I had known Dawn for years we had gone to High School together a long long time ago and we were both in our 40′s now. Although we had never had a relationship, over the years become very good friends and now we had become fuck buddies. Sometimes when we were single and sometimes when one or both of us were in a relationship. We had kept this secret from everyone we knew, so all our partners friends and family just thought we were close friends.

Dawn and I had the same adventurous and curious nature about sex and most of our conversations usually turned to the subject. Our favourite game was Dawn being overpowered by me. We had learnt each others limits and likes and dislikes which meant we had an unspoken trust that if either of us said the safe-word any game would stop. This was especially needed because Dawn’s favourite game was fighting me when I treated her roughly, fucking her with different objects, spanking her, including slapping her pussy. There was only one thing we had never done Dawn had always been adamant that she would not let me fuck her ass.

Dawn is very sexy, she had always looked amazing with her slim figure and long slender limbs, her pale skin clung to her fine sculptured bone structure. She had small but perky breasts, with nice nipples that grew firm as you sucked and twisted them hard. When she laid back on a bed and breathed in her ribs showed a little bit and her hips and pelvic bones raised above her pussy framing her tight moist hole.

Dawn loved the pleasures of being dominated and we had pushed the boundaries, but I was still unsure how far I could make her go. There had been spanking and some light bondage with which she had acted out the struggling woman with ease, her sexy pleading when I had her tied to the bed was a turn on. As with all the woman I have played kinky games with Dawn knew the only way to stop me was to use the safe-word

Dawn and I hadn’t met for a while and we decided we should play a kinky game, I had booked a hotel room in the city centre and had taken all the equipment that we would need. I was already getting aroused at the thought of what was going to happen.

She looked amazing , Dawn’s shoulder length hair framed her pretty face, her eyes dazzled with naughtiness. She was wearing a small sexy black dress that showed of her slender frame perfectly. Her pale skin contrasted well against the black dress and sheer black stockings her feet capped of with strappy stilettos. Dawn’s dress was just long enough that when she was stood it covered her stocking tops and loose enough so when she walked or sat down everyone could see the pale skin of her thigh above her stockings. I knew she was wearing a sexy lacy thong as she had described every detail of her outfit in a text message earlier.

We ordered some drinks and sat down with deviant smirks on our faces, I rested my hand on Dawn’s thigh sliding it slowly up the inside, making her part her slender legs. She lent back in her chair allowing my hand to pull her skirt back. Exposing the little black triangle of her tight thong clinging to her crotch, the shape of her pussy imprinted into the soft material.

I began to explore beneath the material of Dawn’s panties, she initially struggled but could see I meant business. We were sat at a table to the side of the bar and all the booths along the wall were raised by a couple of steps, meaning anyone in the bar sat on the lower level could see directly under our table.

Dawn had already noticed that people at three different tables had seen what had happened, an older couple in their late 50′s the woman looked over disapprovingly but her husband had a big smile on his face. On another table a younger couple who had been sat quietly all night kept trying to glance over discreetly without us seeing and the third table had two men directly facing us without talking. Dawn tried to close her legs again, but I held her tight and tried to pretend that no-one was watching us.

Dawn parted her legs further turning slightly towards me, this meant she exposed her stockings and pale white thighs. Whoever was watching now could see a very hot woman exposing intimate parts of her sensual body.

Dawn was now getting nervous and stammered “I’m not sure about this Lee, it feels wrong like I’m a piece of meat”

“No honey, you are a work of art, and you will obey me, this is what being my submissive toy is all about.” I said tightening my grip on her knee. With that I let my free hand drift up her thigh and began to rub her crotch leaning in to kiss her cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the old man shift position to get a better view underneath our table.

