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Life was good.

Matt had started his new job on the Monday after he’d cleared out his flat. He had been nothing but eager to get going, even though he knew it would be a lot of hard work and that he’d have to spend the first few weeks learning the ropes and being filled in on exactly what was to be expected of him. Matt knew that he was the perfect guy for this job; he enjoyed a challenge and really thrived when working as part of a team. He was rushed off his feet during the first week but it felt good to finally be doing something he loved, and Matt could honestly say that he had never been happier.

Tom had taken Matt out for a meal to celebrate after his first day at work and had insisted on paying. They’d gone back to Tom’s place afterwards, where they’d proceeded to make out on the sofa for hours before Tom took Matt back home. Matt couldn’t wait until he had a place of his own since he could hardly bring Tom back to the house while he was staying with Chris and Tessa, although Tom had joked that Tessa probably wouldn’t mind catching them making out on her sofa.

Matt had his first house-viewing the weekend after he and Tom had made their relationship official, but he hadn’t liked the first house all that much. He hadn’t been able to pinpoint exactly what had put him off and he hadn’t wanted to sound silly, but he just couldn’t picture it as home.

Matt went to a second house viewing appointment the following weekend. He had brought Tessa to take a look since Tom had said he needed to catch up on some work. Matt still wasn’t sure if that had been a genuine reason for not coming along, or whether Tom had just found the idea of looking at houses with his new boyfriend kind of weird. Matt hadn’t pushed the issue.

Matt instantly fell in love with the second house and Tessa had agreed that it was perfect. It had a beautiful front garden, plus off-road parking and a garage. Inside, there were three good sized bedrooms, a large bathroom – with a huge shower that Matt was sure he could find more than one use for – and most of the rooms were spacious and modern. The place was immaculate too; Matt would have to do very little work other than move in his things and buy some new furniture and appliances. It was everything he had been looking for. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but with his new job and his savings, he’d be able to afford it.

Matt could definitely see himself being extremely happy in this house, and he was shocked to realise that he was considering what it would be like to live there with Tom. For it to be their home, rather than just his home. They’d only been officially dating for two weeks, but Matt already considered Tom to be an important part of his life. In fact, Matt felt more for Tom after two weeks than he had for Mitchell during the entirety of their relationship. Matt wasn’t sure whether to be scared or elated by this.

He called Ashley and told her that he wanted to put in an offer at the full asking price. She sounded more excited than he was. “I’m so pleased you like it. I knew you would!” He could hear her shuffling about paperwork and typing away at her computer. “This is so exciting! Can you pop by now? We’ll want to get this sorted as soon as possible.”

Matt’s offer was accepted and suddenly he was on his way to owning his first house. It was both exciting and terrifying, but Matt knew that he was making the right move. It took a few days to sort through everything, but when it was all done, Matt had arranged a move in date of just four weeks away.

After finalising the purchase of his new home, sorting out his funds, and signing lots of paperwork, Matt drove straight over to Tom’s house. He was eager to fill him in on the news and let him know that it really was official – Matt had his own place, and he would be staying for good.

Since Matt and Tom had made their relationship official, they had seen a lot of each other. In fact, they were finding it increasingly difficult to stay apart. They met for dinner after work most nights, usually at Tom’s, and would always end up cuddling on the sofa where they’d watch a film or just lay and chat. The two of them even went to the cinema one evening after work where they’d sat at the back, snuggling close and holding hands. Matt had felt like a teenager all over again and they’d both laughed about it, but it had been an amazing evening and Matt thought it was probably one of the best nights he’d had in years.

Although their relationship was really starting to grow, the sexual side had yet to progress past blowjobs – of which Matt had been more than eager to reciprocate once he’d gotten over his tiredness from that first Saturday night. Matt was just trying to find the right time to take things further, and at the moment they both seemed more than content to cuddle, grope and suck each other off.

Matt pulled up outside the house and practically ran up the drive before knocking on the door.

“It’s open!” He heard Tom shout.

Matt let himself in and was greeted with the smell of Tom’s cooking.

“Wow, something smells good, what’re you making?” Matt asked as he made his way through to the kitchen. Tom was standing at the oven, stirring a pan of sauce that he had simmering on the hob. He turned to greet Matt with a slow, hot kiss that got both of their hearts racing.

