She hit the red button on her stopwatch and slowed to a trot, noting with pride that she had cut her time down by a good ten seconds this morning. Approaching the front door, she wiped sweat from her face and keyed in the security code. Once inside, she flicked on the main lights on the way into the kitchen, where she turned on the oven and hot water before going into the stockroom. Overheating now that she was out of the wind, she rushed to change into her work clothes. She impatiently kicked off her trainers and pulled her jeans and work shirt down off a shelf. As she was peeling her spandex running shorts away from her sweaty thighs, she thought she heard a noise from the main room. Pausing to listen for moment, she heard nothing further and continued undressing, yanking her sports bra over her head when she heard the unmistakable sound of the kitchen door opening. She froze, puzzled, in her underwear, with her arms over her head, still wrapped in the bra.

“Hello?” she called out, unsure who else could be here so early.

“G’morning” a male voice replied cheerfully, and startlingly close at hand. “Who’s that?”

Feeling panicky, she stuttered, “Um, its just me, but um…” To her horror, the stock room door swung inwards, to frame a familiar tall and slender figure.

“Ken. Erm. You’re kind of, uh, early.” She tried to lower her arms to cover herself, but only became tangled in her own bra as it caught around her forearms.

He gawped at her for a moment, clearly shocked to see her standing there sweaty and semi-nude. His eyes slithered from her reddening face to her bare breasts and toned stomach, down to her boy-short style underwear, and the spandex running shorts still crumpled at her feet. A smile quirked the corners of his mouth and she suddenly found herself wishing she had not been quite so flirtatious with him on previous occasions.

“Did you run to work?” he asked nonchalantly, as his gaze came back up to rest on her tits, still slick and glistening. She became painfully aware of the fact that her nipples were rock-hard.

“Um. Do you mind?”.

“No, I don’t, in fact…” He laughed and took a step into the small stockroom, towards her. She began frantically trying to disentangle herself from the sports bra.

“Let me help you with that.” he said softly, as he took another step forward and grabbed the bra in his right hand, twisting it quickly so that it wrapped around her wrists, drawing them together. One final step closer and he was standing directly in front of her, holding her arms above her head. Rage erupted in her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?” Bringing her leg up quickly, she kicked at the side of his knee. He sidestepped smartly, and shoved her backwards into the wall. Keeping her arms pinned up with the one hand, he brought his left hand to her face, taking her jaw in his hand. He leaned down to bring his face close to hers.

“Relax. This is going to be fun.” He leered at her, giving her another look up and down. She’d never seen the way he had watched her at work, especially when she bent over, her pert ass held high and straining against the seat of her jeans. They had flirted occasionally during shifts, but he never imagined he would get a chance at her.

“Fuck you.” she snarled, realizing what he had in mind. He laughed again, tightening his grip on her jaw.

“There’s no one about to hear you, so scream all you want.”

He reached down to pick her running shorts up off the floor while maintaining a firm grip on her wrists. Working quickly, he spun her around and used the shorts to tie her arms securely together behind her back. She struggled, but despite his slender build, he was at least a head taller than her and considerably strong. After a few playful slaps on her ass, he yanked her underwear down around her ankles. He made a small grunt of appreciation at the sight of her bare ass before turning her back around so that she was facing him. His eyes flicked down to her crotch.

“Very nice, I see you’ve shaved for me.”

She glared at him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of a response. With her arms immobilized behind her, she was forced to arch her back in order to maintain her balance. He began running his hands over her torso, groping her small, high breasts, squeezing her nipples, stroking her waist and outer thighs.

“Hmmmmmm. I didn’t realize you had such a tight body. I would have tried harder to get into your pants before.”

She continued to glare at him, even as he moved in closer to her, pressing his body against her. She could feel his erection pressing into her belly through his clothing. He ran his hands through her short hair, letting his long fingers trail over her throat before wrapping his them around her neck in a strong grip. Leaning down, he murmured into her ear, “That little pussy is mine now and I’m gonna fuck you ’till you cry.” Despite herself, she shivered.

