If you read Parts I, II, III, IV, & V jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…

Summary—Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally’s that evening for the Thursday night bash.

Summary—Part IV

Olivia and I wake up to Anna. Anna and Friedrich are her lifestyle staff. Anna gives Olivia a morning orgasm which triggers her first pee of the day as both she and Anna release on me. We then shower and dress in fine intimates and apply enticing cosmetics. The rest of the day is spent by the pool in a wet foursome sharing all of our nectars.

Summary—Part V

After receiving Anna’s cleansing enemas and machine induced orgasms, we prep for Sally’s: Olivia was in rubber and I had a more fem look. Sally’s was jumping and I met Keith, a hunk of a man. By coincidence his wife, Kelly was with Olivia. We went to watch their action but took the long route and came across a torrid scene with Master, Madame and Nicole; leaving us hot and in need.


The end of Part IV….

Master continued to ejaculate. The long streams were now drips which he flicked onto Madame. A few final strokes and it was over. Nicole’s orgasmic contractions were so great she discharged both eggs onto the floor. Madame collapsed and lay quivering with Master’s cum covering a good portion of her torso.

Master stuffed his softening cock back into trousers and zipped it shut. He straightened his tie and the rest of his clothing. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small key and unlocked Nicole’s handcuffs. He turned, picked up his glass and left.

Nicole moved slowly to the floor and crawled between Madame’s legs and up her torso. Along the way she used her tongue to scoop up Master’s cum. Nicole body slid over Madame’s and when their mouths came together, her tongue pushed Master’s cum into Madame’s wanton mouth.

Keith and I needed to find an empty booth quickly…

…………..to be continued…..


Sally’s Part VI

The small gathering of voyeurs who were watching the action began to disperse. However, I lingered with Keith a few minutes more. Nicole and Madame’s snowballing of Master’s cum was intensely hot. I knew the feeling, the taste, the smoothness of tongues moving between mouths and I wanted to experience it again—right then.

I blurted out “Let’s find a booth;” which was more of a command than a suggestion. My lust filled voice was louder than normal. I am not sure if it was subconscious or not, but it did catch the attention of Madame and Nicole.

Madame turned her head towards me and said, “Stay. Please join us in our booth.” The two women broke from their embrace and reached out to us; Nicole extending a hand to Keith and Madame’s hand to me. Our aroused state gave us no option but to accept. We took their hands.

Nicole led Keith to the far left side of the booth where Master sat a few minutes earlier. She wasted no time; pushing him onto the cushion and kneeling between his legs. Her hands began to unfasten his belt and pull down his fly. Her mouth still glistening with Master’s cum and Madame’s saliva hungrily devoured his cock once she freed it.

I was bit jealous because Keith’s dick was going to be mine. The look on his face told me it was too late as the naked Nicole buried her nose into his groin. His cock was down her throat and she wasn’t giving it back until it was empty.

Madame had other plans for me. Pushing me with her nakedness to the other side of the booth, her mouth and tongue found mine. The taste of Master still lingered and I lost myself in her passion. Madame’s hands began to fondle my puffy nipples, making me weak in the knees. Using one arm to hold me, she sucked my tongue and pinched my nipple between her nails. My moans filled her mouth.

Although I heard Keith’s moans from across the booth, my attention was completely on Madame’s actions.

With her own soft moan she broke from our kiss, holding me in her gaze. Both hands were again playing with my nipples as she began to speak. “When I saw you standing there with these puffy nipples pushing against your blouse and your pink heels jutting out, I knew I had to have you.” She affectionately squeezed them this time.

Her mouth went back to mine, kissing me with a passion and tenderness women innately posses. Allowing myself to melt into her, my feminine side took over. My cock was rock hard yet my mind had crossed over. I was becoming Madame’s lesbian lover.

