Sarah and Tom went their separate ways to work and during Sarah’s lunch break, she nipped out to the florists shop just down the street to buy some flowers and a couple of vases. We she got back, Fred had a message for her. “Tom says he’s going to be a couple of hours late tonight he going out of town for a meeting and he won’t be back until about eight,” Sarah phoned him and confirmed all this.

“I’ll cook for eight then.” She said, “Make sure you call me if you’re going to be later!” He agreed he would. Come five-thirty when Kwik-Kleen closed, Sarah made her way to the flat. “Hi George!” she called as she walked through the vestibule of the block.

“Hi Sarah! I say, that was some beautiful girl you had with you the other night. Is she likely to be visiting you again?”

“You’re a dirty old man, George!” Sarah called out to him as she entered the lift, chuckling to herself. Once in the flat, Sarah got to work, placing flowers and moving the odd thing about to make the place seem more homely, rather than the bachelor pad that it resembled.

Five minutes to eight, the telephone rang, “I’m downstairs, I’ll be up in a minute,” She heard Tom’s voice in her ear. She quickly hit the button on the micro-wave nipped into the bedroom pulled off the housecoat that she had on and slipped her black silky nightdress over her head. It was the strappy one, short, which had a lace hem. The one that she had worn one night as a chemise when Tom took her to a nightclub. She heard his key in the door, she lit the candle on the dining table, dashed into the kitchen poured the hot sauce over the pasta, garnished it with a few herb leaves and carried the plates into the main room. The wine was already breathing in the table. “Hi honey I’m home!” Tom called out in very poor and corny American accent.

“Gee I’m sure glad to see you.” She replied in just as stupid an accent.

“Come and give me a ki……….. By the…..Sarah, you look gorgeous! Er do I recognise that nightdress?”

“You remembered.”

“After what you said to me about that nightdress, I am hardly likely to forget!” (She had told him that the next time she wore it he could rip it off her). They embraced.

“Dinner is getting cold.” She reminded him, “Sit down. Would you like some wine?” She bent over standing the other side of the table, so he could see right down the front of the nightdress.

“Sit down yourself or I will forget about dinner altogether.”

Dinner was a delightful romantic affair, the soft music she had chosen was just right, the candlelight flicker and reflecting in their eyes as they looked at each other. She had prepared a dessert which was a chocolate mousse. Afterwards they were on the settee watching the moon through the plate glass windows, finishing off the wine. He was sitting at one end of the settee, she was lying along the length of it, her head in his lap, her legs bent so her feet could rest on the other arm, this caused the hem of her nightdress to slide up revealing most of her thighs. He was fiddling with her hair – the perfect end to the day.

The door bell rang. “Bollocks!” exclaimed Tom “Who can that be? How did they get past George?” Reluctantly Sarah got up and started clearing the table as Tom went to answer the door. She heard him say “Oh Hallo, what are you……..come in, come in, do you want some wine?”

“Who can it be?” Sarah wondered and walked out into the lounge to see who had arrived. “Mina, what? OH Fuck!” I forgot to bring your stuff round, I’m so sorry!”

Mina said “No I’m sorry I’ve clearly interrupted a little romantic dinner, I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get your stuff,” Sarah said.

“How did you get past George?” Tom asked.

“He recognised me. – From the CCTV? And he noted that I was wearing slightly more this time. He said as I was obviously a close friend he’d let me come up. I’m sorry I should have rung.”

“The cheeky bastard!” Tom said, “He’s no right to speak to guests like that and he should certainly have called us to let us know you were coming up.”

“I was about to have my nightie ripped off.” Sarah told her.

“No you weren’t.” Tom contradicted her, “I told you I wanted to rip it of in public and that is what will happen.”

“Do you want to walk down to the pub and do it tonight?” She asked him, then quietly “You know I want you to do it, don’t you?”

“Yes.” He said hoarsely. “Let’s do it! Coming Mina?”

“Of course!” she replied, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But she’ll need a coat it’s quite chilly out there tonight.”

“I have just the thing.” Sarah announced and disappeared into the bedroom.

Mina and Tom waited for Sarah to emerge from the bedroom. When she did they both laughed out loud. She was wearing one of Tom’s jackets, an off-white linen blazer. “Are you really going to let him rip off your nightie in public?” Mina asked Sarah as they went down in the lift.

“Of course!” Sarah replied, “I don’t think I could stop him anyway. – Even if I wanted to. I am getting excited at the thought of it.”

“Excited?” Mused Mina.

Sarah giggled, “Oh! Well all right then, turned on if you like!” She linked arms with Mina, “you should try it sometime.”

“Oh, No thank you very much! I don’t want to be made a spectacle of! I don’t like the idea of people looking at me very much.”

“What about when you dance then?” Sarah challenged her friend, “You’re not wearing too much then, and you wear those Shalwar so low on your hips, it looks as though they might fall off at any moment.”

Mina chuckled. “They only look that way, I make sure of that. There is no way that they would drop without me meaning to let them drop.”

“So you have let them drop on purpose!” Sarah hooted, “When? Where?

“Never you mind!” Mina retorted, then quietly “It was a private dance for a boyfriend.”

“Did he fuck you?”

“Sarah!” Mina sounded shocked but she laughed and slapped Sarah’s arm.


“Yes he was rampant, I could hardly stop him.”

“Did you want him to stop?” Sarah pressed her friend.

“Er…..No….. I didn’t actually.”

“Where did this act take place? In his room, your room, where? Sarah was desperate to know.

“You don’t want to know.”

“Oh yes I do!”

Mina went quiet for a moment. “On the stage at a working men’s club.”


“There was nobody in. I had the curtains closed anyway, I was rehearsing for a show coming up and he came by and surprised me.”

“I’ll bet he did!” Sarah exclaimed. “You were so surprised your clothes fell off?”

“At the spur of the moment I thought I would give him a treat.” Mina confessed. Sarah said nothing, then Mina continued. “I was not wearing my Kameez, the top half, I only had on a full black bra, and of course my trousers, the Shalwar. I let one of my bra straps slip and the look on his face encouraged me to let it go further. So I did.”

“Did you take off your bra then?” Sarah asked as they walked down the street towards the town centre.

“No, that came off while we were having sex. Actually he ripped it off, broke the clasp and everything.”

“How did you feel when that happened?”

“I didn’t mind.”

“Didn’t mind? I bet you loved it!” Sarah looked directly at Mina who had a sparkle in her eye. She nodded. “I knew it!” Sarah almost shouted out loud. “Can you not see how exciting it is when something like that happens?”

