I was getting ready for my date with Zach the 20 year old hockey player I had sex with earlier in the day at the ice rink. I’m 18 years old and live with my parents until I go away to college in the spring. I used to be a competitive ice skater until I blew out my knee. Now I skate for fun and exercise. I’m 5″9″, 127lbs and am 34b-26-34 with my best assets being my legs and ass. I have only had one boy friend who introduced me to oral sex and took my virginity, but he was no where near as big as the 6′ 1″ Zach. Zach plays hockey for his college team “The Beavers” and if they all eat pussy like he does that name is right on! His dick was the biggest I have seen in real life. It was probably 8 inches long and almost 4 inches around. He really knows how to use it too. He filled me up this morning.

I don’t have a lot of fancy clothes as I don’t go where I need to get dressed up that much but I do have a great Max Azria Little Black Halter Dress that I wear whenever I can. It is not real short; it ends about mid thigh and ties around my neck. It crosses over evenly about mid back and is cut high along the sides of my breasts. It covers them pretty well until the knot comes loose on my neck. I have big nipples so I like to wear red heart shaped silicone nipple covers as you can’t really wear a bra other than a backless one with that dress, and I don’t like how they make me sweat when I wear one. The nipple covers work great until I get all sweaty and they tend to lose adhesion.

I put on my Audley of London black pumps with a 3 ½ sculpted heel. They are made in Spain and have a wide instep strap and they really accentuate my calf muscles. I put on my black mesh Perfect Touch Thong they have a cute little bow on the front of them right next to my where they hit my stomach. I am totally shaved and the black mesh shows everything and damn I look good with the black thong strap splitting the globes of my ass cheeks.

My parents were out for the evening with some friends. Zach picked me up around 7:30 and we went out to eat at Hot Tomato’s in Hartford. Zach looked good. He was wearing khaki cargo pants with a nice grey shirt that clung tightly to his wide shoulders and six pack stomach. He has some guns on him I gotta tell ya. We were getting to know each other a little better. We played footsie under the table. I had to hike my dress up to the tops of my thighs so I could open my legs. His foot was in my crotch and my foot was rubbing is balls and dick under the table. He was stroking my pussy with his right foot he had his right shoe off and I had both of mine off under the table. It is a well lit restaurant and we were out in the middle of everybody at a small square table with a red table cloth that didn’t hang down far enough to hide my exposed legs or to cover what our feet were doing.

We had good service and I could see the male wait staff and a couple of the female ones stealing glances over at our table. My nipples were getting hard and were pushing my silicone nipple covers out against the tight black halter top off my little black dress. The heart shape of them was becoming obvious to anyone that looked.

“What’s going on with your nipples?” Zach asked.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You have two hearts on for me.” He said smiling while his foot rubbed my increasingly wet pussy under the table. I was beginning to leave a wet spot and could almost smell myself even over the odor of roasting garlic that filled the restaurant.

“Well I think you have a hard on for me too.” I said rolling his dick with my foot as I licked my lips seductively. I was wearing CoverGirl Iced Mauve continuous color lipstick. I was pretty sure he had no underwear on as his dick was tenting up down his left thigh and there was a wet spot getting bigger that he kept trying to cover with his red linen napkin.

We were both getting pretty hot. We made it through dinner with nothing really happening that was too bad. There were a lot of people staring as we left. My dress was tight enough that if I pull it up it stays where I put it so people had a good look at the cheeks of my ass and the bottom of my thong showed in the front. They basically got a beaver shot as my thong is black mesh. There was a silver dollar sized wet spot on the back of my dress that I don’t think anyone noticed as they were too busy looking at my shaved pussy and bare ass cheeks.

Zach was getting a lot of stares as well. You could clearly see his ginormous cock through the thin material of his cargo pants. The head was clearly visible and I swear I could make out a vein that ran the length of his cock.

He had is hand on my exposed right but cheek and I had mine on his left but cheek as we walked out of the restaurant. There is a really cool bar called The Brickyard Café about a half block away. It has 3 levels. A lounge on the first floor, dancing and a long bar on the second floor and a sports bar with pool tables and a bunch of couches and tables with 27 TV’s on the third floor. It is really packed Thursday through Saturday.