His grip tightened on her throat as his other hand slid down her waist, grazing her hip as it sought the warm space between her thighs. Rubbing his fingers on her outer lips, he began biting at her earlobe. She was already starting to feel light headed from the restricted blood supply to her brain. Pinching at her swelling labia, he released her throat only to grab at her hair, yanking her head back and pushed her downwards, causing her to fall onto her knees. With her wrists bound behind her, she would have fallen forward but for his body in front of her.

He unzipped his trousers and pushed them down to fall around his ankles. His cock was already pressing against the front of his boxers, making a small wet spot of precum. She looked up just as he took it out, her horror stricken face exciting him further. He saw her try to suppress her reaction as she looked along the impressive length and width of his cock.

“Yeah, that’s all gonna go in you.” She turned away, not wanting him to see her shame or fear.

“Look at me.”

She continued to look down, so he reached for her, turning her face towards him against her will. Still, she kept her eyes down, not meeting his gaze.

“I said fucking look at me!”

He struck her, open-handed across the jaw, in one quick, sudden motion. She could taste blood but defiantly continued to avoid his stare. Grabbing her face harshly, he let his fingers dig into the soft flesh of her cheek as he bent over her so that when he spoke she felt his breath hot on her face.

“Don’t make me tell you again. Look at me.”

She looked up into his dark blue-grey eyes and he smiled wickedly. “Good girl. Now why don’t you open your mouth and suck on my cock?” Knowing it was pointless to refuse at this point, she reluctantly parted her lips as he stood back up and pushed his huge member past her lips, into her mouth. Holding the back of her head in place, he started thrusting against her throat making her gag almost immediately. He chuckled to himself as he gave her a moment to recover before resuming roughly fucking her face. Most women had a difficult time deep-throating his uncommonly large shaft, even in voluntary circumstances. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as he forced himself deeper, and saliva ran down her chin. Finally, he withdrew, leaving a long string of thick spit between her mouth and the head. He used his fingers to break the string and wipe the spit off her face, then grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her upright, using the hand on her face to press her back against the wall. Her legs shook as he let go of her hair and licked his index and middle finger lasciviously. Stroking the inside of her thigh with incongruent delicacy, he brought his face level with hers, clutching her face even tighter.

“Let me see your beautiful brown eyes.” As he whispered the words, he forced two fingers up into her pussy without warning. Unprepared for the violation, she shuddered and flinched away from him involuntarily. Using the two fingers inside of her, he pulled her back towards him with a sudden jerk. She felt an unpleasant tearing sensation at the opening of her vagina, and whimpered quietly. Slowly, she dragged her gaze up to meet his, her eyes sharp with anger and pain.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice and tight,” he purred, looking into her eyes. Pink splotches had blossomed where his fingertips had dug into her jaw.

“Keep looking at me.” He stared at her intently as he worked his fingers even deeper into her cunt, until his knuckles were pressed against the entrance. His free hand traced the curve of her neck, the hollow of her throat, and trailed down to her breasts. He pulled each nipple harshly between his thumb and forefinger, rolling the flesh until it hardened under his touch. His hand continued down to her belly, nails caressing the line of hard muscles there, before moving towards her hips. While his left hand worked at her pussy, his right groped at her thighs, feeling the soft flesh overlying muscle, then reaching around to squeeze her sizeable bottom.

He was crouched down now in front of her, focused on the sensation of her ass cheeks under his hand, and pushing in and out of her tight hole with his fingers. He noticed she was becoming wet now, and wondered if she was starting to enjoy his attentions after all. Standing up again, he withdrew his fingers from her with an audible squelch, and brought his hand up in front of her face.

“Look what a little slut you are.” He moved his fingers apart to demonstrate the glistening strings of moisture that drew out between them.

“I think you liked it.” he declared, grinning wickedly, while bringing his fingers up to her mouth.

“Clean me off.” She turned her head away from him. His smile faded as he grabbed her hair with the other hand and delivered a sharp smack to the side of her face with his still-wet hand. A smudge of pussy juice smeared on her face where he had hit her.