“I suppose………..”

“You suppose? Don’t you know that most women’s underwear is designed to be fragile and flimsy enough to get ripped off?” Sarah was on a roll now. “Anything I buy now, I always imagine it getting soaked, messed up or ripped or torn in some way. Especially now I’m with Tom!” She laughed.

“You’re not scared of him raping you?” Mina asked somewhat nervously, “or exposing you somewhere unsuitable?

Sarah replied immediately. “Number one, He cannot rape me, I will let him have me anytime he wants. Number two, as long as he makes sure I come to no harm, I have no worries about exposure. Number three, Of course, like any woman who knows what she is doing, I can make him want me anytime that I like!” Sarah took a breath. “And I suggest that you did exactly that when you dropped your kecks for the boyfriend!”

Mina grinned. “I suppose you’re right. The only nasty moment came when I tried to get back into our house with no bra on. My father engaged me in conversation in the hallway. I was petrified that he would notice.”

“How do you know that he didn’t?”

“He would have gone mad.” Mina told her.

“I don’t suppose by any chance he might have done anything like that when he was young?” Sarah asked somewhat sarcastically.

“No he had not met my mum until the wedding day.”

“That seems really weird to me.” Sarah commented.

“Lots of people of their age had arranged marriages.” Mina told her. “I think secretly he would like me to do the same, but it ain’t gonna happen!”

“That was all very interesting Mina,” Tom said, who had apparently been listening all along. “Now Sarah, please give me my jacket. I want you to make an impression as we enter the pub.”

Sarah happily complied. “Do you want the shoulder straps down the arms and me having to hold the slip up?” she asked.

“No, just wear it as it is, there will be plenty of time for exposure later on.” He told her.

Sarah looked at Mina, “you look overdressed, carry your coat over your arm and give me some support.” Mina shrugged and took off her bomber jacket, revealing a smart white blouse and slim grey skirt. They walked into the pub to find the place packed. It was almost standing room only.

Eventually they found a seat crammed into a corner. “This will be my treat.” Mina announced and disappeared towards the bar.

“I have something to tell you.” Sarah said.

“You’re not are you?”

She laughed and said “No! I have to go to a trade exhibition with Fred on Sunday in Harrogate. We have to go and meet some suppliers, you know press the flesh, get to meet face to face etcetera.”

“Are you staying overnight?”

“No we are going up and back in the day. We have to open as usual on Saturday and Monday, so Sunday is the only day we can go. Bigger outfits can free off staff to attend during the week, but we are too small for that.”

“OK, I see that,” Tom said, “You just be careful which bits of flesh you let these suppliers press.”

“Tom Ward, I believe you are jealous!” Sarah laughed at him. “You are quite happy for other people to see me half naked, but you don’t want me to shake hands with business colleagues!”

“I suppose I asked for that.” Tom conceded. “What will you wear?”

“A skirt suit, very professional.”

“And underwear?”

“Of course! I only go without undies when I’m with you.”

“Why is that?” He asked.

“Because you like me to be naked under my dresses.” She told him forthrightly.

“Don’t you like it?” he asked her, apparently concerned.

“I love it!” she replied.

“Then why don’t you do it when you’re not with me?”

She patted the back of his hand. “Because I like to keep some things special for us.” Just then Mina arrived back with the drinks, doubles for her and Sarah and two pints for Tom. “You’ve pushed the boat out a bit tonight!” Sarah remarked.

“Have you seen the crush at the bar? I thought I would save us a trip.” She hesitated. “I see you are still fully dressed, if that is a term which can be used for a woman wearing only one item.”

“I’m wearing shoes!” Sarah protested. “Besides, Tom is refused permission to do anything to this nightie until you have at least two buttons undone on your blouse.”

“Only two?” Mina asked sarcastically.

“Two will do for a start.” Sarah told her, grinning.

“Have a sip of your drink.” Mina told her trying to change the subject.

They all raised their glasses. “Here’s to nudity in public!” Sarah announced.

“Nudity in public” the other two said in unison looking a little surprised.

The crowd was getting bigger so that their little table was in danger of being overturned. Certainly no-one was taking any notice of the three squashed in the corner. Mina felt a hand caressing one of her breasts, looking down she saw that Sarah who was squeezed between her and Tom was running the palm of her hand over her bra covered nipple. Mina let it continue confident that no-one was watching. “You likee?” Sarah asked in a pale pink voice.

Mina shifted round to face her friend, “You know I do.” She let Sarah undo one button on her blouse. It revealed nothing. Sarah undid another, a little of Mina’s brown skin could be seen, but nothing that would raise any comment. Sarah quickly undid the blouse to Mina’s waist, but as it was tucked tightly into the waistband of her skirt, it stayed resolutely closed, except that a little of the lace on her creamy bra was now visible in her cleavage. “Satisfied now?” Mina demanded of Sarah.

“Not really but I suppose it will have to do.” Sarah admitted.

Tom leaned in and said to both women. “It’s too crowded in here, shall we go?”

“Let’s finish our drinks first.” Mina suggested, then added, “She might be lucky to get out of here with the nightie still intact, such is the crush.”

“Mina! You’re brilliant! Tom exclaimed. “Rip up the side seam on your side to above waist level and I’ll do the same this side, then we’ll see how she gets on pushing through the crowd!”

“I thought you said others could look but not touch me?” Sarah asked of Tom. “I’m going to get felt up by everyone leaving like that!”

“She has a point.” Mina agreed

So a compromise was reached a tear up each side only as far as the top of her thigh would be allowed. In fact both of her “friends” allowed themselves the privilege of a rip up to her hip. They finished their drinks and Sarah braced herself for the struggle towards the door.

They struggled to their feet and started to make their way through the crush towards the door. Sarah led the way (of course), followed by Tom with Mina bringing up the rear. “Scuse me!” Sarah said several times as she pushed through the crowded room. As she did so, the open sides of her black nightie were pulled round and back exposing her legs to hip level, but such was the press of the crowd, no-one really noticed anything. That is except Tom who was getting a little frustrated at the lack of exposure.

They gained the door and were soon outside on the pavement. Mina was a little flushed as her undone blouse had pulled open and one of her breasts, albeit cocooned within her bra, was now outside her blouse. “Nice one Mina!” Sarah grinned, “Let’s see the other one!” They all chuckled at that as Mina pulled her blouse back over the exposed bra cup. Tom noticed with a smile that she did not actually button up the blouse however.

