The Four Realms of Handor

Ser Landry’s Tale

Chapter One: The Watch

Ser Landry drew the night watch for what seemed like the hundredth week in a row. It was actually only the third but the intolerable conditions made it seem like much more. During the winter months the night watch was most hated by all guards of the Southern Keep. Cold driving winds insistently blew and biting snow and ice drove into your body like frozen nails. Layers of wool, boiled leather, and chain mail only kept you from freezing to death, but you yet still froze.

“Aye,” Ser Wallace mumbled when Ser Landry walked up to relieve him from his watch, a banner of steam flowing from his mouth as he talked. “I’ve kept her warm for you,” he continued. Alluding to the spot next to the short stubby stone tower that the two men were assigned to.

“Any action tonight?” Ser Landry questioned.

“No. There hasn’t been any action here in half a century. I know I’ve never seen any.”

Ser Landry was still young. At nineteen years of age his time in the Royal Guard was still in its infancy. Others such as Wallace, who was well into his fifties, had been guarding the same keep for quite some time, just as those had done before them going back over 200 years. The Southern Keep, the most remote in all four realms of the Handor kingdom, was once an important trade route between the native tribes, known as the Nethers, that lived in the south and those that had colonised the north. It was on a narrow strip of land, no more than ten miles wide, that geographically separated the two regions.

Over the years, the Nethers stopped coming north and a savage group of humanoids began to take their place. Instead of trade, they preferred to steal the wares they wanted and to kill those that had it. It was not long before the lord of Glacierthorn, the southernmost realm in the kingdom, raised an army to push back the savages and setup various keeps along their borders to keep them at bay.

Ser Landry stood their in the cold, his longsword leaning up against the rock wall instead of sheathed on his side as it should have been. His thoughts drifted, as they often would, to warmer things. A bed of coals in a fireplace, a piping hot bowl of soup, a steaming bath, a woman. He had only ever been with one woman and only on one occasion, Lilia on the night before he left for the keep. He promised to return one day from the duties he was sworn to and marry her, make a proper woman of her.

Lilia was his aunts daughter, his second cousin. If it were ever to be, it would be a noble marriage, keeping the bloodlines of the Landry’s pure, which was the hope of any highborn family. He remembered how she smelled, her skin soft with the delicate scent of lavender. He loved that about her. She didn’t pour on the scented oil or perfumes like many of the other girls did in court. Her golden curls always seemed to bounce, light and soft on her shoulders. Although modest, she did make sure to reveal the slightest amount of cleavage for all those wishing to take a peek. Her reservedness was her allure.

Ser Landry undressed her petite body more times in his mind’s eye than he could count. On many occasions, every time he got the chance, he even went so far as to spy on her when her chambermaids bathed her. He had once found a small crack from a storage room that looked into her bedchamber. Every time her airy silken gown would fall from her body and onto the floor, revealing her shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs, he would instantly get hard if he was not already. Then she would walk around to the side of the tub, the nipples on her perky breasts hard from the castle’s cold night drafts. When she bent over to feel the hot water of her bath, held onto the edge of the tub, and lifted her leg over and into the steaming water, he would always get the perfect view between her legs. Her pussy, he thought, must be the sweetest in all the land.

While watching her bathe and her maids cleanse every possible area of her body, he would hold onto his hard cock and stroke it slowly. When Lilia’s bathers moved the sponge between her legs, she would push their hands down and make them stay there, sometimes for only a moment but sometimes for many minutes until she would lean her head back, hold onto the sides of the tub, and moan in ecstasy. Landry would always wait until she stood from the bath, wet and sudsy, before he would cum into the floor drain of the room he was hidden in.

Ser Landry grabbed onto the cold rail next to him. His other hand was buried deep in his wool pants, pumping up and down on his fully erect shaft. The thoughts of Lilia quickened his release. Then, as he did almost every night that he had watch, he filled his cotton shorts with shot after shot of warm sticky cum. He would sometimes masturbate three or four times in an evening as a way to pass the time, always imagining Lilia and her supple breasts, dripping wet pussy as it rose from the bath, and the round cheeks of her ass. Many hours in the dark made a man’s mind turn to anything other than that of the cold and the night.

