It had been an enjoyable and undeniably ‘interesting’ day, but being without her man around, her mind – and body – had ‘wandered’ a little more than usual!

Dawn was lying on the bed — naked, apart from a light bathrobe. This was their holiday home in the countryside where they were a week into their annual vacation, and both of them had begun to wind down somewhat and enjoy things at their own pace. Alex was a little less unwound in that he had been attending to some business matters for the last couple of days, so Dawn was left to her own devices. He had arrived back a short while ago and was in the shower as she lay mulling over the day’s events, wondering how, or indeed whether, she should tell him anything – maybe even think about incorporating some of it into their rather ‘imaginative’ love-life.

The house was quite large, and there was just the two of them, so they could really stretch out and fill the space, in marked contrast to their comfortable, but compact, city apartment. Their bedroom was on the ground-floor, but elevated above the level of the garden at the rear, over which they had a wonderful view. Mainly areas of grass and trees, with a pond and some nicely laid-out flower-beds, the whole thing framed in a sleepy backdrop of rolling meadows and gentle hills in the distance. It was a fairly isolated spot, but it suited their need to get away from it all for a bit.

In the bedroom there was a large bay-window that Dawn could open and lean out of, taking in the view and the scents and sounds of this idyllic little hideaway of theirs.

The only other person around during the day was very much a stranger. He was José their new gardener. A handsome, if somewhat rough-looking, young Hispanic guy whose attitude to work was somewhat ‘variable’. He seemed to need frequent breaks, and, as it turned out, distractions, to get him through his working day. At odd moments during the afternoon Dawn had found herself straying again towards the open window and watching José. He was tall, had shoulder-length curly black hair, gorgeous eyes, a beautifully-sculpted muscular body and a semi-permanent bulge in his jeans! When he took off his shirt to mow the grass or do some other heavy work, she was drawn to observe those taut sweat-beaded muscles in action. She told herself it was ‘the artist in her’ that made her admire his form so much, but the fact that she would watch discreetly from behind the edge of the curtains, and that she frequently found she was stroking her rapidly wettening pussy as she did so, rather gave the lie to that little rationalisation!

Dawn was an attractive, very sexual woman. Looking younger than her 45 years, and with quite an appetite for the unusual — and risky — when it came to love-making. Her boyfriend Alex was a good deal older than her… on the surface conventional, and at times even reserved in his outlook, but he was never slow to reveal a fiery, passionate and imaginative nature when she was around! Their desires were very much complementary. Their love-life was certainly an interesting one!

She had thought her observing of José was going unnoticed, at least until yesterday, when she had her suspicions, and then again this afternoon, when, to her shock and delight she saw that he was taking up positions to sit that were hidden from the driveway and the immediate neighbours, but in full view to her at the bedroom window.

His reading material, which up until then she had assumed was just some kind of silly celebrity magazines, were now being unsubtly brandished in her direction while he had this lascivious grin on his face. There was absolutely no doubt about it, he was having fun with porn!

Yesterday he had — quite casually — let his hand drop between his legs and start scratching himself.. Well, that quickly developed into a very slow deliberate massage of his crotch and the visibly expanding bulge in his jeans! ‘He must surely know that she can see all this? Is it a little teasing game he is playing? Or is it just the behaviour of a very horny youth who needs regular sexual relief and is not too bothered who sees him getting it? He does know Alex is not around today… does he think he can chance his luck with me?’

This afternoon’s performance proved to her beyond any doubt that she was indeed the intended audience for his sex-play!

She had even got to know when his usual rest-breaks would take place, and she would situate herself accordingly. Today is Friday, so at least José wouldn’t be around over the next couple of days and Alex would be. That would surely get her back on a more even keel?

She caught herself wondering, with more than a hint of jealousy, which young whore would be having him over the weekend? He must have a girlfriend. Maybe more than one. He looked like that kind of guy. This sort of thinking set alarm-bells ringing for her. At some level she obviously had plans for him! Hmmmm….worrying!!

She did feel a little uncomfortable about having this lustful peeping habit with a guy half her age, and who was a complete stranger, but then again she realised that that was mostly what made it fun for her. In any case, Alex knew about her little flirtations, and was, for the most part, accommodating.

So, here she is, mid-afternoon, standing behind the curtains to one side of the window, her robe opened and her stroking already finding moisture in anticipation. Here he is! Her heart misses a beat, then thumps rapidly in her chest with the sheer wantonness of it all! He slumps down on one of the wooden benches near the pond. Legs wide apart in that macho way that young guys seem to love exaggerating. Pointing himself at the bedroom window, he puts down the magazines, a few bottles of beer and a pack of cigarettes. He opens the beer and takes a good long swig of it. Lights a cigarette and blows out the smoke with a contented sigh. ‘Not much more work getting done by him today’, she thought.

He flicks through one of the well-thumbed magazines until he comes to a double-page spread that is obviously a favourite of his. He looks long and hard at it, then shakes his head slowly and blows through pursed lips.

