“Do you recall me promising to claim your entire body, slut?” Lady Miriam asked.

Sarah’s hands paused as she polished one of her mistress’s wooden phalluses, then quickly resumed her work. “Yes, mistress.”

“I’ve fucked your mouth and your sloppy cunt, but that ass of yours is still as unused as the day I bought you. Have you ever had anything up your ass, Sarah?”

Sarah’s anus puckered at the thought. It sounded painful. “No, Lady Miriam.”

“Would you like me to fuck your ass, slave? Be honest.”

“No, mistress,” she said meekly.

“Too bad. I’ll do whatever I like to your body.”

Sarah knew that to be the truth.

Lady Miriam sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here and lie across my lap.”

It was useless to resist. Sarah lay facedown across her mistress’s lap. Lady Miriam lifted her skirt up, baring her raised buttocks and covering her head. Lady Miriam traced delicate patterns over Sarah’s smooth buttocks. The sensation was heightened by Sarah’s collar. She couldn’t keep her hips still.

Lady Miriam spread Sarah’s cheeks and regarded her tight asshole. Gently, she dripped oil into Sarah’s crack and massaged it into the slave’s anus. Sliding one hand under Sarah, she laid a finger along each side of Sarah’s clit. The slight undulations of Sarah’s hips slid her clit between her mistress’s fingers.

Chuckling evilly, Lady Miriam spread a little ki-on extract over Sarah’s anus, pushing a little inside with her fingertip. The effect was immediate. As soon as the burning liquid touched her, Sarah began to squirm and writhe. Her anus clenched and loosened involuntarily, working the substance deeper inside her. The sensation was so intense, Sarah couldn’t decide if it was pain or pleasure. Not that it mattered; Lady Miriam would enjoy both.

“This really does hurt less if you relax,” Lady Miriam said. “Though I do like to fuck a tight, resisting hole, too.” She warmed one of her bronze buttplugs in her hand, then spread oil and more ki-on down its length.

Sarah squeaked and flailed at the pressure of the plug at her sphincter. Lady Miriam smacked her hard on the buttock, leaving a red handprint. “Lie still. I’m just going to open you up a bit. I’m not going to stick a cock in you just yet.” She stroked Sarah’s clitoris as she worked the plug into the girl’s ass. Sarah screamed as the plug invaded her rectum. It got wider and wider, stretching and filling her helpless ass. Then the widest part was past, and her muscles snapped tight around the narrower neck of the plug, pulling it even deeper into her ass. The flared base pressed against her anus.

“Good girl,” Lady Miriam said, stroking Sarah’s clit. In addition to the unaccustomed fullness, Sarah could feel the increasing burning of the ki-on on her tender membranes. She was so distracted by this that she didn’t notice Lady Miriam putting the stimulation belt on her until it was fastened around her waist. “No, please, I’ll let you do anything to my ass. Please don’t put me in that thing,” she said.

“Your ass is already mine. You don’t ‘let’ me do anything,” Lady Miriam said. “And I want you properly warmed up for tonight.” She fastened the second strap between Sarah’s legs, positioning the open slot so that Sarah’s swollen clitoris poked through. A drop of ki-on on that sensitive organ, and Sarah was propelled beyond rational thought. Her entire being focused on the throbbing of her clit, and the way her spasming muscles fucked her subtlety on the plug in her ass.

After what felt like hours, Revka came to retrieve Sarah. The burning in her clit and ass had finally eased. As long as she stayed still, Sarah was fine. The slightest movement, however, shifted the plug in her ass and rubbed her clit against the strap. Sarah moaned as Revka stripped her, washed her with cool water, and dressed her again. The dress was much more revealing than her everyday clothing: a short skirt and a low, tightly-laced bodice that threatened to spill her breasts out over the top. *Oh, well,* Sarah thought. *All the slaves and Lady Miriam have seen me naked already.*

Revka took her to the large formal dining room. Every step increased Sarah’s arousal, until she was moaning slightly as she walked. Revka opened the door and pushed her inside. Sarah froze. The room was full of people, over a dozen, eating dessert. They were dressed formally for dinner. She was dressed in the skimpiest outfit she’d ever worn.