It was then, as he was wiping his sticky hand on his icy pants that he thought he saw movement in the distance. Struggling to make out what it was, it disappeared before he could decide whether or not it was his imagination or something real. “My imagination.”, he thought to himself.

Chapter Two: Whores

A day off from the watch was just what Ser Landry was looking forward to. He told himself that if he drew one more week of night watch he would risk beheading and desert his post. Waking up that morning was a godsend, the bright light from the sun lit up and warmed the small room he shared with two other guards. He laid there, contemplating what he was going to do that day. Normally he would spend the day walking the river, fishing, writing poetry, reading from one of the many old tomes in the keeps rather old and uncharacteristically ample library.

The other men, especially the younger, would generally head north to the small village of Veldorf and spend their weeks wages on ale and whores. Landry had been there once when he first joined the watch, pressured into going by his peers. After downing several pints, he let one of the working girls rub his erection through his pants. Barely turning down a blow job as the girl’s red lips and hungry mouth danced around the head of his cock, he felt guilty about his near infidelity to Lilia.

“Landry!” it was Lord Kindle, arguably the most boisterous and free spirited of the bunch. “Veldorf. This afternoon. You need to get that dick of yours sucked on!” Kindle walked of laughing and slapping the other two men he was with on the back.

The sun was high in the sky and the other men with the day off were mounted on horseback headed towards Veldorf. Landry had a book in his hand: Prose of Affection, A Poet’s Memoir, and was walking quickly towards the snowy woods where the river ran in an attempt to escape being harassed about going with them.

“Landry!” it was Lord Kindle again. “Come with us, brother.”

“I think I’ll just stay behind for today” Ser Landry responded as he picked up the speed in which he was walking.

“Come get some pussy you pussy!” Kindle laughed annoyingly. “Come on, we miss you.”

The only person Landry might call a friend that called the keep home guided his horse in his direction. Taylor, the only name he went by, was always kind to Landry. No one knew his title or if he even had one but the air about him was certainly that of nobility. One of the things appealing about the Royal Guard is that one need not be highborn to join. If you wanted to reach any kind of status it certainly helped, but was not required.

“I’ll watch your back,” Taylor said to Landry who had finally stopped walking away. “You need to get out with the guys and have some fun. I know you have that girl back home you are wanting to remain faithful to and I respect that. You don’t have to fuck anything or even touch anything, but come drink some ale my friend. It will be a good time.”

Ser Landry pondered his options for a moment.

“Come on,” Taylor prodded. “It will be fun.”

“Ok, if I drink too much and some wenches mouth gets to close to my cock this time, I’m holding you accountable.”

“That’s a deal,” Tyler rode away laughing to himself. “He’s going to come,” he yelled to the others.

There were two inns in Veldorf. The Silver Rose, where anyone with an ounce of dignity would stay, and Lost Virtue, where anyone looking to drink too much and find a piece of ass would stay. For being so remote, Lost Virtue seemed to know how to find working girls that were steps above even those found in the ritziest of brothels in the major cities. Heavy timbers and stone made up the walls of the inn. Pushing the heavy oak door open, a wave of flute music and the roar of people having an abundance of good time flooded out into the streets. The heavy steel barrel stove in the middle of the room glowed red and the heat was a welcome retreat to that of the bitter cold air outside.

“Ales all around,” Kindle announced to the bartender as the group of eight poured through the door and found one of the only open tables left in the place.

Girls from across the realm, hand picked by madam Sellwood, strode about from table to table in light cotton dresses. Their practiced seductions were capable of making even the purest of men part with their hard earned coin. Drunk men were almost no contest. A blow job could be had without leaving your seat. It was an easy and relatively cheap way of blowing your wad in a beautiful girls mouth without having to get up from the conversation. Head Girls they were called, ladies that specialized in getting a man to release in the shortest amount of time possible, take their money, and move onto the next.

A pretty little red headed Head Girl walked by the table and one of the guys, Ser Walker, slapped her on the ass to get her attention. She quickly spun around and gave him a smile. Walker placed a copper coin on the table and slid it in her direction.