Dawn shut her eyes to try and hide from the voyeurs as my fingers sneaked under her thong, she pushed her ass forward to allow easier access. Dawn was damp already and her pussy felt hot as the tip of my finger sought out her clitoris as my fingers parted her labia. I firmly pushed the tips of two of my fingers into Dawn’s pussy, she gasped as her pussy parted. The young couple were staring quietly at us and the guys were making it very clear they were staring at the action under our table.

I was getting so turned on my cock growing harder every second I watched and felt my fingers probe Dawn’s tight exposed pussy. Dawn had her trade mark mischievous sexy smile on her face as her beautiful pussy parted and I gently massaged her clit. Dawn gripped my arm tightly and leant towards me. “Lee, everyone knows what’s happening, I’m feeling like a slut. Please please stop.”

“Yes! Dawn your my dirty little slut! Which means I get to use you however I want!” I spoke in a low voice as my hand moved up her back wrapping my finger in her hair I pulled her head backwards firmly.

Dawn gasped “Yes! Sir.”

I moved Dawn’s arm off mine and placed it on her knee and looked round the room and we were beginning to attract a lot of attention, it was about time we went somewhere more private. Dawn brought her legs together and smoothed her skirt down. I moved my chair slightly to try and block the room from seeing anything but I could still see a guy at a table further down the bar sat on his own clearly staring, I ushered Dawn over to his table and we sat down.

I ordered Dawn to open her legs slightly revealing her stockings again. I placed my hand on her knee and pulled her legs slightly further apart, Dawn let out a little gasp as she realised that the guy at the table would be able to see her pussy and protruding labia clearly as I pulled her thong to the side. Dawn tried to bring her legs together but I ordered her not to move and rubbed her clitoris with my fingers Dawn gave little shudders as I flicked her hardening clit. “Look! You will do as I tell you, you can struggle and say no but the results will be the same.” Dawn nodded as I spoke.

I looked to the guy who had moved to get a more comfortable view of the show and to see if anyone else had noticed, I nodded at him beckoning him nearer. “Hi I’m Sean, first may I say how hot you are.” Sean said letting his eyes wander over Dawn, she closed her legs and covered herself up. “I was just sat bored when I saw your little show, I glad you came over” He said smiling.

I introduced us and Sean kept complimenting Dawn which I knew she loved, she smiled as he said he loved slender pretty women and that her pussy had looked really erotic from where he was sitting. “Well! Dawn will let you have a closer look, won’t you?” Dawn smiled anxiously at me she looked really unsure about the whole situation.

“Don’t worry Sean, she will do as she is told coz she is my little submissive plaything, so if I say she has to do something, she has to obey!” I said firmly looking between them both. “Come on Dawn get your legs open and let Sean see you play with your pussy.”

Dawn looked round the bar nervously, I could tell she was really uncomfortable being so dirty in public with a stranger watching her so closely. She opened her legs and shifted her skirt just enough to allow Sean and I see her pussy. Dawn looked at me hesitantly I gestured for her to continue and she let a hand drop to her crotch and let her fingers splay her pussy open. We could both see how wet Dawn was getting her juices glistening on her soft silky pussy lips, Dawn then began to rub the length of her middle finger over her clit and into the entrance of her cunt. She rubbed her fingers firmly down over her clit pushing the tips of her fingers inside her.

Sean was smiling excitedly at the sensual show Dawn was putting on; my cock was beginning to ache as Dawn began to use two fingers which were getting covered in her juices. “Well do you like what you see Sean,” He nodded silently, “Right well I think you should play with her now.” I said as Dawns head snapped round at me, I firmly grabbed her wrist and uncovered her pussy bringing her fingers to Sean’s mouth and he licked them without hesitation, his right hand dropping to Dawns wet pussy and he slid two fingers all the way in and massaged her pussy. Dawn moaned deeply as a strangers fingers forced their way inside her.

I looked round and noticed another guy at the bar glancing furtively to see what was happening, it was so hot seeing Dawn being touched in public by a stranger and it be watched by another stranger. Dawn had her eyes closed as Sean slowly slid his fingers in and out of her, Dawn’s clit had swollen up hard and as Sean’s thumb rubbed over it she jerked in her chair as juice covered Sean’s hand. I could see Sean was really enjoying the game but we had began to attract more of attention.