“Where now?” Mina asked.

“The obvious place.” Tom suggested, “the nightclub round the corner.” He handed Sarah the jacket that she had brought with her. “You can put it on if you like, but a word of warning, don’t check it in to the cloakroom.”

“You mean she might need it in the club?” Mina asked.

“I think he means I definitely will need it in the club.” Sarah giggled “Goodbye black nightdress!”

“Where better,” asked Tom, “than the dance floor?”

“Wow!!” exclaimed Mina. “I can’t wait to see that!”

“If you want to watch, there is a condition,” Sarah told her, “You have to lose your bra.”

“But this is a white blouse!” Mina protested,

“And you can tuck it into your skirt, but no buttons done up.” Sarah continued.

“So you can rip it open at anytime I suppose!” Mina suggested.

“No!” Sarah exclaimed, “Not at all! Tom will do it!”

“How come this plan to get you naked in public, involves doing the same to me?” Mina laughed.

Ahh! Come on it’ll be fun!” Sarah urged her friend. “Besides you’ll love it!”

“I will love it?” Mina exploded, “I will do no such thing!”

“Don’t be coming with all that false modesty.” Sarah told her, as they walked towards the nightclub, “Don’t forget Tom has seen your tits before – and er played with them, so you won’t be showing him anything he hasn’t seen and fondled before.”

“It’s not him I’m worried about.”

“So you’ll have him strip you off again will you?”

“Yes but.”

“Ah-hah!” Sarah said triumphantly “if you want that to happen, you will comply with my tiny request.”

“I don’t know why I let myself be talked into things by you.” Mina replied resignedly.

They arrived at the door of the club, there was no queue, so either it was a slow night, or it was already packed. It was the former, there were no more than about twelve other people in the club already. The girl on the cloakroom counter had asked, “Check in your coat? It’s very hot in there.”

“It’s going to get a damn sight hotter in a few minutes!” Mina mumbled under her breath. Once inside, she disappeared to the ladies to do Sarah’s bidding, whilst Sarah and Tom headed for the bar.

“Are you happy for all this to happen in here?” Tom asked Sarah.

“I’ve told you before, as long as you control the situation, you can do what you like to me, or over me, in public or in private. Actually I’m getting quite excited at the prospect of you stripping me under the disco lighting.” She replied giving him a hug and a kiss, plus a quick feel of his groin. “Just don’t do it too soon, let’s get in the mood for it first eh?”

“Will I do?” Mina had reappeared. Her blouse was tucked into her slim skirt and it looked closed, but she eased the front open so that they could see there were no buttons fastened.

There was no crush at the bar, so they had several drinks before Tom suggested the two girls went off and danced. Sarah left the jacket with Tom as they pranced away to the middle of the dance floor. They were soon joined by four other girls who danced together. Tom was very happy as he watch Sarah and Mina, he could see that they were enjoying themselves too as they laughed and joked around. The torn slits in Sarah’s nightdress showed up well, her tanned legs looking really good in the lights. Mina’s white blouse took on a fluorescent quality under the ultra-violet elements.

After some time, the girls rejoined Tom and Sarah told him to dance with Mina whilst she went to the ladies’. “No funny stuff with her – at least until I get back!” was her final instruction. As they went on to the floor, the music slowed, so it seemed natural that they should put their arms around each other.

“Have you known Sarah long?” Tom asked.

“No, she’s never been taller than she is now!” Mina was laughing at him. “Look you don’t have to make small talk with me, just give me a hug.” He did just that as they danced. Mina was very happy. They danced for a while and then noticed Sarah watching from the bar. She was sitting on a high bar stool, with one knee crossed over the other. This revealed almost more of her legs than there were legs.

“You two looked like lovers.” Sarah mused when they joined her. “I’ve got another round of drinks in, because if you are going to do what you plan to do, I need at least another one or two if I am going to exploit the situation fully.”

Tom quickly ordered another round. “What do you mean, exploit the situation?” He asked.

“Well,” she began, “This is not something that is going to happen to me everyday, so hope I can have the courage to carry out a bit of a plan. I do not want to run off the dance floor immediately, I shall carry on until either I have had enough or until the management intervenes. That is why I want you to dance with Mina again, before you do the dastardly deed.” There was a slight hesitation before she said, “Come on Mina, let’s give ‘em a bit of a show!” With that, taking hold of Mina’s hand she hauled her into the middle of the floor.

The girls were having fun again as Tom guarded the drinks mounting up on the bar. Not that there was much prospect of anyone taking them, only one other couple had come into the club since they got there. Mina started flicking up the hem of Sarah’s nightdress, flashing a bit of thigh but little else. Tom was unable to gauge whether anyone else had twigged on to the fact that the garment was all that she was wearing apart from shoes. Most of the other women in the club were either braless or wearing push-up bras that threatened to tip their breasts out of their tops anyway.

Things took a turn for the good when Tom saw Sarah grab the sides of Mina’s skirt and hoist it halfway up her thighs in revenge for the flipping that Mina had been doing to Sarah. Mina was sufficiently in drink not to mind this and didn’t push it down again. They were giggling and laughing throughout all this and clearly having a whale of a time. Eventually they rejoined Tom in the relative darkness of the bar. Sarah perched herself on the bar stool again. The tightness of Mina’s skirt prevented her doing the same, but it did not prevent her trying, much to the hilarity of Tom and Sarah and the amusement of others in the club. “If you took it off you could do it.” Sarah suggested.

“I am not stripping down to my panties just to sit on a bar stool!” Mina retorted. So she stood next to Tom and slipped an arm around his waist. “Besides, I have a better place just here right now.”

Tom took advantage of her closeness to slide his hand over her hip and down her thigh until he was able to touch her hose covered thigh. She did not object. Neither did Sarah as she watched him do it. Tom’s fingers lipped over the hem of Mina’s skirt and threatened to pull it further up her leg. “Tom.” Mina said quietly, or what passed as quietly in the noise of the club. He looked at her, and she kissed him full on the mouth. “you’re being very naughty!”

“But she likes you!” Sarah hooted clearly enjoying the situation. She waved her hand palm upwards up and down as an apparent instruction to her boyfriend to lift her pal’s skirt even higher. He put a bit more tension on the hem and it released a bit more of Mina’s thigh. Eventually it got to the point where the resistance was such that he felt if he pulled anymore, the stitching would part. Had this been Sarah’s skirt he would not have hesitated, but he was not sure of his ground with Mina, so he relaxed his grip. In reaching for his drink with the now released arm, his other hand brush against Mina’s breasts. “Get her tits out!” Sarah encouraged him. He confined himself to slipping his hand inside her blouse and fondling her right breast. “She likes that too!” Sarah suggested.

