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Heidi walked into a dark room, heads turning in her direction. She had agreed, reluctantly, to come to this party with her new boyfriend, Joseph. He was a tall, well-built man with dark hair and strong features. They had met a few weeks before at a shoot – Heidi did some modeling on the side – and something about the man intoxicated her. She could not resist him and since that day he had brought her to a new sexual level. Last week he mentioned the party, said it would be fun. When Heidi asked what kind of party it was, he smiled coyly.

“Well I guess you’ll have to come to find out, won’t you?”

Heidi now walked through the crowd, sticking very close to Joseph. The party was being held in a decent sized loft, with large windows overlooking the bright lights of the city. The walls were mostly bare, the floor hardwood. There were couches and oversized chairs spread amongst tables of food and drinks. The lights were dimmed very low with soft music playing in the background. It was hard to see the people because of the lighting, and the fact that they talked quietly and closely in small groups.

“What kind of party is this, Joseph?”

“My friend throws it every year. It’s kind of a,” he paused briefly to consider his explanation, “let loose and relax bash. We all get together and we have a little fun.”

Heidi crinkled her nose. She wanted to impress Joseph’s friends, so she wore a tight fitting black dress. It had two tiny straps that tied behind the neck and was cut so as to emphasize her already impressive cleavage. The dress was short, ending halfway between her waist and knees with a six inch slit up one side. Her blonde-brown hair was down, flowing over her shoulders and framing her beautiful face with loose curls. Between the lighting and chatting, no one was noticing her beauty. Joseph seemed to perceive her thoughts even as they came to her.

“Don’t worry, baby. Everyone is going to see just how beautiful you are. I wouldn’t take you and not want to show off that nice body of yours.” He eyed her up and down, placing his hand on the small of her back. It slowly slid down, gently cupping one of her cheeks. He gave it a squeeze.

“Stop!” Heidi said, teasingly. She smacked him softly on the chest. “You can’t do that here.”

As if this were a challenge, Joseph cupped more fiercely, squeezing as he pulled her body to his. He began kissing her before she could object, using his free hand to massage her breast.

“Joseph, what are you doing?” Heidi managed to reply between kisses. He didn’t seem to care, continuing to fondle her body. She glanced around the room. Her eyes had begun to adjust to the darkness and she looked at the group nearest her. They were paying her no attention. Heidi was puzzled, she thought they weren’t being discrete at all, but then the mass of bodies shifted and Heidi realized the girl in the middle was totally naked and the three men surrounding her were involved in some heavy petting. She saw Heidi watching and winked as one of the men bent down and sucked on her tits while another kissed his way down to her pussy. Heidi couldn’t even comprehend as Joseph slid one hand under her dress and started massaging her clit. She closed her eyes and let her head roll back as she ground her hips against Joseph’s hand. He was moving fast now and she kissed his neck, up to his ear where she bit the lobe. Her left hand fell down to his crotch and she rubbed at his growing erection.

Just as Heidi felt her climax coming, along with the urge to tear her clothes off and get fucked, Joseph stepped back. Her mouth dropped and she swayed slightly, her knees trembling from the experience.

“Okay babe, I’m gonna go find the host.”

“Wait, you’re gonna stop now? And leave me here alone, in the middle of this orgy? I mean, I’m about ready to, well…we need to finish.” Her rising voice quickly hushed as the last few words came out. She was embarrassed and afraid to raise her voice amidst the crowd.

“I know, I know, and I’m sorry. But I have to say hi. Besides, if you’re scared of being alone I could make sure you have some company. And a little more, to keep you happy.”

“What do you mean?” A mischievous grin flashed across Joseph’s face; he did not answer. Instead he led her over to one of the large sofas. This one had a nice high back and looked like it came out of a 1930′s movie theatre lobby, bathed in dark red velvet. As Heidi sat down Joseph disappeared. Seconds later he was back and there were two rather large men with him.

“So babe, these are my buddies Lance and Keith. They’ll keep you occupied, er, I mean company, while I’m gone.” The men sat, one on each side of her. Both were much larger than Joseph, at least 6’5″, and both were built as well, with short brown hair and chiseled jaws. Heidi was formulating her complaint, and reason, to keep Joseph by her side when he handed her a glass with a kiss and vanished.

