Revka fussed over Sarah in the bathing room as she prepared her for the party at the Macian embassy. “I know it’s a small private party, not an official affair, but I want you to reflect well on the House of Asher,” she said, smoothing a final bit of lotion onto Sarah’s newly shaved mound. Lady Miriam had ordered Sarah’s body shaved completely. The air currents felt strange against her bare skin. Revka had coaxed Sarah’s naturally wavy dark hair into curls and dyed her lips two shades darker than their normal tone. She showed Sarah the results in a bronze hand mirror. “There, don’t you look delicious?”

Sarah didn’t reply. She was nervous. Her experience at the last party she’d been required to attend had left her sore for five days. Her mind flashed back to the unbearably pleasurable series of orgasms that had been forced out of her, and to the seemingly unending abuse that had followed. Her clit twitched of its own volition.

Revka broke into her thoughts. “I’m sorry, Sarah, but I have to put this on you.” She held up the stimulation belt. Her eyes were sympathetic, because she knew firsthand how frustrating it was to wear.

“It’s alright, Revka. It’s not your fault,” Sarah said.

Revka buckled the belt around Sarah’s waist. “I can’t seal it like Lady Miriam does, but don’t take it off, all right?” she said. “She’ll punish me if you do.” Impersonally, she began to roll the shaft of Sarah’s clit between her fingers and thumb, ensuring that it was hard. Then she fastened the strap that ran front to back between Sarah’s vulva and buttocks. The girl’s straining clitoris poked through a slot in the strap.

When Revka rubbed a drop of ki-on extract on Sarah’s clit, Sarah embarrassed herself by whimpering. Her clit was burning, and it would get more intense before the sensation faded. Worse, wetness was already flowing out of her, enough to soak the strap. She was grateful that Revka ignored her obvious arousal.

Revka helped her dress in a skimpy frock and left her to wait in the front hall. Sarah waited, trying not to think about what indignities she might be subjected to tonight. She squeezed her thighs together in a vain attempt to quell the burning between her legs.

Lady Miriam arrived in an evening cloak. She fastened a leash to the slave collar on Sarah’s neck and led the girl out to her carriage. Every step slid Sarah’s clit through the slot in the strap. The ride to the embassy was too short for Sarah’s taste. Her cheeks burned with shame as Lady Miriam led her past the footmen on the leash.

They were directed to a small room in the private section of the embassy. Ambassador Delan herself greeted them, wearing an eyecatching black leather bustier and shiny boots. “Lady Miriam, I’m so glad you’re here. And you’ve brought sweet little Sarah.”

Sarah shivered under the woman’s hungry gaze. She recognized her from the party at Asher House. There were several other people in the room. One, the only man, lounged on a couch sipping dark wine. A diminutive blonde woman in a silk dress leaned against one paneled wall. And another slave girl was shackled spreadeagled to a tilt table on the far side of the room.

As Lady Miriam tugged her unwilling slave farther into the room, Sarah’s eyes focused on racks and racks of toys and implements. She swallowed hard. Struggling would not stop these people from doing whatever they wanted to her. But her gut was still screaming at her to run, to fight, to do anything to avoid having those tools used on her soft flesh.

An empty tilt table stood opposite the one with the helpless naked slave. Sarah’s gaze was drawn towards it with sick fascination. When the door thunked closed behind her, she jumped.

Lady Miriam cast aside her cloak and came around behind Sarah. She lifted Sarah’s breasts out over the top of her dress and began kneading her nipples. “Sarah, dear,” she spoke in her slave’s ear. “I’d like you to meet Ruth. Before I bought you, Ruth was my personal slave. I used that hot body of hers for my pleasure. Oh, that girl can scream. When I tired of her, I sold her to my friend Ambassador Delan.”

Ruth looked terrified. Her eyes were wide, and quick breaths jiggled her breasts.

“Now,” Lady Miriam continued, “Ambassador Delan’s tastes are a bit different from my own. We both like to force slave girls. But, while I prefer to make a girl scream and moan with pleasure, she likes to hurt girls to extract the same sounds.” Lady Miriam’s insistent fingers rolled and pulled Sarah’s hardened nipples. Her warm lips brushed Sarah’s ear as she spoke. “It makes her all hard and wet to see a girl in pain. And so we thought of a fun little game.”

Still holding Sarah’s trembling body back against herself, Lady Miriam tugged at the stimulator strap through Sarah’s dress. The girl’s head fell back. “Aren’t you going to ask me what kind of game?” she taunted.

“What–what kind of game, mistress?”

“It’s called tit for tat, and I think you’ll catch on quite quickly.” Lady Miriam tugged on the strap again. “But where are my manners? Before we start, would anyone like to make use of this slut’s mouth?”

“I’d like to give her a try,” the blonde woman said. “Sophie said she ate pussy like she was born for it at your party.”