The Hartford Civic Center is in the middle of the block. It’s a big building with lots of steps and walkways and trees in big cement rectangular planters. Both the Hot Tomato and the Brickyard Café face the Civic Center; the restaurant on the south side and the bar on the west side.

We were both pretty hot by now. Zach was rubbing my ass and trying to finger me as we walked. I had my hand in his loose front pocket massaging his balls and rubbing his cock as much as I could. We weren’t moving too fast. The whole area is well lit to cut down on hookers and robberies. I think there was some kind of car show or something that Thursday night that ran through the weekend so there were a fair amount of people around.

We went over to one of the large rectangular pots holding some trees and various plants that surrounded the building. We went to the backside facing the building and I pushed him to a sitting position on the edge of it. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his 8″ Johnson. It was big and leaking pre cum. I took the helmeted tip and began licking up his pre cum sucking just the head. He was moaning and I was moaning as I began to stroke up and down his cock. His dick was very wide and I really had to open my mouth to suck it in. I was trying to force my tongue down the slit at the head of his dick. His precum tasted sweet. “Your dick tastes sweet to me.” I said as I spit in my hand and began to jerk him off.

“I drink pineapple juice two glasses a day.” He said.


“Yeah. I had an old girlfriend who didn’t like the taste of cum so we experimented with my diet. The pineapple juice made it taste good to her. She got to like the taste so much she would call it her ‘snack’. Jeez you sure know how to stroke my cock.” He said.

“Your dick is beautiful and it’s so big that I just like playing with it.” I said shoving his dick in my mouth as is stroked up and down the length of him. I’m not a deep throat girl so I like to jerk a guy off as a suck his cock. My tongue flicked under the head of his dick as I sucked it stroking him fast in rhythm to my sucking.

I was kneeling in front of him while he sat on the big flower pot. To his left about 15 feet away was about 20 feet of windows behind which was a steak house bar that was in the civic center. My dress was hiked up so my bare ass was hanging out with just my thong showing. I sucked and jerked for about 3 minutes before he started groaning.

“I’m cumming!” He grunted.

“Oh yeah baby. I want my pineapple desert right now. Give it to me now.” I said with his cock in my fist stroking it as fast as I could. He was groaning and I was looking his dick right in the eye. I had one hand on his balls and I could feel his ball sack tightening up. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. There was lipstick on the head of his dick as it shot a hot stream of cum that shot over my head and actually hit the building that was about 3 feet behind me. I think some got in my blond hair. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed as I aimed his dick lower. His second shot got my cheek and right ear as well as my hair and it felt like had been hit by a super soaker. I quickly clamped my mouth over the head of his dick as I sucked for all I was worth. The third shot of cum hit the back of my throat and my tonsils making me almost gag. It was like it was jet propelled I had never felt anything like it and there was a lot of it.

I have to tell you his cum had a sweet taste that I really could get addicted to. Altogether he shot twice in the air and on me and 6 more times into my mouth. He must have come like a 1/8 of a cup of jism all told. I couldn’t swallow it all and as fast it came out and some was dripping down my chin in a thick dangling string. I cleaned his cock with my tongue sucking hard.

There was banging on the window behind to my right. I looked into the steakhouse and there had to be 30 men and women plastered against the glass with drinks in their hands. They were pounding on the glass and shouting. Some of the guys were grabbing their bulging crotches and some of the women looked envious. I grabbed Zach’s cock, stood up and waved it at them. I also waved my hand. This was cool. “My turn lover.” I said.

We switched positions as I took my thong off. My cunt was soaking wet and my juices were dripping down both sides of my inner thighs. My labia was purple and thick with blood. Zach was between my legs standing leaning over as he kissed me I continued stroking his thick cock. It was still hard but I needed some release. “Eat me. Eat my pussy.” I mumbled into his mouth.

“We have a large audience.” He said.

“I know and it’s making fucking horny as hell. Eat me now.”