“Shut up Sarah!” Mina said sharply, but did not pull away or ask Tom to stop what he was doing.

“I told you she likes it.” Sarah confirmed. Mina simply let her head fall to one side and rest against Tom’s shoulder. The music had livened up “Why don’t you two go and dance?” Sarah asked.

“I’m quite happy her…” Mina grumbled.

“Dance!” Sarah instructed her.

Tom extricated his hand from inside Mina’s blouse and taking her hand moved to the nearest part of the dance floor to the bar. The fact that his hand had been inside the blouse meant that it was not quite as tightly tucked into her skirt as it had been. This became apparent as she moved to the music. She looked down and saw the movement of her breasts against the prominent white of her blouse, looked at Tom and smiled.

As they danced, Tom attempted to release a bit more of the blouse from the waistband of her skirt. He met with some success, but was helped on one occasion when she pulled a bit more out herself. Now it could be seen, when viewing from directly in front of her, that she was naked under the blouse. Her brown skin glistening with sweat as it ran down between her breasts. Suddenly she pulled him close and shouted in his ear. “If you’re going to do it – Do it!” With that, she pirouetted away from him so he was forced to follow him to a darker corner of the dance floor. As they moved to the music, she virtually presented herself to him, shaking her breasts from side to side. They nearly came out of her blouse of their own accord, but not quite. Tom was moved to reaching to her waist and wrenching the blouse away from its protection of the skirt. The only people who saw was Sarah, who was watching like a hawk and the disc-jockey who was amused but not shocked to see a pair of Indian tits on the dance floor.

Mina held her blouse closed as they walked towards Sarah. Then Mina put her mouth very close to Tom’s ear. “If you and Sarah don’t work out, ……. Remember me Tom!” Tom was shocked by this but kept silent. They rejoined Sarah at the edge of the floor. “Satisfied now?” Mina demanded of her.

“Satisfied?” Sarah sounded incredulous. “Satisfied? Absolutely not! You clear off to the darkest corner and cover yourself immediately. I don’t call that flashing at all!”

“I suppose you’re going to do better!” Mina retorted.

“Damn right I am! In the middle of the floor under the brightest lights or it doesn’t happen!” Sarah turned to Tom, “Get that?” Tom nodded. “Right let’s finish our drinks and get into action.”

Finishing their drinks took a little longer than they thought as there were so many lined up on the bar. Eventually they, having taken their time, downed the remaining drinks. Nobody was feeling any pain. In fact they were all very jolly. Mina had pulled her blouse completely out of her skirt and had fastened only the very bottom button, which was way below her waist. The effect was good from Tom’s point of view as her cleavage was completely in view, although her nipples were hidden. Sarah commented “I don’t think they get to see much daylight nowadays, do they?”

“No,” Mina admitted, “things have been a bit slow lately.” Then she added, with a snort, “But it’s not daylight in here anyhow!”

“Shall we dance madam?” Tom asked Sarah.

Mina gave a whoop of delight. “Do it to her Tom!”

Sarah slid off her stool allowing the hem of her nightdress, so similar to a cocktail dress in the poor light, slide way up revealing her body to above waist level. “I want to do something first.” Tom told her. She turned to face him her arms spread wide. He reached over and snapped both shoulder straps. Almost automatically Sarah brought her hand to her chest in order to stop the garment from falling to the floor. “Good!” Tom said. “I want you to try and stop it from falling off no matter what happens.”

“Really?” Sarah was nonplussed.

“Really, you won’t succeed, it will fall off and I will still dance with you as long as you want me to.”

Sarah kissed him. “I’m getting turned on by the thought of you stripping me in my home town, where people know me, feel me, I’m wet through!”

“I’ll do that.” Mina interjected. She turned to Tom “she’s right!, she’s ready.”

Tom walked into the middle of the dance floor and beckoned Sarah towards him. As he did so the music changed to a slower number and took her in his arms. They were joined by another two couples, taking advantage of the chance to smooch a little.

As they moved, you could hardly call it dancing, to the music, it was still a little too loud, but that gave Tom the chance he wanted. He reached behind Sarah, and gripping the top of the back of her nightdress, ripped through the top seam, just enough to get it started for later in the dance. She allowed him to do the same to the front bodice. Still holding it up to stop it falling she looked at him with bright clear eyes and said “I love you Tom.”

She fell into his arms again and he very slowly eased the tear in the back of the dress further and further down her back he stopped a little below her waist. The two sides fell away to reveal her perfect back. She kissed him, “I’m yours Tom. Yours completely, I want you to know that.”

“I do know it, and I love you Sarah for letting me do this.”

“Then do it.” She insisted.

The disc jockey must have thought they’d all had enough smooching so he upped the tempo a little. All the couples moved a step apart from each other and began more dance-like movements. This involved Sarah spinning round in front of Tom and he saw for the first time how far down her back the tear had gone. He moved in to grab her, but she twisted away from him, one arm in the air the other clasping her dress to her chest. Sooner or later of course he caught her, or she let him catch her, whichever view you might take of it. He caught her in his arms and she was side on to him. He reached round to one of the tears that he and Mina put into the dress in the pub, gripped it and extended it right up to the armpit stitching, which held.

By now the other couples on the dance floor had noticed what was going on. The only staff member taking any notice was the guy running the music. The “Floor Supervisors” having a quiet night were in a huddle, swapping jokes away from the main floor. The next thing the watchers saw was Tom spinning Sarah round so he could do the same ripping on the other side. By now, the front and back of the garment were only held together by the stitching under the arms. As both participants were seemingly enjoying what they were doing, no-one raised any alarm.

Tom and Sarah realised they were being watched, so added a bit more show to the spectacle. When Tom tore down the front of her dress, the hem stitching held together. Sarah manfully held the rags to her bosom with a single hand as Tom spun her round again and ripped the back tear right down and through the hem. Now she was effectively naked, certainly from behind. He grabbed hold of the remains of the nightdress and ripped it out of her hand.

There was a cheer from the observers, strangely this did not alert the security guys, who continued their tête-à-tête. Sarah was in her element now and the disc jockey moved to a different track which enabled Sarah to exploit her nakedness. She went on dancing for a full minute before one of the floor managers noticed her. Even he was transfixed for a few seconds before images of his licence being questioned prompted him to step in.