“Two more of those if you tease it a bit and make it last,” Walker said with a wink.

The red head got down on her knees and crawled under the table. The look on Walker’s face made it apparent he was getting his money’s worth. Walker sat across the table from Landry. As the girl got on all fours and worked her lips up and down the sizable cock that filled her mouth, her cotton covered ass rubbed against Landry’s right leg. He felt himself getting hard and he soon realized that she was positioning herself so that her pussy was rubbing on his leg as well. She pressed harder and harder against him. He noticed Walker’s facial expression changing and that he would soon cum.

“Yeah!” Walker yelled out. “Swallow it you red headed cunt, swallow it!” he bellowed rhetorically, knowing full well that these girls always swallowed everything they were given.

The Head Girl worked delicately to clean up Walker’s dick. He would twitch and fidget from time to time as she licked and sucked every drop of cum from the swollen head of his cock. As she did, she continued to rub her pussy through her dress on Landry’s leg. Her rhythm quickened and the pressure she was pushing with increased. She was getting close and she reached around and grabbed the back of his lower leg and pulled it harder into her crotch. Her thighs closed on his leg and she slowed. Her movement was gone and her head poked up from beneath the table, staring right up at Landry.

“Thank you honey,” she said, her green eyes contrasting brilliantly with her fire red hair. “You want a free one on me?”

Landry cleared his throat nervously, “No mam, I’m ok.”

“Just let me know. My offer is good for the night.”

As the night wore on the group of men moved on from ale and started drinking the establishments distilled spirits. Landry was lost in the moment, drinking every bit as much as the others. Lord Kindle was the first to mention getting a girl for all of them to share. Everyone was warming up to the idea, everyone except for Landry that is.

“I’ll stay here and just keep drinking,” Landry’s words were slurred. “I’m good.”

“Come and just watch,” Taylor suggested. “No harm in that is there?”

“No harm in that, sure.”

Kindle walked off to find a girl and came back shortly with an exotic olive skinned brunette, the likes never seen in the south. Her hair was black as night, her eyes a deep brown, and her skin the color of finely cured leather. Landry admired her looks, he had never seen nothing like her. Her ass was more round and full than any he had ever seen. As they all looked her up and down, several men felt her tits and ran their hands along her body, she carefully pushed each strap of her dress from her shoulder. Landry thought to himself that her dark breasts, the darker coin sized areas around her nipples, and the hard little nipples themselves must be the most perfect a girl could have. He felt himself getting hard.

“Look at this,” Kindle commanded and pulled up the front of her dress revealing a pussy like no man at that table had ever seen.

Shaved smooth, you could see every part of it in beautiful exquisite detail. Kindle parted her lips, revealing the subtle pink and moist interior of her vagina. Her clit glistened. The men all stood from their seat.

“Oh yes, she will do,” Walker exclaimed as he picked her up into her arms. “Lets get a room.”

Chapter Three: Betrayal

After several minutes Ser Landry reluctantly got up from his seat to join the other men. “I’m only going to watch,” he told himself. When he got to the door he could hear the sounds. A girls muffled moans, skin slapping against skin, the laughter and cheers from the men. He opened the door and walked in.

The girl was bent over the bed in the room. Her round ass stuck up into the air and her legs spread open wide to make room for Walker’s thick shaft. Kindle kneeled in front of her with his cock in her mouth, she skillfully allowed its full length to slide in and out of her throat. Walker slapped her butt cheek leaving a perfect red hand print. A perfect red hand print among many others he had apparently left. Walker, Landry noticed, was not fucking the girl in her pussy. “What in God’s name?” he asked himself. Walker would pull out and push in and her dark ass hole formed tightly around his girth. With each thrust she let out a little whimper, muffled because of the dick she was sucking on. Landry had never heard of putting anything into a girls ass and he watched, mesmerised with curiosity and with the way her hole moved in and out. The other five men stood around the room watching, stroking their cocks as they did.