“Well I think we should move on before they call the police.” I said laughing Dawn was clearly relieved and I thanked Sean who looked extremely disappointed that the game was over. Maybe next time I’ll let you use Dawn properly. Taking hold of Dawn’s wrist I led her past her audience all of them knowing how sexy, horny and slutty she really was.

I stroked the back of Dawn’s hair and pulled her into a deep long kiss leaving Dawn breathless. “Come on lets go to our room, straighten ourselves out and decided what we’re goin to do.” I knowing that it would be a while before we left the room again.

Once in the empty lift Dawn stood not knowing where to look after being put on show in the bar. I moved behind her and pulled her arms tightly together behind her back. Dawn began to struggle a little, understanding that the show in the bar had only been a warm up.

“Please Lee, not here, I’m not sure I want us to do anything else now, why don’t we just go out?” Dawn spoke with nerves or maybe excitement making her voice tremble.

I ignored her, I tightened my grip on Dawn’s arms, she had to know who was boss. Then I began to roughly fondle Dawn, squeezing and pulling her nipples firmly, she made a little yelp as I twisted the end of Dawn’s nipples hard. I ripped her dress open exposing her breasts. The lift stopped on our floor and the doors began to open. I covered Dawn up slightly but left her bare nipples on show, the doors slid open and we quickly hurried out and past a man who saw Dawn’s naked breasts as he waited to get in the lift.

Not wanting to lose any more time, I kept hold of Dawn and pushed her roughly down the corridor to our room she struggled to get loose and was having difficulty walking in her high heels, making the journey more fraught for her. I opened the room door and I roughly shoved Dawn inside. Dawn was quiet and apprehensive as I tore her dress from her Dawn looked amazing completely naked except for her black hold up stockings and her stiletto heels her shaved pussy pouted wetly. I dropped my hand to her pussy and rubbed it making the ends of my fingers wet.

“No please stop, please, please I don’t want to do this! Don’t please, I’m begging you leave me alone!” Dawn pleaded and struggled more but as always I was far to strong for her and she knew I wouldn’t stop except for the safe-word.

I wrapped her finger into the straps of Dawn’s thong and pulled hard tearing it from her, the sight was so hot. Dawn’s fine looks and pale skin. Dawn moved forward, her little pert tits and erect nipples. I dropped my mouth to Dawn’s neck and bit hard into Dawn’s soft skin before I dropped to my knees.

My mouth quickly latched on to Dawn’s clit and sucked it into my mouth rolling the soft sensitive clit in-between my teeth. Dawn’s legs weakened slightly, but I held her up as I started to slide my fingers inside Dawn. Between her moans of mock protest Dawn struggled harder and said. “Stop it Stop, I wont go through with this I’m not a slut.”

“You are a dirty slut, and I will do what ever I want to you, now get over to the bed and lean over it with your hands on it and your legs straight.” I ordered.

Dawn took the position as ordered her body looked so hot as her breasts hung down her erect nipples looking like they were ready to explode. I moved her legs apart exposing her pussy and her ass to perfection.

“Well Dawn your mine to do things to, but first you needs to be punished for your disobedience.” as I spoke and moved to stand behind Dawn. I opened the compartment in my suitcase and retrieved some items before I began to spank Dawn’s tight ass. I started gently then using firmer slaps with each stroke. Dawn didn’t move only making a slight sound as my hand spanked her. I shifted her position and brought my hand quickly from behind her, slapping Dawn’s pussy with a sharp smack. Dawn yelped loudly at her wet pussy being slapped hard, I watched my cock now throbbing at the sight of the hot sexy woman in-front of me.