She was not prepared for what happened next… He starts massaging his crotch, but this time he soon gets to undoing the zip on his jeans and letting out his glorious cock! She is transfixed! It is growing in length and girth by the second…. It is truly magnificent! He slowly pulls back the foreskin to reveal such a shining, bulbous, throbbing beauty. She loves Alex’s cock, especially when he is deep-throating her, but this young man’s pride and joy somehow seems to have a special attraction. She just can’t take her eyes off it! There and then she decided – sooner or later she must have it!

He begins to get down to work, masturbating himself with long, slow, lingering strokes, then faster and more fiercely. Occasionally he glances up to where she is with such a look of ache and wanting. ‘Oh my God! He surely can’t see me? Maybe not, but he seems pretty sure I am here!’

What happens next, takes her completely by surprise.

Without a thought or hesitation, she takes one step forward, drops her robe to floor and places her nakedness in the centre of the window! For those last few seconds before he shoots his load into the air, all he is looking at is her gorgeous pendulous breasts and dripping wet pussy! Oh boy! She has really done it now!!

Alex arrived back no more than 30 minutes later, by which time she was still decidedly flushed and flustered – even after taking a shower and trying her best to pretend it had been ‘just a normal day’.

As soon as she gave him a ‘welcome home’ hug, he could feel it. There was a tension, a sweating, a distinct vibration about her that he recognised straight away. ‘What HAVE you been up to, Darling?’ he asks cheekily.

‘Oh God, is it that obvious?’

‘Well, I don’t really know what ‘it’ is, but yes it is very obvious’.

‘You go shower, Love… I’ll get you up to speed when you’re done.’

‘OK… can’t wait!’ He grins in that ‘little boy’ way that he does…

While she is waiting, she gets out one of her favourite toys… a recent acquisition. It is a really thick and anatomically accurate Silicone vibrator. All the veins and squidgy ribs and bumps you would expect…you could really imagine this was a live penis! It had continuously adjustable speeds and movements…and it could reach places, and behave in ways, that a real cock couldn’t. She had started experimenting with it in her ass, and found that a huge turn-on. She went through to the guest bathroom and washed herself out thoroughly and got herself lubed and ready for some hot anal action!

The next part was something of a set-piece, with variations she added as the situation demanded. They had been together long enough now to know each other’s tastes and needs, and so nothing was going to be too much of a shock. However, she always was especially seductive when she was trying to ‘sell’ a new, and in this case, much more adventurous sex game.

When Alex emerged from his shower, and having dried and fragranced himself, he was greeted with a powerful sight! Dawn at her best. – doing the kind of thing that sexually provocative daughters and girlfriends have perfected so well – special heavy-duty seduction and persuasion…whether it is to get an increase on their allowance or a late-night pass, or, as in this case, the go-ahead to indulge in the most daring sexual scenario they had engaged in so far! They had talked and fantasised about involving a third-party in their games, but never crossed the line into actually doing it. Would this be the one to break the boundary?

She was draped on the bed, legs apart, wearing those white sheer stockings that were his favourite turn-on. Just enough make-up on to take her natural good looks into a new zone of beauty and ultra-sexiness!

Once she had said her piece, Alex’s immediate reaction was not clear-cut. He was very good at feigning anger and disapproval when it was part of one of their ‘scenes’, and she hadn’t quite learned how to read him so accurately that she could be sure of what he was feeling. He did look and sound angry and VERY possessive. She always loved the possessive bit!

Finally he spoke: ‘OK, let’s run with it, Darling!. Is ‘lover-boy’ still around out there?’

‘Oh yes… I don’t think wild horses would drag him away… until he gets his dessert!’, she giggled.

‘OK, Babe… you get yourself over to the open window…. lean your elbows on the ledge and let it all hang out. You are looking like dynamite!’

‘Yes Sir!’ ..she gives him a mock salute.

‘Call him up to the window…. swing those tits and hips of yours…. make it hard for him to walk straight’, he chuckled.

She positions herself., elbows on the broad window-ledge, head and breasts projecting out on display, while her arched back thrusts her cunt and ass into the bedroom at Alex. She takes a couple of deep breaths. The cool evening air smells so good, and the gentle breeze against her hanging breasts sends a pulse of excitement through her entire body.

‘José! Come here a minute – I’ve got something for you!’…

José looked up from his semi-drunken fantasies. He looked startled, but he sure didn’t need to be asked twice! He walked as quickly and straight as his erection would allow, over the grass and up the few cement steps to bring himself close to, and level with, Dawn’s face.

She grinned at him nervously, suppressing a giggle, not sure what to say now, as she was waiting for Alex to make the first move.

It didn’t take long. He appeared behind her, pressed hard up against her rump, with the vibrator in his right hand.

José recoiled, and for a moment it looked like they had blown it… but no.