Our hands roamed each other’s body; mine across her smooth skin and Madame’s over my blouse and jeans. Our eyes were closed; our mouths opening and closing, consuming each other as our tongues erotically melded. I could feel her nipples brush mine sending sparks up and down my spine. Her mound was rubbing against the leg of my jeans where the head of my cock was trapped.

Another pair of hands broke our trance. I looked up and saw a spent Keith trying to recover while a hungry Nicole was kneeling next to us, trying to remove my pants. Madame stepped back giving Nicole better access. As she pulled them down, my pink thigh highs and matching crotchless panties were exposed—as was my hardened seven inch shaft.

Nicole helped me shed my pants by removing my heels as I stepped out of the jeans and then placing them back on my feet. She tossed my pants on the bench next to her clothes. I was surprised—pleasantly by the way—as my cock was being ignored. Instead, Nicole let her hands caress my legs and ass while she stood.

Madame untied my blouse and unfastened the buttons as she whispered into my ear, “I am so horny and hot for you.”

Her tongue bathed the inside as her warm breathe surrounded it. The prolonged arousal was overpowering me. This had to be close to an out-of-body experience. Her fingers were now, skin on skin, with my swollen and wanton nipples.

Nicole’s mouth brushed against mine and I turned towards her opening mine with desire. She pushed her lips onto mine, swirling Keith’s cum into my mouth. Without hesitation I lapped the salty mixture from her tongue. Madame licked at our lips where some had leaked out.

Lowering her mouth to my nipples, she coated them with the captured essence. Her hands squeezed my chest to make my areolas and nipples bigger. Sucking and biting them drove me wild with desire. I needed more.

Taking my hand, Madame placed it on her dripping pussy. My fingers began to crawl over her lips combing and colleting her juice and rubbing it across her clit. Madame let out a moan and stood upright, arching her mound onto my hand; losing herself in the pleasure.

With our mouths still entwined Nicole guided me to my knees in front of Madame. Softly she turned my head to Madame’s box. My mouth willingly covered the front of her mound and the upper part her lips, capturing her clit in the process.

Licking and sucking all around it caused Madame to shudder with a mini-orgasm. Grasping my hair, Madame wildly took a step back throwing herself on the bench. Opening her legs as wide possible, she jammed my mouth back onto her pussy

I was on my hands and knees lapping Madame’s beautifully smooth cunt, savoring her thick dripping nectar. Two hands spread ass cheeks apart and a warm mouth went over my anus. While I sucked Madame’s folds, a tongue coated and probed my bud. I assumed it to be Nicole until her body slithered between my open legs and her mouth found my cock.

In a lustful daze I looked around. Keith had rebounded and was stroking his cock back to life. Others had joined us in the booth. I saw three people, one being Olivia. The tall small breasted bartender dressed as the Indian princess was there along with another woman who had to be Kelly. But who was working my ass if Nicole was sucking me?

Turning, I saw Kim’s face buried between my cheeks. As I learned later, the staff gets one hour play breaks on special nights and they came to find me—find me they did indeed.

The others joined in. Kelly took Madame with a deep French kiss; caressing her flat chest and nipples. The Indian princess and Olivia stood on each side of Madame and were slowly masturbating. They began to rake my back with the nails of their free hand.

My mouth went back to Madame’s hole. I licked her every nook and cranny. Her moans were muffled by Kelly’s mouth. She drove her grinding hips harder over my face. Olivia and the princess’ pussies were beginning to squish as their frigging built. With Nicole sucking and stroking my cock for all it had, I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

Kim’s mouth left my ass and was replaced with the tip of her cock. Oh yes, I wanted this and relaxed my asshole. The tip of her shaft easily slipped into my clean passage and Kim wasted no time pushing it completely up my ass. I was going over the edge as Kim began to fuck, her cock gliding over my gland.

The booth filled with moaning and panting as one orgasm set off another. Olivia and the princess’ cunts exploded, showering my head, Madame’s pussy, and each other with their nectars. This sent Madame into the throws and she began a series of contractions shooting waves of her juice into my mouth, much akin to a man’s orgasm.