“Hi guys, I’m Heidi.” Neither of the men replied, they only stared. “Well…nice to meet you, too.” Heidi was getting downright pissed. She had agreed to come out to this “fun” party only to find it was a sex party. And then right as she was about to cum, her date takes off. Perfect. She took a large swig from the glass. It was sweet, almost too sweet. She swirled the cup, watching the red liquid all the while. She took another large sip and felt something. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was like a dazed state mixed with warm, tingling feelings. She felt her head get lighter as she swallowed the rest of the drink, but the fuzzy feeling in her stomach intensified. She started to notice how soft and smooth the couch was. Definitely velvet. She stroked at it absentmindedly. She vaguely noticed Lance, no it was Keith, take her empty glass from her hand and set it aside.

She was leaning all the way back on the sofa now, her eyes closed as her head rested. The warmness was increasing and she could feel wetness on the tiny sliver of her thong that ran between her legs. She was thinking of Joseph, out in the crowd and rubbing her clit. She shivered a little thinking about it, the fire in her belly rising even more. She imagined his hands, squeezing her ass, then her tits. Waves of pleasure were coming from her left breast- it was like he was there playing with it now. She slowly opened her eyes to see that it was not her imagination, and not Joseph but one of his mates. A large hand was kneading her tit through her dress. She felt a hand on her right thigh and watched as the other man, Lance, began to slide it up between her legs.

Lance slowly drove two fingers into her. Heidi was torn with confusion. Some strange man was violating her, but she didn’t seem to care. Her head was trying to speak, but her body wasn’t listening. She was dripping wet and ready for anything. As he worked his hand in and out he drove the palm up and rubbed it on her clit. Heidi was moaning audibly now as Keith pulled her dress down, exposing her breast. He sucked on her nipple and squeezed while Lance began banging her forcefully with his hand. She was gasping now and couldn’t resist grabbing his wrist and forcing him to move faster. She laid her head back and closed her eyes again. That strange, dazed feeling took her over and she almost passed out. Shocks of orgasm brought her reeling back to the room. Lance had his face buried between her legs, sucking and licking her clit while his hand moved feverishly in and out of her. Keith was standing up, undoing is pants.

Their performance must have been drawing attention, as there was a collective gasp from the room when Keith unsheathed his huge member. It was pointing out and down, building to full erection, and was already eight inches in length. He grabbed a fistful of Heidi’s hair and turned her face towards his hips. Without any command she engulfed his cock with her mouth. Lance was working her back to another orgasm with his skillful tongue and she lusted for cock. Heidi had grabbed Keith at the base and was attacking his prick. She bobbed her head back and forward, trying to take in every inch. She felt the head slamming against the back of her throat and fought gagging. The member was slowly growing in length and swelling in size. Heidi bobbed faster, but it wasn’t enough. Keith grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her face. At first he moved quickly, putting only about half of his entire length in. Heidi clasped one hand to his ass and he began to thrust more violently. He was slamming the pretty woman’s face with his hips. The thick smell of pubic hair and crotch was overwhelming her nostrils while saliva, mixed with precum, leaked from her mouth and ran down her chin.

Keith backed away as Heidi was hit with another orgasm. Her whole body tightened and she opened her mouth, as if to scream. Moans and gasps were all that came out. She felt two rough hands pull her up to her feet. She could barely take in what was happening. Her head was spinning and her body was throbbing from orgasms. She watched Keith slide to one side of the couch. Lance laid her sideways, right in the middle. She was now laying on her side – one tit hanging out – while her hiked up skirt exposed her sticky thighs. Keith was sitting by her feet while Lance disrobed and sat by her head. She felt Keith pulling her legs apart and repositioning her hips. While still on her right shoulder, he pivoted her lower half so her stomach was on the couch. He pulled her legs apart and moved in between them while Lance slid under Heidi, so her head was right over his lap. She looked down at his cock. It was at least as large as Keith’s, if not bigger, and it was pointing straight up at her face.