The manager got booed by the other dancers, as he escorted Sarah and Tom to the side of the floor. “Have you got anything to put on?” He asked. She nodded. “Well put it on and you can stay.”

“Really? I thought we might get thrown out.” Sarah told him.

“It’s a quiet night, nobody seems to object, so put something on and stay. But no more stripping!” He told her. He walked away to tell his mates what he had seen and said. His face when he saw he wearing Tom’s linen jacket was a picture. He half heartedly took a step towards her, then stopped, shrugged and waved his hand despairingly as he turned away.

Needless to say, the jacket didn’t stay fastened for very long, but nobody minded. Especially when Sarah and Mina danced together, as somehow the single button on Mina’s blouse came undone too. The group of girls who were together got the giggles when one of them lifted her top to reveal her bra covered tits, soon they were all doing it.

The main event being over Tom and the two girls decided to call it a night, especially as Sarah was hot for a fucking. They walked down the street towards Tom’s apartment block. “Are you coming back up Mina?” Tom asked.

“Nahh. It’s too late now.” She replied.

“But you came round for your stuff.” Sarah protested.

“I’ll get it some other time.” She told them as she buttoned up her blouse which had still been open up to that point. “I’ll leave you here. I’ll give you a ring Sarah.” With a kiss she was gone.

“I think she enjoyed the evening.” Tom said.

“I bloody well know she enjoyed the evening!” Sarah told him. They walked in silence for a while before she said. “I feel very naked in just this jacket, after all it is not very long.”

“Don’t you like being nearly naked in the street?” Tom asked, somewhat concerned.

“When I’m with you, I love it.” She answered, “really love it!”

“Would you have danced on longer in the club, if the manager hadn’t stopped you?”

“Definitely, I was getting really turned on, it was all I could do not to finger myself!”

“Like this?” Tom slipped his hand to her groin and found her labia, still slightly damp.

“Exactly like that!” Sarah hugged him, “In fact the way I was feeling just a that moment, if you had thrown me to the floor and fucked there and then I wouldn’t have stopped you.”

They had reached the apartment block. “How about a fuck in the lift?” Tom suggested.

“You are such a romantic!” Sarah told him sarcastically, his fingers still working their magic inside her. Then “Aren’t there CCTV cameras in the lift which George monitors?”


“Then it’s a definite yes from me!” Sarah almost shrieked. “Are we going to walk in the front doors with your hand still up my cunt?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you would if you could!” she pushed his hand away, “but you can’t.”

Sex in the lift did not last long because, the trip was not long enough. They finished their session just in side the door of the apartment on the floor. She was still wearing the jacket as he pumped her full of his seed. They were both exhausted as well as being more than a little drunk. They slept where they were, his penis still inside her, but now flaccid and soft. The mixture of sperm and her juices ran out of her on to the cream coloured linen jacket.

After a while, she woke and eased him off her. He then woke and saw the mess on the jacket. “That’ll need cleaning.” He muttered.

“I’ll take it in tomorrow,” she told him, “In fact I’ll wear it into the shop. I like the smell of you on me.”

The next evening, as they sat eating a pizza in front of the television, “I have something to tell you.”

“What again?” He asked.

“No! Not that, – at least not yet.” She giggled. “About this exhibition at the weekend. Fred and I have been invited to dinner on the Saturday night. Fred has accepted, so It means we are to travel up after closing on Saturday and meeting up for dinner, then staying overnight. Do you mind?”

“Double room?”

“Absolutely not!” She laughed, “I love Fred dearly but not to the extent of sleeping with him!”

“So you are going to leave me all alone on my own, with no-one to wank me.” Tom said sadly.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” She said.


“Yes really.” She put down her pizza and reached across and kissed him. “I love you with all my heart, and trust you implicitly.”

“You mad fool!”

“Shut up and listen.”

“One thing before you go on.” He held her hands.


“This dinner with the suppliers and Fred.”

“What about it?”

“I want you to be naked under your dress.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It is.”

“OK then, but listen.” She took a breath. “Mina is having a bad time at the moment, what with one thing or another, she need cheering up.”

“She seemed pretty cheerful the other night.”

Sarah sighed, “She was and she certainly enjoyed our company, and what we got up to. Would you take her out for dinner on Saturday evening? Please? For me?”

“Just for dinner.”

“Well you could always bring her back here for coffee and the like.”

“Coffee and the like?”

“Use your imagination.!”

“What exactly are you asking, telling me to do?”

“Anything goes.”


“So if she wants to spend the night here that’s ok?”

“Of course!” She replied, And if she wants spend the night in your bed, that’s ok too.”

“You know what’s likely to happen, if she spends the night in my –our bed.”

“Of course!”

“You don’t mind?”

“Of course not, I love the pair of you and let’s face it, it won’t be the first time you and her will have had sex.”

“But you were there last time.”

“I know, but I also want to give Mina a good time.”

“I thought that was a job you were giving to me!” Tom laughed.

“Don’t act stupid!” She slapped him on the arm.

They went to bed that night and made soft passionate love, there was no hard fucking or severe shagging, they slept in each other’s arms after truly consummating their love for each other.

The next couple of days went by without incident or comment from either of them. On the Friday evening, she modelled her dress for the Saturday evening dinner. It was a long translucent deep vee necked pale green dress with lots of tiny pleats which helped to prevent it being see through. “I will have to wear stockings with it, so I have bought some white hold ups. Do you like the back?” She turned round to show it was almost completely backless. There was a ribbon tie between the shoulders across the back to secure it, but she hadn’t done them up.

“Wear it like that.” Tom said hoarsely

“Like what?”

“Without that ribbon thing done up.”

“They’re there to stop it slipping off my shoulders.”

“I know! Wear it like that please!”

“OK but I’ll have to do something with them, I can’t have them hanging down.”

“Cut them off.”

“I can’t, this dress belongs to my mother!”

“Is she ever going to wear it again?”

“I wouldn’t think so.”

“Does she want it back?”

“Probably not.”

“Then cut the bloody ribbons off!”

Sarah looked at him, “I’ll unpick them, then I can sew them back on if necessary.”

“It won’t be necessary.”

“Anyway,” She said turning to face him, I haven’t shown you this.” This, turned out to be a slit in the skirt up to the top of one thigh. “Like it?”

“Love it! Wear it out for dinner with me next week.”

“I thought you might say that, of course I will.”

“Have you got everything else ready?”