“Nothing too fancy, I just wanted to cook you dinner myself for once rather than order out,” he said. “Although, I kind of cheated and got some help from Tessa.”

“Well whatever it is, it smells delicious.”

“Not as delicious as you,” Tom said with a cheeky grin before ducking down to plant a wet kiss on Matt’s neck, gently sucking at the skin there.

Matt laughed. “Wow, Tom. That was pretty cheesy.”

“Yeah, but you loved it,” Tom joked before pulling his mouth away from Matt’s neck and pecking his cheek. He turned back around to check on the food, stirring the sauce and checking on whatever he had in the oven.

“Well I guess we can make this dinner into a bit of a celebration too, because I have some good news,” Matt said with a smile.

“I know you do. Ashley called me.”

“Damn her! I wanted to tell you myself,” Matt pouted. He almost stamped his foot too, but thankfully managed to stop himself just in time.

Tom turned back around and laughed before wrapping his arms around Matt’s waist to pull him in for a hug. “Okay, I’ll pretend I don’t know.”

“No point. The moment’s ruined,” Matt mumbled.

Tom caught Matt’s lips in another hot kiss. “I’m really glad you’re here to stay, babe.”


“No, I was kidding,” Tom said sarcastically. “Of course I am, you idiot!”

“Good.” Matt laughed. “Me too. It’s a really nice house; I wish you could have come to the viewing with me. I think Tessa is a little jealous, which I’m secretly quite pleased about since I’ve spent half my life being jealous of her.” Matt pulled away from Tom to steal a slice of fresh bread from the counter.

“Hey! That’s to go with the dinner,” Tom laughed, trying to snatch it out of Matt’s hand. Matt held the bread out of Tom’s reach and backed away. “Lesson one: don’t ever try taking food away from me. I’m like an animal; I’ll gnaw your hand off.”

They sat down to eat dinner, and Tom dimmed the lights and lit candles. Matt was touched by the effort that he had gone to.

“This is really lovely, Tom. Thank you,” Matt said with a warm smile.

“It’s nothing, really. I like doing nice things for you. I like making you smile.” Tom blushed at his own words but Matt’s heart starting doing somersaults. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find a man like Tom, someone so genuinely beautiful inside and out. Matt felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

After dessert, Tom ushered Matt to follow him into the lounge. He sat down on the sofa, where Matt pulled himself into his lap and started kissing his neck.

“Matt…” Tom tilted his head to allow Matt better access.

“Mmm, you taste good…” Matt said between kisses.

“God, Matt…I –” Tom didn’t finish his sentence. Matt didn’t have time to wonder what he had been going to say because Tom’s body tensed a little, and when Matt pulled back to look into his eyes he noticed that they were glistening with moisture. Tom looked close to tears. Matt moved quickly out of Tom’s lap to sit at his side, holding his hand and stroking his cheek.

“Hey, what is it? What’s wrong?”

Tom laughed. “Nothing…absolutely nothing is wrong.” He wrapped an arm around Matt’s neck and pulled him closer for a light kiss.

“Did…” Tom paused, as if deciding what to say. “Did Tessa tell you much about me before we started dating?”

“Not much. She said that you were a decent guy and that you’d worked with Chris for quite a few years, but that was pretty much it. Why?”

“Did she tell you about my ex?”

Matt was silent. He wasn’t sure what to say. He thought he knew where this was going and he knew he needed to tread carefully. “No. Well, she said you’d had your heart broken by a guy and that it had been pretty bad, but that was it. I didn’t push for details.”

Tom laughed. It wasn’t a happy sound. Matt sat up straighter and looked into Tom’s eyes. “It wasn’t just my heart that he broke.”

Matt didn’t understand. Tom looked uncomfortable, and he shuffled a little in his seat.

“Tom, we don’t have to talk about this. You don’t have to tell me anything that you don’t want to.”

No, I want to.” He paused. “I trust you.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Matt said softly, giving Tom’s hand a comforting squeeze before linking their fingers together and resting both hands on Tom’s thigh.

Tom took a deep breath in an attempt to prepare himself for what he was about to say. “I was with Jason, my ex, for just under three years. I’d thought we were pretty happy, you know? I must have been so damn blind not to notice any of the signs, to take no notice of all the problems. Even now, I still can’t believe how much of an idiot I was.”

