Tracy was my obsession, my love. She was all I thought about and all I wanted. She was my Muse, my Aphrodite; the Hera to my Zeus; the Delilah to my Samson. She was the fruit which I had been forbidden my entire life, and now, suddenly, I was glutted with it. I could have as much as I wanted and more, and more, and I was so happy that I felt like I was drowning.

I was afraid that once Tracy moved in, the relationship might cool off, we’d get used to each other, things would go stale. Seeing each other at work all day and then coming home together seemed like it might suffocate us. I regretted asking her to move in, but I knew if I recanted she would go berserk. My periods of doubt were frequent but brief, and interspersed with periods of absolute certainty.

In two weeks she had broken the lease on her apartment and moved in. Her crackle-painted Louis XV chairs harmonized strangely with my sleek black Italian leather sofa. Her wardrobe astounded me. There were half a dozen duffel bags full of shoes and a small mountain of stylish, designer clothes in the middle of the living room. We’d spent the whole weekend moving her in. It was Sunday night. We’d finally finished getting the last few boxes and collapsed together on the couch, nestled in amongst a tulle petticoat and a bag of bathrobes.

For a moment, I felt cold and numb; terrified, really. What the hell was I thinking… there was no way this could work… my god, she’s here, she lives here now, she lives in my apartment… what the hell did I do? Then she wound both of her little arms around my arm and pecked my cheek. All of my doubts melted away in a warm haze, and I pulled her close. She slid in to my lap and rested against my chest.

“Welcome home,” I told her, grinning.

She laughed a little. I put my hands around her waist to meet at the base of spine where I could feel her vertebrae. She ground her hips down in to my hard cock and I could feel the heat of her cunt even through my pants. I undid her cutoffs and she obliged, pushing them down around her knees, taking off her tube top. Then I took off my shirt, and undid my jeans and slid out of them. Then she kissed me aggressively, twisting around in my lap to straddle me.

Tracy fucked me in her pussy a little bit, then she stood up, pushing the clothes out of the way.

She got on the couch on all fours and presented her ass to me obligingly. I couldn’t resist licking her hot pussy first, then I drew my tongue down the smooth skin between pussy and ass. I held on to her bony hips with both hands, tonguing her asshole to relax her a bit. She leaned back into it a little, trembling in anticipation. I lubed my dick generously, then eased it in to her ass. She gasped at the pain, but as I started fucking her, she started to moan with pleasure. Her pussy was tight and she was a wonderful fuck, but fucking her in the ass took me to new dimensions of pleasure. Every thrust of my cock in the vicelike grip of her rectum sent a gut-wrenching wave of ecstasy through my body. Tracy seemed torn between torture and enjoyment, gasping while her ribs flared and her pussy was so wet it leaked down her legs and on the couch while her fingernails dug in.

We climaxed at the same time, me with an animal grunt and she with a throaty, “Yesss.” Then her frail arms and legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed, curling up on the couch in her own vaginal secretions, panting. I grabbed a robe from a nearby pile and threw it over us as I squeezed in beside her, stroking her divinely concave stomach, the prominence of her ribcage, and her perversely large, perfect breasts.

It wasn’t long before she fell asleep. I could feel myself drowsing, but I was determined to wake up in my bed with my woman beside me. So I got up, and gathered her featherweight body in my arms. She snuggled against me, and if I woke her she pretended I didn’t. I tucked her in, then crawled in to bed beside her, spooning her, and fell asleep more contented than I could ever remember being.

She awoke me the next morning by kissing me and stroking my dick. I was a little confused at first, then the whole bizarre reality of it all came rushing back.

“Good morning babe,” I murmured, kissing her.

“Time for breakfast,” she declared softly, and she disappeared under the covers. First she kissed my nipples, then I felt her soft little tongue sliding up and down my dick while one of her hands massaged my balls. The other hands wrapped around my waist and I felt her fingers dig in to the small of my back as she took my dick in to her mouth. Her tongue swirled gently as she went up and down, pausing to rest her cheek on my inner thigh, running her fingers along my veiny shaft, then she licked my balls and took my dick back in her mouth. Her lips were perfectly tight and wet, and after I came in her mouth she swallowed and gave me a few bonus sucks. Then she re-emerged from the blankets, her eyes shining and her face flushed from the heat.

“Good christ,” I whispered. “That was incredible.”

“You’re welcome,” she mewled, kissing me again so deeply that I got a taste of my own semen. She laid there a moment longer, stroking my hair as I held her. Then she hopped out of bed, glorious in her nakedness. I admired the sway of her tits, and the tilt of her hips, and the gap between her legs as she prowled to the bathroom, then out to the living room to rifle through her clothes and get ready for work.

I was sorely tempted to call in sick, but if Tracy did too it would look very bad, and if she didn’t there was no point for me to. So I luxuriated for a few more minutes in the warm, soft bed, in the afterglow of orgasm, then I followed Tracy’s example and started getting ready for work.

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