Kim blasted her white goo up my brown passage. I could feel the warmth splash against my walls. With a loud groan I lost all control and emptied myself into Nicole’s hot and wanton mouth. I wasn’t sure if Nicole came or not because for the first time in my life, I actually passed out after an orgasm. I have no idea how long I was gone.

When I came to, everyone was sitting around me softly caressing my body which was still clad in my stockings and panties. They were all smiling knowing how intense my orgasm was. With gentle hugs and kisses they welcomed me back.

Keith showed up with a tray of drinks—a great idea and much needed. I was moving rather slowly, sitting on the floor leaning on the seat and Nicole. Savoring our drinks, an easy conversation ensued. I learned Madame’s name was Trisha and as I suspected, she was Nicole’s mother and Master (Jim) was her father. They said he was lost somewhere in the crowd. They were old friends of Olivia’s.

Lying above me on the cushion, Kelly introduced herself by giving me with a gentle kiss on the top of my head and a slight pinch of my nipples. I loved it and my cock jumped thanks to the Viagra. The Indian princess was Catherine, but she went by Cat.

We recounted the scene and how it all transpired. Olivia said it sounded so hot and was disappointed she missed it. Trisha mentioned there was always Saturday and one never knows what they will dream up by then. Kelly looked at Keith and told him they were invited to ‘Olivia and Brad’s Party’ on Saturday. It made me feel good to be included so quickly into Olivia’s world.

It was nearly midnight and Keith and Kelly needed to get home as they had younger kids. Kim and Cat needed to get back and Olivia asked Kim to make sure Kelly picked up their invite before they left. We all exchanged kisses and I copped a feel of Keith’s shaft. It was a bit of a let down not getting to suck him, but as Trisha just said, there is always Saturday and one never knows.

Olivia, Trisha and Nicole said they’d help ‘put me back together.’ We went into the ladies lounge—no one cared. It was very large. There were people showering and others tending to other needs. We just washed our faces, used the bidet and dried off. Sally’s even provided stacks of towels for such events.

I could see the three women talking as I reapplied my make up. Trisha asked if I would like to make a little adjustment to my outfit. She walked over with Nicole’s short pleated skirt, commenting on how it would compliment my legs, heels and stockings while giving me the look of an (not so) innocent school girl. Nicole was already in my jeans and looked pretty good. Thank god I was thin.

Even though I wore stockings and panties all the time, this was a first for me and I found it very exciting. Wearing the short skirt rejuvenated the tingle in my groin. Knowing my cock was swinging freely in crotchless panties was heady. After retying my blouse and making a few touch ups, the ladies told me I looked hot. I was ready for more.

Olivia took me by the hand and asked if I would stay with her for the rest of the evening telling me it was going to be very special. I smiled saying I’d like nothing more. We left the lounge area with the look of a rubber skirted dom and her tartish sub.

Our first stop was to our booth. Although the crowd had thinned, those who remained were engaged in various activities, giving the atmosphere a more erotic feel; something had changed. The music had turned seductive; movements were more clandestine; and moans of passion broke through from random directions. Olivia said only the ‘true followers’ were left. It sounded a bit odd but I didn’t give it a second thought based on the past twenty-four hours,

Olivia asked me to have Kim make two ‘specials’ for us as she needed to pick something up from a friend she saw. I smiled my okay and made sure my ass swayed as I went to the bar. When Kim saw me she gave me a wanton look. She already had the drinks prepared. Leaning in for a kiss as payment for the small shots, she told me to enjoy—”for tonight is going to be very special.”

I returned to the booth and Olivia was waiting. We toasted in a rather pagan way as she entwined our arms while we drank. Olivia then turned and took something from the cushion. It was a collar and she fastened it around my neck. Using the small leash clipped onto the front, Olivia led me onto the empty dance floor.