“You’re not –” Matt started, but Tom cut him off.

“Please, babe. Just let me get this out.”

Matt bit his lip and nodded. He understood that Tom needed to say all of this, to get it all off of his chest, but he didn’t want to hear Tom berating himself for whatever it was that had happened. And yet, hadn’t Matt done the exact same thing after his own break-up? Matt had blamed himself too, calling himself stupid and foolish for not seeing through Mitchell’s façade sooner. But none of that mattered anymore, and Matt sat patiently as he waited for Tom to continue.

“I came home from work early and found Jason in bed with another man. Well, two other men, actually. Everything seemed to happen so fast but I got pretty mad and then we fought. I threw his clothes at him and screamed for him to leave, and he lashed out. I thought it would stop at one hit, but he just kept on going. It got pretty messy and it was Chris who came and found me. I was in a state when he got there. I had a fractured collarbone, a couple of broken ribs, two black eyes and a couple of broken fingers. All my knuckles were split from where I tried to fight back.”

Matt winced. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could anyone have done something so cruel to Tom? Matt knew what it felt like to be hurt by someone he had trusted, but this was a whole new level of pain and Tom had been the one to experience it. Matt wanted to say something to try and comfort him but he could see that Tom had more to say, so he held his tongue until he was finished.

“Chris drove me to the hospital and then I stayed at their house for a couple of days. When they took me back to mine, the place was practically empty. Jason had taken almost everything. To add insult to injury, quite literally I guess, he also took every penny out of our savings account. And then he was just… gone.” Tom looked away for a moment and sighed, and Matt was sure he felt his own heart break at the look of pain written all over Tom’s face. He met Matt’s eyes before continuing.

“After that I did some thinking, and I realised that he’d been playing me from the start. I mean, I’d basically just been a meal ticket to him. Chris and Tessa helped me get back on my feet since I was in a pretty bad place, but things got better and I’ve moved on now. Please don’t think I’m not over it, because I really am. It just hurt, you know? I was so ashamed.” His voice cracked a little, and he cleared his throat.

“I’ve not heard from Jason since. I didn’t press charges because it was just my word against his and it seemed like too much fucking hassle. But Chris saw him at a friends wedding a few months later. He was arm in arm with one of the groomsmen and from what I hear Tessa gave him a piece of her mind, and rather publically too.” Tom took a deep breath. “And… well… that’s it, really.” His voice was shaky.

“Christ, Tom.” Matt didn’t know what to say. “I think if I ever met the fucker, I’d kill him.” Matt drew in a deep breath to calm himself. It wouldn’t do to get angry. Tom didn’t need anger, he needed love and reassurance. “How long ago did all this happen?”

“About a year and a half ago, right before I moved into this house,” Tom said. “I haven’t been with anyone since.”

Matt pulled himself across the sofa to straddle Tom’s lap, the same position he’d been in before Tom had revealed his big secret. Matt gently cupped Tom’s face in his hands and looked into his eyes. “I’m so sorry that you had to go through that, babe.” Matt leaned down and kissed Tom’s neck. “I wish I could erase the pain you felt.” He moved up to kiss behind Tom’s ear and then nuzzled his cheek.

Matt pulled back and gazed into Tom’s eyes. “You already have,” Tom admitted. “Being around you makes me feel better than I’ve felt in a long, long time.” Tom closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of the sofa.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Matt whispered.

Tom kissed the back of Matt’s hand and nodded. They both pulled themselves up and headed for the stairs. Neither let go of the other’s hand, and the very thought of letting Tom go right now caused Matt’s heart to physically ache.

They headed into Tom’s bedroom before stopping at the foot of the bed, standing so close together that Matt could feel Tom’s breath on his face. He reached out and slowly started to undo the buttons of Tom’s shirt.

“You made me a promise a few weeks ago,” Matt said as he continued to undress his lover, “and now it’s my turn to make a few promises of my own. I will never do anything to hurt you, Tom. I promise that I will never betray your trust.”

“I know,” he whispered.