“Yes, But I had to buy a new suit, I’m hoping that Fred will let the business pay for that, it was very expensive, the old one was too shabby.”

That evening Tom phoned Mina and asked her out to dinner the following night. She seemed surprised and delighted to be asked, but was a bit reluctant to commit until she had spoken to Sarah. It turns out that Sarah phoned her on the Saturday morning and gave her blessing, after which Mina phoned to accept the invitation. “Nice quiet dinner this time, no disco either if that’s what you’d like.” Tom had told her.

“We’ll see.” She had replied

Tom popped into the shop to let Sarah know it was all set, and jokingly to warn Fred to keep his hands off Sarah. “You can look, but not touch.” Tom said with a smile.

“She’s my secret weapon, I’m hoping that we can do a deal on Saturday evening and make a start back after lunch on Sunday.” Fred told him.

“She won’t be any secret if she wears the dress she showed me!” Tom guffawed.

“Really I am most intrigued.” Fred replied scratching his chin and looking at Sarah in a new light. Sarah smiled angelically at them both.

Mina arrived by taxi at the apartment block, she didn’t want to be picked up from her house by Tom. George rang Tom to say she had arrived. She was wearing an outdoor coat and a wrap. “Can I go up as I want to leave my coat in the apartment,” she asked George.

“Of course.” He replied and phoned Tom again to tell him the new arrangement.

As a consequence Tom was waiting for her at the lift when she arrived at his floor. “Why the coat?” he asked. “It’s not that cold is it?”

“No.” She replied, “I just didn’t want my Dad to see my dress.”

“Really?” Tom said with a smile, then a smirk, “May I take Madam’s coat?”

“Mina WOW!” He was taken aback by the sight before him. She was wearing a white crotched dress with large holes at the front of her midriff and progressively smaller ones at crucial places like where her nipples and pubes were, but there were holes there too. It was a halter neck style and backless to below her waist. The brown skin of her belly sported a jewelled stud in her navel. The skirt of which there was not much, was full in the sense that the hem was a longer measurement than the waist measurement, but it was comprised mainly of holes rather than wool. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra and while he was trying to work out if she was wearing a thong or not, she put him right on that score.

“Sarah said if she was not allowed any underwear tonight, neither was I. So here I am. You like it?” She did a twirl which caused the skirt to flutter. “Don’t worry, I can twirl a lot faster than that!” She did a fast spin and the skirt few out almost horizontally.

They descended in the lift. She had her long printed muslin wrap round her shoulders, in fact it was so long she had folded it three times to make it a reasonable length, even then it reached her thighs when round her shoulders. “Just in case anything happens to the dress!” she joked. At least he thought she might be joking.

Tom called a taxi and took Mina to a high level restaurant and nightspot a few miles out of town. Their booked table was not quite ready, (they were early) so they sat in the bar. “This is very kind of you Tom, taking me out like this. It looks very expensive here.”

“It’s a sort of dry run.” Tom replied. “I am trying it out for when Sarah gets back. If it works out OK I’ll bring her here too.”

“So I’m a sort of guinea pig!” Mina said, trying to sound annoyed but failing.

“But a very beautiful one.” Tom told her squeezing her hand.

The waiter brought the menu so they could order at their leisure. Mina was wearing her wrap so that the revealing nature of her dress was not immediately obvious. Only the amount of thigh on display indicated how short the skirt was. They took their time deciding what to order, the waiter helping them decide, telling them about each dish. They finally settled on their meal and soon the Sommelier arrived. She was a beautiful long haired brunette wearing a very classy, but sexy black dress. She was brilliant, lavishing attention on them both with equal measure. She helped them select both a main course wine and a dessert wine. It was a bit extravagant, but Tom told her that Mina and him were having a very special date, but he did not elaborate.

After she’d gone, Mina offered the opinion that the Sommelier had fancied Tom. “I don’t think so.” He said, “She just fancied my wallet.” He took another sip of his drink, “anyway she certainly liked you, she was giving you a really good look over.”

“I suppose she was wondering what a gentleman like you saw in a woman like me.”

“You are the most beautiful and sexy woman in the room,” Mina was just taking a sip of her drink when Tom continued, “and no doubt she was weighing up her chances with you!”

Mina choked on her drink, with some of it coming back down her nose. “Tom!” she scolded him, “Stop it!”

They sat talking for a little while longer then a syrupy waiter suddenly appeared, telling them their table was ready. Neither of them saw him coming, it was as if he appeared out of nowhere.

Mina followed him with Tom bringing up the rear, watching the smooth wiggle of Mina’s buttocks hardly hidden at all by the crocheted skirt. They were shown to a corner table , where they could both sit and face out into the restaurant. The food arrived as if by magic with three people waiting on them, two men and a young woman. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone, leaving the couple to enjoy their meal.

Tom reached under the table, “Mina, give me your hand.” She did as she had been bidden. “You know when we were dancing in the nightclub and you said that if ever things between Sarah and I didn’t work out, you’d be there for me?”

“Don’t remind me Tom, it was an awful thing to say, Sarah is my best friend and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or try to break you two up.” Mina was almost in tears.

“Mina.” Tom began.

“Please let me finish, Tom,” Mina pleaded with him. “I know why I said it, and it has more than an element of truth in it, but I would never forgive you or myself if we were to cause Sarah and you to part.”

“Thank you for saying that Mina,” Tom replied, “Sarah and I are not going to break up, so you can relax on that point. I know that you and her go back a long way and I have no intention of coming between you and her. I wants us all three to be the best of friends.”

Mina smiled at him through tear filled eyes. “You are a lovely man Tom and I hope you and I can become good friends too.”

“I’m glad that that is settled, Tom said softly, “now enjoy your meal and the rest of the evening, because later on I want to shag the arse off you!”

Mina laughed out loud at that, causing some faces to be turned their way in the restaurant. “Sarah told me to wear a “Fuck me” dress tonight, because she would have done if she was here.” She whispered.

“Are you looking forward to having sex whilst still fully clothed in the bath?” Tom asked her.

“If that’s what you want Tom.”

“Oh no!” Tom exclaimed. “This night is about you and what you want, do you understand that?”

“In that case Yes to both counts.” Mina said wearing a big wide smile.

“On the other hand we could go out into the grounds and fuck against a tree.” Tom looked at her as he made the suggestion.

“That too if you like, Surprise me.” She told him.

It surprised them both how quickly the time had passed, and by the time they were having their after dinner coffee, they had been there almost three hours. “Shall we try and find the ballroom?” Tom asked.