I quickly undressed and took a riding crop and a dildo from the case, pushing Dawn onto the bed. I wasted no time in sliding the dildo into Dawn but she knelt onto the bed pulling away. “Stop it please, Lee stop I don’t want this” Dawn pleaded throwing her self flat to the bed.

Taking the riding crop I flicked it against Dawn’s ass, she yelped in surprise and looked at me. Moving round to the side of the bed I used the crop on Dawn’s ass, although she flinched she parted her legs letting me stroke her pouting pussy with the end of the crop, I flicked against Dawn’s pussy, she flinched and yelp a little, I repeated it harder she moaned.

“Dawn raise your ass up you little slut.” Dawn followed my instructions and moved into a doggy position, her breasts swinging free as they left contact with the bed. Using the crop I teased her nipples before flicking them hard. As I firmly and deeply rammed the dildo inside Dawn’s tight body, she gasped as it filled her cunt.

Grabbing Dawn’s hair I roughly pulled her head back and pushed my cock into her mouth, she sucked and licked it so hard I nearly came right away. To try a distract myself I focused on using the crop and whipped Dawn’s ass, Dawn must have realised she was losing herself in the moment and began to struggle again, This only made Dawn’s teeth scrape my cock and I pushed the end of the dildo hard into Dawn turning her on even more. I had to pull my cock out before I came in Dawn’s mouth.

“Stop, No, No leave me alone, please stop her, stop using me, stop!” Dawn was struggling hard. Reaching down to her nipples I twisted them hard pulling them, squeezing them. I again used the crop to whip Dawn’s nipples making her yelp.

“Listen Dawn, you Sirs little slut toy, now take the dildo and start to fuck your pussy hard with it.” Dawn obeyed my command as I used the crop against her thigh.

Dropping the crop I took some lube and rubbed it on my swollen cock, I took my first two fingers and slowly forced them into Dawn’s ass, building up the force until I’d penetrated her tight un-fucked ass, now it was her turn to really protest.

“Lee this wasn’t part of the deal leave my ass alone, don’t you dare you bastard.” Dawn raised her voice probably knowing I wouldn’t stop know without a safe-word.

No safe-word, so grabbing the cheeks of Dawn’s petite ass I forced them wide and I positioned my cock ready to push it into her. Dawn had stopped struggling and was really enjoying being fucked with the dildo judging from her heavy breathing and moaning she was building up to an orgasm. I dug my fingers hard into Dawn’s hips probably leaving little finger bruises behind and I firmly pushed my cock onto the entrance of her ass-hole, Dawn struggled and protested as she still used the dildo to fuck deep into her pussy.

Dawn’s muscles relaxed and my cock delved deep inside her virgin ass, she gasped loudly as I fucked her. I could feel the dildo moving around inside her as I fucked her hard, Dawn continued to protest and struggle but that was just turning me on more. Her hand grabbed the dildo and she began to ram it deep and hard inside her I could feel the dildo push against my cock through the walls of her pussy and ass. My hands now free spanked her ass and thighs hard as I fucked her tight ass. Dawn struggled trying to buck me off her. My fingers tightened round her delicate neck, Dawn moaned harder as she fucked the dildo deeper and harder into her pussy, as I fucked her struggling body in and out of her tight ass.

Dawn began to cum, her ass contracted and squeezed my cock painfully and she yelped with pain. I pulled out this clearly had an affect on Dawn as she began to moan “Oh my god” as her body began to thrash about with a massive orgasm. She collapsed on the bed panting, her pussy, drenched in cum.

“Dawn who are you?” I asked,

“I’m your dirty little fucking slut Sir!” Dawn’s soft spoken voice made those words sound so erotic it made my cock twitch to hear her.

Dawn lay back giving me a wonderful view of her well fucked pussy dripping with her cum. Picking up the riding crop I couldn’t resist giving her now swollen sensitive pussy a couple of sharp quick stinging hits. Before going down between her legs to kiss her swollen lips gently.

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