”

“Thank you, and I totally love that outfit.” Wanda took in Kathy’s crisp white shirt tucked into pink and brown plaid pleated skirt. Her long, nearly waist length honey blond hair flowed down her back. “Going for the school girl look?”

“Just a little bit.” Kathy laughed, pleased that Wanda was being so friendly. “I skipped the white knee socks and pony tails, figuring that would be a little too obvious.” Both women shared a laugh and Kathy was completely amazed to see the flirting look on Wanda’s face. “Actually, I was going for the professional look. I guess I missed.”

“Only someone with a dirty mind would take it wrong. You actually look very nice. I’m happy you’ll be with me in here today. Old grump over there has to get the bills out and he’s just awful to work with on these days.” Wanda nodded over to Don already pecking away at his computer.

Kathy looked at her new lover. He was the utility clerk for the town and Kathy had learned that he loved ass fucking. His black hair still just a tad wet from his shower and she knew that was her fault. She had spent the night with him and their morning romp in the sheets caused them both to be a bit later getting to work than planned. Not that she minded one bit.

Looking back to Wanda she asked, “So what do you want me doing today?”

Shooting a glare over her shoulder at Don, Wanda replied, “Don says I need to learn how to be nice to customers and that you’re the best one to teach me.”

“You’ve been a hateful old bitch for too long Wanda; trust me you need help,” Don growled from his desk.

As Wanda opened her mouth to presumably blast Don for his words, Kathy stepped in quickly, “Don said you’d been going through some changes in your life and I’d be happy to help in anyway I can.” She smiled hopefully at Wanda, dearly afraid the two would start scrapping any minute.

Wanda looked back at Kathy and narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. Kathy grinned and after taking a careful glance at the front door to make sure no one was around, quickly leaned in a dropped a kiss on Wanda’s soft lips. “Come on, let’s seriously mess with people’s heads today,” Kathy whispered mischievously.

That certainly caught Wanda’s attention, her eyes widening in shock at the kiss. Thinking it over and looking into Kathy’s sparkling green eyes, she felt a newly discovered mischievous streak rose up. “Oh we could so do that.”

The morning progressed well with both women greeting and waiting on customers. They had great fun in lightly flirting with each other and most of the people that came into the building, men and woman alike. As the door closed behind another normally complaining customer, Kathy exclaimed, “God this is so fun! She was so confused by you she didn’t even have anything to complain about today.”

Wanda smirked. “There’s been a few people I’ve missed bitching at, but I gotta’ agree that this has been fun.” Tilting her head to the side a bit, she considered Kathy thoughtfully. Kathy leaned back against the counter and waited for Wanda. “So, ever had sex with a woman?”

As that wasn’t quite the question Kathy had been expecting, she was slightly startled. “Uh, umm actually yes, once.” She threw an embarrassed glance over at Don only to discover he had raised his head and was waiting for her answer. At his grin, Kathy ducked her head as a blush crept across her cheeks.

“Did you like it?” Wanda continued.

Seeing no way out of the conversation, Kathy decided she have to answer honestly. “Truthfully, it was okay. It’s not my thing, I didn’t get off on it, but I’m glad for the experience.”

“Would you want to do it again?” Wanda’s eyes twinkled as she waited for Kathy’s response.

“Uh, well…” Kathy stammered. Don burst out laughing and she threw a glare his direction. “To be honest Wanda, I don’t know. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I know I’ve been all flirty today and that’s probably wrong of me. I was just having some fun.” Kathy was beginning to feel badly about her behavior of the past few hours.

Wanda grabbed Kathy’s hand and pulled her down the hall away from the public area. “Now I’ve made you feel bad; I’m so sorry. Please, this has been a really fun morning and I don’t want to screw it up by making you think you’ve done something wrong.”

Kathy shrugged, “I wasn’t thinking of your feelings.”

“Okay look, I’ve been a closet lesbian and hardcore, horrible bitch for years and just yesterday found out that I’m really bi instead. I have no idea how to act, no idea how to be who I am and flirting with you has actually helped me today. It’s let me know that I’m not a freak.”