Matt pushed Tom’s shirt from his shoulders before moving his hands down to his belt. “I don’t want anyone else and I’m not looking for a meal ticket. I’m not planning on going anywhere, either. I’m right where I belong when I’m with you, Tomas Owins.”

Tom leaned down and pulled Matt in for a fierce kiss. By this point he was wearing only his boxers, with his jeans in a pile at his feet. He stepped out of them before pushed Matt onto the bed, practically ripping his shirt in an attempt to get it off quickly. He made fast work of removing the remainder of Matt’s clothes, with Matt arching his back so that Tom could pull his jeans and boxers down, and then throwing them onto the floor. Once Tom had removed his own boxers, he pulled himself on top of Matt and ground their erections together.

“Oh Christ…” Matt moaned. “I want you.”

“You’ve got me,” Tom said, kissing along Matt’s collarbone and then down his body. He stopped when he reached Matt’s erection. He kissed Matt’s hip before taking the cock into his mouth, but Matt wanted more tonight.

“I need you, Tom,” Matt panted. He needed Tom to slow down so that he could gather his thoughts and construct coherent sentences. “Wait… Tom – I need to feel you inside me.”

Tom moaned around Matt’s dick then let it fall from his mouth. “You sure?”

“Fuck yes,” Matt laughed shakily. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my entire life.”

Tom moved up to crush his lips against Matt’s. Their tongues fought for dominance and the kiss left them both breathless. When Tom pulled back, Matt spread his legs and stared up into his partner’s eyes.

“Please, Tom.”

Tom broke eye contact to admire the view. “Oh God, your body is fucking perfect,” he said in a whisper. He moved to kneel between Matt’s legs, tracing his hands down the skin of his thighs. “So beautiful…”

Tom reached across to his nightstand and opened the top draw. He pulled out a small, unopened bottle of lube. He coated a couple of fingers before ducking his head to place a wet kiss on Matt’s chest. He reached for Matt’s pucker, resting his fingers there for a moment. Matt could see the question in Tom’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare ask me if I’m sure again. I want this. I want you.”

Tom chuckled. “You’re impatient, aren’t you?” Matt rolled his eyes and went to say something, but it was in that moment that Tom pushed a finger in and whatever Matt was going to say was lost. The only thing he could concentrate on was Tom, and that one finger he had buried inside him.

It had burned at first, but the pain quickly subsided and before long Tom was added a second digit, and then a third. Matt started to push himself back onto Tom’s fingers, writhing and moaning and begging for more. Tom was mesmerised but the noises that Matt made, his own dick hard and begging to be inside his lover.

When Tom’s fingers hit his prostate, Matt thought he was going to die.

“Oh fuck… oh shit…”

“You’re so vocal when you’re turned on,” Tom commented with a chuckle.

Matt couldn’t understand why Tom was laughing. He felt like he was burning up. “Do it, Tom. Come on. Please.”

Matt needed to feel Tom inside him. He was desperate. He wanted to make that connection with Tom, for them to become a part of each other in every sense. Tom removed his fingers from Matt’s hole, causing him to groan at the horrible empty feeling he was left with. He heard Tom fumbling with a condom wrapper and looked down just in time to see the condom being rolled down Tom’s hard-on. He watched Tom lube up and then rested his head back onto the mattress, pulled his legs back as far as they would go, and moaned in anticipation.

Tom leaned across Matt’s body, his knees between Matt’s legs and his dick positioned at his hole. They never broke eye contact as Tom pushed forward ever so slowly.

“Christ, Matt. You feel so amazing… so tight…” Tom moaned as the head of his cock popped in. He held completely still until Matt couldn’t take it anymore.

“Move, Tom.”

Tom rested his hands on the mattress by Matt’s head and began to push further into his body until his entire length was inside the tight passage. When Matt finally nodded to signal that he was okay, Tom pulled out slowly before thrusting back in. Tom kissed along Matt’s neck and down to a nipple before pulling back once again.

“Harder, faster….”

They kissed deeply and Tom pulling out almost completely before slamming back into Matt’s tight heat. He repeated the action over and over, setting a fast pace and hitting Matt’s prostate with each thrust. Matt couldn’t hold back his screams. He arched his back and pushed himself further onto Tom’s dick.

“Baby… fuck… so good…” Tom panted, his body glistening with sweat.

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