This time, when he put his fingers to her mouth, she complied, opening her mouth and sucking on his fingers even as he pushed them down towards her throat, making her gag again. He began feeding her more fingers, until she was sucking on all four fingers, her mouth stretched wide to accommodate his large hand. He stroked the side of her face with his thumb as she sucked at his fingers. His cock was getting even harder, feeling the wet suction of her tongue against his flesh. Withdrawing his saliva soaked hand from her mouth, he patted her on the face, smearing her with her own spit. She gave him a look of disgust, and his cock twitched eagerly in response.

Crouching down again, he began to push the sloppy quartet of fingers into her. Despite her small frame, she was able to resist him somewhat, the strong inner muscles pressing together to exclude his hand. He had to start back with the first two fingers to get her tiny pussy opened up again before cramming the third finger in. Once he was sliding those three in and out of her relative ease, he began working his pinky in. Judging by her restrained grunts, she was not having an easy time taking all four fingers.

Looking up at her pain stricken face, he smiled and said “Don’t cry baby, you haven’t even gotten my dick yet.”

He alternated between watching her face contort in agony and looking at the way her pussy pulled back taut across his fingers each time he slowly withdrew them from her snatch. When his four fingers were all the way inside of her, he would pause to rub circles on her clit with his thumb, enjoying her futile attempts to move away from his touch. Despite her obvious pain, she was soaking his hand with her fluids. Meanwhile, his cock was aching, needing to be inside her tight hole. Watching her lithe, lean body writhing on his hand, he knew he was going to have to take it easy or he would come all too quickly once he had her around his shaft. He began to stroke himself in anticipation, and therefore was caught completely unaware when she kneed him in the face.

His hands flew up to his nose automatically, and he felt his own hot blood spurt across his palms. Pain and anger erupted in a starry flash behind his eyes. In that brief moment she bolted for the door. Running was awkward with her hands tied behind her back, but she knew she would have only one chance to make a break for it. She didn’t look back but heard him swear in agony and rage somewhere behind her. It was only when she reached the front door that she realized she would have to turn around in an awkward manoeuvre in order to open the inwardly opening door.

Just as this was dawning on her, she felt his weight crash into her from behind. Without her hands to steady herself, she lost her balance, and collapsed face down onto the floor with him on top of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled back hard, forcing her back into a painful arch. Bringing his arm around her throat so that the inside of his elbow held her neck, he began to squeeze, and she felt both her blood and air supply diminish.

“Your cunt is mine now, I’m going to ruin you, going to leave you a tattered, shredded piece of meat that even dogs wouldn’t touch. And after I destroy your little pussy, I’m gonna fuck your asshole inside out.” he growled into her ear.

Her consciousness began to ebb. Suddenly, he released his hold on her and she gasped for breath, nearly choking in her attempt to breathe. Still on top of her, he yanked his boxers down and she felt his cock probing for an opening between her legs. Her still-wet snatch deflected his first few thrusts until he became frustrated. Letting go of her hair, he spread the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but despite her strength, he pulled her hips upward until her pussy was exposed. With no preamble, he rammed his cock into her. She was even tighter than he had expected, especially considering all the fingering he had done. He had to rock back and forth to squeeze the very last inch or so of his cock into her hot, slick hole.

Her suppressed whimpers of agony pleased him, but he wanted to hear her cry out in earnest.

“Is that big enough for you darling?”

She went even quieter, not a single sniffle or whimper escaping.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

He grabbed her by the hips and dragged her up onto her knees, then pulled on her wrists where they where tied together. Yanking back her arms, he positioned her on his dick so that she was pressed all the way down onto it by her own weight. As he began plowing roughly into her, he jerked her arms towards him with each upward thrust of his hips, so that she was forced onto his shaft even as he drove up into her.