“Bi? You like men? I’m sorry that’s probably too personal for me to ask. Hell Don shouldn’t have told me all that he did, it’s your personal business. But Wanda, you are not a freak. You’re a beautiful woman who’s finding her way in life. If I was into women, I would most certainly be into you.”

“Aww thank you.” Wanda hugged Kathy tight, enjoying the feel of Kathy’s large firm breasts pressing into her own. Just to play a bit, she slid her hands down and cupped Kathy’s rounded ass.

Kathy giggled and returned the favor, gripping Wanda’s smaller but still firm butt cheeks. “This may not be turning me on, but it sure is fun. Is it alright if we keep it up? I mean I’m not going to leave you like, sexually frustrated am I?”

As Wanda continued to hold and caress Kathy’s ass, she gave her a quick kiss. “Even if you did get me all hot and bothered, I’ve got new friends that will be happy to help me out. But just to let you know, I totally love to suck jizz out of a woman’s pussy after a man has cum inside her. So if you and Don get it on today, let me know so I can clean you up.”

Kathy gave a breathy moan. “God that sounds so hot.” The two women met in a long, hot kiss, arms wrapping around each other. As they pulled apart, Kathy sang, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

The two broke out in laughter and arm in arm, went back to work. They both met Don’s questioning stare with amused smiles. Wanda checked to make sure no one else was close by and quickly flipped up the back of Kathy’s skirt giving Don a glimpse of bare ass. Kathy jumped a bit at the sudden action and jerked her skirt back down. She looked at Don. They had only been together a very short time, but she recognized the glazed look that had come into his bright blue eyes.

Turning to lean over his desk, she pulled the front of her blouse down even farther so he could get a glimpse of her ripe melons. “I am having a wonderful time today. What would you think of me applying for Sharon’s job?” she whispered.

Don was unable to raise his eyes from the temptation so close at hand. With a hard swallow he whispered his reply, “Put those away before I take you to the back right now. You two are driving me insane over there. As much as I’d love to have you here all the time, I’m not sure my pants would survive.”

“Your pants?”

“I’m about to bust out of them my dick is so hard!”

His words caused Kathy’s damp pussy to flood with moisture. Turning quickly she asked Wanda, “Is it lunch time yet?”

By mutual consent between the three of them they decided to close for lunch and then all headed straight for the city clerks office. In seconds, Kathy had dropped her skirt and had her shirt open and was sliding back on the desktop. As she had once again skipped wearing panties, her cleanly shaved pussy glistened with juice as she spread her legs wide.

Don had his prick in hand in record time and was on his way to send it home. Wanda scooted up onto the desktop behind her and gently pushed Kathy’s bra out of the way. Leaning around, Wanda latched onto Kathy’s ripe berry nipple and began sucking. She pulled away just long enough to stare in surprise. “Strawberries! Wow.” Twisting around Kathy she went back to the tasty nipples at hand.

Only a few strokes after Don’s long pole entered Kathy’s tight twat, combined with Wanda’s mouth and hands on her large breasts and Kathy was erupting in orgasm. Copious amounts of fluid poured from her pussy as she bucked and moaned on the desktop. Wanda slid a hand down to flick Kathy’s clit and caused her to nearly scream in ecstasy.

Once she was able to breathe normally again, Kathy exchanged kisses with both Don and Wanda. As Don hadn’t reached his goal yet, Kathy turned her attention to Wanda and let him continue pumping that long slender prick in her hot box. Sliding her hand under Wanda’s skirt she found pretty yellow panties.

Pushing them aside, she carefully stroked her fingers over Wanda’s nicely waxed and soaking wet snatch. Wanda shuddered and latched her mouth onto Kathy’s, tongues sliding and slipping together. Being in unfamiliar territory, Kathy was cautious in sliding a finger inside of Wanda.

Gasping, Wanda quickly turned to face Kathy so they sat hip to hip and spread her legs open to assist Kathy. Putting a hand over Kathy’s, Wanda guided her fingers, showing her to stroke and fondle her dripping channel, entering and withdrawing fingers together. The two women twined around each other, kissing and rubbing whatever they could reach as Don continued to pound away in Kathy’s love tunnel.