He moved to the side of me his hand in my pussy. He used two fingers to spread my lips apart giving the people in the steak place a kind of glimpse. “Move so they can see your pussy.” He told me. I did. I rotated so they could see my soaking cunt. This was turning me on something fierce. He was still holding me open. There were 30 or so people looking up my gaping pink love tunnel. Zach moved in front of me and quickly reached around my neck untying the halter top part of my dress.

I was now sitting on a big cement planter with my tits 34b tits hanging out with my legs spread and my dress bunched around my stomach. The only thing I still had on were my black pumps and two heart shaped silicone nipple covers that Zach sucked right off. My nipples stood at attention in the open air as he sucked one and rubbed the other with his right hand. He was rubbing my breast and pinching my nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He began to kiss his ways down my stomach while massaging both of my breasts with both hands.

He started licking the juices from my pussy that had run down the inside of my thighs. My pussy lips were plastered to my inner thighs and my vagina was wide open. I could feel the cool summer air actually blowing into and over my pussy. I was hot. He shoved his tongue into my pussy while his right hand began to finger my pussy. One finger then two began moving in and out of my vagina. He was sucking my clit while flicking it with his tongue while he was fingering me. I had both hands in his hair and my legs were spread akimbo over his big shoulders. My eyes were closed and I was starting to cum. I began to shiver and shake. “I’m cumming Zach.” I said.

He stopped fingering me and began to shove his tongue into my pussy. He had a long tongue. It felt almost like a short dick. He was rubbing my clit with one hand just in front of his nose while with the other he was fingering me while his tongue was fucking me. He was noisily slurping and sucking my pussy. My legs clamped together squeezing his head shoving his nose into my clit. I don’t think he could breathe but I was cumming big time. There was this huge tightness in the center of my stomach or uterus or somewhere that just exploded outward. I couldn’t feel my arms, hands or legs the only thing I felt was an explosion pushing out from my clit and the invaders in my vagina. I felt a big gush of fluid explode from somewhere in my womb towards Zach’s head. He was sucking and licking for all he was worth. I exploded again and again. It felt like I had blown a load or something. It felt like gallons of liquid were shooting towards his hungry mouth as I convulsed around and over his head. My orgasm had to last for at least 25 or 30 seconds easy. Zach was yelling into my pussy.

I finally relaxed my legs from around his head and he fell onto his back. His face was a slippery mess of my pussy juice and cum. His grey shirt looked like he had run a marathon or something. My juices had run down his face and chest, under his arms. It looked like he had dunked his head in a barrel of rainwater or Jell-O or something. “Holy shit! That was fantastic.” I whispered.

As my senses returned I looked around the area. There were now all kinds of people standing around looking at us. Zach looked kind of stunned. He was on his back with his dick standing straight up along his zipper and hitting his stomach and I was sprawled out with my tits out and my legs spread at like at 75 degree angle. My cunt was dripping and the cement walkway under us was soaked with liquids. I could see some of Zach’s cum on the Civic Center window across from us. I looked into the restaurant and saw a bunch of guys rubbing their bulging crotches. There was a girl pressed up against the window with someone’s hand down the front of her pants fingering her while another hand rubbed her tits under her shirt.

“Zach, I think we should go now.” I said. I noticed a security guy was coming our way and their was a police car parked down the block. I grabbed the strings of my halter top and tied them behind my neck while standing and pulling down my little black dress. My thong was in the planter. Zach had stood up shoving his dick back into his pants where it made a huge impression. He had switched it to the other side of his pants and there was a new wet spot beginning there too.

I grabbed his arm and we walked through the little crowd that had gathered and by the windows of the steak place. I still had some cum on the side of my face and on my chin. Probably in my hair too. I used my finger to wipe as much off as I could. I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it off as we walked. I looked once more into the restaurant and waved as we walked towards the Brickyard Café. I thought I saw my parents in the restaurant and quickly looked away.

I looked over at Zach who had a large happy smile on his still shiny face. “Dude. We really need to clean up.” I said. He looked at the cum in my hair and the sticky residue still on my face and smiled.

“Yes. Yes we do. Let’s go back to the parking garage. I have some Windex towlets that I use to clean the car windows in the trunk. I may even have another shirt in there.”

“How about an extra pair of panties?” I asked.

“Sorry. It looks like we’re both commando for the rest of the night.”

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