She immediately began to cry out, short, sharp, wordless barks of pain. He pulled at her ass cheeks with his spare hand, to watch his cock spearing her viciously, and was pleased to see a faint smear of red along the broad shaft. He pushed her body forward, releasing her arms and pressing her face down into the floor. Holding her ass apart to better look, he slowly withdrew his cock, watching the way her flesh clung tightly to it. Her pussy was stretched to capacity, taut skin dragging back with each outward stroke, and caving in as he thrust back in. When only the head of his penis was still inside her, he probed at the opening with his fingers until he found a small tear. Slipping his first finger in her against the tear, he pulled at the fragile skin until she whimpered against the tiles.

“I told you I was going to ruin you.” he said with a tone of satisfaction. He began rubbing the broken skin with the head of his cock, pressing roughly against it.

“Does that hurt?” Not waiting for a response, he continued, “’cause that’s where I ripped you apart.”

She tried to scoot away from him, but he grabbed her hips and plunged all the way back into her swollen hole. He used one hand to press down on her back, and the other to pull her hips up at a stimulating angle as he tore into her over and over.

Watching her plump, round ass bouncing against his hips gave him an idea. Her pink little asshole was already exposed to him, seeming to beg for his attention between those sweetly rippling mounds of flesh. Pausing to spit into her crack, he resumed abusing her pussy as he began to rub the saliva into her asshole with his broad thumb. Circling her puckered asshole, he started to apply slight pressure.

“No, no, no… please…” Her voice wavered as she cried out.

He stopped with his cock pressed against her cervix and leaned across her back to whisper into her ear.

“I told you I was going to ruin every hole and I meant it.”

Still leaning over her, he began to grind his hips in a circular motion, churning his cock inside her in a new way. So close to her, he could hear the small noises she made in her throat, a raw whining of agony.

“That’s my fuck hole now, my tight little pussy. Well, not so tight anymore.” He laughed softly in her ear, sending goosebumps down her neck and side.

He pressed harder with his thumb against her sphincter, making tighter and tighter circles. She began struggling in earnest now, but it only seemed to incense him further. She didn’t realize that in her fear, she was squeezing down ever tighter around his cock,

He sat back up and slid his thumb straight into her asshole, making her groan low. Pushing in to the first knuckle, he could feel his cock on the other side of the thin membrane of flesh separating her vaginal canal and asshole. He began popping his thumb in and out of her ass, loving the way the little pucker would stay open for a split second, before closing tightly again. Each time he stuffed his thumb in a little deeper. She was definitely beginning to sob now, small animal noises against the floor. His cock throbbed at the little shudders that ran through her body as he buried his thumb all the way inside her. He used his thumb to pull her hips higher in the air. She squealed in protest as he worked her pussy even more violently. Her slit squeezed down on him as he pushed her down into the floor with his free hand. Her delicate breasts were squashed against the tiles, her ribcage heaving with her stifled crying.

He began rocking his thumb into increasingly large circles, trying to stretch her asshole out. Removing his thumb, he spat into her crack again before starting to work two fingers into her. As he tore into her reddened cunt, he pumped his fingers in and out of her ass, watching the gape widen each time. Despite her whimpering, she was coating his dick in a layer of slickness, allowing him to continue to ravage her despite the incompatibility in size. Finally, he withdrew his dick, enjoying the way the flesh at the opening clung to his dick as he pulled out. Her vagina was red and the lips were swollen. Unable to resist, he slapped the engorged labia until she screamed.

Still two fingers deep in her ass, he leaned over to whisper into her ear.

“Ready to get your ass plowed?”

She shook her head and moaned against the floor. He didn’t say anything, but merely began working a third finger into her straining sphincter. With his other hand, he found her mouth, and probed it with his fingers until she began obediently sucking on them.

With both hands warm and wet inside two of her holes, his cock became impatient. As he pulled his fingers out her asshole, he pressed the thick head of his phallus to the open hole. Her rosebud tried to close, but found his cock was in the way. He felt her try to scream against his fingers, and he responded by clamping them firmly over her mouth. He guided his dick into her asshole, getting only the first few inches in at first. He made small strokes in and out, again revelling in the way her tight hole wrapped around his huge dick. With each thrust inward he pushed deeper, ignoring her increasingly pathetic screams behind his hand. His immense cock was only about three quarters of the way buried in her, and he could see the tears running down her face.

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