“Yes, that would be nice. Do you want to show me off to the other guests?”

“Definitely, are you up for that?”

“Tom,” she sounded a little exasperated, “Have you seen how I’m dressed? Of course I’m up for that!”

“How long have you had that dress by the way?” Tom asked her.

“A couple of weeks, I bought it off the internet, intending to wear it only at a small intimate party. I never imagined wearing it in public!”

“I’m glad you did.”

“I did it for you, Tom.” She sighed “Sarah has told me to expect that anything I might wear may not survive the night. So tonight what’s mine is yours. Just get me home safely.”

“I will.” Tom told her as they walked through the corridors of the hotel, “although not necessarily dressed.”

Mina laughed, “That’s why I brought the wrap.”

“Even that, is only muslin and see through.” He noted.

“Precisely. I didn’t want to spoil all your fun.” She snuggled up to his arm.

They heard the sounds of a dance band and followed them to the ballroom. It was busy, but not overcrowded. They were playing a waltz. “Let’s dance Mina.” She melted into his arms and their bodies moulded together, their pelvises gently nudging each other. “I wonder if you are the only one on this dance floor not wearing panties.” He whispered into her ear.

She gently slapped his shoulder, “I bet I’m not, have you seen how tight some of those silk dresses are? I haven’t seen a VPL at all yet.”

“Are you trying to turn me on?” he asked, “Telling me that most of the women surrounding me are naked under their dresses? Some of them look like really classy women.”

“They are the worst.”

They continued dancing for a long time, luxuriating in the smooth sounds of the band. “Do you want a drink Mina?”

She shook her head, “Now I am very happy as I am. I don’t want the dancing to get any faster, I like it here in your arms.”

“You realise that we are going to have to do some quickstep or even Rock’n'Roll don’t you, I want everyone to see that neat little arse you’ve got.” He told her.

She shuddered slightly and murmured “I know!”

He detected the shudder, “do you not want to do it?” he asked.

“Yes I do!” she told him emphatically, “None of my boyfriends has ever asked me to do anything like this. I’m so excited at the prospect, of people seeing me displaying my body for my partner. In fact I’ve changed my mind, I would like a drink, a big stiff one and I will be ready.”

He guided her over to the bar and sat her on a high bar stool. She crossed her legs, but he manipulated them so that one thigh crossed the other about half way up. She felt uncomfortable, but was delighted that her legs were so exposed and that she was getting some attention.

It wasn’t long before the tempo of the music increased sufficiently that some dancers were jiving. “Your time has come Mina, leave your wrap here and let’s flash some flesh.” Tom said to her.

She almost wet herself with delight as she slid down from the stool and her dress caught up on it, momentarily exposing her bum cheeks. Tom handed her wrap to one of the barmen and told him to keep it for her. There were a number of mostly older people standing round the edge of the dance floor watching the more energetic ones jiving. Tom had to push his way politely through the three deep audience reaching behind himself to pull Mina along. She needed no pulling she was as anxious as he was to get dancing.

They started in a fairly conservatory fashion. But he loved the way she spun round and her skirt flew out. He could see her breasts moving inside the holey dress and he was getting very excited at the prospect of a nipple flash. They weren’t used to each other’s dancing so no ambitious moves were made. But every now and then he put his arm around her and displaced her dress allowing either her bum to be seen or almost a whole breast. After a while they realised that many more people were watching than dancing, indeed some of the dancers had stopped to watch him and Mina. She was getting her wish to put on a show, there was no doubt in the minds of anyone watching that she was naked under her dress. It was clear that the band were going into the big finish so her tried the through the legs move where Mina slid down through his legs and was pulled back so her legs were thrown into the air. Luckily Mina twigged on to his plan and co-operated.

She pulled her feet together and slid her legs along the floor between his. Her dress caught a little on his trousers and she ended up exposed from the waist down. The return move relied on him pulling her back with such force that she would be thrown into the air, holding on to his shoulders. Again as this happened, her dress slid up her body almost to breast level exposing her bum and pussy to all. She landed back on her feet to a rapturous round of applause from most who were watching, some of the women looked disgusted, but they were more than countered by those who enjoyed the show.

They made their way back to the bar and found drinks being bought for them. One man came up and said what a wonderful show they had put on, but someone had complained to the management about her nudity, but he had been dissuaded from acting on the complaints by those who had enjoyed the dancing.

The barman offered Mina’s wrap back but she told him to hang on to it for a little longer. After a refreshing drink, slow dancing was back, the main lights had been dimmed and only the wall lights round the room remained on. This gave an intimate feel to even such a large room. Mina and Tom smooched their way round the floor. Their arms wrapped around each other. Tom put one hand to the back of her neck and kissed her for the first time that night. Her response was her tongue into his mouth. They stayed like that for a moment or two. She pulled her face away from his sufficiently to say, “It’s a hook and eye, Tom.” He realised that he was holding the halter top fastening of her dress. “It undoes like a bra.” She whispered. He needed no further instruction and moments later the halter had slipped forward and their body pressure and his hand on her breast were all that was stopping the dress from falling off. He was enjoying himself, but she was in heaven!

They danced until the band packed up and left. Her halter was reconnected and her wrap collected. “Would you like a walk in the grounds, or shall we go home?” Tome asked her.

“Let’s go home.” She said quietly. They were really lucky with a taxi. One had just dropped off some guests who were staying at the hotel having been out somewhere else for the evening. The driver was very pleased to pick up a return fare.

George was on station in reception (does he ever go home?) “Evening Mr Ward” he greeted Tom and had a smirk on his face when he saw that it was not Sarah on his arm. “Had a good night sir?”

“Thank you George, yes we have.” Tom told him as they waited for the lift doors to open. As they stepped inside the car, Tom suggested to Mina that she had been wearing her dress for long enough that evening.

“I thought you wanted to throw me into the bath whilst I was still wearing it.” Mina responded.

“That was only one of a number of options.” He told her, reaching behind her neck to unfasten the clip.

Mina grinned at him as she spread her arms wide and let the garment slither to the floor. She pulled her wrap round herself and said “Satisfied now?”

Tom looked at her encased only in the beautiful printed muslin wrap, “I am only disappointed that you did not wear that on the dance floor instead of your dress.”

“I’ll show you.” She said. She unravelled the wrap and wound it round herself to form a sort of dress. “You like it?”

“Bugger me!” Exclaimed Tom, If I had known you could do that, I’d have insisted that you would have come out with me dressed like that.”

