“You’ve never masturbated?” My cousin, Lisa, shook her head in disbelief. “Oh, honey, you’re missing so much.”

“It’s just not something I ever think about.” I replied. It was true. I only ever touched myself “down there” when washing. I knew Lisa had sex, she would tell me stories about her encounters with boys (and sometimes girls) that made me blush. But I was a virgin. And I wanted that to change. “Will you show me how you do it?”

“You want me to teach to how to cum?” she grinned, coyly twirling her dark brown hair, licking her full, red lips.

“Yes…and how to get boys…” I suddenly felt self-conscious. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. My apprehension grew as Lisa pulled out a large box from her closet. “What’s in there?”

“This box contains pure pleasure, Katie. And today you’re going to discover it. But first, I want you to strip.” She pulled off her dress, revealing no bra and lacy panties, and a pale, toned body. I took off my dress and unclasped my bra to reveal my own lacy panties, a slim, yet not a firm body as Lisa’s, and noticeably smaller boobs.

“Mine are so much smaller than yours,” I moaned, stroking the side of a tit.

“Yours are still sexy. Now pull off my panties.”

I was put off a bit by her abruptness, but did as I was told. Her pussy was waxed, like mine. I had prepared myself to explore that area, but didn’t expect my cousin would see it. She then spread her pussy lips.

“See this?” She flicked a small knob. “This is your clit. Rubbing it feels so good. No wait -” I had started to pull down my panties. “Let me.” She clenched the top with her teeth and slid the thin material down my legs. I found my clit and stroked it as it got bigger.

“Wow,” I gasped. “I’m getting wet.”

“That’s good. Now pinch your nipples. That’s it.”

I felt warmth spread across my pussy as I rubbed faster. Tension was building inside, and Lisa noticed.

“Now take your other hand a put a finger inside your pussy…that’s it, slide it in deep. Move it around. Find that bit getting harder? That’s your g-spot. Stroke it.”

I pushed my body down up and down on my hand, as if my finger was a tiny penis, and added another finger. It was a bit tougher to get in, but it felt great as I got fuller. They made wet noises as I hammered them in. Lisa reached over and twisted my nipples, taking one in her mouth, slowly licking round, and sucking. She then reached behind me and ran her finger down my ass crack and over my anus.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as she pushed a finger through my tight sphincter. I squeezed it.

“Trust me, it’s amazing.” She twisted it and put another finger in. They twisted round, stretching my tiny hole, feeling the ridges. For the first time in my life I was rubbing my clit as someone sucked on my tits, and two fingers were up my pussy and ass each.

My lower body twitched as my pussy walls tightened round my fingers. Lisa and I were pounding our fingers in as I furiously rubbed my clit. Suddenly my pussy was shaking and I cried out as pleasure rocked my body.

“Oh, baby, you’re cumming! Cum for me, Katie,” moaned Lisa as she bit down on a nipple. Waves of heaven washed over me as my pussy shook uncontrollably round my soaking fingers. I squeezed my legs round our hands as I recovered. Lisa licked our fingers then kissed me, letting me taste myself.

“And I have so much more to teach you…”

After our parents got home from their dinner, I asked if I could stay at Lisa’s. My aunt and uncle agreed, so I changed into one of her flimsy nighties and we lay in her bed, waiting for her parents to go to sleep. Half an hour later, Lisa told me to close my eyes and pick three things out of her box. I dipped my hand in and brought out a piece of rope and two strange objects. One was bullet shaped, and the other was a conical plug.

“This is a vibrator,” Lisa explained, holding up the bullet, “and this is a butt plug.”

“That will never fit in my ass!” I cried.

“Of course it will, with lube. Now I’m going to pick something for you.” She pulled out a ball with two straps attached. “This is a ball gag. Now lie on your stomach with your ass in the air.”

I did as I was told, and she tied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. She inserted the ball gag into my mouth.

“Now no one can hear you scream,” she whispered into my ear, as she stroked my anus. I felt her stiff tongue lick round it, then go in deep, feeling round. After licking up my crack, she poured a cold liquid into my asshole and rubbed it in and around, preparing for the butt plug.

The tip pushed against my tight hole, stretching my sphincter wider than ever before. She kept pushing until I cried out in pain.

“Don’t worry, baby, just relax. It’ll feel better soon.” She hit the base hard so the rest popped into my stuffed ass. After twisting it around a few times, she switched on the bullet and taped to my clit. I moaned hard into the gag. Lisa spanked me.

“Quiet, you want to wake everyone up?” She spanked my ass until it stung. Then she pulled out the plug half way and rammed it back in. She kept doing this until I moaned louder. She shoved the plug back in deep, and pulled the tape off the bullet. I was so close to cumming.

“Why did you do that?” I moaned when she removed the ball gag.

“Make me cum first, and I’ll finish you off,” she smirked.

“But I don’t know how.”

“Well you better learn, or I’m leaving you tied like this all night.”

I stuck my tongue out to meet Lisa’s glistening pussy. I gently swirled my tongue round her swollen clit.

“Good girl, now suck my clit…ahhhh…yes baby…God, yes. Bite it, bite it…..oh, yes! Put your tongue up my cunt, faster…I’ll make a good slut out of you, fuck me with your mouth…” She bounced her pussy on my face as her juices coated my lips. I took my tongue out a licked round her asshole as I grazed her clit with my teeth. “Ohhhhh, yes. Katie…keep doing that…fuck, YES!” Her asshole spasmed on my tongue, and her cum poured into my mouth. “Now for your reward.”

She climbed behind me and taped the bullet back on my clit. She shoved three fingers up my pussy and began pounding my ass hard with the butt plug. She pulled it round, widening my ass, spitting down my crack to keep it wet.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Lisa! I’m going to cum…keep fucking that ass!”

“You’ve got a potty mouth all of a sudden…you can cum when you tell me what a slut you are.”

“I’m a big slut.”

She spanked my ass. “Not good enough. Tell me how much you like this.”

“I’m a dirty slut, and I love having your fingers in my pussy, and a huge butt plug ramming my tight ass. I love being tied up and under your control.”

“Better. Cum for me, cousin, cum as I fuck you.”

I shook and cried out as I orgasmed. “Oh, my God, yes! Lisa, you’re making me cum! Oh God, ohhhhhhh. Ooh, spank me more!” Lisa laughed as she whacked my ass as I came.

When she untied me, she licked my ass clean of lube. “Tomorrow, you’re going to meet my friend. Then you’ll do whatever we want.”

“Yes, cousin.” I murmured, as we fell asleep.

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