She absently reached a hand down and started to stroke his shaft, up and down, in a gentle motion. She felt the cushion sag as Keith moved towards her. Tingles ran through her pussy as he rubbed his throbbing head against her clit. Heidi started to moan again. Lance had been busy sliding the top of her dress down, so her beautiful tits now hung freely. Heidi didn’t notice. She was squeezing Lance’s cock with her left hand as Keith began to slam his huge erection into her. She closed her eyes and moaned even louder, her mouth wide open. She felt the swift movement of a hand to the back of her head and, before she could inhale, Lance’s cock filled her throat. Heidi didn’t lose a beat, sliding back up the base and sucking with her all might, before diving back down. She pressed her nose into Lance’s pubic hair and slipped her tongue out and over his balls.

Keith lifted her right leg up on to his left shoulder. She was now spread wide, lifted slightly off the couch, her body in an awkward position as she continued to bob up and down on Lance’s stiff prick. She pulled her head up, still grasping Lance’s saliva-covered cock, as Keith began to slam his hips into her. He was driving deep inside, the position allowing him to stuff his entire cock into her. He hunched forward, the echo of their skin hitting again and again filling the room. Lance was pushing Heidi’s face back into his lap, all she could do was gurgle and squeeze with her hand, as Keith grunted with the force of the fuck. He began to grunt and his body quivered. He pulled back from Heidi, still holding her legs, and slid her away from Lance. She was on her back as Lance straddled her chest. He grabbed her beautiful tits and squeezed them together as he drove his dick into the soft flesh. He fucked her chest as violently as he had her cunt. Her tits were aching as he worked faster and faster. He stiffened up and pushed all of his weight into her breasts.

Sliding back he thrust again, sending loads of cum squirting onto Heidi. It pooled on her neck and around her chin and mouth. He pulled back and squeezed more of his load onto her tits. Heidi lay motionless, her chest rising and falling as she panted heavily.

Lance did not wait for Heidi to catch her breath. He stood over her and pulled her head back into the soft cushions. He directed his dick to her mouth and began to slide in and out. Her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft while he worked back and forth. He was leaning forward, groping Heidi’s tits in his hands. Lance fucked her mouth in hard strokes, slamming his head in the back of her throat. He withdrew and again pulled her up. She was sitting on her knees in the middle of the couch. Lance leaned down and kissed her, directing her hand to his erection. She jerked him slowly while his tongue probed her mouth. After only a moment Lance turned her towards the arm of the couch. She scooted forward until he pushed her down. She was leaning over the arm now, her tits pushed up on the arm as she let her weight fall forward.

She looked back as she felt saliva run over her anus. Lance had spit onto her ass and was rubbing a finger up and down the crack. His cock was dripping with saliva as he put the tip to her tight opening. He slid in gently as Heidi bit her lip. He was so big and she had never done anal. She felt like she was splitting in half as Lance put more and more of himself into her. He was staring down at the beautiful shape of her ass, admiring the sight of his dick sliding in. He quickened the pace, little by little.

“Oh god, I can’t take it!” Heidi shouted as Lance finally pushed his entire length insider her. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her, locking them in one massive hand. With the other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He used her like a counterweight, pulling back on her arms and hair while driving himself into her ass. It was so tight, he couldn’t get enough, so he thrust harder and faster. Veins were bulging up his neck and across his forehead, sweat starting to run down his face. Heidi was now bordering on yelling from the force working into her. She was being displayed to the crowd by Lance, her face and pushed up tits rocking back and forth with the fucking. She barely registered movement in front of her, followed by familiar sounds. Another cock, this one not so thick with smell, pushed into her open mouth. The taste was one she recognized.

“Didn’t think I’d let you have all the fun, did you?” Joseph asked as he slowly fucked his girlfriend’s face. She tried to answer, but opening her mouth more only prompted Joseph to thrust deeper. Heidi again found herself overwhelmed with ecstasy, being fucked at both ends by two large cocks. She tried to adjust her head so as to take in all of Joseph’s girth. Her squirming only made Lance pull with more force and fuck twice as hard. Joseph had one hand on the back of Heidi’s head, the other resting on the couch as he worked in and out. Lance began to release Heidi, leaning onto her back and grabbing her hips. He was close to cumming, grunting and panting much like Keith had. Heidi was waiting for him to pull out and paint her with another load of cum, but it never came.

