Hi’ My name is Joyce, I’m a 43 year old Married wife and a Mother, I have brunette colored hair and a lovely 5′ 8″ body.

I work out all the time to keep in shape and love to tan nude “no tan lines at all ” My story begins with my son going to his summer JROTC camp and me going along as a camp Nurse and Chaperon. After we arrived and got settled in I was meeting some of the Sergeants and Captains in charge, Some of them very handsome.

I made eye contact with one man in particular that made my pussy twinge and later we got to talk some a while to get to know each other a little better. He was very muscular and stern, He also had a few friends as buff as him and I was one of just a few woman Nurses there with many men.

The next evening after a long day of activities and after dinner I showered and was walking around the base and ran into Sergeant Maj. Green ” The man that made my pussy jump the day before” We walked around a bit talking and being around him just made me loose my thoughts of the real world.

We ended up later in a private part of the base alone and the next thing that happened was the last thing I would have thought I’d every do Being married and my son at this same camp. I ended up in his arms kissing him deeply as his strong hands found the mounds of my ass, He pulled me up into his groin as our tongues found each other.

I could feel his cock growing against my body as hands massaged my ass and when he started darting his tongue in and out of my mouth I sucked it like it was his cock, He then pushed me down on my knee’s and I reached up with out thinking about it undid his belt opened his pants and released his hard cock.

It was like a flag pole sticking up in the air, His strong hands guided my head and my mouth opened as I eagerly sucked his cock into my throat, My tongue was swirling around his shaft as he fucked my face, My hands had found his balls and were caressing them as his cock thrust in and out of my mouth.

My husband tells me all the time how talented I am when it comes to giving a blowjob.

I would alternate from licking and sucking his balls to running my tongue up and down his shaft then taking the full length into my mouth till I would gag and it wasn’t long before I felt his sac starting to swell and I knew he was fixing to fill my mouth with his seed, He moaned and I felt his warm cum coat the back of my throat so I keep sucking till his cock went limp in my mouth then I swallowed it all. We parted ways but not before making plans for later that night.

After curfew that night I met him at this building off from the others and we embraced again in a heated kiss, He then laid me down on a couch and slid my shorts off then my panty’s my pussy was already wet thinking of his cock entering my cunt, He then took my shirt and bra off before moving between my legs with his tongue, He worked magic on my clit and fucked my hole with his tongue till my body started shuddering and I had intense orgasm.

He then placed his hard cock on my swollen pussy lips and eased it in real slow, Once he got his cock lubricated from my juices he started pumping faster and I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my ass, He fucked me hard and fast till he laid his head back and moaned load, I could feel his hot spunk filling my pussy.

He then pulled out and sat down and told me to clean his cock up so I bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth licking all over it like a popsicle till all of my juices and his cum was gone.

I keep on sucking his cock till it was gaining new life when I felt hands on my hips and another cock being thrust into my wet pussy, I was so wet from the fucking I just received that this other mans cock slid in before I could even resist, I tried to stop him at first but it was feeling so good pumping inside me I just lowered my head back down and continued to suck the cock in my face.

I was in total extasy with two cock working me from both ends then the man that behind me shoot his load deep inside me and when he pulled his cock out to my big surprise their was another guy standing waiting his turn, I raised up from sucking cock to notice five military guys all in there early thirties stroking there hard cocks waiting a turn at my hot pussy, Maj. Green took his hand and guided my head back onto his cock and told me to relax and enjoy the pleasure I was getting.

After Green filled my mouth with his load and another guy emptied his sperm inside me they got me up and I straddled another hard cock while two other guys got on each side of my head as I alternated back and forth sucking there cocks till another guy would cum in my mouth or cunt then someone would take his place.

I was in a daze and feeling like a slut but it felt so good I didn’t want to stop until they rolled me over on my hands and knees one guy entered my wet pussy from under me while a cock was guided into my mouth, Then I felt someone lube my ass up and placed his cockhead against my anus and started easing it in my tight ass hole, It hurt at first but after he got in all the way It felt better.

I couldn’t believe that I had a cock fucking my mouth, one in my pussy and another in my ass at the same time pounding my body in every hole I had, I even had hands rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples.

All I could do was grunt and go “unngghhh” with every thrust of each cock and then they all started Cumming inside me, My mouth was filling up along with my ass and pussy, cum was running out the corners of my mouth because I could not swallow fast enough and cum was dripping from my pussy & ass.

The guys keep switching positions till all seven guys had shoot there loads of cum in my pussy, ass and mouth, I then was placed on my knees in the middle of every one and told to lick and clean each cock with my mouth.

For the next four days every night I was these seven soldiers personal fuck and suck slut, I could not believe the things I let these guys do to me, Some of the other nights I sit in the middle of them with my mouth open and tongue sticking out letting each of the seven guys jerk off and shoot there cum in my mouth and could not swallow till each man had filled my mouth with his load, My mouth was full of creamy white juice and some of it ran down my chin and dropped onto my tits.

When I was told I could swallow I almost gagged it was so thick and creamy but I got it all down and even scraped what had fell on my tits with my fingers and licked them clean.

I am back home now to my normal life as the good wife and I hope my husband doesn’t ever find out what kind of wild slut I was at camp, But I now have thoughts of a stranger fucking all my holes and making me his slut, But I haven’t found the right moment or guy yet. I have circled the date on the calendar for next years camp and all the guys said they want me to please come back.

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