“By all means, Eva,” Lady Miriam said. She propelled Sarah towards the woman with a shove. Sarah stumbled, her breasts dangling free over the top of her bodice.

Eva sat down on the couch, and Sarah knelt obediently before her. The blonde woman pulled her dress up to reveal a dainty pussy with a small clitoris and neat labia. Sarah didn’t get much of a chance to look, though, because Eva threw her legs over the slave’s shoulders and brutally pulled her mouth down. Sarah sucked and licked frenziedly, trying to satisfy Eva before the woman suffocated her. Drawing the tiny clitoris out of its hood, she swirled her tongue around its head over and over. Sarah’s rhythm faltered slightly when someone began to pluck at the stimulator strap where it met the belt in the back, forcing her swollen clit through the slot. She didn’t have much attention to spare for her own arousal, though, as she licked and struggled for breath. Eva came silently, her whole body rigid as her clit twitched in Sarah’s mouth. She released Sarah’s head and sat back with a sigh. “Mmm. That was nice. Anyone else want a go?”

The tall man with the wineglass shook his head, although he had an erection that was clearly straining against his pants. “I want to be hard enough later,” he explained.

Ambassador Delan chuckled. “Oh, poor Matthew. It’s such an inconvenience being male, isn’t it?” She rubbed her hands together briskly. “Now, I think it’s time we got started here. You.” She pointed at Sarah. “Strip.”

Sarah unlaced her bodice and let her dress fall to the floor. She wore nothing underneath it but the stimulator belt. The man, Matthew, came closer to examine it. “You’re so ingenious, Lady Miriam.” He slid two thick fingers along Sarah’s belly, under the belt. She bit her lip. “Look at that clitoris. It’s so swollen it’s purple.”

“Yes,” Lady Miriam said. “In the interests of not letting the slut come too soon, perhaps you’d better take it off her instead of me. She’s far too sensitive to my touch.”

Matthew freed Sarah from the belt, and she stood naked before all of them.

“Restrain your slut, please,” the Ambassador said to Lady Miriam.

Lady Miriam shackled Sarah to the tilt table and pivoted it up until Sarah and Ruth were mirror images: two scared slave girls, strapped down and helpless, staring into each other’s faces.

Lady Miriam took one of Sarah’s swollen nipples into her mouth, sucking and massaging it with her tongue until Sarah writhed against her restraints. Ambassador Delan pinched one of Ruth’s nipples and placed a jagged clamp on it, causing the girl to arch her back in pain.

“I see you understand our game,” Ambassador Delan said to Sarah. “Your mistress said you were a quick study. For however much pleasure you receive, Ruth will suffer the same amount of pain, or as near as we can gauge it. She has a sensitivity-enhancing collar just like you do. Your mistress and I will have to strive to outdo each other. Since Lady Miriam is my guest, I have allowed her to take the lead.”

Lady Miriam stroked the vulnerable flesh of Sarah’s inner thighs tantalizingly, up and down. On the opposite table, Ruth received stinging slaps on the same area. When Sarah’s other nipple was teased, Ruth’s was cruelly clamped.

Sarah hated to see the other girl suffer, but there was nothing she could do about it. Both of them were toys for their mistresses’ depraved pleasures.

When Ambassador Delan picked up a small whip with a few flexible leather strands, Ruth cringed. Lady Miriam spread Sarah’s swollen pussy lips wide and caressed their inner surfaces, avoiding her engorged clitoris. It felt so good; wetness leaked from Sarah’s cunt even as Ambassador Delan snapped the whip against Ruth’s pussy. Lady Miriam’s fingertip flicked the tip of Sarah’s clit, up under the hood. Sarah’s cry mingled with Ruth’s as Ruth’s mistress pitilessly pushed back her clitoral hood and struck her with the whip.

“You might be interested to know that Ruth is a lot like you,” Lady Miriam murmured to Sarah as her fingers circled the opening to the girl’s hungry cunt. Ruth’s cunt was being pulled open by more clamps. “She was sold into slavery to cover her father’s debts. A nice, innocent girl I took pleasure in violating.”

Sarah’s hips were churning involuntarily as her arousal built. “You’d like me to violate you now, wouldn’t you?” A teasing finger dipped into Sarah’s wet channel. Ruth cried out at another lash to her clitoris. “But I think I’ll let Matthew do that this time,” Lady Miriam said.

She stepped back, and Matthew took her place in front of Sarah. He dropped his pants, and his cock sprang free. Sarah’s eyes widened. It was huge and thick, as big as Lady Miriam’s largest toy. He smiled at her surprise as he smoothed pre-come over it. “For every thrust, Ruth over there gets a lash on her clit or her nipples,” he said. “Just think about that while I’m fucking you.” He shoved himself roughly into Sarah, but her body welcomed him.

