The good thing about having a good looking set of girlfriends is that you have to do less than half of the work to get picked up. Generally, several men will come over and try to work their charm on said girlfriend, and within the first minute she will pick one and go with it. That leaves all of the rest for the average scavengers like myself. Don’t feel sorry for those of us who are less awe-inspiring in looks. We know what we are. We know that when we DO get the one of the hottest men in the room, we need to be proud of ourselves and allow the subtle cloud of ego to surround us until morning when we realize he must have been drunk.

However, since the hottest man in the room usually goes to my friends, we have to settle for the next best thing. That is how I met Scott. And Scotty.

I was at a bar called 555 years ago, when 555 was the cool place to be. The men had flocked around my friend Greta and were fanning their peacock feathers as far as possible, and she was enjoying the attention (ignoring me) and making her choice. I kind of sat back in my chair and sipped my Cosmopolitan, watching her do her thing with complete admiration. Someday, I wanted to be like Greta.

Suddenly, someone grabs the back of my hair and bites my neck with a gentle nibble. “What the….?” I quickly turned around to see who it was. He was tall and skinny with dark hair and dimples so adorable I instantly wanted to put my tongue in them. He said “Those guys have it wrong. They should be working on you.”

He had me at hello.

He continued to flatter me, telling me he could tell I was smart and he appreciated that I wasn’t throwing myself at all of the guys… and that the only reason all of those men were paying attention to my friend was because of her boobs. Everyone knows that was true, but I still tried to defend her. “She’s super nice too!” I told him.

His name was Scotty and he was just moving here from California. He was meeting his friend at 555 sometime that night, and would I like to have a drink with him while he waited? Hell yes I did. Greta didn’t even notice I was landing a hotty of my own, and I was glad – because had she noticed, I’m sure she would have turned her charm on him and I’d be back to my Cosmopolitan once again.. It was the way of the world.

At some point Greta stumbled over and introduced herself, but Scotty was short with her and made it clear that he was into me. I ate it up because that NEVER happened. He said his friend Scott would be there soon. I don’t think she was willing to wait to see if he would top her current piece of eye-candy, because she threw a $20 on the bar for the bartender, blew him a kiss, grabbed the arm of the winning peacock that night, and they were out the door.

Scotty and I hit it off, and when his friend Scott arrived, I was totally comfortable with them both, and we were having a good time. It was getting late though, and they talked me into going to another bar for last call.

Last call came and went, and they knew the owner so we had another. But it was time to end the night, and none of us were ready for the party to end. It was just getting started. Scott invited me to his place for some late-night hot-tubbing. This was getting better with each minute, and without many responsibilities at that time, I had no problem with the idea of spending naked time in a hot tub with two near-strangers.

Scott’s house was gorgeous – though quite a few miles away from downtown Lansing. His hot tub was on the back deck and I shyly hid behind a towel before slipping into the suds. Both of them were naked but I pretended I didn’t notice. We smoked a joint in the hot tub and chatted and looked at the stars and flirted. Scotty made his move and kissed me, while Scott watched.

Finally, we went downstairs to a media room and had some drinks while listening to reggae. It was very fitting, I thought and giggled, since I don’t smoke very often. Scotty was all over me, and Scott was doing what I usually do when I’m the third wheel. He was working hard at not being insignificant, the poor little whippersnapper. Eventually, however, it was obvious that Scotty and I wanted to be alone, so Scott slipped out of the room.

Scotty was the perfect combination of rough and tough and his penis was just a little too large for my body. Which meant it was perfect. We screwed around for at least an hour before I realized that Scott had somehow sneaked back downstairs, and was sitting on the corner of the sectional sofa watching all of the action. When I saw him, I feigned a shocked surprised look, but continued to ride Scotty, all the while staring Scott in the eye.

“Fuck this” Scott said, and ran up the stairs. Scotty just shrugged and kept going at it. He really was amazing in bed. Then Scott come back downstairs, and his pants were off and his penis was in one hand, a bottle of vegetable oil in the other.

Yep, you know where this is going.

I had never had anal sex before, much less two men at once! But he didn’t really ask and didn’t really give me the opportunity to protest, because as I was riding Scotty, Scott sort of slipped his cock right into my ass, as if I were a porn star and do it all the time. I was appalled, and struggled a little to get away, but he held my head back by my hair and continued to pump his fat cock into my ass. Scotty was staring right into my eyes, holding my gaze, willing me to trust them, and eventually I stopped struggling. The thought about how slutty I was behaving turned me on even more. Scotty grabbed my chin and pulled my mouth down to his and he asked me if I wanted them to stop. I couldn’t believe it, but my answer was “NO, absolutely not!”- and I knew it was the right answer when he bit my lip and called me good girl.

A few more minutes, and both cocks were in my face and I had the challenge before me of making them both cum. I worked very hard on this, and eventually was rewarded with two streams of hot white cum dripping down my chin and onto my tits. The three of us fell into a heap on the floor and I erupted into a fit of giggles, which I only do when the sex was really really good.

I slept the rest of the night with Scotty in his bed, and he fucked me over and over again. Most of the time, a one-night stand, especially one that has such interesting content, ends quickly with an embarrassed last glance and a walk-of-shame. This one didn’t end for three months.

That’s right. I had two boyfriends, and I fucked them both often for three months until Scotty moved back to California. Literally – movies, dinner, drinks and sex with both of them for three months straight. Sometimes it would be all at once, but usually, I’d fuck one of them, and then I’d sneak into the other’s bedroom and take care of him, too. It was one of the best relationships of my life. And also one I KNOW my friends would not understand, so I didn’t tell anyone. It was my own dirty little secret. Until now. Now you know, too.

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