“Sorry, kid, you missed your chance.” She was laughing at him.

“Would you have done it?” He asked

“Yes, I think I would have, going where we went tonight, although jiving would have been out of the question of course.”

They arrived at the correct floor and stepped across the hall way towards the apartment. “Wave at George.” Tom told her indicating a CCTV camera in the corner. She did as he said and did a little curtsey to the camera.

Inside, he took her in his arms and said “I’ve had a whale of a time tonight and if you have,” She nodded, “and want to leave it there,” (she shook her head), “then I suppose we could go to bed.” (she nodded again). She took his hand and led him to the bedroom where she threw herself on the bed.

“Make love to me Tom.” She said softly and watch as he slowly disrobed, determined to build up the atmosphere. He was right to do so as she was more than ready for him when he joined her, naked on the bed. “You’ll have to unwrap me.” She told him.

She had made such a good job of winding the wrap round herself and tucking it in that he was a bit nonplussed as to where to start. She giggled “I learnt to tie a sari many years ago and it came in handy tonight.” She made him fight his way into the garment, while she collapsed in a fit of giggles. Eventually he had her free of any encumbrances and he lay on top of her kissing her gently. “Thank you for tonight, Tom, it’s been lovely.”

“Lovely?” He questioned.

“And exciting.” She added, “It was great to think of all those people seeing me.”

“I should think so too!” Tom told her, “I was proud to be seen with you, you beautiful, sexy woman, you. You liked being exposed in next to nothing to strangers.?”

“I did and Sarah told me to expect to be shown off, so I went with it and loved it!” She laughed, “to think last week I was reluctant to take off my bra! Now you have opened a Pandora’s Box, you have turned me into a right exhibitionist.” Tom smiled. “What are you smiling at?” she asked.

“Sarah said she had been hoping to meet someone like me, who would allow her to indulge in her latent wish to play risqué games.”

“Right, Tom, turn over and let me indulge you for a moment.” He rolled over on to his back and she slid down his body and took his penis into her mouth. She hesitated for a moment. “Would you like me to be a really dirty girl for you?” She received a grunt in reply, which indicated his acquiescence, so she lifted his leg and started to lick his perineum which is the patch of skin between the scrotum and the anus.

He jerked so much that he knocked her head with his thigh. “No-one has ever done that to me before!” he gasped. He lifted his legs higher in an invitation for her to continue. She needed no second bidding and ran the flat of her tongue along the reddish, slightly sweaty, skin. “Ahhhh,” he moaned, then she took one of his testicles into her mouth and just gently gripped it with her teeth. He was writhing in a mixture of agony and ecstasy this was a new experience for him and he was somewhat horrified at what might happen, but not wanting her to stop what she was doing. She teased him with her teeth, threatening to bite, but still using her tongue on the part of the scrotum in her mouth. She clearly could not talk while she was busy, so she reached above her head and found his penis with her hand. Pulling his foreskin back, found his stigola, the hole in the end of the urethra, with her fingernail and waggled it back and forth. She was giving him quite a few new experiences this night and he was not sure quite how much he was enjoying them.

She relaxed after a while and then took his penis in her hand and began to wank him whilst looking directly at his face. She smiled, in fact displayed a wide grin. “I have other tricks.” she said.

“You are some girl Mina!” he groaned. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“My brother.”

“Your brother!?” He sat bolt upright.

She burst into a hearty laugh, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” when she had stopped laughing, tears streaming down her cheeks, she said, “Your face! It was a picture!” When she had got his full attention, “actually it was one of my aunts, who told me how to do it.”

“Your aunt?”

“Yes, in our culture we are taught how to treat our men, and it is often the aunts that teach the younger girls in the little things that can please men. You have heard of the Karma Sutra?” he nodded, “well,” she said with an enormous wink, “not all things are written down.”

“Blimey!” Tom uttered, “How long have you been doing that to men?”

“You are the first.”


“Did you like it?”

“Well it was certainly stimulating. I’m still making up my mind whether I liked it or not. It wasn’t unpleasant, just unexpected. You certainly are a girl of surprises.”

“Maybe, I can try it again sometime, perhaps later, after you have pumped your seed into me.”

He made a grab for her, “now that is something that I enjoy!” He rolled her on to her back, lifted her legs, which she curled round his body and slid his extremely erect penis into her.

They made soft gentle love, a sexual meeting of two lovers, no-one was in a rush to climax and that made it much more enjoyable. After a while they began moving in a gentle rhythm working in harmony to each satisfy the other. The orgasms, when they came were almost simultaneous, she having her first before him. This spurred him on to greater effort and he injected three, four, five streams of ejaculate into her willing body. She clamped him hard in her and held him there until his hardness had gone.

He rolled on to his back and she clambered on top of him allowing the mixture of her juices and his sperm to run out of her all over his chest. She then slithered down and rubbed it over him with her breasts. He pulled her to him and they kissed for several minutes, tonguing each other, her arms around his neck and his hands caressing her buttocks. His fingers found her anus and he began to run his finger round her rim. “That’s something that no man has ever done to me.” She whispered, “would you like to try?”

“Give me time to recover first sweetie.” He murmured, “you have no idea what you have taken out of me tonight.”

“Of course.” She whispered, “but when you do, be gentle with me.”

“I’ll be as gentle as a lamb.”

They lay in each other’s arms for some time, before she started playing with his penis again. It began to show signs of life, which she took as an encouraging sign and eventually of course he developed a decent erection, he looked at her “ready?”

“Yes, but…..” she hesitated, “could you find something, to … to help?”

“A lubricant?”


“OK then.” He got up and disappeared out of the bedroom.

“Mina!” he called from the other room.


“I’m coming ready or not!”

She got off the bed and knelt on the floor, with her legs splayed out and her torso across the bed. He knelt behind her she felt something cold, soft and creamy being applied to her backside. “It’s cold! What is it?”

“Don’t ask!”

She giggled but stopped doing so almost immediately as she felt fingers applying the cream, to the edge of her rectum. The fingers were then replaced by something bigger and harder. He stayed at the very entrance of her anus. “You must tell me if you want me to stop.” He instructed her. “I mean it!”

“Yes!” she gasped. “do it!” she gave a sharp intake of breath as he ease slowly into her. It felt wet and messy, and tight but slippery. It felt as though her whole body was being invaded. She felt his groin touch her buttocks and knew he was right in. She was sure that she could feel his prick pushing against her womb. This was obviously impossible and just a feeling, a feeling she was beginning to like. “Tom.”

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