Seeing all the female action caused Don to explode into Kathy’s hot cavern. Streams of jizz spurted from his cock filling Kathy’s tunnel as shudders wracked his body. Grabbing a handful of Kathy’s hair, he pulled her mouth back to his, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

When he finally finished oozing cum, Don gently slipped from Kathy. Wanda wasted no time in climbing off the desk and leaning down to start lapping the tasty juices flowing out. She sucked the cream from Kathy, trying to get every drop. Since Kathy could no longer reach Wanda’s crotch, Don lifted an eyebrow in question to her.

At Kathy’s nod, he slid his fingers into Wanda’s pussy. Gently stroking them in and out, working his fingers. Wanda moaned and sucked at Kathy even harder, using her own fingers to rub at the small but hard clit. Kathy moaned as another small orgasm swept through her. When Don pushed his thumb against Wanda’s puckered ass hole, she exploded in her own orgasm. Her knees nearly buckled and Kathy caught her up to her breasts, holding her close.

Don leaned over the two women and gave Kathy a warm loving kiss which she returned. Wrapping an arm around him, Kathy held both to her as best she could. “I’ve decided,” he announced. Both women turned to him in question. “I’m putting in a call to the mayor and if he doesn’t hire you to take Sharon’s place then I’m gonna quit and get a job at the library.”

“Oh yes! Me too,” Wanda added. “You have got to come work here. Screw the library. No wait, don’t screw the library, you have to come here and screw us every day.”

Kathy laughed weakly. “Guys, as much as I like the idea I’m beginning to be afraid that we’d kill each other with sex.”

“But damn, what a way to go.” Slapping Wanda’s ass, he added, “Come on girls get dressed and I’ll treat you to lunch. Even though its going to have the be the fastest lunch we can find.”

Just before closing that day, the mayor came into the office. Kathy gave him a nervous smile and nearly dropped the pen she was using. He went around the counter and chatted with Don while she finished what she was doing.

“Kathy, step in here with me a minute please.” Giving Don and Wanda hopeful looks, she followed Ray into the city clerk’s office. Seeing him settle behind the desk, Wanda took the chair across from him and smoothed down her skirt. Flashes of memory went through her mind of what happened on that desk top and she was grateful Wanda had taken the time to wipe it clean.

Kathy found herself in an impromptu interview of the job in question. Her college degree served her well as the mayor talked to her and discovered how qualified she actually was for the job. “You are seriously overqualified to be working at the library. The city is just wasting your talents over there.”

She blushed at the thought of what talents had actually been used in the room they were in. Mayor Ray caught the blush and quickly figured out what had caused it. “Do you think you’ll be able to work with Don and Wanda in the long term?”

Taking a deep breath, Kathy knew this was important to get right. “I know that a precedent has already been set and that if I was put in a position of authority over them I’d have to handle things carefully. But I really feel that there is enough mutual respect for each different person and their job, that we would all be able to work together just fine.”

Raising from behind the desk, Ray moved to lean against it, facing Kathy. He was a short man that had a ‘big man complex’ and was used to trying to bully people around. What Kathy didn’t know is that Sharon’s fuck had brought him back to earth and back to his wife. Ray wasn’t quite the same man he had been. “A precedent huh? So you all have been fucking in the office already? What if I said that you had to fuck me before you could have the job?”

Kathy stood as fury filled her. “Then I’d tell you to go fuck yourself and on my way back to the library, I’d call your wife and tell her what you just said.”

Ray chuckled, “Relax, I just wanted to see your reaction. You’ve passed this interview with flying colors. As long as the city continues to run smoothly, what happens in this office is up to you and you alone.”

“Really? Just like that? I have the job?”

Ray smiled reassuringly, “Just like that. It’s important to fill this position quickly and city council actually does prefer to do promoting from current employees rather than hiring outsiders. You are very qualified. I know you’ve worked here enough to have a good idea of the basics of the job, and I have a feeling that you’ll pick up the rest quick enough. It’s also very obvious that you get along well with Don and Wanda. And anyone that can get along with Wanda the Bitch deserves the job. I just hope you realize how tough its actually going to be.”