Lady Miriam looked up and beckoned her over. Sarah went to her. “Kneel,” Lady Miriam ordered. Sarah gasped at the movement of the strap against her clit as she complied. “You’re mine to lend out as I like,” Lady Miriam said. Sarah flushed at the thought of being offered up to a stranger’s pleasure. Was her mistress going to let one of the guests use her? Lady Miriam continued. “I know you desperately need to orgasm, slut, but you can’t yet. You’re going to crawl on your hands and knees under this table and orally pleasure any of my guests who want to come in your mouth.”

That was worse than being sent to a guest’s room to be raped after supper. Sarah felt tears prickling at her eyes, but she knew she had to obey. Slowly, tormented by the stimulation belt, she crawled under the heavy table.

She was surrounded by knees. Men’s in black trousers, women’s in gowns. She looked around for an indication of whom she was to serve. There, off to her left. A woman had rucked her skirts up and spread her legs. Sarah crawled over and buried her head in the woman’s crotch. She used her trained mouth skillfully, teasing the woman’s clit until she came with a soft sigh. Sarah wondered if the woman’s conversation partners knew what was being done to her beneath the table.

Wiping her mouth on her hand, she looked for her next task. A man on the other side of the table had unbuttoned his trousers and freed his cock. It bobbed up towards the underside of the table, red and almost fully erect. Sarah approached hesitantly. Despite Revka’s lessons, she had never sucked a real cock.

He sucked in his breath when she closed her lips around the head. Running her tongue around the head of his penis, she felt him grow harder. He was almost as hard as one of the wooden dildos she was used to, but his smooth skin slipped over the hardness in an intriguing way. He wasn’t as big as most of Lady Miriam’s toys; she could do this. She closed her eyes and swallowed him. When she felt him hit the soft back of her throat, she opened farther and took him all the way in, as she’d been trained. She was startled when his hand grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck, forcing her to bob up and down on his shaft. Fortunately, it only took a few thrusts to finish him. The cock twitched and swelled in her mouth. His hips jerked as he came, and she hit her head on the underside of the table, falling back hard on the plug in her ass. He had been so deep down her throat when he came that she had no option but to swallow most of his semen.

Sarah had serviced about half of the guests when dinner finished. Her stomach felt full of come, and she was glad she hadn’t had any dinner of her own.

Lady Miriam drew her out from under the table and gave her a napkin to wipe her face. The party moved to the parlor. “I want you all to get a good look at my newest acquisition, Sarah, since so many of you have made use of her talented mouth this evening,” she said. Sarah couldn’t help wondering which of the guests had come in her mouth. Probably not that blonde man with the bulging erection, unless he was very quick to recover. Did she remember the lace trim on that prim-looking woman’s dress?

Lady Miriam ordered Sarah to strip. Then she unlocked Sarah’s belt with her ring and peeled it out from between the slave’s soaking lips, which had puffed up around it. “Bend, over, Sarah, and show everyone what you’ve got in your ass.” Sarah wished she could die of embarrassment as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks, exposing the base of the bronze plug to all of Lady Miriam’s guests. She almost lost her balance as Lady Miriam pushed on the plug.

Lady Miriam guided her to a raised dais at one end of the room. “Get down on all fours with your ass towards the room,” she commanded. Raising her voice, she addressed her guests. “Before today, this little slutslave had never had anything in her ass.

She grasped the base of the butt plug, pulling the wide part against the inside of Sarah’s sphincter. Sarah knew what was coming. She tried to relax, but she still cried out in pain as her mistress ripped the plug from her inexperienced hole. The guests murmured as they watched her anus tighten and release uncontrollably. “I’d like to feel that clenched around my cock,” one of the men said. Sarah hoped his wish wasn’t going to come true.

“Since she’s mine, I think it’s only fair that I should be the one to rape her virgin ass for the first time,” Lady Miriam said. She strapped on a cock and sat in a wide armchair on the dais. She handed a bottle to Sarah. “Lube me up good, because this is going in your ass whether you like it or not.” Sarah’s hands shook as she obeyed. This was one of Lady Miriam’s smaller cocks, but it was still fairly large, with a bulbous head and ridges along the shaft.

“That’s right, slut. I’m going to fuck your ass with this in front of everyone, so they can see how much you love it.” The guests stood or sat according to their preferences, choosing vantage points from which they could all see the entertainment.

