It had been a match made in heaven. John and Elaine were madly in love. Her father had just died and her mom was ill with cancer. They dated, were engaged and soon married. Her mother died leaving her all alone. Except for John.

John took very good care of her. They lived the good life in California and had great sex. Then the recession came. John lost his job and was out of work for a very long time. Things were getting very tight.

Then a job working on a pipeline in Alaska came up. John jumped on it. They both moved to a cabin in Alaska and Elaine had a baby.

John worked long hours and his coworkers were a rough, unpolished crowd. Constantly talking about their wived giving them head. It began to eat at John.

Elaine was never a big fan of blow jobs. John would get one on his birthday and that was it. She never swallowed. After all, she came from a good home and was a proper wife.

But John began insisting. Once when she refused, he withheld his paycheck. The cable went off, and they ate beans for a month. Of course John ate at the company cafeteria.

Finally she gave in and started giving blow jobs. She felt like a prostitute and not a wife. John did not seem to care.

At the company Christmas party she met Jane, another wife from California who had followed her husband up to the oil fields. They hit it off and vowed to have coffee soon. And they did.

At their second coffee meeting, Elaine decided to bring it up. She said “I wanted to ask you about something rather personal, I feel I can trust you. Things have changed in our marriage since John came up here.”

Jand replied “You must be talking about the cocksucking. I know, I hate it too”.

Elaine was shocked. She was not the only one.

Jane went on “It started with Charlie, he talked the guys into pressuring their wives. It keeps the stress level down on the job site.”

“See, Charlie’s wife used to be, well, a call girl, and did it all the time. So he figured that the guys wives wouldn’t mind it a bit.”

Jane replied “So Charlies wife is a professional cocksucker and we sort of got drafted in because of her”.

“That is correct. We were so vulnerable that it easily happened. What else could we do? So we slowly started down that slippery slope of blow jobs. We were like Stepford wives. Next came the swingers parties.”

“Swingers parties” exclaimed Elaine.”

“Oh, I’m sure John will be after you to go to them before long. There you have to give head to the bosses, if John wants to keep his job.”

Elaine subconsciously gulped and Jane giggled.

“We better get you to Andre, the best hairdresser in town. John’s boss likes golden blondes”.

The stark reality of her situation was beginning to hit Elaine.

The friend looked at her watch and stood up. “I have to go give Mikes boss some head at 4:00 on his break at work. Mike wants overtime and that is the only way to get it.”

Elaine gulped again. She bid her friend goodby.

When John came home, he had several friends with him. They looked very relaxed and calm. After a few beers, they left.

Elaine was starting to stress and then John showed her the company photo he had gotten that day. He pointed out his boss, who was a black man. Being from the deep south, Elaine gulped again. She was going to be expected to blow a black man. Or be out on the street with her baby.

And then the night arrived. John was bring his boss home for dinner. He stressed to her how important it was. And he wanted her to do his boss a big favor. Otherwise, he would be laid off.

John was getting turned on by the idea of seeing his wife give a blow job to a black man. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Derrick, John’s boss. Elaine was nervous.

John opened the door and Elaine saw a very fit, very black younger man. He came in and was friendly.

He came over to Elaine and gave her a hug and a long kiss on her neck. “I hope you are as good as John tells us all in the break room”. Elaine turned 13 shades of red.

So everyone knew that she had become a cocksucker.

They had a nice dinner. Derrick said “Thanks for going golden blonde for me”. Elaine thought, this guy has some balls.”

Aftr dinner John and Derrick retired to the living room while Elaine cleared the table. When she came into the living room, she noticed that Derrick had a big heart on, so did John. Damn, her husband was getting off on this. What the hell.

But they needed to job and she stood Derrick up, unzipped his jeans and got on her knees. It was big and long. She went to town and soon she was swallowing his cum. Finally it was over.

Derrick pulled up his jeans, said “You don’t have to worry about getting laid off John”. And then he left.

Then John wanted a blow job. He was so hot from watching her with Derrick.

The whole thing passed and Elaine was able to deal with John’s new hobby, as he called it.

But then Derrick started dropping by. He would show up and want a blow job. Just like that. He threatened to lay John off if she refused. So she went ahead. And he told her that if John found out, that he would be fired, immediately.

She had backed herself into a corner. A cocksucking corner. And it went on and on. One day Jane dropped by and saw Derricks truck out front and heard Derricks screams from the bedroom as he came.

She left and waited for Derrick to leave. Then she came back. Elaine answered the door, cum still in her hair and rug burns on her knees.

Jane confronted her and Elaine admitted that Derrick had been dropping by often for blow jobs. Jane’s heart went out to Elaine as she saw her predicament. “Does John know?”Jane asked?

Just as Jane had suspected, Derrick had badgered Elaine in to ongoing head.

Elaine wept, cum dripping out of her nose and the cum in her hair getting sticky. “I have to get myself cleaned up before John comes home.” Jane left and was tearful about the situation.

Finally Elaine decided to tell john. “John, there is something I must tell you. For the past 6 months, about 5 times a week, Derrick has been coming by getting blow jobs. You cannot let him know that I told you or he will fire you. And I must blow him in order for you to keep your job.

John looked at her in amazement. “Elaine, Derrick was fired the day after we had him over for dinner.” Elaine looked at the seaman stained carpet where Derrick like to stand and did not know what to say.

She had become a high priced call girl who did it fro free.

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