“The Principles of Lust” by Enigma began to fill the room. Only Olivia and I danced but all around us people were watching. Olivia’s style was slow, seductive, and in rhythm to the music. As we moved she used the leash to lewdly pull my mouth onto hers for a wild, impassioned kiss. Our display of exhibitionism was becoming hotter. There was a definite charge in the air. I was very turned on by the stares from the crowd.

Olivia then pulled me into her pressing her torso against my back. She began to ‘fuck me’ to the beat of the music while her hands roamed my breasts and crotch. All eyes were on us and the crowd started to close around us.

My excitement was showing as I ground my ass into Olivia’s rubber clad pussy. Taking hold of the front of my skirt Olivia began stroking my cock with it. It was as hard as ever. Olivia momentarily released it and gestured to the crowd to join us.

Men and women started moving towards us in various seductive and erotic forms of dance. Bodies pressed into us. Hands groped my cock and Olivia’s ass. Random mouths would encase ours for a brief but steamy exchange of tongues. Each pinch of my nipples made me harder, hornier, and my movements more suggestive. I didn’t know if it was the ‘special drink’ or me, but lust was now in command.

At the end of the song Olivia took hold of the leash and spun me around. Speaking slowly but with total control she said, “It’s time.” Her eyes were spell-binding as she held the leash tightly near the collar. She gave the crowd a look, turned, and pulled me off the floor towards our booth.

The music remained intoxicating with low tribal drumming and chants. The lights in our booth were on high. A woman wearing a richly dark, feathered mask was removing her clothes. As we approached I saw a flogger on the seat cushion. People had gathered around the booth as the seductress stepped from her clothing.

Olivia led me into the booth. I was facing the woman as Olivia removed the collar and tossed it onto cushion behind me. She kissed me deeply, biting my tongue and digging her nails sharply into my back.

It ended abruptly. Olivia walked behind me and pressed her body into my back. Her hands began to roughly fondle my nipples while she spoke slowly into my ear, “Tonight is the first of three rituals which will bind us together as one. Do you accept?”

Both of us knew the answer. We had already pledged ourselves to each other and whatever it took to become one with Olivia was my desire. I shook my head as I whispered, “Yes.”

“Then repeat after me so the Priestess and all gathered can hear your words” Olivia went on. As she spoke I repeated her words.

“Dear Priestess…” Olivia began to unbutton my blouse.

“My dearest Olivia Laraway has asked you here tonight to begin the binding ritual which will bring us together as one.” My blouse was now open and Olivia let it slip from my shoulders.

“My name is Brad Williams and I wish to be bound together with Ms. Laraway.” Olivia’s hands had removed the skirt and my panties. She was now rolling the stockings down my thighs.

“I ask you Dear Priestess to begin your binding ministrations.” My shoes and hose were gone. I stood naked before the Priestess.

The Priestess spoke calmly. “And what say you Ms. Laraway. Do you wish to be bound to Mr. Williams?”

Olivia stepped from behind me and said, “With my entire body, mind, heart and soul.” Her words sent a warm feeling through me. The sexual nature of her words and these acts kept my cock erect.

“Mr. Williams, remove Ms. Layaway’s clothing” the Priestess commanded in a steady voice.

I proceeded to remove Olivia’s garments in the same manner she removed mine. Her pussy was dripping through her crotchless rubber panties. I wanted to suck up every drop but the aura around us told me “No.”

Once naked the Priestess had us embrace–torso to torso. She instructed us to wrap our arms around one another as tightly as possible. We were to place our heads on each other’s shoulder and stay in that position until told otherwise. My cock was pressed into Olivia’s lower abdomen. We were so close I could feel her juices trickling down my thigh.

The Priestess circled us three times while reciting an incomprehensible chant. On the fourth circle, the straps from her flogger snapped across my back. It wasn’t overly painful but it still made me twitch. Olivia held me tighter. The flogger struck us time after time. Its blows were not punishing but rather stimulating.

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