Sarah’s cunt clasped greedily at Matthew. Over his shoulder, she could see Ruth, thrashing in pain each time Matthew drove home in Sarah. Sarah knew Matthew couldn’t make her come, but the fullness was so satisfying that she was disappointed when his cock abandoned her pussy. She lifted her head in confusion; she knew he hadn’t come yet. Why was he pulling out?

Her attention was pulled away from Matthew by Eva. The small blonde woman pushed three fingers into Sarah. Behind Eva, Ruth squealed in pain. Four fingers. Another cry from Ruth. Eva’s thumb pressed into Sarah’s sloppy hole. Sarah was thrusting back at her, uncontrollably aroused. As Eva’s hand pressed inward, approaching the widening of her knuckles, Sarah saw Matthew position his huge member at Ruth’s anus. Eva pushed hard, stretching Sarah’s cunt wider than it had ever been opened, until her entire hand slid inside. Sarah screamed. She writhed around Eva’s hand like a puppet. Eva’s fingers curling inside her pressed against her g-spot and brushed her cervix.

At the same time, Matthew thrust brutally into Ruth’s unprepared ass, Sarah’s juices his only lubricant. His face contorted as the girl’s muscles contracted in pain, trying to expel him. Ruth’s hoarse screams had her mistress smiling. The girl begged and pleaded for him to withdraw, but he fucked her relentlessly. Her pain was his pleasure as her resistance tightened her around his cock, pulling his orgasm from him.

Sarah, too, was pleading as Eva’s fist fucked her. She met Lady Miriam’s eyes over Eva’s shoulder. “Please, mistress, I have to come so bad it hurts. Please let me come.”

“But if I let you come, poor little Ruth will have to pay the price,” Lady Miriam said. “If I let you come, Ambassador Delan is going to pierce the hood of her clitoris with that needle you see her preparing. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be responsible for causing the girl such terrible pain. Look at her. She could so easily be you.”

Ambassador Delan held up a clamp and a thick, curved needle for Sarah to see. Sarah’s stomach clenched at the thought of how much it would hurt to have her genitals pierced. Inside her, Eva’s fingers wriggled. Sarah was finding it hard to think, but she knew she couldn’t take much more of this.

“You’ve always hated me for using your body for my pleasure,” Lady Miriam said. “Don’t think I can’t see the way you look at me when I take you. You think I’m the bad one and you’re the innocent victim. But you like it.” Just for an instant, her finger pressed the rock-hard tip of Sarah’s clit. Ruth grunted as her own clit was clamped.

“You’re just as bad as I am, because you’re willing to do anything to come. Including hurting this girl.”

Sarah felt tears running down her face, because she knew it was true. She was desperate to come. “Yes, please. Make me come, mistress. Make me–” Lady Miriam was stroking Sarah’s clit in time to the pounding of Eva’s hand inside her cunt, and Sarah was wailing and coming and trying to block out the sounds of Ruth’s agony. Sarah came hard, bruising herself against her restraints and clamping down so firmly on Eva’s fist that it was some time before the woman could remove it. Opposite her, Ruth was sobbing as her mistress threaded a ring through her fresh piercing.

Eventually, both slaves stilled, sagging in their bonds. Lady Miriam wiped the tears from Sarah’s cheeks. “Good girl. That’s my slut.” She gently circled Sarah’s clitoris with her fingers, and the girl was horrified to feel it begin to swell again. “Well, it looks like she might have some more in her,” Lady Miriam said, pleased. “What about yours?”

Ambassador Delan flicked Ruth’s piercing with her finger. Ruth flinched and yelped. “Not catatonic yet.” The Ambassador moved to one of the racks to select new torture implements.

Sarah thrust her clit shamelessly into her mistress’s fingers. Eva removed the clamps on Ruth’s nipples, allowing the circulation to return with a flood of pain. The Ambassador was doing something at the fireplace that Sarah was trying to ignore. Lady Miriam milked Sarah’s clit, and Sarah had no resistance left.

“Please, I need to come,” Sarah begged.

“What, again?” Lady Miriam feigned surprise. “You must be an insatiable slut.”

“Yes, I’m a slut, I’m your slut.” Sarah’s clit was throbbing.

“But, Sarah, think of poor Ruth. If I let you come, her mistress is going to brand her ass with that hot iron.”

Ruth went pale. “Please, Sarah, no. Please don’t let them do this to me.”

The tip of the iron in Ambassador Delan’s hands glowed cherry red. Sarah dangled on the precipice of a crushing orgasm.

“Do it,” Sarah said. “Do it.”

The disgustingly appetizing smell of sizzling flesh filled the room. Ruth mercifully lost consciousness. And Lady Miriam dropped her hand, leaving Sarah in unfulfilled agony.

“That was great fun,” Sarah heard Ambassador Delan say.

“The pleasure’s in the breaking, though,” Lady Miriam replied. “Now that she’s utterly abased herself, the bloom is off the rose. I think it’s time for me to find a new toy.”

“I’ll take her off your hands,” Ambassador Delan said.

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