Lady Miriam’s cock jutted out lewdly from her hips, glistening with lube. Sarah’s cunt ached at the sight. *Why doesn’t she just fuck my pussy? It would feel so good….* But she knew the answer as soon as she thought the question. *Because this is more degrading for me, and she loves that.*

“Come here, slave,” Lady Miriam ordered. “Stand in front of me and face my guests.” Lady Miriam pushed Sarah’s feet apart so that her own legs were between Sarah’s, spreading them. “Put your hands behind you on the armrests.” Sarah was breathing fast and shallow now, afraid of the pain that she could do nothing to avoid.

Lady Miriam took hold of Sarah’s hips and pulled her down until the head of her cock was pressing against the girl’s anus. Slowly, ignoring Sarah’s whimpers, she worked the head into the tight hole. It hurt. Sarah had never felt so full, and she knew this was only the tip of the cock. She squeezed her eyes shut.

Lady Miriam pulled her hair sharply. “Open your eyes, slut. Look at everyone who’s here to watch me fuck you.” Everyone’s eyes were devouring Sarah’s naked flesh. The blond man had taken out his cock and was thrusting into his hand with deep, slow movements. He met Sarah’s eyes, and she knew he was imagining it was her ass gripping him, not his hand. On a wall behind the guests was a large mirror, the largest Sarah had ever seen. She could see herself reflected there, naked except for the slave collar, poised over her mistress’s cock.

Without warning, Lady Miriam spread her knees wider, knocking Sarah’s feet out from under her. Sarah caught herself on her arms, but she could feel the cock slowly sinking deeper into her ass. Her arms began to tremble under her weight. They gave out suddenly, and she fell fully back into Lady Miriam’s lap, impaling herself on the cock all the way to its wide base. Sarah screamed as she stretched painfully around the thick intruder. The pain was so bad she felt sure something had split open inside her. She could see Lady Miriam’s face in the mirror looking over her own shoulder. Her mistress had never looked so triumphant.

Lady Miriam reached up to tweak Sarah’s left nipple, pulling and rolling the hard nub in a way she knew would arouse her slave. After allowing Sarah a few seconds to adjust to having a cock in her ass for the first time, Lady Miriam began to move in and out a little at a time. Sarah could see it all in the mirror, her glistening pussy pink and exposed between her spread legs, the flush of arousal across the tops of her breasts. And, oh, the cock sliding in and out of her ass, dragging her tight ring of muscles down on each outward stroke and dimpling it in with each inward stroke.

Lady Miriam moved more and more vigorously, until she was pulling the cock almost all the way out of her slave’s ass and then slamming it back in again. The pain had long since faded, and Sarah was cooperating in her ravishment, fucking herself up and down on Lady’ Miriam’s big tool, enjoying the pressure and fullness. Her fingers dug hard into the armrests, and she gave a low moan every time her mistress speared into her.

She knew everyone in the room could tell she was enjoying this violation, but she couldn’t stop herself. Lady Miriam increased the pace of her thrusts, and her thighs tensed under Sarah. Sarah ground herself hard on the cock, rocking the base against her mistress’s clit. Lady Miriam came in her ass, biting down hard on Sarah’s shoulder to contain her cries. Her hips thrust brutally up into her slave’s flesh until the climax passed.

Sarah was still fucking up and down on the hard shaft. Lady Miriam stroked Sarah’s hard clit firmly between her fingers. Once, twice, and Sarah was coming, shaking and moaning. The pressure in her ass held her open even as her muscles tried futilely to close, and it prolonged her orgasm for unbearable minutes. As soon as her orgasm started to ebb, Lady Miriam milked another one out of her clit. Sarah came and came until she begged to be allowed to rest, and still her mistress made her come one more time.

Sarah was exhausted by the time she was lifted off her mistress’s cock and laid on the floor.

“That was a beautiful display,” one of the female guests said. Sarah didn’t she who it was; her eyes were closed, and it seemed she might never catch her breath.

“Thank you,” said Lady Miriam.

“You really ought to bring her to my little party week after next. Between her and my Ruth, we could have quite a lot of fun.”

“What an excellent idea,” Lady Miriam said. “In the meantime, though, anyone who wants to fuck this slave tonight can do whatever they want with her. She won’t come unless I’m touching her, but I think she’s had enough of that for one night, don’t you?”

Sarah groaned weakly as she was picked up and transfixed with a cock in her cunt. When another cock pushed itself into her tenderized ass, she nearly passed out. It was a long, long night.

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