Alex, with a quiet, but very authoritative voice, simply said: ‘It’s alright amigo… we can share her…. OK?’

José nodded enthusiastically. For a moment you could see him trying to work out if this was a trick and he was about to have his balls blown off, or something equally excruciating, but he quickly got the idea and started his advances on Dawn from the front, while Alex was getting ready to do some serious business on her rear.

While José is poised over her eager breasts and waiting mouth, Alex is rubbing his hands all over her butt-cheeks and probing between her legs, letting out a sigh of satisfaction as he encounters the major wetness.

José is still acting as if he can not believe his good fortune! But yes, it’s true! This sexy girl is being offered up to him like a plate of meat, and he sure isn’t going to turn down such a feast!

Alex switches on the vibrator. He hands it to Dawn to adjust it to her favourite speed and sensation. She gets there instantly, knowing just the right pitch and feel for her. Then Alex takes it and begins sliding it round the sensitive rim of her already lubed ass hole.

‘Ohhh yess!! That is so good!’, she purrs. He gently and gradually probes the quivering entrance, and within a short time she feels her sphincter relax and let the throbbing glistening Silicone cock deep inside her. Now she is really moaning and squirming with lust and pleasure, and this acts as a Green Light to José to start his end of the deal.

He is grinning lecherously at her… stroking her breasts with the palms of his hands, tweaking and fondling her exquisite nipples – quite tenderly at first, then much more roughly when he sees that she is so turned on by it. The tip of his shiny cock is already moist with pre-cum, and he begins rubbing it against her nipples and between her cleavage. She is immediately transported into paroxysmal spasms in her cunt – writhing inside, aching to be fucked. He then begins to work on her mouth. She licks her lips slowly and gives him such a dirty come-on look! He responds by running his finger over them, bending towards her and pushing his tongue into her mouth. She kisses him passionately. She is French-kissing a total stranger and practically begging him to face-fuck her! She can not believe it!

After what seemed like ages, he finally stops the kissing, which she would normally want to go on and on, but right now she is just dying to feel his massive cock deep inside her mouth and throat. She grabs it and pulls it to her lips, sucking in the head and taking in the smell and taste and feel of it. It is an electric moment! She kisses the tip, flicks and teases it with her tongue, before settling into sucking it in earnest. She almost makes him come, so she slows down and pushes herself further towards him, moaning and rolling her half-closed eyes, encouraging him to push it deeper and deeper in her mouth. Now it is in all the way, and she gags with the sheer size of it.

Suddenly she feels a thump in her rear and it is Alex thrusting his rock-hard cock into her cunt. It is as though he is sending a message to José that this is a huge privilege he is getting to be allowed to do what he is doing, and that the important thing for him to remember is that Dawn belongs to Alex! She loves that! She always gets so excited to feel possessed, controlled and used by him. She knows he loves her very much, and she trusts him completely. She also knows he will never hurt her and always protects her, which makes her feel safe in getting him to do this kind of stuff.

And now she is a writhing, moaning, squealing, cumming mess! Every orifice is filled, stretched and stimulated to the max. As if to emphasise his ownership, Alex is using his cock and the vibrator in a kind of pincer movement grasping a hold on her ass and cunt, and making her feel things so intensely it’s like she is going to burst! In fact, she has already burst several times, and the waves and spasms still keep on and on!

They are behaving together like some kind of uncontrollable wild animal! All their colliding and overlapping desires and passions rolled into one writhing, panting mass of lusting flesh!

Finally, with a roar, José comes!….flooding her mouth and throat with huge spurts of his juices. She swallows and sucks and licks every last drop of it. Savouring the taste and feel and smell of it… He strokes her lips and cheeks with his still dripping cock-head as he finally withdraws, then slowly traces a glistening wet path with it all over her breasts and nipples.. They exchange a deep smile that only comes when a man and woman have shared such moments.

As this is happening, Alex continues to piston hard into both of her rear holes.

As she looks back over her shoulder at him rutting her like a deer, the added tension of this twist of her torso amplifies the voluptuous sensations. Urging him on with every squeal and moan, she is fascinated by the look in his eyes. At once full of raw lust for her, they are shot through with a fierce challenge to the man who has been enticed into violating her. In that moment she is the meat in the sandwich, caught between these primitive forces. She has never felt so alive — so much the focus for men’s needs and passions.

Wild eyes wide open, panting deep and fast, frothy cum seeping through her teeth and lips, more cum dripping down her inner thighs and legs, she can feel, smell and touch the juices of ‘her men’mixed inextricably with her own intimate fluids. She has been completely overwhelmed, but at the same time has had them both at her mercy..

The competing emotions running through her grunt a command: ‘Go!!’

They separate from her like spacecraft – pulling back into their individual voids.

She is fully herself again. Enjoying the spoils – claiming her erotic wholeness.

Destroyed, yet now remade. Untouched, yet feeling everything!

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