Instead he pushed himself all the way within her, his hands digging deep into her hips. She felt him explode inside her, the warmth filling her insides. He slowly slid out, trails of semen stringing from his tip to Heidi’s crack. She knew she should feel violated; instead, waves of pleasure rolled through her, along with the severe pain of popping her last cherry. Sperm leaked slowly down her crack as her muscles relaxed.

Joseph pulled out of Heidi’s mouth and sat next to her. Her tits glistened with cum while it leaked from her ass. She was sweating and some of her hair had matted to her forehead. In one fluid motion Joseph lifted her up. He spun her so she was facing away from him and set her on his lap. She straddled his legs, his erection sticking straight up against her pussy. She slid up and down on the shaft, guiding it in with her hand as she found her rhythm. Her other hand reached back to the couch for balance while she slid up and down. With a little push from Joseph she rose a little higher and came down, his cock sliding deep inside her. Joseph grabbed her hips, directing her up and down. She spread her legs and reached both hands back for the couch. She shifted her weight up and down, faster and faster, slamming into Joseph’s lap. Her body was heaving, her beautiful tits bouncing up and down with each thrust. She felt herself cumming again. She gushed over and over, screaming Joseph’s name.

Before she could finish, Joseph threw her roughly to the floor. She lay flat on her stomach, exhausted and fulfilled. But Joseph wasn’t done. He grabbed her hips and angled them up at him, sliding a small decorative pillow under her stomach. He let her fall down and grabbed his member, maneuvering back into position. With a hand on each side he thrust into Heidi, no preamble or hesitation. He fucked like a madman set loose, the waves of force traveling up Heidi’s ass to her back. She could only lay there and take it, feeling Joseph swell inside her. After only a few minutes she was on her back again, Joseph straddling her chest. He beat furiously over her, the veins in his forehead visible even in the dark of the room. He sighed, releasing his load. It sprayed, streaking from her lips, up across her nose. He kept up his pace, squirting more and more cum onto her face. The pumping slowed as his he spent the rest of his seed. He stood up and sat back with a loud thud against the couch.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. This is quite the party,” Heidi said.

Joseph smiled. “I told you it would be fun.”

“And you were right. Can you cover me up? All that fucking has me about to pass out.”

Joseph laughed softly at this. “That, or it was the drink I gave you.”

“What was in the drink?” Heidi tried to raise herself up on one elbow, but found herself too weak. Her eyes were quickly weighing down, and she felt sleep coming.

“Nothing for you to worry about, just something to help you relax. And you can sleep, but I can’t cover you up. A few of the guys still want a turn. But don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on you.”

Heidi did not like the sound of this at all. Indeed, as she laid there covered in cum, a man knelt down to the floor, grabbing he wrists. She tried to fight, but didn’t have the strength. Despite her inner protest, she found that warm fuzzy feeling still very strong in her stomach. It was like her body had overloaded on horniness. This new stranger lowered himself over Heidi in the missionary position. He began fucking before she could say anything against it. She felt herself falling asleep as the man convulsed with orgasm. As soon as he was done another body was on her, and she drifted to sleep.


Heidi staggered drunkenly to a room in the back. Her dress was pulled down at the top, shoved up at the bottom, and barely covering her midsection. She was covered in cum, from head to foot. It dried in her hair, causing the ends to stick out at weird angles. It was dripping and drying all over her chin and forehead, plastered on her tits and dripping from her ass. After taking on six men, Heidi had decided she needed to get off of the cum-covered floor and grab a drink. At the bar she spotted two men, built like Lance and Keith, and just couldn’t resist. They were tall, black men with huge arms and close trimmed haircuts. Their chests looked as if they had been chiseled from granite, standing out through their light, silk shirts.

The three were walking to the bath attached to the main bedroom. The room itself was decorated much like the living room, in big furniture with black and gold silk sheets covering the bed. The bath was no less impressive- a massive, marble whirlpool tub was set to one side with a stand up shower on the other. This too was marbled, with benches and plenty of room. Heidi hit the hot water and watched as jets sprayed from all different angles, lining the walls and ceiling. She slipped out of what was left of her dress and stepped into the foggy retreat. As she was rinsing clean, her company joined her. Both men were already erect. Not nearly as big as Keith, but their cocks were thick and meaty, fully hard and pushing eight inches.

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