“Wow. Thanks. I hope I don’t let you down.”

“You’ll do fine. Terri and I will throw a ‘welcome to the job’ party for you in a few days.” He patted her on the shoulder and started to leave the room.

Kathy quickly grabbed him and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “I won’t fuck you but that’s a little bit better thank you. Call it the beginning of my campaign for a friendly office.”

“If that’s how you plan on thanking people, this will be a very friendly office,” he laughed then gave her butt a little pat as they headed out.

“Don, Wanda meet your new City Clerk. She will have the duties of office manager just like Sharon did which means she is your supervisor. I hope you all can work together with no problems.” With that, Mayor Ray gave a salute and left.

The sudden and complete silence that followed caused Kathy’s nerves to skyrocket. Don leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. Wanda sat tapping her pen against the counter.

“What? Isn’t this what you guys wanted? Oh god don’t do this!”

With laughs, both jumped up and grabbed Kathy close. “That was so hard. I could hardly keep my face from cracking. It was Don’s idea.”

“We had already planned what to do if you made it or not. Welcome to City Hall, honey.” Don kissed her long and deep, his hand roaming over her ass. As their kiss finished, Wanda took her lips with her’s and slipped her hand up under Kathy’s skirt to give her bare ass a rub too.

“Oh hot damn! I sure know when the best time to come to city hall is,” came an exclamation behind them. The three turned to see Fred the street supervisor walking up the hall from the back. Fred had also caught Don and Kathy fucking in the hallway yesterday and had jerked off to the show.

Kathy knew that her new job involved keeping track of the field supervisors as well as the office. Stepping away from the group and brushing at her skirt she faced the newcomer, “Fred I’m the new city clerk. The mayor just gave me the job a few minutes ago. I hope we can work professionally together.”

Fred grinned. “As long as you don’t mind me looking at your rack, we can work together just fine.”

Kathy felt Don stiffen beside her. Wanda stepped up to Fred and jabbed a finger in his chest, “You can look at anything you want you big buffoon, but you will keep your hands to yourself unless otherwise invited.” Wanda wasn’t very tall or very roundly built and standing in front of Fred who was taller and very stocky made her look even smaller.

“I’ll take that deal. Long as I can look at you too sweetheart.” Fred caught Wanda’s finger in his hand and sucked it in his mouth.

Kathy watched Wanda’s eyes round in shock. She looked to Don for guidance and he just stood with his mouth hanging open. “Uh Fred, remember invitation touching only,” Kathy pulled Wanda’s hand from his grasp.

The two stood facing each other, neither making a move. Kathy squeaked a Don trying to get him to do something. “You’re the boss lady now” he whispered.

“Um, Fred why did you come into the office? Did you need something?”

“Well, I was coming in to see if those reports I turned in yesterday were okay, but when I found this pretty little thing here I got a bit distracted. I like a feisty woman. Please tell me you work here.”

Kathy frowned in confusion. “Fred, Wanda’s worked here for years.”

“Wanda the bitch! No way! This ain’t Wanda, she’s a hag and this here little lady is as yummy lookin’ as a pat o’butter meltin’ on a hot biscuit.”

With a gasp Wanda broke free and fled into Kathy’s office. Glaring daggers at Fred, Kathy followed. Once inside she took Wanda into her arms and held her while the woman shook with silent tears.

“He’s just an ass. Don’t give him the satisfaction, sweety. Whatever you were, you’re not the same person and you’re going to be a much better person for finding yourself. You don’t have to take that from the caveman out there.”

“But he’s right. I spent so many years fighting who and what I am. I was a horrible person.”

Kathy brushed Wanda’s soft brown hair back from her face. Dropping a quick kiss on her lips, she laid her cheek against Wanda’s and rocked her gently. The sound of a throat being cleared brought her attention to Fred standing in the doorway. She glared daggers at him, daring him to say the wrong thing again.

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