Walker’s thrusts quickened. The girl reached back and tried to push him back a little, his stiff rod pounding away at her ass hole was apparently a bit uncomfortable. He slapped her hand and continued to pound until he stopped with his cock fully buried inside of her. His whole body convulsed with each stream of his seed that he shot inside her. He pulled out of her slowly, the tip of his dick dripped and the girls ass gaped open leaking quantities of warm cum. She allowed her hips to relax and focused on the blow job she was giving Kindle. Landry started to subconsciously rub his own swollen member that was now fully erect in his pants.

“Gods have mercy, Walker,” Taylor exclaimed as he walked up behind the girl, rubbing his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezing big handfuls of fleshy butt. “You ruined her for the rest of us. You could barely get a finger in there when you started,” he ran his finger around the inside of her slowly contracting ass. “Move to the front of the bed Kindle.”

Taylor moved the girl up onto the bed aggressively and Kindle grabbed her hair and pulled her back up to his cock. Taylor moved under her and pushed the tip of his dick into her saturated pussy. She was a tiny girl and Taylor’s thickness easily filled her up, stretching her pussy open wide. Her pussy lips clung to his dick shaft, moving in and out as she lifted and lowered her hips, slowly at first and then faster. Her ass cheeks gyrated with each movement until one of the other men stepped up behind her and penetrated her already heavily used butt hole.

Landry watched as each of the men took turns with one of the girls three holes. One would cum, pull out, and then another would start fucking her. After a couple of hours in the room, everyone was pretty much satisfied. The girl rolled over onto her back. Her pussy and ass hole were filled with cum that leaked out onto the linens. She was covered in sweat and the light from the oil lanterns glittered off of her firm titties.

Landry sat there and stared at her. He wondered if she even enjoyed it. He took another sip of his drink. His massive hard on throbbed and his balls ached. He had been hard the entire time.

“You coming, Landry?” Taylor asked before walking out of the room.

“Ya, I’ll be there in a second.”

The others left and Landry sat there in the chair still staring at the used whore on the bed. She said something in a language he didn’t understand. He stood up and locked the door. Carefully, he took off his shoes, his shirt, and his pants. Landry was massive. His ten inch cock stood fully erect. It’s girth was bigger than the girls wrists and when she saw it she gasped.

“No,” she said in a heavy accent followed by something more that he could not understand. “No.”

“Yes,” Landry said.

He walked up to her, grabbed her by the ankles, and pulled her so that her pussy was at the edge of the bed. Drops of the other men’s cum fell to the floor. Landry grabbed his huge cock and nudged the tip of it into her drenched hole. She pushed back a bit but Landry pulled her back to him, thrusting harder until every inch of his manhood was pushing in and out of her beautifully dark cunt. He could feel the other men’s seed inside of her hot and gushing pussy. She started to pull away again. He could tell that his size was uncomfortable for her. It was for Lilia as well and he had to be gentle not to hurt her. But this was some nameless whore and he didn’t have to care.

Landry pulled out and flipped her over. She grasped at the bedding as he tried to stick his dick into her still dripping ass. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and held her down, pushing her into the bed. The thick tip of his cock spread her ass open wide. She resisted and he laid down onto her with all his weight, his dick drilled down into her hole, burying it up to his balls. He thrust deep inside her. She could hear her start to cry from the pain. He pounded harder until he was close. He turned her back over and fucked her pussy hard until he could not take it anymore. He pulled out and crawled up on top of her letting his load shoot across her titties, across her face, and into her mouth. For the final shot of his load he stuck the tip of his dick between her lips and let it shoot down her throat. He had never came so much. All that seed building up inside while the others fucked her now drenched her satin skin.

“Clean it,” Landry commanded. Even though she didn’t understand the words, she did understand his intent. Her red lips gingerly sucked up the remaining drops of cum.

He collapsed down onto her body. She continued to sob as he breathed heavily on top of her, his hard cock going limp between her thighs.

Chapter Four: Coming Clean

Lilia got the letter in the morning:

Dearest Lilia,

I write to you because I have betrayed our trust. My love for you knows no bounds but in a moment of drunkenness I became week and lusted for another. Because I want to hide nothing from you I am telling you this now. It was a whore. I entered her vagina, her mouth, and her ass. I released on her and not inside her. It was in not way an act of making love, I merely fucked her. I am sorry. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

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